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It's already been a mean holiday season so to help out......

NY Giants Plaxico Burress accidentally shoots self in leg

NY Giants Plaxico Burress accidentally shoots self in leg

Not sure about Racism?

Is it me, or

3 thoughts about 3rd party candidates

May I weigh in on the topic of obesity?

Here's how you can support the big three automakers

A cautionary tale for those (I don't mean on here) who think that yelling 'kill him!' or thinking


Bush aides push for rule to hamper worker health protections

While India screams Pakistan please check this out

THIS is the kind of thing that makes GWBush Admin evil...

How about coupons for Christmas?

Why was a temp worker opening on black friday???? this does not make any sense

Lieberman as Chair - Damage Control


High profile people killed in the Mumbai attack. approx 183 dead

Meltdown fallout: some parents rethink toy-buying

Black Friday sales suggest longer stay in red

Close Encounters of the hysterical kind! LOL

The Secret Life of Energy - You Always Get More Out Than You Put In

Psychologist had dual role in confessions of Beatrice 6 (ALL 6 free on DNA)

NY Times: Europe Accuses Drug Makers of Padding Health Care Costs

AP confirms Clinton to be nominated Monday

A good football game is on right now, OSU vs OU

Pakistan's Southern Punjab: breeding ground for radicalism: Manchester Guardian

"Had we known they were terrorists, I would have been horrified"

Biden and Clark discussions critical for Obama admin. NOW,

My local teevee newz just reported that Chris Matthews will seek Specter's senate seat.

Nous sommes GRANDS.....French say they need biggest condoms

Two headlines from current Yahoo start page.

Stores need to better plan for crowds, Police say. /Docs: fear and greed may fuel retail stampedes

Palin and Harris, Florida interview

Is Target any better than Wal-mart?

CNN: Holiday shoppers are spending

How's the rain in Southern California? Still ongoing? nt

Anyone else watching the 911 specials on I.D, tonight? Pretty interesting.

Number of Iraqi academics assassinated in Iraq during the US-led occupation is staggering

Do you like 'Holiday' Party's?

Which English football team's stadium had all those people crushed back in the 90s?

Rocket Kills 2 Contract Workers at U.N. Compound in Baghdad

Pale Horse, Pale Rider.

CEOs “cashed out” prior to economic crisis

The mission that changed everything

Which would you do first, Shop at Wal-Mart or buy a Domestic built American CAR

One nation indivisible, one town torn in two

Wal Mart Statement on Black Friday Incident. NO apology.

Wal Mart Statement on Black Friday Incident. NO apology.

Barack Obama's Uncommon Calmness

Playing for Change -promoting peace around the world through music and art - "Stand by Me"

Photo: Things go horribly wrong at Palin press conference, Fargo, ND

Letters needed to protest Myanmar's 45 year sentence for local comedian/poet

Blood on hands of Bolivian autonomy movement. More information on Pando massacre.

Victim of Black Friday

NY Times: The Holidays Downsized - No Job and Fewer Gifts

Melamine in Soymeal 30x 'safe' level found in France - imported from China & fed to organic chickens

Name the 'best gift you've ever received' and why you consider that "the best gift"

Wake Forest vs. Baylor

Toronto Star: The upside of the economic downturn

NYT: Local Pillars, Auto Dealerships Teeter as Big Three Decline

The world's most prominent environmentalist on carbon taxes, clean coal and the dangers of illusion.

Joint Chiefs Chairman 'Very Positive' After Meeting With Obama

Operation W.A.N.T.: The Price of Gas

Iraq’s Oil: The Greatest Prize Of All ?

Do Wal-Mart and other stores meet fire codes on Black Friday?

Former Bush adviser: Obama’s cabinet is ‘Much less ideological than George Bush’s cabinet.’

A Subtle Reminder of What's Coming

Weather watchers...interesting example of thermal influence of Lake Michigan

Federal Workers Unions Want 'Burrowers' Lists

Interrogator who Located Zarqawi Rips U.S. Torture Policy

McCaffrey-One Man’s Military-Industrial-Media Complex -NYTimes

Obama’s 800-billion Bailout Plan Might Actually Work - Don Fang Daily (China)

Tom Brokejaw is the Biggest right-wing A-hole alive....

Is certified mail ever good news?

Germany's Christmas Markets

What kind of security and crowd control would Wal-Mart have in place if all

I have achieved Worldly Wisdom...

First AME pastor's spending examined

I like how on all the shows senators are always mentioned as "key"...

Change DU to something above ground, like Dem Sunshine Company?

one of the 'smirkers' was on Wash. Journal this a.m.

So, Who Do You Think Will replace brokejaw On MTP?

Captured Terrorist's Account of Mumbai Massacre Reveals Plan Was to Kill 5,000

Marines map out a bold energy plan

Hilarious! GWB Last Night in Office - (video)

Wax On, Wax Off: Microsoft in talks to acquire Yahoo’s online search business for $20 billion

India's Security Chief resigns

AP Reporter: Katherine Harris under investigation for 'Duke Cunningham' style corruption chrages

Log Cabin looks to future after ’08 losses

In response to another thread - People work for themselves, almost without exception.

Top Indian Security Official Resigns as Toll Eclipses 180...who resigned after 911 in the US?

What Ever Happened To The Word "Liberal"

What Ever Happened To The Word "Liberal"

Union Responds To Death of Long Island Wal-mart Worker

Fareed Zakaria's show "GPS" on CNN is coming at 1pm. A must see show.

Is it possible to have too many threads dedicated to the Walmart tragedy?

Need Gift Ideas for kids

Once Obama is innagurated, the tinfoilers here will be beyond discredited

It looks like the "Voting for Obama is a sin" pastor might have a checkered past

Is there some way we can find common ground on this Walmart 'controversy'?

For those of you who want to know what happened on Sunday shows but do not want to waste your time:

Police: Pakistani Militants Behind Mumbai Attacks

Check this out while you're chilling

Modesto pastor: Consider confession if you voted for Obama

Female Macy's parade balloon

Wow, we can call voters in Georgia to vote in the Senate race through Barack's web site.

The Weather Channel is showing a review of this season's hurricanes

WTF ! Seriously could someone explain

Where the Wall Street executives hang out.

The Great (Democratic) Divide

If Wal-Mart goes to court to defend their actions in the death of Jdimytai Damour ...

No acorns this year?

Was Marx Right? The Bailout and the Auto Industry

Mumbai attacks: 300 feared dead, piles of bodies found, rumor that some of attackers were British

Does Palin know who she is campaigning for in Georgia? (Alaska Notebook)

We are at the mercy of lunatics. - Treated Like a Terrorist by the DMV

I went to get my oil changed and my tires rotated today


Hitmen charge $100 a victim as Basra honour killings rise

Pres. Obama should stick to his original Iraq withdrawal timetable of 2010

Bush’s 11th-Hour Bid for Secrecy

"Charlie Wilson's War" - any reviewers out there?

Well, I guess I was really bored, or missed the Election Reform news, or something.....

CSPIN LIVE - Peter Wehner, former Bushista

I just saw DL Hughley Breaks the News for the first time. What do yalll think of his show?

FBI team detained at Mumbai airport, released later

India-Pakistan tensions may pull in U.S.

Indian minister offers resignation over Mumbai attacks....(unlike our admin)

Obama Inauguration Could Take on Subdued Tone

Small town's big man bilked neighbors, police say

Shuttle Endeavor de-orbiting momentarily for Edwards landing @ 4:25 pm EST

Terrorism and Liability in the Luxury Hotel Racket

How many of you have republican friends?

Another Catholic pastor labels voting for Obama a sin

Free Republic Brings You the News (Barf Alert!)

Gore Vidal will spend 3 hours on AAR's Politically Direct show beginning 4PM ET

This Is How You Do It! Ecuador Declares Foreign Debt Illegal and Illegitimate

The Ghosts of Desert Storm

The Ghosts of Desert Storm

A 5 minute chocolate cake

K & R if you think all threads explicitly asking to K & R should be locked

President Elect Barack Obama's upcoming encounter with Palin

wal mart, buying american, unions, governtment help, life

Can somebody please tell me what's up with oil prices?

Do you have an NFL *FAN* in your house? How much of a *FAN*? (interesting survey results)

talk radio obsessed w/ Obama's birth

Sunday NYT exposes Gen. Barry McCaffrey: 'One Man’s Military-Industrial-Media Complex'

I wish all of you could shop at my Superstore

Mumbai: Claims are 9 terrorists were killed - has anyone seen where?

The GOP's McCarthy gene: Think Goldwater is the father of conservatism? Think again.

Which Senator(s) Will Ask The Next DOJ Nominee if existing law will be enforced?

Who'd like to see a bloody, take-no-prisoners divorce between George & Laura?

Bush’s last-minute rule gutting worker protections may violate his own guidelines.»

Astounding!!! Pentagon NOW Spends About $21.6 Million EVERY HOUR To Procure New Military Systems!

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister to India: "We face a common threat. We are both victims of terror.”...

Doctors' Opinion of Financial Bail Out Package

Eight killed in Karachi violence

Shuttle about to land in California - on CSPAN live.

Some thoughts about where we shop.

Terrorism that's personal (Kristof, NYT 11/30/08, acid attacks on women in Asia)

Any other DUers watching Peter Souza describe his book

Former interrogator slams torture: Torture has cost nearly as many lives as 9/11.

Everybody Knows...

Iraqi Academics Assassinated During the US-Led Occupation

If Goldman Sachs does not/cannot pay its retirees

Need does not end on January 1

WTF!! Tornado watch for South Florida

Kind of old news, but worth noting: pro-consumerism shill Prof. James Twitchell caught plagiarising

Ocean Currents Can Power The World, Say Scientists

My first (and unforgettable) trip to WalMart.

Hey, DU'ers! K&R and Click On Those Coal Ads!

Washington Strains For Inauguration

We are all being trampled by Walmart.

Meanwhile, in Iraq. From a 16 year old Iraqi Blogger.

Illegal immigrants going home, and local labor market at risk

About the two boys in the middle of Florida's gay adoption ban being overturned

Want people to spend again? Make interest deductible again..

George Bush's last day in office will be a day like no other .........

Mormons Losing Members Over Anti-Gay Campaigns

If one were asked to name an invention that most profoundly affected modern life..what was it?

Lessons from a Black Friday death at Wal-Mart (kudos to Best Buy)

The Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir and Reverend Billy.

Thank god for Walmart

Well, here we go.

Email prophecy: Speak God Speak

For the love of my life (Marta) When GM was what was good for America!

TV show cancellations. Americans too depressed about personal financial situation 2 watch wealthy

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee another Wal-Mart thread poll

Someone please explain to me the right wing's love of nuclear power

Fuck all of you... I'll celebrate Xmas, T-Day, LIFE, LOVE, My Friends AND

Matt Bors TOON about the hard financial times for hate groups.

Works Projects in North Carolina

Venezuela's Chavez offers heat to villages In Rural Alaska

Susan Rice may be the UN Ambassador but that doesn't mean....

Who should be Obama's Ambassador to the Vatican??

Laura Bush did a great job on MTP. I am glad she is speaking out for the women of Afghanistan.

What happens in Iraq once US troops are pulled out ??

Great gift you don't have to shoot or trample anyone for,

I'm not impressed that the military leaders are impressed with Pres. Obama

AN INTERROGATOR SPEAKS- I'm Still Tortured by What I Saw in Iraq

What is Obama's IQ?

Are you a neoconservative? Take this quiz to find out.

Eeks! We Are Adding Cyanuric Acid AND Melamine to Our Food Supply in the United States!

What ever happened to good journalism? Is anyone else noticing idiocy like this:

DU In A New Age

Ben Bova: Facts Show Global Warming is Real

Bush History: Bush Adds USA to List that Includes the Nazis, the Khmer Rouge, WWII Japan 11/30

Oh Crapmas Tree, Oh Crapmas Tree......

The Spirit of the Christmas Season

WaPo's David Ignatius tells Tweety that McCain's concession speech healed the nation

Posted on local craigslist: WANTED GUN!!! up to 600 cash

IPCC Scientists Caught Producing False Data To Push Global Temperatures

Is it really necessary to voice your opinion about everythng?

Seeking a Presidential Pardon? Try Praising the Right to Bear Arms

I know Wal-Mart is as ubiquitous as McDonalds or Geico commercials.....but I've never been in one.

Practicing abstinence, bride and groom have never kissed

LETTER TO CONGRESS: Bailout Looks Like Giving Jeffrey Dahmer Steak Knives

Why all the focus on Wal-mart

Are the terrorists trying to attack while Bush is still President?

K&R this if you actually like Christmas & the holidays, no matter how you spend it

FDA Allows Melamine In Infant Formula

Is the border between the USA and Canada an Apartheid Wall?

So to get this straight. PEOPLE can longer be expected to have any self control.


Chavez Calls Out CNN for "Decontextualization"

Savior Causes Collision- Jesus' will because the other motorist was not “driving like a Christian.”

Mitch Wade claims he has the goods on Virgil Goode and Kathleen Harris and others!...

New power broker Barbara Boxer works to avoid a knockout by Republicans

No Child Left Unrecruited

National Cemetery Disgrace in El Paso - Would you please consider signing the petition?

Andrew Sullivan In The Sunday Times: Obama's First Problem Is U.S. War Crimes

The Bush/Cheney Legacy of Terrror

Nobody Could Have Predicted...

almost all the stores that I shopped at as a kid have disappeared

When will peak Starbucks occur?

Things go horribly wrong at yet another Palin press conference, this one in Texas...

Playing on the home theatre system - before Ok/Okst. game

Vegetable Beach. Time Warp. McCartney. B4 its Time. Did you Hear This?

My day of home brewing

Gorn Revised Advanced Cruiser...

Well Baylor nearly made my day and gave Oklahoma a heart attack...

Worried about Palin shooting Santa's reindeer

Worried about Palin shooting Santa's reindeer

Handy Holiday Shopping Catalogs

Florida tourism group endorses 30 mile offshore drilling as healthy for tourism.

Doesn't anybody make turkey hash?

The best part of pie?

I have a good thread in GD/P...

There is nothing wrong with Consumerism

The streak is over...Roll Tide! Still Number 1

Stevie is saying hello at the launge.....

My night was an epic fail of grand proportions.

Ray Walston appreciation thread.

I had drugs hidden in some clothes in the laundry room and someone moved them.

My dear friends, I need some hugs and prayers tonight - the wife and I have split

Marble banks and shadow banks: Paul Krugman on the crisis. Trying to make sense of the hugh numbers.

Favorite Eric Roberts film:

Bureaucrat appreciation thread! With music video!!

I tried to drink milk tonight...

That's right, I'm a geek....

I tried to see Milk tonight...

Should I ask my new neighbors to remove all their crap from the laundry room?

We have a Winter Weather Advisory! First of the season! Cool!

OK, DU -- if it were you, which would you purchase?

Some rude person just took my clean laundry out of the dryer

Anyone here too young to remember the Clinton administrations 8 year economy?

I think I like Saturday night Thanksgiving better then Thursday's Thanksgiving.

My ribs hurt.

Wow! That Feliway stuff really does work!

The Brownie Troop that I co-lead baked 576 cookies for our Marines in Iraq

When was the last time you got carded for anything?

Very confused about disinterest in what international news sources are calling India's "9/11"...

horseradish cheese appreciation thread!!

Pony Boy carry me home

I hate being alone...

Hell Yeah!!! Rammer Jammer!

Anyone else wondering where Parche and turtleandsue are this weekend?

I have to drive to the store to buy cat food.

Any Home Theatre/Surround sound buffs here???

YouTube: "'s a nice little pad, Cat-baby..."

YouTube: "'s a nice little pad, Cat-baby..."

Make me want to hollar...the way they do my life

Why my Thanksgiving sucked (2 reasons)

my cousin just told me she is now a Pescetarian.

my cousin just told me she is now a Pedestrian.

I just ate a steak.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

You know whats fun?

If you're in the Lounge, please check in here and bring munchies!.. I am all out of pretzels

I finally made it to Ikea. Here is my report.

Seven seasons of The Shield for THAT? (No spoilers)

Have puppies learned/been trained

A Movie for all the nutjobs that will pop up in the next 4 years.

Hurricane season is over tomorrow, I just learned this on the news.

Do you intentionally push strangers, or push people you know into strangers?

Some guys just broke into my shed.

Obama's Not Black

Obama's Not Black

Worst Hybrid ever.

Little Bitch!

I am having the most aweful cold ever

Ellen's Variety Show is a thousand times better than Rosie's

Night all, we will be leaving early in the morning for our trip to my Aunt's house.

Send me $$$

If you remember this little 'ditty'... song... check in...

I'm thinking about starting a thread, but I have no idea what it should be about.

Would you ride a Cowboy

Non Traditional Pizza



Anyone else watching the 911 specials on I.D, tonight? Pretty interesting.


LMFAO!! My ex's 2nd ex is going after him for $$ !!

Look what 20th Century Fox is teaching your kids.

Open mic poetry thread time.

Thanksgiving was great!

Have you ever looked at your photobucket account and wondered why you had a particular picture there

"Our Cow Is Dead... So? We Don't Need Your Bull!"

Did anything good happen to you today?

I am waiting on word to go to the hospital & help coach my sister through labor

There is a story behind this. (Longishness)

This song has cowbell and doesn't need any more cowbell

I just downloaded OpenOffice... do I need to buy Microsoft Office?

My repub cousin told me she is now a thespian.

Don't Argue With The Gay Flight Attendant

Hook 'em!


I wonder if Pot helps ease a nasty cold ,hmmm

Fucking cockshit horsefucker.

live one in GDP!


My neighbor just chastised me for throwing my empty whiskey bottle and beer cans into his driveway.

Live one in GD:P

Why in god's name are we all still alive?

I want pancakes!


Forget Ronald McDonald. Forget the King. This is the creepiest commercial EVER.

Nominate A Saturday Night Lounge King and Queen:

Okaaay.... weird....

Sesame Street wasn't all bad in the 90's.

DU technies! How do I open those little boxes with red X's in them?

Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten on DVD

Head on apply directly to the forehead.

ThomCat, the Mad Masher!

Have you ever seen such a beautiful horse?

A good football game is on right now, OSU vs OU

I have been living without hot love in my apartment for 9 years.

YouTube: 17 questionable seconds of quality time with Captain Kirk

Car Problem

Are you Liberal or Conservative -- And Why?

I found a new incentive for M&M addicts.... (to nix the habit)

I feel pretty.

How much does one tip a valet at a resort hotel?

Are 3 month old humans good to eat?

What do you listen to when you work out?

Do you know what today is?

Beloved family pet dies in agony. Is it time to revisit the idea of fur trapping in Alaska?

7 Chicago eateries, 7 plates of chicken wings. Pick your favorite.

Mt Washington

Very important Sunday morning Public Service Announcement

I have been living without hot water in my apartment for 9 months.

Frosty the Snowman.

I've just worked out the budget for our vacation in January.

Favorite John Cusack Movie....

Great book for those who like nature writing.

Please tell me not to buy him!!!!!

Tomorrow they are announcing layoffs at work according to my source.

Could I get a little pick-me-up?

photoshop masters imagine what the stars will look like in old age

Are smashed Ring Dings found under your car seat good to eat?

Hannibal is on television this afternoon.

Are Ming Dynasty eggs good to eat?

Would it kill the Bengals not to suck so bad?

Agh! Poisoned! ...Okay, probably the stomach flu

need all of you to think good thoughts at 8:59 so I can match the powerball numbers

Lord of the Rings marathon starting on TNT at 11:30am EST

Let's try an experiment. Name some stores in your area that are "chain" stores.

Snow, Snow, Glorious Snow...

Okay - so I'm looking for a song...

Okay - so I'm looking for a song...

What Is Your Favorite Christmas Movie/Cartoon/TV Show?

Give The PERFECT Gift This Christmas!

What are the chances that TOP CHEF will ever come to Texas?

Good reference for Song lyrics on the web

What is it? todays lounge game...

Will someone tell me to get the fuck off the internet...

Are Three Month Olds Good To Eat?

My Sunday School superintendent cancelled ALL Sunday School classes

I bet this cow gets all the ladies.

Southern style country breakfast!!!

Freeeee Bird!!!!!!!!!

Have Yourself an Ozzy Little Christmas


Ronald McDonald gundam

Cheech and Chong Celebrity Roast on TBS tonight

My cat snores.

So Arkansas is having earthquakes???

ARRGGHHHH Aaron Rogers ....

Just great. The guy who is broadcasting the Saints game online is doing bong rips

Went to the gym today


Can you read this?

So two poets go into a photobooth....

Ozzy Osbornes commercial for Samsung is GREAT!

What is it with my parents and the Weather Channel?

philboy!!!! Get the fuck off the internet and do some work, take a shower,

Dear Dog my god nearly killed me...

Need Advice - Best teeny-bopper magazine?

Let's go Pats! Fuck you, Steelers!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 11/30/2008)

Does anyone know how to password protect peripherals?

Okay - so I'm looking for a snog...



I've put up TWO Christmas trees this weekend

Ok , all hot and sweaty and tired , means

Yooo hoooo - Harmonicon

I may make politically incorrect jokes, I may speak in riddles,

I've started this blog...

Congratulations to the Oklahoma Sooners for winning the Big 12 South.

So we got a 42' tv

Gary Sinese is looking for someone with a corncob

Getting in touch with my own prejudices.

Turkey Dinner part Deux, who else is roasting a 2nd turkey?

I ordered matcom's Christmas gift today.

Who wants to come study for this test so I don't have to? Anyone?

Is it possible to repair a loose key on my keyboard?

The Obama girls reportedly are interested in this kind of dog:

You would not believe how lazy I have been today.

Are 3 month old eggs good to eat?

I Love The BCS (just today though) Boomer Sooner! Boomer Sooner!

Heard from my college true love again.

Nancy Kerrigan is still skating

The Panthers win! The Panthers Win!! The Panthers WIN!!!

Funny drinking toasts?

Is the Wal-Mart in your area open 24/7 and does it have Groceries?

Not to open up old wounds

I just had a lady tell me that if a tech has to come out...

David Caruso, why do you have to suck?

Anyone See "Australia"?

Look. The media have misrepresented what happened in the deep south on election day.

What if I'm a dork.

Sunday NYT crossword.

NOBODY is to blame for the Walmart death

I HATE the months of NOV___March...I HATE winter

Puppies with people, including kid I think.

Need to open up old wounds

Back To Reality...

Anyone else wanting to see the remake of "The Day The Earth Stood Stiil?"


A 5 minute chocolate cake

I'm headed to Wal Mart to buy 'while supplies last' $6 Tyson frozen chicken breasts.

Bi-Baby is making turkey stock as I post (Vegetarians and Vegans...Don't look!)

Is anyone here allergic to Splenda?

Name the 'best gift you've ever received' and why you consider that "the best gift"

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday November 30

Fer real: I had some White Castle turkey stuffing yesterday (oh philboy....)

Boris Becker dumped by financee..via text message. SIX text messages

downloading Open Office

"Pride and Prejudice" is so romantic

No acorns this year -- random strangeness or climatic event?

What do your Christmas Trees look like?

Dear God my dog nearly killed me...

They are planning a remake of Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

Our adorable cat has a claw problem

Thanks to all of you, I'm black.

Good Old commercials...not the shit we see today

Does anyone like Corollas?

Florida's coming recession to be worse than the rest of the nation...UF economist says.

Where will you be on Inauguration Day?

Wow!! What happened to the Patriots?

Anybody else keeping up with this new Star Wars series on the Cartoon Network?


Have you ever cheated on your spouse/partner/et al?

Is there ANYTHING better than a Tom Cruise HITLER movie at Christmas?

A kitten, a cat, a comforter = maximum adorability

Bayou Classic: Southern's "Human Jukebox" spells out "Jan 20", then "Obama" on the Superdome field!!

I'm going to kill the asshole who came up with those on-screen tv pop-up ads

Disturbing cartoon that has exposed cow udders...

When did you first access the World Wide Web?

I need a ruling on a cat issue please.

I need a ruling on a cat issue please.

Any scary movie recommendations?

I haven't seen my copy of Mulholland Drive in about 6 months

We have snow here in Joplin, Missouri, My puppy's first snow!

Not to open up old wounds

Are we Eagles fans low people?

Laura Bush* on MTP.... oh, my

What I like about not smoking

'I'm __ years old and I still __________.'

What is your extravagance?

On Top of Spaghetti - post childhood play songs

Health Update

I got a really strange e-mail today

Glaciers Growing Again

PollingPoint asked the question which place was the least likely place

Obama’s Old Broom Sweeps Cleaner

My friend Barack is making my rethug friends think twice. How awesome

Barack Obama's Hawaii

I Vow To Take A 24-Hour Break From Hillary Threads,

2010 Senate Rankings, Part II: Races #11-#20

You know, I honestly dislike Hilary.

Boneheaded LTTE slams Obama supporters (Columbus Dispatch)

Video: "Obama Visits Southside School Children"

What jokes are okay for comedians to make about Obama?

Would you be furious if Sarah Palin were to be chosen for times person of the year


A thoughtful Republican (they do exist) on the Office of the President Elect:

The one thing I really do worry about re Obama

Hillary Clinton passed on Appropriations chair to become Obama's Secretary of State

Officials: Obama set to introduce Clinton Monday

Biden Qualified for Presidency, Say Americans

Sen Obama's resignation letter

ted turner's right....iraq was 'naked aggression'

Highest winning percantage by a non-incumbent in recent history

Jack Goldsmith tells Obama: No New Torture Probes

Breaking News

The Bentsen precedent

Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN now should be good (His mom works at the Taj hotel!)

Officials: Obama set to introduce Clinton (SoS) Monday

Hillary passed on Appropriations chair to become Obama's Secretary of State

Just 51 More Days... A Countdown...

Obama & Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists

GOP Looks to Louisiana's Governor (know your enemies early)

Obama National Security and Foreign relations team roster now complete

When do the representatives finalize the electoral college?


Disturbing, but apt depiction of the current situation.

Obama's coalition

Just So You Know,

LAT via TPM: The real father of Modern Conservatism isn't Goldwater...Its McCarthy

My Freeper friend said .. "that ni*g*r better not ....

Obama your Christmas tree this year!

Will Obama's Kenyan family attend his Inauguration in January?

I want a TRUE BLUE-GREEN LIBERAL to head the EPA!!!

Henry Kissinger gives me the creeps

Point of orDUr: Who's the top Chimp now?

UPI: Obama focus of at least 24 new books

Obama's "Third Culture" Team (Third Culture Kids share certain emotional and psychological traits..)

Liberal groups feel welcome again in Washington

Obama to Announce Susan Rice as U.N. Ambassador

Palin's Georgia pal

cnn...trying to figure out who will lead the GOP into battle...flummoxed

Obama surname gets man out of speeding ticket!!!1!1!!

Why should we be worrying about 2012 right now (or who the Republicans MIGHT run)?

Should President Obama honor an international arrest warrant for Bush & Co?

Obama to nominate Hillary for Secretary of State on Monday

Hi kids .... I'm back. What's going on?

Will Alaska pay price for ousting Stevens?

Covering Barack: The New Yorker Vets the President-Elect

Biden's True Grit

The President-Elect is stopping by to talk to Dave this week

In 2012, it won't be Sarah Palin we have to worry about.

In 2012, it won't be Sarah Palin we have to worry about.

Rednecks discuss Obama

Headline/Pic Continuity FAIL

Media Talking Points: Obama's problems will come from the Left.

New electoral map, vote spreads all 50 states

PHOTOS The 10 Best George Bush Photos Ever

Scenes from Obamas' love story

Can we rename the department of "Homeland Security?"

So was I right or wrong when I posted this in December of 2006?

What are all the "Obama is Muslim" people gonna do when they see Obama being sworn in on the bible?

Is anyone else struggling with what to call the wonderful man we just elected?

My Freeper friend is freaking out

Symbol necklace Michelle Obama was wearing

My resonse to that is not "Change"

Barack Obama on Meet the Press Next Sunday

Wolf Blitzer: Assuming President Elect Obama takes office Jan 20....

I'll be damned if the Corporate Media decides the "Tone" of the Obama Inauguration!

Bush aides rush to enact rules that Obama opposes

"It's really, really official: Hillary will be named Obama's Secretary of State" (update 3)

Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary Hillary

Bill Clinton: The next junior Senator from New York?

Whether you like it or hate it,, Obama's assembling a powerhouse of a cabinet

Hillary will be a competent SoS and loyal team player

Who would you rather be on Monday when HRC is announced as SoS? Obama or Skinner?

Bush told us to kiss his ASS regarding $40 mil 2004 inauguration. CNN says Obama must be "careful."

Oh, the sweet irony

I for one am glad that President Obama is appointing a pro-war, pro-free-trade secretary of state.

Do I feel safe knowing Hillary will have to calm the situation between India and Pakistan?

This Fucking Election: Election 2008 in Review

GREAT piece on "socialism"

Your Sunday LOLcats- Welcome Back ThomCat Edition! (dial-up warning)

An Apology!

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Well, I knew it wouldn't take long. Barely a month since Obama won and DU is already

Obama's Critics From the Left: As Wrong as His Critics From the Right

Political compass for DU.

Obama has passed more progressive legislation into law than Kucinich.

I love this photo

President Without Borders

my freeper friend said she is going to bury her money

No way is Jindal running in 2012.

FUCK YOU FILE: Priest urgest Obama voters to confess

FUCK YOU FILE: Priest urgest Obama voters to confess

TIME: The New Liberal Order

Best Fictional Universe

Bush is blamed for a lot of things outside of his control....

Chavez asks military, backers to prepare for fight

Bush: US stands behind India in wake of attacks

Boy 'killed father after 1,000 smacks'

AN INTERROGATOR SPEAKS- I'm Still Tortured by What I Saw in Iraq

UK Police at war over arrest of Tory MP

Taj Mahal hotel owner: We had warning

Tank-laden Ukrainian ship could be freed soon

Spanish Government to Probe Guantanamo Flights

India-Pakistan tensions may pull in U.S.

Bill Clinton to Name Donors to Foundation as Part of Obama Deal

Taliban frees 2 kidnapped Afghan journalists

China's rural migrants are new front in AIDS fight

German Embassy vehicle attacked in Kabul

Shuttle about to land in California - on CSPAN live.

Pakistan pledges to look into any militant role in Mumbai attacks

Obama sets out to woo wary military leadership

Indian security chief resigns over Mumbai attacks

Iraqi court orders US to free Reuters photographer

Holiday shopping off to higher start; Online sales reported up 2%, modest gain in stores

Israel tones down criticism of India in standoff

Dubai vows to keep building despite global crisis

Report: Iran court upholds stoning death sentence

Pirates fire at cruise ship near Somalia

8 Muslims arrested for damaging Dhaka sculpture

Mumbai cop, left for dead, rides with gunmen

Chavez govt starts legal probe of its political opponents

Ugandan rebel fails to turn up for peace deal signing

Minister 'quits' over Mumbai attacks

Worst job losses in almost three decades expected

Amazon deforestation accelerates

Study's Claim on 'Myth' of Obama's Small Donor Base Challenged

Whistleblower raises maintenance concerns of aging aircraft at Air Force base

Economic rescue could cost $8.5 trillion

Obama Buzz Felt at Global Climate Talks: "'US back in the conversation, with a leader that gets it."

China tests gambling on horses, once a major vice

Analyst: Senate may decide Minn. election

Obama to name Clinton secretary of state on Monday

Mass stranding: All whales found dead

UAW wants limits on carmakers' executive pay

Romanian Socialists Win Most Votes, Exit Polls Show (Update1)

Hitmen charge $100 a victim as Basra honour killings rise

Bolivia Readies Charges Against Autonomy Leader

Cracks widen in Mugabe regime as soldiers riot over shortage of cash

Bring Palin Back in 2012, Poll Says

5 Great Progressive Columnists' Advice and Ideas on the Coming Obama Era

The FundamentaList Thanksgiving Special

Bobby Jindal and the GOP Love of “Post-Racial”

Amazon deforestation accelerates

US Police Train Mexican Police to Torture

Venezuelan Trade Union Leaders Shot, Workers Call for Armed Self-Defence

Western Shoshone protest Barrick Gold on sacred Mount Tenabo

A cloud over India's Muslims

NYT editorial: Bailing Away

Why Big 3 can't follow steel's path

WP, pg1: Joint Chiefs Chairman "Very Positive" After Meeting With Obama; Bush years "lacking"

Afghanistan in Crisis

Hugo Chavez Proposes New Regional Currency! WHOA!

Helen Thomas: It's a Depression

Repubs Want Another Helping of Palin

" The places I love lie in ruins. I am scared and very angry"

HORTON: "I am thankful that the Reign of Witches ... is coming to an end."

Right-Wingers Blame Mumbai Terrorist Attack on Led Zeppelin

Obama's inaugural oath

The GOP's McCarthy gene

So Much for Letting the Free Market Rule

Dawood -- Did Criminal Mastermind Stage Mumbai Nightmare?

The Media Auto Know Better: Fueling Anti-Union Fires

Pastor: Voting For Obama Is A Punishable Sin

Radio Treason? Right Wing Talkers Skirted Disclosure Law

Vilnai: Israel nearing wide-scale Gaza op

Hamas prevents Muslim pilgrims from leaving Gaza

Israel PM vows to protect Jewish institutions after Mumbai attacks

Maya Angelou - And Still I Rise

Monster Crash

Israeli court rebukes state over illegal outposts

IDF soldiers get cash reward for refusing to evict settlers

Obama and Bush Radio Addresses

World Against War Conference (2007)

Matthew Dowd: Obama's cabinet much less ideological than Junior's

Bush: US Stands Behind India in Wake of Attacks

Good Evening Godless Sodomites....

Queen Rania Accepts the Visionary Award '08

Jordan's king urges Israel to stop persecuting Palestinians

Charges Possible in Black Friday Wal-Mart Death

Chambliss: There was a high percentage of minority vote...we weren't able to get enough of our folks

Will Obama reign in Big Oil?

Are Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin Alike?

Obama to Name Clinton Secretary of State on Monday

My Parents Sent Me To an Ex-Gay Therapist

TYT: Bill O'Reilly Takes On Heidi Klum Over Her Sexy Ad

The UN's obsession with demonizing Israel

TYT: Who Lost the Most $ In This Economic Crash? You Might Love the Answer.

Alone and left to plan a new future

Inspections cost 8th Fighter Wing chief his job, new commander says

Hearing set for soldier in detainee deaths case

NATO, Afghan troops train together

Holiday shoppers take advantage of lower gas prices on Japan, Okinawa bases

Exceptions can be made to 90-day policy

Taliban Leader Wearing Burqa Killed

A visitor no family wants

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Ending Military Bias

Soldier Found Dead in Richardson Barracks

Jones Would Bring Long Resume To Advisor Role

Sailor Forgives Shipmate Who Stabbed Him

Wikileaks: US Bayji, Iraqi white phosphorus mishap investigation, 2008

$5M Oasis For War Wounded To Open At Fort Sam

Air Guard To Give Plaques To 70,000 Deployers

Please read this GD post about the disgraceful state Ft. Bliss Cemetery

Give a Hoot, Don't Dilute (Merkel urges EU not to water down climate goals)

Wombats caught in the firing line

New rifts form on Antarctic ice shelf

Looking for Roong Thisdara

Independent UK: Greenhouse gases will heat up planet 'for ever'

Volkswagen Bio Runner

The Sushi Wars: Can the Bluefin Tuna Be Saved? (

Bush Aides Rush to Enact a Safety Rule Obama Opposes

Ocean currents can power the world, say scientists

Mass extinction folly

U.S. Nuclear Scientist Leaves for Egypt After Being Fired by U.S. Gov't for Iraq Criticism.

The Obama "Dream Team": Rubin-clones And Other Fakers

Microsoft and Yahoo in talks again on online unit: report

NEW Catherine Austin Fitts VIDEO on local bartering!


Romanian Voters May Turn to Ex-Communists on Economic Concerns

Credit-Card Fees Targeted by Retailers Who Say Banks Overcharge

Commodity market competition enters bold new era

Medicare Users May Find Drug Coverage Leaves Them With a ‘Gap’

Ecuador Declares Foreign Debt Illegitimate and Illegal...good for them.

...there is a free lunch, if we can only figure out how to get our hands on it...

(Another) Interesting Financial Website (Australian)

How do we rebuild the economy...

Global Recession Fears Prompts GM To Shelf Thailand Diesel Engine Facility

What are your Holiday gift/celebration plans?

GM looks to sell UK operations

Recession: When the money goes, so does the toxic wife

Honda Clarity Burns Hydrogen, Emits Only Water: Jason H. Harper

OK metal investors: what does the drop in platinum price mean?

Poverty Tipping Point?

Today in labor history Nov 29, 1,000s shut down the World Trade Organization (WTO) summit in Seattle

I like Ike (one of my favorite quotes ever)

‘New Green Deal’ Focus of Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference


Colombian Flower Workers Fired for Seeking Union.

Transit dispute put scare in national unions

Today in labor history Nov 30 low-paid women working in packinghouse canning and labeling operations

Today's Working Family Carol Simpson cartoon: Nasty-Lawyer-Jokes

Wikileaks: US Airline Pilot Scam List 2001

NYT: Bush Aides Rush to Enact a Rule Obama Opposes

Faces of our fathers: The braceros' legacy of labor, a cry for justice (millions unpaid to workers)

Illegal immigrants going home, and local labor market at risk (+ video)

D.C. Schools Chief Makes Time Magazine Cover

Showdown Looms Over 'Card Check' Union Drives

I am way too old to have a crush on a straight boy...God knows I'm in a very happy

This video is heartbreaking but needs watching

Repeal DOMA, pass federal marital rights for state-recognized marriage

Meet the Man Who Authored DOMA

Gay adoption - the real agenda. From the Chicago Tribune.

I saw Milk tonight

N.Y. Democrats May Skip Gay Marriage Vote

Hundreds Displaced Or Trapped Amid Clashes In Colombia

Russian president visits Cold War ally Castro

Serious DU'ers won't want to miss this detailed, great article by Stephen Lendman on the election

Chavez asks Colombia to withdraw its consul in Maracaibo

Bolivia Readies Charges Against Autonomy Leader

Wake Forest vs. Baylor

What stupid tie breaker rules (Big 12)!

Chiefs (My chiefs) suck so bad I wish Herm would be left with Plaxico and they could play together

USA Today poll. Watch out OU! You're only one point ahead of Texas.

Pittsburgh Pirates sign two pitchers who have NEVER PITCHED

Meme to the Big 12, SEC and PAC 10 from the Big Ten.

Oklahoma jumps Texas in BCS standings to claim Big 12 South

Tazawa to sign with Red Sox

A team that I despise or a coach that I despise even more--this prediction is tough...

What a Teacher Makes

something in my November horoscope from Susan Miller

The Stars This Week: "Weigh Your Options" - December 1 - December 7, 2008

When does Nolle usually put up his forecasts?

Dream interpretation website.

My son's past life memories of Jail? or does he just hate Kmart?

Letting go

Frank Zappa said that Discorporate means when the mind leaves the body

Where to get prints made?

I need some help with a digital video camera

There's nothing like a good nap.

strobe light photography

Tripod advice?

Bush abolished Posse Comitatus, Gates increases homeland defense role, Obama keeps Gates.

How Easy Is It To Buy A Gun Where You Live

Japanese Fruit Pie

Left-over sweet potatoes?

Anyone know what compliments lamb? I've never made it before

Reheating leftover turkey.

[Video] Religion Is Linked to Immoral Behavior In New Study

My favorite part of the turkey: making soup out of the bones. What's your soup recipe?

Arkansas earthquakes could be warning

OMG!! Look what the wise and wonderful Mr. Ketchup did while I was at work Friday!!1!!!

Finishing my Degree: wait till Obama gets the Education Corps going?

The Changeling

Adding RAM to an old EMachine

Yet another of my dumb questions about Firefox -- how to clear the address bar

Firefox 3.03 randomly freezes - does this happen to you?

Budget Jan 27, now.


Forty years ago in America. . . . .

A filmmakers log.

Laughed so hard at the 3 back to back to back episodes of Chocolate

The bestest Christmas special ever. . .:-)

'A Christmas Story' 25th anniversary draws crowds to Cleveland house

A horror short that is truly incredible...

ziegler Disrespects Abrahamson