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Is there even a moderator on duty today?

Ok, I'll post a random reaction to some minor controversy in the news, & you attack me as a sell out

President-elect's Queries to Briefers - By Ray McGovern

Politico: McConnell reaches out to Lieberman

Dear Republican National Committee, I have a simple question

CNN Video: Maya Angelou: 'I love being American'

Re-mix for the day crew

Franklin Bank (TX), Security Pacific Bank (CA) Go Belly-up

Such A Shame That Some Of The Non-Religious Are Such Intolerant Bigots.

Such A Shame That Some Of The Non-Religious Are Such Intolerant Bigots.

Prop 8...Cant we just reverse it

Judge Diane Wood is on CSPan now

After making landfall in Cuba, Paloma weakens to a Category 3

Is it time for GD: Bigots?????

Imagine if Sarah Palin had said, "Thanks, but no

Landlord told to pay tenants millions

I've been staying away from the Proposition 8 threads

Do we admit to the world right now that we stole the election outright, or...

ok, so we're all enlightened and they're all bigots

Turkey-Iraq border war--Bitter war has Kurds divided among themselves

This is my message to you:

A momentary musical interlude ...

Postelection poll results contradict media claims that U.S. is a "center-right" country

Lots of locked threads lately, lots of carping...

Take a Bow, America - By BOB HERBERT

Feeling Good! Obama!

I hope Prop 8 has opened some California eyes

"The Democratic Party Left Me"

Obama has made me feel good about Religion and Christianity again.

Tomorrow on 60 Minutes.....How Obama's campaign team won the race by not obsessing about race

Poll Crashers Tilt Unscientific Polls Their Way

Hey!! It just hit me!! Anyone heard from Zell Miller?

Forget McCain and Palin -- the GOP Has Deeper Problems

Who will lead the Repub party? Boehner? Gramm? McCain?

the family dog on the roof?

Which is Jindal, a nutjob or a cynical Republican wolf in fundie's clothing?

Something About Exit Polls Over The Years That I Do Not Understand

I have a lot to feel good about right now.

MODS - I am having to hide 15-20 threads daily

Independent UK: Buying the American flag... and not for burning

Sunday News Shows

Stool transplant-new treatment for infections due to bacterial removal by antibiotics

This needs to stop.

Where does the expression "batshit crazy" come from?

A stroll down memory lane

Funny pic

"You aren't important enough."

Please be mindful of your social responsibility

Prop 8 - Fuck why and find out how

Does anyone have the actual senate records that state that the Obama

Bill Maher - "America..picked a black man to clean up it's mess"

Being a "Reagan Democrat" is like being a "Jew for Jesus". n/t

McDrained and the Wasilla Wolf Killa to stump for Saxby Chambliss

Can you help me elaborate on the topic of why the DNC represents the left wing of the party?

$2.3 million in gift cards to be given to county empolyees despite $58 million loss

Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions


most Christians today can be more accurately described as Paulians.

I guess the voters in Washington didn't get tricked easily with Rossi's party label change.

My neighbor has worked at a homeless/transition shelter for years

Anyone have NEWS or comments from Governor Don Siegelman---???

A gentle reminder (again): 3 Draconian anti-choice measures were defeated!

FReepers must have fed the hamsters

My first boyfriend was a Mormon.

californians voted "yes" on prop 8. nobody else. if you want to boycott anyone, boycott california.

I hate it when that happens,

Republicans surprised everyone in 1994 and 2002. What about 2010?

AMD back on track with Shanghai CPU

Can we please create a "Can we please have a Prop 8 Forum?"...Forum?

Very well, why isn't there a classic cinema forum?


When we talk about Prop. 8, how about we talk about everything but race?

LDS Church made several direct donations supporting Prop 8

Ha! Its STILL not okay to say anything against the Iraq invasion in Freeperville!

OK. Prop 8 Passed. It sucks. What (IF anything) can DU members do NOW to stop this crime???

All the DNC organizers received termination letters today!!!!

In secret agreement, Shell nets 25-year monopoly on S. Iraq's gas...

And here we go. Reaction from around the world. It's positive and it's time to start traveling again

Dear Dog, please add a forum for prop 8 people

CNN Special Invest., "MLK Words That Changed A Nation," is on now.

Some great Op Eds today: Kennedy and Gore

How about appointing Lieberman to something?

Secret Service says Palin is a factor in death threats against Obama

Secret Service: Sarah Palin's Rhetoric Led to Spike in Death Threats Against Obama

D.C. area residents field calls from friends, family hoping for place to stay during inauguration

Media Matters: All over but the lying

Obama promises to overturn Bush Administration executive orders

Mormons = The New Scientologists

China Announces $586 Billion Stimulus Plan

Uncounted ballots unlikely to reverse Proposition 8

Indiana Presidential vote

****Official: Washington Journal throw up thread****

Obama and Russian president Medvedev chat on phone

Community visioning: What if...?

Joe the Plumber is yesterday - this is Sam the Hanky's time

Joe the Plumber, a recipient of Welfare: now that's a wingnut. (Video)

Philosophical question.....why should we concern ourselves with issues

Palin in spotlight as Republicans turn on each other (FR is offline-Is Limbass next?)

Impeachment Now More Than Ever!!

OMG..."Infighting" at DU??....I' m Shocked !!!

Theoretical "BREAKING NEWS": California votes to ban interracial marriage

I don't know about you... but I DO NOT want Gates to stay on.....

Further re calls to violence by r-w -- Palin rallies ...

Not every Mormon agreed with Prop 8

In honor of the most recent DU witch hunt I offer myself for a public stoning

Mormon HQ surrounded by gay rights activists

So what do you think that Bushie will be doing after he leaves the white house?

Interesting catch 22

They're turning on each other now and I'm lovin' it

So how come everyone kind of laughs at Scientology and gives Mormons a pass...

What to do with Joe the Republican poodle.

I'm Curious: Do We Have Any Mormon Members Of DU? If You're One, Please Check In!

Joe Trippi appreciation thread.

Pelosi gets more clout, big test of leadership

Thank You Arianna

Tom Brokaw stop begging for Rethugs

5fer: Barracuda "train wreck." Tina's $6M. STREISAND Shrub-hater. Roseanne old hippies IN. Clint OUT

Atty Gen Ashcroft Loses Job for Standing up for our Constitution? - Bush History, 11/9

But, but, I really didn't mean he pals around with terrorists.....

Job number one: Justice.

Christmas sales already started. Quite a few in my Sunday paper.

AP video: Palin Denounces Her Critics As Cowardly

Comparing Obama With Reagan Has NOTHING To Do With Ideology

You Know less than a week ago people speculated that DU would have nothing to talk about.

Can we maybe change the "thanks for defending us" drivel for "the troops"?

Juan Cole: Palin Attacks Provoked Assassination Plots on Obamas

LDS Church agrees to be outlawed forever if a majority votes to outlaw it

George Bush got a six-year 'honeymoon period" from the press....

George Bush got a six-year 'honeymoon period" from the press....

Uhmm, I have a question...

Uhmm, I have a question...

Excellent Liebermann cartoon

Being in DC for the inauguration

OK where's those DUzies?

this a.m. on Wash. Journal a caller asked 2 guests about Saudi women

Dear Bush/Cheney Families…

You know, there is a GLBT forum. And a California forum.

A British view of Fox "News"

An Artist in Exile Tests India’s Democratic Ideals

LoL, my Republican leaning dad.

And You Thought Obama's Virginia Victory Was Surprising!!!

2 Clergymen Arrested After Brawl Between Monks Next to Jesus' Tomb Site

VA "Shreddergate" story about veterans is growing larger

Who knew? I actually just watched a segment on CNN called

The increasingly whiny Norm Coleman.....

UBS: ex-executive renounced $10M in exit pay

Obama positioned to reverse Bush actions

Nader has become REALLY Irrelevant...he was on National TV this AM and not one Post on his sorry ass

Will Bush Advisors Ever Answer For Torture - Can Barack Obama Undo Bush's Tangled Legal Legacy?

Fareed Zakaria's show "GPS" on CNN is coming at 1pm. Obama read his book.

Does anyone have any infromation on Inauguration Day activities

I have a question about the Fairness Doctrine

Obama = Reagan

My obligatory plug: DIVER DAN on this week's IDIOT BOX.

Remove Lieberman from ALL Domestic Security and National Security Roles

John Nichols: Virginia Bigot Loses

So...does the election of Obama put the old white boy power structure

AK-SEN; Begich may still win -- 81,000 votes still uncounted!

Behind the Scenes with Obama: Election Night Photos on Flickr

Stem Cell research needs to be a top priority

If Lieberman caucuses with the Republicans, will he have seniority based on

Asshole on CNN just said in answer to what can you do with your budget.

China Unveils $586 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan

Nate Silver: Uncounted Votes May Push Begich Past Stevens

Frank Schaeffer wrote this on October 8, 2008

Strange shite in the Alaska Senate race.....

Drop in oil price bodes ill for Palin.

Dodd going WOBBLY on LIEberman

Supply and Demand my ass

Former Rep. Mark Foley to appear on 'Today'

No More Mr Nice Gay' as Mormons Face Vote Backlash...

A very nice opinion piece by Alaska's former AIP governor,

Bill Ayers: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been

64% of Republicans want Palin to run in 2012 -- 91% have "favorable" opinion of her

The haunted polling booth

Nature appears to be once again proud to be an American

Wall Streetwalkers: The Sleazy Lehman Brothers Subsidiary - A MUST Read

What % of this country makes up the Republican base?

There is some good gay news, ya know.

Among the priorities of the Obama Administration needs to be...

Opinions on Lenovo ThinkCentre M55 8810-94U Intel Desktop PC for $449

The Republican Party is defunct in New England. Dead as a certain pining parrot.

Racism played big part in Obama MO loss

The 2008 Electoral Map if only Young People Voted

OK time to boycott Austria- WTF??

Right-wing media feeds its post-election anger

A thought on why oil and gas prices sky rocketed and why they are coming down...

Supreme Court - How long until older liberal Justices step down?

Happy Sunday Morning D.U. George & Paul have a song for you

Happy Sunday Morning D.U. George & Paul have a song for you

Eight Years of Outrage: The most apalling snapshot of the Bush years.....

The Mormon Church was behind 9-11...1857

This is serious-please if anyone can answer, please do

Unintentionally - She needs to be in jail

"Shall We Vote On YOUR Marriage Now?"

Renaissance for rail

I do love the Anchorage Daily News - What's Ahead for Sarah

Utah's Catholic bishop: "We stand with our Mormon friends against gay marriage!"

Will Obama appoint Mr. Justice Rough to the SC?

Marriage should be between one man and as many wives as he wants!

Why are the Republicans being so concilatory with Obama ??

Impeach Bush Before He Pardons Himself

Outlawing Mississippi Enthusiasm for Obama

Mini Nuclear Plants to Power 20,000 Homes

Photoshop masters, PLEASE! Barack Obama as Dr. Who, and The Federation Starship NCC-2008 Obama

How Do I Thank Thee, Sarah Palin? You Betcha!

Heres one you might want to bookmark, if you haven't already

How will W fuck the country in the ass his last months in office?

Vatican to push women to wear the veil (like the Taliban)

Do you think Gay Marriage will end up before the United States Supreme Courts?

Ahaaa Shit! Reid is going to wuss out AGAIN.

"OK, who's responsible for this cruel mean-spirited joke putting BLUE balloons in my office...?"

Will President Obama dial back or end the failed war on drugs?

What I am learning about The Great Depression

Anybody listen to "To the Best of Our Knowledge"?

Jesus approves homosexuality, says gays *will* be raptured...

Let freedom RING: bloggers invited to give a middle finger to Prop 8

Now that the election is over....

Catholic bishop accepts right of voters to OUTLAW catholic church via elections -

A few photos: A funeral, a football game, and celebrating a new President

Reid on Lieberman: ‘I didn’t like what he did…but he is one of the most progressive people’ from CT.

Dr. Dean laughs last (a view from the right)

Monks brawl at Christian holy site in Jerusalem

*IF* "former comedian Al Franken" ... *THEN* former bug killer Tom Delay ... and former .....

Asphalt shortage delays road repairs nationwide

What time Monday is Obama's meeting with Shrub?...

Ahnold on CNN this morning..

Before you spout off about what a right wing stooge Rahm Emanuel is

Coltan - Roots Of Congo Atrocities & War Lie Inside Your Cell Phone (Thanks hatrack)

Mormonism is a lifestyle choice. nt

Goodbye, Sarah Palin--and Thank You! (Proud Parenting)

So, did the Sunday Morning Punditry commit mass hara-kiri today?

The absolute disaster of the Proposition 8 results has many parents

He had a dream.

I just got a call from sarah palin! Looking for some expensive clothes she had ditched somewhere.

During the worst of the Clinton persecution....

Farrakhan speaking live on election of Obama

What's going to come out about the Bush regime after Jan 20...?

Ultra Top Secret Massage For Plan 9 From Outer Space

KO Special on now - Countdown to November 4

See you all later!

Young voters have some clout, and they used it

FBI kept file on author David Halberstam....

"This Modern World" finally explains it all.

You know, there is a Louisiana forum. And a Poverty forum. And a Race/Equality forum.

Yes or No. Do you think Prop 8 will be overturned?

10/08 HEADLINE: Mormons Outside California Recruited For Prop. 8

Well, I was wrong about the demise of Jim Robinson's FreeRepublic....

Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes

The tricke down effect

Do you ever wonder what the dumb ass reasons are behind opposition to gay marriage?

And NOT Just At Gitmo

They're playing 'Guess Who's Coming to Dinner' on AMC

When does the Obama thermometer come down? The fist bump drive has begun -

It bothers me that 57 Million Americans voted McCain Palin

Companies that do business with the government must DIVEST THEMSELVES

If you're going to fight for what you believe in, fight for what you BELIEVE in

If more people had the determination to stand up like the Proposition 8 protesters in CA

Call and write you Senator's, and Harry ried, and let them know how you fell about lieberman

So since our new President can multi task

Oh, goodness, this juicy little tidbit from Celtic Diva

Calling all Hillbillies

Do we have another Kennedy?

PZ Myers on the irony of the Mormons' meddling in Prop 8

Reminder: Obama on 60 Minutes Tonight

Should Iraq, Afghanistan and/or Syria petition

For my 20,000th post, I want to tell you all

An English journalist covers the Obama victory - side splittingly funny

Would you be happy if Stevens, Souter, Ginsburg and Breyer all step down on January 21st?

DUzy Awards for week ending Nov. 8th

The Final Abuse Of Power, The Planned Bush Self-Pardon

We were making fun of some life-long Dems who voted against Obama because he's black.

Ohio State Gives President Pay Increase, Bonus

Hmmm...I'm a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight.....

Is is just me or does Bob Schieffer have no analytical skills at all?

Killer computer virus has been launched (no kidding)

First Bush-Obama Meeting: Hard Feelings and Hand Sanitizer

Dear GOP - Say Hello To OBAMA'S NSA-FBI-CIA! Can you hear me now?

I'm jonesing for my DUzy awards. n/t

Did Bob Novak's hit and run victim ever receive justice?

I believe Jim Robinson's is now gone for good....

Scientists discover plant that produces diesel-like substance

An auto industry bailout will not change the fact that they can't compete.

The World's First Temple Turkey's 12,000-year-old stone

The World's First Temple Turkey's 12,000-year-old stone

Religion in and of itself does not cause bigotry. Signed, an atheist.

All the things the $$$ the Mormons and Catholics spent

How does one prove "an establishment of religion"?


National Review letter writer - we were mowed down by "Dean machine"

C-SPAN Watch from 9/20/05! Rahm Roast with Hillary, David Axelrod, Obama, William Safire, Begala

C-SPAN Watch from 9/20/05! Rahm Roast with Hillary, David Axelrod, Obama, William Safire, Begala

Who Sarah Palin's been palling around with... remember "Witch Smeller" Muthee? There's more...

Who Sarah Palin's been palling around with... remember "Witch Smeller" Muthee? There's more...

Gore: Internet Revolution that Elected Obama Could Save Earth

Important announcement on inaugural tickets. Please keep this kicked

An appeal to Christians (and Jews and Muslims) of all races and ethnicities...

People who come to the rescue of dominant, oppressive groups really chap my hide.

Watching Them Squirm: Is Fox News Abandoning the Mob It Created?

Here is the link to Flickr: Barack Obama's photostream - 50k photos. Enjoy

I feel sorry for children of Mormon parents

To those crying "racism" when discussing the minority vote and Prop 8:

Slain dad taught boy, 8, how to use guns

Please repost Mormon businesses to boycott.


What group, formal or otherwise, most embodies the Democratic Party of 2008?

What group, formal or otherwise, most embodies the Democratic Party of 2008?

4 yrs ago, After shaking Obama's hand Bush took a big dollop of hand sanitizer

Al GORE VIDEO: "Some week, some week...Overwhelming"

Open Letter to the Brave LDS Supporters of Marriage Equality

Why NASCAR and not GT or Le Mans?

Michelle Obama blazes a new trail

Mark Ames on election night, Fox News, and Freepers

The Obamas make tuna salad, talk about favorite foods

The Biggest Problem We Face.

They like us, they really, really like us! Even the Kurds in Turkey

Frank Rich nails it - again

We got this (last time until 2012)

Comparison of the 2008 and 2004 Presidential Exit Poll Discrepancies and their Significance

"He's Not My President" & "He's Still Not My President" Can Now Be Replaced

***RADICAL FRINGE TOON*** Sun 11/9/08 **spit take advisory in effect**

What rights do gay, committed couples not have in California that married folks do?

Book TV, CSPAN-2, Barack Obama, "The Audacity of Hope". On now. nt

There will be love in the White House and Number One Observatory Circle--

LAT Spanks Limbaugh (& Hannity) For Peddling "SHAMELESS" Lies About Obama

That huge voter turnout? Didn't happen

Question about the little flap over Obama's Nancy Reagan "toe-stub" the other day.

5 new anti-choice "Democrat" reps elected, bringing total to 31

Should Obama Campaign Against McCain In The Georgia Senate Run-off?

President Obama sent me a personal text message thanking me for helping with his victory

So... why did Nader call Pres-Elect Obama an "Uncle Tom"?

I do not understand the concept of combating bigotry with racism...

New DU fund-raising campaign?

Why did Louisiana go so solidly for McCain?

Should Obama Campaign Against McCain In The Georgia Senate Run-off?

How are we supposed to act in a bipartisan manner with Repukes if...

Next time a Mormon comes to my door, I'm giving them 15 seconds to get the fuck off my front porch

I have been reading the (Mormon) Forums

Palin returns to a changed Alaska: urges let bygones be bygones, doncha know!

BREAKING NEWZ: Obama seen **delivering** Tombstone pizza!

Obama: "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am not in favor of gay marriage."

Oh I just can't wait!

I hope the Obama girls go to Private School.....

Palin's aide was just on Inside Edition. She did not refute that Palin said Africa was a country.

Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) for Secretary of Defense.

Should Obama Campaign Against McCain In The Georgia Senate Run-off?

This had to hurt the GOP: Murtha won

Can Stephen Colbert do the next White House correspondence dinner again?

Obama raises a long-neglected concept: sacrifice

Toon for GD/P...

Is Paul Krugman on the list for Sec. Treas?

Local nooz: An Arizona 8-year old has been charged with premeditated murder

Actual Photos of Hate. Real life yes on prop 8 supporters in their own words.

Hypo-Allergenic puppy search solved: from - The Afghan Hound!

WTF? Please caption this Bush photo:


"No stealing the "W" keys on the typewriters .... "

Obama Picture Defaced At Police Station

Facebook "event": President Barack Obama's first full day on the job.

Interesting tidbit from Newsweek's Presidential race issue...

Newt Gingrich 2012? No, they're seriously considering it

What is your opinion on the future of hate radio and cabal "news"

My post is gone, deleted

Help us get early voting in Missouri

Obama's Top-Secret Security Briefings Revealed (This gave me a chuckle.)

For the right price, you too can attend an "inaugural event"

President Obama's Effect on Black Youth

So, who is doing their part to spread the wealth?

NYT op-ed, The Climate for Change, by Al Gore: Same steps solve climate, economic, energy crises

I can't believe that Rahm Emanuel is so....

Minn. judge today denied Coleman request to block 32 absentee ballots (may benefit Franken)

Minn. judge today denied Coleman request to block 32 absentee ballots (may benefit Franken)

I wonder what ever happened to that dude who named his baby after McCain/Palin...

I think the Obamas should rescue a cat as well as a dog.

Rec this thread if you personally have not been mentioned for a possible official position

How do I search DU; GD/P for November 2004? I can't seem to search prior to 2005?

The American President - in 72 days

Emanuel as Obama’s Chief of Staff is “Change you can f***ing believe in”.

Hey Mitt Romney ... what do you have to say for your freakin' church?

Hey Mitt Romney ... what do you have to say for your freakin' church?

If you dislike Rahm Emanuel, why not send a message to Obama?

Stars&Stripes: DOD tried to surpress troop election reactions

Interesting side note from our Democratic victory in the AL-02 race

With all the 2012 stuff going around the media

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou

Remember, Implement Plan 13B On Monday At Noon!

Russian President Calls Obama; Kremlin Describes Upbeat Talk

Who will Sarah Palin pick for her VP?

Olympia Snowe/Schwartznegger/Specter v. Limbaugh/Boehner/Palin

Sunday talk show lineup for November 9 (Wow! No Sarah Palin... again...)

Black opposition to gay marriage remains strong (and to civil unions)

WHAT no new SNL?

Help Help Want to Believe

The New Tool of The GOP

Obama is not choosing senators (unless GOP) for his cabinet

The President-elect is pretty much always person of the year

NYT's Rich: It Still Felt Good the Morning After

Will the DNC be tasked with rebutting every smear job thrown at Obama ?

CNN Special Invest., "MLK Words That Changed A Nation," is on now.

McCain's "Un-Christian" Campaign? Fascinating Exit Poll Results from

Good article on Canadian military history in the Sunday Times.

My uber-conservative friend that wrote in Ron Paul and thinks Alan Keyes is a genius

Dupe Delete

Is it wrong to depise Republicans' fake reverance toward Obama's victory? A whole lot?

Rahm Emanuel's Plan

Wingnut radio is having a ball with vilifying Obama...

GRRRR!!!!! Another reason I STILL hate these people!

The Perils of 'Populist Chic'

The Hedge Fund Business Explained

No Whitman.,,,but if you want a former GOP Gov from NJ watch for Tom Kean

So regarding green jobs what can Obama do?

Sarah Palin: Psycho Hose Beast? You make the call...

NY Times: Repugs suddenly backing off harsh anti-Obama rhetoric

Did we find out how much money Obama raised in October?

Did anyone else witness the rich irony of Pat Robertson on Larry King Live

Calls for inauguration tickets through the roof (Trib)

Does anyone know of any electoral vote sites that now include Nebraska's electoral vote for Obama?

John Podesta: Obama's 'diverse' team

Dear GLBT Brothers and Sisters -- What can we do to help achieve marriage equality for everyone?

I'd like to see the Obama's start a hypo-allergenic zoo at the WH

Former college GOP Girlfriend is moving out of the country: She is heading to Liverpool, England

Good Sunday morning! Here's a sweet factoid to start your day!

I've seen 2 national news stories saying the "w" keys were taken when Bush took office.

A picture that will make republican blood pressure rise

Uh oh, looks like Freeperville is coming back up.

McCain to sit down with Leno in first post-election TV appearance - Is this the 'Letterman Effect?"

You will also get a Puppy

If I found a really cute labradoodle on,

If the Repubs decide they DO want Palin '12 after all, how do they keep her in the news?

Rahm Emanuel INTERVIEW- 10AM EST on ABC

Sunday Papers Chicago -- Cross post Illinois

Sunday Papers Chicago -- Cross post Illinois

Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff - a good idea

self delete

Racism at its worst: YouTube video ID's race of teacher critical of McCain for no other reason...

Ok , guys , I am woried sick about 2012 , talk me down

local Chicago news programs are fun! The reporters are so excited. So much

Chicago Trib: Michelle Obama blazes a new trail

The Best of the Obamas on Larry King Live tonight at 9pm ET

Great Slide Show of Obama's Victory Speech

Paul Volcker for Treasury Secretary

Lieberman Aide: Booting Him Would Be Putting Politics Ahead Of Nation's Safety

Obama's Press Conference the other day ---

Is it wrong to enjoy Republicans' dispair over Obama's victory? Even just a little?

How Florida turned blue

Alice Walker`s message to President Obama

With Rahm Emmanuel as CoS, who will take Obama's Senate Seat?

LGBT community, They will come around.

Executive Orders signed by BushCo that Obama can undo (website)

Can't resist singing this old song.

A Doctor, a Mutation and a Potential Cure for HIV/AIDS

I found these nifty Instructions for Filing a Complaint with IRS regarding LDS's 501(c)(3) status

Can't resist singing this old song.

How will military greet Obama?

I'd like Obama's first legislative proposal go toward fixing the voting system

Obama to reverse Bush Executive orders ie: climate change, stem cell, etc

WP: Obama ready to quickly reverse Bush Executive Orders (stem cells, climate change, etc.)


what is the true story of mccain's wartime record?

Golden Gate Bridge to get suicide net to catch would-be jumpers

Fareed Zakaria on This Week. He is really high on Larry Summers

Lieberman Aide: Booting Him Would Be Putting Politics Ahead Of Nation's Safety

Just how big a part did Youtube play in the election?

Obamamania is still sweeping Chicago, my Walgreens sold out of 500 Sun-Times by 7:00 AM today. . .

Transition Team Co-Chair Valerie Jarrett vs Tom Brokaw, I love her!

Ubuntu Obama Wallpaper

Democrat Perriello claims win in Va. 5th (would make 256 Dem House majority)

60 Senators or not, if Republicans continue to filibuster all the time, Pres. Obama needs to

Its pretty clear from Rahm's This Week appearance: Rahm works FOR Obama (Great Choice)

Is Freepville down?

Why is it we don't have $10 billion to expand early childhood education, yet we burn $10B/mo in Iraq

Time Magazine's Person of the Year - IS there ANY Doubt?

Right-wing media feeds its post-election anger

Obama must move quickly on all fronts

DNC Remains Committed to 50 State Strategy: Just Without These Organizers?

Turkish muslims celebrate Obama victory and ward off bad luck *WARNING*

Who will head up Michelle's staff? Any news on that?

Question: After the last 10 years why should ANYONE think the GOP will be cooperative on ANYTHING?!?

I hope that President elect Obama kills the patriot act and closes guantanamo!

DU this LIEberman poll....

How long should you keep your Obama sign up?

I'm going to beat this into the ground today: Elizabeth Dole didn't lose because Obama's Black

Obama’s 1994 speech telling (plus full audio file)

Question: Why Can't Barack Obama "Seal the Deal"? Post your favorite image.

Obama needs a lot of leeway -- But we should not allow him to surrender to the elites

Write Senator Reid and your State's Senators asking them to strip Lieberman of his Chairmanships

Harsh Words About Obama? Never Mind Now

Bill Kristol admitted the GOP strategy through the years: Petty Maliciousness

Bill Kristol admitted the GOP strategy through the years: Petty Maliciousness

Obama steering clear of Dems battle over Lieberman

Encourage Sarah Palin to run in 2012 - Join OPERATION LEPER!

Jon Meacham (editor of Newsweek) just said on MTP that McCain ran a very noble campaign!

I'm curious to hear from DUers who are K-12 teachers

Please edumacate me: What makes Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg

The Fall: John McCain’s choices ("I will never let ambition overcome principle. Never Never Never")

Best Freudian slip EVER

So if Norm Coleman was 600 votes behind, you think he'd concede the election

Freeper still thinks Obama won't be president because electors will consider him "illegal alien"!

"We are not going to accept the staus quo."

On Obama Administration purity trolling.

The 8 years of National Constipation will be over come Jan 20 2009 Thank God

Would Christine Todd Whitman be worthy of a Cabinet position??

I find myself in strong agreement with republicans

What should be done with Joe Liebermann?

Obama coming in with a bad economy makes his chances of re-election great.

On store shelves, stealthy shrinking of containers keeps prices from rising

If you knew about...Obama's support...for a congressional bill to outlaw "workers' rights"

Which story would you like the GOP-controlled media to cover?

Excellent WSJ article trashing Palin and explaining why the right is so anti-intellectual

Carry on

SUNDAY PROJECT: Find the bitterest conservative YouTube bloggers and post them here!

The More Things Change

The Debate: Should Obama put certain things off for now or go for it?

Dream Team

One question that Obama and Emanuel have now both dodged

Why does Mel Martinez hate America?

In case anyone wonders why MO voted for McCain:

Economy won't stop Obama's priorities, aides say

Why Franken will win a recount

Have Any Democracies Out Side of Africa Ever Elected a Black Head of State?

Gallup - Favoribility of The President-Elect: Favorable 70(unchanged), Unfavorable 25(unchanged)

President Obama: Please release the Gitmo slaves

Listening to Rahm Emanuel's interviews. It doesn't sound like Obama is going

Andy Card is an ungracious little prick.

Obama vows change in U.S. policy on Cuba

Obama camp debating whether to go for "Big Bang" or for incremental change?

Lieberman Aide: Booting Him Would Be Putting Politics Ahead Of Nation's Safety

Ballot By Ballot, Victor To Emerge (The Next Steps In The Franken\Coleman Race)

Patriots who took it in the chin we'd like to see in President Obama's administration

Fellow College Kids, Let's Demand our $4,000 Credit...but only if NathanCummings gets Left Behind!

How my northern Dallas precinct became an island of blue in a sea of red

Steal my flag ...

Send this video to your worried Pub co-workers and friends.

Drat, now I'm bored.

Mississippi students told not to say Obama's name

Flashback: Another Obama supporter brags about his promised $4,000 to students

Fellow college students, let's demand that our promised $4,000 credit not be delayed

Hey Nate, Obama hasn't taken the oath of office yet.

palin 2012 will be a DIFFERENT campaign and she will be a DIFFERENT CANDIDATE than in 2008


Did anyone ever ask Palin what therapy her Downs baby is recieving?

Let's pretend we're "scared" of Sarah Palin in 2012.

And he's back. Nathan that is.

Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions

Another vitally important opinion about the dog: The Obamas MUST

NathanCummiiiiings come out to play-yay!

What Kind of Community or National Service Should NathanCummings have to do to get his MONEY?

When Palin is ancient history, what do you think Mika will have as her "project"?

McCain didn't have a prayer of winning.

I need a vocabulary word regarding Sarah Palin (no joke intended)

Just watched my recording of fox on election night

DUers. Should we set up a PayPal account for Nathan?

100% reporting, McCain up by about 6,000 votes, MO still not called?

I miss Nathan. Anyone else?

Nathancummings? Nah, Nathan going. And if stupid was a tree ...

Huckabee is back.

LISTEN UP DU! This is what we need to know about Prop 8....

I've been away. What's this about Nathan?

Hi Malia and Sasha

Will the fallout from Proposition 8 doom Romney's chances in 2012?

Does anyone else think Michelle looks a lot like Sigourney Weaver?

Obama won't raise taxes on wealthy until 2011 ... link

Alan Keyes reaction to Barack Obama winning the Presidency!

I don't trust Rahm Emanuel as far as I can throw him.

Any more news out of Minnesota?

Pardon my ignorance....

I insist that Barack Obama gives me $10,000 dollars RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!1!!1

All I can say is, I'm still pretty damn happy. I'll probably feel that way for awhile.

Maybe picking Emmanuel could be a practice of the philosophy of...

For the first Obama Presidential Press conference, I want him to give Helen Thomas Front Middle

Sarah Palin 2012 Slogans

K & R-Thank's John McCain and Sarah Palin for America 1st

Don't they know they are hurting the institution of marriage?

Kick if you want LIEBERMAN out of his chairmanship.

Obama is no better than Bush!

So I've totally missed the whole Nathan thing-

Will President Obama offer Dr. Dean something ?

AP: Dean mentioned as possible Obama cabinet member

Juneau Empire: 81,000 Ballots still to be Counted in Alaska

I have something to say

So did Obama pick up the 1 electoral vote from Nebraska?

Should Bush and Cheney be impeached?

Man Charged For Election Night Tear Gas Attack (enraged that Obama won the presidential election)

CNN: Harry Reid is "Still trying to keep Lieberman within Democratic caucus despite anger"

So how many screen names has Nathan denied other potential DU members?

You're sitting at home watching TV, when suddenly ...

Does anyone have the youtube of FoxNews on election night when they realized McCain's win was

Zbigniew Brzezinski

In the aftermath of their disastrous night what will happen to the republikkan party

Bush's crime was that he never took being president seriously

Help us. We are calling out for help.

Because of all the Hoopla About the New Presidential Pet

Reports coming in (via Twitter) of Protests of LDS facilities in CA, UT, WA... NYC planned...

It's been 5 days , but I am still pinching myself !

Another Wonderful Thing.

Democrats set sights on turning Texas blue: "Texas is next."

Have you ever seen a loser (Palin) get so much press after the fact?

Do some of you still want Bush impeached?

Q: What's the opposite of a scapegoat? A: Sarah Palin.

Who Do You Support, Dean or Emanuel?

What would happen if the Supreme Court decided that civil unions must have equal rights with

As a Black man I must warn the GOP don't dismiss Obama's victory as just breakthrough for Black folk

The irony of The Shock Doctrine: it could push the progressive agenda

Obama's Designated A**hole (Salon)

Religious voters helped Obama to victory

What, no new "classics" from the rightwingers? No "morans;" no "screwn?" No nothing?

Say NO to Eric Holder as Obama's USAG.

Nicole Kidman to play transsexual in period drama

Found it. The 50 State plan ends Dec. 1.

OK can we go yell at Cheney to get out of Biden's house now?

Barack, go all in with executive orders. Don't piecmeal it.

How does one pull up the GD:P menu at a given date and time?

This should make you laugh


The Eagle Rises From The Ashes... Can You Guess What This Is ???

Michelle Obama's real-world style: Forging a unique look mixing designer labels, mall classics

I had 2 Mormons knock at my door yesterday.

Steal my flag ...

RW fears prosecution "witch hunt" of Bush Administration

New Hampshire Makes History This Election, Too

How I look at the Lieberman chairmanship issue, it's a competency matter

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" is on TCM now.

A message from the Dem Senate Candidate from Georgia: This election is not over!

RIP Nathan

Dean, Obama, Plouffe and the 50-state strategy. Time for part two.

McCain's and the media's infatuation with Pennsylvania

Thank you Nida Vidutis

Black people already know that the Republican Party doesn't like Black People

Students kicked off bus and threatened with suspension for saying Obama's name

The Emerging Democratic SUPER Majority

What are the chances of Palin becoming a third party candidate, luring right wing Republican votes?

"Are you ready for your closeup Miss Desmond?" Sunset Blvd coming up on TCM at 6 est

Republicans whine over "Office of the President-Elect" sign

What can we do now?

What Would Qualify Caroline Kennedy To Be Ambassador To The U.N.?

Look at NC's Obama smile! (pic)

The 4 Rs.... Rosebud, Radiance, Renaissance and Renegade


Get To Know Valarie Jarrett - On MTP Today - Advisor to Barack Obama

NYT: The transformation of "hard-working Americans, white Americans" in Levittown, Pennsylvania

Where can I get a "Obama won. Get over it" bumper sticker?

In the spirit of 'We Are Sorry'...

Elections Have Consequences

Obama's Hawaii boyhood homes drawing gawkers

Watching the replay of MTP, I am left with only one thought/question

A Message to Joe Lieberman: You are a self centred, obnoxious human being

This is the BEST dog for the Obama's

HELP! Forgot to bookmark those great pics of two boys on Dads' shoulders passing the Obama sign

Did free republic dry up? Just went to their site to watch them fall apart and

Naomi Klein: "Here Is What Bush & Paulson Are Hoping We Won't Figure Out"

They DID make it into a T-shirt!

The 20 most corrupt members of Congress

There Are Eight Senators That Won In 2004 By 10 Points Or Less

George Wallace's Daughter Votes for Obama

Rumors of Obama's choice of dog sparks outrage!

Obama's mandate and the center-right myth

Why Dan Rooney fell for Obama: Steelers' boss, a lifelong Republican, took a chance being public

How Obama won. Excellent New Yorker essay by Ryan Lizza

Only World of Warcraft Level 70 Geeks will understand this Obama Photo

Only World of Warcraft Level 70 Geeks will understand this Obama Photo

One more picture of the Palin baby prop for old times sake---

Joe the Plumber, a recipient of Welfare: now that's a wingnut.

A picture that will make republican blood pressure rise

California Sends Pickens Packing - Prop 10 Loses

I dropped this note into the collection basket at my Mom's church today:

Over 57 million people voted for McCain. That's scary.

I think there are a lot of DUers that just don't get what Obama is all about

I'm still LOL at Obama's "seance" crack

Did Obama really change the map? Is his coalition sustainable?

Rahm Emanuel is not a centrist

A good read - hints of things to come from Robert Reich?

If all states used the Nebraska and Maine method of determining EC votes?

States with 3 electoral votes.

Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama

Sarah Palin blamed by the US Secret Service over death threats against Barack Obama

I think the Obama's should get a wiener dog(Dachshund)

OMG: I didn't Realize they Dressed Poor Little Trig as an Elephant for Halloween

Good bye, DU.

Can U stand along Inaugural parade route without tickets??

Has anyone ever contemplated committing suicide at any point in their lives?

Phrases I never want to hear again after this election...

Though By No Means All, Some Of The Most Beautiful, Charitable, Sincere, Loving, Kind, Decent And

like Hubs2Sparkly, I fly this flag in solidarity...

November 4, 2008 I chose hope and voted for Barack Obama

Obama steering clear of Dems battle over Lieberman

Electoral vote changes for 2012??

I am a registered republican and I want Palin to run in 2012

Whose to blame? (Freeperville circular firing squad!)

"... out of many, we are one..."

The GOP Strategy to Pin the “Class Warfare” Label on Democrats

Joel Hodgson "Cinematic Titanic" (MST3K reunion) DVD coming Nov. 20

Voltrons: I need some help

I swear, I have not been drinking...

A way to kick start the economy by growing "green.""

Malia Obama: See How She's Grown (SLIDESHOW)

It's official, Obama has been accepted with great enthusiasm by Canada.. know why?

So I live in Tx, went to a family party...

I want to know: Does your dog brush your teeth?

So I'm thinking of making a Kudzu Salad for dinner

I've been hanging around someone's house, and they refused to feed me...

Official Cartoons of The Lounge

WOW! I just blinked...

Last night I dreamed that I went to college again. And I moved into the dorms.

Wow. Even Denny Crane knew how he had to vote.

Yesterday I had my first asthma attack in five years. In the middle of a mosh pit near the stage.

Remember when I posted about the freeper throwing trash in my friend's yard?

Took my son to see Madagascar 2. Loved it.

My Obama earworm

How could I have failed to post a picture of my new GREAT-nephew?

Could I get away with hosting Halloween party in which I do nothing but recline on the couch by...

Obama's first full day: This Facebook "event" should go viral

Ashes into diamonds?

Wow, what a piece of crap that "Dream girls" movie is.

According to the, ahem, folks, at Rapture Ready, Ronald Reagan cannot roll in his grave

What a way to spend a Saturday, cleaning out a dead person's apartment.

Who will Obama appoint as Secretary of Boobs & Butts?

Who will Obama appoint as Secretary of Boobs & Butts?

delete, dupe

I've been feeding a woman that's been hanging around my house...

So, who knew cats could fly now?

Sweeny Todd is starting on HBO.

3 dog night - black&white

Report from the Year 2050

I'm running to Walgreen's to get deodorant. Anyone need anything? nt

Please Caption this photo:

Smilie Stories

Installing Software -The progress bar is going backwards

My life has reached new levels of excitement...I'm spending my Saturday night

I am reading "Kafka on the Shore"

What drug is this smilie on?

"We Got Here Yesterday, We're Here Now, And I Can't Wait To Leave Tomorrow"- John Giorno

yep...they got freepers in Russia folks

Goddam viruses

Slept too much yesterday..... now I'm wide awake......

i would like some company

Anyone else lie awake at night listening to "BBC World?" Their programming

The perimeter has been secured.

Is the Force strong with you? Or, like with me, is it slightly ambivalent?

What ever happened to WindRavenX?

For once, I'd like my DOG to wake up with a mouthful of MY chest hairs.

For once, I'd like to have MY rancid, old dog food scented breath in the DOG'S face while sleeping.

My new rescue kitty

For once, I'd like my DOG to wake up with MY nose shoved 2 inches into his snoring mouth.

For once, I'd like my DOG to wake up in a drunken haze, covered with Thomas Kinkade paintings.

Are 6 pairs of shoes and 3 black skirts overkill when packing

One week ago my friend had a brain aneurism, she is still in a coma.

I am loopy on some kick ass cough syrup!

When you look to your parents do you see your future? Do you learn from them?

Anybody having problems with Yahoo Chat lately?

For once, I'd like to wake up, go out and piss on a car tire.

Little kitty, big meow... (YouTube)

Some places where the '08 election may have been compromised

Saw "Soul Men" last night

what is the goddamn, motherfucking purpose of those fake vents that people put on their front

Yesterday, Spanish omelet and fajitas. Today, shrimparoni & cheese and Thai peanut chicken & noodles

you have to come to my exciting new FREE seminar! ($2,000 value) where i will show you the secrets

beer drinkers and hell raisers

Last night, I dressed as a woman, and pranked some guy who referred to himself in the third person.

Send this video to your worried Pub co-workers and friends.

is there anything that gravy can't do?

Who is the guy who does the FOX Sports impressions?

Instead of Bulls and Bears, We Have Fighting Ants in front of the Dubai Int. Fin. Center

what is your favorite track from "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars?"

Pizza delivery for Ivan Trolan?

won't you scratch my itch, sweet annie rich

Do you support Kerry for Secretary of State?

Expating to Germany early next year. I need all the experience and wisdom I can get my hands on!


i bought like 5 boxes of salisbury "steak" at aldi

i feel like banging my head against a wall...never thought my friend would say things like this

"We have no base," Rahm said of the Democratic party.

I have to go to the mall today. :-(

How many marriages have broken up.

My first post election experience here - Fun, but sometimes a little

Anyone have a good joke or funny story?

Photos of bear prints about 4 feet from my house.

Sigh, my poor ex-roomie is not having fun in Seattle

Toe Jam...

Well, I'd say my battle with a twixer of tullamore dew was a draw

Ugh....Can I start today over please?

Anyone watch Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab 2?

Parody SF and Fantasy covers

Ok , I am done experimenting with Psychedelics

Kitty food and drink

Rocky's getting a new home this week

For once, I'd like to have MY butt in the DOG'S face while sleeping.

Well - I am heading out now to protest at Saddleback Church.

moe, larry the cheese, moe, larry the cheese

ok, so what exactly are facebook "pokes"

You know what sport needs a revival? Human-baiting.

Why do DUers hate Thomas Kinkade?

Obama on H1Bs

tell me what the bad man did . . .

sometimes i like me a big ol' slap of david lee roth right in the face

How to build a house in 3 million easy, manageable steps.

Oh. My. God. LeftyKid and I are officially the same size.

Rec if you think the Lounge should have a thread with a lot of recs.

Billy Graham Won't Advise Obama, Son Mentions Strong Pro-Abortion Position

does anyone know the longest syndication run of Musik Laden in any US market?

david lee roth, part deux

jim dandy and destiny had a baby

why didn't black oak arkansas ever break nationally and eventually be received

Bender's Game

i have this on my mp3 player and i listen to it in the car while i am driving the kennedy

well, yer a prima ballerina on a sunday afternoon

So, will Adrian Peterson's new nickname be Trojan?

Since we are sharing. I got laid atleast four times this week. you?

when i was a kid, i wanted to be the motorcycle guy


my very first DU picture thread

don't you miss no doubt?

Ugh. Why does dating have to be so complicated?

Obama - McCain - Palin dance-off

11 hours at Knott's Berry Farm and all I got was this lousy photo-thread. (Now with Puerco-cam)

We saw the King Tut exhibit in Dallas!

I'm MrScorpio and I'm not in right now. At the sound of the beep, please leave a message. Thanks

Nothing like an audi of the good old Ludwig Van.

anyone else not getting email alerts

Alex, I am your father.

We saw the Cat But exhibit!

mixmaster mike is the shit

Kitten picture of the day for Sunday November 9

I just got a call from sarah palin! Looking for some expensive clothes she had ditched somewhere.

What pet feature do you MOST wish you had?

My name is lucifer, please take my hand

Long Beach is the spot where I served my 'caine

Long Beach is the spot where I served my 'caine

Banning same-sects marriage? Some people think its time has come

Ten Day Beer Moratorium Begins today

Tenacious D does "Under Pressure" with Ben Harper.


Nicole Kidman to play transsexual in period drama

Does anyone else not use 'LOL' because you pronounce it phonetically and it sounds like someone

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 11/9/2008)

Hey Ava, I am suddenly jealous of your school applications

Nothing like a little gangsta gardening

In all the testes of human fundament, it bestows upon the fiduciary to ladle syllogism into the

Ultra Top Secret Massage For Plan 9 From Outer Space

When I watch those Prison shows on TV, I'm always torn between two thoughts

I just donated.

If only I can freeze time by touching my index fingers together

Now that i'm back, who wants to hear my annual leaf-raking rant?

Kitty pics




Court tomorrow. Am I legally obligated to pay for something I used but didn't order?

Has a skydiving plane ever crashed and everyone escape prior by parachute?

Will it go round in circles? Just ask Billy Preston!

don't do the math

Well, something good happened today!

What's for dinnah DU?

Coke with real sugar? How come nobody tells me these things?

If soupbeans, onions and cornbread is wrong? I don't want to be right.

My 14 year old son made me very proud on Wednesday morning. He ran up to the attic...

Any Rams fans here????

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

which version of the "All the Young Dudes" do you like the best?

On Popeye

I went shopping today, and it's all Tim Gunn's fault.

What I believe happened to Freeperville

What did you think of Snatch?

do the math

Who do you consider the most fascinating people in history?

DC du'ers- do i need a ticket to the inauguration? can i have fun without

My husband is balled up on the sofa in tears right now with an extreme display of drama. Why?

Here's a pic of the kitty who found us...

do you know anyone who lost their job because of obama?

So Gordon Ramsey is visiting your restaurant do you?

My aunt got married.


woo, fun fun

Photo: 65 year old San Bernardino County sheriff deputy Bobby Sherman. Yep, THAT Bobby Sherman.

You make think it's goofy,but Rachel Maddow is a Newfie.

Hello Kitty toaster. WANT.

For non-Christians only, please.......

May I propose that those of us looking for another cause turn our attention to Prop 8?

Let's play "Name That 80s Tune" again!

3 dogs with diarrhea. Beige carpet.

I'm a mutt kind of person, and now we have a fairly "pure" bred Collie. Anyone?

Jasonc's night out at the gay bar was a lot of fun

I just bottled my first batch of brew!

Who should sing "America the Beautiful" at the inauguration?

No funeral or other ritual?

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- Dubya's Pottery Barn (Dory Hippauf)

Like Abe and FDR, Obama faces crises

Back at work, Palin vents a bit over campaign criticism

76 years after they married, Lakeside pair die same day (Richmond VA)

Militants in Pakistan kill 2 alleged US spies

Brain Scans Show Bullies Enjoy Others' Pain

Bangladesh ups watch along Myanmar border

At least 20 die in accident on Russian nuclear sub

Gore: Internet Revolution that Elected Obama Could Save Earth

In secret agreement, Shell nets 25-year monopoly on S. Iraq's gas

Pilot blinded by stroke is guided safely to ground

Franken sees boost in nail-biter election

2 Spanish soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Deutsche Post (DHL Shipping) to shed thousands of US jobs (20,000 jobs)

Deep in Taliban Territory, a Push for Electricity

Accident Aboard Russian Sub Kills 20

Bin Laden's son deported to Qatar

Pakistan: 13 alleged militants killed in northwest

Some Iraqis Fear U.S. Pullout: Self-Sufficiency Still Eludes Domestic Security Forces

Cambodia marks 55th anniversary of independence

First Bush-Obama Meeting: Hard Feelings and Hand Sanitizer

China announces $586 billion stimulus plan

Air strike killed 37 Afghan civilians: investigation

Obama to use executive orders for immediate impact

As a road to a better economy, an old idea gains ground

Obama will take to Internet as Roosevelt took to radio

GOP looks to serve as check on Obama, Democrats

Pirates seize Danish ship, 13 crew near Somalia

Bomb attacks kill 5, wound 18 in Iraq

GOP a dying breed in New England

Report: FBI kept file on author David Halberstam

The changes business wants from Obama

Obama Team Weighs What to Take On First

Muslim Clerics Endorse Anti-terror Fatwa

China plans $586 billion economic stimulus

Anti-Prop. 8 Protests Spring Up in California

Bush Officials and President-Elect Working Together On Pressing Issues; "exceptional cooperation"

China's president wants to cooperate with Obama

Deutsche Post ready to cut (between 12,000 and 13,000) jobs, costs in US

Monks brawl before religious ceremony

Brazil's Lula Urges 'Global Solutions'

Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions

Number of outstanding ballots grows to 81,000 (AK)

Georgia fired first shot, say UK monitors

Warning, be skeptical: Obama inauguration tickets already offered for sale online

Emanuel Urges Speeding Up Aid to Auto Industry

British troops 'cannot bear brunt of Barack Obama's Afghanistan surge'

Franken sees boost in nail-biter election

Priest: Slain dad had taught boy, 8, to use guns

Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes

Tardy Medicare reimbursements are hurting doctors in California, Nevada and Hawaii

Still weeks to go, but America tunes into Obama as Bush fades from view

One Picture Is Worth a 1000 Words

Gordon Brown: "America has embraced the values of progress." The election of Obama has inspired mill

CBS's Hit New Show: The Wasilla Hillbillies

New Deal economics more FDR not Less- By Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman

The Climate for Change - Al Gore NYT OpEd

Obama Positions Himself to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions on Environmental, Social Issues

Obama offers new hope in Afghanistan

GM opens first Russian factory

Al Gore NY Times -The Climate for Change

McCain Slams Obama, for Meeting with Bush Without Preconditions

4 years ago...

The GOP's deep hole

"In Defense of Larry Summers"

The other historic event

The keys to the country

Celebrate New President, Old One's Triumphs

There's No-one As Irish As Barack O'Bama

Cocoa Tea's Barack Obama Reggae Song

For those interested in what is going on in Alaska's election

Mark Crispin Miller: I Wonder If Al Franken Still Is Dismissive of Election Fraud Now

Mark Crispin Miller: I Wonder If Al Franken Still Is Dismissive of Election Fraud Now

Our local retired-but-still-writing nut job weighs in

The New Yorker-Ryan Lizza: How Obama Won

The voters of Levittown, Pennsylvania: The Transformation

Ike Understood: Concentrated Wealth Brings Instability

The Coming Challenges for Obama Also Include “Values”

Plain Dealer wingnut Kevin O'Brien on the election results (with my comments)

Maron v Seder: Operation Leper

Fore years: Will Obama bring his clubs to 1600 Pennsylvania?

Frank Rich, Sunday, Nov. 9: "It Still Felt Good the Morning After"

Next Up for Gay-Bashers: Ban Gay Adoption of Highways

Japan celebrate Barack Obama victory.

[CNN] A day behind the scenes with Barack Obama 2008.03.20

Garry Kasparov (The Australian): Lynch Mob Lies

Obama Behind The Scenes in San Diego

Me and Ali at Knotts Berry Farm

Bill Ayers Speaks Out !

Novak "And Newt shall lead them"

President-elect's Queries to Briefers

Palin and Biden on Same-Sex Marriage

Latter Days trailer

Dr. Dean laughs last

Ironically George Will tries to do Irony

Obama and the War on Brains

Olbermann: Palin tells Alaskan media exactly who is to blame for blaming her

President Obama - Callie Shell, The Photographer's Story

72 minutes of lunacy. The Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute and The Heritage Foundation (VIDEO)

Congratulations Barack - The National Anthem

Al Gore: The Climate for Change

It's not a matter of giving Obama a chance. It's a matter of giving LIBERALS a chance.

Prop 8: Apportioning Blame & Fighting Back

Vanity Fair: The New York Times’s Lonely War

Former Ron Paul campaign member, current KKK member totes gun, carries flag after Obama victory

Maya Angelou on Obama's win


CBS: Bush Makes Last Minute Changes

Melhem Barakat youghanni Barack Obama!!!

Desmond Tutu: The Man of Tomorrow; Obama's election has turned America's global image on its head.

2008 Post-Election Ode to Fail and Joy

A Conservative's Reaction to Obama Election

Election Day with Obama in 5 minutes

Thousands March in Silver Lake Prop 8 Protest–Equal Rights, Good Manners Prevail

The Week In Cartoons 11-08-08

Uses for WD-40..........

Obama's Change Is Gonna Come

Rachel Maddow on The Colbert Report

Podesta: Obama Given 'Real Mandate For Change' (rethugs in denial)

Let’s Call It a Palinism

Bill Maher has the moment Fox News called for Obama (+ some effects) 1:07

Is it Dangerous to Support One’s President? Cross Burning

The Other Winner (Dr. Dean)

George Will Suffering From Post-Obama Stress Disorder on “This Week”

Real Time Bill Maher - Let the black clean up our mess

TYT: Palin Calls McCain Advisers Cowards & More

Obama family goes Unplugged on Access Hollywood! (pt 1 of 4)

Young Voters Have Clout, and They Used It: "a rejection of the myth of their generation's apathy"

Farewell to Douchebags-Bill Maher 11/07/08 (1:03)

Mike Pence, R-IN: Build conservative solutions on time-honored principle of sanctity of marriage

World reacts to Barack Obama victory

He did this even after saying he wouldn't do such a thing

Will Smith on 2008 Presidential Election (Oprah Winfrey Show) - It's A New Day (Official Video)

Shepard Smith: Getting Republicans Elected Sean Hannity's Job

Watch Fox News call the election for Obama...

You don't vote for Kings!

The World Exhales - Remembering Election Day 2008

Rachel Maddow - The Annotated Sarah Palin

Franken Campaign on Coleman Lawsuit to Stop Ballot Counting

Presidential History: From Washington to Obama

No On 8 Protest

FRC's Tony Perkins: No one is saying they can't have their relationships

TYT: Great Stories Coming Out From The McCain Campaign

Barack Obama President Elect John McCain Thoughts...

KUTV CBS 2 Prop 8 Protest In Salt Lake City

Expanded bonuses boon for Army pilots

Naval security force shuffle planned

Duplexes start Pendleton housing expansion

Re-up window closing soon for some MOSs

Report details attack on GIs in Afghanistan

Slain teen’s mom still seeks justice

Sasebo city confronts Navy about ammo disposal

Annual Toys for Tots drive begins with a call to give more

Base addresses misconduct with new program

Veteran accused of murder may have PTSD

All vets - Veterans' day Tuesday - Welcome Home!


Israel demolishes homes for 'City of David' heritage site

UN vote: Rudd breaks with Howard on Israel

Jewish settlers beat up Palestinian boy near Hebron

European legislators sail to Gaza

ParkService - BLM Catfight Erupts Over Oil & Gas Lease Sales Next To Arches, Canyonlands NP - SLT

Coltan - Roots Of Congo Atrocities & War Lie Inside Your Cell Phone

Satellie Images Show Gujarat Coastline Pushed Back By As Much As 80 Meters In 10 Years

Motor Neuron Disease (ALS) Cluster Discovered In Italian Professional Football (Soccer) Players

Over 70% of Public Transportation Ballot Measures Pass

Indian Crew For Cursed Russian Boat

Mexico's right wins oil privatization

Asphalt shortage delays road repairs nationwide -- AP

So I'm planning another wild/local/homegrown/organic Thanksgiving

xpost: Hyperion small modular power reactors

A question for the legal types (re: FL Amendment 2)

millions to rally for YES on Prop 8 in CA tomorrow -

Will ENDA be reintroduced in Congress???

Find out who donated in support of Prop. 8 here....

Live video from tonight's LA/Silverlake protest re: Prop 8?

Utah is the new Coors. Pass it on

Newsday Story on LA/Silverlake protest

Black opposition to gay marriage remains strong (and to civil unions)

Just got home from the LA protest.

Anti-Gay Marriage Constitution Amendments... against the First Amendment?

Here's what I think we should do now in California

The absolute disaster of the Proposition 8 results has many parents

Listen Up! This is what we should know about Prop 8...

Returned from Silverlake protest.

Where not to spend your money: The Mormon Stock Index

The Blame Game - New Statistic on Prop 8 for Your Consideration

How about Peaceful Demonstrations ??

Why we can’t let up - or we get left behind.

Pictures from the Silverlake protest

Prop 8 eliminated the covenant we all had about respecting religions

The irony of Mormon sponsorship of Prop. 8 is that Mormons are also

If I were an asshole, I'd be tempted to give Mormon's a taste of their own medicine.

Mormons were behind the Mountain Meadows Massacre of Sep 11, 1857

Challenging Mormons to Dispel Perceptions of Strong Anti-Gay Bias

I am thinking of making a new group on faceboook called: NO MONEY TO BIGOTS

Sick of hearing that African-American and Latino voters are responsible for the passage of Prop 8

4 counties in CA had big margins for Prop 8 (against same-sex marriage).

Mormon stars face backlash after gay marriage ban

Gay bans embolden conservative religious groups

Gays who go out at night had best be prepared

Dan Savage: Black Homophobia

I think we need to remember (prop 8)

An Ugly Op Ed Published in the LA Times Today.

More Pain to Come Even if He's Perfect

Iraqi Troops Losing Savings in "Thrift" programme

Obama raises a long-neglected concept: sacrifice

It's the Housing Bubble, Not the ***** Credit Crunch!

Today in labor history Nov 9 Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt unveils the Civil Works Administration

Obama on H1Bs

After Push for Obama, Unions Seek New Rules

Wonder Why We Are So Upset? Prejudice & Social stress!

Peru: Amnesty bill setback to human rights (Intending to give amnesty to massacre perps)

Door open for CANF to help shape policy

Check out what Pastors for Peace has done to help

Chiquita death squad attorney Eric Holder floated for U.S. Attorney General!

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (November 9): Nakamura takes Cap d'Agde

Masochist Special: Blacked-out Lions game can be viewed online

Boxing: November 11 -15, 2008

C&L Movie Review: Che by Steven Soderbergh

Study: Blood Test Can Spot Risks for Heart Attack, Stroke

Efudex - Anyone ever use it?

Anyone here taking high blood pressure medications ...

Minimizing the severity of asthma, as outlined by

Saturn/Uranus and Prop 8

So I was bored and self-indulgent today....

Meet Lola, rescue kitty.

Calling CC! And all other weasel lovers. :)

Pondering the election, and the law of attraction:

Priest: Slain dad had taught boy, 8, to use guns, kills two.

The Mormon Church was behind 9-11...1857

Copper pots on sale at Tuesday Morning

Jesus approves homosexuality, says gays *will* be raptured...

Vatican to push women to wear the veil (like the Taliban)

Is Scientology as valid as a religion as Christianity or Hinduism?

Happy Birthday Carl Sagan!

Global Warming ... The Other Side

I'm Curious: Do We Have Any Mormon Members Of DU? If You're One, Please Check In!

most Christians today can be more accurately described as Paulians.

Where is the good faith?

Anyone here read the ramblings of...

Cynthia Dunbar smackdown

Considering a 1 year old Inspiron 640m Dual Core laptop

here is an article on BAD CHINESE CAPICATORS... >>LINK>> nice photos

Mandriva 2009 Review Update

London Free Press: Ottawa has a new $1-billion boondoggle on its hands

So Cal DUers - A Christmas Carol

What is on the table in Foreign Relations?

This Week: Obama got his platform from John Kerry

MUST read post about networking, with a great essay about & what it accomplished

Democrats set sights on Texas

Nasser Kazeminy - Norm's Friend with a Plane