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Archives: November 6, 2008

Time magazine covers: Where we were 8 years ago where we are today.

Is Missouri back in play?

Funniest "Word" segment ever!

Lieber-Rat: President-elect Obama ran a Wonderful Campaign. It's a great day for America

Trivia: The last time two sitting senators had to resign their offices...

Have you seen the front page of the Portland Mercury?

Elizabitch on the View today was actually very gracious and said America won

FAUX: To the victor goes the mess!

Did anyone else miss the old-fashioned victory room?

Finally, after 147 long years.....

Anyone have the front page of today's Daily Mirror?

Here you go, Lou. It's crow eatin' time. Hope you're hungry.

What Ya Watchin' Tonight DU?

"Palin as President" is GONE from the Oval Office!

I got an e-mail from my cousin, she was an Obama campaign worker.

Chris Matthews is giving Howard Dean the props he deserves

Kindergartners and Obama

Plouffe for Biden's Seat?

Sarah Palin, Miss Play-D'oh 2008

POLL - Can John McCain Redeem Himself?

Charlotte New-Observer calls NC for Obama (sort of)

NBC just had a segment of wonderful photos of Obama

I just finished watching President-Elect Obama's 2004 DNC Keynote speech

BREAKING: President-Elect Obama's popular vote margin continues to GROW!!-now 53-46%

If you haven't checked PalinAsPresident I suggest you have a look

I am not ready to forgive repugs.

Did Obama run the best campaign in modern American history?

Palin didn't know Africa was a continent

Palin didn't know Africa was a continent

The record of Dr. Howard Dean as DNC Chairman since 2005

Did you see this cartoon on BartCop?

Someone tossed a wrench in the GOP's plan

President Obama

Which campaign was tougher for Obama? Which win was more impressive?

Looking at the Coleman / Franken race...

I'll take "Dumb as a box of rocks" for $100, Johnny

Will the next GOP candidate be able to pick up blue states like...

The best part of those massive celebrations you saw going on all across the country?

Sarah's referring to herself in the third person now....

It is just starting to sink a little bit real....WE TOOK BACK THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH!!!!

It is just starting to sink a little bit real....WE TOOK BACK THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH!!!!

You Know What's Missing Today?

Alrighty, serious topic...


Petraeus 2012

Can Lil' Dubbikins pardon HISSELF on the way out the door?

Michelle Obama, First Lady of Style (Loving the Narciso Rodriguez dress!)

Raw Story: "Lieberman expresses fears of Dem majority in Senate"

Richard Wolffe is on with Keith, and I can't help but giggle

I feel a little bit sad

I am going through Election withdrawl, lol...

Hey Palin! How you like them community organizers NOW?

HELP! no longer working for me. Can't watch MSNBC

What would be BAD about 60 Senators

Will Haliburton be selected to rebuild the infrastructure of the U.S. ???

College Campuses Revel In Pivotal Political Role

(sorry for the crosspost mods) this is amazing. I am NOT going to cry.

I am delaying gratification - still have not watched last night's speeches

Sally's Naughty Thought of the Day

Doesn't Chris Matthews look like the cat that swallowed the canary? He just cannot stop smiling..

(Former) Governor Wilder: The reason Virgina has been red is because no one ever

(sound effect) Wah ... Wah .......Wah WaaaaaaaaaAAHH

With the many "big name" rethugs (Bush, Condi, McCain+) in awe of Obama's

Didn't Emanuel oppose Dean's 50-state strategy, and then take credit for 06?

First Family Pic

Merkley takes the lead!!

Obama, Japan

The Speaker is elected on the first of a new session in Congress

Wow, even the French are using English on their front pages!

Back to work - the latest smearmails are here!

Aww, man...

What is it about Smith in OR that gets him so many votes?

When Obama won, were you moved to tears?

Email I rec'd from Human Rights Campaign (in regards to marriage vote in CA)

For everyone, including myself, who was worried about the Primaries lasting so long

W loves Obama?

When you heard "Drill, Baby, Drill!" for the first time, didn't it sound to you...


I hate this right-ring-rag they call newspaper!


"Block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand"

Best Worst Persons in the World. Ever.

'Well, the truth is, Brian, we can't solve global warming because I f---ing changed light bulbs...."

The inside poop on Palin-McCain staff tensions coming out into the open

Merkley moves ahead in Oregon

KO: McCain staffer calls Palins "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus coast to coast."

KO: McCain staffer calls Palins "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus coast to coast."

KO just changed his "Worst Persons" to "Most Irrelevant Persons"

What is the recount provision in Oregon? Any?

What is the recount provision in Oregon? Any?

Keith's Worst Person's - what fun!

Keiths msnbc recap just brought tears to my eyes - at that magic moment when we won nt


I'll never get tired of TV replays of the Chicago crowd erupting

66 days of Palin

Wow! Inane Carl is on O'Reilly Factor rattling off a long list of disturbing revelations...

What do you say.......

The Oregonian calls it for Merkley!!!

WHo else is Watching Fox News Tonight? JOe the Plumber is on Hannity Very soon

WHo else is Watching Fox News Tonight? JOe the Plumber is on Hannity Very soon

After all their hate-mailers, I just sent the Maine Re-Puke Party a mailer of my own:

Powerful Colin Powel interview on CNN.

LOL: "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast"

This is it! We need to stop whining about it to ourselves and do something!! We now have the power!

OMG: "Palin sailed into the room wearing nothing but a towel...."

Rachel is devoting her show to the life of the ring tailed lemur. Slow news week. Smart choice.

Paid coleman Staffer Translates For Voters, Tells Them Vote For coleman

So... will Rachel be happy tonight?

My Post-Election Message To A RIght Wing Friend Who Says Obama Won because he was helped by the MSM.

And also, let us not forget to congratulate

Losing Is Tough; Selling May Be Tougher

Apparently, Republicans don't mind electing criminals

Bill Maher's parting message on Larry King: " Congratulations Socialists!"

The victory by Obama is a great and unifying thing. I'm enjoying this

Jack Cafferty. I really hate you for making me like you.

****Warning****** A Very Disturbing shot of Sarah Palin dressed as a Bunny.

Has anybody talked about Wes Clark for a job in the Administration?

Aren't ya just delighted that Palin now has time to read her press?

The Oregonian is now calling it for Merkley

Congratulations To All Of Us....

Congratulations To All Of Us....

Rachel: "The Audacity Of Mope"

The News & Observer calls North Carolina for OBAMA

Ding Dong, the Pugs are Dead! Which Old Pugs? The Grand Old Pugs!

Wow... check out the Palin As President site, truly moving...

With the changing of administrations in Washington...

Joe the Intern Killer Scarborough gets his undies in a bunch over Rahm Emanuel

media focus on racial milestone of Obama's election overshadowing the repudiation of the GOP?

Is NC official yet? Who won? I have been banned from the TV!

Wow. Look at New York City results

Which Presidential candidate got the highest number of popular votes ever?

Limited Edition Commemmorative Coin From Winston Elizabeth & Windsor

Fox Hunting is now LEGAL

Fox Hunting is now LEGAL

What is to happen to Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild? Now that the Elitist son of a single mom has

'Rahmbo' Mulling it Over: ABC

I nominate this the best picture of the Presidential Campaign.

Did anyone notice Obama's face when he took a last look at the crowd last night?

The days between 12/15 and 1/3/9 will be the days of rage for Cheney and crew.

KO will be running the moment at Fox when they announce Obama's win. Is Obama Rightful Winner?

Would Susan Collins or Olympia Snowe

AtomicKitten you are a prophet!

New Moms sometimes fall in Love

Prediction: The Palin Post-Mortem Will Reveal The Role Dobson Played In Selecting Her For VP...

Painting themselves into a corner

NPR: 33% of voters identified conservative, 66% Liberal or Moderate (1% other?)

Joe the Plumber coming up on Hannity & Colmes disaster

Even Kurovski and I aren't throwing each other under the bus like McCain-Palin

Guys, I'm worried we're going to get complacent. I think that last night

I hope Susan Rice gets an important role in Obama's administration


Was there a "Bradley effect" in Prop 8 voting?

Was there a "Bradley effect" in Prop 8 voting?

So, did Perry Logan's head explode yet?

I think Rahm is dragging his feet because he really wanted the senate seat or maybe Nancy's job

Petty as hell I know... but pics from McCain's concession speech

How many felony charges do you need to be convicted on to lose in Alaska?

McCain Concession Event: Was that two of the chilliest brush offs in American politics er'what?

I Want to Bake a Turkey or Something

Well this just redefines ironic.

Why hasn't North Carolina been called yet?

Attn: Team Obama I have something to help you.

It just dawned on me who Rahm looks like

Complete this: "Good riddance to ________________ ."

My mother said it best

When will NC be official? So far, none of the networks are mentioning it...

Suggestion: Update "The Peter Principle" to "The Palin Principle."

Did Anyone Else Think Obama Looked A Little Nervous Up On Stage Last Night?

Meghan McCain's dress last night...

Meghan McCain's dress last night...

I have a suggestion/idea for DU.

Consider all the terrible things that could have happened...

We've shown a lot love...for a lot of people..but have we

Any word about local elections nationwide?

Michael Moore - Happy at last - Sharing our Joy

How many DUers have emailed Tina Fey

Who here has been telling people "Get over it!" "Love it or leave it!" etc.?

So the knife in McCain's back came from one of his own insiders.

Details on Michelle Obama, Laura Bush Conversation

Does anyone remember the thread about the visitor having to explain who "Barack Obama" was to GW?

Why is Nedra "The Pickler" on AP radio?

The New National Handshake

Last night Chicago shined in Baracks spot light! (pic heavy)

A tribute to Ann Nixon Cooper

So who has MP3's of Obama's speeches

What is your ONE outstanding memory from the campaign?

What is your ONE outstanding memory from the campaign?

Am I the only one here who feels sorry for George W. Bush that he did not succeed?

Ouch... Charlie Brown trails McClintock in CA-04 by 644 votes

Rumors of Caroline Kennedy as the next ambassador to the UN....

VIDEO Do me a favour? Leave an 'I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE' comment

Anyone get the Commemorative Edition of the Washington Post?

Anyone get the Commemorative Edition of the Washington Post?

I need the "Statue of a crying Lincoln shaking Obama's hand pic!"

My George W. Bush Countdown Calendar suddenly has more resonance

DIGG Faux Video of Palin Getting Exposed!!!

VIDEO: The World reacts to Obama Victory (get the tissues it's a wet one)

VIDEO: The World reacts to Obama Victory (get the tissues it's a wet one)

AP: Dems, GOP, already targeting 2010 gov races

If President Obama wants Republicans in his cabinet--how about Linc Chafee?

Will someone please teach Jesse Jackson to speak english?

Does anyone know if the new Time or Newsweek are on stands yet?

Why Can't He Close the Deal?

Great editorial cartoon by Clay Bennet

Great editorial cartoon by Clay Bennet

What was your "favorite" McCain or Palin moment during the campaign?

My favorite line from Barack's speech last night

Is it January 20, 2009 yet?

Cool Obama comment to copy and paste on YouTube comments...

My French mom woke up at 5am her time to watch the results

Just on the news: District 2's electoral vote for president is still up for

I miss the daily widget.

Wow, They're Making Barack Obama Money Already

VIDEO THREAD: Networks Projecting Obama Becoming the Next President

Yesterday the liberrals elected a terrierist muslin while our country is in taters!

There was a cool drawing of all the presidents plus Obama. Now I can't find it. Help?

Doesn't Richardson have a good history of negotiating with foreign leaders? SOS?

anyone else visiting kayak or priceline, re: Jan

This guy is my new hero:

we're going to have a president who's actually in charge.

F**CK the election post-mortem I am ready to get to work on the Triage

F**CK the election post-mortem I am ready to get to work on the Triage

So, friends - we've now had about 24 hours to let this sink in. A question:

No Republicon Congress People On The East Coast?

Yes. We Can.

They say "America's not ready for an African Amer president" AFTER Obama's been elected. Go figure.

How Likely Is a Recount to Favor Al Franken?

24 hours later ... and it still feels GREAT!

Self delete

I'm sorry, but I can't find it in my heart to celebrate the election...

Prediction: Conservatives will politicize the Obamas choice of school for their daughters

Does anyone have a pic

Dems Gain in Oregon Senate Race, Three Other Races Unresolved

Do the Palins remind anyone else of the characters on "The Riches"?

Island Son Is President-Elect

Worst Campaign Ever?

Should DU be insulted or flattered that Hannity wants to state a "conservative underground" group?

the moose heads in this photo have got to be chuckling to themselves...

Missouri and Indiana please Show Me Hoosier Daddy already

Greatest Republican Jabs at Democrats...let's remember them...

Has Obama destroyed the country yet?

Cool button...

Cool button...

Cool button...

Where are the best places to find Obama swag?

Oh, shit. Not again.

*** Attn: many votes still to be counted in AK, Senate race not over ***

This is the reason why we must never let our guard down....

Photo: You know, I'm really going to miss captioning these McCain photos. Really.

Republicans cry crocodile tears

Military newspaper has NO Obama coverage at all.

My Election Night Story

don't blame blacks for things you don't like that only some individuals do (even if many)

Very upset - This is the reaction I heard today

***** Official Obama Flickr Album - Over 50K pics***** Keep it Rec'd for DU Members to Share

Photos: THE WORLD CELEBRATES The Election of Barack Obama

63,944,551 Votes and Counting! More Votes than Any Other Presidential Candidate in HISTORY!!!

HELP PALIN for 2012!!!

Ron Clark Academy kids after the election (MUST WATCH)


My Grant Park Trip Into Obamaland........

Businesses owned by the mormon church FWIW

The True Confessions of an Election Official

Jubilation in Portland, Oregon (pic).

Why is Alaska's Senate race still uncalled?

16 Years ago

Today's FRONT PAGES are stunning......

Attention, DU Lawyers: Could Prop 8 be challenged under Roemer?

Pelosi pushing for 300 billion stimulus package

Tom Brokaw continues to perpetuate a lie.

So, they admit McCain was another Bush

Senator Obama, adopt your puppy from high kill Gaston, NC shelter!!

So... I guess this means no cabinet post for Lieberman, huh?

Comrades, we won.... Let the reeducation camps fling their gates

Pat Robertson said Obama may be the greatest Presidents of our time if he governs as he says...

I think Obama's first Supreme Court nomination will be a Latina woman

Any word on Zogby's poll for tomorrow?! :)

I am really feeling bad for Hillary now ...even though I hated her and Bill during the primaries

Three things that will be interesting to watch. 1] McCain's health over the next 4 years.

So my prediction was right, Skinner. When do I collect my prize?

I didn't partake in the street celebrations =(

Do you think the girls will go to DC public schools?

Sarah Palin is a Mooslin.

Goodybe, Sinking Feeling

OK This Has To Stop... It Is Not A Sport ... And Is Nothing To Laugh About...

Ha Ha! Craig Ferguson just said, "Palin can see Russians celebrating from her house."...

I can't help but remember the Schakowsky Obama/Bush story from 2002 today...

President Obama First Thing In Office

Sara Palin Museum?

I wanna Sleep Until Noon Tomorrow(I have no Class), but I Know I'm gonna wake up at 9:30 ET.

For those who think Alaskans are a lost cause, please

just hours after victory, "Obama assassination" topped Google search terms

I'm watching local news and they're showing American

Whats going on in Missouri and N. Carolina

OMG - Tommy Franks is spanking Sean Hannity. Defending Obama and telling Sean "get

Isn't it likely the WHOLE IDEA of the bu$hitInc administration...

So when will Al Qaeda come over and enslave us?

Farifax County in NoVA is finally 100% reported

Post Fave First Family Pic Here:

These Post-Election Comments By Republicans Remind Me Of Pro Wrestling

Sarah Palin was FOR Obama before she was AGAINST Obama. It's called

patrick fitzgerald for AG? what does everyone think?

What President Elect Obama has done to me so far:


Pinch Me... a message from Michael Moore

Worthwhile TV - tonight's PBS Lehrer newshour was spectacular.

What's next for David Axelrod?

I miss Barack.....

Victory LULZ: Fresh Images from the Pundit Kitchen!

OMG!!! Sarah Palin didn't know that Africa was a continent!!!

Make YOUR predictions for Sarah's next career move

I think Obama's strategy proves that we can abolish the electoral college

Fux News must really be out to destroy palin

Bill Maher....on McCain's Concession Speech...

That first State of the Union photo will be a thing of beauty

Barack Obama is possibly the MOST ASTUTE politician I've ever watched (5/17/05)

Bwahahaha. Carl Cameron reports Palin didn't know Africa was a continent

So Merkley wins in Oregon. Did Missouri go to McCain? N. Carolina to Obama?

Overheard on NPR: why the two crowds were so different

President Obama (just thought this was cool, saw it somewhere else online)

"The George W. Bush Appreciation thread"

McCain to be honored by museum (non-You Tube AP video)

Had he been alive last night, I think this would have been the song he would have sung:

So, Palin felt SHE should have been allowed to address the Nation last night? WTF??

We will finally have a president

Joan Baez and band play impromptu concert for Obama volunteers

I just got my Obama Biden Car Magnet Today

Did any of the Gay Adoption Bans pass?

Almost 8 years ago, I...

Someone told me that Palin not knowing Africa was a continent will hurt her 2012 chances...

Dahr Jamail *I Wouldn`t Wish War On My Own Worst Enemy*

A Defense Strategy

who will swear in the new senators?

Beautiful song that made me think of Presdient-elect Obama.

I love you.

Rachel Maddow's To Do List vote for Obama's Admin

I am tired of the hate

I wish jesse helms was alive.

Now, here's some good news.

Are the DNC lawyers looking into Alaska law to see if it's legal

Can we discuss how the Bush era sparked an activist revolution?

Obama's replacement in the Senate?

Thanks to the young folks in the Democratic Party, I am a happy older guy...

Biden gets invite to 'SNL'

Bakari Sellers for President 2032

What will you miss most about Bush?

Is anyone else really excited about Michelle Obama being our First Lady?

Could I say something on behalf of the gay democrats?

Yes. We Can.

News Corp. profit declines 30%

"That One" becomes Mr. President.

My heart is breaking for my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters.

HELP! Arguing Roe v Wade with a fundie....WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?


McShame's concession speech intro music

Sounds like I "missed" my weekly freeping,,,I mean meeting

Ok might be a stupid questions but it wont be the first one I asked on here lol so what does...

Obama, JAPAN getting their party on (video)

Same-sex marriage is inevitable at this point

Perhaps now Al Gore can get some of HIS work done.

Sarah Palin = Katherine Harris, Sarah is finished in the GOP.....

Let's get Texas next time.

I'm asking DUers for a small moment of their time (help)

What, not again! No again tonite?

Tom Delay: "....we Republicans got whipped. "

Newspapers fly off racks after Obama victory

"The Palins were like the Wasilla Hilbillies, looting Nieman Marcus from coast to coast"

Keith Olberman

Kucinich coming up on O'Lielly

Here's my post to the Freepers on NOV 5th and their replies. Enjoy!

What a Beautiful (and color coordinated!) Family!

Rendell, Specter say Palin hurt McCain's chances (in Pennsylvania)

Bring on the Employee Free Choice Act!!!

I can't believe Alaskans elected a convicted felon.

One difference between how liberals and conservatives ...

Waxman is going after Dingell chairmanship

I'm so proud of my republican brother! He voted against his own financial interests, & voted Obama

Get Ready To View The Change! palinaspresident is OVAH!

Get Ready To View The Change! palinaspresident is OVAH!

now that we control the IRS

The good things thread.

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King Jr. could walk.

Ha, ha, ha! Laura Bush is a Maverick!

What time do you think the cable news channels knew an Obama landslide was coming yesterday?

All of the negative things said today by the neo-cons inspired (warning) a poem

Obama name craze for Kenya babies

Earlier this year, Palin said "So Sambo beat the bitch"

Moose and Squirrel go back to Alaska

Best "Worst Person" EVER!!!

E.J. Dionne: An end to a conservative era; not "the silent majority" but the future majority

remember when i said florida would go blue and most here said i was crazy?

All the African American milestones that are cited now

remind the fundies

Rachel Maddow

Best line of the campaign: "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast,"

KEITH OLBERMANN does it again! rightwing mouthpieces : YOU DON'T MATTER ANYMORE!

Emanuel likely to accept Obama job

Pumas will not be returning to reality anytime soon


Trash Day in the neighborhood

I felt pretty bashful today . . . not as strident as I might have imagined I'd feel

Obama prevented leaks during his campaign. However, now everything

Thanks Teddy Kennedy

The word of the day for me: CATHARSIS

CAPTION Bush *finally* getting the message

Gov. To Pick Obama Senate Replacement

Does anyone else get the feeling Condi Rice voted for Obama?

Matthews on Mika Mouse Show

First time since I was a little kid that I am not disgusted by the American flag and patriotic music

Nate Silver: What In The Hell Happened in Alaska?

Call Harry Reid!

Obama's Cabinet?

beautiful historic slideshow black modern history includes Obama

RFK, Jr. as head of EPA? Can you imagine THAT?

Yes We WILL!

This is the reason why we must never let our guard down....

Stevens has not won yet.

Palin could end up in the Senate if Stevens resigns???

"Scapegoating Sarah" - NY POST jumps into the circular firing squad.

Ok I thought Rahm was a good guy? No? Please explain why yall dont like him..

Dumb question, but how many electoral votes did we get?

And one more thing. Gayle Quinnell, Obama is now YOUR President-elect

86+% voter turn out in traditionally red Wauwatosa WI--'Tosa went for Obama!

Maybe in the next 8 years we will get a baby boy Obama in the White House

"Who cares...they don't matter anymore"

How many have already figured out that they're intentionally sabotaging public service positions?

Mandela congratulates President Elect Barack Obama

Scheunemann, a McCain aide, fired for 'trashing' staff. Juicy

the Chris Wallace / Jon Stewart interview was the best ever...

Albemarle County (VA) GOP on Eliminating Perriello Ballots: "Think like a bad guy."

My neighbor down the street put his flag out upside down.

Novak: 3 Million Vote Margin = Mandate For Bush; 7 Million For Obama = No Mandate

I didn't realize Biden's seat was up for reelection...we never heard about it at all

is there a site for watching the Alaska Senate count? still 60k votes outstanding

All the "insider" stuff we heard FR the week before the election was BS (What gives?)

Obama's & McCain's campaign computers hacked

Bitter post-election freeper LTTE in Columbus Dispatch today.

The right wing media will push the idiot from Wasilla!

A horrible prediction about Palin.

Wow, CNN, that's some world class pandering.

My video shot in Times Square when Obama was announced President-Elect:

W won't have a sewage plant named after him after all.

We Are Not Even Hostages.

PROP 8 Lawsuit... already filed and looking good.

Mike Malloy going off on prop h8 now

Obama's victory will help inner-city kids look beyond sports: "This gives us hope."

I'm surrounded by bigots

Never mind ... question was answered.

64,000,000+ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thursday, all. Tues - freaking anxiety. Wed - bliss Today - Basking in it!

I just realized that Rahm Emanuel is the brother of famous Hollywood agent Ari Emanuel, who...

oh never mind

WHA? AFRICA a country or a continent?!?!?

Where can we get tickets to stand along the parade route during inaguration? nt

Did we ever get to change our names?

Can you believe that for the first time in 8 years I'm watching Fox News

Chicago-area man arrested with guns, ammo

Why the GOP filibuster isn't going to be a big problem.

Merkley takes Oregon; good-bye Gordon Smith

Dick Cheney battles Laura Bush over protecting Pacific Ocean

Some Web Site shout outs - these kept me sane and informed last night

The right wing response to losing will be to go further right.

Does Anyone Know What Rush...

Wasilla Hillbilly !!!

Rude Pundit: "Time to Rub Their Fucking Faces in It"

Dear rightwingnuts; have you started getting a glimmer yet? Have you started to figure it out yet?

The end of an era - Windows 3.x (BBC)


John McCain will return to the Senate with diminished power

What's The Possibility That Bush Will Sign an Economic Stimulus Package?

If the mouthbreathers where you work don't stop this racist blather try this

Rahm Emanuel enjoys being the bad guy (LAT)

Sarah Palin's lack of knowledge problem: PALIN DOES NOT BELIEVE she is ignorant or

By the power vested in me, I command you to visit the thread in this thread.

Are there exit polls for white voters in the south that divides by age

From Maryland north, McCain failed to get within 10 points of Obama.

Let's flood Reid's email w/ calls to remove JL's chairs

Interesting numbers from North Carolina.

A tribute to those unsung heros and heroines of the campaign - the OBAMA staffers!

South Park is doing an episode about the 2008 election.

BREAKING!Jeff Merkley wins Senate seat

What was Clinton's Electoral counts?

we don't have to "talk Rachel down" anymore

PALIN: Didn't know Africa was a Continent?!?! (VIDEO LINK INCLUDED)

Delete, posting bug error

Delete, posting bug error

President-Elect Barack Hussein Obama!

RW hate is worried about Fairness...check out this email in my spam folder

Freeper has a plan to salvage Bush's place in the history books

Jon Stewart is afraid someone on the NY streets is going to invite him over for pie!

Celebrate today, but tomorrow, back to work. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us.

**************woo-hoo in your face gop thread***********************

Updating the "Dem Prez" graphic & DELETING a couple of others. Guess which.

Few questions for the New Prez

Fox News seems to be in a panic. They know that the next few years are going to be lean

This isn't sinking in easy for me. "Will be 44th" and "President -Elect"

I was curious...

lieberliar meeting with reid today

Palin returns to Alaska to chants of '2012'

Frankly....I Don't Want to Hear of any Talk about...

I'm retarded, I know. But I just sent an email to Secret Service asking

The criminals/terrorists in the White House need to be

I just asked my 11 year old son where the Country of Africa was----

Ring Ring Hello Joe Lieberman Harry Reid wants to talk to you.

So what cabinent post should Gov. Howard Dean get?

Obama headlines- lots of them

A day later: Has it sunk in yet the magnitude of this election of Obama?

Is This a Time for Gloating, or a Time for Healing???...

Does anyone know if Obama will have a press conference today?

As a former Howard Dean volunteer...

Congrats, Jeff Merkley.......

Apartheid and Old IU


Sioux county, Iowa. Why does it vote so disproportionally republican?

I know Prop 8 et al, SUCKS, but SD abortion ban fails, and considering the state, that's BIG news!

Robert Gibbs to be WH press secretary

I guess Bush,Cheney and Rupert Murdach got thier new world order

At the first meeting of our new Senate caucus, who should introduce the motion to EXPEL HolyWarJoe?

Will Joe the Plumber now go the way of Kato Kaelin and William Hung? .......

Okay DUers: Fantasy Draft Obama's cabinet.

Just to go on the record (as if it matters): I'm not an OBAMA follower:: I'm a Democrat

We are still getting emails from folks who can't admit the election

OMG Palin was Dumber than anyone thought possible

Hey, Democrats: Thank the Women

Why We're Waiting on the Final Results

Day2-I have finished the campaign sandwiches

Anyone missing the excitement of the election? The daily poll checks, the phone banking, the

A question : did any of the "Real Time" election widgets really work?

"When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Election Edition" Some of my people (Black folk) kept it real...

Tom Brokaw today asserted that despite Obama's victory, he'll be governing a nation that's....

How Must It Feel To Be A Republican Watching Grant Park and the World Celebrate Obama's Victory?

Will Harry Reid grow a new spine with a bigger majority and a blue Nevada to support him?

Does this ever get old?

Does this ever get old?

My LTTE: To the guy who bet me last year Obama would not be President

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Interactive electoral map?

Obama's Grant Park Address: Rec. if you think it'll be remembered as one of the great speeches

Has Rahm Emanuel accepted the WH Chief of Staff yet?

Has Rahm Emanuel accepted the WH Chief of Staff yet?

Can I get a definitive answer? I heard Maddow say that Palin will pick the next Senator from Alaska

A Small Artistic Token Of Appreciation For My DU Family... (photoSHOP)

Letterman: Barack Obama is our new president. Anyone mind if he starts a little early?

The watchword for the next eight years.....

Bullwinkle925 has a cartoonist friend who drew this

So were the exit polls right this time? 2004 was the "aberration"? Hmmm.

Oregon votes still being counted. Merkley moving away. Now with 26000 vote lead

Come January, who is the foremost Republican villain?

Mostly African American church in Springfield MA burned down 3 hours after Obama elected.

My suggestion to the Obama family: Poo-Mix Rescue

RIP Yma Sumac

Report: Robert Gibbs to be Obama's White House press secretary

WTF? Joe the Plumber was on Hannity and Colmes tonight?

Any excuse will do

Bobby Jindall going to Iowa to give a big speech...

Is the war in Iraq Genocide?

Buy your LIFE SIZE Obama cardboard cutout from

And once again I am remimded why I hate VISTA

Robert Rubin Says He Won't Be Joining the Obama Administration

Obama became the first Democrat to win Florida's Hispanic Vote

Another way to ensure 60 Senate votes


Site with tons of photos

Tom Brokaw on still spouting the RW talking points...

Breaking News: Micky Mouse unexpectedly wins in upset!

About Michele Bachmann, from someone in her district:

The "off-the-record" stuff on PALIN... What is bad is the ON THE RECORD stuff that was not covered

Regarding Franken - how often has a recount overturned the original count?

Best Obama Speech

Millions of Obama supporters now with nothing to live for. :^) (From the Onion)

What happens to the "Presidential" forum now that the election is over?

Regarding the Supreme Court Appointee

McCain aide (Randy Scheunemann): I was "not fired and never {have} been fired."

Robert Gibbs to be WH press secretary!

If you could, would you change your DU handle?

south park

Can someone explain to me why Rahm Emanual's politics matter.

I've Seen Allot of Threads & Posts Here That Flame Republican Voters...

Blatant self-promotion, with pics -- I made the Kathmandu Post, singing the US national anthem

If Palin and the rest of the GOP are looking for that terrorist

If we educate the general public....then we can take our country back for good it has to start with

As we rebuild our infrastructure, I hope they put controls in place to purchase QUALITY materials.

As we rebuild our infrastructure, I hope they put controls in place to purchase QUALITY materials.

My father, who voted for Bush twice, voted for Obama!

CeLeBrAtIoN tHrEAd!

Well, it looks like our 15-minute vacation is up.....

George W. legacy will be that he DESTROYED the Republican party!!!

NC is red no more. Maybe Bluish-purple.

At least 2 million votes still to be counted in California

Virginia-one county 2004 (54% R) and 2008 (56% D)

Since we are in a new era and all...

A republican, a Green Party member, and a Democrat are using the bathroom

has anyone seen this yet?

Charlie Rose Tonight...a fascinating discussion about Obama.

I went into one of the local saloons here in town for lunch today

Hey, Sarah! Betcha Can't Name the countries of North America!

"Freedom March" : America was conned. Stop Obama.

November 5th lottery number in the freepers freaked..

Chicago White Sox invite President Obama to throw out '09 first pitch

Calling Blue_In_AK! Blue_In_AK, we need you! HELP!

Anybody planning on going to the inauguration?

U.S. Again Hailed as 'Country of Dreams'

****Heads Up: Bush on White House transition****

Wake Up!!!

PIC-early voting in Florida

"Yes We Can". Barack Obama wants to Pickle Us!!

"Yes We Can". Barack Obama wants to Pickle Us!!

Doesn't matter at this point, but...

Obama dream comes true for ailing S.F. teen

Did anyone else hear that the Obama's have already named the puppy...

State: NC's final ballots may expand Obama's lead (unofficially leads by 13,746)

Anyone who thinks McCain should be shown any kindness must watch this.

The Election of Barack Obama...

Will Susan Rice be part of the Obama administration?

I wish some of these pundits and small time politicos would STFU regarding what Obama "better do"

Does anyone feel sorry for John McCain?

Remember all the uniformed people the Repugs used in their campaigns?

Nixon Yeahhhhhhhh!!!

May I humbly recommend as chair of the RNC

When does GD:P(residential) go back to GD:P(olitics), and

RFK prophetic thoughts 40 years later:

Who wrote McCain's concession speech?

McCain might have won West Virginia, but in this much, I declare victory.

AAAAAAACKKKKKK! Bush is still the president!!!! whatever God or good force that exists to help

The Presidential Transition FAQ

Let's talk about bipartisanship...

according to bay puckanon, the thugs will only support obama if he goes 'center-right'

No more speeches douchebag. Just get the FUCK OUT!

In pics: Kids inspired by Obama's win

Applying "The Spirit of '76" to our own lives during Obama's 76-day transition period

What happens if Ted Stevens is forced to step down?

What happens if Ted Stevens is forced to step down?

Someone else who really should have lived to see this day....

Hey Ms. Palin!

Where were you at exactly 11 pm ET?

A few post-election thoughts...

A few post-election thoughts...

Cool site for election and geography geeks.

DU this Poll: What breed should the First Dog be?

Additional question re: Obama's security

So... when does Obama close the deal?

I enjoyed watching Sarah Palin cry during McCains concession speech!

I am PO'ed about Prop 8 but take a look at the Presidential map

It does the heart good to see this...

Anybody else looking forward to a huge improvement in their mental and physical health

"Ask not what your country can do for you...

I am so proud of Massachusetts & I want to brag about MY county

The Speculation Game

Who else here was too dumb to grab a NYT or something today?

The Sarah Palin Appreciation Thread

"DER SPIEGEL" likes to grave dance too :-)

Will A New Sense Of Respect (From Whites & Others Toward Blacks) Be One Result

Should Hollywood remake "Blazing Saddles" staring Obama and Biden in the lead roles?

The OTHER Election Night Story in Georgia (Savannah Daily News)

'Sarah the Scapegoat' : A food fight coming to a pundit near you.

Your town or precinct

Front page headlines around the world on November 5

My Best Friend Cried With Me Today


I despise Republicans

You know Rahm is a good pick. Because Repukes are freaking out all over the place

IMAGE: Roots: the Obama Generation

William Ayers for head of Homeland Security.


self delete

Good heavens! FOX reports Palin did not know Africa is a continent, or the countries making up NAFTA

I was raised by Wolves

Guys remember where you were back then? when it all started!

How did your state do?..... 87% voted in Oregon (Vote by mail)!!

Is there a "Red State Initiative" yet? And, if so, where do I donate?

Election 2008 as the The tale of the Four Joes--

Democracy for America:Thank You Howard Dean

I have been reading that the reverend religious right feels "persecuted" by hate crimes laws...

Day one after the election TDS guest Chris Wallace

New Rachel Maddow Poll - What Should Obama's Priorities Be?

New Rachel Maddow Poll - What Should Obama's Priorities Be?

Both McCain and Obama used a common person to illustrate their viewpoint ... let us see

How come when Bush was sElected we did not see any democrats on TV. Now all you see is REPUBS

I Was Raised By Mormons

Winners and losers 2008 (Politico)

Obama and economic advisers to meet on Friday, no plans to announce Cabinet this week

Kudos to IOWA!!! If there were a mountain or beach there, I'd consider a move!

Kudos to IOWA!!! If there were a mountain or beach there, I'd consider a move!

Treasury Sec. possibilities for Obama. Geithner, Summers, Volcker, Rubin and Laura Tyson.

Will Republicans keep going with the ballot initiatives???

Obama to receive presidential intelligence briefing

Breaking: Merkley wins Oregon

Love it or leave it freepers.

No president in over 70 years has inherited such a mess.

Obama is absolutely correct in his thinking......

Obama's grandfather bankrolled Hitler and the Nazis

Campaign to oust "Bush v. Gore" Justices?

Absolute proof to me that Bill Richardson will be in the cabinet in some capacity

Who will be the next DNC chair?

What was "The Moment" for you in this campaign?

Lieberman rides again?

Senator McCain, I will forgive you, but I will NOT forget the campaign that you ran.

Obama's brand of liberalism

Any way to get rid of ads like this?

We need some no-names for Obama's cabinet and administration.

Wow. Only 4 tiny towns in my entire state went for McFailed.

BREAKING: Obama transition team has contacted me.

Who else still can't wipe the huge grin off their face ? nt

Who else still can't wipe the huge grin off their face ? nt

Guys, the California exit polls were flawed

Proof that every vote counts

WOW. Inaugural Theme is "A New Birth of Freedom" from Lincoln's address. But read these comments

Obama's first day in the White House.

MSNBC just called N.C. for OBAMA!!!

and I really thought Aaron Tipping's endorsement would of changed the election

I and all Progressive Democrats must forgive their Repug enemies...

Some think that Bush's economy and course for this nation are just fine, why?

Some think that Bush's economy and course for this nation are just fine, why?

Wasn't the lack of Palin and Joe the Plumber on the news just wonderful???

Georgia Senate race heading for a runoff.

Is it time for Obama to pitch a new WPA program?

Hey Lieberman --- just switch parties already. We don't want you anymore!

Newsmax Downplays Obama, Dem Mandate

I am SO relieved - Supreme Court is a huge worry for me

The mother of all breaking news!

A Parting Crack At The MSM And Myth Of Liberal Bias

For the first time in 28 years, there will be no Bush or Clinton in the executive branch

31 votes separate Virginia 5th Congressional Dist. out of 300,000

Obama's First Task: Corral the Party

Almost gone but never to be forgotten - get yer W. pincushion here :^)

Prominent Conservatives too meet in VA home of Brent Bozeel to plan future of GOP

A Necessary Illness

106 year old Ann Cooper Nixon honored by Obama 'ain't got time to die'

Obama will hold a presser tomorrow.

What does President-Elect Obama owe and who does he owe it to?

Failure to Blow Election Stuns Democrats

So is there ANY reason to keep Lieberman?

My favorite cousin's widow sent this to me yesterday

Obama Celebrates Election With Victory Album

Obama up to 364 in electoral vote...

Does anyone know if Helen will go back to The White House press corps?

A couple of important points for lurking freepers:

OMG! I just noticed something regarding counties with major bases in my state.

Obama's Victory Propelled by Support in Fast-Growing Swing-State Suburbs

Has anyone heard anything from Nancy Photenblower?

Oregonian projection: Merkley(D) defeats Smith to take U.S. Senate seat

Obama needs to modernize this nation

First Presidential Elect Press Conference tomorrow after Jobless Report

Today President-Elect Obama gets his first PDB

I watched Morning Joe for the first time today......That Mika woman is abysmally stupid.

Emanuel Accepts

I put my flag up in the front yard today.

It took Bush, a repug majority in Congress, complicit media, 8 years to ruin the country. It will

Sasha Abramsky: The Long Exhale(I love this essay!!!)

Back to the ugly economic reality.....

I love it - the #4 search topic on Yahoo right now is 'Obama merchandise'! n/t

America's New Look

Hey Shaun Hannity - When your fellow FOX reporters turn on Palin and Joe the Plumber

The Problem that the Republicans have for 2012:

Janet Napolitano as Attorney General?

When the CW is wrong

The Center-Right Myth

All we need now is for Olympia Snow and Susan Collins to finally switch to Dem

'Rahmbo' Accepts CoS post: CNN

Kucinich returned to Congress for seventh term with 56.4 percent of the votes!!

Kobe Bryant Scores 25 In Holy Shit We Elected A Black President

Borowitz: "Failure to Blow Election Stuns Democrats-Party Faithful Mourn End to Losing Tradition"

SPIEGEL has a Gallery of the World Rejoicing For America

End of third parties?

News Reports On A Naked Sarah Palin Stokes Freepers' Onanistic Fantasies

Does anyone have a video of Rush, Hannity , Bill , Faux or any other Rethugs ...

Didn't San Francisco have on the ballot a vote on naming a sewer plant after Bush?

Damn. I woke up late "Noon" and could not find one local or national paper anywhere

Another Awesome Obama pic!

I am disgusted!!!

How do you see the Presidential Election Results?

The 4 most beautiful words in the English language:

More and more, I get the feeling that McCain said, "Ah... Fuck it." for the last couple of weeks

Does anyone know if the commemorative Time and Newsweek issues are out today?

How about Prop 9.5.....

A Great President is on the way: Obama promises to rein in his own branch that he will soon head

Italy's Berlusconi hails "suntanned" Obama

Cracked: If John McCain's concession was as bitter as his campaign (VIDEO)

OK-- What happened to Halloween/melamine story?

Any info on the earrings Sarah was wearing Tuesday night?

Obama's edge - hypnotism?

Oh for a larger view of this 2.5 acre picture of President elect Obama

Michele Bachmann gives previews of her coming attractions

LOL Hannity Got Dressed Down By Karl Rove and Tommy Franks

Birth of the NEW party

Tropical Storm Paloma

OS X Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7 is Now Officially Live

Will the California courts overturn the Prop 8 decision?

Emanuel accepts job as Chief of Staff

Tiny violins alert: NewsCorp (parent of Faux) says its profits are dropping....

Emanuel Accepts offer as Chief of Staff

NEWSWEEK: How He Did It! (on line)

On Charlie Rose Tonight...fascinating conversation about Obama

We have had gay marriage on the books in Massachusetts for years,and the sky never fell...

Chalabi’s Lobbyist Was Sarah Palin’s Spy

Kick him out Harry!

WITH VIDEO: Cameron spills the beans on Sarah Palin (more incompetent than you thought)


Michael Moore: What Will It Be Like To Have A Smart President? ("Wow. Seriously, Wow")

Native Americans overwhelming voted for Obama!

Wall Street Pain Coming to Military

Several Early Choices for New Administration Have Clinton Pedigree

Bush Sewage Plant plan flushed

North Carolina STILL isn't counted?

Kenya takes a Holiday - why don't we?

Has Steven Baldwin left the country yet?

3fer: Shrub kills writer's sex . BIDEN godfathered rocker's birth. & inside CNN's election grill.

Sarah Palin could end up with Ted Stevens Senate seat. Read how.

Wasilla hillbillies

Letter to a Son On Election Night

Too bad we won't get our damage deposit back, when they move out.

LOL - RW is ticked off with McCain aides leaking disparaging reports regarding Palin

The Obama Transition - Washington Journal on CSpan1

San Francisco Chronicle: S.F. voters surprisingly conservative on issues

Collection of Presidential Photoshop Memories (bandwidth warning)

Jennifer Millerwise republican punditress

For God-Sake! Somebody Post a Daily Widget!!!!

Kent Co. GOP rat bastards

Sarah Palin: Tales from the Crypt

Inauguration trip 101 (please help!)

CNN: "Obama won election in counties Bush won. He cant afford to alienate them with liberal agenda."

Digby: Dems Better Not Forget Who Got Their Asses in Power.

About Prop 8..... a what if...

I want to download Obama's victory speech from Tuesday night..

Another top House Republican leaving leadership (Blunt)

Just a technical question: What prevents a president from also being a senator?

Map comparisons: 2004 vs 2008.... or.... why the 50-state strategy was genius

Yes We Can!

Anyone know statistics for how undecideds voted?

3,843,000 Americans collecting unemployment benefits, highest in 25 yrs, jump of 1.2 million

Thank you for your support - by Jeanne Shaheen

OK, Now who will the senator be from Illinois now?

Which direction will the Republican Party go now?

STL Post-Dispatch: In Missouri, provisional ballots hold the key to presidential results

What a difference a WIN makes.This came in from the Right that was left behind and I can laugh again

I'm leaving for Mississippi in a few minutes. Family wedding. OMG

147 years ago, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida attempted to break away from the Union...

Point of information: 60 Senate seats does not guarantee anything

Obama Celebrates Election With Victory Album

My question about Prop 8 and similar props: what's the legal definition of 'male' and 'female'?

I'm sorry -- I'm worried us losing Missouri was my fault

anyone want to be the principal of a great chicago elementary school?

Obama adds symbolic NC victory to White House win

So Bush is actually dedicated to getting the transition done efficiently?

Hey, Joe! Obama won both plumbers -- and Americans making over $200,000 a year.

My Indiana county went Dem for President for the first time in 44 years.

Why is the press so silent on how the military voted??

Another Senate win for Democrats, in Oregon. ...

Democrats should stay the hell off of Morning Joe's Show.

NYT, pg1: Striking a Balance While Becoming a First Family

For photoshop pros....

Now that Proposal 2 in Michigan passed, we should be getting some jobs, right?

My take on primary wars, Senator Clinton, and President Obama!

When I get my share of the Freepers' redistributed wealth I'm gonna buy

I know the elections is over

***BREAKING*** Barney the WH dog bites John Decker


Why dont Rush, Hannity, Mark Levin and others from the putrid bunch contest elections

Italian leader: Obama 'handsome and even tanned'

Italian leader: Obama 'handsome and even tanned'

CNN: Bush with his entire cabinet along with Dick Cheney on stage

I'm not thrilled about it either, but hey--it gets him out of Congress!

What is best in life?

MO gov (repuke) condemns prof's remark that Obama lost MO because of "racist vote"

Leave it to Wal-Mart to make me cranky today

Help Me Out On This Prop 8 Mess


Did you guys see the 'Evangelical Electoral Map'? They claim that 26% of the voters

Harry and Joe are supposed to meet today to discuss Joe's future

Narrow victory for Bush = Mandate, Landslide victory for Obama = NOT A MANDATE!!1111111!!11111!!!!11

I've decided to play a lot of UB40 on my radio show tonight to celebrate the victory

Buying Blue Question...

I bet Lieberman will be on Fox news at some point today.

I bet Lieberman will be on Fox news at some point today.

Some asshole stole my Obama-Biden yard sign yesterday

Good morning, my fellow Democrat Socialist Overlords!

Suddenly, it may be cool to be an American again

The Rude Pundit: Why the Hell Not? Let's Gloat Some More

Don't count Missouri red yet

Report: Reid to strip Lieberman of committee chairs today

Rush to broadcast from "Club Gitmo" starting 1/21/09

Community organizer huh...

BREAKING: Obama Campaign Staff calling NC for OBAMA!!!

Let's all thank Sarah Palin

Opinion: I think there needs to be an effort to keep the Palin negatives in front of the public.

I Cried

The day after the day after . . .

McCain campaign joke: What's the difference between Sarah Palin and a pitbull?

Hey, Talking heads, pundits, radio show hosts and all you other so-called

IMO having to pay higher taxes is now something to aspire to

Bush's speech today had the interest of America's safety today in the transition

Funny video of the remaining Repuke base

I just tipped the FBI to a lunatic. It's a Brazilian lunatic, so I don't know if it'll do any good.

Lieberman just spoke.

Electoral Count: How did everyone do?

Lieberman is on Now... News Conference

How many Alaskans does it take to kill and field dress the Republican Party?

For all of my fellow MO GOTV workers who feel bad about MO.....

Testing the resized graphic of Dem prezs

If you had a voice in the matter, who would you want appointed....

Message to Congress and President-Elect Obama: Don't be afraid to be a little Liberal

Close Encounter With Obama in Hawaii

Check out how the military news reported the elections.

What the election really is about (the kids pics..combined for you)

Target 2010

Politico: Eight races still too close to call

Where is the web site for the green and red HOPE poster?

Does anyone remember after?

Lord .... why isnt someone posting the Gallup poll?

Tell Congress to Censure Michele Bachmann

Meet the faces of the Republiklan party....

Here's why we lost MO:

Begala, on why Rahm is so great: "He's also an investment banker. He made millions on Wall St."

Please Obama don't send this IDIOT to Washington for you cabinet

Looks like DICTATORSHIP is slowly returning to Russia

Senator Oprah (D) IL

Not Ready to Make Nice

Yay! I just got 100 Obama buttons!

Voting shift map by county!! See what states are moving more Dem or Rep.


"Palin as president"... Absolute final update.

Turns Out there is One Good Bush Afterall

Tell Obama to end the genocide in Darfur!

So much CW out the window after this election.

What does Barack Obama's victory mean?

I'm petty, small minded, and nasty when it comes to ........

Colin Powell and now Arnie?

Faux news just reported that Obama will be going to the White House on Monday. Also he is calling an

Right now, somewhere in FBI headquarters in Chicago . . .


I Need Help Pushing Back On The "Obama The Baby Killer" Meme.

Holy shit, it's really starting to sink in now.... WOW!!!

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Transformational Presidency

Rove to get much of blame for failure

"How He Did It" -- Fascinating article on President-elect Obama's campaign from Newsweek

IMPORTANT-All Ga. voters or if you know a Ga. voter!!!!!

Things I'd like to see changed in the new Administration

Obama to hold emergency meeting tomorrow with his economic advisers and then will hold presser

Scorpion to the Frog: "Come On, Harry, This Is Joe Lieberman, You Know You Can Trust Me."

Dear President Obama,

Any sightings of Lieberman's goofy face since election night?

A shot across the bow Letter to the Editor (FL Amendment 2)


Obama is now OUR EMPLOYEE -- let him know how you feel!

Obama community organized America!

An Internet threat againt the President-Elect

A condolence card for Freepers...

**Paging thevoiceofreason**

Politico exclusive: Robert Gibbs will be WH press secretary.

I have always been polite to Mormon missionaries when they knock on my door.

So, will the neocons drop 'Sarah 2012' & move en masse to weasel their way...

Is 'W' Being So Nice To Obama Because He's Wants To Lull Obama Into A Position To Not Prosecute.....

OMG! The polls are tightening!

Barack Obama is getting his first real National Security briefing today, is the content believable?

In Contempt TOON: one step step back

I hope the GOP and the Media do not continue to......

Obama Senior Advisor Axelrod.

Check in if you're ready to let go of your anger today...

Quit the Therotical Burning of Our Constitution NOW an open Plea

MSNBC reporting that Merkley has defeated Smith in Oregon

My Favorite YouTube Subscription/Friend has a question for Americans re. election

This little guy is pretty happy too!!!

Joe Lieberman should be put on probation?

Barney the WH dog just bit Reuters reporter, who had to go to hospital (WTF?)

Do you think that Obama has the biggest challenge of any incoming president since FDR?

CAPTION Moldy John and Unholy Joe

LOL!! Sarah worse than we thought!! Also wanted to make her own concession speech!

Robert Rubin just told Obama he doesn't want a post in his administration

"Let bygones be bygones, let the past be past.......I'll hug your elephant, ....

Taliban spokesman Qari Mohammad Yousuf said:

Glenn Greenwald - An answer to Proposition 8: repealing DOMA

It's simple, really. All this analysis tells me is that...

My two sons are being harassed at school- because we voted for Obama :(

I assume Obama will be named Time's Person of the Year. Am I wrong?

If McCain had picked Colon Powell as his VP would the same

Soldiers cannot celebrate Obama's election or display photos of him?

Rep. McCotter: Because conservatives have hit ‘rock bottom,’ they are now ‘free to start thinking...

Rep. McCotter: Because conservatives have hit ‘rock bottom,’ they are now ‘free to start thinking...

Go, right wing schism, go! Operation Rescue blames Obama victory on Sean Hannity

NE-02 Presidential EV update! Yes We Can!

Excellent (IMHO) analysis of the Prop 8 vote by Richard Kim of The Nation......

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev could resign from his post in 2009 to pave the way for Putin

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev could resign from his post in 2009 to pave the way for Putin

What is your ONE issue that you would never vote against or for?

Check out MarketWatch's Master/Slave headline in this story about workers' hours being slashed.....

just curious, back in 2000 and in 2004 Grades from Candidates

Poll: Most unlikely dream, but it's fun to wish...

Heritage 'wordy crap' Foundation will fight the left - no, really

Where do the openly gay Log Cabin Republicans stand on gay marriage in CA?

Media is transitioning too - from ostrich to vulture to sea gull

I just shook the hand of SENATOR-ELECT JEFF MERKLEY

I can't get to Al Franken's site

Italy's Berlusconi hails "suntanned" Obama

Any Republican sites like this?

Stealing Elections - Not This Time?

Post Obama-win poll: what color state are you now in?

Democrat = discrimination - Repub= inclusion and opportunity

I don't get it at all.

Al Franken live on Ed Schultz.

Just for the fun of it!

Here are the UNOFFICIAL results of Skinner's Election Night Pool:

So did we ever get the straight story on the "Black Panthers" in Philadelphia on Tuesday?

The "Heckuvajob Brownie" Belt

Here is my take on where we need to go now on Prop 8 (long but I think valuable)

Did you think it would happen in your lifetime?

Bush is Fucked Up On the TEE-VEE (again)

I don't think Obama can do it directly

I don't think Obama can do it directly

"Get Ready to Turn Inward" (Interesting Post by Chris Bowers, "Open Left")

Did the Mormons get involved with funding Prop 8 out of spite?

theres some weird stuff being reported up in alaska. Anybody connected up that way?

DEM Women Elected in NC to US Senate, Governor, and 4 Council of State Positions...

Andrea Mitchell/MSNBC confirming Emanual has taken Chief of Staff job

Freepers want to Impeach Obama..

Rocks Thrown Through Winona DFL Windows

Does anyone have videos of Faux, Rush, or Bill O'Reillys reaction to Obamas win?

Joe The Welfare King

I was just going over some Palin interviews...

MSNBC Calls North Carolina for ..... OBAMA!!!!!!!!!

Part of the reason for the recent successes of the dem party is that it IS a big tent party

So the dow drops over 300 points today.. have they already blamed it on Obama?

If it's Romney or Palin in 2012 vs. Obama, who do you think McCain will endorse?

In case you missed the other dozen threads NC has re-joined the civilized world

How terrible! NM elected a card carrying member of the DLC to the Senate

Today's trivia question: Has McCain shared his guaranteed plan to catch OBL?

Leftcoast alert! On "The View today, BabaWawa repeated Rove lies about WH vandalism by Clinton staff

Did anyone watch Law and Order last night?

Has Richard Clarke's name been mentioned for any positions?

"Trusted" Republican backs out of Helping Coleman recount

How do we get Reid & Nancy out of their rolls

Gates to stay on as Secretary of Defense, then Colin Powell to take over??!!

Could Allegations Invalidate Senate Results? Franken-Coleman

What is it Hannibal used to say...

Some commentary from some Brits on another board about Obama

I wondered why I was getting lots of looks today as I cruised around town

World War I veteran dies aged 108 (BBC)

Election Night Lincoln Memorial - NY Times Photo- The Wait

Why is there an irrelevant chimp ooking away on C-SPAN?

How about a new forum. Replace GDPresidential with GDSupreme Court

What now for liberals - here and within the Democratic party?

Compare and Contrast

Coming Soon! Sara Palin's Autobiography -- Name The title Contest....

What role did the "Sara Palin supporters" play in McCain's loss?

"Official Election Hangover Thread" courtesy of Free Republic.


So, I've been thinking about the Rahm appointment to CoS...

As of January 2009 the most powerful elected Republican will be...

Could Republican immigrant bashing really be thinly guised racial hatred of Hispanics?

Prediction - Texas Will Be A Swing State In 2012

Pelosi: "“The country must be governed from the middle,”"

my boss can't stop acting like a bitch

CAFE standards 2001...Remember that? The auto industry lobbied and got what they wanted.

Whatever happened to that wonderful old tradition - "exile".

For those who are nostalgic. No More Polls, but we have this!

Shouldn't state proposition constitutional ammendments ALSO require 2/3rds majority?

So Little Time, So Much Damage

Lieberman is speaking on MSNBC now after meeting with Reid. n/t

Texas football player booted from team for making racist assassination "joke" about Obama

Happily flying it at my house today. (PIC)

So when does 88 year old Chicago native John Paul Stevens retire?

I know how MN can finance this recount - Norm has an extra $75K!

Best opposition nickname of the 2008 election?

whats your vote for the most bizarre moment of the'08 campaign?

Can y'all help me pick apart this obvious hit-piece?

This is what democracy looks like:

Just a thought.

I am so SICK of McCain camp scapegoating Palin; HE PICKED HER

The mandate manipulation machine enters stage right

Lieberman: I Vow to Work with President-elect Obama ...His Victory Historic and Impressive

Report: Reid to strip Lieberman of committee chairs today

About Marijuana laws. . .

Cleric claims to have received "prophetic" message that election is not over...

Rick Sanchez to talk about racists who don't welcome a black man as prez, coming up


I'd like to see Bill Moyers as head of the FCC

Election Fraud in Alaska?? Maybe Alaskans aren't really this corrupt and stupid...

Barack Obama is a human being I can recognize.

{UK} People 'can't wait for ID cards' (BBC)

Anyone just watch LAW & ORDER on NBC???

Norah O'Donell on MSNBC just showed a county breakdown map in blue with a little band of red

Obama's first act should be to...

Obama's first act should be to...

Obama Better Put Together Another Government Cheese Program

Obama Better Put Together Another Government Cheese Program

Axelrod, Emanuel to Obama White House; Gibbs, Jarrett to Play Key Roles

"Are We 'Running Out'? I Thought There Was 40 Years of the Stuff Left"

Airline "loses" all 13 pcs of Palin Louis Vitton luggage?

Get the tissue box--the students from Ron Clark Academy.

How soon can we say good-bye to Agent Mike?

Looks like Obama is going to pick up another electoral vote in Nebraska...


Who Are These 'Slash & Burn' Repubs Now Calling For Bipartisanship?

Palin/Nugent 2012. If you didn't think they were already crazy...

Do you think Barr helped Obama in NC and IN?

Rahm Emanuel, Robert Gibbs, and David Axelrod

Fellow progressives and liberals, now that the election is over, where will you

The mormon church is a terrorist organization.

Does anybody else remember street celebrations

“How Barack Obama Rewrote the Book” - Poem

Dodd to remain Banking Committee chairman

Patriotic service from these women helped get Obama elected...

I was under the impression that much of the Obama B.S. would die down.

My dad had a photo of FDR hanging in our garage when I was a kid...

LIEbermotherfucker live on teevee right now

Kerry speaks on election night

Hey Skinner, when will we get our Username Amnesty

Future McVeighs making plans.

Senator Joe 'DD'Traitorman Speaks

Legit Question Not An Editorial: Where's Robert Reich's Name?

Ok, a good feeling post. How bout a shout out for the man from Scranton

Palin Power 2012?!?!?!

Why all the hateful, negative focus on gay marriage?

Closet homophobes create "Bradley Effect"

ABC News: Axelrod will be 'senior adviser' in White House

Obamas will visit the Bushes at the White House on Monday

Statements from President-elect Obama and Rahm Emanuel

Operation Free Speech

Turns out Palin bought (but not paid for) the clothes ,not the RNC as she claimed .

Turns out Palin bought (but not paid for) the clothes ,not the RNC as she claimed .

Days After Leak About Obama’s Aunt, Immigration Chief Julie Myers Announces Resignation

Why Not Sixty Seats? It can be possible...


Lars Larson, Sean Hannity, Dan Savage, etc. are all saying that Obama will take guns.. door to door.

How did the Gay community vote ?

"The PDB" is all over the media today, too bad they weren't interested in it before 9/11.

Thank You Howard Dean! (Sign the DFA Card)

What was THE BEST election map for you in 2004? any 2008 updates?

ABC News: "The knives are out and Palin is the one who is getting filleted"

DUers, I have some bad news here.... :-(

Does anyone else hope the "Yes We Can" song from goes viral?

Newsweek: Bring On the ‘Reality- Based Community’

The Presidential Transition and Secrecy

New York Times front page: November 5, 2008

OK, it's just not sinking in... After so many months of being obsessed with the campaign

Heads up! Economic press conf tomorrow 1:30 EST!

The long knives are out for Palin

The No on 8 campaign just reported "it is now apparent that we lost"....

CNNMoney: Jobs take a beating

MSNBC about to broadcast world exclusive on attack by Barney The Dog! LOL!


I read "I'm going to consider my options" as, "Reid stripped me of my chairmanship..."

Send out FAVORITE Sheriff a THANK YOU note for turning Florida Blue!!!

"Raisin' a Palin" - new reality TV show . . .

Lindsey Graham On The Rahm Emanuel Selection (you're not going to believe it)

'Impeach Obama' groups hit Facebook

Gordon Smith to concede in Oregon.

Hannity is firing off already

MN Senate - Franken now only 337 votes down (was down 727)

Can the Senate Dems move the FILIBUSTER number down legally?

Joe the Blogger plumb neglects election results

Go To This Page And Click On "Secret Service" For Photos Of The Silent Men Protecting Obama

Bush Memoir? Publishers Say No Thanks

Lol, Barney the dog bites a Reuters reporter.

Report: Obama win Causes Obsessive Supporters to Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

LOL! Fox is SOOO throwing Sarah under the bus!! VIDEO!

Somebody stop me from posting so much (after this precious Election night drawing) that must have yo

Three cheers for Election Protection!

Just a question from a rather new bee here. Are there any Republicans

Someone is not hiding his anger about having to leave Washington D.C.

Last look at some wacky McCain supporters on election day

The Honeymoon begins..

Joe Liberman speaking on MSNBC.

Reported an online threat to SS about Obama this morning

The Conservative Crackup -

nice commentary by George Wallace's daughter

What To Do With Mt. Rushmore?

Robert Gibbs to be Press Secretary

Wait, I'm confused about Rahm Emanuel.

O'Hehir: Fox on Election Night 2008 seemed a weak and piteous thing,

How Obama Might Change U.S. Secrecy Policy

Why the Republicans are Piling On Palin--

I miss Tucker Bounds

Inauguration Website from GSA

Bush saying all the right things about Obama transition

Zell Miller was right — sort of

Please - Somebody - stop me from posting so much (but not til after this one)

Obama Rolls Out Economic Transition Advisers, Include Warren Buffett, Robert Rubin, Robert Reich

Obama made inroads in Omaha and Lincoln areas

The prank Palin call was actually scheduled days ahead

The prank Palin call was actually scheduled days ahead

Palin/Perino 2012: For A Briter, More Sukure Amairica....and to keep China out of the NAFTA thing

what is your opinion of the many many Democrats that voted in favor of Prop 8?

Article on Rahm Emanuel that made me feel a little better.

This Prop 8 Outcome Has Me Really Pissed Off, And It's Getting Worse

How do many African Americans feel about Barack Obama's victory? (reading challenge)

This is no joke. My kids are coming home from their schools saying other kids are saying that Obama

CAPTION their Parting Words...

Have ya noticed how the ol' Straight Talk Express is now riding on spiked tires?

Auto Industry Pushing Hard for Federal Assistance

CAPTION the "Transitioner"

Robert Reich: Where Is His Name? Legit Question Not Editorial

Ballerino or Danseur is the correct name

Palin is going to run for Senate seat in Alsaka...

Let me get this straight...

Just how far to the right do right wingers want America to go??

What is the best secret that the FBI/CIA will tell new President Obama?

Palin Is Unstoppable! (freeper madness)

In wake of election, religious leader in Sarah Palin's prayer warfare network issues dire warning...

Should you feel guilty about the schadenfreude you feel today?

So my State goes BLUE - Yeah NC - and an hour later I get the finger

So, are we all making plans to go to Washingon for the Inaugural?

Was Anyone Listening To Ed Schultz?

Dennis Prager is hopeful about Obama because he was raised by whites

Please sign this "Thank you Howard" ecard. HE was the one who

I think we should start a grass roots effort to nominate James Hansen of NASA for the EPA head.

Some really astounding Turnout comparison 2008 to 2004

Fascinating look into how dysfunctional the GOP is by their 24/7 immolation of Palin.


There are still lines outside the Washington Post waiting for copies of yesterday's

F*ck the KoC and their "Traditional Marriage" Flier in CA

Aren't the Republicans scared about Obama using George's...

Thom Hartmann: Never mind the Bush tax cuts, let's roll back the REAGAN tax cuts!!

Noron and Lois Romano (WaPo) dishing on Michelle .......

I think pukes made a serious effort to steal this election..

What a Diva. Someone needs to sit Sarah Palin down and say look Sarah. NOBODY LIKES YOU.

Are YOU smart enough to be VP? Use this flow chart to find out!

438 Coleman over Franken Revised totals from SOS MN at noon.

What kind of person spends $150K when someone generously offers to buy them 6 suits?!

would calling gay marriage ''domestic partnership'' neuter the right's continual attacks?

Next year, White House tours are gonna go through the fucking roof

Lieberman said today he was re-elected to the Senate as an Independent. He lied.

A gentle reminder: Don't EVER vote for anyone named BUSH for anything, ever again!!!

Time for graywarrior to keep the promise -- RELEASE THE DUCK!

Freepers make Traitors list, with at least 1 death threat

Lindsey Graham is consoling McCain

Can we now get rid of the hyphenated term "African-American" and

I propose a permanent thread be established: The Change We Believed In....

DLC'ers go away for 8 years

FBI whistle blower Sibel Edmonds should get

No Federal Charges Against Spitzer

How would the EFCA work in a Right-to-Work state like Florida?

When do you think Lieberman's "Oh Shit" moment occured? I am guessing it was when Ohio fell to

Tina Fey is on Oprah talking abt playing Palin. Watch if

How is the military reacting to the Obama victory?

Equating Clinton's "scandals" with George Bush's

When Barney Attacks! Finally, the video.

Damn...he is still winning...

Morning Joe owned by Tweety!!

How many signatures does it take to get a CA initiative on the ballot?

Will moderate Republicans try and purge their party of the radical right wing Christian fringe?

Lieberman faces Censure by CT Democratic Party

Lieberman faces Censure by CT Democratic Party

Rassmussen 11/6 Obama 45 (-3) McCain 48 (+3)

Rahm Emanual being named Chief of Staff

When is TOOT's Funeral?

YES WE CAN (fire one up)

Wolfie says: "We're expecting a whole batch of early appointments"

Damn you john stewart!


Would you want to play chess with President-Elect Obama?

NYT: Palin's Wardrobe Is to Be Audited by GOP Lawyers

Holy Shit! Palin report by Faux News Chief Carl Cameron on O'Reily Factor is a killer!!.

Who helped set up Obama's trip to Mideast and Europe last summer?

What Is This "Peaceful Transfer Of Power?" Going On Now

repubics already blaming obama for the dow problems

Is Tucker Carlson an ass or what?

Check out that lapel pin, Libruls!!!

Obama wins North Carolina...

"Speaking of losers, what will become of Joe Lieberman?" Tweety just now.

Gullible Ignoramuses

I really think it's time for Catholics to STAND UP. (RE: PROP 8)

No charges to be filed against Eliot Spitzer

(HI) State GOP left reeling from losses in election

Statement out from Sen. Reid on Lieberman...

Are there going to be street celebrations on the wee morning of Jan. 20th?

OMG DU this Palin poll!

FINALLY! Cowardly Freeps call McCain "the POS everyone who couldn’t stand him said he was all along"

Wouldn't it be sweet if Valerie Plame got a job in the Obama Administration?

Hahaha. Tweety is tearing Palin apart right now.

Is there a spot for Eliot Spitzer on the new administration???

Just on Tweety: Sarah Palin did not know if Africa was a continent or a country!

Eugene Robinson: Morning in America

What % of Americans voted this year?

First dog bites reporter

does anyone give a flying f*ck what Boehner has to say about

Internal battles divided McCain, Palin camps

NYT: RNC Lawyers going to Alaska to do Palin Clothing Inventory?

Help me out Mass du'ers, if Kerry were to get a cabinet position who would you

Boehner criticizes Emmanuel pick as Chief of Staff....

If Obama picks RFK jr for EPA, he will be a better pres than I expected.

If Obama picks RFK jr for EPA, he will be a better pres than I expected.

I think I'm going to change my middle name to Hussein.

Lars Larson, Sean Hannity, Dan Savage, etc. are all saying that Obama will take guns.. door to door.

Barbara Walters repeats "Clinton vandalism" lie on The View

Remember 9/11/08: Pres. Bill Clinton tells a reporter that Barack Obama will "win handily."

What is Doonesbury symbol for Barack Obama?


Senate races

Protesters 'willing to risk jail' to urge Bush, Cheney indictment

OM-FSM - Correction - not "in play" - perhaps set to make history

Okay, NOW it's official - CNN Reporting Rahm Emanuel has accepted as Chief of Staff

ANALYSIS: How Gilmore went wrong (Va.)

Its official: 364-162 Electoral Votes

**BREAKING*** North Carolina has just been called for Obama

Panoramic picture of Tuesday night's celebration at U. of Minnesota!

The Rahm Emanuel pick and the "Does Obama secretly hate Israel?" smear


No Rep or Senator will ever lose an election because of a vote on party leadership

Palin thinks she isn't a Diva?

Onion (Sarcasm) Human Rights Group Calls For Euthunasia Of Obama Supporters

Anyone Else Wonder Who The Guy Was That Oprah Leaned On, Crying?

Congress are you listening? Randi Rhodes talking about talking heads abuse on radio.

Chicago, remember; You DON'T want the Olympics!

Credit crunch banker leaps to his death in front of express train - another, sad, sign of similarity

McCain supporting family members think that Obama suporters don't 'get it'


When do you think Karl Rove jumped the shark?

Morales says US anti-drug DEA killed Bolivian farmers

WP: Obama transition team is asking Agency/Department employees to sign doc stating they won't lobby

Photographic PROOF of the "Bible Belt"!

"Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters to Realize How Empty Their Lives Are"

"Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters to Realize How Empty Their Lives Are"

So how many of us would have to move to Utah

who else is REALLY CONCERNED about Obama's choice... Launches

I Never Meant to Be Derogatory to Obama When I wrote "Owes Hillary" yesterday

Some great photographs of Obama during the Campaign

Hope they lighten up on Palin... We need her to run as the Repub Nom in 2012

Crooks & Liars Video: "After Obama's win, a noose is hung in Texas"

Police clubbing protesters in Hollywood demonstration against Prop 8

Baltimore Sun: But all those people from India look alike......

Diagnosing The Republican Problem (From An Excellent Conservative Blog)

The supreme court in california will overturn prop 8.

The First Dog bit a reporter today?

Republican Class III Senators - Up for election in 2011 -

Secretary of Defense Thread - your pick?

Breaking: Barney Bites White House Reporter

What did you think was the most odd/strange/funny moment(s) of the campaign?

Conservatives must fight to bring back the fairness doctrine

"Hi, I'm Joe. Would you like fries with that?"..."Lieberman pondering 'options' after Reid meeting"

My, my, my.....How the Repugs have turned on their pit bull.....

Georgia Senate Runoff Kicks Into High Gear With New Dem Ad Starring Obama

Tweety '10: who's on board?

Congress may change law to allow big banks to get even bigger.

Coulter claims Obama will bring more Wacos

Newseum: 730 front pages from 66 countries on 11/5/08

Obama's New Site: is online!

DU - Thanks for getting us through bush's dictatorship - now we need you to help us

I Have A Feeling That Old White Guys Will Soon Disappear As The Model

Obama the centrist. Or not.

OMG Joe the Plumber has a book coming out? Is this real?

Alright, if we remove Pelosi & Reid. Who will we replace them with?

Keep an eye on this race...

My stock broker just called me .......

WHO is going to run for the Dem nomination for Virginia Governor in 2009???

God Removes His Hand from the United States - The Freepers Mourn

Yesterday was Guy Fawkes day here in the U.K....

Is there a website that lists all the repuke quotes questioning the patriotism of dems who dared


Oh Jeez, Mika, is gonna handle the Sarah Palin Story on David Gregory's show

Gay Californians: come to Connecticut! Attempt to undo our strong marriage equality decision FAILED

MSNBC! North Carolina called for President Obama!!! Yay!!!

What will artist/writer Ted Rall write about and draw once Bush is gone?

Massive Iraqi Death Toll Ignored by Tabloid Culture

caption BushCo

Anyone else worry about how lazy we could get?

Newsweek Chap 5: Obama Sweats the Clintons, McCain Gambles on Palin

Party’s over for Palin: GOP goes to collect leftovers from her shopping spree.»

Baylor students burn signs, shout insults to protest Obama win

U.S. Opposed to Global Financial Regulator

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Hitting the Reset Button on the 21st Century (Mary Lyon)

Who will be the Puke candidate in 2012? My money's on Bill Frist.

I am crashing from an Obama-fueled high.

In 1877, the mormons massacred over 100 people at Mountain Meadows.

Just got word... Prop 8 protest expected in LA at Federal building this evening

A few great things about Obama's victory....(amongst the zillion of course)

Did anyone just see Sarah Palin returning to Alaska on Fox?

This electoral race will give you a heart attack.

We need all the Democratic Senators we can get about taking a moderate Republican Senator

Senior Iraqi backs Obama withdrawal plan

So What's Next for Sarah Palin? Mudflats

So can I go hang out at churches and city halls in CA

What I learned on talk radio today: Obama is white...

You CANNOT make this stuff up: "GOP Lawyer Dispatched To Alaska To Retrieve Some Of Palin's Clothes"

VIDEO: Barbara Walters on "The View" resurrecting the disproven lies about the Clinton staff ...

No on 8 supporters marching on the LDS temple in Los Angeles now (video link)

check out this poster

So why is Fox helping throw Palin under the bus?

Coleman lead dwindles to 337 votes

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

Obama got 78% of the Jewish vote.

DC Chief of Police expects largest crowd ever for Inauguration

CNN Situation Room: Clinton to Bush transition - vandalism and no W on computer keyboard


Reid's Statement on the Lieberman meeting.

Monsters on Television

My new battle cry for the Republican Party: Split Baby Split......between the....

Mika Brzezinski: I think she has wants to marry Sarah Palin

*** Unofficial Appreciation Thread ***

*LOL* even Regnery not interested in a Bush memoir... at least not yet

Who wants to see someone else take over Scarborough's morning time slot?

Was the Obama 2008 campaign comparable to the 1932 campaign of FDR ?

Election maps to look at

Freeper freakout about Obama's potential Supreme Court picks.....

She doesn't know squat - Tweety

Newsweek reads DU... check it out

Newsweek reads DU... check it out

Precious photo: A wee Obama supporter


Operation Chaos in the GOP: Palin Lovers v Palin Dissers War ON!

Where do we go from here?

looking good...

Klan rears its hood in my GOP town.

My favorite behind-the-scenes picture from Tuesday

Bush's dog Barney bites Reuters reporter

LDS Sanctity of Marriage -AND- Divorce

"Joe the Plumber" was on welfare??

Palin on Stevens: Let the Back-Pedaling Begin

So it's official, Axelrod will be Obama's senior adviser.

I wondered if the premiere of this movie...

New Springsteen Album Due In January, around the time of the Inauguration

Mike, Mika, Mika ........... the simple fact is, she is a MORON. All your clucking can't fix that

Obama's new site: Change . gov

At what point will protecting the right of the majority to be bigots start costing money?

is there a new "purple america" map out with county-by-county review yet?

What Scares Republicans The Most

You Can't Make This Stuff Up...

Damn MSRNC! First they steal my idea.

How do we combat the lies? (Long, but please read.) Can DU or a DUer help? In

So, let's imagine it is Feb .... I dunno ..... 17, 2009 ......

Obama will open up Presidential records, what would you like him to unclassify first?

Obama will open up Presidential records, what would you like him to unclassify first?

Obama will open up Presidential records, what would you like him to unclassify first?

VIDEO Celebrate - Dance along with President Obama & Michelle! (You'll like it, I promise!)

For America Healing, I hope Obama offers Lieberman a job

So, if there is a special election in Alaska, will Sarah Palin run?

THis is the election I've been waiting for Reid/Pelosi

I canot take Mika seriously..

Mica, Mica, Mica

Local shop flies American flag upside down ("because the n----- got in")

Rahm Emanuel is a great pick for one reason and one reason alone

Time to confess: Have you ever used a racial slur in all seriousness?

Time to confess: Have you ever used a racial slur in all seriousness?

Obama, Emanuel issue statements on COS appointment

Boehner thinks Emanuel is an ironic choice for a centrist admin?

I Wonder If Obama Will Find a Place For Richard Clarke

Is there a repuke that pisses you off more than Tom DeLay?

Billl Maher

Joe the Plumber not going away. Going to start a "watchdog" group

I think it is important for American to watch the gop tear...

I didn't expect to see this on FreeRepublic, at the daily "Pray for President Bush" Forum...

Chicago is called the Second City because

TONIGHT!!!! Rachel Maddow is on The Colbert Report!


Obama: Emanuel ‘knows how to get things done’

Courage Campaign is having a conference call regarding marriage rights (you can sign up for it)

If the Democrats cannot sell a "mandate" after this election...?

If the Democrats cannot sell a "mandate" after this election...?

Mika is coming accross as a Gossip on that new 1600 show.

Gay rights backers file 3 lawsuits challenging Prop. 8

Looks like the freepers might finally be getting upset about spying on Americans

WOW! The "EXTRAS" that come with Joe The Plumber's ghost-written book are MIND-BOGGLING! WOW!

Bachmann, Rove, and Pat Robertson Saying Nice Things About Obama?

I see that cockroach, Marsha Blackburn, is back once again.

John Podesta's UFO problem - transition looks a little green around the gills

GOP Lawyer Dispatched To Alaska To Retrieve Some Of Palin's Clothes

Vishnu/Allah/Buddha/Jesus/Yaweh: 1 -- Fundy God: 0

Shocker - GOP candidate staff linked with potential election fraud

First Dog takes bite at White House reporter (Barney)

How do you feel about "reaching across the aisle?"

Rahm Emanuel as White House Chief of Staff:

George Wallace's Daughter Voted for Obama (and writes about it!)

OK Tell DU what George Bush will have to do to rehabilitate his reputation for the history books..

Aren't posts that bash Pelosi, Reid and Hillary just the best!!!

Inevitable: Palin's Lawyers File in Court!

What memes are dead forever?

The big conservative lie: they want "fair and balanced" media coverage

Gay Marriage Ban Looks To Have Passed In CA, But Is It Legal?

Sarah Palin didn't know Africa was a continent!!!!

Obama Likely to Win Omaha Electoral Vote

Poor little racists Don Black and David Duke had to change their plans in Memphis this weekend

election fraud in GA and AK? 2 million votes might be missing in GA

Juan Cole: Monsters on TV

Toyota's Watanabe in crisis mode after N.A. loss

OH NO! The Obama store is closing down???

Sad Day in America (Freeper tears taste oh so sweet)

Europe's Obamamania

Earth calling Obamites: "GOP strategists mull McCain ‘blowout’"

Larry Summers Deputy went on PBS (This American Life) to expose support for Gramm deregulation act

My voting experience - in Utah!

Did Anyone Just See Democrat, Roland Martin, Praise Blacks For Supporting Prop 8, and Says Obama

"Bachmann praises Obama's win, now"

Mika Again - Defending Palin

Oh no... crying again...

The BEST Part of Sarah Speedbump!!!

WTF is wrong with Alaska? How could they elect such a moron as Governor?

Prove to me that Blacks were responsible for passing Prop. 8. Because I call racist bullshit!

Do not let the lies about the Clintons stand concerning the comments

Freepers Boycotting FOX NOISE!

Fucking Chris Wallace on the Daily show, what a tit

Open letter to President-elect Obama: Worker-ownership as a means to Create Outsource-proof Jobs

Black and Latino voters critical to same-sex marriage ban's success

Sign this petition to tell Dem steering committee oust LIEberman

Gotta love the front page of The Stranger (Seattle paper)

What are the ten biggest failures of the Bush administration?

What are the ten biggest failures of the Bush administration?

The man behind Prop 8 - blue blood schizo, wack-job christian

Sam "mainstream" Alito Fought Women at Princeton, and a Sad Iraq Milestone - Bush History, 11/6

Biggest disappointment of the 2008 election

Today I settled all family business ......

Anyone else having trouble adjusting to post-election mode?

A Concern

Hahaha , Matthews MSNBC: Karl Rove 08s biggest political loser.

Referendums in general, good/bad/other?

Squabbling Democrats: The real reason Reagan won

Publishers not interested in producing Bush’s memoir.»

The most profound statement I've read on Prop 8 results.

How did the Bachmann-Tinklenberg race turn out?

Feingold could lead Senate Foreign Relations

Keith Olbermann

when it becomes easy you won the struggle

Meet Robert Gibbs! (This Is Going To Be The COOLEST Administration, Ever!)

“No on 8” – When Reactive Politics Become Losing Politics

Another reason Obama shouldn't choose Larry Summers as Treas. Sec!

Bristol Palin's Future - Marriage or Miscarriage?

Ben Nelson(D-Ne) poised to lead (Senate) as moderates gain strength

The GOP is sending people to Wasilla to check on the clothes

Gays and other Pissed-off Citizens in California should ban together....

Can someone please tell me why Harry Reid is so disliked around here?

VA, NC, CO, NM, NV, OH, IN, FL and maybe MO: thanks., the Truthiness Encyclopedia has started a new archive ...

Looks like we're going to get our wish. Extreme Right Wing of GOP hinting at radical changes.

Fifteen minutes into the evening news and I still haven't had to shut it off.

PHOTO Coolest Prez ever!

Jimmy Carl Black dies at 70; original drummer in Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention

Do you believe President Obama will transform the view of many racists?

Do you believe President Obama will transform the view of many racists?

I'd rather have Lieberman officially go R than to be held hostage by this small man any longer

Need help with finding an obama t-shirt

I challenge everyone to read "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin before January

Look, it's simple. Here's what Emanuel brings to the table:

Obama is a brilliant student of presidential history

Who's going to take Biden and Obama's senate seats?

I don't like Obama's first call. I don't like Rahm Emanuel, I don't like the DLC

'Economic Crisis'....MIHOP or LIHOP?

We don't have to like it, but the balance of power in Congress means we still need to compromise

"I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it."

Stores Coming Off Worst October In Nearly 40 Years

Days After Leak About Obama’s Aunt, Immigration Chief Julie Myers Announces Resignation»

Politico: Max Cleland in the running to be the new secretary of the Army

Sasha Obama: See How She's Grown (slideshow)

How do you stop hating someone?

NOT Sinking In: The Rs Don't Yet Realize That They Have Totally Lost Power

Is anyone "torn" on whether Reid should bring the Hammer Down on Lieberman?

Prop 8 gotcha pissed off?

Curious - Why Is Fox Throwing Palin Under The Bus?

Barney is innocent!

Rapture in the Streets as Multitudes Cheer Obama and Celebrate America

Knock holes in my suggestion for Chrysler

The Onion's Election Map

Coast Guard DUers: no tinfoil here, but why

Your name for the First Dog ?

I'm not happy with Obama's choice of Rahm Emanuel

Does this smell to you? ID issue?

Adorable Sasha Obama slideshow!

Anyone who talks about, jokes about, or advocates

Contributor to InJesus website: Obama's skin color represents coming darkness

Rahm Emanuel Moved To Cut Cheney's Funding

*** Post Election TOONs: *Whew!* ***

Cindy Sheehan got 17% of the vote against Pelosi.

What's happening today? Is Obama considering any Progressives for his cabinet?

How will you remember Bush (a one more for the road picture contest)

Subpoena Dementia

Did John McCain looked relieved when he made his concession speech?

From "We're Sorry, Everyone" to "Obama victory sparks cheers around the globe!!"

Drudge blows it again!!

A pledge from a straight African-American pro-equal marriage guy......

Rec. if you think that it's time to let Palin fade into history.

Should we quietly let the PUMAS come back home?

HA! Mudflats went out to welcome Sarah home.

Let the wingnuts know how you feel about 2008 at my site, Dear Wingnut.

A war on Christmas, anyone?

I'm gong to tell you how McCain could have won this election

8 years of high crimes and treason and so many people just want to let them go

Hana hou... Hawaii legislature: 76 seats, 8 Republicans, 68 Democrats

lol -- from Bartcop

The Man Behind Proposition 8

Let's not forget the history just made by Pete Stark

Freepers at work were awfully quiet today.

MSNBC floating idea of RFK Jr. as Obama EPA Chief.

Michele Bachmann (R-MN) won by 3 points.

Official "F**k off Joe Lieberman, you nauseating drama queen" Thread....

John McCain needs to publicly APOLOGIZE to the American People NOW!

Is this a goofy idea?

Am I living in some alternative universe?

Afghanistan, air power takes out another wedding party.

Barbara Walters repeats old lie about Clintons Trashing the White House

Howard Dean vs. Rahm Emanuel: Whose side are you on?

Just One Moment ...

I am an angry Californian who will NEVER be polite about the Mormon 'religion' again.

Letterman: "Senator McCain, you don't show up for me and America doesn't show up for you."

The Subtle Messages Inherent in ""

Now that Sarah has lost, how long before the Levi & Bristol wedding is called off?

Secretary of State?

It looks like there was a Bradley Effect after all!

Crunching the Numbers in Alaska - Mudflats' view

This Year's White House Keyboard Prank

South Park From Last Night (Full Episode and Hilarious)

Some friends in the 'biz' said Obama may make appearance at CMA awards.

Is the New Deal Democratic Party dead?

Oh they go: Fundies fear "persecution" under President Obama and Democratic Congress

Parents of children who are getting harassed by McCain monsters at school: DO THIS!

Two Supreme Court nominees right away?

Forget Lieberman - should Reid be allowed to remain as Majority Leader?

Only Republicans get mandates, silly

There's probably a lot of shredding going on!

Can we theorectically still get 60 Senators? If Franken wins the recount in MN,

WHO should be in President Obama's Cabinet? Powell at Defense (not State, because he

It's time for a second Reconstruction

Maybe we're wrong about Rahm Emanuel

Democrats To Make Children’s Health Program a Top Priority

Colorado has its 1st black Speaker of the House!

Pot Wins in a Landslide: A Thundering Rejection of America's Longest War

The biggest losers last night were both Obamas.

Melissa Etheridge: You Can Forget My Taxes

November 4 2008, 11 PM ET: A Perfect Moment in time

The next best thing to a woman president...Ladies, we have MICHELLE OBAMA

Hold on here! Let's set the record straight

Kick if you're looking forward to seeing Palin donate her wardrobe to charity!

Obama mentioned on British Soap Opera Eastenders

Dana Milbank has a great Sketch up covering McCain's election party

Prop 8 will be invalidated by the Supreme Court of California.

Westboro Baptist Church will be picketing the funeral of Obama's grandmother

Here is my top ten list of people, recently deceased, I wish had survived to see Tuesday:

"Lefty women" are intimidated by Sarah's fertility

I just think its absurd that the media is suggesting a Conservative mandate

President Obama's official Web site goes live

The Center-Right Myth

A much bluer USA! USA! USA! See this graphic...

The cool part of Rahm Emanuel being Chief of Staff....

Etheridge : "Gay people are born everyday. You will never legislate that away."

Stolen Election in Alaska? PLEASE READ.

Joe the Fucking Plumber was on WELFARE ... and he rails against Socialism?

Jane Hamsher of FireDogLake: Time To Get Rid Of Lieberman, Once & For All (Joe "openly threatening")

The Mormons now have my undivided attention.

Are the vicious attacks on the LDS organization appropriate?

Barbara Walters repeats Bush lies on The View

Do you think it hurts Shrub when he watches people dancing in the streets.....

South Park was awesome tonight!

Sec. of State: Richardson and Kerry are being considered! What your vote?

FReepers are furious at any suggestion that Palin is a dumbass!

Icing On The Cake? How Soon Before The Country Reassesses Reagan?

When's Jessie Jackson going to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom?

Boycott the funders of Prop 8. Here's just a few to go after NOW.

*********** Be part of the Obama Administration!! *************

Boss says in company meeting today

Let us please get one thing "straight" about marriage equality.

Breaking...MSNBC just called Merkley for Oregon!!!

I've been on DU now for five years or so supporting you dems. Time to return the favour

Does anyone have the Fox News Video where Rove finds out they lost Ohio?

Politico 44: Follow Every Movement Of The Obama Administration Hour-By-Hour

Oh snap..Colmes just reminded Joe the dumber he was once on welfare..and

First Baby Named 'Obama'

Does anyone have a connection to Obama in order to get two dolls as gifts to Obama's daughters

Can we post GLBT protests here so more DUers can know about them.

Can we post GLBT protests here so more DUers can know about them.

LOL The GOP is dispatching a lawyer to *take Palin's clothes BACK*

A map showing the Republican future

When Bush "won" in 2000, Repubs were very quick to call us crybabies.

BREAKING: HUGE PROTEST at Mormon temple in LA - news already calling it Stonewall 2!

***MUST SEE Photo sequence!!!***

****The Republican Civil War is Well Under Way!****

Anyone else think that Kerry would be much better suited for Veteran's Affairs than Sec. State?

I donated a fair amount to Obama. how do I get to Inauguration?

still in solidarity.

On Tuesday, Electoral "Pizzas" Were Delivered to

Why not invoke the Senate "nuclear option" and tell Lieberman to f*ck off?

About Constitutional Amendments

The all-new Global Report TV program

I think the gay community should change the focus from gay marriage

And In The Other Room of Tears...(Prop 8)

And In The Other Room of Tears...(Prop 8)

Andrea Mitchell keeps saying the Senate breakdown is 49 56. Where did the Republicans get those

Andrea Mitchell keeps saying the Senate breakdown is 49 56. Where did the Republicans get those

Where were you?

Daniel Ruth reminds us that the Florida county with the huge confederate flag

chief of staff choice favors compulsory universal service

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens

"The Color Of Victory," local newspaper pics from Switzerland. (dial-up warning)

Bush is restoring partial diplomatic relations with Iran

Obama Day One- Toon

Sign the petition to get rid of Lieberman.

Joe the Plumber eyes new career as government watchdog

94% of CA is not at fault for prop 8 passing

McCain aides reveal Palin believed Africa was incontinent

The Official DU "tom_paine stands up to eat his plate of crow thread"

Please read Digby now

If you could replace Morning Joe, who would you go with for the am MSNBC slot?

If you could replace Morning Joe, who would you go with for the am MSNBC slot?

One Michigan Malitia arsenal takes a stand against Obama

I want Obama to be a fiscally centrist President

Is anyone here still anti-war?

So far no african americans considered for Obama cabinet

I want Stephen Baldwin to leave the country now.

Obama the first Gen-X President

Obama Watches McCain's Concession Speech and Other Photos

Well, they skated on Palin's Medical Records, didn't they?


We Will Never Be Silenced Again

So I can't get married? Let's see the nation get by without "The Gay"!

BREAKING: HUGE PROTEST at Mormon temple in LA - news already calling it Stonewall 2!(Live Video link

My Proposal for CHANGE

I love Hillary's website

Al Franken Recount Fund

A hard headed, clear eyed look at gay marriage propositions, African Americans, the church

Meanwhile, YEP! I STILL hate these people!!!

I want GLBT DUers to know that you have my respect and my sympathy.

Let's get a few things straight about North Carolina ....

A touching story from a co-worker.

Ron Paul Rally Photo!

* Making history: A view from Obama's victory celebration *

New Rules: No more Sarah postings, same for McCain. That crap is living in the past

You realize, don't you, that we've won the the last 5 Presidential elections?

President Obama, Bayard Rustin and our collective debt to humanity

There's something wrong with my email.

Republicans will run token minorities in 2010 and 2012

Shout Out ! To Phrigndumass !!! The Daily Widget ! Came VERY close.

I think it's time to collect signatures for a referendum to require Mormons to leave California

Has Obama let you down already, too?

Jesus Fucking Christ.

My pictures from Grant Park (warning...a lot)

My pictures from Grant Park (warning...a lot)

Please Rec if you believe Guantanamo should be closed on DAY ONE.

Thursday TOON Roundup- the REAL party of Lincoln

Obama looks to Lugar, Hagel, Gates -- will someone IM me when the "change" part starts?

Woman hit by stray bullet at NASCAR race in Texas

a new "What do you think of the Emanuel appointment?" poll

Book publishers (ALL OF THEM) say,"Thanks, but no thanks" to Bush memoir

We can laugh at the stories MSM now tells about McCain-Palin, but, they COVERED IT UP first.

Rec. this if you think it's time for PELOSI and REID to be congratulated.


YES to RFK Jr to Head EPA

Ya know what? There's a muthducking conspiracy going on here and I am quacking ducking pisssed

How would Hillary have done?

Lets just put this to rest now: The election was not stolen by machines in 2004

Let's set stretch goals for progressives to push for, now that the space for action exists!

I hope Obama does not pick RFK, Jr as head of EPA or Interior

Today's PSA from Parche: Heineken

Please recommend some celebratory music from youtube

Obama really has changed the rules....regarding my ex Reagan Repub Dad...

Today's PSA from Midlo: Watermelon Children's Pepto Bismol

Cooler rimshot dude poll.

LeftyFingerPop just phoned me!!

DAMMIT! The polling place was closed!

Rate My Mom's Christmas Cactus;

Today's PSA from JerseyGirlDem: condoms

Well....I thought my GD/P thread was worth commenting on...

Just realized I've had this earworm for almost 24 hours!

Major personnel announcement.

Wake me up before you go go?

This is really wierd... It's like I'm thinking in reverse or something.

Since I have made it to Washington, to what should I change my signature image?

How the hell have none of you guys done this already?

Major personal announcement.

I think nightlife is ruining my digital photography

My dad keeps fighting with my friends on my facebook wall!

You know who else is a winner?

Today's PSA from JerseyGirlDem: condoms

So, what did you do when you heard the news Tuesday night?

The Laughing Box

Hey flveggan - I have another question. I made a sweet potato pie

My three year old nephew wanted to talk to me on the phone.

Nice change: First Daughters to whom one says: "Let's get a puppy!" instead of: "Stay away from the

Where's our resident dog trainer? Is it true that you have to know

Moving time! Need your advice

You bloody fool!

I unexpectedly have to work a table at a conference tomorrow...

So, I am enraged about prop. 8 in California!

now i can brag.. i met the President! Post your pics with the President-elect!


Question of Questions!

Pete Wentz's parents met when working for Joe Biden!

OK now that we've won it's time to begin implementing plan November Tango Three DU'ers!!

Gun 'enthusiasts' flock to gun stores to buy assault weapons.....


South Park is great tonight!

I found this...

I traveled from my boyfriends house in Boulder early this morn

Freepers: I'm rounding up your guns, insurance cards, taxes, & screwing small animals as we speak.

"Joe Hill"- Phil Ochs

In light of recent events, I am heading back home...

I had dinner with Lorien last night

Kitten Picture of the day for November 5

problem with 15 in 1 media reader

The War on Christmas is on.....

My computer moniter has a problem.

Gas went up by 6 cents.

the pitter patter of raindrops on the roof

I am so nice. I just changed my interns flat tire.

Outdoor sleeping temperatures for Golden Retrievers?

Yes you did.

To XM or not to XM. That is the question...

OK, the good news is that I have lost 90 lbs.

Recommend this thread if you hate being told to recommend threads.

So.. I was reseasoning my cast iron

OK now, here is Tony the Plumber (Big Tony)

I'm ready to go home

A beautiful song by The Band to start your day.

I hate being a landlord

Most insane Chick tract ever just came out...

Where should I go to eat lunch today? I'm putting it to the Lounge for suggestions.

I just sent in an Election Celebration radio show

I'm BAAAACK! Did you miss me?

"There is an IP address conflict with another network on the system"

The most important issue of the day:

I'm BARAAACK! Did you miss me?

Hershey bars with almonds are from the devil. Especially the bite size ones.

How to REALLY celebrate our victory:

I hate being an overlord

Whats for lunch? I am now stuffed.

Hey Lounge, anyone else totally feel like personally reaching for the stars now?

Get ready folks! Palin/Nugent 2012

So relaxed and hopeful now

Get ready folks!! Palin/Parche 2012!!11!!


And now we present: Fat Cat in Yogurt Box!

Video of remaining Repig base

Does this ever happen to you when reading and writing?

Who was the worst president you remember?

With apologies to Tom Petty, a little lyrics re-write :)

DH f'ed up my election night grant park ticket. i didn't get to go. how mad

Kitten picture of the day for Thursday November 6

Laffy Taffy

It's just a ball. That is all. Just a ball.

936 little blobs

I just belched "Barack Obama"

Ambien and late night trips to the bathroom - NOT a good combination

I'm hungry.

So Massachusetts votes to decriminalize weed, 2 days later the prices of chips is up 50 cents

Have you seen the live feed of sleeping puppies?

WTF??? I was told that if I was voting Democrat, I would vote 11/5.

do you feel good or 'disparate' today?

Has any priest ever tried to sue a woman for flirting with him?

I, hereby, declare war on the word, "disparate."

R2D2? UB40. UB40? R2D2.

Kobe Bryant Scores 25 In Holy Shit We Elected A Black President

Anyone else having probs with AVG Update and their website?

OMG! I just realised Obama did not win ANY Southern Red States with an "S" in the state name!

I have a Stephen King addiction I'm trying to feed, and need advice.

Just got my pension statement. Lost $35,000 since last statement.

YOU DECIDE 2008: Waterskiing Squirrel, or Voting Sea Otter

Update on my log

I swear to DOG! You will laugh at video YouTube! Engrish are very better.

I apologize in advance, but I find shit like this hilarious.

Going to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight!!!

Do you love puppies?

How long do you think most people will post at DU?

Playlist for Obama victory

Loungers, here's video I took in Times Square on Election Night:

A business did a kind thing for me yesterday !! - I was amazed!!

Alaska man says he accidentally stole a car.

BREAKING NEWS: DULNN projects Voting Sea Otter to be elected the 2nd DU Lounge mascot....


Our bus company has to do something

I'm going to get a tattoo in honor of Obama's victory.

Effing Cable went out during the last ten minutes of Bones.

We are giving our third counter-offer tomorrow a.m. This house may be sold.

Whoppers brand malted milk balls don't taste that great with coffee

Deckard treated by Tyrell Corp. physician after being ripped by Batty

What country is Africa in?

Dick Dale slaying the stratocaster!

I don't usually laugh at people with diminished faculties. But....

Red State Update Moves To Canada

What is your total Household Annual Income?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 11/6/2008)

To which cabinet post should Obama appoint Lee Mercer Jr. ?

Hello, my friends. I'm John McCain. Ask me anything.

My shoes smell of gingko fruit.

We need to have the Leviticus 20:10 referendum in 2010

Does Anyone Know How To Play Fizzbin?

Who was the first president you remember?

Update on my dog

BREAKING!!! Obama announces cabinet appointment!

Decker treated by White House physician after being nipped by Barney

Why do people tell me their dogs don't like "strangers" and then

She is all cheeks and eyes just like her mama!!

Banned from Walmart

Do you know of any good day care/abattoirs? I'm thinking of starting one,

knew this song my whole life..... never really listened to it until today

The Obamas ought to get a cat instead of a dog

Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

PHOTO: "Glazed Doughnut Bacon Egg Cheeseburgers"

Well, the freepers were right!

Anyone remember Windows 3.1?

Marian Robinson (Michelle's Mom) is moving to the White House. What's going through her mind?


VAN FANS - Van Morrison at the Hollywood Bowl - Friday Nov 7 - LIVE WEBCAST

Your opinion on chick lit?

Can you do anything for Thomcat? He is in a very awful position.

Found these photos in another blog

It's been a long time since someone posted the extremely violent forklift training video

Help desperately needed in California

Do you delete your Journal Entries? Why?

Planning on attending the Inauguration? Tips for coming to DC from a resident.

I can't fucking do this anymore

DC Hotels Booked for Inauguration. 4 night minimums @ $500+ per night!!

Check out and (now with screen shots)

Yesterday I lost my beloved dog Bristol......Mommy loves you.

2 years ago, Lelapin and ZombieNixon started dating (Thanks DU!)

Scientist Discovers Fungus That Could Fuel A Car

Jeff Merkley will defeat Gordon Smith in Oregon's U.S. Senate race

Six French aid workers kidnapped in Somalia

Inaugural Committee Selects Lincoln Theme

Jeff Merkley wins Senate seat (Oregon)

Dems Gain in Oregon Senate Race, Three Other Races Unresolved

Island Son Is President-Elect

Worst Campaign Ever?

Suddenly, it may be cool to be an American again

Sources - McCain Aide Fired for "Trashing Staff"

Canada won't rethink 2011 Afghanistan pullout after Obama win

Kenya maternities greet Obama and Michelle

The Oregonian: Jeff Merkley wins Senate seat

U.S. Envoy Hosts First Event at New Embassy in Baghdad

Voters give short molester's (5-1) judge the boot

Black and Latino voters critical to same-sex marriage ban's success

Straight ticket voters send most Republican judges packing

Fresh U.S. air raid kills Afghan civilians: officials (Thurs.)

106-year-old Atlanta woman basks in Obama tribute

Retailers report steep October sales declines (Worst October in decades)

Stoughton, who captured JFK's Camelot, LBJ's swearing-in on film, dies at 88

News Corp slashes outlook, profit dives (FAUX Snews lay-offs coming?)

Biden Sees Mondale, Not Cheney as Vice-Presidential Role Model

Several Early Choices for New Administration Have Clinton Pedigree

Merkley ousts Smith to take Senate seat

CNN: Joan Baez finally happy...

Bomb hits Pakistan tribal elders (9 dead, 40 wounded)

Joe the Plumber eyes new career as government watchdog

Baylor denounces noose in tree on Election Day

Rep. Blunt resigns as Republican Whip

Emanuel undecided as Obama builds team

BREAKING NEWS: NBC projects Democrat Merkley winner of Ore. Senate seat; 3 races still undecided

Georgia Fired More Cluster Bombs Than Thought, Killing Civilians, Report Finds

Waxman challenges Dingell for key chairmanship

2,000 Gather in SF for Same-Sex Marriage Vigil

Breaking News: Obama Wins North Carolina, AP Reports

Exclusive: Gibbs will be WH press secretary

'Impeach Obama' groups hit Facebook

Breaking: Barney Bites White House Reporter

Morales says US anti-drug DEA killed Bolivian farmers

Police and Demonstrators Clash at Prop. 8 Protest (W. Hollywood)

Fox anticipates Obama support for Parkinson's stem cell research

Roy Blunt, GOP's #2 House Leader, Steps Down

Projection: Jeff Merkley defeats Gordon Smith in Oregon's U.S. Senate race

US News & World Report to focus on Web

Democrat takes Senate seat in Oregon: media

Police: Twin blasts in Baghdad kill 4, wound 7

(Iraqi) Lawmakers call on Obama to pull out troops from Iraq

McCain aide disputes sources, denies firing

Palin Reveals 2012 Plans: Kindergarten For Son

Chamber of Commerce: U.S. in a recession

Obama to Meet With Economic Team (and hold first news conference as President-Elect) Friday

Which presidential polls were most accurate?

FBI: Airline passenger restrained with duct tape

Gang angry at Barack Obama win beat me, says Staten Island teen

Obamas will adopt, rather than buy a dog

Post-election church arson at predominantly black parish probed as possible hate crime

No Criminal Charges Against Spitzer in Prostitution Case

All 185 Diebold Touch-Screen Systems Impounded by Judge in PA County

(Rep Roy) Blunt Is Out (as House Minority Whip)

First Dog takes bite at White House reporter (Barney)

Emanuel Officially named Chief of Staff (with Statements)

All Diebold Touch-Screen Systems Impounded by Judge in PA County


Bali families oppose executions

US tightens screws on Iran's banks: Treasury

Obama Adds North Carolina to White House Win

Obama adds symbolic NC victory to White House win

In Missouri, provisional ballots hold the key to presidential results

No Federal Charges Against Spitzer

Auto executives, UAW to meet with Pelosi

Exclusive: Gibbs will be WH press secretary

Peru invites US president-elect Obama to APEC Summit

Emanuel accepts White House job

Lieberman pondering 'options' after Reid meeting

Schwarzenegger proposes 1.5 cents sales tax increase to close budget gap

Fidelity To Cut Nearly 1,300 Jobs

2 indicted in alleged Obama plot

Taxpayers may pay legal bills for mortgage execs

Obama's odds of getting Nebraska electoral vote increase

Republicans cling to bare majority in Texas House; Speaker Tom Craddick's future is cloudy

Missouri loses its bragging rights by bucking its own trend

Newt Considers a Run for RNC Chairman

McCain Aides Say Sarah Palin Refused Help, Threw Tantrums

Palin Didn't Know Africa Is A Continent, Says Fox News Reporter

Waxman working to oust Dingell

Openly gay Jewish candidate makes history with Colorado win

Franken won't waive recount (MN)

NYT: Internal Battles Divided McCain and Palin Camps

Fed loans to financial markets total $590 bln in latest week

Anti-Obama vandalism reported

Bill Sali concedes Idaho's 1st Congressional District race to Walt Minnick

(Texas Longhorns Football Player Buck) Burnette ousted because of (Obama) comments on Facebook

Brooklyn Marine sergeant & wife tortured, slain in Calif.; 4 of his men are arrested

Could Allegations Invalidate Senate Results?

Just 3 ‘superbanks’ now dominate industry

Wall Street's Top Executives Face 70% Bonus Cuts, Study Says

Detroit Wants $25 Billion Loan From Congress To Help Cover Retiree Health Care Obligations

Al Franken's Razor-Thin MN Senate Race Counted on Flawed Optical-Scan Systems

Iran Leader Offers Obama Landmark Congratulation

Covidien recalls syringes posing risk to diabetics

Israel cautions against Obama dialogue with Iran

CNN: Oprah Shares Her Thoughts on Obama Winning the Election

Video of John McCain after last nights election looking for

FOX News Carl Cameron - McCain Camp VERY OPTIMISTIC!

A Perfect Circle - Fiddle and the Drum

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday November 6

Michael, Peter, Bill, and Mike with a song that seems apt

New Years in November--the West Coast countdown in Times Square

Election Night at the Nation in New York City

Kay Hagan victory speech! (defeats Liddy Dole)

Celebration of Obama's win!

Spike Lee on Morning Joe

Juan Williams Tears up - Comments on Obama Victory (3:48)

Countdown Worst Persons: O'Reilly's Irrelevance

Obama Wins - Celebration at Harlem Apollo

I Got News For ALL of You! McCain Will Be the Next President - sigh, memories

Oh, The Irony: Rove Blasts Rahm As Too Partisan (!)

Joni Mitchell : The Fiddle And The Drum

Celebration on the Streets of Madison, WI after Obama's Victory

Michael Moore on Larry King - Nov. 5: '...To Have a Smart President...'

Gov. Tim Kaine announces Obama win to Va. Dems--SEE JIM WEBB DANCE!!

Nancy Pelosi CitizenTube Interview - How'd She Do?

106 year old Ann Nixon Cooper-Lady referenced by OBAMA in his victory speech...

Our long national nightmare is over

Bill Maher post election Larry King -Part 1

Maron v Seder: Election Day with Marc

I Have a Dream

WP, pg1: America's History Gives Way to Its Future

From Brazil: We Are All Americans

A Magnanimous Obama Offers Job to 'Joe the Plumber'

Justice MUST be served!!!

President Obama - Election Night (BBC Montage)

Four Senate Races Unlikely to be Resolved Soon, Dems Pickup at Least Five Seats (CQ)

Guardian UK: Welcome Back, America

The Obama Dividend

Washington Post editorial: President Obama

Could votes that didn't count Tuesday make the difference in a Senate recount? (MN)

Thinking of Good Vibrations (Collins / NYT)

Win Would Give Stevens A Dubious Distinction: No Convicted Felon Has Been Elected to Senate

The 2008 Wake - Waiting For The Sea To Change

Prop 8's Call to Extremism ("he believes California is dominated by a "Jezebel spirit") +Palin=Esthe

Obama Is First Black, Last Black President: David M. Kennedy

Dems' fortunes lie with 4 Senate races (WaPo)

Report: Palin Didn't Know Africa a Continent, or McCain Incontinent!

Remaking America in Falwell’s Image

Countdown: Bushed 11/5/08: It's Cheney versus Laura Bush over conservation!

Bill Maher- post election Larry King Part 2

Sarah Palin Takes a Call From the 'President of Africa'


Joe Conason: The New Political Center

Democrats Vow to Pursue an Aggressive Agenda

Rachel Maddow Show: Lincoln Chafee: Republicans Can't Govern

More Than a Feeling

The "Tina" Effect

New Debt Could Hamstring Obama

WP, pg1: Democrats Add Suburbs to Their Growing Coalition

2008 Election a Defeat for Ideology of Greed

Harold Meyerson: The President-elect and The Chairman

Axelrod, Emanuel to Obama White House; Gibbs, Jarrett to Play Key Roles

Part of The New Team.. Valerie Bowman Jarrett

Joe the Blogger ( "Joe the Plumber" ) neglects election results

"Let us shed tears of gratitude for this moment of grace. It will be brief."

All the Morons of the GOP

Maher: There's gotta be something funny about Obama (CNN)

Rahm Emanuel: Obama's Pick for Chief of Staff Has Tough-Guy Rep

NRA Incompetence in North Carolina

PALIN: What Didn't She Know, And When Didn't She Know It!!!

Robert Gibbs (Obama's new Press Secretary!) takes on Sean Hannity


AC360 panel has nothing but good things to say about Obama 11/5

Countdown: Palin On Ice Nov. 5, 2008

America Marching to the Undiscovered Country.

Richard Dawkins on Bill Maher 11 April 2008

America, Pick up -- It's Your Future Calling: A 15 Year Old's Perspective

No Rest For the Weary

Americans are stupid

Eugene Robinson: Stepping Into the Sunshine

Hannity & Rove on Obama's win - 'mild improvement' by Obama (9:07)

The Obama Family In Focus: Time photographer shares candid campaign photographs & observations

Colin Powell: Overjoyed at Obama Win

President Obama - BBC News Report on Victory

No “Actual Ideas,” No “Real Solutions” for the GOP

Hannity gets served by Robert Gibbs (THE NEW PRESS SEC)

Joe Scar is told that Obama's supporters love him, responds w/ lame story about himself

Young Turks: Repub Party Has Only Learned The Wrong Lessons

TYT Reaction: Barack Obama Has Made History

KO's final campaign comment: 11/5/08

TPMtv: Hit the Road, Joe

Stevie Wonder sings to Barack Obama (Live in Stockholm)

TYT: The Magic Moment When We Knew Obama Won (Even The Dog Knew It!)

Martin Luther King to Barack Obama VICTORY REMIX ! Let freedom ring

British Conservative party leader congratulates Barack Obama's win

Gore Vidal on UK tv after the result.

(6:50) Nov 5th-O'Reilly & Carl Cameron-Palin and the campaign was a disaster

More Palin bashing from Newsweek writer

The Call: Spiritual Warfare in the Field of Martyrs (Prop 8 Supporters answer 'the call')

Who's Our President?

November 6, 2008: The Day in 100 Seconds

Barack's votes are counted and he carrys south park.

Bill Maher: Why Do Christian Conservatives Love Israel?

What really went on inside "McCain's Brain" - Concession Speech

Celebrate - Dance along with President Obama & Michelle!

RFK Predicted "NEGRO" (Black) President 40 Years Ago!

Reaction to Obama Election on The View (Elizabeth Fist Bumps)

John King: Obama Needs To Worry About Being Too Liberal


Dawkins rips a man's heart in half

The View 11/06/08 (1 of 5) Barbara Walters resurrects the old lies about Clinton's folks vandalizing

Lieberman Press Statement - Nov. 6, 2008

Wolf Blitzer's New CNN Hologram

Star Spangled Banner, "USA," and "Obama": Harvard Yard 11/4

Obama Election Night Party In Paris - yeaaa!!! Wohooo!

The post-election blame game

The Obama Democratic Mandate - Obama Watch

Young voter turnout likely sets new record

Joy (This is Pretty Cool)

Rachel Maddow great discussion w/ Cory Booker, Newark NJ mayor re: What's Next?

Rahm Emanuel Moves To Cut Cheney's Funding

Oprah's TV show: screaming - "I'm unleashed!!"

Colmes busts Joe the Plumber for having been on welfare.

Obama Rolls Out Economic Transition Advisers, Include Warren Buffett, Robert Rubin, Robert Reich

Cenk Uygur Discusses Obama Victory on CNN-HN

(3:10) Fox&Friends-McCain aides blaming Kristol (he calls in)

Was your election night like this?

Fox News: Palin didn't know Africa was a continent

Lieberman begs Reid not to oust him from Chairmanship

TYT: Secret Sarah Palin Stories Revealed

Eric Boehlert: Joe Biden and the press: A case study in the absurd

The View 11/05/08 (1 of 4)

101st BCT coming home from Iraq early

Army mulling changes in Arlington honors

Obama to be next president, commander in chief

Nebraska panel on Indian affairs honors vets

Iraq: U.S. responds to security proposals

Trial begins in slaying of soldier

Informant credibility targeted in Dix trial

Latest gear on display at Bragg show

Iran: U.S. flying helos too close to our border

Soldier pleads guilty in death of stepson

Soldier dies of non-combat injuries in Iraq

Afghan official: Airstrike kills civilians

Sgt.’s bail $100,000 in shooting death

Iraqi leaders confident of no hasty withdrawal

Captain retention program to end Nov. 30

Woodland, desert NWUs to be tested

Navy’s final ethos statement hits familiar themes

Pilots get second shot at aviation bonus

Obama to begin intelligence briefings

Unarmed missile tested from Vandenberg

What’s next in Afghanistan

Russia moves to counter missile defense

U.S. politics not the first thing on most Iraqi citizens’ minds

Election takes a back seat to duty in Iraq

U.S. troops abroad follow election results

Ombudsman: Restrict access? DOD shouldn’t go there

Afghanistan airstrikes up 31 percent in 2008

DOD to allow families on Bahrain deployments

Grafenwöhr NCO dies just before heading downrange

Karzai demands Obama end civilian deaths

Six recent combat veterans win congressional races

Marines to offer $4,000 bonus to retain captains

Marine to be jailed 6 years in infant’s death

New president won’t affect realignment, USFJ chief says

Report: Afghan IEDs gaining in intensity

Bush's uncertain legacy

US Cutting Two Brigades from Iraq

Baghdad Seeing Increase in Bombings

Iran Sees Obama Win as a Bush Defeat

Marines Missing From Vietnam War Are Identified

CNO Releases 2009 Guidance

One Day of Jail for Navy Base Trespasser

New Mobile Air Shelter Set for Training

Aviator Pay Details Released for '09

Will Obama’s campaign talk on Iraq work on the ground?

(Military Times) Op-Ed: The Luxury of Hope over Fear

Wall Street Pain Coming to Military

Air Force Sells Housing Projects

Throng blocks off Broad Street to celebrate Obama victory RICHMOND VA

Portland Oregon post election OBAMA celebration-HQ

Israel cautions against Obama dialogue with Iran

Obama, please do me a personal favour

Ohio's election EES machines aka i-votronic dumped votes in urban area

Recipe for rescuing our reefs (BBC)

The energy Barack Obama needs to put us on the track to

Climate pushing lemmings to cliff - BBC

Suniva Starts (solar) Cell Production (Norcross, Georgia)

Four Megawatt Project to Energize L.A. Southwest College

Progress Plans Solar Water Heating Program ($1000 incentive, NC)

How Will Renewables Fare in the New Political Environment?

What Obama presidency means for clean tech

Renewable Energy Industry Says the Future Looks Bright (NYT blog)

Obama win may bring good times for sustainability

Former EPA investigator blows whistle on Alaska oil spill (KING 5 News 11-03-08)

The Amazing Solar Tower of Seville

Californians Approve High-Speed Rail, Nix Fake Clean Energy Props (Pickens plan)

Mauritania Bans Most Fish Exports In Attempt To Boost Local Supplies - Reuters

7 Of 12 Of Congress' "Dirty Dozen" Candidates Lost In This Week's Election - Daily Green

Chilean Scientist - Echaurren Glacier Could Vanish In 50 Years, Along With 70% Of Santiago's Water

Arizona Jogger Runs One Mile With Rabid Fox Clamped Onto Arm - AFP

Collecting Oceanic Plastic Pellets: How You Can Help Analytical Toxicology Scientists.

SF and LA City Attorneys, ACLU, LAMBDA, NCLR, all to file lawsuits against Prop 8

A bit of good news in CT, where homophobia did not prevail.

Heads Up: Rachel Maddow leads with Prop 8 tonight

I, MrsGrumpy, promise that I will never tread on your threads.

Heads up: CNN Anderson to show Prop 8 protest

wow there are some bizarre homophobic comments out there tonight.

I will not allow Prop 8 to get me down. Now is a time to regroup and reevaluate.

Polis becomes 3rd openly gay member of Congress (Washington Blade)

Considering the fact that we no longer have ATA, I'll just ask this question here.

Jay Leno on the election:

Calitics post on No on 8

How the Connecticut Vote No campaign thwarted an attempt to outlaw same-sex marriage:

One spot of good news for us to share from last night

Anti-Prop 8 protests - large protest this evening in West Hollywood, CA.

Preparing Battle: The Case for Gay Marriage

Explain to me again why we protect closeted celebrities and talk show hosts

XPost: Glenn Greenwald - An answer to Proposition 8: repealing DOMA

Re: CA's Prop 8, equal rights and all that. Let's take the long look.

Create bumper sticker and button slogans NOW re prop 8

How gay marriage affects my heterosexual marriage

Another avenue for court challenge

We Are Not Even Hostages.

This PFLAGer is feeling a bit better now.

Maybe if I write it out, I'll feel better....

Just Caught This On AmericaBlog, RE: Prop 8 Lawsuits...

Equality’s Winding Path

Equal Protection based on Gender and not Sexual Orientation

No On 8 Officially admits defeat...

Is there a place for a clearing house for information about protests against 8?

New protest Avatar for GLBT and supporters

Website for event/protest schedule?

I just heard a disturbing statistic

Is there a political PAC to get people who support marriage equality elected?

Protesting the Mormon Temple in Westwood. "We are not going quietly."

Why the binary nature of love and commitment?

HUGE protest against 8 in West Hollywood.

Elections always bring out the homophobia on DU

I want to thank you all for putting up with my posts in here.

Rick Warren of Saddleback Church PROTEST this sunday (info)

My brothers and sisters, it is time to sit down in the front of the bus.

I solemnly swear to NEVER donate to another politician who doesn't believe in full equality for us.

If this post gets me banned, then so be it....

Can we have a discussion of minorities & homophobia without a poo flinging contest?

Am I correct in assuming that all those that voted yes on 8

Gay Myth #1 “Passing.”

Why African-Americans Voted for Prop 8 and why The Mormons fought for it (Boot-licking Bullies)

FBI - Former UBS Exec. Sentenced to 78 months in prison in connection to insider trading scheme.

Maintained failed bank list...

The Next Bubble, $2 Trillion in Borrowing

video on housing/financial mess

FYI, what's really going down with the economy [audio]

Here's my Main Street Economic Stimulus Plan..................

A Towering Economic To-Do List for Obama

Sudden consolidation raises questions about regulation, consumer impact

Report: 2.5 Million Jobs Lost if Detroit's auto production should drop 50%

Pfizer forcing US workers to train replacements before being fired

Where do we go from here?

Copy of our Supreme Ct. lawsuit against Prop 8....64 page .pdf

Over in GDP: a LABOR post building some momentum

New Mexico Worker Is Typical Of Millions Looking To Election In Hope Of Change

Campaign 2008 by the Numbers (AFSCME spent $19,384,800)

Featured Unionbuster: Employee Freedom Action Committee

(AFSCME) A Change Has Come. Hope Is Here.

November 5, 2008 in Labor History

Wal-Mart: Discounted Workers’ Rights

USA Today: Beside the economy, other major issues await Obama

Retail groups to lobby against pro-labor bill (that makes it easier to unionize workers)

NYT: Labor Leaders: We Did It

The Hill: Organized labor aids Obama in Ohio

W Post: Labor Seeks Election Rewards

3 million auto industry jobs at risk

Obama's election poses problems for Colombia's leader: analysts

Morales says US anti-drug DEA killed Bolivian farmers

U.S. suspends some military aid to Colombia (CNN)

"Obama Has Historic Opportunity to Improve Ties w/ Latin America" CEPR Press Release


Remember that poor little 31 year old student, slain brutally in the streets of Venezuela,

Best Tennessee rumor I've heard all week: Dennis Franchione to UT

And You Thought the Debate Over Fluoridation Was Settled

I think y'all might get a kick outta this.

Anybody know about orbs in pictures?

New post (11/5) from David Wilcock on his blog...

Anyone who has spare light should send it to ThomCat (more issues).


Rick Warren Endorsed Proposition 8

When issues are voted on inside Church Doors..

Is there good evidence to support the claim that at least one wine and cheese party has occurred?

CNN's holograms not really holograms

Assessing Bush Science Advisor’s defense of science funding

Fingers, Loops and Bays in the Crab Nebula

very cool time lapse photo

Do high school students possess any evidence in support of the fundamental theorem of algebra?

Mars Methane plumes

'Junk' DNA proves functional

Scientists hope to clone extinct species (CNN)

The mormon church is a terrorist organization.

The Six Great Stages of Evolution on Earth -Is There a Seventh?

If the Christian God is all powerful and all knowing, doesn't that mean

Just a crazy question: Is there an Infinity Paradox?

Do mathematicians possess any evidence in support of the existence of arbitrary union sets?

Joy tempered with sadness...

The world has changed

KPRC Houston - Republican Judges Swept Out Of Office

Straight ticket voters send most Republican judges packing

Some random observations about the TX county Presidential election results

We can't win the state without campaigning to win the state

You know they're desperate when....

Congratulations to Woodie Jones who won his race for 3rd Court of Appeals

Ugh. My neighbors.

The Kinks start work on comeback

CNN: Joan Baez finally happy...

Mothers of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black dies

Thoughts on 2004 to 2008

Kerry was right about the immediate impact on the world - look at the view from Sri Lanka

JK victory speech from last night is up at JKMS!

Hi Fellow Kerrycrats - Sorry I've been MIA lately

Okay, it's official. Georgia is 2008's Ohio. So screwed up.

Shops may take ID card biometrics

Neo-Nazi charged with terror offences

Could Allegations Invalidate Senate Results?

Michele Bachmann gives previews of her coming attractions

I know how MN can finance this recount - Norm has an extra $75K!

Rocks break windows at Winona DFL Headquarters

Recount judges