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Archives: September 17, 2008

Senator Sanders: "Middle Class Under More Assault Since Great Depression"

TODAY'S TRACKING POLL AVERAGE: Obama 46.75, McLame 45.25

Final Score: Obama wins the day (6th in a row)

The Final Distraction: McCain/Palin Worse Than Bush

Great Article On How MSM/McCain Campaign Made MSM Irrelevant

KO says Palin's approval rating has dropped 10 points in 3 days. Story coming up n/t

KO says Palin's approval rating has dropped 10 points in 3 days. Story coming up n/t

I want the smartest motherfuckers in the room! nt

It is about you and me.

Hillary, I've got your REAL 2012 campaign slogan here.

Who had the most active GRASSROOTS supporters?

Hillary, I've got your 2012 campaign slogan right here...

KO says Palin has done the Nearly Impossible, Favorabilty rating dropped 10 points since Saturday!!

I'm VERY VERY Confused & Don't Know What Is Going On!!

My LTTE for today, 9/16 - Just wanted to share.

If you wanna laugh (for a change) check out the "Sarah Palin interview-o-tron" LOL!

In your mind, has McCain been cemented as a "liar" yet?

In your mind, has McCain been cemented as a "liar" yet?

So with the economic situation right now, and McCain shooting his own campaign in the foot

Plz to DU this Pole

Newstalk 1080 KUDO Alaska's Progressive Voice

i've been gritting my teeth

Which poll did Olbermann cite tonight?

Which poll did Olbermann cite tonight?

Bob Barr Sues to Remove McCain, Obama from Texas Ballot

Why do you think we haven't heard any more about Rev. Wright?

I'm going to see Michelle on Thursday!!

Palin linked electoral success to prayer of Kenyan witchhunter (huh?)

Anyone watching CSPAN/Obama's speech?

Carly Fiorna's golden parachute should be the subject of a campaign ad

The Secrets of the Great Presidents

Do we have any idea what kind of ratings Rachel Maddow pulls in?

Help with an email (#2)

Republicans are scum! Disenfranchisement by foreclosure lists???

This is why rapid and hard-hitting response is important and works....

"He crumbled" Frank Rich: McCain is 'too weak' to be President

"He crumbled" Frank Rich: McCain is 'too weak' to be President

On KO: McBush staffer says "McCain created the Blackberry."

John McCain Invented the Blackberry

John McCain Invented the Blackberry

I need help arguing with a Republican

A smart-ass RW acquaintance forwarded me an ad for John and what's her face

Why would the Obama campaign not want to mention the "Keating Five"?

As a white young-to-middle-aged professional male, I like "Obama the Professor" the most

How much will Bob Barr affect this election?

** So Who's Running the McCain Campaign?

MY senator, Claire McCaskill is real.


Wall Street Journal: Why Obama's Health Plan is Better

Cool Obama/McCainTax Cut Charts - Lets make this info viral

Thank you Claire McCaskill!!!

Where's President Barlett when you need him?

Atrios: Hunk O' Cash to Chrysler required an Act of Congress

When McCain says "good ole boy network" and "fat cats"...who is he referring to?

--------BILL MAHR TO BE ON RACHEL!!!!--------

Let's get it right...Canadians invented the Blackberry

I just watched a vid of Obama speaking today, I think in Colorado. He's a God.

Has McCain been sabotaged by his own?

Here's to Barack! 18 months campaigning! What power and strength!

The only call you'll hear for change if McCain win is

McCain's new Advertisement to drum up money and support

Nevada Dems .... I need your help.


John McCain's New Advertisement.

MoDo: ‘Barbies for War!’ - Report from Wasilla

Whose Elitism Problem Now? "All of a sudden, the culture war seems entirely beside the point."

In his own words (not just a spokesman), McCain claims to have invented Wi-Fi

Barack-Seat Drivers: Barack Obama does not need your two cents.

Did anyone else notice Palin's phraseology in this quote?

Youtube has "SNL / Palin" search fixed so several FOX versions come up


Lecture Hall Packed to the Gills with Fired up Students for Obama at The University of Wisconsin.

Tanning bed - gate

Dupe--Please pull--PBS has a short video on Sarah Palin on their website & Poll

Obama's poll numbers much better than Kerry's in September, 2004 ... link

has anyone heard anything about the alaska a/g telling

has anyone heard anything about the alaska a/g telling

Appoint a Commission??? Appoint a Commission???

Do you think Sarah Palin knows what BTU stands for?

Advice for phone banking this weekend ...

McCain says he's "uniquely qualified to lead" America in technology!

Science questionnaire - Obama & McCain

Uh-oh, Tanning-Gate. Look at Palin's Proclamation on skin cancer

Didn't Palin actually say thanks but no thanks? She WAS initially for the BTN but

DU, help me understand Ohio!

Are all the Dem boards overloaded or just DU? Do I hear a landslide? MSM polls be BS?

Are all the Dem boards overloaded or just DU? Do I hear a landslide? MSM polls be BS?

Walt Disney Presents: The Sarah Palin Story Last week, actor Matt Damon spoke out against Sarah Pal

Obama and Regulation

Politico: Obama wins the day (4th straight)

Politico: Obama wins the day (4th straight)

Obama picks up about $9 million in Hollywood

McCain doesn't understand what his own committee does.

Besides the blackberry, what else did John McCain invent?

The McCain-Follieri Love Boat The Maverick and the Celebrity Con Man

Big Ten Network will Release Big Ten Battleground Polls during special at 4PM ET on Sep 18th.

activist best known for "The Vagina Monologues", wrote the following about Sarah Palin.

Like how Anderson tucks the "Palin Probe" into the last 10 minutes of his show

McCain and the light bulb also?? Shit! Maybe the blackberry is not so farfetched!!!

McCain Embraces Regulation After Many Years of Opposition

Am I paranoid? I think people are tailgating me very closely due to my 2 Obama stickers

Anybody Notice How The m$m Has Recently Said That sp Is overpowering mccane?

do you guys think the dems have given up on florida? not that i'd blame them...

"John McCain, the only POW who was brainwashed after his captivity"

John McCain.....

Anderson Cooper used to host a frikken reality game show and 360 isn't much better.

I think McCain is the type to choke in crunch time

Palin Cancels Washington State Visit Next Week

I'm going to register new citizens to vote tomorrow!

Just because McCain uses the word "gook"-don't hold him responsible for saying "spic" twice today

What happens as a result of too much tanning bed news exposure:

Think anyone will have the balls to ask McCain to prove that he warned the....

What about McCain?

Beau Biden coming on to Leno show NOW (12:18 EST)

Why it's so important for Barack to win in November

Sarah Palin Bridge Jokes

What's YOUR Sarah Palin Baby Name?

CNN-Palin may go to the UN General Assembly next week

So McCain was referring to American workers when he said the "fundamentals" of our economy are

Sarah Palin and the Softer Side of the Death Star

Bringing it home- Hey Alaskans, it's doing the unthinkable, screwing with the PFD!

The MSM is so cute, I could just pinch their little collective cheeks

John McCain is a damn liar. Sarah Palin is a damn liar and phony.

John McCain is a damn liar. Sarah Palin is a damn liar and phony.

Robert Reich schooled Douglas Holtz-Eakin on the Newshour tonight

Take a 5-minute break for some music to inspire you:

Biden Gives Bachmann Nightmares

What's up with Tweety questioning Obama's "passion" regarding the economic fuckups.

Walt Disney Presents: The Sarah Palin Story


***Barack's Economic Speech replaying on C-Span NOW***

Billy Mires, driver of The Straight Talk Express...

"McCain's campaign has been more dishonest, more unfair, more - ...dishonorable than Barack Obama's"

Ipsos/Mclatchy Poll - Obama 45, McCain 45 (-1): Poll suggests McCain's support softening.

Republicans' New Motto & Ad: The Change You Deserve (humor)

Sarah Palin: spammer and digital secrecy scofflaw.

Lets Be Honest - MSM Will Go Back To Carrying McCain's Water Soon - Are We Ready?

See This Picture?

See This Picture?

Colbert Report: How Dare You Ask McCain/Palin Questions?

Obama's no McCain

Ladies' Man - Joe Biden

How Obama Should Open Up The First Debate:

**** General Election CONFIDENCE LEVEL POLL Tue. Sep 16 ****

Warren Buffett would put Obama in charge of a business.

Obama Deputy Field Organizer

Do *you*,like all great Americans, have "the confidence in that readiness"?

It seems like Republicans are nervous about Trooper-gate

Sarah Palin just got a new kitten! (joke)

Does anyone else get the feeling that the Republicans are beginning quake?

PICTURES: Tuesday night fundrasier in Beverly Hills

You would think.......

Who knew former LA mayor Richard Riordan supported Obama?

Why the Fed wouldn't let AIG

No question, Obama is the best man for the presidency ... but ...

DU this MSNBC poll: Was Tina Fey's portrayal of Sarah Palin on SNL sexist?

Obama: Find Your Inner Populist, By Robert Scheer (The Nation)

Biden as "Ladies' Man" -- The backslapping, bloviating hero of women's rights. (TNR)

January flashback: GOP hopefuls debate Bush doctrine; Palin angles for earmarks

I wish Obama didn't have to spend so much time fundraising

Carly Fiorina: McCain, Palin 'Couldn't Run a Business'

Obama Says McCain’s Keating Five Connection Is Not Off Limits

I filled out the Obama survey last night, and put this in the "other" box...

I filled out the Obama survey last night, and put this in the "other" box...

McCain may take Palin to the United Nations...

McCain tries to recover from comment on 'strong' economy

Tanningbedgate is a no go-

Anti-Mccain AD idea

What McCain, the war hero, has done for the military and veterans...

Today is probably not going to be as giddy as yesterday...

Now That WE OWN AIG...........

Kos R2K TRACKING POLL: Obama 48, McCain 44. Palin in negativeland. McLame tanks on the economy.

Obama has 2-point lead on McCain: Reuters poll (47-45)

Madonna vs. McCain't

guy from CNBC who was slumming on Morning Jerk called it right:

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute...

More feminist organizations endorse Obama

Obama ad perfectly timed: The biggest S&L (WAMU) in trouble; Fed looking for a buyer.

McCain on U.S. economy: From 'strong' to 'total crisis' in 36 hours

"Sarah Palin has restored my faith in Israel."

NYT on McCain, January 2008: Americans better off than they were eight years ago

Sent from my desktop computer, a miracle made possible by John McCain

Sent from my desktop computer, a miracle made possible by John McCain

Alex (T)witt

The Word Association Game: Bush I, S&L Crisis, Silverado, Neil Bush, Keating 5, McCain, Gramm,

Clearing up what it means to be Presidential...

New McCain/Palin Slogan:

TPM: Source: Sex Assault Program Cited in Monegan Firing Targeted Child Abusers

The Pro- Rape Candidates

Drive to Nevada for Obama

I watched Fox and Friends so you don't have to.... and Frank Luntz said

Tom Toles is on a roll

McCain’s Real Running Mate-by Paul Begala

McCain Able to Skirt Limits of Federal Financing

Has Charlie Gibson made any comments about his interview with Sarah Palin?

The Republican Party has prided itself for decades as...

Research.2000 Poll: Obama 48%, McCain 44%

Obama Lays Out Economic Plans In Two-Minute TV Ad (VIDEO)

WaPo Calls Bullshit on McLame's Embrace of Regulation After Years of Opposition

I'm bummed - A friend has asked me not to send her any more anti-McCain or anti-Palin info

"I've taken out tougher guys than this one." McCain trash talks in new ad played on MSNBC today..

Do I get a cookie for predicting Seasonal Affective Disorder would be the Tanning Queen's excuse?

09/17/2008: Rass. Tracking Unchanged M-48, O-47

Obama Almost Back To Parity At Intrade-Hold Your Pants-McSame Now Tanking Like The Dow

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/17/08 - McCain 48, Obama 47 (unchanged)

There's no Need to FEAR, The Stuper-Deregulator is here!!!

Alaska Women Reject Palin - Largest Rally in Alaska History....with photos

McCain softens his opposition to AIG bailout. I'm shocked i tell ya, shocked!

Vintage McCain...

If you were thinking Obama's 2-minute ad was off base, check out this "rebuttal" from McWalkingCane.

Do McCain & Palin really think they can win by trying to sound like Democrats?

"Democrats are like Cubs fans -- they assume that something will go wrong until proven otherwise."

Mittens got nailed!

McCain's support starting to weaken...

DNC member backs McBush

Alaskan Conservative Radio Host Rips Lying Palin & GOP

I wonder if an enterprising 527 wouldn't mind putting out an ad that would scare the bejezus out of

After 8 years, no Bin Laden, and Al Qaeda still active, we're supposed to give them 4 more?

AP: McCain has 2 faces: Washington in- and outsider

McCain's Palin choice had the OPPOSITE effect on Dems than he wished (poll)

Obama leads McCain by 2 points in Reuters Poll

Daily Kos/Research 2000 tracking: Obama: 48% (no change) McCain 44% (no change)

Ruth Marcus atones for past 'sin of symmetry,' blasts McCain for 'dishonorable' campaign

AP: "McCain Has Two Faces"

Do we need to inform younger voters that Dems picked a female VP 20 years ago?

In Two-Minute Ad, Obama Directly Addresses Voters About The Economy!

Lookie Lookie what states is now a Democrat pickup for Senate

Suppose a reporter asks Obama if the dems share the blame?

New words for "Barracuda" in honor of our good friend Sarah "Barracuda" Palin

CBS: The Sarah Palin phenomenon is doomed

Deleted dupe n/t

Keep it simple, Barack: We are where we are because of the Republican Party

Maddow: McCain’s economic gaffe capped ‘a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day..."

Big Media Thought - Does Advertising Revenue By Industry Influence Political Bias?

The Motherlode of All Voter Registration Diaries.Recommend and Get Busy

McCain campaign clamps down on questions in Alaska

Even GOP says McCain must accept earmarks (caught lying again!)

McClatchy: Poll suggests McCain's support softening as race stays tied

PRESS RELEASE: 2,000 Doctors call on McCain to release his MEDICAL RECORDS

Poor John McSame

Hillary Clinton cancels appearance at New York rally

Mcain co-ops the "Change" theme.

Is Sean Penn warning feasible?

Fox & Friends explains why McCain can't use an "email machine" (VIDEO)

WaPo - McCain Has $200 Million On Hand; Can Raise $70,000 Per A Donor

Palin Powdering? Research 2000 poll has her Favorability Ratings

More proof that McCain is out of touch..

Look what I got in the mail!!!

George Bush* Killed The Stock Market

Obama VS McCain: Mortgage meltown?

Bin Laden wanted to keep us in fear, bankrupt the U.S.

Now that You and I own AIG....

1 in 6 chance Palin becomes President if McCain wins

St. Pete Times: GOP mailing older Dem voters flyers seeking to double-check 'unconfirmed' party ID

"A McCain lawyer scrambles to block a Palin ethics inquiry."

TMZ: Palin –- The Pig Wears Valentino

Don't watch Palin interviews.

Sebelius: Obama’s race ‘may be a factor’

Is McSame Lying AGAIN? RE: He can't use a computer

never mind

A Democrat who votes for McCain should be referred to as an ASS

Palin to Meet with Leaders at U.N. - Hillary Cancels Visit - Palin to Head Anti-Iran Rally

The morally bankrupt Republican Party in action

Obama slams McBush: "crisis serves as a stark reminder of the failures of crony capitalism"

The Debate We Need (Article -- Robert Borosage)

The Debate We Need (Article -- Robert Borosage)

RE: Zogby: Obama leads by 2

Mort Zuckerman is an idiot re: Clinton not appearing at Iran event that Palin's attending. . .

There was another terrorist attack on American soil last night.

ARG releases 25 new state polls

"The UGLY New McCain" by Richard Cohen - Former "In the Bag for McCain" Reporter now has doubts

After Palin speaks - crowd starts leaving while McCain is speaking

Checking back in to DU...some perspective...

Checking back in to DU...some perspective...

First thoughts: Has the worm turned? (Chuck Todd, et al on Palin's decline in polls, buzz)

Mika Unleashed: Slams Joe, Bush, McSame and GOP: I will not be a cheerleader for the Surge

Hey McCain & Palin, you are not reformers, you are not anti-corruption & you are not for regulation

ADVICE PLEASE: I am canvassing and phone banking for the first

Mayor Bill White and Judge Emmet to take control of distribution problem in Houston.

Wanted: Your inspirational Obama / campaign pictures.

Who would you rather take political advice from?

Obama.... at last night's fundraiser

Yahoo's composite poll average has McCain only up by .7% now, down from at least 3%

New McCain campaign strategy: We're the ones who got you into this mess,

My God Georgie boy

"John McCain embraces and expels Washington like an accordion player belting out a song."

"Because they're made of wood?"

Al Queda Blamed for Terorist Attack on US Embassy in Yemen

McCain: I am for regulation now. No, really. I am...

My new slogan for the campaign: "We've tried stupid. It doesn't work. Vote Obama."

VA Repubs use George Allen to appeal to minority voters!

New Ad

Why "Morning Joe" is two-dimensional and doesn't get the point of the 2-minute ad

AP attempts to bailout McCain with BS spin and lies

The Debates Will Be The Death Blow For McCain/Palin

Alaska AG: State Employees Won't Honor Trooper-Gate Subpoenas, REFUSE to Testify

unpleasant news re: Obama, McC, neo cons, Pakistan

unpleasant news re: Obama, McC, neo cons, Pakistan

Palin wore a $2,500 designer jacket to her RNC speech!

Obama mobilizes rapid response on Web

Congratulations, You Just Purchased An Insurance Company

"McCain personally gave the financial industry a green light ... And now he's outraged."

Bush's Political Calendar Empty as McCain, Republican Lawmakers Avoid Him

McCain’s Real Running Mate - by Paul Begala

McLiar campaign forms "Truth Squad" while Miz Maverick hides behind NY lawyers

Oh, those Palins...

Field California Poll: Obama 52, McCain 36

New PPP Virginia Poll: Obama +2

"Nothing less than the final verdict on an economic philosophy that has completely failed." - OBAMA

Don't worry about NY - even Rasmussen has Obama up 13%

Dow Jones Growth, by Presidential Administration, since 1932

"Jewish voters complain of anti-Obama poll"

Exposed: McCain Team Includes 83 Wallstreet Lobyists

Hotline Tracking Poll - Obama 45, McCain 42

Son of a gun. Those Obama folks are awfully good at getting me to

Believe it or Not, Faux News is our Ally in Sinking Todd and Sarah Palin

Here is a McBush statement I actually agree with!

Will Tina Fey return this Saturday? I bet she would double the audience this time

Anchorage Daily News Reader ideas for Palin vanity plates

Biden Labels McCain Attacks As "Republican Garbage"

Sarah Palin's letter of recommendation for her ex-brother-in-law

Bounce over: Obama now ahead in EC 286-252

Just wanted to remind everyone to send out Obamas new Plan for Change ad to everyone you know

The Truth About Sarah Palin (Website)

On economic times: McCain has to pretend he never believed all of the things he's always believed

Every Day Obama makes this about PHILOSOPHY, he wins

So when McCain thumped the podium & said he's gonna learn the names of everyone who requests

Just now on CNBC John Harwood thinks the economy will benefit Obama.

PPP Virginia Poll: Obama 48 (+1), McCain 46 (+1)

"Two faced" McCain. I like the label.

INTRADE: Obama 50, McWalkingCane 48

Palin's Reading List by Robert F Kennedy, this has over a thousand hits on Yahoo buzz

McCain & Bush Had Close Ties to Chairman of AIG. Fed Bailout a Concession to China?

Last Six Polls on show some nice Obama Uptrends

Tracking Poll Average - Obama 46.75 (unchanged), 44.75 (-.5)

Obama Back On Top In Gallup Tracking!

Witch Hunter Put Palin in Office

Would Sarah Palin discuss, confidential, presidential business through public email too?

FAIR AND BALANCED MEDIA MY ASS. Local TV station giving big, wet, sloppy hummer to McCain/Palin.

I hate Zogby, but for those who were worried...Obama regains lead in his poll 47-45.

We KNOW why Palin would accept an invite to a ProWar With Iran rally - why did Hillary?

---I can't sleep---

Gallup - Obama 47 (+1), McCain 45 (-2)

McCain's wife vows to give her fortune away to Lehman & Merril Lynch victims

Scottie Rasmussen a Repug Tool? C'mon...

The GOP has experienced a "cheap thrill" with their Palin "bounce"

Nixon Dirty Trickster on McCain Team - worked to deport John Lennon

Alaska Attorney General Shames All Alaskans.

Which is crashing faster? The market or Sarah Palin's poll numbers?

McCain campaign sends lawyer to Alaska to shut down ‘Troopergate’ investigation.»

Obama's hauled 9 million at last nights fundraiser

McCondo gets no love from musicians (most rockers can't stand him!)

wingnuts new contrived outrage, Obama's LA fundraiser. I guess they don't read Mcain's own website

Dr. Phil on Larry King

**Check out this MAP of STATES giving money to Campaigns**

Rude Pundit NAILS McPALIN and the town-hall meeting nonsense as only the rude one can

Former Reagan/Bush Official Denied Communion for Endorsing Obama

Just donated again... Let's keep up the cash flow they need it now!

Governor of Kansas: some Whites not voting for a Black no matter what

Mitt told Morning Joe and perky Mika that he would hire McCain or Palin

PBS Newshour: Robert Reich vs Douglas Holtz-Eakin

"We have enough base voters to win Florida" - David Plouffe

Will Hillary have Lynn Forester de Rothschild thrown under the bus?

New 2 minute Obama ad

How to swing this election without really trying:

a suggestion to help out on election day

FACT CHECK: Biden on McCain's regulatory history

What Passion looked like this week thus far......

Has anyone noticed? McCain is making Obama's case for him

Is George Bush The Only President Who Has Suffered Through Two Separate Bear Markets?

Obama statement on AIG bailout: "The pain has trickled up"

Sarah Palin is crashing

President Palin (God help us)

Due to voter purging in NV, OH, WI, FL and elsewhere, we need to be 10% ahead of McCreepy

****Breakings News: Bounce Is Over For McCain****

North Country NH dems are on fire people!

Palin's Witch Hunter Blessing

Jack Kemp touting McCain's corporate tax cuts on MSNBC! Jack, Jack, Jack, their effective rate's 25%

How again does one find the Gallup results BY DAY? Seems like Obama had a killer day...

"Constitutional Biden" - The New Republic article on civil liberties

The Republican Party is a criminal enterprise lightly disguised

Republicans for Obama

New focus for 'Day in the Life' editor (interesting pics)

Palin redecorated her mayor's office for $50k AND without council approval

A friend sent this today -- very powerful

Where are all the trolls today? n/t

Palin a Racist? (pardon me if this was posted already)

Am I missing somthing? Shouldn't this be 273 Obama, 265 McBush?

O/T but I need help how to view videos with Firefox version `3.0.1

Help - just got this from a right winger!

Intruder kills family dog, leaves cruel messages

Dude!!!!!!!!!-Obama just took the lead in Gallup for the first time in 2 weeks-47-45

Dude!!!!!!!!!-Obama just took the lead in Gallup for the first time in 2 weeks-47-45

Palin in 2012 ?

McCain reportedly ‘furious’ with Fiorina-“Carly will now disappear,”

FIRST THOUGHTS: HAS THE WORM TURNED? End of the Palin "bounce"

Cavuto and O'reilly Faux at its worst

LOL! Wonder what the 12 remaining PUMAs think about McCain slamming Hillary

The Republickers are pro-CEO, not pro-business.

Hurricanes and the economy

Freepers trying to remain calm over new Gallup tracking poll..... funny stuff...

Biden: McCain fell off his horse

what's this crap about a top Clinton fundraiser supporting McCain?? on fucking comcast news...

You know what I truly fear???? the time between Nov 5th '08 and Jan 20th '09

I'm donating $100 to Obama today... who's with me?

Why does MSNBC shill for the McCain Campaign?

The most preposterous thing said all week - Bwaah baa blackberry!

Gallup: Obama 47, McSame 45

Does the bombing of pour embassy in Yemen mean that the Republicans have

Martial Law considered in Galveston, Texas

“The party that wrecked America.”

Exclusive : Sarah Palin's Personal Emails

I got my McCain/Palin T shirt today! I'm so Excited!

CBS NY Times: Poll on the Confidence to handle the economy: Obama 60-39, McCain 53-46

Looks like McCain is breaking up with Hillary, even though she didn't know they were dating.

PPP Poll: Virginia: Obama (48) McCain (46). Also A Few Other Great Polls For Obama.

McCain promises to take Sarah on a field trip to the UN

oh shit, Palin's favorable's going down!!

Tax Liability PDF from the Tax Policy Center

CA POLL: Obama 52, McWalkingCane 36. Why the freak can't Barack close the deal in CA?

Palin's Field Trip to the UN

"The American Green Card Lottery?" WTF?!?

Have You Seen This New SEIU Ad On The Economy?

Gallup Daily: Obama 47%, McCain 45%; all polls now falling in line. The "Big MO".

All 4 daily tracking polls showing positive movement for Obama

Fiorina fired again; will she blab? So McSame fired Palin's lady-in-waiting.

I'm Thinking Sarah Palin May Find She's Hitched Her Wagon To The Wrong Tractor

A mysterious lawyer has joined the Troopergate coverup, who could it be!?

Senator Byrd's Enough! Speech

Martha Stewart: ‘I would feel weird, really weird’ about having a president who can’t use a computer

McCain Flip-Flops On AIG Bailout: Rejects It Tuesday, Says It's Okay Wednesday - HUFF

Apparently Obama does receive the suggestions posted on his site

These "who's more likely to cheat ads" w/ O and McCrap...

The Keating 5....sounds like a boy band

Ya want to see the passion Obama inspires....?

The drilla from wasilla!?

Some of the holdouts here in Indiana I know are coming home because of the economy!!

Some of the holdouts here in Indiana I know are coming home because of the economy!!

What the heck is up with NPR: everytime I get in my car I hear RW talking points...

Volunteers! Are you surprised by the number of people volunteering by you?

The stock market drop was created by the media to help Obama

The "143 days" e-mail and my response

Notice something here on DU the past 48 hours?

Are you watching Obama's speech now?

Obama: Mcain's going to take on the Old Boys Network?? In his campaign that's called a Staff Meeting

Bush offers assurances to America re: Ike..."People will feel a 'pinch' at the pump"!

Obama buys 2-minute commercial on economy, to air nationally

New Obama Pennsylvania Ad Slams McCain On Jobs - "Sold Us Out"

Obama raised 11 million last night! Woot Woot!!!!!

Science Debate 2008

Kerry Bests 1st Primary Opponent In 24 Years

Obama: Old boys network? In the McCain campaign that is called a staff meeting!

McCain-"I've taken on tougher guys than THIS before."

This picture of McCain on huffingtonpost made me laugh out loud

Interesting factoid: The "Penalty For Reading While Canadian" seems to have been repealed.

Thoughts on polls

Ask your burning questions to Palin for the vice presidential debate

the ultimate sexism is picking "just a pretty face" who has to have her Daddy and Hubby with her

"The old boys' network? In John McCain's campaign that's called a staff meeting!"

"The old boys' network? In John McCain's campaign that's called a staff meeting!"

"The old boys' network? In John McCain's campaign that's called a staff meeting!"

What makes us Dems different from repubs? What is the general concensus?

LOL! - Jeb Bush Says John McCain Can Clean Up His Brother’s Mess

Elko County NV voted 80% - 20% Bush over Kerry in 2004. Today Obama campaigns

McCain: "I Did Not Anticipate...." (Sound Familiar?

Every statement Obama has made about firearms is a direct quote from our 2008 Dem Party platform.

hehe Check out the Headline on Huffington Post.

Oh, is it that time of campaign year already? Time to trot out potential war with Iran


What are we really fighting for?

Oft-repeated GOP meme: Dems in control since 2006.

Does AIG Bailout equate to dealing with terrorists?

Accusation that Obama will raise taxes on small businesses

Financier Soros Warns Crisis Will Only Get Worse

Does McCain have any tricks left short of Bush starting a war to help him

I got my shit-kickers and snorkel out and went into FREEPERLAND for Y'All

"The Living Room Candidate"

"The Living Room Candidate"

The Sarah swindle

Bush disputes Ike relief criticism: "The demand HAS BEEN MET. I am monitoring!"

Coworker's rationale for not taxing the rich

Leave the island or "you will be taken out in handcuffs"????

McCain wants to drag Hillary into the middle of the campaign...

IF AIG can't make it then it shouldn't it be broken up and sold?

The conservative hypocrisy of deregulation


Considering the alternative energy industry provides my bread and butter, I have to say

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Elko, NV****

Gay frat brothers, sorority sisters to hold convention

Economic Depression: 2008 = 1932?

Ipsos/McClatchy poll: Obama 45 (no change) McCain 45 (-1) InSane's vote softer than Obama's

Has anybody in the media or ads mentioned anything about The Supreme Court?

New McCain Stall of Troopergate Investigation

Joe Biden, Feminist

Freepers are busy FREEPING this poll

Alaska AG: State employees won't honor subpoenas

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! "Dr. Phil" tells Larry King...Sarah Palin was a *Single Mother!*

The Dems could end the offshore oil drilling debate by requiring

Todd Palin, The Former Secessionist, Suggests Alaskans Are Not Americans

The Federal Reserve says it is taking over crumbling insurance giant AIG in an $85 billion rescue pl

If you get a chance to catch Jimmy Dore:Citizen Jimmy on Comedy Central

Why is the GOP Presidential ticket delaying the Troopergate investigation?

For those of you out there ripping John McCain apart for being a liar. I have to ask you to put

Bush's Calendar Empty as McCain, Republican Lawmakers Avoid Him

Palin's hairdo: Not smart to get some styling before going to the rust belt.

Damn I'm happy today!

For everyone who is complaining about the bailout of AIG

is this woman speaking english on the rachel maddow show?

Our Next Vice-President is a Man of the People

"Obama has earmarked $839 billion!" Not only is Lynn Rothschild truly 'elite' she's is clueless!

You know what Phil Gramm looks like?

FYI ,Bob Woodward on Charlie Rose at 11:30 PM

Today Obama/Biden will hold 5 public rallies McCain/Palin 1

Sen Sherrod Brown: He is no maverick & from the Keating Five on, his ethics have been questionable"

Guardian UK: The American way or the highway

Does anyone believe that WAR is the best solution for an ailing economy?

WH won't answer reporters question: "whether the fundamentals of the economy are sound"

"Stop, Thief!" Cried the Burglar

John Ensign, (R), just claimed on m$nbc that McBush/Palin are libertarians?

Bad news and good news via electoral-vote website.

AIG Bailout equals 5 years of earmarks

Good Day!

Hillary has raised over $4 million for Obama...

McCain Campaign Lawyer Involved in Attempt to Derail TrooperGate (Newsweek)

Yipee! KO will donate to Alaska Special Olympics.

Fundamentally Strong Economy: Dow down over 400 points today

OMG this is f-ing great - PLEASE read

When we're not all eating out of garbage cans by next week.

You can only have so many mavericks in your administration!

Take a look at this blog:

$85 billion for AIG, vs. how much to residents of Galveston?

"I have never asked for a single earmark, pork barrel project for my state of Arizona."

Pravda (the real one): "Sarah Palin: The Devil In Disguise"

"Carly will now disappear," Fiorina off TV for now

McCain statements are really coming back to crush him-

Katie Couric will do second "hard hitting" Palin interview

"Another day, another crisis" Cafferty's question

Palin asked for 4.5 million for airport to serve fewer than 100 people.

Palin asked for 4.5 million for airport to serve fewer than 100 people.

Plouffe: We are going to spend $ 39 million in Florida. 1.4 million registered AA and young voters

Excellent summary of Troopergate by former Republican

Fox News's Greta Van Susteren interview with the First Dude

The Federal Government Is Now the World’s Largest Housing Company

U.S. Jews outraged over phone campaign alleging 'Obama gave money to PLO'

Bush currently funds "Sex Ed for Kindergartners" policy

hardcore Republican vote: 5% the super-rich and 95% the super-stupid

McCain is showing technological skill in getting ready for the all digital future

"If, however, a government refrains from regulations and allows matters to take their course, ......

Palin: "It was an unfair attack on the verbiage that Senator McCain chose to use"

I just want to thank all of my fellow DUers for yours & my tax contribution of the 85 bill to AIG.

Does Anybody Think That The Treatment The Folks Are Getting In The Houston/Galveston Area Wlll......

Don't Bother Me with the Facts

McCain campaign takes over reshaping Palin's image.

Obama savages McCain over 'worst crisis in generations'

Cafferty asks viewers who has more credibility Clinton or Palin

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/16/08 (graphic language)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/16/08 (graphic language)

Keith "Kiss Your Surge Goodbye"

ON KO: NRO says that Sarah Palin's tanning bed is for treating depression.

INSANITY! John McCain lashes out at Hillary Clinton...

Even NYPost Page 6 going after Palin: "SARAH HAS SECRET STYLE TEAM"

A Definition of Fundamentals From Investopedia

Its easy. Be audacious.



New CNN/Time state polls! Lead in OH, tied in FL, close in NC!

So ... a Rothschild is calling Obama an "elitist?"

Republican loyalty AT ITS FINEST: Leona Helmsley of High Tech, Carly Fiorina, "thrown under the bus"

Creators of Racially Provacative ‘Obama Waffles’ Defend Toothsome Satire

What could be the Dems "October surprise" (for McBush & co.)?

Thank You, Barney Frank, For Your Vision And Foresight

"Who Are You? (VP MIX)" - a Sarah Palin musical parody

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did Laura and Hillary stand behind

The difference between Palin and Quayle . . .

BBC: Chinese baby milk toll escalates (22 brands involved. 3 dead, 6,200 ill)

Palin cancels visit to Florida's The Villages because concerns.

Advocates of torture

BlackBerry users - be sure to update your Autosignatures!

POLLS: FL Tied. Obama +2 in OH, + 3 in WI, - 6 in IN, - 1 in NC.

Colbert is wearing Palin's frameless glasses

Josh Marshall: Natural Born Liars

Josh Marshall: Natural Born Liars

djia when shrub took office: 10,587.59; djia at the moment: 10,771.77

(Bolivar) "residents who weren't able to find fellow holdouts after the storm"

If you can't keep state e-mails secure from hackers,

So, the FED will help companies that fail due to the real Estate Crash

She actually said "we need the rich because THEY create the jobs".

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

On Election Day Wear Blue And Take Phone Camera Shots Of Your Ballot.

Wow, a company actually took the time\money to poll DC....

Our tax money to prop up the Republicans

David Sirota: Maximizing McCain's Flip-Flop on Financial Regulation

Hello? If McCain Had His Way, That'd Be Our Social Security Money Wall Street is Losing

Dems Learn - Politics 101: Criticizing Your Opponent Makes Her Less Popular

Dow Less than 30 Point Gain Since the Day Bush Inaugurated 8 Years Ago

Pakistani Troops Ordered To Fire On U.S. Troops That Cross Their Border

What the Hollywood Fundraiser shows, and why the media is Full of SHIT, AGAIN!

Why does Alaska even GET federal tax money?

If the Fed had bailed out AIG on Friday, we'd only be paying $20 billion.

Why does Alaska even GET federal tax money?

Our entire financial system is crumbling around us, and Republican Women hold up lipstick....

Does anyone here work in finance? I have a question about a car loan.

Pravda big fan of Palin. YIKES!

Evangelical pastor: Straight couples should refuse to sign Calif. licenses

Hillary "earned" those 18 million cracks - Palin is just a leech

A question about polls

Hey, Fuckstick, will you just get out of here....

"Palin takes first impromptu question from national press" - how pathetic is that headline

Martial law will be declared on Bolivar. Military helicopters moving in.

Was SNL prophetic?

Dems didn't cave on offshore drilling- they pulled Repubs

Dems didn't cave on offshore drilling- they pulled Repubs

So, let me get this straight.. the GOP is the party of less government and smaller government

So, let me get this straight.. the GOP is the party of less government and smaller government

Where is Wolf Ticket Blitzer's McCain Button? Hidden in his Beard?

Now that we own AIG, my first demand is that all executive and CEO pay..

Shaul Mofaz was born and raised in Iran?!

Politics 101: Criticizing Your Opponent Makes Her Less Popular


CNN/TIme FL Poll: Obama 48, McCain 44, when 3rd Party Candidates are added

Repubs said Clinton's BJ made sex okay; so I guess it's now okay to ignore subpoenas.

Beau Biden on The Tonight Show

Anytime Palin is compared to Barack or Michelle its a good thing. . .

Bwahaha! McCain Needs To Stop Talking About Economy. Major Gaffe on SIPC

Mish - Mike Shedlock discusses bailouts on C2C tonight

How come none of the Rothchild kids have silly names, like

What ever happened to Michael Jackson?

Windfall Profits Tax.....BAD except in Alaska

Soon to be in the English lexicon: He/she had their chance and pulled a "Palin"...

Most powerful ad I have ever seen. Wow!


Couric asks both candidates: why hasn't there "been another terrorist attack" since 9/11

Wolf Ad Working!

Here are some names that Sarah Pornstar and First Fuckstick should consider....

Reuters/Zogby (non-online) Poll - Obama 47 (+6), McCain 45 (-1)

"The Old Boys Network in the McCain campaign that is called a staff meeting" with ongoing comments

What the past 8 years and this election is teaching this generation of children...

Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is a DELUDED vindictive biotch.

Palin criticizes Hillary Clinton over protest... I can't believe it either

Eric Cantor should go to disappeared land with Carly Fiorina, but i hope McCain keeps him anyhow

What do you call a McCain staff meeting?

Funny FR religious discussion (evolution. Catholicism)

Who else is tired as hell from working their ass to the quick for our dems tonight? Raise your hand

in case anybody cares, palin-s emails....yawn

Racial slurs spray-painted across Obama billboard in Pittsfield Township (MI)

I just heard that the feds are going to give AIG an 85 Billion dollar loan

Hurricane Ike Eyewall Video 100 MPH Winds Plus Storm Surge-Video

Got this in an email forward: Privilege, Entitlement and the 2008 Election

McCain is going to run out of lipstick.

Former National Review publisher endorses Obama

Talk about weird weather: an upside down rainbow.

Whoa! Tweety going after Eric Cantor; Wexler doesn't have to say a word!

I propose a targeted "Assets Tax"

Hillary and Sarah- separated at birth.

Gorlock knows Senator McCain

A Conservative for Obama

Do you agree with the Decision to Bailout AIG?

Okay - my fellow Dems - it's time to lash out at CNN again - check this shit out:

Take a 5-minute break for some music to inspire you:

**Heads Up: Michelle Obama And Jill Biden Now Live Campaigns In Charlottesville, VA**

Big Labor-Backed Group To Unleash Massive Mail Blitz In Swing States Tying McCain To Bush

Finally we'll find out what makes Sarah Palin Tick tonight

I think there is some really bad stuff in the Troopergate scandal that they don't want to be seen

The "October Surprise" contest

Prom Night

Tweety just said that Bush is pulling another Katrina move

Big Labor-Backed Group To Unleash Massive Mail Blitz In Swing States Tying McCain To Bush

Most despicable McCain surrogate

Is DU nearly, completely hosed for you too ?

I participated in that Obama fundraising idea.

Defining a Hero

“Obama keeps pressure on McCain” in Nevada

The roots of the financial meltdown began with John Adams

So, If Some Financial Institutions are 'Too Big' to Fail, Why Do We Let Them Get So Big?

DU This Poll

Sarah Palin to Gain Foreign Policy Experience by Standing Near Foreigners

OMG! 90% of this thing is UNDER water!

Serious question

HA! Emailer on Cafferty just said "McNuts has the personality of

Right now on CNN: Troopergate inquiry and all the trimmings.

The Case Against the Case Against Biden

The post-convention Palin bounce has hit its ceiling: Obama leads 49-47 in Ohio, tied in Florida

Here is the question: you're out at a storm...the boat is sinking...

A sampling of the posts to Houston's

Dan Balz: McCain's Fundamentals Problem

This place is buggin' me

delete dupe

Could AIG be the answer to the health care crisis?

Obama is on fire!

“You can’t underestimate the wisdom of the people of America."

Secret Service order police to block McCain protesters

Is DU "Buggy" Tonight?

Elizabeth Drew, Former McCain book author and supporter: "How John McCain lost me"

Former Fed Prosecutor Re: Palin: "past apathy to downright punishment of women for reporting rape"

Obama ad: "Sold Us Out"

Blast, gunfire hit US Embassy in Yemen.

This one is really scary

Will Senator Angry Old Prick finally get fed up....

Palin to sit down with Couric next week

Republican Media Onanism:

Dahr Jamail: "We Blew Her to Pieces". Book review of "Winter Soldier: Eye Witness Accounts..."

If Obama loses the election, he should be Senate Majority leader.

Palin's Government in Alaska is Beginning to Look Like the Bush Admin. - Subpoenas to be Ignored

Palin's Government in Alaska is Beginning to Look Like the Bush Admin. - Subpoenas to be Ignored

Palin's Government in Alaska is Beginning to Look Like the Bush Admin. - Subpoenas to be Ignored

Was some male in Palin's life ever accused or charged with rape?

AIG turned down a private offer before the government stepped in.

"In every battleground state, Obama is doing better than Kerry did in '04."

"We were told a truck would arrive at 4 p.m. today in Sugar Land. Four o'clock came and no truck."

I hope voters turn Michelle Bachmann and Mean Jean Schmidt

Table to motion (or is it, 'motion to table'?):

How to Win a Presidential Debate

'Troopergate' Heats Up

Florida Democrats take on McCain!

Obama: "Just keep steady. I'm skinny but I'm tough. I'm from Chicago"

What the hell is a "dead cat bounce"?

Obama Calls Out the Old Boy’s Network: “A McCain Staff Meeting”

Q: What is missing from this picture?

Poll: The Palin Collapse continues: Now her unfavorable rating is higher than her favorable

Conservative Against McCain; For Obama (Wick Allison)

Michelle Bernard on Tweety is always making excuses for McCain it seems. Joan Walsh was

Blast heard near US Embassy in Yemen, according to Al Arabya

Alaskan Conservative Radio Host Rips Lying Palin & GOP

Conservative Against Palin (David Frum)

Conservative Against Palin (Dan Fagan)

NPR: The RNC is paying for McSame's ads - 55% - just heard. n/t

Conservative Against Palin (Richard Cohen)

Ambinder: Who Needs Obama When The McCain Campaign'll Run Against Itself?

Potential voterfraud in Colorado?

McCain Voted Against Biden Law Requiring Free Rape Exams

McCain Voted Against Biden Law Requiring Free Rape Exams

CNN~ Palin email hack is real

Not a Palin, not a hurricane, what could it be?

FOX News: Economic Meltdown is Bill Clinton's Fault

Oh, ladies, have you seen Runway to Change?!

Tesla Motors’s Second Electric Car Model Will Be Made in San Jose

The Color of Money is......

Official gov. business needs to be conducted over secure encrypted servers, else - a security breach

Should the Obama campaign pretend that race is not an issue?

Yahoo poll composite says Ohio now back within 1.9%

Help me refine the "Reformer? Sounds more like reform SCHOOL" slogan

Some vintage sexism

"Palin's Fetal Position" (by mary mapes)

McCain's "economy is sound" since 1776: historical speculation (feel free to add our own!)

Alaska Rep: All Effort Aimed At "McCain's effort to find cover for being disingenuous."

Ha! The junk food mafia has begun!

"this economy is fundamentally sound, my friends"

Conservative Against Palin (David Brooks)

Who approved the $85 billion US taxpayer bailout of AIG?

McCain: "Support me, not Bill Clinton. Otherwise in 16 years our economy will no longer be sound."

Wow--McPain in another BOLDFACE LIE - Kick This ! (from

Alaska AG: State employees will not honor subpoenas

Maybe we whould ask Putin about Palin

New CBS News Poll: Obama Up 48-43!

John McCain: The Deregulator

Is this poppycock?

Should Obama's race be a campaign issue?

Should Obama's race be a campaign issue?

Next person to Post about the Friggin' Emails is an IDIOT

Is Indiana winnable?

McCain's Greatest Folly He could have made it close, instead he got Lady De Rothschild

Want your own, personal bailout?

Sarah Palin Running for President -- Unopposed

Does the faux outrage over Palin email remind you of the fluff queen Paris Hilton's "stolen" Blackbe

************** WE NEED 26 DUERS!!!! **************

Isn't a Maverick just a confused baby cow who wanders away from it's mommy and gets really lost?

Palin staff won't comply with subpoenas

LOL! This is great! Howard Dean couldn't write this better himself...

16 dead in suicide attack on U.S. Embassy in Yemen

Obama is ahead of McCain in AOL National polls. ~~PLEASE DU THIS POLL~~

AFL-CIO President: McCain’s “Rhetoric Is An Insult to Our Country’s Hard Working Families

Barr Files Suit to Keep McCain, Obama Off Texas Ballot

More stuff that you own thanks to AIG

It looks like the only true thing Palin said in her speech at the

Framing: It's not "deregulation", it's "Playing without any rules."

Homunculus Coke Head Furious At Evo. “No More Fronts” He Says

Photos: Little Lord Petulance REALLY appears to be enjoying his final 124 days in office

Martin Sullivan, AIG CEO, booted in June, got a $47 million severance package

Obama's email was apparently under siege too.

Conservatives Against McCain/Palin

Conservative Against Palin (Rod Dreher)

Palin wins Most Ironic Line of the Day award

WHO allegedly hacked into Palin's Yahoo account?

My god do the republicans have Bush harnessed like they do Palin too? Chris, where is the President

Obama hits McBush on Social Security

On the lighter side, can we start a campaign to outlaw

"ON THEIR WATCH" - Boil it down. Easy. Simple. They screwed it up. Get rid of them.

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Wooster, OH****

Just browsed transcript from Palin's "Hannity" interview, found lie that contradicts her own HUSBAND

Are Alaskan's pissed off that Mcsame goons are running their state?

McCain's campaign is pissed about Palin's email's, turned it over to the secret service.

Obama widens attack on economy's woes, blames McCain

Obama widens attack on economy's woes, blames McCain

Obama widens attack on economy's woes, blames McCain

What's worse: Hacking Cariboo Barbies Yahoo mail box or..

McCain has turned his back on bush and refuses to be seen with him...

Does DUing polls help or hurt us?

Conservatives Against Palin (Dallas Morning News Editors)

Jake Tapper Seemingly Defending Rush Limbaugh and McCain

Hacking into Palin's email account was wrong but...

I'm glad Eric Cantor is a spokesman for John McCain (on Hardball)

Tweety: The Republicans including McCain are running a charade!

Obama's famous line today is exactly what we need.

Conservative Against McCain/Palin (Phylis Dryden)

Ear marks, for the a large part, are funding for important research that

Eric Cantor is an ass clown!

Thom Hartmann Issues Request for More Info Regarding Voter Caging by McCain Campaign

CNN: 'Raging populist' McSame raving about 'earmarks," but fails to tell the rubes it's less than 1%

FEMA and Texas

PALIN: Put WaMu on EBay!!

Chris Matthews can kiss my ass! "Where's Obama's Passion?"

Yahoo Presidential Poll: Please vote

CBS POLL provides more evidence that public souring on Palin

ATTN: DU - A well known hacking group took responsibility for hacking Palin's email

Taxpayers now have to bail out an insurance "giant", yes?

With WHAT money are we bailing AIG out?

US Embassy Attacked

Nancy Pelosi Should Make SureKarl Rove is Held in Contempt of Congress Before the Session Adjourns

Tweety just told Cantor you cannot run away from the party

Remember Leiberman accused Lamont of hacking his website & the FBI knew better BEFORE the election

Want to know why McCain is bad for the economy?

The Christian Right Picks California for Culture War Election Showdown

"Life Begins at Rape"-First Hand Account Of One Of Palin's Sexual Assault Victims

Point to remember about Secretary Paulson and Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke:

Saudi Arabian cleric =Donald Wildmon (AFA)

What the so-called "Conservatives" aren't talking about.

Where is George W. Bush in this time of National Crisis?

Scott Kleeb of Nebraska for Senate

McShame is....

Bwahahaha: Moron repuke group compares Obama to.... Pat Buchanan

Economic catastrophy may be the price of throwing the GOP out of power.

White House won’t say that 'fundamentals are strong'

The K Chronicles: Imagine the right-wing media machine if Palin were a Democrat

Watching McSame on the local channel in GR, Mi...and I gotta tell ya'

Obama mobilizes rapid response on web

It's the failed economy and tying McCain's ass to it...

Temporary relief for stranded pets

Obama Airs Unusual Economy Ad- Politico

D.U. Donations: 982 people out of 127,588 registered users. Can't we do better?

Housing construction falls to 17-year low

Sarah Palin lauds Tina Fey perhaps because she didn't hear a word of 'SNL' skit

VIDEO - Wall St woes: what went wrong?

Socialism for the Rich, Naked Capitalism for Everyone Else

Breach of Gov Palin's Yahoo(wtf??) account? I smell Rovian Bullshit that is best left Ignored!

The GOP is promoting a culture of victim-hood that places the blame

The GOP is promoting a culture of victim-hood that places the blame

Could Obama Hit 50% Again?

Start cancelling your Newsweek subscriptions!

illuminating comment in today's paper

Nativist Racist English-Only Reich Wingers come up with new phrase: 'Hispandering'

Palin Fundraises With Ohio CEO Of Company Behind Job Losses

GOP Econ 101 - Privitized Profits, But Socialized Losses

S&P 500 Down 14% Since Bush Took Office -- So Much For Social Security Privatization

Baggy pants ban "unconstitutional," rules US judge

Saving the animals after Ike-- this is so sad...

The collapse of the U.S. economy threatens the entire world

Gather 'round macacas: George Allen to appear at GOP ethnic "unity" rally..

Chin Up, John McCain—There’s Always Tomorrow

Conservative Against Palin (George Will)

Palin's Hannity interview could be worse for her than her Charlie interview

Former Admirer (Author) Against McCain (Elizabeth Drew)

Biden had 2 events today in OH.Biden will have another 3 events tomorrow in OH!

Have these photos been posted yet? (Hurricane aftermath)

About Palin's AG ordering employees not to obey lawful subpoenas..

About Palin's AG ordering employees not to obey lawful subpoenas..

Texas, 1986: Rove calls press conference, claiming "a bug was found" in Clement's campaign HQ

ABC hitting McCain on being for De-Regulation of Wall Street before he was against it

Oregon boy, 12, invents solar cell to help solve country's energy crisis . . . (cross-post) . . .

Ben, Hank and their magic piggy banks: They'll never see "the end" coming until it's over.

Can someone verify that McLame Aug. number is $44 mil? I heard it on CNBC this morning from a guy

Barack Obama is rather nifty.

love it, gregory keeps getting shut down when he tries to uphold for Palin. He showed

love it, gregory keeps getting shut down when he tries to uphold for Palin. He showed

Tryst turns into $50K robbery for RNC delegate

Karl Rove hacked Sarah's email account

Stock Market's Jubilation over the socialism for AIG seems to have a short shelf life.....

Why isn't someone in jail?

Hacking Palin's email account was wrong.

Senator Brown (OH) Opens the "Keating Five" Attack on McCain

Every MSNBC newscaster is asking Obama surrogates if it was appropriate for Obama to go to Hollywood

Clinton blindsided by scheduled event with Palin

surge update - Baghdad bombings kill 10

What will the U.S. economy look like a month from now?

ND ranchers support ban on hunting rights sale

"I shouted out, 'who killed the economy'?, when after all, it was you and me"

Hey! I need a government bail-out too!

Joplin Poll - Obama Slipping -- if you haven't DU'd it DU IT!

Has Blackwater been dispatched to Galveston and/or Houston?

Have you heard this rumor? Obama not saying the Pledge


Why does it look like we're falling for the Email ruse?

8pm Biden and Clinton video to air:

$200,000 In Nickels Scattered On I-95 When U.S. Treasury Big Rig Crashes

3 US soldiers charged with murder in Iraq deaths ("retribution" killings)

Privatize Profits and Socialize Risk

Did McCain bomb/napalm/strafe Cambodia?

MarketWatch: Money market breaks the buck, freezes redemptions

McCain raps Obama over Hollywood 'friends'

"If, however, a government refrains from regulations and allows matters to take their course, ......

Help! I'm conflicted

Why AIG and not Lehman Bros? Could political contributions be the difference?

Well at least Republicans have kept the USA out of Debt..

Mr. Obama gets a well-earned hug

Do you think the Government should be bailing out AIG

GOP on Regulation....

US housing market circling the drain

C'mon people, join the Paliban!!

For those who put stock in INTRADE: O-50.9 M-48.5

Blog This! "Bomb, bomb bomb...", "Drill, drill, drill...", "Deregulate, deregulate, deregulate..."


Proposition 4: Voters To Decide on Parental Notification

Russian Stock Exchange failed to re-open

John King CNN: Obama's forces taking the fight in red states FL, OH, NC , McCain is playing defense

Adams and Jefferson.

CBS/NY Times Poll: Obama 49, McCain 44 (LV)

Redistribution of wealth

President Obama has a great ring to it: Let's have some fun with the cabinet: Pick 'em, folks

PBS POLL: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be VP?

Oy Fey Tina’s riff miffs McCain camp

Paul Street's hard hitting attack on Palin, McCain.

I'm so TICKED. Chronicle reporting fewer democrats will be voting due to

Palin Had Wasilla Pay $24,000 For Her SUV, Nothing For Rape Kits

Can't tell if Palin is going for the Cyndi Lauper look or Pocahontas

Maybe I don't fully understand but Why is the government is bailing out AIG and not Lehman?

Apropos of Constitution Day

Who the hell is going to bail out the taxpayers?

Are empires inherently evil?

Corn: it's what's for breakfast, or dinner, or destined for the trash?

Cass Elliot -- early 70's Lyrics say it

Stock Market continues to plummet.....

Bread Is Bad..............

Palin is starting to look like one of McImpulse's bad one-night stands.

Greensboro City Council Members Ban Sex Offenders From Parks

Pro-McCain Group Dumping 28 Million Terror Scare DVDs in Swing States

McCain campaign clamps down on questions in Alaska - News For Yahoos

"Wall Street Got Drunk." George Bush, July 22, 2008

So, What Corp. Should The U.S. Govt Buy Next?

So, What Corp. Should The U.S. Govt Buy Next?

Have you seen the youtube on the "Really Baby Daddy " for Bristol?

McCane 2008; 100% George W. bUsh.

Katrina and Wall St. - Could the contrast be clearer?

Curtains for Linens 'n Things?

Dear Ms. Paliban; can you also see Iraq from your kitchen window?

We ALL (or most) used to OWN insurance companies

This will be when the riots start.

Delete, posting bug problem

A Saddam Obsession, a Saddam Delusion, & the Audacity of Arrogance - Bush History, 9/17

Macaca Allen expects a whopping crowd of 1000 at his "minority unity rally"

Headlines from our "Fundamentally Strong" Economy.....

I hope you have strong lungs and hollow dollars

Tweety just ripped out Cantor's liver and ate it....

Jolie, Pitt donate $2 million for Ethiopian clinic

Bush's Calendar Empty as McCain, Republican Lawmakers Avoid Him

Why is America in the economic crapper? Here's one of the reasons... (from SF Chronicle)

Suit over “voter/foreclosure disqualification" discussed by the guy who broke the story

bLiar to appear on the Daily Show this Thursday!

Shoppers accidentally buy nuclear waste

AIG was founded in China

hmmm.... As the stock market literally EVAPORATES, we're supposed to care about Bullwinkle's emails?

Election Protection Lawyers (for Obama) -- Volunteer Here:

Mccain and Obama haven't registered in Texas ?

Anonymous comic to Rolling Stone: Most of the comics you celebrated are whores, and you are a pimp

Sen. Obama Raps Bush Admin. Outsourcing of Services Under New GI Bill

Chemical in plastic linked to human heart disease, diabetes

Hacking Palin's email account was wrong...

Record this, motherfu$#er! I want Health Care!

New Jersey's `Wall Street West' Quakes Amid Namesake's Turmoil

2 of my neighbors had their Obama signs stolen today.

Obama on Yemen Attack

More Contradictions from the Party of Less Government

Why was Obama's $9M Barbara night a big deal, but Johnny's $5M Wall St night wasn't?

Lynn Forester de Rothschild...a female Lieberman...

OMG! Dana Perino is on TV talking about the AIG bailout......

How come inflation is built into the US economy? It has been at least

Obama/McCain and the media on the US Embassy Bombing in Yemen

America on Sept. 17, 2008.....summed up in Nine Inch Nails lyrics:

Author of new book: "Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency" doing live chat now @ WP

New Wolves Ad from The Defenders of Wildlife

McCain's 'Straight Talk Express' meets 'Bush Legacy Bus' in Nashville

Scariest Halloween Monster Mask ever!

Pro-McCain yard sign shows burning twin towers

A Question I Pose Again: (Gas Prices vs. Oil Prices):

A Question I Pose Again: (Gas Prices vs. Oil Prices):

Will today be worse than Monday on Wall Street?

AIG Slumps as U.S. Takeover Seen Wiping Out Investors' Stakes, Dividends

RW loony Debbie Schlussel advocates Chinese-style repression of Muslims

My arguement with McCain

Robbing Peter To Save Paul's Riches

So, are we Communists now?

I live in a VERY republican area. Today I overheard two white dudes (about 60 and 80) talking


Please Explain to me why the "Islam Terror" DVD is racist / fear mongering

Just Biden my time...

"The Circular Talk Express"


Über Capitalists agree, it sure is a good thing the Feds aren't taking over Health Care

Can it happen in a McCain deregulated America? Tainted Chinese Milk Leaves 6,200 Babies Sick, 3 Dead

Stock Market sinking, Stagflation, Deep recession, two wars, insane debts/deficit, banks dying

Yeah...I know..I know...

Did you know that McSame has to have his own bed available in his hotel room?

Victoria Jackson: Vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin or god will force you to eat your children

Baggy Pants "Unconstitutional" rules US judge

In Sarah Palin's small town America,

Federal Reserve Act 23A - YOUR money now propping up bad real estate portfolios.

11:30. Dow down nearly 350.

Why do I feel like this campaign is David Lynch's latest film?

The Daily Widget – Wed 9/17 – O-269, M-269 – Obama’s Demographic Gap States

Fucking Bastards

Here's another instance where Krugman got it ever so right

I'm really pissed about this AIG deal.

An Email from Mrs. Obama

Alaska, the new Texas. I was talking to friends yesterday in person, they did not have me on ignore,

Treasury to auction debt for the Federal Reserve (New program)

Woman ordered to remove link to Sheboygan cops' website

RNC Claiming Hub is a Repug-Begging for Money

Lawyers Launching Huge Voter Protection Effort Today

Isn't it funny how the fascist Republicans are singing the praises of Communism?

"Obama's tax on the 'rich' will actually tax small business."

Krugman used a profound phrase on Olbermann's show the other night

Wall Street and Main Street are two different planets

Is the US in a recession?

Wow, What a great post by Sean Penn, over at HuffPo...

The TRUTH about Taxing Small Businesses - Obama's Plan - Backed up by Factcheck and Politifact

Barney Frank coming up on CNBC at 12:35 EST

To Big To Fail vs. Moral Hazard

Why is it people trust the Fed to Save the day but not to run things?

Does anyone remember that silly old constitution we used to have?

Hey, Todd - who's watching the kids?

GAWD ALMIGHTY! Our government is saving Wall Street and bankrupting "the people"!

Who asked where the 527's were? HERE! -- Can you chip in to take on John McCain?

Polling Point. I've been part of them for years. I figure progressive voice

Sen. Ted Stevens charges don't violate Constitution = NO dismissal

Economists Speak About the Election (Freakonomics)

You Can’t Be President: The decrepit state of American democracy

Russia Halts Stock Trading For A Second Day, Gives Banks More Cash to Stem Financial Crisis

My New Video... enjoy

What the hell are *you* CAPTIONing at?

Is Obama "cash poor"?

What would be the reason to lie about the number of dead?

Retailers Subpoenaed Over High Gas Prices (Greenville News print headline)

Will the Real Maverick Please Stand Up

Gold Rises Most in 8 Years as Credit-Market Turmoil Spurs Demand for Safe Haven

Prominent Clinton backer and DNC member to endorse McCain



Federal Reserve Act 23A - YOUR money now propping up bad real estate portfolios.

Dallas schools tell employees to prepare for job cuts

Did the Palin emails have anything "bad" in them?

Gibberish. The woman just spews out "verbiage" that makes no sense.

AIG bailout: too big to fail, or too close to Bush?

New evidence of Kimberly-Clark’s shocking mismanagement of forest resources


cheney dressed in a moose suit goes hunting with sarah palin and....

Email from Obama about Voter Registration

The e-mail hacking is only an issue if Obama's campaign did it - and they did not

Don't assume you're registered to vote even if you haven't moved

My friend asks:

Hey, looks like that $300/$600 we got, we might've needed in the Treasury.

Toyota Says Volt Should Not Get Special Tax Breaks

The Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression



has anyone heard from Jeffy?

Dear Republican Woman I Know

Breaking: McCain Campaign will Disappear Eric Cantor Too, joining Carly Fiorina

It's time to nationalize companies bailed out with taxpayer money.

Constitution Day 2008 - by Russ Feingold

Obama's Campaign is GENIUS. Their Work Over the Last Two Weeks Verified In Today's Polls

Liar Nation: Finally Reaping What We Have Sown

Do you invest in the stock market?

Virginia leaning toward Obama. Obama 48, Mc Cain 46, according to Pollster.Com

McCain Hollywood fundraiser. Checkers and cookies with this gang of winners:

Everyone is getting money!

All Them Bitches is Just Sexist!! (A Long Rant)

All Them Bitches is Just Sexist!! (A Long Rant)

The Rude Pundit: John McCain: The Town Hall Stalker

Palin's Pot Problem

Top Republicans for Obama Release New Book Turning Red States Blue

Remember West Virginia where Obama never had a chance and was safely McCain?

The most powerful speech I've ever heard,

LMAO ... The RW Radio Hatemongers have the toughest job in broadcasting right now.

I hate to be the voice of doom (economically speaking) but,

Audit: ATF lost 76 weapons, hundreds of laptops

the stink of corporate socialism. i thought the repukes said the market will correct itself.....

Pakistan Orders Troops To Fire On US Soldiers

National Organization for Women PAC Endorses Obama-Biden

I spoke with Al Gore tonight - Presidental Campaign is "troubling"

People PC? Anyone use it? Don't

Keep them away from Yukon Barbie!

AIG Rescue Fails To Revive Asian Markets

"Barack " is a Hebrew Old Testament name.

Riveting account of surviving Ike at Crystal Beach

S&P moment of truth...either 1168 holds and we go up or landslide...I see accumulation here

Sean Penn: "pattern of self-service by this man of seven houses. "

Bolivar residents who refuse to leave by weekend to be forcibly removed

Reid: No one knows how to respond to crisis

Man! I'm glad I'm broke!

Blinking Mccain - reach out to every undecided voter you know (pass it on)

More about Sen. Gordon Smith's (R-OR) employment of illegal workers

Links to something I have wanted to see for years now...

Some say GOP stands for God's Own Party

221 Years Ago Today

NBC CEO Jeff Zucker: 'I'm Incredibly Comfortable' With Keith Olbermann's Program

OMG this is hysterical:

The "email hack" is a classic Rovian diversion trick. DON'T FALL FOR IT! Remember these ones?

Betty Bowers Interviews Sarah Palin

House approves offshore drilling in 236-189 vote.

Where are the indictments for fraud

Announcing Plans to Prosecute Bush in Vermont

Are you happy with the Obama campaign?

OK, you big oil fuckers; OPEC crude is now down to nearly $85 a barrel

Chertoff up now - more spin

This is the bullcrap that Fundies send to each other

Less than 200 more to go.....

Less than 200 more to go.....

The kids are all right: gamers well-adjusted, civic minded

Economic Failures were Clinton's fault

Bush: "One objectives of these extremists is they kill"

Three cheers for this young lady - Boys & Girls Clubs of America's National Youth of the Year

Speak With Ann Wright and Emma's Revolution Tonight Online and On Radio

So Ike's aftermath is all cleaned up, all people accounted for, life is back to usual.

Can't wait until the history books are written about Bush

Eva Braun Perino on the Stage!

Alaska AG: Troopergate witnesses won't testify

A Couple of toons for you...

Markets Crash! Currency Trading?

Do you think the Alaska AG has the b's to arrest those who are

Does anyone here teach English as a second language?

Simple Arithmetic All Democratics Should Have On The Tip Of Their Collective Tongues

AIG, bailing out companies and all that jazz...

No more explosions at the embassy? Haven't checked the news channels yet.

Where do I find out how many users posted on DU on a given day?

Bush is looking really ragged these days... more feeble minded than usual...

I'm in debt, but how do I invest in the stock market?

This should be funny, but really isn't.

We need a new cabinet-level secretary.. Department of AUDITING

Public, Lehman workers invited to comment on portrait of company’s CEO

Todd Palin should be referred to as First Lady of Alaska and...

Palin's Pastor Problems

Hillary skips protest against Iran at UN because Sarah is there. Oopse!

Please DU this PBS poll

Hackers break into Sarah Palin’s inbox!

A list of all the legislation Republicans have fillibustered?

A list of all the legislation Republicans have fillibustered?

The Republicants Will Not Go Quietly-What Dirty Tricks Do You Think They Have Planned?

I am asking for a bailout...just $1,000,000

Why does Joe Biden remind me of James Caan?

Which of these are not like the others?

The Silence of the Sheep

George Herbert Walker IV, Bush's 2nd cousin, Lehman's global head of investment mgmt. Layoff?

'mccain blasts corporate greed', what a sick fucking joke.

Sad email I got from my McCain supporter friend! I feel bad for his brother so what do I say??

The Only House Left Standing in Gilchrist, Texas

Finally found Dan Rather's report on Vancouver

Anyone else had "ICU Psychosis"? Here is an article on the extreme form.

My dads boss said "I feel so sorry for those millionairs..."

DU this FREEPED Palin poll at PBS!

I need some perspective on this crisis.

Did you all see the cable ratings from Sept 15th! Rachel is doing GREAT!

Michelle Obama makes People Magazine's 10 Best-Dressed Women's List.

New CNN/Time batteground state polls. They're good!!

We are now the sponsors of Manchester United and The Breeders cup

I hope we can still afford the 12 billion a month for the eternal republican wars!

Margaret Cho KNOWS how to Rant!

Palin poses as a fiscal watchdog but grabbed city funds 2 give office a pricey "bordello" makeover

Sick, racist O'Reilly calls Michelle Obama, an angry woman

Hey mccain, why don't you let some of us poor schmucks live in a few of your homes?

I know the repukes say that we

What If Overnight We Abolished The Federal Reserve Bank And Instituted Our Own Currency?

In 1995 McCain wanted Ø regulation. Now he wants lots of it. How convenient

Pre- and Post-Storm Photo Comparisons - Bolivar Peninsula, TX


Local official at FEMA press conf. "We aren't pulling people off rooftops

Auto industry asking for $25 billion bail out

They can't blame ME for the economic disaster, I'm NOT living beyond my means.

Senator Obama Addresses Nation on the Economy in Two-Minute Ad

Andrea Mitchell: "Governor Palin met yesterday with reporters"

HELP!!! My house is on fire! I need a commission to study the crisis!

Arby's buys Wendy's

FDIC's insurance fund slips below mandated level

Senate Judiciary: "Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation "

How many houses do YOU own & how do you deal with all of them?

Michael Moore to premiere "Slacker Uprising" tomorrow in Ann Arbor

I have a serious question for the financially astute on this board; Where is this money coming from?


FEINGOLD Introduces Bill To Keep Bush From "Secretly" Destroying Country More Than He Already Has

John McCain: No Friend of the American Worker...He voted to kill the minimum wage -- 19 times.

"Obama has not challenged/voted against his own party".. McCain HAS!

Will 2009 Bring a Re-Balance of Power?

PALIN Lies AGAIN! (If ya lie about the little things ....)

Battle over UPS deal moves to Congress

Did The Dow Form A Double Bottom Today?

Latest On Lady de Rothschild...

Pakistan Army will retaliate against U.S. attacks

Why aren't the CEOs and others who profited from these fraudulent

Lady De Rothschild -->>> DELUSIONAL

McCain claimed this morning he 'warned' about Freddie & Fannie... that's not what he said last Dec.

OR Senate Poll: Smith (R) 46 (-1), Merkley (D) 45 (+6)

On John McCain's Melanoma

Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005


Letter to a Republican

Closing bell when bush took over

The Hugo Bush Regime-10,605.92 -453.10 / -4.10%


How do we, the people, demand that absolutely no tax benefits

Ok guys the dow continues to go down

How Can We Make National Healthcare Look Like A Corporate Bailout

Gold prices post biggest 1-day gain ever

Lehman Brothers paid summer intern $55,000 USD biweekly

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime

Another Country: Dem pollster says "values on which politics turned for 25 years have shifted."

Hillary avoids Palin

John McCain on deregulation and removing regulatory laws on lending

McCain Lie Revealed!!! The Original Mavericks!


They have turned the whole US financial sector into ENRON. nt

Newark Star-Ledger warns employees of possible sale, closing

Merrill Lynch shareholders file suit over BofA buyout Atlanta Business Chronicle

What will McSame invent next?

Goldman Sachs now looking for a partner to bail them out (Bloomberg)

DOW goes over the cliff in final minutes of trading...

Michigan Jobless Rate Up To 8.9%; Highest Rate Since 1992.

Israel's Livni declares victory

My movie club won't be attending this little dity.....New conservative movie 'American Carol'

OR-Sen: Rasmussen Says Dead Heat; SSP Upgrades to "Tossup"

Under Bush, the DJIA Advances $22.07 in just under eight years!

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. Phil Gramm and our Debacle

Is SNL prophetic?

McCain is a lousy personnell manager. Can you imagine his cabinet?

"The fundamentals of our economy are sound." Weren't those bush's exact words

September 17 - Birthday of the Constitution, Citizenship Day. A great time to...

The cows that survived Ike are being eaten by alligators

Galveston BioDefense Lab

Caption White House Press Secretary Dana Perino

EXCLISIVE!! McCain's EMAIL gets HACKED...he is so EXPOSED (screen shots inside)

Any advice for WAMU employees, since it's in talks to be bought out?

Is it me or does this new Palin hacked email thing lack subtance?

I gave a thumbs up to a nice woman donning an Obama sticker

Bush is upbeat on Economy

Our Confusing Economy, Explained & Could Wall Street Woes Set Off A Global Crisis?..NPR Terry Gross

Morgan Stanley Considers Merger With Wachovia

One pic - worth a thousand words. Traders today on the floor of the NYSE.

How dare they parade out a man who decries greed and excess

CNN Headline :"Wall Street is crushed. Dow falls 455 points in 2nd worst day of the year"

Defense Stocks Tumble as Anxieties Ripple Through US Market

I love the way Tweety has been Hardballing the repukes this week

Rachel Maddow's Ratings Beat KO Tuesday

The Sarah Palin Sex Tape (Edward Current)

The WH says the economy goes up and down

What banks are the most stable?

Palin/Hannity interview clip up on TPM

Lieberman, & Lynn de Rothschild traded for Lincoln Chaffe and a RINO to be named later.

Desperate McCain Losing More Ground to Obama

Black Monday followed by a Black Wednesday?

Morgan Sachs of America Brothers Mutual Group

Do you think Carlyle Capital is suffering badly or cleaning up because of the financial meltdown?

Tweety must be losing alot of moolah in the stock market

Tweety must be losing alot of moolah in the stock market

maybe what john s mcbush meant to say was

OBAMA CAN'T WIN!!!!! ......without your help...check this out!

The Dangers of Compromising Choice

how long before people

WAMU putting itself up for auction, per CNBC

McCain Accuses MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski of Being In The Tank For Obama

Galveston officials: Feds blocking generators at jail

Galveston mayor likely to keep power after meeting

**50 state strategy key to Obama and Democratic win**

An idea that Lou Dobbs and GWB failed to consider

Grab your ankles...

Gosh golly, if this keeps up we could wind up on the brink of a recession!

Economic collapse hits close to home

CNBC: Is Your Money Market Fund Safe?

Court sides with husband in coma sex case

Full Financial Meltdown for Thursday coming...

Mad Money's Jim Kramer is quoting FDR and mostly rambling...

Aren't the "Hollywood Elites" Part of the Vaunted Investor Class?

It is absurd that the AIG bailout amount is a perfectly rounded out 85B. Was it just 84.2 and

McCain advisor states that McCain helped creating the blackberry LOL

If McSame Hadn't Abandoned His "Sound Economy" Riff, the MSM Would Be Busy Proving Him Right

Washington Mutual Begins Auction to Sell Itself

I took a vow of poverty in 1967. I had thus far been quite successful in avoiding

For Dem party to solve this it will take thowing off "DLC stranglehold" on the party:

Bush at an afternoon meeting. Clearly he's jonesing for a CAPTION

Eeeeeek! A Henry Waxman photo on Yahoo

Guardian UK: Palin named environmental enemy of the year

GOP ex-Congressman gets it -Congress has utterly FAILED to uphold the Constitution & the rule of law

Local soldier not among three charged in Iraqi deaths

Wall Street Crashes the 2008 Election - 'If you break it, you own it...'

Do I hear 25, 25 going once.....WaMu up for auction

Ari Fleischer: Bush is a liability to conservatives

Colbert - Stewart: Do an interview with Tina Fey in her Palin character.

So John McCain is now John Edwards?

Canadian politicians call for handgun ban

Please, tax me.

Valerie Schultz: Who needs Sarah Palin more — her country or her family?

Has anyone here ever moved to another country and started a small biz?

Now that the Federal Gov't has taken over AIG, Do We Now Have UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE?

Understanding Wall Street mess: Interactive chart OMG!!

Some mcsame versus Obama tax info I found.

BBC: Ripples spread from Wall Street losses

How Sarah Palin Will Singlehandedly Destroy the Alaskan Independence Movement

Tab for Government Rescues Rises to $900 Billion

Eerie feeling driving through red neighborhood.

No Joke! Six Brazilian politicians officially rename themselves "Barack Obama"

is it better to keep $ in an American bank or transfer it to a European bank?

Republican mayor supports Democratic candidate for governor (MO)

"The Atheist Finds He Needs a Foxhole....

The Dark Forces blog wonders aloud who might be behind the Palin hack:

With the economy collapsing, consider a career with Blackwater.

Don't you love it when Republicans start saying "Stop the finger pointing"?

I guess we should be grateful to these people in spite of their looks >>

The real presidential front-runner - Dave Barry

Live webcam of the large hadron collider.

MOJO: A list of 83 financial industry lobbyists who work for the McShame campaign

McClatchy: AIG bailout question: Why rescue banks but not me?

My e-mail from Stephanie Miller

I heard this from my wife

oh my, oh my...................

Martha Stewart: ‘I would feel weird, really weird’ about having a president who can’t use a computer

Lou Dobbs....Why Do I Feel Like ............

Any DU'rs have money market funds? Did you get rid of them today?

Morgan Stanley to chinese?

So, The Rs Sat Around And Did NOTHING For 8 Years As Clinton's Economic Time Bomb

Probe of ex-U.S. official sought from Virginia State Bar (Monica Goodling)

UK Armed Forces 'Are In Crisis'

Former Publisher of Natl Review: A Conservative for Obama

Kissinger said if the report was true, it would be "an enormous crime."

Free Cindy McCain

Get in touch with your committee people - they may need drivers & poll watchers

Palin takes first impromptu question from national press

How Soon Before MSNBC Reverses Course & Puts Keith & Tweets Back in the Anchor Chairs?

Dow down 340. NYSE closes in 20 minutes. Question...

Contender for 2008 Brownie Award?

Anyone know what Dick Cheney's networth has increased from 2000-2008

Palin Nomination Gives Hope to the Chronically Unqualified (Satire)

Bad times & real human impact in this town of 9,000 people. 2 unrelated suicides in 2 days

Obama Invokes Rush Limbaugh in New Spanish-Language Ads

Faux News has live town hall meeting with McCain and Palin

I have a confession: I have a man-crush...

RE: edhopper's post - Link to NBC calling Palin out on her LIES

Veto Threat over 0.5% Military Pay Increase

Dishonorable McCain

Mayor Bloomberg Warns Of Possible 'Next Wave' Crisis

Amy POEHLER to exit SNL after the election --- oh, NOES!1

Leon Panetta says bush is AWOL while we're having an economic 9/11

More Skewering of McSame and Co. on the Economy and the Truth


Palin was just asked in a town hall what experience she has re: national security...

Supreme Court’s Global Influence Is Waning

Galveston Press Dispels 'Mass Floating Bodies' and other wild rumours -

Ran into acquaintance who lost job. He bagged my groceries at Publix today.

Fear of God and Darwin

Right now please:

"New revelations re Palin and dominionists"

BREAKING on CNBC: Morgan Stanley may be sold to Chinese bank!!


1929 revisited

National Enquirer: The Sarah Palins Scandals: Call of the Wild

Murder Charge Filed Against 91-Year-Old Man

When will corporate-America's "Money grab" end?

I would like a government bail out please.

Conservative Against Palin (Charles Krauthammer)

Can we take a moment to remember Richard Wright...a founding member of Pink Floyd

LOL - Tweety is beating up on Cantor

Michele Bachmann Watch, 9/17/08: MB OUTRAGED by the discrimination against oil companies.....

The funniest poll ever, Which is why i dont shop at Wal-mart!

Dreaming of a tight Christmas?

Hey the bridge to nowhere is still pegged for earmark money. Check it out!

Just reported on CNN Secret Service to investigate Palin's e-mail hacking.

Absinthe, the 'poet's poison,' was banned in America for nearly a century

Seattle Health Care Town Meeting Thursday night.

AP Exclusive: Video shows workers abusing pigs (WARNING: GRAPHIC)

Defenders of Wildlife

Help me out here - I went to Arizona State

Anyone see Blackwater in Galveston yet?

Capitalism doesn't work.

Biden: “If I sound angry it’s because I am angry. I am sick and tired of this"

My dear Ms. Lynn Forester de Rothschild, you are cordially invited .......

IKE - amazing photos before and after on the peninsula - NOT pic heavy

My Father has died.

Don't worry about the investment banks and stuff. Our MBA president will get us out of this.

Shocking news from law school friend in Pittsburgh

Galveston report: I TOLD YOU SO

Anyone else hearing beeps during the Rachel Maddow show?

NYT Op/Ed: To Pelosi - Hold Rove In Contempt ("Vital National Interest Getting to Bottom of This")

Ted Nugent's letter to Sarah Palin!

Look what I just got!! (Palin/Planned Parenthood)

"An American Carol: What are conservative movie makers afraid of?"

Bush in 2000...... Bush Today... compare photos

What happens if all this bailing out of banks and insurance companies does not work? Then what?

NBC calls out Palin on her lies! Link plus DU Brian Williams our thanks

Palin said, 'I'm the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can't.'"

Exposed: McCain Team Includes 83 Wall Street Lobbyists

Ah talk at coffee shop

How should we pay for the bailout the various Wall St. scammers?

Politicians lie, numbers don't (And the numbers show that Democrats are better for the economy)

Way. BIG fonts

How racism works

An admission by ME of MY OWN blatant stupidity

Store owner shoots robbery suspect

People from Galveston create their own media networks

Battle in Seattle

LMAO!! ReThugs now think Romney would have been better than Palin

I have a feeling . . .

NBC calls Palin a liar!

May their marriage live long and prosper (PICS)

Riding Out IKE 3, My Island Home...

How 6,700 Tons of Radioactive Sand from Kuwait Ended Up in Idaho

FLORIDA TIED -Obama/Plouffe throw down a $ 39 million gauntlet 'pay and play or lose'

A must read for all animal lovers

Can someone point me to the Google Earth download for Hurricane Ike?

The clothes are off!

Update on my daughters wing-nut teacher

Obama buys 2-minute commercial on economy

Have You Ever Seen Campaign Fortunes Reverse So Quickly?

Ok we all know the economy is in the shitter

Donate to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin's name!

Fair deal on credit cards? "Strike one!"

ANON hacks private email of GOP's VP nom !

Don't let them blame Clinton for repealing the Glass-Steagall Act.

Please Help (Onondaga Nation)

Heard On Tom Hartman's Show - Galveston Is A No-Fly Zone Because Bodies Are Floating At Sea.....

Bailout of AIG, the CIA, and Covert Operations

I don't want to hear another damned word about welfare!!

Palin or Biden: Whom Would You Rather Have A Beer With?

Any chance we can outlaw derivatives now?

In 2000 it was Florida, in 2004 it was Ohio. Which state will the GOP steal in 2008?

Election Protection Coalition launches hotline!

Defenders Of Wildlife "Wolves" Ad Against Palin ACTUALLY WORKS!!!

Can you survive without electricity, gasoline, and grocery stores

Today Barclays Bank in London would not wire money to us.

Who does Barack have to choose from for SOD? Clark? Maybe Powell? Or Clark w/ Powell @ SOS?

CNN's 6 a.m. news show gave LESS then 1 min. to Ike

When does someone say "It's not drilling, it's your SUV, stupid"?

Economic Armageddon, the storm has arrived, and what to do for yourself.

On the Road: Great encounters...

Remember You know.. the jerks who were SO proud that

This artist, Zina Saunders, political stuff is great. Here's Joe in tears over not being picked

Pro-gun activist shoots self dead

Anyone else have GOP Friends that they cannot even talk to anymore???

This is EXACTLY Why Bush and McCain Wanted To Privatize Social Security

Palin saying she's seen photos of dinosaurs & humans co-existing DOESN'T make her a kook!!!!

Obama needs to drop-kick Robert Rubin from his campaign immediately

A 527 really should push the rape-kit story

Dammit - you all warned me, but did I listen?!

CBS: The Sarah Palin phenomenon is doomed

McCain: The Most Reprehensible of the Keating Five

Best places to live for a Democrat?

Email received from McCain campaign - should we volunteer to "help"?

Biden (Brutal. Just Brutal): "He Was Bragging To The Folks Who He NOW Calls Greedy'

Any Reiki Masters out here

And we don't have the money for Universal Healthcare because?

A chuckle for you

Does anyone have any sense of what has happened to all the new homeless due to natural disasters?

The John McCain Campaign is One Hundred Percent Bullshit

Sarah Palin or Ricky Bobby?

Obama interview by field and stream (gun rights, conservation, etc)

So.... should I withdraw my money from the bank?

WTF? Lynn Forester de Rothschild doesn't like or trust Obama & endorsing McCain?

Sign JStreetPac Petition to Tell Iran Rally Organizer Palin is Wrong Choice to Address Unity Rally!

Palin credited envangelist witchhunter Thomas Muthee for her political success

Which SINGLE state is the most important?

Grass Roots Relief in TX/LA

Leahy: "I believe there are others out there who could be charged with murder"

Where is the fucking media?

I have thrown away my "Texas" coffee mug

Twenty Thousand Left in Galveston - May Impose Martial Law to Force Evacuation

The draconian measures make sense now, Homeland Security, Blackwater, Patriot Act etc.

Notice Palin's new hairstyle is "hair over the ear?." At the risk

2,000 Doctors Call on McCain to Release his Medical Records

Another (Poppy) Bush enemy nearly died from anthrax attack (1991)

Letter from a Pissed-Off NRA Member

Cue the violins. I lost my house. Nobody's bailing me out. (Kos Diary)

Is it my computer or the liberal sites I visit? Problems....

PETA video shows pigs abused at Iowa Farm

Economic Armageddon, Part 2 (for the fans)

Assuming you haven't lost your shirt or don't have a lot of wealth,

And here we are...

A friend of mine, who is a film/video composer, has made a great video ad for Obama.

This could be why AIG got a FED bailout when Lehman Brothers didn’t.

Get in touch with your committee people - they may need drivers & poll watchers

How on EARTH did we miss the ULTIMATE trumpcard we've been handed on a silver plate?

Some simple math for investors.

Drill, baby, drill....right in the path of the hurricanes.

Why does Peta insist on degrading women to elevate animals?

I have msgs in my inbox dating back to '04. Apparently, I have not cleaned it

Went to Exxon for the first time since Valdez and they tried to rob me!

Honky Cat

Anybody have hypothyroidism?

Is GoPsUx on?

Isn't this a cute boy?

Hey - that Dogfish Head Midas Touch Golden Elixir is FUCKING AWESOME!!

Eins, zwei, drei, vier!!!

Suggestions for good song, lyric, poem to send someone..

Conservatives can cry!

I just ate a whole Red Baron's pizza..ask me anything.

This is pathetic...

McCain pick's new campaign song

read somewhere that mccain was rude to mika

Taking Your False Teeth Out and Sitting them on the Kitchen Counter

The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.

Nothing like the traumas described in the "Worst Medical Procedure" thread, but a funny story IMO

Santogold - L.E.S. Artistes

The most inappropriate kid's slide ever made

iPod help??

Kitch! We've got extended ball!

Coming soon to the Lounge:

LOL, funny experience I just had at Blockbuster

Lounge Lizards: What song are you listening to RIGHT NOW?

This was a FANTASTIC day, then I got a call reminding me

Anyone else getting a lot of 'Connection interrupted' and other glitches

Take a 5-minute break for some music to inspire you:

A lullaby for you...

I'm leaving for Milwaukee tomorrow. Not sure when I'll be online again.

Butt bandit vandals town with greasy groin imprint.....

So... um, Death Magnetic surprisingly does not suck.

"C'mon, he's young, handsome, a Navy hero... it shouldn't be too hard to convince America...

"This is madness!" "No! It is Sparta!!!"

This place is buggin' me

Posting While Ambienant. Post your freeper pictures. Nighty night.

"Special Report: An Exclusive Interview with Senator Barack Obama" supports AWB.

"Special Report: An Exclusive Interview with Senator Barack Obama" supports AWB.

never mind it was a local thing

Finally , I got 6 hour of sleep yesterday night

Abilify: Prescription drug....or newest Bush malapropism?

Who are the clowns to the left of you, and who are the jokers to the right? And --

I manage my money really badly. How do I go about getting a government bail out? nt

OMG! 70% of this thing is UNDER water!

Um, I'm never cooking again...i'm bleeding to death

Ninja cat gets closer without moving

LIVE FEED- 48 hours on a treadmill

OMG OMG!!! I just shook hands with John Kerry!!!

What is your biggest or best accomplishment?

Here are some names that Sarah Pornstar and First Fuckstick should consider....

OMG! 90% of this thing is UNDER water!

OMG!!! OMG!!! I just shook hands with the Governor!!!

Call the waaaaambulance - I froze my Hefeweizen

Clips of my personal favorite scenes from my all time favorite movies.

huh...local GOP put up lots of new

How does such a small cat make so much noise?


The next person (irl) who compares me to Hockey Mom Midge

The Dodgers are going to win the World Series, how much is Manny going to get paid next year

My Son, The Dancing Machine and Home Improvement Specialist! (Cute toddler video links inside!)

Song: "Narnia" by Steve Hackett

I think I might actually need a good thought or two...

Death Cab for Cutie question...

McCain Sings Streisand

Caption this Obama supporter

"sigh...i miss that old bastard." I'll show you who's an old bastard you whippersnapper.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Wednesday September 17

Another reason I hate Walmart (or, did anyone see the Biggest Loser last night?)

"Hitch-Hiker's Guide" sequel authorised by Douglas Adams' widow

I could use some of those certified Lounge vibes


Leave Billy Joel Alooooone !!! Wah , wah ,wah

Why are cats such drama queens?

Why are cats such drama queens?

Thanks, and an update on my situation

Airplanes crashed that day

Airplanes crashed that day

Can somebody tell me the Mexican Spanish for "slimeball?" nt

In honor of Parche - some photos I took of airplanes

The Lounge : The place where useless stuff resides !

A friend just sent this -- very powerful


I had a dream last night that we had a 7.9 magnitude earthquake!

Shirt and Shoes must be worn to be served....

Obama Deletes Another Unread E-Mail

Please join me in a toast to a great cat and companion.

Somebody PM me, please. I missed something on DU.

Stumbled across this baby while searching for something else.


WOW. Some jerk gave the two new videos of my toddler on YouTube a ONE STAR rating.

Tell me something good AKA Build me up, Buttercup

Somebody in GDP is referring to Palin as "Churchy Spice"....

Googling Google. Who's done it?

zOMG! I'm freaking out!

Ha ha ha ha ha. Video from the HuffPost - you have to see it.

Live one in GD! Come and

Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

How do you tip when the food sucks but the service is great or visa versa?

It is 4:00 PM -- I am leaving to celebrate my 20th Anniversary...

What is the last thing you killed,...on porpoise?

I keep having dreams where I take my coffee to work by just pouring it into my bag.

How many times have you...?

Crap - duplicate post. Let's make this a discussion about the magnificence of Pink Floyd.

I never actually believed eating pizza before bed causes nightmares....

Taking a Trip to Nepal Next Week- Any DUers with Experience?

So, does Sarah Palin wear a hair piece for her "up-do"?

Gunplay just across the street (3 shots fired)

Green leader apologises for not smoking pot

Time for a happy song (no, really....I swear on my Godzilla movie collection)

What is the most number of people do see you nekkid at once?

Major Grammer/Spelling peeves

I just saw the worst toddler video on YouTube...1 star!

In honor of Lady Lynn de Rothschild...

How come sometimes you navigate to a website and at the lower left

more NJ stuff !!!! this time WEIRD NJ- JERSEY

Smart beagle escapes large cage.

I just had the most wonderful time, at of all places, the dentist's office !

Ike's gone, back to lurking.

Went to an ob-gyn appt

It's important for Fathers and Sons to do things together to bond

My bumper sticker thread in GD:

Ryan O'Neal and son both arrested in drug sweep.....

"Greasy groin" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "greasy groin".

Some mornings when I am taking my vitamin

I took my car out for a day at the spa yesterday

Some mornings when I am taking my valium

I need a gadget for watching downloaded media on my TV

Has anyone heard anything on Shell Beau???

So according to Sarah Palin, me picking on Midlo would qualify me to be the head of the ATF

phone interview tomorrow

I'm now teaching my cats how to do the Obama fist bump. I allready

I am more qualified to be head of NOAA in a Palin Administration

Why on earth do I keep opening the Gloom amd Doom posts in GD?

We haz a new kitteh baby!!

Insults being hurled between my 8 year old and 3 year old.....

Celtic Thread - Xota Chaconeada

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 9/17/2008)

Anyone in need of a laugh??

I wanted to introduce the Crunchy Tadpoles. With pics.

I absolutely DEFY you to watch this, and not get chills up and down your spine:

NoelMN's soccer game recap:

Seattle DU'ers: How is it like living there?

How do you think the Golden Girls and friends would vote?

Asking for good thoughts and energy

States ask MillerCoors to pull energy drink

Can we have a pic thread?

Match Game Story: "Sarah Palin is such a ____, even her %$*&! _____ #*&$@% ____ her."

Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me...

The Federal Reserve System ceased publication of the M3 aggregate March 23, 2006

My Father has died.

OMG! A New Threat To Our Children!!!

Taking an Ambien tonight- What to expect?

Just a reminder, Friday is September 19, also known as

THIS is what I'm drinking Election Night when Obama wins

Poop Happens.

If you've ever been called white trash, check in.

How did you find DU?

Gus Frerotte is once again a starting quarterback in the NFL.

After nearly 4 years, this is post #1,000


When driving, lights on or off (daytime)?

some JERSEY facts and useless information (kinda long)

Grammar/spelling pet peeves that you've grudgingly forced yourself to except? I mean accept?

9-year-old girl helps deliver baby when mom goes into early labor

NICE doggies!

Billy Joel does not suck! Post songs of his that you like.

I am super duper excited everyone! Went to Hallmark store today - Palpatine on throne ornament!!

What is the last thing you killed,...on purpose?

Anybody else order from Lands' End?

I just told my Little MB about the divorce.

Why does everybody look prettier in black & white photos?

Help! I need some good retorts to the people who keep

Need help in creating my con law powerpoint for class

How do you grow so attached to the presence of someone in only 3 years?

I am NOT old, and your music does suck. Please. Post your favorite

Just wanted to let everyone know that I did it!! I am a new MOM!!!

Test your US geography

How many cans of alphabet soup would it take to make a copy of the complete DU archives???


Totally improbable cover versions

Yeah, baby! We're back on track!

Beware of new identity theft scam

This day has sucked - nothing major, but I need a release mechanism

It appears that some foutray and heast has developed on my pagbo (newly purchased).

Hospice faces cuts in Medicare reimbursements

Lula confirms 'logistics' support for Bolivia against armed groups

Blinking Mccain: Expertise in Economy Oversights

McCain lacking enthusiasm for his soulmate

Senator Jon Tester: Get the referees back on the field!

Chris Matthews lights up Eric Cantor

Obama ad: Social Security

Blasts heard near U.S. embassy in Yemen: report

From: FrankenForSenate

True Leader

4 years in 30 seconds

Biden rips McCain a new one

New Obama Ad Is Running In PA And In Other Key States - "Sold Us Out"

Secret Tape - Obama speech - Hollywood Fundraiser - Sept 16, 2008 PART 1

Senate Dems rip up Republican policies that led to financial failure

Palin: Unfair attacks on McCain's verbage (not a typo)

Valerie Jarrett's Thoughts on Barack Obama

Paul Begala Rips Carly Fiorina

TYT: Chris Matthews Grills McCain Adviser & Cenk Weighs In After

Bill Maher On the Maddow Show: Palin is not ready

Whale Wars - Animal Planet Trailer ------------ premier Nov 7

NBC "Fact Checking Palin

Grand Junction, CO Welcomes Barack

Article II (part 8): Closing Witness, Bruce Fein

Oh Sweet Irony (Lynn Rothschild doesn't own a mirror)

Countdown with KO: Spewing Lies

Obama: "Old Boys Network" is a McCain Staff Meeting

Secret Tape - Obama speech - Hollywood Fundraiser - Sept 16, 2008 PART 2


Rachel Maddow and Spikey Isakoff on the people trying to stop the Palin investigation

Constitution Day: THE PREAMBLE..We The People...Sing-along

Barack Obama ad: "Sold Us Out"

Full Speech - Barack Obama on the Economy in Elko, NV

TYT: Does John McCain Understand Anything About the Economy?

Harry Reid rips the fenders off the Straight Talk Express

Barack on McCain in Elko, NV

Obama (Tells Great Joke): Old Boys Network = McCain Campaign Staff Meeting

Old Boy’s Network: “A McCain Staff Meeting”

Obama`s Campaign Manager David Plouffe's Strategy Update - September 17, 2008

Martha Stewart: Weird" McCain Doesn't Understand Computers

Rachel Maddow talks about Pakistan ordering soldiers to shoot US Troops Crossing Border

Child soldier recruitment and rehabilitation in Chad

Obama: McCain is the old boy's network

NEA Members speak out on political involvement

Faux Fawns over First Dude's moose meat, snow mobiles....

KO and Rachel Maddow discuss McCain and Blackberries

Ex -AIG Employee Slams the Company!!---The Young Turks

Barack Obama's The One

2007:Cramer: Bernanke, Wake Up

CNN factchecks John McCain's lies

AIG's ads ..remember these froma few months ago?

CNN thoroughly debunks McCain-Palin's lies

Is Barack the product of a same-sex marriage. ABC thinks so

Is Barack the product of a same-sex marriage. ABC thinks so

Barack Obama in Golden, Colorado

McCain flip-flops on AIG bailout in 24 hours

Jill Biden: Charlotte, North Carolina

Restoring The Rule Of Law

The John McCain Experience

THE TORTURER - New Movie Trailer- “Shocking, compelling, overwhelming, intense"Thom Hartmann, Air Am

Cafferty File: Privatizing Social Security

Democracy Now: Tariq Ali on Pakistan

Veracifier: Voter Purging in Ohio?

O'Reilly Sees Obama's Got Balls?

McCain says "Fundamentals of Our Economy Are Strong" 22 TIMES!!

Countdown: Angler: Barton Gellman Interview

TheRealNews: China, climate change and US dollars

McCain: My committee "oversights every part of our economy"

Carly Fiorina on John McCain and experience

John McCain: Blackberry Genius

BE The Change

Carrie Fisher on McCain, Palin and Bush

Secret Service Orders Police to Roadblock Obama Supporters

Storm Cleanup - September 15th 2008

TYT: Palin Should Return The Money = Bridge to Nowhere

"When Johnny Comes Marching Home"

McCain, the change: Come On America...

Sarah Palin's foriegn policy training in Kuwait.

Wasilla Alaska in 2 Minutes and 31 Seconds

Red State Update Meets Ralph Nader

Minnesota Republicans Wasted Time on a Monorail-Like Boondoggle While the 35W Bridge Rotted Away

Minnesota Republicans Wasted Time on a Monorail-Like Boondoggle While the 35W Bridge Rotted Away

Candles in the Rain: Tribute to 5 Legends

Senator Stevens (AK) - Abusing his power, letting down Alaskans...

Lilly Ledbetter at 2008 DNC

USA Today / Gallup Poll Rigged For McCain

George W Bush morphs into Sarah Palin


Maddow & Sirota Discuss McCain's Flip Flop on Regulations

Bill Maher on Rachel Maddow Show

Can John McCain Be Trusted: Keating Five Maverick

John McCain's driver talks about how McCain invented the Blackberry

AP Exclusive: Video shows workers abusing pigs

Only An Expert (Can Deal With The Problem)

Democracy Now Headlines- Tues. Sept. 16, 2008

Classic Steve Martin Moment

Reid Says Congress Won't Act Because 'No One Knows What to Do'

John McCain Repeats Bridge to Nowhere Lie ... Again

Ashcroft and Grassley on Sibel Edmonds

Russia Signs Treaties With Georgia's Breakaway Regions

Scientist concedes 'honest mistake' about weaponized anthrax

Sarah Palin’s Yahoo account hijacked, e-mails posted online

‘New Golda Meir’ Tzipi Livni wins election to be Prime Minister after extra time

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 17 - Thread #2

Alaska AG: State employees won't honor subpoenas

Alaska AG: State employees won't honor subpoenas

Alaska AG: State employees won't honor subpoenas

State senator causes ruckus on Alaska flight (guess which Party?)

State senator causes ruckus on Alaska flight (guess which Party?)

Morgan Stanley Gets Call from Wachovia Expressing Interest: NYT

Witness Ties Colombian General to Paramilitaries

Bush threatens to veto drilling bill

GOP Ex-Los Angeles Mayor Riordan Endorses Obama

Lawmakers Seek Market Intervention

U.S. strike kills at least 4 in Pakistan-source

FDIC Funds "Dwindling"

McCain campaign takes over shaping Palin image

Russia threatens to seize swathe of Arctic

Chinese baby milk toll escalates

CIA using missile strikes to `tickle' terrorists

Gold prices post biggest 1-day gain ever

Hurricane Ike: Survivors forced out of homes so clean up can begin

Money Market Fund Says Customers Could Lose Money

Dow plunges nearly 450 points ("People are scared to death.")

Dow plunges nearly 450 points ("People are scared to death.")

Pelosi orders wide Wall Street probe

Secret Service investigating threats against Obama

Secret Service investigating threats against Obama

Voter Database Glitches Could Disenfranchise Thousands

Voter Database Glitches Could Disenfranchise Thousands

Washington Mutual Begins Efforts to Sell Itself

U.S. Lists Bolivia as Nation Failing in Fight Against Drugs

Alaska senator accused of causing flight ruckus

U.S. Congress passes bill to protect disabled

Rove speech greeted with protests, bomb threat, claims of pepper spray

Rove speech greeted with protests, bomb threat, claims of pepper spray

Amnesty urges treaty on arms sales

Obama: The 'Ol' Boys Network' Just Another McCain Staff Meeting

Protesters Attack Job Loss And Foreclosures

Protesters Attack Job Loss And Foreclosures

Senator Leahy to FBI Director Mueller: Suspect Ivins had help in anthrax attacks

Food prices help tip 75 mln into hunger in 2007-UN

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday September 17

What happens when you let Palin slide? One man's story.

US gives green light to food sales to hurricane-hit Cuba

Senate Passes Big Military Bill Wednesday

Merged banks' names cybersquatted

Biden Labels McCain Attacks As "Republican Garbage"

Pope watched over by flying robots during Lourdes visit

Russian markets paying price for Georgia action-US

Police return pot to patient three years later

Iranian lawyer: rights groups, activists step up campaign to get juvenile executions abolished

White House defends takeover of AIG

Palin staff won't testify in trooper probe, AG says

US officials: Yemen poses growing terror threat

Interfaith Federal Credit Union Closes (12th credit union failure this year)

15 LAPD officers face discipline in May Day melee

New Gallup Poll: Obama 47 McCain 45

107 cholera cases in Iraq

Top Pentagon Official in Surprise Visit to Pakistan

(Former Oklahoma Gov Frank) Keating Blames Cheney For No Cabinet Job

Former China Investment Banker Loses Death Sentence Appeal

Former China Investment Banker Loses Death Sentence Appeal

Treasury 3-Month Bill Rates Drop to Lowest Since at Least 1954

Treasury 3-Month Bill Rates Drop to Lowest Since at Least 1954

Blair to appear on US satire show

McCain may take Palin to the United Nations

Bush's Calendar Empty as McCain, Republican Lawmakers Avoid Him

Bush's Calendar Empty as McCain, Republican Lawmakers Avoid Him

Clinton blindsided by scheduled event with Palin

Controversial DVD About Radical Islam Included In Orlando Sentinel

Gallup Daily: Obama 47%, McCain 45%

Gallup Daily: Obama 47%, McCain 45%

Ex-Cheney aide (Wurmser): Bush won't hit Iran

Pakistan Army will retaliate against U.S. attacks

Key senators dispute FBI's anthrax case against Bruce Ivins

After AIG rescue, Fed may find more at its door

Obama leads McCain by 2 points: Reuters poll

Federal takeover of AIG planned

More Toops Needed in Afghanistan (don't call it a SURGE)

More Toops Needed in Afghanistan (don't call it a SURGE)

Ex-Cheney aide (Wurmser): Bush won't hit Iran


PETA video shows pigs abused at Iowa Farm

16 dead in car bomb, ambush at US Embassy in Yemen

'Robin hood' bank manager took £7m to give to poor (U.K.)

UN human rights envoy to Cambodia resigns

Prominent Clinton backer and DNC member to endorse McCain

Palin hammers Obama on taxes in Ohio

New Studies Report Wide Disparity in Health Care Plans

House Passes Bill To Expand Drilling, Fund Renewables

Couric gets second Palin interview ("clear message" to NBC News?)

Afghan blast kills US-led troops

GOP group behind negative Obama poll

The collapse of the U.S. economy threatens the entire world

Ketchikan worries about alienating Governor Palin

Congress Says Department of Homeland Security Oversaw $15 Billion in Failed Contracts

Blasts rock US embassy in Yemen

Tryst turns into $50K robbery for RNC delegate

Western Sahara Human Rights Defender wins 2008 RFK Human Rights Award

Oy Fey Tina’s riff miffs McCain camp

McCain campaign clamps down on questions in Alaska

Sebelius: ‘Code language’ hindering Obama campaign

L.A. Times staffers sue Sam Zell, Tribune Company: Complaint takes aim at actions since buyout

L.A. Times staffers sue Sam Zell, Tribune Company: Complaint takes aim at actions since buyout

Palin says she would lead energy efforts as VP

Sources: Charges against Blackwater guards debated

Texans Want Hurricane Relief Attached to Stopgap Spending Bill

McCain says Obama is 'making up facts'

Bush suddenly scraps comments on financial markets

Government announces $85 billion loan to save AIG

McCain campaign keeps Palin under wraps

Kerry bests 1st primary opponent in 24 years

McCain Laboring to Hit Right Note on the Economy

Barclays to buy Lehman banking divisions for $250M

Durbin voices doubt on extending drilling ban

Gen. Petraeus steps aside as top U.S. commander in Iraq

Gen. Petraeus steps aside as top U.S. commander in Iraq

Troopergate probe running into new resistance

Why Experience Matters

Alaska Republicsans Sue to Stop Troopergate Probe


Heart Disease, Diabetes Linked to Chemical in Plastics

U.S. Regulators try to find WAMU Buyer

McCain Embraces Regulation After Many Years of Opposition

New Obama Ad - "Plan for Change"

Carly Fiorina: Palin Not Qualified to Feed McCain Farina

Once again New Yorker adds a third dimension

Obama team files suit over alleged GOP 'caging' plan

McCain's sudden conversion to economic populism

'Hillary's women' reject McCain's VP choice

The Petraeus Doctrine by Andrew J. Bacevich (October 2008 Atlantic)

Pit Bull Palin by Paul Loeb

McCain Able to Skirt Limits of Federal Financing

Why Experience Matters

Communist Obama Waffles

AlterNet: As Wall Street Collapses, Will Washington Get a Clue?

The Cowardly Elephant: John McCain's Yellow Talk Express

Robert Scheer: Earth to McCain: It’s a Crisis

Not health care for all, but health insurance for all - now that we own AIG

Truthdig: With ‘Allies’ Like NATO, Georgia Better Not Annoy Russia

Teaching Sarah Palin

Feds Announce a Bailout of The N.Y. Mets

Gene Lyons: Without Exception

McCain Reverses Position on Regulation of Bowels

Tariq Ali: The American War Moves to Pakistan; Bush's War Widens Dangerously

Key senators dispute FBI's anthrax case against Bruce Ivins

Commentary: Dilbert guy's economic poll on McCain, Obama

McCain and the Economy

Bush's Calendar Empty as McCain, Republican Lawmakers Avoid Him

Commentary: How to Prevent the next Wall Street Crisis

MoDo:‘Barbies for War!’ (smackdown by Dowd lol)

NYT editorial: Mr. McCain and the Economy

Robert Scheer: Earth to McCain: It's a Crisis

Bush Shows HE Knows … The Palin Doctrine!

Prominent Clinton backer and DNC member to endorse McCain

How many tubes of lipstick would $87,000,000,000 tax dollars buy?

Bridge to Hell: Scathing McCain/Palin article

After AIG rescue, Fed may find more at its door

The Myth of Pro-Obama Media Bias (F.A. I. R. Extra).

Long live the New Union of Socialist REPUBLICANS!

Welcome to this year's blockbuster

Why Obama's Health Plan Is Better (WSJ)

And the Republicans went apeshit

Bernanke: 'We have lost control'

Ari Berman: John McCain & The Ghost of Keating Five

"Forget Ali and Woods, US golf is about smug white peppies and rednecks."

Palin Using Her Child as Political Prop

Holding Mr. Rove in Contempt

No One Is Above The Truth (Conservative Pubbie Can't Swallow Palin KoolAid)

We Can Yes We Can

The Fed's new role: Sugar daddy

OMG! Palin's "Bordello" Office and much more (Salon)

I Masturbated To Sarah Palin (John McCain Ad)


Edward O'Callaghan quits "War on Terror" to 'Save Sarah'

IG: 3-star acted properly in spec ops incidents

4-star: Far more troops needed in Afghanistan

2 Carson soldiers charged in double homicide

A hard few weeks in Mosul

Overseas voters now can get ballots instantly

Pakistani troops ordered to fire if US crosses

Congress may abandon vets’ legislation

Report: Training revamped after 2005 collision

Whidbey squadron returning from Afghanistan

Okinawa assembly protests sub radiation leak

Cummings: CG must act with sense of urgency

House lets POWs sue Iraq over torture

Duty restricted for sleeve tattoo wearers

Schwartz slams retired generals in contracting

Russia underestimated Georgian air defenses

Offutt warns residents of loud, smoky training

Air Force preps options for tanker competition

652 embezzlement charges for ex-VFW official

Navy diverting funds to Naples health study

AFRICOM to work with Congress on budget request

AIG says policyholders safe despite problems

Rep Says Cheney Misled Him On Iraq

Gates Foresees Narrower US Role in Iraq

France Hits Europe for 'Disarming'

Odierno takes over for Petraeus in Iraq

Fayetteville officially annexes Bragg

Army Taps Industry for M4 Replacement

Solar companies feel fallout from Lehman bankruptcy

Climate change already altering farm practices

Russia: Oil Firms Producing at Loss Due to Lower Crude Prices

The Sustainable Living Roadshow - Be The Change

30,000 Olive Trees Near Karak, Jordan, May Die As Springs Dry Up, Rains Fail

Solar Thermal Firm (Molten Salt-Based) Raises $140 Million In New Funding

EPA Has Done Next To Nothing To Impede Flow Of Toxic Electronic Waste To 3rd World Nations - WP

Israeli Honey Production Down 60% YOY On Drought, Colony Loss - Telegraph

City of Atlanta Has 15 Days Of Fuel Left For City Vehicles

Cuban Government Announces Entire Sugar Crop "Flattened & Flooded" By Hurricanes - Reuters

Antarctic Ozone Hole Has Already Surpassed 2007 Size - Some Weeks Of Growth Still To Come - Reuters

Number Of Kyrgyz Glaciers Down By 15% In Past 30 Years - Reuters

New Yorker/NYT Reporter Elizabeth Kolbert Talks Climate @ Ball State Q&A - 1 Student Shows Up

Wayne Besen - the Log Cabin Republicans should disband

Sifting through the new energy bill...

Is "Pro-Family" code for anti-gay marriage?

Thank you, California

Did you know that the U.S. exports, yes, exports oil?

Nice incremental development for ultracapacitors

As Galilee Water Level Hits Record Low, Concerns Over Salination, Demand Grow - Telegraph

Climate change activism and carbon trading - how are they affected by Lehman Brothers crash?

More doubt on cosmic climate link

Palin's Stance As Clown Princess Of Denialists Firmly Fixed By Statements, Actions

Brad Pitt donating $100,000 to fight antigay amendment (Prop 8)

Tesla to build Model S in San Jose

Oregon boy, 12, invents solar cell to help solve country's energy crisis . . .

Get Rid of Coal and Use Trees Instead, Urges Hansen

Physicists urge U.S. to prioritize energy efficiency

Laramie Killing Given Epilogue a Decade Later (Matthew Shepard)

Exit polls: Livni wins Kadima leadership race

Hamas: West Bank militants must forcefully resist PA police

WSJ: Some pensions in U.K. have Lehman exposure

How Reform Worked in China, Part 9

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/17/08

Two ideas being discussed, prevention of future financial crises

McCain Laboring to Hit Right Note on the Economy

Walmart Buys Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and AIG

Okay ... Monday evening, I took all my retirement money out of Lehman brothers and put it

For reference sake, here is where the Dow was when Bush took over

Bush - Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae

Townhall Poll: Fundamentals of U.S. Economy Strong

Assuming you don't have any assets, you owe all of your mortgage, you have

Good Grief! Stock Market went way down as day ended. OMG!

Today in labor history Sept Susan B. Anthony calls for the formation of a Working Women’s Associatio

Atlantic City: Bally's appeals forced sit-down with dealers' union

This time around: Will Unions demand Real Value in exchange for Real Value?

Why You Want a Progressive to Be Running the Economy

Andean leader calls for adjustment of development model

President: Peru willing to sign trade deal with EU

US puts Bolivia on drugs blacklist

"Bolivarian revolution" in reverse: Cubans line up for chance to use idle state land

Bolivian army disappointed at Chávez

Lula confirms 'logistics' support for Bolivia against armed groups

Cuba 'accepts dialogue' with EU

Witness Ties Colombian General to Paramilitaries

The roots of the financial meltdown began with Bill Clinton

Colombia: sugar cane workers threatened

So, 12 days of the Paralympics, and not a single post about it on DU?

Manchester United unveil new football kits

YouTube of Big Brown winning the Monmouth Stakes

So tomorrow, I, a Red Wings fan, am having drinks with an AVS fan

Hey Trotsky--I see the Vikings are going with Gus "headbutt" Frerotte as QB..

Anyone watch the ryder cup???

Another weird dream last night

God(dess) smiles

Did anyone see yet another UFO program on ABC yesterday

Nightmare this morning

Found this over at spirit library. Very inspiring! "The Secret to Ascension: It's You"

Help! 2012 thread in the Lounge, and I waded in, against my better judgment.

OK, I'm going to try something

I want to do this cleanse. Has anyone else tried?

Health Care Town Meeting Thursday night.

Do you prefer new doctors or more experienced doctors?

Study measures firefighters' racing heart rates

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Elizabeth Edwards calls health-care system immoral

gosh it's quiet around here today

Don’t miss DU OP “Link to new Obama approved radio ad telling 54 million gun-owners he's no threat.”

DUers from the Guns forum might want to contribute to Obama and AWB discussion on the thread below.

Audit: ATF lost 76 weapons, hundreds of laptops

DU thread in GDP, "Exclusive Interview with Senator Barack Obama" supports AWB.

Every statement Obama has made about firearms is a direct quote from our 2008 Dem Party platform.

Any advice on fixing gravy that turned out too sweet?

16 Unassuming-but-Lethal Poison Plants

Fluorescent-Red Glowing Fish Found

Fast-food could betray criminals (new fingerprint detection tech)

In honor of the continued Wall Street dump

After decades of denial scientists are finally admitting that there is life out there.

Pope watched over by flying robots during Lourdes visit

Hackers block Qaeda’s 9/11 terror on tape

"Watching America"

9/11: Law complaint in Germany

Things I didn't know about September 11

Two Videos American Networks Don't Dare to Show You!

Ike: Mobile Congressional Office

Ike: POD locations

Anyone in Conroe?

Ike: report claims; request loans.

Thank you, Canada!

Flood threatens West Texas border town - Presidio

Obama up in new Reuters/Zogby poll; gains ground among Independents, women

whats a good Audio Card. dont need anything special, piece of crap ASUS proprietary board card wont

my computer starts flashing if i try to open zip files.. have to shut it down

Political Blogs and the Election

Anyone here with Democrats Abroad in Toronto? I want to help...

The Globe projects Kerry winner

Bachmann hasn't accepted invitation to debate.

Minnesota volunteers needed to stop South Dakota's proposed abortion ban

Video: Bachmann Goes Berzerk... Again!

Nick Clegg

AG, prosecutor to form election team

Drinking Liberally meets this Wednesday! 6PM onward at Sugar Maple on Lincoln

In Milwaukee, Walker is trying to pull a Van Hollen...

Man who read Bible to, and had sex with, his comatose wife every day, charged with rape (NSFW)

Rove in Sacramento on Friday, 9/19?