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Wait, before suspending his campaign perhaps McCain should suspend his naps...

How fitting - An empty seat for an empty suit this Friday night.

Olberrman On Tonight....No Guest Host!!!

Tweety said "Sarah Clinton" when he was talking about the VP poll.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting from Oxford tonight

McCain has become unhinged

VP candidate question (need help please)

It's over. The only thing left for McCain to do at this point...

(random thoughts) I wonder if McStain is worried about references to the Keating Five?

Holy Shit! There's video of Witch-hunter Pastor Muthi (sp?) blessing Palin and talking about witches

We've had a time-out for 8 years...

We've had a time-out for 8 years...

Scumbag Rove on O'Billey said...

KO confirms! McCain lied when telling Letterman he was cancelling to "fly to Washington"....

Did the McCain folks pull this stunt because they knew how badly Palin was with Couric?

McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate !?!

McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate !?!

Envision This... Friday Night, Obama Is At One Lectern, And Nobody Is At The Other...

McCain's Cowardice

I knew something was fishy about McCain suspending. It's about the VP DEBATE!!

Is today the turning point?

Any statement from the group that runs the debates? U of Mississippi?

McCain's Next Hail Mary Pass

John McCain: "I don't really understand economics" - so who the hell needs him to sort things out?

I went to Vegas in June, lost $624 playing Roulette....

No salary limit for executives of corporations taking bailout.

The key to victory in Iraq.

Keith is going over the Meltdown of McCain right now.

My encouraging email to Senator McCain:

McCain's bus is 5 minutes from my house in Oxford, MS now ...

JOB POSTING: Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party Needed.


Is today the turning point?

Is anyone else worried about Bush's speech?

I'm seeing talking points come about concerning the debate bailout.

There's only one pet name McCain deserves at this point. McChicken.

If They're Temporarily Suspending The Campaign, Why Were They In Philly?

could somebody fill me in

could somebody fill me in

Everybody Stop What You're Doing And Check Out Palin/Couric Video - PRICELESS!!!!

From "Right Matters" on WaPo site

Put on your freeper hat for a second and tell me... How do you react to Obama ditching the debate?

Lou Dobbs poll: 94% oppose bailout.

Developing: Sarah Palin to Make SNL Cameo?

Barack Obama positively effected my economic situation today!!

Life Outstrips Parody (RE: debates)

I've decided not to vacuum until this financial crisis is resolved.

In 1944, what would McCain have done, call for a time out from war?

In 1944, what would McCain have done, call for a time out from war?

Since McSame has suspended his campaign we all should

What Obama needs to do to win? 1.Tie the economy firmly around the necks of the repukes

They want to POSTPONE election theory

Breaking: The Republican *MasterPlan* for finding a running mate for Palin

"I'll try ta find ya some... and I'll bring 'em to ya!"

"Joint Statement" has now been released, with P.S. by Obama

Laura Bush says Palin lacks experience.

Ads were supposed to cease today at 5PM....But I just saw a negative attack ad by McCain

McCain arrives in

Where the Bill is Heading, best as I can tell.

Has the presidential debate commission weighed in on McCain's stunt?

**Now Bush has invited Obama to join him in Washington****

If it is true that Bush invited both McCain & Obama to the White House tomorrow.....

Did KO just say Obama accepted the Talking Monkey's WH invite?

McCain cancels Letterman appearance, Keith to fill in tonight, Letterman mocks McCain

Repug and Foreign rumors about Biden quitting

Obama Statement on Chimpy's Invite -- He's headed to DC tomorrow.

My idea for a TV ad to use against the schizophrenic GOP ticket

Repukes, Gas and Idiocy

What chances are that the GOP will try to schedule a vote on bailout bill on Friday

What bothers me the most about McCain & Palin aren't those

Quaylin sill not ready for the press!!!

Reaction in Mississippi to the debate mess

Is it me or Rick Davis looks like Jeffrey Dahmer? Can someone post pictures?

Suggested reason for McCain suspending part of his campaign.

Did Palin's ex-pastor think that Palin was a witch?

Envision This... Friday Night, Obama Is At One Lectern, And Nobody Is At The Other...

McCain's ads off the air? Obama needs to FLOOD the airwaves with negative ads NOW

Well, Bush can read off a teleprompter.

Well, Bush can read off a teleprompter.


I have a theory

Turn the debate into the domestic debate and bring it on!

McPain/Couric INTERVIEW on CBS tonight

*MSNBC Breaking* McCain will NOT debate Fri. unless bailout resolved

The only reason the dim one is asking for a meet between McShame

I got no sleep today because of the phone ringing... I'm not sorry.

Did anyone think chimp would do anything BUT blame the people?

OMG now White House has invited McCain and Obama to mtg tomorrow...

He's blaming the people!

Bush-Obama-McCain - Sandwich! The child's game

Chris Dodd is on Rachel Maddow's show tonight.

Who is this IDIOT reading a teleptompter on Maddows show?

Upside to Obama meeting with Bush** and McCain: Since Obama is the odd man out,

My totally right wing next door neighbor just told us he's voting for Obama!

Early draft of Bush's speech

NARAL Video on ""


Are we getting played again...?

How exactly does McCain plan on fixing this mess?

Sarah Palin, Thomas Muthee and witchcraft

President Carter tonight on McCain...

Eight years, and he still looks totally out of his league. Like an SNL spoof. BUSH! LEAVE NOW!!!!

Gimme The Money, Or The Debate Gets It!

Think of Social Security if Bush got his way back in 05.

Dodd on Maddow "McCain flying to Washington is more of a rescue plan for McCain than the economy"

Obama's post-script to he and McCain's "joint" statement; Well-played Barack.

Breaking News: Mc Cain demands the Cone of Silence

The republican on Maddow, congressman Stearns, made some good points.

Did Bush just list all of Obama's provisions?! Aye?! n/t

So when will McCain un suspend his campaign?

Intrade numbers at THIS moment:

Barney Frank: "This plan will pass".

Cancelling Makes Sense For McCain

Ok all you granite counter stainless steel's YOUR fault. Sez the Simian.

This TIME the Message is REAL But No One believes Bush these days...PITY...the Nation Falls apart

A real leader just does it. He doesn't send out talking points and make a statement.

If the depression has been "more than a decade in the making", why has * said in 10 different

The Joint Statement

So the deal has already been reached but McLame wants to ride in and try to claim credit?

Keating Five discussion on Rachel now!

The S&L thing lasted for years. but this fiasco is a done deal, all better within months.

After today (and tonight's) histrionics... I REALLY think America is ready for "No Drama Obama"

W is still prez and is now the "commander and thief"

Bill Clinton being quite nice on Larry King right now.

Bush blaming Mortgage holders, but the Robber Barons are Victims.....

Poll: What happens to McCain/Palin's numbers now that they don't want to debate?

Democrats need to shut the bailout bill down over the weekend.

Sponsered by Exxon-Mobile??

Sen. Dodd: "This sounds more like a rescue plan for John McCain, than one for the economy!"

Rachel's show is a must see tonite.

Help the dumb blonde girl, WHY is Bush inviting Obama to the WH?

I know this is petty but it MUST be said...

Obama and McNutsy will both be in DC... so have the debate there !!!

Tweety: McSane is doing the RAZZLE DAZZLE!!!

McChimpy Speaking Now!

Do you think a "skip it" or "disruptive" label makes more people read the thread?

KO needs to lay off the "witch hunter stuff" a bit.

KO needs to lay off the "witch hunter stuff" a bit.

So the WH tries to cool down O.'s rising #'s w/ this DC meeting. What's O's move?

Full CNN/TIME poll results (CO, MI, PA, WV, MT)

McCain the Pufferfish.

---Rachel has another special show tonight at 11:00 PM EST---

Obama is right, the next Pres. will have to be able to handle more

Bush* And McInsane

MRNC Now Using Rachel Maddow To Prop Up David Gregory's Credibility

Maddow on the Keating 5 - Full Monty

Look for more of these stories after our big bailout, just like the S&L

Tweets making a good point about the language Dimson used, think it might make people panic.

Letterman re. McCain postponement (YouTube)

Dear Rachel and everyone else: Charles Keating is still alive. Thank you. nt

Bush did McCain no favors tonight.....

Why Not Let The VP's Debate on Friday and Then the P's Next Week?

Tv Guide and the other guides like DVR still show McCain as Letterman's guest. Won't it be funny

A Question - if Obama is elected president - how much of an increase on our SSDI's are we talking?

Here's Helennnnnn (Thomas)

My perception of Alaskans took a nose dive this year

Contact John McCain's Senate office to insist he show up for the debate.

Suspended Elections? False Flags Terror Threats? Other Stuff...

DEMAND THE DEBATE - please sign up

Not one fucking word...

McCain only pulls in 39 percent of the vote in Wednesday's FOX News poll

David Brancaccio from Now is on CNN.

White Privilege

McCain's debate non participation had nothing to do about not coming. Its an excuse for failling it.

Bush today: "Fellow Americans, we can't wait until January 20th...

INTRADE UPDATE: McConniption sinking like a stone(r). Now @ 43. Obama @ 56.

National Enquirer Front Page... "Sarah Palin Lover Revealed" ...LINK

National Enquirer Front Page... "Sarah Palin Lover Revealed" ...LINK

McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate

Bush: "A financial panic could occur if action is not taken"

So MCCAIN cancells Letterman today and tells him he won't be in NYC..

has McSame had a stroke or is he losing the will to fight?

Smoke. Screen. And it's working...

On The Cutting Room Floor... Check out Obama's principles McCain rejected for their Joint Statement.

remember the Executive order released on September 11th? maybe now

Letterman Skewers (!) McCain - Video Up on YouTube

How cool would it be if Obama said the following tomorrow:

McCain is going to drop out

McCain steps into phone booth, strips, and flies back to DC with his cape blowing in the wind

Now Is Not The Time To Panic

Palin announces McCain as veep candidate and appoints this guy as Secretary of Transportation-

McCain's Talking Points about suspending campaign sent to the media by mistake...

Three CO polls today, Obama +3, Obama +9, and Obama +4

I am not making this up. Seriously. For real...

Armchair Psychologists: What do you call the syndrome or condition

Any polling experts out there summary of Today's polls

Move Over Bush/McSame--Putting the "H" in CIC Palin

McCain's real message to the American voters and why he did this stunt.

Fuck You whiny liberals.

McCain has missed more senate votes than Tim Johnson. Think about that...

Pundits next week: "McCain Won the News Cycle!"

McCain SCARED me today, Obama calmed me

Treasury explains how it came up with $700 billion: We just wanted ‘a really large number.’

You realize dont you, that we (Obama) are winning this mutha, right?

$700 Billion is spending a million dollars a day for 1900 years!!!

"I think that it's going to be part of the president’s job to deal with more than one thing at once"

What changed in a week?

What the Republicans are Up To

DU this poll

Is McCain Ducking the Debate Because He's Not Prepared?

Why do we need a TIMETABLE to fix our economy?

Odd McCain got so excited about the economy given that the "fundamentals of the economy..."

Bush looks just horrible

Magic Trick...Cheney's Slight of Hand!!!


The most encouraging polls to me are from West Virginia, which we won't win

Reasons Why John McCain Would Be The Most Useless Member of Congress To Resolve This Crisis

Wow.....will it be nice to have a president who is smarter than me!!

Sarah Palin Meets Stewie Griffith from "Family Guy" -- Exclusive Video

2nd Rachel show on now.

Indulge my admittedly random fantasy: A Jon Tester-John McCain smackdown on the Senate floor

Will Sarah Palin have a "Blond Moment"?

Colorado, Michigan and Pennsylvania solidly in our column-mathematically impossible to lose the EC

Did I hear right?

Guess what subject NO freepers are talking about tonight...

Leaving his campaign staff working overtime, McCain heads to Washington for a photo op. DU

How to Steal the elections .... with a so said financial crisis ...

After bush's insulting speech to the American people tonight Obama should

CNN is making me vomit! 360 AC is truly unwatchable.....

Rachel having a full (new) show tonight at 11pm

Saw this earlier on Gregorys show; Ari "I heart *" Fleischer giving a

It takes just over an hour and a half to fly from DC to Oxford, MS

Georgia began voting Monday and BLUE counties reporting strong turnout.

AP - Obama rejects McCain call to delay debate

OBAMA TODAY, Full Transcript!..."what I'm planning to do right now is debate on Friday"

Help: Which DUer Was It Who Had A " Hillary Supporter For Obama" Sign

I have to wonder if * and friends are trying to ensue chaos so

Word Cloud Of Chimps Speech Tonight

OBAMA today, in VIDEO!

80 million viewers.... Jim Lehrer... Barack Obama... and an empty chair

Hey McIdiot - looks like Congress managed just fine without you

McCain is proposing this Friday's debate be moved to Thursday to replace the VP debate

The Debate commission should tell McCain that he does not set the agenda.

FOLKS....McSAME Has Conceded The Election

Maryland poll: Obama 60% to 37%!

Wisconsin AG's (asshole) Lawsuit Goes Forward

Personally I think McCain was more worried about me in the debate than Obama...

Obama MUST be at that debate. if mccain doesn't show up, that is HIS problem

No Mention of Suspension on McChicken's Website and....

Ron Paul on the Wall Street bailout travesty -- He's making sense

Because You Love America Too Much To Let These Fools In The White House!

Rachel's going there, talking about Keating 5. Fair is fair! nt

At what point should Obama call McCain out on teh debates?

One Freeper's comment tonight: "I have NEVER been so disappointed in any person that I voted for"

What McCain is running: Not a Hail Mary, a Fumblerooski

Natl Assoc of Police Orgs (NAPO) endorsed Obama-Biden ticket

If it were announced that Obama will be President tomorrow,

Palin ... The Post Turtle

Does America really need a Keating 5 member rushing back to Washington

Cry havoc and let slip.....

Some thoughts about which way this will turn:

GOTV NOW! Iowa early voting begins tomorrow! Ohio next Tuesday!

Letterman "Palin thinks Warren Buffet is the leader of Margeuritaville

Letterman is bound to do a top ten. TOP TEN REASONS McCain missed the Letterman Show

Fox says "Biden dropping out?"

I am sorry Skinner but I detest this rating system

They are calling Obama to Washington to control his response

* W O R S T ... P R E S I D E N T .... E V E R.

let me get this straight

Bring in Barr and/or McKinney to debate Obama


Barack should bring his own water and food to the White House!

So, does Obama have to go to Washington and skip the debate, because Bush says so?

Soltz To McCain: The Troops Don’t Get A Time Out For Financial Crisis

Ben Smith: McCain can declare victory

found an interesting comment on youtube

Tired of "Country First" stunts! Choice of Veep NOT for "Country First", neither Debate Cut & Run!

Honest question :snicker: ..... can McCain go after whoever advised him to choose Palin .....

We had Presidential debates in 1864 during the Civil War and while D-Day was happening

Some People Here Need To Stop Peddling Bull Shit

"Gramps, give us the car keys. You're not safe to drive any more."

McCain will LOSE at least 8% in the polls as a result of his little "TIME OUT" ...

So Bush expects us all to jump through a hoop for his economic failure?

For people who brag about not blinking, they sure are doing a lot of blinking.

CNN's Homepage Poll on McCain's day.... 71% (166,040 votes) say its a political gimmick..

Where is the good faith?

I pledge to not post on DU until after poll closing time on election day

Luke Russert States the Obvious...Water is Wet, the Pope is Catholic, what bears do in the woods...

"I'll findja sum and bring 'em to ya!

I saw 7 Obama bumper stickers today

Letterman has ripped McSkipthedebate about 150 new assholes in the last 20 min!

WHAT??? DU forgot to mention Keith was on Letterman

McCain and Obama to meet with Bush on Thursday afternoon

McCain saves Bush's bailout, doesn't meet Obama's criteria, he opposes =

I could really stand to go the next 40 days without hearing about what Bill Clinton said.

---LOL, Letterman is roasting McCain, like a pig on a spit------MUST SEE!!

Huffington Post: "McCain, for all the dramatics, could prove irrelevant" to financial crisis

I got my Obama/Biden Yard Sign today!!!

I saw an Obama ad during Letterman!!!

Okay so McCain "fathered" the Blackberry while on the all powerful

Letterman: Do you still think the fundamentals of the economy are strong, genius?

Dave Letterman will go down in history for this.

Is McCain suspending his campaign so he can drop out and put Palin in his spot?

Does anyone think McCain is deliberately trying to throw the election?

Glad that we're showing up to the debates..

Hey Mods! Here's a great idea! Let's disable the word "Palin"..

Help me help Obama!

I thought they were stopping the commercials, I just saw one.

So I'm guessing that the next McCain campaign staff meeting will be damned

Somebody's trading somewhere.

Thank you, CNN, for keeping Biden this morning for so long

Thank you, CNN, for keeping Biden this morning for so long

Two words: Ross Perot

The simple reason they want this deal done now

Wow she bombed with Katie freeking Couric? Good thing she didn't go on The View!

Olbermann is brilliant! If mcSame is a no-show, debate Senator Biden!

Olberman broke story of Sarah Palin and the WitchBuster!!!

Our Strong Barack will have to go into the Den of Thieves!

A Great Big TOAST To The Complete And Utter Sublime MELTDOWN Of The McCain Campaign!!

VIDEO: Palin, tap-dancing as fast as she can: "I’ll try to find you some and I’ll bring them to you"

God Almighty! I Am Worried That Bush/Rove/McCain Are Setting Obama Up.

McCain Just Flooded States W/ Confusing Election Mailers

Oh, please. Now? McCain is returning to his core principles, according

More of Couric's interview w/Palin. It's sooo awful....

What is being done about this???

mccain...stroke victim?

"Are the fundamentals of the economy still strong, genius?"

Regulatory filings: McCain campaign chief Davis remains treasurer & director with lobbying firm

My wife and I just watched the Couric interview - and after it was over she said

letterman: replacing john mccain with keith olbermann....priceless

Bill Clinton was great on The Daily Show

McCain campaign officials prepare to restart campaign in wake of bailout deal

I have been reading many posts here about the Chinese being the largest creditor to the US but here

Question: Does McCain even have a say in this bailout...?


McCain says fish hang out near oil platforms in the Gulf. Did you know that?

Why is everyone acting surprised Home values are falling like a stone?

Nervous Post- But I have a question!

Palin's "I'll find you some and bring them to you" is eerily familiar

Bush calls a timeout for McCain....

I'm not a catty person, down to earth, but Bay Buchanan

Can I share something? Senator Barack Obama, if he continues to do

McCain suspends campaign as he goes into 5 days mourning for DEREGULATIONS

Simple Financial Plan for Obama

Alaskan pit-bull turns into yesterday's moose

Do you think Dems will cave on this bailout because of this election?

Are US banks getting ready to dump the $US after the $700 Billion bailout

You know, Craig Ferguson isn't doing so badly either.


Letterman's Top 10 List Tonight:

the coming Dictatorship in the U.S.

“Alaskans for Truth” are Hopping MAD!

Bailout ==== "Financial Facism"

Barney Frank is playing this beautifully

Don't Drink the Water, Senator Obama!

The 269 electoral tie scenario is plausible.


Has anyone ever seen a Presidential Race this weird?

more negative aspects to the proposed bailout:

Lots of infighting at Free Republic over McCain's stunt today

Don't underestimate the evil of the right wing

Warren Buffet, Obama supporter, makes me feel better about the bailout (link)

We are all going to have some rough days ahead

We are all going to have some rough days ahead

GREAT forum discussion on the Stanford race poll, and election polls in general

Biden to Address Issues Facing Seniors

McCain's Ploy (Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson )

McCain's Ploy (Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson )

CNN Poll - McCains Political gimmick

Call The Cops!!! Dodd Just KILLED McCain On Rachel Maddow!!!

Obama not giving an inch on NC - Greensboro rally Saturday

how rethugs might benefit from postponing the debate: new smokescreen, etc...

state versus national polling

Absence of Leadership -- Idea of postponing the debate another wild gesture from McCrazy (NYT)

McCain knee deep in deregulation vote

Biden, Roosevelt, and Television

I don't know how Scar sleeps at night?

Prediction: There will be no debates

Barack rocks!

McCain Suspends Democracy, by Katrina vanden Heuvel

Palin reveals Todd's short comings and why she cheated on him

"Aye carumba! Keep her in a cocoon..."

The photo the McBush campaign doesn't want you to see

Bailout crisis indeeed, Campaign Supension a Palin Bailout.

Most Important aspect of Letterman Comments

McCains Bailout Crisis is about Palin, and it may be about ducking one question,Troopergate

McCains Bailout Crisis is about Palin, and it may be about ducking one question,Troopergate

McCains Bailout Crisis is about Palin, and it may be about ducking one question,Troopergate

DU this MSNBC poll about the debate and McChicken

It's 4:02am.... why am I awake?

It's 4:02am.... why am I awake?

Should Obama come out in support of the Bailout Bill?

McCain ATTACK ads running in Washington State THIS morning!

OMG- NBC Today doing a feature on Letterman NOW!!!

Suspending his campaign my ass. I just saw a Gramp McSame smear ad on my local CBS station.

(sorry if muti-dupe) Barack can't let McCain blame this debt on him

The message I hope to hear from Obama TODAY

Freddie, Fannie Funds Went to McCain Aide(Don't Forget!)

It's a trick to blame the bailout on Democrats!

Maybe McCain will drop out, and Obama can run against Alan Keyes.

“He’s like the kid who is late for the class test and he needs more time to study,”

Breaking! McCain bows out of race; Republicans select replacement...

McCain trying to get VP debate canceled?

Okay. What's wrong with this proposal??

Six weeks till election, down by 10 points.....

Chuck Todd

Dems don't welcome McCain

Is McCoward playing poliTRICKs by delaying debate? DU this poll!

Hearing Palin not answer questions over the radio made me finally realize who she reminds me of-

VIDEO: Smile Time - Palin v Couric, sort of

NBC: Lauer says McCain campaign wants to reschedule the debate

Research 2000 Nat'l Poll-Obama-49% McInsane 43%

Here's a prediction for you. Sorry if it's not dire enough.

Here's a prediction for you. Sorry if it's not dire enough.

Congress: Oh, and while we're at it, here's $25 Billion for the Detroit Auto manufacturers

Access Exclusive: Michelle Obama & Jill Biden Talk Family, The Campaign Trail & The Jonas Brothers!

LA TIMES: McCain stands up David Letterman and LIES to him!

John McCain, The Cut 'N Run Maverick.

WTF??? CEO's Compensation will not be Limited

Hey Bill Clinton! Of course McCain Wasn't Afraid To Debate...

Leahy Goes There (Speaks of McCain 's Confusion)

JUST IN: 32,000 additional jobs lost

What happens if this bill passes and the Market still tanks?

McCain Performs New Stunt: Suspended Above America

How McCain drove a lifetime Republican into voting for Obama by choosing Palin

it's not the financial crisis that is sinking McCain/Palin, it's her love affair

the McCain campaign just said it wouldnt attend on friday!

McCain's Campaign Suspension: Bold or Bonkers?

GOP Goal: An Annointment, not an election. No debates, no dialogue, no interviews -

WSJ Mentions Keating: It's Judgment Day for McCain

New MSM Meme- Independents Might Like The "Mad" McCain


America Just Got Fucked Over

OMG Politico reporting that McCain wants to "reschedule" Palin/Biden if no bailout deal

Whoa!! I just saw a DFA ad about McCain's health status, specifically

Full Video of Barack's Statement Today.....

What would you like to see Barack Obama do today?

Internal terror group Clarion Fund uses fear provoking DVD to scare old people

I just heard from the Obama campaign.

Will The Debate Brouhaha Be John McInsane's Chris Webber Moment?

"I can't make it to the debate because my dog ate the economy."

A comment re: a change for Obama ads

Oh shit. Reuters: China Banks told to Halt lending to US Banks

McCain: Busted Again

Trying to sort the financial "crisis" PRIOR to such a significant election is just insane!

Research 2000 Wisconsin Poll: Obama 49, McCain 43

Excuse me? Uhm...WHERE THE FUCK IS THE OPEN REBELLION in response to this terror?

McCain says "Country First" and yet has Sarah Palin as his running-mate?

Did Bush's speech just cause a run on the banks?

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!

So, now that the campaign is suspended is Sarah Palin going to go back to Alaska and own up to

Rasmussen NC Poll: Obama 49 (+2), McLame 47 (-3)

Bwa ha! McCain getting his ASS kicked on Fox News Poll! 71% to 29% over "suspending campaign"

Barack Obama has a two-point advantage over John McCain in NC!

McCain, you're a joke. 10 days ago you said

Good grief, the McCain campaign is in FULL DAMAGE control this morning...

How long can we wait for DC to TRY to fix the financial mess? It certainly isn't as


CNN champions the oxymoron!!!

CNN champions the oxymoron!!!

Obama leads in NC! Rasmusseun: Obama 49% - McCain 47%

Obama leads in NC! Rasmusseun: Obama 49% - McCain 47%

Obama leads in NC! Rasmusseun: Obama 49% - McCain 47%

Obama leads in NC! Rasmusseun: Obama 49% - McCain 47%

Obama leads in NC! Rasmusseun: Obama 49% - McCain 47%

paulson: the biggest conflict of interest in the history of the entire world!

Is this what financial terrorism looks like?

Debate SOLUTION....

McCain is on TV talking about how he suspended his campaign

How surprized would you be if, come Halloween, if you learned .....

Miss South Carolina speaks...

Important question that someone ought to ask Palin!

Please unFreep this debate poll

Please unFreep this debate poll

Again, let's not lose sight of something....

Was Obama invited to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative?

mccain is on teevee campaigning while his campaign is suspended

mccain is on teevee campaigning while his campaign is suspended

Give the homeowners being foreclosed on their homes at 50 cents on the dollar FIRST, then...

Do your DU duty. DU the Fox news poll.

Keating 5 scandal & McCain

I just donated to Obama.

You gotta love the Fox website

Solid analysis from a freeper: "We are toast"

COME ON DU, we have 6 days until the end of the month, we need $7000 to meet DU goal

OMG - McDiaper speaking LIVE @ Clinton Global Initiative.

Watching Bush speak on Economics.

so, i thought the old bastard suspended his campaign? this is a campaign speech

This LAME ASS MOTHERF&*KER is a making a POLITICAL SPEECH at the Clinton Global Initiative

reached for the ejection seat

House Republicans shake heads over McCain's latest grandstand

Check out this funny video...

John McInsane Is Speaking At Clinton's Global Initiative

Video: Stumping Sarah (not hard to do)

So, re-locate the debate to Washington

Mc Cain Revealed: Education and Head Start Funding Votes

McCain camp to propose postponing VP debate

Summarize the Monkey's "performance" last night... he's getting panned

McCain's FIVE POINTS (from his speech just now)

Rasmussen Tracking: Obama 49 (unchanged), McCain 46 (-1)

***Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll Sept 25*** Obama 49% McCain 46%

Here we go...McSame is laying out HIS 5 point plan

McCain Proposing 5 point plan stolen from dems

Send the Letterman clips to EVERYONE you know--they're devastating.

Wow, over 2,300 posts on the NYT blog about McBush wanting to move the debates &

Obama: Debate is 'More Important Than Ever'

Wow.. McCain LOSING 2 AOL Polls:

McCain's political grandstanding only interferes in the bailout process

LOL Joe Scarborough carrying water for McCain

Hey mccain, ted stevens can multi-task, why can't you

Campaign suspension NOT political.... My pa-tootie!

Anti-Obama Ad and Web Site

Wow. McCain is just on FIRE at the Clinton Global Initiative speech!

The DJIA will open VERY strong tomorrow.....

SurveyUSA OR-Pres Poll: Obama (D) 52%, McCain (R) 41%

The campaign narrative has reached a critical mass.... i.e. McCain's actions viewed as "political"

McCain will miss the meeting about substance, but will be there for the grandstanding.

Can someone tell me why MccSame was invited to give the

Deal said to be near on big financial bailout plan

McCain issued talking points on suspending his campaign?

The Recklessness of John McCain

Oh Boy! Nat'l Enquirer World Exclusive- SARAH PALIN LOVER REVEALED!

A streaming video camera crew needs to be like a fly on shit with McCain right now

NBC News Michigan numbers: Obama 46, McCain 46

NBC News Michigan numbers: Obama 46, McCain 46

mccain admits he knows little about the economy.....but now he's back to dc to solve it.

Report from NW Iowa, suspend campaign my litte red wagon!!! The liars are at it again

Thinking about Palin--

Clintons are playing both sides.

When is McCain going to RUSH to DC

What Campaign Ads Would Look Like If the Voting Age Was 6

Somebody Should Start A "McCain Withdraw" Market On InTrade To Get The Media To Talk About It

David Letterman Reacts to John McCain Suspending Campaign (video)

"Regulatory filings...McCain campaign chief Rick Davis remains an officer with his lobbying firm."

Honest Question: Has McCain spent any time in Debate Prep?

Biden will NOT be replaced, Quaylin will NOT be replaced, McLame will NOT drop out.......

Schumer & Dodd Joint Statement On McCains Stunt: DON'T BOTHER SHOWING UP

Rasmussen NC - Obama 49% - McBush 47% Detroit News Poll - Obama up 10% in Michigan

LOL - Sarah Silverman video encouraging grandchildren to head to Florida to turn out votes for Obama

Survey USA poll: 75% want the debate to go on 10% say cancel it.

Isn't it good to see the Republicans

Wow... i was curious what the freepers thought of the "campaign suspension"

The Campaign Behind McCain's Campaign Pause

Sign the petition: DEBATE or GET OUT OF THE RACE!

Do We Have The Real Chronology Of The Calls Between Obama & McCain Yesterday?.....

Proposition: Obama and Biden should bring rubber chickens to their debates.

Is it just me or his McChicken still campaigning?

If the debate goes on without McCain, I'll bet you anything

is bill clinton supporting a mccain presidency?

Are you having a hard time focusing on anything but the election?

We need to point out that cancelling the debate will cost Oxford Miss. about $4.5 million




Bush's speech: danger, danger, danger, but where has he been?

This is what I don't get... This debate was supposed to focus on Foreign Affairs...

SUSA OR Poll: Obama 52 (+4), McCain 41 (-4)

SUSA OR Poll: Obama 52 (+4), McCain 41 (-4)

HOLD UP!!!!! No time for the debate but time to give a speech!!! COME ON PEOPLE SMELL THE CRAP

Did McCain speak at the Clinton Initiative today?

At last ... the truth - McCain wanted to resechedule the VP Debate.

I Keep Hearing That Repug Talking Points Are Distributed To The Party......

Silo Catches McCain Lying: Records PROVE Rick Davis is -STILL Director Of Lobbying Firm

Short summary of the financial crisis, and what we're left with: Banks, but no banks.


John McCrisis

Palin doesn't look good.

HELL, lets settle the debate mess once and for all! Have all 4 on JEOPARDY!!!

HIDE All The Clinton Threads! I Want Us To FOCUS On McCAIN!!!

McCain is Michael Scott of "The Office"

"The times are too serious to put our campaign on hold"- Obama

Politically suicidal McCain quote from Katie Couric's interview Wednesday: 'You cannot--I mean, to tell it, American citizens that everything's fine

Obama via satellite right now on MSNBC

President Obama just said a key phrase "Every penny needs to be paid back"

Thanks in part to Palin, McCain now much worse among white women

State rep seeks witness-tampering probe in Palin inquiry

State rep seeks witness-tampering probe in Palin inquiry

If McCain can't show up for debate, maybe we DUers can take turns in his place

Love it: David Letterman rips John McCain a new A-hold ..... Watch

Are you starting to get the feeling that Palin has "buyers remorse?"

Remember when it was a bad thing to throw money at problems

Oh my god. The EW cover is hilarious.

Bill Clinton on GMA: "We know that McCain isn't afraid to debate--afterall he wanted more debates"

POLITICO: Palin may also suspend campaign

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live On Clinton Global Initiative****

"more painful than even the Gibson interview" (video of Palin interview with Couric)

Why David Letterman was the most important person in the media yesterday

Letterman notes:

Bob Barr wants to debate instead of McCain ... link

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns Greensburg, PA****

Obama will be at the debate, cool and collected.. and McCain will show up, hand on head

Obama needs to turn the term "Maveric" into "Loose Cannon"

RAS tracking Poll: Obama 49% (no change) McCain 46% (-1)

Someone needs to ask McCain how he is going to pay off the bailout - raise taxes?

Man, the McCain campaign is damn lucky John was a POW...


Irony Alert -- McCain makes campaign speech to suspend campaign

HAHAHA, one of my wing-nuttiest friends said he just voted absentee in Colorado- for Barr!!!

McCain is such a drama queen!

Associated Press: Palin once blessed to be free from 'witchcraft'

Sit down: FUX news reports Obama heard applause in earpiece (from FR)

McCain's Ploy (WaPo)

Can y'all SUSPEND from posting about Obamas

Will the low info voters ever wake up?

Obama Remarks to Clinton Global Initiative

This is how Biden wins the debate with Palin hands down

Obama camp expects McCain to show

Clinton to replace Biden, tomorrow.

Joe Biden is live right now in Greensburg, PA

Pssssst--John. I have a word for you...

BREAKING, HUGHES...SERIES..!. Obama Leads in NC!

I don't get it. I thought McCain suspended his campaign, but he's at the Clinton summit??

Obama:"The times are too serious to put our campaign on hold, or to ignore the full range of issues"

Is the debate on or off?

McCain Debate Cancellation Is Attempt to Stop VP Debate

McCain Debate Cancellation Is Attempt to Stop VP Debate

i just called all the members of the senate banking committee

i just called all the members of the senate banking committee

Correlation Noted: Obama down in polls = little Clinton media. Obama up in polls = lots of Clinton

So Bush wants to use Socialism to save Capitalism on Wall Street?

So Bush wants to use Socialism to save Capitalism on Wall Street?

Breaking: McCain announces plans to hang upside down for 60 hours in Central Park

Text of Obama's remarks at CGI

Is Gloria Kellum, vice chancellor of ol miss, a FEMALE, or a MALE?

New York Times article about Our ending Housing Crisis by giving away a home in Maui for $100!!

Obama: NO BAILOUT-Without Helping Homeowners-Equity Partnership(Going To DC Later Today)

Obama: 'The times are too serious to put our campaign on hold'

Palin lack of political awareness HAS to be a rope-a-dope for debates, lowering expectations....

Palin lack of political awareness HAS to be a rope-a-dope for debates, lowering expectations....

Here We Go Again: McCain to jump on "War with Pakistan" now?

Poll: Alaskans like Palin, but give Biden the nod

New Alaska Poll: "The Honeymoon Is Coming to an End" for Palin - approval rate dropping

Stumping Sarah (Couric Interview) she's SO far over her head its a joke. Can't wait for the debate!

So Bush wants to use Socialism to save Capitalism on Wall Street?

Is McCain Preparing to Vote Against the Bailout Bill?

Josh Marshall's Question of the Day

I love what the Pakistan official did when he met Palin

Obama Said To Be "Breaking Open" Contest At State Level

I think McCain is using words like "Suspend" and "Reschedule"

I think McCain is using words like "Suspend" and "Reschedule"

Lol at my neighbor, she begged for one of my Obama signs. dozens of state polls confirm Obama bounce in Blue and Red states dozens of state polls confirm Obama bounce in Blue and Red states

Gracious to a fault...

Dana Perino on right now seems very dismissive of the questions.

Gulf states covet Asian farms (invest in food vs US investments)

What Suspension? - McCranky is still running ads and Sully is on the case.

NYT: Citizens who lost homes to foreclosure may not be able to vote.

CRISIS: McCain stops by NY to give a political speech; Obama calls him out on deal claim (updated)

McCain Rushes Campaign to Nowhere

Palin's performance on the CBS interview is acceptable to the GOP base


New Obama Ad - “A Stronger Economy”

Palin won't reveal her finances until after debate

McCain ads up in NE PA

Mr Moose dead at 53

"When Katie Couric brings the gravitas to the interview... you're in trouble."

Obama has ripped open a 14-point lead on RasmussenMarkets (which is connected to's)....

Has Sarah Palin been fixed?

Boner says: "No Deal"

" September Surprise " "coordinated effort btwn Bush & McCain"

My take on Senator Obama (from an old soldier's perspective)....

Dear Moderator

Quick! Hide Sarah Palin!

STUNNING: Alaskans Pick Biden Over Palin

Obama CANNOT under any circumstances let the VP DEBATE be moved!

Has anyone see more GOP State race ads come up today?

Georgian President Saakashvili: Biden: "amazingly smart guy... good perspective on Georgia"

Alaskans pick Biden over Palin

Lying McCain Watch; McCain Flack Attacks Obama Amid Campaign Suspension (updated)

News Conference from Mississippi coming up.. also mentioned the $5.5 million

HuffPo: John McCain's campaign now wants to suspend the VP debate?

"Does a suspension include Nancy Pf talking about Biden and Obama's foreign policy of Faux?"

So McCain thinks that there can be no humor during a crisis, perhaps he should have told FDR...

Document reviewing Obama and McCain plans for health care, immigration, and social security

McCain Camp: Palin campaign suspended - "She will remain in contact with John McCain"

McSame's m.o.

IMO, Early voting is much too early, starting tomorrow in some states. This is foolishness is just

Could McSame Turn Mississippi Purple?

Obama to attend Friday's debate.

FLASHBACK: Jon Stewart tells McCranky to STFU or...when it's (not) inappropriate to do comedy. (VID)



McCain opens Clinton Global Initiative; Obama's Closing it--why All the Clinton Hate?

Ok...I have noticed something this morning...



Crappy Writing on McSame's website

General Abizaid: Israel Can't Destroy Iran Nuclear Facilities

Fate of the Debate

Fate of the Debate


McCain "can probably get to the bottom of the whole mess just by cross-examining

It sucks that DU cannot revel in one of the lowest Republican treacheries ever

Regulatory filings indicate McCain campaign chief Davis remains an officer w/ his lobbying firm

So....what surprise gotcha moment do Bush, Bolton and Cheney have waiting for Senator O at photo op?

Right On!

The Economic Crisis is Too Important: SUSPEND THE DU RATING SYSTEM!!!

The Economic Crisis is Too Important: SUSPEND THE DU RATING SYSTEM!!!

"McCain to Suspend Comedy, Humor, and all Joy and Light in the World due to Financial Crisis."

Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS) the debate is still on!!

Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS) the debate is still on!!

Last time McCain and the RePigs rushed everyone back to DC was to vote about Terri Schiavo

Obama effigy found hanging from Ore. campus tree

Thom Hartmann thinks McCain had a mini-stroke

XLNT! - Obama Releases (Calm, Reassuring, Believable) NEW Ad On The Economy!

Palin won't reveal her finances until after debate

Palin won't reveal her finances until after debate

With Minnesota polls so close, we're lucky McCain didn't pick Pawlenty ...

Big leap in the Michigan polls for Obama: 48% to 38%

Bill Clinton is trying to mitigate the "nice guy" effect of McCain.

Obsession DVD Distributors: Would We Try To Influence Election? Never!

Comedy Central has Suspended Broadcasting because of McCain's request of no humor

Keith busts McInsane in a lie!!!

McCain Is A Good Debater, But He WAS Afraid Of Friday's Debates Due To International Economics

My daughter is a newly registered Democrat!

If McCain refuses to show up at the debate

WaPo: Financial Crisis Offers a Study in Leadership Styles

Am I Missing Something? Bush/McCain Want Obama In DC To Lobby House Republicans?

Check out this Republican Website....

Why am I still seeing anti-Obama McCain approved ads on TV this morning?

Can someone please...

My prediction on the next few days

Economist Magazine - Fiscally Conservative - Almost Seems Pro-Obama?

Raw Story teaser headline: "'Pipe down!' Fox host tells guest mentioning Keating: Soon..."

re: the Bailout-- - - - "Give Taxpayers the Same Deal Buffet Got"

The disrespect of John Sydney McCain III for America and her people...

Could McCain just be trying to lower expectations?

Suggested spin on the non-suspension of campaigning and debates

“McCain is Andy Kaufman in his Mighty Mouse costume - ‘Here I Come to Save the Day'’”

Which VP candidate do you think said this?...

Sam Harris Newsweek Piece - BEST article that puts Palin selection in perspective...

Guess who will pinch hit for McBailout on Letterman tonight, while he "helps" in the Senate?

So on October 19, 2002 McCain hosted "Saturday Night Live"...

So on October 19, 2002 McCain hosted "Saturday Night Live"...

WSJ debate advice from Rove

I hate to be ageist, but all this seems EXACTLY how a 72-year-old would run the White House...

Palin takes first questions from reporters!

Japan's stock market OPENS down more than 2%

"David I can't make it... No I'm getting on a plane right now"

SUSA PA Poll: Obama 50, McLame 44

Republican Governor of MS just gave press conference - Debate will happen

The McCain campaign's on tilt!!!

I Think We All Need A Laugh! Post Your Fav McCain/Palin Pics!

Specifics? In what respect, Katie??

Specifics? In what respect, Katie??

It seems McCain is Handing this Election to Obama

It seems McCain is Handing this Election to Obama

Need help with a question re vp candidate replacement

I thought the first debate was supposed to be seated?

Answer this question

To Dems on MSNBC re: David Gregory's conflict of interest

So gross! Is Palin starting a fashion trend?



Bob Barr: Obama Can Debate Me

DU This Poll: Should Friday's Debate Be Postponed?

QUICK-Somebody-Get This To Sarah Palin-The Answer To Katie's Question = ZERO

Obama should propose switching tomorrows debate with VP debate next week.

Backfire: 10 reasons why Letterman video is going to do irrepairable damage to McCain-Palin 08

I'm writing to Hillary, telling her I'll NEVER vote for her if she doesn't straighten Bill out.

John McCain Yesterday - Could It Be Bell's Palsy, Rather Than A Stroke?

Despite "Suspension" Of Campaign, Two McCain Advisers Attacked Obama Today

McCain says he is suspending campaigning... ya right

suspending a CAMPAIGN during a crisis sets a precedent for suspending an ELECTION during a crisis.

The key for Obama winning in November: DO NOT STAND DOWN TO MCCAIN

DODD Agreement has been reached

John McCain's Droopy Eye - Could It Be Bell's Palsy?

Conn. Democrats to debate censuring Lieberman

The McCain Campaign has now officially

Just saw this PAC ad in Indiana- Questions John McCain's Health!

Les Gara asks Alaska state troopers to look at possible witness tampering by McCain staffers

A 700 biliion dollar campaign stunt!

McCain will debate. Palin even knows where she'll watch it from:

What do you bet that Bush will play hardball in his speech tonight?

Ironically, all this debate over the debate guarantees a larger audience

Call me nuts but I think Cindy McCain & 1/2 the Repubs in Congress are gonna secretly vote for Obama

95% of me is convinced that McCain's Suspend/Cancel behavior is going to backfire spectacularly...

McShame issued TALKING POINTS on his suspension

remember that kid in high school...

Sen. Kerry calls McCain's campaign moves today impulsive and erratic.

Please Note: DU Ratings...."AVERAGE" = "DRAMA"

700 billion dollar bailout + 600 billion dollar deficit + 700 billion dollar current acount deficit

Jonestown - uh, Sarahtown -- Alaska

Research 2000 Tracking: Obama 49% McCain 43% (yesterday alone 49-42 Obama)

Study: Omitting cell phone-only users from polls may skew results, understate Obama support

Gallup - Obama 46, McCain 46

Obama on bankruptcy judge power to rewrite mortgages - this bothers me, what do you think?

Latest Polls Indicate Ralph Nader Candidacy Is Helping Obama

McCain's $ 5,000 makeup sessions

Political Power Play being used on the Democrats....

shame on you bill clinton

Chris Wallace confirms-the suspension is the new illegal alien Repub rise-up

Breaking News.....Mr Moose Not Dead At All

McCain said he was meeting with advisors.He held a meeting with Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild

DU this North Carolina poll about whether debate should continue (it's close)

This isn't funny anymore.


Gallup says there was NOT a huge bump for McCain last night they claim Mon -Wed were all better for

What has the McCain non-campaign consisted of so far?

Hide This Thread!

Not sure if anyone posed this question already but here goes...

Republicans and Democrats agree in Principle for Bailout- Its over McCain

Meanwhile...Rasmussen has Obama at 49% and McCain at 46%

So I wonder if the fundies that are afraid of Harry Potter

SurveyUSA PA: Obama 50%, McCain 44%

New McCain Gear released.

The Bitter Fruits of Deregulation Mortgaging the Nation

Senate Bill 190 - Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005

Anyone have a link to a/ the live feed of Bush* statement to come?

Why doesn't he want to postpone the debate to solve the healthcare crisis by Monday?

Army Probes Possible Toxic Exposure in Iraq

Rasmussen: Sununu leads by 7 in NH. Sometimes I really wonder about NH

Politico: Deal is about to be announced

Ten days ago a nurses pod enthralled and defending Palin . Today - Not so much!

Should a campaign "suspended" out of "concern" for the financial crisis be raising funds?

hahaha.... McCain has just been kicked in the gulla

The economy ate my debate homework


Heather Wilson is an ass, E - I - E - I - O !

Heather Wilson is an ass, E - I - E - I - O !

7-Eleven Clerk Shoots Robber

John Nichols: The Bush-McCain September Surprise

If McCain is so needed in the Senate to fix the economic crisis, maybe he should stay

Folks.. Unloading on Bill Clinton only distracts us ..Please refrain from doing so

Like a GOP lie, Palin is "credible" only because of repetition. My opinion.

----Question everyone! what if this bailout is a SCAM----

Skinner I love this new rating system!! It's two-thumbs up good

New Obama Ad on the Economy -- Fantastic!

Presidential candidate Gloria La Riva (PSL) on Thom Hartmann now. (1:05 pm EST)

McCain Gets Caught Lying By Letterman

John McCain prepares to debate Obama...


What McCain DIDN'T want to include in the joint financial proposal

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... (lol, feeling devious today)

Thursday chuckle - Dickipedia

Is Bush sitting on a Whoopee Cushion?

The Perfect Collapse......Mega Convergence of Shitty Trends:...

Muthee/Third Wave/Dominionism considered Heretical by mainstream AOG churches?

Anyone have any thoughts on...

Bush Speech Thread - #1

The WASHINGTON TIMES (!) Outs McCain As Earmark Junkie!

Let wall street and there greed feel the pain of everyone else losing there jobs.

LIARS-So Much For Suspending Campaign-Palin Is Campaigning At Ground Zero Today!

Is this where he postpones the election?

ZERO mention of the lack of accountability on behalf of The Treasury...

I just saw a man hanging upside down by a thread, scaring everyone...

Obama Will Make Friday Debate - A TOWNHALL - If McCain Doesn't Show

Politically Speaking - This is a HOOT

I predict a manufactured emergency in Alaska Next Thursday morning.

The View: Airs Witch/Pastor video just now. Thanks Whoopi

The View: Airs Witch/Pastor video just now. Thanks Whoopi

Banks race to profit from US bailout

VIDEO Palin admits to being ill and....

Well, boosh had two jobs tonight:

The Tale of Brave John McCain

Vanden Heuvel gets it right: FDR campaigned during WWII.


McCain sees his shadow-6 more weeks of campaign

Bu$h speech precis:

You're reading Doonesbury this week, aren't you?

I might have changed some votes yesterday at the Veterinarian's Office

Synopsis of * speech for those who missed it

Welp .... that's fourteen minutes I'll never get back

HAHAHA! Dems. and Repubs. announce an "agreement in principle for bailout" before 4pm meeting...

Bill Clinton=ahole okay we get it now, lets move on

Rank 'em W Bush, Qualye, & Palin as far as smarts

Obama in Dunedin: "We are at a defining moment in our history"

The Bush Rescue Plan....

Why McCain's insane move might have already cost him the election: Early Voting

John McCain is Larry "Bud" Melman.

A conservative for Obama

14 minutes and this is the ONLY thing running through me mind . . .

Now it's a "rescue plan" fucking ass.

Just like at work blame the fuckin worker not the supervisor

Marcy Kaptur on C-SPAN right now!

Mc* arrives at the Russell Senate Office Building (Joe is there to greet him) - pics

Alright 4 more years got us a Depression and an Oil Crisis.. very nice

Who's Running the Teleprompter for Obama?

Fairness Doctrine and progressive media

How stuff like money works, idiot edition! Thanks Bush, that was a big comfort.

Red tie? Why not grass green or sky blue? n/t

RNC attacks Biden for holding political event today in PA

I think Bush did okay in that he explained it well. And all the points that have

Well I'm convinced!!!!!!!!!

Know your place (not on the aisle) and CAPTION

Breaking News: Palin to suspend trying to find ya some and bring em to ya during Wall Street crisis

Is anyone else spitting at their TV?

McCain's suspended campaign is wall-to-wall surrogates ...

McCain had not read bailout proposal on Wed the 23rd/Suspends Campaign on the 24th?

Congratulations you will soon be the proud owner of Shit

Voter registration soaring in Florida


Holy crap, Palin on CBS, west coasters if you want to see it now here is a link

Obama Stays On The Air With Economic Message

Prediction: McCain Will Try To Back Out Of ALL THE DEBATES

Oh Snap! Forget, "In what respect Cherlie?" We've got a new one, much better!

Bailout Won't Stop Foreclosures


Bogus limit on executive pay in bailout bill...

Applications Mount In Florida Voter Registration Crush

Anyone notice NH is blue again?

In '05 Video, Pastor Anoints Palin, Says Christians Should "Infiltrate" Gov't, Schools, Business

If I go to the casino and lose my shirt....

Wow a Rethug has finally shown up on Rachel

"Its a rescue plan for John McCain, not a rescue plan for the economy."

CNBC: Sen. Casey - We'll be working on this all weekend.

nails it

Katie Couric looks intimidating..

I thought the depression was all in our minds

I love how Shrub made the bi-partisan line stick out

A letter to a bud

So, the economy is this election cycle's first "October Surprise".

Musings from Rove-Obama frontrunner-Mccain needs a clear debate win to keep his hopes alive

Get over the damn PBS poll

Why does this photo fill me with dread?

Anger at the bailout is still a big wild card, isn't it?

It is the same kind of thing as the Savings and Loan crisis. The republicans

Number of banking bills sponsored by McCain the "reformer" this year? ZERO

I hear that that debate thing was really because Palin got confused

Please DU this poll

Should I Vote early?

PBS Poll: Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States?

Lesson learned, research the board first...

Now how do you feel about Impeachment Pelosi?

Poll: Crisis boosts Obama in Mich. 3/5 fear another Great Depression. Majority prefer Dem solutions.

Boehner and Republican Last minute SHenanigans

I owe 100,000 on my house can I apply for a bailout to? whats a 100,000 in 700 bil

DU this WSJ poll "should the debate be postponed?"

A Strategy

McCain Will Take Credit for Bailout Compromise

But you never said WHY, Mr. Bush!!!

Dodd is selling us out on Maddow right now

Dodd is selling us out on Maddow right now

Clinton on McCain (they love him)

deregulate financial players, then give them $700 billion when they fail.

Road Blog: Joe Biden in Greensburg, PA

Is McCain Even in DC Yet?

Is it OVER!?! What did the Lier say? (referring to Bush 'splain-in stuff)

Jeez, for those of you freaking out about the Gallup poll, read the text that goes with it

So Lemme See If I Have This Right

So Lemme See If I Have This Right

Republicans Winced When McCain was Mentioned

I admire Rachel Maddow a WHOLE LOT

Can we ask Alcee Hastings to just SHUT UP!

I got a visit from the sign fairy this morning!

Are you watching Bush? There's a strange noise coming from his mike

so, ive personally witnessed 3 conservatives converting to the light side (mccain to obama)

Q: What can't McCain wear to the debate?

So a bailout deal is reached....

Which hypothetical situation tomorrow will make Obama look better?

Why is George Bush and John McCain wasting President Obama's time today with this bullshit meeting?

$25B for automakers too

My colleague just made an astute observation regarding McCain and Palin...

Man, did McCain cost himself with his stunt VP pick (economy related)

Garrick Utley speaking about Keating Five (clip on Maddow's show)

For many years... over a decade... yep. It's CLINTON'S FAULT. (Good grief.)

I think Bush should make like McCain and just suspend his presidency, we can't take anymore.

Yay! My Obama order is coming today!!!!!

So which Dems is McCain meeting with today?

Congressional Dems should wait until Friday night to bring a bailout roll call to the floor.

intrade has electoral vote at obama 311 vs mccain 227...

DISGUSTING! "Suspended Campaign" My Ass! (((PICS)))

Nooo, Barack and Joe will be in my hometown Fredericksburg VA Saturday and..

Third straight day of good news on state polls PA/MI/NH/NY

Barney Frank on CNBC just now.. McCain throwing monkey wrench into

If you want some "straight talk", McCain, just hide and watch. My email to

A bailout-or-else for the financial industry? A septegenarian presidential candidate....

So a Deal is Reached without McCain, and he throws a fit so there is now no deal?

Uh Oh McCain better not get on the wrong side of Dick Cheney on this Bailout

While McCain Pretends to Suspend Campaign, Running-Mate Palin Campaigns On, Exploits 9-11

Obama is now ahead in North Carolina in latest Rasmussen Poll

New Gallup daily has race tied 46% each -- WTF?

The San Francisco Examiner endorsed McCain?

How did Shrub do?

Andrea Mitchell isnt my all time fav, but the poor woman is speaking with the Weenie...

Why did John McCain "suspend his campaign" today???

Fucking scumbucket t-shirts

The 2012 Repub Ticket Warning Jarring Graphic Nature

Will the Southern States go to Obama?

Bluntly McCain is sabotaging the Bipartisan effort to avoid Palin debating Biden

Good Evening Amurika

Let the rich CEO's and stock holders put their own money in.

New Gallup - tied at 46%

Amy Goodman: Troy Davis and the Supreme Decision

CNN runs story: Bipartisan deal reached (2:30pm)

Biden's emotions surface during visit in Greensburg, PA

How long did you manage to listen to mrbush blather and blame?

Anyone else think the polls could drive you nuts?

Presidential politics need to stay out of this bailout bill

creating a bigger crisis?

Marist National Poll: Obama (D) 49%, McCain (R) 44%

Can someone grab me a screen shot of MSNBC

Shelby voted against the Chrysler bailout, he won't vote for any deal!!

The PBS poll, in pictoral form

Here's the plan.....

Remember the July 2008 Presidential Press conference?

Mississippi has invested 5.5 Million in this debate on Friday

Great Palin Impression -- Her Opinion of Sexism

You know what...... If McCain wants to sabotage this Obama should come out against it too,

Bill Heard Closes All Of Its Dealerships - cites fuel prices, suvs, banking crisis (2700 employees)

If GOP Starts Tweaking Deal, Then Insist On Bankruptcy Provisions

Bill Clinton: Well, we know McCain did not postpone the debate because he was

Help bring Palin up to speed with a CAPTION

Dana Perino: " "Sen. McCain is the one who called for the meeting, and we thought it was a good idea

Bush blames proposed bailout on "the house decline"

Back to McCain's eye...I just perused the report of his medical

I would put the total Bush Heist at $5 Trillion…

ABC: Bill Clinton defends McCain, praises Bush's economic speech.

McCain, The Meglomaniac, Is Going To Blow Up Any Deal Unless He Gets All The Credit

Surely Obama is not going to let himself get trapped into a McCain photo-op

John Kerry: McCain's stunt today "silly and impulsive and erratic".

Watch - the Repubs WILL NOT pass a bill in time..

So I guess if we can bail out Wall St. with 700Billion, then rescuing Social Security should be easy

Please DU this

I have bumper stickers I will give out for free if you send me a SASE. I made them and they say:

Sarah "Shore up the economy" Palin...

Say "Predatory lenders" assh*le!

Approve the Iraq War or the smoking gun will be a mushroom cloud......

Gut Check Time: Will Congress Stand Up To Wall Street?

If Congress actually put Bush's recommended restrictions into the bill, he'd VETO it!

Isn't this the perfect time for terrorists to attack us? (This is not a poll.).

Real CBS Screenshot of Sixth Grade Sarah looking at her 3X5 cards for an answer

Bush has just thrown gasolene on burning coals

Has McCain boxed himself in?

Is everyone ready for the blivet to calm your fears?

Deja Vu? McCain backed out of 2000 California presidential debate

The Marist poll shows why Obama is going to win ... 5 point lead and more excitement ...

My Butt Is The Home Of Angels Which Will Fly Out Of It

Nice 1-2 play by McPalin. He calls his preshitent, who calls Obama, O has to come, McPalin

Very interesting video I found on the bailout shenanigans....

COLD WATER! Realization Hits -- Palin Has No Chance Debating Biden....

Let's, for a moment, stipulate that there needs to be a bailout .......

About former President Clinton

Breakthrough: McCain pioneers Autopilot Campaign Device

Most Americans Are Stupid

Boxer is bringing up Keating 5 on MSNBC!!!

MSNBC, CNN Announcing Deal - If McCain Blows It Up, Its Pretty Clear Unless He Gets A Free Pass

Boehner Says Deal Not Done

CONGRESS Makes a Deal (Guess Who's Missing From the PhotoOp)

"Bush asks Obama to come back to D.C." (Developing on Drudge)

Today, Senator Obama shows he is in control of the Democratic Party....

Best site for watching the debate online?

"Why wasn't the president out there speaking about the crisis earlier?"

Just converted two coworkers to Obama!

McCain too busy to debate.... in Graphics

Bush asks Obama, McCain to join White House bailout meeting tomorrow -- Obama accepts

It's a trap! Newt Gingrich Gave It Away Early This Week

Couric i-view: Palin defends foreign-policy creds: "When Putin Rears His Head" it's over Alaska

After McCain talked to Republicans on the Hill, the Bipartisan plan that was in no longer

Glenn Beck saw the economic breakdown coming long ago, now the end of oil is near

Glenn Beck saw the economic breakdown coming long ago, now the end of oil is near

Is the economy LIHOP?

It's a trap!

BREAKING: Transcript released.

Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart on the election, etc.

Bank run in Hong Kong


Hedge funds move $100bn into safe havens

John McCain to miss Friday's debate with a groin injury.



PANIC!!!! so how bad will tomorrow/Friday/next week be for the economy

McCain's "campaign timeout"

How much more will each US citizen OWE the govt for this bailout?

When George W. Bush Rarely Reaches Out to Democrats, There's Always a Dirty Trick About to Be Played

Mike Pence(R, Indiana): There is no deal!

CAPTION TIME: "Please God, Send The Democrats To The Rescue!"

POLL: When does McCain's Campaign UN-SUSPEND his Campaign???

Are any of you worried that Obama may vote for the bailout bill while McCain votes against it?

It's a trap!

It's a trap!

Just An Observation - Wow, These Are Interesting Times

I'm surprised this Palin church video where she gets the hand treatment isn't a big deal.

I'm surprised this Palin church video where she gets the hand treatment isn't a big deal.

Obama to host town hall meeting if McSuspend doesn't show.

CONTEST: ugliest John McCain pictures

Photo Of McCain And His Brother

McCain Camp can't say if McCain has read the three-page "bail-out" proposal

Barbara Boxer just SMACKED McChicken on MSNBC...

If McCain wants to run from Obama and debates and put election on hold why not remove him from the

Stuart Rothenberg on Race

It really is a trap!

Gov. Haley Barbour (R-MS) says the debate will happen Friday at Ole Miss.

Anyone notice that Dems are having audio problems on MSNBC?

The hymn from Puckhead's Sunday service s last week ......

BANK ON IT: Shortly after the 4:00 meeting, Republican "reservations" will miraculously disappear.

While McCain ponders, I wonder if he realizes tomorrow's debate has been set for a year and a half?

Solving the stolen yard sign problem (one pic)

Criminal Witness Tampering in Troopergate? (Mudflats)

Screw Bill Clinton!!!!! He bails out McCain on the morning talk shows about pulling

Militants shake off Pakistan's grip

Int'l Herald Tribune: Bailout is financial equivalent of the Patriot Act

Cost of cancelling Friday's debate to Ole Miss? $5.5 Million

become a MUMA

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

I just gotta say, after yet another wonderful, pithy and witty DUer comment

I wonder if Palin saw these photos before accepting

Todays DU GDP talking point, "Bill Clinton is stumping for McCain."

Palin Wins Delay for Financial Disclosure

McCain the ultimate Maverick

Finish the sentence: If I had a dollar for evey time someone posts :"It's a Trap"

my comment about wrinkles-- the fact that his poll numbers are sinking faster than the titanic has

What color will the ribbons be?

If you have HD Movie Network try to catch "Humbolt County" tonight

The GOP will stall the bailout until after Friday to help McCain.

Joe Biden about to go on Live in Wilkes-Barre, PA

NC now a toss-up!

And Suddenly, I Feel Better! (((PIC)))

Save the world? Hank just didn't have a clue

Would you buy Mary Kay cosmetics from this woman???

How will the next 30 hours go down?

PA POLL: Obama 50, McCranky 44

We Just Gave The Pentagon $612 Billion Dollars.

Could this be their October surprise?

Pak plans to seek fuel technology from China

Here's how the Democratic voting should go on this bailout.

a crosspost from Texas forum re: Hurricane Evacuees and voting

Palin declares victory in Iraq.

msnbc Nora ODonnell - "Letterman was pissed!"

Here's the REAL reason for the bailout:

Anyone ever seen this movie? Shadow On The Land

Henry Paulson: Gimme money or there will be 10% unemploment!

so, how long into the speech was it apparent that pres. dumbass knows nothing about the economy and

Here's a Palin toon.

"Troubled assets that are clogging the financial system"

Sarah Silverman for The Great Shlep

The Next Financial Mess? NIGHTLINE topic tonight.

Your family will need the $15,000 that the billionaires are asking you to loan them - to help you th

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In Wilkes-Barre, PA****


MooseMom Meltdown: "A comment like that was-- kind of made to-- cari-- I don't know, you know?"

Dem Leaders and Obama Should Walk in the White House and Ask ONE question

Is Oct 6th the deadline to register to vote?

If Senator Angry Old Prick did have a stroke....

McCain's Most Recent Meglomaniacal Adventure Should Remind Us Of The Need To Volunteer and Give

Another reason why McCain blew it big time: Now part of the debate will be on the bailout/economy

"A fanatic is a man who consciously over compensates a secret doubt."

Detroit Free Press shows Obama with 13% lead

I was busy writing an email. What did Little Lord Dipshit say tonight?

Couric interview: Alaska's proximity to Russia gives her foreign policy experience

It's another trap!

McCain Campaign Still Active Across The Country

I’m sorry — Sarah Palin is a bad joke

NATIONAL JOURNAL POLLS: Obama +8 in Mi, +1 in NH, +2 in PA

Where did thoose rumors about Palin cheating on her husband come from?

The Bush song lyrics.

McCain campaign: Fewer Palin appearances NOT related to inability to spontaneously answer questions

McCain campaign: Fewer Palin appearances NOT related to inability to spontaneously answer questions

once again the buck stops nowhere near bu$h*

Joe Biden is showing what having a REAL vp can do for a President

Unfreep this yahoo poll

Exclusive: Firm top McCain aide 'quit' was paid $90,000 by campaign (RawStory)

When will someone post a "fly on the wall" cartoon?

Tonight the most ideologically extreme Republican Pres. in history said to the American people

You read it here first: John McCain FIRED his campaign manager Rick Davis


Glenn Greenwald: Why Is A U.S. Army Brigade Being Assigned To The 'Homeland?'

Is the whole point of this to rattle Obama before the debate? (and try to cancel the VP debate?)

I have a fucked up sense of humor

Humor: Ex-Beauty Queen's Got a Gun

Don't foget to watch Letterman tonight.

McCain campaign isn't suspended! HuffPO

What Bill Clinton said on Larry King

Why the Hell Are You Smiling???

Colbert suspending the suspension of his show

Is McCain going to Washington to embrace a deal or push off from a WH/Democratic compromise?

Palin takes five questions from press, answers four

Preview of coming days? A bank run underway in Hong Kong.....

Palin kept donations from tainted politicians

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Biden: Hot on the Trail in Greensburg, Pa.

oh god...

The Rick Davis Scandal Thesis (i.e. why Mccain is REALLY shutting the campaign down)

if the bailout fails they will blame the democrats for pushing the deal through

Ask Repugs this: Lincoln didn't suspend his campaign.....

Letterman starting NOW..Late due to prez shit-for-brains' speechifying.

Electoral vote distribution at is looking pretty good

So let's say we shell out $700 BILLION...

McLame Lies Like a Mutha'. Campaign Still Active Across the Country (HuffPost)

Time for McCain to wear one of these ?

Pastor Muthee makes it to the Anchorage Daily News

POLL: John McCain is a ...

Jon Stewart and Colbert on the new cover of Entertainment Weekly mocking New Yorker cover

Michigan - Tied or Obama up +10? How can the polls be so different?

Not mentioned much in today's McCain "Return to DC" - He's not on the Senate Finance Committee.


Doesn't it boil down to this: THE RICH want the POOR to bail THEM out?

Harry Reid on WH Summit: Bush plan 'deeply flawed', Congress 'already incorporating Obama's 'vision'

Palin Can't Answer A SINGLE QUESTION! Looks To McCain For Answer

Here's What I Don't Understand About Bill Clinton

The Phone Lines to the Capitol are FREE & CLEAR - Have you CALLED yet?

I gotta hand it to John McCain. If I'd had the week he had, I'd pack it in...

What the Bailout Bill is lacking

A visual reminder for Frank and Dodd regarding Bush and his "warning."

People are dying and McCain simply ignores them.

Hey Republicans. IF This Bailout Passes. IF.

Does anyone have a good estimate on the entire sub-prime

It was probably an innocent comment from David Schuster, but it might have gotten the message across

House votes to end offshore drilling ban

Barack Obama has a two-point advantage in the traditionally Republican state of North Carolina.

Bill can't dislike Barack THAT much....

The birth of a great new Freeperism

Um... Jon Stewart, there IS a Beretta Shotgun

I'm sorry..I won't be able to Post or "Attend" DU for a long time.

In "honor" of bush's speech tonight: CCR's Fortunate Son.

Marist National Poll: Obama 49, McLame 44

So McCain will claim credit for "bringing reluctant Republicans around". Yeah, right.

Banking bills sponsored 110th Congress: Obama 5, McCain 0

Most think Friday's [debate] will be won by Obama (Zogby)

VIDEO: The VP Debates Must Go On

Stop saying John McCain suspended his campaign

Is someone voting "disruptive" on every thread?

Marist Poll: 53% of Voters think the debates should go on.

David Shuster just showed Letterman showing McCain having his makeup applied!

McCain is a steaming pile of shit!

The Great Photo Op=a disastrous play by John McCain

I agree with Republican Richard Shelby


absolutely worthless....

The Ultimate Push Poll On Obama

Everything happening today is simply face-saving for McCain. He miscalculated horribly yesterday.

Bush Does a 9/11 Replay in Asking for Unprecedented Powers and Unprecedented Budget

Bush Does a 9/11 Replay in Asking for Unprecedented Powers and Unprecedented Budget

"I'm there and that fool knows EXACTLY who is going to clean up his mess"

Can anyone tell me where to get Obama yard signs???

Has Sarah Palin Been Picked as the Titular Head of the Coming Police State?

Now McCain wants VP debate postponed


Nobody's buying: Repubs pushing the meme McCain made the deal happen.

'Our entire economy is in danger,' Bush warns -WHO THE FUCKS FAULT IS THAT?

We take the House, the Senate and the Prez- Redo the Bill in January

McCrypt Aid Tucker Absurdity A(Bounds) Claims Credit For Deal, Says "We're Going Into A Debate" (VID

Video of Letterman ripping McCain tonight

Clips From Tonight's CBS Palin Interview: Painful to Watch.

Rasmussen Ohio Poll: McCain 47 (-3), Obama 46 (unchanged)

Palin with Couric regarding Russia.. video... good grief, how pathetic

Subject: Fw: solution to problem (email I just got)

Who Here Has Ever Interviewed People for A Job?

Analysis: McCain's debate ploy a sign of weakness

Sarah needs to answer these questions!!

What are you wearing on November 4th

Moose Lips Sink Ships

Moose Lips Sink Ships

On Economic Bailout, Biden Brags on Obama & Blasts McCain

On Economic Bailout, Biden Brags on Obama & Blasts McCain

Question about the bailout, does it include sub primes in default only?

CNN: Obama will make statement after the meeting.

Yard sign THIEVES

Got a "Muslim Extremism" scare DVD in the mail today....Anyone else get this POS?

CEO Trivia, Not for the fainthearted.

Palin on Russia from the Couric interview. ***giggle**

My Personal Plan For The Bail Out

RUN FAST Dems, it is a setup, a trap by the McSame and the GOP!

Rasmussen PA Poll: Obama 49 (+1), McCain 45 (unchanged)


"Shooting wolves from planes is to hunting as hiring a prostitute is to dating"

'Was going to clean the garage this weekend but I've just cancelled it

What Is McCain Doing On His Emergency Trip To DC? Hanging Out With Lieberman & Rick Davis!

What Is McCain Doing On His Emergency Trip To DC? Hanging Out With Lieberman & Rick Davis!

Chill the F@ck Out! (((PIC)))

America's Greatest Threat

Running Scared: McCain Now Wants To Postpone VP Debate

MarketWatch: China asks local lenders not to lend to U.S. banks:report

"And I believe that some US Americans don't have mortgages

What exactly does Obama need in order to guarantee victory?

GWB turned the GOP into Humpty Dumpty...

Massive Bailout Deal Near, Another on the Horizon (FDIC May Need $150 Billion Bailout)

I am dissapointed that Harold Ford is not slamming McCain's Stunt

Ferguson! Rant on fire!

GetaLoadofThis ... McCain is trying to lead a fake revolt against Bush/Obama Bailout Plan

The smirk on *'s face speaks volume about the financial crisis. This was a planned crisis to

This week's perspective, from the illumination provided by 200 million televisions...

Pingpong balls, ladies and gentlemen.

Pingpong balls, ladies and gentlemen.

Have Democrats hacked free Republic?

Here's an image that I think describes Paulson's Plan

Gov Kooky continues her trainwreck

Here's an idea about the bailout!

Palin: ‘What The Bailout Does Is Help Those Who Are Concerned About Health Care Reform’»

Nothing like hearing a Senator from 'Bama bragging that he has economists from Harvard, Yale and MIT

Obama should hit back big

"I think he was first elected when I was like in the second grade.”

Boxer Nails McCain on Keating Five and wussing out on debates

Thank God for Obama

McCain has no intnention of skipping the debate, and Democrats need to be careful tomorrow

Welcome to the repuke S&L Crisis II!!

Welcome to the repuke S&L Crisis II!!

Here's the five page list of economists against Paulson't Plunder:

lol...Tweety just said that McCain looked old, tired, and angry this week,

this is a dog & pony show to make mccain look credible

Is Moscow closer to New York than Alaska?

At least it wasn't Martial Law

NC-Sen: Liddy's Team Demoralized?

The difference between us and the wingers is that we expect her to COMMUNICATE

USA Today: 78% support the bailout ... link

Treasury explains how it came up with $700 billion: We just wanted ‘a really large number.’»

This just in: Prof Irwin Corey to fill in for McLame in Friday's debate.

This just in: Prof Irwin Corey to fill in for McLame in Friday's debate.

(R)as poll MA: Obama 58%(+7), McCain 38%(-2)

Gingrich: Bailout Backers Will Lose in November

Sympathy for the Devil

Gallup 9/25 --- TIED?!!

Gallup 9/25 --- TIED?!!

OK partisianship aside (just for a brief second) the palace intrigue here is amazing to watch!

OK partisianship aside (just for a brief second) the palace intrigue here is amazing to watch!

Today's Candidate Schedule

Where Bush could get that 700 billion....

You need to write your congresscritters DAILY!!

I finally get it....guess what? The Thugs have discovered...

Need a laugh Gdp?

Can anything be done about duplicates on the Greatest Page?

“What are y’all doing?” she shouted. “I live here......"

When your state hates Republicans... just change your party name to GOP

Context for the great news on the ground in Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico, Virginia, etc.

Toles Toon on the Bailout

Toles Toon on the Bailout

Toles Toon on the Bailout

Toles Toon on the Bailout

Clinton defends McCain's request to delay the first presidential debate

Bill Clinton continues to subtly push for McCain.

!!!!!!!!----Obama presser----about 5 minutes from now ---MSNBC------

After Calling On Them To Finance His War And Tax Cuts, Bush Blames Foreign Investors For Crisis

I wish Obama would CALM down!

America is ALMOST SAVED! --> McCain reaches Capitol Hill NOW AS WE TYPE!!!

John McCain's favorite TV show is "24" - who'da guessed.

Shelby: No deal! Five pages of economists saying it is a bad deal!

Is McSame Kicking Himself For Not Picking Mittens?

Poll: A Majority of voters say Obama is Running a Positive Campaign...Opposite true for McCain

I brought up the movie "Inherit the Wind" a while back in reference to the McCain

It's a trap! Nobody can successfully run again Herbert Hoover!!!

Cynthia McKinney ready to step in for McCain at Friday’s debate.

McCain to be interviewed....

Paulson Blueprint Promotes Insurance Industry Shell Game (CorpWatch)

Paulson Blueprint Promotes Insurance Industry Shell Game (CorpWatch)

McCain Never Actually Released His Health Records. His Health Is Most CERTAINLY An Issue

So are we waiting for/going to see a post WH meeting statement from Obama?

Why I seldom offer Obama free advice: (An Appreciation)

Bob Scheiffer on CBS The Early Show: Rumor is McCain wants debate date changed - Palin not ready

Caption ** -->> More Lipstick on a Pig

The local news just announced that 12,000 people saw Obama

Per CNN...Will there be an agreement to "allow" McCain to participate in the Debates tomorrow?



The Path and the Talking Points are Now Clear

Obama will take reporter's questions in 10 minutes, at the Mayflower hotel.

We need to make it clear that McSame makes these nutty decisions as a matter of course

I've heard of Presidential Candidates lowering Expectations

Connecticut Democrats to Censure Lieberman; "Extraordinarily Disloyal"

I assume that our rating system's resemblance to Bush's "Terror Alert" system was meant as ironic...

I'm curious if DUers have heard any "watercooler" reaction to McCain's campaign suspension.

John McCain left---out the back door!

I have just seen DEFEAT in bu$h's eyes.

I have just seen DEFEAT in bu$h's eyes.

"Pro-life blog" is vewy, vewy irritated with David Letterman.

"I donated to your campaign and if you're suspending it, how do I get my money back?"

I find Richard Dawkins to be annoying.

Do you reckon McCain is showing 'leadership' by going back to DC,

I'm tired of the MSM narrative on this bailout already

McCain is doing all three Network news tonight but has no time to debate WTF?

"I'm On It." (((PIC)))

New Poll: Fewer See McCain As "Honest"

Caption Barack Obama, Bush, and John McCain

So McCain was the one to politicize this Economic World Problem....

POlitica saying that bothe will be on all three networks tonight

POlitica saying that bothe will be on all three networks tonight

Sign Petition to Debate Commission to Save the Debates NOW - sigs to be delivered TOMORROW!

CNN: House Republicans Opposing the Deal - McCain *may* support them....

In the 110th Congress (1/07-1/09) John McCain has missed 64.1% of the votes.

Can we have an "It's a Trap" Forum?

What the GOP did lead by McCain is CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE! Pass it on. . .

Detroit Free Press Michigan Poll: Obama 51(+5), 38(-1)

While in the Oval office today, Obama should whip out a tape measure

Craig Ferguson just gave an incredible performance tearing McSame and the Repukes

I just recalled something that pisses me off anew about this 700 B bailout

will mccain become the populist hero by submarining the bailout bill?

You're not going to like hearing this.....but Bill Clinton wants us to win

San Francisco Examiner endorses McCain/Palin

McCain Solution: When you are losing by 6 points, call the game off!!

----How tired of this childish fucking game do you think Obama is??----

Maybe McCain got his hand slapped by the administration, and was told to stop

Lawmakers Agree on Outline of Bailout - NYT

WTF in New Hampshire

Obama Will Make Debate A Townhall If McCain Doesn't Show, Source Says

Dole Sighting! Dole Sighting!

McC uses Idol makeup artist - $5,583.43

So No Debate?

Oh-ho YES, I'm the GREAT Suspender...

Wouldn't eating food from foreign places some kind of foreign policy experience?

The World's Billionaires (not who you think)

Will McCain be at the debate tomorrow or not?

Why is Sarah Palin like an IKEA desk?

If the meeting today is at the WH, Obama needs to use the situation to look presidential.

Is it proper to mock a politician that doesn't know the word "mock"?

You like that Landry's Seafood?

An open memo regarding the $700,000,000,000 bailout

Do any of you think there were threats made

If McCain & Republicans Torpedo Agreement, They'd Jolly Well Better Have An Alternative Plan

Beware of this email scam!

Not sure about the bailout mess, but our next move is crystal clear

Jim Cramer's "5 lies about the Paulson plan"

Please... the idea of having Palin "stand-in" for McCain at the debate is a BAD ONE FOR US

New Orleans Times Picayune: "LaBruzzo: Sterilization plan fights poverty"

CNN: Dodd...This was a 2 hour rescue plan for John McCain

McC contributed very little: Steny Hoyer.

There is NO deal coming according to Richard Shelby, Top Rep Senator on Banking Committee

So is Obama running against Palin now?

****Heads Up: Awaiting Obama & McCain brfg on economy ****

From a Conservative Board, but it's a thought -- Instead of Bailing Out....

Thursday McChicken TOONS- Send them to the freepers for amusement!

Thursday McChicken TOONS- Send them to the freepers for amusement!

TPM calls McCain stunt the biggest "Dog ate my homework" in history.

CNN: WH meeting $350B proposal

It's not nice to make fun of my accent, ya know, Chaalie?

Palin-Biden Debate

Well David Gregory is all smiles as he unzips McCain's pants again.

Obama to be on CNN live in a few minutes with Wolfie

I can hardly wait for the new Obama commercial:

Obama on CNN now...

DU, if there's one thing I've learned from canvassing over the last week...

Debate Commission says show will go on!

Sarah Palin "superstar" doll.

Did everyone see the DFA commercial talking about McCain's bouts with cancer.

Have you heard the Obama "Ferris Wheel" ad yet? This is the

DU intuition: All Good & Getting Better-vs- Not the Least Bit Good & Getting Bad

Letterman and Craig Ferguson both whipped some ass tonight!

Heh...a laugh for relief

An Insider Exposes the Truth Behind the Polls

Isn't it great when the other side's "October Surprise" works in OUR favor?

Is this bailout vote, the vote to authorize the iraq war pt 2???

Republicans: political stunts in a time of crisis.

Obama coming on CNN's Situation Room very soon!

Let Me Guess What Is Going To Happen Now On This Bailout....

Nice try, Walnuts. (re: debates, suspended campaign, other nonsense)

If a video surfaced of Obama being prayed over by a witch hunter the reaction would be?

Caption this pic....(it's a good one)

AP Busts McCain: "Campaign slows, but doesn't stop"

on KO --- OMG!!! McCain memo "let's politicize this"

Obama campaign distributes video of McCain saying he hadn't read Paulson's (three page) plan

How likely is it that McCain "saves" the deal, the vote occurs Friday night, when Obama is in Miss?

Mike Pence (R) on MSNBC: THERE IS NO DEAL ! States that

So McCain got his way?

So McCain got his way?

Obama Campaign Release on Debate Day History

Letterman body slam on McCain approaches 1.2 MILLION views!

McCain's new nickname (courtesy of fark) McChicken.

Video: Obama`s remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative

Aw, Palin and Bono only got to chat over the phone (LOL)

Shhh..... President Obama is speaking on CNN.....

Stop mocking Sarah Palin

SUSA Poll: 75% think the debate should be held tomorrow...16% think Campaigns should be Suspended

just saw the 'melanoma' ad against really made me uncomfortable

Looks like a lose/lose scenario for McCain on the bailout vote

There's no other developed country in the world in which McPreposterous would be a legit contender

Fuck ABC!!!! Headline: Paulson Fears Deal is Dead: Pleads with Dems, "Please don't Blow This Up"

My favorite Palin moment from Couric interview. And a comparison.

If were the democrats I would call McCain's bluff!

So everything was going fine until McCain came to town?

***** Obama live interview on the Situation Room ****

Obama is about to bust it open and leave mcTantrum in the dust.

Can Putin see Palin from his back door?

If McCain kills this deal Obama will win 42 states, but it won't be worth it

Dodd: The Meeting Was A Bust - McCain, House GOP Derail Bailout Negotiations

Obama: "If McCain doesnt face the American people in this debate he doesnt deserve to be president"

Why McCain Bailed: 3 stories, 5 rallies and 12 states

Why doesn't the MSM call it what it is, "economic and political blackmail"?

Obama: There needs to be a sense of urgency

Cindy McCain's financial records.

Why can't taxpayers LOAN the $700 Billion AT INTEREST

Forgive me if's this is crazy--Did I hear about a Palin sex tape?

If McCain doesn't show up at the debate, I think Obama should hold it anyway

If McCain doesn't show up at the debate, I think Obama should hold it anyway

Can anyone sum up what happened today with the bailout and where the situation is currently?

McCain suspends campaign to read "My Pet Lobbyist" to Congress

The Republicans will not kill the bill in any scenario

McCain and deregulation

Analysis: Bush holds Washington blame-free

Where's Sarah? Why isn't she campaigning for McCain?

Ruh-Roh for the Right, economy being seen as a "values" issue

Please Steal This Image: McCain Riding The Missile

Sweating out a fevered economy

Chatting from the bunker, LOL! exchange between Big Time and the Barracuda

Here's what I really think is happening here. Please read...

Warren Buffet just made 783 million bucks from

Message to McCain : Bailout Agreement Reached... Still No Debate?

I think I am missing something... With the McCalin/Pain campaign suspended... and no bail out

how come, whenever the financiers threaten to strike...

The McCain Project - McCain version 2.29 - What Version Are We On? Did I Miss an Update?

Quite a few of you seem to think Barack Obama is a fucking idiot

Boehlert/Foser: As debates loom, will media learn from past coverage shortfalls?

Boehlert/Foser: As debates loom, will media learn from past coverage shortfalls?

Just for the Record: McCain hasn't suspended anything.

What happened to our new rating system. I really liked it.

Obama taking questions from reporters today proves he is ready to lead and ready to debate.

Obama taking questions from reporters today proves he is ready to lead and ready to debate.

If he has suspended his campaign to work on the financial deal

Is McCain going to flip-flop back into uber de-regulator man?

Mika just can't stand up to Joe

Dems, some in GOP question McCain's intervention

CBS/NYT poll (Sept 21-24)- Obama-(47%)-, Mccain( 42%)- (RV)- Obama-(48%)-Mccain(43%-LV

CBS/NYT poll (Sept 21-24)- Obama-(47%)-, Mccain( 42%)- (RV)- Obama-(48%)-Mccain(43%-LV

News story about Barack Obama on Jim Lehrer (PBS)

McCain: "I'll gladly take the penalty"

McCain: "I'll gladly take the penalty"

Why Can’t the U.S. Have Toyota’s 40 MPG 4WD Minivan?

Obama Leads McCain in Missouri Donations (by $1 mil)

"dystopia" was a blind spot in my vocabulary

"Obama leads among both men and women, young and old, rich and poor..."

Did Obama have his presser?

Did Obama have his presser?

Did Barney Frank really call McMansions "Mighty Mouse"?

Here is Why McCain Wants to Move the Debate

How is this possible, Obama down in Gallup daily polling to a 46 tie

Shit Pile

Time to Blow Off ANY MSRNC Show When Schuster is the Replacement

John McCain is going to cause the greatest economic disaster in history

Note to pResident Bush: Why should Americans believe anything you say?

I think the McCain ploy is to keep Obama from

Will weather influence events in DC

Why is Schuster talking to 2 Repuke scumbags at once?

McCain resorts to logic-by-panic approach to campaign

If there is no deal by tomorrow and McCain DOES show up to the debate...

Let's Hear it for Katie Couric!

Obama's press conference was reassuring. That's presidential.

Just saw the McCain 'Family' ad

McCain can't do the debate because Obama nixed his 10 town halls?

Jesus Christ! Peggy Noonan looks like Bette Davis in Sweet Baby Jane!

Has Bush Made Any Public Comments After Todays Meeting ......

This is what a "suspended" campaign looks like?

Palin to Couric: "I'll try to find some, and I'll bring 'em to ya."

Palin to Couric: "I'll try to find some, and I'll bring 'em to ya."

Palin to Couric: "I'll try to find some, and I'll bring 'em to ya."

I find it rude that we weren't even offered dinner & a movie.

On anniversary of Rita, Sabine Pass picks up from Ike

An Open Letter To Sarah Palin From An Indigenous Woman

Did the "October Surprise" come early this year or was the financial meltdown just a bonus?

Skinner, I still don't like this new feature........

Palin's Daily Pearl of Wisdom: "Our next door neighbors are foreign countries."

I Can't wait for McCain's Press Conference!! huh? what? he's not having one

Does anybody have a transcript to Palin & Couric part 2?

Talkingpointsmemo: "All About John"

Don't look now, but somebody just armed the nukes.

Barack Is Ready

Cracking from the pressure, a sweaty McSame trembles through Capitol Hill...

This is fertile territory for Obama 527s to dig into... just like rawstory did...LINK

This is fertile territory for Obama 527s to dig into... just like rawstory did...LINK

Palin: Alaska’s proximity to Russia ‘certainly does’ give me foreign policy experience.»

Digby totally nailed McCain's back-out on Monday....

America marches against the bailout, Thursday Sept. 25th

Someone please calm me down.

McCain: "Inappropriate to do comedy in light of the financial crisis." (re: Letterman)

Hmmm. If the stock market tanks tomorrow, who do you think people will blame?

Let me tell you how George Bush almost got me arrested

I love this from the rude pundit on bush's speech last night

Consensus: McCain's move a lame political stunt

McCain will be there

Someone tell Sarah Palin Anchorage to Moscow is 4,360 miles

Michigan Poll shows Obama leading by 10 points

I don't mean to belabor the point but Sarah Palin is a very stupid woman.

My cat is smarter than Sarah Palin.

My cat is smarter than Sarah Palin.

"McCain Looks Like the Shaper of Events, Obama Looks Like the Victim." Talk me down.

Why didn't they give her a quiz?

Roger Simon is busy spinning and spouting much BS on Hardball

Roger Simon is busy spinning and spouting much BS on Hardball

Poll puts Obama up in NH again

We are in dire need of an economic expert to fix this mess -

Joe Klein: What Actually Happened Yesterday

Will someone explain to me why McCain wants these town hall meetings so badly? I don't get it -

did anybody notice that Pat Buchanan couldn't keep a straight face while defending Palin on Hardball

McCain hypocrisy about money crisis: Paulson working w/ Obama weeks ago-McCain couldn't be bothered

Palin w/ Couric: "Trade Missions with Russia"

McCain Avoiding The Debate? It's Happened Before



Two interesting parallel articles

Instead of Impeachment... Congress is going to give him $700 billion...

Where were these so-called fiscal conservatives when the war was eating away at our

McCain/ Boehner Plan: More Supply Side Laissez Faire Bullshit

Where is Joe Biden?

Are we beginning an Executive Directive 51 emergency?

Who's watching Hardball?! Everything is in Obama's hand.

VIDEO - NEW VERSION: Palin on Foreign Policy (COMEDY GOLD)

VIDEO - NEW VERSION: Palin on Foreign Policy (COMEDY GOLD)

John McCain website STILL UP!! No notice of suspending campaign on the home page!!

Lawmakers Would Prefer McCain Butt Out Of Their Bailout Negotiations (brutal!)

Humor: What is going on inside their heads as we speak (RE White House meeting)

The Sarah Palin CORN MAZE er uh.. Corn Rendering

I hope you watch this video. It makes sense to me. Talk me down.

I hope you watch this video. It makes sense to me. Talk me down.

New Debate Moniker: Cut and Run McCain!!

Caption this picture:

Caption this picture:

There is no crisis

DEMS in Senate and House ....

I know you can't change real opinions, but I don't know how to respond

Sarah Palin's dead lake (Salon)

Will McCain Show Up For The Debate Tomorrow As Scheduled?

Mississippi McCain Supporter: "The debate should go on...we have Internet access down here"

Mississippi McCain Supporter: "The debate should go on...we have Internet access down here"

Obama adviser predicts McCain will show up at the debate tomorrow night.

Obama adviser predicts McCain will show up at the debate tomorrow night.

OK. Looks like we may see just how real this crisis is.

Hundreds of economists oppose Bush/Paulson bailout plan

Let's make David Horowitz bankrupt!

CBS on McCain's alternative proposal

Guardian UK: The time has come for a final report on the 43rd president of the US

Guardian UK: The time has come for a final report on the 43rd president of the US

MarketWatch: U.S. financial superpower status to wane?

Obama suggests McCain at fault for snag in negotiations

Liberal PACs Ready Attack Ad on McCain’s Health

Is it just me or does it look like McCain has aged several years in these last few days? nt

Richard Gere: "Vote Obama"

Priceless Palin pin

Your average Freeper

More Meat for the Conspiracy Theorists

SEND MSG:: Senate must include real credit card reform in bailout package!

Scarborough at 6 a.m.: "Go back to Washington" At 6 p.m.: "He should have stayed out of Washington"

Pollster says election could end in landslide (Zogby)

Pakistan probes mystery of US Marines' steel boxes in Marriott

Liberal groups make issue of McCain's skin cancer

Exclusive: Katie Couric Sarah Palin Interview Part II

Bumper sticker game - describe McCain/Palin in one word each

Future Drudge story...

Future Drudge story...

How did KO do instead of mcsame on Letterman last night.....

Well, the Dow futures have flipped. They were minus 40 or so about 20 minutes after shrub spoke....

What Kind Of Infrastructure Is To Be Set Up To Manage These Bailout Monies?.......

A real bail-out plan....What would you do with $297,500?

Do you believe Bill Clinton is trying to undemine the Obama campaign?

The "An American Carol" Movie - proof turds sometimes sink to the bottom.

The Princess of Wasilla CAN'T be the reincarnation of the Shrub, because

This could indeed be a trap!!!

Did Sarah Palin Really Say She Wouldn't Hire Blacks?

Did Palin just call Obama..."Naive"?

Did Palin just call Obama..."Naive"?

I smell a rat

Proof of Alaska/Russia Interaction!

Did Something Happen To McCain? Medically Speaking?

Did Something Happen To McCain? Medically Speaking?

Republicans in Washington have a habit of becoming curiously deaf to the voice of the people.

Send Moosefart back to Alaska

UhOh Condi et al played a central role in Talks on Interrogations

Terrorist weiners.....


Skinner, is there anyway we could get a sticky with Congress and Senate numbers?

Washington Redskins - GE Predictors

I think I was polled today.

Dupe, mods pls delete

Name the Bailout Bill!

Help! Last night McCain said "suspending my campaign immediately" today NPR played clip saying

Fox News has fired Jessica Herzberg, the freelance producer responsible for the "Obama's baby mama"

Did anybody see Corzine on CNN this a.m., he was great..

Whoa. This ad just aired on Tweety, about McBush's melanoma...



McCain Ads - still showing or not?

The TV machine is in FULL FREAKOUT MODE

On Palin and Wolves (Mudflats)

People of DU! I will now accept your thanks for solving the Bailout Crisis!

People of DU! I will now accept your thanks for solving the Bailout Crisis!

My wild idea. Let Palin sub for Mccain in the Friday debate.

Roger Simon: I am not sure she can find the office of Vice President

Mojo Blog : Two NRA Lobbyists Violating the McCain Campaign's Conflict Rules?

MarketWatch: China asks local lenders not to lend to U.S. banks:report

Reid: McCain interfering with progress on bailout

Reid: McCain interfering with progress on bailout

Why is bush getting away with it again?

Stick figure guide to the mortgage mess... 45 pages!

Palin Preacher's Answer To Bail-Out: "Jews Control Economy-We Need To Have Christians Take Over"

Palin Preacher's Answer To Bail-Out: "Jews Control Economy-We Need To Have Christians Take Over"

Palin Preacher's Answer To Bail-Out: "Jews Control Economy-We Need To Have Christians Take Over"

FOX: "Cut His Mike" As Guest Mentions McCain's Role In Keating Five

FOX: "Cut His Mike" As Guest Mentions McCain's Role In Keating Five

Let's suspend government till they get their shit together, o.k?

UPDATE on Syndi White trashed signs

Toobin just called out the whole CNN Panel. Said they were gullable

Who is the dumbest Republican ever to appear on a Presidential Ticket?

Who is the dumbest Republican ever to appear on a Presidential Ticket?

Resources for Action on the Bailout

Palin speak.


What if McCain croaks?

What if McCain croaks?

McSuspend doesn't know anything about the economy

we have seen this before

Paulson is worth 500 million dollars...let him buy some of this debt!!

Who's ready for a cancelled election, martial law and civil war?

Letterman damaged McCain badly last night by airing McCain's make-up prep w/Couric

Full Text Of John McCain’s Address To The Clinton Global Initiative»

What if we gave $700Billion to Taxpayers?

I won't do it, but it sure is tempting. Thursday - March Against Paulson's Plunder (Emergency Protests)

Alright this fraud or just an innocent mistake.

Senate OKs bill to probe civil rights murders

Man charged with criminal flatulence?

Oh yes, I'm the great, Suspender, (sing along)!

Don't you feel like you're being robbed with a freaking bazooka?

At least the Galveston residents have finally been allowed to

At least the Galveston residents have finally been allowed to

Photographic proof that John McCain is a maverick!

Anyone have a list of things congress has no to bush on?

The Magnitude and Meaning of the Proposed Bailout: What $700 Billion for Wall St. means on Main St.

WHY are they still showing mccain ads? He suspended! No fair!

ABC: McCain may have screwed everyting up!

Manuel: Mets 'suspending' pennant race

More leaks on why the debate schedule is being changed

More leaks on why the debate schedule is being changed

kos: Wall Street, pay for your own damn mess.

kos: Wall Street, pay for your own damn mess.

This is the sickest, saddest mockery of the democratic process I have ever seen!

This is the sickest, saddest mockery of the democratic process I have ever seen!

so is this the first time "Senator" McCain has shown his face around theSenate this year?

Saw a great Obama ad this morning ...for Pennsylvania.

Here's video of the hilariously bad Palin/Couric interview

We learned a lot from testing the new rating system, but we don't think it's ready for prime time.

How about a sales tax on stock transactions like the UK has...?

WTF? McLame live from NYC? I thought he HAD to race back to DC to save the day.


Fox News UPDATE!

My smart ass LTTE and its rhetorical questions.

Little US or Iraqi Support for Iraq War, & Bush vs. Clinton on Getting Osama - Bush History, 9/25

Gass Shortages Continue in Asheville, NC

While Gramps Cuts & Runs, There's a GAS CRISIS in the South !

Is anyone asking what safeguards will be in place to prevent another financial disaster?

Sarah Palin Said Russia Violated U S Air Space!

The Bolsheviks believed in "Permanent Revolution". The Neocons in "Permanent 9/11".

My 1000th post - it's been a good two years

The Daily Widget – Thur 9/25 – O-326, M-212 – Obama Regains PV Lead; New Hampshire Red

WJ this morning-Thoughts on last night

New scapegoat for economic woes. Illegal aliens!!!

Should Congressional Candidates be required to disclose their party affiliation in TV ads?

Should Congressional Candidates be required to disclose their party affiliation in TV ads?

I just saw Bush speaking tonight. Is it me or did he look like he is


MarketWatch: Jobless claims at highest in seven years

Kerry hits McCain hard: "rushing to Washington and grandstanding...silly...impulsive and erratic"

OMG I SH*T YOU NOT!! Another Republican refuses to debate using McCain's excuse!!!

Consequences of no bailout.

mccain says the bailout is in "dire straits". mcain, YOU ARE A FRAUD!!!/nt

Krugman (Catches Paulson & Bernanke) - "A Sneaking Suspicion"

Shelby, Senate Banking Committee Ranking Member: "John McCain hasn't called me this week".

Memo To Congress: There will be no painless solution.

McCain snuck out the back door according to Chris Mattews

McCain snuck out the back door according to Chris Mattews


What are talk-radio hosts saying about the bailout (leftwing and rightwing)? NT

An Insider Exposes the Truth Behind the Polls

mr. bush's legacy: stolen elections, 9-11, wars, torture, Katrina, & the bailout.

Omaha, NE: Man "safely" abondons his 9 children at hospital

Omaha, NE: Man "safely" abondons his 9 children at hospital

TOON: McCain Can't Multi-Task? Says Who!

LTTE on the 'bailout' in Washington Post. Nails Bush!

MarketWatch: New-home sales fall to weakest level in 17 years

House GOP: No Deal - We Have "Significant Leverage" (Updated)

When I went out of business...

Who here really believes the bailout will only be $700B?

---If you have NOT seen this video, it's a MUST----This is who we are up against!!--

---If you have NOT seen this video, it's a MUST----This is who we are up against!!--

Unemployment expected to continue to increase through 2010...

Rethug and Green candidates team up to avoid debate with Dem candidate in Illinois

What kind of message would it send if McCain were to not show up to the debate Friday?

here's a story lost in the news....bu$h Aides Linked to Talks on Interrogations..i.e. torture

Wow, Peter King, R-NY gave Barney Frank his highest compliments on

McCain has aligned himself with house Republicans to kill the bailout agreement.

Isn't there some way these Republican investment houses can

Has anyone else seen the mcCain/medical record ad?

Ivins claimed he knew who sent anthrax

Rasmussen North Carolina: OBAMA 49, McStunt 47

Anybody seeing the Letterman show tonight??

International Talk Like a Palin Day

Brooklyn Man Dies After Police Use a Taser Gun

How are everyone's local banks doing?

Governor Palin speaks about education

Breaking news - Inanimate objects unite against Palin

Since he admits he knows little about economics, what is McCrank going to add to the discussion?


Rothenberg: Will Schumer Get Democrats to 60 Seats This Cycle?

Economists To Nancy Pelosi: Don’t Rush Wall Street Bailout

Richard Gere plugged Obama again this morning--this time on the CBS Morning Show.

McShame is in NYC this morning, campaigning, not in Washington.

IMO this bail out is like some business having to replace engines in all it's trucks

Will McCain or Obama vote against the bailout?

Hmmmm, looks like Palin isn't suspending Her campaign

Heads Up! CNN Live! McInsane On Live and Praising Clinton. WTF?

Another economic reality; People are cutting back on new Undies...

WOW-Anyone else live in the NY area just see the anti-McCain ad about his cancer?

McCain's debate delays - imo, a key factor is the early voting going on in some 'red' states

Any news anywhere on the big WH meeting today?

Just watched Fux Newz in the morning for the first time....

The DOW's up over 200 points this morning

Forgive? Sounds good. Forget? I don't think I could.

Explanation of our tax system using actual percentages (propaganda debunked)

Reid and Pelosi take a lot of heat, but what about Sellout Schumer?

No bailout needed - Wall Street should have a yard sale...


1,700 people dying in New Orleans? McCain throws a party.

Letting an arsonist put out a fire.....

Why does Obama have less than $800,000 raised on ActBlue?

Has a Presidenial Candidate EVER cancelled or pulled out of a debate before?

Separated at birth....

Separated at birth....

I just donated $14.95 to the Obama Campaign. That's the cost of SUSPENDERS.

Another use for all those billions

What was McShame actually going to do in Washington?

What was McShame actually going to do in Washington?

Get Your War On - Sarah Palin and the Rape Kits

Why Obama will lose

bailout feelings

Sarah Silverman's HILARIOUS Obama Video: Watch and Love it

Sarah Silverman's HILARIOUS Obama Video: Watch and Love it

How about a Jubilee year?

Wouldn't this be a good time for the House to apply PAYGO?

This Bailout make me so MAD!

So what did Bush* mean when he said a Company should never get so big it couldn't fail?

Watching more of the Palin interview by the Couric woman

Alaska senator 'accepted gifts' (BBC)

A Systemic Solution to a Systemic Crisis: Do It Right or Don't Do It

Ed Schultz email says McCain Insiders are saying Palin's pre debate has been disastrous!

What's With The Secrecy?

William Greider: Show Us the Money

Is it just me or is this campaign much more FUN than 2004?

BARNEY FRANK: “We’re trying to rescue the economy, not the McCain campaign.”

Bill Clinton Amnesty Thread

Freepers gnash teeth in reaction to Palin-Couric interview (with QUOTES!)

Form an "Emergency Committee of the Vindicated"

Serious question: Can one co-equal branch of government

companies borrow money to make their payrolls??!!!

A Letter From Mr Moose

Campaign Volunteers: Check In Here!

Meanwhile... Pentagon says U.S. military choppers came under fire by Pakistani troops

Anyone listening to Mike? The Caller talked about the letter sent to Britian...

Lemming Gene? Why is it a foregone conclusion that some kind of Wall Street Bailout is necessary?

Democrats in Danger

The Rude Pundit: Notes on the Crisis: A Few Observations Regarding These Frantic Days

DU this small-town poll please.

We choose - you lose

Karl is trying to put lipstick on a chicken...

Is it just me...

"The first stage is just the bailout, but the second stage are all of these radical reforms.....

Dana "I'm worse than Katie Courec" Perino just on.

CyberPatrol internet filter default settings block all Obama sites... but not John McCain sites..

Why bail out at all?

THANK YOU to the DU community from Syndi White

We know they have murdered but has any millionaire EVER been given the death penalty in the US?

I love the Rude Pundit...

Just on CNBC: The bailout will not address the #1 problem!

My Email to the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs

My son's blue collar workmates are taking what they can from their 401k's today after Bush's speech

It's hysterical. The "must reads" are by in large worthless, and the

from the View: shout out for you watch the repub blond on faux tv with huckleberry.

A REMINDER: the bailout so far is over $900 BILLION, not including the $700 billion being discussed!

A REMINDER: the bailout so far is over $900 BILLION, not including the $700 billion being discussed!

Just an informal observation re; yard signs & bumper stickers in my central TX town -

7 sentences that will help you enjoy Democratic Underground more and be frustrated with it less.

Poppy arrives at the Oval Office - pics

Mc5PLANE's "pretty face" (sic) cost $5 1/2K from a celeb make-up crew

Palin loses Native subsistence rights case

Connecticut Democrats delay decision on censuring Sen. Lieberman for his support of GOP

Connecticut Democrats delay decision on censuring Sen. Lieberman for his support of GOP

"Sadly, the wieners were detonated as a precaution." (Hot Dogs Prompt Evacuations ...)

"Inherit the Wind"

Former Italy Spy Boss Wants Rice Testimony in Abduction Case

What IS IT with these people???

Caption Cindy and Sarah

Six months from now, we will rue this day...

A scathing condemnation of Bush's 14 minutes of

If rich people want the bailout it's because its good for them not for you

Debate Must Go On

John Edwards proposed a 7 day wait before voting on legislation...

DU this Hannity Poll: McCain "Country First" or "Political Move?"

Bill Clinton: "McCain asked to postpone debate in good faith, and McCain had

Shelby just shat all over agreement. He says there is none on CNBC now.

Make McLame pay Miss

Debate Board Press Conference coming up on

NBC Nightly News just played Palin's Couric interview about Russia WOW was that bad

Orange County Chopper knuckledragging morons are McCain supporters...

Does anyone know if the Stevens trial which started today is being televised?

Good idea? Any clues?

I had the STRANGEST dream. DU had weird colorful buttons, and...

Losing “Faith in the American People”

Duplication - self delete

McSame: "The Bailout Dog Ate My Homework!"

A great quote from the washington Post Reguarding McCain's vs. Obama's views

I'd like to know what McCain is actually going to do in Washington. He sure won't be 'negotiating'

Govenor of Mississippi (R) just on CNN. "Looking Forward To The Debate Tomorrow Night"

Full transcript of Palin-Kouric interview anywhere?

Boehner says No Deal on Bail this a big set up so it looks like McCain saved the day?


The whole idea was John McPOW's to give himself a boost

omg sen. boxer kicking ass on faux news

Did McCain have a minor stroke?

Bill "Snake" Heard Chevrolet closing its doors

From my mailbox to my trash can

McCain's Done Nothing on Banking or Housing in This Congress - Obama's Already Introduced Five Bills

Palin Speaks Sarah Palin's Ground Zero Q and A -- per CNN's Peter Hamby

I just checked the markets. The Dow is up 220 pts. Can someone tell me

Need financial advice, what about my savings?

"McCain is Andy Kaufman in his Mighty Mouse costume"

The disrespect of John Sydney McCain III for America and her people...

Will a federal bailout of Wall Street further devalue the US dollar?

Aww, Wall Street is so cute! Just like a little puppy, happily wagging its tail and

Some facts about the Federal Reserve.

BREAKING NEWS! Initial jobless claims soar to 9/11 numbers

HAH! Good one Barry...

Who the hell put out that ad going after McCain for being old and having melanoma?

Dems need to provide date and time stamped copies of the proposals to Obama.

Church of England Leader Speaks Out In Defense of Karl Marx !!!

DU a poll about the bailout....

Bill Heard Chevrolet shutting down 13 dealerships in Ga. & AL.

Palin: dumber than Bush?

CNN Poll, Thanks Chimpy!

Martha Stewart's show is on right now...

Police May Stop Responding To Some Crimes - Budget Crunch Forces Move To Be Considered

Want to find a church that will defy the IRS ban?

Mikhail Khodorkovsky, and Russian justice

"Harvey Milk Day" Proposal Outrages Conservatives

A friend told me today he is cancelling classes because of a monumental

Media Savvy Republicans

Ed Schultz saying that House/Senate have a deal on bailout.

Perhaps AIG can be the cornerstone of a new system of universal private health coverage.

Another conservative bastion blasts McCain: The Economist

****Obama Art****

Did anybody else notice that in Bushworld our economy went from..

Mystery of stolen signs ...solved??

Sarah Palin unveils her plan to fix the economy

Remember that 700 Billion I loaned you? Well, where's my money man?

New Fall Reality Show.. "Flip This Economy"..

Hell-y BARBOUR claims there are TWO "greatest (political) parties in the world"!1

"Christian" biker gang in trouble...

Looting the banks, the last act of GOP

"If the bailout is to pass, let it be with Democratic votes." ~ The Next Right

Palin "exorcised" by Kenyan : video

Have we seen another outing by Cheney?

Democrats are for Wall Street - Republicans are for Main Street.

CNN gives some coverage to Letterman's hammering of McCain, but misses the point.

Largest Chevy Dealership In Nation Closes

Lipstick on a Pig Alert! Bail-out is now Rescue

I called Rep. Larson's office (re: bailout) -- all calls 'are against'

"The Daily Show" scored its most-watched week ever last week, averaging nearly 2 million viewers a n

McCain Suspends Democracy (The Nation .. Katrina vanden Heuvel)

Difference in thievery

Why must this deal be done by Friday?

Has *'s second term been more or less disasterous than you thought it would be?

What about "Keating 5 Victims For Truth" ?

A Fresh Female Face Amid Cable Schoolboys


Ohnoes Johnny Mac - Bail out deal reached... you have to debate now! :o)

I saw this today in the Paris metro.

What Campaign Ads Would Look Like If the Voting Age Was 6


tin foil hat on

"They Need a Senator Who Knows Nothing About the Economy to Fix the Financial Crisis" (Satire)

"We just wanted to choose a really large number"

Going out on a limb here...personal experience of foreclosure

My Bush theory

Would anyone here want to know how the wealthy in Houston suffered after Hurricane Ike?

"Damn the torpedoes, I'm suspending the battle", & other heroic quotes

Worst. Campaign. Ever!

Scary resemblance....

Congrats Middle Class

Note to Obama: Don't trust any more Republicans who give you advice


Will the bailout be good for you personally?

Outsourcing the New GI Bill

CNN Poll: John McCain's request to delay campaigning and this week's debate is:

Live blog on Ted Stevens' trial

This photo is why I'm more hopeful than ever Obama will be President...

AP video: Starving Dogs, Cats Rescued in Fla Abuse Case (raided a nonprofit animal shelter)

Stevens takes personal responsibility - blames contractor in gift-giving trial

Was this Wall Street giveaway all about Bush's pride?

How about Dodd for Senate Majority Leader?

VIDEO: "Hey, John, do you need a ride to the airport???"

Study: Omitting cell phone users may affect polls

I am sorry. I must switch my support to McCain.

Obama Camp: McCain Not Suspending Campaign

The Big Bank Job: It's A Giveaway, Not A Bailout

FR on cloistering Mooselini: "SET HER LOSE!" [sic]

what are the real reasons McCain wants to cancel the debate?

McCain just cancelled the election?

Two years ago, they passed a law making it harder for the American people to declare bankruptcy.

Sidekicks McCain and Lieberman arrive in DC to save the economy

***New Tunes This Week: Everlast "Kill the Emperor" ***

I just nuked 2 fuckers - here's one of their letters.

McCain: Just Like The Opportunistic Boss Who Takes Credit For The Work of His Staff

Does the USA own the Moon?

Breaking - Dow jumps by 304 points on news

We held debates & an election during the CIVIL WAR. We can dammned well have 'em now.

Enough repugs will vote against the bill that McCain will have to "save the day."

My gutless rep Scott Garrett (R-NJ-5) too afraid to publicly support or oppose bailout

two bits McDramaQueen votes "no" on the bailout pkge.

Brain storming session? Pay poor women 1000.00 for getting their tubes tied?

What the bail out deal really says..

Conservative or Liberal? Workspace Reveals All

Congratulations, Skinner and folks, the new system is working

What would happen if we ALL signed up at

McCain's massive healthcare tax on the middle class

McCain's massive healthcare tax on the middle class

What do YOU think? Is the federal bailout of Wall Street a good- or bad idea?

McCain's sons bank failure going MSM

please critique my ltte before I send Re: Gramm and the foreclosure crisis..

Lawmaker mulls old Duke idea: Paid sterilization

OUR TALKING POINT - McLame insults GOP leaders who worked to long and hard on this negotiation.

Citizens Dumping Personal Junk on Wall Street to Protest Bailout

Did anyone else receive this anti-Islamic DVD from the Clarion Fund

White House, McCain at odds over progress of bailout

"Candies to yogurt to rice balls": tainted Chinese foodstuffs include EXPORTS.

One teensy weensy request about the "new format"...(ADMINS)

North Carolina Senate: Hagan 48% Dole 45%

The David Letterman of old returns in a big way

Next up: FDIC

11 kids (not babies) left at hospital in 24 hours under safe haven law

Give me a scenario where the First Brigade Combat Team of the Third Division will be deployed...

Well, at least I still have my 401K. I think.

REUTERS: US Rep. Frank says Democrats agree on bailout bill

executive compensation? how bout executive resignation! or better yet: incarceration!

McCain Willing To Debate - During VP Debate Time Slot

A "must listen" on the mortgage crisis: "This American Life"

Galveston Pictures, Post IKE. ***DIAL-UP WARNING***

If Dems hadn't insisted on taking taxpayers into consideration and

OK. Who else has given up going to the Greatest Page?

Obama needs to show up for debate and if McCain doesn't

How the Stock Market works

I am pretty much on the verge of just giving up

I just heard Barney Frank on CNBC

I just heard Barney Frank on CNBC

Sarah Palin debate prep transcripts leaked.

Will Governor Tarkin....errr I mean Palin....

Rice admits Bush officials held White House talks on CIA use of Torture

GM Will Spend $370 Million on Chevy Volt Engine Plant in Flint, Michigan

Male Officer Arrested In Miniskirt, Wig

If it's true that 50% of bankruptcies are caused by medical bills

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Mock the Vote

I will dance in the street when Obama wins

Now the Rethugs say they have not signed onto any deal on Bush's and McCain's bailout

Per m$nbc, Ted Stevens' (R-AK) trial is happening; he just threw

CAPTION John McCain's and George Bush's worst nightmare

McCain/Rs Tricking Americans Into Voting Against Them In Record Numbers!!!!!

Who's running Alaska with Palin on stump? (McCain)

The Repukes postured throughout August, demanding action on offshore drilling ...

FDIC May Need $150 Billion Bailout as Local Bank Failures Mount

Protests against bail out rip off in 20 cities cnn reports

Do you have a home phone?

NC-Sen: Hagan Keeps Her Lead

Question concerning final Bailout Bill.

So the US Treasury is going to run a hedge fund. Does that mean we only have to pay 15% in income

Droopy Lieberman on Faux News

CNN Poll: Should Barack Obama and John McCain debate on Friday?

The dems have been played again.

McCain bringing Campaign Advisor Holtz-Eakin to WH meeting/Obama told not to bring a campaign aide

Congress scheduled to work through weekend

How did Srub do last night?

Echoes Of Iraq War: White House Claims Bailout Will Pay For Itself

A caller on Rachel Maddow's show made a good point, if palin is "ready" why doesn't she step in for

WATCH OUT: Homeland Security is NOT just targeting terrorists.

idle question: is gov. lipstick charging the taxpayers of AK a per diem for every day she is off

message deleted

Goldman's shares get suspicious boost *pre-Buffett. * (Reuters)

UPDATE: McChicken won't commit to Friday's debate

MSNBC on Bailout: If gov't overpays pays for mortgage-backed securities now, taxpayers pay later

Let's rate the news anchors and hosts.

Mother of all Polls!

You , too, can be the punchline in your own life!

Ex-bankers on pushing customers to rack up debt

WOW! This is why the housing market has collapsed!!! Must

Have you called or written to your congress critter re: the bailout?

New York man dies after police use Taser. Police: "He was yelling & waving a light bulb."

Remember when people used to complain about spending $1 B to go to the moon?

About those absentee ballots and how they're going to handle them in Florida

Palin talks to reporters - pics

Rallies Today Against Bailout Planned for all over the Country

***On the radio (Air talk) SoCal rep Brad Sherman just said the bailout agreement is a joke***

Last night El Diablo spoke about his love for 'democratic capitalism'

What is to stop der Chimpinator from ignoring safeguards in the bailout, with signing statements?

Caption the smirking guy.

"It's not based on any particular data point," What is not you ask, the 700 billion.

"It's not based on any particular data point," What is not you ask, the 700 billion.

The new "Greatest" page format has killed diversity of topics on DU

Security(?) problem with Ratings system

Assuming most of us still have jobs, will we actually be able to get paid? "Banks hoarding money."

Why is McPOW's threatening to drop out of the debate

OR-Sen: New SUSA Poll

Does ideology trump facts? Studies say it often does

Another Gitmo Prosecutor Resigns in Protest

I'm PROUD to be a liberal Democrat.

Gordon Gekko "Greed is Good" flaw to Bailout

How about THIS for a Bailout Plan:


Firm top McCain aide 'quit' was paid $90K by campaign

So McCain comes in to develop a bail out plan that he then votes against? How does that help him?

Here is something that might help you out, economically, especially if you're young & just starting

Just remember, you can't spell Nancy Pfotenhauer without the

Two Rank Amateurs I cannot wait to see gone. 117 more days

So, I was disgussing this mortgage thing:

Kentuckians .... is Jim Bunning as stupid and dull witted as he sounds?

Hate the ratings system? Game it.

i don't think it's a trap for obama, i think it's a trap for the democrats

John McCain slinks out back door of White House.

Caption Sarah

Caption Sarah

John McCain brings aboard Matt Millen as a senior adviser!?!? THEY ARE IN CRISIS MODE!

The MEDIA has won folks. Bow down to your new overlords

Acemoglu to Zitzewitz: "For these reasons we ask Congress not to rush, to hold appropriate hearings"

Who else feels like the pieces of a horrible and frightening puzzle are falling into place nicely?

Sorry Skinner and folks, the new system isn't working

I'm conflicted about McCain

Glenn Greenwald: Why Is a US Army Brigade Being Assigned to the 'Homeland'?

Financial Crisis Effect on Kansas City

McCain thought the economy was sound 8 days ago, now he is rushing to DC to "help"?

Boxer just used the word "rescue". I'm going to log every fucking

Paul O’Neill: ‘I don’t think Bush understands’ the financial crisis.»

Ok assuming you've watched the recent "northern exposure" of Palin is she:

I hope Obama waits for McCain to weigh in on the agreement. Bastard can't be trusted

bailout poll

Obviously not 'suspending' any of his politics, McCain to do round of network interviews tonight

Senator Whitehouse just proposed usury laws in the senate

Breaking News! Palin to suspend her campaigning also!

Here's what I don't get about McCain lying to Letterman

Treasury official: How did we arrive at $700 Bn? "We just wanted to choose a really large number."

No happy, bi-partisan announcement from McCain and Obama apparently

So should AIG be broken up as Bush* hinted at in his speech?

O'Reilly Completely Loses His Mind-Calls Barney Frank "A Big Fat Toad" & Threatens Violence

The Birk Economic Recovery Plan

Subject: Urgent transaction -- need your help

Pakistani and American Troops Exchange Fire

Markets stabilized today yet no deal reached.

PHOTO: McCain arrives at Senate to his waiting arms....

one of CNN live feeds says awaiting Obama and McCain briefing:

Rut Roh. McCain Surrogate Slams Letterman on MSNBC

given that things are only going to get worse--is anyone besides me wondering if the economic

Bush’s former Treasury Secretary: ‘I don’t think Bush understands’ the financial crisis.

Whoa, I just figured out what the elitists, on both sides are up to......

FDR and Lincoln never suspended their campaigns! Send this message out!

Buchanan thinks McCain might try to torpedo the Bailout Bill...

Please don't click here if your English language reading and writing skills are far below average...

Bush History,9/25 - Little US or Iraqi Support for Iraq War, & Bush vs. Clinton on Getting Osama

Petition to go back to the new rating system here!!!!

Help Me Out Here... Can Y'all Name Members Of Congress Who Are NOT Complete Sellouts?

Tweety showing Palin and the Kenyan preacher video!!!!!

There are still 5 reasons to vote for Democrats

$80M in cuts coming to Ohio agency for poor

McClatchy: GOP's bailout problem: Its senators just can't agree

Memo to Congressional Dems - Just Walk Away

I believe that the world is thinking about a reciprocity action

Keating only got 5 years

Once again, the Bush is swindling us for $700 billion

Republicans up for reelection are living in terror

i saw patrick leahy on the big screen last night!

Where does KO even begin tonight?

Gore: 'Civil Disobedience' Needed to Halt Coal Plant Construction

Pastors plan to defy IRS ban on political speech

OK, I've read everything on the Greatest Page now.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Mock the Vote

Palin kept donations from tainted politicians (AP)

Holy Shite - are you listening to Dodd

The Birk Plan for Economic Recovery

I just got a phone call

I do, a do, er do, been played...

why don't repubs resolve the financial crisis with prayer?

Congress should wait to see WHO will be indicted before giving ANYONE any money

Congress should wait to see WHO will be indicted before giving ANYONE any money

I hope Senator Obama knows he can never again demad Bush "own his failure"

A Fresh Female Face Amid Cable Schoolboys (Rachel Maddow)

Meanwhile, China has its third manned space flight and plans its first space walk

While McCain attacks continue, Fox News, CNN assert as fact that McCain "suspended" his campaign

Now we are back to the old system, when did that happen?

Ignorant America: Just How Stupid Are We?

I think Tina Fey will be back as Praline on SNL this Saturday. Just sayin. nt

Campbell Brown Holds Paulson, Bush Accountable For Crisis: "Seriously, What Were You Thinking?"

All of a sudden 50-100 Billion for Universal Healthcare doesn't seem so bad, does it?

No deal reached at White House, officials say

Where did the $700 billion figure come from?

Any downside for a Critter to vote no on the Bailout?

(DIALUP WARNING) Today's Editorial Cartoons about the Wall Street bailout

Bush should tell Congress that he needs another $700 billion to build himself a castle....

Sarah Silverman campaigns for Obama

Is all this ecomonic kerfluffle the October Surprize a month early?

GOP opposition to a bailout is entirely political.

So Brian Wms. just intro'd a clip of Obama and there was no sound...but Palin's had sound

EYE-RACK is just as annoying as NOOK-YA-LER

Did i miss something? The thread ratings are back to previous status???

WHAT? Breaking news from in my email:

Had coffee with my Mother today.

The United States is Under Attack

Anyone talking about the (NIE) on Afghanistan being kept secret by the WH?

The Judge Says: Don't Get Pregnant. A Lapsed Law Now Sees New Life

Wonkette Gets It Right: McCain Campaigns During "Suspension"

McCain managed to make this agreement process SUPER-partisan.

Putin: Nuclear energy deal possible with Venezuela

Alright, Who will filibuster the $700 billion bailout???

Russia-South Ossetia border may vanish

Hey President asshole lower my damn interest rate on my home

Election Officials Telling College Students They Can't Vote

Who is going to bail out Main Street?

I am not trying to be funny here ..... McCain seriously looks seriously ill

Racism Motivated Tree-Sit, Chancellor Tells Donor (UC Berkeley)

Ponzi scheme. Bigger than Enron. Can we impeach...

Palin defends Alaska-Russia foreign policy remark



Nuclear waste piles up at hospitals

Polls all even what the fuck is that

Oldest rocks on Earth found

Sign the petition: DEBATE or GET OUT OF THE RACE!

Budowsky: "This is a moral crime by the old against the young."


McCain was such a help! Still wants to relax regulations??


Caption this pic

Shelby says no agreement

Everyone who disagrees with Bailout lets stop paying taxes

Million american march, we need to

I guess they couldn't wait until Friday press dump, Morgan Stanley to acquire Washington Mutual.

CEO pay with Bush in charge just went up, thanks taxpayers.

Third Party Candidates Offer To Fill McCain’s Debate Slot

Stirring, rugged photos of a guy with only 116 days left in which to summon Armageddon

Print 700bill so now the dollar will be worth .50 cents/1.00

BraveNewPac commercial

I think my voter registration has been caged

GUYS: A new TOLL FREE Capitol Hill switchboard number to add to the updated collection:

Baptists want to build cancer center to rival University of Texas cancer center.

everyones butthole just got wider but the CEOs on wall street.

Are we agreed that "something" needs to be done? or not?

Lawyer: 'Serious Damage' to McCain if Palin Probe Report Out Before Election

"I don't think Americans worry if she can hold the office of vice president. I think they ...... "

I detest Pat Buchanan.

OMFG!... NM GOP official quits over remarks about blacks

Who looks healthier?

This Sunday, 35 Religious Leaders Will Break the Law and Endorse Politicians

Caging, anyone? Colorado Republicans on the hunt

assuming Palin "debates" Biden: what's the most powerful strategy he can take?

Donate now -- help make sure more voters in critical states see the video and learn the truth !

In 2004 videotape, Bin Laden explained his strategy against U.S. — ‘bleed until bankruptcy.’»

PETA wants Ben & Jerry's to stop using cow's milk, use breast milk instead

The thing Rove & Schmidt overlooked--

PALIN'S UNIQUE SPIN ON THE BAILOUT...This one has to be seen to be believed.

This is not the History Channel says Doocy of Fox

OMFG: You MUST see this VIDEO--Wanda Sykes calls the bailout "Welfare for the rich"

The Sarah Palin Corn Maze - pic

Please read "HARD TIMES" by Studs Terkel, an oral histroy of the Great Depression

Brilliant move by Obama, saying 'injecting presidential politics' into the process wasn't helpful

Sexist Men Earn More Money: Study

Let us never speak of the

Sarah Palin's photo album: 'And then I got hit on by the Pakistani president'

list times throughout history when presidential debates happened during a crisis

Did I just hear on MSNBC that the House Repubs want even LESS regulation?

MSNBC/NC airs DFA AD about McCain's Melanoma and Drooping Eyelid!

Checking DU "Temperature" Do you want Obama/Dem's Compromise on Bail Out to Pass?

Hillary Clinton: Let's Keep People In Their Homes

It's clear now that McCain came back to Washington to drive the bailout deal into the ditch

there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place

"It would be a real shame if youse economy was to burn down suddenlike," said Thumbs,

Bailouts ABOUND! Banks, Insurance, Auto Companies...what's next?

This criminal BUSH/CHENEY administration has implemented FASCIST policies since its installation.

CNN: Shelby just left bailout mtg-super pissed off-no deal...right now

Poll: 78% of Americans support a bailout - but not Bush's plan

So, I went to Vegas

McShame is using the debates like Gypsy Rose Lee uses her fans.

A Story About Letterman and NoShow Guests.

Cenk: Let's Get Real, Here is Why McCain Wants to Move the Debate

Did we just get suckered?

Nationwide rallies held today! No to bailout!!

And the economy hits my family once again...

Religious leaders call for fast in support of gay marriage ban

The Real Election Math

Bailout Blackmail - Just Say No!

Effigy of Obama found lynched at George Fox University in Oregon.

Citizens Dumping Personal Junk on Wall Street to Protest Bailout

So the shrub says there will be no money available to borrow for things..

Fixing it.

The American taxpayers have been found guilty.

The Golden Rule of Democracy

President Obama meets with congressional leaders

McCain suspends ....

MSNBC just reported that the GOP did not want to pass the bailout. The Democrats are on their own .

Dodd calling his trip to the white house a waste of valuable time to go see a stunt.

When do *I* get a bail out or rescue?

Late night TOON update

Palin Defends Construction of ‘Road to Nowhere’

Dodd: The whole meeting "looked like a rescue plan for John McCain,"

Dems, some in GOP question McCain's intervention

Dems, some in GOP question McCain's intervention

Bush’s former Treasury Secretary: ‘I don’t think Bush understands’ the financial crisis.»

RADICAL FRINGE TOON - FMDs Hundreds of Economists Urge Congress Not to Rush

BONO speaks out on Wall Street.....

Are You Thinking Of Going to The Bank Today??

700 Billion against your will. What are you going to do now?

Pelosi praises Bush speech, tells market "rest assured Congress will act to buy up the toxic debt"

in "My DU" what does it mean when i see one of my replies to a posting but the parent thread....

Condoleezza Countdown

Bill Clinton does it again

Anybody know much about the 'bends' and 'decompression sickness?'

Anybody know much about the 'bends' and 'decompression sickness?'

"Riders On The Storm"

McCain Shouts “Fire!” In A Crowded Theater, Fire Marshal Bush Joins In

Just say it; "She's a f**king moron!"

TOON: Are Americans THAT Stupid?

House approves $25 billion in auto industry loans

San Francisco Examiner endorses McCain-Palin

Palin leaves (Indian Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh speechless, blushing

"You may fire when ready."

I've been out of touch today ... how is the McCain stunt playing on Main Street?

Thursday Failout TOONS: Send them out!

And WORST OF ALL...Bailout plan won't be end of Wall Street bailouts

Why isn't this being treated like a crime?

Undocumented workers ‘will be linchpin’ in Hurricane Ike cleanup efforts.»

Undocumented workers ‘will be linchpin’ in Hurricane Ike cleanup efforts.»

WTF? Firefighters in San Diego FORCED to be in Gay Pride Parade?

Yay! The old Greatest Page is back!

Ohio boy fights for right to wear make-up to school

[LOL] Bill Donohue, head of Catholic League, declares that witchcraft causes scores of deaths...

CNN: Dodd is seriously pissed off.

WHO CARES if these banks and the market fail...?!!!

Father Leaves 9 Children Under Safe Haven Law

Did anybody hear Julie Brown on with Stephanie Miller this morning?

There Will Be Two Debates Tomorrow:

Craig Ferguson picked up where David Letterman stopped. If you missed it, here are some videos

Yo Jon Stewart. One little thing. Beretta makes shot guns too...


Why haven't the Democrats secured the integrity of the voting process?

Financial Koolaid antidote inside... now with 100% more reason!!!

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." (Einstein)

Garrison Keillor: When the gimlet-eyed men look the other way

Great news on the ground in Colorado Indiana Iowa New Mexico Virginia New Hampshire & North Carolina

We learned a lot from testing the new rating system, but we don't think it's ready for prime time.

going to see ZZTOP tomorrow night...can't wait. Tired of all this political crap




Special Mid-Week Edition Of Meet The Bloggers: Nancy Pelosi Joins Cenk To Talk Bail-Out & More...

Special Mid-Week Edition Of Meet The Bloggers: Nancy Pelosi Joins Cenk To Talk Bail-Out & More...

Unless you live in a cabin in Montana and are self sufficient

Do you have any Food Memories that transport you back?

DU men with sisters.......

Please don't click here if your English language reading and writing skills are far below average...

I am on empty

OMG!!1!1(elevens)! KETCHUP!!!!!!!!! I CAN HAZ KETCHUP!!!!!

Favorite Obama Pics [Share Yours Here!]

Favorite Obama Pics [Share Yours Here!]

Most unusual place you've seen a naked person.

I turned vegan recently (2 weeks ago) , so , i have a question

A few weeks ago I deleted my myspace account

"Project Runway" -- who watched last night?

Is Letterman a Dem?? Anyone know??

Rant!! I wish my daughter's boyfriend's mom would

Check in here if you don't do facebook or myspace.

OK, seriously, Dude....I'm done with this Bronchitis...

Today is "One Hit Wonder" day! Post your faves!

Hugh Hefner to sack Playboy bunnies amid financial crisis

Just Moved To South Carolina and saw this!!

I love NIPS!!!!

High, high, high, high!

plastic surgery--yay or nay?

The Los Angeles Dodgers are champions of the National League's Western Division

Hey Everyone!! RANK THIS!!1!!

old art

Just wanted to vent

Do you guy watch Bones? I totally have a crush on the character Bones

Vampire question...

Ok, so this stone fox just walked out of an interview in the office next to mine

one month from today i earn my right to vote

Cuddy, Cameron or Thirteen?

Trojans pound Beavers- USC vs.Oregon state.

Anyone use a broadband wireless card?

Just a warning - I'm off in la la land today

Just a warning - I'm off in la la land today

If You're Reading This Then You Know By Now

How to torment a telemarketer with 1 word

Unwind with me and a few adult beverages... been a hell of a day.

Holy crap! Now I need a new signature image!! (Yay for me thread inside.)

Uh, admins? May I make a suggestion?

What? They already nuked the thread ratings?


Say I posted some utterly benign thread in the Lounge, and it's rated "skip it."

I just had a Xanax, MRI, and a tall frozen Margarita

Whom do you admire most? (still living)

Whatever you want I'll try to find you some and I'll bring them to you! Just post it here!

I get a Vasectomy today!!!

Interesting crime statistic

Credit Card Questions...

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 9/25/2008)

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 9/25/2008)

next tattoo

Cliche alert: I'm waiting for the cable guy.

I Like the new Facebook!

Can some Photoshopper do me a favor please?

How do you pleasure yourself?

Some of my favourite buildings to be in Vancouver

Medicare covers penis pumps? (not a sex thread)

What should I make for supper?

What browser

I need soup. Who's with me? nt

The David Archuletta corn maze (American Idol)

Oh Ed MacMahon!

Everytime I put hmmmmmm

Live one in GDP!!

What kind of sick evil twisted person would get this for their cat?

Bogs as protection?

new pics

Do I have issues? I think the "skip it" marker is mean

In what respect, Charlie...


whats new in my life?

Say goodbye to the new rating system.

"F" the buttons. Threads should be rated on a CaliforniaPeggy scale. Highest rating is "My Dear."

Neat Firefox tricks, part 3

Lets talk about roaches

Jesus, does anyone here work for NPR or know someone who does?

This new "recommend" system sucks.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

A thread for Taverner

New rating system is history!

Did DU just skip it?

dating in a tech age

Why do people insist upon putting up web pages that are completely unreadable

Suri Cruise kind of looks likes the baby with eye cancer that was discovered in a photo

To: Billyskank....

kids are growing up so fast these days......

I havn't been here for awhile

Why does every thread I post get rated "skip it" or "disruptive"?

"Ugly Betty" fans...season premiere tonight!

i got a new shirt (and yes, it's political)

like my mani?

There's too many Punisher avatars in the lounge, one of you will have to change.

I posted a poll in GD:P and it only got 17 poll votes and an Average rating. That

I was procrastinating and wrote this...

The president was on TV tonight? What'd he talk about?

Rate this, you bastids!

From worst to first. Ladies and gentlemen, the Tampa Bay Rays

I saw a "Firefighters For Obama" sticker while at the grocery store today.

Oh, this is a REALLY funny satire!

DU Brothers with Sisters

What should i be for halloween? any ideas?

Funny Couric/Palin interview .... check out the voiceover about midway through.

Hey everyone!!!!!CRANK THIS!11!!!!!

Grossest Apartment EVER (Link)

Kitchenwitch vs. Turtlensue - who will win this week's fantasy football battle

Why are some people so f***ing stupid??????

Seeing Vasectomies and Penis Pumps threads next to each other...

ok, who is the bastard that's rating every thread as "disruptive" as soon as they see it?

Okay, who's the bastard...

Okay, who's the bastard...

John Holmes Appreciation Thread

You know what DU needs instead of this rating system?

anybody want to torture the STBE?

"House of Firth"--this is the grossest one I've seen yet....

I'm sick as a dog, I can barely breathe through my nose...should I stay at work and tough it out?

F@$#%&*@ You, Nintendo.

Irrelevant stupid rant - Some tell Palin to fire her makeup artist, it's gross

It suddenly occurs to me that I should probably change my user name.

TheFriendlyAnarchist's blog from Germany

Even though LynneSin just admitted that she rates all my stuff 'disruptive'

Even though LynneSin just admitted that she rates all my stuff 'disruptive'

Is it tacky to register for a divorce?

Is it tacky to register for a divorce?

This rating system takes all the fun out of being the recommend fairy

What should I do today

YOur affliction?

Miami: World reknown tourist destination. International center of trade and commerce.

Its official :( My cardiologist says "No bacon"

Ed McMahon turns gangsta rapper

What is up with this rating system?

Apparently, I'm a rainbow person.

so, I'm considering getting a new, more sensible vehicle for our troubled times

I'm taking Sniffa to the ER

Has anyone ever, you know... taken all of the cookie dough out of ice cream....

McCain is not running away

Does anyone have links to Letterman's rant about McCain last night

And the award for best slogan goes to....

Kitten Picture of the Day for Thursday September 25

I turn 50 next week, and I have no plans and no one to do anything with.

time for a photoshop update - just in time for Halloween

Fellow Canadians - is there a bigger buzzkill than CBC?

I finally have a job offer, and I accepted it yesterday!

I am suspending my job and heading to Washington, DC to help solve the economic crisis!

Support Breast Cancer Awareness with a Cute T Shirt!

I may have to get a new doctor.

Help me identify this bug

Which degree has more practical use?

Man charged after allegedly passing gas toward cop

UPDATE: still needing DU vibes

Ruh Roh, I just posted a Lounge type thread in GD by accident.


For no particular reason...

Went around green vendor up left

I think Letterman is going to make fun of McCain tonight.

Need advice

Could you help with a click? Nothing serious or dire, I assure you!

Now that I'm over the heebie-jeebies.... Terminex came out.

Rent Rent Rent Rent... Rent!

Mama Spears weighs in on Sarah Palin

Q: How much does it cost to make McSame look remotely human?

Man charged with criminal flatulence?

is it raining?

You know what phrase I never want to hear again after this election is over? "Rovian".

I just woke up from a nice dream

This morning, while eating her breakfast, BabyMidlo shouted to me

Shit you used to watch while baked in grade nine....

And Spankings! Is it too late to add Spankings to the Bailout?

Dudes... I gotta say ... I dunno...

Bi, Bi, Bi, Bi!

Weird shit your pets do to show their displeasure...

David Blaine?



Like train wrecks?

An update....


Final Fantasy 1 fans out there?

Advil PM why can't you be in bags like m&m's

I'm throwing a pity party.... I'm scheduled for a root canal in a

How do you pleasure yourself?

How Average are my Posts?

Well, now that we are all officially fucked, what reckless thing should I do?

Nobody knows the wreck of the soul the way you do...

To what degree do you believe that you are Captain of Your Ship?

Hey, Kitchy — you breathin' again?

Is McCain Palin's Bitch????? .......

I posted CCR's Fortunate Son over in GD to commemorate the chimps speech tonight.

Google Calendar is teh Evil!!

What kind of personal

Want to hear something really cool?


David with the Head of Goliath.

Ok Loungers, I NEED to eat dinner:

Fans of the Man in Black: Cash recording to be released with new documentary

I love Barney Rubble.

Vermeer's "Allegory of Painting."

Do any of you watch Eureka on SciFi?

Man charged for allegedly passing gas near cop(Battery on a police officer)

Great Opportunity! Henchmen Wanted!

Palin on CBS tonight...

The people who I love will never love each other

Am I pushing myself too far? I've just taken on another responsibility...Input please:

Guys! My kid is making his L.A. club debut a week from Friday!!!

kitty thread (pics): re: Blue Iris and Fran Kubelik need a round of applause

I think Don Johnson is a good actor, not a great actor, but good.

I love Barney Frank

Fuck you, Mr. President

I am not sure about all of this. I think I prefer my DU in black and white

Who here is hypermobile?


Dogs running protection rackets?

So now the SciFi channel is hunting real life flying monkeys!

Would a Lounge thread advocating disruption of the rating system get rated as disruptive?

Anyone know if the financial crisis will make it hard to get private student loans?

Amusing side-effect of the economic crisis?

Is it sad that Ghost Hunters makes more sense than chimpy?

There's a monkey talking about money on my television.

What's for dinner, DU?

Cleansing my soul with Right-Wing political burn’ems

stupid question: can dogs get leg cramps?

Bush* or Project Runway?


Associate freely...

Sarah Palin & the Preaching Witch Hunter

Jack Cafferty and viewers rips John McCain VP Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin on John McCain's deregulation record

Cafferty: Should Presidential Debate Be Postponed?

Virginia Veterans for Obama

Laura Bush sez: Of course Palin doesn't have any foreign policy experience.

Bush, Economy "Structurally Sound"

Joe Biden speaks on the Economic Crisis in Jeffersonville, IN

Maddow: McCain's campaign sends off talking points on how to campaign on suspending the campaign.

CONFESS: Who fixed DU?

Rachel Maddow: McCain And Keating Five Scandal

The Greatest Free Trader Ever! AND! Deregulator EVER! McCain

Bush on "Economic Crisis"

Obama: Debate is 'More Important Than Ever'

Craig Ferguson on Capitalism and Democracy

Obama - Making Some Lunch (Tuna Fish Sandwich)

Not NO but HELL NO

David Letterman Monologue 9.24 (Entire Monologue) Worth Watching!

A Tale Of Two McCains


Resist Wall Street's Shock Doctrine!

John McStunt

McCain is 72. He's had cancer 4 times.

John McCain is afraid to debate Barack Obama and here's why.

Sarah Palin talks Rick Davis, McCain Record

ALICA KEYS: Loud Enough to Change the World

Satire: Barack Obama ... Enough! Joe and Noah as Charlie Gibson: The Palin Interview

Obama Reaffirms Debate Commitment On Clinton Global Initiative

Chris Dodd on Maddow

Sen. Schumer: McCain Coming to D.C. Not Very Helpful

A Message from Maya Soetoro-Ng (Barack's sister)

McCain Blows Off David Letterman

Goodbye America, We'll Miss You!


19th Hole

Bailout Deal Agreement Reached without McCain

Obama - Family Pictures, Dancing, Basketball days

TYT: Is Hank Paulson Concerned About His OWN Money?

TPMtv: Dog Ate My Debate

Big surprise, Bush doesn't measure up so good to other presidents

Sarah Palin Talks Bailout Proposal

Paul McCartney arrives in Israel for controversial Tel Aviv gig

Sarah Palin: Witchcraft and War

TYT: McCain's Campaign is Imploding

Craig Ferguson on McCain suspending campaign and canceling on Letterman

McCain Camp: Let's Push Back Biden-Palin Match-Up, Too

AP NewsAlert (Bush invites Obama and McCain to discuss bailout)

David Letterman Body Slams John McCain for Late Night Cancel

White House Takes Water To The EXTREME!

Bush Speech Thread - #1

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in Virginia

Sanders Schools Kudlow: ‘You’ve Become A Socialist — Your Version Of Socialism Is To Bail Out Rich

Presidential Debate Commission still sticking with original plan Fight Back with the Truth!

The Joint Statement

Sen. Dorgan: Uncovers Widespread Corruption Diverting American Tax Dollars To Al Qaeda

Dems & Repugs Reach Tentative Agreement (MAYBE)

9/25/2008: Sarah Palin links Iraq to 9/11- AGAIN

Gore urges civil disobedience to stop coal plants

McCain Admits - He Had NOT Even Read The Paulson Plan!

Biden: End "cowboy mentality" of Bush-McCain era

Pakistan's president tells Palin she is 'gorgeous' (wants to hug)

Obama and McCain Issue Joint Statement on the Economy

Officer cites abusive US interrogations in Iraq

Unsevered Ties? (McCain campaign chief Rick Davis remains an officer with his lobbying firm)

New Obama Ad - “A Stronger Economy”

McCain Team Blasts Poll Showing Obama Leading

Bush Aides Linked to Talks on Interrogations

Palin: US could face another Great Depression

Republicans blast ACORN over suspicious voter cards

Anthrax Suspect E-Mailed Himself About Solving the Case

Rachel lays out McCain's overreactions w/Chris

Bush's bailout

Iraqi Red Crescent Paralyzed by Allegations

Paulson, Bernanke Put Bank Aid Ahead of Best Deal

Cynthia McKinney ready to step in for McCain at Friday’s debate.

Fitch cuts WaMu (Washington Mutual) long-term issuer default rating to junk

Toobin To CNN: McCain will look like a chicken if he doesn't show up

McCain aide's ties to Freddie eyed (Obama camp wants full accounting of work done by Davis Manafort)

Palin Dodges Question on Support for Ted Stevens

Veteran senator's future on the line at trial

Documents: Ivins Bragged He Knew Anthrax Killer

Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell discuss McCain's lack of pull in Washington

If He Can Attack Obama, Why Can't He Debate Obama?

Credit card insiders tell of deceptive practices

DemocracyNow: Fight Bush, Fight the Bailout!!= Ralph Nader


Letterman mocks McCain with Keith Olbermann - Sept 24

Bank run prompts $500M infusion in Hong Kong

Rice admits Bush officials held White House talks on CIA interrogations

Cops: 2 injured in frat prank gone wrong

Credit card Insiders Tell of Deceptive Practices

Palin Defends Foreign Policy Credentials = My neighbors are foriegn countries!

McCain missed 101 more roll call votes than stroke victim

FBI Began Investigating AIG in March

Sarah Palin is not entirely clueful - claims bailout is about healthcare, among other things

Man charged with battery for farting near cop

EU limits imported Chinese food

Barack Obama, David Cameron and CERN adverts baffle commuters

Obama effigy outrages George Fox University officials

Anthrax suspect was barred from labs after spill

Camorra 'declares war on Italy'

Hugh Hefner to sack Playboy bunnies amid financial crisis

Lou Dobbs is dubious about Dim Son's fearmongering

Wanda Sykes on Leno-on Bailout and Palin

Bush Aides Linked to Talks on Interrogations

(Virginia) State police chaplains resign over prayer restrictions

Bush Aides Linked to Talks on Interrogations(meetings led by Condi Rice)

Oklahoma companies examine ways to manufacture a steady work force

McCain camp to propose postponing __VP__ debate

Obama to attend Friday's debate.

GE slashes earnings view for 2008 (To halt stock buyback)

Employees’ health-care costs rise

Barney Frank compares Andy Kaufman's "Mighty Mouse" to John McCain.

Gov. Palin Vlog #16: TATTOO!

Barack Obama following White House Meeting

Father drops off 9 children under 'haven' law

Joe Biden discusses the McCain/Palin Healthcare Tax

Military: Suicide bomber kills US soldier in Iraq

Dems call McCain's move a 'stunt'; GOP welcomes return

Ex-Beauty Queen's Got a Gun (Sarah Palin Parody Song)

Keating 5 McCain Protest in Ohio

Palin Witch Hunter Video Resurfaces (Olbermann)

Pap Brings Up Keating 5 On Fox News "Cut His Mike", "Pipe Down" "Put A Cork In It"

Oops Colorado McCain camp sends internal e-mail to reporters

China launches Shenzhou-7 spacecraft

The Obama Girl and Ralph Nader Show

Keith Olbermann on Letterman last night (full segment)

Bailout Could Deepen Crisis, CBO Chief Says

Jobless claims soar near 7-year high

Venezuela signs Chinese oil deal

Secret Meeting Sparks Inquiry: Latest Chapter in Colombian Scandal

Gore urges civil disobedience to stop coal plants

Palin Has Meetings for a Second Day With Foreign Leaders (conversational bits)

Bomb Threat Puts Pakistan On "Red Alert"

BREAKING NEWS: Obama Accepts Bush Invitation To Meet In Washington

Bailout Deal Closer to Reality('Fundamental agreement' reached on bailout)

O'Reilly Erupts at Right-Wing Radio

Palin's horrible new interview with Katie Couric

IEA says no need to send emergency gasoline to U.S.

FCC revives emergency communications plan

Pakistani and American Troops Exchange Fire

Sarah Palin touts her foreign policy credentials

Ohio Voters In Foreclosure Can Vote

Democrats claim Wall St. bailout breakthrough

Ireland leads eurozone into recession

Congress scheduled to work through weekend

Palin leaves (Indian Prime Minister) Manmohan Singh speechless, blushing

Paulson's bail-out package threatened as FBI investigates alleged corporate fraud

McCain: "We are running out of time"

Alaska senator (Stevens) used company as ‘personal handyman,' prosecutor charges

Palin takes questions from press corps for first time

Officer: Military Demanded Torture Lessons

Reuters: "China banks told to halt lending to US banks"

McCain campaign won't commit to debate on Friday

Firm top McCain aide 'quit' was paid $90K by campaign

Campaign: Palin Can't Be Spared to Raise Money

Alaska Rep. Accuses McCain-Palin Campaign of Witness Tampering

Guantanamo prosecutor quits amid controversy

Bailout Could Deepen Crisis, CBO Chief Says


Wagoner: GM OK with $25B loan package

Ole Miss Official Says Debate Cancellation Would be 'Devastating'

Omitting cell phone users may affect polls

Tentative meltdown deal: Bush, McCain, Obama meet

Palin kept donations from tainted politicians


Third Party Candidates Offer To Fill McCain’s Debate Slot

Scientists Find Way to Regress Adult Cells to Embryonic State

Palin Defends Construction of ‘Road to Nowhere’

McCain Stops at Senate en Route to White House

Washington Mutual to Sell Deposits to JPMorgan

Credit Derivatives Market Shrinks 12% as Dealers Reduce Trades

Nude Man Tasered, Causing Him To Fall To His Death

Russia may launch nuclear cooperation with Venezuela: Putin

Palin wins delay for financial disclosure

McCain bails on David Letterman, and the host is not happy

Obama Will Make Debate Townhall If McCain Doesn’t Show

Iraq Ambush Toll Climbs to 35: Mayor (Baquba)

No bailout agreement after White House meeting

In CBS Interview, Palin Cites 'Victory' in Iraq

Palin kept donations from tainted politicians

In interview, Palin defends Alaska-Russia remarks

Palin once blessed to be free from 'witchcraft'

Scientists Find Way to Regress Adult Cells to Embryonic State

Bush warns of 'long and painful recession'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday September 25

Russia Lending Venezuela $1 Billion to Buy Arms

Angry Constituents Clogging Up Inboxes

Lawmakers Agree on Outline of Bailout

BBC: Pakistan 'fires on Nato aircraft'

Lobbyists in 'feeding frenzy'

Guantanamo prosecutor quits over detainee case

Palin won't reveal her finances until after debate

Nobel laureates line up behind Obama's science policy (endorsement)

Feds may indict Blagojevich (IL Governor)

Obama effigy found hanging from campus tree

U.S. warns of punitive measures against Russia

Colombia arrests brother of interior minister

U.S. will lose financial superpower status: Germany

Circuit City departing CEO gets $1.8M in severance

ECONOMY IN CRISIS? Treasury Sec. Paulson, Fed Chair Bernanke

Bill Clinton lavishes praise on McCain

Lawmakers: Wall Street rescue accord reached

Frank: Republicans "winced" When McCain Was Mentioned In Meeting

Scientists debate possible cell phone link to brain cancer

Banks snap up Fed cash at record $188 bln per day

Dodd says White House meeting was a disaster

Pakistani and American Troops Exchange Fire

Palin at her church getting hands laid on her by Witch Hunter Muthee

Goldman Sachs Raises $5 Billion After Buffet Makes Bid

Alaska lawmakers: Campaign moving to stall probe

MoveOn ad: Blame McCain

Patriotic drunk rednecks

Joe Biden is overcome with emotion while speaking

Interrogator details pre-Abu Ghraib abuses

Senator Boxer nails McCain to the Keating 5 wall and keeps hammering

Letterman rips into McCain

Neo-cons, Ex-Israeli Diplomats Push Islamophobic Video

Perfumed, Coiffed and Grappling With Demons: Meghan McCain's Inner Struggle

Experts See a Need for Punitive Action in Bailout By PETER S. GOODMAN / NYTimes

Naomi Klein: “Now Is the Time to Resist Wall Street’s Shock Doctrine”

Debate Commission: No Empty Chair at Upcoming Debate

Ruh-Ro..."Witness tampering in troopergate" here we go

Unsevered Ties? Davis still an officer in his lobbying firm according to Regulatory filings

Guardian UK: This crisis requires a radical solution - an ethical bank

A Radical Alternative to Bush's Radical Bailout

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night (Edge of the American West re: debate)

Absence of Leadership (NYT editorial)

McCain's campaign gambit deserves national derision (Virginia Tech Collegiate Times)

20 Years Later, McCain At Center of Another Financial Scandal

Debating the presidential debate (Detroit Free Press)

Congressman Norm Dicks responds to the bailout

Proposed bailout

Wall Street Journal: "It's Judgment Day For McCain"

LAT: Keating 5 ring a bell? McCain's past collides with the present Wall Street debacle.

Nailing a sneezing maverick

McCain to reform Wall St., Palin says

McCain doesn't grasp cause of finance crisis

Paulson just didn't have a clue

A bailout and a new world

Top Ten Reasons McCain 'Bailed' on Letterman

Paulson Seeks Mortgage Value That Eluded Bear, Lehman (Update1)

Whatever Happened to Personal Responsibility?

Clive Crook: The economy and the campaigns

It is official: no one can tell me the Big Dog really supports Obama....

McCain's Business Ties In Ohio: A Tale Of Globalization, Greed, And Dirty Politics

Eight Possible 'October Surprises' by Colbert Writers

McCain has long rap sheet as a serial suspender

Katrina vanden Heuvel: McCain Suspends Democracy

Vanden Heuvel gets it right: FDR campaigned during WWII.

The Debate Debate: There is No Reason to Postpone

As Homes Are Lost, Fears That Votes Will Be, Too

Totally Mystified by McLames Decision : Wall St.Journal

Hollywood 'paid fortune to smoke'

Breaking free from dollar hegemony

McCains debate ploy....contemptible

“I’m a dirt farmer,” said Senator Jon Tester...“Why do we have one week...?"

Cheney's Testimony in Valerie Plame Leak Case Classified, DOJ Says

Hillary Rodham Clinton: Let's Keep People In Their Homes

WSJ: mystified by Senator John McCain's decision

Ramming through the bailout

John McCain's latest crazy, brilliant, desperate campaign tactic.

Sara Palin may also suspend her campaign

What is it Really Going to Cost?

(AFP) Kenyan witch-hunter blesses Palin in new Internet video

Palin Suspends Vice Presidential Campaign: Rushes Back to Alaska to Keep an Eye on Russia

Election Officials in Three States Tell College Students They Can't Vote

Forget His Campaign, McCain Himself to be Cryogenically Suspended

‘Panicky’ investors raiding their 401(k)s

Bailout White Paper

Has Deregulation Sired Fascism? By Paul Craig Roberts

US ‘will lose financial superpower status’

Freeze job outsourcing to India: Lloyds TSB union

Indian Outsourcers Will Be Hit by US Financial Crisis

Rosa Brooks: Keating 5 ring a bell?

"This Is Straight-Out Fascism"

The Insanity of the $700 Billion Giveaway

The Ghosts of Bankers Past

Does ideology trump facts? Studies say it often does

A Bailout We Don't Need - by James K. Galbraith 9/25

Republican Government-Bashers Line Up for Federal Aid by Helen Thomas

Philosophical question about Cindy McCain

Are tech firms faking job ads to avoid hiring U.S. workers?

Bring back the America we know and love

How to End the Credit Crisis at No Cost to US Taxpayers

Martial Law Launch, 1 October 2008

Joe Conason: A Special Prosecutor for Wall Street

The Gore Presidency: An Alternative History by William Cox

'I'll try to find ya some and I'll bring 'em to ya' ... Sarah Palin's painful CBS interview

NCO promotions to reach 4-year high

Soldier killed in Diyala suicide bombing

Bill raises VA mileage rate to 41.5 cents

2 Hood GIs held after aircraft stolen, crashed

Spec ops soldier dies from gun accident

House passes 3.9 percent pay raise

Lt. col. quits as prosecutor in Gitmo case

Hundreds protest GW arrival in Japan

Cmdr. settles church sex abuse lawsuit

Feds drop contempt charges against sergeants

8 generals disciplined in nuke mistake

Congress funds only 317,050 airmen

Tyndall engineer gets $1M over job retaliation

AF looks to lease car plant next to Tinker

Ceremony held to hand over Galena station

UAV wreck found, Pakistanis deny shooting

Blackswift: Cost vs. capability

Army eyes relocation of several headquarters in Germany to Sembach

House, Senate agree to add third DDG 1000

Fateful day brings post back to war’s reality

Navy secretary makes a rare visit to Sasebo

Camp Aachen preparing joint simulation command center

Allied says telephone fix is on the way at Yokota

Prostitution crimes down among troops in S. Korea

Storm’s rain not enough for Okinawa

Sasebo sailor charged with rape

Army chaplain who had served in Kuwait dies at Walter Reed

Bad retention a good thing with 'Sons of Iraq'

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Van Creveld Writes Another Big Book

The Ultimate Battle Rifle

VA Quadruples Payment to Vets with TBI

Toll of Generals Climbs in Nuke Scandal

NATO Chief Calls for War on Afghan Drug Trade

Troops Accidentally Kill Sunni Leader

Pilots Fly Lakota to Sioux Powwow

Roughead pushes for littoral combat ship

Sailors Paying Bills Even in Lean Times

Defense Tech: AFSOC Would (Almost) Kill for New Gunships

Airmen to Deliver 10,000th MRAP

Casualties Surviving at Higher Rate

Boeing having trouble selling customized C-17

Wayne Besen: No more gay Republicans

Mormon Says Church threatens excommunication for supporting gay marriage

Look at this dickhead. I'm TRYING to research and start a novel (don't give me much

Making waves: UK firm harnesses power of the sea ... in Portugal

Electricity From What Cows Leave Behind

Senate OKs Volt-friendly plug-in tax credit

Peak Oil Review - Sept 25

The Volt Makes It Halfway Home (The real story, long and detailed)

National Conference Of State Legislatures Issues State-Specific Outlines Of Long-Term Climate Shocks

Science Daily - Bull Market For Carbon Emissions - Up 38% Since 1992, To 8.5 Billion Tons/Year

Solar Projects Draw New Opposition

Rhode Island's Off-Shore Wind Farm

Russia wants to influence global oil price - minister

On Palin and Wolves

Kivalina, Alaska: A Melting Village

And here comes KYLE

Gas Thieves Suspected in U-Haul Explosion

At 450 PPM CO2, World Oceans' Chemistry Would Make Coral Rebuilding Possible In Maybe 10% Of Reefs

Tzipi and the Generals

They Let Babies Die, Don't They?

Israel asked US for green light to bomb nuclear sites in Iran

Israeli historian critical of settlements wounded in bomb attack

B'Tselem launches an office in the United States

The future is one nation

Congress questions US Finance Minister Paulson's plan

Without short selling of financials the markets value now seems realistic.

fed removing liquidity?

CBO initial analysis on Paulson's $700B Bail out


Oil steady in Asia on supply delays, bailout plan

Some Common Sense Questions from a Concerned Taxpayer

Exploiting FDIC Loopholes Enriches Former U.S. Bank Regulators

Folks, this is not "socialism for the rich" ... it is pure "redistribution of the wealth"

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/25/08

The Insanity of the $700 Billion Giveaway

Email from a hedge fund friend

China banks told to halt lending to US banks

Court Rejects Class Action on Option ARM Loans

Another culprit for the economy disaster

OMFG! The DOW is at +291! It's like totally tanking! Hurry up with the bailout!

Will there be ANY consequences for "our" Congresscretins selling us out with the bailout?

Germans Receive Bush Speech Coldly - NY Times

America Must Rescue the Bonuses at Goldman Sachs: Michael Lewis

The Bailout -- another perspective

China asks local lenders not to lend to U.S. banks

When did Larry Kudlow have his stroke?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac: What Next?

I do not want federal dollars spent for psychological reasons.

Should the sale of mortgage-related securities be banned? NT

My son's blue collar workmates are taking what they can from their 401k's today after Bush's speech

Claim your Bailout Money Today!

Why The Government Cannot Modify Mortgages If It Purchases $700BN of MBS

Scapegoating Freddie and Fannie

Credit Default Swaps: The Insane Problem and the Radical but Sane Solution

L.A. County Student Workers Push For Union Recognition, Health Benefits

WIN Interview: Doug Cunningham Speaks With EPI Economist Josh Bivens On The Financial Meltdown (audi

One In Five U.S. Households "Economically Distressed" - Where's Our Bailout?

Chao, big labor disagree on bailout package

Today in labor history Sept 25 Lawson became known as a member of the “Hollywood Ten"

Sparks Fly as Native Americans Start Training To Join Future Ranks of Unionized Welders -

Steelworkers Say Company Taking Advantage of Defense Contractor Status

Caregivers Hold Unfair Labor Practice Strike to Improve Quality of Resident Care

The Ecology of Overpopulation

Secret Meeting Sparks Inquiry: Latest Chapter in Colombian Scandal

Colombia arrests brother of interior minister

Jean-Guy Allard: USAID - Key Weapon in Dirty War in Latin America

Anyone here into fantasy football might love this...

From worst to first. Ladies and gentlemen, the Tampa Bay Rays

It's the double entendre game! (Trojans/Beavers on ESPN)

Well, well. Looks like I could be pulling for the Cubs after all.

Boxing: September 25-27

Saturn/Uranus opposition: challenge to the status quo

Get this--my husband is vibrating (no, this is not a sex thread!)

Whew....thank the gods I found this group!

New Matthew message dated September 24, 2008

Hollywood 'paid fortune to smoke'

Epilepsy, Autism, Schizophrenia: Master Switch That 'Balances The Brain' Found

How to Treat a ‘Money Disorder’ (not Wall Street's!)

My American Prayer

~~~ September Final Round Now Up ~~~

"Police May Stop Responding To Some Crimes" (Palm Bay FL, population 100k)

Who put the AWB poison in the 2008 Democratic Party Platform?

NRA endorses Tim Walz, MN Dem (DFL) Congressman

Solar Wind Loses Power

Mysterious Light Seen In Sky Over Northeast Ohio

Missing Link Of Neutron Stars? Bizarre Hibernating Stellar Magnet Discovered

Puzzling Property Of Night-shining Clouds At Edge Of Space Explained

World’s Largest Tsunami Debris Discovered

Chinese Say They're Building 'Impossible' Space Drive

US Army Invests in 'Thought Helmet' Technology for Voiceless Communication

Archbishops Condemn City Traders

What's a thermite bomb?

Galveston residents return to horror

are there contingency plans re: IKE evacuees to let them VOTE

My school district thinks that teachers don't have enough paperwork.......

Putting a news ticker on my website

Microsoft Word.... Must I purchase Office to get it?

NDP vows to end Softwood Lumber Agreement for strategic voting

Harper Index: International anti-poverty group singles out Canada and Harper for condemnation

Tories, Liberals getting decimated in Quebec...

Awesome quote from John Kerry on McCain's suspension of campaign

Part 4 of the Kerry Report "Drugs, Law Enforcement and Foreign Policy" now on Memory Hole

Remember that letter JK organized to defend McCain in '00? McCain confronted Bush with it..

Drum legend Earl Palmer dies.

What's the Matter With Minnesota?

Barack Obama, David Cameron and CERN adverts baffle commuters

Voter check ruling weeks away (good news on AG lawsuit)