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Since I own a Nissan Altima, I guess that makes me a Democrat,

Why didn't I see this before the election?

FBI agents ordered to India to investigate attacks

Hey East Coasters! Is KO not on tonight?

Bank cardboard cutout spurs police standoff

So we are sending FBI agents to Mumbai. Hopefully when foreign aid or assistance is offered to us

Why Bush Can’t Allow Habeas Corpus – And Why we Need to Leave Afghanistan

George Kennedy & Eric Braeden film to open at Boise theater (treatment of former slaves)

What's with MSNBC...they can't field a news staff on a Friday?

Who Said "Terrorism turns Moderates into Extremists"?

Do the Indian anti-terrorist police seem a little like the Keystone Cops?

Shameless plug: "Queen Victoria" book 3 now available! and "Rocky King" on the Idiot Box

Sean Penn offers warm "Milk" to movie fans (gay politician Harvey Milk who was murdered on the job)

The Thanksgiving parade was horrible this year! Scary even. Just look at who I saw there!

GA-Sen: Small dollar donors keeping Martin afloat

Dennis DeYoung was a prophet

Girl Punched Dad During Spanking, 16 yr old charged with domestic battery

Maybe you've seen this bumper sticker. I never did until today.

Look what I found! Clearance McCain

Follow the battles at Taj hotel live here

Authorities in Assam India have ordered culling thousands of chicken & ducks (BIRD FLU)

WSJ editorial doesn't find Colbert, Lewis Black, Stewart, Sasha Cohen, Bill Maher Funny

Fox news had someone on who was saying the gov't should cancel the 2008 income tax


Scottie "The Duck" McClellan is going to be on CBC Television shortly

Citi Bank could have built their own stadium for LESS than $400 million!

Florida paid $60,000 for discredited work against gay adoption

'Operation Black Tornado was ill conceived' : Israeli officials

Are Polling Point polls a sales gimmick or real polls?

America's Hunger Crisis is Worsening

BBC says the operation at the Taj is over

Why are you folks arguing over who has the best personal vehicle

"Weren't you a big Bush supporter?"

Inauguration Question:

Help the Hungry... Buy a Fair Trade 'Cultivate Peace' T-Shirt with FREE Matching Hat!

A positive post about Christmas (but I wish it were not just at Christmas)

CBS/AP has Walmart witness video of rescue attempt online

"An employee has been killed" Response "I've been on line since yesterday"

Wages: Small Business Vs. Large Corporations

Looking for a Xmas gift for an Obama fan?

Deepak Chopra's take on Mumbai

Look what I just found!

Did the stock market close/shut down at 1:00 pm today?

Does anyone else watch LinkTV?

TPM: Can't Be A Good Sign

Is there nothing that isn't Obama's fault?

Militants Booked Into Taj Six Days Back to Stock Up

"Hillary, Talk Me Down", Mumbai Attacks.

That Was an Army of Virginia Tech Shooters.

Indian commandos killed the last remaining gunmen holed up at a luxury Mumbai hotel

Thai Protesters Force Police From Airport

Anyone else find this interesting/strange:

This post is to DU from my 7 year old daughter Hannah

The Jammu & Kashmir police had alerted central government about holes in Indian coastal security

Mumbai looks like a real time test of terrorist tactics to be used again and again

Mumbai - What keeps going through my mind

Must stores insist on turning checkout lines into sign ups for various cards, clubs and other deals?


Proof that creationists evolved from monkeys...

Our new next door neighbors just moved here from ALASKA..

Here is why I love Barack Obama so much and am looking forward to the next four years: (youtube)

If the WHO were to stage a reunion concert in Cincinnati

Mumbai attacks: Tracking British Islamists is an immense task for MI5

Reuters reports Press and "Psy Ops" to merge at NATO Afghan HQ

Chubby? Need a job? Can you get to Germany? Paying $75/hour for Santas.

So I'm watching a discussion on BBC international

Up to seven of the terrorists were Brits and may have come from Leeds and Bradford

You cannot make this s*** up!

Who are the Lubovitch?

Wal-Mart Shoppers Fight Over Last Xbox 360

These are the times that try men's souls.

Thank you, George Bush, for doing the right thing since Nov 4th

Indian Troops Kill Seven Rebels(some Pakistanis) Ahead of Fresh Kashmir Polls

Fox News repeatedly echoes only opponents of Employee Free Choice Act

Is there a website that actually shows how much of our national

3 (maybe 4) wishes...

Become a Secret Shopper for Burma! (please read)

US expert calls Mumbai terrorist attacks ‘a domestic issue’

Terrorists planned to kill 5,000 people: Patil

Sat-phone vital to solving mystery

Black Cats earned nation's gratitude during Mumbai terror siege

Forrest Gump explains mortgage backed securities

BJP Asks Centre to Build Pressure on Pak to Hand Over Dawood

Former Chiefs’ kicker appeals to Bush to get his brother out of prison

If We Give Citi the Bailout, Make Sure to Call Them at Dinner Asking When They Can Repay

While the rest of the world deals with economic crisis Dubai throws 20 Million $ Party.....

Mumbai attacks may destabilise Pakistan: study

Sarah Palin is meeting with a man she says associates with terrorists next week

Did A Criminal Mastermind Stage The Mumbai Nightmare?

Kristol Calls On Bush To Pardon Torturers And Wiretappers, Reward Them With Medal Of Freedom»

Kristol Calls On Bush To Pardon Torturers And Wiretappers, Reward Them With Medal Of Freedom»

Bases brace for surge in stress-related disorders

What's so awful about waterboarding?

Wake me up - Daily Kos coming up on WJ on CSpan 1after the

Bush's Last Days: The Lamest Duck ~~Joe Klein~~

U.S.-born Taliban foot soldier John Walker Lindh seeks Bush pardon

Hitler meets housing bubble-- Rolf

My photo essay - beginning with Obama in a turbin sign

Why was there so much violence in the stores today?

Oh horrors! Filthy rich athletes won't get as many endorsements now w/the mkt. crash!

Bush on Bush: ... a liberator of millions ....

"Behind Every Great Fortune Lies a Great Crime"- CEO's "cashed out" prior to economic crisis

Murdoch wants NYTimes for empire, author says

As Crisis Mounts, Ecuador Declares Foreign Debt Illegitimate and Illegal

Let's start at the bottom and work our way up

"Clap On - Clap Off - The Economy"

AP: Justice Stevens Shows No Signs He Is Ready To Quit

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Kristol Calls On Bush To Pardon Torturers And Wiretappers, Reward Them With Medal Of Freedom

Faroe islanders told to stop eating toxic pilot whales - Mercury poisoning (graphic pic at end)


Must you INSIST on digging through your loose change for the exact coinage?

another day in the life of Texas

OMG...the Sarah-Palinization of America continues...introducing the BUMP IT!

Pet food sickened at least 79 people, CDC says

Caption this photo of Paulson and Bernanke...

The Massachusetts Health Plan

NYT bellweather transportation industry report "Out of the Spotlight, an Industry Copes With Crisis"

Frank Cieciorka -- Clenched Fist Original Artist Dies

Please help with info!

Issues on the Back Burner Due Economic Crisis

U.S. Breaks International Pledge Not To Recruit Children Under 17

Will a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan cause enough

'Mummy, can I phone the pirates?'

I know sometimes people make jokes of & have contempt for "ambulance chasing" lawyers, but

Rival groups. RIVAL GROUPS? F'ing gangbangers shoot up

CSPIN idiots finally wake up.

Executive Orders Can Be Changed Secretly

Citigroup says gold could rise above $2,000 next year as world unravels

Bill Moyers on the World's Hope for America

Greta Van Susteren's Been Added To Dickipedia

US media covers Chavez victory and calls it a defeat

Taliban earns up to $470 milllion this year from opium trade - U.N.

Taliban earns up to $470 milllion this year from opium trade - U.N.

Maybe it's just me, but the "Obama Cookie" guy seems like a bit of a dick

DU has gotten really annoying lately. Lots of 'I'm better than you' shit going on.

Look to the Internet to Fight Poverty

This is one of the best articles I've come across re: what to do with the */Darth

"I bet there's not a single year where I couldn't have gone somewhere else

Where's Wal-Mart's OFFICIAL statement?

Coal Baron Blankenship Calls Critics ‘Communists,’ ‘Atheists,’ And ‘Greeniacs’»

Am I the only one who is noticing what seems to be a large number of freepers

Dawood provided logistics for terror attacks

I just made a contribution to the ACLU

How do we get a national online petition

At Factory Farms, Animals Attack Each Other All the Time

Tell Toy Companies: Target Parents, Not Kids, With Holiday Ads

Tiger Woods' split with GM a warning for athletes

Jeremy couldn't figure out why the police thought he was driving drunk....

One advantage of the overt politicking and evangelizing at sporting events over the past 8 years...

Pastor who helped get "under God" in Pledge dies

Why So Quiet On The Franken/what's his name Senate Recount Front?

Anchorage Daily News editorial - Aid from Chavez

At Lesat 378 Die in Fighting After Nigeria Election

Oddest part time job in Times Square

You couldn't pay me to go to a store to shop on black Friday...

"They kept shopping?" And you want to live in the US because????

Trained in Pakistan, Terrorists Just Wanted to Kill

Drunk driver runs over himself

It's NOT Wal-Mart anymore. It's Murder-Mart....

If you're gonna carry them

What happens to the turkey after it's pardoned?

NBC ***NOW***halftime of the Bayou Classic--***must watch***

At least we got the TV for $800 bucks!

Bush Drinking Again? Downs "Pisco Sour" In Peru

Wal-Mart vs. the Unions

The Last Word On The Walmart Tragedy

Pres. Obama's National Security Adviser is a Toby Keith fan

Pres. Obama's National Security Adviser is a Toby Keith fan

Pres. Obama's National Security Adviser is a Toby Keith fan

The Governor of Alaska and the Queen of Georgia -- THE MUDFLATS

Black Friday carols

Black Friday

Health Care Execs: US System Inefficient, Wasteful, Even Dangerous

Kids on Neuroleptics...?

PHOTOS: A Tale of Two Thanksgivings . . .

Alabama governor defends state from UAW criticism

Murphy of 'Murphy's Law'

Crime and Punishment

Mumbai personal side of the story: My Rabbi's close friend of childhood murdered

What a wise solution I must broadcast all over the angry liberal blogs

Google Earth Greenland

I've been pretty hard on Obama's picks so far. I'd like to say something good about him.

Doonesbury’s week of Palin

The incidents at ToysRUs and Wal-Mart are not limited to Black Friday

he Westboro Church didn't even show up last night in Vancouver

Dear Freepers and other disruptors, I'm begging you to please use

Iran: Nation Of Bloggers...

200,000 Ecstasy Pills Seized At Border

Tax-Free Guns on Black Friday weekend in SC .. WTF!!?

Imagine the worst that could happen with our economy?

Federal judges accept all-expense paid junkets to right-wing conferences

Riots 'kill hundreds in Nigeria'

What the FUCK is so important that you have to go plowing into a store

Funny moment from MILK.

A perfect Christmas card to send to fundies so they can froth for the holidays!

I Hope mal-wart's Sales Just DIE This Holiday Season

Woman in Target reportedly bumped rudely by man who did not apologize

For revolving credit users... How much extra would you need a month to ditch the plastic?

Drug-smeared boobs knock out robbed men

Have you ever been in a mob .. a real mob of people?

The best indicator that "Black Friday" was a total bust...

Remind me DU, when was the last time a corporation was held accountable for anything?

want to know what's happening in a hotel - ask the maids

Anchorage Daily News editorial - Palin's Georgia Pal

e-mail from CapitalOne Bank.......ahhhh, I'm not a CapitalOne member

“We would shoot their tires out . . . put them on their knees like we’re about to execute them"

Do you shop at WalMart?

Another Way: A Tribute to Jdimytai Damour, Trampled Walmart Worker

Churches: Chocolate Jesus is 'tasteless'

The reason to pick and visit a DU Group or two...

Outspoken Muslim physicist leaves U.S. after losing security clearance

If we're going to blame Wal Mart exclusively for yesterday's tragic

It took several days for me to hear that Mombai India was

Why not legislation prohibiting those 4 AM Black Friday Bait-And-Switch sales...

Evidence of murder

I like cheap crack. But all those damn crack dealers are ruining my neighborhood.

Be aware: Most Indians Still Call Mumbai "Bombay"

Investigation ties pet chain to puppy mills

Wal-Mart's Black Friday Machinations

Where Do You Rank On Cash to Credit Use?

Great bailout joke

Should Toys R Us be held criminally liable as well?

US Salmon Sent to China For Filleting

Black Friday, then and now. It IS the market, gang, and here's why it's different.

Is Laura Bush Delusional?

Is Laura Bush Delusional?

I'll shop wal mart EVERY DAY

I Just Got Off The Phone With A Reporter

11th-Hour Rush to Enact a Rule That Obama Fought

Okay, You Be The Judge - Who Is At Fault Here, And How Much, Re: Wal-Mart Death

Town may force child with cerebral palsy to give up his pony

Modesto pastor: Consider confession if you voted for Obama

US military deserter applies for asylum in Germany

Five-figure bonuses stun employees

Boo Hoo. The Art Market is softening.

Boo Hoo. The Art Market is softening.

To those who are blaming the people in the crowd:

How can corporations be held accountable for anything?

Venezuela's Chavez offers heat to villages

Bill Moyers: "This giant of a country is bleeding badly from savage self inflicted wounds"

BJP, India's opposition and "center-right" party, politicizes attacks

Parked by a someone with a McCain/Palin sticker at the 7/11.

Beware Counterfeit $20 Bills

Pregunta for native Spanish speakers: Bombay vs. Mumbai?

Nestle makes blockbuster revelation in melamine scandal - in SA source is melamine laced cattle feed

Bush History: "Why are we talking about this in the White House? History will not judge this kindly"

My Christmas List (5 photos, dial-up warning)

Hopeful signs....(Orwell was off a bit)

"When we have a colored President..."

Ford F-Series pickup truck remains the top-selling new vehicle — car or truck — in the US this year

Feed a U.S. Family for Five Weeks for a tax deductable $25.00

Why Obama is Keeping Gates

Missouri man finds wife's body near her wrecked car

Ohio cop mistakenly shoots himself in thigh after giving his daughter a lesson in gun safety

Come Saturday Morning: The Sting Collapses

Pray for me. I have to go shopping.

Wal-Mart Shoppers at another Store Fight over the Last X-Box

When I was Young - the Animals

Isao Tomita appreciation thread

I blame the terrorists for terror, but we fed the beast. A history.

Payback is a bitch! Enjoy an oldie!

Okay Midlo here's a strange twist of fate

Frank Sinatra song search....

Will Jdimytai Damour (or his family) see justice?

Asked for good vibes a couple weeks ago and they worked!! I got a promotion

Paul Newman in Planet of the Apes

Everlst - What It's Like

One sunny day,on January 21, 2009...

Pastor Rick Warren to present Bush with the "INTERNATIONAL MEDAL OF PEACE"

I'm getting ready to put the left over turkey (not turtle) in the crock pot.

I just took apart the the rear hub of my bicycle, lubed it, and put it back together.

Remember a humor show from the 70's possibly on PBS?

You people that put contacts in your eyes.

Kitty Puke Roasting on a Pellet Stove...

Walmart Black Friday Stampede Video From Last Year. Walmart KNEW Sale Stampedes Are Dangerous

Where do I buy memory foam pads for my bed?

Rec This Thread If You Did NOT Go Shopping On Black Friday.

Let’s hope the Obama era will change thug rappers

I dropped into Best Buy today.....typically one of the craziest holiday season retail scenes.

Hey, do y'all recall those scratch and sniff stickers?

I sure had a great Thanksgiving. And then I had to be transported home by ambulance.

Looks like we got a stray cat for Thanksgiving.

Best digital camera for 200 bucks?

JGD found a two spotted stink bug and wants to make a pet of it...

Girl Punched Dad During Spanking, 16 yr old charged with domestic battery

WoW Nerds

Why is "everybody went shopping today" considered news?

Look: I know the lyrics are awful. I love the song anyway.

Stockman fraud trial puts Enron in the shade

Anybody want a turkey sandwich while I'm up?

Anybody want a turkey sandwich while I'm up?

Turtlensuzy bought her mom a vibrator. I shit you not.

What is your favorite memory of your parents together?

the lead guy in the "twilight" movie creeps me out

It's a nerd face-off on my TV

Scientologists have strange breakfasts.

Want to help other Americans this Xmas- Shop Ebay

Time for a nap, tired, long day want to stay up later and watch DVD's

Anyone here on vimeo?

Planet of The Apes was just on.

If you learned that your ex was secretly a crimefighting superhero, whom would you tell?

I didn't go shopping today.

Am I the only one who was stupid enough to go shopping today?

Has "jumping the shark" jumped the shark?

Can you lucid dream?

Girl, 9, dies after SUV hits bike

This LOL Cat choked me up a bit...

My old Digital camera is 5.0 megapixels , should

I scored a deal at Staples on the way home tonight

I just wanted to say how much I love this place....the lounge in particular

So I just gotta share this comment from a recently locked thread....

Biggest prick in team sports

When I was a little girl, I was given five shares of Stardard Oil (Indiana)

So it WASN'T a Chivas fueled dream!! *whew*

John Mortone bags prime holiday job

I'm looking for colleagues to form a DU member based intelligence community

Two chickens break up a rabbit fight.

Bobby Winthrow gives back to the community

HGTV fans...too much?

I'm seeing my ex today to talk about "things".

Need some help: Digital camera recomendations...if you please?

List your AWESOME gift ideas.

Need some help

In KY, a requirement was established that Homeland Security credit God with keeping the state safe..

Those and e-Harmony commercials are misleading.

Na-noo, na-noo! Mork & Mindy marathon on SF channel...

20,000 more troops to Afghanistan? Bring back the draft

For my 17,000th Post, Huddie William Ledbetter (Leadbelly)

Motorcyclists; Why do riders seem to ride the center line of the road?

Please stop saying 'fuck' in front of my mother.

it started out listening to ozzy records backwards.

My roomie is driving me nuts the last couple of days.

Premise: I am the most awesome guy ever.

what would it take to reunite the beatles?

Plaxico Burress Shot

i ain't gettin nobody shit for xmas

I'm not going to take food from my family or extra money from my bank account...

Any word on that amnesty discussion from a couple weeks ago?

If the WHO were to stage a reunion concert in Cincinnati

would you go yachting in the Gulf of Aden now?

What am I?

If you say 'fuck' in front of my mom you're risking soap poisoning!

I am beyond pissed...

got to find my damned cell phone isb cord

got to find my damned cell phone isb cord

I need a 19.95 tv ad stupid gift idea.

Some funny pics from FAILBlog...

Our Democrats' timidity about Plan B, abstinence only education, plus

I think I am going to go shopping for a bed today...

Favorite Rolling Stones song.

Twilight movie. Did you like it?

Am I insane? I bought a Garmin Nuvi 775t for $299

Question about Shoes

Help me tie this in with Tutching the But, please!

They are coming to your town!

Woohoo! I'm back!!!


how do I treat an oil-soaked wood floor?

Many of us go through heck & high water to get home but this guy

small town life

Post Your Favorite Bar Lie

Yay!! I just got a gig modeling for Speedo in California!

Anyone remember this SNL skit?

No WONDER Jon Anderson's pissed: FAKE Yes performs "Owner of a Lonely Heart" on Huckabee's show

What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs

It's snowing like crazy at the Juventus game.

Sorry to sound narcissistic, but should I change my pseudonym?

Your Opinions on a Photoshoot, please

Well, I didn't do it! No 3rd conure.

Are YOU dizzy yet?

would you, could you, and gloat?

You cannot say "star trek" in front of people

"Carcass" is my favorite Siouxsie and the Banshees song.

Hey SallyMander, these guys need you!

Today's written language pet peeve: using "payed" instead of "paid."

Ft Lupton CO judge Paul Sacco requires noise ordinance violators to listen to Barry Manilow

Posting without reading the thread.

I'm looking forward to seeing the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Who is The Queen of The Silver Dollar?

Bitch according to Websters

Anyone like Nico Vega?

I need some ideas for the perfect Christmas gift for a person who:

"Priest" charges "Fornication Fee" to couples that live together prior to marriage.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 11/29/2008)

Vicodin rocks....that is all

Beneath Planet of the Apes is on!

Anybody else here addicted to the show Numb3rs?

Beautiful horses

Does your toaster have a USB port?

You cannot say "fuck" in front of people.

Ever stay home so long, you no longer want to go out?

Favorite Tito?

ARGH! Why is Maxis fucking me about on Simcity classic?!

Adorable grandson picture. Humor me. :-)

Why is Escape from Planet of the Apes on 3 times tonight?

I wish I could crash on the planet of the apes.

NYS Fair photo that always makes me laugh for some reason

"Old Crusoe, will there be vaginas and penises in your post?"

Favorite Sound of Music song!!!!

It's already been a mean holiday season so to help out......

pet bird owners -- do you use a playpen so the birds can spend time outside of the cage?

My sis just got her lip pierced.

My internet has been cut off....

I just ate 75 lbs. of food for the second day in a row

My kitty, Barney,turned up missing three days ago

The MACY'S PARADE RICK ROLLED !!! (in case you missed it!)I did... AWESOME

How the hell can anyone think that Janis Joplin is ugly?

Blaster or Lightsaber?

Did anyone else set their oven on fire yesterday? (Firemen rock)

would you, could you, with a goat?

Premise: A glass of red wine is good for your heart.

I is having pie

Def Leppard appreciation thread

Anyone had a total knee replacement and wish to tell me what to expect?

Tell me which awesome movie to rent.

M-O-O-N, that spells DU

If they can make a device that turns urine into water, why not a machine that can do more?

hey everybody, my pain pill has kicked in

I am almost 80 years old kinda.

December 3, 1979 eleven fans died while waiting to see The Who perform

A primer on India and Pakistan

Mods - Thomcat is spamming the Lounge!

LBN: George Lucas Seen Beating Up Geeks and Taking Their Money

Christianity can be kind of fun

If you were making a movie about Tito, which actor would you want for the leading role?

Favorite Aliens from Babylon 5

What's for Dinner, DU?

Today's College Football Thread

Tips for finding cheap(er) tickets to Ireland?

My Dad, aka Poppy, is officially retired.

My last day of work was last Wednesday.

"I'm with the MILF"

Greatest Southern Rock Song

B4 the "Internets." BBS's, Compuserve and text based games.

actual exchange in my house today....

More pictures to bore you with...

Favorite Sarah Palin Nickname?

Catholic church in Florida buying historical Southern Baptist church to turn it into a school.

American cultural curiosity rarely seen in Germany: offers to go ahead in line

Post a song you slow-danced to at a Junior High (or Middle School) Dance.

What are you drinking tonight?

I got to meet my SECRET Lounge crush today!!

No WONDER Louie Anderson is pissed: he's an untalented lardass

what were you into when it was still cool before everyone else found out about it

I Think A Lot Of You Are Missing A Key Ingredient In This Wal-Mart Story

Thanks to all of you, I'm back.

women: seriously. what the fuck? I mean, come on.

Weird things have been happening here lately...

Those who can't stand Christmas Kand R here

I'm going to the gun store, anyone need anything?

Financial columnist, Terry Savage praises Obama economic team.

Matthews Denies Report

Mumbai around the world.......this is how terrorists wilo...

How confident are you that Obama will announce Richardson as his nominee for SoC

Iowa Cafe Swamped With Orders For "Obama Cookie"

talking badly about other DU'ers is 'whining'

I know it's not fashionable to post links anymore but...

so....barack still hasn't made any announcements inre SoS?

22.62% of 2008 census report is currently 2nd only to Reagan 1984

Obama Picks May Leave Big Holes: As Elected Officials Migrate, Democratic Seats Are Vulnerable

Question about the Chris Mathews Possible PA Senate Run: PA DU'ers respond

Obama would have prevented Mumbai incident, per 9.4 interview on O'reilly

Barack Obama is proving to have a wisdom and maturity I didn't expect...

A president named Obama changes the name game

The Establishment's Thanksgiving

PBS Friday Night Talk Show Lineup Vs. Sunday Morning Talk Show Lineup

Has anyone read Article 1, Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution?

A simple question:

Would it Make Any *Sense* to Reinstate the 3 Threads per Day Rule in GD:P?

MTP Guests this week: Laura Bush and Ted Turner.

Howard Wolfson on Drudge

A painting called 'Hope' wins fans as Barack Obama's inspiration

Farmer in Chief - Dear Mr. President-Elect

Best senate seat to pick up in 2010?

AJC's cartoonist Mike Luckovich on 'Saxby and corporations...'

Obama's picks

TV Attacks on Jim Martin just utterly preposterous...

Does anyone think America will go broke in the next 8 years?

Just a cool & cute little note about my Indian friend Raj & his son re: the election

Who can better beat Specter in '10: Sestak or Matthews? I don't want a Franken repeat!

How Long Till This Forum Goes Back To "General Discussion Politics"?

For anyone troubled by Obama's answer to the reporter that the change comes from HIM...

Am I the only one here who think getting two GOP senators to support a bill is not a bad thing??

Which president thinks like you do?

NC-Sen 2010: Names start swirling

Bidentity Crisis: Where's Joe?

The Obama Dream Team by Mike Whitney (An article critical of Obama's appointees)

Phone Banking for Martin (GA), from Sen. Boxer -

Obama adviser once critical of Clinton is back

Obama must harness team of giants (with giant egos)

As if there weren't enough reasons to be glad * is vanishing...

How confident are you that Obama will announce Hillary as his nominee for SoS

Has your opinion of President-Elect Obama been enhanced or diminished by his cabinet choices.

S&P (a better index than the Dow Jones) had the best week since Oct. 1974

Overrated Loyalty

Justice Stevens shows no signs he is ready to quit

Wish me a happy 50th birthday, and I'll give you a hobbit present.

Pakistan is more dangerous than Afghanistan

If Chambliss wins in Georgia, Lieberman should be removed as Chairman

Americans Remain Confident in Obama as President

Anti-terror law requires God be acknowledged

Congress to ready legislation for Obama

Steven Baldwin To Leave The Country Because Obama Won!

Latest talking points: Bush legacy is no further attacks on US soil

Weird. I think I'm the only one here.

how crazy is GD:Presidential ?

Time to educate ourselves about Pakistan

Irrational Obama Exuberance

I've fucking seen it ALL now. Newsweek slams Michelle for not being "the next Jackie O"


LMFAO!!!! Front page of FR: "Are alien UFO fleets protecting Barack Obama?"

Morning In America: Could Barack Obama become the next Ronald Reagan?

isnt calling anyone who opposes your views a "hater"...

The US President is Head of State and Head of Government

Black Friday looked like a lemming-zombie free-for-all...

Obama team repackaging Clinton after campaign digs

Barack Obama facing his first defeat as Sarah Palin hits Georgia campaign trail

Three reasons the "Wellstone Left" deserves a seat at the White House Policy Table.

hey DU?remember when hillary was going to be VP

Hey DU, Remember When We Liked Democrats? Michelle Obama considering having another baby?!

For those who have been watching the Shiba Inu puppy cam...

President Vaclav President Barack Obama.

Your state.

As Crisis Mounts, Ecuador Declares Foreign Debt Illegitimate and Illegal

Were terrorists aiming to blow up Taj hotel?

Anti-terror law requires God be acknowledged

New rifts form on Antarctic ice shelf

Indian Forces Kill Last Gunmen in Mumbai

Attack on Iraq's Green Zone near U.N. kills two

Menem charged with arms-smuggling

Poverty spreading in suburbs: study

Bases Brace for Surge in Stress-Related Disorders

Pastor who helped get 'God' in U.S. pledge dies

1st commercial ship sails through Northwest Passage

Obama Sends Condolences to Indian PM for Mumbai Attacks Victims

Witnesses: Fatal Shooting Followed Toy Store Brawl

Raul Castro Attends First Beatification in Cuba

Riots 'kill 'hundreds in Nigeria'

Indian media react angrily to Israeli criticism of Chabad rescue operation

Bush Aides Rush to Enact a Safety Rule Obama Opposes

Arrested terrorist says gang hoped to get away

Saudi King Says Oil Should Be $75 a Barrel

Thai police flee Bangkok airport as protesters attack

Obama Adviser Who Insulted Clinton Has Role in Transition

Iraq's Top Shiite Cleric Concerned About U.S. Pact

Pakistan could move army on border: Report

Student Loan Aid Is Test for Treasury: Groups Urge No Bailout Benefit To Private Lenders

Obama Names 7 Gays to Transition Team

Sought: Wal-Mart Shoppers Who Trampled NY Worker

Venezuela likely to offer free fuel to Alaskans again

FDA Draws Fire Over Chemicals In Baby Formula

Giants receiver Plaxico Burress accidentally shoots himself in the leg

Taleban's ex-spokesman shot dead

Expert: Small Arkansas Earthquakes Could Be Warning

Pastor Who Helped Get "Under God" in Pledge Dies

Union Responds To Death of Long Island Wal-mart Worker

Terror strikes may dent business confidence

Bob Herbert:Putting a Face on Big Auto

A New Era of Bipartisanship?

Silicon Valley Starts To Feel The Sting Of Layoffs

So far, so good on Obama transition

Justice Stevens shows no signs he is ready to quit

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Donald Trump Seeks to Exploit Mumbai, at His Own Taj Mahal

Indigenous People Rising

Rell wants list of "shovel ready" projects if feds send aid

How Scientists Thwarted Bush On Stem Cell Research

Mumbai: city of death

JFK Episode Suggests Obama's Iraq Plan at Risk

G.M. to Keep Public From Tracking Its Plane

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A Parallel Universe

Weekend Economists--The Blue Light Special November 28-30, 2008

Russian analyst predicts decline and breakup of U.S.

The Godfathers - Unreal World

Market Report-China Economy Woes

Free Tibet

S T R 126 Bank/Skills Video 11/27/08-- Dragon Plate!!

“His confident smile and kind eyes are an inspiration to us all.”

Colombia in Economic Crisis

This Shopping Season Support Your Local "Mom & Pop Shops"

Eric Cantor (R-VA): Republicans will reach out to minorities by lowering taxes

Generation Chickenhawk: College Republicans with sick notes ! - MUST SEE!

Iraq parliament approves US security pact

This is Gaza

Imagine for one second if another 'Ally" to the US did this


What Are TYT Thankful For?

EU MPs urged to rethink refugee issue

Bush's View Of Success

Christian the Lion Video

Sea Shepherd Brazil (For Portuguese Speakers)

John Dean on Countdown = Torture Prosecutions

Israel bans press in the Gaza Strip

Bailout costs $8.5 trillion

Bill Moyers Journal: The World Looks to America - 11/29

Workin' her way down the food chain: Palin does interview while Taliban kills a fish behind her

Mumbai reminded me of what happened in Munich.

Slinky Cat with Slinkity Sound!

The Media and the Venezuelan Elections

Ann Coulter Shuts Up - Finally

Texas DA: Cheney's Organized Crime Indictment Evidence

Japanese Whaling is Not a Tradition

A monument to intolerance?

Cat Stevens * The voice of a whole generation *

Democracy Now: Noam Chomsky Talks About Obama Selections

Krugman: "We Owe An Apology To The Dotcom Bubble" - At Least The Internet Was New...

TYT: Joe The Plumber Will NOT Go Away

White Collar Workers

Pacific exchanges weather early Black Friday crowds

Air Force courts outsiders with BlueTube site

Despite strike, some in Naples find a way to shop

Sailors at Capodichino complain about rising cost of dining

Army Sergeant Shot to Death at Home

Last of Mumbai Gunmen Slain

Home, a Place of Healing for Soldiers

War-zone Accidents Down; Off-duty Wrecks Rise

Vt. 4-H Expanding Effort To Aid Military Kids

'God Should be 1st in Line of Defense'

Wounded Soldiers Get Help From Alabama Native

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Privatizing Piracy Protection

Air ForceTimes Editorial: Privacy Safeguards Needed

Determined to Join: Marine Sheds the Pounds To Become a Marine

Intelligence Site Named for Slain Ind. Marine

Nearly 25,000 Advance in Petty Officer Ranks

Troops Face Challenges of Recovery

Soldiers Kill Very Feminine Commander

Investigation Into Sub Fatality Blames Victim

Murtha: Fund diplomacy, not AFRICOM

Iraqi, Coalition Forces Deliver School Supplies

Afghan Troops, Police Continue to Improve as Numbers Grow, General Says

University Donates Textbooks, English Materials to Iraqis

Researchers: 139 WWII Marines Found On Tarawa

Fatal Decision

Adm. Steve Morrison - Jim Morrison's dad - dies in San Diego.

Four-legged fiends wreak havoc in cemeteries

Whatever happened to the hydrogen economy? (New Scientist)

(Geothermal) Energy network to heat 60,000 homes (Ireland)

Local project aims to produce bio-fuel while cleaning up (Chesapeake) bay

Amazon deforestation accelerates

Obama buzz felt at global climate talks

New rifts form on Antarctic ice shelf

Renewable energy source inspired by fish

CBC: 1st commercial ship sails through Northwest Passage

The World's Most Expensive Party

Economics gurus... please enlighten me.

Volatile markets may tempt hedge-fund fraud


If buying a plane ticket,, be aware......

Warren Buffett has a simple free market solution to fix the trade deficit

Are we headed for a depression and/or hyper-inflation? How would one prepare? nm

Facing a Choice Between Home And Health Care

Appeals court upholds overtime ruling in Omaha case (Famous Dave’s restaurants)

(Canada) Supreme Court to rule on miners' widows' lawsuit (9 murdered during 1992 dispute)

NY Times: Choices Aren’t Easy for Chrysler Workers

Stillwater Mining Company and United Steel Workers Union Reach Agreement on Restructuring Plan

Teamsters Organize 40,000 Workers in 2008

Despite strike, some in Naples find a way to shop (xpost from Veterans)

Carpenters hold protests outside CNY Walmart stores (great photo & video)

Business Week: No Union Please, We're Wal-Mart (2-13-2006)

The Prop 8 Campaign Money Complaint .. NYT Editorial!

HRC Buyers Guide 2009

The Nation: Push Back on Prop 8

Bullshit Alert: N.Y. Democrats May Skip Gay Marriage Vote

I will prey for you.

A different take on marriage all together.

NYT OP: Gay Marriage and a Moral Minority

"A Day without Gay" Dec 10th.

Obama and Latin America: What He Really Promises by Diana Barahona

Indigenous People Rising

Menem charged with arms-smuggling

Venezuela likely to offer free fuel to Alaskans again

Chavez asks military, backers to prepare for fight

Can AU upset Bama, can FSU upset UF? Please Jesus make it an SEC free BCS title game.

What happened to these NBA owners? They give up?


The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (November 29): Armenia, Georgia Win Olympic Gold in Dresden

Plaxico Burress Shot

NY Giants Plaxico Burress accidentally shoots self in leg

LeBron James calls Charles Barkley 'stupid' .. here we go!

Are the San Jose Sharks best team in NHL?

Heads up- Some of the most beautiful pictures in the Science forum-I am bookmarking for sure.

Making wishes for the new year

Thank you, Mystical Chicks

Could someone interpret this please?

So I don't have much time...

The starchitects have come to town. (dial-up warning)

Two Trees.

I've seen a few posters talking about the .303 Lee Enfields that Indian army squads had.

Cop shoots himself after gun-safety lesson

(New York Giants player) Burress' accidental shooting self-inflicted, according to reports

Okay, gun-grabbers, which one of you wrote this?

Agriculture Issues Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal

Apple- Cranberry Pie with Oatmeal Cookie Crust


A Gentle Reminder:

Ask for what end the heavenly bodies shine ... Earth for whose use?

With Jon Sobrino at the SOA protest (John Dear SJ in NCR)

Jesuit General: Liberation Theology "Courageous"

Mumbai - every time this kind of thing comes up I think "religion?"

Where do you see more religious symbols?

Al-Qaida's Cure For The Economic Meltdown: Convert To Islam

Friday Night Eye Candy, post T day stuffed with big images edition

Suppose that a student essay may contain an unlimited number of spelling errors...

9/11 CT Advocate Murders His Own Father

Are severe coordination problems considered a learning disability?

Compaq desktop: How do I open the case?

My Black Friday catch: $128 Blu-ray player

Canadians for a Progressive Coalition. * Email I just got.

Tories reverse plans to end party funding

Think Godzilla's Scary? Meet His Lawyers

What's the age of consent and drinking laws in Wisconsin?