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the Black Knight: "I move for no man."

Obama's financial success

Obama's literary success

A down and nasty Obama surrogate needs to go to McCain and explain to him...

Campaign finance data comes out Tuesday

McCain Picks On Hillary Clinton!!!!!

New Mexico Poll: Obama leads McCain by 9 points

Lets create a list of GOP scandals during the Bush admin

Obama Picks up Delegates in Kan., Md., Nev.

I am donation 902 at DU, I want my slippers back, and Skinner will you now donate 5.00 to help

Obama coming back to Iowa to give The Speech

40 years ago today the anti war protest of the Catonsville 9

Michelle Obama “Whitey” Video

Rumored video proves Hillary murdered Vince Foster....

Just read the transcript of the Piece of Shit in a Pantsuit's blogger call

Could Senator Kennedy have been poisoned? (your opinion)

you got a problem with this???

Biden to White House: 'Here’s What I Disagree With' (5/16)

Are any states going to have Bull-Shit initiatives on the November ballot?

The Primary is NOT the GE!

The Primary is NOT the GE!

Obama's Keynote Address to the DNC 2004

Obama's Keynote Address to the DNC 2004

Obama's Keynote Address to the DNC 2004

SNL audience cheers wildly at the sight of McCain

Voting outside the Democratic Party in November cause you're feelings are hurt??

The Magistrate is pro-Hillary biased MOD - do we allow this at DU? I say no.

Anyone have the video of Senator Old Angry Prick.....

Obama's Keynote Address at the DNC 2004

I think today is opposite day and I didn't even realize it!

"It's easy to get ... blacks to vote for the Democratic candidate"

We Must Elect Barack Obama. Our National Security and the Future of this Country Depends On It!

What a day if the worlds greatest nation

Should the FL and MI votes/delegates count, and if so, in what way.

A man with a strong, audacious wife and two smart wonderful daughters - Hillary calls him a sexist

Tuesday, in Denver, 1500 astrologers will attempt to pick next prez (FYI-Obama Born at 7:11 p.m.)

Tuesday, in Denver, 1500 astrologers will attempt to pick next prez (FYI-Obama Born at 7:11 p.m.)

What Obama will do if the "whitey" tape is real....

What Obama will do if the "whitey" tape is real....

Is not a Soviet Propaganda Thing!!

Keep up the great work

Can you say "UNELECTABLE"? Michelle Obama's "whitey" tape.

Grampa McGrumpy is the enemy, it's time to fight together

Thomas Friedman's article today is pretty much pro Obama

Five stages of grief? How about the five stages of assholeness

A notice to my fellow Obama supporters: Let it be.

Sunday News Show Lineup - May 18, 2008

Senator Kennedy = age = ill health. Likewise, McBush = similar age = same question

McCain Can Run, but Bush Won’t Hide by Frank Rich

Obama can win in November, in history, there was another..

Hillary takes on Student Loan problem in KY - good ideas

The Flaming Lips analyze the Clinton/Obama primary race...sort of

These people posting flamebait....

Obama-Webb? I'm in.

Here Is What Cheney's Vist To MS Did For The Repuke Candidate:

This primary season has been a great success

Obama's Struggle With Typical Liberal Hypocrisy

Sarcasm alert: Thanks

How to Game the Democratic Caucus System:

I'm going to assume the best case scenario in November....

I swear she's going to have to go through detox when this is all over

A discussion of Senator Obama's legislative accomplishments..

Tim Johnson speaks from experience on Kennedy illness

Shotgun Marriage...

A Tale of Two Cities


Anyone watching Meet the Press?

From where did the perception, that Hillary Clinton thinks she "deserves" the nomination, originate?

I could support Barack

Article on Sen Jim Webb moved him toward the VP slot.

Question: When will the 1st Obama - McCain debate happen? n/t

Obama Stands Up to Bush, the FCC, and Big Media

Hillary Clinton vs. Mary McDonnell as Laura Roslin on "Battlestar Galactica"

Check in here if you are still fans of both Obama and Clinton!

Is the entrenched Hillary supporters really pro-Hillary, or anti-Obama

Bill Clinton Encourages Party Unity

Will the people who have all the money and all the power let Obama be elected?

gimmee an O!

Politico: Another Top McCain Official Resigns

Obama has more elected experience than...

Hello. I've been gone for the day. Have we all reached a consensus yet?

Hillary's and Obama's campaigns have built in excuses for when they lose.

Clinton, Obama Supporters Discuss Combined Effort to Win in November


Finally ! "Recount" May 25th

Is the entrenched Obama supporters really pro-Obama, or anti-Hillary


Have you seen this delegate calculator at the NY Times?

Don't want Obama to negotiate with terrorists? What about with extortionists?

Why not?

Voucher Deception in Florida

Michelle Obama is campaigning in Puerto Rico

Michelle Obama is campaigning in Puerto Rico

Kennedy misfortune's effect on the race. McCain's problem?

Electable? The Republicans themselves say "if they were dogfood they'd be removed from the shelf"

For you Caucus whiners, it is your states fault, not the DNCs. And Hillary......

Obama originally campaigned against the Democrat Establishment

I love Dennis Kucinich. What cabinet position would he be

BREAKING: Hillary Clinton wins Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas - NET LOSS IN DELEGATES

I'm an Obama supporter who thinks caucuses are Unamerican

Sen. Barack Obama plans to hold a triumphant rally in Iowa

Sen. Barack Obama plans to hold a triumphant rally in Iowa

**Top fundraisers for Hillary and Obama have begun private talks aimed at a team merger**

33,000 double ballots issued in Oregon -- oh oh!

A net loss in delegates is a LOSS, not a win.

Rover on Faux - His pre-jail appearance !

HUGE Obama Reference Site (news, videos, podcasts, texts, interviews), categorized, archived

McCain is a pretty awful campaigner.

A South Carolina Edwards Delegate Speaks Up

Right-wing to turn on Hillary Clinton the moment she endorses Barack Obama

Clippers're getting close there—953 now...

About some of the little trolls I keep tripping on today:

I'm an Obama supporter, but...


14.5 PLEDGED DELEGATES needed for a majority

Does anyone still care about the people Hillary owes money ?

THIS is part of what we'll be up against in November:

Bush tries new smear tactic...Democrats responsible for high oil prices!!

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/18/08 - Obama unchanged (46), Clinton unchanged (44)

Why are such seasoned Dem campaigners as the Clintons so surprised by:

Why are such seasoned Dem campaigners as the Clintons so surprised by:

Obama will have the majority of delegates with pick up in KY (updated)

a request for Hillary supporters considering a write-in candidate

Who wants to read ANOTHER simplistic opinion on why Obama won the primaries?

STOP with the national polling numbers comparing Obama and McCain,

Perhaps an Obama/Clinton ticket isn’t such a crazy idea after all?

Perhaps an Obama/Clinton ticket isn’t such a crazy idea after all?

Obama and the Jews by Thomas Freidman

Democratic National Committee Must Read: McCain Vs. Lobbyists

It's up to Hillary supporters to join the winning side

"Hillary Attends the 29th Annual MainStrasse Village Maifest has been cancelled."

Gallup 5/18/08 - Obama opens up 11 Point lead over Hillary 52-41

Barack removed the family picture from his site and now has a picture of him with Edwards

edit: wrong forum

What War? It's not just that Obama wouldn't have beaten her, he wouldn't have run at all

Pros/Cons of these guys for VP?

Obama has benefited mightily from sexism in this campaign, and has remained silent.

Something to make you feel better...

Something to make you feel better...

Kentucky 'Grandmama for Obama'

I nominate this for funniest headline of the day:

Huckabee makes play for McCain ticket

Archbishop to Gov. Sebelius: Stop taking Communion, publicly apologize

Nebraska: McCain vs. Clinton = McCain +23.0, Nebraska: McCain vs. Obama = McCain +11.0

He never got to taste his pizza! LOL, another one bites the dust...

Why would Obama want to raise corporate taxes...


Could YOU be convinced of Hillary Math??

self delete

Obama rally in Portland today at Waterfront Park will be amazing - 30,000+

A campaign for the generations

Hillary loves us all.

Hillary has benefited mightily from reverse sexism in this campaign, and has remained silent.

In the interest of unity, I'm giving away some bumper stickers

Hillary supporters how can you look your children in the eye knowing you caused thousands of deaths

Barack rally in Portland coming up soon on CNN TV

Obama's speech in Portland starting now

Obama Hits McCain On Lobbyist Ties.

Anyone know who is behind Florida Demands Representation?

Anyone know who is behind Florida Demands Representation?

Anyone know who is behind Florida Demands Representation?

Anyone know who is behind Florida Demands Representation?

Anyone know who is behind Florida Demands Representation?

Anyone know who is behind Florida Demands Representation?

Anyone know who is behind Florida Demands Representation?

Full Transcript of Obama’s Remarks in Gresham, Oregon

Obama in Portland!

Obama now speaking LIVE at Waterfront park in downtown Portland

Hillary has already has told you when she will stop her campaign.


Hillary hears sermon on infidelity -“You have heard that it said, ‘You shall not commit adultery'"

Fire Marshalls limited Kerry crowd to 40-50,000 in Portland

Barack Obama Wins the Sojourner Truth Vote

Obama will win the primary and GE and then how long will it take

I'm an Obama supporter and today, good job Senator Clinton

When we DO have an official DNC-blessed nominee,

Should Democratic Underground call it?

Does the term "automatic delegates" remind anyone else of FAUX's "homicide bombing"?

Does the term "automatic delegates" remind anyone else of FAUX's "homicide bombing"?

NH dems: "Impeach the Bastards, Put 'Em Both on Trial!"

Bicep Guy.

As an Obama supporter, I'm glad Barack is able to understand election rules

The only WOMAN DEMOCRAT both experienced and young enough to prepare for a Presidential run

23 more donors, then we get the FULL BRITNEY!

George W Bush is the most despicable EVIL FUCK on the face of the earth, bar none!

When and where will Senator Clinton concede? Post your predictions here.

When and where will Senator Clinton concede? Post your predictions here.

Elvis' song & Hillary...prophetic or what?

WSJ: Obama's Strategy for Low-Turnout Caucuses Helps Drive Delegate Edge

The Portland Obama rally today is shaping up to be massive.


Best Gift Ever!

Yet another Obama VP poll.

For my 1000th post I'd just like to say how proud I am of Hillary Clinton. She is a wonderful person

It's the MATH, the MAP, and the Reality that matters...

Obama now leads Hillary by 192 delegates. There are only 189 pledged delegates still up for grabs.

She Just Might Be President Someday

Hillary's Gift to the American People (and Barack Obama)

Kentucky County-level Projections based on Demographic Attributes

Kentucky County-level Projections based on Demographic Attributes

how does crap stay on top ?

FAUX just had a spot on Bin Laden's video followed by fluid bombs on planes

Question about Campaign Rally Coverage:

I might have to leave the cult . . .

Sen Jim Webb: What it takes to be a leader

Obama attacks McCain on Social Security?

Rival Camps Plan Inevitable Merger - WaPo

Frank Rich writes of Prescott Bush enabling Hitler

Poll: Who should be president? and why I am going to press for DU PD's with the DNC.

PHOTOS: Barack and Michelle Enjoy Ice Cream in Eugene, Oregon

Obama Shows Class And Respect To A Clinton Fan In Attendance During Rally

Does Sen. Obama's "Bad habit" of talking down to Women reporters by calling them "Sweety" bother you

**Sunday Delegate Update Thread ** Magic Number starts at 115 and 14.5 for Pelosi

KY will put Obama over the top in terms of pledged delegates

A Return to Normalcy

I'm an Obama supporter, but...

'Stark reality'

Hillary Clinton Sits Through Sermon About Adultery

McBush to appear on Saturday Night Live in a few minutes....

McBush to appear on Saturday Night Live in a few minutes....

Technically, I'm not here

Obama: "All Of You Have To Be Nice To Clinton Supporters.”

John McCain's house is in Architectual Digest

Who wants to start a business with me? Starbucks in Oregon. With all those latte drinking liberals

Where are the exit polls for other states on race voting?

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Sam Nunn on his support for Barack Obama

Obama is not black or white, he is US! He's not an elitist, corporatist,

116 and 15.5

Tuesday at Midnight we will see how much in debt Hillary is......

ATTENTION ALL DOGS!…My 3 Discuss the Issues, Decide to Endorse Hillary! (and pose for pics, too!)

Record Obama Crowd, the Size of a City

Elizabeth Edwards: Not backing Hillary- Breaking News

Elizabeth Edwards: Not backing Hillary- Breaking News

Hillary is around 10 Million in debt (not to Mark Penn). Class action to recoup?

McCain leads Obama in most national polls at a time when it shouldn't even be close.

McCain leads Obama in most national polls at a time when it shouldn't even be close.

Obama makes a request of his supporters- "be nice to Clinton supporters"

THE MATH Update (GE Edition) - Comparisons to Poblano and EVcom

A Subdued Clinton, and a Subdued Audience (NYT)

Barack's starting lineup:

Hillary Fans: If Obama gets the nomination, Will you vote for him?

Hillary Fans: If Obama gets the nomination, Will you vote for him?

I don't know about anybody else, but this is just plain CREEPY to me.

I'm so PROUD of our TWO DEM CANDIATES! and proud of US!

I'm so PROUD of our TWO DEM CANDIATES! and proud of US!

Do you Clinton supporters not see the hypocrisy

To All The Detainees I Just Released From My Ignore List

lol, Hillary on CNN:

So where are all the Hillary Clinton supporters?

Most Hillary dems will vote for Obama. And that includes women.

As Clinton chances wane, old slights come due

As Clinton chances wane, old slights come due

Hillary Was Mobbed at Kentucky's Maifest!

PHOTOS; BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA campaigning yesterday in Eugene, Keizer, Oregon

If caucuses are so undemocratic

A Dreamier Democratic 'Dream' Ticket (Obama/ Sebelius 2008)

HRC for SCOTUS--this is sounding like meme-building

TOONS: Hillary Clinton meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Delta Dawn, what's that flower you've got on? Could it be a

Some Reasons Why a Shotgun Wedding Won’t Be Necessary

This video always makes me realize how her arrogance killed her......

Last night at "The Rocky Horror Picture Show...."

To those who would lead, Florida is back in play

As Soon as Clinton Supporters Stop Posting Inflammatory Crap About Obama

For what it's worth some news from the Paul campaign

Why Hillary Clinton MUST Go All the Way to June 3

For Obama supporters only: Is Sam Nunn an acceptable VP choice

For Obama supporters only: Is Sam Nunn an acceptable VP choice


Oh My God! Portland Rally!

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaks today at Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon

The Myth That Only Clinton Can Heal the (Mythical) Rift Within the Party

The Myth That Only Clinton Can Heal the (Mythical) Rift Within the Party

Echoes of 1968 Fire Sparked Push to End Vietnam War


ANIMATION: Karl the Koward

For all you doubters...

For all you doubters...

Supreme court upholds apartheid-era lawsuit against U.S. and foreign companies

I can not believe anybody would buy this crap anymore!

Hey, what's with these Donate Donuts to DU avatars

Long Island veteran urges Congress to end Iraq war

Wear your candidate T-shirts!

Let me be the first to say; “I’m Sorry”

Guardian UK: Epidemic of debt spreads to Britain's middle class

Tonight: 10:00 pm EST TCM

A couple things that give me hope for November

About this insane "Appeasement"/Neville Chamberlain/Obama talk

Obama has a nice lead in Minnesota.

Why oh why when the tv does a retrospective of a Dem, like Kennedy,

WOW thank you so much for the star!

WOW thank you so much for the star!

75,000 attend Obama rally in Portland!

75,000 attend Obama rally in Portland!

75,000 attend Obama rally in Portland!

Somewhere in the middle ...

Somewhere in the middle ...

Essential Viewing for Progressives: Which documentary is the most indispensable for Lefties?

Anyone ever heard of $1000.oo per year medication cap health insurance?

In honor of Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 follow-up, I'm watching the original....

Thank you to who ever cleaned that filth off the forum.

Can you feel the buzz?

God, How Long Do I Have To Wait To See The Admins Punched In The Face?

My BIL is not going to Iraq after all YEAA he is going to Ft. Lewis

AP: Tons of Republicans switched sides in March

Greenwood Councilman Lambasted for Racial Slur

Hillary women.

Body Blow: Bush's Worldwide War on Women

Many caucus states require paid time off for voting

Cities With The Worst Pain At The Pump

Sen. Ted is being reported on my local news as 'doing well' and 'watching a Red Sox game' ..........

Wolf health care plan in sheep's clothing......

D.U. does not want my daughter's donation!

MSNBC looks so tired. Maybe they should take a break and...

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

NH union members knocking on doors in anti-McCain effort

Constitution Party -- BIG bucket of deep fried crazy, but I love it!

Winning too many Congressional elections presents a problem for Democrats: ideological divide

I will try again tomorrow

Dubya is going home!

Let's get the history right about '72

Obama supporters.... Please ensure me that Barack's saftey is being...

"The Int'l Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights"

"The Int'l Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights"

I have noticed that the regular right-wing forums seem more hateful than the racist forums!

The Largest Yellow Ribbon Formation (xpost from Veterans)

Our Poor Troops! Marine who died after chase wrote of war stress

Four members of the Watergate investigations on cspan now.

"Right call by the President" says McCain re: Chimpy's SCHIP veto

WJ this morning: Rethug election worries

NY Times: John Cusack Goes to War

$105.50 I'm so stimulated

When will real estate prices recover?

When did you realize the US was in a speculation-driven property bubble of historic proportions?

Help Request: Can Anyone Help Me Find A McCain Video?

Corporate Appeasment.

Ted Kennedy quotes - please share!

Did something happen to Gephardt? Why don't we hear anything from him?

A Used Car Salesman in Egypt....(caption please)

Mike Huckabee on Meet the Press

On This Week when George was asking John Boehner about Vito Fossella..

Colorado Democrats nominate Udall to run for Senate

Jim Webb on Meet the Press - election, Iraq, "A Time to Fight" (his book)

what should we call gramps

Does that razor in the Donation Punch the Admins mean they will get their heads shaved?

Whorie Kurtz..."Cause Gloria Borger Told Me So..."

Got a new bumper sticker

Is your health care coverage going up??

Truthout: Peak Oil and Politicians

The Past Warns The Future: Iran/Contra

This is the face of a real scumbag shitbird. A man who stole from dead and dying.

How many polls should one be allowed to post within

+++ 4,078 +++

Funniest GOP attack ad ever!

Mike Malloy Reads Larisa Alexandrovna's Bush/Nazi Appeasement Essay

Everyone really needs to grow a fucking spine

Everyone really needs to grow a fucking spine

European travel host Rick Steves: Mission: Understand Iran

Pelosi’s reception in Iraq ‘nicer’ than Rice’s.

Let's Raise A Toast To The Week ROVE GOES TO JAIL

Rove: Then & Now

Back in 2003 a former Marine in my ED put up an IMPEACH BUSH / CHENEY sign

Back in 2003 a former Marine in my ED put up an IMPEACH BUSH / CHENEY sign

Face the Nation ... "Republicans in Turmoil"

Pill Popper Cindy McCain War Criminal John McCain Team

The Rapture is coming!

Ann Coulter has finally made it....

Where was McSame's flag pin on SNL last night and why does he hate America?

Crist trying to make his case on Face the Nation....

Existing Home Sales Probably Decreased in April as Economy Staggered

Last night I saw a great movie that DUer's should check out: "Z"

Cancer deaths from Vietnam era tests on Agent Orange in Australia

Op-Ed in Anchorage Paper Reveals Suicide of Eskimo Who Served in Iraq

Op-Ed in Anchorage Paper Reveals Suicide of Eskimo Who Served in Iraq

"Latte Liberal" is right wing speak for "Fag".

So this is the new Afghanistan

Think the tide isn't turning?

ON NOW! David Swanson is The Drobney's Guest on "THE CUTTING EDGE" NOVA M

Chasing Utopia, Family Imagines No Possessions

Portrayal of George W. Bush in international advertisements (funny)

Hillary is using her 2012 plan.

Speaking of Appeasement

If your favorite candidate doesn't get the nomination, will you do your duty, or sit it out?

Troops Use Quran For Target Practice; Army Apologizes

Boy ol' Tim Russert really nailed Huckabee today!

Bush once wrote a book, A CHARGE TO KEEP, The Pulitzer Prize peeps

I have to crack open a book for work, I'm taking leave Sunday night

BS Propaganda Alert: New bin Laden tape due out soon

Obama store website glitch - please take note if

Road rage leads to fatal stabbing...time to ban knives?

Stimulus check dilemma

Insurance Isn’t Rocket Science.

Taser International Uses Playboy Bunnies To Sell Its Products

A Very Brave Woman

Three trillion dollar shopping spree!

Brad Friedman Speaks to INN about Sibel Edmonds Case

VP & Gen Mngr of Tampa Faux TV Station arrested for Indecent Exposure.

Do you want more of the same?

Getting A Job On A Committee or Subcommittee

Before I head out the door: LTTE > Politics & Religion

NPR: Poll: Rural Voters Not Reliably Republican in 2008

Ok friends need help with the secret vote republicans made before

Obesity as a cause of global warming?

Myanmar Regime Refuses Cyclone Aid

Curious about something

Just watched Rove on Faux Nooze

Rep. Tom Petri recognized for dedication to English language

What has been your experience of the housing bubble/crash?

Florida teachers union to file lawsuit against Jeb Bush's stealth school voucher amendments

PNAC site disappears from web

Who is being protected? From this information

65,000 immigrants serving in the U.S. military

From Camelot to today's "What Might Have Been"?

If politics were Star Trek, Sen.John Boehner would be the head Cardassian.

Iraq Veterans Describe Atrocities to Lawmakers

If we don't win

McCain’s finance co-chair resigns after conflict-of-interest allegations.»

Does anyone else think McCain WON'T be the Republican nominee?

My Senate shockers:

Dear Hillary: You had it easy.

Countdown with KO

Glenn Greenwald: High Standards at the WaPo Op-Ed page (he's such a kidder!)

"F*** yeah": Worse Than Abu Ghraib

Does anyone else here find it OFFENSIVE?--cross posted from Labor Forum

FOX G.M. busted: Masturbating at Fantasy Land Adult Video Store

No candidate has the right to divide a state's Democrats and cause tension.

The City of Newburgh lost another teenager to streets/drug war

Japanese Whale Hunt for "Research" Scandal - Greenpeace petition

george goes back to school--"Middle East 101"

Celebrating Sen. Kennedy's illness at

GOP Convention is in St. Paul - Minneapolis -

Johanns (R was against Ne) and Kleeb (D-Ne) support farm bill

"Hacking Democracy" w/ Bev Harris STARTS TODAY on HBO

Who was the 20th hijacker?

NYC to close homeless real estate, you know.

Mass Killings In South Korea In 1950 Kept Hidden From History

"The Enron Exemption" ... at whom should I be pissed off?

Corporate sponsorship of Schwarzenegger's glitzy events draws scrutiny

China's All-Seeing Eye: Prototype High-Tech Police State, Ready for Export (Naomi Klein)

Mayor challenges pope during Genoa visit

Man accused of stealing fruit demands apology

Ecuador's Oil Companies Offered Buyouts By Government

Can't Al Qaeda afford a decent video camera?

Poor them if they have to use the restroom!

When McCain speaks, he twirls his

Post Traumatic Oil Price Disorder

Post Traumatic Oil Price Disorder

Behind Every Successful Modern Top'll find worried workers and cheated consumers

You know that racism has peaked and is on the downslope in the US...

CCTV has live coverage of the earthquake rescue effort

Tinfoil time?

Take back the dialogue - Its the Corporations stupid!

LIARS: Why did it take them 24 hours to figure out who they were talking about?

Should there be a national holiday when Bush-Cheney leave office?

We're getting a helluva lot of traffic this afternoon.. could some of you PLEASE

Phillipe Sands author of "Torture Team" is on WCPT right now in case you missed him

You know what? There are probably--no, definitely--sexists who would never vote for HRC...

WTF with these weird Mormon FR posts?

Republican Brand: "if we were a dog food, they would take us off the shelf" (LAT)

I have a question , if some average joe with possible stroke symptoms

Hey, any San Francisco DUers.....Bay to Breakers today.

Anybody here who HASN'T seen Zeitgeist? A Rant...

Dumbfuckabee: I thought McCain’s ‘bomb Iran’ song ‘was funny.’

That McCain skit was actually fairly decent

Rumours around You Tube evidence HAARP caused China Earthquake

OK - have this lunatic certified right fugging NOW

To talk or not to talk, that is the question. (EDIT:spelling)

Yo, Phoenix DU'ers/NOVA M listeners... Who were those douchebags on the radio just now?

Seattle University professor charged in sex sting ran for office in '06

Allright. 22 of you mugs donate up, right now.

Warning! Vote for Kay Barnes and a black man will dance with your white women!!!!1

America's 30-year journey into the Homeland of Darkness

Hoping, Praying for the Liberal Lion

Gays in Cuba seeing progress

Truth has a well-known liberal bias....Check out the top-grossing documentaries of all time

Ex-fed agent fined for fake marriage, data search

How Many Times Have We Been Attacked Since 9/11 - Excellent reference for Iraq War History - Has maps too - Warning: Graphic pictures

Ok, listen to this argument and then pick your jaw off your chest.

Pelosi’s reception in Iraq ‘nicer’ than Rice’s

Iran busts CIA terror network

Put an end to speculation about the clippers headed for our admins!

NY Post: He [Nixon] Was Not A Crook

Idiot in local paper's "Sound Off" section accuses those in favor of impeachment of sedition.

Ultimate NIMBY: NRA bans firearms at its own convention

***DUzy Awards for week ending May 16, 2008***

TX voter fraud: prosecuted 26 cases – all against Democrats almost all involving blacks or Hispanics

Iran Busts CIA Terror Network 'Devised By US To Bomb Educational & Religious Centers'

Sunday Dental Thread: The Politics of Some Dentists

Lauer falsely suggested only "far left" concerned about Bush's alleged civil liberties violations

Study finds Pentagon benefited from U.S. media ‘embed’ program in Iraq.

Please DU this presidential poll

Please DU this presidential poll

searching for DUers with at least 500 posts who can't afford a star

Dear Media: The WH-TOLD YOU-that Bush's "Hitler Speech" Was About Obama-So STOP Pretending It Wasn't

MUGSHOT: "Sweet Jesus, am I in trouble."

Why can't more politicians be as classy as Biden?

The silliness that is the IGNORE button

Is KO on tonight

Under the radar - Blackwater to build Idaho facility

Hillary and surrogates now insinuating that Obama is to blame for sexism during the campaign

Republicans fear Obama victory after polls shock

wages under Bill and Bush. I actually read this in a RED state paper

They scrawled the words "Fuck yeah" on the pages of the Holy Koran & then they shot it full of holes

"Americans just can't be told the truth it seems

Bill O'Reilly meltdown (remix)

What foods are you eating more of with the economic crisis?

"Prison Tycoon" most disgusting video/computer game ever

Michael Moore sees danger in "Fahrenheit" follow-up

Alright, Obama supporters, I admit I was wrong

Democrats must take McCain more seriously

Come on, people! Only 33 more donations to go!

It´s my turn at Show and Tell ... My visit with Dalai Lama

Doctoring Audio And Video Clips To Fit The Republican Line

Washington Post: This could be the beginning of the end for the world's last superpower

Myth #1 that has to die

See, there’s this breaking story I’ve been noticing bits and pieces of all over the place...

Why do Liberal Democrats seem so much nicer than Republicans?

Corporate Personhood and Restoring Citizen Control over Corporations - A Resource Guide

In the liberal, DU spirit: Wishing Jim Robinson a speedy recovery from his surgery

Gary Hart on CNN :This was an administration that was warned

What Would We Do Without Bush?


Mainstream Media reports briefly on Prescott Bush, investments with Nazis

Iran busts CIA terror network

Don Siegelman: 'I think this will make Watergate look like child's play'

John Cusack's War

California chief justice says same-sex marriage ruling was one of his toughest

Voucher Deception in Florida

GOP Turns to Senator John McCain to 'Reinvent Party'

Yes you can! (eat well on a limited budget)

THIS is how you handle a National Emergency that kills your citizens

Security guard, restaurant owner use Tasers on each other

Hey, lurking Freepers and assorted other types

Q & A with Don Siegelman

I am REALLY sick and tired of all the crap talk about the illegals and the children

More than 1/2 the price of oil goes to crony speculators, DEREGULATION..!! pound this into the NEWS

why does the entire Dem party have to placate Clinton and her supporters

I have something to say about Ted Kennedy.....

Silencing the MIHOP meme: Uwe Boll's POSTAL opens on 4 screens instead of 1,500

On tap at Tavernertavern: Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest

Arrrrrrrrgh! How do people deal with painted coffins?

DUzy awards for the week ending May 16 are up in GD

LOL! "Obama used to be Whitney Houston" - I'm finally watching Wednesday's Boston Legal.

Where the HELL is Parche???

Wow...I just saw a Barn Burn as the Eagles sung Seven Brides Road

Tomorrow is Sunday and I think we NEED to send positive vibes

Caption needed: GrovelBot Galactica

Anybody want to join us camping out on the old back deck tonight, the weather is really nice.

TavernerBoy is watching "ET"

Nostalgic tastes

Darwin Award nominee? Aw, spit!

'American League pitchers get amped up to come over here for interleague games

anyone want to be my friend on flickr?

I'm buck nekkid - Guess what Inchworm has in his hand?

I'm buck nekkid - guess what I have in my hand

Study: Most Self-Abuse Goes Unreported

ever listened to this hoochie sing this song?

Can anyone help me find this picture from Katrina?

Sometimes I amaze even myself...

Allison farkin Crow singing a Leanord Cohen tune

Who plans on going out and partying tonight?

OMG, Ashlee Simpson just got married....

Wow... I just saw the Barn Building dance scene from Seven Brides for Seven

one love - one heart

I saw a little boy in a restaurant tonight and almost burst into tears

What would John Lennon do?

What do you think defies civilization?

Tide Pool photothread.. Breaking in a new camera

Did I mention this already? Dunno if I did...

What Are The Odds: Obama Visits The Same Hospital That My Stepdad Is In Here In Eugene Oregon

so... what drugs do Caucasians take to make them too damned tall?

Very original animal rescue group

Who can recommend a good service to use for background checks, etc??

It's Saturday Night Videos with Gnarls Barkley "Goin on"

Good night Lounge...

So, . . . .

i'm partying on a saturday nite all by myself . . .

nitey-nite all . . .

Now THIS is a great music video.

Awesome cat toy!

I Made A Cake Tonight

I had a prozac moment recently.

In the event that you are not tired of my old family pictures

I just added DU GrovelBot to my Buddy List....I didn't know you could do that.

Run children. Run for your life.

Vladimir Ilyich still good for the occasional three-pointer ...

I just saw something funny

Love at First Raise (couples week on NBC's Poker After Dark)

Your stripper quote of the day:

It's 8:30 AM on Sunday and a neighbor is using a Weed-eater

My Mom is killing me

Vanity Post

Kissed me til the morning light

Figthin' at the dirt track Saturday night

Some photos from today's Mid-South Fly-In

Should drinking coffee result in sweating and heart palpitations?

Wow. What an awesome dream I just had!

Jamie and Hok - The Humming Bird and the Flower (from So You Think You Can Dance?)

It's so hard not to feed them...


Chasing Utopia...

We're watching the NINJA WARRIOR marathon on G4. Ask me anything!

Were you stoned the first time you heard stairway to heaven?

Rick Astley is Never Gonna...

The year is 1987...

I've farted around long enough on this site . . .

what a beautiful full moon. . .

Speaking about ice tea, y'all every try chicken fried squash.

Have the political parties always been referred to as a brand?

I've discovered where the religious whackbaskets come from! what happens when the donation goal reaches 1000?


what color is your car? Dark blue and silver are other colors chosen by upbeat people

Will Bush Junta WAR CRIMES Lead to Impeachment, Imprisonment?

What do you do for a dog with allergies?

Thank you to whoever just gave me a star

Things I learned at work tonight...

i realized that milestones have happened in my life . . .

I'd like to thank whoever gave me the donor star.

Just googled 'wormashing' and got 0 results!

I am sick and tired of my favorite YouTube videos being removed

Computer people....Would anyone know why youtube videos and

Iran has the right to defend itself against the threats of an aggressive power

Has Bill O'Reilly responded to that Inside Edition footage yet?

Does anyone else get Vampiric cravings?

Would you ever be a landlord?

Uh oh...954, some people are getting dangerously close to getting a new haircut

annals of cluelessness

Dr. Juma is the answer!

A haha.... ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Bob Barr - Libertarian Presidential Candidate

Rigby has gone to doggie heaven!

Hey, any San Francisco DUers.....Bay to Breakers today.

George W. Bush's Inbox

We have top men working on it right now.

This is a TERRIBLE dress on Sheryl Crow...

Ants Marching

Radio Nostalgia

Gee, thanks Dad

When was the last time you saw a plain old numeric pager?

Today is the day!!!!

Looking good and almost 40!!!!!

I have had tooooooooooooo


it's sunday afternoon and I'm gonna take a NAP....

I would like to take some kind of journey . . .

I'm having a John Safran vs God marathon today

Hey, Parche, I found a new one for ya!

Have you ever had the lunch buffet at an adult video store?

A Fan Letter from Hell

Me and Bill Clinton ...quite possibly the greatest thing to come out of the South

Anyways, I went to the Motor City Comic Book Convention yesterday

god psychometrics will be the cause of my death

Saw the Bobster last night.

ZZZOMG!!!!111!! Check out my new monitor!

I know exactly what the lounge needs!

One more time. Looser is the opposite of tighter. Loser is the opposite of winner.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/18/08

9 amazing yet simple home remedies

Bladerunner - The final cut playing at the AFI this week

And Now: Another Haircut 100 Picture Thread

Is it mandatory to like your siblings?



"It's chaotic … it's sandlot baseball. It's …''A Working Man's Revival'

Gratuitous post: Happy 10 year anniversary, Chimpy McSmirkers

Shorpy Higginbotham- Just another brief moment in time.

Peyton or PEYTON?

OK, who did it?

Holidays you'd like to see in your city....

"I may not know much about art but I know what I like!"

I'm making heaven on a plate tonight for dinner....decadence:

The 9 most obnoxiuos web memes...

Lewis Black was awesome tonight

Anyone seen Run Lola Run? It was amazing. Great filmaking. Absolutely fascinating.

Pretty soon now, the Admins will be bald

lolcats on a treadmill

I hope you have a pleasant evening.

Who here has and uses an Ice Cream Maker?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/18/2008)

Hypnotoad's Identity Revealed!!!

Mods: Auction the GrovelBot(tm)

can we pull together some lounge love for elrond hubbard?

Thanks to whoever gave me a star!!

Note to self: When putting meat in the freezer...

Adobe Shockwave Flash NEVER installs properly! When I go to a site, it tells me I don't have..

Satan or SATAN?

Desperate Housewives FINALE tonight...don't miss it

What do you think defines civilization?

I'm so pissed off!

WannaB Are Graduated...

Which cartoon boss do you work for?

So long and thanks for all the fish

Whoever said dogs don't have vengence in their repertoire had never met my dachshund.

Post your favorite "Unplugged" video...

Bill O'Reilly dance remix!! Too funny

This is Hugh!11!!11! Vegetarian Pitbull Tased In Olive Garden for NOT showing his receipt!

Calling out temeah, KW, jasonc, and any other Twins fans!

Your Sunday lolcats

Better use for our money, first thread!!

It's 2:36 A.M. Why are you still awake, DU?

Anyone Else Have A Google Spy Film Their House, Street, Neighborhood?

Rest in Peace Mama Cat

Post your favorite YouTube videos

They're so cute when they're sleeping, aren't they?

I accidently landed in GDP and I have to say, those people are nuckin futz.

Please DU this poll on flag burning.

Please DU this poll on flag burning.

If you randomly choose one American man and one American woman...

Finally! At the age of 52, I can patch any output to any input.........

Need quick cooking help: I don't have breadcrumbs for meatloaf

I need a GOOD song right now. Please help.

Anyone else here playing GTA 4?

We are watching The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, The Witch and The

Saturday night lounge game: describe your "perfect" guy or gal

And Now: Another Haircut Picture Thread

What word do you hate?

Can beauty and intelligence coexist?

Your workout playlist

Hey, Vancouver, BC Duers - check in


Gore Vidal: I Knew John F. Kennedy, & Believe Me Barack Obama Is the Better Leader

Union rejects American Airlines offer

More quake survivors found as toll nears 30,000

Iran holds U.S. responsible for attack on diplomats in Baghdad

Brown says embryo research is key to life· PM defends science on eve of key vote

Presidential candidates offer prayers for Senator Kennedy

Deputy IDF chief, top US military official discuss Iran

New Arrests in Human Smuggling Operations at Mexican Border

Lauer falsely suggested only "far left" concerned about Bush's alleged civil liberties violations

Chávez blames Bush, not U.S.

Obama looks to go 'over the top'

Iran busts CIA terror network

Teachers protest planned job cuts at Paris march

New Hampshire Democratic Party Backs Impeachment (Hall Resolution Passes at Convention)

Afghan student in torture claim

MI5 spy quits over scandal

Obama hits McCain lobbyist purge; also spoke to Kennedy

Obama now speaking LIVE at Waterfront park in downtown Portland

As Prices Rise, Crime Tipsters Work Overtime

Interpol puts Chávez, Correa on the spot

Thousands killed by US's Korean ally

BAE chief subpoenaed in US over Saudi arms deal

Facebook?s Friends Data Has Already Left the Barn

Microsoft considers alternative Yahoo deal

McCain's Finance Co-Chair Resigns in Ongoing Lobbyist Purge(fifth to resign)

Obama links McCain's Social Security stance to Bush's

Bush Departs From Mideast Without Concrete Progress on Peace

A Haitian in U.S. Wins Case Over Forced Labor

USDA Is Called Lax on Bias

E. coli scare prompts beef recall in 11 states

Venezuela and Colombia at a standoff over possible border incursion

Senior Iraqi official says security pact with US could be signed in July

Burma aid situation 'improving'

Rival Camps Plan Inevitable Merger: Clinton, Obama Supporters Discuss Combined Effort to Win in Nov.

American Axle workers get details of contract (base pay cut $9.50 per hour)

Immigration Raid Jars a Small Town

'Shock of consciousness' sweeps China in wake of temblor

Pakistani Lawyers Plan Further Protests Over Sacked Judges

New message 'from Osama bin Laden'

Breakdown of progress made inside Iraq (satirical and well done)

Obama Puerto Rico TV Ad - 'He Understands Us'

Obama and Hillary Split Face parody

US Senate: Obama on Webb Amendment

Obama Puerto Rico TV Ad - "Nos Entiende"

Coast to Coast Presidential election Prediction

Don't Vote Stupid!

Obama And Clinton Strike Back

Charlie Rose - Retired Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez

Barack Obama in Gresham, OR - on Social Security and Retirement Issues Holy warriors in the US armed forces

TYT: More McCain Flip-Flops

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) testified about retaliatory harassment

It will be over by February 5th

Hillary and Barack: What Doesn't Kill Him Makes us Gayer

BlogHer EXCLUSIVE: Barack Obama answers BlogHer's questions


McCain Tries to Shake His Own Wife's Hand

On this week: Sen. Joe Biden: Bush Should Fire Rice and Gates

Jim Webb: Bush Vetoes GI Bill at GOP's Peril (MTP)

Meet the Press: Huckabee "it won't be the last dumb thing I said"

Dear Bush & McCain, Appease THIS!

Bob Feuer Heard John Olver Say Bush Will Bomb Iran

McCain Endorser Hagee: God Sent Hitler, Jews Have Dead Souls

Bush to Arab world: Give citizens more freedoms

How in the General Election, Character will Trump Melanin

Fixing the Military

McCain Can Run, but Bush Won’t Hide

Does anyone else think McCain WON'T be the Republican nominee?

Neo-Con General Calls For Terror Attacks In Iran - An IED for an IED strategy

Russ Feingold: Bush is keeping too much law under lock and key

Backlash shows limits to intelligence reform.

Guardian UK: Epidemic of debt spreads to Britain's middle class

Dutch newspaper reports Bilderberg Conference to be June 5-8 in Washington, D.C.

Propaganda and the Media

Big Brother: Illegally Spy on Americans … Win Fabulous Prizes!

I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help

Bush’s Nazi-Iran Analogy

Pharmaceutical Payola — Drug Marketing to Doctors

Talk About 'Racism': Working Class Whites Refused to Bet on 'Big Brown'

Rich: McCain Can Run, but Bush Won’t Hide (Mentions Prescott Bush tie to Hitler)

Fear, secrecy kept 1950 Korea mass killings hidden

McCain on SNL, Hopes Obama-Hillary Fight Lasts Longer than Sunni-Shia

Outrage overload continues

Robert Parry: Danger: Tough Talk and Wishful Thinking

Actually, Bush DID Make the Ultimate Sacrifice for Iraq War: His 'Soul'

7 Days: Moyers and Democracy: He'd Rather Write Than Be President, w/ Huffington, vanden Heuvel...

Q&A with Don Siegelman: 'I think this will make Watergate look like child's play'

With EDS, HP Buys Its Way Into Outsourcing Big Leagues

KATHLEEN KENNEDY TOWNSEND: Robert F. Kennedy, my father

Bush ends 5-day Middle East trip with little progress

Thousands killed by US's Korean ally

John McCain to Replace The Liberty Bell on the 'Forever Stamp'

Chicago Citizens Reject Terror Drill Fearmongering

M. J. Rosenberg: Bush’s Sermon on Mount Masada

Detroit Free Press editorial: The Mayor we have come to know (Kwame must resign)

Bitter Fruit

China's All-Seeing Eye: Prototype High-Tech Police State, Ready for Export (Naomi Klein)

The Militarization of American Police By Steven Greenhut

Hillary Revealed That Women Can Be Nasty, Deceptive Candidates Too

Interpol puts Chávez, Correa on the spot

China orders vulnerable nuclear weapon plants to be on disaster alert

Southern's Ala. nuclear reactors raise new doubts

Pickering station worries nuclear watchdog (Ontario)

Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant Cited For Unspecified (security) Violation

Recovery plan kills species’ foe, thins fire-prone forests. (Warning: Spotted Owls. Bring Popcorn.)

You want to see how totally whacky....

here are the #s

here are the #'s

Oil production numbers...weird

Russia accused of annexing the Arctic for oil reserves by Canada

Between 2003 and 2007, Population Of Alaska's Largest Caribou Herd Dropped 20% - ADN

Solar Cooking (video)

John McCain's Website Offering Eco-Friendly Clothes. No, I Am Not Making This Up

NY subway cars find new life on ocean floorPublished: Sunday, 18 May, 2008, 05:46 AM Doha Time

The Jawboning Of An Ass - So Much Talk, So Little Time & Oil - AP On The Littlest President's Trip

In Swedish Mountains, Treelines Rise 200 Meters; Oak, Elm, Alder Growing For 1st Time In 8,000 Years

Green Investing: Here Comes the Solar Energy

King's wind-farm idea: It's time to start hopping (5000 MW offshore wind, Maine)

Harpooned: Greenpeace exposes scandal at heart of whaling

Oil companies have been injecting CO2 into depleted oil fields for over 25 years.

Chart showing cost to operate a car with gasoline escalated @ 10% over 6 years with

Ten Times the (Wind) Turbine _ Popular Science - same power, less material and weight!

From the sea, the new generation that comes in waves (OZ)

AECL pulls plug on reactors after millions spent (Canada)

McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare

Army seeks light, 100-mph battle vehicles

Fuel-cost worries extend to Pentagon

Families housed during vet treatment in Pa.

Corps expanding, upgrading small-arms ranges

New civilian police officers take oath

Marine found shot near Pendleton identified

Poland shifting its Iraq focus from war to business alliance

Prosecution drops case against police accused of not protecting protester

Kan. reservist returns for birth of 8th child

Community Bank wrongly charged some customers ATM fees

Marine Who Died, Wrote of War Stress

US Postpones First Guantanamo Trial

The Largest Yellow Ribbon Formation

Rules dim NFL scouts’ interest in cadets

Military IDs to list only last four digits of SSNs

Young Workers, Positive About Unions, Face Economic Squeeze

American Axle/UAW reach tentative pact, Cheektowaga to stay open, Tonawanda Forge to close

Parents turn out in force to support instructional assistants

Mobile agreement between New Era and Teamsters paves way for overwhelming union vote in Jackson faci

U.S. should be ashamed for exporting anti-labor tactics

Union tide turning for Obama

Today in labor history May 18 (jury finds for the estate of atomic worker Karen Silkwood)

Obama may speak in STL at labor convention next week as black trade unionists meet

They were going to ship Fed Ex, I asked for BIG Brown to support union jobs!

AFSCME and UAW join forces in New Hampshire

McCain Confronted About Jobs in Washington State

Does anyone else here find it EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE?

What a Deal: Trash for Treasuries

What countries have special low tax rates for profits from venture capital of foreigners?

Who owns infrastructure and equipment that is used to extract oil?

As CEOs cash in, investors yawn

Funny and informative information about Homosexuality

I have been checking and rechecking Aljazeera's site

Jay Bakker Challenges Mega-Church Pastors on Homophobia

Best of DU Thread - LGBT Edition - #4

Abbas: I'll quit if peace deal not set in 6 months

Free Imad Sa'ad

The Nakba march

The Birth of a Nation, 1948

Israelis Celebrate, Palestinians Mourn

Protest against extradition of Israeli who trained Escobar militia

Grow Them Young, Pay Them Well - Anti-Chavistas, That Is

Colombia Defense Report!!!

Bolivia: Propitious Circumstances Develop

German Fascism vs. Chavez, Allende, Sandinistas - Angela Merkl is Busy

Escalation of illegal anti-Cuba transmissions condemned

venezuela death squads

Chávez blames Bush, not U.S.

Did you know Colombia completely obliterated an entire party? You may have heard about this:

Biden Alert!!!

L Coyote posted a clip of part of Joe's interview this morning --

Pirhana won't blow her own horn -- so I will. Check this out!

Prado regrets missed shot to ride 'Brown

Now where is the BEST video of the Preakness???

If Big Brown wins the triple, will it be his last race?

It's Stan Musial Day at Busch Stadium!

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (May 18): Ivanchuk wins play outstanding chess in Sofia

OK, horse racing fans, if anyone is coming for the Belmont

SPURS must win Monday

The Stars This Week: "Spice Up Your Life - May 19 - May 25, 2008

Gee. Look at that. A Cleveland team loses . . . again.

Wild Animal Exhibit

Arabian Adventure

Study casts doubt on high-salt diet risk

Virtual Reality Soothes Young Burn Patients

I am not sure why I like these two pictures

WP: Obesity Threatens a Generation

Beef chuck eye recipes?

My corruption is now complete.

Slow Food Sunday at My Place

Was it self-defense or firearms offense?

Draconian gun laws may prevent your grandma from protecting herself

Liberals taking shot at gun-rights stereotypes

For those of you who think the Space Shuttle doesn't do practical science...

Obama: Faith, Hope, Change

Dutch newspaper reports Bilderberg Conference to be June 5-8 in Washington, D.C.

BBC reported WTC7 falling some 20 minutes early.

Anybody here who HASN'T seen Zeitgeist? A Rant...

Rumours around You Tube evidence HAARP caused China Earthquake

Jeff Corsi is back. This time to smear Obama with a Kenyan angle.

Upcoming hearings. Kerry and otherwise

Adobe Shockwave Flash NEVER installs properly! When I go to a site, it tells me I don't have..

Yep, that TX voter-fraud crackdown really worked.....

Quick advice to Obama dialers re: Oregon

Our Fearless Leaders Busted the Crooks...

THE MATH Update (GE Edition) - Comparisons to Poblano and EVcom

Sexism and Opposition to Hillary Clinton

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. Sunday 05/18/08

NJ feb 5th presidential primary errors

Yep, that TX voter-fraud crackdown really worked.....

Rebecca Mercuri: Voting Advocates Roundtable Discussion (EAC)

Police say missing Quebec political aide found dead

Voucher Deception in Florida

Charters break mold by picking, choosing

A paradigm shift? Repub strategist Mike Murphy on MTP: "Dems anxious to beat Bush AGAIN."

Anyone remember/have a link: artist stood outside on platform of WTC summer 2001 ?

I'm Going to Toot My Own Horn Here Just a Bit

Sensenbrenner's outburst on Real ID sours GOP lovefest

MI5 linked to Max Mosley sex scandal

And God Created Car Parks

Atheism "may be form of risk-taking just as criminal behavior is"

John Dean: "If Teddy knew the bear trap he was walking into at Chappaquiddick" --