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KO's Special Comment 2nite

KO's Special Comment 2nite

Simple Meme: McCain & Palin = LIARS & CROOKS

I don't think McCain should be bringing up sexism...

Barack Obama Accused of Plagiarizing Washington Post's Cartoonist Tom Toles

daily lols


Wasn't there supposed to be some big story breaking on McCain tonight?

Oil officials given sex, gifts, investigators say

Offshore Opinions of Our Election and Candidates

Show off your Obama Campaign Photoshops

OMG! - KO's about to tie the Bridge to Nowhere to the MN collapsed bridge!!!!

John McCain has utterly lost his way...

Ron Paul endorsements of 3rd parties - Help or Hinder?

John McCain is responsible for his campaign. Otherwise, he is an unfit leader

HEADS UP-Special Comment tonight

Let me tell you about my hotel stay with McCain

Did McCain jump the Pig???

I want to see a commercial with McCain's voting record on womens' issues!

Phone it in Fred crawls out of his lazy boy to whine about how the media

Princess Yep! Yep!'s spokeswoman: Actor Matt Damon is "threatened by change." GO MATT!

I need a witty caption for this:

Light a candle for Barack Obama, or whatever! I did. It's fun!

McCain attacked 18 year old Chelsea Clinton in 1998 now says Palin's family & kids are off limits

I'm just so confused! McSame wants to reform his reforms?

I'm just so confused! McSame wants to reform his reforms?

Actual YOUTUBE video on Howard Stern of McCain using the C**T word

Oh, wonderful

Tom Tomorrow on the pigstick bridgade

I venture to say Chris Kofinis, frequent Dem rep. on m$nbc, will

A Kiss before CAPTIONING

Debate '08: Taft and Bryan Campaign on the Edison Phonograph

I bought my copy of "Change We Can Believe In" this afternoon and...

McCain and Palin castigate the earmarks she seeks

FDR: "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". McCain:.....

Olbermann will be showing the bridge to nowhere/McCain outrage over.

Evening News Roundup - Even-handed coverage of "LipstickOnPigGate"

OK, Lonestartnot...I think we know the surprise.

Obama should address the nation in ad like McCain did after the convention

McCain rally in Fairfax Va today (I'm just saying)

So now would be a good time for Powell to endorse Obama

Did You Know...

Rachel - opens with the Nation and Mother Jones

Is it just me, or is the bullshit factor in this year's general election the worst ever?

ABC plans prime-time Palin special

Mayor Bob Weinstein of Ketchikan, Alaska and Maddow - Maddow asks an Alaska mayor about Palin

Went canvassing tonight, you will never believe what someone

-----Hey DU, Can we Jangle Some KEYS now? Can we?-----

Baptist Minister Asks McCain: "Did You Call Your Wife A C**t?" (((VIDEO)))

Jonathan Alter Repeats McCain Rape Joke

If we don't have money to donate, can we be our own 527?

Go Rachel Go!

Obama Blasts McCain on Immigration Reform

Resitance is Futile

Rachel, bringing up the cozy relationship with lobbyists, finally!

Did Obama really say on Letterman Palin was the lipstick, McCain the pig, why ?now I' m pissed

Mc Cain finds it tough without Palin. Cuts and Runs from Philly diner to chants of Obama! Obama!

Did you hear the one about the "Magnificent Ape"? McCain Rape Joke...

Rachel Maddow just said she is going to discuss that awful ChelseaClinton/McCain joke --

Olbermann just said he will donate $100 to charity every time Palin repeats one of her lies!

Did Rachel just show a clip of McBush dissing Obama on nat'l security, then

Kids recognize bullies

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on 9/11 (TM)

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on 9/11 (TM)

"We are going to build a nightmare world"

Is there a thread or a website anywhere keeping track of McCain and Palin's lies?

Pig fiasco. "Who will McCain/Palin cry to about their hurt feelings when they face Al Queda?"

Man, I'm digging the air of Confidence, tonight.

"Lipstick" Ad Doesn't Move Focus Groups

Real Maverick Conservatives vs. Phony Maverick John McCain, In their own words...

What a VP Does All Day

Eugene Robinson on KO brings up good point

Autumn angst as dems fret

Rachel Maddow's new show is a dream come true!

Would Obama tax my profits if I sell my home? Would he tax my IRA? Would he tax my water?

I did my first Bumper Sticker for 2008!!! (Proud Parent sorry for all the !'s)

Theocrats to Pray for McCain's Death

given palin's persistent lies, i feel the media has been rather restrained

For those of you that saw the picture of McCain meeting with the Anne Hathway

Um, can I marry Keith Olbermann?

Thanks to the RNC for making us stronger

Lemme get this straight: It's ok to call your wife a C**T, but don't call the last 8 years a pig? !

I started a McCain/Palin lie list in the research forum

Author of new book attacking McCain's Senate investigation of Abramoff posts on DU

Dick Cheney even said the pig slogan look for yourself

Third-Party Candidates Could Be Spoilers In PA.

McCain crashes another airplane without Palin

Dishonorable McCain Supporters Go After Biden’s Daughter

Donate NOW to Hold McPalin Accountable

But will MSNBC stand behind KO. They have already showed weakness by removing Tweety and KO from

Any hopes for the Gibson interview of Palin?

Have you seen this bullshit McCain sticker they're selling?

I'm so pissed off at McCain's lies and distortions

My latest LOL

artists for obama on website

McCain and Palin castigate the earmarks she seeks (AP)

The "Divided Argument" Case - the McCain/Palin campaign's next and final hurrah


Courage and Confidence

I propose DUers practice the new Obama strategy: McCain, McCain, McCain!!! Forget Palin!

McCain/Palin are demagogues

I need some help putting together a list of McCain campaign's lies for my blog

Turd Blossom's Game

Biden: Clinton 'Might Have Been a Better Pick' for Veep

Letterman asks Obama, "Have you ever actually put Lipstick on a Pig?"

They Have No Shame. They Know That We Know They Are Lying

Anybody See chuckie norris on Larry King?

Putin's America or Why Is Press Acknowledging Palin If She Won't Give Interviews Or Speak On Record?

You can put lipstick on Cindy McCain, and John McPIG would still call her a c*nt in public.

Moran's bumper-sticker at the Home Depot parking lot: "Nobama"

Moran's bumper-sticker at the Home Depot parking lot: "Nobama"

Sarah Palin Even Lies about Lipstick

"Pig" is short for "republican."

Does Obama ever speak in front of Dem-only crowds?

1984... Meet 2008.....

1984... Meet 2008.....

Some probable hardball questions Gibson will ask

KO: "Terrorists are not what you, John McCain, fight. Terrorists are what you, John McCain, use."

The REAL Target of the "Lipstick on a Pig" Comment

My 89-year-old Mom just made these comments about Mc/P:

FACT CHECK.ORG!!! McCain-Palin Distorts our Finding(lie in ad)

Bill O'Reilly said today on his radio show: "If you think Obama is stupid, then you are stupid".

Paul and Nader blast dominance of Dems, GOP

What happened to the big news?

Is there a reason why Obama's ads are so nice while McCain's are vicious? See this

POLL!!! There's no denying that McCain is stooping to new lows. What's his lowest low so far?

RW radio caller PROVES Obama was talking about Palin

Obama's Message Is OLD- Economy, Economy, McCain Is Bush, McCain Is Bush, Etc. - We Need SIZZLE!

Am I in a bad mood? I think we should stop Palin silly comments......

Whoa Obama Bam A Lam

Letterman! (central time)

Pat Buchanan just told us how to deal with Palin. "It's Immigration stupid."

Number-crunching pollster sees decisive Obama win

Note to Republicans: This is what you can do with your lipstick.

Check out the top of the home page of HuffPost

CAUTION!!!!! This thread is a trap!

What's up with New Mexico?

In case of poison ingestion, READ THIS!

Third Party Candidates lower Obama's chances of winning in key swing states. TIME/CNN POLL

Friends, compatriots, fellow-lamenters (fury and dread, RE: Palin)

Reminder: Obama on Letterman tonight.

McCain speaking to New Orleans promised to deliver bottled hot water to dehydrated babies

Barack's experience

Barack's experience

So, did you think, as I did, that it was only a wolf or two, killed occassionally from airplanes?

Don't miss Letterman!

Hey DU. Stronger than ever... What's this about some rumor on McCain's health and WAPO?

McCain cut short his appearance without Palin.....Obama supporters were there as well.

Palin = celebrity

Kerry: McCain among the last diehards who still refuse to acknowledge that we need a timetable...

They only cheer for Alaska....are these people Americans?

Have you noticed that every time Obama attacks McCain now they say he is attacking Palin?

Cooper is absolutely hyperventilating on the TV

Government Officials Tried To Rewrite Ethics Rules To Accommodate Their Partying

Palin’s Bold Campaign To Reform Washington-Staffed ENTIRELY By BushCo Insiders From Washington

Lionel today

I think I get it now.

McCain criticized Wasilla earmarks…while Palin was mayor.

Where's Biden? nt

So...explain to me why Palin arriving in Alaska is "a story?"

Damn! Obama TV ad big and bold A NAKED LIE

"It's a calculated, everyday, in-your-face, take-no-prisoners strategy by Steve Schmidt"

---------------It's Official!!!!--------

Oh, fer fucks sake...CNN says Palin supporters in Alaska walking around with big red plastic lips

*****SARAH PALIN DAILY THREAD******* 09/10/08

why is palin getting a free national infomercial from msnbc and cnn?

I think we can stop talking about Alzheimer's and McCain

Track Palin ...hero? Sarah Palin...good mother? Depends on your world view.

Why The Palin Name Calling?

Sarah Palin's secret emails by David Corn

Got a Palin story? Please put it in the Daily thread, so we don't soil our Forum....OK?

Barack Obama has handled "lipstickgate" brilliantly!

John McCain never thought Bush would go through with the surge

Several questions about McCain, after watching Rachel's show

Damn you, William Seward!

LOL They should hide Chuck Norris.

diff between Bush & Palin? Lipstick

McCain, Palin to campaign together

"My community organizer's smarter than your senile war-monger."


We need more Palin posts, forget about healthcare, the WAR, Rebuilding the Middle class

The Palin effect is meaningless

Obama Says Bill Clinton Will Campaign for Him

FRAME: Are defenders of Sarah Palin willing to say that their daughters would have to have a child..

Some News You Can Use!

I love how the new McCain/Palin tv ad brags about them 'taking on Republicans'

KO has me in tears right now. Thank you Keith!

NYT: In Search of Gov. Palin

NYT: In Search of Gov. Palin

Everytime you vote for McCain, Palin kills a moose.

"Logically, Sarah Palin would be the lipstick, John McCain's poor economic policy would be the pig."

This is what I find incredibly weird:

This is what I find incredibly weird:

Wohoo! Obama pulls to within 5 points of McGrumpy in West Virginia!

FRAME: Sarah Palin is not tough enough to be president because she is avoiding the media

When you get discourage just look at this slideshow

When you get discourage just look at this slideshow

No debates west of St. Louis, Mo. Why not?

Obama on Letterman (CBS) tonight, now... nt

Caught..."And She Knows It" - Palin's earmarks: Not just for the halibut

I'm sniffing around for an Obama on Letterman video.

A Woman's Goldie Taylor of OMNImedia

Sarah, I have a question:

Sarah Palin's long time church preaches some of the most extreme religious views in the nation

I don't watch CBS, but how many times will McCain run a negative ad during Letterman?

What matters and what doesn't - brought to you by most of your media

Now THIS is an e-mail to send around or bookmark: lots of good stuff

Kinda old, but funny - Letterman: Barack gives the Top Ten

To all those who have been chasing their tails by the hinted BIG STORY

Palin Rally * NEW PIX*

Democratic 527's?

* Now up in Video Forum: Craig Ferguson: "If you don't Vote you're a Moron" *

Hmm, look at this picture and tell me McCain isn't being pushed aside by his party

I just got home. What was Lonestarnots big surprise?

Craig Ferguson -- Handing out Voter Reg to studio audience

Can we talk about the election?

here it is -- the REAL lipstick on pig

If Colin Powel has any remorse for what he did, next week would be a good time

Old Timers--is this the most excitement you have ever seen?

McCain is being Emasculated right before America's eyes!

McCain is being Emasculated right before America's eyes!

McCain is being Emasculated right before America's eyes!

oh man, the it's nonstop tonight...Craig Ferguson's opening words: HE's now mad about the election..

Putting Lipstick on a Pig

Obama's greandmother plays bridge! One more reason to love him.

Could running a candidate for the Presidency be a trap for Democrats?

Grim Smiles.

Country First??? Not when McPig picks a rookie for VP....popular...yes, mostly to GOP Hype

Country First??? Not when McPig picks a rookie for VP....popular...yes, mostly to GOP Hype

Biden: Senator Clinton might have made a better VP pick (Raw Story)

LA news played clip of John McCain using "lipstick on a pig" about the Hillary Health care plan

As the Lies Pile Up, McCain’s Former Fans Increasingly Repulsed by the Cynicism

Sexy Photo of Palin (NOT photoshop!)

Obama's hilarious riff on being a centerfold ... in Popular Mechanics!

Scripture for "Hillary Voters" enticed by Palin pick

Road to 270: Arkansas

At this point, I don't even care

No one is talking about Brad Esposito vs. Frank Tambanelli... WHY?

FOX airs McCain ad before YouTube yanks it for copyright infringement

McCain created the Mortgage Meltdown...

TV tonight.

John McCain wants us to think he's like Jack Bauer

The missing link between Bush and McCain --------> It's the LYING

Fat Pig Karl Rove opens his snout: "Obama Can't Win Against Palin" (WSJ)

I'm watching the Larry King rerun

Election Haiku

Who was that Miller gal on Larry King tonight?

What's Going On?

Let us remember what we sacrificed ... (picture heavy) (Xpost from GD)

Does anyone know what time the Obama/McCain 9-11 event is?

Say what you will about the NY Post

This will make you feel good.

book banning investigation should be taken seriously

The most amazing thing about Palin is how convincingly she lies.

Pitt bull,pig, what's the difference?

Statement of Senator Barack Obama on the Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

Lynn Sweet (Chicago Times) considers John Fund a reliable source??

I finally read the entire "lipstick" quote.

GOP and McCain trying to suppress the vote in Michigan and Ohio by using foreclosure lists

23/6: How Obama can apologize for "lipstick on a pig"...

Obama Campaign and the "L" Word

Aide Helped Controversial Russian Meet McCain.

Troopergate! Yeah! That's the ticket.

WTH is so bad about getting John McCain a little bad press!

Raffaello Follieri Wooed McCain, Too

Raffaello Follieri Wooed McCain, Too

Campaign shocks The Outrage Machine is on a roll

We Are Out Here:"Progressives-KNOW-that there are those of us on the right that have been listening"

The BIG STORY Gosinski link is a red herring, The repubs want that out so when the troopergate

Democratic officials rally for Obama in Omaha (900 celebrate 1st D office in a generation)

My mom hates Palin.

Sarah as "Psychopath"

I'll Say It Again

McCrap Watch: Day 1, post-Palin, appearing without his Human Shield

After Matt Stollers gift to reTHUGS yesterday Al Giordano reminds everyone of his genius...NOT

I finally figured it out! Cable Commentators do nothing but Gossip all day......

23 reasons why Obama must turn the other cheek and not attack McCain

KO: "You blackmail the American electorate!" & "When you shed your crocodile tears tomorrow."

So the big story is from the early to mid 90s supposedly?

Does McCain remind you of Borat in a weird unexplainable way?

How'd you like to know many of the people voting for you want you dead?

Biden CAN'T WAIT to debate Palin on their agenda of *CHANGE*

DU This Poll. Lipstick on a Pig

I love what Randi Rhodes said last last night.

What Obama NEEDS to say

Fooled Again

A new CNN/Time Poll For NH shows Obama up +6

Ok I admit it,,,, We probably are not going to win Alaska this years

Interesting concept on voters

Obama on Letterman..... = Clinton Sax playing on Arsenio?

Palin: "The state jet, it's sold!" (in welcome home address)

BEST Bumper Sticker I've seen regarding this campaign.

So, the Campaigns are all playing nice today?

Brian Ross/ABC/GMA, doing in-depth reporting on Troopergate this morning...

What a bad week for the Daily Show to go into reruns

"Breaking News" Governor Sarah Palin Has Movement De Bowel's! Alaska Governor Found to Have Normal

Heard last night that the talking heads think Senator Obama is looking tired....

Huffington Post: Palin Quoted Anti-Semite In Convention Speech

I'm Not Mentioning You-Know-Who's Name. she will not be named

deleted as duplicate:

Palin Doesn't Matter, Numbers Do

a list of earmarks sough by Palin this year available

Why Palin Could Use More Lipstick

Number-crunching pollster sees decisive Obama win

Number-crunching pollster sees decisive Obama win

Did Sarah get new glasses?

McCain said today Obama was referring to Palin (lipstick/pig remark)

OxyPig Limbaugh is spewing lies again, as usual

Palin's $150 Wolf Paws

Palin Clinton NOT Interchangeable, A Worthy Read! By John Young

Rasmussen Daily 9/11: Obama 48, McCain 48 (w/leaners)

Interesting survey (and information) at this site

I, for one, am happy that Obama has chosen blue as his campaign color

The Man Who Called His Wife a "C--t" Cries "Sexism!"

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Bill Clinton to school Obama today.

POLLS: FL- McLame up 50/43. OH - Obama up 49/44. PA - Obama up 48/45

What is going on? Obama opening office in Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Repuke ruins Heart concert tonight

Foolish is the dog that barks at the flying bird.

McCain's Former Aide Torie Clarke Wrote Book 'Lipstick on a Pig'

Obama and 9/11, 8/7/98

Sarah Palin = Bush with tits

Excuse Me For Saying This, But I Don't See How Anybody Can Think of Palin Again

Rasmussen Daily, tied at 48

Barack did a great job on Letterman tonight! I admit I didn't search

Hey McCain, just a little reminder on 9/11...

We Americans just need a good b*tchslap

I would love for just one person here from each state to go through their phonebook at random

keeping our eyes on the prize

AWOL Bush, Saudi Prince.. a reminder on the anniversary of 9/11/01 (PHOTO)

Why is McCain's temper NOT an issue?

GOP Back on the Polarization Trail

New slogan for an ad tag line: "McCain/Palin - Pants-on-Fire Wrong"

Why can't Bush properly face the Flag during the National Anthem?

Mississippi’s Ballot Trick=haley barbour

Wow... just THINK of all those "The Maverick" could've gone with instead of Pitbull Palin

great change song posted by new member- welcome

Just had an OB-GYN in as a patient:

Just had an OB-GYN in as a patient:

Lakoff - Don't think of a Maverick

Even before TV interview, Americans feeling "Palin Fatigue"

Even before TV interview, Americans feeling "Palin Fatigue"

List of states where homeless veterans can or cannot vote...

Huffington: Enough!: Why Obama Should Release His Righteous Rage

Did McCain Vote To Subsidize The Taliban?

Hey did you hear?

"When they steal the election..."

Chafee is showing you how to fight these people.

What the RNC did was inexcusable & incomprehensible. Look at these people's faces.

McClatchy: Out of bounds! McCain misstates Obama sex-ed record

Gina Gershon Strips Down Sarah Palin!

One thing is still bugging me..

I'm tired of Sarah Palin already. I want to hear more about Obama.

I am wearing lipstick.

What Overnight Development Did I Miss?

Mark Bingham was a gay man

Has anyone else noticed this trend?

McCain Alzheimer rumors....

"She can suck it."

one sentence that explains why attacks on Palin as a "bad mom" won't work

Damn you, John McCain!!! (At Flight 93 Memorial)

VIDEO: Arianna Huffington slices 'n' dices Walker, Texas Dickhead over Iraq costs

On Morning Of 9/11 Attacks, McCain Immediately Began Making The Case For Iraq War»

On Morning Of 9/11 Attacks, McCain Immediately Began Making The Case For Iraq War»

Biden says "hillary might have been a better pick?"

Palin secretly supports OBAMA

Obama, stop being a pussy


"She's Just As Flawed As We Are".

The Lipstick Metaphor - why it works and why it'll stick

The Minions of McCain Sure Did Shut Down the Banned Books Discussion

is rummy channeling cindy mccain't??? pic

Is "Earmarks" merely another misleading GOP anti-government meme?

Five months ago, this was the cover of USA Today

The books she tried to ban

Fantasy line - Obama "I've fought Hillary in the primary's, she's tough. Sara's no Hillary Clinton"

How many times did you think Obama was going to lose the primary?

In a follow-up to Keith's special comment, please review my LTTE on McCain's Secret Plan

McCain camp has now branded his "Maverick" message with the term "Lipstick on a Pig"

Why are McCain and Palin running from the Republican label??

So What Did Palin Request in Federal Earmarks? Seal DNA Research!

Maybe Palin and Clinton are interchangeable for a lot of voters...

McCain-Palin lie and assert they're 'Mavricks' because 'Republican' = DECEPTIVE, FAILED POLICIES

McCain-Palin lie and assert they're 'Mavricks' because 'Republican' = DECEPTIVE, FAILED POLICIES

A local Free VA magazine had a cartoon caricature of the candidates.

Request for ACTION: Make certain our women and girls continue have access to justice.

Palin is George W. Bush in drag.


WHY is Palin's record being scrubbed before we can see it? This might tell us something...

What ever happened to the Vicki Iseman story?

If McCain has alzheimers, Palin would be able to bring him down any time she wanted to.

Reuters: "McCain Finds it Tough without Palin"

Former Gov. Knowles, Ketchikan mayor say Palin misleads

NBC: McCain camp worried what is a McCain rally going to look like without Gov. Palin

REUTERS 11 AM September 11, 2001: It's Bin Laden and we were Warned

I don't dig Biden, but many folks I know do

WHISTLEBLOWER Breaks 15-year Silence to Allege McCain Hid Wife's DRUG Abuse

quick question: are there any other good Dem forums like this?

quick question: are there any other good Dem forums like this?

It is time for military surrogates for Obama to expose McCain for being a traitor as POW

The Pork Of Palin

MSM calls Obama "cool" or "cold"-- how about "statesmanlike"?

Ad: While you're busy trying to find a new place to live because you've lost

WTF is wrong with everyone here?

McSame/Failin - bumper stickers and yard signs

WTF? Sarah Palin does an INTERVIEW with Larry Kudlaw? Has anyone seen this? Gibson interview is

CQPolitics: McCain has not voted in the Senate since April

LTTE and my response RE: Palin

"Didn't leave Vietnam on Crutches

TPM: Why Hillary isn't getting into a "cat fight" with Sarah Palin. A good read.

PPP Colorado Poll: Obama 47, McLame 46

New Biden Slime email going around

Obama's Campaign Opened The 200th Office In PA Yesterday... But Let's Obsess Over Palin Some More

Obama's Campaign Opened The 200th Office In PA Yesterday... But Let's Obsess Over Palin Some More

Q. Does McCain wear boxers or briefs?

sorry dulicate post self-delete

Please BUMP this up on UTUBE

Fred Thompson writes to CBS after questioning him calling Palin: "The most remarkable success story"

omg, laughing so hard @ the DUers and Freepers posting on

Lord of the Lies McCain sits in his 7 Manor houses. McCain IS the PIG

Remember Andy Griffith as Lonesome Rhodes? It's happening again, folks.

Lipstick On A Pig - Is John McCain Too Thin-Skinned To Be President? Is He Fit To Be Prez?

Sarah Palin hypocrisy (campaign emails)

Anyone notice Cindy McCain's coldness toward Sarah Palin at the GOP convention?

What I'm not hearing from Obama but I should: BOLD ethics reform. gives McCain "lipstick on a pig" accusation "Pants on Fire Rating"

How awesome is it going to feel when we watch McCain's concession speech?

Former Senator Chafee calls Palin a "cocky whacko"

TOONS! A few tasty morsels for a late night snack.

A BIBLICAL reminder for Sarah Palin, and the RELIGIOUS RIGHT . . .

Palin Was a Director of Embattled Sen. Stevens's 527 Group

Obama: Do not let McCain (or DU) throw you off your game.

Sarah "Caribou Barbie" is an unrepentant sinner.

McCain is so close to bankers.....

RCP Electoral Map Today

The Bitch-Slap Theory

Alaska State Troopers Subdue Protester with Sign "Palin: per diem fraud"

Alaska’s social indicators continue to decline

Sarah Palin probably knows more about energy than anyone else in the USA

Judge warned Palin in 2005 to back off brother-in-law's job

What is the Obama Campaign doing about the voter purge?

Pig Day outrage! NBC bureau chief says media powerless as McCain campaign drives news cycles

Palin Warned Before Hand of Trooper-Gate.

Number-crunching pollster sees decisive Obama win : Read this.

****Photos of Obama speaking at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute****

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and nutcutting time

Forget lipstick -- what about Pit Bull?

Quinnipiac Polls: Ohio - Obama +5, Florida - McSame +7, Pennsylvania - Obama +3

Lipstick on a pig? I'll give them some lip$tick.

"Watch out, Mr. Bush! McCain/Palin are going to shake things up in Washington!"

Well, folks, I think we can all agree that Sarah Palin is Bush/Cheney in lipstick!

$24 million gravel road to an empty beach for a nonexistent bridge to nowhere

$24 million gravel road to an empty beach for a nonexistent bridge to nowhere

Obama promises tougher campaign

USA Today: Palin's town used to bill victims for rape kits

Luckovich on the 7th anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks

new Robert Greenwald video: "I'm John McCain and I approve this message" To McCain Camp: Stop Distorting Our Work

It's been 4 weeks since McCain has done a media press conference

ACTION ALERT: NBC Washington bureau chief suggests media powerless

How's this for an Ad

America - Do You Want to Listen to Those 2 Whine & Bitch for 4 Years?

My encounter with a Republican.

Gallup Tracking Poll: McSame 48, Obama 44

PLEASE help me decide if this is a good idea.

Gallup 9/11/08 - McSame 48, Obama 44 (+1)

Obama GREAT on Letterman

Obama GREAT on Letterman

NEVER FORGET!!!!!!!!!!

Folks...*ahem* YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

Obama on Letterman, he's so damn cute, and smart! I just think he's

any go to politico to link on Ben Smith has McCain interview on Palin

Obama leads by six points in NH.

For supposedly having the "edge", doesn't the McCain camp seem... desperate?

Did anybody else have the feeling that yesterday was a turning

Medco CEO: McCain’s Health Care Plan ‘Will Create Chaos'

is the Obama running adds yet

Palin shows no love for baby wolves

McBush still struggling with the basics

Oh Good God! Palin called Rick Warren yesterday seeking help in dealing with the "unfair attacks"

Here is another BULLSHIT talking point from the GOP operatives

The Puppet Strings Are Almost In Place

This election will effect race relations for decades to come...

If you are looking for Cindy McCain.. step no further

What the hell are we supposed to use man? Harsh language?

Anyone see Obama and Clinton?

Roger Ebert gives Palin a THUMBS DOWN

Huffington Post: Palin and the Holy Laughter Anointing

Buying Into Big Media Myth That Obama Is Not Fighting Back? Myth Just Hides RW Media Bias

Yahoo "buzzed" WP Interview with Tom Gosinski before story was removed

and the nominees for

Pissed That Obama Hasn't Fought Back Hard On His Own Terms?

What can Obama campaign do to get control of the media cycle next week?

Is our democracy an illusion?

What's Up with 'Our' 527s?

OK DU. You want to really stick it to McCain. Then drive this to the Top of DIGG ...

According to palin, Alaska has all the oil we need to make us energy independent.

Tide has been stemmed (Rasmussen daily)

Civitas/TelOpinion (R) NC Poll: McCain 47 (+1), Obama 44 (+4)

Why I can’t back Sarah Palin for V.P. (Republican Woman Speaks) - Herald Mail PA

A nice and cogent anti-Palin argument I found on an ostensibly non-political discussion board:

Why isn't anyone talking about the possible IMPEACHMENT of Gov. Palin?

Obama is obviously very respectful

Whistleblower breaks 15-year silence to allege McCain hid wife's drug abuse

There are too many pollsters and polls. Congress must consider legislation.

Elizabeth Hasselback defends Obama?!

"Roll Over! Play Dead! That's a good's a treat!"

Gibson's Palin interview w/be 3 interviews - part of a massive PR weeklong rollout on TV only -

John McCain faces lawsuit for use of the word Ma*eick

Palin/McCain: She's Clueless, He's Worse by Robert Scheer

Palin charging rape victims for rape kits

Big Media Is Biased - So, Ideas On What Obama/We Can Do That Does Not Require Big Media Cooperation?

IsTHIS the BIG STORY that lonestarnot was hyping yesterday?

Just got this in an email. I suggest yall listen. I've no idea what to make of it.

Did McCain tamper with the DEA, with criminal investigation,conspire to get illegal drugs for Cindy?

so whats bill clinton up to now?

CNN Running Two Weekend Specials On The Would-Be Veeps: Biden Interviewed, Palin Not

Meme of the day: "Every word from the McBush/Palin campaign is a lie, including 'and' and 'the'."

Imagine if someone in Kerry's family claimed to be the only ones to know war etc.

The McCain-Follieri Love Boat: The Maverick and the Celebrity Con Man

Remember: This Is John McCain's Last Chance

IF You Want Social Security To End Up Like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Ya Gotta Believe: An Essay on Hope

I just gave an Oscar performance to a neo-con and dammit,

A proactive Plan for the Palin Infomercial that airs this week.

An America "where our children already live and our parents will never really know."

Here comes the Widow Maker

If Palin becomes President, we will see the following happen:

does anyone else think Obama should give a major, thoughtful speech on Sexism.

Snopes does the "Sambo" story "Undetermined"

For those who think they can run the Obama campaign better read this:

Right wing email blaming the Democrats for the bad economy...

Reporter to McCain: "What experience does she have in the field of national security?"

What Would Jesus Wear today:

We Are Out Here

2 days, 2 dusty pickups, 2 'Republicans for Obama' bumper stickers!

Oopsie! McCain decries earmarks Palin uses

Lend me your earpiece..........

Bad news with a silver lining

Alaska was already selling Big Ticket Items EBay before Palin

Do you get a lot of rwing emails lying about Obama or Democratic policies?

Here we go!!

McCain's Role in the Mortgage Meltdown: Hit Him With Facts

January 28, 2009. A wintry street in Detroit.

Pit Bulls are the biggest, most oversensitive babies and shouldn't be in the White House

Repub lies - Distract from bad news coming out of Alaska - issues secondary

Why do republicans cheer Palin's Big Oil Windfall Profit Taxes,but they won't support Congress with

So... is Palin's son being shipped to Iraq today?

This Lipstick thing has legs.

Palin Not to Campaign Alone But to Stay with McCain.

What happened to the speeches in front of huge crowds of adoring supporters?

Florida to Implement Flawed 'No Match, No Vote' Three Weeks Before Voter Registration Ends

Wonkette Exclusive: Photos From Sarah Palin’s Rally In Fairbanks!

My one-week plan for dominating 7 straight news cycles

Did you know that Sarah Palin knows more about energy that probably anyone else

Please run some election fraud ads PRIOR to the election.

I think the Repigs have GROSSLY underestimated the rednecks fear of women in power...

Remember when Al Gore supposedly lost the Presidency because he was an alleged boaster?

Obama doing better than Kerry in 43 States

We are lucky Palin is McCain's choice

We are lucky Palin is McCain's choice

Fabled Enemies

Ari Melber on MSNBC awesome (McCain is "dishonest and dishonorable")

Anticipation runs high on first Palin interview

Former GOP senator calls Palin a 'cocky wacko'

giant huge important news!

Palin's Alaska spokesman doesn’t know whether Palin has "specifically" ever met a Muslim

Palin's Alaska spokesman doesn’t know whether Palin has "specifically" ever met a Muslim

PHOTO: McCain works the crowd during a visit to the temporary flight 93 memorial in Shanksville, PA

Resume padding only works if your resume is not scrutinized.

McCain covered up Cindy's drug use/theft, blocked DEA investigation of her charity

Caging going on in Wisconsin, New jersey, Florida and maybe more.

I am sorry but now when I think of a Pig I think of Palin

We interrupt your discussions here in GD:P to ask a simple question...

ABC plans prime-time Palin special From Talking Points Memo

Obama "apology" cards! LOL

If McCain lies to get elected...

I have a theory about the polls. See what you think.

Leaked: McCain's Voicemail to the New York Times

Lies, Damned Lies And Sarah Palin- Andrew Sullivan

Cindy McCain's Family Ties: Suds and Murder-Huffington Post

Nasty Anti-Obama Push Poll Launched In Ohio from 'Opinion Access Corporation.'

Anyone got anything good to counteract Camille Paglia

Unfit to stand so close to presidency

Sarah Palin: Love her or Hate her? There is no in between.

McCain should have stuck to the Palin strategy of avoiding interviews...

More Evidence Of Big Media Bias - Refusal To Cover Hillary Clinton Support Of Obama

I'll gave Obama a pass for not running ad(s) against Palin and her 'community service' comment, if..

Was this lonestarnot's story? Big McCain drug revelation!

Anyone listening to AAR? Guest host saying Progressives receiving absentee ballots from McCain Camp!

Atticus Finch vs. Rooster Cogburn?

McCain campaign revises answer to the "What Foreign Policy experience does Palin have?"

Let's ponder the unthinkable. What if we lose this election?

Reminder: "I don't want everybody to vote."


Wall Street Journal Scrubs Article On Palin & Replaces It With GOP Talking Points (Confirmed By FR)

Why this lifelong Republican (& MSNBC Talking Head) may vote for Obama

Who has been the most disappointing Democrat in this Presidential Campaign?

What would happen if McCain became to sick to be president BEFORE the election?

So now that the McCain campaign have decided McCain is IRRELEVANT

Who will tell the children to always tell the truth? McCain should be neither proud, nor President.

Can anyone confirm? List of books Sarah wanted banned.

Did it occur to you that there might never be a 2012 election?

2 new McCain slogan sets - comments appreciated

Obama Up Within One Point - Ohio Battleground State

Palin's Secret Service Code Name (WAPO- The Trail)

Biden on 9/11 First Responders

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Co-worker just came in and said how much he liked Sarah!!!

The Obama campaign needs Daily Show writers to do their ads:

Roger Ebert: Palin is the American Idol candidate

Sen. Hillary Clinton to Campaign for Obama Sunday in Ohio

Palin as VP? was she a poor choice?

Frames: how Obama's gonna win this election.

New Gallup daily: McCain 48% (+0), Obama 44% (+1)

New Gallup daily: McCain 48% (+0), Obama 44% (+1)

Cheney Lauds Palin as ‘Cold-Blooded Gal of My Dreams’

Has the probability of "End of Times" Barbie having to take over been professionally calculated?

My Fundie neighbor has put up a McSame sign in retaliation to my Obama sign

David Corn: How the Media Enable McCain the Sleaze-monger


Photo: McCain Spends 70th Birthday With Criminal

John McCain: Reformed Maverick

I think Obama's surrogates should start calling it the Palin/McCain ticket

Will everyone please wake the fuck up. Rove is pushing our buttons.

Did Lonestarnot's prediction ever come about?

Did Lonestarnot's prediction ever come about?

have you seen this video McCain temper

Palin May Move to Block Subpoenas in Trooper Case (Update2)

Sarah Piglin

Zombie feminists of the RNC

Wolfson: Palin was really against the bridge to nowhere

Should we make ads about "Celebrity" and "Sarah Palin"?

McCain’s Glamorously Testy Interview

I wonder what Condi Rice thinks of the "She lives near Russia so she's an expert" claim?

Why Do Lies Prevail? "In a democracy, lies and liars should be self-defeating. Why aren't they?"

I Hope You Take it Easy on Her

Would someone please tell me why Cindy mcsame

McCain Spent his 70th Birthday with a Convicted Con man... The Nation

Log Cabins endorse McCain, Palin ticket

Watching MSNBC - Can someone ask Cindy to move out of the way?

Biden as vp. Was it a poor choice?

Media Imbalance AGAIN: "Why isn't Michelle there?" instead of "Why is Cindy McCain there?"

Oh God. Wolf Blitzer now asking why Michelle Obama is not at the memorial.

was it ever proven that McCain had the questions in advance at Saddleback?

was it ever proven that McCain had the questions in advance at Saddleback?

EDGE: "What Makes People Vote Republican?"

Time's Joe Klein: McCain's Health Care Tax Increase

Check out this post on Palin by Corlassino...Great stuff here!

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA meets BILL CLINTON in his Harlem office

Watch: BIDEN on Fire

Watch: BIDEN on Fire

Based on his performance in the interview today, I think McCain is going to SUCK in the debates...

Chuck Norris is a dick.

What should Barack say to McCain in this Private walk on ground zero??

Self Delete

"Numerous interviews" it is. McLame said so. Google doesn't lie.

good god, cnn is live in alaska awaiting miss moose's arrival-msnbc too!

Why this lifelong Republican may vote for Obama

I just sent this email to everyone I know, feel free to use it.

The Swine Report

Obama in Concord, NH Friday evening

Daily Kos/Research 2000 Tracking: Obama 47% McCain 45%

Forget What The Media Is Saying About Palin-Poll Shows-Palin doing about as well as President Bush.

Two guides for help interpreting polls

Check out my new Palin Sig Picture!!

The GOP Loves the Hearland to Death /By THOMAS FRANK

DU This Poll


A suggestion for an ad with "lipstick on a pig."

A suggestion for an ad with "lipstick on a pig."

ADN: Constitutional showdown over Troopergate?

Gail Collins says: Settle the Fuck Down!

****WANTED - A Really Smart President & Vice President who don't LIE

Strange but True: Certain "Recent " Dem VP picks have all let us down

Strange but True: Certain "Recent " Dem VP picks have all let us down

Barack Obama is a bigger person than I will EVER be.

Palin Answers Her Critics

The GOP Loves the Hearland to Death /By THOMAS FRANK

Sarah Palin drops "Bridge to Nowhere" line from speech in Alaska.

Palin to Law: Drop Dead

Palin to Law: Drop Dead

Obama desperately needs to hire some DU'rs as advisors

For all the doubters of the Daily Kos/research 2000 poll and too lazy to go to the link

Just wondering...what has Mika had to say about the sex ed for kindergardners ad?

Whistleblower breaks 15-year silence to allege McCain hid wife's drug abuse

First Palin interview airs on Sept 11th?

McCain's Fannie and Freddie Connections

The next time Obama moves ahead in either tracking poll, *THIS* needs to be the narrative:

Thoughts on the Election from a New Zealander

in listening to KO's "special comment" last night--is anybody else thinking the same word I


Imagine an open mic picking up Obama calling "bullshit!" on McCain's antics...

Overexposure and overhype are our best friends with Sarah Palin

ABC asks "Is Sarah Palin Politicizing Son's Military Service?"

The Daily KOS tracking Poll from outside source has its first poll

What was up with the pins? (at Ground Zero)

At His Next Rally Obama Should Say This One Liner Regarding Lipstick:

Anyone who doesn't have a full grasp of precisely what Holy Roller Sarah represents...

This is why Obama is going to win the election

Rasmussen MI Poll: Obama 51 (+2), McCain 46 (+1)

New Ohio poll shows McCain up 1, Obama only gets 48% of AA vote. LOL!

One of my favorite Republican dirty tricks

I just spoke to someone in Rahm Emanuel's office...

The Daily Widget – Thur 9/11 – O-282, M-256 – Missouri, New Hampshire Move Left; North Dakota Switch

Well well now, Palin Drops “Bridge to Nowhere” Reference in Speech

Well well now, Palin Drops “Bridge to Nowhere” Reference in Speech

Putting Plane On Ebay Not Even Sarah Palin's Idea?

UNBELIEVABLE***WaPo IS hiding story about Oxy-Cindy, pulled OFF their site

O-man with comfortable lead in Michigan according to new Rasmussen poll-51 to 46%

O-man with comfortable lead in Michigan according to new Rasmussen poll-51 to 46%

Lipstick on a pig, Jerry Springer politics and what it's really all about

Gov. Palin are you going to send our troops to Atlanta if Russia invades Georgia?

The Palin Interview-The First Excerpts: "The Grand Plan"

Do We Know What Obama's Plan Is.......................

If the Obama campaign perpetually plays defense instead of offense, I'm afraid of the result.

Geraldine Ferraro is no Democrat...NO WAY

McCain: "she knows more about energy than probably anyone else in the US" clip also

Palin, sounding defensive, compares "God's plan" remark to Lincoln "God's side" quotation

What if Obama sprung a trap on McCain?

Can't wait to see the handsome, tall and charming BO standing next to

Please call it what it is: ABC Gibson's free infomercial for Palin.

Florida: McCain vs. Obama

If you had the money, would you send 30 research operatives to Alaska?

Angry Amateurs - Posted by Joe Klein TIME

Flashback October 29, 2000: Bush maintains 7-point lead over Gore (Gallup)

Obama Advancing On The Ground, Under Pollsters' Radar

How does this get published? (calling out bogus NYT op-ed claiming Obama lacks specifics)

After watching Palin interview excerpts, the substance is ok, doesn't sound presidential IMO

Thad Cochran said McCain "sends a cold Chill down my spine".

To Everyone Poo-Pooing About New Attention to the McCain's Drug Problems:

Please Obama - follow Lakoff's advice.

Lipstick on a Wing Nut

ABC's Gibson asks Palin: "Are we fighting a holy war?"

Wait a minute - eight months ago, weren't we all arguing over the fine

Is there a forum tonight with Obama and McWar?

If you are watching MSNBC, time to Turn the channel or the TV off

Lehman Brothers going down hard...

Damn, but I WANT the skinny kid with the funny name for

A modest proposal: Please ban campaign spokesmen from the air waves

McCain Interview On Palin Riddled With Errors

Former GOP Senator (Chafee) calls Palin a "cocky wacko"

What the media should ask Palin

Ugh! "Barbarians for Palin"--"Ten Facts Everyone Must Know About Sarah Palin." ***Graphic photos***

John's playing with his wedding ring again...

Is your family registered?

if wrinkles should suddenly become deceased, does mooselini automatically become the pres pick of

Did anyone notice?

McCain Voted Against Biden Law Requiring Free Rape Exams

Tons of new SWING STATE polls! Check it out!

The real Sarah Palin...

Miss Piggy is getting angry

Obama's New Book: "Change We Can Believe In" Is Now Out - Discusses Proposals

sleezy lying rethug push poll in Ohio....where are?

I was talking to a guy at work about the election earlier this afternoon.

Palin didn't even answer the friggin' question

"You Can't Blink"

Gibson's first question was a sign for me...

She didn't know what the "Bush Doctrine" is??? OMFG!!! Isn't that the game changer we wanted?

Obama's Biggest Problem so far is.............

Does McCain's voting record match Bush to 90%?

POW, Experienced Leader, Maverick! New photo 1970 discovered

Can someone explain this phenomenon? How do so many "DUers" come up with the same concerns

Can someone explain this phenomenon? How do so many "DUers" come up with the same concerns

McCain has a new slogan to show how tough he is

Pit Bull Palin

Video: Bill Clinton, Obama Remarks Before Lunch

Yanno... If She Can't Knock It Out Of The Park In This Favorable Setting...

How Are They Geting Away With This Q&A?

NeoCon-Repugs already ringing their hands over Palin's trainwreck of an interview

McCain photographed meeting with criminal in Montenegro

Response from the WaPO regarding possible scrubbed story

ROVE: "Obama Can't Win Against Palin"

RE: OMG Our Hometown Reporter in Maine Drills McCain

Sarah Palin: Smarter than Bush. Smarter than McCain.

I am so scared right now BUT...I am going to donate and phonebank and canvass

I am so scared right now BUT...I am going to donate and phonebank and canvass

Meet the new Bush; same as the old Bush.

Barack meets Big Daddy Don Garlits!

Is this the McCain news everyone was waiting for?

The Anger Factor-Media Getting Mad at McCain/Palin

Tides are changing. A friend who was defending Phalin said today how long we have

Ms. Bush clone can't pronounce "nuclear" WTF

Ms. Bush clone can't pronounce "nuclear" WTF

Folks, Ike's Gonna Knock Sarah Off The News

A quick HURRICANE IKE UPDATE: This is a very dangerous storm approaching Texas!

A repuke co-worker asked me what I thought about something in the news today, but...

Ike on it's way to Texas

Won't somebody tell Blags to shut up?

Palin's Maverick Myth - No Honor Among Thieves


CNN just ripped on Palin - Earmarks, Ted Stevens connection....

Why the McCain/Palin Ticket TERRIFIES Me More Than Any Before It

Did McCain Tamper with the Drug Enforcement Agency to Protect His Career?

Ok here is something that is really bothering me!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to know why the McCain campaign thought Charles Gibson was a great choice for Palin?

A Few Words From The Boss...

Pollster Wars!

never mind

On the defensive. Obama's weak.

I will get flamed—maybe kicked out of DU, but I must say it: If we can’t beat some sleazy lying....

"PALIN AND RAPE-KIT turns out, the policy really was that bad."

Brian Schweitzer kicking ass in latest Montana poll

Anne Barth, Robert Byrd's chief of staff, needs your help!

My favorite old fart of the day: Dr. Peter Higgs.

I have a question

I'm at work, how would you rate Charlie Gibson's questions to Palin?

McCain up 1 point in Nevada, Obama LOSES AA's 73-26!!!!!!ROFL!

"Embarrassing that she could be our next (Vice) President"

KO: Who knew with Bush it wasn't "Blood for Oil" but "Oil for Sex"

DVR Alert: Obama on Letterman tonight

Bat. Shit. Crazy.

This will only get worse

Sure Would Be Nice For Some Town Hall Debates...

Keith Olbermann SPECIAL COMMENT Alert

Obama ad idea

Obama ad idea

Lou Dobbs, racist idiot says Obama has no energy left, Plain has excitement

Peanut butter & pastrami pangs lead to pot arrest

Palin: The Most Extremist Candidate Since Goldwater

White House Claims Bin Laden Was Not The ‘Mastermind’ of Sept. 11 (with VIDEO)

What if?

What could go wrong????????????

Sarah! We know you're being held hostage. Move to the heat register &start whistling Que Sera Sera!

Sarah Palin's Churches and the "Third Wave"

I know its wrong ...but I had to share

Why do the uninformed and/or undecided feel obligated to vote?

Even the people on the short bus knew enough to stay off

I would suggest Meet The Press do an interview with Palin from her words/videos

McCain Voted Against Biden Law Requiring Free Rape Exams

most corrupt admin ever? Oil officials given sex, gifts, investigators say

2 questions: What happened to the McCain scandal and what's with Alzheimer's?

The Pig Takes the Cake LOL

I wanna win some moose chunk stew!!!!

KO: Covering Palin and her scandals is like covering an unmanned fireworks factory explosion

What the Media Did Not Talk About Today

Pigs, outraged, protest!

Anthropologists Develop New Approach To Explain Religious Behavior

Anthropologists Develop New Approach To Explain Religious Behavior

WTF... A new Palin exposé on MSNBC

To paraphrase KO....

Did anyone hear the NPR report with the people in York, PA?

Fuck health care. Fuck social security. Fuck Americans who aren't rich.

Lincoln Chafee calls Palin a 'cocky whacko'

Attention Hog Palin grabs mic at son's deployment ceremony

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

Palin: War with Russia may be needed

Obama Supporters Rally in Wasilla

Guys, Obama is on his heels!!! Breaking!!!!

Did you know?

OMG Joe Biden's Gonna Eat This Hockey Mom Alive!

Putting Alaska's "Luxury Jet" On eBay Was NOT Even Sarah Palin's Idea

Oh, so anything but going to war is the "easy way out"?

PSA: Would EVERYONE here stop insulting the Pig species!

Sarah P{alin is stupider than George Bush

Too bad Tim Russert isn't alive

I thought it was going to be just Obama and McCain -- why is Cindy there and not Michelle?

Sarah brings kids into the world, teaches them to kill then drops them on someone's doorstep

Did anyone catch the clevage that Cindy was sporting

How often has Palin held the baby? Usually Bristol has the baby.

Blech...this actually makes me sick;

Down Goes Frazier ! Down Goes Frazier ! Down Goes Frazier !

Proof -In Her Own Words-Palin Lied About - GOD - In Her First "Interview"

Tomorrow, when the repukes exploit 9/11, our response should be

Dupe -- Delete please.

Sarah, go home to your family and your children. You have a wee

What is this service forum business

She was terrible...

A new Quinnipiac University poll of OHIO has Obama ahead 49-44

Let's keep our cool on the Palin Interview until it airs - Quit Taking the Bait they feed us!

Johnny's excellent adventures in Monetegro

SHOCK! Wide-Ranging Ethics Scandal Emerges at Interior Dept.

There's something happening here. (40 years later...)

BUSH ADVISORS prepping and tutoring Palin. PROOF she and McCain do NOT represent change!

---OH For Fuck Sake!! Wait until you read this!!-----

"It's the direction of change, stupid"

*****SARAH PALIN DU DAILY THREAD******* 09/11/08

Some peope were asking why the National Enquirer Story should be relevant-

Q: Who called Palin's Pork - "a bridge in Alaska to an island with 50 people on it.”?

So Willie is giving Palin advice. Ughh...McFalin is wide-open for a hardcore smackdown.

What the fuck?

Palin needs a history lesson

Is the McCain campaign being sexist by not letting Katie Couric do the interview?

Past Cautions About The Revolution...

McCain's Earmark Hypocrisy: Seals, Crabs, and Bears! Oh My!

Anyone notice Palin's increasing neck flushing when she couldn't answer what is the Bush Doctrine?

Military expansion - bodes well for Arizona

Oh no! She said Nukelar!

"You Know I'll Often Stop And Think About Them..."

Wow! Best KO special comment to date!

Exploring The Nuclear Option (2003) - wonder if there are any updates...


Palins Alaska Success Story: Its Easy in the richest State Flush w Buck$$

GOP Foreign Policy Experts Cool On Palin

Fred " Foghorn Leghorn" Thompson

Joan Walsh declared that Palin is a feminist and she has to give her snaps for that.

I Pardon Myself! Classic Bush

Thank you to those who took my post seriously

Ike intensifying explosively

Tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11.....get ready for a day of exploitation.

We used to say Ignorance was the enemy...Now it's Stupidity....

DH just compared Palin's not knowing of the Bush Doctrine to the Chamberlain incident on Chris

Bill Clinton to hit campaign trail for Obama!

Three Cheers for Gibson....He did a fair job.

Talkingpointsmemo: Palin May Quash Subpoenas in Trooper-Gate Probe

If you lived in Illinois around 1968 or so. and remember a certain Democratic Senate candidate

Scene: Office building hallway encounter.

Funny how this guy posted big headlines shes ready to be President


"Cindy Had Taken Too Many Pills and Had Been Rushed to a Hospital"

So, Obama mentions a 'pig with lipstick,' and the repukes immediately think of Palin!


I want Sarah Palin demolished, but please do it RIGHT

It's Pat's New Lie

What about an Obama ad like the 1964 Johnson ad? The "daisy" ad?

Seven years later, where is Osama bin Laden?

SPOILER: Partial transcript of Obama on Letterman tonight

I just have one thing to say after watching the Palin interview tonight:

Palin won't be giving anymore interviews other than on Foxnews after Charlie

I'm re-posting this for the night shift...LOL...You will likey..

HaHa! Great (((PIC)))

Lonestarnot's big scoop?? - Whistleblower on McCain's involvement in Cindy's drug scandal

With each special comment KO puts his career on the line. I know Hillary supporters were angry

YouTube - 3 mins of The ABC Sarah Palin Interview With Charlie Gibson

Ari Melber(NAtion) SMACKSDOWN the reTHUGlican LIAR HIDEOUS Brad

Palin Quoted Anti-Semite In Convention Speech

Obama pledges ‘equality for all’ -- exclusive gay interview:

Palin screws up big-time

Early voting could determine the election this year

Wasilla, AK: Where would it rank in your state?

Obama to Media: "I may not throw the first punch, but I will throw the last punch"

I have to give it to Charlie.

Gina Gershon Strips Down Sarah Palin

This is getting disturbing - Michigan GOP plan to foreclose African American voters

Enough! Carville gives McCain a pass

Rachel is introducing some great guests

Tweety really just pissed me off!

David Sirota: John McCain's brainwatch

Call it Palin Payback.

KO convinced me. Obama's a plagarist! McCAIN owns the lipstick AND the pig

Are you worried? Concerned? Afraid of losing another election?

Anyone: what time does Good Morning America start (Eastern time)??

On 7th Anniversary Of Attacks, White House Claims Bin Laden Was Not The ‘Mastermind’ of Sept. 11

Whoever the woman on the bottom left on Larry King right now is....

Obama -- Stop being a PUSHOVER

How does a far-right asshole depict Michael Moore?

I don't know about you guys, But I just love Rachael's new show!

Rachel!!! Fresh, Articulate, Interesting, Original, Bright, Energetic, DELIGHTFUL. . . this from my

Does Sarah Palin realize that nobody lives in Siberia?

I'm Calling Out Husb2Sparkly, AKA "Stink Daddy Supreme"

I don't know what's more ridiculous

So about that pike...

OMG... Palin didn't know what the "B*sh Doctrine" was!!!

reporters vetting a candidate is repugs definition of a smear....hmmm. n/t

If Obama has the power to change Tweety (and he HAS), he has the power to change the dialog forever

Today's call on the news cycle winner: I'm giving it to Obama....

If you were asked to be VP... would you consider no? Would you blink?

My little experiment at work today..I bought 35 different Obama buttons

what an asshole!!! who was that idiot Rachel just had on??

Can I say it? I'm so tired of $3.95 gall/gas. All we do is pay for this energy that few of us

Matthew Hahahahaha Contin hahahahaha Contineti grows a pathtic 'beard'

I fucking love Keith Olbermann.

(I'm Thinkin' 'Bout Nailin') Sarah Palin

Palin is going to ROCK the Veep Debate - Biden better be ready!

Rachel Rockin' tonight!

Anyone have any idea who created the "Dishonest Dubya Action

Good election Apps for your iPhone/iPod Touch

Bush -Secretly Gives Orders Allowing Raids in Pakistan (NYT)

The American Idol Candidate by Roger Ebert

UAW Chief Calls McCain Out On Lie About Daughter's Car

Goddammit! Every Time You Call Sarah A Pig, You Lend Credence To The GOP Argument.

What is the likelihood of high inflation in the future as a result of Iraq War spending?

!!!ON 7th Anniversary of 9/11-BUSHCO CLAIMS BIN LADEN WAS-NOT-MASTERMIND OF 9/11!!!

Can someone explain to me why...

We could have been in big trouble if McCain would have picked Tom Ridge for VP

Strategy Made Simple

Fuck YOU David Gregory!

Sarah Palin is a pig.

Obama Sex Tape Email: BEWARE!!!!!!!

New Daily Kos Tracking Poll

Is McFailin coming to Texas to help us out with the hurricane?

Give it up for Andrew Sullivan....(epiphamous moment read on Malloy)

Caption the prince and the pig

Action alert - Please call msnbc and complain -

Voting for McCain is like eating George Bush's vomit. nt.

Need a Pep Talk

Governor Mooselini Asked To Release E-Mails

I wept at KO's special comment tonight.

Can we post presidential related stuff

If the only difference between Ma Palin and a pit bull is lipstick

'I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper; and we rise and fall as one nation'

9/11 tm - Was Keith's special comment leaked last night?


Sarah Palin's New Lipstick

Doesn't it bother Sarah Palin that she's being used as political prop by her party? ......

Bill Maher coming up, and I haven't seen one since he started again.

Give O'LOOFAH a grade (need I spell it?!1) here for his "interview" of OBAMA

Palin = Church Lady + Vancome Lady?

Speculators Behind Oil Moves, Study Finds

It takes a village . . .

Sarah Palin's Record on Alaska Native and Tribal Issues

Of all the high powered expert media gurus on Obama's campaign, I wonder if they're...

lipstick on a pig first said by mcsame back in 2007 and michael moore has it on his site

Lauren Bush, George W. Bush's Niece, Debuts Fashion Line Under Different Name

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


As of today, I have become an expert on Chinese foreign policy...

The Nation: The Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac crisis strips the clothes off the Emperor of Markets

Video of Palin getting stumped on Bush Doctrine; seems to contradict McCain on Pakistan

Anyone else getting the Obama bio on MSNBC instead of Rachel Maddow?

Did anyone besides me see tonight's 20/20 special about privilege?

And now for something completely different

Ya gotta love it

Just home from an Obama rally downtown!

I swear, this sort of thing ain't my bag, baby.

I swear, this sort of thing ain't my bag, baby.

Palin did FINE in the interview (unfortunately). The NATO question was two parts

Freaks must be worried about something! Look at the last sentence! paragragh 2.

Has anyone watched the Rachel Maddow show yet?

I hate Charlie Gibson....

SFGate: Sweeter than your average hockey mom - pic

NYT: Bush SECRETLY Approved Orders In July To Allow Special Ops Inside Pakistan WITHOUT Gov Approval

A question for older DU'ers

CREW's 20 Most Corrupt Members of Congress, Freshly Revealed

It's the Taxes...

The Pentagon Virtual Memorial

Petraeus: No “Victory” (proof McCain-Palin don't know what the hell they're talking about)

Video of Vets for Peace at RNC

WOW david was great with obama - says he is so intelligent

They tried to compare Senator Obama....

Democracy Corps (D) Poll-McCain -48% Obama 46% Nader 2% Barr 1%

I told my Republican Aunt & Uncle that I'm voting for Obama!

If you're gonna do a Dupe, Dupe it good!

A poem I wrote on September 12th, 2001...

Sen. Clinton to scour state for Dem ticket, Rendell says

Palin: We cannot second guess or question Israel if they decide to go to war with Iran

If were gonna name a hurricane after a president, it should be

Fineman has been mostly wrong throughout this campaign. Why does he still have a job?

Sorry, Dupe

PLEASE LOCK: Cindy McCain and Drugs: Strange missing video on WaPo's web site

Kent Jones coming up on Rachel. Yay!!!

Is the Pickens natural gas push to help McCain/Palin?

Map to McCain's lobbyists problem

Bill Clinton: "Obama will win and win handily"

Lipstick on a Wing Nut (The Nation)

Talking Point #1 : She's the lipstick, McCain is the Pig.

So What's the REAL Deal on LonestarNot's Scoop?

Your favorite rant of all time?

Vets for Peace Lectures Riot Cops at RNC

Bush desperate to find Osama Bin Laden

Sarah Palin is McCain's " Rodeo Clown"

Craig Ferguson is saying "Take this (election) SERIOUSLY!"

Chris Matthews re: Palin's grasp of foreign policy: "she's off the reservation!"


Campaign Issues: It’s The Corruption, Stupid (Earmarks, Abramoff and more)

Bush History,9/10 - Pre 9/11, FBI Frustrated by Bush Justice Dept "lack of interest in terrorism"

Thanks Moderator Pinto for saving the day!

OMG! Craig Fergusan: Best. Rant. Ever!

The bravest people in America are democrats.

How long before the Palin PR campaign takes a nosedive? A couple days ago

What percentage of voters in NC are African American. Does anyone know?

I suspect starting Friday, we will come out with both barrels blazing

this deserves more attention-fundies pray for McCain's demise


Olbermann Special Comment on GOP exploitation of 9/11

HERE IT IS!...The wait is OVER...This is BIG and I mean "BIG" ! OMG!

Snopes has a LOVELY piece on the saga of the FIRST mrs. john mccain...

‘Street medics’ describe injuries and other hazards at the RNC protests

Amy Goodman: The Party Police

Post what percent chance of winning these states you think we have

I think the RW might have been caught off guard by the media actually DOING ITS JOB

We will never forget.

Sept 11, 2008....

Googling the WaPo article: "and that Sen. McCain abused his power to keep it a ....."

A new song for Palin...

WTF? Carville Says McCain Too Honorable To Know About Attack Ads

WaPo Editorial: McCain Forfeiting Pride with Silly and Ridiculous Attacks

Charlie Rose: Could the deficit have doubled since 2007?


Palin Supporter owned at my specialist's office

So Joan Walsh thinks Palin's a feminist? It's last-straw time, Joanie.

So while everybody's talking lipstick--Palin's inflated expense account gets a cover

"Cat comes back, 9 years later." Just a nice and surprising story.

i just accidentally switched over to the CNN channel with glenn beck.....

Maddow confirms: "It's Pat" is a reference to the SNL character

Anyone seen or heard from little swamp rat since that hurricane, what was her name?

How hand-picked are the crowds for Letterman's show?

The fact that an unqualified joke like Sarah MooseFuck Palin was ever seriously considered

Please post your sign stealing prevention measures

Great Image/Poster

Latest polling map!

Latest polling map!

Palin is on TV as BREAKING NEWS on all Cable Channels..what is going on

Well, I guess we're going to war with Russia. Whether or not Georgia is a

Well, I guess we're going to war with Russia. Whether or not Georgia is a

I'm voting Republican because ...

Could Venezuela become the next Cuba?

"Willow and Piper, attended school in Juneau for the second semester last year"

Can anyone help me with information regarding "live birth abortion"?

You will LOVE this video. I guarantee it. Craig Ferguson, "If you don't vote, you're a moron."

Official statement from McCain-Palin Distorts Our Finding

Wake up America: Palin is a Distraction

Fair and Balanced . . . unmasked!!!! O'Reilly's suit of new clothes.

A Call to Put Politics Aside for A Day

***Official Lie Of The Day Thread*** UPDATE

Mississippi’s Ballot Trick

*** Let's Do A Test ***

Anne Barth, Robert Byrd's chief of staff, needs your help!

Does anyone know how to participate in Gallup polls?

Lindsey Graham: Let's celebrate historically black colleges

Tomdispatch: Can Any Candidate Clean Up Bush's Massive Post-9/11 Mess?

You know that whole "Who would you rather have a beer with?" meme?

McCain-Palin campaign's whining


Alternet: 2008 Season Of Voting Meltdowns Begins

McCain-Palin campaign REBUFFS Community Organizers

Larry Elder is the most evil sociopath on the air.

Come on Ron! All the cool kids are doing it!

Oliphant TOON: More pigs!

Scientists Prove Evolution Through “Palin Gene”


Hard Hitting TOONS

McClone has a secret weapon to send after Bin Laden...

In honor of those who died seven years ago today,

An Argument for International Monitoring of our Elections

if the media keeps repeating a non story over and over again,

A Simplified Bible - One Page

Electoral- has obama 273, mcCain 238

Taverner has declared war on Dennis Miller

NYT Shreds McCain Attack Ad (Sex Ed)

McCain staffers have marched to K St.

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live At Ground Zero****

Just wondering how many people here will be staying for Hurricane Ike.

OT-Ike Appears To Be Heading Toward Houston

OT-Ike Appears To Be Heading Toward Houston

al-Qaeda must have lots of bandwith......

Christian Reconstructionists - our very own Taliban

Heads up. Ron Suskind coming up on MSNBC.

bush proud there's been no 9-11 recur in 7 years. PROUD

Beware the corporate state.........Quotes

For everyone who keeps asking why the race is tied, I have something

5.1 billion down the tubes

Remember as they exploit the dead today...BUSH KNEW & did nothing

What Exactly Does a VP Do All Day?

Modern-day Robber Barons update: Investment banks helped foreign hedge-fund investors dodge taxes

Former GOP Senator Lincoln Chafee Refers to Sarah Palin as a "Cocky Whacko"

Senator Fritz Hollings: Ashamed

Some great calls on Washington Journal this morning

Late to the discussion, I know, but here's what one McCain supporter thought of the lipstick uproar

Dana Perino: Bush never indulges in personal, demeaning attacks...but Congressional Democrats do

Democratic Campaign strategy for tomorrow....Ignore Palin, Mccain is the weak link.

Tenor I'm sensing on the morning shows....

McLame interviewed! Watch this pitiful performance and see why they've kept him away from scrutiny.

CSPIN - REP Mica (Fla-Asshole-R)

Question related to comparison of Obama and Palin experience

So that right wing blowhard tells you we must drill our way out of this energy problem...

AP: Houston-Galveston could face major damage from Ike

Dawn contemplation, 9/11/08, a long way from visions on a cave wall

Rasmussen Biased language

bu$h* Said to Give Orders Allowing Raids in Pakistan

bu$h* Said to Give Orders Allowing Raids in Pakistan

So, Palin shares confidential government business with her hubby

Salon: Zombie Feminists Of The RNC

***New York PHOTOS for you- Our Prez & The Senator*****

WTF Alert: Bill O'Reilly Defends Obama, Slams Smears

today is the 7th anniversary of bush's worst failure

al Qaeda gets idea from GOP

Should the Fed bail out Lehman Bros. and/or WaMu to prevent them from going under?

McCain and the Aircraft Lobby

I think the "Where were you" thread should be kicked all day to stay at the top if it doesn't anyway

The Hilarious State of the GOP

Today is a good day to ask some questions, like how many meetings did Cheney

Question? Is the Today Show on? I live in NY and NBC is showing the 9/11 memorial service.

Remember Bush's visit after the attack?

Remember Bush's visit after the attack?

CNN Frontpage -- not a good day for Palin

CNN Frontpage -- not a good day for Palin

Republicans want to keep us dependent on fossil fuels.

GOP's flying attack monkeys slowly picking us apart like in 2004.

Jobless Benefit Rolls in U.S. Reach 3.52 Million, Highest Level Since 2003

Palin's Pipedream

Mississippi’s Ballot Trick

This video is AS GOOD as any Special Commentary by Keith. I'm stickin my neck out on this.

Obama camp: someone please tell Biden the Republicans don't need any help

I wonder what Rudy G9u11ani will be talking about today?

in memoriam

Scathing Palin article getting attention in MSM

Whistleblower breaks 15-year silence to allege McCain hid wife's drug abuse

If you never saw or got to vote in this poll...

I'm going to take today off from posting to read "The Pet Goat."

Bad sign or good sign? Rightwing cartoonist approves of Obama's tax policy stmts

Pollsters are underestimating the AA vote!

Fascists love anniversaries.......

9/11: Bush Launches His Global War on TRUTH (Bush History, 9/11)

Iraq Cancels Six No-Bid Oil Contracts

About the Prescription Drugs and the DEA, and McSame and Cindi?


The next time someone tells you that your vote doesn't matter..... remember this:

Palin Warned of Trooper-Gate "Wolves" by Ethics Adviser, Letter Shows

McCain'$ Lobbyists

Why do you think McCain and the Rethugs want to protect child molesters?

Lehman, Merrill, WaMu Wall Street Pariahs

Bush marks Sept. 11 with moment of silence (AP)

Do you believe the official bushco 9-11 story? Yes or no.

So What Did Palin Request in Federal Earmarks? $3.2M for Seal DNA Research!

PA College Republican Brownshirt not sorry about racist comments, just sorry he got caught

"Biden? Biden? Anyone remember Joe Biden?"

DU this poll

DOJ seems to think a government manager sexually assaulting a woman on our dime is okay.

High heels for babies hit the market

thanks to mr bu$h*, bin laden is somewhere high fiving his pals


Women--Do Something About Palin

Obama calls on US to renew 9/11 spirit of service

We're looking at a potential catastrophe if Ike hits near Houston

Flashback: Stand-in for Palin rejected in debate

If the man who'd killed my family had escaped justice for 7 yrs, I wouldn't be sad, I'd be screaming

Gee, remember when Obama said he would make pin point attacks in Pakistan he was critisized?

Re: President Bill Clinton

9/11 Seven years later al-Qaeda gaining ground

Praise for the Tears of " Pet Goat" Bush ? !

New McCain campaign song:

McCain finds that life is tougher without the pit bull at his side

Israel asks U.S. for arms, air corridor to attack Iran

Why do Republicans believe it is more important to repair a bridge or highway

Pakistan backs army chief over his rebuke of U.S. incursion

This woman does not like her kids

Ear-Muff The Kids: General Wesley Clark's Son Rants On The Media Treatment Of Palin (Video)

They could get every bar of gold or other precious metal out of the WTC,

Dennis Kucinich: Remembering 9/11 and Moving Forward

ABC to air Gibson/Palin interview in five parts. First part on World News tonight

Boortz and producer hypocritical trailer trash

Want to have some fun

Is the STORY Still going to break on GMA and WASHPOST??

New battle over Arctic oil plans

On Morning Of 9/11 Attacks, McCain Immediately Began Making The Case For Iraq War»

CNBC: Oh look, the criminals are pretending to show concern on this tragic day.

No victory in Iraq says Petraeus

9/11 has turned into a "celebration" of fear mongering, fascism and police-states..

Original 9/11: New transcripts of Kissinger's role in Chilean Coup

Emotions du jour

Seven Years Later, A Reflection on the Long Shadow of 9/11

Does anyone have the "Mavrick" pic? n/t

Where is the big story that was supposed to come out today

Rangel, Boehner exchange words on House floor

Freepers underwhelmed by Palin's performance ... link

Bush Math (add a Bush Math equation)

HAHA! CNBC Bimbo No. 1023 said "drill" during an oil for sex story.

Odetta singing Precious Lord Take my Hand

Anybody know how to get MSNBC videos to embed correctly into your Myspace profile?

Take Back The Media! Flash Animation "Bush Knew - An American Requiem"

It is 9/11 anyword on bin Laden?

The supposed "big" story if picked up will work against us

DU this poll (labor rights)

I haven't seen The Plaid Adder's 9/11 poem posted, so I'm going

9-11 TM

The Other 911: Let Us Not Forget The U.S. Organized 9/11 Massacre In Chile

Do people on the left score higher on analogy testing than people on the right?


"Drill Baby Drill"....

9/11 We will never forget!

Do you know what an institutional inverse is?

James Garner suing McCain for infringement of the word Maverick

The real mccain......

My anger flowed today at my newspaper. I'm tired of feeling unhinged.

Just want to say that the Rachel Maddow Show ROCKS! Wow - she was great last night!

a toon to bring "Pig Day" to a close.

why does AAR keep the Lionel show on

Sex: Italian government agrees to ban public prostitution

neo con Repug John Mica "has no regrets"

BillO defends Obama on Lipstick caper

Patriot Day or Pet Goat Day

Citrus Heights moving to ban public drinking, camping

Patience and steel

This poll needs some DU help.

This is about to arrive in Texas

Book claims Bush forced British police to swoop on bomb suspects before they had enough evidence

“Border politics” House passes veto-proof bill to end cross border trucking with Mexico

Kos: Why is this WaPo Tom Gosinski article missing?

Terminally ill Italian woman awakened from coma to marry longtime partner

On 9-11 I Weep for the Country I Once Knew

Just remember: "Four legs GOOD! Two legs BAD!"


Why I am voting for Obama

September 12th - A day and a nation later

Chicago alderman wants to ban metal bats from all youth baseball leagues in Chicgao

No storm shelters. What the hell?

Remember those 1100+ e-mails that Slick Sally Palin is trying to hide from investigators?

Bush Appointee - Closed door meeting to overturn Ban on Whaling

I just heard on WTOL channel 11 News in Toledo Ohio

I just heard on WTOL channel 11 News in Toledo Ohio

One of the best/truthful polls I've seen in a while.

Since it is 9/11. Let's ponder, what has changed?

9/11/1973 "Chile had no experience with this kind of violence, it had enjoyed 160 years of peaceful

Eat at McShame's

Governor Palin Is Asked To Release E-Mails (by republican activist)

FAIR ACTION ALERT: Contact Washington Post now about their "fact checking"


Don't let the doubters and concern trolls get in your way!

Don't let the doubters and concern trolls get in your way!

Cynthia McKinney on stolen elections

Calif. pro-lifers change strategy for 3rd parental notification vote

Repugs say we haven't been attacked since 9/11

"'Trample the weak; hurdle the dead.' (Hockey Moms)

Insulting to expect us to buy foreign policy experience because Russia is next to Alaska

guess who got bombed with 362 tons in 7 mo.

SFGate: Bay Area's Maddow is cable talk's newest star

Knife campaign takes to the streets - knife-carrying culture blighting UK streets

The bitchslap theory: It's not that Obama's not fighting back. IT'S THE FASCIST MEDIA!!!

Will Scandal Shake Up Offshore Drilling Bill?

Colorado meatpacking plant lays off 100 Muslim workers

Remember the WTC 7 NIST report? A response:

Using rethug logic, Bill Clinton kept us from having any attacks after the first WTC bombing

Link to Video McCain "BIG STORY" Abuse of Power LSN?

Terrorists can attack freedom, but only Congress can destroy it.

Why the hell can't we talk openly about what happened that day? n/t

Congressman Paul Hodes

Lynne & Darth Cheney were using the "pig lipstick" meme on the campaign trail in '04

Just a couple of things to recall while we wait.


I can't watch. Is MSNBC really running video of 9/11, in real time, all morning?

One lesson we all learned this week....Don't get too excited about RUMORS!!!

give a WOOT to my little sister....

I am suffering from fatigue . . .

My 9/11 fucking rant!

DU is really frustrating for me these days

City Cost To Prosecute $221 Smoking Ban Fine Is $60,000

Photoshop request

OK - so give me the dates of these events:

Photos taken in airplane leads to interrogation - these are "sensitive times."

PALINGATE: Its not the incompetence and lies. Its the hypocrisy!

WARNING: McCain campaign sends out bad absentee ballot applications to Obama donors

What did Biden say in NH?

So whose private bus companies get the contracts to

Seven years after 9/11: I have not forgotten, but I have moved on

Security detail and police escort coveted KFC recipe

Mann Gulch fire

Is this true?


A thought on "single-issue voters"

Demand David Gregory apologize to Sen. Biden!

Are the Clintons Campaigning?

For people on Facebook, join this group!

Republicans: "On our watch we've protected you from the thing that happened on our watch"

9/11 Timeline least we forget

Scrappy Reid Grabs Every Opening to Jab at McCain

I feel good today.

Feingold To Chair Hearing On Restoring The Rule of Law

When is McCain up for reelection in the Senate?

Judge says classroom 'God' banners free speech

Be an Election Officer

Son Track Palin Hothead Often Kicked out of Hockey Games

Son Track Palin Hothead Often Kicked out of Hockey Games

Do you understand the size of a 595mile wide hurricane?

In Texas, the Health Care Crisis Is Only Getting Worse

Man forced to dance because of his Arabic name

ABC Breaking: GOV. Sarah Palin Warns War May be Necessary if Russia Invades Another Country

ABC Breaking: GOV. Sarah Palin Warns War May be Necessary if Russia Invades Another Country

The Philly News has scrubbed all my posts on this story!!!

The Sarah Palin Chronicles: Updated version....

100 Mbps Home Broadband Speed at $9.95/Month...Broadband over PowerLine standard (BPL) Rollout

New from EARMARK Cards..."When you care enough to screw over the little people....."

Darn it. Even if it wasn't Palin, they have another one in the wings!

Observe 911

Iraq Cancels Six No-Bid Oil Contracts

AM Right Wing Hate Radio is ORGASMIC Today Recalling 9/11

She's not the Pig, She's the lipstick.

women experience far more terrifying nightmares than men, a study has found

Is this part of Palin's "allure"?

In 1999, Amy Silverman wrote Extensively about Cindy McCain's Little Problem. From Salon. Great Read

Reality check: So I'm on the phone with a co-worker based in Canada,

Did Margaret Thatcher cry "unfair" everytime she was criticized?

Happy Patriot Day, everyone

New voter registration numbers - very good news

For remembering those who died...

9-11 Anniversary Conyers Milbank Washington Post Downing Street Minutes MSNBC

Today's a really bad day for depressives to be alone

Could Life Evolve on the Internet?

Proud Pentecostal: "I’m voting for Barack Obama in the fall. And I’ll be praising God all the way!"

Proud Pentecostal: "I’m voting for Barack Obama in the fall. And I’ll be praising God all the way!"

Today is the Seventh Anniversary of an Enormous Opportunity

***ELECTION FRAUD BY MCCAIN CAMPAIGN*** on Thom Hartmann now!!!

Do you feel like we're at a tipping point?

Important story on voter caging on Thom Hartmanns

Is this foreclosure voting thing that big of a deal?

Letterman audience boos Palin

Patrick Conrey is a firefighter

So Biden thinks someone else should have been picked?

The YouTube "Lipstick on a Pig" genius also has ANOTHER video.

palin goes back to Alaska, mccain is on his own, and the crowds get smaller

Obama is going to win in November.

At-Largely: It's 9/11! Bring On the Death Porn!

Hey DU? You want to be cheered up? Read this Bob Beckel column

I am sickened by Bush's exploitation of mass murder

Giants and Jets fans...uproar over stadium...firm with Holocaust ties

Giants and Jets fans...uproar over stadium...firm with Holocaust ties

Does punishment work?

Palin was "for (the bridge to nowhere) before she was against it"

Fabled Enemies

Anyone else see Tweety on Martha Stewart?

Did McCain Tamper with the Drug Enforcement Agency to Protect His Career?

Dave Lindorff: McCain/Palin Campaign Relies on Lazy Thinking and Prejudice to Win


Hands-free cell phone law ignored by many

I'm mad as hell and I'm tired of being polite.

Did anyone just see Contessa Brewer taking the pukes to task about the "sex ed" lie?

Today is 9/11, but I feel the RNC has hijacked it...

Sept. 11........1973

Proof of why John McCain is no longer permitted near the press. He's gotten old, fast.

ABC and Peter Jennings once devoted 18 of his 22 minute newscast to a 20 year old Clinton land deal

Ike causing some street flooding in and around New Orleans due to tidal surge

The most disturbing video EVER on YouTube. Really.

OK let's assume the worst with this hurricane

Where has Ari Melber been all my life?

There is a reason

'I was in solitary confinement when my captors offered to release me' - why does this sound fishy??

Palin: "A Cocky Wacko" - GOP Senator

You can put lipstick on Palin, but she is still Palin.

Does anyone know if Palin complained during her Alaska campaign as much as she is now?

The only 9/11 "joke" I have ever heard

Would you run for public office?

Bill Clinton predicts big win for Obama

McCain's Choice: Lose The Election or Lose His Honor

Gas Rationing "Panic"

'Ike is now larger than Katrina was; will probably rival the massive storm surge of Hurricane Carla'

"Living In A Right Wing World" (This is powerful and well worth the read)

McCain threw the country for a loop with VP pick..maverick? or illogical thinking?

This still makes me choke up even after 7 years....

A question for our AK / wasilla friends.

When the Towers Came Down

I just checked to make sure I was registered.

Obama pulling out of Georgia

*Let's have a moment of silence for the million+ people we sacrificed on the alter of 911*

Foot tapping protected by First Amendment, Craig's lawyer says

It's Sad That After Seven Years

"Reform-Prosperity-Peace" what a sack of crap

Iraq Cancels Six No-Bid Oil Contracts

My friend's Grandma, the Suffragette, and the email going around, "Why Women Should Vote"

The electoral map, four years on(From Politico)

Pride, Concern As Candidates' Sons Head To War

Was Sara's real father a well known TV star who chose to give her away?

"If Democrats were Republicans, they'd respond like this:"

Can this be real? Navy: Accelerate your life! Is this the same as die sooner?

Rights group finds secret prison in Basra

Palin hiding from the media distracts from the fact MCCAIN IS HIDING FROM THE MEDIA

Sarah Palin's pastor and the "Last Days"

Bomber training in Venezuela doesn’t suggest a base – Russia

FDA Outsources Food Safety Inspections

Chuck Norris tries to match wits with Arianna Huffington

*****CBS NEWS has picked up the McCain Incoherent interview Story******

Author on Cindy mcsame just said in all the time she followed Cindy

99 Cent Store and IKEA Forced to Hike Prices

Did your local news repeat Wednesday's stupid news story?

If someone tells you they will vote Republican respond like this:

Maurice Sendak on his 80th Birthday: "I'm gay."

The 2008 Election in a nutshell

TOON: Excellent Tom The Dancing Bug On Sarah Palin


Did Florida election officials accidentally trash uncounted ballots?

Anomaly in Arms: Candidates' Children May Face Combat Duty

You know, I used to like Chuck Norris


BushCo to release another Al Qaeda 9/11 video

Rep. John Lewis: "make some noise, get in the way." "The poor have no lobbyists to do their work,"

Why did Obama refer to Bin Laden's "cave" in his acceptance speech?..

Mike Boyle (county commissioner D ) ticketed after blocking abortion protester (@ Obama event)

Hey Ron Kuby..... Get Over It!

I'm on hold to talk to Randi Rhodes!

Lead scientist on FBI Ivins case: "I never felt that science alone would solve this investigation."

Does anyone have a link for that pic of McCain holding the Barbie box?

Mississippi’s Ballot Trick

I think an apology is in order.

Randi just bet $13,000+ dollars that the October Surprise will be finding/

A bit of good news out of Alabama - Mistrial declared in trial of Sue Schmitz

ABC's "Prime Time" Palin special: Time to brand it as "Sub-prime?"

PHOTO: McCain "taking a break from politicking on September 11"

what's with the National Park Ranger at the photo op and Ground Zero

Link request!

Today on 9/11 please also remember the flight crews..

A Message from Nine Inch Nails (Trent Reznor)

They are doing the same thing to Obama they did to Kerry...

Well...reverse speech and bush....I at least got a laugh out of it :)

Foreclosures in your town/city, some or many?

Florida judge rules state ban on gay adoption unconstitutional

So when is the Palin interview?

If anybody gets this Palin=Teddy Roosevelt Freeper email:

Dear Republicans, it's okay for you to like her, it's okay for you to share her beliefs and values

Green Investment Will Yield Two Million New Jobs in Two Years

And yet the GOP (And Joe Lieberman) say that Iraq is the central front in the War on Terror

Admiral Mullen Blasts Bush-McCain Policy On Afghanistan

DU on 9/11/01

We Suck............

Palin Foreign Policy: War with Russia

Have a laugh

If they actually captured or killed bin Laden before bush leaves, what would you think?

Did McCain leave his disfigured ex-wife for Cindy?


Gas restrictions/price increases already in place ahead of Ike

A Democracy is only as Good as it's Dumbest Voters !

W-Central Wisconsin: LOTS of jets flying over.

NYT: China Pressures Big Companies to Allow Unions

What we've sacrificed in the name of security:

National Weather Service message on Hurricane Ike for High Island including Gavelston.

Are Mooselini's wolf hunts illegal.

Could I ever vote for a Republican ticket? (or vice versa)

Sen. Feingold to hold hearing on 'Restoring the Rule of Law'


GOP Plan: Lie their asses off from now until election day!

Delete - dupe

Found on my favorite website - a great Sarah slam!

Green Party's Elizabeth May allowed in Canadian Leadership televised debates

Ha, That fucking Douchebag, Ryan Sparrow was suspended!

I finally figured who Sarah Palin reminded me of.

---I think this deserves it's own thread-----

I am not voting for CHANGE

Here Is EarlG's Take On The Republican National Convention (Video)

CNN Will Cover Palins Son Deployment Live

Why are so many Americans so darn stupid?

Why are so many Americans so darn stupid?

We officially suck.......

On 9-11 I weep for the country I once knew.

Florida cops arrest 11 young men for wearing baggy pants

I like this question: Is the WaPost hiding a major corruption story about McCain and his wife?

Houston We've Got A Problem!

Cindy McCain is as spaced out as her husband & lies a lot, too!

Rachel Maddow ratings 25-54 - better than Countdown Wednesday!

Lipstick smears and other use of phrases

Countrywide employee discloses personal information of mortgage holders...

OMFG!!! So far the Palin answers in the Gibson interview are patent

Things that make you go hmmmmm

RNC releases new Palin campaign video on the heels of Gibson interview

Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter afraid of Sarah Palin as VP

sitting in the MPLS airport right now

Why is this not on the GREATEST PAGE????

Enough Palin already...

Toons on 9/11 and bush

BBC exclusive footage of 101st Airborne in Iraq (this is a must see!)

Lieberman Introduces Amendment To Recognize The ‘Strategic Success Of The Troop Surge In Iraq’»

I GOT IT!!!! "Moose and Squirrel". Say it with a Russian accent!

Doesn't even know Republican's own bullshit! Doesn't know what Bush Doctrine is!

‘SNL’ excited to tackle the election season

Set Phasers on bat shit insane

Palin interview: God's plan

Palin ethics adviser warned her in July: "The situation is now GRAVE" over trooper firing

Student auctions virginity, sparks online debate

Abuse of Power IS a Big Story - Because we DEMAND it to be!

Gotta hand it to Charlie Gibson

John McCain: No longer a Maverick. No longer his own man.

John McCain: No longer a Maverick. No longer his own man.


What's this Obama/McCain Forum tonight?

Man returning from theatre performance beaten for "looking like a faggot"

(hindenburg) hannity explodes on set

Bush: Iranians Are ‘Assholes’

Wolf Blitzer asking the question: Why Michelle Obama not at ground zero?

Can someone familiar with the inside workings of big news organizations (camps) please come here.

Rachel Maddow debuts to great ratings, beats Larry King

Pictures from her welcome home rally. These people really are crazy.

So now, even General 'Surge' Petraeus says there will be no 'victory' for U.S. in Iraq

Anyone have a direct link to Olbermann's Special commentary?


Very Interesting article on John McShame/Gosinski

T or F: Democrats don't know how to run for President.

PALIN AND PEGLER. Pegler bounced from the John Birch Society for anti-semitism. Wow.

ATLAH and minister manning

My new nickname for Palin: Stupid Sarah....


"Lipstick On a Pig" - Embrace It

OR-Sen: Merkley Pulls Ahead in New Internal Poll


Now the Wingnuts are Pissed at Charles Gibson on Palin Interview

Not-Ready-for-Primetime Palin Ready to Declare War on Russia

ABC News Poll: Number One Issue Facing Americans Is Lipstick (satire)

I was teaching my class of fourth graders

I worked at the Pentagon for seven and a half years

Whistleblower breaks 15-year silence to allege McCain hid wife's drug abuse

She opens her mouth and I want to vomit.

My friend's Grandma, the Suffragette, and the email going around, "Why Women Should Vote"

Not up yet, but will be posted any minute now ...may give insight in WaPo scrubbing

Palin interview thread. Anyone watching?

For those worried about the LHC and end of the world....

Interesting Pink Floyd Lyrics

Interesting Pink Floyd Lyrics

A Pig to Nowhere (TOON)

I think I found one of the problems with the McCain Mailings

From a resident of New Orleans, much luck to DU'ers of South Texas

Democrats Pre-authorized Use of Force at RNC

A Young Relative of Mine Was Molested and I Am Mad At McCain.

Olbermann 'Special Comment' - coming up next on MSNNC

Can this be real? Navy: Accelerate your life! Is this the same as die sooner?

Palin on ABC: FORGET about her now

A challenge for you:

Ivins’ Colleague Says He Was Murdered

Ivins’ Colleague Says He Was Murdered

I've HAD IT!!!!

Oy! The Baptists knocked on my door and asked me if I believed in God.

Mooselini May Move to Block Subpoenas in Trooper Case

McClatchy Is On To Sarah's Rape Kit Outrage.......

Palin should know better than to piss off Pat

What It Meant

If one could go back in history to Germany early-mid in the 1930s....

Democrats Secretly Authorized Police-To Use Excessive Force At Republican National Convention

DU this poll

Palin, the sheltered running mate, is taking small steps out of her campaign bubble

Those who died on 9-11 don't need a day of mourning, they need JUSTICE. Fuck 9-11

Those who died on 9-11 don't need a day of mourning, they need JUSTICE. Fuck 9-11

I've said it before ...I WILL REPEAT....Obama You Gotta Dump Steve a spokesperson.

Sacramento State grad auctions off her virginity

HEADLINE: Former GOP senator calls Palin a 'cocky wacko'

Heavily edited Palin/Gibson interview

Recommend a book for the new DUers!

Okay, Texans, here's your chance: educate us on the Trans-Texas Corridor!

Let us remember what we sacrificed ... (picture heavy)

Newsweek: GOP is working to keep eligible African-Americans from voting in several states

In the Seventh Year (amazing editorial, mho)

Why The Gosinski Story Is Big

Research help, please. How many people in the United States have died from lack of health insurance?

Masters: Category 2 Ike is larger and more powerful than Katrina

About Pailin's Interview to Nowhere

WHERE WERE YOU when bush took away Habeas Corpus & The Geneva Convention?

Has anyone gotten any absentee ballots in the mail from the McCain campaign?

Women = Cheerful breeders for the War Machine

Why do they keep saying Palin was vetted? Is that a Pit Bull reference? Surely, it can't be.

YOUTUBE Members - I Need Your Help - Offensive Video Must Be Stopped

THE SILENT ARMY is on the move

Where were you September 11, 2001?

Energy vote coming up in Congress...

Fannie’s Failure Equals a Failure in Privatization

My daughter, a HS senior, just sent me a text that her government teacher is conservative

Obama Implodes In Georgia; McCain Leads 56% To 38%

Looking back at comments 9-11-01

Sorry, folks, I'm not buying one word of it

Georgia unemployment claims jump 72 percent

The press will declare her a foreign policy expert and that she's ready

Palin's Bribe To Alaskans (The Rest Of Us Foot The Bill)

Let's follow Keith's lead.... every time Sarah Palin tells the Bridge to Nowhere lie.....

HAITI - Already Destitute Country finds itself Staggered by Devastation

She can't handle Katie Couric but she's threatening PUTIN?

A Day of Observing Bush's Blame for Allowing Al-Qaeda Safe Haven

ATTN: Michigan Voters and others re: fraudulent mailing

Kucinich Truth and Reconcilliation Commission


Ouch. An AK local searched the state's PTA membership log

damnit I can't believe this...

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people

Phonebank from home for Obama! Earn millions! (votes that is) LINK

People Don't Make Stupid Voters, the Media Does

People Don't Make Stupid Voters, the Media Does

DU'ers - stay safe if you are in Ike's path. And any freepers reading this

Bush: Iranians Are ‘Assholes’

Opinions on calling Obama Black instead of Multiracial

AlterNet: Has American Society Gone Insane?

VOTER CAGING IS HAPPENING. Anyone here gotten an absentee ballot

Hurricane Ike Watch! Currently forecast to hit Texas EARLY Saturday a.m. as a Cat. 4!


What are valid college/university degrees at D.U.?

I know this may not go over very well here at DU, but

There Is No 2012 Or Beyond

What Will Be The Deterrent For Woman Who Get An Abortion If Abortions Are Outlawed? Jail? Death?

getting off the obama bus (rant)

Jonathan Falwell: Falwell's "pro-life" goal close to reality...strict constructionist court coming.

Sarah Palin isn't a hypocrite. Sarah Palin is a monster who must be stopped.

Secretive Iraq agreement includes no date for U.S. withdrawal

Would you respect a Church of Vegetarianism that offered death bed conversions?

What Jackpot should be offered by the new GWB National Lottery?

Should parents make a special effort to encourage their daughters to learn and play chess?

Okay "Newbies" you understand about Tweety Matthews, now?

For once I agree with Harold Ickes. Do not underestimate Obama's ground game.

Feds Will Pick Your Meds - New Evidence in Lindauer Case

Overzealous much?

Maxine Waters asks her colleagues for emergency disaster assistance for Haiti

Maxine Waters asks her colleagues for emergency disaster assistance for Haiti

Do-it-yourself Privatization Primer!

HI, I'm Osama Bin Laden

White Nationalists Applaud American Enterprise Institute Fellow

Where were you?

82 y/o WWII veteran (NAZI Army) would like to comment on things:

Palinnochio :)

Political dissent as terrorism: “Minnesota Patriot Act” charges filed against RNC Eight

Political dissent as terrorism: “Minnesota Patriot Act” charges filed against RNC Eight

The Big O Says...

Just a friendly reminder: Bush first read and learned the enjoyment of reading

"Cialis Daily Use"

I hate the NFL for making me defend Ocho Cinco.

Help please

Moose Turd Pie

Tom Brady forced to pay for leftover jerseys

What's the difference between MidloDemocrat and DailyKos?

South of Scranton.

South of Scranton.

You guys, I just saw this *fantastic* film at the movies: "Man on Wire."

Do you live among rabbits?

Traveler IQ Challenge

Where the FUCK is Parche????

Good ad

The Truth about Elrond Hubbard.

I actually had a date tonight (no not at the OG)

I am so excited. I am going to take a continuing adult

Trash TV excitement -- Charm School 2 coming to teeveeland next month!

Relax folks! Our friend, Parche isn't TS'ed yet - he's only suspended a week

New nickname for McCain/Palin:

The Big Hush - Shreikback

Where is the chickenman?


CAUTION!!!!! This thread is a trap!

Please, can you help!

What do you do if you think a TSA inspecter stole from a suitcase?

For nerds: Pokemon that sound like the names of drugs.

"How funky is your chicken?

Meesa misses Jar Jar Binks

Open letter to Tom Petty: Please release "Dog On The Run"

I miss Vader.



I am surprised...

My cat insists that I comb her while she eats.

Between a rock and a hard place

So... did McCain burp or fart yet?????

just applied for a shelter cat!

Jeebus. the aftershocks to the quake in Hokkaido Japan are in the 5.0+ magnitude

I am watching Obama on Letterman tonight!

Update on the saga of the detatched retina

Paging turtlensue

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday September 10

Fucking facebook

Well, Parche....goodbye.

HERE IT IS!...The wait is OVER...This is BIG and I mean "BIG" ! OMG!

I masturbated to Sarah Palin...

Irony ... George W. Bush's "moment of silence" this morning accurately reflects

Hey, LaraMN!!!!

Seriously, is there a dopier piece of shit than Matthew McConaughey?

I miss Skywalker.

Good and not so good, all on the same run

Anyone here own a Cheetoh cat- I want one!!! or two

If you ever get tempted to leave your child in jail to teach them a lesson don't

I'm (sorta) back online....

Do your dogs ever look at nothing and start barking their heads off?

16 hours of sleep last night

Why do smoke alarms only go off at night?

Would EVERYONE here stop insulting teh Pig species!

Hottest Member of Congress!

9--11, IHOP?

Maryland DUers: recommend a state park

Isn't it sad when you see national TV exposure of the place you grew up on a "Cops" type show...

Swiss and French Particle Physicists Defeated Gozer the Gozerian Wednesday.

Need a humane flamethrower

A meta version of my political life

Geek Alert: Nice Webcam Views From Inside the LHC Tunnel

I'm taking orders for Taco Bell. What's your pleasure.

Anyone remember Fundie AIDS BS in the 1980's??? shave or not to shave

DU Men: Name something you like physically about women that isn't the typical stuff.

Project Runway: Six Survive

In 3 years, including this semester, I've taken 14 Economics

Fucking A! We're going as WU-Tang Clan for Halloween

Pretty Places

just a question asked on yahoo answers.

I quit smoking on 4/8/08


Question about perfume

Greatest hip-hop/rap artist

OK, Lounge Lizards, DU this poll!

My Son, The Conductor (Cute toddler video link inside!)

Do you think 9/11 changed everything?

Gaaah, it is like a regular Kitteh Fight Club in here.

Love me, love me, love me, I'm a liberal.

Internet dating horror stories, post em!

People who have reconnected with old friends: is it a good idea?

Dang, went down to Obama's headquarters...

Well here's a new twist to an old scam

I need a break

LATEST UPDATE: The stone has resolved itself. Looks like things should be ok now. :^)

"Johnny Depp as The Riddler and Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Penguin"



Good Morning, Everyone

My soup is like lava with noodles in it.

New film of McCain found, after being released in Hanoi

New film of McCain found, after being released in Hanoi

Oh deer

Forget about Obama's dip in the polls. THIS is really scary:

We should christen the sex-for-oil scandal "Lubrigate"

I just brought Max home from his neuter surgery

I just listened to Ravel's Bolero...and it never fails to leave me exhausted.

Barack Obama: Live from Manch Vegas!

40 posts to 1000; 50 days until 4 years posting here...

"firefighter resuscitates cat" yay! the kitty lives!

Please understand I never had a secret chart

Does this description remind you of Bush?

Damn you Sara Palin - this is unforgivable

How would you define Moderately or Very Active?

Something weird regarding my brain and computer sounds.

Ta Dah!!!

nu locat kthnxbai

*yawn* I'm shattered.


My RW dad is driving me NUTS!

I had an interesting lunch break

My answering machine now has the COOLEST message ever...

Des Plaines, IL or Scottsdale, AZ?

Question about "West Side Story"

The carlos santana brand has HOT shoes!

Mr Unstable?

Good stuff thread.

Do you wear lipstick?

Just in case you see a chemtrail anytime soon....ROFL

If any one has the airplane lovers

Strange things can happen on a corner in Chinatown...

computer geeks - a series of quail

DU office workers, are you allowed to listen to music? and what kind?

Do you eat lipstick?

I'm worried about the Beaver in Alaska

Advice solicitation for answering a potential Republican date

Look out Biden - I am taking over as VP for Obama

Do you remember the old game show......the original HOLLYWOOD SQUARES??

You know what this place needs? More Smiths

It's time for the Thursday Smack-O-Rama. Who would you like to slap the shit out of today?

Why is a mouse when it spins?

I feel like I spend half my life sweeping cobwebs off of my walls.

"Peeing in the house" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include peeing in the house.

Can't find a job--need encouragement

Argued about politics, went ballistic on the boyfriend.

Computer geeks - another series of questions.

posted this awhile back and stumbled on it again...still funny :)

Sometimes I've just got to ask myself "What the fuck is WRONG with some people?"

Like my new sig pic?

What say any of you about this: Wis. court: Cops illegally taped nursing home sex

Would you ask your case manager out for a date?

The music playing here at the office is going to drive me fucking INSANE

Confess a cheesy pop culture thing you secretly like

Remember when this was an awesome computergame?

So, should we just boycott lipstick?

Sac State grad student auctioning her virginity for tuition

Thursday, September 11th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

my annual September 11 birthdays check-in thread

2fer: If you don't have a sense of humor, well, this won't help!1

Wow did I just make a complete fool of myself in front of a total stranger

Pringles with chocolate frosting...

Seattle. Next Week. Downtown. Where's the best food?

Project Runway: Who's out?

Damn bears now they're swimming to attack you

Hey, what ever happened to the Large Hardon Collider?

Hey, what ever happened to the Large Hadron Collider?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 9/11/2008)

So, temeah returns, today is the 11th...Could it be time for...

So how do you feel about war with Russia???????

so I got my teeth cleaned today and was told I have 4 impacted wisdom teeth

What are some "must see" countries in your opinion? I saved up some money, and just got time off

Isn't it strange

Which former president do you think Obama is most like?

zOMG!!! Check out this spider that's out by my mailbox! (pics inside)

Minnie Driver Gives Birth to a 9 lb 12 oz Baby Boy

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday September 11

Congratulation to the hottest ever grandmother: Left Is Write

***** Vietnam War Historians/Vets please chime in *****

Can anyone reccomend a good bed-dog?

Caption this pic of ice.....

Post a Movie Quote, see if we can figure out which Movie

President Clinton to hit campaign trail for Obama

"Lipstick on a Pig" Used by McCain Regarding Hillary

Japan to pull air defense troops out of Iraq: source

Wide-Ranging Ethics Scandal Emerges at Interior Dept.

SC Dem chief says sorry for Palin-abortion comment

Squad of Republican aides prepares Palin for interviews

Paul and Nader blast dominance of Dems, GOP

U.S. slaps sanctions on Iranian shipping company

Palin is on TV as BREAKING NEWS on all Cable Channels..what is going on

CBS takes down McCain webad, suggests it's 'misleading'

Rangel Says He Regrets 'Errors,' Rejects Calls to Cede Panel Post

Obama campaign opens HQ in downtown Phoenix

WSJ: Ethics Adviser Warned Palin: Letter described situation as "grave"

Bargaining for power

Israeli scientist: 'Big Bang' experiment going better than expected

Palin's Ethics Scrapes May Undercut Pledge to End Old Politics

Campaign shocks The Outrage Machine is on a roll

Palin’s Pipeline Is Years From Being a Reality

Obama keeps cool as Democratic fears heat up

D.C. Election Glitch Blamed On Equipment

Displaced Iraqis Live Under Stands in Soccer Stadium

McCain embraces the staged rally

US oil officials in sex scandal

McClatchy: 7 Years Later, Wars Grind On

Whistleblower breaks 15-year silence to allege McCain hid wife's drug abuse

Missing ballots mistaken for trash

Houston-Galveston Could Face Major Damage from Ike

Tunnel fire under English channel, nobody hurt

Food Safety's Dirty Little Secret, Increasingly, the government is leaving the job in private hands

Report: Banks helped foreigners escape US taxes

Schweitzer called out for election boasts

AP Impact: U.S. Oilfield Deaths Rise Sharply ("An Alarming Rate")

Bush to mark Sept. 11 with moment of silence

Fired (by Palin) Commissioner Testifies; Women's Groups Offer Support

Boy suspended for using broken pencil sharpener

Israel asks U.S. for arms, air corridor to attack Iran

Iraq Cancels Six No-Bid Oil Contracts

Palin's Book-banning Efforts, Redux

Foot tapping protected by First Amendment, Craig's lawyer says

Latest Kim Jong II Report: Brain Surgery

Cholera outbreak spreads in Iraq

Democrats call for 90-day foreclosure freeze

Social conservatives hold summit in buoyant mood

Squad of G.O.P. Aides Prepares Palin for Interviews

Carville Says McCain Too Honorable To Know About Attack Ads

Guantanamo judge postpones trial for Omar Khadr

Pride, Concern As Candidates' Sons Head To War

Palin's attorney: Investigator 'biased'

(US) Pension agency to go to court vs Delphi, GM: report

Lose your house, lose your vote

9/11 Families Question Gitmo Trials

NRA targets Obama

Film shows McCain's release from Vietnamese prison

Palin May Move to Block Subpoenas in Trooper Case

Palin warns of war with russia

Iraqi government reassures the Awakening, but fighters are wary


Zimbabwe rivals agree unity deal

US deaths in Afghanistan makes 2008 deadliest year

Study: 70,000 May Suffer Post-9/11 Stress Disorder

Biden: Hillary a Better Pick Than Me

No victory in Iraq says Petraeus

Kanye West arrested after skirmish at LAX

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 11

McCain and the Aircraft Lobby

Canadian archbishop returns top government award because abortion doctor received same honor

Court records detail Palin's turbulent early months as mayor

Obama gets his message out -- loudly

US death in Afghanistan makes 2008 deadliest year

Robbers raid ancestral Obama home in Kenya

Gasoline prices spike as Ike heads toward Texas (up almost $1.70/gallon)

Judge rejects anti-Obama group's request

Palin's Ethics Scrapes May Undercut Pledge to End Old Politics

7.2 mag quake Hokkaido, Japan

ABC plans prime-time Palin special

Poll: Swing state voters approve of Palin

Poll: Obama’s lead picks up in Ohio despite Palin pick

Huckabee, Others Yucks It Up Over McCain Vetting

McCain criticized Wasilla earmarks in 2001

FDA: Infant formula from China tainted by chemical

Ethics Adviser Warned Palin

House Democrats Expand Proposed Oil, Gas Drilling

World's Most Powerful Magnet Under Construction

George Bush isn't in charge, says Vladimir Putin

Lehman for sale, with B. of A. a possible suitor, report says

Bush Said to Give Orders Allowing Raids in Pakistan

Russian strategic bombers land in Venezuela

McCain Ad: Obama Camp Trying To "Destroy" Palin

Palin says she is ready to step in as president

Palin's ABC Interview: Stumped On Bush Doctrine, Seems To Contradict McCain On Pakistan (VIDEO)

Conyers 'Defers' Contempt of Congress Vote Against Mukasey

Palin, McCain to spend more time together than apart: aide

Swift fires up to 150 Muslim workers following Ramadan dispute

Film shows McCain's release from Vietnamese prison

Oil brokers sex scandal may affect drilling debate

Feds to unplug medical subsidy

Bill Clinton predicts Obama will win 'handily': Obama, Clinton meeting at Global Initiative offices

McCain In The Membrane - 9/10/08

Your New Job

Former GOP senator calls Palin a 'cocky wacko'

Granholm to help Biden plan for debate

Can we avoid the recession? a very good economic hearing

Hardball: McCain swift-boating Obama

Barack Obama v. DillDo'Reilly - Part 4 of 4 - Sept 10 2008

Whistleblower Accuses McCain of Abuse of Power

"Fact Check"?

Obama, McCain and Rosa Parks

Video McCain doesn't want you to see

TYT: Cenk goes off about how dangerous McCain is, great job

Mac vs McCain Ad

Keeping them honest -- Sarah Palin (CNN - AC 360 - 9/10/08)

Rachel Maddow show with Lawrence O'Donnell discussing Palin's bridge to nowhere lie

Paul Begala on NBC talking about Bush and McCain

UCSB Security Group's Attack on Voting Machines (Part 2 of 2)

Car bomb kills Lebanese politician

McCAIN: SQUEAL LIKE A PIG - Yet ANOTHER lipstick speech Sarah Palin offended by John?

Media Matters "lipstick on a pig" compilation

UCSB Security Group's Attack on Voting Machines (Part1 of 2)

lipstick- Talking Points Memo

All we really need to know about Palin....

NBC News: Pig Fracas is 'Beyond Stupid'

The many lies of Sara Palin

Hysterical video - McCain/Republicans on Fantasy Island

Spare me the phony outrage, Part II

David Shuster demands the truth from McCain spokesmouth Nancy Pf. Fails to get it.

Chris Matthews demands the truth from McCain spokesmouth John Feehery. Fails to get it.

Countdown: Bushed 9/10: sex for oil-contracts scandal

Pretty sure she's not Liberal, OR naked, but....

Rachel Maddow Show: 'It's Pat' Buchanan discuss 3rd party candidates, GOP division

Barack Obama in Norfolk, Va

McCains twisted lies on Obama's 'stranger danger' program.

Mac vs McCain Ad

The Newest GOP Umbrage: Obama Called McCain A Fish!

Spare me the phony outrage, Part I

Post-9/11 tribute to America

Perino on 9/11 7th anniversary - Osama bin Laden was not the Mastermind of 9/11

McCain ad attacked Palin's Bridge

Sarah Palin Interview: ABC News Charlie Gibson

McCain supporter says McCain supports equal pay 'in concept'

Typical Palin Supporter?

TYT: Interior Dept. Officials, Sex, Drugs and Big Oil.

TYT: Here's The Real Story On Palin's Jet Sale

AP Raw Video: Firefighter Resusitates Cat

Rachel Maddow show on the new congressional budget, total GOP failure

Does McCain have Alzheimer's Disease?

CNN's Ware: McCain 'has no idea what's going on in Iraq'

GOP moves to block voting by Americans who've lost their homes to foreclosure

Uncle Sam and 9/11 SuperNews! Cartoon

9/11 American National Anthem Buckingham Palace

BUSH/McCAIN Republican Administration OIL SCANDAL - SEX, DRUGS, DEALS

Rachel Maddow Show w/ Jon Alter. Great discussion on lipstick, pigs, GOP lies, and jujitsu

Rachel Maddow Show: McCain Meeting w/ Raffello Folleri

ATLAS (LHC) experiment assembly (5 years in 6 minutes)

John McCain doesn't want to protect your children

TYT: Matt Damon Speaks Truth on Politics

Rachel Maddow: McCain's Latest Slimy Ad On Sex Ed

McCain's Earmark Hypocrisy: Seals, Crabs, and Bears! Oh My!

McCain: Palin has foriegn policy experience b/c she knows about 'energy'

Obama pigs out on Letterman

McCain Campaign rebuffs Community Organizers

September 11th & The Republicans - Olbermann Special Comment

Governor Sarah Palin Vlog #10: OLBERMANN!

Daily Kos The video McCain never wants you to see

Did Track Palin cut the brake lines on Wasilla School buses?

Michael Moore Reads To Audience - "My Pet Goat"

Federation for American Immigartion Reform is a hate group

Rachel Maddow Show: Palin's Troopergate and Email Scandal

Keith Olbermann - Special Comment 9/10/08

EarlG's Republican National Convention

Why McCain continues to do well

Obama on Late Night part 2

Craig Ferguson, "If you don't vote, you're a moron"

Obama on late night part 1


TYT: What the fuck, Joe? What. The. Fuck???

Obama on late night part 3 (includes part 1 and 2)

"It's Time For A Change" Barack Obama

Exclusive Footage Of Sarah Palin's First Interview

Sean Hannity abuses guest Robert Kuttner. Kuttner won't have it.

'Fahrenheit 9/11' - My Pet Goat

Newly Found Tape of McCain in Hanoi - Released from prison

TYT RANT: Does Being a Moose Hunter Qualify You to Be President?

Grace Interviews Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin threatens war with Russia

Chavez ally says coup plot discovered in Venezuela

John McCain's ads are lies.

Pam Anderson to Sarah Palin: "Suck It!"

Obama gives Letterman top 10 ~ Hilarious!

This is what happens when a crime is redefined as war

Sarah Palin's war against information

Guardian: A strange sort of victory--Bush at the National Defence University

Germany: 'Deal on Iraq spies' may end Steinmeier's election hopes

Episode 29: Sarah Witnesses

Capitalism & war in the Caucasus

Guardian UK: North America's other election

Please DU this story...

She's the Star the GOP Hitched Its Bandwagon To

Palin's "Clean Coal" Lie

"Slaughter The Pig" (The Root)

Lose your house, lose your vote

"Cooperate Now" (Ketchican, Alaska Daily News)

Obama launches anti-Palin group (Boston Globe)

More Detail on McCain's VA Rally Yesterday (WaPo)

People refer to Texas Western-Kentucky as the Brown v. Board of Ed of college basketball

Can Any Candidate Clean Up Bush's Massive Post 9/11 Mess?

Remembering February 27

Unfit to stand so close to presidency (Dan Payne, Boston Globe)

Here’s the REAL 'Pig in Lipstick'

McCain Ad: Obama's Support of Pre-K 'Simon Says' Encourages Masturbation

Sex, drugs and . . . offshore oil drilling

After the bawlin's over

Happy anniversary, Osama!

Sarah Palin's Myth of America

Roger Ebert: The American Idol Candidate

Forget Rove, McCain Ad Campaign Run by Leni Riefenstahl

Did al-Qaeda Succeed? By Robert Parry

Iraq Cancels Six No-Bid Oil Contracts

Welcome to the "Neuroticism Belt" - this may explain why most of these states have gone "red!"

Duke defends decision to dismiss Giuliani's son

On-the-money pollster predicts Obama win

The Air Force's Tanker Tailspin

The Army Wants You...Again! (Yes, Really.)

In Search of Rational Voters

John McCain by the Numbers --- McCain Fact Check

Joe Conason: Two Bridges to Nowhere

The McCain-Follieri Love Boat/The Maverick and the Celebrity Con Man

Republican pair need crash course on economics

Trooper-gate Everything you need to know.

Mississippi’s Ballot Trick

The great 401k Ripoff.

GARRISON KEILLOR: Republicans' rewriting of history could work a treat for all of us

"In The Seventh Year" (NYT: Roger Cohen)

Palin’s Pipeline Is Years From Being a Reality

Misery Loves Democrats

Episode 30: Boone Writes a Book!

ADL: Religious Groups Pervert Message Of Peace By Breaking Bread With Iranian Dictator

Sarah Palin's Faux Populism

Former GOP senator calls Palin a 'cocky wacko'

From The Gut. Tom Friedman speaks the truth. I know

A 9/11 'What-If?'

Drew Weston: What Obama Needs to Do in the Final Sixty Days:(author of The Political Brain)

The Election of a Lifetime - David Broder. This is good even

Report: Palin Asked Rick Warren For Advice

(Army) Reserve misses August recruiting goal

Death threat investigation points to soldier

House lawmakers approve veterans COLA

Senate panel cuts $4B from defense budget

200 Eustis, Story soldiers deploy to Iraq

Army seeks help of AF, civilians on suicides

700 ND guardsmen headed for Kosovo

SAT scores decline in DoDEA schools

Mullen: Victory possible in Afghanistan

Lewis neighbors wary of sonic boom in testing

Contract awarded for first carrier of new class

Captain, lieutenant die in Afghanistan combat

10 Pendleton Marines hurt in 7-ton crash

2 Russian Tu-160 bombers fly to Venezuela

Nuclear summit could produce sweeping changes

Tanker decision postponed past election

Former Marine: DOD voting system ‘broken’

AAFES bribery suspect Choy dies

Senator seeks more say in Iraq agreement

Navy seeks OK to provide water to personnel living off base in Naples

Mayor: Dal Molin vote will be held

AWOL case closed; no Article 32

Spouse gets suspended sentence in drug case

Gambling with an addiction

New gas cards a mixed bag for users

Army to Test Warrior Adventure Quest

DoD Dumps Tanker Mess on Next Regime

Joint Chiefs chairman offers Congress sober assessment on Afghanistan

Army’s Deal with Sears Angers Murtha

Defense Tech: Russian Force to the Caribbean

OpEd: Why is There Still A Hole at Ground Zero?

San Antonio is going green with sewage

University of Oklahoma Leader Among Universities Purchasing Renewable Energy(100 % wind power 2013)

China National Petroleum first to sign Iraq oil deal

Bolivia tells U.S. ambassador to leave, protests mount

Record number of icebergs off Canadian coast

Report says speculators had big role in oil price run-up - USA Today

More web-cam fun: Icecam set up in Ilulissat (greenland)

Supercharged smaller engines: achieves improvement in gas consumption at lower expense

Mercedes-Benz C 250 CDI Blue EFFICIENCY (45 mpg) achieved with super-charging and engine downsizing.

Fishermen, Australia's National Party, Lash Out At Plan To Protect 1 Million Km2 Of Coral Sea

Oil for sex scandal hits Interior Department

Massive Study Finds 1,000+ N. American Freshwater Fish Species, Sub-Species & Populations In Trouble

Turkey's Lake Kucuk, Once Home To 186 Species Of Birds, Dries Up Completely

Global Permafrost Soils Hold More Than Twice The CO2 Now Contained In Atmosphere - AFP

Oil: To drill or not to drill

Discovery Channel to Show Documentary on Space-Based Solar Power

Honda sells maker of (natural gas) refueling appliance

UPDATE: Coal River Mountain Survives Another Day

Super-Green, Algae-Derived Jet Fuel Passes Tests With Flying Colors

US oil and gas field deaths up sharply.

Ike is a big storm:

Nuclear drops to 14% of global electricity generation

"The death of OPEC"

US vehicles to slim down, become more efficient (this will include turbocharged & supercharged ICEs)

We've Got One Week Left to Stop One of Bush's Worst Environmental Attacks

Independent UK: Cleared: Jury decides that threat of global warming justifies breaking the law

wiped out the fishes, plankton now causing "gas events" on a massive scale

Crist ‘won’t actively support’ anti-gay Fla. amendment

Obama pledges ‘equality for all’ -- exclusive gay interview:

Calif. Episcopal bishops oppose gay marriage ban

September 11, 2001: Gay Victims and Heroes

Top 10 Greatest Gay Movies

House Democrats unveil bill to end drilling ban

Sacramento mayoral candidate to come out against Prop 8

Feinstein silent on Prop 8

Florida judge rules state ban on gay adoption unconstitutional

Lesbian star may be new face of Cover Girl

Turbocharging, The New Hybrid? technology which is available right now _JW

B'Tselem: Israel cutting off Gaza from West Bank

Palestinian police make a difference in Hebron

Israeli settlers annexing extra West Bank land, report says

US official: 1967 borders are basis for negotiations

'No peace in Mideast if Israel exists'

Army jails soldier who delayed pregnant woman at checkpoint

Five Things You Need to Know: Pimco's Gross Lets the Freak Out

Shaky Lehman Brothers has deep ties to Florida (Jeb Bush refusing to comment)

Powerful Voices on Hill

New Jersey Pension Fund Lost $50 Million on Lehman

Anywhere Else Besides Florida

Million-Member Effort for Free Choice Reaches 669,000 and Growing

Today in labor history Sept 11 Among the dead were 634 union members

Ford tells union it has surplus of 4,000 workers

this may be a dumb question...I'm an instructor at a Community College

Threats Mount Against the Indigenous Social Movement in Colombia

Turks and Cacos Islands - Paradise flattened in storm's wake

Chávez reports on detention of some people involved in assassination plot

Maria Verchenova

Schilling calls New York sports fans 'bitter'

City of Anaheim gets last chance at changing Angels' team name

I hate my owner more than the Dallas Cowboys.

Stench outta Fayetteville - SSSSSOOOOOOOOOEEEEE!

Please send extra vibes to Hokkaido Japan

For the Night Owls Here--election predictions

Dizziness Poll

So-o, any plans on cooling Ike as we did with Gustav?

Infections linked to cot deaths (SIDS)


Oh my gosh, look what I found in my photo collection...

Sebastian walking!

To those who chided me for being an informant or a snitch, read this:

To those who chided me for being an informant or a snitch, read this:

Link below to DU thread “Biden supports ‘the second amendment and the right for New Hampshire

Obama would be winning by a country mile...

The Gun Lobby’s War On Democracy and Local Control In D.C.

Link for "Blue Steel Democrats" blog, with many good links there:

Space Wars: The First Six Hours of World War III

Yale Astronomer Discovers Upper Mass Limit for Black Holes

Large Hadron Collider: 'God particle' theorist Peter Higgs attacks Stephen Hawking

AFA sponsoring a online get out the vote for the GOP, called "Values Voter Summitt 2008"

Tigers are not evil.

10 more the Bush administration let get away?

Is this now the animal rights dungeon?

9-11 Tribute

White House Claims Bin Laden Was Not The ‘Mastermind’ of Sept. 11 (with VIDEO)

You've probably seen this video, but...

9/11: Distinguishing The Propaganda From The Smoking Guns

Remember the WTC 7 NIST report? A response:



911 Film Opens in Russia

Ft Worth & nearby folks: Bob Ray Sanders to speak @ my Sunday School Class


For the ladies as they try to maneuver around Ike:

Houston-wind speculations~

Less than Ten Seconds!

download destination on my computer

In Windows, is "IE" the generic term for Browser?

2nd internal hard drive not showing in Windows XP?

UserList in Registry (WinXPHome) - Can I delete these?

Senior Tory spokesman suspended

Harper says 2011 'end date' for Afghanistan mission

North America's other election

I think I know that odour.

‘Street medics’ describe injuries and other hazards at the RNC protests

Proposal for Saturday meetup: Relax Chinese restaurant for dim sum

David Piper vs. Jane Ranum for the 4th district court judgeship

Bachmann to speak at GOP get out the vote for the AFA "Voter Values Summitt 2008"

Mary Tyler Moore....seasons 5, 6 and 7...on DVD!!! Finally!!!

Cover up of the failure to apprehend the 7/7 bombers

Watch out! They're coming for your votes Wisconsin!

I've been getting a lot comments at work about the bumper stickers on my car

"State suit could affect 1 million voters" by Patrick Marley (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel 9/11/2008)

WARNING: McCain campaign sends out bad absentee ballot applications to Obama donors

Bush Library

More training classes for state deputy voter registrars

MT Gov. Schweitzer jokes about rigging 2006 election

Howard Dean's Voter Registration Efforts to Continue to Oregon and Washington

Voting Machine Mess: Diebold upgrade "times out" after 2.5 minutes

Watch out! The atty general is coming for your votes Wisconsin!

show this columnist some love! FL's "no match no vote" law set to throw another election

Republicans Gear Up Vote Supression Programs

WI's Republican AG is in a position to meddle with elections, so of course he can't resist.

WARNING: McCain campaign sends out bad absentee ballot applications to Obama donors

Important Info

Did Florida election officials accidentally trash uncounted ballots?