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Obama, "Behold I stand at the door, and knock..."


Did Hagel actually endorse Obama? Did I miss something?

Obama trounced McCain in landslide - Canada

2002 , Hillary links Saddam and Al'Qaeda

Quotes from McCain supporters and like-minded folk on Hitler and the Jews

Rec this thread if you're tired of the "I am Obamafan, hear me hate"

Popular Vote Poison: How Hillary's latest math hurts the party.

Jesse Venture on Larry King saying he may run for president

Public service announcement to Clintonuts and Barrabids

I'm Hillary Clinton and I Approve This Message

Has Hillary ever spoken out about the purged voter roles in FL?

Carter: Obama needs someone like Sam Nunn as VP

I don't want Patti Solis Doyle in the Obama Campaign

It's official: Hillary just went from "the chick who tries really hard in an adorable way" to ....

Theme Persists: Obama Outraises Clinton

bring finality, predictability and common sense to the nominating calendar

Obama Adopted by Native Americans

ATTENTION ! Could I Have a Couple of Brawny Men Here? Last Stop... ZIMBABWE !!

There are no victims in GD-P

Obama questions McCain on lobbyists

By all means, continue your hate fest


Harold Ickes as Kamikaze Pilot

Insider Info: John Hamre is on the shortlist for SECDEF if Dems win

Larry Johnson nonsense

Jim Webb on KO -- looks like

Clifford knows

Quit worrying about the VP choice, Obama supporters

Five Days at the NRA and Not One Mention of McCain

My Theory, IF the superdelegate vote can remain SECRET, Gore will pick:

I wish Al Gore would come out and rip Hillary a new one for

I wish Al Gore would come out and rip Hillary a new one for

Not only 2012 but ... President Obama vs Senator Clinton in the primary

Shouldn't Hillary Start Vetting VPs and Planning for the GE?

EGBOK. I really think so.

I am watching fox...

"The Autopsy Report" -- Hillary should've apologized for the war vote (TNR)

Book recommendation: Who Stole Feminism, by Christina Hoff Sommers

Book recommendation: Who Stole Feminism, by Christina Hoff Sommers

Book recommendation: Who Stole Feminism, by Christina Hoff Sommers

Prediction: Hillary will intervene during the Electoral College meeting in January to stop Obama

Re: 2008 Hillary Math... Now I Know How Bud Abbott Felt...

Democrats Set Rules for Meeting on Florida, Michigan Delegations

Veep Selection For Dummies

It's always prudent to select the candidate the media says appeals to the lowest common denominator

Kerry 2004 / Carrie 2008???

Re: Hillary As VP, Let Alone Anything Else... I DO NOT TRUST HER ANYMORE!!!

Sen. Jim Webb thinks that Barack Obama can get the Appalachians Vote; it isn't Race so much.....

Just got done watching Rollerball for the umteenth time.... Obama IS Jonathan E.

What are the talking points tommorow

Wonder what the conversation is like around this water cooler...

So, we found out that elected delegates don't matter weeks ago,

Secret GOP Weapon: The Scots-Irish Vote (by Jim Webb)

Hillary has already made 1 commercial for the republicans if Obama is the nominee...

A popular vote doesn't land you $31mill in debt. There's nothing popular about that.

A popular vote doesn't land you $31mill in debt. There's nothing popular about that.

Obama Has Chosen His Press Secretary- Linda Douglass

Hillary's reasoning and calculations --- ???

Who is this "Hillary" of whom you speak?

Who is this "Hillary" of whom you speak?

Obama = Bush ?

Obama, Clinton, McCain Join Forces To Form Nightmare Ticket (The Onion)

The Clintons Continue to Move the Goal Posts Because Their True Goal Post is 2012.

With both Hillary and Barack going to Puerto Rico on Saturday..a few questions...

Hillary compares Florida to Zimbabwe

Boston Legal Rocks!

Rise Dennis, Rise!

Hillary started on third base and thinks she hit a triple!!!!!

Obama increases Oregon delegate estimate following win

Read his book is not going to work for the 30-35% who don't read anything. Books, newspapers,

An obama cartoon.....

If Obama does not pick Hillary for VP, how big (or not) will the fall out be?

Zogby: Bob Barr could create some serious havoc for McCain

How she wins

When Obama formally gets the nomination, will Clinton run in the GE as an Independent?

ROF! Lobbyists are hacked off at campaigns they can't control. "Send my check back". (Politico)

ROF! Lobbyists are hacked off at campaigns they can't control. "Send my check back". (Politico)

Pastor Hagee for Obama's V.P.!

Superdelegates will decide this in a couple of weeks

Jim Webb: How tough can it be to endorse one of the candidates?

Take your Democratic Hat Off for a second. If you were McBush

Did notable female leaders - (Thatcher, Meir, Ghandi etc.) ride to power on a horse named "Sexism"?

Mob Mentality

Which statement is more accurate about the vote in Michigan?

Which statement is more accurate about the vote in Michigan?

What if Obama just ignores Hillary? What if he just lets her throw herself

Zogby: Obama 59% , to Clinton 33% (National)

Everytime I read yet another disparaging renaming of our GOP opponent (McBush, McLame, etc.)...

a Question about bumper stickers

Am I the only one who flat out hates Bill now, but only dislikes Hillary?

What happened to the media's supposed love for Obama?

Thursday **Obama magic number 61** (5 FL/MI Scenarios)

Tumors in the Campaign: The difference between the Benign and the Malignant

Hillary's "popular vote" argument and "Obamania"

Condi Slaps Obama

"Democrats and Our Enemies" (Lieberman's WSJ op-ed hit piece)

"Democrats and Our Enemies" (Lieberman's WSJ op-ed hit piece)

Photographers seem to have turned on her too

Anyone here vote for Hillary and now you can't stand her?

Does this brief excerpt from the May 1968 edition of Esquire remind you of anyone?

Setting the Record Straight: Gore Vidal is a Hillary Supporter (BBC Hardtalk Interview)

Clinton Says She's Willing To Take Fight To Convention

Why were all of the other candidates pushed out of the race so soon if

Anyone have a stage hook that won't get tangled up in a pantsuit? n/t

Anyone have a stage hook that won't get tangled up in a pantsuit? n/t

Hey, idiots. Virtually NO ONE knew Decemberists were playing

For once David Gregory made sense

9 out of 10 registered Dems want Unity Ticket!

“I will NOT run on a National Ticket in 2008 because I won’t have enough experience by then.”

Viral e-mails attack Obama’s life story

Probably a dumb question, but:

Would Hillary Clinton want to be Supreme Court Justice ?

VIDEO (6:13) Cooter talks politics

Flesh Wound

I have a brand new philosphy for getting through the primary here:

Hillary/Barack Supporters A Message From A Clinton Supporter

Michigan, Florida: Here's a little reality check from way back in 2007.

PR 101: the Clintons have to say outrageous, "bombastic" rhetoric on the hour for press coverage.

Hillary last fall: It's clear this election [Michigan is] having is not going to count for anything

AP: Obama Begins “Top Secret” Veep Search

AP: Obama Begins “Top Secret” Veep Search

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/22/08 - Obama unchanged (50), Clinton unchanged (42)

Chris Matthews asks real questions of Wasserman-Schulz and some campaigning data:

Chris Matthews asks real questions of Wasserman-Schulz and some campaigning data:

Chris Matthews asks real questions of Wasserman-Schulz and some campaigning data:

It's how you look at it

Will someone PLEASE call the Clintons on their BOGUS Florida Recount argument

Oregon results still not final?

If Hillary was on American Idol....

Republican Leaders Attempt To Drive A Wedge Between Barack Obama And Jewish Voters

Did Hillary go to Florida in 2000 and demand Al Gore's votes be counted?

President Obama in the Stars, a panel at the United Astrology Conference in Denver predicts.

What if we just gave Hillary Michigan and Florida?

Any Truth To The Rumor That HBO Is Paying Hilliary To Stay In This Race.......

Quietly, Obama Begins The Quest To Find A Running Mate-The Atlantic

Quietly, Obama Begins The Quest To Find A Running Mate-The Atlantic

If Clinton truly believes she is the best candidate to fight McSame, and

McCain wants you to look at his VP list as he releases his medical records

The "Hillary" Zone

"Forget math majors -- what about science?" re: (Clinton chances)

Clinton no longer attacking Obama but the Dem Party

The person who can speak with the most gravitas on Florida in 2000 and "counting the votes"

Average National polls =Obama 47.5/McCain 43.2///Clinton 46.7/McCain 44.3//// Obama 52/Clinton 39.8

Hillary's campaign tactics are turning Democrats against the party.

The electronic mob mentality

Clinton's Bosnian Sniper Math

HILLARY's "ME-TOO!" COPY-CAT STRATEGY is not missed by the media!

CBS: Clinton Desperate to Count Votes, Compares Fla. Primary to Zimbabwe

Clinton implys that Flordians should vote for John McCain

McCain Pastor: Islam Is a 'Conspiracy of Spiritual Evil'

Webb's intentions

Canada: PM's top aide stepping down (just ahead of the release of areport into "NAFTA-gate,"

Is it true that if Obama reaches the 2025 delegate mark before May 31, then this nomination is his

Obama Gets Farm Bill Right

Obama Gets Farm Bill Right

6 out of 10 find Hillary dishonest

AP: Obama Just 64 Delegates From Victory

Comparing Kennedy and the Clintons' lemonade stand

Gov. Bill Richardson will campaign for Democrat Barack Obama in Puerto Rico

Meep Meep

Obama has begun a TOP SECRET search of Vetting possible VP's. What does this mean?

A message from Thom Hartmann: Obama - Ask Hillary First!

Advice for those criticizing clinton

When too much become too much, and party unity becomes an excuse for cowardice...

I liked what Charlie Rangel said on Washington Journal this morning

I liked what Charlie Rangel said on Washington Journal this morning

I liked what Charlie Rangel said on Washington Journal this morning

Hillary's Bush Connection: Bush's Mystery Money Man Becomes Hillary's

Obama should not appoint any Repug to ANYTHING who is anti choice or anti GLBT rights

From the looks of Hillary's crowds we needn't worry much, some look like they'll be dead before Nov.

Officials say Obama starts search for running mate

Opposition Grows to Clinton Delegate Cause Celebre (Nuclear Option)

THE VOTERS RESPOND: "We don't give a crap about Clinton's Florida & Michigan Propoganda"

No matter what she says, the chances of her taking it to the convention, are infinitesimally small

Obama: "I will bring this war to an end in 2009."

Who's got audio of the Camp Hillary teleconferences from this week?

Just 3 picks for VP: Clark, Webb, Richardson

Canada aide at heart of Obama leak to quit: Reuters

Canada aide at heart of Obama leak to quit: Reuters


Where are you Speaker?

If Hillary cares so much about the disenfranchised FL voters from 2000...

Howard Dean: "We are not going to change the rules in the middle of the game"

Survey USA: Obama Leads McCain By 7 In Virginia. Obama/Edwards Still Strongest Ticket.


Guam Democratic Party Chair Pilar Lujan endorse Hillary, backing off pre-election promise

If you think Kurovski has no business being Wetzelbill's VP don't rec this thread!

The Rude Pundit: How Many Examples of Clinton Hypocrisy on Florida and Michigan Are There?

Hillary Clinton excites the crowd in FL (Must See Video)

Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton

Busloads of Clinton supporters will swarm DNC meeting regarding MI and FL delegates

CNN: Michelle Obama's black dress + pearl earrings = "I am Camelot with a tan"

caption this Clinton pic...

Questions for New York Obama Supporters.

Hillary Clinton - Principles Versus Power

Gratuitous Obama video

Obama's church did not violate tax laws when Obama spoke there in June 2007

Opposition Grows To Clinton's Delegate Cause Celebre

A movie on the Florida recount airs just days before a decision is made on MI and FL

Hillary and I Feel Very Strongly About This

Birth Certificategate

Josh Marshall-Talking Points Memo:Toxic (HRC's Florida/Michigan gambit-breathtaking in its cynicism)

This woman is dragging this out

I'm a bit perplexed. What is Hillary playing at?

Help to refute email against Obama

What some fail to understand about the rules and this campaign.

How many would agree to re-votes in FL and MI?

Sen. Clinton Just Questioned Gen. Petraeus And None Of The Cable News Networks Carried It Live...

Hillary still loses even with FL/MI as she wants. WIll DNC let Obama give her that to end it now?

Officials say Obama starts search for running mate (X posted from LBN)

Good luck, I'm Out... You Win.

Hillary's reasoning on going to the convention is to get herself a place on the ticket

"Unsubscribe" from Hillary's E-mail list

There's Something About Hillary

The supers are the ones to be blamed for being so wishy washy

"They can't even run their own party!"

So whats with the new round of SUSA?

So whats with the new round of SUSA?

Ickes: We want the Michigan uncommitted to stay uncommitted

In my opinion, the "connected" are happy with either Hillary or McCain

Hillary Clinton is not a cartoon villain and she

Obama Continues Double-Digit Lead - Majority Grows Among ALL Groups

Purges are occasionally good for the body politic.

for vp debate entertainment only, i suggest obama/sharpton

What happens if Hillary manipulates an 'illegal' win, (similar to Bush), and rips the party apart?

If McCain picks Romney who then takes Uta& MI, other Mid West States, who does Obama then pick?

Obama leads McCain in November match: Reuters poll

Fear and intimidation. That's the only reason Clinton is allowed to continue

Clinton Wins Michigan; Santa Claus is Coming!

Any DUers going to the DNC Rules Committee meeting on May 31st?

I don't have a problem with Hillary staying in this race through June 3rd.

I fully expect Hillary to help make sure there are no voting irregularities in the GE

RNC Hiring Rove Protege To Dig Oppo Research On Obama

What Does Hillary Want?

early primary states

So, if Obama really is muslim...

What do you think about Webb as VP?

Clinton for VP? Who do I hate more? Clinton or BushCo / Repukes?

Where was Hillary standing up for FL and MI voters 6 months ago?

U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney endorses Obama

What happens if the Florida and Michigan votes are the difference

Decemberist Tour Dates. I like concerts with 75,000 people attending

The "uncommitted" fly in the ointment for Hillary in MI

Hillary says if you are voting against Obama because he's black she doesn't want your vote.

3- 27-08 Judge Ruled Michigan Primary Unconstitutional

Ahem, excuse me.....

High School Friend Remembers Hillary Clinton

Cuban American National Foundation to Hear Obama

Obama would edge McCain in Pennsylvania new poll shows

OBAMA's ON THE MARCH! and his Florida strategy starts NOW.

John McCain concedes Democratics are WAY ahead of him

Straw-Man Diplomacy

It hurts my head trying to figure this out . How much does Hillary Clinton actually owe

Did Clinton sign a contract saying she would not put her name on the michigan ballot?

This is the year of the "VP", the selection of the VP will determine the election.

Will Hillary be forever branded as the Nader of 08 ?

I've been thinking about our national priorities

If Elected, Obama Would Become 'The Abortion President,' Forcing Catholics & Evangelicals to Pay

Lawsuit against DNC filed by 3 prominent Broward Co., FL Democrats to seat FL delegates

Lawsuit against DNC filed by 3 prominent Broward Co., FL Democrats to seat FL delegates

So, if Hillary ever finally concedes, what do you think she'll say?

So, if Hillary ever finally concedes, what do you think she'll say?

Clinton Campaign: We Want the Michigan Uncommitted to Stay Uncommitted

Should Biden, Dodd, Richardson, Kucinich, Gravel, agree to have "uncommitted" given to

Obama in the pocket of corporations--voted for Class Action "Fairness" Act

Its not about a fight at the Convention, its about not having a Nominee until the Convention

Are elections where campaigning is prohibited fair and legitimate?

***BREAKING*** Farrakhan Speaks on Hillary Losing ***PARODY***

Thom Hartmann calls for Hillary as VP

Breaking: House Judiciary Subpeonas Karl Rove in US Attorney Firing Probe

One of the greatest DU threads of all time.

ole blood reign mclame;s vp choice should be alan keyes

Go to and read about the early warning signs for Obama

Sit FL and MI delegates - Hillary still loses by 63

Many professionals and many averaage people interested in politics have spent

Edwards and Obama both campaigned in Michigan indirectly; "vote uncommitted"

If Hillary cared so much about the delegates in MI and FL...

Many Conservatives won't vote for McCain

The Clintons no longer give a shit about the Democratic party unless they hold the power

Obama fills in for Kennedy at Wesleyan commencement

Lieberman for McCain's VP?

Obama should propose a revote in both Mich and Fl.

Mittens, Bobby Jindal, and Charlie Crist invited to Grandpa McLoon's Memorial Day BBQ

Could this be a coincidence? re: electoral college/Dean/Hillary

Hillary endorsing McCain???

Obama Speaking In FL on MSNBC

Primary TOONS: Well, if she is gonna keep going

RECognize: Obama Should Pick The Best

I'm Hillary Clinton and I Approve This Message!

Just Saw the List of Obama's Economic & Domestic Policy Advisors :(

This is interesting......Hillary may be screwed out of 11 million

No means no.

August 2007: Clinton operatives on DNC rules committee vote to strip FL of all 210 delegates

Oh no, too much Democracy. Oh no, Hillary may take this to the convention like T.Kennedy did in 80.

now hillarians cry about showing the huge ass

Huffington Post Op ed- Rachel Maddow: "Clinton to the Convention?"

LATimes Article says it all: Hillary focuses on seating delegates, Obama on winning the GE.

NY Gov.: Clinton should stop Michigan, Florida effort

Where Is Hillary's Race Speech?

Need more evidence MI and FL weren't legit?

If Obama Chooses a Female VP, it should be Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano

If Obama Chooses a Female VP, it should be Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano

Obama to campaign in New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado next week

McCain Rejecting Hagee endorsement

Crap. Obama pandering to Jewish audience in FL...dissing Carter

I bet Hillary is pretty pissed off at Rumsfeld

Who's watching Obama in Boca!? Jewish loyalty test question being boo'd by Jewish audience!

One reason I'll be happy if Obama is the nominee.

McCain is campaigning against Obama while...

So how excited are you

Go Barack Black Eagle Obama!!

well, since Clinton is going to take this to the convention...

McCain, Rev. Hagee Call It Off

I've decided...

Why haven't more Superdelegates started picking Obama?

McCain Pastor: Islam Is a 'Conspiracy of Spiritual Evil' (Rod Parsley, Cols. Ohio

Just out of curiosity; what would happen if Michigan and Florida

For those who are not fans of General Electric's MSNBC propaganda

Clinton Campaign: We want the Michigan uncommitted to stay uncommitted

Rev. Hagee (audio) lauds Hitler, McCain renounces endoresement, Hagee withdraws endorsement

Tweety: HRC paid $2.9 million to Mark Penn's firm in APRIL.. 1 in 6 dollars HRC spent

May I Have Your ATTENTION Please

New Swing State General Election Numbers

What Does Hillary Want?

MCain adviser OKs sexist anti-Clinton attacks

Interesting Quote

Interesting Quote

Interesting Quote

"Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they're here to stay ..."

OK, HRC supporters, is this really what you want? You want to bully your way on to the ticket?

OK, HRC supporters, is this really what you want? You want to bully your way on to the ticket?

Advice: Never post when you're angry

So do you think Mike Gravel will get the Libertarian nomination?

Hillary supporters, may I have your attention...

Hillary supporters, may I have your attention...

Obama to deliver Wesleyan commencement speech for Sen. Kennedy on Sunday

Hillary needs to tread lightly here...

Michigan's Fight To Seat Delegates Intensifies

Clinton Doesn't Want Uncommitted MI Delegates To Go To Obama

Clinton Doesn't Want Uncommitted MI Delegates To Go To Obama

Come on now, all this "screw your rules, you will use my rules" can't go very far

If this goes to the convention and history repeats or keeps its perfect record

Obama supporters, why are you falling for the Clinton campaign nonsense?

Who's got the BUCKET? Pelosi, Gore, Dean???

Who's got the BUCKET? Pelosi, Gore, Dean???

DU this poll, please

DU this poll, please

Rec this post If you are a Hillary supporter that will vote for Obama in Nov 08!

VP Slot: How Much of a Shit do you Give?

Obama to visit New Mexico, Nevada, and Colorado next week.

Obama should link McCain to Bush's failed foreign policy from Cuba to Syria

I think Lalo Alcaraz is trying to give a hint

Let's all move to a swing state.

Great clip within: Smile inducing exchange if you are a Democrat!

Great clip within: Smile inducing exchange if you are a Democrat!

Local News in Tampa Reports 3 US Senators file a lawsuit against DNC.

Seriously watch out in a place like Mississippi in the GE

Jack Murtha, et al, Sent Letter to House Uncommitted Super Delegates: DECIDE NOW !

Rachel Maddow - Clinton to the Convention?

What, me worry?

St. Pete Times: "He drew in the demographic with the most to lose."

Tweety played a damning quote by Hagee

Source: Bill Clinton Wants Wife as Veep


She's got Balls

New talking points that Hillary Clinton could use if the ones she's using now don't pan out

New talking points that Hillary Clinton could use if the ones she's using now don't pan out

Nancy Pelosi...on CNN is captured doing a "laugh" over Screw Up of Farm Bill....

Memorial day is nearly here - where's the Gas Tax Holiday?

This will only end when dozens of Hillary's SDs switch to Obama ...

For my own sanity I've had to start my IgSnore list again

Hagee Finally Said Something That McCain Really Disagrees With...

Will she be contested?

Obama's Secret War Profiteering Tax (Palast)

No fancy numbers..just an honest assessment


Judge sides with Texas Democratic Party in flap over delegates

No matter what happens, we will win in 2008

No matter what happens, we will win in 2008

Orlando (Maitland) fundraiser brings in almost half a million for Obama tonight.

First post from an 'Obama Republican'. Let me explain myself to you.

McCain criticizes Obama's lack of military service

DID YOU KNOW?Obama's donation website accepts illegal foreign contributions ?

Sexism or just criticism?

It is now officially over for Hillary...

A rock star roar greets Obama

If Obama Would Just Go Win Puerto Rico He Could Win The Pop. Vote And End This Aleardy.

FL SEN.NELSON TO ENDORSE CLINTON....opps sorry.... my bad....from Jan.

Virginia: McCain vs. Obama McCain 42, Obama 49 Obama +7.0

Senator Kennedy wants his wife to serve out his term.

Hillary Clinton has inspired me to

Why was Hillary so quick to imply there COULD be a joint ticket at one time...

Obama Response to Latest McCain Attack

No She Can't!

The Remaining Superdelegates Not Committing Is Genius

My Obama Administration Thoughts/Choices

My Obama Administration Thoughts/Choices

Obama’s Secret War Profiteering Tax (Palast)

Obama’s Secret War Profiteering Tax (Palast)

Why are Reverend Hagee's anti-Catholic, anti-gay, anti-Jew rantings not being replayed ad nauseum?

Obama/Schweitzer 2008

LOL. Anyone watching the Obama townhall? Guy asks Obama if he has any close Jewish friends

If Clinton takes this Bogus Crusade to Convention people will never stop laughing..

An example of the stupid people we'll be dealing with between now and November

Obama-mania lands in Florida (Debbie Wasserman Schultz whining)

I just don't think these Hillary supporters get it, nor care if McCain is president

rachael said if the supers dont end it before may31st, hill can take the fight into the convention

Whoever the nominee is, it has to be decided in June. It can't go to the convention.

Clinton's Shocking Florida Gambit

Clinton's Shocking Florida Gambit


"I've won more votes than anyone running for the Dem. nomination in the history of our party."

Is there video of the Obama Speech today? Wolf Blitzer was gushing over it.

The DNC's Getting Ready To Hand the Reins Over To Obama & You're All Pitching Fits Over Hillary

Lost in a Fun House


Obama @ Boca Raton, FL. < Amazing Q&A > Anyone have video?

Why do so many Obama supporters spend an inordinate amount of time bashing Hillary?

This should be Obama's #1 Talking Point going into the general election against McSame

Hillary: The latest from the nation's cartoonists

NY Gov. Paterson Sees 'Desperation' By Clinton - (clinton supporter)

THE MATH Daily Widget – Thursday, May 22 – Wigand +0.00 – Total -6.60

It was the worst of times, it was the worst of times. A tale of two pities.


******Kudos to Clinton and Obama!********

******Kudos to Clinton and Obama!********

Let's just call it what it is. This has become The DLC vs The DNC

No wonder Obama doesn't want a Florida do-over - he's not popular down there.

No wonder Obama doesn't want a Florida do-over - he's not popular down there.

9 days till we lose our chance at the White House...

Wag the Election II: Democratic Primary Meltdown

Eye opening video on The election in Kentucky (Race)

As Hillary argues voter disenfranchisement, she repeatedly uses phrase "select a nominee" (updated)

As Hillary argues voter disenfranchisement, she repeatedly uses phrase "select a nominee" (updated)

Meet The DNC Rules Committee Members Who Will Decide Michigan And Florida

I wish Hillary supporters could see that this really is not Obama's fault

How Do 'SuperDelegates' Prefer to be 'Woo'ed?

The penny just dropped. The REAL casualty if Obama wins.

The penny just dropped. The REAL casualty if Obama wins.


Recommend this thread if you're tired of people asking you to recommend their threads.

Recommend this thread if you're tired of people asking you to recommend their threads.

Interesting: Obama DOES NOT get to pick his own VP candidate

Not the Ticket of Dreams

Obama to stand in for Kennedy at Wesleyan commencement

Florida and Michigan were NOT legitimate elections

Good to see people finally seeing the light

Good to see people finally seeing the light

Hillary supporters know that if Florida and Michigan are counted as is that Obama wins anyway right?

Florida delegates sue DNC over primary votes...again...and again..

Jim Webb on populism, Rubinomics, and his grandparents during the depression.

Can Clinton be disqualified for breaking the rules?

US News: New Poll Finds Big Shift Toward Obama

You're Blowing It Hillary

PHOTOS: SENATOR OBAMA comes to Florida! PLUS discusses FL primary vote count with St. Pete Times.

People Need to Seriously Consider Polls Showing Obama as a Weaker Candidate in Certain Swing States

Try to control your gag reflex - Warning Graphic!

The very fact that Sen. Clinton is attempting to bully her way onto the ticket,

Terry McAulliffe told Levin if he changed Michigan's 2004 primary date "the whole system collapses"

Radio Lady: This forum should be renamed. Call it General Discussion: PCT

Hillary is a lawyer she signed a contract

Bill is already wanting Chelsea to win Presidency.

Your opinion, please:


I like Obama, but I don't like a lot of his supporters.

Look, McCain is up 4 on Obama now. Hillary as VP could HONESTLY add....

How important is Foreign Policy to you?

Has anyone noticed.

Jim Web's just the Reagan Democrat Obama needs -- Margaret Carlson

listened to limbaugh for 2 hours

Check in here if you ***do not*** want Hagel as vp.

Clinton Campaign Paid Penn's Company Nearly 3 Mil In April

Clinton v. Obama v. McCain...says it all!

Blast from the Past: Clinton, Obama and Edwards Join Pledge to Avoid Defiant States

Attention Hill Supporters - "Missing Links" Needed

OBAMA SAID NO-The Nightmare Ticket Is Dead

What does Hillary's lack of crowds mean?

What does Hillary's lack of crowds mean?

Rachel is still concerned

Why no supers for Obama today?

Sebelius Schmebelius ...... she adds NOTHING.

St. Petersburg Times to Hillary: "where were you when we needed you? When the rules and bylaws

"Kos" before the Kool-Aid

How can Obama win California in the GE when he lost it in the primaries?

According to Rachel Maddow Hillary is planning on taking this ....

I'm sorry, but there is no Redemption for Hillary on her Racially Divisive Tactics

...Then I Guess I'm A Hater

Disparaging comments about Sen. Clinton's looks are unnecessary and unwelcome.

Pelosi Calls For Cut In Superdelegates In 2012

Pelosi Calls For Cut In Superdelegates In 2012

2009 and Beyoncé: Some playful What Ifs

PLEASE GET THIS STORY OUT(*'Necklace' lynching returns to South Africa*)

Watching him now, something that I'm really liking about Obama...

Evelyn Pringle's articles at Scoop on the "web of corruption leading to Obama's rise to power"

HRC is a liar. So is her husband.

Foreign policy advice for Obama

Legislative Action Alert - Support the HEARTH Act (H.R. 840)

Amnezac- wipes your historical memory

(First PNAC now) Policy Forum Dead, Too?

Don't these Iraqi civilians understand this US occupation is exactly like that of Japan and Germany?

We are making progress in Cuba!

The most curious thing(Abu Gharib)

McCain Campaign: Telecom Amnesty "Requires Hearings and Heartfelt Repentance"

Flashback: Bill O'Reilly flips out

OK - Kevin Spacey just convinced me to watch "Recount"

KO on Hagee and his god sent Hitler tape

Annie the dachshund saves the day

Short Video.. "If I were a Terrorist..." very good

Jesse Ventura's on Larry King now....

Woman Says Hate Crime Left Son With Broken Jaw

Recommend this thread if you have lost all respect for Hillary Clinton.

Recommend this thread if you have lost all respect for Hillary Clinton.

It all depends on what the meaning of "successful" means......

Another victory in Kansas - thanks to our great governor

I find myself in the 'uncomfortable position' of teaching my children how the mafia "plays" n/t

A blast from the past--Jesse Jackson's 2004 Appalachia tour

Best dis to Traitor Joe yet! "I hated him on ALF and I hate him now"

Puppy Shot, Killed; Others Doused In Kerosene

Puppy Shot, Killed; Others Doused In Kerosene

Obama and McCain spar over GI bill, McCain takes shot at Obama for not serving in military?

ENOUGH. If you don't like Obama, too bad. He is the nominee

Free Concert by Popular Band Preceded Obama’s Big Rally

There had better NOT be any Bloomberg Veeper/weeper B.S. going on!1

Folks, do you get the feeling we're just being gamed?

"Eco-Terrorism On Orcas"

Rec this thread...

The Republicanification of Joe Lieberman

WTF is wrong with these people? Buying explosives online!

Will Congress Ever Get Around To Funding A Hurricane Katrina Recovery For The Gulf Coast?

Who is going to rebulid Iraq?

I don't understand....why doesn't Hillary just 'drop out' (as so many WORTHY dem candidates

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

$4.50 gas in Chicago!

AP IMPACT: Leaky New Orleans levee alarms experts

Yeah, I know it may be old (like me) but wanted to post: The Window

Cheney to Coast Guard grads: Quitting wars in Iraq / Afghanistan would be act of betrayal & dishonor

Your mango has bomb element!

Garry Kasporov Speech Disrupted By A Flying Weenie

Garry Kasporov Speech Disrupted By A Flying Weenie

Bill Scher: Breaking The Law, Snubbing the Supreme Court

I heard Pickens late yesterday talking about oil prices

was David Letterman referring to the Carlyle Group?

Mixup throws House veto overide in doubt...

Judge smacks down TV station for putting jury members at risk

Let me pose this hypothetical....

'Chicks dig battle scars'

ON THIS DATE in Bush History -- Thursday May 22nd 2008 --> Condi Delusional?(

If you are tired of Ballot Bowl on CNN, Puppy Bowl IV just starting on Animal Planet.

Ed Gillespie takes Karl Rove role in the White House

Who knew that U.S. soldiers were doing THIS in Iraq?

Mexican donkey freed after acting like a jackass

Are you more afraid of losing your health insurance or being in a terrorist attack?

Rules for Protests during GOP convention

Medical marijuana: How much is enough?

AP: Chavez accuses US of "spying"

Has anybody seen "Recount" yet? Any posters in the Biz?

The Onion's hysterical satire on CA budget crisis: SD Zoo, prison merge!

What was John Bolton doing in the 2000 recount?

Another Republican going down - in Missouri

When is a cowboy hat like a hemorrhoid?

General Election - Obama wins. Why?.. (2 reasons) The "Vision" thing and Bush's abysmal approval

This pic is dying to be captioned...

Do you share the same values as the family you were raised in?


Myth Busters: Americans Pay More in Income Tax than Canada

Ghost Bikes: a memorial in Chicago

Fraud-prevention pitchman becomes ID theft victim

GOP county chair would rather spend time with dubya than represent his district in state house

WA State Health Department: Allow Medical-Marijuana Patients 2Lbs Every 2 Months

Sea-Tac back door lets you keep toothpaste

Thank you Dan Abrams

Robin Wright: U.S. on the Outside in Peace Efforts

Did Chimp get some?

The Morning Brief

Narrow self-interest is killing us all

PHOTOS: Bush 2000, Bush 2008

Iraqi TV station says U.S. troops killed cameraman

Republican Party is desperate for funds...they are asking me to

Wall Street's Racket Has Gone Too Far, and We're Going to Pay the Heavy Price

Is This Gratuitous Violence?

NYT: Victoria boosted Ted Kennedy's 1994 campaign against Romney

(VFP) Memorial Day Events - 2008

VFW Supports Webb's New GI Bill, Opposes *

McCain and health

What happened to COLA?

We're running out of rice! The Chinese & Indians are eating it all!

No, WillieGeist, you dope:

congress had the big oil boys up in from of them yesterday

Supporting the USA! with your 'stimulus check'

Breaking: Ford Motor Cutting North American Production For Rest Of Year

Cowardly Miami Republicans (Diaz-Balarts and Ros-Lehtinen) refuse to debate Democratic challengers

Food prices to stay high despite record crops, says UN (Guardian)

No Immunity for Torture - The Case Against Donald Rumsfeld

Come Say Hi To Joe Bageant At The National Conference On Media Reform

Lieberman licking Petraues' ass on CSPIN 3

$135 per barrel. 2 Billion People in India and China are started to become consumers.

what we can do about high fuel prices

the runup to Memorial Day 2008

Ideas for Republican slogans and ad campaigns

McCain's opinion on marriage and that of the gay community is a "respectful disagreement" he says

The Storage business appears to be booming. In my neck of the woods, seems like

The Storage business appears to be booming. In my neck of the woods, seems like

FBI Agent: Bureau "Ill-Equipped To Handle Terrorist Threat"

Armed Services Committee vs. Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Strip mall vacancies?

"What's up with that hat?"

Consciousness of Guilt - Genocide in Iraq?

Republican Evangelicals Exposed By Insider

Bill Kristol: A Libel Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Blowing fur--- a secret weapon...and a burglar. (Pics)

Should folks oppose all members of the DLC who run for office?

Whoops: 150 Million Year-Old Dinosaur Tracks Near Holy Land

Protestors at Petraeus hearings?

Beware The Flying Penis!

Bill Gross (PIMCO) on the fishy US inflation calculations

Lieberman:" The Democrats *used* to be Pro-America"

Leaving Baghdad By Ahmad Fadam

Ack! -New CentCom Appointment Hearing --> Gen. Petraeus - Now on C-Span 3

Robert Luskin Rove's attorney cites Executive Privilege will not appear before Congress

Cindy McCain is NOT part of the campaign!!!

Neil Boortz is flat out lying about Big Oil, saying they're actually making LESS MONEY

Petraeus: More troop withdrawals possible in fall

South Carolina ignorance

Home Prices Continue to Sink: "You can't put lipstick on this pig."

RNC Hiring Rove Protege To Dig Oppo Research On Obama...Tim Griffen

Kennedy's Remarks At 04 Convention: "Once More America The Beautiful"

Lost in Space made me a Liberal

Did anyone think that $4.00 gas would be the end and then prices would fall back?

Bush faces real questions

Hillary Clinton should NOT be Obama's VP. Please rec if you agree!

Center for Constitutional Rights/ European Justice Groups: Open Letter in the Rumsfeld Torture Case

Another resource for the bicycle riders and wannabees..


Cheney: "The war on terror is a lengthy enterprise, but it does not have to go on forever"

False Flag warning from the Nation online? (oops)

TV journalist fired for publicly protesting local Emmy Award to honor Bill O’Reilly

**Court: Military Cannot Discharge People Because They're Gay**

It's disturbing how the Democrats have bought into the GWOT

Interview: How Tehran wants to fix the world

Check out the South Dakota Congressional Delegation web page:

If you ran the world...


Unhappy with Country’s Direction, Voters Drifting to the Democrats

Is it just me or is this some scary stuff?

Non Sequitiur Comic

They're ramping up the "Liberals Hate the Troops" meme

Gore Vidal suggests African American violence of Obama doesn't get the nomination.

Come November, we just may want to thank the Ron Paul supporters

A real, real downer. But it's typical

Best Campaign Strategy Any Of Our Guys Can Use Is "Clean Up Corruption At The Top"

CHeck out CSPIN -1

Do you think a Dem adminstration and Dem controlled Congress will help repair the country?

Illinois Gas Prices And Taxes

Would McCain walk Ellen DeGeneres Down the Wedding Aisle?

Thirteen Things I Hate About The Cheney Bush Adminstration


Feingold adding timetable for redeployment to Iraq spending bill

Is today's House hearing on Big Oil profits being

Gee, what fun! Playing with all those aircraft carriers and things! - Today’s Headlines 5/22/08

Hopefully we never have to have one again, but any military draft must be fair

Senate GOP splits with Bush on Iraq bill

Is this true, or a silly urban legend?

Is this true, or a silly urban legend?

McCain’s New Iran Gaffe: If The ‘Average American’ Thinks Ahmadinejad Is In Control Of Iran, Then So

REC THIS THREAD if you're sick of rec-whoring threads!


Just what in the name of God is going on in this world?????

Mennonite Farmer is Hauled Away for Selling Raw Milk

Operation Hose America

Grandson (from Chico) arrested in Slaying-Sonoma man in ill health killed by shotgun blast in 't

Oh, mah freakin' gawd!

Naomi Klein: China's All-Seeing Eye (Rolling Stone)

WooHoo! Complete "Countdown" downloads available now for free!

How German Intelligence Helped Justify the US Invasion of Iraq

U.S. Senate approves $165 billion in new war money

Free At Last — Army Intelligence Analyst Buswell, 'The 9/11 NCO,' Speaks Out

Another gas sipper thread

Am I the only one disgusted by the Farm Bill?

Lobbying for Armageddon

U.S. helicopter strike kills 8 Iraqi civilians while running for their lives

Can a Senator's widow fill the job? Here's one courageous example:

Thinking the almost unthinkable

Dupe. Deleting this one b/c the other got more recs. :P

As oil jumps above $135: American Airlines charge for 1st bag

When (not if) we control the White House and Congress in 09 ...............

Anyone who actually believes Hillary is not in "Win at all costs" mode is delusional!!!

S.C. Principal To Resign After Gay Club Approved For School

I'm sure you'll all agree but I have to say it anyway...

Ellen DeGeneris Rips McCain a "new one" on her show today... 9 AM EST- ABC

Could The Oil Price Run Up And The Rising Gas Prices In The U.S......

Good Democratic Radio from Pennsylvania

Bob Allen Appeals Conviction In Sex Case

McCain to Meet 3 Possible Running Mates (Crist, Jindal, Romney)

Senate Overrides Bush Veto

Did ya miss this?

why doesnt Congress get the Auto execs to testify and ask about high MPG cars

McCain video

Critical Pesticide Program Cut

'No' votes on the war funding bill

What happened to the Jesse Ventura Video?

Just curious but does anyone know if McLame has ties to Moonies too?

How Much Extra Oil Has The U.S. Used Since The Start Of This Iraq ......

Why is anyone objecting to seating the full FL and MI deleagtions and counting their votes?

McCain rejects Hagee

Stop thinking gas is going to go back down

Shocking new SUSA: Obama 49% McCain 42% IN VIRGINIA!!!

Tornado watch in Wyoming

I love our party but...

GOP strategist on Fox (I know, I know) just said that a good McCain VP choice would be

Why debt collectors are a hot buy now

If the Judiciary commitee was serious then why a 2 month wait for Rove to appear?

Isn't today (Thursday, the 22nd) when Congressman Conyers...

House Judiciary subpoens Rove

Straw-Man Diplomacy (and does Iran want McCain?)

What percentage of your paycheck goes to just fueling your vehicle?

PHOTO: Water skiing at North Pole, Limbaugh says global warming a HOAX

Petraeus: Troops in Iraq help blunt Iran threat......didn't Iraq under SD have the same effect?

Apparently, the media has been harrassing the Kennedy home



Guessing on who the next VP will be

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we can make our own O'Reilly remixes!

CBS Tonight: Bogus Composite Materials Supplied to "Every Aircraft Manufacturer in the World"

The appeals court decision re the Texas raid was predictable and there's a big fat

What made you a liberal?

Federal Court Challenges "Don't Ask Don't Tell"

Those oil guys are full of shite...

Caption oil execs on Capitol Hill

Corporate Defaults Reach 28, Exceeding Total for 2007


Rice warns of more sanctions on Iran

It is intense right now here on DU but a smile came across my face

Propagandists First, Journalists Second: How the New York Times Won 2004 for Bush

Let's get serious about gasoline prices

My Dedication Song to McCain

Will the US get away from the idea that everybody must go to college?

Citigroup-Albertis wins right to lease Pennsylvania Turnpike

FYI - Snopes.Com has a whole Obama page already


LOL-Stephanie Miller will have the weekend free - Obama fills in for Kennedy at Wesleyan


30% chance of tornadoes some places in Kansas today

Return of the gasbags

Matthews channels McLaughlin

Matthews channels McLaughlin

Wanted to Laugh but instead I cried

FuelWatch: 87 octane took a 14 cent leap overnight (WNY)

Pastor Hagee brings in the big bucks with his screwy "theology"

Appeals court rules Texas acted improperly in seizing FLDS children

Should a "Recommend" automatically "kick" a post?

Pigs are gonna fly. We're gonna have a Black President. Today, anything is possible. Know why?

One thing that can be said with certainty about today's oil prices

The Institute for Historical Review.....

the democratic senate really showed bu$h* today, they approved 165 billion for his wars

Guns to go: Mo. car dealer offers something extra

Been thinking about a large multinational very quickly deployed force

Juan Cole on PBS Newshour now

You had to know anything Rush promotes is a failure....look at LifeLock...tehehe

Is Reagan responsible for today's cynicism toward Obama's message of change?

A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A R R R R R G G G G G H H H H ! ! ! !

A message from Ramsey Clark

US Official: Cluster Bomb Ban Could Hurt ‘Cooperation’ and ‘Humanitarian Work’



Well we almost made it!

New McCain poster

Jim Cramer says $5.00 gas in next 6 weeks...

I say we friggin BOYCOTT EXXON/MOBIL

the repukes are saying the Democratic primary is invalid because they won't count votes in FLA

George Bush and the Children of the ‘War on Terror

Former Green Oaks mayor trial date set on child pornography charges

A Stupid Senate Committee!!

Are most of your friends/family already doing *ALL* they can to save gas/energy?

Peter Dale Scott on Air America tonight (Thursday) 9pm Eastern

Spokeswoman explains why Cheney wore 10-gallon cowboy hat (it protected his head from the sun)

Awwww. Spunk and Moxie don't like the way they are portrayed in HBO's "Recount"

HBO revisits 2000 election with 'Recount'

Yikes , 3.78 /gallon here , an no sign this is going to stop soon

Travel Channel right now.. Tony Bourdain in Beirut.

I saw a true American hero tonight. Colonel Ann Wright.

Stupid Republic Quote of the Day re: Gas Prices...

The 'Stealth' car:

In preparation for the RNC, FBI soliciting informants to keep tabs on local protest groups

Pictures Tell a Story at State Department (fake mustaches on Bush, Rice & Cheney)

Do You Feel a Draft?

Where Are Those Iranian Weapons in Iraq?

Defy the corporate critics! Show up in droves for the War, Inc. premiere tomorrow.



DO ....... NOT ........ DROP ......... THE ......... HAGEE ......... ENDORSEMENT

Rep. Kennedy thanks public for supporting father

FBI Recruiting Moles To Infiltrate "Vegan Potlucks" To Root Out Terrorists At RNC Convention

Holy Moly! It is storming like mad in my part of Arizona.......

Question re: Harriet Miers and the contempt charge...

Channel 4 News interview with Gore Vidal.

Please unfreep this poll on drilling in ANWR - it's 87% yes now

Recommend (some) books...

Another Day-Another Law "Violated" By Bushco

Could Contessa Brewer be any goofier?

Should We Finance A Second American Revolution?

HEADLINE: "No mid-air bed swaps for Condoleezza Rice"

HEADINLINE: US gasoline prices STILL LAG behind eventual crude price

I Heard Something This Morning That Disturbed Me About People In South Florida......

A chink in my armor of cynicism. The Ride of Silence

A chink in my armor of cynicism. The Ride of Silence

Does anyone know where the piss tank on a 2008 Dodge Ram diesel is?

Call today to close the SOA

United States will become a Gated Community in the World! (Brzezinski on Morning Joe)

Hardball: The Anger Issue

Jeff Farias (Nova M radio) caller says her car insurance went up because of her credit score.

I'm going to say something about Mr. McCains comments...

Would anybody be interested in a job seekers / out of work support group?

What's he hiding? Grandpa sets Friday medical document dump with RESTRICTIONS

How the New York Times Won 2004 for Bush = Illegal Spying on Americans

More appropriate for Oz forum, but thought y'all would like this

Vacation Travelers Thrown Under the Bus

In a 'bad' mood? News got you down? ~ Take a walk back into 2006 with me...

HELP PLEASE!! *'Necklace' lynching returns to South Africa*

Translations from Conservatese

New York 8th-Graders Boycott Practice Exam But Teacher May Get Ax

Reporter reprimanded for raising hand at White House briefing

Robert Hirsch: $12 Dollar A Gallon Gas is "inevitable"

Help please concerning racial diversity in theUSA

Are there any governments in the world...

Larisa Alexandrovna @ Huff Post: You Want Courage? Are You Willing To Support It? ("War, Inc.")

Not voting for HC or BO in November is NOT the same as voting for the rethug.

What just happened during Petraeus/Odierno hearing???

How is Ron Kuby doing on Air America?

Useful resource for those riding bicycles.. Topgraphic route planner..

The levee in New Orleans is leaking - but it's not even raining!!!

The levee in New Orleans is leaking - but it's not even raining!!!

What Do You Think About All of the Specialty Forums Here @ DU?

So why cant those that own the gas charge whatever they want for it?

And the winner of American Idol is....

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- Mccain and his lobby hobby

Inside Edition doing a FULL Hit Job on McCain, Haggee and Parsley!!

The census is coming, the census is coming

Congress' Oil Hearings: The Ultimate Passing Of The Buck

CSM: If Inflation is So Low, Then Why am I So Broke?

Santorum Mocks Gay Marriage: ‘I Love My Brother. Should We Call This Relationship Marriage Too?’

So, My Monday Night Was Kind Of Interesting...

Howard Dean has a joke for us and it isn't funny!

Stranger In A Strange Land

The 1.3 million people earning a living on Ebay myth:

70 mpg in my Prius today.

And some folks begrudge the Indians a lousy casino or two


State Dept. employees deface portraits of Bush, Cheney and Rice with ‘fake mustaches.’»

Conyers Letter From DOJ Indicates They Have Opened Investigation of Prosecution of Siegelman+Others

India Emerges as Major Automotive Market

Does everyone remember the pledge Hillary signed about FL&MI ?

MASSIVE tornado chewing up northern Denver exurbs!

McCain Is Not Qualified To Be Commander-In-Chief (BuzzFlash)

McCain Tells Ellen DeGeneres: You Shouldn’t Have The Right To Get Married

McCain Needs to Explain His Own Deep Ties to Chalabi

Howard Dean calls for an end to the electoral college

Officer breast-feeds quake orphans (China)

WaPo: Why Clinton Still Runs (to make Obama lose so she can say "I told you so" & run in 2012)

BUSHCO: Israeli announcement is "a slap in the face."

Holy crap! Gas was $3.65 yesterday at my local valero station. Today it's $3.79.

Will price of gasoline go down when war in Iraq is ended?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Tell us more, oh great one

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Tell us more, oh great one

Why are oil company profits not considered war profiteering?


Minn. Minor League team giving out 'Bobbleheads' of the Larry Craig Tap incident (w/pic)

My feet in the air: Congressional Recidivism, the Guantanamo Variations

So does anyone know the latest news for alternative energy?

Seven years ago yesterday, I became a DUer.

I want one of these cars NOW!!

I suspect that Big Oil's stragerty

Hagee's views on Hitler are twisted, but

When I Woke Up From My Own Racism

In 1960 a gallon of gas was 25 1970 a gallon of gas was

NEW PeaceTakesCourage Video: Footsteps

Using fuel additive for increasing mileage CA-40g

Using fuel additive for increasing mileage CA-40g

Make your own remix of O'Lielly's meltdown!

BREAKING NEWS: Appeals court says Texas had no right to seize hundreds of kids from polygamist ranch

If you ran your city what steps would you take to decrease dependence on oil?

Richard Dreyfuss may play Cheney in Olver Stone's Bush biopic

The Fourth of July as a day of Mourning?

McCain Refusing To Release His Psychiatric Records... Salon

McCain Refusing To Release His Psychiatric Records... Salon

Sitting down to play at The Rage

Piyush Jindal for veep?

What was I supposed to do?

TPM: You Just Can't Keep Tim Griffin Down = RNC rehires vote-cager.

When you're scared and hurt, I'll protect you

Now I have to sweat the small stuff

Puppy Bowl IV is on the Animal Channel

CNN: Right NOW, just showed OBAMA in crosshairs picture, NOW showing it again

If you like recommending threads, recommend this thread.

be honest-- who was excited by their first 419 spam...?

Jessica Alba just got married. So go ahead you Alba fans, find a shoulder to cry on


And the Winner of American Idol is David..... (spoilers)

As gas approches $5.00 per gal....non essential use will drop like rocks off a cliff

An OpEd from a college newspaper that describes GD-P to a tee

Men are like.....

*** NOT*** SPOILER-FREE American Idol reactions here!

What a freaking day....unbelievable....

The streak is OVER .... SUSAN LUCCI!!!!!!

You know you're on DU too much when....

Exit polls show Obama's problem w/white working class, yet Hillary is losing due to sexism?

More Hot Chicks with guns.

OMG !!! Jack Black, Robert Downey Jr and Ben Stiller are the Pips


My favorite Animal Picture ever.

You know what's hot? Cows With Guns

Daughter of Grammy-winning Christian music star Steven Curtis Chapman was struck and killed

I'm going to a Minnesota Twins game tomorrow!

You know...

Nothing says I Love You like a box of chocolate starfish....

Rec this thread...

Put them out to pasture

The Best Rock Music Decade

My sister-in-law gave me a HUGE zucchini.

Baseball wants to speed up games

I'm bored .......... and depressed ... and I have a headache

I am even more bored than I was when I posted that I am bored

I need some help.

I'm freaking sick of DEW

Tonight.....I popped my cherry

you cannot be for serious . . .

Sherpa beats Everest record again

David C Crushes David A....American Idol

Today's unknown album: Harold Budd (avant-garde composer) & Andy Partridge (XTC) - Through The Hill

Well, today I filled up the gas tank on my little truck, almost $50, and the tank was not empty.

Wanna race?

Chinese demand is driving up oil prices? Pull the other one.

Crap - I had two bottles of wine watching Top Chef tonight....

Crap - I had two bottles of wine watching Top Chef tonight....

Sometimes its really handy to work in a lab

I'm still bored

20 Websites From Before the Internet Was Invented

How would you respond to this?

Who is packing their knives tonight on Top Chef?

Hope bong.

Would you want your pet cloned? Would you want your pet cloned if it cost $100K +


"Ladies and Gentlemen, Now Hear This . . .

8 Types Of Annoying People You’ll Find Inside Starbucks

This is one world record I have no desire to break......

Want to scare your kids away from drugs? Show them this video

My M-I-L joined Facebook and is now asking my

There's a thread on vegan potluck terrorists in GD

Blowing fur--- a secret weapon...and a burglar. (Pics)


Oh hey, I have this very same piece of picture-sleeved promo vinyl

Beautiful ring bad husband.

I'm freaking sick of DFW

I think I just accidentally stirred my coffee with the spoon I used to stir the tuna fish salad.


Booger the dog, Kitty the cat, and Mousy:

I'm doing my final music project - for the lulz.

post a deltoid about yourself

Yankee or Dixie? Take the test...

Calling Sallymander: Scientists discover "frogamander" fossil

Is there anybody here that does not have me on ignore?

Remember the block feature? I think it could have worked smashingly in gd:p this season

Mob of 300 burn 11 witches for "making children dumb".

I ask this only half in jest -- is calling someone a "dickhead" sexist?

President Hillery - an inspiring, two-term icon

I just chugged 20 ounces of lukewarm coffee....

I just chugged 20 ounces of lukewarm coffee....

I met my first Duer

I met my first Duer

Look what Ava did!


Edge Shaving Cream

Thank Gawd American IDULL Is Over

Parrot backs Obama, barks

apartment/moving advice?

Colón: Smell of a winner

Rec. this thread if you like Mac 'n Cheese with your Salisbury Steak!!!

Please save me from GOD DAMNED - PRIMARY.


Darn That Dragon--a video

I'm sorry, was that...thunder...I heard just now??!!

Movie fans-what do you think?

NBC News and MSNBC now offering Countdown, Nightly News as free downloads/streams...


Police return lost parrot to owner -- Bird knew how to say his address! (abc news, LA)

After 65 years experts from 10 countries use 100 studies to define premature ejaculation.

What should I have as a snack?

Ever been made to feel guilty about being sick?

The Evidence Is Now Overwhelming-Bush KNEW & APPROVED Of War Crimes

Fifty bucks the Smails kid picks his nose

Hey NYC Du'ers... lisa has a gig this friday in Brooklyn

I can get $800,000.00 if I pay them $165.00

Massive tornados, $12 gas, McSame will win

which is the greatest nation on the planet earth?

Did Shane survive the wound from the gun battle after the movie ends?

So Who Has Me On Ignore?

Internet Porn

Colon: Smell a winner

OMG OMG OMG - We are having a thunderstorm!

I haven't had my cat photo fix this morning! Can any Loungers point me to one? nt

ack! i was just cut back to a 4-day work week!

Let's settle this once and for all: Which is the greatest state in the Delmarva conglomeration?

Coincidence? I think not.

Want to know how many miles you get for a dollar these days?

A word about....


If you think Kurovski has no business being Wetzelbill's VP don't rec this thread!

Well this blows.......

Well this blows.......

For our resident duffers: Wisconsin man plays 250 holes of golf in one day

Official Top Chef Sucks thread

Well, my friend lost all the structures on his place to the fire

Don't you love it when you go to the doctor's and their conclusion is . .

Minn. team's promotional giveaway features 'bobble foot' in toilet stall. No Larry, they will never

More good news!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/22/2008)

Man, why must the cake be a lie?

Bonus Baseball!

Dice-K goes 8-0.

I said, "well, sir, that's going to be President Obama."

Unseen footage of Bill Oreilly's producer!

Cameron Diaz shaves it bald (PICS)

Proposed license plate bears cross and "I Believe".

Best sci-fi character ever!! (a compilation of jibes and insults)

Boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada, boom de yada...

Annie the dachshund saves the day

"Bond. Wolfgang Amadeus Bond."

Thursday morning slap-o-rama. Who would you like to slap the shit out of today?

What are my rights in this situation?

True or not - still funny

How did I miss this???

Who else can't view youtube at work?

Man, why must sodium pentathol make people tell the truth?

So; what are y'all having for dinner tonight?

Pain at the Pump by Brent Burns

I just got off the phone with one of the "101 People Who are Screwing Up Canada".

Love pork? Check in!!

Supplemental hydrogen - sounds like a scam:

We even had HAIL today!

According to radio disc jockeys, that 200 mile holiday commute costs only $5 more this year...

Crap - Big fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Driving from Maryland to Michigan on Friday. Glad to do my part to prop up the oil execs.

Man, why must coke make people lie?

Let's Post some DU "TRUE FACTS"

What the heck is this thing?!

Oh wow...sunshower!!!

Attention WannaBeGrumpy...

Anyone have any good suggestions for a stud finder?

Does ground chicken taste like ground turkey?

You know what we need? A pot luck story. Everybody add a dish.

I've noticed lately that the "There's Something About Mary" movie has really caught on

Who the fuck cancelled spring??????

Recommend this thread if you just like recommending threads

My friend's frightening fire story in the Mercury News

One. More. Final. Make it stop!!!

I've got a painful hole im my back!

Update on Jack the "throwaway" pup. He went for his vet visit and he has worms.

Update on Jack the "throwaway" pup. He went for his vet visit and he has worms.

What? No garden picture thread? Outrageous, I say.

Is this a joke ?

Woman Wakes Up After Family Says Goodbye, Tubes Pulled

OK - the trailer for the Dark Knight Returns features a dark horn theme

Stonehenge Decoded- With Nigel Tufnel

2 minutes, 45 seconds of my life I cannot get back: Rachael Ray repeately goes "MMMMMMM" on YouTube

Latest Breaking "Duh" News: Who honestly didn't see this happening?

A New Baby at our house ***kitten lover alert***

Are there any other Elvis fans here?

Just got a new .mp3 player, what does yours look like?


Baby foxes at the door

I can read minds. Oh, and BTW, I have that putz Parche on Ignore!

Who is going to see Return To Forever in Vancouver June 9?

Anyone ever tried the 5-hour energy shots ?

Hubby and I have been married 15 years today.

What's WORSE...Rush or bands that SOUND LIKE Rush?

What's the least "fishy"-tasting fish for a fish newbie to start with?

5 best things to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk

I came home from work today to find my 16-year old daughter, and her BFF Crystal,

I came home from work today to find my 16-year old daughter, and her BFF Crystal,

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/22/08

**Job interview tomorrow** Genuine good lounge vibes requested!

"Gotta let your... ~Soul Shine~....shine till the break of day..."

Do you turn your shorts inside out to get an extra week out of them?

If you all would be so kind ...Wish me luck, please...

How often do you change the sheets on your bed?

I hate crowds...

Life in Puyallup, WA: Here in this residential suburb, the neighbors cows are putting up a ruckus.

Bruce Cockburn Mad Libs (kind of)! "Got to kick at the *blank* 'til it bleeds *blank*."

37 MPG - not a hybrid. I give you my Toyota Yaris.

Spoke too soon about my grades ..... I got my grades for Psychometrics..

What kind of barbarian defaces an ancient artifact?

I have a taste for something rich and buttery

My grades are all finally in!!! Great news!

Welcome to the General Discussions: Primaries automated switchboard....

So why exactly is the season finale of Lost NEXT Thursday as opposed to tonight?

Who here has tried that wonderful drink known as VERNORS?

so did anyone expect that big shocker on Top Chef las night? (Spoilers)

Have you ever ridden a Segway?

Hitler planning his Burning Man camp

New Englanders: how would you describe the taste of Moxie?

I just saw "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"! Ask me anything!

Another difference between CA and MN...

A nice picture of Kid Rock

Bill Clinton: 50% an appropriate penalty. Harold Ickes: only 100% seating will do.

Two very bad by products of Thunderstorms in SoCal...

Can I bitch a bit about gas prices, even though...

God at the Fruit Stand

Why is using the "b-word" Sexist?

Who here would rather not be around kids than be around them?

Denise Richards can't support her two kids on tax-free $52,000 per month from Charlie Sheen

Anyone using Firefox 3.0 yet?

Pic thread?

so my mom said she hates my art

Great cartoon. Pass it along to your friends.

Anyone watched NCIS last night?

ROLL CALL: Clinton / Obama / Undecided / Either - please post where you stand

ROLL CALL: Clinton / Obama / Undecided / Either - please post where you stand

George W Bush Authorized 911 Attacks Says Government Insider

Barack Obama juggernaut 'will crush John McCain'

Federal court rules against military gays policy

McCain to Meet 3 Possible running Mates

Last surviving Brown v. Board plaintiff dies at 88

Questions are raised about levee repairs

Five indicted in $20 million Idaho mortgage scam

Japan to probe whale meat 'theft'

Rice defends Bush policy on Iran as 'successful'

Robert Luskin Rove's attorney cites Executive Privilege will not appear before Congress

Why the oil price means bubble trouble

Federal court rules against military gays policy

Organised crime outstrips nations

Israel-Syria peace deal could threaten Iran, Hezbollah

Two Afghans, ISAF soldier killed in Koran protest

McCain Pastor: Islam Is a 'Conspiracy of Spiritual Evil'

Chilean President Proposes Whaling Ban, Whale Sanctuary

Lawmakers Seek More Details on Deferred Prosecutions

What Does Hillary Want?

Officials say Obama starts search for running mate

Obama Inspires McCain Aide to Step Down (Mark McKinnon Says He Cannot Work Against BHO Candidacy)

Schwarzenegger says gay marriage could be good for economy

Mixup throws House veto override in doubt

Court: Texas had no right to remove FLDS children

S.D. (South Dakota) GOP head says Democrat(sic) interest is a 'flash in the pan'

Court: Texas had no right to remove FLDS children

ID-protection ads come back to bite pitchman


Interrogation Tactics Were Challenged at White House

Petraeus: Diplomacy, Not Force, With Iran

Clinton campaign's new strategy ... vote for Chelsea in 2016

Marine jailed for refusing to testify to grand jury (accused of killing detainee in Fallujah)

Calif. congresswoman's home threatened with repo

Senate Passes Iraq War Funding Bill With Add-Ons

McCain officially rejects Hagee endorsement

IEA worried over oil supply

American to charge $15 for 1st checked bag

McCain rejects Hagee endorsement

White House names final FEC nominee

Brazil finds more oil near huge offshore field

Tornados hit north of Denver (Windor, Greeley)

Pakistan peace deal depends on Sharia enforcement: Taliban

Honda to roll out cheap new hybrid model in early '09

Prosecutor requests arrest of former Argentine president Menem (Bush family friend)

'Suicide attempt' of 9/11 suspect

Former governor asks appeals court to throw out conviction

Bid for hold on California gay marriage ruling could postpone unions

Governor: Alaska to challenge polar bear listing

Obama begins VP search process

Obama to Replace Kennedy at Wesleyan Commencement

(St. Paul) Saints promotion pays edgy tribute to Sen. Craig

N.J. [GOP] Senate Candidate: Frank Gannett (He Died in 1957) Backs My Candidacy

McCain Adviser's Work As Lobbyist Criticized

Ford Cutting All North American Production For The Rest of '08

Out-of-control wildfire in Santa Cruz Mountains

Economic Toll Mounts From High Oil Prices

Breaking: Senate completes override of Bush veto, farm bill marred by error becomes law 2:18pm EDT

Oil price spike has wide economic impact

Sun's properties not 'fine-tuned' for life

Home price index posts largest-ever decline

Israeli fighter jets confront Tony Blair's plane

Bush: early Iraq withdrawal would be 'catastrophic'

Growing Arsenal May Serve Kennedy: New drugs, therapies isolate, target a tumor

HBO's `Recount' Captures Emotion of 2000 Fla. Election (Katherine Harris Claims Film Mocks Her)

Iraqi TV station says U.S. troops killed cameraman ("killed by an American sniper")

Officials reopen Interstate 10 from Las Cruces to Arizona

High gas prices force cops to walk the beat more (no gas for patrol cars)

Ted Kennedy: I'd like wife to take seat

Ted Kennedy: I'd like wife to take seat

United Air, Rivals May Join American's $15 Bag Fee

Justice Department Watchdog Confirms Investigation of Political Prosecutions

US strike 'kills Iraqi civilians'

House subpoenas Karl Rove


Methodist ministers launch campaign to stop Bush library

McCain rejects endorsement of controversial pastor John Hagee

Many Florida Jews Express Doubts on Obama

Daughter of Christian music star killed by car

Appeals court rules officials acted improperly in removing FLDS children

Racist posters in parts of Phila. deemed legal

CN8 fires Barry Nolan over Bill O’Reilly protest

Jeff Bridges Speech from the movie THE CONTENDER

To-Do List

The West Wing- Bible Lesson

Keith Olbermann And Kevin Spacey - Recount

Jesse Ventura on the Howard Stern Show:Gov.Carried Out 9/11

Warren Beatty in BULWORTH (clip)

Ed Rendell spinning about Florida...says they did nothing wrong.

Nader to call for Bush impeachment in front of White House

Brendan James ...

Worst Poltical Ads Awards-Preview

The West WIng - Death Penalty


Countdown: Worst Person May 21, 2008

Holocaust For God

Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) on Lou Dobbs Tonight

KO mocks Clinton's push to count FL votes, comparison with suffragettes

Waxman Excoriates Bush Record On Iraq, Torture, Environment

Hearing on Bush Energy Policy - Inslee's Opening

John McCain Flip Flops on Gay Marriage

TheRealNews: Prisons - a new form of slavery

TYT: James Baker Talks Appeasement

TYT: McCain Flip Flops On His Cuba Position

Countdown: Jim Webb Interview May 21, 2008

TYT: How Many GOP Minorities Are Running This Year?

TheRealNews: Race and Poverty in the U.S.

Barack Obama in Kissimmee, FL

Cafferty: Why is Clinton Still in the Race?

9/11 Family members say they're not satisfied they've been given the truth re. 9/11 put options

TYT: Hagee - 'Hitler Was Fulfilling God's Will For Israel'

Don't Vote Stupid: The Wives

Farm Bill Fiasco

Steve Chabot (OH-1) and George Bush turn their backs on the troops

FLASHBACK::: McCain EMBRACES Wacko Bigoted Freak Pastor Hagee

On Olbermann, Cold-Blooded Killers and Bald-Faced Liars

America's first black president

McCains Odd Process Of Disclosure (Medical Records)

OLBERMANN: McCain's Pastor Problem

Democracy NOW w/ Former UN Inspector Hans Blix

Karl Rove Claims Executive Privilege: Refuses To Testify About Siegelman Prosecution

Bored man behind Hillary at Florida rally


TPMtv: The (Clinton) "Nuclear" Option

Z. Brzezinski warns US is becoming 'gated community' on Morning Joe

KO and Eugene Robinson break down the "Obama has a white voter problem" myth

Jesse Ventura Vs The Dems

Pastor Hagee 'God sent Hitler to move the Jews to Israel'

Jesse Ventura & Katrina Vanden Heuvel SMACK DOWN Mike Reagan Colombia - What did Interpol find in the laptops?

Get That Camera!!!

Barack Obama Courts Jewish Voters in Boca Raton, FL

Jon Stewart: Why Hillary keeps getting all those "rural" white votes

Karl Rove Refuses To Testify Before Congress AGAIN = Executive Privilege

Jim Webb on Letterman

BlueDogDemocratNH . . . . thread #2


Howard Dean: We need rules. Wasserman Schultz: Concern about rules unproductive

TYT: Clinton Gave Voters Permission To Be Racist

Russia to extradite Israeli wanted in Colombia for training guerillas

Yippee...the Florida "bramble bush" video is back up at You Tube

Poverty Wages

The War Machine or How To Manipulate Venezuelan Reality

Freedom Rider The U.N. Investigates American Racism

“Humanitarian Aid” at Gunpoint Isn't Humanitarian

Israeli press reports US pledge of war on Iran—is Bush preparing an October Surprise?

The Press Corps’ Unshakeable Crush on McCain (Peter Hart, F.A.I.R.)

The Myth of the Moral Majority

Report: Terrorism stats are skewed by Iraq attacks

Paying for War at the Pump (Scheer)

Indian legal offshore biz up as US slumps

101 reasons not to vote forJohn McCain

Juan Cole: Appeasement Breaks out Everywhere

Bush to Invade Israel, for Appeasing Syria

Here's the Real Scoop on God: Sent Hagee to Destroy McCain

Scenes From the Tar Wars

Creation of Detroit office is focus of OSC inquiry

Joe Conason: McCain's Team of Lobbyists

Paying for War at the Pump

Fighting with Jughead

Wall Street's Racket Has Gone Too Far, and We're Going to Pay the Heavy Price

Obama's Brilliant Strategy to Win Over Florida's Seniors

After report on FARC files: silence

Why the oil price means bubble trouble

James Ridgeway: Environmental Espionage: Inside a Chemical Company's Louisiana Spy Op

Ford Motor Co. is cutting North American production of pickups and SUVs

Former POW: Why I Will Not Vote For John McCain

Propagandists First, Journalists Second

There's a lot of folks getting panicky for no reason

McCain Finally Rejects Hagee's Support -- And Makes It All About Obama And Wright

Alabama governor’s conviction gets Justice Department scrutiny

Dave Lindorff: For His Treatment of Children in the 'War on Terror,' Bush is a War Criminal

Lunatic Fringe Hijacked America By Arianna Huffington

Interesting docu posted 5/21 on the Judiciary site: Conyers to McNulty about enforcing subpoenas

Just Saw the List of All of Obama's Economic & Domestic Advisors

The US Has Lost Control: Latin America Has "Created its Own Neighbourhood"

Hagel as Veep?

The light at the end of the tunnel may be a train

Is inflation index out of touch? The CPI is up only 4%...but for most Americans, it feels much worse

Xpost fm LBN: New 20K Honda Hybrid for early 09.

Terrifying New Nuclear Threat Uncovered!

Chilean President Proposes Whaling Ban, Whale Sanctuary

N.H.: Regional global warming initiative advances

How much gasoline per barrel of oil?

The Wind As Musician

U.S. House Passes Renewable Energy Tax Credit Extension Bill

LA workers swap cars for subway (BBC)

Since "Dramatic Step-Like Drop" In Alps' Snowfall Levels In 1980s, No Recovery For Region - AFP

With 10/13 Hudson River Fish Species In Decline, Shadless Shad Festival Not Surprising - NYT

Microclimate Research Suggests Climate Change Cutting Caribou Birth Rates- New Scientist

Oil & Gas Exploration Costs Up 400%+ Since 2000, Says IEA Report - NZ Herald

UN Official Calls For Repeal Of Laws Of Nature - Extrema, Conservation Of Energy - Glossy News

NOAA predicts above-normal '08 hurricane season

Solar (hot water) panels gain with state's boost (Mass.)

Island hydrogen technology lead (Outer Hebrides, UK)

Court rejects state's nuclear waste cleanup law (Hanford, WA)

(India) Centre chalks out plan to develop 60 ‘solar cities’

GOING PUBLIC: First Wind Energy Co. IPO Planned In US

An ill wind for gas prices (2008 hurricane season)

Pollution Violations May Test Public Support for Biodiesel

Queen (Elizabeth) invests in wind energy

Hydrogen powered bicycle for eco-conscious Brummies (UK)

At Virginia Commonwealth U, Scientists Cannot Publish Or Even Discuss Research W/O Phillip Morris OK

German Govt. Suspends Clothianidin-Based Pesticides After Bee Dieoff - ChemEng News

Sharks swim closer to extinction (BBC)

Oregon's ethanol requirement lowers vehicles' miles per gallon

Evergreen Solar grabs $1 Billion in solar panel contracts (Mass.)

Suicidal Man's Toxic Vomit Sickens 54 In Japanese Hospital - Asahi Shinbun

microbe that lunches on plastic bags (Waterloo ON Canada)

UK Gas Stations Installing Tire-Shredding "Stingers" To Stop Gasoline Thieves - Telegraph

Acidified ocean water rising up nearly 100 years earlier than scientists predicted

Will GM be able to go green in time (and pull off the Volt )? businessweek article looks at

19 Institutional Investors Join Rockefellers To Protest Exxon Policies One Week Before Annual Meet

Why Dems and Republicans Are Afraid of Two Words: Peak Oil

Army, Marine Corps eye long-range sniper rifle

Court: Gays cannot be automatically discharged

Is sex over? Wounded vets and sexual intimacy

Dutch, British to extend Afghanistan commands

Senate debate intensifies on GI Bill upgrades

Militiamen lay low as life back in Sadr City

Military criticized over child detentions

House wants to revamp adult-mag review panel

Lawmaker urges better treatment of women vets

Soldiers kill 11 militants in Baghdad

2 injured in Mississippi T-45C crash

Spec ops CO: Al-Qaida in Iraq hurt, not beaten

Bush to tour Bragg barracks seen on video

160 Ala. Guard soldiers to return Thursday

Adultery trial for supply officer begins

Sergeant to be arraigned in 2004 Iraq killing

Conflict of interest noted in Hadithah case

New unit activated at Lejeune

Marine found dead in California barracks

Chaplain dies in Djibouti

NCO found guilty of filming nude airman

McChord awaits housing proposals

Ex-professor charged in fraud over UAV work

Iraqi-led campaign against city’s Sunni militants appears to be a sign of progress among its militar

Task force studying food crisis scenarios

Navy resumes paper testing ashore, not on ships

Church members to rally for rape accuser

US Military Launches Alternate-fuel Push

Dempsey: Al-Qaida in Iraq at its weakest

GI-trained Iraqi police ready for action

Cheney addresses CG Academy grads on war

All-American Week returns as 82nd mourns

Guardsman pleads with Canada over deportation

Do You Feel a Draft?

The Economic Shock Doctrine

Hurricane Coverage May Also Fall Victim to Credit Crunch

Citigroup-Albertis wins right to lease Pennsylvania Turnpike

Embraer (Brazilian Aircraft maker) plans $50 million assembly facility in Melbourne, FL

Ocean Front Property in Arizona

Man, the oil supply is outpaced by the demand, I'm getting sick of waiting in line to get gas

Big Media finally notices, sort of.

Federal court rules against military gays policy

Need help fast!

Interesting profile of Christine Quinn. Will NYC elect its first GLBT mayor?

Oregon Supreme Court Likely To Decide Gay Marriage Ban

South Carolina High School Principal to Resign Over Formation of Gay Club

Wow... things got so tense that even Skinner's thread got locked...

The straight gay alliance I advise didn't make our yearbook

I appreciate everyone's input, and I apologize that my previous OP was not sufficiently empathetic.

What did you pay for gas on your last fillup?

Israeli press reports US pledge of war on Iran—is Bush preparing an October Surprise?

New Republic: Did Taking Cues From Lobby Cost Clinton The Nomination?

Truck bomb explodes at Gaza crossing; none injured

Acknowledging the tragedy

Global Peace Index: Israel Hits Rock Bottom

FILM: "Cuba: an African Odyssey"

Chilean President Proposes Whaling Ban, Whale Sanctuary

Venezuela to build 50,000 houses for poor families

A Bush voter: Martha Beatriz Roque

New Paraguay government doesn't plan to renew IMF loan option

CUBA Challenges Washington to Respond to Serious Allegations

Riots Expose Canada's Haiti Adventure as Sham

Making a Killing From Hunger: We Need to Overturn Food Policy, Now

VENEZUELA Dissatisfied with US Explanation for Airspace Violation

US Interests Section: Coordinator of Subversion - newsy, great drama!

CUBA: White House Press Conf.- Find Out About Fun w/ Cell Phones!

Be still my little heart!

Cheating scandals, big & small. Bellichick seems adept at them all.

Boxing: Memorial Day Weekend

Interesting post I found in GD-P:

Astro Market News (starlightnews)

Would someone be so kind as to take a peek at my transits or such?

Good vibes requested.

Frogs, China, and Bakersfield, CA

GO spurs beat Kobe and the lakers


DailyOM: "Dodging and Deflecting - Let It Roll Off Our Back"

FYI, Mercury is retrograde May 26th to June 19th.

Okay dear Astrologers of DU

Anyone ever been to the International Center for Wild Animals in Zanesville, Ohio?

~~~ May Contest Prelims Now Up in GD ~~~

Some bad pics with some nice new lenses

Sick Profits Video Contest!

U.S. seeks new hepatitis blood donation rules

Drug therapy doesn't buy time in heart attack

My new grill!

Our late night supper

Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?

The Teleological Argument

Is it possible to oppose something that pleases you?

If you'd like to see Richard Dawkins as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show:

London: Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology 'cult'

Crucifixes on License Plates in South Carolina ???

Old hurts, new lives emerge two decades after Dann shootings

Instant check for ammunition purchases.

Exploding star caught in the act (BBC)

Has anyone's opinion been turned from anti to pro gun?

Guns save lives?

Non-lethal alternatives to protecting your family and home

Free At Last — Army Intelligence Analyst Buswell, 'The 9/11 NCO,' Speaks Out

How many here believe the findings of the 9-11 commission?

CIT Losing It

Government Insider: Bush Authorized 911 Attacks

"Winter soldiers" testified before Congress. The News Hour covered it.

Michele Bachmann has a new blog--comments welcome!

Bring Wes Clark to the 6th District, vote now

Howard Dean to convene the DFL convention 6/6

Maybe we could all go to the Republican Convnetion as spies

Ya gotta love the St. Paul Saints - This Sunday's promotion outdoes the Randy Moss hood ornament

Woo-hoo! 2008 State Convention Caucus and Training Schedule!

Waco Fifth Worst place to raise a family

Does anyone know what is the future of MFC?

The White Working Class Vote and Electability

Psst... I just bought "" and ""

hilarious encounter with out of town liberals, and one rightie.

Obama to Deliver Wesleyan University Commencement Address

Clinton Again Proves That She Is Unfit To Be President With Comments on Florida and Michigan

List of Uncommitted Super Delegates as of May 21

Do not let the ballots leave the precinct until they are Hand Counted

Typical Voter Registration Manipulation: an example from FL

Court ruling puts BCE takeover in jeopardy

CP: Ex-Harris aide to replace Harper intimate at the centre of Obamagate

State curriculum on legalities of parenting coming to Texas high schools this fall

5,820 Dade students could fail third grade

Anyone know of an easy-to-use, inexpensive blogsite?

American Idol

MAD MEN returns to AMC in July!

Anyone else PUMPED for the Grey's Anatomy finale tonight??

Richard Dreyfuss in talks to play Cheney in "W"

San Francisco: Impeachment, The Play - Free Tickets!

Congressman Paul Ryan's "Roadmap for America's Future"

Norcal Du'ers, the Sacramento Mayoral debate will be on tonight and also streaming.

No comment

If you'd like to see Richard Dawkins as a guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show:

George W Bush Authorized 911 Attacks Says Government Insider

In Political Videos: 9/11 Families discuss puts; DUer witness of Pentagon is MIHOP

KOEB Meeting 5/21/08 Florida Shall Overcome Someday Edition

And now for something completely different

Live from West Texas, it's me!

Update on my Life.

Wolfie says there's a press conference coming at 1:30!

Positive KOEB vibes requested for tomorrow: job interview!