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John McCain and the Disaster on US Forrestal - The Untold Story

The only change the people will get from a McCain Administration...

Subpoenas Due In Palin Trooper Probe

McCain never voted against the "Bridge to Nowhere", and he voted FOR the Bear DNA study.

You know what gets me mad? Since Michigan residents have some very serious issues,

Where would the McCain/Palin duo get us with this developing situation?

If you really want to know what's at stake ...

Looks like Not Much Palin Impact. When Will Incoming 527's Hit?!

Looks like Not Much Palin Impact. When Will Incoming 527's Hit?!

If McCain is such a moderate Republican and a maverick

Does Alaska have line-item veto for its budget?

Good Lord! I just got a robo call for mcc and palin rally Monday morning in Lee's Summit, MO. I

Copyright Protection: Another McCain Weak Point

Will The GOP's Negativity Produce A Backlash?

"Democrats post big gains in voter registration"

"Democrats post big gains in voter registration"

McCain campaign run like juvenile MTV Punk Show.

Shotgun Sarah rewards aerial slaughter of wolves

Palin church promotes converting gays

Main difference between Palin and Obama - IQ. She is cunning and clever

Is Special Needs Funding a way for Palin to win hearts of Non Conservatives?

I'm disappointed that Obama campaign didn't run a commercial about the "community organizer" attack.

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

Head Explosion #23: McCain Mocks Obama As "Celebrity" But His VP Is Now Touted

Sunday September 7 News Show Lineup

Why the Media Should Apologize to Palin

CNN: "Florida Republican group to boycott Oprah"

"God ... Is Gonna Strike Out His Hand Against, Yes, ... The United States Of America!"

Governor Palin approved funding for SEX EDCATION? WTF?

63 pages of opposition research on Palin

How great is it that shoot from the 'copter Falin is not allowed on the Sunday talk shows?

Does Faillin share McSame's "comprehensive immigration" views?

John McSame -- Poll

Guys, guys! If You Have NOT Seen this Video, YOU MUST! Stewart Destroys McSame!

"Palin is the new Dancing Baby" - Email to CNN

Don't Expect a Lot of Alaskans to Come Clean on Palin

What have Palin or McCain done for African American rights or any other Minority Rights

CNN 'McCain Revealed' program paints a VERY ugly picture of McCain, IMO

The McCain campaign won't let the "pit bull with lipstick" meet with the press.

Video of Palin being coached for her speech

Video of Palin being coached for her speech

States where we are gaining ground?

Palin's stall.... Governor is stonewalling the Troopergate investigation

How many million viewers watch the Sunday political talk shows?

CNN CRITCAL piece on Palin

Republicans pull Campaign Prop out of Trash

Has anyone noticed, Repubs can't even come up with ANY

Funny pic, been up here yet?

Why we're posting about Palin

I just spoke with a white female who is 78 years old in Atlanta

Frank Rich for Sunday, September 7: "Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage"

This is the kind of stuff that probably goes on in Palin's church

Sarah Louise Palin = "A Harpie's Allusion" and "Lush Paranoia Lies" in anagram

RE: The Satirical Sarah Palin VBlogs

On a rant...apologies ahead of time.

They are both incredibly repelling, but who disgusts you more, McCain or Palin?

It's 3 a.m. and Sarah Palin is reading the cliff notes on Iraq and Afghanistan

Slacker Palin: Still using the teleprompter

Sarah Palin and the Experience Argument to Nowhere

Why we're posting about Palin

Why we're posting about Palin

As for Palin's alleged "Executive experience", how does that make her qualified?

Comeback of the Week: Jesus was a Community Organizer

Framing the Election: It is the People vs. This Administration and friends.

Yes, the kid gloves are off (new Obama commercial).....

Oh no, not ANOTHER flag post

people are going obama crazy out there. i was mobbed selling buttons at

Glossalalia (speaking in tongues)....

Palin will be on Meet the Press Sunday after Next!!!

What about Texas? I read recently neither

A Useful Timeline on Palin's Big Lie

"Palin was the mayor of a town with fewer people than some high schools"

Have August fund raising numbers been released yet? When are they due to the FEC?

McCains' homes worth a total of nearly $13 million

McCain = World War.

It isn't about Palin so much as how/why it was her - my theory...please read and ponder.

Calling on ALL Hockey Moms!

WBZ radio 1030 poll Boston

How many times did McCain say "POW" in his acceptance speech? I heard it was 911.

Why Palin should be president

Why Palin should be president

Those flags were stolen from Mile HIgh Stadium and used for political gain.

Map at the link below - electoral - looking pretty fine to me

Hilarious Illustration with Frank Rich's Column

Greta's showing some Palin special, An American woman.

A NEW moran @ the RNC!

Straight Talk Express meets the Bridge to Nowhere

Two conversations at my parish festival

In Case of Rapture, this Office Will be Un-(Wo)Manned

McCain-Palin becoming Palin-McCain?

McCain's choice won't fool women

Is Palin actually uniting the Democrats?

If McCain is such a "maverick" who is going to "clean up" Washington,

Could Sarah Palin make her Teleprompter use any more obvious?

CNN & The Stupid Flag Story...

Coming soon, Sarah Palin's cookbook: "Let the Eagle Sear"

Barack must use this material from Rich's column in the 9/26 foreign policy debate

Just heard Kondracke refer to Palin as "this rightwing wacko".

What's the Difference between Bush/Cheney and McCain/Palin

Check out Fox

Palin's Speech to Nowhere

Alaskan issues under Palin: Crime up, dropout rate up, inequality in education

Obama should get our stolen flags back from those thieving Republicans and offer them

CNN Now ---- Barack Obama Revealed (eom)

CNNs Rick Sanchez just had an interview with first-time voters

Nuts or Sluts

Congressional Quarterly - Congratulations to John McCain! He's Number 1 in 2007!

All hell will break loose when Pailin is in VP bootcamp

All hell will break loose when Pailin is in VP bootcamp

What is this story with the Flags from the DNC?

McCain giving money to obama campaign

I just shredded McPain.

With Gratitude ...

You have seen this poll on 'The queen of the earmarks' from Think Progress

Obama- "a blank slate"

SF paper gets strong negative reaction to Palin from women

Keynote Speaker in 2004-why? I love John Kerry, but who picked Obama,

Is McCain Palin's Bitch? Great video

I love this art

There is a post at MyDD from during the has stunned me.

Obama On The Offensive

just joined the "I had a passport before Sarah Palin" facebook group

Between cries of sexism from the media,FOX does segment on Sarah Palin's hairstyle

Nah, too late. nt

"The only thing they'll change is the stationery"

"The only thing they'll change is the stationery"

Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage (Frank Rich Sunday NYT)

"She's a skillful politician," Obama said of Palin, "but when you've been taking all these earmarks

Sunday's Political Schedule, per Mark Halperin

"You get very few chances in presidential campaigns to paint on a blank canvass"

John McCain's Pandering in the Tailhook sexual naval corruption.

John McCain's Pandering in the Tailhook sexual naval corruption.

Fox playing "Sarah Palin" an american woman...bla

Ron Paul to be on the ballot in MT

New Obama - Biden button

After viewing graphic photos posted by "TexanDem", re Sarah Palin's hunting trophies


Why my 72yo dad in Florida won't vote for Obama

Democrats post big gains in voter registration

Sarah who?

Fox News' Jarrett to Obama adviser: "I'll shut down the microphone if you continue"

I'm looking for a recently posted cartoon.

Newsweek on Palin and Social Issues Alaska

Barack Obama for Prime Minister-official website.......

What do you think about using just the name McPalin?

Beware the Barracuda (Newsweek)

Obama McCain tie in TV ratings

Update on the investigation into Gov Palin's abuse of power...

Update on the investigation into Gov Palin's abuse of power...

lots of anti-diversity and anti-people of color CODE at the RNC convention

Obama McCain tie in TV ratings

So the Republicans don't like cities anymore?

So the Republicans don't like cities anymore?

Do you know what doesn't make any sense?

ha ha. Everytime the pukes use "Barracuda", they're contributing to Obama


AARP Event - McCain Still Refuses To Disclose His Social Security Plan - Privitization!

John McCain Helped Goad the American Public Into Invading a Foreign Country, With Bald-faced Lies

Joe Biden to campaign today in Kalispell, Montana

Which Republican Is More Likely to Serve in an Obama-Biden Administration?

About the Vice Presidential debate.....

CNN lists what each candidate has promised. Interesting comparison.

Palin repeats her "No thanks" to 'bridge to nowhere" lie.

C-Span asks it: Will race be the deciding factor in the election?

Answers for Republican talking points

Is Obama doing fundraising phone calls?


No FBI Background check on Palin

Sarah Palin's appeal to working-class women may be limited

OUR FLAGS WERE STOLEN....vendor interview at KWGN

Diaego/Hotline tracking poll: EPIC FAIL

WSJ: Palin's Hockey Rink Leads To Legal Trouble in Town She Led

Sarah Palin on the trail with McCain last few days ............

Obama, seeing hope in Ohio, shifts schedule there

And, representing Sarah Palin on the Sunday morning talk show circuit,

What % of Americans are animal lovers?

Are the Harvest Assemblies of God the same as Assemblies of God?

Palin's creationist views would endanger U.S. progress

McCain's Mortality Table

Why does Sarah Palin despise the men and women of our military?

ABC News: Mccain/Obama to visit Ground Zero together on 9/11-hold joint event-statement issued

Snuffing out a Thousand Points of Lights

Snuffing out a Thousand Points of Lights

I know what my problem is

Nikki Stone1

Yahoo electoral map dashboard

Vendetta row can’t hold Sarah Palin back

Conservatives Attempt to Tie Obama to Black Panther Leader Fizzles

So is Palin a young earther?

Why Palin's judgment should prevent any THINKING person from voting for her

Obama's history making campaign forgotten in hours

Local news this morning must have got the memo re palin

What is the percentage of 2nd place primary finishers chosen as running mates?

So the press does their job for a week....

Help!!! DU this poll...

McCain has no intention of fully vetting Palin

After RNC Speech, Republicans Court Lieberman to Make the Switch Official

For the first time I just saw back to back ads, first for Obama, then for McCain.

Joe Biden on Meet the Press

What happened to Meet the Press? It's awdul!

We must reveal Palin as an extremist

Obama holding his own against right wing Stephanopolis.

Hi, I'm John McCain, & I'm voting for Barack Obama

They are saddled with a VP choice who they don't trust enough to send out on the TV circuit.

List of books Sarah Palin wanted to ban

In selecting Palin it seems to me that McCain is telling Catholic and Jewish voters to shove off

This is a serious appeal to DU. Please read.

Coffee Spew Funny Shit!

Palin... Shotgun wedding and a task from god.

Why Hasn't Sarah Palin Been To Iraq?

Palin's Extremist Views Are Indefensible

our Founding Fathers were community organizers

Anyone feel it is Ironic that the New Yorker does a cover with a militant Michelle, and then

Washington Post titles article incorrectly!

It's Nov. 4. What surprise state win would indicate a landslide?

No talk shows, but Palin documentary done & being shown on Fox this morn.

All signs point to a DRAFT under a Gramps/Gidget administration

Something Biden said on MTP that I wanted to post yesterday but forgot to

It is insulting to ALL voters to keep Palin in scripted only situations.

Best coverage of the RNC in St. Paul: Minnesota Independent

Anchorage Daily News: "I have known Sarah since 1992..." by Anne Kilkenny of Wasella, Alaska --

Someone needs to smash Brokaw's fucking forehead into that big round table...

Just Saw Myself On Stephanopolous' Show

Just Saw Myself On Stephanopolous' Show

most extensive Palin research

Definition of "barracuda". From Webster's:

>>Obama v. Palin on Experience: One Simple Question.

Palin should be on TV THIS MORNING.

"The Notion that" Code speak for I support Obama

Wallace on Fixed News actually doing his job with McCain's Rick Davis

The real issues in this campaign

List of books Sarah Palin wanted to ban

January in the Senate.

Has anyone heard Palin described as presidential in her speech?

Has anyone heard Palin described as presidential in her speech?

Has anyone heard Palin described as presidential in her speech?

Florida ballot papers go missing.

Faux News shows Electoral Map Poll showing Obama way ahead

The Let's Fire John McCain-O-Tron

The media is being mean to Palin. That's why she won't talk to them.

The media is being mean to Palin. That's why she won't talk to them.

Rasmussen: O, M tied at 46 again (or 48 with leaners)


ABC News Gets Wonky: Are Palin's Eyeglasses the New Pantsuit?

McCane Is On Face The Nation

Is Palin Even Loyal to the U.S.?

Chris Wallace is smashing Rick Davis ! Yikes he sounds like a Dem

McSame has the Gall to shout out to the Peace Corps, Americorps

McCain Wimps Out, Country Shrugs

An Adviser Molds a Tighter, More Aggressive McCain Campaign

Joe Biden is a total badass!

I'm sick of "scripted only" appearances by the Executive branch

The McCain ticket "change" - meddling and stonewalling ethics charges BEFORE even being in office!

Junior States of America poll - Is Palin the right choice?

I wonder if voters understand what a McCain Presidency will be like.

I wonder if voters understand what a McCain Presidency will be like.

I Want It All, And I Want It Now.

Sarah Palin Is Not a Hockey Mom

Sarah Palin Wants Jews and Homosexuals Converted

There should be a sticky with a list of debunked subjects that are not allowed to be posted.

Am I missing something?

Am I missing something?

VP Sarah Palin: Ready on Day 1...uh....14...uh maybe 59?

Andrea"Skeletor" Mitchell is the go to Palin SHILL

Obama & Biden Hit Sunday Morning Talk Shows

"Saturday in the Park" got me thinking about Obama, and feeling good.

Sarah Palin is a WEAKLING, Hiding Behind her Family

On Being Commander In Chief (CIC) from the getgo

The real reason Palin is not on the talk shows this weekend is because she is afraid.

Obama Is Doing Great On "This Week"

Just talked to my grandmother in the Philly suburbs - women she knows not swayed by Palin

If this ends up tied 269 - 269, what plans are there for the House of Representatives?

The DNC should sue the person who stole the flags

"They closed the enthusiasm gap but now they have a credibility gap."

A great oil point for Obama/Biden to push

McClatchy: McCain's history of hot temper raises concerns

Obama is laughing on ABC

Obama is laughing on ABC

Not a Bristol bashing thread, but a hypocrisy that I can't shake.

Has Rove won?

Palin: average isn't good enough. Sam Harris

Sarah Palin: the Baby Ruth bar that has been tossed into the swimming pool of DU.

Follow up on Lucille

Ponder: GOP ticket = Viagra pitch man and Springer show guest trainwreck family.


NEWS FLASH to McCain-Palin: Our Politicians DEFER to the American People

Overheard in a Barnes & Noble in Cuyahoga County, Ohio yesterday...

I'm SEETHING - LTTE in local paper, and my response...

Palin Rises Above "Shrill" Media

Anchorage Daily News opinion piece: Palin's leadership

Jesus was a Community Organizer. Pontius Pilate was a Governor.

Palin getting tutored in Neocon 101 by Professor Lieberman

Palin getting tutored in Neocon 101 by Professor Lieberman

Biden on "Meet The Press" today

Palin's "Biggest Project" As Mayor: A Hockey Rink With Legal Troubles

Here's the story IMHO

Was This Why Palin Fired Walter Monegan???

Any Republican who watched Biden on MTP today has to be discouraged

O 260 EV, M 179 EV, Toss Up 99EV - Seriously, how does JM get to 270 electoral votes?

Remind your Republican friends - Vote on Nov. 5th!

Can someone explain to me why Florida's out of play?

This Week w/Stephie

"I Picked a Girl" Palin/McCain spoof

Parents of Special-Needs Children Divided Over Palin’s Promise to Help

We need to frame Palin as the next Cheney

When and if...when and if??? who the heck do they think they are

another poll to DU (with link)

Biden another Lieberman....

Joe Lieberman made a bet with McCain that he could turn anyone he picked into a Vice President

I missed MTP,.. synopsis anyone?

I got this pic from an RW Pubbie. IMO, it is racist and offensive. What do you think?

Not a great day for McCain/Palin on the Talk Show Circuit Today

Advisers advice for Palin: campaign in small towns

Remember Senator Macaca? He was a

Rasmussen 9/7 has it tied at 46; tied at 48 with leaners; some women swayed by bright, shiny object

IS there a Palin Free Zone where we don't have to wade through 10,000

My Reductionist Poll

Sen. Boxer is ripping Palin on CNN.

KMA Huffington Post

I have a question

Pitbull! LOL! Just a Puppy with Lipstick.

Rich Genius

sent to me about 3 minutes ago: THE BOOK LIST!!!!

sent to me about 3 minutes ago: THE BOOK LIST!!!!

Dana Milbank Rocks The Eastern Media Elite

Before I head out to canvass in VA on this gorgeous day, I just want to say...

Palin used state funds for trip to speak at her former church

Whats up with this supposed MAJOR!! announcement on the 10th by Ron Paul?

Has Borat Stolen the Republican Party?

One Reason that McSame should be VERY wary of Sarah Palin(comparison)

They will put her up for interview when the media shows some "deference"

Pailin's "Coward Clock" is still ticking

John McCain's Upcoming 60-day Debate Schedule

"Where's Sarah"? or "It's Eleven O'Clock PM do you know where Sarah is?"

Even after two weeks, no one on C-Span or the Sunday chats shows wants to admit it:

The American Debate: It's little discussed, but Obama's race may be decider

Barbara Boxer On McCain's Speech

Obama Doesn't Sweat. He should.

Dammit....Palin is NOT the Repub Pres Nominee!

What the Sunday times article says about Palin.

US election: Storm as Oprah says no to Palin interview

Unhinged quote of the day - Michael Reagan

Dana Bash admits PALIN Is Being "tutored" on Foreign Policy

Dana Bash admits PALIN Is Being "tutored" on Foreign Policy

Post Funny Sarah Palin Pics Here

Freudian slip on Faux News - re flag flap

Palin used state funds for trip to speak at her former church

Palin will probably laundry list her knowledge of foreign affairs....

McCain attacked 18 year old Chelsea Clinton in 1998 now says Palin's family & kids are off limits

Caging is going to be ugly this year. Here's (maybe) how to fight back:

Wolf Blitzer must have a rough time at home...

College Republicans director resigns over post

Obama Campaign: Must Hire Lakoff n/t

Won't Palin's hiding from the press set her up for higher expectations?

Sarah Palin Diagnosed W/ Clinical Phychosis

"In the circus, the hardest job to do is cleaning up after the elephants"

Delete - Dupe

Obama by the numbers 820-427-152

So, what does it mean when Palin wears a Flag Pin? (Photo)

Ron Paul's Major Announcement? Could it be an Obama Endorsement?

McCain touts Palin on foreign affairs

FOX PreGame - Howie Long...towing the line

Two interesting things just happened:

Why hasn't anyone picked up on McShame calling a vet "Noise/Static" at the RNC?

Can the Repugs shut down the Troopergate investigation entirely?

Call the new foum GD: "Vice" Presidential

Call the new foum GD: "Vice" Presidential

Amount of media coverage dedicated to the issues: 2%

McCain Boards Biden's Plane

for those disturbed by today's "tracking polls" here's a good article on convention bumps

Haven't been able to watch the Sunday shows. Is anyone making a big deal about Palin not talking to

Barbara Boxer on McCain

The Electoral Vote Today

A question on polling (particularly the old fart tracking of Gallup and Rasmussen)...

The Record: Church faithful are certain Palin has God on her side

Palin to be MIA for *****2 weeks*******????

Just went to the Publix Supermarket in Alpharetta, GA

Seeking information regarding Obama's support of charter schools and his positions on teacher pay

The PALIN "No Press Questions" is a setup to lower expectations for the debates.......

Reflections on Palin from a Christian in Wasilla

If McCain wins, he is going to have to have a food taster

Excellent Obama comment on ABC just now (EST time):

Is it just me, or is the mood freakin subdued in here?

WATCH: Obama's Full 'This Week' Interview


Height of hypocrisy: McCain complaining about the frenzied coverage of Sarah Palin.

Palin church video- she WILL fade ... video

Palin church video- she WILL fade ... video

A question about 538's expected numbers over the next few days.

Palin's Weird Loyalty Test As Mayor - lost in some of the library talk, the real issue - loyalty

Palin's Weird Loyalty Test As Mayor - lost in some of the library talk, the real issue - loyalty

**Special Rights for Rapists** Should the Obama

COservative Nazi Network (CNN) this morning was deifying Palin...

I saw this live during the RNC

I saw this live during the RNC

Can I be petty for a moment?

Do you all know how close DU is?

CRYBABY ALERT! McCain's campaign manager shields Princess Yep Yep from the 'piranha' media

WSJ: Palin's Hockey Rink Leads To Legal Trouble in Town She Led (Josh Marshall: Oops)

I wish Obama and Biden would talk more about the ethnic cleansing in Iraq

My GOP Idiot friends are not voting for McCain, just against Obama......

My GOP Idiot friends are not voting for McCain, just against Obama......

CNN just showed Palin's embarrassing clips...(Rick Sanchez)

Regarding Caging - A caller on Air America suggested

We need to relax, keep working hard, and let Barack and Biden work.

Why is half of Wasilla blurred out on Google maps?

Graphic - Cheney-Palin, What's the difference?

McCain & the Keating 5 - Let's bring out his scandals - ALL OF THEM

We have yet to unleash The Hillary and still people panick

funny Obama pic

John McCain is not George Washington

Did they really show a picture of military graves during McCain's speech

Crap!! Gallup daily tracking poll has McCain up by 3

Crap!! Gallup daily tracking poll has McCain up by 3

PHOTO: finalists for first Sarah Palin interview (Jerry or Maury?)

Well, I needed to get away from this forum for a while any way

New GOP Spin = Palin's not ready to RUN for Vice President

Joe Biden is fully capable of delivering snide, sarcastic, attack soundbytes with a great big smile

Obama's going to far southwest Virginia Tuesday afternoon.

My Message to Obama today

Palin In '06: I Won't Let "Spinmeisters" Turn Bridge To Nowhere Into "Something Negative"

Palin In '06: I Won't Let "Spinmeisters" Turn Bridge To Nowhere Into "Something Negative"

Sarah Palin vs Janet Napolitano -- Palin Pales In Comparison

Palin to sit down with Charlie Gibson and ABC later this week

Cindy McCain's Outfit Cost $313,000

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 9/7/08 - Obama 46, McCain 46 (McCain up 1)

If Obama looks credible on national defense in the debates to the

Obama has Unleashed his Army today!!!!

I've got the PERFECT name for McCain!

Million Dollar Reward.... If

Why doesn't Obama just stage another large scale event to trump the GOP convention?

FNS: Davis Defends Palin’s Massive Earmarks

538: Nate Silver's Analysis Of Today's Polls.

Dupe. Please delete.

Who still thinks Palin might be just temporary

Sarah Palin- Hockey Player Purposely Taking Cheap Shots To Provoke Reactions From Star Player

These problems are not unsolvable. Bill Clinton faced almost all this shit in 1992

So, is LIEberman going to get away with tutoring Gidget?

Palin supposedly 8 months pregnant

What should Obama/Biden's strategy be from here on out?

Don't overlook the fact that Cheney is

Sign the petition to "release" Palin to journalists

New magazine hopes to empower Republican base and feature Palin's real self

Barney Frank: [Palin] Playing politics with family values

It's a crying shame that in modern day society someone not only has to prove how religious they are

It's a crying shame that in modern day society someone not only has to prove how religious they are

The bar is being lowered before our eyes.....

Can someone please explain this?

did tom brokaw treat biden with 'respect and deference' on meet the press???

There is a lot of panicking

Newsweek delivers huge bio of Palin: "An Apostle of Alaska" --- It's not all pretty.

Arizona gets an Obama office on Tuesday! Woo-effin'-hoo! Take that, retired Senator McSame!

The media attempt to control the media continues. Fight Republican censorship.

Interesting quote from P*lin I just read

***DAY 10*** Without A Press Conference For Palin

Wow! Who knew Willie Brown was so popular?

If Palin cannot face the media, she is not equipped to face Putin

McCain: Rich aides may work for $1 a year

MP3: Jim Hightower speech at Fighting Bob Fest (Sept. 6, 2008)

Every Metric Favors The Democrats

Email hoax: Palin Quotes "Lizards of Satan"

Do you agree with Joe Biden that Sarah Palin is being "sequestered" from media interviews?

Sarah Palin

MP3: Phil Donahue speech at Fighting Bob Fest (Sept. 6, 2008)

What do you all think of McCain (I can't even include moose lady) supporters?

Will Putin treat Palin with "deference and respect" if she is forced to deal with him???

Palin's secession flirtation

Of Wal-Mart Workers and Cindy McCain's $300,000 Get Up

Ya gotta admit we were totally unprepared for Palin. They took us by surprise, but don't despair.

The election is won state by state, here is an

"Two POWs running on the GOP ticket..."

I Got Spam From The College RNC Dated Sept ??

e-mails off public record"exec. privilege &confidential info then Todd should not be privy to'em"

I know it's Texas, but can we DU this poll?

Smack. Obama finally says it: THEY MUST THINK YOUR STUPID

"This is our last chance to elect a White, Christian Man"

What an INSULT to compare Palin to Obama!!!


So this is what it's going to come down to? Deference?

How about a GD:Palin forum?

McCain/ didn't work.......not even close


For us Democrats it's always tommorrow. You know, the strategery.

Thats it i am logging out until tomorrow yall are actings like little P's

i'm watching the brokaw interview on meet the press.....obama can't take on the media

You guys have to get out there into the partisan blogosphere.

Now they are questioning Baracks mystery years at Columbia

McCain: Out of Touch or Did He Forget?

Rasmussen 48-48

Heads Up: C-Span To Re-Air Palin's 2006 Gubernatorial Debate Today @ 6:30 EST

Biden's Kalispell tickets going fast (Montana visit today - 2:30pm local)

McCain's paradoxical approach: analyst (trumpets bipartisanship while using very partisan strategy)

I'm applying for Camp Obama today. Anyone care to share their stories?

I'm applying for Camp Obama today. Anyone care to share their stories?

NOW will you believe us chicken littles?

Wow.. what happened in here???

How is someone "ready" to be VP when they're not yet "ready" to face the media?


Palin offers first television interview to ABC (Charlie Gibson)...

Sarah Palin's church promotes converting homosexuals at upcoming "Pray Away the Gay" conference

If repugs "wire" Palin in Biden debate she will chew Biden up and spit him out

Obama stump speech plays to fears, hopes.

McLame campaign caves in to pressure. Palin finally agrees to TV interview. And the winner is...

So if he'll ask his cabinet members to work for $1 a year, what kind of people are we talking about?

North Dakota and Montana =

Detroit Free Press: McCain, Palin must address economy to win state, some say

John McCain has peaked. I predict he will never do this well in the polls again

You know it's sad when Rachel Maddow on a network says "Liar" but our guys can't or won't.


Re: Sarah Palin and Media Interviews

Should Obama Run A "Why Won't Palin Answer Questions" Ad, Similar To Hillary's "Debate Me" Ads?

Wait! The Media and McCain are treating Palin as though she's the First Lady! We must fight this!

It is simple.

Freepers work to undermine Obama via the campaign site

"Deference"?? Is she the frigging Queen of England?

I SO can't wait to hear Hillary take on Palin!

We need EVERY SINGLE one of you!!


You won't believe this quote.

Video of Palin about war in Iraq: “We are fighting in some sense over energy supplies.”

the PUMAs Pounce!

Resumes of Obama and Palin

Trophy Wife? Or Trophy Vice?

Sarah Palin Is A Reality Show Contestant.

If I had the chance, here is my question for Palin

Glen Greenwald: even if Palin opens the door to interviews, the media won't challenge her anyway.

Sarah Palin, Dinosaurs & The Lord

Sarah Palin, Dinosaurs & The Lord

Sarah Palin, Dinosaurs & The Lord

If something happened to McCain and he had to drop out of the race,

Is Biden's appearance in Montana this afternoon on TV or internet anywhere?

Palin, In 1996 was Elected to mayor in her first term with 651 votes?

Obama's down in the early September polls? Means nothing. Up? Ditto.

Hit the ground running, not McSame's veep

Experience = Bullshit

Take your frustrations out here and only here...never let them see you sweat people

the time has come to STOP talking about VP nominee Palin n quit following the repub game plan

CNN News drone just said that McCain was going to

The target should not be McCain specifically, or Palin ...

Joe Biden was great on MTP this morning! I have no doubt

FauxNews ~ a security threat?

McCain's preference for the politics of gesture over the politics of substance

When Obama & Biden get down & dirty, they should start making use of the word "neo-cons" more often

Barr threatening "serious legal consequences" about ballot in TX-

Democrats ultimately finished better than they were polling at a similar time of year in 2000 & 2004

Proposed TP - The Whine House - Republicans Allege Bias, Because "They Just Can't Take The Heat"

Is the Palin interview going to be live?

McCain is still adopting the "freedom fries" and "old Europe" mentality

I've noticed CNN almost always mutes the crowd reaction to Obama...

OK, how do we scare the shit outta the wishy washy fence sitters?

deleted/wrong forum

Hey Sarah and Rudy, why didn't you read THIS before you gave your idiotic speeches last week??

Larry Sabato: Polls will show significant shift towards McCain

Are there any Iraqis who would be willing to pick lettuce in the USA for $50 per hour?

This is really funny! Maureen Dowd: Clash of the Titans

Obama would delay rescind tax cuts if US is in recession

Silver lining in the polls

I'm sorry to say this...but I am watching CNN....

An endorsement that still could be very helpful: Colin Powell

Obama's stump speech plays to fears, hopes

Obama needs to run ads in South Florida about McCain's plan to

How Exactly Do McCain's Policies Differ From Bush's?

Obama pushed someone in a wheelchair!!!! Breaking!!!!

Cagle Political Cartoon - No Condoms

Intrade Market Odds: Obama 57 - McCain 41.3

Obama was -2 in the gallup on the eve of the Dem convention... -3 now.

McCain in Colorado Springs, Co Re: French President

McCain in Colorado Springs, Co Re: French President


Obama's response on Palin and Earmarks is working beautifully

This Poll Map Of Florida Is Bugged Out

Obama vs Palin. This has to stop now.

Journeys With George

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling" the moose killer is coming!!

Jamie Lee Curtis: Do You Think I'm Stupid?

I need a photo of Bush wearing his "wire" behind his jacket (circa 2004)

What will be Palin's excuse for skipping out on the debate with Biden?

Rs willing to scale back convention for Hurricane Gustav - so will they curtail campaign during Ike?

Sarah Palin learns to play the victim

I leave for Groceries while on CNN Palin is at a rally, I return and Palin is on at a Rally

I just love that Country Club Economy ad!!

Palin and the press

Palin and the press

Sarah Palin - March 14, 2008 - 7 months preggers in this photo? You look. You decide.

Inhofe says patriotism question will sink Obama (knowledge is power)

So, now we have an election.

All Democrats Would Do Well to Read This (Or, "How 538 Nails It")

Andrea Mitchell Nearly Killed By John McCain's War Balloons

Why isn't there a McCainald's restaurant?

What Are McCain's Biggest Perceived STRENGTHS That Obama Should Exploit?

BUMPER STICKER: McCain--same Bush hothead. Palin--same Bush emptyhead

McPOW: Economic Fundamentals Are Strong. Reality: Misery Index Reaches A High....

Shades of Wright on Right: Jews peeved about Palin's pastor and his pulpit preachers

Palin won't answer questions from 'Piranha' Media - Video link

It's time to throw the kitchen sink. NOW.

Palin's pastor urges flock to pray for the media

The GOP needs to prove it can win without resorting to unethical and illegal activities,

Palin is still Governor Right? Will She Answer Questions from Her Alaskan Citizens?

Obama rolls up his sleeves, hits hard

"Senator McCain, Why Would Bush's Policies Work Better Under You Than Under Bush?"

Was there any outrage about the 9/11 video shown at the RNC?

Many Thanks to the DebJ's and Emits out there .....

Canvassed today. Three republicans told me they were with McCain til Palin Substance vs. Empty Rhetoric

What Are McCain's Biggest Weaknesses That Obama Can Exploit?

Canadian Federal Election set for October 14th....

Sean Quinn @ 538--Sports Analogy--Good Article

If anyone is interested...transcripts up from Rick Davis and David Axelrod with Wallace on FNS

These fence-sitters...

John McCain is the most absent member of the Senate.

One of Barack Obama's economic advisors is on CSPAN right now

Is this election more like 1960 than 1980?

820-427-152: Remember these numbers

***Official Thread: Palin Free Zone!***

BaracK O- BOLLYWOOD. It's like dropping acid, but different LOL!

Here's one way to get people registered.

McConfused in his own words

RE: that "they must think you're stupid!" comment.

Catholic Democrats

“Jesus was a Community Organizer, and Pontias Pilate was a Governor.”



facebook new group already with 26,000 members - "I have more foreign policy experience than Palin"

Canada PM Calls 3rd Election In 4 Years Amid Slowing Economy

There's always a bounce after a convention. Get out there and work.

i frickin LOVE Biden. he, like, totally knows about everything

Yes, the rising star of the Democratic Party has been Barack Obama

Plouffe Paints Faux into a corner

Wisdom from O Brother Where Art Thou

Mrs. Palin, world wars, disasters & terrorists will not defer to your need to have time to prepare.

Does the Repuke community wonder


Nixon's Bill Safire Calls McBush a "Maverick." Or should I say Mavrik?

Obama campaigns Monday in Flint, Farmington Hills,Biden to campaign in Wisconsin

Palin lies, again

the Biden-Palin contrast was apparent today

consider this: republicans are plotting palin 2012.

McCain was one of the more liberal Repuke Senators for ONE session

In Play: CO, FL, IA, MO, NM, NV, NC, OH, VA, MI, MN, NH, PA, WI

Ah, wonkette, I can always count on you for a laugh.

McCain's Decision making

It's unfortunate Rick Warren's question to Obama is continually misquoted

Iraqi Community Organization Project (ICOP) or USAID's Iraq Community Action Program's (CAP)

The Sarah Palin Reality Show

Obama-Biden camp turns reporters' gag into attack on Palin

Sara Palin will wear herself out, like other celebs. Landslide coming ..

Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was governor.

What do you think of this polling site?

Pussyfooting around "the Surge" and "victory"

The best thing about the Gibbs/Fartinhammer buttkicking was how he used the Palin investigation

Before you panic about the Gallup poll, it's a poll taken over three days.

CSPAN showing 2006 Alaska Governor's Debate with Palin

Part of Nebraska now considered "BATTLEGROUND" for Obama!

Biden Says Palin's Gender Doesn't Change His Debate Game

people are alarmed that PALIN wanted to 'burn the books'

So, McSame! What are you gonna reform? Your party has controlled the

Montana should be on the Huff Post front page as "IN PLAY"

Let's pack it in...

I want to see Joe Biden throw Palin's line right back at her.

HELLO PEOPLE--------------ABOUT THE POLLS!!!!!!!

John McCain(cutout) Comes Aboard Joe Biden's Plane; Biden Camp Slams Palin

People on DU talk to people in the real world.

Hillary Fans Should Be REALLY Pissed At Palin's New Excuse

I just wanted to say, Thank you, Jack Ryan.

Snopes deserves a big Thank You.

DU'ers: My Group in FL needs your Help with a Registration/Voting Drive

SF Chronicle column by Willie Brown: "Democrats are in Trouble"

ABC news this evening--Dems can't figure out how to fight McCain/Pailn.

Do Republicans think that Palin is prepared to be Commander-In-Chief

Question------who on this board considers themself "in" with Obama

Mccain quote as presented on C-Span 2 Book TV---frightening!

YouTube of Palin on Glenn Beck: Admits Iraq is an oil war

Developing: NYT Prepares To Front Expose On Palin's baby...

Good talking point here: ....Knowledge Is Power

THE MATH Weekly - For The Week Ending Sunday, Sept 7 - Obama 329, McCain 209 (Link)

Sarah Palin, Race and the Chilling of Liberal Thought

Watching some of the Alaska Governor's Debate on C-Span right now and....

Palin doesn't know what the plan for ending the war is: audio

Why does Sarah Palin HATE WOMEN? Biden not "Agent of Change"?

Steelworker In OH: Something To Think About...

The Sarah Palin "Flight from TX to AK while possibly in labor" story. A compilation of facts.

Obama and Clinton (BILL!!!!) to meet in New York

My Palin abortion shame theory

Nov 2 06 debate with Palin being played on CSPAN (6:45 EST)

Don't worry. This thing's gonna win itself.

Zogby poll: McCain 4 points lead

Who should be the first to interview Sarah Palin: Jerry Springer or Maury Povich?

What does the Pentagon think of Palin?

The mother kneels in the snow, cheerfully posing beside her bundled up daughter, behind the bloody,

Palin is not a Hockey Mom....

LA Times: Pro-Hillary, Pennsylvania Working Class Women Side with Obama/Biden

Obama to be on Letterman's show this Wednesday night!

McCain says he will include Democrats in Cabinet????

Has anyone ever seen a picture of Palin actually doing any work as a mayor or governor?

***TOONS FOR THE WEEK**** (Come on, we all need a laugh now)

(The Obama Campaign) Name one thing

I just realized, we're facing a P.O.W. and an M.I.A.

Wasilla Assembly of God crackpots issue response to criticism of controversial statements.

Ummm, folks? This "Drill Baby Drill" stuff is going to sound really stupid in a few weeks.

Debate: How Will Joe Handle that Obnoxious Motor-Mouth?

Obama for streamlining H2B visa process

Palin Called Obama "Sambo" And Hillary The "Bitch"

Some reflective thoughts on a tranquil Sunday evening...

"this moment, is the one that tells us all we need to know."


Obama in the latest Gallup poll....

$1,684 from our $50,000 donation goal.

Biden on Meet the Press - video of whole show is up

Palin will do interview with Charles Gibson - what should he ask her?

Obama, Bill Clinton to Sit Down for a Private Lunch

A Weak Leader without original Ideas, McCain Steals his Opponents Motto - No Honor or Integrity!

Blisters for Obama

Blisters for Obama

I thought Stephanopoulis today was heavily invested in McCain being "right" about the surge

Report: McCain Pushed Woman In A Wheelchair

Wonder what terms ABC agreed to for miss sarah's 1st

The experience question

Bush's HHS director toured Alaska's rural area: “This is just unacceptable,”

Interesting To See How Rove's Strategy Of Fear Is Working Here

That's it! I demand some DEFERENCE here on DU, or I'm never posting again!

**ACTION ALERT!** We Must RAGE against the MEDIA, So our TICKET doesn't HAVE to!

Obama knows what he is doing. And his camp is smarter than you will ever be!

McPain didn't vet her. AND WE DIDN'T EITHER!

Have you ever been Polled?

Palin Is A Formidable Debator

Grab the popcorn, FIRE IN THE HOLE: "Palin takes aim at Biden: 'Not an agent of change'"

Caribou Barbie is so three days ago. Here's a new one:

Ohio: Door to Door

To All the PUMAs And Their Would-Be Pied Pipers

Andrew Sullivan explains exactly why Sarah Palin is extremely dangerous.

Proposal for a DU Worry Warts and Handwringing Group

Proposal for a DU Worry Warts and Handwringing Group

"babies, guns and Jesus - hot dang!" A real letter to the editor, sadly.


Post Arguments/Tactics you've successfully used to change someone's vote here.

Someone tell Obama and Biden to stop complimenting McCain/Palin so much?

Surrender Obama! (Signed) The Wicked Witch of the West. Palin baby born at good hospital!

My parents are crazy.

Just wondering - What do you think about some rich women posting a "swift boat" message on Palin?

Good news! Exciting day in South Central (Repub) Pa.

Good news! Exciting day in South Central (Repub) Pa.

Who will run against President Obama in 2012?

Who will run against President Obama in 2012?

McCain's New Rovian Campaign Director:

Kids .... It's McCain!!! Palin is a joke.

Dan Rather: Disregard the current polls

Latest Poll Reveals 430 New Demographics That Will Decide Election (Onion News Network) (video)

OK Palin poll

This was by far my favorite moment at the Republican National Convention

Wasilla was $20 million in debt and the meth capital of Alaska at the end of her tenure

We must petition Obama to put up voter awareness & action alert on his home page

Barack slip up on ABC

Response to Congressman Westmoreland uppity remark (hilarious)


John McCain Gets BarackRoll'd

It's the lettuce, stupid....

Gallup is McCain 48 Obama 45 today

Newest RW Irrelevant Talking Point Strawman- Obama Votes With His Party!

EIGHTEEN threads on Latest Page RE: Palin. DUers - GET BACK ON MESSAGE please...

Obama on CNN now!

Newsweek: What Sarah Palin Really Believes

"They must think you're stupid" - this must be a campaign slogan!!

Conversation with my brother-noticeable lack of McCain bumperstickers

I Said It Before - Due to Big Media This Will Be McCain's Election To Lose Unless...

Seattle Times: 3 boxes of records from Palin's time as mayor

If WIllie Brown is "worried about the Democrats" - I am terrified!

Obama table in Madison: September 6 Edition (sixteenth one in 2008)

Palin /McAss LIED, AGAIN!!----This should be at the top of this page forever!!!

Nationwide 42 million registered Dems, 31 million Republicans..

Dear Stupid Assholes

The Obama camp strategy is coming into play

Bush/Cheney: approval ratings

LOL - Sarah Palin, protien match for fuckeliana fungus!

LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN "RNC looked like and AMWAY Convention"

FNC: Gov. Sarah Palin: An American Woman

FNC: Gov. Sarah Palin: An American Woman

Alaska Received Over $346 Million In Congressional Earmarks In 2007

"They Must Think You're Stupid"

boycott Page Six!

MarketWatch: Treasury set to bail out Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in one of biggest govt. rescues

Republicans & Flags

Cheney bashes Russia for 'brutality' in Georgia - someone shut this man up!!!!!

Hannaaaaaaaa ........... whoosh ........... pffffft ...........

Hannaaaaaaaa ........... whoosh ........... pffffft ...........

Operation Flag Rescue

FAUX News is giving Palin a GIFT 'bio' right now.

FAUX News is giving Palin a GIFT 'bio' right now.

Democrats post big gains in voter registration

I never thought that winning this thing was going to be easy.

Bush's "Reign of Error": A great timeline of the last 7+ years of misery from Mother Jones mag:

Iraq, Afghanistan, bailouts to Bear Stearns, Fannie and Freddie, aid to Georgia.....

Enron-esque accounting at Freddie Mac?

Let me EXPLAIN something to those of you that are asking where Hillary is:

Sarah Palin Son Track Palin Going To Iraq To Avoid Jail Time?

If undermining the National Security is a crime, then John McCain's adviser Phil Gramm is a criminal...

More Spelling Problems at a McCain Rally

Hurricane Ike's current projected landfall:

Obama in Duryea (9/05/2008)

What's the difference between McCain's Afghan policy and Obama's?

SMACK: Take that POW McCain

A little Saturday night music for ya!!!

Maybe Hillary could bring up the importance of breaking the cycle of unwed motherhood?

Highway Fund Shortfall May Halt Road Projects

Does it look like these people want to kiss each other?

Robin Williams talks Sarah Palin.. VIDEO

Man! What a SHIT call against the UWashington Huskies.

CNN Presents: Obama Revealed 9:00 PM est. This is a GREAT

Obama to McGreenscreen: 'Did you pay attention to the last two days of your convention?'

Not a Veep candidate, but a checkout counter tabloid queen.

She must be taken down within the next 4 weeks

Joe Biden's son off to Iraq in October,,,,,,lest anyone forget

CNN Reporting Untrue "trash" flag story... COMPLAIN

DU having issues?

Taxpayers off the hook for GOP convention lawsuits

What's this about Democrats descecrating flags?

Why Can't Democrats Make Decent TV Ads?

Very Heavy; Novak writes today: "My Brain Tumor"

What ever happened to the Middle East?

Will Bob Barr have any impact at all?

....Boy ...they really really think we are stupid!

Is this Saturday Night Live a ReRun? I decided to look in on it for some Sarah Palin satire

If you've donated to the Obama campaign, please make a matching donation

Russians accuse West of war-like moves

Russians accuse West of war-like moves

This YouTube Should be an Obama Commercial - Rate it! Share it!

Were I able to draw, my McCrazy editorial cartoon would look like this:

Independent UK: A woman to make enlightened voters shudder

Obama-McCain itineraries reveal exactly where things stand

DU this poll!!! It's a Texas poll that needs some love...

Any help on Biden issue

Best analysis of today's polls, "dead cat bounce"

The Good News is Josephine Fizzled Out.

Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage

Surge Success "Beyond Our Wildest Dreams?"

John McCain's bestest friends?


Over 500 people have died in Haiti

A video I'd love to see - a Palin dancing baby, doing the Church Lady victory dance???

McCain's Temper - Pushed Woman In Wheelchair

McCain Throws Aside Free Market Rhetoric, Embraces Government Bailout Of Fannie Mae And Freddie Mac»

Ooooohhh...someone registered Levi and Bristol on a wedding gift registry site

Does anyone have a link to the Palin finger-wagging photo?

MUST READ! Worse than Bush. How Little They Think of Us.


Sexual assault still earns you a medal for bravery?

I just split $200 among Obama, Hagen, Franken, Martin, Musgrove, Begich and Brown

I just split $200 among Obama, Hagen, Franken, Martin, Musgrove, Begich and Brown


The Washington Outsider

The clear lack of diversity at the RNC just shows how unreflective they are of America as a whole

Damn! Obama's motorcade passed me today, and I didn't even know he was in town.

Babies should not be subject to 4 hours of loud noise period!

"Libertarians".... Are they just republicans in disguise?

Mommy and me home pregnancy test

mccain & palin are just too UNPATRIOTIC to be in the oval office

Appleton man convicted of hanging dog in garage

WJ this morning Clinton's Speech Writer deconstructing McWar's speech

My head nearly exploded talking with my co-workers this morning.

Let's give some love to Joe Biden: he's been fantastic!

Lieberman: I Won't Leave Democratic Party

Lets list the great community organizers

legit question here- does the silly *flags in the trash* story have any legs?

Colbert and McIdon't know - priceless!!

Election Equipment 2008

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés of The Moderate Voice: The Denver flag "travesty" is no such thing.

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés of The Moderate Voice: The Denver flag "travesty" is no such thing.

It's not Palin's credentials. It's the Republican hypocrisy over credentials.

Hurricanes, Hurricane Ike, blockades and evil men

Volunteering 61 Million Strong, 8.1 billion hours, $158 billion to communities

The other kind of Hockey Mom - the Street Hockey Mom. Who's looking out for her?

Great OP-Ed in today's NY Times. - Let’s Talk About Sex

Serious question: How does it help McCain if he's strongly overshadowed by Palin

The McCain campaign is either cowardly or imperious for hiding their VP

A Noun, A Verb and POW

Smoking ban leads to new religion

The Nation: Populist politics in Denver; an elaborate fraud in St. Paul.

Anti-terrorism laws used to spy on noisy children

Carol Cafferty, wife of Jack passed away.

Fox News: 'McCain's TV Commercials Contain ... Out-Right Lies'

DNC interview with Don Siegelman. Please listen to this.

Understanding what racism, sexism, and homophobia are really about . . .

Doctor's Orders: Health Coverage for Everyone

So I have a few bumper stickers on my car and I got pulled over by a cop tonight

Orion: Building an Anti-Economy

Self Delete. Dupe n/t

John McCain: Portrait of a Maverick

Does anyone know how to make a bumper sticker.....

To my neighbors to the north (or actually from where I live, a few miles to the south).......

"tell me where the change is"...."thats malarky" -joe biden

+++ 4,155 +++

The Nation: Palin Coward Clock Starts Ticking

Media ignore "bridge to nowhere" falsehood in Palin speech, despite having previously flagged it

Barack on This Week now! n/t

Bush's "Reign of Error": A great timeline of the last 7+ years of misery from Mother Jones mag:

Anyone know anything about Progressive Future?

Bridge to Nowhere spin: classic Repug misdirect.

Chimpy's guests in Guantanamo being introduced to Hurricane Ike

John Kyl: Freddie and Fannie are Democrats fault

From the People Who Brought You Misery...

The Nature of Debate 2: Palin and the LImbaugh Generation

Former congressman Lane Evans: 'I have no regrets'

"There are two Americas"

Occupation in Iraq, military escapade in Afghanistan, bailouts of Freddie & Fannie & Bear Stearns...

Does anyone know if a child safety lock in a vehicle releases after an accident?

did anyone else see the 'sunday funnies' on the george snoffleophegus show...?

Kommissar Paulson's statement on Fannie, Freddie:


McCain on " Face the Nice Guy "

Ä VP candidate that hat can breast feed and shoot moose at the same time."Robin Williams.

Ohio House Bill 308 - cracking down on illegal immigrants

Holy Hockeymom...Alaskan Independence Party is affiliated with ultra-con Constitution Party

A cool idea for helping out the community ..

How will the Obama-Biden campaign respond to the McCain campaign's theft of their stored flags?

Half of Katrina victims were 75 or older and half of the elderly were black

Do you really want "The guy/gal you want to have a beer with" running your country?

Camping law aimed at homeless takes effect - "illegal camping" ordinance

Chris Wallace Fact-Checks Sarah Palin’s Bogus ‘Bridge To Nowhere’ Claims

Tom Brokaw was so unfair to Biden on MTP!!!

McCain's History of Blow-Ups: The Top Ten (repost)

Palin agrees to interview

Palin agrees to interview

Barbara Boxer is on CNN just kicking Kay Bailey Hutchinson's ass

A perfect example (one of MANY) of Palin's brand of religious extremism:

Michelle Obama says she's done having kids

Changes in Ike's path...

Palin and the Bridge to Nowhere

Theme song for America in its current state.......

Schweitzer Gets Harkin Invite


Just saw Obama and palin trading jabs on earmarks...

Sarah Palin: Dolores Umbridge? (Campaign Poster)

The militant uterus (Palin) wants the government to have control

Joe is doing a good job on MTP this a.m.

Obama offers Palin a game of hoops

How long will Moosebreath's 15 minutes of fame last?

I've been compared to Keith Olberman!!!

Vt. Town Decides It Has No Right to Ban Soothsayers

Chris Wallace Fact-Checks Sarah Palin’s Bogus ‘Bridge To Nowhere’ Claims»

Heh! Guess pugs didn't get the message that SILENCE KILLS!

Obama refers to 'my Muslim faith" on TV this morning

Have you noticed how the Rethugs freak out when someone mentions Palins position on Choice?

We can win this election, but we have to work for it. Are you ready to work?

Finally, NYTs is paying attention to the no case FBI has against Bruce Ivins.

This is what FrenchieCat is warning us about (Re: Palin)

Caribou Barbie Dream house

IRAQ/N bumpersticker (great one)

Geo-engineering: The radical ideas to combat global warming

United States presidential line of succession

Video From Financial Times: Implications of the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae bailout

McCain not "allowed" to have the VP he wanted, shows he is a puppet of others from getgo

MSM needs to stop the focus on national polling and release electoral vote polls

Sign The Sarah Palin Petition

What's the difference between George Bush and Sarah Palin?

So based on the polls today, it would lead one to conclude that women don't care about gender rights

Is it true that most polls don't count "new" voters?

Just for the heck of it - I finally got my website for Denver DU meetup TWO weeks ago

This Election Will Be Decided By The Debates.

Pres Poll that can easily be UNFREEPED!

McCain: “I Want To Crash A Jet… After The Next War”

Lieberman: `Time for Israel to Act` Against Iran

Russian President Puts West On Notice -hey cheny STFU....

Sarah's In Her Hidey Hole

What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?

Is everyone ready for rising Gas prices and Falling Dollar?

Garrison Keillor: The GOP's cards are on the table, and it's an ugly hand

CNN interviewing everyone in the family, and the hiding Chihuahua is still putting on lipstick.

REALITY CHECK ON SURGE: compared to Vietnam troop levels, it's unlikely that made difference

Funnies by Jim Morin on McCain/Palin

Obama Should Opt In On The Science Debate

Mortgage Giant Overstated the Size of Its Capital Base

McJoke/Failin Bumper Stickers!!! Feel Free To Use!!

Israeli PM 'should be indicted'

Awwww, Sarah needs the wambulance

Point of Curiosity: What's the most recent book reading list of Obama and McCain?

bu$h pulls the ultimate corporate scam: U.S. Unveils Takeover of Two Mortgage Giants

So I wonder who sandra day occonor will vote for? /nt

Heed this well. Frank Rich is no fool!

State paid for trip when Palin told students to pray for pipeline

Financial Times: Strike shuts down Boeing operations

I was looking for a pic of Cindy in her polka-time outfit when I ran across this ...

PALIN-MCCAIN ticket caves in

Ike's projected path

Self deleted question to women who have children

Where can I find info on people who have done their


Legal Defense Fund for the RNC Welcoming Committee

Fannie and Freddie saved by the government! COMMUNISM!!

bob woodward on 60 min tonight.....bu$h* spied on allies

Story about American flags dumped at Democratic convention FAKE. Came from Fox News and McCain camp

BBC International starts with Fannie and Freddie

If you care about the integrity of your vote and election, you must watch this video.

Vachel Lindsay (1879-1931), American Socialist poet

What's usual result when a child is not restrained in a car? I'm NOT leaving the kids out of this

Saw this posted at republicans for Obama

Is Pallin pro-Science?

Are they currently ironing out major policy differences between McCain and Palin?

Holy Shite GEMSNBC showing a biography of McCain

Americans with faces covered to protect their identity from our government,

Has Palin ever been to a foreign country?

Palin to grant ABC's Charlie Gibson first interview 'later in week'

This is why I am fearful...

The 65 mpg Ford the U.S. Can't Have

Keep an eye on Hurricane Ike...

Impressions of Joe Biden on Meet The Press Sun Sep 7 2008, "Same outfit. Same deal. No change."

Venezuela to host Russia navy exercise in Caribbean... UH OH GEORGE, YOU IDIOT!!!

I want assurances from ABC up front that she won't be provided with the questions in advance. nt

"She is just like me" they tell us about voters charmed by Palin

Network of Murrow, Rather, Severeid, and Cronkite is now into "Sports Bars"

Palin's pastor: Disagreeing with Bush or voting Democrat will send you to hell

Palin's pastor: Disagreeing with Bush or voting Democrat will send you to hell

Barracuda meet the Shark

Really DumbPress Release from the RNC: They Said It!

What's up with the obsession with "The Surge"?

Did anyone here see Tom Friedman on Meet the Press today...

I'd be furious if I was chosen as THE CANDIDATE, then protected

Oh, I get it. Scowl at your right-wing allies in the press to make it appear as if you're

Bizarro Cartoon influenced by McCain Campaign

GOP Terrorizing America again on A&E

Woohoo for Duers! My kid is funny.

Vice President Cheney Will Speak At 145th Battle Of Chickamauga Anniversary

DU this pole- Which Candidate would you rather Drink With?

Montreal Gazette: McCain ("an unoiled tin man") flunked the test by choosing Sarah Palin

Proposal: Outlaw sex between officials, employees

The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium Presidential Poll I like this one:

Kennedy plans to return to Capitol Hill in January


"One Simple Question." On the Experience of a Community Organizer.

You missed this debate - must see - enjoy

Detroit's sputtering Big Three turn to Washington for help

Palin won't do interviews until her campaign knows she'll be treated with "deference"

Palin won't do interviews until her campaign knows she'll be treated with "deference"

Proposal would require generators at gas stations

Animal lovers are not going to like her.

Ailing Kennedy aims to return to Senate in January (AP)

"Glossy Idealism on the Front Lines" (NYT article on Martha Rosler)

So do you think charlie gibson will ask palin about her church, and statements

The 65 MPG Ford America Can't Have

I watching Ron Paul on CSPAN, last Tuesday from Minneapolis

Wow, that was FAST. Thanks, mods.

Can someone make a Bumper sticker ???

"My daughter ... bought a Prius because it reduces fuel mileage." - McAint to a Detroit reporter

Does anybody else feel like a target in a video game

McCain is taking on GOP, Bush and Obama

Sarah Palin on Oprah?

Caption *

When I'll start to freak out:

Palin requests talks with oil executives

When they say the surge is working, we should say "the Anbar Awakening is working."

Catching rain water is against the law.

Take a moment and show Oprah some liberal love

Should the U.S. increase its H-1B visa program?

So, how is withdrawl of American Armed Forces from Iraq a defeat?

Republican Ideology--They can put lipstick on it, but it's still the same old bull.

If it makes you feel better, there is Freeper infighting right now

palin...ike....its seems like the real story is Fannie and Freddie

Where does Grampa Simpson end & Grampa McSame begin?

Putting nature in Ecuador's constitution

Fannie and Freddie may need $100 billion EACH.

CNN complained this morning that MSNBC is a "liberal bastion"...

WATCH 60 Minutes when it's on in your area!!!!!!

Get ready for the spin: the Fannie/Freddie bailout is GOOD for America

I see a lot of worried people around here lately...

Sarah Palin's Church

Al Franken: Minnesota's hardest working soon to be next U.S. Senator

Sarah Palin's church hopes to 'pray away the gay' and convert homosexuals to heterosexuals

"All I know is that she was at the convention in'94

Well, on the bright side, we were not arrested....

McCain touts Palin on foreign affairs: She's been to Kuwait.

John Cusack: “Something very drastic has happened to the very idea of America”

NY Times: Seeking Details, Lawmakers Cite Anthrax Doubts

The Coolest 8 y.o. in the World Talks About O'Reilly. This is Hilarious!

The GOP Excluded Black-Owned Businesses from Contracts at St. Paul Convention

No You Can't: Republicans Offer Strong Alternatives to Democratic Policies

Poll Needs Some DU Love.....Drink w/Obama or McSame?

Mr. Brzezinski, is it 'checkmate' yet?

I'm a working class, middle class, mom. Other than motherhood, there isn't much I have in common

Palin first interview will be

McCain painted a target on Palin.

Hey Big Spender! Bush Fools Congress into Passing Hugely Expensive Bill(Bush History, 9/7)

Sincerely Apologize - Folks, really sorry - Tried to make a Bill Maher-ish like post & it offended

Sarah's banned books

Do you believe the U.S. had a hand in instigating and/or...

Palin discussion On Oprah's website

Lou Dobbs: Law Firm teaches how to avoid hiring Americans

What does it say that the media is paying more attention to Palin than to McCain?

Why does John Kerry's primary challenger not support Obama?

Zodiac Killer's Identity And Weapon Uncovered?

More than half of young mothers give birth out of wedlock

Mark Crispin Miller on LIVE with Bob McChesney NOW -- election theft -- taking callers

Rapture ready board:"I don't like how our American news channels are openly critical of Republicans"

Christians to learn the art of dating

Heart Just Doesn't Get Mad...They Get Even...

WATCH The Illusion of Pregnarcy Sunday at 8 pm ET

Caption Mc* and McPalin

Stop Rationalizing The Obsession With Palin. It's Unbalanced, Distracting & Unhelpful

The One Door Knock that Made My Entire Day Worthwhile

Biden: "Eventually she's going to have to answer questions about her record.”

A rightwing DVD ("Obsession") came with my Sunday NYT today -- Time to spread the fear again!

At long last, I am announcing my candidacy

Caption This Pic

THE MORTGAGE MESS: The issue Obama should be hammering on...

A Polar Bear's Oppo Guide to Gov. Palin

Hey, what'd I miss? Been computerless for almost 2 weeks; seems

Dan Rather nails the MSM

I don't want to imagine what Ike is doing to Cuba

GLBTs who vote right wing / Repug. How, Why?????

Canadian DUers what's up with the snap election

H1B Visa Abuse - Do as we say or get deported

Stunning NeoCon hypocrisy alert: Cheney accuses Russia of using ‘blunt force’

Stunning NeoCon hypocrisy alert: Cheney accuses Russia of using ‘blunt force’

Global warming time bomb/ Current far-reaching effects on US

Not one Damn Dime for Georgia

Good news from OHIO; Jennifer Brunner is on the job.

Differences between Liberals and Conservatives - Please help with the list

Gallup Daily: McCain Moves Ahead, 48% to 45%

**GASP** Our Founding Fathers were COMMUNITY ORGANIZERS

Gwen Ifill will Moderate the Biden/Palin VP "Debate"...

When the election is stolen....

Why Campaign in Southern States? It's a waste of time, effort and money.

Omar Khadr | GTMO update

joe traitorman briefing palin on foreign policy, says she'll be neo-con ready when mccain croaks.

"I certainly want someone for President and Vice-President who's smarter than you."

what's an anarchist?

The New Yorker's New Cover -- Mc Nopoly!

what day is palin's kid shipping out?

IMO the GOP will start tearing itself apart soon.

Please say a prayer for Rose

These will Blow your Mind!

Republicans are liars. You can't trust anything a republican tells you.

Fragile - handle with deference

Listening to Biden On MTP- Who else can't wait for the debate!?N/T

STOP calling it the "Mainstream Media"

Our side always s*cks and surrenders.

Our side always s*cks and surrenders.

why I'm p*ssed off about Palin's insult about community service

Obama - Way Ahead in Electoral Votes !!!


Second hand meat eating affects my life/health now according to UN

Her house went from 150K to 500K assessed due to IMPROVEMENTS.

Virginia County Threatens Student Voters in Chilling Edict

Palin Is More and Less Than She Seems

What happens when they lose in November?

"If a Republican is elected you will end up living in a cardboard box under a bridge."

Sarah, Todd, Track & Bristol all on criminal records page

Proposal Would Ban Single Beer Sales

New Book: Palin Will Make You Miss Cheney (Satire)

Can The Democrats Learn To Speak Redneck?

Please, I am begging. Gore and Kerry both taught the lesson - NUANCE doesn't sell!

With Fannie and Freddie bailout, the U.S. officially becomes Socialist this weekend

Why has Hillary stated she refuses to go after Palin?...

Kerry Said "Help is on the Way"

What do people in Alaska really think about the beauty queen?

Welcome to Wasilla: Meth Capitol of Alaska

I kissed a girl and I liked it then I went to hell .

Easy Letter To Editor feature on -- GET WRITING!

Affirmative Action, Republican Style

add me to the list of folks who are losing friends over this election..

Fake Job Ads to defraud Americans and hire H1B visa holders

WaPo: Grieving passenger is questioned as a possible terrorist because of his facial expressions

DE BORCHGRAVE: Israel of the Caucasus? (Washington Times)

NYT editorial: That Plastic Baby Bottle (on the dangers of BPA)

Portland Street Medics describe police brutality and arrests at RNC

It's called TICKET fixing, MSM!! Palin and the unrestrained Trig

By Palin pseudo logic, what is your calling in life?

who dresses cindy?

How to FOOL so as to RULE: 101.011...Fear, Deception, etc., including EMPTY LANGUAGE

mccain in a rage shoves woman in wheelchair, cousin of POW-MIA no less.

Should people who torture animals to death be imprisoned for life?

An election about personality?

Large Hadron Collider = End of the World?

McCain supporter blows whistle on election stealing strategies

The 65 mpg Ford the U.S. Can't Have

Have you seen these high fructose corn syrup commercials?


ACLU offering free Bumper stickers "I am a Constitution Voter"

Oh what a burden to be so relied on.

so how 'bout them East Carolina Pirates upseting West Virginia

if you were a venereal disease, what would you be?

What Is And What Should Never Be

from "Before and After Science"

a new career in a new town

Someone got my sign-on earlier and told the lounge that I was a lesbian.

Has anyone ever heard of the Phi Mu sorority?

Black kitten + toy mouse video

this is another story about dogs

g'z up, hoes down

how long do you think you could rock and roll all night

Due to graphic violence and intense adult language, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

I was chilling, right around my way, 21st Eastside at a beach,

"Bad Girl" by The Miracles (Smokey Robinson singing lead)

gangster red, whassup yo?

anyone have experience with the Washington Animal Rescue League?

Anyone ever install a center-hinged/swinging patio door?

We only got one world ...

"Jesus told Sarah Palin to hate you," says newest endorsers.

A Nickel Bag Of Funk

When in Nome, do as the Nomans do

Please don't use the words 'Democrats' or 'Republicans' anymore on DU.

What's the score? How did the Fighting Pizzas do against the Choking Chickens tonight?

Ladies and Gentlemen, from Los Angeles, California... The Doors (Via Oliver Stone)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Once again, The Doors

The Sunshine of Your Love

For Your Love

For Your Love

Oh won't you come with me and take my hand

So I'm sitting here the last half hour with my headphones on

Ooooooh, Sookie, Sookie, baby

That's it. I've had ENOUGH.

Midnight Confessions

DU this poll!!! It's a Texas poll that needs some love...

God Strikes: Hurrican Hillary Heading For Florida by Monday!


All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey

Woot!!!!! 58.7 degrees and RAIN!!!!!!

Grump. Brood. SEETHE.

Set me free, why don't you, baby


Shape of Things

The House of the Rising Sun

Just a little bit

WooHoo!! I got wireless LAN and now I can post while I use the bathroom!!1!!

The W.A.N.D.

Christines Tune FBB

My nice little film recommendations.

First full Sunday of football, who is PSYCHED!!!?n/t


Cosmic Slop

Did anyone watch Saturday Night Live? Is it new tonight?


what's happenin' CC?

We skipped that light fandango

Why don't you come with me, little girl, on a magic carpet ride

Proposal for a new DU group - KitchenWitch

And when I find a vacant booty

How do you post a picture? n/t

To Sir With Love

the motor booty where you shake your rump, the motor booty where you funk

Brick House - Joan Osborne, Bob Weir

Why are some posts on fire? n/t

I must admit, I like the idea of me being a lesbian.

Sometimes I Feel like I don't Have a Partner

Phil Lesh of The Grateful Dead praising Obama

She's changing her name from Kitty to Karen

post some songs that epitomize the idea of "fuck" for you . . .

I'm tired of all you fuckers being prejudiced against bald guys. fridge/freezer just went out

Well I stand up next of a mountain, chop it down with the edge of my hand

I've been drivin' all night, my hand's wet on the wheel

I was attacked by a bug

Ball and Chain

The Who, Live at Kilburn, 1977

typing in tounges - wooooot!!!

Donnie & Marie begin 26-week stand in Las Vegas. FREE BIRD! WHOOOO! FREEEEEEE BIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRD!


You guys mind if I take off my bra?

This is fun, Political Speech Generator...

You guys mind if I take off my shorts?

I am looking for a website URL that is like a daily ticker with all of the

Greatest moment in TV history?

Race for the prize

When you smile

Houses of the Holy

The Ocean

Over The Hills And Far Away

Since I've been Loving you

Immigrant Song

Gonna be up all night -- give me some web site suggestions to keep me busy?

Misty Mountain Hop

Ramble On

In The Evening

Black Country Woman

Fool In The Rain

I was attacked by a hug

You never know what will happen....

Stairway to Heaven

I don't care if you mind, I've got my shorts and my shirt off

OK folks. A client of mine in Alaska mailed me LEGITIMATE nude Palin pics. Mods please don't remove

According to Bi-Baby, I make Indifference Curves fun


My brains are melting.

Please Caption This:

Damn Myspace Mobsters...addictive as hell.

so this is what the world is like at 8 a.m. on a sunday

I fucking HATE that Dairy Queen turkey sandwich commercial!!!

Silent film star Anita Page dies at 98

so our rescue shih-tsu who was SUPPOSED to have just gon out of heat


How pathetic is it...

mr scorpio appreciation thread

An online Political, Historical, Philosophical Book Club

You people seriously rock!

Microsoft updates fucked up my computer.

Polly Jean - This Is Love

You guys like my taste in tunage?

Alvin and the Chipmunks - The Lemon Song

I sense something...a presence I haven't felt since...

No politics for me today

Yay. I finally get to take BabyG to DisneyWorld

Funny political image I found

Let's go Jets! Squish the Fish!

Having guests for a late Brunch

Mustang, Charger, Camaro, enough with the retro muscle-cars. When do we get the retro K-cars...

A little political subversion aimed at my STBE

Happy roses..or should they be called "hippie roses"?

the epitome of pissed

Would somebody please stop me?

I've had to give up Firefox!

Want to read something really sweet?

Watching "Johnny Depp" on the Bio channel

Who would have thought that Willy from Alf liked Kucinich, cocaine, and drunk driving!

I have an unkillable, zombie goldfish!

Any Dexter fans here? n/t

Chicago Bears Remain Undefeated This Season!

I smell a pizza cooking, my friends.

Need help from 'My Name is Earl' fans

Anybody ever see the movie "Doomsday"? (spoilers) WTF?

Deadly Kitten Cuteness - Warning: Take insulin before clicking!

Aaaaannnd the Cubs lose to Cinci 4-3.

So here I am, up late at night, watching The X-Files...

Would this be creepy?

Palin! Palin! PALIN!!

Lawn banner idea

Anyone else having problems with MSN mail?


Really nice plumber

USA! Boo Boo Bay! Woo Woo Nay! Ooof Ooof Day!

JerseyGirlDem appreciation thread!

So what was my brother on last night?

I just had my first chocolate soda

triple h's hidden career?

Best physics lab report ever

Anyone using one of those fancy "powered" toothbrushes?

My sabaceous cyst swelled up and drained last night.....

date update

My older sister says "You're not supposed to wear linen after Labor Day"

My friend's penis swelled up and drained last night.....

My friend's pens swelled up and drained last night.....

stupid table - data base format question

More adventures in Foreign films

LizzieGrace, have you seen Eastern Promises?

I'm checking out Google's "Chrome" browser

The DU donation to Obama is almost to the $50,000 goal!

Brady's out. Eagles look scary good. Favre throws a touchdown.

Our vet - not the one where we took Toonces - sent us a white rose.

So who else here has never broken a bone?

How did Tammy Faye Bakker salvage her self in the end?

One of my cats has gone nuts.

Suggestions for good low-light needing houseplants?

Kitten Picture of the day for Sunday September 7

It's 4:20 on Sunday afternoon and I feel like having a drink.

Batman fans deface anti-abortion billboard

So long suckers

Looks like Ike is gonna hit Tina

Congrats Rev_Acts on 38,000 posts!

G'night DU...Here's a lullaby for you...

Kitty lovers of the lounge, I need your help please.

CaliforniaPeggy is an angel

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sun 9/7/2008)

Swatting my puppy on his nose - Am I wrong?

Baby's first picture!

I figured out a GREAT way to identify trolls.

Anybody know anything about a "comic" character called Pedobear?

How about them COWBOYS!!1!!


My D&D campaign turned 1 year old this past Friday (that's Dungeons & Dragons)

any hints on clipping a cat's butt?

My poem, "Moon Drop..."

Ever see an albino squirrel before?

Rant....I'm trying to rescue this kitten...

Help name the new baby at the Portland zoo!

Thank you to the train driver on the London underground

In my front yard .. right now..

"I've never been shit on by a bird, but I always close my mouth when I look up."

Holy Shit! Anyone else see the new show Hole in the Wall?

is anyone here scared of driving over bridges? Which ones?

The new ad campaign for milk tops Burger King on the creepy scale.

My sister got dumped tonight because...

The LIW Grandbaby is due in four days.

Your Sunday lolcats (dialup warning)

Dude. How freaky is THIS coincidence?

Anyone want a kiss? Free Kisses.

any Architects in the house? And if so,

Even after five months, I still think "Cloverfield" is a freaking cool movie.

I hate hipsters

I haz a husband! (some pics)

Flag flap: Flags at convention 'rescued' or taken?

Obama On The Offensive

Can The Democrats Learn To Speak Redneck?

6 ex-Soviet neighbors back Russia over Georgia

Urgent inquiry as more personal data missing in Britain

2nd District (Ne) now has battleground status

David Bossie's 'Hype: The Barack Obama Effect' aims to portray the Democrat as an extremist radical

Please say a prayer for Rose

got any old bananas?

In storm-battered Haiti, humanitarian crisis as 500 are killed (Now Ike is on its way)

Vendetta row can’t hold Sarah Palin back

Portland Street Medics describe police brutality and arrests at RNC

Married at 9, slain by parents at 17

Loan Giant Overstated the Size of Its Capital Base

Obama to Stephanopoulos: Palin more Bush-Cheney than McCain

An Adviser Molds a Tighter, More Aggressive McCain Campaign

Zogby poll: McCain 4 points lead

Anti-tank mine kills 5, wounds 3 in Cambodia

Israel Considers Paying Settlers to Leave West Bank

Petraeus to hand US Iraq command on Sept 16

Hurricane Ike ravages Caribbean islands

Canada's PM Calls Early Election

Flag flap sullies candidates' vow to stand together at Ground Zero

Afghan tribal leader set for trial in NYC

The 65 MPG Ford America Can't Have

Israeli PM 'should be indicted'

Palin agrees to interview

Ford Motors Chicago plant set for job cuts

Obama for streamlining H2B visa process

Palin requests talks with oil executives

Dalai Lama's brother dies in US

US outsourcing drug research to India

House Dems push for online privacy bill

ABC News lands first Palin interview

Democrats Post Big Gains in Voter Registration

The Federal Banking Agencies React to Takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Questions remain on Palin vetting

Oil wealth masks challenges facing Alaska economy

State paid for trip when Palin told students to pray for pipeline

Fannie, Freddie aftershocks: More bank woes

French government denounces attack on Jewish teens

Biden Says Palin Will Eventually Have To Defend Record

Government takes control of Fannie, Freddie

Palin's pastor urges flock to pray for the media

Iraqi Cabinet approves initial gas deal with Shell

Obama and Bill Clinton to Hold Summit

Hagan puts Dole in unfamiliar bind

Schwarzenegger could soon face recall

Argentina, Brazil to sign trade currency pact:Lula ("abolish the dollar as a currency in our trade")

Palin offers first television interview to ABC

Obama-Biden camp turns reporters' gag into attack on Palin

Biden Says Palin's Gender Doesn't Change His Debate Game

Obama considered joining military, regrets abortion answer

Rice says relationship with Iraq is 'open,' won't address spying

Palin Won't Give Interviews Until Campaign Is Ready, Davis Says(until she's treated with Deference)

Venezuela to host Russia navy exercise in Caribbean

Chevron Donates $500,000 to Alaska College

Another Filipina domestic worker denounces diplomat in US

McCain's history of hot temper raises concerns

CNN poll of polls: Obama's lead shrinks to just one point

McCain: Rich aides may work for $1 a year

Sarah Palin had turbulent first year as mayor of Alaska town

More Diggers wanted for Afghanistan

The DNC Party: Tavis Smiley getin' Down Carlton Banks Style DORK!

Falwell Presents - "Meet the Real Sarah Palin - Hockey Mom"

Supporters Turn-Out For Senator John Kerry

McSame has _already been by bush's side for the last EIGHT years...

BBC: U.S. Invades Pakistan (Incursion Kills 15 People)

Barack Obama on McCain's campaign lobbyists

Vote Brains!

DEVELOPING: Detainee alleges torture in Ramsey County jail

Really funny. John Howard being voted OUT of office.

Tom Udall TV Ad:

Palin Investigation Update #1

RNC Welcoming Committee Press Conference - 9/4/08

'Palin May Be NRA's Best Ammo' Amy Goodman w/ Peter Stone

Fannie Mae, Freddy Mac? Don't Matter To McCain - Economy is STRONG - no really.

Howard Dean gets warm welcome in Columbia, Iowa day before

John McCain: Portrait of a Maverick

Former McCain Advisor: Palin NOT Ready!

Snuffing out the lights

Coundown: the GOP convention in Review

Obama/Biden vs. Bush/Mccain failed policies

Palin for President !!!

The Sarah Palin Song

War President

Community Organizers

2000 George Bush vs 2008 John McCain. Are they MCSAME? Daily Show

Virginia Republicans for Obama

Barack Obama: 'They Must Think You're Stupid'

Republicans for Obama - Colorado Springs, CO

No moderate, no realist, McCain the neocon

Got A Job

My First Video on YouTube!!!

Pt 1 - Obama talks about economy on ABC`s 'This Week'(includes Part 2 and 3)

Davis: No Palin Interviews Without 'Respect and Deference'

Obama Spokesperson Robert Gibbs Shreds McCain Camp's Nancy Pfotenhauer

Chris Wallace calls out Rick Davis on Palin's Bridge to Nowhere lies

This Is A Response To The Freepers Video Who Took Obama`s Answer Out Of Context

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at the RNC-Part 2

Speaking in Tongues

Meet the Press: Joe Biden 9/7/08

TYT: Hip Hop Republicans Back for Round Two @ RNC

That dirty old bastard McLame cannot stop checking out Sarah's ass and yanking his...finger.

The Daily Show: Republicans Trashing Community Service


Fox News: Discarded Flags from DNC at McCain Rally

Maddow to McCain: " You're a Liar"

Daily Show: Samantha Bee at RNC on Palin and 'Choice'

Rachel Maddow on Countdown: Bushed

My friends interviewed at the Poor Peoples March at the RNC

Sarah Palin's Churches & The Third Wave

(I'm Thinkin' 'Bout Nailin') Sarah Palin

Florida Republican group to boycott Oprah

Sarah Palin's Alaskan Armageddon (Clips)

McLame's Convention Speech Groove -- BarackRoll'd

Friedman: 'Drill, drill, drill..!!' equivalent to 'IBM Selectric, IBM Selectric, IBM Selectric..!!'

Friedman: 'Drill, drill, drill..!!' equivalent to 'IBM Selectric, IBM Selectric, IBM Selectric..!!'

Woodward book puts boot into Bush

Sarah Palin has yet to meet the press

Married at 9, slain by parents at 17

Planning for the Prosecution of American War Criminals

Shocker! McCain a Secret Member of Arizona 'In-Depends' Party

When Barack's berserkers lost the plot

THE MATH Weekly – For the Week Ending Sunday, Sept 7 – Obama 329, McCain 209

Hartford Courant: A Family Values Exception For Pregnant Palin Daughter

Anne Kilkenny Full Email on Sarah Palin By Rady Ananda

Why the Christian Right Loves Sarah Palin

The Observer: US election: Storm as Oprah says no to Palin

McCain bank goes bust

pResident Bu$h proposed breaking up Amtrak

The 'Obama Effect' on Our Language By Jai Daemion

Oliver Willis: Oh. That's Why I'm A Democrat.

Bob Woodward: Doubt, Distrust, Delay

The Revolution will be "Twittered"

Joe Klein: No, Actually, It's that the Economy is Falling Apart

Article about Obama from Columbia College

Russian news compares RNC to a police state

Episode 24: Boone Handles a Crisis

New Book: Palin Will Make You Miss Cheney (Satire)

5 Myths About Those Civic-Minded, Deeply Informed Voters; "American voters...are grossly ignorant."

Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage

Sarah Palin and the Good Book

McCain’s Feminist Mistake

The GOP Excluded Black-Owned Businesses from Contracts at St. Paul Convention

David Bossie's 'Hype: The Barack Obama Effect' aims to portray the Democrat as an extremist radical

The Mighty, Scary Press Corps

Baltimore Sun, scraping the bottom: It's McCain's steady hand vs. Obama's trustworthiness

Sarah Palin to Star in Remake of 'Leave It To Beaver'

GOP Mocks Public Service

The Public Editor: The Scrutiny of Sarah Palin

Cooking and Cognition: How Humans Got So Smart By Robin Nixon, Special to LiveScience

McCain, Maverick , Mad Man or Sad Clown

Palin and McCain’s Shotgun Marriage (Frank Rich NYT)

Palin's creationist views would endanger U.S. progress

Palin to hide out in the tundra

A woman to make enlightened voters shudder

John McCain Is Not George Bush, Sarah Palin Is by Alex Baldwin

McCain Nervous on First 'Blind Date': Palin Takes Him to See 'Woman on Top'

John McCain’s Energy Follies

Qualifications for President

Christian Elitist Palin Too Elite To Give Media Access For 2 Weeks

Soldier dies during morning PT at Fort Bragg

Plaintiffs unite to fight U.S. jet noise in Japan, Okinawa

Task Force Shield prepares to assist families of deployed at Grafenwöhr

Bus fares at Red Cloud increasing

Bus fares at Red Cloud increasing

US Holds Off on Pact With Russia

More Than 20 Rivers Flowing From Mt. Kenya Have Dried Up In Past 10 Years - E. Standard

Flooding, Vegetation, Irrigation & Chemicals Wipe Out Aquatic Life In Australia's Richmond River

US Prepared To Offer $100 K In Hurricane Aid To Cuba - But Don't Worry! Rice Says Embargo Remains.

Ike: Oh hell, not again

121 Dead So Far In Ugandan Outbreak Of Hepatitis E - AFP

Electronic smog 'is disrupting nature on a massive scale'

China Will Build $30 Billion 30 Million Ton/Year Steel Plant In Guangxhi - AFP

Three words I never want to hear again:

PEMEX, Cantarell And The Potential Implosion Of The Mexican State - Seeking Alpha

Sarah Palin's church promotes converting homosexuals at upcoming "Pray Away the Gay" conference

The 9 A.M. test

Eye for an eye

Israeli PM 'should be indicted'

Israel Considers Paying Settlers to Leave West Bank

Israel must rein in settler movement, protect Palestinian children

Dr. Housing Bubble 09/07/08

Today in labor history Sept 4 Win the right to receive Workers’ Compensation insurance

New York Toughens Mass Layoff Notice Law

Today's Carol Simpson working family cartoon: Nursing-Home

Argentina, Brazil to sign trade currency pact:Lula ("abolish the dollar as a currency in our trade")

US not ready to lift Cuba trade embargo despite storm: Rice

All is right again in the world! IT'S FOOTBALL SUNDAY!

Two 10 point teasers for NFL week 1

Illegal hands to the face?

The Jack Rabbit Chess Report (September 6): Topalov Leads Bilbao; Nalchik Quart-Finals Set

Nasty "dirty' hit on Tom Brady, but Patriots beat Chiefs 17-0

Man! What a SHIT call against the UWashington Huskies.

Tennis Thread...*****SPOILER*****

Hey Cleveland Browns! I got two words for you.

Canes Suck

Has anyone done "Art of Living" course?

I have an unusual request - regarding the RNC...

Since you helped to save him, want to help name him? (Baby elephant in Portland needs name.)

NYC Pano

ACLU "new" old position

Stop Blaming the Dems!

Steins: A diamond in the sky

Hubble Repair Mission More Risky than You Would Ever Imagine

For the Brain, Remembering Is Like Reliving

The Thousand-Ruby Galaxy

Egg shell trick

Was Brouwer (1881-1966) or Godel (1906-1978) able to comprehend mathematics?

Well, I finally can think of a real experiment worth doing in microgravity.

Who grills fruit?

Darwin Was a Fool: There is a God

Why do some muslim women spit on Christian women who do not cover their head?

Some Christians were fed to lions by government authorities in the Roman Empire...

"Missing Links" is very bad news for 9/11 Truthers

see inside for the Flying Saucer Draught Emporium Presidential Poll

Sarah Palin's relatives in Texas

Texas folks, get out and put some DU love on this poll, from Waco TV station

How do you copy pics ,..

Slow youtube download.. What can I do?

fundraiser dinner/show for RNC 8. Sunday 7:30pm, W. St Paul

prayer, pipe, and healing ceremony was done at Coldwater Spring

Mugged at the RNC by a Republican Candidate for Congress

Question about candidates

Can I register with my student loan bill?

Check out the new ads for Franken

Vote in this Debate poll

Watch the debate NOW

Labour bid to work with Jeremy Kyle

Nearly 600,000 Subject to Possible Caging in Ohio

Talk to me about absentee ballots

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News, Sunday, 09/07/08

A Simple, By The Numbers Explanation Of The 2000 and 2004 Presidential Elections.