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Anyone know of Clintons directing DNC (McAuliffe) to secure Dem votes after 2000s theft?

Has the term 'HILL-billies' been used before?

if she doesn't suspend her campaign and continues on to the convention, do we have to wait till then

Obama wins nomination!

The winning formula.

The winning formula.

Can we all come together and admit that the corporate media coverage of this election is disgusting?

Hillary, McCain and Obama

Hillary: Why I continue to run

Hillary: Why I continue to run

Counting Florida results not nearly enough for Clinton

I look forward to being one DU, soon. However.........

So much for not embarrassing the Supers, I don't know why they would have believed her

Hillary can be president of the United States...

Just a bit confused tonight (tired from work) - why 6?

Mr. Obama: You're probably...

The Green Party Nomination Process

The Green Party Nomination Process

WillyT's - GD:P 'Caption This' - Challenge !!! (You're Asked To Do One Naughty, AND One Nice)

How long ago was the last news cycle that Sen. Clinton had positive coverage?

An Excellent Discussion Here: The Hillary Mystique - New Republic

Obama back to Montana - Friday in Great Falls

" Rasmussen Reports believes the race is over and that Barack Obama will be the nominee"

Obama/Clinton delegate total projection come June 4th

What does "Hillary" mean?

Gaffes we can all love: McCain's

Gaffes we can all love: McCain's

A Special Commentary

Do You REALLY Think That Clinton Will Drop Out? Really?

I'm just curious, are there any Obama supporters here in favor of seating FL/MI?

Obama's family.

HRC Planning For 2012 ??? - Hillary Clinton and the 'Told You So' Calculation - WaPo

Just bought 2 magnetic OBAMA bumper stickers....

I'm Getting Stoked! We Are Just Days Away From Barack Being The Nominee.

Obama and Hillary Supporters Not Really a Unity Thread

Why Hillary will never be President: She's amoral. Americans can sniff that out.

Clinton is staying in the race says a lot about Obama's electibility.

Obama considering Iraq visit

Polls in May and June are WORTHLESS

John McCain is using Fear to beg for money, This is a must READ

The Grammy Award-winning President of the United States

Poll: Will Hillary supporters be well-behaved at the Rules Committee meeting on Saturday?

Caucus states:

Caucus states:

I'm in the video, but just my back. I'm the one wearing magenta before they talk to Mayor Anderson

As the economy gets worse, how badly will this hinder Obama in the GE?

As the economy gets worse, how badly will this hinder Obama in the GE?


Hillary is wanting the rules committee to not seat all FL and MI delegates so she can appeal.....

McCain knows nothing about Iran

Obama Staffer's Lobbying Work Runs Counter to Candidate's Guidelines, Ethics Watchdogs Say

Rupert Murdoch: Obama will win

Hillary supporters: Should Hillary drop out if Obama breaks 2209 delegates?


Another reason to vote for Obama or Hillary and not take your vote hostage.

Abrams/Odonnel "Grilling" Clark on Obama VP

Rachel Maddow believes Hillary will take it to the convention

Regarding Michigan and Florida

If Clinton really believes she has or will win it

Privately, aides to both Clinton and Obama say they prefer to see the issue settled this weekend.

Obama Expects to Clinch Nomination Next Week; May Visit Iraq

I'm sick of hearing Obama can't beat McCain...

McCain supporters hate Kennedy. So...

I do not want Wes Clark anywhere NEAR an Obama ticket!!!!

Biggest question you will answer this week?

Biggest question you will answer this week?

OMG lamest talking point yet on Hillary and Michigan

The Clintons, fundraising, and super delegates. What's been going wrong?

Who can do the math to get to 2210?

Fox News electoral count analysis

We deputized 40 people to register people to vote tonight at the NEW Obama HQ in Madison

Come on. How embarrassing will it be if Obama gets the

Rupert Murdoch: Obama Is A "Rock Star," He'll Beat McCain

Get ready! On Saturday, Hillary brings more cowbell to the DNC rules committee meeting!

Hillary knows she has lost, but in Hillie-land, she has WON.

Poor Hillary. How dare Scott McClellan step all over her accusations of civil rights violations!

Obama's Coattails May Drive Record Black Turnout in House Races

dealing with bias- cognitivedissonance

Seat 50% super delegates from FL and MI. Seat FL pledged delegates 50% by vote, and 50% according

A shout out to all those who dropped out with GRACE !

Rupert Murdoch Says Obama Will Win

He is a rock star....

John McCain's Arab-American problem

Gore given 450,000% probability of winning 49 states (resulting in self-imposed exile of McBush3)

Florida Voter's (DiMaio) Lawsuit Dismissed

A balanced article on FL/MI

BUY SCOTT MCCLELLAN'S BOOK!!! If this is a best seller the Bush staffers will start writing more!!!

HILLARY, banana banana words words devil bunnies and presumptive nominee status

Interesting MI & FL Math: 50% cut and halving delegates NOT the same

now its "i've won the popular vote in primaries"

Obama Gaffes Intended to Appeal to Less Educated Clinton Voters

Don't tell me we may have another president who has trouble with bikes

Hillary (HRC campaign) in one word:

Check out this link, May 28, 2004 Kerry EV 327 Bush 211

May 31st - Hillary Brings People Power To The Shores of The DNC!

CNN LIVE: Florida Delegates Briefing (on NOW)

Edwards would be an awful pick for AG

Edwards would be an awful pick for AG

Bah. Should've known not to even bother asking.

While most presidents are lame duck in their last year, Bush* has senioritis like a college student

Obama's Magic Number is now actually 22 (under Hillary's rosy scenarion on FL/MI)

Obama's Magic Number is now actually 22 (under Hillary's rosy scenarion on FL/MI)

PREDICTION: Hillary Won't Drop Out After Obama Clinches

VP nominees don't mean shit.

Hillary has spent well over twice as much money as any failed primary candidate in history, plus

Who is your Favorite Unlikely Vice Presidential Running-Mate?

Who is your Favorite Unlikely Vice Presidential Running-Mate?

Team Clinton uncompromising before Saturday's delegate battle

Rush Limbaugh History Lesson: Jane Fonda shot down McCain's plane in Viet Nam!

A late season Clinton VP selection will cost us the General Election

Why does Obama believe he'll be the presumptive nominee next week? What does he know?

Latest poll shows McCain beats Obama in Michigan - but Obama wins if Clinton VP

Latest poll shows McCain beats Obama in Michigan - but Obama wins if Clinton VP

Fast Forward to AFTER the convention

After Saturday's RBC Ruling, Will Everyone STFU About FL and MI?

After Saturday's RBC Ruling, Will Everyone STFU About FL and MI?

WP Political Chat: "Undecideds..are just waiting for Clinton to drop out.

Flashback: John Kerry's Electoral Map 4 Years Ago Today, & Why Hillary's Current Map Is Meaningless.

I will support Hillary Clinton if the SD's decide she is the best candidate.

Carville Claims to Have Raised $30 Million for Michigan redo (Video)

*** RAWR *** I'm Angry ***

Pelosi vows to prevent fight at Dem convention

Hagel's wife - Obama supporter

Clinton has earned the VP spot

Clinton campaign in trouble for not paying Copyright dues!

When Obama Seals The Win Can I Start Listening To Elton John Again?

When Obama Seals The Win Can I Start Listening To Elton John Again?

When Obama Seals The Win Can I Start Listening To Elton John Again?

Why Michelle Obama is Barack's Rock

Moral High Ground versus Moral Low Ground

How about Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH) for VP??

Wesley Clark on Rove: "You gotta give the devil his due." eff you man.... eff you

If the Dems start impeachment hearings will * still be allowed to issue pardons?

"This race isn't over until ... Hillary says he's the winner "

Its mighty quiet in here today.

Obama Says He Will Be the Nominee Tuesday

Obama Says He Will Be the Nominee Tuesday

New Clinton campaign strategy brainstorming site!

(KOS) Counting all the votes, Obama still leads

Does Hillary actually want 100% of the MI delegates?

I'm FINE with Florida/Michigan giving their delegates a half vote. How about you?

The Gaping Wide Hole In Hillary's Excuse: Why Doesn't She Suspend Her Campaign?

The McCain Blowout Fallacy

Rasmussen Mississippi: Mccain 50 Obama 44 Mccain +6

Hillary supporters.....Quit wasting your posts on "Hillary Can Still Win It" garbage!

Great Moments in Conservative Punditry

Michelle Obama in Puerto Rico *Video inside*

For people who say they won't vote for Obama in the fall if he's the nominee..

AIPAC: No Boos, Please

Gallup 5/29/08 - Obama back up Double Digits and Hillary no Longer has Edge Vs. McCain

Why is it all over on Saturday?

Has anyone been paying attention to hillary's people...

I hate incomplete polls! Tonight I saw the Daily Show rightly skewer Hillary Clinton but,

One talking point dies: Gallup has Obama up on Clinton by double digits, finally leads McCain.

Please tell me you guys are watching Terry McAuliffe on MSNBC saying things

McCain ad features an Obama supporter?

I think, in the end, Al Gore should be made ambassador to the UN

Hillary's BFF (Rupert Murdoch) predicts Obama landslide in November

Obama/Paul Ticket

Cognitive Dissonance or What Clinton has to do to win

House Majority Whip James Clyburn to announce his superdelegate endorsement at 11 a.m. ET 6/3

"House Majority Whip to Endorse Tuesday at 11 AM!"

Clinton Backers: DNC committee does not have to listen to the lawyers

I think little of the Hagel or Paul for VP threads, but I might consider Snowe, Collins, or Specter

why the "best candidate to beat mccain in november" argument is bogus

Can you picture Hillary Clinton enthusiastically campaigning for Barack Obama?

Can you picture Hillary Clinton enthusiastically campaigning for Barack Obama?

CNBC: Rupert Murdoch might endorse Obama

The case for unity.

Grandpa McCain NEVER READ the Iraq NIE prior to voting for IWR!

Their birthdays.

Today's non-stop coverage of McClellan's book shows another reason why Hillary can't be our nominee

What's it about this primary that's sending good people off the deep-end?


Win a date with Hillary? Donate and Hook Up?

FOX News Suggests Oprah’s Drop In Viewership Due To Her

FOX News Suggests Oprah’s Drop In Viewership Due To Her

FOX News Suggests Oprah’s Drop In Viewership Due To Her

WP Political Chat: "the super-delegates are not paying attention to {Clinton} anymore"

(Pew) Poll: Obama has clear national lead over Clinton - AP

I want an explanation from Hillary supporters about Harold Icke's involvement with the DNC decision

Want to see a sudden shift in attitudes towards the Clintons?

Intelligent life found on Mars!

I have TWO WORDS for anyone trashing Senator Clinton for staying in to the end.

Republican Rasmussen poll has McCain up only by 6 in Mississippi

Matthew 7:3

May 28, 2004

What will be the excuse when the superdelegates state their intentions and Hillary still loses?

better off with the GOP on sexism?

better off with the GOP on sexism?

So, it's Obama's fault??

Hillary needs 44% in each of the three remaining contests to WIN this thing!

FUCK the rules. Let's have the first primary for 2012 next year, right after the inauguration

GOP senator's wife donates to Obama (Hagel) - AP

Don't make me stop this thread and go over there!

Senator Obama should agree to a full seating of MI/FL as is

If Senator McCain now feels that it is necessary to visit Iraq to be Commander in Chief -

Wow, youth and minority turnout is huge so far!

Nancy Pelosi is the new Katherine Harris!

Hillary is so concerned that every vote is counted. WHERE WAS SHE IN '04 WHEN WE FOUGHT IN OH

Murdoch predicts Obama wins in a landslide

THE LATEST MATH... (now includes Mich and Fla!)

For people who say they won't vote for Obama..

Obama laying the ground work for a very effective campaign against McCain

May 28, 2004. Electoral Polls show Kerry wins the electorate 327 - 211

GREAT article about Obama's toughness in Chicago. We definitely have a strong Democratic nominee!

GREAT article about Obama's toughness in Chicago. We definitely have a strong Democratic nominee!

MIRVS delivered at the WH... I am still debating whether this is a

MIRVS delivered at the WH... I am still debating whether this is a

The silence is deafening.

Hulk Reply

Anyone else think that the HRC campaign is angered by the timing of McClellan's book?

What party would a Clinton Lieberman ticket be?

I wouldn't want to see Obama visit Iraq, at this point in time, BUT...

First names for $400, Alex: Barack, related to hebrew Baruch, means this...

Clyburn to Endorse Tuesday

Bill Clinton: "It is time for the party leadership to unite behind his candidacy"

Michigan: Obama falls behind McCain; Bob Beckel says: No Way.

Disaster Looms for Democrats

"And based on EVERY analysis of EVERY bit of reasearch, and EVERY poll that's been taken...

Obama expects to clinch nomination next week

Obama expects to clinch nomination next week

Why is it fair to strip 50% of the votes from the voters, not just the SDs in MI/FL

"Clintonian triangulation" - more Republican than the Republicans

Winning Conservative Rural voters requires understanding and appreciation.

So much fuss here! Hillary is not going to become a bag lady

What is Hillary Clinton Hiding?

How I would love to hear Senator Obama respond to Grandpa McCain re: visiting Iraq.

The truth about what Hillary is doing.

Who is this Obama supporter? hint' Storm

Barack is 44

The Rebublicans took half-delegations, so there should be no outcry over half delegations from us.

An appeal to my fellow Obama supporters.

CNN: Obama's medical records released

Any Dem is better than four more years of this

Rachel extremist? What next!?

Rules & Bylaws Committee: "What's important for us is to maintain the integrity of the process."

Mr. Kitchell, Obama's Great-Uncle and a RW Blogger: A Tale of Being Owned

Losing general election after convention floor fight? (link needed)

Latest Obama v. Clinton poll numbers. He wins in every category.

I'm little baffled as to how Obama isn't doing better in Michigan GE polls

This primary sucks...

I'M PISSED!!!! NOW THAT A RIGHT WING Shill says Bush LIED, the Media is AMAZED!

Gallup Daily: Obama Back Up By Double-Digits

Is Obama a Christian?

Are superdelegates Obama's only chance to win the nomination?

Who Would Belittle a Genocidal War for Political Gain?

Day in Delegates: Obama 2 to 1

This summer Obama should take a good will tour to Europe

"Democrats Win Landslide Victory"

For the good of the nation, this must end now.

So She May Go On...Where Will She Get The Money?

So - What EXACTLY Are You Fighting For?

Has anyone ever compiled a list of excuses for people who watch/listen to MSM?

Wanna drive the Repiggies absolutely nuts?

Reminder: Scott McClellan on Keith tonight. Could be explosive.

Clinton will release her medical records if Kinko's takes I.O.U.'s.

HOWTO: Instantly spot GD:P flamebait... *** PICS ***

What should John McCain's GE slogan be?

*** SD ENDORSEMENT - 2nd today for Obama *** only 43 more needed

"MI, FL delegates should be counted" Help out here please...

"MI, FL delegates should be counted" Help out here please...

White women cold toward Obama

White women cold toward Obama

Wasserman Schultz: We didn't violate the rules, Does she ever STOP & listen to herself??

Blame? Clinton need only look in her mirror


What will Hillary do once it finally becomes CRYSTAL clear to everyone

Modified Churchill quote

THAT explains it!

Hillary Clinton = All women everywhere. Barack Obama = All black people everywhere.

R. Maddow: She WILL take it to the convention. She MUST to fully seat MI and FL!

Obama will look like a stagehand next to McCain?!

Do You Think Obama Will Simultaneously Announce His VP And Announce Hillary As WH Special Counsel?

Hillarious new reason to not vote for Obama

Did you know that there's a British-Fascist coup against Hillary?

Aw jeez, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on Hardball. Again. The GOP's best friend.

Did I see the MSNBC streamer correctly? Chuck Hagel's wife gave twice to Obama.

Hillary Clinton's post primary schedule

***Super Delegate Update *** Obama +1 new magic number 44

The war is not the only issue, and Chuck Hagel does not belong in a Democratic Administration

Just now on CNN, Dobbs Show - 3 Pundits concur IT IS OVER FOR CLINTON

Serious tin-foil hat theory here--about Obama becoming the nominee.

Most members of Congress do go to Iraq periodically, and yes, we the taxpayers pay for it.

WARNING! "Barack Obama’s most important radical connection", "the largest radical group in America"!


Questions for Hillary Supporters

Will Hillary drop out shortly after June 3rd, or will she take this to the convention?

Will Hillary drop out shortly after June 3rd, or will she take this to the convention?

One man's problem with Obama 'He's a Muslim, and I don't like what his pastor says'

I'm sorry, but Clinton's argument that she's ahead in 'primary delegates' is UTTERLY SHAMELESS.

18 Things I've Learned from Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Hillary CLinton has clearly said that caucuses do not count. Do you agree or disagree?

Hillary CLinton has clearly said that caucuses do not count. Do you agree or disagree?

Pelosi says that if she has to, she'll intervene and prevent a showdown at the convention

Shallow Post Alert! Post your ugliest and dreamiest tickets!

More bad news for Hillary....

Fox Noise pundit: "Standing next to McCain, Obama will look like a stagehand"

The Florida and Michigan delegates must be seated!

Carville: Obama will win General Election

Superdelegates are Obama's only chance to win the nomination.

*** More VP Candidates (quit suggesting them!) ***

Hillary Clinton: Playing the Bush Jr role in 2000 theft of the election

Hillary Clinton: Playing the Bush Jr role in 2000 theft of the election

Since Obama Is Taking The Day Off... (Pics)

Clinton on South Dakota Trail Hails McCain’s Travel to Iraq

Hillary to throw tantrum and stomp feet at convention.

God Bless Richard Nixon, George W, Bush, and Barack Obama

Gallup Tracking POLL: Obama back up by double-digits over Hillary (52/42), Takes lead over McSame

Gallup Tracking POLL: Obama back up by double-digits over Hillary (52/42), Takes lead over McSame

2012: Should people be able to vote at any time of day to choose the Democratic nominee?

Here's Obama's Medical Records. Is Hillary Going to Release Hers?

Two early memories from this primary

Sooo...Barack Obama is going to Iraq. Are WE paying for this?

Re: DU behavior. Here are 3 responses from DUer The Magistrate which I think are excellent.

Donations to Obama for America MATCHED!

Hey everybody... can we have a NICE thread in here for a change?

Cynthia McKinney Close to Clinching Green Party Nomination

I want to dedicate my 1000th post to Senator Obama

I want to dedicate my 1000th post to Senator Obama

Who's going to the DNC Rules & Bylaws meeting this weekend?

Has Everyone Seen The Greatest PWNAGE Ever? (Obama's Uncle)

A Gaffe Riot! ---pix--->>>


I think Clyburn may be a very smart man

Rupert Murdoch calls Obama a “Rock Star”, says he’ll beat McCain

Rupert Murdoch calls Obama a “Rock Star”, says he’ll beat McCain

Hillary Needs To Stop Dividing the Party. Now.

Michelle Obama: "Fear is the reason this country is where it is today. Fear is a useless emotion"

Michelle Obama: "Fear is the reason this country is where it is today. Fear is a useless emotion"

Men for Obama. Check in here.

I was going to stay awake until...

The Memo: A Preliminary Prediction for the Rules Committee

The Memo: A Preliminary Prediction for the Rules Committee

THE MATH Daily Widget – Thursday, May 29 – Wigand +0.74 – Total -13.70

MSNBC BURNING QUESTION: Is Scott McClellan Endangering the COUNTRY?

MSNBC BURNING QUESTION: Is Scott McClellan Endangering the COUNTRY?

Reid Also ready to Shut it Down: Coordinates with Dean & Pelosi

Clinton Sends Letter To Superdelegates

Name 3 Repukes who should be in O's cabinet

Name 3 Repukes who should be in O's cabinet

For all her whining about FL and MI, Hillary doesn't mind disenfranchising me

OMG! Ferraro strikes again.

Bill Clinton was utterly and totally unelectable nationally in May of 1992

Hillary's going to take it to the convention.

If Obama was polling at 20 percent in California right now, would you suggest we drop him?

If Hillary does not go quietly into the night, her fall from grace will be historic..

How come no one is putting Edwards' pledged delegates into Obama's total?

Oh MY! GOP stepping in: Sen. Arlen Specter may hold hearings against DNC

Heads up: R&BC meeting will be live on C-SPAN 9:30am (EDT)

"Assuming Obama gets the nod"

Obama Statement on Army Suicide Report

This post won't make me any friends, but I have to say it. I would have supported Hillary if....

How old are you?

Ambinder: Obama's First 100 Days

Here's how Intrade stands today on Barack/McCain/Hill:

Schweitzer's (gov, MT) VP prospects just went up....

Hillary has to be out of her cotton picking mind if..

DU is (supposedly) an anti-war website. So let's support the anti-war candidate!

I think the McCain camp is trying to set Obama up (re the challenge to visit Iraq)

"I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND..." I've said this more in the last 4 months...

GD-Primaries Sucks.

Why don't HIllary and her supporters protest George Bush? like when he vetoed SCHIP?

Obama played hardball in first Chicago campaign

Hillary Clinton is playing by the rules. She is losing by them.

Full Letter from Michigan Dems to DNC Members SLAMMING Them for Hypocrisy

McCain is a shame and a liar, also unintelligent

Who attacks who?

Barack Obama's Iraq Speech

Check out Obama's Homepage....

Hillary: The latest cartoons from the nation's newspapers!

A Lifelong Republican ...

Another Day, Another Lie (or False Accusation of...)

Top Michigan Democrats Ask DNC To Seat Full Delegation, Note Hypocrisy on New Hampshire Dels

Oh, snap!! WWII vets just SLAMMED the RW swiftboaters against Obama's great uncle!!!

Sexiest Democrat?

Obama's Ruthlessness?

Read it and weep, Hillary fans. Obama ahead in all major polling sources.

Let's All Party Like It's 1932 -- The Obama Option

Let's All Party Like It's 1932 -- The Obama Option

Irony alert! Clinton touts her fiscal responsibility to South Dakota Voters

Obama people, will you please STOP pecking at the Hillary people!

Hillary Supporters, please read (and respond)

Senator Obama confirms our speculation - Next week is the final chapter

Anyone need a ride from Boston area to DC Rally? Leaving late 5/30 returning

Get Your Daily Clinton Talking Points Here - Before They're Posted !!

Hillary is free to continue through to the Dem Convention, but why?

Mark Madden -"I Always Hoped Ted Kennedy Would Be Assassinated"

Donald Sutherland: Hillary's Popular Vote Notion only 'Popular' with the Punditocracy

Hillary can't drop out because she has no future in NY after losing African Americans

I live in an inner city GHETTO

To win the GE, Obama needs Kerry states plus these four states---IA, NM, NV, CO---or OH (Updated)

Wow, someone gave me a star! Thank You!

Dearest President Bush,

Wow! The DC Village must have some seriously good Kool-Aid.

Scotty Mc is going to be on Keith tomorrow

caption time

DNC lawyers say FL and MI must forfeit "at least half their delegates".. not half vote for each.

Sign of the Times

"As if he could spell Greatness"

Veterans seek help at homeless shelter

McCain Voted With Bush 100% of the Time

I can't wait for Jon Stewart to go after Scotty

Puerto Rico. any poll numbers to report?

Democratic Chimperialism (photo)

What will Joe Lieberman DO . . . . (that even John McCain will not) ?

NY Times: New York Begins to Alter Policy on Gay Marriage

"Guam media director arrested on arrival from Manila" (from Air America) (Not Drobny)

Clinton did not raise 10mil in 24 hours: FEC reports-THEY LIED

Pat Buchanan's head is exploding.

Air America - Money Laundering - Evan Cohn?

One for the end of the road? Merry Clinton knocks back whisky on campaign plane (Pics0

Rachel Ray...Domestic Terrorist? Scarf-gate!

New York Begins to Alter Policy on Gay Marriage

Not so strange company .......

NoraODonnel & All msRnc all verklept over Scott/"traitor"

McCain, (you're) not Moses. We don't want to wander in the desert for 40 years

I will not buy little snottyscottie's book. But I'll read what's posted here.

Bulk Reply

The smearing campaign against Scotty in in full throttle

Bush thought the great upheaval of war would lead to a transformation...


The "media" critiquing itself?? Give me a break.

KO leads with McClennan's claim that bush could not remember whether he used cocaine

Larry Craig plans to pen a book, will discuss arrest "turmoil"

Anyone Remember Phil Dononhue's show on MSNBC ?

Certain Hillary posters here continue posting-without evidence-that Obama has run a sexist campaign.

If we impeach one, does the wedding dress get thrown in for free?

Obama's IWR speech will be used against him before November.

Brand new poll to vote on and watch. Scottie's book

Fascist Ari Fleischer spinning spinning spinning!!

Protests link Bush to McCain, urge end to war in Iraq

Countdown Launches New Site

I think maybe we blame the MSM too much.

Dana Perino, unhinged.....Pt. XI

Who is giving McClellan the speaker's dais?

Ari on Anderson Cooper now.....9:13 PM CST

Judge Jury and Executioner.....what we call VIGILANTEism

Shreddin' the Oldies: Test Security and Ticker Tape Parades

I found a picture here today that is awesome

Where California's Economy Has Gotten Us - Teacher Stikes

Where California's Economy Has Gotten Us - Teacher Stikes

Which minority is next?

I find it interesting that KO will do the first scottie cable interview!

Nightline: The Thrift Shop and Yard Sale business is growing

McClellan is basically indicting the MSM for "enabling"

Seen on a bumper sticker this morning:

Open Letter to Katie Couric

U.S. Commander: Iran War Would Be 'Disastrous'

Long but fascinating video:

Long but fascinating video:

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

There was a request to DU a poll on flag burning at the Green Bay Press Gazette on 5/18

Remember Ashleigh Banfield's 2003 critique of war coverage?

Send questions for McClellan

All of a sudden I am reading a strong meme emerging - Holding Bush Responsible.

Waterboarding children

I Have Two Words For The Media Defending Their Conduct: Ashleigh Banfield...

Catapulting the Propaganda.

British PM warns of global oil 'shock'

Bin Laden Brother's Ambitious Bridge Project

Who Illegal Immigration Really Hurts

Katie Couric argues the networks were not aggressive enough

Does anyone else not care what Scott McClellan says?

DU is (supposedly) a Progressive website. So let's support the most progressive candidate!

CNN's Jessica Yellin said that corporate MSM execs pressured reporters to not report on Iraq claims

Update E-mail From The Great Congressman Wexler: Hold Bush/Cheney Accountable

Judge in FL delegates case: "I don't live in a cave"

Much more to FL and MI debacles than meet the eye.

Congress Probes 'Witch Hunts' - Siegelman, Diaz, Minor, Rove GOP/DOJ Corruption Coverage Continues

UK - Secret files reveal 1968 fears

Countdown with Keith Olberman's New Web Site:

UK soldier gets no lump-sum comp because the "wrong" people bombed him

AP: Nevada's first lady says husband (R) has a girlfriend

Soldier From Vermont Dies In Iraq

The Whitehouse Bubble exploding

Photo ID requirement and the College Vote

you know how rattled the white house is by the sheer number of bu$h* defenders out there

GMA: (ABC) McClellan says bush was HIGH on COCAINE in 2000!!

Soros Mania

Condi on McClellan--haven't read the book, but I can disagree anyway...

Condi on McClellan--haven't read the book, but I can disagree anyway...

OPEC says oil costs too much

From Rep. Wexler: Impeachment Update / Scott McClellan's Revelations

McCain wants nuclear talks with China, Russia - Appeaser

McLellan: "Bush's Grandpoppy was banker-enabler to Hitler and the Nazis."

White women cold towards Obama

Just remember this folks...

Gut superbug causing more illnesses, deaths

A question about oil...

Obama needs to SLAM McCain over his "you need to visit Iraq" remark

A quiz for US citizens only

Dan Bartlett is nothing more than a flaming asshole

Independent UK: Falling out with the President: the devious world of George Bush

It's the polls, stupid!

Scotty LIVE on NBC TodayShow now...

Press release about McClellan's book, November 20, 2007

Lee Terry (idiot R Ne)has plan for energy independence

This story about the Rockefellers and Exxon is truly extraordinary..

This story about the Rockefellers and Exxon is truly extraordinary..

Xenophobia and Anti-Gay Legislation Galore: What's the Matter with Oklahoma?

The Similar Governing Philosophies of George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein

MCM: Network Execs Killed Critical White House Stories

Mia Farrow's nephew dies in Iraq....

McCain, Gramm, the Farm Bill, and sustaining high gas prices

McCain's surrendering strawman..

Larry Craig to write book on experiences in past year ("a look at a dysfunctional Congress")

Downing Street Memo, Scott McClellan and MSM

"We’re all quite a bit shocked, Matt..."

Despite McClellan criticism, network anchors still refuse to re-evaluate their own complicity

Toles comes up with a better title for Scotty's book


Will the Corporate Media now do its job and investigate the media or at least own

ABC Execs killed critical White House stories, reporter charges

I always expected colin powell to write a tell all book, wonder if he ever will?

Program Note: McClellan is on C-SPAN's Washington Journal Friday morning at 7:30 am ET

Two Tales of "utter fiction", Today in Bush History

John McCain Using "Vets For Freedom" Talking Points To Attack Obama

A fuel cost calculator compliments of wonderful Governor Janet Napalitano.

McCain Fundraiser Sued Over Iraq Fuel Contracts

Prediction: Pres. McCain will allow cabinet secretaries to be lobbyists

Received this email from a friend. Yet another excuse for this pathetic war.'s long

What are we missing?

I filled up yesterday for $3.89 a gallon

***BREAKING*** Chicago Taxi Jumps Curb. Two Pedestrians Injured.

McClellan: Hadley admitted responsibility for false Iraq claims, said he would resign.»

Scott is being SAVAGED.Rethugs street fight. Dems are not allowed to, must be NOBLE & tie hands/feet

Americans first claimed the victims were killed in an operation planned and led by Iraqi troops, but

It isn't McClelland that the press should be asking questions ?

Bob Dole was hilarious on CSPAN the other day..

Does anyone look or act more "Puzzled" than John McDitto?

Mika: "I'm going to miss him (Shrub). He's a good, sweet man."

Worried about high gas prices? Omar L Branch isn't.

McClelland puzzled over *'s puzzlement over war question

CSPIN - fascinating talk by Kevin Phillips,

Fox and Friends’ Carlson warns McClellan: He ‘better not have any skeletons in his closet.’

America's Disdain for Science

Bush is using Scotty to cover his own ass and sell everyone else down the river.

Freepers: The "rat pimps" have a hold on "young runaway farm girl" Scott McClellan

Did you know that the Equal Rights Amendment is still around?

How many times has McCain gone to Iraq? And he is still clueless about the war

DU should send David Gregory "dead flowers"

OMG! Comcast Is Down!

It isn't June yet but here we go - tropical storm

Brokaw on evening news tries to explain why MSM didn't do it's job during 'get IRAQ' drum beat.

Hating Hillary

It's Been A Long Time Since I Thought Much About ANWR - Do I Have The Basics Right?

Judiciary Committee Willing To Arrest Rove If He Doesn't Testify

Judiciary Committee Willing To Arrest Rove If He Doesn't Testify

Let's drill more oil -- but do it differently

Plan Mexico: Plan Colombia Heads North

For those old enough to remember the first Dick and his Watergate - the arc of

Brokaw on evening news tries to explain why MSM didn't do it's job during 'get IRAQ' drum beat.

Bloomberg: GM Will Cut 10,000 More Jobs, Speed Shift to Cars, People Say

*'s motorcade leaves a fundraising function (ROFL - check out the yard sign) - pic

Bill Scher: When Insurance Companies Control Your Choices

Sex, drugs, rock and politics: Woodstock festival gets a museum

They think Rachel Ray's a terrorist? Who wants lunatics like that running our national security?

McClatchy: Military insurance falls short on mental health care

George Monbiot, the journalist and activist on Thom Hartman today.

What DOES this administration have to do in order to be removed from office?

Colombia, , Madgalena River area, flooding - big job losses

Former prostitute says: "I knew Scott better than any other WH correspondent or Washington reporter"

"Cars, front yards, and dog houses - all underwater." Alabama

Fundies and their Victimization Syndrome: This time in Ramsey County, Minnesota.....

Anybody read Scott McClellan's new book yet?

In light of McClellan's book, when will Congress investigate real reasons for Iraq War?

6.1 Mag Earthquake hits Iceland...

preparing for the heat

VA Secretary: Vets’ Concerns About PTSD Are ‘Overblown’

There are major radioactive messes at virtually all the national nuclear laboratories

Bush: "The most powerful weapon in our arsenal is the power of freedom"

Ari Fleischer always wears a Flag Pin

Did anyone catch McClellan on The Today Show? I missed it.

Y'ever notice that snakes always look like they're smiling?

You just can't win with these assholes: Gas prices keep climbing even as oil prices drop

Senate hears testimony fingering big investors for speculation-driven rises in commodity prices.

Yeeessss! Exactly!

The reviews on Amazon's #1 bestseller are coming in!

Marines To Wage War In Indianapolis

Law of (un)intended consequences?

Flag pins, Republicans, hypocrisy and cowboy hats

New York to recognize gay marriages

New York Times comes Clean in Tomorrow's paper after the Scotty Book!!!

Remember Fitz stated he was "suspending" the Plame case?

Another large tornado outbreak expected today in Upper Midwest and Central Plains

Playing soldier By Garrison Keillor

Will a 16 year old science fair winner save us all from plastic pollution?

"Freedom Fries" destroys their defense about lying us into war

Corporate Executives Pressured Journalists on Iraq

Colonial Christian Imperialism in Fallujah?

We taxpayers pay for Bush’s campaigning - Today’s Headlines 5/29/08

We're winning in Iraq!

ABC teaming up with Homeland Security for new reality show

Wow. John McCain doesnt Even Try to Explain Away him missing a vote on an Environment Bill.

Will impeachment proceedings commence and will Bush be impeached?

Movement Conservatives Backstab McCain

If we really want to win, we'll need to supplement our current strategies

Monkeys Move Robotic Arms With Their Minds

Does anyone else have a Comcast email account

Change? To what? From what?

Remember the Alamo, and the Gulf of Tonkin, and “Mushroom clouds.”

Perhaps Scott McClellan Wants To Be The Central Figure In Impeachment

A word about my dumbass, Bush-supporting, relatives

**McCain did NOT read Oct. 2002 Iraq NIE- and he wants to tutor Obama on national security?

Laurence O'Donnell spanks Pat Buchanan bigtime

Judge rejects local anti-immigrant ordnance (TX)

Panel OKs science class add-ons

DU has gotten weird just look @ this post

Katie Couric just upticked a rung in my book. She just mea culpaed on 2003 war coverage

Obama "deeply disappointed" in Father Michael Pfleger. Pfleger apologizes.

Sorry -- I Couldn't Help Myself. I Couldn't Leave Scott McClellan On Ignore (Mary Lyon)

Rush Limbaugh explained Scott McClellan's actions to me today.

DNC should have it's own countdown clock

A note from Maxine Waters

Dick Gregory - no, the majority of you MSM people did not do your job...

MSNBC: McClellan is a "Turncoat"

"The Clintons recognize the skill Rove has brought to politics and admire his craft..."

Sept 11 prosecutors expect criticism over evidence obtained using torture but it won't deter them

Caption this pic of Prez at Air Force Academy Graduation

The most important news of the day is on MSBNC right now!

So, turns out, ABC covered for Bush

Republican bullets

39 days since NYT exposed Pentagon's domestic TV propaganda program using retired generals...

Jennifer Lopez Gives a BJ?

Online, I saw the headline "Exclusive Interview with Chimp Illuminating." and thought, "What could

Have you done anything different, because of the rise in gas prices?

Scotty McClellan is going to save our country!

Bugliosi and Parry on McLellan and What Happened

I hate the phrase, "a time of war." It gave media and others the out they needed to not do their

Does going to Iraq matter?

Heard Somebody On A Cable News Show This A.M. Saying Scotty's Book Will Be Forgotten By Next Week...

Why now, Scott?

If you are racist, don't read this!

Yes he does look like a monkey!

Hahahahaha, what a difference 8 years makes

Warning! Do not Install Windows SP3 on AMD based Computers

PHOTO: In Colorado Springs, The Decider becomes the Chest Thumper: "You grad-gee-ay-ted, Stretch!"

YouTube law fight 'threatens net'

if u heard Ed Schultz today on satellite what was th Web address of the Fuel device he talked about

Is it me or does it seem like more and more Progressive Christians are coming out?

So, when Bush is gone...

Bush 'plans Iran air strike by August' (Asia Times Front Page)

Please crawl back under the rock you came out from.

"Jolly gene giant" - My Summer Reading

Pentagon Welfare Queens Begging for More Handouts

71 is the new 30

Video: Brokaw on book’s claim press ‘enabled’ Bush

Costco Q3 earnings top estimates!

How do you post a youtube video here?

People who believe weird things...believe in Bush

Link to video's put together by Brave New Films. They played

So how many DUers are surprised by what McClellan is saying?

just saw scotty's today show appearance on youtube....

Marc Maron is on today and Friday AAR 3pm-6pm....NOW

Gay Rights and What it means

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Snort Coke and Play Golf

All the teevee talking heads are saying that they are puzzled

Thank to my anonymous DU Donor who generously gave me a star.

I know this is petty but...

The "Surprised" spin on McClellan

HEADLINE: Condoleezza Rice REJECTS McClellan allegations about Bush

Mina Carpenter of slams "liberal blogs" on MSNBC

Answer: “No, I fired him five years ago… He’s crazy.”

The mainstream media...

CNN's Jessica Yellin Calls out MSNBC for their Pre-War Reporting

CNN's Jessica Yellin Calls out MSNBC for their Pre-War Reporting

Gingrich Quips Bush Should Have Allowed Some 'Reminder' Attacks

Scotty gets a wish come true

Scotty gets a wish come true

Larry Craig to give blow by blow account of this past year in a memoir

Stepen Colbert really handled Tony Perkins

Homosexual “marriage” is rebellion against man’s biological limits

For You: Dissenters and Resisters Swimming Upstream...

NYT: LA # 2 for lowest per capita carbon footprint

NYT: LA # 2 for lowest per capita carbon footprint

NYT: LA # 2 for lowest per capita carbon footprint

This is nothing but revenge for Snotty Scotty

Just saw "Recount"

How to reduce the friction here at DU

John Fitzgerald Kennedy would have turned 91 today ...

Finally! CIA releases several documents on their use of torture.

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose Last Week to 372,000 in Signal Labor Market Weakening

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Rose Last Week to 372,000 in Signal Labor Market Weakening

High food prices here to stay?

Dean Baker: The Meltdown Lowdown

bush went to war based on his gut...

Did everyone read Candorville this sunday

Cornered animals are deadly dangerous

Photo: Jenna & Henry's Hawaiian Honeymoon

So... Do you think Faux Noise will crumble when Obama is Pres?

Newsman VS Clown

That's a lot but, WE NEED MORE!

TORTURE; George W. bUsh's "family values"

Dalai Lama’s 18 rules for living

Obama to Iraq . . . ? This scare anyone else . . ???

LOL Today's word of the day is:

Don't sunbath or nap on train tracks.

What do you think Jon Stewart will do for material . . .

I really need to go to Iraq, otherwise I guess I can't make an informed

Alien Video To Be Revealed To Media Tomorrow, Man Claims

Iraqis Claim Marines Are Pushing Christianity In Fallujah

McCain Keeps Saying That The Americans Want To Win In Iraq.....

hey mccain, i have never been to iraq and my opinion is as valid as yours

He's Back for a 3rd Term

Can anyone find ANY mention of McBoosh's UBS Lobbyist issue

Where are all the tankers? Is it REALLY fog?

You wanna talk about bad judgment? **This** is bad judgment.

You wanna talk about bad judgment? **This** is bad judgment.

Taming Bra Bounce

I have started a new business: a Political Auto Repair Shop

Have you planted a garden to combat high food prices?

Fuck EVERY DAMNED "Reporter" Covering The Scottie Book

andrea mitchell is implying that mcclellan's book was written by his publisher

Strong earthquake shakes Iceland

second earthquake in Iceland today (earlier one was 6.1 mag)

So Scotty did it for the money, huh? They're forgetting....

What propaganda? I don't see any propaganda, do you?

Deleted by poster as duplicate:

Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007

Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007

Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007

Obama: Most Liberal Senator In 2007

Anyone have a quote from Helen Thomas regarding her buddy Scott's revelations?

William Jefferson. Remember him?

Dr. William F. Pepper will be on Jeff Farias TONIGHT.

Dr. William F. Pepper will be on Jeff Farias TONIGHT.

Who will Nader whom more?

Many Nebraskans (1/3) skip health care to save cost

In defense of Scott McClellan by Alex Koppelman, Salon Article

Four day work week gets boost as a way to save on gasoline.

Marines bringing combat training to Indy

You want a rigid adherence to the rules? THIS is what you get.

If Obama was a white candidate in the same position this race would be OVER!!!!

The salad I bought at the grocery store cost me 2 dollars more than a month ago.

Who watched Gregory and Matthews..already.. What did you think?

A little respect, please.

Main characteristic of a Lapdog: selective memory.....some examples of how completely

Fox's answer to McClellen - another anti obama Pastorgate

The Way Cheney Deals With Bad Press Secretaries... [PIC] FUNNY!

Kirk Douglas and his wife have dedicated their 400th school playground

Lieberman stands with controversial pastor (Hagee)

Mike Turk Former Bush Aide: McClellan is Getting Ripped For Telling the Truth

Soldier wasn't Steve McQueen but was a hero to this grandson BY TOM SHATEL

Stopping the War Machine: Military Recruiters Must Be Confronted, By Ron Kovic

This is NOT a joke! The Psycho Wing has accused Rachel Ray of being sympathetic to terrorists

McPain is Hurting...Scottys book, his own lobby troubles, his brain on slow,

Tell them Rachel

Michael Moore's reaction to McClellen's character crucifiction:

Michael Moore's reaction to McClellen's character crucifiction:

Michael Moore's reaction to McClellen's character crucifiction:

Michael Moore's reaction to McClellen's character crucifiction:

AOL Poll - Who Do You Find More Credible and What Is The Primary Reason

Remember a while back, we were all mocking Snotty Scotty over Jeff Guckert?

Army suicides reach two-decade high

Mississippi Senate: Ronnie Musgrove(D) with small lead over Roger Wicker 47% to 46%.

Even Bill O runs out of reasons to oppose gay marriage. Great clip

BWAHAH a new right wing nutbag word for our dictionary...IMPREACH

Newsweek: Bush's own spokesman is acknowledging his error on Iraq. Why can't the media?

Is there anything this most corrupt administration could do to surprise you anymore

Guardian UK: Confidence in the (British) economy evaporates

Did George Bush Authorize Plame Leak?

Texas Army base (Fort Bliss) raises its drinking age to 21

Regarding Scott McClellan

Aipac Instructs Delegates To Stay ‘Positive’

To those in this country surprised by McClellan's book

Women For Obama - Check in here please

Women For Obama - Check in here please

Xenophobia and Anti-Gay Legislation Galore: What's the Matter with Oklahoma?

Single mother of 8, pays rent on time, getting evicted....

VOICES of the Canadian Holocaust

Can a naturalized VP become President if something happens?

They Are Saying That Scotty Did This For The Money - I Think He Did It.......

Barak Obama's Defense Budget

David Gregory, You IGNORED leaders who said "Do NOT rush to war.'

John McCain has never been to the moon..

Code Pink: Women for Peace is an anti-war group that started in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq.

What’s it like to be multiracial in America

well-documented, tragic and -- especially if you’re paranoid -- terrifying facts

Military confirms a Marine gave Bible verses to Iraqi Muslims

John McCain's Daughter wears the same scarf as Rachel Ray

Andrea Mitchell is certifiably crazy

Sen. Larry "Wide-Stance" Craig (R-Notgay) bobblehead on E-bay. Current high bid is $102.50

Bush's cocaine accusations trumps Clinton's weed use!

David Sirota on next hour with Rachel. nt

Pelosi: "This war is a big lie. It was a lie to begin with..and it continues to be a lie"

blowin shit up in iraq

blowin shit up in iraq

Assuming the Democrat wins the general election

MSNBC Poll: Do you believe Bush misled us into Iraq war?

Senate Foreign Relations Comm. Hearing on Pakistan last week (GAO, Negroponte)

Senate Foreign Relations Comm. Hearing on Pakistan last week (GAO, Negroponte)

Uncontacted tribe photographed near Brazil-Peru border

What do you think of this car dealership ad? (Non-Christians should "sit down and shut up").

What do you think of this car dealership ad? (Non-Christians should "sit down and shut up").

LOOP says tankers canceled deliveries last week

These people are loyal to the President, not we the people or the US Constitution.

Anti-Bush rally in Salt Lake City (* is there for Mc* fundraiser) - pics

National Day of Protest Against Health Insurance Corporations: June 19th!

More Health Insurance Will Not Solve Our Health Care Woes

Larisa Alexandrovna: Shiksa Malkin Stars In Scarf Wars

Karl Rove Screws Up, Accidently Emailed 500 Deleted Emails to Reporter

Karl Rove Screws Up, Accidently Emailed 500 Deleted Emails to Reporter

I think we are supposed to believe and have faith in our President.

What "Healthy" person has one hundred and fifty pages a year of medical records ?

Not sure how to even title this, other than 'a TSS rant/observation on life and politics'

Guerrilla gardener movement takes root in L.A. area: Planting on land they don't own

What's with Martha Radditz..

David Corn: Foreclosure Phil (Gramm)

Criminal sexual psychopath

Criminal sexual psychopath

Marines in Iraq forcing Christian propaganda on Iraqis

6.1 quake in Iceland, just on MSNBC

Query: Why are the talking heads saying Scott McClellan's book will be out Monday....

Reporters are admitting ON AIR that they were pressured in 2003

If Obama loses Michigan in the fall, is there any shot for him to win?

Why I think Sen. Obama should consider Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana for V.P.

Scottie McClellen has proved 9/11 was NO inside operation

Street fighting years: Tariq Ali recounts 1968 -- must see teevee

I think the GOP is getting depressed about McCain (surfing AM Radio)

Extremely BAD oil and gasoline inventory report...

Hitler Aides "Puzzled," "Saddened" by von Stauffenberg Assassination Attempt

How The Italian Police Blew The Lid Off Bushco's Practice Of "Extraordinary Rendition"

John McCain got really, really, really lucky yesterday...thanks to McClellan...

Tornado watch, severe weather predicted NE, CO, SD, IA tonite, and a REALLY cool map

Scott McClellan to spend entire book advance on Security

Missouri town refuses to let couple move in to thier new house because they aren't married.

This is our president: Chest Bumps to greet cadets?

Scott Mcclellan's Favorite Song

"Jersey Girl" Lorie Van Auken on Air America TONIGHT (5.29.2008)

Democratic Underground: August 30, 2001 - Fuck You McClellan, Fuck You MSM

Something strange about this Snotty story

I just gotta say it: FUCK MSM

Yeah, yeah, yeah ..... we **knew** all that. Where the fuck is IMPEACHMENT??????

Impeachment movement, of Bush, goes into high gear

David Gregory's wife is Vice President of Fannie Mae

What are your theories as to why impeachment was taken off the table?

A quote by Stephen Colbert that seems particularly apropos at this point in time...

We will start to see a lot more of this as prices rise...

Ways Bush has "restored dignity to the White House"

TYT: In Defense Of Scott McClellan

My favorite Michelle Malkin photo (Guess how she accessorises!)

What should be the title to Larry Craig's upcoming book?

To David Gregory - Some More Clues For You: "Where was Congress? The public?" Some Examples...

To David Gregory - Some More Clues For You: "Where was Congress? The public?" Some Examples...

I interviewed Rep. Ron Paul in his DC office a few weeks ago. Here's the video.

Which other fuck-ups will come out with books?

Which other fuck-ups will come out with books?

Impeachment Review...Bill Moyers....The Case FOR Impeachment.

fuck scotty mcclellen - he was a slimey opportunist when he took the press secretary job,

UFO video of extra terrestrial to be shown Friday

US cluster bombs to be banned from UK

Greg Palast: If What Rove Did To Election Rolls Not Corrected, John McCain Has Already Been Elected

David Gregory: WHERE was public opinion??? (in the run-up to the Iraq invasion)

Did you break down and order McClellan's book, What Happened?

Jeff Gannon: "What I believe it comes down to is McClellan’s desire to cash in"

Two's a party: Ari Fleischer would probably like

The flip side of glory: Why is the military unable to control rape?

How to Make a Citizen's Arrest of a War Criminal

Call me cynical, but I'm calling 'Bullshit' on McClellan's little sob story.

Phone home: Purported UFO video to be shown Friday (with a political angle)

We(DU) made it to Brave New Films

In Search of a Sane Government (Nader on Oil Prices/Speculation)

Oh no! Harvey Korman died (announced on NBC news).

Fox News Employee Sues Over Bed Bugs

A few words about Spam...

Senate Testimony of Michael W. Masters, hedge-fund manager. Food & energy speculation

Senate Testimony of Michael W. Masters, hedge-fund manager. Food & energy speculation

What books would you recommend for people who are pissed at illegal immigration?

ALL you need to know about today's oil situation.THANKS TEXAS EXPLORER and CAREER PROLE!

The DE-Puzzlement Of A pResident...

Waterloo bridge

Anybody watching the basketball game? What musical piece did Boston open with?

Hey Parche!!! I found a really great website for you

Sir, it's only *called* a blow job. You don't actually blow for it.

I just communicated with the person who was my best friend, the first time in almost a decade.

Why do so many DUers think all our enemies are gay?

We're ALL going to hell.....

Your life is weak and purposeless. Let me show you how to fix it. But, send me money first

Bill Hicks on HBO Right Now

Burn your bras

George Bush Authorized the Leak of Valerie Wilson’s Identity

Norwegian Recycling - How Six Songs Collide

Another thing that sucks about Ghost Hunters

Gratuitous Memorial Day Rack Post!

I just got to talk to ThomCat on the phone!

Cold Play is touring this summer....

They want it done tonight - Good luck with that...

It's not the political figures who are bring this country down...

So I have to learn Quickbooks tomorrow...Tell me about it

Climate Change deniers plan "Carbon Belch Day."

Speaking of bras - anyone know where full figured me can get a good front close bra

My Mom is going through North Dakota on a trip this summer...

I found a job I want...

What I like about you...

I think the mods need to re-read the rules

Speaking of brass - anyone know where full fingered me can get a good set of brass knuckles?

I am not a happy camper tonight

Charlie Rose is doing a tribute to Sidney Pollack tonight...

omg wtf

Turkeys Cantu Screw

WEXLER: "I will use McClellan to help convince my colleagues that we must hold impeachment hearings"

WEXLER: "I will use McClellan to help convince my colleagues that we must hold impeachment hearings"

Fred Astaire: Smooth Criminal

Is the heat getting to the Lounge?

I can haz bonus baseball?

Are my new boxers made of wool....?

Sometimes I still think of her...

I needz ma koffee

And for something like a second , I am cured , and my heart is at ease

Pippi has ear loogies

ha HA! Dark Side of the Moon

April 26, 1992... remember this?

Cleaning Out Wallet

Best car chases!

Wow, PBS is having a begathon!

So, here's the dipshit thing I did today--or rather didn't do. Missed a deadline.

Indianapolis will be a Mock Urban Battlefield for Marines Next Week

Wells Fargo wants to send me a platinum card. Wells Fargo


I'm pretty lukewarm on P. T. Anderson in general...

What the HELL did they do to my beloved Andromeda Strain? (No spoilers)

XemaSab: I got my lazy ass to the doctor

Alaska Fast Food

What will the GD:P Diehards do when there is but one Democratic Candidate?

How will I survive today????

What would you do with 16 egg whites.

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Douglas Dedicate 400th Playground

So- how come you've never told me about THIS music video?

for whoever gave me a star . . .

When is weekend????????

Comcast, you suck...

you know, i was thinking

If you're a DU old-timer (i.e. long-time member), you NEED to see this thread

All Time Suckiest TV Show Theme Song

WHOOHOO! All-Star Game tickets!

The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, 11th Edition, article on "The United States"

California Peggy may face felony charges after going on an F-Bomb spree involving 1500 posts.

Is there something wrong with

Retrofitted truck used to steal diesel fuel from gas station

which DUer doesn't have to be a star to be in your show?

Pete Rose: "I bet 'like $2,000' per game "

Pete Rose: "I bet 'like $2,000' per game "

They don't get along...

When you've had a disagreement with your closet friend,

When you've had a disagreement with your closet friend,

have you ever tried miracle fruit?

I need a smoke like NOW!!!

Check out the cool going away gift my assistant got me.

this is amazing. Whit Bissel. does anyone but me remember him?

Assault with a Hedgehog

Just watched "Wristcutters: A Love Story". Interesting film.


This is *not* your mother's dancing banana gif


How is it that I've never heard Winger's "Miles Away" before?

Do I Have To Take Off My Scarf To Play In The Lounge?

All-Time Greatest TV Show Theme Song

PM from MidloDemocrat: "That's awesome! Is it big enough?"

We have two beagle/basset hound mixes that live across the street.

Who few here pre-date Will Pitt and me with our 5/2001 seniority dates at DU?

Monkeys control robots with their minds

Monkeys control robots with their minds

I'm going to see Dar the Beastmaster tonight

Anyone see any sexual references in this product?

Hey sci-fi geeks, a guestion

Biology whizzes! Can you identify this housebug -- about 1/2 inch in length?

My Dad's cat "Shadow" has gone over the rainbow bridge. He stopped

GRUNT & CENTER: Stomped Gym Guy: My Noise All Part of Spin-Class Culture

My iPod works again. Now I feel like a complete person.

Sharon Stone apologizes for saying earthquake in China was karma.

"Your mother's dancing banana" is the phrase of the day. Modify a thread title to include it.

Fill in the blank: Do I Have To Take Off My _________To Play In The Lounge?

Expired medications

What do you eat for breakfast?

HEY! LynneSin. "We could rival ZEP."

What Anti-Virus/Firewall program do you use - recommendations needed

Which is a bigger crime against intelligence and good taste?

Got my first sunburn of the year yesterday.

DU has gotten weird just look @ this post


What use is the Paris Hilton in society?

Was there at Top Chef thread for last night's show? ***SPOILER***

I saw the funniest bumper sticker today

Tonight's television programming! ***SPOILERS***

Manchurian Candidate movie fans...

so i have this new phone that has a GPS thingie

so i have this new phone that has a GDP thingie

Poison Ivy is a _itch!

fell asleep on the sofa and woke up to an infomercial from Time Life

My school was ranked as one of the best in the country by U.S. News and World Report!!

When you can't just boldly go: space station toilet need repairing

i know it can seem like sophomore level philosophy class "oh gee i just had a paradigm shift"

I'm watching a fire in my neighborhood...

I'm watching a fire in my neighborhood...

the local game warden found a feral human near the jetty where the river leads out

Gracie Films announces they will finally make "Christmas Ape"

Baseball Fans - Instant Replay

my old 312 area code phone will shut down in a day or two

Has anyone been to India?

Heidi is coming home today!!!!!

Ohiosmith is the word for today. Take any DU topic and change one word to Ohiosmith.




Ran it!

i found out today that just driving north does not a hurricane evacuation plan make

"He Likes to Pamper Himself": David Vitter's girlfriend writes in to Slate?



Have you seen the new David Marmot movie?

OK, I know I'm out of it. What's with the airplanes

Coming to Wolf Trap in August (on the same bill): Todd Rundgren, Taylor Hicks and Denny Laine. Huh?

go see cal

go see cal




BabyData got in the particle accelerator


Shopping for a new TV this weekend. 40-42" LCD. Any recs?


I'm trying to find an old story title.




Hello, I must be going.

Total Drag about Luc Bourdon - so young, great Career ahead of him

PeterU, please stop playing with yourself

Ban it!

KitchenWitch Is A Terra Ist

Muthafuckin Gorn on a Plane!

IVF twins dumped because they're girls. Father wants to keep trying for a boy.

Tainted Love: Marc Almond (Soft Cell) makes me wanna build a time machine. :-p

what makes you pissed today?



I love sushi!

Who said us loungers can do something to death?

Hey copycatters...

i'm pushing beer thirty up to 3:15 P.M. CST


Anybody have any funny jokes or pics to spare?

I'm so happy!

Post !

Air ambulances address issue of obese patients.

Hutton Blasts Sex And The City. Blames guys, who happen to be gay, who are sluts.


Question about A/D converters.

I'm Bored

My husband just e-mailed me asking what we are having for supper!

I just did my first Wiki 'edit'.

3 As and a B.

My 5,000th post.

I Just Got A $40 Tip

Yahoogroup users - anybody not getting messages?

GD is such a civil place. People are respectful, not prone to tantrums.


If you were a muslim and you lived in South America......


A month long saga finally draws to a close...

Earworm of the day? I've got one.

Have You Ever Been To The Paris Hilton?

If Hello Kitty is so loved by the world, why is there no cartoon about her


I'm re-dressing my wound, have no alcohol - can I use listerine?

China angry over Sharon Stone quake karma remark

Warning! Do not Install Windows SP3 on AMD based Computers

Let me be weak , let me sleep , and dream of sheep

For all of you looking for the LOST threads...

Being an Intern is...interesting:

Do liberal Democrats really hate rural America?

OK. You have to cook dinner for Bill O'Reilly, Randi Rhoads, Garry Shandling and Albert Schweitzer

Could I have someone committed for being THIS crazy?!

Terrya Appreciation Thread

how old are you?

Gas and how to save... yes I am going to do it and get a bike



Rest in peace, Heddy Lamarr.

Am I missing any other LOST threads?


Hey! There's a DU movie that isn't suppose to be posted in the lounge

this is amazing. Laszlo Panaflex. does anyone but me remember him?

this is amazing. Laszlo Panaflex. does anyone but me remember him?

Europe pictures! (if you have an hour to kill and are bored)

U don't have 2 be beautiful

Flashback to a stoner moment....

I'm trying to give Bi-Baby an awful earworm

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/28/08

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 5/29/2008)

Seven California teens may face felony charges after going on a vandalism spree involving 1500 eggs.

To the reason Why I Burst and Why I Bloom...

What's the name of that too long horrible piece of shit prog-rock song you sometimes hear

Things that you are proud of NEVER doing?


Dedicated to Lars . . .

Help Larry Craig pick a title for his new book.

Sad news for Trek fans - Sandy Courage & Joe Pevney...

Sad news for Trek fans - Sandy Courage & Joe Pevney...

I used to have the best looking house on the block.

In light of "Supergroups" - build your own here

Umm Top Chef

Unwritten DU Rules Finally Revealed - Add your own

I am thinking about signing my daughter up for soccer for the fall...

Does anyone know how to deal with grain weevils?

If you were the king or queen of television, what commercials would you remove from the air?

When you've had a disagreement with your closest friend, that's lasted for 5 years.....

What's making you happy today?

If the Lounge had Smell-o-Vision, what would I smell when reading your post?

Freebird or Stairway to Heaven?


O!M!G! I must have missed the first notice!

Oprah Today-The Puppy Milling Trade and Animal Euthanasia...

What a fucking jerk.

The worst episode of ST:ENT is better than the best episode of ST:VOY

Fashion Faux Pas or Terrorist Sympathizer? Rachael Ray Under Fire

What use is Paris Hilton in society?

Post here if you were willing to make the time investment to look at our Europe pictures

A good song

Whats For Dinner, I Am Having KFC

Yay, The bracelet i ordered arrived today.

Whats Your Favorite Magazine

The official GOODBYE OHIOSMITH thread....... sniff

Where does your workin' self stand on the DU 'Your Profession is Teh EEEvill' ladder?

Anybody switched from Comcast to Verizon? Thoughts?

Worst ever goalkeeping.

Cat Frog... Cat Frog... not alone in the world is the little Cat Frog!

what animals have you accidentally hit while driving?

Don't you hate it when you are eating sunflower seeds and you get that one that tastes funky?

Ooops! I am in over my head! (Book keeping)

I am close to panicking; I think my heart is about to burst.

Does anyone remember the expression "Mighty White of you"

Whats Making You Sad Today?


I use a white and red keffiyeh scarf as the table cloth on my altar

HELP! Any Mechanics or Car Experts in the House?

Has anyone read this novel?

For you Harry Potter fans...short prequel to be free online after auction

Is Ikea the only place to buy skinny furniture???

Help! I need new shoes. What kinds are best.

I saw something on the way home today that really upset me

I g n o r e has become extremely popular lately.

Where is temeah?

No matter how badly you screw up for the rest of the year, it won't top my bonehead move last night.

New "supergroup": Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith.

Matinee movie=$6.25 One small bag of popcorn=$5.10

Wife of Bill Murray files for divorce

What actor or actress do you see that makes your eyes glaze over in boredom?

Which of these two 142-minute activities would you prefer to undertake this weekend?

L O S T deathwatch 2008: Who dies in tonight's season finale?

Bush Distorts World War II History In Speech To Air Force Graduates

Protesters greet "McBush" in Mesa, Phoenix

US Military Leadership Said to Oppose Iran Strike As Ineffective

Anti-Bush crowds gather at Salt Lake, Park City rallies

NASA employee suspended for political blogging

Warlords' laptops not handled with care

Let them eat SPAM

DNC Lawyers Rule Against Clinton

Medical charity helping US poor

Delays in Case of Race Bias Could Cost Secret Service

Staten Island Democrats Choose a Councilman as Their Candidate for Fossella’s Seat (NY-13)

For McCain, A Switch On Telecom Immunity?

Barack Obama: McClellan "Confirmed What a Lot of Us Have Thought for Some Time"

Rupert Murdoch Says Obama Will Win

HydroGen to cut nearly two-thirds of work force (OH)

NY will recognize legal same sex marriages performed elsewhere

Montana Sec of State Threatens to Secede from the Union (over 2nd Amendment SCOTUS decision)

Obama Seeks to Clarify His Disputed Comments on Diplomacy

Suicide Bomber Kills Iraqi Police Recruits

New York Begins to Alter Policy on Gay Marriage

Security chief decries ‘war on terror’

Security chief decries ‘war on terror’

Iraq to review Jordan discount oil deal: VP

Obama Says He Is Considering Iraq Trip

Pelosi Vows to Prevent Fight at Dem Convention

Panel OKs science class add-ons

Tropical Depression One-E Forms In Pacific

Medical copter hits hospital; 2 hurt

Army suicides highest in nearly 2 decades, study finds

Appeals court revives lawsuit against Halliburton

Army suicides reported at 18-year high

Public Says Media Harder on Clinton Than Obama, McCain

Court Overturns Mississippi Voter ID Ruling

More than 100 soldiers committed suicide in 2007

CNN's Yellin: (ABC) Network execs killed critical White House stories

Sept 11 prosecutors expect criticism over evidence

Curtis Sliwa says he might run for Vito Fossella's Congressional seat

Obama: New campaign starts after Tuesday

Obama Says General Election Starts After Tuesday's Results (South Dakota/Montana Primaries)

Chief of staff: Army reviewing complaints over bullets

Chevron Corp. blasted for environmental, rights abuses in Ecuador, Nigeria and Myanmar

Colonel Says Speaking Out Cost a Medal (former chief military prosecuter Col Morris Davis)

Obama adds another Oregon superdelegate

Iran slams Iraq "occupiers" at conference

La Scala to stage Gore's 'Inconvenient Truth' as opera

Syria-bound missile components intercepted, claims US

Regulators look into possible price manipulation in oil market

Presumed Colombian paramilitaries kidnap 3 in Ecuador

Prosecutors open inquiry into possible spying by Deutsche Telekom

Obama played hardball in first Chicago campaign

Larry Craig to tap memory to write new book

Hagel (R-Ne) says he won't run for vice president

Clinton Issues Post-Primary Schedule (Yes, Post-Primary Schedule)

Schools Shut Down to Save on Gas

19,000 leaving GM as automakers regroup

GM may reassign workers from trucks to cars

Wake up and care, CBS newsman (Harry) Smith tells Rochester Ad Council audience

Bahrain names Jewish woman as ambassador to US

McClellan says he believed in Bush as war started(Today show interview)

UBS says more than 20 leave wealth management unit (warned not to travel to US on fears of arrests)

US probes whether laptop copied on China trip ( Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez's trip)

Attorneys: Terrorism trials rushed to influence election

(ABC News) Exclusive: Iran in Secret Talks With Al Qaeda, U.S. Officials Say

(CFTC)Regulators look into possible price manipulation in oil market (6mos into investigation)

Pelosi won't allow convention fight

Cluster bombs ban to be adopted tomorrow

PERU: Indigenous Groups Challenge Private Investment Decree

Voting Rights Advocates Say America Is Unprepared For massive Turnout Nov. 4

Search Is Urged for Syrian Nuclear Sites, U.S. Presses U.N. on 3 Alleged Facilities

Texas, N.J. courts scrap Vioxx verdicts

Ex-UBS banker set to plead guilty in tax evasion case

By 6 votes to 5, Brazilian Supreme Court approves embryonic stem cell research

More Sunnis joining Iraq's National Police (and summary executions for 10 suspects)

CNN's Yellin: Network execs killed critical White House stories

Honda intent on saving US jobs by switching models

Sharon Stone apologises for China quake 'karma' remark

In Britain, Rape Cases Seldom Result in a Conviction

Venezuela says arrests suspected U.S. drugs agent

Fed's Fisher sees 'frightful storm' brewing

Khadr judge fired, says his military lawyer

2 Senators for McCain Leave Group After Ads

Iraqis: Marines Try to Convert Muslims


Harvey Korman of ‘Carol Burnett Show’ dies

Texas Supreme Court upholds ruling that children should be returned to parents at polygamist ranch.

Fed-up air travelers avoided 41 million trips in last year, says survey

Rice: Bush administration was clear about Iraq war

Venezuela's Chavez creates new intelligence agencies

Newspaper Guild wins political contributions arbitration

Wolf Blitzer To Question Scott McClellan On Fri About Bush & Cocaine

David Gregory & Mike Allen Discuss Scott McClellan-5/28/08

Sen. Barack Obama talking some more spanish.

White House Press Sec Ari Fleischer on New McClellan Book

Countdown: The Texas Connection

Why Do Mortgage Lenders Hate America?*

TYT: Hillary's RFK Comment - Does She Know What She's Doing?

Podhoretz: Bush to Bomb Iran Before Leaving Office

Countdown: Bushed! May 28, 2008

There's no one as Irish As Barack O'Bama

Countdown: James Moore on McClellan's Book

Olbermann on McClellan's Tell All Book: House Scandal

David Gregory defends the media

Obama talks about education at the MESA campus in Thornton, Colorado


Countdown: Candy-Gramm for McCain

Countdown: Primary Race Going to the Convention?

Michelle Obama in San Juan

Countdown: Worst Person May 28, 2008


TPM: McClellan: How I Was Disillusioned

an oldie but a goodie: Rachel Maddow smacks down Pat Buchanan over SCHIP

CNN's Yellin: I was pressured to keep things positive on Bush

MSNBC reports WH calling McClellan 'traitor' and 'benedict'

New vid by political cartoonist Mark Fiore:

Wes Clark: Hillary will take the fight to the convention

A Scientist Examines the Bush-McCain Challenge

FOX News Pundit: Obama Looks Like Stagehand Next To McCain

Haw! Clinton's new ad. "I will get us back to fiscal responsibility."

Is Rachael Ray A Terrorist?

TYT: Cenk comments on Winter Soldier confessions of atrocities. Warning! Graphic images

Tim Russert on McClellan's New Book

Yellin admits corporate executives pressured her in 2003

Mary Matalin Calls McClellan - surprise, surprise - a Liar

Tom Brokaw on Scotty's book

Mika and Russert do self-reflection based on Scotty's book.

Obama Supporters: Let's hear it for 'Young Staffers' on Hillary Clinton's campaign

TYT: Cenk On McClellan's New Book (& 2 Other Clips)

Hedley Lamarr: "Now go do that voodoo that you do so well!"

Meet Michelle Obama


Honey Bee Losses Continue To Rise In U.S.

Creepy white preacher does guest shot at at Obama's (former) church

Marines Plan Urban Combat Training In Indiana Cities

Rupert Murdoch: Obama is a "rock star", McCain has a lot of problems

Claiming he would not "add to the public record," Rove "add[ed]" to the misinformation in "the publi

Independent UK: Falling out with the President: the devious world of George Bush

PM's judgment now in question

Bush to McClellan: REAM Me Up, Scotty

Independent UK: The world must end its addiction to oil

Hospital dumps Microsoft Exchange for Linux-based clone

Forget Rachel Ray, Michelle Malkin Claims Indy 500 Sold Out to Terrorists

The devious world of George W. Bush

The Man Who Wasn't There, Still Here (Stephen Hadley)

Class Dismissed - Obama is faring better today with the white working class

CQ Answers Five Burning Questions About Saturday’s DNC Rules Meeting

Hillary,Visiting Mt. Rushmore, Appeals to the Ultimate 'Super Delegates'

McClellan: Plame leak case was turning point

Juan Crow Grows More Violent: Latino Activists Face Death Threats in Georgia

Bush and his White House: Perpetually "puzzled"

Editorial: Spokesman speaks too late (Metro West Daily News / Framingham)

Editorial: When is it lying? (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

111 Nations, Minus the U.S., Agree to Cluster-Bomb Ban

White House Treatment of McClellan Reminiscent of Twilight Zone's Famous 'Eye of the Beholder'

Exxon: Rebuffing The Rockefellers

Invitation to Steal: War Profiteering in Iraq

Pentagon To Shift Funds To Pay for Iraq War

Bush Distorts World War II History In Speech To Air Force Graduates

I Knew It All Along

In Wake of McClellan Charges: A Revealing Look Back at How the Press Bought the War

The Capitalist Ground Shaken by the Earthquake in China

POGO; DOJ Documents Shed Light on Deferred Prosecution Agreements and Corporate Monitors

What about the Bush doctrine? The Freedom Agenda

Former high-ranking Bush officials enjoy war profits (adapted from Shorrock's book)

The last Briton in Guantanamo faces death penalty

Marines bring combat training to Indy (Mall)

CNN reporter talks of pressure to be patriotic, Jessica Yellin

Bush Distorts World War II History

Half-Trillion Dollars for nuclear plants..... Lieberman-Warner

Foreclosure Phil

NY Times: Racial Shift in a Progressive City Spurs Talks (Portland)

Murdoch Goes After Condi, Urges Blockade Against Iran

Problem Students in Pipeline to Prison

5 Countries Agree to Talk, Not Compete, Over the Arctic

Dispute threatens toxic tap water study (xpost from Veterans)

Two Years on, Indonesia Mud Volcano Still Flowing

Independent UK: The world must end its addiction to oil

Mother Earth's "trump card"?

McCain (Mis)Speaks

Abu Dhabi Invests US $2 Billion in (thin film) PV

Solar-energy company (Evergreen) to build $35 million plant in Midland County (MI)

Fuel protests herald grim times for European green policy

Southern Co. plans to spend $14B over 3 years to keep up with growth

Is Exxon backing away from climate change deniers?

The new smear against Chávez by Chris Carlson

The hidden costs of nuclear power

Global warming to deplete Great Lakes even more

Radioactive waste, from Wikipedia

Montana Sec of State Threatens to Secede from the Union (over 2nd Amendment SCOTUS decision)

The net oil export problem begins to bite

Qantas airlines wields hatchet as jet fuel bill jumps by $2b

Man v. Mother Nature

Nature loss 'to hurt global poor' - BBC

check out the big brain on Tom! solution to $4 gas? don't buy a SUV!

Environmental Effects of Coal - from Wikipedia

Warming Likely To Intensify Depletion Of Great Lakes - Reuters

Global Demand Squeezing Natural Gas Supply. LNG terminals sit empty.

New UK Government Policy To Boost North Sea Sector That Peaked 8 Years Ago - Tax Cuts!!!

Make sure we have jobs for high school graduates (Good Read)

Ships rewrite temperature record (BBC)

$3.99 Pump Ceiling, and Gas Sells by Half-Gallon

Senate hears testimony fingering big investors for speculation-driven rises in commodity prices.

NSF 5/28/08: Methane release could be parallel to catastrophic event of 635 million years ago

Supporters of an LNG terminal in the Columbia River go on the offensive

Chevron Corp. blasted for environmental, rights abuses in Ecuador, Nigeria and Myanmar

Kolkatta Beats Out New Delhi For Title For India's Dirtiest Air - Based On Lung Cancer, MI Deaths

Verenium opens cellulosic ethanol demo plant (30 million gpy plant planned for 2009)

WSJ - Oil Exporters Are Unable To Keep Up With Demand

Working-Age Russians Experiencing "Hyper-Mortality" According To UN Demographic Report - AFP

Metro Effectual: City residents emit less CO2, study says

More Than Half Of 21 Pelagic Shark & Ray Species Surveyed At Risk Of Extinction - AFP

1,700 Scientists and Economists Call For Immediate Action on Greenhouse Gas Reductions

Tropical Storm Alma

How clean coal cooks your brain

Petrol crisis fuels bus, train crush (too many passengers, not enough capacity)

CIBC Research Piece On Energy Costs - Globalization Is Reversible - Jeff Rubin

Memorial Day, 2008: The Tipping Point in the Peak Oil Debate

High Fuel Costs Could Reduce Tuna Fishing: Industry Group

What dangers lurk in your plumbing?

"The European Union is simply not interested in small farms”

Gas prices surge as oil prices fall.....

No peak oil...they 've been lying to us.

Recalling the suburban gas riots of 1979

DoD asks to transfer $9.7 billion to Army

Walter Reed O-6 tapped for 2-star promotion

4 arrested at Maine recruiting center

Army activates new missile system battery

Joint Task Force East HQ deploys to Romania

Army plans training center at old Devens post

Bragg adds 29 names to memorial wall

Soldier killed, 2 wounded in IED attack

Backtalk: Army upgrades

Lewis soldiers begin returning today

IG: Billions in defense spending unchecked

Carrier arrives in San Diego for fire repairs

2 Great Lakes sailors accused of carjacking

Ex-sailor sentenced for Groton killings

Keating: Navy ships may leave Myanmar soon

Hard-hit Reserve unit prepares to deploy

Answers sought over mosque surveillance records

2nd Marine arrested in shooting death of pfc.

Documents show Laurean researched Mexico

26th MEU to train for urban combat in Indiana

Hadithah obstruction court-martial starts

Dispute threatens toxic tap water study

Airman found dead after kayaking trip

Autopsy: Pilot found in Florida bay drowned

Oldest KC-135E heads for the boneyard

500 SF guardsmen heading for the war zones

Bush touts role of technology in wars to grads

Salman Pak showing signs of improvement

Name-the-tanker contest missed chance to connect with public

Gates to address buildup on visit to Guam

300 detainees freed in Iraq; ’08 total is 6,500

Ex-SEAL trainee says only he killed woman

AAFES stymied in effort to resolve Yongsan taxi dispute

Okinawa Marine jailed, discharged for child abuse

Sasebo reports 11 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease

Mosul awaiting promised funds

Lull in fighting lets soldiers resume effort to help fix infrastructure

Iraqis: Marines Try to Convert Muslims

Administration Hits Back at McClellan

Advisers pleased with progress Iraqis made with provincial budgets

Intel Agencies Fighting Turf War

US to Withdraw 4,000 Troops From Iraq

Haditha Marine on Trial for Lying

Bliss Testing FCS Spin Out 1

Air Force pulls controversial TV spot

US soldier suicides the highest on record: army

Gates Gets Nuke Mishandling Report

Opinion: The debate over porn

Policy shift has soldiers packing own gear


Tensions on display as local market unionizes (after 4 &1/2 years they won a UNION)

AFL-CIO-Led Coalition Moves Boardroom Votes on Universal Health Reform

Delta Flight Attendants Narrowly Miss Getting A Union

AAFES stymied in effort to resolve Yongsan taxi dispute (xpost from Veterans)

Workers fight for a voice in their own union.

Today in labor history May 29

Tell Intel (world's largest chip maker) to Resurrect its Code of Conduct (E action)

Union Shop: Get Dad the Perfect Gift

The UAW screwed itself once more (American Axle settlement)

I had to stick it to an old friend at work today, I'm a steward and did what was right

Are Oil Prices a Bubble? Figuring Out the Numbers

" ...the younger kids began shouting anti-gay slurs, hurling food and...

I am representing a landmark gay gov't employee firing suit

(CA) State high court may give gays another victory

I find the jokes about Gannon 'servicing' Bush hilarious.

What is the first thing the new Democratic Adminstration should address for GLBT Americans?

Thank you, Governor Paterson (Tells NY agencies to recognize other states gay marriages!)

I did an alert on two threads ...

Conservative Gay Porn Star Slams Barack Obama

Israeli forces invade Ni'lin, storm houses and detain four men

John McCain's Arab-American problem

Palestinian youth express themselves through hip-hop

Tutu plunges into heart of Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israel refuses to issue ID cards to unregistered Palestinians

A change needs to come - By Avigail Abarbanel

Security cameras capture dozens of Jewish teens assaulting Arab in J'lem

The talkbacker as terrorist

Palestinians Live In Horror Of Losing Their Homes

US congressmen demand UNRWA reform

90th child found from 'dirty war'

PERU: Indigenous Groups Challenge Private Investment Decree

CUBA: A Response to State Dept. Annual Report

Coeur D'Alene starting giant new Bolivia silver mine

Government ponders buyback of foreign debt

US v. VENEZUELA: Disturbing 2008 Global Peace Index Report

Peru: Indigenous Organizations Aim for the Presidency

Presumed Colombian paramilitaries kidnap 3 in Ecuador

CUBA Presents New Web Site on Che

Puerto Rico's Turn - by Ricardo Alarcon

Warlords' laptops not handled with care (Uribe's Laptops)

Venezuela's Chavez creates new intelligence agencies

Where ARE you all today? nt

Someone must have told Jeff Van Gundy he needed to talk more

Penguins beat Wings 3-2 back in the series

Penguins down the Red Wings 3-2.

Are Today's Professional Athletes Given Too Much Too Soon?

Boxing champ Emile Griffith acknowledges he's gay

Celtics win Game 5!

Off to the fights!

Seattle Sounders Announce Jersey and Sponsor

Audio Coverage from The UAC 2008


for NJCher...Are We Alone? Seti Institute Radio

UFO video of extra terrestrial to be shown Friday

Determine your Tarot Court Card

Pete Rose: "I bet 'like $2,000' per game "

Because there just haven't been enough wildlife photos posted here recently...

fresh road kill

Road trip

Some meadow shots

wish I had a tripod and a real camera

Early C8 results suggest liver, immune impacts of Teflon ingredient

Embracing the Blues - The single-minded pursuit of happiness is blocking true bliss

Miracle Drug, Poison or Placebo?

I have 25lbs of bread flour and nuttin' to put it in! Help!

Anyone ever heard of this? "Miracle fruit" (sour to sweet)

Even a thin person can get diabetes

Bob Dobbs is on KPFK again.

Ah, the things you miss when you've found new territory... want a "real" theological discussion?

Archbishop welcomes cluster bomb ban decision

The ''Unclean Hoopoe'' Named As Israel's National Bird

Should DU establish a "Religion and Theology Discussion Group"?

Some come right out and proclaim that they own this Forum, when in fact it's open to all, even those

Hallmarks of fundamentalism

NRA gives endorsement to Schweitzer

Seattle Folk Life Festival shooting

Three generations of one family found shot to death...

The chance of a lifetime. Get rid of a fundie atheist.

Hero risks life and uses CCW pistol to save lives

U.S. Should Focus On Stemming Gun Trafficking, Mexican Officials Say

Do you think atheists are "ruining" this forum?

What religion are you?

"If Cheney & Co. Had Really Plotted the 9/11 Attacks ..."

Fellow debunkers: We should always challenge Truthers when they refer to "the official story."

The in-between season of politics

I get by with a little love...

OMG!! WWII vets don't flipping put up with swiftboating!! This has made my day!

Kerry in MA - a few of the articles in the news

Is this enough?

2 Voter Rights Cases, One Gripping a College Town, Stir Texas (Prairie View)

Progressive Talk Radio returns 24 hours a day to North Texas from Nancy at Dallas Air Amerrica

Judge: Farmers Branch illegal immigrant rule unconstitutional

Shocking Supreme Court of Texas decision

Clinton Exaggerates Position in Polls Against McCain

Is it true about Obama? Informative video

Young Hillary Clinton

Bernier papers returned full day before PM learned of breach

Does this look like someone who understands Heroin Addiction?

For You: Dissenters and Resisters Swimming Upstream...

Anyone know of Clintons directing DNC (McAuliffe) to secure Dem votes after 2000s theft?

Everett, WA superintendent admits to secretly videotaping classroom

Feb 5th Essex county NJ Primary errors (Sequoia Advantage DRE)

United States Failing to Produce Next Generation of Scientists, Technology Leaders Say

Barry Goldwater's Granddaughter Prefers Obama over McCain

The 2004 Election was Stolen — Will Someone Please Tell the Media?

Prof denied Tenure for failing too many Students

zeig-heil er Gets Slap On Wrist

Annual WIDU Meetup at the State Democratic Convention - Friday the 13th!!

God help us ....

SF voters, Help progressives take over the DCCC in CA Assembly District #13

I think Graeme MacQueen pretty handily smashes that sledgehammer hypothesis...

Ted Rall