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"Automakers need higher gas prices" -- Nolan fucking Finley, Detroit News columnist

Salvador Archbishop Nixes Probe of Killed Jesuits

The Story of Stuff...a lesson for everyone

Orange County fire update - 168 homes burned, 0% contained

hatch open!

MarketWatch: Fidelity to cut 1,700 jobs early next year

Barack & MIchelle Obama on 60 Minutes -- just started. n/t

Zell Miller, still a bee-yotch for the Right.....

and then there's this: "PBGC Chief Questioned on Investment Practices"

Data dive set to continue: Housing starts may be worst since 1940s, deflation also expected

The Steeler v Chargers game is over... 60 Minutes is up in a few

So, I was watching "Soylent Green" last night (sorry, long)

Now THIS is a PRESIDENT we can be proud of

If you like "The Boss" turn to NBC right about now....

Badass Democrats in History... Vol 1.... Harry Truman goes after his daughter's critic....

Obama Grabs News Headlines in the Americas - November 5, 2008

After Midnight..........Leonids

Support Veterans with Severe Combat-Related Injuries E action


Haha hilarious Paul Begala story

In 2006 With Recession Looming, Bush Tells America To ‘Go Shopping More’ - Watch it

Cops have tough time finding sober driver for boy

What Did The G-20 Summit Accomplish? by John Ydstie NPR News

Bill Clinton backs wife Hillary for secretary of state role

He Told Us to Go Shopping. Now the Bill Is Due.

You know .... some companies actually die of natural causes. DHL is probably one.

Between GM and the UAW, they can't hold out for a few months?

Caption this. No, seriously.

Piper Palin's Sassiest Moments (HuffPo)

Does the existence of bisexuality make polyamory/polygamy a human rights issue?

A typical response to a question about American cars on DU

WAAAAAAH - Wall Street Cat Sits on 4 Boards - Busted for Lying About Wharton MBA

Fumesucker's conjecture: In society, responsibility varies inversely proportional to power.

AMD sets ATI Radeon owners on the fast track

1.99 /Gallon

"We Are ALL Flint, MI Now!"........How China will Buy Out General Moters!

"We Are ALL Flint, MI Now!"........How China will Buy Out General Moters!

Showdown looming in Congress of automaker rescue

Strapped patients skip meds at own peril

Any good books to read lately?

Elizabeth Warren will be on the bailout oversight board.

More illiterate angry Repubs making dumb-ass comments. :^)

Peter Werbe's live Nightcall comes from Detroit at 11pm ET. This is a night to listen in.

Peter Werbe's live Nightcall comes from Detroit at 11pm ET. This is a night to listen in.

Peter Werbe's live Nightcall comes from Detroit at 11pm ET. This is a night to listen in.

What are you reading?

Whats up with the 3 remaining senate races

Masterpiece on PBS tonight - Filth

Friedman,no wonder he wants people to go shopping.

I have to have my barber flown to an undisclosed location..

The Obamas on 60 minutes - all parts up on - link:

What happens to my Fathers GM pension?

Anybody watching the JFK special on Discovery now?

UAW's Walter Reuther the Man that fought for National Healthcare

W. Virginia town shrugs at poorest health ranking

Goldman CEO, 6 others forgo 2008 bonuses

Why GM's in trouble: "If GMAC were an independent company, it would be the 8th-largest U.S. bank"

LOL Obama: "This One!"

Top 10 Bailout-Sponsored Junkets

Cyberpunk Wizard of Oz

OK, who is the one impersonating Ben Stein and what did he do with the real one?

OK, who is the one impersonating Ben Stein and what did he do with the real one?

CNN: What Happens If You're on the Gay "Enemies List"


We Are A Fucking Fat Lazy Nation

You Cannot Kill the Auto Industry

Today on the Redding penlight: Teh Gay Menace!

Some kind of miracle...Do you know what happened on July 30, 1992?

Americans uneasy over bailout for automakers (Reuters)

The Smithsonian panel discussion on the election

We should give President Bush a gift now that he's leaving, out of generosity, yes, seriously!

CNN poll Auto Industry bailout

Toles TOON - as always, he nails it

Why doesn't the auto manufacturers offer huge rebates instead of bailout money?

Dollars&Sense: Michael Lewis on 'The End' of Wall Street

Embarrassing mistake leaves global warming scientists with egg on their face

Larisa Alexandrovna: GOP Needs An Exorcism

One of the best films of 2008: "The Visitor."

Guess who are Freepers?

Hollywood out of step with American morals: poll

A Few Notes on the Media (Nate Silver -

There's no real reason we need to save GM.

Secrets of Talk Radio

RW'ers posting about not participating in the economy,

Hydroelectric Power

Bush's Last Big Lie.........

Aren't Most GM Employees Only Middle Class?

If the big three go under, will the surviving automakers be in the same southern states

Is This A Spoof From ONION? Please Tell Me It Is. Please!

I wouldn't want my government to take the lead on liberal causes...

A dream about Obama

Japan in RECESSION...bodes ill for the Planet/America...Fuck W Bush

Any DUers knowledgable in Philippine, Malaysian or Indonesian real estate

Computers: The Future always seems to show up on any day called "Today"

After we bail out the auto industry, what industry do we bail out next?

Sen. Levin: Big three auto CEO's should resign

Media hard at work,, appointing Obama's cabinet...

Can the other future of the republican party spin? You betcha!!

Miracle puppy hit by car at 70mph so hard he was embedded in the grill... and survived

Now's time to cut back on spending for military

YOUR SUGGESTIONS... here's one. (Hannity and O'Reilly)

I'm still waiting to hear who has hired Joe Scum in Washington

As the auto makers of this country goes, so goes this country

MarketWatch: Citi Cuts 50,000 Jobs

Newt tries to put the genie (Palin) back in the bottle

Alaska voter turnout may set a record

Wasn't there a huge protest march in Iraq this weekend?

Mask Ban Upsets Iraqis Hired as U.S. Interpreters

Lawyers, I need your advice.

Speaking up for the Sacrifices of our Troops Fighting Bush's Wars - Bush History, 11/17

CITI to cut up to 40,000 jobs tomorrow

Californians, don't you get it?

Who's betting that Bill Clinton's financial dealings

Michelle Obama always reminded me of Mary Tyler Moore

How many of you watch Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN?

Republican felons lining up for pardons from the Crook-in-Chief

Republican felons lining up for pardons from the Crook-in-Chief

Whiny-ass Welfare Queens......

'Frightened' David Frum Leaves Seething National Review

Reviving a Dispirited Workforce

The megabank will eliminate 53,000 jobs, Citi

Six for Six

Howard Dean

How can this be? I agree with Eric Cantor.

If Lieberman Had Become Vice President...

Taliban Threaten Paris Attacks, Claim Troops' Killing

Michelle Obama may be the best thing about this victory.....

He Fought the Wars and the Wars Won

"Obama's race wasn't an issue...

My evening in the belly of the beast: Visiting the RW friends

Help the Victims of the Southern California Fires

Ben Franklin nailed it..........

The Economist: Ship of Fools (the decline of the Republican Party)

Election Protection in Ohio (and America) Isn’t Over

Panel finds widespread Gulf War illness

LA Times: Firefighters shift focus to north Orange County as 26,000 evacuate

A question about the $700,000,000,000 "bailout"

And so the hate is coming out.

Judy Miller regarding Valerie Plame: "I don't carry any grudges toward {her}"

Breaking: SEC charging Mark Cuban with insider trading.

"Paper" and "Assets" - it's like 'military intelligence' or 'fighting for peace' -

Dan Rather’s Lawsuit Shows Role of G.O.P. in Inquiry

I just watched "60 Minutes" online and it was a fantastic show last night!

‘Tis the Season for Mass Layoffs

Bankers Shake Down Congress and the G-20

OMG .... this is HUGH!!!11!! ....... Mark Cuban sued by SEC for insider trading ..... Call Congress!

Senator Ted Has Entered The Building

Change - How political eras end and begin. by Ron Suskind

Teddy, you look marvelous! Glad to see you

I have seen the same auto plant run both efficiently and not efficiently

Mad Cow Risk in the U.S.?

Alaska voter turnout may set a record

This Duck Ain't Lame FREE Advertising for Social-Justice Sites

Dear Pres.Elect Obama, Please do not confuse your message about USING the People for dubious ends!

Guests for the Sunday TV News Shows: Dems: 4; Repubs: 9

Sykes Rallies Against Gay Marriage Ban

Imagine a worsening economy, but as it gets worse, we get the brass ring of ......

2 school's well water contaminated with uranium

My country club Republican parents voted for BARACK OBAMA!!!!

America’s Wars of Self-Destruction - Or how we Shocked and Awed ourselves into oblivion

Obama wrote Federal Bureaucrats letters about his goals

Write a review of the Oak Hill Store that had the Obama death pool:

Watching Obama on 60 minutes ___ It's like I'm dreaming

USPS Debunks Rumors of Impending Massive Layoffs

Flush with money, eager Chinese students flock to U.S.

Flush with money, eager Chinese students flock to U.S.

As the economy goes down the toilet, he's in the locker room with a towel over the back of his neck.

Spam and other winners and losers during a recession....

Ex-CIA Officials Tied To Rendition Program to Head Obama’s Intelligence Transition Team

Plain Dealer needs history lesson

If you're watching MSNBC (in the noon hour EST), who is that AIRHEAD 'anchor'?

Any good books to read?

Infrastructure Rebuilding: 100 mpg cars/hwys OR trains/rail lines/bike paths?

ACLU Joins Lawsuit Challenging Trafficking Of Indian Guestworkers

I found what I want Obama to do about Gitmo..

Due diligence is always best...

New wing-nut chain e-mail

Trial Day 3 Update: SPLC Wins $2.5 Million Verdict for Teen in Klan Case

WHY would bush deliberately not go after the alleged perp of 9-11?

Gas in N. Texas is going for $1.80 diesel is $2.99 what gives??

the rich big boys fighting it out in Pakistan/Afghanistan

Historic Victory Brings 'Racist Rats Out of the Woodwork'

Obama Action Figures (slideshow)

Thank you, President George W. Bush

The puppies are really playing!

So McCain shows up with PHIL FUCKING GRAMM??????

David Sirota: Stripping Paulson of His Remaining Power & Money

My wife and I were married by a JP. Isn't that a "civil union"?

Fox "News": Republican Sen. Kyl Pushing HRC for SOS...(1 more neocon Republican for HRC)

Do you know who would be my dream AG pick? Patrick Fitzgerald

Certifiable! The real truth behind America's first...

Kevin Rudd on CSpan 1 now

Thom Hartmann's Show Talks about Recent Run on Guns

USDA: Hungry childen rose 50 percent in 2007 in US

About Hillary as Sec of State

P-E Obama says he doesn't care how much the deficit grows, do you?

Japanese school girl goes to the Baseball Pros..

Our new Speaker of the House in new, redder Tennessee is now Republican;

Our new Speaker of the House in new, redder Tennessee is now Republican;

Somali pirates, Wall Street pirates announce merger

Somali pirates, Wall Street pirates announce merger

We may not see Top Ten for a while: so let's have an appreciation thread.

Sen. Carper: Lieberman needs to face ‘consequences’ for his actions during the campaign.

The Exonerator

Sen. Carper: Lieberman needs to face ‘consequences’ for his actions during the campaign.

White House lists new reasons for rejecting auto industry aid

Hell with it.

My California Brothers and Sisters,

Minnesota and Alaska: Are they still counting/recounting?

What's up with the California fires? Haven't heard much about it today

LOL Joe............

Could All Religions Agree With This

Sunday school, young minds

Sunday school, young minds

Former president (Poppa Bush) faces hecklers in Lawrence (KS)

Why Detroit is Different: Why We Should Bailout the Automakers

Hollywood out of step with American morals: poll

"6 myths about the Detroit 3" -- Mark Phelan, DFP columnist

Feds try to claim more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks in SF: They're lying

Whatever Happened To Rita Cosby?

Oh, no, Mika! Sarah is fading fast. Reconsider that hair style, honey!

Bush and the GOP want to declare total war on Christmas...

House and Senate Freshmen Face Big Decisions This Week

Here's why we need to wait on this Big Three bailout

Paul Krugman calls out GOP on their phony account of the financial crisis...

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Congress is handling its job?

I wish the reporters would NOT interview the "people who stayed"

Traditional marriage under attack, in Utah, by *cave dwellers*!!

As of yesterday, Murdoch is still denying the Dan Rather "60 Minutes" story was credible

ACLU: FOIA DOCS-Show Feds Can Lojack Mobile Phones WITHOUT Telco Help

UAW Faces Prospect Of More Concessions

Not one man nor one religion will

Dennis Prager: It's anti-American to be for change

So how many BS "Will go out of business" when Obama is president stories and/or emails...

Consumer economies fail, if consumers cannot afford to buy..It's just that simple

Guess who else is back in town that will vote on Lieberman?

Abramoff said he had agreement with WH aide just a month after Bush took office

Is war some kind of tea party?

Temporary Service Outage

These "Iraqis" who say we can stay until 2011 aren't really Iraqis you know

Mike Huckabee settles some old scores with fellow Republicans

Mike Huckabee settles some old scores with fellow Republicans

Wingnut Welfare King: Joe (or Melvin, or Jimbo or whatever his name is) The Plumber

Anti-war veterans deploy 4,171 toy soldiers at gas station

“Point to heart.”.. (report from the RGA meeting)..Thank you, Margaret

Both lose in aborted immigrant-citizen home sale

States: We're broke like a muthaf***a

The US Automakers want a bailout - here's the conditions:

Recent gas price plunge seems ominous

Just called Ken Salazar's office to tell him what I thought of his support for Lieberman...

Attorney General Brown urges the CA Supreme Court to review of the legal challenges to Prop 8

You know those Chick Publications tracts always mentioned on DU? I collect them!

As California Neighborhood Burned, Two Little Houses Survived

AlterNet: Why the Economy Grows Like Crazy Amid High Taxes

Question about healthcare for UAW retirees

Baltimore Sun: 60 Minutes And Obama - TV To Calm A Jittery Nation

Is entering into contracts a human right?

The OFFICIAL DU Poll on A Holiday Tradition: Green Bean Casserole

Happy Birthday, Howard Dean!

Senate Line: The 2010 Landscape (Let's throw out some more Rethugs)

What Are Your Eating Traditions At Thanksgiving?

Does President Elect Obama already have certain powers even before taking the oath in January?

company claims clean substitute for coal

If only Bush read Abe Lincoln like Obama is...

Quantum Leap of Solitude -- maybe spoilers

ACLU on Obama and Torture

Another Election Eve in Alaska: Recount Possibility? THE MUDFLATS

Why not Paul Krugman for Secretary of the Treasury?


I am a liberal because

Last Post EVER on Civil Unions....

New PBS series exposes Old Testament fairy tales

Want my bumpersticker idea?

Quote of the week

E.D. "Terrorist Fist Jab" Hill canned by Faux News

Here is the one guy who would cause Wall Street to quake

This is what it sounds like when pundits cry: Prince on the recession & other "social issues"

Mayor to rivals: "But remember, there is a God in heaven plotting and planning against you."

What about Lieberman Bothered you the MOST

Here's a question for all right wing blowhards..

Vote for your favorite falsies

Kansas GOP revokes party voting privileges for precinct leaders who donated to Democrats

My brother told me if they had managed to steal this one from Obama he would have never voted again

Perle still holding out for ‘George W. Bush Square’ in Baghdad.»

Toxic Chemicals Blamed for Gulf War Illness


'Taxi' & "Back To The Future" star Christopher Lloyd loses $11 million house to fires

After seeing all the Hummer ads yesterday during NFL games

PHOTO: "The photo was ripped from my door last week & defaced with a racist message...

Greta Van Susteren

*Both* Pres. Elect Obama's books are on audio CD and are read by him.

*Both* Pres. Elect Obama's books are on audio CD and are read by him.

300 people showing up for a march against racism in New York City would not be an impressive turnout

Love in the Time of Darwinism

What's the most vital industry for the US?

The World is a Dirty Place

Once upon a time in America...

Two bailout plans for auto industry. First government buy controlling interest in GM.

Transwoman beaten by cops shot to death

O Brave New World.

Gas price watch. How much are you paying at the pump?

The Federal Reserve is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans

What are these two guys up to?

"Public schools...are largely failing our children."

Ever heard of JBS Swift. You badly need to!

Pakistan The Next US Target (Pakistan. It's the new Iraq.)

CRAP! (TPM) Reports Leadership Will Propose That Lieberman Keep Homeland Security Chairmanship

So I went to my alma matter to use the library and there are some things

Using Obama's Birth Certificate for Teachable Moments. Today's Lesson: 1776

Post here to wish Howard Dean a happy birthday!

"Marriage" and "Civil Unions" - please consider reading at link enclosed

If Japan can bail out Toyota for decades we can save GM.

Somali pirates seize supertanker loaded with crude

September 17, 1949....A very obscure date in entertainment history....

Republican Congressman at Honda plant: Detroit 3 bankruptcy better than bailout

Gay Marriage . . .

Educated Catholics have sown dissent and confusion in the Church, claims bishop

What's happening with that traitor, Lieberman?

Sen. Kennedy Returns To Capitol Hill (pic)

I wish Obama would stop saying he was going to kill bin Laden...

What is most responsible for the Big Three's problems?

Great LsTTE in Salt Lake Tribune, Re: LDS church and gay marriage

Here's what I think we ought to do about America's auto industry.

From a Q&A with D.L. Hughley

Joe Lieberman is the TRUE MAVERICK!

Just on CNN, Reid & Obama decide to let Lieberman keep control of key leadership post.

Closing Guantanamo: A bloody mess

Rightwinger reason for invading Iraq: Because we COULD!

We had better not forget that 46.0% of Americans are still crazier than shit house rats

Express Scripts being Blackmailed (personal medical records)

20 years and no mold, what are they putting in the food at McDonalds?

82 year old Helen tells Rethugs what she thinks of oil companies and the auto bailout.... bwahahahah

WTO Proposes Slavery for Africa

Tweety PE Obama has not appointed Clinton

Record Numbers Seeking Bush Pardons

Adorable NEW Cover of the American CONSERVATIVE Magazine: "Missions Accomplished"

Senate Dem leadership expected to allow Lieberman to keep Homeland Security chairmanship.

American Corporate Media CLEARING THE DECKS for the Right Wing Propaganda Pimps to ATTACK!

Categories of Laws Involving Marital Status - This is Not a Single Issue

So, it looks like the Iraqis have 'agreed' to let the occupation continue for 3 years. Tough shit.

Why Big Banks May Be Trying to Buy up Your Public Water System

Larry Beinhart, Alternet: Why The Economy Grows Like Crazy Amid High Taxes

So... Mark Cuban says,The Fed's collateral ``absolutely should be made public,'', starts a website

SP watch from Alaska...

All bailout agreements should include the stipulation that Paulson and Bernanke be arrested

Vindictive, petulant asshole cowboy 'til the end......

Fucking Ninjas.

Prince (THAT Prince???) Talks Religious Conversion, Anti-Gay Marriage Stance

Paul Krugman provides data on why GOP's Fannie/Freddie narrative is false...


Obama’s White House Hires Reflect Respect for Hill

Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner for 10

Thanks Steelers. Thanks Chargers. Thanks for wasting my time.

Ummm not for nothing but I thought this was "General Discussion: Presidential "

a call for help for Winona LaDuke

Has 60 Minutes started? I'm now scanning Nepalese websites looking for CBS live...

Bush Legacy in a Nutshell

so smooth and eloquent,

New Yorkers? Enter the Inuguration ticket lottery here...

Isn't it good to have a president who can actually talk clearly again?

My 1000th Post - I changed a vote.

It was nice to spend an hour listening to a President who was intelligent and ....

The Obamas on '60 Minutes' (Trib recap)

The Obamas on '60 Minutes' (Trib recap)

Well, there'll be at least one Republican in the cabinet: confirmed.

three times I cried during the Obama interview. Not because of what he said

The Official Obama/60 Minutes "Look!" Drinking Game....

Jesse Jackson concerned about Bush's last days

My husband just said -"What if McCain had won"

That Cheshire Cat Smile...

Spotted with the football odds

What is your dream 2012 Rethug ticket?

The George W. Bush Presidential Library to be the most costly, by far, in history

Gingrich says Palin will not be the future GOP leader

Wonder who's going to write palin's

King, Obama, and the Politics of Hope

My son just sent me this, it rocks!

DU this PBS poll about the vetting of Hillary and Bill:

"I haven't heard an interview this casual and down-to-earth since Kennedy."


Today I whizzed in Wm. Faulkner's down-stairs bathroom (Rowan Oak pilgrimage pics) ..

Right Wingers are heavily invested in the "No True Scotsman" fallacy right now.

Wow!...We have a president who knows how to fashion actual sentences..

Loved the dog/mother-in-law exchange with Kroft

What issues should Obama put on the back burner?

Obama should push Congress to end the Cuban Embargo

For my 1,000th post...listening to 60 Minutes....congratulations DU...

The best thing, to me, about the election....

I just watched a little bit of "Hannity's America." He's STILL going on about Ayers. It's fun now!

Do you Believe Obama should choose the Most Qualified People for his Administration....

I'll tell you. You guys on Discussion:Prez crack me up.


Well Here Is Your Answer How Repubs Intend to Rebuild Their Party & Take Back Power...LINK

Are these the books Obama mentioned on '60 Minutes' Sunday? 'The Defining Moment'

Demanding that Obama appoint a member of group "x" is just Washington politics as usual.

CNN/ORC Poll: 3/4 Confident About Obama's Cabinet Picks

Obama Cut No Deals to Get Elected...

The (Non-) Role of Race in Obama’s Victory -- Based on Analysis of State Exit Polls

The continuous election cycle the media longs for...

Poll: 81% of Indian-Americans Supported Obama

Why "Gay Marriage" as the #1 issue?

I'm Waiting

Entire 60 minutes Obama interview up on CBS Site now

Gene Lyons, a Great National Treasure

so...whatever happened to microtrends Penn?

Obama Team Turns Scrutiny on Bill Clinton

Obama Wrote Federal Staffers About His Goals - Before Election

Obama Meeting with McCain: The Transcript

If I say I believe in God, is my political speech organization now tax exempt?

No more crackberry for President Hope!

Obama Dips Into Think Tank -- Center for a New American Security -- for Talent

Gulf War illness is real, says federal report.

Some hot senate races for 2010

CONFIRMED: "Bin-Ladin Hunt PHONEY"-Bush Admin NEEDED Him To JUSTIFY Military Expansionism(Juan Cole)

TPM: Hunkering Down For a Fight

When Lincoln appointed his rivals, we didn't have the internet, email, youtube, and 24/7 news.

Delete-duplicate post

Did you know, Joe the plumber claims to have turned down $1 million?

Bill Clinton has to be fully vetted.

What will the Obamas do with their Chicago residence?

Dick Cavett absolutely eviscerates the "Wild Wordsmith of Wasilla".

How many of you would be okay with Bill Ayers in a cabinet position?

Is Sarahcuda the anti-Christ!?

GM opens new plant in Russia

Scarborough on GM: "I want economic patriotism."

Is it possible (or even desirable) for the Senate to hold confirmation

If a Church wants to marry a gay couple, and the State won't recognize it...

Obama A GQ "Man of the Year"

Can I watch the 60 minutes interview with Obama online somewhere?

Did you work or volunteer for the Obama campaign? If so, you are wanted in Bulgaria!

Will Obama's dog need vetting?

Well this is a sure sign that we will absolutely nothing done in Congress....

Poppy Bush to Obama: "sell the American people" on "what you think is right"

Good Election Analysis

Obama's big test: GOP leaders are actually right on auto bailout

Obama's big test: GOP leaders are actually right on auto bailout

Which Conference is the best??

What was bill doing over in kuwait city specifically?

Take their money, use their energy, but don't pay too much attention to their demands.

GA-Sen, GA-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

What's the matter with Missouri? Still too close to call. 6300 provisionals left, 2000 f/Dem County

Halliburton Investigations Continue - The Progressive Populist, December 1, 2008

How will McCain avoid eye contact in a face to face meeting?

Obama and McCain just met per MSNBC

Obama and McCain: Why They Need Each Other

OK... who here would like a million dollar bank loan without getting a credit check?

He is my only worry for Obama's Administration(from the Nation):Will Afghanistan Become Obama's War?

Another crack in the glass ceiling....(Safe photos)

I Think The Obamas Should Pick A Border Collie

Talkingpointsmemo: HRC as SOS

Closing Guantanamo isn't all that complicated

Is Hillary Clinton better suited for Attorney General? Her Watergate

One guy looks relaxed and confident, the other guy looks like he is sitting on a live grenade.

This vetting process reminds me of the McCarthy hearings. It's purpose is suspect, and not for any

Remember the McCain's Brain video checking out Palin?

Maureen Dowd calls President Elect Obama "Barry?" What a bloviator!

Do you believe that there are still "ghetto" Cabinet posts?

It's like lame duck porn...HuffPo photo of the Bush clan with the caption "LEAVING TOGETHER"

Oh that has got to hurt, Senator McCain meeting with PRESIDENT ELECT-BARACK OBAMA!!!

President Barack Obama is a genius

Happy Birthday to me and Howard Dean

"MSNBC-The Place for Politics-The Power of Change"

Two in the Bush, One in the Cheney

Caption it!

"Nothing That Lieberman Has Done Really Bothers Most Senate Democrats"

Good Gawd! You wanna know why Hillary is a bad pick?

Heh - "Birth Certificate frothathon" creates new freeperism - "mute point" for "moot point."

Solar powered flight - Test flight scheduled for April 2009

If Mao was "The Great Helmsman", and Regan was "the Great Communicator",

After watching the 60 minutes interview last night...

Bill vetting could cost Hillary her Cabinet post

Some of Obama's Biggest Boosters on DU are Some of the First to Question His Choices For Cabinet

Obama & His Team Are NOT In The Business Of Denying Rumors And Idle Speculation

Richard Holbrooke for Sec-State.

For the love of all things good and decent, no one IS OWED a cabinet post because

Wow. Hillary and Bill will have to go through full on vetting of the

I love all the Hillary posts. At least we're done with Palin! (oops) n/t

Sadly, Bill is part of the package

Obama Button Collection

Anybody else been wondering if Bush sent Rove to make sure McCain LOST?

Dennis Miller: Liberal women hate Sarah Palin because ‘she has a great sex life.’

Threats on Barack Obama's life, why is this not getting more coverage?

Today is Howard Dean's 60th b-day?

President Obama must give up his email? Here's a solution:

Let's be honest for a second! All of these religious leaders coming out against Obama have a hidden

I have not seen a single statement by the Obama Team or the Clinton's

Pearl Harbor Day never called twelve seven

OMG! I Just Got the Cabinet Text Message!!!

I Will Solve MSNBC's Humor Crisis Re President-Elect Obama

What is it with the Clintons???

Obama Probably Would Not Approve of This Post


Just a brief message to Obama-hating Catholic Church 'leaders' from a lapsed Catholic.


clinton is way too conservative.

Secret Service handling of threats on Obama

* Calendar * Economic Equality * Elections * Environment * Friday Feedback

NY-Sen: If Hillary Clinton Becomes Secretary of State...

The Clinton Global Initiative - Is It Even Possible To Do An Ethical Wall?

I'm fine with Hillary as SOS, but one concern I have is...

Why did Obama advisors leak to NBC that Hillary was under SoS consideration?

Call Your Dem Senators Today RE: Lieberman Vote Tomorrow

PHOTOS: A gravely serious issue - Barack Obama's light blue ties

Obama was pretty cool on 60 Minutes yesterday.

Sen. Carper: Lieberman Should Pay

Obama Enlists Supporters in Wildfire Relief

I believe the last days of the Bush Administration will be stunning ....

Tally Of Senators Who Want Lieberman OFF As Committee Chair- PLEASE CONTRIBUTE

STFU already!

Another gun, another child sad

Tim Robbins: An Open Letter to the New York City Board of Elections

Obama Interview Draws At Least 24.5 Million

Release on Foreign Leaders Biden Talked to Monday

my bad; please delete

Vetting Hillary Clinton? Now that's the funniest thing I've ever heard.

Breaking great news! Senator Kennedy returns to work! (Video)

Guardian (UK): Hillary Clinton to accept Obama's offer of secretary of state job

Big Pros and Cons of Hillary Clinton as Obama's Secretary of State

Just In on CNN: Clinton vetting moving forward

CALL THEM! Dem Leadership Will Propose That Lieberman Keep Homeland Security Chairmanship

McCain would make a good point man on immigration reform.

Obama on 60 minutes (FULL VIDEO)

Obama interview sets '60 Minutes' viewership record

Is it me or am I the only one who doesn't care about the SOS?

Bay Buchanan has forced me to get out of bed!

"post-racial" my arse!

Yes the Clintons (both) must be vetted. If you are against proper real vetting...

Gloria Borger: "If he doesn't stay on script, she's going to have to discipline him"

Clinton Vetting Includes Look at Mr. Clinton (NYT)

While some people are distracted by Clinton and Palin nonsense

Why does Sen Ted Stevens bother to carry on?

I called the pastor who has the false sign up about Obama, and now I have a crank caller on the line

Hey, what's Palin going to call her book?

Hal Holbrook for Secretary of State

Scott McClellan:George W. Bush Outed CIA Agent Valerie Plame

ok, I admit it, I haven't been able to stomach a president on TeeVee for over eight years

**********Official 60 Minutes Thread**********

GOP not playing "Minnesota nice" with Franken- Conason on how Repugs are trying to discredit recount

If You Dont Support Hillary for SOS...What is your biggest Reason Against the pick?

Melamine Scrap Contains Chemical Linked to Blindness: Why No Action From the Bush FDA?

Melamine Scrap Contains Chemical Linked to Blindness: Why No Action From the Bush FDA?

Michael Moore: Secretary of Labor or HHS? I can't decide.

I hated Hillary in the primary

Woman needs psychiatric help because of Obama winning.

The Obama worshipper meme.

Hillary for Secretary of State?

Just got back from free rep

The Clintons do NOT have to go through any "vetting."

A "leak" some here won't like...

32 Page Commemorative Keepsake -Chicago Sun Times

For SP junkies only -- "SP Can be Damaging to Your Mental Health." THE MUDFLATS

For SP junkies only -- "SP Can be Damaging to Your Mental Health." THE MUDFLATS

"In Ex-President's Global Reach, Pluses, Minuses for a Wife at State"

What are the chances the GOP will divorce the religious right ?

Time magazine: Person of the Year, Sarah Palin?

A friend suggests Don Siegelman for Attorney General.

Meanwhile, chez Malta Blue...

You can't fix stupid.

Why this new meme about "Most Qualified People?"

Proof that evolution, much like my DVD player, has a 'reverse' button:

Why Can't the Clintons Just Go Away?

MSNBC: "Obama can't pull the offer (even if he hasn't officially made it) at this point, right? "

So is there a good pre-bottled Margarita mix?

I picked up one of these incase iPhone cases and I have to say

PSA: There is this website called "". If you go there and type stuff in...

Dear iTunes: Please update your album artwork for classical music. Thanks, LaydeeBug

How can I make a quick $35?

Puppy Cam is back and the pups have a NEW bed

Who is the speculative Attorney General ?

I accidentally smashed a big hole in my drywall.

Do you think horses remember things from when they were little?

I wonder how many "Jonestown Massacre" shows one can watch

Has anyone here ever gotten inadvertely buzzed from a regular dose of Dayquil?

Come see my Protest Photos from yesterday

I have $350,000 in spare change

MTV's TRL coming to an end tonight.

Cuba will become Obamas First Major Crisis

Here is a photograph of me, naked.

Dammit, Barack Obama has not sufficiently outraged me! What's wrong with HIM?!

I can see a piece of toast in this picture. Can you?

have an announcement

the difference between cats and dogs

Why In the Hell Should Obama Appoint Someone Just Because They're Gay?

I think it's cool that we're gonna have a president who says 'man,' yo

Musicians who should be famous

Some kind of miracle....Do you know what happened on July 30, 1992?

Stop with the Hilary hate. It's a good thing she's in the spotlight, good for Obama and good for us.

Hey, I just made pudding with sour cream instead of milk! Ask me anything!!

If the "Obama lead" Democratic congress cannot/will not even crack the whip with Liarman...

Congratulations to the Gotham City Roller Girls

What's wrong with our black beans

Say something profound

It's odd and wonderful how death can bring people together...

*sigh* GD and GDP makes my brains hurt. (and my heart break) Especially the stuff that is true.

I can't stop playing Super Obama World

I can't stop playing Super Obama World

Did you have to call the cops today?

Lieberman likely to keep top Democratic post, sources say

Hillary! Yes.. I said Hillary.

*Sniff*...Sunday night childhood memories...

N, N, N, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N

MK vs DC

My wife returns from a one-month trip to Japan tomorrow

CNN's Dana Bash reported Lieberman will keep Homeland Security chairmanship

Intel and Abarth hook up on Powerplay Extreme gaming desktop

Are we going to be treated to Clinton Obsession by the media for the next eight years?

All-time GREATEST rock & roll band whose original drummer is sadly no longer with us

I have to lighten up! Tell me some cute kitty and puppy stories!

is there a workaround for tail lights on a 1954 Ford?

A heartfelt thank you.

Why are you still awake?

Can Anyone Explain The Football Question Kroft Asked Obama Last Night?

Leonid Meteor Shower - Question

Percocet Dependency

Lets get something straight......

How pissed off are the people that bet on Pittsburgh?

Shanghai Wal-Mart selling men's underwear "for fatso"

Conservative senator: Paulson may have given bailout money to friends

If aliens invaded the planet, like in Independence Day, I would sell each and every

SEC.STATE.CLINTON(H) currently trading at 92

do people like me less now that I have the Doctor Who avatar?

Remember, defrost the turkey before deep frying it

Wii question - help an ignorant old boomer......

However tired/cliched it may be, my new Blackberry has me obsessed.

Preferred mode of transport to hell?

Miracle puppy hit by car at 70mph so hard he was embedded in the grill... and survived

dance naked ...

I'm Just a Gigolo

All Night Long

Minor football pet peeve of mine....

Who doesn't love Star Trek fight music?

Making Love

PHOTOS: Jeez, I wish Obama didn't look SO tense today - it's a worry.

You're Not Alone

Three Little Kittens

Hey Primate1, I have comcast cable and I have a problem

Inhale, inhale, You're the victim..

Devil's Pie

No Jive

What About Me?

What About Me?

Reasons #90,134,850,263,456,203,456 and #90,134,850,263,456,203,457 why the XKCD guy is a genius.

Dallas-14; Washington-10

Do any of your friends have stupid nicknames?

A radio bump I just heard: "Hi this is Barack Obama, and I am happy to be on Air America."


African Roots Dub

Last nights Entourage

Life's what you make it


So, are turtlensue and madinmaryland still talking to each other?

I posted a sports poll in GD:Pffth!!

I am in the mood to give advice. Ask me anything!!

Obama Dips Into Think Tank for Talent


Just found out!! The Who and The Rolling Stones are playing at a club in my town!!!!

Good morning

Rolling Stones - Rocks Off - Exile on Main Street

Cool picture of the Prop 8 protest in San Diego

Anybody Watch TRUEBLOOD?

wrong forum

The bed's too big without you

What did petgoat do to get tombstoned? S/he had 1000 posts. nt

help[ i m, trapped in my CPU (*# pleafse help

Selling our minivan - are car brokers legit?

Best pic of a scantily-clad DUer?

Lounge Artists--advice about drawing hair?

What are words for?

I need funding

Look out, Pennsylvania. Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, you're done for.

Nevermind--Wikipedia was wrong.

Doh, I just spent 10 minutes talking to a parent about the wrong

Hurt...hey, MrScorpio!!!!

How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you (now with all 10 pictures)

A somewhat embarrasing question. I need some cleaning help.

Don't lick me there!

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009 - Project Censored

Greatest ever contribution by PeterU to the DU Lounge

What Is Fart For?

What Is BART For?

I bought a really lousy Sony Walkman once

I need fondling

Question re: CIA involvement in Quantum of Solace (spoiler)

Fuckin Right!

Condolences to PeterU .. sorry, dood

Making Chili - Help me decide between

Wanna see my cute little Biology extra-credit assignment? Dial-up warning.

20 of your most hated cliches (BBC)

What is ala Carte for?

I bought my turkey today, 13 lbs., perfect for frying.

What doth the thous think of this?

Besides, flinging himself - carefully - off the Empire State Building is his right to do

What is the best football movie?

My Radio show is on

**** For turtlensue after suffering through a loss to the Cowboys ****

Silly hat pictures - post yours


No Mood For Thanksgiving, Or Christmas This Year

ATA Retro Post

"Chuck" anyone else love this show?

Mi Roommate Loca: The Saga Continues


Omg! Thundersnow!


GOP Makes One Exception On Gay Marriage

Who are your favorite authors to listen to?

MST3K Update: "Film Crew" is dead, long live "RiffTrax" and "Cinematic Titanic"

The GOOD Buchanan - Roy Buchanan, beautiful guitar...

No one wants to be defeated: Michael Jackson sued by Arab sheikh in UK court

In THE STAND, the bad guy is named Randall Flagg.

Any one hear from MrsGrumpy or wannbe????

Last weekend, a bunch of my loser friends tried to peer pressure me

Which city is better?

Help me pick out a shade for my home office

Hope the bastards who did this are sharing a jail cell with Michael Vick soon

Once and for all, which city is better: Jamestown, North Dakota or Appleton, Wisconsin.

I hate Winter

GD: You've got 30 minutes...

The beagle and one of the cats are sitting in front of the fireplace, looking very interested,

My life is like being given a canvass...

Can you O.D. on Halls mentho-lyptus?

I am feeling out of the loop here

I went to the King Tut exhibit in Dallas today.

Potato exhibition!

Which state is better: Michitucky or Virgylvania?



I Am So Fukin Depressed Right Now

Everyone Else Has Flu Or Cold

I fear I am addicted to pumpkin pie.

Zoo cleaner "agitates" tigers, jumps into enclosure, covers head with pail, is killed. Surprise!

I was given an entire room full of computer parts and stuff.

September 17, 1949....An very obscure date in entertainment history...

I went to the King But exhibit in Dallas today

LostinVA said I'm a 'good straight egg'. Boy, I sure have her fooled.

I'm an idiot. nt

The Lounge Movie game: Roger Moore - The Man With The Golden Gun - Christopher Lee

Are you an idealogue?

YES FANS!!!!!!!! They will be playing in Atlantic CIty

Which state is better: Maryware or Connechusetts?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 11/17/2008)

What's your goth name?

What is a favorite sidedish you like at Thanksgiving?

I swear all I've asked for out of life is Lloyd Dobler to stand outside, under my bedroom window....

Super Bowl Predictions, anyone?

Hillary Clinton to accept!

B-b-b-Benny and the Jets

The OFFICIAL DU Poll on A Holiday Tradition: Green Bean Casserole

What Are Your Eating Traditions At Thanksgiving?

My cat no longer sleeps with me on my bed

Catholic Cardinal: Obama is 'apocalyptic'

my friend quit his job.

Once and for all, which city is better: Baltimore or Washington DC.

My cat, Mocha, would like to say "hello" (Pic Heavy)

Who should be Secretary of Suck?

Dexter is screwing up. Sharing the code with Miguel.

Do you Believe in Race-Based Affirmative Action?

I'm gonna give you one reason that Washington DC is better than Baltimore

One of the main reasons for voting for Obama was because of his good judgment.

What's the weather like today where you are?

"Team Obama... is expressing EXASPERATION with the Clinton camp"

Do you get nervous when the power goes out?

Gah! MSNBC is gone from blinkotv...

My Cat, Cocoa, wants to show off (Pic Heavy)

Moustaches (on guys) - Yes, No, Why or Not?

KS Preacher Refuses to Take Down Sign Calling Obama a Muslim

Breaking: Humans actually NEED White Castle Burgers to survive!!

If I were looking for a photoshop expert to color my comic art, which one of you would want the job?

End-of-year performance review, I got the highest grade

Sputter, clank, thud... The story of my

I hate those E-Trade commercials with the "Toddler Trader".

I hate those E-Trade commercials with the "Toddler Trader".

Bill Ayers regarding Palin rallies: "remember the Two Minutes Hate in George Orwell's '1984'?"

Bill Ayers regarding Palin rallies: "remember the Two Minutes Hate in George Orwell's '1984'?"

Dolphins win again.

My friend's little girl is in full page ads for St. Jude's.

OK, havent see this in a while. Name that last 5 bands/songs you listen to....

Conspiracy Theory poll!!!

What is your most recent ear worm?

Any math geeks out there?

Favorite Progressive Rock?

Who has a 3G iPhone? Should I get one?

I have a real crush on Rachel Maddow.

Country Music Lyrics Game

How to balance the budget: Revoke tax-free status of churches abusing 501(c)(3) status

Why does White Castle serve coffee?

Poll: Your Most Traumatic Birthday

Hillary Clinton to accept Obama's offer of secretary of state job

Photos: Palin @ Republican Governors Meeting, Miami (Real? Fake? Someone Else?)

Is this the stupidest exercise machine ever?!

Greatest TV Theme Songs

I'm sad and lonely

8 Years of Fucked up Losership has brough America to Her Knees...

Fellow DUers, I need your help. How do you deal with a sociopath in the family.

Can I get a blues primer?

The puppies are really playing!

What Is Art For?

Do you accept the general findings of The Warren Commission Report? Y/N

Which (if any) stereotypes do you live up (or down) to?

Screw the poll - favorite Prog Rock Band

What will you miss about Bush?

I really admire people who work with the mentally handicapped

'I heard a tap-tap of gunfire. But I didn't realise my legs had gone'

(FEMA) Trailer storage costs mount

Panel finds widespread Gulf War illness

Chen moved to hospital

Crunch time for Tibetan cause

Death toll in China subway cave-in rises to 7

Quake kills at least 3 in Indonesia

Iceland guarantees deposits to get loans

Obama Wrote Federal Staffers About His Goals-Workers at 7 Agencies Got Detailed Letters Before Elec

Obama Spelled Out Goals in Letters to Federal Employees

Iraq, US sign pact to pull troops out in 3 years

Siegelman’s appeal will be in December

Franken says attending orientation would be presumptuous (Al is meeting with Senate Dems in DC)

Citigroup to cut 50,000 jobs-CNBC

GOP applauds Hillary as potential secretary of state

Obama meets with McCain at transition office

Thousands evacuate as Vietnam braces for storm

Flush with money, eager Chinese students flock to U.S.

Facing Deficits, States Get Out Sharper Knives

Dutch journalists may testify in Colombia

Support staff launch strike at Canada Post

All US forces will leave by 2011, Baghdad cabinet agrees

Obama-McCain statement

Clinton Vetting Includes Look at Mr. Clinton (Vetting has begun.)

French Police Arrest Basque ETA Leader `Txeroki' (Update1)

Obama interview sets '60 Minutes' viewership record

Bush may let Obama decide part of bailout (Administration may leave half of $700 billion untouched)

What do the Blunt administration’s released e-mails say about his office?

Lieberman likely to keep top Democratic post, sources say

Hillary Clinton to accept Obama's offer of secretary of state job

Call for probe into ex-Goldman executives

Afghan Taliban reject Karzai's safety vow

U.S. in recession, jobless to peak at 7.5 pct: survey

Goldman Chiefs Give Up Bonuses

Officials: Violence in Pakistan leaves 8 dead

Hill sources: Treasury won't use full bailout

Iraq Quietly Dismisses Its Anticorruption Officials

Goldman Targeted by Investor Complaints of Naked Short-Selling

White House Opposes Senate Democrats' Auto Bailout Bid

US, Vietnam to cooperate on climate change

ALBA rejects U.S. intervention in Nicaraguan elections

Japan slides into recession, 1st time since 2001

Japan's whaling fleet sets out for Antarctic

Japan firm recalls US water (Crystal Geyser)

Former president (Bush Sr.) faces hecklers in Kan.

FBI agents speak out on injuries from faulty grenades

Kansas GOP yanks voting rights of leaders who contributed to Democrats(Laying down 'loyalty plank')

Franken asks board to count absentee ballots before recount

Colombia declares state of emergency

CNN: Scooter Libby may have requested Bush pardon

Sen. Carper (D-Del): Lieberman should pay consequences

Abramoff said he had agreement with Rove's assistant

Hollywood out of step with American morals: poll

Stalemate dims prospects for $25B auto bailout

Target 3Q profit falls 24 percent in tough economy

Conservative senator: Paulson may have given bailout money to friends

Racial slur, threat against Obama at UA

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday November 17

Political strategist Carville to teach at Tulane

American Indian reservations see record voter turnout

Traffic fines help fill city coffers - Officials increasingly target drivers to bolster budgets

WSJ: Mark Cuban Charged With Insider Trading

Kansas Preacher Pushes Obama Muslim Message

GM delays payments to dealers to conserve cash

India sends maximum students to the US to study

AWOL Marine arrested with dad

Navy Proposes Moving Carrier to Mayport

5,700 attend Richmond Gun Show

Obama advisers: No charges likely vs interrogators

Admirals, generals: Repeal 'don't ask, don't tell'

Rather’s Lawsuit Shows Role of G.O.P. in Inquiry

Pirates capture Saudi oil tanker

Options all grim for GM's workers; Jobs will be lost no matter what solution is found to woes

Environmentalists Slam Bush's Departing Proposal As "Fire Sale" For Oil And Gas Industry

Center-Right, Center-Left? Let’s Aim at Competence and Honesty

Marcy Wheeler---"We are All Flint,Michigan, NOW! (Marcy was a GM Lobbyist)

Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama for The Great Depression

Obama 'to rebuild moral stature'

Juan Cole: Afghan article on the phony hunt for Bin Laden

Free the GOP


The Audacity of Patience

A Time of Hope, Marred by an Act of Horror (Black Church Burned Election Night)

Do You Want to See What War Looks Like?

Bill Ayers Talks Back (Salon Article)

Obama on '60 Minutes': I'll Keep Gitmo Open, for Bush and Cheney

In the Reality Lounge (James Kunstler)

NYT editorial: The Bailout’s Next 60 Days; "The nation needs clear leadership and a sound plan."

Rolling Stone Interview: Jann Wenner : How Obama Won

Don't Believe Spending Cut Rumors

Amid Brickbats From China’s Government, Tibetans Will Ponder a New Strategy

Deregulator Looks Back, Unswayed (Gramm)

6 Myths About the Detroit 3

How Did We Ever Let This Guy Get Away with Being a War President?

Joe Conason: Obama's Clinton Initiative

NYT:Rather’s Lawsuit Shows Role of G.O.P. in Inquiry

I shot down McCain

Uri Avnery: An Unforgettable Moment

The G-20 Washout

$2 Trillion Handed out by Paulson and Bernanke, But Who Got It, Nobody Knows

Congress Meets for One Last Fight and to Look Ahead

Dobson’s Focus Blurred, Epic Fail

The REAL Detroit problem

Obama tries to soothe Wall Street's nerves

Former News Radio Staffer Spills the Beans on How Shock Jocks Inspire Hatred and Anger

Obama's Intelligence Transition Team From 11/17/08 Democracy Now

Obama intends to close Guantanamo Bay, End Torture

TYT: Wall St. Bailout Is In Need Of Oversight But Will Dems Demand It?

CBS Evening News: Who Can Marry?

Obama" Vlog 3

New slant on Bible’s origins

Zell Miller Endorses Saxby Chambliss

State-Hosted Gun Shows Provide Forum for Violence and Hate - Fran Quigley

Blast from the past: I wish we lived in the day where you could challenge a person to a duel

Bill Maher / Panel discusses election and economy / 11-14-08

Bill Maher / More Panel Discussion + Obama World! / 11-14-08

John Hagee tells Glenn Beck that Obama is NOT the Antichrist

Bill Maher / Opening Monologue / 11-14-08

Bill Maher / On Religion and Politics / 11-14-08

Bill Maher talks to Sean "Diddy" Combs / 11-14-08

The Daily Left - November 17th, 2008

Chambliss' Bizarre Reaction To Whistleblower In Aftermath Of Imperial Sugar Fire Tragedy

Panel: Crimes of George W Bush

Bill Maher / New Rules! / 11-14-08

Bill Maher interviews Dan Savage / 11-14-08

Andrew Bacevich visits Rachel Maddow

President-Elect Obama Holds First Post Election Meeting with Senator McCain

Michelangelo Signorile versus Maggie Gallagher on CNN re: gay marriage

An oldie but a goodie

New Dem Ad In Georgia -- Which Backed McCain -- Hits Chambliss For Not Backing Obama

Pardon My Torture

President Elect Obama 60 Minutes Interview (Part-1)

Sen. Edward Kennedy Arrives at Capitol Hill

Young Turks: What does Cenk think about the $140 billion scam?

Must See: Southern University Salutes Obama

TYT: Bill O'Reilly On Gay-Nuptials & Who Is To Blame

Iraqi govt. approves security pact with U.S

2 soldiers killed in Kiowa accident in Mosul

The Army under Obama

Truck ban hampers supply line to Afghanistan

10 militants killed in Afghanistan raids

GI found dead was recovering from brain surgery

Bill would include military in hate crimes law

Apaches in S. Korea move to Iraq, Afghanistan

Wis. civil affairs battalion returns

Jury deliberates in trial of ex-soldier

‘Big dog’ GW begins its new role

Golden Corral offers free meal to vets Monday

Pirates seize cargo ship off Somalia

CH-53s to get new engines, defenses

Tempo bands set for medics, security forces

Public affairs, strategic communications merge

Air Force Week underway in Los Angeles

How ‘Doonesbury’ serves the troops

Dal Molin base expansion opposition pins hopes on Obama

NASA ends Mildenhall mission

US says it held 12 Juveniles at Gitmo

Gator oil leaks: What went wrong?

Aging Orions limp to the finish

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Industrial Base

Wife gets Life in Navy Hubby's Murder

Panel finds widespread Gulf War illness

Panel finds sickly Legacy to Gulf War

Israel briefly opens Gaza crossing

Israel to free 250 Palestinian prisoners

Ramle woman arrested on suspicion she planned to assist suicide bombing

EPA targets water runoff (Boston Globe)

Building a Better Battery (WSJ)

Green Is for Sissies - At Exxon, Making the Case for Oil

The Resource Curse In Action In Congo - Tin Boom Chops Up Jungle, Drives Armed Chaos - IHT

Thanks To Scientists' Efforts, Giant Clams - Keystone Reef Species - Begin Philippine Comeback - AFP

Leibniz Institute Kiel Study - Dead Zones In Tropical Oceans May Grow 50% Or More In Area By 2100

Coal regains crown as slump in nuclear output raises fears of power shortages (UK)

Red Cross - "Major Deterioration" In Conditions In Somalia - Hundreds Of Thousands Facing Famine

Last Minute Bush Grab On Public Lands -

Wildfires Result In Loss Of Forests Reserved By Northwest Forest Plan

(Antarctica) Under-ice flood speeds up glacier - BBC

Japanese whaling ship sets off for Antarctic hunt - Guardian

The Greenhouse Gas Nobody Knew - NF3, Vital To High-Tech, Has 17,000X CO2's Heat-Trapping Power

Stay awake! Midnight. Leonids Meteor Shower. Be there.

Deer Damage To UK Forests, Crops May Call For 500,000-Animal Cull - Telegraph

U.S. Sugar to Explore Building 100 Million Gallon Coskata Ethanol Facility

Dr. Housing Bubble 11/14/08

Paulson the Bungler


Downturn Drags More Consumers Into Bankruptcy

The Federal Reserve is refusing to identify the recipients of almost $2 trillion of emergency loans

Bush Said to Tell Aides He Won't Seek (Remaining) Bailout Funds

If you use CITI credit card, check the "notice of change."

Are you an idiot to keep paying your mortgage?

Was Prop 8 Actually Defeated?

My Protest Pix from yesterday - Irvine, CA (MasterPlanistan)

It is not that it is a single issue, it is FAR more that it is an issue they don't care about

Connecting the dots...

Nothing like letting go...

Open letter to GLBT bro's and sis's about your defeats

glbt forum, please help k/r prop 8 postcard/fundraising campaign thread

Mormons denounce anti-Prop 8 protests

$50,000 Prop 8 donor chairs large Md. company

List of state legislators who filed friends of the court brief to overturn Prop 8

I can't reach or the google cache of its 'list'

Protect Marriage, Protect Children, Prohibit Divorce

Schwarzenegger won’t petition court on Prop 8

I think I have lost my mind

Dr. Phil to tape show about Prop 8 and Same-Sex marriage Tuesday Nov 18th

State high court interested in Prop. 8 suits

Categories of Laws Involving Marital Status - This is Not a Single Issue

No on Prop 8 leader receives death threats

When Obama repeals DOMA what does that mean for us?

LTTE in the Sunday Tucson Daily Star

Have you lost DU friends after the Prop 8 issue?

Gingrich comments on gay marriage

Maine Catholics told to oppose gay marriage

Widespread job losses on cards, warns union

We really are under attack, aren't we?

Labor working for Employee Free Choice Act

Recommend if you would like a Homophobe Forum

Nothing more hilarious than gay teen suicide - for some.

Why Don't We Just Have Only Civil Unions For Everyone?

Bush sets free-trade trap for Obama

Rebels suspected in slayings of Peru police officers

Indicted man's firm gave to Diaz-Balarts

Colombia fires more soldiers over civilian deaths

Colombia declares state of emergency

ALBA rejects U.S. intervention in Nicaraguan elections

Thanks Steelers. Thanks Chargers. Thanks for wasting my time.

Mark your calendars and make your plans

Everton FC (England) now using "Football Manager" database to find players

S.E.C. Accuses Mark Cuban of Insider Trading

When do the aging Dolphins start getting their hate on for the Titans?

Barry Melrose-one of the dumbest all-time moves in sports history

So what do people think of the New York Football Giants?

So when OU beats Texas Tech this Saturday night...

Which Conference is the best??

Feline Dynamics

~~~ Vote for the Nov. / Dec. Contest Theme Here ~~~

10 Fascinating Last Pictures Taken.

"Self protection measures are the best way..."

A new AWB requires Congressional approval, right?

5,700 attend Richmond Gun Show (VA)

Speaking of soups . . .

Your best Thanksgiving side dishes - you know it's time, we need to shop

Priest apologizes for ordering car with Obama stickers removed

Religion for the information age

Anyone have any experiences with the Hare Krishnas?

What Are Your Eating Traditions At Thanksgiving?

I was just invited to teach a Sunday School class about Atheism

Hello...I am trying to find the verse in the bible that refers to a

New PBS series exposes Old Testament fairy tales

New Sunspot Cycle Has Begun

NASA Scales Up 1966's Moon Image to Amazing Ultra-High Resolution

Is Quantum of Solace anti-technology?

Tom Ligon will demonstrate his fusor at the Philadelphia Sci-Fi Convention on Nov 22


Leonard Pitts jumps on the teacher-bashing bandwagon.

I realized something about NCLB.

Fire does NOT melt steel! Wholly beside the point?

State District Judge (Republican, of course) charged with drunk driving

David Mauro Needs Your Help

Calvin Trillin: The best Texas BBQ in the world.

Happy Birthday Sonia!

Last week's Talk Cinema screening: A Christmas Tale

Senate Finance committee hearing, 2 pm Monday, 11/17

Marty Peretz endorses JK for SOS!!!