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Reminder: Michael Moore on Larry King tonite - CNN n/t

From an Obama supporter ...

NBC News/ WSJ Poll (today, April 30th): Obama Edges Into National Lead

The '08 election will not feature swiftboating..Just watermeloning

Push polling, Swiftboating, and fellating Bill O'Reilly on Faux News...

McCain's Health care plan - has either Dem mentioned it?

Excuse Me, But I Have Something To Say About the Reverend Wright Scandal

Politico:"Clinton playing by her own set of rules"

Cautionary Tale: Spirit of ’76 convention in KC still reverberates

I stayed out of GD:P today.

Robo Calls to suppress voters, push polling, questioning a candidates religion,

Anyone watching Michael Moore on Larry KIng...he is telling like it

I just went through a couple dozen posts with no mention that Margaret Williams's org is ...

Rev. Wright IS the new Natalie Holloway.... (of cable "news")

Linux folks: Obama live stream available

After Obama Wins, Will Hillary Supporters Become Nagging "I Told You So-ers"?


"I didn't inhale."

"operation chaos"

Hillary supporters protesting in Florida over counting votes.

I Didn't Mean To Hurt You...

So now we defend Fox News appearances.

Dump Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

Clinton invoked Reagan on O'Reilly.

So stupid of Hillary to go on with O'Reilly...

Obama supporters don't be swayed by the flip and swtich posts

Streaming LIVE NOW 9:06pm edt: Obama in Bloomington, IN--OBAMA TAKES STAGE 9:06 pm edt.

Garin~Clinton Chief Strategist~Called For Violent Revolution

Krugman criticizes Hillary and praises Obama over gas tax idea - Is he a good guy now?

Speaking of health plans, (Wright) who pays, (Monica) and what are the chances

This is a race for delegates.

This is a race for delegates.

Canvassing for Obama in NC from Houston is back on!!

Obama, hit back.

Great blog post about Hillary

can we STOP TALKING about what hillary's kindygarden teacher said already???

Anyone watching Boston Legal. Shirley sues the DNC because her nephew (a pledged delegate) is

Remember 'Pigpen' from the Peanuts cartoon strip...

Hillary leads Mc by 9

Not another "This race is over" thread!!! Yup.... and guess what... IT MAY JUST BE!!!

BREAKING: Only IA and FOX News show Hillary over Obama in NC

The tortoise and the hare

Testicular fortitude??

GOP Gives Clinton the Silent Treatment

Michael Moore is one of my favorite Americans. "John McCain is four more years of Bush."

Peter Paul's possible illegal fund raiser for Hillary and Bill Clinton

Obama supporters don't be swayed by the flip and switch posts

I just had a thought.

Quote from a Gen Y er re: Obama

My mom hugged John McCain today

just donated $200.80 to goooooOBAMA!! The next President of the United States!!

Hill surges ahead!

To Obama supporters concerned about Wright:

Hillary ignores Bill's role in sale of Indiana factory to Chinese

Think Bill & Hill were a power couple in the WH? What do you think

Guesses on how much money each candidate raised in April?

Donate to Barack before midnight ... $5 $10 it's all good and it's all appreciated

Well said by Hill!

Rachel Maddow on AAR: "Now with even less Jeremiah Wright than ever!"

*** Gas Tax Holiday ***

Wow - Since the "Wright" weekend - Look how SDs have acted

Why Hillary's numbers versus McCain are now slightly better than Obama's

What will happen on May 6th?

Has anyone read this hit-piece on Obama?

So Senator Clinton has never heard of a Red Bull...

Brave of Hill to go on the Factor, but that Obama took Fox on!

After long contemplation I switch to Sen. Barack Obama

After long contemplation I switch to Sen. Barack Obama

After long contemplation I switch to Sen. Barack Obama

HRC Vs JW - Who's More Polarizing?

Against all odds...

AG: Recent Robo-Calls Illegal

5 sec animation: GOP weighs in on Rev. Wright controversy

As a huge Hillary supporter I have decided to switch to Obama....

If you don't know what Red Bull is, you really are not in touch with young people.

So what's the point of all this Wright stuff anyway?

Obama wants pro-Clinton group investigated

Where was the uproar when white Ron Paul blamed the US for the 9-11 attacks?

Roger Waters Obama endorsement CONFIRMED!

Obama vs. Hillary in the Netroots

From "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" to Appearing on their Shows, you don't call that Flip Flopping?

Redbull-Gate wins in the category of "Dumb"

Is it really a good idea to have a former president in the WH with a current president?

Something we can all agree on...

Happy Anniversary, America! Five years since "Mission Accomplished."

Are the posters on GD:P representative of the Democratic party voters?

I honestly can't figure out why on earth GD: P has gotten so hysterical

I never use my three posts up, so here's my favorite GD: P stress relief page!

Your current feelings about the Democratic Primary at this point

One half of the Democratic Party has become what they hate

CNN just said that Indiana is TIED

This is no time to go wobbly

Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2

Cindy McCain's body language on Leno tonight

Here is how Senator Clinton will take the nomination

Obama has peaked too soon.

As an Obama supporter I must admit that Hillary was pretty good against O'Reilly

Another simple question I can't find an answer to...

"You're a towel." "No, YOU'RE a towel!"

Flashback: Fmr. DNC Chair Joe Andrew Endorses Clinton

Huckabutt on Rev Wright

When do we find out how the April fundraising went?

Clinton playing by her own set of rules

Clinton playing by her own set of rules

Obama hurt by furor over ex pastor: polls

I am going to bed. Tomorrow I will try to stay out of GD:P

Now do you understand why Hugo Chavez shut down a wingnut TV Station?

I hope EVERY SINGLE Clinton loyalist is an atheist

What does this picture remind me of?

I just watched Hillary on O'Reilly .

CBS/NYT Poll - Obama/46 - Clinton/38 - Obama's lead among men grows from 3 to 8-point

Gonna Take A Break

Obama supporters: We shall not flag or fail...

So, a Clinton supporter suggested that Hillary is swinging a full sack.

A Different Look at Hillary's Arrogance

Senator Clinton --

Joe Andrew. its about time someone said this. BRAVO!!

Clinton's appearance on O'Reilly: A Big "Hello" to Big Red Indiana

Breaking: Insider Advantage North Carolina - Clinton 44, Obama 42

North Carolina AG Opens Investigation of Robo Calls

WP: Clinton Gas-Tax Proposal Criticized (Only Obama understands Economics 101)

Y'all know what? I miss John Edwards

If the Republican Attack Machine goes after Obama in the GE

Letter to the editor in my local paper this morning.

Former Clinton SD: Wright and the Gas Tax Convinced me Obama is the ONE!

**Breaking** Bill O'Reilly scrubs Hillary Clinton with his loofah in the No Spin Zone

**Breaking** Bill O'Reilly scrubs Hillary Clinton with his loofah in the No Spin Zone

BREAKING: "Clinton to Get Connecticut Superdelegate"(The Page)

Hillary Clinton buying superdelegates with gas tax?

America The Hypocrite: "I want Issues NOT Distractions!"

Barack Obama Hillary Clinton - Umbrella

KO story 5. Hillary bash leadoff. Now it's testicular fortitude....

04/30/08 Insider Advantage Poll - Hillary Takes the Lead in NC


UNBELIEVEABLE. Can Limbaugh be charged for his "Operation Chaos"?? I listened to him.....

Both Obama and Colbert showing crazy white preachers for the republicans

Is the Obama camp putting out one additional SD per day until Tuesday?

Media moves off Wright - attractive white person kidnapped!!

W00T!!!!! NBC/WSJ Poll: Americans MORE concerned with McSame-Bush relationship than Obama-Wright!!!!

question about superdelegates

Joe Conason: Why Celebrate Rev. Wrong?

Question about the NBC/WSJ polling

Newest (or oldest) Hillary fan scam on DU

Ha ha ha ha ha

Get Fuzzy Gets It Right: growing little spines in lab dishes

Clinton Actually Caused GAS PRICES TO SPIKE with her Saber Rattling about Iran.

I agonized over whether I should post this


OBAMA Supporters:


Quinnipiac POLLS: Clinton leads McLame in PA (51/37), FL (49/41), OH (48/38)

John Stewart Said it All - See Video

Obama and Hillary supporters: Help me decide. What votes does either one get that Kerry didn't get?

The one article you should read today:

I'm going to try characterizing the 2008 presidential primary.

While trying to be with a "regular joe", she has trouble getting a cup of joe

Pop quiz, Angry Liberals! Without looking, who's the lobbyist McCain cheated on his wife with?

MSM Best Political Caricature - April 2008

Keeping it light! 12 pics of Obama practicing with the UNC Tar Heels


Robo-Call-Gate: staunch Obama supporter on the board

Math before Tuesday

How can we trust Hillary to run the country, if she can't run a coffee machine

Obama Vs Hillary, Bill, MSM, and GOP all at the same time. Obama is still winning..

It never ends with Hillarious.

Clinton Fantasy of leading in Popular vote won't convince DNC Superdelegates

Will HRC presidential bid doom her reelection to the Senate ?

"Polls" and "Plans" are not reality.

Hillary Clinton was only ever good for one thing.

"Under Hillary Rules," she's winning (fantasy)

Rasmussen- McSame 46% Obama 43% /McSame 44%-Clinton 44%/Clinton 46% -Obama 44%

Clinton's Gas Tax Plan Called 'Ineffective', 'Shortsighted'

If you really want Obama to win against McCain, just a few hints.

Dem Superdelegates Demand END TO IRAQ WAR

Oliphant toon

Would You Still Support Your Candidate If You Knew He Or She Would Lose

McCain says he won't use Wright against Obama this fall

Quinnipiac POLLS: Obama leads McLame in PA (47/38), within one point in FL (44/43) and OH (43/42).

We need to remember the HUGE numbers of new Democratic voters

Is my 2008 slogan too confusing?

Hillary Clinton's Plan " F " - "OPERATION PSYCHE '08"

New poll shock...Hillary ahead in NC!

Dear God, I Hope This Is The End Of This Awful Primary Season

Where's the uproar concerning Hillary's ex-pastor's sexual deviance?

In the last 36 hours a "major" Hillary endorser used a homophobic slur and...

What Obama wishes he could say

SD Switch from Clinton to Obama! - Joe Andrew Former DNC Chairman

Wow. Looks like Clinton supporters do a lot more driving than Obama supporters

I no longer care.

McCain's health care "plan"

Another SD for Obama!! Today's SD Net Gain: Obama 5, Clinton 0

To my fellow Obama Supporters

Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' coming to St. Paul for GOP convention

It's over. Obama is the nominee.

Why 20 years in Rev. Wright's pews?

Hillary's Presidential Campaign is Insulting, Divisive, and irreparbly damaging the Democratic party

Why do some states schedule their primaries so late?

Tom Joyner getting on board for unity ticket?

Is it fair to call someone who propagates right wing propaganda a right wing tool?

Is Hillary's gas tax holiday McCain stolen idea a good one?

3 votes cast for Obama at 1 pm today in NC early voting.

I was called a racist for saying pretty much what Obama said recently.

Hillary: Cap US Troops but cut the money for the Iraqi Armed Forces

Texas Superdelegate John Patrick Endorses Obama

Michelle Obama is "just down to earth"

5/1/08 - Rasmussen Daily - Clinton 46% (+3) \ Obama 44% (-3)

We were shown the key to a Nov win yesterday - will it be used effectively?

Hillary Clinton Goes to Work With Indiana Voters

WOOPS: Wrong Thread! Please delete. This is the SECOND suicide in the DC Madam's network

PHOTOS: Barack Obama campaigning today in Indianapolis and Columbia City, Indiana

Why isnt this all over the news? ""a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote to continue this process...

Indiana Poll: Hillary 46% Obama: 41%

For those that say Obama isn't tough enough, answer these questions

85% of respondents on CNN Morning Show poll support Obama on NO gas "holiday" - Vote link.........

85% of respondents on CNN Morning Show poll support Obama on NO gas "holiday" - Vote link.........

85% of respondents on CNN Morning Show poll support Obama on NO gas "holiday" - Vote link.........

There's a sign hanging in my town today.

What do you value more in a presidential candidate?

Rosanne Barr's guest was analyzing McCain's military record on AAR

Hear for yourself WVWV's Robo Caller "Lamont Williams" / NC Dem Leader Suspects Voter Suppression

Link to high-quality full audio of Barack Obama in Bloomington, IN last night

Link to high-quality full audio of Barack Obama in Bloomington, IN last night

Link to high-quality full audio of Barack Obama in Bloomington, IN last night

Link to high-quality full audio of Barack Obama in Bloomington, IN last night

While Obama was in Bloomington talking to 20,000, Hillary was at our local bus terminal.

Attention Fellow Poll-watchers and Obama supporters: this is just a little sniper fire

Interesting delegate graph on Wikipedia...

HRC's Iraq Policy 01/22/07 - McCain would tear her to shreds

Are you all not tired of pastorbation, lets talk about Hugh...

It is very telling that so many prople who know the Clintons the best, switch to Obama.....

Garin: Our Polling Shows "Gas Tax Holiday" Is Helping Hillary Politically

Excerpts from Obama's first book will be the next punch from the right.

AP: Obama is only down 15 in superdelegate count (248-263)

Obama Files F.E.C. Complaint Against Pro-Clinton "Swiftboat" Group

Obama Lack Experience to be President

The Great and Valuable Service Rev. Wright has Done for Obama:

Action: Undecided superdelegate list. Make yourself heard.


Mellencamp-Clinton Tix Ready For Saturday

McCain and HRC Come Together with Proposal to Reduce Iraq Casualties (a fable)

On My Switch From Clinton to Obama - Joseph J. Andrew

Reality Check

Can Obama Run Out the Clock?

I did not start this election season as an Obama fan.

Nutty Gas-Tax Holiday (Thomas L Friedman)

Interesting Toon about Barack Obama....

Boston Globe: Polls hint at Clinton surge, suggest controversies dogging Obama are having an impact

funniest reply to date~ phone banking

I think it is clear that this insurgency is in its final throes.

With 3-post trial in GD-P, who thinks it is still a good idea?

Expert Support for (Clinton/McCain) Gas Tax Holiday Appears Nonexistent

Breaking: Total of FOUR supers for Obama so far Thursday!

Have Obama and Clinton campaign released their fundraising numbers for April?

Clinton regarding critics of her gas-tax plan: "don't have to worry about filling up their gas tank"

Question: What Is The UpComing Scandal Where Hillary Is Involved But Won't Testify Until After Nov.

Obama should make this into an add tying Clinton and McCain together on gas prices and Iraq.

Just wondering-Have Hillary or Bill EVER said they love one another during this campaign?

LISTEN UP: If you aren't supporting the guy the right is bashing, you're backing a sure loser.

Now that more people nationwide have voted for Hillary

You understand Hillary's "electability" is going up because she is acting like a Republican, right

Anyone interested in having MSNBC address the Pat Buchanan "Brief to Whitey" comment?

Anyone interested in having MSNBC address the Pat Buchanan "Brief to Whitey" comment?

Is Wright Keeping it too real for Presidential politics? This is the real question

Enough with the freaking polls already

What the F&CK is our problem??!

'Provocative' Clinton angers Iran (BBC News)

A year ago I was going bananas at the prospect of an HC presidency

I just won tickets to the JJ Dinner in Raleigh! Yippie

Peter Jennings must be rolling over in his grave watching his ABC lose their final bit of integrity

When is Clinton going to talk an Obama superdelegate into switching?

When is Clinton going to talk an Obama superdelegate into switching?

Gallup today Clinton 49, Obama 45

Personally I think the Republican Attack Machine is shitting their pants that we're taking so long

Obama closing in on Clinton's advantage among superdelegates.

The only polls you EVER need are RCP average polls - only hope of any accuracy

Has anyone seen the documentary:- American Ruling Class

LOL my African-American friend just told me...

Brand New Indiana Poll - Hillary: 48, Obama: 38

"Only a Fool Fights in a Burning House"

LOL- I think I just proved that DU's Hillary supporters are liars & hypocrites on Obama:

Angry White American Woman for Obama, and you?

That's it, I REFUSE to give Obama one more nickle today

That's it, I REFUSE to give Obama one more nickle today

Keith O spells courage

Keith O spells courage

It's Official - WOLFSON: Not Sure Joe Andrew is Really From Indiana

Heads Up: Obama Now Live!

Obama's speech tomorrow at the NC Jefferson-Jackson Dinner will end this race

If the right wants Clinton to be the nominee, why didn't they start bashing Obama earlier?

Hillary's Balloons, let me show u them. Another LOLCat Thread

It's over - Hillary's not the nominee.

New CNN poll Obama 46, Clinton 45 Done Mon-Wed. at height of Wright media fest

Lady Macbeth vs. Othello

The Election Is Coming

DU Obama supporters - did you know that we have an Obama Group?

Joe Andrew Endores Clinton! well at least according to her website...

It will be interesting to see how much money Obama raised in April

Will the Clintons denounce and renounce this man?

Let's hear it for Exxon!!! They just reported a 17% rise in first-quarter net income!

Clinton Camp Defends Gas Plan: She Doesn't Need To Listen To Experts

Poll fresh from the oven: Obama trails McCain by 10% in state Kerry won by 1% (New Hampshire)


Women's Voices responds: "Sorry for the confusion" regarding NC robo-calls

Obama and Clinton Spin Past Each Other (Dueling Campaign Conference Calls)

"Dealing with legitimate Conservative concerns"



Obama to present Top 10 on Lettmeran show

Has anybody been to a JJ dinner? What is it like?

Has anybody been to a JJ dinner? What is it like?

How much teevee "news" / punditry do you consume / support?

[Update: Harold Ickes Memo] Hillary’s FIVE New Superdelegates + Lead in Gallup National and Indiana

Hillary GET OUT! love msm

Bookmark this Handy Lil' Democratic Super Delegate Tracker

Bookmark this Handy Lil' Democratic Super Delegate Tracker

Nobody thought to poll Ahmadinejad until now--says McCain will win.

Dems Need to be Ready for Iranian October Surprise

Mike Barnicle says Obama can't relate to us (made up B.S.)

Clinton's "gas tax holiday" scheme

35 Years of Experience? BULL CRAP

"The Fierce Urgency of Now"

So the Clintons are using SPIN POLLS now

Thank God for Fox News

Obama's experience vs. Clinton's experience

Obama's experience vs. Clinton's experience

Same firm does voter contact work for robo-call group, Clinton campaign

North Carolina AG Opens Investigation of Robo Calls

Huffington Post: Obama delegate/supporter also on board of group making NC robo-calls

Do any Clinton supporters approve of this gas tax holiday?

Sen. Murray on Iran and my thoughts

I've got a trivia question for all of you about presidential election history

What is Obama position on Palfrey's suicide?

I haven't seen/heard any tv/radio ads for Hillary in Portland

The opposition sure seems desperate today.

Predictions on polls for Indiana and NC on MONDAY???

Predictions on polls for Indiana and NC on MONDAY???

Did Top Dems Make A Dangerous Right Turn?

Ouch! When a declared delegate switches, that's gotta hurt.

Republican Catholics bitching about Obama's preacher - snort

Obama going to face off with Tim Russert this Sunday on MTP.

Candidate X "Doesn't need to listen to experts"

Obama given multiple gifts today that supporters are not pushing correctly.

Pelosi opposes Clinton's gas tax moratorium

Hillary picks up 4 supers from New York

One of HRC's surrogates is Hillary Rosen, architect of the RIAA's lawsuit crusade

Link to ABC This Week if you want to let them know how you feel about their hour long ad for Clinton

And the media goes on and on STILL about this Wright shit

Iran submits protest letter to UN over Hillary's 'obliteration'

Hillary's pastor expressed praise for Hitler and the Cultural Revolution?!? True or false?

Post HERE if you have no idea what a RedBull tastes like.

ABC This Week invited Clinton, McCain, AND Obama to do a town hall

Do you remember where Kerry stood on the war in 2004?

Where Were Obama's Friends?

Where Were Obama's Friends?

Hillary Clinton expected to win North Carolina: Leads in New Poll!

OK Just asking - What is Hillary teaching our young women? Win at ALL cost? Is that a good thing?

I'm sorry Hillary............

I'm sorry Hillary............

I'm sorry Hillary............

Clinton actually DEFENDED Barack on O'Reilly

Superdelegates: Do your duty. Now.

Superdelegates: Do your duty. Now.

I don't know if this has been posted before... but I think now I can see why

Will Obama gain enough superdelegates before the NC and IN primary to balance out the PA primary?

BREAKING: "Hillary Nabs 5 Superdelegate"(The Page)

After McCain's Mother trashed the Mormon Church, shouldn't we be bringing that up?

Politico: Obama backer predicts victory in Hill war

Program alert: Obama is doing Letterman's 'Top 10' again tonight

Spike Lee and the Rev. Wright Conspiracy: "It looks like he's being paid to keep talking."

Thank You Joe!!!

Superdelegates' Purpose / Everyone hates your candidate

What would a documentary discussing voter suppression by Democrats do to the Democratic Party?

Bill Clinton throws the caucus states under the bus AGAIN!!

Dockworkers Protest Iraq War (Shut down parts of West Coast) - NYTimes

Will the DC Madame story divert attention from Rev. Wright?

Did Joe Andrew just pull his proverbial finger out of the dike?

Women's Voices UPDATED: Did they lie to Virginia police?


Hillary will appear on ABC Nightline

Getting to know Hillary: Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton, An American Hero

Do you want to CHANGE your country? Watch this video.

Do you want to CHANGE your country? Watch this video.

As an Obama supporter I'll admit Hillary did great on O'Reilly tonight

Bush's NSA is "legally" listening in on all of Obama's phone calls

Did Obama snub black media?

'I am delighted to be the Senator from Punjab.'

Hillary Changes Health Care Plan, Obama's closer to Edwards. Seriously!

Clinton on O'Reilly and Obama interview with Chris Wallace - Propoganda +Foreign Policy Implications

Is someone who hasn't pumped gas in 16 years "out of touch"?

Unity Ticket: Have The Rules Changed?

DNC's 100-years-in-Iraq McCain ad seems to work

ATTENTION: Al Gore and Bill Bradely removed their Names from the 2000 Michigan Primary Ballot

(DIALUP) Obama continues to decimate Clinton in REAL-MONEY Election Markets.

(DIALUP) Obama continues to decimate Clinton in REAL-MONEY Election Markets.

GD:Pers - Listen up, literally! What music made you smile today?

Can someone tell me which candidate wins if neither reaches 2025?

Anyone Supporting Hillary Clinton after hearing about the NC Robo-calls Is Not a Democrat

Hillary Clinton says- GOD BLESS US RICH PEOPLE

For those obsessing about Obama and Rev. Wright.

Angry white man = critical, coveted demographic

I just watched Clinton on Bill O's and I have to say: SHE ROCKED!!!!

Hillary Clinton Does NOT NEED to listen to EXPERTS says the CAMPAIGN!!!

In the last 12 hours: 5 SD's have gone to Obama, including one of Hillary's strongest supporters

The math that Obama supporters ignore

Superdelegates will continue to move from Clinton to Obama in the coming days.

Fear of a Black Phallus

Just released NC poll

Here are two possible cures for Obama's Wright problem

Hillary can win. All Obama needs to do is pull a Spitzer

"The Teamsters endorsed Obama. I'm a Teamster."

Poll of polls: Obama losing ground

***May 1st Super Delegate Update Thread**(plus why so many for Obama/Clinton today)

Caroline Kennedy: A President Like My Father

If You've Ever Loved Me... And Many Of You Don't.... This Tells A Story Forever !!!

Will someone please post the math that shows Clinton can win the Nomination?

anyone dumb enough to believe that Hillary quote?

Does the African American community deserve an equal right to vote?

What can I say, but that Oliphant nails it again?

More gutter politics from the HRC campaign...

Obama TV ad on gas prices: You need a president who tells you the truth

Obama's fundamental belief system is unimportant?

Obama supporters, I have a question for you

Two photo ops show how obvious the media bias is against Obama.

If I've sounded "negative" it's because I don't want our party to lose.

Defection of longtime superdelegate jolts Clinton

REPEAT AFTER ME: A Vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for John McCain - says former Clinton SD

As HRC campaign raised $10 million in one day - how much should we expect them to raise in April?

Hillary : "You know what. Rich people, God Bless Us. We deserve all the opportunities"

Danger on the edge of town: run in panic at the first sighting of an amoeba

Why are the people drooling over the chance to link Obama with Wright...

So, Clinton thinks that suppressing the Dem urban vote will get her elected in November?

Who do Clinton "supporters" seem so gleeful about

Towns in Indiana, tailor-made for Bill Clinton's campaigning

Obama Supporters: How are those PA excuses working out for you?

Reverend Wright's Honorary Degree Canceled by Northwestern

The Amazing SuperDelegate Letter of Joe Andrew

Baptist minister asks McCain: "Did you call your wife a c*nt?"

Yay! for John Kerry.

Yay! for John Kerry.

Why is the Right Wing pushing for Hillary?

Think candidates should be honest with voters? Let's consider the Dukakis effect.

I Need To Get Away from All This

Chris Matthews : "...people like ME..only on the RIGHT"

Barack Obama Rally. Bloomington, IN 4-30-08 (pix heavy- dial-up warning)

I Have But One Serious Question

I can never support any candidate wholeheartedly that doesn't support gay marriage. That's all.

Action Alert: Contact MSNBC and it's advertisers/Boycott

On honesty and integrity: "I could no more disown Rev Wright..."

Why did Senator Obama support the Bush-Cheney Energy Bill?

Does it occur to anyone else that Obama is really too naive

Handy Guide to Barack Obama & Jeremiah Wright's Relationship Was Exploited by the Mainstream Media

Micheal Moore nailed it last night:


"You know what, Rich People, God Bless Us. We deserve all the opportunities"

Hillary didn't have the cojones to oppose the Iraq War.

Catholics and Pastorgate

Will black voters stay home if Obama loses nomination?

I just love Hillary Clinton!

I just love Hillary Clinton!

6 in 10 Democrats Wants a Unity Ticket: DU is Out of Touch with Real Democratic Voters

6 in 10 Democrats Wants a Unity Ticket: DU is Out of Touch with Real Democratic Voters

Will white working class voters stay home if HRC is not the nominee?

OK Clinton supporters. So Obama SHOULDN'T have left his church?

Clinton crushes McSame in FL, PA, and OH. Obama loses in FL, OH

It's over. Hillary is the nominee.

Let's talk about Hillary's health care plan.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA HYPOCRITES! Why no video of Hillary's "RichGate" quote?

MAINSTREAM MEDIA HYPOCRITES! Why no video of Hillary's "RichGate" quote?

Wow, i Had no Idea that Kentucky had so many fucking outright Racists

Clinton leads Obama by 4 in today's Gallup poll

Clinton leads Obama by 4 in today's Gallup poll

You've got to be kidding me!!? Now Obama is seeking counsel from Father Pfleger!??!

It's an amazing day when Bill O'Reilly shows more respect for Clinton than the so-called Democrats

From ABC: Video of Bill Clinton's advisor calling Indiana people sh-t in 1992

"On My Switch From Clinton to Obama" by Joseph Andrew (super-delegate)

No one at GDP should bother posting links or articles anymore. Just fucking make it up.

GOP TACTIC ALERT: Hillary's new attack mailer...flat out LIES!!! Rove would be proud.

Even more connection between Hillary and NC robocall voter supression group:

Indiana is a red state thats voted rethug for years. so it means nothing

HRC...if you want to deserve our nomination, you have to stop BASHING Obama and progressives!

My My. what a surprise-Matthews is moving the goalposts again . . .

Hillary calls out Congress on gas tax holiday

Hillary calls out Congress on gas tax holiday

Breaking: Senior Clinton Aide Caught Distributing Right-Wing Obama Attacks For Months

Breaking: Senior Clinton Aide Caught Distributing Right-Wing Obama Attacks For Months

I'm still waiting for Clinton to attack McCain on race, religion, patriotism & elitism.

HRC to personally thank Stephanopoulos for the hatchet job by hosting live town hall on ABC Sunday!!

What is so funny about Hillary supporters and the Super Delegates........

I Watched O'Reilly For The First Time Last Night - And Hillary Was An Embarrassment...

**Breaking **From AP: IN Superdelegate Joe Andrew switches his allegiance to Barack Obama

So now the press tells candidates when to quit? Never before have 'journalists' said this.

So now the press tells candidates when to quit? Never before have 'journalists' said this.

perform this experiment with CNN"s delegate calculator

In case you weren't sure about ABC bias Stephanopoulos will put Hillary town hall on "this week."

McClatchy Newspapers: Will black voters stay home if Obama loses nomination?

If you think Hillary has a chance still, prove it. I want the path to victory, the math to get there


The Democratic Race in 7 Minutes. Great Video!

Forget Kitchen Sinks, Obama Needs to throw the Bathtub

Insider Advantage poll: Clinton +2 in NC.

It’s Obama on the trail bashing Hillary, NOT Hillary smearing Obama as his fans here claim!!

Obama Rocks Assembly Hall Bloomington Indiana Photo Diary

Ahem... Guam .. GUAM GUAAAAM.



Joe Andrew's (SD from Indiana) switch from Clinton to Obama is a very BIG DEAL

Jewish supporters buying ad for Obama

JoeScar changing his tune, says that Wright issue is "dead to democrats" in the GE

*Breaking** Bill O'Reilly scrubs Hillary Clinton with his loofah in the No Spin Zone


Josh Marshall takes on the Associated Press over McCain's 100-year war

Head's up.. Michael Moore is on Larry King Live (CNN) in 20 minutes.

Haha: Jim Webb says that McLooney is "Full of it"

Does anybody know where there is a list of uncomitted superdelegates? nevermind

Freedom's Watch Finds Its Inner Mother Theresa

Dupe worth repost :-) Is Wal-Mart Reneging On Promise To Shank Family?

Recession Worries Giving Boost to Democrats: Poll

Hillary's nightmare is getting worse (updated)

Sex-Abuse Teacher Bill Moves On

So now the news is not only omitted but rehashed? Todays "news" the economy GREW Jan-Mar

CAVEMAN ALERT: Thaddeus McCotter (R-Caveman) Michigan 11th. District

The interest rate cuts won't work because banks stand to gain more from ARMs

Sadr City Bloodshed Kills 925 Iraqis

McClown blames the Minneapolis bridge collapse AND Katrina on congressional earmarks!

John Conyers:The HR 676 Coalition Keeps Growing.

U.S. may seek more control in Afghanistan

Anyone see this? National Security Division Launches New Office of Intelligence

Maybe I'm being paranoid

Arrrgghhh!! >: (

Ben Stein would've made a great Nazi

Feingold wants bad conditions at Fort Bragg investigated

White House admits "Mission Accomplished" sign a mistake.

Disneyland in Baghdad

Did anyone just see Donna Brazille on Colbert?

I Found it! Doan testimony - The GSA Hearing Video You Didn't See

Change in North Carolina

Michael Moore on Larry King for the full hour n/t

FYI CSPAN: Sen. Feingold’s Secret Government Law Hearing

FYI CSPAN: Sen. Feingold’s Secret Government Law Hearing

FYI CSPAN: Sen. Feingold’s Secret Government Law Hearing

I was looking for something dramatic to mark my 10,000th post.... (dialup warning - kinda long)

Microsoft distributes flash drive with magic abilities

How about a little break from all of the crummy politics?

How about a little break from all of the crummy politics?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!!

Greg Mitchell: At 5th Anniversary: White House Still Spinning 'Mission Accomplished' Banner

Wow - Caroline Kennedy and Michelle Obama are being

Is A Rockefeller/Hoyer FISA Immunity Deal Imminent?

Madonna's New York City Performance Available to the Public for Free

I don't have cable TV so I was wondering...

May 1st a day of Republican prayer. Let us prey.

Help please .... need a list of the successes of Condi Rice.

Teen's Text Message Thwarts Home Burglary

Teen's Text Message Thwarts Home Burglary

Catholic workers arrested while protesting immigration policies

Democrats targeted to have an anvil dropped on their heads....

Policy wonks what do you think of my alternative to the gas tax holiday

My very shallow post of the day:

"He sat in the pew for 20 years, he baptized his kids...."

"He sat in the pew for 20 years, he baptized his kids...."

Rassmussen new polls, Obama tanking in NH

working on my next ltte...what stories were hidden by the Wright non-stop coverage.?

Does ANYONE buy the latest +.06% GDP figure even for a second?

Siegelman's Travel Restriction Isn't Really New - Except It Is (Email from Siegelman)

Is Good Sex a Constitutional Right?

A little change of subject.

WJ this morning: the economy -Maxine Waters coming up

"Alabama Fascists" - Larisa Alexandrovna's HOT Article On Rove & Siegelman In Hustler Magazine

funny and sad cartoon.

this site is really really good...

Senator Byrd speaks on the Senate floor again.

So, does anyone actually know how these tax rebates really work??

Question Re: bush says congress is the problem

KLSD new Sports Talk format TANKING (former Progressive Talk)

From the Moonie Times: "SUV trade-ins are no longer welcome"

A question about this Survivor show on the CBS...

What Obama can't say about Hillary...but can we? From Politico

Thom Hartmann interviews Governor Don Siegelman,

A few more from Pundit Kitchen

The new book on McCain

'Recount' Screening Brings Back Memories, Evokes Anxiety

Exxon nearly 11 billion in profits in market opening:


The Thursday May 1st Challenge

I loved you as "The Jerk"

ACLU: Torture Continued-Even AFTER 2003 Directive Called For An End To Such Practices

Sweet Revenge

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug - "Torture Is Illegal! Who Can Save Us?!"

Iran Remains Most Active State Sponsor of Terrorism: US. Sound Familiar?

Americans Selling Possessions to Stay Afloat

"The end of civilization"?

The great oil gift - the rebate...

The real obscenity

Clearly, the 'roids didn't impact Clemens' nads too much

Expelled: Because of Lying

Expelled: Because of Lying

For Exxon Mobil, $10.9 Billion Profit Disappoints

Bush is Such an ASS NY Giants to the white house and he makes a comment about Jessica Simpson.

"About a photo, about Iraq"

Home Depot closing 15 stores - first time ever.

And where is the USS Abraham Lincoln ("Mission Accomplished") these days?

FISA Fight: Megacorporations Breaking The Law & Doing EVERYTHING In Their Power To Get Away With It

It's Over - Obama has it in the bag - That's what the GOP thinks

Cartoon time !

a short letter from Canada

Is The Corporate Media Deciding This Election For Us?

Official Tearfully Admits He Sniffed Female Lawmaker's Chairseat

in the 1940' us elem. kids learned and performed the May pole dance

Pentagon will now allow troops to get security clearances without disclosing psychiatric counseling

Bucky Katt nails the current state of Democratic leadership

Eyebrow markings become school headache

Anyone been to

Peyote Mushrooms??

We are getting ready to attack Iran, and THESE are the most popular stories on CNN?

US firm recruiting mercenary pilots for Afghanistan (e-mailed to me)

Women at the Temple Door

The Chickenhawk landed 5 years ago today --MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

The only thing that changes in politics are the names.

Something I wonder about, with the democrats in congress and all.

AlterNet: Life Will Never Return to Normal for an Injured Vet Like Tomas Young

Question: Can a state senator insert his head in his own ass? Answer: Yes.

Congress doesn't want "green" cars....

The Rude Pundit: John McCain Treats You Like You Are Rich

Un-Memorial Day-a moment to pray fo those who died in an unnecessary war....

What is the best way to deal with trolls?

Dems Expand Playing Field For The House With Nevada Candidate

For those of you complaining about high gas prices.....

Oh sweet Jesus this is funny (Craig's List ad): RECESSION - $399000

I'm all weepy here...

Pentagon Launches Global News Site Network to Promote U.S. Interests

Snopes. Doh.

May Day History Lesson

Do you consider the alphabet you are now reading to be "foreign"?

BREAKING - ABC - John McCain's ties to Hezbollah

WHOOHOOO the teamsters work action actually made it to the top of the

GREAT NEWS, DEMOCRATS!! In yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune - Demos raise cash in GOP heartland

AlterNet: Will Pot Ever Be Legal in This Schizoid Country?

Check out the lovely May Day we're having here.

Jobless claims surge

Racism At Frontier Airlines

lets visit the Boycott issue,I am interested in your thoughts.

MSNBC Breaking News... Home Depot Closing 15 Stores

Can anyone guess what kind of car this is? I want to see it's crash tests.

Reuters: Economy likely shed 80,000 jobs in April

America spent over $80M on just the top 12 movies last weekend. What if.

Hagee: Public Schools Give Abortions. McCain: I Admire His Leadership

Chimpy MicFlightsuit "Mission Accomplished" 5-1-2003

What will replace the Democratic party ..............

Newsweek: Telecoms and Bush administration discussed how to keep spying program under wraps

US Still Has Mandela On Terrorist List

***1.475 MILLION people have donated to Obama! Onward to the goal of 1,500,000 donors by May 6!***

Is Carter the only President who actually practised his faith since maybe Coolidge?

Is Carter the only President who actually practised his faith since maybe Coolidge?

Scalia's Tortured Logic

Mission Accomplished - Crushing gas prices - Today’s Headlines 5/1/08

Wow! A Must See Video

24 cents gas tax savings saves you $2.40 per 10 gallons

Michael Moore: 3rd Term Bush Policies would hurt elderly American McCain, were he not a US Senator

Haiku for the death of a planet.

Layoffs Rise 68 Percent in April

CSX Deal Runs Out Of Steam (Jeb Bush's secret deal with CSX cronies)

Food Prices: US in "shocking new territory;" Internationally "sky is falling"

GHWBush on PBS - a 2-hr special on Poppy, calls him "often overlooked" and political "patriarch" -

Corporations are already shilling to get your stimulus checks...

Maine DUers - how are the floods?

So what was so wrong about what Wright said?

Live and Work poll - city or burbs

Randi Rhodes coming back to XM Amerileft 3-6pm EST

How to bring gas prices down....(Find the flaw)

How many 'suicides', car 'accidents', boating 'mishaps', etc., will follow Palfrey's?

McCain's Medical Records "Release" Won't Really Be A "Release"!

Proven hoax: Heartland Institute published 500 Scientists with Documented Doubts of Man-Made

I heard her with my own ears tell Alex Jones

D>C> Madam committed suicide

Is Thom Hartmann a woman?

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Changes Policy on Helping Wounded Soldiers Register to Vote

Prominent DC Reverend Poses Nude For Magazine, Then Commits Suicide

McCain's RADICAL health care plan will defeat him

The Uncounted Wiretaps

RIF "Dear College" campaign a success.

So the fed government is handing out $40 a head so you can watch TV

Summer Vacation Plans? May want to avoid this!!


Cerberus Investments (dogs who guard Gates of Hell) Ends Talks with Blackwater Security Firm!

Iran won't sell oil using dollars

May Day 2008: Another World Is Possible. La Lucha Continua!

How many total miles per week do you drive for work?

Richest Americans have as much heart disease and diabetes as poorest British

Dock Workers Shut Down West Coast Ports To Protest War!

"If he were reliving his days in the Guard, he wouldn't have shown up"- By Mary Mapes

Are Wright's comments worse than pedophilia?

Are Wright's comments worse than pedophilia?

Are Wright's comments worse than pedophilia?

Exxon has disappointing record profit of $10.89 billion....

Politics is Food is Politics

Bill O'Reilly Is A Sexual Predator

Keith Olberman: Lol... Some of the Air Marshall's that are supposed to be..

George Soros is right on the money in his epilogue in the book "What Orwell Didn't Know"

Bravo Moveon. org

McCain Says He No Longer Objects To Earmarks, Just The ‘Process’»

Anyone ever hear of a British music group called "Elbow"?

The Rude Pundit: Five Years Ago, Bush Was Just Awesome

The Rude Pundit: Five Years Ago, Bush Was Just Awesome

Hartmann talking DC Madame NOW

Its a Bird ....... Its a Plane ........

9 Hour Standoff as Disability Activists Challenge McCain and Republiicans

Looking down on the Port of Seattle

Soldier on his seventh tour dies in Afghanistan.»

This is the SECOND "suicide" in the DC Madam's network

Bush wants to use the "Jessica Simpson" jinx on the Democratic Convention

Didn't the rightwing nutjobs try to prevent Clinton from building his Presidential Library

Anybody else pay $4 a gallon yet

Dockworkers Protest Iraq War (Shuts down part of West Coast) - NYTimes

Bush to Speak on The Rising Cost of FOOD Today...

Poll: Bush most unpopular in modern history

Today's Los Angeles Times: Rosa Brooks on Rev Wright...

Today is our "National Day of Prayer"


Why is it all converging now?

Your WTF story for today: Pit bull attacks pony at day care

Tehran files complaint with UN over Hillary's "obliterate" comment

Tweety critiqueing "mission accomplished" (anniversary),betcha not run clip of his drooling over

Animal people read this latest atrocity and sign petition

House admits fault on 'Mission Accomplished' banner

After putting in $4 a gallon gas in my tank, I know why it's happening.

If a journalist or citizen asked John McCain...

How often do we get upset with M$M about pushing

2nd Vanity post.... Dem in November 08 for President!

WTF? Exxon stock falls because their profits up 17%



Wall Street Grain Hoarding Brings Farmers, Consumers Near Ruin

D.C. Madam's Suicidal Thoughts

Posted twice for some reason, eom.

Bush: "We're going to send Jessica Simpson to the Democrat National Convention"

Are Democrats Brokering a Backroom Deal on FISA?

Can anybody name one crime not committed by Bush & Co?

for obama supporters. i'm worried.

"DC Madam" Deborah Jean Palfrey's death - suicide or murder?

Under What Authority are we Conducting Air Strikes in Somalia?

Y'ever notice that when Little Lord Fuckhead makes a comment to the media he always looks pissed off

Y'ever notice that when Little Lord Fuckhead makes a comment to the media he always looks pissed off

Y'ever notice that when Little Lord Fuckhead makes a comment to the media he always looks pissed off

Y'ever notice that when Little Lord Fuckhead makes a comment to the media he always looks pissed off

Caption the two Georges:

DISCOVERY: Why Bush Admin is REALLY working so hard for telecom immunity

Bloomberg Slams Clinton, McCain Gas Plan: "Dumbest Thing I've Heard"

Cindy McCain jokes about husband on Leno

Ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern thinks Bush plans to attack Iran this year

I am assuming that the feds will now drop the charges against the DC Madam?

the DC Madam didn't kill herself

"Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq,

EXCLUSIVE: Injunction Lifted, 'DC Madam' Can't Confirm Cheney On List

When we were the Sick Man of Asia, We were called The Yellow Peril.(A Poem)

When debating raising taxes on the wealthy, why don't Democrats point out that the wealthy

CNN label at bottom of screen: "DC Madam Suicide?"

Celebrity foreclosure: Jose Canseco loses Encino home

Barbara Walters Admits Affair With Senator

Edit wrong forum

cnn - bu$h* has 71% disapproval rating

DC Madame: Death by hanging. Presser now in progress. n/t

Poll: 18% of Wisconsinites think that climate change extremely problematic.

No More 'Playboys' In Tne Military

surge update - Double Bombings in Iraqi Town Kill at Least 35

TV commercial that sends kids to a website online

Forclosure Map

84 years old and legally blind...he bought a 2008 Dodge Avenger

Howard Dean is on The Daily Show tonight!

What's McCain thinking when he says boot Russia from G-8?

TRIBUNE EXCLUSIVE: EPA's top Midwest regulator forced out over Dow Chemical case

action alert-create 1/4 page flyers w/gas exec salaries AND phone # of their reps in Congress/Senate

Break-ins plague targets of US Attorneys

Dockworkers walk off job at ports up and down coast to protest war (SFGate article with pics)

Know that NC asshole Cop that beat his K9...

I have never created a vanity post.. but someone critized me for my name : Jesus

Wall Street Grain Hoarding Brings Farmers, Consumers Near Ruin

Marc Maron and Sam Seder will separately host AAR afternoon show temporarily

The Next President Would Do Well To Take a National Inventory

Welcome to the Nation of Glass

If the "DC Madam" was murdered, who ordered the hit?

Nobel Peace Prize Winner - Nelson MANDELA - On USA Terrorist Watch List

This may be old news but, is anything happening with this or is this just bullshit or both?

Well, no matter what Barack says, Scarborough is still doing his bidding

Siegelman: "Rove provided umbrella of protection over those people who were operating to abuse DOJ"

Peak Oil Debunked

Helen Thomas gets flowers from


What three adjectives you would use to describe your ideal candidate

Appeal For End Of Occupation And Worldwide Solidarity From Iraqi Labor Movement

Oil companies profit

Why do people sell Alpacas on television?

This was written by an 18-year old

$6B (Neil Bush) Reading Program Failed

Showdown over federal judges looming

Amnesty International Launches Advertisement Against Waterboarding

Farm Animal Industry Must Change

306 railcars of Contaminated (DU) sand from Kuwait sent to Idaho

If ABC had published the list would Deborah (D.C. Madame) be alive?


Putin’s Credibility Rating Close To 85-pct Record High

Cops Look for Smiley Face Murder.

Wow. Look at Michael Douglas's political contribution

Right Wing Attacks 'Dear Abby': “Abby has flown under the radar for years dispensing radical advice"

Does anyone out there care that we lost 5 soldiers today, bringing the

'Siegelman: Exposing Rove is 'worth every day in prison.'

McCain Health Plan: Millions Lose Coverage, Health Costs Worsen, Insurance and Drug Industries Win

Suicide...yeah, right...

Aaron Brown (formerly CNN): "Olbermann…smarter…more talented" than Bill O'Reilly

"God, deliver us from these high gas prices. That's all they have to say!"

Where Is the Media on the Port Walk Outs

Mission Like Totally Accomplished, Yo!

McCain Backer Hagee: Abortions Easier To Get In Public School Than Aspirin

Mission Accomplished ... Let Bush Get On With His Life ---->

While visiting the AWESOME WWII memorial in DC Bob Dole was there

Caption this.

Suburbs to Slums - Orlando Sentinel: "Sprawl is just one more nail in economic coffin"


Thanks Congressman Xavier Becerra for driving a Prius.

Yet one more reason for increasing BMI in Americans

its true, our military is now a religious christian military


Don't piss off the gods!

Has the DC Madam story disappeared just a little

N. Carolina GOP primary may be the country's nastiest (McHenry at his finest)

ROVE Acknowledges In Writing (WSJ) That This Administration Tortures

I heard Palfrey with my own ears tell

**The Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution**

Is the DU Panic Room still in existence?

Princeton prof: In FLDS ranch case, no merit to theory of due process violations

A discussion about discussions...

Will McCain Denounce Hagee?

There was an outstanding moran on this new reality show tonight.

I Am Going To Delaware In June

A little counterpoint

trying to remember the name of a photo hosting website that let you copyright your pics

English experts help here.........

Will there be a McCain forum on DU soon?

'Miracle Man' Marine dies


Spring Squirrel Season Set To Begin May 3

MSNBC: D.C. Madame has committed suicide.

61 years without thinking-NEW World Record

The Palfrey-Cheney Connection

The Last Roundup - 'Radar' mag. article on Martial Law & Detention

"Idol" spoiler

The rock

Well, I did it. I applied for a job with a "Big Three"

Do "AcipHex" commercials make anyone else go, "Huh?".

Does anyone else have a bad lower front??? Any solutions?

American Idol

Dog problem

Dog problem

Needing glasses is fun. I just thought I read in GDP that Hilly will end up w/the polarbear vote.

Health Care Armageddon: Health Expenditures Climb, Life Expectancy Goes Down

I'm a little unsure about how I did in my job interview today.

My new roomies are great, but need to learn about energy consumption...

Don't you just hate wasting a "Kilo"-post?

Good night DU

DTBK has this magnet on her refrigerator . . .

I'm now *Jones-ing* for . . .

Happy May Day!

I rented "Charlie Wilson's war" and i cannot seem to work the interest to watch it.

I got the shutters . . . .

YouTube: Mike Nesmith and Frank Zappa on "The Monkees"

Good night all . . .

What's the first thing you think of when you see this image?


Beautiful Day! Worked in a Community Garden until Sunset.

My cat says it's time for bed.

A new day is upon us....

Man, Canada DOES have a navy! There's a frigate in the Bay!

I love boobies!!!!

whos drunk

Need help with a site that's being freeped.

Are Webkinz Tools Of The Devil?

come play

May Day! May Day!

What to you is a crime worthy of "ass kissing"?

Here's a question for you!

If you thin a kiss is on the lips

The GSA Hearing Video You Didn't See

Anybody have answers about this economic stimulus thing?

LOL....FR Fund Drive Not Going Well.

Here's a couple of jokes.

Good-Bye, Cheap Oil. So Long, Suburbia?

Large SUV's officially going worthless - Dealers refusing to take them as trade-ins

Tax rebates

Why I don't go grocery shopping with MrLaraMN:

How the heck did Phil Spector go to court with this hairdoo?

"everybody wants to be cool"

"Where are the Galapagos Islands?"

Police looking for Cootchie and Jitterbug

"your JOB is to get them to sign on the dotted line . . .

Top Chef beeyotches!

why do women like men who don't act like passive aggressive, insecure turds?

I got the shudders

Great cartoon here-

The only honest man in congress?

Actor Kevin Gage ("Waingro" from the DeNiro-Pacino flick "Heat") arrested for drug possession

One of my threads made it to the Greatest Page!

A question about this Survivor show on the CBS...

Roger Clemons is showing off the new uniform and team he will be

Roger Clemons is showing off the new uniform and team he will be

"Longshoremen begin walkout at Seattle, Tacoma ports"

Man accused of trying to cash check for $360,000,000,000

So I get home, just in time to watch Boston Legal...

Man accused of trying to cash check for $640,000,000,000 and the bank

So...I met this cool guy a while ago (just a friend)...tomorrow is his birthday.

Republicans want Jessica Simpson to be at the Dem Convention, but they

i got called inherently evil today. told that i was incapable of the slightest shard of humanity

woot.. i'm going to six flags next friday

May Day May Day

Watched Darwin's Nightmare last night on DVD. Very depressing.

Not-so-intelligent Design


5th year anniversary on sat. and I am a clueless male. Help!!

GD-P is really uptight these days...

Ever feel like you've got a giant weight on your shoulders?

One regret I don't have any more.

What Is The Picture Up On Google?

HELPP!!!!!!! I'm infected and I can't get rid of it!!!!

Wow...we must have pissed off Mother Earth big time...

I don't know if this goes Lounge--or anywhere--tail-bobbing.

Brett Favre hasn't retired!

Pentagon Cover Up *****15,000 OR MORE US DEATHS IN THE IRAQ WAR?

Happy May Day Komrade!

Either this was actually a suicide, or they had her killed to keep her silent:

I'm sorry I gave informant testimony to the FBI about your posting habits

Did I just see The Assaholic pound the podium speaking about The War™?

BREAKING - 100 story building consumed by inferno

when will the space aliens come and save us from ourselves?

Hey, where the f___ has MrCoffee been?

Have a nice day!

i think the guy next door is really into german culture

this is the america i believe in

You are the only person who posts to DU. All threads/posts except your were written by Skinner

i got called a bleeding heart liberal today! woot! fellow bleeding heart liberals check in here!

i'm not a very sensitive guy, but there is one movie scene that always gets me weepy

Nibbles the Hamster is alive and well and living in BabyMidlo's room.

Mysteries of the universe...

post some greazy, stanky, chicken bone suckin' funk

a very strange enchanted boy...

You're thinking something and I doubt that it's correct.

anyone else bothered by those new Nationwide insurance commercials

Post here if you think midlodemocrat needs to 'Get Over It'.

Post here if you think Parche need to "Get Over the Airplane thingie"

Guess what I found on Yahoo's front page for featured recipies?

In Remembrance of the Haymarket Martyrs: Happy May Day DU!

Give your Economic Stimulus money to charity

Post here if you think turtlensue needs to get over the Elevens!!1!!! thingie

I Wish I Had A Job Like MyCritters2

Post here if you think madinmaryland needs to get over the get over it thingy

some funkentelechy for yo ass

Strange 866 phone call. An alert for DUers. Do NOT give out personal info to these callers!

Post here if you think Tyler Durden needs to 'Get Over It'.

My Computer Burned Me!

Poll question: Who here hates Rush (the gasbag)?

Anyone ever hear of a British music group called "Elbow"?

I am hungry, but I do not want to make the effort to eat something.

I just paid $3.68 for gas today. And that's not the bad part

I like "God Bless America" better than "Star Search"

Caption this!

Ever fantasized about seeing BushCo on trial for war crimes? (comedy video)

*sigh* this does not bode well for the day

I just printed out a bunch of photos from Argentina

+++May Day Free Association thread+++

Its 'Lei' Day In Hawaii

I'm in Sacramento for a meeting. Ask me anything?

My poor GD thread is feeling very lonely today...

Letter carriers food drive May 10

I got this great idea

Attention nerdy guys: Paulina Porizkova thinks you're hot.


$12,544,000.00 per pound. ........

Native women address staggering violence rates.

Mr. Bigstuff


i think this is possibly something if interest to the recent "suicide" of the DC Madame. >>LINK>>

I love all of you

Let's hear it for Sebelius!...

Hey does the Lounge want to Squirrel-bomb a GD:P post with me?

Baseball star Canseco loses home to foreclosure

If Fish is brain food, how many portions of fish does George W. Bush consume in one week?

Who Else Thinks That Hypnotoad Should Change His Picture Back To This...

Who Is The Meanest DU'r

Who Is The Meanest DU'r

The cast comes off today!

NewWaveChick1981 Appreciation Thread.

Turtle poetry!

Man runs across highway to pay toll


Let's hear it for Sibelius!...

Post here if you think madinmaryland needs to get over the brazilion joke

An hour and a half left at work. I think I'm going to lose my mind.

Happy 'Mission Accomplished' Day!!

I like "God Bless America" better than the "Star Spangled Banner"...

My 8-yr-old got suspended from school for the day. I can't believe it.

Conure napping in the most unusual place!

Young Einstien (film by Yahoo Serious). Anybody seen it?

Hi Everyone! I've been gone for about 3 weeks, and wanna know

The Best Post Ever

The truth behind persian cats

LynneSin Cowbell appreciation thread...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/1/08

Weirdest internet relationship i have ever had

So I Was Driving In Southern California And This Lady Did NOT Use Her Red Turn Signal

"I'm a pimp, and pimps don't commit suicide"

Post here if you think temeah needs to get over the twins

Post here if you think The Eagles' "Get Over It" is an awful song.

Don't forget!!!! Ugly Betty and LOST

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (May 5/1/2008)

Hey! I like Oasis and fuck you for vilifying me over it!

OMG, GD-P is Free Republic! It's official!

You fucking village idiots need to get over seeing the Brazilian joke thingie

I have lived here in NNJ all my life and must have gone up and down this highway

ok need some input

Lyrics of the song I woke up to this morning...

The Dark Knight: Boot legged second trailer for those who cant wait 3 more days...

The Dark Knight: Boot legged second trailer for those who cant wait 3 more days...

Give us your GD-P (General Discussion - Primaries) acronyms

Have you ever taken off and nobody even noticed you were gone?

Who Is The Most Naked DU'r?

Whenever someone tells me they're going to Thailand, my first thought is, "Pervert"

So, I just OFFICIALLY joined eHarmony today...

Need Famous Good Hugs For Tomorrow

Grand Theft Auto IV repeatedly slams Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the Bush Agenda

That blinking red light on the back of my car...

That blinking red light on the back of my car...

Rides you want to see at the Baghdad amusement park?

Rescued hiker was high: only "thought" he broke his leg

Who here loves Rush Limbaugh?

Thank Goodness For Dark Chocolate!

Bush needs your help!! SMU rejected his library. Find a new place for his Prez Library

poor sucker paid child support for 15 years - court KNEW he was sterile

I can't stop watching this .gif. Does this make me a bad person?

Tell me about your 15 minutes of fame

I'm sorry I've been ignoring all of you for a few days.

In honor of May Day, post your favorite "in Soviet Russia..." joke.

Come on all you wild childs of the 80s! Favorite songs to dance your ass off too

An all-time GREATEST hit: "SCTV: Richard Harris on Mel's Rock Pile"

It appears that a pair of mourning doves have decided to nest in . . .

The thread wherein I whine....

Happy Birthday Joanna Lumley (62) AKA Patsy Stone!

Eddie Izzard's tonight. Thanks to SOMEONE at DU..

Who's the most curmudgeonly DU'er.

All good Lesbians know that

Even the Wienermobile is downsizing! Behold the mini-wienermobile!!! (big pics)

Jon Stewart leaving Daily Show after General Election. Being replaced by Colin Quinn

Play a "hair metal" song.

I just got fired

Post your favorite song with an unusual time signature!

Suspended for 3 days. For forgetting to bring a pencil to school.

Today's been a whirlwind...

Hooray Hooray the First of May

Solution to high gas prices!

Trying to pick out a dress for a dinner tomorrow...Cleavage issue!

New puppy pics.

Delaware Treasurer Jack Markell to retire at the end of his term

Fire Drills !!

Have You Ever Had Turtle Soup?

Name something that you know is for the good of society but you still just can't stand

Ever fantasized about seeing BushCo on trial for war crimes? (comedy video)

Just post a pic, ok?

my Husband just called my newest thrift store dress (and I quote)

What Did You Really Want To Be When You Grew Up?

I hate my job.

Watching Boston Legal? - They are suing the Democratic Party

"DC Judge Appoints Lewinsky Lawyer to Defend Palfrey! Former Lawyer Banned!"

Was a man shot by Houston police really a CIA agent?

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* *~*Official MAY DAY Thread*~*~ ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Who Is The Nicest DU'r?

Describe yourself in superlative DU terms: You are the most *** Du'er

Testimony starts in manslaughter trial of woman who cried 'rape'

US vets' attorney asks judge to help stem suicides

Argentine President Reports Dirty War Atrocities Witness Is Missing

Official: History of injuries found in polgamist sect kids

US military deaths in Iraq at 4,063

Prosecutors ask to delay VECO execs’ sentencing (Uncle Ted's friends)

China Investigates Forced Child Labor

Rell Says State Budget In Deficit [CT - but relevant everywhere]

Few survivors after 500 ducks take dip in Alberta oilsands waste

Beijing smoking ban goes into effect

Iraq bloodshed in April kills 1,073

Workers' health insurance costs soar

Somali Islamists say 2 leaders killed in air strike

Area man returns after deportation from Nepal (Free Tibet flag)

Endowment Debate Seeps into the States

White House Admits Fault on Banner

People of Lesbos take gay group to court over term 'Lesbian'

Clinton Gas-Tax Proposal Criticized: Economists Share Obama's View

Nine Dead in Iraq Car Bomb Attack

NATO Warns Russia Not To Interfere In Georgia

Iraqi MPs call Maliki 'depraved'

McCain blames I-35W bridge collapse on wasted money

Woman Gains Silver Star -- And Removal From Combat

April Job Cuts in U.S. Jump 27% From Year Ago, Challenger Says

Another record number of warrants for secret spy court

(GSA Head Lunita Doan) Resignation Comes at White House's Behest

Iraqi Shiite MPs in Iran for talks with Sadr to end clashes

Double suicide blast kills 30 in Iraq

Layoffs Rise 68% From March To April

U.S. has Mandela on terrorist list

Man found dead was being investigated over charity cash

Police: Woman believed to be 'D.C. madam' kills herself

Ohio Auto Parts Plant To Cut 200 Jobs

Electronics: The fourth element

Bill cracking down on Cuba-travel agencies passes

Longshoremen begin walkout at Seattle, Tacoma ports

Terminal operators say West Coast cargo traffic halted

Judge rejects Khadr's child soldier defence

Cheney and Dudley Interfering in Right Whale Rule

U.S. Beats War Drum as Iran Dumps the Dollar

Cambodian sex workers better off home than Australia say officials

Jury acquits six in protest

Police: 'D.C. madam' kills herself in Fla. coastal town

Sadr snubs Iraq peace overtures

Pentagon launches foreign news websites

Pentagon inspector faults U.S. oversight of BAE

Baseball star Canseco loses home to foreclosure

McCain Backer Hagee: Abortions Easier To Get In Public School Than Aspirin

Telecoms and the Bush administration talked about how to keep their surveillance program under wraps

Mary Tillman's Crusade For The Truth

(Mayor) Bloomberg praises Obama on Gas Tax

White House Blocked Rule Issued to Shield Whales

Roseanne Barr calls for DNC "trouble"

Court sees aftermath of London bombings (CNN)


Iran: Hillary Statement Too "Provocative"

For Europe’s Middle-Class, Stagnant Wages Stunt Lifestyle

Deal set to resume Aloha cargo flights

AP NewsBreak: Former Democratic leader switches to Obama

Obama says public tired of hearing about his former pastor

Immigration bill drive stalls due to costs

Low Spending Is Taking Toll on Economy

Congress gives final approval for genetic discrimination bill; Bush expected to sign

McCain fields audience question on whether he called wife an expletive

TMZ Identifies 14-Year-Old Alleged Sex Crime Victim

Army Ranger Killed in Afghanistan -- On 7th Tour in War Zone

Senate panel votes to block money for Iraq reconstruction

Senate Panel Approves $542B Defense Authorization

Support for Republicans Falls, But Race for President Is Tight

FDA warns Merck to fix vaccine plant problems

Colombian militia camp found inside Venezuela

Bush offers $770m for food crisis

Justice Official Who Oversees Cases On Corruption, Fraud Is Quitting

Polls: Clinton pulls even with Obama nationally

Native Hawaiians blockade historic palace

Home Depot to close 15 US stores, cites poor performance

Barbara Walters reveals past affair with US senator

Thousands of dock workers stay home, West Coast ports shut down

Kucinich Floats Plan to Resolve Florida, Michigan Delegate Disputes

US planned to nuke China in 1958

Ex-Guantanamo inmate in Iraq suicide bombing: TV

Measles in U.S. at Highest Level Since 2001

DNA Confirms IDs of Czar's Children, Ending Mystery

DC Madam possibly commits suicide in Tarpon Springs

Italy posts income details on web

D.C. forging surveillance network

Rep. Fossella(R-N.Y.) Arrested on Charges of Driving While Intoxicated

Methodists reject SMU Bush Presidential Library 844-20

Fugitive Mom Arrested in San Diego After 32 Years on the Lam

Poll: Bush most unpopular in modern history

Justice Dept. Will Share Interrogation Opinions

Report: Al Jazeera cameraman freed from Guantanamo (after 6+ years)

May Day: Tens of Thousands Prepare to March Across the Country as Labor Struggle Linked to Immigrant

U.S. has Mandela on terrorist list

Feeling the Pain (Union Ad Criticizes McCain on Health Care)

Barack Obama in Indianapolis, IN

Michelle Obama in Indianapolis, IN

Moscow May Day Riot

TYT: Hillary Clinton Going On O'Reilly and Bashing Obama

The Truth about Ben Stein

Television Drug Of The Nation

LSD-A-GO-GO: Featuring Dick Cheney & Donald Rumsfeld

Mission Accomplished 2008

Barack Obama at CMW Factory in Indianapolis, IN

Rep. Emanuel: Bush on Baseball and

Countdown: Hillary The Whiner Lying About Whining 4-18-08

MSNBC Analyzes Obama's War Room Response To Rev Wright

KO: world's worst 4/30: Gormley, McCain, O'Reilly

KO: Federal Air Marshals are Named on the TSA No-Fly List!

TYT: Defeating Iran With Barbie

Michelle Obama: Wright talk doesn't help my kids

Countdown: Hillary's False Gas Outrage 4-30-08

Because She Earned It

Obama on Gas Tax Holiday & "Mission Accomplished" 5th anniversary

"You know what. Rich people, God Bless Us. We deserve all the opportunities"

MSNBC: Andrew (Clinton Superdelegate) Switches To Obama 5-1-08

Pop-Up Double Talk, Episode 2: Health Care

Barack Obama in Columbia City, IN

Barack Obama in Bloomington, IN

TPMtv: So Long, Lurita (Doan, political hack)

Who F*cked Up Our Government? We Did!

The Great Derangement by Matt Taibbi

The Media Myth of McCain: A Pack of Lies

Caught On Camera: GOP Tosses Journalist

Countdown 05/01/07 Mission Accomplished! Bogosity w/ Rachel Maddow

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Hillary Clinton Part 2 of 2

TYT: Media Helping The Republican Party

Joe Andrew: I Am TOO From Indiana

Howard Wolfson: Andrew Isn't Really From Indiana

NC governor featured in new Clinton ad

McCain 2003: 'Conflict is over' because 'Mission Accomplished' banner said so.

Michael Moore on Larry King Live 4/30/08

TYT: Cenk & Ana Discuss The Very Sad Story in Austria (Ear-Muff The Kids)

Floridians Demanding their Votes be Counted!

Michelle and Barack Obama on Today Show

Why Rev Wright is No Big Deal To Obama Campaign: A Lesson From History

The Cost of War (Eric Massa for Congress - NY 29th District)

Bridging the World - Supporting Obama in France

Clinton to O'Reilly: "Rich people, God bless us."

"Fun With War Crimes" Episode 1 (comedy video of BushCo on trial)

Hillary Clinton On The Factor With Bill O'Reilly - Pts 1 & 2

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Hillary Clinton Part 1 of 2

Shabab Al Iraq newspaper carried an editorial Wed with the headline "Some of Bremer's deeds in Iraq"

Let's not forget Hillary's role in pushing this racist Wright crap

Holding America's deadbeats accountable for their criminal passivity is not passing the buck.

Syria: Trumping enemies (Seattle PI)

The e-mail that one state employee would like back, Padgett Wilson

'Mission Accomplished': How the Media Covered the Bush Pronouncement (E&P)

‘Mission Accomplished,’ five years later — if only ( Duluth News Tribune)

Promises and betrayals (Fisk re: T E Lawrence)

PC biggies ‘snub’ Vista

Candidate Gary Peters wants to revisit NAFTA

Carolina, Out of It's Mind.

Clinton playing by her own set of rules

Gulf States May End Dollar Pegs, Kuwait Minister Says

The Two Americas

Bill O’Reilly Claims Frederick Douglass Supported Expansion of Slavery

Distant Echoes of Vietnam-The Day I Lost My Innocence

Poll: More disapprove of Bush than any other president (CNN)

Selling family treasures to pay bills (AP/CNN)

Blackwater Worldwide adopts fresh image to seek funds

Our Lapdog Media

D.C. Madam found dead in Fla. home

The DC Madam: She Took the Fall for Everyone

Are these Syrian nuclear pictures faked? (Guardian)

Mission Accomplished, Five Years Later

Race to the Bottom

Lisa Gabriele: Without Ceremony: How I've Managed to Avoid Getting Married for Forty Years

Bill Gates uses 10,000 times the energy of the average American, MIT says

So long, Canada

151 Congressmen Profit From War

Defining Insanity

Three NAFTA Leaders Sit In for the Last Time

House committee threatens Rove with subpoena

Tori Amos Me and a Gun with *INTRO* 1992

So -- you want to help save energy, but you're dead? That's no obstacle!

Photovoltaics: Is the 'perfect' the enemy of the 'good'?

State Solar Debate: Will SRECs Create Unhealthy Market Concentration? (NJ)

PPL To Expand Hydropower in Maine

Solectria Delivers 1.2-MW of Inverters to Sierra Nevada Brewing

Canada probes deaths of hundreds of ducks (AP/CNN) {oil sands pond}

Antarctic Ecosystem "Direct Delivery System" Of Previously Frozen DDT To Adelie Penguin Colonies

Of 500 Ducks Landing On Syncrude Tar Sands Tailing Pond, Five Survive - Edmonton Journal

Global GHG Emissions On Track To Nearly Double By 2030, Australian Researchers Project

FDA Plans To Hire More Than 1,300 Staff Biologists, Chemists, Researchers - Boston Globe

Students Cook Up Recipe To Nix Pain At Pump (WESH-TV) {biodiesel from Chick-fil-a}

Lake Baikal Warming Faster Than Atmosphere, Researchers Find - 2.16F Since 1946 - Bloomberg

Scientists ask to be removed from list of global warming deniers

US Average Gas Prices = $3.45 - We Have World's #111th Most Expensive Gasoline - CNN

Auto Industry Spent Record $70.3 Million Lobbying Congress In 2007 - Detroit News

Shell Bags Participation In Planned 1,000 MW UK Windfarm - Guardian

Ford’s April vehicle sales down 12 percent

Gold isn't buying as much oil as it used to

Commercial Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Underway in Iowa -nearly eliminates fossil fuel consumption

Bush Urges Buying From Local Farmers To Help Fight Food Prices, Scarcity

Disappearing Foods: Encouraging a Comeback

Vehicle-to-grid power implementation

Borough mayor will ask for state of emergency (Fairbanks, AK)

Farmers blamed for rising cost of food

UC Boulder Researchers Peg Odds Of New Record Arctic Ice Pack Low At 60% This Year

Ocean Cooling to Briefly Halt Global Warming, Researchers Say

Petrole Et Gaz Arabes Analyst - "No Non-OPEC Member Is In A Position To Pump More"

Lawmakers push for barracks hearing

Sgt. says he is innocent in Iraqi murder case

VA trial ends with differing views of care

Army to work with media on Arlington access

119 N.D. guardsmen return from Iraq

Pentagon easing security clearance screening

Senator: Focus on mental health costs of war

Action slows on vets’ benefits upgrades

Pentagon may beef up Afghanistan command role

100 Huachuca soldiers deploy to Iraq

Drum soldier DWI case going to court-martial

Coroner: Enlarged heart killed pvt. in training

3 soldiers killed, troop deaths at 7-month high

Elmo videos help kids with 2nd deployment

Survey to stress zero tolerance of violence

Former Marine still faces charges in slayings

Panel: Flaws push EFV back 8 years

IED kills Ellsworth airman in Afghanistan

Owner of troubled housing firm wins contract

Wynne to headline cyberspace symposium in June

Study: Spouses also reluctant to seek mental health help

Navy vet dies, leaving $263,000 at motel

Service dress khaki wear tests underway

Gates: Brief overlap of carriers a “reminder” to Iran

Lawmakers predict a new GI Bill

Europe’s inspections reveal no systemic problems at barracks

Gates: 2nd carrier in Gulf a reminder to Iran

Drone use up in war zones

COLA changes in Europe bring mixed news

Caution is urged to avoid bird flu

New hires ease backlog at Yongsan hospital

Marine spouse gets suspended sentence for mailed pot

McKiernan: U.S. likely to keep base in Baumholder

DODDS-Europe facing a major budget shortfall

Congressional hearing raises concerns regarding contractors’ accountability

Skelton says refocus on Afghan fight

Problems Corrected at Fort Bragg Dorms

Documents Show US Mulled Nuking China

War Deaths Portrayed in Dems' TV Ad

Pentagon Plays Down Iran War-planning

Defense seeks delay in Kreutzer retrial

Navy’s LCS program advances

80 people in Massachusetts died of workplace injury in 2007

Tenet asks for revote on whether nurses can form union

Lax safety oversight is paid notice on the Hill

Se incrementan muertes de latinos en sitios de trabajo

2,000 Bloomingdale's, Workers Reach Tentative Pact Amid Strike Threat

Teachers tax initiative could cut 10,000 jobs, report says

New Era Cap Workers Join CWA (Demopolis kept it's word with workers)

Today in labor history May 01 International Workers Day

Appeal For End Of Occupation And Worldwide Solidarity From Iraqi Labor Movement

May Day Greetings from Iraqi Unions

From Congressman Lee Terry (R-Ne) Columbian Free Trade Agreement


Home Depot to close 15 stores, lay off 1,300

Global Famine? Blame the Fed

Low Spending Is Taking Toll on Economy

Slowly I Turned...Contrary Investor...May 2008

Thank you.

Canadian Postal Workers Urge Divestment Of 'Apartheid' Israel

'We didn't eat at all in the day,' says father plunged into poverty

Guardian UK: We're not celebrating Israel's anniversary

Hamas TV claims 'Satanic Jews' planned, perpetrated Holocaust

'Dirty war' witness goes missing

AlphaCentauri post Wednesday: "Colombian militia camp found inside Venezuela"

For the potato obsessed Cubaphobes

Thousands rally for autonomy in Bolivia

CUBA: May Day Celebrations Stress Unity, Firmness and Victory

Bolivia completes takeover of 4 energy companies

Saint Patrick Goes to Haiti

Venezuela Readies to Raise Wages

Bolivia orders nationalization of telecom Entel

Doe Run Smelter in Peru Loses Environmental Certification

Tensions Rising: Radical Autonomists Don't Want "Ignorant Indian" to Govern

Three NAFTA Leaders Sit In for the Last Time

OAS envoy arrives in Bolivia to mediate in political crisis

Venezuela’s Justice Minister Launches New “Humanist” Prisons

Listen to Live Coverage on May 4 of Bolivia Autonomy Referendum from Radio Venezuela en Vivo

Joe today - Global Service Award from World Affairs Council of Washington DC

David Brooks - 'If the Dems wanna win in November, they should elect Biden or Dodd'

Biden statement on State Dept. Terrorism report


DELAWARE: New candidate seeks Biden's Senate seat

Venezuelan Justice Minister says homicides decreased in '07 by 25%!

Baseball Teams and Foreign Countries

John Cooper named to College Football Hall of Fame

Randy Moss announced Tuesday the formation of Moss Motorsports LLC

Today is Global Love Day!

Happy Beltane, y'all!

Wickfordbard's Beltaine & Taurus New Moon Newsletter 2008

If Roger Clemens makes it into the HOF...

What ring tone do you have?

Who you calling domestic? Me?

Disappearing Foods: Encouraging a Comeback

Clinton Foundation, Unitaid Strike Deals on Price Cuts for AIDS Drugs

When Crisis Hits the Disabled

FDA warns Merck to fix vaccine plant problems

Out To Lunch

Butterflies are free, but are they wild?

In their own words.....

anyone ever try Colonix by Dr. Natura?

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF SPRING

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF SPRING

Lautenberg Introduces Bill To Preserve Gun Records

Help me with "before" the singularity explanations

Question about measuring air flow with rotometers.


Prototype nano assember brings molecular nanotechnology closer!

A stroll through the past via the chemistry set

Ben Stein is proof that there is no God. (Huffington Post)

New Car

Wow - Baby comes with repair kit for Mom!

neat gif, take a look

Seattle Times: Federal government's 8-day terror drill to test disaster preparedness

D C Madam interview

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! Sky to Fall Today! Run and Tell the King!

Since OCTers hate it when people "just ask questions"

Kerry Takes on MSNBC over Wright

American Security Project Press conf 5/1/08

Dock workers on the West Coast protest today on the War

DailyKos diary to rec and comment. Thanks!

VIDEO: Blogger Physically Removed From GOP 42B Convention


We just had a phone poll about the Austin mayor's race

McCain blames Minnesota bridge collapse on wasted money

:blush: New to text messaging . how do I ..

Did Women's Voices Women Vote mislead N.C. elections officials?

A little humor - Barack Obama Advisory System chart

I just want to smack that A.B. Stoddard.

Joe Andrew's Preemptive Strike Against Clnton Politics

Clinton Pandering With Gas Tax And Other False Claims

Two new polls (Indiana and NC)

Just a heads up NY adds 4 SDs today so expect a big day for Hillary

Kerry Takes on MSNBC over Wright

I know there are many more Obama supporters on DU than Hillary so why...

Ex-commando arrested one day before JTF2 tell-all is published

Ralph Goodale: How Stephen Harper ruined our national balance sheet

Tories want to muzzle parliamentary watchdogs

Mike Krusee is Test Driving his DUI law...

Scathing Report on NCLB Reading First Plan

Quality of Raw Materials Stymie Education

List of Suicides by whistle blowers or those that knew things

Attention all IRON MAN fans:

Kagen: Wins another battle in the fight against discrimination in health care

Clare Short: "Try Bush & Blair for war crimes"

Was I wrong?

Jesus Made Me Puke: Matt Taibbi Undercover with the Christian Right

KOEB 4-30-08 The "Testicular Fortitude" edition.

Well here's a big "Duh" for you

Wolfie...what do you think of this?