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Archives: November 14, 2008

McCain to headline rally for Georgia GOP senator (Looser-palooza?)

U.S. begins pursuing drilling off Virginia coast

John Nichols: John McCain's Reprehensible Campaign Swing

John Nichols: John McCain's Reprehensible Campaign Swing

Asia Times: Paulson's Lilliputian moment

I support punching clouds in the sky!1! -- Who's with me1?!

I support punching clouds in the sky!1! -- Who's with me1?!

Skidmore to any lurking Congresspeople or their staffers.

Well, punching out Palin ought to go quickly.

Free market embraces Socialism

Complaint: LDS Church Underreported Prop 8 Role - SLTrib


Pat Buchanan is making me laugh

Nov.17th. in New York, come join in a discussion on the retirement crisis

One little Palin, so many "unhappy" Republican governors. Whiny, pathetic little crybaby governors.

Bin Laden 'Cut Off From al-Qaeda'

So ..... when will John and Cindy be havin' Sarah and Toad over to dinner?

Who is Gerald Celente? why does he predict economic Doomsday?

ARGH!! Palin, McDumb and the ReTHUGliCONS are all out of their frigging minds!

The only sane religion related thing I've seen on the web in days!

MSNBC reporting that Hillary Clinton may be on Sec State short list

BlinkoTV question. I watch MSNBC on BlinkoTV and every so

How? Supports the Ouster of Saxby Chambliss but proclaims Obama the Antichrist??

Why was the discussion on KO just sounding like Condoleeza Rice was the first woman SOS?

SEA CHANGE, BOMBSHELL,GAMECHANGER: EPA pulls plug on new coal plants

Neb. parents rush to leave kids before law changes

KO....Breaking....HRC for SOS

Pawlenty & Insanity in KO's Worst..hehe..n/t

Wow, George, Golden Palm Trees!

A bright spot for Obama going in? And a little backfire for Bush/Cheney?

Scared of Palin in 2012? Tell it to Jesus, buddy!

Evolving mineral kingdom

Hillary Clinton considered for Secretary of State

AP: "I Have Vatican Connections" con man Raffaello Follieri isn't enjoying prison

NYT Live-Blogging the Hedge Fund Hearing today

Does it seem to anyone else that the Fed is just cluelessly fiddly-fartin' around?

A Black President and Hillary as Sec. of State.

Why did the conversation on KO just now sound like Condy Rice was the first woman SOS?

My 700 Billion Bail Out Plan

Whithouse Picture, Bush, WTF are they doing? Gang Signs? Someone Explain!!

Repeat after me: NO MORE PALIN! NO MORE PALIN! And consider emailing CNN like I just did:

Pregnant Man Expecting Again

2010 Senate Races

Judge dimisses Coleman lawsuit against Franken

Decorated Sacramento Search Dog Dies

Mark Begitch coming up on Rachel

NOAA Site Loses Radioactive Devices

A bishop worth listening to

OMG Rachel Maddow just RicRolled me!! arggggg n/t

The new Senator from Alaska is talking with Rachel he just gained 24 more votes

A question for all you Assault Weapon Ban supporters

DEBUNKED: Republican's '32 Franken Ballots in a Car' Story is Complete Nonsense, Never Happened

Could Obama have possibly picked a better VP than Biden?

Zogby: Jesse Jackson Jr. Leads Field of Obama Senate Successors

Are You Still Smiling?

Reinventing Collapse: Soviet Example and American Prospects

Is there an appropriate forum to thank somebody for a star?

KO opens with possible (possible) SOS Hillary Clinton

Governor Bill Richardson Should Be Secretary of State.

Fr. Roy Bourgeois (founder of School of the Americas Watch) faces excommunication

Don't get used to today's Dow bounce....

Prop 8: Join the Impact and Stand for Equality

Thank you, anonymous! (x2)

OH NOES! Obama about to hit Palin! Oh Noes!

DUDE! I got a Star!!!!!!! :-D

Is it just me - the more Obama says what he is going to do - the more the BFEE is trying to prevent

The corporatists and GOP that have ran...

BREAKING: White powder sent to my balls!

Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?

Did Republicans just admit that Katherine Harris stole 2000 election for Bush?

It is GOOD that O'Reilly was on TDS.

It is GOOD that O'Reilly was on TDS.

Has O picked the cabinet yet?

Our Agenda More Important Than Revenge on Lieberman

The Rude One on Lieberman

WTF?!? The bushturd opened his yap today and said what???

A bailout question--

I'm amazed! Just in the last hour or so, I watched the donation numbers climb from 678 to over 700!!

I think my donation just now gave ol' Sarah the heave-ho!

I think my donation just now gave ol' Sarah the heave-ho!

Democrats Need to Understand, the Auto Bailout is a Major Left vs Right Battlefield....

Does SOS mean

Someone gave me a new star? Wow, thanks!!

WHEEEEEE Obama's freakishly long arm hit Palin's head!

Irrelevant Right Wing Tool Alert: Dennis Miller says Liberal women hate Palin for her great sex life

Bill O'Lie-ly is the guest on The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart??? Really!?!

State high court shows interest in anti-Prop. 8 suits

What Obama was really thinking while in the oval office with bush.....

Michael Moore’s new documentary will tackle economy: Next doc to have an end-of-the-empire tone

SLIDESHOW: Top 10 Bailout-Sponsored Junkets. Companies celebrate gov't money & keeping their jobs.

If the Government bails out our auto industry won't

Another gem I found while reading for a course on...

I think someone gave me a donation thingie so I would like

There is NO WAY that Obama will pick Hillary as secretary of state.

How was Stewart's interview with Oreilly?

Palin Haiku

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Please, a better translation site than Babelfish?


My favorite pic today

For TominTib


I missed the 600 and 700 punchouts! Who were they?...

Eleven year old Oregon girl saves family from river

Makeover Candidate: Margaret Carlson

Isn't it interesting that all the right wingers go to Stewart and Colbert to promote

I couldn't afford to donate, but I had a few bucks left in my PayPal account

"How I Spent Election Night In A Baltimore Jail"

Is Lou Dobbs ok?

Sunday night's murder shows that the group we mock is still armed

Rahm Emanuel apologizes for father's disparaging remarks about Arabs

Secrets of Talk Radio - WTMJ reveals how talk show hosts ... work to get us angry

Bad Luck and Karma

Bad Luck and Karma

In spite of my excitement about Obama's victory I'm still terrified

My weekly newspaper column: No regrets

Rickrolled by Rachael

Don Siegelman's appeal date set

Feinstein Calls for New Intelligence Leadership

Resort plans nude "anything goes" party

Another Indictment for Arizona Congressman; Renzi Now Accused of Racketeering

AIG $85 billion bailout dollars at work: pics

The Lone Nuts just won't give up

Are Humans Hard-Wired To Ignore The Threat Of Catastrophic Climate Change?

If Hillary becomes Sec. of State what will Bill do?

When the CAPTION hits your eye like a big pizza pie...that's a moron!!!

Rove slurs San Francisco at Edwards-Rove debate with 'joke' told to him by friend

Happy Birthday, Senator Joe McCarthy!

Sun Microsystems Inc. to cut up to 6,000 workers, 18 pct of staff

Ditch the smooth transition. The people voted for change

I'm so angry about the Hillary SOS leak.

3 Chicago teens drown in Fox River tragedy

Fuck lieberman (Think Progress)

Debbie Stabenow D Michigan senator: she and other politicians made sure the auto industry lobbying

Focus on the Family begins their annual phoney War on Christmas

What's happening on Washington Journal?

Eric Margolis on WJ -CSpan1

And they wonder why they can't get African American votes.....

No one posted Rachel Maddow's thoughts about Lieberman

China trying to force 6-month pregnant woman to abort

Sorry but this thread is ONLY for Baby Boomers. The rest of you can

Thank you - Liddy - my Ex Senator. Here is how Kay Hagan moves on.

Another look back at "The Gipper"

Tiddlywiky, a nice reusable notebook

*LOL* must read-the 32 "Car ballots" in Minn. (Fox News irate over this)-NONE of it is true

Fuck Dan Savage

This slideshow makes me want to cry.

Retail sales in October fell by the most, well, ever on record....

So, the president-elect met with Hillary Clinton yesterday - He's meeting with McCain Monday

Fight for the Whales - Japan in the Antarctic Oceans - Sea Shepherd returns

Drug lobbyists gearing up for big fight over free-market healthcare, prescription prices

Glenn Greenwald: A positive aspect of the Bush legacy

Report: Citigroup to lay off 10,000 and raise interest rates on some its cardholders.....

I've gotta' admit...

Congratulations, General Dunwoody

Admins. Can we please have a solid ruling on "tribute" threads in GD?

This weekend's hastily convened G20 summit could end up doing more harm than good, experts say

Have you noticed that everyone seems 'mello-yellow' since the election?

Error In Justice: Siegelman Prosecutors Received Notes From Jurors DURING Deliberations

Take a look at the KKK application of Cynthia Lynch

Europe Falls Into First Recession in 15 Years as Financial Crisis Deepens

Cool story about an artist who did a great Obama portrait!

Bush Administration: Dismiss RFID 'Mark of the Beast' Lawsuit

Looks like a fire broke out in CA, ppl. being evacuated

Astronomers capture first images of new planets

Note to MSNBC - If you're trying to get me to change channels, keep up the good work.

Report: Illegal immigrant minors mistreated by US

From the Pure Projection dept.: Fundies coin the term "Gay Fascists"

OH SH!T, things really are bad, the GOP just laid off the elephant.

McCain for Secretary of Depends

Eight Ways To Tell....

CNN: Group: AIG's woes put public transit in trouble with banks

150 miles per gallon

150 miles per gallon

Another Day, Another Severed Foot (6th on B.C shore)

Prop. 8 Anger Spurs Donor Blacklists... (Your Vote Is Private, Your Donation... Not So Much)

My (admittedly lame) attempt to get inauguraton tickets...

Who is Stupider?

A message to conservatives.

Persecution of Don Siegelman: "Prosecution" passed around some interesting material about Siegelman

Just FOUR MORE to go ....

Crowd seeks Emanuel's House seat

Any word out of Alaska on vote counting in the Senate race?

Powerful multimedia of protest in Salt Lake City against LDS and Prop 8

Did you guys see Jon Stewart kick Bill O'Reilly in the nads?

Tammy Duckworth for US Senate

Whatever happened to that RW women's group

America A Nation of Non-Readers

Franken going to be on in the bottom of the 2nd hour on Hartmann today

Franken going to be on in the bottom of the 2nd hour on Hartmann today

Repugs relying on religious wackos to lead them out of the 'wilderness'

Is everyone calling in to c-span this morning on drugs??

Fox News’ Ailes: ‘I defend the United States, Israel and the Constitution.’

Fox News’ Ailes: ‘I defend the United States, Israel and the Constitution.’

Export Slowdown Shutters At Least 67K Chinese Factories

Answer This. What if an outside country decided (like Israel) to kidnap Bush And Extradite Him...

Do you believe the Bush administration is determined to still further cripple...

Now city mayors want a cut of the bail out for their cities. Where will this stop? n/t

Nigerian children being abandoned, abused and tortured for being "witches."

So is Cheney's undisclosed location sort of like the Phantom Zone?

Joe Lieberman

Bush Admin: Taken in by a Con Artist and the US People Pay the Price - Bush History, 11/14

Prop 8 and Minority Voter Turnout

Let Us Meditate.

Hearing on CSPAN on oversite spending of bailout money

Thank you!!! To whoever gave me the star - you rock!

CEO/CFO Watch - Wake me when Matt L, Anderson C, Greta VS, or Any other MSM spend kitchen time

Activists Jones, writer Black call for seven week Equality campaign

Prop. 8 backlash? FBI analyzing white powder sent to LDS temples


January 22nd 2009

No Brainer

Do you think this Financial Meltdown will shift the corporate - common man power to the latter?

The Democratic Congress had best start acting like winners.

Jogger Runs Mile With Rabid Fox Locked on Her Arm

GA Voters Get A Second Chance To Get It Right

Why republicans fear progressives

Republican hatefest is making me ill. Look at these comments to news about California wildfires.

Ohio 15, the Kilroy race

The G-20’s Secret Debt Solution

Kentucky - HAZMAT - sarin

I just want to say thank you

Focus on the Family planning layoffs

Instead of stars, I'm giving out these

Doing research on prop 8, its failure is religious, and gender based

Good News! All your Credit Card debts will hereby be forgiven !

Joe Lieberman supported Norm Coleman this year:

O, What A Mess !

POLL Re- Marriage: What's Most Impt.

Al Franken on with Thom Hartmann now

GOP to Detroit: Drop dead. Obama wants auto czar.

bush=hitler. obama=hitler.

Sarkozy to Putin: ‘Do you want to end up like Bush?’

Sarkozy warns Putin: "Do you want to end up like Bush?"

My idea for an economic stimulus.

Does that fucking John Boehner (R-OH) have any auto related businesses in his district?

War crimes and all that--How much evidence are the Bushies gonna leave lying around?

Saudi Arabia buys $3.5bn of gold in two weeks

Which Came First? Eggs Before Chickens, Scientists Now Say

Dear Sarah petition - Just go away

Dear Sarah petition - Just go away

Letting Joe Lieberman go without punishment.

Al Franken coming up on Hartmann;'s show

Legalizing industrial hemp use

How about this headline from AP? Former radical distances himself from Obama

'SNL' hires two to replace Amy Poehler (One being Abby Elliot - daughter of Chris)...

In the very near future....

Your Caption Please For This Authentic Photo

Stewart's interview with Oreilly, please explain it to me

Stewart O'Reilly Interview Link

GM President Brags About How Great They Are Doing--Why Do They Need A Bailout?

Siegleman on Hartmann now

Editor&Publisher: Local Papers Report More Anti-Obama Incidents

The new retirement plan...

Are there any DUers going to the DC March for Equal Rights tomorrow??

"How does General Motors CEO Richard Wagoner still have a job?"

Mayor Daley: Prepare For Mass Layoffs CEOs Tell Mayor They Plan Huge Layoffs In November, December

Son of a bitch in Idaho hangs sign that says "free public hanging" about Obama


When Obama was about 10 years old, there was this young black dude

Meet the German Ashley Todd

Worst May Be Yet to Come for Citigroup

The Cold War's Missing Atom Bombs

The Cold War's Missing Atom Bombs

"USA. USA." "We're number 27" in gender equality.

Another late afternoon rally? Stocks went from -300 at one point to -30 now

Local poll on same-sex marriage could use a little DU love

Want a good laugh at McCain's expense

Chambliss on Stevens (Quote of the Day...)

Anybody else starting to like Kathleen Parker?

Ret. Judge: Gitmo Like Serbian War Camps


Dept. of Oh: Mark Foley waited until after kids hit puberty to hit on them


Does President Elect Obama play golf?


23/ "Bush has two regrets; We provide the other 37"

HEY! Republicans like Black people too!!!!!!!!

"Living Wage Calculator"

Seniors brace for pricier drug coverage in ’09: Medicare monthly plans could increase 63%

Is it just me,

Bayh's Defense Of Lieberman Wrong, Senate Rules Expert Says

DUers: What do you think this stock market volatility means?

Thank you to the kind donor of my star! Wow...

California House Race Still Uncalled as GOP’s Lead Oscillates

Treasury Secy Plays while Taxpayers Pay: The Nation:

Obama is inspiring the haircuts of young men!!! (This is great and positive!!!) Work-safe.

AP: Congress has fast-track power to kill Bush rules

How Senators Could Frame No Vote On Lieberman

Naughty And Nice List

solution for Obama's safety. Presidential Bullet-Proof Hamster Ball

Bailout Anger Boiling: "Is Kashkari A Chump?"

Dartmouth Analysis - Remaining Uncounted MN votes favor Franken

Dear Red States, We've decided we're leaving and taking the Blue States with us!

Texas tent living still common two months after Ike

King family seeks to cash in on MLK-Obama items (AP)

7 Weeks of Protest for Equality Called in honor of Harvey Milk

It says a lot about Obama's character that he would even CONSIDER Hillary Clinton

The Danger of Keeping Robert Gates

Have you, or someone you know, been laid-off in the last 24 months?

Why Prop 8 Passed in California: The Myth of the Black/Gay Divide

Did Republicans just admit that Katherine Harris stole 2000 election for Bush?

I just want to thank someone for their star quality generosity. You know who you are.

mandatory arbitration

LOL, Pretty funny!

New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food

Bush "Free markets" are the solution; Ah, isn't that how we got into this mess

Leahy wants Lieberman ousted as chairman

It Is Extremely Uncomforting having to Depend on the Bush Admin to Protect Obama the Next 9 Weeks

Cheney personally meets King Abdullah

Is General Motors worth saving? -- Cafferty's 5pm question

Why I'm keeping my user name -- Dems2002

Ohio's Sec. of State fights to count the vote ... Republican wants no count

Feinstein might head secretive intelligence panel

Leahy DEMANDS Lieberman Ouster

Sarkozy to Putin: "Do you want to end up like Bush?"

Channel 4: Saving Africa's Witch Children

Do you all have the balls to stand up to those who voted for Prop 8 IF

Thanks for the STAR

When they beg for money, at least arrive in a Chevy Volt, and not an SUV.

Aso to propose doubling of IMF funds

Hillary it's a trap, don't do it! If you take the SOS job, Barack Obama will

Fellow DUer in the finals of Jeopardy's Tournament of Champions

Terry McAuliffe for VA Governor, a possibility

Dan Lundgren is opposing Boner for Minority Leader???

Toyota Motor may cut directors' pay in FY09

So my wiseass comedian 9yr old son walks up to me while on DU and says,

do NOT smack the local NRA rep on the head!

Hey, Skinner! We need a "fist-bump" smiley!!!


Oops!!!! Sarah Palin ignored by the RGA

Leahy: Lieberman's attacks "went way beyond the pale," should lose chairmanship

Lawrence O"Donnell

If Joe the Plumber ran for Congress, he would challenge...

Comparing Gay and African American Civil Rights Struggles is Irrelevant and Divisive

If you want to donate a star to someone who has already got a star, just because you really

which state grows the best pot in america?

Merkel surprised at warnings against regulation

What Reagan taught us?

Steve Irwin Day Nov 15 in Australia

Are Human Beings Hard-Wired to Ignore the Threat of Catastrophic Climate Change?

Was there a similar bailout in Hoover's time that was retooled by FDR?

alaska election site has updated what is left to count but not vote totals

Fidelity Will Eliminate 1,700 More Jobs in Early 2009

Dunwoody Becomes First Female Four-Star General

My first exposure to gay/lesbian sensibilities came from

Message from James P. Hoffa (Teamsters) to America's workers

My letter to Senators Byrd and Rockefeller about Lieberman

My letter to Senators Byrd and Rockefeller about Lieberman

Jon Stewart Educates Fox news blowhard Bill O'Reilly (Video)

Respect for life is a "seamless garment"

My father was contacted by the local Obama headquarters...

How about Bernie Sanders as Majority Leader in the Senate?

*ahem* Speaking of "restributing the wealth", is it time for that now?

Nicolas Sarkozy calls for rethink over US missile defence system in Europe

Influential Talk-Show Host Shifts Position: Cheney To The Hague

First Puppy???

What is the New York Senate replacement procedure?

How long before cries for impeachment?

Ravi Batra just suggested on Thom Hartmann that...

The G-20’s Secret Debt Solution

Republicans: Obama Will Ban Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity And Bill O’Reilly If Saxby Chambliss Loses

White powder sent to Mormon temples in Utah, L.A.

Sarah Palin This. Sarah Palin That. Sarah Palin the Other Thing.

Lately there has been allot of discussion about liberalism...

For $14.95, you can have a special "Freedom" membership at Joe the Plumber's wesbite.....

A trio of HETERO questions concerning Prop 8

Medical mystery: Woman starts speaking with foreign accent

Audit: Sharpton campaign owes US nearly $500,000

Is this compliment a good thing? check out this partial email from my principal

Is it ok to say this?

Bernie joins Leahy- and slams Lieberman.

Food Bank Friday! November 14, 2008!

Overturning Prop 8 has a lot to do with Protecting Minority Rights in general...

If America is dying, what is it dying of?

An article I wrote about the financial crisis ....

Gov. Palin is sexist?

Republicans Should Stop Calling Themselves the Party of Teddy Roosevelt

"You're just looking for something to piss about"

China makes 90% of the world's vitamin C, 50% of its aspirin, 35% of acetominophen...

Caution: This 'toon will bring tears to your eyes....

Is your family fractured by the 2008 election?

Do the Amish think their shit doesn't require proper sanitary treatment?

Boehner To Face Leadership Challenge

Boehner To Face Leadership Challenge

Begich/Stevens update.

Dodd: Senate lacks GOP votes for auto bailout

New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food

Businesses that only profit when consumers make poor decisions might be better off dead.

Our upcoming "deep recession" may boost universal health care

Should human rights be left up to majority rule, or are they, should they be intrinsic?

Congress has fast-track power to kill Bush rules

Congress has fast-track power to kill Bush rules

Want Great Cars in US NOW from US Car Makers? Adopt EU Car standards NOW!

Democratic Pressure on Obama to Restore the Rule of Law (primarily from Sen. Feingold)

How ironic. Capitalism kills Christmas, not the heathen liberals.

How do I turn GD:P back on?

Just when I thought I'd heard it all...

How can I set my DU to "Ignore" all Sarah Palin strings? Is that possible? ~nt~

Why is Dave Vitter the only happy GOPer left in Washington?

Kucinich gettin fired up

Sign petition: Dear Sarah Palin, Please Shut Up Already

Well if there was ever any doubt what a FUCKING IDIOT Bill O'Reilly is

Caption this "Stunning" White house photo

FLORIDA Fascism: Elections Official’s Opponent Arrested

Kuchinich actually getting answers out of Kashkari

SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters

I just heard that jackass David Gregory

Did you see Kucinich questioning Kashkari? ... wow!

Naomi Klein: Wall Street's Bailout is a Trillion-Dollar Crime Scene

falsely labeled prop 8 "blacklist makes national news, like cockroaches scurry for the dark

Reminder: moderators on DU are volunteers.

We really should accentuate the fact that we will be seeing hard times for the next 2 years.

Obama's win in a word by his supporters vs McCain supporters

I don't remember if the Dems got so much attention after 2004 compared to Repugs now

Obama will resign from the Senate on Sunday

Friday On MTB: Anna Burger Of The SEIU & Todd Beeton Of MyDD W/ Cenk To Talk EFCA & Middle Class...

Remember the little boy who bagged groceries? Here's how to donate to help his family.

Remember the little boy who bagged groceries? Here's how to donate to help his family.

Picking Hillary for SOS is a brilliant move by the Pres-Elect

What exactly is it that makes everybody lose their heads when the topic of labor unions arises?

dupe; please delete

Bernie Sanders Joins Leahy In Demanding Ouster Of Lieberman From Chairmanship

NO ONE who supported the worst foreign policy decisions in U.S. history...

WTF is with Pawlenty?

Please stop calling out Sarah Palin!

Palin: "I had a baby; I did some traveling; I very briefly extended my wardrobe"

Palin is like Bloody Mary.

Barack to Michelle: "The lithium crystals! Beam me up, Scotty!"

What is next for Sarah Palin, A live Q/A session here on DU?

Tim Gunn Weights in on 2008 Election Fashion Choices! He was Somewhat Concerned!

Tap, tap, tap, tap...

First September 11th, then Katrina.

What's the difference between being "blacklisted" and being "boycotted?"

What's the difference between being "blacklisted" and being "boycotted?"

So does the murderous bush regime just waltz away, hands dripping blood behind them?

I heard Walter Shapiro on XM Radio today. He said don't believe any names being mentioned


When do the pink slips go out?

Try and keep up slackers.

Would You Approve of Hillary Clinton Becoming Secretary of State?

Any Alaska DU'ers know of a place to follow senate vote count? I'm still

Most important news story of the week (ending November 14, 2008)

Most important news story of the week (ending November 14, 2008)

BREAKING on CNN - Hillary Sec of State?

What does it take to get rid of the Delusional Lying Corporatists once and for all?

When Axelrod's phone rang late at night with the ringtone "Signed, Sealed, Delivered", he knew....

PLEASE, stop posting about 'failin' Palin!

Newsweek: Obama's Tears

Suits claim election-night abuse by Chicago police

How much did Obama raise in October?

BEAUTIFUL photo of Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich!

Using Obama fear mongering to kill Net Neutrality

One huge plus for NY if Clinton becomes SoS: Senator Robert F Kennedy Jr!

we need to set up some fake "Thinktanks" & "Foundations" so we can get on CSPAN too.. and inform

Anyone else think Saxby Chambliss looks like an oldtime Bull Connor racist?

Anyone else think Saxby Chambliss looks like an oldtime Bull Connor racist?

What's up with this banner ad?

Who is leaking all this inside info? (e.g. Hillary SoS consideration)

So, do you think its necessary for Obama to keep a big secret about his

Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you the much-anticipated "Fist Bump Smiley."

More Allegations of Misconduct in Alabama Governor Case (Siegelman)

I think Kerry has the chops and the background to be a great Supreme.

Straight from the Elephant's A**...Salon's thought-provoking graphic for their "GOP Comeback" story

Do you support Affirmative Action?

great website

Chuck Todd's.... "What if game!"

AP: Crowd of 1 Million Could Attend Obama Inauguration

The Poll To End All Polls: YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE

Anatomy of Obama’s Victory – Analysis of the Exit Polls

With friends like Lieberman, who the hell needs enemies.

Obama Move Heats Up Race to Fill His Senate Seat

I bet Walmart is KICKING ITS ASS that it did away with layaway--but Sears is bringing it back

question on Ohio being called at around 15% in

I am impressed at how secure Obama is in his own abilities...


Ed Norton backing 2-yr. documentary on the Obama campaign (NYT)

Obama above 66 million votes nationally!

Who can blame Barack for considering the Goddess of Peace for his SOS?

The only reason I see Hillary getting SOS is so she won't pull a 1980 Ted Kennedy on Obama in 2012

Photo: Strong to the finich 'cause he eats his spinach, it's Lame Duck the pres-i-dent.

Don't caption this.

Just for fun - another "What if" thread: VP edition

*** Thursday TOONs: Transition and Economy ***

Colbert is cutting up Steve Moore

Did Cheney give Joe a tour of his bunker. I doubt it, they probably haven't taken all the

Whale Wars on tonight - Animal Planet 9 pm Friday

Just for old time's sake...a Dave Letterman Top 10 from 2000

Obama team leaks Grovelbot for Secretary of Marijuana

Video link: Obama Inspires Hairdos

True story--the first thing Biden said after learning John McCain had selected Sarah Palin for VP?


"Inauguration Watch", new blog page on WaPo

Can anyone coherently connect a priest's ignorant political comment with pedophilia?

Any chance they're going to reprint this poster?

Summers may be off of Treasury short list

Summers may be off of Treasury short list

HILLARY!!!! Secretary Of State

How On EARTH Could Obama Win With His HUGE Jewish Problem?

I would love to contribute to hit that guy, Who is he? Always wanted

Can someone post the link to the Alaska election returns?

Goode, Perriello race still remains unended (5th District in VA for US Rep)

For Obama and Family, a Personal Transition

Wow, no wonder Obama inspired such devotion from his staff.....

Affordable Inauguration Parties (WaPo)

I would love to contribute to hit that guy, Who is he? Always wanted

WOW- Breaking News! Sources inside the Obama camp say Bug Bunny vetted for SOS!

Has global warming stopped?

My wife and I have new hobby. Check WHO donated to WHOM?!?

Youth vote really DID put President-elect Obama into office

Oh Please.can we get over Sarah Palin? The more she get's radio time, the more she

From a Life-long Patriot...

A Message from the President of the United States

His Holiness the Dalai Lama congratulates Barack Obama

Campaign memories

"There's a lot of disinformation out there." No one has been contacted by Obama's team

Obama Baseball Cards??

Why DUers should never stop talking about Sarah Palin as long as she's in the news

As Jane Curtin used to say on SNL..."Jane, you ignorant slut!"

As Seen on TV! Special Limited Release!

AK-Sen: Final Counting Schedule

Does anybody under 30 remember Raygun?

I hope D.C. Democrats understand that Republicans don't have any intention on being "bipartisan"

Barack Obama's YouTube radio address

Barack Obama's YouTube radio address

today's first, semi-official thread for "Sarah Palin is:"

I am in LOVE with this 7-part Newsweek story on the campaign from start to finish.

SOS: Kerry or Clinton?

Priest: No communion for Obama supporters

Hillary was in Chicago yesterday meeting with the Obama transition team.

David Letterman last night talking about Desperate Housewives... Joe Scar got pissed.. I wonder why?

When were you the most worried about Obama actually winning the GE?

Personally I'd prefer Senator Clinton at Defense

Whats up with the Clinton SOS leak?

wahh. my fav wasn't picked for a cabinet appointment.

TheBush/Palin wing of the Repubican Party

Why would any powerful Senator want to move a rung down the ladder and join the cabinet?

Hillary Clinton emerges as State dept candidate

dupe nt

Tellurian, Maddiejoan, and Papau... McCain supporters.. say Obama is part of NWO plot (hmm)

"Edwards to face off against Rove in public debate" ... LINK

NAACP and Civil Rights Groups Petition California Supreme Court to stop the enactment of Prop 8

It gets even better. Lowery: "Bushies assigned to Palin let her down and then turned on her."

Siegelman: New Revelations "More Frightening Than Anything That Came Before."

Dear Governor Palin,

A Chicago meeting that is going to happen: Obama to meet with McCain

Vote For Secretary Of State

William Ayres interview on ABC.

Obama plates.

Has Gary Trudeau of Doonesbury decided on how he will portray Obama?

Eugene Robinson: For the Moment, Obama Seems Ridicule-Proof

GMA video - Ayers: Obama relationship a 'myth'.

I think Clinton should be SoS...

For all of the speculation about Obama's cabinet, I doubt if

Will the Big Dog replace Hillary in the Senate if she is offered SOS.

Bush and Cheney as seen in the afterlife

Bush and Cheney as seen in the afterlife

Dean is out as health secretary, sources say.

Get Your War On: Obama Bandwagon!

HClinton for SOS -- it could happen for all I know -- but then who

Bush "Rangers" & "Pioneers" got cherry admin posts, but now Obama's "bundlers" are an "issue."

I'm on cruise control. I highly recommend it.

Bio industry hopes for help from Obama, closely watching FDA & stem cell research

Obama, Clinton meet to talk about her future

Change We Can Taste?

This country has lost its collective f*ing mind - KING Paulson, the bailout, and cars

Detroit must die American cars are still uniformly god-awful. Why save them?

Telecom Chief Says Industry Should Be Scared of Obama's Plans for an Open Internet

Should Obama appoint Sarah Palin Ambassador

If there is a god, the "dingbat wing" of the GOP will be prominent for a couple election cycles

What's Rachel's problem?

U. of Texas Player Kicked Off Team For Racially Charged Threats On Obama

Obama and Duckworth WOW!!!

Whatever you think about Clinton's Presidency, there's no doubt that he got off to a

Mika: Sarah Palin had some masterfull moments on the campaign trail

Caroline Kennedy could replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate??

I've noticed that only one thing consistently makes Obama get emotional:

Will Mayor Bloomberg be considered for Treasury or Fed Chairman.

Is there a place where I can see the parade route for the inauguration

Is there a place where I can see the parade route for the inauguration

Admit It! Go Ahead. You Didn't Vote For Obama & Secretly Wrote In On The Ballot

Has anyone seen Poppy Bush or Babs? Any news on Ted Kennedy?

Hillary just said live that speculation should be addressed to Obama's team.

****Heads Up: Sen. Clinton Now Live Speaks In New York****

MSNBC: John Kerry said Clinton is in the SOS mix.

These SOS Rumors are VERY Thin

Obama McCain meeting on Monday... Arranged by Graham and Rahm

Kristol waxes pro-Obama (and pro-Hillary) on "Fox and Friends".

IF Hillary Clinton were selected SOS any chance Gov. Patterson would appoint...

I'm sorry, but I can't imagine anything pettier than deciding not to support Obama

One good thing about the speculation of Clinton as SOS.

Apart from the Inauguration what Presidential 'events' are you most looking forward to now?

"Hey Joe, 1995 called and wants it's web design back"

Repeat: Can we please stop these calls to move people from the the Senate to the Cabinet.

Got to RANT! BO fuck Lieberman and his Republican heart throbs. We the people of the Democratic

"Priest kicked me out of Mass because of Obama signs"

Would Hillary As SoS Hurt Chances For A Health Care Bill?

Obama To Tape Weekly Radio Addresses For YouTube

If Congress does approve a bail out for the car companies

Hillary as Secretary of State. What's in it for her?

My biggest personal concern isn't who gets SOS but who becomes Secretary of the Interior

Thank you, President-elect Obama.

After hearing Obama for so long, I trust his judgment & I will not complain over who he chooses

Obama is right to rely on Clinton-era staff

No new Alaska numbers yesterday???

Naomi Klein: Wall St. Bailout Is A Trillion-$ Crime Scene - Why Aren't Dems Doing Anything About It?

Enough about Hillary!

I was as anti-Clinton during the primaries as anyone..... she'd make a GREAT SoS choice

Ebony Magazine is the first magazine to land a post election interview/spread of Obama

Possible list of replacements for Hillary's Senate seat.

A Question for Obama Volunteers ... it's been 10 days.

Yeesh, it's the VP speculation all over again.

Hillary as SoS: Why in the world not?

It's come to my attention that considerable numbers of you are in need of one of these

My #1 problem with Hillary as SOS...Bill's business dealings.

Rachel Maddow is making HELLA SENSE about Lieberman

Wait...wait.....AIG gets 150 billion but GM asks for 50 billion and people say no!?!?!?!

These Rumors about SOS: If Hillary is not named SOS will it get the Hillaryites mad as Hell?

Which School Will Pass the Obamas' Test? Sidwell, Georgetown Day, Maret Hope for the Score

Bill Ayres holds firm in GMA Chris Cuomo "gotcha"attempt

So many threads about Hillary as SoS--but

Could Durbin ties derail Duckworth?

We were being led by TINY people!

I'm afraid we are seeing 'a driveby looting of the public treasury' before Obama takes office...

MSNBC: Kerry told friends he believes that Hillary will be the next SoS

Jon Stewart Mocks Bill O'Reilly for Unfounded Obama Fears

I haven't seen one good argument about WHY Clinton would want SOS...

McCain in Obama's Cabinet? Andrea Mitchell said that Obama and McCain will Work together

Secretary of State Clinton would provide the greatest opportunity for a Palestinian/Israeli solution

Obama's Transparent Presidency: Weekly YouTube Addresses

Palin to be picked for SOSw (Secretary of Silly Walks!)

Hawaii vs. Illinois: Battling Over a Favorite Son

How About Everybody Wait for Announcements Before Freaking Out?

Beets are the new broccoli

The Obamas are "adventurous foodies," with a "wide-ranging palate," chef says

The President-Elect in Private (observations from an assistant)

Auto companies should go into receivership -- then the government should assist


The media doesn't know whats going on. But their fake rumors are dangerous


Confirmed: Hillary did meet with Obama in Chicago about new job in administration.

Barack Obama tipped to be Time Magazine's Person of the Year

Calling all liberal arts graduates

An open letter to President-Elect Obama regarding inclusion and appointments

Will we ever have an openly "non-Christian" president?

I figured it out...

There's one thing that really bugs me about this whole "Hillary's not qualified" argument...

What happens (IF) when (can he?) Bush makes generalized pardons for his misAdministration

A post-Nov 4 acronym - CERNMA

Hillary may be in the Cabinet, but not as SOS

Andrew Sullivan and the New Yorker: Senator Clinton a threat to President-Elect Obama?

At this point, Bill O'Reilly = Harmless. Sean Hannity = The one I'm really scared of.

Obama should pick Lieberman for SOS

Obama-Biden Transition Team Announces Broad List of Agency Review Team Leads

Edit: dupe, also. nt

Chuck Todd just said that Hillary as SOS would trim Bill Clinton's sails.

GOP pundit on MSNBC: Hillary will be SoS until '10, then Gov. of NY, then Pres. candidate '16

Wardrobe Malfunction? McCain campaign manager: Palin's $150K wardrobe was "failure of management"

It is obvious that the media is already tired of Sarah Palin.....Hence,

I had my first gun nut freeptard encounter today...

Frances Fox Piven (great progressive sociologist): Obama Needs A Protest Movement: The Nation:

"McCain is a much bigger vile, evil, disgusting, anti America scumball then we thought."

Lieberman In Line For Obama's SoS- You Know It's Just A Matter Of Time

CT-Sen: Hatin' Joe in Connecticut

Olbermann (at KOS) Hillary SOS: "If it was a misleading leak-it just became a misleading dam break"

Is Biden the first Catholic Vice President?

US needs Better Relationship with Russia: article: The Nation: Bush lied, again [duh]

Obama wins 1 of Nebraska's electoral votes

Citizens United Back in Court Trying to Change the law

Will Shrub and Crashcart even ATTEND the inaguration....

Did I miss something? Do we have a Secretary of State?

Kill me now.

Kill me now.

Does the Inauguration ceremony HAVE to have Bush give a farewell address?

I Am Hoping With All My Heart That The Rumors Are True And Hillary Will Be SOS!

C'mon DU!!! 20 Donations and we are done looking at

Extra questions on Obama's employment questionaire (funny stuff)

Joe the Plumber signs book gotta see his quotes

Who should replace Harry Reid as Majority Leader?

Democratic Administration? Repubs Still Dominate Sunday Morning

Screw a bunch of Cabinet members. Bring back Bunnatine Greenhouse!

Screw a bunch of Cabinet members. Bring back Bunnatine Greenhouse!

Jon Stewert is totally kicking Bill O'Reilly's ass right now

MSNBC calls NE-02 for Obama

Captioning THIS photo would be like shooting moose in a barrel...where's the challenge?

Former Congressman Evans (forced to retire by Parkinsons) with Obama on Historic Election Night

Does VP vetting= SOS vetting?

Source: Clinton Serious About SoS

To whomever donated a star for me

Hillary would be a better Secretary of Defense

Priest: No Communion for Obama Supporters

He's offered her the SOS position

If we allow the Media to Fool us again; then we really are Fools!

Huffington Post reporting Obama offered the SOS job to Clinton

Now the far right is copying Obama

I despise Lieberman, yet harbor no desire to see him castrated. HOWEVER ...

Albright and Leach make the rounds at G-20

Has anybody seen Bounds or Pfluffernutter on teevee since election night?

Obama very interested in offering Hillary Clinton the job of SoS

Should Obama find somewhere to put McCain?

To understand what Obama's doing, read "Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln"

Today's pool report on Obama's day - made me smile

Sarah Plain random (fake) quote generator

Hmmmm....y'all seem to have forgotten how the VP pick went down,

Lets be clear. Clinton will be carrying out the Obama foreign policy agenda and not her own.

What about John Kerry for Sec Def?



Dartmouth Study: Minnesota Undervotes Should Favor Franken

pig in the ground beer on ice.........whoops ohio

Leahy Becomes First Senator To Demand Lieberman's Ouster From Homeland Security Committee

Obama won't take Lieberman's calls!

AK senate race: still no report as the +814 number for Begich is still being reported.

BTW, if you think the reaction to Sec. of State Clinton is extreme HERE...

Please help the food bank thread (link inside) ...

Please help the food bank thread (link inside) ...

Crazy About Guns

Valerie Jarrett named as senior adviser and counselor to President Obama...

Campaign 2008 "Where Are They Now?" Part I: PUMA

Campaign 2008 "Where Are They Now?" Part I: PUMA

Never mind.

Lee Mercer Jr. for SOS!! CALL OBAMA RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!11!!

Obama Family Christmas Greeting

We're losing two Senators. Isn't that enough???

Why would Obama want to REVERSE his own Foreign Policy emphases with a Clinton SOS appointment??

A Voter's Epiphany. LTTE

MSNBC: Valerie Jarrett to be Obama Senior Advisor

When someone says, ""That's mighty white of you", what do they mean?

Tell me this isn't Palin's statment on Africa, please?

HEADS UP: Shuttle Endeavour launching in about 20 minutes.

Who woulda thunk it: Barack and Hillary, Shall they dance?

Will Obama Supporters Be Added to the List of People Excommunicated from the Catholic Church?

Norm Coleman's latest EPIC FAIL. BWAHAHAHA!

Personally, I'm just gonna trust Obama to make the right Cabinet choices...

What would Clinton do after being SOS?

Kerry will be fine even if he isn't Secretary of State

Palin thought Couric would go softer on her because she was a woman: "Everyone’s guard was down"

Paulson can't buy toxic mortgages, b/c they don't exist

Nugent/Plumber '12?

Why does Obama OWE Kerry anything? ANY Dem candidate in '04 would have featured Obama as DNC keynote


So I ended up drinking the Kool-Aid on 11/4. Proud of me?

Keeping freeper eyes and hands busy for a few days...

Put this on a Bumper Sticker: "Abolish Term Limits: Obama 2020!"

Where in the proposed Obama Adm are the people that HAVE demonstrated wisdom and judgment?

Why is it ok to subsidize agriculture but not manufacturing?

The irony of Hillary as Sec. of State (updated)

HEADS UP: Space Shuttle Endeavor Launches to ISS in just about 2 hours: Live on NASA TV now!

Should I start a thread about rumors HRC may be appointed SOS?

Sarah Palin weighs in about Hillary as Secretary of State; she thinks it's

I'm glad our opinions and hand-wringing on DU don't matter

If Lieberman isn't bounced from his post, what message does it send to the terrorists?

What if only 18-29 were allowed to vote?

My face last Tuesday night.

OK, I took off the back panel of the microwave...

I have a problem

Officials: Obama Offered Clinton Secretary Of State

Is Today About The Most Fukin Boringest Day?

Parche better learn how to spell curse words, or I'm gonna be all over him like stink on a monkey.

Crazy lady that said aliens were invading alabama returns!

BREAKING-Valerie Jarrett will be Obama's WH Senior Advisor and Counselor

Calling Swamp Rat! Calling Swamp Rat!

Build-A-Bear Alert for Midlo

Do people fail up in your industry? They sure do in mine.

If you were going to be a Bond Villain, which one would you be...

They really need to get the TV Tropes website fixed before I go insane.

Why Is Colmes Wife Hot, and He Is Nerdy?

666 with Sarah Palin, does that mean something?

My Dad had been sedated for the past 10 days--since before the election.

Obama Photo Book - Breathtaking! (Scout Tufankjian)

Not all priests are pedophiles.


World Underpants Record BROKEN!!!!!!

LOUNGE! Tell me what to do with the rest of my life.

Comapre and contrast, Richardson vs. Clinton for SoS?

"Most Beautiful Bottom in the World"

What Is The Highest Reply Count Ever On DU?

Jews, Muslims, Evangelicals, Catholics, Mormons, Sikhs and Hindus Join to Fight Homosexual Marriage

More election night photos- for those who can't get enough. Great shots


Is It IGNORE If You Announce It??????? ???????????!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Is this a lament?

I should get off of here, but

For the old pot heads out there. Oh if we only had this in the sixties

This Obama pic is BEGGING for a CAPTION

posting under the influence

Netanyahu webpage copies Obama's.

007 Alert: Daniel Craig and Olga Kurylenko are on Jimmy Kimmell tonight

Snuggly kitty!

Tanqueray + Limes + Club Soda Mmmm.... Yeah maybe I drink too much...

WAL-MART Bingo Board

THANK YOU to whoever gave me a donor star!

To whoever donated in my name:

Beer me... dos Long Island Ice Teas, si vous plait!

Let the Autos Fail! (Ford / GM / Chrysler)

I have a question...

Got hope?

Why would Obama put Clinton in his cabinet? THREE WORDS.

Name an explosion which should have

All this talk about Hillary becoming SOS is just ridiculous and puts having 60 Senate seats at risk!

Dear friends, I just got my EPA test results


Hillary as Sec. of State is a HOMERUN.

Footnotes or Endnotes

What are you listening to right now DU?

Kick and Recommend this thread if you've already Kicked and Recommended it


Slumdog Millionaire -- indie gem film -- dazzling urban visual rhythms

DU Star Giveaway - Question #1

Veteran story regarding Obama

I loved Night Court.

So when Obama resigns we will once again have no African-American senators

Tonight is Jazz on Vinyl night at my house...

DU Star Giveaway - Question #2

DU Star Giveaway - Question #4

DU Star Giveaway - Question #3

This has always bothered me, too

Would you favor lowering the voting age to 16?

Damn it. I cant believe that I am actually feeling the need to defend HRC.

Pregnant Man Expecting Again

My neighbors just got in a serious fight

**** Countdown to Victory ***

This just in from CNN regarding Hillary's meeting with Obama

Advice on getting a shy, American dude some action?

Thanks for putting up with me

Pocahonts - Neil Young

911 is indeed a joke in my town.

In Bad Economy, Boat Owners Abandon Their Vessels

Why we should all be in DC for the inaugural even those w/o tickets, especially those w/o tickets

The church - destination

Janine,you're not alone

Kitteh works the printer

Details on Hillary-Barack Meeting

Can we be clear on something Bill Clinton was a good President

Kick this if you want a user name amnesty from Skinner like in 2004


Stevie Nicks - Bllue Lamp

Why can't you get over it?

Enjoy the silence


Cloudbusting - Kate Bush

The GOP is suffering from a case of 'Palen'dicitis(TM) - an irritated/infected vestigial organ...

Cheney's home alterations... Biden was not surprised.

Tommorow Wendy

I just had a terrifying thought -- My 15 year old has mono. Does this mean I'm going to have a baby?

Name a movie which climaxes with an explosion

"Blanket Pardon"

Band of Horses the funeral

Anyone else really excited by Anniston on 30 Rock last night


History Quiz DU Star Giveaway!

Picture this

What to to about squeaking windshield wipers? This morning mine

"A source with knowledge of the transition process describes the meeting as not a hard offer"


Nick Cave - Where the Wild Roses Grow

Roller Derby national tournament starts tonight in my town

Those of you who don't think Hillary Clinton is qualified

Bad Luck and Karma

Caption this Pic: Palin

Office Services here where I work *rocks.* What's it like where you work?

Woo hoo! Palin knocked back to Wasilla!

Confess! Which DUer would you like to crush?

"Martin Eisenstadt" SO sounds like a real McCain Advisor. Why is that?

Sometimes, I've felt like I've created my own prison for myself.

I think we as human beings need to ask ourselves: What's this life for?

Do you feel torn? I do.

Have you ever felt unforgiven?

If you were someone else

Face it. There's only one.

I believe we are going the wrong way.

How could we wash away all those years?

Have you ever felt welcomed with arms wide open?

What say I?

I'm afraid sometimes I feel like a faceless man.

"Youtube Only" post request

Bernie Sanders Joins Leahy In Demanding Ouster Of Lieberman From Chairmanship


Barack and Michelle do 1st post election interview on 60 minutes this Sunday

You know what the DU Lounge needs? More Nickleback. And Creed. And The Jonas Brothers.

Lower? Or Higher?

Brutal Pathology exam today. I think I passed...

Let us all take one last breath....

Flashback YouTube vids - Barack Obama did flip flop on Cuba policy

Rahm Emanuel Facts are as awesome as Chuck Norris Facts — except 100% true!

Leahy Becomes First Senator To Demand Lieberman's Ouster From Homeland Security...

...and don't stop dancing.

Someday things will be different.

But it will be far away, I'm afraid.

Too bad.

Well tomorrow is marathon day in Richmond Va

It's beginning to feel eerily like the Clinton administration

In these days, we could use a hero.

If only everybody cared.

vibes for my dear orange marmalade tabby boy

The NFL Network chomops the log

World's most delicious cookie

I've finally figured you out.

Perhaps we should take a photograph.

Candy Girl

I'd like to be a rock star.

Anybody get the new Police box set yet? ("Certifiable" - live in Argentina) How is it?

SNL Digital Shorts are awesome.

An Open Message to Anyone Feeling Offended

I just had to take a self-assessment test for a job.

Another TV victim of coming on after "Heroes"--"My Own Worst Enemy"

The sickness

Is our President Elect cool or what...

Anyone see BicentennialBaby and Sniffa?

I can't believe in just over a month it's 2009.

"Hunter lost in woods for second time in a week"

What's the point of living in the "greatest country on earth"?

Today might be my first snow run.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

So is Cheney's undisclosed location sort of like the Phantom Zone?

I want a moment erected in Washington that details the state of this nation

Dick In a Box.

I am against a bipartisan cabinet. Why legitimize a party on its deathbed?

Q&A With Voluntary Amputee Tom White

You know, I don't think I'm a Rush Hater after all

There is something special inside us all.

Beer + Pumpkins + Nudity = Fun in Boulder

S.C. Priest: No Communion for Obama supporters

Ladies and gentlemen of the DU Lounge. An important message from PeterU.

I'm in the process of renting the entire series of Dark Shadows..

So who all has me on ignore due to Operations Creed and Nickleback?

Anyone drink Pepsi and not collecting Pepsi points?

A lounge flamewar on video!! Complete with Mod intervention!!!

One year ago today: Joe Horn shot two burlgars

I've just realized I've been in my pj's all day

Is PeterU the new Kudzu?

Are these (or should it be "is this?) the best song lyrics EVER, or what?

Update on Operation Creed/Operation Nickleback. AMNETY FOR TEH LOUNGE.

OMG - I have wonderful news to share with all of my friends at DU!!!!!!

OK, Hillary Clinton for Sec. of State--on a scale of 1 to 10...

Who Cares About Rush, Ed Schultz Is Much Better

Who Cares About madinmaryland Brazilian Is Much Better

PeterU must be stopped

One thing I don't understand - why the *visceral* hatred of the band Rush? Why not just apathy?

My Mother's boyfriend tried to maintain a soliloquy regarding

Why donate to DU when you can join Joe the Plumber's Freedom Website!!!!!

Who Cares About Parche, Turtlensue Is Much Better

What if I were one of you?

What's this About Parche, Turtlensue, and LynneSin that Is Much Better

Best part of a pizza

Would some one please post a YouTube of this song...

LynneSin Is DTM

What's the one thing you'd want to improve about yourself?

DU Stop Me

Well I got my lay off notice

Public school lunch gas......

Why do i click on PeterU Links???

Shit? Shower? Shave?

********CONGRATULATIONS TO PeterU***********

So if Rush is such a blah band why so many threads bashing them?

Cake or Death

Do you think all the men in the Lounge ride their bicycles at the same time?

Remember when pg 13 movies had boobies in them?

Hitler gets banned from world of warcraft

How the fuck did I end up listening to Bel Biv Devoe today?

Ok, just when I think this week can't get any worse or difficult:

What's the worst song you've ever had stuck in your head?

Is there a way to hide multiple threads in one simple operation?

Dweeb is now on my shit-list

I gave away a kitty last night

"After the Imperial Presidency"

RUSH Haters --- Did any of you use the RUSH / Ayn Rand connection?

FAIL Blog is one of the best sites in the known universe.

Freak Show: Behind the Clinton-for-Sec.-of-State Rumors

Seeing as how some don't know who Mike Oldfield is

I have to go in to work in an hour. What's more important in the meantime?

Once again, my bad typing and arrogant attitude

Sigh...My friend Dave has died

Winner of the "Most Beautiful Bottom" Contest

The Apocolypse is upon us

Friday! Happy weekend - do you wanna dance?

Does anybody else have to do self-evaluations at work?

Canadian football has gotten wierder than usual

OMG - I have wonderful news to share with all of my friends at DU!!!!!!

Something weird I saw at the bus stop today

Hillary did her part, but Obama OWES (and I mean OWES) Kerry

I am not saying people can't enjoy science fiction.

Let's help turtleandsue write her self review...

So does Sirius/XM have an all-Rush channel yet?

"Man Vs. Food."

Okay, so I think I'm officially old.

I just realized I'm only 20 but require caffeine to function

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot anyone? Anyone?

well, i'm working up a new personal biz card

Al From reminds Obama: We are now "post-partisan".

YooHoo!!! MrCoffee!!!! With the Sirius/XM merger there are now

Fess up. Who owns one of these?

You know what this place needs?

You know what this place needs?

You know what this place needs?

Crunch Berries, love 'em or leave 'em?

Whom can I contact about this holiday assault?

Nearly 1 month after the last prez debate, THAT picture still one of the most emailed pics on Yahoo

You know what this place needs?

You know what this place needs?

Our President-elect with the elastic arm reminds me of... MR. FANTASTIC!!!

i still like big butts

Do you serve vegetables with lasagna?

Is this incredibly long-arm thing a phallic symbol?

Wow. Thanks for the star from whoever provided it. Times are very tight just now. Thanks again.

Create your own bailout! This guy did!

oh, shit . . . here we go

so will Barack and Michelle combine to hit McCain?

Ok, I am perplexed...

Who or what is behind the "1000" marker?

Progressive rock is an oxymoron

I have a song to replace the one that's stuck in your head: Pancho and Lefty by Willie & Merle

I ate kung pao chicken for breakfast today

YES!!!! BabyMidlo just said she does not want to go to her field


I dreamed of my deceased cat this morning

You know what this place needs?

Cell phone found in inmate's rear end

Rom Emanuel is giving Obama his daily briefing...

OK, I am pissed

Help please - Microsof OneNote

OK i am pissed

Inauguration plans

I just caught a whiff of the periodic toxicity that infects this place every now and again...

Ok, I am pooped.

So I took my tortie cat to the vet today to get her little claws trimmed...

Hillary will not be SOS. This is just another attempt to drum up division within our Party.

British Burger Trucks Ordered to Serve Healthier Food, Vendors Complain: "Customers don't want that"

The Catholic Case for Obama

Do you think all the women in the Lounge have their cycles at the same time?

Zombies are still technically dead, right?

Got any other complaints?

OK i am pissed.

I'd just like to thank the good people at Con-Agra Foods for their Banquet Pot Pies

MINA returns to MAX! YES! If you're not into JPOP, you will not give a rat's ass about this thread.

Is it normal for your ex to feel jealous of another women???

Do you think all the women in the Lounge ride their cycles at the same time?

Confess, Who's Your DU Crush?

Lebron James In Game Free Throw Line Dunk....

You know what this place needs? A moratorium on prog rock.

Fellow Sonheimites! What did we think of the Sweeney Todd movie?

You know what this place needs? More good cover songs

Who here is going to go see Quantum Of Solace tonight?

Does South Dakota have an accent?

Anyone looking forward to being disapointed by the new Star Trek movie?

So what do I win after 100 posts? I have my eye on the Corningware set. N/T

Kitten Picture of the day for Friday November 14

Does anyone know who Skinner *REALLY* is???

Ignore sasquatch, this is your new earworm:

The Critters Flu Crisis, Day Four: Pneumonia

please please please send some of the du vibes this way

This is a message

Someone generously donated a star in my name, so as a big thanks, here's something for DU...

My best friend just called- she's on her way to the ER because she's bleeding.

The Lounge phrase of the day is "40 pound dump." Alter a thread title to include "40 pound dump."

*NEW* smilie!!!!!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 11/14/2008)

Obama is smarter than we are.

Old photo - life is good

Does Evil exist? Do you know it when you see it? How do you

Favorite Movie Villains

Advice on getting a shy, Japanese dude some action?

Advice on getting a shy, Japanese dude some action?

Post your favorite rock band. I'll tell you they suck no matter what.

Clint Eastwood or Hugh Jackman?

Fine, since it's "Trash Rock Bands" day in the Lounge, create what you think would be the best band

The *OFFICIAL* hot sauce appreciation thread

I am FURIOUS with my mother's doctor!

No to Lawrence Summers: A Legacy Of Financial Deregulation

There are those times when the death penalty is a good idea!!

Fistbump smilie! w00t!

Confess, Who's Your DU same gender Crush?

Are you in your 30s, 40s, or 50s? Join me for a little trip down memory lane...

Best Canadian export?

Per a thread in GD, hypothetically speaking, if you were given amnesty for a name change,


Why do you never hear tough chicks described as having "a lot of ovaries"?

I have a good idea of the kind of dog that the first Family elect is getting!

Lucky Charms marshmallows: love 'em or leave 'em?

Who Cares About Rush, Genesis Is Much Better

Attn: lounge tofu fans! I bought a brick o' tofu last night. I've never tried it before.

The Little Old Lady from Löningen

Obama's Influence on the rest of the world. Get a tissue.

Dedicate a youtube video to a DUer

Ever get flamed in one of the GD's and then worry that nobody in here wants to talk to you anymore?

Of all the bigotries in the world, it's the bigotry against gays I understand the least.

Best progressive rock band ever?

Your Favorite Cereal That Isn't On the Market Anymore

Obama, the Clintons, Colombia and the disaster that is U.S. policy in South America

Joe The Plumber book released just in time for Christmas!

i just 'accidentally' got this email re: corporate firings of Obama supporters.

Gulf War Vet Health Research Lacking

Charges added to indictment of Congressman Renzi

Dodd Says Auto Bailout Lacks Votes in Senate

For Obama and Family, a Personal Transition

Hendrix's drummer Mitchell dies

UN: Clouds of Pollution Threaten Glaciers, Health

State high court shows interest in anti-Prop. 8 suits

Idaho sign advertises Obama 'public hanging'

Judge dimisses Coleman lawsuit

VP-elect Biden hopes to be a hands-on No. 2

VP-elect Biden hopes to be a hands-on No. 2

Deal paves way for dams' removal on Western (Klamath) river

Indiana Court of Appeals Nullifies 2007 Terre Haute Mayoral Election

In Bad Economy, Boat Owners Abandon Their Vessels

Barack Obama's Grandma's Memorial set for Tomorrow (today 11/14/08)...

Aid to Mortgage Giants May Exceed Forecasts

Levy: I was wrong about hate-crime media coverage

McCain asks Georgia voters to back Sen. Chambliss

Deficit and Jobless Claims Jump, But Stocks Soar

Iraq's al-Sadr renews threats to attack US

People in Florida need more food help in'08-report

Coleman bows out of (Republican Senatorial Committee) leadership bid

US yearly econ growth hits new six-decade low -ECRI

Navy base could have caused Qantas jet plunge

Coleman drops out of GOP leadership race

Crowd of 1 Million-Plus Could Attend Obama Inauguration

New facility to dispose of nuke material

Consumers cut back sharply on spending

Eurozone officially in recession

China slams upcoming Sarkozy-Dalai Lama meeting

Nissan to further cut production in Japan

Rihanna drops Indonesia show over security (because of Bali bombers execution)

Carmaker crisis hits suppliers (S&P: Negative scenario for a dozen companies)

Log Cabin (Republicans) president announces resignation

Missile strike on Pakistan tribal region kills 12

Children separated from parents by Congo violence

Judges Cool to FOIA Appeal Over Missing White House E-Mail

Senator-elect Hagan drops suit over 'godless' TV ad

(US Treasury Dept) Setting the Record Straight (re: no oversight)

White powder sent to Mormon temples in Utah, LA

Vote tally trend favors Begich for Senate

More Allegations of Misconduct in Alabama Governor Case (Siegelman)

Senate will take up $25 billion auto bill (on Monday)

India lands moon probe -- for your consideration

Chances Dwindle on Bailout Plan for Automakers

Obama, Clinton meet to talk about her future

Sun Microsystems says to cut about 5,000 to 6,000 jobs

Former Congressman Evans (forced to retire by Parkinsons) with Obama on Historic Election Night

Obama to YouTube weekly address

Vote tally trend favors Begich for Senate

U.S. Economy: Retail Sales Drop in October by Most on Record

Krugman: Bailout 'pulled us back from the brink'

Grief 'too much' as Haitian parents bury victims of school collapse


Bush wants $25B in loans released to carmakers

Bush wants $25B in loans released to carmakers

U.S. begins to pursue drilling off Virginia coast

Santa Barbara fire doesn't spare Westmont College

Court to decide anti-Hillary Clinton movie case

New unpaid-leave rule irks worker advocates

Sarkozy: US missile shield won’t help security

Three plead guilty to $17 million Medicare fraud

Japanese whalers go with no guard

Study: Illegal immigrant children mistreated in custody

Blast in Pueblo kills 1, levels two buildings

Russian MPs back presidency move

Schwarzenegger declares fire state of emergency

FDIC, U.S. Treasury Clash On Anti-Foreclosure Plan

Obama, McCain to meet Monday

Obama wins 1 of Nebraska's electoral votes-(NEBRASKA)

Church fury as coma woman allowed to die

Conservatives Plan Offensive on Obama’s Judicial Nominees

11-year-old girl braves raging water

Ayers: Republicans 'Demonized' Me in 'Dishonest Narrative'

Democrats Benefiting From Post-Election Lobby Boom

Facing Palin factor, Romney mulls political future

Army general is nation's first four-star woman

Bernie Sanders Joins Leahy In Demanding Ouster Of Lieberman From Chairmanship

CIA Chief: Bin Laden Alive, Worried About 'Own Security'

Libyan radio talk turns ugly

Chrysler leaders get millions

Ga. Senate candidates seek ways to boost turnout

New Blackwater Iraq Scandal: Guns, Silencers and Dog Food

Plavix Plus Nexium May Equal Heart Attack

Plavix Plus Nexium May Equal Heart Attack

Leahy Becomes First Senator To Demand Lieberman's Ouster From Homeland Security Committee

Clinton Raising Money For Franken

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday November 14

Taliban leader: We have no faith in Obama

Purified urine to be astronauts' drinking water

First Pictures Taken of Extrasolar Planets

Bush wants $25B in loans released quickly to carmakers

Microsoft plans to invest one billion dollars in China R&D

Taliban kill mullah critical of suicide attacks

GOP Governors Insist They Have a 'Stake' in Palin

Mark Benjamin: Obama's plans for probing Bush torture

David Michael Green: My "Michelle" Moment--America Does Itself Proud

Racist Demands Affirmative Action in Jury Selection

Obamas Join D.C.'s Private School Status Race

Hillary Sets Down 'Conditions' for Accepting Secretary of State

Europe - New Fascism Hunts Roma

Sirota: Bush's last act of polarization

John W. Dean: Predicting the Nature of Obama's Presidency

A Window into Obama’s Foreign Policy

Citizens ignore role as leaders of government

James P. Hoffa: Obama needs help of workers to get change like auto aid

Democratic Pressure on Obama to Restore the Rule of Law (Feingold leading the way)

Obama Urged to Pick the ORIGINAL 'Team of Rivals'

NYTimes Opinion: What it Felt Like to Be Equal (Judith Warner)

Chávez Says Military to Oppose Destabilization Attempts During Venezuelan Elections

Phoenix, Philadelphia, Atlanta Mayors Want Share Of The Bailout

Religious Right Weighs Next Political Steps

Time to start taxing the deadbeat "religious institutions".

Growing tensions in lead-up to G20 summit in Washington

Obama to give weekly Youtube presidential address

Lowry of the National Review with More Palin/McCain Infighting

How I Spent Election Night in a Baltimore Jail

The 800 Pound Right Wing Christian Gorilla is Changing?

Making an Invisible Minority Less Invisible

Audit the Books!!!

'Renegade:' A look at Obama's new life

Prescription Drugs Kill 300 Percent More Americans Than Illegal Drugs

Bush Playing Chicken With Detroit in Last-Gasp Effort to Demoralize the Dems

Obama Supports Strategic Ties With India, Not Outsourcing

Colbert Fingers Rahm Emanuel

A Senior Fellow at the Institute of Nonexistence

Proposition 8 made me quit the Mormon church

Brooks: Bailout to Nowhere

Priest: No communion for Obama supporters

Wall Street's Bailout a Trillion-Dollar Crime Scene -- Why Aren't the Dems Doing Something About it?

PAUL KRUGMAN: Depression Economics Returns

Stop outsourcing my customer-service calls to India

AP: Thousands Crowd Job Fair for Military Veterans

Keith Olbermann in a Minute

MUST READ!... The End of Wall Street by Michael Lewis

Mother Has Her 5-year Old Daughter Say Fuck Obama

With Obama's Win, Gun Sales Go Way Up

NBC News: Obama inspired haircuts

Olbermann: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton?

Ten Millionth Voter Contacted

Nigerian "witch" children are abandoned, abused, tortured and murdered.

Fritz Henderson at GM’s Live Global Broadcast, 9/15/08, Things Are Great

Obama Flip Flops on Cuban Embargo

Rachel Maddow Show: Risks of Keeping Lieberman as Chairman

Letterman - Politics: fun w Obama, Bush, Palin and Mccain...and Desperate Housewives

Looking beyond the M4

Afghan convoy attack kills soldier, civilians

Leave benefits expand for military families

Obama - White House Puppy (ECLECTIC METHOD)

Video: Transition Update from Valerie Jarrett

Bob Dole: Increased aid to injured Iraq vets

Iraqi soldier kills 2 U.S. troops, hurts 6

North Dakota Guard unit to go to Afghanistan

Iraq war veteran convicted in death of wife

Burn pit fallout

Howard Stern interviews KKK member after Obama gets elected

Countdown: A Specially Condensed Comment (Sir!)

The Raw Roundup - November 14th, 2008

CBS: Five White Cops Terrorized Black Family Election Night

Countdown: Palin Won't Stop Talking

Palin's First Press Conference Since The Election Cut Short.

Grampy McBush back on campaign trail, warning Dems will increase taxes unless you vote Chambliss

Judge ends hearing early in fragging trial

Headzup's Question For BigDialog.Org

GM Prank at LA Auto Show

National Dems Start Pouring Resources Into Georgia

Breaking News on Countdown: Hillary Clinton Considered for Secretary of State

ONN: Should The Government Stop Dumping Money Into A Giant Hole?

Retail Sales Drop by Largest Amount on Record

Chris Cannon (R-UT) Bombs on Fox re Bailout Oversight

O’Reilly: Gay marriage=‘legalizing narcotics, unrestricted abortion, revocation of the Patriot Act'

Gooe Morning America: Bill Ayers- GOP Used Fear To Create False Link

Bill Ayers On Good Morning America 11/14 - Setting The Record Straight Pt.1

Rep. Elijah Cummings is no chump!

Rachel Maddow points out the brilliance of Obama negotiating with Iran

Crashed aircraft in Iraq was FedEx’s

Top 5 Things George W. Bush must do before he leaves office

TYT: Chris Matthews Debunks the Center-Right Myth (Cenk Weighs In After)

TYT: Sarah Palin Ready To Knock Down Doors in 2012

Countdown: Sarah Palin at the Governors Association

Hardball: Pat Buchanan Angers Mike Paul On The Air

Rachel Maddow Show: Lame Duck Watch Nov. 13, 2008

Guitarist Slash and Wife Perla: Supporting Equal Marriage Rights

The Yes Men: Burger Scene

Soldier, wife tried in daughter’s death

Pentagon to brief Obama team on key decisions

Pakistan leader meets with Rice on strikes

Soldier found dead in Huachuca barracks

Navy investigating fire aboard mini-submarine

Informant: Dix defendant was uncooperative

Camp Bucca detainee abuse hearing begins

Panel: Gulf War vet health research lacking

Navy awards $1.6 billion ship contract

AustalUSA to build Army, Navy transport ships

Gates responds to Russian missile moves

Russian ship hit in Somali pirate attack

Japan to press U.S. on port call notification

Lakehurst flight noise brings complaints

CIA: Hunt for bin Laden still a top priority

Kunsan CO relieved over maintenance problems

Pentagon: Guard fighter wing to get new F-16s

Iraq paying armed civilian groups

Iraqi officials urged to find own solutions

Final honors: 57 years later, black GI buried at Arlington

Aviano airmen give kids a taste of deployment

AAFES: Some gas in Europe now at ‘floor’ sale price

Kunsan airman dies of acute illness

Dennis Kucinich: 'Racketeering On A Scale This Country Has Never Seen Before!'

Airman convicted of lesser charge in vault theft case

Former Marine pleads to stealing car

Still no arrests in Yokota housing burglaries

Military update: Crackdown begins on 'personality disorder' separations

Space CO foresees smooth move to cyberspace

An Afghan 'Surge' no sure Winner

UK mulls 2k more Troops for Afghan War

(Military Times) Op-Ed: The Neocons' Liberal Brethren?

DoD Buzz: Wynne Criticizes Young’s F-22 Decision

81st Fighter Squadron’s Warthog upgrade lauded

Sarin leak discovered at Ky. depot

New Lease on Life for the Beloved M-14

The Boardroom- National Ad for the Employee Free Choice Act

Ottawa prof arrested, suspect in 1980 Paris bombing

Settlers Who Long to Leave the West Bank

Rahm Emanuel apologizes for father's disparaging remarks about Arabs

Deal paves way for dams' removal on Western Klamath river

Austrian Study Confirms Genetically Modified (GM) Crops Threaten

what does it take to convert a car to flexfuel?? LP/propane to be exact?

Hawaii Takes Bold Renewable Energy Initiatives

Company Turns Toxic Blooms into Alternative Energy

Xcel begins 'smart' hybrid electric vehicle tests in Boulder (vehicle-to-grid tech, CO)

Let Obama know about the benefits of industrial hemp

Nov 15 is America Recycles Day

15,000 people disrupt a delivery of nuclear waste across Germany

Investment in Renewables Will Lead to US Economic Recovery, Leaders Say

Rainforest Network: November 14-15 Day of Action Against Coal Finance

Correcting some revisionist History.

Favorable research on same -sex parenting (long)

Hi, there, plebeians!

Legal Question About Prop 8


January 20th can't come soon enough.

Marriage licenses are given out...

WSJ: Wal-Mart Flourishes as Economy Turns Sour


Bank Execs Get Pass as Lawmakers Harp on Tarp

'08 SAR (Suspicious Activity Reports) Bank Filings Are Likely to Set Another Record

Hank to Homeowners: Drop Dead

Houston, TX: Saturday protest info.

Credit Swap Clearinghouse to Be Running by Year-End (Update1)

U.S. hedge funds anxious as redemption deadline looms

`Dumbest People' Industry Image May Cost GM CEO Wagoner Job (Update1)

Mortgage Putbacks Are Back, With GSEs Doing the Putting

Hypocrite of the Week: The Mormon Church

With the complexity of the economy that those in power have established, is there really any way

Proposition 8 protesters target businesses

Walsh: LDS stand on Prop. 8 oozes irony

Lesbian mom asked to quit PTA over Prop. 8

NYTimes Opinion: What it Felt Like to Be Equal (Judith Warner)

Some areas of S.F. voted to ban same-sex marriage

Very good post in the Lounge, in case you missed it.

Front page of LA $$$ are getting their attention!

How feasible is it that Nevada could legalize gay marriage in the next 2-4 years?

Alaskans in Solidarity

Seven Weeks of Protest for Equality called in Honor of Harvey Milk (National Movement)


Of the 11,000 gay and lesbian marriages....

Overturning Prop 8 has a lot to do with Protecting Minority Rights in general...

PAUL KRUGMAN: Depression Economics Returns

Gay Marriage Supporters Step Out in Palm Springs Against Ban(video)

School hate crime probed - swastika and anti-gay slur on a student's locker


My favorite sign so far

I wish I could go to a protest on Saturday.

Clergy back same-sex marriage (Maine)

Melissa Etheridge on Oprah today to talk Prop 8

Can I ask a question here without being blasted?

I am fucking sick and fucking tired of the apologists

L.A. Film Festival Director Donated Money to Yes on 8

have their been any Prop 8 protests in MD yet?

what's that smell?

Naive Question. If we have donated money to an organization that is fighting

UAW, allies in Washington working to protect our jobs

NYT: Factories Shut, China Workers Are Suffering (story & video)

Card Check is More Democratic than NLRB Elections

NYT: Chances Dwindle on Bailout Plan for Automakers

Another Mormon business to boycott: University of Phoenix

Whitehead sees slump worse than Depression

Ecuador announces "zero tolerance" for incursions from Colombia

Rio Group accepts Cuba; Group demands role in global economic order

Glimmer of hope for uncontacted tribe (Paraguay)

Mayoral Candidate Gunned Down in Honduras

Flashback YouTube vids - Barack Obama all over the map on Cuba policy

Time Runs Out for Venezuela's Opposition

1 dead in rioting over Colombia pyramid scam

Betancourt's former husband presents ambassadorial credentials in Costa Rica

Morales Calls for an end to CIA Operations in Bolivia

Brazil to invest $400 billion to develop offshore oil fields

Cuba trade worth $32 million to Virginia farmers

Venezuelan Planning Minister Expects Growth to Rebound by Year’s End

Venezuela’s regional elections on November 23rd will be monitored by 130 foreign observers

Obama accepts Lula's invitation to visit Brazil "as soon as possible"

Launch of Peace in Colombia, reference book by Fidel Castro

Three plead guilty to $17 million Medicare fraud

At Women's Marathon, fastest time didn't win

heh heh heh


Interview with Claude Drouet, grief and loss counselor, licensed clinical social worker

Have a good cry - it's good for you

When Alzheimer's Hits at 40

Fast food nation: How poor eating habits are creating sickly children with 45-yr-old arteries!

Anyone getting any hits about what's going on with the severed feet?

orb on Jimmy Carter's head on "freakin' party crasher's" thread

Time lapse kitty

Hillary as Secretary of State?

Does anyone need a star?

In The Mid- Atlantic it's a good day for

A filter question for the experts...

What's your favorite photo you've ever taken?

Who are some pro-RKBA Dems who are ALSO progressives

Skinny Dip Falls... Haywood County, NC

Has Obama Taken Away Our Guns Yet?

Trader Joe's Finally Opened a Store Near Me

Any black bean recipes?

It’s been 30 years since 900 people in Jonestown ‘drank the kool-aid’

SC priest: No communion for Obama supporters

Suppose it is claimed that a particular person is walking in two separate places:

Must the Catholic church be anti-choice?

Snap releases top ten most dangerous pedophile priests walking free

If you don't believe in Supreme Love/Intelligence (are an atheist)

What is the difference between an extraordinary event and a miracle?

Princeton Team Challenges Darwin: Evolution Not Random?

Big Bang or Big Bounce?: New Theory on the Universe's Birth

Invisibility extends out of its shell

Jane Goodall's on NPR Science Friday right now

U.S. East Coasters may see shuttle launch tonight

Friday Night Eye Candy (Dialup warning!!!)-Nebulize your cares away...

Do Dolphins Have a Sense of the Future?

India lands moon probe -- for your consideration

NYT, pg1: For Obama and Family, a Personal Transition; "increasingly Presidential"

NEW Daniel Hopsicker makes VIDEO. New American Druglords

What might this mean? Cannot "disable" virus warning in BIOS

Under the Hood, Windows 7 Is Vista's Twin

This XPAntivirus2009 is getting downright nasty.

Rihanna drops Indonesia show over security (because of Bali bombers execution)

Hendrix's drummer Mitchell dies

Campaigner wins pesticide victory

Religous (sic) Sect threatening Shawano Cty.people. WTH?