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McCain national finance co-chair resigns

Congratulations to the Admins and the Mods, thank you all for

I Knew JFK, Says Gore Vidal, and Believe Me Obama’s the Better Leader

Comparing Obama supporters to an abusive husband...

Comparing Obama supporters to an abusive husband...

On the comparisons of the Portland crowd today to Kerry, etc; any this big for a Primary? In May?

McSame flack: Barak (sic) "dragging names of good people (lobbyists) through mud," brings up Ayers.

McCain attack: Epic FAIL.

Barack Obama thru John McCain's rose-colored glasses...

Barack Obama thru John McCain's rose-colored glasses...

Barack Obama thru John McCain's rose-colored glasses...

GD:P in pictures, #3

I applaud you DU!!!! We got it to 1000!!!! but the admins don't look so good LOL!!!!!!!!!

I applaud you DU!!!! We got it to 1000!!!! but the admins don't look so good LOL!!!!!!!!!

Clinton and Obama join to raise money for DNC

New Mexico --- Obama Leads McCain in Rasmussen Poll 50%-41%

Elizabeth Edwards Not Backing Hillary: "I Was Never Inclined To Endorse"

Obama special interview Monday on GMA (ABC) w/ Michelle & kids...

What a real kitchen sink campaign would have looked like

Hillary will drop out this week, most likely on Thursday May 22

Hillary as third (independent) candidate?

Hillary as third (independent) candidate?

How large is the Denver Site that will be hosting the Democratic National Convention?

Bush and McCain Together In Phoenix - Tuesday, May 27th

So on Wednesday

Smartpark? $5. Bottled water? $4. Obama rally in PDX today? Priceless!!!

Smartpark? $5. Bottled water? $4. Obama rally in PDX today? Priceless!!!

Sasha Obama Raises Hell at Lew's Dari-Freez

GrovelBot did a GOOD job

My son (age 8) nearly got crushed at today's Obama rally. But he's okay with it!

GrovelBot did a GOOD job

Not just the big rallies.

To my fellow Pacific NWers

Gov Charles Crist (R-FL): "We need to go back to our roots, the wonderful optimism of Ronald Reagan"

DNC Fractured Fairytales

Top 10 Reasons 75000 Portlanders show up for Barack Obama rally

Top 10 Reasons 75000 Portlanders show up for Barack Obama rally

If Obama's popular support DID collapse before Denver...

"Appeaser” from neocon speech writer's pen to Shrubco’s lips

Georgia GOP chair: McCain "kind of like Jesus"

I saw Barack Obama in Portland Today (somewhat)

"Gimme Hope, Obama! HOPE Obama!..." Eddy Grant, where are you???

Apple Change The World

Round 1 goes to Obama in war with Mccain

Prolonged primary: hard for us, good for the process.

How is it legal for Mcain to rely on the RNC for campaign money?

Dilemma....I need your help.....Should I....

Big day in Portland: Barack, Bill, and the Pugs are in town

Hillary supporters and being sent to 'back of the bus'.

Searching for Obama/Biden photo...

I know Obama's a constitutional scholar and all, but what's up with his geography?

"Oh pretty please Senator Clinton....future Madam Majority

Hillary's rampant sexism is out of control…..

New Mexico --- Obama Leads McCain in Rasmussen Poll 50-41

Appearances today on CNN Live by Clinton & Obama - Obama at Crow Nation 4:45 ET

Can we just unite? You know, as Democrats. Standing firm against McCain and his gang.

What Do These Polls Mean?

I'm going to be in shock one of the days in the near future

GROVELBOT-1000 has FAILED in its mission to NOT Give Money!

Obama to go to the Reservation for a Rally in South-Eastern Montana

What is the single most import Issue (or two) that is driving your primary choice and being a Dem?

Counting the "popular" vote this primary/caucus season

Gender Issue Lives On

Nebraska Primary vs. Nebraska Caucus

More Obama Portland Rally Pics

Uneditable McCainpedia launched by Dems tomorrow...we are moving on.../

I haven't been on DU for several days. In the outside world Hillary has disappeared

"Ya know ..... my policies haven't changed, but .... uh .... apparantly the political season has."

Bob Shrum was hilarious against Pat today on Morning Joe.

Obama gets another boost in Nevada: He picks up a new delegate

Oregon polls

This is about winning. Not about your candidate or mine.



EXCELLENT Obama Rally photo series from Oregonian Newspaper

EXCELLENT Obama Rally photo series from Oregonian Newspaper

EXCELLENT Obama Rally photo series from Oregonian Newspaper

"Public Says Press Should Not Declare Obama the Winner "

When defending--Talking with enemies--Please remember.

New Obama Benchmark

What tomorrow could mean

Rival Camps Plan Inevitable Merger

Appalachia still loves Bill Clinton...

Theory: Hillary's Camp Divided Into 2 Factions, Concede vs. Convention Fight

Theory: Hillary's Camp Divided Into 2 Factions, Concede vs. Convention Fight

Misogyny, sexism, misogyny, sexism... I WON"T VOTE... WAAAAAAA!!!

Strange Happenings: the dog that didn't bark.

If McCain wins, the right to choose IS at stake. It's really that plain and simple!

Tell the Super Delegates who you'd like them to support!

McCain's feeble arguments are ripe for the picking but instead the media focuses on Clinton sideshow

OzarkDem / NJSecularist / Tellurian, et al

i want this to be over so we can talk about obama and stuff happening, like oregon

Obama collapsing in Oregon, a 20 point lead turns into a miniscule lead.

Loving the carefully placed Hillary signs

Hillary Holds Hard Hitting Q&A With Bloggers: Well Not Really

Why do current GE polls between Obama/McCain don't matter?

Rothenberg Political Report: Suffolk University poll has been the worst performing

The people have spoken. Here's 2000 words' worth of proof.

The Morning Joe crew is really getting on my nerves...they keep

when will Obama be in Florida?

See Ya!

I love when someone asks a question through a PM

Barack Vs McSame the Smackdown PIc inside

Sunday, May 18 ---pix--->>>

Hillary Clinton Quiet About Her Own Radical Ties

Clinton and Giuliani Maintain Double Digit Leads!

A Fifth Top Aide To McCain Resigns

"Fight The Power!": Rapper Chuck D endorses Barack Obama - for VP

But suppose God is black?

Obama Shifts to Countering Republican Attacks on His Patriotism

You Say You Wanna REV-O-LU-TION....

Clinton Quiet About Own Radical Ties-Faulting of Obama Called Hypocritical

Those comments are so scary.

Wow - this is one of the most paranoid, ignorant anti-Obama things I've seen

Regarding Clinton closing in on Obama in Oregon...

Republican veterans for Obama

The RCP Suffolk Poll Does NOT Show Obama Collapsing in Oregon. The other Post Is B.S.

Nipping it in the bud..........

Superdelegate, Washington state D party chairman endorses...

A very brief guide for the politically naive

Want to have some FUN!

Pastor receives fax urging him to vote for the real believer in Jesus

The nominating process is not about ...

You Say You Wanna REV-O-LU-TION....

The Kyle Syndrome

So 75,000 Oregon Obama fans spent the day out of the House yesterday

Hagel for obamas Veep!

Did the Obama team fumble the preparation for the huge Portland waterfront rally today?

Hillary Oops-o'-the-Day

Hillary Oops-o'-the-Day

At this point in the race, I think Clinton is making Obama.....

Obama in Portland (3 PICS)

Obama, Naive?. . . McCain - simplistic!


1968..... and Bobby Kennedy... that was the last time

The Rude Pundit: Why Bill Kristol Ought to Be Sodomized with a Rolled-Up Issue of The Nation

Big money on Barack Obama as Hillary Clinton's donors defect

Big money on Barack Obama as Hillary Clinton's donors defect

Obama was talking about the ads made by the Tenessee GOP.

Why is Lieiberman always on the TV with McNuts? Not that I want

Letter to the Tennessee Republican Party

Letter to the Tennessee Republican Party

As a woman, I'm offended by those who think sexism doesn't exist........

SUPERDELEGATE MONDAY: Obama Starts The Day With Pickup

Two Visions of the U.S. Supreme Court

Rasmussen 05/19/2008 - Clinton 44% Obama 46%

The Ones Dividing Democrats Are Those Telling LULAC to STFU (along w/ women, elderly, working class)

Wes Clark on Morning Joe

Sean Wilentz: Fox provides best coverage. Calls their reporting "sophisticated."

Kerry drew huge crowds in Portland in 2004.

Would You Rather Be An Oregon "type" Voter Or A Kentucky "type" Voter?

To the sweetest, most level headed, most rational, best representative of HRC supporters:ccharles000

To the sweetest, most level headed, most rational, best representative of HRC supporters:ccharles000

Clinton camp accuses Obama of declaring "Mission Accomplished" tomorrow night

SuperDelegates 5/19: Obama 3, Clinton 0

McCain to Rely on Party Money Against Obama

History question about Michelle Obama.

More Important Than Primary Results Tomorrow

Poblano Model: Obama Wins Oregon By 13 Points!

So if the argument is that

The math in plain numbers:

A huge THANK YOU to all our donors. You all really came through!

If Hillary had been nominated, there'd have been a contingency of senior citizens afraid to vote for

Buffett backs Obama - "He is my man," he says.

SurveyUSA Oregon: Obama (55) ; Clinton (42)

Fox News and the GOP are actually pretty smart sometimes

Another SD for Obama

Conservative thinking would have destroyed the world

Robert Byrd just put to rest a Republican talking point

Vice presidental candidates..

John Kerry won 504 electoral votes in the 2004 Primary

Dear Senator McCain,

"Kansas Superdelegate for Obama; Delegate Countdown - 111 To Go"

Obama: 'McCain has decided to run for George Bush's third term'

“There were some folks who didn’t want Kentucky to vote,” she said.

Michelle: 'NO WAY WOULD I SAY NO To 1 of Most Successful-Powerful Women On This Planet' As VP

If Hillary Clinton in future joins the Green Party and is nominated as their Presidential candidate

If Hillary Clinton in future joins the Green Party and is nominated as their Presidential candidate

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what's the dumbest line of all?

Free McBush Bumper Stickers

Today CNBC reported Brits PM Brown after meeting Obama believes his fix free talk just for campaign

McCain: "Obama is inexperienced and reckless"

Obama: No Victory Declaration Tuesday

Help- Obama endorsements

Top Hillarylander mulls Obama job

Eric Alterman: Pundits embrace the fantasy of Hillary's candidacy as foolishly as ... the Iraq War

PPP Oregon: Obama (58) ; Clinton (39)

Survey USA: In Oregon Obama gets 54% of white vote, 68% of Latino and 62% of Asian vote

McCain feeding foot to mouth on MSNBC... **live**

The Hillary camp's call to "let the people vote" by her staying in is another Bush*-style canard.

Hillary : "this is nowhere near over"

Hillary Speech Tuesday Night After Primaries..

"Well, you know, It's clear, this election they're having is not going to count for anything."

Who would Hillary Clinton rather see as President?

The irony that the Republicans used racial slurs to destroy McCain in 2000

From last tuesday to today who got more delegates

Two New Polls Put Obama Way Ahead In Oregon

Reuters: Clinton to Obama: Not so fast

Hillary Clinton vs. The Democratic Party of the United States

Hillary Clinton vs. The Democratic Party of the United States

I give up

I heard back from the MDA about the Obama/Monkey shirt guy!!

ABOUT APPEASEMENT: what this Obama supporter thinks Obama got wrong

Age does not imply wisdom.

SUSA Polls, OR: Obama By 13; KY: Clinton By 32

Public Says Press Should Not Declare Obama the Winner

The graph says it all:

Obama at Crow Agency on

Hillary probably wishes she was a Republican

Flashback, 2004 Yahoo! Gets Sen. Barack Obama Photo Caption WRONG

Amnesty for some of our tomb-stoned brothers & sisters.

clinton says kentucky's voters are meaningless

It's almost as if Clinton is telling her supporters not to vote Democrat

Came across some guy walking the streets of downtown Houston...

Do you consider the right to vote in a primary "sacred?"

"he moves like a jazz musician," Says Clinton superdelegate

US billionaire Buffett backs Obama for president

Warren Buffet Backs Obama For President

For those of you that insist we need a women president.....

Obama in Montana

Is the very idea of a running mate sexist?

Hillary, Here is the definition for "Desperation"!!!!!!!!

The Delusion express

OBAMA visits Crow Reservation in Montana ~ today 2:45 PM

Whoa -- Obama picks up 5 more Supes today, and the day isn't over.



Will Obama win in November without the votes of Clinton supporters?

Hillary Highlights Problems With Caucus States

Michael Tomasky: Ding! Round one goes to the dove with the dodgy name

The Year of the 'Sweetie'?

Nagourney: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Clinton Campaign)

Can We Expect Gore/Carter To Call Out Hillary

Obama is JFK... Hillary is Nixon.

There is such a thing as being to too cautious re-HC supporters and allowing this to continue

THE MATH Widget - Monday, May 19

Look, shall we not pick on Hillary anymore?

75000 75000 75000

When will Oregon numbers come out? Are the mailed ballots tabulated & broadcast immediately?

Predictions for tomorrow: Oregon- Obama 59%, Clinton 41% / KY- Clinton 62%, Obama 38%


Heads Up: Obama Now Live On CNN Campaigns In Crow Agency, MT

Obama & the Patriotism Issue is such BS:

Rep. Barney Frank blasts Insane McCain

Will Hillary Clinton become the Harold Stassen of the Democratic Party?

Why perseverance till June 3rd may be necessary.

Anti-Obama, Pro-McCain Hillary supporter Cynthia Russo on Fox News

Anti-Obama, Pro-McCain Hillary supporter Cynthia Russo on Fox News

AP is Reporting Six SD for Obama today. I count five

Stop beating dead primary horses

Obama's rally in Portland compared to Hillary's in Salem - tells all imo - it's over HC

We really don't have any idea what it will take for Hillary to concede it's we?

Obama picks up another superdelegate Both Dems are Slight Favorites

Major Scaife-funded Wing-Nut Comes Out Against McCain

Handy-Dandy Pocket Guide to Clinton Camp Talking Points - KY/Oregon Edition

Barack Black Eagle

Oregon's already voted, right?


TX: LULAC suing state/TX Dem Party over primary/caucus voting: "diluted Latino votes"

The 'conventional wisdom' seems finally to be mirroring reality

Freepers react: Portland = Nuremburg

Freepers react: Portland = Nuremburg

DEVELOPING: Both Obama AND Clinton plan to campaign in Florida on Wednesday

report: Patti Solis Doyl, former Clinton campaign manager, Considering Job with Obama

Obama: No victory declaration Tuesday - Concerned about appearing presumptuous or antagonistic

Obama: No victory declaration Tuesday - Concerned about appearing presumptuous or antagonistic

Obama and Clinton to share Florida stage on Wednesday.

Help! Begging For Link to OBAMA at the Crow Reservation

Obama to the Tennessee GOP: "Lay off my wife"

TWO more SDs...from Alaska

Tennessee Senator Takes On His Own Party

Obama: "Anything but their failed cowboy diplomacy that produced no results is called appeasement"

Why is the media letting Hillary get away with her claim I have more popular votes

Does a $1,000,000 bid on a superdelegate's vote imply corruption?

How Can We Miss You If You Won't Go Away? ---pix--->>>

We're Gonna Need a Biggger Bus

To all Hillary supporters. Take comfort in knowing that your candidate did better than mine (Edwards

Clinton supporters are now actively embracing Karl Rove

Yahoo News main page says: Former Klansman Sen. Robert Byrd endorses Barack Obama

What Tomorrow Could Mean - from Obama for America

Two more SDs from Alaska now in Obama Camp

Why is an attack on Hillary an attack on all women, but

Is it rude to discuss election fraud and the possible stealing of the next election?

Superdelegates Turned Down $1 Million Offer From Clinton Donor

I had an interesting conversation with a Hillary supporter this weekend

How about Gary Hart for Vice President?

How about Gary Hart for Vice President?

FEC question. Please!

Predicting the Future

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

NBC Pile-on? O'Reilly attacks GE on Iran, now the White House makes "formal request" of NBC

NBC Pile-on? O'Reilly attacks GE on Iran, now the White House makes "formal request" of NBC

It is absolutely sickening to read that Obama strategeryists

DU Administrators Endorse Telly Savalas for President

How do you NOT love Terry McAuliffe?

How do you NOT love Terry McAuliffe?

Gallup National Tracking Poll HRC - Numbers in serious decline Obama +11

McCain's wife is fair game now, I must assume

McCain's wife is fair game now, I must assume

McCain's wife is fair game now, I must assume

This is my opinion. Take it or leave it. If you refuse to support or give your vote to Obama, then..

Proof That The Most Abundant Thing In The Universe... Is Nothing... (Might I Suggest A Bong Hit ???)

Hillary cites Karl Rove's analysis that she would be the stronger candidate in the GE

More lunacy from the people on

Am I the only one that is finding to be unreadable lately?

All of these parallels drawn between Obama and JFK are ludicrous.

Daily Kos: Obama should pick Al Gore as VP

There is no popular vote

It's Clear: Hillary IS Waiting for Something Terrible To Happen To Obama.

Isn't bribing SuperDelegates ILLEGAL?? Jeez, if not it certainly needs to be. WTF?

Robert Byrd, who actually did use the term "white n****r" endorses Obama.

If you're offended by "sweetie-gate" ... what about

As Clinton chances wane, old slights come due...prominent Democrats recall past grievances

Is it fair to use age and infirmity to attack McCain?

The SDs should just do it- before June 3.

Hillary Clinton's Faith in Democracy in Kentucky

Just my take on "Sweetie-gate"

My sad attempt @ photography with a palm treo (Obama @ Billings West High 5/19 - pictures)

My sad attempt @ photography with a palm treo (Obama @ Billings West High 5/19 - pictures)

Bob Franken: Hillary, We Really Don't Care

Thank You Hillary, Its About Time

To Hillary Supporters Looking Toward a Big Day Tomorrow

Lemme see if I have the race thing correct

Has Russ Feingold endorsed anyone?

Barack Obama Advocates Courage and Confidence in Montana

All the numbers go Obama's way

All the numbers go Obama's way

HILLARY'S supporter tries to bribe superdelegates.

Streaming Live NOW 4:56 pm est: Obama rally at Crow Reservation in Montana, hasn't started

The best place to go for a daily dose of delusion

If the tables were turned, would you want us to hold this against Hillary?

Obama asks "What are George Bush and John McCain afraid of"? / "Strong" Presidents Aren't Afraid

Obama is 110 delegates from the end (Hillary is 306 away). By tomorrow, 103 more delegates will be


Geraldine Ferraro ... WTF?

Gallup: Obama 55, Clinton 39

Republicans are backing a new Candidate: Hillary Clinton

Rasmussen: Ohio gives its 20 electoral votes to Hillary, but not to Obama

WHO is more likely to harbor racial biases or bigotry?

Amazing Flickr Photos of Massive Obama Portland Rally

Breaking: Patty Solis Doyle going to Obama camp???

A "Popular Vote" question

I finally get why some women support Hillary

I finally get why some women support Hillary

Obama: "Be Nice To Clinton Supporters"

Obama: "Be Nice To Clinton Supporters"

Obama's Oregon Lead Undermines Idea of "White Working Class Problem"

Obama 08!

Obama 08!

Obama 08!

It's OUR whitehouse, not Obama's

It's all Barack Obama's fault. We gotta stop him.

Obama says that Michelle should not be criticized for her campaign statements?

Hillary goes back to mocking Obama and discounting the states he won

A huge THANK YOU to all our donors. You all really came through!

A huge THANK YOU to all our donors. You all really came through!

Can a Clinton Supporter help me understand why we have primaries?

Rove shares his GE projections with Clinton Campaign before he releases it to the public???

I am so sick of selfish ass people

What tomorrow could mean

Mark my words - She's going to drag it out to the convention.

The Boo-Hooing and Crying from the Clinton Campaign and her Supporters is Becoming Annoying

As I woman, I am ashamed of all of you claiming sexism by the presumptive nominee.

As I woman, I am ashamed of all of you claiming sexism by the presumptive nominee.

Sen. Robert Byrd endorses Obama

Civic Duties

Civic Duties

I've had it with the "Ken Burns" effect in making still photos move


SO....Robert Byrd has endorsed Obama. Why Now? Why not before the WV primary

Hillary wants to campaign with Barack

If someone who was not your sweetie called you "sweetie"

A Thread For All Of You: Nominate A DUer, Past Or Present, As GDP Peacemaker 2008

UK - Republicans fear Obama victory after polls shock

it just pisses me when Clinton says she won the popular vote when

Congratulations, USA!!! We have two candidates who risen above prejudice in America.

Are women of such a singular mind that they will refuse to vote Obama?

Final Oregon PPP Poll:Obama-58%/Clinton-39%

The wingnuts are really pushing the "Michelle Obama is fair game" meme.

I thought I posted this here

We Slog through this Primary ..Meanwhile the "Earth goes 'Outta Balance!"

Yet another dumbass "meteorologist" trying to chime in on global warming - "it's a good thing"

Alright Skinner let's see some skin

Independent UK: Bosses threaten Dutch plan to cap 'fat cat' pay

Halabja massacre: What about US involvement?

congratulations coneheads!!!!

Michigan US Rep. John Conyers' primary opponent drops out

{Humor} GOP disaster company to help Myanmar Cyclone victims...

I am a bleeding heart Dem that has been bled out.

Congrats, admins, on reaching your 1000 donation goal, but what's up with the graphics?

Folks, if you want to feel real good about the world, try this:

Just received an "Eisenhower Warned Us" email from a scared, anti-muslim, catholic hypocrite...

BIDEN: Bush Should FIRE Rice & Gates For Both Being "Appeasers"

Freepers go completely batshit crazy over Obama Oregon rally

One of the great Ted Kennedy quotes:

Mont. gov. speaks at commencement for class of one

Limbaugh Burned By The Google: Uses 10th Grader’s Essay To Attack Obama

Huckabee: I thought McCain’s ‘bomb Iran’ song ‘was funny.’

Ghosts of the cyclone haunt survivors, soldiers (so sad)

"No person working for the Campaign may be a registered lobbyist or foreign agent.......

I am dismayed at what I am seeing from some of the white Baby Boomers & Seniors, in my lil bubble

The Food "Crisis" is Less About Food Than It Is About Capitalism

Ferraro may not vote for Obama. In other news, in 2009 women may lose their right to choose

Arianna Huffington: Hillary Clinton's Defeat: A Historic Triumph

Arianna Huffington: Hillary Clinton's Defeat: A Historic Triumph

So now that the Nazi is out of the bag....

Friday's DUzy's? I missed them. Anyone have a link? nt

DUers have you seen this?

All TX State AG's cases in last 2 years target Dems

I think, for the first time, I may have been the 1000th donation!

Pet-Only Funeral Home Opens In Fla.

How Many More Iraq Veteran Suicides Before Help Comes

Digby: Member Of McCain's *Dream* Base Not Voting For Him Because He's Too Old...

(Newsmax) McCain Rebuffs Dobson: Will Evangelicals Bolt?

Hey, Tampa Bay, FL people.. What time are ya'll lining up to see Obama?

How could this question be answered a simple yes or no?

Rove's Latest Electoral Maps Have Clinton Stronger Than Obama Against McCain

It's Monday, no Top 10 - what gives?

LA Times: Schools can't spare time or dimes for field trips

Tom Tomorrow: It's February 2009. Do you know where your ex-president is?

Transcriptionist needed! Help!

Anyone have any news on how Senator Kennedy is this evening?

Funny comment made towards Global Warming deniers on an AOL story...

One day in the life of GD:P (X-posted due to popular demand)

DU Administrators Endorse Telly Savalas for President

I'd like to personally thank everyone who was able to contribute to DU --

Movie "Iron Man" Cluster Bombs and MN's Walk Against Weapons


Two Top Columnists Question Obama's DNA and "Full-blooded" Americanism

Poll: Why are people still voting for Hillary?

Lakers' Newble opens NBA eyes to Darfur

Nominate a running mate for McCainus! Here's mine

BREAKING NEWS: More than 200 China relief workers buried by mud.

TX is unable to link more than 100 FLDS (polygamist) kids with mothers.

could Obama energize black turnout to the point he makes the South competitive?

Ton Lehrer as topical as ever: Some things never change.

Attn CDC: Outbreak of "Tiny Mouth Syndrome" afflicting Neocons should warrant an investigation

Chicago company recalls meat for E. coli concerns

Record 10 Million Consumer Products Recalled This Year; Bush Administration's Response: Oh Well

Wouldn't re branding include the right wing talk show nut jobs help?

ON THIS DATE in Bush History for Monday May 19th 2008

Feud With Olbermann Fuels Bill O'Reilly's Blasts at GE

Feud (with Olbermann) Fuels Bill O'Reilly's Blasts at GE

I accidently landed in GDP and I have to say, those people are nuckin futz.

Bush's Middle East Policy

As soon as Hillary drops out, Obama will rocket past McCain

Roe v Wade! Roe v Wade! Get On the Bus or Lose Roe v Wade!

Audio of Rumsfeld on Iraq creates buzz

A clue from above, about the reality of the "Gas Shortage"

How bad will MSM and Obama supporters turn on Clinton after June 3 if she tries to stay in this?

SF Chronicle: California's Fiscal Crisis is of "Staggering" Proportions

Taking Care of Our Vets

John Cusack: Outsourced Warfare Represents a "Radical, Dangerous, Disgusting Ideology"

About Katrina and New Orleans.

HUD Repeatedly Dismissed Staff Concerns About Contracts

Love this video of Taylor Swift "You Should Have Said No" she sang last night at the AMC.

Love this video of Taylor Swift "You Should Have Said No" she sang last night at the AMC.

Love this video of Taylor Swift "You Should Have Said No" she sang last night at the AMC.

Former Japanese-American students graduate (U. of Wash) after a 66-year wait


Hillary's new poster: amusing irony

MSNBC Morning Joe; continuous all the reasons why Obama can't win against McCain

NY Daily News: Big shots aren't coddled at jail Vito Fossella may call home

U.S. removes soldier from Iraq after he defaces Quran

McCain to Rely on Party Money Against Obama

Richard Engle's interview with bush* last night.

Signs Fossella May Run Again Unnerve G.O.P.

Signs Fossella May Run Again Unnerve G.O.P.

Food prices are crazy...

CBS News: High Gas Prices Lead to Job Loss (video)

Awaiting Inspiration - Supporters waiting to hear McCain

Are you a "single issue" voter?

Illegally Spy on Americans … Win Fabulous Prizes!

Illegally Spy on Americans … Win Fabulous Prizes!

New Energy Bill Forces Some Congressmen to Give Up Cars

Obama Flip-Flops on Iran, cont'd- We need Hillary

Obama Flip-Flops on Iran, cont'd- We need Hillary

Huckabee Caught in TMZ's Crosshairs

Huckabee Caught in TMZ's Crosshairs

Matt Taibbi, Amy Goodman interviews on Bob Edwards Weekend

If Obama is bringing in 75,000, how many does McCain play to?

NYT: McCain to Rely on Party Money to Match Obama

Motorists Selling Blood For Gas Money

McAuliffe shouted down at CO Dem convention....10,000 were there!

Chief civil-rights violator's name withdrawn for another term on the FEC

Quick! I need link to the photo of the woman worshipping Bush at the last GOP Convention?

Israel - State of Appeasment...

Poll: Religion on DU

April 24th, 1939 - Cover of LIFE magazine...

Im going to vote for Nader!!

Do We WANT to Lose?

Murdoch tries to strong arm MSNBC and GE over Olbermann

Georgia On My Mind

Andrew Sullivan: Say no to phobia: Remove HIV ban for U.S. entry

...and in other sleazeball news: Prostitute in Max Mosley 'Nazi' dungeon orgy wife of MI5 officer

State GOP chair: McCain 'kind of like Jesus

Post-Subprime Economy Means Subpar Growth as New Normal in U.S.

Find the Cheapest Gas Prices in your neighborhood

I'd like to commission a photoshop piece of McBoosh

14 tons of spilled Oreo cookies snarl Illinois traffic

What ever happened to Tom Delay's indictments??? anyone know?? nm

My (rare) mean-spirited post: Subject: The IQ of CSPAN Washington Journal callers.....

Republicans Want Low-Income Renters to Pay for Mortgage Bailout

Hillary feminists' hypocrisy: You're only allowed ONE woman candidate per election cycle!

Rumsfeld On 2006 Election: "The Correction For That...Is An Attack"

Today's Dilbert.

Google News Alert for: detention centers

Freeps react to Huckabee's VP aspirations with a palpable lack of enthusiasm

This is Hugh!11!!11! Vegetarian Pitbull Tased In Olive Garden for NOT showing his receipt!

think we have health care problems - measles vacc. killing/sickening people

Republicans try to stop landslide

If Hillary wins the popular vote, does it change anything??

My Friends: We are at Peak Oil. Price of Gas = Price of Milk (Story on CNN)

Bush said today: "The law should help credit-worthy people stay in their homes."

After watching three hours of CNN yesterday...

Check it out...

911 Operator Caught on Tape saying he doesn't give a **** what happens to woman

If it's not the Clintons' fault, it's Iran's fault. - Today’s Headlines - 5/19/08

Obama: No victory declaration Tuesday

Are We Going to Double Down on Dumb Again?

Is it a sin, or morally wrong, or even illegal to profit from war?

When Will McCain Drop Out? Pick the Date Contest.

When Will McCain Drop Out? Pick the Date Contest.

The Fifth Top Aide to McCain Resigns.... the Fifth !!!!!

How Healthy Is John McCain?

Racist FLDS Cult Surfaces in New Location

Is DU SLOOOOOW for anyone else this morning?

I sure hope Obama is ready for a fight, because it's going to be nasty

Post your favorite item in Cindy McCain's prenuptial agreement that John had to sign

America For Sale: The Citicorp-Abertis Pennsylvania Turnpike?

Samantha Power will be on AAR's 'American Afternoon' today.

USA Today: New breed of American emerges in need of food

Ferraro Says She Might NOT Vote For "Terribly Sexist" Obama

rep.(R) marsha blackburn: $440,000 in campaign contributions not reported

Stafford Smith: Gitmo is a distraction from the war of terror.

Weekly RW Blog Roundup in the Village Voice >

NRCC Blog - a whole lot of crazy

GOP insider: If we were a dog food, they would take us off the shelf

Been away from DU a year - had to come back (at least briefly)

Have you seen this McCain Video? McCain's YouTube Problem Just Became a Nightmare!! Check it out!!

My son's high school class elected a lesbian Prom Queen Saturday.

Krugman: "Stranded in Suburbia"

One pic is worth 1000 idiots

SF Chronicle: California's Fiscal Crisis is of "Staggering" Proportions

FLDS hearings begin, and more on Canadian girl

Do Mi and Fl matter?

Do Mi and Fl matter?

Take a look at this one fantastic overhead shot of the Portland, Oregon Rally for Obama (Sun., 5/18)

Bush Opens New Institute to Oversee his Administration

Michigan = Edwards then Florida = ?????

Who's coming to Denver in August?

Reader's Digest: Do voting machines work as well as they should?

today's Dear Prudence;I am a closet Republican.

Does anyone know where the old TAP message boards went?

Can the gravity of this election cycle be conveyed to the average American? SHOULD it?

Please tell me Marsha Blackburn will not get re-elected this year.

McCain is actually defending NAFTA and Bush tax cuts

Barack Obama - Hillary will do everything she can to hurt you as your VP selection....

Big GOP losses in Congress likely, even if McCain wins

Compulsory Heterosexuality: School Bars Dateless Girls from Prom

Had to happen eventually: first Taser "shootout"

NPR Talk of the Nation doing story on GOP Congressional losses

Clinton Financiers Attempted To BRIBE Superdelegates!

A Terrific Kid

Hillary Clinton: ‘This Is Nowhere Near Over’...quote from today.

Oh Joy! It's Janice the Delusional Hillbot calling Thom Hartmann to bitch again

McCain Like Scorsese

LOL, According to the Weekly Standard, she's a whole lot nutty


I am watching Dennis Kucinich on C-Span3 right now

Jason Leopold: McCain Defends 'Enron Loophole'

Be sure you thank your conservative neighbors/co-workers for four dollar a gallon gas

An Unnatural Disaster: America bears much of the blame for its waning global clout

"Change You Deserve"...Republicans or Effexor?

NY Post now jumps into Oreilly & Olbermann feud, taking on fight for Oreilly

A former Klansmen Endorses Obama. Oh dear this will not be good

Will Hillary veto Obama from choosing a woman VP other than her?

Obama............says turn the page!

My 8 Year Old Son Keeps Rick Rolling Us... What should his punishment be?

Breaking: 5.9 Earthquake hits Indonesia! What is going on...goodness! Makes me nervous that USA is

Father-Daughter Purity Balls

Speaking of appeasers: Cheney/Halliburton connection to the Burmese Junta...

10 Books That Screwed Up The World?

Has Shuster been given the 4.00pm slot on GEM$NBC

Best wishes to Senator Kennedy. Meanwhile, over at Free Republic...

Ray McGovern: An Appeal to Admiral Fallon on Iran

more on propaganda

FNC Chairman Roger Ailes true to his word? Today's NYPost hit piece on Olbermann

VA struggles to gear up to care for female veterans

Republicans Want Low-Income Renters to Pay for Mortgage Bailout

Dad arrested for bomb threat over third grader's homework

BREAKING: Obama opens up massive gigantic 16 point lead over Senator Clinton

BREAKING: Obama opens up massive gigantic 16 point lead over Senator Clinton

Can someone please tell me what the hell Lieberman

Naughty GOPers Won't Go Quietly

The Scars of Losing a Home

White House: Pentagon Propaganda Program Similar To Writing For A ‘Liberal Blog’»

Erica Jong: Hurrah for gay marriage!

WH Press Gaggle: "you go out on your liberal blog and talk about the way that you see things"

Florida Fires......Some Linked to Foreclosures


caption this McCain pic...

McCain/Feingold is a joke...John McCain depends on RNC's higher limits ($28,500)

The Real McCain 2 - with video..

Abramoff in Jail, Saipan Loses Its Fight (to remain exempt from US immigration/labor laws)

RECOUNT on HBO...when is it

Iran is not the same league of threat as the soviet union. Is that hard to understand?

Cafferty's 4pm question: "What does 72,000 at Obama rally mean for GOP?"

Many documents bear a simple note: "Can't pay. Pick up the car."

What kind of idiot likes and supports Condi?

The tragedy in China...

The World's Top Gas Guzzlers

John McCain's Family Tree

John McCain's Family Tree

The Real McCoy...I mean McCain:

So-ing The Seeds of Change

75000 75000 75000

For discussion....Who should Replace The Condiliar??? her record to date sucks...

Al Gore Hosting major fundraising event for DNC, uniting Obama and Clinton donors.

A Woman of Independent Thought

Flash: The government is broken.


Times Are Tough, Except in the Repo Business

DOJ IG: FBI Agents Raised Concerns About Detainee Torture

Thirty-Five Percent of Summer Travelers More Likely to Use Public Transit to Save on Driving Costs

"Stunning and Outrageous Ruling" (post by Mike Huckabee on his "HuckPAC" blog)

White House: Pentagon Propaganda Program Similar To Writing For A ‘Liberal Blog’»

McCain's Ties To 66 Lobbyists....

I have an interview with a different school this week. I would be going to a school that is affluen

The Prescott Bush/Nazi link was brought up on "The View" by Joy Behar today.

Gas is nearly $4.00 a gallon in the DC metro area

Barack Obama is about to put the Obammy-Whammy on Hillary Clinton and THEN

Burma - Myanmar Agrees to Allow Aid Efforts by Neighbors

Most toxic, most repugnant, most disgusting pig in the Senate......

Top McCain Aide Insults Entire College Graduating Class...

Homeless woman buried in sand, dies, 3 arrested

Incredible. Comparing 2 posts.

Five Bux A Gallon is here ..... for diesel. Where are the torches and pitchforks?

Taxpayers' bill leaps by trillions-deficit far bigger than government estimate

Teachers arrested at 2004 Bush rally getting their day in court

" * plans active campaign role for GOP"

It seems the media is now starting to push back against the * administartion

Boston Globe: Clinton closing in Oregon polls

O'Reilly: GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt bears responsibility for deaths of American soldiers in Iraq

Can you believe that the Bush Administration sent a letter to NBC...

I LOVE the Novick for Senate AD!!!

"The authoritative digital archive of the most intelligent leader of the planet Earth"

Wal-Mart running Pro-Bush government commercials.

Anyone has the NBC release telling Bush that

Nevada (GOP) Governor's Mansion for rent?

Geraldine Ferraro might not vote for Obama-"He's terribly sexist"

Have you received your REBATE check yet --- ????

*'s "counselor" whines to NBC

What is eaten in one week around the world

Costco Shoppers, I need advice

Another small example of our insane food distribution system

Saw a Prius with a Repub bumpersticker....

McCain states that Barack Obama would make the mistake of

McCain "economic adviser" Phil Gramm wants a return to the ENRON era

PHOTOS: BARACK BLACK EAGLE speaks at the Crow Agency, Montana

Spying on Americans without warrants, charges based on secret evidence, a small town divided by fear

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and why the Repubs are toast in '08

Bush Planning Active Campaign Role Despite Unpopularity

How many women here have dealt with sexual harassment or something similar?

Explosion at downtown San Diego hotel. 13 hurt, 2 critically.

VIDEO: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gets egged during talk in Hungary

"Who's in the Kitchen with George Bush" ha ha ha McCain Protesters on LIVE FOX TV

Pepsi, Apple, Krispy Kreme and other consumer firms profit from Iraq too

ELITIST - elit·ist

U of Virginia Does Iraq

Business with Nazis, business with Bin Ladens...

As homes foreclose in U.S., squatters move in

$21M to care for their children

? about jury duty.

Feud Fuels Bill O'Reilly's Blasts at GE

17 men wrongfully convicted in Dallas County, Texas, then cleared by DNA evidence.

Gen. Odom: Military Analysts Can’t Defend Relationship With Pentagon ‘Because Of Its Conspiratorial

Rachel Maddow interviewing author of The Family - Fellowship

Priest Bans Autistic Boy From Church

Penn. Turnpike to be in private hands in $12.8 billion deal

Fear of "Them black folks (and others)"

Al Gore Hosting Major Fundraising Event For DNC ....

Finally! The GOP has come up with a new image.

'Bush v. Chavez': The Coming War on Venezuela (Now in English!)

A "progressive" website is claiming that Al-Qaida is a Jewish organization

Prescott Bush/Nazi link is featured in Bill Gallagher's column today. He really rips Bush a new one!

He who controls the message.... wins the war

Call in to CNN headline news NOW! Talk about attacks on Michelle Obama.

Is It a Crime to Be Black in America in 2008? DOJ’s War on Black Folks Heats Up

Rebranding Republicans

"Controlled Unclassified Information" - New Memo Signed By Bush (On Eve Of Daughter's Wedding) WAPO

Refitting the Presidency to the Constitution

Electoral Breakdown: McCain Over Obama: 216-205

McSatan's Stealth Attack on Health Insurance

New York State ELA Exam Plugs Teach For America and Working as a Grocery Bagger

At work today I was mocked for living close to work and able to walk.

Don't be fooled by the GOP's "re-branding" stunt.

Toobin: McCain’s judicial advising coming from ‘ most extreme elements of the conservative movement'

Christians only need apply

Gas is $4.15/regular and $4.97/diesel at the Shell station on my corner

Prove me wrong...PLEASE!

Huckabee says he would like to be McCain's No. 2

How about John Kerry for Senate Majority Leader this next term?

Guitars for Vets

Chicago has highest gas prices in U.S. So I don't want to hear it

Noam Chomsky on corporatism:

Jim Webb on NPR's Fresh Air tomorrow

Marine who met with Bush in April dies from what appears to have been a suicidal burst of violence

I am officially conflicted. My old 40 MPG Honda Civic is about to give up the ghost

May, 2008: Walk in someone else's footsteps.

Hunters and soldiers: brothers in arms (this is hard to believe)

CREW Files Ethics Complaint Against Fossella

Mark Crispin Miller on Election Fraud 5.19.2008

Jim Webb says Democrats should focus on kitchen-table populism before global warming

***** Protecting the Constitutional Right to Vote for All Americans = Senate Judiciary *****

I borrowed a Time Machine and interviewed Thomas Jefferson--he had comments on everything, even DU!

Remember how they "had" to put down that horse at the derby for its own good?

Pentagon announces Iraq, Afghanistan troop deployments

Glenn Greenwald: The NYT's latest Kristol embarrassment

*My* Stimulus Package Idea:

A huge THANK YOU to all our donors. You all really came through!

Do you choose not to do business with companies with religious overtones simply because of *that*?

Michigan's hurting worse than I've ever seen it.

CREW Files Ethics Complaint Against Fossella

Are you one of the 8 million Americans listed in Main Core? This is the 21st century Rex 84!

Remembering Malcolm X

2 TO GO!!!

This is a link to GD-P only because I posted in teh wrong forum

Separated at Birth?

Breaking: DU is run by skinheads

Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare

What makes the best Meat Loaf?

I hope you have a pheasant evening.


I hope you have a peasant evening.

I hope you have a piss-ant evening.

I hae a thousand things to do before I leave tomorrow.

***** Exploring the Skyrocketing Price of Oil = Senate Judiciary *****

OH NO Some freeper HACKED DU and shaved our admins bald

Market Tumbles on News That Bush Is Still President

I shaved my admins for this?

Printers: kind of useless without paper.

Jack Straw as performed by the Zen Tricksters (youtube)

What makes the best meatloaf?

They look better BALD!!!

Film "Million Dollar Baby" - That is one powerful & difficult movie to watch

A little computer help, if you please.

The Campaigns the Candidates Wish They Could Run

Separated at Birth?

Food From a Farmers Market

VIDEO: Cartoonist Jeff Smith on Decision '08

Xposted from GD - GOP's changing their image!

I have decided that the San Bernardino Mountains are heaven on earth.

I had a very interesting discussion with some co-workers of mine tonight....

It really cracks me up to see the Admins getting shaved!

Obama raises more in KY than Clinton, McCain combined

I had a cheese craving.

So what's the goal?

So here is why I am the greatest DUer who has ever lived....

Just had a little earthquake almost right underneath me

I need input from cat lovers who have faced this problem.

Who is still up? I just opened a Diet Pepsi, but I'm deliriously tired now.

Air America Radio caller had an interesting point ... John McCain was released from POW captivity

Air America Radio caller had an interesting point ... John McCain was released from POW captivity

Would Nixon have gotten away with it if he hadn't gone to Dook?

Porno I watched discussed PNAC/Wolfowitz Doctrine...

In the Interest of being Fair... Congrats to the Starting First baseman

Add The Cranberries to The Coors and you'll get the Coorsberries: Add your own

Fellow DUers....Need Moving Recommendations-Auto

I might be playing this song for my school's coffeehouse. (talent show thing)

A Lynx LolCat for Sunday evening

REM concert here in Switzerland: €380.00 for two general admission tickets.

If the admins were REALLY serious, here's what they would do....

I don't know about you but Elad is the only one who should consider sporting a shaved head

So, Why Didn't Han Just Pay Off His Debts to the Hut With The Reward Money

More Jensen on "Lost".

14 tons of spilled Oreo cookies snarl Illinois traffic

I watched the Golden Compass last night

Any TV experts in the house? I need help figuring something out

Having a crisis of meaning

My router at home completely died sometime during the night. Crap.

So that's the Family Guy Star Wars spoof, huh? Meh.

Any costume/sewing experts in the house?

My rooster at home completely died sometime during the night. Crap.

In need of some "strength" songs

Not a big coffee drinker, but do like it on cold days, so what's wrong when..

How come nobody thinks they'll ever get old?

could a person really write this badly? craislist personal ad...

Hi to all you lounge friends

Awww. Kathy GRIFFIN got dumped by WOZIAK

I find the latest Mariah Carey lyrics very disturbing.


So here is what I am Thinking...

how many of you plan to see the new sex and the city movie?

A pole poll: bigger lounge pev: Temeah vs. DuStrange..

conversation with a doctor today, with interpretation

Update on my stepdad.

Has anyone here read "Rich Dad Poor Dad?"

For the next fund drive, should the admins drop trou?

C U later!

Wow - this is one of the most paranoid, ignorant anti-Obama things I've seen

I suggest one verifies info in an email before one sends it to others!!

Bikini waxing for tweens?

So I watched "P.S. I Love You" this weekend - bawled my eyes out the entire movie

Truck loaded with Oreos (14 tons)overturns after driver falls asleep

Could the Bunco Fight Clubs be a precursor to the Rapture? Some say "YES"

Anyone having problems logging into MySpace?

Help! Neighbors dog barks/ city requires two logs by separate people.

Hey folks, where is Redstone?

I NEVER Checked In Turtleandsue

When Are They Announcing The Next American Idull?

Did the admins really shave their heads , or is that photoshop ?

Senior Lock In Winnings: Microwave and Gas Card....

Well, I am back in Germany

The coffee in my office sucks.

Twenty-eight years ago today

Is Bill Richardson actually from a parallel universe? The shocking evidence inside this post!

I Heard Toilets In Virginia Dont Have Enough Power.. is That True?

Finally! I have a job offer in my hands

Sen. Jim Webb on the Late Show (Letterman) tonight

The cake from. hell.

I am a little pissed at Virginia govenor Kaine (D)

I have never heard of Star Wars.

Check In Here And I WONT Give You A Nickname

Pete Seeger and Eleanor Roosevelt, Feb 1944 (pix)

My heartfelt gratitude to

Brian Bosworth wants to sell you a house!

They are advertising a new prescription drug named....Aciphex.

Arrrrggg! my area for intenet sucks - is comcast the devil?

Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins!

Hello everyone (from beautiful Capri)

"Take a drink every time they say fuck" drinking games

I was just told that navy is 'waning' as a fashion color of choice

So I was wondering what kind of hair cut would help prevent ....

GDP makes my brain sad. nt

Anyone got a good book on the Japanese and Chinese war to recommend?

I need to order some 3-4" stickers with my own logo on them. Recommendations?

The Coreys are returning for roles in Lost Boys 2

I watched this video and thought "Yup. GD:P". Not safe for work language

I Have Never Heard Of Radiohead

Less than 2 weeks until "Sex and the City" comes out in the theaters

What is the most challenging thing you've ever done?

Wow. Forty bucks to do 3/4 of a tank on my little Celica?

Any "Elbow" fans out there?

Lost's DUH moment of the day

Spaghetti Westerns / Ennio Morricone

You are NOT worthy: Motörhead's "The Birthday Party" (Hammersmith '85) debuts on DVD tomorrow!

Song swap! What bands would sound cool if they swapped songs?

Comic Book Cover Generator! (dial-up warning)

Got milk?

ULTIMATE Na Na Na Na Na Na song...Journey or Steam?

Hat Fight! Who wins, SJP or Princess Beatrice?

2007 ColorVision Spyder sells for record $196.99

Insurance for some is great, while others are just out of luck.

DarkTirade is cutting off his hair!

My Pledge to the Lounge re: RickRolls

Things I'm kinda thankful for, #14

Have you ever broke up with someone who you thought you

Baby Peregrine Falcons Get Health Check-Up

I've become what I hate

This is officially the COOLEST THING EVER.

One day in the life of GD:P

Ah, sweet irony! Today's Wingnut Post O' The Day comes from "typical sane person"!

fuck visa

My 8 Year Old Son Keeps Rick Rolling Us... What should his punishment be?

how do you feel about plain queso de culo

How do you feel about plain limberger cheese?

Check in here and I WILL give you a nickname...

OK, Fess Up!! Which one of you DU'ers is behind this mask?

Seriously though. Mondays should end at 3 p.m.

how do you feel about a foot in your ass?

A song for Michelle Obama...

A song for Michelle Obama...

What bus companies go across the border into Canada from the U.S.?

Nice big pic of a couple of bonesacks (56k warning)

"Walk Hard" was the stupidest movie ever...

How do you say "goodbye, my friend" in French?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 5/19/2008)

I'm on my second adult beverage of the evening,

No Country For Old Men (Possible Spoiler)

Post Deleted

"can't talk, 'batin"

I saw Radiohead last night.

How do you feel about plain cottage cheese?

A huge THANK YOU to all our donors. You all really came through!

University of Virginia tries to sugar coat the war in Iraq

Model citizen, zero discipline: YES, it's PAT BOONE's quasi-Calypso version of "Panama." ENJOY!

HA! I fooled you all!

OK, what on earth did the poster of the following ad mean by "personal use"?

Am I the only one who finds the "rockstar" Got Milk ads creepy?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/19/08

Why is it ok for a woman to call a grown man "sweetie" but not vice versa?

Is Harrison Ford too old to be Indiana Jones?

Is there any such thing as being partially lactose intolerant?

So I got a new puppy yesterday. He is a rescue. I don't much about him except

Ladies, for just under $200, you can understand the mind of a man

Feral cat nightmare: "Please listen to me. I can only lend you traps!"

1961 Ferrari California Spyder sells for record $10,894,900

Bandwiches: What two bands combine to make an even BETTER band?

How To Behave On An Internet Forum

Did anyone miss me?

Post here and I'll tell you why I intensely like you

I Got My Books From What Are You Reading?

Here's a question I bet none of you has EVER been asked.

Hands Across America - did it accomplish anything?

The 22% who still love Bush? Pretty sure they all live here.

children really do say some funny shit

How come so few child actors/actresses make the transition to adult actor/actress?

"America's next top model" winner is "Plus sized"

I like bacon as much as the next person, but this is taking it TOO FAR!!

I'm a badd muthashutyomouf ... And This is My SIX DEGREES OF MRSCORPIO!

How much are you paying for cable, phone and internet?

Post here and I'll tell you why I intensely dislike you

I will write you a poem. Post the first line, and get a quatrain.

DU just ain't the same without:

I am an open minded person, but sometimes just wonder "why?"

Great movie exchanges?

We are actually approaching an incredible, truly mind boggling tipping point.

What is Horse Shit - Post Your Feelings

Best ironic descriptions game...

Happy Dance of Fan Nerdery: I have the new Dandy Warhols album!

Guess the movie by the one-sentence plot summary

Mayor challenges pope during Genoa visit

Gays in Cuba seeing progress

Obama, McCain Lambast China Now, Might Court It as President

Barack Vs McSame the Smackdown PIc inside

Chrysler, GM workers in Canada ratify 3-year deals

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,080

Bush and Pakistan's premier agree to fight 'terrorism'

Secret operation launched to secure Britons' release

Forum seeks to ban cluster bombs

Thomson Reuters to Cut 835 Technology, News Jobs After Merger

Feud Fuels Bill O'Reilly's Blasts at GE

Dublin conference targets cluster bomb ban

New Book: John Dean Ordered Watergate Break In on June 17, 1972

McCain to Rely on Party Money

John Dean Named Responsible For Watergate Break-In In A New Book

GOP Turns to Senator John McCain to 'Reinvent Party'

US attack on Baghdad media hotel no accident: rights group

Keeping Secrets: In Presidential Memo, A New Designation for Classifying Information

Priest Bans Autistic Boy From Church

France confirms informal talks to Hamas

Philly police to fire 4 over videotaped beating

Signs Fossella May Run Again Unnerve G.O.P.

Myanmar Agrees to Allow Aid Efforts by Neighbors

Polish primer minister says talks with US on anti-missile shield will take long


Bid to ban hybrid embryos fails (UK)

Cuba: US carried funds to opposition

Bush Plans Active Campaign Role For GOP


Justice: FBI flagged mistreatment of detainees

W. Virginia Sen. Byrd endorses Obama

Iraq is biggest-ever emerging market: deputy PM

Dell to create jobs in APAC

Syrian Military Delegation Arrives In Moscow

Leading Farc commander surrenders

Taliban gearing up for spring offensive

Army translator sentenced to 10 years

(Warren) Buffett says he prefers a Democrat for president

Vito Still a Party Fave: GOP Still Behind Him

U.S. Economy: Leading Economic Indicators Index Rose (Update3)

Big shots aren't coddled at jail Vito Fossella may call home

Obama Tells Tenn.'s GOP: 'Lay Off My Wife'

Report: EPA Administrator reversed himself on waiver after talking to White House

Obama to reach delegate milestone Tuesday

Superdelegate (from Young Democrats of America)Turns Down $1 Million Offer from Clinton Donor

McCain criticizes Obama for wanting Iran talks

Obama: No Victory Declaration on Tuesday Night

US tells UN it detains about 500 juveniles in Iraq, 10 in Afghanistan Bagram base

Sebelius vetoes bill requiring voters to show photo ID

Florida to execute convicted child murderer in July

Supreme Court upholds anti-child pornography law

Bush White House Takes NBC News To The Woodshed

Venezuela says US plane violated its airspace

We are the Media. We teach the Machine. Can you do Politics 2.0?

It recently occured to me... McCain = Creed from The Office

Sen. Joe Biden - Bush' Nazi Appeaser Comment Bulls**t


Mentiras de Gerge Bush Expuestas (This Is A Great Video)

Jim Hunt for Congress runs first statewide ad

McCain's Contradictions and Foolishness

George Bush begs Saudi Arabia for more Oil (Comments by Richardson, Matthews & Others)

GOP's anti-Obama ads fail in Mississippi special election

The Situation Room Interview with Barack Obama Pt. 3

Republican Brand in Trouble

Obama in Portland (a view from the crowd...amidst the 70,000)

Bill Maher and David Iglesias

The Situation Room Interview with Barack Obama Pt. 1

Obama at Portland Waterfront Park, w/ views of the 15,000 overflow crowd

The Situation Room Interview with Barack Obama Pt. 2

War, Inc. - Trailer

Somewhere over the Rainbow - A Celebration of Gay Marriage

John & Cindy McCain: Elitists

75,000 in Portland --- panormic sweep shot: WOW

The Headzup/ GoLeft Week In Cartoons

Gary Hart discusses Obama's foreign policy

Obama in Portland II = 75,000 on the waterfront to hear the next President.

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Appeaser Teaser

McCain Continues To Dump Lobbyists From His Campaign


Phoque You Paul Watson - T-Shirt brought to you by Magdalen Sealbillies

Bill-O's Propaganda Expert

KATU Portland: Obamas on the Waterfront w/ 75,000 in the crowd

Barack responds to John McCain in Billings, MT on May 19, 2008.

Red State Update: Gay Marriage

Obama Owns "Double Down" McSame on Foreign Policy: "What are George Bush and John McCain afraid of?"

A Picture a Day for 6 Years

Barack Obama in Portland, OR (from

NRA: Karl Rove = $1.50 a gallon gas is a topic for humor? DU THIS

White House Blasts NBC

More Evidence of McCain's Flippity-Floppity: "I Don't Mind" Holding Discussions with Iran (2006)

James Baker: Talking to an enemy is not appeasement

Rachel Maddow and Richard Wolf discuss Obama's brilliant response to Bush

Portland TV Coverage of Obama's Record Rally

Thousands flee S Africa attacks

Iraq insurance program made millions for firms

Gazette Opinion: U.S. must battle against stigma of mental war wounds

Nixonland, Then and Now: Q&A With Rick Perlstein

Blacklisted by the Bush government...domestic spying under Bush

Sinking to New Depths: The Mad Hatter Lectures the Arab World!

Humanizing nature's fury

Bob Novak: No thanks, Cheney

AlterNet: 'Prince Caspian': Sugarpuff Christian Propaganda Dressed Up As a Dark Children's Movie

New Yorker: The Fall of Conservatism-Have the Republicans run out of ideas?

Forget 2013, McCain Offers His Vision For the 'Year 2525'

Project for the New American Century lasts eight years....but there is alway AEI

Leading General Tells Troops to Start Blogging

New Watergate Book Says John Dean Ordered Break - In

Ding! Round one goes to the dove with the dodgy name (Guardian)

John Dean Named Responsible For Watergate Break-In In A New Book

Bush to Arab nations: You're running out of oil

First 'Cluster Bomb Olympics' held in Washington DC

SF Chronicle: California's Fiscal Crisis is of "Staggering" Proportions

With Contempt-An Open letter to Dianne Feinstein

John McCain and Barack Obama: Two visions of the Supreme Court

Why My Four Year Old Is For Obama:

healthcare costs have continued to shift from employers to employees

The Appeaser-in-Chief Hands Over Czech Republic to the Saudis

John Cusack: Outsourced Warfare Represents a "Radical, Dangerous, Disgusting Ideology"

Health plans say they’ll risk losing members to protect profit margins

Single Payer! "I'm just one person, how can I possibly make a difference?"

Harry Reid's High Hopes

The Conservative Movement: From Failure to Threat By Paul Craig Roberts

Suicide Watch

What It Means To Be a Leader by Sen. Jim Webb

Peak oil and politicians

If you think there is a humanitarian crisis in Iraq now...

The Party of Death-Examining the boundless cruelty of the Burmese junta

Glenn Greenwald: High Standards at the Washington Post Op-Ed page

The Sucker Rally

Now doctors jump into BPO bandwagon (India)

NY Mag: Pete Hamill: June 5, 1968: The Last Hours of RFK

Problems With "No Buy" Terror Watch List. Impeding Non-Terrorists

Obama --Let's Challenge the Murdochization of Our Media

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 337

Times Are Tough, Except in the Repo Business

Debating H-1B visas: A ruse exposed

Independent UK: England's green and pleasant land is in catastrophic decline

Independent UK: Energy firms braced for summer of protests

enough alcohol in one year's yield to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate for a hundred years

Why investors worship Old King Coal

New Hampshire and Vermont Renewable Energy Program Updates

SunPower to build third solar cell plant (1+ GW/year, Malaysia)

Spain's Iberdrola to invest 8 billion dollars in US renewable energy

Solar panels unveiled at Fenway

Report: EPA head reversed stand on greenhouse gas

9 Planned Midwestern Ethanol Plants to Utilize Novel Processing Technology - which boosts yield 30%

The same new ideas

Ice Age of 2008 is still over

Russia's oil exports down 3.3% to 448 mln bbls in Jan-March

Attention Environmentalists: Keep your SUV.

Solar hot water space heating question:

Krugman: Stranded in Suburbia

Wall Street Journal: It's the Economics, Stupid: Nuclear Power's Bogeyman

Documents link wind farm foes to energy firm

31,000 Scientists Rejecting Global Warming Theory to be Named Monday

Obama to Tennessee GOP: Lay Off My Wife

Mark Crispin Miller warns of Election Theft & Martial Law

AFL-CIO's Old School Attacks by the Republican National Committee!

Republican Legislator responds to union's Anti-McCain flyers (+ video)

Baggage handlers finalize US Airways labor pact

Hamilton Sundstrand union members voting on tentative labor deal

Nurses, DMC close to labor deal

McCain: Most troops will be out of Iraq in 2013 (check the Working American photo)

Silicon Valley janitors set to strike

Union members at Maine's BIW approve contract

Members question backdoor union deals

Union Stages MGM Casino Protest

The garments industry riots in Bangladesh

Agriprocessors Investigated by Labor Services and OSHA Before Raid

OSHA finds Salem plant failed to protect men who died ($46,800 for Boiler rupture)

Georgetown business pays fine in OSHA case ($20,075)

Foxwoods Dealers, UAW Supporters Rally In Front Of MGM Grand

Kucinich joins AFL-CIO election training effort

Employee rights need updating for digital age

Today in labor history May 19 It became known as the “Matewan Battle” 10 killed

Hundreds of Activists Launch Member Mobilization Walks

Forecasters see weak economy, higher unemployment

The Union Wage Advantage for Low-Wage Workers

Ask Sesame Street why they want to be associated with Stemilt Cherries (E-action)

I won't be around much the next couple of months

Dairy Farmers Co-Op faces price-manipulation probe

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 05/16/2008

need advice best mma for intro apr and apy

Michigan denies health benefits to same-sex couples

Gays, lesbians take pride in their own Israeli birthright

Microsoft sides with homophobes who report "offensive" Xbox live screen name "TheGAYERgamer"

Playboy Wants The Gays

Financial Crisis Timeline and list of institutions involved

Rights org: "Fog of war" no cover for Gaza killings

Pelosi: I trust all presidential candidates in regard to Israel

IDF kills terrorist at West Bank checkpoint

Make love not war: Israeli adult Web site promotes reconciliation in new way

Ramon: Israel holding direct talks with Hamas

Pelosi: More must be done to stop Iran

Rethinking Israel After Sixty Years - By Jeff Halper

Did Hezbollah Thwart an Attack on Beirut?

Colombian government: Wanted rebel surrenders

Yoani Sanchez's site blocked by Cuban government

Money Laundering & Murder in Colombia: Official Documents Point to DEA Complicity

Colombian rebel urges fighters to give up conflict

VIDEOS of evidence,testimony,press conf re US giving cash to Cuban "dissidents."

EVA GOLINGER-INTERPOL'S CREATIVITY: "The War Machine: Or How to Manipulate Reality"

Venezuela says US violated its airspace

Cuba: US passed dissidents private funds

Cuban father pays price for custody of daughter (The Miami child detained from going home to Cuba)

Pakistan hearing tuesday

More Biden photos up on his website!

Biden posted on Huffington Post on 5/15!

An amazing story about RFK's last night if you're interested.

Wtf is this?

Penguins pummel Flyers to advance to the Stanley Cup Final! Woo hoo!

Celtics hold on with home advantage, catch a blow before the Pistons hit Beantown

Full Moon effect?

I'm leaving for the Philippines for 15 days this Wednesday, any

Hi. Need to talk here

Next victim: Detroit Pistons

Best of DU Thread - (non-inflammatory) LGBT Edition - #5

Yet another (better and easier) way to calibrate your monitor for free.

Flu Bugs Growing Resistance To Drugs, Studies Find

May Photo Contest ~~Two more days

NYT - 101 Simple Summer Meals In 10 Minutes or Less

Weekend cooking

Sauces for a Stir-Fry

Tell me about Greek Yogurt

Rate your doctor

Anyone make their own BBQ sauce?

Former Barksdale Air Force Catholic chaplain pleads guilty to sex charges in Arizona

Speaking of appeasers: Cheney/Halliburton connection to the Burmese Junta...

Virginia Baptist Pastor Charged With Robbing Dollar Store at Gunpoint

Plano, TX Baptist megachurch pastor resigns amid child sex scandal

Presbyterian Ex-pastor finds little forgiveness from rape victims in court

Minnesota Mom faces arrest if she brings autistic son to church

What was the most expensive thing you ever cooked?

Poll: Religion on DU

changing the relationship between the Democratic Party and the nra.

The American Hunters and Shooters Association Supports Obama: He "Gets It"

America’s Shooting Gallery 5.15

Brittle-star 'city' discovered on underwater

Nim Chimpsky: The Chimp that Learned Sign Language

Still a Proud Member of "Your" NRA?

Video of JK at MCLA commencement

So my friends and I just got back from a road trip and it used to be when we were out of state

Jason Loser thinks he's "working class"

Signs of our local economic downturn

Movie "Iron Man" + Alliant Tech Cluster Bomb & 5/24 fundraiser

I'm here, checkin' in.

How To Set Up a Pirate Radio Station

Austinites: Have you ever eaten at Nubian Queen Lola's Cajun Soul Food Restaurant?

well, I am on the job hunt trail again. Lost my job last week.

Two questions about Adobe Photoshop;

Why is Comcast blocking this email?

Poll: Good news for Coleman, bad for Franken

Wow 75,000 people turned out for Obama in Portland!

Monday MATH Widget (5/19)

In case y'all missed it: The MDA won't accept the racist t-shirt $$

For those who missed Obama campaigning today in Crow Agency, Montana...

BBC journalist warns against voter irregularities(Greg Palast at the Palm Beach Democratic Club Sun)

Hand Counted Paper Ballots in 2008 (Sheila Parks)

So-ing The Seeds of Change (X)

Hearing Tuesday: “Protecting the Constitutional Right to Vote for All Americans” - Senate Judiciary

Reader's Digest: Do Voting Machines Work As Well As They Should?

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Monday 05/19/08

CP: Harper to be absent as Clark joins Parliament's walk of fame

CP: Parliament, spy agency contracts exempted from ombudsman's scrutiny

Hill Times: Talk about Bernier heats up, likely to be shuffled, Tories say

Sharpen your political ‘iCue’

Virtual schools see strong growth, calls for more oversight

An Opinion -- The Documentary Maker Who Wasn't There

Spielberg to direct Lincoln Biopic in 2009

Hello Wisconsin!!

Gov. Doyle: Appoints Roger Breske as Commissioner of Railroads

Jeff Morris for congress! (CA-2)

The Border Fence Folly

Question about child support laws in California

My new favourite lolcat

KOEB Meeting 5/19/08 Keith Sets the Record Straight Edition