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Archives: November 18, 2008

National Ad Campaign Urges New Congress to Pass Employee Free Choice

President Elect and his first lady gave 60 Minutes its highest

"The 1st thing to go is cable, 2nd is the phone, 3rd is the second car, 4th is the house"

"The 1st thing to go is cable, 2nd is the phone, 3rd is the second car, 4th is the house"

Is Tweety on Crack?

Bush's final act of treason?

Sarah Palin For Ambassador To Russia

Company that bungled Baghdad embassy repeats in Gabon

Anti-war veterans deploy 4,171 toy soldiers at gas station

Feature suggestion to avoid dupes

A friend told me his Blackwater friend was assigned to the inauguration

Two 2008 Political news items face off in jailhouse brawl.

UCSD students walk out over Prop. 8

What If, . . . We Didn't Have Political Parties? Good Thing? Bad Thing?

Franken's Position Looks Surprisingly Good, New Political Study Shows

Franken's Position Looks Surprisingly Good, New Political Study Shows

This Modern World The end of history again. By Tom Tomorrow

Turley on KO re this blanket pardon discussion

Romney spokesman: Huckabee's "interest in settling score" w/ Mitt prevents party from moving forward

Pithy much?

Hillary Clinton to accept Obama's offer of secretary of state job

Studs Terkel Fans listen live now to a theatrical preformance of his book

Federal Precedent Provides Logic to Nix Prop 8

Is Capturing bin Laden Another Bush Lie?

Arianna subbing for Rachel tonight?

California Fires: How to Help

The History Channel has a biography of Einstein on now. n/t

Barack Obama and the FDP create a bridge to the future!

No Keith and Rachel tonight. David Shuster and Arianna Huffington instead.

Toxic Chemicals Blamed for Gulf War Illness (WaPo)

A friend told me his Blackwater friend was assigned to the inauguration

What ever happened to that soldier who...

Finally, after two terms, Bush does something we can all agree with.

Iraq Quietly Dismisses Its Anticorruption Officials....bu$hco taught them well

Nate Silver looks like he's going to fall asleep

I went and looked so you don't have to. It's pretty scary over there.

Obama goes old school and picks Jim Messina for his admin.

Jesus Christ Almighty!

More layoffs at Focus on the Family

Gingrich Says Palin's Star is Going to Fade; She Will Never be Leader

"Bin laden manhunt" dubious story, not a scoop.Video here.

MarketWatch: Tough times getting even tougher in Sin City

"The United States' clandestine service wants you"

I just received a call from a solicitor from the Democrat Party of Virginia

Hank Williams Jr. Plans to Run for U.S. Senate. WTF?

Question: Why is the current lame duck Senate dealing with Joe the traitor

BREAKING NEWS: Secret copy of Sarah Palin's book leaked to internet!

Guardian UK: US and UK acted as 'vigilantes' in Iraq invasion

John Edwards' former aides want him to stay in hiding

Michael Jackson and the Sheikh (NOT The Onion)

Fiscal Policy Institute: More Workers In Unions Needed To Rebuild Middle Class

"View" producers encourage Elisabeth Hasselbeck to host fluff segments to curb audience negativity

Oh CRAP! The War on Christmas has WEBSITES!!!

Cspan 3 is now showing the impeachment debate in the house from 1998

prez shit-for-brains is starting to morph into Pat Robertson...

Las Vegas Sun: Mr. Executive Privelege Bush will take plenty of secrets with him

Arianna Re-run now on MSNBC!

Bill Clinton coming to Atlanta Wed. to campaign for Jim Martin!!!!

Has anyone heard anything about the Supreme Court

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Baylor president: Rope found in tree on Election Day was a swing, not a noose

Joe the Plumber makes me miss Kato Kaelin......

The money that the Mormon and Catholic churches funding for prop 8

Al Jazeera: Obama vows to close Guantanamo

Should Marian Robinson move in with The First Family?

Should Marian Robinson move in with The First Family?

So. The Senate Democrats will again provide more evidence they have no spine and no moral center.

A RED FLAG: Motor City problems filter into Midlands (Ne-Ia)

I am vehemently opposed to waterboarding and all torture, but in the case of Richard Perle......

Isn't God a sinner?

Isn't God a sinner?

"down-to-earth, slutty look" - description of Sarah Palin - Boston Legal Spoiler

I hope those "War on Christmas" Culture Warrior types stay off DC buses this holiday season......

Didja hear? They're attacking Marc Cuban because he funded the "Loose Change" 9/11 video...

November 18th's my Birthday... I want Lieberman booted out as my present. :)

By June 2009 we have to be out of all Iraq Cities & Towns

By June 2009 we have to be out of all Iraq Cities & Towns

Well WTF does that mean?

Admirals, generals: Repeal 'don't ask, don't tell'

I've changed my mind...I now support Hillary for SoS.

An Insight Into The Mind of Today's Freeper

I swear that they are filming the dark haired female newsreader on Lou Dobbs thru gauze

Fellow DUers, I need your help. How do you deal with a sociopath in the family.

Star Trek 11 Trailer

More on SP and education in Alaska

Palin's Audacity of Hype, Coming to a Bookstore NearYou. THE MUDFLATS. :ROFL:

When a Building collapses...

War on Taliban sparks refugee crisis in Pakistan

A question about Journals...

I am watching 1987 under-rated movie which nails the last 8 years.

Did you see this gutsy lady on Letterman just now?

Good God... watching Arianna Huffington is painful....

Pakistan closes NATO's supply line into Afghanistan

Lieberman must have something on everybody in DC.....

I saw this on a billboard outside of Richmond last night.

Japan's `Least Ugly' Economy May Outpace U.S., Europe in Financial Crisis

I've been wrong about Bush.

Just want to say I thought David Shuster did a great job for KO tonight!

Just want to say I thought David Shuster did a great job for KO tonight!

Lieberman - The nasty little turncoat is going to get away with it

Naomi Klein w/ Amy Goodman: The Borderline Illegal Deals Behind the $700 Billion Bailout

Has the CA Supreme Court already said they'd throw out Prop 8?

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - The Complete Wisdom of Sarah Palin

Wow, Sen. Kennedy looked GREAT Monday coming back to the Hill

Bobby(2006)-The Sound Of Silence (Robert F. Kennedy)

Why isn't American industry in the forefront of pushing for national health?

What will real red Amerikkka do during the inaguration?

Foreign Ownership of US Domestic Industries

Government sanctioned superstition.That's what many Evangelicals want.

if liberman retains his security chairmanship, no more donations to the DNC from me

1/2 of Barack's transition plan for civil rights is about LGBT - I guess

Taliban Siege of Pakistan Elders Leaves 7 Dead

The FreeRepublic disclaimer is sorely lacking

why does Obama have to give up his Blackberry?

NATO Fires Artillery at Insurgents in Pakistan(Coordinated with Pak)

Never Forget

Obama REALLY needs to reform the FDA

anyone ever read the true story of Rosemary Kennedy?

cracking down on yard signs

IDEA: Congress should make any help for GM conditional on resurrecting EV1!

Michelle Obama on Nov 4 was wearing a dress with the distinct pattern

Transfer of political appointees into permanent federal positions -job security

I'll tell ya, it's not the CEO's fault

Anybody knows where Rachel Maddow is? Is she going to be gone all this week? And Olbermann? nt

Republicans oppose national health care because it is supposedly about "choice"

The Republicans have an infrastructure program...

Any View fans have any fave Joy Behar quotes?

DOJ Won't Give Conyers Siegelman Case Docs

AlterNet: 2008 Results: Fewer White Voters, While Minorities Set Records

AP: Obama Unlikely To Seek Torture Charges

WHO cares what that neoCON IMBECILE Tina Brown thinks

GOP Civil War: Huckabee Goes on the War Path

100+ retired admirals and generals: Let gays serve openly

The woman on CNN (Campbell) talking about Clinton-SoS is a cheap melodramatic

Academic Study: Franken Likely to Win Minnesota Senate Race

When someone really screws something up, they "Bush*ed" it

Congressional leaders to be picked today

Baltimore's Cardinal Stafford: Obama is 'apocalyptic'

Baltimore's Cardinal Stafford: Obama is 'apocalyptic'

What's the status of the Senate race in Alaska?

An extremely disturbing sight...

Zogby Engages in Apparent Push Polling for Right-Wing Website

Lieberman's Chairmanship is the first real question for the new Democratic Party

Digital images contain their maker's mark

Jon Tester says LIEberman the TROLL will make a presentation to the Dem Caucus

Tried going to FReeperville this a.m., no can do. Donning my tinfoil

Republican Soul-Searching in Five Minutes

There are better places for Hillary.

morning joe mentioned a huckabee smackdown of...

Barnicle on MSNBC defended the auto workers against Andy Card...

Anybody else get SPAM in their DU mailbox? Recruiting for a survery.

Talking Point: Every Democrat and Every Netroot Needs to Repeat this meme "BUSH RECESSION"

* admin proposes new protections to health care providers who oppose abortion

The makeup of Obama's leadership team, so far isn't as progressive as some would like

Ruling: Prepaid stored-value cards qualify for $250,000 FDIC deposit insurance

Meanwhile in Phoenix, Wachovia builds new branches furiously....

Bushies to Remain in Government

As a Connecticut resident and Obama supporter/donator, I am feeling disappointed

Vancouver's Radical Approach to Drugs: Let Junkies Be Junkies

Tin Foil Time:Mark Cuban/Dan Rather

Early Test for Obama on Domestic Spying Views

Isn't the Air America radio cruise a little out of touch, or am I wrong?

NorCal Republicans Film Thank-You TV Ad For Palin

NorCal Republicans Film Thank-You TV Ad For Palin

Gov. Sarah Palin faces some cold political realities in present-day Alaska.

I propose we just stop calling it a recession or a depression...

Henry Paulson cannot be trusted.

Dammit, Obama! Just make with the puppy already!!!

Norbert Elias and System Collapse

Today's "Great Moment in Anarchist Protest"

Morning Toons...

Could there have been a subtext to the Obama-McCain meeting about Joe Lieberman?

***SEMI OFFICIAL Pockets Paulson and Spanky Bernanke about to testiLIE thread***

MarketWatch: Tough times getting even tougher in Sin City

Illogical Bush Admin Moves Likely Increase the Number of Abortions - Bush History, 11/18

Over the last 3 years I have watched as the recession/depression term evolved..

Holy Joe is laughing up his sleeve at us fringe activists...

"looking forward, not looking back". . . alrighty then.. let me look...

The dramatic rise & fall of gas prices in 08... what's the deal?

30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011

benanke & paulson to congress- Bailout is working

Bush Moves to Protect Those Who Deny Abortions

Gahd Lieberman supported by a majority in the caucus...


Lieberman is in

"The 'Change' Button"

Where is Thom Hartmann today?

The BEST Condi has ever looked..not kidding

It's a secret ballot because....

I have relatives in Johnstown, PA, talked to them last night and asked who they voted for

30 years ago today the term "drinking the Kool-Aid" entered our lexicon

Obama is a genius politcally...even when it comes to his name.

What is Barack thinking re- **Hillary as SOS**?

EU asked to pinpoint aggressor in Russia-Georgia war

EU asked to pinpoint aggressor in Russia-Georgia war

Barack Obama is warned to beware of a ‘huge threat’ from al-Qaeda

sounds like Lieberman won

U.S.-Canada Military Plan Could Place Troops in Each Other’s Country

The Rude Pundit - Let the Bodies Hit the Floor: Bye, E.D.

Sorry DU and America. During early years of DU I actually defended Lieberman.

Mark Cuban charges political vendetta in waning days of Bush administration

Lieberman cannot simply be removed by the Dems at their whim if he doesn't do what they want!!

James Gattuso... Worst. Hairpiece. Ever.

Canceled Iraq contracts cost U.S. $600 million

Top judge: US and UK Acted as 'Vigilantes' in Iraq Invasion-'serious violation of international law'

Well, I guess nobody will be held accountable. (Lieberdem Party)

Mexican Billionaire Increases Stake in Bankrupt Circuit City

After Gitmo, Obama to close Club Fed prisons for Wall St. economic terrorists

Democrats would kill the golden goose that put them into power.

Help? I am planing to organize an on going food drive.

Can Mall Be Filled For an Inauguration? 4 Million May Try It.

Ok, get it over with, make Zell Miller senate majority leader...

Does this guy look like Harry Reid or what?

Will Puerto Rico become a state during Obama's administration?

Will Obama keep Paulson on at Treasury?

if you blame reid for the lieberman vote, you don't understand two things:

This election may not turn out to be...

Does the term "Men's Crisis Center" offend anyone here?

TIME magazine corrected its error

International food chain responds to blogger's demands, franchisee retracts gift, job protections ad

International food chain responds to blogger's demands, franchisee retracts gift, job protections ad

TTFN! - by Detroit Mark

Editor&Publisher: More "chilling" reports of post-election racist threats/attacks

Dear Democratic Voters:

Ronald Reagan raised my taxes!

How could the vote be 42-13?

CNN Video: 83 year old woman convinced to refinance 3 years ago, now her home's in foreclosure

Lean Cuisine Frozen Chicken Dinners recalled

Laugh at Joe LIEberman

MSNBC is once again on BlinkoTV

Universal Healthcare could be a fantastic jobs and growth engine

Universal Healthcare could be a fantastic jobs and growth engine

Pirates! Who would have thought we'd ever have problems with traditional pirates?

Pics of Howard Dean's birthday cake from the DNC staffers. Nice.

I think any Accountability for these last eight years will have to come from outside sources.

Lieberman Theory

My message to repuglicons that feel it is their duty to lecture Obama on bipartisanship...

The War on Christmas

If Hillary becomes Secretary of State


OK, so half my city burns to the ground...

Why did Obama resign his Senate seat when his vote may be needed in this lame duck session?

The Bottled Water Con: "20 to 40 percent comes from public drinking reservoirs"

Vote on Ousting Ted Stevens Delayed. Happy Birthday - THE MUDFLATS

Psyche patient is neglected, dies, hospital loses medicare...


Hardball: Chris Hitchens Gets His Clinton Hate On

What is Blinko TV? What channels do you get on it?

I Kicked A Right-Winger's Ass...And I'm Not Sorry.

"Wanda Sykes Has A Wife. Got A Problem With That?"

I love P!nk

What Happens When You Sing Kumbaya With The Devil ?

That's $4,284,500,000,000


If we take money from TARP for GM how will we ever pay Bankers their bonuses?

This is beautiful. Shannyn Moore on election vigilance "The Sacrament of Democracy"

"We are educated by the great entertainers like Rush Limbaugh,"

Here is a theory to through around... LIEberman and his chair...

CNN: Many Haitian mothers wait to name their newborns because so many infants die of malnourishment

Transient ordered to pay $101M for setting California fires

Transient ordered to pay $101M for setting California fires

Fahrenheit 9/11 producer probes media biz

Mark Cuban Indictment Comes Soon After Funding Bailout Watchdog Website!

Hillary for SOS: Will she update her book Living History (and other fun).

ACLU files suit alleging U.S. used foreign nations to hold terror suspects without charges.»

Another Leak: Eric Holder as AG

Secretary of State the end of the road for the Clintons?

Bush’s Blanket Pardon for War and Torture? Would anyone put it past Dubya to attempt such a thing?

700 Billion Bail Out: "A Revolver to our heads"

700 Billion Bail Out: "A Revolver to our heads"

Hagel, Unrestrained, Lashes Into Bush, Rush And The GOP

Should severely mentally-defective people be imprisoned for crimes they commit?

Who's Paying For Gonzo's Private Defense On Politicization Charges? We Are.

Just a thought...

49% of primary care physicians would leave medicine if they had an alternative

Military can meet Obama's demands

Of course, there was gentle sobbing...

Obama's church issues legal challenge to Prop 8

No Purges

I'm beginning to think we elected Republicans.

Accepting applications for Rick Sanchez' job..any takers?

Hallelujah! Some Abortion Foes Shifting Focus From Ban to Reduction

Howard Dean: Keeping Lieberman As Chairman Is Shrewd Move

Franken's Position Looks Surprisingly Good, New Political Study Shows

Joe Lieberman has a 100% favorable NARAL rating and we know Stevens & Ginsburg are retiring.

Some Think Politics Is Just So Easy And Straightforward. Oh Yeah? Well Why Not Put Up Or Shut Up?

Senate Democrats endose Lieberman negligence on oversight.

Regarding credit card companies and the interest and fees they charge consumers.....

CNBC blames unions for taking down the BIG 3 to attack EFCA (video ) David Bonior stood up for it


Will the moral cowards that voted to keep Lieberman in ever be revealed publicly?

Will the moral cowards that voted to keep Lieberman in ever be revealed publicly?

If you were Obama, how would you feel about the Lieberman

I have a question regarding Traitor Joe's chairmanships.

After the Torture Era-By Eugene Robinson

This very hypocritical Lieberman decision is worth a ONE DAY rant, then I'm letting it go...

Democrats and the military.

Eric Holder, our soon-to-be Attorney General, is Anti-Death Penalty!!!!

Eric Holder, our soon-to-be Attorney General, is Anti-Death Penalty!!!!

I'm feeling confused --- who won the election?

Hillary might reject State offer even if Barack Obama offers it to her

How to deal with an anti-union blowhard

2,374 vote lead!!! Woohoo!

Good Citizens of Connecticut

Kristol ‘ambivalent’ about extending contract as New York Times columnist.

Can bush give pardons to people before they are charged w/ a crime?

Obama Team Signals No War Crimes Prosecution

DU This Poll Re: Obama/Threats

Recount Set for Minnesota Senate Race as Challenges Loom

Customer service complaint reply.

The Killer Fog of December 1952 - London England

Homes sought for retired dogs amid track closings

Well, the election is now truly over.

Democrats reward man who scuttled Katrina investigations.

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Wealthy-Fare Department (Dory Hippauf)

Lean Cuisine recalls nearly 900,000 pounds of frozen chicken meals

The secret Lieberman-Obama discussions...(DU EXCLUSIVE!)

Ark. seizes 21 more kids from evangelist's group

More to the Mark Cuban Insider Trading Indictment Than Meets the Eye?

Obama is keeping his promise of changing the tone in Washington

How Can So Much Junk E-mail Come From One Place?

So does today's news from the Hill mean...

DU Investors: Which corporations do you think will be involved in the reconstitution of the


Right or wrong, if they let the auto industry go bust....

Blogger's demands met in wake of Subways food chain franchisee donation to "Yes on 8" campaign

If Dems caucus at noon, they need to tell Lieberman they meet at 2PM

If Dems caucus at noon, they need to tell Lieberman they meet at 2PM


I know why they won't be convicted.

Is the Alaska governor's real name PALING? (Droppin' g's seems suddenly popular)

After more than 400 lawsuits, disabled man can sue no more

Marriage Protests Caused God to Send CA Wildfires sez RWing preacher James Hartline

74-year-old Blind woman threatened over unpaid 1-cent bill, told lien would be placed on home

Quote of the day.

Lieberman: I’m ‘Grateful’

"Ladies, we know J. Crew. You can get some good stuff online!”

on jonestown and the assassinations of harvey milk and george moscone.

WTF?? Fox instead of MSNBC?

"Post racial" ?! ....... 2nd-graders on school bus chant "Assassinate Obama!"

Perino: Obama ‘Should Want’ Bush’s Political Appointees In His Administration»

Since Obama and Dean both seem to be A-OK with LIEberman as HSC Chair, so am I ...

California Fires: Post-Trauma Recovery List by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Morales to visit tribal leaders at NMAI

MSNBC on Lieberman: "In defeat, he showed defiance; in victory, Democrats show magnanimity"

I think I am done with politics.... there is no way in the world you or I can influence our elected

Huntington WV-the news is not so good

My wifes sister just told me that she spent election night with two fundie McCain supporters

HEADLINE: Mormons caught off-guard in election backlash ("People of faith being intimidated!!1")

Guantanamo: How many children were held?

digby dug up a r/w article on Eric Holder...

I've been watching the bail out hearing for the auto industry.

Group of churches and religious bodies file legal challenge to Prop 8

Arianna Huffington was not ideal as pinch hitter for Rachel

Well now, I guess the assholes were wrong after all. Here we've had Gay Marriage

Should the United States nationalize the auto industry?

So does this mean that 42 Democratic Senators are compromised?

Megacorps refusing to pay people while they wait for Windows Vista to boot

Lawyer over at "FDL" comments on Eric Holder....(Marc Rich and Chiquita Banana)

What the hell is going on!?

Would you prefer to NOT have a DEPRESSION. then go to and

Important announcement re my future SP updates...

DU's Calendar of Democratic Milestones, Birthdays, and other Days to Remember

You can't buy a house on $14 hour

which Congressional district do you live in?

which Congressional district do you live in?

Scum-sucking Repug bastards: Labor Unions and high wages are to blame for auto industry woes......

CNN Money jumps on the "Blame the Unions" bandwagon

Justices Stevens and Ginsberg will probably retire.....

gregory is about to regurgitate the christopher hitchens shit

Mark Cuban is a Piece of Shit Who Deserves What He Gets

I'd like to know why people are writing all these divisive posts?

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Halloween Costume Contest!

lieberman to democratic party: drop dead, twice!

Obama advisers: No charges likely for interrogators who carried out Bush torture policy

Alison Stewart guest hosting Maddow...

I Thought I Got the Perfect Roommate

the war on yule--by fungus on the family

If this Recession turns into a DEPRESSION....will it be named after BUSH?

Where Does Wesley Clark Fit In?

Time Magazine has apparently never heard of Geraldine Ferraro

Is it me, or has "lay a way" been making a big comeback?

Dershowitz blocks Carter appearance at Democratic National Convention

Devil just shuddered and said,

Michael 'Savage' is back with a vengence: Most "Ph.D. experts on children are either gay or crazy...

Woman out $400K to 'Nigerian scam' con artists

Glenn Beck Accosted At Wendy's: "You Racist Bigot!"

Lieberman heads the Homeland Security Committee...Israel's economy depends on security projects...

Cheny and Gonzales indicted.

How dare you think I need you to condone my "lifestyle!"

Dean: Keeping Lieberman As Chairman Is Shrewd Move

For DU'ers who've watched "Senate Auto Makers Hearings" today

Al Gore To Campaign In Georgia Senate Runoff

Many doctors plan to quit or cut back

Joe Lieberman disgusts me. But Howard Dean has convinced me to stop fretting about that asshole.

I'm a pacifist and I'm Okay,

Marc Cuban Has Been Under SEC Investigation Ever Since He Hired Dan Rather

It's official, Budweiser is no longer a "Real American" beer

Eric Holder, Attorney General

The ACLU: Finally, a petition of Hope!

Obama's A Bigger Person Than Lieberman...And, Apparently, Many DUers As Well

Begich currently leads Stevens by 2,374 votes

The Big Heist...."We Were Royally Ripped Off"

Senate Democratic aide: "The left has been foiled again"

30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011

A few DU mis-spellings bother me: It's "moron" not "moran"

So who will become the new junior senator from New York?

100 retired military leaders seek repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Department of Fatherland Security at it again - imposing "rules" on people to "protect" us from our

"Clinton and her team have acted professionally and appropriately."

Is it time for Hillary to get a divorce?

Origins of the Obama Machine

My Jewish Friend Supported Proposition 8 and John McCain

Want this in your front yard?

Which Best Describes Your Attitude Toward Obama's Support of Lieberman?

Lieberman on contraception for rape victims, not digging into the past on Iraq, and loyalty.

Any news on the Franken/Coleman recount status?

Doesn't it frighten anyone here that Henry Kissinger thinks Hillary would be a good SoS?

Has there been any speculation as to who will be Obama's National Security Adviser?

Guys, Loserman has his lowest approval rating ever in CT. We will get rid of him eventually.

Bizarre Accusation Against Obama Thread

YES!!! Dianne Sawyer scores with Ashley Dupre (Spitzer's hooker) *PIC*

Is It Just Me, Or Do You Feel Like You Know Obama Better Than You Know Bush?

DUers SPEAK OUT: Is keeping Traitor Joementum a betrayal of what the Democratic Party is supposed

DUers SPEAK OUT: Is keeping Traitor Joementum a betrayal of what the Democratic Party is supposed

Alternate Universe Bush gives coherent speech after G-20 summit!

Arizona and Nebraska Dems check in... Hagel and McCain.. replacements Dems sen. seats 60 and 61???

Some thoughts on Hillary, Obama, the primaries and SOS.

I can't find any news about today's AK senate count.

Is the vote about Lieberman secret from each other

Robert Redford: Americans Rejected 'Drill, Baby, Drill' -- Bush Should Respect Our Choice

No Drama, Obama.

Got asked by Linked-In today if I knew Jesus...

I get it now! Hillary Clinton and SOS = No Palin threads!

Obama and McSame meeting

Obama gets 1,000,000 votes in CT

Now that we own DC, who is the most relevant national talk-show host ?

Hillary could create more "drama" for Obama from the Senate than from within his cabinet.

E.D. Hill To Leave Fox News Channel (NOT Renewed)

Congressional Democrats hate you more than they hate Lieberman

two questions:

Tick tock tick tock.

I welcome Hillary in any way Obama wants her

Here's to Pat Leahy and Bernie Sanders, the ONLY Senators to speak

Tin Foil Hat Time... The Price of Gas will remain low during the Obama Presidency

John King: It's not a done deal YET

Remember the guy who took hostages at Hillary's headquarters?

HELPZ!!! Somebody call Joe the Plumber - the YouTubez iz busted

Alright, Seriously. What Gives with the Guardian?

Cspan 3 is now showing the impeachment debate in the house from 1998

Fabulous illustration from Sunday's Austin American-Statesman - an Obama take on the Beatles'

New from Microsoft! Get chipped for "instant access" to your health records!

New from Microsoft! Get chipped for "instant access" to your health records!

Franken LIKELY to win Senate seat

Could Jerry Yang be Obama's new CTO?

What bothers me about Hillary as SOS

I cringe everytime Obama runs down those steps when he exits his airplane

AFTER the McCain-Obama summit...

The Freepers have a new insidious government conspiracy to expose:

Charlie Christ (sic) on POTUS08 this morning

Greenwald - Has there been too much bipartisanship or too little?

Greenwald - Has there been too much bipartisanship or too little?

If the great depression hits but there are improvements in the foreign policy arena,

This is what Obama's Cabinet should look like.

So, if Hillary does go to State, does the NY Gov appoint?

Wonder what McCain is up to. Remarkable he met with Obama so quickly after the election.

From Bartcop: (LIEberman):

Unfinished Business: Tasks Ignored During the Bush Reign of Horror

Many Dealings of Bill Clinton Under Review (updated)

Vice President indicted by Willacy County grand jury



This morning....(and a couple of questions)

My wet dream Supreme Court after two Obama terms.

Sean Hannity busted for admitting what Toe Sucker was supposed to say about Obama

AHHH! Rush Limbaugh Reads "Democrat" Underground!

Maybe, Just Maybe *Think About This Now* Hillary LOVES Bill

If HRC is so sure that SoS is hers for the taking, maybe she should resign her senate seat already.

How to get the public to affirm civil liberties: Ban the freedom to marry for everyone

Here's a rundown. Most capable. Clinton. Gay, GOP

Is this the kind of behavior we could expect if Hillary is SOS?

Holbrooke lobbying to be secretary of State

Why the hate for pacifists?

Who do you think were the best Secretaries of State and why?

Wildcard for Sec of State.

Who wishes that....

Anyone seen RadioLady lately?

Arianna Huffington

If HRC does get State, will Obama tell her "No Vaporizing!"?

VIDEO: By public demand - Babies for Barack, Part 3

Eric Holder at Justice will be a hammer against Bush remnants like Guantanamo and torture policy

Finally!!! America Will Have an Adult in the White House. Let's just hope that...

I hate those E-Trade commercials with the "Toddler Trader".

Remember the Obama/Hillary Clinton meeting at Diane Feinstein's house?

LA-04: Cheney to Make Appearance for Fleming

If you ran a Detroit automaker.

Hillary Clinton will be a great SoS

Did anyone listen to Opie & Anthony today on XM?

Recommend this thread if you think the TSA "No-Fly" List should be destroyed

I'm going to bed tonight with some hope that tomorrow brings an unexpected Lieberman smack down.

I'd like to hear more about if Kerry and Richardson have been vetted

Who Are Two Most Popular Living American Politicians Outside The United States?

Transition from a "box of rocks" to the sharpest knife in the drawer

Why do people let the Clintons have so much power over them?

Clinton, Kerry, Richardson, here's my take

Why Can't the Clinton-haters Just Go Away?

A. Huffington subs for Rachel - Bill Maher guest...............nt

Holy crap! 4 Million expected for the inauguration!!!

Boston Legal - Worker fired cause she voted for McCain but mostly

Quid Pro Quo'd

Bush Moves to Protect Key Appointees

My "Tin Foil Hat" approach to Hillary as SOS

Obama's Tuesday

For those who are freaking out about Lieber*, something to consider...

I have a daydream: Inauguration Day, 2009

I've thought about it, and I don't believe that Barack Obama would want HIllary as SOS!

Death Squad Protector Eric Holder considered for A.G.

How long will it be before Lieberman seriously undermines the Obama administration?

Is there a PAC set up for Lieberman's 2012 opponent yet?

What is with all the Obama bashing around here..?

caption this

Mel Brooks Destroyed America


The Democratic caucus was scheduled to meet this morning

THIEVES R US is on CSPAN now. nt

I won't forgive LIEBERMAN!

58,279,894 votes... it's that simple.

I've been meaning to share...

ABC: Clinton Appointment Not Done But Close

Nov 7- AP: "Lieberman in talks about caucusing with Senate GOP"

is Hillary for secretary of state a good idea?

Why are people turning on Harry Reid over the Joe Lieberman thing?

So Harry Reid and the Senate Dems are set to Capitulate to Lieberman

LOL... Traitor Lieberman tries to scrape off his "McCain '08" bumper sticker!

Obama beat the strongest couple in the Democratic party and the GOP fear machine.

what will happen if the Clinton job offer for sos falls through? wouldnt that be a terrible start?

Obama's Choice: Chris Rock for Secretary of State

Sanity from Joe Conason: Hillary, Obama, Bill, CGI and the SoS post

Quick Question about Hillary Nomination for SOS

After thoughtful consideration, I don't think HRC would be a good choice for SOS

Florida: Only 36 % of voters say U.S. Sen. Martinez(R) deserves another term

Why is Lieberman so important?

"Have you heard that Obama may have a Polish connection? His grandfather ate a Polish missionary."

Latino Pols: Hillary for SoS is part of vow to punish "Judas" Richardson

Cold realities await Gov. Sarah Palin in Alaska

CNN: "Obama and Hillary are optimistic about working out SoS position for her"

Joe Lieberman

Obama will not pick RFK Jr.for EPA ... nor will he pick anyone seen to be hyper-partisan ..

To Me Obama's Attorney General Pick is more important than Sec. of State

Notice how the MSM is painting those upset with Leiberman as being only Liberal Dems...

"Why Can't We (at least pretend to) Be Friends?"

The Presidential Succession Act of 1947

Getting played and knowing it, .....

Hillary Clinton to accept Obama's offer of secretary of state job

Our party of wimps. Joe stays.

Should Obama appoint Cliffordu head of CDC?

So.... I get it

How does the anchor on MSNBC have Gov. Blagojevich on the air and not ask him

Sad. Sad. Sad Sacks. Only 2 Senators spoke out against Joe retaining

Cabinet post for Clinton roils Obamaland

First Task for Lieberman, Post Vote

Did joe Lieberman actually hurt Obama in any state?

Breaking: Fatherland Security Comm chaired by someone who thinks prez will let us get attacked

Is President-Elect Obama Post Ideological? Are You?

The Senate missed my compromise suggestion for Joe Lieberman.

Veteran Anchor E.D. Hill, Infamous For Obama "Terrorist Fist Jab" Comment, Leaving Fox News


Why don't they just give Lieberman's chairmanship to John McCain?

I sure wish that President Elect Obama could pick his own damn SOS!

Folks don't blame Reid, blame Obama and Obama did the right thing. . .

57 > 56

Reid Speaking on MSNBC

Reid Speaking on MSNBC

If we cannot even rid ourselves of Lieberman, how could we even hope to ever punish Bush and Cheney?

Wow--The Libertarians have something useful to contribute--

This is how the process goes:

The Senate Homeland security committee should be dissolved.

Chris Dodd is up for re-election in 2010

Dream Team Suggestions from Foreign Policy Magazine contributors

Which two senators spoke up against Lieberman?

freerepublic must be doing a lot of hating on Hillary

Which is a greater threat to national security, Iran or the Vatican?

REID: lieberman to stay with dems and hold HLS chair

18 million votes... it's that simple.

Will Obama scrap the Homeland Security dept ?

Does anyone know what Obama smells like?

The art of capitulation.

Why we, probably, will never get the retribution some of us would love to see.

Mr. President-Elect: Judge Abner Mikva Is Right About Sen. Clinton as Secretary of State

I think Zell Miller ahould be nominated for Sec of Defense.

Here's what I don't get about Liebermann - I'm a lowly party volunteer

Election is NOT over yet..let's get Obama 60 in the Senate!

How many Republicans lost their party leadership positions for supporting Obama?

We do a disservice to Obama and this country when we do not speak out.

Back to the big issue: will it be a girl dog or a boy dog?

Do you want Obama & the Dems to seek payback or help this country realize its promise

To help this country realize its promise, Joe should not be in charge of a comm he ran poorly

Simple fact is, if Obama had wanted Joe gone he would be gone...

Kucinich versus the DLC

I love President-Elect Obama but wish he would have stayed out of Lieberman matter

Begich and Franken, things looking good ?

Lieberman: Dems Voted for "Reconciliation and Not Retribution"

Hillary for VP!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush Firing Disloyal Federal Employees

Zogby Engages in Apparent Push Polling for Right-Wing Website

Who should be the new Senate Majority Leader?

Eugene Robinson: No More Torture

Lieberman "correctly made a bet about the fortitude of his Democratic colleagues"

I support the idea of Hillary for SofS but folks need to understand the pushback. . .

Caption it: Lieberman and Palin.

Media Whores that labeled 2004 election mandate for Bush:

Reid: I don’t apologize to anyone for what we did today.”

"Morning Joe" topped CNN's "American Morning" for first time last week

Let's never trust Zogby again, eh? "Zogby Engages in Apparent Push Polling for Right-Wing Website"

Great surprising upside from Clinton SoS rumors;

So who were the 12 who voted against Lieberman

Joe Lieberman is a two faced weasel.

How about Zell Miller for Speaker?

(202) 224-3542

Lieberman! Lieberman! Lieberman!

"With malice toward none, with charity for all..."

Obama's Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy! Stunning Break With Last 8 Years...

now I know where I've seen Lieberman before it was in this commercial

Any senators voting to keep Lieberman caucusing with the Dems should be ashamed of themselves

" Reid is echoing an argument he knows is false"

How do you feel about being labled in the" liberal blogosphere"?

Right-wing crybaby pens pathetic LTTE to Columbus Dispatch.

Put into Perspective: Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State

This sucks, but We got him by the Balls. Lieberman is Obama's Bitch now.

Lieberman talked about the "Gang of Four" that he thanked publicly

Any nation that’s willing to join the cause of combating climate change will have an ally in the US

They don't represent me.

GOP Choices for an Obama Cabinet (WSJ suggestions)

Joe Lieberman has been nom'd and accepted for the ASSHOLE HALL OF FAME

****Shock Appointment**** Rod Blagojevich appoints William J. Clinton to Obama's US Senate Seat

Fuck Lieberman. I'm damned proud to note that we won by 8.5 MILLION+ votes, and the latest



We voted for change and by gosh we got it: accountability is the new revenge

Overheard conversation of Freepcreep talking to his staffers in cafe

Some cretin (moran) has posted a stupid link (Me.) Sorry!

Check out the DSCC website, there is alot of anger there

Lieberman, Bush, Cheney, financial markets, subpoena dodgers, torturers, all have in common

At least Lieberman had to eat his words like the mealy-mouthed coward he is..

The other day while going through a drawer, I found a political button. It said

National Journal: Obama To Name Peter Orszag As OMB Director

After reading for a few days- Unless OBAMA says it HIMSELF:

Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold Or... ?

How long before Lieberman goes to Georgia to Campaign for Chambliss?

The Lieberman deal: Folks it's all about the magic number, Sixty

Reid said he trusts Lieberman. Are we sure that Reid can be trusted now?

Seriously, some one, lay out the positive strategy of keeping Lieberman....

I hope to go back to work tomorrow. Now I wish I could sanitize my house.

Is this quote by Joe Biden accurate?

Why didn't anyone TELL me??!?!

"But-but...they can take his chairmanship at any time!" "We own him now"

Main reason why keeping Lieberman is strategically WRONG....Democratic Idiocy all over again...

Is Parche really better than LynneSin?

If Bipartisanship is really the issue, then why dont we let other "qualified" GOP Senators stay on?

How can I make a quick $350.00?

Cool pro-Barack Obama song from The Hush Sound

I'm trying to remember the name of that PBS program about money with the guy that yelled NEXT.

AP correction: Merkley didn't oppose Lieberman after all

Durbin & Kerry did not act without knowing what Obama wanted. . .

*sigh* My friend, who I have known for 45 years, just told me he was feeling down.

No more leaks! Please PE Obama, just release everyone's name on the same day

Why the Lieberman thing bothers me and it's not about the lack of revenge

I have nothing in the house but bread, peanut butter, oatmeal and potatoes.

There's snow on the lawn... and we're only halfway through November.

Lieberman is a borderline sociopath

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate and the Destruction of

I wanted revenge on Lieberman badly.

So are we now the Janitorial Party?

Obama is already equivocating

Obama is already equivocating

Advance voting started yesterday, I just voted here in Georgia.

My bank account number has 666 in it. What do you think that means? nt

Is it just me, or is YouTube running out of letters?

HI-Sen, HI-Gov: Statewide Recruitment Thread

Pinch me: Top Gear is on every weekday now!

Per ABC News: Clinton insider heading up vetting of Hillary for SoS

Word coming from the ABC newsroom in DC is that Hillary is a YES.

New York Times: "Many Dealings of Bill Clinton Are Under Review"

I'm gonna give you one reason that Portland ORis better than Wilmington DE

Obama's Attorney General , Eric Holder

Is it just me, or is the alphabet running out of letters?

OK, here goes: Need help on Marriage

All day MSNBC has been saying that Obama said Lieberman should keep his Committee Chairmanship

Define "real man"

Some (very temporary) light relief: Patriot CD (Gordon Liddy calls it "really, really good")

'Peaches' saves family from fire

Welcome Back To General Discussion:Primaries - What This Means To You

Hannity's Head is exploding on the radio. Obama thinks he can appoint anyone he wants

eBay charity auction: Spend Christmas living in the "Christmas Story" house in Cleveland

Rule of thumb: If a cabinet choice makes Hannity apoplectic.... it's a damn fine choice

Anthony Bourdain is getting soft, man

The Lounge Cabinet

Beau Biden Will Not Accept Senate Appointment

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday November 17

I just listened to a bunch of contemporary country music.

DUers in no way represent the views of the majority of the Democratic party

From this point forward, All I donate to and work for are PRIMARY CHALLENGERS

Even though Lieberman kept his chairmanship, you guys should realize something. . .

DU Psychiatrists or Psychologists: Obsession with books

What happened on DU? since the day after the election there has been one critical post about Obama

My co-worker's girlfriend just stopped by with their new puppy.

What do you plan on giving/receiving for the holidays?

McCain Staffer Crows At Idea Of Clinton In Cabinet

I saw Quantum of Solace

The Hillary hostage taker meets candidate who faked disappearance

It's been two weeks since the Presidential election - glad to see DU back to Normal

nice carronet! :-)

You guys have to see this.

I HATE, HATE, HATE!! Joe Lieberman

can connecticut voters recall lieberman?

Bellingham publisher to release Michelle Obama comic book


this is great.. a gift from North Carolina..... enjoy, Red Neck Playstation.. >>Link>>

Holder Prosecuted corrupt Democrat Dan Rostenkowski (house and means)

How would you teach someone to quack?

How would you teach someone to quack?

Holy Cow! DU is Worth $193,593!!

I ADORE Christmas, but I always say Happy Holidays

Pat Buchanan defending Hillary for SoS right now on MSNBC's Hardball!

Pork Rinds


Joe LIEberman is Irrelevant

Obama Sends Clear Message On Global Warming

Ha ha...Tweety just called Harry Reid..."the tough guy" sarcastically...of course...

Tonight I had the police come and pick up my roommate because he is suicidal

Are there really only four good songs on Thriller?

Cant the CT democrats get a petition rolling to recall the Lieberman?

Is this Executive Order Legal?

I swear all I've asked for out of life is Conrad Dobler to stand outside, under my bedroom window... has it's free msnbc feed back up today.


Obama Strongly Affirms Climate Change Goals

Holder to be named attorney general

Too Bad Connecticut has a Republican Governor.

Obama's Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy

High School Reunion question

Change We Can Believe In Example #4,786

Trading years of life for happiness

Do not tutch the but.

I laughed. Loudly. From - Obama chats with world leaders online

Obama calls Abbas, promises to back peace talks: official

HuffPo Exclusive Interview: Howard "Dean Applauds Lieberman Decision"

Howard Dean Supports Senate's Lieberman Decision, Says It Was What Obama Wanted

i am home and exhausted

See Hardball? This is why Tweety should

Politico- Hillary could reject State Offer

Green beans and bacon?

Will Lieberman Campaign for Chambliss in Georgia?

Who's this ding-dong on MSNBC

Please read about Eric Holder, everything

And now, the stand-up comedy of... Karl Rove!

Please vote on Obama's job performance Now!

Really bad news... need some support

Unreleased Beatle's track "Carnival of Light" to come out....

What would Hillary do about this?!

Who runs the prisons? {edited}

Anyone want to join me in a chorus of the following.....

OMFG, Barry Manilow on Leno

On Nightline they are talking about the "New Klan".

Cake mix poll

The first time you made your grandmother's "famous" recipe...

Take The Pledge: “I Will Work To Defeat Joe Lieberman in 2012?

It is not clear to me why Lieberman would want to caucus with Democrats.

LOL Denny Hastert claims Hillary had "intercourse" around the world, LOL

Begich more than 2,300 ahead

So Democrats in Washington prove beyond a shadow of a doubt

"Clinton insider" says reports of Hillary's willingness to accept job are "inaccurate"

(TPM) Source: Kerry, Durbin Defended Lieberman Keeping Chairmanship

Math Dice

Please, Catholics, explain to me what has happened

Hillary Clinton To Lead Group On Insurance Coverage (Working W/Kennedy)

Coming Soon: The Michelle Obama Style Guide

Note to DU: The President (elect) does not have a say over how the Senate is run.

rapid-fire round:

I accepted the Dems decision on Alito, Mukasey and FISA. I accept the Dems' decision on Lieberman.

Potatoes are in the news!

I think the Democrats who voted to keep Lieberman as chair of HomSec should reveal themselves

Beau Biden Will Not Accept Senate Appointment


Obama, Biden, Emanuel, Clinton...

Oh, yeah! I just scored a new (to me) Bill Hicks show from 11/11/1992


6 month anniversary ideas?

Fave Obama pic?


Who wants to go to Dunkin' Donuts for me?

Hillary for Secretary of State?

If your immediate supervisor wanted to be friends on Facebook

Gosh, just think what we have to look forward to here at DU

WOW....Did we teach that Lieberman a lesson he won't forget!!!

I got spam in my PM!

electronic help needed - digital voice recorder

electronic help needed - digital voice recorder

McCain lead shrinking in MO; final results tomorrow - maybe

Priceless: for my husband

Wanna be startin' somethin'?

Who (or what) is Chuggo?

So after - Hillary Clinton will be there to answer the 3 a.m phone call is repeated a thousand times

FL-Sen: Martinez in Terrible Shape

I have yet to hear a pro-Hillary for SoS person fully explain:

delet wrong spot


I'm comfortable with any of Obama's cabinet picks, but we should have clowned Lieberman.

Could it be that Obama has a Clever Plan to Neutralize Opposition?

For all those whining about Lieberman....

well, It just took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive home from work

Which new thread should I post?

WTF??? Hahahahahaha! How to get jail time for speeding

I think this man is crazy. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't bother.)

Beautiful story about pelicans and a wonderful duo who saved one - in Iowa!

I hate Lieberman as much as the rest of you.

I guess people really are excited about Obama taking office...

1977 Buffalo NY winter storm

We weren't duped by letting Lieberman stay on.

Send me lounge vibes.

post some favorite jazz with me!

What's the weirdest thing that's ever brought you to tears?

A Different Take On The LIEberman Vote Today

My girlfriends and I are going to a disco!

Happy Birthday, Mike 03 (f/k/a Mike03)!!!!

Britney Spears in tears: "Even when you go to jail you know you’re gonna get out"

Vote was 43-12

They just don't write 'em like this anymore

POLL What's your view on today's decision about Joe Lieberman?

Republicans Supporting Hillary for SOS makes me very nervous.

***Fly A Balloon***

A freeper goes for some record...

I have a political question, and I don't want to get flamed in GD. So:

Any math Greeks out there?

I miss the primaries

Obama girls get to see their new White House rooms

Can someone here please post rules about when and what people can complain about???

Any meth geeks out there?

Michelle’s Closet Agenda

Wow! INXS...A New Sensation!

It just occured to me--Obama's going to Disneyland

More overly-detailed internet thing

Which song is better,

Alan Keyes suing to prevent California from casting its electoral votes...

Our "lite rock" station is playing "wall to wall" Christmas music.

Dean responds to bloggers on Lieberman

I'm free!!! Yay!!! Just came from the doctor.

Man, I've not owned a snowsuit in forever

What If you Gave Jesus Viagra?

Anyone who believes the wingnuts have cornered the market on whiny, self-important, jackasses ...

Good morning Lounge

I've lost the last 2 jobs I've had. I don't know why.

What causes a flash drive to go bad?

Italian football side moons opponents, scores goal!

Auto Clubs, AAA and others, what are the best ones?

Will someone shut off the problem fountain?

Mean things kids do to each other.

Funny sayings - add your own.

If I Hear This Annoying Christmas Song This Year I Will Scream

Kudzu and the Virgin Sacrifice: Eat Or Be Eaten

I need automotive help, please

Kos says it best as always...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/18/08

Forma 2000


Since it's Tuesday back there now: Happy Birthday flvegan!

I have a cold

Dustin Pedroia wins AL MVP

Ever have a great idea for a post-apocalyptic or alternate history story,

If I didn't live so far from my job

Some fool builds a Star Trek Phaser with a real Blu Ray Laser

Some fool builds a Star Trek Phaser with a real Blu Ray Laser

Has there been a turducken thread yet?

HELP! What was the name of the TV show, similar to the

1971 was a bad year for libraries, a bad year for America

anyone else addicted to kakuro

So "now" DU has no faith in Obama's integrity?

Stories From the Road: The Rich Guy

I just found an uncashed paycheck dated June 2006

Anyone own a carpet cleaner?

I've taken the bold step of applying at an ethnic media newsroom

Today is Raul Malo Day at my house !!!

Todays word of the day is "turducken". Replace any word in a thread title with "turducken"

"Patriotmusiconline" forum has no posts or discussions yet... I'm just sayin'

"Patriotmusiconline" forum has no posts or discussions yet... I'm just sayin'

A Kidnap In Color: Lust Be A Lady

Turtleandsue Loves Tony Romo

I think we should get Skinner to rename this forum

I normally don't care much for tribute bands

Due you know how to due it?


Here's one newspaper I'll be keeping

I need Brazilian turducken suggestions. Can anyone help me?

Don't you hate it when trolls don't bring their "A" game?

PHOTOS: The Many Faces of Barack Obama

Howard Dean Is Fine With Senate's Lieberman Decision, Suggests It Was What Obama Wanted

Eat, or be eaten

Post Here If You Have Faith In President Obama To Select His Own Cabinet

Post Here If You Have Faith In President Obama To Select His Own Cabinet

Lieberman is just the beginning

A Lounge post in GD!!1!! Seriesly, this is HUGH!!!!

I'm declaring today "International Portishead Day"


Star Trek 11 Trailer

Forgot to tell you guys - I got punked at work today

I think Tweety has lost that tingle up his leg. I just started watching

I think Tweety has lost that tingle up his leg. I just started watching

A Mat-Su teen speaks out

People! People! People! "Antidisestablishmentarianism" and "sesquipedalian" are two different words!

No new conservative idiots

BREAKING: Lieberman pushes for Obama -Ayers Connection Probe.

I said, "No"!

How do you stay cold in summer?

After reading through GD and GDP today

Due wah diddy diddy dum diddy due.

Woo hoo! Admirals and Generals call for gays to be able to serve openly in military.

Yo, Skinner ... any progress on that name amnesty thingie?

Hmm... Can't decide if the kid was a scammer or not.

Step 1: Construct a neurotic personalized fantasy of Barack Obama. Step 2...

Cracked presents "The 15 Worst Album Covers of All Time"

Who Is This?

Goddamn it. I'm so fucking tired of being jerked around.

BREAKING! Jacko "too sick" to fly to London to get his ass sued off by Sheikh Abdulla Bin Etcetera!

Gah. I've got an hour and a half to write two essays.

I Am Having A Pina Colada At Work

All Purpose Flame War Thread

All Purpose Flame War Thread

What do you guys think of Liz?

Hey guess what? It's time for ...

I have the dumb.

NEWS FLASH- The primaries and the election are over

What do you do to keep yourself going when you feel like giving up? (nt)


Bornaginhooligan typed up his letter to Santa today. Hoo boy.

Hard drive recovery service -- HELP!

My cat knocks things off tables and breaks them. Deliberately. What on earth can I do?

I need Brazilian jazz or Reggae suggestions

Shiba-Inu Puppies Webcast Anonymous.

Real-life Furbys rediscovered

Chuggo's "I Will Leave You Now"-- good song or bad song?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 11/18/2008)


Im rocking out to this

I have to say, BabyMidlo cracks me up.

Some of us tried to tell you Obama was not a leftist.

This election was about "change" vs. "experience" - CHANGE won!

humbly asking for positive thoughts and PK

Glenn Beck is no longer on TV?

The Annuciation.

Complain Post

Tool Time! Are Ryobi tools any good?

What are your favorite classic novels?

Damn it. I've actually been entertained by Jar Jar Binks.

I present to you the ultimate Manilow video

wanna parade your porn addiction for all to see?

My mother in law called me tonight and asked me to put the divorce on hold

"No Drama" Obama Doesn't Hold Grudges

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday November 18

Where we go from here ( email from David Plouffe )

Schools closed today.

It's a good thing Barack Obama is our president-elect and not some of the others

I am ashamed and embarrassed

Oliphant toons

Here is what I don't understand about a lot of you. Did you think Obama was LYING when he constantly

Does Hillary Still Think Talking With Enemies is "Naive" and "Reckless?"

Hillary's Gonna Be SoS. Mark My Words. I'm Proud Of Obama For Yet Another Great Decision!

Obama won the election because he ran a disciplined *partisan* campaign.

I'll be goddamned, the sky is still falling!

People! People! People! "Do" and "due" are two different words!!!

Etiquette help needed regarding gift giving.

When Obama says he objects to the Colombian Free Trade Agreement because of human rights violations

Whats your favorite new place to eat?

What Do vegetarians Eat On Thanksgiving?

Chicago's "If You Leave Me Now"--good song or bad song?

RE: Joe Lieberman: I am damned sick and tired of the BASE of the

3 Months Until Broadcast TV Goes All Digital

Is Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles any good?

What song have you gone the longest without hearing to still have it attack you as an earworm?

Is It Wednesday Yet For Match Game Rabrrrrrr Style?

Pierced ears or elsewhere for guys - Yes, No, Why or Not?

For Books, Is Obama New Oprah? Barack is reading books on the first 100 days of FDR's presidency.

The bass player in that new band Mudcrutch is all right; I think he may go places

Anybody know where I can find "Dexter" spoilers?

Which impossible novel-into-film pleasantly surprised you? (riffing on Orrex's thread)

Who are your crushes on liberal/Democratic celebs?

Why is everyone so excited over the new Star Trek movie?

I don't think Bill done it this a-way.

Obama chooses Holder to serve as AG

OktoberKid typed up his letter to Santa today. Hoo boy.

C'mon people now

One Little Bone, just one little bone is all I wanted.....

Hillary Clinton is not going to be president. Period.

For All of You Who Say or Think You're Old:

Post the number of dogs and cats you own

The latest iteration of the "Concern Troll"

Lieberman said he fears that America will be hurt if Democrats get 60 votes

Someone PLEASE take Obama's copy of "Team of Rivals" away from him!

WP Foreign Affairs Specialist Ignatius: THE CASE AGAINST HILLARY

Freepers: Obama has a fake birth certificate so Pelosi may become President.

Head of Black Farmers’ Group Is Potential Pick for Agriculture Secretary

Cast a live action Wacky Races movie!

Kamala Harris, an early Barack Obama backer, begins her ascent

IMHO Obama is Underestimating the Ramifications of Giving Torturers A Pass...

I just found out I'm on the TSA watch list!

What is your favorite word logic problem

Joe Lieberman cannot investigate President Obama and anyone

How long before Lieberman stabs the Democrats in the back (again)?

Tell us a work of fiction that you think couldn't be made into a film, and why.

Let's play Connect: I say "Road trip" and you say "trip up" or any other phrase with either word

Father Pavone is one scary man...predicts more "mass demonstrations and abortion-clinic vigils".

If you were gonna buy a $5000ish station wagon,

Two questions about light bulbs. Illuminate me!

Credit Card Companies Are About To Drive A Stake Through Consumers' Hearts....LINK

If you thought BOXED wine was bad, how about POWDERED wine?

Who's To Blame For the Rising Number of Hate Crimes? ~ I'll Tell You Who!

Krugman's Reference to Right Wing Efforts To Blame FDR For Great Depression

Any other Blitzen Trapper fans out there?

my idiot cat caught herself on fire last night and I can't figure out how she did it.

It seems to me like many of you are advocating exactly what Obama was running AGAINST.

anybody know anything about digital voice recorders?

Poll: Where do you think most Americans fall on the political spectrum?

Fun with Photoshop

Cabinet post for Clinton roils Obamaland

Obama staffer involved with SoS process, "He offered her the job."

Kennedy taps Clinton for big health reform job

Dickerson: Dishwasher in Chief - Barack Obama can wash dishes for exactly 64 more days.

Did I accidentally click on Drudge??

How do you stay warm in winter?

GD:P Can Get a Little Crazy Sometimes....

BREAKING: McCain's Lead in MO Dwindling, See the Last Results Come In LIVE

Abraham Lincoln: "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?"

Robert Parry: Obama Risks Clinton-Era Mistakes

Change or Unity - Which Did You Vote For

Replace any word in an advertising slogan with 'crap'

I was so deliriously happy, but now I'm so incandescently angry. What the FUCK is wrong with

OK, Loungers, riddle me this!

While we're at it...why don't we run Zell Miller in GA instead of Martin.

Franken's Position Looks Surprisingly Good, New Political Study Shows

Hillary Clinton to accept Obama's offer of secretary of state job

Baghdad embassy contractor gives U.S. trouble again, this time in Africa

Georgia's rearguard action in face of Amnesty report

Levin introduces bill that would lend $25 billion to automakers

Yahoo Founder Jerry Yang To Step Down As CEO

Protests Over a Bush Rule To Protect Health Providers

Fighting the Financial Crisis, One Challenge at a Time-- Paulson's Op-Ed

Administration Moves to Protect Key Appointees

China's Hu strikes deals in Cuba

Admirals, generals: Let gays serve openly

Administration Moves to Protect Key Appointees-Political Positions Shifted To Career Civil Service J

October wholesale prices plunge record 2.8 percent

Franken's Position Looks Surprisingly Good, New Political Study Shows

Bakrie squirms as crisis slams Indonesia

Pepsi Bottling takes aim at 3,150 jobs

Court upholds 'God' plates in Indiana

Immigrants back Chávez

Iraq war 'violated rule of law'

Obama promises Washington will take leading role on combating climate change

Canceled Iraq contracts cost U.S. $600 million

US financial rescue package 'not a panacea': Paulson

Military judge in 9/11 case replaced

Gov't Finds Child Hunger Rose 50% In 2007

Oral Roberts University to lay off 100 employees

FBI Questions American Held Without Charges in Gulf State (ACLU to File Against Bush, Mukasey)

Senate Judiciary Committee claims U.S. Attorney firings political, covered up

(Minn) Board confirms Coleman-Franken vote, triggering recount

Administration Moves to Protect Key Appointees

Holder to be named attorney general

Howard Dean Is Fine With Senate's Lieberman Decision, Suggests It Was What Obama Wanted

Plame, Wilson Seeking Supreme Court Review

Stevens Avoids GOP Ejection... For Now

China moves to stem mass layoffs

The purge: GOP pushed out on K Street

Amnesty International Calls for Georgia War Crimes Investigation

Vice president, former AG, state senator indicted (Cheney, Gonzalez Indicted)

Obama Girls To Visit the White House

Top judge: US and UK acted as 'vigilantes' in Iraq invasion (UK)

Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indicted in S. Texas-Charges related to alleged abuse of prisoners

Al Franken's vote-tally appeal blunted

Three Types Of Lean Cuisine Meals Recalled

Taxpayers will pay for Gonzales' private attorney

Ex-general Barry McCaffrey reports light at the end of the tunnel in Iraq

COLOMBIA: Sex tourism booming on the Caribbean coast (3rd largest US foreign aid recipient)

Gulf War illness is real, report finds

Some Conn. Democrats Still Want Lieberman Punished

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 18

Begich lead over Stevens grows (2,374 votes)

Taliban Siege of Pakistan Elders Leaves 7 Dead


A Dramatic Rescue for Doomed Wild Horses of the West

Automakers Make Their Case for Federal Help

Willacy County (Texas) Grand Jury Indicts Vice President

Half of primary-care doctors in survey would leave medicine

Leahy report justifies Rove contempt; possibility of charges remains murky

Experts: Warming to cause global water shortages by 2080

Despite Democratic Flap, Sen. Joe Lieberman Remains Chairman of Homeland Security Cmte.

Secret Ballot To Decide Lieberman's Fate

Can Mall Be Filled For an Inauguration? 4 Million May Try It.

Judge decides to make anthrax records public

More layoffs at Focus on the Family

Chilling Note From a Student: Classmates With Guns Talk of Shooting Obama

President-Elect Barack Obama Faces Charges in Memphis

Senator Kennedy Announces Plan to Submit Bill For Universal Health Care

Obama girls look at Washington private schools

Former Obama opponent now suing to prove President-elect's citizenship

Iranian-operated cargo ship hijacked off Somalia

Tainted meats point to superbug C. diff in food: Study finds gut germ in 40 percent of grocery meats

Only In America Can This Fraud Happen !

Gates's Odds of Staying Rise If Clinton Goes to State

Lincoln's Kitchen Cabinet Addresses an 'Obama Team of Rivals'

Keep Secretary Gates? This Simple Test Should Decide

More American kids went hungry last year

Secret Transcript From the Obama-McCain Meeting

George Monbiot: Keynes is innocent: the toxic spawn of Bretton Woods was no plan of his

CONFIRMED: "Bin-Ladin Hunt PHONEY"-Bush Admin NEEDED Him To JUSTIFY Military Expansionism(Juan Cole)

Destroying America from Within

Gary Kamiya: The Obama effect

Bush Awards National Medal of the Arts to Disney Hacks

Naomi Klein: The Borderline Illegal Deals Behind the $700 Billion Bailout

Robert Redford: Americans Rejected 'Drill, Baby, Drill' -- Bush Should Respect Our Choice

It's Only America Bleeding

Has there been too much bipartisanship or too little? -

Finding His Inner FDR: Lincoln belongs to the ages; Roosevelt belongs to ours.

Secrets of Talk Radio

City wants her cent-pay up

Dems Reward Lieberman with Chairmanship of 'Homeboy Security Committee'

The Right Wing Whack Jobs Speak! Who Do they Love?

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Wanted Man in Burma (Jeremy R. Hammond)

Economics blind spot is a disaster for the planet -- Herman Daly, New Scientist

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Some things are bigger than any of us (Mickey Z.)

Ghost Writer Wanted, and Other GOP Whackjobbery

Obama Team Anything but Shy and Retiring; "known for their combativeness"


Financial Crisis Tab Already In The Trillions

Vice president, former AG, state senator indicted

Hillary Clinton Accepted the Secretary of State Position?

Bailout for Focus on the Family?

(begging for dollars) U.S. auto execs plead for Congress

Legalize It

Remembering LaVena Johnson

Viewpoint: Obama IS black

TYT: Watch Obama Play Basketball

Obama, McCain pledge unity

TYT: George Bush Might Hand Out a Blanket Pardon

The U.S. Auto Industry and the Ripple Effect

Who the h*ll is running the show on Wall Street anyway? (LOL)

Blackwater: The Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army,

Joe Liberman in about 20 nutshells......

Babies for Barack - Part 3 (Be my Baby)

Solving Darfur - Nicholas Kristof

Young Turks: Will Obama's Reaching Out Cost Him in Long Run?

The Daily Left - November 18th, 2008

(6:45) Hannity finishes Morris's talking point. Morris to Colmes '...shut up...'

CNN: Lieberman "Not Happy" With Dem's Decision To Reward Him

Japanese Whalers leave for Antarctica

Cheney Welcomes Biden at V.P. Mansion

President-Elect Obama to Appoint Eric Holder for First African-American Attorney General

Michael Ware: 'Iran has a lock on influence and persuasion...within the Iraqi political process.'

Dems Vote to Keep Lieberman in Caucus: That was done, it's all over with. Joe Lieberman's a Democrat

Countdown: Presidential Pardons? Nov. 17, 2008 (D.Shuster/J. Turley)

The Hank 'n' Ben Comedy Hour: Paulson, Bernanke Defend $700 Billion Bailout

BBC: What really happened in South Ossetia?

INN News: Government eases concerns over AIDS (1983)

A Message to President-elect Obama Regarding Marriage Equality

Democracy Now- Klein: Bailout is a Multi-trillion dollar CRIME SCENE!!-1/3

George W. Bush ADMITS He Authorized The Classified Leaks

Clinton as Secretary of State

INN News: Supreme Court rules against Reagan Adminstration (1983 ... Bob Jones U ruling)

Joe "The Weasel" Lieberman

August 2008: Dick Durbin Declines to Name One Good Vote by Lieberman, Then Gets Pissy

Lillian Carter on how Jimmy got into politics (1977)

Gay Bash

TYT: Sarah Palin & Joe The Plumber Could Cash in on Book Offers

David Bonior on Employee Free Choice on CNBC

9 II Bankster$ - max keiser

Melvin Goodman on Obama and his intelligence advisors from Democracy Now

President-Elect Obama Goes Green

TYT: Bill O'Reilly & Glenn Beck Clown Themselves (& States Seceding?)

Young Turks: In These Times - We Are Glad Obama is in Charge

Ma and Pa Kettle explain the the Bushie Economic Meltdown.

Huffington Subs for Maddow: w/ Bill Maher - Nov. 17

Mullen: Exit dates in Iraq deal not a problem

CID agent testifies in fragging trial

Army settles Hawaii culture lawsuit

Deployed soldier indicted in murder plot

Soldier sentenced for smuggling guns from Iraq

Vets groups raise funds for hard-hit Guardsman

Army: No links in Jackson training deaths

Casey: Soldiers need more time at home

Pakistani defendant found unfit for trial

Cartwright: Afghanistan war tougher than Iraq

Ex-generals, admirals: Repeal policy on gays

Hearing set in military absentee ballot suit

U.S. trucks get escorts in Pakistan

Winter remains unsatisfied with LPD 17

No NATO plans to intercept hijacked tanker

Bertholf completes first operational patrol

(Navy Times) Op-Ed: U.S. troops, U.S. law

After Prop 8, Dobson Asks WWJF?

Chris Rock on Gay Marriage, Pres. Bush (language, but he means well)

Marines killing time now in Anbar

Nuclear carrier to be based in Mayport

(Marine Corps Times) Backtalk: Crisis looms for aging fleet

Strikes in Afghanistan decline as flights rise

E-8 collapses, dies, during PT test

Expansion begins at Fort Belvoir

(Air Force Times) Backtalk: Obama must change policy on prisoners of war

ID theft cases surging among Americans in U.K.

Iraq’s Diyala province known for female suicide bombers

Hannam towers project OK’d

New Marine unit adds to AFRICOM

Protection System in Top 50 Inventions

82nd back from Iraq - 'Oh, Babies!'

Airman Sentenced in Court-Martial

Report: Russian president spurns Marine

(Marine Corps Times) Op-Ed: Free speech has limits

Lejeune worker sues over car ban

Hiroshima historian returns fragments of shot-down bomber to loved ones in U.S.

Mullen Says Obama's Iraq Goal Possible

Marine arrested for faking own disappearance

New Veterans Hit Hard by Economic Crisis

Charleston Air Base gets newest C-17

Israeli Tanks Move into Gaza, Level Farmland

Palestinian, Israeli kids find peace on basketball court

In 2006 letter to Bush, Haniyeh offered compromise with Israel

12 Days of the War on Christmas (Fox Style)

Uranium Mining - Bush and Co Move Very Fast!!!

Orders still coming in for wind turbines

Russian subsea nuclear powered drilling platforms for Arctic oil and gas

Nuclear scrap contaminating consumer goods

Peak oil review - Nov 17

Great line by Rep. Franks

Tainted meats point to superbug C. diff in food

managing director of global financial service company Morgan Stanley had a bleak outlook for nuclear

Global energy investment hit by financial crisis

Economics blind spot is a disaster for the planet -- Herman Daly, New Scientist

The Big Story

Have you guys seen this great video? The Story of Stuff

The Brain Trust Behind the Obama Energy Plan

Producer Prices Fall Most on Record

China's oil demand falls sharply amid global crisis: top producer

Bailout SAT Analogy

Big Three automakers beg for $25 billion lifeline - meanwhile Congressional Republicans and some

I wonder how many will speak up and tell Congress to try to stop a depression from happening?


Small Firms Shiver as Health Premiums Rise

Volcker issues dire warning on slump

Gather 'round, my brothers and sisters. I want to talk to you about something.

The Nation: Obama Needs a Protest Movement

Interesting Article on Possible Prop 8 Fraud

We are making history.

Some Beliefs Are More Equal than Others

Obama's Gay Agenda

Unions accuse CVS Caremark of pushing Merck drug

Daley, organized labor agreement reduces budget layoffs

FAA Labor Unions Seek Obama's Help

Today in labor history Nov 17 General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen was founded

Teamsters Laud Members of Congress for Efforts to Save Frontier Airline Jobs

Labour board rules against Wal-Mart

Big protest planned in Sacramento this weekend...

Trial Gets Underway for Nova Southeastern University

OSHA fines two area companies after roof collapse (42 serious violations=$167,000)

Hands off Columbus Day: Italian-Americans can only take so much

NFL’s High Debt Means No Lockout

15-year-old boy had no safety equipment (fell to his death at a construction site), stepfather says

God smites the gays with wildfires

About 130 laid off at Lindsay plant

Teamsters back IBC reorganization plan (maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread)

The State of U.S. Labor & Building Union Power


IT offshoring is exaggerated and the IT labor shortage is real

Honda Creates 1,000 New U.S. Auto Jobs - At $14 An Hour

Andrew Sullivan: The Mormon War on Gay People

Beastie Boys: A Question For The People That Voted To Pass Proposition 8….

About the blogger who convinced Subway & internet grassroots power

Admirals, generals: Let gays serve openly

SUBWAY! Everyone go get a sandwich in support of this!

Religious bodies issue legal challenge to California's Proposition 8

Greg Craig Selected as White House Counsel

Ecuador keeps up oil cleanup fight against Chevron

Chavez foes face intimidation ahead of vote

How Bush Tried to Bring Down Evo Morales

Immigrants back Chávez


COLOMBIA: Sex tourism booming on the Caribbean coast

Browns begin 7 game win streak tonight with victory against Bills

Pedroia named AL MVP

But there already is a college football playoff system........

Boxing: Hatton vs Malignaggi

New York versus New York Super Bowl??

F.D.A. Scientists Accuse Agency Officials of Misconduct

Study finds ginkgo biloba does not prevent dementia

Obama and the Dalai Lama

Any vibes on the future fate of animals in our shifting reality?

Interesting take on Obama presidency

Manifestation Bubbles - an experiment

Notre Dame-Navy action shots

All I have to do this year is look at them and they burst into bloom

Louie with my new lightsphere thing

Something I "discovered": fried pumpkin

Does this or does it not

Found: An Ancient Monument to the Soul

Isn't God a sinner?

I'm very interested in Wicca...

Ancient Greeks pre-empted Dead Parrot sketch

Engineers Create "Nanobamas"

Bolivian farmer leads to dinosaur discovery


When a Building collapses...

The Texas Republican Bail-Out Package

Runoff for Senate District 17 (Chris Bell race) set for December

Hard drive question

Speakers won't mute when headphones plugged in

Virtual PC

My computer looks like an alien! It started with my gmail where all I could

Great Firefox extension: Read it Later

September 17, 1947...A very obscure date in entertainment history...

If true, this is disappointing, though not really surprising

JK for Dept of Interior?

koschnick To Run Against Abrahamson