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Archives: September 18, 2008

Full Financial Meltdown for Thursday coming...

The roots of the financial meltdown began with Bill Clinton

While McCain/Palin Are Complaining About Lipstick and Her Yahoo Account People Are Losing Thier Jobs

This economic mess reminds me of Katrina, Iraq, Guantanamo, Attorney Gate, the Valerie Plame outing

"Old boys network? McCain is going after the old boys network?

CBS poll: Obama leads by five after trailing by two post-convention

My Reaction To This Email BS:

Troopergate Gets Weirder...Palin: He Tried "You Know,To Kill My Dad" (eerily familiar?)

Palin's email's on Flickr?


So in all of this financial turmoil where's Shrubya??

The Page: Obama Targets McCain on Energy and Social Security in New Ads!

Conservatives Criticizing McCain (The Economist Editors)

Bush: AWOL on 9/11/01; AWOL during Katrina; AWOL now when Wall Street is tanking

Congratulations! Rove & Co Hates Us!

BREAKING on CNBC: Morgan Stanley may be sold to Chinese bank!!

Damn! CNN slammin' McCain and Palin again tonight..go Campbell

Help convince my friend BUSH is resposible for the stock market

Palin recieves large donation from Nigerian prince, invests in Alaska school system.

On Olbermann: McCain speech at auto plant filled with Obama supporters

McLynn Forester de Lusionchild

Republicans at Wikipedia

Why is Cindy McCain by his side continually?

I think the McCain / Palin Maverick ad that still brings up, Bridge to Nowhere is hurting McSame

Tha Paliban?

Updated polls..if you havent seen them

Why you should not pay attention to the polls...

More good poll news: New Mexico Obama 52%, McCain 44%. Survey USA

If you get the job as President, you work for US. So listen up.

McCain can't fix problems, he IS THE PROBLEM - 26 years in the senate and look what he brought us -

McCain's Economic Advisor was Central to the De-regulation that created this horrible economic mess

I grew up in a house that regularly degraded Martin Luther King as an

**** Obama on CNN ***

Intrade's current election prediction chart is on their main page...

NYT: "The Palin effect" was, at least so far, "a limited burst of interest"

Question about Freeper site

*** the Gang that can't Shoot Straight ***

It's 9:11PM Do you know where Ossama Bin Laden is? n/t

Palin family meeting

Need video of GM workers chanting Obama today...does anyone have it?

This thread is probably a Rovian trap.

Fiorina's comment called 'Biden-like'

2 voters sue Ohio elections chief; Claiming Voter Suppression of Rep's.

I Think Texas May Go Blue (FEMA Failing In Wake of Hurricane Ike)

No doubt Trooper Gate will not hurt Palin before the election......

That's it. I'm going to say it.

Nothing but Obama signs

Closet Republican imo.

Obama is in the driver's seat.

LTTE Generator

Obama advisor Gene Sperling is on Bloomberg right now.

I'm taking up a collection for Sarah. Anybody have any spare G's they can donate?

Conservatives Against Palin/McCain (The Economist (II)

My mom, an older white woman, voted for Hillary, now she LOVES Obama

Gawd. Wanna get sick? Palin on Hannity. Puke

Wanting John McCain to fall off a stage like Bob Dole is wrong.

The hack is a Rove reversal... They're going sympathy all the way!

Rachael beat Larry King last night!!!!

Jeb Bush Throws His Brother Under The Bus At McCain Town Hall

Why Obama's Health Plan Is Better

Now would be a great time for an economic version of the "Daisy Girl" ad

Poll Finds McCain, in Tight Race, Is Still Tied to Bush.

Check out usa election polls and tell me what you think

Conservative FOR Obama

Apparently some people here think I'm a "concern troll" - this after all my posts over several years

Palin on Hannity is reading her answers .... my guess

Isn't Rachel M. Great?

Republicans for Obama -- who's supporting him for prez? CAN u hELP?

The Cackle and Whine of Republicans is Like Music To My Ears!

Obama aide: No fixed rules on too big to fail

How long before David Broder makes some stupid false equivalence

McCain's list of Staff Lobbist, Did somesay good ole boys???

Tweety may be mad at the Repukes because....

ROFL... Republic Jewish Coalition tries to tie Obama to.... Pat Buchanan?

On KO: McBush gets jeered at GM plant in Lake Orion, MI. Many were chanting

Simpsonized Sarah Palin

I was out all day... what did I miss?

Wonderful Smith: "Hello, Mr. President" . . . a reminder why we feel so good about Obama

My senator, Amy Klobuchar, is kicking ass and taking names

Is it just me or does McCain have some unusually bad surrogates?

Politico Staff: Obama wins the day (fifth straight!)

2004 Election Graph

The Media gave Sarah the Benefit of the doubt...

ok, i watched.........

Anderson Cooper just cited a poll that had Obama ahead with white women.

Cpt. McCain of the RMS Titanic

? re polling folks with no land line

The R Word

Well the lipstick is off Gov. Palin, at least.

Palin has to have her own dead animal carcass in her hotel room.

Remember that scene in Animal House where there was chaos at the parade and the Kevin Bacon guy was

McCain-Palin mastercard commercial

Michael Palin for President!

Deep Thoughts From Sarah Palin, the HokeyMom

Palin's very first answer to Sean's first question on Hannity was a LIE

Obama: McCain's Campaign Like an 'SNL' Routine

just catching up on some Biden clips over in political videos

Did anyone watch Palin on Hannity? I know I didn't.

Holy crap! McCain and Palin lie about Alaska Coast Guard cred with foreign policy experience

Perhaps Obama should name his Treasury Secretary.

A month ago...I suggested that McCane give it up...make himself a HERO by joining OBAMA..concede

More Re: McSame & Wilderness Barbie's Townhall Meeting today...

Obama fund raising scam?

I added 2 new phrases to my vocab today: "McCain Republicans" and "John McCain's Republican party"

Palin Has a Track Record of Managerial Malfeasance:

CNN Lying Through False Neutrality Again - Both Candidates Failed To Seize The Economic Issues?

****HEADS UP****Larry King Live - go to website & vote : Who will make a better VP***********.

I have never, EVER loved a presidential ticket the way I love Obama and Biden!

Remember how the Soviet Union collapsed?

Palin: "as for foreign policy, you know I think that I am prepared"

David Sirota: Obama's New Ad On Trade: Better Late Than Never

How is it a plus that a Republican takes on corruption in their own party?

John McCain's new plan to save the American Economy, have it marry a really rich woman

Can anyone tell me what the McSames have been truthful about in the last 2 weeks?

He Was Right !

The RePUKES have not yet rolled out Reverend Wright ads. When they do, how do we ATTACK back !!

Self Delete

Palin details her "specific skills"..."I am prepared. I have that confidence, that readiness"

Palin details her "specific skills"..."I am prepared. I have that confidence, that readiness"

Obama 48, McCain 43; Back to Mid August Numbers (Times/CBS). Fat Lady spotted warming up back stage.

Everybody keeps talking about an "October Surprise." Remember where it came from?

New Mexico Poll: Obama 52, McCain 44

Voting Machines - will they be rigged, hmmm, "irregular" again?

Who are Obama's economic advisors?

Time to bail out - for the People of the United States of America!

Turns out my DAD knew Mika Brzezinski when she went to Williams College...

Photo Caption?

Referring to Palin's "hacked emails", Greta Van Sidewaysmouth said McCain's doesn't email...

Referring to Palin's "hacked emails", Greta Van Sidewaysmouth said McCain's doesn't email...

Sure, Palin's Yahoo's account was hacked. Palin was the one who committed the breach of security

That's it! I'm establishing a rule: No More Narcissists in the White House.

Obama at the Cashman Center in Las Vegas

Florida: McCain vs. Obama "Tie"

Anybody see Chris Matthews going off today?

Anybody see Chris Matthews going off today?

There is a lot of positive energy going on here tonight!

Gov. Sarah Palin to Sean Hannity: 'The economy is a mess' and Tina Fey was 'spot on'

So where does Obama really stand now?

So, what happened today?

Alaska connection w/ hacking.

Underestimating Obama

March 2008 - Obama: "Pain Trickles Up"

Where Barack is spending his money...

Rachel Maddow has highest rated show on MSNBC (beats Olbermann and CNN's King)

Tweety ripped Cantor but good....

"The old boys network..."

Now my BROTHER in Kansas is saying he won't vote

Sign of optimism?

Everyone, Obama took a big hit today with the multi-millionaire crowd. Can he recover?

Trooper-Gate's Attorney-General Problem

John McCain Helped Push Through Gram-Leach-Bliley

I don't like having to agree with Sarah Palin but dammit, she's right

This is Your Nation on White Privilege - By Tim Wise

Now That The Government Owns Fannie & Freddie & AIG And Will Probably Bail Out More ......

The Governor of Montana gave a hell of a send-up convention week

The Governor of Montana gave a hell of a send-up convention week

Democracy Now on AIG Bailout Trojan Horse

McCain thinks Spain is in South America

Is it not time for the Obama campaign to kick this lardass cow, Candy Crowley, off the campaign jet?

NBA Player Disses Anthem: How soon until the Freepers try to link Obama to this?

Regulations - Big Business v. Middle Class Families and the Case Of FHA Mortgage Insurance

With signs pointing our way now...

The Palin Phenomenon reminded me of the book "Lord of the Flies"

Landslide or nailbiter, Keep talking about the positives

If I were governor and used a yahoo account for state business........

Heads Up: Seven Battleground Polls will be released tomorrow on the Big Ten Network

**** General Election CONFIDENCE LEVEL POLL Wed. Sep 17 ****

For the first time in a month I am very very happy with the Obama campaign

Poll: Obama leading in Indiana 47-44 per Indianapolis Star

Events of this week show McCain really screwed up in bypassing Romney

McCain responds to the financial crisis by suggesting...

McCain/Palin and their Deregulation Lobbyists

Todd Palin, The Former Secessionist, Suggests Alaskans Are Not Americans

They're deflated, just talked to a Repub acquaintance of mine.

Well, this week proves it... the "original maverick" is just a swayback nag.

Joe & Hillary discussing Women's issues! Check it out.....

Without reservation, I believe Joe Biden was the best choice for Obama

Who else of McCains surrogates, will be vanished to the corn fields?

Hacking Palin's personal e-mail is such beautiful irony after Republicans defended the Patriot Act

This naturalized citizen just got his voter identification card!

Latest New Mexico (Battleground State): Obama +8

Memo to US Secret Service: Net proxy may pinpoint Palin email hackers

The Worst Economic Crisis since the 1930s

Obama in Vegas!

So I'm up at 3 AM running bills for my office

At this moment, what do you think will happen in the coming national elections?

Palin email hack? Senate GOP hacked Dems emails for a year

John McCain Doesnt Know who the Spanish Prime Minister is

All The Closet Freeper/Trolls Trying To Blame Bill Clinton for the Current Economy

I just went over to HBO, signed up and put the Sara Palin wolf video up

I just went over to HBO, signed up and put the Sara Palin wolf video up

I seen them thar foot prints in with the dinosoars big ol' claw hoof thingy...

High Turnout, New Procedures May Mean an Election Day Mess (WaPo)

Media continue to falsely suggest Palin supports benefits for same-sex couples

ABC reported McCain's comment that "economy is broken," but not previous day's comment that "fundame

Anybody see Tweetygoin after Teetr?

KHOW's Caplis and Silverman allowed Romney to misrepresent Obama's tax, energy proposals

The one thing I just can't be Color blind about...

Limbaugh: "Troopergate" investigation is "pure sexism," but Palin "didn't bend over and let" Alaska

Deciphering their racist code words

What Happens After Obama Wins????

Ruth Marcus: True Whoppers

Which red state is most likely to turn blue this year?

I don't trust this e-mail story it sounds fishy

Democrats do not have control of the Senate, The Republicans do, with filibusters.

McCain Seen as Less Likely to Bring Change, Poll Finds. Barack's doing fine among white women. (NYT)

THIS should be bigger news than some socialite endorsing McCain

Mike Barnacle(sp) just now on MJ re McCain taking Palin to UN protest.

The tell in the alleged Palin email scandal:

*HEADS UP: Joe scheduled to be on ABC's GMA this morning.

Donald Trumps statement on Larry King show proves he's out of TOUCH

Obama 69% - McCain 28%, Hispanics in NM!

Obama 69% - McCain 28%, Hispanics in NM!

Colorado, Colorado, Colorado!

Author of "Citizen McCain" jumps ship

Author of "Citizen McCain" jumps ship

Idiotic LTTE from the Columbus Dispatch: Obama is a Muslim!

We need two weeks of hitting the GOP as who we are running against.

QUINNIPIAC POLL: Obama 49, McWalkingCane 45

Media word of the day.... "Zingers!"

Will Bush leave office with a lower approval rating than Nixon?

Unanswered Question Watch, Day 9: Are McCain-Palin Endorsing Sen. Ted Stevens' Re-election?

NYT: People should stop picking on V.P. nominee Sarah Palin

Anonymous Hacker Group? Who are these guys? Palin's Email Hacked

Campaign update video from YouTube

The Motherlode of All Voter Registration Information That You Need

So, now apparently we have both McCain and Palin shaky on foreign policy?

New Mexio-Obama 52% McwalkingCane And Doomed Beauty Queen 44%

When did McCain start campaigning for Obama?

Christian radio host Jan Markell hosted conservative activist Nonie Darwish, who advanced claim that

Republican meltdown spells the end of VooDoo Economics

Why is the Keating Five scandal never, ever mentioned by anybody?

Why is corporate media lying about "inconsequential messages" ?

NBC Today does "Palin Fact Check"- questions Palin's credibility.

Why is it that when Obama is leading in the polls, the race is "tight" or "tied"

Did anyone just see that CNN AC360 "report" on Florida?

Did Anybody See Insanity's Hard Hitting Interview With Falin?

Questions about Palin's hacked emails....

Guess what Drudge leading top story is

NEWSFLASH: Palin Decries 'Unfair Attacks' On McCain's "Verbiage" on Faux

Registration advantage should really help us in PA.....

I know it's irrelevant but I'd love to know what the candidates have read over the

I haven't seen ANY McCain Ads recently. But I've seen plenty of Obama Ads...

Indiana: Obama up 3 in Indianapolis Star Poll

For the wealthy paying higher taxes isn't just a patriotic act, it's one of self-interest

Palin addresses the 2008 Alaska Independence Party?!?

I have a premonition that McCain is going to turn on Palin and slam her.

Ewwww Lynne Cheney is hacking a new book on dead intern Scarborough

How will McCain attack Obama on the financial crisis?

***Heads Up: Elizabeth Edwards Now Live Before House Energy Cmte In DC***

Obama Seen as More Likely to Bring Change, Poll Finds(65-37)

Long Time McCain Supporter: 'Supposedly Principled Maverick Morphed Into Panderer'

Delete, posted in wrong forum

Can John McCain go NOWHERE by himself?

Team Obama celebrates taking the lead in the national polls (from Daily KOS)

More Republican feminism(Media Matters)

Looks like Palin didn't bother to listen to her constituents when they wanted to stop aerial hunting


"Hello! I'm Swiss and I want you to vote for Obama!"

CNN Quick Vote:Which presidential ticket do you trust more on economic issues?

McCain and the Meltdown

A friend asked me to post this...

Is there any possibility that "bittergate" might come back into play?

A Rebuttal to the Fannie/Freddie stuff the Pubs are starting to throw?

Not Knowing The Spanish PM= Unqualified For POTUS. If US Mediawhores Ignore/Excuse This

Caption McBush?

Man, Drudge is really stretching for some anti-Obama dirt lately ...

Is there a video of Caribou Barbie calling dinosaurs

Watching Obama's Latest Speech Makes Me Think Of This Song

Detroit Free Press: Will Obama appear at University of Michigan game?

NBC News tonight did a fact check on Palin that was devastating.

ROVE: Palin "Is Not The Most Qualified Candidate" & She Was A"Political Pick"

I'm always waiting for Bush to say "and we thank you for your support"

Well, I'm reassured. Bush to the rescue again!

Obama to appear in Espanola, NM today


"OBAMA 08!! OBAMA 08!!" McCain chanted out the door at GM plant!!

What does "fundamentally sound" mean anyway?

Maverick::''If he can't convince/command/carry etc. his own party, haw can he lead the country''

Punch & Judy in Cedar Rapids, IA today! (But don't ask them to view flood damage)

Sarah and Todd Palin's public stories about when they "told the kids" don't seem to match up

Obama: "I'm not a Johnny-come-lately! I didn't just show up yesterday and start calling for change"

Could you imagine if private Social Security accounts passed...

Time Picks Up McCain's Alzheimer's Moment. Did McCain Diss Spain?

GWB give the day to Obama by showing up today.

Rasmussen: Obama 48, McLiar 48

Quinnipiac Poll: Obama 49, McCain 45

Hagel On Palin: ‘I Think It’s A Stretch To…Say She’s Got The Experience To Be President’»

NY Times, Reuters quoted McCain criticizing Obama for Hollywood fundraiser, didn't mention reports o

what good is "experience" if it doesn't translate into great ideas?

CNN POLL OF POLLS: Obama up by 2

A local paper in my area is spinning quite irresponsibly for McCain and I am LIVID

CBS News: The McCain Bump Is Over

DU this CNN poll (if you haven't already)

Apparently McCain invented some computer products in his spare time in the past

Another opinion piece that subtley questions McCain's cognitive toolbox

McCain campaign releases photo of McCain working at a computer lab

Lowering the bar some more for the Palin/Biden debate now on MSNBC

Obama backpedaling on Don't Ask, Don't Tell?

WSJ predicts that Obama will win due to economy

**** "The Decider" on CNN .Com ****

The media is still trying to talk up Palin while her unfavorables go up

DailyKos -- Commenter at "Please tax me!"

I predicted it last night - Yahoo composite/average of MANY polls now has Obama up by 1%

Conservative For Obama (Susan Eisenhower)

MSNBC: Bush to appear shortly to tell us

Obama is Set To Make The Demcratic Party the Majority For the Next 40 Years

Obama is Set To Make The Demcratic Party the Majority For the Next 40 Years

OBAMA 49 MCCAIN 43 - DailyKos / Research 2000 tracking poll (09/18)

Note to Ms. Rothschild:

Here is what I think is one of the most effective campaign signs you could put up around your town

Obama in Las Vegas - Pic heavy!

O'Reilly says of Michelle Obama: "She looks like an angry woman"

Palin's Role in Charging Rape Victims for Evidence-Collecting Exams isn't a Big Story in the MSM?

McHoover's plan to save the economy

Do the Repigs out there thing we're cheating?


NEW CBS Poll: Obama 48% McSame 43% YEAAHHHH!

NEW CBS Poll: Obama 48% McSame 43% YEAAHHHH!

*** Biden in Ohio **

McCain's ad buy on the Today Show

If Palin Isn't Committing Crimes Or Consorting With Terrorists-Then Why Can't We Monitor Her Emails?

Robert Reich on why Obama is better prepared to manage the current economy.

Oh my, McCain is now as unpoopular as Palin

Huffington Post: "Campaign Momentum Shifts Back To Obama"

Right-wing viral pro-McCain "news" and your response

Hypothetical: IF we really started pulling away from McCain/Palin... what would the Repigs do?

Prevaricating Palin “Didn’t Hear A Word” That The “Hilarious” Tina Fey Said

****Heads Up: Michelle Obama Now Live Campaigns In Charlotte, NC****

New Battleground polls coming

How accidental is this? Callers dialing for N.J. Democrats get sex chat offer instead

Anybody seen Michelle in the news?

Takin' it Back with Barack Jack! (For Swing voters!!!)

WaPo: High Turnout, New Procedures May Mean an Election Day Mess

Ooh! Social Security Ad from the O-Team talking about McCain!

So in the first debate, a week from tomorrow, how many times will McCain mention he was a POW?

Opinions on polls by ARG?

So I know this is meaningless,but a chuckle nonetheless,Has any one noticed Palins outfits this week

The View discussing 'Obama Waffles'

Ex-Republican For Obama (Lincoln Chafee)

Ex-Republican For Obama (Lincoln Chafee)

McCain’s Problem: He IS the Problem

Obama takes on McCain on choice

I'm going to see Barack Saturday. Ask me anything.

I want to see Obama and Biden HAMMER Dubya...

Email Hack, Perhaps A Dirty Karl Rove Trick?

Is the MSM covering the bombing in Yemen, "deadliest direct assault on a U.S. Embassy in a decade"?

Is the MSM covering the bombing in Yemen, "deadliest direct assault on a U.S. Embassy in a decade"?


Excuse me. Don't mean to P on your parade but,

Rachel: Campaign Comeback.

Palin: A failed governor from a small state.

Troopergate Round2: Part Rove, Part Laurel and Hardy

Troopergate Round2: Part Rove, Part Laurel and Hardy

Conservative for Obama (Jim Leach)

Quinippiac: Obama 49 McCain 45. Obama up 14% among women.

McLame is in trouble and Palin is getting more sucky in the eyes of voters, according to Nate Silver

Palin: Doing Private Business using Public Resources

Some Lyrics To Go With Today's McCain Campaign Stops

"That kind of thing is insulting to the American people." - (R) Sen Hagel on Palin

Rasmussen daily: Obama 48 (+1), McCain 48 (unchanged)

Former L.A. Mayor Richard Riordan (R) Endorses Barack Obama

IMPORTANT: Justin Fox of Time gets his facts wrong on McCain, Biden, and Glass-Steagall repeal

Chris Matthews: Bush's Conference today...Too Late!!

Hey maybe mccain will privatize social security

Klein:John McCain has raised serious questions about whether he has the character to lead the nation

self delete

Conservative Criticizes Palin's Qualifications (Chuck Hagel)

Poll finds more voters see Obama as agent of change

Palin: "I certainly didn’t mean to hurt his feelings. Didn’t mean to offend any community organizer"

McCain "sounding like Bob Dole impersonating Huey Long"

I will leave you all tonight with a prediction

An Observation in My Neighborhood

Sarah: A Desperate, Scary Amateur!!

Hey there Republicans!

Going to check my TIAA-CREF in a minute to see the damage.. Thank GOD polls are in Obamas favor

So, Sarah Palin spent $50,000 redecorating her mayoral office. That's more than

I know it might not be conventional wisdom, but I think America will fall in love with Biden on 10/2

The Two Questions I want answered from Palin

Biden Calls (The Wealthy)Paying Higher Taxes a Patriotic Act

Hey, Bush! Are you too busy sticking pretzels in your face to address the nation as it faces an

Polling on this day in 2004

McCain's campaign claims he meant to snub Spain (on the plain?)!

John McCain's sidekick is out on the stump lying again

Bill Clinton on The View Monday

What You and I Bought Sarah Palin-Her ego-driven decision to build an emergency dispatch center

How are you going to vote?

What’s with GOP presidents and GOP president-wannabees and Spanish leaders?

What’s with GOP presidents or GOP president-wannabees and Spanish leaders?

McCain on Palin's economic qualifications: "point guard on state championship basketball team"

George Will: McCain's closing argument must be "we need divided government"

Ugggggg, McSame and Ms Half Baked Alaska

Would Obama say "I don't know, I'll get back to you"?...

McCain camp stands by tough talk on Spain (What???)

New Palin over-ear hairstyle to hide listening device during debates?

My E-Mail To Real Clear Politics

LOL! While McCain talks, the DOW is now NEGATIVE , going down again...

OMG! McSenile is really fuggin' up on TV...can't read and messing up ...he's

A TV ad the Obama campaign ought to produce: "John McSpain"

Can someone show me a link to where Palin cut special needs education?

LA Times With The False Neutrality Re Candidates Economic Plans

Joe Biden to be Keynote Speaker at HRC National Dinner Oct. 4

Boy McCain is struggling to read his notes. . .

MoveOn for Obama Party September 21st... Find one near you and let's win this!!!

Palin Truth Squad: Burning Bridges in Alaska

Some kind of disruption while Sarah is talking....

Just breaking on Bloomberg--"McCain says if he were president he'd fire Sec Chief Chris Cox.

Now is the time, not just to win this election, but to DESTROY the Republican party

WTF? McCain doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground...

Why are the networks afraid to show the protesters??

Much Clearer Now

Who feels good this morning? I know that I do.

What did McCain just say? WHO would he fire if he were the president? Thanks.

Something just jumped off at the McCain rally. . .

OMG! The protesters took over McSame's speech

McLiar's theme of the day...

Something about John McCain's memory problem you should know

Scarborough: "The chickens have come home to roost"


McLiars team mocking Biden on his statement on taxes....

Conservative Criticizes Palin's Qualifications (Daniel Drezner)

I hope someone is timing how much coverage these GOP folks are getting on air!

ABC News: Palin's Email Habits Echo Worst Practices of Bush Administration Says Expert

McCain says "Regulators were asleep at the switch"

DU - Be Prepared When Media Starts Spreading The Newest Distraction TP - Townhall Meetings

Senate Armed Services Committee ranking member forgets Spain is in NATO.

The MSM just showed McPalin's entire campaign rally. They better do the same for Obama...

Great... the scripted asshat radio callers are back

AIG Leads `Unlucky 13' Stocks to $1 Trillion Loss

SO, McCain wants Obama to join him on stage right now??

Is it just me, or in this picture we can see McClown checking Palin out?

A Great line from Gail Collins OpEd piece in todays NYT....

Michelle Obama among 10 best dressed women: People magazine

Great Rant: 'Enough! Here's Why The Polls Are So Damn Close' - Bob Cesca

Please do not refer to McCain "Gramps."

Ronald Reagan would be rolling over in his grave...

John McCain goes apesh*t (warning not suitable for all viewers)

Who's the steppford blonde behind McCain.. I've seen her a few times now..

McCain advisor spurred $62 trillion derivatives market that will swamp global markets

New Gallup Daily Poll: Obama 48% McCain 44%

Gallup: Obama 48, McSame 44!!!

Yet another poll showing Obama with a good lead in New Mexico

Palin Stays Vague at Town Hall

Watching McCain/Palin Rally. Why no shots of the Crowd? Is the Media Helping GOP with Deceit?

Effort to Tackle Sex Violence Stalled by Palin's Office, Sources Say

Gallup - Obama 48 (+1), McCain 44 (-1)

The world is afraid US voters might make the wrong choice

Gramps/mooselini rally looking to start on MSNBC - looks like they're back to 500

In surprise move, Palin dumps McCain from ticket, says

Here's a chance to make your voice heard:

McCain blasting Wall Street---oh the Irony with Irony screen cap included.

Study: Stock market performs better, less volatile when DEMOCRATS are in power.

Dow now at 10,522..... officially lower than when Bush took office (10,588)

delete - wrong forum

Need poll help CNN Money: Which candidate would be the best leader in a bad economy?

Jews should have no part of smearing Obama

MCCAIN'S PAIN IN SPAIN.... (w/audio and list of other foreign policy incoherencies) -- Updated

GALLUP TRACKING: Obama 48 (+1), McWalkingCane 44 (-1)

Kos: Focusing on Palin was the smart approach

How long will it be before MOST Repukes start blaming McCain for choosing such a loser as Palin?

Will McCain train his VP using his 16 major foreign policy gaffes?

So Why Is McSame/Failin' Getting All This Air Time Today?

congratulations shrub! the djia is now officially lower than when you took office!

Keith is rockin tonight!!

Joe Klein: John McCain and the Lying Game

Burn Baby Burn

Did the markets drop 450 points today? Or is my computer stuck?

BooMan: McCain: Reckless or Senile?

Has this PBS poll been posted?

Palin the HACK CRIMINAL goes after Biden

Dow 1/20/01: 10,578; 1/20/05: 10,471; 9/18/08: 10,459

Asian markets down 3% or more in early trading tonight.

Keith! Showing McSame's "fundamentals of the economy" shouting OBAMA!

A question about McCain's health insurance tax credit

Barack Obama's a Winning Name

We need to take advantage of the current mood and really get people to VOTE EARLY

Betty Bowers (America's Best Christian) is going straight to hell!

"The U.S. military is the most profligate polluter on the planet."

Working from home today and my big boss just called me....

Don't know much

Isn't email hack proof of abuse of office for Palin?

Isn't email hack proof of abuse of office for Palin?

Tracking polls all show positive movement for Obama today

Caging report by Keith coming up!

Has Anybody Been To Freak Republic?

National Journal Battleground Polls: CO: O+1, FL: Tied, NM: O+7, OH: M+1, VA:M+7

McCain Would Refuse To Meet With Leader Of NATO Ally Spain

recent observations

BATTLEGROUND POLLS: FL Tied, Obama +1 in CO, +7 in NM, -1 in OH, -7 in VA

Repugs talkin' point today: Obama and Fannie Mae...they are all spouting the same line..

Have any media folks commented on how Palin did not answer the question on foreign policy experience

Old Boy Network...McCain staff meeting...

Rumors about Morgan Stanley, what do I do ?

Obama and McCain's Economic Proposals Compared - Without Spin and Anti-Tax Slogans!

It has become very apparrent that DrudgeReport is now promoting a strong Anti-Obama, Pro-Palin meme

Palin/McCain picks her new Cabinet- Yes she did put her name first today

Sen. McCain, Please Don't Make My Vote a POW of the Culture Wars

New Orleans levees and ASCE flawed peer reviews, email from

A guide to campaign mumbo-jumbo

Interviewing a Giraffe...

Some of the Freepers reactions to Palin's E-mail hacking:

I am willing to accept a bailout of AIG and the rest of them

Best explanation for McCain's response to the Zapatero question

new site exposing Palin: - link

Evangelicals who vote Democrat & the "social" issue ballot initiatives

INDIANA: Obama 47, McCain 44. Bush won this state by 21 percent in 04.

Recycle, because it happened so late last night

Mike Barnicle actually had a good line about Palin's visit to the U.N. next week..

Talking point about Joe Biden - pls kick to the top so talking heads hopefully will see it.

Palin defends McCain's economic 'verbiage' (uses the wrong word)

HEADLINE: Chertoff in Texas, Vows Quick Help for Ike Victims (QUICK!?!?)

Ok, for the big financial brains here - what about the "branded" mutual funds?

“The President is Once Again Violating International Law by Invading Yet Another Nation...

Noron is smacking down Photenhauer on Palin the CRIMINAL LIAR and her lies

Take a Bow GD:P. You are now the class of DU!

New Poll: Indiana Obama 47% McCain 44%

Recount done! Palin's Lt Gov whom she heavily endorsed just lost his bid for the congressional seat

Fantastic photos of our next president!! Obama Road Blog in Nevada

Wiretap Cases a Go Despite FISA Change

The Real Scoop On Palin’s Staged Town Hall Meeting — Another Pretend Moment!

The Real Scoop On Palin’s Staged Town Hall Meeting — Another Pretend Moment!

Lindsey Graham: Chuck Hagel has no Judgment, Sarah Palin does!

Obama: Solving our financial crisis

CNN Radio News .... Caribou Barbie's voice OMG is it irritating

Perhaps, I do not deserve to be a citizen of this nation.

McCain is falling faster than my portfolio

Todd Palin, The Former Secessionist, Suggests Alaskans Are Not Americans

Condi Rice on news right now trying to redirect focus to Russia

I just got my Florida absentee ballot in the mail.

Joe Biden to speak at HRC dinner.

Toon: McCain's Economic Brain

Here we go. McCain flunkie Steve Schmidt says Obama "cheerleading" Wall Street chaos.

Gallup Consumer Confidence: 7% positive, 78% negative

Biden: McCain economic plan ‘ultimate Bridge to Nowhere’ - CNN Ticker

Boy, do we need a Depression!

Biden: McCain's Economic Answers are a Bridge to Nowhere

Did I hear Shia Labeouf correctly on Leno last night? (re: massive government spying)

Who's the expert on DU on McCain and his ties to this financial crisis?

The "Maverick" just can't stop stealin' Obama's lines..

You know those poll numbers?

National Tracking Poll Average: Obama 47.75 (+1), McLame 44.25 (-.5)

Natl. Journal Battleground Polls!

What a difference between NJ & Survey USA African-American vote

Latte: $3.39....Gas: $42.95....Watching Tweety rip Eric Cantor (R) apart like a pitbull: PRICELESS!

TIME- Did McCain Diss Spain? Gaffe or New Member of Axis of Evil?

An Old Toon, But Even More Appropriate Today

Great article! How John McCain Lost Me.

We need the video of McCain interview that Rachel just aired.

McCain's Financial Stance at Odds With Anti-Regulation Past

Palin/McCain administration?!

Why Palin Being More Popular Than McCain Could Help.

Guardian UK: Financial meltdown spells the end of the free market model

September 17, 2008 - General Election Ballots

Karl Rove: Palin excitement will die down, Biden & Palin were both "political picks"

Whats your freedom worth?

Want to know what you just bought? AIG is the poster child of hiding what the execs make.

Rachel needs to tell people on set to stop talking when the camera is rolling

Woman mistakes elk's call for a fight, calls cops


The George W Bush Pinata!!

TPM: George "Macaca" Allen to headline GOP minority outreach event

Coincidence or not? Biden begins talking about his foreign policy experience on stump

In McCain's defense

Did anyone watch palin? How did she do on the love fest?

Maxed-Out Moms

A Conservative for Obama (article)

McCain's Pain in Spain (Part of a Pattern of Cluelessness; Imagine if Obama Made These Mistakes)

Picture of Bush now on Drudge --- bwahahaha

Wonder how these guys are doing today & was McCain in the audience?

Obama/Biden will what I tell myself

A GREAT idea!!!

Fuld Tells Lehman Employees He Feels `Horrible' for Their Pain

McCain/Palin to Snub Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Um. WOW! We really are going to CRASH!!!!!

Any Word on The Overseas Markets...

Gallup: Obama 48 (+1), McLiar 44 (-1)

So when is Barack and Joe holding rallies or Town Halls today?

CARLY FIORINA?!?!? Typical Corporate Crook IMHO

Obama has been talking his heart out about the economy; so why aren't people getting it?

Leahy Expresses Doubts About Suspect in Anthrax Case

Mike Malloy calls Sarah Palin "Moose-ilini"

My fundie friend sent me this in an e-mail...

HuffPo: The Delicate Subject of John McCain's Marbles

Palin Steals McCain Rally: People Walk Out After Her Speech in Cedar Rapids

dupe dammit...

So that was Kent Jones? (At the end of Rachel Maddow's show)

"John McCain thinks that tax evasion is patriotic"

What's the deal with the "Taxes are patriotic" nonsense?

"WaRshington" does McCain think that makes him sound like he's some kind of outsider?

Quit bitching and "whining" about economy you morons...

Could Wall Street Woes Set Off A Global Crisis?

Can we sustain this until election day?

Can we sustain this until election day?

Time for some social canvassing

should we contact Reid's office and our Senators and demand they don't leave?

***pics from McCain screened rally today in Iowa***

Delete, posting bug problem

There's only one excuse that I can think of why McCain and Palin rose to the top of the GOP:

They're using the "D" word

We cant allow the Chinese to take over Morgan Stanley

DId anyone else receive CD "Obsession" Radical Islam's War ?

Brad Pitt donates money to support gay marriage

If The Fundamentals of The Economy Are Sound

I don't get

Karl Rove: "Palin was a political pick"; says "Palin excitement will wear off"

McCain: Raising taxes isn't patriotic, it's 'just plain dumb'

McCain On Spain Shows Addled Brain

I called Reid's office

How do we frame this economic crisis to make sure

What, is somebody running a "Biggest Fucking Idiots" contest? I vote Chrysler.

Just got a small giggle from CSpan..

So how's that Republican economy workin' out for ya?

Trooper-Gate's Attorney-General Problem

FYI,Bob Woodward on C. Rose tonight part 2, at 11:30 PM,

Where can I find Biden's appearance schedule online???

WTF? AP: Rove calls Palin a "political pick" and "not the most qualified candidate".

WTF? AP: Rove calls Palin a "political pick" and "not the most qualified candidate".

Poll- Do you really think Palin's eMail was hacked?

OMFG did you hear the people shouting Obama 08 as MCPOW

Watch Biden talk about being patriotic by paying taxes -

So, I called the Editor of the local paper to complain about his response to an Obama supporter.

Honestly, I *just* saw Thomas Frank before Rachel Maddow interviewed him live!

Tweety said something yesterday that may have been overlooked here...

Jeffrey Gundlach of TCW Group:The worst is yet to come

McCain is going to fix what he helped broke?

Complements about my Obama stickers.

Indiana 9/18/2008: Obama 47%-McSame 44%

The Four Theories Of Obama's Bounce

Conservative for Obama (Andrew J. Bacevich)

caption this Bush pic..

Obama's 2 minute economic ad is at the top of the drudgereport page... I don't get it

The Latino vote swings hard for Obama

Peace Day Magazine 2008

Palin is an asset to the Repub Party, NOT a liability, but this is ultimately good news for Obama

Pew Research Center National Poll: Obama 46, McCain 44

Call MSNBC to tell them you expect them to air Obama's entire rally just like they showed McPalin's

Conservative for Obama (Douglas Kmiec - Update)


Keep The Talk Going: Has McSame Lost His Marbles, Or What?

Conservative For Obama (Jeffrey Hart)

An Obama bumper sticker concept I was playing with today

Former VA GOP Governor For Obama (Linwood Holton)

It's open season on Republicans.

White Privilege, White Entitlement and the 2008 Election-a MUST-read!

How did we let Republicans turn sex into a crime?

Hackers break into Palins email account

The primary issue of this campaign.

With all of the financial turmoil on Wall Street and the bank crisis is

Washington Mutual is now putting itself up for sale. Looking for anyone to buy.

Rachel Maddow's impressive ratings: already tops Olbermann!

McSame took $21,550 from Fannie and Freddie

The Roots of a Dream by Senator Barack Obama

McCain is a grim shadow of his former self

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Norah O'Donnell repeatedly misrepresented Bidens comment.

Is it safe to assume that the subject of privatizing Social Security will not be brought up

Proposed combination observation tower/wind turbine generator for downtown Portland, OR

Palin Polling-NO Longer An Asset To The Ticket-In Fact-She May Be A Liability

Now Cotessa Brewer joins Whorah O'Donnell misrepresenting Biden's tax plan

Man who read Bible to, and had sex with, his comatose wife every day, charged with rape (NSFW)

The National Organization for Women officially endorses Barack Obama for President!

"That thing got my blood a boil'n! " Even Keith's commercials are good!

Japan's Nikkei Index Plunges to -374 by 11AM, currently down over 400 by 11:56AM

I believe Freeperville went down.

To be on NIGHTLINE tonight. Calif. cuts labor costs!!!!

Conservative for Obama (Larry Hunter)

"McCain, on Spain goes gurgling down the Drain"

So how hard would it be to "hack" into Palin's email?

Dick Morris - What a TOOL

For anyone who heard David Frum's "commentary" on NPR

Watching Colbert: Is GM's Bob Lutz a fucking idiot, or what?

Okay - who has the contact list for msnbc?

CNN poll Obama 48% (0) McSame 44% (-4) in FLORIDA!!!

About the "Hacking" of Palin's Yahoo Account

Dumb Fuck of the Day Nominee: Contessa Brewer tries to compare Biden and Palin on Foreign Policy

Palin and the bear

i'm loving watching tweety eviscerate (r) eric cantor

Asia/Pacific markets are already 4% down

HOTLINE TRACKING POLL: Obama 46 (+1), McCreep 42. Economy top issue, benefits Obama.

McCain Attacks Wall Street Greed—While 83 Wall Street Lobbyists Work for His Campaign

Just a heads up Obama radio ads, and TV ads are saturating NC! Thank you Obama!

We have a chance of accompishing more than we thought!

McSane sends a FEDERAL PROSECUTOR to Alaska to shut people up on Trooper gate

The lying game

The lying game

Another McCain Gaffe

Sweet Shara says PALIN/McCain Administration oops!!!!!

On MJ...Mika asks " I have the Ebola virus"?

Hell is in the process of freezing over:

What's with all the 'economy isn't so bad' replies?

Notice when the subject is war or death Bush and his thugs are on our TVs on 24/7

HSBC cited as possible Morgan Stanley suitor

McCain wants to Liberate Spain? Spain is our Enemy?

WaPo: White House Press Secretary Avoids Scheduled Foreclosure on Her Home for Unpaid Property Tax

Why is dying for your country patriotic, but paying for it Outrageous?

The destruction of Gilchrist (Jeff Masters)

Democracy Arsenal on McSpaingate: "This is beyond extreme. This is beyond reckless. This is insane."

Anyone else nervous about Pennsylvania and Michigan?

Sam BrownShirt Is On MSNBC Now

Need a couple of answers - Wasilla rape kits & Harvard Law Review

MD GOP Congressman Endorses Obama (Rep. Wayne Gilchrest)

Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama: 46 (+1) McCain 42 (no change)

6 words to consider RE: the Palin Yahoo! Email "Scandal"...KARL ROVE BUGGED HIS OWN OFFICE

6 words to consider RE: the Palin Yahoo! Email "Scandal"...KARL ROVE BUGGED HIS OWN OFFICE

Crowds - Ditch McCain-Once Sarah Quits Talking

Palin: "You think this is just baby fat, right...It's some thick skin"

My prediction is when PAPA and his goddess loose Sara will be back in the future

Are the Chinese done buying us dinner?????

Election strategies that have failed us in the past.

Paying your fair share is patriotic. Period.

Intrade-Obama 298 Electoral College Votes McInsane 240 Electoral College Votes

Rumors swirl around Palin: (humor)

Rumors swirl around Palin: (humor)

October surprise: McCain's coming stroke on 10/17/08

Where is Bush?

Larry King had Robert Reich and Ben Stein on together. Hard to tell who was the Dem.

I saw an Obama sticker on a brand new Hummer this morning.


Repigs are back on their heels

Stolen 'election' 2008 is on the way.

Bill Maher on Rachel Maddow show

Political Cartoons

TIE in Florida:

I guess I just want to know why. WHY is this happening?

Nice story about Joe visiting the Football Hall of Fame

FREEPERS Fear The Impending Legion of Obama Supporters. *snicker*

Pew National Poll: Obama: 46 McCain 44 (good comparison of Obama strength vs. Kerry)

Road Blog: Joe Biden on the Ohio Bus Tour - fun photos

McCain's Pro-Vet Image Clashes With Record

New slogan!!

"Some of Ike's missing may have just washed away" ("Exactly how many is anybody's guess")

I'm doing the giddy dance!

Predictions-An Obama Win

Richardson at Obama rally live 3:50pm EST

Richardson at Obama rally live 3:50pm EST

Ron Paul: ‘I could never support somebody who thinks that it’s funny to say bomb bomb bomb Iran

US 'may plot assassination of Al Maliki'

Hoover revisited

Daily Gallup: Convention/Palin bump gone Obama 48 McCain 44

Daily Gallup: Convention/Palin bump gone Obama 48 McCain 44

ROFL They're invoking T.R.!

Why have we not heard from Palin on the economic crisis?

"John McCain can't decide whether he's Barry Goldwater or

Look what my son wrote about labor rights at Center For American Progress!!!!

InsiderAdvantage Colorado poll: Obama 51% McLiar 41 %, Obama leads by 10!!!

CNN is covering McCain's speech again while Obama speaks

Palin email hack will be used by the Govt to turn the internet over to the Corporations

That's It. These Polls Just Made My Head Explode

Obama responds: Is McCain Goldwater or Kucinich?

Brad Pitt donates $100,000 to fight California gay marriage ban on ballot

The Freeps are comparing Failin Palin to JFK!

McCain is STILL Using Van Halen's Songs in their rally's even though they asked him to stop

CNN poll: Who can bring change to Washington?

The real regulation we need is for government to stop bailing out failed companies.

bwahahah Pig PAlin DISinvited to Iran rally(UPDATED LINK)

Wow, Obama is on point: economy, economy, economy...McCain is Bush

Wow - read these interviews (Great Article)

A couple of things to laugh about this morn, one is an e mail rumor

Bill Clinton will be discussing Economy, Housing (and maybe Palin) on CNBC 4:40 EST

McWalkingCane Advisor: He didn't mean he would "fire" Cox -- he would "ask for the resignation."

I get to see Joe Biden on Saturday!

"John McCain can't decide whether he's Barry Goldwater or Dennis Kucinich!"

The Dude and the MSM

LOL! Now this is funny!

Thanks to Bush.... my 401k has become 201k

Curtains for Linens 'n Things?

A new poll; what's up w/Indiana?

OK Tivo owners, what was Stevie's secret message on the commercials last night?

Have you all seen this video of Palin's church that was removed from youtube?

Whenever you hear someone say that Palin is in charge of the Alaska National Guard, you say this:

Whenever you hear someone say that Palin is in charge of the Alaska National Guard, you say this:

If you want to watch Rachel's show and you don't have cable:

David Corn: McCain on Regulating Wall Street: Then and Now

David Corn: McCain on Regulating Wall Street: Then and Now

Asian stocks tailspin and investors run for cover amid 'complete loss of confidence'

Are Sarah's 15 minutes up?

The McCain Campaign: Attacking Obama on Things He Might Say

McCain's Qualifications

US: 7 soldiers die in chopper crash in Iraq

Culberson speaking on an emergency appropriations bill forTexas

Bridges to God, Lincoln, lies and Nowhere. Needs to be Challenged

Coming up on CNN: Palin had tough time answering a question ON HER AREA OF EXPERTISE!

Biggest redistribution of wealth in history

Okay, let me get this straight...

Republicans doing their utmost to blame AIG's demise on Spitzer

Oops, I posted this twice.

Big Media Is Giving McCain A Total Free Pass On Recent Events - McCain On Regulation

Repub Cover-Up Of McCain's Dementia: Yes, Generalissimo Francisco Franco Is Still Seriously Dead

Is anybody watching CNN, Donna Brazille? I need to talk.

doesn't it seem like the government is merging with corporate America?

Central Banks Offer Extra Funds($247 BILLION) to Calm Money Markets

The new talking point is that it is a Democratic Conspiracy

I was driving, listening to BBC last night, as the economic chaos spread around the world

Could we put together a list of Bush regulatory appointees

Could we put together a list of Bush regulatory appointees

Did anyone see Tweety SPANK Eric Cantor-(P) VA last night?

Google OKs Religious Groups' Abortion Ads

Freepers angered over Brad Pitt's donation to fight California ballot initiative!

Forward this to undecided women: video of Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton discussing womens issues

Keep in mind, THEY controlled Congress from 1994 till 2006, IT'S ALL THEIR FAULT

Big10 polls: Obama up in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin, tied in Iowa and PA.

Joe Klein: Incoherence

Does Anybody Else Think John McInsane Will Implode During The Debates?

I don't know why i watch CNN, but I do

What a beautiful day

repub Cspan caller: 'Some people are just born to rent'....huh?

Unemployed States of America......

Should Obama support this RTC bailout of banks?

So where the fuck is our current President with his opinion on the financial crisis?

The theories surrounding the "no-fly zone" over Galveston are nonsense, and here's why:

Some thoughts on dealing with Racism in this Election.

Anyone know when Biden's event starts in Youngstown OH?

bush's presidency: bracketed by 9/11 and an epic economic meltdown

You know,, if Sarah Palin is going to be "raptured"--

This link contains Obama's plans for the financial crisis/RTC ... link

Category 4 storm hits Wall Street, shrub eats cake..

Oil and Gas Regulators' Hearing on CSpan3 today

NBC: Records reveal Palin's push for earmarks

I hit back at a Fundie email about Palin

Right-Wing Christians Believe God May Have Dumped Palin on Us to Start the End Times

Palin Close to Getting Road Cutting Through Alaska's Izembek National Wildlife Refuge

Remember how Palin was insulting Clinton yesterday?

And Here's One, Straight From Alaska !!! - 'Palin Truth Squad: Burning Bridges in Alaska'

Now it's a "Palin and McCain administration".

Joe Klein: Patriotism - in support of Biden's taxation comment

CNN Poll: Which Presidential ticket do you trust more on the economy

AlterNet: Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are

DU This Poll

Move Over Olberman, Rachel Maddow Tops MSNBC Ratings (And She Beats Larry King Too)

"It's a conversion of convenience.." Best description yet of McCain's 'reformer' mode!

They were pushing the Obama is more negative than McCain

The Media, the economy and the end of the neo-cons

Is Al Qaeda aiming for a McCain victory?

Biden: "When’s the last time John’s had a press conference? I’m serious!"

McCain's birth

ABC "Alaska AG Also Has New Objections to Probe" (Brian Ross)

I just would like to thank the mods.

bridge to nowhere...

Biden vs. Palin (foreign policy) reminds me of a quote from "Sex and the City"

This one picture sums up what McCain is asking us to do in November

What was the password that Sarah Palin used that the hackers figured out?

Rosie...Love her or hate her she totally makes sense in this blog. READ IT

CNN showing how McCain clearly distorts and lies about Obama's tax plan

TOON: Tom The Dancing Bug - "The Maverick! They Knew He Could Never Be Tamed!"

Tweety:' Bush gave a speech on the economy as short as a coo-coo clock.'

I have been away from my computer/TV....

If Palin gets foreign policy experience by seeing Russia from Alaska, what about you guys?

160 words from John McCain's White House mentor during the week of worst crisis since Depression

160 words from John McCain's White House mentor during the week of worst crisis since Depression

Exclusive insight into the Taliban -

Donald Trump on Larry King - unbelievable!

Obama mocks McCain's call to fire SEC chairman

Hacker impersonated Palin, stole e-mail password (AP)

Obama, is, without a doubt, the.....

McCain of the Week -- 'Sounding like Bob Dole impersonating Huey Long'

Please respond to this DU Poll (in GD)

REPUBLICAN's back to their RACIST tactics - MUST read inside

Man, I'm feelin it today.

Punch Bush - Give him the slap he deserves

FYI: What a Bank Failure Would Mean for Depositors

McCain's "confused" interview with Spanish journalist

This is the best September for a democratic nominee in 8 years

Who the fuck are John McCain's "congressional allies?" McCain

An idea for Barack Obama's Campaign...

Check the strength of YOUR bank at this site!

The cover up is worse than the crime.

McCain Campaign Takes Over Shaping Palin Image

What action is being taken regarding informing purged voters?

The "fundamentals" of the Titanic are strong......

Who just saw that MSNBC clip of the chimp walking to his chopper? His coke jaw was going nuts!

I went to freeperville just to see what they were saying. God I fell dirty.

Bill CLinton on CNBC right now

McCain’s plan to fire SEC commissioner is unconstitutional.»

Another Chertoff press conference

Help! Did someone try to engage in voter fraud against me?

Claiming the negative tone of the campaign is because Obama won't do town hall meetings is SULKING

Amy Goodman: Wall Street Socialists

small aside...image of the white house on CNBC looks so empty

Game changer. Obama better get a handle on this fast. The Resolution Trust revival.

Sept. 18, 2008, bush proves he's 'still alive' while America implodes.

O'Reilly is outraged, wants to call Attorney General over Palin's emails being posted

GW looks worse and worse these days. I'm starting to feel sorry for him...

Key Bush States Might Flip - National Journal

Why is there a resolution commending the surge?

I thought only countrys run by thugs nationalize privately held companys?

I now have even less repsect for those supporting McCain/Palin

Explain it to me like I'm a first grader: McCain taxing health care benefits

I'm voting Republican because....

What's Happening In Alaska?

Game over, man, game over. The R5THX mk. 2 scandal is a disaster for Obama.

Barack Obama Uses Google to Combat Vicious Rumors

Perino sez.... It was a good decision (bail outs)

Living cheaply, what do you do to cut back?

"The Russian Stock Market has not been able to open for a day due to their market Crash"

Finally, Obama EV projection today at 284.8

Kudlow on MJ spreading the meme

Important McCain/Palin Spain Briefing Info Leaked

Palin Throws Alaska Under the Bus

68% Same as Bush and a 57% a Typical Republican

Where is Bush? "I assume he's in the White House."

Why we aren't hearing anything from Bush

Why we aren't hearing anything from Bush

KUDOS to TWEETY: Again today he said that all the same people would be at a McCain inaugural party.

McCain and Palin are on a "learn as you go" program for this election. His lack of knowledge is

Global Finance: From Brinksmanship to Barter

Whenever I see Palin on TV "The Dude" is always there... Whos watching the kids???


‘Class Act’-ion at the L.A. Times

Chuck Todd: Obama has been Much More Negative than McCain.

How 'bout an attack ad making use of these two videos...

For the RTC challenged. From a good poster here...

After the Fall: The Financial Re-Regulatory Agenda

Bush will be on TeeVee in a few minutes

Now that media flunkies themselves see their retirements going down the tubes, a shift will occur.

The bailouts are really just McCain Bailouts.

Brief O'Reilly Kudos

McCain Attacks Wall Street Greed—While 83 Wall Street Lobbyists Work for His Campaign

Hunting fades in California amid sprawl - and revenues for condors/pollution enforcement/et al down

OMG. Is this moron (Chris Cox) advocating another term for Bush

bush to make statement after meeting with his economic advisor's

dupe n/t

Conservative Radio Host ... Mark Levin .. is ripping into McCain .

surge update - 7 U.S. soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Iraq

The market dropped while Bush was speaking

Perino: Bush willing to lead, just not willing to talk about it. USA! USA! USA! USA!

Caption "*" at the NYSE!

From the Onion, news about a new third party candidate!

Donald Trump is a fucking asshole

Trucks loaded with ice (FINALLY) heading from Woodbine to victims of Ike

"Town Hall" Meetings...Not

I'm trying to get info about a Joe Biden appearance...

Headline in local paper made me laugh out loud!

The latest release from the "Well, who wudda thunk it" Department.

Disturbing! "IEDs Blamed For Killing US Forces In Iraq By Iran-"IN FACT OF AMERICAN ORIGIN"

LOL...CNN Poll...Can Bush stabilize the economy......81% = NO!!

I got a letter in the mail today from the Repugs!!!!!! Arghhhh!!

Why Doesn't Comcast Carry MSNBC ??

John McCain: He's Got Nothing

Mark Halperin Somehow Concludes McCain Won The Week

The Rethug's Oct. Surprise will consist of:

YouTube (UK only for now) Bans Videos Of Weapons

Are there any market sectors doing well or ok despite the overall downturn?

She really is the "American Idol" candidate!

Helicopter Crash Kills 7 U.S. Soldiers In Iraq

TYT: George Bush Becomes a Socialist

Pit Bulls agaijnst Palin - knows as much about pit bulls as foreign policy

Former LA Mayor and Republican Richard Riordan opens Santa Monica, CA headquarters

Some of Ike's missing may have just washed away

Joe Scarborough ripping on republicans on MSNBC

Did the K-Street project cause the current Wall Street mess?

Call the police. I've been robbed!

Cuckoo McCain does it again -- every hour on the hour now, like clockwork

ABC calls out McCain on economy flip-flops!

New Video by Barack on the ECONOMY - must see!

Kudos To Palin!!! She Wants To Put The Government's Checkbook Online! Transparency At LAST!!!!

Wow...look at the Dow now...up 400 points

Two weeks ago I was guardedly pessimstic.

bu$h* wastes america's time on teevee

Is MSNBC is trying to "undermine" The Rachael Maddow Show" with the

McCain's Strong Father ad "...I'll Keep You Safe."

How does McCain want to pay for 'Murican Military..

Robin Hood—who was he?

Texas Officials Open 26 New Relief Distribution Sites

Palin: "I Was a Product of Title IX" and Other Gems - Yup !

Interesting... apparently Hillary proposed a HOLC model today versus a RTC model

Shuster just nailed this asshole Senator from NC

The paradoxes of vote-rigging

New GOP talking points: bad loans to "poor people" (wink wink) caused the financial crisis

'Lehmans ABANDONED UK Staff'-Ex-Employee Reveals Riddle-MISSING BILLIONS- Switched From London to NY

CNN is a waste of time....

Do you know what galls me when moron* spews on the TV machine?

The Missing Money - good link

McCain Pushes Offshore Drilling Because Fish ‘Love To Be Around’ Oil Rigs»

New Jersey: Obama: 55% McCain: 42%

Fixed News Just Lied About Biden's Vote!!!


Passed by community flat-screen TeeVees; saw President(sic) Bush...

Sarah Palin did a $2,500/plate fundraiser in Cincinatti.

Well the dow started off with "big numbers", something like 160 earlier...

For those of you with AIG/VALIC investments

ANOTHER PALIN LIE! She claims she took a pay cut as mayor of Wasilla, well it turns out...

Just a little example of how the AIG mess impacts the local economy; in this case, Vemont's

Carly Fiorina is available to ruin your company

"John McCain can't decide . . .

Obama 47, McCain 44 - Indiana!

I've just had the most unreal conversation about politics EVER


The MSM failed us today....

yesterday was constitution day. All SS teachers had to do somethig about the constitution

Cavuto to O'Reilly: "You're Worse Than the Very Politicians You Castigate on Your Show"

7 US Soldiers died in Iraq today

Condition of inmates in Galveston County Jail is questioned

FEMA Voucher Text Message Is Hoax

Bill Clinton/Bartiromo interview on cnbc about financial crisis

McInsane Continues To Crater On Intrrade

The New Hoovers

Notice how when the polls are clearly swinging in our direction...

Republican op ed columnist sure have the pulse of America

Back from the hinterlands, collecting right wing scalps, what did I miss?

What the hell is a "Federal Subscriber Line Charge" on the phone bill

"AIG was teetering on the brink. The Federal Reserve stepped in. Was the right decision made?" "NO!"

Wall Street Mess - interesting how wage (non) growth, outsourcing

McCain’s Economic Solution: Everybody an Amway Distributor

Salmon flesh "fouled by disease"

CA: Opposition to same-sex marriage ban grows

U.S. Requiring Controversial Vaccine

Have you guys seen this email?

The Obama campaign should scour the countryside and

The Palin Bounce Ends

What does Sarah Palin have to hide in her Yahoo e-mails?

CNN Money Poll: Best Leader in a Bad Economy?

Rachel Maddows Facebook a thanks to her

"My Felon Americans," McJingo addressing the GOP "Base"

Coulter: "Rep. Cohen would be well-advised to stay away from New Testament references."

DAMN!!! 1,276,355 You Tube hits on this video


Sooo, is Wall Street crashing?

I really love how fierce and yes, angry, Joe Biden is

What Billionaires Say About The Wall Street Crisis

First Clinton, now Palin out of NYC rally

I'm surprised this hasn't been said: If Palin can't keep her email password secure, how can she

Anybody hear the gop spokesman

The 'Great Unwinding' has begun -- scary quotes from Canada

Don't know if I can

Don't know if I can

The "Obama ran more negative ads than McCain" story is bull

I saw a T-shirt today that said...

This is cute

---OK--Harold Ford--(I know...) Just said----

For second time this week, crowds leave after Palin speaks

Jim Kunstler: "...the party that wrecked America"

We're not waiting on FEMA - Sheriff Kerss knows from experience

The biggest and most persistent McCain/Palin LIE...

Progressive talk radio 1260 is advertising itself as Obama-1260.

Guys, can we remember this euphoria when the polls inevitably inch back to McCain? Remember...

O’Reilly kills Bush's legacy: He’s done...He will now go down in history…as an ineffectual leader.

AP: CIA using missile strikes to `tickle' terrorists

Best Freerepublic Post ever

John McCain just forgot where Spain is...seriously

Anyone else find Andrea Tantaros highly annoying? n/t

Need a Palin Break??

"The biggest liar in modern political history" writes M Tomasky, editor Guardian American,is McCain

Anyone hear the winger call Hartmann today? Those people are insane

Is Georgia ready for Nov. 4? Some say no!

The First Dude - is a big turd (spin city reference)

Okay everybody relax---Bush: I Share Americans' Concerns About the Economy

Good commentary from FT regarding the 180 Billon swap. Title: The Fed’s run out of money


Hugo's Neighbor To The North

Insider Advantage Georgia Poll: McCain 51(-5), Obama 43 (+5)

Am I gleeful that the economy is collapsing? Hell no, color me terrified.

Three cheers to my Union brothers and sisters for shouting down McSame today

Oil market collapse waiting to happen

Hannity radio - the left has been paralyzed by Palin.

How we can avoid the next banking crisis

Why does Tweety say that Obama doesn't know anything about the economy?

So it seems like more people are realizing that the "maverick" McCain/Palin ticket

Here's an email for my local rag I just sent off. Anyone got one to match it?!

Obama on McCain's call to fire SEC chairman: "Get rid of this administration."

Look there - it's Palin on GEM$NBC

Drowning in the Bathtub! OR "When Conservative Dreams Come True"

Obama Campaign, if you're reading this... do this RIGHT FRICKING NOW...

So roughly one year ago the market was at...

Why doesn't Tweety give the Obama surrogate a chance to talk...

Bush, just now: I will "console with my economic advisers."

If this doesn't scare you into doing EVERYTHING you can to elect Obama, then GOOD LUCK!

If this doesn't scare you into doing EVERYTHING you can to elect Obama, then GOOD LUCK!

If you start feeling bad about how Bush has spent 8 years dismantling our economy...

Obama may benefit, "Va. senate debate turns to Pakistan, Wall Street" and D.C. gun laws

How about an Ad about how Obama and Palin agree on changing Washington???

EPIC FAIL: Palin can't answer question on readyness

Video: Barack in Espanola NM 9/19/08

DJIA 1/20/01 - 10,578.24, DJIA Right Now - 10,509.84

Count 1 more young female in the Obama daughter just called

I want to urge everyone to listen to Democracy Now, September 8, 2008

Former top DOJ officials emerge in Abramoff corruption scandal.»

Tues, $85 Billion goes to AIG, the market closed up for one day.

Wow! Tweety just said there have been 500,000 new voter registrations in Indiana

How the GOP Wired Ohio's 2004 Vote Count for Bush to Win

How the GOP Wired Ohio's 2004 Vote Count for Bush to Win

question(s) - Why do they say Obama is the most liberal of senators and call us the far left?

stem cell research! stem cell research!

caption the "Mavericks"

BUSHCO-Going Out Of Business Sale Continues --- China in Talks to Buy Half of Morgan Stanley

Where does Michelle Bernard stand politically?

House Republican endorses Obama

Can anyone verify this ? ... Re: McNutsy/McMoose in Iowa

Shocker: Palin Cancels Big California Swing

The Eagle FLYS at midniGht! The EaGle FLYS at Midnight!

Army recruiters are still lying...

Does Palin suffer from S.A.D.

Why does Candy Crowley cover Obama? She sounds so

TPM Muckraker: AK Lawmaker On Trooper-Gate - "I Don't Think This Is Gonna End Quietly"

Letter from Alaska: Palin a maverick? Please

McCain knows lots about Spain ...

I've been busy...two new Obama videos (watch...please?)

The Spain spin - McShame really won't meet with the Spanish "president"

So we're going to war with Spain, Russia, Iran and Syria now?

New McCain Ad: Be afraid of Obama and his black economic advisor

Here's to the honest, moderate Republican who is on our side!

americans are watching their savings disappear while bu$hco bails out the criminals

McCain and his surrogates DON'T GET IT! They must think they're still running in the primary...

538: Obama Pulls Ahead in Electoral College Projection


*** Biden event in Youngstown OH - Live feed on now 6:20pm ET ***

Has anyone else heard of this? Can we confirm authenticity? I want to mail this to everyone I know!

MSNBC: Ron Chisty - I HATE that ASSHOLE!!!

State warns deadbeat parents they could lose licenses (driver's, fishing, professional, et al)

Just saw "The Same" ad. Anyone else seen this one?

POLL: Palin provided "limited burst of interest"; 60% concerned of prospect of President Palin

The U.S. Economy Hits Bottom,...

McBlowhard on MSNBC saying that if he were president he'd...

Russia To Help Cuba Build Space Center

Restoration of power can pose fire risk . The new FEMA game show: Fire or No Fire

Fuck the greedy pirate bankers, let's bail out our terminally ill Health Care system!

McCain screams Taxcuts, Taxcuts no provide Jobs and Growth

InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position - Colorado - Obama 51, McCain 41

Morgan Stanley is down 43% and falling!

Capitalism Represents "a gigantic system of speculating, swindling, and cheating"

Good Politico TOON

$68,000 salary for the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska?

Anyone else getting a little too much e-thanks from

Latest Fib by Palin as seen on Rachel Maddow last night

Fed Offers $180 Billion for Ailing Money Markets: that's ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY BILLION

Today's Simple Election Map

The government can bail out AIG, but they won't get much needed supplies to Galveston???

Just when you think that you would not throw up any more, here is Dodd and his idea...

Rising prices tip another 75 million towards starvation: FAO

beautiful Biden speech about honor and pride in one's job. does

The Media -- Lies, Lies and More Lies

Rumors Swirl Around Palin

Homeland Security, Sesame (Street) Style

Hagel slams Palin: "She doesn't have any foreign policy credentials"

Hagel slams Palin: "She doesn't have any foreign policy credentials"

My roomie showed me some of "Loose Change" last night

East TN & Carolina DUers check in.

Now playing on Turner Classic Movies

This is a bit of an... odd analysis piece

Seder Vs. Maron

Anyone compiled a list of all the Palin lies

I just returned from the Women for Obama Rally with Michelle in Greensboro NC !!!!!!!

Grover finally fell getting out of the bathtub.

George W Bush - The Elite My Base, someone needs to turn this

Wild market flucutations today...investors try recoup losses

Obama waffles leave a bad taste

I dont know the country I live in anymore.....

HELP! I wanna buy some stock, but how do I do it?

I'm sorry, but I don't understand why the Keating Five has not been more discussed...

McCrude is in a Panic, Frustrated, and Fatigued Factor diminishing his mental capacity

Looking for an absolutely safe investment

McCain and loyalty.

Does anyone watching CNN have any idea what 'fungible' means and WTF the idiot is saying?

Do you ask yourself why some people don't care about "the issues"?

R5THX? Can someone clue me in and why is it a disaster for Obama?

Wall Street can't fix woes: Stiglitz

Political Cartoon Idea - (since I can't draw)

condi rice on cnn live taking swipes at russia

Want to help with the Hurricane Ike recovery? (recovery in Houston area)

McCain campaign taking over Alaskan Justice Dept.?

This is why it happened...

Sounds like some protesters are getting the sh*t kicked out of them at this Palin rally

Colbert Report: GM CEO Lutz needs to be FIRED-Global Warming Denier

Lost Homes, Lost Votes (Demcracy Now!)

Bill Clinton to appear on CNBC at 4:00pm ET today

This "An American Carol" movie is a sure sign that David Zucker has lost his mind

Palin was asked by a female what she would do for womens issues and guess what the response was

DU this new CNN poll

Please ignore

As with 9-11, bush is not telling us what's coming, & the result will be similar.

Rice criticises "isolated" Russia

It's 99% of the Republicans who are to blame for all of this mess

Bank executives fired

A strange path to victory (electoral map)

Short rant #2: Ok, Obama is bad for...

Democratic ads I'd like to see. "Reformer, McCain, Rescinds every vote he ever made in the Senate"

Chris Floyd and Mike Ruppert on the Financial Crisis


DOW rises on another $180 Billion in cash injections...

James Moore At Huffington Post: A Nation Of Village Idiots

Fannie Mae & Freddy Mac are....

Listen Clair McCaskill

CNBC just said that the UK has banned short selling of financial stocks...

Interesting: not a single Ike/Galveston post on LBN right now

Sam Brownback (R-KS) takes umbrage with title of Bush hearings (it implies he did something WRONG)

Somebody... anybody.... post something positive.... are ANY banks ok?

Another GOP lie: US corporate taxes too high

HOLY CRAP! Randi's on a roll today!

Bush is probably drinking all the time now.

I know I am not the only one who feels this way, but I'm petrified

What the hell is so outrageous about tying patriotism to taxes?

Sarah Palin knows more about energy than most people... new RNC meme about a Bush Bailout Tax?

Central banks' to pump $247 bln to soothe markets

My best friends message to the NRA

By Video Conference, Sen. Kennedy Starts Planning Health Initiative


WE ARE FAM-I-LY!!! All my brothers and sisters and me!!!!!!!!

Calm Down, Chicken Littles. The More The Media Shows Palin/McSame, The Better It Is For Obama/Biden

BREAKING: Obama leads McCain, 47% to 44% in Indiana poll

HEADLINE: GOP senator: A 'stretch' to say Palin is qualified

Every woman in the world would be offended by Palin charging victims for the rape kits

Looks like those Texas officials have backed down

DRILL BABY DRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


anyone here know the deadline for voter registration in TX???

What do you really get when you put lipstick on a pig?

Donate in Palin or McLames name to Planned Parenthood

Which great politician does Palin remind you of?

Worst Crisis Since '30s, With No End Yet in Sight

Most popular e-mailed story at BBC News website:

China Wins Iraq War

Obama is Brillant!!!!

Bush's Trifecta

Some really great Financial cartoons from MSNBC

What does the email hack of the GOP's VP nominee show?

What to look for in white women

Actor allegedly beat cat to death in jealous rage

New York, keep your asshole ex-mayor outta my city please!

John McCain goes on TV and tells lies!

I just asked a Republican to name ONE GOOD THING Bush has done

Domestic spying lawsuit targets Bush, Cheney, NSA

Enough of the world is going to end tomorrow posts

Can you imagine the scene at McCain/Palin campaign HQ?

Obama: "If you have SEVEN homes, a judge can modify your mortgages"

ACLU files lawsuit against Michigan Secretary of State over illegal voter purges

Oklahoma’s Inhofe launches homophobic campaign

Debt Repository. Can somebody please explain it? I know I ain't the only one.

DJIA rallying in the final hour? Up 216 at the moment......

If - Like Me - You're 100% Certain That Obama Will WIN In A Landslide, Check In Here

The Safety Net was shredded during the "good years."

AK-AL: Parnell Concedes

Oklahoma’s Inhofe launches homophobic campaign

CNN-Which presidential ticket do you trust more on economic issues?

What's that big lump on McNutsy's face?

VT-AL: GOP Voters Nominate Dem?

"Free markets,

Scarborough on Maddow's ratings: "One of those times where good people do well"

Delivering the youth vote -- How will it be done?

Now that WE ALL own these financial institutions, when is the first citizen board meeting?

Putnam Investments Closes $12B Money-Market Fund

Guess who the rethugs are blaming for the current economic disaster?

Senator George "Macaca" Allen To Solicit Minority Vote For McCain

Get it straight people -- It's going to be a landslide!

advise about maternity leave and CA law

DU swings from giddyness to despair to euphoria. Forget the polls & work like Obama is 10 pts behind

what caused the late day JUMP in the stock market?

With the financial meltdown, DU's Blue Dogs are in a FRENZY!

Remembering a 9/11 the GOP wants you to forget: Community servants raced TO tragedy at WTC

(It's as bad as we thought) HighTurnout, New Procedures May Mean an Election Day Mess

HUFFPO goes there...He's feeble minded.

So how long is the band aid going to stick on Wall Street?

Have any of you ever thought of this? Cheney, Rush, Rove, Gramm, Coulter, Newt, et al's PARENTS?

Troopergate is Hitting the Fan in Alaska....

CBS/NYT Poll: McCain's 19-point Palin bounce among white women MORE than reversed (by 21 points)!

Buck Fight Interrupted by a Bullet

dupe delete

Air America Radio Appreciation Thread

Batshit Crazy Bob Barr moves to keep Obama, McCain off Texas ballot

BRAKING: McPalin campaign unable to move forward because

REPUBLICAN's back to their RACIST tactics - MUST read inside

Rachel Maddow Ratings: Beats Olbermann's "Countdown" To Be MSNBC's Top Show

That dead cat sure is pretty rubbery.....

Airport Pasta-Sauce Interdiction Considered Harmful

Wall Street Lays Egg!

Trillions of dollars are missing from the US government. What's going on?

Since none of you know who you're gonna vote for, here's a quiz to help you decide.


LOL !!! - In Case You Guys May Have Missed This...

REMARKABLE Photos of Ike's Aftermath


U.S. Ties to Bolivian Opposition "Shrouded in Secrecy"

The McCain campaign is picking up steam...

Nobody wants to buy Washington Mutual

Exiled on MTV

Let's not get too happy.

Posit: The Bedrock of National Security is Economic Security.

I thought there was a Tech forum on DU but I can't find it

Thanks to whoever gave me the star

Republicans must be forced to wear this financial albatross around their necks

Divided, demoralized, depressed and desperate

Affordable electric cars seen many years away Obama Pulls Ahead in Electoral College Projection

DID the guy dressed as PEDOBEAR in Galveston make it out?

NPR is a public radio station, right?

7 Things From Pop Culture That Apparently Piss Jesus Off

How is it that

Chuck Hagel Re: Palin -"Stop the nonsense"

Article: What Makes People Vote Republican?

Palin got $60,000+ to govern a city of 9,000!!


Ike update: Executive 'power' When did CEO David McClanahan's lights come back?

Great interview with Big Dog about financial crisis. Bill Clinton/Bartiromo

(Supposed) Palin Email Hacker Says It Was Easy

"The Worst Financial Crisis Since the Great Depression" -- Chief Strategist for Wachovia.

We Can't Make It Here Anymore

OMG!! Have you guys seen this video...Hilarious!!!

I just finished the Sean & Sarah lovefest on Fox...Does Sarah put Moose in her hair?

I wish Harold Ford would just join the repub party and stop masquerading as a Dem.

Without giving too much information, how are you doing financially?

Does anyone expect MsWolfkiller

Hey U.S., welcome to the Third World!

The Senate's 'Drill Drill Drill' Bill Hides Nuke Power Mega-Theft

A palin/McCain adminstration

NBC misses biggest failing of McCain's Healthcare.

The Rise and Fall of Sarah Palin

Authorities admit they may never know if Ike victims were washed out to sea..

Internet group sues Bush for electronic eavesdropping

In Seven months we release another monster back into the world

When should the National Anthem be played before sporting events?

to which posts will president obama appoint skinner, earlg and elad?

to which posts will president obama appoint skinner, earlg and elad?

Help me understand this. Re: the Gov't's financial "plan" today.

McCain, heading for crash No. 6

Shocker: Palin Cancels Big California Swing (Including Fundraisers)

What did the CNBC guy just say on NBC news?

Can we win without PA? We're in trouble there

Father of palin email hacker is a Democratic state representative

Interesting. The U.S.A. has "nationalized" financial and insurance institutions!

Sarah Palin: Member of the John Birch Society?

Crazy Johnny wants heads to roll, starting with SEC chair. Give me a ..... hahahahaha ... a ... haha

DO IT!!! Take John on in townhall meetings....Fuck him!!! DO IT!!!!

State rep says son focus of Palin e-mail hacking rumors

The other side of Ike, bodies and bio-weapons..

Lawsuit Filed To Block District Of Columbia Tax Funding Of Gospel Mission

Women Favor Obama 54% - 38%!!!

Senator Joe Biden will speak at the HRC National Dinner on October 4

Who in the world came up with the concept of NINJA loans?

Crews From 31 States in Texas to Restore Power

Warren Buffet's MidAmerican Energy just bought our local utility, BGE/Constellation Energy

Maddow Tops King 9/17/08


Liberals Flinch Less, Conservatives More, study finds

And Now, A Message From Our President

And Now, A Message From Our President

OMG Ron Christie

HELP NoOnProp8

It's The War, Stupid


Turkey bans biologist Richard Dawkins' website

Gay man who quit job to care for partner wins benefits

Anchorage Daily News Op/Ed: Palin Handling Of Troopergate More And More Troubling

What a Prophetic Song...

You know what I'm looking forward to the most if Obama wins?

FEMA Says No to Ice For Hurricane Survivors

Are you a "Once Every Four Years" Democrat?

DAMN THE NEOCONS all to hell

Facts about Bio safety Level Four labs

Obama: "In 47 days you can fire the whole trickle-down, on-your-own, look-the-other way crowd"

Allowing Wall Street to fall isn't going to hurt anymore than bailing it out!

The Daily Widget – Thur 9/18 – O-293, M-245 – Virginia Blue; Nevada Red; Big Momentum Shift

Federal officials tell AP: No Charges Expected in Mark Foley Page Scandal

I am so fired up about going to war against Spain. We kicked


More of the same Bush>McCain

What are Obama's Views on Marijuana Legalization/Decriminlization

So the government will "carve out the bad assets" of the financial institutions

FReeperville ballistic over Sarah's "dis-invite to the Iranian rally.

I'm a liberal

How come they don't need the process to pay bailouts?

GREAT new ad from Al Gore (video) and he...

Study Finds Possible Biological Basis for Political Positions

Looking out my window here at work I can see New Jersey?

Many people are comparing this current financial mess to the Great Depression.

George 'Macaca' Allen will be a featured speaker at Virginia GOP rally reaching out to minorities.»

They tell me the CH-47 is a much improved helicopter...

you folks do get, that if the stock market crashes....

NYT Editorial: Speaker Pelosi, please hold Rove "in contempt" of Congress NOW..

One man's bureaucratic battle with FEMA

Congress should focus on helping homeowners and debtors, not on helping banks.

How do electric cars work?

I'm so tired of people saying the Bush guys were stupid -

ROFLMAO !!! - Please... Caption THIS !!!

Report: Yemeni Terrorists Gave Plenty of Warnings (sound familiar?)

John McCain Campaign Song Choices

"A Product of 3 Million Millionaires, A Hundred Million Easy Marks"

McCrazy campaign holding Alaska state government hostage??

Do you live in a state that borders Canada or Mexico?

palin's password.... 'popcorn'. Yeah, she will be good with security.

Democrats Score Victory on Mississippi Ballot Placement

McCain thinks Putin is the President of Germany!

Are we going the way of Argentina?

When the market completely collapses as it appears it may

$600,000,000 bridge to 7000 people in Wasilla AK is still being built..

Has McCain declared Spain an enemy of America? (TPM)

Rapture-ready "Cowgirl in heaven" explains it all for you: Did Adam & Eve have belly buttons?

Rapture-ready "Cowgirl in heaven" explains it all for you: Did Adam & Eve have belly buttons?

No falling bodies? I want my money back!

MSNBC story about Obama's "negative" ads on now...

Politico: Obama wins the day (9/18 - sixth straight!)

MUST WATCH: Best Movie to Understand our Monetary System:

How does that all work regarding voting - if you're a college student

Obama in Espanola

Palin disinvited from Iran rally

NYT:A New McCain on the Campaign Trail

Bill Clinton: McCain 'A Great Man'; Praises Wife's, Not Obama's Economic Plan

Chuck Hagel Slams Palin: She is Not Qualified!


Someone needs to make a "World According to McCain" map

Bill Schneider actually reporting that Obama has momentum

Dick head David Gregory says McCain has the most memorable attack ads

The US Supreme Court, Who Chose George Bush in 2000, Also Owns This Disastrous State of Our Nation

Spaingate? McCain's blunder about Spain spirals out of control.


Bushies Mislead Our Heroes: Post-9/11 NYC Air Falsely Declared "safe to breath"-Bush History 9/18

Had a really funny conversation with a wingnut today: RE: Obama Birth Certificate, not American...

Psychologists End Guantanamo Collaboration, Will No Longer Help Government In Interrogations

Obama raises the 'Dead'

Where is my bailout.. I am sitting here in tears...

Get Out Her Vote 2008

Where is McCain's OTHER daughter?

Biden Op-Ed: War powers extend to the Congress (about separation of powers)

"Battle in Seattle" The Movie Wall Street Sharks Don't Want You To See

I for one am sick of DU being right all the time

McCain causes diplomatic incident, American press not reporting yet?

Here's a great item to bring up to all your RW Christian friends...

Is a D.I.N.O. worse than a R.I.N.O., or vice-versa, or they two sides of the same coin?

Nightline: *NEW*Obama ad on privatizing SocSec on right after the lead story on the market meltdown

George W. Bush - America's First Socialist President

My 401K has lost 19.8% this year..... FUCK!

So what's a good stock to invest in right now? (for all you brave DUers)

"The phenomenon has caught advocacy groups by surprise, because of how quickly they've sprung up"

Texas executes man who raped, killed 93-year-old

Redding article of the day: (CA) Proposition 8 protects freedom of religion

Why are there currently so many posts about older white woman that won't vote for Obama.

Troopergate petition.......********DU'ERS SIGN IT*****STOP THE COVER-UP

There's one demographic that will solidly reject Palin across party lines

Breaking News: George Bush to Fly Over Wall Street.

Hong Kong stock market now down SEVEN percent

How about some Obama Commercial Ideas Folks?

Palin: “It is so great to be here in GRAND Rapids.” (CEDAR Rapids, Iowa appearance)

"It seems obvious that there are millions of true women out there"

Elizabeth Edwards in D.C. slams McCain on health care

A Semi Dark (we have no electric across the street) Hello From Ohio

Authorities: Engineer texting on day of wreck

Marine praised by Bush won't get Medal of Honor

Palin's hair, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

FEMA not providing ice for Ike victims. Not considered "essential"

Ralph Nader Was Right: "Nader Predicted Much Of The Current Financial Crisis"

MoveOn for Obama Party September 21st... Find one near you and let's win this!!!

Elizabeth Edwards credits DU in interview

Bill Gates is the richest American once again!

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1- Old Fart

Ban Pit bulls?

What if we spent 10 billion a month helping our poor instead of murdering the poor of Iraq?

What Nancy should tell the moneychangers who come to our temple.

Friday, 19 September: Obama in Coral Gables, FL; Biden in Sterling, VA

You're Barack Obama and you've just be elected Prez - what are the first 5 things you do on 1/21/09

Look folks, I know many of you (and I) are annoyed at the bailing out of the


Scarborough just said he opposed social security privatization --BZZT! Wrong answer

letter from Defenders of Wildlife

Palin's "Troopergate" scandal uncovered!

Yes....we ARE going to win in November ~~ kick & rec this thread if you agree!

Punk'd (Time's Michael Scherer trying to cover for McCain)

Tweety: Bush looked like a cuckoo clock today, "cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo"

Obama - Funk Soul Brother

Guardian UK: Financial meltdown spells the end of the free market model

#5,000 Obama and McCain, it's all about the Economy.

Sarah Palin Linked Her Electoral Success to Prayer of Kenyan Witch Hunter (Muthee)

Who is ready for the crash?

Republican friend says, "Democrats have been in charge for 2 YEARS and broke the economy"

Bailout terms?

Dow started out up like 160. Now down by about 10.

Wall Street Socialists-The Meltdown Is A Bipartisan Affair Hidden Below A Mile Of SHIT( Amy Goodman)

Stop Voting

We just won my father. Ohio voter. Self declared independent Republican.

**** General Election CONFIDENCE LEVEL POLL Thu. Sep 18 ****

Ozymandius STOCK MARKET WATCH Appreciation Thread - Sign In!

War Hero my Ass


Voting Republican may be a survival response

Americans are NOT stupid - WITH SUBTITLES

Now that I'm through crying...

"God is Invading Alaska."

Some can only survive because of DENIAL.

Pit bulls and McCain. Why I fear Repubs will win again. Emotions

McCain on Spain has Plainly Lost His Brain

The Big Whisper: What's Up With John McCain?

Saw a vet on the DC Metro today...looked like he just got back and not in the way he wanted to...

Learned today that both of my sons have joined the army

Is John McCain losing his mind?

OMG HERE"S the media! My family, front page, Ike coverage & a pig!

The Republican Party is in A Complete Panic Meltdown

"Both my husband and myself have master's degrees and can't find a job to save our lives."

No caption needed here

Why do some people on DU refer to the GOP's VP nominee using only her first name?

Welcome to the United $oviet Union of America

You all know that Palin is just the tip of a very ugly, dangerous iceberg, right

When the DJIA falls bellow 10,578.24

Not a Gaffe? McCain Campaign Willing to Destroy Relationship with Spain, Europe to Conceal Confusion

Screw McCain's town-hall meeting gibberish. The only reason he *needs* them...

GM is criminal. EV1 in 1996 did 160 miles between charges


Bush says he's working hard on economic turmoil

This is what an A S S K I C K I N G looks like

Donate to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin's name.

Conservative For Obama (Richardson Riordan)

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2-Just who do you think got us into this mess?

What are you currently reading, and how is it?

Anyone else out there believe that the powers-that-be are giving the hook to McSame?

Don Siegelman:Urge Congress to Vote Contempt for Karl Rove

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Española, NM****

Bernanke: "We have lost control. We cannot stabilize the dollar."

I totally went off on two Republican women in a restaurant today.

NorthCom is geting its own infantry brigade

Why We Need Regulation: Andrew Mellon and the Johnstown Flood

Portland Tribune Poll of Oregon: Obama 50% McCain 40%

Obama Statement on Market Turmoil

So, today we're told "Some of Ike's missing may have washed away".....

Recommendations From Bush War Crimes Prosecution Conference

The prophecy of Saturday Night Live

Oops - Palin's transparency proposal already exists in D.C.

I am a Veteran and I greatly appreciate the patriotism of Taxpayers

Ok folks there are some things that must be clear by now... DLC \ and other free maerketeers

Context for State Polls: Obama is generally doing much better than Kerry did state-by-state

Glenn Greenwald: Authoritarians Who Cheered Bush Surveillance State Today Cry Over Sanctity Of Email

Video of a hunter killing 2 deers with one shot

Did a Hollywood actor spill state secrets on the Tonight Show?

WaPo: McCain Slights Spanish Prime Minister (updated)


Palin puts herself on the top of the ticket. It's now "Palin and McCain"

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Fireside Chats (link to audio files of all of them)

Officials Expect Victims May Have Been Swept Out To Sea

Anyone else watching the army trucks landing by sea in Galveston

Help! The local Obama organizer wants me to be interviewed on TV next week

Lawmaker shock: Bernanke has legal authority to loan Fed Reserve's $888bn to any entity on any terms

Bloomberg article says if Obama wins, thank Harold Ickes and Catalist.

Biden gets intense about Patriotism; defends his comments

This is why people get worried: Galveston briefing says NADA about search for bodies.

I watched the 20/20 special about the Royal Family.

Does she not look like she's playing with herself?

I'm thinking Beanie Babies are looking good again.

Hey Media! - Don't Report As Fact What Can't Even Be Proven (Federal Election Results)

Hey Media! - Don't Report As Fact What Can't Even Be Proven (Federal Election Results)

Mike Ruppert weighs in on Rothschild McCain endorsement

I've been a member of DU for 7 years and I'm sensing something I haven't seen for 7 years of DU....

Converting right wingers to Obama?

Ron Paul, "Can't support someone who'd joke, 'Bomb, Bomb, Iran'..."

Biden's comment that it's patriotic for those making over $250K being called a "flub" and a "gaffe"

Media Obstruction in Galveston-"They Do Not Want Us To See Images Of Potential Fatalities"

I just thought of a way that Edwards could redeem himself, help Obama and save Democracy

"John McCain can't decide if he's Barry Goldwater or Dennis Kucinich"

FABULOUS pix of people picketing in Alaska against *HER*

Palin: "Yes, I think I will see Jesus come back to earth in my lifetime"

Palin: "Yes, I think I will see Jesus come back to earth in my lifetime"

Those of you wondering about Swamp Rat's whereabouts

Remember this when ..

i probably do it too, but there is a part of Palin's speech pattern makes me crazy..

Donald Trump just endorsed McCain on Larry King

Obama Camp: Better Chance At Florida Than Ohio

Photo Of "COUNCIL MEMBER" Sarah Palin-CAUGHT Holding - Radical Agenda

John McCain has Alzheimer's Disease.

Palin’s Latest Gaffe:

Will Dems Bail Out these Criminals on Wall Street? Bill Clinton seems

Awesome: Republican Jerk Gets What's Coming To Him(!)

I just got back from visiting my doctor, who told me that the patient before me - a very wealthy and

How do you keep VANDALS from stealing your signs?

DU this PBS Poll: Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to be VP?

PLEASE HELP explain the Commodity Futures Modernization, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and

Let me tell you about my friend Corva

How your cashing a check is related to the current credit catastrophe

Gawd I love live TV.

thursday's lolcat

Poll question: When driving, pants on or off (daytime)?

SawStop , the safest saw ever built, with amazing video.

Last year I was kicked out of a funeral home

Guilty pleasures! (Movies)

"I Saw Russia From Alaska and All I Got Was This Lousy Bridge to Nowhere T Shirt."

Anyone watching America's Got Talent?

Smokers in Love.

Procol Harum "A Salty Dog"

rofl omg Olbermann is making fun of a live "Bear chase"

¿Quien es mas repugnante?

I took part in my first election phone poll today

Need help--Is anyone computer savvy...

Anyone else know a dog that likes to bury it's treats and rawhide chewies in

LOL. Even us computer geeks can be pwned by a cat.

While monitoring the stock market on TV today, something very bad happened to me.

I won a Moose!

So I watched a bit of "Fringe" last night. (no spoilers)

Dumb question

Mrs. OBD had me get her an Oreck XL for her birthday

Falling in love with strangers on buses

Has anyone else seen this bizarre Ralph Nader ad where he's talking to his parrot?

Can we please all Welcome a new DU'er with a HILARIOUS screenname

sorry dupe

Guess what SOUTH PARK episode is on right now?

Technology is an amazing thing.

Talk about awkward (for me at least).

My computer is teh suck tonight...

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

furious magician

McCain Palin Parody Ad

Forgot a Card game---> Pluck

Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?

"No news is good news"

I wanna kill a moose!!

Tonight's Lounge phrase is "Play the hot dog demo"

I wanna kill a spruce.

Attention fans of "Intensive purposes"--have you seen this one:

Oh My God !!!

Is there a lemon shortage?

I've been putting something off for way too long

Chris Cooley, Redskins TE, accidentally exposes himself on blog.

Stuck ‘special agent for Illuminati’ tells cops of secret mission

Does anyone watch "Prison Break?"

People do some dumbass shit in the ghetto

i know how to drive a truck

ok, i'm freaking out.. just a bit

do these things compare?

Just to settle a future room-mate dispute...

I saw a woman breast feeding at a BUS STOP today!

Am I going psychotic?

HELP! I was being lazy.

can i just stress that senior year is stressful as hell

Project Runway: Then there were 5! I probably shouldn't even bother posting...

Best addition to the Bond series ever.

Need a laugh today?

The WORST Captain of the Enterprise

I want the election to be over and done.

Ugh, Ecko Unlimited clothing finds "unattractive" girls funny

This November, we have a very important decision to make....

Study this clip. Learn to do this at parties. People will love you.



opinions please

Play nice, gang — the fundies are observing us

Share the funniest thing to ever happen to you

I think I'm getting dumber just by living where I live.

Any of you ever thought about running for office?

Harry just barfed all over me, and my houseguest got to see it live!

Brad Pitt donates $100K to help keep gay marriage laws active in California

I'm just going to call this my injury prone week, I guess

Jimi Hendrix vs Stevie Ray Vaugh


Backcountry Poo-Poo Clinic

I think I've figured out the Palins' baby name methodology

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

The Pinnacle of Human Civilization

Hi...It's 3:18 am, and I just got a dose of rescue cat claws to my face

What is the last thing you breastfed,...on purpose?

It's been a while since we had an update on Project X. Team members, check in!

Could a person go mad trying to decide which forum to post to?

Just in case you forgot...the George W. Bush Sewage Plant is STILL ON THE BALLOT!

For those who have watched the Six Feet Under Series... does it get

***BREAKING NEWS*** Mangy, Breastfeeding Monkeys

REPUBLICAN's back to their RACIST tactics - MUST read inside

Just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't do it

There is a run on threads over in GD!! Time to pull your posts out of all the

splitting headache. sick at home. unhappy

Phone call to local New Jersey Democratic Party gets Phone Sex line instead

Check out my new Sig - and lets see some Bowie love!!!!


Yuk. Watching good PBS show on Jewish history, but Candy Crowley is the narrator.


Tundra storm (2 pics)

LOL. Text from my son.

The further adventures of Oliver the cat

Perv alert at my place!

Any Dungeon Masters out there?

Why aren't baggy capris a style yet

So, my wife just p3wned the landlord.

Help! I can't access the DU archives prior to January 2005!

I just spilled an entire gallon of paint on the floor! Ask me anything!

When is the last time you breastfed....a poripoise?

Now THAT'S ACTING! The HOFF reprising Chris Farley's role in Beverly Hills Ninja 2

The TV Theme song quiz

Beautiful Persian or Ugly Husband

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is *NEW* tonight

Want to make sure your spare room doesn't rent?

"I Want To Know" The Mavericks (2003)

I wish I could remember to stop touching my g-damn face!

What I hate about mutual funds - oops, wrong place, but I'm leaving it here because


It's getting into cold weather again! (Yay for freaks like me!)


Palin's experience record

With all the posts lately about drinking, I have a serious question here...

I got the job offer! It's all over except the background check.

What was the last thing you allowed to live... on purpose?

Hey, is she really searching for me?

Ah , Earplugs bring so much peace

High school prank

Hey ,Drop in tonight , and enjoy one of those with me ...

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday September 18

techogeeks, calling all technogeeks re:VoIP

A Freeper has a Conservative Manifesto, but can't spell "Conservative"

My husband changed my screen saver to a giant head of Joe Lieberman.

Getting motion sickness by a boat or plane is one thing, but...

We had to put Munchkin down today

Margaret Cho on Gov. Palin

Mixed drinks thread.

In honor of tonight's reunion, post your favorite Ben Folds Five song


Tavernertavern presents: Three Floyds Dreadnaught IPA

Mark Lanegan and Isobel Campbell - what do you think?

16 Posts from 1000; ask me anything!

It's 20 years later. I'm still resentful.

Your Pets Will Not Be Flagged For Removal By Jesus During the Rapture

My daughter's homework is KILLING me.

"Breast feeding" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "breast feeding".

Are there such things as house cats?

I'm sleepy . . . . . .

House plant assistance

I had a really vivid, cute dream last night

Who's an America's Got Talent watcher?!

I'm going to post the creepiest thread ever in the history of the lounge

I tried scanning a mirror and making my background, but I still can't see myself in it....

Is it me, or is a Lounge Wedding long overdue?

We are all Illinoisians (is that the right term?) Imagine Obama AND a Cubs win!!!

This administration finally did it: "National Socialism" is in America agree/disagree

What the FUCK goes through peoples minds???

HELP! Who watched House this week?

How creepy is this -- cremation and pizza seminar!

Goddamn fucking doctors!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 9/18/2008)

Go Wolfpack!

AT&T or Time Warner Cable?

I volunteered at a Cat shelter and now my heart feels fabulous.

I just made the BEST beans

Seriously, what actress/character does Sarah Palin sound like?

Actor allegedly beat cat to death in jealous rage

So DU'ers... what's your safe combination?

Pour one out for Jimi tonight...

Haruka wants this dog so bad -- but we probably can't get him

Did you ever sell candy when you were in school?

My first homework in almost a decade is done

Some more Sweden pictures

Will CU win its game against West Virginia tonight?

Update on my dad

So DU'ers ... what's your safeword?


Project Runway? Does anyone care? They really all kinda suck this season, don't they?

Why do people passing by on boats insist on waving at you?

Anyone want to see a picture of my handsome son?

The Domestic biological mop unit.

Hey guys, I'm at 999 me discuss something important for 1000

Introducing Milk-Chan!!! (Kitteh Pics!)

Thursday, September 18th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I was stupid. I listened to some people and because of it I failed a cat.

Prepare to have cute kitteh!

Check out what the cat did to my face (pic):

HEY!! Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day!!1!!

Need help with an old sci-fi movie

Is there ANY more irritating fucking noise in the ENTIRE WORLD than

Robin Hood—who was he?

*The ultimate house FULL of cats (and a few dogs)!*

Do you have a name fit for a King (or Queen)?

Getting old is not for sissies!

Great Banned Commercial! (not work safe)

New Mozart piece of music found in French library (Cool!!!)

Whee, officially accepted a job on Monday, drug tested yesterday, now good to go

I'm thinking of writing a movie screenplay. Which of these ideas sounds best?

i'm wondering if this *DU Group* has ever been proposed before . . .

Post a video of a song that's been stuck in your head for days.

Swiss restaurant to serve meals cooked with human breast milk

Is this legitimate?

Just a Biker

Wanna buy a Fiat?

Pippin kitten now has his very OWN kitten! (dialup warning)

Pell Grants Said to Face a Shortfall of $6 Billion

New McCain royalty surrogate calls voters "Rednecks"

John McCain: He's Got Nothing

Texting drivers more dangerous than drunks: study

Sarah Palin's Incoherent Answer on Energy during Townhall Q&A

Matt Damon on Sarah Palin as possible President: "We can't have that"

Matt Damon on Sarah Palin as possible President: "We can't have that"

Reese Witherspoon Joins Obama Campaign

KO interviews GOP dirty trickster about election theft and voter suppression

"Battle in Seattle" The Movie Wall Street Sharks Don't Want You To See Opens On Sept 19th

Campbell Brown and Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild. ..courtesy Rumproast blog. Wow!

Governor Sarah Palin Vlog #13: MADDOW!

Governor Sarah Palin Vlog #13: MADDOW!

Dr. Susan E. Rice on Barack's Foreign Policy Plans

CNN: McCain Sept 18th Destroying Spain Relations

TPMtv: Spanish Fly

Joe Biden in Wooster OH: 'Enough is Enough is Enough!'

McCain thinks with his... dick? huh?

Sarah Palin Is A liar - NBC News Fact Check

Shocker: Palin Cancels Big California Swing

Vermont candidate plans Bush prosecution

Vermont candidate plans Bush prosecution

Joe Biden: Akron, Ohio

TYT: Can Sarah Palin Run a Company?

TYT: Did John McCain Invent the Blackberry?

Rep Kapture rocks the house!: They want mama to make it all better!

Just say NO to the Republicans

Joe Biden visits the Football Hall of Fame

Biden: We Want To Put Money In The Pockets Of Middle Class

Joe Biden at Canton, Ohio Ralley

Bush Cuts & Runs

Congresswoman Waters puts FBI Dir Mueller on Notice over 2008 Election!

McCain event becomes Obama rally

ABC Calls Out McCain on His Financial Flip-Flops

5 US soldiers die in helicopter landing in Iraq

CNN - 'McCain's stealing my lines'

Palin puts herself on the top of the ticket. It's now A "Palin & McCain" Ticket

Democracy Now: US bails out AIG for 85 MILLION dollars

Democracy Now: Conflict in Bolivia over land, US right wing groups

Palin in public- Foreign policy? I will be ready by January 20th

Rachel Maddow and Thomas Frank discuss McCain's deregulation record

Not Qualified To Run A Company

Palin: Hey, let's play stump the candidate! But not really...seriously..

Michelle Obama and Women's Economic Roundtable

Fox News: Sarah Palin appeals to the white trash vote

Ron Paul gets call from Phil Gramm, refuses to endorse McCain

Reporter to Bush: "With all due respect, you haven't taken any questions since Aug. 6."

Denver Democratic Party - Polls Are Wrong!

9/11-9/11-9/11-John McCain Speech On Financial Crisis

Sarah Palin WANTS NO REGULATION of Big Oil & Energy Companies

Senate Dems discuss woes of Bush-McCain economics

John McCain, the Bullsh*t Express and Dan Quayle with Tits

Its time to wrest government away from the Religionists

ABC: McCain supported policies that led to economic meltdown

Another TV ad hits McCain on abortion

Barack Obama on John McCain in Las Vegas, NV

Obama vows to stop America's shitty jobs from going overseas

Press Conference on Obama's Support for Women

Opera won't cater to Palin

Betty Bowers (America's Best Christian) Interviews Sarah Palin

Wes Clark: America Needs Urgent Action

56 seconds of Barney Frank smacking CNBC talking heads around on the CRA

The Marijuana Party candidate...there is no explanation

KO and Eugene Robinson discuss McCain's economic flip flops

Obama on McCain's Seven Houses and Advantages for the Rich

Hannity interviews Palin, Part 1 -- 9.17.08 -- Sean Hannity sits down with the Alaskan governor

McCain's Bus Driver - Maverick Truth

Wall Street teeters, the Empire and China shake

McCain Answers Question on Venezuela, Spain, Zapatero

Palin on Energy Dependence: "Change leadership" "Crush That Gridlock"

McCain's Bus Driver - Senator McCain"s Not Lying???

Elders For Obama

The financial fraud at HUD and in the mortgage markets is decades in the making

Great local TV coverage of Obama in Las Vegas

Hardball: Republicans are like an Army that has taken off it's uniform

We Need Obama: Song for Barack By SQUIDDA

Colorado - Big Oil Bob Schaffer

Food,drugs and poisin 2 Gallons an Hour

Olbermann - Worst Person In The World

Vote Your Economic Interest

Barack Obama in Las Vegas, NV

Palin: Unfair Attack On McLame's "Verbiage". He meant the American workforce. Duh!

Tweety Skewers the Repugs and Idiot Rep Cantor

Lynn Forester de Rothschild is the real elitist

Bill Maher On The Rachel Maddow Show

BUSHED -Gates: Palin Lying, Katrina Redux, Anthrax

Cramer: Fire Chris Cox

Net Neutrality

Governor Sebelius and Barbara Lawton in Waukesha, WI

The Two McCains in

NEA Members speak out on the importance of voting

John McCain Blackberry Ad

Merrill Lynch boss to get $11m payoff after nine months' work

McCain On Oil Rigs

TYT: Whose Ass Is McCain Kissing Now?

Republicans Work To Save A Small Business From Economic Meltdown

Pelosi Offers to Postpone Congress' Adjournment to Address Economic Crisis

McCain video I made 7 months ago still relevant

McCain Gaffe: Confuses Spain with Hostile Latin American Countries

FDA Proposes Approval Process for Genetically Engineered Animals

Driver Says FEMA Trucks Parked, Not Delivering Ike Supplies

White House Press Secretary Avoids Foreclosure on D.C. Home

FEMA Says No to Ice For Hurricane Survivors,Under New Policy FEMA Says Ice is Not Its Responsibility

McCain camp stands by tough talk on Spain

McCain's SEC Slam Becomes Latest Gaffe: The President Can't Fire The SEC Chair

Field Poll: Opposition grows to initiative that would ban gay marriage

Al Gore Hits Up MoveOn Members to Give to Senate Dem Challengers

Breaking on CNBC: Treasury Secretary Paulson Working on to Set Up Federal Facility to Take Bad Debt

In Hard Times, Tent Cities Rise Across the Country ("Seeing Encampments Not Seen Since 80s")

In Hard Times, Tent Cities Rise Across the Country ("Seeing Encampments Not Seen Since 80s")

SEC Intends to Temporarily Ban Short-Selling (Story to Come)

Sen. Hagel doubts Palin's ready

Lieberman provokes Democrats again: Wants vote on "surge" resolution

Hurricane Ike destroys 49 oil platforms in Gulf (1% of Gulf capacity)

Pakistan: US did not warn of missile strike

McCain aides: Obama 'cheerleading' market crisis

Palin disinvited from Iran rally

Afghan chief shot in Nato 'mistake'

Colombia president has 'constructive' talks with Barack Obama

UN expert deplores anti-indigenous violence in Bolivia

Gallup Daily: Obama 48%, McCain 44%

AIG booted out of the Dow

Bush backs SEC's Cox after McCain says would fire him

Bush backs SEC's Cox after McCain says would fire him

Bush backs SEC's Cox after McCain says would fire him

Star/WTHR poll: It's close in Indiana

(Galveston Mayor)Thomas extends emergency management role another 7 days

(Galveston Mayor)Thomas extends emergency management role another 7 days

(Galveston Mayor)Thomas extends emergency management role another 7 days

Russia envoy warns NATO on air space to Afghanistan

Russia envoy warns NATO on air space to Afghanistan

GOP seeks ban on political clothing at polling places(PA-By Voters)

McCain Seen as Less Likely to Bring Change, Poll Finds

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 18 **THREAD #2**

New York AG launches probe of short-selling

Feds cut fine for congressman with clout

New York AG launches probe of short-selling

San Diego Union Tribune: No On 8: Gay marriage right should not be repealed

Cedar Rapids residents wish McCain would tour city (AP)

Galveston still too bruised for residents' return

Wolves Stay Endangered

Wolves Stay Endangered

Osama doesn't head Qaida day-to-day ops: CIA

Putnam liquidates money market fund

(Miss) Supreme Court: Senate race belongs at top (Musgrove / Wicker)

Paulson considers plan to take over bad debts

McCain Says Cox Should Be Fired As SEC Chief

Sarah Palin stands ready to take on the leaders of the world - with cocktails afterwards

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 18

3 more deaths reported from Ike

Domestic Spying Lawsuit Targets Bush, Cheney, NSA

Top Broker: NYC Real Estate Already in Steep Decline

Rice says Russia on path to isolation, irrelevance

GOP group compares Obama to Buchanan

It's close in Indiana Poll: Obama has slight edge on McCain in Indian

Voting Republican may be a survival response

30-year deregulation era dies a sudden death

Household Wealth Dips For Third Straight Quarter

FEMA under fire again after Ike snafus

Brad Pitt donates money to support gay marriage

Psychologists Vote to End Interrogation Consultations

Elizabeth Edwards says trust is biggest hurdle

Argentina's top Olympic official resigns after linked to military dictatorship

Quinnipiac Poll Has Obama 49 McCain 45

Interior tries to set things right after scanda(might fire employees in oil scandal)

Bush: Markets absorbing ‘extraordinary’ events

Bush Says He's Working Hard on Economic Turmoil

Gold over $900 (1:20pm Sept 18)

FSA clamps down on short-selling

Judge: (Sen)Stevens can get witness's medical records

Lose your House, Lose your vote - more racist tactics by REPUBLICANS

Democratic Congress May Adjourn, Leave Crisis to Fed, Treasury; Reid: "No one knows what to do."

Central Banks Offer Extra Funds to Calm Money Markets

Miami Jury Indicts 8 Foreigners, 8 Firms For Exporting 12,000 IED Components For Iran

Putnam Investments Liquidates Money Market Fund

Central banks pump up the dollars

Bush says he's working hard on economic turmoil

Obama Invokes Rush Limbaugh in New Spanish-Language Ads

Bush Absent on Financial Crisis as Paulson Leads

7 U.S. Soldiers Die in Helicopter Crash in Iraq

US confirms young American woman killed in Yemen attack

GOP senator: A 'stretch' to say Palin is qualified

House repeals D.C. gun law

McCain Seen as Less Likely to Bring Change, Poll Finds ("Change" margin is Obama 65%, McCain 37%.)

CBS/New York Times poll: Obama up 5%

McCain Accuses MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski of Being In The Tank For Obama

Morgan Stanley scrambles to find buyer

Soldier in Iraq held in deaths of 2 unit members

Palin takes questions at Michigan town-hall meeting (first time questioned at campaign appearance)

Iraq seeks British help in oil industry: PM

19 killed in second Tijuana prison riot in days

Affordable electric cars seen many years away

Polling News from All Over: Obama Numbers Creeping Up

McCain says government 'forced' to bail out AIG

McCain says government 'forced' to bail out AIG

US Fed statement on coordinated cbank money mkt action

Worst Crisis Since '30s, With No End Yet in Sight

Troopergate probe appears to be unraveling

After vows to respect sovereignty, U.S. strikes in Pakistan

NYT Poll: McCain struggles with Bush link (Obama 48% - McNasty 43%)

Federal-Mogul will cut 4,000 jobs

US 'may plot assassination of Al Maliki'

September 17, 2008 - General Election Ballots

Banks rush to do deals as Wall St crisis deepens

Gold prices post biggest 1-day gain ever in dollar terms

TYT: Why is Gov. Sarah Palin like George W. Bush?

Webcast: Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton Discuss Women's Issues

TYT: Republican doofus gets taken for a ride

Russia Test-Fires New-Generation Strategic Missile

FOX NEWS Warns Democrats That Palin Has Tits

Rescue: Lloyds pulls HBOS out of the fire with £12bn merger

Troopergate Probe Appears To Be Unraveling

Despite Claims Today He Warned of this Crisis, McCain in 2007 Said He Didn't See This Crisis Coming

Bank Breakdowns a Big Worry for Indian Outsourcers

Supreme Court’s Global Influence Is Waning

Palin Invites McCain Into Her Tanning Bed

CEOs from Lehman, AIG called to testify before Congress

Our Constitution was constructed to keep religious fanatics like Sarah Palin OUT of government!

The Incredible vanishing President

Pakistan Invades America -- "Without Permission"

U.S. could use Georgia as bridgehead to attack Iran

American Exception: Supreme Court’s Global Influence Is Waning

US seeking sole command of Nato's war against the Taliban

How to rein in the oligarchs

Really, if McCain is going to keep changing into new people, the campaign should send out notices.

McCain-Palin Health Plan Relies on the Very Marketplace Strategy That's Crippling Our Economy

Worst Crisis Since '30s, With No End Yet in Sight

What's a Word for the Opposite of Progress? Palin.

Marie Cocco: Fiddling While Wall Street Burns

They just changed the Dow. Added Kraft Foods.

A call to arms

“Oh, I guess I’ll end up in i-banking.” Time for best and brightest to rediscover the public sphere.

Gut Instinct’s Surprising Role in Math, by Natalie Angier, NYT

Joe Conason: The ‘Reform’ McCain Wants to Forget

Federal Aid to Detroit Seems Likely

As Bush’s VP Vetter In 2000, Cheney ‘Sidestepped The Scrutiny He Imposed On Others’»

Shots across the bow of the garbage barge "McCain"

Forget Carville's Old Slogan, Here's the Theme for 2008!

For Wall Street, Greed Wasn’t Good Enough

Deaths in Custody Reporting Act

Bush Absent on Financial Crisis as Paulson Leads

Eric Boehlert: McCain and Palin are laughing at the press -- and it's the press' fault

Some of Ike's missing may have washed away

Insanely Wealthy, Titled Aristocrat Thinks Barack Obama Is ‘Elitist’

Washington Post commentary: Bush's Vapid Reassurances

Hey U.S., welcome to the Third World!

The McCain of the Week: Like the Incredible Hulk, "turnaround in the scope of a few hours"

Regulation is Not a Bad Word (Young Turks)

Yemen Bombers May Have Aimed to Take Embassy Hostages, Impact U.S. Elections

A Conservative for Obama

Only astronauts have a worldview.

The Power of Political Misinformation

Hurricane Ike have have left disease, depression in wake

Obama Moments: Hip-Hop Artists & Political Figures Reflect

Hitting Bottom

More Troopergate and Palin's Apathy to Sex Crimes

30-year deregulation era dies a sudden death

Five banks exploring WaMu records

Records reveal Palin's push for earmarks

"Microwaves and Behavior" by Dr. Don R. Justesen (The American Psychologist March 1975)

How John McCain lost a longtime admirer

VERY interesting reading from former publisher of National Review.

Democratic Congress May Adjourn, Leave Crisis to Fed, Treasury

Robert Kuttner: Only a Roosevelt-Scale Counterrevolution Can Prevent Great Depression II

Sarah Palin, by the Numbers

How Racism Works

FDA to review genetically engineered animals

Anti-American Worker Legislation Proposed in Congress Again!

40 years ago, Gibson was unhittable all year

A Mighty Wind blows through Republican convention

McCain McSame FUBAR

Found this amusing "Pilots in the Iraqi Air Force don't crash as much as John McCain did"

This is progress? No gay-bashing during the RNC convention?

Watchdog: Newspapers fabricate pro-gay Palin

Gay rights pioneer, inventor John Burnside dies at 91

White roofs, streets could curb global warming

Newsweek: 'Invisible And Overlooked’

Please do not rec this thread

GM likes potential of new polymer

Homophobes are a lot more comfortable at DU than they used to be.

Yankee suffers more setbacks

Whales Heard Near New York City

Hot year damages carbon uptake by plants

Utah: Rocky Mountain Power backs off service-cut threats

Mideast to Cut Oil Investments If Prices Dip Below $80/Barrel

Of all the Applications - Only Five Nuclear Plants May be Built in the Near Term

Tar sands project cost soars by 50%

Why did Ike get so large?

Fraser River Salmon Counts Down 90%, Commercial Fishery Down 70% In Past 20 Years - BC Local

Scotland's 2005 GHG Emissions Up By 5.4% In Just One Year - Glascow Herald

Nature - Study Shows Increased CO2 Uptake By Plants Unlikely In Warmer World - May Become Net Source

Phillip Clapp, Pew & Formerly National Environmental Trust CEO, Dead At 54 - NYT

Petrobras Confronting Extremely Tight Skilled Labor Market In Deepwater Development Push - Reuters

TX Agriculture Commissioner - Much Land Near Galveston & Houston Out Of Production At Least 1 Year

Headline Of The Week! Chinese Armchairs Linked To French Eczema Outbreak - AFP

Rising prices tip another 75 million towards starvation: FAO

If you want to be really depressed, read the comments left after this article on the coastal cleanup

Sierra Club Endorses Prop 1A (California High-Speed Rail)

New process derives 'green gasoline' from plant sugars

Mark Serreze - Arctic Ocean Ice Pack Has Entered "Death Spiral" - Summer Cover Likely Gone By 2030

Massive & Unexplained Aspen Dieoffs Hitting Utah, Four Corners Region - KSL

'Calm before storm' may foreshadow climatic tipping point

Palin Wins Coveted Rubber Dodo Award From Center For Biological Diversity - Guardian

PRC Admits Water Situation In Beijing "Grim" - Pumping 300 Million M3 From Hebei Province - Reuters

White roofs, streets could curb global warming

Lutz defends Volt design (THE MAKING OF THE CHEVY VOLT)

ANALYSIS / Tzipi Livni is Israel's Barack Obama

Hamas's Gluttony

Ahmadinejad: Israel won't survive in any shape or form

A Self-Fulfilling Thing In Florida

Bush cancels fund-raising event to address/assure the nation ...

Ronald Reagan: "Government IS the problem." Yes, but...

Being In Debt Is Bad For Your Health

Top Broker: NYC Real Estate Already in Steep Decline

The mother of all bailouts: the debt repository is what sent stocks higher today.

Can anyone here explain why Wells Fargo is doing so much better than other banks??

A New Role for the Fed: Investor of Last Resort

need help here--anybody have a handy little list of "green" investments? trying to help out a

would you be concerned about international travel right now?

So, what's everybody doing to ride out this economic storm?

What I hate about mutual funds

Federal-Mogul to cut 4,000 jobs

UPS Freight Workers in Mechanicsburg, Pa., Sign Cards to Become Teamsters

So, does this mean McSH*TFORBRAINS now SUPPORTS the EFCA?

Have you gotten push polled by your union yet?

Nearly Half of Union Elections Report Employer Lawlessness

Blue Collar Union Member for Obama-Biden bumper sticker SOLD 1 on

Today in labor history Sept 18

Biden talking about Labor Unions

Cuba hurricane relief links.

ALERT ISSUED on US-COLOMBIA Free Trade Agreement by Citizens Trade Campaign

"REVOLT OF THE RICH" - BOLIVA: Mark Weisbrot interviewed by Newsweek

Cubans line up for chance to use idle state land

Israeli ambassador recalled after being found tied up in bondage gear

Paraguay: New government faces elite resistance

United States defends the drug trafficking and use its two-faced moral to accuse Venezuela

Bolivians report children killed in Porvenir Massacre

Argentina's top Olympic official resigns after linked to military dictatorship

UNASUR: September 15 Santiago Declaration on Bolivia

Venezuela president to visit Moscow next week

Russia delegation holds intergovt consultations in Nicaragua

Bolivia acquires Shell's stake in pipeline company

Hochuli apologizes to fans for blown call in Chargers-Broncos game

Cubs magic number is 4

Don't read this LisaM: Bob Gibson's ERA in 1968 was 1.12!!!!1

Howard's anthem comments in YouTube video draw response from Mavs

Kucinich attacks Yankee Stadium deal


Joey Porter: Cassel 'shouldn't be that hard'.

I am so hooked on soccer

happy update on Jakey

Mercury goes Retro Sept 24 - other items

Information On How To Help A Budding Empath?

I can't fall asleep - I wish for more than 4 hours of sleep a night.

Factors Affecting Out-of-Hospital Cardiac-Arrest Survival

September 2008, Prayer, Light & Healing Requests, Part II

Rising Foe Defies Hospitals' War On 'Superbugs'

FTC Warns Consumers about Bogus Cancer Cures

An uninsured man gets cancer. He has no insurance. What are his options?

Anybody here have pre-birth memories?

Tundra storm

Sun rise

Visby, Sweden

Offroading in the Rockies

Interesting DU thread re Obama winning in PA, a swing state where about 70% of congresspersons are

Did the report “Winning the Gun Vote” for DLC influence our 2008 Democratic Party Platform?

“Democrats rethink gun-control stance” Oct. 2003 -- We had 5 years to prepare to fight in Oct 2008

“House Passes Bill To Ease DC Gun Restrictions” Feinstein promises filibuster

Almond Flour Pound Cake and Lemon Cake

Fig & pear preserves.

This bread recipe keeps calling to me...

Crows smarter than Chimps?

'Ancient' Christian amulet declared a fake

I don't usually ask for help, but I am in a quandry....and for the life

DU Physicists : What do you think of Smolin's critique of String Theory?

Black Collar Crime and Douchebaggery Report for September 18, 2008

Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance

73 percent of those surveyed say they believe in hell.

New 9/11 Truth video... a must see!!!

My roomie showed me some of "Loose Change" last night

Galveston missing persons hotline activated, including Bolivar Pen, Bacliff/San Leon, Freddieville&

Ike: Power restoration timeline (through Monday.)

YMCA opens facilities to the public

Galveston: Find loved ones, see satellite image of you home

Some Ike victims may not be allowed to rebuild

Eminem. Mos Def, Immortal Technique now 911truthers?!

Need help re files

Help. How do I get out of safe mode?

Disk imaging software

technogeeks, need help re: VoIP

Court delay prevents Grits from using Cadman tape

Minister cracked jokes during listeriosis conference call: sources

Duceppe demands apology from Tory MP

B.C. NDP candidate resigns


Here's a Jeff Beatty ad

Video of JK's victory party

Video: Alexandra Kerry interview about her book on the 2004 campaign

Al Franken rally in Plymouth this Saturday

Senate District Picnics, Sunday September 21

AG warns presidential race could be tainted

So I'm looking at some jobs in Milwaukee

Sacramento area Republicans seek Slavic support

FYI: Bill Santiago, Brava Theater, Saturday night.

Hey you.... citizens of the 3rd congressional district!

Good news-Field Poll finds gay marriage ban trails by 17 points