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I have switched!!! I used to be a Clinton supporter. Now I am an Obama supporter.

McCain's pastor-1 min airtime; Rev. Wright-1 month airtime

Hillary supporters and defenders... take a minute to look back and realize...

On tonight's Memorial Day menu...

A Guide To Undisciplined Messaging - Politico

Happy Memorial Day....

Hillary Clinton As Historian: A Bad Match - LAT

Here's my thoughts about the sockpuppets here in DU - 90% or more

Since calling out supporters seems to be A-Ok tonight- Team Hillary:

A Little Perspective Is A Good Thing

Very apprehensive here

Very apprehensive here

Hello. I just wanted to let you all know that I'm not a sock puppet.

Clinton thinks a fair compromise in MI is to give her 101 delegates and Obama 27. Really.

The Super Delegates going for Obama are extremely brave!!!!

The Super Delegates going for Obama are extremely brave!!!!

Are there any Puerto Rico Polls?

Hillary is no longer my friend on myspace.

Hillary is no longer my friend on myspace.

On the Trail, One Aide Looms Over Obama (NYT tomorrow, about Reggie Love)

political cartoon

Obama is 197 delegates ahead

Recount: Starting Now On HBO

Too Many Supporters: Obama Donor Lists Too Large For FEC To Process

Memorial Day...A thought, My thoughts, and my Brother at the Moving Wall...

Memorial Day cartoon

If you are looking for some middle-class people check the food pantries

Obama supporters steer message

On this day I remember the older brother of a childhood friend, Jim Rudd

Has the statute of limitations run out on OBama's repeated cocaine use?

I am no longer a virgin

Been gone all weekend. How cute... the Hill fan still think she has a chance at the nomination....

The Audacity of Hope

HBO SPECIAL DOCUMENTARY: "RECOUNT Election 2000" for "NON HBO" Subscribers, here:

Proof Positive That We Have Republicans On Board

Food banks facing new clients, mounting costs

Why Joe Lieberman has Gone All Traitor

his voice cracked with emotion that only one who has seen war can comprehend

Obama caused the release of Hillary's RFK gaff

McCain afraid of being seen with Bush tomorrow

I bet China comes up with advanced Energy Solutions before

Some of the Obama Supporters Had it Right. Hillary Clinton = Glenn Close!

Polls:Hillary does much better than McCain and Obama in Kentucky (and FL, OH, PA)

Gas vs. Food. Which should we buy?

Love them gas prices!

bush meets tinkerbell (and more - a little fun to end the long weekend)


Which song best describes those posting oblique death threats on Obama?

Sydney Pollack, Film Director, Dies at 73

Voters are clearly still very upset with Republicans and don't seem to have finished venting their s

Politico admits pushing the RFK quote too soon.

Be nice .... it is over.

Obama is not just the Dem candidate, he's the world's favorite

Obama is not just the Dem candidate, he's the world's favorite

Obama-Edwards is a winning ticket

Which Hate Site Is Worse... or

Iran/Nuclear weapoms

I'm a Hillary supporter, but I'll admit, SHE DID play the race card

Ferraro's time has come and gone people claiming to vote McCain if ....

Why is John McCain wrong for America? Tell us why.

When was the last time a candidate for nomination trailed her opponent in her home state?

Saw my VERY FIRST McCain bumper sticker

GOP sees Obama mired in base

Decency at the FBI

The power of the Obama turns Neoconservatives into kittens.

Repeat of Recount starting now

at my union meeting last week (NALC Branch #47)

TV's ‘Laugh-in’ comic Dick Martin dies in Calif.

A little Memorial day weekend perspective.

Food banks face rising costs, growing need

inflation on food prices highest in 17 years

When BO sat in the pews for 20 years

Why is there no day to honor these dead...?

Kennedy completes Figawi Race (Boston Globe, Dodd was with him)

the "Barack as Mcgovern" meme is misleading

Obama tells Bill Clinton to control his woman and her female friends

Lieberman, say what you will about the man, but he is charismatic

“Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government.

any insurance adjustors? have some questions

Are we really at war?

Motorcycles in the news: Georgie the biker and Canadian PM Harper's link to the Hell's Angels

Thanks a brazzillion to whoever gave me a star !!!!! :) nt

The repukes love this shit, and so does the MSM. Can't anyone see that THEY are the ones

after watching recount...I was wondering where has Daryl Kagen..rush's girlfriend been lately?

The DU I miss.

Do you know who said this?

I'm looking for the word that best describes GD-P at this time???

The three faces of Michael Savage.

More Proof of the NeoCons Folly

Academy Award-winning director Sydney Pollack dies :-(

Anyone watching Truman on PBS?

Could somebody start a thread that just tracks how many more delegates Obama needs?

What the Government will know: when you order a Pizza - ACLU

Shut up, Bill! Shut up, Hillary!

Will Hillary call foreign leaders sexist when they won't do what she wants?

Polls at this point are meaningless

Oh yes, remembering the greatness of Ronnie Reagan

China's 1-child policy makes exceptions for families affected by deadly earthquake

John McCain wants to replace the tax benefit for employer-provided coverage with a personal tax cred

Democrats' Convention Pool: Is It All Wet?

Names and dates, observations

Make room for the 'Unknown Soldier' - the Doors :

Will the Paulists play a significant role in the repuke convention

Is HBO's movie Recount on line yet?...n/t

McCain has a shitty speech coach..His speeches remind me of my neighbor's dog

Conference in Grand Rapids to deal with Peak Oil/May 30 -June 1

Russian General: ''We are thinking about asymmetrical measures, we have them,''

I can't wait until we stop treating Hillary "unfairly" so we can treat McCain "unfairly"

Obama beats McCain in Colorado, Oregon, Iowa, Michigan, and Wisconsin while Hillary does not!

Who is to blame for $4.00 gasoline ?

C-SPIN: Will The Manchild Help Gramps???

I have a GREAT idea: Why don't we let the RIAA write our copyright laws?

Australian infantry troops are ashamed that they aren't allowed to kill more Iraqis

Bill taught our children to lie. Hillary is teaching them to cheat.

California Ford Dealership Radio Ad Tells Non-Christians To "Sit Down And Shut Up"

California Ford Dealership Radio Ad Tells Non-Christians To "Sit Down And Shut Up"

Afghan Death Squads in the Service of Occupation Troops

Castro critizes Obama, link to real news site inside.

Help needed - a list of elected Iraq War Veterans. Trying to put together something

You know, of course, Hillary is right

I hate to point this out to the Clinton Supporters

Burden on Dean to bring harmony; Set to mediate Fla., Mich. issue - Boston Globe

Company Offers 4-Day Workweek To Save Employees Money

I really, really hope I don't have to eat my words about Hillary

Cannabis blunder at Tokyo airport The Forgotten Kid Of Guantanamo

Why I’m Kinda Fonda Obama (And More So Each Week)

Hillary is awful Awful AWFUL

WTF is going on? In the newest Rasmussen for KY Senate, Lunsford leads McConnell

The Iraq elephant in the room.

S&P: US home prices tumble a record 14.1 pct in 1Q

It's utterly ridiculous to believe that Dean is "in the tank" for Obama

Can we stop the infighting please?

Former AAR exec Evan Montvel Cohen arrested on theft, money laundering charges

RECOUNT/ Palm Beach County Voter Critique

Screw Groupthink: Think independently, dammit!

Wall Street's crude ways Commentary: How traders and hedge funds fuel runaway energy costs

Grow up and stop blaming others and taking the easy way out!

We should all stop sharing our states' resources...

Reuters: Bush hits 2008 trail; but do Republicans want his help?

The Urgency of NOW vs THEN

"The take I'm being given from an uncommited superdelegate" Daily KOS

Bob Barr Vs Ralph Nader

Obama supporters plan to disrupt DNC meeting 5/31 - - caucus deja vue?

I've seen a number of different scenerios where the November election could turn out 269-269

A trip down memory lane: Fuck the South

The Hero - not just a Memorial day tribute

Soros: Oil boom increasingly speculative

What we political novices didn't get about Hillary's comment last week

Wake Forest Drops SAT, ACT Requirement

Can't Israel defend itself? Why is it our duty to protect them?

CSPIN Intel design v. Evolution

Bush History for Tuesday 5/27 (The NeoCons Folly)

Another Jeb Bush deal for business crony comes true. New Office Depot headquarters opens November

Flashback: Bill Clinton Campaigns for Barack Obama

Meet Obama's 'Body Man'.... Reggie Love:

Saw that "Standard Operating Procedure" movie about Abu G

consumer confidence at 16 year low?

I may go back to talking politics with people if it's this enjoyable!

If you're thinking about voting for McCain...

ATTENTION: For Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. Obama Supporters

Do the Clintons believe that superdelegates are a bunch of stupid idiots?

Do the Clintons believe that superdelegates are a bunch of stupid idiots?

Hill enablers: If she is electable, why are SD's and Senate colleagues abandoning her?

If you don’t pay, they take you in and turn you over to the Americans as Taliban or Al-Qaeda

Puerto Rico's Election Turn, An Insulting Spectacle: by Cuba's Vice-President Ricardo Alarcon

Kinder gentler torture

hartmann is Interviewing Micheal Ledeen Right Now. Denies Wanting to Bomb Iran!

The Rude Pundit - John McCain to Soldiers: More of You Will Die If I'm President

New Generation Of Protesters Unites Against The War

Just how exactly did the Democratic party unfairly treat Hillary?

KY Senate Poll: Lunsford 49, McConnell (plastic-faced asshat - R) 44

What made you realize Obama was all fluff and just another typical politician?

There are a FEW things Hillarys campaign has done

dust storm/heavy rain/70 mph wind kill well over 100 people

FUNNY: ''Blackwater'' also means the water from your toilet with floating turds

How Clinton is really disenfranchising the voters of MI and FL

McCain's Foreign Policy Speech Repeatedly interupted by protesters

Did anyone here watch Andromeda last night?

The GI Bill and McCain-Bush

Hillary: She needs to come clean AGAIN.

McCain doesn't know what office he's running for!

I see Spam is on the menu for breakfast today!

Is HRC being attacked more than normal because she didn't take Obama's campaign seriously?

A note for concern trolls of a certain stripe.

I hope Obama wins the GE. Our country needs a break from republican rule.

In WHICH Times?

Not voting for Obama in Nov. because you THINK he will lose is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Superdelegate predictions for today?

Quick question, IBTL:

Obama at Wesleyan - My Favorite Photos

When daddybush ended bushwar 1 & let Saddam go free, was that SURRENDER?

Base chief breaks silence on UFO mystery

Chris Matthews Was Right --------------> See Video

The environment that favors the Republicans in the fall ?

quit it

What assumptions make it difficult or impossible for people to realize

So today's quiz question: Who is "they"?

Poblano: Obama would have won Michigan

The only "war heroes" in a war of aggression are those who resist that war. Yes there are heroes

Hillary's Last Parting Shot

Conservative Superiority

Conservative Superiority

Average national poll Obama 47.0/McCain 44.0=Obama +3///Clinton 46.1/McCain 44.7=Clinton + 1.4

Disarray in McCain camp

George Bush is Captain Ahab, destroying us all in pursuit of his whilte whale.

dupe. delete

Biggest driving drop ever recorded...

War makes gas cost more.

Obama Camp: "now just 49 delegates away" from clinching the nomination

that is a hell of an interview with Hartmann right now

Karl Rove thumbs his nose at Congress - Today’s Headlines 5/27/08

ALERT: Pre-register for Rules And Bylaws Committee 5/31/08

wrong forumn oops :-)

WHY ???

Barack Obama dominates in poll of college students

Place your bets....

I hate women.

Women: Have you or have you not been assaulted?

You Say Osama, I say Usama

I'm beginning to think you people want to lose

Nancy Reagan has confirmed, Ronald Reagan is now voting for Obama.

Foreclosures in Military Towns Surge at Four Times U.S. Rate

I want to know how some seem to just ignore the fact that America is a racist country?

Can you imagine the experience of the Super delegate?

On June 1st, Puerto Ricans will demonstrate the correct way to do a political protest....

By my math Obama is now @ 46


Twenty-two murders this weekend

NYT: The Trouble With June 1992 as a Case for Pressing On

I just donated to the Obama who here needs a star?

Today is the Twentieth Straight Day of Record High Gas Prices.

Latest NeoCon meme: The Iranian dissidents want US to bomb Iran

China Surpasses U.S. in Technological Prowess

The Perils of Privatization

My first ever "caption this pic" thread

If you have to be persuaded, cajoled, or bribed to vote for the nominee...

Careful what you wish for.......

Post all the Chicken Little polls you want.

Radio Poll in Puerto Rico....Go Vote!

Bill Clinton Admits Hillary Does NOT Have the Popular Vote.

Hide A Thread!

Obama supporters planning DNC counter-protest

How I would vote for Hillary in the GE, if she were to be the nominee!

Interesting observation in Central Florida....

Fetal Exposure To PCBs Impacts Reproductive Markers Of Children And Grandchildren Of Exposed Animals

Potential VP running mates...VERY funny stuff.

Frontline World

Senate GOP Leader McConnell Trailing Democratic Opponent

McBush '08 - pic.


Rising Prices Hit Home for Food Stamp Recipients

S&P: US home prices tumble a record 14.1 pct in 1Q

Francis Fukuyama (Original PNAC Signer/Repulican/Neconservative) backs Obama for US presidency

OMG. The death throes are ugly

Matthew Rothschild: Bush’s Shameless Memorial Day Speech

LOL the B***SHI* Continues! Fundraiser for McCain moved to private residence.

IMO, Hillary stays in strictly for the money

Kissinger: Withdrawing from Iraq could radicalize the vast Islamic community in India

Is hillary crazy enough to take this to the Courts????

Jeffrey Toobin: Camp Justice

In Context: "As A Black Man Barack Can Get Shot Going To The Gas Station"

IRAQ: The elusive Iranian weapons

If Cactus Jack Garner is not our nominee, I won't vote in November. Let Hoover have his 2nd term!

***C-SPAN interview on Oil commodity trading, this is an OUTRAGE!!!***

First we kill the Lawyers

NM Sheriff, Now GOP Congressional Candidate Played Role in Iglesias’s Firing

OMFG The space station is full of

I am Tired of Your Disappointment

Whoopee, there's a protest in Florida Tuesday to support DiMaio's lawsuit.

An insightful WV article: Vote for Clinton brings barbs, but not vote for Bush?

McCain ad features African-American Obama supporter

franken in studio with hartmann

1992 Democratic Primary ended in APRIL according to...

Clinton Supporters: Is it wrong for Nader to run in the General Election?

McCain Deletes Calls For More Troops In Iraq From Campaign Website»

There is no mortgage crisis...

I will not call on HIllary Clinton to drop out until June 4

What's up with Nova M Radio ?

Think for Yourself - Question Authority

I want two laws passed when we take over the presidency and congress.

Ok, well I've read everything in GDP.

Bwhahahahahaaha! McCain Just said "stand by impotently" in his speech on Nuclear Proliferation

The Supreme Court and Bill Clinton

How Electable Would Hillary Be If Supers Overturned The Pledged Delegates?

Exactly a week from today, Primary Season Comes to a Close. Whew!

A quick note to Christian friends here at DU

The Moment Hillary Graciously Concedes, I'm Cracking Open My Piggy Bank

What's behind McCain taunting Obama about Iraq visits?

Cenk Uygur from is going BALLISTIC on the Clintons right now!

Obama to pound Mccain hard in Las Vegas, Nevada speech this afternoon

Obama to pound Mccain hard in Las Vegas, Nevada speech this afternoon

I'm disappointed in this group


IRAQ: Through Occupation, The Very Dreams Change

So there's this slinkerwink character over at Kos, trying to do crazy things...

Obama on CNN Live now

Any military person who supports John McCain should hang their heads in shame

Perino admits Bush is political liability to hide low turnout for McCain fund raiser

The New Yorker: her claim to be “ahead” depends entirely on ... the Michigan primary

Washington Post: No clear path for Hillary's future in politics

For Those Here Who Might Collect Presidential Dollars with Errors

Will Clinton Really Back Obama, and will it Really Help?

Remember 2000 when Republicans told us that experience did not matter?

May consumer confidence falls to near 16-year low

Dammit, it's hot here already. It's 91 with a 97 heat index. I'm

Obama's opposition keeps reminding me of "King of the Hill" characters.

For a campaign that is in General Election mode this board sure is spending a lot of time on Clinton

There's nothing wrong with GD-P.

***************Just a reminder: Obama starts today UP 37 Electoral Votes on McHundred***********

Ambinder: Obama banking Super Delegates. In other words,

Chuck Todd: Hillary betting it all on a longshot 1% chance at the nomination

By what factor has Hillary broken the previous record for most money spent in a failed primary bid?

To Clinton Supporters: Would you be more willing to vote for Obama if he chooses Edwards as VP?

McCain’s betrayal of decency

Each underhanded tactic lends credibility to the negative interpretation of the previous ones.

Obama will likely pass yet another key delegate threshold today!

Obama will likely pass yet another key delegate threshold today!

So, I'm going on vacation tomorrow...

Edward Lewis, Chairman of Essence and Latina magazines, Endorses Barack Obama

Edward Lewis, Chairman of Essence and Latina magazines, Endorses Barack Obama

On the Subject of Sexism

Sen. McCain is as Bush policies as Sen. Obama

This was just sent to me, but I was not aware of it.. ABC declared no lapel flag pins?

Do you suffer from SE?

If Obama Gets Michigan's Uncommited And Hillary Wins PR By 250 K Votes, He Still Wins The Pop Vote.

Why in the HELL did Hillary MOCK Obama supporters months ago?

Experience... yes we know this is one of the issues many folks (truly a few) bring about

Hillary Dangerfield Gets No Respect

I notice a lot of conservatives are Hillary supporters

Do you leave open any possibility that the Clinton's negativity is from what you've projected...

Folks, get ready for it and stay calm - Obama's eventual steering toward the MOTR...

Gallup, May 27, 2008

So, why hasn't Clinton been forced out yet?

So, why hasn't Clinton been forced out yet?

Are we Democrats so obsessed with the presidential primaries

As long as Dems unite McCain has no chance

As long as Dems unite McCain has no chance

McCain: "I will never surrender in Iraq."

Obama's World War II history

When is Puerto Rico's primary?

New Obama Ad for Montana: "Achieve"

GOP lobbyist Stipanovich re: "Recount": "...the scenes in which I appear are essentially correct"

Why we MUST NOT "Get Over" Hillary's Assassination Statements.

The news organizations talk about Hillary & the assassination comment but

2008 Mud Question

Alright, this one time I have to give it to Tweety

Defending our nominating process and some other things

Maria Cardona is an insulting, lying, arrogant jerk

CNN Headline News taking calls soon - 5:08pm 5/27 on free gun with car purchase -

Gallup 5/27: Obama widens lead over Clinton to 8%, but does 6% worse than HRC against McCain in GE

This HAS to be a sign of the end times!

Challenge for Hillary supporters: how can she win?

Challenge for Hillary supporters: how can she win?

Challenge for Hillary supporters: how can she win?

Challenge for Hillary supporters: how can she win?

Challenge for Hillary supporters: how can she win?

Hillary is a Fighter!

Former Sec Treasury John Snow under investigation tax fraud and tax evasion

Someone in another thread called the nomination race a "tie". 1975 to 1780 is NOT a tie

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, And John McCain To Address AIPAC Conference

"Senator McCain doesn't want to be seen, hat in hand,

If you think some HRC boosters are vicious and nasty now,

If you think some HRC boosters are vicious and nasty now,

Does a pro Hillary post constitute flame bait?


What was the defining moment that sparked your dislike for Hillary and inability to vote for her?

Sniper Slander: Military would never put first lady and daughter in danger

New Demographic For The Popular Vote Talking Point?

FBI Compiled “War Crimes” Dossier on Prisoner Abuse and Torture

News Flash: Obama won't be president.

Supreme Court Stops Re-Runs of HBO's 'RECOUNT'

Supreme Court Stops Re-Runs of HBO's 'RECOUNT'

What do the Jim Webb for VP supporters think of this opinion piece?

I agree Obama will not be president...

Frankly I don't think ANY delegtes from FL and MI should be seated

Clinton is Bad for Feminism

Worldwide Celebration in November.

What will this place be like the day Hillary resigns??????

Unity Thread, If you dare!

"andromeda strain" propoganda bs?

Monica Novotney interviews Contessa Brewer

You know, GDP isn't all that bad, once you factor out the people who WANT to be offended.

For those who read right wing boards occasionally

TPM..."Obama's Electoral Map" ( an Interesting, Serious and Non-DU Filtered Discussion )

Ben & Jerry's (and John & Yoko) launch new flavor

Who the hell is that filthy man spreading Lies about Hillary on Tweety.

I wish Senator Clinton would,...move beyond her horizons and into ALL of ours.

John McCain Voted With George W. Bush 100% Of The Time In 2008

Has anyone thought of MIKE EASLEY as Obama's Vice-President?

Staunch Clinton and Obama supporters: admission time, time for honesty.

Are you willing to perpetuate a 'republican' executive by,...

Hillary's "some people" and Bill's "they" add up to pathetic. Who will clue them in that it's over?

Damn you, Obama! You were not named after Sir Edmund Barack!

Damn you, Obama! You were not named after Sir Edmund Barack!

Damn you, Obama! You were not named after Sir Edmund Barack!

Self-del, click for original post

Would you post what you post here on your candidates forum on their website?

Why my heart is with Barack Obama....

The plus side of high food prices? Obesity battle among US children may have peaked

What Happens With the Election When President Bush Bombs Iran?

Ferraro: All black journalists are surrogates for the Barack Obama campaign.

Ferraro: All black journalists are surrogates for the Barack Obama campaign.

What does GD: P actually stand for?

Hillary beats John McCain by 5, while the "more electable" Obama loses by 2.

Hillary beats John McCain by 5, while the "more electable" Obama loses by 2.

Ya know, regardless of anything, I can still see an Obama/Clinton ticket

If Hilary indeed has more "Popular" votes, they're supplied by Republicans, they're proud of that?

Ending the Bill vs. Hill conflict on seating Half the FL and MI delegates

Ending the Bill vs. Hill conflict on seating Half the FL and MI delegates

Mr. Obama, I apologize.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Limbaugh's campaign talking point: "Obama is stupid."

Hillary supporters: Why would a Hillary supporter vote for McCain over Obama?

One of these men could have been Obama's great uncle.

One of these men could have been Obama's great uncle.

Lieberman to Headline Hagee Summit

Gamblers' shuttle gets terrorism funds



McCain getting Heckled AGAIN!!! He is giving a campaign speech on foreign policy

Are we at least going to get video of the McCain/Bush love fest?

A Black Female Army poster explains why Dem Party is dead to her after its Hillary Hate primary

haha...David Shuster ripping Clinton advisor right now on MSNBC

haha...David Shuster ripping Clinton advisor right now on MSNBC

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. X

Hillary as VP unites the Democratic Party...

Obama Team has 3 dozen SDs banked (Marc Abinder)


Sweden PM: US, EU must admit more Iraq refugees

NY Times Enlightenment - Obama and Connectivity

BP, Exxon submit Iraq deal plans

Roads High and Low: Bob Herbert, Biden is a class act

Assuming you in one of the two armed camps of the Dem primary: A question.

What was Dubya's grandfather doing during the war?

At least 40,000 have post-traumatic stress

McCain is a gambling man. . . seriously!

Isn't mixing up the name of the concentration camp your great-uncle helped to free...

Hillary's RFK remark made earlier in March

Hillary's RFK remark made earlier in March

I am against impeachment

Are Polls Meaningless?

Woohoo! Protestors at McCain event. Live MSNBC now.

I disagree 500% with Chuck Hagel as a VP choice for Obama

United We Stand.

United We Stand.

To anyone thinking of voting for McCain if HRC doesn't get the nod, PLEASE, rethink it

Ferraro threatens to vote McCain if Obama's the nominee

Ferraro threatens to vote McCain if Obama's the nominee

Final Score: Obama 343, McCain 195.

Dick Cheney sits for his official portrait!!

Here's a stretch: the anti choicers have a 'Susan B Anthony fund'

I don't know about you guys*, but I am SO looking forward to the first Obama / McCain debate

Clinton Supporters, do you deny that Hillary is willing to destroy the party to get the nomination?

Just a reminder of who we MUST BEAT in November!!!

Just a reminder of who we MUST BEAT in November!!!

Principles of the Nuremberg Tribunal, 1950

Fox at it again - Megyn Kelly 'Barack Obama's "sniper gate" in regards to Aushwitz comments coming'

There has been some posts asserting how polls show Hillary winning the GE, and Obama losing

DU, your anger is justified!

Oh, here we go: ADHD can cause loss of 20 or more workdays per year

Thanks and God Bless to those who have served in the military....

HRC supporters, your opinion on this please

1/20/2009; New Dem President is sworn in; the news coverage:

If you think some of the Obama boosters are vicious and nasty now,

Why Waste Your Time with the Obama Can't Win Meme?

Eye on the Senate: Another State with Republican Woes

Caption this pic

Clinton campaign editing Obama's Wikipedia entry??? *** PIC ***

Could obama's Veep realistically be a non-democrat?

Truthdig: Vermont Leads the Way for Progressives

Why do Hillary supporters say they won't support Obama in GE, when Hillary herself says she will??

Have you guys heard about the swastika incident? Obama's face was defaced

If you think some of the Obama fans are vicious and nasty now,

Why does Hillary want to disenfranchise NON-VOTERS in Florida and Michigan who knew the rules?

Neo-Cons Silent on Hagee Repudiation by McCain

If you think the HRC boosters are vicious and nasty now,

If I were a Senator from New York who wasn't REALLY from New York

I really don't care if Bu*h has a day or a year left in office -

And now for something completely different: intelligent discussion of swing states

The War Camp in Death Throes is Intent on Striking Iran

What Happened to Ethics?

A fellow DUer has released an EP today. Go check it out.

What was the defining moment that sparked your dislike for Barack and inability to vote for him?

What was the defining moment that sparked your dislike for Barack and inability to vote for him?

If Kerry was not your first choice in 2004 - did you vote dem. for Bush or not vote?

Do most American Voters these days distinguish between Auschwitz and Buchenwald?

John McCain.

Republican LTTE - finally gives up on Bush over golf

Why are fuel prices so high?

"She's winning the General Election today"

Poll: Hillary Beats McCain In Kentucky, Obama Loses Big

TEDTalk Tuesday: Moving Sculpture

People of NOLA 4-Obama! Great pix! JUST BELIEVE IT!

THE MATH Daily Widget – Tuesday, May 27 – Wigand +0.00 – Total +0.10

Meantime, In the Twilight Months of the He's Still Presidency, Diplomacy v. Confrontation Debate

What's this "Popular vote" discussion

Why does Tweety have two war hawks on and no peaceniks?

"We're having the time of our life." George W. bUsh, January, 2005

Oh shiver, freepers whishing for a military coup if Obama is elected

I ***REALLY*** hope Obama has a plan to combat the voter suppression

Doubting Obama is silly. Here's why...

How do you stop Oil Speculation?

My son's one line synopsis of the economy: " You never used to

SUSA IOWA: Obama 47, McCain 38

Sweet! Teresa Heinz Kerry is speaking at a conference I'm going to!! Check it out:

In November how will you vote?

McCain's foreign policy speech interrupted by anti-war protesters

As An Obama Supporter, I Want To Thank The GOP! I Didn't Know His Uncle Liberated Jews

IF You Still Support Hillary Clinton Check in Here Please

Safe Democracy: Up with “Eternal Vigilance” Down with “Falling in Love with a Candidate”

Howard Dean: "We want the voters to have their say. That's over on June 3."

Atrios Hits One Out of the Park Regarding the Status of the Nomination "Race"

Obama pics up another SuperDelegate: Wyoming's Drummond

Mark your Calendar: C-SPAN covering the DNC Rules Committee on Saturday

I want ALL supporters to keep something in perspective

The Obama Boat

Rosemary, Oregano, Sage Neutralize Carcinogens In Red Meat

Arianna Huffington: Unmasking McCain: His Reactionary Record on Reproductive Rights

Barack Obama's Memorial Day Speech...he sees dead people.

Geraldine Ferraro's electoral vote will go to the democrat

Flashback: Hillary stabs Kerry. We should have known then.

U.S. Economy: The Worst is Yet to Come

Please, stay away from arguments about "educated voters".

Please, stay away from arguments about "educated voters".

Obama to Bill Clinton: You've got the Unity Pony. Give it to me.

Bush wants $600 million for Iraq police; but cuts aid to U.S. cops

Hillary is awful Awful AWFUL

))))))) Hating Hillary (((((((

Joan Walsh defended Hillary's Robert Kennedy remark.

What was the defining moment that sparked your dislike for Lee Mercer Jr.?

Obama supporters:

Obama misspeaks. Where in the world is Auschwitz?

If You Still Support Mike Gravel Check In Here Please!

Unmasking McCain: His Reactionary Record on Reproductive Rights

Hillary will most likely end up on the ticket. Randi Rhodes made

Hillary will most likely end up on the ticket. Randi Rhodes made

Talkingpointsmemo: Bill, Bill, Bill...

Asia Times: Bush 'plans Iran air strike by August' - Senators Feinstein & Lugar briefed on plans

Hillary Clinton is a victim of herself. (Please Read)

Bill Clinton: 'my fight was over on April 9th'

Hillis44 and Hillaryclintonforum have started pushing the new site

Just who do people THINK the financial markets are betting will win the White House in November?

A United Front

Bill Clinton used SAME TACTIC in 1992 campaign against Jerry Brown

Bill Clinton used SAME TACTIC in 1992 campaign against Jerry Brown

HIllaryIs44 reported to Secret Service regarding Obama death threat

My Alternative To Let It Sink

Seriously, Is This All You've Got?

I see dead people.

The Clinton Marriage

I see dead people.

I see dead people.

The Clinton Marriage

And that pretty much sums it up

GOP Stakes Claim to Appalachia in November Elections

GOP Stakes Claim to Appalachia in November Elections

Mitch McConnell in deep doo-doo. Losing by 5 points!!!

is anyone watching Chris Matthews: wtf is wrong with Joan Walsh?

Isn't mixing up the name of the concentration camp your great-uncle helped to free...

Lieberman To Headline Upcoming Pastor Hagee Summit- July 22


Post a picture of your "dream house"

Post a picture of your "dream house"

On the subject of Obama's reach to Bill Clinton for UNITIY:

An alternative, more scholarly take on the toxic Obama-Hillary GD-P postings:

Lanny Davis: Four things the Obama campaign Couldn't resist doing to anger Clinton supporters

"Barak can get shot going to the gas station.”

Pharma Outsourcing on the Rise, Says IMS

Does anybody know which military Obama's uncle fought for?

Excellent article illustrating the Clintons lack of principle in their last days campaigning

A true Floridian's perspective:

A true Floridian's perspective:

The McCain hecklers, GOP plants or not?

Who's fooling who?

Scott McClellan: Bush Not Open and Fothright on Iraq, Relied on Propaganda to Sell the War

161 Days

Just curious - how many of you actually traveled for the holiday weekend?

Bugliosi Wants Bush Charged with Murder

US Secretary of State Rice defends torture at Google event

More props for Madfloridian

Obama's Great Uncle Was A Member Of The 89th Infantry Division That Liberated The Ohrduf Camp

TOON: This Modern World - Does Karl Rove Hate America?

Pgh Shock Jock Suspended for Ted Kennedy Assassination Remark

America. Never let it be said I gave up on you, I won't.

I hope this is not in poor taste, but I'm asking for a little help in my effort at peace

Bush may be planning to bomb Iran between November and January,

If you still support Hillary please check in here.

Obama slams McSame in NV: "He’s holding a fundraiser with George Bush behind closed doors in AZ..."

Jim Baker: "Call Roger Stone."

Gas prices today

Kindergartner Voted out of Class

McCain says Obama should visit Iraq

Reclusive Leftist: "Understanding Obamamania: the triumph of Republican-style politics"

Growing Alarm Over Bush's Security Deals with Iraqi Puppet Government

'Staying at home doing nothing will be a thing of the past' - Tories plan boot camps

Anyone listening to Randi giving the Clintons hell? She is pissed about

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahaahhhaa - two of a kind

MarketWatch: Bank failures to surge in coming years


US uses bullets ill-suited for new ways of war

Help me out, "Desert Storm" ended in '91. What was the 2nd "Desert" called?!1

Taxpayers pay for Bush to attend McCain fundraiser

No Cameras. No reporters. McCain moves tonight's fundraiser with Bush away from public's eye!

Scott McClellan whacks Bush, White House

two good decisions came out of the SC today. One on racial discrimination and

For Parents & Teachers (and anyone else who cares to take a look!)

Lighter fare: Build President Obama's Cabinet!

Old folks trash-talking Bush!

How did you discover your sexual orientation?

David Sirota: Why Democrats Won’t Stop the War

What is wrong with Senator Joe Lieberman?

The night before he hanged himself with a garden hose in the basement of his parents' home

The Satan Test..

The Satan Test..

Californians: A MUST Phone Poll if you support Gay Marriage (It takes 4 seconds!)

Scorpion Stings Girl At W.Va. Wal-Mart

The uncle Obama speaks about, was his name Charles W. PAYNE born about 1924?

PeaceTakesCourage featured in YES! Magazine

Red Cross warns of food riots over soaring prices

How do you verify what you're reading in the news?

JC Watts Planning Black Television News Network

Statement by Iraqi Federation of Oil Unions to 2008 Chevron and ExxonMobil

Group Reveals Origin Of 'Y.M.C.A.' Dance

State and Local Prosecutors Can Take Down Bush

Over half of my Father's side of the family died in the Holocaust

"Hillary Clinton, Please Exit With Dignity" The Nation: She Should Drop Out Of The Race On June 4

"Hillary Clinton, Please Exit With Dignity" The Nation: She Should Drop Out Of The Race On June 4

Is Obama Turning Right? From AIPAC to the Cuban Exiles

Is Obama Turning Right? From AIPAC to the Cuban Exiles

The first inkling I got that Bush didn't care about the suffering or anyone...

Hey! Hey! HEY! what the hell is the *white thing* in this picture from Mars????

Stop the Oil Speculators - by Ralph Nader (seriously, it's interesting)

UK Guardian: Clinton has run her campaign the same way Bush has run the country

22 percent believe President Bush knew about the 9/11 attacks in advance.

Al Gore hosts joint fundraiser the same day the RBC meets

An interesting story that happened to me today. Not pretty

McCain linked to swiftboating group Vets for Freedom

Can't South Korea defend itself? Why is it our duty to protect them?


The military as guardians of freedom meme.

Breaking: Dick Cheney Without Makeup!

Freepers are Funny! Conservatives Shocked At Dunkin' Donuts' Terrorist Ties

[DKos] Freepology Today: Obama with a Turbine on his Head

A true Floridian's perspective: Why I am ultimately most angry at the DNC for the current mess

The Power of Bone Stupid

But you do have the right to suffer indefinitely ...

A fascinating look at the personal side of Howard Dean from his driver in Rochester.

U.S. Banking System in Crisis

Immigration Raids: Harbinger of a Police State?

A Land Where CEOs Have Stopped Smiling

Food Prices at my local supermarket

My apartment has no water at the moment.

We are back from Europa!

Has anyone done the round-the-world flight plan?

this is how I feel right now......

Memorial Day with the kids picture thread.

Jury Duty Summons tomorrow in NC; any advice?

This song just keeps drawing me in....

A gray cloud, a crane on wing...

Day five ... another round of storms and now we are in a flood warning

I'm really sorry about these posts.....

do people still marry Americans to live here?

Its 57 degrees,

Should I go out in a blaze of glory?

Pneumonia Front For Chicago Area..... (A "Severe Weather Alert)

Help! I'm craving Ghirardelli's chocolate!

we just lost electricity...farkin storms


Oh. My.God. Sweet Jesus. I just realized something in my stupor.

Should women be allowed to play for the NFL and other "male" sports?

How Do You Get Grease Splatters Out of a Shirt??

Forgive me father, for I have sinned....

I spent 8 hours at the beach today.

And yet still more lyrics


mozilla 3 is cool

I do not think i can come back here anymore

okay...I know this board is semi anonymous, but someone needs to call 911 for philboy

Have you ever been so tempted to say something vicious in a thread you had to just...

Phoenix probe caught on "film" parachuting to surface of Mars

Death Don't Have No Mercy

am i the last frikkin person in the world to have seen "Charlie bit me!"

Anyone have friends or family in Minn, where the storms hit?

Oh. Oh yuck. YUCK!

Your Last Picture Show

To the woman I love....

OK, fess up.

motherfucking delete.

I don't have a favorite color

I posted this in the dungeon of American History, but thought I would post here also...

Today a young man on acid. . . . . .

I'm thinking about buying a scooter, any suggestions?

I'm thinking about buying a scooter, any suggestions?

I promise this is the last one

Men vs women

I have a weakness for wood.

Anybody else finding it impossible to post or write

My name is Anthony.

Is there anything better than coconut ice cream with almonds and M&Ms

Ptah's Pizza {dial-up warning}

Did you notice the Information Bar?

Songs that mean alot to you

well I still can't sleep so I filled out all the stuff for unemployment benefits

Fracking insomnia!

Bis später Leute

Lounge Vibeliness needed muchly... Many stresful things to do today...

Aw, crap!

Great... now I'm doing it...

So what's been happening around here in the last 2 weeks?

10 beers, 6 vikes

by proxy I love Scrubbed!

For The Intelligent Among Us

RIP Jimmy McGriff (legendary jazz/blues organist)

Worst movie, film, short, video, etc. you had to watch for work?

IRS refund question

You've got to see these t shirts

With all due respect, Hayden Christensen...

I just checked - Abe Vigoda is still alive!

How to swim the breaststroke like a Russian

For MA residents - who knew that not everyone has heard of Bulkie Rolls?

Teen decomposes plastic bag in three months.

Is it just me, or is the trailer for "The Strangers" pretty damn scary?

109 posts to 30,000...What should I do for the big one?

I finished the portrait I was doing

Just got off the phone with the psychiatrist who assessed me.

Sydney Pollack died

Framboise will fuck you up

Kick if Ronald Reagan/Bill Clinton were charismatic Leaders

RIP Jimmy McGriff (legendary jazz/blues organist)

The 8 Least Intimidating Gangs in Movie History

For those DUers who think illegal immigration isn't a crime

Anyone here have, or know someone who has, a concrete geodesic dome home?

I may have got a little carried away with my Firefox extensions and add-ons

1.21 Gigawatts

We had a pneumonia front come through last night.

Bush just sold me on what to do with my economic stimulus check

I so hate having a damn head cold.

Oh noes...I'm in big trouble

Damnit - why is it Israel that is always screwing stuff up!!!

Question re: high speed AVE Train from Madrid to Barcelona

they have fox news on here at the office now...i might have to quit :(

Car 2, birds 0-OR- Why nature hates me

My tentative Fall 2008 class schedule, and a dilemma.

Funny sign I saw yesterday at a dog-wash place......

I have diner food gut.

It is raining here! and we so need it. nt

Saw a Smart Fortwo in person for the first time yesterday...

Gloom Despair and Agony on Me!


I was told by our VP that I have to be on my best behavior Thursday, we have guests in the building.

I was going to use the power washer to remove our old deck paint.

big day for my baby girl!

buttermilk biscuits are best when made with lard

Girl, 12, told she can't play with boy's balls

Harry Morgan is STILL Alive

I heard this on the radio - I think I may just be a pev

I just ate the last mini Crunch bar from the office candy dish, and there's not a goddamn thing

Ipod owners - help!

by golly I hate Scrubs

Someone Just Ate My Last Mini Crunch Bar

Meet Mr. Pacific Gopher Snake.

If Sen Clinton Wins The Primary Will She get Your Vote In The Presidential Election?

Well at least I am saving money by not having to see "Get Smart" in the theater

Wow!! Someone left a Mini Crunch Bar on the lunch room table!

An appealing volunteer opportunity in the office that I must pass up for personal reasons

Disabled people are "unsocial, stubborn and defensive". And don't call them "cripple" or "lame"

So I see this sign across the street from the bus stop marked "Party Headquarters"

Season Finales Talk


deleted due to ineptitude

Woody Harrelson to go on 40 day starvation retreat.

Who's been on a low-carb diet?

Me, if I were on the Simpsons

Less than three days and I'm outta here forever, again, probably, in all likelihood, I think.


Nerding up the Lounge: "I Will Derive"

Vatican pictures

Why oh why must some women be so frustrated????????

Did you miss sasquatch today?

This deserves a lolcat caption (and a shot of insulin it's so freaking cute!!)

My name is all know me, don't you?

Introducing the 2009 Ford American-idiot-mobile!

Auschwitz-Buchenwald is one place. not two different ones. Tweety should do his homework.

Since moving into their new house a month ago, the following has happened to my parents:

Does anyone know how DS1 got hold of my license plate?

Dammit, it's hot here already. It's 91 with a 97 heat index. I'm

Did I miss anything today?

Some Men In Black Just Came In To Question Us About Midlo

Men who shave with a brush and soap - ever tried Proraso?

Anyone know a way to preserve cd quality sound on a ripped audio file?

Most underrated comedy of all time...

Monday night (Memorial day) Picture thread

I was on vacation last week.

Why oh why must some women be so frustrating????????

Best movie, film, short, video, etc. you had to watch in school or for school?

Best movie, film, short, video, etc. you had to watch in school or for school?

Why they don't let me carry a sign in public anymore?

How would I go about putting the waterskiing squirrel as my avatar here?

I'd like you all to meet my NEW daughter-in-law

Found Midlo's License Plate

Red Meat

*Sigh*... humans

What's For Lunch

My Mom left me a message that FOUR blooms are on the "Peace" plant I gave her!

Green tea flavored ice cream?



Who is your favorite side character on The Simpsons?

Meet Japan's newest railway stationmaster

Meet Japan's newest railway stationmaster

Turtle Flavored Ice Cream

Homeless man allegedly attacks man with Moon Pies

Waaaah...I have to go to work tomorrow. I haven't had a real job in

Recommend me some clothes shops/designers

Recommend me some clothes shops/designers

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/27/2008)

Gorn flavored icecream

I just saw Indiana Jones - didn't like it - flame me

For some weird reason , this cracks me up

Recommend me good fictional tales about vampires.

I would like a do-over, please.

Do You Support Gay Marriage?

I'm re-reading Dune for what must be the 12th time

Sex and the City fans!

*Sigh*... hummus

I Just Saw Parche Talking To A Communist Christian Rocker

A fellow DUer has released an EP today, go check it out

A fellow DUer has released an EP today, go check it out

A fellow DUer has released an EP today, go check it out

^$#@%$#&^%$&^% I Just Filled My Hummer With Gas And It Cost Me $400

Cute Kitty

Celine Dion, Tiger Woods Water Hogs

Celine Dion, Tiger Woods Water Hogs

I wish I can eat plastic


Celine Dion, Tiger Woods Water Hogs

The Parche and OhioSmith Appreciation Thread!!1!!

Who the fuck invented SPIN class at the gym????

Just did a funeral for the kindest, gentlest, most interesting soul.

Question: Have you named, instrument?

*Sigh*... hubris

Parche's plate:

Addictive, yet soothing

Addictive, yet soothing

Richardo E. Coyote. Super Genius. I like the way that rolls off the tongue.

Who are currently the two best teams in major league baseball?

How do you know if someone is flirting with you?

Fish Flavored Ice Cream?

LauraMN's License Plate

Corn-flavored ice cream?

Name The Airport Contest

X-post from GD: Make this simple phone call to support same-sex marriage in CA

Two wolves.

An explanation, a humble apology, and a picture.

I passed the 3000 post mark and never noticed.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Spotted in Germany! SERIES!!1!!!

My name Is Khash and you all know me too well

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/27/08

Ok , serious question , I have a friend who breast feeds while high

Yikes , I can't stand the shitty quality of MP3's

Men think in serial; women think in parallel

"Gorn" is the word of the day. Modify a thread title to include "Gorn".

My picture is on BartCop today

Three weeks later and they still haven't paid me AND another courier

We used to have these at our

I Have A Little Haddock

woot! i'm super happy

I just met a Communist SpaceCadet Christian Rocker. Ask me anything

Hi everyone

Hi everyone

10 Dos And Don'ts Of Online Dating


Are there any species you wish did not share the planet with you?

Pad-single-serve coffee-machine: which brand can you recommend?

There can't be that many men who need that certain part of the male anatomy inhanced

What would happen to a home that has been unoccupied for 2 years?

I was just invited to a McCain townhall meeting. Ask me anything

Does this make me a Pro?

destabilizing emulsifier flavored ice cream

I think that the price of gas is making some driving folks even more annoyingly stupid .

Netflix recommendation: The Battle of Algiers

Vacation pictures

My biopsy results (It's not a tooomah!)

Movie question: Groundhog Day

Awww :)

There was a the percolator.

Beach Photos from yesterday - Dialup Warning

ARRRGH! I turned 50 today!

Cats Are Very Smart

A poem

David Archuletta from American Idol

Pic thread for the DU *2D/3D digital artists*. Show your works! (Dial-up warning)

Picture thread?

Worst movie, film, short, video, etc. you had to watch in school or for school?

Post here to contribute to Midlo's Cabana Boy Fund

I'm bored. Please entertain me. Post here and I'll find some pic or smiley to post for you.

Indiana Jones just saw me -he didn't like me - flame him

Great Lakes fending off horde of sippers in 'water war'

Hey Thomcat!!

I just met a Marxist Christian Rocker. Ask me anything.

Stupidest. Product. Ever.

French skydiver readies for second try at historic jump

Battlestar Galactica themed lolcats

Did you watch "Recount" on HBO?

Best Injection of Venom via Letter to Editor in a Long Damn Time

Porn flavored ice cream

Iraq replaces southern oil chiefs in major shake-up

Sydney Pollack dies of cancer at 73

Corporate political ties impact share prices: study

Corporate political ties impact share prices: study

Mexican miners stage (one day) nationwide strike

Peacekeepers 'abusing children'

Obama picks up three superdelegates from Hawaii

Smaller US cos feel the heat of rising oil prices

Canada's Foreign Minister Quits After Security Breach (Update1)

U.S. ports vulnerable to terrorists, probe finds

US home prices drop at sharpest rate in 20 years

Fed Keeps Watch on Wall St. -- From the Inside

Inspiration for 'Family Circus' character dies (Themla Keane)

US Recession Still Probable: Greenspan

Signs point to PMO in NAFTA leak

McCain's Foreign Policy Speech Repeatedly interupted by protesters

British union to merge with United Steelworkers

UN Peacekeepers sexually abusing children as young as six

Egypt: bread shortages, hunger and unrest

Nasrallah: Prisoner swap 'imminent'

Foreign affairs minister resigns

Consumer confidence falls to near 16-year low

Inquiry Finds Port Security Lacking

Pharma Outsourcing on the Rise, Says IMS

Border Agents, Lured by the Other Side ($$$)

Obama picks up another Wyoming superdelegate

Appeasement? Bush straddles line with Sudan

Osama hiding in Karakoram range: Report

Supreme court: anti-bias laws cover reprisal claims

New Al Qaeda Cell A Growing Threat To U.S.

Blackwater Grand Jury Hears Iraqi Witnesses


Wake Forest, Smith drop SAT condition

Texas warns that FLDS families could flee state

Children in Katrina trailers may face lifelong ailments

Housing Prices Fall 14.4% in Sign of Continuing Slump

Watch for Obama in Omaha in fall campaign

McCain Defends GI Bill Opposition In Memorial Day Speech

Pinochet suspects arrests ordered

Sydney Pollack, Film Director Dies at age 73

Mom can live together with infant and older children

FBI: Pilot saw flaming object near Cleveland-bound jet

Balloon blows away free fall record bid

Argentina's ex-army chief being tried for killings (U.S. supported junta)

Colombia Seeks Russian Arms to Match Venezuela, Kommersant Says

General Says Russia Will Counter U.S. Missile Defence Plans Without Shield

Church to begin same-sex nuptials

European fishermen up in arms over high fuel costs (France on 5th day of strike)

40,000+ Troops Have Post-Traumatic Stress

Foreclosures in Military Towns Surge at Four Times U.S. Rate

Bill Clinton: 'Cover up' hiding Hillary Clinton's chances

US Airways ends free snacks for passengers

Some US farms outsourced to Mexico

Airport bungle gives passenger $10,000 in drugs

Peacekeepers 'abusing children'

McCain Proposes Trip To Iraq With Obama - Says He'd Seize "Opportunity To Educate" Obama

Pakistan Daily: George W Bush has plans for air strike on Iran by August

Iowa tornado rated EF5

As gas goes up, driving goes down (Biggest driving drop ever recorded)

Monument to homosexual victims of Nazis unveiled


BenDavid . . . . thread #5


'Let My Oil Go' The Palast Report on Air America's Clout

John Cusack talks about 'War, Inc.' on Democracy Now

MIR: Turkey & Qatar - New Mediators on the Block

Sydney Pollack's "Three Days of the Condor" (1975)



Is John McCain a Gold Digger?

Hillary supporters: "I been cheated, been mistreated..when will I be loved."

TYT: Republicans Are Noticing That Something's Wrong

Prophetic still today:... Shona Laing - (Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy

Clinton Caught Nodding Off During MLK Service

Hagee: God Sent Hitler. Lieberman: Hagee's Like Moses!

Pentagon-Trained Analyst Back On CNN

Pain in the Pump

Obama SD Ad: "Straight"

Reporters lovingly give 'Grillman' McCain another tongue bath

Dedicated to John Dubya McCain's Closed fundraiser

Winter Soldier: Jon Michael Turner

Obama Ad Airing In Montana - "Achieve"

Obama: McCain's Private Fundraiser with Bush

Barack Obama on Housing, in Las Vegas


CNN - Obama looks for running mate

McCain's Health Records

We are so screwed - - Global News 2.0

TPMtv: Stonewall Johnson, EPA administrator and Bushite equivocator

George W. Guilty of Murder?

McCain calls swiftboating group a "wonderful organization"

In April '92, Clinton camp called Brown victory "impossible"

Norm Coleman mistaken for terrorist Sara Jane Olson in tv news story

Fox News’s Kilmeade Says Vets Don’t Deserve Webb’s GI Bill Because They Volunteered To Serve

Meet the Press (5/25/08) Does Sen. Clinton's campaign suffer from sexism?

Protestors Chant, "End this War" during McCain Speech

McCain heckled during non-proliferation speech.

Bill Clinton: Experience and Change

Who was JFK talking about here?...

From the movie "Recount", Joe Lieberman's capitulation to Bush lawyers

Will Cheney get his War?

New Ad -- Bush-McCain: 'Identical cousins?

Red State Update: Hillary's In It 'Til Somebody Gets Shot

Doing the right thing (Webb's Bill)

Time: Sistani Warns Maliki on Bilateral Agreement with US

Two Democratic dynasties near the exit

Bob Herbert: Roads, High and Low (Biden takes the High, Clinton the Low)

Elderly, ill immigrants' aid at risk

Bush At His Shrink: The Lame-Duck Session

HP sees growing IT outsourcing presence in AsiaPac

Other Immigrants Dominate U.S. Armed Forces

Charley Reese: Insanity

Francis Fukuyama backs Obama for US presidency

It’s the Genes, Stupid

Amnesty International USA Brings Guantanamo Cell Replica to Philadelphia

Bush's Weak Dollar

League of Democracies or Anti-UN?

U.S. Sen. Feingold: Calls for restoration of Pakistani judges

Vermont Leads the Way for Progressives

Truthout: War Immemorial Day

Roads, High and Low - Bob Herbert

Weimar Inflation in America

NY Times: Life on the Streets of New Orleans (Most Homeless in NOLA from City, Survey Says)

US slowdown wiping out the Indian native IT outsourcing infrastructure

Krugman - Divided They Stand (on latest Obama ginned up fake Hillary scandal)


The Nation: How the Pentagon Engulfed the World

Do whites need training before parenting black children?

Debt Collection Gets a Polite Indian Touch

Rockefellers Seek Change at Exxon

Greenpeace protests against Spanish tuna ship - Reuters

AlterNet: Climate Destruction Will Produce Millions of 'Envirogees'

'Last Best Chance' for Renewable Energy Tax Credits?

Wind power could make Norway "Europe's battery"

George Monbiot: We have gone mad, Your Majesty, and only you can cure our affliction

Gas Price Protests hit 50 Russian Cities

China oil giant in takeover talks with Canadian energy firm

Fuel-Price Protests Spread Across Europe

Tidal power study off Maine coast

21 January 2048 - Foxx Nooze Radio Returns To Flooded NYC With Clinton Sex Scandal Anniversary Show

Costs to Build Power Plants Pressure Rates -- answer appears to be "none of the above"

Susquehanna Shad Count Down By Nearly 50% In Past Year - Baltimore Sun

Sulphur price soars on fertiliser demand (windfall for refineries)

Let The Blathering Begin - Senate To Begin Climate Policy Debate June 2nd - Reuters

How Will Local Governments Respond to Large Increases in Energy Bills?

Thread about Tiny Homes in GD

China to ban plastic bags.

Mexico attracts solar-cell giant Q-Cells ($3.5 billion facility)

Canada Plans Huge Claim On Arctic Seabed As Nations Divvy Up The North - Globe & Mail

Solar Power Lights Up Park (Uses Vanadium-Acid battery)

Toyota Announces Second, Then Third Battery Plant To Supply Hybrid Market

Exxon being challenged by Rockefeller heirs on Wednesday.

Forum: Sportsmen urge passage of climate act

House Cmte. Probing If Private US Labs Dumped Test Results That Would Have Blocked Food Imports

Excellent C-SPAN segment w/ Michael Greenberger Re: Oil commodity trading

An Artificial Sun Rising

The tornado season of 2008: climate change to blame?

Chevron Invests in Solar Energy Technology

Exxon cuts funding to Climate Change skeptics

For All the Ecological Concern, Economy Drives Energy Use

Club For Growth To Dump $250K Into Anti-Climate Law Push; Tester, Baucus, Byrd Among Targets - WP

Wal-Mart goes solar (Ontario)

Deutsche Bank vice chairman: private sector can do more vs climate change

Europe Going Nuclear Despite Warnings

India: Oil firms are weeks away from bankruptcy

Marine recovering after being shot in head

Psychiatrists offer free service to troops

Lawmakers critical of Air Force budget

Water at former Air Force base contaminated

200 Shaw airmen deploy to southwest Asia

AAFES rolling out fuel cards in Germany

AFN channels changing in advance of cable expansion

GAO Faults Port Security Program

Conscientious Objector Ruling Disputed

UN Says Russians Downed Georgian Drone

44 troops become U.S. citizens in Afghanistan

Bush pays tribute to troops at Arlington

Mullen to Troops: Stay Out of Politics

Eleven-month union battle at Dakota marks new contract

Children become orphans as feds bust union drive (tear a nursing infant from the arms of her mother)

ILO: Workers In Israeli-Occupied Gaza And West Bank Suffering

Today in Labor History May 27

Rally to Support Atlantic City Casino Workers

Immokalee Workers Moving Forward In Wake Of Burger King Victory

Don't forget to stop by Joe's Union Review

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 05/23/2008

Combat the Christian Right phone attack on gay marriage -- please call Arnold

Californians: A MUST Phone Poll if you support Gay Marriage (It takes 4 seconds!)

Which Queer as Folk character looks the best?

Ok. Gay or not gay... Top Gun?

Same Sex Marriages to begin June 14th

My school has decided that "queer" is a bad word.

Same-sex marriage: A signing ceremony

Same-sex marriage: A full ceremony

MK Eldad: Anyone ceding Israeli territory should be sentenced to death

Hamas: Israel must open Rafah crossing for truce talks to succeed

Sources: Israel, Hezbollah strike prisoner swap deal

Who's afraid of Finkelstein? (Ha'aretz editorial)

Can't Israel defend itself? Why is it our duty to protect them?

All the lies that are fit to print

Citizens, but second-class

The Buying of "Democracy" Agents in Cuba

Some US farms outsourced to Mexico

Colombia Seeks Russian Arms to Match Venezuela, Kommersant Says

This is a little esoteric but, gulp, I'm trying to find JFK's primary speeches

Bolivian Racism Runs Amok in Sucre

Biden again mentioned as a "heavyweight" on FP as VP for Obama

Thread in GD:P, Herbert story today in NYTimes: Biden is a Class Act

Link to discussion thread on Bob Herbert's article!

What the heck is Biden's RAVE vote?

I can't wait!!111! .. Right BOSSHOG?!!

Has anyone ever seen a game winning walk-off hit by pitch?

Bizarro Baseball!

Pats' latest scandal is serious business

When does the college football season start?

Iraqi national soccer team suspended one year due to government actions.

Please send positive vibes to philboy...

our Newfie

Local Honey and Allergies


U.S. Medical Research Gets $600 Million From Institute

Some souvenirs from a Saturday out of town

Lotus Therapy

Scientists test brain pacemakers for depression

Salamander-inspired therapy may aid injured vets (CNN) {regrow missing limbs?}

A Scary Diagnosis Hits Home

Faith-based group plans sanctuary for illegal immigrants

Boy Scouts sue Phila. to stay in headquarters

Episcopal church to begin same-sex nuptials

Can the effects of prayer be observed and studied?

Mindfulness meditation: Lotus therapy

Balloon blows away free-fall record bid (CNN)

Who's into microcontrollers or robotics?

Ultra Deep Hubble Field Skywalker v1.0

Scientists Image A Single HIV Particle Being Born

Rally for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

Rhetorical Evidence Points to Guilt Inside and Outside the Bush WH In 9-11 Attacks

9/11: Cover For A Coup D'Etat?

Anyone catch this video? 14 story steel building collapses from fire

Kyle Hence And John Judge To Appear On Air America's Clout - 5.29.2008 - 9PM EST

What is the goal of 9/11 debunkers?

For my Kerrycrat friends: How to read the best of the best DailyKos has to offer

Norm Coleman mistaken for Sara Jane Olson by KSTP

Michele Bachmann gives false hopes to tornado victims

Todd Hunter lies about his lobbying and fails Memorial Day.

Bloggers' Caucus set for June 5

Lawmakers pay wives with campaign donations

Lawmakers leery of fingerprint machines (for voting)

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