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Tuned into "Tweety" ..surfing...and he's running the Old Palin/Turkey Video like it's New News?

How can I say this......

How can I say this......

Dispelling the myths... Diesel cars: 7 worries, 7 answers

U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey Poisoned By His Own Words

Whale Wars tonight, Friday 9 pm on Animal Planet

Cold Weather moves into Ohio ..... this DUer is ready

What are the GOP's roots?

Vt. Gov. Opposes Gay Marriage Bill

Boehner to Waxman: No on California Emission Changes


Germany drops attempt to ban Scientology

Getting their war on, Somalian Islamists going to fight Pirates for Super Tanker

Stevens Trial Witness Says He Hid The Truth

Who would be willing to admit error on the "They'll never leave office" cry?

Tom Daschle as Secretary of Department of Health and Human Services

These cat jugglers must be arrested and prosecuted! *Caution* Pics may be difficult to view for some

Conservatives blaming immigrants for economic crisis

Wired reviews Colbert's Christmas special


in August-- 4 mos ago-- I paid $4.70 for a gallon of unleaded reg gasoline....

“Four Percent for Freedom” --you need to know about this

What are the GOP's roots?

Franken gains in Minnesota count

Jonathan Turley is coming up on Rachel

Sanctity of marriage & American family are SAFE this Friday evening

Franken recount Keep an eye on Dakota and Ramsey cos

Spitzers Escort "Tragic" path to Call Girl--- too funny....

Siegelman Case: Tamarah Grimes' complaint against Canary's office is scathing -- good read.

"Obama is a mere state senator from the South Side of Chicago..."

Breaking: Coleman's lead is getting smaller!!!

Tracking the Economic Collapse: Closures and Layoffs list Nov. 16-22

Sarah Palin has done it again. Everybody is talking about her. What's her next stunt?

Showed my partner this video...and he said it was like watching the Nazi's!

DA in Cheney Case, Guerra, Files Motion to Recuse Judge Banales

Barack Obama and the Cult of Personality...

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Friday Night Bank Failures: It's a three-fer!

How a 23 yr old Dem used the internet to get elected to Maine House of Rep. Sean Flaherty

Breaking News on Sarah Palin


My fundie friend has hope in Obama now...

Will Tina Fey come onto SNL to do a Bloodbath Turkey Skit? Oh, PLEASE give me a reason to watch SNL

Business big shot: Arianna Huffington, online entrepreneur

Salon: Is it OK to be liberal again, instead of progressive?

ACINOs (American Companies In Name Only) Waged War on our Middle Class (kinda' like RINOs)...

Those Somalian pirate fishermen sure get around...

Conservatism Today- August 2008- Ten Reasons Why Obama will lose.

Oil plunges below $50 — What's ahead for Texas?

The Next Four Years

This Thanksgiving let us remember our dear friends from DU (Help me with the list please)

Is there anyone more offensive than Mark Steyn

How The Rich Are Destroying The Earth

The Financial Media Is Talking Out Of Its Ass--The REAL Reason The Market Went Up 500 Points

People, you dont have to make a big deal over a turkey slaughter.

Marketing "back to basics"....

Know how many of our troops have died in Iraq as of today?

A different Christmas: donations to food banks and Toys for Tots instead of family

Thanksgiving is next week, and President Bush could make it a really special holiday by resigning

$60 million. Total amount AFSCME will spend on political activities in 2008 (working family issues)

Greg Craig's controversial foreign ties

Don't get while so many support bailing out Wall Street

Drove 2,000 miles to get axed Day 1! N.Y. miner gets shaft upon arriving in Montana

Wes Clark for somethin'

"Country First"

Tracking the Economic Collapse: Closures and Layoffs list Nov. 16-22

Yesterday was Friday.....which means today we eulogize even more banks:

It seems like every day we take another bite out of Pakistan

Obama economic plan aims for 2.5M new jobs by 2011

Franken Camp's Claim: We've Cut Coleman's Lead To Under 100 Votes

Carter, Annan, others refused entry to Zimbabwe

I can't think of ANYTHING that fits the 'You can put lipstick on a pig, but ... ' analogy -

Dubai Defies Slump as Minogue Joins $20 Million Party (Update1)

Is George Bush slurring his words more lately?

Trivia question: Who did Samantha Power recently marry?

Has anyone checked to see if Ted Stevens owns any firearms?

Bush Radio: "Three great forces that drive long-term economic growth"

Private prisons skew representation - And you thought gerrymandering was bad!

Cameras cause drivers to get tickets for legal right turns on red

Biggest CEO Losers are winners

Don't forget American automakers' history of goodwill

Don't forget American automakers' history of goodwill

Panic at $hitibank......

Eight years from now (2016) Hillary Clinton will be 69 years old

GM bailout money used to beef up GM Brazil

Paul Krugman: What is he talking about

It's a Thanksgiving Miracle!!!

Bob Jones U. Apologizes For Racism

International war crimes prosecution more likely if pardons?

28 years after his death, Vatican 'forgives' Lennon for 'more popular than Jesus' remark

So W called for a bailout for the auto industry this morning

The White House wants YOU To name the 2008 Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Turkey

I just can't bring myself to get rid of my "I Voted" sticker

The Minnesota Senate Ballot Challenge-a-thon

Awesome 10 page booklet link to Barack Obama: 44th President of the United States

He and his party lost our and the rest of the world's trust, yet he goes out in public, trashing

This Time Around, Health-Care Revamp Has Wings

Not sure where this should go or in what DU forum, but

RIP JFK, 45 years ago today in Dallas....

I like Lionel.

The Larry "Bud" Melman Of Politics

what should my next poll be for my blog?

What's this world coming to when you can't hear "Alice's Restaurant" on the radio on T-Giving?

New to DU? Tips for your viewing pleasure.

Even More Disgusting That The Palin Turkey Slaughter Vid

1,017,280: The number of people who have already voted in the referendum to impeach Bush!

Did Cheney Show?

CNN poll:What do you think Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin should do with her future?

dupe nt

Musical at Iowa college acts out scary Bible tales

Bob Jones University in SC apologizes for racist policies,

If the Palin turkey video upset you

For some, the "Market" was God - Now God is Dead.

Check out this crazy ad!

New Twist in Appeal of Ex-Alabama Governor

CNN (Obama TOO honest?): Obama's vetting could chase away candidates

What should President Obama's foreign policy priorities be?

Is the Transition Period Too Long?

An offer you can't refuse.... can you?

As a pedestrian, I am tired of all the disrespect by drivers and cyclist

Before they were famous...

I have a suggestion for our Congress.

Judge Says Invasion of Iraq by U.S. and U.K. Unlawful

To paraphrase the Bard, "First we kill all the capitalists." Or at least take away their toys.

Hey, did you know Citigroup is run by an idiot?

Make Oil a Public Utility

How Tom Daschle Might Kill Conservatism

Tiny Clay Figures Are Reminders of Growing Iraq Death Toll

Was there a role by George H. W. Bush in the assassination of JFK - Read on......

I say Citigroup got part of $700 billion, and I say to hell with them!!!!!!!

The following link is to an insightful essay by Andrew Sullivan

Wikileaks exposes membership of the British far-right BNP Party

Study Shows "Center-Right Nation" Narrative Spiked Immediately After Election Day

"2012" Cusack Harrelson eco-disaster movie trailer (1:15)

Does anyone understand how Citi buying Wachovia would have been

Does BushCo OWN Lee Hamilton?

William Greider: Here is the ugly truth - the pinnacle of the US financial system is broke


MPR: See some of the challenged Franken/Coleman ballots

A picture of Sidwell Friends school academics drawn from its high school texts.

Photoshop request......pretty please.....

Another Right Wing, anti-gay group registers their disgust with eHarmony.

As a cyclist, I am tired of all the disrespect by drivers and pedestrians!

Hillary Clinton owes an apology to Trinity UCC.

Texas hearing on Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indictment turns chaotic

A Somber Anniversary

Palin knew what was going on 15 feet behind her--allowed interview to continue

National Archives Building Occupied Again by Veterans for Peace

coleman Says he's a "99% Improvement Over Paul Wellstone"


CEO of Japan Airlines receives $90,000 that's right $90,000

Is this permitted by the military?

Space walk ongoing now, w/links (5:41 PM EST)

Get ready to hear a new buzz word..."Quantitative easing" (aka debt monetization).

Letter of czech mayors and nonviolent movement to Obama

Huffington Post: Beaten, Tortured And Sentenced 25-To-Life For Minor Drug Offense

"Obama beats Hillary over head with Iraq"

Can someone PLEASE debunk the RW "decade of cooling temps" claim?

How about a Cabinet post for Lieberman?

PHOTO: Just. Go. Away.

Why doesn't George W Bush just resign and get the hell out of town??

Huffpo's James Moore: A Kid from Car Country

Obama: 'Millions of jobs' in danger next year - MSN

JFK Assassination Serendip....

How many stories does the White House have?

This is realy sad. I have seen a lot of it where I live.

Lets guess who will be Obama's Press Secretary.

Didja ever consider that, based on today's realities, Hillary may actually want the SoS job?

"Environmental leaders were thrilled" I love the sound of that, don't you?

Jews, Muslims partner to fight Islamophobia, anti-Semitism

You're given the power to have Bush, Cheney, Limblow, etc. employed in whatever job you want

Why do corporations sell Americans the the most expensive products?

Before anyone flips on on Prince, and non-hetero marriages

Klaatu Barrada Nickto

Security Agreement Déjà Vu

Security Agreement Déjà Vu

How come oil for oil changes is about $4.00 a quart?

Report: GM board won't rule out bankruptcy

Summers to Join Obama White House, Boosts Fed Chances

Biscuit company ordered to rerun union election (6 years later the case for card check)

Watch Helen Thomas Blast Use Of Torture in Press Conference

Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary. The best article I could find.

From Obama's Mouth

"The Global Financial System is Coming to an End "

Essay on torture and America by Andrew Sullivan...

175 pounds lighter, woman takes flight

Obama Considering Commission On Bush Admin Torture

Note to DU...Your schitck works so much better with an antagonist

PE Obama's Radio address

Remember the color coded terror alerts?

The news from Wasilla - definitely not Lake Wobegon.

Question for DUers - Are Credit Unions still providing

New PBS series exposes Old Testament fairy tales

Barack, the pelican--a human interest story.

"We need to move on" argument

Should I cancel my Citi Card?

DU -- let's hear your ideas for neighborhood organizing to deal with the current situation.

Teen commits suicide on webcam.

Top scientist says Bush’s ‘burrowing’ of political appointees will ‘leave wreckage behind.’»

VIDEO: Dick "Shrimper" Morris Openly Fund Raises for Saxby Chambliss on Hannity and Colmes

Obama economic plan aims for 2.5M new jobs by 2011: Revitalize US infrastructure

Portrait Of A Homeland Security State (Photos Show How Security Appartus Stokes Fantasies About War)

Gas! Anyone else pissed as hell!?

Bush History: An All Night Session of Congressional Bullying, Threats & Promises 11/22

Big Dawg for Senate!!

The powder is so dry it is blowing away - are we finally ready to fight???

Just Paid $1.75/Gal. For Gas In Northcentral Wisconsin

DU'ers- where were you 45 years ago today?

USDA: Vick found dogfighting 'funny to watch'

#1 on Economic agenda - tie Federal minimum wage to inflation rate just like Social Security

'Sir, you have to take your turban off..this is America..."

Four Found Guilty in Attempted Citizen's Arrest of Karl Rove

Myanmar Sentences Comedian To 45-Year Sentence For Helping Cyclone Victims

How has the economic crisis affected your workplace?

The bigots on the Right & Univeral Health Care

Help I'm in a combat with blame the worker/unions for GM problems

Before you know what kindness really is you must lose things.

Uh-oh Franken now losing votes in key counties

NYT Op-Ed: "Thanksgiving is next week. Bush could make it a really special holiday by resigning."

FDL: Unhinged Saxby Chambliss Grabs Camera When Reporter Asks Him About Imperial Sugar Case

World's First Plug-In Electric Car Goes On Sale Next Month -- in China

Now, the Republicans are relegated to the South...

Recommend this thread if you've had it with threads that ask for recommendations

let's go Al! A Franken victory in the recount will make bill o'reilly's head explode.....

Could anyone say it any better about the hateful republicans & Gingrich (Newt) than his sister?

Here is a draft of a LTTE (or op-ed, given its length). Your comments please.


Legacy Costs at US Auto Makers is Bullshit

Please send good vibes/prayers/thoughts this way.

Chrysler are in fact making 35 MPG cars & SUVs in America, but American citizens can't buy them...

Former Regulator: Clear Fraud in Financial Crisis -- Why Isn't Anyone in Jail?

3 men plead not guilty to digging up grave to have sex with dead woman

The Most Horrifying Movie Ever: The Road To Guantanamo

this prince character is not only anti gay marriage, he wants gays dead. and all democrats.

GM is making 65mpg cars, lines are up and running, wont sell them here >>Link>>

GM is making 65mpg cars, lines are up and running, wont sell them here >>Link>>

*** DUzy Awards for week ending November 21, 2008 ***

Chinese Automakers may buy GM and Chrysler

World leaders urge free trade to halt crisis

Whose Desk and Office is This?

No? Not talking about it here either? Obama's most significant move to date, & DU is ignoring it.

Obama's annoying speaking style

Why the jets.....(GM, Ford, etc.)

Be kinder than necessary 'cause everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

U Dummykrats thin yur so smart

Vatican forgives John Lennon for Jesus quip

Disabled rant and plea.

"Together let us explore the stars..." Best Inaugural address ever

What do you feel when you see this image.?

DA speaks with reporters about Cheney indictments

Sure bet: Obama won't be vacationing as often as Bush did

Should fines be based off of the individual's income, as opposed to a set rate?

Hillary for State? Give her fair play, and hands off

Children at risk in food roulette Mislabeling, lax oversight threaten people with allergies

"Civil unions" are the legal equivalent of a ghetto.

Best title for the Palin turkey interview fiasco

I'm tired of receiving 10 catalogs a day. I just discovered the solution to end it once and for all:

Will PETA now go after Palin, like they

I have to get use to a President who's smarter than me.

I have to get use to a President who's smarter than me.

And I thought the no-dancing town in the movie "Footloose" was fictional.......

Teen Commits Suicide Live on Web

It's More Than Just War Crimes. Please Read.

We did it. Our gas is under $1.50. In Kansas City, Mo

Judge Removes Prosecutor of Cheney-Gonzales in Texas - 5 of 9 cases (pdf of indicement)

THIS IS IMPORTANT! -Do we know ___ the Turkeyguy's name yet???

To African Americans and Mormons and others who feel

Evo Pays a Socialist Call: Bolivia's Morales Makes Most of First D.C. Visit

Air America is essentially gone ... what's left of liberal radio---???

Air America is essentially gone ... what's left of liberal radio---???

Mailman fails to deliver, becomes local hero

I am not a vegetarian


Dupe. OMG.


jeezus fukin krist, when it rains it pours

Oh yeeeeah! Sweetened condensed milk + coconut milk = one fat Toad.

So is Chicagoland worth it?

Sometimes...sometimes you just have to stand back and fucking laugh

Going to little neighborhood store to get some Mexican cokes, anybody else want one.

I know what I'm getting for Xmas!! He,he,he!!

I Hope To Be Here Monday

This is just new barbaric!! WTF!?!

Christmas songs you hate to love.


I Just Want To Fukin Scream

Meteor blazes across Canadian sky in colorful fireball

I've been thinking about Charmed Quarks

Nebraska Police Arrest 'Butt Bandit' Vandalism Suspect

Is the turkey lobby going to go after Sarah Palin

I don't care if they're yummy - I'm off turkey!

I don't care if they're dummies - I'm off jive turkeys!

Mind Fucking

Is your name Lindsay (or Lindsey)? Boy, have I got a treat for you!

I can't believe some people can feed themselves and use simple tools

Holy shit, the University at Buffalo Bulls (my alma mater) is the MAC East Champions

How narcissistically shallow are you?

It's so easy to hate fat people, isn't it?

It's so easy to hate fat people, isn't it?

Dudes!!! I just rolled a big fat one!!

WHOO HOO! I've got a ticket to the NH Baseball Dinner!

Does this make me a bad person?

The "Third Eye" thingy

We've come too far to leave it all behind.

You're spooking the horses

Frontline is sooo depressing tonight... gheesh

Should I watch 'The Starter Wife' or jab a fork in my eye?

So what's the deal with "freak-dancing?"

I think everyone here knows about Danny-Boy.

Anybody else HATE the new Yahoo?

My lower back is freakin' KILLING me.

Ladies, let me tell you just how great of a guy I am

E! Entertainment Television's Sexiest Woman Has No Belly Button!

Never mind

Why Am I A DD?



I've been thinking about radiation

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Fuck AT&T

I'm a vampire!

Anyone hear really know Firefox well and the "Looking Up whatever address" BS?

seriously, my dogs start humping when this song plays

Greta Van Susteren is pissed, and wants YOU to send Dave Letterman a message!

I better go to sleep before I spend more money

My whole body is killing me....


I need to clean but can't motivate myself

This is just barbaric!! WTF!?!

Seven new podcasts up

we are going to meet at taco bell.

Hey drummers..check this out!

Why am I a YoYo?

Wow. This would be a great battle

Just wanted to say "Thank you very much" to the kind person who bought me a star

A Very Dudeist Christmas Or What-Have-You

Shows on regular TV I hate --- add yours

Back by popular demand (in my mind anyway) Fun with cache!

I saw a shooting star tonight.

what's the hot Christmas toy for 2008?

Simple Simon met a pie man going to the fair.

Time for a Taco Bell run. Mom is jonesin' for nachos. Any orders?

It is in the hands of the cinnamon bun gods now..

I need music .... NOW!!!!!

A GOP Dirty Trickster Has Second Thoughts

This is so exciting! The FBI wants me to get $10 million from the National Bank of Egypt!

When was the last time you placed an operator assisted phone call?

My dog starts humping my leg when the barometric pressure is below 30.30 in.

Ok... tell me what sucked in your life this week and ...

I found an old picture of myself, circa 2001, before I was put on drugs due to a misdiagnosis.

Oh God

Meet My New Girlfriend.

Up or down vote: Marshmallows on sweet potatoes

Have you ever shaved your head?

Most people can name only two songs that can be played on bagpipes. 'Amazing Grace' is one of them.

I don't love you anymore. sent me a hilarious e-mail: "Compliment Your Thanksgiving Table and Save $15".

You know who you are

My favorite commercials (NOT) have just started

Gheesh!! My son doesn't want "traditional" T-Day food BUT brings home a pumpkin pie!!

This Lounge needs more bagpipe.

Open mike poetry thread

Do you have a Yahoo account? Did you get the following email?

Is anyone familiar with Spacenet, Inc.?

Boy arrested for Farting in Class (No..I'm not Kidding)

I.E.: I cleared the cache, deleted temp files & history, did all I can think of, and still --

"Nekkid Men from the Center of the Universe" calendar

I know it is not nice but, when I think of Palin, the phrase

My 3 year old daughter is making a cake


What's on your menu tonight?

Tensions Run High in the Last Days of the Bush Whitehouse

Anyone who hates bag pipes is dead to me

Photos: Roquefort-stuffed, caramelized onion-topped burger with side of regular & sweet potato fries

bagpipes are capable of rocking!

Faith -based carpentry.

It's an easy ride to roam....

Saturday afternoon fill-in your ass crack with freshly cooked warm Jello pudding thread!

It's no big deal.

You're my playground love

Just curious... What is your definition of "hometown"?

Footsteps in the Dark

I have a new obsession.

hey iPhone users, guess what I just figured out how to do...

I am about to go on my first date soon.


"Cartoon animal vibrators" is the phrase for the day. Change a Lounge post to use it...

Continuing to work on my cartoon animal vibrators, added vocals, it's still short.

OMFG, Philboy is my new hero

Pet peeve of the day: leaf blower army outside my apartment

*** Ohio State-Michigan game thread***

People that do'naw luv the tin whistle can take a long step off a short pier for all'ah care!


I have had it with my father not listening!

How many pillows are on your bed?

MAJOR lactic acid build-up in my muscles

hey everybody, have you heard?

If anyone wants to blow my mind, let me know in advance.

I'm going to blow your mind...

I'm going to blow...

OMG, fresh from scratch cinnie-buns Woot-woot

Nepal's Buddha infant boy returns to jungle to meditate

I surely partied a bit too hard last night....Oh my. Must recover!


Cat story.

Is it wrong to like Toto?

From whom do governments borrow money?

Isabella Rossellini doing insects!

Holy shit! They are still at it in GD:P, only now they have to

Does this sight ever make anyone else sad?

BREAKING: White House denies rumor that working title of Bush memoir is "Two Terms and a Cup"

Bestest quote or line from a book or author

Does this sight ever make anyone else sad??

I just watched Across the Universe again tonight...

Do you cry when you throw up?

Cool IQ test here

To whom it may concern,

well, I did a preliminary wreath building and I need more silver stuff

Do you know anyone who actually follows Britney, Lindsey, Paris Hilton gossip?

Two reasons college football is better than the NFL:

MUST-SEE VIDEO: The Smithereens go APESHIT on their song "Top Of The Pops," 1991

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/22/2008)

Why are you a DU?

Still 1 kitten looking for a home in SE Wisconsin

Art preference question...

Feeling crappy again. Yikes!

Anyone heard from MrsGrumpy lately?

Asking if the carpet matches the drapes: A sign of genuine interest or serious breach of etiquette?

For every view of this thread I better see a vote in this poll.

Who's getting a turkey chipper for Christmas?

Betty James, who co-founded Slinky company, dies

LostinVA and I moved two tons of wood pellets into the shed today, ask me anything

Continuing to work on my song, added vocals, it's still short.

So this guy gets to college and finds out his roomate is in a BAND!

Complete this sentence: I'm going to have to rent a backhoe to _______________________.

Air10 Spot UFO Over Sacramento

OMG! The UW Huskies lost the Apple Cup to WSU!!

I feel old, tired, and dispirited.

Simple Things

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/22/08

I hate, yet still love the Bee Gees. What's wrong with me?

A pad for your bed - what kind do you like? Memory foam or regular foam?

I need a good vegan cheese that melts like normal cheese.

Do you hate bagpipes? How about harps?

How long do you predict it will be before Rich Rodriguez is packing his bags?

Some interesting reading

Kathie Lee shaking her money maker

Top 100 DUers of all time, per Skinner.



'Well, it's all about penetration'

If you can watch this and still hate bagpipes...

Did Marilyn Monroe blow JFK's mind?

How about a Friday night DUer picture thread?

Bird is no longer the word.

Today's College Football Thread

Excellent way to confuse and occupy your cats!!!

45 Years On, We Must Bring JFK’s Killers to Justice


Where is your hometown?

Kitten Picture of the Day for Saturday November 22

One vivid day in your "child-life"

My vision of an American left

Do Ricola throat drops ever go bad?

Who's up for a recipe thread? Let's do it!

What are some things you'd change about DU, if you could?

'Life on Mars' is fucking brilliant.

Cat riding a Roomba

'War criminal Bush' blamed for worldwide crises

Why does the Sci-fi Channel keep churning out those DREADFUL movies?

Describe your first "crush"

Can you love someone if you cheat on them?

Lucy's licked a raw patch on her leg

It's MAYHEM at the puppy cam!

Have you ever personally met someone as obtuse, crude, obnoxious and tone deaf as palin?

Last song you listened to

Ceramic Kitchen knives

Blade Runner > Star Trek. Let the battle begin.

Why have 3 "anonymous sources" done hit pieces against Howard Dean when he has already stepped down?

Quick! Go look at this webcam for a beautiful view! OMG!

Did somebody mention bagpipes?

Favourite Airline?

Best Superman movie?

Why am I a UU?

OK,sorry but MORE pics of Bella!!

Oh, the Humanity!!!

Top 100 singers of all time, per Rolling Stone

I think Bill Clinton should run for the NY-Senate seat.

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug - 'U.S. To Bail Out Federal Government'

Press Release: Rancho Cucamonga demands removal of Atheist billboard

How would you help an 11 year old child who is suicidal?

List things you like or love. TV shows, music, people, poetry, activities, whatever

The flippable states of 2012

Why Hillary is accepting SoS

where do members of the cabinet

Here's what I sent in to

"You shouldn't hire someone you can't fire."

Sen. Hillary Clinton Would Have Short Record to Defend in a Confirmation Hearing

Dammit, Franklin Roosevelt, I voted for CHANGE, not these retreads!

Drudge mad with Arianna's Growing Influence: Links to an article Implying she is a Gold-Digger

Palin: " least one runner up bird should also be protected." Hmmm...

Cory Booker fans---

Cab driver (Mexico), "What do you think about Obama?"

The President Obama Inaugural Dollar...

it's not even about Obama.

"WattleGate" or "GobbleGate" lololol

Bush says he was for Change too.

Oops. Sorry.

Oops. Sorry.

Am I missing something here about Obama's choices so far?

I am concerned that Obama hasn't picked anyone...

Damn, Franken Starting To Go The Other Way, denture boy up by 167, 65% Reporting

Oopsie Doopsie... 'Coleman No Longer Urges Franken "Step Back"'


Post-election, cable news ratings and news website visits fall -- some precipitously

Let me see if I've got this straight.... Secretary of State..... Condi Rice vs Hillary Clinton

David Brooks is on PBS singing praises to PE Obama's

Obama’s mandate for change

Smart Choice Obamarahm

I say we all pony up and bribe Bush to leave office early. There must be some brush to clear.

Franken Race: Examples of Coleman challenges here

Obama said publicly that he wouldn't have chosen Clarence Thomas for the S.C.

Tensions Run High in the Last Days of the Bush Whitehouse

Biography Channel- Barack Obama on now! Old but worth it! n/t

Have you bought the new Barack Obama commerative coins?

Palin: I want to see the turkey video with a GOP elephant in the hopper.

Tony Robbins Just Said He Voted For Obama On CNN

Geithner Bounce?

Sad state of affairs when Pat Buchanan is more supportive of the choices made by

Believe it or not.... they still want Palin!

I'm not worried about Obama's choices right now.

I can't take the talking heads' Clinton speculation

Rachel on Conan right now

This would be a good trade off.....

Looks like the SOS is still a rumor.

Has a Former Secretary of the State Department

Optimistic theory about the possible HRC choice: It's "Only Nixon Could Go To China"

It occurred to me that if Obama does something to calm the markets...

With Hillary in Obama's cabinet, she cannot pull a "Ted Kennedy 1980"

Where would you most like to see the Obama Administration recruit appointees from?

If you dont like the circus in your yard

What administration did the Clinton staffers work for before Clinton?

Obama put together the most successful political campaign in history

Recommended Christmas gift for the DUer

Now that the mercenaries in Iraq will be held accountable for all their activities ...

Yet another example of the brilliance of Obama

Just curious, should the "White House" be renamed, if so, what

I wonder if Barack is going to give Kerry a position in his administration?

"Opinions are like assholes"--- truly an great saying for for my beloved DU.

Greenwich Dem Town Committee (DTC) passes resolution to Censure and Repudiate Joe Lieberman

Doesn't "natural born" mean not adopted?

If you question my hate for Faux Suxs... this is why... I hated playing telephone in kindergarten.

Understanding concerns of others.

Republican cracks deepen: Obama "off to a good start"

Freepers Are Probably Laughing At Us- Can We Knock Off The "Is Obama A Citizen" Crap?

Obama seeks to create 2.5m jobs

WATCH: Obama Causes Excited Frenzy During Lunch Stop At Chicago Deli

45 years ago today, in Dealey Plaza

"...I serve as a blank screen on which people... project their own views."

Washington's subway begins planning for inauguration crush

"The suggestion that bringing on Clinton officials is inconsistent with change is pure bunk."

Do You Approve Or Disapprove Of Obama's Staff And Cabinet Picks So Far?

Do You Approve Or Disapprove Of Obama's Staff And Cabinet Picks So Far?

For those of you screaming for case law in pnwmom's thread

Hillary as Sec of State may have to do with the Palestian Israeli issue

Obama, can you lay off our state ranks?

DU chooses the Obama cabinet

Obama should not listen to us here in the hinterlands tell him what to do...he is there to LEAD

This awesome: Kids are taking the initiative and having their schools re-named in Obama's honor

This awesome: Kids are taking the initiative and having their schools re-named in Obama's honor

(Progressive Caucus Co-Chair)Grijalva in Running for Interior

Verizon Employees hack Obama records.

Whatever you think about Obama's picks to date

Obamas Heading Back to Hawaii

This Minnesota voter has a sense of humor

MTB: Food Politics---What we eat is making us sick! Find out why -- and what we can do about it.

Brezezinski's fascinating take on Hillary as SOS...

Obama's talking about the important stuff -so should we

Obama Girls to Attend Sidwell Friends, Chelsea Clinton's Alma Mater

John Heilemann of NY Mag is an idiot

Bush: "You know, when I campaigned for office, I said I was for change"

None of the Cabinet Positions are "Official", yet. Here Are Some Progressives Under Consideration

HRC campaign sale: Everything must go!

Obama's Cabinet Picks and Flawed Criticism Thereof

I'm trying real hard to think who'll be TIME's Person of the Year,

Where are the Solutions? It appears a number of factors chimed in all at once

Barack Obama on criticism from the people - 7/3/08

What will you remember most?

Another Democrat wins on recount.

Obama and Congress: Up Close and Personal

Richardson may be Commerce Sec'y. It's good he'll be in the cabinet...but I feel sorry for him.

Hey, lurking freepwads, I'm looking forward to your next crushing disappointment

Don't ever forget, The LAST EIGHT YEARS is what FISCAL CONSERVATISM looks like.

Durbin is endorsing Patrick Fitzgerald to keep his position if he wants it.


Sarah Palin and dog doo on your shoe

Who defines "progressive"?

Look, I love Howard Dean, but if he doesn't get an appointment

There's a reason the MSM is completely ignoring the silly birth certificate lawsuits

NY-Gov: Another Poll Has Paterson Leading Rudy

LOL! – Must see video – World leaders don’t shake Bush’s hand at G20 Summit

LOL... Sarah Palin Demonstrates Circle Of Life In Turkey Snuff Video - SJMercury News

Gen. Clark supportive of Gen. Jones as NSA

What’s So Special About a Team of Rivals?

Franken is now down by only 115 votes on the recount

Poor Faux. They're so used to getting "exclusive interviews" with members of the administration.

Gays can have their Civil Rights as soon as they're lynched on a regular basis.

Obamas New Orchestra is being gathered, the practice sessions begin as more positions are filled

My buddy says Wes Clark has gotten an appointment to the admin.

Will Obama's new church be the Washington National Cathedral

Could Obama make any more Cabinet announcements Monday to give the market another kick?

Is Georgie Bush planning to flee to Paraguay?

Obama Names White House Message-Bearers - Gibbs, Moran, Pfeiffer

This country needs a new Manhattan Project

progressives are big stupid heads!

Is the Boxer energy plan the Obama energy plan?

Best Headline Ever: "Moran to run Obama press shop"

What are you guys fighting over now?

hoping BushCo's crimes haven't slipped off the radar...

Will Tina Fey return tonight for an SNL Palin Turkey-Massacre parody?

Summers to Be Top White House Economic Adviser at NEC

One assumption that's bothering me(and this isn't about Obama, really)

Robert Gibbs "will be the face of the Obama White House."

Doesn't "natural born" mean not adopted?

President-elect Obama's weekly address: 2.5 million jobs

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Center-Right Myth (Hal Cohen)

Obama Tilts to Center, Inviting a Clash of Ideas

New York Mag Heilemann Must Read: What's Behind Obama's Consideration of Hillary as SOS

My newest favorite President Obama picture.

Palin Pardons Turkey - oblivious to what's going on behind her..(GORE alert)

Robert Reich: How Obama is Already Taking Charge

Guests for the Sunday TV news shows

How Obama is Already Taking Charge, by Robert Reich

I wrote an interpretive dance for Obama. Shall I perform it?

I have an awesome idea!

RARE Group pic!!!

Can Someone please talk me down

Baffled and Perplexed by the arguments going on right now.

Why Daschle and not Dean for HHS?

Facts about "so many bitter and angry progressives" on DU

New AirforceOne 09 .....

Angry progressives = kook fringe

So now that we're all one happy family enjoying watching Prez Obama put together his stellar cabinet

Why does the GOP wish to block Obamas agenda? even as Obamas team reaches out in Bipartisanship?

Why does the GOP wish to block Obamas agenda? even as Obamas team reaches out in Bipartisanship?

Franken! Reach out to Nader now!

Remember my R friends? Need some things to ease worried brows here.

The Obama Revolution

Who should take Hillary's senate seat?

SQUEEE! break

So you say we need people from the Clinton admin because they have the required experience?

So you say we need people from the Clinton admin because they have the required experience?

STOP YOUR BICKERING. Obama proposes massive public works program.

For Obama's inauguration, I wish Gloria Estephan was alive.

"Husband's Charity Would Raise Issues for a Secretary Clinton"

I can't stand The Young Turks.

Remember in the campaign when Republicans were complaining about Obama's plane not having a US flag?

What do you think of Obama's decision to send his daughters to Sidwell Friends School?

Who's being considered for Education? Anyone know?

this is what's wrong with Progressives

Joe Conason: Get over it, Clinton haters

Obama's mysoginistic slight of Hillary will backfire on him.

Let's have it out about the AUMF, once and for all

Was anyone else pulling for Timothy Geithner from the start?

45 years ago today, JFK was assassinated in Dallas, where were you?

Mort Kondrake's solution to GOP's woes: fire conservative talk show hosts.

How is it that people that get things right (Howard Dean) don't get appointed and people

Anybody remember that New York-y music video for Obama en espanol...

Prepare to be Palin'd

Will Al Franken win?

What effect, if any, might Barack Obama's presidency have on Black culture?

OMG! 100% of Obama's Administration have connections to the Clintons!

Screw all y'all. I'm loving this cabinet so far. Remember what were leaving behind for crying out

Aren't there a number of past U.S. Presidents who had a birth parent of non-U.S. citizenship?

Hillary would make a good SoS, but I wish she weren't the choice for one reason

Get over it, Clinton haters

TIME's Mark Halperin: 'Extreme Pro-Obama Media Bias A Disgusting Failure'

Is Hillary The First White Female Secretary Of State?

We did it... Meet the newest member of the family

Oy vey! Sun-Times OpEd on Michelle Obama's butt "it is a solid, round, black, class-A boo-tay"

The coolest car I have ever seen .... times four!

What happened to trusting Obama?

Now that the election's over will we ever know the truth?

Clarence Thomas takes up case against Obama -- re: citizenship

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!

Number of juveniles held at Guantanamo almost twice official Pentagon figure

Joe the Plumber Lands Book Deal

Lula discusses economic crisis with 'lucid' Fidel Castro

Report: U.S. Dominance and Influence Predicted to Fade

Russian leader embarks on defiant Latin America tour

Obama makes public stop in Chicago

In need of cash, states auction goods online

Shias stage protests against Iraq-US pact

Business big shot: Arianna Huffington, online entrepreneur

Obama likely to name Geithner Treasury secretary

GM bailout money used to beef up GM Brazil

Former Regulator: Clear Fraud in Financial Crisis -- Why Isn't Anyone in Jail?

Greg Craig's controversial foreign ties

Evo Pays a Socialist Call: Bolivia's Morales Makes Most of First D.C. Visit

UK militant 'killed in Pakistan'

Community Bank of Loganville, Georgia, Is Shuttered (20th failure of the year)

Obama Economic Plan Aims for 2.5M New Jobs by 2011 (Weekly Address)

Obama Raised Half a Billion Online (after Palin speech, $10 million in 24 hours)

Cheeks Kilpatrick mum about vote over Dingell post (Payback for Kwame?)

UK militant 'killed in Pakistan'

Obama names longtime spokesman Gibbs press chief

Small (Westboro Baptist) protest precedes Grosse Pointe Farms school's play ("The Laramie Project")

Westboro (Kansas church that protests funerals) protest draws student counter protest

3rd Lawsuit Claims Election-Night Police Abuse

U.S. Bank Acquires Downey Savings & Loan and PFF Bank & Trust (Failures #21 & #22)

U.S. Muslim Leaders Denounce al Qaeda's Slur Toward Obama

Obama economic plan aims for 2.5M new jobs by 2011 (radio address)

GM board hasn't ruled out bankruptcy as an option

Dell plans to shift more work to Asia

Summers to Be Top White House Economic Adviser at NEC

U.S. Govt workers punished in oil-sex scandal

U.S. Govt workers punished in oil-sex scandal

Start-Up Company Plans Electric-Car Network (San Francisco, Bay Area)

Top Scientist Rails Against Hirings, Bush Appointees Land Career Jobs Without Technical Backgrounds

Carter, Annan, others refused entry to Zimbabwe

Techies jailed for stealing secrets

Dillard's To Cut Jobs

A fearful end to Sri Lanka's war?

"Yes We Can" Students Rename School for Obama

"Yes We Can" Students Rename School for Obama

Malaysia outlaws yoga for Muslims

Ford mulls corporate jet sale (they have 5)

'Israel spy' put to death in Iran

Argentine man kills himself on TV

3 Minutes on the Beach (What's your high score?)

Bush vs. Obama: Presidential Style

Obama and Congress: Up Close and Personal

Guardian UK: Bush's Guantánamo policy falls apart

The CIA Nostra

Obama’s mandate for change

Obama's Daughters to Attend Sidwell Friends

What Next for Obama's Grass-Roots Network? "Transforming democracy itself"?

Legal Scholars Urge Bush to Issue 'Palin Pardons'

The Seven Deadly Deficits

Landmine treaty being ignored, 5,400 killed or injured in 2007: report

New Poll Causes Repubs to Flex Legislative Muscles

Useless GOP Poll, or Some Excited School Kids: Make the Call

Friday Talking Points (56) -- Turkeys Everywhere!

Colombia's Laboratory of Failure (The NYT Comes Out for Corporate Profits Over Human Rights)

IRAQ: Thousands march to protest Status of Forces Agreement

Theater of War: Portrait of a Homeland Security State [Photo Slideshow Included]

Midnight Hour

Tom Hayden: Frankenstein in Mesopotamia

Sarah Palin's Greatest 'Gift' to America: Ruining Thanksgiving!

The Shout Heard Round the World: Obama as Global Leader

ANALYSIS / Is Obama's Mideast peace platform coming into focus?

Gail Collins: Time for Him to Go

Secrets Of The CIA: the stories of former agents who dared to break away

Beaten, Tortured and Sentenced 25-to-Life for Minor Drug Offense

Mark Shields to Nat'l Univ. of Ireland : Obama has ‘already brought change’

A Sarah Palin Thanksgiving

A Turkey By Any Other Description - Is Still the Governor of Alaska

Economic Depression for Dummies


Mort Kondracke blames talk radio for GOP perils

Weekend Economists--The Nostalgia Weekend November 21-23, 2008

The core cancer of planet Earth is STILL the Israeli/Palestinian "conflict".

Why We're Rescuing Wall Street and Not the Auto Industry: Citigroup Versus General Motors

Obama’s win a nightmare for al-Qaida

Obama's choice for DHS could flame tech visa battle

They Chose a School, Now the Obamas Must Choose a Church

Republican Regulators & Wall Street Banksters

Obama Virginia Rally - Before Election Day - Great Music Track! - PART 1

Music Video by Op-Critical - A call to embrace HOPE not fear! - Fear Not

Kucinich Fights to save 4000 jobs at National City Bank

Obama Virginia Rally - Before Election Day - PART 2 - The Speech

Dubai - ATLANTIS spectacular Opening Night!! - Wow! Holy F*!@?!!ck - Where's Oil $$ Going? Hehe

The Little Match Seller

Saxby Chambliss misquotes Greenspan while trying to defend his own gaffe.

A warning to all politicians... be ever vigilant ~ We are watching !


Palin Explains The Turkey Interview

Obama and al-Qaeda

Dick Cheney Indictment Hearings Just Getting Started

Rachel Maddow & Richard Engel talk about the new agreement b/t Iraq and the US

Dubai Atlantis Opening! - The Exclusive Party!! - Where is your gas money going? Hahahaha!!!!

Tribute to BHO, JFK, & MLK: Barack Obama, Erykah Badu, MLK, and JFK cry for action

Barack Obama Elementary School

Jobless Claims Jump to 16-year High

TYT: Justice for Guantanamo Detainees(!)

Countdown: Bushed! Nov. 21, 2008: Blackwater in legal jeopardy for killings in Iraq?

The Beatles Day Tripper - Music from Lennon-McCartney

TYT: Why Did Al Qaida Call Obama A 'House Negro'?

Gore can 'barely contain' excitement about Obama

Rachel Maddow Show: Jonathan Turley on Pardons 'Can Bush Pardon Himself?' - 11/21

Weekly Address. Economy: Of the People, By the People.

What Would Jesus Buy? (Trailer)

Wasilla Turkey Massacre II: Conservative group releases a Thanksgiving-themed ad thanking Palin

ChangeDotGov: Inside the Transition: Your thoughts on energy and the environment

CBS News announces JFK's death

Unity March in Hardwick, New Jersey - "Heal the World with Me"

John F Kennedy's Warning To Us All ....

Cenk On The Palin Turkey Interview

George Carlin~Words that Hide the Truth~

Social Networking Site Caters To Veterans

DoD confirms computer virus in networks

Army report shows chemicals at burn pit site

Maryland lt. gov. in running for VA secretary

Mother held in fire that killed her children

Study links heart disease, Agent Orange toxin

Christmas trees free for Bragg families

Activists show patience on repealing gay ban

Ga. voters can get ballots online for runoff

Pakistan army stages UAV shoot-down exercise

Strike group’s ships home for holiday — except 1

Unique journey for unique warship

Naval hospital recognizes caregivers

4 Marines plead not guilty in murders

Pendleton gunny dies in Iraq

Marine accused of desertion posts $5,000 bail

Noise issue delays Eglin JSF basing decision

Air Force says JAG ruling sets bad precedent

Plans solidify for new B-52 squadron at Minot

Paternity leave policy in effect

U.S. soldiers, Iraqis sound off on deal

MWR workers collect post allowance back pay

Abbas says Israel has proposed Jerusalem concessions in the past

ANALYSIS / Is Obama's Mideast peace platform coming into focus?

U.S. radar soon to be operational in Israel

Gazans Resist by Surviving

Rape trial at Lakenheath could extend to Monday

Gas price policy has motorists enraged

Missile Strike Kills Wanted Militants

Soldier accused of rape apologizes in South Korean court

Filner Advocates 'De-Boot Camp' for GIs

Gen. Casey Discusses Role of the Army

Islamists Say They'll Take on Pirates

No Patriot Express during holiday weeks

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Future Leaders

Boeing to Lead UAV Aerial Refueling Demo

Contractors will lose immunity in deal

Assassination as Official Israeli Policy

Defense contractor charged with murder

US Develops Tiny Flying Robots

The Wall

Alfredo Cantu Gonzalez

DOD won’t re-route ships

AAFES gas prices stagnant in Germany

AP Video Link: Fla. Governor Calls for Ban on Turtle Harvesting

How the Rich Are Destroying the Earth

Wind turbines to help rural townships (PA)

France Raises Solar Feed-in Tariffs; New York SEIA Calls for FITs

Guy files global warming lawsuit with International Criminal Court

Could Falling Oil Prices Stall Oil Sands Projects?

Over 200 whales trapped in Canadian ice

Surprise drop in power use worries utilities

Mish likes gold now.

WTO agreements may complicate any auto industry bailout.

Horse and Buggy Manufacturers Seek Fed Assistance

The Truth About Bailouts

Congressman Sander Levin's statement on why we need to support domestic auto makers:

Downey Savings and Loan thanks for the memories!

30 reasons for Great Depression 2 by 2011

3 more bank failures yesterday

Insight on why we bailed out Wall Street but are bad-mouthing Mainstreet

Video: Together We Made History

Below are the top stories of the week from Capitol Hill.

Today in labor history Nov 21, strikes and protests against high prices during the Civil War

Today in labor history Nov 22 the “Uprising of the 20,000,” female garment workers went on strike

NYT: N.F.L. Players Union Could Use the Help of Miller

Actors Union, Studios Meet With Mediator on Contract Stalemate

MSNBC: 'Card check' best hope for auto workers union?

Wal-Mart, GE don't want union to protect workers

Labor board OKs $16 million settlement in 2001 union complaint against Midwest Generation

Swift meatpacking workers vote to join union

Fired in Montana, N.Y. miner hopes to strike gold in Nevada

Union linked to anti-Wal-Mart efforts in Chandler

CNN Money: Unemployed? More help for you

NFL Shutdown in 2011?

Blaming Labor

Self-storage firm boycotted for Prop. 8 support

Collateral damage: A young casualty of Prop 8


Texans donated big money to ban Calif. gay weddings

Prop. 8 divides Bay Area Catholics

Socialism and Homosex

What makes a relationship work?

Have they no decency? Pro-prop 8 group launch

A Letter to My Brother Newt Gingrich

Activists show patience on repealing gay ban (xpost from Veterans)

Run with this quote

Prince, bad; guitarist from Guns N Roses, good. (No musical commentary here...)

Love for All

Both sides in California's Prop. 8 battle look ahead to 2010

Colombia's Laboratory of Failure (The NYT Comes Out for Corporate Profits Over Human Rights)

Evo Pays a Socialist Call: Bolivia's Morales Makes Most of First D.C. Visit

Correa demands FARC release hostage from Ecuador

Hugo Chávez and the U.S. Media

Curlin retired to Lanes End


The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (November 21): Armenia, China Lead Chess Olympics

How bout those Oklahoma City Thunder?!?! Bwahahahaha

Pomegranate juice +Calcium channel blockers = NO

Realy cool conversation about NDE's and OBE's in GD

hmmm, is my grandson psychic?

Anybody want to share the tricks you use to feel stronger?

New message from Matthew -

coming to theatres soon...pluto in capricorn

It's been a while

A little water

Eligibility question about the December contest...

Red Tide: UAE East Coast

Turkey parts recipes?

Mark Bittman's Bad Kitchen

Talk to me about Venison, please!

need help in making chocolate chip cookies

Religious or not: DUers, I need help on a theology report

Did anyone hear about this psychologist who had a near-death experience

A recurrence of the 1859 solar superstorm would be a cosmic Katrina

How do you feel about this alternative method for peer reviewing scientific papers?

Coolest ever! You can sign up for Aurora Borealis alerts!

NIST Releases Final Report on WTC 7 - November 20, 2007

If people like the Obamas continue to dodge public schools....

Help, please! getting iexplore.exe error message upon logging off...

Good software to back up to WD external harddrive?

Does anyone know how to use Open Office....

Foreign policy thoughts that have been out there

Still 1 kitten looking for a home in SE Wisconsin

So......Donald Drivers Dad....