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One simple point: The Fed Does NOT Distribute Treasury Dollars

john mccain sweeps in: drafts, writes, and signs the declaration of independence

Here ya go, pops. I'll help you cross the street

Paul Krugman agrees with me and whrab!!!

McBush, Palin want a do-over

I know we have a lot of new DUers But please check for duplicates!

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/29/08 - Obama 50, McCain 45 (McCain up 1)

Q: Guess what's currently riding high at 62.1% at

Palin Claims “Gotcha” Journalism Is Tripping Her Up in interview with Couric flanked by McCain

Question for anyone who ever has been polled

Video: McCain, Palin and Couric - CBS News 09-29-08

There's this white guy and he doesn't trust Obama... bills itself as "nonprofit, nonpartisan"; attacks Obama and Dems, no mention of Rs.

Analysis: McCain’s Bailout Gamble Looks Like a Bad Roll (CQ)

"If McCain tries to correct his performance, he enters into Al Gore territory-too hot, too cold...

WTF, Bush to address the nation on national television at 0730 AM EST?????

I can not believe how many really smart people are here....

Will the ensuing recession end America's global economic dominance permanently?

An array of forces lined up against bailout - AP story

Has gone offline for the night? Have the servers melted down?

*I* can name more than one Supreme Court Case...

Krugman: Paulson's decision to let Lehman fail may have delivered WH to Obama

The 3 A.M. Call


Anyone seen this email today? If so, how did you respond?

Delete, posted in wrong forum

Some good news -- Credit Spreads Narrowing

Why the heck is Chuck Todd putting PA and MI as tossups latest polls are moving towards Obama

D'oh! What did Krugman say on Olbermann?

D'oh! What did Krugman say on Olbermann?

Obama makes KO worst person in the world. Forgets how many years married. Michele

Gimme your bumper sticker suggestions.

Did anyone else think Boehner gave a sincere speech today ?

I admit to being ignorant. I have no fucking clue if the bailout bill failing to pass is good or bad

The new electoral map Obama 259 McCain 163 116 tossup

I can see this on SNL this Saturday: "Is that a pizza place?" as Palin nods in agreement and mouths

Receive an Obama-Biden yard sign

Robert Reich predicts enactment of a scaled-down bill by the end of the week.

"My Vice President" by George Gurley. (New York Observer, Sept. 22 print edition)

All Biden has to do is this in the VP debate...

North Carolina PPP (D) McCain 45, Obama 47 Obama +2

The New Home Owners Loan Corporation, or we could just fuck around some more.

Just Noticed The Network Programs That Precede Palins VP Debate.....

PPP - Obama closes the lead in Florida, or takes the lead

Obama Camp releases photo of where he is sleeping tonight!!!!

when are early votes counted?

Do you believe that Bush's trickle down, tax cuts for the wealthy, economic policy works?

A new vote for a bailout will not have the punch of todays bill. The effect will not be same

Rachel goes there. She's talking about how the Rethugs are freaking out about Palin.

Senator Obama goes to Africa - LinkTV

Today's Polls: Meltdown, by Nate Silver


NYTimes: Concerns About Palin’s Readiness as a Big Test Nears

Now Is Not The Time For Blame, But I Blame Obama!

I hope, out of this...

Obama makes 'worst person in the world' tonight

What's Worse Than a Flawed Bailout? - NYT editorial

"The Obama Economy Rescue Act of '08"

Nate Silver now projects our chances of winning this as 83%

My home equity line just got I alone on this or is this the next wave?

A host of a BET show helps register 100 000 voters.

sooo...WHO and WHAT do i need to be worrying about?

Fed pumps $630 million in the financial system

The Bailout Made Simple (And A Better Idea)

Is the bar for Carribou Barbie so low, that just by showing up this Thursday

Is the bar for Carribou Barbie so low, that just by showing up this Thursday

"Give me the names of those 12 people and I'll go talk uncharacteristically nice to them" - Frank !

Seriously asking: Does anybody think Palin will do better than expected Thursday?

McCain-Palin, embarrassingly pathetic

Who's the female in the light yellow dress with Anderson Cooper right now?

Asia Stocks Fall in Worst Rout for 21 Years as Bailout Rejected

Now that the bailout is dead, let's look at how Chile dealt with their financial collapse in 1982

Suze Orman on CNN: We're fucked!!!

Real Clear Politics has McCain behind 249-163 Electoral College

McCain DID "phone it in" all through the weekend leading up to the failed Bailout vote

A PIctorial history of Captain Queeg McCain 's nervous ring twisting episodes.

Gergen going off on AC360

More Scarborough schizophrenia: Hey, Joe - Make up your mind!

LOL, Barr wins the day on Politico

Who could even write this stuff?--So McCain picks Palin

John McCain owns

What will most pundits say after Thursday's debate?

Right Wing nut Laura Tyson on Maddow show saying the crisis is real

Damn you PIZZA restaurant GOTCHA voters!

WTF? Keith says Obama makes his "worsts" list

Let's play a game.......Maverick or Moran?

I am most worried about the two weeks before the election

Let Sarah Be Sarah...

Friggin' internets - look at this moranic ad!

"We Have the Bailout Money---We're Just Spending it on WAR"

So I hear there are unaired Katie Couric/Palin clips (from the first interview) that were to be

Bailout Bill...does anyone know where to find a copy of the latest?

Voter registration today for my friend

VIDEO My last effort for today - Barack Obama: This Land Is Your Land

Did our desire (or lack of it) to have the "bailout" pass today

The Grain Of Truth (plus Bailout poll)

Palin comment - Biden said Univ. of Delaware would beat Ohio State!

VIDEO Forget the's a new Babies for Barack Video

Cool as the other side of the pillow (56K Don't try it!!!)

I wonder how much "WEALTH" the US lost since 2006 in housing and stock markets

Upside to this bailout -- turning conservatives to Obama -- Thanks Dad!!!

Has Sarah Palin felt the brunt of McCain's rage, yet?

Fared Zakari just said - it's not the she doesn't know the right answer - it's

March 27, 2008 - Obama's Six Principles of Financial Regulation - Nice Foresight!

Sen. Obama we need you now !

KO: "Counted his McChickens before they were McHatched"

Intrade Quotes...Obama up 62% - 37%!

Here's a little something for low information voters (I just want to help).

LOL, Barack's never gonna live that one down...

Oh My God, There Is Hope !

McCain is spending the day in Iowa

The Hispanics and the Blacks Broke the Economies of the Entire Worlds!!111!!

Can you imagine where we'd all be now if the repukes were still in control of congress?!

How do you enforce CEO salary limitations on corporations?

Wow....was McLame about 10 times more animated today?

Do you support this 700 billion dollar emergency measure for Wall Street, banks, and the economy?

when is the last time Obama or Biden has been down there. This could be a distraction for McTroll

Supreme Court Decisions, Magic??? I'll bet you......

Letterman: "John McCain loves bailouts - he bailed out on me"

Possibly Could Have Been Posted... But Does Anyone Else Feel There Might NOT

I just wanted to point out that nobody in the MSM played clips of SNL mocking OBAMA last night.

Maxine Waters is on Ron Reagan's show on AAR

Ok Johnathan Martin, what the fuck?

Ok Johnathan Martin, what the fuck?

KO calls Failin' "Talking Caribou Barbie" !!!

Gerald Posner: Perot told him that Cindy once had to bail McCain out of a big gambling debt.

If Obama can't remember how long he's been married, how can we trust him

John Kerry is NOT letting Bill-o the Clown talk over him!

Guess what Biden will be doing the day after the debate?

Guess what Biden will be doing the day after the debate?

Guess what Biden will be doing the day after the debate?

Dannehy appointed Justice Dept USA Probe Prosecutor

OMG!!!! John McCain and Palin are DUMB (VIDEO)

Sarah Palin can't go 2 sentences without lying.

New Polls 09.29.08: NC, PA, OH, FL, CO, VA, National


If Obama shows leadership and comes to DC and gets a bailout deal done... he'll get 53%+ in the GE

McCain Said to Conceal Facts About POWs Left in Vietnam

Too funny! On John Elliott's show tonight, he had Shannon Moore

You may ask yourself, "My God, what have I done?" crashing: Looks like we're waking up and doing our homework.

House vote against bailout wounds McCain

Biden chokes up in recalling Steelers’ kindness

Does anyone have video of Fareed Zakaria's evisceration of Palin?

Am I hearing things?

Palin "Dinosaurs And People Coexisted"

Palin-"Thoroughly & Irretrievably Proven That She Is NOT Ready" (David Frum-Bush Speechwriter)

No War Criminal for President

My feeling is that McCain's GOP colleagues in the House and Senate have despised him for years...

So what is going on with the Republicans these days? Do we smell mutiny?

When Putin rears his head and comes into the airspace of Alaska who's most qualified to lead?

Historical Question? How many candidates ran and lost the primaries, and then

Woolsey and several Bay Area Democrats reject financial rescue plan, call for changes

I love the McCain campaign. Great new web advertisement ...

Final Vote Results for Roll Call on HR 3997

Ack!! Someone stole my "McCain/Palin Bridge to Nowhere" magnet off my car

I found a photo of one of the 6 colleges Sarah Palin attended

WP, E.J. Dionne: McCain's Lost Chance; Obama Holds His Own on Foreign Policy

Remember Pelosi said this bill would not provide any assistance for the little people like us?

North Texas pastors defend support of McCain from pulpit

Special Prosecutor Named in Attorney Firings Case

Special Prosecutor Named in Attorney Firings Case

PHOTO: My legacy! My legacy!!!!1

Missing CBS Couric Clips Show Palin Could Only Name 1 Supreme Court Case (Guess Which One?)

Palin endorsed Hamas:

Road to 270: Utah

Slightly good news on the DOW Futures

Concerns About Palin’s Readiness as a Big Test Nears

To everybody who wants to put the word crisis in quotes like this thing isn't real...

My solution for the crisis (as suggested by an earlier post)

can someone please post the vote for me

Poll: Biden over Palin in PA

Let's play: I'm a genius economist and you're an idiot! I'll start this thread and you post in it

Break it down for us: What is Obama's solution to this Wall Street problem.

Pic of Palin being honest with her daughter (JOKE PHOTO)

Sarah Silverman and the Great Schlep - video is hilarious, check it and send on!!

ROVE E-mails Show WH Was Aware & Involved In U.S. Attorney Firing

I think allot of us independent's my go to the green party to waste our vote's

An email from my brother, the out of work trucker

Methinks McCain not handling pressure of presidential politics very well

'No' Votes Came From All Directions - Wall Street Journal

Serious question: When will the Federal Reserve reach its limits ?

Serious question: When will the Federal Reserve reach its limits ?

Nancy Pelosi, like any Congressperson, has two basic rights.

This was her long ago.

Bill Maher is going to be on The View tomorrow.

Dow Futures are UP 161 tomorrow

Michelle Obama First Lady Bust by Daniel Edwards

Missing from the first debate: honesty about OIL & foreign policy

This top-down bailout effort is a departure from Democratic philosophy

Obama goes after Fiorina in new ad -

Did McCain go on tv this morning taking credit for this bill?

RW's hate-radio (Hugh Hewitt) is blaming it all on Pelosi. Is it all Pelosi's fault?

RW's hate-radio (Hugh Hewitt) is blaming it all on Pelosi. Is it all Pelosi's fault?

Anatomy of the Bailout Breakdown - Time

Chimpy to address the nation live at 7:45am EDT Tuesday

'My Pet Goat' Moments... with W & McSame

What happens on Rosh Hashannah

I'm watching John Adams on DVD, and thinking, MAN...

Obama in the rain -- with text added -- makes a great poster

UK Guardian: The great McCain train wreck

The financial mess and Obama's ability to raise money

OBAMA! Stay away from this DC credit mess!!

So many more folks have seen Tina Fey do Palin than they've seen Palin herself

New Yorker Cover - Palin's Foreign Policy Experience

If Repubs voted down bailout, can we now blame them for the crisis?

Biggest gains for Obama in last 5 days (Pollster):

Everyday we need to treat this election like we're 1 point behind McCain

USA Today/Gallup poll?

Wouldn't it be the ultimate pisser if..

Republicans in Congress see election odds worsening

Now is the time to move a Partisan BIll

9/28 ELECTION MODEL (TIA): Obama@ 340EV; state/nat’l polls, projections, win probs & fraud scenarios

Brokaw did shuttle diplomacy with McCain camp over KO and MSNBC

"what are you going to do about Pakisan? You'd better have an anwer about Pakistan"

U.S. Troops have donated SIX TIMES more to Obama than McCain

U.S. Troops have donated SIX TIMES more to Obama than McCain

So are we supposed to be for the bailout now?

Pastors Openly Defy IRS Law With McCain Endorsements

Dems should remind America that the GOP wanted to "privatize" Social Security

Dems should remind America that the GOP wanted to "privatize" Social Security

Just an interesting coincidence I noted.

"They say they are there for the speed, but a lot of them are there for the crash."

Why were people upset about the attack on the World Trade Center? It was full of Wall Street firms.

what if, the bailout loaned money to the banks

Did Nancy Pelosi Punk the Republicans?

Did you all noticed how Chris Matthews changed from when he was

"it's not my style to simply phone it in"- McCain, attacking Obama yesterday

Former Paul supporter explains why he's now backing Obama

Ed Rollins Is A Republican Strategist????

Have you ever thought how things would be if Romney was the GOP candidate, not McCain?

what if her son is "wounded" in Iraq? They WOULD stoop this low.

LOL, McCain put out ads saying the had won the debate before it took place and now he

Are there any DU polls that show DU folks reasoning on where they stand..

Laura Flanders just made a good point: "Typically in times of concern a president's job is to......

The press needs to find and interview any Republican who voted against because of hurt feelings. . .

I always thought McCain was at least better than Bush

This is the latest forward

Obama's in Reno today, and I will be seeing him speak for the first time.

Krugman on Larry King NOW. nt

The AP's brutal to McCain this morning!

Oh, you stupid people who don't believe the bill in Congress will do what they claim

Obama now with 10 point lead---51 to 41 per DKos R2000 poll

Real Clear Numbers

Is there anything better than volunteering for this campaign?

The economist on Rachel's show just now was quite persuasive.

Well, the apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree.

Obama team believes he is on his way to a LANDSLIDE!!!! win

This crisis is not the fault of the people you loaned money to....

Just in case any DUer's are staying up all night and want to

Just in case any DUer's are staying up all night and want to

Wesley Clark was in Lakeland, Florida this evening!

They have made a horrendous mess and it has to be cleaned up.

About all the DEBATE over the bailout, something everyone should know.

Obama Proposes Raising FDIC Limit to $250,000

Did anyone else watch Rep. Marge Kaptur tell Chris Cuomo to calm down?

New Name for McCain: The Stuntster

World Markets down a ton.. i guess if we go down they all do

Economic Gurus - tell me where I am wrong.

Come Together

Daily Kos Tracking Poll 51-41

Why is Cheney allowed to remain invisible? Everyone knows he was at the meeting, what advice

John Boner: "Waaaah!! Waaaaah!! Nancy's picking on me, so I'm taking my ball

Please, please PLEEEEESE give this poll DU love!!!

It just struck me. Our House leaders did their job.

bush to speak to the nation @ 7:45 AM tomorrow.

McCain being all hypersensitive about gotcha politics, how about this idea?

US Rep. Barbara Lee, D-CA, on why she opposed the bailout:

A foreigner's solution to the crisis...

A foreigner's solution to the crisis...

The Sarah Palin Quote Generator.

Let's Keep Track: What Did You Do For Obama Today?

none of the repubs would appear on Rachel's show?

I Agree With Ben Stein on Something 2-Items

"Undecided in Ohio" from the WSJ:

Wow SHaddeg rails on Paulson

Conservative blogger to McCain: You own the defeat of the bailout bill

On this day 4 years ago....

Report: Internet Loves Obama Six Times More Than McCain

Grandpa spinning on Morning Joe now.

Americablog - You just lost 7% of your retirement

Transcript of Speaker Pelosi’s Speech

Mr. Boehner, we, the American people, demand your resignation

Pelosi promised 140 democrats to support the bailout -we delivered 141

Talk about freaky weather - Ireland may get hit with the next tropical storm Laura

Talk about freaky weather - Ireland may get hit with the next tropical storm Laura

"If this guy is driving a car, get off the sidewalk" -Robert Gibbs

Sarah Palin SINGS!!

Did anyone hear Andrea Mitchell say word is GINGRICH worked to kill to build for 2012. . .

The President addresses the country on the economic crisis

Morning Joey, normally insane, is out of his mind completely this AM

Sounded to me like Dubya was up late last night

Opus For President

Rep John Shadegg (R) AZ: Boehner lied about impact of Pelosi Speech

Which of these people stands to lose the MOST by the Financial FUBAR??

DADDY McCain comes to the rescue

Thank you to the Rethugs for picking McSame as your nominee

LAUGHABLE: John McCain interviewed on CNN American Morning...

Over and over yesterday I heard "The American people just don't

Obama on World's Worst list on Olbermann

FYI. We have surpassed our donation goal for Obama!

Guardian UK: 'They're throwing billions around but things seem to be getting worse'

McClatchy: For once, Congress heard as voters protested bailout plan

Can anybody seriously explain to me what happened and why we need the bailout?

Can you trust Republicans and the media? Why we are where we are,

Hey, here's one good thing about Bush......

The Community Reinvestment Act Didn't Do It

How do I check the Japanese markets reaction to this? Web site?

with Obama's clear lead, rethugs are getting much uglier:

Economic meltdown: What should the next step be?

We can lose

We can lose

I Feel like Steve Buscemi in Armageddon ...

What has been the biggest crisis of the Bush administration?

A thought about McCain vs. Obama today...

Survey of pro-bailout DUers: Do you have money invested in a 401(k) or in the stock market?

the idiot son of an asshole is reading to us

McCain on Mourning Jo live

----The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf-----

On Thursday, Biden should just pull out a map of the world and ask Palin to point to Waziristan.

On Thursday, Biden should just pull out a map of the world and ask Palin to point to Waziristan.


Bloomberg regional stock indices that are down more than the S&P

We know most of our incomes are now hostage in some way to the stock market, but is that good?

Sacramento Dem. Party Chair's Home Vandalized

****RASMUSSEN DAILY**** Obama at 51% McCain at 45%

"Busy Moms"

Mark Crispin Miller on the Mike Malloy show with Laura Flanders right now

Joe Scar just went off the deep end going at Bush just called him a liar and got cut to commercial.

peggy noonan

Has anyone gotten this email from Marlene yet??

Hotline Poll: Obama 47 (unchanged), McLame 41 (-1)

Hotline Poll: Obama 47 (unchanged), McLame 41 (-1)

Ed Rollins on McCain/Palin interview: It looked like her father trying to protect his daughter

Top econ: Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the answer /Talk of Armageddon is ridiculous scare-mongering

Place Your Bets! When Will Johnnie McJumpTheGun Declare Victory In the Election?

Wife of former N.H. gov.Peterson(R) backs Obama

If your day is anything like mine, the turds are dropping like a blitzkrieg!

Forget the bailout. It's time for a jail-out.

Yeah good news in Ohio.

After feeling the love here at the DU

Hotline Battleground State Poll: Obama 50 (+5), McLame 40 (-2)

I was just sitting here wondering what McSame's

"finally taking his turn,mac suffers too"

If "You know what" happens on Nov 4th, will that be the greatest day in American History?

Mark. My. Words. We *WILL* win Virginia!!

Mark. My. Words. We *WILL* win Virginia!!

Republican on Boehner's claim that Pelosi's speech caused no votes: Nonsense

Those who remember the Depression fear its return

Robert Kuttner: After the Bailout Failure: What Now?

Is it possible Pelosi made that "partisan speech" on purpose to scuttle that horrid POS bill?

Is it possible Pelosi made that "partisan speech" on purpose to scuttle that horrid POS bill?

DU this CNN poll

What are undecided voters thinking at this point???

Anybody else hearing this re Thursday's debate?

a note of appreciation

So the bailout bill is an amendment to a bill from 2007?

Analysis: McCain’s Bailout Gamble Looks Like a Bad Roll

The stock market lost $1 trillion today. How can $750 billion be such an emergency?

Whether you agree with todays vote or are vehemently

Research 2000/Kos tracking poll: Obama 51% McCain 41%

Media: Bush Is The ‘Picture Of A Beaten Dog’

McCain does not know the Constitution: he said "Gov. Palin and I agree that

Larry Kudlow actually believes Palin is just peachy.

Do ya wanna know why dumbass Congress couldn't get their bailout plan passed?

McCain's GOP peers question his character

How often do you forward offensive e-mails? This GOPer did and got fired...

MSNBC: McCain says he agrees with Obama's suggestion that FDIC insurance be increased to $250K.

VIDEO Let's hear it for Philadelphia Cheese-steak makers!!

Rasmussen: Obama attracting 51% of the vote while John McCain earns 45%.

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

How representative Democracy is supposed to Work

GAO report: e-voting vendors causing problems for states

*The TRUTH* about HR 146, Fannie Mae, and Barney Frank

All of the Far East Markets are Open.... Here's the Early Results... not Pretty.....

When The Supreme Court Installed Bush...

Plurality now more unfavorable towards McCain, while majority unfavorable towards Palin

HuffPost: 'New Yorker' Cover Mocks Palin (this week's cover)

Freepers: Bill Maher a "loathsome creature" and an "America-bashing" "serpent"

Ann Coulter Blames Financial Crisis on Minorities

Do you have a health care question for Senators McCain and Obama?

Be honest: Do you enjoy watching Sarah Palin on TV?

Obama's new 2 minute ad on economy

Why no bailout plan will work...and how to fix the economy

Sarah has found the answer to those "gotcha" questions. Email interviews!

Need a laugh? I'm in this video: "Worst Presnadent Ever!"

Bush is going to talk to the nation tomorrow before the markets open

Court rulings open door for early voting in Ohio ... link

Court rulings open door for early voting in Ohio ... link

Accusing those who oppose the bailouts of being "ideologues" is neither rational nor productive.

Chuck Todd latches on to the GOP's lame whine about Pelosi's speech

Chuck Todd latches on to the GOP's lame whine about Pelosi's speech

Mobile phones to track carbon footprint

Rasmussen: Americans want leftist or Keynesian bailout plan...

The scariest thing about Palin isn't that she is unqualified.

DON'T believe the "stolen election" hype

Talk me off the cliff because I swear we're in for a big setup with 2008 and coming years

The Sarah Palin pity party-Cry me a freaking river.


I wonder......mmmm?

Any Hope Financial Realities Will Make People Reassess The Realities of Republicanism & Religion?

Dear Wall Street, here's your NEW bailout plan - look at which Community recently donates the most!

Palin contradicts self AGAIN on 'Bridge to Nowhere'!

Credit Card Republicans.......can't even pay the minimum...

Credit Card Republicans.......can't even pay the minimum...

We need a solution to the economic crisis, handing Bush a really big check is not a solution.

Here is how I will spend 700 Billion as part of Bail Out Package

McCain's reactivity and impusivity, his lack of thoughtfulness, have fucked him.

Here's how I would handle the financial crisis:

Why Don't We Just Give Wall Street A Loan

Debate with Unreachables: The First Person to mention _______, loses.

I spy a poll being Freeped

I just solved the financial crisis!

Today We Proved Hitler Wrong (For Once)

Did Palin forget about the Exxon oil tanker "The Valdez"?

The last two elections were stolen with help from a psycho that wants to save the unborn

Gibbs on McCain: “This Guy Zig-Zags. If He’s Driving a Car Get Off the Sidewalk”

McCain: "The first thing I would do is say, 'Let's not call it a bailout. Let's call it a rescue.'"

China banks told to halt lending to US banks-SCMP

Note: No one pocketed that $1.1 trillion today. There is no law of the preservation of wealth.

Most of us here are not of the 'wealthy' set. Our lives will not change much.

Unf*kingbelievable: CNN: Is Palin the next Bill Clinton

5th graders know about Brown v. Board of Education and Dred Scott.

Palin Implicated By Witness in ‘Troopergate’ Probe

Erin Burnette of CNBC just summed up Palin's enigma in a nutshell... surprisingly accurate...

EXCELLENT Poll on GD. Please give it your input.

Wow. Watching AC360, and cnn is actually telling the truth about

Financial Panic Stock Market Analysis 9/29/08

Did you know the freaking U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been allowed to influence the bill?

When Obama wins will KO have to go back to Sportscenter?

From David Plouffe: Election Day isn't ahead of us -- it's already here.

President of Paraguay Turns Down Meeting with Sarah Palin

we need a Rachel Maddow fan club

Sounds like a bunch of preachers will defy law and endorse McCain

Anderson Cooper is going to show a clip of another Couric/Palin interview.

Now here's bipartisanship: McCain blames the Democrats

Safe bet: McCain is about to use every nasty trick in the book. He's desperate

Literally, EVERYONE I know is so overwhelmed with surviving life in America,...

My Wife and I Just Got a Lunch Invite With W.J Clinton

RNC Ad Aims to Blame Obama For The Bailout Plan

Today's Rasmussen - O 51%, M 45%

Boehner's gamble: Could it cost him his job?

Maybe the media have stopped enforcing the Rove Fairness Doctrine.

Poll: If you designed an economic rescue bill, what would it look like ?

Obama Key Economic Advisor, Robert Rubin Not Worried About Economy Last January

Can we guess what the October Surprise Will Be?

There needs to be a mother-of-all protest marches on D.C. re. economic policy/justice

Deer In the Headlights for VEEP! (Tom Tomorrow)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's on vacation this week

The Obama Relationship: A Major Benefit Nobody's Talking About

Can the economy limp along for the next 35 days and then we fix it when we take over if we aren't

I have never seen a better argument for term limits than what happened today

McCreepy should stay away from SOLUTIONs R US...he has been getting Bad Advice


McCain Advisor: Preparing Palin for Debate is "really hard."

Any new national polls due out today (not daily tracking)? nt

The bailout is like giving a pill to your cat

Rocky Mountain News: Wave of new Colorado voters registered

"Soundbite Sarah"

"Gingrich was lobbying vote against the bailout, calling it a political loser"

The Page: McCain Plays the Bill Clinton Card (seemingly dealt by Bill Clinton himself)

ABCNEWS POLL : Obama 52, McCain 43

I wish more Democrats would have voted NO.

The 23/6 Retracting Sarah Palin-O-Tron!

Gov. Jon Corzine, former CEO of Goldman Sachs, former US senator (D-NJ) -- Tavis Smiley tonight

True or False:

US Bail Out Plan Explained by BBC

AP Analysis: House vote against bailout wounds ***McCain***

***Look What Has Happened in NC***

Could you prepare for a nationally televised political debate in 5 days?

Predict the zingers Palin is being plied with for Thursday's debate!

Predict the zingers Palin is being plied with for Thursday's debate!

Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel team up for Obama Fundraising Concert

VP Debate: Palin Will Suck, & The USA Wants To See Biden Take Her Apart

Trying to formulate a thought here need a little the Sunday edition of our local rag a

Update on the economy with Al Hunt, Floyd Norris - Charlie Rose tonight - Dexter Filkins (NYT)

Update on the economy with Al Hunt, Floyd Norris - Charlie Rose tonight - Dexter Filkins (NYT)

Discussion in Senate NOW Live on CNN !

Federal Reserve System? Time for the fourth Banking System?

When being disingenuous comes back to bite Republicans in the ass

Mitch McConnell: Not interested in League of Women Voters Debate

WOW! When did THIS happen?

I trust my Congresscritter. He voted "No" today. I feel a little better.

PPP: "the rapidly declining popularity of Sarah Palin"

Chinese Police Blame Muslim Terrorist for Machete Deaths, Tourists Blame Chinese Police....

The good news is, oil prices are tumbling ($95.91) and gas may be $1.99 by Xmas

If the bank bill is so important, shouldn't the vote have been 435 - 0?

Pete Seeger: Don't Say It's Not Begun, The Battle's Just Begun..."

"no one, and I mean no one, really has a clue what will happen, bailout or not"

If McCain really referred to the workers as the 'Fundamentals' .. Why has he stopped using the line?

Mask PL079: Sarah Palin

You know that bad disney movie Matt Damon was talking about?

Reading The Pictures: Finally Taking His Turn, McCain Suffers Palin Too

Salon: The Sarah Palin pity party

John Shadegg, AZ Repub. Congressman, said NO Repubs. changed their vote due to Pelosi's speech

Pete Seeger on Dave Letterman "Don't Say it Can't be Done"

Chickens coming home...?

Chickens coming home...?

"Palin begins three-day cramming course for crucial TV showdown" - Ready on day one??

Obama Remarks on Bailout in Reno, Nevada -- This is a time for action.

I just LUV how SUZE et al say: WE HAVE TO SAVE THE SYSTEM.

uh, ok. McCain calls Obama one of the most "articulate people ever to come on the American scene"?

Wes Clark on second day of Florida tour for Obama

For once I agree with Dick Morris

Wall Street & GOP made this mess, so why do we have to clean up?

Christian coalition blasts Freedom's Watch

Sci-Fi Writer Sues Bush: You Guys Stole My End of the World Story (satire)

FDR in 1933: "There Must Be an End to Speculation with Other People’s Money.”

Gallup Daily Tracking - Obama 49% McCain 43%

Taxi to the Dark Side - I'm disgusted

the evil investor

Argued with two clueless co-workers today.....I CANNOT BELIEVE PEOPLE!

Gallup Daily-Obama by 6-49% to 43%

Rachel Maddow's makeup is really weird

Obama Calls Attention to McCain's Gambling:

Morgan Stanley

Obama Notes 'Remarkable' Resemblance of Palin and Fey

McCain takes hit from bailout collapse - Major blow to presidential campaign

FAUX News has found out who is really to blame for the economic crisis. It's OBAMA.

Democrats Who Voted No

McCain ad uses Bill Clinton clip to blame Dems for the Econ Mess:

double post, sorry

Wal Mart Urging Employees To Not Vote for Obama

Obama, talk to us.

AP Breaking: GOP goes to court over early voting in Ohio (appeals court)

HUGH News out of Georgia! Sen. Chambliss (R) lead falls 15 points to two points!

McCain Camp Working On Palin-Biden Expectations Game

Is there a new Gallup Poll out? Is Obama leading 49-43?

The meme has been set: After the VP debate, they will say "Palin wasn't allowed to 'be herself'".

Would a scanner be able to pick up Palin's wire?

PPP: Obama Takes 3 Point Lead in Florida!!

Today's Horsey Cartoon: The Boat We Are In

Sept. 11 bill shelved

Former wrestler and governor Jesse Ventura working on new conspiracy theory series for truTV lol

Third time this has happened; anything to make of it? Get a call, ID says

Dead people were given mortgage loans. DEAD. PEOPLE.

Freepers have given up hope

Barney Frank had a different idea about how to help the economy in April.

Obama's speech at Reno, Nv, makes it clear to SUPPORT A RESCUE BILL

Charlie Rose: He sounds skeptical.

How low is Bush's approval rating going to go now?

Need some expressions about Palin?

Fuming mad at the local TV media in Southeastern Virginia

monday 'toons... can't cry..might as well laugh

Obama is making the case better than Bush or McCain could ever do

Obama Shows More Leadership - Proposes Raising FDIC Limit To $250,000

SUSA OHIO POll: McCain 49 (unchanged), Obama 48 (+3)

GW/Battleground Tracking... WTF?

Sarkozy wants perpetrators of global financial crisis to be punished.

Why did the Repubs vote against the bailout today ??

He likes Nazi symbols and lauds SS – and voters adore him for it (Austria 9/29/08)

October 3rd = Black Friday

GW/Battleground Tracking 09/24 - 09/29 -JUST FLIPPED! Obama +2

No Bailout! No more Baby Boomer mistakes!

Can someone post that "I Got This" image?

Why was Boehner crying today? I saw pictures of it, but don't understand why or when


That's my Congresswoman! "Why I voted against the Bush bailout."

Pet Peeve Alert: MSNBC caption on Obama's speech says

Ha! No I'm not, pls. delete. nt

My question: WHY is $700 billion the magic number?

New poll finds most Americans think it sucks to be a Republican right now. n/t

Bank of America CC Center

Let's play: I'm a genius economist and you're an idiot! I'll start this thread and you post in it

You have to wonder how many of these people pledging to vote for McCain in polls...

WaPo: "Vote Underscores Bush's Loss of Influence, Unable To Persuade Many In His Own Party"

So how does the media let McCain and the Republicans get away with it??

Have to ask: For those outraged by the New Yorker cover, what about these...

CNN has gotten on my last nerve today.

Maybe we should send them all "Nancy Made Me Cry" bumper stickers.

Which of the following best describes Bush's attitude regarding the current financial crisis?

Research 2000 tracking poll Obama 51 McCain 41

The problem is the word "Bailout"

Palin Implicated by Witness in Troopergate Probe

With the media jumping all over Biden for minor misspeaks, will they

Rick Davis: Freddie and Fannie reduce systemic risk. . .

HORTON: DOJ says Political Manipulation of Prosecutions, Obstruction

Who Here Has Voted Already?

Nancy Pelosi hurt Eric Cantor's feelings. So Cantor decided to crush the economy.

Thanks mods

Andrea Mitchell seems down on Obama today - what happened?

If all credit card issuing banks froze their cards to new charges...

With Bailout, Palin top stories, Eugene Robinson urges not to overlook DOJ report on US Atty firings

We're having a party for the Palin/Biden debate. Suggest menu items.

McCrap leaves the door open to supspending his campaign AGAIN

My own flip/flop...sort of.

This poll needs some DU lovin

Asian Markets Drop Sharply at Open (NYT)...

Biden: 89 national and local interviews in the same period Palin has done just a few

Obama Proposes Raising FDIC Cap To $250K As Compromise - 2 Hours Later McCain Says Me Too!

Biden should open ASAP in the debate with PERSONAL comments about himself

How best to support Obama, but oppose the bailout?

Fascism is quick , Democracy is slow.

In the Palin/McCain Co-Interview Do-Over with Couric, Palin calls a PA voter a "constituent"

Great news! Morgan, CITI, BOA control 1/3 of all US deposits.

Friday's debate audience on TV was smallest ever

Uber-conservative Liberty University could swing Virginia to McCain (Help VA For Obama now!)

Hard working folks can think 'maybe I can't be a US Senator but my kid can be a US Senator

Public Policy Polling survey:Obama Takes Lead in Florida

General breakdown of demographics of who's for and against bailout

The real gaffe with Palin and Pakistan

NC is looking good!

No matter what your opinion on the bailout... Sad but true cartoon

ABC/WP Poll: GOP Responsible for Bailout Failure

The Crisis in the Credit Market

Well, at least Tom BrokeJaw's now *admitting* that he's pretty much in the tank for McCain...

Question: Who is moderating the final 2 Pres. debates?

From the CNN boards: "The dems is scared of beautiful Sarah..."

"How can they unite the country, if they can't unite their own party?"

I donated $55 to the Obama campaign and all I got was AWESOME T-Shirt, Button and Yardsign

-- "OMAHA" could elect the next President

This sounds like a lie. Palin said Biden said U of Del. would trounce the Buckeyes

Bush's Early Morning Address Will Cause The Market To . . .

The Schizo MSM... You're best to ignore their Dual Personality. They do it for themselves.

GOP Revolt Was Anything But An Act Of Courage To Protect American Families

Remember when we used to make fun of the Canadian dollar?

Sarah Barracuda is back allegedly in a "fighting mood," McCain aides claim

9/28 ELECTION MODEL (TIA): Obama@ 340EV; state/nat’l polls, projections, win probs & fraud scenarios

Roy Blunt (R-MO.) blmes bailout failure on... the JEWS!!

WTH??? in Florida Survey USA has McSame +1 but with 21% of the AA vote...WTH???

Ohio can vote today. What have you done about it?

Palin: McCain campaign's end-run around media

McCain loves "game changers", so here is my prediction...

Crushing failure for lobbyists

Uhhhhh.... did KO just say he is putting Obama on the Worst Person List today?

Could anyone re-post the hilarious graphic of "Putin rearing his head" over Alaska?

Everything else aside, the fact that the Dow dropped "7 7 7" today . . .

At 3:30am cst The DOW futures are UP by 177 points

Andrea Mitchell said that Barack should have taken members of the black

Right on queue: Iraq PM says American troops are still needed despite drop in violence

Reminder: S&L crisis (brought to you in part by Neil Bush and the Keating 5)

Forget Joe Biden. I'd like to see John McCain debate Sarah Palin.

Keep in mind that today's market decline may have been engineered.

Not that I'm worried, but could we get a pledge out of Biden not to pat her knee?

Please help with this DU poll on GD.

McCain May 'Suspend' Campaign Again!

It is not a bailout! We need to change the frame!

Today's big number: $1 quadrillion

SUSA Indiana Poll: McCain 48 (-2), Obama 45 (+1)

I forgot to post about what David Brooks said about Sarah Palin the other day

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) voted 'NO' because the bill lacked "fundamental American principles."

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA arrives in Reno for 11AM ET rally

****Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Reno, NV****

Take a few Min. and enjoy these fall pics

Bill Maher is on "The View" today

Z on TV: Palin, McCain cry "gotcha journalism" with Couric

caption mckook

*****Obama live in Reno 10:00 PDT****

Oops! RNC Ad Trashes Bailout While McCain Allegedly Is Working To Pass It!

Take out the controversy. Have the Federal Reserve buy the bad debt

This is funny! Boehner trying to give McCain credit for Obama's 250K limit FDIC proposal

Big Media Is At It Again - Repeating Lies Blaming Democrats and Giving McCain Credit

Question: What Do We KNOW About Why Repubs Voted Against the Bailout Bill?

On all sides of the bailout, can we stop turning dissenting viewpoints into radical caricatures?

What if the whole world could vote? Global Electoral College

Wait!! So things are SOOOOOOO dire that congress can take a 2 day vacation in middle of the week!?

NEW GALLUP POLL: Obama 49 / McCain 43

How many voters have you registered today? In the last week?

Palin Claimed Dinosaurs and People Coexisted 6,000 Years Ago

SUSA GEORGIA POLL: McCain 52 (-5), Obama 44 (+3)

WTF??? Clinton in a favorable commercial for McCain?

Pop Goes the Weasel.

Palin Losing Friends on the Home Front

When the GOP loses David Brooks


MSNBC- Hoffa

MSNBC- Hoffa

Man Palin is going to CRASH and burn come Thursday. How likely do you think it is that....

I'm sad after that RENO, NV speech

BUSTED! Rep. Trent Franks (AZ) Praised McCain's Leadership On Maddow, Then Votes AGAINST Bill!

Obama's Speech On Economy-September 30th, 2008

George fugging Bush and John McBush - the sequel Recession!

Today we're getting pounded in NC with McCain and RNC ads blaming Obama and the Democrats

ABC Poll: 88% concerned failure of bailout bill could lead to more severe economic decline

Where the F*ck are the Keating 5 Ads ???

Who can possibly believe that Republicans don't want to bail out Wall Street because of PRINCIPLES


Maureen Dowd Banned From McCain Campaign Plane

Maureen Dowd Banned From McCain Campaign Plane

WTF? Who is Bill Clinton working for? Latest McCain ad

"PANIC!!". . . .and. . . . . . 'DON'T PANIC!!"

Email chain with my brother (the banker) ... for what it is worth:

MoveOn Demands Apology From Brokaw For Citing False Polling

This is the reason neither Brokaw nor Sheiffer have any business moderating a debate

Electoral Map - Obama 328 (+42), McCain 210 (-42)

Their plan to get bailout passed: As a last resort, add provisions to bill to help out Mid-Americans

Marcy Kaptur (D) from Ohio will be on WJ this morning

Didn't the USSR run into the same problem as us with their one un-winnable war in Afghanistan?

Let me be the 1st to apologize to the repubs for hurting their feelings.

Heads up....Michael Rovito Temple grad student on CNN

Is there really any doubt if the election were held today, we'd win in a blowout?

Stock futures WAY to the upside. Hello, Sucker Rally.

A link to the most wonderful barack & baby video posted by DUer Janesez in GD

Why are companies lining up to get this bailout handout?

Something happened between 1:05 and 1:40 today.

Intrade market odds: Obama 64 McCain 36

Get this: House Repubs voted against the bailout because Pelosi HURT THEIR FEELINGS!

A "lose-lose scenario" for Grampy McBush: blame coming from bailout supporters AND opponents

A "lose-lose scenario" for Grampy McBush: blame coming from bailout supporters AND opponents

Paulson sure didn't give AIG a sweetheart deal- reassuring link

----I SERIOUSLY think it's time for KEATING 5 to be part of America's day, everyday---

What did Pelosi say yesterday to get GO-Panties all in a wad?

Did We Just Witness Black Monday?

Are the media leaning harder towards McCain now?

We Got The Mo, by The Rockabelles, for Barack Obama

Do we even know what the fuck we're talking about?

McCain Gaffe Watch - September 30, 2008 - Hugo Chavez Edition

for a smile- go here now:

Who is the Black woman standing in the shot on the House Republican briefing?

10 Ways to Bail Out Wall Street (and Main Street) Without Soaking Taxpayers in Debt . . .

I think our friends on the Right are going off the deep end...

I think our friends on the Right are going off the deep end...

Richard Viguerie: House Republican Leaders Falsely Attacked Their Own Members... "

Inflation will hurt me more

The Nation: America Needs a New 'New Deal'

The Republicans have no leader.

VIDEO Part 2 of Babies for Barack.....

NatureNews: Obama outlines science spending boost

yesterday the markets lost $1.2trillion in the US alone

recall the dreaded PBS poll?

Judge to hear arguments in 'Troopergate' case

How soon after Obama wins will the repub impeachment hearings begin?

Did Hugh Hefner really ask Palin to pose nude in Playboy?


700 billions points !

My not-asked-for advise

Don't you just love how McCain hosed himself?

Buckley, WCU, 1996: "The Reason We Will Never Get Anywhere"

If the credit markets are 'frozen', what did they do with the 630 Billion

Why do some people feel sorry for Palin when she screws up?

"McCain is ruining Palin!" What's not to love about this message from the right?

Rep Michelle Bachman(R): Republicans Complaining About Pelosi Are "Babies Sucking Their Thumbs"

Springsteen, Joel To Hold First Joint Concert For Obama

Don't Tell ~ My name is really Andrea Greenspan

Michael Rovito appreciation thread.

FREEPERS HAVE ARRIVED----They know it's over!

I'm started to hear this argument alot (Blaming Clinton for current situation)

Up next with Norah O'Donnell - BAGHDAD BOB.

If you can't dazzle them with brillance, baffle them with bullshit

Kerry is a strong debator, I just saw him on O'reilly

John Conyers (D-MI) voted AGAINST the bailout?? Okay, up is now down and east is now west.

who would have thought that somebody could sound dumber than georgie boy?

Gwen Ifill Breaks Ankle, But Still Plans To Meet 'Em In St. Louis

Sarah Palin is no Bill Clinton -- or Ronald Reagan and McCain IS A LIAR!!

Are you tired of the Way Cable News Cuts Speeches and News Conferences Off....?

Check Out this Great Ap Head Line, "McCain at dead end as House rejects bailout plan"

Where Can I Find Obama Daily Speeches Posted

Andrea Fuckhead Mitchell is on Scars show blaming everything on Obama

Here's your "CONTACT THE MEDIA NOW" friendly Assistant! DO SOMETHING!

Palin Goes Silent

The Stalled Bailout. Robert Reich Prediction

An open letter to Sarah Palin

An open letter to Sarah Palin

Bill Kristol: LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE (Britney being, of course, John "The Suspender" McCain)...

Tale of Two Covers (The New Yorker)

Sarah has more in common with Bush

Half of the market bounce today is because of Obama's pro-rescue speech

Who is to blame for this mess?

"presidential children don't belong in battle"

What if Bush pushes through the Paulson plan via executive order?

For those who blame Democrats for not forcing the bailout, c'mon, that would be political suicide!

Are bush's wars dragging the economy down? Nah, that's too simple minded.

If you are already or expect to be soon affected by the financial crisis

Isn't chimpy supposed to speechify this morning?

Chris Rock: "McCain is just holding on like a boxer before he gets knocked out"

I'm a big supporter of my 2nd amendment rights, but why is the NRA doing this

Congratulations, Corporate Crime Fighters! Coup Averted for Three Days! ...from Michael Moore


The sky is fallin the sky is fallin

PPP Florida - Obama 49 (+4), McCain 46 (-4)

McCain: "...oil from people like Hugo Chavez, or other parts of the Middle East."

The media is helping Palin with there constant drum beat of lowering expectations

A caller on Big Ed's show made the best statement yet in reference to Palin

Why is McNuts still pushing Palin as "the most popular Gov. in America"?

Sweden 1992 = US 2008? Could this plan work for us? (NYT link)

Sweden 1992 = US 2008? Could this plan work for us? (NYT link)

Republican IT consultant subpoenaed in case alleging tampering with 2004 election

Correct me if I am wrong...but I don't seem to recall anyone from Wall Street sending me a check

Bush's Legacy??

Bush's Legacy??

Why doesn't Tucker Bounds burst into flames?

Great results with my Pro-Military, Pro-Obama buttons and bag today!!!

Fault? Simple...Bush, Pelosi, Boehner...

Hey dems - You want to get the House, Senate, & Presidency - Grow a Set

Republicans Released Ad Attacking Dems For Passing Bailout - Before Vote Failed

Republicans Released Ad Attacking Dems For Passing Bailout - Before Vote Failed

Marcy Kaptur (D-Oh) on C-SPAN now

"Lost In America"

Survey USA (Ohio) has McCain 49% Obama 48%, but McCain gets 15% of black vote?

Good Will Come Out of This

There were plenty of people warning of a coming economic crisis...

I'm not high on Pelosi, but if Repukes wanna blame someone, they should point right at Ronald Reagan

Any other national polls being released today?

Lou Dobbs just now on CNN states that the credit markets aren't frozen. So...

Right wing radio hypocrisy

Why Barack Obama will overwhelmingly win the Jewish Vote and Win Florida!

Stunning reason why this isn't a "bail out"

U.S. Heading for Deeper Economic Slump, With or Without Paulson's Bailout

Where were they today? (clue as to how the race is going)

In honor of the Thursday night Biden-Palin debate...

CNN showing how disconnected the Bush administration was in relation to the economy

Biden Preps for Debate As Son's Deployment Looms

Biden Preps for Debate As Son's Deployment Looms

Biden Preps for Debate As Son's Deployment Looms

Rachel Uses a Cavuto.

Your Daily Pailin - I donated to PP

So, the "$250 Billion Not $700 Billion" line was PURE BULLSHIT...

uh oh! SAME bill?

What's up in NH?

My radical plan to deal with this crisis

What Obama Could Have Said In Debate: "I Have News for You!"

McCain's Gambles Not Paying Off

Mile Wide - Inch Deep? Damn, That's a Description of Karl Rove's Ass!

"I'm extremely prepared to lead this country! new TOM TOMORROW!!!

Psssssst.....pass it on, OK? Tucker Bounds is an asswipe.

So what happens if we don't give the 700 billion to these rich scum and we don't have a depression?

In the beginning was the Bailout Plan.

Barak Obama - Put foward YOUR legislative proposal on the economy NOW

This on a week day!

Question for Obama supporters

Biden should say in his opening speech on Thursday "Lets have a clean debate...

Hey Sarah! You should really, like, go back to Alaska fast!

Reid called McCain back to Washington?

MoveOn Calls Out Tom Brokaw For His False Fact Campaigning For McCain

Funny line in synagogue today...from my own WIFE!

Funny line in synagogue today...from my own WIFE!

Is MusliN the new Moran?

He did not just say that!-Orrin Hatch MSNBC

You're all Hitler Youth!

Ireland saves it's banks a third way (God we're cool)

Analysis: With bailout, McCain reaches dead end - AP

You Can See Russia From Here:

LOL Those Freepers never learn do they.

New AFL-CIO Mailer Hits McCain On Health Care

Sarah Palin's Facebook page....

Sarah Palin's Facebook page....

Diageo/Hotline: Obama Surges in Battleground States - Double Digits!

Palin has been instructed to mock Obama's answers.

Leave No Sperm Behind and other sure fire Republican winners

Anyone notice the bizarre "man-love" some male reporters show hyper-masculine politicians?

Question: When did Dennis Miller turn into such an asshole?

CNBC Talking Head Freudian Schlep...

A Rant I Posted on a Pretty Conservtive Message Board about the Myth of the Liberal Media

Hometown Alaskan paper reports on the "real" Palin

SATURDAY: Springsteen to Join Rally for Obama in Philadelphia (Free)

Surprise results on AOL poll re:debate

Voter Purges Prone to Error and Secrecy, Brennan Center Study Finds

I like this!

The Great Finnish Depression

Norah and Tucker Bounds...

Norah and Tucker Bounds...

House prices in 20 U.S. cities declined in July at the fastest pace on record

Palin Claimed Dinosaurs and People Coexisted

Palin joke about Biden backfires

Mwahaha! My Pro-McCain/Palin neighbor from Alaska just told me

it's bu$h* AND democrats against the republicans in congress?

TOON on Bill Clinton's efforts for Obama....

Sarah Palin. She's a star....................of youtube!

My Dear John Letter


DeFazio: Credit unions in his district reporting that FDIC is forcing banks to cut off credit...

Palin v Biden is going to be a perfect matchup.

How you can keep this election fair.

Speechificator speechifying....

The Democratic Leadership should add bankruptcy protection to the bailout bill

Congratulations, Corporate Crime Fighters! Coup Averted for Three Days!

Junior's pissed

Did John Harwood just say "both chambers of Commerce" on Hardball??

The polls look great for Obama -- as long as we don't include GOP theft

Our economy will be in a free fall until....

When Bush starts talking sense, things are seriously messed up.

If I really needed you to give me something and had been after you to do so for over a week

What would not be a gotcha question for Palin?

Runs his campaign the way he flew's wrong way McCain nt

Lord of the Flies" inside the GOP

Report concludes grudge with Bond’s office led to ouster of Todd Graves as U.S. attorney

Talkingpointsmemo: Bailout Burnout

A suggestion: Call your registrar and make sure you are still on the books.

McCain does not support Farmers!

So MSRNC Sinks To Floating RACIST Memes?

So MSRNC Sinks To Floating RACIST Memes?

Anybody know anything about his Missouri stuff?

Wow. I never watched Joe Scarborough for more than 5 minutes before today. What a douche.

What is the best way for Joe Biden to answer the followind debate question:

Gray wolf returns to endangered species list - I am glad to see this where the Fed Court overturned

Market opens up almost 200

Barney Frank, you 'da man!

BREAKING DEMS on TV Now Talking Sense on Credit Crunch

Palin's former aides say under the lipstick is a real pitbull

Keep Palin, Palin, Palin (to the tune of Rawhide)

So since the bailout failed can we now ram through a "lefty version"?

Keeping America safe from Putin's head.

I think people believe almost anything McCain says becau0se he's so old and "grandfatherish.'

The House Messaging Service Unavailable

Chuck Todd: Obama also is to blame WTF?

Chuck Todd: Obama also is to blame WTF?

Fed reserve and others work to expand liquidity (press release)

McCain on Osama bin Laden: 'Is this guy, Laden, really the bad guy that's depicted?'

"When the [WSJ's] editorial page mocks House Republicans, you know the GOP has stepped in it."

"When the [WSJ's] editorial page mocks House Republicans, you know the GOP has stepped in it."

We were calling this a crisis 4 years ago but McBush said everything was fine

While you weren't looking: Congress has TWO WEEKS to stop sale of bunker-buster bombs to Israel.

Palin to Couric in explaining her quote that she’s “been listening to Joe Biden’s speeches

President Bill Clinton To Campaign For Obama On Wednesday

Is it a trap?

If you ever had any doubt that Road to the Whitehouse was a

CNN: Special prosecutor to investigate firings of U.S. attorneys

Sarah's bag of tricks: what happens if she cries during the debate?

McCain/Palin equals Jabba the Hutt/Jar Jar Binks -- for "Star Wars" fans

"There is no such thing as free markets because god is in control"

Biden should not go easy on Palin on Thursday.

Image of Pro-Bailout DUers, Soon...

When and Who? - Obama Landslide and Media

Palin brings her daughter for a National CBS interview?

Shorter Bush Tuesday morning

Associated Press: McCain is at political dead end

Anyone catch that most righteous rant on Boston Legal

CNN Front Page: McCain takes hit from bailout collapse

Former ambassador to Pakistan responds to McCain: Pakistan was not a ‘failed state’ in 1999.

I insist upon repeating the question:

PA Tracking Poll: Obama 49 (unchanged), McCain 41 (-1)

It won't work in the debate to let 'Sarah be Sarah' as some republicans suggest

"Getting people to sing is my main aim in life." . . . Pete Seeger . . . (cross post)

I'm waiting for someone to ask Palin

VIDEO Cheese Steaks Say "Sarah Who?"

GOP Computer Expert Spoonamore Predicts The 2008 Election Will Be Stolen - K&R for Andy Please

When the parasite class, oops, investor class, is represented on TV by Suze Orman and Jim Cramer,

An easy strategy for Biden to skewer Palin on Thursday:

"how obama wins.(hint : he already did)"

Issa on Rachel Maddow last night said there were tools that weren't being used.

Finally get some answers from Palin

The Republican Party is Disintegrating

LMAO Palin couldn't name a magazine/newspapers she has read to keep up on issues

Bush Last to Know that Saddam Didn't Have WMDs? & Bush Plan to Muzzle Soldiers - Bush History, 9/30

Every time Katie has to repeat a question.....


Palin can't name one newspaper or magazine she reads to keep up

NORAD: Sarah Palin has no role in guarding U.S. airspace despite claims in Katie Couric interview

Obama should start saying he's going to "put country first" by implementing his policies...

Obama should start saying he's going to "put country first" by implementing his policies...

Don't Underestimate Palin's Chances In the Debate

George Will: Palin Is Not Qualified

Finally, the blame goes to..............


The Depression of 2008? Don't Count on It

Palin Debating in Alaska (C-Span Video)

I am a low information voter ............

ACLU: Ohio Courts Protect Voters' Access To Absentee Ballots

Hugh Hewitt (whoever he is) interviews Sarah Palin

Image - Dilbert July 24, 2002

David Corn: Slowing Down the Bailout

PIC TIME! "You're Not Pretty When You Do That" - Edition

ALL Asian Markets are crashing right now - immediately upon opening

Only on Fox can 1 raised hand be a split against 20

Real Household Median Income Growth - Are We At The Start, End Or Middle Of Recession?

When I saw Obama's speaking in Reno today over the Internet

ABC Polling Breakdown Error

5½ Questions:

Is there any video of tonight's interview with Palin and Couric?

Mike Luckovich sums up McCain's policy positions./..

Can you live with the fact that about 60 million Americans are irredeemable MORANS?!

Just wrote a new anthem for Amerika.... think you will like it

The Baby Vote

If congress doesn't solve this within a week, two tops, it's over.

VA POLL: Obama 51 (+5), McLame 45 (-3)

VA POLL: Obama 51 (+5), McLame 45 (-3)

Palin: "I read them all!!" (Repeat 3 times)

Massive Bailout TOON collection- Part 1

Media: Bush Is The ‘Picture Of A Beaten Dog’

Tin Foil Hat time - Palin FAILS Debate, sent packing, total disarray with Ballots Nationwide? Theft?

I think we need to shout from the rooftops to the Freepers & Conservatives that Palin lied to them

She can't name any books or newspapers!!

I missed the CBS evening news tonight. Please tell me this crap with Palin is going online.

Why the hell is Harry Reid on the Senate floor praising Pete Domenici??

Calling the Republicans out

I just heard Obama's Economic Strategy vs Gramps on CNN....

Dropping, dropping, just can't be a free market without government

Debate Q for Palin

There once was a little girl named Amy.

Republicans lose appeal to block same-day registration, voting in Ohio!!

An open apology to Katie Couric

Sweet Jeebus. I've been lectured enough today.

henry paulson should resign

I really don't understand people who are still undecided. Watching

Similarity between Sarah Palin & Debora in the Book of Judges?

Tancredo wanted bailout bill to fight 'illegal aliens','unscrupulous allies in the finance industry'

For, Against, Rich, Poor, No, Yes,Whatever. Here is why nothing will help.....

Is everybody strapped in and hunkered down for a lengthy recession?

Election night: My post on FreekRepublic will be

Crazy Sarah Palin calls the practice of making rape victims pay for kits "crazy"

Economy, Bailout, I am not so clear on this--anyone else confused?

The market just created a half a trillion dollars of wealth out of nothing!

So what was today's big Bush announcement?

The Legend of Obviousman

Which state should I vote in? VA or FL?

For those gleeful at sticking it to the "Fat Cats". The Fat Cats won't suffer, and will get fatter

Bailout Protest Pictures

Image - Please Tip

Weird Palin Trivia: her lipliner is TATTOOED (?)...

OK, suppose that the bailout cannot forestall financial disaster.

A visual of how the Palin - Biden Debate will go --->

Is A List Of Who Voted For And Who Voted Against The Bailout Available?.....

Umm. Freepzone is getting scarier and scarier:

Refresh my memory. What is the report called which tracks the amount of new

Sometimes I actually feel sorry for Rush Limbaugh.

28% say Palin "more knowledgable" than Biden.

Did the rich stage a coup, and did I miss it? Dammit, I miss everything!


Is this a banking crisis or a recession?

Before the wingers try to frame Palin's debate performance as a success...

If these numbers were out of Oregon, the State would be blue!

Palin just now on CBS interview: Couric asked her to tie her own shoes & Palin freaked out.

WTF. Once again many Democrats are supporting George W. Bush. Just like Iraq.

It would take at least $10,000 to stimulate or bail out MY economy

Which is the PRIMARY FUNDAMENTAL ROOT CAUSE of this financial mess?

"It's an election year" cannot be used as an excuse

Still no Palin tax returns....

If Palin were a male candidate -- by Carl Hiaasen

DU this poll :)

I have never felt so confused, helpless, angry, and disgusted ......

Image of Anti-Bailout DUers, Soon

McClatchy: Bailout vote underscores U.S. leadership crisis

Palin: No Morning After Pill

Conservative paper New York Sun shutting down after 6 years.

Anyone know what NH polls are?

NORAD: Sarah Palin has no role in guarding U.S. airspace despite claims in Katie Couric interview

How many workers were going to be laid off REGARDLESS...

John McCain and Wife Cindy's Former4.5 million Mansion for Sale!

Unsure about the bailout?

Some hack on CNBC is saying this is the bottom...

House members who voted ‘yes’ on bailout received 54 percent more from banks/securities firms.

Take Action: Fight Back for Main Street! Email Congress!

Early Fall blooms: Obama yard signs are bursting out all over my neighborhood.

This Modern World: On Parallel Earth, ...

Two more days until martial law

POS Tom Brokaw admits he advocated for McCain and against KO and Tweety with NBC

POS Tom Brokaw admits he advocated for McCain and against KO and Tweety with NBC

The Bailout Bill was a Roveian style setup of Democrats! ...Let me lay it out for you

The worst George W. Bush disaster?

If I were a TV newsreader,

(Christian Science Monitor) What it's like to debate Sarah Palin

Have Jim Cramer and Larry Kudlow hi-jacked DU?

"They gotta let Sarah be Sarah."

Why Barack is playing it cool.

Proviso Probe: WARNING: bailout bill could deprive schools and local gov't of property tax revenue

Kaine: McCain phoned in Palin selection

If we HAVE to buy it Today to get the 'Deal', The Answer Is No.

Family argument about who is to blame for this economic crisis

Over Leveraged Hedge Funds are Taking Withdrawal Requests Today...

Kucinich Dec. 2007: "profound economic crisis"

Will McCain be viewed by the public as helpful or meddling?

Obama offering some MAJOR leadership on the bail-out today

Obama offering some MAJOR leadership on the bail-out today

Thanks to Tina Fey and SNL...America is poised for Palin and her....

Simple quick question: Has Sarah found any and gotten back to Katie yet?

Simple quick question: Has Sarah found any and gotten back to Katie yet?

Trickle Down Theory Myth Explained

What do you do now?

Just came from a rightie gun-enthusiast site.The Political Forum there

What's happening with the DJIA today is a classic example of a "dead cat bounce"

'Confederate Soldier' Shot By 'Yankee' During Civil War Reenactment Prompts Investigation

Another big European bank collapses and is bailed out

Do you think our "fair and balanced" media will ask Palin if she really thinks.....

McCain Hurt by Bailout failure

The Anchorage Daily News Fights Back (VIDEO)

Could this be a problem for Obama?

The Dems MUST Write Their Own Bailout Bill -- FAST!



I've signed up to make calls for Obama/Biden campaign and

MoveOn Demands Apology from Brokaw for Citing False Polling (in favor of McCain)

Stop Feeling Sorry for Sarah Palin!

Could Georgia be in play? Martin moving in on Chambliss, early voters going for Obama

Check out Dick Morris' Electrol Map

What is the level of Campaign Participation at DU? Do we walk the walk or just talk the talk?

In 1988 had the dem ticket been Bentsen/Dukakis would the Dem have won?

The Final Stage Of The Coup?

Do you support a bailout bill?

Hey! I can see Alaska from here!

McCain is apparently in Des Moines right now holding an "economic conference"

For a lack of a better way of putting this: Is there a way to bail out without using paulson plan?

"Fundamentally Sound".... Tuesday 'Toons

The Rude Pundits Fifth Anniversary

Donate to Obama by midnight (9/30) and you get this limited edition tee

Kay Hagan needs some DU love! Only $10k left to go

bush got shit on by the wolf he cried on

Bush Pumped $630 Billion Into Financial System On His Own Without Congress Yesterday

Since republicans love to give money back (sic) why not give the bail out to the people

Obama's Economic Team of Advisors

Dad Tries to Get Mrs. Couric to Change Sarah's Grade.

Congress should not show their cards to Wall Street...

WTF did I just see on CNN's crawl?!?

Meat must be rationed to four portions a week, says report on climate change

What happened to the bill as far as Paulson and the WH not having any accountability?

Caption Mc* at a economic roundtable discussion


Holy, articulation, Batman.

What sorts of changes would you like to see in the way this nation conducts business?

Video: David Letterman vs. John McCain Continues

Has anybody debunked this POS yet?

Why didn't the King er um I mean pResident issue an Executive Order for a bailout?

Siegleman is on Hartman right now

How does Biden address his vote on the bankruptcy bill?

Current Events Could make the World a Better Place

What Most People in the World Care About Most..

Can anyone explain to me why Andrea Mitchell...

The Other Credit Crisis

FDR and the democrats offered America the New Deal...

Florida Poll: Obama 49, McCain 46

I have an idea regarding the credit crunch

Republicans Got Greedy - They Wanted Their Cake and Eat It Too...

Will this shut up you Clinton haters?

Talk about stupid ass marketing ........

The Pentagon's New Africa Command Raises Suspicions About US Motives

World Bicycle Relief

What you saw yesterday was obstructionist republicans playing politics.

America's getting to know John McCain- and they don't like him.

How come the DUers screaming for a bailout are not also screaming for the Bernie Sanders plan?

An email from my brother, the corporate banker. Believe it if you want... Scares the pants off me

Now it's time to hear real solutions to the economic crisis.

Mrs. Greenspan just threw Newt Gingrich under the bus on Morning Jerk.

The Dirty Little Secret of the Bailout Plans

Americans United Urges IRS To Take Action Against Six Churches That Joined Pulpit-Politicking Scheme

Obama Pulling Away in Virginia +6!!!!

Did Gingrich Give Marching Orders To House GOP To Vote Against Bailout?»

Did Gingrich Give Marching Orders To House GOP To Vote Against Bailout?»

Let's get one thing straight here: Fundy Christian Extremists will never abandon Palin

Sense of DU on investments-A community college prof. with $50,000 TIAA-CREF stock for retirement is

Sense of DU on investments-A community college prof. with $50,000 TIAA-CREF stock for retirement is

Does she or does she not .......

PALIN: "I am not going to blame all of man's activities on the climate patterns."

Update: Palin can't name a newspaper she reads!

Update: Palin can't name a newspaper she reads!

Dow Jones Industrial Avg regains 62% of previous day's point loss

With Brokaw as Elder Statesman, NBC Plans Future of ‘Meet the Press’

What companies or mega billionaires sold stock yesterday and how much?

What's up with nostril flaring right wingers blathering on about freedom when talking about ........

House members who voted ‘yes’ on bailout received 54 percent more from banks/securities firms

Anyone here know how to get in touch with Ari Officer?

Anyone here know how to get in touch with Ari Officer?

Do you know what the Commands are? Tomorrow is the day that a unit

Well, at least it bounced.


Gas Price Check!

RNC released attack ad on Democrats for supporting plan before it failed

Name Sarah Palin's favorite judicial decision:

Name Sarah Palin's favorite judicial decision:

Pic on MSNBC: "Stop the bailout!! Arrest Bush NOW"

Banking Collapse Lands on America’s Schools

**This just in: *800* people showed up for our Debate Watch Party Friday** pics included

House Democrats Briefing on CNN Live now !

McOld and his fraud TOONS

Heres a good economic question for everyone.

WOW I just got an offer from WAMU for a credit card LOL..0% interest and

According to Palin, getting knocked up by your Dad is:

OMFG: Couric's Question...

Pelosi had to make that speech to rally 60% of the Democratic votes. Why can't anyone see that?

Pelosi had to make that speech to rally 60% of the Democratic votes. Why can't anyone see that?

Barack Obama Will Be Projected US President 11/4/08 at 11:00 PM

Barack Obama Will Be Projected US President 11/4/08 at 11:00 PM

Krugman is making GOOD SENSE on KO - Dems should write a bill they believe in...

Did I Just Hear Palin Make Fun Of Biden's Age?

the x-bum

Methane release noted in Arctic. Scary shit.

Another POS to debunk

Looks like the December Holiday Season is gonna suck this year...

If Bush canceled his tax cuts for the wealthy program how much money would that save us?

Shouldering the Burden

HUGH News out of Georgia! Sen. Chambliss (R) lead falls 15 points to only Two!

Sarah Palin, asked if she was undercutting McCain's message, further undercuts McCain's message.

A piece by Elliot Spitzer that is many months old, but worth a read.

Once the banks have the bailout....YOU are next...

Just a quick thanks to the "panic" sellers

Experts say Botox may Spread to the Brain

"Pelsoi hurt my feelings" Toon LOL

Robert Borosage: After the Revolt

Little help? I am about to do some phone banking.

US Government Reports Consumer Confidence is UP!!- still believe these suckers?

Homeowners have already lost $2,000,000,000,000 (trillion) in equity, and climbing.

Kucinich's economic advisor/Cntrpunch Reality Check

Planned Retirement Ages / Bailout Poll

It's a basic issue of "trust"

Obama is on talking about the failed Republican economic philosophy know as Trickle Down

Obama is on talking about the failed Republican economic philosophy know as Trickle Down

Obama is on talking about the failed Republican economic philosophy know as Trickle Down

Will you donate today? Tonight is the most important fundraising deadline of this election.

Maher on The View describing Sarah's interview responses...

What The People Want

The sheer temerity! How DARE they?

The brilliance of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank and their Democratic colleagues

Quel Surprise! Everyone is still here? I thought the world was going to end last night?

Stop calling it "bailout." It's the plunder plan and will do nothing to solve the crisis.

CEO Comp Limits

CEO Comp Limits

If market stabilizes & credit starts flowing before bailout, should Paulson & Bush be investigated?

Roland Martin on Sarah Palin: "No, the bar is not set low, she has to

Some Sun Tzu for your asses:

Wm Greider/The Nation on bailout --

Seems like a good time to repost this TOON

*ACTION NEEDED! Contact NBC and Request that Tom Brokejaw Recuse himself from Next Prez Debate!

I don't have any problem with Brokaw re: Olbermann/Matthews or his olive branch to McCain

Will Palin be wired for the debate, like Bush was?

DU has raised 75,000 for the Obama campaign!!!

Looks like the Dow is steady over a 10,600 floor today.

So... what kind of soap are you going to make?

We just saw something we haven't seen for a long while

Gringrich busted!

NYT: Brokaw got KO and Tweety taken off their election night anchor jobs and will be the moderator

FOX is completely insane...completely.

WHOCUDANODEIT? - Republican party was secretly opposing bailout bill BEFORE Pelosi spoke

Michael Moore: Congratulations, Corporate Crime Fighters! Coup Averted For Three Days!

John McCain Might Just Re-Un-Un-Suspend His Campaign and Save the World

Kerry Statement on Financial Crisis

Gwen Ifill breaks ankle but the show will go on

Judge Judy for Supreme Court in McCain administration?

Sarah Palin painted in the nude at Old Town Ale House in Chicago



RNC campaigning against the bailout, and their presidential candidate campaigning in support of it

We all know what "santorum" is. Please define this word: "palin".

A socialist view on the bailout fail

hey lurking freeptards, i'll make it easy for you: 1992-2000 - democrat in whitehouse...economy good

Washington University responds to my concern about Palin coaxing during debate

What the MSM will never tell you

Palin: "I'm the new energy"

Another thought on the bailout

What if We Were Given An Entire Month To Vote? Pros? Cons?

House limits constituent e-mails to prevent crash

Live chat with Nate Silver (538/Poblano)

McCain Said a Year Ago (in Public) That "We Have To" Pursue Bin Laden Into Pakistan

Is anyone more pissed today because Paulson had the hubris to try and scam us?

Groups urge officials to extend voter registration deadline after Ike

Oh I see now it is a RESCUE and not a BAILOUT

Just Wondering, where's NanceGreggs?

No Bailout for those that caused this! No Way! Now How!

Rove Emails Spotlight White House Role in U.S. Attorney Firing

Obama's long lost Republican cousin

Michelle Bachman (R-MN): "We are not babies...We have very principled reasons for voting no"

$4,000 for eight bricks: your government at work

Tom Brokaw Acting As NBC Liaison With McCain Campaign, "played a pivotal role out of public view"

Boehner's gamble: Could it cost him his job?

China: The 800 lb. Gorilla no one is talking about.


The Bailout Round II: ADULT Version? (Dean Baker)

Are we going to "RESCUE" the airlines, auto manufacturers, and every other struggling industry too??

No credit freeze on Kern's Main Street

David Letterman's Tribute To Paul Newman

My Congresscritter's reply

what's a good one-stop source to find out which senators & congressmen have gone to Wall St?

In place of Slacker, Economic Disaster

The Economic Populist's excellent response to the bullshit "Main Street Is Wall Street" meme

Rename the "bailout" contest.

Rename the "bailout" contest.

Colorful quotes from the past....

America wants a different "Rescue Plan"

Kerry shuts up Bill O'Reilly

The crisis has NOTHING to do with the stock market. The market volatility is a symptom.

Is Mob boss Newt Gingrich trying to torpedo McCain in preparation for a 2012 run?

The MSN did not report the "NO BAILOUT" "YOU BROKE IT YOU BUY IT" Wall Street Protests.

In Lighter News, Babies for Barack Obama (youtube)

"Lost in America" as Metaphor for Mortgage Meltdown

McCain's health IS an issue: 1 in 4 chance that he would not survive his second term

Republican Bailout="BIRTH TAX"

McCain: Palin the next Clinton or Reagan

Does anyone know what's going on downtown Seattle?

If the top 5% were surtaxed to pay for 3/7 of the bailout, why would the Dems need GOP support?

If the top 5% were surtaxed to pay for 3/7 of the bailout, why would the Dems need GOP support?

Read it and weep

"Laissez-faire is finished, the all-powerful market that is always right, that's finished,"

The Rude Pundit: Portrait of a Very Small Man in a Very Big Crisis

Obama's speech today. If you think the bailout is a scam, PLEASE read and reconsider

Obama's speech today. If you think the bailout is a scam, PLEASE read and reconsider

Obama's speech today. If you think the bailout is a scam, PLEASE read and reconsider

State of Massachusetts denied credit today (the other shoe is dropping)

A bad day for Kit Bond

If you're unsure about the bailout plan, recommend you read the following articles

In April, Barney Frank introduced a bill to help homeowners.

The World's Largest Hedge Fund

How Palin might skewer Biden in the debate

I just gotta say...

The Confession Of George W. Bush.

Don't just blog. Register some voters. Do it today.

I found a Note I wrote on my Facebook account back in Feb. 2008 that scared the hell out of me!

Palin is PLENTY accessible to the media, as long as you're Katie Couric

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, a road to economic disaster?

Gas shortages: Get ready for more

MSNBC cuts off press conference calling for Special Prosecutor in crisis...

The Market doesn't need a bailout.

What If Your Social Security Was in the Stock Market Yesterday? (X post from Labor Forum)

Does the shielding provided by Executive Privilege...

WOOT! OBAMA RCP Average +5.1 over mccain

What the Average Joe Knows.

Well, this was funny: Palin in a fast food place

With the pending bailout, I think the environment in GD is just perfect for me...

Senator McCain's last video interview before he checks into the nursing home

What's the word on this ACORN stuff I'm hearing about?

If we find out we are being hoodwinked(bailout)...what are the consequences for Obama?

Over 42% of the stock market is owned by the richest 1%

What a wonderful 8 years its been huh?

CNN: "Major blow to...McCain's campaign"

How much blame do you & I accept for the nation's economic woes?

Give it to me straight, DU

Benson TOON: Wall Street pinstripes

Sarah, also today: "Joe six-pack American" needs to be VP

Barack Obama selling the bail-out in Reno today

Can we legalize marijuana now? The money could go to the bailout.

The Flush Bush Graph (updated 4 days ago)

With injection of $360B into system, one expert predicts its "balance sheet is about to explode."

Does this freak anyone else out? - North Com

Suggested questions for VP debate?

Former (Ted) Stevens Aide `Tried to Get Story to Go Away’ When Questions First Arose

Palin w/Couric: So he's got a tremendous amount of experience and, you know, I'm the new energy

The Chimp single-handedly caused a market crash yesterday.

What will be the dumbest thing Palin will do at the debate?

Could Obama have won Texas?

Dear Chris Cillizza

Dear Chris Cillizza

John Kerry gives a Million Dollars to DSCC

Life Aboard the B Ark or Failure Wasn’t Just Inevitable, It Was Programmed

The bailout is the most divisive thing on DU in years. How SURE are you that you're right?

I can see _____ from my house, so I am qualified to _____.

Heard a comedian on the radio this afternoon - rush somebody or other

Two Weeks After Ike, More than 400 Are Still Missing

This is Michael Moore's take on the bailout bill...

Country First, My Ass (RNC sends premature ad to TV stations, blaming bailout on Obama/Dems)

I live in a cocoon, a time warp almost.

You know what FUCK THE DU... I am sick of dumb asses...

Would being forced to listen to a sarah palin speech be considered torture?

I don't know anything about the economy.

Move On trying to keep Tom Brokaw honest about polls....he used one 2 weeks old.

Nate Silver: "The schadenfreude of certain liberals on this issue is absolutely obnoxious."

Conservative US newspaper New York Sun closes

House Dems propose alternative bill...MSM ignoring it

For every stock that was sold yesterday someone had to buy.

The Bailout Bill, Nancy Pelosi and the Platypus

Boehner's big lie.

Understanding the economy and the ramifications of doing nothing.

Tell Congress to investigate Karl Rove’s cyber strategy to illegally manipulate elections

haven't seen this here so i am going to ask

The Daily Widget – Tues 9/30 – O-371, M-167 – Obama Crosses Over 60 Million Votes

The Daily Widget – Tues 9/30 – O-371, M-167 – Obama Crosses Over 60 Million Votes

The Daily Widget – Tues 9/30 – O-371, M-167 – Obama Crosses Over 60 Million Votes

The Daily Widget – Tues 9/30 – O-371, M-167 – Obama Crosses Over 60 Million Votes

McCain wife hooked on drugs 50 pills a day

Pelosi irritating the 12 or so Rethugs may have been a sroke of genius!

Pelosi irritating the 12 or so Rethugs may have been a sroke of genius!

Good grief John Roberts. Could you be a little more obvious

A Rant I Posted on a Pretty Conservtive Message Board about the Myth of the Liberal Media

I am still confused about the bailout thing. Who's with me?

Anti-Bailout? You may be right, but you're still full of . . . .

Very enjoyable article: "The Sarah Palin Pity Party" by Rebecca Traister on Salon:

Bush & Congress Cried Wolf about Saddam, WMD, Mushroom Cloud...

Just got this email.....thoughts??

A month before the election the House votes down...

A month before the election the House votes down...

CNBC: Nasdaq is 'investigating erroneous transactions involving Google executed after 3:57 p.m.'

Tina Fey should be invited to the debate, and be seated in the front row

Austen Goolsbee is sounding way smarter than McCain's economist

LTTE to proper committees

hardball has on a criminal

"I'm a Republican, and I liked McCain but...."

"I'm a Republican, and I liked McCain but...."

Why is Delay on with Chris Matthews and not behind bars

I think this bailout is going to hurt Dems politically in the elections.

Phone numbers for ABC/NBC/CBS/etc. News to demand they cover the alternative bill?

GOP House members stop blaming their 'no' votes on Pelosi.

Obama Speech in Reno Today: "Now is the moment for us to come together and put the fire out"

Why the hell does Tom DeLay get any airtime at all?

Something said by McPalin in last week's debate that I've not seen mentioned here.

BREAKING - Putin's head uses desolate "road to nowhere" as convenient landing strip

Good guest op/ed about Palin. By a resident of Alaska.

So, since republicans held out on this, they'll end up getting what they wanted on any final bill

Some style issues to consider when posting on the bailout:

Good guest op/ed about Palin. By a resident of Alaska.

Did ya ever watch a child's top fall over?

La. legislator (R-Dukkke's Old District) wants to pay poor women to be sterilized

Huge TVA Electric Rate Increase Takes Effect Wednesday

Best intro sentence to an MSM political analysis this year:

Bloomberg Called Ready to Announce Third-Term Bid

BREAKING - Putin's head uses desolate "road to nowhere" as convenient landing strip

DU this poll please for Cleveland!!! Its bad....

I just got the coolest protective shield for LED (camera, computer, phone)


What if taxpayers were tax-incentivized to "opt into" a bailout personal investment?...

4 of 19 texas reps voted for the bailout after bu$h* called & pleaded

A serious question

Have you heard any good news today, today?

Message from Alan Grayson (progressive Dem candidate for Congress FL-8) on Ric Keller (R-FL8)

I think Gwen Ifill purposely broke her own ankle in order to

The Anthrax Case Reopens: Why Did the FBI Let the Fort Detrick Scientists Investigate Themselves?

Tweety just gave a good piece of advice for Dems to use on our not so bright electorate

Campbell Soup the only stock to rise in historic sell-off

What the Hell Happened to Our Economy? (In Plain English)

OMFG!! Up next on CNN: Jeffrey Sachs and "Shock Treatment" for the US.

Who Will Get Blamed 4 The Destruction of the R Party? bush or Mc?

Will Wall Street Win Big Thursday Because Of This Number Yesterday?......

Will Wall Street Win Big Thursday Because Of This Number Yesterday?......

Will Wall Street Win Big Thursday Because Of This Number Yesterday?......

Will Wall Street Win Big Thursday Because Of This Number Yesterday?......

Will Wall Street Win Big Thursday Because Of This Number Yesterday?......

Will Wall Street Win Big Thursday Because Of This Number Yesterday?......

This blogger also worries about his Wachovia card

Why is the Maher on the View missing? Can't get into the thread?

McOops:McCain claims U.S. has 'the world's largest oil reserves'

McOops:McCain claims U.S. has 'the world's largest oil reserves'

GREAT ARTICLE from Ariana Huffington

TEDTalk Tuesday: A History of Computing and Digital Life

Here is why the "credit freeze" meme is bullshit...

Here is why the "credit freeze" meme is bullshit...

GA-Sen: Chambliss and Martin Neck-and-Neck in New SUSA Poll

Here is why the "credit freeze" meme is bullshit...

Want a laugh, try out the Sarah Palin Quotes Generator...

Michigan: Natural Gas Heat Bills May Rise Up To 25 Percent

Obama proposes raising FDIC ceiling to 250k - How does AP report it?

Obama proposes raising FDIC ceiling to 250k - How does AP report it?

Obama proposes raising FDIC ceiling to 250k - How does AP report it?

Obama proposes raising FDIC ceiling to 250k - How does AP report it?

Anyone know anything about the Broadband Data Improvement Act?

MSNBC Mitchell: Obama didn't get the Blacks

Are gas shortages in the Southeast a fluke or a new trend?

MSNBC Mitchell: Obama didn't get the Blacks

Spain is in Latin America, Venezuela in the Middle East?

Want a laugh, try out the Sarah Palin Quotes Generator...

Maybe Yesterday Had To Happen The Way it Did

Maybe Yesterday Had To Happen The Way it Did

I just had the strangest phone call...

Army forms military funeral coverage panel

Much of American Culture Sucks. Can We At Least Be Honest About That?

I just watched the movie "Philadelphia" with Denzel Washington

Mark-to-Market Accounting and Liquidity

I just watched the movie "Philadelphia" with Denzel Washington

Whats it worth????? The question of the day...

Whats it worth????? The question of the day...

Mark-to-Market Accounting and Liquidity

Solution to the financial mess, listen to Bruce Marks half way through the clip

Palin coming up on CBS Evening News: Homosexuality is a Choice!

Did Gingrich Give Marching Orders To House GOP To Vote Against Bailout?»

Wirklich Wahr.

i just saw palin talking to katie she on meth?

Don't set the Bar too low for Sarah Palin or too high for Biden

Let it burn

Don't set the Bar too low for Sarah Palin or too high for Biden

The video that got a JetBlue passenger escorted off the plane in handcuffs

Consider this point about ANY "bailout" plan, or bill, or legislation involving tons of money

The video that got a JetBlue passenger escorted off the plane in handcuffs

I have to purchase some of these great bumperstickers!

1 stock went up today: CAMPBELLS. Guess it's in anticipation of the soup lines. n/t

OK, so the story is that if you took all the money away from the rich and

Ohio going Blue.... Obama +2

Messaging Service Unavailable

National Socialism versus The People's Bank of the United States

Links For Best/Most Credible Article For and Against The Bailout?

anybody watching this horseshit with scarborough?

I find it quite amazing that Lou Dobbs is slamming the bailout!

MoveOn calls for apology from Brokaw

One of my friends just called from Cleveland,she lives in AZ

Will corporations involved in the bailout have to pay us back with interest at a giant rate?

I got paid today

funny sexual innuendo in Huffpost Newt headline:

funny sexual innuendo in Huffpost Newt headline:

funny sexual innuendo in Huffpost Newt headline:

funny sexual innuendo in Huffpost Newt headline:

Reporter on MSNBC: This is no longer a "bailout". It is now an

Trying to understand the financial crisis, and could use some help.

Jack Cafferty would crawl through a barbed wire fence nude to get front row seat at VP debate. Did


Bush's Approval Sinks (Again) to Historic Low

Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg engage in violent right-wing torture fantasies....

Hey Sarah -Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah -witness flips!!

Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg engage in violent right-wing torture fantasies....

Where were all these bail out Bushketeers back when the subprime mortage crisis first broke

Hey Sarah -Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah -witness flips!!

Hey Sarah -Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah -witness flips!!

Hey Sarah -Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah -witness flips!!

Small but deadly: Tire Valve Stems made in ..... guess where.

Bailout Plan Will Fail to Keep Families in Their Homes Per Kucinich & Black Caucus Members

Is Elisabeth Looking for a New 'View'?

Is Elisabeth Looking for a New 'View'?

Is Elisabeth Looking for a New 'View'?

In these uncertain times, would you loan money to a friend in need?

Bailout TOONS, Part 2

Sarah Palin - sacrificial lamb?

Bailout Support Declines. Pew Research Center survey conducted Sept. 27-29

Bailout Support Declines. Pew Research Center survey conducted Sept. 27-29

Bottom line: Our government leaders & the administration are liars.

Honest mistake or scam?

Honest mistake or scam?

Home Depot was really busy today

Make your own Palin speech and hear it instantly.

Three Times Is Enemy Action

Three Times Is Enemy Action

Newsom Appears In Anti-Gay Ads

Google opposes CA Proposition 8

NORAD: Sarah Palin has no role in guarding U.S. airspace despite claims in Katie Couric interview

"I REFUSE To Let You Operate On The Gunshot Wound In My Chest Until You Fix My Broken Ankle."

men and dinosaurs coexisted on an Earth created 6,000 years ago

Did anyone see "Fox & Friends" this morning?

A HUGE Story That No One Is Talking About Regarding Bush, McCain & Troop Withdrawal

What did Bush mean this morning when he said millions of

Define the word "palin".

Palin uses witchcraft to thwart debate.

I scream, you scream, we all scream.

Sarah Palin gets painted in the nude

Sarah Palin Factsheet (with sources) - BUMP & SHARE

Rep. Marcy Kaptur, called for a special prosecutor

Sarah Palin Factsheet (with sources) - BUMP & SHARE

Oh dear the fundies are ticked, bless his heart Richard Viguerie: Unleash Sarah Palin!

VIDEO: Progressive Caucus Offers New Bailout Bill (With Draft Bill Text)

The USA deserves the coming collapse.

Oh dear the fundies are ticked, bless his heart Richard Viguerie: Unleash Sarah Palin!

Listen, now, I have something important to say.

Listen, now, I have something important to say.

If the Senate Dems Vote for this Bailout tomorrow I'm not going to give the DNC a dime

House GOP leadership, conservative media, The Crypt mocked by Rush

House GOP leadership, conservative media, The Crypt mocked by Rush

Doubletalk Express "In Communication" With his Friends In Washington

Can we take up a collection and buy her a ...........

A headline we thought, on the darkest days of 8 dark years, we might never see: "Put a Fork in Him"

Crisis on Wall Street (1 hour video with Krugman, et. al.)

You're going to pay for it whether you want to or not.

Let's blow the doors off of Lou Dobbs crush on Sarah Palin?

Tweety & Delay; constantly brags how great he is. Also, he commented he is active on the hill. So

Debit vs Credit Cards?

Prediction: Congress will be called back into mandatory session Thursday Night

It's the Sarah Palin random quotes generator!

Free Springsteen Rally in Philly!

what's as bad as david gregory on msnbc?

One-for-One Replacement for Demolished Public Housing Units?


meanwhile, back at the ranch,


National Debt now over $9.948 Trillion... approaching 70% of US GDP

Race to the channel changer- Joe the dead intern subs for David the Tony Snow

hundred billion here, hundred billion there, pretty soon we're talking about real money.


The $55 Trillion Question

Check out this scarily prescient Onion article from 2001...

Goethe's Faust

Biden's Strategy for the Debate: Give Her Enough Rope

Breaking: State of Massachusetts denied credit! The other shoe is dropping, guys.

Boston Globe: Palin made rape victims pay

Protests on Wall Street - what the news media isn't showing you

Is This Treason? Just Asking......

I accept the fact that businesses rely on credit

Palin coming up on CBS: Homosexuality is a choice

Umm... Looks like the stock market isn't collapsing

Blame The Meltdown On The Repeal Of Glass-Steagall Act

60% of Americans Believe Bible Stories Such As Noah's Ark Are "Literally True"

Gas Nationwide at $2.91 a gallon today, that is amazing

Today I paid an extra 58.00 for the privilege of owning a credit card.

AlterNet: 'If You Can Run the PTA, You Can Run the Country' - Repubs Explain Their Palin support

JUMP! - You Fuckers!

The one that bugs me most-"It's not fair those of us who didn't get into debt have to suffer"

If You Don't Want Palin Wearing An Ear piece Thursday Night Let Them Know

McCain babysits for Palin on CBS interview

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

Failing banks? Endless war? Call Homeland Security. (AlterNet)

23 reasons this bailout is a stick up and worse.

Do you believe MSM will now...

ACORN Is Right, Lou Dobbs Is Wrong

Honest question for the "NO BAILOUT" crowd... why do you think Obama is for it?

IF you think your being watched by satellite this is for you

TPM: Bailout Burnout (reactions of various economists we trust and respect)

Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Dear Banking Industry Folks: have you ever seen the movie "It's a Wonderful

As official DU scold: I've never seen so many solid progressive DUers derided as trolls

The Meaning of U.S. Imperialism, Genocide and Militarism

How cool - and intelligently forward thinking - is **this**?

Mutual Funds Scandal - Anyone remember Sept/Oct 2003? It's deja vu all over again....

A Bloody Sunday in Baghdad, In Spite of The Surge

Congratulations on your short-lived raise...

The Wall Street Bailout Plan: "An audacious raid on the Treasury by Big Money hoods"

The Wall Street Bailout Plan: "An audacious raid on the Treasury by Big Money hoods"

For my 500th post I would like to say

they're lying to us and too many Americans are going to swallow it....

I always wondered what kind of people were dumb enough to

Thank you to the 95 Democrats who had the guts to vote NO!

Hard to take but a must read!!

"Obsession" DVD mailed to my home! Any lawyers here?

I just can't believe that I'm gonna get fucked on this deal.

Senate Passes Huge War-Funding Bill Under Cover Of Wall Street Bailout Hooha

Had to have a serious financial talk with my kids yesterday.


Two good things to come out of this:

Greenwald: Bailout Rejected Corrupt Ruling Class. This is About Who You Believe.

No bailout people will not get to eat at Sonic anymore...

some calculations of $700 billion from IRS stats from 2005

Palin Implicated By Witness in ‘Troopergate’ Probe

Raising The FDIC Limit To $250,000 Has Me Wondering .....

Raising The FDIC Limit To $250,000 Has Me Wondering .....

What do you think about increasing the FDIC limit?

Michael Moore-'Congratulations, Corporate Crime Fighters! Coup Averted for Three Days! '

TOON - Something America actually cares about...

Dealership Disaster

"reducing the principal balance" on a house?

House Dems should create a populist bill, with helping Americans as its foundation

Populism vs Libertarianism

CNN's Borger: Palin photo-ops silly, painful to watch and sometimes even alarming

At long last, food labeling law set to take effect

The sky is falling!!! "Stocks JUMP After Biggest Sell off in Years"

Why should any taxpayer not associated with giant investment banks be in favor of the bailout?

If the lack of a bailout is such a disaster, answer me this:

I know, it's my imagination and I'm a chicken-little

Financial Crisis Blamed on Two Small Children, Elderly Bird-feed Saleswoman.


You people who keep referring to giving money to "Wall Street"...

Should Obama's and Biden's Teams bring short-range RF jammers to the next debates?

WTF? look at this odd company

So, the bill did NOT have this?

Palin over-answers.

Progressive Caucus to present Rescue package at 3pm

Tip # 28 for surviving the New Depression

Bailout Defeat: Blessing in Disguise?

M-3 and FED Market Manipulations (Plunge Protection Team)...

A word of CAUTION to the Democratic Party...

Video: Bill Maher On The View

Great news from my brother re. Obama...

Cease and Desist you Old Fart!!!

Detroit Free Press: Michigan voters support use of medical marijuana, stem cells

Robert Rubin: The 100 Million Dollar Man

Obama Babies! (dial-up warning)

My Congressman (Courtney, D-CT) explains his vote against the bailout:

I start work at Obama County Campaign HQ tomorrow. I had SWORN I wouldn't work a 4th election.

If we keep the majority in the House, Pelosi will have to go

"calls AGAINST the bailout were pouring in at the rate of several hundred to every one supporting it

May I introduce a new word concerning the financial crisis? ...Risk...

Surprise>>> House members who voted ‘yes’ on bailout received 54% more from banks/securities firms

"What it's like to debate Sarah Palin"

The end of everything.

777 Wall Street drop yesterday was the "bloody finger" cut from the abductee

(DIALUP WARNING) Editorial Cartoons - Wall Street Bailout Edition!

Very useful article about understanding Iran

My family is in the swords business and needs most of your monies

Boy do I feel stupid! I was surprised to see guest hosts on

Why The Bailout Bill Will Not Solve the Credit Crunch (And What Could)

Our economy is based upon the premise of infinite growth, despite living on a finite planet

Why not privatize Social Security?

I have lived without credit cards for years

Obama's Economic Team of Advisors

We have been living over our heads for a long time now

Dean in 2004: "Capitalism without rules is like playing ice hockey without referees. Nobody benefits

John Hussman: Why can't US taxpayers get the same sweetheart deal Warren Buffett got?

So, if we really need this bailout, then tell me why--

A word from Dennis Kucinich on the Bailout, Tuesday 9/30/08

Elisabeth Hasselbeck feeling unloved on the View, may leave

The "bailout" is a calculated plan by Republicans to hobble the next administration

The "bailout" is a calculated plan by Republicans to hobble the next administration

I'm thinking this year for Halloween -

Does anyone else feel like throwing a shoe at the TV

It's KILLING me that there has not been one (1) person on TV

So if no bailout means people can't get loans to buy homes they can't afford or expensive cars, TVs

WV Coal Miners stay home from work to protest NRA anti-Obama visit to mines

About that stupid "Blame it on the CRA and Democrats" video going around

70% of the Current US Debt was created under 3 Presidents

Mortgage Rates Skyrocketing

Freeper thread: "Ok, now I'm mad at McCain"

DeFazio says the crises is being manufactured in the White House

Credit Default Swaps, AKA: financial weapons of mass destruction

Hasselbeck Leaving the VIEW? Just heard on the radio

Why *any* Bailout will be an EPIC FAIL!

The American people need to take responsibility for this mess too.

Boo-hoo. E. Hassleback from The View feels "picked on."

Glenn Greenwald: Bailout follows the 10 normal principles for how our government functions

The Moon is no more than ten miles from the Earth

Well... This Guy Took His Own Bailout (Suicide)...

I would like to know: WHO took all the money out of the stock market yesterday?

Why are we offering concessions to get republicans to vote

Why are we offering concessions to get republicans to vote

The next time I hear the expression "bail-out," I think I am going to scream!

What happened today on the stock market is clear to all of us-even those without economic PHDs

Oh fuck! Bill Clinton the star of new McCain ad

LEAKED! Treasury Department Conference Call Suggests Collusion With Brokerages

No Rescue for the Hungry

No Rescue for the Hungry

McCain claims U.S. has 'the world's largest oil reserves'


The subprime = CRA big lie

The subprime = CRA big lie

Palin gives only ’silence’ when asked to name a SCOTUS decision besides Roe v. Wade

Most of those who were warning that this financial crisis would happen

The Straight Talk Express came to town today. Image below

The Straight Talk Express came to town today. Image below

Can someone explain: "you don’t announce that you’re going to attack another country." The Sarah Palin Pity Party ("Cry Me A Freaking River")

OMFG, Keith just used "Caribou Barbie".

Krugman: The $850 billion bailout (of Iceland)

I just accidently called a phone sex line while trying to call the Obama campaign

Just saw this on another board....

I need good ideas for get-well/cheer-up gifts

When you google intrade what comes up is John ahead...

"I don't wear a girdle. I don't need one. Do you think I need one?"


Thank you Meghan

I REALLY need to go to synagogue

My Patience Level Is Reaching An All Time Low

What's your own favorite Newman?

Hail to the Redskins!

Select the biggest maverick from this list:

I like this song

Another "I had a sh*tty day" thread

Music to sooth the soul?

Palin Doesn't Like Animals Much Apparently....

Post here and I will slather you with cooking oil.

Glassy eyes but coherent - what is this a sign of?

Glassy eyes but coherent - what is this a sign of?

I'm feeling a buzz-phrase coming on: "the new austerity"

Let's play a game. Whoever names the largest number wins. Who wants to go first?

ok we need this tonight FREE HUGS!!!!! (youtube)

I Wish People Would Just Say What They Mean

When I wake up tomorrow

Would you be willing to share?

It's the end of the world as we know it...

Playing the Journal Shuffle


ITT: Things that will still be there when we wake up tomorrow.

dupe - deleted...

deleted, part 2... can't get poll to work. *grr*

Todd Rundgren, Todd Bridges from Diff'rent Strokes, Designer Todd Oldham, or that First Dude prick


Why aren't there any Steelers fans running their yaps about the game?

I'm listening to the "Letter Duet" from Mozart's 'The Marriage Of Figaro."

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve....

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday September 30



Today's word of advice from LM: Drunk dial= bad idea.


Sarah Palin's Facebook

I've just been booked to DJ an 80's themed birthday party

Question about the Jewish New Year

It's Rosh Hashanah and I've got my apples and my honey.

Who's here? No sleep yet for having a hives attack

What does it cost montly to have a Blackberry with internet access?

I think I am having a "senior moment" tonight. I thought I was in the Lounge.

Anyone else having issues with YouTube?

I've had a crazy couple of days so I decided to play hooky from one of my classes today.

I found this cool Obama sign last night.

"Getting people to sing is my main aim in life." . . . Pete Seeger . . . (cross post)

some dirtbag stole my Obama sign last night.....

SPK c/o "The DU Lounge", Democratic

My ass hurts.

Joke thread!

Handbanana Appreciation Thread

please, someone tell me there are more than a handful of teens and young adults

krispos42 ROCKS!

found it, thanks

If credit is so tight, Why am I

went across the street for some smokes and bought an Obama

Brian Collins the "boom goes the dynamite" guy is now a professional sportscaster

Pull up your goddamn pants (Video)

Ben Bernanke is giving the President his daily briefing.

So, i am officially on what?

Wedding Dance meets Evolution of Dance...

Hi and bye.

The office do you handle him/her/it?

How are the little Somali boats holding a big ship hostage?

How do I reply to this:

What if this was standard English in the US (like "received pronunciation" in the UK?)

What's your favorite Google widget?

Yall cat lovers gotta check this out!

After two weeks of no power I still have to remember to use the light switch.

This bailout thing has gone on too long: I was so caught up last night

If you needed a new car today, would you finance it with a bank or a private sale?

I had a good laugh today

so his movers are here and they are loading up his stuff

Arrrrgh! Fucking Hewlett Packard...

Happy Anniversary Fred and Wilma and Barney and Betty

My dogs are LUCKY they're not dead - instead they are confined to crates indefinitely.

The Scourge that is Goat Trauma


Free Google TiSP FREE in-home wireless broadband service. Unbelievable.

I've had a shitty morning. I'm exhausted. Life sucks.

"Heroes" fans- has it jumped the shark?

I decided I needed a mental health day today...

What is it with Youtube?

Listening to David Bowie and David Sanborn in concert - 1974

Rut Roh.

Some fucknut left a cat in a cardboard box on the porch at "work"

With the pending bailout, I think the environment in GD is just perfect for me...

Isn't it funny how dogs will howl at the fire engine siren?

VH1 is celebrating Rushashana!!!! Woot!!!!!11!!!!!

Has anyone ever eaten Spaghetti squash?

Somebody school me, please -- what's with this "EPIC FAIL" phrase that's all over DU.

How do you quote from another post in a little box in DU? nt

If Sarah Palin were a man, who would she be?

Is the universe ever going to send me a great guy?

Time to fess up. If you ever felt like you have known me, like you recognized me as a celebrity...

Mom charged with hitting other mom in school lunchroom

How long does your watch battery last?

I got electrical stimulation on the back of my neck in physical therapy...

Energy Drinks... pick your poison!

Well, my little buddy is gone...

Cinnamon rolls are done

Phone interview for SSI in three hours ...

I'm on a conference call with an Air Force Base in another state

I have a headache from someones smoking.

Ugh, I want this article to be done with

Go Jews, Go Jews...

Smokey Robinson or Smokey The Bear?

From: Minister of the Treasury Paulson

My wife is teh awesomest!!1!!1!

Who remembers Blitz-Weinhard Beer?

Campbells Makes Good Stock

whats for dinner??? n/t

Ever seen these "Drunk history" things?

I'm making cinnamon rolls


Please help with this DU poll on GD.

I need a MA/ME/VT or NH rock band for our Rock the Vote benefit

Vancouver Canucks name Loungo Captain - first goalie captain since 1948

Here is a ray of sunshine for anyone that is a having a bad day today.

Woman dressed as cow goes on rampage

there are Archway raspberry filled cookies in the house

BRRRRUUUUCCCCEEEEE - Free Bruce Concert in Philly !!!!!!! This Saturday!!!!

isn't she gorgeous....???

So, I woke up today

Back from Florida.

Jessica Dreaming.

Post your best joke or funniest story

Worst movie, film, short, video, etc. you had to watch for school or work?

Pork Brains in Milk Gravy

You know what this place needs? More Violence.

Let's just buy $700 billion dollars worth of blow and munchies and organize a National Party?

Like to see a good boxing match? Check this out. LOL

...omg my daughter just got her driver's license...

So how long before Cotton Hill replaces Palin with this guy on the ticket?

Which effin disease is gonna come next?

You know what this place needs? More Violent Femmes

John McCain (The Maverick!) tries to pick up Sarah Palin in a bar.

Why...y'all are a bunch of smartasses!

Need support, after six months

Beavers blamed for likely bank failure

Headbangers Lounge: Cheesy 1980s Metal, hard rock thread!!!

I'm pissed off.

"Sex with evil spirits"

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 9/30/2008)

Game 163!!!

How often do you get called (or implied) a troll on DU?

Curse you, Ava!

I might as well come out and say it to end all the guessing...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/30/08

Do you think you can tell a lot about a person by the way they write?

Man dives in to save dog from shark in Fla. attack

Hi old friends and new faces. (Plus random questions.)

Take a few Min. and enjoy these fall pics

BEST movie in which one of the major characters gets fed into a wood chipper

My son is turning 21 on Saturday

Will any of the web-based email programs (Yahoo, GMail and others)

Post here and I will insult you.

I don't know. If you're like me...

If Radovan Karadzic escaped from prison...

Gormy Cuss and Midlodemocrat have the same avatar. This confuses me.

mo is broked

If Sarah Palin were a viable human being, who would she be?

When do you first remember getting regular homework in school?

I got this in my email....... LOL

Can we have a group hug?

Would someone hold my hand?

Some People Really Need To Get A Damn Grip.

Combining curiosity with

Somebody, anybody...please help me. :)

Anybody here watch Dexter?

Great Truths and Other Stuff...

You were so good today, want a cookie? (No really. A free cookie.)

I just realized something roommie is in the end stage

New Bailout Plan includes provision for 50% reduction in monthly mortgage payments

Ryan Reynolds? Are You Kidding Me? Van Wilder?

Words that sound filthy but really aren't:

Acronyms that seem filthy but aren't: #1: CUNY

So say you go meet someone for drinks...

OK, is this even legal? A mini rant

Life is full of uncertainty.

When the New Depression hits, what are you going to keep in your hobo bindle?

Was Brokaw responsible for Olbermann and Matthews "demotions" as anchors for debates and such?

McCAIN Defends Osama Bin Laden-Questions Whether He Is "really the bad guy that's depicted?"

Alaskan Troopergate Witness Flips Under Oath

Republicans Give Same Old Whine in a New Bottle

You Broke It, You Bought It Wall Street

Senator Dodd: McCain delayed agreement on bailout plan

McCain: Now Is Not The Time For Blame, But I Blame Obama

This repub is Insane!

If BS were currency, Sarah Palin could bail out Wall Street by herself.

Help? Will someome help me make this picture look better? Pretty please.

Republicans Put America First?

McCain Fails to Lead on Economic Crisis. Plays the Blame Game

Chris Matthews Hardball: previewing the Palin V Biden debate

David Schuster takes on McCain economic advisor Douglas Holtz-Eakin

KO with Chris Hayes: Palin endorses Obama's foreign policy.

Colleen Callahan for Congress TV Ad 1

Palin cheesesteak run (and why you should be very, very afriad)

Moving Forward

Barack Obama = Worst person In the World!!! LOL.

See Newly Posted Fully-Functioning Link

TYT: Palin Thinks Humans & Dinosaurs Co-Existed

KO's World's Worst - Obama (!), Hannity, Rove

Rachel Maddow: Who Is Leading the Republican Party? (Re: GOP's Hurt Feelings)

Charles Krauthammer: Obama won the 1st Presidential Debate

Rachel Maddow: Palin & Her Tina Fey Problem ('Campaign Imploding')

Colorado "Red2Blue" Rally

BARACK: OHIO = Early Voting Begins & Register by Oct.6

Colorado Recruits Volunteers

Register in Michigan by October 6th

Palin and McCain: Dumb and Dumber

BAILOUT: House GOP Leader John Boehner "imperfect product"

Jewish Americans for Obama

Ron Paul: Corporatism - not free markets

Palin to Biden: "I'm coming to get you!"

Olbermann: Worst Persons - 9/29: Hannity, Rove and... Obama??

CNN's Rick Sanchez Is All Over This Bailout

Keith Olbermann interviews Paul Krugman: How dark is the economic horizon?

Vote Republican, Allow Gays to Marry, Put Palin in the Whitehouse...

TYT: Cafferty Rips Palin's Bailout Babblings


McCain: I Might Suspend Again

Bush is the Picture of Presidential Impotence!

Katie Couric Interview: Sarah Palin Lies and Blames Voter for her Pakistan Gaffe

It's A Wonderful Life bank run (full version)

A Drama starring John McCain (low volume)

Reaction To The Vote - MUST SEE TV

McCain: "Our Economy's Fundamentals are Strong"

Peter Boockvar - Will Bailout Help - 40 Billion in Dividends Paid

Hugo of Arabia

Pelosi's "Offensive" Speech

Sarah Palin: Pentecostals, Prophesy and Provincialism

Dobbs Tries To Blame Financial Crisis on ACORN

James Clyburn Explains Yesterday's Vote

Jack Cafferty slams Sarah Palin!

Did You Suspend Your Campaign as a Political Stunt?

Students Register to Vote in Michigan

Register to Vote in Michigan by October 6

Fareed Zakaria: The Case Against Sarah Palin

Leadership To Failure

McCain: I'll Veto Earmarks, But I Won't Vote Against Them Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore

Prosecutor named to probe US attorneys' firings

Chinese milk scandal hits Cadbury

Childs Bodies Found Frozen in Freezer.

Immokalee, FL Office Opening

Sarah Palins Creationist Museum

Jon Stewart on Politically Incorrect with Ann Coulter (1999)

Chavez says crisis-hit U.S. needs new constitution

Palin: Pakistan remark was a response to a voter

John McCain - Economic Disaster

Gergen Calls House Republicans "Shockingly Irresponsible"

Prosecutor Is Named in Dismissal of Attorneys

Debate watched by fewer than expected

DEMS BAILOUT BILLIONAIRES - right wing media will repeat until elections IF PELOSI PASSES IT!

Abercrombie, Hirono both vote no on bailout (Hawaii)

Speaker Pelosi's Floor Speech on the Bailout Bill pt.1

Jack Cafferty: How Can Anyone Take This Woman Seriously?

Speaker Pelosi's Floor Speech on the Bailout Bill pt.2

Fraud Trial Starts With Tales of Schemes

McCain struggles as crisis boosts Obama

Palin: Pakistan comment response to 'gotcha' query

Concerns About Palin’s Readiness as a Big Test Nears

Bill O'Reilly Vs. John Kerry on the Economic Crisis

Obama In Reno, NV

Bill Maher on The View (Part 1 of 2)

Bill Maher on Conan

New Obama Ad - "Same Path"

Stump The Candidate With Sarah Palin and John McCain !!

Three U.S.-led soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Zakaria Slams Sarah Palin - CNN

David Brooks: Palin Will Rise To The level Of Mediocrity

Palin Talking Heads Led Zeppelin

Jack Cafferty Not Letting Up On Sarah Palin

Palin Implicated By Witness in ‘Troopergate’ Probe

The Netherlands to tax (companies for) excessive executive bonuses

Brain to Nowhere

Banks Could Face Dire Consequences Without Liquidity Help

McCain & Palin: We're Anything But Boring

TYT: Despicable Congressman from Virginia Goes Racist Again

Asian Markets Drop Sharply at Open (NYT)...

Check Out this Great Ap Head Line, "McCain at dead end as House rejects bailout plan"

Cafferty Empties His Sarah Palin Mailbag

time for some chortles...Worst President Ever

Watch Sarah backtrack regarding Biden's age!

Money Market Borrowing Costs Soar

Kucinich on House Floor: Bail-Out Being Driven by Fear

Ex-CIA Official Pleads Guilty in Corruption Case

GOP absentee ballot applications wrong

McCain: Palin the next Clinton or Reagan

What do you do now?

Bill Maher on The View (Part 2 of 2)

As risk grows, resources strained at Fed, FDIC

Bush: Congress Must Act on Wall Street Crisis

Asia Stocks Fall in Worst Rout for 21 Years as Bailout Rejected

PELOSI: "Seven Hundred Billion Dollars"

Obama Notes 'Remarkable' Resemblance of Palin and Fey

White House, Lawmakers to Seek New Bailout Deal

Sarah Palin painted in the nude at Old Town Ale House in Chicago

Gallup Daily: Obama Holds 6-Point Lead

FRONTLINE | The Choice 2008 | Sneak Peek: Obama | PBS

TYT: Newsweek Reporter Tells the Truth About Sarah Palin

Judge withdraws freeze on W.Va. election ad rules

10 Army, Guard and Marine units to deploy to Iraq in 2009; Would maintain troop levels

Serbia's president considers Kosovo division

More than 140 dead in Indian temple stampede

Olmert: Israel must quit East Jerusalem and Golan

Judge 'Flabbergasted' By Prosecutors In Stevens Trial

Nearly unanimous vote for Obama = "split" on FOX


Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Fell 16.3% in July, Steepest Pace on Record

Stocks Jump After Steep Sell-Off; Key Rate Rises

Dems mixed on Lieberman censure

Financial crisis shock waves hit municipalities (Jefferson Co., Ala., may be headed for bankruptcy)

Duke professor offers 'proactive' plan to rescue economy

NC-Sen, NC-Pres: Obama leads by 2, Hagan by 8

Obama And McCain Urge Revival Of Bailout

Errant e-mail costs GOP chief post (Corinne Weber suggested Obama was the AntiChrist )

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says chance of Palin presidency scares her

Kicked Off: Maureen Dowd Banned From Campaign Plane

Networks sue Minnesota over exit poll limits

Karzai Seeks Saudi Help With Taliban

WH blames media for 'bailout' bust

(Bill) Allen Testifies in Stevens Trial

Obama Leads 50% to 42% in Pennsylvania

Feds to investigate post-Katrina bridge shootings

Hollis French speaks out (vs Meg Stapleton of McCain/Palin Truth Squad)

Bush’s Approval Rating Drops to New Low of 27%

George W Bush Battles Jesus Christ

Consumer confidence up in September

Obama endorsement(First Dem in 72 years) questions Palin pick

Ohio Election Officials Brace for Early Voting

Court denies GOP appeal on Ohio early voting

Elizabeth Edwards Ties Health Care to Economy

Lobbyists Regroup After Public Beats Bailout Bill

Poll: GOP blamed for failed bailout

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 30

Banks in miser mode send borrowing rates soaring

Obama Proposes Increasing Bank Deposit Insurance

Obama Lead Over McCain Narrows In ABC / Post Poll

Lipton-brand milk tea powder recalled in Asia

John McCain: Leave Sarah Alone

GOP Goes To Court Over Early Voting In Ohio

Credit markets tighten, even as stocks relent

Springsteen, Joel team up for Obama Benefit Concert

Friend turns on Sen. Stevens in gift-giving trial

Palin: being gay is a "choice"

Tories admit plagiarism in Harper speech (about Iraq)

Local Congressmen Explain Voting Against Bailout(Kucinich and Latourette)

McCain Pushed Bush Iraq War Agenda Two Months After 9/11

New Yorker Cover Mocks Palin's Claim Of Foreign Policy Experience

Campaign tries to explain Palin's Putin comment (sends an email to AP)

Gorbachev to form new Russian party

NASA Mars Lander Sees Falling Snow, Soil Data Suggest Liquid Past

3 Medicare fugitives held in Cuba

Palin: No, I Can’t Name a Newspaper I Read

VP Candidate Speaks Frankly ... About Feminism, Homosexuality, Abortion And The Environment

"Slacker” Does Not Air, Only Comcast Knows Why

Credit crisis to hit Microsoft: Ballmer

Bloomberg Called Ready to Announce Third-Term Bid (despite two-term limit)

Long Lost Footage Found

Commentary: Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer

Wealth makes Palins no ordinary Alaskans

Obama's gonna be sworn in on a gay baby. The oath is gonna end ''So help me, gay baby.''

McCain-Palin campaign's end-run around media, 'When is she going to have a news conference?"

McCain to Replace Palin, With Tina Fey

The Republicans' intransigence kills the bailout bill—and possibly McCain's electoral chances.

Guardian UK: The free market preachers have long practised state welfare for the rich

An Appropriately Populist Anti-Bailout Rant

What We Can Learn From Chile's Financial Crisis (bailout)

David Sirota: On Calming Down, Not Celebrating and Getting it Right

Wall Street's collapse may be computer science's gain

Thoughts on retiring amid a banking crisis

Bailout’s Next Phase: Wait and See (CQ)

FDIC loss-sharing in Wachovia deal is biggest ever

One local economist's take on the rescue plan (WSAV / Savannah GA)

When Madmen Reign By BOB HERBERT

The Invisible Hand (of the U.S. Government) in Financial Markets

There Might Be a Financial Crisis, But the World's Arms Dealers Are Doing Just Fine

McCain Goes for Flip-Flop Speed Record on Bailout Blame

Bush Implores Congress To Act To Rescue Markets

Eugene Robinson: From Fired U.S. Attorneys to Sarah Palin

AlterNet: Will Wall Street's Meltdown Turn America Into a Police State?

McCain Urges Treasury to Act Without Legislation on Bailout

In These Times: What Bush Has Stolen From Us

Market Rebounds on Strength of One Stock: 1-800-Mattress

In Bailout Vote, a Leadership Breakdown

"As the lipstick fades, Sarah Palin's True Colors Show"

Dave Lindorff: The Power of "No" and the Need to Keep the Pressure on Congress

Arianna: Does McCain Still Agree with Reagan That Government is the Problem?

NYT, Bob Herbert: When Madmen Reign; "Now we’re looking into the abyss."

For Many Americans, Fear and Distrust Run High

Eric Boehlert: The campaign-obsessed press never saw Wall Street's calamity coming

Former Sec Of Treasury O'Neill Has A Good Plan ( I think)

"Build America, Create Jobs and Get Our Economy Back on Track"

Jesse Ventura Working on New Series for truTV

Bail Out the Citizens, Not the Corporations!

Too important to fail

Salon: The Sarah Palin pity party

Political Jabs, Sarah Sinking, and the Bailout Opera

Top 3 Debate 'Zingers' We’d Like to Have Seen Obama Deliver

Pgh Post Gazette Columnist Smacks his paper for Obsession DVD distribution

'W.' watchers say Brolin's Bush is uncanny

Roger Ebert - I do not like you, John McCain

Steinem: McCain sexist for choosing Palin

Its the Democrats' fault!

Salon, Greenwald: Why is a U.S. Army brigade being assigned to the "Homeland"?

Who Says Palin Can"t Name Another Supreme Court Case: 'Kramer vs. Kramer'

BBC: Stressed Indians leave Call Centres

Black Monday? by Mike Whitney

India's outsourcing bubble is bursting

Outsourced--And Out Of Control

Blank Check for Paulson? by George Soros

The "Hero" Who Runs from the Battlefield, And Other Observations About the Presidential Campaign

Bob Herbert: When Madmen Reign

Thom Hartmann: Reclaim the Media: Bring Back the Elites


Meat must be rationed to four portions a week, says report on climate change

They are already looking for a way for Palin to bow out by using her family.

"Sex scandal in DC and Maryland threatens Bush Administration and GOP" (Yardbird .com post started

Back to the big guns

Guardsman’s death still a mystery

Afghanistan mission is long term, Gates says

Adviser mission to leave Fort Riley

Odierno warns of potential revolt by Iraqis

Petraeus: More winter combat in Afghanistan

Army reviews possible chemical mishap in Iraq

Afghan policeman kills a U.S. solider, wounds 3

Soldier killed by small-arms fire in Baghdad

Congress wants citizenship for troops hastened

Jury selection begins in Fort Dix plot case

Appeal rights bill may die in Senate

Navy watches seized ship with Sudan-bound tanks

Navy: Sonar site off Florida preferred

Liberty rules in Japan adjusted

Pendleton experiences a building boom

Convicted child porn airman escapes in England

McCain: LCS shows spending out of control

Missileer charged with stealing tamper device

Hundreds of Reaper, Predator pilots needed

Iraq buys 12 U.S.-made reconnaissance planes

Resettlement comes with deadly risks

2nd ID soldier dies following boxing match

Army forms military funeral coverage panel

Navy regulations keeping single civilians out of pre-rented units

Prosecutor suspends case against S. Korean reporter who made film on Iraq war

Jury hears tape of confession in child killing case

Whale of a Problem for Proposed Sonar Training Site

(Military Times) Op-Ed: Let Palin Be Palin

Rash of Suicides Hits Houston Army Recruiters

Units Prepare for NORTHCOM Assignment

Emergency landing blamed on brake fire on B-1B

Who's missing here...?

Queer Icon for a new generation.....

DeGeneres speaks against Proposition 8

Peak Oil Review - Sept 29

Country-of-origin lables on meat and produce

France, India sign major nuclear deal

Beetle-Killed Rocky Mountain Forest Could Affect Local Weather, Air Quality As Well As Climate - AFP

The most important issue - if anyone you know doesn't take it seriously send this to them!

Solar Cell Sets World Efficiency Record

Buying milk

Spain In Midst Of Worst Drought In 40 Years - 1,000s Of Farms Abandoned As Politicians Wrangle - BBC

Federal court ruling puts gray wolves back on endangered list

Daily Green - Some Beekeepers Focusing Attention On Nosema Variant As CCD Cause

Palin: Homosexuality is a choice I didn't make

Pumped-Storage and Wind: an Ideal Solution

Severe fuel shortage grips parts of US southeast

Gore Warns of Sub-Prime Carbon Catastrophe

Invisibly Emptied Oceans

Israel army buys self-destruct cluster bombs: radio

IDF to halt use of US cluster bombs

McCain camp: Claim that Palin endorsed Hamas is 'libel'

Stock Index, S&P Sector & Bond Index performance numbers, week ending 09/26/2008

What do you think of the vote that rejected a $700 billion bailout for the U.S. economy?

Without a Bailout Plan, What Will the Cost Be? It's possible the bill will actually be larger

Recovering from today’s disgrace

The Bush-Paulson-Bernanke Shock Doctrine Failed

The people crying 'wolf' (I hate that phrase) should write for "Scare Tactics" with

Bush addresses nation at 0745 EST

Let Risk-Taking Financial Institutions Fail!

What Wall Street Hoped to Win

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/30/08

BoA CEO: Increase regulation on investment banks

commercial paper market & margin calls

Books on liberal economists?

This isn't just a Wall Street bailout!

Why are the America hater foreigners expecting help from...America?

Would it be advisable to use 403b money to pay off credit cards?

Another Freudian slip of the tongue on Bloomberg.

"mark to market" and FDIC limits

Ok..economy is tanking. Here's some tips on what to do.

Why the bailout bombed: GOP blames Pelosi, but message that mattered was from voters back home

Isn't this bailout the same as paying "protection money" to the gangster who threatens you

Mitsubishi, UAW reach tentative deal at US plant

Delphi to Send Pension Obligations to G.M.

General Motors’ New Plant Will Build Smaller, Fuel-Sipping Engines

LAX workers reach labor agreement

Today in labor history Sept 30 Leaving at least 100, perhaps several hundred blacks dead & more

What If Your Social Security Was in the Stock Market Yesterday?

Are Democrats A Threat to Tribal Sovereignity? WOW!!!!

World War III knocking at our door ((Carlos Alberto Montaner puke alert))

Ecuador votes to lock in its shift to the left

Aussie Ven Solidarity Network Response to HRW Report: An Echo of US Propaganda

Doctors: Jaguars tackle Collier is paralyzed and had leg amputated

Oakland Raiders Sack Head Coach Lane Kiffin

If You Want To Know What Life Under President McCain Would Be Like

Boxing: 10-3 & 4 (Special note)

Ex-Spartan Mandarich finally admits steroid use

John Hussman: An Open Letter Concerning The Current Financial Crisis

Voice Analysis of the Debate

A look at Pluto in Capricorn by Astrologers In Europe

My sis needs help with toxic coworkers....

Hi and bye.

Searching for Clarity: A Primer on Medical Studies

Fun with Photoshop!

Flickr vs. Photobucket vs. Zooomer vs. Picasa vs. Shutterfly???

Time for a happy dance.

Court shoots down law limiting gun purchases (Jersey City, NJ)

Since there is no emergency prep forum, this seems next best. Which is better for emergency lightin

Remind me again which shot is best size for personal protection? nm

here's a crazy cooking challenge

Rhode Island Clam Chowdah

In need of a fantastic breakfast recipe...

Argentina dinosaur fossil find tightens evolutionary link with modern birds

Martian clouds

Scientists Create Device to Remove Carbon Dioxide Directly from the Air

Smack me if I asked this before: Have you ever seen the movie "Fatso"?

The Shah of Iran exiled Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini. Why didn't Jesus' enemies have Him exiled?

Video: Bill Maher On CNN - Religulous

Dutch Christian naturists forced to cancel naked mass

PNAC Alert: Gates Kicks "Transformation" To The Curb

The 9/11 Hoax and its Outcome on the American People

Microsoft, Washington state sue over 'scareware' pop-up ads (TX Firm)

South Texas town ousts sex offender mayor

Burlesque the Vote! -Austin 10/3

An evening with Jim Hightower - 10/3/08 for Glenn Melancon

800 people showed up for our Debate Watch Party Friday night

Problem with IE 7

need an external DVD burner/ what is InfraRecorder?

Two Canadians hurt during outpost attack in Afghanistan

Liberals accuse Harper of plagiarizing 2003 speech on Iraq

Notre Dame University, on plagiarism (Owen Lippert's alma mater)

Visit or for strategic voting to defeat Harper

Who is Owen Lippert?

My two political loves

Bailout bill failure has direct impact on state of Massachusetts. They were denied credit.

Sun Country defers workers pay

Where is the Taxpayer's League in all this?

This has to be the best obituary ever!

Gotta go, Sarah Connor is on......

What's Asshole vanhollerin' Got To Say About This Idiot Pastor In West Bend?

Is this awesome or ridiculous...I can't decide

This state is really full of Republicans, isn't it?

Saw my first "Yes on 8" ad