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Hardball pundits push Republican VP Hagel... Wouldn't that free up Hillary to

If large groups of people think that Obama is the equivalent of the black muslim Manchurian

You know what's REALLY offensive? Saying poor, uneducated people can't do math

Who's the real US Citizen: Barack Obama or John McCain?

OK. Get it out of your system, post your nasties here - Obama or Clinton or McCain or Barr or Nader.

Obama Leads McCain as Bush, GOP Hit Record Lows

My third ever thread: ( my second was an absurd question) so here is my third.

When was the last time we have felt this much Racism, this close to home.... really...

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/12/08 - Obama unchnged (52), Clinton unchanged (42)

I have nothing bad to say about WV or KY dems

here dan abrams goes again...

Edwards: Dynamic, young, strong candidate Obama


Hillary going on after NC is like Lee going on after Gettysburg

Remember Democrats: 10% of the people own 70% of the wealth

OH GOD. The bane of NJ has metastasized.

The West Virginia working class has never fought for progress.

Thank You To Whoever Made A Donation In My Honor And Gave Me A Star.

Whites with No College - Interesting Stats on Black or Woman President

Thank You To Whoever Made A Donation In My Honor And Gave Me A Star.

I also want to thank whoever donated a star for me!

ABC News Matchup: Obama 51, McCain 44.

*** Dear Hillary, it's over....

Things to send to your "Christian" hypocrites about helping the poor

2004 W.Va primary results

2004 W.Va primary results

I am very sad.

CNN poll - Hillary's determination

Hillary supporter (historian) Wilentz authors positive Reagan book

Pat Buchanan said Obama would be like JFK.

I just watched the biggest event (WV)from home

The last Democrat to win the WH without WV was Woodrow Wilson in 1916

Why are the Right Wing Talking Heads Pro-Hillary?

Why are the Right Wing Talking Heads Pro-Hillary?

9 Reasons to vote for the Democratic Nominee this Fall

West Virginia News article: please explain

West Virginia News article: please explain

I predict childers will win in mississippi tomorrow!!

Big Slip: Hillary Clinton Refers To The Next President As A "He"

Obama Barack!

Edwards own words on Hillary

It's all over but the gnashing of the teeth and the....

It's all over but the gnashing of the teeth and the....

Shhh... Trust Your Instincts... Trust Your Path...

What kind of elitist are you?

Poblano strikes again! Rewriting the electoral college map

I have more respect for Democratic Nader voters than I do for Democrats who vote for McCain or don't

If Hillary's Oppo Research hasn't landed the big one by now to derail Obama, I'm feelin comfy

Shall I donate to Bob Barr's campaign?

Please, honestly, please, HRC supporters - share the strategy.

my $.02 on VEEP

I must say that I deeply offended.

I have a serious question. I want serious answers only.

How many times a day does Tucker Carlson say "Look, I'm not advocating for Hillary

Come on, people, the reason we see coverage of the WV primary is simple.

Hillarys biggest States: Arkansas, Kentucky, West Virginia

Bill Clinton and Darth Cheney are hunting in the woods . . .

Oh sure! Now West Virginia and Kentucky are the ONLY states that matter.

Oh sure! Now West Virginia and Kentucky are the ONLY states that matter.

Webb Led On Women's Rights in Navy

Obama and Clinton pound Mccain in Pennsylvania according to new Susquehanna GE poll

Um... Apparently Everything IS Related...

I hate this primary...

I hate this primary...

Why doesn't anyone mention Bob Graham as a possible VP candidate for Obama?

Is West Virginia Welcome in Your Democratic Party?

The problem with Sebelius as VP

SUSA OR: Obama 54 (+4), Clinton 43 (-1)

Oregon 2nd Congressional District


thingsyoungerthanjohnmccain dot com

Webb's women problems and his pederast writings make him a nonstarter as a VP candidate.

This is why Bob Graham is not acceptable as a VP....

I just want to say Thank You

I donated, but I don't want to punch the admins.

The new number is 2031

i wonder how this blue-collar typical white dude will vote?


Why has Bill Clinton turned so nasty and mean?

O'Reilly Meltdown Video WORKING Here - APJ

Just attended Bill Clinton's: Bring Your Ballot Event in Oregon

TOON: Oliphant on Hillary Clinton

WV Voters - Precinct Lines have changed so please look up your

If you want my vote, here are my demands--NON-NEGOTIABLE!!!

How Many Clinton Supporters Are Left Here?

THREE elections of interest today

This snooty, lazy white guy does not want Hillary as v.p.

Pledged Delegate Flips from Clinton to Obama

Pledged Delegate Flips from Clinton to Obama

the Iraq primary

Aw Fer Crissakes,

Don't be ashamed, BE PROUD!

Top 10 Reasons Obama Defeated Clinton for the Democratic Nomination

Top 10 Reasons Obama Defeated Clinton for the Democratic Nomination

Top 10 Reasons Obama Defeated Clinton for the Democratic Nomination

I think it's interesting that both OR and WV are about the same percentage white.

I keep hearing: "There's no chance McCain will win!"

Someone said we were all in our Mom's basement not donating

Does Russert say "Hilly" Clinton???

Clinton promotes segregating politics and Obama promotes UNITING politics

Things are getting REALLY TENSE over at the Clinton Phone Bank

Things are getting REALLY TENSE over at the Clinton Phone Bank

I would like to thank WV for voting tomorrow/today

Hillary Clintion refers to the next President as a HE.

Who will McCain pick as his VP? If he goes with Colin Powell or a women, will that hurt the Dems?

Obama dismisses Novak (Novak lied. Surprised?)

So, I just saw this brilliant video of Olbermann... Check it out:

A week totally away from DU and the News.....Readjusting to the shifting Zeitgeist

A week totally away from DU and the News.....Readjusting to the shifting Zeitgeist

I admit it, I am warming up to Obama/Clinton

Hillary "People just don't like her"

Is there anywhere where I could go to see how Clinton or Obama poll against McCain in each state?

E. J. Dionne: Post-Crucible Clinton

FUNNY!! DailyKos has a new favorite blog: Things Younger Than McCain

Breaking News: Clinton Loses First Pledged Delegate

Obama can't underwrite Hillary's debt but he can ask us to. I'm down for $100 if he asks.

The Price of Delusional Victory

Why are so many people acting like they just found out Obama's black?

The UNELECTABLE Candidate is now up 7% on McHundred. The electable one is up 3%.

Why do some states count more than others?

Obama's VP will be one of the following: Richardson, Ritter, Strickland, Rendell, or Clinton

Obama's "problem" with whites is *our* problem, it's been our problem for 230 years.

Primaries Are Not General Elections

WHY has the MSM Propped up Clinton for So Long? How many millions were spent by Both Candidates?

SuperDelegate Ray Nagin endorsed Obama

The Unspoken Issue.....

Carville: "I think the great likelihood is that OBAMA WILL BE THE NOMINEE" (CNN)

Carville: "I think the great likelihood is that OBAMA WILL BE THE NOMINEE" (CNN)

I believe Superdelegates are Obama's plan to offset loses in WV and KY

You cant win the White House unless (insert state here) votes for you.

Super Delegates 5/13/08 for OBAMA!

Ron Paul's forces quietly plot GOP convention revolt against McCain

Why were the Florida and Michigan primary dates moved ahead of schedule??

Racism alarms Obama's backers: Foot soldiers encounter name-calling, vandalism, bomb threats

Now John McCain is an environmentalist? I think not....

There's some question to the claim that Obama was actually born.

Looks like half the political signs in our neighborhood

Hey Obama- Words matter! See Obama and the “Constant Sore”

KTLA: "Clinton is hoping a win in WV proves she has an advantage with *key* democratic voters"

WV and KY aren't even bumps in the road to the nomination for Obama.

Are these WV facts true?

The media knows that ALL the polls show Hillary winning by at least 30 pts in W. VA but they

A personal story about racism

Just donated 50 dollars to the Obama Campaign, because he leads in super delegates /nt

Hey, Joe Lieberman...

Roy Roehmer, CO Governor and SD, just endorsed Obama!

As goes West Virginia, so goes the nation!

What's turnout like in WV? Has Obama's nearly insurmountable lead

59 percent of African-Americans want Hillary as VP - only MSNBC/Teddy K & bloggers/DU don't

Would Hillary have won IN by double digits if it weren't for Shitgate

Terry McAuliffe: Clinton will remain in the race through the last primary on June 3rd,"100 percent"

do you think the unleashing of SDs is strategic?

Tweety is really acting like an Obama fan on Morning Joe...Mcauliffe called him Obama's campaign mgr

"Visualize January 2009": What this election has taught me.

My WV story

Barbara Ehrenreich on Hillary Clinton.

Why does everyone rush to the aid of W. Virginians, but if you're educated and from San Francisco

It's 3 A.M. What's Your Ring Tone?

Wolf Blitzer is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO dumb, the Situation Room topic today will be ______________.

Obama didn't start out with 90% of the black vote...The Clinton's ... keep race on the table

WTF? Mika Brez. saying "Barack Hussein Obama"

My ONE issue w/ Obama - and I Love the guy

Why WV doesn't matter? regular season has been decided.

I would be proud to be from a state like Oregon or Minnesota where whites support Obama

Another Toothless Inbred Moron For Obama?

No Democrat since Wilson has won the Presidency without WV ?

HRC AA Vote : SC- 19%,(cf 27% total) TN- 22%, NC -5%

No... No... NOOOoOOoo! Not even MORE Obama Logos! MORE!?!? (Dial-up warning)

Obama campaign announces three more super delegate endorsements!

Despite WV today, the TIME magazine w/Obama's cover just hit the shelves!

Will the next few days be as bad for Obama in the media as the days after PA?

Obama supporters I am really disappointed in some of you

What's your favorite adjective to describe Hillary?

Jim Webb on Being asked to be VP: I'm not really Interested. That's all I want to say.

Do you think Obama can win the GE without Florida or Michigan..

Something you should know about WV

Should pledged delegates remain pledged through the first ballot.

Get the hook!

Bad news from that Washington Post/ABC News poll....

What's the deal with NoQuarter and Hillaryis44? (Particularly curious what Clinton supporters think)

Isn't It Lovely How People Can Still Say Confidently That They Will Not Vote For A Black Man

Hillary Supporters Only Please: Do any of you REALLY think Hillary will be the Nominee?

Early Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters on her WV win!

Early Congratulations to Hillary and her supporters on her WV win!

It's simple: Obama will be our next president, and America will get back on the right track.

A thread for Obama supporters on West Virginia Day

There isn't anything the matter with Kansas...

Portland Tribune OR Poll: Obama 55, Clinton 35

WTF? Desperation makes people do the dumbest things.

Obama's problem with whites: by FOX News, Juan Williams

anyone know what the Delegate split might be tonight?

"She's now wearing a Certified Pre-owned Pants Suit"

A Two-for-One Campaign: George McGovern has a proposal for our two candidates

A Two-for-One Campaign: George McGovern has a proposal for our two candidates

Clinton Camp: Media ‘in the tank’ for Obama

The Race To Watch Is Mississippi, Not West Virginia

Understanding Obama-rama

Kenyan law prohibits dual citizenship. In response to someone (?)

JFK won the 1960 West Virginia was a key test of his religion

Yes, the media certainly is biased

Hillary doing Obama favor by staying in race (Maybe they agreed to this)

Likely Clinton win in W. Virginia won't derail Obama

Rosen: THAT Superdelegate Wasn't Important Anyway. No FLOOD of SDs to Obama Proves

For All True Dem's and Women who care...

"I can't vote for Obama because he's a Muslum..." WTF?

The Rove Connection

Obama now has a 177 delegate lead. After tonight's primary there'll be only 189 delegates remaining

Nostalgic for the 90's?

Marietta Ga. Bar Owner selling Racist Obama T-shirts (Obama as Curious George)

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA returns to Capitol Hill today

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA returns to Capitol Hill today

Oh, Hillary - Important votes are in GE's 1st off, but more so - this race is over! Hyperbole much?

Oh, Hillary - Important votes are in GE's 1st off, but more so - this race is over! Hyperbole much?

CNN: "Majority of Dems want Clinton to be V.P." Charlie Rangel: Scenario would be "terrific"

Ladies & Gents, forget Viral: the O'Reilly freak-out has now gone Pestilent, Pandemic, Mephitic


Bob Barr for PRESIDENT! We need to get this viral.

If it takes an Obama/Clinton ticket to make people in WV, KY and all those places

If it takes an Obama/Clinton ticket to make people in WV, KY and all those places

ATTENTION!!Jonathan Alter: This is now about the VP slot Hillary wants to be asked for the slot

I don't give a fook that Kathleen Sebelius is a woman

Super delegate count on dailykos

Dave Lindorff: Hillary Clinton, John McCain and the "Stupid" Vote

4 Supers for Obama so far today

Who needs bowling?

This is the first primary where I've had zero nervousness as an Obama supporter

Listening to BBC world news this morning, interviews of WV voters, said no vote for a black

WV and KY don't count

West Virginians for Obama

Carville - “I’m for Clinton, but I think the great likelihood is that Obama will be the nominee."

Issues haven't been a topic of this race for a long time now

Will Russert offer Libertarian candidate Barr the same Meet the Press platform he gave Nader?

Nagin (NOLA Mayor, Superdelegate) endorses Obama for president

Hillary Clinton will be on the situation room tomorrow with Wolf Blitzer. I suspect she will be

Just voted in the NEBRASKA PRIMARY! Huskers check in here...

Can someone please direct me to a racist post made by a Clinton supporter please...

Can someone please direct me to a racist post made by a Clinton supporter please...

SW OH: 28,627 in local GOP switched parties

A big win tonight for HRC in WV may fundamentally alter the dynamics of this race

Prediction: Gender and Class will Play a HUGE Factor in Obama's VP Selection

Obama's reference to 57 states ---

why all the threads about racism today

Cobb bar protested as racist for Obama T-shirts

A conversation with two people.

"I support Hillary because of all the nasty stuff Obama supporters keep saying about her..."

Instead of framing Hillary needs 70% of the remaining delegates

It is over and many folks here still need to grieve

Tricks at the polls in WV....Part of the 'plan'??

but Hillary's 'baggage' has unopened compartments

What happens in WV, stays in WV!

Oliver Willis: The Delusional Clinton Supporters

sorry for the duplicate Ohio thread

Ok we aren't worse than the Republicans

Mike Malloy says Obama/Clark is the ticket which will bury Grandpa McLoony

Racist incidents on the campaign trail give some Obama campaigners pause.

So when Obama gets creamed in WV today and we'll be awash with threads accusing whites of racism,

Suggested speech for Barack Obama to win over the Racist White Vote

i want the obama/hillary thing to drag on until the's why.....

Hillary C. Wallace

Olbermann and O'Reilly, Cafferty and Hannity, Stewart and Tucker

Where are the cries of sexism now?

Obama and the psychology of the color barrier

At the end of the day, Clinton's ominous comments have really discouraged me

UH oh Clinton PLEDGED Delegate just switched to Obama

From examples of racism on the campaign trail.

OHIO VOTE UPDATE: Obama picks 2 more pledged delegates in OH

Nice tribute to Hillary.

How many DUers here have ever posted just to see how long it takes the Mods to lock it?

Who's voting Clinton? Ignorant people

All this hard white work, for so little return.

Urgent: Need Help. John Denver has infiltrated my head

I'm not voting for Hillary or Barrack - here's why

I got to vote twice for Obama. Jealous?

Obama's appearance in the House last week:

I thought Clinton dropped the Gas Tax Holiday plan? Not in WV, apparently.

Hillary's campaign: She's JFK - Barack Obama is George Bush

Would Hillary supporters vote for a McCain/Clinton ticket?

Bob Kincaid Broadcasting Out Of Beckley, West Virginia Is Starting Now

The exit polls tonight should be interesting

Yeah, racism isn't an issue.

Obama: "Don't fund independent groups" Fascinating article

Why couldn't Hillary draw a record turnout in WV today???

Why is it over?

Keith Olbermann just announced a hot panel tonight. (Including Sen. Amy Klobuchar)

In honor of the rural theme today, a masterpiece of the 20th Century.

Not exactly 'Hillary4UandMe', but I like it.

It mustn't be Hillary

any news about childers? who cares about WV?

Obama Endorsed by Crow Nation and Fort Peck Tribes

FLASHBACK: 10.17.07 Before ONE VOTE was cast Obama declared Hillary not inevitable!

Should this forum be used for vetting rumors and innuendos about the candidates?

So basically what the Hill camp has left...

A Lack Of A Lot Of Formal Education And Racial Tolerance Are Not Mutually Exclusive

"There are a couple of things the campaign is pointing out." I'd like to hear that phrase more.

Emancipation: 1870, Women's Suffrage: 1920, Jim Crow ends: 1960

A good friend sent me this picture, I laughed so hard I cried, enjoy!

I Doubt Hillary Actually Wants MI's Delegates Resolved: It's Her Wedge Issue.

Gas tax suspension Good idea? 72% Clinton supporters say yes in WV

There's no honor in "winning" a primary contest against the Dem nominee.

"You just can't WAIT to see me give up, can you?!"

********** OBAMA ON CNN NOW **********

As a American first, democrat second and Obama supporter 3rd - Best wishes to voters in WV!

Why is it that almost none of the Democrats I have ever met look down on our rural counterparts?

What is Obama's secret 'shock and awe' WMD to be used if he makes it to pres?

Just heard on MSNBC coverage of the primaries that West Virginia has

POLL: Democrats Trusted More on All Ten Electoral Issues, including national security and taxes

Hillary SHOULDN'T drop out!

Terry McAuliffe was DNC Chairman from 2001-2005

Tuesday Primary TOONS: The Last one (I hope)

Even white Democrats had trouble with "hard-working" white Americans

BREAKING: Senator Clinton plans massive TV blitz on Wednesday to celebrate phyric WV "victory"

FOX News Projects Lee Mercer Winner In West Virginia

Cobb bar protested as racist for Obama T-shirts (poll on the left too)

Obama / Kaine 2008!

Does obama's Veep have to have military experience?

Just heard a pundit on CNN say Barack would have to hire a food tester if Hillary is VP!

West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin practically endorsed Obama on CNN

Breaking Time to call West Virginia .....

McGovern Urges Obama, Clinton To Unite

Obama paid respect to gun culture hours before "bitter" remark

Huckabee criticizes Hagee's apology to Catholics - and Huckabee gets it right.

Who is Barbara Ehrenreich?

Stupid is as stupid does

Cue the Racism! Watch this board fill up with That as the Talking Point. But Whose you may ask..

What is McCain's Relationship to Hagee?

Exit polls look pretty brutal for Obama. 70%Clinton shares values, 45 Obama does, more

Where can I follow the results of the Mississippi congressional race?

I'm sorry I can hold my peace no more the State of

Ho many of you believe that if Obama gets the nomination HRC should team up with Lieberman

Who else thinks the media is going to talk up a Hillary comeback tonight?

Hillary Deathwatch - Less than 2.5% (as of last week - now 0%)

Here is why the POPULAR VOTE will not matter to the Super Delegates!!!!!!

Poll ---- How soon will the Media call the Winner?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA tonight with CLAIRE MCCASKILL at a townhall in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Throw Terry's campaign rhetoric in a blender...

Clinton spokesperson Ann Lewis: claims the race was full of surprises

Vote against the bar owner who has launched a racist attack against one of our candidates.

Hillary needs to win 85-15 in WV and every state left to win.

any reports on how heavy/light turnout is in West VA?


Can You Feel The Love In Here Tonight!!!

Can You Feel The Love In Here Tonight!!!

+++Meanwhile, back on planet Earth, Obama leads by about 10 delegates less than he did yesterday+++

Obama's Wicked Awesome Voter Registration Drive.

Obama's Wicked Awesome Voter Registration Drive.

FL and MI discussions are irrelevant. Obama will seat them and ensure they vote as he wins anyway.

WV Republican caucus: 52% Huckabee, 47% Romney, 1% McCain

How Hillary Might Still Win It

She would have to get 172 out of 189 left just to catch up to him in Pledged let alone Supers

You shouldn't have put your pictures up there - it's scaring away doners.

There are 189 delegates up for grabs after tonight ...

Background Info On Bill O'Reilly's Meltdown--Also, link to the video

Democrats had never elected a president without Texas...until 1992

I never knew there was so much anti-WV sentiment until the last two days

My favorite West-by-god-Virginian

Everybody's Jumping Ship

Usually on a primary night when it is a state favorable to Clinton

Clinton Camp: "Game Over!! We Scored!!"...

LeMonde: American Elections, Cause for Hope and for Disappointment

****** HILLARY HAS WON VW!!!! *****

Need a link

Since trashing West Virginia is the topic of the day, get a head start on Kentucky.

"Swingtown" - swinging 1970's heading to primetime

I do not dislike Hillary - and I sure respect Bill

Congratulations Senator Clinton and all those who worked so hard for her


**** Contact Congress about Stalls in Important Benefits!!***

what? OJ confessed to killing nicole? i just saw this on nancy disgrace!

Rasmussen: Bush Job Approval Falls to Another All-Time Low

Obama Endorsed by Crow Nation and Fort Peck Tribes

Huckabee Becomes MSNBC Insider

Alarm at Google Yahoo partnering (BBC)

Whats the word in the Mississippi special election

IRAQ: The elusive Iranian weapons

First Responders, you have my sincere admiration.

Breaking News: McCain Yells At Cloud

KO will give us the O'Lielly blow up

Please donate to DU! We're stronger than this!

Anyone notice a lot of 3.99/gal gas recently?

Ohmigod. McAuliffe is starting to spin - ever faster - on MSNBC now. He's up to Category 3!

CNN Exit Polls: WV 65.12 - 31.9

Genetically modified human embryo stirs criticism

On national TV Terry McAuliffe misleads about DNC rules. A former chairman should not do that.

Calling all Hillary supporters ---- are you ready to----

PHOTO: "Wait! $4 a gallon gas? That's interesting! I hadn't heard that."

Real stories about regulation.

Press on traveling with Hillary; Obama's memo; Kerry on GOP lies; a prediction on delegate totals

Check the Skies for Piglets: Fox Gets it Right!

For those who must post something

Mike Malloy is tearing into the voter ID crap the SCOTUS has endorsed.

Kudos, props and a shout out to Obama tonight for going after McCain in Nov.


This violent tornado season.

This violent tornado season.

Supreme Court guided by "partisan, cultural, and perhaps religious allegiance,"

On a scale of 0-5, How much do you care about Obama's Birth Certificate?

This Modern World It's February 2009. Do you know where your ex-president is?

Saudis unlikely to give Bush the lowered oil prices he'll plead for

Saudis unlikely to give Bush the lowered oil prices he'll plead for

Geez. What did we do before polls?

Dems aiming at S. Florida GOP stronghold

Army Corps of Engineers ignorant of condition of thousands of levees...

I adore Bill Moyers

Caption Barack.

Conspiratorially Speaking: United Flight 93 and 9/11 (A BuzzFlash Editorial)

These are the people we should remember...

Bushitler is coming to Phoenix May 27 to fundraise with McWar at the

The Dem candidate running against Virgil Goode (R) VA-05 sounds GREAT

Having gone through the '89 Loma Prieta quake, I still can't get my brain around it:

What has our Country become?

When a good mother sails from this world: for those whose good mothers have died

Economic Report: Bush Says $4 Gas Just "Too Darn Bad"

Here's the solution to the Hillary/Barack stalemate.

McCain Camp's Salter Emails Newsweek about Planned Attacks against Obama

Latinos Aren't Americans

Dubya says the world ought to be angry at the slow response to cyclone

I'm just fucking sick of it all and tired of everything. n/t

We paid for a Republican Congressman to go to Europe with his mistress.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

"Kiss my ass! Not happening." ... Man refuses to stop using cell phone during flight

Immigration Officials Raid Iowa Meatpacking Plant, Detaining Hundreds

Ah Hell, I just want this damn war to end.

Clinton Campaign: Was it a Net Positive or Negative?

Anyone else watching Doug Fieth on The Daily Show RIGHT NOW?


Rainbow Responds to Burma Disaster

From re the mall in DC

Republican Debate in Kentucky

Billo Effin Remix

Bill Moyers: Every American should have 'Cheneycare'

Bill Moyers: Every American should have 'Cheneycare'

"Ex-Gay" leader calls LGBT advocates "hate groups"

Does your head ache, or your back hurt? There's a place or two that cares!

Rolling Stone and Bill Maher give you....

Bill O'Reilly Goes Insane

Obama and Hagel?,Nunn? is that OK with you?

"The typical conversation" gets it wrong.

Is Clinton staying in the race hurting Obama?

I am so sick of hearing about Katie Holmes' hair.

so I dreamt I was on the Obama bus last night...

Hillary this and Obama that... You ALL suck!

Florida Wildfires

McCain will end up like Bob Dole

FYI: American Experience on PBS tonight has a profile of FDR. nt

So where are the alleged eight houses of John McCain?

You would think WV never elected an African American to office...

The Revolution Starts.... Now!!! - Cease Fire!!

Blacks have voted for white candidates many many times. WV says it will NEVER vote for blacks

Is it time for DU to get rid of the GDP forum?

JFK Library honors officials who challenged voting systems

Romney regrets leaving non-believers out of his faith speech

True or False: Obama Has Won More SD's and D's in the last Week than Hillary Wins in WV tonight

Signs of progress in Iraq

Will Farrell skit about broken teleprompter

Thomas Harold Riddle 6-28-1920 to 4-26-2008 Rest in peace.

Great New Investment Opportunity

In fact, America’s main export has always been terror - Meet Blowtorch Bob and other scum

Death tolls for Picher, OK and SW Missouri as of May, 13th. 2008

Debating the Defense Budget

Miami Herald: No answers to crisis in workforce housing

Afghanistan says thousands flee fearing NATO strikes - We will turn this into Jesusland soon

Great New Investment Opportunity

Tillman's mom still doubts Army story

Horse with an artificial leg

Follow up re: "detainment camp" in IA - Big INS raid in Iowa

Handwriting of Clinton, McCain & Obama may speak volumes

Good News for Al Franken- Sen. Coleman tied to Pro Burmese Firm

Today's "True Dem" Clinton supporter talking points XEROX

Look out Momma!!! 401 years ago today

Continuing to fund the occupation of Iraq, is supporting the occupation.

"Our husbands were accused ... and we were arrested."


1 in 3 Military Women Experience Sexual Abuse

As Sgt. Javal Davis says afterward, he wondered at the time, "Why is everybody naked?"

y'all ain't believe this but 162 years ago they started a war based on lies

U.S. drops charges against '20th hijacker'

Obama is Allowing Clinton to Have this Victory

Rove refuses call to testify under oath

GOP Shifts Away From Bush on Oil Bill

Like N. Korea wanting to send its warships and troops to New Orleans to rescue people after Katrina

Hillary's watch party in WV looks like a funeral

Charges Dropped Against 9/11 Suspect (xpost from Veterans)

Tax rebates headed for the pump, grocer: survey

Are we being hoodwinked about getting out of

DNA Question: Did Jesus marry Mary?

Idaho GOP Candidate: "Schools need separate bathrooms for gay students"

Idaho GOP Candidate: "Schools need separate bathrooms for gay students"

AJC: For less than the price of a decent used car, you can buy a home in Atlanta today.

Sleeping Man Tasered in His Own Home

Pakistan government on the verge of collapse

Barack Obama Puts on Flag Pin in West Virginia (given to him by veteran?)

Dems to Bush: What about your 2000 promise to convince OPEC to increase its production of oil?

David Sirota: My Stressful Day with Healthcare (MUST READ!!)

Novak: "Michelle Vetoes Hillary"..."There is no chance that (Ron Paul) ever will endorse McCain"

Novak: "Michelle Vetoes Hillary"..."There is no chance that (Ron Paul) ever will endorse McCain"

WSJ: The Biggest Housing Losers

Crafter Of Federal DOMA Launches Libertarian Presidential Bid

Wait a minute.. West Virginia DOESN'T COUNT

Former Under SEC of DEF fieth on Jon Stewart

Bank of America Increases Home-Equity Loss Estimate on Consumer 'Stress'

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao actually

Was Karl Rove involved in the military analyst program?-Glenn Greenwald

Bush: "sometimes commercial interests don't take the threats nearly as seriously as you do or I do"

PBC Dems Come Meet Palast and Rhodes Sunday...For FREE!!!!

Female Oregon Soldier Killed in Iraq

Ha Ha Ha! "Bob Barr Announces His Candidacy for President"

Please recommend the Philippe Sands lecture linked at the following

says here GORE is to blame for the food shortages

State Dept Officials: BUSHCO Repeatedly Ignored Iraqi Corruption & Kept Embarrassing Info Secret

To those opposed to a single-payer, national health care system....

Massive WV TURNOUT! Breaking for Obama Surprise! Early Exit Polls Indicating O:55/C:45!!!!

"See? I won a state!! Now give me $20 million!!"

CNN hires former Homeland Security adviser Frances Townsend

Pentagon FAXED confirmation 5 will face Sept. 11 charges, possible death penalties

Tornado warning for Southern Shelby County Missouri

US News> Source: Huckabee Tops McCain's Veep List

BUSH Has: "Left Israel more threatened than when he assumed office in January 2001" (WAPO)

BUSH Has: "Left Israel more threatened than when he assumed office in January 2001" (WAPO)

A Brief History of Computerized Election Fraud (X)

Knock off this gender/race shit.

WSJ: Democrats Face Rescue Backlash

Blasts rock Jaipur, India : 60 killed, scores injured

Have You Received Rebate Yet?

Obama has netted +28 delegates this week. Hillary won't net half that many tonight.

ACLU Says Membership Has Doubled — Thanks To Bush Presidency

It Isn't Morning In America Anymore - It's Dusk On Planet Earth

Americans at large seem to have lost interest in the Iraq war

You kids crack me up...

McCain faces Boeing blowback

David Corn: Clinton's Hollow Win in West Virginia

What is it ALL ABOUT!?! really. I'm 39 is short

Understanding the Real Dollar - Photo- dial-up warning

Public Service Announcement: People With OUT Children

Abdullah, can you spare some gas?

To the person who donated in my name ........

Wendy's Workers Told To Expect Job Cuts

Pentagon Drops Charges Against "20th Hijacker"

Bush Approval Rating Holding Steady at 22%... LINK

Retail sales dip for second time in 2 months

Please don't bash West Virginia voters: You're doing what HRC wants when you do that.

Listen to this!

I am so ashamed of my country

Does anyone know how to contact Countdown for the Worst Person in the World segment?

Robert Rauschenberg passes at age 82

Manufacturing inflation? Interesting factoid.

Good News

CBS NEWS on LOGO Phelps Interview.

Barcelonans getting their drinking water by the freighterfull

Washington University Law Professors: Rescind Honorary Degree For Anti-Feminist Phyllis Schlafly»

McCain's Christian Problem (What Huckabee could do, and what

how is the levee doing in your area? do you even know if there is a levee

********BREAKING*********** Obama to speak in Portland on May 20?

The best sports analogy I've seen concerning tonight's primary:

Caption Mc*

Question about voting at a comdo association meeting

Gasoline Price Breakdown - It's Outrages!

DUH... Esquire Magazine Interview: Is John Yoo a Monster?

Myanmar Junta Accused of Hoarding Food Aid

Robert Rauschenberg has died at his home on Captiva Island

Can anyone honestly tell the difference between Hillary is 44 and Free Republic?

Pop! Goes the U.S. Real Estate market (Housing Prices Tumble in 2/3 of Cities)

in the spirit of "Operation Chaos", I'd like to introduce" OPERATION RUSH'S ASS-BOIL" or ORAB

68% Want Our Troops Home

Daughter Doesn't Graduate, So Dad Is Jailed

Solar Power here today : "SUNRGI, University of Tel Aviv boast of solar power advances"

Revealed: torture centre linked to MI5 (Guardian Article)

WP,pg1: Growing Deficits Threaten Pensions; Accounting Tactics Conceal a Crisis For Public Workers

US Orphan Works Act - a global threat to artist rights

Obama will be the next President, and West Virginia will stay Red

On Supporting War

Bankrupt Couple Will Lose 9 Investment Homes

Bankrupt Couple Will Lose 9 Investment Homes

The US military empire is going down the tubes

David Sirota: Health Care As the New Terrorist to Fear

Bush is going begging to the Saudis again - Today’s Headlines 5/13/08

****** WV Exit Polls Begin *******

Obama's 57 states

I'm backing Hillary because the Obama people never let me finish a sen

Senate should censure Joe Lieberman immediately...

Things you might have missed in the MSM.

Bill O' Freaks - The Remix

Fuck it, I just donated some money

Gas for $3.99 a gallon

New Motto, Familiar Theme: Republicans Decide They’ll Pitch a Plan for Change, Too

The Rude Pundit: Why the U.N. and the U.S. Should Invade Myanmar and Why We Can't

Heads up: FDR - now - on PBS' "The American Experience."

Cobb bar protested as racist for Obama T-shirts

Racist Incidents Give Some Obama Campaigners Pause

Thanks to whomever gave me a star. nt

Der Spiegel on the US media

Why vote Obama in the fall?

Don't let no one kid you things are really shaping up in Iraq

Well.... Goodbye, everyone!

Sheik Saad Al Abdullah Al Sabah has died. Former emir of Kuwait

Now you can check your DU donor status!

Senate votes 97-1 to stop filling reserves with oil

Hey Hey Hey. Bob Barr has almost reached his fundraising goal...

interesting mailers the Obama camp is circulating in Kentucky in hopes of appealing to men and women

John McCain's Generally Rotten Environmental Record - 3 Votes Against Renewable Energy In 2002 Alone

Two Articles That May Make You Sick


How commodity index funds are changeing the futures market and driving up grain prices for consumers

"Come Together"

Why Health Care reform should be top priority

School board member wants evolution dropped from its science curriculum

Republican ‘re-branding’ poised to launch (lower than dog food)

For OBAMA Supporters - HUGE Obama Photo. (dial-up warning)

Obama is weak on the Soviets

SC professors, students sign statement opposing Bush visit

Yet another "time for a sabbatical" thread

Many people in West Virginia are really disconnected from reality.

Doug Feith on the daily show

Need a link to the picture of the Bush supporter wearing all

John McCain: Eco Warrior

Question concerning Apartheid

Televangelist spills it all.

Create your own McCain Billboard!

Do you know why ABC continually slanders Democrats?

Concern grows for China's panda reserves. Pandas survived the earthquake.

How can we have "Democratic" racists?

Want to see something truly vile and sickening?

Hey moron on GEM$NBC -McSame sought out Hagee

Spanish Telemarketers

Can Sorghum Solve the Biofuels Dilemma?

Just got an E-Mail from "Idaho For Obama"...

Gates: Reject tendency to focus on 'Next-War-itis'

Want to go green? Get a front loading washing maching. You will never regret it

Vatican: It's OK To Believe In Aliens!

Should RickRolling be A) Allowed B) Denied or C) Restricted at DU?

Is using Freeper terms such as "serial adulterer" for Bill Clinton, the DU way?

Pentagon propagandists/military analysts appeared or were quoted more than 4,500 times...

So now even Einstein will be persona non gratis;

John Hagee "deeply sorry" for calling the Catholic Church "The Great Whore." Hand me a tissue!

Contemporary News Accounts Undermine GOP Denials on Confederate Statues/DCCC mailer

Hey, DU'ers over 40! Tell me the truth!

Has the CNN site crashed? I can't get to it.

A long time friend of ours lives in West Virginia.

IN the mood to B****

Why are we committing so much attention to racism in this nation, and so little to sexism?

Robert Parry: McCain and the 'Unitary Executive'

How The Pentagon Propaganda Machine Worked: ‘Are you telling me to tell a lie???? Surely not!

NEED HELP DeBunking Repuke Chain Letter. Can't Find Anything At Snope's

He said the words! He said "Universal Healthcare"

New citizen, new voter: 'I want my voice to be heard' (polls close at 8 Central)

Thank you to the person who gave me a star!

Posting My Pre-results Congratulations to Hillary Supporters

No inflation if you don't eat or drive

Skinner!!! Where's my damned STAR?

So why don't most states support the mail-in system Oregon does?

Clinton's future does not lie in the White House

The Myth That Won't Die: Labor Unions Are Too Powerful

The Myth That Won't Die: Labor Unions Are Too Powerful

Have A Great Day! (18 Veterans Will Kill Themselves Today)

2 comments made by a MINISTER relative of mine. Help with answers would be great

"Barack Obama is birashle"

the Tampa Tribune had an editorial cartoon today

Bush: I think playing golf during a war just sends the wrong signal

If you really want to know whose supporters are the most racist and divisive

If you really want to know whose supporters are the most racist and divisive

Now the RW Smear Machine going after new Trinity Pastor Otis Moss

Bush's Mother's Day message (I SWEAR I did not make this up):

Would this work?

Lawmakers Propose Banning Talking On Cell Phone While Crossing Street

MSNBC: Racism Alarms Obama Backers

Check it out: THIS BRAVE NATION - Award and Series

Wow. And y'all get excited whan California Peggy says the F-word!

CUBA: ‘Green’ Farming Techniques to Boost Production

There was a post here earlier today about a website that let you

Obama supporters say NICE things about West Virginia

Has anyone seen the documentary film "Escape from Suburbia"?

Man arrested for assaulting a police officer with M&Ms...

Hillary's victory party in WV looks like a funeral

DU's Ava In New Brave New Films Movie! ("The Wait Is Over. Our New Documentary")

Verizon Shareholders Ask: Can CEO Ivan Seidenberg Be His Own Boss?

In NJ - setting a student's turban on fire= setting a trash can on fire

Hearings on the Chicago Iran Resolution - Scott Ritter testified today

Happy Birthday STEPHEN COLBERT (44)

Whole Foods Shares Fall on Second-Quarter Profit, Slowing Sales

Banning Second Life: Congressman Aims to Restrict Access to the Virtual World

Some Southerners to keep in mind:

Leading Doctor: Vaccines-Autism Worth Study

Iowa immigration raid largest ever in U.S.

When Confronted By a Real Life West Virginian....

Tuesday TOON Updates: W is such a drag...

What I'm doing to save the world...a liddle bit:


Aww.... did I make you late for your cross-burning?

Taking a Stand Against War, By Scott Ritter

The last 3:00 Stewart directly challenges Feith (VIDEO)

Housing Prices Tumble in Two-Thirds of U.S. Cities

If Terry, Howard or Hillary try to make a big fuss about the popular vote.......

Stop the presses, Bush gave up golf for the Iraq War.

Someone is harassing broadcaster Neal Boortz

LOL Freepers are FREAKING that McCain "Believes in" Climate Crisis

What do you think of PAC's?


Filibuster-proof Senate tantalizingly close for Dems

Should Obama Pick Sebelius as VP? Great Article:

Video: China Earthquake Footage

Doug Feith Is A Lying Piece Of War Criminal Shit

Obama/Clinton ticket can't lose

Quotations about Animal Rights

Clinton Supporters: Will You Admit the Strong Likelihood Is Obama's The Nominee?

TEDTalk Tuesday: Crows Training Crows

Man ticketed for wearing speedo on beach

Will Hillary BEG for money tonight? Yes or No?

Anyone see that WalMart is cashing tax rebate checks for free? (And getting you to spend there)

Anyone see that WalMart is cashing tax rebate checks for free? (And getting you to spend there)

Voted today in West Virginia for Senator Clinton!

Military analysts named in Times exposé appeared or were quoted more than 4,500 times

Obama supporters and their Orwellian Newspeak

Kucinich Supporters!

Thank You Irena, for Saving the Children from the Germans.

USAToday: Hybrids recoup higher cost in less time

USAToday: Hybrids recoup higher cost in less time

FLORIDA & MICHIGAN!!!!! We can't disenfranchise the voters!!!! FLORIDA & MICHIGAN!!!!!

So the best way to object to bigotry in West Virginia...

To Clinton supporters: Congrats on winning West Virginia (&) Why I respect Clinton's candidacy

To Clinton supporters: Congrats on winning West Virginia (&) Why I respect Clinton's candidacy

Blacks have voted for White Democratic candidates for years.

Why we need Kathleen Sebelius as VP

Taking things for granted, not being able to walk is not fun

Most excellent new blogger at Huffpost.

Raw Story VIDEO: Daily Show...Jon Stewart refuses to sit still for Doug Feith's bullshit

Raw Story VIDEO: Daily Show...Jon Stewart refuses to sit still for Doug Feith's bullshit

Raw Story VIDEO: Daily Show...Jon Stewart refuses to sit still for Doug Feith's bullshit

Watch this video

OMFG - The Bill-O "fuck it" Thing As Interpreted By A Mix-Master!

Jim Webb is the best VP candidate? So no problems with his anti-women writings?

The candidates in gamer terms, by Dork Tower (TOON)

Limbaugh asserted that "gas prices didn't start going through the roof till [Democrats] took over

I am bigoted against low-information voters......


Who was making the "Bitter _____s For Obama" stickers?

Obama Supporters Mocking West Virginia Are Missing the Point.

I present you the anti-Duggars. (Story is 20 days old and nobody posted it at DU. Shame on you all.)

I believe this economic downturn is going to suck.

Intrade: Clinton shares collapse – Democrats favored to pick up 5 Rep Senate Seats

Pure Unadulterated Irony

China quake should wake up U.S.

Agree or disagree: Some are going to use any excuse to avoid voting for the "black guy"....

China quake: 'This is not a natural disaster - this is done by humans'

Michael Moore Making Fahrenheit 9/11 Sequel

Racist e-mails of the Secret Service

Now you can check your DU donor status!

Mother and boyfriend turned girl into dominatrix at age 12

Attention to the "Hillary women" on CNN this morning?

Wanna know how ignorant piglicon AZ lawmakers are?

WaPo SHOCKER! Americans gloomier than at any point since the last time a Bush sat in the Oval Office

Hagee Apologizes & MSNBC's Contessa Brewer And Guest Analyst Have Pathetic Response

For all the women supporting Hillary who would vote for McCain over Obama...

For all the women supporting Hillary who would vote for McCain over Obama...

Public Service Announcement - People With Kids

Feith Blames Public For Feeling Misled About Iraq: ‘I Think They Misremember A Lot’

Wow! This looks awesome! And our Ava is featured!

Why I think WV hurts America

Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens

Rednecks, as some call them, are the smartest and most level-headed...

Oil was $25/barrel when Bush invaded Iraq.

MULLIGANS: Where Everybody Knows Your Name - If You Are White

Obama Campaign Memo regarding West Virginia and Obama’s Strong Position in the Race Ahead

The GOP Has Never Had To Answer For Using The Southern Strategy For Decades.

The GOP Has Never Had To Answer For Using The Southern Strategy For Decades.

More on MHMR workers blasting CPS in FLDS case

ALL DU'ers: Please, for the love of Sweet Jeebus, when calling out your adversary as a "moron"...

Eleanor Clift, Newsweek: Clinton Agonistes

Hillary Clinton Sending a Clear Message in West Virginia

A Fire-Breather in Congress

CROSS-LINK: "Where did the Web rumors about Obama come from?" by Matt Stearns (5-8-2008)

Curious George Obama T-Shirt!

Mark Crispin Miller To Testify To Congress On How DoJ Has Dealt With Vote Suppression

WFAA: "75% of the seniors...can't read above an 8th grade level, and others can't add/subtract"

What's your favorite adjective to describe Obama?

Even Clinton’s Nuclear Option Will Fail

The Sadistic Side of Bush's War on Terror * Sexual Terrorism

Anyone with last # of SS around 40 get their effin Stimulus Check?

Stuff White People Like #75...

John McCain, fire the lobbyists!

ALL 97 US Senators who aren't currently running for president, say whether they’d agree to be VP

Obama, ever heard of separation of church and state? "Obama Goes Fundie In Kentucky"

I don't like Hillary at all -- But I'm fine with her as the VP candidate

I thought we were going to let Senator Clinton end on a high note.

Congress: Money for War, But No Money for the Troops? small group of Dems torpedoing GI Bill

HOWARD DEAN, tear down this filter and let the voters decide in 2012

Jeff Danzinger just summed up Appalachia in one simple political cartoon

Mark Crispin Miller Testifying Tomorrow On How DOJ Dealt With Vote Supression

Hillary should drop out.

TOON: John McCain owned by his wife

Obama's base collapsing

Does the Hillary Campaign Condone This?

The birth certificate mystery

The birth certificate mystery

If The International Community Decides To Prosecute-These Guys Are Toast (Nat'l Lawyers Guild)

Alcohol -- link to crime?

90% of Black People are Only Voting for Obama Because He's Black!

Rachel Maddow 'gunning' for own show

Wow, $3.769 per gallon gasoline in Orlando today at my Shell station

Will Hillary Take This To The Convention? Yes or No.


Conyers Threatens Bush with IMPEACHMENT in Letter over Iran

I Had No Idea They Still Killed Puppies

Turn any compact car into a plug in hybrid for $3300 ?

Sue Simmons (Video): New York NBC Anchor Screams "What The F*** Are You Doing?" In On-Air Promo

Something to consider for the VP choice

Speaking as a native West can't insult us

Whar da hale did Hilry pick up da Hoopey accent?

Are caucuses useful for determining our nominee?

Sen. Diaper Fetish Vitter and his wife were spotted at the WH singing happy birthday to the Pope

NY Post gossip Cindy Adams says she has embargoed script of Oliver Stone's "W"

ROFL! Just saw a teevee ad comparing Pelosi to a rubber chicken!

I will give $50 each to 5 different House candidates. Make the case for your district.

+++Major Hillary Blowout Tonight Takes Back Popular Vote; Reverses Course of Race+++

I'm a Fundamentalist Christian..

The Official DU "Dream Ticket" Poll

Bill Clinton in Oregon denigrates DNC rules, says Florida did no wrong.

Well, I just brushed mah tooth

FR: "Fascism was anti-religious" Rewrite of WWII History for the Ignorant

So, Clinton supporters are racist

The Clinton campaign HAS hurt our party, and our chances in the General Election

Who Barack Obama should NOT pick for vice president

Her Majesty

LOL! This American Life on Showtime: Talk to an Iraqi

Ruby is scheduled to be spayed tomorrow

cool tile...

New artist thread

A GDP thread not to be missed, and guaranteed NOT to offend either side's supporters!

DU People who drink: Can you recommend a good sports bar?

Dobby the House Elf and Gollum - separated at birth?

A sitcom to definitely skip: stars FlavorFlav and TO....

Paypal question... help please!

We're buying bicycles this week!

Great googly moogly! Anyone ever hear of a place closing for Mother's Day?

Two of my favorite songs-for someone special

She will never let your spirits down... :P

Unassisted Triple Play

a question about exchanging currency

The Chicken...

Lebron is effing CARAAAAZY!

Grapes of Wrath - The Book and Movie that gave me a social conscience at age 17

I'm calling graywarrior out . . .

Things To Bring On a Trip to the Southwest

Did anyone watch the VH1 documentary on the sexual revolution tonight?

Strange phone call from a "work from home" company

I left the Dr's office with a lump on my forearm that wasn't there when I went in...

Anyone need $17,000 I can give them?

If you want to flirt send me a PM


If You Want To See My Butt PM Me

DU men who exercise: Can you recommend a good sports cup?

I donated, but I don't want to punch the admins.

What do the Astronauts do for entertainment (reading, music, video list on the ISS)

I just noticed... we have MORE THAN 37 MILLION posts on DU since its inception!

Do any DTV converter boxes have timers for VCRs?

Sing me a lullaby

Streaker interrupts a news report!


Roll Call for insomniacs! Before I hit the sack! I've got about an hour left in me.

OMG they're all drunk.

Escorts and Halo

I have a date Wednesday night!

I just gave up on the idea of sleep.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/12/08

I just gave into the idea of sheep.

Which X-Men are you?

About the people YOU dislike, here and across the aisle: A horrible, unpopular, mind-snapping TRUTH.

Got my check this morning

(Posted in GD as well)Picher OK and SW Missouri Death Tolls as of this Morning.

jesus h christ on a popsicle stick!

Hey, I just figured out how to play the intro to Boston's "More Than a Feeling" on my guitar!

I just gave up on the idea of sheep.

If you want to see your kids again, PM me

Her Meowjesty

When you KNOW, really really know you're being lied to ....

Pinched nerve in arm...Help!!

My employer just did a nice thing for us....

ESPN been very very good to me.

Do some GD:P people remind you of crazy sports fans or Star Wars fans?

Years past that you remember don't seem as much like old times as those you don't remember,

This ought to be a good topic...

This ought to be a good topic...

YEAH!! I guessed a Jeopardy question before Rabrrrrrr answered it.

Wow. Just listened to Ravel's Bolero for the first time in a few years.


Happy 86th birthday!!!!

Is it just me or has amazons format

I have the PERFECT smilie for those of us who just did time in GD-P:

Ever know someone who seems to attract bad luck like a magnet?

Post here and tell me why I should NOT give you a star

Friday Night Lights is a great show. I hope they bring it back soon.

So, we all know the "Moran" guy,

People here bitch incessantly about the "green" and "wellness" policies.

I just did two things that make me feel really good....

i won a one year membership for a tae kwon do "academy" or dojo or whatever they call it

Hey, what exactly happens, again, when one loses their marbles?

Skinner is stalking me. Who do I complain to about that?

I miss idgiehkt, u4ic, and Bassic...

Hey, what exactly happens, again, when one loses their star?


A great write up of LOST, that I was emailed

I am reordering checks - should I get this design?

OMG! License plate I saw on the way to work today.


"Legendary Tales Of Your Sausage"!

HOLY CARP - A Florida Seminole baseball player....

Job Resume (Thank you DickSteele for the help!)

Whoa! NY Local News Anchor, Sue Simmons, Just Said "Fuck" On The Air

Is it true that the Governor of La. failed to request federal aid from the feds?

Women Arrested After Allowing 2-Year-Old To Smoke

Have you seen this thread in GDP? The anti-Duggars?

Ok I'm bored and cruising netflix someone recommend a movie for me

Thank you to who gave me my star!

Just removed a snake from my basement

Post here and tell me why I should give you a star.

Aussie straps in beer, not child

So that's why gnooze has been down!

DH goes back to work next week.....

Welcome Back OHIOSMITH

It's poppy time!!!

Please share your thoughts on this poem. Suggestions/criticism welcome.


i should not be allowed to operate a motor vehicle

Woo-hoo!! I won something!

Oooohh... My husband turned the big 3-0 today!

Bomb threat: The three involved students were identified, interviewed and released

"Sheep" is the word of the day. Modify a thread title to include "sheep".

Apparently I complain too much

What is the purpose of the Lounge?

There is a primary today - when will we go to Defcon 3?

There is a primary today - when will we go to Defcon 3?

Catholics will not go to hell for believing in aliens.

Movie monsters that got a raw deal?

w00t! The undisputed Greatest of Greatest threads is MINE!

The check is in the mail

It's official. Gas has hit $4+ here in my tiny little town

Man, it is so LOUD here today.

Pictures From Ohiosmiths Cruise

has anyone here used cranial electro-therapy stimulation for anxiety, etc?

Where Is Mr Coffee Bean?

Female Cuckoo Clock

If they're sold out of watches, why are the spaming to sell them?

Terrible Animal Cruelty Case--Please Help!

Post your insane and totally FUUNY comments in this thread


$57.00 to fill a freakin' Toyota Camry!!

How do I make a quote box?

Polite Fascism Contracts the Right to Vote - Supreme Outrage

Is Mothman a Clinton or Obama supporter?

Kewl! Fluorescent green snot with purple flecks in it

Where Has Mrcoffee Been?

The 4th painting evah by Missus D

Increase your chest expansion one inch in five days!

A Sonic Youth song has been added to the Rock Band video game playlist

Girl In The War

I have cookie crumbs in my butt

Street Doctors

Comic Book Fans, Pics of the Marvel Bullpen

Things that are younger than McCain.


Pru flipped out earlier when Skip was shredding some stuff...

Fuckin' Oprah - I'm watching her "Talented Kids" show, and she sucks.

Drag. But I bet the pilot is the reason it didn't crash into a house or something

Please post your inane and un-fuuny posts in this thread.

Please post your inane and un-fuuny posts in this thread.

Damn I want my knee back, the ligaments are so tight.


I have cookie crumbs in my

I have cookie crumbs in my

Well, I'm off to preach a funeral. Have a good evening, all!

Oh dear god no.

Man uses gun to scratch back; shoots himself

Post here and tell me why I should just ignore what you said in your reply

In an open air sporting arena, a piping hot 32 ounce bag of urine might go unnoticed

I Am Flying To Bolivia In The Next Few Weeks, Anyone Want To Come With?

tv networks announce falls schedule

Indication that you are bored out of your mind...

Since when is size 10 considered "Plus Sized"


oobies bey

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/13/08

Giving some love to the 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System

Question for mortgage brokers


if a business has a sign that says 'no shirt, no shoes, no service'...

a new pic thread

Wanna see some F'd up bread? Don't click of you're sqeamish

Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is a gentleman, if you define "gentleman" as "a real piece of shit"

DU Women who exercise: Can you recommend a good sports bra?

Today's News: 1) I joined the gym!!1 and even better, 2)

RANT! Another collection agency call looking for previous tenants

New Pic Thread

New House Update

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/13/2008)

I need a copy of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" DVD

Sheep Roundup!!!

Because I love the Lounge so much, I wanted to share something with all of you...

Is my son doing good for him self? 22-25K a year

Puppies! Kittens! Puppies AND Kittens!

A restaurant in Oregon


They're Making A Fraggle Rock Movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh shit, hide the poor people, its Midlo's bunco night


After a clam.

Treadmill Kittens video!!!

If You Want To See My Cleavage PM Me

Bears are invading my neighborhood

So how much do they pay insurance customer service people...

so... i went back to brunettes (pics)

Rescued from Facebook

Now you can check your DU donor status!

My hands are killing me - make the burning stop

I have cookie crumbs in my bosom.

Local hero saint says "enough!" to nonsense, sues local jackass pet owners for negligence.

Famous people I've seen this year


Life in the year 2000 (as predicted in 1961)

People who post GD: P topics in the Lounge are ...

What the bleep is this shit?

Flo at Progressive creeps me out

Hey, is flvegan around? I've got a pitbull problem...

Fashionistas, what say you?

Y'all had better watch your step around me

Can't do it this time, Admins, and I'm sorry.

Guys who were cool before "cool" was used to describe cool?

Want to know when your stimulus check is going to arrive??

Hey, DU'ers over 40! Tell me the truth!

Do you now, or have you ever owned a lava lamp?

Mississippi Showdown to Make or Break Democratic Winning Streak

My freshman rep is the one who introduced legislation to suspend deliveries to the Strategic Reserve

What is needed to prove you have a rental lease to show residency?

I tripped over Erin yesterday...

Guys, take heed: Women will like you a lot more

What an idiot. A guy in our town tried to sue the owners of a dog he hit.

I have a new picture! Come see...

I'm going to see Kids in the Hall tonight!

I just realized I passed 13,000 posts today.....

HOUSE JUDICIARY: Joint Hearing on Allegations of Selective Prosecution Part II

Albert Einstein Calls Bible "Pretty Childish" In Letter Up For Auction

Eating self-aware creatures? Why isn't that near-cannibalism?

Eating self-aware creatures? Why isn't that near-cannibalism?

I'm in Chevy Chase

If forced at gunpoint to choose - which one of these repuke loser would you want as your friend

I used the "Parental Control" on my Cable Box today

Star Wars geeks: a question concerning a novel.

so... i went back brunette (pics)

ohiosmith returns. MrCoffee returns.

I just had a big, fat molar extracted. Ask me anything. ANYTHING.

Now I've done it...

Bolivia's Death Road, "World's Most Dangerous Road" - not gonna see me on it.

What great book would you love to see ruined by the standard Hollywood treatment?

Swedish Fish - get your Swedish Fish here

Lounge vibes and/or prayers are needed for my stepfather. It's not looking good.

watchin the finale of "Golddiggers of 1933" - it is more apt today

U.S. Department of Labor investigating Kern County orchard

Free barefoot doctor, say Nobel winners

JPMorgan CEO sees $1 bn gain from Bear deal

Putin's hardliners keep places in new cabinet

China floats inviting Dalai Lama to Olympics

WTO chief says trade deal still possible in 2008

WTO chief says trade deal still possible in 2008

Ex-officials: Bush admin. ignored Iraq corruption

Tillman mom: Account of death may not be true

Childish superstition: Einstein's letter makes view of religion relatively clear

U.S. justices' conflicts halt apartheid appeal

Crafter Of Federal DOMA Launches Libertarian Presidential Bid

Iraqi officials implicated in smuggling of antiquities, British Museum expert says

Saudi says Lebanon violence will affect Iran ties

Racist Incidents Give Some Obama Campaigners Pause

Fmr DNC Chair (Roy) Romer Backs Obama

Clinton focuses on West Virginia; Obama, on future

Robert Rauschenberg, Titan of American Art, Is Dead at 82

HP to buy EDS for about $12.6 billion in cash

Gallup Daily: Obama Pulls Ahead of Clinton, 50% to 43%

Einstein: Bible Is 'Primitive, Pretty Childish'

Italian PM may be drawn into CIA abduction case

Wendy's incoming CEO says employees should expect job cuts

Grand Jury To Hear From Special Counsel Staff

Pop artist Robert Rauschenberg dies in Fla. at 82

The U.S. Quietly Slashes the Reward Posted for the Leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq

US paid bounty to arrest Canadian terror suspect

Ohio Dems seek impeachment of scandal-scarred AG

Top Democrat announces budget agreement

Officials: Clashes in Iraq's Sadr City kill 11

Pat Tillman's Mother Recalls Journey for Facts in New Book

N.Y. Senator Pushes For Cameras On Cop Handguns

Missile Is Fired at Copter Over Baghdad, U.S. Says

Hickenlooper fears DNC fund shortage

GM to close Windsor plant, 1,400 job cuts 'shock' UAW

(US) Senate Takes Step to Approve Bargaining Rights for Public Safety Officers

Televangelist John Hagee apologizes to Catholics

Bush: I gave up Golf for the Troopa

Turnout heavy in DeSoto (MS-01)

HP Confirms Talks To Buy Electronic Data Systems

Marine Corps surpasses recruiting goal

Lawmakers question dismissal of EPA official

BPOs run intense security checks on staff

2 indicted in S. Fla. billionaire's tax dodge

MoveOn ad features pro-Obama Republican

U.S. Outlook is Worst Since '92, Poll Finds (Results Give Democrats Edge)

US helicopter 'downed by Taleban' (no one seriously injured)

Justice Department oversees elections in Colfax County, Neb. (polls close at 8 Central)

DFL calls on Coleman to divest money from lobbying firm for Myanmar

Old gas pumps can't handle ever-rising prices

Blunt Federal Letters Tell Students They’re Security Threats

House votes to stop adding to oil stockpile

Senate says halt oil reserve shipments

Genetically modified human embryo stirs criticism

For Many Hispanics, a Tenuous Prosperity Lost

Tata may export Nano to US

Robert Rauschenberg, Titan of American Art, Is Dead at 82

Rove refuses call to testify under oath

U.S. drops charges against '20th hijacker'


W. House sees food prices staying high for 2-3 yrs

MSNBC: Clinton is Projected Winner in W. Va

McCain Backer John Hagee Apologizes to Catholics

Republicans Use Obama as Weapon in House Contest in Mississippi

DCCC links Davis to KKK founder’s statue - MS 1st District Race

Home prices continue sharp descent

Rice: Mideast peace improbable, not impossible


CU seeks right-wing prof

Michael Moore Making "Fahrenheit 9/11" Sequel: Documentary to be released in 2009

Man Says JetBlue Pilot Forced Him To Sit On Toilet

Spanish court drop charges against U.S. soldiers in journalist's death in Iraq

Cobb bar protested as racist for Obama T-shirts

Ecuador president offers his territory for liberation of FARC hostages during France visit

Five blasts in India's Jaipur, five feared dead

Five blasts in India's Jaipur, five feared dead

Survey: 1 in 10 boomers borrowing for everyday expenses

Bush: I quit golf over Iraq War.

Colombian paramilitary warlords extradited

Colombia labor leaders want “freedom to organize without fear of being assisinated”

Military analysts in NYT exposé appeared or quoted 4,500 times on broadcast, cable, NPR

28 million women at risk of unwanted pregnancy

Tech Spending Gets Bleaker

How the Bush White House Sanctioned Torture = Democracy NOW 1 of 2

How the Bush White House Sanctioned Torture = Democracy NOW 2 of 2

Following the Bush Torture Trail = Democracy NOW 2 of 2

Dirty Old Man McCain Finds 14-Year-Old Girl 'Very Attractive'

When The Phone Rings At 3 AM...

Barack Obama: Keeping Our Faith With Veterans (Full)

Rep. Mike Pence: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Rep. John Conyers: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Rep. Cohen Raises Concerns over Selective Prosecution in MS

Fired US Attorney Paul Charlton Speaks to Jason Leopold

Countdown: Worst Persons 5/12 - Bill O'

Countdown: Worst Persons 5/12 - Bill O'

Bill Moyers on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann

Eye To Eye: Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias

Vote for Change: National Kick-Off

Secret Service's Sordid History

Rep. Steve Cohen: Guantanamo Bay and Interrogation Rules

Hillary: 3am in a 2 Star Hotel-West Virginia- Hillary impersonator

Voters not MSM idiots should decide (FOX News)

Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb) on Security & the Next President

Katrina 2005

MoveOn Ad: I'm a Republican & I'm Voting for Barack Obama

Hillary's Path To Victory In West Virgnina

FauxNews scrutinizes Obama's record: He wants to decriminalize marijuana! (oooga boooga)

Ollie North, Schoolhouse Rock style

Following the Bush Torture Trail = Democracy NOW 1 of 2

SNL Searches for Obama

TPMtv: McCain's Lobbying Pals: Vol. 57

Local Oregon Coverage: Obama Looking Strong in New Poll

Thank You Republican Party

West Virginia for Obama

Another Box from the Combat Zone (Ohio)

Dim Bulb Michele Bachmann

Terry McAuliffe on Fox News: Media 90% for Obama

Hagee: God Will Unleash Terrorists on U.S. for Israel Policy

Barack Obama in Louisville, KY

TYT: Hillary Clinton Never Had A Plan B


Olbermann delighted with O'Phonesex's meltdown

TYT: Girl Gets Arrested At Prom for Her Dress?

Bill O'Remix - It's got a good beat and I can freak out to it!

Outsourcers Bargain-Hunting in the U.S.

Supreme Court Allows Apartheid Victims’ Lawsuit Against US Companies To Proceed

A Sneak Peek Behind-the-Scenes of the Hamas Superdelegates

McCain's Christian Problem

60 Years On, Refugees Visit Lost Jerusalem Homes

Senator George McGovern: A Two-for-One Campaign

UK palm oil consumption fuels Colombia violence, says report

A Liberal Wit Builds Bridges to the G.O.P.

The Myth of Voter Fraud

Did the Limbaugh Effect Also Flip Michigan?

CREW Raps Hastert On Fossella

Robert Parry: McCain and the "unitary executive"

`Big Pharma' Drug Deals Target Asian Sources: Chart of the Day


The Why of Chokingly High Oil Prices: Bush Together with Saudi Arabia Spells Disaster for America

AlterNet: Hedge Fund Titans Are Treating Us Like Pawns in Their Economic Chess Games

Here Come the Millennials: Loosening the tremendous grip conservatives have had on levers of power

Legalize Selling Your Body, Criminalize Buying It

To Curb Truancy, Dallas Tries Electronic Monitoring

George McGovern Calls for Unity (NYT)

"20th hijacker" blows up torture argument

Obama and Bowling: When the Media Promoted 'Gutter Politics'

Pols fail to comprehend breadth of infrastructure crisis

Revenge of the Wimp Factor: The Ironies of Proving Manhood in the Democratic Primary

Quiet US Confession: Weapons Were Not Made In Iran After All

TPM: House Republicans File Brief Siding with White House in Subpoena Battle

TPM:Senate GOPer Hatching Secret White House Wiretapping Compromise

The Handy Reference Guide to Bush Disasters, Incompetencies, and Lies

Speaking With Obama About Israel by Martin Peretz

Phone-Jamming Felon and Former Senior Republican Operative Raymond to Appear Before US House Comm

How will Fahrenheit 9-11 1/2 end?

McCain's Judicial Hypocrisy

Robert L. Borosage: Rebranding Republicans

A Few Good Soldiers. More members of the military turn against the terror trials.

The Rule of Secret Law in the Bush Administration

Gulf Seen Between Democracy in Theory and Practice: Survey

Dead at 98: Heroic Irena Sendler, helped save 2,500 Jewish children

Hackers hijack a half-million sites in latest attack

Bush warns of Iraq disaster

Was Karl Rove involved in the military analyst program?

'Belief in God childish..." Einstein letter (auction)

Nadler Grills The Torture Team With An Eye To Prosecute

"Shock Doctrine" Spin in U.S., Burma and Beyond

Workers on visas easy to exploit (Good Read)

Some Unsolicited Advice for Barack Obama

Americans Are Living (And Dying) In A Militarized Police State

Microwaves 'cook ballast aliens' (BBC) {invasive species}

bill for obama

Discover magazine Runs Article on Focus Fusion

America is rotting from the inside

As ice melts, N. Command eyes Arctic patrols (xpost from Veterans)

Residential Solar Embraces Leasing, Power Purchase Agreements (CA)

Vestas Expanding Colorado (wind turbine tower manufacturing) Facility

Governor Culver signs renewable energy bill (Iowa)

Low cost labor and untaxed fuel cause migrations of frozen fish

Phosphate latest craze for investors

Saving wetlands: a broken promise (WA state)

BP, Rio Cancel $2 Billion Australian (clean-coal) Project

Gas prices spike plans for Hyundai pickup

A sign of the times

MLO/NOAA - Current Record Atmospheric CO2 Content Highest In At Leat 650,000 Years

Kashmir - Antlered Red Deer aka Hangul Approaching The End - Maybe 150 Left - Reuters

Norway's CO2 Emissions Hit Record High In 2007, Up 3% - Reuters

Wind Energy Could Produce 20 Percent of U.S. Electricity By 2030 -US DoE

Dengue Incidence Rising Rapidly, With Warming Climate Giving Vector Species A Boost - NYT

"Brutally Dry Autumn" Threatens Promising Australian Wheat Crop - SMH

Bajaj Auto, Renault, Nissan form low-cost ($2,500) car JV

No Relief in Sight for High Fertilizer Prices

Fars News Agency - Iranian Proposal To Cut Crude Output Now Under Review - Reuters

Schering-Plough Developing One of Largest Rooftop Solar Installations in United States (PA)

Senate approves end to oil reserve shipments

Banker, grain dealers blame hedge funds for risking wheat industry

Myanmar biofuel drive deepens food shortage

Herman Daly: Climate Policy: From ‘Know How’ to ‘Do Now’

Australia: Pets pay as household costs soar

Speculators are boosting grain and energy prices - Bloomberg

Rebuilding unlikely in tornado-ravaged Okla. town (lead pollution)

Carbon Dioxide Levels At Highest in 650,000 Years

John McCain: Eco Warrior

More Kohl's Stores To Go Solar

The Tragedy Of Tar Creek and Complete Devastation In Picher, OK(F-4 Tornado, 5/10/08)

McCain promotes nuclear power (and trashes solar) in North Bend visit (Seattle Times blog)

Nuclear boom prompts proliferation concerns

Another must-read from Sharon Astyk

Four Years Of Fish Kills, Disease Hitting Shenandoah Valley Guides, Residents - DNR

Iran reviews proposal to cut oil output

US senators pressuring Saudis to hike oil output

Seeking global seed hegemony: Firms Seek Patents on ‘Climate Ready’ Altered Crops

Environmentalists' Wild Predictions

300GW by 2030 say DOE and study group - we could blow this away

Online handbook for Prius owners.

WHO Sends Body Bags To Myanmar As Corpses Rot - AFP

FYI: JH Kunstler to be on Glenn Beck on CNN-HN tonight, 7 & 9 EDT

Marine Bombing Range Becoming Popular With Scrap Metal Hunters - AP

One year since 10th Mountain GIs were seized

Fort Rucker soldier dies in motorcycle wreck

Nonvets must pay for emergency VA care

As ice melts, N. Command eyes Arctic patrols

Soldier killed by roadside bomb in Baghdad

Anti-stress dolls cheer deployed troops

Gates: MRAPs reduce troop deaths, injuries

Editorial: Proactive, not reactive

Editorial: How to save Tricare

Opinion: Getting a pass

3 commanding officers fired in one week

Reagan, strike group preparing to deploy

Firm looks to improve on pilot piddle pack

Troops prepare 2 aid flights to Myanmar today

Editorial: Deeds, not words

Maine senators try to save third DDG 1000

Accused in killing, former Marine speaks

Driving crackdown spurs piles of paperwork

Tillman mom: Account of death may not be true

F-16s drop 8 bombs to destroy al-Qaida base

Backtalk: To solve Air Force’s ‘fighter gap,’ buy Navy Super Hornets

Contractor in Iraq to face court-martial on assault charge

Corps meets 142 percent of April recruit goal

173rd Airborne soldier gets four years for break-in on Afghanistan base

Scientists: Bird flu may be endemic to S. Korea

U.S. soldier in Korea gets 6 months for sexual assault

Auto data for new ration cards in Europe due soon

Report: S. Korea to test stealth technology

Cheap-flight ads often don’t list all costs

UN: Myanmar Regime Hoards Cyclone Aid

Wars Boosting Per Capita Income

US Reportedly Ignored Iraq Corruption

AF Steps Up Nuclear Weapons Oversight

Guard Answers to Storm-Battered States

Deployment Information Now Visible

Charges Dropped Against 9/11 Suspect

Prepositioning Weapons to Save Tons

Army hits April recruiting goals

Gates warns DoD of ‘next-war-itis’

2 Humvees missing from Afghanistan base

Government Employees Union Calls On McCain To Fully Fund Veteran's Affairs

Alberta will be short 6,400 nurses, union warns

American Axle reports progress in talks with union

California may boost payouts to workers injured on the job

Blokey union seeks baby leave for dads (Australia)

Janitors Reach Tentative Agreement on Wages, Benefits, Four-Year Pact for L.A. County

Keeping the heat on OSHA

OSHA Seeks Insight on Stockpiling Respirators, Facemasks for Pandemic Flu

225 USW Members Awarded Backpay, Johnstown America Ordered to Recall Laid Off Workers

Pro-Clinton Unions Continue Full-Steam Ahead

Plant protesters want to cook up attention at Paula Deen event

Today in labor history May 13

Workers At NE Ohio GM Plant Set To Strike

The Myth That Won't Die: Labor Unions Are Too Powerful

Expanding Guest Worker Program Would Hurt U.S. Workers

CLUW Shines Spotlight on Women’s Health

Report: Massachusetts Worker Deaths Hit Four-Year High

Pro-union legislation continues discussion (Employee Free Choice Act)

Obama may speak in STL at labor convention next week as black trade unionists meet

Politico: Labor's influence key in November

Nurses union strikes deal with hospitals

If GodTube is Worth $30 Million, How Much Do I Hear For

Libor Set for Overhaul as Credibility Is Doubted

Rubenstein Says 'Enormous' Bank Losses Unrecognized

Shipping containers could become condos in Detroit

I'm plugging a thread in GD. Please read it when you can.

Messed with the fundies today...

Exhibition axed after police visit

Confronting Questions, Obama Assures Jews of His Support

60 Years On, Refugees Visit Lost Jerusalem Homes

US/Israel: Bush Should Press for End to Gaza Closure

Group urges U.S. to open cultural exchange with Cuba

High seas rescue (Coast Guard benevolently prevents Haitians from leaving Haiti)

Haitian president faces new government setback

Amazon Indians hold mass rally to oppose dams

Colombia extradites 14 jailed warlords to US

Cuban migrants land in Mexico after 17 days at sea

Ecuador president offers his territory for liberation of FARC hostages during France visit

Canada's Unwitting Role in Colombia

EVA GOLINGER, The Bolivarian Rev. is a global Revolution - by Jean-Guy Allard

Worthy of Its Own Novela: USAID Replaces Corrupt Franco with ex-Cuban American National Found. Capo

I just happened across this --

"Che' Film Premieres at Cannes Tomorrow -- Four and a half hours long


Did you see that LeBron dunk just now?! -- The Celtics look


Is This How Crop Circles are Made?

Risky posting - Persuasion and Brainwashing Techniques Being Used On The Public Today

Seth speaks

"Tears, Vertigo, and the Natural Disasters" - Karen Bishop - May 12, 2008

Some new still lives...

Prozac may benefit patients with multiple sclerosis

In Bayern, the Biergartens are open for business

Women who breastfeed for more than a year halve their risk of rheumatoid arthritis

Former NIH director - vaccine autism link "government too quick to dismiss concerns."

Is Your Kid Covered?

Rave: Barefoot Contessa Indonesian Ginger Marinade

RFK Jr.'s Autism Crusade Continues

David Brooks almost sorta gets it right.

Childish superstition: Einstein's letter makes view of religion relatively clear

Vatican: It's OK to believe in aliens

Boy, 5, Shoots Little Sister After Fight

What kind of gun control would you propose?

N.Y. Senator Pushes For Cameras On Cop Handguns

DNA Question: Did Jesus marry Mary?

Why is the UK's violent crime rate almost 10x higher than the US?

Microsoft star gazing

Airline passenger refuses to hang up cell phone during flight...

Looks like a great read...

JK on HuffPo

Michele Bachmann crony/supporter agrees to $1.8 million settlement for shady financial dealings

MN SOS site down all night and today. Hacked yesterday?

College prof no walkover for Franken in Minn. Senate run

If Kay Bailey Hutchison steps down to run for Gov there looks to be

Ubuntu 8.04 hardy heron released

Relative moving to Austin - advice?

A Brief History of Computerized Election Fraud

Are you talented with Election Reform language on State Party platforms?

NYT: Republicans are as Determined as Ever to Only Grant Voting Rights to the Privileged Few

Conyers Hearing: 5/14 Allegations of Selective Prosecution

False Charges in the Blogosphere That Obama Is Attacking Baby Boomers Who Opposed the Vietnam War

Does Hillary Realize “He” Will Be The Next President?


When will BHO be in Tampa? Need ride.


Obama Trouncing Clinton

The Bald Cajun Sings

Obama Remains Strongest Advocate of Medicinal Marijuana Among Major Candidates

my suggestion for tonight - simply congratulate Clinton supporters and not engage them

Ottawa Citizen: Conservatives won't commit defence strategy to paper

Who brought on this implosion? Not Gordon Brown, but his predecessor

Dan Barker Oz Interview: Losing faith in modern America

Romney regrets leaving non-believers out of his faith speech

Childish superstition: Einstein's letter makes view of religion relatively clear

Am I a bad person?

BBC: Cardinal says Believers may be partly responsible for the decline in faith

Delete- Dupe

KOEB - 5-12-08 - Barack has more superdelegates edition

KOEB Meeting 5/13/08 West Virginia It's All in Hillary's Head Primary Edition