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Archives: September 14, 2008

Brad Blog on those Absentee Voter Request Forms the MCain folks sent out

"if they're lying this much now, what makes you think they'll STOP lying once elected?"

Move has a simple LTTE format. Here's mine - to a local paper:

Zogby: McCain 226, Obama 234 in new EV tally

John McCain picks a New Campaign Spokesman- Toon

interesting comment from reporter behind the Biden documentary tonight

"McCain is old, weak, confused and tempermental"....

Why Troopergate Matters---a lot

State Voter Registration Deadline

Barack Special on MSNBC now! (eom)

The Palin action figure...

Check this Palin Video..Funny!

I figured out the perfect person to compare Palin to

Obama doesn't believe in equal pay!!1!1!

Rate this MSNBC article highly

Just to remind everyone, bios of Sarah Palin and Joe Biden will be on CNN tonight starting at 9pm ET

McCain/Palin campaign lying about crowd sizes!

McCain/Palin campaign lying about crowd sizes!

McCain = Bush's 3rd Term


To my US-native son: get Republican pimps out now before it's too late

I just saw an McCain/Palin ad claiming that Palin opposed the Bridge to Nowhere

Palin Aides Backtrack On Saying She 'Visited' Iraq

To Counteract Crazy "Obama Office" Threads

Palin and her running mate and the rest of the Republicans are, quite simply,

Since McCain is lying about crowd size - could he be lying about money raised?

Sew, I Went To Obama HQ Today AND It Was TERRIBLY Oppressive And I Need A Drink!!!

NYT, pg. 1 tomorrow: In Office, Palin Hired Friends and Hit Critics

ok, i'll take a try at it, since some people think they are clever...

Sarah Palin: A Cunning Stunt

So, I went to Obama HQ today.. AND it was terribly depressing and I'm not sure what to think.

wow..."the view" women doing MSM's job - why are they so fucked up?

McCain campaign systematically targets the news media (McClatchyDC)

Anyone else watching the Palin special on MSNBC?

I'm watching Obama's story on MSNBC and I can't

I am thrilled that Obama is tied in the polls with McCain, or even winning!

Greenspan maybe endorsing Obama?!

Straight talk express up on blocks in the yard right next to the bathtub Madonna.

Hey, maybe we should elect Sarah Palin to be "president" of Alaska...

Where is "Pullet the Chicken" Palin?

List of 13 subpoenas authorized in Troopergate so far

ALERT: Biden & Palin Revealed! On CNN 9pm Eastern, tonight and tomorrow night.

Ha! Alaska Secretary of Agriculture appointed because......."I like cows!"

HuffPo Front Page Screen Shot: "Personal Vendettas.. Censorship... Cronyism... Secrecy And Lying..."

Palin wrapped in American Flag - Literally!?

BIDEN Special on CNN Now! nt

Todd Palin

Todd Palin

New pitch proposal: America Needs Winners, not Runner-Ups!

Sarah Palin isn't a reformer...she needs everyone out so she can hire her cronys

Sarah Palin isn't a reformer...she needs everyone out so she can hire her cronys

So a post I wrote

McCain, Bush and Palin - The Freeloading Riches Of The GOP

".....and your enemies, closer...." copied from a

Does Sarah Palin and her mother-in-law, Faye Palin get along?

Any one kind of think McCain/Palin are peaking?

McCain's Medical Condition Could Sink his Boat, If Ever Medical Records Released

excellent & very scary article about Palin in the NYTimes today

Wheels of that "Striaght Talk Express Falling Off"

Obvious Bias of CNN Joe Biden Revealed v. Sarah Palin Revealed

Just how stupid or arrogant (or both) do you have to be

First time to go to Obama headquarters for me today!

Obama appearance on tonight's SNL (11:30) est.

So I went and saw Obama today...

McCain unfit for office: spokesman admits campaign is going to say anything to win

Levi Johnston quit High School & the hockey team.

Does John McCain Have a "Tax" Problem? Answer: Probably (Fox News, no less.)

Palin's Preacher Problem (she thinks the rapture is going to force all of us to move to Alaska)

It's the lies stupid

LOL. A moment of (ironic) levity

Everyone stop what you are doing and go here: trust me

Link here to provide "Joe Biden Revealed" producer "feedback"

After watching the Fluff-N-Sniff bit on CNN about Palin and the hatchet job with

Palin says she "respects the other side" ...

How have the attacks been working out?

WARNING for the easily discouraged or nervous...

Proof McPALIN is lying about numbers at rally

My prediction: 15 minutes until SNL skewers Palin

As Mayor of Wasilla, Palin Cut Own Duties, Left Trail of Bad Blood (WaPo)

August Fundraising Numbers?

Man, I can't believe I'm blowing off USC vs. OSU to surf DU!

Did anyone get a call from the DNC tonight?

Did anyone get a call from the DNC tonight?

This video will make you smile

Here's what I don't believe . . .

Some of you piss me off (part II,Field Office edition)

The biggest thing I always liked and respected about President Bill Clinton

It's time to get the focus back on Obama v McBush

interesting fact

Help, Repub sister email wars... need help

I just Donated $25.00 to the O-Team in Honor of Joe Biden

Please, can you spare $5.00?

Vetting. This is funny, I don't care who you are.

When do you suppose McSame/Palin will have their 1st major meltdown in public?

A counter for the Obama waffles

Palin Keeps On Lying - 'Bridge to Nowhere' line returns

If McCain gets away with this (i.e., wins) it will destroy all that's left of the election process.

"she's scary".....

How about an email barrage to hit this baffoon in his ignorant you-know-what?

Author Of Book Palin Targeted Lashes Back: She's My Mortal Enemy

A Couple of Good Ads, And Pages to Contribute To Air Them

I think I had the best day today.

Wasilla Meth Capital of the United States? A town of 5,700? WTF?

Massachusetts is "closer" to Russia than Alaska...

DU This Story

I think the reasons why so many of us get dispirited so quickly include...

In an alternate reality, our newspapers could look like this:

Here's another link to contact CNN about that piece of crap they did on Biden

Palin & Hillary stiny on SNL now!

Women Against Sarah Palin

Palin camp admits today that she didn't really go to Iraq

I'm back...and I've created something special for Wes Clark Democrats (check in here)

51 days


Sarah Palin, man magnet: McCain's veep pick is attracting men who backed Hillary & uniting GOP

Complete this: "If Sarah Palin were Sammy Palin, ______________________."

Complete this: "If Sarah Palin were Sammy Palin, ______________________."

9 13 - Palin lies about bridge to nowhere AGAIN!!!!

Sarah Palin's preacher believes the rapture is near

AP: Obama camp suggests lies over Palin visit to Iraq

Has anyone told Sarah Palin she's in the BIG LEAGUES now?

Message from my sister in Alaska

Today was an historic day in the city of Redding, California

'Fahrenheit 9/11' - My Pet Goat

What will they do to capture the next 10 day news cycle?

Palin's 1st Solo: Less Than 20 Minutes, With Teleprompter, Lies About Bridge.

Voter Suppression, will the MSM call out the GOP? What is the Obama camp doing?

Hey NiteOwls: Biden Revealed on CNN, now! 4AM

Galveston, Texas has been devastated by Hurricane IKE. What can we at DU do to help?

NYT: In office, Palin hired friends and hit critics

union members ???

ADN: "Palin gets enthusiastic sendoff" I guess that depends on your point of view...

Question: what bills has obama sponsored (not co-sponsored) that have passed?

Club for Growth, Palin, and her Lt. Gov.

McCain Bringing Big-time Rove Politics to Alaska

Tell the Science Debate people to cut the crap and endorse Obama

OK........ I like this One....... and yes, being a Buddhist

BO 49-46 in Washington State (11EV) what's going on?

Okay, what's the deal with cell only users being polled?

Willie Brown is an ugly bitter little man

Somebody please 'splain this public campaign financing thing if you can..

An idea for McCain yard signs.

McCaskill on Obama's chances in MO: "We're Gonna Surprise You" (details on the ground game)

Will $5 gasoline bring the presidential discussion back to the economy?

The Hockey Mom had an affair with the Hockey Coach?

Take a cue from Canada: If you continue to let the Conservatives get away with shit...

Getting to know Palin - is 66 days enough time?

Conservative Forum sells RACIST "Obama Waffles"

Palin graphic

A Tale of Two Rallies - Pro Palin vs. Anti Palin

Has McCain been put in his own "Bush bubble"?

Obama: McCain's Economic Message Out of Touch

Real Men Vote Obama!

Our attack strategy seems to me like preparing Chateaubriand

McCain's Campaign is All About Nothing

Thoughts of Eve Ensler about Sarah Palin

Local columnist asked me for some direct links on McCain info - need help

get ready - Group With Swift Boat Alumni Readies Ads Attacking Obama

I'm pretty sick and tired of hearing that Obama is a "Muslim". After all...

Anyone get an overtly RACIST vibe from McCain's "Obama doesn't respect Palin" ad?

Democratic Underground Should Commission Their Own Presidential Tracking Poll

Boston Globe Palin never went to Iraq either ... 1 more lie

Sunday Times excoriates Palin record

So I was on a date last night and missed the first half of SNL...

Sarah Palin to Alaska: I’ll Be Back in November

Will the departure of Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy from Air America Radio affect the 2008 Election?

Issues. Obama is Better For You.

Just to clarify - if it's a 269-269 EV tie, do we win?

Clinton fulfilling new role with gusto!

Carly Fiorina's WHINEY new GOP meme: Ageism/Sexism 2008

I hate to ask this, but is there a list somewhere of Palin's lies

Sure Palin and McCain are lying their asses off but it is O.K. because of this:

McCain: There will be more wars. So exactly where are the troops going to come from?

Carly Fiorina LYING HER ASS OFF on ABC's This Week

Palin's Ms. Havemeister cited her childhood love of cows as one of her qualifications - OMG!

Great Truman quote posted by Andrew Sullivan - essentially one of the themes of this campaign.

Army Times Gets Into the Act - Criticizes McLame for Lying About Obama's Position

McCain is a Liar!

I want to see a "100 Years, Bomb Iran, Draft" mcPOW ad.

commercial idea..close up of heart monitor beating then stopping

McCain’s Economist: We Need Tax Increases

Palin's support for converting Jews?! Need sources!

Obama camp suggests Palin has distorted record

8 words that hurt John McCain this week

SWEET LIES: my new video

A snapshot of DU first page in GDP at 4:40 AM

TWWGS spinning Palin's poor interview

"Mr. October"

CNN - she quit sports anchoring to spend more time at the gym? Huh?

Rasmussen: McCain 50%, Obama 47%

Buck up DEMS! I went to Camp Obama in Los Angeles today and there were about 350 people

"The Elitist Conservatives have put YOU in economic peril for the sake of the rich."

We need Clair McCaskill out in front more. She kicked Carly's ass on Snuffy's show.

Okay got someone who is leaning towards Obama until

Sarah Palin isn't Sure if God Still Wants Us to Kill Iraqis

AMERICA IS TYRANNY - George Carlin video - bears repeating NOW!

Is Obama playing rope-a-dope?

Sarah Palin returns to lying about "Bridge to Nowhere."

Without spoiling it for the west coast, SNL intro is brilliant. Funny AND deep

Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends

Carly Fiorni (sp) is soooo full of lies.

Visualize Obama/Biden and to Hell with what's her name...

Palin’s ‘Nowhere Project’ still using federal funds

Where can I get some of those "COCKY WHACKO BARS"?

Sarah Palin's Administration, the Hallmark of Secrecy and Nepotism

State Voter Registration Deadline Approaching

Lest we not forget....Spread the word. Obama's message of hope. Yes , we can!

FRAME: Why is the Republican Party doing another COVER-UP of Sarah Palin

Palin and the ignorant "Mom" factor


Palin Attempts To Provide Herself & Staff With COVER Re: Troopergate

Was just watching Reliable Sources, and the entire panel on there

uh-oh. Tweety's got a "tingle" for Sarah...

What's going on in Alaska? Locals are coming out against Palin!

So-Called Energy Expert Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know How Much Energy Her State Produces

Shakespeare 's description of Palin

Does Cindy let John pilot her Learjet?

Has anyone watched Crimson Tide? Reminded me: intelligence should outweigh tenure in this election.

Sunday Call to Action: Download your 25 Neighbor to Neighbor contacts now...

Chuck Todd

Voting for McCain is immoral and Ungodly

Sarah Palin Is Not An "Agent Of Change" (WAPO)

Interview with Axelrod

What about Sarah?

McCain has said he will take this country to war with OTHER countries - why is this being ignored?

FYI: Comparison of McCain and Obama's tax proposals

Which is more demanding: sending an email or the job of US president?

About McCain's 'war wounds prevent him using a computer' excuse...

Can I Say McCaskill is Making Fiorina Her B*tch?

A game: You name the Republican, and I'll give you the flavor

Forum sells 'Obama Waffles' with racial stereotype

Yuck- Mr. "9-11 is my personal ATM machine" on MTP now...

A Tale of Two Palin Rallies in Anchorage

Its Not Just Palin — Its The Message. by Joe Trippi

Greenspan: Country Can’t Afford John McCain’s Massive Tax Cuts For The Rich

She's not terribly cerebral. Her ego is dangerously expansive.

why isn't Obama reviving the "I don't know how many houses" gaffe... that was GOLDEN

McCain.. Did you know.

All Obama needs to do is expose the TRUTH about the WWIII, Fake Reformer Duo

This headline shows how the media is pouring it on to help McCain

Don't sweat Rasmussen, it'll narrow starting tomorrow.

bank failures, Phil Gramm connection to mcCain...important issue to bring up for campaign

More than Half a Million New Donors in August; total number of donors so far are over 2.5 million

Do Not Get Demoralized Today

Karl Rove's advice t o Democrats...

Palin facing new accusations as US campaign grows negative

Very Revealing Interview-Jorge Ramos pins down McCain on Univision

Here is my idea of a TV ad that could knock McCain/Palin on their incompetent asses

OMG Rove didn't just say this !! Why McDipshit doesn't

"Howard Dean rallies Obama supporters in Renton"

GDP resembles the Lounge tonight !

***Obama Volunteers*** What were your numbers last week?

Polls aren't "real votes", are they?

Reliable Sources Panel Topic: If not already on the offensive McCain campaign is hitting back...

Sadly, Republicans Don't Get Punished For Telling Lies, Even When the MSM Holds Them To the Truth

Supporting The Troops?

Two bumperstickers for single issue repugs

NYT July Interview with McCain: " I am learning to get online myself"


I can dance around in my underwear and sing, but that doesn't make me Madonna.

Boston Globe Palin never went to Iraq either ... 1 more lie .... repost

The Army Times On McCain: "Flip-flop or fib?"

A DU Action Alert: Call Obama's NATIONAL campaign; Tell them Obama must speak out on election fraud

Good News: Obama's Getting Tougher In Advertisements!

Paul Begala hits it on the nail...

Cartoon: What's wrong with McCain?

McClatchy reporter guy on MSNBC: "Americans want divided elections."

Last week everyone was trying to claim Palin would deliver McCain to the WH, now

A short Sunday Essay:

Does anyone else get the feeling McCain will spend more than $84 Mil?

Chuck Todd: Obama will loose 70% of the independents WHAT!!!!

McCain/Palin - Unstable/ Unable '08

Michael Collins: Palin's Dominance Dooms McCain

Roughly half of American voters

McCain Palin: Lying on the Bridge To Nowhere.

Blogger "Palin the Devil in disguise - shreiking cow from Alaska"


Today's Repuke talking point...Obama has voted with his party almost

Today's Repuke talking point...Obama has voted with his party almost

To all the bridge jumpers: Obama is not going to lose this election!

McCain’s Economist: We Need Tax Increases

How can Palin say that she's saved by the blood of Jesus Christ if she lies so much?

Lou Dobbs-Obama Waffles

Palin promoted friends and secrecy, targeted critics

It's as though the GOP are running 2 candidates and 2 different campaigns

BTW.....did Sarah Palin ever write a book, publish anything? if not, why not?

Why doesn't Harry Reid force a vote on equal pay in the Senate?

The Troll Scorpion and the Liberal Frog.

Discussion with "undecided" Repuke friend yesterday

New Obama Ad Lashes McCain Again On Lobbyist Ties - "His Administration"

Happy 10th Birthday, Move On !!! Let's Party for Obama !!

John McCain is President and it's late October of 2010....

Obama needs to get off this lobbyist bullshit because NOBODY cares

On the Chris Matthews show

The Army Times goes after McCain on flip-flop

What is really funny about narratives is that the MSM a few days ago was saying that. . .

McCain does not support the troops

Greenspan: America Can't Afford McCain's Tax Plan

The Media Shouldn't Be Following Or Covering Palin's Appearances At All If She Won't Give Access

The world really is watching

Maybe Sarah Palin didn't deliberately lie about being in Iraq...

Are you registered to vote?

I'm sorry I just want our side to be vicious.....

I'd like a New Mexico and Nebraska report/analysis.

Lehman Brothers May Need a Miracle to Survive

Someone should do a study....

This is baffling

McCain's Court: Change We Don't Need

Palin says she didn't exactly fire Commissioner Monegan -- He quit after refusing a demotion.


Wasilla billed rape victims

Minnesota Poll: McCain pulls into tie with Obama 45%-45%

MSM how about giving Biden 2-3 weeks of non stop coverage

Swift boaters quietly arrive in the morning harbor mist

GALLUP: McLame 47, Obama 45. No Change.

McCain economic adviser: quit complaining, the economy is great

Time is Running Out... Gotta be in it, to WIN it

Obama Raised More Than $66 Million In August

New Obama Ad: His Administration

Just what kind of electorate are these polls asking?

I can't stand this...I think I am leaving here, but for a good reason...

WTF ALERT: Rove says McCain ads gone too far - then compares using a keyboard to doing jumping jacks

Is it all just how you talk?

Opus -A place without fear or pain or political ads. I know it exists.

E.J. Dionne: McCain is "making Karl Rove look like a member of Common Cause"

Any word on Ed Shultzs townhall meeting in Alaska?

Poll - what are the main things you would hit 100 year McCain with?

Is Obama falling into a trap ?

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/14/08 - McCain 50, Obama 47 (both up 1)

I just donated $50 to the campaign through the DU link

Debates will be a game-changer...either way.

Drill Baby Drill = "Bridge to the 19th Century" Friedman hit it out of the park!

God dammit, I don't want a cartoon character, gossip magazine icon, creationist


~~~~Obama's Voter registration tool ~~~~~~~~~

I know some of you don't like the research 2000/kos poll but Obama pulls ahead

Palin Administration Mired in Secrecy and Revenge

9/12 Pennsylvania Presidential Poll--Obama 47.8% to McCain 43.5%

Organizers of anti-Sarah rally in Alaska receive threats

"Childhood love of cows..." List ways you are qualified to work for Sarah Palin

Another lie? Palin as Chairman Alaska Oil and Gas

ONLY objective analysis of Palin's so-called "expertise" in energy

Younger evangelicals split over Palin choice as VP

SUSA -- Minnesota: Obama 49 McCain 47.

Sarah Palin’s Free-Market Feminism

WHOA...the Pubs are Changing.....All of a sudden, McWho/Palin are on the stump

Potential Bombshell? What Did the TrooperGate Investigator Mean When He Said “Financial Incentive”?

I was at the Pike County, Pennsylvania fair yesterday and there was a beauty pageant.

Please DU this poll:

The Phila Inquirer will endorse McCain this election..

Some Interesting Links from Huffington Post

Blogs Comment On Palin VP Nomination; Palin’s Daughter’s Pregnancy;

Clarifying Chick Todd's Comments (re: Obama losing 70% undecideds)

Barack/Michelle have a cousin who's a rabbi

The Palin-Whatshisname Ticket

Did anyone see Palin Revealed on CNN last night. Alaska gets more earmarks than any other state

Ya know dam well Repugs want this to be decided by racism, abortion, & God. Thus the choice of Palin

Palin reminds me of Regan, a no information decision maker. But. . . .

McCain-In Public "The Surge Is Working"-In Private "We may be about to lose the 2nd war in my life"

Anchorage Daily News: Palin lost privilege when e-mails went to Todd

Mitt Romney on McCain - He lied! "What is the heart and soul of the Republican Party?"

McCain's people are too pushy and Obama's people can't stand up to them...

Strong Suggestion for every Democratic County headquarters!!!!

Sunday Gallup Daily Unchanged at 47%-45%,

How much would it cost for Obama to buy an hour of time in prime time

While I would much rather have Obama win both the popular vote and the electoral college in a walk

Lindsay Lohan: Sarah Palin Sucks!


McCain And Palin Proud of Iraq war. Is It a war really to be proud of?

A Reason to Vote Against McCain That Even Dumb People Understand: He's a Wimp.

McCain - Palin ticket tests whether the US is ready to enter into a new dimension of political lying

Please DU this story!!!

Rudy Guliani Is Giving A Lesson On How To Be A Surrogate

Reasearch 2000 tracking today: Obama 47 - McCain 45

77% of "Hillary supporters" supporting Obama

Des Moines Register: Iowa: Obama (52) McCain (40), We Just Need CO, and NM To Win.

Lights, Crowds. Cameras. Economy. Environment. Obama!

We MUST Attack McCain on his HONOR. He's DISHONORED himself through ALL THE LIES.

NYT: Governor Palin pursued vendettas . .she scares the bejeebers out of me"

So, Not Only Is McCain A Liar He's Also A Thief

Hannity Forum Meltdown over Palin/SNL skit

Joe Biden will campaign today in Charlotte, NC

All we need is BRAINS, HEART and the COURAGE to keep speaking the TRUTH...

I'm fascinated in getting into our opponents' minds

Obama's main problem now is momentum itself- some voters just want to support the winner

An open letter to Sarah Palin (that has nothing to do with poetry)

Actually, We Should Focus on Palin

My new comeback to those defending Palin.....

Generic congress vote: Dems lead by 4

Generic congress vote: Dems lead by 4

Generic congress vote: Dems lead by 4

If you've given $2,300 to Obama-Biden...

MSNBC said Obama broke all records @ $66,000,000.00 in August.

Sarah Palin Fails Focus Group [Video with Frank Luntz heading it]

You Can't Change A Racists Mind My Friends

Good Article - Time for Obama to Change the Game (by Clarence Page)



"Project Sarah Palin" The Neocon Plan-To Shape Future American Foreign Policy "For Another Decade"

NEW PALIN MEME: It's not that she doesn't have the experience/qualified

More of the same? No, it will likely be worse than Bush.

A great Obama donation story....

Weird. A Chris Wallace interview about Palin, and it's not a puff piece.

Anyone watching MTP? Brokaw's pushing McCain really hard

Anti-Palin rally draws hundreds in Alaska (USA Today)

MSNBC: Obama Campaign Raises $66 Million In August - Biggest Yet. And McCain is now $ s-c-r-e-w-e-d! - All Palin & McCain lies in one place

Sarah Palin's Church! "Holy Laughter Annointing! VIDEO

It's been out there since 2006 ... let's USE IT

Why is Nader polling 4% - 6% in some

From the Democratic Strategist: Today's GOP: The Real Bridge to Nowhere

POW anti-McCain ad on in CA

Key to victory: The disinterested voter

DNC Raised $17.3 million In August; total Democratic war-chest is $94.5 million

Poly Ticks: The Many Ways That Sarah Palin Bugs Me

Karl Rove in Alaska? McCain's Spin and Interference

McCain/Palin Lying About Crowd Size??

So am I to understand that people that don't think Hillary is doing a GREAT job should not speak?

The Page: Obama Smashes Fundraising Record. Raises $66 million in August, 500,000 new donors!


Making America Stupid: McCain "ready to sell every piece of his soul to win the presidency."

Alert- RW DVD propaganda being distruted in news papers across the country.

Our Democratic nominee Barack Obama gave this speech one year ago

WTF?! McSame has already picked the head of his transition team?

They're going to turn Biden loose on MCain (finally!)

Record donations month for Obama (BBC)

McCain Supporters upset over McCain Photoshop Pic

Rove predicts Obama 273, McCain 265

Bear with me a minute: Please imagine two baseball teams

A friend of a friend went on about Obama being connected to Muslims

A little disheartened by Sunday morning talk shows

Is Sarah Palin a feminist?

Thank You, Hillary Supporters

Obama table in Madison: September 12 Edition (seventeenth one in 2008)

Obama On Good Morning America: To Hit McLame On Economy

I posted something that really pissed people off...

McCain LIES or he doesn't know what he is talking about in regards to EARMARKS!

McCain "Disrespectful" ad Conjures up Images of the worse kind if Racism

It's STILL the economy.

McCain is a Womanizer: He doesn't respect women, he uses them.

Two National Tracking Polls Have Obama Ahead by 2 Points

"What I Vow To Do To Help WIN This Election!"

more misleading msnbc poll questions

more misleading msnbc poll questions

Looking Closer at the "First Dude"....

Time to grow a pair

Get the conversation back on track

As much as I don't care for Greenspan, his statement about McCain's tax plan really helps us

One person can make a difference (a true feel good story)

Let me see if I've got this right...

What do YOU get when you volunteer for the Obama - Biden campaign?

WPost: As Mayor of Wasilla, Palin Cut Own Duties, Left Trail of Bad Blood

Ask McCain and Palin hard questions, watch them fuck up the answers, parody them w/o mercy

More movement for Obama pulls ahead in Hotline poll

An October energy, enthusiasm, urgency, and voice like none other.

Video BILL MOYERS: Media Analysis = On PALIN

DUers we all need to push the McCain is a liar meme

What we need is Obama Mania

It just dawned on me, we haven't heard the reason for Ike!


Any Pokemon fans here?

NEW Palin beauty queen video.

NEW Palin beauty queen video.

Must Read on Alaska Independence Party (AIP) affiliate Const. Party platform - Sound familiar?

If We are the Ones We have been Waiting For, then I'm Terrified !

If We are the Ones We have been Waiting For, then I'm Terrified !

Is it time yet to replace Hope and Change with Anger and Retribution?

A look at The Campaign Trail for those Interested…

Hillary Clinton Live in Ohio

SEIU Ad Attacks McCain on Economy - click link to view video

Will Palin use $73 million "Nowhere" cash?

Obama raises 66 million in August! Woohoo!

Palin, The CNP and Domionism: Great Article by F. William Engdahl

Warning - May make you ill - Lies? How about blatant forgery & character assault of Obama?

What Dems Fail to Understand: It's Not About Economic Self-Interest

I think Obama needs to subtly tackle some of the latent racism out there.

Palin Aide Tells Blogger To Stop Blogging

Kay Bailey Hutchison hogging the cameras in Galveston

DU Action Needed: Election Fraud

O'Reilly praises Obama and Rove claims McCain's ads have gone too far

Drive your Repub co-workers crazy with this question: "How would Palin have done in the primary if

Please be careful with using the terms "Soccer Mom" and "Hockey Mom" to demean

Ask This Question of your Conservative Friends: Who is Palin Channeling?

Why Obama will make a great POTUS--add your reasons

McCASKILL TO STEPHANOPOULOS: McCain’s age, melanoma are “a reality…we have to face”

Buyer's remorse

Electoral College: Keep it or get rid of it?


Plyin is lying on the tube again

‘A liar lies to the people….’

I haven't heard "Yes We Can" and "Not This Time" in months

On the Road: Carson City, Nevada


Looking for a Palin lolcat photo....

The polling organizations "voter identification" question

What position would you like to see for HRC in an Obama Presidency?

"The (Trooper-gate) investigation is being run by Obama supporters."

Someone help me with's EC map.

Just heard on MSNBC - Obama raised $66 Million in August.

Dare I watch the "morning shows" this Sunday? Will I want to slit my wrists at the stupidity?

Will the first black president be someone like THIS? - video

What's a Dumb Reason Why Voters Should Pick Obama over McCain?

Should McCain's lead in national polls really bother us......

Karl Rove: McCain's Ads Have Gone Too Far (VIDEO)

White Privilege, White Entitlement and the 2008 Election

McCain taking public campaign financing while raising millions in private donations for his campaign

New RW meme re: Reports on McCain/Palin LIES.

MSNBC's 11 questions for Megan McCain

Human Rights Organization Information And How To Help

Ooh Boy! I'm watching the Biden "Revealed" and crying.....

Please critique my post......

Brand new... SARAH PALIN SONG (And video)

John McCain Supports Torture

Out fundraised McCain and tied in the polls. It doesnt add up!

It Was Republicans, Not Democrats Who Made First Calls To Move Ahead With Troopergate Investigation

It Was Republicans, Not Democrats Who Made First Calls To Move Ahead With Troopergate Investigation

Final Bush Budget Continues Same Failed Fiscal Policies

I'm on a mission. A mission to get CNN to pull that piece of crap, hit job they did on Biden

----Rove; Why his LAME suggestion regarding McCains injuries, is an EPIC Fail----

Is this the beginning of the end for McCain? And is that end being pushed by the GOP?

Sunday night football on NBC tonight (Pittsburgh-Cleveland) golden opportunity for Obama team

Obama still favored in Wis. but race is tighter

Scales. Eyes. McCain

Rove tries cheap psychology, Obama nails him and McCain in response

Who Is Dumber? Bush or Palin

I am seriously tempted to mail Sarah Palin the sum of $10.00...

What You Can Do to Put Bush and Cheney Behind Bars

Are you an elitist? 18 revealing ways to know for sure

This time Lou Dobbs has gone too far - he LOVES racist 'Obama Waffles'

Years ago, I had a patient whose name was "Velveeta"

Daily Kos/Research 2000 tracking poll: Obama 47; McCain 45 (yesterday was tied)

Palin Jew baited in her first mayoral election against opponent John Stein (not Christian)

I wish everyone could have seen the headline that I saw this morning!

Suggested Tim Kaine Ad for VA

Chapman joins 'the ENOUGH club'

The issue isn't abortion or choice; it's rape. If a woman is raped, Palin believes the woman must

Co-chair of John McCain’s presidential campaign sues Wisconsin

Funny how McCain needs Palin in his ads now

Funny how McCain needs Palin in his ads now

While things are relatively quiet here: a request for DU admins and mods.

While things are relatively quiet here: a request for DU admins and mods.

In those in need of a pep talk, here's one from the very best.

Anyone got a news source link to the fact that McCain wants to tax...

I'm making a call to all political junkies. :)

Where the F are the 527s ???? 53 days left

McLame is such a puss. Joint town halls with Phalin planned...because he's afraid to go it alone.

NYT by way of TPM: Palin Personally Sought To Ban Book From Library

Is Sarah Palin a terrorist?

Fair and Balanced

Tell "Obama Waffles" what you think of their product:

Les Misbarack

With apologies to John Lennon

Union worker update

New Jersey Research 2000 Obama 50, McCain 41. Obama +9, Kerry won by +7

God, I miss Tim Russert. Tom Brokaw is worse than having no Meet the Press at all.

I'm sorry for all those affected by Ike,

I feel lots of negative vibes here dude. Here is what is going on and coming up..

Need help on Palin Email

Schumer: 'The McCain/Palin campaign has peaked'


"My marriage ended because John McCain didn't want to be 40. He wanted to be 25."

Obama sets record for fundraising in August.

Joseph Goebbels and the republican party.

Greenspan: Country can't afford McCain's tax cuts

Tina Fey for VEEP~!!!!!!!

New National Poll: OBAMA 45, MCCAIN 43.... kiss your convention bounce goodbye!

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Charlotte, NC****

Is there ANY other city that charges rape victims money for a rape kit?

McSame and Cindy at the NASCAR race in New Hampshire

Roll Call: Ridge Files Very Late for Albania

Wall street in meltdown and they were talking about lipstick

For "Women Against Palin" please DU this poll

MSM Woke up: McCain/Palin don't look good in the morning light

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Sept 14 – Obama 269, McCain 269 (Link)

What does the McCain - Palin campaign do to the Republican Party?

Speaking of Moosilini...

Where's the Senate bill that outlawed charging rape victims for rape kits?

McPOW 's hurricane statement

REMINDER: Ed Schultz's Anchorage Alaska Town Hall show airs tomorrow.

Palin lies about Alaska's Energy Production (isn't energy supposed to be her expertise?)

Awesome toon!

Markey to Bush: Keep Our Oil At Home ~ U.S. Exporting 9 Times More than Potential Offshore Resources

Saying "abortion=anti-women" is incorrect and won't work this election.

McCain & Palin Receiving Scrutiny for Torrent of Lies

Who are the tenants in JP Morgan Chase Tower?

Q: How can you tell when Palin is lying?

Q: How can you tell when Palin is lying?

The Palin Doctrine.

Anyone know why video of last night's SNL skit is no longer available?

Is there something wrong with the forums?

Purely anecdotal evidence from Northwest Iowa

Could they stop saying nice things about the other side already!!!!

September 14 Daily Gallup Tracking: MCSame 47% Obama 45%

Spokesman On McCain Strategy of Campaign Lies

I am so encouraged!

John McCain Debates Himself on Supporting Bush

My suggested new theme for Obama: BE BOLD

Make no mistake about it, this election is a referendum of the last 8 years under bush /nt

Please sign the pledge to be a Constitution Voter

Please sign the pledge to be a Constitution Voter

Obama Camp Memo: Unraveling the myth of the Straight Talk Express

Is Swamp Rat or another Photoshop fan around? I have a real small project...

More Important than the butch bitch of the north

Someone posted this earlier.... the best slogan for the Obama campaign: "Truth...for a Change"

Someone posted this earlier.... the best slogan for the Obama campaign: "Truth...for a Change"

Is rape the national pastime in Wasilla, Alaska?

We're only $16 away from raising $60,000 for Obama-Biden!

Obama Raised More Than $66 Million In August

Sarah Palin and the Jews: In her own words

Wealthy rancher charged in deaths of 32 bison

Independent UK: The world needs Britain to step out of the US shadow

Wow the surge is such a BS success:U.S. plotting to oust Maliki, report says.

World's dumbest McCain-Palin supporter?

Is this true? Bob Barr only Candidate in Texas

For Women only: John McCain supports wage discrimination (the Ledbetter Fair Pay Act)

To my US native son: Defear Republican Pimps now or it's too late!

Cindy McCain complains about unfair media coverage. LOL!

Canvassed in pouring rain today--reporting 100% pro-Obama in my sample today!!! In Indiana!!!

Why is Sarah Palin for killing wolves and what is the push back answer?

Did McCain do Obama a big favor by quashing the Bradley Effect?

Is the McCain-Palin Campaign Violating Operational Security? (Did I miss this on DU?)

Taxes Taxes Taxes Taxes Taxes...

Bush, Cheney, McCain, Palin and the GOP: The US is run by the Unrestrained Id Party

Anti-Palin rally draws hundreds in Alaska

Obama cannot wait for mccain's 527 swift boats to come out in the 11th hour

It is time for Barack to make a two day trip to ALASKA--and make it the 50 state effort he promised.

Did my priest endorse Obama?

Fasten your Seatbelts! Cat 5 Hurricane Bush-McCain headed towards Wall Street

The Centerpiece of John McCain's Economic Plan

Amateur Web Ads re: McCain Flip Flops, and laughing with Bush about War:

Jon Carson, Obama's National Field Director, Wants Our Help Now!!

Biden prepares for more prominent role in campaign

My Daughter is driving to New Hampshire next weekend to canvass for Barack!

Palin's solution for filling gov't jobs?

So-Called Energy Expert Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know How Much Energy Her State Produces

CNN just read the Wikipedia on Joe Biden and made a special

Eeby Geeby Gooby

This is on the front page and in video forum, but it's toooo good to miss! So I'm posting it here

Letter to the WSJ: Biden's Iraq Plan May Have Helped

Sarah Palin: Neocons' Manchurian Candidate

Ths. Paine's Corner: Considered Reflections On Sarah Palin's Qualifications To Be Vice President

What's the deal with Ike? Information blackout?

Anyone see these Zoby polls all I can say is WTF!!!

LA Times: Obsessed? Addicted? It's politics

Palin: "So Sambo beat the bitch?" ,,,, Obama "Waffles",,,. not even trying to hide it anymore.

Two friends are not going to vote. I tried.

Swift Boat Liars Ready to Produce More Smears for the McCain/Palin Shit Talk Express

You gotta see this! Alaska Women Reject Palin protest - Biggest AK political rally

Poll: Obama Moves Into Double-Digit Iowa Lead, 52%-40%

Photos & Video UP!!!! Just returned from the Hillary Rally for Obama in Ohio!!!

I may be wrong - maybe they're not SOCIOPATHS, maybe they're PSYCHOPATHS

My letter to the editor...

The bumper sticker that we all need to put on our cars...

As of today; Obama has 77 million. McCain is capped at 84 million. Some perspective:

Sarah Palin T-shirts modeled by her

RIP Peter Camejo!

stupid question..anyone considering a commune?

Westbrook Pegler: Anti-semite, FDR-hater, quoted in Palin acceptance speech

The "Daisy" ad.

Am I just fucking paranoid?

Galveston's historic "Balinese Room" is no more. :(

Collage of signs from Alaska anti-Palin rally (200k)

So, Palin's just going to keep repeating her lies . . .

latest Zogby interactive electoral map

OK, I don't have a very good feeling either.

Notes from a bitch...

McCain: "Like most Americans I go see my doctor fairly frequently

I haven't looked at any polls...

Sarah Palin's Church tied to Jesus Camp Armageddon Dogma

msnbs has a special on Palin RIGHT NOW

How do you respond when someone is hedging over Obama's supposedly lack of experience?

Obama Memo on a “Lobbyist-Run White House”

What is up with North Carolina polling? (really weird numbers...)

New season of SNL coming up in one minute

If McCain-Palin Wins, thank these folks (WARNING - Content May Be Disturbing to Some Individuals)

You know what I wish people would STOP doing? Accusing anybody with a low post count...

Residents fight developer (Swiftboater sugar-daddy) to save Saugatuck dunes

Guardian (UK): How A Satirist Became America's Most Influential T.V. Personality (Guess Who)

5 Reasons Why McCain Has Pulled Ahead

David Corn: The MSM Weighs In - McCain Is The Liar In The Race

"One of us", that's what they call her

Help! I'm looking for images...

Photo evidence of Georgian peacekeepers’ sabotage training

Dear Corporate America: Wake up

Voters are stupid, get over it, respond this way- if you are canvessing or trying to get their vote.

Lou Dobbs says about racist "Obama Waffles", "My wife will love this!"

Read a book, Sarah Palin!

Are DUers watching the flooding in Louisiana

How much Alaskan oil is actually consumed in the US?

Forward this email = From: "Barack Obama"



Peter Camejo Passes Away At 67: RIP

Jesus vs JEESUS

Gov. Palin's Far Right Wing Reactionary unAmerican Views QUANTIFIED

Voter Registration website....

Please, can you spare $5.00?


OK, time to get down to the gutter. I agree with Paul Begala suggesting an

Karl Rove just said that McCain can't use a computer due to war injuries!

If all women lived in Palin's America (pic)


After watching the first Half of SNL... I'm glad Obama cancelled....

Lehamn bank fights for survival

I'm impressed, they ARE doing something, about voter registration

Dept of WTF: Rove says McCain attack ads go 'too far'

Just something I want to clarify, before I slam my head into anymore walls out of frustration.

Florida Republican Mailer (absentee ballot request)

The difference between the M$M and the Repubs? The M$M are _honest_ crooks..

Some excellent news at the state level in MO

McCain campaign over latest lies: ""We’re running a campaign to win"

BREAKING NEWS (11 PM) -- CNN reporting two oil platforms are loose in the Gulf

Reeves: The year of campaign lying

Lies, lies and more lies seem to be the standard republican playbook this year.

Whatever happened to the ship and crew of 22 adrift in Ike?**nm

Arizona Republic: Loud Lady In Pink Wants Us To Red

A Hilarious Reminder of How Screwed Up Our Country Has Become in the Last 7 Years

Krugman: Dishonest campaign, dishonest administration

There is No Democracy!

Three hard hitting op-ed pieces in the NY Times.....(Palin-centric)

Yes, I'm going to believe Peggy Noonan and an unnamed "Senior Democratic Strategist"...

Last night I went to the picture show and saw Traitor...

"End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation" touts 'End Times' Sarah Palin

On the 'hockey mom' thing

McCain-Palin: Dangerous and Extreme

I got a feeling we are going to have a good week coming up!

Galveston, Texas has been devastated by Hurricane IKE. What can we at DU do to help?

Someone asked me today "Would Dems Accept Rove if He Offered His Services?"

Palin's plane during corps "howled" but front of plane silent.

Both families safe, property not so much

Both families safe, property not so much

Bullet analysis (Texas A&M) casts doubt on lone gunman in JFK assassination

So seven of the top sixteen books on the NYT Non Fiction Best Seller List

So seven of the top sixteen books on the NYT Non Fiction Best Seller List

The Campaign Ad I want to see:

So... I'm Lookin At This...

3 Presidential debates and 1 Vice Presidental debate

My Sarah palin Baby Name is

judge tells woman to stop having kids. No it's not Sarah Palin

Shangra La, Orange Texas

Is the Palin hairstyle a modified version of those Texas women in the polygamy camp?

My LTTE was published today

How would you like the police coming to your neighborhood to look for bad guys like this?

This is THE issue of this campaign: and Republicans are stealing it!

Funny... "Red State Update: Palin and the Media"

Voter Insanity...So this blew my mind the other day....

Why it was a bad 3 days for the McCain campaign

Bumper sticker idea from radfringe's video

WAPO: As Mayor of Wasilla, Palin Cut Own Duties, Left Trail of Bad Blood

Wall St. Goliath Teeters Amid Fear of Wider Crisis

"biggest political rally ever, in the history of the state" Alaskans rally to REJECT Sarah!!


A good fight on WJ

It's STILL the economy.

This could be amusing: Mona Charen and Jane Hamsher face off on Washington Journal

Is this criticism of Obama correct?

Department of Defense ups weapons sales to foreign governments

On the ground in Florida

Palin rape kit controversy, where it stands.

So McCain can't use the computer because of his war injuries?

Idiocracy or The Handmaid's Tale?

Sound off...1,2,3,4...1,2..3,4

The Country's Going to Hell in a Handbasket, and all These People Can Talk About Is Lipstick & Pigs?

Want to Capture Carbon? Protect Old Trees

Early on in the week I was looking forward to seeing Obama on Saturday Night Live

JOHN LENNON fantasised about having sex with his mother Julia

MarketWatch: Too Late for Lehman?

Tom Englehardt of TomDispatch up on C-Span 2, 10-11:15am EST

Ike not over yet

Is it just me or are we all of a sudden fighting fire with fire?

hack book on Palin being hyped at Amazon

Regarding Osama

NY Times: Once Elected, Palin Hired Friends and Lashed Foes

Will the gas price gouging help or hurt Mc Same?

108 Ike aftermath photos at Houston Chronicle

John Dean: Palin Falls Short of VP Standards

Report from the Street Fair today...

No Blacks in Palin's Past

Have any of the cons said this about Hurricane Ike?

What You Can Do to Defend Election '08

Isnt price gouging during a disaster a pretty serious crime?

Alaska Women Reject Palin Rally **BIGGER** than the goodby rally for her PICS in link

National Enquirer: The Paper of Record

Executive Pay and the 'Market Economy'

I identify with Barack Obama

Can Offshore Drilling Really Make the U.S. Oil Independent?

Will Republicans call for the abandonment of Galveston?

With Liberty And Justice For SOME? Cynic's View Re Palin & Rape Test Kits

The Iraq Occupation is not accounted for in the "official" US budget, and neither will the.....

"Domestic Oil"

The Mortgage Crisis, Phase II.....

The Mortgage Crisis, Phase II.....

Leave Sarah Palin Alone

Completely ignor Palin attack McCain and the Lies

After 9/11 Bush told Americans to go shopping. And they did

Why Many of You Are Nervous, and Why You Shouldn't Be

Why are they not blaming Gramm/McCain for the deregulation leading to foreclosures.

What happened to all the Illegal aliens?

Obama holds lead in N.J.

Sean Penn is a Great Actor

Dad chases nude boy from daughter's room with pipe

Troll repellant, anyone?

Man suspected of sausage and spice attack set free

Democrats say Republicans are hiding visit by Bush

Newsday online poll: 65% say Palin did terrible in the interviews

Please DU this poll about the credibility of the candidates

IMHO, Obama needs to

Naked Dog Walker Shocked With Taser -"Allah told me to watch a Bruce Willis movie and walk the dog,"

should poor people be allowed to be pets?

Debbie Weiserman Shultz (sp) obliterating Kay Baily Hutchinson

Voting for Dummies

I guess I'm being ultra-dense, but I don't see the "racist stereotype" in the Waffles.

Meet the man behind the WAFFLES: W. Mark Whitlock

Should the US devalue its currency?

NY Times: Palin has secretive, loyalty based governing style

The MSM and their enabling of the the McCain/Palin TICKET TO NOWHERE

100 word LTTE Sara Palin

A gentle reminder of what we're dealing with

McCain Campaign's new slogan....

Live Feed: Andover law school Bush War Crimes Conference


Do you know the difference between Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin?

America's Unknown Silent Egalitarian Majority

NY Times: Wall St. Goliath Teeters Amid Fear of Wider Crisis

Bush on Hurricane Ike: "It's a "tough" storm." And he is right on the gas gouging problem.

Nailin Sarah Palin - a youtube Great

Cheney:'no financial interest'(except for $20 Million Retirement Package!) Bush History, 9/13

States Restore Voting Rights for Ex-Convicts

Palin Administration Still Pursuing ‘Nowhere’ Project

The Obama pancake box?

"With White House Push, U.S. Arms Sales Rise Sharply" (NYT). Bush's big fat legacy.

Leaked: McCain's Voicemail to the New York Times (Listen)

Iowa Poll: Obama opens double-digit lead - 12 points ahead!

The Cheney Vice Presidency, Conflict on spying led WH to the brink

GRAMM, GRAMM, GRAMM, GRAMM and his connection to McCain

US Chamber of Commerce sites down

Poll: Palin's standing continues to fall like a rock

THOM HARTMANN - We want to hear "Bridge to Nowhere" on your show tomorrow!

'Arming' for Armageddon; Militant Joel's Army Followers Seek Theocracy (SPLC Report)

Dick Cheney's House and 50 Other Things You Aren't Allowed to See on Google Maps

SWEET LIES - my new video

here's a good soundbite for the dems:

Remember when McCain kept repeating that it's been "over 900 days since Obama went to Iraq"?

How many of us would be devastated under McCain's healthcare plan?

Use these clips and let's see you make some creative video's!!

500,000 new donors in August for Obama

The truth is: Obama/Biden vs corporate media...the same media that cheerlead us into war & Bush

How many D.U.ers are fired up and ready to canvas

Ski Anderson?:

Put the pain back in McCain's bid for the White House!!

Local Houston Weather report before the storm --Beary dangerous! LMAO

As Governor and Mayor, Palin Hired Friends and Hit Critics

Almost every guest on Sun. AM was a woman! Interesting.....

David Swanson: What You Can Do To Put Bush Behind Bars (Comments at Bush War Crimes Conference)

Why are certain people making this a racial fight and getting away with it in GDP?

Palin never in Iraq and her Ireland "trip" was a refueling stop, campaign now says

SNL Palin - Clinton

What are you doing on September 21st?

Yep, the recent polls scare me, however...

So who is the Presidential candidate for their side again?

Another fucking lie! Does anybody give a shit?

"I can see Russia from my house!"

Alaska vs Illinois earmarks

Greenspan: This Is The Worst Economy I've Ever Seen

Greenspan: This Is The Worst Economy I've Ever Seen

This from the A-hole who urged people to go out and get these predatory loans...

"Palin Claims Right to See All State Files" by Jason Leopold (Consortium News 9-14-2008)

‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally in AK

Which counties in Colorado will go to Obama?

A brave man, a wonderful father, a real patriot...and he's HERE on DU!

This site should be banned!!!!

GOP looking to limit Democratic gains in House

The American Inquisition: preemptive war, torture and nuclear weapons

Geez..salaries of oil execs in Houston


Stop falling for the Hollywood lipstick. It is the ECONOMY stupid

In what respect, Charlie? (with thanks to Kristi1696, who came up with the caption)

Belgian media group use Obama photo in their job ads

Barclays Ends Talks to Buy Lehman; BofA Still Involved

Seabrook Texas is between Clear Lake and Galveston. There are

Glenn Greenwald: Where is the debate over the Bush Doctrine?

Pics post-Ike (pic heavy) of Galveston

Sarah Palin, 1996: "I want to be president."

Women in McCain's office get paid more than women in Obama's office

Obama needs to make some scary ads

Relentless Terrorism Prosecutor Faces Accusations of His Own

Sarah Palin ain't no woman!!!

Bored? ~ Need a good laugh? ~ Then read this! ~~ Enjoy!!

The Coalition of the Willing appears to be going out of business

Live press conference from Galveston

"The surge is winning! The surge is winning!"

Support for Obama in Iowa has Jumped into the Double Digits

Frank Rich on What Obama Needs To Do Before It's Too Late

Could somebody make a poster re McCain's noncomputer use?

Best. TV. NEWS! THEME!!!! >>>>>> EVER!! <<<<<<

GRAPH: McCain increasingly agrees with failing Bush


Obama Breaks Fundraising Records - $66M in August!

'05-Aerial photo of Galveston.. anything left beyond the seawall (west Galveston?)


Good News: DailyKos has Obama 47% Liar 45% Sunday Sept 14

Obama Raised $66,000,000 in August. (!!!!)

Even Rove Admits McCain's a Liar

Maybe if American Homes are built with concrete instead of flimsy plywood

PZ Myers: "I know who Tina Fey will be voting for"


This date in history.......U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee's lonely and courageous stand:

if you really wanted to be President like Mccain, would you lie,

message deleted

"John McCain Lies His Way to the White House" - How is lying being 'honorable'?

Banks, Brokerages Prepare for Possible Lehman Bankruptcy, Start Net Trades

The New Obama Ad - McCain and his friends, The Lobbyists -

SNL: From the front of the plane-"SILENCE"-Meanwhile, There Were Howls Of Laughter From Press Corps

Bush and Shitoff can go eff themselves!! Lecturing people!

Why does DU refuse to talk about anything except what the M$M tells us to talk about?

Why do you think Bill Gates donated to Ted Stevens' senate campaign in July?

Another potential suitor (Barclay's) decides Lehman is too ugly to wed.....

Obama’s Campaign for change to hold “Faith, Family and Values” tour in Va.

Uh-Oh, Hutchison & Cornyn will be in charge of $ that is suppose

Houston's mayor did not seem very enthralled with the PRIVATE company

Officials Say 2 Drilling Rigs Adrift off La. Coast

Despite Ike and shortages, oil below $100 in special early

I don't think that ridculing Palin's bizarre religious practices is a winner

GM Hybrid Volt Styling Changes: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

The United States Naval Academy has an "Honor Concept". The first two lines read as follows:

The ravenous packs of animal hybrid beasts Bush warned us about

McCaveIn - GOP Bait and Switch

What the bookies say on State races -- (- means that party is favored)

"The Bush Years" poster **warning, graphic**

Remember how the GOP called out 2 Navy Seals at their convention?

Any word yet on where Swamp Rat is?


Chemtrails. I've never been satisfied with any of the theories

BREAKING: Three bodies pulled from Hurricane Ike wreckage in Galveston

You can still watch the Palin Clinton Video from SNL

'You would be hard-pressed to explain to me what John McCain's economic vision is'

Dupe delete - rainbow beat me to it (FEMA screwing up again)

Bush: U.S. to Sell F-16s to Pakistan - March 26, 2005

I hope crazy Ron Paul (Loon-TX) doesn't vote for aid to his own district....

ABC Houston reporting "a number of oil platforms and pipelines destroyed by Ike"

Would a Palin presidency turn the GOP into a theocratic party?

Who would you pick for Senate Majority Leader when Obama is President?

OMG...Rick Perry in press conf: "We ask that we be treated as well as Louisiana was

Heels for Babies: Not Funny.

I missed SNL does anyone have a utube link to Tina Fey as Palin?

Oil slides below $99 - Markets why are prices.....????

Implications of a Ten Day Refinery Outage

They died too soon: Molly and Ann. Just imagine those two on McCain/Palin!

How smart is your state?

Gov. Goodhair said, " the Fed Gov should treat Galveston at

Opus: Opus gets waterboarded....

What do women really want?

If you recieve a donation request letter from the mclame campaign

Merrill In Merger Talks With Bank of America as Lehman may fall into bankruptcy

POW Against McCain Hit Ad just ran in NC

McCain/Palin ticket is testing whether US is ready to enter into a new dimension of political lying

Greenspan seeking absolution before the crash? Sorry Alan, you've got culpability in this mess.

I married my wife today

Reuters: "Ike Blows Candidate"..

Breaking News: Bank of America and Merrill Lynch in merger talks.

Saw the preview for "W" directed by Oliver Stone today

If all women lived in Sarah Palin's America.

Deposit insurance system may face WaMu test

Lehman to File for Bankruptcy Protection Later Today!

Did I just hear what I thought I heard on SNL?

Is every republican in America a clone of Dave Vitter?

U.S. pushing through dozens of foreign weapons deals

Repub Culberson ripping Chertoff a new one..first responders not getting fed

Never judge a book by its cover..... The Stanford University story

MSNBC showing long line at Texas Costco for Gas

FYI: McCain quote about how safe it is to drill in the GULF

Here's a link to locate news sources all over the US..

An hour of Palin. An hour of Obama. Ending with an hour of McCain.

Wasilla Disected: The skinny (and the fat) from someone who knows

Where's the chimperor?

Has there been a year in which so many BIG financial businesses have failed or nearly failed?

CNBC will air a live special on the Lehman meltdown at 8pm ET.

My sister in law is on her way to Texas

If McPalin wins, will Eric Rudolph be pardoned .... or worse?

now i cant find mention of those 15 church ppl trapped on the roof, in media..

Question for DU'ers ... 50 years old and over only....

Sunday afternoon musings - I'm scaring the shit out of myself.

Here's an Independent UK blog post on Sarah Palin linking Iraq to 9/11...Check out the comments :)

Pakistan order to kill US invaders

Pakistan order to kill US invaders

Pakistan order to kill US invaders

Something to keep in mind about restoring power in Houston

Wall Street Journal: Lehman's Fate Darkens as Barclay's Walks Away

Bin Laden By Election Day?

The Guardian (UK): Iraq- al Qaida Intensifies Its Stranglehold In The World's Mst Dangerous City

Robert Stone: "If McCain wins..."

John McCain's Shocking Admission on his lack of love for his country

Caption Sarah

Seven years ago today, U.S. Rep. Barbara Lee said "NO" to Afghanistan

Is it any coincidence...

You have got to see this - Barack Obama - Never In a Beauty Pagent! Can He Lead?

Landover Baptist says it best - why not to vote for McCain

How to make a Depression Cake

U.S. Stock Futures Tumble on Speculation Lehman Brothers Faces Bankruptcy

separated at birth

Another Gramm-Quacker: McSame economic advisor Donald Luskin (BuzzFlash)

right now! Live video link to Bush War Crimes Conference' (Sunday)

Kind of clever Obama campaign stuff...

Do dogs go to heaven?? LOL

Could AIG, Lehman and WaMu all go poof this week?

Please read, & then go hug your children tight -- "The Palin-Whatshisname Ticket" by Frank Rich

Obama/Biden bumper sticker graphics/templates?

Dog Food Recall. Pedigree brand.

McSame Shot From The Hip & Picked A WACKO. Now, It's All About Damage Control

Absolutely Fucking Pathetic

NY Times: A Frantic Weekend That Wall Street Won’t Forget

Banks, Brokerages Prepare for Possible Lehman Bankruptcy Before Midnight

A good slideshow of the devastation resulting from Ike

Support for Sarah Palin Says More About the American Voter Than it Says About her

Republican Tricks Aim to Limit Voting by Students, Poor, People of Color

Did that freighter, with a dead engine, survive Ike?

Chertoff news conference..asking for OVERSEAS help in getting electricity back

McCain Running "Obama The Same Ol' Stuff" Ad On NBC

Dog calls 911, saves owner's life (He was trained to do it)

29th wedding anniversary today--we donated money to Barack in lieu of gifts and dinner

Lehman Brothers dead, Merrill Lynch next

Wonder is bushitler's lorrie is still shopping for a house in Houston?

Palin Had DIRECT ROLE in Charging Rape Victims for Evidence-Collecting Exams

Hot Damn, I'm Fired Up! What I Saw Today Was Amazing....

Palin's 'Heretical' Church: Censored Video the McCain Campaign Doesn't Want you to See:

And Americans wonder why the rest of the world is laughing at us

Obama Should Announce Hillary Clinton As Sec Of State NOW!!!

This issue has legs and kudos to Debbie Wasserman Schultz for slaming McBush with it this a.m.!

Doonesbury War crimes

A bit of a morale boost

‘If McCain is elected, you are screwed,’ Steelworkers say in new national alert

McInsane's Foreign Policy: "Downright Scary"

McCain's Too Old and in the Way

What would you like to hear Obama and Biden say when asked about abortion at the debates?

Question in regard to US crude oil. Does anyone know how much of Alaskan oil is exported to other

WaPo: Dragnet wiretapping conflict in the White House

Joe Klein: Sarah Palin's Myth of America

Joe Klein: Sarah Palin's Myth of America

This is what happens when you start using public airwaves to call people "maggots" and "cockroaches"

If you are concerned about the polls, look here (dial up warning)

Shouldn't these hurricanes smash to hell the whole offshore drilling argument?

Palin cut own duties as mayor of Wasilla

horrid black sky over Pittsburgh

Iraq: Violence is down – but not because of America's 'surge'

PEOPLE----YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!! KICK it to the SKY!!-------

McCain HIMSELF said he's learning how to get online. The "disability excuse" is, therefore, a LIE:

Why are we showing so much deference to the GOP lying?

It looks like the Obama camp is starting to hit back, but he must go even more on the offensive

Dumb & Dumber

Tina Fey and Amy Peohler on SNL!!!!!

I am heartened. Get out there tomorrow and be part of it.

I am heartened. Get out there tomorrow and be part of it.

I am heartened. Get out there tomorrow and be part of it.

Been watching Ike coverage on Direct TV (361) and something is very fishy

Veterans organizations don't care....

Some thoughts on my birthday

Doonesbury: "If I deliver Cheney to the Hague..."

Does it bother people that todd palin sat in meetings with the governor of Alaska?

The coverage from Texas is obviously being stage managed.

Pravda Columnist on Palin - "Do you know what a nuclear holocaust is?"

Roe v. Wade may be in danger no matter who becomes President. We must focus on South Dakota.

My local weekend news anchor just said something that outraged me...

"Democrats are worried," and other tales of false equivalency in the media

Woodward: Stability in Iraq Is Due to New Top Secret U.S. Weapon

CQ Politics...Some Clinton supporters plan to get rid of Reid, Dean...and mad at Pelosi.

caption time

John McCain's health records must be released

These Are The Domestic Terrorists. White Supremacists. FBI Report.

How the Obama camp should handle the Obama Waffles thing...


a challenge to you all as i battle sobriety and a failed relationship

Do you all know that those Coach bags are made in China?

Sarah Palin: This will be on the test

Ike destruction: picts getting out(media blackout?) awful all along coast, communities are gone

David Gregory doesn't think that Journalists should expose lies!!

Whoa! Ad that just played in New Mexico....

Air 11 from Houston on the way to Galveston LIVE right now...

Best lie of either side on this campaign?

Florida "values" ...the disabled "have become homeless or bankrupt while waiting for rulings"

Novelist David Foster Wallace found dead


Brokaw clearly agrees with Dick Gregory when he said that

Alive and well in Houston, and the power just came back on!

Well, it looks like it comes down to CO or OH.

The Great Schlep - more brilliant change from the bottom up - can Florida resist a schlep invasion?

I'm in it for the final battle...... who is with me?

I'm in it for the final battle...... who is with me?

"More info comes out on Palin and dominionism, Armageddon, and book bans"

Hurricane Ike: The Untold Story

"Fooling these earth voters is easier than expected..."


Folks, Keep A Close Eye on The Lehman Bros. Negotiations -- May Impact the Elections

I am hearing that Obama and Biden voted FOR the Bridge to Nowhere...

I can't believe how dumb some people are

Multiple felony charges for my friends who protested at the RNC. Just released today.

The Twit may be losing her job on The View? Please oh please oh please

smug and self-righteous untethered from principle unhooked from reality

"Pentecostals re-examining" controversial revival? Let them re-examine their own Palin worship.

Listen and listen well - things are much worse in Texas than

-----PEOPLE----YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!! KICK it to the SKY!!-------

I'm in Michigan and we're suffering through the remnants of a hurricane

Just start lying: Palin is pro choice; palin is an atheist--never goes to church

Question for Moms here:

Ok, question to the older DUers. When was the last time Saturday Night Live was funny...

McCain camp charged with ELECTION FRAUD in Wisconsin - Absentee Ballots

The fun in Texas is just beginning

Chertoff wiggling incompetently before an angry Houston press! Anybody else see it?

Congressman Lampson: Someone's Head Will Roll at FEMA

For all your Friends...the *List w/ Links of McCain Flip-Flops and Lies*:

Salt Lake Tribune: John McCain Makes This Teacher Cry

Salt Lake Tribune: John McCain Makes This Teacher Cry

ABC: Cannabis plant extracts can effectively fight drug-resistant bacteria.

What does the bible do with the Iraq War?

Jeb's legacy: Florida Supreme Court deals blow to Bush puppets

A collection of DU voting threads.

Y'all wanna know where Palin got the name 'Trig' from? I know where.

ALERT: Report: Pentagon decides to supply Israel with new bunker buster bombs

IKE's leftovers hit Northern Ontario - rain, rain, & rain.

Lindsay Lohan: "I Really Cannot Bite My Tongue Anymore" About Sarah Palin

Here's a story from Galveston for everyone blaming those who stayed:

U.S. Mint to unveil new Lincoln penny

DKOS poster: PUMA no more - I'm coming home

DKOS poster: PUMA no more - I'm coming home

Taking down online store (for fun and profit*)

Was cologne first made in Cologne?

Anyone watching the "telethon" by PBS of '60's music?

Champagne is made in Champagne region of France.

Go back to school, leave home, or continue working?? What to do with my life...

Lounge Science Experiment: Complete.

In Parche's Memory..

Was scotch first made in Scotchland?

Saturday Night Earworm!

Why have I only just discovered Google Calendar?

Go Buckeyes!

Is Sting a Policeman?

In memory of our dearly tombstoned friend...

I went to "Obamarama" today! The rain kept attendance down,

Were roastnears first grown in Roastnearsissippi?

A couple of gems from one of the darkest hell-holes on the internet.

The humor impaired GD-P ignored this thread so I'm reposting here

Wow. Are the Twins this good or the O's this bad?

Fess up... who else "blots" the top of their pizza?

So I am going to order my Obama shirts today

List a couple of things you like about Prussia.

Was masturbation first started in Bangkok?

Underwater photography makes me feel like a prune.

I am weird. I track the NFL stats on the web

Dracula paid Renfield in flies & spiders. Frugal boss or cheap-assed fanged bastard?

Was beer first made in Beersylvania?

"Don't taze me, bro!"

Hey, the Twins had a Dairy Queen Inning!

Is there a todd online now?

Just a reminder: No wobbily junction threads.

"Bare" appreciation thread

Online pornography makes me feel like a prude.

Welp, Halloween is a month and a half away but I got my costume.

If You are a fan of the band Rush

I just ate 100 pistachios.

"Gwar"appreciation thread.

Bi_Baby as a baby...A retrospective: (Pic thread! Dialup Warning!)

Boor appreciation thread!

I wonder

Anyone planning on watching SNL?

Into Temptation - Crowded House.

XPost from the Computer help forum... Weird Firefox 3 Theme problem

Right now, the Musical Highlight of my week is on the radio.

Have you ever wadded up a piece of pizza and dunked it in a small jar of horseradish?

"Ask her what she thinks about dinosaurs!"

Have you ever wrapped a piece of pizza in bacon, smeared it in lard,

Have you ever baked your own head, and called it a pizza?

Have you ever melted a dozen suppositories on a pizza?

Face book funny passage

Cross-post from LBN: R.I.P. David Foster Wallace

Funeral- Band of Horses

Look at my craigslist ad

Elrond Hubbard and philboy...

Have you ever mistaken pizza for your anti-fungal powder?

Have you ever had a Pizza delivered from a mod ?

I am listening to 5/2/70 Grateful Dead at Harpur College.

Gin Blossums found out about you


I've turned on "porn mode" on my browser. What sites should I visit?

Have you ever breast-fed a pizza?

High Speed Interned!

A man needs a maid.

The Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Have you ever smashed a pizza into your navel and then swallowed what would not fit?

Have you ever used pizza as a suppository?

"Bear" appreciation thread

Talk talk

Very mellow weed is not as fun as the kind that makes you a little paranoid

The Old Prince Still Lives at Home

The Big Wazowski

Can someone explain Lil Wayne to me?

Something Awful Photoshop Phriday - Election 2008 'Tasty Surprises'

List a couple of things you like about Rush Hour.

Should people eat deer in their yards?

I'm sick, and waiting for the advil to kick in.

it's funny because it's true

Hello! Pizza delivery for I.C. Wiener...

If you don't know much about computers, follow my instructions...

Dude, you can get past a dog, but nobody fucks with a lion!

Just came across these quotes by George Bernard Shaw in his Wikipedia article:

Have you ever used pizza dough en lieu of a Today Sponge?

Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb

Orders please. My mom and I are making a run to Taco Bell soon. After I take a quick bath.

Looks don't count for anything when it comes to the presidency.

Cross post over in GD:P

It's late Sunday morning, and there is never anyone here at this time.

Get in the pit and try to love someone

Pocahontas - Neil Young


Good Morning, Lounge


Idiot driver of the month!

In what Respect (Youtube video)

In what Respect (Youtube video)

"Michael Clayton" worth watching?

Sarah Palin Action Figure

Two feral cats fight almost nightly in our yard. It sounds like two babies having a chainsaw brawl.

So I took my dog to an outdoor cafe for lunch and he chewed through his leash...

Keith Richards has a Bedroom at Chuck E Cheese

The Bodeans - Fadeawy

Is there a clod online now?

I need to get my arse in gear and get showered!

Have you ever shaped pizza into a cylinder, put hydrochloric acid on it, and...

Post a couple of things you like about Rush.

Italian Buffalo Wings

I just watched a very AWESOME video ~ on a very obscure site.....

Overlooked: Skating Benefit Shows (Chicago)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 9/14/2008)

I'm an unresponsive jerk. Ask me anything.

BE AWARE: There's a new movie coming out called An American Carol.

Do you find that the very ones you pity also have an amazing

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday September 14

a little ass ..........perhaps?

Why do the Chiefs have to suck so bad?

I wasn't here yesterday (much) but did y'all see that hit Charlie Weiss took yesterday?

Made in Canada - Porn with a Northern Twist

Made in Canada - Porn with a Northern Twist

What became of DUer C_eh_N_eh_D_eh?

What kind of weed does Andy Samberg smoke?

Holy crap Tina Fey looks like Sarah Palin!!


When your ex-girlfriend asks if you want to go to Cancun with her

Were Bananas first grown in a Banana Republic?

Sarah Palin Is Qualified

ba hum bug

Man suspected of sausage and spice attack set free

Have you ever smeared sour cream on top of a pizza?

Why are commercials so loud?

Charlotte, York?

So our local media wants to interview me about Countrywide and stolen personal info...

Has Shell Beau popped yet?

I just saw a butterfly lay an egg!

This Month's Mother Jones cover.

Hail to the Redskins! Skins 29-Saints24

Is it ok to talk to strangers on Facebook?

I'm off to watch the Coco Chanel movie. Anyone see it yet? Is it good?

Morrissey kitty has been meowing nonstop for an hour

Post a music video by an artist that surprisingly you liked.

Tina Fey as Palin, Amy Pohler as Hillary Clip from SNL Last Night:

Tina Fey as Palin, Amy Pohler as Hillary Clip from SNL Last Night:

me and liam, the best nephew in the world!

My Fantasy Footbal site is not working!!!!!!!!

Chicago Bears - Carolina Panthers Thread

a little lounge pick me up

I found a nice cheap red wine...

You know gas prices are high when...

DId anybody watch Coco on the Lifetime Channel?

I am so excited. I think our ship might be coming in....

I may be getting into an awesome sitcom lifestyle!

Post a pic of your favourite subway station....

The next person who lies to me to "protect my feelings" is gonna get an ass kicking!!

Posting from my iTouch

Brits behind bars

Hawks-49ers heading into OT


How about a country western song to make you feel good..


Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me is the FUNNIEST show on NPR

NC DUer, back from the coast, checking out

Holy shit! I was almost hit by a tree!

When you format your hard drive and neglect to reinstall your LAN and Wireless drivers...

glenn, the leather enthusiast

Anybody else having crazy wind tonight?

My husband is still sleeping, it's almost 11 a.m., and I'm so tempted to...

Dog calls 911 for sick owner.

We found our cockroach center. Ask me anything

Question: Card game in the movie, Stand By Me?

SD/Denver game - Refs trying to hand it to Denver

last evening my daughter and i . . .

So which gay-themed movie will be better?

Is there a god online now?

Actors you can't picture in another role?

THE BIG LEWBOSKI is now playing on one of the movie channels!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast of Champions

Author David Foster Wallace commits suicide. RIP

Weigh in on this, loungers.

Adrian Peterson--11 rushes, 106 yards, and not even half time.

Once in awhile the Force smiles on you.

I have been a Vikings fan since 1987.

"Beer" appreciation thread

The gray area in life.

I just gave my son $30K

question on laptop wireless: How do I get service most places besides borrowing someone else's

Football fans: do you wear your team colors when watching games on TV?

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

**PLEASE HELP ME** I need help.

What would you rather do if these are your choices?

Libby the seeing-eye cat

I just talked for an hour about quantum physics and religion to a drunk civil engineering student.

Okay . . . for reasons of which I cannot go into . . .

USC Trojans are pretty much LA's NFL franchise!

Ok, Explain your avatar - 2008 edition! (With 2006 and 2007 explain your avatar links!)

Ok, Explain your avatar - 2008 edition! (With 2006 and 2007 explain your avatar links!)

Pipe-wielding dad chases nude boy from daughter's room

OMG, PostSecret this weekend is freaking GREAT.

Charlotte, NC?

List a couple of things you like about Rush Limbaugh.

What is the most surprising thing about me?

Wow the world's most uptight 21-year-old is looking for a roomate

And Detroit Lions fans here?

A few more wedding pics

Poll: What is your DU post count?


Lehman rescue talks adjourned

Forum sells 'Obama Waffles' with racial stereotype

McCain-Palin Crowd-Size Estimates Not Backed by Officials

Peter Camejo Passes Away

Hurricane Ike destroys some homes, leaves others unscathed

Federal Agencies to Consider Complaints Over GOP Ads

Inflation bites into Ramadan celebrations across Asia

Writer David Foster Wallace found dead

Suicide bomber hits U.N. Afghan convoy

Palin Claims Right to See All State Files

U.S. Mint to unveil new Lincoln penny

Palin promoted friends and secrecy, targeted critics

US diplomat tours Cambodia's famed Angkor temples

Group With Swift Boat Alumni Readies Ads Attacking Obama

2 more die in Hindu-Christian violence in India

Three from T.V. Show Found Slain in Iraq

Possible toxic exposure worries Hoosier soldiers

Farmer stands out amid Bush protesters

Intelligence officer claims CIA was complicit in torture in Uzbekistan

5 policemen killed in twin bomb attack in NE Baghdad

Afghanistan blames vendetta for civilian deaths

Active Role for Palin’s Husband in Alaska Government

Somchai the favourite to be next PM

Hurricane Ike: The Untold Story

Terror trial blown away - and it's all George Bush's fault

Serial blasts rock Delhi; 30 dead, 90 injured

It's race against time to save Ike stalwarts

Saakashvili "planned S. Ossetia invasion" -ex-minister

Houston issues weeklong curfew after Hurricane Ike

Feds, Wall Street race to try to save Lehman (banks want taxpayer bailout)

Fey is Palin as 'SNL' Starts Season ("More Palin Than Palin")

24 bodies found near Mexico City

Political agendas are put on hold

BIAW might have broken campaign law (against Gregoire)

Alitalia crisis meetings restart

Canada has become a more conservative nation, Harper says

Palin never in Iraq, campaign now says

Oil Falls to Six-Month Low as Refineries Escape Major Damage

Roadside bombs strike Iraq police convoy, kill 5

Group With Swift Boat Alumni Readies Ads Attacking Obama

Breaking News: Bank of America and Merrill Lynch in merger talks.

Bank of America Is Said to Abandon Talks to Buy Lehman, Following Barclays

Delivering Propaganda: Local newspapers in swing states paid to distribute film to spread fear

Lehman sale talks falter, bankruptcy fears grow

Russian president says US 'spoiled relations' so it's up to new US president to improve ties

Barclays Withdraws From Lehman Talks Over Credit Guarantees

Lehman to File for Bankruptcy Protection

(McCain's Economic Advisor's Bank) UBS to write down extra $5 billion in H2: report

CNBC to air special on Lehman at 8:00pm

Clinton Campaigns for Obama

Azerbaijan leader to visit Russia for talks

Oops a Dupe

Obama camp says it raised $66 million in August

Rove: McCain went 'too far' in ads

The preachers’ revolt: Dobson-affiliated church group encourages breaking the law, endorsing candid

AIG to sell assets including aircraft leasing: report

Union attacks McCain with TV ad on economy

Obama Camp Jumps on Greenspan Interview to Attack McCain

Florida subpoenas 4 gas sellers in price probe ($5.39 gal)

Republicans accuse Obama of 'ageism'

Preparations made for Lehman Brothers to get insolvency protection

Ike New Conference: Houston Command Center Out of Food and Water

Hillary Clinton tells Ohio supporters: 'No Palin

D.C. Legislation Would Remove More Gun Limits

Minnesota Poll: Obama, McCain are dead even in state

Far from Ike's path, an aftershock is felt: $5 gas

Poll shows Obama opening comfortable lead over McCain in Iowa

U.S. Stock Futures Tumble on Lehman Bankruptcy Speculation

Soldiers hunt rebel governor (Bolivia)

Obama aide: McCain campaign 'sleaziest' in modern history

US faces the F-16s it supplied Pakistan

Oil slides below $99 - Markets relieved

Fears over privacy as police expand surveillance project (UK)

Passenger plane crashes in Russia : 82 feared dead

Ike Shutters 20% of U.S. Refining Capacity; Reserves Released

Rove: McCain attacks have gone “one step too far”

Man kills 1, hurts 6 with sickle at Japan shrine

U.S. Arms Sales Climbing Rapidly

Venezuelan military holds anti-invasion exercises

(Hillary) Clinton fulfilling new role with gusto

Green Party activist Peter Camejo dies at 67

Saudi cleric wants death for TV "sorcerers"

Lehman may face failure, Merrill may be bought (Sunday "emergency trading session" for insiders)

Obama Remarks on Hurricane Ike, in Manchester, NH

John McCain: No End in Sight

McCain '08

Isn't it Ironic

McCain Bush

Nicaragua's Ortega says he won't meet with Bush in solidarity with Bolivia


Coast Guard Hurricane Ike southeastern Texas Overflight

Did you hear about McCain's houses?

John McCains Lies Exposed

Outrageous Olbermann Coverage of Sarah Palin

What Would Judge Karen Do to Clarence Thomas?---The Young Turks

wow...over the top, but creative video

Young enough to enlist, Kid Rock and Dale Earnhardt's National Guard ad

Join Me, Give Obama Your Vote

Comparing Obama and McCain's tax plans

McCain Change?

RFK on the Inadequacies of GDP as a Measure of Well-Being

Anti Palin Rally Alaska

Dr. Jill Biden Speaks In Dubuque, Iowa

The Dude on John McCain

The American Future: A History, with Simon Schama - BBC Two

Bridge to Nowhere

TYT: Important Reminder - McCain On Letterman On 10/2001

Lisa Nova: The Palin Interview

McCain & Palin & Rape

Alaska Women against Palin threatened before rally

CNN Presents Joe Biden Revealed

SNL - 9/13/08 - Palin and Clinton

Bill Moyers: Rage on the Radio - Part 1 ('Right-Wing Hate')

Mitt Romney says McCain's false accusations are reprehensible

Video proof of the media's socialist agenda.

TYT: Obama Is Finally Attacking McCain

CNN: Palin in the hot seat

Final Cut of Judgement Ad Will Air in Battleground States

Sweet Lies

The energy of youth; or the slowness and ex lax of old age

McCain: Unfit to Lead

The ultimate reason why you shouldn't vote for Palin.

Karl Rove: McCain's Ads Have Gone Too Far

McCaskill: ‘Sarah Palin Has Been An Earmark Queen In Alaska. That’s The Facts.’

Obama - Never In a Beauty Pagent! Can He Lead?

Even Rove Says McCain Is Lying

November 3 -- My 2008 TropFest NY Entry.

Paid For By Big Oil Auction - League of Conservation Voters

Bill Moyers: Rage on the Radio - Part 2 ('Right-Wing Hate')

SEIU launches a new pro-Obama ad

New Obama Ad Lashes McCain Again On Lobbyist Ties - "His Administration"

seems like every candidate who ran this year knows the Bush doctrine except tough talking Palin

McCain-Palin: Ticket to Nowhere for America

Bush motorcade passes Parents of Dead Soldiers for McCain fundraiser

ROVE: Don't Trust The Truth!

ENOUGH! - My Web Ad

Greenspan says country can't afford McCain's tax cuts

Real Time: Janeane Garofalo and Salman Rushdie

Peter Camjeo's Last Public Speech August 2, 2008 May He Rest In Peace

Writer David Foster Wallace found dead

Revealed: UK first official sharia courts

Independent UK: Violence is down – but not because of America's 'surge'

Carib Chief: 'Marry the same race or risk extinction'

Gov. Palin’s Worldview

McCain Backs Up Story Blaming His Computer Illiteracy on Vietnam

Independent UK: Scramble to save Wall Street

Bush's non-treaty treaty with Iraq "would clearly contravene the US Constitution"

Sarah is a great source of humor

The Palin-Whatshisname Ticket

Former Wasilla museum director, now Hilo resident, criticizes Palin

Cheney Scales New Heights of Hypocrisy

NY Times: Bailout Hide and Seek

What Bush Will Surrender in Iraq

Podhoretz: Obama due an apology.

Dowd smacks Palin: Bering Straight Talk

Stop the Insanity of Cultural Slaughter of Animals - Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd

Putin: U.S. spoiled our relationship and should fix it

Tawdry tale of oil drillers and `MMS Chicks'

Group With Swift Boat Alumni Readies Ads Attacking Obama

Declassified grand jury transcripts confirm frame-up of Ethel Rosenberg

Live in Philly? Cancel your newspaper subscription. OUTRAGE

The Terror that Marks September 11

Georgian aggression: chronology of war

Distortions and lies in McCain ad

Judge says Feds violated 10th Amendment by subverting state marijuana laws

Crimes of Argentine dictatorship

Anchorage Daily News: Palin lost privilege when e-mails went to Todd

Go Get 'Em, Trudeau!

'Sitemeter' Blames Problems on 'McCain-Palin'

Jon Stewart: America's most influential TV personality

The Coming Storm

Cat 4 hurricane heads for Wall Street Obama wants to tax water!

Garrison Keillor : The 'bums' try for an end run

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Sept 14 – Obama 269, McCain 269

"Capitalism? It's finished, Mac"

'Holy Laughter Annointing' Theology at Palin's Juneau Church

John McCain's health records must be released

"Palin Claims Right to See All State Files" by Jason Leopold (Consortium News 9-14-2008)

Army plans to buy next-gen Humvees

Pentagon to draft full 2010 budget plan for next president

Services weigh retrofit to help protect Humvees

Guard still seeks soldiers with toxic risk

Soldier charged with Iraqi death has hearing

Detention system reform is a top priority

AFRICOM facing major budget shortfall for ’09

GAO: DOD not addressing sex assaults

Marine NCO set to be tried in homicide case

Soldier to appeal sentence for hitting S. Korean cabbie

Clashes Kill Ten Alleged Militants

Ike Shutters 20% of U.S. Refining Capacity; Reserves Released

Bolivia army patrols town under martial law

Russian warships to help Chavez's anti-U.S. drive

The politics of wind power

Kazakhstan Nearly Doubles Oil Export Duty to $203.8/Ton

Job Opening -- Postdoctoral Appointee – Algal Biofuels Research

Greenland seeks whaling breakaway (BBC)

Kazakhstan Won't Drop Caucasus Export Route for Oil

Murduring Mother Earth -- One Forest, One Species, And One Atom At A Time (Jason Miller)

Ike's damage estimated at $27 billion.

White Washed: Could a Coat of Paint Fight Global Warming?

Muslim leader threatens to kill Paul McCartney over Israel gig

Olmert: No such thing as 'Greater Israel' anymore

We won't allow settler pogroms against non-Jews, says Olmert

U.S. to sell Israel Air Force new bunker-buster bombs

Lehman bank fights for survival

A complicated picture for central bankers meeting this week

New owners of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae - U.S. taxpayers - deserve transparency

so, will Ike's destruction be another opportunity for the application of the Shock Doctrine?

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/13/08

Today's Carol Simpson cartoon: Mine-Safety

Today in labor history Sept 14 Wiggins, 29, the mother of nine, is killed when local vigilantes

Saint Mary's Reno RNs Win Landmark Nevada Pact

Machinists make Sen. Clinton honorary member

Immokalee Workers Notch Another Win on Their Tomato Buckets

Indiana to receive $10.4 million to help retrain workers in sagging RV market

An Improper 2004 NLRB Ruling Continues to Have Ramifications Today

7 Years Later, Bush Still Blocks Health Care Funding for 9/11 Rescue Workers

‘All Available Boats’ Showcases Maritime Union Members on 9/11 (2006)

Wal-Mart's anti-union agenda

AP IMPACT: US oilfield deaths rise sharply

The Plan

24 bodies found near Mexico City

Youi have got to be f**ing kidding me. BYU 59 - UCLA 0

Tonight's OSU/USC Game Proves How Deeply Flawed The BCS Is

Early game play, 9/14. 1 and 2, -70 bucks.

The other teams 114 Ohio State 41

And it's gonna be another wild week in baseball! Thank you Yankees!

Those of you not Detroit Lions fans have really missed out, the past 51 years.

The Mythology of Brett Favre


Is anyone going to the Patriots/Dolphins game on 9/21?

Did the Chargers get fucked or what??

The Stars This Week: "Let Go Of the Past" - September 15 - September 21, 2008

FFOS - Friends and Family of Suicide

Please vote in my poll in the lounge

Doreen Virtue's affirmation regarding the election

Missing time

Predict the (first) name of BlueIris's next significant other.

Study Shows Mad Cow Disease Can be Genetic

~~~SUBMISSION THREAD for the September Photo Contest.~~~

~~~COMMENT THREAD for the September Photo Contest. ~~~

Link to DU thread: "D.C. Legislation Would Remove More Gun Limits"--District Thugs Running Scared!

Can Biden avoid AWB/gun-grabber image and why did Biden include the AWB in Title 18, Ch 44 and

Chocolate Blintzes

The Origins of the Universe: A Crash Course

Hackers infiltrate Large Hadron Collider systems and mock IT security

NASA's Star Is Fading, Its Chief Says

Fall baking has begun!

Foundations of Christianity by Karl Kautsky (1908)

Peter Fonda Is An Atheist

Which is more creative? Science or Religion?

Which is more creative? Science or Religion?

Husband is building me

Germany: exposes CIA link to "Islamic" terror plot

RFK Jr. on the 9/11 Truth Movement

DFW DUers: Phone bank volunteers needed at ObamaDallas and for Irving For Obama

9/11 Truth: NORAD's Excuse

Are any of you guys going to CO to campaign before the election?

Bridge City, Texas took on a lot of damage from Ike

Weird Firefox 3 theme problem

Computer worked fine last night....

Financial sector scrambles as talks to rescue Lehman falter

Grits, NDP pulling even?

Those poor, poor Liberals

Have you seen any ads for Obama on broadcast TV in Minnesota?

JOHN LENNON fantasised about having sex with his mother Julia

Tories offered lap dance bargain

The Next Chair

Reince Priebus Vs. Joe Wineke: Debate to be held Thursday in Milwaukee

Le't just recall Van Hollen for using his office to help his candidate

Journal-Sentinel drops Doonesbury

Jesse Ventura BODY SLAMS "911 Conspiracy Debunkers", for 30 Minutes!