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(NY, UPI) Sarah Palin, the republican Vice Presidential candidate, is flying out

Buy my SHITPILE, Henry... or, what happens on Main Street affects Wall Street

The real and true frame for this whole economic meltdown

Another Fine Jackpine Aphorism (on the difference between socialism & fascism):

Thank you, DU!

So, did John McCain flip flop or is the American Family Association lying?

US judge 'reluctantly' delays Guantanamo appeals

If Chimp won't give on outrageous exec. compensation there is no emergency.

McCain Campaign Has Strong Ties To Corporate Lobbyists At Center Of Bailout

Really cool new facebook App. Pledge your vote to Obama

Troopergate: Palin trying to block Wooten's workers’ compensation injury benefits

43% of Americans trust the media (all time low, Gallup reports)

Sarah Palin's Utter Stupidity: How Smirky Sarah's email was hacked

Need link to a poll

The media has drawn the wrath of the McCain Campaign.

Neil Cavuto is KO's worst person. Said that Congress should have warned

Joe Klein: Schmidt Jumps the Shark

Media trying to portray financial crisis as the United States turning socialistic.

LOL -- Alan Colmes (yeah, I know) handles RW hatemail pretty well

Way to go DU!!!

Bad Link

John McCain says Obama has 'failed to act' in this time of crisis.

The Dodd Bill

KO's Countdown is deconstructing the McCain Campaign step by step...

Is itomorrow "take your daughter to work" day at the UN?

Joy Beher trashing McPalin on Larry King right now

Joy Beher trashing McPalin on Larry King right now

The RW's attempt to blame CRA for the mortgage crisis is despicable

How I skewered a McCain Droid this weekend while grassrooting

How I skewered a McCain Droid this weekend while grassrooting

Living in Sarah Palin's America

Caught on I-5

I hope that I live to see the day when Paul Krugman wins a Nobel Prize in Economics.

Rachel Maddow talking about the dim one's (non)legacy should be

China's ominous warnings on the US dollar.....

Into the wild of Wasilla, Alaska, where Sarah Palin once ruled

Help me think of a good line for the top of this:

Guys and gals, we already know that we are royally screwed if McCain wins.

Another poll has Obama up in Virginia, this time 49-46.

Do senate races ever have coattails for Presidential candidates? I ask because

Remember this Move On Ad?

Another NC poll: Obama 45 McCain 45.... NC is for the taking!

Another NC poll: Obama 45 McCain 45.... NC is for the taking!

We're planning a Rock the Vote event in Conway NH

more on McCain's Ties to the Banking Crisis, by Frank Rich:

PHOTO: McLAME Preparing to show off Sarahcuda to the UN

Humor: Black man introducing McCain at convention (SATIRE)

Great answer to"baby killer" label--pass it on

My MOTHER is voting for Obama!!!!!!!!!!!!

We always say the American people are "stupid".... but they GET IT this time...

Poll: Most Americans think U.S. is losing war on terrorism

So how many people do you know that really believe all liberals are unemployed and freeloaders?

Obama lol that poses a scary thought:

Just playing around with photoshop

Rachel Maddow is gonna take on her fake Uncle Pat tonight

So now they're saying Obama and the Democrats were against bills that would reform Fannie Mae and

A local financial guru said a "bottom up" solution would be to give $6500.00

McCain will practice for debate with only black republican he can

Nader: Drawing Votes — From McCain

Break-in at Dan Seals IL-10 Waukegan Office!

For Boston Legal Fans - New (and Last) season starts tonight

Was there any new information provided that would explain an emergency

Profiles - Photos starting with Greenspan We need to recognize and know these people.

At some point, it's no longer about "bad luck" for George W. Bush...

"Senator Obama, I didn't HAVE oversight and advisors for five years"

Russ Feingold introducing Obama on C-SPAN now! nt

BEST OBAMA LINE- They keep saying they are going to clean things up, but THEY MADE THE MESS!!

Obama is advised by neoliberal Paul Volcker and former Citi CEO Robert Rubin

Will the economy hold out till January 2009?

Raising Expectations: A Scrappy Fighter, McCain Honed His Debating Style in and Out of Politics

Republicans are TERRIFIED of the Lesbian Woman

A Modest Proposal for a resolution of the Economic Crisis

McCain & the MSM. According to the economist magazine, in the early

"The Ignorant Little Man".......from a blogger I know.

So how many press conferences will Palin hold with the world leaders? How many questions will she

When this question come up on your SAT, here is the correct answer.

Simple, smart idea for Obama: Bring in Comptroller David Walker

Ok Exactly what message does McCain think he sends with Lieberman standing behind him?

Did I just hear another mispronunciation of Obama's name on AC 360?

I am PROUD of my DU friends because they WOULD NOT vote for Obama.....

The GOP & the MSM. The economist magazine did an article a few

If Democrats were Republicans, they would totally run this ad

I just donated just $12 to get another Obama T-shirt

Brett Favre is looking more like the McCain campaign tonight.

VIDEOS from: "if dems were repubs, they'd run these ads...."

Obama's temperament is gonna help win this thing- Convention speech was right on

The shadow banking system is unravelling

Bush wanted his legacy to be the "Ownership society" well he got it

McCain/Palin LIE about Obama raising taxes for those making $42,000 DEBUNKED

Sarah Palin's executive experience:

Check out and send a letter to your Congressmember

Those listening to Mike Malloy. Directive 51

is there a plan?

is there a plan?

Do you think Sarah Palin is Qualified : No way! Please vote right away at The PBS NOW Web site

Tonight...TONIGHT Hannity leads with Obama --Rezko

Laugh break: Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Topic o'the day:SIGNS. Here's what I did

I hope now that legitimate media is covering the rape kit story

Rachel Maddow describes in children's book example the current Economic Bailout

Women Heavily Favor Obama in Donations

No "Bailout bill" must be brought to the floor *until* McCain and top Repubs endorse it

No "Bailout bill" must be brought to the floor *until* McCain and top Repubs endorse it

Is there a place we can talk about online polls out of the Presidential forum?

If the $700 billion dollar bailout is so very bad ...

A Superdelegate was in my place of business, today.

McCain's new talking point. How pathetic is this?

New Quinnipiac Battleground Numbers coming out tomorrow morning

Conservatives fail when they are forced


The Dirty Secret of the Bailout That No One Is Talking About

DU this poll - Is Sarah P qualified to be VP?

It's Caption Time! - WTF Edition

Any person who advocates "DU-ing" a PBS poll goes to the ignore list

Friendly advice: unless there is ONLY ONE POLL

My Argument With McCain Supporter-Via Internet

Decent state poll numbers from

Random opinions so contrary probably nobody here will agree with them:

This Republican Alaska state senator on Rachel's show

Just got back from phone banking for Obama...went pretty well

Just got back from phone banking for Obama...went pretty well

Wait....Biden has done 84 interviews to Palin's 2 (1 being Hannity)?

Clinton's Obama rally speech leaked early!

Q: Why Did Bush/Paulson Wait Until Now To Approach Congress With $700Bil Bailout Request?

Did anyone hear Ed Schultz in Oregon, today? Wow!

Did anyone hear Ed Schultz in Oregon, today? Wow!

Did anyone hear Ed Schultz in Oregon, today? Wow!

****Official Bill Clinton Daily Show Thread for Tuesday Night*****

If, God forbid, McCain were to win the Election, this is what Obama should say in

Don't worry, everyone! The Magic of the Marketplace will fix this mess in a jiffy!

Pics of Biggest Rally in AK history... anti-Palin

Just Gotta Say; This Is The Dems Moment To Shine. Do Or Die Time. They Need To Prove They Can Lead

Self Delete....

Palin lawyer meets with investigator in probe


A little gem.....

Regardless of what one thinks of his motivation, why is Bill Clinton making a media blitz this week?

Have you ever wanted to win as much as this time?

Head's Up- Bill Clinton on Letterman now.

Except For The Brief Chris Rock Interview On Letterman...

Palin Might Participate in Separate Inquiry - unbelievable....

Does the Presence of Sarah Palin of being Sooooo close to the Oval bug the Others??


The GOP should stop the Campaign due to pity. The McCain Guy is making a spectacle of himself...its

I'm begging y'all--someone PLEASE explain what's going on

Now let's bash Biden!


Did Bill Clinton really say this?

Will the Iraq Surge be the Terry Shaivo of McCain?

I feel sorry for whomever tries to steal my Obama Yard Sign

DU this PBS poll

Friday Debate On Foreign Policy - Is The Financial Crisis Fair Game?

The NRA is swiftboating Obama

New Fox News/Rasmussen Polls Out: OH, PA, FL, VA, MI

For the first time in my life

The economy and the financial system

OSU is releasing a poll on the 23rd or 24th--thy have to do something to it before release.

But Todd Palin is 1/8 Yup'ik Eskimo - vote for Sarah! (sarcasm on)

No point in rehashing the primaries.

George H.W. Bush praises Obama on the Tonight Show, barely mentions McCain!

If you don't like the Clinton bashing, why would you read threads that bash Clinton?

I think this past week gave Obama New Mexico...

---PEOPLE---- STOP the Clinton Bashing!!!!----

On Letterman: McCain is an intuitive politician, from Bill Clinton?

Panic Grips Tenn. During Gas Shortage

Krugman likes Chris Dodd's plan.

I still can't believe it, a friend of my child who comes from super religious republican family is

Mike Malloy going off on Paulson/Bailout scam now

$7000 per year for every man woman and child

Alaska Senate President Lyda Green (R) on Sarah Palin


Let's get back on point

So about those Debates.......

Howard Dean Rallies Pennsylvania: "We'll Win On The Ground"

OK....Forget about all of the distractions!

"We're not sending a blank check to Wall Street"

so - Troy Anthony Davis

Another Jackpine Rant: I didn't live through the Depression, but

Another Jackpine Rant: I didn't live through the Depression, but

You know what? Let's go back to the issues.

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Responding To RW Blaming Democratic Congress- Subprime Lenders Began Failing in 3/07

Bill clinton.

Dear Bill,

Animals are Sad Victims of Hard Times

Truman was NOT a fan of Kennedy in 1960 when Jack was running for Prez as the Democratic nominee.

Truman was NOT a fan of Kennedy in 1960 when Jack was running for Prez as the Democratic nominee.

Who is Bill Clinton voting for in November?

Who is Bill Clinton voting for in November?

Who is Bill Clinton voting for in November?


Naomi Klein: Street Protest this Thursday (Bowling Green)

All of a sudden, North Carolina matters.

New post on HuffPo by Naomi Wolf (the End of America Naomi)


I Miss the Old, Honorable John McCain

McCain's lover...

"Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air."

Electoral Analysis

A poll that BEGS for the DU treatment. Freepers deserve response

"Is it me, or did he not want to say the name 'Barack Obama'"?

Maybe the Dems can put one provision in the bail out bill that would satisfy quite a few Americans:

DEMS LOSE ELECTIONS because fair weather 'supporters' go into panic mode

A little poll about Bill Clinton (and be honest)

Video Excerpt of Chris Rock on Letterman.

Brazilian woman finds fame as McCain's old flame

Reader Email from Americablog on John McCain's health

Obama has ALL of the Kerry states PLUS NM, Iowa, and Colorado

Who's the greatest debater of all time?

McCain Transition Head Lobbied for Freddie Mac Before Takeover

The Mad Money guy says "SELL."

Biden says mocking McCain was "terrible"

The most indisputable 100% accurate election poll

Tom Waits on the war...

While we were fighting over there, Wall Street robbed us blind over here

When people tell me 'what to do', I get annoyed. Stop it. I support

Most of America says "Palin shifty as hell"

What is the point of "DU-ing" an online poll anyway?

Will Arizona leave John McCain blue?

Will Arizona leave John McCain blue?

Research 2000 Nat'l Poll-Obama-49% McInsane 43%

George Will: McCain Loses His Head

Clarification?: Who wins the presidency in a 269-269 tie?

Clarification?: Who wins the presidency in a 269-269 tie?

If electoral college was based on donations lead by state, Obama would win in a landslide

Roland Martin (CNN,,,NOW) is my hero!!!!

the greatest heist in the history of the orchestrated & masterminded theft

Cartoonist Tony Auth on Paulson's bailout plan...

Nader: Drawing Votes — From McCain

Upon reflection: I've been overreacting to Bill Clinton

DU this PBS Poll!

New Obama TV Ad: McCain Putting CEOs Ahead of Families

Russian navy ships head to Venezuela

Palin is a post turtle

Ok, so what's going on with New Hampshire?

Ok, so what's going on with New Hampshire?

Mike Malloy is playing tape of an interview with Paulsen re: the bailout ... He sounds like....

The guy McCain chosen to manage his transition was lobbying for Freddie Mac until this month

PA = CO, NM, and IA

Breaking News!Obama Leads In New Florida Poll!

WOW***Latino GOP Cnty Chair "Latino's consider themselves above blacks"...UNBELIEVABLE IDIOT

What is the October surprise?

Senator Hillary Clinton

OK, WTF is with "Battleground Tracking."

I just saw a clip of Bill Clinton from last night... sensible and widely applauded answer...

***Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll Sept 23rd*** Obama 48% McCain 48%

It just keeps getting better and better for McCain; I am sure Bloomberg will be under the bus

LIVE NOW on C-SPAN Federal GOV's Intervention of the Banking Industry

LIVE NOW on C-SPAN Federal GOV's Intervention of the Banking Industry

$13B Lost/Stolen in Iraq Aid

Instead of bailing out AIG, why not offer low-interest loans to people who want to buy AIG stock?

Mason-Dixon Has Obama Ahead in FLORIDA

The Marketplace of Ideas

Another great Toon on the bailout

WaPo: Study Finds Major Shift in Abortion Demographics

The Clintons are playing GOOD COP-BAD COP

This "McCain going more negative" business will help win us this election!

did anyone see Rachel Maddow's explanation of the fiscal crisis using Halloween candy as a metaphor?

The Republicans have set a trap for us with this Wall St bailout & we're falling into it head first


Couldn't the US be on the brink of destruction

So Mr. Bush, you'd like us to loan you 1 TRILLION DOLLARS...

I just watched the Clinton "The View" interview and I think he is getting a bad rap here

McCain to go negative in stretch

Here comes $500 oil

Bill Clinton coming up on Letterman! n/t

How Bailing out Wall St will Destroy America

The Battle Plan II: Sarah "Evita" Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State (Naomi Wolf)

The Battle Plan II: Sarah "Evita" Palin, the Muse of the Coming Police State (Naomi Wolf)

Who needs collateral when you've got collateral damage?

Is it November 4th yet, and do you want it to be? I am

What happens to Paulson when a new President is sworn in?

Buy my shitpile, Henry

Poll: If Palin becomes VP...

Phone banked in North Carolina last night

Alaska State Senate President to Maddow: "Todd was always there"

The Humane Society's Legislative Fund gives their very first endorsement for president.

New Poll: ZERO PERCENT say economy is getting better

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

VIDEO Obama - Putting Kids' Lives At Risk

When the smart guys are really dumb. Wall Street "Nobel level" mathmeticians miss the obvious.

Dammit! My Obama bumper sticker is gone.

Firstread: "Those pigs don't oink"

Firstread: "Those pigs don't oink"

Historians who have been working on books on the Bush legacy

Nader Drawing Votes From McCain

Quinnipiac Polls: MN: Obama +2, CO: Obama +4, MI: Obama +4, WI: Obama +7

Shoot me now.... I'm in 100% agreement with Newt Gingrich and William Kristol on something

CEO Pay.. Call Their Bluff .. Make them vote for it publicly.

It appears that somebody needs a time out

Live: a monkey is reading a cue card to the UN General Assembly on my teevee

Folks this what we are up against in NJ

Denver 5th Grader Suspended For This T-Shirt: "Obama A Terrorist's Best Friend"

Obama off the campaign trail today....

"Will her trip to the UN be enough to sure up her foreign Policy experience?"

Everybody like Rachel's candy analogy?

Columbus Dispatch: Democrats far outnumber Republicans (Ohio)

I'm REALLY looking forward to Paulson and Bernanke sweating in front of the Sen. Banking Committee

Lost post: Help.

We're there...state by state, based on polls, we have 283 EV. Now, we just need to hold them.

George Will, you're starting to "get it"!

Stephanie Miller: "Catching foreign policy experience"

I just got done telling you the details, moron !

Hotline Tracking Poll: Obama 47, McCain 43

Local morning news ran a piece describing the tax plans of Obama and McLoser.

What do you think about this?

There could be Florida vote-counting chaos again....

A picture is worth a lot -Financial Assets comparisons /McMansions-Obama

Here is how NATIVE AMERICANS live in Sarah Palin's ALASKA!

Can't wait for the rest of Doonesbury this week

In aviation "forced down" refers primarily to weather and malfunction.

Limbaugh repeats baseless Obama smear: "He's Arab. ... He's not African-American"

Limbaugh repeats baseless Obama smear: "He's Arab. ... He's not African-American"

UMW Plans Stoppage Over NRA Filming-Regarding Obama

UMW Plans Stoppage Over NRA Filming-Regarding Obama

UMW Plans Stoppage Over NRA Filming-Regarding Obama

Strikingly different debate prep for McCain, Obama: Obama "camp," McCain "on the fly"

Isn't this bail out just rewarding international wire fraud????

Isn't this bail out just rewarding international wire fraud???? Washoe County NV (Reno-Sparks) about to go blue? Washoe County NV (Reno-Sparks) about to go blue?

Where's Cheney?.............

ChicagoTrib: McCain's top advisers connected to both sides of Georgia - Russia conflict

An election message - unity and solidarity

Let's not get overly negative about the Clintons

Can McCain's heart take much more of this?

Yet another poll showing Obama a lock in Iowa (Quad Times Poll)

Caption McCain

AP: Palin Will Cooperate with Personnel Board (people she can fire) on Troopergate

Rednecks for Obama

Palin gets a Photo Op.

On another discussion forum (Biden pulling put?)

NBC News/Mason-Dixon poll: Obama up by 2 in Florida

Our Financial 9/11: Can They Save The System? (Short Answer - NO)

Battlegorund tracking poll from this morning, check out their client list, can we say biased?

A little birdie tells me the polls are looking positive today; actually a few little birdies;

Is it just me, or is McCain campaign manager Rick Davis really, really ugly?

Ouch, Powell hints McCain was out of bounds re: Georgia...

Ouch, Powell hints McCain was out of bounds re: Georgia...

Conservative Against McCain (George Will)

It's a shame that the first debate was switched from domestic issues to foreign issues

financial crisis question

Repukes new talking point per Sludge: Highlight tension between Obama and Biden

Match-o-Matic II (See if you agree with statements by McCain or Obama)

Obama for America has not cashed my checks yet

Conservative George Will laces into John McCain:

Strategy to DESTROY McCain in the First Debate

Biden says ad mocking McCain is 'terrible'

Biden says ad mocking McCain is 'terrible'

RE: Bush alters withdrawal policy to help McCain?

Failing to cull the weak from the financial services herd

Bush Boondoggle..The Sequel..Part IV

Conservative Against Palin: The Twelve Lies Of Sarah Palin (Andrew Sullivan)

OK, so I'm braging a bit, but my grandson is playing for the Steelers in Ga!

Why women are returning to Obama/Biden in droves

Intrade-Obama 52% McCain 46.2%

Alaska Senate President Lyda Green (R) trying to recall Alaksa Senate to enforce subpeonas

PBS polls?


Isn't *this* what this financial disaster is really all about?

ARG polls for Arkansas, MA, OR, PA, and VT (four out of five are good)

Maybe there is hope for America after all.

If you think it's smart to give Bush a 1 Trillion Dollar Blank Check, I've got some bridges to sell

Rasmussen: Tied. Obama 48%. McCain 48%. For what it's worth.

What does Sarah Palin not know and when did she not know it?

Why Don't The Obama Campaign Take Paypal


NY Times - Debate Style Preview - Appears To Give John McCain The Edge

Cafferty's question: What will Sarah Palin and Hamid Karzai talk about?

McCain getting New Hampshire at electoral-vote website.

DU this Poll ! (Please consider .....)

Jonathan Alter on media coverage of the Keating Five: McCain "getting a free ride"

The two words Palin fears most

No need to rid drinking water of rocket fuel - EPA

The AP’s Ron Fournier: Racial Arsonist and Unethical Journalist

Police organizations endorse Obama-Biden (thanks to Joe Biden!!!)

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) lectures us...

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) lectures us...

Faux is desperate and I like it!

DOW futures are down 296 another 2.69%...


Four new Quinnipiac state polls: Obama leads in all of them

This man is running as a hawk with ads saying he's running as "Commander in Chief," not president

The two most realistic 269-269 EV tie scenarios

Media rebellion over Palin photo-ops

Welcome to Stepford

More from ABC News> Even Fox News objected to McCain Camps attempt to shield Palin from media

Some good news, I live in redneck southern Ohio

Some good news, I live in redneck southern Ohio

Blockbuster Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg national poll coming at 5 ET-Nation "Shaken and Stirred"

Quinnipiac polls: Obama leading in four battlegrounds

McCain/Palin - The STFU Presidency - MSM Is Giving Them A Free Pass

Palin's UN Field Trip FAIL: Crews Out and Press Boycotting!!!

AP wins todays WTF spin o'the day award. More is less...or something

If Racism costs Obama the election...

I get my US Cable from WA state, and McCain ads are 5:1 to Obama

Who's watching Wikipedia? We need to keep Barack's page fair and accurate.

Does anyone really buy into the nonsense that either candidate will lower taxes?

Stock Market started the day up.... then photos of Palin with world leaders started appearing and

Obama to show ad in Michigan focusing on McCain ownership of foreign cars

Obama to show ad in Michigan focusing on McCain ownership of foreign cars

Why does Palin lie when she doesn't have to?

Palin Is Such a Maverick She Is Afraid of the Press

Joe Biden Will Bow From The Ticket In Early October Surprise

Two NYT pg.1 articles about Obama and McCain as debaters

SCUMBAGS REPUBLICANS use their kids to spread lies

Some Protesters Make U.S. Anti-Ahmadinejad Rallies Into Anti-Obama Events

McCain Campaign About-Face On Editorial Presence for Palin's U.N. Visit

George Will sees McCain as eco-psycho in WashPo

McCain to hold first press conference as nominee - will answer a few questions lol

I filled out my absentee ballot this evening.

Pressuring the Press - Andrew Halcro on Sarah Palin

Palin at UN: Pictures only - no reporters CNN says thanks but no thanks

Awesome Politico TOON

FactCheck exposed for misrepresenting McCain plan to make false charge against Obama (updated)

VIDEO - Sasha: "Bla Bla Bla."

This Modern World Who could have ever seen this financial mess coming? By Tom Tomorrow

Is another Palin daughter prego?

NYTimes Breaking: McCain Camp now allowing television producer into Palin meeting - still no print

NYTimes Breaking: McCain Camp now allowing television producer into Palin meeting - still no print

Does the bail-out make universal healthcare more or less possible?

McCain had affair with Brazilian model.... 51 years ago.

Check out the great Obama T-shirts by leading fashion designers & celebrities

Lawyers and Troopergate

Are the Dems passive sheep at the viter fraud slaughter in NJ?

Are the Dems passive sheep at the viter fraud slaughter in NJ?

It's not ALWAYS the Republicans stealing our signs. Sometimes it's Democrats

Were you impressed with Michael Moore's new film?

John McCain and Sarah Palin get special biker offer

Reno Gazette Journal: Democrats close gap with GOP in Washoe County

CO-Obama Expands Lead to 51 - McCain 44 (Public Policy Poll)

Is anybody here surprised that Rumsfeld made Condi cry?

"22. If Barack Obama is elected President, do you think your taxes will go up, go down,"

PPP Colorado Poll: Obama 51 (+4), McCain 44 (-2)

Factchecking the Factcheckers on Obama's New Ad

A message and a video from our next first lady

Where's Nance?

My friend's cousin's bus driver says that Biden will leave the ticket to run Obama's Madrassa!!

BBC-WS: Virginians at mall speak out on WS bailout. They think it's for those lazy you-know-whats.

Help me out--I'm searching for a thread. Has Been Increasingly Opinionated Based On Opinions Not Facts - Social Security

Obama Uses Influence to Get Ethics Bill Passed in Illinois State Senate on September 22; McCain Does

"My Holiday With John McCain" (He Really Is A-Hole In Chief!!!)

John McCain: "if I was in charge, I would nuke Iraq to teach them a lesson"

Cartoonist Mike Luckovch on John McCain...

McCain Camp backpedaling say reason for print media banned from Palin meeting due to staff "mix-up"

You cannot compare Michael Vicks to Sarah Palin and we look stupid for trying to

HEADLINE: "Bush seeks to assure world leaders about bailout plan"

Gang symbol concerns prompt high school to ban student from displaying rosary

Wow, McCain-Palin are experts at creating public relations disasters

Wow, McCain-Palin are experts at creating public relations disasters

Pizza time - or Kung pao chicken as someone requested.

Pizza time - or Kung pao chicken as someone requested.

Naomi Klein was on Bill Maher's show and mentioned the "Debt Time Bomb"

As a Frenchman, I am delighted to read this

I Just Donated $100 To Obama/Biden

"Supply side economics" is working out great

How much do you think these pundits...

Question.. this morning some one posted a link between this bailout and the keating 5 and I

Biden distances himself from (one) Obama-Biden ad

Please DU this PBS poll re: Caribou Barbee

This poll needs DU's help.


NEW POLL: Obama bests McCain by six points on handling ECONOMIC CRISES

Email received from Henry Paulson- check your spam files!

Echoes of Iraq in Bush handling of mortgage crisis (another 'trust me' remedy)

LOL - Paul Krugman on Paulson: "all your decisions are belong to me"

Oh my God! It's the "Blue" scare!!!


Watching Clinton on Letterman .... his voice doesn't sound too good.

What to expect from John McCain at the debate on Friday.... lies,

Looks like close contact with Sarah Palin is creating more doubt than confidence in the McCain team.

Amazon's "Campaign T-Shirt" sales percentages: 78% Obama, 17% Paris Hilton, 5% McBush

Just learned something new today.....John McCain is a P.O.W!

Subject: Palin's Tax Records

KNBC, the NBC affiliate in Los Angeles, cut away from Conan O'Brein ...

Note to media: no Palin "is cooperating with the investigation" stories until she ACTUALLY does

Do you think this video on tar & feathering treasury secretary Henry Paulson goes to far?

Chris Rock Palin/Vick comparison was a FUCKING JOKE!!!

McCain aide: Palin has 'metaphorical' foreign policy experience

McCain & the MSM. Their new relationship. Are they competitors?

McCain & the MSM. Their new relationship. Are they competitors?

Comments from a real hockey mom

"The correct political move is to oppose the bail-out while ensuring it passes."

Caption McCain (Remember him?)

McCain’s Fleet Tests New Fuel Sources-GOP Trying Out Beer, Whale Oil as Gas Alternative

I sense a great disturbance in the stock market...

Virginia, South Carolina, Kentucky - Get out the vote! TODAY!!! NOW!!!!

Obama leads McCain 51-44 in Colorado.

MESSAGE TO VOTERS - Fresh Talking Points for those who want them

David Gregory Reveals His McCain Bias AGAIN On The Issue of the BailOut

PPP (D) Colorado Poll: Obama 51%, McCain 44%

If the Bradley Effect is true, what margin is safe for Obama?

The George W Bush Presidential Library

Barack Obama: Who is this guy? -a scrapbook (REALLY well made!)

Barack Obama: Who is this guy? -a scrapbook (REALLY well made!)

McCain just announced he cares about "Main Street". When will this

43% of Californians don't speak English at home

Posters to our newspaper's comment sections...

Chicago Mayor Daley slams McCain's "Chicago Machine" ad - suggests bringing Keating 5 into the mix

US Nuclear Carrier Set For Uneasy Welcome In Japan

If McLame "wins" the Elections the Statue of Liberty will be replaced by this one:

David Gregory justifying Palin's lack of taking questions...

OK Now I am convinced... the Bailout is not only a scam.... but a trap for Democrats...

Steering the McCain Campaign: A Lot of Old Bush Hands

Steering the McCain Campaign: A Lot of Old Bush Hands

McCain political ad script leaked that shows final strategy


Clarify "The Bradley Effect" If you Will?

McCain's Temperament Fails Again

I'm convinced if George W Bush is for it, it must be stupid.

The Problem with the Approach to the Bailouts

Just how big is the 700 billion requested by Bushco?

REMEMBER We Still Do Not Have All The Bad News Hidden by the Big Banks...

Idea for Obama Ad!!!

Obama News Conference on Right Now - CNN, MSNBC

"Go Shopping," And We Are Surprised This Came Back

Mean girl

Republican ad likely to come out soon. Obama = I am open to ideas.

Republican ad likely to come out soon. Obama = I am open to ideas.

OKAY... I'm STOOOOOPUD, But Got An Email From A Friend And Need Info...

Tina Fey has a request -

George Will: McCain Loses His Head

What I want to hear from our side.

Clearing confusion

Would you be willing to say that McCain's campaign is the worst run presidential campaign...

A Primer on the current market crisis

Palin and Karzai discuss baby names (no joke)

Palin and Karzai discuss baby names (no joke)

I have an Idea!!!!

The next time someone tells you they don't want their "hard earned money"

WTF! NFL is pushing Palin!?

*** Obama on ***

Palin versus The Press -- Mudflats

Raw Story: Obama ahead in key battleground states (CO, MI, MN, WI)

McCain to speak to press at 4 p.m. (EST? I assume) for the first time in a month.

Just saw rolling across CNN that Palin is now ready to cooperate with Probe: Assume that is

Time to play Name That Columnist!

Proof Of A Backlash

GodDayum! We Have us a REAL President on our Hands!

BREAKING: Palin's foreign policy convo with Karzai WAS ABOUT HIS SON?!?!?!

Repugs blamed over financial mess: Obama 282 / McLame 236

President Obama holds Presser: Dow moves from down 100 to positive territory....

Austan Goolsby on CNN now is doing a very good job

Somber thought on the VP debate: Biden knows jack about Moose

I don't even care if anyone reads this, but I have something to say:

Why Freepers are fools and should be drop-kicked from the electorate

Flashback: excellent speech on Senate floor by Kerry on fiscal responsibility

Can we attack THE GOP instead of our own today?

President Obama

DU this CNN Poll

Dick Morris says Obama's tax plan will Wreck Economy

Kennedy, Leahy on Witness List for Stevens' Trial

Outstanding Newsweek column on Sarah Palin .... link

Grampa Will Take A Nap Before Debate. Barack Will Shoot Hoops

McCain's reply over adopting a handicapped child from Bangladesh

Bob Barr

Savage Dragon Fans Really Like Obama

Dems can make it clear corrupt banking would NEVER happen under an open government Dem WH

Dean -msnbc - NOW "Mean Girl" (Sarah Palin, nasty back-stabber)

Judge: School can suspend students over fake MySpace profile

Lesson from Palin's self-probe of Troopergate: Probing yourself is a blast!

"V for Vendetta" just started on FX; found it next to Jon Stewart's repeat.

I don't really care what Newsweek's poll says, unless it has Obama down.

Richard Cizik: "McCain Lacks Principle"

Today's Gallup poll-Obama 47%, McCain 44%

Why is there no talk of punishment for the people behind this mess...

mccain & palin to ride chopper all the way to Warshington (but not really)

Just out of curiosity...When is the last time a Democratic

Georgia Pres. to Brian Williams: Biden is awesome, great, Palin is..hmmm, interesting, I never met

How's it looking under the bus y'all?

Obama's Plan To Protect Taxpayers and Homeowners

Give me a GOBAMA!!!!!

In Remarks On Bailout, Obama Sharpens Up Attacks On Bush, CEOs

Hurricane Ike's smallest victims

BREAKING-Obama is speaking and taking questions NOW


What will McCain's stance be in his 4PM presser on the bail-out?

What's wrong with this picture?

Picture of a Republican's Idea of a Fetus

How Do We Know That Palin Really Isn't Dick Cheney In A Skirt?

Can anyone from across the pond update us on Alex Allan, Britain's top spy who was found

Market went from -100 to +30 when Obama spoke.... now back to -100

Privatizing Social Security - Throw in Mc Cain's face!!!!

"The SINGLE Largest Media Failure of the Year"

Driving Mr. McCain:

The Dow is tanking again!

Won't Obama replace Paulson anyways?

The fifty richest members of Congress.

UPDATE: On Syndi White and her trashed yard signs.

Chris Rock's Comments On Letterman Last Night After Bill Clinton Was On(video)

Slacker Uprising Now Available for Free Download

European Markets Are Red This Morning...

Isn't the timing of this bailout suspicious?

Maher (Still) Chasing Obama Interview

My Ideal would be for congress to pass the bailout and put Paul Volcker in charge of the money

Biggest Rally in Alaska is ...against McPalin.

Hey you Coward, Are you Chicken? When is McLame going to do a Q&A Press Conference?

The October Surprise is here: My Blog to Obama to fight it

Networks Revolt Against Reporter-Blocking Palin UN Meeting

Want a good laugh - Liberals crossing into Canada

Obama: no welfare program for CEOs

Damn everything is bad

Probably Posted Yesterday... But What Is The EXACT Wording That Give

McCombover double-crosses the disability community

Fucking mcstains attack machine is using video from the Democratic debate

Another Down Day On Wall Street

Newsweek: Poll: Obama struggling to win over Clinton voters

I Bring Good Tidings -Florida -Obama 47% McInsaneInTheMembrane 45%

How do anti-Clinton threads help Obama and the Democratic Party?

On Letterman: Chris Rock holding Bill Clinton's feet to the fire!

"McCan't" Bumpersticker seen yesterday in my town.

Where the hell is the god damned Bunko Squad?

"McCan't" Bumpersticker seen yesterday in my town.

Pic of Palin with Karzai, what do you think she said to him?

Pic of Palin with Karzai, what do you think she said to him?

Pic of Palin with Karzai, what do you think she said to him?

Pic of Palin with Karzai, what do you think she said to him?

New Poll: ZERO PERCENT say economy is getting better

CNN Ticker: Press gets Palin access for 29 seconds

CNN Ticker: Press gets Palin access for 29 seconds

Something's up with the credit card industry. Could it be ready to collapse?

Let's guess, some of their best friends are hispanic.

Stock markets AND election marks went up after Obama's presser...

Just for fun - If you find a troll, let's count how many points he'd get from McCain.

Financial Crisis: Confused and Angry McCain Lashes Out

CNN Palin's $25 million gravel "Road To Nowhere" CNN promises more extensive coverage to come today!

The Fed’s run out of money

I am your bank manager and this is a robbery...down on the floor

US Bank Robbers

Every morning I first check DU then I check this:

Oy. Anyone listening to the Iranian Pres.'s UN speech?

McCain's campaign manager is paid more than $30,000 a month to lobby for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

ARG National Poll: Obama 48%(+3), McCain 46%(-2)

Should the inevitable bailout be limited to mortgages for private homes

Look at this graph

OH protesters greet McCain: "The Fundamentals of my economy are not strong"

Bernanke's opening statement to the Committe on Banking hearing 9/23/08

Shuster going to talk about Palin throwing reporters out AND about McCain's fling!

Fed Plan Revised to Allow Purchase of Credit Card Debt from Banks (from Bloomberg)

My letter to my Congresscritter--whaddya think?

Time for Obama to do a Keating 5 ad?

I am so pissed I am shaking. Just got in an argument with a coworker.

I am so pissed I am shaking. Just got in an argument with a coworker.

Heads up McTROLL'S aka Palins putang presser coming up.

Pennsylvania looking good.

NBC/ Mason-Dixon Florida poll: Obama 47-Mcsame 45

Who do the banks owe?

Democrats Re-Establish Double-Digit Lead in Party Affiliation (Gallop)

Anyone else get the email saying Biden is quitting after the debate?

For those of you wanting to brush up on the financial situation - this is the end all and be all

Biden Rips McCain for Protecting Off-Shore Tax Shelters

If the economy goes to the worst...we better have Obama in the Presidential Seat

If the economy goes to the worst...we better have Obama in the Presidential Seat

I'm glad Chris Rock compared Sarah Palin to Michael Vick.

Obama’s Press Conference:This plan cannot be a welfare program for Wall St. executives”

OOO heres a good poll to DU! (whom should Independents endorse? )

Jonnathan Alter - Explained The Real Significance of the Keating Five Scandal To Today's Crisis

The press needs to boycott the McCain camp! This is bullshit!

An October Surprise in Pakistan?

Timing is suspicious on the Bailout

McSame=PA KETTLE in the old Ma and Pa Kettle movies from the 50's UPDATED WITH VIDEO

Warmonger Max Boot "Throws Bush Under The Bus"

Wow. Perspective.

Shocker: A new video of Sarah Palin praying with "witch hunter" Thomas Muthee at Wasilla AoG church.

Attorney General Mukasey has never been more RIGHT

Norm Coleman claims US could make back 10-20 times the cost of the bailout

Roxbury, NJ has a problem.

McCain: Now I will now take 2 or 3 questions....

Chris Rock to Bill Clinton..."HILLARY LOST

DON'T Wear Obama Gear to the Poll on Election day, in case you didn't already know

Just a rant - why is Lunsford close in KY while Obama is so far behind?

I just heard the worst anti-Obama ad ever during Rush's show

Local Freeper REALLY hates the local Peace Movement.

"They let a white lady shoot a Moose, but when a black guy kills a dog, it's a crime".

Poll: If Palin becomes VP...

The shadow banking system is unravelling

Asia Times: E pluribus hokum or When the gamblers bail out the casino

Not new info but state payback from Fed is interesting.

I Think The September Surprise has Pre-Empted the October Surprise

Still worried? Polls show we're winning Colorado, tied in Ohio & Florida.

McCain did NOT warn about the financial crisis, he didn't even see it coming in December, 2007

Senator Bernie Sanders I-VT re: financial meltdown

John Dean on What's at Risk When Americans Pick Our Next Vice President

When will some of you realize that Bill Clinton is a supporter of Barack Obama?

Ted Stevens' trial started today!

OmyGod! McCain is copying Obama's bail out plan!!!

Will you back me in a 5K run for ovarian cancer awareness?

I get really put out with the childish name calling that goes on around here...

VIDEO Respect your elders - Vote Obama!

VIDEO Respect your elders - Vote Obama!

McCain is not a leader, he's a follower.

'We Will be Ready': An Exclusive Interview with Ohio Sec. of State Jennifer Brunner One day change 17 new polls = EV Obama + 27 and McCain - 42 Obama 229 McCain 166

McCain on MSNBC giving press conference...

Not a surrogate

Something fishy is going on in southern California


Are the state election boards (and their counties/parishes/boroughs) ready to hold this election ?

Palin's pastor is talking on the TV in the next room about God giving man dominion over the earth

Palin's pastor is talking on the TV in the next room about God giving man dominion over the earth

Anybody seen the LA Times/Bloomberg poll yet? Supposed to come out

Chowder66's 5-day challenge with his Republican brother to watch MSNBC and he Faux

McCain / Palin Bail Out Proposal

Biden: McCain shielded offshore tax loopholes

"One will inherit economic mess"

Friends letter to their city paper: Vote for What's Real

LOL! A consumer guide to McCain's 13 cars!

McCain's Gay Chief of Staff Mark Buse

John McCain guilty of Hit and Run!

McCain looks terrible and sounds depressed...

"There will be an answer," Putin said. Asked to elaborate, he replied, "You'll see."

Paulson's opening testimony to the House committee on Banking hearings - 9/23/08

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA in Clearwater, FL, makes impromptu stop after press conference

Please DU this AOL poll!

President Obama, VP Palin - Electoral 269 Tie Nightmare?

Does Cindy shop here?? Prison Outlet Store In Florence, AZ

Bill Clinton's judgment is seriously impaired.

Here's a novel idea. To shore up the economy,

This Palin as VP or 269-269 tie thing is as proposterous as the "brokered convention" crap.

Anyone else hear this dumb rumor about Biden dropping out in favor of Hillary?

My view of the battleground states.... feel free to contradict

(Government ) if you fail to properly identify the problem, your solution is bound to fail.

Poll: By Double-Digits, More Say Obama Is Best Able To Address Financial Meltdown

What Happened To McCain's 4:00 p.m. Press Conference?

Echoes of Iraq in Bush handling of mortgage crisis News analysis: Another 'trust me' remedy is

Maybe I've been too hard on Bill Clinton

Press Conference at Bernie's...

House GOP members turn on Mr. 9% Approval (Cheney)

The Humane Society LF endorses OBAMA (first time endorsement of a presidential candidate)

Paulson's shakedown hearing on CSPAN now......

BLANK CHECK: Eyes on the Ball, People....

All the heads of the Wall Street Firms had "executive experience"!

Still waiting for the LA Times poll, however, Obama leads 45-33 in handling the financial crisis.

POLL: Democrats widen lead in battle for Congress -- open up 14 point lead on generic ballot (56-42)

Falwell college wants students to vote locally in Virginia

Poll: By Double-Digits, More Say Obama Is Best Able To Address Financial Meltdown

A Dismayed George Will: "It Is ArguableThat McCain Is NOT Suited To The Presidency.

A Good Laugh LTTE on McCain/Palin being candidates of change

California Poll: Obama up 17, Palin viewed favourably by only 39%, Obama gets 77% of Hispanics

The media and the entire world....

Palin Skips Fundraisers; Focuses on Prep, Crowds

What kind of sick, crazy people brainwash children against Obama in Houston?

While CNN is covering the Bailout...

Dick Polman: Defining moments and lingering impressions

Apparently, Ben Stein didn't get the GOP talking point memo:

Press Manipulation of the People and by a Campaign

Paulson/Bernanke before the Senate - 9:30am - C-SPAN 3

Obama Pics Today -- From Wall St. to Main St.

You know there is a lot of bullshit swirling out there when the fed AND the lobbyists urge a bailout

Another far right ideologue on McCain's team; Elliot Abrams

Delete Dupe

Ron Paul supporting the Constitution Party candidate. The AIP supports the Constitution Party also.

Street Political Theatre in front of the SF Federal Reserve

Senator Obama's Plan To Protect Taxpayers and Homeowners

Hey! anyone see that PBS poll on Palin?

Doing a little reading on the "new" compromised bailout, and what are these guys doing...

Battle Between McCain Team and 'NYT' and Politico Rages

POLL: Will Congress Cave to Paulson?

what i believe

LMFBO ~~ Drill here....drill now!

Millions of voters in U.S. states crucial to this fall's presidential election received DVD copies

I just met Joe Biden!

My best friend and I have decided that we-Democrats-have been

My best friend and I have decided that we-Democrats-have been

I think Obama has never been in a better position! Imagine you are sitting in the McSame

Turkey bans biologist Richard Dawkins' website

****Official McCain Press Conference Thread *****Its over 12 Minutes of deer in the headlights

What does it say about McCain Palin when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Electoral vote nightmare scenario!!!

Barney Frank: Expects government to recover most if not all bailout costs

Sarah Palin and African Americans in Alaska

Europe To Bushco: Drop Dead-You're On Your Own

Wow! A new column. Nice work Skinner.

Florida leaning by 2 points to Obama in most recent poll

Shelby just skewered greenspan, mccain's hero

Trudeau hits it square on the mark again ....

3fer: Sharon's BUSH book!1 Hitchens' astrology. & Crawford pig farm farce is OVER!1

3fer: Sharon's BUSH book!1 Hitchens' astrology. & Crawford pig farm farce is OVER!1

Where Are These Ratings Coming From? And Who Is Making Them?

I voted today in GA - large turnout!

Iranian leader defends confrontational stance toward West

Debate Strategy, although it appears that it is preferable that I STFU.

Psst: "They Won't Notice They're Drinking Rocket Fuel - The Economy is Collapsing!"

David Corn - "Foreclosure Phil"

Republicans have an inconsistent message on the financial bailout.


Vote for who's to blame for the current economic crisis?

Bailout, bullshit!

it's not a bailout proposal. it's a ransom note.

Twelve Minutes and Twenty Nine Seconds

Must see

Must see

What exactly did McCain say in his press conference???

BushCo on the economy .... "We can't be overdrawn. We still have plenty of checks left."

Banks race to profit from US bailout

No amount of spin can make sense of this

Barney Frank is Saving the Republic !!!!

Carly gets to keep her golden parachute because she is a woman? A decent person.?

Insider Adbantage (Republican Poll) OHIO Obama 46% -McDaddy 46%

Party Favors: Land Handouts Are a Gas

Peter DeFazio 's statement on the "Cash for Trash" plan

On the anniversary of Long Term Capital Management:; From WSJ

JUst got a $35 overdraft

Do you think I should help this Paulson guy who sent me an email?

Yay, Alan Greenspan's Book is Coming Out!

Lady Sarah, Princess of Wasilla,

Stimulus plan-didn't work, Fannie/Freddie bailout-didn't work..

Stimulus plan-didn't work, Fannie/Freddie bailout-didn't work..

Hunting For Sport

Pew Poll -Obama 47% -McDaddy 35%- Who Is Best To Handle The Economy?

Obama Goes on Offense, Statement on Ahmadinejad calls on McLame to join him in pressuring Iran.


Kopp hiring proved Palin's fundamentalist street cred

Kopp hiring proved Palin's fundamentalist street cred

How many threads on white privelage started by the same OP do we really need?

My problem with Clinton is ideology..He helped create this mess.

My problem with Clinton is ideology..He helped create this mess.

Why Women Vote - powerful piece sent to me by my friend A HERETIC I AM.

9/25 deadline for public comment re: new bill that will effect provision of birth control. URGENT


McCain Camp Lawyer Illegally Advising In Alaska; Palin Attorney General In Hiding (Mitchell / HufPo)

AlterNet: Is a U.S.-Approved Coup Under Way in Bolivia?

"may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency."

Bellevue, Ne. man accused of beating his dog (later euthanized) with golf club

Need an article by mainstream press describing Gramm's role in all of this.

Remember Humphrey Bogart in "The (Mc)Caine Mutiny"?

Fearless leader, pointing fingers at the UN. What a dipshit.

McCain Drops 'Main Street' Stimulus, Follows Obama's Lead On Taxpayer Protections

E.J.Dionne: "Liberal Democrats are in agony over bailing out Wall Street"

If the US economy is about to totally collapse.

Barney Frank: CEOs 'Unpatriotic' If They Refuse Pay Cut

Sarah Palin says nice things about Mike Wooten!

Millions spend half of income on housing

Asia Times: Paulson plan throws oil on fire

EXCLUSIVE: Maliki Suggests Bush Pushed To Extend U.S. Presence In Iraq To Help McCain

Bill Clinton says Dems shouldn't attack Palin

Problem is, we operate in "the reality based community"

This Modern World: Who could have ever seen this financial mess coming?

EXIT STRATEGY: How to Fix a Post-Bush Nation - Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski

Bush OK with Betraying the US, as Long as his People are Doing It 9/23

Poll: Voters more confident in Obama to deal with bailout crisis

Appeals Court Orders Defense Department To Release Detainee Abuse Photos In ACLU Lawsuit

Bush Fired SEC Chief Who Wanted to Regulate Hedge Funds (2005 ,with transcripts from Bill Moyers)

Digby on a potential "out" for Republicans of this bail-out

A question for my DU sisters about Palin.

I seriously propose that we charter a National Bank of FUBAR

What does ferociously smart mean?

Uneducated white women a heartbeat away from voting for assholes!

Road to 270: Iowa

MSM Mindlessly Repeating McCain Lies - Obama Hasn't Offered A Specific Plan? Where's McCain's?

I have a serious question


NATIVE AMERICANS: Palin is allowing Native Alaskans to live in HUMAN WASTE!

Bush at the UN live on MSNBC

My Wish

My Wish

Treasury Sec. Paulson (former investment banking chief) lobbies to bail out investment banks.

McCain Loses His Head

Here's a response to those "Why I'm voting Democratic" E-mails.

Is there a away to find the Obama HQ local to me without going thru the website?

Obama Dramatically Ramping Up Overall Ad Spending; Now Outgunning McCain

Just recieved a strange email

LA Times/Bloomberg to release poll in a few hours. Hints that it could bode well for Obama.

High Noon-Republican Study Committee-to unveil alternate bailout plan

Marjorie Knoller gets 15 to Life

Cheney, "The adults are in charge now." (2001)

Here's a pretty good site for checking both the Prez and Senate Races daily

"American" Scam : It's a Joke Right?

Halloween 08, ok

Is it me, or does it seem that McCain has been medicated?

Maddow: Bush legacy 'defined by four massive failures'

EXCLUSIVE: Maliki Suggests Bush Pushed To Extend U.S. Presence In Iraq To Help McCain

As one who has very little understanding of the current "crisis"

CNN- Merill Lynch downgrades GE to "neutral"

Post your favourite Obama photo?

First Palin, Now Bill O'Reilly Gets Hacked

Look what I got in my inbox:

FYI - Bill Clinton on "The Daily Show" tonight.

Pitt's just another big giver in gay marriage showdown

Biden in Jeffersonville, IN tomorrow!

CNN reports Biden will be McCain's "real life fact-checker on the trail" and "attack dog!"

"Is Joe Biden dragging down the Democratic ticket?"



President says, ‘There is no trust fund’

No. Not at PBS. Anywhere else, but not PBS

Hillary > Bill

Hillary > Bill

Who's to blame for finacial mess

Palin Investigation vs. Palin Investigation - The Basics

Barack Obama had lunch at O'Keefe's Restaurant in Clearwater

This is NOT your Father's Republican Party! A Rant on a bi-partisan forum

If the markets are in such dire straits, has Paulson adequately

Baltimore Ravens Rock the Vote!

Can anyone verify an anti-McCain email I just got forwarded?

McCain airing TV ads DAILY on my local Utah station (update)

I wish we had this rating system during the Primaries.

Lipstick Palin" Playing hooky pays off for the lipstick queen"


My subconscious/dream response to all of this insanity

I'm ready to nationalize industry

Paulsen Admits on "Face The Nation"..$700B Just The Beginning

DU Help! Does anyone have connections between Palin and "Joshua's Army"

Humane Society Legislative Fund Endorses Obama-Biden

You can tell NC is a battleground state - we watch little TV, but all we see are endless ads.

Obama Retakes Lead In American Research Group Poll

McCain Aide’s Firm Was Paid by Freddie Mac; McCain caught in another lie


"Experience and Imagination" - A Political Screed

McCain gives Main Street the finger

If you cannot stand in front of reporters and take impromptu questions you are NOT Prez/VP material

The Sarah Palin Dress Up Doll

The Sarah Palin Dress Up Doll

Robert Reich on "Paulson's and Bernanke's logic": The Bailout To End All Bailouts

Hannibal Museum seeks Stephen Colbert-moderated debate

Rick Davis LIES AGAIN and is caught again(Fannie was paying his firm up till LAST MONTH)**

Here's a picture that I'll bet Bill would like to bury

Stephanopoulos: McCain Holds Key to Administration's Bailout Passage on Capitol Hill

Paulson reminds me of a junky beggin for a fix and promising to stop

The Shock Doctrine is alive and well, IMHO.

More on that guy checking out the Obama home.....

a wild idea

"Add North Carolina's Dole to List of Vulnerable Incumbents"

Democrats will cave and hand 700 + Billion to Paulson

Remember how Bush always bragged about how more people

Beggar On The Off Ramp: "Give Me 1 Trillion Dollars Or The World Will End."

Why I hate people

Why I hate people

Europe To Paulson - You're On Your Own

White House Letter to Congress Re: Bailout

Palin's youngest daughter Piper (7) enjoying her newfound celebrity - signing autographs @ Disney

McCain Aide’s (CAMPAIGN MANAGER Rick Davis) Firm Was Paid by Freddie Mac...NYTimes

CNN Politics Features McCain and Notes Similarities To Obama, But Does Not Mention Obama Went First

The Brilliance of the McCain campaign

"The Glass-Steagall wall was devised to prevent a repeat of the 1920s' scams"

Ohhhhh Tweety is going to look at McCain's temperment

Breaking: FBI launches fraud investigation of Fannie, Freddie, Lehman, and AIG

The local republicans in Carroll County NH are getting scared

Echoes of Iraq in Bush handling of mortgage crisis: Another 'trust me' remedy is getting rushed ....

Google phone to cost $179, go on sale Oct. 22

I need some DU love....Rate me Disruptive.

Palin Camp Goes To New Lengths To Shut Out Media....UPDATE CNN pulls TV crew

Dodd: 'I have a lot of reservations' about bailout plan

Senate President Lyda Green is pursuing options that might allow the state Senate to convene and

It is just a Mental Meltdown. Wall Street is just Whining for a bailout.

Here's the GOP strategy on the bailout

HTH did it go from the "recession is in our heads"

David Corn: As Dems Craft Bailout Bill, They Ought To Point Fingers

Facing Resistance on Hill, White House Pushes Hard for Bailout Plan

OK, fed up with SIGNS being stolen!!! Here's what I did that you can DU too:

everybody turn to page 923


I called my Congressman & Senator Re. Bail-out

A simple solution that helps the little guy

Doctor who reviewed McCain's medical records weighs in

Bush Justice for Sarah Palin and Jack Abramoff

Live from New York, it’s Gov. Sarah Palin’s top-secret foreign policy tutorial!

Palin staffer to CBS News after impromptu question @ event: Questions "weren’t allowed."

The Panic of 1792.

When is the next panel on the hearings?? The one with Krugman, Reich, Buffett...

AhmadiNejad was in attendance for Bush's UN address

"The Obama Rally" (DOW turned around during presser)

Paul Krugman, NYT: "Paulson's a smart guy, making it up as he goes along, just like the rest of us"

a practice run of a bailout has already been done--and it worked

a practice run of a bailout has already been done--and it worked

Oh HENRY. (for the Visual Types)

Just an observation - A Trillion dollar theft and not a soul indicted

The opportunity to drive a wooden stake thru the heart of the monster...

So, now it turns out that the guy tapped to set up a McCain WH also lobbied for Freddie Mac

Defazio "We shouldn't be rushed into this!"

George Will on McCain: "behaving like a flustered rookie playing in a league too high."

Bail out signal an end to SSI and Medicare

::: ahem ::::

How to Solve the Biggest Problems with the Bailout Plan:

ATTN: Joe Biden

We are approaching 40 Megaposts

just polled by Rasmussen

Love Rachel....But the Kent Jones segment should go away IMO!

Love Rachel....But the Kent Jones segment should go away IMO!

Wall St: People are Asking the Wrong Question

Palin to meet with Karzai, Kissinger and Bono to "gain international experience"

Hillary says she has "no doubt" Obama will be elected in November.

Bailout question 101: Who's greed are we paying for?

Tuesday TOONS, Part 2- McClueless

So if we are Poppy Bush to Wall Street, who is our Poppy Bush?

Va- 6,000 volunteers knocked on 170,000 doors talking to 60,000 people face-to-face

North Carolina in play! New Civitas poll (9/23): Obama 45%, Gramps 45%

Erin Burnett on MSNBC just now said that 95% of mortgage holders pay their mortgages.

Photoshop fun from me to you (low bandwidth warning)

Consititutional question

ENOUGH!.. Kick back a little with "The Black Snob" blog..Condi v Michelle

Why did Bush ruin the country?

The "Iraq War Resolution" passed Congress in October 2002.

On NPR Fresh Air, Gretchen Morgenson , financial writer, on now

McCain keeps Crutchley's homo-tainted Manhunt money

2nd straight day of great state poll for Obama CO/OR/IA Palin numbers dropped 12 points in CO

Tina Fey's SNL Palin "outrage"

Krugman on Paulson: Daddy doesn’t know best

Check Out Our Obama Office Grand Opening!!

What's Rush Been Up To Lately?

McCain hasn't had a press conference in 40 days.

Mark Warner has a 30 point lead in VA Senate race -- major coat-tails for Obama?

So who is getting the money from the bailout?

This CNN politics graphic smacks of propagandism to me...


Scrap Yards, Dollar Stores And Debt Collectors See Good Times In A Bad Economy

David Gregory just allowed Congressman Spence of Indiana to lie

I'm glad to see Dan Rather's allowed sue CBS. I believe that he's really the Ed Murrow of our time

How can Bush hold his head up in public?

Press Frustration With McCain Bubbles Over: Is This The 'No Talk Express'?

Seriously. The Truth on Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Should kids in a school setting, have full 1st amendment rights?

MarketWatch: Reaganomics $3.9 trillion debt outrages taxpayers

The Democratic consensus on bail-out is now in place IMO (Obama clinches Election)

Klein: Now Is the Time to Resist Wall Street's Shock Doctrine

Cut the fucking Defense budget to pay for this.

Workers: Supreme Bean closes, leaving them without paychecks

Michael Vick wants to know why is he in Jail

WTF? EPA won't limit rocket fuel in U.S. drinking water

Gun owners, contact the NRA

How do you plan to survive the coming Depression?

Obama may not return to D.C. for bailout vote.

Sack lunch Americans to give Fraud Street a free lunch at the Ritz.

*HONEST* DU Thread: Do you know your IQ? If so, what is it, and how do you know?

Please give us a way to turn off the new rating system.

"McCain Stumbles" - Palin pick and McCain negative/lying attacks are backfiring

The Daily Widget – Tues 9/23 – O-305, M-233 – Virginia Blue Again; Michigan Moves Left

Question for DU economic gurus: How are Carlyle Group's financial interests doing

Well, I think I know what Rove's October Surprise is...

"How About We Just Take The Trillion Dollars And Flush It Down The Toilet?"

Rachel Maddow was Right on Tonight's Show- the Apocalypse of Conservative Freemarket Ideology

Why would ANY BANK bid low in a "reverse auction"....

Palin: a cynical face in the crowd

Paul Krugman: Taxpayer equity in bailout is "an absolute deal or no-deal point."

Paul Krugman: Taxpayer equity in bailout is "an absolute deal or no-deal point."

"I don’t know why we’re not considering criminal charges against these people. They have done more..

Help me out here... What's the proof we are in economic meltdown?

Thom Hartmann: "This is the Shock Doctrine, this is the destruction of America......

The timing of this "bailout" is suspect.

Discuss: My Old Friend in Austin Called in Panic "Congressional Bail-Out Vote is a Trap for Obama."

Posted for maximum emotional effect. As it should be.

Ted Stevens (R-crook) To Judge: Can I Skip Out During Crisis?

Slacker Uprising being uploaded to youtube

"Hey, broke, no-job-security-having white folks! You're PRIVILEGED!

10 Things You Should Know About Bush's Trillion Dollar Fleecing Plan

Asshat Lou Dobbs Stumps FOR Palin: re Rape Kits/Book Bans

Treasury Secretary Paulson Snatches Booty from Congress, Gives to Filthy Rich

I think I just heard Paulson say He "doesn't like being in the position of

AIG CEO Rejects $22 Million Severence Package

Top Alaskan GOPer Decries McCain Camp's Interference in Palin-Troopergate Probe


ITT: A very naive question regarding bank failures.

Is the LA Times/Bloomberg poll out yet?

Miners call for work halt over NRA political filming

Is Barack Obama too emotionally cool...


Bush** playing to a tough house. (UN)

Is Virginia even a "Southern" state anymore?

Eliot Spitzer: Predatory Lenders' Partner in Crime

Problem with demanding "equity stake" in Wall St in exchange for bailout

Senators Dole, Barr and Congressman Etheridge --

Sarah Palin- Mean Girl...

Will we ever recover from Bush? I just don't understand how one

Double Secret Recession: Dean Wormer sends warning through sock puppet Ben Bernanke

So, all of this money we're set to throw in the pot is borrowed right? $700bil more in debt...right?

What does IBTL stand for?

Do we get paid back?

Can we give some loving to North Carolina's Kay Hagan (running against Dole)

Here's what white privilege sounds like:

"Illiquid"..such a genteel word.. there are so many more descriptive words he could use..

I thought it was posted that Canada would not send men back to fight in Iraq?

HEARING WATCHERS Is anyone on our side showing good sense and fighting back?

WANTED: Any articles discussing Bush's expertise in dealing with this financial crisis.

Police Mobilize at Northeast Rail Stations

McCain Chief of Staff Outed?

No Talk Express?

A potential approach for the Republicans regarding the bail-out bill

Breaking: Vets for Peace Scale Natl. Archive Bldg, Demand Impeachment!

Greenwald: **Now** the wingers are hyperventilating over autocracy in the executive?!

So I asked my Republican father-in-law how he liked living in a welfare state.

I am working for Obama...

Why they always portray the educated as elitist....

"A man was arrested near Obama's home this morning..."

Sometimes, A New DU Member Impresses the HELL Out of Me!!!

Go, Dodd, GO. He's tearing the Paulson Golden Parachute Giveaway a new a**hole.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blames Bush

Direct KEATING 5 link to the proposed $700B bailout: Last 2 left of 5 firms who in 2004 received special SEC exemptions

Just got into it with a wingnut.

ON BAILOUT: Look at how war turned out: We gave Bush power, and he abused it. We gave him money,

I just shook hands with Joe Biden!

has ANYONE in the govt or on wall street addressed just how much the untold billions we are blowing

LIstening to Hammerin Hank Paulson on the TV I noticed the adjectives he uses to describe

Even AP is sick of Palin. Isn't that...the end?

A Conversation about the 2004 Election ( TIA )

CNN Poll - Who gets blame for bank crisis - Rethug 78%

I can smell it coming a mile away.

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- 'Reagan Revised" (Dory Hippauf)

Paulson: I Didn’t Suggest Oversight In The Bailout Plan Because That Would Be ‘Presumptuous’

Mexican Immigration to US Up Last Year, Mexico Says

Firm Subpoenaed in Vote Tally - Wash. D.C.

McCain's Scary Friends

Is bush lying to us about the economy as he lied to us about the war?

Nuclear Power Liabilities Dwarf Bush's Wall Street Bailout

Hard times? Blame Clinton!

I like Bill.

KY Sen Poll: McConnell in Statistical Tie with Opponent

Bailout is being framed as Dem's fault.

The Obama Campaign wants to know what's important to you! Link to survey.

A little perspective on what a "CRA" loan is and how NOT to blame "poor people"

"No Cash For Trash"

CEO murdered by mob of sacked Indian workers

Is there a correlation between being Oil Rich and Theocratically Bent?

Dear My Democratic Congressional Members (and your Republican accomplices):

TOON--future Hummer owners

Let me say it: I don't give a shit about CEO pay. (KOS)

AlterNet: 10 Things You Should Know About Bush's Trillion Dollar Fleecing Plan

Child-Killer Scheduled To Be Executed

NOW: Women, Power and Politics VIDEO

Self- was a hoax

Paulson: I Didn’t Suggest Oversight In The Bailout Plan Because That Would Be ‘Presumptuous’

My solution: Sell Texas to Mexico and Alaska to Canada to pay-off The National Debt. n/t

from the no duh department

Senator Charles Schumer asks if Congress could give $150 billion instead.

I need some advice on a dog that's in trouble

This is like Bush & his cronies basically trying to take all the peoples' money before they

The bailout is the PATRIOT ACT Part II

Obama struggling to win over Clinton voters

Chinese, U.S. Presidents Talk Over Phone About Ties, U.S. Financial Turmoil

Financial Firms Have Given Lavishly To Both Parties In Congress

How has George W. Bush changed America?

Vacationing on Fiji, Psychologist Meets the Real, Racist McCain

To Pay Off the Financial Crisis

McCain's camp worries Palin may struggle without tight debate rules

My bail-out proposal.

Atlanta gas crunch: 'We've got no gas here'

Pulitzer Prize Winner: Press, Don't Be Lapdogs about Bailout!

Racism is the race...

Why is the GOP-controlled media avoiding the word recession?

Sprtzer Tried to Warn us about this ..Wall Street Crisis


Senate attack on bailout lacks explicit threat

Don't pass the bailout

Man jailed for failing to pay child support

Kucinich floats his own Wall Street bailout plan

After WW2, Japan and Germany were not allowed to have a military...

Faux, oh so typical: Just change ‘bailout’ to ‘rescue’ and people will support it.»

What prompted the "financial institutions" to invest in bad mortgages?

Bernie Sander's Nightmare Scenario"

House GOP rises up against Cheney

Senator John McCain pledges to break the constitution

CNN: McCain camp tries to to keep reporters out of Palin meetings

Kid get's suspended for anti-obama t-shirt

My letter via form "Stop Paulson's Plunder"

Schumer asked Paulson why they need the whole $700 bln now. Why indeed?

'Palin Syrah' Wine Drops in Sales After Sarah Palin Veep Pick

If you were on the Senate panel -- your response to Paulson & Bernanke and their scam/request:

"Two Weeks In, Maddow A Hit For MSNBC"

If Bush were to attack a target within the United States before the election...

Rep Carolyn Malony,(D- NY )is proposing Bill to overhaul Credit Card Co's Rip Offs..

It just amazes me how many are knee jerking to this plan

AIG is a ‘special case’ (in bed with CIA)

My doc told me today she & her fellow docs know what will solve the health care mess....

Chairman Howie just mentioned Keating and McCain and connected them .....

Dodd - breakout plan unacceptable

Excellent analysis of Obama's debate requisites...


Is it me or do a lot of us seem to be on the same side now?

Is it me or do a lot of us seem to be on the same side now?

Welcome to Obama, Calif.

A Dose of Reality - There IS going to be a depression, it's just a question of WHEN

How can I look into a possible case of voter fraud?

ATTN ELECTION 2008: How the GOP Wired Ohio's 2004 Vote Count for Bush to Win

Rove’s Katrina Reconstruction Should Warn Us That Paulson's Cash Giveaway Is a Bush/GOP Scam

This bail out /control scam is bad enough and confusing enough

Oops, please delete...n/t


Go to MSNBC and vote.

Student, car debt quietly added to bailout plan.

Don't Just Bitch - Take Action Now: Petition & Phone Numbers - Re Bailout

Were adjustable rate mortgages a factor in this disaster?

If this is tuesday this must be the UN.

update-one step closer to palin quitting.

Whatever happened to

Homeland Security Detects Terrorist Threats by Reading Your Mind

Conversation with a Potential VP or Special Needs Evaluation?

Press for the Politically Unthinkable: Toward an 80% Decrease in Defense Spending

Veterans Climb Government Building, Call for Arrest of Bush and Cheney

More Evidence of Neo-Con Influence on McCain

"Thirty-Two Words That None Dare Utter"

Obama clinches Election in Bail-Out Press Conference

Regardless of what Dems should do on bail out, what will they do?

Educating Sarah: In Pictures...

There is no defense for the repeal of Glass-Steagall, it created the crisis

Chris Rock is calling out Clinton on Letterman... immediately following Clinton's appearance.

Hard Times (Newsweek Photo Essay)

A manipulated crisis that enables Numbnuts' buddies to raid the treasury one last time.

special thanks to Nancy and Harry for taking impeachment off the table...

Bush's National debt is expected to rise to 72 percent of US gross domestic product - We're bankrupt

Schumer and Dodd are in the pocket of the Big Banks.

Have People Been Getting the Following Email



I'm not a poker player but it's time to call their bluff. Congress

Bush to U.N.: You could be a powerful force for good if you'd only weed out corruption...

CNN Poll: Which party is more to blame for the U.S. financial crisis?

EXCLUSIVE: Maliki Suggests Bush Pushed To Extend U.S. Presence In Iraq To Help McCain»

instead of bailout: REGULATE, INVESTIGATE, INCARCERATE (starting with Paulson)

Bush Administration will keep secret 'grim' Afghanistan report quiet until after election

Gingrich urges vote against 'stupid' Paulson plan

Japan to the Rescue of Ailing US Firms

Why not take that 700 Billion and just buy some Vegas Casinos

Roll Call - CHENEY - BOLTON - GILLESPIE pushing this plan, enough said.

as bailout gets the light of day, is it looking more like it's needed or a dangerous scam?

Watch Michael Moore's new film "Slacker Uprising" for free right here...

How much money would be raised if they eliminated the mortgage interest deduction?

I am Tom Feeney R FL 24th and I made a complete ass out of myself but I am really sorry

Bailout the taxpayers instead of the companies

from Nathan Hale to the present...

Higher incomes seeking help from Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta

Hey Nancy and Harry


Gas Lines in NC

GOP playing politics with the bailout. Time to shut them up or shut it down.


The "bail-out" plan should never be allowed to come to a vote.

OK, right wing. Let me see if I have this right

One Million Weapons to Iraq; Many Go Missing

2 Plantation men found guilty in Lauderdale homeless beating case

Bernanke 'recession is more likely without bailout'

what article is Randi Rhodes reading from right now?

Take a look here, this is EXACTLY how I think we will end up on November 4th :)

Democrats widen lead in battle for Congress

The new Republican fear words: Recession/Depression. Use instead of 'terra'

What We've Sacrificed so far for Security

Veterans for Peace stage protest on govt building 9/23

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Bernie Sanders,R Scheer, Dean Baker on Democracy Now!

CNN allowed to observe Palin and Karzai for 29 seconds!!

Barclays May Cut 5,000 Lehman Jobs, Recruiters Say

Gingrich: 'McCain should make bailout 'Obama-Bush' plan'

LOL! McTurd picks Ron Fournier at his economic press conference

Start out with a $50 Billion program...Let's see how much "profit"...

The markets tanking again...down 150 pts.,under 11,000

Ron Kuby is Friends with Matt Drudge?

10 National Security Myths, from: The Nation

MarketWatch: Reaganomics $3.9 trillion debt outrages taxpayers

Re: Bailout-House prices will not come back.

"The other guys have to give up their golden 'chutes, but Carly can keep hers"

Do you really want Republicans to switch over to OBAMA?

House passes Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights bill Today- Banks don't like it

Deregulation question

Congressional Democrats need to hold a Press Conference

I Come Here For The Truth

Lexington/Fayette County Ky residents! Good part time job at FCDP

Banking Industry Cheers Treasury Plan To Pay Rich Price For Toxic Bank Assets

Call it what it is: Economic Terrorism, a shake down based on FEAR.

Global Priorities: Feeding Markets, Starving the Hungry

Cafferty wants to know "Why don’t Americans trust the mass media?"

Press Corps Threatens a Mini-Boycott of McCain Campaign

Strange email I just got: any truth to this?

Building Our Way Out

Cheney makes appearance

Iraq Awash in "Missing" Weapons

Rush, Hannity, et al. Working Furiously to Blame this Whole Bail Out on Democrats

I just LOVE Ethan Allen furniture!

Fuckin' Jocks: Horrific football hazing case shakes NM town

Bernie Buzz

Taliban Expected to Launch Offensive This Winter

Goper Ron Christie on M$NBC, does anyone else just about die laughing when you see him?

Tie Wall Street bailout to Bu$h/Cheney resignations.

I Thought We Needed This Bailout

Faux perpetuates false myth about 269-269 scenario, "Loserman could decide the president"

Bill Clinton is a complete tool

Analysis of the Presidents who are responsible for the debt

Wow Kudos Tony Blair

Isn't Bush About Due To Ask For More Money For Iraq?

And so the Florida primary lawsuit continues against the DNC.

Some financial questions Congress might want to ask

Credit The GOP/MSM - Look At DU -They Do A Great Job Of Getting Even Democrats To Ignore Issues!

Iraq Awash in "Missing" Weapons

White lady kills a moose, OK ~~~Black guy kills a dog...........

Does McCain have dentures?

Bright Greetings Dear American- -Paulson's Scam

2008 Republican (McCain's) Party Platform: "We do not support government bailouts..."

On BAILOUT: Got GOP Senator/Rep? Here's what Boxer's Office Said

"I" make too much money to get a stimulus check, but some Wall Street Zillionaires need cash...

Happy Bisexuality Day

Could you write a 1000 page novel in a weekend?

Listen up Congress! Hank Paulson doesn't know shit!

“Oh my gods its Communism….” or more spin from ‘free-market’ scam artists.

Market Fears: “There’s a terrified older population out there,”

This may be a stupid question

"We need to grow the government" McCain messes up...

Live McPOW implosion

An Important Election Message

Good grief -- there are new "Obama having trouble w/ Clinton voters" stories out today.

Good grief -- there are new "Obama having trouble w/ Clinton voters" stories out today.

Bernie Sanders: I fear a Pelosi/Reid/Bush bailout that will damage Obama while McCain can oppose it

DAVID CAY JOHNSTON: Journalists, start your skepticism.


Jackson Browne (Musician/Activist) on Colbert Report Tonight

Jackson Browne (Musician/Activist) on Colbert Report Tonight

Are Dems trying to avoid a midnight executive order on bailout?

Only 25 percent of Americans support bailout plan

Watching McCain's "press conference". Is he just repeating Obama's plans?

If GOP U Turns were fuel it would be turbo charged

My Dad's 9-11 Memorial Poem

Bernanke threatens Congress with mental anthrax.....


how to respond to minority loans being blamed for crisis?

perfect pic for today...

Bush/Paulson asking for the nation's life savings with no strings attached: The epitome of hubris?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Main Street, exiled

Matthews Chortles: "Is McCain too Hot....Is Obama too Cool" he thinks

PHOTOS: At the U.N. today, the color code for the imminent threat of a smirk was "RED."

Can someone tell me why this bailout has to be passed by Friday? Why Friday?

Palin Twin MN.Congresswoman Michele Bachmann yells "Drill"

A plea: Constitution & Voting Day

I Was Using the Palin Moose-Kill Photo In My Sig

I Was Using the Palin Moose-Kill Photo In My Sig

Okay everyoe it's 3:00 p.m. (on the west coast) so if your tv is

Is there any Way to bust the VULTURES??!!

Pakistan to BushCo: Quit f**king with us!

If fears about mortgages are behind this, couldn't they just guarantee every mortgage

Anyone else notice Dick Durbin on fire yesterday?


warren buffet interested in paulsen's company since paulsen is

Children, there are some very bad people in this world...

WHAT'S THIS? Must read and recommended ?

What is the defining issue of this election?

The Democrats Should Permit Bush/Paulson's Bill to Go To Both Floors For a Vote.

More parents move in with kids

U.S. Supreme Court stays Georgia execution (Troy Anthony Davis)

Hey!!! Who moved the furniture around in here??

Bailout: LINKS and contact info for darn near everyone on Capitol Hill! (from Hell Hath No Fury...)

FAIL - US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson pic

FAIL - US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson pic

Bernanke: Approve bailout or risk recession

Image of Virgin Mary seen in Palin's hairdo

Anyone else occasionally bump into famous Republicans they despise?

So, the good people at The Clarion Fund are looking to enlighten me

I sure miss the Big Dog.

All DUers should keep a 8.5x11 "FAIL" piece of paper in their wallet

W.H. spokesman Tony Fratto: The "unthinkable" could happen if bailout isn't approved by end of week

Do gov's really have more experience than Senators?

Zucker: Republican is 'the new gay'

Slaves to the system. Can we say No?

Troy Davis - fewer than 7 hours to live

"Obama is a poopie head" "DU this PBS Poll" "Bill Clinton (fill in blank)"

Nice Rating thingy!

C-Span caller: "Black people created the mortgage problem"

Kucinich: Protecting the public interest in any economic "bailout"

Economic and Housing Rescue Legislation Passed in the House

AK Lawmakers Fire Back on GOP Bid To Shut Down Trooper-Gate Probe

DU this CNN POLL - (I think it's a new one)

This Bailout Vote could be the most interesting Vote...Ever...

This mess didn't "happen"

WTF Brian Williams NBC Nightly news?

I just kicked a racist out of my shop over Bush/Obama

REAGAN REVISED **** Radical Fringe TOON

You can download Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising" now for free......

Breaking- Vets Occupy National Archive with "Arrest Bush" Banner

Sign the petition for Bernie Sanders.

'Grim' Afghanistan Report To Be Kept Secret by US

economists on the bailout

Paulson...Bailout Or Face Ressesion.....Threats Threats Threats

Paulson...Bailout Or Face Ressesion.....Threats Threats Threats

Emergency? White House Admits to Planning Bailout for MONTHS

Bush knew: July 2008 "Wall Street Got Drunk"

When did Rip Torn become a Senator?

McCain’s Economic Plan For Nation: 'Everyone Marry A Beer Heiress'


Universal Health Care is DEAD as a DOORNAIL

Against the Bail Out? Call Congress

DU this poll on the Motherfucker of all bailouts.

It's way past time for torches and pitchforks......

The Short-Sale Ban Is a Fiction

Spielberg, wife donate 100,000 dlrs to fight gay marriage ban

HEY SKINNER-- is that the way the greatest page

Faced by failure of credit, they have proposed only the lending of more money.


Digby: Republicans are going to make the bailout a Bush/Democratic Bailout

why shouldn't capital gains be taxed at the same marginal rates as regular income?

Awww, Dimson cancels fund raiser to "Focus on Economy", that doesn't make me feel better

House votes to rein in credit-card fees, interest rates

Tuesday TOONS, Part 1: f***ing bailout

I don't like the new format...During all this CRAP I have to learn a new rating system??

Americans Oppose Bailouts, Favor Obama to Handle Market Crisis

Drudge Home Page: EPIC FAIL!!!!

Who could have known they would

Why not add the ability to rate individual posts within threads, a la youtube

How about using an old New England Tradition: The dreaded default budget.

DU'ers from the Mid-Atlantic to New England heads up!...

Reality Is in the Tank for Obama

reporter asks McTROLL if the bus is now called "NO TALK EXPRESS"

What the Palin camp learned from Reagan (Mike Deaver)

Squeezy McFeelpants is alive and well in Idaho

Hit me with a "Skip It"!

Treasury Plans to Buy Assets at TWICE Market Value

VA quadruples payments to vets with brain injuries

Homeland Security replaces head of troubled border program

Protesters unfurl 'Arrest Bush & Cheney' banner at Nat'l Archives

911.shock and awe.this has stickyfingers written all over it.

Injecting a little humor this morning, it's needed

I don't like the new rating system!

Obama pledges to fire managers, cut redundant programs

Is this thread disruptive? Does it skip? Must it learn to read? Would you recommend it?

CNN: Breaking!

Help wanted: Signs stolen from NH house Democratic Candidate.. DU this:

Sarah Palin bags a big one...

Honest, plain spoken, likeable, salt of the earth. I really like ths guy!

What's a mere billion dollars anyway? Anyone can make a mistake in planning

Wohoo! My copy of Obsession just arrived Today.

Palin to Kissinger: “Good, good. And you'll give me more insight on that, also, huh? Good.”

McCain lays out bailout principles--principles he's pretty loosey goosey on. Way to take a stand!

By Golly, I sure hope Todd and Sarah have fun on their field trip to the UN today.

"...Of particular concern is what happens with the more than $2 trillion in consumer debt..."

Chavez: "How are you, comrade Bush?"

Cramer: "There's a bank out there that's 5-7 days away from failing"

Annoy Lou Dobbs

McCain Campaign Lies Pose Same Challenge as Bush's -- Will Apathy, Indifference, and Triviality Win?

Good discussion on the bailout on PBS now n/t

Sarah palin's International Debut: Al Friends, No Media


Gas Shortage Fuels Fights in Asheville

The one common opinion of DU about which I am the most confused

The Difference Between Ahmadinejad and Palin...

Seems like an appropriate time to bring this up: Paraguay


Ok, you buy the debt..what do you pay for it...original price or discounted

Naomi Klein's "Shock Doctrine" just came out in Paperback. Barnes & Noble in NC never heard of it!

DU this CNN blame poll.

Please vote me disruptive i want to see how it looks!!!

Sarah Palin's son should not be allowed to go to Iraq.....

Stevens Asks to Leave Courtroom for Senate

House GOP rises up against Cheney

In Visit to Marshal Support for the BAILOUT, House Republicans Hand Cheney His Kicked-Off Ass

This bailout threat seems to be a great opportunity for voters.

"Do you want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud?!?!?!"

"Do you want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud?!?!?!"

Bailout Proposal Puts "Constitution At Risk"

TEDTalk Tuesday: Women, Security, and Vaginas

On PBS tonight: "You Must Remember This," the Warner Bros. story. Heads up.

This Bailout Should be Contingent on Paulson's Resignation

Is "e-statements only" safe for your bank/credit union accounts?

Thanks to the person who bought me a donor star

School of the Americas protest and vigil 11/22-23

Sarah Meets Henry

Bush Mouthpiece Admits: They’ve Been Sitting on this Plan

What's your View on the Crisis and Bail-Out?

If CEO salaries are tied to risk . . .

David Cay Johnston on this current market situation:

E-Mail I sent to my ENTIRE mailing list - including the GOPPERS - re: NO BLANK CHECK FOR WALL ST.

A Note of Appreciation From the Rich

does he know that he`s going to have to convert or he`ll go to hell ?

Why does everything have to be anal on the new Greatest Page?

Can anyone name one other field of human endeavor where you are rewarded for massive failure?

Here Comes the Thought Police.

Help! Need article links for my US congressman

***GRRR!!!! I'm so pissed!!!***

FSM help me, I agree w/ Newt

I Sense a Disturbance in the Force...

Barney Frank (D-MA) discusses $700,000,000,000.00 with Charlie Rose tonight

Caption Mc*

DJIA plunging at the close.... down almost 200 now.... WTF?

Feds ask to put wolves back on endangered list

is this crisis real?

Coalition of the Bribed Part II: Is the $700 Billion To Buy China's Consent for a US-Iran War?

Lawmakers - No to Paulson Bailout - Consider Alternatives

Bush 'strongly opposes ' military pay increase of 3.9%.

So what's the worst that would happen if we just say no to any further bailouts?

93L to become Hurricane Kyle? Watch out NY/New England area. (see map inside)

kos: Democrats should delay vote on bailout until after the election...

British Columbia Sustains Abortion 'Bubble Zone' Law

44% of Americans are against the bailout bill, only 25% in favor.

Universal Healthcare: Some Figures

6 Brainwashing Techniques They Are Using On You Right Now.

Top Republican on the House Financial Services Committee is under investigation for insider trading

GOP rises up ‘en masse’ against White House bailout package.»

Equity, Not “Cash For Trash” In Bailout by Dennis Kucinich

Awright you mugs, PAY the ransom, or its the New Depression see?

Breaking News: FBI to investigate Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG and Lehman Bros.

I have a question - if these financial institutions are so broke

I got this strange email from Nigeria... do you think it's a scam?

This is not socialism. Capitalism just deregulated to the point where it bought the US Government.

The president is A W O L, hiding like a chicken shit coWard

McCain Gives Traveling Press 10 Minutes

The Worst President in History?

My Advice to the Obama Campaign: "Run as a Democrat"

You know what? I can handle "the unthinkable"

I like Shumer's idea: $150 Billion now, come back in Jan. 09 to reassess the situation

The one word Obama needs in every answer during the debates:

the $700 billion bailout is costing a little over $2000 for every american......

Do you believe Congress should demand market reforms such as the ten listed below...

Basic primer on the economy

A question which must be asked: Where is Mama Jane?

Anyone else not getting their mortgage bills on time?

Good info on AIG here:

They want a $700 billion bailout? Fine. Cut $700 billion from the Pentagon.

Liveblogging The Senate Banking Committee Showdown! (Wonkette)

if palin/mccain win, will "tongues" become the official language of the USA?

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States...

Suggest your substitute vocabulary of insults here:

Pic - The Palin stare (*caution large image*)

Federal Reserve System Board of Directors Frequently Requested Telephone Numbers

Democrats to let offshore drilling ban expire

Both my brother and my son-in-law believe Obama

Sarah Shoots!

Why is this race even close?

McCain Campaign "Tired of Catching Spears."

The Money Party (6): "A Cascade of Ruin"

Please don't tell me I'm the only one here fed up with Chuck Schumer

To All COMCAST Internet Users

Contact Congress against the Bush bailout.


Dennis explains it to me like I'm a 2-year old

Ben Stein-Spills The Beans On $$$ Crisis: THE BIG SECRET-It's seriously mind-blowing.

Bank Deregulation

KRUGMAN: "No equity stake, no deal."

IT'S WORKING! Holy cow, its really, really working!

Sorry Bill, you're on your own now.

Another Republican called me a coward.

Another Republican called me a coward.

WOW - Human Society Article - Palin paid $400,000 to defeat bill to stop aerial shooting!

CNN pulls cameras from Palin's photo op

Newsweek Slams Palin

Democrats to let offshore drilling ban expire. GOP gloats

You asked for it -- you got it! A better way to rate discussion threads on Democratic Underground!

You asked for it -- you got it! A better way to rate discussion threads on Democratic Underground!

BUSHCO Admits They Have Been SITTING On This - So-Called Emergency Bail-Out Plan - "FOR MONTHS"

Krugmam: "Hank Paulson told a whopper:"

The borrowers are not responsible, got that?

U.S. Citizens Bailout Plan

Here's a real Democrat with a plan, Kucinich Bail Out Plan

Cenk Uygur: Why Should We Pay for All the Bad Loans of All the Banks in the World?

Troy Davis got a stay of execution!

Troopergate: A Cat Slipped Out of the Bag

House finally votes for "Credit Card Holders Bill of Rights!" ...and Lobbyist armed to F**K it Up!

Let's counter the GOP meme: "It's all the Democrats' fault."

"A Little Suspicious? - There Is No Crisis-Summary

Fifth-Grader Suspended For Anti-Obama Shirt

Right Now: Veterans Climb Government Building, Call for Arrest of Bush and Cheney

Trade-offs. What $700 billion COULD have bought for Americans. Staggering!

TNR in 2005 on the bankruptcy bill..."This e-mail came in over the transom today"

Sarah bags the big one


Let's Give A Donation to This Worthy Cause

Those who want an economic collapse are fools.... My observation living through Hurricane Ike

Conservative Icon George Will Continues Attack on McCain

Flip McFlop...from WaPo..March 08.. very interesting

Flip McFlop...from WaPo..March 08.. very interesting

Right Now: Veterans Climb Government Building, Call for Arrest of Bush and Cheney

"Broken Windows" in New Hampshire. A Candidate Needs Your Help.

Do you think EX-felons should be allowed to vote?

Naomi Klein AND Naomi Wolf On TYT On The Shock Doctrine, The Wall Street Crisis & Freedom

It's the financial RAPTURE!!!!!

RFK Jr: Votes Are Being Stolen, Now, By Hundred Thousands - And Dems Aren't Doing Anything About It

Wait Just a Damned Minute - FBI Investigating Wall Street

Gospel magazine taken off shelves...had cover picture of women pastors.

The "economy" explained

The "economy" explained

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

We just returned from a, "Understanding The Current Financial Crisis" Forum

You asked for it -- you got it! A better way to rate discussion threads on Democratic Underground!

THE OCTOBER SURPRISE: Do you think it is coming and what do you think it will be?

Three New Congress Members Sign On for Impeachment

Concerning Halloween: I majorly SCORED at the thrift store today!!!


This photo cracks me up.

Have you ever considered that you may have possibly eating your twin in the womb?

They Won't Fear, They Won't See

who has that sigline with McLame and Gramp Simpson??

I'm like the Maharishi except with dirty tissues instead of flowers.

Anyone else have problems with Itunes?

found an awesome facebook app for Obama

I swear, if I hear another "I am gonna go mario on someones head," I'm gonna piss in their Cheerios.

I deleted my MySpace page

It's official! It's Paint Your Wagon style!

Funny cat video

Back to square one with PB and Milk Chan...

Hey! Can you help sponsor my 5K run against ovarian cancer?

Tammy Grimes turned down Bewitched.

Chicken bans restauranteur Colonel Sanders' website

Capitalism has Failed. Is it time to seize the means of production yet?

Do you have special powers, and if so what are they?

Hmm. The recommend fairy is back...

I was thinking back today about my very first lounge post in August 1981.

I will admit..... I love Josh Groban

Antony and the Johnsons fans!!! Kate Winslet and Leo DiCaprio fans

Freeze warning for tonight in the NW.

Do people actually piss in someone elses breakfast cereal?

In what respect, Cosmic Charlie?

Note to the TV football idiots who think I am an idiot.

Nietzsche fans: What do you think of this poster for my apartment?

mmmmmmm BEER!

Poor, poor mvd. He thinks if he posts enough, it will halt

i imagine doing acid is something like this

Didn't take long. First punk song about Sarah Palin..."Lipstick on a Pig"

DuStrange and Philboy, what is the relationship?


My Pal Walter

Just when you start to lose your faith in humans...I got the nicest compliment today!!

Couched Woman With Melon.

ATTENTION San Francisco area DU'ers I'm looking for a flea market in this area

My 5 year old's kindergarten class was discussing the states today

I will admit..... I love Just Groping

Tonight, it is Shocco's turn to be the indoor cat, while Shiloh hunts

ok, this is really stupid, hence why i came to the lounge. lol lol... baby nicknames

To celebrate 1000+ posts, I've decided I need a star. Can I donate now for one or do I have to wait?

OK, so I'm braging a bit, but my grandson is playing for the Steelers in Ga!

Do you ever feel just really...overwhelmed to the point of shutdown?

that was a crazy game of poker

Just because she said it doesn't make it true, ok? Gosh!

I think my best friend is a total narcissist...

To my DU friends who have been helping me through this Breast Cancer nightmare

Goddamn internet squatters. Goddamn hosting fuckups that cause my domain name to expire.

Well, fuck, Wednesday's going to be my day off...

How do you plan to survive the upcoming Depression?

Hey...anyone have the Jungian recurring dream about a house with a secret door?

Anyone have a link to the Conan O'Brien sketch NBC4 LA censored this morning?

Which way is your flag flyin' tonight?

Damn, my buddy is a full blown alcoholic

On 'American Experience' tonight: Roberto Clemente

Rolling Stone: Discovered on YouTube, Filipino frontman finds Journey tour "a curse"

It was bound to happen sooner or later. Bunco has spread to GD.

Comic Strip of the Day (9/23/2008)

Moday Night Football: Tony Kornheiser has jumped the shark!

Hit me with your best shot

Gay Bacon Lettuce and Tomatoes

Remember during spring training?

My son issued a challenge to me last night. He said his

8 a.m. and my day's already been sabotaged by wind chimes.

Now THIS is one of the coolest pics Evah! (Mr. Sulu Wedding Day, and ST Crew!)

Who needs an alarm clock...

WaMu wants $200 from me.

Forbidden Planet on TCM

Someone got access to my bank debit card

Just playing around with photoshop

Would you like to have a butler?

Happy Birthday AirmensMom

How bad am I for hoping David Blaine goes blind?

Favorite feature of Contingencies (the actuarial magazine)

Which one?

Obama to Nation: “Fuck this shit, I’m outta here!”

Lab farts stink!

Movie suggestions for the financial crisis

*snort* There's yet another IQ thread on DU. This time it's *snicker* honest!

soooooooooo am i in trouble

Abe Vigoda is still alive, thank you very much

What are your top 5 favorite things on TV?

Dogs and cats: can someone explain this? Jack mostly ignores the cats

The Royal Guardsmen- Snoopy -vs- Osama!!

Mars rover targets monster crater

EARLY SHOT: Best debate drinking game phrase?

What is the next Tom Petty song to be bastardized by easy-listening/AC artists, and by whom?

I made the fatal error. I gave a cat food.

Come Play

So here I am at the airport (MSP) waiting for a flight

Special Needs kitteh is just wearing me out

90 minutes on the phone to fix a $6 miscalculation on my unemployment filing

LATEST HEADLINES . . . . . . . . . . . .

If McCrazy wins I'm setting up an "agency" to find Americans jobs in Canada

Mufin tops... love em?

Question for you Loungey Mechanical types:

You can find great clothes at Goodwill and other thrift shops. St. Vincent

If McCrazy wins, I am moving to Canada

Bailout hearing: This pic says it all

Help calm a nervous first time cat owner - Is it common for cats to snore?

I saw a pink

Is your flower wilting?

Got An Email From A Friend Looking For Anti-McLoonery/Paltry Or

Palin Poll on PBS needs your Vote!

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday September 23

What a perfect afternoon for the Top of the Pops slow version of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy..."

Neat Firefox tricks, part 1


Knock Knock

Congratulate me!

I am completely dreading seeing my brother today

this has to be some bizarro alternate universe

is this youtube video day today???

You know what this place needs? More Pearl Jam

Come on everybody grab your bike and sing along

Funny Cindy McSame item

Lounge Vibes Needed

Anyone watching "True Blood" on HBO?

I'm feeling so down all of a sudden. I feel like nothing's going to go my way today

I dreamed of Hermione's School of the Arts...

It was 36 degrees here this morning!

Petrolheads, a question for you.

Idiocracy in real life

Another SHOE poll: If you only had a hundred bucks to spend on shoes

This place needs a little Raspberry Jam

This place needs a little Raspberry Jam

Damn, You still can't rate your own threads...

Date me! and be nice.

With this new rating system all hell is going to break loose in GD:P

Hate me! and be nice.

Rate me! and be nice.

Check the new "rate this thread" feature.

Oh this is fun. It's like being able to shout "This thread sucks" from the peanut gallery

Isn't teh Lounge supposed to be unrated?

Oh shit. With the new rating system, my DU posting life is over...

I just LOVE Ethan Allen furniture!

jpgray sighing in GD. He's making sense again. Doesn't look good.

AC people, how come the vast majority of homes didn't have AC in the 1950's-early '60's?

Must not play with new DU toyzzz

Who needs a star?

The I Can Has Cheezburger? Book is Coming Soon! Available for Presale Nao!


so whos winning the fantasy football league???

Remember this phrase: "Privatized profit, socialized risk"

Y'know, I just figured something out.

I'm home, but next time I'm in the Milwaukee area, maybe a meet-up?

I've got nothing.

What is the weirdest thing you ever witnessed at work?

I just bought my first Mac!!

Did I just see an ad for a hybrid Escalade?

What do I have to do to give this thread an "R" rating?

Vote here to DEMAND the Lounge have its own rating system...

I have this little rescue kitty who sits on my lap and every once and awhile

Towards a new DU lexicon of approbation and denunciation: K&D

What do you see in this tile? flvegan, this one's for you.

Well, they have apparently decided never to follow my suggestions

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 9/23/2008)

Man, I guess if I start a thread now I'll get an orange "skip it"

Really really bored? Let's pick a thread and make the ratings go up and down.

You can't rate your own threads.

If you could get away with trashing a McPain yard sign, would you?

How do you deal with it if your parents have a favorite child and it isn't you?

Skinner should have gone with my rating system.

Who decides what is a "must read" or "recommended"?

If average ratings were posted to ten decimal places we could play games like

Any change in layout confuses and disorients me.

I don't like the new rating system. There. I said it. nt

It's sad when there are more ads than pages of content in a magazine.

SOMEone is on a "Must Read" rampage all up in here.

Mate me! and be nice.

Who moved my cheese?

Pray/Chant for me today . . . PULEEZE!!!

Simon Baker IS totally hot.

what song(s) did you go around singing as a kid?

Why was it unacceptable for DS1 to cry at his debutante cotillion?

Mmm... My homemade chili smells DELICIOUS!

Chet Atkins comes out in People magazine

Heroes tonight *SPOILERS*

Today's PSA: The trunk of a car is no way to transport your children.

Pictures from Mr & Mrs Mander-Sparrow's Columbus, Ohio Reception

I'd like to propose a rating system for the Lounge that is more in tune with our values

I am close to 3000 posts , ask me anything

I'm not in favor of using the ratings system in the lounge

Words fail me.

Today.... Jefferson Airplane- a love song

Happy Birthday to Bruce Springsteen! (59!)

I'm leaving in about an hour to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

In the spirit of IQ, what is your LQ (lounge Q)?

You wouldn't rate these kittehs disruptive, would you?

Just got TM's yearbook.

Just got TM's yearbook.

I'm dissapointed the new rating system does not have a 'Steaming pile of crap' rating option.

OK, I have never been a fashonista....

For all dog lovers

Anybody know southlandshari offline?

Everytime I go home, I realize how much I miss my mom.

Oh boy, I can see it comin'. n/t

What happens now to 'K&R'?

Horny thread

Midlo has been forcing her children to worship Nazi's!!

OMFG!!!! I am stunned by a student comment and I don't know what to do/say....

Gastric Bypass Surgery: Do you know people who have had it?

AIG- what they're really about.

AIG- what they're really about.

(some disturbing information here)Why can't they find a way to catch the endangered polar bears and

Clay Aiken comes out in People magazine.

WOOT-OFF in progress!!

Why is it unacceptable to cry at work in our society?

Should I be this for Halloween?

Holy Chit, My Cable Box Just Put On A Fireworks Show

Dog owner thread: what breed(s) of dogs do you own?

Atlanta gas crunch: 'We've got no gas here'

CountDown: McCains Pattern Of Privatization

TYT: Another Sarah Palin Lie

Fed makes it easier to take stakes in banks

Olbermann calls McCain on his LIES about Earmarks!

Will Arizona leave John McCain blue?

"Thank John McCain -"

Palin lawyer meets with investigator in probe


Rep. McDermott: The people are upset that King George has been deposed by King Henry

Jeffrey Dahmer's Creation Science family values Ballot Box

Colleagues are on Sen. Ted Stevens’ witness list

Top U.S. officer pleads for cooperation with Moscow

Putin Gives Up on Bush, Complicating Iran, North Korea Efforts

A Gal Named Palin

EPA against limiting rocket fuel ingredient in water

Socialism comes to the rescue on Wall Street

George W. Bush's Overall Job Approval Matches ARG Low As 82% Say National Economy is Getting Worse

Christian Store Pulls Magazine With Female Pastors On Cover

McCain advisor flips out on radio!!

Palin 'ready to cooperate' in firing probe, lawyer says

Obama Outlines Economic Plan

John McCain - POW Exaggerations?

Terry McAuliffe in Pennsylvania

Sarah Palin's Alaskan town charged rape victims for examinations

Lehman re-opens under Barclays ownership, 10k jobs offered

Russian drone 'hit over Georgia'

Obama On 60 Minutes - Part 1 (includes also part 2 and 3)

Wall Street Mess Trickles Down To The Farm

McCain: Still Doesn't Regret Deregulation

Rachel Maddow: The Palin Record

McCain Transition Head Lobbied for Freddie Mac Before Takeover

Hunter S. Thompson and GONZO Journalism

Senator Dodd Declares Constitutional Crisis brought on by Paulson Plan

high fructose corn syrup commercials feature morons versus industry shills

Obama blasts McCain on the economy

Palin meeting with world leaders ahead of VP debate

John McCain: The Fundamental Deregulator

Biden says ad mocking McCain is 'terrible'

Nader: Drawing Votes — From McCain

Rachel Maddow: Ms. Information 9/22, boming in Pakistan, oil in TN, and bad death penalty decision

tar & feather Wall St. bailout blackmailers

New Obama Ad - "Destination"

Colorado Neighborhood Teams

Biden talks about John McCain's support for corporate tax loopholes

Kate Walsh Asks Pennsylvania to Get Registered

Obama Michigan ad 13 cars 3 foreign

Chris Rock on Letterman

Alaska Women Reject Palin Rally

A New Landscape, The Same Proposals

Rachel Maddow and Thomas Frank discuss Bush's incredibly disastrous presidency

White House says opposes U.S. House credit card bill

Cuba's vice president warmly welcomed in N.Y.

Rachel Maddow makes brilliant Halloween candy metaphor to Wall St. crisis. Our babysitter sucked!

"Heroes" Political Parody

War-hit nations head corrupt list

Dodd: 'No second act' to fixing financial mess

CEO murdered by mob of sacked Indian workers

Veterans For Peace stage protest on govt building IMPEACH (breaking news)

John McCain, In His Own Words: 'Remove Regulations In Financial Markets'

Steven Spielberg Donates $100,000 To Gay Marriage Fight

Spies Warn That Al Qaeda Aims for October Surprise

Shell Opens an Office in Baghdad After a 36-Year Absence

CNBC's ''Hunt for Black Gold'' OIL documentary with Antonia Juhasz

9-23 Press Conference Q&A: Obama Stands Firm on Tax Cuts for Middle Class

Swastika spray-painted on interracial couple’s shed under investigation

Palin bans reporters from meetings with world leaders

Bush offers Pakistan help protecting itself

What if John Williams Scored Barack Obama's 2008 DNC Speech?

Palin Following In Bush's Footsteps

Sarah Palin Bans Reporters from UN Meetings: CNN Strikes Back

New Obama Ad Running In FL, CO, NV, NM - "No Hay Mayor Obligacion"

?uestLove Wants College Students to Get Registered

Courts: Man sentenced for groping girls

UN's Ban questions faith in "magic" of markets

John McCain: He's White

Palin's experience in just 12 minutes - Lessig

Mass. court reinstates lawsuit against Wal-Mart

Millions spend half of income on housing

Bush to address United Nations

McCain's Economic Plan: Everybody Marry a Beer Heiress

Palin bans reporters from meetings with leaders (CNN pulls TV crew)

Wife: Diabetic man mistaken for drunken driver and beaten

PG & E Will No Longer Accept Credit Cards for Payment

John McCain to hold first press conference as nominee (nearly 6 weeks)

Civilians hurt as Sunni lawmaker's home bombed

Pa. mom admits helping son build weapons cache

Napolitano may hit Colorado for Obama

Dan Rather Can Sue CBS Over Firing

Russia Opposes Planned 6-Country Meeting On Iran

Obama says Wall St. bailout must protect Main St.

Chávez: Latin America needs Russia

Bush Presses U.N. to Do More to Prevent Tyranny, Terrorism

Echoes of Iraq in Bush handling of mortgage crisis

'Grim' US Assessment Coming In Secret Afghanistan Report ("No Plans to Declassify" New NIE)

Treasury chief Paulson on verge of historic new powers

OPEC says to trim excess output and talk to Russia -

Hungary sees delay in Nabucco pipeline financing -MTI

Cheney, Paulson Head to Hill to Soothe Lawmakers on Bailout

House leader urges Bush to explain bailout on TV


Bailing Out The Oil Market

Georgia set to execute man for officer's death

US Sen Shelby rips Bush admin Wall St bailout plan

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued a stay of execution for Troy Anthony Davis, who was convicted in 1

TYT: Why Were F. Mae & F. Mac Trying to Buy McCain's Top Adviser?

Cheney's spying almost brought down Bush

Palin Will Meet With Kissinger and Foreign Leaders

Bill Clinton - The View - Condensed

Obama ad slams McCain for pledge to protect offshore tax havens during Bermuda 'vacation'

economists on the bailout

Democrats to let offshore drilling ban expire

Bernacke plays the fear card: Certain Recession without Bailout

McCain-Palin Campaign Briefly Tried to Shield Palin From Questions

Veterans Affairs to increase benefits for mild brain trauma

FauxNews Producer: "Unprecedented" Restrictions On Palin Access

Senators skeptical of bailout plan (Dodd & Shelby)

Candidates Keep Their Bailout Stances to Themselves

Rep. McDermott : "Paulson can throw a pass to himself"

Sarkozy Urges Credit-Crisis Summit as World Leaders Blame U.S.

DeFazio (D-OR) Speaks on the Bailout

Polar bears resort to cannibalism as Arctic ice shrinks

Buffett to Invest $5 Billion in Goldman

Finland gunman murders 10 of his fellow students

Poll: Obama Leads in 4 Battleground States

Venezuelan president arrives in China

Palm Beach Ballots Down for the Count

Joe Biden, Community Gathering, Woodbridge, VA

Heart Attack Care Often Delayed for the Poor

Senate passes huge tax break package

Palin, in a bubble, meets her first world leaders

Republicans express more skepticism on bailout plan

Women Heavily Favor Obama in Donations (WSJ)

Great Lakes compact gets swift approval by Congress

Bush administration reviews its Afghanistan policy, exposing points of contention

Poll Sees Obama Leading In 5 Battleground

BA (British Airways) cancels flights to Pakistan indefinitely

Gallup Daily: Obama Holds 3-Point Edge

Bloomberg: "Bernanke Urges Against U.S. Buying Assets at `Fire-Sale' Prices"

McCain Gets Confused Again During First Press Q&A in 6 Weeks

Target's credit-card users find it harder to pay up

Lead financial services lawmaker defends trading (Bachus R-Ala)

Obama: Bailout likely to delay spending programs

Dan Rather's suit against CBS is trimmed

Mayor Daley defends brother, blasts McCain ad

DA raises specter of judicial wrongdoing

Obama to Wall Street: Bailout Not a Welfare Program for CEOs. Don't be Greedy & Selfish.

Justice Dept. pulls prosecutors from polls

Officials: (US) Drone shot down over Pakistan

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 23

Pastor Thomas Muthee: praying for Palin, infiltrating government, witchcraft.....

Native Groups Express Solidarity with Bolivian Leader

Boom!! Here you go, Cenk talks to Naomi 'Disaster Capitalism' Klein about the current crisis

Americans reluctant to fund bailout, poll finds(Times Bloomberg)

US runs short of combat soldiers

NRA Ad: Shoot Obama Before He Steals Your Guns

Evangelist: 'Puberty' is age of sexual consent

The Pap Attack- McCain Haunted By Ghosts Of Keating 5

Berkshire buying $5 billion stake in Goldman Sachs

TYT: Fox News Blames Black People for Financial Meltdown

SCAM confirmation: "Paulson Debt Plan May Benefit Mostly Goldman, Morgan"

Group of Veterans Call for Bush Impeachment

Bailout CEOs who refuse pay cuts unpatriotic-Frank

TYT: This Is How The Bail Out Will SCREW You

NJ town blanketed with racist anti-Obama fliers

Democrats to let offshore drilling ban expire

McCain Aide’s Firm Was Paid by Freddie Mac

(Denver suburb) Aurora fifth-grader suspended for Obama 'terrorist' T-shirt

Chattanooga: UT student not indicted in Palin e-mail hacking case

Man arrested outside Obama's Chicago home

Rep Kapture rocks the house again!: 'Lets play Wall Street Bailout!!!'

Deaths feared in Finland school shooting

Howard Dean: John McCain "hot-headed...irascible"

Democrats Reject $700 Billion Blank Check

Methane 'escaping' from Arctic sea bed

Sources: FBI investigating possible fraud by Fannie, Freddie, Lehman, AIG and their executives

Troy Davis Granted Stay Of Execution

Muthee Prays for Palin

Hugo Chavez says Latin America needs Russia

John McCain's Age Card

Watching History Unfold

Economist Asks Why Cindy McCain Can't Bail Out Wall St.

More to Fear in World of Retirees

Save Main Street Not Wall Street!

U.S. Sen. Feingold: Receives perfect score on issues important to women and families

Reflections by Comrade Fidel: What is true and what is false

Here comes $500 oil

Lines Drawn in Bailout Battle: Consensus Shifts Against White House

Another Wall St. Shake-Up: Investment Firms Bought Out by 1-800-Mattress

Why is Sarah Palin granting so few interviews?

Socialism comes to the rescue on Wall Street

Feeney in TV ad: Trip paid by Abramoff was 'mistake'

A New Landscape, The Same Proposals

Wall Street's Meltdown: How America Caught Speculative Fever

Mean girl - Sarah Palin has a habit of betraying former patrons…

'Trust me' on the bailout? That's just not good enough

Eugene Robinson: So Much for the ‘Masters of the Universe’

Bailout homeowners first (Dr. Nouriel Roubini)

Friction Infiltrates Sunni Patrols on Safer Iraqi Streets ("success" of the "surge?)

WORLD NEWS TRUST: Falling Into Fall (James Kunstler)

Congress Seeks to Replace Hank Paulson, with Pat Paulsen

First fear, then loathing toward Wall Street

Retirees Filling the Front Line in Market Fears

Norman Solomon: Too Big to Fail and Too Small to Matter

Concerned independent lists well-thought out reasoning for going with Obama

Can the U.S. learn any lessons from Sweden's banking bailout?

Chris Dodd: Economy and Constitution at Risk

Palin's (excellent adventure) Day at the U.N.

NYT, pg1: "Initial skepticism that greeted bailout's unveiling has only deepened."

U.S. prepared to do anything to prevent change

Journalists covering McCain grow frustrated with 'No-Talk Express'

Berlin mourns polar bear Knut's zookeeper "dad"

Patriotism is for fools. Quotes of note worth consideratrion before we go to war again.

‘Where’s Sarah?’”- Palin spends 85 workdays at capital in 578 days as Governor

DHS detects threats-body scanner that can read your mind

Currency's Dive Points to Further Pain

Man Succumbs To 7-Year Battle With Health Insurance

Financial Bailout: America’s Own Kleptocracy, (Michael Hudson)

US News & World Report:: Sarah Palin's International Debut: All Friends, No Media

Fareed Zakaria: Markets can't exist without regulation...

Palin's Empty promises to desperate families

Palin's Troopergate Moves Getting Bad Reviews in Alaska

Saving the Wealthy With Socialism, Conservative-Style

"Have you ever seen a president who was more irrelevant than George W. Bush is right now?"

George Will: McCain Loses His Head

George Will Further Strikes Out John McCain

‘The View’ Has Its Eye on Politics This Year

Must Read - Phony Crisis. David Kay Johnston: Reporters start your skepticism.

Mike Whitney: Mushroom Clouds Over Wall Street

Goldman Sachs Socialism

McCain’s War Against the Gray Lady: A Timeline

I swear I'm about ready to put the damn' thing up on blocks....

Betting Against America

A revolutionary situation is coming to the USA! Will you be ready?

In a Financial Crisis, Who Do You Call? The Democrats!

Are you pleased? (Ike Related)

Now Is the Time to Resist Wall Street's Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein

European Friends Write: "Are You Americans Crazy?"

Oct. 1st Military starts Martial Law Mission, no more posse comitatus, heads up 'unruly crowds'

*LOL* The Dick cheney evolutionary cycle

Sign BERNIE SANDERS onlne petition: Financial Crisis

Soldier used M4 to gun down peers

Airman among dead in Pakistan hotel blast

Guard, Reserve transfer program renewed

Petraeus talks to officers at Fort Leavenworth

Biden: Obama would include Guard in JCS

Did Pakistani soldiers shoot at U.S. helos?

Deserter in Canada wins stay of deportation

Soldier killed by small-arms fire in Baghdad

Testimony continues in Iraqi death hearing

Afghan official suggests border task force

2 Marines in court today in Army nurse death

Gates: Building Afghan forces is top challenge

CNO: Future Navy needs more minority admirals

Coast Guard: EPA vessel leaked fuel in river

Cmdr. pleads guilty to child porn possession

Soldier charged after dropping 11-day-old son

Trial begins for sgt. accused of killing Marine

Twentynine Palms Marine dies in Afghanistan

Price of move to Guam on the rise again

Editorial: Get with the program

Airman, wife arrested for drug possession

Untangling Iraq’s barbs

Taliban broke day of peace vow, ISAF says

Lockheed Martin, Air Force defend F-35

Pentagon identifies seven killed in Iraq helo crash

AAFES cracks down on fuel purchase abuses

Americans learn of locked-car law the hard way

Airman drops in on couple in hotel

New Army lodge in Belgium should open next summer

Navy gives water to off-base Naples residents

Misawa airmen depart for Iraq

Pak Army Kills 60 Militants in Attacks

UN Extends NATO-led Afghan Force

Iraq to Pick Up Tab for Sunni Fighters

DoD Remains Strategically Tongue-tied

Record Funding for National Guard, Says Gates

Ex-Andrews guard sentenced for hiding alias

Soldier Gets 7 Months in Iraqi Deaths

Army Looks at Revamping Medical Boards

Soldier gets jail time for ATM fraud

US Carrier to Face Huge Protests in Japan

Navy Previews Remote-controlled Ships

Navy Gets New Combat Ship

Officials Adapt Sniper Pod for B-1Bs

Official: 15,000 insurgents are in Afghanistan

Steven Spielberg gives $100K to the "No on Prop 8" campaign.

Civic Celebration of the Life of Del Martin: The Rotunda, San Francisco City Hall

AK Paper: G/L Titles Donated to Wasilla Library

File this under .... DUH??

John McCain's Chief of Staff gay, wins Roy Cohn Award

Google teams up with General Electric on grid problems

Coast Guard: EPA vessel leaked fuel in river (xpost from Veterans)

Peak Oil Review - September 22

Gas Stations Remain Empty Across Metro Atlanta

Pickens says Wal-Mart to study switch from diesel

Chrysler pegs 2010 as year of its electric car

Delays Start to Plague Giant Saudi Downstream Projects as Ras Tanura and PetroRabigh Plants Slip Be

Tennessee: Police Referee Gas Spats

U.S. Says 67% of Gulf Oil Output, 62% of Natural Gas Idled

Mexican oil production falls 9 percent

Polar bears resort to cannibalism as Arctic ice melts (CNN video)

Oil Sands projects ‘need oil prices over $100’

Power Plant Wants To Build 2,000 Feet Underground (1 GW pumped storage, Maine)

North Carolina: Gas Shortage Fuels Fights

Volt reality check

Zucker: Republican is 'the new gay'

Poll: 28% of Palestinians back idea of joint state with Jordan

Why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is smiling

Protesters say they'll set sail again to Gaza from Cyprus Wed.

Two Israelis and a Palestinian - conquering Everest together

New York tries taming credit default swaps

The Paulson-Bernanke Bank Bailout Plan

Is This Legit?

Mushroom Clouds Over Wall Street

LIVE NOW, opening statements, CSPAN3, Berneke, Paulson Senate hearing.

Paulson & Bernanke: The New American Fascists

How to stop " The Economy is all the fault of the Democrats" - take two.

Questions about foreclsoure

Germany Won't Help U.S. with Bailout - Der Speigel

Have any of the experts speculated what will happen to the $US

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/23/08

Financial crisis what if- short sale loans

Today in labor history Sept 23 Hormel agreed to recognize the Independent Union of All Workers

First Student Workers in Mississippi Choose Teamsters Union

(McCain) Fundamentally Wrong

Where Were the Regulators?

Update: I'm on the 3:30 to 11:30 PM shift for a month

Union Heroes Protest Uribe and Colombian Free Trade Agreement

LATIN AMERICA: Native Groups Express Solidarity with Bolivian Leader

Cuba's vice president warmly welcomed in N.Y.

BOREV ON D'ESCOTO, Prez of Un General Assembly

Peruvians defy land grab laws

Threat to Democracy in Latin America

UN Speakers List for 9/23: Bush, Ortega, Morales,Lula, Fernandez, Torrijos et al.

Venezuela eyes three refineries in China

Miami Herald scrubbing again. Delicious!

The Patriots' Rodney Harrison calls Dolphin Ricky Williams dirty

Embarrased by our behavior at the Ryder Cup

Kent Merker retiring-will begin NEW profession

Favre should nave retired

CHHF rips ESPN's Monday Night BrettFavre

The Handicappers Edge: Curlin posts final work for Gold Cup

Please take a moment for justice.

I am frankly petrified! I walke up to nothing but blubbering idiots

Sad times between oldest son and ex-wife

Any dentists, dental hygienists, etc., can you riddle me this?

Lack of Vitamin B-12 and Brain Shrinkage

Charlatans to the Rescue ("Autism's False Prophets")

Breathtaking video from the Canon 5D MkII

Yer NC mountain fix for today

A few more from Ireland - Dial up warning.

Say it with flowers

Please see my new post in the Outdoor Life Group - I propose

America’s Core Value

Another school shooting

FactCheck point about “assault weapons” in “NRA Targets Obama”

olive bread recipes?

Ocean floor geysers warm flowing sea water

Neanderthals 'enjoyed broad menu'

Mars rover facing two-year trek

Rice Univ study: physiological traits predict political attitudes

Too Many Apples

1700+ Year-Old Saint's Blood Liquifies, Blood Bank Officials Impressed

Against the bail-out? Call Cornyn

DA raises specter of judicial wrongdoing (DeLay case)

I got my power back in SE Houston on Wednesday. I found out

question - key on laptop fell off -

I am too stoopid -- need some html help!

Video Editing Software?

PM vows to name youth criminals

New Kerry Report up!

Two polls of Obama vs. McCain in MN

More theft and graft.

Please contact Amy Klobuchar against the Bush bailout.

Bailout Questions

Tee hee hee. I love it when the humorless Right Wing is WAY off base.

Take 5 minutes and call your representatives.

Why is the SNL skit a point of debate?

Honestly, I had no idea Erik Paulsen was such a wingnut.

Anyone going to a debate watching party Fri

Could these "free giveaways/downloads" from record and movie companies be a trojan horse

Heroes: Villians Miliband going to toss over Brown....

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