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Yoshiro Nakamatsu, We Salute You

the bailout....

John Conyers: New HR 676 Online Resource Center(Single-Payer Health Care)

AP: Black Friday could be black for another reason

A Reminder:

NV Supreme Court rules as unconstitutional state law prosecuting juveniles as adults

35 People Trapped in Taj Hotel

NY Times: "The French Connection." Regarding Thanksgiving.

So I looked at Democratic Underground on Facebook...

OMG! Fox is reporting that Idiot Son is going to Camp David

How about an analysis of the Obama Movement?

Paul Krugman: About that advisory board...

KO's calling bullshit on stories of UAW workers earning $78/hour.

Fowl Ball: The Palin Turkey-Farm-Interview Outtakes

Just got a Thanksgiving email...

After seeing that Sarah Palin Turkey video several times, something dawned on me

Photos from Mumbai

If you are able to make any donations this year ...

Pretend to be a right winger! Where was Obama REALLY born?

Batman 681 that hit today. Any thoughts about it? "Spoilers"

‘They were just kids in jeans and T-shirts’

Talk Me Down: Anecdotal Global Warming Story

Desperate Obama-Haters Give Money to Nigerian Scam (re: Michelle Obama "Whitey" tapes)

Live video stream for Indian news media NDTV for Mumbai here (in english)

Injured veterans engaged in new combat

Dungeon dad Josef Fritzl studying law in prison

Lieberman contributed to GOP Senate and House candidates.

Al Qaeda Condemns "Unfair" Pro-Obama Press Bias

With my tinfoil hat on I have to observe

I know that UAW workers don't make $70 an hour, and all I know about cars

How sad is this

Mass Exodus from LA/Orange County today

Welcome to the de facto economic caste system in the US

Wash. Supreme Court Justice Called U.S. AG Mukasey'Tyrant

live streaming video from india.....

CBC's "The National" aired an 11 min. piece on Mumbai. It's worth the time. -- video

Until the Rubins & Paulsons are jailed and their $$ seized, the fleecing of America will continue

Live news video from India in English

Wall Street execs should not only have to forfeit any bonuses, but...

Is the Bush Family converging at their Mother's Bedside after her operation?

"Shockingly quiet" and "no lines" at the nation's airports today.....

Pictures of the Mumbai terrorists.

Do it Yourself Thanksgiving Cartoon

Bushes Send Out Christmas-Themed Hannukah Card, spokesperson apologizes on Pickles' behalf

Why the turkey always has to be white?

8 kg of RDX found in Mumbai

Did Barney the dog attack a turkey at the white house?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Does Bush know that he can't talk?

good place for latest news from Mumbai:

Comments from FAREED ZAKARIA on India terrorist attacks

Obama asks Gates to stay on

100 dead as gunmen target Mumbai

What's your employment situation?

What are you Thankful for?

Question For Someone I Know (Not Me) WHo Wants To Smackdown hannity:

ndtv now reporting that this terrorist attack bears unique...

I would like to propose a "Greybeards" day on Jan 21st

Terrorism isn't going away

Predict freeper reaction to the following ...

Obamas-Walters ABC segments:

Chicago Tribune: Does Sean Hannity have the guts to partner with a big-league liberal?

'Free our Muhajideen' Demand Bombay Terrorists


Freeper-types desperation

Dumb question about marriage

I have a "girlie dog" - WTF?

Charities can't keep up with deepening poverty

I don't buy it for one second!

Here's the famous NPR "Mama Stamberg's Cranberry Relish" recipe

What's the "Association of Global Custodians"? Bank of NY-Mellon, Brown Bros Harriman, Citi, HSBC,

What's the "Association of Global Custodians"? Bank of NY-Mellon, Brown Bros Harriman, Citi, HSBC,

Happy Thanksgiving GD.

Stupid question? What/when was the last major cancer/illness that was cured?

The news is reporting that 5-6 Israelis are being held in Mumbai

A Maryland mall says Salvation Army bell ringers are making too much noise

Police called over Thanksgiving dispute at Claremont elementaty school

Ah the ever so popular cranberry sauce... word to the wise

Why is Chambliss gambling on this "closer"

Imagine the RW memes if these attacks had occurred prior to 11/4...

If the horror in Mumbai can be linked in any way to Pakistan,

"Trying to prove God to an atheist is like trying to prove there were WMDs in Iraq to a Bush-hater."

look at the weather report from mumbai

Surprise at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The harvest is late this year, and some are reaping sorrow.

Ave bossa nova, similis bossa seneca

It wasn't Nader who voted for IWR. It was the DEMOCRATS.

* My Pet Goat book mark found......well maybe not his.

Seems Like All's Quiet On The Minnesota Recount Front

Marie Cocco: America Out of Work

Wes Clark interview re: Gates/DOD

I need help finding Martial Law (entire document)...

"CNN plans to appeal this decision to the full NLRB (illegally fired 110 union members 5 years ago)

Thanksgiving tale: Billionaire steps in to buy woman a home

Cynthia McKinney not permitted to exit the country to speak in Damascus, Syria

AlterNet: How Sarah Palin Created a Whole New Generation of Vegetarians

sometimes i hear this on the radio

Presidents should be REQUIRED to keep a journal/diary..

DU girly dog owners check in here

Dear stupid fucking right wing talkers,

Did Condi talk to Obama before she talked to Bush about the Attacks ?

What Is Your Holiday Sales Prediction?

Suspect Arrested in Little Rock Anchorwoman's Death

Suspect Arrested in Little Rock Anchorwoman's Death

President-Elect Obama Condemns Attacks. Death Toll Now 101

Why are people obsessing over letting the tax cuts expire?

Health Care: A Creeping Catastrophe

The Transition Team Asks for Health Care Ideas

Alberta's oil sands development - the new smallpox blankets for natives?

The U.S. Drug War Reaches New Heights of Absurdity in Federal Court

The Best Thanksgiving

Help - re Mumbai - how are Westerners being specifically targeted

My Blue Cross Health Premium Was Raised Twice In Three Months......

It's the NY Post, I know. . .but it was linked on Yahoo News: WH Flips off Jewish Community

Turning the tables....

From ThinkProgress: 17 Reasons To Give Thanks»

Poll: Downturn won't drive more globalization

What's up with Rachel's hair tonight?

Wikileaks: Repressing Dissent at the Republican National Convention

Special wines (etc) for your holiday parties (X post)

In Mumbai, at least 125 have been killed, 325+ wounded, ongoing

New Explosions Rock Mumbai Hotels

Iowa fans cited for bathroom sex during Minnesota game

About the overwhelming ad onslaught...

a thanksiving classic

Face of evil

Is Mumbai the new name for Bombay? Probably a *stupid* question

Junior decries protectionism, slaps 18% tariff on Bolivian goods.

Deccan Mujahideen Claims Responsibility for Mumbai Attacks(E-mail From DM)-Possible Link to ISI

CNN saying attack originated from a cargo ship in the harbour,ship from Karachi.

Live updates on Mumbai from the BBC - effectively a reporters' blog

Singh: Mumbai Attackers From Outside India

Last Thanksgiving, the economy was better. We were also looking at 1 more year of George W. Bush.

I'm thankful for all you guys. (Well, a good portion of you.)

That glorious display of intelligence known as Contessa Brewer is trying by all means to make USA

Indian Officials Confirmed that Canadians are Among the Hostages.

GM may cut brands

Two Reminders On Turkey

Dick Morris Triangulates Reverend Wright

any good T-Day comix?

Really disgusting -- video of the Charlie Rose interview of Vikram Pandit,

Macy's Day Parade was just Rick Rolled!!!

8 year accused of shooting father kept tally of spankings, 1,000 was set as his limit

A Holiday Study In Contrast

Michigan GM worker answers attack by New York Times columnist

I am curious, but when a DUer posts a video, wouldn't it be nice if people acknowledged viewing it?

My thoughts on pursuing Bush war crimes/constitution crimes charges

Cisco Joins HP In New Year's Cost-Cutting Shutdown

Goodness gracious do I HATE Zell Miller

I am thankful for family, friends, health, President-Elect Obama, and DU!

Chris Hedges: While Some Of Us Hoping For Change, Others Literally Starving For It (Food Pantries)

You Cannot Pardon a Crime you Authorized

Wrestling with Starbucks: Conscience, Capital, Cappuccino (book signing event)

How to get rid of Federal Reserve?

This Guy Gets Around

Mumbai continues to be under siege, toll up to 104

A Thanksgiving TSS Rant

Mankind's new best friend? Trained giant rats sniff out land mines, tuberculosis.

Bottom's Up Bush

Obama will be tested...

It's not politically correct, but I just cannot tolerate Islam

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Roger Ebert's review

'Terrorists set up control rooms in luxury hotels'

This idiot thinks the failing economy is a self-fulfilling prophecy

Has anyone suggested this India thing may be connected to Bush bombing Pakistani towns?

More horses sent abroad for slaughter after US ban

Hahaha ..... "Just go take it all back from those crooks!"

"Joe" the "Plumber" scores BIGTIME endorsement deal!!!11

Time to buy Christmas cards & gifts - Made in the USA. Any suggestions?

The Irrelevant House Republicans

TOON: Don't Panic!

Giving THANKS we made it...

MSNBC Poll: Should the term "In God We Trust" be removed from our currency.

For the nightowls...Craig Ferguson is on now... 12:35AM EST. CBS

CAW leaders defend union wages (lower than many European nations and Japan) corrected

Were 98% Through This

Live Streaming From Mumbai(CNN IBN) Here:

Citizen journalists told to stop using Twitter to update on Bombay attacks

Here's to the people of our hopeful nation

A Land where the Law is King. . . . Is it just an impossible dream?

did anyone see "Rosie Live" last night (Rosie O'Donnell)

You've Got To Be Carefully Taught

SOFA passes with 140 of 198 members present (37% total Parliament) *Not* an overwhelming majority.

"Deccan Mujahideen" claiming responsibility for attacks.

On racism in America

Why are conservatives such cowards???

Jesse McCartney has my father's buzz cut: from 1968.

Judge allows civil suit over co-worker's perfume

Let's try a jubilee year. Ancient Israelis had a jubilee year every 7 years

If nothing else, there were about 200 threads asking what sort of puppy the Obamas ought to get...

Today In History: Candlelights At City Hall

The Troubled Troubled Asset Relief Program

Bush PRAISES Iraq vote to keep US troops for 3 more years. Fabulous. Now watch this drumstick.

The tragic story behind the case that has Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzales indicted

Bush History: Give Thanks!: A Turkey in Iraq, A Dishonest Atty General, A Weakened Army 11/27

Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

Early news accounts concluded Mumbai terrorists targetted

Mall Of America Starbucks protesters: Will they be detained again?

Charities can't keep up with deepening poverty

The Windsor Star: Beyond auto sector, save ailing communities

Mumbai attack: Pak Role Under Scrutiny

WHERE IS THE MONEY? I keep asking but no good answer...

It's the 2008 "Bush calls a soldier from the warmth & safety of Camp David" Thanksgiving Photo Op

The Pakistan Connection

Thai Protesters Brace for Police Assault

Thai Protesters Brace for Police Assault

Sophisticated Attacks, but by Whom?---NYT(good article)

Seriously GEM$NBC can't do better than a Lock up Marathon

How can they still not know how many guests are unaccounted for?

Air New Zealand Airbus ditches and disappears

German Foreign Minister Wary of NATO Expansion

Australia should "expect the worst" as death toll rises(in Mumbai)

Update on Rancho Cucamonga Freedom from Religion Foundation billboard

Barack, I love you man, but you gotta stop this sexist "girlie" dog shit.

lenovo computers

Return of the Wall Street Hustlers

Texas DA reveals evidence against Cheney

Frontline Program on Afghanistan and Pakistan "The War Briefing"

Help! My child was subjected to right wing, anti-global warming You Tube videos, in science class...

It never ends - I just got rick rolled

A quick and easy favor needed for a Dem friend of mine and her daughter.

Screw larry king. ""do you see any connection between the attack in India, and our election"

Breaking news, siege at Taj is over... AP was wrong, this is still ongoing

Thank You DU....You made a difference to this one......

WashPost: Lieberman Contributed to GOP Senate, House Candidates

The next doll of the fashion world?

I must apologize

Why so little discussion here of the events in Mumbai?

Barack concerned about losing touch with the real world.

Lieberman contributed to GOP Senate and House candidates.

DU'ers in India and Indian DU'ers--we're with you.

Women Who AREN'T Sarah Palin

Why the Left screwed-up big-time with the Brennan for DCI nom.

Monroe auto supplier ceases operation

Ann Coulter's jaw wired shut. Happy Thanksgiving !

Jay Leno: "Know what you call Ann Coulter with her jaw wired shut?"

What's the most expensive present (cost) you plan to buy this year?

ndtv is reporting that Pakistani intelligence has contacted Indian intelligence...

Does anyone know where I can find an Obama Tie? I wear a tie every day to our business...

Las Vegas: 2-year-old boy killed in dog attack in northwest valley home

How the hell can you be thankful in a time of fear and meltdown? Mark Morford

What is the Most Non Progressive Pie the Obama Family Can Eat Today?

Elephants march through hotel lobby

GM Asks U.S. FAA to Bar Public Tracking of Leased Corporate Jet

Suspect arrested in TV anchor's slaying

A Thanksgiving joke!

Great American Holidays That I Have Never Seen Anyone Shit On At DU

Our Newest Family Tradition

Iraq Passes SOFA

I work in HR and I guess it was 3 or 4 years back

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade just Rick Rolled us.

Coolest map site ever

What is the reason Americans have difficulty with shopping carts and plastic bags at stores?

Shock Jock Michael Savage's Big Gay Apocalypse

Can anyone from Canada (Ontario) explain what is going on in Mohawk territory???


Barack is President.-elect. W(arlord) Bush is almost history. HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY!!!

Thanksgiving Toons: Repubs and the rest

Thanksgiving Message From Arianna Huffington: Teachable Moments & The End Of America's Dark Ages

Happy Thanksgiving

"Right to Work" and "At Will Employment" laws are evil and vindictive. My personal reason why...

Thanksgiving Day TOONS

Happy Thankgiving!

GM Said to Study Shedding Saturn, Saab, Pontiac to Win U.S. Aid

Bush hiding the English translation of Iraq's Status of Forces Agreement from Congress and public.

Fall of America Will Not be televised - or why CNN cannot cover impending Doom

I, for one, am thankful to live in a country of immense beauty and potential. Seriously.

Open Up Those Corporate Tax Returns, the Public Has the Right to Know by RALPH NADER

So, we know minute by minute what ........

Thanksgiving Day Recognition for DU and All.

How to bring the greatest country on earth and history to its knees;

Why so little discussion here of the events in Iceland?

You can get ANYTHING you want, at Alices Resturant (except for Alice)

Robert Fisk: 'Nobody supports the Taliban, but people hate the government'

The Team Obama Should Have Picked

I hate to admit this, but I bag my own groceries, use the self check-out

I am filled with wonder, today, Thanksgiving...

Brutal Toon from Mr. Fish

Iceland, formerly a very wealthy nation, is now bankrupt. BBC tells personal stories.

I’m Thankful For The End Of The Bush Era.

Ralph Nader is the Joe Lieberman of the left

My annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade complaint

Paulson Was Behind Bailout Martial Law Threat

Not a Single FUCKING mention of Mass Transit. BILLIONS for new Highways in BLUE areas.

Do you think the United States is the worst country ever in the history of the world?

Are the Iraqi people giving us flowers yet?

Here is my latest creation

You Cannot Pardon a Crime You Authorized

Death frees WWII vet after 62 years of mental torment

Question on existence of Federal Reserve printing money vs. government doing it

Disney is Lazy

OMFG. Prilosec Bunco??

I'm watching Porn in my hotel dressing gown

So tell me something about bad laboratory retrievers

Abortion: A Public Health Perspective

So tell me something bad about laboratory conceivers.

Another Thanksgiving Day tradition

Poll question: Free Willy - Is it real or illusion?

Cool song of the moment: The Fucking Champs - "Flawless Victory"

what are you thankful for this year?

judge a man by his enemies

Does anyone use Snark for phone calls or webcams?

Willy - Free - Puppies - Thanksgiving - Album - Webcams

Life sure does get curious.

India, I am with you. Fundamentalist fanatics, I hate you.

Poll Question - Free Lunch: Is it real or illusion?

Kentucky Fried Movie...

You know, I'm seeing a lot of thinly disguised bodies in here....

In 16+ yrs of being together, this is the first time he's done the Tday shopping

You know, I'm seeing a lot of thinly disguised bodily function threads in here...

Who's cooking right now?

MOTHERFUCKER! YouTube took my video down

Have you ever caught yourself judging a Hulk by the colour of his skin?

What Free Willy have you listened to literally hundreds of times?

judge a man by his free willy

I think I have found the future in coca

The Hug Haruka3_2000 Thread

A grievance about my two sisters' lack of backbone led my mom to ask an odd question...

Okay the cats are freaking out and now so am I....

So after 22 years, I got a letter from my Little Sister yesterday

Will Ferrell,is it real or an illusion?

Free Will - is it real or an illusion?

Jonathan Turley on Rachel Maddow Show: We're all complicit in Bush's war crimes if we ignore them

Woman of Silver

Free Willy - is it real or illusion?

Sweet potato pie help please-

Bullitt Jazz

Awesome Thanksgiving Leftover Meal Ideas

A wee frilly - is it real or an illusion?

Hey, Lounge... Post your most controversial briefs

Parade of fools. One empty symbol after another- Adding up to what?

Why is postage so expensive?

I have finished a fifth of whiskey, 7 beers, and 4 huge Black Russians.

All US aid to Pakistan MUST CEASE

Who watched Pushing Daisies tonight?

OK the baking is DONE. Four dozen kolacky and three dozen

Frozen Pizza or Bondage?

Circuit City Made Me Show Them My Birth Certificate

Something Cool

I thought I ran out of smokes until I found a juicy Vantage Light butt under my fridge from 1978.

So when did Liza Minnelli turn into Jimmy Durante....

Damn you Swiss Miss damn you all to hell.

Free Wii - is it real or illusion?

I'm thankful for the election results but not much else this year

Check in here if you've never posted your picture on DU

bombs away, but we're okay

Thank You To My Secret DU Admirer!

The Harvey Dent of kitties

What if all our processed food has been Soylent Green for years???!!1!

"We don't spank!"

Bush Will Miss Airforce One, White House Cooking

Cool, another fun thing you can put in brownies

Cat food makes me cry

The End of American Thanksgivings: A Cause for Universal Rejoicing

Free Will or Bondage of The Will?

Feeding time for the puppies

How much time do you spend reading a message before responding?

Do I occasionally come off as...oh, I dunno...a bit of a SMARTASS?

The Fall of America will not be televised - or why CNN cannot really cover Impending Doom

Damn, I sure feel like crap tonight. And I have a headache that would kill a moose.

I hate nites like this...

It would be nice if Obama appoints some progressives

Rory Gallagher - A Million Miles Away

Nearyl 4 AM Thanksgiving morning. Going back to sleep now, but

Its 4 am in the morning, at 7 am i have to put a turkey in the oven

Ok, it's open mic poetry thread time

Do you feel guilty about any music you like?

Staying home or going somewhere else?

Do you feed animals living in the wild?

Remind Me Again- Why in the Fuck Do We Need Wall St.?

Woman murdered at work, her family denied benefits

There was either a small explosion in my kitchen last night

superfluous click - self-delete

Holy jeezily crow, would someone please turn up the heat?

What I thought was a good idea for a thread sank like a stone yesterday.

Post your favorite theme of a current show

****Turkey Roasting Help****

Grr. DOA. The new strobe light I'd bought.

****Turkey Basting Help****

Do you drink alcohol?

"As god as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!"

Anyone else who won't bring a shopping cart from a store parking lot back into the store?

Okay, that Mary Poppins thing on CBS was just plain creepy...

This guy takes playing with your food to a whole new level!

Holiday Introspection.

Family tradition, turkey platter

Its Weasel Stomping Day

The NFL is ...

Knock - Knock

Another T-Day Classic scene - Planes Trains & Automobiles....

Thanksgiving is canceled!

just curious...anyone a gamer on the board

Anybody else at work today?

The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade just got Rick Rolled.

OMG! The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade just got rickrolled!

THE TURKEY IS IN THE OVEN! Post here when yours goes in, and when will

Anyone ever been to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade?

Update: I don't need surgery

Okay. I need some vibes tonight. I've just started a new job and I am insecure. - liars

Anybody see Shontelle almost fall off the float TWICE during the Macy's parade?

What if all our processed food has had melamine in it for years???!!1!


Rick Astley!

Where will you be eating Thanksgiving dinner?

Post a trivia question. The only rule for answering: No Google or other searches!

This guy I went to lunch with yesterday said he's a "carne-tarian". (?)

Getting ready to hit the road...Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Blizzard is making it easier to get addicted to crack.

Wattles or Snoods?

Well, I had them going...

THURSDAY ART: "The Parcae (Nona, Decima, Morta)"

To all of you spending time with family and loved ones this holiday

Holiday Texts

Hey, no hitting below the belt!

Watching the Purina Dog Show, I have to reaffirm...I hate the American Kennel Club


I fought the bank and I won!

"Shopping Cart" flamefest developing in GD

Damn, kids is funny.


Bill Randall, 650.

Happy T-Day! ~~~ Is it to early to have a cocktail?

Artificial Christmas Tree or Real Tree? And your reasoning for

Artificial Christmas Tree or Real Tree? And your reasoning for

Happy Thanksgiving Midlo!

Okay they injected almost 6 thousand dollars worth of steroids and

Should the bird rest on the platter or in the roaster pan?

In case you've wondered how long to cellar Beaujolais Nouveau, the answer is not 5 years.

I had a weird dream involving Sarah Palin and John McCain.

did anyone see "Rosie Live" last night (Rosie O'Donnell)

Good morning Lounge


Thanksgiving horsey

Oi! Has this ever happened to you?

An important life lesson for the ladies

You know how NFL coaches get red challenge flags?

I hope you enjoy the little Thanksgiving card I whipped up for DU ~

Fights, riots, hair pulling, and knees to the groin

The "get that annoying earworm out of your system" thread

Well, Top Chef jumped the shark. Everything was good - they're in NYC - but the Foo Fighters?

My first beer ( or three) in a month

Macy's parade viewers get "Rick rolled"!!

Open this link at the risk of your eyeballs...and eardrums

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday November 27

And for your Thanksgiving Evening, Igive you "Bob Rivers - 12 Pains Of Christmas".

Sauteing onions and garlic first thing in the morning should be outlawed.

Did anyone else see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade get rick Rolled?

Reading in bed can lead to a loss of information

I just had to cash out my 401k

My thanksgiving gift to you Mekrins..... the timelords

Thanksgiving football!

Moments in your life that weren't as touching as they are in movies?

Meet our dogs

What album have you listened to literally hundreds of times?

Your Thanksgiving menu?

Who schedules these Thanksgiving Day NFL games?

Have you ever opened a wine bottle in an unorthodox way?!1 Corked or uncorked!1

Post your turkey pix

I'm cooking tonight!

Enquiring Puppies want to know:

sum oldschool heavy metal

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/27/2008)

I worry about the "false centrism" that passes for "moderation" these days.

we have some new candidates for the "asshole of the year" award:

Should I Nap Or Watch Football While Barefoot Mrs Matcom Is Doing Dishes Later?

Mashed potatoes help please - everyone know how to make them, right?

Funniest movie death scenes

Didn't eat at my relatives for Thanksgiving because of politics

I'm still alive

The Last Waltz: Thanksgiving Day 1976

Isn't the movie Camelot usually played every Thanksgiving?

Ten questions for Thanksgiving weekend:

We still need a name for the dog

Happy Thanksgivings people !

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING (if I don't get the chance tomorrow)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends!

Happy Freakin' Thanksgiving!


Favorite sugar buzz

God, I feel terrible

Favorite Metalocalypse character?

Happy birthday CaliforniaPeggy !

Favorite single cell animal

Favorite movie soundtrack.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here in teh Longue!

anybody else having a lonely pasta out of a can t-day dinner?

My contract just got picked up for at least another year

My oven won't light and tomorrow's Thanksgiving

"Flying on magical meat products isn't funny."

Alice's Restaurant Massacree

Any must have toys this Christmas?

Any must have toys this Christmas?

Premise: I turned out awesome.

A quick and easy favor needed for a Dem friend of mine and her daughter.

Exposing Myth Of Auto Workers' $70/Hr. Salary


What would Pink Floyd have been like if Syd Barrett had not did so many

Macy's RickRolls everyone in the country on ThanksgivingDay

Happy Turkey Day everybody!!! And now, the unveiling of the Turkey Creed.

The usual suspects, check in here

i have now officially applied for UCLA and Berkeley

What's the view from your window?

Favorite System Lord

Favorite AdultSwim character of all time.

Please request "Bombs Away in Old Bombay" at your local Classic Rock Station

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 11/27/08

If the "rapture" really happened, and the Dems went, and the RW'er's

Just so you all know, today is California Peggy's Birthday....

I got dumped today.

I pay about $39/month for a home phone line that I never use except

Will Obama comment on the India attacks?

KY-Sen: Statewide Recruitment Thread

When you log onto GD: Presidential are you ever......

"apparently, turkeys vote"

Obama wants to make White House 'green'

Obama Transition Statement on Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai

Today's Historically Heavy, Grab a Tissue and Pinch Yourself Moment.


Even if Bush Blanket Pardon everyone involved in torture, We can still shame them!

You know there is a slight bright spot about FReepers calling this an Obama Recession

Will the emoluments clause allegation be added to the vast list of lies against the Clintons?

"Aw Jeez, not THIS shit again"

PHOTOS The Obamas at St Columbanus School (VERY pic heavy!)

Biden to spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket

All Right That's It!! I've had it up to *here* with your shenanigans, Barack!!

President Elect Obama is on ABC now!

Obama always made it clear that he wanted a UNITED & DIVERSE GOVERNMENT....

Do I have to? Watch Baba Wawa?

Will Obama Take On The Pentagon?

Obama popular vote margin largest ever

Obama Camp Names Official SoS Pick

Obama Camp Names Official SoS Pick

Dear President Elect Obama: You are doing great!

Thinking strategically: what Democrats must to do cement the Obama coalition

Howlling from the Left

Will we get another Obama presser today?

Bush pardons Scooter Libby!

Statement from the Obama camp on the Mumbai attacks

Obama and his new team, even if some are "insiders" IS the CHANGE !

NV-Sen: Things Look a Little Dicey for Reid

Obama: “What we are going to do is combine experience with fresh thinking,”

McCain would have suspended his campaign for Mumbai.......

Turf battle looms over Clinton protection

Iraqi parliament approves U.S. security pact -- 3 more years

Barack Obama has a head start on working with Congress

Iraq deal includes a provision for a post-facto referendum to test public support for the pact...

Frankly, I'm convinced that Obama will be the next Chester Arthur.

I Shut A Repug Down Yesterday When He Tried To Smear Al Franken........

Will Obama be our next Herbert Hoover or our next FDR?

Who Has Obama's Ear On India? (Joe Biden, for starters)

Watch out! Broder's drinking the Obama kool-aid! All pundits will get in "The Tank" sooner or later.

###****Please DU this PBS Poll****###

###****Please DU this PBS Poll****###

Joe Klein, Time: "Bush's Last Days: The Lamest Duck"

Want a good laugh? Local letter to the editor........WHAAAAAH!!

Will Obama be our next...

Obama Leads Global Condemnation of Mumbai Attacks (Update5)

Bush sends Christmas card to Jewish leaders

Scoop the poop!

Oh Lordy: Reid has interjected himself into Franken-Coleman.

Words of Thanksgiving, From A Great Man Of Illinois

What's the proper response when a former President is asked about potential cabinet picks?

John Dean on KO. Bush will not be prosecuted for torture.


Look, There is a very good reason that Obama "may" have offered

Mr. Obama's Sweet Potato Pie

I use a cooking bag. -- it cuts cooking time in half.

I use a cooking bag. -- it cuts cooking time in half.

"Save the Economy, and the Planet" Obama's promise of Global Leadership: NY Times:

Oh , the things that freepers say:

President-elect Obama spoke with Sec. Rice and Ambassador Sen about the situation in Mumbai

David Broder: Good Time For a Brainy President

I think Obama will be the "first Obama-like " President

can anyone help me find a obama video that was played at the convention?

Does anyone remember an election night predction thread that was very detailed?

Lieberman Contributed to GOP Senate, House Candidates

Blind eggs responsible for budget shortfall

The Obama Symbol

You know, Keith did MSNBC and the world a tremendous favor when he kicked Dana Milbank off his show

Please donate to the Bush Presidential Library

Is herr Bush Nekkid in his last 53 days.....Can the People really see him for what he was hiding all

I though Hawaii was part of the US

TIME: Why Obama Wants Hillary for His 'Team of Rivals'

Happy ThanksGiving! Got a lil' somethin' somethin' for Y'All!

How I Know Things Are Different: Way #247

Just watching the Barbara Walters special last night....amazing.

Thanksgiving Obama Toons

I suspect there are alot of Repubs thinking what if the India attacks had happened 1 month earlier.

Malia tells her father she will do her reports in the Lincoln Bedroom

Did Rachel 's guest say that Obama can't overturn Bush last minute regulations?

Not only does Obama hold press conferences, he actually pays attention to the questions.

America gets the flu, China goes into a coma

I think Barack Obama is a good man and could potentially be a great president.

OBAMA's Thanksgiving Message

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton is now working the India terrorist attacks.

We are the Media's "Echo Chamber" - and we do Drama well.

McCain's Concession speech.... it's worth repeating and may end up in historical textbooks

India claims attackers were foreign / Pakistan condemns attacks -- could this escalate?

Boy, am I relieved that Obama will have a clear cut legal reason for rejecting Hillary

Awww...look at this special Macy's Day Parade float

Barack Obama had to know the political risk of offering SoS to HRC

Krugman Praises the Obama Team...

Krugman Praises the Obama Team...

A Clinton voter repents

Doonesbury - the future of the Republican party...

A few thoughts on left, right, and center.

it is BIZARRE to believe two things:

Favorite hermetically sealed convenience store sandwich to eat in lieu of a turkey dinner

Here's one for you

Dodd:To those who have a problem with Obama governing from the center right or right: "Get Over It"

More horses sent abroad for slaughter after US ban

Report: Shots at Mumbai office of Jewish group

President-Elect Obama Condemns Attacks. Death Toll Now 101

Police Nab Suspect in (Arkansas) Anchor's Death, Seek Answers

Egypt, Arab League slam Mumbai 'terrorism'

India sees "external link" as troops battle militants

Bomber kills 4 near U.S. embassy in Afghanistan

Two Royal Marines killed in Afghanistan

British Muslim bodies flay Mumbai attacks

FTC Tosses Guidance on Tar, Nicotine ("Smokescreen for Tobacco Cos.' Shameful Marketing Practices")

Meltdown Far From Over, New Mortgage Crisis Looms

Australian Islamic leader condemns Mumbai attacks

Organisation of Islamic Conference condemns Mumbai attacks

Western governors: 'Obama, act quickly on energy'

Breaking: Indian Navy Boarding Suspicious Ship Off Mumbai

Iraqi parliament OKs US troops for 3 more years

Man who threw pie at Vt. governor gets 5 work days (Republican Jim Douglas)

Hude crowds cheer NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade

Three Judges Selected for Siegelman, Scrushy Appeals

Jury convicts mom of lesser charges in online hoax

Republican Committee Keeps the Heat on Obama

New U.S. mortgage crisis looms (commercial property)

Mumbai attackers may be Pakistani nationals

Gorbachev hopes for new US policies under Obama

Two weeks to cut rates, card issuers told

Israeli rabbi held hostage by Mumbai gunmen

Bolivia calls U.S. trade move "political vengeance"

Monroe auto supplier ceases operation

Medvedev and Chavez in nuclear deal

CNN: Taj Hotel Siege Over, last 3 attackers killed

Guerra Reveals Evidence (on Cheney's indictment)

Barack Obama plans 20,000 troop surge to boost Afghan effort

2,700-year-old marijuana stash found

Roubini: Policies will lead to "much higher real interest rates on public debt"

Detroit Seeks a Second Bailout, for the Lions

Thinking Ahead on Electoral Reform

Doris Kearns Goodwin discusses Lincoln, Obama — and their 'rivals'

the plot to DE the loot they are loading up on

A Command of the Law

Eugene Robinson: Blessings Of the Moment

Only 55 Days of Bush Incompetence Left!

The Great Slump of 1930 - John Maynard Keynes

While Some of Us Are Hoping for Change, Others Are Literally Starving for It

The Crisis in Mumbai: Who Says Bush Is Not In Control?

Chavismo makes overall gains in Venezuela.

Transformation in Venezuela.

Iranian court sentences man to be blinded by acid

Robert Reich: The Rebirth of Keynes, and the Debate to Come

Thanksgiving Prayer for all the Children

What to Do When Your Party Sucks--David Michael Green

The Pilgrims' Real Menu

American Decline Will Be Worse Than U.S. Intelligence Agencies Fear

Corporations have demanded much from us, now we must demand they open their tax records

A Little Matter Of Genocide by Ward Churchill

Iraqis democracy has beaten Bush & represented Americans better than our own Congress

There is no there there. And there is no money there, either

Patrick Swayze 'says goodbye as cancer spreads'

Why are we bailing out Corporations that Outsource our Jobs?

'Made in America' must make a comeback-There is value in working with your hands.

Just for Fun, Allspinzone Now Written by Women

More than 100 held hostage in Mumbai in terror blitz

Barbara Walters President Elect Obama interview 11/26/08 (part 6, final)

Affluenza (Hard to Find PBS Documentary) Part 6 of 6

Affluenza (Hard to Find PBS Documentary) Part 5 of 6

Affluenza (Hard to Find PBS Documentary) Part 4 of 6

Affluenza (Hard to Find PBS Documentary) Part 3 of 6

Affluenza (Hard to Find PBS Documentary) Part 2 of 6

Rachel Maddow - The End of Bushco

Maddow: Rachel's List

The Real Meaning of Thanksgiving - Obama Family

Obama: 'Coming Together to Overcome Adversity'

Barack Obamas Beef (Barack The Rap Star)

Barbara Walters President Elect Obama interview 11/26/08

Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect

Barack Obama says NO to a girly dog.

Inside Story: The Racist Backlash Against Obama's Election

Obama's Thanksgiving

Keith Discusses Palin with Joel and Issac McHale

Bankers party while America burns~ Dennis Kucinich

The Greatest Feeling in the World!

Palestinian power struggle may bar pilgrims from visiting Mecca

TYT: Are You Smarter Than A U.S. Politician?

MILK Timeline

Gates expected to remain with Danzig as deputy

N.J. official accused of faking combat record

Soldier arrested in murder-for-hire plot

U.S.: Women in suicide-bomb ring surrender

Lawsuit: Police forced vets to lick ground

Retired Army officer faces child porn charges

Fort Dix suspect contacted police over concerns

Army to court martial soldier in Japan

Judge denies probation for Guardsman

Investigation into sub fatality blames victim

‘D.C. Madam’ call girl allowed to retire at O-4

Chancellorsville home, celebrating holiday

Howard forced to spend Thanksgiving at sea

P-3 squadron returning from deployment

Official: India sunk trawler, not pirate vessel

Kearsarge returning to Norfolk

Jones would bring long resume to advisor role

Homecoming a personal affair on the pier

Air Guard to give plaques to 70,000 deployers

DoD travel cards switch to Citibank on Sunday

Karzai: U.S., NATO aren’t succeeding

Grand Forks base commander discusses changes

Deserter seeks asylum in Germany

1st AD homecoming at Wiesbaden has air of celebration

Iraq navy, marines to begin guarding port, oil platforms

Services have given out or OK'd $28M in post allowance back pay

German mayors plan Washington trip to dissuade U.S. military base relocation

Bonus for MPs who become warrant officers is extended

Hopstock rape trial scheduled for February

Soldier in South Korea is convicted of trafficking 30 pounds of pot

Gas falls below $2 per gallon in S. Korea

No breakthrough in Yokota house thefts

Posters are the latest tool against insurgents in Iraq

Karzai Blasts US, NATO; Seeks Timeline

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Another Turkey Day at War

Feds Warn of Terror Plot Against NYC Subways

Virginia and Florida Spar Over Carrier

Bush pardons former airman of drug charges

Turkey and Morale Served Up at Benning

Iraq Has Its Own Battle of the Bulge

Affluenza (Hard to Find PBS Documentary) Part 1 of 6

Hundreds Killed, Wounded in Mumbai Slaughter

Army Beefs Up Non-Lethal Capabilities

DoD Buzz: House Questions Joint IED Success Claims

(Army Times) Opinion: Be wary of bonus

(Army Times) Backtalk: VFW, Legion must modernize in order to thrive

Greenland wants independence -- to hunt whales ??

Carmakers can’t block emission standards

Expert asks Ecuador court to fine Chevron $27 billion - Reuters

The underground houses of Coober Pedy (Pic heavy)

If anyone is interested here is my latest creation. cross post from GD

Spain's Natural Gas Consumption for 2008 Establishes a New Record.

The Turkey Of The Year In California

Familiar Trio at Heart of Citi Bailout (Rubin, Paulson, Geithner)

Colombia FTA Roasted Turkey Cornucopia



Black Friday: It has to be big, and bold

The Vampire crimewave continues. A NEW derivative CREDIT RECOVERY SWAPS

British Debt Slaves get a Break!

Can you name a non-unionized auto firm that's in as much financial trouble as GM?

Regulating toxic derivatives like drugs

Japanese Bankers Party

Complete list of poor nations that adopted gov't socialism & became prosperous:

Marketplace Whiteboard: How credit cards become asset-backed bonds

If you try to organize workers to create a union, then what are you obligated to do...

The truth behind the Citigroup nationalization

Thank you for your solidarity (the original action was posted here and several sent emails)

10% off sale at the UFW store

Got Kids? Give Union-Made Gifts

Workers at Alle Kosher Meat Plant Reject Union in Contested Vote (company misrepresents Obama )

Newark shop boasts yarmulkes made with union labor


Special wines (etc) for your holiday parties

40 Acres In Delano Become Historic Landmark

Today in labor history Nov 27 The pro-labor musical revue, "Pins & Needles," opened on Broadway

Today in labor history Nov 26, 6 young women burn to death and 19 more die

National Listing of Crafts Posting TRADES & APPRENTICESHIP Announcements

Fight the Downturn. Help your economy by supporting good, local, domestic, jobs.

LA Times: Project brings unusual merger of union bosses and environmentalists

Wage, (eliminate all) holiday cuts coming for Globe's union drivers

Labor department sues firm failing to contribute to its employees' retirement plans

Unions Find Obama Agenda Means Jobs Gain, Trade Loss

Election Watchdog Group to CA Secretary of State: Investigate Proposition 8 Vote Count

Something that really bothered me about Keith's commentary about Prop 8

The Mormons just descended en masse in Bay View...

Tomorrow is Black Friday. Prop 8 protests take to the malls!

Happy Thanksgiving to my friends here in GLBTQ

Free pass on gay hatred? Turning a blind eye.

Thinking about dropping a dollar in the Salvation Army bucket? Why?

everybody should have a parent like this one

Today In History: Candlelights At City Hall

What Are You Doing For Thanksgiving?

Colombian parliament commission rules out immediate third term for president

Colombia scandal spirals

Bolivia calls U.S. trade move "political vengeance"

Captain of alleged smuggling boat charged over drownings

How can we miss you if you won't go away? Right-wing lunatic Cuban "exile," Frank Calzone

Iowa fans cited for bathroom sex during Minnesota game

The Detroit Thanksgiving game has got to end.

Universal test 'would slash Aids' (BBC)

Baby Deaths After Indian Drug Trials Sparks Ethical Debate

Fever therapy (cancer) revisited

The cholesterol myth and YOUR healthcare cost

So, my bed was shaking last night.

That we may see ourselves better

November 2008 Prayer, Light, and Healing Requests II

Who wants to take a crack at it?

Something about LOA and Affirmations

spanish moss...

Homicide rates versus city population size prove large cities should be banned.

I'd just like to point out that India has draconian gun laws.

Time To Renounce The NRA?

kicked up devil'd eggs appetizer

ZOMG! I'm glad I didn't make pie!

Can we talk about mashed potatoes?

Anyone have an EASY fool-proof turkey gravy?

Gotta perfect pumpkin cheesecake done.. but I need advice on the pecan pie..

Are the multiple Matrix movies a moron's concept?

Trippy (creepy) prayer on youtube.

Atheist Billboard Taken Down

How the Turtle's Shell Evolved (it's not the way you might think)

How the turtle's shell evolved (BBC)

World’s Largest Digital Camera Tracks Asteroids

Happy Thanksgiving from PZ Myers

Five Innovations That Will Change Our Lives in the Next Five Years

EU pledges billions for space programme

Would you rather watch a Porno, or go to church?

Scientists Begin to Decode Whale Language

How to get rid of Federal Reserve?

Happy Turkey Day to all in the DUngeon! nt

Hart-Rudman report,

The Laws of Thanksgiving (Capitol Annex)

2 Canadians shot, 6 taken hostage in Mumbai.

So, are we going to have a coalition government?

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas: Roger Ebert's review

'The Wrestler' is going to be good.

Please Request "Bombs Away in Old Bombay" by the Police at your local radio station.

Unions furious at possible plans to sell off Royal Mint