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Latin Rocker and Political Voice, Juanes, supports . . .

I donated to Obama, not to pay off Hillary's debts

The Butterfly & the Scorpion in a Bottle

The Super Delegate you do not want to be!!

Note to Hillary Clinton: The Singing Fat Lady is in the Wings - GayWired

Note to Hillary Clinton: The Singing Fat Lady is in the Wings - GayWired

Note to Hillary Clinton: The Singing Fat Lady is in the Wings - GayWired

So only HRC can attract hard working county stats tell HRC: BULLSHIT!!

Thanks have to go out to the Secret Service in these primaries.....

Has Hillary mentioned her "Poverty Czar" in WV?

Bonior, former Edwards campaign manager, endorses Obama

There are times when you just can`t hold it in any longer.

Good Move: Obama Says He Is "Not Yet" The Presumptive Nominee but plans on it.....

Finally, the Candyman came home. Too stoned to care anymore.

Sympathy for the superdelegate: Emails from the edge of the blogosphere

Race, and I still have two posts to go....

McAuliff is an amphetimized moron

An Un-Angry Black Woman

When was the last time Hillary blasted out one of those fake-assed laughs of hers?

PLEASE DU Larry King Poll: Can Hillary Rebound? link inside They're live now


Fox news fires person who said she voted for McCain, McCain "You're not supposed to reveal that"

I can't believe I now look at a picture of Senator Clinton and think about "White Power"

Hillary Didn't Win Ohio By Double Digits.....

An alternate idea for clinton's debt solution

Did anyone hear what Hillary has been saying about the GasTax Holiday since tuesday?

OMG! Can't Believe What I Just Heard!

Obama Leads in Superdelegates for First Time

Link to Obama's live rally in Eugene, OR at UofO

You know, I can't say I am really angry at Hillary Clinton.

Obama and a woman VP poll

Friday night challenge: When will Hillary end her campaign?

MY 1,000th POST!!!! (WARNING!!! Obama pics!!)

Hillary is secretly organizing a massive write in campaign for the November election.

It looks like Hillary Clinton may be memorialized akin to Ronald Reagan

What to do now? Clinton supporters particularly welcome

The "narrative" for Tuesday is being laid now....Obama can't connect-Hillary still in it...

Obama says he has visited 57 states, but his staff couldn't justify going to all 59 !

Am I the only one would would donate some money to Hillary if she campaigns for Obama......

If Jack and Bobby had not been assassinated the Clintons wouldn't even be on the radar.

To all my fellow DUers here in GD: P...

Breaking: Hillary will arm-wrestle Barack for the nomination

I know there are soooo many threads about Obama & Clinton but I just

What the Hillary campaign has taught us..

"Obama won't end the war"

You know what? That horse with 2 broken legs still finished the race....

Larry King Transcript with Carole Simpson & Lanny Davis.

******** BREAKING NEWS ********* LET IT SINK

LA Times political blog picks up Obama's claim that he visited 57 states!

Reuters' Political blog: Obama seemed to forget how many states were in the US

Politico on Obama's 57 state claim: "Did I miss some recent colonial expansion?"

Politico on Obama's 57 state claim: "Did I miss some recent colonial expansion?"

Superdelegate Bill Clinton bows to public pressure and switches his endorsement to Barack Obama....

Dean: Nomination Process Should Change

Dean: Nomination Process Should Change

Dear Hillary supporters, message boards, by their nature, amplify outspoken voices...

Larry King Live Replay is on CNN right now

Michelle Obama, ex-spy Valerie Plame attend Chicago event

How can Hillary claim Puerto Rico popular votes when they can't vote for president.???

Seperated at birth?

Does Hillary know something regarding Iran that keeps her going and will Obama be swept aside by

How did HRC expect it to be 'over' by Feb 5 when she didn't even contest the caucuses on 2/5/08?

i do not post often, but this thought just popped into my head.

Wow the Hillary Campaign people on Larry King

OK...she may be down, but she's not out--SHE CAN STILL WIN!

This needs to stop!

Hillary will not give up!

Hillary will not give up!

***THE MATH***


Repost from DKos: "Today I stopped calling West Virginia for Obama"

Oh my God. I can't believe Obama went to Luis Taqueria

If Obama really has SD's in his back pocket this is what he should do after Hill wins WV

So Bongo Prophet wins the contest?

Kerry and Daschle asked McCain to be VP under Kerry in 2004...

My Prediction: Hillary will suspend her campaign on Tuesday, May 20th.

Obama supporters, it's time to start acting like winners

It is INFANTILE to throw stones at the likes of Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and Bill Richardson

At this point, Hillary Clinton is worse than Ralph Nader.

Dont bother me I am eating!

Dont bother me I am eating!

Dems Quietly Whisper 'Obama' to Hillary

What the media has taught me; When they say "It's Over", It Ain't- Man your Battle Stations!

I'm no longer donating to Obama: "Obama says he may help Clinton retire campaign debt"

Keep Running HC but stop playing cards!

Cross post: Please remember the USPS food drive tomorrow.

ARG Poll: Hillary up 43 points in WV

BHO the Precious One, is calling for hope and change, but, he has Kennedy

Clinton's diminishing of black voters

My awesome experience Tuesday night, and a funny story. (Obama rally in Raleigh)

"Vote for me, I'm WHITE and my opponent isn't"

Once again, BartCop sees what most thick-headed Democrats cannot.

Barack Obama's Primary Cold Call Center in Gaza City :::RW AMMO!!!

HEY HILLARY, im white, a woman, and in voting for obama

Obama says he has visited 57 states, but his staff couldn't justify going to all 59 !

be back may 20th psychos

Hillary potential vote gain in West Virginia just got erased today by math correction from Ohio.

Barack Obama still has Wisconsin on his mind.

Rasmussen calls it for Obama, quits polling Dem Primary

West Virginia and Kentucky ?

Gwynne Dyer : Obama faces many challenges when he wins U.S. presidency

I need some perspective here.

Dear HRC, You Lost. *** The Math According to Slate ***

Those super delegates must be really stupid

I Think This Is Pretty Much Right... 'White Voter Trap' - John Dickerson

The International Brotherhood of HWWG endorses Hillary Clinton

After today I don't see how anyone could be delusional enough to still think Hillary has a chance

Obama GOTV Rally @ Indianapolis American Legion Mall

Obama GOTV Rally @ Indianapolis American Legion Mall

Obama Fans

Metal Heads for Obama?

The Clintons and Jim Crow Racism

Iron and clay just don't mix.

Iron and clay just don't mix.

He can’t win! Don’t you understand? He’s black! He’s black! (NYT)

In the interest of unity I propose a GDP meetup August 25 at the Denver Olive Garden.

When McCain "won" the GOP primary, many on the right said they would never vote for him

An email about Clinton and McCain that I received from

Suggestion for 2012 Primary

Suggestion for 2012 Primary

SurveyUSA: Obama would win the California primary if it was held today.

Bill Clinton Switches to Obama!

Bill Clinton Switches to Obama!

Obama's political record vs Hillary's record

McAuliffe: Joint Ticket Would Be a "Great Idea"

I think Hillary really wants to be Obama's VP

My superdumbo just threw down with HRC

Tom the Dancing Bug TOON: Nate the Neoconservative returns!

My solution to ending this thing.

powerful stuff from my young days

powerful stuff from my young days

Strickland for Veep?

steer the funds away from evangelical churches to radical black churches

Obama strategy on Tues. night

What Should We Say to Hillary Supporters Considering Supporting McCain?

McCain: The Most Reprehensible Of The Keating Five (1989)

Clinton and Obama supporters, let's reconcile.

After Tuesday's West Virginia primary, Clinton will that victory to stay in the race

Obama is rapidly approaching the Pelosi Club number.

Lets come up with a list of McCain bad traits

Can cult Obama transition to team Obama. When a cult adds a no 2, it begs the question, is

Voice From the Grave. Ed Stein >>

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/10/08 - Obama down 2 (48), Clinton up 1 (43)

What is the Offical Superdelegate count?? RealClearPolitics has Hillary up 2???

Evidence that Hillary's coalition has shrunk substantially

Evidence that Hillary's coalition has shrunk substantially

If you are in WV. GET OUT THE VOTE for Obama.


McCain ally represented Myanmar's regime

Obama/Dean 2008

272 to 272..on news wire

This young lady has a political future indeed

The fallacy of "most liberal senator"

Former Bush donators now backing Dems

Obama Camp Blasts McCain on Economy


Here it goes - media focusing on race, race, race. This AP article is packed with it.

Seeds of Destruction - Bob Herbert

Seeds of Destruction - Bob Herbert

Hillary sure has become a populist these last few weeks--a conservative populist.

I was listening to Cigar Dave on XM Radio,

Derogatory terms like O-nut and Hillroid don't belong here.....

Derogatory terms like O-nut and Hillroid don't belong here.....

McAuliff on Larry King: "The race is tied"

McAuliff on Larry King: "The race is tied"


Obama V McCain---High Stakes Poker

Obama V McCain---High Stakes Poker

Charleston West Virgina Weighs In

Boston Globe: Clinton's diminishing of black voters

If HRC's campaign is hurting for money, why in the world has she not let Mark Penn go?

With Oregon's demographics, why can't Hillary win there?

Tim Kaine for Veep?

How's the Summer Gas Tax Holiday Legislation going?

Hillary will never take racist votes from a bomber of brown people.

I Don't Post Much Anymore But This Might Be The Funniest Post I Ever Read At DU

Will Obama's U of OR rally tonight be televised?


Barack Obama picks up a superdelegate in Utah


Hey Hillary, Pay Off Your Own Fucking Debt!

Anyone else have a heavy accent?

Pragmatic Politics, Forged on the South Side: "the politics of maximum unity"

Clinton pulls in only 550 when expecting 1,000 at livestock arena in Central Point, Oregon

Ted Strickland for VP.... .urgh

HEADS UP: Obama Town Hall in Bend, OR --- LIVE NOW

Obama can NOT pay off her campaign debt, he is bound by FEC

Speculation begins about a running mate for Obama

Here's how I'd like to see the primaries work...

Clinton's Real Electability Powerpoint - A must see!

Clinton's Real Electability Powerpoint - A must see!

Can not wait for GD:P to go back in to the mist for the next 4 years

Books That Will Never Be Written.................

Rasmussen: the VP slot is Hillary's if she wants it

OR Poll: Obama 52 (+4), McCain 38 (-4)

OR Poll: Obama 52 (+4), McCain 38 (-4)

My Analysis of Obama and the Coming VP Coverage

Credit Counseling for the Clinton Campaign

ENOUGH! Like Obama said in his Speech on Race, we have to move beyond it

Hillary Clinton - Mothers Day

Hillary Clinton - Mothers Day

*********Heads Up: Obama Now Live On CNN************

Hillary is going for the 3-pointer with 1 second to go. Unfortunately, she's 10 points behind.

Clinton Surrogate: Whites Won't Vote for Obama in the General Election

Yo momma's so... underpaid

Obama Lambasts McSame on Energy Policy and "Stunts" at Oregon Presser

Obama Lambasts McSame on Energy Policy and "Stunts" at Oregon Presser

Hillary's "white" comments insulted everyone...

The Big Lie

Changing the Electorate - Obama Kicks Off National Voter Drive!

Reasons Barrack Can't Be Elected

A very simple question to any HRC supporter considering defection

John McCain: Bob Dole, The Second Coming

Two Virgin Island Superdelegates Endorse Barack Obama; Delegate Countdown - 157 To Go

Two Virgin Island Superdelegates Endorse Barack Obama; Delegate Countdown - 157 To Go

will GDP stay open?

I've got a secret.....

Rahm Emmanuel: Obama Is Our Presumptive Nominee

Reasons Borak Can't Be Elected

Obama: McCain town halls 'a great idea'

Obama Leads in Superdelegates for First Time

Against "Confrontational" Image, U.S. Commission Censors National MLK Statue

"Hard-working Americans" is John Birch Society rhetoric



Another superdelegate switches from Clinton to Obama! (Obama picks up 4 today)

If She Ran as a Feminist, with Feminist Values, She Probably Would Have Beaten Obama.

I'm about ready to start freaking out

AP: Obama overtakes lead in superdelegates for first time

Go Gov Dave!!

Go Gov Dave!!

Is this true or not? Was Chelsea Clinton given her job at a hedge fund as a gift to the Clinton's?

Another "chill" up Matthews' leg from 2004 discovered (video)

Clinton Surrogate Carol Simpson on Larry King: "White People will not vote for a black man"

Why does this resemble Hillary's campaign?

Obama winning the nomination over Clinton reminds me of the python that ate the alligator.

Obama winning the nomination over Clinton reminds me of the python that ate the alligator.

Poll! Best McCain poster? Part One of One. (lots of pictures)

AP video: Undecided Superdelegate Sets His Price: $20M

5 Reasons For And 5 Reasons Against An Obama/Clinton "Dream" Ticket.

5 Reasons For And 5 Reasons Against An Obama/Clinton "Dream" Ticket.

What would you have said or done

What would you have said or done

Bloomberg: Best for economy: HRC: 32%, BO 26%, JM 23%

Why is it ok to say that Obama is winning the "black vote" but not ok to say

Calvin and Hobbes explain the campaign..

Reagan Democrats aren't fond of gays, minorities, or the poor.

Obama live on now.

Obama live on now.

Updated Delegate Math: 267.5 - 271 SD and 1411.5 - 1573.5 PD

Why does West Virginia suddenly matter?

I don't think Hillary Clinton is a racist.

My last post about the primary! It's over (with the math)

Obama is the presumptive nominee. WV and KY don't spell trouble for him. Hillary can't win.

Under Clinton's rules, Obama still wins

Almost always, if a candidate loses the White vote he is toast

Wouldn't it HELP Hillary's campaign to suspend it now/soon?

NYT: For First Time, More Superdelegates Favor Obama

Good Morning Clinton Supporters!

Eggheads!! All of you ;p

Obama to Pay Hillary's Campaign Debt: A Karl Rove Presentation

Obama advisor: He never said he would meet Iran without preconditions. (Oh, really?)

Barack Obama 'has enough super-delegates to win Democratic nomination'

Once again, some smug Obama "supporters" are trying to defeat the Democratic party

Washington Post Plays Divide and Conquer With Democrats over Race Issue

What I don't understand

Hey guys, threatening to ignore someone is an ineffective strategy. Here's why

Analysis: Under Clinton Rules, Obama Still Wins.

"Obama wont protect a womans right to choose"

In Hillary's conference call today, Ickes signals 'plan' to take the fight all the way to convention

Obama supporters will fall into depression after the primaries

Are Obama "supporters" who call Hillary supporters 'racist' GENUINE Obama supporters...or trolls?

I just want to waste my third thread of the day...

It seems pretty clear he meant to say 47....

Again with the HRC whining: "All I want for Mother's Day is a day off"

Weekly Standard: Bad to Worse News For McCain Against Obama

Blarch explains the Democratic party

A "Super Saturday" for Obama: 5 so far.


A little something for anyone who wants to take a break from the madness and smile for a minute

Analysis: "Hillary Democrats" Could Be Up For Grabs

My Hillary Clinton Drop-Out Prediction

A thought about the deeper motives of the Rev. Wright controversy

Bill's Excellent Adventure - Refers to Hillary as "Whac-a-Mole"

DIAGNOSIS TEST: If you made an issue of Obama's comments about the embitterment of certain voters

Obama takes superdelegate lead in AP count!-flood continues with 5 more announced today

Hillary Holds Private Conference Call With Her Super-Dels (TPM)

Harping on a Moot Point

Why is being smart/educated always belittled in the U.S.?

Democrats expect to pick up many Republican Senate seats this November

Democrats expect to pick up many Republican Senate seats this November

Goodbye to Clinton's double digit Ohio win (WV popular vote for Hillary won't matter)

DemConWatch updated - Obama (+3)

Cindy McCain Says Campaign Will not be Negative, but...

Forget Super Delegates..... Hillary has a new Super Weapon on the way

A Look at Congress' Support

"Hillary's chances - a million to one shot"

Has anyone stopped to think that had we not invaded Iraq that gas prices


questions we are not asking

As an Obama supporter I have never been so embarrassed by my fellow supporters.

West Virginia could spell trouble for Obama

I've just never warmed to Hillary; I admit it

Idaho Dems miffed at Bill Clinton's comments

If Obama supporters here really want to get reluctant Hillary supporters aboard

If Obama supporters here really want to get reluctant Hillary supporters aboard

California voters would switch to Obama now

Campaign Sources: Chelsea Clinton May Have to Tell HRC to Quit

Choose one:

I lost three friends yesterday.

White people, get over yourselves

Interesting academic exercise: Obama was on the cusp of losing the nomination

Obama's campaign cannot contribute more than $2300 to Hillary...

**** Saturday Super Delegate Update Thread*** Obama +1 Updates Below

The "57 state" misstatement is a dumb thing to harp on,

Obama supporters owe thanks to Sen Clinton.

LOL, hillaryis44 refers to Oregon as "Birkenstock Nation"

Wednesday through Saturday at 6:50 CDT

Oregon Demographics: White 90.5% Black 1.9% and Obama is heavily favored to win

This woman stepped up, stepped aside, and took it like a grownup.

Found: note proving that Hillary has real ties to WV, and why she should win

Found: note proving that Hillary has real ties to WV, and why she should win

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA campaigns yesterday at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon

Obama can't "retire the Clinton debt" in a way that involves our contributions

McCain, McCain, McCain....

California Voters would switch their votes to Obama if primary held today: Obama 49/Clinton 43

Huffington Post: "Obama Vice President Picks: Who Are The Frontrunners?"

Hillary Clinton can STILL WIN THIS.

My Take: If Hillary Nets 540,000 Votes Out Of WV, KY, And Puerto Rico..We're Going To The Convention

More than a month after Ohio primary and Obama supporters are registering voters for the GE!

I'm sorry I've been an asshole.

Obama rises from political obscurity to verge of history

AP: Obama rises from political obscurity to verge of history

My God .. What Happened to Buzzflash? Now They're Referencing Peggy Noonan?

Psssst..... Hillary supporters, you have been duped... here take a look in here

Psssst..... Hillary supporters, you have been duped... here take a look in here

Psssst..... Hillary supporters, you have been duped... here take a look in here

New Bloomberg/La Times poll: HRC over McCain 47/38, BO 46/40

Historical Perspective: when to quit the campaign

About that Working Class White Vote - An Unpleasant Truth

Okay Obama fans, defend THIS: "God must love the common people, he made so MANY of them!"

In-depth bio/story on Obama in tomorrow's New York Times

a lesson for Obama supporters

Hillary Clinton Ran a Bastardized Campaign and Now Demands That She Be Elevated to the Throne

Feminists sharply divided between Clinton, Obama

gimme a fricken break...clinton is a multi-multie millionaire and will continue to earn millions and

Lazy over-educated whites for Obama, check in!!!!

wright is not "a few reasons..."

I personally think calling a presidential candidate a terrorist

President Obama's Vice President Should Be

Obama flips, then flops on talks with Iran.

Why couldn't all primaries be held on the SAME DAY?

Senator Obama has officially started the real General Election campaign today

Obama's VP: Take this to the Bank:

GOP ratchets up against Obama

Are there a lot of Atheists for Obama?? I am one of them.

"In Obamaland, Wright and Ayers are not problems, Michelle is an asset,

I'm not going to sit down and watch ANYBODY marginalize my grandson's dreams and aspirations

Meanwhile, over at the McCain camp....

Obama needs to flat out tell "working whites" what's up

"I don't think it's possible"

Why is her campaign being so divisive...using racism, using threats toward the chairman.

The Funeral Rites of Spring

RE:Hillary's Campaign--The brilliant lowermanhattanite at the Group News Blog ,

When Obama said there are fifty seven states, I believe he was thinking about

Obama: Keating Five Fair Game - Let's get ready to RUMBLE!

I love Terry McAuliffe. He's awesome.

Grow the movement for Barack in West Virginia!

Hillary's next plan - Hijack the VP spot or at least play games with it

Hillary's next plan - Hijack the VP spot or at least play games with it

Letterman: "Hillary Clinton has a substantial lead in the state of denial."

Novak: Michelle Vetoes Hillary for VP

Carol Simpson's 1989 video compared to Larry King Live last night 'Black man can't win'

Weekend Primary TOONS: "Just a flesh wound!"

Oh for fuck's sake.

I have a confession, I need help. Someone tell me- wtf is "The Huckabee Index"??

Dog whistles in campaigns, These are signals that a campaign is over

John Edwards continues his campaign…

Obama. I shook his hand today and spoke to him

Isn't John McCain a NeoCon?

Native American Outreach in Montana

Myth: Everyone thought Clinton was inevitable. Obama shocked the world

Myth: Everyone thought Clinton was inevitable. Obama shocked the world

Please Phonebank!

The party doesn't have a rift to heal, it's undergoing a fundemental change

Torture, what does your spouse make you do?

Obama/Clark '08!

Obama/Clark '08!

Obama/Clark '08!

Obama/Clark '08!

I wanted to give a special thanks to the Secret Service

So When Do We Release The Ignored....

Final Heads-Up: Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal: Cal. Nurses' Assn's push for Universal health care

Military considering new cremation policies

Just sayin'

McCain wrong - again - on civil rights

DMX Busted at Home for Pot, Pit Bulls

We HAVE to GEAR UP for November!!

Oregon: The Democrats are coming. And they are coming in force...The buzz has been Obama.

I think it is time to begin to start "branding " criminals again...

Seeds of Destruction (What exactly are Hillary and Bill trying to do?)

This is just REALLY SAD...look what they are saying in the Scotish Papers

Missouri GOP pushing PhotoID requirement as a Constitutional Amendment

Al Qaeda endorses John McCain (for real)

Occupation's Toll: 5 Million Iraqi Children Orphaned - December 18, 2007

Portrait of an Oil-Addicted Former Superpower

Haiku to arch-conservative Rep. Vito Fosella

Say Farewell to Bush 43!

"Bad Voodoo" on PBS here last night....

Blackwater unlikely to face charges for Sept. ‘07 Iraq shootout

Al Meyerhoff: McCain to Me in 1999: Bush "As Dumb as a Stump"

Al Meyerhoff: McCain to Me in 1999: Bush "As Dumb as a Stump"

Am I paranoid?

Post your opinions here about Mc Same and the word "c**t."

I'm watching the Bill Moyers' Journal story about the CA Nurses Assn's Universal Health Care Push...

There's a critically important message in the Scott Bloch case

Does the Pig Farm have a name?

Special Counsel shut down probe of Siegelman case last year

Hosed at the Pumps


Biggest Republican Hypocrite - A Special Award?

Oh, how sad. Krugman paraphrases Begala's "eggheads and African Americans"

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Yay!! Mike has a new Website

Ctr. for Constitutional Rights: New Abu Ghraib Torture Claims Filed Against Military Contractors

Is it against present Internet access law to reject requests from open source OS machines?

Michele Bachmann Watch 5/9/08

McCain to Me in 1999: Bush "As Dumb as a Stump"

Here's an Email I received from my right leaning relative and my response.

Rape and murder in West Africa. A personal story;


Citigroup To Shed Nearly $500 Billion In Assets

Transcript: John McCain And His Mother (& video)

Here's a great Mother's Day card you can email to all the moms you know

Blackwater unlikely to face charges for Sept. ‘07 Iraq shootout.»

The Coming War with Iran: 6 Days in Hell! (Yes, Newsmax, but bear with me...)

Hill's political obituary?

The Surge is working

Which movie character does John McCain remind you of?

Kucinich Announces $14B Plan To Fight Foreclosure Crisis

Anyone from Africa? I am from Ghana and have not met many from my land.

Joe Lieberman - McSame's ball bearings there, hairy, but grey...

Pastor problems -- on STEROIDS for McCain

"F" the Clintons

Walk to Fort Drum in May 8-17

Recent weather observations and forecast for Waco...

Ann Coulter's website brags about her appearing on "David Leno"

Obama "black"?

Mississippians screwed: State Farm settles Katrina cases

Saturday's Hell, May 10th, 2008 (Look's like a good one)

A Secret Afghanistan Mission Prepares for War with Iran, By William M. Arkin

Moqtada al-Sadr has not been seen in public for almost a year

Henrietta Fore (USAID) on WJ this morning

DNC Calls on McCain Campaign to Release Cindy McCain's Tax Returns

McCain's pro-choice and anti-choice...

Lawmakers Seek Probe of ‘Media Generals’ by William Fisher

America is already up Shiite creek without an Evinrude...

Get to know the real John McCain...

US war dead cremated in same facility as pets:

Zogby Surveys are so all over the place!

Iraq Contractor in Shooting Case Makes Comeback: blackwater

There is this concept in war - that there is a western way of

John McCain and the NYT's Kid Gloves

I got this email from Jewish Voice for Peace.

Michigan approves proposal to allocate the state's delegates.

Stolen laptop leads victim to alleged thieves

Fatigue, Short Staffs ‘Recipe for Disaster’ in Summer Flying Season

GOP voters still dissing McCain

Lost E-Mails Obscure 'Plame-gate'

Lost E-Mails Obscure 'Plame-gate'

Sick and damn tired of this crap!

Sick and damn tired of this crap!

Ask the Pretzeldent a question

'Maverick' McCain is a myth-When it matters the most, he seldom bucks his own party

Republicans Vote Against Mothers...

Sharp rise in suicide attacks by women in Iraq likely: US expert

Churches to put their tax status on the line for the GOP?

Joe Lieberman, " I personnally checked John McCains bearings"

Voting your hateful prejudices is a luxury, and most people know it.

Sat., May 10th: Stamp Our Hunger Food Drive sponsored by USPS.

AlterNet: How Food Riots, Pricey Gas and Home Foreclosures Point to a Better Future

Iraq Contractor in Shooting Case Makes Comeback

Am I the only one that thinks Obama will win in 08 but lose to GOP in 2012? n/t

Who else has read "Out Of The Ashes" by the late William Johnstone?

Wow - as someone who planned on voting for Obama, I post a question...

Citigroup Leads Wall Street Drive to Hurt Taxpayers

"Shocked but not surprised" - how is this possible??

Lieberman's Gift To McCain: Terra, Terra, Terra

Anti-illegal immigration group wants San Diego highway sign

A US forces spokesman denied its weapons were affecting the health of Afghans

Saturday cute -Madame X, Surge and the chicks

Real Clear Numbers: 101,000 U.S. Casualties a Year

John McNoBrain's Nightmare Cabinet: What psychos would he appoint?

Dean: Land Deals for Donors Show McCain's Real Priorities, Blatant Hypocrisy


I just got this very interesting email about a coming oil bust

Seeking information: How do you find out where you can see Obama at one of the remaining campaign

Is G.D. The New Lounge of the DU?

Iraqis allege sex abuse at the British Embassy

The Job Can Age Ya

Camp Casey Taking the Day Off

its the war stupid

Don't forget-US Postal Service Food Drive Saturday, May 10th, 2008

what is love for, anyway?

Sharpton owes nearly $1.5 million in back taxes

LOVE the MSN online "Week in Review"!!! Click on the "Beyond the Prius & Mini"...

Who here finds it hard to eat a good meal these days?

Who here finds it hard to eat a good meal these days?

McCain's choice to manage GOP convention worked for Myanmar's repressive military junta

SOBERING CNN video on how the high price of food is hitting home:

CorpWatch: Intelligence Contractor Wasn't Pleased When We Showed up at its Shareholder's Meet

Let's design a grass-roots campaign to help out Big Oil!

Bush's puppet Afghan govt: Increase in malformed babies due to malnutrition not depleted uranium

Double manslaughter nets 10 years for high school senior in mock sentencing

We need a "Weird" forum....

Why are Democratic leaders not publicly and regularly rebuking Joe Lieberman for his...

McCain tripped up (again) on abortion-rights inconsistencies

Big Oil Launches PR Campaign

Democratic senator calls for GOP to alter energy policy


G. Greenwald: How the military analyst program controlled news coverage: in Pentagon's own words

G. Greenwald: How the military analyst program controlled news coverage: in Pentagon's own words


New Blow To Bushco: Judge DISQUALIFIES General From ANY ROLE In First GitmoTrial

New Blow To Bushco: Judge DISQUALIFIES General From ANY ROLE In First GitmoTrial

Left Turn? Liberals in Congress believe that 2009 could be their best year since the New Deal.

Secret McCain Campaign Slogan Memo Leaked

Missouri Nuns Fight Voter Disenfranchisement - AlterNet

President Obama's Vice President Should Be

Anyone else have a heavy accent?

Would You Invest In a Company That Could Not Lose Money?

Cheney -Heard on CSpan that this made either the NYT or WP today

Is it Time to Invade Burma?

Laura Bush and Disaster Capitalism in Myanmar

From the CIA fact book! Burma.. HAS OIL!!!!!!!!!!

Life as an orphaned fawn can be a bit scary

‘Air Tree’ Structures in Madrid produce Oxygen and Energy

Is there a way to search for a response to an OP?

FEINGOLD, BOXER, KUCUNICH & others want our WATER....

So it's wedding day on the pig farm in Texas

Michelangelo's "David" returns to Italy after 6-month U.S. tour . . .

More Revelations About Pentagon's Media 'Propaganda' Campaign -- Using Military 'Pundits'-- Emerge

More Revelations About Pentagon's Media 'Propaganda' Campaign -- Using Military 'Pundits'-- Emerge

NYT: In F.E.C. Moves, Some See Effort to Aid McCain

'AP Exclusive: Ex-manager says OJ Simpson confessed'

Tallying Mental Illness' Costs

HEADS-UP! CNN about to

ASPCA Issues Statement on Eight Belles’ Tragic Death At 2008 Kentucky Derby

Ahem! A reminder about what's at stake

so how much did we tax payers pay for the pigs er pigfarm wedding

They thought he was homeless: "Stabbing death shakes up L.A.-West"

Against "Confrontational" Image, U.S. Commission Censors National MLK Statue

Aaron Brown Show on Saturday afternoon

Anyone watching Pangea Day on Current_ TV?

U.S. Army's 'stop-loss' orders up dramatically over last year

Who cares about "hard working" white people?

Why Big Media Needs Propaganda to Survive

Hunger, disease -- and snakes -- stalk Myanmar survivors

Against 'Confrontational' Image, U.S. Panel Says: Rework M.L.K. Statue

Democrats hit GOP on soaring gas prices

Fun facts about the Pentagons team of 'military analysts' who reliably 'carry their water'

Fun facts about the Pentagons team of 'military analysts' who reliably 'carry their water'

McCain says he was loyal to *-"I did everything I could to get him elected and re-elected president"

Interesting inside information on McCain campaign

If it's not too late in your area, don't forget to put out your food donations for the mail person.

Three Suspended for Not Standing for Pledge of Allegiance

Today was "Pole Day" at Indy. Scott Dixon is Pole Sitter, Danica Patrick is middle of row 2.

Losing a Home, Then Losing All Out of Storage

McCain convention chief quits after past ties to Burma revealed

Every day we hear about the mortgage crisis and the tragedy of home foreclosure, but...

Katrina/Burma If denying foreign aid is a crime against humanity can Karen Hughes be prosecuted?

Myanmar rebuffs Northwest aid groups

FLDS updates:'conspiracy of silence', immunizations, review fight vs polyamy crimes (Reid)

Myanmar vs Duggars. Compare and Contrast... How to help...

Author Colby Buzzell Being Sent Back to Iraq

DUzy? Was Jeff Taking A Break?

DUzy? Was Jeff Taking A Break?

DUzy? Was Jeff Taking A Break?

DUzy? Was Jeff Taking A Break?

Feds close Arkansas National Bank

Russ Feingold group is taking a poll...

Must read article from Media Matters - Playing with Fire

MyDD-List of "Military Analyst"-contained in 500 page PDF

POLITICO: GOP Getting Crushed in Polls, Key Races

McCain's Top 10 Out-of-Touch moments

The GOP is winning the email propaganda campaign

The GOP is winning the email propaganda campaign

A. Lincoln: "All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." Happy Mother's Day, DU.

Twelve things Obama must do to get my vote

DOD Doc Dump: WH Compares "Uber-Liberal" Josh Marshall To Rush Limbaugh

Shocker: More revelations about Pentagon's illegal propaganda campaign

"DUzy Fairy" thread (Items submitted for a possible DUzy, for those who can't wait)

OMFG!!11! Call Congress RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Jenna will be my neighbor, sorta.

Judge: Woman's rape case against Halliburton-KBR can go to trial

Top McCain advisor sponsors Moon event

I've got some worries:: MSNBC. / Keith /

Look at Pat Tillman if you want to understand the ideals and motives of the resistance fighters

NYT: Utah Mine Disaster Was Preventable, Report Says

Waste panel votes to ban EnergySolutions' import of Italian N-waste

IMAGINE: One World Without Nuclear Weapons, By Eileen Fleming

OMG! This weeks "This American Life" is a MUST HEAR! Check out this preview...

I got a video on Alternet

Things I Learned From My Mother

'Peace to the Newlyweds' from the Crawford Peace House - pic

McCain Continues To Use Wife's Corporate Jet

Check in: Did you feed your mailbox (for the food pantry) today?

What is McCain's connection to Abu Ghraib?

New Hillary Ad Stars Joe Wilson And Valerie Plame (oregon)~"If you care about ending the war,"

New Hillary Ad Stars Joe Wilson And Valerie Plame (oregon)~"If you care about ending the war,"

NYT: Aides say Hillary now regrets comments lower-income white voters would not support Obama

So, why really, is Clinton still campaigning?

War dead cremated at facility for pets??!!!!

War dead cremated at facility for pets??!!!!

Whatever happened to those color-coded TERRA alert warnings? .....

BookTV Schedule: May 10th - 12th

I remember Cynthia McKinney addressing this issue, and was ridiculed by some here

Oh Shit! - Now They Want Our Water

Teresa Heinz Kerry Message For Making EVERYDAY Mother's day

We're not Republicans, so we don't have to defend Obama to other liberals at DU.

We're not Republicans, so we don't have to defend Obama to other liberals at DU.

HANNITY on Foxnews: "Republicans need a New Contract ON America" (CAPS for emphasis)

1986 Kentucky Derby winner, Ferdinand: fate? Slaughterhouse.

Tornado reports with softball size hail MO, KS, OK, AR

Slogan time - "For more of the same, vote McCain"

6 ways mushrooms can save the world

Illegal child labor in Mexico puts food on tables of Americans (300,000 kids U.N. says)

Breaking: God Smites Bush Wedding (not kidding)

McCain's Convention Chair Worked for Burma's Military Junta

PET PEEVE: If you are a 24hr news network, how do you run out of time?

Ex-manager says OJ Simpson confessed

80-mph electric car to go on sale this summer in the US

One enters the West Ward as though it is the death house.

And you thought *you* were having a bad day??

FBI worried as DoD sold counterfeit networking gear

Neighbor's 14 y.o. daughter is missing.

House passes bill that will let the RIAA take away your home for downloading music

Most under appreciated occupations?

TYT: I Defy Any Republican To Listen To Or Read This And Ever Vote Republican Again

No more blue and red states. The new wedge issue will be race.

*************Remembering and Honoring Sapphire Blue************

In Memory of Sapphire Blue

American Rainbow Rapid Response readying for Burma/Myanmar

Could this work or is it some kind of scam??"Run your car on water"

Obama supporters - It may not be over, here is what we should do...

Trapped by Web loan with the 842% interest rate

Congratulations to Jenna Bush on her wedding

Suppose it was not the FLDS church, but the YFZ Family Boarding School.

Suppose it was not the FLDS church, but the YFZ Family Boarding School.

Farm workers found living in Calif. cherry orchard

thats life

Counterfeit $100.00 bills:

How do you avoid a spoiler?

Who do you want to win Survivor?

OK, what the hell is a JO

In case you need it: don't downgrade from Human 3.0 to Anthrax, Plague, and TB Neanderthal 0.5Beta

Watch a cat play a Theremin.

Oops, they did it again!

XP Users, Service Pack-3 is here

I have reached proof

Holy shit, the things you find on the Internet(pic warning)...

take that biotch!

nothing to see here

Bright green puppy born in New Orleans

45rpm cd`s?

Whad'ya say? Feeling lucky today?

Post your old family photos

I can be happy too!

There are 13 now?

I'm calling out lost!

I'm Rather Strange

I'm calling out Lost!

It's BIG, it's ENORMOUS, it's GIGANTIC, and it's...

There's a dragon with matches that's loose on the town (Cornell 5/8/77 youtubes)

be sultry as you drink your drink

I feel like dancing

I received my Rebate today!

Who would win in a fair fight?

Zwack Unicum Next.

I'm so shallow

Honky Tonk Woman

How did you propose to your spouse (or how were you proposed to)?

I lopve you!!!!

Help Stamp Out Hunger (Nat'l Assoc of Letter Carriers/USPS food drive) Saturday.


HOMELESSNESS: A play that could have educated and helped... apparently makes a mess instead.

I've posted this before, I'll post it again....this is to you Engi....

Here's a Dylan song that you may like....

Darn it. Dropped half a cube of butter on the kitchen floor.

who do you think of when you hear this song

I got cortisone shots in both knees today! The right one is starting to hurt like hell!

More embarassing pics of Me

What's that thing Reba does with her voice called?

Does anyone have baby pics of themselves? Here's a couple of me..

Engi.... go to bed!!!!

Ok, who here owns more than two pair of Crocs?

I'm fucking leaving DU. No one ever makes one comment about my pics.

I've just finished watching the most disturbing show

Anybody here remember these sweet wonderful Actors ? (Ma & Pa Kettle)

Ever been in Love- or something like it?

Favorite movie based on a song!!!!

Where in the world is Sugar Smack?

how do I find a place that delivers pizza at 2:30 am

To take a pain pill or not to take a pain pill.

$26 dollar of whiskey downed in one night....

I drank a fifth of whiskey tonight....

Just in case you ever need to know: not a good idea to downgrade from Mac OS 10.5 to 10.3.1

Post something embarassing about yourself - Mine is

I will marry you ...if you buy me this car. If you're a male...We'll work something out.

I beat Diner Dash 2 tonight

Cowboys in Leningrad?

give a hollar if you are still up

I pee light rays for neanderthal appreciation in milleniums of justice. shela.

President Laura Roslyn's mother looks like Barb Bush!

Useless Photo Post: Some of My Orchids

I need a guh.

I just heard two guys arguing on my block

Keen. This malt shop has a jukebox on the table.

OMG: Anyone Ever Read the LOLcat Bible Translation?

Pollen. Love it? Hate it?

My Saturday morning earworm

Keep Drivin'

They tumble blindly

you guys , I am terrible at remembering jokes , lets start a Joke collection

Is "Foxy" Still An Acceptable Way To Refer To An Attractive Lady?

SHE figured it out long before Britney didn't!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/9/08

Saturday cute -Madame X, Surge and the chicks

Fuck pollen and the bee it rode in on

What dew you think?

My daughter won the top prize in Maine for student journalism.

do you have anyone on this earth that you would kill for

Too cute: Secret Service agent rescues family of ducks

A right whale gives birth

I'm mad at you.

If you guys see me around today or tomorrow, remind me of my psychometrics exam on monday


Do you ever get in a food rut?

Cat Wakes Up from a Nap -- Much Kitty Cuteness!

Where can one purchase boric acid?

How do I transfer my iTunes library from one computer to another?

Friday night! Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW!

Amazing how I allow one fucking asshole to define who I am.

My HVAC has gone kablooey!!! HELP!

I now formally nominate Ed Begley, Jr. as Obama's Vice President.

I'd be sleeping now if I could stop coughing

What the Wiley and Excellent Boy Cat Named Ginger does when the neighbors are away.

Im up waaaay too early for a Saturday...I have to go to Church

Anyone else have a heavy accent?

Cause we were born, born, born...born to be alive!

So we survived the 1st Communion...A recap:

I just sold my TV on craigslist

Okay, Someone Posted This On Myspace, I'm Just Not Sure...

US co-inventor of nicotine patch dies ("Murray was always asking, 'Why do people smoke?'")

WTF? Ethan Hawke wrote a novel?

a party for smedley

Can someone go to 6:46 at this video that I posted?

I refuse to turn on the telly today . . .

i have to tow my car today and am not at all looking forward to it

Oh, I'm feeling so lazy...I need to work on my research project...Blah...

damn psychlos

What animated films have made you tear up a little?

Paul Lynde. Love him? Hate him?

Fuck you

6,391,000 views on an anti-Oprah video that talks about Ekert Tolle

The Skeletor show!

Please someone come help do my yardwork - I'll give you imitation crab meat!!

How long is your __ong?

I probably shouldn't be watching "Silence of the Lambs" this late...

For all you rhythm players: What are the best strums in rock music?

Cat help!

So I just got my $600.00 stimulus package check-thingy...

Michelangelo's "David" returns to Italy after 6-month U.S. tour . . .

KS archbishop tells Goveror Sebelius to stop taking communion

le Pink Floyd

Only 7 posts left to reach 15,000

Question From My Mom: Who Is The Most Hated Man In The World?


There's an old man called the Mississippi...

Why no BSG threads??????/

Rusty is going to the vet.

I need a hug deperately

Whenever I post a serious thread in GD-P I am reminded of.....

Whenever I post a serious thread in GD-P I am reminded of.....

do you have anyone on this earth that you would die for

What are people's favourite lounge type forums - other than the DU?

don't worry scro'

Iron Man seeks redemption

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Did anyone else's mail carrier leave their food donation sitting by the curb?

A Dinner Fit for a Hard-Working Elitist

Billy Mays - Should he be allowed to live?

Once a year, I hit a swank downtown club to remind myself why I only go once a year.

"Great Tits Cope Well with Warming"

Ack! I'm IMing a girl who just kind of asked me out.

Ack! I'm IMing a girl who just kind of asked me out.

troll or not?

You know my biggest reason for not backing Hillary or Obama as of yet...

An inspirational rap song for all of you from Aesop Rock, about living life without regret. Lookie!

In 1945 The Nazis Went To The Moon!

The Moran family has moved to California!

hey latebloomer!! forgive me but ... ...

Has any one heard from No Name No Slogan ? Mike03?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 5/10/2008)

They made a sequel to Charlie the Unicorn!

Would you put a cup of coffee on the bench inside the dugout of an girls' 6U softball game?

sit your monkey ass down

I think I just saw someone steal food

Well, that sucked (computer crashed)

Is it just me or does "Stimulus Package" sound like a box full of adult toys?

my back yard

I knew the buses and light rail were getting more crowded

Let's all make fun of Rev-Acts and see if she finally shows up!!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/10/08

I am 13 posts away from well 13,000!

Happy Birthday taterguy !!!

Lelapin, meet yer new daddy!

Should I tell a story in GD?

What food are you leaving for the mail carrier to pick up tomorrow?

I just bought a TV on craigslist

Mother's Day pic thread:

Do you guys like these earwigs?

Cat...stomach, problems, issues, and easter

We're going to a roller-girl derby game tonite!

I found a ring...

Am I the only one in America (and maybe the whole world) who doesn't

Youtube of a woman with the worlds largest natural breasts......

Oy: The complaint thread

Son of a bitch.

I Am Going to Athens Greece -- Need Advice!!

tell me why you don't like van morrison

Off to Europe - back the 26th - be good - bye!

So I Got A Letter From My Rethuglican Congressman Agreeing With Me!

post a picture of someone who influenced you

What did you/are you doing for your Mom/Wife tomorrow?

What is your ringtone on your cell phone?

Starlight catfish copulating under green pastrami with gravel deoderant and thyme

I finally did it...told hubby he had a drinking problem and better fix it or I was gone

Any Motorhead fans in the lounge? Seen "Eat the Rich"?

Distractions giving Hillary a Chance to WIN!!!

Obama will choose a NATIONAL SECURITY V.P. !! Lobbying for others is DANGEROUS. Let's get serious.

This is my 10,000th post.

The truth about Tony and Gordon – by Cherie Blair

Rapper Arrested On Dog Abuse, Drug Charges (DMX)

Military adds armor to Iraq vehicles as roadside bombs surge

U.S. makes changes to cremations for slain troops

Siegelman's Out, Why Not Me?

Some War Dead Were Cremated at Facility Handling Pets

Mediator Mbeki meets Mugabe on Zimbabwe crisis

On McCain, Obama and a Hamas Link

One dead at Afghan demo against US-led soldiers: witnesses

Feminists sharply divided between Clinton, Obama

Analysis: "Hillary Democrats" Could Be Up For Grabs

Families Demand Answers in Iraq Electrocutions

Democrats Attack Bush Energy Policy, Oil Industry Tax Breaks (radio address)

Sadrists strike deal to end Baghdad fighting

U.S.-backed forces target al-Qaida stronghold

Informal Obama adviser steps aside over Hamas talks

L.A.Times/Bloomberg poll shows Clinton and Obama beating McCain

News Corp. Pulls Newsday Bid

Brazil Won't Accept Separatism in Bolivia, Minister Warns

Michelle Vetoes Hillary

Obama rises from political obscurity to verge of history

Obama overtakes Clinton in Democratic superdelegates

AP: Obama overtakes lead in superdelegates for first time

State Dept. renews Blackwater contract

CBO: Better GI Bill would cut retention 16%

Is it time to invade Burma?

Burma’s cyclone children facing wipeout, say charities

Libya issues threat to Italy

A Convention Quandary(McCain's Doug Goodyear firm once represented Burma's repressive regime)

U.S. wants to stop increased testing for mad cow

Autoworkers union: American Axle proposal includes closing 3 plants

Myanmar junta hands out aid boxes with generals' names

U.S. scolding of Myanmar leaders comes under fire

Myanmar's junta holds referendum despite cyclone crisis

In big concession, militia agrees to let Iraqi troops into Sadr City

Myanmar exports rice as cyclone victims struggle

Leader of GOP convention quits after Myanmar ties reported

Analysis: Good economic news something of a mirage

Immigration raids catch citizens and legal residents

Ranch to Be Searched for Manson Victims

Report: Admiral's affair included sex at White House(1990)

Brazil president finds 'risk free' US economy laughable

Colombia shows new rebel documents

Judge Drops General From Trial of Detainee

Ohio Dems wish Clinton would exit

NY Times, Washington Post Confirm Arianna's Story That McCain Did Not Vote For Bush

McCain Plane Still Flying: Campaign continues to use Cindy's corporate jet

Ward complaints date back to priesthood

Al-Qaeda 'declares war on Hezbollah'

Judge: Woman's rape case against Halliburton can go to trial

Taser jolt can cause fatal heart rhythm, probe told

Lebanon army freezes government moves against Hezbollah

Ex-manager says OJ Simpson confessed

Henry "Mack Truck" Harvey - McCain and Oil

The Butterflyweavers : Sages, Mothers and Midwives

Barack Obama in Beaverton, OR

TYT: Why Do TV Personalities Always Fake Outrage?

Countdown: Keith Interviews Pat Tillman's Mother

The Headzup/ GoLeft Week In Cartoons

Janet Naplitano. Great potential.

Charlie Rose talks to Bill Moyers about Rev. Wright, etc.

Countdown: Interview w/ Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid - 5/9

US Cremated Troops At Facility That Also Handles Pets

Charlie Rose w/Fareed Zakaria on Geopolitics & The Post-American World

Unelectable (a tribute to Barack Obama)

Obama GOES OFF on the Clintons! ..Fake Video

Cluster Bombs Kill: Lynn Bradach's Story

Barack Obama in Bend, OR

TYT: Cenk On Cindy McCain's Taxes

Barack Obama in Albany, OR

Obama Claims He's Visited 57 States

Philippe Sands: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules "war crimes were committed"

Red State Update: Hillary Clinton Racist?

Californians switch from Clinton to Obama

Bill McCamley Convention Speech - Listen to real up and comer!

Max and the Marginalized - Consider the Source (another song + video about McCain)

The Democratic Nominee is a Nig...?

Mother's day

WTF? Blitzer let's Mittens refute Obama on every single point. What BS

The American war on drugs - last white hope

New World Order for Dummies

The Penguin and Batman discuss the American electorate.

Uplifting signs in U.S. political debate

Diagnostic jobs the latest to be outsourced

Former KBR employee sentenced in fuel fraud scheme

Plame seeks to resurrect lawsuit against Bush administration in CIA leak case

FBI, ATF Battle for Control Of Cases

Hillary Is McCain's Dream Candidate, Not Obama's

Nervous Democratic Leaders Weigh Giving Nomination to 'Generic Democrat'

What if Obama Applied 'Clinton-Metrics' in West Virginia?

Andy Borowitz: Bill Clinton Switches to Obama

Most Race-Baiting Column EVER! O'Reilly Uses Nearly Entire Column To Conjure Up Race War Over Obama

Global Poverty: More Big Business Is Not the Solution

The Sexy Path to Good Health

Ellen Goodman: Obama’s Mama

Invoking history, Bush wants court out of subpoena fight

Will Jenna Bush's Wedding Lead to a 'Rove-Marry's Baby?'

NYT:Herbert on the Clintons

Defending Bolivia: Morales and the Red Ponchos

Hillary Employs the Ultimate Metric: The 'Metric System'

Hillary Clinton Now Considered the 'Presumptuous' Nominee

Modern Day Slavery

Portrait of an Oil-Addicted Former Superpower

NYT, pg1, lead: Gas Prices Send Surge of Riders to Mass Transit

Monument to Stupidity

Round One Finds in the Pentagon FOI Document Dump

New coverage on RFK acoustic evidence

Lawmakers Seek Probe of ‘Media Generals’

Whatever they say, It’s the money

A long hot, bitter piss in Ronald Reagan's Face

The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder by Vincent Bugliosi

Charles Pierce on US electorate (+ Obama)

The British view: whoever wins the US election, John McCain is last

When Is "Tough Love" Torture?

Is it time to invade Burma?

You want MORE B.S.?

Guardian UK: With BushCo angling for war w/ Iran, Chicago is considering going on record opposing it

A flat tax for Californians

Let Them Eat Arugula by Jonathan Chait

America's Race to the Middle

On McCain, Obama and a Hamas Link

Shark's fin consumption more than doubles in Singapore

USA Today: Aging systems releasing sewage into rivers, streams

Weather Modification and Climate Change - International Conference/Workshop

Using controlled explosions along fault lines to relieve pressure.

National Guard troops won’t guard Plymouth nuclear plant (put in place seven years ago)

Gas Prices Send Surge of Riders to Mass Transit

Pollution brings end to Oklahoma mining town

If We All Started Driving Priuses, We'd Consume More Energy Than Ever Before



Dave From Canada

Kick the oil habit and make your own ethanol

Iowa farmers in test used soil sampling for Nitrogen reduced N Fertilizer 46% with 1% yield reductio

Army to dole out $248M for barracks repairs

Paratrooper dies after he was shot off Bragg

Military considering new cremation policies

Detrick mom gets 15 years in poisoning

N.Y. man convicted of killing soldier, teen

CBO: Better GI Bill would cut retention 16%

House OKs longer foreclosure protection

House panel adds $950M for readiness needs

NECC civil affairs group CO fired

Officer charged with faking rank, award

Navy releases McCain military record

New Coast Guard cutter delivered

Marines in Japan living a new, limited life

Marine cleared of rape but gets 2 years

Bill would scrap DDG 1000, add amphib

180 Neb. guardsmen return from Iraq

Sentence cut for Hamdaniya squad leader

Uniform lab tests seven more changes

2,500 jobs available — overseas

House panel funds more C-17s, but not airmen

Official: 1 shipment to be allowed to Myanmar

Guardsman charged with stealing border fence

Airmen search for missing UAV

Couple sues school over JROTC death

Academy not satisfied with minority rates

Air Force pays $5M for childbirth malpractice

Wounded veterans use Segways to increase mobility, quality of life

Kitty Hawk air wing commander removed for ‘loss of confidence’

Okinawa's newspapers: At war with the U.S. military?

DOD reviews its efficiency on key war-related issues

Lawmakers pledge supplemental war bill will pass soon

Won’s slide could lead to drop in COLA

Some wary of Air Force post allowance policy change

Instructor: More training needed in guiding bombs to targets

Air Force security teams give VIP flights in Afghanistan added defense

Osan jury weighing verdict in rape case

Sergeant guilty of sexual assault, adultery

Former CNO picked to lead General Dynamics

Military Update: Senators OK extra leave for military dads

Basra blast kills two U.S. contractors

Family of slain woman wants admiral to testify

Marine found not guilty of rape

Companies case colors ahead of deployment

Military Adds Armor to MRAPs

Air Force vet shot dead in Fla. courthouse

Pentagon Considers New Cremation Policy

Gitmo Judge May Halt Suspect's Trial

Gitmo Report: Inside the Hamdan Trial

Myanmar Wants the Aid, Not the Workers

Bragg Cuts Ribbon on Model Apartment

Airman’s wife is arrested, accused of drug smuggling

Bon Jovi helping homeless veterans

Stephen King’s Army Comments Draw Fire

Working Families Vote 2008 shirts for sale (blue like our party)

One hundred plus farm workers evicted following news coverage. Take action now.

Today in labor history May 10 (judge frees United Airlines from responsibility for pensions)

SEIU Rallies Workers In Boston In Hospitals' Organizing Drive

Congress Finds Mine Manager Withheld Information In Crandall Mine Deaths (updated with video)

Score 1 for Darwin, 0 for Wal-Mart

Laid-Off Flight Attendants Need Your Help

Chicago Tribune: FreightCar America says arbitration ruling will cost it $24.5 million

Unions focus against McCain as Democrats still battling

May 9, 2008 International Day Of Action For Freightliner Five Workers And Bay Area Actions

Economic Report: Toll On 9/11 Workers Continues

Life swapping: Why AFL-CIO opposes Colombian free trade


Labor talks continue to settle janitors strike in Los Angeles

36-year-old nuke plant strike nears

Genesys 1,000 nurses to meet Monday to decide on strike

Labor groups oppose Mexican aid package

National Labor Board Pushes for Massey Energy to Rehire Union Workers

Instead of importing workers, pay a decent wage to those already here ( more guest workers on tap?)

Terminator 4 powers ahead despite strike fears

Boeing, machinists union open contract negotiations

Domtar, United Steelworkers Union agree to 4-year umbrella master deal

May 17: Commemorate the 4th Anniversary of the Starbucks Union and Honor Dr. King

MayDay IWW Press Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan (in Spanish and English)

This American Life - 355: The Giant Pool of Money

And now, for something lighter...

What if you knew from firsthand knowledge that a liberal talk show host was gay

Chipped China (a poem)

Hannity and the 8 cent/gallon oil profit

A Roadmap to Nowhere

Hospital that heals division

Brown: Israel one of 20th century's 'greatest achievements'

The Myth Of Occupied Gaza

Egypt Begins Limited Reopening of Gaza Border Crossing

Hezbollah controls West Beirut - Robert Fisk

A major re-think

Venezuela, Argentina sign joint natural gas enterprise accord

Venezuela, China to Create Joint Venture to Supply New Refinery

Brazil Won't Accept Separatism in Bolivia, Minister Warns

Spanish newspaper El Pais reports Chavez-FARC links

Defending Bolivia: Morales and the Red Ponchos

Remember this?

From an article on VP possibilities:

The Magic never had a Chaunce

Baseball's All-time All-Scandal team...

Jonathan Cainer seems to have gotten his old magic back

Something I didn't expect to like about the energies of 2008...


Well this should be interesting

Confederate Memorial Day Service (dial up warning)

AMA calls for limits on drug ads

Does Organic Really Mean Organic?

FDA Withholds List of Chinese Heparin Suppliers from Probe

"Melts" - assembly does count.

BBQ broccoli?

mmmm I have 4 lbs of chinese tilapia fillets from wally world.


The Linus Pauling Institute.. micronutrients

Does Christianity command Christians to abstain from eating animal flesh?

Science Idol 2008 contest is on

This guys says it better than I can...

"Is the Bible against polygamy? Absolutely not."

The Ten Most Beautiful Experiments

“Sensible,” “Common Sense,” “Reasonable” Gun Control

Phoenix Radio KTAR interviews Richard Gage tonight at 7pm Pacific

Mother's Day talk shows ..


Teresa Heinz Posts at the Daily Kos

Nice to see Kerry getting involved trying to help a family in MA who may be deported

Twin Cities area drive-in movies

Rybak did not know his driver license was suspended..

Vote in a poll for group to donate to Ashwin Madia, who is running for Jim Ramstad (retiring) seat.

Cal Farley's needs your help.

Austin City Council Elections

Repairing the boot sector

Free Anti virus software question.

I need a good comparison chart somewhere for different processor speeds.

Great news! Brisket is health food!

Hmmm.... They reject the good ones and embrace the creeps - surprise, surprise!

Election Reform and Related News: Saturday, May 10, 2008

Kos Diarist: Say Goodbye to Clinton's Double Digit Win in Ohio

HOW OUR VOTES SHOULD BE COUNTED EVERY ELECTION in your precinct -- by your neighbors, and maybe you!

Senator Obama has officially started the real General Election campaign today

Why it will be over May 20th

Hillbillies For Hillary

would a petition asking Obama not to pick HRC as VP be a good idea?

If Canada speaks up, world will listen, Balsillie says

College Endowment Tax Is Studied

Today I was "unriffed"

Request from Senator Feingold to Wisconsin Democrats

Barack Obama still has Wisconsin on his mind.

Kevin Barrett is challenging Ron Kind in CD3

Houston's Art Car Parade today

Religious Scientists


5/9/08 - Please don't pay for Hillary's bills Obama Edition