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In honor of Memorial Day, Bush vows to give up miniature golf.

Obviously, Govenor Huckabees comment was a huge gaffe. But I think it's apparent that his intent...

Who has the better Qualifications to Lead Our Country And Why?

*** REC if you think HILLARY should be THROWN DOWN A WELL!!!

Bot Tactics - what to do when your LEADER has failed (super secret action plan!)

When members claim to have cried over certain remarks, do you believe them?

Time: Hillary's Vice-Presidential Tango

There is something else assured in the world, other than death and taxes...


I see people posting GE maps, but how many of you understand how polling works?

PLEASE has anyone seen the NEW Obama poster with a Tree in the center? Need link.

I will not recommend my thread because quite frankly, I don't get it!

Hillary haters and bush haters have a lot in common.

What is more important that Obama has more class than his supporters or Hillary

Cuba dissidents back Obama pledge


SUSA VP Polls - Obama beats McCain in OH, PA, VA - NM (tied)

Obama now only 54 delegates away from 2025

What the hell was "RFK assassination" doing in her library of talking points to begin with?

Barack Obama wants Bill to heal Hillary Clinton wounds

I'm going to post something very dramatic soon in GDP...

Pictures of the Obama Sunrise Rally (Sunrise, FL), yesterday

*** Saturday Super Delegate Update ** Obama's magic number 54

Grantcart, tell us the story about the delegate magic again, pleeeze!!??!?!?!?

Who else used to LOVE Bill Clinton, and now DESPISE him?

Political Vulture

Rumor has it that Clinton's campaign is looking for a bunch of NEW phone bank volunteers.

Happy Birthday and all the best.. Barack Obama

AP: Obama picks up 4 delegates (52 to go)

Breaking!!!! Terry McCauliff arrested!!!

It's alright Ma!

Let's All Contribute Money to the Clinton Campaign!!!

I respect Hillary supporters

Spring Cleaning! Anyone interested in purchasing Kerry memorabilia ?Everything from pix to

I've been trying to figure out why Hill and Bill are working so hard for this...

A song for Hillary: "It's Too Late"

Hillary has gotten a bit of a raw deal with her RFK gaffe, but I don't care, and this is why:

Are there any recent polls in PR, MT and SD?

Now I know...

A going-away present to Hillary supporters who are leaving DU and/or won't support our Nominee

Go vote msame already.

OK...Who blocked DemConWatch from the Clinton camp interwebs?

Obama & The DNC Gave Hillary Enough Rope To Hang Herself

For the last time... It is not about GENDER....

Obama: Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs Responsible For Rise In Hate Crimes Against Hispanics

Did Hillary give Obama benefit of the doubt on "CHANGE YOU CAN XEROX!"

Mike Gravel is in the Libertarian Presidential Debate on CSPAN

Hillary Gives Obama a New Lapel Pin...

Alaska Democrats have overwhelmingly backed Barack Obama at their state convention

Music Video of Obama in Maitland FL (Orlando)

Obama says Clinton "stirring up" Florida controversy

The Empire Strikes Barack

People please....

Juan Cole: Clinton Touches Off National PTSD

Is John McCain a Cylon?

Obama supporters are not stupid, they learn quickly.

The Audacity of Class


New Hillary Campaign Poster Just Released

I think announcing that you're leaving an on-line forum is kind of silly...

This is too sad:

Temperment and experience.

Sunday News Show Lineup-5/25/08

Meet John McCain's Karl Rove

Looking for COMPLETE Obama quote...on Energy

Here is a nice picture of an orange.

Obama’s Lobbyist Connection

Republicans in the mists

Hillary has a big decision to make: To accept the RBC decison- or not.

Worries in GOP of disarray in McCain camp!!! (New York Times)

Worries in GOP of disarray in McCain camp!!! (New York Times)

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/25/08 - Obama up 2 (50), Clinton unchanged (44)

Why WAS the RFK assassination repeatedly invoked?

Luckovich on debates.

So according to Wolfson and MacCullife Obama Camp inflamed the situation re: RFK

Countdown passes up O'Reilly Factor, 25-54 demographic

NYT: Worries in G.O.P. About Disarray in McCain Camp

You know why the French did so badly in WW2? They were preparing to fight the previous war.

Buyers' Remorse: How Rank & File Democrats Rejected Obama Once He Was Declared "Inevitable" Nominee

Our New Right Wing Friends

At this point, it is the SUPERDELEGATES that should be blamed for the carnage!

'Rev. Wright' in the news Sunday May 25th

El Nuevo Día (Most important Puerto Rican news paper): "Obama enchants Puerto Rico"

9 More Days!!!

Bush to campaign with McInsane in Utah - WE'RE PROTESTING!

so, who do you want as backup?

"we was robbed"

Are Hillary and the DLC purposely trying to destroy the DNC?

HRC to Democrats: "Does this hurt? How about now?"

Carter sees superdelegates prompting Clinton to quit soon.

Obama starting soon...

JON MEACHAM : The thought of a black president makes "white people queasy"

How come when a woman does something.......


Will the Clinton supporters you know well vote for Obama if he is the nominee?

Will the Clinton supporters you know well vote for Obama if he is the nominee?

Hillary has placed her own greedy ambition ahead of nation and party

Obama speaking live at Wesleyan commencement in a couple minutes

Oops There Goes Another Super Delegate.... (O-Bama)

What happens if Hillary doesn't accept the RBC decision?

Obama Clinton Cartoon you will love.

About this word "reconciliation"

This sums up Hillary's Blind, Endless Movement pretty darn well

Obama's Speech at Wesleyan is about to begin

The Strategy of Desperation video

What Hillary's Kennedy Assassination Misstatement Really Means

I want to apologize, Hillary, for offending you by taking offense at your offensive remarks.

Gore Vidal warns Obama about "dark corners"...

The BIGGER problem with Clinton's RFK analogy

"somebody aimed a gun at him [Obama]... and he dove for the floor."

The internets tubes are all full now. It's okay to go back to what you were doing

Hillary Clinton's character is the only thing being assassinated

Why Hillary should quit this weekend:

Clinton: I Am Sorry.. As Far As I Know

Is there a thread on Obama's speech at Wesleyan?

Mr. Fish on HRC

Hillary supporters: why should she stay in all the way until the convention?

Should the DNC have been as concerned about the date of the last primaries

When is it ok to rehire Samantha Powers?

RFK Jr great article about important news of the week the media ignored

I'm signing my name "Lucy Hussein Parsons" from now till November - who's with me?

A week from Tuesday we hear from Montana and South Dakota.

For all you "COUNT EVERY VOTE" whiners, why are the GOP voters not upset?

Obama throws Hillary haters under the bus

It is no longer possible to fit any more people under the bus

It is no longer possible to fit any more people under the bus

It is no longer possible to fit any more people under the bus

Where was the outrage when Hilary made a similar comment to Time magazine?

On the ground insight: On WJ this morning they were discussing past close

Horrible display of sexism from Obama today

Lee Newspapers poll: Obama holds big edge over Clinton in Montana

Polling Report has some interesting info on the current candidates.

Obama Asks Wesleyan Students to Serve Their Country

Clinton Says She Stays in Race Because She's the Best Candidate

Give it up: She will not quit, she will not apologize, she will not be reasonable

Is Gephardt out as a VP pick?

Let those of us who are supporting Obama

Hukster jokes about Obama being shot, no outrage on DU...

PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER states that Hillary is winning the popular vote

A word from Jesse Jackson: Obama’s Success Reflects America’s Growth

MORE info on beefed-up Obama Security and more photos

MORE info on beefed-up Obama Security and more photos

McCain doesn't think Obama has what it takes then copies him.

LIVE Broadcast Wesleyan University Commencement

Questions that the candidates should ask

Just a reminder: Even if you threw out ALL CAUCUSES, Obama still wins.

OK, so this was the last straw.

i feel so sorry for Bill Clinton

Senator Obama Addresses Wesleyan University Graduates With Video(full speech)

9 More Days and it will be official: Obama the Presumptive Nominee!

If Hillary used the N-word to attack Obama....

DKos: Impact of Hillary's RFK statement...why its not going to get better for Hillary

DKos: Impact of Hillary's RFK statement...why its not going to get better for Hillary

If it was a "long primary" argument, why did she say it months earlier?

What Hillary should have done back on May 13

Obama is scheduled to deliver the commencement speech in place of Senator Ted Kennedy

Hillary's Editorial, Delivered on Television, Amy Poehler Style

Obama within 8% of McCain in what... Montana, (with 14% undecided)

Obama in Puerto Rico - Photos

If John McCain offers the VP to Hillary Clinton?

How will Clinton's talking heads perform in am - their "anything can happen" meme is toxic now

Barack Obama at Wesleyan Commencement Ceremony

Are Hillary and the DLC purposely trying to destroy the DNC?

Can you all stand just *one more* thread about Hillary/RFK?

Why do people have a problem with Michelle Obama?

"Patching it up" Today's LA Times...

Poor ticket sales, expected protests scuttle Bush-McCain fundraiser at Phoenix Convention Center

VIDEO: Barack Obama at Wesleyan Commencement Ceremony

Who thinks Hillary would be the nominee if she voted against the war or apologized for the vote?

Photos of Obama in Puerto Rico

Obama will make a wonderful president

Obama will make a wonderful president

Maureen Dowd: McCain doesn't like Obama, sees him as "the punk who hasn't bled"

When The Race First Started, Where Did Obama Rank On Your List Of Preferred Candidates?

Hillary's Fuzzy Memory About 1992

Here is a thought... For Memorial Day...

Look at it this way.....

Ingrates! After watching Wolfson and McAuliffe on tv today and reading Hillary's addendum

Our flag has 50 stars for 50 states....They all count....

Our flag has 50 stars for 50 states....They all count....

Mark Shields said Friday on The News Hour, "The unspoken story of this campaign

MTP Roundtable Verdict on Hillary Clinton's Talking Points: Poppycock and Balderdash

MTP Roundtable Verdict on Hillary Clinton's Talking Points: Poppycock and Balderdash

Obama's Team Out-organized Clinton

Obama's Lobbyist Connections

I will not recommend Skinners thread because quite frankly, he doesn't get it!

I will not recommend Skinners thread because quite frankly, he doesn't get it!

In December of 2006 I would have advised Hillary to hire a speech writer

US Military Deaths In Iraq War At 4,081

Nukes for McCain, Mickey Mouse for Obama: A Tale of Two News Media Empires

So when/if Richardson gets the VP nod, how should he deal with the BIG question??

Clinton Chairman Says Nominating Fight Might Go Through Summer

Veterans' burials nonstop at national cemeteries

U.S. "Bullying" Hurts Cluster Bomb Ban Work: Activists

"Well, both, if we could."

The Chemical Dumbing Down of America

Hillary has proven that "anything" can happen!

Memorial Day ~ DU Edition

Write FOX at and let them know we won't stand for this

Think about this shit: Folks joke about killing Obama and Bill thinks HRC is the most disrespected?

self-delete - wrong forum.

Solution. (MI/FL)

Solution. (MI/FL)


Sunday TV news shows

Terry McAuliffe is....

In Robert Kennedy's own words:

Is this correct? I thought we were way ahead in $.?

Now is the time!!

Bush May Create Largest Marine Reserves in World (wants to leave legacy)

Barak Obama has already changed how politics is played...

Tornado watches continue for Oklahoma

Jokesters prank call Superdelegates pretending to be Hillary Clinton

Jeffrey Toobin calls Obama on his lack of leadership over the FL/MI debacle

The only pundits defending Clinton's assassination comments are...wait for it...

The only pundits defending Clinton's assassination comments are...wait for it...

Lindsey Graham and the boys hanging out at McCain's ranch this weekend....

Obama picked up 2 pledged delegates from Hillary yesterday

Obama picked up 2 pledged delegates from Hillary yesterday

This day last year I got into a fight for Hillary Clinton …

Tornado watches in ND tonight as well as continuing in OK.

Who's got a list of Faux Newz advertisers? I suggest we contact them re: boycott!

Bellevue VFW Needs $6,000 By Tuesday or will get foreclosed on

THey send Oranges , We should send Burnt Toast

Why won't the US complain about all of the Russian and Chinese weapons pouring into Iraq?

Who does Obama want in the draft?

What's funny...for all the irrational loathing of the Clintons that occurs at DU...

So. Has Obama shamelessly exploited Clinton's remarks yet?

For my last post...since a call for stoppage isn't working...

Old Arabic saying for Senator Clinton,


Buyers' Remorse:How Rank &File Democrats Rejected Obama Once He Was Declared The "Inevitable" Nom...

Why are people still calling each other Obamites and Hilbots?

Montana Poll: O 52; C35 - You're Not in Appalachia Anymore.

Two Days And No Hillary in The News Except...

Data Mining and the Security-Liberty Debate

Is it appropriate to call for an arrest of one Rupert Murdoch and one Liz Trotta

Deportations to rise 22 percent

Happy Birthday to Bob Dylan !!!

McCain snarling picture, what's the story behind this?

Obama Golf!

What If Obama Said.. " People Are Not Voting For Me Because I'm Black!"

Can Obama secure the nomination WITHOUT settling FL.& MI.?

Can Obama secure the nomination WITHOUT settling FL.& MI.?

If Hillery Clinton was ahead she wouldn't give a shit about Florida or Michigan

Pottersville: "The Liberal Egg And Tomato Diet"

Is it time to lock up the site?

There are two very different types of people in this world...

There are two very different types of people in this world...

Ok, I rarely say the "F" word...

Political Science 101

Clinton's loose-lipped reference to assassination raises the danger of someone's targeting Obama

Obama meets Miami Cubans on level ground

This is what sanity looks like (for those who have forgotten)

New Smoking Ban Blamed For Bowling Alley's Demise

Democrats are…

So after all this, who DID the newspaper endorse? admits they over exaggerated Clinton Comment.

Peak oil

'Let's Move Forward', Axelrod Says of Clinton RFK Gaffe

If you have insomnia and want something to do, try finding a

Clinton Pledges Voting Rights to Puerto Rico (and Guam)

Every President over the last 20 years has been a Yale graduate.

Eisenhower's words to remind us of what this war is doing to this country.

Beautiful Commencement Speech

Has DU Sent Roses To Eliz Edwards Yet? Sorry, I can't remember

Has DU Sent Roses To Eliz Edwards Yet? Sorry, I can't remember

Ok, well it's true - Hillary has done better than Obama this week vs McCain.

Compare obama's reaction to hillarys rfk comments to hillarys reaction to bittergate...

Restaurant apologizes to black minister

Libertarians are freaky looking

Obama Holds Big Lead in Montana Poll

Obama Holds Big Lead in Montana Poll

Hard-working white woman (Jenny Greenleaf) Superdelegate announces support for Obama


DNC Rule Geeks - Does Hillary Even Benefit From An Assasination?

Obama on the cover of Newsweek

Independent UK: Oil: A global crisis....How are our lives going to cope w/ $200 a barrel

Obama, Clinton move on from RFK (we should too)

Famous people who you might not have known belong to banking families:

"We've got 'em on the run."

And Let Any Person Who Says "It Was Just A Joke" Be Banned.

It's up to the Dem Rank and file to put an end to Hillary's campaign

Barack Obama has given a LOT of commencement speeches

Only good people seem to leave us early

Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare

Bush Screw-Ups for Sunday 5/25 (Pre 9/11:Forget bin Laden, Let's Go Fishing!)

Al Qaeda in Iraq "never closer to defeat": Crocker

Memorial Day

Bill criticizes voters for "bullying" superdelegates..

If Hillary had dropped out a month ago, and "something" happened to Obama

Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare

Is there even a remote possibility that Senator Clinton can win* BEFORE August 25th?

I could respect Hillary's choice for continuing this race if it wasn't for

Obama's answer to mccain's criticism that Obama didn't serve in the armed forces

The Cardoza 40: Exodus of Clinton Delegates Begins

If Someone In Congress Supports Hillary, Should They Lose Their Seat?

I'm leaving...

2 Inquiries Set on Pentagon Publicity Effort - New York Times - Publicity or propaganda?

Obama evokes Kennedys in call for service at Wesleyan University (PICS)

Bob Barr gets Libertarian nomination for president.

Did you know we are about to land on Mars again?

CSPIN NOW. RIchard Viguerie, asshole extraordinaire on now.

ACLU Rejects FISA “Compromise”

Independent UK: Oil: A global crisis....How are our lives going to cope w/ $200 a barrel

Breaking News. Strong aftershocks hit China.

Is Hawaii going to announce some delegates today?

As Rove is subpoenaed, White House fights to block contempt suit

To paraphrase the great Lewis Black: McAuliffe...

Northup can't count on GOP bankroll - looks like she is on her own.

Dancing In The Streets - Obama in Puerto Rico

Dancing In The Streets - Obama in Puerto Rico

Predictions- Where does Obama declare Victory from

Michelle and Barack Obama and why Appalachia doesn't like them

Does anyone know of a definitive explanation of rising oil prices?

The Clinton Years ... past and present

Miami Herald: "Gov. Crist needs to prove he has same ability to deliver the state that Jeb Bush had"

Why is diesel $2 a gallon in Mexico?

THIS WEEK! hurricane preparedness items *tax free* in Virginia

Taking a Toll of War on Memorial Day = Moyers and Winship

Need info, please: what the heck is going on?

What is your favorite Republican lie?

Did a CIA rendition plane just crash?

Anyone who thinks Hillary supporters are mistreated here needs to read this post

*** SurveyUSA Stops Tracking Clinton vs McCain in GE ***

*** SurveyUSA Stops Tracking Clinton vs McCain in GE ***

ok, this is really bad - titling for Recount the movie

"Derivatives Trading" and the lack of effective controls?

The November election will be the clearest election we have had in years

My Lobby, Myself: How John McCain's hypocrisy is laundered as reform

What makes up the price of a gallon of gas?

The November election will be the clearest election we have had in years

The November election will be the clearest election we have had in years

Mideast negotiations now bypassing Washington

At Memorial Day: Another Iraq Vet, With PTSD, Suicide

At Memorial Day: Another Iraq Vet, With PTSD, Suicide

I wish the Hillaryists realized how much they are harming the true feminist movement

Cross Over and Independent Votes, Saving America, Elevating the Democratic Party to Victory

Charles Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's new book: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Say WHAAAAAT???!!!

Robert F. Kennedy - Hear His Words

Live on C-SPAN: The Convention in Denver is Underway!

McAuliffe: Hillary was talking about the timeline - "hyped up press and Obama camp inflamed it."

Forget bin Laden, Let's Go Fishing!: Bush Screw-Ups for Sunday 5/25

"Obama can't win and here are the numbers.."

Fall of Chinese Communists Possible??

FLDS:"It's a little bit like asking a Christian to give up Christianity to get their children back."

TV's ‘Laugh-in’ comic Dick Martin dies in Calif.

Wesleyan commencement address by Senator Obama soon.

Martin of Martin and Rowan has died.

Roger "family-values" STONE brags of -- *still* -- patronizing swingers' bar(how he reportedSPITZER)

Roger "family-values" STONE brags of -- *still* -- patronizing swingers' bar(how he reportedSPITZER)

We have been in Iraq since 2003, this is memorial day weekend

Who do you do business with and how much does the CEO make?

The most interesting point in Hillary's Op-Ed is that even she cannot bear to repeat her own words

Kennedy, his children, and cancer (Boston Globe)

Great NYT article about obama's security. *Pics Inside*

Great NYT article about obama's security. *Pics Inside*

2 killed in tornado near Pratt, KS; one man killed by lightning

Senator Ted Kennedy

Don't lose sight of the fact that our very best chance for victory in November is.....

"the constitutional case of our time" -- "whether the Constitution applies to the government"

On this Memorial Day Weekend, if you are a Vet or related,

McCain's Campaign Manager's Connection To Olmert's "Suitcases & Envelopes Of Cash"

I'm watching the doc "Escape from Suburbia", and a segment with James Howard Kuntsler just ended....

Why does it come so easy for the Clinton's to play the victim card?

U.S. military 'regrets' killing 2 children in Iraq operation

Glenn Greenwald: How Telecoms Are Attempting to Buy Amnesty From Congress

Great history lesson on McCain

Barack Obama is the BRAVEST Human Being to Run For President in 40 Years

I don't care what you think about NASCAR, the Ride for Recovery is a great idea

Bushism of the month

US military downplays remarks on al-Qaida's demise

Lewis Hamilton won the Monaco Gran Prix. It was one of the best

WWII private among youngest in war - Wasn't even 16 yet when the war ended

US military has been firing missiles almost every day into the crowded Shi'ite slum of Sadr City

May 23, 2008 -"Utah Phillips Has Left The Stage" RIP

This is the year to rise up, Alaska Democrats say

Stephanopoulis infected his show with Karl Rove this morning

Sadly, U. Utah Phillips has passed on.


When will "Recount" be on tonight?

When will Hillary drop out? Give a date

Edwards needs his campaign offices back? Hmmm. VP Edwards. Sounds GOOD!

Clinton's Op-Ed: It Was NOT A Gaffe, And She Meant What She Said!

Hillary Clinton is Unelectable

Adolf Hitler is to blame ...

Advice to Stop PTSD Diagnoses Triggers Probe (Obama's letter instrumental)

THE MATH Daily Widget – Sunday, May 25 – Wigand +0.00 – Total +0.00

Today Terry McAulliffe said Hillary didn't apologize to Obama nor SHOULD she!

Campaign veteran staffers/workers, Does this look like a hard-working campaign?

1 out of every 5 humans has no access to water

Bush in 2000: I'll bring down gas prices through 'sheer force of personality'

The *OFFICIAL* Memorial Day/ Start of Summer thread

So McCain calls Cheney and Bush Chicken Hawks unqualified to lead

Special Live KPFK Broadcast at Arlington West with Kucinich and others

Two prominent features downtown are a large Confederate flag and a "God Bless Our Troops" sign.

Lets not call Bush an idiot.

i know why she said it ...and it will blow your mind

Pledge for America

Pledge for America

Rumsfeld: "The correction for that, I suppose, is an attack"

On The Road: Clinton's Very Bad Day

Rove on GOP Decline: Blame historical cycles and an overeager press, not me

And the band played Waltzing Matilda

George W. Bush is certainly no Harry Truman

Well, that was the worst coverage of any sporting event

"FoxNews Jokes About Obama Being Assassinated"

John McCain: Americans Are Dispirited…Because We Haven’t Passed A Free Trade Deal With Colombia?!?

Sometimes the expression of outrage is appropriate, even required.

The death of racism?

Will the Filth and Contagion of GD: P Pour into GD

Toyota president serious about cutting costs

Ms. Trotta. Osama is about Death. Bush is about Death. Fox News is about Death.

Ms. Trotta. Osama is about Death. Bush is about Death. Fox News is about Death.

*Sigh* - I was afraid of this.

I mean it!!!!1!!1!!! THis is the last straw!!!!!@@!

It's not just the Obamites, Obamatrons, Obamabots, whatever...

"We’re sorry, but some states prohibit the sale of products such as these."

Heads up, people! Your medical records might just end up in India soon!

Rasmussen: Minnesota not competitive in the fall. Obama leads 53% to 38%.


Is anybody maintaining the Fox News local advertisers database? (Used to be at

On a warm, sunny day rows of wheelchairs, with 18-, 19-, 20-year-old kids missing arms, missing legs


President John McCain


Duty, Honor, Country...

Should medicinal pot users be allowed to have a job?

I'm really happy to see all of these Memorial Day ads on TV

Senate quashes grant for Woodstock museum (The museum looks COOL!) see both links

Checks In Full Effects -- Poor people are America's most valuable resource

Guardian UK: IEA probes fears that oil will run out

We're talking about Senator Clinton's non apology apology again PLEASE TASE ME BRO

Terry Mcauliffe said its Obama's fault for fueling the flames on the RFK comment?

Simple Question: Is using the word "assassinated" acceptable?

Libertarian Convention haha

"Next To Last Edition Of Seder On Sundays" Anyone Know What's Going On?

"Next To Last Edition Of Seder On Sundays" Anyone Know What's Going On?

ExxonMobil faces shareholder revolt: Showdown in Dallas

I know we are all against Gitmo, but it wouldn't it be kind of sweet if Liz Trotta ended up as a

President Barack Hussein Obama

President Barack Hussein Obama

Gallup: Clinton Beats McCain, Obama Doesn't

Economic stimulus check

BreakingLive Feed - NASA TV Live coverage of the Phoenix landing on Mars

*** ACTION ALERT *** Faux News Jokes About Killing Obama

Karl Rove on his involvement in Siegelman case:

I bet the stinking media will not cover Barr on purpose because they love PAPA


Plese post here to help us remember your loved ones KIA or MIA

This is a question that I hope all supporters

It had to be like this...

I contacted super delegates using and got a few personal responses

Heh heh, Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, Liz Trotta, HOHOHO

LIVE: NASA's Phoneix Mars Lander Landing

Is critical thinking a dying art?

Phoenix Mars Landing Live on now

Rasmussen Markets data gives Sen. Obama a 62.0% chance of winning the White House in November

Phoenix has landed! nt

Republicans really need a new playbook

My little Chinese grandmother made my day today. She's voting for Obama.

Mars Landing - Sunday 8 p.m. ET

The Last Straw, Senate Surrenders On War Bucks Again, Only Removing Pelosi IMMEDIATELY Will Stop It

The Last Straw, Senate Surrenders On War Bucks Again, Only Removing Pelosi IMMEDIATELY Will Stop It

Law Firm Files Suit to Bar Outsourcing of Client Data

Barack Obama's Map to 270 - 5/24/2008

Whistle blower suit targets congressman's dealership

Design revamp for '$100 laptop' (BBC) {XO2 --> $75}

List one new habit you've adopted

A Memorial Day still life -

Senator Clinton: You lost because of Iraq, not sexism

Any Indy 500 fans still here? Or is auto racing now too un-cool due to High fuel prices?

The military did not get us into this war. They did exactly what they were ordered to do.

This quiz/ad campaign is a little creepy.

Rove's Legal Team Caught: Involved With DoD Military Analyst Program

Composting... need help/advice for starting.

McKellen, New Zealand location confirmed for Hobbit films

Merlin's Miracles...I am going to donate. Merlin was a soldier badly burned...lived for a while

Wow! Lots of DU newbies lately!

Mars landing is underway -

60 MINUTES tonight: THE LIST PROJECT. Please watch!

How should I respond to a very good friend

My statement on Hillary's gaffe/apology/squalling aftermath

Jimmy Carter To Hillary Clinton: "GIVE IT UP"

Transcript and some reflections on KARL ROVE's non-denial = re Siegelman

Transcript and some reflections on KARL ROVE's non-denial = re Siegelman

A Vital Election-year Initiative Against Torture = Scott Horton

Clinton Camp Stokes RFK Flap by Blaming Obama

Any moderators on duty this afternoon..?

Who killed Robert Kennedy and why?

Bill Clinton: “I Have Never Seen a Candidate Treated So Disrespectfully”

Hillary still calling for a debate.

So, HolyJoe was invited to the AZ social with McCain...

THE COPYCAT EFFECT: HRC Spreads Assassination Meme

our turn now, i guess, to endure tornadoes. Much of small town of Hugo flattened

Least Repugnant Republican.....

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad World

Nine days to go: President Carter - "alot of SDs are going to announce quite rapidly after 6/3"

Economist: Government statistics are fantasy, disinformation

Obama says Clinton "stirring up" Florida controversy

Indianapolis 500 has been won. (Spoiler alert)

64-year-old man plans to free-fall 130,000 feet Monday!!!!

Montana's HUGE black population gives Obama the edge

This Memorial Day, I miss you, Grandpa.

The OTHER Big Problem With Hillary's Notorious Remarks

Wake up and face reality! She's not your "Magic Mommy" she has no special Day One powers

Conflicted on Memorial Day

She will not drop out. Don't get your hopes up.

BREAKING!!!!!! Barr just got the Liberterian nomination PAPA is done

Fla. Man Selling Ghosts trapped in bottles

Gas Prices. My rant, feel free to add your own

The people spoke, the bastards

A Question Of Care: Military Malpractice?

ACTION ALERT! - Fingerprint Registry in Housing Bill!!!

Tee hee. I ordered one of these.

Buyers Remorse Quantified. Dems reject Obama

For Your Info :::>>> SYATC!

Hunger Deaths This Hour (8 minutes after the hour): 140

The Real War - by the late Ken Kesey

Bush/McCain Behind Closed Doors

for Utah.

The Phoenix Has Landed Successfully On Mars! Live Video Feed Here

Question: Will there be MORE or LESS dissention here about the Vice Presidential choice?

IS Clinton really more electable than Obama?

Something I'm Proud Of

Chris Matthews Show: Is Obama Inexperienced Or Un-American?

Yoo, FISA, Illegal Spying, and Poof! no more laws

In 2006, I said that the then falling gas prices were a campaign contribution.

Worries in G.O.P. About Disarray in McCain Camp

Caption this Pic! McSame & his 3 Veep possibilities

John McCain's wife doesn't trust him with her money...

Bob Barr has just won the Libertarian nod

In Memory of my Dad...

Miracle Marine Loses Final Battle

Sibel Edmonds vs. The Nuclear Terorists (summarizes Sibel Edmonds' case)

We Must Act Now Against ACTA

Before her assassination, Benazir Bhutto said that Omar Sheikh murdered Osama Bin Laden.

I'm Leaving DU Right Now

If Ethanol Fuel isn't the answer, what is?

Bending Over for Bush - $165 Billion for More War Collins/Scoop

Looks like the real world doesn't care about the RFK comments

Some FLDS kids reuinted with parents (article, link)

How can MI and FL primaries POSSIBLY be representational?

How can MI and FL primaries POSSIBLY be representational?

Hillary Picks Up Guam and Georgia Delegate and Obama Complains!!!

McCain VP: If it came down to the BBQ Trio: Jindl, Crist, and Mittens who does InSane pick as VP?

How do you commute?

I talked to a techie from my computer's manufacturer today, presumably from a call ctr in India....

Obama's pick for VP should be the most experienced, capable man for the job: Bill Clinton

Obama's pick for VP should be the most experienced, capable man for the job: Bill Clinton

Let's not forget Benazir Bhutto was assassinated while running for leadership of her country

Is it finally time to cut the cord on the DLC ?

US residents in military prisons? Govt says it's war

Taliban came into power because they were better than the thugs the US was supporting

Clinton Soaks Up Warmth in Puerto Rico

Do the Clintons plan on holding the Democratic Party hostage all summer??

In Memoriam to all that have Fallen... and Lived (pic heavy)

Gallup 5/25: Obama's lead over Clinton shrinks to 5% among Dems; GE: Clinton>McCain, McCain>Obama

Gallup 5/25: Obama's lead over Clinton shrinks to 5% among Dems; GE: Clinton>McCain, McCain>Obama


I have NEVER seen such FOOLISHNESS in my life from Obama supporters.

Any theories as to why Obama is so popular in the West?

Washington Post OpEd: "Wake Up America. We're Driving Toward Disaster."

Obama is not the overwhelming favorite of the Democratic party.

Obama is not the overwhelming favorite of the Democratic party.

Send shoes, send oranges to the DNC....protest outside the meeting.

Obama table in Madison: May 24 Edition (fifth one in 2008)

She is Disgusting

Obama's Commencement Speech- The Path Of Service (please kick, cause Obama DID serve his country)

Sunday Dental Thread: Narcissistic American Edition

IS IT LEGAL for someone to advocate the murder of a US Senator on National Television?

Letter to DU:GD-P

Support our Troops?

I just wanted to let you know I resigned

I've made up my mind for VP...

Hillary Clinton's candidacy has done feminism no favours


Florida Democrats worked with the GOP on the early primary back in March 2006

Obama jumps into Florida with both feet (PIC heavy)

Karl Rove Is Fucked

The dismembering of the patriarchal Constitituion.

Hillary's op-ed is delusional crap and a lie and she should be ashamed

Hillary's op-ed is delusional crap and a lie and she should be ashamed

Sure, you may not like her, but it's hard to argue with 17 million votes.

New protective tomb to be built at Chernobyl - Sucker is still leaking after 22 years

New survivalists preparing for a world without oil



Every year the value of my car goes down

Every year the value of my car goes down

I miss you

Way back when...Starting Friday Morning, January 1, 1869

I'm on top of Mildo

My new humidifier comes with a fan only option, with a bin to put in ice.

Question about the Ergonomic Stimulus

got lucky today: found not one but two summer weight suits, suitable for job interviews

My cat had a couple of hot spots, so the vet put her on a food

I spent my day Sailing...

Folk singer Utah Phillips dies in California

Country music is the O.G. emo

Anybody from the Quad Cities area?

I envision the day "full screen" pan 'n' scan is made illegal.

I walk 16 miles/week, do 75 situps and 50 bicep curls each day

I got a new computer!

So the skull's made of quartz and is the size of a Christmas ham, right?

Maybe the best Photograph I've taken: (dial-up warning)

Going to Philidelphia... alone.

please give me some very wise quotes from The Oracle in "The Matrix" movies

i'm whiped out(but bored)

High.....guys! (And girls)

What is your default human like?

It is FREEZING outside today. This is really weird.

Anyone here such a drunk/druggie that....

How come everytime I turn on the tv there is one of the Aliens movie on.

Without music , life would be a terrible mistake

your gonna hate me. Tonight's sunset in the NC mountains

I Saw Indy4 Today... I Liked It!!!!

CALL CONGRESS RIGHT FRACKING NOW!!! (Seriously, check this out)

Who here likes Jane's Olives? - or even knows of her?

Sex is just no substitute for Spanish football fans

Sigh... I haven't turned off the "google ads".. thinking that it might

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/24/08

Play a Dylan song

Play a Dylan song

Has anyone seen Standard Operating Procedure?

Geeks rejoice!! Amiga bridgeboard!!!

The Italian Job- Caine or Wahlberg?

Great headline, but wrong place

Who here likes Jane Olivor? - or even knows of her?

Self Portrait

Can you believe a "Black guy with a funny name" BEAT the CLINTONS and their MACHINE?

Bob Dylan Jokes

My upstairs temporary neighbor snores like a goddamn moose

So my husband changed out the light bulbs to CFL ones...

BabyG says,"It's really only Saturday, People"

I just saw a commercial for Health Choice "steamers"

Has the MSM acknowledged the source of "AssasinationGate" as the ObamaCamp yet?

Has the MSM acknowledged the source of "AssasinationGate" as the ObamaCamp yet?

Some asshole took my picture

I've been watching the NCAA Women's Fast Pitch softball tournament and I have a question.

...except maybe the Indy 500.

Four years ago today, my health started to deteriorate at an alarming

I just watched Lions for Lambs. Ask me (almost) anything.

Anyone else using coconut oil - For anything?

My best childhood friend disappeared 18 years ago today

So when you order a pizza and say "pepperoni on half"

Why was Indiana Jones bad while Harry Potter sequels seem to get better?

I just watched "Juno", and while it was a decent movie . . .

You know... I should know better...

Hey, I got the Aflac Trivia question right during today's game.

Pizza Party in GDP

Awesome picture I found while surfing the net...

I don't get a three-day weekend!

Austin, the tech at Directv, is a very nice guy...

Sunday Morning YouTube Thread

Baseball sucks.




Is there some sort of game with Detroit and MN?

Oh hai... I's lonely,so i's bugging MrsG...

Oh hai... I's lonely,so i's bugging MrsG...

Another Indy4 sucks thread (spoilers)

Waffles make the cat smell like meds

take THAT Detroit!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Modern Imperialism: Corporate Takeover of the World

I normally don't agree with Roger Ebert,

Wow, how weird is this? My "stolen" wallet turned up in Turin, Italy with EVERYTHING in it!

Europe trip question-If you had to choose between London and Rome...

Yes! GO Celtics!! w00t!!

With thanks to Bertha, a Memorial Day tribute to two high school classmates.

Least popular "safeword" in the S&M community?

'He struck out the side'

Drugs (printing this out and hanging it at work I think....)

I am such a bad employee

Saturday Night Picture Thread. Post yourself in the Great Outdoors

For anyone planning to see Indiana Jones 4:

Does anyone else have a WaterPik???

Bridges not built

In honor of being buzzed on organic wine right now,

animated gif of GDP....


A bad pic of yourself.

Decisions I never had to make when I lived in Hannah Montana

I just saw "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" AGAIN! Ask me anything!

It's cold and rainy outside and my kids are playing Wii Fit

Y'all watchin' the race?

Your Sunday lolcats and dogs (dialup alert kthnxhai)

Hail, hail, fire and snow

Little Steven's Underground Garage anyone?

We got adopted tonight by a beautiful Long haired cat


Today we venture forth into the beast that is Ikea

Well, my young cat has turned into a outdoor cat, not interested in coming the house.

My kids are off being all Community/Politically involved...

We having pizza tonight , no body wants to cook.

A way to prove that you are 100% crazy

Mars Lander has either landed safely or crashed

Discuss the pros and cons of keeping a giraffe as a pet.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 5/25/2008)

The new ABC show Wipeout... are they trying to do a cheap copycat of MXC?

Just got back from seeing Prince Caspian

Anyone else love Kathy Griffin?

Did anyone just see Danica Patrick try to get in the face of the dude who knocked her out of the 500

A Poem: Writing Poetry is Like Making Love...

TV's "Laugh-in" comic Dick Martin dies in Calif

How do you say it in your head: "DU" or "the DU"?

What's for Dinner, DU? We're having one of my favorite Alton Brown meals:

Does anyone else dream about The DU?

I have been watching this indy movie about the national theater group started during 1930's,

Celebrating Memorial Day with explosive diarrhea

Five plants even you can't kill

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/25/08

If I see one more cat pic.....

One of my cats peed on my husband's new motorcycle boots!

Q' it or hate it?

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver calls for sex ban to get men cooking

Ladies wouldn't you love to have these curls in your hair?

What is the worser of the two inescapable yet devastatingly awful train wrecks?


Any composting experts out there??

I'm weaning my cats off of wet food. Any advice? I'm really scared. I've

So I read a book on Asperger's Syndrome, and my life suddenly makes sense

Dulce de leche is officially the greatest thing in the world.

"No matter what other factors may come into play in any individual’s experience of homelessness...

Temecula, California on May 8

Mad, passionate crushes - I simultaneously love and hate them.

Okay, in GDP Hillary was just called a big stupid rottenhead brat. And the person was serious.

Where do you wish you could be right now? I love this peaceful place. Wish I could have stayed the

Ever find yourself using a phrase or saying that annoys you?

Recommend me some movies

What do you think those we've lost would tell us... if they were alive this Memorial Day?

Absolutely brutal knock out (Tonight's UFC-Spoiler animated gif)

Decisions I never had to make when I lived in Montana

Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan (67)! May you stay "Forever Young."

Things that make you say "Aww" thread (no kittehs allowed!)

You know, holidays like this are even harder for me than Xmas and Thanksgiving

How Much Did Gas Cost When You First Started Driving?

Seattle Mariners = Worst. Team. MLB.

What kind of cat is this? We got adopted yesterday...PHOTOS

The greater X becomes, the chance of trashiness approaches 1.

I finally got to play in the garden (pics)

So , I have a casual acquaintance who thinks we should stay in Iraq

So , I have a casual acquaintance who thinks we should stay in Iraq

My downstairs temporary neighbor just called me a goddamn moose

Because bicentennial_baby is "almost nekkid" pic thread!!

Should EMS personnel be scaring people?

al-Sadr Lawmakers Denounce Iraqi Government, Warn Of 'Black Clouds' Hanging Over Militia Truce

Iraq War Vets Return With Lung Disease

Medvedev Says China, Russia to Play Key Role in World Security (even if other powers don't approve)

Colombia says FARC rebel chief dead, hostages could be freed

Deportations to rise 22 percent

Former DR Congo leader arrested

Colombia Says Legendary FARC Rebel Leader is Dead

Obama’s Lobbyist Connection

Obama says Clinton "stirring up" Florida controversy

In Cleveland, Foreclosures Decimate Neighborhoods

In McCain Campaign, a Lobbying Labyrinth

Suicide blast hits NATO convoy in Afghan south

Mideast negotiations now bypassing Washington

China aftershock (Sunday) destroyed 71,000 homes; soldiers with explosives rush to unblock river

Powerful aftershock kills 1 in China; 260 hurt

Obama criticizes McCain on veterans' benefits

US military downplays remarks on al-Qaida's demise

Obama Gives Wesleyan Commencement Addres in Place of Kennedy (Passses on Message from Ted)

IRAN: Tehran carefully rooting for Obama

2,200 students in Cleveland public schools homeless

Investors will return from holiday with same fears

Past trips up some Canada border-crossers previously cleared for the fast lane

Pro-Qadhafi Website Blocked in Libya

Rove: Courts Will Have to Decide His Subpoena

Microsoft to shut down book scanning operations

Drug taken to stop smoking is linked to traffic mishaps

Iraq's Babylon bears scars of US-led invasion

US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,081

A co-chair of Clinton's Hispanic council endorses Obama

Carter sees superdelegates prompting Clinton to quit

Pet food settlement reached (official count: 1,950 cats and 2,200 dogs died)

Trouble brewing in N.Y. for Clinton

Worries in GOP of disarray in McCain camp

Merrill sees U.S. giving nod for Gulf FX change

37 protesters detained at illegal rally in South Korea against US beef imports

Mbeki addresses the nation to denounce South African violence

UK's largest union to join United Steelworkers

Michael Moore Implements 'Affirmative Action' Measure to Help Area Vets

Autistic boy's mother says teacher led classmates to vote him out of class

TV's "Laugh-in" comic Dick Martin dies in Calif

Police charge two with sodomy in Raleigh

Cuba dissidents back Obama pledge

US ambassador: al-Qaida close to defeat in Iraq

Peru excavates mass grave of villagers

Barack Obama in Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Road-weary Dems stump in Puerto Rico

Liberaler & Liberaler

Obama In Puerto Rico

Eleanor Clift: Do Democrats Have The Spine To Challenge Karl Rove?

Obama Speaks Today At Wesleyan Commencement - 25 May

Obama in Maitland FL Music Video 5/21/08

Flag Decal

Memorial Day 2008

The Chemical Dumbing Down of America

The Headzup/ GoLeft Week In Cartoons

TYT Funny Republican Ad

Obama in Sunrise

Obama and Clinton talk about the Employee Free Choice Act


Delete --- wrong post

TYT: The Awesome Hypocrisy of Republicans!

Taxi to the Dark Side clip = GRAPHIC WARNING =depicts war crimes

Takin' It To The Streets

Shameless ClintonInc blames everyone but Hillary for RFK remark (Wolfson on CBS)

Creative Loafing (Atlanta) interviews racist Obama t-shirt peddler

Meet theh Presss - Timing of Clinton’s RFK remark ‘excruciatingly bad’

Will Sistani end the war in Iraq?

"More Faulty Math for Clinton"

John McCain - Lost in Space


clip from HBO's Recount, w/ Laura Dern as Katherine Harris

Face the Nation: Graham vs Durbin

President Carter Tells Hillary to "Give it Up"

Obama Speaks Out on Clinton's RFK Comment

Barack Obama at Wesleyan Commencement Ceremony

Memorial Day -Thank You Soldiers

Fox News Channel, Liz Trotta - Jokes About "Knocking off" Obama (& Osama)

Nader? WTF?

George Carlin, Who Controls America.

Steppenwolf MONSTER 2008

US Plots "Pirate Bay Killer" Trade Agreement .. Wikileaks..

Safety Lapses Raised Risks In Trailers for Katrina Victims

War on terror will end; then we'll argue if we won

Law Firm Files Suit to Bar Outsourcing of Client Data

Independent UK: 'Cars' is a four-letter word...

Despite RFK Gaffe, Hillary Still Confident of No. 2 Slot on Ticket

Vincent Bugliosi: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Pay falling for entry-level IT jobs

Joe Lieberman, Would-Be Censor

Proposed Treaty Turns Internet Into a Virtual Police State

The New Dream Isn’t American

Recollections of Memorial Days Past.....

Rendering Justice, With One Eye on Re-election

Memories of Iraq haunted soldier until suicide

Obama’s Secret War Profiteering Tax

Making babies to harvest tissue

Independent UK: Oil: A global crisis....How are our lives going to cope w/ $200 a barrel

Peeved at Prices? Don't Blame the Dealer

Philip Bobbitt 's new book "Terror & Consent" reviewed

Outer Darkness: The Gulag Cancer Grows, State Terror Intensifies

Rice’s Lies About Torture by Dave Lindorff

In Cleveland, Foreclosures Decimate Neighborhoods

EXHUMING McCARTHY: Joe McCarthy on Obama, Racism and the New Red-bating

Plan Mexico Passed

Family Seed Business Takes On Goliath of Genetic Modification

House Votes to Ban Pentagon Propaganda: Networks Still Silent

McCain's VP Search Resembles Reality Show: 'America’s Best Tan'

The McCain Doctrine: Back to the Cold War in Latin America

Memorial Day Memo: Honor Those Who Stood Up Against Torture

The Torture Scandal's Heroes

McCain’s GI Bill Named for 'The Eagles': 'Welcome to the Hotel Baghdad Mournya'

Cusack and Scahill Go After War Profiteers on Amy Goodman Show

Carter: 10 minutes to change the world

Photos Allegedly From FARC PC Undermine Colombian Credibility

Sen. Joe Biden's WSJ op-ed: Republicans and our Enemies

Sexpot Virgins: The Media's Sexualization of Young Girls

Hillary Clinton's candidacy has done feminism no favours

Blue-collar Democrats culturally alienated

Oil: Power Has Changed Sides

Campaign '08's candidates and American ambivalence about elites

All About Eve

U.S. Military Base Near Venezuelan Border?

How Telecoms Are Attempting to Buy Amnesty From Congress

How Drudge lit the RFK rocket

Innocents abroad.

"No Self Respecting Woman Should Wish or Work for the Success of a Party That Ignores Her Sex."

Over 25% of our trip to the store today was organic

Despite gas prices, Americans hit the road...

Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare

Sony says develops cost-efficient solar cells

Discussion for the Seasonal Drought Outlook

Guardian UK: Eco-farming ditched as food prices soar

Uranium Waste Still Takes Its Toll in Navajoland!

Phoenix Set for Challenging Mars Landing Tonight 5/25

Cleaning strike reveals recycling in council garbage

Bought new plant based wasp raid

NASA Watching North Pacific Water Temperatures, Waiting For N. American Impacts - Baltimore Sun

Are there any efforts to develop asphalt and concrete solar energy collectors?

G8 summit emission cut target likely "aspirational" - Reuters

British Beekeepers' Association Members Worries Growing Exponentially As Colonies Keep Failing

Call to settle ocean care dispute (BBC)

PEMEX Announces April Crude Oil Production Off 13% - Biggest Decline In 12 Years - Bloomberg

Tripling Of Soybean Prices Putting Biodiesel Businesses In The Press - Star-Tribune

Cyanide And Dyanmite Fishing Destroying Reefs In Disputed Spratly Islands - AFP

Final Human Intelligence Test Looms - How Will We Handle Antarctic Krill Fishery? Guardian

Plan to open dams could restore migrations of fish

Speculators causing oil price rise....?

376.59 mpg

Cathedral Ceilinged "Great Rooms" Suddenly Falling Out Of Favor - WSJ

Why the oil price means bubble trouble

Veterans Administration Cemeteries have Avenue of the flags this week.

When Wounded Vets Come Home

Ex-med center employee accused of time card fraud for $450,000

Truckers Banned Anti-Smoking Drug Chantix As Well

Americans say over and over they are sick of the Iraq war but

LA Times: The battle for labor's future

great union song by the simpsons.

Today in labor history May 25

Working family cartoon: LUCKY

FEATURE: Dubai’s gleaming skyscrapers conceal labor abuse

Labor Department watching for wage violations in landscaping industry

Powerful union boss may be thorn in Calderon's education plan

W Post: National Nurse Union Joins Fight Against Broadlands Hospital

UC health care workers authorize union to call a strike

Unite set for U.S. merger with United Steelworkers (first global labour organisation)

Union: Coppola ordered to put filming of "Tetro" on hold due to union problems

Toughest Summer Job Is Finding One

Bashar Issa settles case of unfair labor practices

Nurses, Wear Your Union Buttons Proudly

US Immigration Legislative Update May 19, 2008

OSHA slammed for low fines in worker deaths

Thomas Electronics plant faces $151K in OSHA fines

OSHA, police probe death at Family Dollar Warehouse

Ice company may face OSHA fines ($(90,000) for 20 alleged violations

Nurses at St. V's Trying to Unionize

Sunoco, Inc., receives $330,000 in proposed penalties after OSHA conducts safety inspection

Secret Ballots May End in Union Elections If Obama Becomes President

Students are having trouble finding summer jobs.

Warning signs were ignored in the oil crisis

Fascinating: Third world Yap Stones

China's political and economic system: a hybrid of Communism and Libertarianism?

Alliance Defense Funds (ADF) Heterosexual Agenda Activism Flowchart

What the hell Greensboro.

India reconsiders its anti gay law (section 377 of Indian Penal Code)

Syria rejects linking Israel peace with cutting off Iran

UN says Israel erected more West Bank roadblocks

PLC condemns Israel's extended detention of lawmakers

PA officials: Israel offered new West Bank withdrawal map

If you wear a black & white scarf, the terrorists win

FARC confirms leader dead

the Pentagon Moves Its Pawns: With Evo/FARC Weakened Wash. Begins Checkmate Against Chavez/Correa

"What the FARC is Obama Talking About?"

Obama on Chavez

Peru excavates mass grave of villagers

Gateley - I thought of you today....

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (May 25); Shulman, Zatonskih win US Championships

Indy 500 Fans, now don't get me wrong, I'm a BIG Danica Patrick Fan, but check out #23 Milka Duno!!!

Big Brown has a quarter crack

Wings DOMINATE Pens 4-0 :-)

I found out today that one of my supplements may have a good side effect!

ufo vision

The Stars This Week: "What to Keep? What to Tweak?" - May 26 - June 1, 2008

The Renaissance Festival

Please help me

~~~ MAY Photo contest FINALS up in GD ~~~

My brother-in-law collects Studebakers...

Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross - On Children and Death

Unconditional Love - Elisabeth Kubler-Ross 2008 - Making the Transition

Heavy Periods Subdued with Turmeric Flavonoid Complex

Book Excerpt - Pastor Hagee and Christians United for Israel Push for Armageddon

A window into MK Gandhi's religious views ...

Was Jesus uppity?

SG that argued for .gov in Heller to resign

Cancer vaccine target pinpointed (BBC)

This is what we're up against folks...

Crystal skulls 'are modern fakes' (BBC)

Orkney Islanders have Siberian relatives

FW Student Says College Violated His Rights

Foods that suck due to year-round commerce

Three Commandments of Ayn Rand Worship?

CIA Drug Pilot Linked to Russian Mob by Daniel Hopsicker

I'm being attacked

Granny's back...anyone care to tell me what this means?

What do you think about these 3 models?

Texas education board passes new English, reading standards - ON AN HOUR'S NOTICE

Puerto Rico Poll


While The Clintons Are Destroying The Democratic Party And Obama`s Chances To Win Against Mcshame...

Dan Rathers on CNN Voting Machine Fraud and Media Dumbing Us (Video)

Thieves steal 'priceless' Bill Reid artwork

Election Reform and Related News: Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ottawa won't match all donations to Myanmar, China

Tories take heat for unreliable C-17s

Layton raises carbon-tax alarm

Border officials may seize iPods under trade deal

CP: Psst... Prime Minister Harper's office wins dubious CAJ secrecy award

The Dumbest Generation? Don’t Be Dumb

American Idol is the new version of "The Gong Show"

I've been watching Season 1 and 2 of SNL this week and they wouldn't

On HBO tonight...must see TV, "Recount"

Rendering Justice, With One Eye on Re-election


Waukesha County's Retzer Nature Center offering free composting workshop on 6/14

State constitutional amendments

MPs warn that defence giant could give census secrets to US spy chiefs