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Great moments in Bushie Hiztree: (lifted from craigslist)

The Three Trillion Dollar Man

WTF !!! - Can Somebody Explain This FDIC Failed Bank List To Me ???

Image - Palin Cookin the Books

Help me find the current text of the bailout bill! :(

Did I just see a whole bunch of Rethugs on CNN supporting Bush's bailout plan?

Did I just see a whole bunch of Rethugs on CNN supporting Bush's bailout plan?

"Fool me once, Shame on You. Fool me twice, Shame on Me."

This is all about moving the Crash out past the Election...Robbing Peter to pay Paul....

Investigators: Probe on U.S. Attorney Firings Should Continue

Oh, look at what points to

Russ Feingold was against the bailout plan Friday - any news where he stands now?

Who is the real John McCain?

The New Yorker: Where’s the Beef? (Kleeb D-Ne)


a "summary" of the bailout bill released by Nancy Pelosi - WaPo

Wachovia in talks with citibank & wells fargo...there goes another one

Great news! RCP's "No Toss Up" map has Obama 301 - McLame 237

Bloomberg: Wall Street Executives Made $3 Billion Before Crisis

IMPORTANT! Less than TWO WEEKS to register new voters!

Vague and ominous statements don't cut it, "Trust us, it had to be done" is unacceptable

Baskin Robbins has Ice Cream flavors for Obama and McCain

This is friggin' hillarious....

LOL (Family Guy)

DU ALERT! Link to SNL Palin IV Interview with Couric has been SCRUBBED from You Tube...Check Out...

Bloomberg: Treasury Gets Broad Power in Bailout Bill to Hire Contractors


Debbie Meyer Greenbags: Do they work?

Oops Merkel suffers a serious setback

Oops Merkel suffers a serious setback

Asian Markets doing Great

Bloomberg Analyst: $700 Billion Bailout Could Balloon to $5 Trillion

A reminder...

Woman Exposed to Rabies by Drinking Coffee?

An impossible standard to which Biden may aspire

I want a Washington bailout, dammit.

FL-13: Buchanan Well Under 50% in New Poll

surge update - Dozens killed in Baghdad's deadliest day this Ramadan

Labels Will Say If Your Beef Was Born In The USA (and many other food products)

Nevermind, not worth posting to be accused of being a drug user.

Quick question... (bailout agreement).

Quick question... (bailout agreement).

Everybody Calm Down. A Government Hand In the Economy Is as Old as the Republic.

Ya know what? This is not any stretch of the imagination.

Spoonmemore Predicts Another Round of Snuggling!

Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward 50th wedding/You tube tribute My thoughts are with her tonight.

Does anyone think to ask, where is all this tax payer money going??

Class warfare anyone?

China official in milk crisis hired by ... (EDITED TO CHANGE)

Has anyone here participated in a debate camp? I want to

Project Fair Play -- By Americans United

What's the downside of not being THE superpower?

Citibank and Wells Fargo trying to gobble up Wachovia.

4 am GMT (12 am EST) BBC reported Congress will vote on the bailout today (Monday)

I listen to the Progressive talk show hosts every day.....

If you are in the DC area...

I was hoping they'd have included my proposal in the bail out

I was hoping they'd have included my proposal in the bail out

"At the end of the day, there really aren't any taxpayer funds at risk here"

G'night, GD. n/t

Operative number is this 250 billion

The "Spoonamore Prediction" says the GOP keeps the White House.

The Money Masters - BEST/MOST INFORMATIVE 3.5 hours you

Seeking freeware suggestions for educational purposes

Seeking freeware suggestions for educational purposes

Attacked by Rush, Drudge, and O'Reilly and censored in the same day

So what DID the House Republicans and John McCain add to the Bill?

I wonder if we, meaning American taxpayers, could band together and file a Class

Could someone please explain in simple language what the 'fractional reserve banking

The first *big* step toward socialism?

Is anybody else watching C-Span?

Well I guess some DUers are in the "PANIC!" phase.

How did Phil Gramm sneak in a 200+ page amendment to a bill?

Everything that you think you 'are'/'believe in' is meaningless, because it

If I wore this T-Shirt to a McCain rally....

Question for y'all.

Marc Faber, who predicted the 1987 crash, says the rescue package may require as much as $5 trillion

EESA peesa sh*t.

EESA peesa sh*t.

Dave to do rare Friday taping, wants to comment on VP debate

Check out Paul Newman's recent political donations!

WSJ is forcasting 100,000 job loss for the Oct 4 unemployment report, last one before election

Bailout: Sec. 134, Feelgood Crap that Covers Our Asses.

I just got an email from asking me to call

What do people think is wrong with Obama being a muslim?

Holy cats! (I'm still reading the Bailout Bill) This jumps out at me...

Undercover in a World of Democrats

You know the economy is bad when the infomercials start making sense.

Dr. Ravi Batra predicted all this 19 years ago.

As the world burns, Condoleezza Rice gets her nails done at Lovely Tender Nails

You gotta stay up late for the good stuff!

Bailout Bill: I ain't no financial expert. Someone wanna explain this part??

So, how many of us believe the Iraq Surge has "succeeded beyond our wildest dreams?"

A real nasty piece of work: Chicago dive bar scores hit with nude Sarah Palin portrait

I'm curious - how many people bought insurance through their bank?

A stupid question about Posse Comitatus

Dump your "girlfriend's" body in Japan...get charged with waste management crime.

If only the Patriot Act had received the kind of scrutiny this Bailout is getting...

How come nobody is talking about inflation after this proposed bailout?

I've Got Some News For Some Of The Hard-Headed Here...

Europe and Asia must not have heard the good news about our bailout

After listening to these two NPR programs, I'm convinced.....

For those who don't believe there is a problem read this:

Bigger dick foreign policy...

Fiscal Conservative vs. Tax-and-Spend Liberal

Amazing: Injured, re-killed Ayman al-Zawahri is back. In Pakistan

Fox News article keeps the faith...

Fox News article keeps the faith...

The Monopoly game is about to end. There is no alternative but to start a new gane.

How To Be A Good Republican

Bailout toon.

Please bear with me, need a few facts about Alex Jones' conspiracy stuff...

Please bear with me, need a few facts about Alex Jones' conspiracy stuff...

AP Investigation: Palin got zoning aid, gifts

Americans assume that "market up = good, market down = bad"

Ross Douthat: If Obama Won ...

I can't count the times a woman has said to me, "I just hate her,"

should I even bother driving to work today?

I Had The Opportunity To Spend a Day With Paul Newman

DU this Canton Repository Poll

Paper endorses first Democratic candidate in 75 years...

Denver Cops Get T-Shirts That Mock DNC Protesters - RawStory

Even the staunchest conservatives don't believe their own bullshit.

DU this poll

DUers tell me what you think of my meme "McCain's Viet Nam War Do Over"

TOONS! For Those Who Missed It: Last Week's Complete DOONESBURY Storyline Mocking Sarah Palin

The bribe's in the mail...

John McCain: Maverick or Status Quo Warrior?

Predictions Please: What nutso tactics will desperate right wing try next?

I find it suspicious that "end of the world without a bailout" folks fail to say "raise taxes"

Financial news dump

I was just watching MSNBC and what happened?

Straight from the horse's mouth: Paulson on 60 minutes.

Booooooooooosh is speaking now

The 6 Most Adorable Animals (To Ever Go On a Bloody Rampage)

McCain is tied to the Gambling Industry. Do you guys know about this??

List Of Economists Against The Bailout

Dick Morris Longs For A Different Republican Nominee

Reserve Ratio- Goldman Sachs/Morgan Stanley/JpMorgan/Wachovia/WaMu -Treasury Department Scheme

"Palin is as dumb and disoriented as a cockroach on a crowded dance floor."

Second Presidential Debate Predictions

So what are credit default swaps?

Citibank buying Wachovia's bank operations

Can they do a voice vote on the bailout?

So did the Republican leadership ever come out of that room and say anything? (MSNBC)

Paulson should resign? No, Newt. Bush and Cheney should resign

Rahm Emanuel playing hardball politics with the financial meltdown

Tweety must think this bailout will help McBush

FDIC says Citibank to buy Wachovia

Not a SINGLE REPUBLICAN SENATOR better vote against the Bailout Bill

It's amazing how all of this "bad news" for Democrats has ended up with Obama up 8%.

Purged Fox News article HERE: "Conservatives Begin Questioning Palin’s Heft "

What about the FBI investigation of Wall Street CEOs?

What about the FBI investigation of Wall Street CEOs?

Moment of truth approaching for bailout - Politico

OMG. There is a new Faux show - Huckabee.

John McCain Owns''..really

Some are saying 'take to the streets', some say that's a waste of time.

Lesson of the week for McCain

McCain Admits Health Plan Would Increase Taxes

Well... we don't have to worry about Obama looking bad due to the bail out.

US Banking Collapse a 'Controlled Demolition'

Why is Dodd fighting for ownership of this bailout?

The Obamas and The Bidens will be on Entertainment Tonight tomorrow!

David Sirota: Fiscally Insane Bailout Bill Might Not Pass - Here's 5 Reasons It Shouldn't

LOL! Obama by 17 on Intrade : 58.3% - 41.3%

Has anybody had a worse few weeks than McCain?

God I HATE Karen Hughes!

Blacks, whites show prejudices along racial divide.

Bush measuring stick :(Bailout)

Someone Who Understands the Economy ... Why Won't This 'Bailout' Create Massive Inflation?

I am not keeping my money in these banks.

Which Streets And What Time?

Republican coworker.... decided after debate not to vote at all.

Cindy McCain is Hooked on DRUGS! HUGH Story!

Home's Upside-Down American Flag To Protest Economy Sparks Outrage

In My email inbox this morning...

DU this poll.......PLEASE. Obama is Bigtime AHEAD in this AOL poll. Let's keep it that way!!

McCain recently re: Health Care

An Obama Minute- Oct. 6- Come together again- Register now!

Hey Obama! Wanna win this thing TODAY?

How things don't happen-Richmond style!!!

McCain Says Obama Didn't "Have Such A Good Night"

Palin got Zoning Aid and Gifts....she is croooooooked as the rest of them

Here we go: House gaveled into session..

Tom Brokaw Sunday

The bailout will pass tomorrow... and the Dow will rally like you've never seen....

Like Cramer said; government buying low, selling high. Between what he and Buffett and others

Slashdot: Be Part of the 2008 Presidential Youth Debate (question deadline is Sept. 29)

The life-long Republican said this will be the first year he votes for Democrats.

So now that Palin is doing so poorly, will that suppress the Republican base?

Watching McCain Fall Apart

Here I am, realaxing

Hilzoy: Bailout: The Final Bill

Senator Obama needs to pull a Chili Palmer in the next debate...

McClatchy: Rescue package aside, economy faces deep challenges

McClatchy: Rescue package aside, economy faces deep challenges

Congressional Republican Stabbed McCain In The Back Last Week

now we know: most house repubs will vote for the bailout.

Bloomberg News Commentary: Paulson Plan Is Still a Pig, Even With Lipstick

Obama's debate error: suitcase nukes

I have a dream.

Feinstein on bailout: Set execs 'on fire' if they don't play ball

Looks like they got Boardwalk and Park Place this weekend. Game is over.

2 minutes in, Dow down 140 pts...

SYRIA: Bomb blast continues to rattle region the war is on....


Pure and simple: Do you support the proposed bailout?

Subject: Sold to US taxpayers for $700B: banks' bad assets (it is ALL up front)

Republicans are distraught about Palin and I'm worried....

The Bush Legacy

nice Obama ad during Bears-Eagles game....

She'll never admit a wrong: "PALIN got zoning aid, gifts"

What is with the Insurance part of the "bail out" the Republiocans insisted upon?

I have to bitch about the past/present.

sorry!!! dual post

Ministry of Propanda: Yes, Citicorp is acquiring Wachovia's toxic assets, but it's not a failure

Nancy Pfotenhauer's Husband Headed Trade Group Lobbying on Bailout

Calling Tina Fey, calling Tina Fey....your country needs you:

The revolution has begun!!

Find the 700 largest bank accounts, and send in marines to extract 1 billion

Springsteen to Play Super Bowl Halftime Show (Celebration of Obama Victory?)

When McCain loses, his Palin selection will go down in history as the biggest blunder EVER.

Kucinich: Is this the United States Congress or the board of directors of Goldman Sachs?”

Pelosi/Reid should be demanding unanimous Republican YES votes on the bailout

Fucking bastards.

Fucking bastards.

I guess I've just heard a real-life story of a victim of the credit crisis.

Ted Stevens Asks For A Mistrial

Anti-Palin rally calls for Colberg removal

IG Report: Special Prosecutor Needed

Thank you repukelican swine...

I Just Changed Banks: Wachovia to Citigroup.

I love it - we *had* to pass this bill, yet the proponents refuse to say it will fix anything!

Do average Americans know the difference between socialism & communism?

Treasury Confirms Paulson Woozy Spell - WaPo


When Putin rears his head...

China poisons a whole bunch more products (chocolate). When do we stop the madness?

The Agonist: Hell No, We Won't Blow (it all on Paulson's Panic)

Why hasn't Bin Laden come out to declare victory?

Less than 30 minutes since opening, Dow is down 250+

Would George Clooney make a better President than Sarah Palin?

Great and insightful speeches against the bailout bill on C-Span

The List Of Conservatives Against Palin Is Growing....

Can you imagine that little lumpy sawed off freak giving an attendee his water in the middle of his

Bush Takes Tough Stand Against Leakers, Unless their Name is Rove - Bush History, 9/29

My on-the-fence independent friend told me tonight she is voting for Obama

From the FED: They are already spending it.........

Palin Prepping in Sedona All Week instead of St. Louis - Family Joining Her -

What percentage of this mess is home loans?

According to Freepers, Obama is only doing well on Gallup because Thursday was irregular.

One big reason we should all be super wary of this bailout......

A small thing or two I am doing to save money

What the hell is a Gop?

Michael Moore on the Bailout Swindle

Dude, what's w/the McCain Ad Bombardment?

What John McCain doesn't understand.......


Suze Orman on NBC now praising the financial plan; "what took them so long?"

TOON: The Radical Fringe -- It's More Golden Showers (Dory Hippauf)

The primary and the back-up bell to open Wall Street failed this morning

The Rude Pundit: John McCain's Pen Is "Kind of Old" and Other Observations at the First Debate

Do you think Sarah Palin's handlers are warning her not to be her usual smartass self in the debate?

This is what Sarah Palin actually believes. (dial-up beware)

61 Nobel Laureates have officially endorsed Obama - Statement included

61 Nobel Laureates have officially endorsed Obama - Statement included

I got to say I really admire the Republicans.

Is there one more part to the Couric/Palin interview?

BARBARA EHRENREICH: Power of Negative Thinking

Wow... Look At The Percentages In Europe !!!

Procedureal vote on Bailout: It looks like NOT ONE Republican has voted Yea

Mussolini-Style Corporatism in Action: Treasury Conference Call on Bailout Bill to Analysts(Updated)

This Virgil Goode (Racist-VA) is a real piece of.....

I would like to know on what date McCain first uttered the words "the American worker."

My hometown poll needs some DU Love!!!

McCain Campaign Prepares To Attack Resurgent Obama

More than you ever wanted to know about RFID: The sky is the limit!

MSNBC. gallup 49-44% obama according to gallup.huh??

In your opinion, are high gas and energy prices to blame for this financial crisis?

OK I heard on local news this morning the bail out bill passed the House 222-199

CBS Still Sitting on Most Damaging Palin Quotes?

I believe ALL of this could have been avoided ....

Remember, Republicans are NOT for the middle class, the majority of us

Interesting comparisons re: the $700 gigabuck bailout...

Q. What's the difference between the Somali pirates and the Wall Street pirates?

New McCain commercial: John Boehner is liberal???

Theyr'e going to take $1 Trillion for shady dealings yet

MSM Repeats Bush Admin. Lies on Bailout Just as They Did on Iraq War

The Opening Bell on Wall Street did not ring today

In the next two debates I hope Obama makes it more clear how small earmarks are

McCain Replaces Palin with Startled Deer

Citigroup's purchase of Wachovia concentrates power, reduces competition

Citigroup's purchase of Wachovia concentrates power, reduces competition

Citigroup's purchase of Wachovia concentrates power, reduces competition

Michael Moore: The Rich Are Staging a Coup This Morning

Michael Moore: The Rich Are Staging a Coup This Morning

Markets down

Today Stephanie Miller turns 30. Wish Steph a Happy B-Day Thread

How will McCain respond to his drop in the polls?

So what will stop these people from continuing to gamble with borrowed money?

One critical factor of the meltdown and bailout

Sounds like a bunch of Repubs are going to vote against the bailout bill.

What is going on? Dow down 300 points.....

Palin and Putin . Found on Andrew Sullivan's site.

McCain == "Impulsive, Impetuous, Impatient "

Is there ANY WAY someone could get hold of an Obama aide...

Congressman Shays (Rep) is making a good argument for this bill. He's

Fox Business News: MoveOn.Org Will be Responsible if Bailout Fails

Police: Teen 'Psychotic Killer' Took $6, Stabbed Woman, Bought Beer

Police: Teen 'Psychotic Killer' Took $6, Stabbed Woman, Bought Beer

Barney Frank is on Cspan now -- on the floor.

Rep. Baldwin Introduces Bill to Undo and Prosecute Bush-Cheney Crimes

Why is John McCain Mr. Grump? Due to the Changing Electoral College Dynamic

It's the end of the world and I feel fine (or it's supposed to be according to bailout advocates).

Mukasey Appoints SPECIAL PROSECTOR To Look Into US Attorney firings

New $630 Billion Fed injection. Bloomberg article inside........

All Obama has to do is tie in each debate

Rice admits she led high-level White House talks about torture

Rice admits she led high-level White House talks about torture

Two Christians killed in Orissa; churches destroyed in Madya Pradesh, Kerala; missionaries targeted

I apologize

Palin's Parents Pan Media: Tell Early Show's Harry Smith Their Daughter Is Ready To Be President

This administration is the equivalent of someone...

c-span3 - Sen Leahy releases Senate Judiciary Report re: Attorneys firing

Trust Your Mechanic... (Dead Kennedys reveal bailout M.O.)

For my 999th post, let me just say a few things I've always wanted to say:

Check in here if you called your Congressperson, Senators, or Obama

I just learned that Tina Fey was quoting Palin verbatim last night! Ha Ha Ha!

Who is Nora Dannehy and what will she do about the U.S. attorney firings?

4 Basic Questions about the Bailout

It's not just us, folks. CNN: "Bank bailouts sweep Europe"

It's not just us, folks. CNN: "Bank bailouts sweep Europe"

Biden's biggest challenge in the upcoming debate with Failin...

Quit calling people "Concern Trolls"

Opposition to Bailout Plan Falls Dramatically ~ Rassmussen

For the first time, there is a clear front-runner

What say you about this article's take on the $700 gigabuck bailout?

Call Congress Right Now!!!>>>1111!11

Let the banks fail, end income tax - that is the real fix.

A DU Bail-out Poll: Where do you stand?

Pelosi is bringing out the lipstick

Obama needs to hammer the fact that McCain wanted to invest our SS and Medicare in the Stock Market

Bailout is a trojan horse. They present a bill that has no oversite, etc.

How will the Market React when the vote is taken?

"Is This the United States Congress or the Board of Directors of Goldman Sachs?!" -- Dennis Kucinich

McCain's " Katrina like Ineptitude" re: The Bailout

Foreclosures are key element missing in plan (Homeowners get screwed by bailout!)

is it true that when palin was asked

the fed needs to cut rates, ASAP

Need some thoughts on this

We are reaping the final harvest of the Reagan Revolution...

Norah O'Donnell aired cropped "John is right" clips,but in nearly all instances,

Pelosi speaking boosh's languange. Has she been

Pelosi speaking boosh's languange. Has she been

McCain-Palin - How Low Will They Go?

Can they fill Palin up with...

Hey ya bunch of hippie liberal tree-huggers I got somethin to say to y'all..

Can tax increases on big corps & the wealthy pay for this bailout over time?

It's Too Late For McCain To Drop Palin

Kucinich On The Bailout:

With friends like these...

47 Trillion Dollars...of shaky investments...EJ Dionne

BoingBoing: Falin' Palin "As Putin rears his head..."

October suprise: Bristol Palin to get married. Then we find out the groom is Sarah's son also

Do people feel that a company that has been proped up by easy cheap credit

No More Calling People Concern Trolls,Please?

McCain and the POW Cover-up

Scenario: Palin drops out for x reason, and is replaced by a MORE competent fundie Republican...

When will Geraldine Ferraro announce that she's officially switching parties?

Road to 270: Rhode Island

If McCain was so Powerful and such a Maverick how did we get into this mess.

Do you suppose McCain is sitting in on Palin's debate prep?

ALERT! Mass has a ballot measure to eliminate state income tax! LINK

Palin Pretending

Looking: BO Ad where McCain said he would dereg Healthcare like he did banking...

Who's dumber: Bush or Palin?


Economic Stress Takes A Toll On Families

Blog This! - Increasing Debt IS Raising Taxes! n/t

Did you ever wonder why many Republicans are against the bailout?

Palin in 'debate camp' until Thursday

So, this is the reality...

The repubs chose Chief Crazywoman Bachman to rebut Pelosi?

October Surprise: Are we getting ready to bomb Iran?

I'm going down to Obama's campaign office where I live. Kick if you love me

Critical Goverment Computers To Go Offline During Voter Registration Peak

Thoughts on the candidates from a bar in the Florida Panhandle.

An Entire Gallery Of Obama Backstage Pre-Debate!

"Wall Street model is broken and the bailout is pointless"

Sirota: The Fiscally Insane Bailout Bill Might Not Pass

Donate to Obama/Biden by midnight Tuesday - Get yard sign or T-shirt

Kucinich is up now

Paper Endorses First Democrat For President In 72 Years: Obama

Does the Obama camp still believe the Gallup daily poll is "the worst thing" around?

H.R. 3997 = Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 ( Bailout Bill )

When someone loses their confidence, it doesn't matter how well they know the facts

I think it's LOVE!

The Bradley Effect? Oh, reeeeally?

For those displeased with Clinton's support, I'd like to know what you're looking for.

Pelosi speaking now

Preserving California’s Constitution

Question re: Republicans obstructing progress in the bailout

Clinton-haters, get over it, ROSS PEROT DID NOT ELECT BILL CLINTON

Obama: McCain's economic response was "Katrina-like"

Todd Palin snowmobile emergency

Citigroup now being reviewed for potential stock downgrade by S&P due to losses.

Hillary framed this just right.

Ron Paul speaks against the bill on the House floor (10:49am)

Voting from Abroad - DEADLINES


If he wins, McCain will be a worse president than Bush.

bailout enhancements

Dear God yeah its me Gov. Sonny Perdue...I uh... I forgot to pray for gasoline

Anyone want to go to debate camp?

HillBot & ObamaTron

It helps a good bit when you understand that this is a financial problem not an economic one

the financial crisis: "America's Fall from Power"

Photo: Obama Meditating Before The Debate

Aren't the bailout receipients the same people Bush wanted to entrust with Social Security funds?

You know what this bailout thing reminds me of? Waiting for the election results in 2000.

Take a break - enjoy this slideshow from HuffPo

The picture of the campaign, my friends...

This reminds me of only one thing...Efforts by Wilson get the U.S. to joing the League of Nations..

If the bailout is such a bad thng, and Obama supports it... WTF

McCain delay sparks Twitter fray - article

The Resurrectionists: Beltway's Big Money Cultists Bail Out the Dead

Looks like another rough day on Wall Street...

TIME: America's No. 1 Export: Debt

Has anyone seen the new Huckabee show on Fox?

Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 election

Neither Obama nor McCain will show up to cast a vote on bailout

Dow is down 162 pts but there was no opening bell at 9:30am this morning

Daily Kos: Did McCain Visit Waziristan? (McCain's Tuzla)

Crisis Hits Europe's Banks As U.S. Seals Bailout Deal - Wall Street Journal

If A Majority of House GOP Members Don't Vote For Bill, It Proves (Again) McCain Is Useless

Where do you stand on the bailout?

Tina Fey and her Grampa on MSNBC live.

Warren Buffet supports the bailout deal

Me and my family went down to Philly yesterday to do canvassing.

200 Former US Diplomats Endorse Obama

This is how Zogby places Obama in a poll qeustion - (5th selection)

Kucinich on right now!

Kucinich on right now!

Why We Will Win

37 Days Left

Palin to McCain - Oops I did it Again

"Let Sarah be Sarah"

I can't believe the conservatives are trying to dog Obama for the BRACELET. . .

The tapped-out American consumer.....

Election software issues again?? Possible Florida 2000 connection

How long before someone goes postal on Wall Street?

There is a wonderful investment opportunity out there that will pay huge dividends

Fineman: Bailout Ushers In The Era Of Obama

How long is a news cycle?

This bailout is a trap for the Democrats!!

"Gotta save the pigs in order to save the sheep," states Patsy Buke on

Dennis Kucinich: This is the System We are Saving!?!

Bailout Image (NSFW?)

What do they do to those folks standing behind McCain at his rallies?

South Ossetia prepares a low blow for Saakashvili

CNBC: Taxpayers Will Be Losers in Rescue Plan: Whitney

Like most others, circumstances are forcing me to cut way

When will we have a courageous candidate at any level who will

Things that make me laugh -- Biden "preparing for debates"

Boner is on the House floor pushing for the bill

Holy Shit! The MoveOn anti-mccane Ad On CNN This Morning!

Bush on tv live right now.... nt

Move over priests-Nepal state names "living goddess"

This poll and this ad...

Listening to Morning Joe for the first time in a while. I think they are

I was just watching PBS' EXCELLENT Documentary on the WTC & 9-11, and it's all so clear...

My Mom Died Yesterday -Please Pray For Her And Me

Conyers Calls for Special Counsel Outside of DOJ in Continued Investigation of U.S. Attorney Firings

Went to a taping of 'Says You' yesterday in Hartford-

Pet food recall. Mars Petcare risk of salmonella.

Pet food recall. Mars Petcare risk of salmonella.

Game Plan for Palin Is Retooled Ahead of Debate

Reversal of Fortune by E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Michael Palin for President! Vote Silly 2008

I am hurting and broke

Bush as the Comeback Kid - vomit alert

VIDEO By public demand: The 'Babies Love Barack' Video

Let's call them the Enronpublicans.

Is a pro-McCain Israeli front group trying to influence November’s election results in violation of

Free Obama desktop for your enjoyment

Pelosi is on CNBC saying that this crisis snuck up on us on "little cat's feet"

Does Palin's accent have anything to do with the close polls in Minnesota?

NY Times: Big Financiers Start Lobbying for Wider Aid

McCain Campaign Possibly Owns

Rasmussen: Opposition to bailout falls dramatically:

Financial crisis: Bail out in haste, repent at leisure

Question: Are Rasmussen and Gallup polls automated or done by a human?

Financial Times: Gloom deepens at Circuit City

Did you ever sell potato chips door to door?

Just as 50 is the "new 30", Muslims are the "new Jews".

Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque After "Obsession" DVD Hits Ohio

Tweety's an asshole (again); here are 5 reasons why:


Bad Tweety is back!!!!!!!!! He was on Morning Joe

OBAMA 51 MCCAIN 42 DKos R2K Tracking poll (09/29)

Holyyyyyyyyy Fucking hell!!!!

DEN OF THIEVES by James Stewart

Obama is being handed the punchbowl

If this bill fails, the failure belongs to Bush.

After Bail Out the Markets should be healthy once agains so time to invest Social Security into them

Opposition to Bailout Plan Falls Dramatically, According to Rasmussen (R) Poll

Can it be that Tina Fey may save Democracy and the Constitution?

Money Market Guarantee Launches Today

Morning Joe: McCain's Campaign Now an Uphill SLOG. Giving Obama PROPS For the Debate !

Thomas Frank: Wrecking, Wrecking, Wrecked

Michael Moore comment on the Bail Out. Not saying I agree, just another opinion!

Good article on CNN Money re: the Bailout

Good article on CNN Money re: the Bailout

Bush says "restore the flow of credit so that American families can meet their daily needs"

Crash You Heard? Temple of Corporatism Falling

Boner Waterworks!

Signs of Hope and Change

For all of you worried about Biden on Thursday nite - let me refresh your memory -

In our neighborhood we have McCain signs, BUT NO PALIN signs...

Dow down almost 500 points.....

Diageo/Hotline Poll 9/29 - Obama 47 (0) McCain 42 (0)

Diageo/Hotline Poll 9/29 - Obama 47 (0) McCain 42 (0)

Ari Melber: Obama's New Offense

All along the Watchtower -- eerily prescient

An ObamaMinute! Next Monday October 6th.

OK, what's up with Mika's mouth gyrations?

Why haven't McCain and the RNC denounced "Obsession"?

Virginia DUers: What's early voting activity like? Any news coverage about it?

I scouted MI and IN Sunday, here's what I saw.

I saw the most McSame-Palin bumper stickers I've seen this whole election

Gold jumps $20. n/t

DOW is crashing: -650 n/t

I need DU's help. A friend told me he'd vote for Obama under one condition:

Why am I damn near 100% sure that Barack Obama will win?

Another NRO editor reacts to Palin's CBS interview: "I thought Palin was dreadful."

This ain't gunna pass

Will somone post a poll please?

No Opening Bell on Wall Street!

Dumbest wingnut political blog EVER

These are the assholes distributing the "Obsession" DVD (anti-Muslim hate stuff):

If McCain Had To Debate Hillary Instead Of Barack ......

DOW is down 260 with the House vote half

WOW, the Dow is certainly circling the toilet today

McCain hires Tina Fey for Debate....

Per Dad, "Sarah Is A Fast Learner"

8 million Blacks are unregistered


As usual -- as always -- the Democrats have handed their ostensible opponents a razor-sharp sword.

I think Obama has surrounded himself with some very good people. IMO, Robert Gibbs is one of them

It has hit the fan, folks......

Sen. Dodd shot down Andrea this morning good and proper.

Alice, I think we're through the looking glass now

bailout bill is failing in the house

Wall St doesn't get their ransom? Tell the brokers to sell...

The Ritz-Carlton New-York presents its very special "2006 Wall Street Bonus" treatment at $137,580

I'm beginning to get a little concerned that Palin just might cut and run

****Rasmussen Daily***** Monday, 9/29: Obama, 50% McCain 45%

Does the Debate Between Biden and Goldilocks Really Matter?

Read it and puke -- the truth about Palin. (And kick if you agree)

Larisa Alexandrovna: Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 electi

Larisa Alexandrovna: Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 electi

Huge un(der) reported story: 400+ still missing from Galveston 2 weeks after storm!

Quote from G.W.Bush,"some people call you the have mores..,I call you my base"

McCain's Theatrical Misfire

Is this a surprise? For some reason I thought they felt this would pass. nt

A Message That Connects

McCain-Palin hit with two corruption scandals

Research 2000/Daily Kos tracking: Obama 51% (up 1) McCain 42% (no change)

Can we call this "crisis" what is really is? GREED

Call me a concern troll if you must, but now I am worried...


Are they going to forego the gavel as they did the Wall Street

"Listen dumbfuck, vote for the shit or the stock market crashes."

Pelosi thinks we're stupid -By Kos

If and When Palin screws up in the Debate the RePugs will blame...

Should the wife of the former fed chair be interviewing anyone on this mess.

An unnoticed debate invitation from Rush Limbaugh to us - "They won't do it."

Former CIA No. 3 Pleads Guilty In Bribery Case (Dusty Foggo)

So, the stupider you are, the less you have to do in the debate to win?

Barbra Streisand: Is This a Democracy or a Monarchy?

McPalin's audience in Ohio today

Wow, David Broder outwanks himself with his debate "analysis".

WOW!!! 468,443 hits in one day on this video

the nays have it

Tom Brokaw and MTP

***** So far Bailout bill is dead in the House *****

Aren't you just DYING to see the Biden - Sarahmadinejad mashup on Thursday!?

Memo to Joe Biden: Let Palin Talk

Is it too simplistic to say

funny pic

Just a Moment of Your Time?

I've been harping on the Supreme Court since the primaries

Chuckles Todd sees "a shift towards Obama"...then falls back on the tired "older white voters" meme.

Gibbs gets into a heated exchange with Fox and Friends hosts

The Bailout Bill *will* pass the House...easily. About to go to vote.

Robert Gibbs(terrible spokesman)

$630B today?! Does this mean we don't need the bailout, after all?

Sure fire strategy for Obama/Biden

it's OK that the market is falling

Dow is collapsing

What will happen to Universal Health Care

Little better than midway through the vote - Republicans 2 to 1 against....

There Are No More Mortgages

Slice of federal spending that John McCain intends to reform in order to balance the budget.

Today the US Supreme Court decides on Troy Davis.

MSNBC: Electoral Map Shifts Toward Obama

Thanks to modern architecture, windows are sealed in most skyscrapers.

Wisdom from an alternate universe.

The Right Wing has gotten to the View

The Right Wing has gotten to the View

Wooo-hooo! Shut down the NYSE! We can be just like Russia!

David Nantucket Gregory SHILLING for McSame on dead intern Scarborough

Fatwa against (Pakistani President) Zardari for 'flirting' with Palin


Will the M$M ever talk about McCain's money hall (counting Rep state and national committees) and

Mods: What's the problem with posting notice of a personal tragedy in the forum you frequent?

This morning's Howard Fineman opinion piece on MSNBC...put down the crack pipe, Howie.

You know, they CAN just re-work the bill...


Journalists privately admit they’re ‘censoring’ their coverage of Palin. (WAPO)

New McCain ad is so racist I feel like I'm hallucinating

Logos, pathos, ethos

How is borrowing money from the Chinese any better than just printing up money?

So how many of you have ACTUALLY read the proposed BAILOUT legislation?

Need a mid-day laugh? Try this...

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan?" CAPTION THIS!

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan?" CAPTION THIS!

It's just an adolescent playing chicken in his dads' new car ...

I think it's almost time for the vote -- how do you think it will go?

Anybody planning to watch a train wreck on Thur. with Biden v. Palin will be severely disappointed.

Tamron Hall (MSNBC) on smear emails: "I get one saying Obama's anti-Semitic & then one saying McCain

Are they goint to hold the vote open all day? n/t

Fed Pumps Further $630 Billion Into Financial System

What real weapon that Palin has? Snark, of course.

Either Close the Vote or Charge Pelosi with BLACKMAIL.

Today, Obama got elected. Too bad its a Pyhrric victory

While they try to get votes switched in favor of the bill, they just lost

Want some GOOD news? Oil down under $100 again.

Obama up in PA Tracking Poll (Muhlenberg/Morning Call)

I thought it was another SNL skit...

KY Senate Race: Lunsford and McCONnell tied...

Even With Polls Looking Nice, Want To See Obama Campaign Continue To Attack Hard

---Citigroup Buys Banking Operations of Wachovia----

What was the Dow-Jones Industrial Average when Idiot Bush took office?

Let me try to understand the Freepers' criticism of Katie Couric....

1 vote lost from supporting bailout.

Bob Shafer on CNN: "I will ask about BS issues in debate."

Sarah Palin: "She's ready to do anything she wants to be."

A terrific buying opportunity

Early External Signs Of McCain v. Palin Infighting Over Handling?

Sarah Palin's Problem is Too Many Handlers from McCain's Campaign

Bernie Sanders speech to Senate opposing bailout

It seems the bailout won't pass

Imagine if Al Gore would have been president for the past 8 years!

The bill has failed. The House has moved on to other business. n/t

Just so you know ..... this is not just a US issue ......


The fact Obama is supporting the "bailout" scares me more than ever

Want to know the REAL reason the market is tanking right now?


McCain & Palin are at a very crowded campaign stop

If they can't pass this sucker......

CNBC just said "No chance of passing this bill at all."

Republic Bruce's Demise

New Obama Ad Hammers McCain Adviser's Golden Parachute

Obama inches ahead in tight race

Be careful - bar being set so low for Thursday night, a Palin crawl could be victory...

Rational Talk about economic crisis and bail out - Dr. Ravi Batra on Hartman now n/t

BushCo Mantra circa 2004/2005 "Ownership Society" & the current MESS

Is anyone watching "the view"? Elisabeth just said that Obama

LMAO! Meltdown in Freeperland: Katie Couric Must Go! She Insulted Sarah

Delete: Dupe: Buggy

Five Points

Five Points

Why Democrats went from libertarian to populists

The worse thing about today's vote (bailout)

Time For Some Campaignin' - Hi-lar-i-ous.

There might be something even more embarrassing on the CBS Katie Couric interview.

Obama has staked out one position on the bailout bill, House GOP has staked out another

CSpan taking calls now n/t

MSNBC: "Has been one switch" "They need 11" "Keeping the vote open". IS IT STILL NOT FINALIZED?!

Right now the Dow drop is being used to twist arms....

Sarah Palin Endorses Hamas

Russia Today..New hypersonic missile to be 'uninerceptable'

Great bumper sticker, plus local sticker/sign update

McCain falsely blamed troops for torture during debate

Vote is over

Gavel came down, failed, motion to reconsider laid up on the table. Gettin crazy up in there.


Reason? Bush working the phones ahead of bailout vote

Do you feel like you're watching your life flash before your eyes?

What is with this GW/Battleground Tracking Poll?

(Kneeling Paulson + Speaker Nance + McChukklenutz) * House = EPIC FAIL!

If the bailout passes, Main Street should immediately demand

John Harwood CNBC: House staffer "No chance of passing this bill."

Good news from Penn...

is the vote done or are they keeping it open???????????

Well, now that no one did anything I guess the financial crisis is over

I heard a news person say a lot of Dems said we can't believe Bush and the Repigs after the WMD lies

Cindy McCain's positions during the last speech (Cindy/Meg)

My take on the whole Palin/Russia thing..

**House Defeats Bailout Bill** (AP)

Palin reminds me of the Commander's wife in The Handmaid's Tale

Question? Someone with more knowlege than me...couldn't they have suspended trading today?

MCain resorts to desperate stunts when he's at a disavantage

Where is Obama today?

So, what does McCain say now about his "intervention"?

If I hear "You will know their names, I will make them famous" one more time... I think I'll

Did anyone just see McCain?

Amidst all of this division between two sides who are convinced they are right here...

On the bailout - the Dem party and DU seem split on what scenario would best help Obama to win

Obama leads McCain by 12 points on handling the economy

195-220; 0:00 left; Folks, it's has FAILED (nt)

Does anyone know if Thurs at the VP debate will they be standing at lecturns or sitting at a table?

CNBC just said that the Republicans are responsible for this

Monday morning 623 eastern. Futures are crashing. Street must not like the plan.

Marry Me a Little


McCain is in "full court press" phase of his campaign.

Freepers Viciously Attack Chevy Chase, SNL for Sarah Palin's Caricature

Why are both McCain and Obama signalling support for the final bailout bill?

OMGOMGOMGOMG - Kentucky just came within 1pt with the US Senate Race!!!

Poor George...nobody's bailing him out this time!!!!!

What is a money center bank? How is it different from a Regional bank

Republicans came out 2 to 1 against. Dems saw that and sought political cover too....

There's still a chance for corporate welfare to pass!

Salon: Planned Parenthood; $802,678 in donations from over 31,000 people. thank you to Palin!

Just heard on CNBC the stock crash is

So glad you suspended your campaign and swooped in to the rescue, McCain!

How bad off is your party when Palin was your "rising star"?

Bush and his GOP Buddies are at the ROOT of this Financial mess

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News (a market note for political folks)

So - I Wake Up This Morning To Chuckie T. Telling

Is this what is really happening right before our eyes? ...

We MUST attach the word REPUBLICAN to the coming economic times

Fed Pumps Further $630 Billion Into Financial System (NOT Bailout!)

Ten Ways to Help "Get Out the Vote" -- Please add your ideas

Monday Morning Silly Poll Question: Sarah Palin or Caligula's Horse

Watching the Columbus Ohio McCain/Palin Speech

Ravi Batra on with Thom Hartmann right now.

Steve Leisman, CNBC: No second vote. DOW starts back down. n/t

Louis T. McFadden's Speech In the House of Representatives 10 June 1932

The Way To Spin RepubliCons Who Are Against The Bailout

Obama in the southland - how is it looking 5 weeks out?

So, can the Senate vote on a bailout bill of their own?

TPM: CBS To Air More Footage Of Couric Interviewing Palin This Week

Rs Just Put The Economy on e-bay

Calm Down Everyone, it's all PSYCHOLOGICAL remember? Quit Whining!

200 former U.S. diplomats endorse Obama

If the problem is liquidity...

CNN Ticker....Bush Dissapointed

Palin To Go On The Offensive

where can I find the roll call for today's vote?

"And then one time at Debate Camp"

---Who's saying what?? Interesting poll data about the public opinion re; bailout---

This sure looks good!

any thoughts on what sarah will be using for help during the debate thurs?

Any response from the White House yet?

to all the fundies and bush voters:

Canvassing Suggestions/Best Practices/Lessons Learned? Help a guy out!

What happens next? Or is this just a ploy to keep Democrats off the Campaign trail?

Nancy should never have let it get to the floor for a vote

It's going to pass and Wall Streets' going to fail anyway

Can anyone explain what a pyramid scheme is?

Rasmussen: Obama Gets Post-Debate Boost in Voter Trust on All Issues

Repuke grandstanding

My remaining Republican friends losing their sense of humor...

Okay, now this is bizarre question, I admit: is anyone turned on sexually by Paulson?

Obama has not trailed in the Gallup tracking ever since McCain's "Fundamentals are strong" soundbite

What this country desperately needs is a good "community organizer"

Roll call on bailout-

McCain says choice is between 'country first or Obama first'

The DOW is now back to where it was in May, 1999

Rasmussen: "Obama is now trusted more on all 10 major issues"

What Does CBS Have?

for those who think there's no problem: understanding the ted spread

Afghanistan has seen 'spiral downwards': top US general

What happened to Paulson? They are reporting on NPR that he had a dyspneic episode in Congress

House is moving to a vote.... n/t

USA Today/Gallup poll on Financial Crisis - only Obama's handling of the crisis approved

Its Like We Gave Ourselves a Self-inflicted Lobotomy Today

Boehner actually gave a good speech, I'm shocked....

Has anyone used SQL Injection to get Gallup results in advance?

All i can say is 2 bushes= 2 failed economies, 2 failed wars.


It's 10:45 AZ time; is McCain for against Ronald Reagan? Is he still a "Goldwater"

The Rich Are Staging a Coup This Morning (M Moore)

Injured, re-killed Ayman al-Zawahri is back!

Anyone here remember the Great Depression?

Did You Get Your Invitation? I got Mine!! When McCain goes below 42%

The Lies And Lies And Lies Of Sarah Palin

Check out the doom and gloom, sky is falling pic on the CNN homepage

Should we be letting the bailout be run by the people who caused it?

The Course of Empire, a series of paintings by Thomas Cole.

Hey gang, others here have been through this, it's not the end ofthe world.

Does anyone know if the roll call for the vote is available yet and where? Thanks!

EVERY SINGLE ONE of these repukes assholes is up for re-election this year

Are You Watching The Stockmarket? The other shoe is dropping...

Why not tax the bejeezus out of the richest 1%??

This House vote is as disgusting as the Iraq War votes

I know we still have alot of work to do but....Anyone going to DC for the Inauguration?

I flipped on CNBC a few minutes ago....It was like being at a wake.....

Obama now: "A financial crisis as serious as any since the Great Depression"

Gallup Daily Monday 9/29: Obama Maintains 8-Point Lead (50-42)

GOP planned to screw this vote all along

I Really Don't Get The Worry About Biden In The Debate

What did Pelosi say?..have been gone...thanks n/t

Obama has my full faith and trust in his judgement on the bailout.

CBS's Bob Schieffer in current issue of Texas Monthly...

Could we NOW, please have some real experts in some REAL hearings

The First Report on Public Credit (1790).

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The stock market can't be the most important measure of whether this bailout works, is it?

Oil's down almost $11.00....

Tweety: Failure on the side of the Republican leadership and John McCain

"We're not in the majority of the Congress that failed to pass it"

The Market is Crashing

Matthew Yglesias: The Math-now start writing a progressive bill

"The Obama Administration began at midnight Sunday." writes Howard Fineman.

Anchorage Daily News - How Palin Governs

Nobody wants to cast the deciding vote

If the Bailout (Rescue) Bill is Inevitable, Why is the Dow Futures Down?

"There is no reason to accept the doctrines crafted to sustain power and privilege, ......

Look at what's happening in NC: From McPain +11 2 weeks ago, to Obama +0.3 today.

McCain's High Stakes Gambling Problem & Wall Street

Thanks to all of the imbeciles opposed to the bailout. Dow drops 600+ points

Ambinder: Palin debate preparation - McCain calls an audible - Whoopee

Some very stupid people have destroyed our economy today

Now you've gone and done it, all you bailout haters!!!1!!

Thank you House Republicans

The DOW IS TANKING!! 675.07 and counting

Fasten your Seatbelt! We're about to Crash!

What I learned from Ralph Nader on Real Time with Bill Maher this weekend....

Democrats question McCain gambling ties

CNN "can't find in Pelosi text anything partisan"

Betcha this passes both Houses before the end of the week...

The House should NOT recess until this work is done.

This vote in the House is a McCain failure.

Consensus crisis: Everything you wanted to know about the bailout

Will We See The Angry Palin At the VP Debate With Biden?

Palin: "I've been hearing about his (Biden) senate speeches since I was in like 2nd grade"

Dow in Free Fall: Down Nearly 700 as Voting Goes South

House Republicans are douchebags.

I hope this bailout doesn't pass today


So, is this the Republican party's version of scorched earth

The pic on right now is soooo ominous...

The Plunge in DOW and Failed Bailout Bill: A No Confidence vote on Bush/McCain

The market isn't crashing because of the vote, it's crashing because 700 Billion in not enough

I trust Kucinich...and I distrust the rush..too much like rush to the patriot act, iraq,


Pelosi Speaking Live Now - MSNBC "Mr. Paulson, We Delivered On Our Side Of The Bargain"

CNBC : No chance passing this bill 11:09 pdt


Two things I think Biden needs to do in upcoming debate....

Perhaps stock market convulsions will deal a reality check to the public

Bad meat: An analogy about the subprime mess and the bailout

Gallup - Obama 50, McCain 42...No change

So the Dow was down 700 points about ten minutes ago, and has risen 320 points since then.

Bailout Roll Call Vote (Kos)

Its official the Bill is Vetoed!

Looks like when Repub was told if they moved to re-consider, it would have to be NOW, they declined.

401Ks are gonna tell a tale!

Obama wins by a landslide

Circuit City short-circuiting?

Bailout Bill is a Lose-Lose for the Dems (but a win for citizens)

How many remember the recession of the 1970's? I was not quite a teenager but

Dems Are Taking The High Road - Making The Repugs Look Real Bad.....

The Same Repukes Who Voted NAY are also screaming SELL to their brokers

Republicans are populist heroes!

Holy Shit it didn't pass!


OK, the first of the month is right around the corner...if this isn't settled...

401Ks are gonna tell a tale!

CNBC : No chance passing this bill 11:09 pdt

What exactly are they doing in the House right now ? nt


Thank you Republicans for ruining the American economy.

***HEADS UP*** ROLL CALL Now Underway In House, On Bailout Plan.

Boner On Now Blaming Pelosi And The Dems......

Boner On Now Blaming Pelosi And The Dems......

And meanwhile, China is poisoning the world's children.

A spokesman for the Bureau of Statistics in Australia

401Ks are gonna tell a tale!

Market down 500 points. It's dead. n/t

Rejected "trap-door" questions for Palin

Repug from Alabama tried to do another vote nt

Why can't we have the election NOW, and the inauguration TOMORROW?

Classic game theory in action?

Obama to the rescue: New Deal energy jobs, bridge repair....

Obama to the rescue: New Deal energy jobs, bridge repair....

Someone hurt your feelings and you want to take it out on the country?? BEAUTIFUL!!!

Obama to the rescue: New Deal energy jobs, bridge repair....

Let's start a Wall Street charity drive to raise money for the bailout

9-29 Gallup: Obama maintains 8-point lead over McLame (50-42)

Biden better take the gloves off. Palin is good for throwing the insults

Two things I think Biden needs to do in upcoming debate....

okay, this is either bad reporting, or my WTF? moment of the day

An Early October Surprise.........

"This is the New Reality. Let's See if We Can Adapt to It." Calm Down. Calm Down.

September 29, 2008 - The Beginning of the GREATER Depression

McCain you broke it, you own it

The Stock Market Is Crashing

It's Now Official.... George Bush Is No Longer The President!

CNBC sources say that Dem leadership says bill still viable

MODS---Can we go to defcon 4??? The board is really slow! Thanks!

If Joe Scarborough can't pronounce Obama, he should be fired.

John Harwood on CNBC reports THE BILL IS DEAD.

SUSA Florida Poll: McLame 48 (-3), Obama 47 (+2)

Obama should come out now with a statement

WTF happened? I thought McCain had so much influence in getting this done?

I think the reTHUGS tried to screw the Dems

You don't schedule a vote on a bill like this a month before an election

The Gavel has fallen the Bailout bill has failed

McCain is headed to Iowa today. Why? One would think he would

No possiblity of a second vote today-CNBC

Great News for football bettors!! After the past weekend, when I picked...

I just love Barney Frank

Just want to remind everyone (in America) that there is STILL a debate

They need to shut the market down NOW

Era of McMansions and 3 cars coming to an end?

Paulson Plan Is Still a Pig, Even With Lipstick

I'm sorry, but wasn't it the Republicans that billed this as the "Economic 9/11" last week?

STOP IT!!!!!

Bailout plan rejected - CNNMoney

Frank: "I Am Appalled" At Accusation Against Pelosi - Speech Ruining Bill's Passage

Frank: "I Am Appalled" At Accusation Against Pelosi - Speech Ruining Bill's Passage

Republicans came out 2 to 1 against. Dems saw that and sought political cover too....

Yesterday, Repubs. were praising McCain for getting the House Repubs. in line to vote FOR this bill!

Bloomberg: Fed Pumps Further $630 Billion Into Financial System

"Most of us say, 'I want this thing to pass, but I want you to vote for it—not me.' "

R Party Now Leaderless - McCain AND Bush Powerless To Control Their Troops

Free grapes! I'm serious...

Bailout / Econ question. Who has this kind of brain in here?

start over. Look, I think it was lousy legislation

Republicans Are Saying That They Voted No, Because They Don't Like Pelosi's Comments

"Somebody hurt my feelings so I will punish the country"

Wow, has my opinion of McLame changed......

My Friend's business just had its credit line withdrawn .. And his company is profitable ...

Are Democrats guilty of thinking inside the (Republican-made) box?

New record DOW one-day drop: -715 n/t

Another chance for McCain to come to the "rescue"?

The Repuke leadership is talking to the press

The sense of entitlement by some here is very disturbing

My friends and my ex all used to work for a predatory lender

I'll note this ... the DOW is right now UNDER where Bush took

With so many rightist columnists turning on Palin(comparison),...

Obama to the rescue: New Deal energy jobs, bridge repair....

CNBC: There will not be a second vote today. No possibility, per Dem Leadership

Why I think the vote today is GOOD NEWS for Democrats.

I thought McCain came to the rescue?

I'm fine with McCain bashing Obama for "standing on the sidelines" on this bailout

So, what happens now?

REPUKE party kills the economy

Advise to my Daughters -

Barney Frank is coming out swinging

Where is our "beloved" President?

Obama Surging The Down-Ticket Senate Races: 58-42

Wonder how many calls Warren Buffet has made today...

Will there be a run on (what's left of) 401Ks now?

Sarah being "retooled" for debate.

Seriously, what the hell is McCain going to do with this bailout?

Krugman on bailout: "OK, we are a banana republic."

Obama speaking now at rally about the bailout bill!

Nevermind...they took him off.

Too bad the Dems didn't grow a spine like this 6 years ago

The Republicans were annoyed at a speech, so they did this to your 401K.

delete, dup..

Roll Call vote on bailout bill

Is this the start of people ending their lives over the markets?

aaaand now....from my copy of "The Quotable Chip Diller"

They want to move the bill to the right

Obama is blasting deregulation again, live, on CNBC briefly.

delete, dup.

My crystal balls shows a class war is about to be ignited in the US

Score another one for Kerry. ZINGER. Ridicules McCain.

Welcome to Great Depression II.... brought to you by everyone that opposed the bailout

Everyone shut the fuck up, Pres. Obama is speaking!

Can someone with economic knowledge please fill us in on EXACTLY what is happening

"McCain called "charge" and the republicans retreated."!! Tweety nails McCain!!

Question.....What If I Don't Have a Matress

I call upon Sarah Palin to explain what's happening to the Dow and why it isn't the GOP's fault.

This vote guarantees economic chaos until the election- advantage Obama


Remember...GOP wanted CLEAN BILL....with no pay restrictions...

My well-oiled DU experience has turned into a clunker. Anyone else

Six hundred and eighty four points down was the bottom ... so far. 6*8*4

US elections: Barack Obama's team believes he can win by a landslide

William Gross (Pimco head) thinks the market cannot process the idea of no bill and


Waah, Pelosi called us names!

I'm scared, mostly because I barely understand what's going on.

Here's how to spend $700 billion to fix the economic crisis: Invest IN America, not Wall St.

One of my grad school class mates works in the investment dept of our Pension Boards

"Most of us say we want this bill to pass - but I want YOU to vote for it - not me"

The market went down 200 points during the vote! This is what killing the bailout is doing!

What a bunch of imbeciles! GOP voted no to show their distaste for Pelosi's speech!

Mavericks sink Bill!

So McCain gets covered, and Obama does not? WTF????????

Too funny. Palin makes a jab about Biden's age.

Rep Boner Blaiming Pelosi's Speech for it not passing

Tweety just now: John McCain proved he couldn't lead.... n/t

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Did the Republicans try to pull a fast one at the last moment?

If there were ever a question in your mind about trusting republicans

Matthews is right. McCain couldn't lead his party

WHOOPSIE! Palin loses to Temple grad student (LOL)


PPP NC Poll - Obama Takes the Lead

I Found Out Today A Co-Worker's Brother Works On Tim Pawlenty's Staff

Irony - First Read Notes McCain Was Taking Credit For Passage Today

Seriously, what the hell is McCain going to do with this bailout?

14 Dems have to change their votes in the next few moments

Chuck Todd and Norah O'Donnell want to make sure you know that

Once again, CNN reveals whose pocket is is in...

Utah Democrats News Holland on McCain's ties to gambling

Silver Lining: We're all going to get a chance to learn a LOT about the economy.

After Taking Credit For Bailout Bill, Is McCain Camp Willing To Share Responsibility For Its Failure

Welcome to the Republican Depression

Ohio Court rules in favor early voting- It is on in Ohio

Obama is now trusted more on all 10 major issues

Wow. Just saw the McCain ad that flat out accuses Obama of being a crooked

Todd Palin complains that Sarah needs to spend more time with her family

BAILOUT UPDATE: And now, a whole lotta arm-twistin' to be goin' down....

DOW - where's the Volume?

The Bush Who Cried Wolf

Theory - The GOP House Killed Bill To Avoid Palin VP Debate?

GOP will pay dearly for this. Dearly.

when tyranny comes to america, it will be wrapped in an american flag

John McCain, you lose. n/t

Tweety: McCain said "Charge" and the Cavalry retreated!! Maverick but NO LEADER!!

Palin Says She Is Looking Forward to Debate

United and informed we stand. Divided we fall further.

Bailout - for or against?

Ha Ha..could over hear Tweety on the mic wasn't shut off..saying..

Good news in Florida for Obama!

Good news in Florida for Obama!

Um...the posters at Free Republic are CELEBRATING.

Methinks the VP debate on Thursday will be very Economy-heavy...

The GOP is blaming this all on us

Pelosi speech was spot on. Screw the pouty Repubs for screwing the country website owned by McCain campaign yikes!

THIS WAS A GAMECHANGER folks. Ok Now what,,,,,,

Besides DU, who else is blaming Pelosi or the Democrats for this bill not passing?

Well, maybe they'll put glasses in boxes of laundry soap again.

Is this the final nail in McCain's coffin?

94 Dems have voted Nay ... WTF is wrong with them

94 Dems have voted Nay ... WTF is wrong with them

Repukes will get CREAMED over this

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Denver, CO****

Fuck It...Just went and got all the money available to me and put

Fox News is Worse then I thought

"John McCain is NOT the Leader of the Republican Party" - Chris Mathews

Boehner blaming this all on Nancy Pelosi and her speech

Ha! Ha! Barney Frank: "Somebody hurt their feelings"

Barney Frank now on MSNBC

PHOTO: Everything would have been OK except for that woman made a speech & annoyed us!

Pelosi to Paulson and Bush: We delivered our side of the bargain (implying the GOP did not)

If Obama Becomes President...Prepare to See "Radical" Economic Change. Think New Deal.

Barney Frank is nailing the failure on the rethug RW "free market" idealogues.

Barney Frank nailing the repubs on their hissy fits...give me the twelve names and I will go

Listen to Obama Right Fucking Now -Link

Agree or not with the bailout, this result is the purpose of the House of Reps.

Maybe we will go back to using cash

Barney: "Give me the name of those 12 people (republicans)

So how is the next Great Depression looking? I am pissed at the House Rethugs

Here it goes: The Dow is now down 620

what was in Pelosi's speech that the Repukes are blaming??????

Government and education - a surprising quote from a chess master!

Who's this idiot spewing in the House about "nuclear jiahd" and Iran??

On FOX tonight: Terminator:The Sarah Palin Chronicles

Our new mantra should be "regulate baby regulate"

Anyone have a list of (1) which Democrats voted against the bill and (2) which Repubs voted for it?


Resubmit the bill along with an Iraq withdrawal Timetable

DOW-630 (nt)

Let's remember, most of Americans still don't know what to make of the bailout.

One bright spot... the first market stop level suspends trading for one hour. Since it is after 3PM

After the market closes, I'm going to the liquor store to buy a few bottles of Heavily.

John Mccain plummets on Intrade after House rejects bail-out deal

So Nancy finally grows a spine and tells them the truth and they are babies about it?

The GOP hates a lot of things.

So is the GOP going to spin this that they were looking out for Main Street in voting No

LMAO at the clip of McCain today trying to take credit for the Bill

in order to sell, doesn't there have to be someone willing to buy?

Obama to the rescue: New Deal energy jobs, bridge repair....

Chuck Todd: McCain will be part of the blame for this.

New record DOW one-day drop: Currently at -720 n/t

PPP NC Senate Poll: Hagan (D) 46 (unchanged), Dole (R) 38 (-3)

John McCain and Sarah Palin along with the rest of the Republican

Barney Frank: Pelosi hurt their feelings, so they want to punish the country?"

So what IS the best solution here in your opinion?

But I Dont Own a Matress To

Obama Campaign Offering Super Cool Limited Edition "Election Day T-Shirt" To Donors.

Radical Fringe Toon - Mon. 9/29 - today we are all peons

If we hadn't have voted TODAY, would the market have done this?

Now McCain will probably say he never intended to vote for it anyway and he secretly

You know how much I'm into this election.... and now... it almost seems trite to care who wins...

Chris Mathews on GOP rejection of bailout: "McCain failed to lead his Party, clearly not in charge!"

If you're against the bailout, then thank your Rep if...

It doesn't matter how Repubs vote, they own this crisis.

Meet The Real Terrorists ~The Wall Street Terrorists~ Not Me Not You AND

Mr. Suspend mah campaign has got nothing to say about the bailout not passing.

Freepers so excited they've forgotten to hide their

The market has been inflated for at least the last week since the bailout was announced

How ironic. The one issue that Bush told the truth about in 8 years.. and the public didn't believe

Why is Barney Frank pimping his heart out for Bushco?

Has Chomsky chimed in on the bailouts yet?

The word "Bailout" alone doomed it .Should have called it a "liquidity infusion"

As Usual Pelosi Gave Republicans Another Hammer Hit Democrats With

Chickenshit McCain hidng on comment!

Am I the only one who sees the coincidence: 9/29 and 1929?

McCain camp goes after VP debate Moderator

Well the Republicans Own the Message AGAIN!

Bush clip on MSNBC

Do the Republicans in Congress hate themselves for being Bush's patsies? Is this is not looking good people

My Opinion of the Bailout Naysayers.

When Bush was on tv and said he was meeting with the President,

While these people keep up their "bipartisan" pissing match...

Actions to take now: Freeze foreclosures; raise minimum wage; extend Medicare to all

For $700 BILLION, the government could have hired 25 million people for a year, $28K/yr

Barney Frank: "Because somebody hurt their feelings, They Punished the Country"

MSM receiving emails with a quote re: McCain's ability to bring everyone to the table to pass bill

DOW settles down -738.42. Worse down % since Jan 2001.

Black Monday (1987) Oct. 19, Dow down 22%

Black Monday (1987) Oct. 19, Dow down 22%

DUers need help refuting, did Sarbannes-Oxley cause this crisis?

McCain aide: Strategy "is to attack Biden and try to drive a wedge between him and Obama"

The McCain Meltdown Continues!

Well IMO it is definitely time for McCain to suspend his campaign again.

Well IMO it is definitely time for McCain to suspend his campaign again.

Well IMO it is definitely time for McCain to suspend his campaign again.

What the Dems in congress should do now.....

Ramesh Ponnuru says the failure of the bill is very bad news for McLame.

Is McCain ever gonna learn that his stupid stunts don't work, lying ads, lying campaign suspensions,

Sarah Palin in Remedial Class; Failing as Running mate

UDPATE! Germany reacts to today's news

DU'ers may disagree on the severity of this mess and how to deal with it . . .

More McCain LIES and SMEARS:

JoeScab says McCain was a loser, but puts blame more on Pelosi.

Forget about executive compensation; how about executive INCARCERATION?

Will trading being halted today?

Haha Joe Scarborough, just called McCain a big loser!!! He failed!!! LOL

28 Yrs Later, The "Riverboat Gamble" That Was Reaganomics Comes Home To Roost

Scarborough blaming Pelosi and lack of leadership.

McCain ignores bailout questions

What Pelosi said that pissed off the Repugs votes.

What Pelosi said that pissed off the Repugs votes.

If tomorrow were Christmas would Congress work?

What do you think it is about Congress ...

Even my ex... says Obama's 'name bothers her'. WTF? ...

What's Up With The NovaM Stream? Anyone Else Having A Problem?

Double Date Gate

Question of the Day: Will John McCain Suspend His Campaign?

So what did Pelosi say to "anger" the Republicans?

Daily Tracking Polls and the Events of Today

MSNBC is mad that Obama is gonna be the Next President!

Since The GOP Did Not Deliver, Strip All Concessions To GOP, And Repass Bill?

I hope McCain stay MIA..and only Obama's comments are on the evening news...that would be a good

The Democrats delivered the amount of votes they promised

4PM and McShame is still MIA--no statement yet on bailout or sinking market

Holy balls...

What will Obama do/say in response to this bailout failure?

Do you approve or disapprove with he way Congress is handling its job?

Why doesn't Chimpy just do another signing statement to give the money if it is so important?

Epic Failure Of Leadership, pure and simple.

Help! I can't remember where to find this parody piece about the conservative mentality...

WWSPD? What Will sarah palin Do?

I'm a little worried about Hawaii

Would Sam Rayburn have given that speech?

Leaked memo from McCain camp with reasons to cancel VP debate

Wall Street Is Now Free To Make US - AMERICAN CITIZENS - A Better Offer

Why in the hell isn't B*** held accountable for the downfall of the

By The Rule Of The Governed...

Debate Analysis: McCain Acted Like a Jerk


PPP NC POLL: Obama 47 (+1), McCain 45 (-1)

Where the hell is McCain?

Bush should step down.


To Repubs blaming Dems, a question: Would you have voted for it if it had stayed as Bush proposed?

Wasn't today's market crash directly caused by Paulson & Bush?

Wasn't today's market crash directly caused by Paulson & Bush?

So were the Democrats double crossed by the GOP?

McCain Camp follows House GOP lead, blames Dems

So the GOP wouldn't vote for the bail-out because of HURT FEELINGS?

Bushism is dead, long live Bushism

INTRADE: McWalkingCane cratering. O - 61 , M - 39.

This is an icredible opportunity for Obama, if only he seizes the populist underpinnings of all this

Pelosi is holding voting open

Key# 5 has turned on the party in power


What? I'm lost. I thought Barney said he'd never suggest the Rs didn't vote because of hurt feelin

When Bush was on tv just now and said he was meeting with the President,


McCain campaign statement on the failed vote - you won't believe it


I'm Making a BOLD Prediction: Obama is for all intents and Purposes...the Next President of the U.S.

I won't sleep tonight.

Barney Frank offers to say nice things about republicans

My bet. McCain will pop a vein working to get 13 more Republicans

- 738 (Dow).....That was a lot of selling in a short period....

Darryl Issa (R-CA): The bailout would amount to "a coffin on top of Reagan's coffin"

DU is slow. Can we get a DEFCON tweak?

Savage:"They imposed affirmative action on me & stole my very birthright simply because I was white"

Are we bailing out the banks, or the borrowing agencies. Thom Hartmans guest made sense to me

Will Thursday's debate be called off, I wonder?

Is it too late to start the impeachment? Clearly you can't vote against bailout and support bush.

Is it too late to start the impeachment? Clearly you can't vote against bailout and support bush.

Only good thing to come of this is leadership failure by McTroll

Robo Call from Michelle Obama just now

Boehner lied...that's all there is to it n/t

This should be a lesson to us all to STOP using the stock market as a measure of our economy!

McCain campaign - Most Childish, Immature, Dumb & Bankrupt Campaign EVER!

Hold on to your horses...

Who took the martial law off the table?

WHEN THE GAMBLER ROLLS SNAKE EYES.... Just yesterday, Lindsey Graham told Fox News, "Thank God John

Go Schuster!! - anyone watching?

Holtz-Eakin is a fucking idiot

"He couldn't deliver the votes of his own party" "John McCain has egg all over his face"


McCain Advisor: "Barack Obama Phoned It In" Reality: McCain Literally DID

Was Dennis Kucinich right to vote "No" on the Bailout?

We cant work thru a Jewish Hoilday to save the country?

Who's this crazy sonofabitch on CNN now with Wolfie?

Tin Foil hat time

How much do have in the stock market?

"Because Republicans got their feelings hurt the bill failed?" David Shuster

Forget the blame-game, Dems.... get together and pass the bailout

Most excellent quote on Palin: "she has the qualifications"

I'm sorry so many here don't see the need for the Government to Act on the Market.

The Free Hand has just put on a Gauntlet

Poll needs DU help,

McCain Campaign Claimed Credit for Passage of Bailout Bill . . . Right Before It Collapsed!

McBush isn't talking, so there!

Pennsylvania Poll: Obama with comfortabe 7 point lead!

Go ahead and flame me for this youtube link

Pennsylvania Poll: Obama with comfortable 7 point lead!

Who is that actress that pimps on TV for the American Petroleum Institute?

If the media is comprised of human beings...

Oh.. is this the plan? McCain goes to Washington, Rallies the Republicans and saves the nation. nt

Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 election

This just in....

The best & worst thing about the internet is that any idiot can post their opinion.

Sec. Paulson to speak in the next few minutes

GOP Killed the's the Roll Call:

We were told that the Dow would crash 3,000 points if the bailout deal failed

**** OBAMA and BILL CLINTON should hold joint rally on the economy ****

Has Anybody Seen Any Futures Numbers for the Asian Markets?

I knew that "PHI 130: Introduction to Logic" class I took in college would come in handy one day:

McCain Campaign Claimed Credit for Passage of Bailout Bill . . . Right Before It Collapsed!

OK, so what do we do with the $700 Billion that apparently was just

My visit to my southern relatives have given me a little hope.

McCain is like the worst decision maker in history next to Bush.

Fucking McCain campaign can go and screw themselves.

Mittens slams McLame Camp for sequestering Palin

Dems 141 to 94 in favor, Republicans voted 65 to 133 against.

I own a small business. I don't take loans to make payroll. But occasionally

Anything wrong with sending a check to every family in the amount

Bush signed a statement cancelling Congress' ban on "funding" for permanent bases in Iraq

Do you work in the financial sector?

Within 6 months: 15% unemployment.... 7500 DOW....

With 8 years of Bush/Republicans, the DOW is lower today than in 2001.

Bush's legacy: the biggest point drop in Dow history, exceeding 9/11 impact

Chance the bill will pass tomorrow or the next day?

Chance the bill will pass tomorrow or the next day?

If the media is comprised of human beings...

What else can I say...

Worst point drop in US History...and it ain't gonna get better...

Did anyone note that LittleMan's "comments" were TAPED?

North Carolina Poll: Obama 47, McCain 45! McCain is in trouble....

Has ANYONE spun this as good or even neutral for McLame?

DOJ report: Investigators have evidence of Rove & Miers involvment in US Attorney firings

Faux News saying that they are staying on the air all night, .."Other stations don't think this is

Can someone direct me to the Sarah Palin Photoshop thread?

"Because Republicans got their feelings hurt the bill failed?" David Shuster

Why Republicans voted against the Bill

String'em up - Alan Grayson's (Dem Congressional Candidate FL-08) on bailout

POlitico Savages McCain for Claiming vicory for Bailout early this morning.


I'm sick to my stomache today... I know nobody cares, but talk me down...

mccain: 'this bill failed because Obama & the democrats politicized it'

To those who say, "bring on the collapse!"

The Republican game plan

Who is more presidential?

Obama says 'stay calm,' McCain camp slams Democrats (CNN)

Dow is now down more than 735 points

Does The Market Decline Today Smack Of Blackmail.....

If you want a laugh, go read the comments

You know what gets me? (related to a statement from Paulson last week)

I would rather face the next great depression under a President Obama...

Now that the Bill has Failed....

As the stock market plunges, so do McC's intrade numbers. And as gold rises, so do OBAMA'S numbers!


My bet. McCain will pop a vein working to get 13 more Republicans

I need a ray of hope... anybody got one? I think the US died today....

How can McAss take credit for his leadership on this bill when it failed?

Is this another setup?

Obama-Biden statement on bailout, courtesy of Bill Burton

Democracy Arsenal: Did McCain just change his position on Iran?

This is the type of bailout I'd like to see

Oh my God. McCain flack saying Dems deliberatly sabatoged bill to make McCain look bad

Scarborough: John McCain Is One of the Biggest Losers in this Fiasco


Will McCain suspend his campaign... again

CBS: There's No More Palin Footage From Last Week....but there are more interviews to air

689= Biggest Point Drop IN HISTORY (per CNN)

I was just thinking.... Elections have consequences.

Petrify the Population Paulson is spewing now on teevee...

BREAKING NEWS *** OBAMA and BILL CLINTON hold joint rally on the economy ****

Moveon running ad against the bailout linking it to McCain, Bush, Gramm and Davis..but

The True Culprit for the Failed Bailout - Hank Paulson

Caption Mc*

Burton: McCain skipped legislative work for 'double date'

Oh SNAP! Deregulation ad by just played here, Phil Gramm/McCain/Bush all in their glory

Does Anybody Else Get Payroll Checks Direct Deposited?

Does Anybody Else Get Payroll Checks Direct Deposited?

I made my freeper BIL think last night.

Just Heard That They Are Not Letting The Jewish Members Of The House Go Home For.....

prediction: the bailout bill WILL pass later this week or early next week

The Fed will further devalue the dollar just to cover today's debacle for 48 hours

I just saw an ad for Wachovia.

Tell me if I am wrong. Osama bin Laden accomplished his goal with the

Sigh...I miss President Bartlett

Bloomberg: CBS News follow up interview is a joint interview - Palin with McCain

Politico's Mike Allen Savages McCain for taking credit for the Bailout victory

Nay IN-9 Hill, Baron

Sign the ALASKANS FOR TRUTH petition.

YOU broke it Wall Street YOU bought it

OMG Henry Paulson should be an actor. He's gonna have a

Waaaagghh!!! Nancy Pelosi hurt my feelings!!! Waaaagghh!!!

McCain Aides Complain that Palin Is 'Clueless'


Good time to Watch this Again "Money as Debt"

"Just words". Read the Nancy Pelosi speech that the GOP blamed for the bailout failing.

Chris Matthews on McCain: "He Called Charge, and the Republicans Retreated."

Thank-you Supreme Court for appointing bush president.

Union Anti-bailout rally with Jesse Jackson on Wall St. today! (PICS)

McCain takes credit for bill before it loses (Politico)

McCain takes credit for bill before it loses (Politico)

What Campaign Ads Would Look Like If the Voting Age Was 6

McCain didn't do a damned thing to help the bailout. He's just a photo-op asshole.

BREAKING NEWS*** DUer Gnister Hunts Down Bin Laden in the Swamps of Jersey****

McCain refused to talk to the Press. Ran and got on his plane

When the Dow was at -684, I was on the phone with

Cafferty and Blitzer awaiting McCain statement-verbatim

So this is going to be the McCain camp spin?

This is the kind of statement that pisses me off

Obama wins by a landslide - in Australia

911, Homeland Security, Iraq War, Katrina, Patriot Act, wiretapping,

Sorry, Joe Scabby...The wrong frame at the wrong time...

Why is McCain in Iowa?

Pelosi may have managed to make the only winning move.

I think SEC chairman should close the stock market the rest of the week... give congress a chance to

***ONLY ELECTING BARACK OBAMA give us any HOPE of getting out of this MESS, Period!

New MoveOn ad on MSNBC

How about $700 billion credited on every American's Visa bill?

VP DEBATE. meaningless now?

Get 'em David what he's doing to the rethug on MSNBC trying to blame

Which presidential candidate is hurt more by today's events?

52.5 million watch debate (they beat the Friends finale!)

Does this Republican woman on MSNBC not realize she comes off as a real bitch? nt

Do you think Biden should be as quiet as possible during the debate?

BREAKING NEWS *** OBAMA and BILL CLINTON will hold joint rally on the economy ****

We Could Have Had President Gore

The House needs a buddy system pairing D's with R's.

Hey REPUBLICANS--shut the fuck up and sit down!!! You're done.

Cranky, nasty old coot bars Maureen Dowd from his campaign plane

What a LIE.

McCain will be speaking shortly, please remember he will be in full damage control mode.

How did a supposed "partisan" speech effect anything?........

Faux News saying that they are staying on the air all night, .."Other stations don't think this is

Anyone who like laws or sausages

We Have the Bailout Money--We're Spending It on War

Obama campaign on "angry and hyper-partisan" statement released by the McCain campaign

McCain just spoke

Wellstone, Carvey, Franken, & Al Gore -- and I was there!

Make sure you're on registered and 'on the books'

The OP I hope to post in less than 72 hours

Can The Congressional Dems Ever Trust Any Deal With Republicans Now?

Senator Dodd, Live, now, CNN live video feed -- 1402 PDT

RuPaul doesn't know drama like McCain knows drama.

Tonight will you be reading faces...

Rollcall for the vote

Brutus Speaks - The Palin Reaction to the Alaskans for Truth

Voter Registration Numbers in NC-- Shocking.


E-Mails Released By TROOPERGATE Figure Prove He Was NOT Insubordinate

Krugman: Obama's stock is up

They're blaming Dems and Clinton for all this. How do you respond?

Perhaps gratitude and humility can be learned through a new Great Depression.

VIDEO: Chris Matthews Blames Bailout Crash On McCain's Failed Leadership

Where is our "beloved" President?

Bet on Palin's longevity as V.P. candidate. (I think she'll leave the race before Thursday if

Obama will go to DC

If the problem is liquidity - why does my ATM card still work? I keep

DOW-777.68...I hope that's it.

"Screw Your Courage To The Sticking Point", as Bill The Bard said.

Bush looks like he's about to burst into tears.

Bush looks like he's about to burst into tears.

Is Bush going to have a nervous breakdown now?

If this country had the guts to seize half the wealth of the top 2%---

If this bailout fails, I am going to lose my job.

Largest Single Day Point Drop In History

The 2008 Sleep Number Bed

NC-Sen: Hagan Leads Dole by 8

95 Dems opposed...134 Repubs opposed. hmm...who was in the majority of opposition?

VOTE the Bums out! Only 11 days left to register voters!

Media wants to Discuss VP debate Monday till Thursday???? What about 778 Points loss in the Dow?

Is Nancy Poopenheifer still making the pundit rounds?

Are you fucking listening to the BULLSHIT MCCAIN IS SAYING????


rofl McCain doesn't take questions of course! lol

What if Obama could swoop in and get 13 of those 94 dems to change their votes and save the day?

Mad Money Cramer: FDIC Key to Stop Banking Collapse

New Obama Ad - "Figured"

I Admit I am No Economist, But I Don't Think a Bailout is What We Want

Oh stuff it McCain

McCain Slams ‘Phoning It In’ Then Makes Some Calls

I will vote against any politician who kills the bailout....

What are the chances now of an immediate challenge to Pelosi's leadership?

You all already know that most Congressmen don't actually read their legislation, don't you?

Country First!!! Unless you hurt my feelings!

The "Palin Couric interview" SNL skit - available on NBC

Asia Times: US wealth in shrink mode

Asia Times: US wealth in shrink mode

Barack Obama to John McCain.......

McCain takes credit for bill before it loses

I want Chuck Todd's electoral college light table

Are you fucking shitting me? They got their FEELINGS HURT?

Are you fucking shitting me? They got their FEELINGS HURT?

Check in: Do you know anyone who has been laid off in the last year?

Krugman: The World According to TARP

Wouldn't this be a good time to get the hell out of Iraq?

McCain said he would let us judge his leadership on the bailout- FAIL! nt

"Earmark" and "pork" is the new excuse to vote against everything....

Investigator to probe U.S. attorney firings Report blasts Justice Department, says Gonzales

LOL! CNBC talking heads goes postal on John Culberson (R)

The trap has been set.. Dem leaders played for fools anyone listening to Michelle Bernard right now?

If Palin were the Titanic, at what stage of the disaster is she?

Met a McCain volunteer today. Here's his picture.

Are we sure we want to hand Obama this steaming pile of sh*t???

Sarah Palin and The New Yorker: 'I Can See Russia From My House'

Help me get this important info to Obama campaign

"This Republican Party needs to be burned, razed to the ground, and the furrows sown with salt..."

Sound bite culture not prepared to react to complexity.

Keith and Rachel will light their @sses up tonight and expose the bs! nt

Jim McDermott (my Congressman) explains his vote on that $700B bailout:

I had a good chat over coffee at a convenience store today.

"She's so busy that she doesn't have time for the tribes. There needs to be respect and a dialogue."

Anyone watching the debate on the House floor?

Congress doesn't reconvene until Thursday?

Ann Coulter: Why use logic when racism is so much easier?

BAIL FAIL - Obama and McCain respond...

In Sign of the Times, Global Village Gathers to Watch a Sign

CNBC and CNN polls on bailout...

Cost of bailout: 700 Billion, Estimated Losses on Wall Street Today: 1.2 Trillion......

Has A Single House Republican Admitted That They Changed Their Vote Due To Pelosi's Speech?

How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bailout

Nowhere, USA

Ok folks, this is why Tweety's in trouble in PA:

September is a bad month for Bush

Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 election

Fannie, Freddie disclose subpoenas, FBI going after Raines?

'Times' Managing Editor Admits Paper's W.M.D. Mistakes--In A Book Review?

I don't claim to know much about the bailout; here's what I do know

INTRADE: Obama 61 (+4) McCain 38.5 (-3.2)

They are not bailing out the business, the bail out is for the profit

Republican logic as heard in an Ohio grocery store today


Per CNN: Estimated cost of today's Dow loss is 1.2 Trillion dollars

DONATE FOR CHANGE - we are almost to $75,000

Hey...How about a quick vote in the House and Senate on Impeachment tonight?

E-Mail To Cafferty: "Our Revolution Must Happen In November At The Voting Booth"

The Rich Are Staging a Coup This Morning ...A Message From Michael Moore

Tin-foil helmet question: Would banks freeze everyone's credit to force a taxpayer-funded bailout?

Obama the anti-christ. The new Republican base.

At 3:24PM Eastern time, the DOW is

Will Chris Matthews EVER FUCKING SHUT UP about this WHITE VOTE Bullshit?

Thom Hartmann hit on this last week about the bailout....

Come'on McDepends, just QUIT NOW and....

GA-Sen: Chambliss Leads by 3 in New Poll

Who is most responsible for the failure of the Wall Street Bailout?

Rasmussen Polls: CO: Obama +1, PA: Obama +8, FL: Tied, OH: McCain +1, VA: Obama +3

mccain: 'Now's not the time to fix the blame', while blaming Democrats

As Bailout Flounders, Obama Slams McCain’s “Gambling”

"McCain camp claims credit over bailout changes"--3 hours later, DOW Crashes/Bailout Crash---

PPP: Obama up in North Carolina by 2

George W.Bush and the Republican Party Have Destroyed the United States of America

To all DUers who are "concerned" that this is going to burn Obama:

First McCain-Palin TV interview to air on CBS’s “Evening News” now


Does GWB think that Putin has beautiful eyes?

McCain has another "McCain Moment"

Corporate media whores not covering demonstrations/protests on Wall St.

Corporate media whores not covering demonstrations/protests on Wall St.

Notice the word "Bi-partisan" is used a lot lately since Bush is in deep doo doo?

I can't believe the house is not going to come back until Thursday with this

apply the methods of the War on Terror to Wall Street economic terrorists

Can someone explain to me the big differences in the bailout plans?

Seen on - "The Dems' mistake was not attaching the bill to some sort of war"

Evidence that Republicans & their right wing base are incapable of learning from their mistakes

DUers, do we have any ideas about how we can reach out to these victims of a hate crime?

Boehner Too "weak" To Deliver GOP, Obey Says

One Silver Lining to Today's Market Action

Main Street's Pyrrhic Victory

Report criticizes Gonzales, deputy in firings of U.S. attorneys

The Future Of The Republican Party (psst - NOT good)

Was privatizing Social Security a pre-bail out plan?

Was privatizing Social Security a pre-bail out plan?

The bailout hits close to home.

The great McCain train wreck-John McCain is acting more like a drama queen than a president...

Matthews is not letting go of that "troll" meme.

Ironworkers endorse Obama

Repeat after me: "George Hoover Walker Bush"

Where is the blog with the video of Palin & Fey on a split screen? Thanks! nt

IMPORTANT FACT: Fed Pumps Further $630 Billion Into Financial System (Update3)

McCain just claimed Bill Clinton "Had no experience either"!

Is this John McCains swan song?

Fox contributors on Bret Hume: Pelosi's remarks were ill suited but didn't have any impact

Republicans/Democrats Were Co-Sponsors Of This Economic Crisis

I saw my first ad for Prop 8--The Anti Gay Marriage initiative in California.

Politico: McCain takes credit for bill before it loses

Hey I just came across a great book to recommend...

Do you really want to support what "this president wants to cram down our throats?

LOL- just caught the end of McCain/Palin speech in Ohio

Self-Loathing on the Right

Dobbs - A Setback for Bush & The Democratic Congress....

Compare And Contrast: Obama Calls For Calm; McCain Attacks And Blames Obama

Palin Will be Attack Dog at Debate another FreeRepublic?

Even with the bailout, Main street will still crash.

Trump says it ALL GOOD NEWS

Palin MUST realize she's being "thrown to the wolves".

i really, really like amy goodman and democracy now! BUT...

I wonder how much $$$ John and Cindy McCain lost today

Lou Dobbs describes today's events as a victory for the middle class

Why are they still calling Michigan

To all of the people who opposed this because it only bailed out Wall Street.....

What's this all about?

What Would A 21st Century Depression Look Like?

The bank didn't cancel my credit cards today.

Krugman: OK, we are a banana republic

Are you better off than you were eight years ago?

I pray Obama stays safe, because this made me fear for him....

Will more banks fail tomorrow?

So ... Repub spokesmodels, it is all the Democrats' fault because .....

$802,678 from 31,000 people = donations to Planned Parenthood. Thank you, Sarah!

Chucky (cheese) Todd still calling PA a tossup state with O leading at 8 points

Tweety playing the Tina Fey clips

McCain takes credit for bill before it loses

Fed injects 630 billion dollars into financial system

Here's THE question for Palin:

Bush economy, 9/29: Dow lower than when he took office; debt 72% higher, stocks lose $1.1 trillion

Palin gets jackhammer instruction

Raise your hand if you're glad you aren't Barack Obama!

MSNBC and CNN showing Palin & McCain rally. Even with all the "breaking news" on the economy...

The Answer: New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, New Mexico, and Iowa!!! The Question?

Dave Lindorff: The Power of "No" and the Need to Keep the Pressure on Congress

Dave Lindorff: The Power of "No" and the Need to Keep the Pressure on Congress

Wachovia *DID* collapse--Paulson just now

Obama's Statement on the Failed Bailout Plan

Ed Rollins: Failure Of Bailout Will Hurt McCain

Obama camp fires back at McCain's 'angry' statement

The MSM reads our posts, or great minds think alike??

Skunked Again! Today On The Campaign Trail McSame Took Credit For The Bailout

Obama - announce a total re-regulation of stocks /banking when he's elected

Take the "Corporate Welfare Awareness Quiz" !1!1!

The reason the economy is bad is because of people who won't work.

Win Or Lose, Come November, Reid and Pelosi Have To Be Replaced

McCain won't allow Mareen Dowd on his plane now:

Why so many voted against the bailout... Hint: upcoming election

Why couldn't we do a Bernie Sanders bailout?

So ~ who is going to play Joe Biden on Saturday Nite Live next weekend?

Kos: Congress Did The Right Thing

So What was so great about the Great Depression?

So McPOW came out and blamed Obama and the

Bottom line: Bailout=six-month recession... No Bailout=five-to-ten year depression

Bank of America CC Center

"There is no plausible scenario under which the no bailout scenario gives us a Great Depression"

Wanna feel good? Looky looky

Wanna feel good? Looky looky


The thing Biden MUST say at some point during the debate....

Barack, Michelle, Joe and Jill on TV (Turn it on there is more in few minutes!)

How your House rep voted on the bailout bill 9/30

By the way, another credit union failed today: Kaiperm Federal Credit Union (Oakland)

Before one dime gets passed, need re-regulation law passed/signed 1st. No foreign banks get $1.

Another picture from red state hell

I'm jonesing for some good 'Toons! N2doc?

I think we need to ask a hard question about the "democrats" in Congress.

Anybody have a link, please, to who voted for/against the bail out?

Fark finds Bristol and Levi wedding registry!

Is McCane Blaming all this on BUSH??? Cause if he is...he is CORRECT

"Bailout rejection hurts McCain, House Democrats" LINK

REPOST: I am Ministry of the Treasury of Republic of America

Will this be Sarah's cover-the-wire debate hairdo?

Has anyone stopped to consider that the bailout was proposed out of nowhere by Bush & Paulson?

Iglesias Hopes Special Counsel Will Find Criminal Violations in Attorney Firings

Ok.... My source was right on the Supreme Court question .. Now the Cheney statement

The credit freeze: Can the govt. make short term loans directly to small businesses?

Sarah Palin ad: The Bridge

Paulson is looking after the CHINESE interests?

Obama is handling the "bailout" plan perfectly

With all the money mccain has

Leaked memo from McCain camp with debate questions list for Gweb Ifil

Mr. Obama: Please find a mic and start talking.

If you were John McCain ...

What Palin Damage-control Costs the GOP

Need some money? Creationist offers prize for fossil proof of evolution.

SurveyUSA Florida Poll: Obama 47%(+2), McCain 48%(-3)

Wow anyone hear Fareed Zakaria on with Wolf? He absolutely destroyed Palin


Does McCain need a bailout?

This is what happens when a government lies to you for 8 years.

In reintroduction, Palin to do more interviews and "tell her story"

Has McCain suspended his campaign yet?**nm

Do you think the US Economy needs a bailout bill?

Lindsey Graham on Sunday: "Thank God John came back." (updated)

This day in 2004 at Electoral

Didn't Chrysler pay the Gov. back after their bailout?

David Gregory just said its highly unlikely that the FDIC will run out of money

At a nearly 778 point drop this has to be the single largest plunge

I have an alternative bailout proposal.

I like Randi Rhodes but she is wrong.

House rescue bill failure: IMO, this is what happens when you elect "mavericks". C-SPAN

QUESTON: If meltdown were really imminent,

And the big WINNER in today's 777 point loss? P A L I N

George W. Bush latest excuse: the dog ate my economy!

Dow Jones Industrial Average is now Below where it was when W took office,

McCain supports Bush's Social Security Reform: Imagine if it had gone through!

First questions for Thursday's debate....

Official roll call for votes today on bailout bill

Does this all boil down to the Bush* Administration just can't be believed?

Roll Call: What DUers here support the/a bailout/financial stability bill?

Post turtle and Palin

READ! Pro Bailout People!

THIS is the earpiece that Sarah Palin will be using with THIS hairdo.

Rash and Risk-Loving McCain: A Big Gambling Addict, with Big Ties to the Big Casinos:

Rash and Risk-Loving McCain: A Big Gambling Addict, with Big Ties to the Big Casinos:

Fucking Frustrated by Corporate Media Coverage of our elections? Then Do Something!

Whose fault is it?

McCain camp once again engages in premature I-won-elation... you can't make this up.

White House Press Corps Fails To Ask A Single Question On U.S. Attorney Investigation»

Does anyone have a link to the House Vote on the Bailout Bill?

Hey "W" ....Harvard called, they're pissed and they want their MBA back!

The holidays are coming

Who's responsible for the economic crisis?

Sorry but, MCCAIN is as dumb as PALIN....

Wall Street as Investainment... one reason so many "mainstreeters" are pissed..

Am watching Obama live in Denver right now (6:21 CST). Could someone please explain to me this:

Check.....I Have Accomplished my Mission

What is the Democrats' next step ?

The Daily Widget – Mon 9/29 – O-339, M-199 – McCain’s Bloated Red States

10,500+, 14,000+, 10,350+

Willem Buiter: "What is likely to happen next?"

The real reason the bailout failed.

Email from a friend: "Help Me Understand"

Rethugs: If Pelosi's speech really made a difference, then you're a bunch of fucking IDIOTS

the Problem Dems Face in Michigan, Wisconsin, etc:

November 14, 1972... Dow Hits 1,000...(Palin)

Whoa! I just saw a new ad criticizing McCain, Gramm, Bush, et al., for this mess

Obama should adopt Bernie Sanders' Plan

A Pic That Will Make You Smile :)

Investment "advice" - DU, Where is the bottom in all of this?

Will Palin show for "Thursday Night Live!"? I saw that title

Republicans choose depression

Never forget this day. This is what we will be telling our grandchildren

Don't panic! I think we will get a better bailout plan by the end of this week or thereabouts.

93 Democratic Heroes!


Chuck Todd: Anybody in a tight race voted against the bill.

What would the talking heads be saying if today's Dow drop was 666 rather than 777?

Krugman: "Congress includes a quorum of crazies and nobody trusts the White House an inch."

Bill Failure in Part Due to Wanting More Tax Cuts For Businesses?

House GOP Is Throwing McCain Under The Bus... Saying it's NOT Obama's fault

Letter from a Life Long Republican

Are we going to end up with 3 national megabanks - BOfA, Chase (the dragon) and $hitibank?

What a way to finish out the shit-tastic Bush years, huh?

Bill Donohue Defends Palin Because Witchcraft is Real

Bill Donohue Defends Palin Because Witchcraft is Real

What America needs is more credit?

It was a very bad day......

Thanks and no thanks on the bailout, DU

And in other news, a startling revelation re: the US Attorneys scandal

Why is McCain getting a free pass?

Here's where we can start looking for the money

More "Embarrassing" Palin Interview Responses To Air On CBS Before VP Debate (Wednesday & Thursday)

Anyone else still receiving WaMu credit card offers in the mail?

Rate's new ad "My Friends' Mess"

So, if companies can't make payroll this week and start laying

Ohio GOP upset about today's State Supreme Court Ruling on Voting...

Photos: "Bush after making remarks on failed bailout." Background music: NIN's "Hurt."

Rep. Frank On GOP: ‘Because Somebody Hurt Their Feelings, They Decide To Punish The Country’

self delete

Neither Repubs nor Democrats deserve the credit or blame for killing the bailout. 95 Democrats voted

Democratic Leadership should resign

The list of economists opposing the bailout...

I heard something new in the anti-choice argument

Tony Soprano vs. Wall Street which is worse?

DU Poll: Are you better off now than you were 8 years ago?

Bailout Plan Redirected... (An Opinion Piece)

Santorum: Sarah Palin is the Clarence Thomas for feminists.

New Evidence: Bush Had No Plan to Catch Bin Laden after 9/11

Gingrich: ‘Final collapse of the Bush administration’

My Rep., one of them anyway, has a brain!

Where can I find a transcript of today's comments by the REAL House leader?

subprime mortgage question

Today, Poor Pres. Bush needs a CAPTION!

Poll: Do The "Nays" Have It Right on the Bailout?

the Dow fell off a cliff...bounced a few it's rollin'

Pic of pres. the day the Dow dropped to 777.68 (& needs captioning)

Is McCain about to re-suspend his campaign? And cancel the Palin debate?

Brokeback Mountain v Crash.....Lebanon v Israel.....Hillary supporters v Barack supporters.....

The 700 Billion Dollar Question : Why Did They Allow This 'Crisis' To Become A Crisis?

So should I learn a skill that will be useful in the future

Dow is down 615 pts. Near closing.

It's pretty clear that this economic system isn't working, why not

$1,200,000,000,000.00 Loss on Wall Street today.

"I don't pay any attention to politics. Politicians are all the same."

Neither Repubs nor Democrats deserve the credit or blame for killing the bailout. 95 Democrats voted

After the Bailout Failure: What Now?

After the Bailout Failure: What Now?

Bush the Unitary Executive can murder, rape and torture but can't give away 700 billion dollars?

Bush the Unitary Executive can murder, rape and torture but can't give away 700 billion dollars?

“I don’t know how anyone in their right mind can put another republican in the white house”.

An important question that needs an answer..especially today ..

Was todays vote good for America?

Will the oil bubble finally burst?

McCain blames Obama for bailout defeat - ridiculous statement from McCain camp

Name today's crash.

I can't has cheezburger.

Proof in Pictures: What G.W. Bush really cares about.

Fort Mill, SC Mayor sending email claiming Obama the Anti-Christ

Darell Issa sure went public with his divorce from

In some ways, A GREAT DAY!

Storming the Bastille?

Uhm...Why the hell is Obama getting a pass? He said this is OUR campaign, we don't want the bailout

Uhm...Why the hell is Obama getting a pass? He said this is OUR campaign, we don't want the bailout

The idea of poverty and the Idea of war and significantly different from the reality of these things

Image - If I don't photograph this, people like my mom

Survey: McCain, Palin doing less well with younger evangelicals

Here's the deal

What would the lack of a Wall Street bailout mean to me?

anybody know this US atty dennehy? assigned as special counsel for the

Barney Frank just ripped the House Republicans a new....

A solution to eliminate part of the national debt

Larisa Alexandrovna: GOP IT Consultant Subpoenaed In Case Alleging 2004 Election Tampering

I need some AFA dirt...

Isn't debt great! We must move to keep us all in debt!

Let the X'er in... let him fix this mess.

Newspaper ends 72-year streak of supporting Republicans only, backs Obama

EU's Mandelson: US Politicians 'Taken Leave Of Their Senses'

EU's Mandelson: US Politicians 'Taken Leave Of Their Senses'

"There's 2x as much $ looking for investments, but there are not 2x as many good investments."

McCain: "This is not the time to point fingers"

McCain and Palin's interview live now on CBS in the Central Time Zone

The 2008 Holiday Season

The tightness of credit is cyclical.

The Nation: Bailout Stalled. Activism Surging

Image - Zero Dollar

John McCain and the Party of Whiners

I just now walked by the McCain campaign HQ in downtown Charleston, W.Va.

I just cannot believe how stupid these politicians and alot of DUers

I just cannot believe how stupid these politicians and alot of DUers

I just cannot believe how stupid these politicians and alot of DUers

Defeating of the Bail Out is a GOOD thing. This isn't all or nothing. Do not let fear rule you.

"What could be better than to hold out your hand to people who are less fortunate than you are?"

I nominate this entire day for Great Moments In Blaming DU History!

Rush Limbaugh's Opposition To The Bailout - The Real Reason For The Failure - Not Pelosi

In the last Big Crash (1929) Daddy Warbucks survived. The little guy is the one who got hurt.

Bailout semantics.

They gonna complete the job and give America a REAL DOSE of Misery Manyana. DOW 8,000's

What do you call a "debate" where follow-up questions are NOT allowed?

The Bailout will not solve our problems!!!

Ever notice Sarah pooches up her lips like the girl who snorted AJAX in Up In Smoke?


McCain to Americans: Let them eat cake; I'm going to a four-star restaurant

The "emergency" bailout vs. unemployment.

Kucinich says the votes AREN'T THERE for passage of the bailout !

DON'T. FALL. FOR. IT. (Pelosi)

Calm down.

State polls combined - huge Obama bounce especially in state polls

the problem was brought about by a lot of very bright

Jim Kunstler (paraphrased): Financial Crisis + Peak Oil = SHTF

For those of you who care about terrorism AGAINST MUSLIMS

If you provide a link, please provide a description!

Are you a Keynesian?

John McCain personally delivers pizza on CBS Palin interview

Bailout: How They Voted

worried about the most vulnerable..

Revealed: Anarcho-socialist blogger talking points against bailout plan

How long are we supposed to have to wait for the benefits of the bailout to trickle down?

How long are we supposed to have to wait for the benefits of the bailout to trickle down?

So now what?

"The Fed's balance sheet is infinite..." says former Fed governor

POLITICS-US: Bush Had No Plan to Catch Bin Laden after 9/11

POLITICS-US: Bush Had No Plan to Catch Bin Laden after 9/11

Want to pass the plan? Sack Paulson.

It is disturbing that a few hundred wacko right-wing zealots can bombard congress...

Oops ~ $5 Trillion Cash Pool Needed to Stop the Bleeding, Ohmae Says

If you could have written Speaker Pelosi's speech ...

Guardian UK: A shattering moment in America's fall from power

Listen up...

Bailout Round II: A New Shade of Lipstick

My Gut Tells Me That If You Asked Those Americans That Were Against The Bailout Before The Vote....

How to answer a friend who actually reads the emails I send her about this (?)

How to answer a friend who actually reads the emails I send her about this (?)

Where is the roll call vote on bailout?

The Sarah Palin interview generator

Public opinion is going to undergo a sea change after the Dow falling 800 points

More ethics problems for Mooselini: accepted a free "awesome facial", fish, & zoning exemptions

he`s bitin' his lip again and it looks like he`s goin` to cry

In a way this is Bill Clinton's fault

Fundies freaked out by the US Naval Academy's hiring of a....of a....MOOOSSSSLIM !!!!

Dow on Bill Clinton's last day in office: 10,587.59

McCain Says Now Is Not Time To Assign Blame -- Only Two Hours After His Campaign Blamed Obama

How is the Average American Going to React

Question - does DU believe we'll have a legitimate election on 11/04 or

Palin will do nothing to break the glass ceiling.

List Of Economists Against The Bailout

Very Simple Fact: Once you become the punch line to a joke, people won't vote for you.

The Average Investor Is Nothing More Than a Ponzi Scheme Player

The Average Investor Is Nothing More Than a Ponzi Scheme Player

To all the Morons saying sell your stocks

BUSH "DECIDES" TO SIDESTEP Congress-$630 Billion To Be Pumped Into Economy Despite Bailout Rejection


Chuck Norris's says his #1 desire is to strangle Congressmen;endorses McCain

Chuck Norris's says his #1 desire is to strangle Congressmen;endorses McCain

McCain-Palin Banners!!!

More Evidence of Tension Between Palin and McCain

I did canvassing in rural Missouri this past weekend -- very encouraging

Shakedown Street: by the Grateful Dead

Looks like I'm going to be wiped out. Thanks

This is the pragmatists versus the ideologues

BREAKING! Sarah Palin meets with Osama Bin Laden

Who are the 93 Democrats who voted against this bill?

Bailout bill failed. I wonder what President Bush is doing at this VERY MOMENT?

Sarah Palin is going to 'debate camp' at McSame's Sedona ranch!

For the 1st time I am proud of the entire AZ Cong Delegation! ALL voted NO!

I'm tired of the accusations and implications of jealousy and envy on DU today.

Reps. LaTourette, Kucinich explain 'no' votes on bailout bill

Fed Shrugged as Subprime Crisis Spread (NYT from Dec. 2007)

That Mean, Nasty Nancy Pelosi (made Boehner cry)

What would convince you the risk of inaction is real and dangerous?

Bailout IS privatization of Social Security, just thru a back door.

Obama: " We've had 8 years without Adult Supervision

Bernie's Better Bailout

An example of how events move through the economy...

This winter, will burning money be less expensive than firewood?

McCain keeps looking at Romney during the Republican debate

$74,175!!!!!!!!!!! We are almost there!!!!

A Genuinely New Experience

We are only $900 away from DU's second goal of $75,000!

How can anyone justify paying $200,000 for a home

Just had Aunty over, she tried to enlighten me that Obama is MUSLIM!

200 former U.S. diplomats from both major political parties endorse Obama

Charlotte is falling apart, I guarantee an Obama win in NC

"Queen Victoria" celebrates Banned Books week!

GOP And McCain Have ZERO CREDIBILITY!! NO ONE Believes A SINGLE Thing They Say Anymore

Ohio Reminder: Election Starts TOMORROW does it not?

Here is the Text to Pelosi's Speech....Not quite sure what the Repukes are angry about.

Do most socialists in the USA register as Democrats or as Independents?

1st it's great it failed, 2nd Repubs are going to beat the Dems over the heads with it

700 Billion. That's almost $3000 for every man woman and child in America

Treasury Officials Admit Bill's CEO Compensation Measure and Restrictions on Paulson Were a Farce

Giuliani's law firm seeking bailout business

Just called 911 on an asshole trying to intimidate me on the road

Can we be against a shitty bailout bill without being accused of wanting good people to suffer?

Why are some here against a bail out? Here is why:

Photo- Our Candidates- Photoshop blend

I heard that Rush Limbaugh was very mad today.

"Obsession" hate DVD protest outside the Oregonian today - a few pics

Turn to CBS!!


Thank goodness, it went down

Who can give the TV-less a good synopsis of the CBS interview?

Ideology... is what got us into this hole

There is NOTHING good, great or funny about today

Tomorrow on the CBS news with Katie Couric Palin will sit on

*** Breaking: Sarah Palin Endorses Hamas ***

Much Being Hidden from Public - Treasury Conference Call

GREAT ARTICLE: Sirota: Top 5 Reasons to Vote Against Paulson's $700 Billion Bailout

Bloomberg Analyst: $700 Billion Bailout Could Balloon to $5 Trillion w/Video

Why are we so nasty?

The lack of compassion by some here is very disturbing

Revealed: Democratic blogger talking points for bailout plan

Bush Getting Set To Escape To His 100,000 Acre 'Ranch' In S. America


Smaller Banks Thrive Out of the Fray of Crisis (WAPO)

Dennis Kucinich rocks!

It's a HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY day today!

If America were the Titanic, at what stage of the disaster are we?

Hasn't the Pentagon lost track of over $1TRILLION dollars?

Why the Bailout Vote May Fail

My friends, my friends, my friends

Donate and receive your Election Day T-shirt or car magnet


Three Raids on the U.S. Economy

McCain takes credit for bill before it loses

In 1996, William F. Buckley, Jr. told me: "This world is a giant ashtray."

Thanks Suzy Ormand. When's the last time you friggin cooked a meal and ate in?

Why the "bailout" was and is necessary.

According to Farias: BREAKING Bush Just Ordered The Fed To Release $620 BILLION. End Run Around

How to make the EESA bill more helpful to Main Street: On CNBC, Rahm Emanuel pointed out

What I'm Doing with my Next 3 Weeks!

Bill Failure in Part Due to Wanting More Tax Cuts For Businesses?

Financial Folks: Did Wachovia fail, or not? Is this crap

Had an interesting encounter with a co-worker today...

The lack of manufacturing in this country will make the 2nd Great Depression worse than the first

Please... Tell me that warrant less Wire tapping is a BAD thing...

Fed to Congress: We’ll Just Print 630 billion dollars K? Thx Bye.

Did Pelosi know the votes weren't there before she spoke?

The New Palin Shoe Dropping -- She Can't Name More Than One Supreme Court Decision

FIfty percent of Americans have their 401K invested in mutual funds - the stock market.

Nev. ranks #1 in men killing women for second year in a row

Todd Palin complains about wife's separation from family...

Subprime debacle explained

I just got a PM from a DUer telling me that North Carolina is NOT in play that Obama WON'T win it!!!

Liddy Dole now trails Kay Hagan by EIGHT points!

WHY is DU happy that Repukes got their way? WHY WHY WHY?

Let's cheer for the downfall of capitalism!

Mark Crispin Miller: Spoonamore Reveals The Plan To Steal The Next Election

Having a lame duck, discredited President isn't working out so well for the R's.

Republicans Bolt, McCain Takes Credit… and Crisis Continues

Republicans Bolt, McCain Takes Credit… and Crisis Continues

Ok, I'm on board the bailout if and only if....

So I have a $270 check from a bank in the next town

Obama's keys to victory in Virginia: County by County analysis

Guardian UK: Not so much bail-out as rip-off


TYT: Why We're Carrying the Brave New PAC Ad About McCain's Health

TYT: Why We're Carrying the Brave New PAC Ad About McCain's Health

The Lord will call back Wall Street if it does not get 700 Bln. by midnight, tonight.

Should the DEMs Create a Bailout Bill

Failed Bank List

OMG, I still get teh credit card offers in mail!1 lolz

Here's the fundamental reason that I believe this bank bailout will fail:

O....M....G.... Today's Gallup National Poll...

Churches all across US brazenly backing McCain from pulpit

Churches all across US brazenly backing McCain from pulpit

Listen to Barney Frank, people:

Greenwald: Bailout follows the 10 normal principles for how our Government functions

Roll Call of the Heroes of the Revolution

How safe if your bank? Find out here...

William Greider: It's another deep shock to the system--but an invigorating moment for democracy.

Realistically speaking, if we DON'T bail them out, what truly are the consequences SPECIFICALLY

For those dissing Pelosi

Florida couple divorces after nearly 50 years to get cancer care for wife.

It is not about Wall Street, it is not about Main Street, it is about our jobs

FDIC Needs 500 Billion Cash Injection To Insure Bank Deposits "in face of impending bank runs"

FDIC Needs 500 Billion Cash Injection To Insure Bank Deposits "in face of impending bank runs"

Green idealists fail to make grade, says study

Bailout Bill: Congress Commands AUTOMATIC STAY of court-PROVEN Constitutional Violations!!!!!!

My plan to stimulate the economy....give every middle class and lower class taxpayer 500 thousand

When They Mailed the "Obsession DVDs", It Became Fascism

MSNBC's Brewer cropped Bill Clinton interview omitting remarks praising Obama

MSNBC's Brewer cropped Bill Clinton interview omitting remarks praising Obama

Saying the Dow had the biggest point loss today is akin saying Palin is Gov of the largest state

Is this financial situation really that serious?

Kitty in hard times

head on Lou Dobbs said that Dems will construct a bill that includes little guy protections

Official Verdict of History: Bush is "President Fuckup"...

Zakaria: McCain's VP decision is 'fundamentally irresponsible'

Please sign the 'Next New Deal For Main Street' and pass it around!

Please sign the 'Next New Deal For Main Street' and pass it around!

Emails to Rove show WH involvement in attorney firings.

Emails to Rove show WH involvement in attorney firings.

Andrew Sullivan: The Lies And Lies And Lies Of Sarah Palin

"It is likely a lot of people just lost their jobs." - liberal economist Mark Thoma

Let’s be honest about Palin. She’s not evil. She is just a believer.

Let’s be honest about Palin. She’s not evil. She is just a believer.

This bailout was concocted by the bush cabal

Please call and get them to pull dangerous 'dog eating chocolate' ad!

Well, add my job to the pile of wreckage. Add my whole company, in fact.

I hate rain delays...

Should I turn on the news today, or not?

Ok - some day,when all the student loans are paid off - I will get a new couch

Is it hard-wired into people to have to have a person/group they can look down on?

Could I start up a home-based business and insist

Rain Glorious Rain!

Carwash Sign Fail

Carwash Sign Fail

Instigate. Foment. Fractious. Pusillanimous. Salacious

WIRED magazines prediction of bumper stickers of the future...

Anybody here like the band "Lone Justice"?

Anybody traveled and stayed in brothels?

The taco sank into the night

The taco sank into the night


It's subtropical storm Laura

A public service announcement from Pirate looks at 50

Kitten Picture of the day for Monday September 29

The most whack-worthy Sopranos character who made it to the final episode without a scratch

EPIC Math Fail

Did the Cowboys play yesterday? How did they do?

It should be against both state and federal law to use the word

Rosacea sucks

Here's a poll that needs some attention



What's the difference between being agnostic and being indifferent?


Anybody traveled and stayed in hostels?

PSA: Feed the Birds

PSA: Feed the Birds

I applied for a new job on Friday

I'm back to say one thing and only one thing:

I've got school tomorrow, so I'm going to stay sober and hang with the Lounge pevs.

I've got school tomorrow, so I'm going to stay sober and hang with the Lounge pevs.



Goodbye DU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No COLD water in shower -- any ideas?

Bears Win, Packers Lose, Favre tosses 6 TD's

Bears Win, Packers Lose, Favre tosses 6 TD's

Am I getting too anal, or what? I put 2 Fire Sauce on each Taco, and they have to match in words.

In the Palace of Saddam Hussein and...


"Jesus called, he wants his religion back"

Are you out of your goddamned mind?

Are you out of your goddamned mind?


OMG, I woke up nekked and hurting.

I am irrelevant and I am unapologetic about it.

I am irrelevant and I am unapologetic about it.

I am irrelevant and I am unapologetic about it.


Heather Locklear mugshot (DUI)-Ladies you have my sympathies


I've been in Vancouver, BC since Thursday...did I miss anything?

I've been in Vancouver, BC since Thursday...did I miss anything?

I've been in Vancouver, BC since Thursday...did I miss anything?

goddamn iggles

I am an elephant and I am unapologetic about it.

Some thoughts on "The Amazing Race" (**spoilers**)

Miracle at St. Anna

I am irreverent and I am unapologetic about it.

The beagle has made her nest and gone to bed, which means I need to, too.

Unnecessary Knowledge

Unnecessary Knowledge

Good Night DU

So glad they stopped running those awful Bill Gates / Jerry Seinfeld ads


Your Facebook Friends are :

I found Jesus !

Jerk youtubes for the new wall street bailout...

Anyone seen Supersize Me. Was it a good film?

I've been so lonely, baby. I've been so lonely. I've been so lonely, baby... I could die.

Pianist Envy



Dallas TX dog lovers- any room in your home and heart for a rescue?

Cubs fans...

Family Guy: Laura Bush killed a guy, Laura Bush killed a guy etc

Welcome to Duloc, Such a perfect town

HAHAHA!!! So the Marlins play spoiler for the second yr in a row for the Mets!!

contrary to popular belief..... this is not my daughters wedding dress

My first ever screenshot of Ubuntu

What punishment for those commercials that are 2X loud as the show?

Latest Nature magazine front and back cover

Good night everybody !

Tonight's Lullaby - Uneasy Rider

The Congressional Democrats should now produce a purely Democratic bill from scratch

Anyone here like the band "Justice"?

My Mom Died Yesterday -Please Pray For Her And Me

Please, baseball gods, make the rain in Chicago today stop...


One thing about all the bailout discussions here on DU,



Holy balls...

I'm With Ya Nancy. That's One Tough Spot You're In, But You're Tough As Nails. Hang In There!

Ron White Is Hilarious

Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque After "Obsession" DVD Hits Ohio

Muslim Children Gassed at Dayton Mosque After "Obsession" DVD Hits Ohio


Okay, now this is bizarre question, I admit: is anyone turned on sexually by Paulson?

pay no attention to me

Suddenly this feels a lot more like Yom Kippur than Rosh Hashana

Trite. Quotidian. Pedestrian. Jejune. Vapid

Have you had to deal with borderline personalities?

Let's plan a wedding for Bristol Palin!

Please sign the ALASKANS FOR TRUTH petition

Please sign the ALASKANS FOR TRUTH petition

To those against the Bailout, are you honestly ready for a Depression?

Anti-bailout people: your reality check is in the mail

They're too big to fail..we're too small to matter.. why I oppose no strings attached bailouts:

Michael Moore: The Rich Are Staging A Coup This Morning (Swiping The Silverware On Way Out The Door)

All those complaining about being "wiped out" and the end of the world...

Feudalism was the consequence of a single Bankruptcy Reform Law passed by the Late Roman Empire

Apparently the fate of the entire world economy rests on some % of bad US home mortgages.

Most of the "loss" today was paper loss: Most people didn't put in the money they "lost" today:

Was there a time when unions and alcohol were simultaneously illegal?

Oreos are made in CHINA????? Read this.

Member of Congress warns “My message to the American people don’t let Congress seal this deal..."

Member of Congress warns “My message to the American people don’t let Congress seal this deal..."

America FIRST..

OK, I admit I haven't the slightest idea what will happen now.

BAILOUT=BANK ROBBERY: Robbers Create the CRISIS, demand Big $$ FAST, threaten dire consequences

Remembering DUer Oneighty....we lost him two years ago in September.

Dear Wall Street, here's your NEW bailout plan

Pelosi should resign.

Anyone up for a game of Monopoly?

Are you more bitter now than you were 8 years ago?

Here's a reason why I don't dismiss all Republicans

So--Now what happens?

Now for the REAL news: Britney Spears sex tape being shopped around.

Henceforth, Taverner will be known as The Poop Whisperer™

Caption this picture:

Ever feel like you've been smacked upside the head with a four by four?

Just because this song rocks...


Does DU have the hiccups???

Newshour with Jim Lehrer is coming to my Econ class!

Question: What inspired that ant pushing the rubber tree plant song?

Police stumble upon backyard pot plants

Henceforth, Sniffa will be known as The Cat Whisperer™

Fuckitall, y'all pass the Stoli

kill your mom, and use the inheritance to get implants for your flat-chested GF

Alley Cats.....Photography Urban Tails


Gimme some love loungers on this poll I posted in GD;P

I am back sooner than I thought I would be

Okay, so I found the wasp's nest and I sprayed it.

On behalf of Baltimore Orioles fans everywhere....

My HR needs a science lesson

What happened to the Must Read, etc. rec idea?

and I'm done listening to 'TALK''s The Groove for me

Samuel L. Jackson - Shaddup You Face

Why do I keep doing it?

50 US dollars for sale!!! Euro's only. Will take best offer!!!

Hot 'n sweaty in Colorado.

3 WPs in one half inning.


Let's play a round of Balderdash: how would you define the word "McCaynesian"?

Grand Slam in bottom of 6th, White Sox up 6-2

Whats the deal with cats licking?

What kind of theme/decor does your living space have?

Wow, we now have cable and power back, yes.

Hey! What happened to the ratings?

Post a title of a movie. I'll write a negative, smarmy review of it.

I'm using the YouTube to watch movie scenes of gratuitous violence. Ask me anything.

Cheers DU

Martial arts in everyday life

Anyone watch Desperate Housewives?

FTR: A Vasectomy IS a big deal

Who wants to give the Taverner household a cat???

Girlfriend was downsized today.

I'm glad I didn't see the Brewers' celebration yesterday

Hokay, I just realized we have it gud election-wise in Maine.

I hate to bring the bailout to the lounge, but...

Sarah Palin interview generator

How much do you think it costs to fill this tank?????

New ESPN ad: I just lost everything in my IRA. But that's okay.

I just checked my powerball numbers...I got four out of five and the

anyone know anything about Richmond, The American International University in London

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 9/29/2008)

For those of you who live in the Lounge

Ninja Cat!

Who has seen La Vie en Rose?

AP Fail.

Who else loves frozen strawberries?

DU, I need every hug, vibe, prayer, etc... you can spare today.

Anybody traveled and stayed in hostile places?

The New Guy

Video: "What makes you think Elmo won't CUT you?"

I hate it when the TV in the break room ends up on Faux news.

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Hail Eris!

Dad might be dying. What are my options about flying?

My entertainment has been Sarah Palin, but my birds still are my

Serious question for bisexuals: who is sexier: Putin or Laura Bush?

Favorite podcasts (I know this one has probably been done a brazillion times)?

Name a celebrity chef you'd like to come over to your house...

A Dingbat-Inspired Pic Thread!

My new house guest, enjoying a snack:

Name a Kleeb you would want in your house

Countdown of Top 10 TV Characters in a Secondary or Lesser Role

Obama-Biden @ Detroit today

Condi Meets Paxo

Obama Obama (Lil Wayne

CNN Exposes Palin's Road To Nowhere Pork Barrel Project

Sounds Like Insider Trading To Me! Rep Kaptur

Hannity And Rove Spin Palin Interview Disasters

American Dollar Has Oficially Collapsed!

RSU tribute to Newman's Cool Hand Luke


Barack Obama on the Economy, McCain

Dick Morris: Obama won

Ex Beauty Queen's Got a Gun

Steve Schmidt Repeats Obama Tax Increase Lie

Kerry on McCain: Interrupting the negotiations to save his campaign

New DNC Ad: Betting on McCain

New Obama Ad Hammers McCain Adviser's Golden Parachute

McCain Ahmadinejad

Joe Biden in Detroit

Newt Gingrich: Palin A GAMBLE, Not Ready For Interviews but Ready To Lead U.S.

Bill Moyers Interviews Andrew J Bacevich 2008 09 28 Part 1

Warning, Semi-Graphic! Cops Taser Naked Man to Death---The Young Turks

McCain says Horsesh*t during the debate?!

He was 'for' phoning it in before he was against it...

Stockmarket Plunges as Republicans Hold Up Bailout Bill & Blame Pelosi

Stephen Colbert Interviews NOW about Sarah Palin

Phonebanking 101

Check Out McCain's 13 Cars---The Young Turks

Come to Ohio Your Voice is Our Future

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Debate Scorecard

Palin supports Obama's anti-terrorist plan (the Philly Cheese Steak comment)

Dems Blame McCain for Bailout Deal Breakdown

McCain Aide: Couric asked Palin 'Trapdoor Questions'

Where's Dole? (Road to Victory)

Chris Matthews blames McCain for bailout bill failing

FauxNews Bozos Panic About McLame's Sagging Poll Numbers

Repeating The Lie - John McCain

Republicans Blame Speaker Pelosi for Bailout Bill Failure

TYT: Cenk's Take On Excellent Obama Attack Ad Against McCain

Chris Rock on Obama, McCain, Palin (From His HBO Special)

Early Vote in North Carolina

Continuing A War To Win An Election

Exclusive Video Footage From Sarah Palin’s Debate Camp

Barney Frank on Bailout Bill Failure: Republicans put Feelings Over Country

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) Floor Speech Before Bailout Vote

Blueprint for Change: Foreign Policy

January 22, 2001, Bush's First Day-Biggest point drop in the history of Wall Street so far…

W. (2008) third trailer

UNCOVERED - GREAT new ad for Jim Slattery (running against Pat Roberts)

McCain's Response To Bailout Bill Failure

Barack Obama: We Can't Afford to Gamble

McCain Adviser Blames "Obama's Party" For Bailout Vote - David Shuster isn't buying it.

AG Pursues Possible Criminal Charges in USA Firings

McCain camp goes after VP debate Moderator

Dow Closes Lower Than on Bush's Inaugration.

Frank: I Would Not Have Imputed Such Pettiness to the GOP

Obama: McCain's Economic Crisis Response 'Katrina-Like...Just Sorta Stood There'

Crazy Old Man McLame, In Joint interview, says Sarah "Has No Experience" (CBS)

In Honor of Wall Street Today & The Enablers ~~~ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER

Virgil Goode Gives Opponent Beard and Dark Skin

Barack Obama: "Stay Calm" Solutions on the Economy

John and Sarah No Fred and Ginger (CBS)

John McCain & Sarah Palin Joint Interview With Katie Couric

Paulson Responds To Bailout Bill Failure

Bush Bail Out - Family Outing

Obama - GOP has a failed philosophy

Exclusive: Fox 'News' Spikes Story on Conservatives 'Questioning Palin Heft'

MI6 seeks recruits on Facebook

Officials say 15 dead or hurt in Lebanon explosion

McCain on Bailout Bill Failure "wreckless and corrupt mismanagement ... in Washington"

Ed Henry on John McCain's leadership and influence

Investors give $700B rescue plan ho-hum reception

Jack Cafferty Loves Sarah Palin, Part II

MI6 seeks recruits on Facebook

Springsteen to Play Super Bowl Halftime Show (Celebration of Obama Victory?)

McCain, Obama may skip bailout vote

Indiana Father Kills Sex Offender Who Broke Into Home

Al Franken helps students take apart Brit Hume's lies about the war

New Obama Ad - "Figured"

Clinton hesitant to call Obama a 'great man'

Christians protest Iraq election law

Fed moves to thaw money markets

Bavarian Conservatives Lose State Majority in Damaging Defeat

'Unnecessary' dam project threatens rarest wildlife (Cambodia)

Consumer spending slows as stimulus fades

The Hockey Mom movie Matt Damon talked about

Natalie Fey Palin (hilarious)

McConnell, Lunsford race a dead heat

Report: (Senator) Bond opposition led to (Former U.S. Attorney Todd) Graves' departure

Troops rescue kidnapped Egypt tour group

Sen. Stevens: Gov't withheld key evidence in trial

House Rejects Bailout Package, 228-205, But New Vote Is Planned; Stocks Plunge

Power still out for hundreds of thousands in Ohio (Hurricane Ike)

McCain camp claims credit over bailout changes

Gallup Daily: Obama Maintains 8-Point Lead

Grading the First Presidential Debate

Crisis of Confidence Hits Regional Bank Shares

Crisis of confidence hits regional bank shares

DOW drops more than 600 points as Bailout Bill on verge of not passing House

Troy Davis case decision expected by Oct. 6

Dow Jones Closes Down Nearly 800 Points As Market Reels

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 29

RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) will get 'billions' in US bail-out of economy

Obama Says Congress Will Produce Bailout Bill (Says Pelosi, Paulson Others Figuring Out Next Step)

McCain's camp blames Obama on bailout failure

Kaiperm Federal Credit Union Liquidated; Members Now Served by Alliant Credit Union

New Evidence: Bush Had No Plan to Catch Bin Laden after 9/11

In reintroduction, Palin to do more interviews and "tell her story"

Bush confident bailout bill will help economy

Oil Prices Plunge 10 Percent After House Defeats Bailout

Dow Down More Than 200 Points

Prosecutor appointed to probe attorney firings

Hugo Chavez wants Venezuela to build nuclear programme

US soldier killed by small-arms fire in Baghdad

Wall Street Lobbyists Scramble To Put Rescue Back On Track

TYT: Did Sarah Palin Have An Affair?

Obama increases lead over McCain slightly since debate(LAT/Bloomberg)

New labels to say where in the world your food comes from

Paulson to Work Quickly With Congress to Revive Plan

Citigroup buys Wachovia

Trouble on Hubble telescope delays space shuttle launch: NASA

Obama: McCain's deregulation too risky for economy

Private rocket achieves orbit on fourth try

McCain faults Obama, allies for partisanship

Crumbling Financial Giants Gave Generously To Dodd (D-Conn.)

Sun Country to cut paychecks in half

Another CEO attacked in Noida (India)

Fareed Zakaria: Sarah Palin "Utterly Unqualified" for VP

Obama says 'stay calm,' McCain camp slams Democrats

Kucinich on Why Bailout is Being Rushed & Why It Shouldn't Be

After Tuesday, The (New York) Sun could set

Election 2008: Florida Presidential Election (Obama/McCain tied!)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday September 29 *THREAD #2**

Mayor 'just curious' if Obama is antichrist

Republicans Blame Nancy Pelosi's Speech for Voting Against Bailout

Bailout plan rejected

Pakistanis Flee Into Afghanistan

Treasury Would Emerge With Vast New Power

Cadbury Recalls Chinese-Made Chocolates

Central Banks Try to Keep Crisis From Spreading

Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 election

State, federal courts uphold early voting in Ohio (a defeat for Republican challenges)

Voters in Ecuador Approve Constitution

Chavez accepts Russia nuclear aid

Rescue Includes Steps to Help Borrowers Keep Homes

Report: No grand jury for Gonzales(Mukasey: No Investigation into Attn'y Firings of 9 USAG's)

Game Plan for Palin Is Retooled Ahead of Debate

Former CIA executive pleads guilty to defrauding government(Foggo)

Fed Pumps Further $630 Billion Into Financial System

Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep

Gas: It's America's Crack

FauxNews admits that everyone hates Sarah Palin. --- A nationfull of ELITISTS!

It was Bush's Fault

America has a terrible headache, but it seems like no one wants to cure it

Victimized by Health Insurance Coverage Gaps - Deductibles and Copays Send Many into Debt

Save Shea Stadium! But Blow up the Mets!


McCain, Obama may skip bailout vote

Kissinger Clarifies His Position: PALIN Should NEVER Meet With Foreign Leaders

Big Three to Get Check From Government

Rescue May Not Revive Economy (WSJ)

H.R. 3997 = Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 ( Bailout Bill )

The Other Bailout:The Pentagon Bailout Fraud

Guardian UK: I've watched the economy for 30 years. Now I'm truly scared.

Buy the Mortgages instead of the Mortgage Securities

Death of The Wall Street Jerkface-One Side Of The Wall Street Meltdown

Votes are being stolen, now, by hundreds of thousands

GA hospital health data breach due to outsourcing error

Kucinich Opposes Bailout

Pennsylvania leads the nation in teen lifers!

McCain's REAL Gambling Problem: Rolls a 'Snake Eyes'

Bush's Economic 9/11 and the Rise of Big Brother Banking

Stevens Says DOJ Withheld Evidence, Seeks Dismissal Of Charges Or Mistrial

Perhaps Palin can borrow Bush's hidden earphone and receiver

Cenk Uygur: Why We're Carrying the Brave New PAC Ad About McCain's Health

WORLD NEWS TRUST: The Ponzi-Plus Plan (James Kunstler)

GOP House Members Seek New Provision: A Bailout ON John McCain

Chalmers Johnson: The American Empire's $650 Billion Bailout Already Passed Congress

Guardian UK: A shattering moment in America's fall from power

Chris Hedges: Fueling the Fire of Real Change

How Wall Street Can Bail Itself Out Without Destroying The Dollar

Russia, China See End To American Hegemony

Two Portraits of a Bioterror Suspect (Bruce Ivins)

Roubini: Purchasing $700 billion of Toxic Assets is a Disgrace and Rip-Off

A bailout idea. What do you think?

The Nation: The Iraq War as a Financial Sinkhole

Fed Pumps Further $630 Billion Into Financial System (Update2)

HOUSE VOTE: The Uprising Comes to Wall Street and Washington

Obama endorsement questions Palin pick


Cell Phone Only Households by State

We need a fair market not a free market

You know Buffett warned about the unregulated derivatives market in 2003.

Roubini: US & global financial crisis becoming much more severe.. risk of total systemic meltdown

Obama wins by a landslide - in Australia

Senator McCain: One More Such 'Victory' and We're Ruined

The Great Palin Panic Of 2008

Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer

Russian Plans to Invade Alaskan Air Space Thwarted by Governor Palin

Guardian: Ahmadinejad accepts Israel's right to exist

Dealing With the Financial Crisis: An Immodest Proposal

Paul Krugman:The 3 A.M. Call

Kirtland's warbler Mich. census sets new record

A Piss Snow Cone

Top 5 Reasons to Vote Against Wall Street's $700 Billion Bailout

TYT RANT: INCREDIBLE! Proof That Bush/McCain Do Not Put 'Country First'

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 353

Thurston Howell the 3rd is now Tony Soprano

Wall Street bailout won’t help Main Street (Peter DeFazio)

McCain is more like a drama queen than a president & his erratic behaviour is turning off voters

Credit cards to 'implode:' analyst

The Cab Ride ill Never Forget

Trial on plot to kill Dix soldiers opens today

IED casualties in Iraq drop sharply

Re-enlistments outpacing fiscal year mission

Army solicits industry for M4 replacement

Chief accused of forging documents, lying

Hybrid sailors drive LCS anti-sub module

Honor or insult for a fallen Marine?

Call it ‘Camp Luh-jern’

Ground rules for air ops

Final decisions this week on fixes to nuke missions

BEAST almost ready for longer basic training

Buying into the patch

Italy fuel coupons get their annual makeover

Sex assault task force in Heidelberg

Sigonella sailor sentenced for sex-related charges

Training soldiers for battle not only priority

Uncertainty follows Shiites’ return home

Iraq Ending Minority Lawmaker Quotas

Soldier Mom Backs Obama Over Bracelet

Brits Opening Combat Units to Women

Minot airmen, B-52s set to leave for Guam

Destroyer monitoring hijacked ship off Somalia

Help request. Congressional Candidate going for VFW PAC endoresment

My Little Gay Diatribe

A good friend of mine from college became a Weselyan Christian

I get to spend an evening with Lily Tomlin !!

Fundamentalists blame Wall Street's woes on gays

Scientists demand climate action from Australia PM

Mark Lynas: the green heretic persecuted for his nuclear conversion

Tories plan £20bn 180mph rail link instead of Heathrow third runway

EEA/WHO - European Warming Rate Faster Than Global Average - Med Will Dry, North Wetter Than Ever

FT - Houston Govt. Doesn't Expect Garbage Fleet To Finish First Debris Sweep Of City For Six Months

WSJ - Gustav, Ike May Have Destroyed 5%+ Of Total US Rice Crop

Wind power plans may be blown off course

China Will Alter And Extend Restrictions For Beijing Passenger Cars, Govt. Fleet Vehicles

NASA - Rate Of Arctic Sea Ice Loss During August 2008 Fastest Ever Recorded - AFP

Big Oil wins this round; offshore ban is gone

Ilulissat Retreat Rate Hits 9.3 Miles In Past Five Years - Melt Rate Doubled Since 2005

New Study - Effects Of Rising Sea Levels May Hit Pacific Island Nations Sooner Rather Than Later

Italian Police Seize 1.7 Million Counterfeit Shoes Rich In Hexavalent Chromium Toxins - AFP

Funny. A 2007 start-up car company might beat GM's Volt to the market

Dems fail to extend oil shale moratorium

edible grape?

Gaza militants fire Qassam at Israel, in fresh truce violation

Olmert Says Israel Should Pull Out of West Bank

When do we find out what the Asian markets are doing?

Can Taxpayers Actually Expect a Profit on the Bailout?

Making a Deal with the Devil

What part did the bond rating agencies play in this mess?

Has anyone in this forum reviewed what transpired

OK. The economic 'crisis' will be solve by the bailout just like the terror crisis was

How the Economy Really Works

"Paulson and Bernanke are men of integrity and honor" says Barney, right now on Cspan.

The Big Swindle: Another piece of evidence bank "failures" aren't what they appear


Hedge funds grudgingly to reveal U.S. short positions

A comparison of Wachovia and Citigroup

TARP Is Thrown Over Roofless Banks by Elaine Meinel Supkis

LOL. I just found a new financial blog.

John McCain is bailing himself out. Repost.. How McCain's Money Works

Where's the Carlyle Group in this financial fuss? Check this out.

Global Problems Require Local Solutions by Elaine Meinel Supkis

U.S. tycoon buys stake in China's BYD (Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway)

Behind Insurer’s Crisis, Blind Eye to a Web of Risk

Reagan turned wall street into greedy gambler rather than investors

Riddle me this -- why is AEI on my NPR show....

In Financial Food Chains, Little Guys Can’t Win

Elaine Meinel Supkis debates Japan..

Congress to Homeowners: Drop Dead

Black Monday?

Centuries ago, the Catholic Church saw a "slight" to their Pope, and refused to recognize that the


Throwing money at the problem!!

Please stop blog posting

Nouriel Roubini: Bailout benefits only banks and their unsecured creditors

Boehner says "passage in doubt"

Photo from in front of the NYSE today

e-mail from Michael Moore -- there's no true crisis!

Everyone better leave their jobs immediately and get to the grocery stores! There won't be

To those many DUers who support this bailout - do you HONESTLY think that

Today in labor history Sept 29, 3 members of the United Mine Workers of America were shot to death

Goldstein's comrade special edition

Colombia: Political prisoner speaks out (Green Left)


Another Indigenous Leader Assassinated in Colombia

ALLARD: VIVANCO, HRW Gangster and Leading Imperial Intelligence Agent

Colombia to import 42,000 tons of sugar

Who to blame

"This is shameful," she called out in a shrieking voice and no one thought to differ with her.

Go Brooors!


That's a shame about the Cowboys.

Requiem for the Mets.....

Favre throws 6 TDs

The Stars This Week: "Connect!" - September 29 - October 5, 2008

Financial astrology-wk of Sept 29 + Monday New Moon Libra

"Our New and Powerful Connections" - Karen Bishop - September 29, 2008

After the fear in GD and GDP today, it is so refreshing to come here and see love and light

Major Score off Craigslist today.

Pluto in Capricorn: As it relates to the election and financial crisis

Does ERIS explain part of the chaos?

Strange happenings the last couple of days

2000-2007 NJ: +500% increase in medicaid spending on anti-psychotics for kids < 18

Most Failed Clinical Trials are Never Published

Surgery for relief of acute sciatica: has anyone here had this done?

Doctor slang is a dying art

Too much going on in the main forums.

Splish Splash I Was ...

Two from the Blue Ridge Parkway again

Tom's Creek Falls


Gun trumps restraining order.

Goat Cheeseburgers ... Something Like Chevre

Goodbye Jules Verne......first re-entry photos

Snowing on Mars

SpaceX launch video

Suppose "Jerusalem" and "Mecca" were like "Istanbul" and "Constantinople": two names for one city.

Do you accept / believe in Determinism?

Sincere question: To those who believe in the after life would you take offense at this

Hubble telescope fails, NASA to delay shuttle

Atheist/Skeptic in Prime Time show; The Mentalist

The Grandest Conspiracy of All ~Meet The Real Terrorists~

Sarah Palin Protest Friday Oct 3rd Dallas

Dallas TX dog lovers- any room in your home and heart for a rescue?

WRT54G Linksys Wireless-G Router - Help?

Not about a computer, but about cell phone usage.

Tainted milk and the politics of pet food

Latest NANOS - race tightening

Sen. Kerry on the O'Reilly Factor 9/29/08

Any 6th district polls?

Norm Coleman endorsed by coal-plant lobbyist

One Man Revolution: An Interview with Tom Morello

Eagle Eye

NPR Snags Free Bob Dylan Exclusive

MN Reps Voting on Bailout Bill

Tories plan £20bn 180mph rail link instead of Heathrow third runway

Life size Obama cut-out stolen from headquarters

ladies and gentlemen, we've hit 90% for Obama!