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Thanks Joe! and to the next dozen SD's waiting for the "best" moment to declare

Sidney Blumenthal Uses Former Right-Wing Foes To Attack Obama

Hillary Is Running For VP and Has Been For Awhile.

Is Hillary a believer in "trickle-down" economics?

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/1/08 - Obama down 3 (44), Clinton up 3 (46)

Hillo and Billo video....5/1/08, Part Deux

Keith Olbermann...the only man in America who gets paid to beg for a job every night

McCain: Raising Taxes

Now is the time for all of Obama's friends and endorsers to play their hand!

Wolfson: "Andrews is NOT from Indiana ! " Andrews: "McCarthyism." (Same Song, Different Day)

UPDATE TPM:: "WVWV Group Promised to Change Calls in February!"

The Mask Project - Support Denver Hospice

Going on vacation certainlyl highlights the difference between the blogosphere and MSM.

McCain: 'Mission accomplished' banner not Bush's fault

McCain: 'Mission accomplished' banner not Bush's fault

Are you tired of the media worshiping Joe Sixpack?

I'm going to an Obama rally on May 18!!!

Frankly, I'm very disappointed by Clinton supporters. This kind of hatred and bigotry...

Anti-Obama signs show up in Wilmington, NC.

Sid "Vicious" Blumenthal can

Clinton playing by her own set of rules (article at

Clinton playing by her own set of rules (article at

If Obama does not win the Democratic nomination,

McCain Spiritual Advisor Rod Parsley: Planned Parenthood = KKK, Nazis

Hillary supporters: why do you still support her after robocalls and right-wing emails?

Alternet - Corporate America Hearts Obama - "A vote for Obama is a vote for the corporate state."

A division created by accident? or not?

Clinton as GOP parrot

Clinton as GOP parrot

John McCain wants a gas tax holiday - and sell the deficit spending debt to China

Joe Andrew's defection signals that the hammer is coming down, Clinton folks.....

Joe Andrew has made my week. Maybe the past month.

Joe Andrew has made my week. Maybe the past month.

Delegate math: Why Clinton winning and even winning big in IN will result in an Obama win

New Barack Graphic

To all the pro-Obama fucktards who ignore Hil's vow to raise taxes on the rich

If Hillary's "gas tax holiday" were to happen, expect more of this.....

51% of Democratic voters think Obama will get nomination; down from 69% a month ago

Joe Andrew kicked ass on Countdown tonight

Bill Clinton spoke at my town of Martinsville Indiana the other night.


Malloy: Every time Jeremiah Wright farts, Barack Obama has to reach for bathroom tissue

Hillary visits a psychic

Politico: GOP gives Clinton the silent treatment

Media wants to pick the president for its bottom line...

The Ultimate Irony: Hillary is Losing Superdelegates by How She's Winning Voters

If Obama wins NC by ten points, will the MSM narrative be that Hillary cut his lead

Did The Obama Campaign Release Its Money Raising Numbers For......

National Enquirer Piles On: cover story on Obama marriage

We got to see Bill Clinton speak this morning in West Virginia

May 1st, Network Sweeps Begin. What can we expect?

Why John Edwards can't endorse Senator Clinton:


"Flatbed Hillary": Her working class hypocrisy. ( Short article with some very valid points.)

Today a commentator on CNN was complimenting Obama on opposing the gas tax break, and Blitzer

This has got to be the coolest picture I've seen so far

I think people here are getting a tad negative.

"A vote for Hillary is a vote to continue this process, a vote that assists McCain" - Joe Andrew

Quote of the day.

A call for a Moratorium on intra-party sniping (from both sides)...

"Rich People, God Bless Us" from the clinton campaign

"We Do NOT Vote! Period." (angry stare)

All these loyalty oaths are BULLSHIT

Anytime Obama wrestles with his conscience

It's time to ask: Are you better off now than you were 4 years ago?

Attention Obama Rapid Response Team!

****Obama Supporters. Remember. This Too Shall Pass****

Um why do the media and people here on DU act surprised that obamas numbers have sunk

Tweety and Morning Joe are Cherry Pickers!

Gas Tax Holiday is candidate will be Prez by then

this was a dumb post-self delete

The ONE question not yet asked of Reverend Wright

This is about US - 'Divided we fall, United we stand'

thanks hillary

Reuters: Obama fights perception he is elitist

Frmr HRC Supprter (& DNC Chair): "A VOTE FOR continue...IS A VOTE that assists McCAIN"

Take a Memo


"Rich people, God Bless us!" -- OH NOES! DID SHE REALLY SAY THAT?!?

a non-politician's (that would be me) political take on what's up

GD-P in a nutshell.

Rev. Wright's honorary degree canceled by Northwestern

How many more times do we have to hear "thrown under the bus" in this election?

Hillary: Rich people deserve the opportunity to help this country move forward

The Nation: Hillary Struggles Against Sexism But Regularly Plays Race Card

Hunt for Delegates Reaches Guam

Is Hillary willing to put the democratic majority in congress at risk(re: gas tax)?

Clinton May Be Hopeful, but Obama Rolls On - Finally, some sane analysis from the MSM (NYT)

An Observation: Down Ticket Elected Office Holders Prefer Obama To Clinton

A poll

Hilary is the new President... She is the most Presidential; this latest revelation has proved it...

Bloomberg and Many Economists Slam Clinton, McCain Gas Tax Plan

New Pew Poll: Obama Maintains Lead over Clinton, Runs Stronger against McCain!

Sidney Blumenthal Uses Former Right-Wing Foes To Attack Obama

I'm assuming that IN is an "open" primary and RW talk show people are

I'm assuming that IN is an "open" primary and RW talk show people are

I voted in the NC primary today.

Hillary surrogate..."Indiana those people are S**T"

Rally for Rev. Wright -- This Saturday in Dallas!

Just like the Republicans, Hillary practices in the politics divisiveness and turmoil.

Obama calls 14 y.o. boy a pig

Anti-Obama ad on North Alabama TV.

Anti-Obama ad on North Alabama TV.

Something I would love to know

Obama leads among women in NC 44% to 37%, among men 57% to 30%

Follow The Money Trail-Women's Voices Women Vote

Why does Hillary get a pass on "obliterate"

Clinton, Obama will be at NC J-J dinner tonight and at Sunday's night J-J dinner in Indianapolis.

The Empire Strikes Back (starring Obama & Clinton)

*Breaking* Top Clinton Aide Aligns w/RW Extremist Groups in anti-Obama Email Campaign

BREAKING: 1st Zogby NC/IN tracking poll out-Obama up 16 in North Carolina-tied 42-42 in Indiana

Sooooo, Is Hillary actually introducing a "Gas Tax Holiday" Bill into the Senate?


Progressives generally reject the crass dumbed down politics of division usually pedaled by Repukes.

Donors of former candidates prefer Obama 3-1

Since when is grace & strength under pressure a sign of weakness? WTF??

Michael Moore..."I'm white"

CNN says their poll results show the "Democratic nomination" battle is a "virtual tie"

Hmm. Now I forget.. Is North Carolina a BIG state, or a little state...

Breaking: Superdelegate for Obama - Former DNC Chair Paul Kirk & New Ad on Gas Tax

This has been a good morning - doubt / anxiety levels plummeting.


Barack Obama is the choice of free-agent donors

any SD endorsements for Obama today yet? thx.

Ras Poll-58% Say Obama Denounced Wright for Political Convenience, not Outrage

Joseph Andrew, Former DNC Chair Switches Support from Clinton to Obama

McCain-Clinton 'Gas Tax Holiday Plan' will make BILLIONS for Oil Companies

To those thinking of staying home on election day

Online Newspapers - Emails to Editors Kantor "Story"

Apparently, if anyone hears anything objectable in church, they should denounce their preachers

Has Hillary ever had to change a tire?

Apparently, Clinton campaign agrees with Bush on one point: experts are irrelevant

Is there anyone here who thinks having a gas tax holiday for the summer is a good idea?

New Obama ad in Indiana ridiculing the Clinton "gas tax holiday".

Crank it up. Everyone should e-mail ABC NEWS the video and demand George and Hillary address it...

Thank the Lord we have candidates enlightened enough to give us the gas tax holiday...

HuffPost: Senior Clinton Campaign Advisor Distributes Right-Wing Attacks Against Obama Daily

Top 10 Surprising Facts about Obama (from David Letterman) ***SPOILERS***

Hillary Supporters: An Honest Question No One Has Bothered To Answer

How Do You Feel When You Watch Hillary Clinton Speak?

Paul G. Kirk, superdelegate from MA, declares support for Obama

POLL: More Democrats (62%) believe ongoing campaign is doing more harm than good for the Party.

Preview of Obama's nomination acceptance speech in Denver, 2008

Kantorgate has a small post and link on Drudge.

In this video it is quite clear what is said

Rasmussen NC: Obama (49) ; Clinton (40)

Clinton May Be Hopeful, but Obama Rolls On

The prediction markets currently forecast a Barack Obama presidency in 2009

Okay, Obama supporters, riddle me this...

Randi Rhodes said it best

"If we had Republican rules, I would already be the nominee"

One of the things I love about Obama's campaign/web site

Endorsement Statement from former DNC chair Paul Kirk regarding Obama

In One Fell Swoop Kantor Offends Both White And Black Voters In This Video.....

UPDATED NEWS: SUNDAY shows: Barack on Meet the Press, HRC on Stephanopoulos...Shall we

***Almost 20 Years of Association -- with Mickey Kantor***

My Worst Nightmare, Obama Is A Milquetoast Candidate Who Doesn't Fight Back

Bill Clinton punished Kantor for his remarks by...

Meet Mickey Kantor - Clinton political advisor for 20 years (including Hillary 2008)

STOP. Read this now. Trust me.

Rasmussen- McSame 48% Obama 42% /McSame 45%-Clinton 44%/Clinton 46% -Obama 44%

Kantor's comments demolish Hillary's swing state argument once and forever

Can someone send the Kantor thing to O'Reilly and Fox News?

How long before Hillary Clinton has to make a statement about "shitgate"?

Big Clinton lead in Indiana

Sometimes, the kitchen sink blows back in your face.

Newsflash To The Pundits: Obama Closed The Deal In February...Hillary Just Didn't Bow Out

Made Donation now my info is on the net

Kantor Quote makes his Wikipedia page

ABC News Address....

It's Official: Joe Scarborough wants to have Hillary's baby

BREAKING - New Ras Polling on Wright - OUCH

So what am I, an elites or worthless white n*gger?


Obama supporters: Wishful thinking about the video circulating.....

Ed Schultz is leading with the Kantor video

In a few hours, Hillary will fire and denounce Kantor and say she didn't know about it, wasn't there

McCain has gained 6% on Obama in 4 days, thanks to Wright debacle (Rasmussen)

Play the Kantor story 24/7 you corporate media whores - just like you did Wright!

Clinton and her vast right wing conspiracy...seems to be all done by her own people....

Ed Schultz has the Kantor video now

Uh oh, Indecision 2008 is already on the Kantor story, it's going on the Daily Show soon

Raw Story uses DU as part of a story on Kantor

After robocalls, right-wing emails, and Kantor, why do you still support Hillary?

Bottom Line : Hillary ' You Cannot Chose Your Family, But You Can Choose Who Runs Your Campaign'

Kantor claims conspiracy...kinda like Charles Barkley saying he was misquoted in his autobiography

This has been posted before, but I'll post it again

Why hasn't HRC Rejected and Denounced Mikey Kantor Yet?

Kantor is a plagiarist

MSNBC - Tell us what you realy think, Mickey - First Read link!

Obama nabs ANOTHER former committee chairman! The SDs keep coming!

if the clip is doctored, then post an undoctored version of the clip

Kantor's denial, who are you going believe? Me or your lying ears and eyes?

Kantor's GREATEST HITS - Transcript of Kantor on Clinton Conference Call 2008

If Hillary can keep it close in NC, she can still win the popular vote...

If Hillary can keep it close in NC, she can still win the popular vote...

Be a good time for another Woman to Run as a Democrat, to suck up Clinton's votes after she loses

Tapper (ABC) has a story up on Kantorgate--Clinton Advisor on IN: "These People are S---"

This entire process is disgusting - but we're making it that way.

[AP,CNN] Clinton employs 4,300 to remove all reference to Mickey Kantor from History.


African-American ministers gather to voice support for Obama

African-American ministers gather to voice support for Obama

Mickey Kantor is more revealing than Rev. Wright of the inner DLC/Centrist/Clinton Axis

We Need Email addresses to forward the Mickey Kantor video to the MSM

Prediction: Kantor will be off Hillarys campaign by noon tomorrow.

We need at least 50 Obama backing DUers to recruit 10-20 folks to contact ABC NEWS today!!!

Questions Russert should ask obama Sunday. Alright, now

DU Belch Dupe Thread...


Ok here's ANOTHER video you have to see

No Distractions Please

Proceed With CAUTION

Proceed With CAUTION

New Rasmussen NC Poll...Obama 49 Clinton 40

7 minute Video summarising the race so far....

My thoughts on the clip

McCain has gained 6% on Obama in 4 days, thanks to Wright debacle (Rasmussen)

Kantor story building

Obama should "forgive" Hillary over Kantor/God Bless Us Rich People

Shit BREAKING---Drudge has Kantor video up--this thing is blowing up

My Prediction: The Kantor YouTube will dominate the MSM...

There HAS to be at least ONE audio engineer here who can


Jeez, gone 3 hrs and missed an entire controversy

Hillary has three days to shove the shit back into the Horse.

Does anybody remember Primary Colors?

58% Say Obama Denounced Wright for Political Convenience, not Outrage

Now MSNBC is carrying the Kantor story!

Kantor responds -- "I didn't say white n'gr, I said white HOUSE" ROFL!!!

How do you think Indiana will react to being called...

BARACK OBAMA, get out now!

BARACK OBAMA, get out now!


What did Kantor say?

So, who do you think bumped off the DC madam so their name wouldn't show up?

May 31st will mark the 28th *straight* day of endless MSM coverage of the Kantor video

Team Clinton the last 48 hours

Team Clinton the last 48 hours

Dr*dge has the Youtube :"Clinton Advisor Calls Indianans "Shit" and White N*ggers"!

Dr*dge has the Youtube :"Clinton Advisor Calls Indianans "Shit" and White N*ggers"!

"Rich people, God bless us. We deserve all the opportunities to make sure our country and our....

Hillary-O'Reilly Part I — Best All Year

Who cares abouts "white ni***rs", Kantor did call Indianans Shit. Period.

Petulant children

Kantner is NOT in this video!!!!

1992, Indiana: GHW Bush beats B. Clinton 42.91% to 36.79%

The Obamist's picnic on the edge of the grassy knoll.

So my MIL sent me this Obama smear email...

Ironically enough, i watched The War Room on Wednesday night ...

War Room Video: A Clinton set-up for her Sunday Town Hall with Stephanopoulas?

Just in case there is any possibility you missed this...

This reminds me of

According to First Read Cantor did NOT call Indianans s**t

According to First Read Cantor did NOT call Indianans s**t

calling someone a "white nigger" is the same as calling them "trailer trash."

OMG! Have you seen how much the MSM OWNS and who they obviously want as president?

Independent expert confirms it: Kantor was Swiftboated (video doctored)

Here's the video we should all see!

I can't tell if it's real or not.

Ok, I have now changed my mind

Double standard for Clinton

Ed Shultz is talking about Kantor right now!


Why polls are bullshit.

Clinton: "If We Had the Republican Rules, I Would Already Be the Nominee"

Kantor said the people of Indiana were WHITE KNITTERS!

Okay, folks. Listen up. "The War Room" came out in 1993.

Indianapolis Star endorses ...

If the Cantor statement was true as alleged in the video,

"These people are shit, excuse me"---nothing was doctored about it

I no longer care.

POLITICO - The Kantor Video Is FAKE!!!

New Pew Poll: Obama's Image Slips, His Lead Over Clinton Disappears

All of us Obama and Clinton supporters should be pissed off right now!!

Christian Broadcasting Network praises Clinton's interview with Bill O’Reilly

Anyone Here An Talented Lip Reader?

Today's Gallup poll: Hillary down one (48) and Obama up one (46):

What Does Mickey Kantor Have to Do With Hillary Clinton's Campaign?

Hey everybody: Remember "Finger-Gate"?

MSNBC Update: Kantor said #!@-ing -- then adds " the White House."

In polls, Clinton picking up steam, Obama sputtering

RJ Eskow: Coffeecups and Gutterballs: A Precision Media Hit On Obama, A Pass For Clinton

Are we on Defcon-1 because of nastyass fake smear bullshit?

I notice the Kantor thing is doing nicely to distract from the fact

I notice the Kantor thing is doing nicely to distract from the fact

Howard Dean JUST SAID on The Daily Show that THEY ARE GOING TO SEAT the FL and MI Delegates!!!

Nobody is ever going to always be right. It is only that they admit it when they make a mistake.

OH MY GOD!! I found the proof!!!

IF you listened to the Doctored version BEFORE listening to original

Uh-oh, here we go again: Meet Obama's new pastor ! Obama will havt to explain ..NOT to me...

Uh-oh, here we go again: Meet Obama's new pastor ! Obama will havt to explain ..NOT to me...

Well, the voters will decide if Kantor said those things about Indiana...

hold on a minute about this Kantor thing....

To have exposed one's CHILD to this bigoted filth--

So we, Hillary supporters, are troll, bots, stupid, "republican lites"

This movie came out in 1993. If this isn't doctored why haven't we heard about this yet?

Wow, the Clinton supporters must be terrified of this Kantor video.

Clinton campaign staffers call american citizens "second class."

OBAMA, get out now!

The Video Clip is Bait

Mr. Right: Working-class voters crucial to Democrats in general election

Mr. Right: Working-class voters crucial to Democrats in general election

Can We Get Back to the Issues Now??

Side Note: Who else wants to see the :ROFL: smiley destroyed?

Holy crap! Obama is down to a lead of 1.3 average over Hillary

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/2/08 - Obama unchanged (44), Clinton unchanged (46)

Does he not say "Who cares if we win? Those people are shit."

well I just had my WTF moment for today

well I just had my WTF moment for today

Oh, how they are laughing their asses off at us.

Hillary to the thousand plus Duers- YOU NEED TO START PAYING ATTENTION

I'd like to know the source of that Kantor video. If I had to bet, I'm guessing it is very

Hillary's campaign in crisis: Where is Hillary? Where are Wolfson and Ickes?

This protracted primary is sucking the life out of me.

Who is more gullible, those that let Wright sway them or those that let Kantor sway them?

Chuck Todd's first read debunks the Kantor clip.

Chuck Todd's first read debunks the Kantor clip.

ARG NC: Obama (52) ; Clinton (41)

This place is fucking funny...

hahahhaa god we are pathetic, especially me!

Every day

****Paul Kirk, Ex-DNC Chair And Superdelegate, To Endorse Obama***

that was Robert Byrd's voice dubbed over on that tape.

MSM still banging Wright when not reporting Mountain Lion story...

clinton campaign think people in indiana are crap?

Anyone else's bullshit meter pegging out re: Kantor video?


It's fake stop trying to sell it as real

If you listen to the War Room clip backwards you can hear Kantor say...

Will Clinton or Obama call for an investigation into the D.C. Madam's suicide?

I am going to denouce Hillary over Kantor anyway, since we are playing by "Republican Rules."

This whole Kantor "scandal" is a Rovian dirty trick against Obama

Does anyone believe this Kantor thing is going to really change anything?

Barack Obama has claimed that Jeremiah Wright has acknowledged that...

How better to say "I ignore you" than in Haiku?

One absurdity begats the next

One absurdity begats the next

One absurdity begats the next

One absurdity begats the next

One absurdity begats the next

Rush L. is desperate for Hillary to be our nominee

YouTube PULLS Kantor Video

I say both Obama supporters and Clinton supporters move on from the fake Kantor video

I say both Obama supporters and Clinton supporters move on from the fake Kantor video

UPDATED POST: Clinton Campaign says Hoosiers are "WORTHLESS WHITE NI**ERS"

1980 and 1976 redux

I just met Barack Obama today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hillary slays another dragon: Hillary Clinton is a “Foxy” Lady

Why not let the people of Indiana

the whole god damn thing feels orchestrated

Why Barack Obama can't close the deal? It's his HAT!!

Just talking about shitgate cleans the Wright palate

Fake videos, lapel pins, ex pastors, where are the issues? Does anyone even care anymore?

A disgraceful political smear and political hit job by Team Obama.

RIP Hillary Clinton campaign (January 20, 2007 - May 2, 2008)

Why do you think Kantor spoke like he did about Indiana?

Original Kantor clip: The War Room pt 9. (at the 4:40 mark)

Original Kantor clip: The War Room pt 9. (at the 4:40 mark)

Original Kantor clip: The War Room pt 9. (at the 4:40 mark)

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA at a town hall meeting today at Munster Steel Co. in Munster, Indiana

ABC News Deleted Jake Tappers Political Punch blog article on the Fake Kantor Video

Fake videos, ex pastors, where are the real issues?

Enquiring minds want to know -- how much money did the candidates raise in April??

Enquiring minds want to know -- how much money did the candidates raise in April??

McCain, in Denver, lashes out at '100 years in Iraq' ads

When will BO's campaign step in and tell people to can it with the Kantorgate?

My response to the whole Kantor thing.

I wonder when Rev WRIGHT is going to comment on the KANTER VIDEO.

NPR: Nonprofit's Contracts Called into Question (RE: ROBO-CALLS)

UPDATE: I'm converting the Kanter video now to increase the volume

3 and a half hours and counting...

Kantor vs. Wright: who will end up hurting their candidate more?

Is the Clinton Campaign Using the Right Wing to Destroy Obama?

OMG -- Hillary: Are you for us or against us (us being Hillary and McCain)

Please stop the crepe hanging: Voters want any Democrat over any Republican

GLBT DUers. How do you feel about Hillary's new homophobic campaign

Of all the footage of Cantor, I think this one is the most revealing.

Kantor's right. Altho understandable how this could confuse, without context and poor sound quality.

Obama Has Raised More Than $¼ Billion

People...back off of the YouTube deal w/the use of a term we

You don't get it- It doesn't matter if the clip is real.

Blumenthal not alone in distributing what's new and nasty: "the depths some folks go"

I APOLOGIZE for my hasty trust in "The Internets" regarding the You Tube video

By this time tomorrow, the top of the Greatest Page will be littered...

Obama May Levy $15 Billion Tax on Oil Company Profit

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the NAFTA / Canada story break on a Friday

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the NAFTA / Canada story break on a Friday

I think Hillary is only staying through NC/IN then dropping out.

Back up at ABC with newspaper reviews of what Indiana thought back then. Sh*t part is true.

Hillary: We should be more like the Republicans

Bloomberg Economist: Gas Tax Holiday "Will Feel Good," But "Counterproductive," Says Obama's Right

McCain, Hillary, and MSM thinks Americans are Stupid.

Phil Musser, Repub. strategist, just urged women Repubs. to go vote for Hillary to keep it going!

Phil Musser, Repub. strategist, just urged women Repubs. to go vote for Hillary to keep it going!

Phil Musser, Repub. strategist, just urged women Repubs. to go vote for Hillary to keep it going!

Phil Musser, Repub. strategist, just urged women Repubs. to go vote for Hillary to keep it going!

Phil Musser, Repub. strategist, just urged women Repubs. to go vote for Hillary to keep it going!

Phil Musser, Repub. strategist, just urged women Repubs. to go vote for Hillary to keep it going!

Kantor denies he ever uttered the words in video

Director of movie War Room - The Clip Is Doctored!!!

So which one of you Hillbots is getting your ass kicked by Randi right now?

Clinton Campaign: "How would you like to be a Worthless White Ni**er"

This slur against Mickey Kantor is complete bullshit

So through April, how much do you think Hillary's in the hole for? (Post your prediction here!)

DU this poll on Kantor

As an Obama supporter I'd RATHER forget the Kantor thing

I Thought DU Is Where We Are Supposed To Come For The Truth

Six months of RW e-mail, months of robo calls and endless pretense from Hillary's campaign

'Congress and the President' ~ (a message for those saying they won't vote)

Clinton/McCain's Gas Tax Holiday is politically expedient, just like their IWR votes

So. How does Kantor get his reputation back?

Click Here for the solution to all the strife in GD:P

This Kantor stuff: Sometimes the charges are so ludicrous they don't merit a response.

This Kantor stuff: Sometimes the charges are so ludicrous they don't merit a response.

Olbermann: Manchurian Candidates and Fox

This is how many Republicans really feel about McCain

McCain Campaign Declares :"President McCain"

What the primaries have shown me is which campaign is for the politics of personal destruction

Based on an analysis of the cars sporting bumper stickers,

Who's Kantor?

Who's Kantor?

The next President: a one term wonder?

Hillary's Campaign Message: It's OK to be racist, just don't get caught being racist

I really couldn't hear the word n***er

Stories of racial slurs from the Clintons are hardly new.

MI/FL solution: 50/50 split on pledged delegates, Supers not allowed to vote.

"Europeans dream of a genial post-Bush world, but it won't be genial."

NPR---Group with Clinton ties to Dubious Robo-calls

The Empire Strikes Barack -- LOVE IT, LOVE IT! :)

Proof of what Kantor said


Bill O'Reilly believes that cabals of women terrorize men, among other things.

Self delete. Go here:

A different YouTube Kantor video!

And now for something good. Inspiring office sign from Obama PA office

Obama preferred 3:1 by donors to other candidates

He disrupted...poorly.

Ok I'm stepping in now.

Zogby Tracking Poll (taken after Obama repudiated Wright) Obama up 16 in NC and tied in Indiana

"...but I want to hear the SOB deny it."

How will you vote in November?

We're being played like puppets

Kgo has reported that Hillary Clinton will pick a big endosement today.

I thought Hillary was from Indiana

I'll be thrilled Tuesday if Obama......

LOL at the Obama supporters who ran with the Kantor thing

I still like Obama; some of my fellow DU Obama 'supporters' -- not liking them so much

All is not well at HILLARY'S Plantation

Bill Clinton won Indiana in 1992. Big deal as Quayle was from there. THEY WERE HAPPY

Bad Day at Barack Rock - a real-life film noir

Obama May Go On O'Reilly Factor, Says Chris Wallace

The primary in perspective: This is all "to be expected." Think of it this way:

The way Obama handles smears.

Ok, Hillary supporters, I have a question.

Obama fans show their true color: Circulating a False and Doctored Video to hit Hillary!!

Several Polls

Obama LIVE in IN now (CNN livestream)

Obama LIVE in IN now (CNN livestream)

This is so sad...The Democratic Party is really imploding....

This is so sad...The Democratic Party is really imploding....

Will a gas tax holiday ACTUALLY lower the price of gas?

If your nominee loses the primary and runs as an independent...

Will the Real Lamont WIlliams Please Stand Up? (Pro-Hillary Robocalls)

an obit DU can appreciate:

Obama is The Nominee: This is Now a Battle for The Clinton Voters

Obama is The Nominee: This is Now a Battle for The Clinton Voters

Here's to RainDog for predicting today's Friday Stinkbomb in this thread

Defection of key Clinton ally tilts balance to Obama

Ok I have to ask

Ok I have to ask

One Thing You Gotta Say, For Good or Bad.

For The Record: Regarding Locks On Threads Concerning Mr. Kantor

Kanter has more to say in this here (it's not a rickroll, I'm not immature!)

Obama's dirty tricks.

President Clinton and NY Senator Clinton Vs.. Obama..

Breaking on CNN: McCain "we won't go to war in Middle east for oil again"

Looking At The Posts - Do Issues Matter?

If Obama proves that he can survive Wright by winning NC

So I pulled out my DVD of the War Room... it's pretty clear that the video was grossly distorted....

Old, Black Leaders that aren't helping Obama.

Guilt by association is wrong whether it is Wright or Kantor. We should have more dignity. Kick if


Breaking hard: BRAND NEW YouTube up of Mickey Kantor's quip.

Tell your superdelegates how you would like them to vote

Vote for MAMA, not OBAMA -- catchy slogan?

Voters drift to Clinton ahead of next primaries

I've got an issue for Obama to take to the white working classes: college legacy admissions

How to Get Universal Health Care

Will we EVER elect a woman President of this country?

Matthews: "Any chance that Hillary going around with 'Bubba' (her husband) the white rural


GOP uses Obama to boost Republican candidates

Wow, what a day...Go Obama!

Wow, what a day...Go Obama!

What is Hillarys plan

Bill Clinton says Obama supporters are elitists

Has Obama addressed the Kantor video fraud?

Does anyone else have their tinfoil hats on right now?

FACTS PLEASE: So is the Kantor tape doctored or not?

NC takes center stage Fri. night: Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Who is responsible for DoctoredTapeGate?

Is it elitist to want superdelegates to override the will of primary and caucus voters?

results - political shirt sales at today's University of California market day

Is it true Clinton eats kitties? Did Obama really drink the blood of a paraplegic?

Please accept my apology.

How come no one's first reaction was to say that "Hillary Clinton would

Here is the "Closed Captioned" and other languages in War Room segment...

Kanter gate: Bullshit or legit.

*** Who's the Elitist? - Check these Hillary quotes ***

If I Were An Obama Supporter Right Now, I'd Be Praying That Video Was a Total Set-up

Listen to the original footage. What did Mickey actually say?

Video of Kantor no longer available on DU or Huffpo??? Hmmmmmmm

Hillary Hiding Behind the Flag ---pix--->>>

In my 40+ years of voting, I can't remember feeling like this!

Hillary thinks if she wins the latest news cycle, she's winning the primary. She's wrong.

Hillary thinks if she wins the latest news cycle, she's winning the primary. She's wrong.

It's a fake palease

For those interested in watching our JJ Dinner speeches of the two

Super Delegates Might Tip Over Trade

Ha .............. Ha ............... Ha

Don Sutherland aka "Invasion of the Body Snatchers ...and... the Goddess of Peace.

Finally: ..."How would you like to be trying to play this one in Texas?"

not sure, didn't vote

"Those people are shit...(excuse me) in the White House"...

If The Vidoe is Fake, Why is Kantor Threatening to Sue?

Clinton now leads by 7 in IN as Obama's 5 point lead evaporates. Both beat McSame in IN

BRAND NEW!!! Zogby poll numbers on Indiana and NC

Learn how to govern yourselves or expect to lose it all.

Let's watch Hillary blame Kantor on Obama, You Tube and the Internet!


*** Indiana Newspaper links for this Kantor story to get too **

(Check Out The Bolded Portion) - Contested Video Spreads Like Wildfire Online - WaPo

Clinton Spokesman Outright Lies About Hillary Telling O'Reilly "Rich people...God bless us."

Hey, Hillary....all I have to say to you is:

Why don't they Just Go Away? (TOON)

Concerns: Media vs. Reality

hey what's the big deal? The supporters of hope, unity, and change

O'Reilly Was A Buffoon Last Night & Hillary Was Just Pathetic

An amazing thing just happened on DU / Huffpo . .

New polls show Clinton doing better than Obama against McCain in three 'swing states'


Why Did The M$M Stop Talking About Rev. Wright?

WSBT (Indiana): "Controversy explodes over Clinton YouTube video"

Sundance Channel to Produce The War Room +15

Obama staffers infiltrate Hillary rallies to ruin her image

I'm hoping someone else heard Chris Matthews say....

WAIT turn up the volume so much it hurts. I was wrong

Re HClinton & Feminism

If Obama were behind but gaining and the SDs did to him what they are doing to HRC

Hillary Clinton will NOT "drop out"..ever..ever..ever

Hillary’s FIVE New Superdelegates + Lead in Gallup National and Indiana Polls

"Those people are sh**ing. How would you like to be in the White House right now?" is what he said.

"Those people are sh**ing. How would you like to be in the White House right now?" is what he said.

Joe Trippi: What I should have Told John Edwards

Can anyone else see where this may be heading?

I used to be real active in getting people to vote when elections were held

I can't vote for Hillary given Kantor's OUTRAGEOUS remarks.

Handy Guide to Hillary Clinton condemning Indiana factory closing that she and Bill supported

"Are They With Us Or Against Us?"-Hillary Uses Junior's Phrasing For Her Gas Tax Gimmick

My gawd! I WISH Obama would learn how to speak!

How's that taste?

Obama loses 24 points among men in Indiana — in five days! Pastor Controversy Possibly Big Factor

Conason does damage control for Blumenthal, claims recipients unlikely to believe RW charges

Conason does damage control for Blumenthal, claims recipients unlikely to believe RW charges

Conason does damage control for Blumenthal, claims recipients unlikely to believe RW charges

For all of you who think either the Wright OR the Cantor thing have ANYTHING

Rec this thread if you're sick of the "regular people/real Americans" talking point bullshit.

I have a lot of respect for the Obama supporters who called foul on the Kantor smear

Obama supporter here. After careful consideration of the evidence

Kantor vid: wrong explanation, right conclusion

*** Tapper is at it again, I guess Kantor really did call Hoosiers Shit ***

BREAKING: Paul Kirk, (Another) Former DNC Chair (1985-1989) Will be Endorsing Obama Today

Change Oregon Can Believe In? Obama thinks the Great Lakes are in Oregon?

Clinton campaigns against Democrats on gas prices

What was that thing Ghandi said about an eye for an eye...

Clinton gaining in Oregon, now only down 6. OR once seen as a sure thing for Obama

Pat Buchanan: The Coloreds Will Destroy the World!

Dear Senator Clinton: Please drop the gas tax holidy

Oh Nooz! The Obama’s are pandering to the uneducated Bubba’s & BHO gets stuck on REPEAT

People...back off of the YouTube deal w/the use of a term we


Enough posts exist about the YouTube fiasco with the offensive

Folks, the video is REAL. Just watch the original and turn your volume up.

Insider Advantage Poll now has Obama ahead by 5. This is the poll that previously had Clinton by 2.

Kantor video is authentic! DVD outtake shows Kantor pleading with filmmaker to edit out racial slur!

Voting for hillary in the GE.

The Kantor Video (link within) has obliterated ANY General Election bid for Hillary - EVER

Clinton's "Obliteration" Remark is Genocidal, Requires Apology

Barack's Statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day

After today, I believe GD/P's new mascot should be --

I've changed my mind (EMBARRASSED)

The Powers That Be Are Shit Scared Of President Obama

Three days after the Obama smackdown, WHY is Pastor Wright STILL SILENT? (I'm starting to worry.)

Mickey Kantor, the Clintons and Monsanto: Influence Is The REAL Danger to "Rural Americans"

Mickey Kantor, the Clintons and Monsanto: Influence Is The REAL Danger to "Rural Americans"

Jake Tapper: "clip -- not sent to me by anyone affiliated with the Obama campaign"

Washington Post in 1993: "and a Mickey Kantor comment about the people of Indiana"

Seven former Democratic National Committee chairmen have penned an open letter to DNC members urging

Seven former Democratic National Committee chairmen have penned an open letter to DNC members urging

Seven former Democratic National Committee chairmen have penned an open letter to DNC members urging

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRREBOUND: Polls point to Barack blowout in NC, push in IN, GE win vs. McHundred

When I first arrived at DU, I generally defended Hillary against the claim

Amazing how quickly the press circles the wagons around a Clinton.

Robert Kennedy Jr. Says Family Members Are Wrong in Supporting Obama

What's wrong with being elitist????

When the world gives you lemons,

Coffeecups and Gutterballs: A Precision Media Hit On Obama, A Pass For Clinton

Where art thou, John Edwards. I wish you did not drop out. See

You Won't Believe It But You Gotta See It

Let's see what the critics had to say in 1992 about the movie The War Room.

Huffpost title link: "Clinton advisor exonerated". Does someone have ORIGINAL video?

Huffpost title link: "Clinton advisor exonerated". Does someone have ORIGINAL video?

Kantor CLEARLY says regarding Indiana voters as "those people are shit"

Pat Buchanan in tirade against Obama, just said Obama is not "of the white working class" !

Pat Buchanan in tirade against Obama, just said Obama is not "of the white working class" !

Kantor: Are you going to listen to me or your lying ears?

Pig, Beer, Hay, Molasses, Home-Made Bread, and Obama

I have to share this, about a skinny black dude:

Kantor: contacting the best attorneys threatens to sue Youtube - thanks agains Mickey

Civil rights attorney or Walmart lawyer?

BLUMENTHAL is the Real Story; the Kantor Video is a Rovian Dirty Trick

Another Swiftboat attack from Obama Camp: Fact Check on the FALSE and Planted Magnaquench story

Matthews just now--- "Ghetto-izes him. Puts him back in the 'hood' "

HRC history of renting out her donor mailing list...and: HRC supporter owns co. doing CNN polling??

Are You Threatening To Not Vote In November?

Obama slams Hillary/McCain gas tax holiday.. A must see..

Obama slams Hillary/McCain gas tax holiday.. A must see..

Obama slams Hillary/McCain gas tax holiday.. A must see..

Mickey Kantor did NOT utter a racial epithet - forensic proof (large picture)

I guess The Video Was REAL: It's Back Up On YouTube with an Edited Title, UNPULLED

I am no longer supporting Hillary based on her long-time advisor's hateful racist remarks

Obama slide continues

Hillary looked great (AND TOUGH) last night on O'Reilly...

Warning to Hillarites: The following message may well make your head splode.

Clinton's Involvement With Robo-Gate will End Her Campaign. Her Campaign Violated Election Law.

NO to Obama

Black-Issues Group: Price To Pay If Clinton Wins Through Superdelegates

Illegal ballots Showing Up In NC

So, let me get this straight - people are going apeshit for something said 16 years ago?

Breaking: circulating video of Kantor is doctored

*BREAKING* New SUSA poll Oregon....Obama 50, Clinton 44

I am so embarrassed for some of the Obama supporters in the blogosphere, here especially.

Ignorance is Amazing

Frontpage in Indiana! OBAMA!

Man, you guys got seriously Rick Rolled.

I Apologize for Jumping on the Kantor Story like the MSM did on Wright

Obama Panic Meter is pegged

Furious Black Voters Won't Vote for Hillary in November

God Bless the rich, we own the country and we're passing it on to our kids.

Hillary Clinton Asks Indiana and Kentucky to Bet a Little Money on the Filly

This will sink Hillary... it is disgusting

Did the MSM bother to fact-check anything Rev. Wright said?

"I like Hillary Clinton"

Obama drinks a Budweiser in Indiana

I'm really sad and disappointed about this whole Sid Blumenthal thing.

I'm really sad and disappointed about this whole Sid Blumenthal thing.

I'm really sad and disappointed about this whole Sid Blumenthal thing.

The Gas Tax Holiday is Nothing More than a Bribe!

Hillary advisers whine about hurdles; insiders pick Obama

Derby picks for political groupies

As a woman and as a Democrat, I am ashamed of Hillary Clinton

2008 Democratic Convention Watch: "The Dem Primary in 7 minutes"

So it was doctored, huh? Well, let's look at the original.

So it was doctored, huh? Well, let's look at the original.

**** What Kantor is REALLY saying - digitally enhanced from ORIGINAL DVD. ****

Hillary Clinton "has become a regular visitor to Coe's Arlington, Virginia, headquarters"

Kantor video makes front page of HuffingtonPost

Clinton, Obama do N.C., Ind., gay media

"I don't like Hillary Clinton"

I am SO EMBARRASSED that Fellow Dems would use ROBO CALLS to Suppress the Vote!

I am SO EMBARRASSED that Fellow Dems would use ROBO CALLS to Suppress the Vote!

Has Hillary Clinton addressed her aides' connections with the robo-calling scam?

So it looks like Kantor didn't call Hoosiers "shit" and "white n****rs"....





question: Is the MSM covering the Kantor video?

When did you first suspect that Obama was going to be a huge disappointment?


DNC coffers dry amid flood of Dem cash

Hillary to bear the sins of the world.

Hillary to bear the sins of the world.

Hillary to bear the sins of the world.

Hillary to bear the sins of the world.

From the veep elmer fudd -- bizarre and humorous in a sad way

Senate panel votes to block money for Iraq reconstruction; save 2 million dollars.

More Unpopular Than Nixon.

In heart of farm country, McCain vows to veto ag bill because of 'unnecessary' subsidies

Boston Legal-WOW! I just watched the last 2 weeks' Tivo'd shows! The Supreme Court?!

Venezuela’s Justice Minister Launches New “Humanist” Prisons

Interest Groups Slam McCain (+ video)

Interest Groups Slam McCain (+ video)

Casey: The real China syndrome

Canseco loses mansion to foreclosure

Raised in a golden bubble..

Republican Space Rangers! A Fine Sci-Fi Video Of Our Saviors

This is pretty trivial (IE vs. Mozilla)

Relax, Celebrate Victory (USAToday Posted 5/1/2003)

I think there is a deeper message in this photo than meets the eye....

A look back at the media's fawning coverage of Bush's premature declaration of victory in Iraq

Probably not the right forum but Tony Bennet has the range.

I got an old nugget of a rw e-mail Today. Had fun with it.

self delete


I think I figured out why some people consider Obama an Elitist

U.S. has Mandela on terrorist list

SEATTLITES: Is there any coverage of the FEMA/Northcom/Homeland Security

Bush calls for extra $770 million in food aid

Conspiracy theories aside, did the system fail Deborah Palfrey?

Fiji deports Murdoch's newspaper publisher

Seattle Times: Federal government's 8-day terror drill to test disaster preparedness

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The New Bush Library is about to be dedicated. Tickets are cheap!

anybody use chase bank? Is their website down?

Oh, you have got to be effing kidding me. DC Madam commits Suicide? She must have had McCain!

Five years ago....

Scary report about online identity theft - earlier on ABC News

Despicable. Larry King just tied the dead DC Madam to Spitzer

Listen KO the reason why outrage has been reduced

A man that I was lucky to meet in my life

Iran makes complaint against Hillary Clinton

Charlie Rose w/Fareed Zacharia (sp?) tonight is worth watching, if

Barack Obama Doing Top 10 List On Letterman Now

An Open Letter to the G. W. Bush Presidential Library committee,

Deadly virus spreads in China, 21 children die

Had our soldiers found nuclear weapons in Iraq, would the war have then been justified?

Fox trumps Netroots; bloggers rebel

Fed to Pursue Aggressive Checks on Credit Cards

Bush on Time's "100 Most Influential" -- Check out the pic

Will we see these two like THIS, ever again? (Bill & Barack)

British Labour Party routed in local government elections

Single Issue Voting

Oops Duplicate thread

Man arrested in Texas for trying to cash $360 billion check

Pat Tillman's Mom being interviewed on CBS right now...

Jury acquits six anti-war protesters (Susan Collins Office, Maine)

70 billion for the Iraq war...

Why the GOP earns poor odds this Nov...Reality has hit the fan with increasing

After twister, Greener Greensburg rises. . .

DC MADAME'S LIST ONLINE... From Monday, July 09, 2007....

Church, State and Campaign ‘08

Again,I Want to Thank

McCain tells Iowans he would veto farm bill over subsidies

The best gay couple on tv.

Something to make you smile

"Union’s War Protest Shuts West Coast Ports"

Amy Goodman is broadcasting from San Diego today

What Would You Drive, if the Taxpayers Paid?

I wonder how the jurors who convicted the DC Madam feel now

unable to post McCain thread

How did you enjoy your national holiday yesterday?

What is DLC? Why is Hillary a DLC candidate?

My Choice For President --- Fareed Zacharia, a realist with VISION!

We could have survived it all and soon enough reversed most of it ..... if only .......

Maine River Crests After Record High - 1,000 Residents Evacuated, Flooding Homes

Lies to Children

Police arrest Rodman after report of dispute at hotel

I've been playing Neil Young's "Living with War" all day

The Gas Crisis May Be About to Get a Whole Lot Worse

Bush sets record for highest dissapproval rating in the history of presidential polling (Truman era)

Canada Court to hear arguments for release of Sea Shepherd Ship May 9

We want answers. And we can handle the truth.

Indian Deaths, Holocaust Linked by Resolution = Colorado Legislature

When ANYONE votes 844-20 against your "LIE-berry," you pretty much suck, and the fat lady's crooned.

You Would Not F'in' Believe What Disney Is Marketing in China - Call It "Mickey's Secret"

dupe self-delete

Addington Agrees to Testify on Interrogations if Subpoenaed

Bush Flunks Reading First Program

As Italy’s elections go from bad to worse, Vicenza remains the silver lining

Turn on CSPAN - a great discussion

CEO preferences

Hypermiling to save on fuel...

Maine Jury Acquits Peace Activists For Senate Office Sit-In

Americans can control gas prices better than Senators

Senate panel bans private contractors in CIA interrogations-gives Red Cross Access For First Time

Moscow Will Complete Bushehr Power Plant In Time: Russia

Five years later

Here are the candidates' answers to the questionnaire that the Simon Wiesenthal Center sent them.

Here are the candidates' answers to the questionnaire that the Simon Wiesenthal Center sent them.

Food prices and fixed incomes - I had a retired neighbor comment that they

Congress, the Bush Administration and Continuity of Government Planning--The Showdown

Who said this?

(Neil Bush's) Reading First not helping comprehension, study finds.

5 Years Ago Today - "Mission Accomplished"

An economic snapshot from Company X

Will we continue to go along with...

Lawmakers fail to override coal plant veto in Kansas

Addington, Cheney's chief of staff, has agreed to testify

Ed Schultz Talking About Mickey Kantor Video--His Website Crashes

Are the DUzy's out yet? nt

Are the DUzy's out yet? nt

DC Madam should have leaked those names...

How Much Did Rumsfeld Know?

An Affair to Remember: Barbara Walters & Sen. Ed Brooke

Your president is on CNN.Live...

"Real Trekkie Tricorder Invented"

If the Cantor statement was true as alleged in the video,

Why Are We On ... Whatever You Call It

Attendance soars even as economy sags

Alternatives to the market economy..

Photos: Support of longshore workers strike in Rome, Italy

PS: On my story of underinflated TIRES ---

Pat Tillman's Mom On 60 Minutes This Sunday: Not About Us, About What They've Done To Public

Hartmann's got economist Dr. Ravi Batra as a guest NOW

This is HUGH!!11!! Republican blogger has Al Franken's Senate campaign reeling

Somalia threatens USA with revenge for assassination bombing

Medical marijuana user dies for lack of liver transplant

What are the fundamentals of being a Democrat?

Medical marijuana user who was denied liver transplant dies

I just found out our electric company will be laying off workers!

Headline: Penis theft panic hits city!

The Republic has been brain dead on life support since 1968

Ed Shultz site is down. How can I stream him? TIA! NT

Bloomberg calls gas tax holiday "dumbest thing I've heard in an awful long time"

does God have compassion for the poor?

So I was talking to this economic analyst guy today...

What's this "Law Day" shit??

6,000 UCSF patients' data got put online

"Mission Accomplished," 5/1/03: "Women like a guy who's President....The women like this war."

Worst. President. Ever. - Today’s Headlines 5/2/08

Teens Taken From N.M. Doomsday Church, Report of Underage Sex Abuse Prompts Criminal Investigation

Southland Tales

The Wright controversy confirms our "national discourse" is a trivial exercise in national denial

U.S. Confirmed Deaths = 4065 - Starting off May just fine!!!

Last known surviving member of failed 1944 plot to kill Hitler dies at 90

Enough with the Doomsaying and Hysteria, people!

When someone talks about the top 1%, are they including busunesses?

My harebrained scenario: re: the dc madam 'suicide": Why the shed?

G. Greenwald: What Backroom Conniving Are Steny Hoyer and the Chris Carney Blue Dogs Up To on FISA?

U.S. mulls Guantanamo closure as Bush term nears end

Sorry, Dupe.

I'm sending Al Franken $100.

CNN : today we had a 'great' jobs report

When they say the top 1% pay....does that include businesses?

Top 5 Reasons for the Dumbing Down of Americans....How we have reached this stage

Western Media Fabrications regarding the Tibet Riots


Rightwing Blogger hits Al Franken

Larry Flynt says more Dems on Palfrey's list than Republicans

I'm thoroughly confused and I

A Battle Over Murals in Parisian Ghettos - Sharing the U.S. Experience

Questioner Dragged Out Of McCain Town Hall Talks To OffTheBus

United Methodist Church Votes To Refer Petition Rejecting Bush Library At SMU»

Deaths From Lack Of Insurance, State-By-State

Anti-War Longshore Workers Show More Guts Than U.S. Congress

How Would You Make a Murder Look Like a Suicide? (D.C. Madame)

"How Insane Is John McCain?"...the blog. You must click this link.

I got published on counterpunch! Italian elections...

Bush / Clinton approval ratings observation

‘Senior U.S. Official’: McCain’s Plan To Kick Russia Out Of The G8 Is ‘Impossible’ And ‘Just A Dumb

I'm Not Voting In November!

Forbes: "Inside the World's First Billion-Dollar Home"

Most Georgia legislative incumbents unopposed

Have Obama's experiences left deep scars that might impair his judgment?

Chinas 22 mile bridge

BREAKING!!! Tim Russert is the "Kingmaker"

One of the most common biggotted slurs

KBR first quarter profits triple.»

Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankenstate'?

If Cuba can make lemons out of lemonade

I would LOVE to see every fucking one of them out on their asses come November.

Dust Cloud Settles Over Industries

Woman found dead hanging from tree - Reserve LA

Japanese official demoted for 780,000 hits on porn site at work

Time to play "Caption the Chimp"....

Austrian man threatened to gas family

Free Investment Advice Here

The most touching thing I've seen all day

I just told a firefighter off!

Political Bumper Stickers for 2008

Webb calls out McCain on GI Bill: "He’s so full of it!"

Just who is Dan Moldea?

Another Repubican fuckhead faces jail time. Hopefully he will lose his seat in November

Seeing Scalia on 60 Minutes last Sunday literally made me sick

Air Marshals Denied Boarding Due To "No-fly List"

Sitting down to Play for Peace.

What is your opinion on Muslims and the Media?

Oklahoma vet slams Inhofe for ditching Webb’s GI Bill.»

"She would rather kill herself than go back to prison"...

U.S. rejects Canadian's 'child soldier' defense

RIGHTS-BOLIVIA: Guaraní Families in Forced Servitude

ooo ooo Caption this puhleze

Mom's Campaign for Florida Anti-Bully Law Finally Pays Off

Take the Bush-McCain challenge!

I need a drink, the "Man" has got me down (a brief rant)

New Poll: More disapprove of Bush than any other president... ever in history!

Repuke blog says Duyba 'suffered' thru Vietnam!!!!

GOP Rep, Staffer Call Don Young (R-AK) a Crazy Liar

U.S. Economy Loses 20,000 Jobs In April- ONLY 3 Million on unemployment! gheesh...

Economy #1 concern CNN

Florida Republicans repeal Medicaid Medically Needy and Medicaid Aged and Disabled programs

Florida Republicans repeal Medicaid Medically Needy and Medicaid Aged and Disabled programs

Point on gas holiday

If Chris Matthews is Tweety



Huffington Post: A Prosecutor's Holy Grail - Another Scalp (Kurtz/Liberty City Seven Cases)

The CSX deal which was rammed through the Florida legisture under Jeb.....MAY be dead

The CSX deal which was rammed through the Florida legisture under Jeb.....MAY be dead

YES! 40 Congress Members Demand Investigation Into Pentagon Propaganda Program

OH my!!! Man asks McCain: Did you call your wife a ?

Rove is running scared re Siegelman - must see video

Pretty sad: whistle blowing farmer killed in Brazil

Bush Makes History

* tours World Wide Technology Inc. in St. Louis - pics

"MIracle Marine" Dies.... RIP

OMFG there is a mountain lion "on the loose" per CNN just now.

The tragedy of the DC Madam case - 130 women's lives ruined...

What major newspaper in America isn't a right wing shit rag?

what's on Bill Moyers tonight?

Who needs Peace when you can profit???

OK, can somebody please tell me what the politics behind the Ethanol issue are?

FL Republican Legislature blocks bill to make it easier for women to obtain emergency contraception

Losing Vietnam All Over Again

Memphis principal outs gay students

email from Cop who helped family of Ducks cross busy HWY

Attn Jimmy Carter Fans:

Has Everybody seen 'The Story Of Stuff'?

Son of Republican admitted to med school without taking admission tests

40 Years Ago Today, the Police Tried to Kill Me at Columbia University

Where is the "Follow-Up" on the FLDS Raids?

BBC News just said that David Vitter resigned after the his

NYT: "Class in America: Shadowy Lines That Still Divide"

33 years ago - Liberation Day for Vietnam

3 Star General: "Action By Bush Admin Amounts to Gross Incompetence & Dereliction Of Duty"

Woman Fined $50 for Calling Condi a War Criminal Prior to Her Conviction for War Crimes

Question for any DU lawyers

Check Out This Site:

Do you speak Swedish?

Breaking on CNN: McCain "we won't go to war in Middle east for oil again"

Since I Gave Up Hope, I Feel Better, By William Blum

Bush admits he approved torture (by Helen Thomas)

Bush admits he approved torture (by Helen Thomas)

Kerry Rips MSNBC

Voting Machine Company Co-Founder Killed in Small Plane Crash

FARE-FREE Bus system in Chapel Hill, NC receives federal funds

Email Form: Help victims of torture

US loses 20,000 jobs in april and it's good news

snapshot of how the economy affects real people - don't read the story, read the comments

DC Madam hauls big box of evidence to Mom's before suicide

== 10 ways to blow your tax rebate = By Mark Morford

If I were a terrorist...

America’s University of Imperialism: The RAND Corporation

For those looking for information about their stimulus payments...

For those looking for information about their stimulus payments...

Why was Simon Souther important to 17th century American History?

Did anyone just hear that on CNN "McCain made a comment today that the reason...

Department of Justice gets blocked from editing Wikipedia because of vandalism

U.S. releases nine from Guantanamo

More of the Same™ on health care

NOW Newsletter - 5.2.08 = PLUS Bill Moyers Journal = Elections, Iraq, Expertology

Theocrat Assumes Control of 25th Infantry Division

Democrats Okay Funds for Covert Ops

How Much Profit Is Too Much Profit?

Tom & Viv starting on FLIX now..

Is there a more beautiful song rendition than Betty Carter's "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

It's May, it's May, the lusty month of May!

Venezuela’s Justice Minister Launches New “Humanist” Prisons

Keith Olberman leaving Countdown after General Election, being replaced by Glen Beck

Noel Gallagher leaving Countdown in Feb 2009, being replaced by Star Jones

Bill O'reilly leaving Fox Noise after General Election, being replaced by Keith Olbermann

Rupert Murdoch selling News Corp. to Ted Turner. Ted says

Just got the basement ready (storm warnings)

Elrond Hubbard is leaving L. Ron Hubbard after the General Election, because

Elrond Hubbard leaving DU after General Election, being replaced by L. Ron Hubbard.

I was attacked in a local mom and pop hardware store today.

Glen Beck leaving Countdown two months after General Election, being replaced by Noel Gallagher

Tornado sirens going off, and

I just got a wii. What games should I get?

Damn you amazon, where's my stuff?

November 2008. Will it ever arrive?

Which will get him more jail time?


I posted in GD about China's 22 mile bridge

Ok, now that I've decided to wear the dress...

Court Of The Crimson King

An example of how a calm post can become an angry rant.

1983 - yes, it WAS this lame (pic)

Anybody have an awesome laptop bag they wanna share with me?

Pretty intense episode of Lost tonight

I think there is a deeper message in this photo than meets the eye....

Mathematics Version 2.12

Travis and Dick and Katie and the storm chasers

Urge Congress to Do More to Reverse the Recession!

Now here's something you don't see every day

Anyone having Verizon online problems tonight?

Nothing against Argentines but I am so over Argentina

Imagine that... a high speed chase in Los Angeles

Are you in the market for a JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank?

Anyone Here Have Bankruptcy Experience

"Space is big - really big...."

Did flvegan EVER post those puppy pix?

The man who can float on air

Just watched the film "Fire" directed by Deepa Mehta.


Since I'm thinking about zombies. How many people have read World War Z?

I'm in love with Pepper Potts

Things he'd never do ...

Of all the recent celeb mugshots, I like his the best:


THOMCAT are you still here? n/t

Do you find it hard to post without fingers?

Getting ready to watch Tora! Tora! Tora!

Do you find it hard to post without the internet?

Did i read that some DUer fell asleep on his laptop and burned his nether region?

I made someone's sigline - I AM somebody!

I do not know why, but the 'word' "gorked" is making me LMAO

Which of these two issues is more important?

Ruh Roh!!!!

Finally! The temeah appreciation thread...

You know, I think I'm ready to give up on sports entirely right about now...

This is pretty trivial (IE vs. Mozilla)

Follow up on the suspicious spot on my back...

I miss my brother- pics

Funny words


I'd like to do a song of great social and political import.

How'd I miss this? Albert Hoffman dead at 102

Software Ideas that didn't quite "Cut It" (Funny)

Who's coming to FUNDAY XIV on June 21 (@Saginaw, Michigan)?

Who else is attracted to the Asian look?

What To Do In A Touchy Situation?

It's 3:50 AM and my stomach is growling.... wondering what

OH MY GOD! The Squirrels have a Nation?

Thanks You!

If I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner...

Post the last music video you watched on YouTube.

Today is 2/5/2008 everywhere but here in the U.S.A. Why is it 5/2/2008

Today is 2/5/2008 everywhere but here in the U.S.A. Why is it 5/2/2008

Stupid inversion table internet people...

Phrase of the day is "Toilet Tornado". Replace any word in a thread with "toilet tornado"

Do You Find It Hard To Post Without Emoticons?

Wait! Woah... wha? huh? Baba was boinking a repukican senator?

Storm Pics

Issue with my dog


The Twins are leaving Minnesota after All Star Break, being replaced by Durham Bulls

Only 11 weeks until Mamma Mia! opens

Things that make you hope for the apocalypse

Ok- this video is funny shit

A mountain, a hose and a rescue puppy.

I present to you: how neo-cons and neo-libs plan for wars

Is it still the policy that if you book airplane tickets more than 3 weeks in advance,

Last Episode Battle 360 Tonight On History Channel

I desperately need some of those famous Lounge Vibes tonight.

It's official..

Alert Alert CaliforniaPeggy Just Dropped The F Bomb


May 2nd is the birthday of my favorite DUer...THOMCAT!

What Did You Really Want To See When You Threw Up?

Skinner leaving DU after Convention, being replaced by Jim bob

The kitty is IN

I could use a little, love, support, prayers, etc. today.

Crap. I'm sick again.

Pro-Obama song by one of my favorite local bands.

Finally! A doctor's appointment!!

Totally random yea or nay poll.

well, I got the trellises and rose bushes!!!

Hey Parche!! When's the bar opening.... Butt...

Does anyone else have to deal with a quarky T9 when texting?

I got a STAR! I got a STAR!

How many points for old people?

Well, I suppose it had to happen...

Friday YouTube thread

GD-P is shit...

UnBelievable! A dirty video sends DUers to the doctor!

Wait! Woah... wha? huh? Cher was boinking Tom Cruise?

Gallop Pole: Troubling Cantor hobbles Hillary to finish as a trotsky

Filmmakers should never, ever put Patrick Dempsey on top of a horse. Ever.

Who knew that GD:P would be debating "shit" vs. "shitting" today?

Christopher Walken: Three Little Pigs

Happy "No Pants" Day!!!

Why does my gas company assign 19 digit account numbers to their clients?

anyone here heard from Brainshrub recently?

How do you find shit on Free Republic, seriously

Makin' Bacon.

Where would you go if Aliens invade

The official nothing thread!!!111!!!!

I was wrong - Social Distortion


***The official "I have madinmaryland on Ignore" thread!!!1!!1***

**** THE OFFICIAL: MadinMaryland apologizes to nomad1776 Thread ****

delete delete delete


Miley Cyrus officially changes her name


I'm not sure what to post tonight, so here are representative pics of every vehicle I have owned

Do You Find it Hard to Post With an Erecticon?

Official "Post your favorite GD:P thread" thread

The official: I can't believe it's not butter thread

I hereby annoint myself the spokesperson for the Lounge, and you will address me as "Your Majesty."

Help me figure this out...please.

My cat Leo,

I have to take BoyMidlo to the pool. Don't post anything funny until I get back.

Cat skin problem- do you think a vet visit is warranted?

A hypothetical question for James Bond Fans...

Stupid booze and good company - got in at eight this morning

Your Daily "Why On Earth Would Someone Create This Link" game. Try find it. I left hints.

The official: Get your popcorn here! Peanuts! Lounge trainwreck refreshments!

Well I am off to more work, haven't had any down time since Tuesday night

The POLL!!

Now that was a muddy Kentucky Oaks

Seeking advice in order to save my sanity.

I Need Some Vibes and Hugs...

Are talk radio hosts graded by their stations on how many calls they take

What! What! In the B#tt

Sitting at barnes and noble , having my shots of espresso to stay awake

Proof that the world has gone INSANE

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My ignore list is so big there are only 2 threads left in ALL of GDP!

I want to get high soo bad

From the "Gato Island" Web Site: "5 cats that look like Wilford Brimley" (pic heavy)

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Goddy-God . . .

RustyReba - a bad idea?

View outside my window today

Imagine aliens visiting us

Damn. GD - Primaries is all in a huff over Kid Rock today

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ThomCat's b-day Lounge Escort Service

Whats the Best Way To Prepare Oysters?

I'm meeting a fellow DU'er tomorrow...

David Attenborough is a total blowhard

Anybody else ever just lose interest in a hobby or something that's interested you for years?

Some people never learn

Whats the Best Way To Repair Cloisters?

Anyone in Utah? Might want to watch where you drive, this might be coming down the road.

The official: I can't believe someone earned an IGNORED from their lounge behavior thread

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/2/08

Wonderwall, played on Asturian Bagpipes...

I'm making pork tenderloin with cranberry chipotle sauce. And mixed vegetables, steamed.

Random shit overheard....

Stop, you bloody thief, stop!! Come back here and pay up!!!!

Anyone here going to see Dylan in Lewiston Me on May 17?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 5/2/2008)

Babs, you slut!!

The $1400 "TwoDaLoo"..."The world's first toilet two people can use ... at the exact same time"

"An Engineers Guide to Cats" - Funny YouTube vid.

I am, apparently, the "Go To" person regarding multimedia, as far as the PTA and the school goes.

I'm 'screwn' now!1!1!121

Abandoned Clown Train ... Eeeeeeeek!!!!

First baby fig of the season

DUzy awards for the week are up in GD

Keyboards have 5 X more dangerous germs than toilet seat.

Welcome Home, US Customs Question: Do you always travel alone?

*Evil Cackle*

My best purchase ever...

The Sally Mander Appreciation Thread

Mr. Midlo bought me two of these for Mother's Day. Which he thinks is Sunday.

How do you find the happy middle between being too needy or too detached ?


Whoa! I just saw Dawn Of The Dead (2004).

What is GDP and why is it so important?

Wish me luck

Lounge Ladies! What would you do for a ten minute back rub?

Okay, so I live in the most multicultural city in the world, which is cool...

Do your cow-irkers bitch about or poke fun at your employer's "green" efforts?

Obliterate -never-before-published photographs Hiroshima- Graphic warning.

How to eat a banana and keep your dignity

Happy Birthday, ThomCat!!!!!!

If you're fat and/or unemployed, stay OUT of GD, please!!!

WOW! This Makes Two People that I Haven't Seen In 25 Years Who've Found Me Here!

$200 a barrel for oil

What has your social network done for you lately?

Tips for guys who are serial killers to get dates with women?

Oil Majors Rapped Over Secrecy, Corruption

UnBelievable! A doctored video sends DU into DefCon-1

WannaB and Daydreamin' ready for the Prom *(dialup warning)*

***WooHoo*** It's the madinmaryland appreciation thread!!!!****

Florida teacher fired for moonlighting as "bikini mate" on charter fishing boat

***DUzy Awards for week ending May 2, 2008.***

So, "Iron man" was pretty good

Can someone post some of the threads from May 1, 2003?

Long Time Gone

U.S. gas: So cheap it hurts

**Please help keep online**

DU vote fraud hero Andy Stepheson is on HBO!!! "Hacking Democracy" documentary

Pam Anderson: My sheepskin boots are made of WHAT?!?!

Annoying Meowing Cats

Rally in Cuba marks May Day (video)

Congress Acts to Ease the Mortgage Crisis

US missile strike kills reputed al-Qaida leader in Somalia

House Committee Threatens Rove with Subpoena (for Siegelman Testimony)

Eight killed, 45 wounded in Yemen mosque blast

Economists predict employers will cut jobs again

McCain's proposal to kick Russia out of G-8 is bold and unlikely

Police: Man Attempts To Cash $360 Billion Check

Fed to Pursue Aggressive Checks on Credit Cards

US Navy research lab under microscope in Indonesia

Oil rebounds on Turkish attacks

Big Bush library news -- if it were true

McCain’s victory not a complete one in Pennsylvania

Ocean currents may offset global warming over coming decade

Ballot SNAFU May trip-up thousands of newly registered Democrats (Oregon)

Treasury officials to meet Wall Street execs: report (to counter Dems - WTF?)

Group apologizes for misleading robocalls to NC voters

Clinton Advisor: Indianans "Shit", "Worthless White N*rs"

Powers agree on new incentives offer to Iran

Somali fighters threaten revenge against US after airstrike

Storms Kill 3 in Arkansas

Secret Bush "Finding" Widens War on Iran

Rice raises new doubts about Iran's nuclear program

US Port Workers Strike in Anti-War Protest (25,000 workers stayed home updated by NYT)

NASCAR race may fail to sell out

Democrats and Fox news become strange bedfellows

Medical marijuana user who was denied liver transplant dies

Japan arrests U.S. serviceman for sexual assault

White House: No evidence of recession so far (definitely out of touch with reality)

Bid by Wilkes to get out of prison denied

U.S. Treasury Mailed $7.091 Billion in First Week of Federal Stimulus Package

County prepares to sue Diebold

Bush details $70 billion war funding request for 2009

Fijians forcibly deport news chief

Sun Microsystems to cut jobs

KBR first quarter profit more than tripled with arbitration award

EPA official ousted while fighting Dow

On YOUR Dime: Congressmen Lease Luxury Cars

Study Questions 'No Child' Act's Reading Plan; "cronyism first, reading skills last"

'Miracle' Marine Badly Burned in 2005 Iraq Blast Dies after Becoming Emblem of Resolve

Republican blogger has Al Franken's Senate campaign reeling

Chinese nuclear submarines prompt 'new Cold War' warning

Hurricane-force winds damage area; Northland hit hard

Man pleads guilty in torture case, gets 10 years

Lawmakers seek probe of Pentagon public relations program

Last member of failed plot to kill Hitler dies

Ohio Attorney Gen Admits Affair

Judge: Corps of Engineers can be sued over Katrina flooding

CSX Commuter Rail project falls.

Indianapolis Star Endorses Clinton

(against Bush ally's wishes) Chavez best hope for Colombia's Betancourt: husband

Feds Acknowledge Error on Travel for Former Ala. Governor


One in four Americans have daily pain

Police: Slain student dialed 911; help not sent

Obama May Levy $15 Billion Tax on Oil Company Profit

Authorized Medical Marijuana User Who Was Denied Liver Transplant Dies

Labour mauled in UK local polls

Dalai Lama envoys 'on way to China'

McCain's health-care plan criticized in Cleveland

US Dept of Justice IP address blocked after 'vandalism' edits to Wikipedia

DOJ settles H-1B job ad case for $45,000

Boris Johnson wins London Mayoral election

Teacher fired for refusing to sign loyalty oath

As Gas Costs Soar, Buyers Flock to Small Cars

Young Australian Girl - Dreaming of Going to Bindi Irwin's Party

Happy May Day

Barack Obama in South Bend, IN-May 1, 2008

They learned the wrong lessons (patriotism edition)

Mission Not Accomplished Press Conference in Oregon

PBS Newshour: U.S. Soldiers Hidden Wounds - PT. 1

Hillary Clinton - Bill O'Reilly Factor - Pt. 3 - 5/01/08

Former DNC Chairman Joe Andrew endorses Obama...

Baptist Minister Asks John W "The Question"

Obama Does Letterman Top 10 - 'Surprising Facts About Barack' Over 10,000 Workers Stop Work To Stop The War

Obama Ad: IN "Pennies"

Rachel Maddow on the Politics of Mission Accomplished (w/ KO)

KO Interview with Barack and Michelle Obama part 1

Olbermann interviews Andrew

port war protest

Pentagon Confirms Bombing Somalia


Ben Stein's Advice - Don't Watch My Movie

Clinton Advisor's Disputed Remarks

Jane Hamsher, Amanda Carpenter talk about McCain

Failing Our Troops Again

McGaffe: McCain admits that we are in the Middle East for the Oil

Dan Abrams: Blogs Go Crazy Over D.C. Madam 'Suicide'

Barack Obama in Munster, IN

Tweety finally notices GOP helping Clinton (bonus footage: Hillary meeting w/Scaife)

John McCain & George W. Bush...So Sweet

Red State Update: Hillary, Obama-- One Last Debate?

Gawd wants your rebate check

Barack Obama: Press Conference in Indiananapolis

Original Kantor clip: The War Room pt 9. (at the 4:40 mark)

Hoosiers Switch to Obama

Clinton camp disputes "Rich people, God bless us" remark

A Clintonite On Indianans: "Indiana? And those people are shit"

Road to Change: Indiana

Clinton: Is Congress *With Us Or Against Us* On Gas Tax?

Stop the Racist Ad Against Obama: Blogger Spaulding Nails it to US Senator Dole's Door!

Hillary Clinton - Bill O'Reilly Factor - Pt. 4 - 5/01/08

Bill Moyers: Essay on Rev Wright

TYT: Six Degrees Of Barack Obama

Indiana people are sh*t?

DC Madam: "They will make it look like suicide"

Clinton Advisor: Indianans "Shit", "Worthless White N*rs"

On Fifth 'Anniversary,' Bush Declares 'Missionary Position Accomplished'

What's Really Behind Hillary's 'Testicular Fortitude'

Amy Branham: Political Conversations

Talented India scores poor on education: Jim O'Neill

Since I Gave Up Hope, I Feel Better By William Blum

McClatchy's Jim Morin on the gas tax holiday.

Artificial Foods and Corporate Crops: Can We Escape the 'Frankenstate'?

Where Are They? Why I hope the search for extraterrestrial life finds nothing. By Nick Bostrom

Reverends Wright and Hagee Collaborate on a Global Warming Commercial

Ticker Tape Ain’t Spaghetti by Amy Goodman

EPA Official Ousted While Fighting Dow Chemical

What Are Bisexuals? Chopped Liver?

Why Wal-Mart Does Not Strengthen Our Economy

WAR is a racket. It always has been.

S Korean workers rally against free trade pact

class consious?

Cusack Aims To Offend With War Satire Film

Agricultural corporations boast huge profits in midst of food crisis

TIME: How Much Did Rumsfeld Know?

David Sirota - The Plague of Potomac Fever

The FundamentaList: This week in the religious right:

Workers shut down west coast ports! Kudos to the ILWU!

Farm Broadcaster Ousted After Ripping Monsanto’s Goon Squads

Killings of trade unionists on the rise in Colombia

Michael Scheuer: Douglas Feith's War and Decision: Life in a Neocon's Parallel Universe

The Right's America-Hating Preacher

Senate panel bans private contractors in CIA interrogations

The 2008 Presidential Race: A 1972 Redux?

Secret Bush "Finding" Widens War on Iran

Democrats and Fox news become strange bedfellows

First Lady Fine Line

WaPo: Contested Video Spreads Like Wildfire Online

Arrest Bush

Superdelegates Are Super Stuck!

Media complicit in making Wright look bad


One of History’s Great Atrocities: The Corporate Theft of the Public’s Natural Right to Water

Let's Pop the Deficit Bubble

Truthout: Is the Sunni-Shiite Rift Mostly Politics & Media Hype?

NYT op-ed: Voting Rights Are Too Important to Leave to the States

Brent Budowsky: Hillary Joins the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy

Iraq: U.S. has no claim to oil boom

“ Rich people, God Bless Us!”

Newly Unredacted Report Confirms Psychologists Supported Illegal Interrogations In Iraq and Afghanis

If I Were A Terrorist ...

Dawn of an energy famine

Fiat to launch ethanol truck engine in Brazil

City Building Solar Plant At Navy Yard (Philly)

First Solar poised to enter utility market (AZ)

Senators Oppose U.S. Nuclear Reprocessing Plan, Cite Proliferation Concerns

Winds of change in Buxton? (Maine)

Edison is proposing solar power program (California)

A Price Drop for Solar Panels (MIT Tech. Rev.)

10% Of Australian Farmers Driven From The Land In Past Five Years, Study Shows - BBC

Despite $11 Billion Profit, ExxonMobil Oil Production Down 10% In Q1 2008 - Houston Chronicle

As Ocean Waters Warm, Hypoxic And Dead Zones Expand In Pacific, Atlantic Oceans - LA Times

MA Governor Deval Patrick - "We're At The End Of The Age Of Fossil Fuels" - Globe

Nature article on ‘cooling’ confuses media, deniers: Next decade may see rapid warming

Don't Believe Wal-Mart's "Green" Hype

PUC finds state's utilities reporting hefty increase in overdue bills (Maine)

Planes slow down to save fuel (AP/CNN) {Duh!}

California snow pack falls well below normal

Biofuels threaten lands of 60 million tribal people

'Ocean deserts' are growing

California jump-starts the plug-in race

National Ice Center - Substantial Cracks Opening In Beaufort Sea

Limitations of charcoal as an effective carbon sink

Any geologists around? (non e/e question)

Coal Use Set to Increase in the Global Energy Mix

Fears over Congo elephant killing (BBC)

NOAA Report - Most Of West Coast Closed To Salmon Fishing - ENN

Ann Arbor Tries Out Solar, Wind Street Light

Kansas Governor's Third Coal Plant Veto Sustained

Green tax revolt: Britons 'will not foot bill to save planet'

Russian Oil Output Hits 18-Month Low - 9.72 MBD - Bloomberg


The Empire Strikes Barack

Soldier acquitted in death of Iraqi insurgent

Long-term TBI care lacking, report says

Levin: Contractor cuts could strain troops

Police: ‘D.C. Madam’ found dead

Security clearance process to be automated

Senate panel OKs 3.9 percent raise for 2009

Report: Needs of vets with TBI still unmet

Mission Accomplished, 5 years later

Ala. Guard soldiers to return Friday

VA to help more veterans with voting

National security cutter ‘capable,’ InSurv finds

Class action sought in anti-war shirt case

Montana Air Guardsmen arrive home from Iraq

T-38C trainers grounded after fatal crashes

Senate panel vote doesn’t stop drawdown

Minot airman gets year in jail for fatal wreck

Task Force Saber soldiers wonder if Afghan troops will stay at remote border crossing after they lea

Corps to expand ahead of schedule

Military Update: In battle over GI Bills, Webb still holds high ground

Navy watching for sailors prone to violent behavior

COLA levels across Pacific beginning to level off in May

Gas prices still climbing – 10 more cents this week

Gas prices increase as lawmakers mull action

AFRICOM expo attracts businesses eager to get in on the development

Claims center for Iraqi losses opens

Strict traffic fines take effect in Italy

Anti-War Protest Halts West Coast Cargo

Landing System Ready for Take Off

Security clearance Question 21 rewritten

DC Madam Kills Herself

Burned ‘Miracle’ Marine, 22, dies in hospital

any Kagnew Station Veterans here?

U.S. seeks permission to go after pirate ships in Somalia’s waters

Alliance Interiors workers end strike at Lansing-area plant

U.S. Unemployment Benefit Rolls Climb to 4-Year High

CNN: Organized labor divided on Clinton, Obama

US Airways reaches labor agreement with maintenance instructors

Technology ( IT) Workers Union Activity ?

Anti-War Longshore Workers Show More Guts Than U.S. Congress

New French labour law attacks workers’ rights

Bullets and Bananas: The Violence of Free Trade in Guatemala

AFL-CIO, in Letter to US Rep. William Delahunt, Comes Out Against Plan Mexico

OSHA: 'Serious' Violations In Worcester Worker's Death

L.A. Plan Gives Low-Income Workers Access to the American Dream

War and Workers’ Rights Highlight May Day Celebrations

SEIU Says California Local Has Returned $2.8 Million To Local's Treasury

Economic Report: U.S. Workers Hit By Massive 68 percent Increase In Planned Layoffs

Jump in Fatalities of Latino Workers, Reports New AFL-CIO Death on the Job Study

OSHA official: Semco penalty is a 'large fine' ($169,200)

Crane Accident Near Ingleside Claims A Life

Roofer Cited, Charged With Felony for Disrupting Investigation ($224,000)

They’ve Got A Union

OSHA Bill Passes to Limit Dangerous Dust in Workplace

Let's Have Mass Round Ups Of Anyone Benefiting From Undocumented Labor

Foxwoods says workers reject union

1,000's Immigrant rights activists join protests nationwide

DOJ settles H-1B job ad case for $45,000

Now this is what I call gluttonous...most ardent capitalists would even agree!

Ford likely to sell Volvo, Mercury: Kerkorian aide

U.S. Offers 0% for First Time on Inflation-Linked Savings Bonds

Bugsy Bennie steals from American Workers by lowering the FED’s interest rate.

Countrywide Rating Cut to `Junk' By Standard & Poor's

S&P Cuts 184 Prime Jumbo RMBS Classes; Warns AAA Downgrades Ahead

April Jobs - Another Report From Bizarro World

Consumer bankruptcies jump 47.7 percent

Sexual Harassment at School

Survey shows gays ‘ignorant’ of basic rights issues

Very nice opinion piece in MIT's newspaper

‘Ex-gay’ symposium canceled

Shareholders Reject Bid To Strip Gay Protections At Wells Fargo

CA Supremes to Hear Case of Lesbian Denied Infertility Treatment by Christian Fundamentalist Doctors

The best gay couple on tv.

In case some Repuke asshole from Ohio kills me, I'm on record here...

Jewish group drops out of racism meeting after Iran objects

Italy: Israeli, US flags set on fire during May 1st rally

Dubai begins to comply with calls to boycott settlement financier

Quartet backs Egypt mediation in Gaza Strip, easing of blockade

In praise of Palestinian steadfastness

IDF: We did not hit Beit Hanoun house

Israel observes Holocaust Day

Rightists in Hebron clash with U.S. envoy's bodyguards

Police question Israeli PM about foreign campaign donations

Colombia announces capture of drug-trafficking twin

add environmental terrorism to the FARC's activities

FIDEL REFLECTION: Acid Test - Bolivia

Cuba announces farm overhaul on May Day

URIBE's Mafia Self-Destructs - Uribe Pushed Towards War

The Unvarnished Truth from Santa Cruz, Bolivia - With Fury and Pain

BOLIVIANS Brace for Flashpoint Vote

Chavez best hope for Colombia's Betancourt: husband

Killings of trade unionists on the rise in Colombia

Colombia: Isolated Indians targeted by rebels and army

RIGHTS-BOLIVIA: Guaraní Families in Forced Servitude

Anti-Uribe Protest

Rally in Cuba marks May Day (video)

Venezuela prison riot kills 9 inmates, injures 20

Clue me in folks.

You can't tell the playas without a scorecard...

Detroit hat trick last night

Kevin Durant Named Rookie of the Year


Strange dream....

"Lull- abye's, Re-Connections, and Being Cold" - Karen Bishop - May 1, 2008

Yet a different butterfly macro

So, I'm going to a dinner at a Cambodian/French restaurant tomorrow night...

May 1, 2008 - Labor Day in Kiev - (Dial-up Warning).

Help me pick my pic for the Spring contest

Urgent Digitek Digoxin Recall

Congress Passes Genetic Anti Discrimination Bill

making "rich" w/ generous employer benefits subject to taxation is not a tax increase?

The Newborn Genetic Screening Bill (DNA Warehouse) Passes

Wow, the latest Saveur magazine....

New hope for sufferers of Lyme disease

The Feng Shui of Cats

Spanish Cooking - Learning Spanish

Is your keyboard dirtier than a toilet seat?

Work exposure to weed killers tied to brain cancer

does God have compassion for the poor?

Imaging with quantum pairing

Cool physics experiment video with metronomes

Photos from Collosal Squid dissection ... (BBC)

Health officials fear return of measles.

So, who do you think bumped off the DC madam so their name wouldn't show up?

Documents sealed in "100 drug plane" court case...

Great article about strong women (LOTS of nice things said about Teresa Heinz Kerry!)

Interesting drought relief bill by Sen. Kerry to help small biz. Is this for all states?

AP Story about Michael Brodkorb's "Labor of Love"

Texas health insurance premiums rose 40 percent in 5 years

Strange case - CIA Impersonator or Not?

Advisory Committee to Start Working on 2008 TDP Platform

Has anyone used QuickCert training materials?

Weird problem I've had before...DU freezes!

Election Reform, Fraud and Related News. 05/01/08

Do You Believe in Secret Vote Counting?

Dept. of Veterans Affairs Changes Policy on Helping Wounded Soldiers Register to Vote

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News Friday, 5/2/2008

Just in case you haven't seen this...

DU vote fraud hero Andy Stepheson is on HBO!!! "Hacking Democracy" documentary

Expect 4 more add ons this weekend

HC made the lead story in the Globe Rag again this week

Black vote in Indiana being ignored?

Stephanopoulos Hosting Town Hall for Hillary on ABC

Coffee Wars

Obama on MTP Sunday

Get this out there and get it out there now:

Shitgate is awesome! It's such a revealing look into how the Clinton camp views the voters.

Transcript, Moyers on Jeremiah Wright

Can we all agree to drop the Kantor issue?

Obama’s General Election Math – Friday, May 2

Hillary Rodham Bush

Will vote on Bill C-10 lead to an election?

Tonight's Smallville Episode

Dave Lynch For Congress - District 5 (Sacramento)

Scientists concerned California is on the verge of long-term drought

Labour to be pushed into third place?

Toynbee -vs- Littledick - Bun fight on Question Time

An aircraft is on standby at City Airport ready to fly Ken to exile in Cuba

Today is St. Boris's day!

Best result of the day...

Tories take North Tyneside

Well. I suppose the one good thing about a Johnson win is ..

British company Vedanta - mining set to destroy remote tribe

KOEB Meeting 5/1/08 Codpiece/Mission Accomplished/Hoosier Daddy Edition

Am I the only one who thinks of that wretched Backstreet Boys song "MBop"...

Keith has diaried again on Kos

If Chris Matthews is Tweety

Poor left out xtians...

That bible in your hotel room...