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Archives: November 25, 2008

Earthbound Trading Owner Nick Tillman and Wife Died In a Plane Crash This Afternoon

"...staggering losses and intense public scrutiny..." -Citigroup..Nov 16, 2007

Tom Gish, Tenacious Kentucky Newsman, Dies at 82

Jury: guilty verdicts against citizen's arrest of Rove participants. God Bless A-mer-i-fucking-CA.

PHOTO-ma-graphic PROOF: "Preznit had himself a drinky-poo at Asia-Pacific gathering in Lima"

CNBC: Obama is innocent until proven guilty

Close Guantanamo! That's what I hear. The chicken coups, or the naval base? I say BOTH.

Come with me now, to those thrilling days of yesteryear ............

Stock Market RALLIES mean relatively LITTLE to moms 'n' pops visited by JEFF STRYKER....

Is there any way to find out how much Paulsson, Bush and Cheney made on Citibank stock today?

Merril Jessop surrenders to authorities!!

I finally found a reason to be happy that Bush stole the 2000 election

Freedom’s Watch is shutting down

Damn unions destroyed Chitigroup.

Reich-wing Talibangelical meme of the month: "Gay Fascism"

Obama's First Moves on Foreign Policy--Analysis by Stratfor

Reuters: Workers cautious about 401(k) investment

Reuters: Workers cautious about 401(k) investment

To some psychiatric patients, life seems like TV

61 ballots found in Pro-Coleman County--not previously counted

What year did approval of interracial marriage eclipse disapproval? (Gallup)

Springsteen's New Single "Working On A Dream" Free Download Today

Why all the controversy about weight?

MILK - the movie.....opens Wednesday

Firefox Spellchecker suggests "Lieberman" for "Olbermann"

DU Fatwa Wars...."Save the Last Dance for Me!

Third time lucky: Is Colmes leaving Faux and why ?(will I get a straight answer this time?)

Robert Redford looks great on Rachel

Christian Science Monitor: Schools feel pinch from economic woes

Bush might decide to issue pre-emptive pardons before he leaves office

Prince denies anti-gay-rights remarks; New Yorker stands by story!

What really bugs me about delaying the elimination of tax cuts for the wealthy

Homeless Shelter Goes Green To Cut Costs

Bush pardons 14 and commutes 2 prison sentences

Robert Reich: Citigroup Versus General Motors

On Hardball they are talking about the HUGE Giveaways to the UAW..and complaining about it...

Eyeing Obama Era, DailyKos Launches New Blog to Press Congress

Boston Legal starting now. Last season. n/t

please delete

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Okay, I just saw the entire PalinTurkeyMurder video

My fundie Republican neighbor is praying that Israel attacks Iran before Bush leaves office

What's wrong with class warfare?

Prop 8 backers now whining that they have been linked to "extreme" groups which supported Prop 8

Anyone else not seeing a problem with the credit market?

Jupiter and Venus to Converge

Let's make a new deal

More Americans serving as their own lawyers

Siblings Kept Mentally-Disabled Older Sister in Backyard Shed for Decades

Sippin' longnecks, watchin' cartoons, playin' Nintendo...the 3-point Bush economic recovery plan

Listening to President Obama today it hit me. I will really, really miss .......

Anyone here familiar with the California laws governing homeowners associations?

Anyone here familiar with the California laws governing homeowners associations?

And you thought the racism and ageism during the election was bad!

Top Scientist Rails Against Hirings: Bush Appointees Land Career Jobs Without Technical Backgrounds

US Senate Candidate Martin (D-GA) Joins Union Phone Bank as Election Approaches Dec 2

So did Vikram Pandit take the bus or hitchhike to the meeting with the Treasury Dept?

Ohio cannot cover nearly 500 million in unemployment insurance... State almost bankrupt.....

Which team has the largest corporate jet fleet? AIG, Citigroup, B of America? Or Detroit's Big 3?

The Decider is now The Pardoner: What a bizarre list of the pardoned - drug dealers and bug killers?

The coming suffocation.....

BREAKING: Al Qaeda To Apply For Bailout.

A Cabinet full of Demoblicans and Republicrats...

A Cabinet full of Demoblicans and Republicrats...

I cannot possibly thank everyone who has sent good wishes to my Mom.

The dead-enders at Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic.....

VIDEO: Letterman's Top 10 Sarah Palin Excuses For Turkey Slaughter

Geithner called it in 2004.

Indonesian state weighs plan to implant microchips in AIDS patients

My basement is filled with troubled assets. Where's my fucking bailout?

California Commission to investigate Mormon involvement in Prop 8

Geez, how far down the river do you have to go before you acknowlege

To all the voters that took this country back ~ This is for You~

Is it now clear that Milton Friedman was the dumbest SOB

Letterman's 10 top Palin excuses for Turkey slaughter scene. Hilarious.

Dick Cheney: "a formula for success".

Could someone explain to me how Bush was able to f**k up things so badly and remain in office

I just realized that Maslow's hierarchy of needs is baloney.....

Why is W(arlord) Bush trying to instill fear in the American public?

Town Says Tearful Farewell To Native Son.....

A Genuine (I'm divorced now!) 'Thank Goodness!"

More on URGENT GA runoff -- PPP survey has Chambliss up 6%, Obama said to NOT be going, etc

Indonesia's Papua Plans to Tag AIDS Sufferers

Which liberal forum has a choice in all its polls called "Pie"? Keith mentioned that last night

Somali Pirates Hijack Yemeni Ship in Gulf of Aden

If Adolf Hitler flew in today

The situation in America is, to a great extent, due to the elimination of investigative

Okay- this is pretty damned scary- coming from Richard Haass.

Do you believe that Obama and McCain collaborated on creating a list of potential staffers?

U.S. Pledges Top $7.7 Trillion to Ease Frozen Credit (Update 2)

Black Friday Bingo

Joe Sestak: Acute flaw in Iraq deal over forces

Is Tony Blair a Terrorist? NSA Eavesdropped on Britain's Prime Minister

Invitations to Gov. Crist's nuptials are in the mail (Bwahahaha)

$400 million for a fucking sign! Here citigroup, I have your sign!

192 UN Member States in 10 minutes

Because it's timely: Mae Brussel's program (transcript) on Guyana and Harvey Milk:

Relatives knew Syracuse couple spanked baby too hard

Cops Sue Taser International For Being Tasered... By Taser International

What hideous bastids: Hannity/Morris claim Shrub inherited a recession!1

$4,000 for 100 hours of community service?

Government plans new program to aid credit issuers

Conservative estimate for cost of Bush's failed Iraq occupation will be at least $3 Trillion dollars

George W Bush = narcissistic personality disorder

To some psychiatric patients, life seems like TV

Rapper and police sergeant among President Bush pardons

People Will Operate Within The System Foisted Upon Them

OMG Someone sentenced to listening to Barry Manilow.

Capitalism Sucks!

They're already going 50% off Christmas things

Bill Clinton's Economic Plan

Leno just showed the Ron Howard and Andy Griffith clip supporting Obama.

Three things I didn't know about the auto industry (assuming this article is accurate).

Sesame Street takes big wonderful swipe at Fox News!!!

Surprise: Cops Who Get Tasered Really Don't Like It

Thanks Keith

"Let the eeeeeeeeeagle soar..." Bush pardons man convicted of killing 3 bald eagles

Last Secrets of the Bush Administration

This Modern World: They tried to warn us. If only we'd listened -- while there was still time!

Meanwhile back in Galveston: Oy! No pie for you if you end up on the beach!

WTF??? We are footing Gonzo's legal bills??? At $24,000 a month???

If Al Gore had not been prevented from the Presidency ...

GAO: Labor Dept. Misled Congress ("lied" to Congress works better)

Remember Jack Abramoff and the pallets of cash gone lost in Iraq?

The largest partisan caucus in the House, is the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Zimbabwe on brink of collapse as outbreak of cholera spreads•

Circular Firing Squad: the Republican Suicide Watch

Daily Show: Sarah Palin's Greatest Hits (VIDEO)

wanna see something funny? lol

Click for details.

Luke Russert coming up on Morning Joe.. I saw him on a "date" yesterday. .

Breaking Up Citigroup, Fannie and Others

Leading Nevada Republican To Be Indicted

Bush operatives caught ripping copper plumbing out of the walls of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Hatred eating Tweety's brain away

Commerce Department: Economy Worse Than Expected

M$M's WTF moment number 4,588 ...

Maybe this pardon will have to occur on Jan. 20th after 12PM

A caller on C-Span said Paulson looked like someone was behind the curtain

An Observation on Obama's press conference yesterday and the one today

COULTERgeist literally breaks jaw. & Martha STEWART cites broken prison system

COULTERgeist literally breaks jaw. & Martha STEWART cites broken prison system

Melody! Obama Taps a Progressive and Nobody in the Media Knew It

"Nothing is more important than affordable mortgage financing..."

"Get outta your cave, get into my car"...Bin Laden's driver released from Gitmo

Paulson News Conference coming up (10 AM EST/7 AM PST)

WP's Citizenship 2.0 - DU mentioned

Larisa Alexandrovna: ABC News' Showcases Vomitous Shock & Awe "Barbie" Collection

Larisa Alexandrovna: ABC News' Showcases Vomitous Shock & Awe "Barbie" Collection

We know auto makers are having a tough time of it but what about truck makers?

Cheney Helped Halliburton Hide Secrets About Dangerous Chemicals in America's Drinking Water.

some negatives on Eric Holder

Anger is one of the five stages of grief.

Coleman now up by 210 votes vs. Franken

WH: Bush "doesn't recall" spying on former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

Wow...CNBC Dude went off on MSNBC. Contessa tries to shut him down.

I love the reporter that said to Paulson "but it didn't work"

Why the auto makers might be allowed to go bankrupt, but not the banks

News Conference today: Obama and Biden at noon

Citibank will still pay $400 million for naming rights to Mets stadium

Was this the speech that got John F. Kennedy killed? - 2 minutes

Won't Bush's Farewell Address to the Nation be a real hoot?

Well, somebody has to be shallow - so it might as well be me. Does the new fellow that Obama is app

Obama press conference on now.

For economy's sake, Pelosi needs to push for impeachment now

Is Harvey Milk still a force for change?

All these corporate "bailouts"

Surprise: Cops Who Get Tasered Really Don't Like It

How about making our own "Thank You, Sarah Palin" videos?

Here's What I Don't Get

I used to be against the bailout for big auto

The Rude Pundit: Fucked New Orleans (Crime Edition of a Series That Has No End in Sight)

One more night, baby one more night (Phil Collins)

Eugene Robinson: No One In Charge

Satire: Treasury Dept Mistakenly Bails Out Sperm Bank

Delayed reactions: My 9 yr old son keeps using the phrase,

This isn't the first time Citi has robbed me

Do Iraqis see the invasion of Iraq the way Americans see Sept 11 (i.e. as a wonderful opportunity)?

i just made up a new word to describe Bu$h... "Narcississy"

there is going to be a baby boom

Guiliani Traffic Jam

Forrest Gump Explains Mortgage-Backed Securities...

Report: Pro-War Group(Freedom's Watch) Going Out of Business

I'm glad Tiger Woods will have time for his family now that those GM ads are done with--LOL

another view of america at work

Hormel Foods Profit Falls 33% on Turkey-Feed Costs

AIG Freezes Executive Salaries, Liddy’s Pay Set at $1

Ro Rough. They are trying to make Lumpy cry.

Andy Borowitz: Obama’s Use of Complete Sentences Stirs Controversy

Owner says sunken "Pirate" ship was actually Thai trawler

Treasury may have to request funds from Congress

Say it loud, say it loud, say it loud. Our First Lady is black and I'm proud.

Frontpage of today's Detroit Free Press reflects the growing anger and fear over the Big 3

Damn Lumpy looks 1/2 dead and he's going to run again. LOL

Can someone explain the plan to remove US troops and mercenaries from Iraq?

Will Pelosi change her mind on impeachment before it's too late?

White House not likely to pardon torture officials, claims torture memos make pardons ‘unnecessary.’

Batten down the hatches, LA DUers, SEVERE WEATHER WARNING tonight.

Big Jump Foreseen in Ranks of the Poor

Karzai calls for withdrawal timeline for Afghanistan.»

Napolitano Offers Obama Pragmatic Take on Immigration

Breaking on MSNBC, Brennan will not be Director of the CIA

Larger Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Fines Ahead - (Halliburton)

Shocking news from Florida

What Should The Alan Colmes Tell-All Book About Hannity Be Titled?

Petition Seeking Pardon For Cunningham Has Just 13 Signatures After Three Years

Franken Claims List Of 6,400 Rejected Ballots

Tuesday TOONS part 1: The big Bailout/Ripoff

do you belong to any republican leaning groups / organizations?

Please support Gov. Don Siegelman's Legal Defense

"I hope the doorknob gets perminatly stuck in his backside!"

AIG Chief slashes his salary to $1

Please help NOW to get Jim Martin (D-GA) elected to the Senate! Obama is helping, will you?!

The symbolism is perfectly exquisite-Bush Pardons Man Who Killed Three Bald Eagles

I love hitting "reply all" on idiotic RW email :)

Natalee Holloway Sold?

Well hell. So, the big bailout plan amounts to freeing more consumer

Yeahhhhh, You're A Troll Ain't You. Yeah, That's Right, You.

my "bank" was taken over this weekend...

To ILLINOIS posters: When are they gonna bust Drew Peterson?

If the $700 billion was given to every citizen of the U.S., we'd each only get $2300

Miami judge rules against Florida gay adoption ban

What happened to the "under votes" in the Mn senate race? Prior to the recount ....

Sarah Palin campaignin' for Saxby Chambliss, oh you betcha, just gettin' the straight talk out there

Laura Bush is a former school teacher... why hasn't she taught W how to say "nuclear?"...IN 8 YEARS?

Home prices Plunge!

In Private Retreat, Health Care Reformers Gird For Major Battle With Insurance Industry

Who is this "Americans for Job Security" thats been running these anti-Dem ads all over the place?

Dennis Kucinich Interview with Russian TV

Afghanistan Demands 'Timeline' For End of Military Intervention

Sometimes I feel sorry for myself...then I see this...

TEDTalk Tuesday: Structure of the Universe

Right wing: Marriage amendments passing means something, abortion amendments failing means nothing

Busholini on Giving Terra Speech rehashing how we killed Saddam's Sons

558 dogs and 106 cats in one home in Valparaiso, Chile. The city has no shelter.

Colmes: "My work is done"

I was just phone canvassed by "Concerned Women of America."

Iceland! Thailand! Where's Next?

Don't Waste Your Money In The Louisiana Run-Off.......

Don't Waste Your Money In The Louisiana Run-Off.......

Caption this * pic

Arab dictators fear Obama's message of change

How many Nimitz-class supercarrier's do you think we need? Think 9 is enough? How about 10?

Left Out of the Bailout: The Poor

So what milquestoast liberal will FAUX dig up to join Hannity and replace Combes?

Any news on the Franken Coleman race??

More Shocking News From Florida

on the bailout and the ceo's. compensation--I believe that every single company that

Can the auto industry borrow AIG's lobbyist?

I want a bill prohibiting credit card companies from using all their

Skywatchers spot ‘lost’ space tool kit

Much to His Chagrin, 'Plain Old Barack Is Gone'

Dear President-Elect Obama and Obama Transition Team:

Corporate Class War: Pit Worker Against Worker

Holiday Stress Relief Especially Important With Economic Woes -->

George Bush really had Scooter Libby dressed up as a turkey

Recession Kills Travel Plans, Spoils Reunions for U.S. Thanksgiving Day

Administration faked savings to privatize jobs -- (what utter fucking ass-holes)

Palin McMoose is going to sponsor a turkey hunt for Chambliss.(sp?)

Not only does Bush not talk to his enemies, he does not talk to his friends either

Visiting Repub relatives during T day?

Any suggestions for a site to get the current popular vote count?

Rioting In Iceland?

The Big Dawg is back -- I suddenly feel more secure

Sewage Saturates Sadr City as Billions in Investment Fail to Rebuild Iraq

Lieberman: Obama 'about perfect' in Cabinet picks-------

Enjoy some MILK.....starting tomorrow

Governors, Environmentalists, and Health Advocates Fume Over Bush's Last Minute Air Pollution Rule

Feed America, buy Dr. Colbert's boots!

Photoshop request / theme: Got Pitchforks?

Palin Offers a List of Thankfulnesses for Thanksgiving.

Citizenship 2.0 (DU mentioned)

Citizenship 2.0 (DU mentioned)

WTF happened to the "clone a neanderthal" thread?

Happy Thanksgiving From All The Children Of Iraq

Anyone know how mAnn Coulter broke her jaw (now wired shut :)?

Fundies: eHarmony "sells out to homosexuals"

Sen. Chambliss (R-Ga) Gets Angry When Asked About Role in Sugar Dust Blast

I Find It Impossible To Believe That Bush Can Pardon Himself

Former Bush aide charged with stealing federal grant

Nepotism for One World Govt. Lives! Mica is hosting for Gregory on MSNBC

Bumper sticker spotted: US Flag and 'Bring Back Assassinations'

How Not to Pardon a Turkey, and Other Thoughts About Thanksgiving

I think I know why Paulson et al. are shoveling tons of cash to banks and zero to consumers

CBS News Pumping The Idea of Consumer Credit as the answer....

Traces of melamine found in U.S.-made infant formula: WSJ

That's it. I'm asking for a bailout.

Why is Dumya getting loaded?

Howard Dean coming up on MSNBC/Shuster...5:30 p.m. (est)

Ann Coulter's Jaw Wired Shut: Report

Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional

What happens if things continue to worsen, regardless of what the Fed or Treasury do?

That's it - I am enraged!

So our family has bought a 3rd car....a Toyota

Woman Wins Date With 'Great Catch,' Gets Raped

Franken Camp Calls For Investigation Of Missing Ballots

Congressional Panel To Investigate If Government Was Out To Get Spitzer

Document revealing military spying on RNC protesters leaked to ACLU


Which political/economic theory should be given a second chance?

So.....Is Bush hitting the bottle again or what?

Sources: Contractor for military (KBR/Halliburton) committed SERIOUS VIOLATIONS

1st time homebuyers can get $7,500 tax credit that is actually an interest-free loan

Gay-marriage debate unites Mormons: "People don't like us anyway."

Take your Zamboni and shove it.... Individuals/organizations that funded Prop 8

Bush History: Taxpayers Lose Out-Bush Prevents Gov't from Negotiating Best Price 11/25

What in the world is going on with gas prices?

If you're still wondering what's going on in America ...

Here's what Ford's U.S. UAW is up against in Brazil.

The Bailout Of Auto: Giving The "Big Three" A Club To Destroy The Auto Workers Union

How about this- Hannity and Palin.

10 men arrested in acid attack on Afghan schoolgirls

Did you have any of these 3rd Party tickets on your ballot?

screw the damned unions!

I can understand the vegetarian lifestyle, but surely a vegan one is a misnomer?

I wonder what Krugman is thinking?

Caption *

Norquist: ‘The Economy’s In The Present State’ Because Democrats Took Control Of Congress In 2006»


The Freepers Were RIGHT! They Tried to Warn Us!

The Freepers Were RIGHT! They Tried to Warn Us!

FEMA to get a facelift under Obama admin - - YES!

All AIG execs FIRED, jobs outsourced to India

Who here has lost their job due to the economic kablooey?

## LA Times finally reporting: Injured veterans getting screwed! ##

Claremont parents clash over kindergarten Thanksgiving costumes

At risk of Alzheimer's? If so, you'd best be tokin' up. LEGALIZE IT!!

Somalia, a US War 'Nobody is Watching'

A very sad story about citizens cities all over the U.S.A.

Women staying in unproductive relationships from lack of choices!

Council passes controversial bill on stolen guns

When did you pretty much know in your heart that Obama was going to win?

Report: Ann Coulter's Jaw Wired Shut

Huh. Pentagon says getting blown up by an IED not "combat related" injury

PNAC is Back as FDD (these traitors never give up)...

Which theory(ies) do you think should be given another shot?

What Publishers Won't Admit About the Great American Novel

Help freeps are ranking down something i wrote...

My brother (62 years old) just called to tell me he was diagnosed with glaucoma

MSNBC: Hard times mean leaner Thanksgiving dinners (Many families lack the cash — and spirit)

Florida is officially nuts: 13-year-old arrested for farting

Code Pink Accepts Ahmadenejad's Invitation to Visit Iran

Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional

I got this note from Citibank just now

Well, folks, should we pull out some of the old standards and dust them off?

Remember this Time cover from the 1994 "GOP Stampede?"

The "Most Americans are liberal" Myth.

Okay, I'm going to say it....

Okay, I'm going to say it....

Georgia residents! Martin down 2-3 points*. Turn out can make the

Tuesday TOONS part 2: Repubs...

Don’t underestimate the power of Sarah Palin

Go see "Milk" -- but NOT at a Cinemark Theater!

Salt Lake Tribune: Prop 8 has become a PR "fiasco" for Mormons

It is up to the Progressives in the House and Sentate.

Slinky Kitty!

I started reading "American Lightning" by Howard Blum and it is

Jesus mutha f'in Christ - what's wrong with these little dogs?

A Parche Appreciation Thread!! Wake up Parche!!....

Dean's idea...use the DNC to centralize the progressive advocacy groups between elections.

The Coming Ice Age:

Some of the best mashups I've heard in a while...

I took my Grandmother to her Diabetes Doctor today

2 & 1/2 MILLION Hits So Far

"Remember this when you wake up in the morning and think you have nothing."

So One Of My God Clients Asked If I Was Merry

Coulter releases statement regarding health rumors

Since when do they start calling to solicit funds for the Hope Appeal?

The Chocolate Fondue is delicious

The Chocolate Jesus Fundie is delicious

I Am Craving Chocolate Fondue Right Now

Argh! Just listened to Chinese Democracy. I want *two* free Dr. Peppers!!!

Tonight I feel like burning the house down.

"Nobody" (undferrated and unknown music video, circa 1981)

Apparently you guys have been taking my poll

Fukin Shoot Me Now

Ah, the wonderfulness of folk music in 1980...

Blaze O' Glory unfolding in GDP

My new favorite word;

Rosie O'Donnell iis advertising Kathy Griffin to be on her show!

Because some pictures deserve their own thread

Arrrgh...Drive tomorrow or Wednesday? Advice?

I baked 12 loaves of pumpkin bread and scored, boiled and peeled

Time for puppy-cams to be adopted?

I just got back from the biggest clusterfuck ever!

Thank you to everyone who replied to my last thread

GIVE THANKS!! Ann Coulter's Mouth Wired Shut In Time For Thanksgiving.

How do you kick a thread?

Lurk lurk

I bet there will be a "Palin Family Christmas Show" similar to the "Andy

I'm home on Thanksgiving break,

Name the music groups or singers you cant stand to hear

I bought one of those peticure things at Walgreen's, and the beagle won't let me near

If "carrotness" describes a carrot flavor, and "onioness" describes an onion flavor

Anyone know what... ... is on DU?

I loved 1980-1983.

worst AMA show ever? (last night - except the beyonce trio)


Anybody here hear of a comic strip named "Gasoline Alley"?

How can any sane human being not hate conservatives?

Mystery piano in woods perplexes police

US is now officially bankrupt expect market and dollar to drop like a rock

Thanksgiving sucked this year.

Under eternity

Back to back, Jack! Another national championship for Oregon


I'm bad...I'm figuring out WoW 2 weeks before semester's end...

Slinky kitty!

Japanese man sets up home in Mexico airport food court

Did youtube just go widesceen

I loved 1983-1984

How can you listen to this Oasis song and not say it's good songsmanship?

Anyone here opened a kiosk business before?

I would submit that Obama is no longer "president-elect"

"I stopped putting nuts in my sundaes"...SNL Alum Horatio Sanz Drops 100 Lbs


Ok, I have to ask a question and I want to know bad enough to risk looking like a dufus

See the Poll the NRA Doesn't Want You to Know About

Nature: Should we clone a Neanderthal?

Not Clear. Not Clear. Clear. Not Clear. Then I don't know what that is. Not clear.

I found this Hummer forum and wanted to share...

today was sort of sad, sort of happy....

Mystery pianist w/ wood perplexes police

Background on what is happening in Thailand

Cream of mushroom soup + veggie meatballs + half cooked, half burned brown rice =

Nice throw, Aaron!

Need some famous Lounge vibes and some advice

We need it.

The puppies are tearing up the neighborhood!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/24/08

Former Repub Congressman Calls For "Thorough Investigation" Of Bush Admin

3-days and 11 pages later

Atenshun. Luv plants. Except...

OK and from the totally unrelated file: Lisa Kudrow (Friends) is doing Nintendo DS commercials

Ford Plant In Brasil Question

If the American People could get *one* bailout, what would you choose?

Not-Quite-Correct Bollywood Translation

What music are you listening to?

Spoiler warning

Need to make a veggie platter for Thanksgiving

What have you been reading?

Any Human Resource people here?

Is it egotistical to name your child after yourself?

Stumped for ideas for Xmas presents - how about celebrities painted with pancakes on their head.

Pardon me?

Sweet Potato pie, have you ever made one?

Alton Brown has terrible hair in the Welch's commercials.

I want to talk about some of the worst M-----F------'s with whom I've had to deal:

What is your current personal hit?

Is it egotistical to name your child Pope Philboy Julius Cesar Saint Augustine IX?

Good morning Lounge

SOY! SOY! SOY! Soy makes you strong! Strength crushes enemies! SOY!

Toot-toot Tootsie, don't cry: Dog is home

Debunking the myth of the $70-per-hour autoworker

Two shows I've been impressed with this season

Hey, Lounge...

Is Joaquin Phoenix Really saying Goodbye?

My dad's coming tomorrow, and my house is a mess as usual, but what most concerns

This is great!! Try will make your morning!!

So where is turtlensue? Still hungover from debauchery following the Redskins win over Seattle?

Ah HA!!! I have figured out Midlo's evil plot!!! I am on a troll today!!!!!

Photobucket help please

Open mic poetry thread.

TUESDAY ART: Menrfa (Natural Language of the Faculties)

Spoiler: "Legend Of Spyro-Dawn Of The Dragon" video game

Things that seem like so long ago but only happened a few years before your birth.

Did anyone watch "The Rape of Europa" last night on PBS?

I have FINALLY figured out primate1's evil plot.

Ah HA!!! I have also figured out DS1's evil plot!!! I am on a roll today!!!!!

How come I've been asked about a dozen times about my new Avatar, but nobody mentions the sig pic?

I let the gender analyzer look at the DU lounge

My friend directed a gorgeous music video

Someone has a crush on Mr. B-natural!

What I'd Like To Say To Other Drivers

I hate to disappoint PeterU's theory of God's existance but.....

I loved the 60's.

One Month Out: What do YOU want for Christmas?

An absolute R.E.M. classic

It's a damn good day today therefore I will listen to Genesis to make it even better

I need a signature. What should I use?

Just in case.. Happy Thanksgiving all!!

Your life isn't being filmed - Truman syndrome

What Is Your Favorite Rush Song

I just noticed that I got 13 DUzy Awards in one week.

What is your least favorite song about white people?

Does your Thanksgiving turkey need Viagra?

I always wished there was a list of people who have been pied

I looked, but no one seems to have debriefed "24: Redemption"

i'm stumped by a college application essay question

WAY TO GO MIDLO!! Virgil Goode (R-Racist) lost his seat

Third Thread of the day

Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics take notice. There is a God.

Atheists, Agnostics, Skeptics take notice. There is a God.

This woman on Thom Hartmann is annoying the shit out of me

Anybody use

I let the gender analyzer look at Midlo's posts

Just shoot me...

What's that you say? The most progressive person in Obama's cabinet is from Richmond?

It's a bad day today therefore listening to Rush could not make it any worse

Anybody have any experience with snow shoes?

It's a damn good day today therefore I will listen to Rush to make it even better

Does this make any sense?

Hey Bobby, run down da cigarette machine and get me packa Marlboros, wudja?

What is your view of Sherman Potter

Breaking: LynneSinn to replace McNabb as Philly QB

Do you ever have a defining moment at work where you realize you're trapped?

BESTEST MOM EVER, Britney Spears: Yeah, my 3-year-old uses the F word, but he didn't get it from me

Someone's a serial thread recommender

As a public service to the lounge

Hey, Lounge... Post your least controversial beliefs... Controversially.

Just discovered HULU.COM...full episodes of TV shows online...SWEET!

Desktop for Groundhog Day fans

Aaaaaah sssssss push it!


Are the puppies gone?

I believe the universe is...

my gawd I'm sick :(

YouTube: "“Freebird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd As interpreted by stoned 5th graders"

really cool site

DC's "We might make Dick Grayson the NEW Batman" idea is a true wanker move.

I posted this in the MA forum, but not much in the way of responses

What is love?

ok, I admit it. I really liked Cop Rock

Rejected holiday greeting cards: your favorite.

What grade were you in when you started to inhale cigars and drink whiskey?

I wish I were married and had kids and a normal life.

Any Motorola Q users in the house?

I see the Recommend Fairy is back. On the same day both

What Is Your Most Favorite Thing

Who else is having the kind of day that begs the question: IS homicide really wrong in some cases?

Calling Matcom: ALERT

Best MASH Episode

What are your favorite holiday movies?

What is your least favourite thing about black people ?

Who here is actually a big name politician?

Is there any kind of booze made out of maple syrup?

Check In Here If You've Never Owned Any Make of Automobile

What is your least favorite thing about white people?

What is your least favorite thing?

Holy Crap. kentauros is the Recommend Fairy!!!!!

Check In Here If You've Only Ever Owned One Make of Automobile

LOST, the Dharma Institute and ABC jumped the shark...

I'm outta here for a few days ... Happy Thanksgiving to all!

TM is home for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!!!

What is your favorite part of Thanksgiving dinner?

'Butt Bandit' suspect faces charges

taterguy privately pleaded with me to double my posting output.

I am going to "hit the ground running"....Tonight

I for one am grateful that Obama is going to hit the ground running. n/t

So, what's your Thanksgiving menu? I haven't decided yet

Unlike GWB, Obama will hit the ground running. n/t

I used to be a decent runner. One time, I fell and literally hit the ground running. n/t

The beagle just hit the ground running. I think she skinned something. nt

I feel sorry for glarius. Who's with me?

Hey, Lounge...

Wasn't somebody bemoaning the quality of New Orleans beer?

LynneSin Fell Off Her Porch and Hit The Ground Running

"Hit The Ground Running" Is the phrase for Today

Invention idea

Midlo Heard There Was A Sale At Walmart Got In Her Van and Hit the ground running

Midlo Heard There Was A Sale At Walmart Got In Her Van and Hit the ground running

"They Own You! They Own Everything!"

Should lounge threads be limited to bicycles, ducks, and complaints about spoiler warnings?

I was Olive Gardened!

"What do you want me to say, 'Feces are odoriferous?'" WTF


So, if you were to receive $100,000, how would you spend it?

What Do Joe Lieberman And Midlo Have In Common

'Feces' is it a crappy word?

While trimming the hedges during hayfever season, I cut my nose off, and it hit the ground running

It's 3 pm - time for a He'Brew Jewbelation 12

Brenda is coming to my home for FIVE WHOLE DAYS!!!!

Post your favorite "Holidays With the Family" recipes.

Who was the first lounger to portray Hitler online?

Some of my chocolate fondue spilled on my passenger seat

What are you listening to right now?

OMG! Licorice flavored vegan condoms!!

Ok time for some mythj killing regarding FDR, the media

MS/Mac crossover font issue...Help!

The Unchained song by Van Halen has some great lyrics. Including Hit the ground Running.

What's your least favorite thing about green people?

I'm going to WalMart tonight to get the last things I need for Thursday.

The puppy-cam is cute, but...

Jenga Tower Tragedy

Post Trivia That No One Else Knows About

CLOSE CALL at Chez Xema!

Man recovering after being shot by his dog

Thomcat Update

I need book recommendations.


Army Moves to Electric Cars

Sweet Jesus I hate the NRA !!!

Radiohead at Glastonbury 2003 - The best hour and a half on youtube

High Speed Rail coming to America - Kerry drops landmark bill

Internet piracy, for or against.

got most of my Christmas lights up today.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday November 25

What do JFK Jr and Wetzelbill have in common?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/25/08

40 hours since my last cigarette

Pictures of my daughters wedding (links to pics actually)

"Radio Free Europe"- R.E.M.

Animal kharma- we found out yesterday that our cat Siggy does indeed

Funny Geraldine Ferraro post on TMZ

I haven't been here in ages

Is it "winter" yet where you live?

Can anyone recommend Ipod speakers?

The All-time Greatest Female Rock-n-Roll Singer

If I hear one more person say "hit the ground running"....I 'm going to scream!

Does it bother you when someone helps themselves to something off your desk?

11,000 people watching dogs sleep.

Why Do Some People Hide Their User Profile On DU?

anyone watch the latest episode of The Shield?

Suppose GM doesn't get a government loan, but GM survives for at least 20 more years...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 11/25/2008)

I did something really stupid.

Shopper clubs suspect with frozen turkey

I finally found Rabrrrrr's website. And it's got a game. A Rabrrrrr game

Why city people shouln’t move to the country

Ok, poetry geeks, what's your favorite poem?

Who else here is NOT a "Black Friday" participant?

Would DU be better if GD were broken up into about twenty different subforums?

My dad just called and suggested going to Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving!

First it was terrible instrumentals, now I screech! Who wants to hear me screech?

For my 10,000th post, I would like to say

Question of the Day! Why do you live where you live, and why won't you live anywhere else?

Who Is Your Secret DU Crush?

I've been fostering this cat for five years

i got my new glasses today .. so pic thread time!

What is your view of Harry Potter.

Who was the first actor to portray Hitler onscreen?

Is beer kosher for a Chanukah Dinner?

Hey, Lounge... Post your most controversial beliefs

What is your least favorite thing about Black Fridays?

Don't tell MrsGrumpy, but I'm thinking of getting this for her as a lovely housewarming present

well here is a link to a new picture

Guess who owns a house in Houston???

Hummer tax break gets hammered

Eisenhower on the Military Industrial Complex - 2 minute video


Ask a Boojatta

Name the first 2 records (any format) you ever bought

Sheryl Crow's 'Soak up the Sun' is one of the worst songs in history

I just wrote my CEO, Robert Nardelli...

"Why Obamanomics Isn't Rubinomics"

Prospective White House employees must cough up an unprecedented amount of detail

Hillary Clinton ineligible for SOS under Emolument Clause announcement to come late Friday

Will Obama defend the US Constitution ....

Obama will legalize torture.

"Obama will reverse our torture policy"

Obama wants to get legislation passed...he is buying off the Republicans for two years


If Pres Elect Obama does not repeal Shrub's tax cuts for the rich as advertised - what's the payoff?

How stupid are you guys?

Obama said he will close Gitmo and not allow torture. Will he be following the Constitution?

Mr. Middle: A Maturity Test For Obama Supporters

"A Modest Proposal "

Schumer Calls it a Day

The greatest thing about Obama's presser today

Don't like Obama? Well, here's your anthem - crank it up and smoke that dope!

They tried to warn us. If only we'd listened -- while there was still time! This Modern World

My head hurts from crap like this...

No income taxes for anyone over 65? Did I hear that?

check out these scummy saxby tv ads running non-stop in georgia

LOL -- Olberman watching Palin-Turkey tape for the first time..

Barack at the pharamacy

Political confessions of a GOP senator

"Barack Obama effectively took control of the US economy - two months before he takes office"

I'm just gonna say it......

IF IF IF John Brennan is the pick for CIA Director, DU will stand and fight it right?

Should the Bush-Cheney Administration Be Investigated/Prosecuted for Torture and other crimes?

Will Obama sign the Employee Free Choice Act into law, or will his overlord Larry Summers say no?

Obama is in - Tiger is out..

Can people here, like, NAME their sources?

Republicans are so happy Obama will give them an extra

Obama grabbing food

Completely unreadable today.

Let's move to Impeach President Obama on January 21st...cause it's never too soon!

OK and from the totally unrelated file: Lisa Kudrow (Friends) is doing Nintendo DS commercials

I feel like burning Wall Street DOWN! Plus Larry Summers looks like a sneaky rat bastard

Is it a conservative plan? A liberal plan? A neo-liberal plan? A progressive plan?

Seen Today at DU, just like yesterday- The Never Pleased vs. the Never Displeased

Now That The American Electorate Has Gone And Made My Sigline Inappropriate, I Need A New One!

What is with all all this trolling for crap in freeperville and bringing the dead fish back here

Just want to say that the economic is truly fucked up. We better cut Obama some slack, or else

Obama reveals rescue team

Hillary Clinton's Emoluments Problem (or rather non-problem)

Glen Greenwald linking to report that McCain is secretly advising Obama on administration hirings

White House chefs look for sensitivity, not a star

Here's an Idea! Let's NOT TAX INCOME OVER $1mil Per Year....

What a Progressive President Might Say (Melody Barnes writing in 2007)

Paulson who is about to return to the Private Sector. Is allowed to keep giving money to his friends

E. J. Dionne: Obama's E-Team

Yeah she can see Russia from her house but you know what she CAN'T see?

Two posters over at TNR's The Plank give their take on the Emolument Clause

Schumer To Step Down from DSCC; Menendez To Take Over

ATTENTION RIGHT WING ASSHOLE: Obama didn't buy this election.

Morning scab completely watchable without joe this am...

I was looking for something and came across this. I just HAVE to share

Friedman: We should 'consider moving up the inauguration date'

Alternative terms for Laissez-faire capitalism

A November 5th flashback to warm the hearts of our non-Hillary fans.

Paulson talking now on MSNBC - watch out for fraudian slips....

Susan Rice Likely to UN

OMG! Is this that girl that got "attacked" by "Obama supporters"?

Just caught one of the new "thank you" sarah palin ads

"Contempt of Cop" A New Policy

Schumer Steps Down From DSCC

The Obama Bounce: Consumer Confidence Unexpectedly Rises in Nov.

Robert Reich blog: Citigroup Scores

Will Sarah's stump in GA be paid for by Alaskans?

Obama: Just another person

Iraq Ally Lists Were Altered, Study Shows -( Bush re-writing history on White House web page)

OMG, Bush has another captive audience, the military. He's spouting

First the talking heads were saying "where is Obama" now they say "well, it looks like we have two

Menendez Takes Over DSCC

9/11 was all Clinton's fault.....

****Heads Up: Obama To Hold A Presser****

Obama Press Conference LIVE 9PT/12Noon ET

Bush Grants 14 Pardons

Gallup: Confidence in Obama 'remarkably consistent;' now at 65%

Wed Night: Barbara Walters to Interview Barack and Michelle Obama

"Despite Bells and Whistles, 'Office of President-Elect' Holds No Authority"

Wasn't that a picture we're not use to? A very young looking President with those two

My Discussion with a RW Nutcase about Guns!!

My favorite campaign moment and a proud part of my life....

'"Obama has a holistic view of the economy. Health care is going to be part of it," will green

Watching CNBC, it appears that Obama walked on water this morning!

Great article by Gloria Borger CNN Senior Political Analyst: "Obama takes ownership of the economy"

Any good sites that show the current popular vote totals from the presidential election?

Salon: Why Obama should end Bush's infantile response to 9/11, the "war on terror"

FACT: The coming depression is Obama's fault. Clinton's too.

How many Freepers will mistake my sarcasm in this LTTE for reality?

Obama shooting pictures

Last night i had a dream

Who told McCain to announce Napalitano's nomination before Obama?

Access Hollywood: "We're Going To Treat The Obamas Like A Hollywood Family"

Hey we're the largest single owner of Citibank Stock: RE-naming contest for "Citi-Stadium"

Franken Camp's Claim: We're Only Down By 84 Votes

Obama to hold another news conference Wednesday

Female Repub congresscritter (didn't get name) said on MSNBC that Obama won't roll back the Bush tax

Fringe website questions Clinton's speaking fees

CNBC announcing gov't is going to buy up bad consumer credit card debt from the banks..

Biden, Obama fill more staff positions

Obama: We admit our mistakes

Random pics from today's press conference (11/25)

"I don't think there is any question we have a mandate to move the country in a new direction."

Proof that Hillary has been a DISASTER for many years!!!

We are inundated with trolls..who are pushing the Obama BC drama..lawd..they suck!!!

PHOTOS - Just two! The crying supporter...I found the follow-up, sweet.

Need a place to stay for innaguration?

Obama - "Yummy"

Here's a sincere shout-out to all the...

Obama Steals Obey's Staff Director

We can only have one president at a time.

Obama driving a different car

So will we not be getting healthcare reform until 2010/2011 at the earliest?

Obama to announce national security team early next week...sources say..Gates and Hillary...

McCain confirms Bush is no longer president.

Can we not post right wing smears about Obama on this website?

BUsh Administration-is there a site that bullet points all the corruption

Obama's take charge personality is right on but how in the world can their be two leaders?

Missing Votes for Al Franken

Biden Beefs Up Staff

What's wrong with Ohio

How much time do you think Barack Obama spends worrying about the criticism here on DU?

SHOCK: The Moonie Times lies about President Elect Obama's Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy

Richard Woolfe is trying hard to act more assertive on Hardball....

I can be thrilled Barack Obama is our next president *and be critical* at the same time!

a republic, if we can keep it

Get your free Obama "Yes We Did" Sticker by Shepard Fairey

NYT: Geithner And Summers "Have Played Central Roles" In Provoking Crisis

Lieberman: Obama 'about perfect' in Cabinet picks

What souveniers have you saved from this election....

Does it make sense to end the Bush tax cuts, but replace them with Capital Gains cuts to stimuate

Biden replacement creates blowback

Presidential Inaugural Committee website now online...

A Special Message about the Emergency Assistance Package for the U.S. Auto Industry

Perspective - Here's Bush In January 2001 Responding To Economic Questions

Double horrible whammo.... Mika Mouse and Mark Halperin from Time on MSNBC!!! Argggh...

I am now convinced ..... Bush knew NOTHING about economics. PERIOD

Tuesday TOONS part 3: Waiting...and Cabinet Concerns...

Al Franken's campaign says it has uncovered 6,400 rejected/uncounted absentee ballots

Oh NOES!!!! Press Perplexed with Obama! He's acting like he's President Already!! SERIES!!!


Chambliss couldn't get a handjob from a Vegas hooker if he was wearing a crotchless unitard made of

McCain: "We look back with pride on the campaign we ran" (against THAT ONE)...

As a Primary Hillary supporter... let me just say this. Barack has done well!

Gephardt considered for Obama’s cabinet

ABC News: Sources say Robert Gates will stay on for one year as Sec. Defense

Obama will need a replacement Secretary of State in

Obama Says No Extra Help For Chicago Friends (VIDEO)

Obama's Agenda & The Difference Between Tactics & Strategy (Nate Silver)

AJC: Sarah Palin coming to Atlanta on Monday; Will campaign with Chambliss across Georgia

Are Dems nationally AND at DU writing off the Dec 2 GA runoff, where Chambliss leads by 6%? WHY?

Breaking: Missing ballots found in Minnesota by Franken camp!

Bush Administration: "Sweeping Pardons Unnecessary" (Re: Torture)

I, for one, am going to Give Hope A Chance...

Obama to give daily press conferences?

The "Failed" Presidency of Barack Obama

Brennan Pulls Out Of Running For CIA Chief, Blames Liberal Blogs

ANOTHER Obama presser tomorrow; clearly this is a strategy (think Axelrod-Emanuel)

Lieberman: Obama 'about perfect' in Cabinet picks-------

Andrea Mitchell has a lot of gall, talking about problems in the economy when her frog was culpable

With All The Bad News, And Obama's Sobering Press Conferences, Why Is DOW Up?

John Brennan is OUT of the running for CIA Position...YAY!

Claiming A Mandate

Richard Wolffe owned Nohra O'Donnell: she DID NOT PLAY Obama saying he got 52% and a mandate

Obama choosing apples

I have two names I'd like to hear mentioned at some point:

Question: On what date did Obama say he was going to raise taxes for the rich during the election?

Since Barack Obama is the President-elect, I say it's time Microsoft fixed its spell-check.

What would you give Bush/Cheney as a parting gift?

The appointment of Ted Kaufman to replace Biden is a real turn off to me

Obama to meet with governors on economic crisis Tuesday

What is the reason Wes Clark is being overlooked in favor of Gates for

Bill Clinton Signs Repeal of Glass-Steagall

Could (Mormon) Mitt Romney get elected president?

Obama is responsible for the humanitarian disaster in Zimbabwe.

Ann Coulter silenced - her jaw wired shut. Who says prayers aren't sometimes answered?

Huffington Post: "Why America Feels Like it's Been Ruled by a Foreign Occupier"

Yes or No. Did President Elect Obama pledge he would eliminate Shrub's tax cuts before they expire?

Hillary Clinton ineligible for S.O.S. under Emollients Clause announcement to come late Friday

I'm tired...I've lost all interest in politics. Stopped watching KO and Rachel and TDS. Hardly visit

Here's a question about Obama I haven't heard elsewhere.

"Iraq War Foes Get Short Shrift"

Hey, how's that Booshe impeachment movement working out?

Global Warming High on Senate Foreign Relations Agenda

So Citigroup takes Billions In Taxpayer $ and Will Pay $400mil for naming rights to a sports stadium

Obama's Treasury Pick Has All the Wrong Ideas

You know Barack Obama has to be a Van Halen fan

Newsflash: This is a Discussion Board.

We need to be hopeful and trust Obama.

I don't care who Obama chooses to be secretary of state

Don't you wonder what Obama and his family must think seeing so many people crying from happiness?

What Is Your Biggest Doubt About Obama: His *Intentions*, Or His *Ability*?

NBC Legal Analyst Pete Williams Says it is Unconstitutional to Appoint Hillary SOS.

***BREAKING*** Obama is a Neo-Lib and Fascist and will legalize torture

All This You Can Leave Behind

I'm going to start a thread most of you will disagree with...

It was like the best sex you ever ever had, and it ain't coming back

Wow - Delusional Much?

We do Obama no favors with our silence...

The Bitter Potion

The Bitter Potion

Jim Martin (D-GA) has a GREAT chance of winning A SENATE SEAT and Obama is helping! Will you too?!

2/3 of Americans approve of Obama selecting Hillary as SOS (new ABC poll)

If we become bored with Hillary Clinton as SOS, who should replace her?

PHOTOS 'Babies for Barack' - The Ultimate Collection! (Pic heavy? Good heavens, yes)

Hillary Clinton ineligible for SOS under Emolument Clause announcement to come late Friday

Can Hillary Be Secretary of State? or, Pass the Emoluments, Please

Obama's unusual transition: Already a co-president

Paulson May Ask for Remaining $350 Billion of TARP

Wachovia execs could get $98.1 mln severance

German Telekom steps up surveillance against journalists and trade unions

ArcelorMittal may lay off 2,400 in Indiana

U.S. Rescue Plan Under Staff Strain

Sources: Bin Laden driver to be moved from Guantanamo

10 Taliban Arrested in School Girl Acid Attack

Report: Whistleblower Office Fails to Protect Air Marshals

Gun carrier claims rights violated - Woman files suit against Lebanon sheriff over revocation

Perriello (D) Wins (VA) House Seat

Nissan pulls out of the 2009 Detroit, Chicago auto shows

Islamic charity, leaders guilty in U.S. terror case

U.S. plans program to aid credit issuers

Ann Coulter's Jaw Wired Shut: Report

Tony Blair bugged by US spies former security agent claims

UN Nuclear Agency Chief Critical of U.S. (Over Syria - ElBaradei: Iraq Claims Were 'Bonkers')

Thai protestors storm Bangkok's main airport

Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional

China reiterates opposition to Dalai Lama

Bush Grants 14 Pardons

Hearing set for Monday to oust judge in Cheney indictment

Sources: Contractor (KBR) for military committed serious violations

For economy's sake, Pelosi needs to push for impeachment now

Citigroup still has job vacancies

Karzai calls for end date to Afghan war

Biden replacement creates blowback

Quicksilver to correct minimum-wage breach

Afghanistan demands 'timeline' for end of military intervention

Brennan out of running for top intel post

2 US servicemen killed in Iraq shooting

Palm Forced To Cut Jobs As Competition Rises

Lt. Gov. Knoll funeral Tuesday in Pittsburgh

Fed, Treasury offer 800 billion dlrs more to credit markets

Indians win US baseball contract

Fed, Treasury offer 800 billion dlrs more to credit markets

Nasa jubilant at urine solution

Wall Street crisis threatens 225,000 New York jobs: Official

E-Commerce Shrinks for First Time, Research Firm Says

AP source: Wash. to sue feds over Hanford

Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional

UN urges end to abuses of women

Sixth Circuit: Vatican Can Be Sued for Sexual Abuse

One-third of China's Yellow River polluted

Ho, ho, nope FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast U) to limit holiday decor

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday November 25

Probe into LDS Church's Prop 8 donations going forward

CNN Ordered to Rehire 110 Workers Fired for Belonging to a Union

Sewage Saturates Sadr City as Billions Fail to Reconstruct Iraq

Injured veterans engaged in new combat

Court Backs Warrantless Searches Abroad

Russia in U.S. sights once again

U.S. officials find trace of melamine in baby formula

(MD) Family Wakes Up To Swastikas, Racial Slurs On Front Door

Millionaires get farm payments; nobody checking

Source: Dingell collapses at Capitol

UBS U.S. clients with secret Swiss accounts to seek amnesty on tax evasion

China: Roses album is 'venomous'

Cisco shares fall after report of 4-day shutdown

Administration faked savings to privatize jobs

California to investigate Mormon aid to Prop 8

Recount wrinkle surfaces in Minnesota: missing ballots

(Sec Defense) Gates agrees to stay on under Obama

Vick pleads guilty to state dogfighting charges

Lieberman: Obama 'about perfect' in Cabinet picks

Pickens Plan garners support

Bush: Ousting Saddam was right

Georgia war hearing marred by angry exchanges

U.S. agency sees robots replacing humans in service jobs by 2025

Flood deaths in Brazil rise to 65

Stolen Wealth


Why America Feels Like it's Been Ruled by a Foreign Occupier

To Obtain Bailout, Detroit Develops New Concept Car: 'The Derivative'

Officials Question Mormon Church Prop 8 Role

Q&A with the Lizard People voter (MN Public Radio)

Future Bush Pardonees of America

RNC Chair: Only Conservative Whack Jobs Need Apply

Katrina Kids: Sickest Ever

Tucker Carlson: Why Are Christians Having Better Sex Than the Rest of Us?

Depression scholar has a reputation for pragmatism (Christina Romer)

It’s A Funnel, Not A Gate

The Congressman, the Donor and the Tax Break

For Lobbyists, No Downturn, Just a Turnover

Norman Solomon: Obama's Picks and the Ideology of No Ideology

New Legal Theory Supports Obama's Immediate Succession To Presidency

First Person

Conrad Black: From my cell I scent the reeking soul of US justice

New Hampshire Becomes First State Senate with Female Majority

Bush Busy On Pardons, Not So Busy On Fix To Economy

For economy's sake, Pelosi needs to push for impeachment now -- Rochelle Riley

Disposable Youth in A Suspect Society: A Challenge for the Obama Administration

Bush Pardons: Texas S&L Swinders Need Apply

Primary Care - The Need for Reinvention (New Eng Jour Med)

For economy's sake, Pelosi needs to push for impeachment now

Past and Future by William Greider

The world is facing epic change. How will we cope?

Bailout for the "Unemployed" in the US?

Hillary plays hardball By Leonard Doyle (and List of Appointees so far)

Anonymity Equals Cowardice By GOP Senator

Does your skin naturally manufacture cannibis?

Heckuva Job, Paulson

When a Country Gets Lost -- And Finds Its Way Back

Roubini: Geithner and Summers "Excellent Choices"

Bobby Jindal in Iowa - Race for 2012 Begins

Two great pieces from the Detroit Free Press

Russian warships arrived off Venezuela's coast

Let the Conservative Whining Begin

Ann Coulter: Dreams DO Come True

TYT: Saxby Shameless

Obama Economic Team Announcement #1

Team of Cops Enforce No-Sit Up Zone - California Crazy

ChangeDotGov: President-Elect Obama Announces Economic Team

The Elders on crisis in Zimbabwe

Obama Needs FDR-Style Public Works Projects

=== Let's Talk Turkey ===

Obama's Future: Peter Schiff 'Dollar collapse & Gold $2,000 ounce'

TPM-Day in 100 Seconds - Who Wants A Bite Of The Crap Sandwich?

Obama's House on Hyde Park is a Fortress.

Late Show: Letterman takes on Citigroup, Palin etc in his monologue

Craig Ferguson makes fun of Ted Haggard

Common Sense

Last night on Air Force One, comin' back from PAY-roo, I talked at length with the Secretary

Olbermann: Worst Persons - 11/24: Finding the Lie in Lieberman

RNC Chair Candidate a White Supremacist?

Inside the Transition: Melody Barnes

MTB: Food Politics-What we eat is making us sick! Find out why-and what we can do about it.

Obama: When we make mistakes, we admit them.

Obama: The Face of Imperialism

WTF? Chuck Todd: Obama owns the economy at 12 o'clock eastern time today. Did I say WTF?

Obama Pledges to Cut Wasteful Spending

Republican operatives give the ol' Georgia smear routine one last shot

Obama: Funky President

TYT: Conservatives Go Bankrupt!

press conference 11/25

Rachel Maddow Show: Robert Redford Interview; Bush w/ Krugman - 11/24

How Lieberman kept his chairmanship

Max Keiser - Press TV: South Korea and China are Smoking the opium of US Treasury bond dealers

turkey smoothie

Judge in Cheney Indictment Case Fails to Show (Hmm...)

Noam Chomsky on what next after the election

Krugman: $700 billion stimulus 'may not be enough'

Bethune-Cookman University's Tribute to Pres. Obama W O W

TYT: Cenk's Take On Alan Colmes And The Hiring Practices Of Fox News

Obama Needs This Guy On His Economic Team

Footage Of The Hannity & Colmes Breakup

GOP Governor Laughs At Suggestion Palin Will Be Future Star

Watch The Unblurred Palin Turkey 'Pardon' With Keith O.


Holy Land retrial ends in sweeping guilty verdicts

US Puts Pressure on Israel to Refrain from Attacks

From Bitterlemons: Nothing new in Netanyahu's approach

Abbas aide: Palestinian elections will be in April whether Hamas agrees or not

60 Minutes on the Widow's Penalty - a MUST watch

The Democrats Owe Jimmy Carter an Apology By RALPH NADER

Shas to seek payout for Jews deported from Arab countries

Slurred speech 'n' coke jaw, before a captive audience at Fort Campbell. Junior's RIPPED.

Army to buy electric cars

Gates: Active force, reserves must integrate

Defense wraps up in fragging court-martial

Army considers options in replacing the M4

Measuring DoD-VA records sharing proves hard

Ark. Guard brigade returning from Iraq

Leonard Wood sees jump in sex misconduct cases

Pakistan raid a sign of sharper U.S. intel

Protesters call for closing of Benning school

17 militants killed in southern Afghanistan

Baghdad raids target Shiite special groups

Postal clerk, storekeeper ratings to merge

Panel: No immediate solution to pirates

Campa lays out final initiatives as MCPON

Personnel chiefs balk at cost-cutting proposals

4-star’s story puts focus on combat stress

Marine removed from death row, gets new trial

Corps tightens eligibility criteria for AIP

Board: July F-15 crash caused by violent spin

C-130s may add safer loadmaster seats

Report: Reservists got unemployment in error

U.S. develops tiny flying robot spies

Iraqis suffer walls that divide and save

Geren: Longer S. Korea tours coming soon

Jury deliberating in Lakenheath airman’s rape trial

Vilseck welcomes Stryker leaders home

Yen’s climb puts pinch on civilians

‘Sons of Iraq’ continues shift to Iraqi control

Germany yet to vote on traffic penalties

Germany-based troops prep for Iraq

Some NEX workers in Italy may strike Friday

Gates Orders Homeland Defense Review

Somalia, a US War 'Nobody is Watching'

Charity Found Guilty of Aiding Hamas

(Military Times) Op-Ed: The Russian Imperative

Vet Jailed for Role in Soldier's Death

Discharge, No Care, for Sick Recruit

PT shape-up

Grafenwöhr noise issues linger

Missing Marine returned to Corps

Marine Makes Insurgents Pay the Price

Sea grapes leave trail of evolutionary clues

NRC to webcast portion of Davis-Besse hearing

Peak oil review - Nov 24

Fewer Mainers hitting the open road

ClimateProgress: Enviros deliver major 'Transition to Green' report

Unique hydro energy system harnesses slow water currents

xpost - Assault On Pelindaba nuclear site - full 60 Minutes video and transcript

The Parable of the Marriage

One Shot Left

Honda Begins Leasing FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle in Japan

xpost: Bush Pardons Man Who Killed Three Bald Eagles

Carbon dioxide levels already a danger (CNN) {MFTE update}

Public comment needed. Three days left.

Slump May Limit Moves on Clean Energy

John Kerry Introduces High Speed Rail for America Act

I'm looking for a Green investment company to help me out with

Oceans Passing Critical CO2 Threshold

Ocean Acidity levels rising 10 x faster than expected

November 2008 Layoffs

Goldman to Sell Bonds in First FDIC-Backed Offering

Paulson May Ask for Remaining $350 Billion of TARP

World's house values fall for the first time

Citi and GM


You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Can the auto industry borrow AIG's lobbyist?

State of New Jersey Is Insolvent

"They should issue a Fatwa on Paulson. He is an economic Terrorist"

Fed Commits $800 Billion More to Unfreeze Lending (on top of the $7.7 Trillion)

Citizens’ Economic Stimulus Plan: Stop Paying Credit Card Debt

A question for Marxists about reinvestment and "capitalism."

The Car of the Future -- but at What Cost?

The Baltic Dry Index


Bankruptcy Haiku

Today in labor history Nov 24

Minnesota Job Opening Receptionist position will close on Wednesday, November 26, 2008 @ 4:00 p.m.

CNN Guilty of "Egregious" Anti-Union Misconduct", Ordered To Reinstate Workers (new info)

25,000 Massachusetts Home Care Workers Approve Their First SEIU Contract

The Bailout Of Auto: Giving The "Big Three" A Club To Destroy The Auto Workers Union

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

Teacher Union and the UAW

A Special Message about the Emergency Assistance Package for the U.S. Auto Industry

Gay-marriage debate roils, unites Mormons

Florida gay adoption ban headed To State Supreme Court

Why churches fear gay marriage

Obama team denies it will delay ‘Don’t Ask’ repeal

Harvey Milk: Gay icon's message lives on (Prop. 8 makes new film bio, 'Milk,' timely)

Conservative groups begin battle to preserve federal DOMA

"Milk" is not a Comedy!

Florida ban on gay adoptions ruled unconstitutional

Communist Parties Meet Begins in Brazil

Political violence in Nicaragua out of control

The United States: Orchestrating a Civic Coup in Bolivia

Brookings Report Text about Cuba Via Jane Franklin

FIDEL: Absolute Transparency in Venezuelan Elections

Aussie-Ven Solidarity Network: "Another Vote for the Revolution and Chavez"

Is LSU head coach Les Miles heading to the University of Washington?

Will Drew Brees break Dan Marino's 1984 passing yardage record?

Boxing: 11-29-08

Antidepressants in pregnancy 'increase risk of babies suffering heart problems'

Research Center Tied to Drug Company

Microsoft Examines Causes of ‘Cyberchondria’

Research Center Tied to Drug Company

Wow - here's a book for this forum:

Your life isn't being filmed - Truman Syndrome

Two Antidepressants Taken During Pregnancy Linked To Heart Anomalies In Babies

Love this quote

Obama's Key Cabinet Appointments (+other astro updates)

New Moon, Thursday, Nov 27 @6 Sagittarius

new book: American Farmer

end of the season

Another bloom explosion - May I have a few opinions please

Help me pick my "Celebrating" contest entry...

another Thanksgiving recipe (prompted by spinbaby's thread): my mom's yeast rolls!

Recommend me some dips to make!

On a Ring and a Prayer

De-Baptisms in Texas

People Said To Believe In Aliens And Ghosts More Than God

Educated Catholics Have Sown Dissent And Confusion In The Church, Claims Bishop

Ask a Tombstone

So what are you going to do about rolls?

so tell me about turducken ( my SIL is making one)

Ask a Nihilist Atheist!

A Whisper, Perhaps, From the Universe’s Dark Side

Hubble Space Telescope 15 years of Discovery

A Whisper, Perhaps, From the Universe’s Dark Side

What are those creatures that go "Chee-chee-chee-chee..." when

Alien-like Squid Filmed at Ultra-Deep Oil-Drilling Site

Jupiter and Venus to Converge

again, UFO-whatever

Regenerating a Mammoth for $10 Million

Return of the Neanderthals?

Preview Flight 93 Documentary

Now that it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt

9/11 and the NEW WORLD ORDER: MEANS, MOTIVE, and OPPORTUNITY (in Quotes)

Group makes it easier to monitor state legislators

Dang it but I like the new Firefox address bar

Why don't links to .png images work on DU?

What is wrong with my browser?

Jewish human rights group to protest JNF gala in Ottawa

CBC: Platinum Blonde bassist Kenny MacLean dies

Anyone see the Death Magnetic tour yet?

Will anyone have the Boston Legal thanksgiving???

This is interesting

Senator Kerry's favorite cornbread?

DailyKos diary about Kerry's High Speed Rail bill to rec

Global Warming High on Senate Foreign Relations Agenda

Have a great Thanksgiving...