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Judge orders Cheney to preserve VP records.»

Franklin Graham had tied to Palin's selection??? WTF

Were prices really rising over twice as fast in 1979 and 1980 as now

Be an Illinois state legislator (for a minute or two)

Sarah Palin and the Rapture: With Her Finger On The Nuclear Button

What If Yesterdays Friggin Bailout/Robbery Is A Trap...

"Overcoming Ike" - Live Webcast from KHOU tonight 7-10 CST

"Overcoming Ike" - Live Webcast from KHOU tonight 7-10 CST

ACTION REQUIRED: Executive Power Grab

Photos of my 57 CHEVY after 12 years in storage

Gotta hand it to B*sh!

Tin foil hat question...

Obama/McCain Tax Plans Comparison Chart in Wash Post Misleading; Blogger Makes More Accurate

Say something that'll win you a DUzy

The race issue

Guess who is one of our experts?..... Barney Frank.........

Cut to the chase - it would be cheaper to guarantee every single DEFAULTED mortgage

Palin qualified to be VP? - Poll

CNN Now! Council on War..Albright, Kissinger, Baker, Christopher...War Horses Pontificate..

Time magazine's coverage of Hurricane Ike.

Me worried, two respected college economists predicted massive...

Let us not forget the Freeway Blogger...

Just being. How does that look to you?

President's Bush Report Card

McCain Camp: Loose debate format could leave Palin vulnerable as an inexperienced debater

test your analogy skills. Great Britain is to 1914 as

Hank Paulson’s Raid on the Treasury

Cheney Waits Until Last Minute Again To Buy Sept. 11 Gifts

McCain could get a break with the last unemployment report before the election.

Sec. 8. Review. (There can be NONE)

As President will you...

12th bank failure of the year announced: Regulators close down Ameribank Inc., a West Virginia-based

Krugman: No Deal

What's the name of the wacky right organization that has always freaked out about the one world gov?

Independent UK: Plunge in house prices outstrips the crisis of the 1990s

Does anyone else get really pissed off when they see Mort Zuckerman sitting on the left?

Big Day in Sports, DUer's. What was your great moment?

Democrats didn't challenge low lending standards because they liked "affordable" housing.

Collateralize the bailout with liens against the real estate holdings of the companies being bailed

the face of evil

Potentially more toxic than sub-prime: the £6.6bn of 'Alt-A' that spooked HBOS investors

Potentially more toxic than sub-prime: the £6.6bn of 'Alt-A' that spooked HBOS investors

If I ran my own movie theater...

Why is it illegal to encourage a run on banks, but it is perfectly

Self- delete

Hospital Flacks Spread Fake News

I don't whether to laugh, cry or hide-google following


Tony Orlando has been raided for child porn!

A melting pot is where those on the bottom get burned while the scum rises to the top.

WAIT A MIN....We Gonna save some companies w 750 BILLION and no one to HANG??'s Polling: Which Candidate Is Selling More (Paris Hilton Outsells McCain)

Elizabeth Dole trails by 5 points...

Has anyone in the country seen a broadcast news show tonight?

CNN truth squad on now.. seems to not like McCain much

Change we can believe in

"Now it's our turn." Great stump speech from Obama today -

Frank Rich: Truthiness Stages a Comeback

Battle to be won or lost in Bajaur

Battle to be won or lost in Bajaur

NY times: Lipstick Bungle

NY times: Lipstick Bungle

There's a psychological/emotional element that no one is discussing here

Been seeing a lot of new faces lately

Judge orders Cheney to preserve records

Franken helps craft McCain 'SNL' skit

Real Time With Bill Maher - Streaming Video

If Bush brow-beats or fear-bait's us into accepting his bail-rip-off, damand his resignation.

Thanks DU ...- HEY DU Admin - I got a request

Moose shooting Mama

How many presidents could have produced a resume quite like this one:

donate in Sarah Palin's name LOL!

I hate YouTube.

Who cares about Gay Marriage.... said the candidate

Saturday Night Live Is On In Case You Want To See The McCain Skit - Trashing The Sleazy McCain Ads

bragging about my husband

Has anyone talked to or heard from texanwitch?

US $1 trillion bailout is under threat from political skirmishes (The Independent)

Man Successfully Passes A $200 ''Bush Bill''

Repavers to pull plug on Calif. musical asphalt

Wouldn't the name "Creflo Dollar" be a clue as to where his heart REALLY lies?

Wouldn't the name "Creflo Dollar" be a clue as to where his heart REALLY lies?

Evangelist's Arkansas compound raided in child porn case

Army Alters Photographs, Issues Them To AP

Please describe your volunteering for Obama experience!

The guys in the background of this video...

NC-Sen: Dole Trails Hagan by 5 in New Poll

NBC had SNL's video re Palin removed on YouTube...

If the Democrats were serious about this bailout, they would repeal the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Pimping Populism for Post-Proletarians

We should euthanize "ugly" terriers in the US

Lorena Hickok reports on the Great Depression

Judge Orders Cheney To Preserve Records.

Excellent - "McCain Revealed: The Briefing Book"

It always boggles me when Republicans call for less government when running for government office

Gonna say goodbye to a grand lady tomorrow

Boston Globe: Iraq Moving Toward Biden's Controversial Vision

My better half said it tonight...

So let's say this bail out doesn't work....

Reading this post made me feel so sad for our young people.

Obama intro (DNC) [help]

So what do you do when someone comes into your house to rob you w/o a gun?

There should not be any bailout without simultaneous repeal of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Women: Sarah Palin is Your Bridge to Nowhere

Deathbed request?

Organizers of Iran rally threatened with loss of tax-exempt status if they invited Sarah Palin

At the very least, Democrats should insist that those people holding high

We're in a perpetual Katrina - just the way those who own Bush want it

Republican Majority Leader Richard Armey of Texas; just an anti-American librul.

There is $596 trillion in derivatives debt, over $2.5 trillion in credit card debt, and $58 trillion

Palin's stardom gives Ted Stevens a boost, despite his upcoming criminal trial

And Then the Rain Came

Is Pelosi walking the Democratic Party into another Rovian bitchslap?

Push the people far enough, steal and lie enough,

I hate to say I'm right when I'm right, but I was right and I want some credit

A question about the Stock Market.

What hope looks like.

Wall Street: CLINTON's Fault, says NYT Creature

Wall Street: CLINTON's Fault, says NYT Creature

Sept. 21 - UN International Day of Peace

Sunday TV news shows

I'm Thinking This Video Should Be On Greatest Page - Naomi Klein on Real Time

Some one is gonna break into your home and steal EVERYTHING

What big revelation got overshadowed by the GOP Crash '08?

The next politician (R or D) who utters the words

Delete damned dreaded double post!

Why not absorb ALL debts?

The world has a water shortage, not a food shortage

Todd Palin reminds me of Carlo Rizzi from the Godfather

CNN sucking Joe Osteen's ass.

New Debt Ceiling: $11.3 Trillion.... $$$11.3 TRILLION$$$ (Nearly double its 2001 level)

McCain - full house?

Republican Lobbyist Edwina Rogers Wraps Gifts in Money

Democrats challenge federal bailouts and blame Republicans

Whatever happened to that "This is a total game changer but I can't tell you yet."

Not against the bailout, but it should include something for the People as well

Not against the bailout, but it should include something for the People as well

Florida! Palm Beach County, What in the fuck is your problem?

I don't usually post in anger at a fellow DUer (Mr President we're living here in Allentown)

I'm John McSame and I approve this message - SNL

NY Times: Bubblenomics

Palin for President !

Could the Dems just say "NO" to the bailout and let the chips fall where they may?

NAOMI KLEIN: The Shock Doctrine Continues

C-Span Caller Perfectly Sums Up Political Factions In The US

Six years for piggybank raid

Compare Governor Pay Rates Per State

Paulson: What I do with the $700B cannot be questioned by courts or Congress or anyone.

Paulson on Meet the Press talking about the bailout

Are you for or against this bailout?

Choose One: National Healthcare OR $700 billion bailout for Wall St?

Kissing that civil servant paycheck goodbye.

Every one of our economic problems can be traced back to one cause

Saw an interesting documentary on the Cleveland PBS station last night, "Swing State Ohio"

The New Dollar

Paulson Resists Calls for Added Help(to Households!) in Bailout

Paulson resists calls for added help in bailout

If there is to be a bailout let them bail out the American people

The Biggest Hustle In Human History

The Gamut of Emotions...

In Alaska area, fear, not favor, greets offshore drilling talk

Paulson says foreign banks can use U.S. rescue plan

Circling-the-Drain report: The U.S. housing market

A funny thought for those of you familiar with southern history

Wall Street Is Licking Its Chops at the Bush Team's Multi-Hundred Billion Dollar Giveaway Plan

So the Marriott hotel in Islamabad did not collapse

So the Marriott hotel in Islamabad did not collapse

How to reason with a Republican on their party's economic record.

I tend to lean this way...

Paulson Plan May Spark Showdown Between Democrats, Republicans

This bailout isn't a cure, it is a tactic to implode the government when Dems are in power

We've been backed into a corner.

McCain on banking and health ( From Paul Krugman's Blog)

McCain's Blackberry.

so Congress is debating this clusterf*ck bailout bill - but my Senators aren't taking calls?

McCain's new motto

The selfishness of ALL VOTERS!!

Paulson is NOT making a good case on FTN

How can we stop this no-oversight, no accountability, no recourse international bailout?

Michael Moore's Modest Proposals

This is not a bailout. It is a Hand Out. Corporate Welfare at the People's Expense.

"Nonpartisan" Site Politico reports "nonpartisan" Fox News wants their reporter out of McCain ad...

Democracy, R.I.P.

Bush administration seeks 'dictatorial power unreviewable by the third branch of government

Kiss The Taxpayer's Money GoodBye

"The American people don't care who owns their financial institutions."

You DO realize that this "bailout" of the rich is

Happy last day of summer.

"Do we want to live in a system where profits are private, but losses are socialized?"

Mark Fiore on McCain & The Economy

Beware the Wall Street bailout - it's classic bitchslap politics!

Was The Pet Rock Our Turning Point?

Lehman administrator seeks $8bn

Florida's "No Match" Law: Not Really a Problem-ish

Deadly blast targets Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan

Deadly blast targets Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan

A New PPP North Carolina Poll Is Coming Out.

Did any DU'ers watch "Noron" O'Donnell's big VEEP Special with Sarah Palin?

What exactly is it...

Thomas McMillan...helps his mom casts her votes (cute PIC)

The first step to solving our financial crisis, is the resignation of Bush/Cheney.

Today in Freeper Ignorance Re: Bailouts . . . They believe that a "no document" loan means a loan

Caption the hunting from planes, war is a task from God, lives close to Russia so knows stuff woman.

How does the average Republican that I know feel about this bailout....

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

"Paulson's monster"

I say, Jail Paulson, Bernacke, Bushco & WS Fat Cats Until The Bailout Is Proven To Work

Foreign banks could qualify for U.S. mortgage bailout

Bush Administration: Give Us More Unreviewable Power; We Did So Well The Last Time We Asked

Any "fix" of the economic condition needs to be temporary

Any "fix" of the economic condition needs to be temporary

A salary that bought you 5 gallons of gas/hr. five years ago, now would get you 2

These Sunday talk shows are a fugging waste of time


What is the "SEC exemption which allowed brokerages to increase leverage to 60:1 from 12:1"?

The PNAC/BushCo has their financial Pearl Harbor now.

"Without religion the poor would have eaten the rich long ago"

New Poll(PPP): Obama & McCain tied in North Carolina, Barr gets 5%

Wall Street Journal: As Times Turn Tough, New York's Wealthy Economize

A View on 9/11 from Anchorage, Alaska

China and the 700 billion.

Politico: Democratic Friendly Or repuke friendly?

SNL Season 2008, So Far: Dreadful

Another fruedian slip? Take a look at this quote from rethug Peter King of Long Island!

Bushenomics + McPalin = Disaster for USA & World Economy - Please Read

It did this 50 year old white male heart good to see Obama today

Can you imagine if Bush and friends were working a regular middle class job....

Sarah Palin On My Toast! Winning bid: US $31.00

I propose a new game show: Are You Smarter Than Sarah Palin?

so what happens if after the bailout the market after a brief honeymoon begins to tank again? nt

FYI: Link to signs and posters at the Obama Store on the official campaign website

Well, we've got Woody Allen and Antonio Banderas on our side.

I'm putting every cent I own on the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow.

So: How Do We Take To The Streets?

Sanders Op-Ed: Billions for Bailouts! Who Pays? -- 09/19/2008 By Senator Bernie

Kevin Phillips' summary of why America is f**ked.....

Another transfer of wealth and power. Another stolen election, or..?

Circling in for the kill: Paulson resists aid for homeowners or capping executive compensation

Guardian UK: Financial power shifts to the east

Why Isn't The Fed Freezing the Assets of the WS Fat Cats Who Engineered This Debacle?

If we are going to spend $700 billion

Palin is setting the women's movement back!

*-*-*-* HILARIOUS song about Palin! *-*-*-*

Poll: McCain has slight lead in Ohio over Obama

Lipstick Maverick, sung to the Johnny Cash song "I've Been Everywhere."

"Bring out your debt, bring out your debt..."

Mr President we're living here in Allentown part II (and an I'm sorry)

Mr President we're living here in Allentown part II (and an I'm sorry)

FRANK RICH-McCain/Palin Using Same Tactics To Win Election As Bushco Used To Sell War

FRANK RICH-McCain/Palin Using Same Tactics To Win Election As Bushco Used To Sell War

Social Security - McCain Proposes Another 9/11 Style Commission!

Did anyone see the exchange between Dodd, Boehner, and Snuffy on This Week?

Robert Fisk: "Why does the US think it can win in Afghanistan?"

I told you so. Told ya, told ya, told ya so.

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Eat The Rich

Politico: AP race poll looks off...

My prediction about Michelle Obama

Boehner: Treasury’s Bailout Package Should Only Help Wall Street, Not Main Street

Toronto Sun: U.S. orgy of debt

Paul Krugman on the bailout: No Deal

Obama August funds beat McCain

Obama August funds beat McCain

So, Bushco, Who Brought You Katrina, WMD's, Iraq Fiasco, Financial Meltdown Etc.

Debate Softball for Palin is Perfect

Anybody watching CNN, with the 5 ex Sec. of State

Hey....when did ads start showing up IN our posts? n/t

I am looking for volunteers who want to hold the sons of bitches so I can beat the crap out of them

Thanks (but no thanks) to Palin, $25mil gravel road leading to site of 'bridge to nowhere' completed

Reaction to my new Obama shirt at the Bisbee Blues Festival yesterday

Would anyone here be willing to "invest" your Social Security retirement into the stock market?

HRC's advice to the Media:

I'd like to suggest deluging the networks about the Reps' VP debate demands

Just in time for Halloween--how scare-able are the voters?

Todd Palin to sit next with his wife and hold her hand during the debates. NT

Research 2000 poll Obama 50 McCain 42

So it's kind of like the Special Olympics VP debates

** McCain's Week From Hell **

We actually do have fair trade with China

Heavy price controls would have prevented most of this mortgage mess.

TWO Florida Polls show McCain, Obama nearly tied

If Wall Street were a jewelry store - a subtler form of a smash and grab

``We want this to be clean, we want this to be quick,'' Paulson said.

Which is it? A Right? or a Privilege?

Welcome to the American kleptocracy.

NY times opinion piece about McCain's lying

Time for a little laugh.

Refresh your memory: Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1

No deal (Paul Krugman)

Everyone but the pols hate this plan

Any sense of a Democratic Party consensus yet? (re: bail-out)

New PPP NC Poll: Obama 46%, McCain 46%, Barr 5%

McPain and his LOCK on BS....That man got the prize for BSing. Palin comes in a close 2nd

Well, Spain is getting back at us.

From here on out I will forever refer to the GOP as republiCONS.

Three generations of my family are going to the Obama rally tomorrow.

What the GD hell is he talking about? On MTP, Steven Pearlstein of the WP..

Wash Post headline says it all

Poll: Presidential race in Michigan about even

the "Pakistani Taliban"

Fareed Zakaria is on - Barney Frank coming up

I have a nagging feeling that the "urgency" of this financial crisis is the election.

What is the assessment of this Email hacking deal?

USA TODAY: Gallup's latest: Obama back at 50%; McCain at 44%

No. Blank. Checks. For. Crooks.

First Bush lied us into war. Now he's lied us into Socialism.

The McCain campaign will look like Florida State's offense

How are we looking in South Carolina?

think of the election as a......bakery

Al Franken contributed to tonights SNL McCain skit :)

Was the Katrina response merely incompetence?

Cheney Is Told to Keep Official Records

AP's RON FOURNIER is unethical and a Racist Asshole!

Do you think we'll crack 60% turnout for this election?

URGENT! DU this PBS poll about Palin being qualified

Palin to meet Karzai in New York

Bill Moyers Journal: Moguls Steal Home While Companies Strike Out

`Oh, My God' Money-Market Flight

Truthiness Stages a Comeback, By Frank Rich (NYT)

OK my fellow conspiracy theorists (conspiracy realists), the oil

Let's not and say that we did

John McCain is the BIGGEST FRIGGIN COPYCAT in the entire world

A Visual Of Bush's Bailout

'Meet the Press' on in Central Time Zone. I started to watch

The one bright spot in this coup d'etat

Bush to urge Russian pullout from Georgia again

Is there a song that reminds you of Palin?

U.K.'s Brown Wants Lehman To Return Money to London Units

This Is Getting Out There... 'Treasury Seeks Asset-Buying Power Unchecked by Courts' - Bloomberg

words will break our hearts...

How is McLame going to continue to promise no tax increase???

Who is Fareed Zakaria interviewing? The Chinese Premiere or's fascinating

Did anyone catch MADtv tonight?

McCain v. Romney Debate - McCain Making The Entire Iraq War About The Surge

Man Successfully Uses Phony $200 Bill with Dubya's Pic

As usual Bush did not mention raising taxes to pay for the bailout.

Hey, eastern Virginians, CNBC is going to film in Williamsburg Sun. at noon

Government and Governor Perry Shield Hurricane Damage from Public

Seven Modest Proposals for President Barack Obama by Michael Moore (Video)

Can't put this in DU Video due to Youtube limits, but I wanted to show you this video - 12 min long

The rape and plunder of the American working class now goes into hyper drive mode.

Why would McCain agree to a free flowing debate?

A Pig Without Lipstick

A Pig Without Lipstick

Should we really bail out Wall Street to the tune of hundreds of billions?

One Man Protest

Anyone watching Feingold's Restoring the Rule of law hearings

Question re AIG employees. I'm clueless.

An Anonymous Lawmaker Diagrams the High Stakes Chicken in the House

Poll: Racial views steer some white Dems away from Obama

The Cost of the Bailout: $2,000 Per Person -

Finance Minister Merz in coma after collapse (you know it's bad out there when)

SNL opening skit skewers the McCain campaign....

FL POLL: McCreepy 47, Obama 45

McCain blinks. Palin not ready for Prime Time.

Anyone contacting their representative or the Obama campaign about this bailout?

New this fall on The Disney Channel.....Meet the Keatings!

As we scramble to reward failed CEOs at taxpayer expense, cadaver dogs sniff post-Ike Texas

As we scramble to reward failed CEOs at taxpayer expense, cadaver dogs sniff post-Ike Texas

I think our looming economic crises are merely the outward signs

Local restaurant creates Palin sandwich

NEWSWEEK-Risky Business: Palin’s Pipeline to Nowhere

Marine's death shows tragic results of PTSD

[Video] George Carlin on critical thinking, wage labor, politicians and their pockets, etc....

CNN: Paulson wants the bailout to be "clean and quick."

CNN: Paulson wants the bailout to be "clean and quick."

Cynthia Tucker: Sarah Palin's Method of Doing Business Is All Too Familiar

Ohio poll has McCain ahead.

Ohio poll has McCain ahead.

Why they are cancelling Palin events...

CARLYLE Group's "Distressed Investment Funds" are doing VERY WELL!!! Expanding, in fact...

So what happens if our credit rating goes poof?

"A New World Order"

Bush’s Legacy Of Squandering Taxpayer Money

We can use the crisis to open a LOT of discussions.

Foreign banks to get a hand out as well...

"Road to Nowhere" opens in Alaska.

Alaska town opens 'road to nowhere'

Frank Rich: Truthiness Stages a Comeback

Things that Putin Would Say To Miss Mooseburger

Okay, who here posted the freecycle link a couple of days ago....calling you out! ;-)

At Borders tonight... A table with political books....

At Borders tonight... A table with political books.... is full of shit, claims Obama's ad about "cutting benefits in half" is false

I fucking love Barney Frank! First fucking politician to speak honesty and

GOP worried shitless here in NC. Opening 14 offices and expect to add more

"Conservababes" offer a "prayer chain for Sarah"

Obama 50, McCain 44 among likely voters--But who's leading among those

Where Is Obama On All Of This? Why Aren't We Hearing From Him?

Asia Casts Nervous Eye On US Financial Turmoil - Boston Globe

AP: Obama August funds beat McCain (1 hr ago)

My fax to all of my Congress critters and the Senate Banking committee

Letter to my deegation, feel free t o use

Letter to my deegation, feel free t o use

An interesting look back at Electoral in 2004 on this day...

An interesting look back at Electoral in 2004 on this day...

Human Supremacy

Here we go again - more flooding for Puerto Rico and Haiti

So, let's see. After this huge bank bailout, what's left to steal? Oh, I got it! SOCIAL SECURITY!

Since Larry Sinclair reads Democratic Underground, I'll say it: Hey Larry, you're full of shit.

I know this question is being asked and debated everywhere...

Will a Crisis Create a Scandal? - NYT

So, do you like idea of Obama not campaigning this week to prepare for Friday's debate??

Florida Republics: You can just feel the excitement!

meanwhile in Houston ( I still have no power)

How much would national health care cost in this country?

Purging the Democratic Party of Republican Light

I'm going to Las Vegas...going to Las Vegas.

A better way to bail this out (Michael Hudson, Kucinich adviser)

If Barack can survive this........

Al Franken's Saturday Night Live Return: Franken Helped On SNL's McCain Skit (VIDEO)

A Stranger and I Just Persuaded the 7-Eleven Clerk to Vote for Obama

Sarah Palin Gives Hillary Clinton a Call - must view...

Is there somewhere to download the Sunday shows?

Sarah Palin: Un-Christian behavior? by Douglas Todd

5 former secretaries of state say the next president must not be another Bush

Throw your hands up take it to another level And you can never ever ever make a deal with the devil

How to ruin a good film...

Socialists of the world unite!

The Ill-Timed Trial of Senator Stevens of Alaska (starts tomorrow)

Hopefully, during the debates Obama will bring up the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000

Why not give the 700 b to home owners , and ask them

You know what this bailout reminds me of?

The Seattle Weekly Palin cover is sexist and awful and

The Seattle Weekly Palin cover is sexist and awful and

Link to SNL Opening If Don't Want to Wait Till 11:30

I believe Republicans and Conservatives owe us an apology

Gallup Daily: Obama hits the magic 50% mark... 50-44

Wow, the cabal surprised me

Guess Phil Gramm was right, we are a nation of whiners

Obama may win NC, demographic analysis, recent polling, and election history

Now that it seems that President Obama will own this mess in January,

Anyone else watching SNL?

If somebody can please tell me what Obama will be able to do about this, I will love them to death.

Alaskans angered that Palin is off-limits: queries go thru campaign, Her political capital is erodin

We've been taken to the cleaners -- Moyers program tell us how bad it is.

I was flipping through channels a few minutes ago and saw some gray haired dude take'n it to McSame!

$700 billion and counting, 'doesn't mean we will stop there'-- Henry Paulson

The Next "VP" of the USA!!!

"If a company is too big to fail, it is too big to exist." -Bernie Sanders 9/19/2008

Someone picks up the red phone at 3:00 a.m. and dials

Someone picks up the red phone at 3:00 a.m. and dials

Anyone watching the Biden special on Faux News?

So given the events of the past couple months -- Russia-Georgia, Wall Street, etc.

On a lighter note Obama has 100% of the wolf vote.

New Book Claims Palin Is Cheney In Drag (Satire!)

Can I Ask...

Lets go find where *bush put that 7 Trillion dollars Pres. Clinton left the USA in surplus.

Bill O'Reilly's Website Hacked For Comments About Palin Hack

Dumb question time - what is the alternative to bailing out these financial firms?

Sean Connery had some EXCELLENT advice for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi in "The Untouchables"...

Woman in S.D. attempted to perform abortion on herself!

How much money did the Tech Bubble Bust under Clinton cost American taxpayers?

My letter sent to both Senators and Congressman

is this true?

Foreign Banks Can Unload Bad Debt Too:

Obama is gonna win Missouri and let me tell you why: my ex opened my eyes last night

Finish this sentence

Finish this sentence

Should we be buying stocks right now?

We Have A Choice... Use it before its too late

"Mr. Obama's advisers have been studying in particular...

This is beautiful.

Alaskan Republican Senator disrupts flight

A *REAL* bailout plan

A PBS Palin Poll...HIT IT

funny Pallin gaffe, calling Cedar Rapids "Grand Rapids"

funny Pallin gaffe, calling Cedar Rapids "Grand Rapids"

The Bush proposal is basically a takeover by the Bush administation.

Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S. - November 1, 2004

Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S. - November 1, 2004

Bin Laden: Goal is to bankrupt U.S. - November 1, 2004

Will the "demon" social security save us again

did SNL have a political parody last night?

McCain response to the uproar: I was talking about ATMs

Another WaPo Editorial re the career wrecker druggie mcsame.

so, about that bailout: could paulson "deputize", say, HALLIBURTON?

Road to Nowhere Opens in Alaska

Road to Nowhere Opens in Alaska

Imagine fugging up the entire global economy with

Does anyone know how many times since Dumbya has squatted in the White House ...

DKos/R2000 9/21: Obama 49 (-1) McCain 42 (even)

The Week's Best Late-Night Political Jokes

CRITICAL: Stop Paulson and Congress from Privatizing Profits and Socializing Loss

The 9/11 of financial sector: Seriously, what the hell are we going to do about it?

Palin and the End Days

Is this really a road the RNC wants to go down?

Ground War: Obama And The Long March

Pelosi Statement on Bush Administration Proposal To Address Financial Crisis

Seething corruption and lawlessness...

Consider September 11, 2001. The best thing I've read on it.

UN Official Blames Food Crisis On Structural Adjustment Programme pushed by World Bank and IMF

What we should learn from the Wall Street fiasco is they will steal our money one way or another

Is the financial meltdown a grave and gathering danger? Really?

Alaskans angered that Palin is off-limits (LAT)

Palin's office tried to block Wootens Workman Comp. Benefits*****reTHUGlican family values?

Remember NSPD-51? Re: "Economic Catastrophic Emergencies" and Martial Law?

Dupe / Please delete

I wish bailing out the home buyers would work but it would only make things worse

I don't think many people understand what the last week symbolized financially....

NYT editorial: The Candidates and the Court; "Under McCain...a very different America."

So, I see the Devil Ray's made to the playoffs, wonder if that's going to get them their new park?

Another bailout at OUR expense - I can't take it anymore

To bail or not to bail, that is the question.

Do they think the American people won't notice a 5-finger-discount to the tune of $700B+?

RASMUSSEN (R) TRACKING POLL: Obama 48, McCreepy 47. No change.

A little black humor on our current situation.....

Tell Congess To Help Distressed Homeowners DIRECTLY, Instead Of Bailing Out Wall Street Profiteers

A friend of Henry Paulson can't lose money...

Legislate in haste, repent in blah, blah, blah. The "splurge" reminds me of the Patriot Act

NY TIMES: Obama Criticizes McCain on Social Security

Theocrats to Pray for McCain's Death

jeezus h. christ. McCain senior econ advisor on C-Span pushing corporate tax cuts

jeezus h. christ. McCain senior econ advisor on C-Span pushing corporate tax cuts

DU this poll

Hydrocarbons - the formula of war

Obama's tax plan favors most workers

Six children in custody after evangelist's compound raided (too crazy for words!)

The Push to ‘Otherize’ Obama

Markets were 500 Trades away from a Meltdown

The Great Depression: Debt ...

Don't forget Obama and McCain on 60 minutes tonight

Could CELL PHONE voting photos keep the neocons from stealing 2008?!??!?!?

Most emailed NYT op-ed so far today: "Lipstick Bungle"

Obama cool and confident..Just what the country needs

Wait. Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch

Blatant stupidity regarding Sarah Palin

My 11 year old daughter's friend

McCain refuses to rule out appointing Phil "Nation of Whiners" Gramm as Treasury secretary

Where, oh where, are the orthodox economists now?

checking out the opposition, and

Palin May Also Have A Pipeline To Nowhere

My Letter To Barney Frank - Demand Relief For The Rest Of Us

I'm no economist but

Anyone think the financial crisis is our October Surprise?

Anyone know what Obama's current campagin budget is?

TOON: Must-See Sunday's Doonesbury - "The Origin Of Toxic Attack Politics"

$3 Million a Day

Crooks & Liars VIDEO: This Week: Paulson Justifies Bailout To Foreign Companies

More Americans, 66%, Think Obama, Not McCain, Shares Their Values

Want to resolve the national economic crisis in one year?

New Obama Ad: Lambastes Bush-McLame for Social Security Privatization Scheme (VIDEO)

Poll shows McCain ahead in Ohio, 48-42

does anyone have blueprints for a guillotine?

A Financial 9-11?

Detroit Area DUers.. Obama was on Flashpoint this morning

SOME OF IT LOOKS GOOD TO ME!! Wash Post reports Biden=Pain debate parameter

DU this imporatant poll: "Is Palin qualified?"

Under the Bush administration, we're witnessing radical free-market capitalism.

Four Top Progressive U.S. Economics Analysts Recommend Measures for the Current Crisis

A third of electorate could vote before Nov. 4


I saw my first "Palin for VIce President:" sticker on a car yesterday.

Paulson want quck action for money for his buddies - how about this plan

Who Are We?

WTF!!? Did the new AP poll ask blacks whether they thought whites were 'lazy' or 'violent'?

What would your bail out include?

When Faced with the Choice Between Money and Country, What will they Choose?

So Rummy made Condi cry?

i wrote MSNBC, i'm getting so fed-up with news coverage

I can't believe it's not fascism

Bricka bracka firecracker sis boom bah! Stock Market, Stock Market FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!

The Mother Of All Frauds

The pic of the Obama symbol in the football crowd...can you help me find it?

I know it's not nice to make fun of someone's name, but, I just heard

Bin Laden's plan has worked perfectly...and it didn't really have to.

EPA Scientists Want Bush to Stop Messing Around with their Data - Bush History, 9/21

Who are the two active military men from the US Embassy in Pakistan who were

I remember when we bailed out Chrysler, and Lee Iacocca paid it back.

Palin pushes pushes fence-sitters to the left

George sure got this one right, didn't he?

THE FIELD: Disproves The AP/Fournier Race Crap & Shows How Their Poll Data Forecasts Obama Victory

The more I see and read the more I am beginning to think the bailout is a bad idea.

GOP response to racist remarks

Every one seems to be overlooking this

You are being mugged because some believe you are dumb. Do something.

Meltdown Fix: give everyone in the US $5K and require it to be held in a bank for 2 years.

Just Had A Thought . . . What If repukes Defected En Masse

Does anybody know how Al Franken is doing in MN?

Is McCain suffering from Alzheimers?

Call or at least E mail your Congressman and both your Senators

I wasn't going to mention this... I met a proclaimed puma.

Really Need the Bailout?

Really Need the Bailout?

You know, guys, I'm really concerned about ....

FBI serves search warrent in Palin email access case

My email to my Republican Senator against the $700 billion corporate welfare.

Please let's give some credit to Naomi Klein

Did I just hear Barbara Walters expressing her disappointment

Behind the Scenes, Teams for Both Candidates Plan for a Presidential Transition

Use of word "Armageddon" in regards to financial crisis

Viewing the Constitution from the Right

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act

Get your mind off all the bull shit.

just watched the Bee Movie...brings up many issues. Coorporate Greed, Enron, Haliburton


My local news just now....aarrrgghh!

Palin pushes Florida undecideds..... towards Obama!

Kevin happy face Hassett, McC's economic adviser was on TV

DU this Palin poll

DU this poll: Which candidate's tax plan would benefit you most?

US financial markets are very similar to Chinese dairy producers who put melamine in infant formula

So where does the Democratic leadership stand on Grand Theft BushCo?

Let the world burn

Paulson's Bank Rescue Seeks `Absolute Control' Over Purchases of Bad Debt

Iowa poll: Obama 53- McCain 39!

LA Times On Obama - Lies When Covering Him Today Re Social Security

Just an observation of the obvious: this is all they got: lies, and blocked investigations

McCain's Age, Melanoma, Mental Lapses...and Palin -- Demand an MRI Before November!!!

Excellent Analysis of Racial Arsonist and Unethical Journalist Ron Fournier's

Travis judge tells woman to stop having kids

Where does Dennis Kucinich stand on this Financial Mess?

Is mccain's buddy phil gramm right, are we just a nation of poor loser whiners?

another lying, cheating, unethical repook politician. color me surprised.

Which of these states do you think we have the greatest chance at winning?

Kopp hiring proved Palin's fundamentalist street cred (important)

Corporations can profit from bad investments with the Bush plan.

Why not a stopgap solution for 6 months?

IMHO: There is (((NOTHING))) more important than this. In fact, I may be sick over this:

Fears of dollar being hit by Washington’s $700bn bailout plan

There is something I have wanted to say for quite some time now.

Odd...FreeRepublic is unconcerned about this $700BB government bailout.

How come my thingy with my Mac & DU doesn't work?

Another FL POLL shows dead heat (46/45). Obama on the rise.

Naomi Klein: Financial crisis part of Bush 'shock doctrine'

Please Stop Saying This Economic Crisis is a "Screw-Up"

What is a P.O.W. year? McCain is effectively 83

If we buy them/bail them out, don't we "own" them?

I am a radical elitist.

This is weird... I actually agree more with George Will on This Week

Lobbyists: "Don't load the legislation with regulatory measures the industry has long opposed."

Anyone having trouble finding gas in metro Atlanta

McCain's campaign clamps tough restrictions on Palin-Biden debate

The Principles of Political Consulting and the Genius of John McCain--

Is it Fascism yet?

Iraq moving toward Biden's controversial vision-Power being decentralized on its own

Dollar Falls on Speculation U.S. Bailout May Boost Government Debt Sales

Trickle Down Misery

I'm a hard socialist, but I'll run for student government on a libertarian platform this year...

McC's staff is running the Gov.'s office in Alaska - ain't that cute

Presidential debates: Left's counter-argument on the Georgia situation

The GOP and McLost/Phaled will lose their asses due to loss of TRUST

More interesting National Enquirer news ABOUT SARAH PALIN'S Druggy, Drunken Family

120 Days until 1/20/09

Election? What election?

What we need is another tax cut for the rich along with the blank check.

[Rant] How the fu*k can the election be where it is and how can there be any "undecided"??

Anybody see Austan Goolsbee, Obama's economic advisor, just now on CNN? He was very impressive.

Palin and the Good Old Boys: Say What?

Troopergate All About Getting Even, Not Justice

What In The Hell Just Happened?

NY Times: "Lipstick Bungle."

When the hell is Pfotenhauer going to be "disappeared"?

When the hell is Pfotenhauer going to be "disappeared"?

The Impeachment Trial of George W. Bush & Richard B. Cheney

The Eight-Year Bailout

Obama rally in Charlotte NC starting now: Live stream

So, these Wall Street firms and their people. Is this what Ward Churchill was talking about when...

Do you think we are stupid? About money also apparently ...

Gallup: O 49 M 45

Pay up the $700 billion or there'll be an ECONOMIC MUSHROOM CLOUD!

When you are parceling out blame for this economic mess...

What does the Freeper Right think of this bailout?

Sec. Paulson is trying to bum-rush Congress and swindle the American people!!

Why don't the Democrats draft their own bill and put it up for a vote

For those who still think Obama is just "playing nice," watch this:

Did anybody record the Biden specials last night on FOX or MSNBC?

Krugman: NO DEAL

McCain owns 13 cars!

Another weird story on sign theft/ vandalism. WHY????

What's The Taxpayers ROI For The Investment We're Making in Wall Street?

Interesting Freep responses to bailout.....

Friday Rant, Saturday Apology. Anyone Interested, Check In...

Did anybody hear Kevin Phillips on Bill Moyers this morning?

Why doesn't big business pitch in and help us out with this economic crisis?

The Bush family/crime syndicate - America's Borgias

Behind rebel tale is storied insider

I like this bailout better...

Damn, so many people are always fainting at Obama rallies.. what's up

McCain on 60 Minutes.

Remember, Osama bin Laden wanted to destroy our economy.

Cliff Schecter, author of "The Real McCain" busts McCain myths on CSPAN:

Disgusting. Is this all they have left?

Alabama GOP Threats Halt Historic Voter Registration Drive

SNL mocks McCain-Palin for second-straight week

Clarence Page: Palin's Troubling Trooper Gate

Conservatives have a terribly distorted picture of liberals

McLame Economic Surrogate: We Shouldn't Fire SEC Chair

So, WHAT DO WE DO to keep track of our vote?

My Response to Obama Waffles by the Racists at Focus on the Family Conference

Do I still have to pay my mortgage if my bank fails?

Caribou Barbie meeting with Afghan prez

Willie Brown gets it!!!! (I need a new keyboard)

my bailout proposal:

Link please -- racism

Just helped a couple of Obama GOTV people...

Miami Herald Poll: McCain's slight edge in Florida may hinge on economy

Sorry.mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

Let's Threaten to Federalize These Failed Financial Institutions and See Who Screams!


Beat the ideologues senseless with a bundle of mortgage-backed treasury notes

When are the charges of sexism going to fly over all the kid glove treatment Palin is demanding?

How many voters have you registered today? Yesterday? How many

Sowing the seeds for a surprise McCain win

Why Did We Cave On The Vice Presidential Debate Format?

Keith Olbermann on Bishop Muthee...

Obama on McLame: Now this “Great Deregulator” wants to turn his attention to health care.

I just talked to my brother. His power was just restored yesterday.

Mark Crispin Miller: Explosive Events Happening In King-Lincoln v. Blackwell Case in Ohio

Letter to my Congressman: RE: bailout - YOU should write one too!

Looking Presidential - The Obama & Kennedy Family Pics

Here's why I'm working to elect Barack Obama

Electoral map-- Obama 273, McCain't 265

Why we elected Sarah Palin, one Alaskan's perspective

NY Daily News-Brazilian beauty recalls hot Rio affair with young John McCain

OMG! I think I'm gonna be sick.

Palin e-mail hack details emerge

We need to set expectations for the VP debate so the MSM can prepare the public

One last chance for Troy Davis. He's scheduled to be executed.

Anyone have a link to SNL McCain skit from last night?

The Barack Obama Soundtrack! To put you in the Obama Winning Mood, Anywhere, Anytime!

TPM: Finance Industry lobbyists giving orders to reforms or protection for taxpayers.

"She cannot see Wall Street from her front porch." - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek

A nice young couple came in yesterday to get their two kitties

CBS Troopergate - Palin did authorize Monegan Washington trip - eliminates excuse for firing

Rand Proves What Thinking People Knew. Now To Get This To The MSM

---John MccCain is a blithering idiot----watch as he avoids commiting----

GA: Financial crisis big factor for local voters

What hope looks like.

Be prepared for the media on the VP debate

Anyone else completely infuriated?

We can only wonder what the McCain campaign would be saying if Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden

Part of the problem: older voters who have been a classic Dem bloc for decades

mods pls. delete... my bad...sorry..

Tom Tomorrow: Blast from the past My cartoon from the week of 9-28-98:

I was at the University of Kansas football game tonight and got my face painted.......

Steve Lopez looks for Russia in Nome, Alaska (funny article & vid)

Obama's Early-Voting Advantage

Why aren't we doing more to go after the rural vote?

Why aren't we doing more to go after the rural vote?

Finally seeing yard signs in Omaha

Freepers are positively giddy over the thought of another great depression!

Ground War: Obama And The Long March

I'm starting to think Obama will take Florida and lose Ohio by a slim margin.

Can we dream of winning Florida this time ?

Details Of Biden/Palin Debate Set

First they sold us a war...


What is wrong with Pennsylvania? It should not be this close for a traditional blue state

The demographic we all share, outside of being human'

A Bad Bank Rescue (Wash Post)

Urge Congress to Reject Bush-Paulson Plan. Soon-to-be POTUS Obama Provides the Leadership We Need.

I think David Shuster must've read my e-mail!!!

Check out this screenshot from a McCain event

Has anyone else seen this annoying sign/sticker? (a Palin thing.)

The reason for the credit orgy was because wages and salaries were not keeping up

The reason for the credit orgy was because wages and salaries were not keeping up

When Atheists Attack A noted provocateur rips Sarah Palin

Newsweek: "What They Got Away With" (photo gallery of CEOs and their mammoth Golden Parachutes)

Cease and Desist, You Old Fart. By Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart

Remember the lost (stolen) Billions in Iraq? Childs play in comparison


***HEADS UP*** Obama Rally in Charlotte, NC. LIVE NOW.

My Kahuna just returned from Nome...reporting Palin Approval Rate is 12.07 %

The LOSER belt

Are you willing to eat sawdust bread to see Wall Street burn?

Good question re: the future of McCain campaign managment tesm

Obama: Bailout is 'price tag, not a plan'

Obama calls bailout a 'blank check'

Diobalics-Sarah Palin's Vanishing Point.

Here's some Straight Talk: We have only made 2.5% from our safe Commercial Bank Money Market Fund..

PBS Poll: Is Palin qualified to be vice-president? (Currently, Yes=55%)

AK's Mudflats blog: Is Palin an Albatross?

All 3 cable news networks covering Palin's (same) speech. Will/do they do the same for Biden?

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Sept 21 – Obama 285, McCain 253 ... (Link)

Yes, there are deeply angry members of Congress:

Obama will say all the right things on the bail-out. McCain will flail around.

McCain Wins 13 To 1!!!

is Gwen Ifill going to moderate the VP Debate ?

Bailout Bill - Suggested Action and Wording

Who's the elitist again? Guess how many cars McCain has.

You know what I would pay a thousand dollars for?

(just for fun) If I were Biden I'd say to Palin...

(just for fun) If I were Biden I'd say to Palin...

Thousands in Charlotte watch Obama blast McCain

OMG. "KO" goes off on lunch.

About the "seniors as racists" thing: Think of this; the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Who Will mccane Replace p___n With?

You don't replace your VP candidate unless there's a huge uncontrollable

Why do people STILL not get that McCain always does best in polls on the weekends?

How much ya wanna bet me that McPecker has a woody right now?

Do the Cable networks ever cover Biden's speeches like Failin's

Bail out question on GD, please vote (link inside)

George Will: "John McCain showed his personality this week and it made some of us fearful."

My Letter to Sherrod Brown....

Attn: Chris Dodd..Please, didn't you say last week that you

I HUGELY disapprove of this ongoing 'bailout'

On top of being at the Obama line, a friend said she was going to...

Someone explain this to me!

Someone explain this to me!

Monday, 22 September: Barack Obama in Green Bay, WI; Michelle Obama in Madison and West Allis, WI

Republicans Allege McCain Covered Up His Collaboration with the North Vietnamese While a POW

Democrats own Wall Street.

OK.. I should already know this...

Great Photo: Obama holds a campaign rally in Charlotte, North Carolina

"N" word problem of Dems and no "W-dumb" problem or Reps

"Ann and Nancy" say Up Yours, McCain!

Palin to meet Afghanistan's Karzai

A PIG WITHOUT LIPSTICK.... (Bush admin's bailout proposal)

***BREAKING NEWS | DU iWitness Report!***

The Man Who Showed America that the Rich are a Danger to Democracy: Ferdinand Pecora

The Man Who Showed America that the Rich are a Danger to Democracy: Ferdinand Pecora

McCain = Deregulator

Fifty percent of evacuees--Ike--left without their pets.

Just sayin'...

Wow-"Fully Bipartisan-Mass Public Lynching" Right Before Our Eyes!!!

The Nation sees the bailout as a swindle.

Obama: 'We can’t steer ourselves out of this crisis by heading in the same, disastrous direction.'

Obama is the Messiah. He can levitate (photographic proof)

Robert Reich Rocks!

Some Small comforts during the Wall Street Madness......

"Bushie" says McCain needs to define Obama as uppity

The VP Choice that lost the Presidency for John McCain -- The Sequel

The VP Choice that lost the Presidency for John McCain -- The Sequel

Study this "quote" very carefully...

Why Does Sara Palin Hate Women?

Tax plans compared

Conference call Sunday: draft a coherent strategy to attack the bailout

Barack Obama's Father's Ultimate Decline Preceded by Act of Personal Courage

McCain Has 13 Cars, Obama Has 1

My daughter Sent Me This.... Drill, Drill, Drill

Dems seize on McCain's 13 cars -- UAW conference call on foreign cars, dishonesty (AUDIO)

A heartbreaking, thoughtful and hopeful Barack Obama (video!)

I WAS WRONG. The neocon-fascists aren't going to use a Iran crisis to take over the country.

Why in the world would anyone want to be President?

FACT CHECK: McLame lies about Obama voting 94 times for higher taxes

Geeze, everyone, whats with the blaming Seniors lately. Post

Sometimes, I think in our panic about this bailout, people forget we can raise taxes.

A Lesson To Little Girls Everwhere: Being Pretty REALLY IS All You Need!

OMG! Her voice! My ears are trying to escape off my head.

McCain: 13 cars. Obama: 1 car.

GREAT article on Obama's senior advisor Valerie Jarrett in this month's Vogue, lots on Michelle and

Larisa Alexandrovna Brings The Wingnuts Out Of The Woodwork All Over The Place

Is Bill Clinton going on the campaign trail this week?

The other side of "bailing out foreign banks"

ABC : Internal Document Undermines Palin's Claim on Troopergate

DU'S chance: Predict now whether the debates will have an earthquake game changing moment

In which country are nearly half the Parliament and half privately owned businesses run by WOMEN?

McCain crowds seem so anemic compared to Obama's, yet the polls are so close

What the MSM need to be saying, but then they would be talking about themselves.

"Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done..."

NC PPP (D) Poll: Obama 46%, McCain 46%, Bob Barr 5%

Paulson: Quick!! Shove This Up Your Ass!!! Don't Ask Any Questions!!!

DUers! I need help in SW Ohio with economics stuff...

THIS is what I've been waiting for!

Follow-Up-PALIN's Radical PHOTO---TEXT Suggests She Was A Militia Sympathizer (Tim McVeigh?)

Alaska: A Welfare State?

So now they've found melamine in Nestle milk....

The Democrats, Senator Obama in particular, must draw a line

Expect It: The market will tank and the media will scream tomorrrow and every day until they get

Need help finding a thread from earlier today...

Mel Brooks should sue Lehman Brothers and AIG.

Gallup Tracking Poll: Obama 49 (-1), McSame 45 (+1)

"She's got...HUGE...tracts of land...!"

Blue-collar vote, one gaffe at a time

Paulson Says Bailout Is Not Urgent

So What If It Doesn’t Work. What’s Important Is That Someone Suffers.

Anyone seen Obama-Biden stickers?

Ashamed of McCain

McDonald's Staff Harassed Gay Customers

Obama will win PA. Here are the latest polls since early August. McCain has never led.

Uppity is When:: Ya got 10 or more Cars, 2 or more Houses, Lawn and home maint cost 250K$ per year

John 'Coconut dessert' McCain?

Florida Presidential Poll: Florida's in play

I just saw my first McCain ad. It was on the ABC News.

Looks like 60 mins is on a bit late tonight. Obama/mcstupid interviews tonight

OMG...stupid people drive me up the wall

PBS is running a poll on whether Palin is qualified....

Looking for a site to make custom bumper stickers

"I'll Take You There" - playing at the end of Obama's Charlotte NC speech

Should we urge Congress to reject the bailout proposal?

"...OBAMA signs in the front yards of homes were burned."

In the year 1999 what was the makeup of Dems vs. Repukes?

Nelson County, VA is FOR OBAMA!!

HO-BOY!! McCain admits he was responsible for deregulating banks

Cutest campaign button EVER!

Get it right people! This bailout as proposed is not socialism!

How to combat this? Obama is racist... any good suggestions

Goddammit, we have been absolutely right here on DU for years.

Neh-ne-ne-Neh Neh! - McCain scared of Rachel Maddow

McCain has a substantial advantage in the coming debate- and

I just switched political parties

Obama's big poll-bounce week began with Tina Fey making Palin a national joke

how NOT to act.

Barack Obama is not "Black." Please make a note of it.

Wow-Faux was the ONLY cable news network to mention Biden's Violence Against Women Act!

Rumors, Myths, and Fabrications: government propaganda nicely packaged with a bow.

Why Does Sarah Palin HATE Rape Victims???

McCain's Campaign Clamps Tough Restrictions On Palin-Biden Debate


How John McCain admitted that he helped cause the economic meltdown (John Aravosis)

Let me tell you why Sean Hannity is a coward.

ABC Panel Tears Into McCain: Not Presidential, Age Should Be An Issue

The repukes in the reddest county in TX are scared..very scared

Lehman Execs To Share In $2.5 BILLION In Bonuses!

McCain is the greatest debater since Rome's Cicero.

There's no negotiating with nazis/fascists. It is time for revolution.

What's it going to take for people to abandon their Ayn Randian adolescent economic fantasies?

Obama Leadership on Economy - already spoken with Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Frank, Schumer, Hillary, Bill.

Republicans look utterly ashen this morning

Sarah Palin's Troopergate Scandal Reveals Her Fundamentalist Street Cred

RE: Fox Poll: In Need of DU Love

Is anybody less qualified than Palin honestly?

Florida crowd in GOP region goes wild for Obama

HERE'S A LINK TO ALL LAWMAKERS!. Let them know what you think of this bailout.

2010 Scenarios - Which country do you want first?

Is McCain being part of the Keating Five, off limits? That McStake cost 160 Billion.

What would happen if we didn't bail out Wall Street

Little-known fact:

Where can I email the Dems running congress?

Governor Dave Freudenthal for McCain's VP!

Watch Obama`s Full Speech In Charlotte, NC

------60 Minutes is ON----Obama/McCain-----

"NO DEAL"-Repubs Already Lining Up To Allow NO Meaningful Reform Or Taxpayer Protections

an official said. “There was no hesitation.”

A Change Is Gonna Come (Yes it will!)

Caution Shrubya Has Another Trick Up His Sleeve...

I finally pulled the trigger! Sent $2,300 to Obama!

Senator Obama's Statement of Principles for the Treasury Proposal

Watch out - there's a new scam email going around.

Florida St. Petersburg Times/Bay News 9/Miami Herald Poll: McCain 47%, Obama 45%, Undecided 7%

Obama Predicted this Present Economic Crisis

Pictures from today's Obama rally in Jacksonville, Florida


Bailing out EVERY defaulting homeowner: $92 Billion...

Barack: "I have never heard him yell," "Ever. Not once in seventeen years."

Evidently not much difference from 50 years ago... from my grandfather's 'joke file'

Evidently not much difference from 50 years ago... from my grandfather's 'joke file'

Can anyone explain to me how this bailout is going to save housing values?

Anti-Palin "Wolves" Ad and Myspace bulletins, a great combination!

Can Obama win without PA?

McCain to boost staff in North Carolina

No blank check for Wall Street Petition

The scam explained......


The Progressive Wing of The Democratic Party must, in coalition, make itself heard. Now.

Unanimous support for Obama on George Steph. "McCain is not presidential."

"FUCK THAT-I'm NOT Voting-For A Blank Check-For Those Mother Fuckers" (Angry Dem Congressmember)

Remember Super Tuesday?

An Open Letter to All Republicans From a Former Religious Right Activist (Blunt!)

Great pic from West Village neighborhood

Congress Must Demand Bush and Cheney Resign

The Ideo-Dogs of War & Poverty - Iraq War & Credit Crisis ...

The "Pink Party": Did the McCain Campaign Pay $50,560 to Host It?

Bush’s Legacy Of Squandering Taxpayer Money

Must-read article: "John McCain's Gramm Gamble" (May 2008)

How bad is the economic crisis? Conservatives are trying to pin the blame on Dems

America's Permanent Refugee Population.

Incredible radio ad heard today

Holy Crap! I missed this one...Gov. Spitzer and the current economic crisis!

This Needs To Go Viral: Please Pass This Email To Everyone

Obama Draws A Line In the Sand: No Paulson Deal


Larisa Alexandrovna: Welcome to the final stages of the coup... Quote from some idiot puke on a forum I post at.

“I guarantee you, Barack Obama ain’t taking my shotguns. So don’t buy that malarkey,”

So, apparently this "Bridge ot Nowhere" was a bridge to a regional airport...

We went to the Obama LINE in Charlotte today!!

Why did the Obama camp agree to this VP debate format?

New talking point:.."We don't need to know who started the fire..we just need to put it out"

Help me help daughter with homework (political cartoon)

Umm, people.....this is a LOT bigger than $700B (read the text of the plan):

Why not a national maximum wage?

McCain Flashback: 'I'm Always for Less Regulation" and Social Security -3/3/08

Alabama Prison Voter Registration Drive Halted By Republicans

If we're gunna spend three quarters of a trillion dollars, we ought to get something in return.

If we're gunna spend three quarters of a trillion dollars, we ought to get something in return.

How great is it that Gwen Ifill will moderate the VP debate?

Charlotte, North Carolina is for change.

The new media meme: OBAMA IS BLACK!

Seniors, like all other Americans, have a wide range of personal beliefs and political views

My wife's a baker and I have experience in communications

The Nation: Evidence suggests that a large number of US prisoners were not returned...

The Nation: Evidence suggests that a large number of US prisoners were not returned...

Palin to be "protected" during debate

We, the people, should take every last effing dime they own from every CEO,

Biden, Edwards, Kerry NAY!.. McCain YEA! S.900 the bill that started it - The complete Roll Call:

todd palin creeps me out

Naomi Klein: Financial crisis part of Bush 'shock doctrine'

New economic system, let it crash... it won't affect me.. we are bailing the rich

URGENT: Please Help Stop The Imminent Execution of Troy Davis

Another lying POS heard from

VIDEO Time for a smile: He can dance!!!!!!!!!

VIDEO Time for a smile: He can dance!!!!!!!!!

***GOP Rumor: McCain will Replace Palin Soon ***

PELOSI: "The party is over for the Bush Administration"

"2 daughters of Alaska, Susan Lindauer& Sarah Palin: a real spooky politicized conspiracy thread"

Eliot Spitzer: Bush Stopped States from Going After Predatory Lenders in 2003

ABC went to Nam to interview about Kerry, why not do the same for McCain?

Heart: Cease and Desist, You Old Fart

Confessions of a Sign Hacker (Mudflats)

Finally! An Indiana Pollster Calls Out The Rest of The Industry

Her name is Sarah CHElin, just as his is John McBUSH.

OC, CA: Obama Signs Must Outnumber McSame Signs 10 to 1

Remind Me Again Please: How Did Obama Come To Be Chosen For The 2004 Convention Speech?

The VP Debate

Who was this girl on MSNBC?

TURN OFF THE TV AND SETTLE IN: Three Documentaries that can help put this econ crises in perspective

Beliefs About Evolution

*PIC* McCain boarding Raffaello Follieri's YACHT. Oh my!


Economists: Gramm To Blame For The Current Crisis

I'm not afraid to vote for the black guy.

My day at the Obama rally in Charlotte NC! (pics)

Did Bin Laden Win The War?

Meet The Real Terrorists and What They Got Away With

I saw Hank Paulson on MTP, I am WAYYYYYYY scared!!!

Wear blue on election day - let them see how many we are.

Which image best describes your most likely course should...

They've come to take him away...(pic)

Keating 5 Keating 5 Keating 5 Keating 5 Kingpin Lumpy McSame Keating 5 Keating 5 Keating 5

Can't resist...Mini Me and Palin. Hard-hitting cartoon.

Does everyone appreciate what a wonderful CAMPAIGNER this guy, Barack Obama, is?

Why are states like OH, PA and Fl close?

Canada - we have a problem . . .

Snail mail gets attention but takes too long - free fax here, plus fax numbers

Please calm down folks. The bailout is not a "power grab".

What Was Mysterious Activity In Marriott Hotel by U. S. Marines?

so. do you really want this to be 1929? is that it?

Fun With Funding...THE critical issue looking ahead is COST OF FUNDING




When's the national strike start?

FU Food Channel! You made me miss Michelle Obama on Paula's Party!

I just had to say it.

Ministry: The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste. What's on Fuzz's playlist

Okay, one more chance. I'm really hurting right now.

I went to see "Ghost Town" today

I learned something interesting watching Anatomy of a Murder tonight.

Songwriter/composer you love their music, but the person is a total asshole?

TODAY is NOT my birthday but I'm getting drunk.

What are the laws for driving with a BAC between .02 to .07?

Rocket Man- Shatner/Griffin Variations on a Theme.

God DU is "dumbed down." (re: GD) Discuss

Let's Play with Mr. Scorpio.

Sock Puppet of Love.

I thought the dead skunk I saw in the road today was the sucker stinking up my hood

I hab a code

Has anybody seen Southpawkicker lately?

Oh my god this is the funniest video

So last night i watched the original version of "13 Ghosts" and then i watched the remake.

oh my achin' jaw...

I'm sure they meant well.

I just found this charming pic of our favorite family and just had to share it

I wonder what genius figured out how to use Digg for an Oprah murder hoax

Has anyone watched the BBC show Primeval?

Why we became vegetarians (pics)

So how is a pill supposed to help social anxiety disorder?

You have to check out this Olbermann impersonation

Somebody help me understand something

TRON 2 first (bootleg) look including a video teaser

Grapes of Wrath was to be on CBC at 11:00 central - Miffed!

So I just got back from my first baseball game at Nationals Stadium..

Anyone who's ordered Obama merchandise : how long did it take to arrive?

Holy skidmark - the Jesus stain

Do you know someone who thinks their shit doesn't stink?

Bill Stickers is Innocent!

The house feels so empty without the Pip and the Bee

Assuming the World really does end in 2012

Want to see some real American heroes?

DU Loungers: Your beer/wine homework for today/tonight is

'Dora the Explorer' finds new voices

Have you ever met any of those "crazy" people who

Is SNL worth watching tonight?

(for the over nerdy crowd) FRODO LIVES!!!

Gah! Old movie dilemma!

Please Caption This:

Socal residents, which transplants annoy you the most?

I just discovered that Maker's Mark and Pepsi Lemon is really good.

Have the Central Time folks all gone to bed?

Just did a search for "meth" on the City of Wasilla Web Site, since it's the meth capital of Alaska

Meet Skipper the Deaf Horse. (Dialup warning)

Late night DUers, what's your 'midnight snack'?

Have the east coasters all gone to bed?

I just saw My Best Friend's Girl.

A wolf is howling around my house every night.

I posted the DUzy Awards & I'm on my 2nd triple martini, ask me anything!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Sunday September 21

Catherine Wheel was Radiohead before there was a Radiohead!

What's the difference between isolated and scattered when it comes

I have just uncorked a $20 bottle of wine to have with my dinner.

A Pre-Palin for VP Alaska blog for ya' - Pretty funny

My son wants to say good morning

So a... friend of mine (yeah!) scored a membership to Freeperville.

Sunday morning sun rise pic thread

A friend of mine is having financial problems


Ninja CAT!! Video! Moves without motion.

Good morning kittehs! Everyone have a good Saturday night?

"Oktapodi" Cute French short animiation video.

Kitty Cat with Guitar (a portrait)

My cat found a new way to wake me up this morning.....

I've got two tickets to paradise

DU this Palin poll

A minor instructional tale from real life

It is 1:00 ON Sunday morning, and I am here weeping, thinking of quitting my job.

Where is the doohicky that goes with the camping pots?

A Celb that stayed the night at my house and the old boyfriend are going to give it another go.

Is it possible to drill a hole through your big toenail with a 1/2 inch spade bit and not know it?

The Tampa Bay Rays clinch a spot in the playoffs!


I FINALLY figured out what is wrong with my diet.

Man With Telescope.

My Butterfly by Robert Frost

Do children by the millions really scream for Alex Chilton?

Found a Youtube video of Sheboygan, as it looked 50 years ago.

The after glow of weed is so nice, and it really helps with insomnia

Synthpop Sunday

BP med question (not asking for medical advice, just wondering if it has happened to you)

Stephen King turns 60 tomorrow.

I hate to say it, but the 1980's weren't that bad...


Watching Tag or Football?

nosmokes Sunday revelation

Nuts for costy hate

Do you think you can cook more than one person at the same time ?

Link to tombstone page, please?

In Mien Liebe , In mien Himmel , In mien lied

Who's drunk at 6 am?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 9/21/2008)

The touchpad on my laptop isn't working... does anyone know how to fix this?

Vissi d’arte, vissi d’amore

Ok, anyone watching the Giants game?

*howl of frustration*

I gotta get to the Lounge more often!

George Michael arrested for possession of crack cocaine

'Martin is erect behind the plate'

There are two parts of your Ego

I'm going to nap now . . . .

I made a Sims 2 version of Barack (and Michelle but that one isn't uploaded yet)

My online HAPPY PLACE! Where's yours?

Ava , you have phenomenal Eyes

Man, they're running the last old-school Vancouver trolley bus today

Sunday Morning NFL Thread

Giants win!

Wow! My Pats are getting clobbered by Miami! 38-13, 4th qtr...

I love the lounge! Post if you agree!

Best part of listening to the New Orleans/Broncos game is hearing:

The cats have reached something of a detente...for now

Tell me again about having pets lowers your blood pressure

Daughters are leaving for Italy this week.

I saw "Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden" last night

Get your mind off all the bull shit.

The Jaguar Colts game is coming to a edge of the chair end.

To fucking hell with it then

A funny religious offense meant..." The Pope and the Jews."

Milk-Chan needs Soft Paws™, asap

Anyone watching the tribute to The House That Ruth Built on ESPN2?

Do you think you can love more than one person at once?

Let's play MrScorpio's who am I?

Jimmy the Bartender, the advice guy from Men's Health Magazine

Anyone looking forward to "Chuck" tomorrow night?

If your employer were throwing away your work related magazines

That new "I'm a PC" commercial is pretty good. I'm impressed

Advice requested for moving kittehs

I want Crabs!!!!

Miami Dolphins!!!!

I've been going to this place since 1965, and I'm going to miss it

OK, I'll be back when all this ludicrous

OK, I'll be back when all this ludicrous

So who else is hoping Baltimore wins the last game at Yankee Stadium?

Hello from Germany!

Nuns For Free Love

People , there is NO EXCUSE for not showering daily ,

My sprinkler broke. The local hardware store was closed. How long will the Walmart sprinkler last?

Looking for suggestions for the Pres Debate Drinking Game

I will be a repug pundit defending the indefensible. Ask me anything.

Watching CNN while high..

Check in here if you think of candy when you hear "Fannie May"

Generally speaking, which is deadlier?

Four hours and three minutes to play 8 1/2 innings

Are there any coin collectors here?

DU has been moving at glacier-like speed all day

What is the meaning of life ?

Regulations Governing Mountain Climbing Expeditions in Nepal - Relating to Yeti

Just had a vitamin pill stuck in my throat.

I was so gung ho and have backslid to apathy and shoveling it in.

It's Time.... EMMY FASHIONS (Pic Heavy!)

Who ordered the sewer geyser?

I am *officially* old.

Have any of you read "When You Are Engulfed in Flames" by David Sedaris?

I'm trying to create something. So why do people freak out?

What's a good mattress brand? Tell me your tales.

Halloween is coming!!! Need honest opinions please.

Lounge Vibes needed desperately.

Speaking of being officially old, I found my first grey hair the other day.

Am I annoying ?

When I'm President there will be a constitutional amendment banning indoor football games

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

@ 3

Sarah Palin - anagrams

What is your mundane superpower?

Absurdly difficult video game bosses...memories of frustrating pixellated ass-whuppings.

Is Merchant Ivory Productions still in existence? Are they still producing

The Times recommends ...Barack Obama for president

McCain Adviser: BlackBerry comment was 'ill-timed' joke

McCain Adviser: BlackBerry comment was 'ill-timed' joke

McCain Adviser: BlackBerry comment was 'ill-timed' joke

McCain Adviser: BlackBerry comment was 'ill-timed' joke

Real estate market slow to respond to gov't plan

(European) Lehman administrator seeks $8bn

Gallup Daily: Obama Leading McCain by 4 Points

Bush urges approval of trade deal with Colombia, raps Democrats for blocking vote

Israel's Olmert hands in formal resignation

Lummis (R-Wyo.) proposes income taxes for everyone

Israel's Olmert hands in formal resignation

Bush making farewell trip to UN

Bush making farewell trip to UN

SNL mocks McCain-Palin for second-straight week

Palin's U.N. Schedule Adds Visit With Colombian President

Paulson resists calls for added help in bailout

Iraq: Gunmen Kill Interior Ministry Official

Iraq: Gunmen Kill Interior Ministry Official

No Blank check -Robert Reich - TPM Article - Brilliant

Rights group slams Venezuela's Chavez

Rights group slams Venezuela's Chavez

Rights group slams Venezuela's Chavez

The REAL Maverick

Despite its criticized response, FEMA now has too many trucks

Pakistani President Delivers Broadside Against Terrorism and U.S. Intervention

Pakistani President Delivers Broadside Against Terrorism and U.S. Intervention

Russian president condemns Islamabad terror attack

Obama, McCain, parties level the playing field; candidates on equal financial footing

Manhunt on for Suspect (Iraq Vet) in Slaying of N.C. Deputy

Islamabad's 'message from Hell'

Islamabad's 'message from Hell'

Format of Biden-Palin Debate Sets No Limit on Subject Matter

Ike evacuees sneak back onto ravaged Galveston

Administration urged to end HIV travel ban

Six years for piggybank raid

Democrats challenge federal bailouts and blame Republicans

Name a celeb that you want in your house.

Breaking: CNN videos of Pakistan bombing are up now.

Iran vows to block any attack

Iran vows to block any attack

Campaign cash cows are put out to pasture

Alaska town opens ‘road to nowhere’ (AP)

Format of Biden-Palin Debate Sets No Limit on Subject Matter

Format of Biden-Palin Debate Sets No Limit on Subject Matter

Format of Biden-Palin Debate Sets No Limit on Subject Matter

Format of Biden-Palin Debate Sets No Limit on Subject Matter

Johnny Hayes, top Al Gore fundraiser, dies at 67

Organizers of Iran rally threatened with loss of tax-exempt status if they invited Sarah Palin

Evangelist's compound raided in child porn case

Obama calls bailout a 'blank check'

Yes We Can

Swiss trust in UBS eroding: report

We Will Stand with Obama

palin rant 2


Reports: Mobs stone 3 churches in south India

Health care in America

Maya Angelou Introduces Michelle Obama

Don Young May Think It's Funny

New UFCW Ad: McCain's Solution

Erik Paulsen: Got To Go (MN-03)

[PRES] Obama: Promise (social security)

Alaskans angered that Palin is off-limits

New pro-Obama radio ad: "Lord, When Did We See You Hungry?"

AR Preacher Alamo caught in Child Porn Scandal

the bailout

Soaring food costs force Ethiopian children out of school

George Bush Has No Credibility On The Economy

Plan To SAVE Economy 3 Pages Long with Blanket Authority!

Georgia Recruits Volunteers

McCain Campaign office in Parma, Ohio

BBC: Israel's Prime Minister Olmert Steps Down

A Brief History of Oil Prices under Bush

Solar energy is lighting the way in Iraq

McCain defends, Obama blames deregulation (60 Minutes Interviews)


We Need A TRILLION DOLLARS By The End Of The Week!

Real Time: Andrew Sullivan & Naomi Klein on Palin - 'Most Irresponsible Act Any Candidate Ever Made'

Robert Reich discusses Obama's economic plans

McCain's Top Energy Expert In U.S. Babels Incoherently

Could this dizzy chic even get a job at the White House Press Corps?

Joe Biden slams McCain with his own words (Castlewood, Virginia)

Rachel Maddow: John McCain's Bad Week

Naomi Klein on Real Time with Bill Maher

Joe Biden visits Flat Rock, Michigan auto plant.

50 years on, McCain's ex-flame traced

Obama......Because Inspired Dreamers Elevate Nations.

WHOAH!! Sarah's incircle of friends speak out

"The Splurge is Working" Bill Maher

ABC Panel Tears Into McCain

TYT: Palin is a Pathological Liar

Paulson says foreign banks can use U.S. rescue plan

Attorney General Pulls the Immunity Trigger, But Denies 'Dragnet' Surveillance

Evangelists compound raided in child porn case

SNL Calls John McCain a Liar

The McCane Store

Rumsfeld's antics made Condoleezza cry

Obama on Proposed Bail Out: No Blank Check!

Intense MSM Bullshit Brainwashing Session

Barack Obama in Charlotte, NC

Any company that is too big to fail is too big to exist!

Bill Maher With Paul Krugman

Omaha Canvasses for Barack

Tucker Bounds on Phil Gramm in McCain's administration

The Fundamentals

UPDATE:US Rep Pelosi: We Won't Hand Over $700 Billion `Blank Check'

13 cars-mccain

Bipartisan Support for Wall St. Rescue Plan Emerges

TYT: Bill O'Reilly Declares The Bush Presidency Over

Krugman & Maher: "This Is REALLY Scary"

Rally Outside McCain's Campaign HQ

Kucinich tells Cavuto: economic problems transcend party labels

In August, Obama Donations Shatter Records

FBI serves search warrant against UT student in Palin case

Many economists skeptical of bailout

US takeovers dwarf my nationalisations: Venezuela’s Chavez

US takeovers dwarf my nationalisations: Venezuela’s Chavez

King Paulson - Hope You Like It

"We're Afraid You'll Be Afraid If We Say What Paulson Said"

ABC Roundtable: McCain's "Unpresidential" Response & Age Issue

Hitler gets a margin call

My Response to Obama Waffles by the Racists at Focus on the Family Conference

Democrats push back

Nearly 13,000 Chinese children hospitalized in China Milk Scare

Sunday Funnies: George Bush & John McCain=My Buddy™ and ME!

Political Assasination: Elliot Spitzer

Another Dumb GOP Idea: Privatization

Mad as hell - taxpayers lash out

Congress aims to get bailout to Bush by Friday: Senator Schumer

Palin to Bag VP Debate, for 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?'

Independent UK: US $1 trillion bailout is under threat from political skirmishes

The excesses of the filthy rich

Spivs get rich. Greed prospers. I'm no expert, but this cannot be right

Sen. Larry Craig launches fund for legal challenge

No Longer Ready to Retire

$700B would be biggest bailout since Great Depression

Massive bailout gets even bigger (NYT)

Treasury Seeks Authority to Buy Mortgages Unchecked by Courts

Unelected Bernanke And Paulson Sieze Power In COUP

Rep. Frank wants bailout plan pay limits-spokesman

9/21 NYT: Dowd - Seeking a President Who Gives Goosebumps? So's Obama

Joan Vennochi: Hanging the little guy out to dry

Truthiness Stages a Comeback-Frank Rich

Sebastian Mallaby: A Bad Bank Rescue

If there's such a crisis, why is Paulson on every talk show this am?

Officials say talk of mass fatalities from IKE has no basis in fact

U.S. ignores own advice in crisis

Snarky Maureen Dowd finally gets it right - Jeb Bartlett advises Obama

Scientific American: Republicans scare more easily

Eric Margolis: U.S. orgy of debt

A Real McCain Supporter? Or Just a Clintonite on the Rebound

Unelected Bernanke And Paulson Sieze Power In COUP

Cheney Is Ordered to Preserve Wide Set of Records

Presidential debates: Left's counter-argument on the Georgia situation

Palm Beach Post LttE: Obama's call for aid to storm-stricken Cuba inspires this Reagan Republican

Same As It Ever Was

Senator Bernie Sanders Op-Ed: Billions for Bailouts! Who Pays?

Displaced People: NAFTA's Most Important Product

What Bush Meant By Ron Suskind

A short, easy reading list for those who think any of this is new,

Bush’s Legacy Of Squandering Taxpayer Money

Should we trust these folks with a privatized Social Security system?

No Blank check -Robert Reich - TPM Article - Brilliant

Classic Case of Projection (McCain blaming Obama for the banking crisis)

Foreclosures push rents higher squeezing low income families (MPR)

The ghosts of Tom Joad

Paulson Plan May Spark Showdown Between Democrats, Republicans

US dollar "backed by bananas"

Is it safe to trust a Wall Street veteran with a Wall Street bailout?

OMG!! US to bail out foreign banks!

Bush Wants Asset-Buying Power Unchecked by Courts

.McCain's 'reformer' strategy designed by legendary lobbyist, Charles Black

Who is behind Human Rights Watch?

Calling Paulson's Bluff (Robert Kuttner in Huffington)

Bailout Won't Stop Foreclosures that Push Down Everyone's Property Values (CRL)

The bankers of Wall Street have accomplished what al-Qaeda could

U.S. Finally Greeted as Liberators … By Wall St!

"Paulson Bailout Plan a Historic Swindle" by William Greider

The AIG Bailout: you won't believe this (NYT)

Treasury Seeks Asset-Buying Power Unchecked by Courts

Online petition: No Blank Check for Wall Street

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Sept 21 – Obama 285, McCain 253

Naomi Klein: Financial crisis part of Bush 'shock doctrine'

2 daughters of Alaska, Susan Lindauer & Sarah Palin: a real spooky politicized conspiracy thread

Sarah Palin and the Rapture

I am laughing my ass off! My sons are rabid homophobes and...

A 10 mile by 10 mile wave generator buoy system in California

UN Official Blames Food Crisis On Structural Adjustment Programme pushed by World Bank and IMF

more on the World Food crisis: Ending famine by telling the World Bank to "shove" it's "help"

Bronson blames bloggers for fueling state gas frenzy

Dropping Oil Prices Hurting Airlines. Huh?

All New Stuff: NJ 'renewables' plan suggests building houses to subsidize the rich.

Virginia can save $15 billion on utility bills and create 10,000 new jobs

Majority of Vermonters Want Vt. Yankee Closed

John Russell "Can't You See" (What That Incumbent Been Do'in To Me)

Olmert confirms resignation as Israel prime minister

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/20/08

GM to Tap Rest of $4.5 Billion Credit Line

Need help: Mccain v Obama Tax plans simplified for the electorate

America's Own Kleptocracy

Question on "mark to market"

Wall Street worries the crisis is not yet over (Observer UK)

Grasping at Straws

Robert Reich's 5-point bailout plan

Question: If the government buys all of these debt vehicles, who services the actual mortgages?

Bernie Sanders Bail Out Proposal

How can we protect ourselves from a falling dollar?

Is there any place to put 401K money right now?

The Election Will Be Decided Tomorrow.

Question: Why doesn't the government just "bail out" homeowners?

Conference call Sunday: draft a coherent strategy to attack the bailout

Today in labor history Sept 21 Militia was sent to Leadville, Colorado, to break a miners’ strike

Teamster president James Hoffa rallies union members, Democratic Party faithful in Butte

Biden: McCain helped cripple labor movement

Dios Nunca Muere

Ecuador Has Budget Surplus in First Half, President Correa Says

Brazil returns oilfield to Ecuador

INFO on UN General Assembly Mtg. (Morales will do press conf, Tues. nite)

Destabilization of Bolivia and "Kosovo Option" (ties in Haiti, Iraq and Pakistan)

Big Day in Sports, DUer's. What was your great moment?

Ronnie Brown: 4 Rushing TDs, 1 Passing vs. Patriots

The Yankees are...

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report: Chess Is Cool -- Alexandra Kosteniuk Wins Women's Title

There I was, not giving a damn about the Ryder Cup, and I ended up with tears.


Red Sox about to lose in the ninth again...part three...

Ringer. Heisman. Believe it.

Tony Romo: Elite Quarterback?


How are you Yankee fans holding up today?

Pat's fans boo their team at halftime---the same team that won 21 straight home games...

BossHawg, is Bama that good or is ArKansas that bad this year?

as a Chiefs fan, I hope KC loses EVERY FUCKING GAME and finally we get rid of Carl Peterson

The Stars This Week: "Relationship Shifts" - September 22 - September 28, 2008


Happy Autumn Equinox

Alright. Tell Mercury the joke's over, please.

Weekly Healing Project #8 | September 21 - 27 Connecting w/Your Highest Potential Future Self

Marjorie Orr on the Financial Meltdown of September

Dream: my conversation with Pope John Paul II

~~~ September Prelims Are Up in GD ~~~

A few from yesterday in Ireland - (dial-up warning)

Denali - two views

an interesting archived post elsewhere at DU

Layton pledges handgun ban (Canada)

Soup as gorgeous as Autumn leaves

Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow do Spain for PBS...

McCain Freeze Would Chill Science (xpost in GD)

Planet debate gets greater

Einstein fridge design can help global cooling

Explorers Find Hundreds of Undescribed Corals, Other Species

Last of the Neanderthals

Astrophysicists 'Weigh' Galaxy's Most Massive Star

Ruh roh: 30-ton transformer fails at LHC, spilling helium into tunnel

Stephen Hawking unveils time-eating clock

God is just another thought in the mind of Man......

Dr. Carl Jung Himself on Unidentified Flying Objects

Supporters of Texas malpractice damages cap are taking it to court

Did ya know about this: Attorney General: State Mandates Bible Teaching in Texas Schools

I need a source for totes to give out at the Dem booth during our

Any ideas on a way to convert online videos to a format that will play on regular home DVD players?

questions - understanding where my hard drive space is being used up

Alan Keyes has a Francophone son!

Nanos, Sept 20 - Con 36, Lib 31, NDP 20 Bloc, Green 7

Toronto Tory candidate quits

I just met Jack Layton and joined the NDP party

Will it happen again this year?

How is Al Franken doing in the polls against Coleman?

So, why does St. Louis co Minnesota vote so blue?

2 dead in helicopter crash into Wis. (Kenosha) house

Active LBN repost: "Van Hollen attorney met with GOP officials before election suit"