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A special comment about Joe Lieberman and John McCain...

Do you suppose that just before the USSR dissolved the Soviets felt like Bernanke feels?

Where's our bailout?

American Rights at Work

From a forum

Should Obama take advantage of Admiral McCombover's bad week and ...

'Topless Midget Oil Wrestling' Costs Bar

What if the bailout doesn't work ?

Folks - today I plunked $10 K into Pennsylvania and Ohio...

Ain't this just the perfect ending to the worst 8 yrs. in U.S. history?

"I was a racist"

I'm sitting here wondering - why aren't all of our banks nationalized?

Need proofreading and suggestions...

This was planned.

Republicans Take Advice on Energy Policy from Druggies Who Sleep With Oil Execs,

Where you can give money to help with the legal fight against Farmer's Branch,TX's racist housing

'worst is yet to come' investment strategist warns

Back to the Crucible with Sarah Palin

We can never go back...

John McCain: "Health Insurance for everybody!!!!!"

I'm Back!! (didja miss me????)

The bailout now means we are all socialists.

Economic Disaster: McCain and Greenspan

McCain - Let's do for Health Care what we did for Banking!

Shouldn't the taxpayers own AIG now?

McInsane calls for the resignation of the head of the FEC

I would just like to point out...

Regulation saved the day

Imagine if Dimson got his wish to privatize social security?

Can there be any doubt now? GW Bush - Worst President Ever.

We need to pass a NEW Glass-Steagall.

83 Wall Street Lobbyists Work for McCain's Campaign

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

It's Finally Trickling Down

The User Manual for Nationalization

GOP Delegate gets drugged and robbed in Minneapolis hotel tryst

Ike/people on dialysis-think about it.

YES!!! Rachel showing the nexus between Palin and Cheney!!

So the Bush crowd - less Government

What is palin thinking?

Debunk Help Please

My republican friend had some questions about Universeal Health Care that I'm not sure how to answer

Ads airing in NH tonight: Palin stopped the bridge to nowhere, & black men will take your money!

I have a secret.

What Do Flavor Fav and Rachel Maddow Have In Common?

Have you ever seen so many welfare queens begging for handouts?

PAY ATTENTION TO KRUGMA, so you get what some of us have been

Help come up with a slogan for the idea at the link ...

"As a Very Important Source of Strength and Security, Cherish Public Credit." - Our First President

If the concern is the economic health of a NATION, why not funnel .5 TRILLION to "the people"?

What was/are your thoughts on the war in Afghanistan?

This new Paulson program is much like Hoover's Reconstruction Finance Corporation.

Study says Surge had no "observable effect" while "Senate bill touts 'surge' in Iraq" (Lieberman!)

Next time you hear some Right wing asshat utter "You want to redistribute wealth!!"

LATimes busts Michelle Malkin for spreading misinfo claiming Palin email hacker is son of Dem Rep

Jonathan Alter Stole My Line from DU

If an institution is "too big to fail".....

O'Reilly Hacked for bashing hackers and those who posted the Palin e-mails.

LOL...FX's Broadcast Premier of "V is for Vendetta" just died on Pittsburgh Comcast...

I'm digging Ron Reagan, Jr. on Air America.

The fundie at work.......

My 57 CHEVY came home today!!!

Charges Dropped Against DN! Journalists - Investigation Needed

Palin blames 'Democrat partisans' for a withdrawal of her invitation to an anti-Iran rally

Kevin Phillips on Bill Moyer

To honor Sarah Palin in her ascendancy to the Governor's Office.

Financial plans of the giants - no where has anyone addressed (overpriced housing)

Can someone help with some info?

The Rapture Ready Debate UFOs, Angels & Demons

Please DU this poll

Is bush's war dragging down the economy, or is that too simplistic?

Agree or disagree with this statement.... People with money & evolution

Bad Money - Reckless Finance, Failed Politics And The Global Crisis Of American Capitalism.

"Pull yourself up by your bootstraps" + $500 billion bailouts.

BushCo's bailout swindle is being challenged by Schumer and Clinton

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Question for the experienced people on here

"Give me liberty or give me death"

Real Time Starting now, Paul Krugman and Naomi Klein.

McLaughlin Group on now; let us see how great McBush fares. nt

New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims

Hurricane Ike uncovers mystery ship

Cancer/Diabetes patients no medicine in donut hole. Where is their bailout?

Invading Iraq and the subsequent spikes in the price of oil and gas ruined our economy

Another report on Galveston........from Burnt Orange...1500 or more bodies

Progressives have to work quickly

American Rainbow Rapid Response to the Rescue !! help !

"O" face or GOP face...

That thing on his face ..... it looks really bad to me.

What if our line of credit was threatened?

Meredith Whitney says we're headed for a "deep recession"

"" Bill Maher rocks, and Levi, who knows? LOL! nt

D.U. Warnings:

Please keep these people in your thoughts.

So, the bailout 'plan' is coming from Bush-Cheney?

I think this Bailout is the Mirror Image of the New Deal

"March Of The Dead" To Be Held Tuesday When Bush Addresses U.N. Assembly

USA... Ulcered Sphincter of Ass-erica......

Incredible account in KHOU-Forums -Chambers County. 3 People washed up from Galveston- alive!

Comprehensive Energy Act - yes or no?

Mark Foley - Not even a slap on his limp wrist

Hurricane Ike uncovers historic ship on Baldwin County beach

Hurricane Ike uncovers historic ship on Baldwin County beach

Garrison Keillor At Huffington Post: On Palin - "Bush With Big Hair"

How FEMA treats the poor -- San Leon, TX

the Republican women on Larry King are Stupid Liars

Charlie Rangel Calls Palin DISABLED

McCain feeds America a junk food diet with Palin choice

So I'm sitting at a stoplight...and Mike Malloy is on...

Caption this...

It's John McCain, Stupid

Now playing on the Main Stage in Heaven (if there is indeed one):

Republican relatives

Building Palin's image destroys McCain's image


Caribou Barbie!

McCain recruits expert Southern lawyer to handle Palin's state trooper fiasco.

My reaction to this entire past week

Proof of Evolution that even Sarah Palin herself can not deny.

Alaskans question Palin’s account of bridge

Dems better be sure Repukes are on board with bailout.

I hope we go back to regular 15 or 30 year fixed mortgages.

Larry Sabato's Commentary (New Map Same As Old Map)

The whole Repub redistribution of wealth argument doesn't work anymore.

Palin's Pastor by the Times of London- The story Keith is talking about

Independent UK: The $1 trillion question: Will this gigantic bailout work?

If Hillary can't rally her supporters to Obama, then she has no chance in 2012 or 2016

The Great News Is, Congress Enacted Job Protection for the Film/TV Industry

HELP PLEASE! Need the Fannie contributions graphic

What do you think is the #1 cause for our economic problems?

Is there any evidence anywhere that John McCain is mentally competent

Olbermann's on: McCain gets his federal agencies mixed up!

Is any of that $85 billion going for golden parachutes?

Who's the boss? Palin bills herself over McCain

AlterNet: Why the Polls Drive Us Crazy (and Shouldn't)

What's Barack holding back for when they "Wright" and "Ayers" him?

McCain's Plan For Health Care Reform: Let's Make It More Like The Financial Industry

White Privilege

Mark Foley the perv........walks

Just saw the best damn Obama ad on Teevee

A parable for today...

two men and a woman were shot down at the gate as they tried to surrender

Stupid Friday Night Post

I swear, she's gonna be #1 in about a week!!! (Rachel that is)

Sarah's Grand Plan

What were/are your thoughts on the war in Afghanistan? (Fixed version)

Hagel on the financial crisis

Report: Satellite images show ethnic cleansing source of reduced Iraq violence

National Enquirer: "Breaking News" about Todd Palin's Family

RFK Jr., Jesse and Greg Palast - invite your group to co-sponsor

I think 527s should launch attack ads against Rush and racism

C-SPAN WJ: Cliff Schecter...8:15 AM ET

W. the movie

Robbin' D. Hood

Financial Crisis: Big Development Loans, Big Banks & Political Cronies

List of media hypocrisy

This anti-Obama ad is constantly running on MSNBC. I live in NY:

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...


Need a quick refutal for a supposed quote in a nastygram

I am OK with the bailout.

"I should have invested in Budweiser"

Shouldn't they remove....

Blacks Against Obama - WTF!

Just got an email from the DCC

McCain: Health care reform like the financial industry

McCain, aides defend idea of private Social Security accounts amid Wall Street turmoil

How long before the press attacks McLame's lack of answering press questions?

If being gov of Alaska is such a big job, who's running things while SP campaigns?

Is This A Good Idea?

"Makes you think of Emmitt Till" RACHAEL Maddow's Show

Good news, bad news on when I'll be back to my very active status

If a Corporation is "Too Big to Fail", Then It Is TOO BIG!!!!

Disappointing neighbor

One of two local radio talkshow wingnuts tells me to "GET LOST AND STAY LOST"!1

bush: 'I decided to act, & act boldly'. Yeah well you're a lousy actor w.

The Sad Demise of American "Conservatism"

DU this poll!!!

"I guess THAT bubble popped...he he he..."

Quotes from the film "The Corporation" ..... particularly apropros for this week

Since 2006, when the Democratic Party....

Naomi Klein: Free market ideology is far from finished

Kevin Phillips on Bill Moyers: Halfway though the serious part, DOW heading for 9,000s

Alice Walker: What our country desperately needs is a leader who loves us

Alice Walker: What our country desperately needs is a leader who loves us

US Savings Bonds? I have MANY that were purchased for my children

Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth

McClaughlin -Grumpy old man drops a Bomb ....But 1st a lil joke...

Exclusive: New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims

So how do you like your Reganomics now - sunshine?

Charlie asks McCain about the Bush Doctrine: (January 2008 Debate)

Hahaha! Rachel doing a report on McSame's bad week, and

1.5 Trillion to "fix the economy"; how will we pay for all of Obama's proposals?

Post-Ike illnesses in Galveston?

You don't know me, but I have lived in your building for the past

ABC Nightline's lead story is an explanation of "short selling"

I am going to bed to ponder this: "Why should we trust anyone

Cut John McCain some slack

Cut John McCain some slack

Alter (on Maddow) "We're ALL socialists now..."

Need an Obama T-shirt / hat asap. Know of any local stores that sell?

I've come to the conclusion race is the only reason

I've come to the conclusion race is the only reason

Could the BIG BANG MACHINE be responsible for weather patterns????

WTG DU !!...10 days= $12,171.00

Rachel Maddow Continues to Dominate in the Ratings

Toon: The fundamentals are "strong"

Palin urges halt to proposal to use old platforms for fish farming

Michelle Obama's blog

Does anyone have a list of what financial regulations the GOP eliminated in the last 8 years?

What's the fucking deal with Ed Koch?

What's the fucking deal with Ed Koch?

Murdoch: Obama's economic policies 'naive' and 'old fashioned'...

Congress must raise Debt Limit for Trillion Dollar Give-Away to Rich

Rachel was so animated was great.

Rachel was so animated was great.

Americans are screaming for some intelligent, coherent leadership in this Congress.

Some Galvestonians are going to get to go home! 45,000!

McCain wants more health insurance in the hands of Wall St

Breaking News: Big Blast at Marriot Hotel in Pakistan...

Obama was born in Iraq and Osama bin Laden was in the delivery room.

Obama was born in Iraq and Osama bin Laden was in the delivery room.

Palin and the Separatist Alaska Independence Party

Are our elected officials worth the money we pay them? Yes or no?

The Energy Expert 'speaks' - OMFG

Another AOL Poll On Todd Palin To DU!!! Is 'First Dude' a 'Shadow Governor'?

McCain campaign rejects Fox "cease and desist" request

Out of Curiosity Looked Up Bios Of KO and Maddow - Whoa! They're Smart

Latest Polls and Obama's Lead - But don't be complacent!

Palin Under Fire = Trooper-Gate Stonewalling "no witnesses today"

Here's an idea tax wall street transactions & speculation!! Let the market pay for their bailout

Only $163 to go until we reach $65,000 for Obama/Biden! ... DONATE NOW!

Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuush about to speak again

"President John McCain" ...

EFF Sues NSA, Bush, And Cheney TO Stop Illegal Surveillance

Let's say our federal government goes completely broke...

I'm so disgusted, I wanna just take a hit off a big ass bong

Has Grover Norquist Finally Got His Wish?

Bank of America chief: half of banks won't exist in 5 years

Democrats demanding help for homeowners as well. Bloomberg article:

Pattern forming with McCain-Pain events: after Palin concludes her remarks, some head for their cars

Pattern forming with McCain-Pain events: after Palin concludes her remarks, some head for their cars

Pattern forming with McCain-Pain events: after Palin concludes her remarks, some head for their cars

"Hillary Sent Me,"

My experience is that all Northerners make snap negative judgments based on slim

White privilege

DU this poll!

Treasury Unveils $700 Billion Financial Rescue

Treasury Unveils $700 Billion Financial Rescue

A public service announcement

One week from tonight is the first will we feel a week from now?

Any doubt has now been removed: George W. Bush is the Worst. President. Ever.

You are going to hear more of this being all Clinton's fault - I want you to know something

The Dude abides.

Putnam, Mellon Spur `Oh, My God' Money-Market Flight

McCain: "Americans are, over all, better off than they were four years ago..." (January Debate)

McCain Press Aide Calls Alaska Reporter At Home To Complain About Unfavorable Coverage

Great quote about the proposed bailout

Bush Radio: "These measures require us to put a significant amount of taxpayer dollars on the line"

Subpoenaed witnesses fail to show for 'troopergate' hearing

If you're going to disrupt a political rally with lame-ass signs, learn to fucking spell!

I used to say that all I ask of Obama is that he win.

McCain for Crypt Keeper

McCain and the economy, the gift that keeps on giving!

HA HA Rush Limbaugh Squealing Like The PIg He Is

Discussions about main street banks preditory credit card interest hikes should be

Despite Claim, Palin's Pay As Mayor Of Wasilla Went Up

Blogger watching a horror movie marathon to raise money for Obama.

I have a new slogan for the McCain campaign.

Sarah Palin Has A Great Idea

I wish the government would get rid of my "bad debt"

Will there even be a General Election?

Will there even be a General Election?

Proof that the The Bradley Effect is a huge danger to us

How do Republicans REALLY feel about women?

Stevens says he plans to testify at his trial

Indictment: Iraq bomb parts came from South Florida

For John McCain:

Toon: Palin's economic "plan"

Why would anyone in any other country have any faith at all in the US Dollar?

Election Day, A National Holiday Is Observing Christ's Birth More Important than a Strong Democracy?

Can someone explain to me how this "buying mtg. backed securities"

The Palin investigation will be completed on time and will contain depositions from those subpoenaed...

The American public, on balance

Another Bank Failed Yesterday, AmeriBank in WV

Troopergate Investigation Continues

Thanks for the new slogan, Sarah!

Thanks for the new slogan, Sarah!

EVERY DUer, go here, do it now! GOTV begins today!

The Greed Fallacy: You can’t explain a change with a constant

The Perfect Bookends.

Remember The Last Ownership Society?

the "ownership society" idea actually worked pretty well....

Victims identified after plane carrying Five Points performers crashes

McCain on banking and health: Let's Make It More Like The Financial Industry

I think this thread needs some attention!

You'd Think Obama/Biden Should Win Simply On The "Not Tainted By Scandal" Ticket

Pretty Soon It Will Be Time For The Keys. LOL

Oh for God's sake, CNN apparently thinks Biden talking in Delaware about beating the Buckeyes...

This should be Obama's next ad

Church sign: "Banks may fail but God won't."

Church sign: "Banks may fail but God won't."

OMG! We're losing North Dakota!

McCain was the only senator who did not vote on the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

One policy I'd like to see implemented by an....

people calling a phone sex service instead of NJ Dem Org.

Early voting started today.

ABC: USA-TORTURE ON TAPE-Video Surfaces-WH Tried To Keep Americans From Seeing (Graphic Warning)

Another AOL poll

Lear Jet crashes in South Carolina - four musicians dead

Goldilocks Burglar Arrested in Montana

Talking to my 4 year old about the Presidential campaign...cute

Sunday Morning Lineup (Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Bloomberg)

My LTTE about economics, energy policy and McCain...

Peyton And I Are Going To A Move On B-Day Party & Phone Bank Event On Sunday

Add this trillion dollars to the National Debt and the Bush* Administration

Thank you my friends


$700 Billion - No problem - These guys are trustworthy. Remember Iraq?

January, 1993: 'Where's all the money?'

Uncle Sam's Growing Tab

The bailouts may be big profit-makers for the Federal Government.

Sunday, September 22 News Show Lineup

Picture of Leadership.

Naomi Klein (Shock Doctrine) said the bailout would give McSame a chance to cut social programs

I would like to thank George W Bush for only one thing

PHEW! Mission Accomplished. Pakistan bombing knocks financial situation off the teevee

The Palin witchhunter story Olbermann is reporting on is hilarious.

DU this poll: "o you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States?

Another "How can repukes be so cold" story

Listening to Palin on Randy Rhodes.....

How many lobbyist's are on McCain's campaign from Fanny/Freddie? or elsewhere?

Rightwingers scare more easily than liberals, according to a new study.

What if Obama had a daughter who was pregnant?

My email to NBC Nightly News

We need a 72 year old candidate

Obama is doing great considering the circumstances!

McCain Campaign goes racial yet again - "watch out for the black man around your white babies"

Afghan's Karsai Agrees to Act Like He Knows Palin on the Way Into the UN Next Week

People prefer Obama over McCain as teacher

I'm thinking that the only way we can get over the top is via the black vote

Worth repeating the WSJ Editorial comment about McCain:

Finger-Pointing in Financial Crisis Is Directed at Bush

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle- Class Republican

McCain IS Bush

Texas or Wall Street?

There was no "rally": What did $700B buy the markets this week?

Bank Bailout: Who Is Paying the Bill? Banks balking @ discount to prices banks now hold

Todd Palin excuses to not testify??? "an inconvenient travel schedule"

Six Year-Old Simple.

Bush History,9/19 - Friends Helping Friends: Bush & the bin Laden Family

Bush History,9/19 - Friends Helping Friends: Bush & the bin Laden Family

Get in touch with your committee people - they may need drivers & poll watchers

Buffet predicted the "credit swap" crisis 5 years ago (the derivatives that are

DU This POll!

I've made a commitment to myself

Breaking - massive explosion at the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad

Evolution on DU?

When I look out my window, where will I see or feel the 700 Billion that Shrub is asking us to pay?

McCain is the only candidate that understands the current economic problems

Bookmark This Post: The Voting Block That Will Be Touted on Nov. 5

Bookmark This Post: The Voting Block That Will Be Touted on Nov. 5

Oh, this is really rich.

I helped make history tonite!

SEATTLE TIMES ENDORSES OBAMA & BIDEN: A smart and steady hand on foreign policy and other matters.

McCain feeds America a junk food diet with Palin choice

Alaska residents question 'road to nowhere'

So are we at LEAST going to get another stimulus package?

Administration Is Seeking $700 Billion for Wall Street Bailout

McMore of the Same - Savoring the Hope and Excitement

This morning, I told a dear friend of mine my opinion on the financial "mess".

Palin's Greatest Hits, Over and Over

Strange business up north: Palin's reformist image threatened by hypocrisy (Waco Trib editorial)

Economic Meltdown: John McCain and the "Old Boy's Network"

The Debates - let's analyze

Coral Gables - today - I was there!!

Remember that 3am call?

Perry Press Conference on now

`60 Minutes' to give hour to McCain, Obama

Graffiti reading: 'The only cure for Americans is Jehad, or holy war," in Islamabad

MSNBC: "Interventions highlight Bush's shifting ideology, 2nd term markedly different from first"

My Question: What's In The Fine Print?

Politico Staff: Obama wins the day again (7th straight!)

Democrats Need to Choose Which Side They Are On

It's Patriotic to help your country. Time for the rich to pay more tax.

McCain: We should deregulate health insurance like we deregulated Wall Street

Is Sarah Palin Qualified to be President?

Damn! Are we experiencing a class war now or are we just having techinical difficulties?

Bring The Troops Home Now! We Clearly Cannot Afford This Illegal, Immoral War!!!!

Bill Maher said toniught that Obama was trailing McSame in the white women votes.

A question about modern genetics and the inversion of eugenics...

Screen Shot: Huffington Post celebrates the rich, successful, patriotic legacy of King George II

Nice to see the USA colored BLUE again in

admittedly paranoid ? re bailout: do we want Repub admin owning our mortgages?

Andrew Sullivan HIJACKED the whole show on real time he RUINED IT

"half of registered voters overall now have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party"

Biden introduced bill today - Biden Bill Strengthens Our First Line of Defense Against Terrorism

Nations Leading Manufacturer Coming To A Town Near You...

McCain’s camp tests fundraising limits

As much as I hate to do it - this is too interesting

Anyone notice how Mccains emails always have Palins name in the title?

Since everything is hitting the fan anyway, how about those unfunded pensions of state & town

If they Bailout the Financials – they must STOP the Foreclosures

How's that small government workin' out for ya?

Jonathan Alter on Rachel Maddow is scaring me.

Breaking: McCain Site Hacked!

What's next Sarah?


EFF Sues NSA, President Bush, and Vice President Cheney to Stop Illegal Surveillance

Science Debate 2008 asked the major party presidential nominees about the state of American science

Identity of Sarah Palin Hacker Revealed

PHOTO: Thanks, but no thanks!

If The Gov't Wants To Give Me A Billion Dollars, Just PM Me...

NY TIMES: "we’re literally maybe days away from a complete meltdown of our financial system"

If we've got to spend half a trillion, why don't we spend it protecting the little folk?

McCain says healthcare should be run like the banking industry... REALLY!

I will miss Bush

Fiscal conservatives in Congress declare free market 'dead'

More Contradictions from the Party of Less Government-finally someone spells this out

First-time Voter

First-time Voter

DNA test clears Dallas man jailed for 25 years

Bill Moyer interviews Kevin Phillips

New Al Qaeda Tape Surfaces Despite US Efforts to Block It

finally watched Palin/Hannity. They need to get a room....

Tucker Bounds...El Douche'

Get ready for it. They're going to go there and attack Obama on Wright

Administration Is Seeking $700 Billion for Wall Street Bailout

John McCain has lost his fucking mind

MCCAIN'S 2007 REPORT CARD - Most recent Interest Group Ratings

Army doctored dead soldier pics

One thought pushes fence-sitters to the left: Palin

Apres les autres, la deluge


I have an idea: Get the worship of Elvis to replace Christian fundamentalism

no terrorism since 9/11. none on u.s. soil

Next Friday night - at Ol' Miss

Okay, I'm looking for predictions. What will McCain do when he loses this election?

Is it just me, or is anyone else noticing that MSNBC is being really tough on RWers?

May I ask my fellow DUers what "contingency" plans they have if the economy falls into total chaos?

Transgender woman wins sex discrimination case.»

Remember when.....(paper documents were gold standard)...

Here's what we really have to fear from McCain/Palin

Prominent McCain Supporter, Lady Rothschild, States That Obama Does Not Appeal To "Rednecks"

What the PBS poll proves (re: Palin's qualifications for VP)

That fly story with Obama on Rachel's show is probably one of the best

“Bush is an anchor,” Don't want him on the resume says Mathew Dowd

McCain’s Camp Tests Fund-Raising Limits

I finally figured out the McSpain confusion--it's simpler than we all thought

PBS Now poll being freeped...

Great link! Count the McCain Lies

If you or I decided not to cooperate with an investigation,

Everyone, check out this video of McLiar as a creepy husband on SNL in 2002

Some guy that was in my office today said Obama referred to his Muslim religion on TV.

Great new name for Palin..."SnowJob SquareGlasses"....

A parable for today...

'Helping' the Homeland - Part One: Battle-Tested 1st BTC, 3rd ID Gets New Mission

Before Getting bailout money, repugs should have to write 1 thousand times

So McCain took off his tie and jacket, rolled up his sleeves today......

Dylan Ratigan Says That We All Benefited From The Deregulation

AFL-CIO plans economy mailer on McCain's "strong" remark to a million households

How we got here IS the issue!

Photos: Instant Karma's gonna get you (Bush "legacy" will be printed on absorbent 2-ply)

There's only one candidate who...Barack Obama today - great


Another letter to my brother the Republican

Prediction: Somewhere in NYC tonight, there will be a bed squeeking...

Not just the rich....very real people, very real anxiety, very real retirement losses

A Houston/Ike post. "News of my demise

A Houston/Ike post. "News of my demise

General election voting begins Monday here in Georgia!!

General election voting begins Monday here in Georgia!!

Obama 50 McCain 42 - DKos Research 2000 tracking poll (09/20)

Obama 50 McCain 42 - DKos Research 2000 tracking poll (09/20)

Linking Obama to Ex-Fannie Mae Chief Is a Stretch (WaPo)

100,000 new Obama donors by midnight - Do Your Part!

Dean to PA students: "You are a great generation...It is your time. Don't blow it."

McCain: deregulate healthcare, open up to markets since that worked great for financial industry

Alright, Let's Get the News Cycle This Week, Then.....

Are Pelosi and Reid caving again? Will the Democrats show some guts?


Are you personally experiencing the credit crunch?

Stephanie Miller coming on Fox at 3:30!!!!!

If I ever get a tattoo....

McCain's birthday problem....

**** General Election CONFIDENCE LEVEL POLL Sat. Sep 20 ****

Everyday poor and middle class RW think

I told you..........

How the U.S. Treasury would handle

Shock Doctrine is in play, America.

Oh, Jesus, save me from your followers...

Here's an anti McCain ad just waiting to happen

We can't trust the Bush Administration with our money.

Woo-hoo! 300 yard signs delivered to our local campaign office yesterday and


Was it Biden who spoke about the fiscal problems now being the result of ideological

There is one Hockey Mom I would like to say Get the Puck out of here....

John McInsane

Union Drops Big Mail Blitz Hammering McCain's "Fundamentals" Comment

The financial showdown this week will be nothing more than a huge game of "chicken."

Research 2000 Nat'l Poll-Obama-50% McInsaneInTheMembrane 42%

How do you perceive "liberalism/liberals"?

Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama

St. Pete Times: GOP mailing older Dem voters flyers seeking to double-check 'unconfirmed' party ID

Dean Baker nails it on the Bailout

U.S. Government Mortgage Re-Evaluation Program

GOP warns Dems not to add extras to bailout bill

BAMN: By any means necessary

Giant Gaffe: McCain Confuses National Guard and Army -- and Palin's Son

Karzai Agrees To Meet With Palin

Saturday Morning Double Feature!!! (McCain & Palin parodies)

Republimussen -Obama-48% McInsaneInTheMembrane 47%

Time for everyone to read (or re-read) THE SHOCK DOCTRINE

Good people (such as yourselves?) should know about these remarkable Americans

ABC Exclusive: New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims = Internal Government Document

Riding Out IKE Part 4, The Conditions On The Ground...

Progressive Conditions for a Bailout by Dean baker


Republican dislike of fingerpointing stems from all fingers pointing at them.

Taxpayers should DEMAND a cap on lending rates in exchange for funding the bailout.

Bill Moyer's journal last night, video is available.

The Media and American's falling for Palin., Remember when Bush was "popular" too.

Mark to market cause the economic crisis?

Who actually wants this woman to be one straightjacket away from the Presidency? nt

Wikileaks: Bill O'Reilly's website hacked

My boss the Republican

Is TPM taking a vacation day today?....

Evidence shows US adopting China's methods of crowd/population control

Has this been posted? McCain and the POW Cover-up

Why didn't the Govt. step in a year ago and FORCE mortgages to remain at a low rate?

Good proof that liberal policies for kids are better than conservative ones

Palin arrives in Orlando today and guess what she has in her hands?

Please analyze the body language in this picture of McOld/Impaler

McCain says all options are on the table including putting Social Security into the stock market...

McCain says all options are on the table including putting Social Security into the stock market...

stuck on the road - with a 90,000-pound nuclear waste cask

Trooper-Gate Could "BREAK WIDE OPEN" On October 10 When Branchflower Releases Report (Emptywheel)

"Frothy, slanted and off-point" Todd and Sarah Palin interviews challenged even Fox's low standards

Is anybody getting fired over this mess?

Bush, a la Spinal Tap, with too much fucking perspective: "You get it's big because it needed to be"

Wikileaks: Feds worried terrorism fear may trigger mass psychosomatic illness.

Flag Etiquette: Not for Palin!

President Bush, do you still want to privatize our Social Security?

John Ridley, Huffington Post: "Rush Limbaugh Hates Mexicans (But in a Funny Way)!"

Just watched American Drug War: The Last White Hope

Obama Says If He Wins Florida, He Wins the White House - CBS

I don't trust Bush* or any of the players. Don't work on this financial

Obama at UM: "It's Time for Resolve"

Funny how Obama's "Social" programs are bad but bailouts are good!!!

Numbers/trends looking good -

What role doesTodd Palin have in all of this? He is with her everywhere she goes.

Federal gov delay in getting oil drilling permits

It's the epitome of the "obvious" reporting that Obama might lose white votes because of race

Another week of lousy polling for McSenile should have him nice and rattled for the debate

Just like 2004 when they thought that if they voted.....

U.S. "buying bad mortgages?" Will U.S. be doing foreclosures?

Which One Would Step-up In a Crisis?

Here's a question.....

A Smile for us - after a rough week

big list of Sarah Palin late-night television jokes

Saw this in local paper today (Indy Star) about soldiers voting here via e-mail

My LTTE published in my local paper

Palin Credits Witchhunter For Success

Is Palin also a tax cheat?

Troopergate: Just what we need - more impunity in our government

Obama: All style, no substance?

Our bailout is the financial Patriot Act II...Look at this...

I will support the bailout ONLY if

An open letter to Congress

Sarah Palin Scandals

Oh The Irony Of The Collapse in Our Economy!!!

This is totally off the wall bizarre

McPalin sandwich - redux.

I just want to say for the record that John McCain is a world class liar.

vanhollen (Wi. AG repuke asshole) Says Conflict Of Interest Laws Don't Apply To Him

McCain has had a pitiful look on his face since he slipped

The plan for change ad from this week is AWESOME

Why are investors begging for taxpayer funded handouts?

Bleak Numbers for McCain

"We're all socialists,now" That's what Alter said on Madow's

A data point in emerging Democratic response to bail-out

McCain Blackberry Ad

The Big Lie (1a.)

My email to my Senator re Bush asking for a trillion dollars.

From our Lounge: Link to LIVE "Farm Aid":

McCain wants our health care system to be like our banking system

New "photo ID law" in Michigan. any chance this is a problem?

I just went to

PBS Poll!!!!!!!!!!

McCain's bad timing on SS reform

McSame is a living hypocrit with campaign finance reform - NY TIMES article

GOOD NEWS! CHARGES DROPPED against reporters falsely arrested RNC in ST PAUL.

McCain Praised Banking Deregulation Earlier This Month

Snowjob Squareglasses!

New TV Ad Highlights John McCain's Social Security Privatization Plan

Obama within six-points of McCain in South Carolina in new poll

BANKRUPT AIG Is One Of McCains "Reform Institute's" Biggest Donors

No Loan Should Be Legal In The USA If Its Interest Rate Is Above

DailyKOS/Research 2000: Obama now polling even with congressional Democrats!

The BBC sports reporter is classless!

We've been begging for universal health care for 40+ dice. But when...

Night of the Living Vote-snatchers - from Steal Back Your Vote!-by Greg Palast

Why in the end Obama will win.. An Iowa perspective, Hope is the key

Bush should make it official. Wear a sweater and talk about malaise...

Is bin Laden determined to strike in the US again?

McCain exploits the concept of honor (The American Conservative Magazine)

In an effort to save air-time, the MSM has decided to only call Sarah Palin out when (and if)

Racism is alive and well in the Republican party... (and a few Dems)

The Truth can win this

How much effect will the bailout have?

McCain's Lobby - my new video


Beating back NAZIS requires

Take A Load Off Fannie...Ya Put The Load Right On Me

Take A Load Off Fannie...Ya Put The Load Right On Me

Obama signs stolen in Columbus suburb; McCain signs OK.

What Is Sarah Palin Hiding?

in response to Obama Waffles, what should we do?

Letter to Sarah: They're Going to Destroy You - Get Out While You Can

Has anyone seen this dumb story? *****Biden in hot water with some Ohioans****

Let's not give Bush too much credit for helping out in Africa…

'Cuse me, but did our Gov't go COMMIE on Thursday when they used Socialism to bail them Banks?

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Daytona, FL****

something about this bailout reminds me of the iraq war resolution


Sorry have to repost from a comment in thread

Obama goes after McCain for wanting to run health care like the financial markets

Today's Remarks of Senator Barack Obama, Daytona Beach, Florida

Who Is Funding Distribution Of DVDs About Radical Islam In Campaign Home Stretch?

Confused..what is going on??

"Get sick and get out." The travesty of medical foreclosures and bankruptcies

My minimum demand - the same bailout for people with medical expenses they cannot afford.

You are gonna LOVE this McCain quote

A number to keep in mind just for reference: $2.4 trillion is how much tax was collected last year

"Congressional Leaders Stunned by Warnings"! Do You All See The Pattern Here?!?

Responded to the Obama survey I got in my e-mail yesterday

Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama

Corporations Not Paying Income Tax ........

Bill Moyers' Journal tonight: Facing the Financial Fallout

the REAL family values.

Is Obama's race and ability to win because/in spite of it the topic du jour "meme" today?

Poll: Now both McCain and Palin have a net unfavorability rating

I've never hidden so many threads in one day

TOON: Radical Fringe "You Have To Be This Big To Ride" (World News Trust)

Someone at work told me that Hannity asked Palin"hard questions" and

Naomi Klein on Sarah Palin , Bush in drag"...

Let 'em SINK

Let 'em SINK

Possible new lead. McCain has an old girlfriend in Brazil

I Need A Truck Driving Job

Poll: Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama

Bailout plan leaked

Separated at birth??

Think Sarah Palin's nothing to laugh about? Then read this

One condo in my city was bought for $125k in 2000

McCain mistakenly would demand the FEC chair to resign if he was President.

Oops! McCain Praised Banking Deregulation Earlier This Month

If you ever want to see your Economy again, put $700,000,000,000.00 in unmarked bills....


Harry Truman: Why was he so unpopular when he was president?

"Good DU citizens check for duplicates!"

"Hillary Sent Me,"

The Greed Fallacy

LOL! My new favorite bumpersticker: Dear Republicans,

Sarah Palin: Cheney with a moose gun

Is the female that keeps calling in with the same voice different names getting paid

Who is facing foreclosure?

No network teevee news tonight. Must not be anything going on.

When I put my yard signs out -

The present economic capitalist system needs to be replaced.

Local Restaurant Creates McPalin Sandwich - rofl


John McCain's hot air

I want this bailout paid back with effing interest

Some one talk me down: How Is This Not Bush Raiding the Federal Coffers to Help McCain?

I just wanted to say a great big thank you to DU.

Calling FDR ! Calling FDR ! We need someone to save capitalism again...

McCain's Health Care Plan: Make it like the financial industry!

Obama 273 McCain 265

Seven hundred BILLION dollars

It is time for a DU POLL: Do you agree with the bailout ?

My New Favorite Joke...

Obama hits McCain on Social Security

Europeans on left and right ridicule U.S. money meltdown

Kopp hiring proved Palin's fundamentalist street cred

As Times Turn Tough, New York's Wealthy Economize

Obama's radio address: the economy (TRANSCRIPT and AUDIO)

Can I get some DU love for a biting post of mine on an MSM site?

Can I get some DU love for a biting post of mine on an MSM site?

deleted by poster as duplicate post:

Here is the text of the bailout via CR. look at the bottom, the bastards are doing commercial too.

Michelle Obama cooking with Paula Deen on Food Network

McCain: I tried to prevent this crisis, but Obama thwarted me

DU this poll

Sober Opposition to Financial "Rescue" Plan

When Obama wins... we should chant "Thanks but no thanks McCain/Palin"

Ok, Saturday Sept. 20, 2008... Today we are being invaded by the notion that Obama is black.

Words I would LOVE to hear from Obama - NOW is the moment:



Why is Sarah Palin being kept off the campaign trail for an entire week? Anyone know?

Obama to sell official soundtrack

Gallup: Obama hits 50% again. Obama 50% McCain 44%

An Alaskan (Wasilla) relative's take on Palin- a Repub view

Sarah Palin wolf anti-science arial wolf slaughter program

Kids Drowning? Unsafe Toys? Bush Admin doesn’t Care. And Who Remembers Flipper? - Bush History, 9/20

One good reason to hate fundamentalists

Electoral Map is now: Obama 273, McCain 265---YES WE WILL! many bailouts have there been?

HAHAHA! Looks like those emails to Yahoo re: Obama Waffles made a bit of difference!

Todd and Sarah Palin unchallenged in Fox interviews

Your next boss/landlord/banker speaks Chinese. Dont believe me, look.........

McSame voters terrify me, and even other voters scare me...

Palin Lies - One Man's Protest on the Juneau Cruise Ship Docks

I posted a few weeks back that Obama can take Indiana and was kicked aside.

Anybody Check Out Freak Republic Lately?

Maybe the best anti-McCane ad ever?

Can McCain bring Palin with him to the debate?

Not THIS again: Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama

David Corn: One Question about the Economy for John McCain

boddad: The Death of Republican Philosophy

boddad: The Death of Republican Philosophy

Is Gretchen Carlson Joking?

A prediction of what Palin's performance will be like at the VP debate

A prediction of what Palin's performance will be like at the VP debate

Digg this anti McCain ad, the best ever! Email it to media, everyone!

Yahoo Political Dashboard: Electoral Vote Obama 250 - McCain 250

Bailouts for the Rich; Macaroni and Cheese for the Rest of Us

Obama hits McCain on Social Security

One of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs....

It's simple.... it was a Pyramid scheme.....

National debt history 1951-present

What can we expect to happen on DU on Election Day?

Hispanic Repuke chairman from NM: "Hispanics consider themselves above blacks. "

Are you worrying about the election? Or are you working? A little story:

Why Todd is hanging around like a bad smell

Again. Why we can't be caught slipping in close races...and what "close" is this time...

In one of the most red counties in FL...Crowds Wait Through Rain at Obama Rally

Is it unethical for parents to buy their children toy guns?

Is there a good real-time "clearinghouse" for state poll releases?

Feds' actions this week will go down as an historic vindication of liberal fiscal policy

'racial views steer some white dems away from obama' (AP)

If you live in Texas and Kentucky >

Need help on a bumper sticker with the words "afford - four more"

Obama and the "white women" vote.. Obama ahead of Kerry at this point

A Few Arrows For Your Quiver... 'A Nation of Christians Is Not a Christian Nation'

Do you think McCain wished he had picked Romney now?

Do you think McCain wished he had picked Romney now?

Here's Some Trend Lines From Recent Elections

Obama only down 6 in SOUTH CAROLINA?

Meanwhile, the Other No. 2 Keeps On Punching

Farm Aid 2008

The pain, frustration, and suffering of living through 8 years of * & co.

Breaking on A federal judge has ordered Dick Cheney to preserve

First it was Having a Beer instead of fools we went w beer and rejected GORE

Contessa's using Tucker Bounds as a dartboard...

Libertarian U.S. presidential nominee Bob Barr trying to remove running mate Wayne Allyn Root

Ah the talking heads.. guess who's guilty for this mess?

Obama hits 50% today in the Gallup Daily Tracking - I found the graph (correct date) O 50% - M 44%

LOLcat knew where to look.

Anyone else notice how genuinely angry McSame was when he said Obama should, "Spare us the lectures"

Gallup tracking poll: Obama 50%-McCain 44%!

Gallup tracking poll: Obama 50%-McCain 44%!

We should be talking about the ROAD to nowhere. Great article in newsweek about it.

Florida Want Ads

TODAY'S TRACKING POLL AVERAGE: Obama 48.25, McCreep 44.25

Where are the beauty contestant photos of Sarah??

Perspective on the "race matters" poll. Or...why we choose to go to the moon.

A McCain Boner -- "Make Healthcare more like we've made banking"

There is no such thing as a Free Market

Biden v Palin on protection of women ..... pass this around

Obama down only six in South Carolina. McCain leads 51-45.

Obama Ticket 'Better Than Winning Lottery'; Hundreds Turned Away

I hate to be ageist, but that McSame is attending his 50th College reunion today...


Oh boy. Faux news is doing an in depth look at Joe...wanna bet they lie about everything?

Palin, witchcraft, and radical evangelism... This is much worse than a "really bad Disney movie"...

Palin, witchcraft, and radical evangelism... This is much worse than a "really bad Disney movie"...

The Death of Republican Philosophy

McCain Proposes To De-Regulate Health Insurance - Just Like The Banking Industry

She fired Monegan to to hire Kopp and establish her religious right cred so she could be VP?

It's time to pour it on.....

Anyone just hear the McCain-bot on MSNBC?

Palin's recent Q&A session question...

Well, well, well Obama at 306 EV vs. McBush 231 EV on!

What is the advantage (to Obama) of early voting?

Obama LIVE on CNN, "any minute now"

Did Tucker Bounds REALLY just say that!?!?!

SO - the October Surprise the GOP undoubtedly has in the works...

South Carolina Baptist Convention Must Be Panicking

We demand a trillion dollars for HEALTH CARE you cheap, thieving bastards.

Senator Harry Reid: "No One Knows What to Do" To End Economic Crisis

Tell you one thing about the Jews in FL:

Freeperville: Obama will have trouble in FL. Why?

OMG Palin to get "International Experience"

DU: How do you score Sarah Palin’s performance in the ABC interview?

Does this bailout address the credit default swaps?

The Coming Bailout of All Bailouts Bill: A Better Alternative ~ Robert Reich

Obama readies own economic rescue

Actual Pallin quote showing her stupidity on Energy

Asian-Americans and Obama?

Ignoring The Issues, the Scary Thing About McCain Is He Makes Big Decisions w/o Thinking

Obama responds to criticism of his abortion votes

Obama responds to criticism of his abortion votes

Not renewable, but Unlimited Energy

Hypocritical John McCain - In His Outrage, Shouldn't He Fire Ricky Davis and Charlies Black?

"We're watching the climax of the biggest heist in human history."

Women's Group Condemns NOW Endorsement of Obama - WaPo

If any white person tells you "But I just can't bring myself to vote for a black man," tell them:

Did Palin's son choose military over jail time?

Obama Live!

Alaska paper: Abdication by Palin-When did the McCain campaign take over the governor's office?

DU this poll: Is Palin qualified to be Vice President?

LA Times - Criticizes Fox's Interview of Palin, But Compares Obama's Appearance on the View?

Campaign ads are all over the Big Ten network

Does anyone else expect Barack to just keep kicking McCandyasses face in for the next 6 weeks?

So what's this new crap about Obama's VP vetter the McCain camp is throwing out?

Alaskan journalists discuss Palin/McCain and Ted Stevens'

Guys, national polls are not meaningless.

Financial Bailout: America's Own Kleptocracy

Form the prophet Zappa

Please DU this PBS poll regarding Palin's qualifications to be VP

MBA Bush has no Idea how this Financial mess occured on his WATCH

this bailout should be funded with a one-time wealth tax...

this bailout should be funded with a one-time wealth tax...

Palin probe to end before election

Obama opened his speech with an acknowledgment of the car bomb in

Latest Five Thiry Eight map, ( with annotations! )

Obama's poll bounce is just in time for early voting in Virginia and other

Goodie Palin Tries To Turn Newscaster Into A Newt

Sarah is the puppet here. Todd Palin , her husband, is the puppeteer!

Are hockey moms the same as soccer moms but exclusively white?

Toon: McCain the "Maverick"

McCain's negative ads could backfire

The wealthy have more to lose if thing go wrong in this country...

Will the Real Maverick Please Stand Up

Obama hits McCain on lobbyists, Social Security

Does Anbody Feel Sorry For John McInsaneInThe Membrane?

Does Anbody Feel Sorry For John McInsaneInThe Membrane?

The Point of No Return

Obama's Faith Tour

On October 5th, Biden will step down and be replaced by Hillary

Navajos, NM Indian tribes endorse Obama

Navajos, NM Indian tribes endorse Obama

Voting Absentee Requires A Color Photo I.D.

Obama Wins Without The South

The Federal Reserve introduces a New Denomination Bill Monday at a Printing cost of $11 trillion

Obama Rally At Capacity.... Watch on line now Jacksonville FL... THIS IS HUGH111

Estimating the Cellphone Effect: 2.2 percent (

Obama on another ballot.

For the poster who was worried about Michigan, read this

For the poster who was worried about Michigan, read this

Here's an Idea -- Get Out of Iraq to pay for the Bailout

Senator Bernie Sanders: "If a company is too big to fail, it is too big to exist."

McCain Freeze Would Chill Science

New Republican Poll: Obama 48%, McCain 47%

Just visited the TX state HQ, picked up an Obama-Biden bumper sticker and button, and

U.S. doesn't Need Anymore Cowboys, Mavericks, Moosedressers, or Wolf shooters in OUR WH!

OK, so my question is

I need pics from Obama's Jax rally

Sarah Palin is as popular as Diana in the hearts of the American public

IMO, Palin is holding the McC campaign hostage or outright demanding top billing.

Are Palin’s Per Diem Payments Taxable?

I'm concerned.....

Barack's grandfather is buried at Punchbowl National Cemetery.

abc: New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims

Between Joe Watkins and Pencil-Neck-Bulimic McCain-bot Nancy Pffffotenhauer

The problem with the GOP ticket.

Obama: "Now, I think it's clear that Senator McCain is a little panicked."

Can anyone remember a quotation by Bush early in his first term

McCrash hates to be on defensive. He will go Pickett's charging soon.

Debate Pact Lets McCain and Obama Spar - Free-flowing format but special arrangements for Palin (NYT

Sign: the Alaska Disasta...

I have been away from my computer/TV the past few days and have a question

LIVE WEBCAST: Barack Obama at Metro Park, Jacksonville, FL

ABC: Palin Forcibly Suppressed Alaska Anti-Rape Initiative

Recommended Bedtime Prayer....

Obama leading in Maine, 50-46

And with this...the election should be over

Is it not concerning...

Here is what I am telling conservative friends

Here is what I am telling conservative friends

McCain Breaks His Record in August, Raising More Than $47 Million

Worse President EVER, and the candidate who said, "" the economy is not my strong point"

Drive safe and courteously while displaying your Obama bumperstickers

Anchorage Paper: McCain Confuses National Guard and Army Troops

GOBAMA-staying on the offensive...

I was at the local FedEx/Kinko's today and they had birthday cards with the candidates.

Obama was #894 out of 899 in his graduating class,

Saturday Morning Data Dump – 9/20

GOP: Epic Fail

Here`s a great diary: "Canvassing in Northern VA. today!"

Judge orders cheney to preserve records

Teetering like a house of CAPTIONs

Bush warns Democrats against trying to help middle-class with bailout measure.

I am working for the campaign in Jackson MI and have been feeling a little overwhelmed...

Sarah Palin, behind a .50 caliber machine gun

This is the logical, obvious Bushco endgame.

OK, DU brain trust... help me think of a caption/title/concept for this one:

---People, Don't Forget, MSNBC---7:00PM, EST-- BIDEN----

I received my ABSENTEE BALLOT in the mail today!!!!!

I am worried.

Breaking on Olbermann: Palin's pastor problems are HUGE!

Palin Cancelling Events Around the Country

Paulson’s Blank Check

We deserve fiscal responsibility - not a $700 Billion dollar bailout!

Would this be a good statement for the Obama campaign, or a bad statement.?

The First Debate

A NOVA OBAMA headquarters was Bustling today!

‘Caging’ letter: Are Republicans trying to disqualify Collier, Lee Democrats?

Sarah Palin is no Princess Di - Palin has a man, her husband Todd, pushing her buttons

Sunday, September 21: Obama Campaigns in Charlotte, NC

Pakistan Will Now Become McCain's Next Flip-Flop

Pakistan Will Now Become McCain's Next Flip-Flop

What would it look like had John McCain invented the Blackberry? Like This!

Is John McCain the whitest candidate in recent memory?

Letting the rich take the fall

McCain attends his 50th college reunion today.

A Day Around Memphis.....Awesome

James Carville and Karl Rove lead off health care symposium...stunning.

$700 million to cure starvation in Africa. $1 trillion to fix Republican generated banking problems

The JOE BIDEN story is being shown on MSNBC...NOW!! It's just wonderful.

The JOE BIDEN story is being shown on MSNBC...NOW!! It's just wonderful.

Regarding Biden's "gaffe", my dad makes well over $250K per year

Gallup Daily: Obama 50%, McCain 44%

attention senator obama! please attach your healthcare plan to the "must pass" mortgage bailout!

Biden: McCain helped cripple labor movement

I never thought I would say this - but I'm gonna write Nora O'Donnell a thank you note!

The selfishness of younger voters

PBS poll needs some DU love

Biden Says McCain 'Hasn't Learned Anything' From Economic Woes

"This crisis has the potential to bring down one or both political parties" says William Greider

"This crisis has the potential to bring down one or both political parties" says William Greider

Brand New Missouri Poll: Obama - McCain within the margin of error!

Obama volunteers very busy in Philly...

Look ! Obama and Biden because they get it -Found this Happy Front Yard in NC

I missed this Palin video...did you????


HELLO? Where is his bailout?? "OUR LAST MEAL IS TONIGHT"

HELLO? Where is his bailout?? "OUR LAST MEAL IS TONIGHT"

THE NUMBERS DON'T ADD UP. Total Subprime & Alt-A Foreclosures = $92.8 Billion

I saw this morning on TV AIG is spending $118 million on a T-shirt Adv. campaign

LA Times Article Today On Obama and McCain's Style - No Mention of Bush's Style

Is Anyone Else Relieved McCain Didn't Choose Bloomberg For VP?

The selfishness of some older voters

To people who supported Hillary and now support mcstupid, ask them why the are NOT racist.

To people who supported Hillary and now support mcstupid, ask them why the are NOT racist.

Freeper response to GALLUP: "I have that nauseous feeling when I have the flu."

Freeper response to GALLUP: "I have that nauseous feeling when I have the flu."

"People who moved -- many of them young and minorities -- could be disenfranchised."

My neighbor woman used to send me

The experience argument. No doubt a replay, but help.

Photos Of Obama In Jacksonville, FL

Jonathan Alter: McCain and the Zigzag Express

8000 people for Obama in Jacksonville

Streisand: The Country Can't Afford to Elect John McCain

I had to smack down a Republican today. Had to do it.

Could John McCain have shoved his foot any further into his mouth?

Obama leans to the right

GASP! If this doesn't knock you off your chair, I'll be shocked. A ((MUST SEE!))

Friday's Wasilla Streetside Rally for Obama

What I'm hearing so far this morning on the msm is...

Palin: Ahmadinejad Wants Nuclear Weapons for a Second Holocaust

This might be a stupid idea for a bumper sticker or sign but what do you think?

This might be a stupid idea for a bumper sticker or sign but what do you think?

This is our first Pres. election in a Red State; our third Obama yard sign disappeared last night.

Obama Sets Up Debate Camp in the Sunshine State - intensive debate prep begins Tuesday

Do you all know what Osama Bin Laden's PRIMARY GOAL was when he attacked on 9/11?

BREAKING POLL: White Dems, Everybody else in the damn country is voting for Obama

What the $1 trillion dollar federal bailout means to YOU

Alabama GOP Trying to Stop Inmate Voter Registration

Be careful who you donate clothing to - One group only gives 28% of proceeds away

BIG STORY to Push Through Monday-

Just got home from an evening of phone banking for Obama

Just got home from an evening of phone banking for Obama

DU this Panama City poll HARD!!

A voice of sanity about this "bailout" mess - Robert Reich

Cliff Schecter, author of "The Real McCain" is decimating the McCain myths on C-Span

VIDEO -- Fellow DU-er (theFrankFactor) made a video which includes my rant from 2 days ago

I saw my first Obama yard signs today on a major street

Hot Damn x 3!!! From Camp Obama to Phone-Banking - It Warms The Heart

We CAN Afford National Health Care!!!

Sarah Palin: Bush in Drag. Thank you Naomi Klein


Phrases and words describe Sarah Pallin - 'not the sharpest instrument in the drawer'

McCain wants to tax Health benefits.

Is Palin an Albatross?

Palin versus Biden Debate

The Debates: Three Rounds of Poetry

Time, at last, to eat the rich?

DU this poll from Phoenix: McCain or Obama

In case you missed it...Keith O paid up last night on MSNBC...$100 per Palin's lies...

Palin is a great debater! Palin is a great debater!

Todd Palin is "right in there" behind Sarah/McCain on almost every stage. Who is he??

They couldn't get their mitts on Social Security--

The "witch hunter" who prayed for Palin -- THIS is what he & his ilk have wrought in Africa:

Coming Soon To a Check Stub Near YOU: Higher Taxes

Sounds like Barack is trying to bring out this southern accent!

McCain knows he has lost.

Do you believe today's massive, precedent setting U.S. government...

Daily Kos:I worked for Sarah Palin

1960 Kennedy vs. Nixon ad (LivingRoomCandidate)

UNBELIEVABLE Executive Power Grab in Banking Bail Out Bill

Looking for recommendations for a good financial management book?

Poll: Racial 'Misgivings' Steer Some White Voters Away from Obama: PREJUDICE

Very disturbing, but unfortunately not shocking, poll

It looks like the Obama campaign doesn't care very much about yard signs

Obama in JAX

Who is moderating the four debates between the candidates?

Who is moderating the four debates between the candidates?

Photos Of Biden In Castlewood, VA

Impeach Bush, vote for McCain????

Florida Freeper: FL will be hard for Obama, we are working hard on surpressing the vote

When Atheists Attack....Palin

Krugman: McCain wanted to make health care more like the financial industry

Are we really looking to the very fuckers who ripped us off to SAVE us?

McCain Derides Obama Racism

Largest Terror Attack In Pakistan History Pakistan's 9/11

Barry McCain

Joe Biden at Castlewood, VA and we were there! *Pic Heavy!*

Ap misrepresents Stanford results to imply Dems are the ones who are racist

With women behind Obama 110% now we're 'divided' by white dems who won't vote black - ugh!!!

AP: Ron Fournier - don't bother worrying about the 'bad news' if he wrote it

Palin's "bold transparency proposal" already exists in D.C.; and guess who sponsored the bill?

Bailout terms are horrifying. I hope Obama speaks out.

I'm getting the sensation that the Palin pick is all about 2012, not 2008.

The Photo Every Republican Wants Us to Forget

The Obama Express has left the station!

Why McCain = Bush WON'T WORK

You do know the Federal Reserve Banks help cause this crisis?

Bragging about my daughter. Again!

Greenwald: 'If there is any "pitchfork moment", ... it would be this.'

Michigan? We're going to lose MICHIGAN?

The Obama camp launches a CD soundtrack

Naomi ("Shock Doctrine") Klein is right... this is about a massive transfer of wealth to Ultra Rich

Oh Crap. Was I Just Bamboozled?

It is hard to be a Southerner.

McCain campaign begs for easy debate format for Palin


Why we took over AIG...$441 billion in CDS on mortgage related securities.

My week in Florida....a very enlightening trip indeed.

Obama absolutely destroyed McCain on CNN just now

Any word on how Palin is handling all of the negative press?

Cigarette dangling from her lips, glass of whatever with ice clinking in hand, whiskey voice

DU this poll! (My hometown newspaper)

Boycott Anheuser Busch Beers until Cindy's Husband quits lying

New Al Qaeda Tape Surfaces Despite US Efforts to Block It

Holy Shit! Has anyone heard that Haliburton is being sued for SLAVE trafficking?

McCain & Palin: the GIFS that just keep on giving

"The new soul of the Democratic Party wears a pinstripe suit ".

Fury at $2.5bn Lehman bonus

Is this the gaffe of the campaign? McCain: I'll do to healthcare what we did to banking

another freeped poll ...Who do you trust to fix this eonomic mess?

'The No Banker Left Behind Act'

permit that will almost triple the amount of oil and gas discharges each year into inlet waters

‘Alaska Women Reject Palin’ Rally is HUGE!

would America be more liberal if slavery never happened?

We need a comprehensive list of demands for what we get in return for Wall St. bailouts: add yours

For the first time, this North Carolinian now believes that NC is truly in play

Why you can trust Democrats in a fight

Help! Obama Treason Smear

Palin: What are we supposed to see in her?

poll being freeped! HELP!

Local religion editor starts argument with Talk2Action blog about Palin's religion.

Wanna see a great example of journalistic bullshit from CNN?

are you working on Nov. 5?


*** DUzy Awards for week ending September 19, 2008 ***

This is why the left is marginalized on television: Noam Chomsky on "concision" in us media

Did C-Span cut the feed

Obama On Need For Financial Regulation BACK IN MARCH 2008!

7000 FREAKING DOLLARS A YEAR ????////?????

Allow me to pull a Rachel Maddow…somebody talk me down…

Former Palin colleague says VP candidate is only interested in helping herself, cronies

Former Palin colleague says VP candidate is only interested in helping herself, cronies

If Obama & the Dems do not DICTATE the terms of this bailout -

Planned Parenthood flooded with donations in Sarah Palin's name!

My prediction: McCain is going to f*ck up, and f*ck up BIG in the first debate

So my crazy Hillary supporter neighbor who is voting for McCain put signs in her yard

"I Don't Know If I Can Vote For Obama--I Don't Know If He Has Enough Experience"

"Oil & Coal, Of Course, It's A Fungible Commodity & They Don't Flag The Molecules

Obama in Daytona: "Here in America, our destiny is not written for us, but by us."

Obama in Daytona: "Here in America, our destiny is not written for us, but by us."

Explaining White Privilege (Or, Your Defense Mechanism is Showing)

Michelle Obama on Paula Deen's "Food Party"

Ain't No Stopping Us Now!

****What WE must DO to Prepare for the Debates! Staying One Step Ahead!******

Before You Stage the Fascist Coup, First You Have to Wreck the Economy…

My last name is Stafazool.

This song guides me through this life (Warning: VERY cathartic and emotionally powerful)

One of the best scene's ever

All these things make me sad

AWESOME JOB KEITH!!!! $3,700 to Alaska speical Olympics

Have you guys seen this Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator?

Primate1, guess what I'm missing......

I love candy corn!

Paul bought us a WII unit and got the WII Fit program...

I'm having a NUDE-OUT tonight.

PB and Milk Chan are having their first interaction session

I'm tired of being elshiva's crock puppet

I never thought I would be happy about this...but,

I'm tired of being temeah's cock puppet.

I'm thinking of starting a business; need your input!

I'm tired of being elshiva's lock puppet.

Sod the baby name generator. How about some anagrams?

Who is going to play the role of Osama bin Laden when Bush stages his capture?

People who deserve to be crushed by a forty ton block of Velveeta cheese:

Yay, it's another international day at my place

DuStrange pays far too much attention to temeah's handle

What the hell happened to the old lounge?

I'm going to email Parche, but I need a good hotel in Little Italy NYC...

How many temeahs does it take to screw the Lounge?

"Just say no to carbon dating"

WTF ??

DU newbie experiences his first locked OP, while veteran poster laughs at him.

Now I know why Milk Chan was a stray cat...

Anybody here play Yahoo spades?

Wow! I played a great new game tonight!!!!

What tv shows do you like to watch with your kids?

Is it just me, or is temeah TOTALLY screwing up the Lounge

CAMPAIGN 2008: The Movie (you cast the actors)

Sitting here in Limbo

I just drank a fifth of whiskey, on top of smoking all day.

Grateful Dead Rehearse "Whiskey in the Jar"

oh.shit.Craig's cat did acid tonight.

Is It Just Me Or Is Crim son messing up the lounge for temeah?

Jus' wanna do somethin' special for all the ladies of the world...

Ms. Palin, what makes you think that you are qualified to be vice President when...

self-delete - dup.


I'm in Wisconsin, where the law says you have to go to a Fish Fry on Friday night.

Eyes of The World...and goodnight


Top 10 Pirate Pick-up Lines on "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

Could it be your the one?

I have a deep fear when Obama wins this election.

D.U. Warnings:

Big log

A nice relaxing song about murder

Lightening crashes.......

Talk talk

You say that your leaving,well that comes as no surprise.........

Here is an interesting pic for you...

Kitten Picture of the day for Saturday September 20

The road is long......

Wouldn't it be good

Aly,walk with me..

Everlast - For what it's worth

Taking off for a week in the country, so won't be around as much as

My boss decided to tell me today

Should I cease my periodic music video blizzards?

OK: = this "no sex threads in the Lounge" rule is too complex for me to understand

So which hemisphere are you willing to negotiate with?

Help? When I click on a particular link Google gave me, nothing happens.

I'm going out to get some cannolis, what chu want?


A little known fact about McClown:

am looking for help on 3 huge mum plants my husband bought for me....

One more reason to leave Texas

My JRT is serenading me from the end of the bed...

I had never, until today, seen catse.

Any Macbook gurus out there?

Question for those with wood pellet stoves

How often do you drink from the toilet just for convenience?

The Honeycrisps are here!

I had never, until today, seen catsup

I could really use a hug, if you don't mind

I haz internetz

I got dem ole timey, low down, funky ole shaggin' blues...any body else?


Derek Dick, A.K.A. former Marillion frontman Fish, or Abe Vigoda, Barney Miller's Sgt. Phil Fish

Swede Rocks!

I have a minor neck injury from my getting too excited about recent KOS polls....

I've been thinking about this Cougar crap . . .

Okay - for everyone in the East Bay ...... lookout .......

Vibes needed for Mrs. BlueDog

Nightmares last night.

I just received a letter!

Just saw the Dixie Chicks do this on VH1. I still get choked up seeing them do this

i have only one word for how i feel right now

You know what's creepy? Reading the Myspace of someone who was just in a plane crash...

Uh oh, Chuggo has some competition!

tOSU shouldn't be in the top 25, discuss

Blily Iodl - Eeys Wthiuot a Fcae




I told Congress 'Thanks but no thanks' for the Bridge to Nowhere.

Visiting Guests - where do they sleep?



Kittehs Unleashed!

If I hear one more time . . .

Blob fish

Nazis run out of Cologne

Talking like a pirate on Friday = Sore throat Saturday

Shifting Gears

In honor of my 666th post...... Friend of the Devil!!

Black Lotus

Got some things to talk about, here beside the risin' tide...

Black Market

Lebanese Blonde

Handsworth Revolution

Miss Modular

Anyone here practice natural resources or environmental law?


Why do I always get a zit on the days I actually have somewhere to go?

Why Can't We Live Together



Nazis run out of Cologne.

Battered Galveston ready to rebuild after Ike

Thank you for my star, "anonymous."

Hey Lorien, I haz a Pippin Kitten!

Pins instead of medals on his coat

***ALERT*** Plague Riddled Zombies Eating Brains and Dogs in Galveston!

Joe Sixpack Beer Reviews: Shiner Bock

Waters of March

Teh evolution of Man and Woman

I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad.

Maher's "Religulous" - who can't wait?

I want you

Stroker Ace

Calling Lorien: Did you name Pippin's kitten yet?

Doing Time (Hip Hop versione) - YT

There's a House Party 4??? 4???

Is Ronald Reagan even deader now?

Southern girl

Hecks going on here?

A waltz for a night

Local Restaurant Creates McPalin Sandwich - rofl

I'm rich! I'm rich!

Nazis chased out of Cologne

For the Punctuation Princes/Princesses - "The poor, misunderstood semicolon" (A blog post) .

I just realized that one of my favourite bands is from the same town as Sarah Palin

My Dear Du Lounge

I'd like to see Bush try to buy off the impending Zombie Holocaust w/taxpayer funds

Are guitar solos BETTER or WORSE with GUITAR FACE?

Lakeview Terrace

cast your movie version of Election 2008

Hmmmmm, Tasty Bichon!

Ah, fuck it. I'm going to start getting stoned early today. Why wait?

You know what this place needs? More Sonics!

How to Turn a Page

All you need is love

More stupid movie cliches

I dont want safari...I dont need safari

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

i feel kind of guilty for loving this, but i do

I am disgusted

I feel *much* better now!

If you could bring back one celebrity from the dead who would it be?

I got a postcard in the mail today, a postcard I can send in to receive an absentee ballot.

Hershey's has replaced Cocoa Butter with vegetable oil

Computational Linguistics

I have the bestest baby sister.

What do you do about nosy neighbors?

Wow. The toys people sell...

Photos of my 57 CHEVY after 12 years in storage

(for the over-60 crowd) BARNABY JONES LIVES!!!

So I asked my cat what he thought of the McShame/Palinocchio ticket

I would like to rant about something... very quickly...

burn after reading

(for the over-40 crowd) BARRABAS LIVES

okay, I know I asked for hugs last night....

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 9/20/2008)

What do you do about noisy neighbors?

Help us brainstorm - what food should we bring for tailgaiting tomorrow?

I nominate CaliforniaPeggy to be DU's resident poet.

Today's College Football Thread

Today's College Football Thread

damn heroin

Name a celeb that you wouldn't want in your house

Uff da! My neighbor called last night: he wants help moving a piano into his house!

You Didn't Hear This From Me...

Typical Friday Night in Asheville.(PIC HEAVY)

DOG OWNERS: Do you take your dogs to "dog parks"?

She lives in my lap

OMG, I am close to achieving the Palin Look!!!!

This thread will erase your memory of "Thanks, but no thanks"

do your eyes change colors?

What is the piece of architecture in your city that causes visitors to say....

Rice pudding or tapioca?

Anyone else watching FARM AID today?

Is it possible to be happy and not know it?

HS Football! My son got his first interception of the season tonight! (pics)

My newest poem...Freedom

The official commuter thread. How far is yours?

****Official Talk Like California Peggy Day****

Jeebus! Reading GD is scaring me half to death!

If your ex wrote to you on facebook and wanted to reminisce about your times together

Heavily deserved mockery of the Twilight series.

My cat's diabetic.

Judge orders Cheney to preserve records

Racial views steer some away from Obama

Favorite/best vodka?

Hadron Collider forced to halt

Rachel Maddow hilariously summarizes McCain's terrible horrible very bad week

Palid is Bush in DRAG! Naomi Klein

Obama ad hammers McCain on Social Security privatization scheme

Obama ad hammers McCain on Social Security privatization scheme

Obama Slams McCain on the Markets, Privatizing Social Security

Bush renewing push for Colombian free-trade deal

scene from Commander & Chief (an unqualified woman becomes president on the death of the president)

Shall We Gather at the River MOVIE TRAILER

McCain's Lobby

KS Gov. Kathleen Sebelius introduces Barack Obama

New Rules - 9/19/08

McCain confuses SEC with FEC

AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano introduced Barack Obama

Sonic boom during event for those affected by Ike

Barack Obama: Women for Change

Sarah Palin's Pastor Problems! = HUNTING WITCHES

Karzai Agrees To Meet With Palin

What Would You Do?

Palin's Witch Hunting Pastor - Countdown

Karzai Agrees To Meet With Palin

BOLIVIA: Evo Morales strengthened by Latin American leaders

‘Americans out to get our oil’: Brazil frets as US revives Fourth Fleet

Barack Obama speaks to Women about the Economic Crisis

Lipstick Dubya

Thank god for the renegades, and the lives they lead

Countdown: Keith's Payment to Palin Lies Charity Fund

Countdown: Socialized Loss, Privatized Profit

Flightless Bird, American Mouth

Homelessness Among Polar Bears on the Rise

REAL McCAIN: Big Oil Fuels The Straight Talk Express

Pakistan army protected Osama bin Laden and Taliban

TYT: John McCain Plays the Race Card in Ad

Meet Phil Gramm

Countdown: Worst Person Sept. 19, 2008

the truth about JOHN McCAIN; a traitor, racist, liar

Bolivia leader names admiral to replace governor

Jonathan Alter w/ Rachel Maddow declares 'we're all socialists now'

Thousands of people are being turned away.

Bolivia leader names admiral to replace governor

Rachel Maddow discusses the financial meltdown w/ Paul Krugman

Ex-prosecutor facing DUI (yet another repug)

Registering Voters in Michigan

Rachel Maddow: Sarah Palin is Dick Cheney Redux

Paul Krugman On Real Time

Senator Dodd: We are moments away from a global economic meltdown

New Rules 09-19-08 Bill Maher

McCain's Worst Week Ever 9-19-08

Sarah Palin Reaction to SNL Skit & Says Verbage Attacks Unfair

If you use it, Tim Walberg will tax it (MI-07)

Ohio Jobless Rate Jumps To 7.4 Percent In August

Congressional Leaders Stunned by Warnings

Rescue plan seeks $700B to buy bad mortgages

Text of Draft Proposal for Bailout Plan

Debate Pact Lets McCain and Obama Spar

Debate Pact Lets McCain and Obama Spar

Obama looks to regain momentum in debate series

‘Caging’ letter: Are Republicans trying to disqualify Collier, Lee Democrats?

U.S. regulators close W. Va bank; 12th to fail

Do Not Watch This Video

Russia Rejects New Measures Against Iran

Obama campaign cries foul after Republicans block Iran divestment bill

Obama on women and economy in Daytona Beach

45K people given OK to return to Galveston, Texas

45K people given OK to return to Galveston, Texas

45K people given OK to return to Galveston, Texas

Thank John McCain

Widespread racial bias among whites could tip election, poll finds

Widespread racial bias among whites could tip election, poll finds

SAfrica's ruling party ousts President Mbeki

Judge orders Cheney to preserve records

OMG Palin to get "International Experience"

Radical bailout plan has a jawdropping price tag

O'Reilly Hacked for Comments about Palin Hack

Thousands join anti-war protest


Muslim workers (150 union members) fired from JBS Swift plant; Cubans to replace

Suicide blast hits Pakistani troops

McCain’s camp tests fundraising limits

Obama: Economic fix should also help Main Street (radio address)

At Least 40 Are Killed in Blast at Pakistan Hotel

New Al Qaeda Tape Surfaces Despite US Efforts to Block It

New Al Qaeda Tape Surfaces Despite US Efforts to Block It

Car bomb kills 3, wounds 23 in N.Iraq-police

U.S. to propose $500-$800 billion asset-buy plan: sources

Pakistan's Zardari to give up powers

Live Earth show to help light homes with solar energy

Radical Hindu leader held for anti-Christian attacks

Belarus tells West: recognize vote, or no talks

Judge approves $1.3bn Lehman deal

Arizona media outlets get little help from McCain-Palin campaign

Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama; Could cost him White House in close election

Window into the past

Window into the past

Detroit welcomes a new mayor, a new era

Charges Against Journalists at RNC Dropped; Questions Remain (Amy Goodman)

Radical Bailout Plan Has a Jawdropping Price Tag

US Raid Kills 7; Iraqis Say They Were Civilians

Potter author in £1m Labour gift

Potter author in £1m Labour gift

Potter author in £1m Labour gift

Pentagon shifts brass at Guantánamo war court

Boycott Anheuser Busch Beers until Cindy's Husband quits lying

New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims

Exclusive: New Doubts over Palin's Troopergate Claims

McCain to Minn.: `Country first or Obama first'

Obama's Dem response to Bush's radio address

4 killed, 2 hurt as rock star's jet crashes

Promo video of Michelle Obama on Paula Deen's "Food Party"

Sen. Joe Biden today at Castlewood, VA

The Week In Cartoons 09/20

Rights monitor blasts Venezuela govt for expulsion

Naomi Klein gets a chance to explain Disaster Capitalism on Real Time

Palin's Nonsensical Answer On Domestic Energy

Joe Biden at Women's Rally for Change, Sterling, VA

Virgil Goode: 9/11 Pay to Play Fundraiser

Ari Melber: McCain knows the economy as Palin knows the Bush Doctrine

TYT: Another Bush Brain Fart

A Palin McCain Administration?

Chambers County Gets Pounded by Ike (gearing up to search for bodies, cadaver dog will be searching)

TYT: What is White Privilege? (Great Perspective)

Japanese Whaling - industrial strength killing

Exclusive: New Doubts Over Palin's Troopergate Claims

Billions for Wall Street bailout will handcuff next president, analysts say

MSNBC BREAKING: Large explosion at hotel in Pakistan capital

max keiser on PressTV; "Hank Paulson has become like Colonel Kurtz, he's gone insane."

US Interrogator: You Have Three Minutes To Live

'Keith Olbermann' special comment on Subway

McCain Confuses National Guard with Army

Voter Suppression Wiki - Introduction

Countdown Palin's Pastor's Witch Hunt

Sarah Palin has her own crazy pastor (ala Rev. Wright)

Russia Toasts Breakaway Regions! gnooze 09-17-08

Rangel calls Palin “disabled”

Rachel Maddow stumbles upon Chris Matthews' McCain worship

Mobile phone use 'raises children's risk of brain cancer fivefold'

One thought pushes fence-sitters to the left: Palin

SNL Like!!!: McCain I Am 100


Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: Moguls Steal Home While Companies Strike Out

No time for a minimalist by David Sirota

"Obsession" Stars Have Lectured at U.S. Military Colleges; U.S. Navy Uses Film

Teed Rockwell: Rational “Pandering”

John Dean: Cheney Sent Us to War on False Pretenses and Violated the Separation of Powers

George Gerber: Albert Einstein vs. McCain/Palin

Peter Michaelson: The Meaning of Sarah Palin

Honduras: A New Dawn in Central America

EDITORIAL: Bailout Main Street

Economic Meltdown: John McCain and the "Old Boy's Network"

Withdraw all troops from Afghanistan and Iraq! A socialist answer to war and militarism

Wildlife Group Ad : Palin Supports Aerial Slaughter of Animals

Is it me, or does McLame have 3 hands in this WaPo picture?

This from a well-known Harvard Business School professor

This burns me up - "The Well-Heeled Find a Surprisingly Good Fit at Goodwill" (WaPo)

Palin Declares 'Missionary Position Reversed'

Excerpt from Molly Ivins' forthcoming "The Bill of Wrongs"

Army releases doctored photos of dead soldiers

Tax the Speculators: A Fair Plan to Pay for Economic Recovery

Wall Street crisis is culmination of 28 years of deregulation

Is This What They Mean by 'The New Marxism'?

Obama a "socialist" wants to do away with "all property rights, inheritance, patriotism, religion.."

McCain "Run healthcare like financial markets! (Krugman)..

Blow (NYT): Lipstick Bungle

Ike's devastation reaches as far as Kentucky, Ohio

AlterNet: Palin's Self-Reliant Image of Alaska Is Bogus

Kopp hiring proved Palin's fundamentalist street cred

Last Jews of Calcutta have one last guardian

Seattle Times Endorses Obama

Friday Talking Points (48) -- Throwing Out The Rulebook

Chicken Little Was Right by Stephen Pizzo

Evo Morales Accuses Right-Wing Governors of Trying to Stage Violent Coup:30 Dead, Many Still Missing

Former Secretaries of State to next President: Get over it. Get real. Be smart. (CNN)

Deregulation: A Short History

Palin Woefully Underqualified

Citizen! Aren't you glad that in this time of economic turmoil...

NYT, Keith Olbermann: Echoes in the Bronx; Where Have You Gone, Steve Souchock?

Obama boasts star quality as Paltrow leads the expat club

Have Republicans Vanished? Ask a Republican!

NYT editorial: Hard Truths About the Bailout

Free Market Ideology is Far from Finished by Naomi Klein

Denial is Not An Economic Recovery Plan

The McCain of the Week (Gail Collins, NY Times)

The Truth Suffers in Human Rights Watch Report on Venezuela

7 Days: Sherrod Brown on the "September Surprise" and Hans Christian Anderson

Nothing funny about Obama losing, funnyman Woody Allen says

Livni's victory is a big crack in the glass ceiling

'Free enterprise for the poor, socialism for the rich': Vidal's claim gains leverage

"First Toxic Bank"; BBC Business Editor on the bailout

The Barack Obama Crowd Song

His name is Geoff Rips. And, by god, he does!

Deregulation is a Nazi Policy, as I've Reported for Years ...

KABOOM! ABC blows the lid off Troopergate!

Undocumented workers fear asking for help after Ike

Once pro-Obama, but now swoon for McPalin? Who the hell are you? (Mark Morford)

Analysts point not to greed, but to social activist politics for U.S. mortgage meltdown

Chip Berlet: "Chairman Lieberman's 'War on Terror'" (Right Web 9-17-2008)

Van Hollen attorney met with GOP officials before election suit

Worried About Marriage in California

Transgendered Woman Wins Sex Discrimination Case

Obama: Go slower on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Anyone here practice natural resources or environmental law?

Powerful Documentary: Shall We Gather at the River

Please bitch at the Weather Channel about this for me

Check out this gem from the L.A. Times.

USSC = United States Stove Company


AlterNet: Is Drinking from the Toilet Bowl the Best Way to Deal with Water Shortages?

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says Iran, Israel on 'collision course'

Actually, I meant to say....

The GOP Magic Economy Show - back by unpopular demand

The end of a gilded age

Oil market collapse waiting to happen

How are the Feds going to determine which securities to buy?

Bad Money

Progressive Conditions for a Bailout by Dean baker

Executive Branch runs Bailout Plan. Why not FTC, GAO or FDIC? Dems: Say no!

New definitions for troubled times

$0 To $1 Trillion In 4 days Flat

Need an explanation, concise on Financial bailouts?

Since When are "conservatives" Communists?


Today in labor history Sept 20 Sinclair was the author of the 1906 novel, The Jungle

Fix the Real Economy--Now

Your New Job------Video Please Rec this thread!

Union workers protest, ask McCain for one of his homes

Meat plants seem a breeding ground for culture clashes

Rights monitor blasts Venezuela govt for expulsion

Panama supports Bolivian President

Morales: Bolivia will strengthen ties to Russia

Chavez: U.S. takeovers dwarf my nationalizations

VEN Expels Two HRW Staff -- includes Jose Miguel Vivanco

Woohoo just bought Game 4 NLDS tix

Red Sox are about to lose in the 9th again (part two)...

Red Sox about to lose in the ninth again...

PP's for 9/20/08. Super Derby and Mass Cap

Okay, HERE'S a dream.....

Reaping what one sows, under the harvest moon.

Equinox 2008 message from Grandfather William Commanda

l really like Rescue Remedy pastilles.

Pleasant surprise when I went to the Doctor yesterday. Posted

Blue Ridge Parkway fix

Local Restaurant Creates McPalin Sandwich - rofl

Pinwheels for Peace!

My elitist ice cream scoop comes through again!

Halfa Neapolitan pie left...

Europe plans asteroid sample grab (BBC)

BBC News: Hadron Collider halted for months

An Atheist Meets God


Vatican Plans Conference to Study Evolution Theory

Sharia law now official in UK

God Only SEEMS Nonexistent!

Where did they get the coke?

Another report on Galveston........from Burnt Orange...1500 or more bodies

Could the BIG BANG MACHINE be responsible for weather patterns????

Obama For America Central Texas (Austin) Grand Opening Saturday, Sept 20th!

Research request: Who are Obama's campaign advisors?

Houston Humane Society still without power or water

Ike Fact or Fiction: Clearing the Hurricane Ike rumor debris

LIHOP in Northern Ireland (Omagh Bombing)?

McMore of the Same: Savoring the Hope and Excitement

US schools pay classroom informants (BBC)

Macbook will not start.

Problem with hotmail...

I have no sound "Audio device not installed"-it was a week ago...HELP!!!!

The U.S. financial bailout - NAFTA, GATT, etc

Al Gore and Al Franken October 4 joint appearance in Minneapolis. $50/ticket.

My request to Senator Klobuchar:

My email to Amy Klobuchar regarding the $700 billion.

Strib carrying water for McSame/Palin

Michelle Obama at West Allis HS on Monday!!

van hollen (A-Asshole) Says Conflict Of Interest Laws Don't Apply To Him

Woo Hoo ,, Going to Sheryl Crow tomorrow

All States Are Not Equal.