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34% think Hillary says what she believes .. the rest think she says .

Both Clinton and Obama need to do better than what we see in this video

The Clintons and the 'War on Obama'

Why wasn't Huckabee a "Fighter" like Hillary......

Will Hillary Repeal the Clinton Gas Tax?

Things to be grateful for

Black Box Voting's Scary Facts About North Carolina's Voting Systems

Black Box Voting's Scary Facts About North Carolina's Voting Systems

Hillary leads in national poll

A general amnesty is announced for Obama supporters!!

C-Span, Stevie Wonder for Obama, now....

Who's right: CNN or Tweetybird?

I wonder if Clinton cares about the Obama supporters (African-American, young, many others)

We need a candidate who walks away when he or she hears people with controversial views speak!

Obamatons, Obamaniacs, and Obamabots

I found some videos here

McClatchy: Clinton disclosures didn't list $24 million of Bill's income

KO's about to bash Hillary

"The Populist from Chappaqua"

Who won today's print and broadcast media cycle-Clinton or Obama?

Prediction :Obama wins Indiana

Repuke Caller into C-SPAN (Obama's Rally HUGE crowd NOW) !

The thing about opinion polls I fing interesting is

CNN Live: HUGE Obama Rally @ Indianapolis

Obama on CSpan live from Indianapolis 9:53p. Just turned it on.

Ladies and Gentlemen........ Santana!

If Hillary uses the Nuclear Endgame for the nomination, can she win the GE?

1.1 million voters PURGED from the voter rolls in Indiana...

An incredible / thorough speech in Indianapolis. Why so short in Philly?

Tomorrow when polls open in North Carolina, Clinton will start out

Why Hillary is GOING to use the "nuclear" option...

All of you who lied thru your teeth today about 1 of DU's alltime best should be afucking shamed

I think Hillary needs an ad like this one to close the deal in North Carolina

So, Bill Clinton increased the gas tax by 5 cents a gallon 15 years ago. Now Hillary wants a 90 day

So Hillary supporters...

I just finished watching

CNN: Obama will do well in this region because there are many blacks and educated upper-middle class

New York Post columnist suggests Obama has no cojones (the toughness gap)

"You'll have a president who knows his constitution,

If Clinton loses by less than 2% in Indiana, or wins by any margin, she will overachieve

Will Congress be sucked into this election-year gas-tax-break ploy?

Hillary is GOLLUM.

Robert Reich is Pippin!

Didn't the horse Hillary picked for the derby have to be executed on the track? Hmmm...

Ok gang, Obama is on stage getting a big old welcome (Live)

Obama Hitting HRC Hard ON THE ISSUES at Indy Rally on NOW >

Nobody in this primary is anyone from Lord of The Rings

Jon Stewart: Hillary's Throwing a "Hail-Pander"

Jon Stewart: Hillary's Throwing a "Hail-Pander"

I just scanned the headlines for top stories. Who would want to be President

With Right Props and Stops, Clinton Transforms Into Working-Class Hero (how come?)

Escape From Fox News - Any Sites With Discussion of Issues?

Another Hillary/Bush comparison, this time on Colbert

Michelle Obama is Eowyn

Here we go: McCain criticizes Obama on national security

Obama is Prince Caspian and Hillary is Eustace Scrubb

Obama is Prince Caspian and Hillary is Eustace Scrubb

Gas Tax Holiday Calculator

Is it racist to say that Obama is owned by the establishment? regardless of whether you agree with

Mc Cain Hillary ticket?

can't wait for this to be over

Obama the Pander Man

Reuters: Tough talk on Pakistan from Clinton

What happened to LET IT SINK?

Critics denounce gas tax 'holiday' backed by Clinton and McCain

Critics denounce gas tax 'holiday' backed by Clinton and McCain

Obama is Beowulf

Seriously....anyone here think these two NEVER inhaled?

Seriously....anyone here think these two NEVER inhaled?

Seriously....anyone here think these two NEVER inhaled?

Obama = Paul Goodloe, Hillary = Sharon Resultan, Bill = Jim Cantore

OK. Whose drinking what tonight?

Obama = Scooby Doo

If Obama expands his delegate lead tomorrow, the supers are going to start

Obama = Luke Skywalker Hillary = The Death Star

Okay, okay -- Hillary is Lord of the Rings

Penn is Butterbur, Michelle Obama is Galadriel, and Cheney is Gorbag

Zogby Tues polling: "Obama Expands Lead in NC; Dems Still Biting Nails in Indiana!"

Bill Clinton is Denethor.

How about just a straight up "McCain is:" thread?

Barack Obama is Lion-O, Hillary is Mumm-Ra

Losing my mind here

Barack better watch out: Michelle Obama reveals her 'celebrity crush' - someone else with big ears

The gas conundrum. What the Obamists miss while looking down their noses.

The gas conundrum. What the Obamists miss while looking down their noses.

The gas conundrum. What the Obamists miss while looking down their noses.

The gas conundrum. What the Obamists miss while looking down their noses.

A group attack flame bait. I had no idea that such power could be had.

MORE IMPORTANT than the steel-cage knife fight...

Hillary is " She Who Must Not Be Named" and Barack is Harry Potter

Hillary is Hillary (I can't think of anything worse)

poll....would you vote for a McCain/ Clinton ticket?

poll....would you vote for a McCain/ Clinton ticket?

poll....would you vote for a McCain/ Clinton ticket?

Hillary is a lesbian,

Michelle, the bitter First Lady

Are you smarter than me?

Ronald Reagan gave me $20 per paycheck in '84. I didn't buy in. What's your vote worth?

TPM: Clinton To Put Gravity Under Scrutiny (JMM sounds mystified)

would you support Brian Schweitzer for VP?

Barack Obama is Arrowroot of Arrowshirt.

More Than 200 (!) Economists Denounce McCain Clinton Gas Tax Plans!

Hillary's $30 dollars of summer-Judas' 30 pieces of silver

Hillary is ahead in the popular vote and Oil companies will pay for the gas tax this summer..

Hillary Clinton is Oscar the Grouch

An immensely reasonable and fair message and proposition for Clinton supporters.

Four MORE Super Delegates for Obama today! Hillary's huge lead slashed to 15!!!

Why Rush Limbaugh thinks THE ENVIRONMENTALIST magazine is 'unfriendly'

Why Rush Limbaugh thinks THE ENVIRONMENTALIST magazine is 'unfriendly'

Our Sophie's Choice election

Questioning Hillary Clinton's "Victory" in PA: The Rush Limbaugh Effect

Obama= Harry Potter, Hillary=Hermione, McSame=Ron Weasley

What do you think are McCain's biggest weaknesses?

Another gutter-level ad by Clinton.

Office gossip from today

Why We Fight, Against the War, Against a Culture of Fear, And For Barack Obama

If Obama is unelectable, why are republicans in Indiana voting for Hillary?

If Obama is unelectable, why are republicans in Indiana voting for Hillary?

Hillary's Guidelines -Olbermann lists it all out (video)

The Media is Gríma Wormtongue and the public is Theoden.

CNN Larry King Poll..... vote it up GOBAMA

I've changed my IN prediction (Details inside)

You all are the biggest bunch of wombats I've ever seen!

You all are the biggest bunch of wombats I've ever seen!

John McCain castigates Obama on judges

Obama = Wrong-Way Corrigan

Come join Hillary as she smashes OPEC, gives a "gas tax holiday" and says anything else she can

Come join Hillary as she smashes OPEC, gives a "gas tax holiday" and says anything else she can

If, potentially, possibly Obama wins the GE.

I remember people on here saying...

Laura Bush wants you to give your $30.00 to the victims of the Cyclone.....

Even PBS ombudsman admits: Moyers was too soft on Wright

Jon Stewart's take on North Carolina and Indiana

WOW. Negative population growth in the USA

SurveyUSA showdown 54% to 42%

Don't look now folks but a sex scandal erupting in Ohio could have

Earl Ofari Hutchinson on the threats from the Obamathugs

Hillary Clinton is a 23rd level Half-Elf Paladin

Richard Cohen: Pins and Panders - Obama Wears His Independence On His Lapel

Former Clinton adviser: "What she's doing is fearmongering of the worst political order"

A Tale of an Illinois Gas Tax Holiday

Hillary Agrees with John McCain on Long-Term Iraq Presence

Zogby Poll: Obama Expands Lead in NC (O51-C37) ; Dems Still Biting Nails in Indiana! (O45-C43)

If Hillary is such a fighter and leader, so electable and experienced, has good policies and such...

"I am not in favor of lifting the cap"

about as much as Tina Turner needed Ike !

Florida Demands Representation (the Nuclear Option)

Thinking about the voter ID thing.

I LOVE ZOGBY ! Today, Anyway.........Strong Monday Polling !

Oil hitting 121.00 a barrel right now....

Fox & Friends: Debunking the Tuskeegee experiment (& pastorbating)

Who mostly determines the price of a gallon of gasoline in America?

Here ......

Here are the poll closing times...

Voter Action will be monitoring the elections closely today, here's their info:

What WAS that weird accent in Indianapolis anyway?

Hold on to your wallet folks....Obama will be picking it all he can if he's POTUS.

Time To Put Hillary To Bed.....


Here, the old SOB (McCain) says it again: He'll appoint justices like Roberts & Ailito

Can someone from Illinois help me out?

She's not going away...

The threshold for vote buying goes lower and lower - isn't your vote worth at least $100?

My gut tells me that Hillary Clinton gave Obama a huge gift when she proposed the "gas tax holiday"

Sorry - Double Post.

Five things to look for in Indiana - and things look good for Obama

The Alternative and Rare Liberal Media = Suicidal?

I am completely good with Obama's pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, belittling JFK

Calls from the McCain campaign inquiring about his "integrity and loyalty to this country"

Current Iowa Electronic Market numbers

John Nichols: Dem Scenarios: An End, A Beginning, A Nightmare

Policy at the Pump

Zogby: Obama Expands Lead in N.C.; Indiana a Toss-up (Monday results)

Hillary is the poor man's Bill Clinton

Can we all unite this Saturday?

There Is No 'Nuclear Option' For Hillary To Seize The Nomination At The Dem Convention

John McCain is Farmer McGregor.

Obama Statement on the Tragedy in Burma

Oh sh*t-Jon Stewart just morphed Hillary into Bush

What time do Indiana and North Carolina polls close tonight?

A personal story about how much $30 really is to people stuggling - from Corrente

Barack's magic is 134 ... that is the # of delegates he needs to be sure ...

WARNING: Ignore posted Drudge numbers today

Do you feel you are being manipulated by the pollsters??

Despite similar record on abortion, Pro-Life group attacks Obama in Indiana but not Clinton


Jon Stewart destroying Hillary

Possible Veep Question: Who is more popular in Arizona?

Obama video

Obama tries to answer chief charge of his critics: He's unelectable.

Question for everyone who favors the "gas tax holiday"

OK GD:P-Time to test YOUR position on the Political Compass against

Anybody paying less than 30 bucks a quarter on car insurance?

For all of you HRC supporters foaming at the mouth over REZKO...

For all of you HRC supporters foaming at the mouth over REZKO...

Hillary has serious momentum. New AP/ Ipsos Poll

What's worse than having to "hold your nose" in the GE?

In Just a Few Hours, the Dynamic of the Race Shifts 180 Degrees

Katie Couric Interviews Clinton About The Primaries, The Gas Tax...

Delegate Counter Fun, anyone?

I'll be in Ind. for Obama tomorrow- did Obama's campaign ever oppose

I'll be in Ind. for Obama tomorrow- did Obama's campaign ever oppose

One of these things is not like the others

Effete Snobs for Obama

Rep. Earl Blumenauer - (D) Oregon on C-SPAN

Rasmussen daily graph for 5/6/08 - Obama up 1 (47), Clinton down 2 (43)

Has anyone else notice that "$30.00/month" is the new talking point with the Hillbots?

Fun Fact: after tomorrow, Obama will have enough total delegates

Something we've learned is, the Obama campaign is extremely effective and efficient at getting votes

Final IA NC Poll: O 47; C 43; U 10

Possibly the stupidest CNN poll ever....

How do you feel about Clinton supporters in general?

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

Holy crap! BO's lead for the nomination down to .3 spread.

Note to Obama Supporters: Campaign Just Added Oregon. Help reach 1 million by tomorrow.

Is Michelle Obama the "angry black woman"?

Is Michelle Obama the "angry black woman"?

Some Stats on Indiana-Will someone please explain something to me:

Have there been any reports of fund raising in April by Hill and/or Obama?

Please let it end tomorrow

Let me see if I got this right....

Let me see if I got this right....

Hillary supporters, here is a thought for you,

Olbermann was on FIRE tonight.......

For NC primary updates go here

For NC primary updates go here

It's now time to open... Panderer's Box (VIDEO 5:45-after an ad)

Clinton refuses to guarantee that she'll stay in until THURSDAY

Nothing will change after tonight, its up to the superdelegates

How will Obama lower gas prices? …. World Peace!

Tuesday night: Obama in NC, Hillary in IN

Early Exit Poll Estimates:

Does anybody know a good website that has....

Primary posters: Please also contact your candidate HQs about Pentagon propaganda

Do Hillary supporters really think

Clinton would need an upset win in North Carolina tonight to have a realistic chance

Can someone point to where Clinton has introduced legislation on this Gas Tax Holiday?

Can someone point to where Clinton has introduced legislation on this Gas Tax Holiday?

Obama = George Lucas

Obama = George Lucas

I Like John Mellencamp

Hillary: "Screw economics, ill just make crap up!"

What, if anything, does Barack Obama propose to do about hyper-inflated gas prices this summer.

What evidence is there today in the Indiana Primaries of 1 million voters purged

If it is Hillary less than 5 in IN and Obama over 10 in NC I think the SDs will flock to Obama!

The Obama Bubble Agenda (part 2) “pump and dump”

The Obama Bubble Agenda (part 2) “pump and dump”

why can't we have regional primaries?

So are North Carolina and/or Indiana "Big State"?

What makes a person an "elite?"

What makes a person an "elite?"

BREAKING: Obama hates performance artists!

It all ends today...

Limbaugh Responds to Clinton Saying He Has a Crush On Her

Go Vote Hoosiers And Heels!

After Today, There Will Be More SD (271) Than Pledged (217) Remaining

***Today in Indiana Reports are that 'Hardcore' Republicans voting Democrat ***

"Real Solutions That Will Help Them"

"Real Solutions That Will Help Them"


Can someone explain, without talking about coronations and who 'deserves' it...

Whaah, waaah, waaah.

Is Andrea Mitchell the Joker??

Is Andrea Mitchell the Joker??

Given the way the right treated John Kerry's military record, how should we treat John McCain's?

Question for the self-identified "working class" voters here

WA already spent the $ they assumed was coming from the federal gas tax.

2 more hoosiers voted for Barack Obama! O Supporters, please check in for a quick prayer.

2 more hoosiers voted for Barack Obama! O Supporters, please check in for a quick prayer.

Instead of a gas holiday tax, or what ever it is being called.

Is it possible to be a progressive if you voted for the IWR?

Which of these three would get your vote for president?

Defending oneself is not "attacking"...

Barack Obama response regarding Cojones!

I don't believe you really believe this Bill

Fasten your seatbelts .....

Chapeau Cat predicts: Obama takes IN by a whisker.

From behind the Hoosier Iron Curtain, I just voted for Obama!

Clinton internals show possible 15% NC defeat, according to Drudge

Why the gas tax holiday is a bad idea:

What HRC's campaign has wrought with supporters...

Here's what you could buy if you got an extra $4 a week from Hllary's gas tax holiday.


Has anyone challenged any of these rethug "Operation Chaos" assholes in Indiana?

If you hate Hillary... it's probably for all the wrong reasons

BREAKING: Hillary Surrogate Goes Off on Obama Surrogate!

Hillary is clever. (A view from the state due south of Indiana)

Should Obama even bother with West Virginia?

time for progressive Democrats to file for divorce

$200 oil could happen this year!

$200 oil could happen this year!

BREAKING: Hillary's latest flip flop could end her campaign sooner rather than later

A little cuteness for primary day. It'll make you go awww!

Today I listen to the Voters

It's $28 "in total" saved for the entire 90 Days, aka 3 Months- Don't be HILLwinked!


Obama supporters - Want to be nice to Obama volunteers on the ground today?

After much thought, I have decided to support Barack Obama once again

Here is a scary thought....

I notice how the MSM ratchets up Wrightgate when they

The macho image ("cojones" and "testicular fortitude") must be backfiring on Hillary

Hillary and Role Reversal

Gingrich, warning Repukes of a "fall disaster", is in favor of "gas tax holiday"

The importance of this election to the young

Primaries Today, what say we call a truce for tonight

What time should I look? I need to keep my sanity and stay away from the election

The Rude Pundit: True Tales of Indiana: An Attack With a Caveat and a Note on Gas Tax Relief


Voting for the big "O"s in Indiana's Seventh District!

Hillary will not get out before WV and KY - Its the fundraising.

Brian Howey, from the Howey Political Report, just said the Limbaugh voters may determine outcome!

My gas tax holiday...

Along with Al Gore, who was also labeled a "snob"...

Clerk: Better get in line soon

I have to admit, Hillary gets voters that Obama can't seem to connect with

Gov of Indiana, Mitch Daniel, is bigtime BFEE. The state has an OPEN primary.

Gov of Indiana, Mitch Daniel, is bigtime BFEE. The state has an OPEN primary.

Gov of Indiana, Mitch Daniel, is bigtime BFEE. The state has an OPEN primary.

Anyone have the link to Hillary's "cheap gas" gimmick legislation on

If Hillary wins the nom, the general's win/win for corporate Republicans.

Distrubing CNN poll.

Distrubing CNN poll.

Hillary is Hardcastle and McCormick

I just want to say...Good Luck to both sides tonight!

Hmm. As an Obama supporter I can't quite put my finger on why I like this Hillary photo so much.

Obama is a really fantastic speaker.

Why am I supposed to care about what Wright says?

Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright in a Western Classic

Good People of North Carolina and Indiana, please read this short post before you vote today

I don't get how progressives can support Hillary

McCain begins the transition to his replacement, John Roberts. From the AP,

I just got a call from the Obama campaign- said they were recording it!

so on a Progressive board that 100% believes in Global Warming

so on a Progressive board that 100% believes in Global Warming

Hillary Clinton Loving Every Bit of It in Indiana

Another "Elimination Day" for Clinton but also "Last Chance" for Obama

Another "Elimination Day" for Clinton but also "Last Chance" for Obama

Clyburn: Bill said some things I know he regrets

Clyburn: Bill said some things I know he regrets

How low can you sink ?

Hillary even had a shot contest with Grampa McPain?

Superdelegate recap, please.

Gas tax holiday poll

What I can buy for $36.80

What I can buy for $36.80


No matter who you support the other Democratic candidate looks better in this light

"Evict Dick Cheney and Pelosi" - sign found in Denver

"Evict Dick Cheney and Pelosi" - sign found in Denver

"Evict Dick Cheney and Pelosi" - sign found in Denver

"Evict Dick Cheney and Pelosi" - sign found in Denver

"Evict Dick Cheney and Pelosi" - sign found in Denver

I just voted for Hillary in the NC primary! This is all so exciting and wonderful!

NC: Early Election Day Indicators Point to Obama Win

There are 'Low Information Voters' on both sides of the primary fence.

Baltimore judge to Westboromorons: "Gimme yer church, deadbeats"

Cruisin in my OBAMAmobile!

The following is the definition of a Hill Low info Voter

Is the Democratic "Big Tent" too big?

why we need to vote for the democratic party nominee

"She's a girl from Illinois who likes to throw 'em down with the rest of us."

Illegal Obama campaign material INSIDE the polling place. Indiana.

Vice President Ted Kennedy

Indiana GOP'ers Rush to vote Dem

Exits: O +12 in NC; C +7 in IN

If Ronald McDonald bowed out of the election, would you still vote for Bozo?

When do the polls close today? I

More! More! MORE Obama Logos! Yes, MORE!!! (Dial-up warning!)

Who Is ZELIG?!? (Starring Hillary Clinton)

A question for DUers from VT, OH, TX, RI, WY, MS, PA, IN, NC, WV, KY, OR, MT, SD

Native American Super Delegate Announces Endorsement for Barack Obama

Clinton internals show her down by only FIVE, not FIFTEEN, in North Carolina

Clinton internals show her down by only FIVE, not FIFTEEN, in North Carolina

MSNBC Ticker: Hillary will drop out if loses both Indiana/North Carolina

Pat Buchanan just said re: Rev. Wright: "It'll be showtime at the Apollo"

We still have a few hours to make a difference.


NeedleCast Vows to Take Down Red China!

Penn ain't gone. Ickes: "Mark plays a valuable role in the campaign"

If Hillary Goes Nuclear & Steals Nom; Would You Vote McKinney?

Oh, NOES!! My Ignore list is leaking.

So now the high cost of gasoline is Obama's fault?

While Hillary panders on taxes, Obama negotiates a ceasefire in the oil-rich Niger delta. Really.

Hey you proud and happy IN and NC voters.

Read it and Weep. IMPEACHTHEM.COM. A million voters disapper from the Roll in Indiana today

2004 total votes in NC and IN primaries

Hey! Obama was in Indiana today?

The problem is not Clinton...

Just voted in Indiana..a lot of GOP crossover voting I suspect!!!

Did anyone see and hear Hillary last night

Exit polls: Af-Am 33% in NC, 14% in IN

Clinton vows to take down OPEC

Are you excited about today?

Gas Tax Holiday = Buying Votes. Plain n' Simple.

Will Republicans cause chaos in Indiana's Democratic primary?

"We'll Obliterate Them!" - Clinton/McCain Vs Obama. Social Psychology Know's Who's Right...

"We'll Obliterate Them!" - Clinton/McCain Vs Obama. Social Psychology Know's Who's Right...

"We'll Obliterate Them!" - Clinton/McCain Vs Obama. Social Psychology Know's Who's Right...

Heavy turnout in Indianapolis - "looking less like a primary than a general election"

Heavy turnout in Indianapolis - "looking less like a primary than a general election"

EXIT POLE!!!!!!!!!!

Why I think it will be over tomorrow.


When will Hillary suspend her campaign?

I can not wait for this Fucking election to be over!!!

Huffington Post Exit Polls: Hillary +5 IN, Obama +12 NC

Huffington Post Exit Polls: Hillary +5 IN, Obama +12 NC

I want the Darth Vader Transformer that transforms into the Death Star.

I want the Darth Vader Transformer that transforms into the Death Star.

I want the Darth Vader Transformer that transforms into the Death Star.

I want the Darth Vader Transformer that transforms into the Death Star.

OK.,,,I get a lot of criticism for doing nothing but bashing

All Obama needs to do is win more delegates than Clinton today, and she'll get the boot.

All Obama needs to do is win more delegates than Clinton today, and she'll get the boot.

one handed him the bill. "This will seal the thing." Obama accepted it

Won't it be too close for any decision?

Great quote from Al Gore.

Joe Biden is Freddy Bolger!


This would be a keeper

Hillary's Double Dream Dashed: Exits Show Easy Obama Win in NC

Clinton $$ disclosures shaded out $24 million of Bill's income (McClatchy)

Obama's Own Pander

Obama's Own Pander

Keith and contrasting assorted dipshit watching on MSNBC tonight.

official obama thread for obama supporters. where is it?

BREAKING: bomb threat in IN against Obama campaign offices (no actual bombs found)

Clinton Supporters Not Pleased With KO... yet again.

A poll of no consequence - If Al Gore had been running from the beginning, would you support him?

Hillary Clinton weighs in on the Miley Cyrus crisis...

Schuster , re. Indiana... heavy turnout in Obama Country!

When has the Drudge Report Exit Poll numbers been right? Don't fall for it!!!!

Obama camp receives bomb threat

This means Gore's going to run, right?

Should poll results be held until all polls are closed?

MSNBC Live Stream?

The Primary Day Ritual

If Indiana's polls dont start closing for another 45 minutes, why is CNN/MSNBC...

Hillary backs off on gas tax break

obama camp receives bomb threat

obama camp receives bomb threat

Zogby Poll: Presently Obama Expands Lead in NC

Predction: Hillary's New Goalpost: Kentucky is the Only State that Matters!

Another round of exits from Huffpo

Giordano: "The Primary Day Ritual" - here we go again (snore)

So Sam Nunn is being seriously considere for Obama's VP

Latest Exit Poll Update from HP: IN: BHO - 50.5%, HC-49.5%; NC BHO-60%, HC-38%

I wish , I wish , I wish Obama can pull an upset in Indiana

"I can't stand him,'' he said. "He's a Muslim. He's not even pro-American as far as I'm concerned.''

Hillary must be shaking in her combat boots right now, even more so then when she was in Bosnia..

Limbaugh said today that Democrats were responsible for McCain winning the GOP nomination

Jeremiah Wright a factor for roughly 50% of voters in Indiana and North Carolina

Question: Why is MSNBC reporting IN results before all IN polls have closed?

Breaking on Drudge: Exit Polls show easy win for Obama in NC

It is apparent to me and has been for some time, maybe 15 years

Dr. Rec Meets the Last Elected President of the US

You know what Hillary's Campaign reminds me of...

What a narcissist he is. "Senator Obama reduced your gasoline prices." (Obama is wrong on gas tax.)

CNN Exit Poll Info Suggests Indiana Outcome

What the hell happened to our political system?

If you won't vote for a Dem president in November you don't belong here....

After much thought, I have decided to

Getting Obama's autograph at a rally?

President Obama: The Preview?

Snapshots of Indiana SOS site

DNC Superdelegate Jeanette Council Endorses Obama!

Obama picks up North Carolina Superdelegate Jeanette Council

In case you haven't yet memorized it, Al Giordano lays out our primary day ritual ...

If Hillary ends up on the ticket as VP, will you support her then?

If Hillary ends up on the ticket as VP, will you support her then?

True or false? Harold Ickes: We Have A "Number" Of Super-Dels Ready To Move To Hillary

True or false? Harold Ickes: We Have A "Number" Of Super-Dels Ready To Move To Hillary

Early results on CNN (IN) don't look good for Obama : 61/39

Help me define the "Lazio-Effect". I've been pondering the extent Obama's hands are tied

Take that Hillary! National Right to Life asks Indiana Residents to Vote Against Obama

Evidence, ground info, on how much and what kind voter suppression

Three Indiana counties w/ populous cities haven't posted results yet...and that's interesting.

Obama Wins NC

Primary Ritual: Clinton Leaks Disappointing Numbers to Drudge

Half of the Democratic Party does not understand the importance of the IWR vote.

Half of the Democratic Party does not understand the importance of the IWR vote.

Honest Question For Everyone - Who would you vote for?

I'm wasting a thread to tell you: I HATE F'ing DEFCON!!!

Good luck!

FOX news says they WILL CALL NC at 7:30 right when polls close.

MSNBC projects Obama wins North Carolina

From the exits. IND: Clinton 52.10 Obama 47.90


Somebody tell me: why are "white rural" voters in PA different from those in Iowa?

Obama's "elitism" problem in Indiana

My relatives are spread all over Indiana

My relatives are spread all over Indiana

For my 1000th post (yay!)... Obama takes NC! Gobama!

MSNBC Calls North Carolina for Obama!!

Indiana county results from an indiana website

Score one for Zogby: double digit win for Obama in NC (still "too early to call" Indiana)

Great post from The Field

How Many Times Can They Repeat The Same Things Over And Over On.....

You want electability discussion? By all means, let's talk electability.


Current Indiana Primary Results

North Carolina is "A BIG STATE"

We win NC!!

So stupid

Clinton Supporters REJOICE!!! Limbaugh Successfully Getting Republicans Voting For Clinton!

The more this election continues, the more I want to listen to Nirvana.

OK, If I hear One More Time That Whoever Wins You Will Not Support The Other Candidate

I've finally decided to vote Obama in NC primary tomorrow

I assume Edwards is voting today, correct?

North Carolina says take that you fucking corporate assholes!


Scarborough's apparently taken his sanity pills tonight.

Election Night with Dan Rather on HDNet!!!

Delegate MATH, Pledged and Super: What's At Stake Today, and What Obama Needs to Clinch

Obama supporters here's a video that will get you through the day.

Huckabee still stinging McCain

Two Things To Be Suspicious Of

Polling experience in NC -

Just made my first donation to Hillary Clinton today

Huckabee still stinging McCain

Objectivity: Indiana, the white vote & limpballs

CNN Exit polls show Clinton wins IN by ~4 and Obama wins NC by ~15

Is Brokaw a boozer ?

Here on DU Obama is already the nominee, will Obama be able to unite the party tonight?

Can obama still win indiana tonight?

Can obama still win indiana tonight?

They keep saying Obama won NC and sticking up a picture with her

How Much Time Elapsed Between NC Poll Close And NC Called For Obama?

BREAKING: NC doesn't count

When this is all over, can we have a "lamest GD-P thread of 2008" contest and laugh about this?

I Love How The Term Progressive Gets Thrown Around Here, As If Some Of You Own It.

I Am Elite. I Am Not Elite. Which One Is It?


Man, I bet Bill ain't happy..he hit every Mayberry town in no avail

Obama's victory in North Carolina is the death knell for Hillary Clinton's campaign.

Obama's winning the spin!!

Congrats to Obama and supporters on NC

Congrats to Obama and supporters on NC

Does not swill white wine with the elite...

Breaking: Obama loses Clinton supporters

Why can't he close this deal?


Could it be? Latest Exit Polls show Obama up in Indiana 50.5 - 49.5

Hillary is a loser

I'll say it, so you don't have to: fuck people for whom $30/mo. matters

Would you let your pet take a dump in the voting box?

How many here REALLY think what they post here is going


Early polling results from Indiana. One precinct, one third grade class.

Exits: Nearly 50% of Clinton voters will not support Obama; most Obama voters would support Clinton

WTF? IS this Amateur Hour on MSNBC?

Exits say that 40% of Obama's winning coalition in NC was white.

I don't give a damn who wins the nomination, but one meme that must be banished forever..

Do you remember Sean Hannity's "Stop Hillary Express?"

I had what I think may just be a brilliant moneymaking idea

Question: If we say the winner of each state gets that states electorial votes, who would be ahead?

Harold Ford: "The winner of NC will be the nominee."

So when will the GOP protect the integrity of the vote and call on Rush to stop "Chaos."

A little reminder: Indiana - 72 delegates ... North Carolina - 115 delegates

Voted for Hillary Clinton this morning in NC. It felt great!


Edwards uses his 'non-endorsement' to beat up both Dem candidates...

Edwards uses his 'non-endorsement' to beat up both Dem candidates...

Chuck JUST SAID LOOK FOR 15% FOR O IN NC to erase PA Pop gain

Predictions for North Carolina and Indiana - Obama on Top

Predictions for North Carolina and Indiana - Obama on Top

Jonathan King on CNN says NC "Research Triangle Park" (NC) is Key to Obama!

'Dems' I can do without.

Wow - MSNBC has Buchanan, CNN has Bill "cut crime: abort black babies" Bennett

NC and IN projection maps for reference, no surprise Clinton is winning in the IN counties that r in

PHOTOS: Barack and Michelle Obama today in Indiana and North Carolina

Hillary has now, without a doubt, lost the nomination.

Hillary has now, without a doubt, lost the nomination.

Fox News Versus Clinton/Obama - Fox Wins

160000 ballots were mailed in early in Indiana!

In chess, this is called a "fork"


Would someone "clue in" Tim Russert that White Women are NOT "in the tank" for HRC ...

Obama won the bigger state, a state we can win in GE, a state with more delegates. He won the night.

NORTH CAROLINA: 134 Delegates (115 determined today) A synopsis

This exactly sums up how I feel about the McClinton Gas Tax Holiday Controversy:

Can you imagine how many new young voters would register in an Obama v McCain general election?

Hillary Clinton is Yubaba from Spirited Away

Hillary Failed to disclose $24 Million of Bill's Income

Hillary Failed to disclose $24 Million of Bill's Income

Hillary Failed to disclose $24 Million of Bill's Income


Video: Governor Dean on MSNBC today.

Video: Governor Dean on MSNBC today.

So Hillary supporters : Tell us ONE REASON why after Tuesday



Obama Loses Both NC and IN (what if)

Hillary is going to concede the nomination tonight.

New SurveyUSA KY Poll: Obama closing in on Hillary

Chris Matthews just said IN exit polls show Obama ahead with everyone under 65, but older than that

Chris Matthews just said IN exit polls show Obama ahead with everyone under 65, but older than that

Chris Matthews just said IN exit polls show Obama ahead with everyone under 65, but older than that

*****Obama Supporters IN & NC Primary Day Thread*****

My predictions for tomorrow. Skip this thread because you won’t like it.

No matter what, can we be classy tomorrow night?

Can you feel it? Everybody say.......

Can you feel it? Everybody say.......

Can you feel it? Everybody say.......

And he's not even the President yet.

*** 2,208 is a LIE and here's WHY: ***

Latest Indiana Exits Polls:

Hillary is a CYLON!!!!


To: Hillary Supporters, From: Someone Who Sometimes Gives You Alot Of Shit

I just voted for Obama this morning, ask me ANYTHING!

I honestly am sad about Hillary........

My 18 year old son voted today for the first time and got a standing ovation at the polls!

Mojo Thread ! ! Let's go Barack! ! !

Zogby's final day of polling: Obama with 14 point lead in NC! 2 point lead in IN.

I predict Hillary will drop out by the end of the week

Here's one thing, just one thing I want to know about Indiana

Barack is Aragorn - The Return of the King

Why I believe this Primary will never end

I voted in Durham NC.

Remember when I used to defend Hillary?

Even if Obama loses Indiana he will still win the nom.

Your bias against pandering is disgraceful.

Today we will all find out the stupidity of the voters.

Today we will all find out the stupidity of the voters.

List of Suicides by whistle blowers or those that knew things

The Rev. Wright 'issue' again and again and again here in the DU

Debunking the 'nuclear option', 27 add on Obama Super Delegates, Clinton needs 87% remaining SDs

Drudge: Hillary Insiders Fear 15 Point Loss in NC

Obama's tax cut for middle class and ordinary folk to met gas prices

KO on MSNBC says "Clinton and her so called candidacy" just now.

Predictions Today?

The TREASON of the SuperDs - (what Pelosi, et. al, is up to.) --

Only Ceiling Cat Knows who will win today in NC, IN

Photos from North Carolina

Photos from North Carolina


I'll ask this question one more time...

Gingrich warns GOP of ‘real disaster' this fall

Right or wrong on the gas tax.... this has helped Obama enormously....

Right or wrong on the gas tax.... this has helped Obama enormously....

Why can't Clinton win independents? (Kos) - Hey Super Delegates, put this in your pipe and smoke it

What is up with the Republicans voting in the Indiana Democratic Primary?

Chris Rock: 'Who ever heard of superdelegates till a black guy was in the race?'

*******Obama Hits 1.5 Million Donors***********

Exit poll at my NC precinct today

Hillary Failed To Disclose $24 Million of Bill's Income From China

Who's The Biggest Douchebag?

Michelle Obama on Bill Clinton: "I want to rip his eyes out!"


Time for another Ooga Booga Smooga Wooga thread!

starting tomorrow, let's call a moratorium to fake martydom, and manufactured outrage

OMFG Hillary is a working class American

Reading some of the reactions on CNN and DU to the Edwards

Obama Supporters on/off board couldn't alienate Clinton supporters more if they'd planned it.

Barack Obama and Rick Santorum... the only two politicians to ever refuse an interview with PGN

What do you think of David Schuster?

when was obama ahead in indiana?

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA at the rally last night in downtown Indianapolis before an estimated 21,000!

Hillary has fought very hard and effectively with her back against the wall

Clinton's Superdelegate Hunter

Clinton's Superdelegate Hunter

Hillary moves goalposts again -- now says Obama needs 2,208 delegates

Obama is wrong about the gas tax

Let me tell you about the great people in North Carolina

Isn't it time to take the high road and be the first to knock the crap off?

Juan Cole: Hillary's "obliterate Iran" comments are "monstrous", "surreal", would be a "war crime"

INDIANA, NORTH CAROLINA primary results straight from the Secretary of State

Any Dems or progressive independents who sit out this election


Poll: Flap over pastor hurts Obama

Obama hits Carville, I like it

Obama hits Carville, I like it

Obama hits Carville, I like it

Clinton Counts Florida, Michigan in Delegate Math (WSJ)

Keith Olbermann Isn't O'Reilly. Even Hillary Wouldn't Label Him This Way.

I'm eating raw carrots

When do you think Hillary Clinton will suspend her campaign?

WIPEOUT!!! 35% reporting in Indiana: Clinton up by 14points!

*****Hillary Supporters, Check In*****

As an Obama supporter, I'll vote for Hillary if she's the nominee.

Hillary Clinton for US Supreme Court --

I don't want to scare you but...these 2 candidates are pretty much the same.

Shocking revelation: the netroots doesn't represent the entire Democratic electorate.

I will vote for Hillary

Terry McAuliffe Is Crazy........

Kerry on MSNBC going for the gold, saying that Obama will not have his republican problems


Using Repub framing does not make Clinton a Republican

About a month ago Harold Ford Jr was on "Race to the White House" and

To Pressure One Person to Repudiate Another Is Despicable

For my 13,000th post since I have been in DU - I wish to say to you all - GOBAMA!

Keith Olbermann Isn't O'Reilly, He Just Plays Him on MSNBC

Have you ever been left high and dry by a performance that everybody else loved?

Mayonnaise and its impact on cultural celebrations

Torture, cluster bombs, Iraq and Iran Wars -- NO, these two candidates are NOT the same.

The Nation: Cruel and Unusual Punishment

What Uncle Sam Gives in Rebates, OPEC Takes, Stalling Economy

Cool thing that happened in California.

Gah Disgusting! A roach just dropped on my shoulder

Self delete - wrong forum

The Nonsensical Idea That Hillary Supporters Have A Reason To Hate/Be Disgusted By Obama

Docs list who wouldn't get care in catastrophe: elderly, severly hurt and burned, dementia

The Serendipitous 'Suicide' of the D.C. Madame

OPERATION CHAOS: Real dirty tricks or pathetic cover up for defection of GOP voters?

Harry Reid on The Daily Show tonight

Clinton's dogged battle puts party at risk

I Just Noticed That Posts On The DC Madam Are Being Sent To The 9/11 Dungeon.....nt

Did you see Laura Bush at her press conference.

Congressional Research Service study on China

Hillary Clinton has been a Democrat for 40 years......

Hillary Clinton has been a Democrat for 40 years......

Thank you very, very much to whomever it was that gave me their donor star...

Deputies: Man Tied Up, Forced To Watch Wife Raped By 2 Invaders

The American Family Association's latest weapon in its war on gays: Take away their vowels!

Tom Hanks backs Obama in presidential race!!

American To Appeal Skycap Tip Verdict

David Ray Griffin On Malloy Now

Vietnam whistle-blower: "Don't wait" to leak

Washington University (St. Louis) to honor nutcase Phyllis Schlafly

Something I find funny

Military Propogandist Suggests Iran Planning Major Insurrection Right Before US Elections

Unnatural Causes (PBS).. check your local station.. This is a great series

ACLU - Act Now: Stop Secret Spying Deal

Chuckie Schumer watchers... the Senator bailed on advisory role alongside Richard Perle

Check out this NYT headline:

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Bolton: Striking Iran ‘Is Really The Most Prudent Thing To Do’

PBS's American Experience is doing George H. W. Bush tonight...

The gift - a rant of hope

The gift - a rant of hope

Flashback: Senator Who Saw War Up Close Doesn't Want to See Another

OMG! Korean Pop-Singer/Star RAIN is the guest tonight on The Colbert Report!!!

You've got to be fucking kidding me, Pickled....

The strategic error of the Clinton campaign

Your Virtual Papers, Please

Definitions. They are what define us.

545 People by Charlie Reese Just a thought

Life goes on...

Two Orange County Jailers Fired for Reportedly Tasing a Cat

Who is your Favorite Daily Show Correspondent?

500th post.

I am planning a vacation to Iraq

Young Democrats Group

Grampa McCain courts right wing


Toon: Gotta love Rob Rogers

McCain and Hagee: We cannot circulate this enough

Who's watching WJ this morning

Oregon Primary check-in thread. Check in here when you mail in your ballot.

Bill Barring Animals on Lap While Driving Clears Assembly

I got an email from the White House!

Hard to imagine 2024

Guess which city's revenue has gone down due to recession??

The Violent Language Of Right-Wing Pundits Poisons Our Democracy

Guess her answer was "So, he died." Person very deserving of prison gets it.

McCain Aides Say Hagee Endorsement Was The Result Of ‘Poor Vetting’ We can help "tank" this poll completely

Fareed Zakaria LIVE on C-SPAN's Washington Journal now

Can Anyone Explain How this Food "Crisis" Came on w/ so Little Warning?

Grease bandits strike as biofuel demand rises

Business Bankruptcy Filings Rise 49% in U.S. Amid Deepening Economic Slump

"How do you get into Heaven? Tonight on Channel 6, we'll tell you how"

The Essence of the Bush Administration and John McCain

The Return of the Granny Bashers: More Attacks on Social Security and Medicare

A Baltimore (Home of the Preakness) teevee report says two horses die **daily** from racing

Susan Estrich says Super Delegates should choose a winner

Middletown, Teetering on the Divide

Would Al Gore have attacked Iraq and Afghanistan?

Called local TV station about lack of coverage of Myanmar

If an asteroid were going to collide with Earth and cause mass extinctions, how would the Bush admin

Breaking: Total evacuation around volcano

U.S. Attorney for Northern District of Florida Resigns (Gregory Miller)

McCain giving his '"Why Democrats MUST unite behind their Candidate" speech.

I just siphoned $22 worth of gas from undeterred's tank

Myanmar cyclone death toll exceeds 22,000 / 41,000 missing

Rush Limbaugh's "Project Chaos" in Indiana - Grrrr

Murder trial begins for teenager who got gun from his mom

Anyone else watching the Chilean volcano on CNN?

Admin PR Coup Gone Awry-Gitmo Trials Won't Interrupt Election

Democrats Will Impeach One of Their Own As Long As There's Sex Involved

Heads Up! Pat Tillman's Mom Mary, is going to be on the Today Show shortly to discuss

I just spent $22 on a locking gas cap.

With so much hatred for the Clintons on this site, I have to ask:

BBC News website: Chile Eruption Spurs Evacuations

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is taking calls

buried lead item, Or "when things go from bad to Holy shit!"

Pentagon Backs Plan To Build U.S. ‘Zone Of Influence’ Of Hotels And Resorts In Baghdad

Equal rights for plants? Plant dignity?

Tom Tomorrow: Who's kidding who?

Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature

Democrats Set to Defy Bush on War Bill

WaPo: No Sept. 11 Trials Likely Before Bush Leaves Office, Officials Say

McCain speaks like a grandfather reading a bed time story

Afghan 'health link' to (depleted) uranium

MoDo: Jon, Stephen, & their audience smart. Dave & his, not.

Anyone notice an absence of Pentagon "al-Qaeda" propaganda lately?

Officials Worry Mortgage Market Saviors Freddie and Fannie Will Fail

AUDIO: LaLaRawRaw On Thom Hartmann Show - Attacks On Whistleblowers "We've Seen This Movie Before"

Inflation adjusted oil prices - well past the all-time high

Oil hits $122 a barrel

Surge or Purge? Unicef warns of Iraqis 'at risk'

Parents 'stop children cycling' (UK)

Over 485 Cities Raised Sales Tax Rates in 2007

Cherie Blair went to Bangladesh and opened her mouth

Radio: Over 22,000 Dead in Myanmar Cyclone-41,000 Missing

McCain: Big Oil's Best Friend

The public is being gouged...

Benson aims to use House run to empower women

"Blacks should be thankful to white people" email

Father who shot his own son charged; alcohol and marijuana in his system

A fairyland for investors. In a war zone. - Today’s Headlines 5/6/08

Thought on oil

Block judicial nominees Richard Honaker and Robert Conrad !

House votes to subpoena Addington

It's okay. You can be jealous. I just scored a 1st Edition of Molly Ivin's FIRST book

Just listened to a show about ancient Rome, makes me go 'hmmmm..'

Are you still proud to be an American?

The monkey poop fights in GDP are now using catapults...

So what exactly is the "legal" definition of punishment?

Former UN Weapons Inspector Says Attack on Iran 'Virtual Guarantee'

Bulletproof housing markets get hit

I have said it before: Put Hillary on the ticket

I hate:

Helen Radner On Thom Hartmann

Another Iraq Vet Suicide--Witnessed By His Mom

LA Judicial candidate advocates citizenship for Whites only

Constitutional Flaw in Appointment Process Puts 46 Judges Into Question

Joseph Stryzak (?), Palfrey building manager, on live with

House to Cave on Wiretapping Bill?

To combat crime Birmingham, AL mayor encourages wearing of burlap sacks and prayers...

Blackwater's Core Values

Al Gore on "Fresh Air" - Partial Transcript and AUDIO

Marsha Fucking Blackburn (R-TN7)

Hey! You!!

3 Weeks After 9/11 Rumsfeld's military objective to remake the Middle East by force...

Arlington/Springfield Virginia folks...did you just feel that?

11 month old girl needs help or will die but ....

GLOBAL ELITE GATHER IN D.C. (Trilateral Comission)

How crazy is Liebermoran? Compares Hagee to Moses.

"Most drug offenders are white, but most of the drug offenders sent to prison are black"

POLL -> GWbush calls on Congress to send him a gas tax holiday bill for him to approve ASAP!

Pending Legislation to Rip Off Artists?

Pending Legislation to Rip Off Artists?

Mercs, at one point they were considered the lowest scum

Mildred Loving, plaintiff in famous Supreme Court case, dies

Bill Scher: A Glimpse of the Conservative Health Care Future

anyone have a recommendation for a good site to stream Randi?

Marc Maron On AAR Today - Now

Let's Bank On Rebuilding America

Pentagon Warns Of ‘Harm’ RE: Webb’s Effort To Give Educational Benefits To Troops After ‘Only’ 2 Yrs

City Commission wants Florida divided into two states

Siegelman, Could Someone Give Me The Short Run Down On This Story

Pentagon Report on Iraq Debacle Never Saw Light (on Rummy's orders)

I give you another platinum star republikkan - douglas bruce Colorado Springs CO

"Oprah makes Jay Leno look like Walter Cronkite"

Endangered blue iguanas killed in Botanic Park

Gas prices are only going to go up

NPR was reporting that the FBI raided the Office of Special Counsel

22,500 dead 41,000 missing - the numbers are staggering!!!

Bible Amusement Park Now Twice As Amusing

Bernanke pushes government help to curb foreclosures

Feta Cheese Made From Raw Milk Has Natural Anti-food-poisoning Properties (Science Daily)

Phelps family fails to post bond to stay collection of $5 million

Daily Show's John Oliver skewers the Oscars for political consultants

Kerik focused on "conducting raids and liberating prostitutes” while in Iraq: Sanchez

Heads up! The documentary "Wellstone!" will air tonight 8:30 ET

The surest sign the GOP is throwing the election

Need a good booze-and-sex-scandal distraction?

Pelosi says more stimulus needed, Bush "in denial"

WaPo's Abramowitz: ‘I don’t think McCain is being cut a break by the press for verbal miscues.’»

Glenn Greenwald: Things that don't exist in Harry Reid's world

Nukes & Spooks: Missile defense flight test "successes" questioned

Dean: McCain "Is Back In the 1940s"

Did the central bank kill Kennedy?

Anyone else just hear Randi: re "Operation Chaos"?

Al Gore is on "Fresh Air" right now on NPR.

Wright issue will haunt conservative media elite-Roland S. Martin

Reptilians protesting!

Bush: "If somebody tries to stop the march to democracy, we will seek them out and kill them!"

Save the Polar Bears and Strong-Arm a Frank Dialogue about Catastrophic Climate Change!

"Because people won't give their money until there is a nominee."

I know it wont and cant happen .....

My doctor suspects the Activia yogurt ..

It is time to take on the media...

I know this isn't important,

The "Drug War": Wisconsin leads nation in racial disparity for arrests and imprisonment

The Nation: Poor Is the New Rich!

What say you now, Mr. Julian Simon?

Experts Offer Tips on Avoiding Home Foreclosure

So, what percentages is McCain getting in these primaries? Is he able

Dan Froomkin: Laura Bush's Disastrous Diplomacy

Is there any reason why my husband and I didn't get a rebate?

Feingold-backed effort to prevent energy market manipulation included in farm bill

Worse case of abuse seen when the child was still alive: Prosecutor

America the hateful for the ill and needy

I am hopping aboard the straight talk express

Democracy Now!: Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear

Harry Reid Still Providing Cover for Joe Lieberman

gag me with a spoon. Jenna wanted an "organic wedding"

Karl Rove to speak at Kansas R event = $150 for a photo with Rove

TEDTalk Tuesday: A Special Presentation

Indiana nuns lacking ID denied at poll by fellow sister

FBI Agents Raid Office, Home of Special Counsel Scott Bloch -WSJ

Would this Dream Ticket have a shot?

Aflac Investors Get a Say on Executive Pay

Bush 41 salutes Sun Myung Moon's effort to subdue the planet.

In Praise of Gas Tax Hysterics

What is dubya's nickname for McCain

I am not sure what to make of this : "Sub teacher claims fired for 'wizardry'"

When people refuse to leave links, for their arguments, are their arguments weakened?

PICKLES! Laura FUCKING Bush! "Discusses Jenna's Wedding During Myanmar Press Conference"

Frustrated owners try to unload their guzzlers

This is light and trivial - do you want to know something about flowers?

A question for diabetic type IIers. Did you know that a cortisone

Things that don't exist in Harry Reid's world

This is the coolest website for news junkies like us!!111!

Desperate Myanmar Survivors Throwing Bodies in Rivers

44MPG, Convertible, $3850, 14.5 in the quarter mile

An unappreciated teacher is reminding you it's Teacher Appreciation Day

McCain says "League of Nations" needs to deal with Iran

Close the School of the Americas!!

Which is better, testicles or brains?

Get a load of these new TRAFFIC LAWS in California! (Includes not smoking in your car with kids)

Anyone Interested in Snake Oil?

A Campfire in the North

Bush, McCain or a Carrot - MoveOn's cool new game!

Assistant Principal in Florida resigns over testing issues.

Car plates fetch 9.8 mln dlrs in UAE auction

Baltimore judge to Westboromorons: "Gimme yer church, deadbeats"

The next Supreme Court nominees

MSNBC swoons and goes all dreamy over the Jenna wedding, to be "held next to lake" at the Pig Farm.

Kerry: Investigate the Pentagon Pundit Program

The Progressive Generation: How Young Adults Think About the Economy

2 Million children directly impacted by the mortgage crisis!

Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand

Goldman's Murti Says $150 to $200 Oil 'Likely' in Next Six to 24 Months

what is your respite from DU?

McCain vows to name more 'Alitos' and 'Robertses'

Laura Bush chastises Myanmar for not responding to natural disaster fast enough???

Wal-Mart Selling $10 90-Day Prescription Drug Supplies; Target To Do Same

Power and Powerlessness:

Power and Powerlessness:

Another Kind of Shock At the Grocery Store

Yoo, Feith, Ashcroft Agree to Testify; Subpoena Authorized For Addington

I'm pretty pissed at my State "Democrat" party

Gitmo has a souvenir shop

7-Year-Old Steals SUV, Goes On Joyride

Before anybody thinks it's a good idea to let Laura Bush save the Myanmars.. Read this!!!

John Edwards

The Worst Shelter in Michigan....

Former judge from ‘pants suit’ sues for $1 million, old job back

The SURGE in Iraq. Is it working? Here are the numbers . . .

Britains "Big Brother" System of 4.2 million CCTV Cameras Prove to be a Complete Waste



Radical voucher initiative on Florida's ballot will allow public school money to private schools

I think MCain has Alzeheimer's....

Cop's death reignites fuse on controlling assault rifles

Thoughts on the Addington Torture Subpoena

I'm having a Cinco de Mayo feast tonight!

I Am Having A Cinco De Drinko Feast Tonight

Detention Camp being set up in Iowa? - LBN?

FUCK tomorrow is another Tuesday

What the fuck am I doing wrong?

I gots a testz... wishes me lukz?

lounge animal lovers...

What is your blood pressure?

To whomever gave me their donor star...please see post in GD..


OMFSM...I've got to read this book

A new pic...from my garden!

Rock Man irons!

When John Grisham is on fire, NO ONE can touch him!

Iron Man Rocks!

so I had an epiphany

Found some very cool bar codes

Is this a slut song... or a love song????

Frogs and Ducklings, oh my!

A way to address the supposed cruelty of horseracing

you are so vain

Nirvana vs The Beach Boys

alert ---> stupid iPod question

Blind, sweet pony dragged to death in Pa.

'I Went Through the Danger Zone'... of GD-P and came out a real man...

w00t!!! New NIN album available for free!

Time to go visit GDP

Liquor or Lick Her


I better earn some good karma for this...

We made it to FARK today. The new moran picture!!!

OK. Whose drinking what tonight?

any advice for single cruises for my mom?

Maybe this one could use the teacher for him/herself

The last dance of dipsetmuthafucka begins at 4:33:

I just bought an iPod. My first

Candy is Dandy but Liquor is Quicker

my weekend room makeover project is complete(pics included)

When you have to make a decision do you think you are

Good night DU

Song Sung to an Infant Daughter....

Roll Call. Who is posting or lurking tonight.

NYT Again Excludes Critics From Iraq War Discussion

HAPPY CINCO DI MAYO! ~~ "You're sooo Smooth" ~~

No... I am still not asleep

Air show photos Dialup Warning

Holy crap, I think I may have fixed my internet connection...

You caught me undressing

The real

The real

Sometimes I wonder about my own sanity

best song ever

Hay Morans, make plans for the family reunion

Hay Morans, make plans for the family reunion

sweetness overload

When I was a young boy, I thought leaving town with the circus was a career plan.

Have you ever watched Hitchcock's "Rope"?

I have the bestest boyfriend

PEHDTSCKJMBA:Tell me if this doesn't blow your mind

This is How a Republic Falls

Todays free advice thread:

Todays free advice thread:

Any Jasper Fforde fans in the Lounge?

Sigh..I did it again

Dark Knight possible spoiler: Two-Face revealed?

Blonde pole dancer

Shock Appreciation Thread...

I Read too Much

For Those Of You Who Missed Tom Cruise On Friday’s Oprah.

Cafe mistakes dishwashing liquid for wine

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to bind them

A month in Myanmar -there are 22 THOUSAND dead there

Wine is fine but whiskey's quicker.

Does anyone know if you can check beer on an airplane?

Anyone ever heard of a Democratic serial killer?

I’m Not Lying, I’m Telling a Future Truth. Really.

Is putting someone on hide thread the same as putting them on

Star Trek or Star Wars?

500th post.

FOOD FIGHT! The word "asshole" is redefined in GD-P. Click before it's gone...

Fire-it-up. Dave Mathews and the Black Crowes--two shows

I PM'ed Skinner to tell him that KitchenWitch was a bad liberal for attending the airshow.

my new fave song....loose lips

The new NIN album is available for free

Nine Inch Nails Release New Album “The Slip” for Free

The straw that broke the camel's back

Remember the Yahoo message boards that went along with each news story?

I want to be nice and bake cookies

Who Else Thinks Someone Should Get Tombstoned For Going To An Airshow

Lynnesin, or anyone else... What was that drain zipper thingy called?

working on an application for a public art project. argh

Ladies and gentlemen...we have *NEW* Portishead

Who Else Thinks Someone Should Get Tombstoned For The Brazilian Joke

Every now and then I have to "-re-learn"

The #1 team has been knocked out of the playoffs and no New Jersey Devils in the running....

Damn.......... John Mayer Is SOOOOO Annoying

Baby cries when she hears the Michigan Fight Song

After a brief break, we are back at level 1...

My day at work at Mt. Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods DIAL UP WARNING

Large guitars, lots of sunglasses, and rock stars!

Breast-feeding may boost children's IQ

I thought all the direct deposit rebates were supposed to go in May 2..

Now this is an amazing illusion

I'm gonna do this for a week straight!! . . . .

Brutal honesty in a relationship... A must or not?

Brooklyn, NY lounge peeps who listen to soul and funk music...

Oh No , I Left My Bar Last Night Without Paying My Tab

Jefferson Starship said they built this city from rock and roll.

Just slap me . . .

Monty had his senior profile today - I hope all is well with him

Breath in and out, HEyHEY, in and out.....

I just siphoned $22 worth of gas from undeterred's tank

Quit casting asparagus, you screwn moran. I have to have read LOTR to understand WTF they're saying on GDP

Scottish Star Trek

Was anyone else up early enough to see the sig lines this morning??/

Cosby is the real prophet, not Wright

Cosby is the real prophet, not Wright

Level 2

Do you feel dirty?

I only need 13 more MySpace friends to reach 900

"America - that brought you the hamburger ..."

Willie Nelson

Chocolate...bacon ... donut... enjoy

Sending Flowers to Your Mom for MD? FTD helps w/Breast Cancer

Turtleandsue's Favorite New Song

What sex is on your brain?

Here kitty kitty. One of my daughter's sisters took this photo.

Forget LOL cats. Here's the latest thing...

There is a benevolent being - DTV is airing the Twins feed tonight!

I desire a kitty so much .... but there is a snag

GAAAAAAAAAAH - I am nekkid!


I'm off to "get trained" for my new driving job.

i am frustrated and a bit worried right now re: health care

Study: Smoking Pot Doesn't Cause Cancer--It May Prevent It!

Flying Is For The Dogs

My school's Bursar's office....what a mess...

Who's been to Spain?

A beer I can't wait until Chilled: Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron

What are you eating right now?

What's your favorite hard liquor for beginning drinkers?

Luv n Haight

What happens in GD:Pffth tonight when everyone reaches the three thread limit??

i just came back today

So, I need some advice.

decent repurposed beat club footage

post the oldest and newest pic of yoursef that you have in your photobucket

Why do some people abuse texting?

Amazing photo: Volcano erupting in Chaiten, Chile during a lightning storm

Got my stimulus check today.

What sex is your brain?

Are we at Level GDP yet?

Milk Duds just don't taste as good as they used to

We Are One Here At DU

My cat has become aggressive toward the beagle

Gay High School Students Outraged After Principal "Outs" Them

PB&J . . .

Wow . . . I just discovered . . .

The Christmas Bullet

Posted a poll in GD:pfftttt

Man, so, the most irresponsible of my friends is gonna be a dad

Aw crap. They're all off of 'ignore'.

Three Stooges shorts available on iTunes

The Last Roundup, By Christopher Ketcham

With 100% Of The Precincts Reporting, Midlodemocrat Wins The State Of Bunco

For Level 6 Defcon.

Oh damn what am I going to make for dinner?

I am such a multi-tasker!

Your DUTY as an AMERICAN: WATCH and LISTEN to Sleepy LaBeef perform Hank Ballard's "Tore Up"

Who Else Thinks Someone Should Get Tombstoned For Showing Airliners

I had to post a poll in GD-Piffle too...

Got my skin biopsy results today, somewhat good news.

Sexual harassment suit: Weather Channel personality makes O'Reilly look like Prince Effin' Charming

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/6/2008)

anyone else a fan of Chiwetel Ejiofor ?

Which movie should I watch?

Very bright red spots on my dog's belly *eek*

Congratulations WannaBeGrumpy, she broke 1000 post today!

How to use an Apple Powerbook? (crossposted in Comp help and support group)

How to use an Apple Powerbook? (crossposted in Comp help and support group)

Based on my bullshit math, the Florida Marlins are playing over their heads

I think I want to change my user name. What do you think of Snarky?

Look at my new hair color before I take a shower and mess it up!

I am going to TRY ONCE AGAIN to break 1000!!!!

My mother just inherited 22.5 Million Dollars!!!

HOT DAMN!! The joint is jumping tonight !!

First photograph ever?

It's my 1000th post! Ask me anything...

Today Show tours nuke (missle) facilty

We're having a baby.

will we make it to defcon three tonight...?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/6/08 (warning: graphic language)

Um, who is "Nick Fury"???


How Many Times Do You Think About Sex During The Day

Blue. I hate pharmaceutical transitions.

I will NOT be Ignored!!

Don't you hate it when someone latches on to one particular sentence in a post

Explain the meaning behind your screen name...

Kitty Pics!!

Minnesota Loungers: Want to meet up at Bad Waitress?

Has DU changed you?

So Today She Told Me She Now Has A Lawyer...

*Some Very Good News*

Airline Passengers Behaving Badly

NOT a joke: "Fla. Teacher Accused Of Wizardry - Man Made Toothpick Vanish In Class"

Tabloid News: temeah vs Asom Broso

What kind of cartoons did you like when you were a kid?

I'm sad right now.

Lamest Tattoo - EVER. (Post your own tattooes)

anything fun going on over in GDP?

If you could snap your fingers and change jobs, what would you choose?

My cat sits around all day... what about yours?

I'm curious, how old is everyone here?

Know your BFEE: Forget Rev. Wright! It’s Bush and His Cronies Who Owe an Apology for Rev. Moon!

OK, when I go through the drive thru because I'm starving, and

I am a bad liberal. I went to and enjoyed an air show yesterday.

Post a less than flattering photo of yourself.

Down on Its Luck, Las Vegas used to be recession-proof. Not anymore.

GM Could Face Shortage Of Malibus Due to Strike

Ford Hails Canada Labor Pact

"Post-War Suicides May Exceed Combat Deaths, U.S. Says"

Expect sharp rise in suicide attacks by women in Iraq: US expert

US contractors accused in Abu Ghraib torture suit

Tropicana files for bankruptcy, casinos keep going

Fear That Suicides May Top War Deaths

Myanmar Says Cyclone Death Toll 15, 000 And Set to Rise

Swiss Bank UBS Cuts 5,500 posts

Bernanke urges Congress to help stem foreclosures

Blackwater inquiry sought. How city permits obtained at issue.

2 soldiers' deaths in Iraq raise doubts about MRAP vehicle

Car bomb in Iraq kills 4 people, wounds 27

Document: Fugitive US financier dead (Robert Vesco)

Dozens of Iraqi police detained in operation

Fed Chief Urges Foreclosure Action

FBI says men in ferry photo were innocent sightseers

Former NY DA Pirro gets TV show

Russia, U.S. sign nuclear agreement

More than 3.5 million new voters, AP survey finds

McCain castigates Obama on judges

Baghdad: (Iraqi gov't) Sunni ministers 'unqualified'

Fannie Mae to Raise $6 Billion in Capital After Loss

Current Indiana Primary Results

ABC: Under Court Order, Indiana Polls To Be Kept Open Until 8 P.M. ET.

Voters Crowd Polls at Indiana, N.C. Primaries

MSNBC Calls North Carolina for Obama


Chrysler has a deal for buyers: $2.99-a-gallon gas cards

Executions scheduled to take place in US states

Georgia says "very close" to war with Russia

McCain pledges more conservative judges

Panel authorizes subpoena of Cheney aide(Addington)

Indonesia considers quitting OPEC

North American Union Secret Summit 4/22/08

Committee chairman accuses VA of cover up

Clinton disclosures didn't list $24 million of Bill's income

Tens of thousands riot in Mogadishu in eruption of anger over food prices

'Torture memo' author, former attorney general, to testify (John Yoo)

White House admits pre-war e-mails not archived

Guantanamo man says UK knew he would be tortured

U.S. soldier killed in northern Iraq

Oil nears $123 on $200 oil prediction, supply concerns

Death toll passes 22,000 in Myanmar cyclone

Illegal's body found; rapes reported by 3

NPR: FBI Searches Office of Special Counsel Building

With No Photo IDs, Nuns Denied Ballots In Indiana Primary

Pork and chicken prices set to go up

Drug bust nets 96 at San Diego State

what have you changed, done without or altered to make up for rising prices. Any tips for the rest?

Obama Supporter Rep. Baron Hill (IN) on the State of the Race

Barack Obama in Durham N.C. May 05, 2008

ILWU May Day Protest--San Francisco

FauxNews Knuckle-Draggers Celebrate Their Girl Hillary

Rush Limbaugh Worst Person In The World!!!

Obama/Hillary & Great Combinations Through The Years

DUPE.... please see here...

OBAMA "CHANGE" YES WE CAN - Pointer Sisters

Barack Obama in Durham, NC

Barack Obama: Indiana Jefferson-Jackson Dinner

Clinton Vs. Obama Star Wars Style

Michelle Obama Visits Fayetteville NC - 5/5

THE MATH ~Chuck Todd & Keith Olbermann

KSLA News - Government to use Pastors to split up families

Hillary's rude campaign workers

Robo call telling people Obama's first act as President will be to legalize third term abortions.

Barack in 30 Seconds - The Sound

Obama/Hillary & other Great Combinations

Vote Obama - TI$A - Imma Vote Obama Way

Rush-Chaos and shoe shine boy

Obama: Get Out the Vote Rally, Indianapolis, last night

Clinton "Economic Plan" 1992 Ad

Why Hillary Should Not Be Obama’s Veep Selection

Kokomo, Indiana Town Hall

TYT: Hillary Clinton May Use the Nuclear Option

Jeff Denham Recall: Three words: What the F&^*?

John Yosemite Bolton and Violence-mongering Faux Spokesface decide on Iran: Bombs Away!

Rush Riots & Operation Chaos

David Letterman Top Ten - Hillary Clinton - Indiana N.C.

Menendez: Thank God Economists Don't Make Public Policy

Kumar talks to KO

Is This Legal? Obama Activity in Polling Place

Sasha Obama: "VOTE FOR DADDY!"

Barack Obama: Polling Place in Indianapolis

Rachel Maddow explains Lesbians vs. ladies from Lesbos

McAuliffe: Hillary Drank McCain Under the Table!

Countdown: Olbermann Defines Hillary's Goalposts

5-Year-Old Shoots and KIlls 4-Year-Old Sister

Howard Dean speaks of voter suppression on CNN today..anchor squirms.

TYT: Hillary Runs to the Right of McCain on Gas Taxes

Obama in Berlin: Building bridges abroad


Clinton, McCain Finally Find an Academic to Support 'Gas Tax Holiday'

A Boon for T. Boone (of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth fame)

Clinton Proposes to Extend 'Tax Holiday,' to Budweiser

Former Abu Ghraib Prisoner Accuses CACI, L-3 of Torture in Suit

Joe Bageant: Immersion in the shit storm of talk radio

Down on Its Luck, Las Vegas used to be recession-proof. Not anymore.

New Yorker: No Endgame

Morgan Stanley to Reduce Headcount by 5% in 2008

First Marblehead Cuts Jobs as Student Lending Falters

Endless War: Is the U.S. Trying to Set Whole World on Fire?

Tortured justification. The ends do not excuse the means, & Congress should challenge the Bush admin

Is Hillary Just Like RFK?

Congress Won't Prevent Election Disasters This Year

Hillary Clinton - Pandering with Gas Tax Scheme

India edgy about outsourcing newbies?

Vietnam-era 'Pentagon Papers' leaker's advice: Blow the whistle early

Yes, the Pentagon did want to hit Iran

25 Civilians Killed in America For Each GI Killed In Iraq

Old Man McCain Seeks Three-Month Holiday on His Own Gas

Government Death Care

Fast Lady - an awesome and moving story of an ATA-girl in WWII,

UK Consumer Backlash Against Offshoring Ramps Up

My Last Day of Work

Institutional conditioning: the crown of thorns of humanity.

Pentagon Targeted Iran for Regime Change after 9/11

How Deep Is Your Love?

Dispatches From Flyover Country (Indiana)

War Funding Would Break Dem Promises (blame Pelosi)

Welcome to the Green$ Zone

Dave Lindorff: The Bush Family's Bad Latin Real Estate Investment

It's the Obscene Profits, Stupid! Exxon's Enormous Gains from the U.S. Keep Growing

Magdalen Seal Killers - Phoque You - Commentary Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

China-bashing is a blind man's game

Al Gore: The Assault on Reason

Colombian Congress weakened by paramilitary scandal (Bush ally)

Bridging Democratic Divisions

Pity the Poor Mainstream Media!

The 'revolution' of 1968, a failure that succeeded (Daniel Cohn-Bendit )

The Risk Economy (James Kunstler)

How Europe Avoided Our Mess

5 Psychological Experiments That Prove Humanity is Doomed

US military says 3,500 troops set to leave Iraq

Nanotechnology part of technology improvements driving solar PV surge in use

Arctic Ice

Why Rush Limbaugh thinks THE ENVIRONMENTALIST magazine is 'unfriendly'

5/6/08 14:10 GMT - Every Global Oil Benchmark Over $110; Five/Eleven Over $120

$5 gas near, 78% of Americans say

Save The Children Estimates Myanmar Death Toll Could Hit 50,000 - AFP

Canada's most right-wing major newspaper gets Peak Oil

At Least Five Killed In Somali Food Riots As Troops Fire On Angry Crowds - LA Times

Raymond James Study - "No Chance World Will Build Oil Supply Cushion"; Non-OPEC "Struggling"

Goldman Sachs Team - Oil May Hit $150-200 Within Next Two Years - Bloomberg

Pharmaceutical products showing up in drinking water

Malaysia May Ban Shoppers From Thailand, Singapore From Taking Rice Home With Them

Ug99 - Black Stem Rust - "Immense Potential For Social & Human Destruction" - Norman Borlaug

If $3.62 Gasoline Has You Pinched, Consider $4.25 Diesel - CNN/Money

President Yudhoyono - Indonesia Considering Leaving OPEC, Since It's Now A Net Oil Importer - BBC

Grease bandits strike as biofuel demand rises.

Only 550 Supermarkets Of 10,000 SF+ Remain In New York, Increasing Food Costs For Urban Poor - NYT

Hospitals say, "no money, no care"

Report on cyclone Nargis disaster in Myanmar, from Chris Burt

Ouch! Kiss your LNG import fantasies goodbye...

what if we got rid of our cows?

Tropics insects 'face extinction' - BBC

Hydraulic Hybrid Cars: No Batteries Required

$100 trillion needed to rebuild (oil/gas) energy infrastructure

Independent-Voter . . . . thread #2

4-star: Spec ops need in Iraq likely to rise

Guardsman’s murder trial begins

Family of GI seeks action after his suicide

300 Va. guardsmen return home this week

4th Stryker BCT soldiers begin returning

Gen.: Afghanistan pullout may be 3 years off

50 Drum soldiers deploy to Iraq

Peleliu ESG departs for 6-month deployment

Lockheed protests Navy’s BAMS award

Report: Saddam feared getting STDs from guards

9/11 charity for Pentagon victims to close

Probe sought into using retired officers in PR

Trial begins for Marine in alleged gang rape

Marines train in tactical patience

Fix-it team lets reservists focus on training

Man who claimed to get MoH pleads guilty

Panel funds B-52s but not more airmen

Promotions leave some staff NCOs out in cold

Keeping midcareer NCOs in blue a struggle

Female SF dog handler is first in Afghanistan

Synthetic fuel tested on fighter jet engines

AC-130 strafes militants in Iraq

100 more Mont. guardsmen make it home

Half of eligible pilots take $125,000 bonus

Lakenheath pilots putting in air time in Afghanistan

Unit finds peace by immersing itself daily in Iraqi village

Drill to simulate power transfer to South Korea

Wells’ risk from landfill puts U.S., activists at odds

Iran aiding Iraqi militias, official says

Newspaper reports military mum on destination of 6-ship convoy

Admiral: Special Forces Spread Thin

Iraqi Sues US Contractors Over Torture

D.C. Madam suicide notes released

Defense Secretary Encourages Treatment

Fear That Suicides May Top War Deaths

Navy's Fleet Plans Face Rough Seas

New Concerns After 2 Die in MRAP


Labor group again pushing end to UW contract with Adidas (athletic apparel owes $825,000 in back pay

Allina and union approve contract

Aloha Air Cargo's new owners agree with machinists union

Latrobe Specialty Steel strikers protest plan to use temps

Axle strike mirrors pain of 1970 walkout at GM

Immigrant Coalition Reaches Money Transfers Deal As It Boycotts Western Union

Chilean Copper Workers End 19-day Strike, Hail "Big Victory"

Women at disadvantage in pay can benefit from workplace union


On the March with Los Carwasheros!

Web salary charts tell all, and we love it

Today in labor history May 06

Uneasy work environment

Huffington on McCain: A Trojan Horse

UAW Set for Major Rally at Connecticut Casino and More Bargaining News

Meet Four ‘Hearts of the Movement’

Canada Seeks Colombia Agreement, as U.S. Deal Stalls

Ballot fight brews below the border (Coors backs right to work in Colorado)

Maine shipyard begins key labor talks

Mayor to release city report on fatal Charleston blaze

Minnesota’s Walker Methodist Employees Win First Contract

Financial market meltdown explained

On food stamps and still hungry

Wal-Mart expands low cost drug program

Panic of 1837

This broke my heart

Enough with the 'gay' stuff!

Name of your best moments confronting homophobes,

Smith College students protest the ’Born Gay Hoax’

Gay marriage does not work - men are just too predatory, says Pete Burns

School challenge: Transgender student is age 9

Barack Obama and Rick Santorum... the only two politicians to ever refuse an interview with the PGN

Rice seeks Israel, PA memo before next week's Bush visit

Soldier killed in Lebanon War 'finally promoted to rank of Jew'

Palestinian forces kill bystander in clash with Jenin gunmen

EXCLUSIVE-Gaza headmaster was Islamic Jihad "rocket-maker"

Methodists Reject Divestment Resolutions

UNESCO Official Admires Use of IT in Cuba

PARAGUAY: Torture Victim Still Fears Colorado Party ‘Mafia’

Colombian Congress weakened by paramilitary scandal

Brazilian police occupy reservation after attack on 10 indigenous

VENEZUELA 101: Video of Eva Golinger at the 4/20 Ven Solidarity Network Conf in DC

Close the School of the Americas!!

Interpol confirms authenticity of Raúl Reyes's computer files

pro-Biden comment on a NY Times page

I THINK this is a compliment --

Biden & Congressional Research Service on China

48 -- did you see this??

You know where they might have to put a big asterisk?

DC United, Volkwagen sign sponsorship deal

93 years ago today Babe Ruth hit his first home run

Athletes and Not Being Able to Leave Their Friends Behind

How to be part of the solution in racing.

10 years ago today (may 6th 1998) Kerry Wood struck out 20 Astros

Some thoughts from Arthur Hancock, breeder of Sunday Silence

What's happened to this forum?

"The Shift of May 5" - Karen Bishop - May 6, 2008

"the inadequacy of past knowledge in a time of crisis" Taurus New Moon

Gotta love a radionics geek!!

Between life regressions - thinking of doing one

Is Detroit this year's sports powerhouse?

Trip to Charleston and environs

Charleston's Bridge

Blue Dragon, Chicago

Shameless Plug

I have broccoli and leeks ready to go in the garden.

First photograph ever?

Painkiller may cut dementia risk (BBC) {Ibuprofen vs Alzheimer's}

Future of lucrative cholesterol drugs murky

Five Doctors, Stumped

I’m Not Lying, I’m Telling a Future Truth. Really.

Brain Allergies

Whatever Happened to American Longevity?

Government Death Care -- When Doctors Pull the Plug

buddhism is just a religion

Another interesting video

Stun Gun Death Hypothesis

Somalia: Civilians are completely at the mercy of armed groups.

A general question for anti-gun people

no guns

Other than the local OCT apologists,

David Ray Griffin on NovaM Radio - 5.5.2008

Did the central bank kill Kennedy?

911 Mysteries Part 1 - Demolitions (Full - 1ed.)

Whose negligence would you say is most to blame for the attacks of 9/11?

A charming editorial about the Small Biz hearing last week

Are we going to hear from Sen. Kerry soon on his take on the current situation in Iraq?

Kerry on Michael Baisden

Old Kerry Picture at Wonkette

So, can I see the good Senator anytime soon?

Sen. Kerry has a diary up on Dkos

The Serendipitous 'Suicide' of the D.C. Madame

Monthly get together this Saturday!!!!!!!

House Democrats blast Craddick, saying he knew about 'ghost workers'

Craddick's Grown Daughter Getting Free Health Insurance. You're paying for it.

Can I get an "Amen!"?

Interesting email I got.

El Paso passes anti-border wall resolution

How to use an Apple Powerbook?

TOP Recommended/Discussed Election Reform Threads (Mon April 28, 08 thru Sun May 4, 08

The Incredible Disappearing Indiana Voter Rolls

Yup'ik voters want help at polls

Democratic Congress to Voters: What Election Problems?

link to illinois photo id law

May 6 2008 Primary Election Protection for North Carolina & Indiana

Minor problems reported in Indiana

"There is an evil symbiosis between our elected officials and the PACs that fund their campaigns."

Ask your County Court to stop funding DRE's or other insecure voting machines!

Grayson (KY) Issues Warning About Voter Registration (WVWV)

Thank you Duer Galloglas, "Rec for the Show Me State" !!

So we booked our trip to Austin and have to figure out everything we'll do and see

Pray with Me....

Some very good SD news

I find it "funny" that Hillary's biggest wins have come after McCain was the R nom

Does anyone have the pic....

I wonder

National Post: Generics slam proposed drug patent rules

Student loan protection bill signed


Attention Reaper fans...

Hippies! Groovy Summer Music Festival Alert

The "Drug War": Wisconsin leads nation in racial disparity for arrests and imprisonment

Atheists protest by donating blood 4-30-2008

Unsinkable Atheism - Atheist Alliance 2008 Convention

Union defends 'anti-Christian' teacher

Ray Lewis

KOEB Meeting: 05/05/08 -- Cinco de Mayo Edition

I missed watching Keef with you guys today (so I'm watching now).

Man, the KO bashers are swarming.

KOEB - 5/6/08 - getting started early tonight --- Fasten your seatbelts, everyone