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What kind of sex ed should be taught in school?

Palin: "Iraq war was fought over oil"

LIVE NOW ON C-SPAN: Anti-War Rally at RNC convention

It's NOT the ISSUES, "Stupid"!

It must be like an Easter Egg Hunt up in Alaska right now. Can you imagine how much $ a pix of Palin

Arianna Spars With Tucker Carlson Over The Media, Olbermann, Bill O'Reilly, The Right/Left Prism

Republicans: Once again, a day late and a dollar short.

Today's Political Lesson: Even Republicans with scandals are fit to run for office

"The woman is not a historian, or a PoliSci major, she's an executive."

HALPERIN’S TAKE: The Unanswered Questions About Sarah Palin

The picture emerging of Palin: inexperienced extremist

palin endorsed-ron paul and wanted Alaska to succeed

Anyone have a list of all the countries Biden has visited representing the USA as a Senator?

Dick(less) Morris says BabyGate is good news for McLame.

ROVE to RNC: Biden is a "big, blowhard doofus." (BAM! ZOOM! MOON!)

David Brooks on the Newshour

AP: Day of stunning Palin disclosures

Reaganism is finally imploding...

To: All MSM. From: Central Control. RE: Change of Course

The real issue here is that abstinence doesn't work

Ive noticed lots of protesting video from the RNC

Any word from Joe Scarborough on the Palin choice?

"Reformer"?? Reform schooler, maybe

Code Pink having a wedding for George and Miss John McCain on C-SPAN right now!

Code Pink having a wedding for George and Miss John McCain on C-SPAN right now!

People Mag: John McCain & Sarah Palin on Shattering the Glass Ceiling

Did y'all see Cambell Brown open up a can ??

Founder of Palin's first political party: Don't bury me under the American Flag

WHY the hell should Joe go easy on Sarah? I sure don't remember anyone

My Friends, it just shows she's an independent thinker.

Tell me this cartoon is not about the Republican VP Choice...

Obama bin Biden Shirts Sold at Republican National Convention

Campbell Brown vs. Tucker Bounds....NOW. rerun...don't miss it

Is the Alaskan Independence Party infiltrating the federal government??

CBS Obama/Biden takes 8 point lead. 48-40

Arthur B. Culvahouse Jr. needs to find a new line of work

How dirty will Obama/Biden have to get to win this election ?

Any new poll numbers since VP gate?

What's crazy is the amount of TIME McCain had and took to select a V.P.

Sarah Palin - Troopergate (Video)


Maybe the GOP should have hired the MN cops to vet Palin.

Palin's Pregnancy Problem, by Sally Quinn

McCain's Holiday News Dump

So Palin is not the official GOP pick yet right?

And remember kiddies...when Palin drops out for "personal reasons".

Obama interview on Larry King tonite - now -

Does the Alaskan Independence Party (AIP) advocate violence against the U.S. Gov't?

Obama interview on Larry King to be played soon. He excoriates Palin.

Imagine being a prominent Republican woman . . .

I wish KO would get off of Gustav and begin talking about Palin

Obama on C-Span now! From Today in Detroit!

lets lay off the whole secede thing...


Sarah Palin’s ideas about sex education policy — and the red flag it raises

So what about her being for the bridge to nowhere before she was agianst it...

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now was arrested & pepper-sprayed while handcuffed in Minneapolis

McCain's Train Wreck : Give the credit to Barack Obama

Chris Matthews was gushing over how the Repubs. are handling their convention-NOT like Bush

Sarah Palin - "Does this shotgun make my ass look big?"

Republicans: Choose first, vet second...

VOA: Republican Delegates Concerned About Storm, Excited About Palin

VOA: Republican Delegates Concerned About Storm, Excited About Palin

Stephanie Miller on CNN Larry King now!!

BOSSHOG: Where you at?

What indication does ANYONE have that any of these scandals will hurt McCain?

My biggest fear right now: Palin withdraws from the ticket...

Campbell brown ripping McCain spokesperson a new on on Palin on You Tube now

Michelle Bachman won't call Palin "the most qualified" candidate for VP

Sarah 'attaboy Brownie' Palin


Alaska Republican Party spokesperson: "McCain's people are coming to do their investigation

HAve you ever been out driving around and had to slow down to look at one of these?

Intrade bargain: VP nominee Romney at 1%

Let Me Put It This Way, Say You Are Applying To Join the FBI

Have Obama or Biden ever sold a plane on e-bay? Palin did and according

Amanda Carpenter on CNN: "Palin was thoroughly vetted."

Happy Labor Day from the Republican Party!

FWIW Larry King covering Sarah Palin Pregnant Daughter Story

If Palin's pregnant unwed teenage daughter

Bridge to Nowhere and Obama qualifications. Can Obama's surrogates start answering

Mark this post! NO WAY she ever resigns! GOP idiots do not admit mistakes!

McCain's Veep pick supports a party that wants to secede from the Union? That's treason, right?

Palin's Boondoggle: Where that $20 Deficit Came From

On CNN I wish James Carville would throw the AIP story into the McCain spokeswoman's smiling face

Are the Republicans admitting that they can't do hurricanes AND regular business at the same time?

Stupid Question for DUers: How does McCain get rid of Palin if he wants

I'll say it again - the Nazifest will NOT be appearing on my TV screen this week!

PDF Files regarding Troopergate

OK... the A.I.P issue has surely got to sink Palin.

Todd has a DUI?

McCain probably isn't getting much sleep now

The National Enquirer and/or Larry Flynt will handle all this for us.

MSNBC reporting that Bush may address the RNC convention tomorrow night.

Friday, 9/12/2008 - The Day Palin Withdraws and Joe Lieberman Is Added to the Ticket

Giuliani: "I used to be a mayor and I look good in a dress"

This Is Really Quite The Spectacular Implosion Of The McCain Campaign, I Must Say!!!!!

Here is the real question!

Here is the real question!

If Larry King and Campbell Brown are throwing haymakers at GOP surrogates re: Palin

Telling friends and family: The Presidency is a "Job", not an "Award".

Jerry Springer is laughing his ass off....

Help DU Family I can't keep up and need a list

So, as near as I can figure out, today was all Gustav, all the time on every channel.

We should not be overconfident on this election. Remember the media is NOT our friend

Top Republican Governor Has Heard No Talk Of Removing Palin From The Ticket

In retrospect it's good that the media is focusing on the teen daughter today because...

Sarh Polin- The gift that keeps on giving

Shotgun Wedding At the White House?????

McCain communications director wouldn't fully answer NPR's questions on Palin's world travel.

McCain communications director wouldn't fully answer NPR's questions on Palin's world travel.

Palin lets drug bill become law

Is MSNBC all Gustav all the time now?? Why are they muzzling Olbermann on this day of days?!?

Michelle Bachman should be locked down in a Physc Ward.

McCain Campaign Sends A Dozen Communications Operatives, Lawyers To Alaska

McCain Campaign Sends A Dozen Communications Operatives, Lawyers To Alaska

Obama's Blue Print for Change...

I hate that Minnesota congresswoman

So I ran the "What celebrity do you look like?" page on Sarah Palin's face, and

The last secessionist presidential candidate? Maybe John Breckenridge, 1860?

Democrats risk playing into McCain’s Palin ploy

WTF is wrong with Michelle Bachman?

It's a Judgement Call... 2 reasons I think Palin is unfit for V.P.

Alaska Governor Hickel was an AIP member and endorsed Palin in 2006

You know what I think? I think Bush/Cheney avoided the Rep.neo convention

TROOPERGATE: Audio of Palin's Aide Frank Bailey Trying to Get Wooten Fired (Recorded Phone Call)

TROOPERGATE: Audio of Palin's Aide Frank Bailey Trying to Get Wooten Fired (Recorded Phone Call)

Rovian my butt.... Pure incompetence - read this

Alaska Independence Party platform (doesn't include secession, but it's bad enough)

... and behold, a pantsuit (this cartoon sums it up!)

MSNBC: Bush to campaign from White House

I Was At a Dinner Party Tonight .. Got Two Opinions on Palin

Did mcsame really raise 7million after vp pick?

Question. Are medical records of candidates ever released

Cherry on top....she may have lied about being Miss Congeniality!

McClatchy Newspapers: No evidence McCain camp did any thorough vetting of Palin

Even Alan Colmes has a set tonight!

James Carville is owning his keep tonight!

Remember the old days, when we just thought Palin was a bland McToken?

TPM: The Palin Meltdown in Slo-Mo

BREAKING: Hurricane Sarah Poised to Strike Twin Cities; Landfall Imminent

OMG! I Just Realized Why Palin Wasn't Vetted!!!!

PROJECT: "Obama was right on..."

Our next convention should be in the suerdome!

Off the Rails: Sarah Palin's Very Bad Day

Is anyone else having trouble logging onto DU?

There's Definitely More To Babygate Than We've Heard

There's Definitely More To Babygate Than We've Heard

Palin too busy for interviews.

CNN talking about a Hurricane that is 10 days away that doesn't have a name

Some people who vote Republican do so because they are very competitive people.

I'd bet Ted Stevens wishes those internet tubes broke!!

Our next convention should be in the suerdome!

Anderson Cooper is talking to Obama on CNN re. hurricane

The freakshow from alaska doesn't stop giving - AIP now on ABC

Palin had Piper at night and was back to work the next day

Republicans are ALL afraid of catching cooties at the convention!

At least she hasn't shot anybody in the face yet.

Anybody search for Sarah Palin in Facebook?

"what is he gonna do? Accuse Barack Obama of fathering two black children?"

Uh, why have we not heard anything about the FATHER of young Miss Palin's baby?

So this is the shotgun groom-to-be?

Lyndon Johnson once said "When I Lost Walter Cronkite" I was knew I was toast

Most hilarious repug talking point stating Palin's qualification to be VP

It's a Judgement Call... 2 reasons I think Palin is unfit for V.P.

It's a Judgement Call... 2 reasons I think Palin is unfit for V.P.

So...McCain surrogates have been destroyed by Campbell Brown & Larry King re: Palin

"Palin Sold a Plane on eBay, that qualifies her to be a VP"

James Carville just DESTROYED the Republicans on Larry King Live

McCain and Palin should be crucified for putting Bristol through media hell

my son 10 yr old MADE me watch this video and i thought it was cute.

Is anyone seeing anything about the "Alaskan Independence Party" on the MSM?

And the Vetting Goes On

Priceless Experience

Priceless Experience

McCain was asked what he would do if his daughter was pregnant.

"Hey Republican Teens, go for it, get knocked up. It's normal, all families go through it..."

CNN playing the sexism card! No one asks Barack

17 year olds, even with good and involved parents, sometimes get pregnant

Will the overbearing police actions during the RNC push Pawlenty out as a Palin replacement?

Will the overbearing police actions during the RNC push Pawlenty out as a Palin replacement?

Where's the site that dispels all the rightwing racist emails

Palin refused to publically release her emails: "executive privilege."

Do these photos tell a story about maternity fraud?

The Alaska State Senate Judiciary Committee is DEF going after Palin

Does troopergate include Palin wanting her traffic tickets fixed??

The RW will try to use Obama to cover for Palin

Biden to Rove: “You Can Call Me Anything You Want”

My GOP-voting-since-Nixon, 61 year old father's take on Palin:


Palin, Gender, Family, Framing - It's Still the Ethos, not-so-stupid!

Alaskans Puzzle Over Whom McCain "Vetters" Talked To About Palin

Are we sure the boys name is Levi? Or is it Wrangler?

Just a Heartbeat Away

CBS now covering the Palin thing

Republicans take off their Republican hats because they can't respond to disaster

Republicans take off their Republican hats because they can't respond to disaster

"She's a rock star."

More Obama/Cooper interview on CNN NOW

I was on the high school student council, and lived abroad for four years - can I be VP?

Read the Alaskan Independence Party platform and tell me what you think...

RNC Nomination: Bristol, Goddess of Fertility.

NyDailyNews: Bristol Palin's pregnancy was an open secret back home - Father revealed

“We are going to flush the toilet" on Labor Day - revealing Palin's daughter pregnancy & husband DUI

McCain CAMPAIGN IS LYING. They Said McCain KNEW Bristol Was Pregnant

NY TIMES: McCain Staff arrived in Alaska ONE DAY ...... ***Dupe and other thread is better -nt

So when do Obama and Biden reclaim the spotlight? And how?

Who Will Replace Palin

Great Christian info on Obama to counteract right wingers

Fabulous new GOP meme: teenage pregnancies are now to be called...

I've been out of the loop since Saturday. Enlighten me. Is all this Palin scandal crap getting play?

So I'm Guessing That McCain Has to Show Up at The Convention--

Self delete,, nothing to see here

But... but...

Given McCain's notorious temper, just what do you think is going

Given McCain's notorious temper, just what do you think is going

Focus Group - 2 to 1 against McCain/Palin

The Bridge to Nowhere

Palin will be gone by the end of day tomorrow

BP-Oil-Gate aka Palins husband 50k job he doesn't show up for

BP-Oil-Gate aka Palins husband 50k job he doesn't show up for

I know who the boy is - but I'm not sure I want to post his name

Memo to Sarah Palin: Focus On the Family (Isn't time to throw that title back in their faces?)

McCain licks Ron Paul's Boots and begs for his support after snubbing him.

Lincoln's Secretary of State who Purchased Alaska almost died with Lincoln that night

Joe Biden: Homecoming in Scranton, PA (Obama RoadBlog site)

Anyone ever watch BBC America's nightly news program?

One mistake that I've read in here all evening HAS TO STOP! [Miss Congeniality]

What are the chances the GOP must start with a clean slate? No Palin and No McCain?

Palin was offered VP-ship the day before giving birth (April '08)

After Michelle Bachman Suggested That Carville Was Sexist For Criticizing Palin, Is Hillary Next?

Any other pregnant Republicans I should know about?

Here it is folks - This is where John found her!

Why Does Sarah Palin Hate America????

** Pics from this evening's Barack Obama Rally in Milwaukee **

Stephanopoulos: “The Big Question… What Else Don’t We Know About Governor Palin”

WP:Palin's Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds

WaPo: Palin's Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds

The perfect out

Choosing Sarah Palin: Judgment, Age, or Something Worse?

ABC Koppel replacement show to cover the baby thing, coming up next..10:50 PM CDT:

Remember when McCain said CHELSEA CLINTON was Janet Reno's daughter? Ugly? Remember?

The Real Question facing Republicans

Now that Gustav is settling down, are we back on schedule for the RNC tomorrow?

WaPo: No Surprises From Palin, McCain Team Says

How long before Sarah Palin pulls a Harriet Miers?

sarah palin will NOT be the republican vice-presidential nominee

To all mothers, I'm asking this question......

New York Times article on Palin & Alaska Independence Party!

anyone get a look at this stupid article at politico

So when McCain said "we will act as Americans, not as Republicans"`

Palin troopergate lawyer asserts AK legisture does not have authority over AK Executive Branch

This would be a funny ad to use on the GOP/MSM notion that Palin needs to be treated with kid gloves

Palin's nomination will be withdrawn by Wed, but it will have done its intended job

Will Sarah Palin be on the ballot in November as the Repug VP candidate?

How will the GOP defend Palin's membership in the AIP??

How will the GOP defend Palin's membership in the AIP??


Should McCain cut Palin loose?

"The reaction to Palin among Republicans is very complicated."

Another Palin post: Why I think she, as (R) VP, helps Obama

Another Palin post: Why I think she, as (R) VP, helps Obama

Sarah Palin wants to take a star off our flag!

Sarah Palin wants to take a star off our flag!

You all see this?

You all see this?

Schuster just stated the FBI did NOT vet Palin

I have to call some folks DUMB FUCKS. . .I personally think MySpace/Facebook photos are off limits

Is the Justice Department involved with the AIP thing yet ?

QUIET STORMS: "If there’s a senior that’s having trouble, that’s my grandparent"Thats OUR President

It's a Judgement Call... 2 reasons I think Palin is unfit for V.P.

QUIET STORMS:"Those are the values that built this country.Those are the values we are fighting for"

QUIET STORMS:"Those are the values that built this country.Those are the values we are fighting for"

Obama: "We have a budget of about three times {the Wacilla annual budget} just for the month"

Obama: "We have a budget of about three times {the Wacilla annual budget} just for the month"

McCain, It's time to put your country first and raise the flag

QUIET STORMS: "If there’s a guy who’s lost his job, that’s my brother" Thats OUR President

Anchorage TV Station: Sarah Palin Was "Definitely Pregnant" With Trig

Sarah Palin is all Barack Obama's fault.

Does McCain get the do-over or the GOP?

Is ANYONE ELSE watching Charlie Rose?!? Cokie Roberts - Obama has no more experience

The local Albuquerque news just said McCain and Palin will be in Albuquerque Saturday

Who did pick Palin?


Does anyone have up to date state-by-state polls numbers?

Just like Christmas Eve - Tomorrow Bush will speak to the convention

Miller and shultz

If McCain has to replace AIP-alin, has he burned his bridges to nowhere with legitimate veeps?

Poll: Obama gets post-convention 'bounce' Updated

Poll: Obama gets post-convention 'bounce' Updated

Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy


TrooperGate: What about this is not clear?

OK, here goes:

I really can't wait to see the tracking polls on Thursday....

LEAKED - Vetting checklist found in a GOP Convention back room!!

LEAKED - Vetting checklist found in a GOP Convention back room!!

It's a good thing she's in the NRA, ' cause it's going to be a shotgun wedding!

If I was in McCain's camp right now, I'd seriously be shitting myself.

msnbc finally covering Palin: Shuster giving it to the pug strategist

"If Palin cannot lead her can she lead the country?"

Newt Gingrich now filling up the airwaves with lies on Tavis Smiley...

Country First? Not so much.

Palin's daughter IS off-limits

So many hypocrites!! GOP = family values. I think not.

Four Full Days And Not One Question From The Press!

Is this site for real? "Bristol Palin Gone Wild?"

PHOTO: Palin's excess baggage forces McCain to take bold move:

How come the AIP story hasn't hit the cable news stations yet?

Pick: "Hypocritcal Family Values Mom" or "Corrupt Politician Under Investigation"

Official McCain/Palin Campaign Photo......Unreal

"I'm excited to see a woman lead our ticket." Susan Molinari

Larry King Live Now! Ed Schultz/Stepanie Miller on the panel

Larry King Live Now! Ed Schultz/Stepanie Miller on the panel

ABC News Confirms Palin's Membership in Secessionist AIP - this is huge

An Anagram to define the situation...

I think Sarah Palin is done

Women's Rights, Core Values, Baby Borrowers and Teenage Pregnancy

APJ on Palin: "When The New York Times runs a story like…"

Bush speaking tomorrow night at convention!

McCain didn't vet Sarah now the Press is going to do it for him.

Did McCain think it was Vietnam vet...

You want to cut Palin's Christian followers by 50%?

You want to cut Palin's Christian followers by 50%?

Shame on the Media.. They could have EASILY (more easily) have exposed Mrs Moose

Bridge to Nowhere lie is worse than is being reported

If Palin cannot lead her can she lead the country?

Allright! Fess Up! Which DUer Is The Sleeper Cell Working For the McCain Campaign?

Kyra Phillips on Larry King just broached the subject of McCain removing Palin as VP.

Will the October surprise be a Palin family wedding? Ask yourself how that will play out....

Emails and phone calls of Palin and Troopergate about to be released

Did you hear them report that the FBI said they did not vet Sarah?

Bill Bennett & Bill Kristol praise Obama and become his mouthpiece!!

I just figured out what all of this Palinmodium reminds me of...Bernie Kerik for the DHS

Sarah Palin congratulates herself on raising taxes

Sarah Palin congratulates herself on raising taxes

Sarah Palin congratulates herself on raising taxes

Sarah Palin congratulates herself on raising taxes

We are now to the tipping point where keeping Palin is slightly worse than dumping her

AIP Scandal Means HORRIBLE Week for the McCain camp and GOP

Family Values My Ass (FVMA)!!!!

I better pay my Tinfoil Hat Brigade dues. I'm starting to wonder if...

I better pay my Tinfoil Hat Brigade dues. I'm starting to wonder if...

McCain has accomplished one important thing with the Palin pick...

The Last Time I Saw a Republican Party In Such Disarray Was the ILGOP

The Last Time I Saw a Republican Party In Such Disarray Was the ILGOP

And now for a little humor break...

QUIET STORMS: "If there’s a woman out there without healthcare, that’s my sister"Thats our President

After Palin is exposed as a huge blunder Dems need to be ready to make this a referendum on McCain

ABC NEWS: 'Fringe' Alaskan Secessionist Party: Palin Was A Member

Firings When She Was Mayor

Newsday: Knocked off message by Palin baby news

I knew Hillary Clinton. Governor you are no Hillary Clinton.

Negative post convention bounce for McCain? You make the call!

I knew Hillary Clinton. Governor you are no Hillary Clinton.

KKKarl, that fat bastard..

Andrew Sullivan, on exposing private lives for political purposes

The Palins Would Be Better Off Doing A Reality TV Show

If Palin stays, and verdict comes due days before election, possible to seem politicized-either way.

David Brooks isn't thrilled by the pick

JUST IN: Palin invited on a special moose hunt with fellow VP'er Dick Cheney.

When do newspaper endorsements for pres. usually come out?

When do newspaper endorsements for pres. usually come out?

Which would make McCain look worse? Sarah stays or Sarah goes?

Which would make McCain look worse? Sarah stays or Sarah goes?

Which would make McCain look worse? Sarah stays or Sarah goes?

From now on, It's "Alaska secessionist Sarah Palin" -- methinks this is what destroys her.

Radical Leader ofThe Al-Aska Martyrs Brigade

Radical Leader ofThe Al-Aska Martyrs Brigade

Ed Schultz just went there

McCain adviser Tucker Eskew: Troopergate "a series of outlandish, politically motivated charges"

Quick Quiz: What do these three "Mavericks" have in common?

What if McCain picked Palin just to troll his RW antagonists in the Republican Party?


Revealing Quote by John McCain

So whats the polling look like?

Meanwhile in Vietnam, all is going according to plan for Alaska to secede from the US...

Troopergate, Family probs, Member of party that wants Alaska to seceed...

GOP Convention = 'The Summer of George'

Ms Wasilla Queen of the Desert

Sarah Palin is a gift

I sold a Dodge on ebay once...

GOP operative shortly after the announcement:"Reckless."re McCain's judgment/decision-making process

Why did Palin and McCain subject Bristol to this?

Are You Still Holding Your Noses?

I think the McCain communications director really stretched the truth about Palin on NPR tonite

Has anyone mentioned that the Obama camp has played this precisely right?

Don't discount the McCain/Palin candidacy. Bush/Cheney were an equally laughable combination.

A truncated version of Carville's CNN appearance is up on youtube (Serious Smackdown)

The John McCain research machine revealed

More damage to the Republicans!! Make this viral.

AmericaBlog/NYT: Blockbuster NY Times piece on the Sarah Palin vetting disaster

Evangelicals rally behind Palin after pregnancy news (CNN web site)

This shouldn't be about Bristol Palin but a woman's right to choose

TIMELINE: Palin Was In The PTA and the AIP AT THE SAME TIME!!!!

I cannot fucking wait to see Biden tear Palin to shreds in a debate

I cannot fucking wait to see Biden tear Palin to shreds in a debate

A must read from daily kos (puts a lot into perspective)

A must read from daily kos (puts a lot into perspective)

Poll: Which Storm Has Been Most Disruptive to the Republican Convention?

(BARF BAG WARNING) Before we jump from the frying pan into the fire, CONSIDER THIS:

Now here's a new thought. What if the baby was McCain's?

Halperin on McCain: "... polling showed that no conventional choice would allow him to win"

Halperin on McCain: "... polling showed that no conventional choice would allow him to win"

You know what's going to happen if McCain dumps Palin...

I CANNOT wait for the first Saturday Night Live on 9/13.....

Ambinder: Palin part of AIP "infiltration"? Has tape instructing members to infiltrate main parties

McCain isn't oficially the nominee until the delegates vote

All the DU laughter at Palin is understandable. But don't focus on that.

So I've been away for a few days...

Guess Pigboy's talking points on Palin for tomorrow.

Worst VP pick ever?

If Palin drops out AFTER the convention, how would McCain's new running mate be nominated?

McCain's Veep Palin asked the library how she could go about banning books!

McCain's Veep Palin asked the library how she could go about banning books!

McCain's Veep Palin asked the library how she could go about banning books!

I think there's something that everyone here on DU has forgotten over the past few days

The fact that Sarah's Republican colleagues hate her speaks volumes

I'd like to propose a toast to the best Vice Presidential nominee ever!

You know you might be a redneck....

PPP..Proper Palin Pointers

PPP..Proper Palin Pointers

Would a member of a secessionist group EVER be given Top Secret clearance?

Update from COLDSNAP Legal Collective as of 10:30 PM CT

Do you hear that building cresendo....

last time GOP picked a supremely unqualified woman....we ended up with Alito!

We had 24 hours to define Sarah Palin.

This thing is done!!!! FINISHED!!! Not even past the RNC and it's OVER!!!!

Poor CNN. They have to cover for Palin for the sake of their guy, John McCain!

I know this is superficial, but it needs to be said

Wouldn't it be funny if the republican party started cannibalizing their own.... oh they are!

PPCD...Political Party Collapse Disorder has hit the GOP..Murphy was Right

Oh Shit! The stuff keeps hittin' the fan! Damn!

With unqualified Palin: "That 3 a.m. call had better be a wrong number",

Is it just me, or...?

INTERESTING ARTICLE: Sarah Palin's Trouble with the Police

How will McCain spin this Palin catastrophe pick with his POW experience?

Electing labels: POW, Mother, Maverick

Wanna see some photos? Photo safari of Wasilla, Yup.

The party of Lincoln nominating a secessionist makes me furious!!

The party of Lincoln nominating a secessionist makes me furious!!

Are we all in a bubble here...?

Rove: Bush Had Foreign Policy Experience Because Texas Is Near Mexico

I know, we're all tired of pregnancy threads, but this thread justifies it all.... please read

I know, we're all tired of pregnancy threads, but this thread justifies it all.... please read

I know, we're all tired of pregnancy threads, but this thread justifies it all.... please read

Republican Party Insiders are cursing Gustav right now - It's a race against the clock

Republican Party Insiders are cursing Gustav right now - It's a race against the clock

Does Bristol Palin Matter?

"I really hope McCain did his homework, I cannot stifle a growing sense of unease that he didn't."

Random thoughts from Michael Moore.

Palin, "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plains."

All Joe Biden has to get out in a debate vs Palin is....

Even conservative-leaning AOL polls are starting to turn on Palin...

Chick on CNN giving MCcain spokesman crap about

i move to make obama president by unanimous affirmation

I can't help feeling a bit bad for McCain, as much as I dislike him.

Don't lose sight of the real issues!

If McCain dumps Palin....

Sarah Palin's feminist folly

Sarah Palin's feminist folly

Democrats didn't oblige the Rs or the media with a floor fight at our convention so the Rs

"I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions."

Palin goes to war with investigation

Sarah Palin wants to take a star off our flag! (pic)

Sarah Palin wants to take a star off our flag! (pic)

Palin's Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds. $27 million in federal earmarks. (WaPo)

David Books is SO full of shit....

Sarah Palin's "Checkers Speech"--what would she have to address?

Sarah Palin's "Checkers Speech"--what would she have to address?

Barak was a member of the IIP in the 90's. Platform stresses seceeding from US!

Suggestion: listen to local talk radio and go on air to repudiate Republican positive spin on Palin

Sarah Palin is everything the RNC wants in a McCain VP candidate

The Huffington Post is looking a little too much like the national enquirer.


Time Magazine vets Palin's atrocious record as Mayor....Get this info out!

Time Magazine vets Palin's atrocious record as Mayor....Get this info out!

Wow, the Daily Kos is NOW the Mainstream Media

The Collapse of the Fucktarded Party

Telegraph (UK) picks up the Palin -- Alaskan Independence Party story.

Has Palin appointed any people of color?

Vetted or not, either way McCain looks bad. So far, this is a win/win for Obama.

ok- I turned on the tv and msnbc was still on from last night.... before I quickly turned

Party Of Lincoln Set To Nominate First Secessionist Since Reconstruction

Freeper defense of Palin: She is keeping the Russians from bombing Alaska.

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

The story on her daughter's pregnancy might be one thing

USAToday/Gallup Poll: Obama Gets Post Convention Bounce. Leads McCain 50% to 43%. (You gotta read this) Time for Palin to go .

McCain Advisors lied to the Press about Ms. Palin having been subjected to FBI Background check!

It's so OBVIOUS now. McCain chose Palin to win the secessionist "South will Rise Again" vote

OMG you have to see this... Buchanan didn't want Palin

"Republican Convention Turns Focus on Palin" (Because the can't stand McCain)

Ace McCain is in the process of his 6thspectacular crash.

If the GOP wants us to be sensitive to Palin's family they shouldn't use the "toilet" analogy

John McCain Running Mate Sarah Palin Misled Republican Supporters

We don't need the "troubles" with Palin's family to beat her down...she's a joke in her own right.

There is one legitimate argument that Bristol Palin's situation brings up...

There is one legitimate argument that Bristol Palin's situation brings up...

Palin's Lawyer's Article in the Alaska Law Review

McSame Camp wanted to "flush the toilet" while eyes were fixated on Gustav.

What were the crowd sizes at Obama Monday rallies?

If Palin drops out...would McCain throw the VP choice to the convention?

Lieberman was just asked the question on Morn Joe who do you send in a foreign

Has there been any investigation of that $27 million in earmarked federal funds

Where is P.O.Dubya hiding?

Big Surprise..Morning Joe starts defending Palin

Remember when the Repukes flayed Hillary because there were differences

OMG! "They vetted supersecretly..." from the lips of Mike Murphy

Did Palin exploit her daughter?

Did Palin exploit her daughter?

I can't stress this enough. This point HAS TO BE MADE re: Palin/Alaska Independence Party

Did Mary Matalin just say that the Bristol Palin announcement was one the convention embraced?

What if the Republicans vote no on Palin this week?

What if the Republicans vote no on Palin this week?

Great description of the upcoming Biden/Palin debates from a friend of mine

Palin will disappear when the cost outweighs the benefits(fundie-funding)

Bristol Palin's Boyfriend Demands Paternity Test!

Are you terrified now? Scarborough and Buchanan and sidekicks say we are.

Palin for President

There's Obama and Osama!

My question has been answered in the negative... scrubbed the AIP story from page 1

Not only was Palin a member of the AIP, she recorded a welcome video for their '08 convention.

Eugene Robinson: Would You Do That To Your Daughter?

LOL - "Palin is the future of the Republican Party"

So - Bristol is a "Hockey Mom" too?

So - Bristol is a "Hockey Mom" too?

Gov. Sarah Palin on health care

Why lie about a background check?

IMPORTANT!! What does "Take off our republican hats and put on our American hat mean?"

IMPORTANT!! What does "Take off our republican hats and put on our American hat mean?"

Progressive talk radio needs to do the AIP story

This has been said, but I am saying it again....Keep hitting Palin in every way...

Abe Lincoln: Spinning or Laughing?

Isn't it about time for Palin to drop out

Palin is building road to the (nonexistent) bridge to nowhere

Letter to Lindsey Graham...

There is no schedule on the RNC website for the rest of the week.

WORST Presidential Candidate EVER ? or what Palin Pick exposes

The Woman in The Iron Ski Mask - if she's not on next Sunday talks - she's not up to it. Period.


why are these two woman inexorably linked in my mind?

why are these two woman inexorably linked in my mind?

You've Done It, By Jove - Kudos to DU - I'm So Proud !!

List of 23 people who are JUST AS STRONG as Sarah Palin

The Palin issue isn't about her family, it's about NATIONAL SECURITY

'Why is Chelsea Clinton So Ugly?'

Did McCain Choose His Running Mate Based on Who Would Provide the Most Entertainment for DU?

A new anagram: McCain/Palin: AIP Linc? Can 'm!

Another day and no questions taken by McCain/Palin? Unreal

Another day and no questions taken by McCain/Palin? Unreal

ABC/GMA: The McCain campaign refuses to say when they knew about the pregnancy

ABC/GMA: The McCain campaign refuses to say when they knew about the pregnancy

How many fundies are there in this country anyway and is the fundie vote that important?

I'm watching all of this hilarity on teevee this a.m.

I'm sick of hearing how the Dems need to "careful" in their handling of

I'm sick of hearing how the Dems need to "careful" in their handling of

Hey Palin - Practice what you Preach!

Good news for Democrats

You can awfully spattered dragging someone through the mud

Does anyone have LOLcatting skills? We should do a McCain/Palin one for Pundit Kitchen,

The failings of abstinence only sex education

good morning...joe scarborough is full of shit

Andrea Mitchell, the democrats do not know quite what to do with Palin, they are afraid to go after

Why the GOP can't dump Palin

Palin in Patriotic Bikini (yes folks it's photoshop) before you look

"Country First" or "Alaska First" which is it? Secede-from-the-Union Palin?

I shut down right wingers with this question re: Palin

Doesn't Bristol's pregnancy completely negate the "abstinence" platform's effectiveness?

Sarah Palin humiliating John McCain...

Morning Joe: John Meacham says: "I Take It They Googled Her, but I Don't Have Any Evidence of That"

Bloggers investigations started the ball rolling on Sarah Palin

How big is Alaska?

Jobs Sarah Palin IS qualified for

Make sure you watch THE VIEW today! The show will be live

Make sure you watch THE VIEW today! The show will be live

drip drip drip...


Why do Obama's opponents seem to melt away into nothing?

ABC News Has Taken the AIP Story off the front page. They are going to BURY the story.

AIP Just Hit CNN!!!!!

Questions surround Palin's background check - From Alaska

Questions surround Palin's background check - From Alaska

Candidates Children should be off limits; however not the candidate.

Palin's vast experience

We can't leave it alone if they keep bringing it up.

the VERY Conservative Daily Telegraph of London is now running the Alaskan Independence Party story

The Time Is Now To Paint McCain As A.....

Palin's earmarks - a tactic McCain has criticized. A must read:

Should we start sending boxes of Condoms to McCain/Palin?

Gotta love Morning Joe

Palin - once again the GOP gets highjacked by the far right and they are powerless to stop it

McCain team used little more than a Google Internet search to review Palin

Palin's Ties to the Alaskan Independence Party

Wasilla Mayor Gives Sarah Palin Glowing Recommendation - Is her cousin

Wasilla Mayor Gives Sarah Palin Glowing Recommendation - Is her cousin

The view from pro-life conservatives on Palin

Palin on Conservative Talk Radio

Alaska search may never yield answers (satire).

oh, jeebus please let McCain withdraw Palin

What?! They've NEVER talked about the kids of candidates until today??!!

Sarah Palin=Christian Dominionist

Sarah Palin=Christian Dominionist

Palin went into this knowing her daughter would soon be

The real McCain is either alarmingly cynical or dangerously reckless. (Eugene Robinson)

If I were Alaskan, I'd consider being a member of AIP as well.

If I were Alaskan, I'd consider being a member of AIP as well.

Media accepts McCain's thesis that to stop Sarah Palin rumors they had to out her daughter

Let's talk narratives--DNC: Unity and uplifting/RNC: Palin defensive and hurricanes

I never believed Jamie Lynn Spears to be an immoral slut, I hope nobody in the GOP did. . .

"Obama has no 'executive' experience"

McCain Campaign Used the Googles!

McCain Campaign Used the Googles!

Why it's okay for voters to be talking about the pregnancy of Palin's 17 yr old daughter

Question for Morning Joe watchers

When, EXACTLY, in the RNC going to officially nominate Failin' Palin and P.O.Dubya?

Republicans Worship Palin(Another Puke Meme Falls)

So, did ANYONE watch the GOP car wash and bake sale last night? Reports please. nt.

PLACE YOUR BETS HERE!!! Name the time and day Palin will drop out "due to personal reasons"

Great news about a few Scranton Voters, I had to share

Theory: The NeoCons Foisted Palin On McCain So It's No Wonder His Campaign Didn't Vet Her.......

Food for Thought - Last Week It was All About Obama

Talking point: Palin CANNOT EVER be VP if she was a EVER an AIP member!!

We should lampoon the term "maverick" whenever possible

I'm watching the morning news shows, and seeing nothing about her being a secessionist.

Aerial Hunting of Wolves (Video)

Secessionist Sarah Palin said.../belonged to.../ignored medical advice in her third trimester...

I don't care who's pregnant, or who gave birth to whom...

Is it me or is the RNC convention one big 'Operation Chaos'

Bristol Palin at the VP announcement - I noticed...

Speculation, Redux: Who will McCain's VP be?

Well, it's not my baby. I had a vasectomy 15 years ago. n/t

Imagine if Chelsea Clinton had gotten pregnant at 17

McCain / Palin - Change You Can Secede With!

Don't have SEX and you won't get pregnant!!!

Don't have SEX and you won't get pregnant!!!

"You Can't Spell 'PALIN' Without 'AIP'!" (Well, it's true!)

Don't Forget To Thank This Guy For Helping Screw The RNC:

repub VP woman has MORE executive experience than....McCain lol

Obama now +6 on RCP average, highest since July 7th

I told you people to stay away from the preggy daughter story. Now look what's happened.

What's the Over/Under on How Many Will Watch McCain's Acceptance Speech?

A new plum for Sarah Palin's resume:

Who here knew there was an Angry Great White North in America (except Symbolman)?

I PRAY that he drops her from the ticket. please please please!!!

MSNBCensorship is sure censoring the Palin secessionist story.

Palin: So close to Russia in so many ways.

My flag pin has 50 stars. How many does yours have, Sarah?

Tonight's RNC will be getting Jowly and Jowlier...

Sarahs college days: no one remembers her

Palin's acceptance speech may be postponed to Thursday

Beer Queen Cindy REMIXES the "Americans, not Republicans", it's all about HATS.

Palin is no "rock star." She's a "star rocker" by wanting to secede Alaska's star from our flag. nt


Rove going down along with McCain?

Giuliani taken off tonight's speeches. Does it mean he is going to be VP nominee and speak then?

America's Mayor replaced as GOP Keynote Speaker by the DYNAMIC duo of Lieberman & Thompson

AIP and League of the South

Is anyone as sick and tired as I am...

did you guys see this NY Times cover page article today?

GOP staffer says Palin was vetted by...Googling her.

Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? - John McCain

Obama got a bounce from the Democratic convention....looks like he'll get one from the Repub con too

It took McCain longer to finish his morning glass of Metamucil {SEX! BABY! LIES!}

Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father..

Rasmussen 9/02 - Obama 51% McCain 45%

Remember, this is not really about Sarah Palin. It's about McCain's lack of judgment and temperament

I'm sick of hearing how Palin is hero because she had trig



CNN: "Four things McCain needs to accomplish this week" (POW, I'm Not Bush, Palin, Attack Obama)

FOLKS, NO WAY she resigns or they drop her!!! Remember, they do not admit MISTAKES!!!

Somebody (spelled R-O-V-E) knows exactly what they're doing letting the pregnancy thing play out

Do Bristol And Shawn Johnson (Olympic Gymnast) Kinda Look Alike?.......

If the Trig Palin rumors made us look so bad, then why announce Bristol's pregnancy as a counter?

Palin family body language at the announcement

Conservatives love this whole teenage baby story line

Newsweek Exclusive: Top Clinton Supporter (Greta's Hubby) John Coale Endorses McCain

What was McCain drinking when he picked Sarah Palin?

Sarah Palin Debates - Hunting And Fishing Access More Important

Do you think insurance coverage plays into this situation?

Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process (AIP) - NYTimes

So much for this election being a referendum on Barack Obama

Re Palin: She's a Heather!

Re Palin: She's a Heather!

some mccain palin bumperstickers I saw for sale

I think had McCain chosen Christie Todd Whitman as VP, he might have gained some traction.

Thanks to Sen. McCain, hurricane Gustav missed New Orleans

Is Palin against contraceptives too?

Diageo/Hotline Poll: Obama Leads By Nine Points

Palin former member of secessionist AIP; addressed their convention this year

E*Trade: Andrew McCain's resignation from SSB "not in compliance" with NASDAQ stock drops again

Palin supports higher taxes and the redistribution of wealth (to Alaskans)

52% Still Have Favorable View of Palin, But Partisan Gap Widens

Leadership isn't what you do when the whole world is watching but what you do....

President Palin? Sociopath McCain.

McCain is also weakened by Bob Barr and I wonder if there won't be a significant Ron Paul write-in

I actually feel bad for Alaska

Whoa! Intrade just posted a new betting market. Guess what it is...

I know why Gramps McCain chose Palin--

The discussion on the (extended?) Morning Joe on Palin was pretty good.

According to Fox News It is "shameful" how we Dems and Dem bloggers are going after Palin's daughter

The Problem with the Completely Unknown Pick

I work with guys that think Obama...

Intrade starts Palin Resignation Watch - jumps 20 points

Did anybody hear the end of the Palin segment on the Diane Rehm show?

Did you hear the way Biden handled Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove calling him a "blowhard doofus?"

No Doubt Joe Lieberman Is Not A Dem

Who is Palin's pastor? Since Obama's pastor is so important, perhaps

Hurricane, Palin Roil the Start of GOP Convention

Sarah Palin and the fringe Alaskan group (Chicago Tribune)

Post your predictable Republican talking points after Palin withdraws here

McCain Adviser Nancy Pfotenauer: Palin is "chief executive of the nation's largest state,"

OMG- Carville just showed a photo of Wasilla City Hall on "Larry King"!

They are CHANGING speakers (including the keynote) the DAY of the convention????

RAS Tracking Poll: Obama: 51% McCain: 45% (Obama's highest point in RAS Poll)

This is the republican agenda and if I'm right you all owe me a drink

Joe Scar: McCain has been crowded out by everybody.

'Country First?' Or 'Admirals' Son and Grandson first, merit be damned?'

I got a feeling Bristol will speak at the convention!!!!

Can we get back to the issues instead of this smoke and mirrors....

McCain's biggest mistake was picking a running mate that was so new her past couldn't be ignored.

Todd Palin, the "Shadow Governor" of Alaska?

Todd Palin, the "Shadow Governor" of Alaska?

GOP's Internal Talking Points For Delegates About Palin Family

Sarah Palin sacrificed her daughter...

So what happens now? If the GOP continues to implode, will the media cover Obiden at all?

Who needs "American Idol"? This campaign is WAAAY more entertaining!

I'm getting ready to watch the View.. ha Elizabitch

Palin & AIP - Is she going to USE the VP slot to push for Alaskan Independence?

The firestorm of controversy about the Palin pick *shows* it was a FAIL by McCain.

This is Why You Don't Let your Confused Grampa Make Decisions!!

If Palin steps down...

ADN: In Alaska, very few people were involved in the GOP vetting process.

"Long story short...."

Obama has opened 5 campaign offices in Alaska, mccane--none!

Governor Palin in on "inside strategy"???

If Palin is withdrawn now, there are those in the Repub base who will be heartbroken

How Joe Lieberman got kicked out of the Republican party too

Palin's a stalking horse who'll "bravely" withdraw because her daughter's being "persecuted" for her

Why focusing on Palin is a mistake - with DRUDGE illustration

LOL - Fred Thompson: liberal bloggers "are in a state of panic" about Palin

LOL - Fred Thompson: liberal bloggers "are in a state of panic" about Palin

I was Thrilled by Obama's Response to the Palin Baby Story.

Sarah Palin: "I can't claim a Bill Clinton and say that I never inhaled."

Is Sarah Palin the next Dan Quayle? The next Harriet Myers? The next Michael "Brownie" Brown?

The Real Issue: Governor Palin and the Survival of the Republic

What a Joke! (A bad joke)

If Palin leaves the ticket, who would McCain choose... perhaps...

"You Can not trade one Vagina for Another Vagina"

McCain Loses His Base (The Media) With His VP Pick

Here's something I would throw at McCain during the Debate, if I were Obama...

Palin's homophobia could have harmed her daughter's baby


· Rasmussen: Obama 51, McCain 45!!!! Bounce Growing!

LOL- Giuliani (a.k.a. "President of both Florida and 9-11") OUT as a convention speaker!

If in some nightmare scenario McTaint and his empty pant suit get elected or selcted.

Palin Withdraws

I can't believe I was scared of the Palin pick last Friday ... this is entertainment gold

New pictures of Wasilla....

So if Palin doesn't drop out, can she NOT be nominated at the convention?

"Palin Goes to War With Investigation" LINK... (Sign She Is Gone??)

Yahoo Questions Obama's Manhood in homepage attack

When did John meet Sarah? I thought I heard he interviewed her 6 months ago, NYT says last Thursday

Alaska Megachurches see economic development as outreach tool

The NASCAR Analogy: McCain's car is spinning out of control.

Awesome photojournal of Obama campaign! Please share and give props.

We need to find out what books Sarah Palin wanted removed from the Wasilla Library.

I'm hearing that Gramps might do his convention speech by satelite from Florida!?

A picture is worth more than a thousand words.

The country will turn it's collective back on John McCain now, he is toast!

LINK: Debate video of Palin with two other candidates in the 2006 Gov race

Palin's's some interesting remarks

It Is No Longer About Any SINGLE Scandal, the Narrative Has Moved On

Here's why Palin makes me nervous

Concerning Palin's "experience" as opposed to that of Obama/Biden

CSPan just announced that Obama has opened 5 offices in Alaska

Prominent Republican Writer David Frum: Palin "Makes Barack Obama Look Like George C. Marshall"

Is the lazy Media Relying on DU and other blogg sites to do their research?

Intrade: 2008 US Election - Prediction Sarah Palin to be withdrawn as Republican VP nominee

didn't daddy Palin give his daughter a chastity ring?

The real story is that InSane McCain had 6 months to pick a VP and he picks Palin!

The real story is that InSane McCain had 6 months to pick a VP and he picks Palin!

Chuck Todd: The republicans are "scrubbing speeches" about Obama

I Put on My Shit-Kickers and Snorkel and Went to Freeperland - This is a MUST READ Friends

Mark Halpern said "In the next 48 hours McCain will find out things about Palin he didn't know"

Duplicate Sorry

McCain fought money on teen pregnancy programs

New national ARG Poll: bad news for Obama?

McCain: “The Vetting Process Was Completely Thorough”

Mods, Please Delete

I have a dream.

The Freepers REALLY don't understand why anyone should be concerned with the AIP story....

Why are we on Defcon 3? What's happened to Palin THIS time?

I cannot wait for the Daily Show take on Palingate!

Republican Senator (?)on MSNBC just claimed that Obama could have put a stop...

Who's in Charge Sen. McCain? NYT - "John didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted to do Joe or Ridge.”

November 2008: Narrow Republican victory surprises pollsters

I figured it out.

Do You Think Sarah Palin Will Be Replaced?

Palin would have been imprisoned or executed in other countries for what she did

The GOP would split if Palin is removed from the ticket

"Thomasina Eagleton"...

It's the small victories! Sister just called not gonna vote for McCain!

Just imagine if Barack Obama had a teenage daughter who turned up pregnant . . .

""I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions."

""I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America or her damned institutions."

Do you guys realize that Palin is the BEST thing that has happened around here in a long time??

I vetted Kurovski better than McCain vetted Palin...

The Downfall of Sarah Palin

just remember:

The McCain campaign is like Anger Management meets Dumb and Dumber....

The McCain campaign is like Anger Management meets Dumb and Dumber....

Side by Side Obama/Palin Experience Comparison

ATTN: DU - in 2004, Sarah Palin listed her own profession as Housewife/Homemaker

Obama camp: Is Palin's membership in AIP also off limits?

I saw Karl Rove break the story yesterday on Fox

The lawyer Palin hired is a local yokel, not even a partner in his firm

The lawyer Palin hired is a local yokel, not even a partner in his firm

In Honor of those on the streets today in St. Paul...

NYT: "John didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted to do Joe or Ridge."

WP, Eugene Robinson: "Palin's central claim to political fame is a fraud"; So is McCain's

WP, Eugene Robinson: "Palin's central claim to political fame is a fraud"; So is McCain's

Thom harmann said that the new vp's name will NOT be

McCain Blatantly LIED about the FBI check

TIME: Mayor Palin: A Rough Record

As A Member Of AIP, Palin Might Not Be Able To Get Security Clearance

From the GD forum...Another War Front? I Thought This Was Important To Share Here..

"Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Alaskan Independance Party?"

One week ago Palin was not on McCain's Shortlist and they googled her vetting

PERSONAL AD -- SWF 16 seeks SWM (older) for unprotected sex

Andrew Sullivan NAILS IT: It's About McCain

Place yer bets.....


Good News from Gallup....

Associated Press To The Rescue! Palin Was Thoroughly Vetted, After All!

Time MagazineTakes The Shine Off Palin's Reformer Image

Can someone explain to me why Kay Bailey Hutchinson was not picked.

Palin used a lobbying firm to secure almost $27 mill in fed earmarks for a town of 6,700 residents

Sarah Palin signs the "real flag"

Remember this quote from Barack Obama's acceptance speech:

What will the RepubliCONS theme be tonight..

If you don't this the AIP stuff matters, I have two words for you: Jeremiah Wright.

Hartmann just tagged it: The National Republican Police Riot

Okay for those uncomfortable with the preggo daughter scandal...

Before The Left Wing Conspiracy Gets Blamed-REMEMBER-McCain Was The Leaker Re: Palin's Pregnancy

Paging Dr. Dobson...

dupe (self-delete)

Leiberman fucks up another national ticket --- way to go Joe

Now you can be more thorough than the McCain Campaign!

Freepers DEFEND Palin on AIP Membership

VP chosen in a fit of pique?

Her other "foreign policy qualification" - Speaking in Tongues

Statuatory Rape Law in Alaska & Bristol Palin's age

Gallup Daily: Obama's 'Palin Bump' sees him hit 50 and stretch his lead to 8pts.

Check out this link:

Can people please help on the Jeremiah Wright situation?

Trooper-gate? "Executive" privilege? Loyalty Oaths? People, meet "Bushetta!"

Republican's A Short History of how Family Is Open Game

Palin's political mentor Joe Vogler founder of AIP

Dear Dr. Laura

Red state, Red town: Newspaper story on local women's reaction to Palin pick.

Sex on Skates.....the comments are classic

Is there really any comparison?

Get your fresh tag-line, signature, bumper sticker here!

Sarah Palin, extremist governor of Alaska

Photo Tour of Wasilla, AK. (courtesy of

New Pollster Chart has Obama with most support ever vs McCain....

What Greater Flag Desecration Than the Attempt To Remove a Star?

I think pressure should be brought to bear on the Alaska legislature

Amy goodman on with Thom Hartman now

GOP Apologist Media's GOT NUTTIN'.

Bush Mistakenly Arrives For Convention in St. Paul -- Nebraska

Palin is the Gift That Will Keep On Giving... As Long As She Remains On The Ticket...

McCain and the Repukes are back on the attack with a New Ad. I say its time to bury these Pricks

So if Palin delivers her speech, is she nominated as VP right then?

Everytime we hit back at a repub, someone has to whine about it backfiring.

Palin candidacy death spiral

Election: Where Are We Now?

Palin's Lobbyist Has Abramoff Ties

Wow!!! Cindy - What An Outfit........

Someone explain this to me please!

Here's Obama's fucking Resume! I'm getting Frustrated here now!

I always get this vision when I hear McCain and Palin referred to as mavericks...

PBS Video: Newt Gingrich says, "Obama isn't a 'real' Senator, you know!"

Back to Obama for a Minute: Submit and Vote On Ideas for Campaign Strategy

Has anyone else noticed?

"Worst Pivot Ever"

GALLUP TRACKING: Obama 50 (+1), McCreep 42 (-1). First time Obama has hit the 50% mark!

McCain Campaign Trying to Stall Palin's Troopergate report until Oct. 31st

The Hot Cheerleader (Palin) Stealing The Smart Girl's (Hillary) Homework

Which makes McCain look worse?

Can anyone in Alaska go pull the voter rolls on Palin????

What will be the next chapter in the Palin family saga?

What will be the next chapter in the Palin family saga?

What will be the next chapter in the Palin family saga?

McCain Votes on Abstinence, Family Planning, Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Birth Control.

Ironic that the RNC Platform is heavy on pre-marital abstinence

Intrade Prediction Market now trading on Palin withdawal from GOP ticket

McSame mad at madia, and GOP voters out of step with the rest of America

Re McCain's Ambien use and Palin's AIP past, the GOP ticket

Check out C-Span........Biden is a really good Campaigner

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis busted in bald face lie re: FBI vetting of Palin

Went to freeperville so you don't have too...

McSame Camp knows it has an AIP problem. Says Palin has been a registered Repug since 1982.

"John didn’t get what he wanted. He wanted to do Joe or Ridge." (Direct quote from NYT)

AP: McCain fought money on teen pregnancy programs

Palin demanded Loyalty Oaths as Mayor- to see if they were a 'Palinista"

No one is attacking the 17-year-old pregnant kid.

Ron Paul rally in Minneapolis on C-SPAN 2

GOP Plays Gender Card Against Palin Foes.. Sexism

It's gone past vetting here

This whole Palin thing reminds me of a typical episode of "Men in Trees"

Anyone notice that McCain has been missing from the media for the last 48 hours

POLL: Obama Gains Among Former Clinton Supporters - Convention Unified Party!

Woohoo Cover of ABC News has Palin AIP story!

I hope McCain does not get a big audience the night of his speech.

I hope some reporters and independent vetters got to Alaska before the McCain search and destroy

Jeb bush aide was on TV complaining about Democratic bloggers.

McCain's anti-blog smear campaign will only fire up the MSM

McCain raises $47 million in August

How much longer can McSame/Palin's "maverick" status hold out?

Let's say you get your “news” on the political race from the supermarket aisle

God bless Thom Hartmann. He's got Amy Goodman and other reporters


How Obama Lost The Election (Asia Times Online)

John McCain: Political Incompetent

The ONE area where the Bristol Palin pregnancy matters, IMHO

Her other "foreign policy qualification" - Speaking in Tongues

Palin's soon to be son in law sounds like a real catch.


To those still stuck on the Bristol Palin pregnancy thing.

My Dad worked with Marshall McLuhan- wants to get a message to Obama

What fun if McCain forced Palin out and offered the job to

Has anyone seen AIP discussed on TV networks?

DU this poll: Two questions on MSNBC regarding the "disclosures" about Palin

Now on NPR: Talk of the Nation: Was Palin a good choice? How to call:

Say nice things about Alaska. No snark if that's ok.

Palin and the lower 48

How much you wanna bet Palin pulls a "poor me"

Who is taking care of Sarah Palin's kids?

Didn't see this talked about here: "One Clintonite's Conversion", by Howard Wolfson

McCain Hires GOP Operative Who Helped Smear Him in South Carolina in 2000

(self delete)

Where are the democrats on MSNBC? Last week republicans were all over the place on every show? This

Palin is the first secessionist VP candidate since Jefferson Davis tapped Alexander Stephens

I Read It In a Want Ad

"She's a Nice Enough Woman, but She Doesn't Share My Values"

Freeper Heads EXPLODING over Gallup Results. PANIC. PANIC. PANIC!

Sarah Palin is a TROJAN

Joe Biden on C-Span . . . now

It could be that both McCain and Palin are at base fiercely ordinary

It could be that both McCain and Palin are at base fiercely ordinary

Who can get a copy of Palin's AIP speech?

Just in case anyone missed it, the video Sarah Palin sent to the 2008 AIP convention:

Just in case anyone missed it, the video Sarah Palin sent to the 2008 AIP convention:

The Boy friend's my space story has hit the news feeds of the Miami Herald and McClatchy

He went there. Right on time. Philly Pro-choice radio ad.


One Note About the Tracking Polls

New RNC convention Poster!

The Obvious: it's all about the US media and how it breaks over the next month or so

Sarah Palin: Not Ready on Day One

New Palin details may help, not hurt

No, this is not Karl Rove's Big Secret Evil Plan.

New Obama Campaign Ad: "Same"

What sitting Governor of a state has addressed a state secessionist party convention?

Any truth to the story that Palin is from the Heath (of Heath Candy Bars) family

things my father taught me about fighting

Video juxtaposes Palin's greeting for the 2008 AIP convention -- wishing them

Hillary supporters. I salute your candidate. If not for Obama she would be mine.

Fucker Carlson on CSPAN2 professing his support for Ron Paul

Will Secessionist History be McCain/Palin's Rev. Wright?

Mary Mitchell nails it re: Palin's/conservative hypocrisy about teenage pregnancy. . .

Have viewed All Networks all Morning...The RNC Convention Seats continue to Remain Unoccupied...


She has achieved maximum-overload on Fame.. Google her name + any noun

"So, Sarah, do you want the gig?" (Dan Hicks, Sausalito, yesterday)

Are CNN, MSNBC, and FOX NEWS Covering The AIP Story?

Anybody ask Palin if she supports the South Ossetian separatists movement?

Is A Dead Alaskan Baby Better Than A Live Texas One? Yeah, I Just Went There

They've been sitting on the Executive Experience meme for a while

Palin is appealing to some key sociodemographics and we'd better wise up.

What the pregnancy story did in concrete terms

Let's hope Mccain doesn't drop Palin

Biden vs. Palin- Who's gonna do the comparison of qualifications of the 2 Veeps?

Iraq a Task from God???!!???

Which story makes you think the least of Palin?

Hotline National Poll: Obama leads McCain 48-39 (up from 44-40).

Question...(with some general, pulled-it out-of-thin-air numbers)....

Somebody please help me find a video clip?

Hey Todd Pallin, what is a fish picker from Texas.

Hey Todd Pallin, what is a fish picker from Texas.

So this is the high-minded, civic, hurricane helpin' republicans in action...

Alaska Is A Purely Socialist State

John McCain has had 0 executive experience..

Joe Klein: What Bush Taught McCain

reason Sarah Palin flew back to Alaska while she was in labor

McCain: Fucked if he does. Fucked if he doesn't.

Want to help the Repugs win in '08? Then ridicule Palin and her family

Sarah the Book Banner

CNN poll on Pregnancy

Comparing Obama's bounce to Kerry's.

Conservative Rag, Boston Herald, on Palin: "A Bump in the Road" ROTFLMAO

Why isn't Obama talking more about his knowledge of the Constitution?

I think we need to start swamping MSM with info about AIP & Palin

Delicious reading...Republicans starting to splinter

Today's polls are SWEEEETTT


McCain Ad: "She (Hillary) won 18 million votes, yet did not get the VP spot"

Olbermann will be with Matthews tonight for the convention coverage!

The New Republican National Convention Script. Will it work?

The New Republican National Convention Script. Will it work?

Well, this is all making me dizzy - An Abramoff connection now?

"i would much prefer to hear more about what she can do for our country rather than how her daughter

With just a BA it is almost impossible to get a job as a VP in any major business/NPO setting. So

Anyone know of a site comparing Hillary vs. Obama pre-primary polls with actual results?

Anyone know of a site comparing Hillary vs. Obama pre-primary polls with actual results?

3 videos regarding Palin and;

Forget the pregnancy, the AIP, and all the rest, my question is...

How about a toast for Obama's vetting team?!?

Palin's Embrace of Earmarks (WaPo 2 Sept 08)

Lindsey Graham: Palin was vetted - the McCain Camp talking points say so!

With all of this going on- It struck me. Maybe the R's WANT to lose.

When do the parties have to submit their candidates to get

McCain to replace Palin with Britney Spears!!!!!

McCain to replace Palin with Britney Spears!!!!!

Randi Rhodes is about to bring up the Palin/AIP thing.

Um... Hello? Hello? Am I in the right place? This IS DU... isn't it?

Palin's virulent anti-gay crusade

Who Writes This Stuff? Michael Moore

Meet Jon Vogel of the AIP on audio telling the American government to "go to hell" here:

Republicans Rush In (Washington Post)

Ask them: would you vote for Palin for Pres, McCain for VP?

Palin's church

Palin's Lobbyist Has Abramoff Ties (WaPo info via TPM 2 Sept 08 )

Did everybody see this photo of Sarah?

As if we need more evidence: Palin linked to Ted Steven's 527 group

As if we need more evidence: Palin linked to Ted Steven's 527 group

A very interesting read from Andrew Halcro, Alaskan politician

Forget Palin's Pregnant Daughter, Focus on Troopergate

New Obama Ad: "The Same, The Same, The Same"


John McCain Decides His Next Important Presidential Decision- the usual way

I wish that Keith would do a "Countdown" tonight since he isn't part of the convention coverage

Will KO be muzzled again tonight????

I want to get this yard sign...

Announcement Overheard at RNC Convention.... "Would You Like To Be Our Next VP?" LOL

Alaskan Independence Party is also the Alaskan affiliate of the American Constitution Party

the ONLY job that mcinsane's years as a POW qualifies him for (if that) is as an inspector for AI

Palin: US Soldiers on a Task from God

Obama didn't wear a flag pin; Palin supported a big ass state seceding from the US.

CNN Political Ticker: McCain camp battles charges Palin belonged to AIP

McCain Camp (Carly Fiorina) accuses Obama Camp of being "sexist"

When do you think the political point of no return is for Palin to stay or go?

Let's suppose that McCain really wanted Palin as Veep, and there was

palin proves that the fundies own the republican party. plain & simple. imo

The Myth of Sarah Palin as Tax Cutter and Budget Cutter

McCain shot the "Experience" AND the "Judgment" claim

Sarah Palin was runner-up in the 1984 Miss Alaska pageant to a black woman

Good day to listen to Randi on Nova M

Welcome to the Yahoo world of fictitious headlines. Such as...

Phil Gramm just delivered a nice gift box with a shiny bow to the Obama campaign (more whiners)

Phil Gramm is Back! Attendees of the RNC are neither "whiners" nor "economically illiterate"

The republican "convention" has been pre-empted on MSNBC.

Nutbag Dobson has a verbal orgy about Sarah Palin today on "Focus on the Family"

pic - McCain asked if Palin was vetted

As concerns deepen, Republicans prepare to welcome Palin

Palin: Six Highly-Targeted Democratic Messages

Sarah Palin Has Not Allowed A Single Russian Invade Alaska!

Palin's classless behavior on a radio talk show

ANWAR and the energy crisis

It's all about the judgment

Gallup: Obama 50%, McCain 42%

The "Obama is a MUSLIM" comments from friends is code for "he is too brown"

Obama hits 50% in Gallup

McCain's Arizona retreat is in Cornville - not Sedona

I guess the GOP wants Obama/Biden to shut down all Blog posts???

How come Todd Palin is NOT a registered Repubican? Is he still fundamentally AIP?

How come Todd Palin is NOT a registered Repubican? Is he still fundamentally AIP?

ABC Radio News Discussing...Ron Paul

McCain's inpulsive and reckless choice demonstrates his impulsive/reckless decision making

McCain claims of "Experience" AND "Judgment" are dead!

The Republican convention theme is "Country First." Which one?

Why don't any Dem. surrogates bring up Obama's SEVERAL years of being a community organizer?

Palin Appoints Bolger to Court of Appeals

From AT&T Intranet - 244 million text messages were sent to & from the Convention Center alone!

Cafferty on CNN: Scathing summary of Palin. Focusing on foreign policy quals. and AIP membership

was directed to a poll regarding the best VP:

Maybe It's Time To Stand Back And Watch -Re The Palins

Is The Media trying to save McCain by picking up the Palin stories?

OK, now we're just in pathological liar territory.

*** Can Some One Put all Palin's Record on One Website or a Web page *****

WhoooHooo....Cafferty just question McCain's judgment

So how do you imagine Palin's acceptance speech will go?

STOOOOOPPPPPP!!!!!! Enough with ALL Palin STUFF NOW!!!!

This man looks like he wants to kill someone....

Barbie's mom for veep?

Report on Palin's debate tactics- she won't get away with this against Biden ...

Todd Palin wants to take a star off our flag!

Which would hurt McCain more: keeping Palin or replacing her?

No Drama Obama

McCain camp urging networks to telecast more than an hour of GOP convention tonight

Assuming both we and the wingers are stuck with the McSame/Failin' ticket,

Anybody watching the Ron Paul convention?

She IS the best the Republicans have to offer.

The first question I asked of myself re: Palin's goofs;

My first question re: Palin's goofs;

Wikipedia, and possibly Google, have scrubbed Sarah Palin's AIP membership?

Sarah Palin's Blog. ROFL!

Is it me or has this campaign just become one long comedy routine or a soap opera?

Wait .... it's coming .... McCain will BLOW SOON.... Imagine for a moment...

I pledge to direct all future posts on the Palin family to

Biden should ask: "Sarah Palin, why do you hate America?" nt

Have McCain's 10 investigators gone up to Alaska to discover or destroy?

The Mt. Rushmore of veeps

Why is everyone picking on the daughter? What about her BOYFRIEND?

The Three Groups

Just saw Obama's "The Same" ad on CNN, excellent placement

Why isn't Trig Palin, the most famous baby in Alaska, not on this page?

Will Sarah Palin be on the Republican ticket in November?

How Would You Rank The Top Five Attacks On McCain's Choice Of Palin?

heeeeeeeeeeeeeere's jack cafferty.......? & link

Need help debunking the "Muslim thing"

Cafferty File - Please comment not a poll!

Cafferty File - Please comment not a poll!

There may be another A.I.P.: George Wallace's American Independence Party --

There may be another A.I.P.: George Wallace's American Independence Party --

What Is Karl Rove's Plan? How will he get McCain in the White House?

What Is Karl Rove's Plan? How will he get McCain in the White House?

Good grief? How do I counter this B.S. at my job?

Prediction: Bristol will miscarry due to the stress of media attention.

Any numismatic experts out there? I'm selling my coin collection.

The Fictionist just emailed with the idea that McCain himself will step

Remember a little more than a week ago, post-Biden announcement? That Saturday, a lot of newish

I'm glad I can cheer on the Clintons again

New name for this website Republicratic Underground or RU for short

The Associated Press is the new Drudge - right-wing hack MSM excrement....

Palin Linked To Abramaoff! (Oh gawd - make it stop)

McCain breaks silence; Defends Failin; Seems like they have decided to stick

Obama / Biden: Members of the ORIGINAL Independence Party

Rahm Emanuel on Message!

Does anyone know? Did Palin know about her daughter's pregnancy

The most dangerous thing for a ticket to become: a laughing stock

Kos: ""Our people are doing the vetting."

These Repukes can't even run a simple convention successfully....

Wannabe Leader of the Free World McCain didn't want to pick Failin', but did.

Its Jib-Jab time!

Palin called Hillary a whiner during dem primary.

Keep your damn eyes on the damn target, re: violence @ RNC

Bush "Furious-believes he is being treated disrespectfully."

Is Palin a dominionist or not?

Freeps Freak over Dr. Laura Palin rant!

Side by Side Obama/Palin Experience Comparison

Maybe he picked Palin on Eharmony?

Should Alaska be allowed to secede from the union??

Quotes from Palin Daughter's Babydaddy

Palin was a sop to the Ron Paul gang

Sarah Palin is not a patriot

To The DU Handwringing Brigade: THIS Is What Vetting Looks Like!

They're still waiting for the gavel to drop at the RNC. THEY DON'T WANT TO HAVE A CONVENTION

Please, everyone: It's "secede", not "succeed"

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - Palin... Step Down!!! ...or stay...

Documents detail Palin's political life (+63 page pdf)

Glenn Beck

Can we talk about John McCain and Ambien?

How Would You Rank The Top Five Attacks On McCain's Choice Of Palin In Order Of Effectiveness?

Was Palin a gift from the gods and goddesses to Obama?

Today, the Republican Party adopted a platform to outlaw abortion even in rape and incest.

Huge RED GOP Idiot friend of mine just emailed me one sentence.....

McCain: Doesn’t Help Vets and Doesn’t Vet Help

Roves Plan, control the media cycle with pretty shiny things, instead of the war, the economy &

Bill O'Reilly on Sarah Palin

So now pictures surface of Bristol drinking...


I barely say this but.... GO JAMES CARVILLE!

This is my problem with the Bristol story.

McCain Is Weak And Pathetic. Maverick MY ASS!

Poll: When did the religious right reach its zenith?

DU this US Magazine poll - Should Palin Step-down

The McCaine Mutiny...pubs bailin on the dude in droves...Strawberries, and Ball Bearings Time

I Bet Palin thought she would be seen as a SWEETHEART

Palin to AIP "Your party plays an important role "

Ms. Palin is a shoe-in for an Holiday Inn Express commercial.

Of course Palin is qualified

Secession is Anti-American by Definition...

From a supposedly highly educated woman....

If Palin is thrown under the bus, McCain is over

You do know that if the McCain Campaign would have just let Obama have the spotlight

So, let me get this straight...

You know...this could have been prevented with one of those silver rings...

Does McCain aka P.O. Dubya have EXECUTIVE experience?

"Conservatives want live babies so they can raise them to be dead soldiers."

Who Is Writing Sarah Palin's Speech? Karen Hughes? Big Media Is Putting A Lot Of Emphasis On It

Rick Davis (McCain mgr.) says the election is not about the issues

Watching with interest how the cable networks play up GOP divisions to the

CNN Poll: Should voters care that Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant?

CNN Poll: Should voters care that Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter is pregnant?

The Onion reports: McCain Speechwriter Trying To Write Lines That Don't Lead To Creepy Smile

Enough with the Pregnancy Crap.

So for all the Obama innuendo, Palin ACTUALLY IS a radical trying to infiltrate our government!

To any Republicans reading DU, regarding Sarah Palin:

And there is something about McCain's Dazzling smile!!!

If Alaska become independent, should we allow it to join NATO??

Running Scared McCain refuses opportunity to speak on CNN about the hurricanes

Running Scared McCain refuses opportunity to speak on CNN about the hurricanes

Palin attorney says there's no sex, drugs, a blue dress, or shady real estate deals.

Does Sarah Palin = Alan Keyes?

cnn now

A Call-Out to all DU'ers - Pay attention to the Protests, not Palin

Charlie Cook: Palin choice "either brilliant or insane and I'm leaning toward insane"

pat buchanan is NOT a nazi sympathizer.

Is It Just Me, Or...

I'm thinking the Obama campaign HOPES Palin stays in it

Sympathy thread for all the other unwed underage teenage girls...


A rather strange email

Barack Obama was most Presidential today

Sexism complaints no longer "whining" - Remember Palin's criticism of Hillary?

I think Palin's about to take a trip under the bus.

This is HUGE: video of the Alaskan secessionists with her commenting.

How much foreign policy do you need, really. They'll have advisors and stuff.

For all those who say stop with all the Palin threads, you have to admit...

For all those who say stop with all the Palin threads, you have to admit...

Me Gonna Bee Brane Sturgeon

Remember when Obama's plane had the malfunction July 7, 2008?

Because Campbell Brown was mean to Tucker Bounds, a McCain interview on Larry King Live was canceled

Did Randi Rhodes just say Palin became mayor because she got 600+ signatures?

Bents for Obama.

Grandpa Fred stepping up to yell at cloud on McSame's behalf.

Can Someone Help With This?

How much foreign policy do you need, really. They'll have advisors and stuff.

hope this is not a duplicate. link to article by George Lakoff ("Don't Think of An Elephant')

This is probably not the cover that Palin wanted on US Weekly

Pardon me Mr. Obama but Family does matter.

Agree w/Obama family members/children off limits, but remember..

Palin waited 3 years before telling anyone about the tasering????

By the republican's reasoning, McCain is inexperienced and unqualified.

AP: McCain lied when stating "when she was in government, he(Obama) was a community organizer."

Palin is McCain's "Brownie"

McCain Manager: 'This Election is Not About Issues'

HOT >>> Internal Talking Points Memo

McCain killed his claims of "Experience" AND "Judgment" AND "Patriotism"

QUIET STORMS: "If there’s a poor child out there, that’s my child"Thats OUR President

Let's get acquainted with Sarah Palin's church, shall we?

Bristol baby daddy... "I'm a redneck and I don't want kids"....

McCain was a POW

ABC News: ReThugs at RNC attend "Hookers & Blow" lobbyist party to peddle pork (VIDEO)

Is someone in the GOP trying to torpedo McCain's campaign???

Don't let them get away with the spin: McCain doesn't want to do interviews!

Michele Bernard just making Mommy War shit up on MSNBC

McCain manager: "This election is not about issues."

McCain Camp Levels Charges Of Sexism

McCain on Palin today: "I'm very, very proud of the impression she's made on all of America..."

Revisiting the Statuatory Rape Laws for Alaska

Revisiting the Statuatory Rape Laws for Alaska

When all else fails. Here comes Bush with the FEAR CARD

McSame Manager: 'This election is Not About Issues' -- Palin adapting a "masculine" speech.

How come we have to take the high road....

A mother speaks out:

What's Up With Bob Barr and Ron Paul? Very little coverage.

Confirmed! Todd Palin Was Registered Member of Alaska Independence Party Until 2002

Good News for McCain!

Anyone else have the hots for Campbell Brown now????

The "He's not ready to lead" meme--the winning argument to that statement

CNN's Wolf/Schneider whoring for McSame now - Obama's Bounce Flat

Every day McCain has to defend his Palin pick is a day he can't attack Obama.

Questions about Palin's Candidacy (And Not Just the Baby Thing Either..) a Smear? Really,Senator?

McCain is not qualified to be POTUS, let alone what's-her-name...

Listen live to a big fight over Palin on our local Conservative radio

McCain's Obama-Palin comparison falls short (AP)

Pollster rips CNN on "no bounce report" as "terrible, dishonest reporting

But mainstream Christians consider Dominionism to be HERESY.

McCain/Failin' - Comedy that writes itself.

"I like your sign!"

McCain in hiding Day Four: CNN reports that McCain will skip Larry King's withering questions 2nite


"B-b-b-but the Democratic Convention was supposed to be the disaster, not OURS!"

Youtube (or Repuke hacker) resets counter on Palin laughing about "cancer bitch."

RNC Delegates REACT to News About Multiple Palin Scandals! (PIC)

Gallup: Obama Gains Among Former Clinton Supporters

baby daddy to be at GOP convention...

Puke Convention: OldManFred and LIEberman Headline tonight. Chimp via satellite.

Time to play Mr or Ms Know-it-all. What will be the fate of Palin?

Time to play Mr or Ms Know-it-all. What will be the fate of Palin?

Ya know. If Bristol decided she weren't going to have the baby,

Rasmussen 9/2/08 - Obama 48, McCain 43 / With Leaners, Obama 51, McCain 45

Rasmussen 9/2/08 - Obama 48, McCain 43 / With Leaners, Obama 51, McCain 45

Winning With Principles: McCain Hires GOP Operative Who Helped Smear Him in South Carolina

things you will never hear during election 08

Did anyone see Tweety trying to find a republican in the crowd on Hardball?

Is it just me, or....

Jack Cafferty gets ugly! "St. Paul, Minnesota -- the land of make believe"

Is there a single person who believes the independent maverick McCain

So.. In lieu of Palin's association with the AIP...

I'm curious - where are McCain's 6 other kids

**John McCain: :Keeping an Eye on America**

**John McCain: :Keeping an Eye on America**

**John McCain: :Keeping an Eye on America**

"Republicans Rush In" - Richard Cohen (NYT)

"Republicans Rush In" - Richard Cohen (NYT)

AP tries to cover for Palin's AIP membership.

McCain Loses Temper cancels Larry King interview after CNN asks spokesman to explain Pailin's experi

Obama Gains Among Former Clinton Supporters

Radical McCain (Financial Times Ed)

The Religious Right has officially jumped the shark.

The Post-DNC polls are roling in. Obama is expanding his lead.

Obama hits 50 in the new gallup

Joe 'he's a one issue candidate, and that issue is Iraq' Lieberman praises warmonger McCain tonite

Anybody have info on the Palin's income?

Sarah Palin's Choices For Your Children

Anyone surprised at who got the McCain Exclusive interview?

George McGovern, 1972: "I am 1,000 percent for Tom Eagleton and I have no intention of

To be replaced with Jeb?!!!

Better Republican Female nominees should be a part of the debate...

In debate with McCain, Obama should use a funny line Lincoln used in debates with Douglas

"It’s The Corruption, Stupid" = Abramoff, McCain, Palin & the GOP

My mother on John McCain's selection of Gov Palin:

Rally for Ron Paul in Minneapolis on CSPAN 2



CNN, MSNBC, and FOX.....

3 days of unbridled rethuglicon spin on palin aided by the msm

Eugene Robinson: The Cynicism Express

Eugene Robinson: The Cynicism Express

Sarah Palin = a mother who attempted to foist a marriage on her daughter for political purposes.

GOP Governors Politicize Hurricane Gustav (VIDEO)

watching democracy now! on directv...

Thom Hartmann predicts: Palin gone within the next 24 hrs?

McSames Commecials Run Amuck On Orlando TV Tonight

Joe 'he's a one issue supporter, and that issue is Iraq' Lieberman praises warmonger McCain tonite

McCain Fought Teen Pregnancies Programs

Bush to phone it in, McCain and Palin no shows with media and the (R) base.

David Gregory even trying to use the "She has more executive experience" line

Great - PBS, Gwen Ifill interview - "was she vetted" Response from Mary Fallin -

Great - PBS, Gwen Ifill interview - "was she vetted" Response from Mary Fallin -

Palin is the most socially, environmentally, ethically & fiscally REGRESSIVE candidate possible

How they could win in a landslide

I'd be more than happy to leave Palin's family "choices" alone

Obama Joins illinois Independence Party

Bob Herbert: "Palin is the latest G.O.P. distraction."

Why are they acting like Palin is Boo Radley or Rochester's first wife?

Why are they acting like Palin is Boo Radley or Rochester's first wife?

Hey DU, it feels damn good to be all on the same team again!

Palin gubenatorial debate (VIDEO):

Meme idea: "If this is the kind of decision McSame makes WITHOUT Alzheimers, what would he do WITH..

McCain receives the kiss of death: Bush's endorsement

Year-by-year break down of Palin & Obama resumes

One thing I like about the Palin pregnancy(ies) ...

ABC News: Another AIP Official Says Palin Was at 1994 Convention

Realize that Karl Rove is an idiot,

I saw an Obama '08 sign in my neighborhood today!

CBS is leading with Palin


Leave Bristol Palin ALONE . . . Give it to Mom with both barrels!

A totally insane question but somebody should check - is Palin a Republican?

Palin - McCain's 800 Pound Gorilla

That's IT, I'm Calling Out SYMBOLMAN!!!

McCain yard signs in my area now have a shocking pink add-on

McCain yard signs in my area now have a shocking pink add-on

Palin on Iraq: U.S. could act out the will of the Lord

Do we really want Jeffersunny Davis a heartbeat from the Presidency?

LOL Rush is going NUCLEAR on Obama re: Palin. The conservatives are scared shitless

Limbaugh "Obama's mom should have aborted him"!!!

Howard Fineman: Palin isn't a secessionist ...just said something nice about them one time...."

I can't wait for the next Redstate Update

Palin "bridge to nowhere" line angers many Alaskans (Reuters)

Gay Republicans endorse McCain

Gay Republicans endorse McCain

Interesting poll (8/31) result: Biden 54% - Palin 41%

Bristol Palin: feminist Heroine. (Welcome to the 21st century)

*****Breaking News*** Sarah Palin thoroughly vetted. She filled out a big questionnaire!

I'm so sick of SHE HAS MORE EXECUTIVE experience

AP covering for Palin with AIP

I'm NOT going to watch one F-ing second of the RNC

Biden's Scranton childhood left an impact

Add Savage Weiner to the unhappy nutter crowd.

Biden: Lay Off Bristol Palin

KO taking it to em. Go.

msnbc crowd liking gregory's not-so-rosey scenario

If Barack Obama was ghetto trash like Sarah Palin, would he have even made it to D.C.?

James Dobson PERSONALLY VETTED Sarah Palin

Wow. Not a locked thread in sight....In GDP? Dayam.


"This is like a cat covering up crap in its litter box"

Blood in the ocean. The media have there first chance to Bork a VP since Eagleton

Anyone else have the hots for Campbell Brown now????

A Rhetorical Question for Your Republican Friends and Family...

Is it just me or are they playing elevator music at the RNC????

Puke alert!! Tom DeLay coming up on MSNBC.

Puke alert!! Tom DeLay coming up on MSNBC.

Wanna get fired up? From the last so called election....

I had to turn off MSM, being way too soft on AIP

Perez Hilton. I know. don't flame me. But....

At the RNC

I've been busy this morning, what's the latest with the GOP's "Baby Mama"? - worth a look!

Putting lipstick on a pig. That's all I can think of when I

Photo Tour of Wasilla, AK. (courtessy of

Pregnancy announced because of the National Enquirer NOT the "hate filled liberal" blogosphere

Why doesn't Tom Brokaw just admit that he's a Republican and a Whore?

I have obsessed about Palin and ignored arrests at RNC. I feel guilty.

Why isn't Tom DeLay in the fucking Big House?

I think this whole experience with a Christian crazy must be drivin' McSame nuts.

Can we get a thread with links to various protest activities and reactions

Somebody got a Randi number I can actually get through on? My Sis and Bro-in-law are AIP Chairmen

Here's a thing that pisses me off....when I look for a job in my field,

i refuse to watch the pigs wallow in minnesota

Palin 33% Of Her Foreign Policy Experience Was A Lie-She NEVER Visited Ireland!!!

Grateful Dead tour speculation grows as band plans second Obama benefit (pre-Halloween Show)

Song to play when Palin addresses the GOP Convention

Brooks is telling Gregory that McCain is "the pilot in the plane."

This looks good for Obama

Such diversity at the RNC. Blondes AND brunettes. nt

Such diversity at the RNC. Blondes AND brunettes. nt

Bush to invoke 9/11 as reason to elect McCain

where is McCain and Palin?

I think we need to start writing letters to McCain...

I think we need to start writing letters to McCain...

Plouffe: Palin Choice a ‘Transparent Moment’

I bet Carville wishes he could get his money back for those PUMAs.

I bet Carville wishes he could get his money back for those PUMAs.

The Official Seal of the Republican National Convention

Sarah Palin is my chum

DU this MSNBC Poll on the vetting of Sarah Palin

Palestinian Attack In Israel Part of God's Judgment, Said Recent Guest At Palin's Church

Dr. Laura, Mike Savage, Charles Krauthammer.... Sign of the apocalypse: I agree with all three

$100.00 Buckeroos to the Ombama/Biden

msnbc: alaskan delegation pushed to back of hall...

msnbc: alaskan delegation pushed to back of hall...

Phill Gramm to you Nation, you're still whiners!

RNC DAY 2 Report #1

Hickel on Palin: 'we've got to replace her'

More evidence in trooper gate

Who is going to be the 1st RW commentator to call Obama the N Word?

Who is going to be the 1st RW commentator to call Obama the N Word?

The puke convention has started, praying, with hands on heart,

"questions swirling around Sarah Palin...Is McCain likely to switch running mates?

Don't Republicans say the Pledge of Allegiance? n/t

McCain cancels an interview with Larry King, Palin cancels a pro life award thing, hmmm?

Deleted thread

McCain Cancels Larry King Appearance

Biden is Kicking ASS on CSPAN YES we will persue the wrongs against the constitution

What Does It Say About A Party That Doesn't Want Their President Head.......

Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms

The SWC (Stepford Wife Convention) was just gaveled to order

Isn't it lovely?

Fred Thompson is going to "punch Obama in the face" tonight while defending Sarah Palin

Inservice today...NO KIDS wore my OBAMA shirt I bought in APRIL I could have sold 50 of them

RNC DAY 2 Report #2

Geez. Brokaw is practically fawning over McCain

C*ntry First

I won't be watching the speeches tonight, because don't like hearing a bunch of lies!

Have you seen THIS?

Last Week the MSM ONLY had Repukes Talking About DNC

It's not as if I like making so many jokes at Palin's expense...

Puke Convention: Those are some dumb asses on the floor.

Hey everyone...Transformers is on...!

Why did MSNBC dump Keith for David Gregory?

Opposition research on Palin in 2006

Come on, guys, it's not like Gov. Palin gutted Alaskan programs for teenage mothers or something...

James Carville was right about one thing

Palin's extremist longtime pastor: Jesus "operated from . . . war mode."

Us Magazine Cover..... ROFL!!


Why McCain miscalculated on Palin's effect on his poll numbers

Is it just me, or is there very few people in that convention hall tonight?

Remember this guy?

Ok, if you are the party with a sitting president at the time of your convention.

Will Sarah Palin stay on the ticket?

Folks How About Some Posting Etiquette

Palin WILL be on the ticket, she will be a SMASH hit Wed. night, and the election will be VERY close

Statement by (right winger) Dr. Laura on Palin

Our guy Nick is kicking T Stevens' ass in Alaska

Simple solution to beat the sexism charge against Obama

Rachel just said : "We are gonna flush the toilet" McCain Campaign says

Bob Herbert: "Here’s the deal: Palin is the latest G.O.P. distraction."

All of the Presidential nominee's including Palin will begin

Quote Falsely Attributed To Churchill used by Repub on Hardball

Sarah Palin: Dan Quayle with an up-do.

Even if speech sucks, MSM will say she did superb job!

Sarah Palin is an Immoral Opportunist and a horrible Mother

Palin: our national leaders are sending (soldiers) out on a task that is from God

Obama: " Not all storms make it on TV..."

Sarah Palin's First Five Days

Want to win this election? Send this on to five of your friends:

I am getting my Republican Convention coverage from DU. Screw a bunch of Corporate Republican

Uh-Oh! Palin was a no-show at an anti-abortion event in Minneapolis, and some are not happy.

Mark Levin is making Disgusting noises on radio

Infuriated About Tough CNN Interview, McCain Cancels Larry King Appearance»

Palin was for the bridge to nowhere before she was against it...

Gawd, the GOP convention set is the UGLY...

Dubya won't be there in person but he'll be piped in.

So is Sarah "Jefferson Davis" Palin still on the ticket?

LOL, some of the state delegations are wearing cowboy UNIFORMS.....

A Message to the Religious Right

So Levi apparently doesn't want kids.

What Part of Leave the Children Alone do some of you people not understand?

Palin's Billion Dollar Pipeline (with possible federal financing)

Biden Vouches for Obama on Israel

Please- I need help to rebut my puke co-workers on taxes.

Re Troopergate - I wish Randi was not defending the bro-in-law

Leave BRISTOL Palin alone!

"Palin's Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds" (CREW 9-2-2008)

Wow! Randi playing phone call...

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Hurricane Sarah (Mary Lyon)

It is not attacking Bristol to ask why McCain and his campaign didnt bring this up on Friday?

Tell you the truth, I'm fascinated in knowing what Gov. Palin's viewpoints are on...

Former Bush Aide: Obama one of the three most talented political figures of his lifetime

This convention is so LIFELESS

LOL! Palin Lied About Winning Miss Congeniality.

Conservatives turning on Palin? "Palin 'Makes Barack Obama Look Like George C. Marshall'"

WTF? McCain raised 47 million in August!

Sarah Palin CHOSE to have a special needs child

Joe Scarbourgh says the area for RNC convention is so small.

The criticism of Palin is NOT about her "choosing to work"

Huffpo: 8 Reasons Sarah Palin is More Qualified than Barack Obama *Must Read*

I've been a NOLA evactuee and this is my first


the plan for november 5th.

Man, I love Sarah Palin, and if she's not the nominee, I'm going to

Drudge says that Old Man Thompson is going to go after the Media and stick up for Palin

Official RNC Drinking Game Thread!

***The Official Hello to Republican Lurkers Looking for a Way to Save Their Candidate Thread***

WOW The McCain campaign is asking people to work for 10 days for FREE

About attacking Children, what was it that McCain said about Chelsea Clinton and Janet Reno???

WTF! Lindsey Graham refers to Biden's family tragedy in claiming a double standard.

Forget Babygate. Concentrate on how corrupt, treasonous, hypocritical and f undie Palin is! PLEASE!

Speaking in tongues - see it for yourself

A DU Allegory:


I just made my first ever political donation

Schlafly Chides McCain Camp for Palin Cancellation

Who here still believes Trig is Bristol's? I do.

Larry King last night - said Palin was strong; she sold a plane on EBay

Any suggestions for drinking game words for tonights convention coverage....

Palin's son was sent away to 'improve his hockey'; later joins military

What if McCain/Palin actually win???

What if McCain/Palin actually win???

Gallup today..Obama 50% McCan't 43

McCain: why did you leave your adopted daughter Bridget out of your family picture?

Video of Palin addressing anti-U.S., anti-public lands group (AIP)


Obama's hug thrills teen (check this photo out)

McCain Campaign ARRIVES AT RNC!!! (PIC)

Any other cowards like me who cannot stomach watching the Republican convention?

Random Thoughts from Michael Moore

The REAL Reason They Chose Palin... Randi is on FIRE today!

I hope everyone appreciates James Carville a little bit more now

It's GREAT for us that Gwen Ifill is moderating the VP debate!

McCain campaign manager just called her "Governor Failin"

And Whitey Fest '08 (Day Two) kicks off with a great big dose of SNOOZE

Suppose for a moment that you were a typically amoral GOP operative.

Perhaps the book title will be: "Revenge or Insane: McCain's Unbridled Destruction of the GOP"

Palin on abortion...

Congressman Frank Pallone (on Palin and AIP): Treason

PALIN CHURCH VIDEO site taken down after stories surface at MSNBC & Huff

The real issue with the Palin choice is how women balance

The VP slot should be fruitful for Alaskans, Palin told CBS News.

Sympathy thread for Bristol Palin!

Sympathy thread for Bristol Palin!

CNN: Shows clip of McCain repeatedly checking out Palin's ass.

Palin member of AIP False?!

Palin member of AIP False?!

ABC: Investigator claims McCain campaign using stall tactics to delay "likely damaging" report.

A summary so far:

A summary so far:

A summary so far:

The Daily Widget – Tues 9/2 – O-323, M-215 – A Look Back At August National Polls

Would a terrorist attack help or hurt the GOP in election?

Just got off the phone with a friend in St. Paul...

Let's play a game! If this election were a movie, who would play the following?

Palin creeps out of her hole long enough to meet with AIPAC

Breaking New York Times article

Wetzelbill touts visits to Swiss and German airports as proof of foreign policy expertise

Wetzelbill touts visits to Swiss and German airports as proof of foreign policy expertise

The Rovian Politics of Choosing Sarah Palin

An Wasillan On Sarah Palin -- It Ain't Pretty

For Those Who Missed Biden`s Town Hall Meeting In Deerfield Beach, Florida - watch it here!

I'll lay off Palin's 17 yeard old daughter as soon as she lays off my 15 year old son...............

Pastor of church Palin gave 1.5 Million to, asked to take a leave of absence

Should we send Bristol Baby gifts to show her we support her?

Sarah Palin is incredibly stupid

ATTN PROTESTERS--a tip from someone who almost got arrested for being in the wrong place/ wrong time

Let's be clear: John McCain has failed his first presidential test in SPECTACULAR FASHION

MSM homework: Find the Wasilla City Librarian, and ask WHICH books Palin wanted REMOVED.

Coming to America

The danger: The Left's complete misunderstanding of "Church Culture"

Thom Hartman is saying that the Bristol pregnancy is fake

Thom Hartman is saying that the Bristol pregnancy is fake

Palin is a highly decorated military commander.


Now that babydaddy and his family are going to the RNC convention:

Now that babydaddy and his family are going to the RNC convention:

That's it. I've had it. Since Romney's not the Republican VP pick,

Isn't the fact Palin's AIP membership disqualifies her for Security Clearances a big deal?

McCain can't stand up to religious zealots in GOP, how can he handle religious zealots worldwide?

McCain can't stand up to religious zealots in GOP, how can he handle religious zealots worldwide?

H*nc*forth, all m*mb*rs of DU shall r*frain from using th* l*tt*r "*"...

Clearly the RVP candidate was not properly vetted. But has JOHN McCAIN been properly vetted, or has he gotten

It's the expectations game isn't it? Raise Obama's, Lower McCain's, just like in 2000...

Palin hired a City Manager when she was first elected to be mayor of of 7,000

Fellow POW Questions McCain's Readiness In New Ad (Cue Questions Re: McCain's Temperament)

Keith Olbermann To Anchor Republican Convention Coverage From New York To Await Next Hurricane

A reliable source told me today . . .

Palin's Attept to Ban Books From Library While Mayor...Any word yet on Which Books?

Does ANYONE doubt her speech tomorrow night will be a huge success!!

Look What Barack Obama's Done to Joe Biden!

CBS News: "Palin's association with the AIP might be the most politically detrimental."

Are you guys watching the state polls? It is EXCELLENT news.

I feel sorry for Bristol Palin.

I feel sorry for Bristol Palin.

NBC News now reporting that Palin kids were flown into Ohio under false pretenses

Uh. My Sister and Bro-in-law Are the Heads of AIP. Ask me Anything, but please don't Hurt Me :)

Where is my Friend SwampRat? Is he safe?

Great Response on Attacking Sarah Palin's Daughter.

What do you call someone who claims to be a Democrat but parrots repub talking points?

Coast Guard joins the "party" - St. Paul, MN protests

This is what Palin drove 36 miles AWAY from.

Um. Is Brokenwatergate really over?

Video of Palin addressing Penecostal Church (Iraq War is a messianic affair)

Ruh Row. The GOP may not like a pissed off Hillary...Just saying

Should Democrats show SOlidatiry with Family Values by taking up a collection for Bristol Palin?

If anything, I'm even more bitter about Katrina

Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

Obama: "People’s families are off limits.”

Political Cartoonists Continue to "Clown" Palin

The Cover of US Weekly..........OUCH

The Cover of US Weekly..........OUCH

LA TIMES: "the McCain team used little more than a Google Internet search"

For Fuck's sake

Republican Karma - it's about time it kicked in!!

Looking for articles about Christopher Columbus....

Theocracy...just a front, maybe?

Theocracy...just a front, maybe?

Every woman who Chooses Life should be rewarded

Guys, I think the TransCanada Company Selected Sarah Palin to Be McCain’s VP

Enquirer: Palin Demanded Daughter have Shotgun Wedding

CNN just announced

CNN just announced

CNN just announced

CNN just announced

Does anyone think the repukes really want to lose this election?

Who is watching CSPAN? Bush is marrying McCain!!

Tweety is nailing the Rethugs on Hurricanes versus who governs

Tweety is nailing the Rethugs on Hurricanes versus who governs

St. Paul Police and Govt. Phone Numbers!!! Please post here!

St. Paul Police and Govt. Phone Numbers!!! Please post here!

CALL TO FREE AMY GOODMAN Mayor Coleman's office- 651-266-8535 ~ Ramsey County Jail - 651-266-9350

ABC Confirms Palin was a member of AIP (Alaskan Independence Party)

John McCain finally admitted that Republicans aren't Americans first.

Amy Goodman released - many others still held

***TODAY IS AIP DAY*** GET THIS TO THE MSM (emails, links inside)

Where the heck are Jesse Ventura and Al Franken?

Too bad Katrina didn't happen during a RNC!

The AKIP (Alaska Independence Party) even grants interviews to Pravda.

Instant Karma's gonna getcha... John Edwards vs. Sarah Palin..

Code Pink w/ mothers against war - surrounded - Updated

Could I have some recs for the Election Reform news, please....?

Watching Obama on CSpan at the Labor Day Rally

My Liberal Heart WEEPS for Bristol's "Partner" that he's Dragged into this Scandal...

Note to Shrub from Mother Nature: You SUCK. of all my creations, you REALLY REALLY suck

Best youtube re McSame's selection of McMoose.

Palin Almost Recalled As Mayor

Where is Contessa

Mississippi looked to have been awash again

So when Russia comes to the aid of the breakaway province of Alaska...

Gov. Tim Kaine on Real Time With Bill Maher

I think the Press is pissed about this whole Palin thing too.....


Is DU s-l-o-w for anybody else today?

Evangelicals "over the moon" for Sarah Palin: "One of our own!!!11"

How about a big chorus of *Whew!* for Louisiana?

How about a big chorus of *Whew!* for Louisiana?

CNN sent Kyra Phillips to Alaska to vet Sarah Palin?

How pissed will the MSM be because McCain has screwed up so badly

In the great words of Cash himself.. Listen to the link.. Our link. Listen..

So will the guy who got Bristol pregnant be charged with statutory rape?

NY Times: Hard Times Hitting Students and Schools in Double Blow

Damn! I really need to get some work done this week after

Breaking! McLame dumps Palin.

Donna Brazile hit with pepper spray at RNC snooze fest.

It's going to be all teen pregnancy for the next day or so

Does anyone get the picture that Obama GETS "IT"?

Amy Goodman out of jail

We are so very lucky that Edwards was not choosen to be Obama's VP

Lawyers: Gonzales mishandled classified data

CNN's Anderson Cooper just said "trooper-gate"

The Disconnect is ASTONISHING, but not unexpected

I thought only liberals lived in an "ideal fantasyland"?

GOP cannot reclaim Brand name until all PNACers and NEOCONS are removed from their Party

VIDEO: Pepper-Sprayed Protester Discusses Tear-Gas, Barricades (RNC)

The Republicans are making a big deal about things going relatively well in NO.

I cannot believe that Palin has a high approval rating in Alaska

I'm fading fast and I have "real" work to get done - could use help finding

Amy Goodman arrested at RNC Convention

What's up with the Palin's kids names? Track?? Bristol???

T. Boone Pickens' motives summed up in one statement.....

Unbelievable. I just saw a mccain spokesperson unable to answer why palin is qualified

Mark Crispin Miller: Minneapolis Cops Run Amok - Jail Lockdown, Arrestees Refused Access To Lawyers

War Room: The Republican Revolution's Jump-the-Shark Moment

Gonzales - guilty of security breach

National Guard marching through downtown

Republican hats vs. American Hats

Final update for me for the night

I officially am blowing my fuse at the MSM over their coverage of Gustav and the RNC!

John McCane says his being a POW makes him fit to be Commander in Chief...

Candidate volunteering in community

Russia Web site owner killed after arrest

Is everyone named "Tucker" an annoying RW wackjob?

The police did the same thing in NY in '04 as they are now doing in Mpls. Why the surprise?

SoCal DUers: Meeting on how to defeat the religious right's ballot measures coming up on Sept. 20!

I may be unpopular with this Idea but Can't we leave the Palin Kids out of This?!!!

Obama on CNN discussing Gustav

Energy Markets and Gustav Report

Labor unions and Diane Rehm

The Purity Ball

GOP Rocker Ted Nugent on Teenage Pregnancy

Evidence: Caylee Is Dead

DU Twitter Group?

How much longer 'til Vegas starts making odds on Palin withdrawl

Wasilla's New Mayor Asks Officials to Quit

Why would Palin want to put her daughter through this much media scrutiny?

Please Post Carville CNN Moment Tonight....

This Modern World Iraq: A brief parable. By Tom Tomorrow

I don't believe I'm saying this, but CNN is a must watch right now...

I don't believe I'm saying this, but CNN is a must watch right now...

Charlie Rose: Halperin, Hunt, DKGoodwin, Cokie, Isaacson, Cook, Rogers - RNC Convention

Palin under investigation

SF Chronicle interviews Amy Goodman about her arrest (video)

Bristol Palin's Baby Registry...

Bush says he ‘doesn’t consider Bolton (John) credible,’ laments spending ‘political capital’ on him.

Greg Mitchell: 'Watchdog': McCain Should Release His Navy Records on Three Accidents

Is this a photoshop photo of Palin?

Sarah Palin, Teen Pregnancy and the Democrats

McCain's Big Gamble Becoming More Uncertain

RNC Chairman Robert Duncan Calls for Freedom and Smaller Government

I was 18 when I got pregnant

Helloooo, If anyone's still interested in the "war on terror"

Perhaps this "invasion" of privacy into Palin's family life will make her think twice

A friend just sent me this website. Pentecostals are concerned about America's moral decline!

Let's hope for a huge helping of self aggrandizement (on the part of the media).

Is this pic photoshopped??

"I'm a fucking redneck." Palin's grandchild's father.

Lincoln spinning in his grave: GOP to nominate as VP person who wants to secede from union!

The rw Fundies better walk a fine line over rejoicing about teenage pregnancy.

Im guessing

Let's take off our Republican hats....

What if they called a culture war and the target walked away?

THE BOUNCE --->> It cannot be denied!

Does the GOP's reaction to Gustav erase what they did during Katrina?

oh man.. I bet this guy wishes his name was BOB

"..."no sense of panic" in the campaign "over the love child issue,"

MF'er - Why McCain can't stop saying "My Friends"

Duh! .. Abstinence education... I GET it now..

Another quote to revisit in this new light

What should we be saying about Palin?

Protesters or Undercover Cops?

So - has anyone investigated WHO got the contacts for the $27 million in earmarked funds

Larisa Alexandrovna: "Freedom Of The Press...Where?" US Shows It Can Lead Pack In Silencing Press

Republicans say -- America: Love It or ...

Spears vs Palin A Conservative Dilemma

Katrina Vs. Gustav - interactive map

Protecting the internet. A DU necessity.

What to expect from a President Palin?

My Jerome Corsi type swiftboat attack on the GOPer VP "Prick"

"It's demeaning to women."

This Modern World Iraq: A brief parable*

A Texas delegate to the Republican Convention said "The economy is in good shape . . ."

Sarah Palin: Queen of Earmarks!

Amy Goodman and Two Democracy Now! Producers Unlawfully Arrested at RNC

Fire Walk With Them: At the Twin Peaks Lodge with the Republican Party

Monday the Repigs adopted a platform calling for increased funding for abstinence education

"Union Leaders Must Confront Racism on the Campaign Trail"... Leader Tells Unions

Domestic spying - a very good (and scary) piece by Glenn Greenwald

Palin and her family are not in anyway used to the media storm swirling around

SF Chronicle: Like A Boomerang, Palin's Stance on Sex Ed Comes Back To Smack Her

Flabby Buchanan sez women all over America are excited and energized..

Wow...we're totally made. They're on to us, dammit!

Russia won`t accept unipolar world - Medvedev

C-SPAN WJ: Ron Paul...8:30 ET

I don't think S. Palin even knew of daughter's pregnancy until joining ticket

Just heard on the Bill Press show

grannylib's report from the Greedy Old Poops' convention/protest

CSPAN not even a peep about Amy Goodman?

Lakoff on Palin pick

Women's Right to Choose > Here's the smart thing to do > Work for Choice in REAL Life policies . . .

TPM: Palin Goes to War with Investigation (troopergate)

Obama; "We may not agree on abortion,"

The Palin issue is not about her kids, it is about the fact that McCain & the republicans are

Palin is a TRAITOR

McCain fought against money on teen pregnancy programs

My head is going to slowly but steadily explode over the next few days

Why can't people return to their homes in Louisiana

Kudos to Kos

(UPDATED) Which of Anna Nicole Palin's scandals ...

Reports say, as of Sunday night, McCain was STILL vetting Palin . . . Who's lying?

Sarah Palin regarding the Pledge of Allegiance

That T-Bone. Whutta Guy, Heart of Gold.

That T-Bone. Whutta Guy, Heart of Gold.

Scabby: Name one minor that was exposed on the front page of the paper..

Sarah Palin Withdrawal Watch

McCain Turns Sour on His Onetime Media `Base' as Election Nears

OK, this should be pathetic. The head of the log cabin repukes is on C-Span

Bush's update on Gustav

Palin campaigned on a “build the bridge” to nowhere platform

Who remembers this episode of Northern Exposure? Explains Palin completely!

Chafee stumps for Obama in Florida

Hello....Is There A Doctor in The DU House????

Please recall your police from our cities St. Paul and Minneapols !!!!

Please help me identify a person.

"My understanding is that Governor Palin's town of Wasilla has I think 50 employees," Obama said

Oil at $107, down $8!

Still say McCain will not be nominee.

E-mails from the day Katrina hit reveal that Brownie is a "fashion God" (Bush History, 9/2)

Palin is the setup to keep Cheney as Vice President.

"Sarah Palin cannot educate her daughter to keep her legs shut ..."

My problem with Palin and her family is that you need more than bumper-sticker

Has Fuckhead Fred Replaced The Ghoul?

******CSPAN2... U.S. media discussing leaks etc

Will McCain replace Palin with Ron Paul?

Will McCain replace Palin with Ron Paul?

Sarah Heath Palin - of the Heath bar Heaths?

These babies, of course, aren't important.

Has Palin done so much as answer a single question from any reporter

DRILL! DRILL! DRILL! - gwboosh. How's about...

McSames pick of Palin shows BAD JUDGEMENT...

What if we send Joe LIEberman into outer space...

Don't let the republicans spin any kind of accomplishment on Jindal

Britain's Gun Laws

Tweety is making sense on JoeScum

Scarborough has been flinging shit like a zoo monkey .....

Run Rachel Run......Go Maddow

Is secession even legal?

Oil at $106. Down 22 percent from high.... Why isn't gas down 22 percent?

Anarchists: Fifth column of the power elite?

This is FUN...Watching these Rethug Neanderthals sink...

AAAGGHHHH!I I HATE Joe Scarborough. Jindal would have saved NOLA?! Jeb could have done better?!

Just wondering, what is the age of consent in Alaska??

Folks in Pennsylvania, Downstate New York and New England -

Looks like Canada's going to the polls October 14th.

I think I've found the word to describe the state of Republicans today

Why I am going to have to SUE DU......

Damn. I guess we don't get to count the "9/11" citations tonight.....

Are humans hard-wired to want heroes and saviors?

Someone Please Photoshop This...

caption this RNC pic...

In a bit of fairness for John McCain

In a bit of fairness for John McCain

Frank Luntz: They just don't like her; AARP focus group

OK,Folks..let's make my letters #1 and #2 on the front page of my paper..

Dick Cheney started his career in politics when Sarah Palin was five years old


Conservatism: "Fantastic MisGovernment Is NOT An Accident-It Is The Consequence Of Triumph"

McCain Hires Tucker Eskew Who He Blamed For Smearing Him in 2000 (to prop up Palin)

FR: "You watch (Palin) knock everyone's socks off when she gives her acceptance speech!!1"

Photos from RNC direct action

I cannot relate to either of them...

Some potentially interesting stuff on Track Palin, the son shipping off to Iraq on 9/11...

Is there any chance that the republicans could actually win this?

I have 2 questions I need answered because I must be missing something.

Sarah Palin's Big, Sleazy Safari

Just say No

So, a Shotgun Wedding for palin's daughter, how UNsavory.

There are so many inexplicable aspects to this Palin thing that...

Amy Goodman-RELEASED-After Illegal Arrest At RNC

ON CNN: Dodd and Daschle: McCain 'buckled' to extreme right (in selecting Palin)


The Pukers Convention Dilemmas. They've got a slew of them:

Abstinence education works Sooooooo well!

Bush on Gustav.. Drill drill drill.

Be heard... Leave Your Comments

Problem boy in our family.

People, please stop screaming "police state!" (And read the whole post before commenting, please.)

Will FOX News now refer to Bristol's boyfriend as her

Read this REUTERS article. Add a comment about Palin being Un-qualifed to be VP

THE Talking Point - Is Sarah Palin Qualified to Make Decisions for YOUR Family?

So, now the Christian Right accepts promiscuity among teenagers?

63 Years Ago Today 2Sep 1945 USS Missouri

At least 90 dead in flooding.

Is Palin the first pot smoker to be a virgin on her wedding day?

Whither goest the bagman? My hopes for a small man's future.


on CNN last nite - GOP conv. interviews on Palin's daughter the word was

Sarah, Harriet. Harriet, Sarah.

Russia and U.S. continue drift into new Cold War in wake of Bush and McCain's bluster


The AIP Story - Meme Collection/Talking Point Thread

The AIP Story - Meme Collection/Talking Point Thread

John McCain: Do you want a book burner as vice-president?

Dead woman in Joe Scarborough's office.. followed by his divorce

Palin theme song just announced: "The Harper Valley PTA"... eom


Remember when mccain made a vile joke about Chelsea Clinton and Janet Reno?

Dutch intel: US to strike Iran in coming weeks

Palin is brought to you by the folks who spent $20 million to investigate Monica

Super Rich Fleeing Stocks and Bonds for Cash

Teenage pregnancies rose by 3 percent between 2005 and 2006, the first increase since 1991

Rove: Bush Had Foreign Policy Experience Because Texas Is Near Mexico

Tiger Woods' $1B Dubai golf course should prompt OK....

The Reason We SHOULD Discuss This! McCain fought money on teen pregnancy programs

Jerry Lewis on Stem Cell reserch and Bush "he did a lot of...harm."

Harper to ask GG to set Oct. 14 as election date (Canada's BushBot PM calling an election)

Palin's Leadership Role Defined!

Would Bush Have Canceled His Trip to the Olympics Because of a Hurricane?

Look at this! The Atlantic ocean is swarming with storms!

Obama Gets His Convention Bounce

The Battle Between McCain and Bush: The Cancelled First Night, And The "Furious" President.

August was the deadliest month for the coalition since the invasion.

Palin pick exposes poor leadership, poor judgement, poor decision

My Take on Republican Magic - Their Spin Doctors

Democratic Rep.: Palin pick is 'direct affront to all Jewish Americans'

Russia May Push Forward With S-300 Sales To Iran

"But if they make a mistake,

We always think of the Repugs as demonically sly, in-control bullshit artists......

Chris Matthews is slapping the shit out of Scarborough! I love it!

They Replaced Air America in Rochester, NY

If it comes from anyone with a Politico byline ............ poor old bastard

From Someone Who Knows "Sarah Barracuda" Be Afraid-Be Very Afraid

One-third of girls get pregnant before the age of 20

OMG!!! Thom Hartmann just said he noticed a lot more diversity at the DNC than the RNC....

delete; don't want to start unsubstantiated rumors

This election is like a computer

Sarah Palin: Director of “Ted Stevens Excellence in Public Service, Inc."

Aren't there any DEMOCRATIC pundits? Why is it two to one Repukes to Dems

London Calling - Day 2 *** Don't miss it ! ***

Obama/Palin experience comparisons

As the Facts Get Stranger the Media Ask: Will McCain Drop Palin?

Campbell Brown ripping a McCain aide about Palin? WOW

did I read somewhere that Todd Palin makes 120,000. a year

Blockbuster NYT article tomorrow about not vetting Palin

Arrested journalists at RNC protest freed

Back to Basics:

Are any of you listening to Amy Goodman on Thom Hartmann's show now?

Pat Buchanan Is A Nazi Sympathizer

************Twin Cities Protest and Arrest of Amy Goodman thread #2**********

Funny things you find on craigslist

Do we need a joke forum here?

I'm leaving DU

Did McCain's POW crutch break or did he misplace it?

Thom Hartmann is talking to Amy Goodman about the arrest yesterday

I can't believe this: Blacks represent just 2 percent of GOP convention delegates......

Anybody see the cover of today's New York Post?

Anti War Protester Who Offers Flower To Police Pepper Sprayed

Palin: Product of Right Wing Fundie Playbook

"We are proud of Bristol's decision"

Gustav: Make the Conservatives Own Their Failure

Poor John.. (Remember "Poor George?)

I think the republicans will keep yesterday's format for the rest of the convention and probably

RICKY GERVAIS ASKS PRIME MINISTER TO GET RID OF FUR (for ceremonial hats worn by royal guards)

Once Upon A Time, In A Deeply Republican Administration ...

Once Upon A Time, In A Deeply Republican Administration ...

Don't worry about the personal attacks, McCain says he'll get past it and move on

Alaska Airlines To Lay off 165 Pilots

Will a President Palin be willing to invade Alaska to secure our oil if they secede?

Carmel Dads Club bans kids’ names from team jerseys for safety

Remember Thomas Eagleton? Palin could be deja vu all over again.

Anyone see this GM comercial touting their 100 years in business. Is that supposed to

Anyone see this GM comercial touting their 100 years in business. Is that supposed to

That's it! Caribou Barbie

Palin, the rumor is that the Palin's baby

New Allegation Against Alberto Gonzales

Democracy Now reporters released this am. . . . . .

Just what would you say to my cousin about a hurricane?

Anti-smoking campaigns apparently have little effect on youth (smoking abstinence...)

repub rule #1: If you're caught in even 1 lie, you're unfit to hold office mrs. palin

Photos from the march on the RNC and Take Back Labor Day concert (Dialup warning)

A poll question that asks for critical thining before answering: Will Palin survive the week?

I feel sorry for Sarah Palin's children

Michael Moore: McCain Cuts & Runs, Palin's 'Labor' Day, & A New Hurricane... Who Writes This Stuff?

How can McCain run a country, when he can't even run his own convention

American Voices on the Palin Selection

Welcome to ...

Obama expands lead in daily Gallup tracking poll (Palin fall out?)

Prominent Conservative Writer(David Frum)... Palin "Makes Barack Obama Look Like George C. Marshall"

Google Chrome

I'm sorry but...things just still don't add up

Thank you Al Gore for these internets!!!


Was bush experienced or qualified enough to be the president?


Extreme anxiety. Out of the blue. It came on Sunday evening, Monday morning.

Why do we spend so much money building such ugly places to live?

The stupidest line from David Brooks stupid NYT column.

A song for the protesters at the RNC

Mayor Palin: A Rough Record (Time Magazine)

Republicans fearful over McCain's Sarah Palin gamble

No dummies - I meant the 2nd definition of "vet"

Jerry Reed dies

Just as I got home Ed Schultz' voice was saying Palin has a Pastor problem

Abstain from Abstinence-Only Education

McCain behaving like Bush: Campaigning in Ohio ...secret meetings no questions from Press!

"the fundamentals of our econmy are strong"...piss off, McNut

Theocratic Sect Prays for Real Armageddon

AP Video Link: Video Essay: a Look Inside the RNC Protests (1 video worth a 1,000 words)

Can you say "McMeltdown?"


Freepers upset that Dr. Laura blasts Palin, ROFL!!!

The Bet I placed with a Republican I talk with daily

The RNC Convention is like a funeral says Thom Hartmann.

Caller in to Thom Hartmann, Marilyn, states that the reason

Plane Circling LAX Before Emergency Landing

Anyone else realize the ultimate goal of the Sarah Palin exercise?

Is there anyway we can have a countdown clock to the election??

DOJ rulemaking - police state? Last day for public comments

dupe, please delete

The American Airlines plane landed safely at LAX Good job! GOod landing! nt-

Republican Convention starting to resemble a Christopher Guest Movie - Waiting for Guffman

Has the mother-to-be's birthday been made public?

After a week all we know of Sarah Palin and her family is they like to lie, kill, drink and screw

McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds sounds exactly like Nick Swardson's Gay Robot character

There are 3 groups who will vote Republican no matter what.

Is it just my browser, or is the page format for DU all screwed up?

The Alaskan Independence Party

Can someone do a Sarah Palin, Deadliest Catch photoshop?

passing this along.... Political Scientists Predict Victory for Obama

John's got a new campaign song.. sing it!!

Why is everybody pickin on the AIP? If McPOW is elected I may go join 'em

Has ANY party's sitting president been univited to the Big Party?

Just how many teenagers is the CINC in charge of, anyhow?

McCain camp: Questions on Palin's party a 'smear'

RNC Humiliation:" Bush is described by sources as "furious" at McCain"

Gustav has to be the biggest croc ever......

THIS IS WHAT WE'VE COME TO?!! Secessionist VS Black Man ?!!!

I saw a POSITIVE review of Obama's DNC speech that made me want to punch the author in the face.

Did Sarah Louise lie about being Miss Congeniality?

Has Fox run an "accidental" banner calling Bristol Palin a "Baby Mama" yet?

Just Now on CNN : McCain Pulls Interview Due To Campbell Brown's Interview

I thought this was GD, not GD-Palin.

John McCain is a shity 'leader' as evidenced by the latest dish on this Palin thing.

National Enquirer: "We triggered Palin announcement" "We call this Week One"

Todd Palin Was Registered Member of Alaska Independence Party Until 2002 (TPM)

The Rude Pundit: Bristol Palin's Vagina Considered

SOME PEOPLE SAY: Secessionist Sarah's in negotiations w/ Pootie-Poot already!

Check Out This Up-To-Date GOP Convention Schedule

Dr Liar slams McCrank's BFFL Palin!

This is a picture I can't get out of my head...


The way this is all going..will the delegates vote out McSame/Palin and

R.I.P.: 'Reaganomics Revolution' 1981-2011

If OBL thinks he has the crazy fundamentalist rhetoric market cornered, he can think again.....

Gov. Sarah Palin is the BEST thing that could have ever happened to the Democratic party!

Notice how C. Matthews has no rowdy protesters behind him to distract...

Teen Suicide Rates Remain Abnormally High - internet, alcohol, guns possible risk factors

ATSB report on Qantas depressurization/damage

self delete

anybody still watching Ron Paul Convention?

anybody still watching Ron Paul Convention?

Bob Bird Enters Senate Race As Alaskan Independence Party Candidate against Ted Stevens

No KO until Friday?

JoeMentum upstages Bush and Cheney at the RNC - AP

The Great Feminist John McCain

McCain is a Spineless ChickenSHIT running from the media

Do Many Thousands of Us Need To Converge on St. Paul Right Now?

I thought I came prepared to dinner with the in-laws...

What is the deciding factor when voting?

My apolitical wife says....

Obama lit into Faux Roger Ailes earlier this summer - Truce now?

General polling data isn't worth as much as some think...

Sarah Palin is... "The Girl Next Door"

In Storm Reports, Newcasters Exude Bravado-High Chance of Blowhards

John McCain, whining brat......

Let us cut to the chase, shall we? If Barack Obama announced --

Why it's hard to take the Libertarian party seriously.

I don't know about you guys, but I've been laughing my head off

POLL: (For Sarah Palin ONLY to answer......)

Man reports being robbed after trying to sell marijuana

School bans cartwheels to protect them from injury

ABC Errs on Obama's Iraq Votes (FAIR Action Alert)

Prediction Mkt Starts Betting On Chance That Palin Will Withdraw

"Brownie, you're doin' a heckuva job!"

Palin's Shit List

Worst President Ever

Quick ?: Does Anyone Have Video Of McCain Or Palin Discussing Roe V Wade? Because...

Hillary to step up campaigning against Palin

Is anyone else going crazy listening to the repub loons on Thom Hartmann?

Which M$M outlet called Michelle Obama's "Baby Mama"?

Drip; Drip, Drip; gone. Palin will withdraw by weeks end.

LOL -- CRASS ALERT! Poster for the teen hit movie JUNEAU !!!11!!

What have I missed?

Sherry Sheppard is a complete idiot! Hasselback is not even close in this clip.

Sarah Palin, theocratic loonball?

OMFG - Haiti and DR cannot take anymore rain

Phil Gramm calls Americans whiners.....again.

OMG, Now Laura's pregnant!

Gay War Hero Awarded Posthumous Dishonorable Discharge At White House Ceremony

Considering the attacks on church going liberals, I wonder if McCain ever thought about his own

My wingnut congress critter Brian Bilbray trying to "unnaturalize" U.S. citizens!

Bellevue ignores restriction on campaign signs (THANKS ACLU)

Do you get the feeling the Right is starting to come to terms with how angry we have

Who is going to replace Palin?

Hilarious comment from James Wolcott on the Palin pregnancy fustercluck...

Hilarious comment from James Wolcott on the Palin pregnancy fustercluck...

Gee, what an exciting RNC schedule. Grampy Hollywood, Grampy Loserman

Someone has hacked my account and is posting RW crap on DU!

How long before the repubs say something incredibly racist


The Battle Between McCain and Bush: The Cancelled First Night, The "Furious" President and the Palin

Valley Trash - That's what some in Wasilla call themselves

LOL Matthews asked DeLay if he knew who the Governor of Alaska is

9/2/08 The Republicans have now "Jumped the Shark"

Gonzales won't face charges for mishandling info

DOJ report: Gonzales lied to Inspector General - Smoking Gun included

What if McCain asked Palin to step aside...and she said NO!!!....

A real straight shooter, that Palin woman...

Pre-Emptive Strikes Against Protest at RNC

"doe-eyed".."super-hunky".. "broad-chested".. eew

Why Is Keith Olbermann in New York

Technical question: If Palin drops out after being nominated by the party at its convention

Who knows about Rev. James David Manning?

Will the Alaskan Independence Party become Palin's Rev. Wright?

Stewart and Colbert on Palin - Bwaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Somebody has been doing a bit of redecorating

Anyone notice how much smaller the crowds are at the RNC?

Amy Goodman on The Young Turks now

What are your absolute minimum expectations for the Dems when Obama takes office?

Part of Obama's call for 'new' politics assumes Democrats have been unfairly negative

The RNC could fill several stadiums - at least 8

National Enquirer is on Palin. After Edwards can you just dismiss the NQ?

Are you kidding me with the token Native Americans presenting the color?!?!?!?!?

IMO, Olbermann is not there because of Death Threat

out of ALL the elected repug members of the u.s. senate, house o' reps, and state governors...

Why the repukes wanted Sarah P - (I hope this hasen't aready been said)

bristol palin poppin' out fatherless welfare babies......

Outrageous Quote of the Week 8/30/08

Barack Obama Vermont Teddy Bear

You got a convention with people dressed up as cowboys. WTF. Is that what America is still about?

Freepers turn on Dr. Laura

So Thompson replaces Guiliani tonight on stage

Ask for charges against Amy Goodman to be dropped.

Heads up, "The 160 Lb. Tumor" on The Learning Channel at 8 EDT. Hey, it's something, anyway.

Bush White House aides to tutor Palin

Majority of Americans say okay for Israel to Attack Iran - Today’s Headlines 9/2/08

National Enquirer has sent "Edwards team" to Alaska

Look Long & Hard At This Photograph, America. I Mean Really Long & Hard

ABC: John Mica (R-FL) head-butts ABC

so, the headlines tomorrow out of the RNC will be, 'Thompson said this . . . Bush said that'

CREW: "Palin's Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds"

Amy Klobuchar give MoDo props for dissing John Edwards

"Everybody loves president grandpa"

HUGE fight with my father tonight - and I feel awful

Wouldn't you shit your pants if Liberman got up on stage and tore into the Repukes asses?

Offering no evidence, NY Times' Brooks claimed Palin "pretty progressive on gay and lesbian issues,"

BREAKING: Palin Business Shut Down by State

Sarah Palin is eating into my productivity...

God help me, I love that misogynistic blathering fat tub of goo Chris Matthews

Place your bets! Current odds on Palin being dropped

Google web browser

To further define Sarah Palin, we need a unified nickname.

AIP Founder: "The Fires of hell are glaciers compared to my hatred of American govmt."

DU fathers of daughters. I believe some ass kicking is in order.

You DU realize that the Palin pick is further mockery of WE, THE PEOPLE?

St. Paul. Does the Constitution allow us to obtain the names of every police, sheriff deputy,

Should Bristol Palin be FORCED into a Shot Gun Wedding with her Hockey Star Lover?

If the MSM decides the story is: "Is Palin a bad pick?" then they will pound

Glenn Beck says "All us white trash will want to vote for Palin"

Video of reaction when Obama and crew heard palin was the vp pick

Issues Covered By Liberal Press

I'm almost 40 and never-married. Does Gov. Palin think I'm supposed to be abstaining?

May I scream NOW!!!!! HELP!

PHOTO: Wasilla Cinema....Good luck Palin...Death Race...Mamma Mia!

Ok, I'm outta here

Gallup Obama HITS 50%*******FIRST TIME

Protests for peace in a military stronghold

Looking for some help debunking this email - Clinton and Surplus

"This entire Palin selection is a Rovian head fake." (thank you emlev/Plunger)

You really want to tell folks to stop digging

How did Palin lower Alaska State taxes when there aren't any?

Ron Paul - Counter Convention in Minneapolis - Kicking Bush's Ass Right now

Secretive Right-Wing Group Vetted Palin

Biden: "no one, no one, no attorney general, no president, no one is above the law."

Ugh...talking politics with my mom....

The Sara Palin Chronicles: What have we learned?

When the Levee Breaks

Ok ok, there are some issues that forget it, will not do a smidgen

Alternet: Top Ten Most Disturbing Facts And Impressions About Sarah Palin

radio caller nails Michael Medved beautifully

If the GOP's pick for vice president drops out ...

Abstinence-only education failed in HER house; it will fail in yours, too - pass it on

Anti War Protester Offers Flower To Police Pepper Sprayed As Thank You.

Who The Hell Would Vote For Palin When She Doesn't Even Want To Be Part Of The U.S.?

Palin Investigation Stalled By McCain Campaign, State Legislator Says

CA passes single payer health care for the second time (1st in 2006)

Levi Johnston to join Palin family at convention (Baby father)

In the paragraph pasted below from the linked editorial, the author refers to a...

In the paragraph pasted below from the linked editorial, the author refers to a...

Numbers to call to protest the arrest of Amy Goodman at RNC

I Would Never Condemn a Pregnant 17-Year Old

Imagine if Chelsea Clinton had gotten pregnant at 17

Michelle Malkin pitching a fit about DU's Palin nickname contest.


Education For The Terminologically Ignorant: Police State

MSNBC is a network of bastards.

Why is the pace of change faster now than in previous centuries,

What would Tim Russert say?

Democratic opposition research on Ms. Palin from 2006? GET IT RIGHT HERE!

NY Times does it again: More 'Judy Miller' tapdancing (Pt3)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz undermines FL candidate Taddeo, fails to mention her name.

Google Chrome is released

Independent UK: Book of the Week: Anti-intellectualism in American Life

TYT: What If Bristol Palin Were Black?

This is America. We don't jail journalists here.

Hadassah Lieberman supports McCain because she was hurt by Dems

VP daughter pregnant, unprotected sex? What do I tell the children?

Sarah Palin cancels convention appearances

Palin Children were told they were going to Celebrate their Parents Wedding Anniversary...

*** "Official" DU Michelle Malkin Nickname Contest ***

Official Nickname Poll: What is the best nickname for Sarah Palin?

FOOLED AGAIN!-US-Iraqi Agreement Leaked: NO Withdrawal-Gives USA UNPRECEDENTED Rights/Privileges

This Minnesota police action is terrifying.

Bye, DU.

Never Forget THIS.

Time: Palin wanted to ban books in the Wasilla library

Leave it alone

Deuteronomy 22:28 can settle this whole palin mess...

You MUST watch this video of Palin's "testimony" at her church...and this is RECENT

** Pics from this evening's Barack Obama Rally in Milwaukee **

Federal Court Rules Against Bush Administration’s Subversion of California’s Medical Marijuana Laws

If palin were a Democratic candidate, would the repubs attack her integrity?

Don't Evangelicals say that a woman's place is at home


Smoking: an R-rated offense

Levi Johnston (father of Bristol's baby); On his website "I don't want kids"

High Voltage Scoop: Chevy's Electric Car Caught on Camera

I think they should let the evacuees from Gustav go home to New Orleans.

VIDEO: Michelle Bachmann ("We want Palin! She's tough! She's tough!") vs. Carville

Mike Huckabee hopes this pregnancy doesn't encourage other teenage girls to do the same thing

Palin was vetted by crack repuke operatives

Michael Savage: I'd take Biden over Palin

Great story from DNC convention for cyclists...hell, for any Dem.

UPDATED: Do The Facts Support John McCain? (An Email To Read & Share)

Wasserman Schultz insults FL Dem candidate...says "don't pull that populist stuff on me."

Seriously...Labor Day fireworks?

Today I read a book about Frank Loesser, and Andy Taylor's (of Duran Duran) autobiography.

OK tell me you NEVER CRIED

On Being Mayor of Wasilla, AK. . .

So we have *another* named storm in the next hour or so

Saw "Tropic Thunder" today. I know the critics haven't been wowed,

No work AGAIN tonight

A quote from Herman Melville for all of us on DU to consider in this campaign season.

I'm hungry for a doughnut.

Pavement-Transport is Arranged

Quick, before it is gone.

Nothing but helicopters and sirens all day here in St Paul

I'm listening to Sweet Transvestite in Norwegian

Just for the next three games - Go TRIBE!

Has anyone here had any experience smoking elshiva?

Creepy youtube clip thread.

Ahh the goold old days....Photo


Fun with pic threads!

Damn, I'm lonely.

Is David Brooks calling on McCain to pick new #2?

Solon Appreciation Thread.

Who is this?

Hey Lynnesin, tread carefully in GDP. I think they might be getting close to figuring out your plan

Not to rehash a lounge flame war...

Since Bi-Baby is visiting her parents...

Pic of Sarahbellum and me after the rally/march on the RNC today

BREAKING: Alaskan Independence Party

Silly hat picture

-H-elp!-!.. My --"N-UM-"- -in--di-cat-o-r is b-lin-king--

Great time waster here!

What other odd jobs have state governors had before becoming gov???

Guy goes to the dentist...

Amish Population Boom-What do *you* think?

Do you ever have this trouble of having a phrase

I've been asleep for about 4 days. What have I missed? n/t

a stupid funny..

Spot on Popularity Scale Speaks to the Future; Middle Has Its Rewards

My furnace pipe is really hot for no reason

Don't steal people's lunches

Scientists rapping about the LHC at CERN (honestly: they know how to)

"Long story short...."

I suck.

OMG!!!! CHEMTRAILS!!!! Run for your lives!!!


California just got up and had its first cup of coffee

Just had glass cut out of my toe, ask me anything...

Why are we suddenly at Defcon 5 again?

Cheap fast food fried chicken...what say you?

Real Republican 9/11 Emergency Calls

Are humans hard-wired to want heroes and villains?

If I Have Kids I Am Going To Name Them After Airplanes/Airlines

Outdoor baby kitten help! (Edited to add pic!)

Outdoor baby kitten help! (Edited to add pic!)

Congrats to Adrian Beltre of the Seattle Mariners! Just hit for the cycle!

Should I Take QWERTYMike's Screen name?

Upcoming theater movies you want to see?

The "Sex and the City" movie is coming out on dvd 09/23.

I usually don't wish death on anyone....but.....

Random Movie Quibbles and Nit Picks


So sad today

Lots of sadness here today. Look at the number of "sad," "lonely," "need...." threads

Guitarist par excellence Jerry Reed dies at 71

If you were a Fish Picker - what fish would you pick

I'd love to hear this song played just for me...(Youtube and lyrics) What are you longing to hear?

how to upgrade your Mac

Is Sarah Palin the Lynne Spears of politics? Ask Lindsay Lohan!

Hookers & Blow - such a great band name for the Family Values Party

I just posted in GDP, something about being called a fish picker by Todd Pallin.

Don LaFontaine is dead. Movie voice-overs to be done by Billy Mays

My daughter was at the doctor today for her 39-week checkup -

I just gave two weeks' notice. Ask me anything.

I am a Thief

My mean Palin post of the day: Why do the Palins' kids have names better suited for dogs?

Data's cat (Star Trek)

How does one make a screen capture of a browser page?

Pics of the new kittens (and Maggie) *DIALUP WARNING*

Kitten Picture of the Day for Monday September 1

Me me me!! "Vette" me!!!

In apreciation of potstickers

Help me convince Sniffa that we should adopt this kitten: (pic included)

Frakkin' A - "Frak" seeps into mainstream language

If y'all have been sitting in teh longue all day, y'all have MISSED OUT

Skinner has 2 kids???!!! When did he sneak the 2nd one in on us??!!

I want to be famous on the internet. To overcap it, proudly, like a glorious shit-sprouted mushroom

Killer Kowalski, Wrestler, Dies at 81

Fer all ye folk what is hidin from GD & GDP, I is brang ye some politikal commentation

The Beach Boys never said a WORD about this.

There are a plethora of males, now ages about 20-32, named Zack.

Any numismatic experts out there? I'm selling my coin collection.

Neither asleep nor awake

I really hate to participate in the whole Palin Babygate scandal, but the father seems like a catch

can we get some more fonts out there?

I love good mod locks

Greated nerdiest rap EVAR!!!!


I'm SO making these for the next party I have/go to: (dial-up warning!)

Post something about yourself, that would NOT surprise other DUers

Hey Loungers! Guess What?

My hero, Don LaFontaine, has died.

Just saw the new fall TV schedule - puking now.

David Duchovny isn't a sex addict, he is addicted to internet porn

How can there be more holds ahead of me today than there were last week?

I have an important announcement to make

Excuse me, but what are the "X's" to the far left of the subject line?



Where can I get a Caribou Barbie?

This thread is all about Supertramp!! Post here about how much you love them like I do

When will they announce that the Palin pets are making

If I have kids I'm naming them after beers

This is scary. Today, at work, I pulled up DU and I was logged in...

You have got to be kidding!

Is DU one of those "blog" thingies

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/2/08

America has a weird relationship with Alcohol

"IF you want to get married you should vote for republicans"

How many here have spent time in either GP or GDP today.


I just got a call from Flaxbee!

Gustav is bringing some needed rain my way....

Which Maine DUer works in Gorham?

Tommorrow is my 56th b'day

Did anyone else see the Tennessee Volunteers lose tonight?

Tuesday, September 2nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

DUStrange At Work

The MikePeake Semi-Random Pottery Break, 9/2/08

Is anyone else nauseated by that abominable "House Bunny" movie?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 9/2/2008)

Anyone here know anything about garage door openers?

My Favorite Palin Dromes

Image Comics' Savage Dragon endorses Obama for President

Rock & roll dancing... FUN !!!

One of the most beautiful pieces of music

Here is what actually happened

Post questions you couldn't answer if you ever got vetted

cleaning 3 cat boxes....

I got my first callback from a resume today WOO HOO

Rain soaked? Check! Parking ticket? Check!

I just got a call from GrayWarrior!

Newest Family Addition, I Think (Lousy Photo, But . . . )

Caption this Icelandic horse:

Im sitting in the student center, ask me anything!!!!

Let us now pause for a freakout

So who would you most like to have a drink or two with?

Why are people more likely to name their daughters silly, cutesy little names

You only have a few days left to kick me around

Has anyone seen the movie- Across the Universe?

Anyone try Google Chrome yet?

Jerry Reed is also dead. 10-4 good buddy

Post 'em here--proverbs you hate.

Six HUGE tomatoes, two cucumbers and one perfect zucchini.

I found my mother of the bride dress .... if you want to see DIALUP

"So baby pucker up and KISS THIS!!!"

Who is Your DU Sockpuppet

I hate Perl.

Cutlery Barn

A Tale of Two Pussies (photos included!)

Picture Thread! post your own please

BSG fans! McCain/Palin or Tigh/Roslin?

List up to the last five music artists you listened to

Any pro exterior house painters out there? I have some questions...

A friend of mine is joining DU.

Name a movie that gets you all weepy no matter how many times you've seen it.

USA Today: St. Paul March Protests Iraq War

Ranbaxy Fine buys US co Mallinckrodt Baker for $340 mn

North Pole becomes an island

Palin hires attorney for public safety controversy today

Amy Goodman and Two Democracy Now Producers Unlawfully Arrested At the RNC

Lawyers: Gonzales mishandled classified data

Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process (McCain Says He Knew of Pregnancy)

Like a boomerang, Palin's stance on sex ed coming back to smack her

McCain Hires GOP Operative Who Helped Smear Him in South Carolina in 2000

Shrinking packages, pricier foods fluster parents

Amy Goodman talks about arrest (FSTV)

Lawyers: Gonzales Mishandled Classified Data

AP photographer, Democracy Now host arrested

Amy Goodman Free From Jail -- And Tell Us About It (Video)

ADN: Attorney challenges Monegan firing query

Update: Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, Others, Released After Illegal Arrest at RNC

LiveWire:codepink, w/ mothers against war, being pushed against wabasha bridge by 150 riot cops

Denver Daily News: Virtually Everyone Says DNC Was a Huge Sucess

John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin was in Alaskan independence party

Bush To Address Convention Tonight

Absence of Bush and Cheney cheers Republican delegates

Ecuador's challenge: dislodging Colombian rebels

No Sign of Survivors in DRC Aid Plane Crash

Photos from RNC direct action

Photos from RNC direct action

Blackwater Branches Out (Tries New Activities)

Members of 'Fringe' Alaskan Independence Party Say Palin Was a Member in 90s

Aid plane run by Va.-based nonprofit crashes in Congo; 17 feared dead

Bush: Gustav (Cat.2 storm, NOT a Cat. 4 or 5 as predicted) should prompt OK of more oil production

Report Faults Handling of Wiretap Notes (Gonzales)

* * Crime * America's Future * Sports * Autos * Travel * Education *

Disclosures on Palin Raise Questions on Vetting Process

High Voltage Scoop: Chevy's Electric Car Caught on Camera

Prehistoric Funerary Precinct Excavated In Northern Israel: Grave Goods Include Phallic Figurines, S

Military: Latest U.S. soldier death not from combat

Gunman captured inside Willoughby South High School

China to charge $6 a barrel to develop Iraq field

500th U.S. service member dies in Afghanistan

Businessman 'killed wife and daughter then himself' (UK)

Hundreds to be charged in court after RNC protests

John McCain's vetter defends Sarah Palin review

Bush to Speak to Republican Convention

Ron Paul is Here, and RNC Isn't Happy (Amid Questions of Book Authorship, Hosts 'Counterconvention')

AP's 'Talking Points' Defending Fournier Surface

Study Links Gene Variant in Men to Marital Discord

McCain in talks with Ron Paul for backing

US probe finds fewer Afghan deaths than UN claimed

McCain camp's weak AIP response

Study: Sharp drop in black GOP delegates

Day of Stunning Palin Disclosures (McCain Advisors: "Life Happens" "An American Family")

AP now reporting Todd Palin registered member of the AIP

Canada set for October 14 election: report

Ike Pappas, who broadcast Oswald death, dead at 75

The Battle Between McCain and Bush: The Cancelled First Night, The "Furious" President and the Palin

Bad poll numbers for McConnell in KY -- yay

Fellow POW Questions McCain's Readiness In New Ad

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 2

ABC: Money Trail: He's Baaaack Tom DeLay Hailed as GOP Hero.. (plus video of head-butting)

Obama Maintains Post-Convention Lead Over McCain, Polls Show

Judge won't stop Detroit mayor's removal hearing

Bangkok under state of emergency

McCain says Palin thoroughly checked

Mayor Palin: A Rough Record

Sarah Palin's future son-in-law says he's an Alaska 'redneck'

Maryland GOP Rep. Gilchrest, Ousted in Primary, Endorses Dem to Succeed Him (MD-1)

Bushies Come to Palin's Aid

FBI taped more than 100 Stevens phone calls

Dick Cheney to take fight against Russia's oil dominance to Azerbaijan

'Big Dry' turns farms into deserts (Australia)

Moscow Claims Victory At EU Climbdown

Saakashvili a 'political corpse'

WP: Palin's Small Alaska Town Secured Big Federal Funds($27 million for town of 6,700)

New Russian world order: the five principles

Evangelicals rally behind Palin after pregnancy news

Lula suspends Brazil spy chiefs over phone taps

McCain/Palin fought money on teen pregnancy programs

McCain camp: Questions on Palin's party a 'smear'

McCain Campaign Plays Gender Card, Accuses Democrats of "Sexist" Attacks on Palin

Gallup: Obama now at 50% for the first time

'Bandit' star Reed dies at 71

Palin Slashed Funding for Teen Moms

Biden: Democrats are Israel's best last chance

Palin's husband was member of third party (Alaskan Independence Party)

Log Cabin Republicans Throw Support Behind John McCain

Paraguay's Fernando Lugo alleges coup plot

Palin Scrubbing Turns Up an Undeclared Car Wash

Levi Johnston to join Palin family at convention

RNC Protesters Vs. Police Ad in Maine

WCCO-TV4: Republican National Convention Riot

Butterfly Photos =============DIAL-UP WARNING===============

Sarah Palin and the Alaska Independence Party. AIP - Part 1

palin is a lumberjack

Martin Luther King III: 'Roll Up Our Sleeves'

McCain Refuses to Meet with Iraq Veterans Against War

The Specials - Too Much Too Young

Sarah Palin and the Alaska Independence Party2.

Bush: Gustav Cooperation Better Than Katrina

Undecided Voters Say Palin Sucks - Luntz Focus Group

Sarah Palin : Alaska Independent Party "Keep up the good work"

Tucker bounds can't figure what he thinks, or knows.

Barack Obama: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Another reason the supreme court matters.

John McCain..."at least no Arabian horses died"

McCain/McBain Facts

McCain - Why he is running for President?- No plan for this nation just ego

VP Decision Making. Welcome to sense of Sarah Palin Pt 3

MTB: Michael Moore Slams McCain Campaign for Overusing POW Story

78-year-old Nun Arrested at RNC = Veterans for Peace Protest

TheRealNews: Palin and McCain LIE about 'Bridge to Nowhere'

THE MORNING AFTER: Thom Hartmann - Amy Goodman #2

TPMtv Talks with Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough on New Media and Palin

THE MORNING AFTER: Thom Hartmann - Amy Goodman #1

Juno From Juneau: A Video Report From The RNC Floor On Palin's Problem

Larry King Live (09-01-08) - Part 1: Ed Schultz, Steph Miller

Youth Radio's Ankitha B. recounts Amy Goodman interview

McCain Palin Bristol's Pregnancy Press Conference

Morning Joe panel outraged that that Palin baby 'rumor' came from web. Guess they forgot Drudge

Typical Repug Lobbyist Party with Hookers and Blow

Democrats Unite for Change in Georgia

Georgia Neighborhood Teams

Bush uses Tragedy to push for more offshore drilling!

Sarah Palin, Amy Goodman and the Unfounding of the USA

Morgan County Democrats Labor Day Picnic

Running Man

Former POW says McCain is "not cut out to be President"

McCain's "Stop Partying" Words Fall on Deaf Ears - GOP PARTIES ON

Larry King Live (09-01-08): Carville + Steph Miller layeth the SMACKDOWN on 2 repukes

Kelly vs. Trotta on Palin balancing family and career

Bill Bennett whines and begs CNN not to discuss Palin/abstinence only

P. Buchanon called a 'Nazi sympathizer' by Wexler and Obama spokesman. Hillarity ensues.

Amy Goodman talks about arrest (FSTV)

Young Turks at RNC: CNN's Roland Martin - Abstinence-Only Didn't Work in Your Household, Governor


Old Grizzled 3rd party candidate threatens McCain's base

How to get banned from the Malloy Program


Michelle Bachmann claims Palin has more executive experience than Obama and Biden put together

THE MAFIA, C.I.A. AND GEORGE BUSH Sr. from 11/92 Part 2

Young Turks at RNC: Interview w/ Head of Log Cabin Republicans

What's Missing From This Pledge?

Palin's fringe party colleague: "We don't say we're Americans. We say we're Alaskans."

New Obama Campaign Ad: "Same"

What Really Happened To Get Palin the VP Nod - (humor)

Democracy Now! Producer Nicole Salazar Arrested

Campbell Brown smackdown of Tucker Bounds

KSN Coverage of Joplin MO Obama Canvass

Another Shocker: Palin Tried to Cover Up Her Dog's Litter

The convention PLUS Sarah Palin have dramatically improved Obama/Biden poll numbers

Guardian UK: Faith schools may be Blair's most damaging legacy

What Would Newt Do? By Ken Silverstein

Support move to universal health care (Good Read)

What McCain Didn't Know About Sarah Palin (Atlantic)

Forget Gustave, After EIGHT YEARS of Disasters, Shouldn't Entire Republican Party Be Cancelled

'Watchdog': McCain Should Release His Navy Records on 3 Accidents

USA Today, OPINION: Palin pick highlights Clinton's importance to Obama

A Convention Is Sheltered by the Storm

Like a boomerang, Palin's stance on sex ed coming back to smack her

Head for the High Road

Andy Worthington: Bush’s proposed terror legacy: a legal basis for perpetual war

RUSSIA AND THE WEST- The Cold Peace Der Speigel

Blumenthal: Why Palin? McCain v. Rove (best explanation of the selection I've seen yet)

Down and out with the failed veeps (McCain didn't pick)

Gareth Porter: Why Its Iraqi "Client" Blocked U.S. Long-Term Presence

Palin lied about being Miss Congeniality, and Unpatriotic

Palin bought her resume from Ted Stevens - with lots of Earmark money

AlterNet: Sarah Palin’s Big, Sleazy Safari

Republicans Rush In - This is hysterical!

Is would-be VP Sarah Palin a hacker?

HuffPo: AP Circles The Wagons Around Embattled Fournier

Iraq's China Oil deal neuters Bush's thuggery for American big oil

Eugene Robinson: So Much for ‘Country First’

Blackwater Branches Out (Tries New Activities)

As Throngs of Protesters Hit Streets, Dozens Are Arrested After Clashes

Reagan Redux?: Palin Proposes 'Sperm Wars' Shield Against Teen Pregnancy

OmiGawd, Not Another Cold War!

McCain's Folly: 'Bought' Alaska Governor From Right-Wingers at the Cost of His Candidacy

Cheney Waits Until Last Minute Again to Buy Sept. 11 Gifts -- The Onion

Dereliction of Duty: McCain’s record on veterans’ issues is shocking and awful

Pre-Emptive Strikes Against Protest at RNC

Iraq Signs Oil Deal With China Worth Up to $3 Billion

The Thrilla from Wasilla: An Alaskan recounts the reign of Gov. Sarah Palin (Minn Indy)

Report: Gonzales mishandled classified data

The Lesson of Bristol Palin: Is abstinence-only education enough?

Of All the Reasons McCain's Palin Pick is Awful, Evidence of Her Abuse of Power is the Worst

More Palin Scandal: in TrooperGate

The Reform Candidate?

The Alaska Independence Party (Benen / CBS)

MSNBC, A Liberal Supply Of Sharp Elbows

Palin not on board Straight Talk Express

Palin Dragging Feet on Probe (TPM)

Palin: I'd Oppose Abortion Even if My Daughter's Raped By a Moose

Palin's Church May Have Shaped Controversial Worldview

Am I the only one? Remind you of anyone? (funny)

Is John McCain still the Chairman of the International Republican Institute?

MarketWatch: McCain already paying for his rush to placate the right

Time for Sarah Palin, John McCain, & the GOP to Abstain From Abstinence-Only Education (USN&WR)

A Wasillan On Sarah Palin

Bob Herbert (NYT): Head for the High Road

Shorter Megan McArdle, by Gavin M

Will she even survive the week? (The Guardian)

It's About McCain - Andrew Sullivan

Violating Someone's "Sphere of Influence" Can Be Dangerous

The Palin Choice: The Reality of the Political Mind - Lakoff

"His selection of Sarah Palin is so insulting...that I am starting to feel like the Geico Caveman."

Daily Kos Not to Blame: Sarah Palin a Political Liability

Iraqis take control of once-bloody Anbar

East Coast DDG deploys with BMD capability

New sea-shore schedule gives set tour lengths

Expanding spec ops

Some troops say Iraqis need to do more

Ombudsman: Military should take panel’s advice, better publicize judicial hearings

Sgts. major offer 6 ideas for improving Corps

High lead levels detected in turf on playground at Storck Barracks

US Denies Involvement in Kabul Deaths

Anbar Drawdown to be Incremental

US Flag Sales Profit China, Others

Troops on Break Ponder Politics

Tornado Wreaks Havoc in AFB Housing

(Op-Ed) Putting an End to the 'Fool's Errand'

North Pole becomes an island

Towns eye 4-day work, school week (Maine)

"Trying to solve a more tangible problem, lawmakers moved to crack down on rampant metal theft."

Peak Oil Review - September 1

Saudi Arabia seen upping heavy crude, cutting light grades

Winter heat crisis looms, little relief seen

9/2 05:00 EDT - Tropical Depression #10 Confirmed 170 SE Cape Verde Islands Winds 35 1007 Mb

Monsoon Floods Displace 3 Milion In Bihar - Entire Elephant Herd Swept Away - Reuters

Murray River Inflows Hit All-Time Record Lows As Australia Braces For Farming Impacts - AFP

Risk Modeling Firm - $6-10 Billion In Direct Insured Losses From Gustav: 5% Long-term Oil & Gas Cut

"Green cement": process in which CO2 doesn't end up in atmosphere

U. Queensland Oceanographer - World's Reefs Will Die Within 30 Years Without Sweeping Energy Changes


U.N. Chief warns against waiting for climate deal

The Solar Team

X-prize idea: cheapest & easiest hybrid or pure electric conversion of existing cars

Lovelock article

Is it unusual for artificial turf to have a high lead content?

Crude oil drops nearly $9 to $106 a barrel

Brazil: Deforestation rises sharply as farmers push into Amazon

Maybe the urgent energy crisis isn't oil after all

Straight Pride Parade: Attendance Zero

Gays asked to be "Minnesota-nice" to Republicans

Iran to Jewish community: Go anywhere but Israel

Rich Man’s Burden

Meanwhile, FDIC (run by yet another incompetent Bush appointee) is going to need a bigger bailout.

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 08/29/2008

need economic book recommendations

Standing Up: Decades-ago crusade for farmworkers by Chavez contemporary echoes in Valley

Labor Groups Mobilized to Keep Jobs in U.S.

Baltimore Stadium Cleaners Organized by Workers Center Join AFSCME

USW Texarkana Locals Offer Emergency Shelter for Hurricane Gustav Victims

UFCW (US): Tesco main supplier in the US reported to labour tribunal over sackings

Union ramping up Wal-Mart drive

Labor Day message from Senator Obama (video & text)

Obama letter interests McCain

Today in labor history Sept 2 First time the US government drops bombs on its own citizens

Anybody seen Joe (from the Union Review)?

Belated Happy Labor Day? No Sweat.

Michael Kieschnick and credo are anti-union dont join credo!!!!!!

Stop Imposing 'Captive Speech' on Employees

Brazil scandal: Did spies tap officials' phones?

Lula suspends Brazil spy chiefs

Paraguay's Fernando Lugo alleges coup plot

OMFG! U C L A!!!!!!!!

Why does the squib kickoff even exist?

Tiger and wife are expecting another child

"600,000 left stranded by monsoon floods in India"

Why does it feel like Mercury F'ing Retro already??

Addiction Doesn’t Discriminate? Wrong

Study: Drug sales may not benefit from ads directed to patients

Just curious which one do you think would be more effective?

Flu shot does not cut risk of death in elderly

Minnesota: Autism statistics in Somali community sparks investigation

Don Quixote now and then


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What the NRA is saying about Obama

Britain's Gun Laws

So my wife and I were gun shopping today...

World's Most Powerful Magnet Under Construction (100 Tesla!)

Climate 'hockey stick' is revived

Large Hadron Rap

Prehistoric Funerary Precinct Excavated In Northern Israel: Grave Goods Include Phallic Figurines, S

About Death, Just Like Us or Pretty Much Unaware?

ISO: Marinara from Fresh Tomatoes Recipe

What's for dinner? Back-to-school edition.

Chicken Breasts in Yogurt-Turmeric Sauce With Green Peas

An excellent article! Teaching evolution to young Christian skeptics

Palin's Church May Have Shaped Controversial Worldview


Gate agents

Cheney Waits Until Last Minute Again To Buy Sept. 11 Gifts

anyone got a link to...

Google releasing Chrome browser sometime today

Can anybody explain this drawing of column 79?

i took out the vidio card, put a heat sink on it.. now all i get is th red Compaq page at

Amy Goodman arrest video

How bad does Timmy Pawlenty want the national stage? If Palin

cross post from GD - about Amy Klobuchar. Thoughts?

Normy and Bachmann to address RNC tonight

Did anyone see bachmann on Larry King last night??? Stephanie

We can be certain,then, that in 2012 or 2016 Pawlenty will run

Any encounters with RNC delegates?

Matt Yglasias weighs in on the speech: "JK, Foreign Policy Warrior"

David Wade is on the job.

Cycling Story

Anyone else see a video clip of Brian Wilson being interviewed about his new CD?

KR this thread on GD?

CA Court: SOS Electronic Voting Conditions Subject to APA

Businessman 'killed wife and daughter then himself' (UK)

** Pics from this evening's Barack Obama Rally in Milwaukee **

Is it true that the sea water around LA is COLD this time of year?