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EXCLUSIVE: McCain Campaign Memo to Charlie Gibson of ABC News


No, I'm willing to accept that McCain is a Maverick...

Question Biden should ask Palin during their debate:

Sarah's day in pictures


McCain could have picked Pontius Pilate or Freddy Kreuger & the Repub reaction woud've been the same

Five Thirty Eight: Nate Silver's First Look At The New Electoral Map.

CHECK OUT a new website and Listen to Jeff Farias!

My prediction: If the "news" continues to play he said she said on little stuff

The McCain camp is playing with fire using one lie after another to try and define themselves

Five Thirty Eight: Nate Silver's First Look At The New Electoral Map.

DVR Alert: Obama on Letterman Wednesday night

What is McCain Thinking? One Alaskan’s Perspective.

Cap of Barack in Farmington Hills, MI (for those who missed it live)

Obama on KO: "They're not telling the truth...stretches the bounds of spin into new areas." (VIDEO)

So what did Palin the bridge to no where funds on?

They better check out Sarah's 50's hairdo for a receptor or something when she is interviewed

I don't like the twirly thing

Rendell slams McLame-Falin! ‘The Big Lie Strategy’

McCain is making a mistake with his big Sarah Palin "roll-out" on ABC ...


The only problem with Obama's new add is no background music...


Does anybody see hypocrisy here?

Sounds like NPR will join the McSame campaign

Obama camp needs to start pressuring Palin to do a news conference

Palin unveils new, "more authentic" look

Pants Afire

After seeing this sad, truly sad display of our guy on KO, our biggest friend,

After seeing this sad, truly sad display of our guy on KO, our biggest friend,

O'Reilly: Night 2

So who wants to inform a few uninformed freepers about how bad Palin is?

Lots of locked threads tonight!

A word about Speaking in Tongues and the Rapture

Stephanopoulos set it up so it would seem as though Obama made a mistake when saying "Muslim faith"

Obama's important announcement on MNF

Sarah Palin Ignorant on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Electoral Map Looks Very Good

I'm feeling much better

Mortgage Gate!!!!!!

the debate

So when will the Republicans cancel Palin's participation in the VP debate?

It still looks good...

Our decision on a new ad - Vote Now

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Who are THEY?” asks Palin.

ABC says no issue off limits for Palin.

VoteVets Petition: Investigate leaks on Palin

Lying on the record - Obama is using the 'L' word!

This poll needs some DU love

"...a frontal attack on radical conservatism itself as an un-American and harmful ideology."

Condi looks like she smelled moose poop...

Bush Administration Chooses McCain National Finance Chairman To Take Over Fannie Mae»


A blast from the past with Mayor Palin


Palin, on the Ongoing Financial Crisis

**** Official Keith and Obama thread countdown**

Palin’s Stunning Ignorance and other topics

"He fought the republicans, she fought the republicans." So why vote republican?

Obama: McCain and Palin are "lying about their records", "lying" about maverick claims.

What we supporters need to do to win this election.

I just wanted to say

Dr. Laura SLAMS Palin!

The Obama campaign may know exactly what they are doing!

Wasilla Police Billed Sexual Assault Victims for Their Own Rape Kits

Just Spit It Out, Sarah!

Obama is using the "L"" word front and center in his e-mails, and in his new

OMG! It's a conspiracy!

Alternet : Sarah Palin's 9 Most Disturbing Beliefs

I'm denouncing Obama because in one particular incident he did not act as I would have acted.


How's everyone feeling?

Onion video on 2008 election results

So how is the Palin bashing looking for Obama?

So if McDipshit wins the popular vote and we win the electoral

Under Palin's leadership, Wasilla, Alaska, charged rape victims for their own rape kits.

The Obama ad should be played all the time in every market between now and election day

Wow! Rachel Maddown just smacked Pat Buchanan all around her new set!

No. More. Liars.

People upset that Obama is not using the word "liar" himself should really be smarter than that...

CNN is reporting about Palin's religion right now.

When Chilly Willy gets his little feelings hurt...

Folks... Obama is trying to craft a strategy where McCain's "temperment" becomes an issue...

Is there no one out there who has a video of Palin speaking in tongues

McCain Lies.. Have you seen this vid??

A sad, sad commentary on middle/working class Philly

Stunning. Obama on KO. Still, STILL can't say liar. If this is the gig...

Hey Palin...That's not a's an Acid Nutjob...

Keith and Rachel

Obama On The Attack: Don’t Mock The Constitution! These Folks Are Shameless!

First Look At The New Electoral Map, Nate Silver breaks it down.

THE TRUTH HAS A LIBERAL BIAS - Post all lies here!

Student GOP leader resigns over Obama remark

DERF TOON: McCain ''You kids stay off my lawn!''

How Many States Will Obama Carry?

Obama's fundamental problem: He trusts the American Voter.

We bash CNN all the time... but TODAY, they stepped up... BIG TIME

OK, so the next time Pat Buchanan brings up Rev Wright, what is going to be your

Today was a good day. The press are finally doing their job.

Sarah Palin- why lies don't matter

Easy Info on Sarah Palin: The Liar, the Fraud, the One-Hit Wonder

Why isn't there any 'truth in advertising' for political ads?

The Media giveth...the Media taketh away.

Anyone want to have some fun?

'We Don't Need Another Hero' ! ~ (dedicated to McDim) from "The Queen of Rock & Roll."

Rasmussen daily tracking graph for 9/8/08 - Obama 46, McCain 47 (McCain up 1)

Does Rachel have a podcast? I missed her show...

I'm thinking Obama is really frustrated that issues aren't being discussed.

Why did Obama's new ad get pulled from YouTube?

Another poll in serious need of DU magic

MSNBC says Olbermann, Matthews won't anchor EMAIL KEITH YOUR SUPPORT

CNN did a GREAT job today reporting on Palin's churches...I emailed "thanks" to them

I just don't know sometimes...(Encouragement, please...)

All hair and no cattle

Florida is in play!!!! Rasmussen poll has us tied!!!!

AIP meeting video...refers to Gov Palin "is pretty well sympathetic"---scrubbed??

Obama on Palin: 'Mother, governor, moose shooter'

Palin used state funds for trip to speak at her former church - McClatchy

The worst kind of affirmative action:The choice of Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate exposes

Repub Effort To Unseat Senator Investigating Palin's Abuse Of Power-FAILS

Where's the enthusiasm DU?

Where's the enthusiasm DU?

Guys.....Watch this! It is soooo Cute!

dupe...sorry mods n/t

Salon....... Sarah Palin: The dominatrix

I love you Mods!!! I know it is Monday, but, c'mon...

No Palin Content! - This should have ended the McCain campaign: "The first attack occurred in Iran."

McSame in Lebanon Indiana TUESDAY 09/09/08

Lie: Palin was picked to appeal to Clinton voters.

McCain plans new Palin rollout

I believe the polls

Barracuda facts

Moose milking team - that reminded me of a comic by Bud Grace

the ALL IMPORTANT "playground poll"

"He's sure religion influences Palin's policy-making."

I predict at the VP Debate Palin will turn every Q into either an attack on a woman or...

MSNBC says Olbermann, Matthews won't anchor EMAIL KEITH YOUR SUPPORT

A big thank you to Hillary!

When is Obama going to name his Cabinet members? That

Oh my, how the times have changed.

Oh my, how the times have changed.

Oh my, how the times have changed.

Oh my, how the times have changed.

A Vote For McCain -

Palin for President...Macky for Ambassador to Tuva

Check out Wikipedia article on "Bridge to Nowhere"

Check out Wikipedia article on "Bridge to Nowhere"

Hey Sarah, my father use to say, "You can go to Hell for lieing just the same as murder."

Obama Ground Game


Follow-up to Frenchie*: Barack Obama and Jackie Robinson

Rendell: If I Was Palin You'd Be Calling For My Impeachment

Something funny to think about: Imagine if just a couple of months ago you told the Repugs...

This Modern World-Always good for McCain.

So it sounds like some of Sarah's closest friends may vote for Obama

I am guessing there are quite a few nuts who now believe Obama is the anti-Christ and Wasilla is

Alternative to PUMA, how about MaMA?

HUGE: Palin used some of the bridge to nowhere $ to fund the road to nowhere.

Barack is the Jackie Robinson of Politics; he'll win this thing, but not by calling folks names

John McCain Doesn't Support ________________________. (Fill in the blank)


Here is the song McCain / Palin should play at their rallies!

Quick & Easy Candidate Comparison (email I recieved)

Obama On Olberman: " They’re not telling the truth." (Full Transcript & Video)

obama was awesome on o'reily tonight

OMG, she didn't fire the CHEF!!!!! COUNTDOWN!!!!

Is the Obama campaign really "giving them enough rope"

McCain VP pick Palin faces brewing 'Troopergate' inquiry

This is what we are up against, I suppose.

A poll that needs that old DU touch

AP - Obama accuses Republican rivals of dishonesty

A couple of Mavericks, alright...

What's the big deal with a Dem using the word LIE? I don't understand.

John McCain became a P.O.W. this week, at the hands of his own Party. (New Yorker)

I've had it with 'Palin the city mayor'

I want to hear Obama and Biden get righteously angry

George W Bush had executive experience as a Governor and look where that got us!

UH OH!!! Palin losing support on AOL by leaps and bounds!!!!!

Republicans, Myth and Power.

I always like to ask, "And just whose pork are you going to cut?' Certainly not mine, asshole!!!!'s top story right now: Palin "went to church with people who spoke in tongues"

definition: to palin (verb) to lie pointlessly and repeatedly

I grew up in a black Pentecostal church

I grew up in a black Pentecostal church

In Lancaster, PA, Obama drew 15,000 last week; they expect 6,500 for McCain/Palin Tues.

He started out as the son of a poor American family, spent six years in the Illinois state senate,

Dupe - delete


City of Wasilla releases Palin files - happy digging!

If Obama wins, what happens to the deals that Cheney, et al, have done? Pakistan

What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick

********** Not this time **********

Even Cindy won't go where Palin goes

I really wish I could recommend this post more than once.

To all curious Republicans

You guys are sooooo making me feel good about our democracy...

What about actually getting people to polls?

Anyone Else Here Tired Of The Pro-PUMA Reactionaries?

ABC "interview"...more indications it will be all softball

Media Objectivity...

I really didn't want to bring a sports analogy into this...

If U want to know the REAL deal about "trooper-gate" .. tune into this station NOW:

What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick

The more the Republican Party invests in Palin "Star Power"...

"Sarah Palin reminds me of the stewerdess who won't give you another ginger ale."

Bloggers Pan Palin’s First Major Statement on Economy

My take on Obama's refrain "When the dust settles, Americans will make the right choice..."

Watching Barack on KO. God, it's good to hear a thoughtful, well-reasoned, intelligent

The Next Repuke Talking Point

These guys aren't Mavericks, they're more of the same Renegades

KO made mention that palin didn't fire the chef, is there a time when she had said that directly?

At stake in this election, to the whiners.

taxpayer-funded pro-McCain "reporters" embedded with troops in Iraq?

My favorite quote yesterday (Monday)

We must start the meme Palin requires a job interview. Several.

What happened to the stories about McCain's Son and some Bank in Nevada?

Gibson's b.s. "interview" of palin...or, WHY DON'T DEMS HAVE TALKING POINTS?

Ed Shultz will be going to Alaska for a town hall meeting on Saturday


Barack Obama is amazing.

OMG Palin speakin in tongues while handling SNAKES??? Where is the video

Viral e-mail letter re: arugula

Never thought I would be posting this. Hillary Kentucky supporters drifting to Obama

McCain who??? He's been so dwarfed by his running mate

Don't buy it folks

Palin requests talks with oil executives

Rendell: If I Was Palin You'd Be Calling For My Impeachment

Rendell: If I Was Palin You'd Be Calling For My Impeachment

There's some excitement going on over in General Discussion.

Republicans bamboozled us out of affordable healthcare once, will they do it twice?

"GET UP.... GO GET EM!" ....into the trenches we go! (swing states, polls, and local media)

Obama HAS to attack Palin to win this race!

Obama HAS to attack Palin to win this race!

FOX and Friends attacking Oprah for declining Palin interview until after the election

Gullup Poll has McCain up 13 points

Obama Campaign: Off Balance or Strategically Holding Back?

Obama Campaign: Off Balance or Strategically Holding Back?

Game On: Why Obama will defeat McCain, Rove and the Bush Legacy

Palin's AIP connected to terrorists

Obama will LOSE

MotherJones: Sarah Palin's Secret Emails

Electoral Map as of today

** Here's the Problem **

Worth re-visiting

Did Olbermann just do what I think he did?

Va. Registrar's guidance prompts ACLU complaint

Where is all of Obama's money going?

Bernie Sanders: This Election isn't a Soap Opera or Football Game

Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home(That's Some Reform)

Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home(That's Some Reform)

Lots of people with their heads

Hiding Sarah Palin behind 'deference'

Is McCain bump over yet? Post, CNN polls: Obama still leads, just barely

Is McCain bump over yet? Post, CNN polls: Obama still leads, just barely

Sara and Mc Idiot... on the way down..........

Obama Campaign Launches W.Va. Office

McLame solves the Energy Crisis

OMG .. Palin has energized McMaverick's crowds!

John McCain was not tortured

McCain/Palin embodies perfectly the extremes of our society, and not in a good way.

Obama Goes Up Against Himself in Cable Prime Time

For now, Barack Obama's the man in the middle, not John McCain

On CNN, Paul Begala just said "Palin flat out lied"....& "the media isn't doing its job"

47% Of Women Like Her. Of That Group, 55% Think She Isn't Qualified To Be President

CNN Investigating Palin's economic record

CNN Investigating Palin's economic record

I have a couple questions about the firing the chef story - can anyone help?

I grew up in a Catholic Church and Parochial School and they said:

The Palin Game I Play......

There is no 57th Airborne Division - There was no mass suicide.

A poll I find interesting....

A poll I find interesting....

McCain: Bush right to veto kids health insurance expansion

Obama objects to severance for ousted CEOs

Well, it looks like with Sarah CaribouSlayer on the ticket, Bush's lies will Palin comparison

Litmus test for the Obama campaign: Making a campaign ad highlighting Palin's "Fannie" gaffe

Great Line from Hillary

Have you donated to Obama TODAY??

Here is the line: "Turns out it was not a surge afterall.... It was an escalation!!"

Been receiving McCain's absentee ballots in the mail..

Buchanan: Obama's church deserves more scrutiny because "it's more colorful than" Palin's church


Haha wow you guys have to see this...

Dems hold 900,000 lead in registered voters in Ohio right now per MSNBC.

Heard Chuckie T says something is wrong with a poll that shows only a 2 point difference

Supporters wait for chance to hear Obama speak in Dayton

LOL so McCain's daughter on the TODAY SHOW mentions he dated a stripper?

Palin in Joe Isuzu in a dress

The Answer to Sarah Palin’s Rhetorical Question: Book Burning

Even the WSJ calls Palin out on "Bridge to Nowhere" and Earmarks

The Meme Has Taken Hold!!!-Palin's Bridge To Nowhere Story Is "A NAKED LIE"

Palin's Expense Accounts Under Scrutiny: More shit in the sewer system

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA speaks at a townhall meeting yesterday in Farmington Hills, Michigan


McCain Campaign Piles Up New Falsehoods On Bridge To Nowhere

Palin Has Been Trying to Sell America a Bridge to Nowhere

Sarah Palin Mismanaged Pension Funds

Bush** Style Lies.

What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick (Juan Cole)

Talking point: Do you remember when asswipe Lynne Cheney said Kerry was "not a good man"?

McCain-Palin zinger responses

New Obama Ad Slamming McCain On Education - "What Kind"

Don't just hope, Work for Hope!

Palin was doing exactly what McCain has been fighting all these years.

Meghan McCain on THE TODAY SHOW disrespects other military families by praising hers

Here is the Megan McCain TODAY SHOW video be sure to forward to friends, family and others

"grant me the serenity"


Bush Chooses McCain National Finance Chairman To Take Over Fannie Mae

Palin put a bounty on wolves - $150 for fresh cut legs (no joke)

Has SNL done a skit on Palin field dressing a moose yet?

Comparison ‘Offensive,’ Pit Bull Owners Complain!

The Debates

What is making me really angry

What is making me really angry

McCain as Messiah-"one of the most egocentric presidential campaigns in memory"-By Eugene Robinson


Who thinks McCain will die before January (if he wins)

Pit bulls wear

Wasilla Police Billed Sexual Assault Victims for Their Own Rape Kits

If the kids are off limits I don't expect to see any photos of Palin saying good bye to her son. . .

If the kids are off limits I don't expect to see any photos of Palin saying good bye to her son. . .

Is the honeymoon officially over yet?

If the state of Alaska can afford to pay Palin to sleep in her own bed in her own house,

McCain=Bush: (Palin) is a "real" woman, not a woman pretending to be a man

Money for Nothing in the Palin Administration.

Historical Precedent for When a VP Candidate Outshines the Top of the Ticket?

Is there a collection of videos with Palin speaking since she was first Mayor?

Is there a collection of videos with Palin speaking since she was first Mayor?

McCain/Palin Remind Me Of Another Famous Couple.....

Bush Increasing troops in Afghanistan, now where did I hear that before. By November the....

Woo Hoo - Ron Paul to be on the ballot in Montana

Spooky story of 16 troops committing suicide

I think McCain is even lazier intellectually than GWB

Should the Obama camp confront the culture wars once and for all?

I think the "anti-Iraq-war" message should be emphasized more

Ten ways the McCain/Palin GOP is now stealing the Ohio vote

It's near the campaign's end - send in the lawyers

If you believe this is a reform ticket, I've got a bridge to nowhere to sell you AND's Photoshop of a more truthful/honest/appropriate logo for your preferred prez (DLUP WRNG)

Michael Kinsley destroys the myth that Sarah Palin is a fiscal conservative

The Stupidity of Bush and the Dishonesty of Reagan in one package

Did some idiot C-Span caller just say...

So we're starting the white woman thing again, eh?

The capitalist bourgeois media and Olbermann/Matthews

McCain as Messiah

Counting the Govenor's Mansion, how many Homes Does Palin have?

McCain as Messiah

Thanks, But No Thanks!!!

I've been thinking this for awhile...

Congrats to McCain Palin makes even W & Quayle look qualified.

The Liars with NO Shame are at it again.

Sarah Palin's Big Bad Creationism

Sarah Palin and my Republican father

I'm an Alaskan, not an American. I've got no use for America and her damned institutions."

RASMUSSEN: Race for the White House is tied once again

Sarah Palin’s Alaskonomics

Sarah Palin’s Alaskonomics

FLASHBACK John McCain TV Funhouse cartoon

For your soccer mom friends: Pailin' wants to ban Harry Potter

Anybody know if this is true re: Librarygate?

Bounce is over - Repuke Pollster Rasmussen: Obama 46 - McCain 46

Bounce is over - Repuke Pollster Rasmussen: Obama 46 - McCain 46

Ed Koch Decides To Back Obama Because of Palin

Heads up, Obama will make a statement RE: Bush/Iraq/Afghanistan in about 30 minutes

Alaska Independence Party: USA SUCKS!

Bush quick to claim victory for slow withdrawal

Today's toon from Cincinnati

Today's toon from Cincinnati

Something to consider - what must the rest of the world think of us now?

lonestarnot! Is it Abramoff a new book out about McCain and the Abramoff investigation

Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents...

GOBAMA. . .Barack taking McCain to the woodshed on education. . .

Palin-anian Economics

Help Charles Gibson with his Palin interview questions!

MooseMom and StayAtHomeGate, FamilyTravelGate, and probably other GATES we don't know about yet

Commentary: Levi Johnston is not Bristol Palin's 'fiance'

CBO estimates say fed budget deficit nearing $407B

"Chuckie T" makes an interesting point about the state of the race 'post conventions'

Some "maverick" huh? John McCain sent my husband a letter.

TPM on Troopergate: Additional evidence of a centralized effort to protect Palin

Pentecostalism is a CULT, not a bonafide religion

Election Theft- It's Ground Game & "Boots On Ground" That'll Save This

A clip of Elizabeth "Talking Points" Hassleback dissin' Michelle Obama.

McCain now leads among white women - the Palin narrative has begun

Palin Billed State For [312] Nights Spent In Her Own Home

Palin Billed State For [312] Nights Spent In Her Own Home

What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick

Palin and Alaska Natives

The WSJ Must Be Part of McCain’s Campaign Team

MSNBC Bombs in Blogosphere

I might be for drilling too, if it actually put dollars into my very own pockets

Memo To Charlie Gibson: Here Are Some Tough Questions For Palin

Why Libertarians Should Vote for Obama

Help Karl Rove Help John McCain win the White House...

If you're worried about Barack's money

I just convinced my dad to send Obama/Biden a contribution!!!!

DONATE! Obama funds "extremely anemic"

WSJ editorial co-authored by Palin shows newfound mastery of Freddie & Fannie

Controversy over school use for McCain/Palin rally...

When do WE take the gloves off?

***Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Riverside, Ohio***

GOOD NEWS!! I saw an anti Obama ad by McCain in... WAIT FOR IT...

Did Palin evade federal taxes by filing for and then receiving "per diems" she was ineligible for?

Ron Paul To Appear on Montana Ballot

Suggestion on how to compare Palin as qualified or unqualified to be VP.

Salon: Obama's Money Troubles

I hate to say this -- But O'Reilly's Obama interview is most substantial and useful

a little win in Alaska

Even the WSJ Calls Bullshit: Record Contradicts Palin's 'Bridge' Claims

Naysayers: Want To Know How To Win This Election?

Remove - Dupe - sorry, network connections problems.

23 Naked Lies by Palin on Bridge to Nowhere so far.

ARG poll: Obama up 1

Biggest boost to McCain is Palin

Local Fox News network just said that McCain/Palin...

Just called my daughter...

This is what baffles me - Obama on Olberman and McCain "lying"...

Venezuela/Russia navy exercise will be our next hot spot. Now that Palin has been approved by Cheney...

Can we can it with the PUMA stuff?

WOMEN!! This is OUR fight....

What did the daily tracking polls look like today?

While Mayor, Sarah Palin Charged Rape Victims for their Own Justice

The SERIAL LIARS have lied about much more than just the bridge to nowhere.

Dems are bringing out the heavy weapons with POW ad!!

Obama Has Money Problems

Why did Mayor Palin try to fire the town librarian?

Obama needs a gimmick.

Obama responding to Bush's Iraq speech NOW on all cable networks

anyone watching obama on teevee????

Nice Work If You Can Get It: Palin Paid Herself To Live At Home

The View's Elizabeth Hasslebeck takes shot at Michelle Obama

And we can do all of this for the cost of just a few days in Iraq.

The Change We DON’T Need

"We got a (convention) bounce, they got a bounce." Obama spokesman in today's NY Daily News

WOW, how about that cover story!

Obama's tax cut resource

What to expect from McCain, Obama in 56 days

How is it that some folks still don't "get it"???

Must Read: Palin Per Diem equals a Problem with the IRS??

It's the economy stupid...

Can't wait to watch Michelle dance at the Inaugural Balls.

Can someone please explain to me why Hillary won't attack Palin?

If you're trying to win an election against a bunch of crooks, then

Senator Obama slams Mccain hard!!

Forgive me, but I am going to step where angels fear to tread.

E.J. Dionne: "John McCain's campaign acknowledged this weekend that Sarah Palin is unprepared to be

We need to suck it up and get to work. Who has joined on the Obama website?

Okay c'mon! Obama needs you!

If elected, would VP Palin receive 3/4 the salary of Dick Cheney?

Strategic Vision: Michigan: Obama (45) McCain (44) Wisconsin: Obama (46) McCain (43)

Did anyone just see that helicopter shot of the McCain rally?

Can anyone tell me what this is? Psychrights??

Can anyone tell me what this is? Psychrights??

Palin's stall: Governor is stonewalling the Troopergate investigation

Palin's Star Power Can Outshine McCain

Where the candidates are on Tuesday, 9/9/08

SW Ohio needs you DUers, look at this & tell me we can't slay these dragons

Should we have an official Younger than John McCain thread?

DUH: Don't you think that Palin would have made book banning a concern in hiring a NEW librarian IF

Quietly, Obama Campaign Calls In The Cavalry(527's)

OK, I took one little step

Sarah Palin: A Gidget for God’s Truth

Blacks support Obama="Racial Identity Politics." White women support Palin="Cuz she's like them."


"That smells like a win. Breathe it in, folks. Remember that smell? It smells like the moon."

McCain must embrace Palin's beliefs, Tony Perkins says

Can we chill with all the talk about palin?

Palin’s Lie Caught on Camera, Says Obama Campaign

I realized why this election feels SO different to me.

Anyone else notice, Obama-Biden campaign in Red Areas only?

Obama ad: McCain Favored Abolishing Department Of Education

Queen of Pork, Palin calls Obama, Earmark Pig

A message from Barack Obama to DU.

Please start Getting It: It's Up to US, because HE can't do it ALONE.

Andrew Sullivan hasn't posted since early yesterday afternoon.

Sarah Palin Action Figure

The dart that will deflate McCain/Palin....

Palin's brothers... in Jail??

Received this via email!

So what's the word on the AIP stuff? This is a huge angle

Anchorage Daily News offers questions for Palin

McCain mobilizes, and cows, his 'base'

No worries, Peeps! Sully is fine and will be back soon!


Four new Palin campaign posters released

David Brooks: "The Republicans are intellectually unfit to govern right now"

Obama slams 'do-nothing McCain' on failing schools - AFP

This is getting real ugly. I just fired off an email to

Cillizza updates Electoral Map: Obama 289, Mccain 249 -- after tough decision gave Ohio to Obama


Obama Campaign Manager: "A Lot Of Hyperventilating About National Polls"

Bridge To No Where

BUSTED! Sarah Palin Endorses the Bridge to Nowhere in 2006 Debate. (VIDEO)

I'd like to shout out the Huffington Post for the best coverage so far of McCain/Palin

For what it's worth: World wants Obama to be next US President

Again, media complicity just like in 2000 and 2004.

What are the 10 biggest lies Mc/P are perpetrating? I want to make a graphic

Quietly, Obama Campaign Calls In The Cavalry (527's)

The Obama Poll Drop: It's the Issues, Stupid!

The psychodrama of McCainus

Does image trump issues in a Presidential campaign?

overheard in the gym locker room this morning: 3 white women in their 60's

Obama savages Bush redeployment plan - AFP

I think Obama used a Rovian tactic.

McCain=Bush: Palin on the cover of NEWSWEEK. Actually pretty funny

America will eventually see Sarah for what she is --- and will not elect a religious extremist!

Palin repeats Bridge to Nowhere lie AGAIN, the 23rd time they marched out the LIE about the bridge

ABC says no issue off table for Palin

McCain attacks Obama for opposing a Pentagon program - one that McCain himself opposed in 2006

Rasmussen daily tracking: 46%-46%

Palin Complained About Per Diem Costs...Of Legislators

I think Palin has a very hard time with asking if she supports Ted Stevens or not

Money for Nothing in the Palin Administration.

New Investor Business Daily/TIPP Poll: Barack 45 McCain 40

Please vote in the FairPollsters, Inc. Poll right here:

What are Palin's strengths?

My local CBS radio affiliate called out Palin on her Bridge to Nowhere lies

Obama looking very Presidential...

Obama looking very Presidential...

Biden: McCain-Palin all talk

Sarah Palin’s MAGICAL Vice-Presidency!

Gallup: 100% GOP shills

Straining to Reach Money Goal, Obama Presses Donors

Obama campaign targeting many GOP strongholds; McCain campaign focuses on typical battlegrounds

“Now that the *gloves are off*,”—a training film for Democrats

Official Anagram Thread:

FUCK YOU, Newsweek! Shame on you for spreading rethug lies and propaganda

Focus on the Issues! READ THIS............

Let me tell you a tale of soccer, and why it relates to the US presidential election.

Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home

Anyone know where to find Palin's financial

Palin is the villian to Obama's hero


Speaking of 527's....

I live in a very blue state... what can I do to help?

The LIARS. That is the perfect name for the McCain/Palin ticket.

Student GOP Leader resigns over racist Obama remarks

TPM: Hillary To Raise Half A Million Dollars For Obama At Private Manhattan Dinner

Very Funny, Anti-Palin start to Michael Feldman's Whad'Ya Know? radio show Saturday!

BRIBERY? - Alaska National Guard General - Changes Story - & Gets Promoted

Proponents Of Negative Character Attacks Ignore That It Depresses Voter Turnout

Proponents Of Negative Character Attacks Ignore That It Depresses Voter Turnout

Other Than KO or Rachel, Who Would You Want To See Interview Palin?

91 and 134


7 of the 9 supreme court justices will be not-so-old republicans by the end of McCaint's first term.

Charlie Gibson needs your help!

Is the Obama site down?

81% of trades in energy futures on NYMEX were by speculators - not interested in taking delivery of

Stephanie Cutter ROCKS!!!

Stephanie Cutter ROCKS!!!

What (or who) gave the Republicans the temporary bounce in the polls that they're now enjoying?

Should Obama campaign produce a Schoolhouse Rock commercial...

You guys, videos of Rachel's show are up on MSBNC. I'd like to suggest

New Obama Ads Hit Bush-McCain Economy

New Obama Ads Hit Bush-McCain Economy

Road to 270: Massachusetts

Has the Olberman/Matthews removal signaled a power play by the establishment to silence print/TV

To those saying "Obama isn't fighting back".... I call "bullshit"

To those saying "Obama isn't fighting back".... I call "bullshit"

British PM Gordon Brown endorses Obama

ARG - US: Obama 47, McCain 46 (ARG-9/6-8)

Here's the meme folks: Palin's not a liar. She's a thief!

Norm Coleman: RUNNING MAN. Best Political Ad Ever!

Obama will win Florida!

Great news! My racist in-laws in Florida have decided to vote for Obama!!!

Great news! My racist in-laws in Florida have decided to vote for Obama!!!

I decided that instead of worrying and bitching on this board

AP: Obama puts heat on Palin as she boosts GOP ticket

Why isn't Hillary going after Palin?

Some More Pictures From Obama's Visit To Lancaster Last Week

Gordon Brown Speaking Out for Obama

Lets DU this Orlando Poll

Dominionists pray for McCain's death

Gallup: McCain (49) Obama (44)

Yes! Biden Hits McCain and Palin On Stem Cell Research!

Ed Koch endorses Obama ...

Simple question - does EVERYONE in Alaska legislature collect per diems for home time?

National polls the week after any convention should be taken with a grain of salt.

Axelrod: If these are the people who are running his campaign, who's gonna be running his WH?"

It's not that Obama isn't fighting back

I have to wonder why in the hell am I not seeing a campaign commercial

Something to email to Rep or Indy voters (those who are readers anyway)

"It is NObama for me"...

facebook "sponsored poll" I just took...

Cleaning up the MSM "Hillary voter" myths

Hillary could single-handedly tear Palin to pieces, but she & Obama are too smart to do it just yet

Too Cool to Fight? "What Obama does not understand is that he is being Swift-boated."

Much of the Palin bounce is likely in heavily red states that aren't in play anyway ...

NYT: "Hugs & Kisses" (can't really call that a kiss, can you?)

If McCain's new female supporters really just wanted a chance to vote for a woman . . .

I'm just gonna say it: We still live in a racist culture.

On Yahoo AP News - Former NY mayor: Palin 'scares the hell out of me'

On Yahoo AP News - Former NY mayor: Palin 'scares the hell out of me'

On Yahoo AP News - Former NY mayor: Palin 'scares the hell out of me'

"I just don't know WHY everyone isn't in love with john mccain"-- this was the statement

IBD/TIPP National Poll: Obama (45) McCain (40)

Jesus! Is Palin The Most Corrupt Governor EVER? Trades Guard Promotions For Political Favors...

And now for something completely different, did anyone receive their Obama/Biden shirt yet?

What she said.

Palin Borrowed 'Lipstick' Schtick from Hagee

Poll on the Presidential race polls

Well, here's some GOOD news other than the action on GD:

The dog that didn't bark (yet)

My personal experience with 2 elderly women I recently met who are both scared of Obama

Do they poll people without land lines?

She says-she said: "Thanks but no thanks" - BUT - They Kept The Money - Every single freaking dime.

McCain calls Obama "utterly confused" on Iraq. Oh, baby, what a set up for some comebacks.

Right Wing - Palin Shows That "Feminism Is A Crock"


McCain's fuzzy videos

CNN ~ McCain ahead in national polls; Obama up in electoral votes.

People who believe in the "End Times" should NOT be in a position of power to hasten this belief.

My new Palin slogan:

Commentary: Palin’s Domestic Chores Bar Media Chinwags

The Folksy Ignorance Movement or "FIM" for short

PPP Poll: Florida: Obama (45) McCain (50)

Obama Releases Two New Tv Ads - Running In Pennsylvania And New Hampshire

QUESTION: How do I email Keith Olbermann????

QUESTION: How do I email Keith Olbermann????

Palin = Reincarnation of Anita Bryant...

Right winger are in for a big disappointment...

A list of U.S. cities with more people than the entire state of Alaska

If ever a slogan was devised that SHOULD be our 2008 battlecry, THIS IS IT.

OBAMA VS. MCCAIN ON MEDIA POLICY -Slate 2 pages good stuff

I have a question. Who knows how many people a US Senator has on staff?

Obama may bring criminal charges against Bush administration

Looks like the GUN forums are trying to invade DU

Palin billed Alaska taxpayers for her husbands dog sledding/snow machine hobby - travel expenses.

Indicted Ted Stevens comes to the defense of Palin on the "bridge to no-where'

Don't be swept away by the media hype of the Palin campaign- CSM

Disregarding the polls, I think this race is tied

Obama lied.

Meghan McCain said she asked her father how he would feel if she got pregnant at 14 and that he said

Meghan McCain said she asked her father how he would feel if she got pregnant at 14 and that he said

David Corn: McCain: MIA on Afghanistan

World wants Obama as president: poll

Please delete...Dupe

The presidential debates are critical to Obama's chances

Do the Drill, Drill, Drill people think American Oil Companies will break from OPEC

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown Endorses...

Sarah Palin and Jerome Corsi


Donate at least $12 and get Obama shirt

get ready to :puke:

Journalist friend of mine will be on Good Morning America

GOP faithful under the spell of a new enchantress

Everything you need to know about why John McCain choose Sarah Palin for his running mate.

NYT front page very quiet

Palin Again Recites Lie About Bridge To Nowhere

The polls dont matter until after the first debate

If Congress stopped The Bridge To NoWhere and Palin kept the money, why didn't Congress

"Exclusive: Sarah Palin Speaks to Newsmax Magazine"

'Trust Me, Republicans, Going After Obama for His ‘Terrorist Ties’ is a Very Bad Idea'

Is America on crack?

Stevens - Palin ticket to Nowhere

Palin goes from Fannie/Freddie dunce to WSJ Op-Ed co-author of Fannie/Freddie piece in record time

Brokaw Unwittigly Admits He's a Democrat

Sarah Palin's Alaskonomics, By Michael Kinsley

Anyone mentioned Palin's apparent attitude towards maternity leave?

Posting Poll Results

****Heads Up: Biden Now Live Campaigns In St. Louis, Missouri****

Ed Koch's change of heart is a strong signal that McCain's support among jews is about to tank....

Psst DU'ers, CNN has a political forum on their website.

Palin cut taxes on Persona Property but raised the Sales Tax...

GALLUP - McCain 5 points ahead - IN JULY.

Q: What is this?

Why the press helped McCain whitewash Bush: "Bush's failure is the media's failure."

Biden: Palin Would Be "Backward Step for Women" (with video)

I was watching live stream of Biden in St. Louis on It went dead. Anybody else? nt

"Wake up America!!" - The story we need to be pushing on Palin is the ALASKIN ECONOMY!!!

So the LIARS were repeating the same old lies today.

If Charlie Gibson were to channel Tim Russert this week....

New National Poll: Obama: 45% McCain 40%

If Tim Russert did not die, no way McCain would have picked Palin

Palin ... doll or action hero?

I'm Sick of MSNBC: It's McStalin/Praline all the time

I smell a rat---------ABC gets Palin interview because they lied in their recent poll!

Heads Up: New NBC/WSJ National Poll To Be Released at 6:30 EST

Damn it, there's a massive difference between 200/2004 and now.

New Obama ad: McCain proposed ABOLISHING the Dept. of Education

Last day to register in Ohio is Monday, Oct. 6th! Link to Rock the Vote other State Deadlines!

Everything you need to know about why John McCain choose Sarah Palin for his running mate.

Last day to register in Ohio is Monday, Oct. 6th! Link to Rock the Vote other State Deadlines!

British PM Gordon Brown informally backs Obama

Deleted by poster

McCain makes a claim that he's never requested or received earmarks for his state...

Palin's Pastor tries his hand at damage control...and FAILS miserably.

"We don't need no stinkin' EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE" ...

State Polls encouraging - Post Republican Bounce

Irony - Republicans want Palin's 17 year old pregnant unwed daughters sex life off limits

A number we should know...

McCain campaign endorses Palin’s claim that the Iraq war is a task ‘from God.’


Acceptance Speeches given by Senators Obama and McCain at their respective party's conventions

Fight back or lose the election!

Questions for Palin - Anchorage Daily News - Didn't run for Senate b/c Family 2004

Why Don't We Just Come Out and Say that the Surge was BOUGHT by this

Shaping the language - Today's Lesson: "Pro-life"

"She sold it on ebay. And made a profit" McCain video.

"The Politics of Shoe Leather" By William Rivers Pitt

"The Politics of Shoe Leather" By William Rivers Pitt

i borrowed a few hundred thousand for a house, then i said "thanks but no thanks" and kept the money

Maverick McCain tied to Sarah's apron strings!

Question: Do you think Palin asked about banning books at least twice just for the fun of it?

Once again, Senator: if someone asks you if your opponent is qualified, there is only one answer.

YEAH! Biden hit's McCain / Palin on Stem Cell Research

Ok, I'm angry....

OBAMA DAILY NEWS Tuesday Sept 9 2008

Message from David Plouffe: "Lies to Nowhere"

Ed Koch: Why I'm Voting for Obama-Biden

The Campaign Narrative will change soon: The MSM will love Obama Comeback

(Link) This is the DU thread you should read. Actually, it's the thread you should write.

Start Attacking McCain

Newly released video shows how easily electronic voting machines can be hacked, Pried Open

Mediamatters - Big Media Myth Is That Obama Is Not Fighting Back - Hides RW Bias

Will the debates help Obama? I'm hoping, but not sure.

Let's start punkin' McSame

Let's start punkin' McSame

Straight spin from McFailin' in Northern Virginia

Road to 270: Alabama

Did you hear what Meghan McCain said on the Today show?

ABC's Media Whore, Charlie Gibson, Grilled Barack Obama for 1 Hour About His Church.

" the same time she was having concerns about the project..." CNN on Palin and

Whatever happened to Palin heading back to Alaska to spend time with her son, Track?

We are behind in the polls. That's just where we want to be.

KOS Diarist claims "NBC/WSJ Poll Tied "

My tax dollars pay every many woman and child in Alaska $3,500 per year?

Message from my PhD Sister... "Hold Your Heads Up "

Hidden clue about the "internals"... where are the candidates today

We're winning our second news cycle in a row (after losing 11 straight)

This just in: ABC News says Palin billed taxpayers for more than 300 nights spent at home

Obama Slams Bush Today!

Truth-checking videos you can email to friends from Brave New Films

OKAY. I have my list of people to call to recruit as volunteers

OKAY. I have my list of people to call to recruit as volunteers

Arizona Election Integrity Advocate Arrested While Observing Hand-Count

Obama tries to steal Nebraska electoral vote from McCain

DU This Poll! Sarah Palin - Smart Choice?

Does anyone believe that McCain now beats Obama among white women by 12%?

McCain gets $5 million in Chicago

What I see on GALLUP makes NO sense

An "uppity black man" should refrain from calling a "wholesome white woman" a liar.

"Barack is the Underdog Until He is Sitting in the Oval Office"

Kaus actually makes a decent point: "Is McLame scared of campaigning without Palin?"

Hotline Poll-Presidential Race Remains Close-McCane-45% Obama 44%

Talkingpointsmemo TPMtv: Bridge of Lies

McCain Ad Buys-- targeting Daytime TV/Soap Demographics

Even Politico seems to be gettin' bored with McCains new campaign

Mr. McCain, what you are about is not "change" but

Tweety: "Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz, give me a quickie..."(howcum this posted twice?)

From MSNBC: "Palin continues 'Bridge to Nowhere' claim"

Gore returning to Iowa

Fun Fact - - > In 1994, McCain proposed ‘doing away’ with Dept. of Education.»

We need a whisper campaign

Mondale got a huge bounce after he picked Ferrarro

about the polls...if white women & independents are just flocking to McCain/Palin...

Jill Biden & Michelle Obama are wayy prettier than Sarah Palin

Relax, radiate confidence and visualize victory

You know Cable News would be much more effective if they had

So how useful will the debates be?

WOMEN!! Tell other women WHY you don't like Palin!

So Obama has the grit to take unscreened questions from the media...

Have you seen the new Obama ad? It uses the word LIE!

Here is where Obama is wrong......

Deja Vu - Bad memories of John Kerry's handling of attacks are now haunting me...

Live in a red state near a 'battleground state? Go help them!

Is Wall Street Journal's Palin coverage fair and balanced?

Well, here, I know what's going on with the cloistering of Sarah...

Conversation with a fellow gay man -- he thinks Obamas are evil -- how can this be?

Conversation with a fellow gay man -- he thinks Obamas are evil -- how can this be?

The last time we won a Presidential election, the corporate media wasn't as entrenched

Idiot CNN Banner: Obama in lebanon, Pennsylvania (Obama is in Lebanon, Virginia)

Poll Madness: McCain Takes Lead Even As Democrats Out-Register Republicans?

Why I'm Voting for Obama-Biden By Honorable Mayor Ed Koch

Debate Format Question

Palin is Still Lying About Bridge To Nowhere

InsiderAdvantage/Poll Position: McCain(46), Obama(46) Tied Nationally

This is ridiculous... "Obama on the defensive" (AP)

Sarah Palin and the Wasilla Church of God. Sarah wants you to pray for oil company's.

No questions, please; Palin sticks to her script

Peaking too soon?

BBC Poll: World wants Obama as president: poll

McCain Campaign Stands Up Palin Truth-Squadding Team

McCain, Culvahouse and the Iran/Contra Gang - The Man Who Vetted Palin

After that GD thread this AM, I needed a cigarette...

I Think Palin has lost the Conservative Catholic Vote

McCain campaign endorses Palin’s claim that the Iraq war is a task ‘from God.’

Does McCain oppose earmarks partly because they cut a tiny bit into his Federal swag, allowing Blue States

The campaign, surrogates and blogosphere are all screwing up the Bridge to Nowhere Story

Montana: McCain Surges Ahead by Double-Digits

Mary Matalin

"I don't dislike her because she's from a small town. I dislike her bc she has a SMALL MIND."

McCain Rally to Move From Fairfax School After Outcry so suck it republicans.

McCain & Palin are LIARS - the facts speak for themself - Palin is the "Miss Piggy" of earmarks

Hah - Gov Ed Rendell Sold PA plane at a big profit and not on EBay Check it out...

Ok what is it with all the repuke women talking through their noses?

Need A GREAT Laugh???

"Barracuda," huh? (a reflection on my trip to the grocery store).

McCain/Palin reel in "religious right" as McCains daughter boasts of Dad dating strippers

McCain/Palin reel in "religious right" as McCains daughter boasts of Dad dating strippers

I think the repubs may be feeding the dems

"The Same" ad just shown on Spike

Obama was NOT calling Palin a pig per Politico, it was about the change message

How much better was your life before you knew who Sarah Palin was?

Oh crap!! Palin has a military already???

HELLO AMERICA??? Isn't LIKING BUSH what got US where we are???

NBC-WSJ Poll - Obama -47% McCane 46%

Being on the defensive means

Tweety: "Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz, give me a quickie..."

Update on my journalist friend being interviewed on GMA tomorrow on Palin

Crawling into Obama's skin

Correct please if I am wrong....

Mary Matalin = Clutch Cargo

***Heads Up: Obama Now Live Campaigns In Lebanon, Virginia***

Obama needs our money!!! He is struggling right now......

Do You Think I Should Preemptively Sue the RNC?

New NBC Wall St Poll O 47% M 46%

Note to Palin: If you can't stand the heat - get out of the kitchen

Wow, did Harold Ford flip flop in less than an hour?

I think this Palin bitch is a carefully orchestrated psyop designed

NBC Nightly News Fact Checking Sarah Palin

Obama polls Up - +2 - +3 +1 +3 +1 Key States PA, CO, MI, WI, Ras Daily

Obama polls Up - +2 - +3 +1 +3 +1 Key States PA, CO, MI, WI, Ras Daily

Has anyone actually looked at the religious makeup of the US Congress (House in particular)?

McCain's latest Ad - Teaching Sex Ed to Kindergartners

The 5 McCain Videos Everyone Needs to See from Brave New Films

Absentee voting

Alaska: Here's how to sell a plane

Bad link, deleted will fix.

McCain - Palin secure new theme song from Thompson Twins

Why is the headline to this article on yahoo this

New Obama Book Available: "Change We Can Believe In"

Obama tries to steal Nebraska electoral vote from McCain

Watch My Palin Family as "The Brady Bunch" Flash Video - I Stick a fork in Her - She's DONE!

Watch My Palin Family as "The Brady Bunch" Flash Video - I Stick a fork in Her - She's DONE!

It's all about the ground game. Screw the polls and the

What do you think - Billboards in Battlegrounds States (OH, CO) telling voters last day to register

I think it's fantastic that McC is targeting exurbs, outposts,tiny town, super rich, the non-diverse

Question for DU GD about Colin Powell


Thank you for the bad news-nt

DU'ers and the Dem's need to stop worrying about polls this guy has the pulse of the electric

Obama dismisses Palin buzz

Obama and the Palin Effect (by Deepak Chopra)

Chris Matthews: New WaPo/ABC Poll has Obama leading McCain 47%-46%

Obama Camp Responds To McCain`s Disgusting Ad!

Help please. Does anyone have pict from RNC of "Talk is cheap" sign? Moran had it upside down even

Lipstick on a PIG

Kentucky Clinton backers inch toward Obama

A feel good, and a little insight kinda post...

Check out Obama's new ad on McCain & Pailin, pretty dam good and true:

McCain must embrace Palin's beliefs, evangelical leader says (CNN)

McCain must embrace Palin's beliefs, evangelical leader says (CNN)

Palin Hits Just Keep On Coming

Palin won't back off bridge claim, despite criticism

The New Electoral Map

NBC/WSJ Poll: Obama (47) McCain (46)

Great line from another thread: "McCain is a POW - Prisoner of Wasillawoman"

Palin Does Not REALLY Oppose Roe V. Wade Is Another McCain Plant: to Court Women Voters

Obama ahead by 1 in NBC poll, so much for all the handwringing

Why didn't someone tell me Michelle is on Ellen right now????

Guess What State Has the Highest Taxes and the Highest Spending?

DELETE - I really screwed up. :-( I'm sorry. nt

An Indigenous Perspective on Palin, Oil and Alaska

How is it possible for McCain to lead in polls when Dems are significantly out-registering Repubs?

Christ on a cracker Ron Paul is endorsing someone, lets guess who it will be

See The "Original Marverick"s Ad aka Ssshh! Don't Tell Anyone We're Republicans? Posting Misleading Headline about Obama, implying he is stealing


Palin : The Next Cheney

RE: Polls Explanation on Kos

You wanted ATTACK: this is what attack looks like

why doesn't Mary Matalin move her upper lip when she speaks...

McCain and Palin are vile, disgusting low-class cretins

AK Nat'l Guard general promoted after changing story on Palin's role w/ NG??

Let's face it Gallup is the only organization that gives McCain a lead outside moe

This is an all out WAR. We can't afford to be nice or polite


All we need to know about John McCain's temper........................

McCain gives you a $5k tax credit, your health insurance costs $12K. That is a "Bridge to Nowhere!"

WTF is this ? And how is this helping the Democratic Party?

Is FAUX News Going To Carry The Photo Of Senator Obama Being Compared To A Cartoon Monkey

Busted- questioning sample size of Republicans in these Polls

Polls and telephone surveys - don't hang up.

Ron Paul to be on Montana ballot

McLame on Hillary Healthcare Plan: "I think they put some lipstick on a pig, but it's still a pig"

Bold Prediction: Obama v. Mccain will be closest election in U.S. history

Which of these President/VP ticket options had less experience than Obama?

Palin has a voice that could peel paint.

Proof republicans are sexist


NBC Poll: I Like the "Men" Thing!

The Republicans are sickos


I wonder if Sarah will teach me how to hunt trolls from an airplane

Welcome to DU, and especially GD:P, for all you new participants.

Behold: A Palin apostle

Voter Disenfranchisement in NJ...........News video

Stop posting over-the-top stuff on Palin! It is hurting our candidate

"Lipstick On A Pig" Update - McLame hack Swift whining on conference call - press isn't buying it.

"It would appear that Sarah Palin has a problem with Rape."

In case you missed it.... the good stuff starts 3 minutes in;

New GOP talking point--Obama as head of the ticket should not be attacking Palin

The Obama/Biden campaign: stay the course or course correction?

TPM Abramoff -->Rep H. Wilson NM --> were getting close to AZ

Santorum Chastises ‘Feminist Community’ For Not Embracing Palin

The Alaska Paper has some questions for Palin such as the following:

Meghan McCain: ‘No one knows what war is like other than my family. Period.’

Billie Jean King: Not So Fast On My Palin Comment

Just heard on CNN

Just heard on CNN

John McCain called Hillary Clinton "a pig"

Obama, hire this guy....

Logic test.

McPalin Lie again in new Ad - say Obama had legistlation for sex education for kindergartners

Palin Center of Controversy for Disability Community

Palin Once a Catholic Story is a GOP Plant, Good for McCain Courting Catholic Votes, Here is Why

Palin Once a Catholic Story is a GOP Plant, Good for McCain Courting Catholic Votes, Here is Why

We did it!!!

Why I'm not in the least concerned about Palin

Who would you want performing brain surgery on you: hockey mom or Obama - it's INTELLIGENCE, dummy!

Mooselini! Mooselini! MOOSELINI !!!!!!!!!!!

Rendell: ‘The Big Lie Strategy’

The Times: Sarah Palin, the pastor and the prophecy: judgment day is not far away

I'd like to dedicate this song to Sarah Palin (R) - Alaska

Register Register Register

Alaska National Guard General Changes Story; Palin Promotes

Koch backs Obama, calls Palin 'scary'

Time on Palin's 'Alaskanomics' - and it ain't pretty for taxpayers!

Palin "billed taxpayers for 312 nights spent in her own home during her first 19 months in office"

Bookmark me....Palin will Peak by Sept. 21st.....

VERY good news I see in the NBC poll

GOP Targets "Absentee Ballots" in new 'Voter Fraud" push netting the elderly and infirm, the expats,

What role will John McCain play in the Palin administration

watching the first "Q" episode of Star Trek TNG, the jury of animals

OBAMA on Countdown tonight, starting NOW! MSNBC

anyone watching KO tonight?

McCain likens himself to Jack Bauer.»

AND YET … it’s entirely possible that Sarah Palin got an e-mail forward of this banned books

Only On Fox? Obama And OJ Trial In Split-Screen

OH NO! Obama only getting 81% of former Hillary supporters in NJ!

THANK GOD for Keith Olbermann! So glad that damned RNC conv is over so we get our Keith back!

delete please

Five McCain videos. The Real McCain. These could make the difference.

Please KO & Rachel fans, help us out. Cable not in the budget

Obama's new ad

If your daughter is impregnated by a rapist, she should have the baby

Palin's Churches and the Third Wave

DVR alert: Obama on Letterman Wednesday Night, corrected

McCain Camp Cries Sexism: Claims Obama Called Palin A Pig

Is volunteerism kinda like community service?

Even McCain's wife doesn't agree with Palin's extremist views on abortion and sex education

20 Points Lead in North Carolina...

Another College Republican brownshirt knuckledragger who should stay away from the Internets.....

What If Gallup Flipped Their Poll Results Artificially?


Reporters Told All Palin Flights off the record-At least one reporter objected


Can someone help? Looking for United States Deficit Thread

does anyone else find the DU Search function less than great?

Joe Biden apparently hit a nerve today....

Too cool, Maddow has Keith O. as her very first guest!!

Keith ain't backing down!!!

Canadian DUers! What the hell is going on with your PM and Parliament!?

I Don't Watch MSNBC. I Watch Keith Olbermann!

OK DUers which of you thought we were going to lose the

Contact Charlie Gibson and tell him he needs to question Palin without lobbing nerfballs

The Lies That Keep on Giving

Is Maureen Dowd cracking up?

David Michael Green: Country Last

January 17th, 2001 - How does a Satirical Newspaper Figure Out What America Can't?

"the story of Roman stupidity is the story of material success undermined by intellectual failure...

Spread the McCain quote of "lipstick on a pig" far and wide before the MSM can twist it

Gas pump stickers to spread some memes

Georgia State parks feel the pain as money dries up

The Smirking Chimp

Everyone should be volunteering once per week. If you haven't started yet...

70 year old Mother in Law, and Republican fund raising envelopes

McCain ORGANIZER in PA thinks words Like "Faggot" and "Wop" are acceptable

A really good insight into who Sarah Palin is.. (An Alaskan perspective)

Time's Michael Kinsley: Sarah Palin's 'Alaskonomics'

Maddow is having Kent Jones on Her Show

KOs on - do not miss tonight n/t

Pat Buchanan on Maddow?!

US election 2004 by avg IQ

Prison Guards Move to Recall Schwarzenegger

----Can someone answer this for me--If Ron Paul gets in the race----

See what happens when you toss out a right-wing government? I give you Australia.......

I wonder if Pat Buchanan knows the modern origin of the phrase "It's Pat"

"Republicans Party of Lincoln" Could somebody 'wise' explain about how the Repubs of THEN were Dems?

OK I'm getting it over with... 1000th post

In a new ad, the GOP claims that their POTUS candidate has "changed Washington".

The euphoria over the Freddie/Fannie takeover seems to have already worn off in Asian markets.....

Your Favorite Political Speech

Somebody is posting pics on Flickr purportedly of a drunk Bristol Palin.

Just a heads up: Dr. Strangelove is on at 10:15 (EST) on TCM

people wanted a palin free du, i want a poll free du.....

Report: Armstrong to return, ride in '09 Tour

(Mayor) Palin's Wasilla: charge rape victims for rape evidence kits

Palin On OH: "We Have To Take This State"

Human Rights Campaign Statement on Log Cabin Republican Endorsement of McCain/Palin

I'm watching the rerun of "Countdown" ...

The Right Dictates MSNBC's Programing Decisions: by Glenn Greenwald

The GOP's list of reasons why their ticket is qualified ...

300,000 NJ voters told they're not registered

Ike is still terrorizing Cuba

Nato tightens rules of engagement to limit further

Widespread Cell Phone Location Snooping by NSA?

Hurricanes, as seen from orbit

If Palin really is God

The CHANGE we need is

Afghan president blames “the West” for Islamic extremism

The Daily Widget – Tues 9/9 – O-300, M-238 – Virginia and Ohio Switch (Again)

Former attorney for Ohio House Republican Caucus known as 'Naked photographer' back on house arrest

On questions about Congressman Murtha's military record...McCain Mentioned

Sarah Palin likes the dead animals.

Questions that will never be asked during the debates (unless our side raises them beforehand)

My brother died for this country in Iraq

My brother died for this country in Iraq

Barack: Stop Stammering and Nuancing

Jon Stewart is a repeat? I'm loving it because I missed the past

No really this guy is serious

Damn! When are they gonna write her a new speech? I am tired of this endless loop.

After watching Barack on "Countdown" tonight, I think it's time for him to edit down his responses

The GOP is a new GOP? WTF!?

The Unofficial "Welcome to DU" Thread!

Some of today's "Rachel Maddow Show" videos online here

GOTV - Registering homeless citizens for the vote. My annual 2 bits.

Feds Finally Seize Failed Bank That McCain's Son Ran - Huffington

Alaskans - what is the nearest commercial airport for Wasilla?

Anybody got some video editing chops?

Sarah Palin Wasilla Church Has Kooky Prophecy Sessions

News article on McCain from 2000 - pointedly did not endorse bush

Who actually started this Messiah bullshit?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Why didn't McCain find a Pentecostal snake handler for VP and really fire up his base?

Obama needs cash - Lets show them that they can count on us!

Is it necessary for Obama to get more aggressive?


Why does Washington Post have an article that I can't get to that says MSNBC dropping Keith as a

For all of it's faults, through the last 8 years the Judicial branch has been the cleanest

For all of it's faults, through the last 8 years the Judicial branch has been the cleanest

Teen Pregnancy – Personal & Political

They don't care with facts and figures

"Has anybody ever heard of Rachel Maddow?"

Hey -- Look at our girl!

Where is Dennis Kucinich ?

Step 1 : Framing Palin as an extremist

Lieberman: Alf… ’Got me’

Obama says "the Republicans have been effective at 'working the refs'" (the press).

Remember, when complaining to Rachael about pat, be respectful.

Barack, I do not share your confidence.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Calls for Impeachment (Democracy Now Interview)

A short intermission from the presidential wars

I haven't mentioned this in a while, but...

The Assemblies of God National Headquarters

Is ANYONE watching Bob Woodward?

Quietly, Obama Campaign Calls In The Cavalry (527s)


Sarah Palin The dominatrix

Obama indecisive - Even with Home Field Advantage

Lawsuit- Law Project of Psychiatric Rights vs Gov. Palin - involves Children

Palin Offers $150 For Fresh-Killed Wolf Legs

General Jack Keane: 50+ years of war in the middle east

The essential difference between Dems and Repubs.

VoteVets.Org: Help Us Get an Investigation Into Leaks on Palin

Tom Friedman on Letterman is now an environmentalist? When did

Can we send some love for Keith? Yes We Can!

Rachel makes me feel warm & cozy.....

Calling all DUers who don't usually get to play with 'em before

Countries that have Republican abortion laws

You know that button they push letting loose the nukes?

Sarah Palin's Churches and the Third Wave

So the new guy heading Freddie Mac is from Carlyle Group?

McCain connected 35W bridge collapse to Palin’s pork

Tinfoilhat view of the Freddie/Fannie takeover:

Palin's Road to Nowhere...

Topography of Faith

Topography of Faith


(Is Obama) Too Cool to Fight?

Dear Senator Obama: Thank You!

Al-Qaida speaks. Is anyone still listening?

could this be lonestarnot's big secret?!?

Two men say they're jesus one of them must be wrong

Failed bank for which McCain's son served as auditor will cost FDIC HALF A BILLION $$$$

Sexist pig.

i still have one unanswered question about the jack abramoff scandal...

I'm confused - Whom do I put first??????

The Vanishing Republican Voter

What's the difference between Palin and a pit-bull?

It's math time

In Close Contests, poor Democratic morale was Enough to Swing the Election

Police in crisis after jury rejects £10m terror case

Al-Qaeda No. 2 May be Injured, Possibly Re-killed--But Still Cranking Out Videotapes

Re:lonestarnot's inflammatory thread ...

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is just ten days away... Arrr, Get yer practice on, mayteeee

Bush drinking? Pic

(bumper sticker) ...McCameleon/Failin' - Change We Can't Believe In. PLEASE ADD YOUR OWN!...

About this whole "maverick" business...

Hold on to your hearts ...(photos).....


Polls look better today...

Barack Lights 'Em Up

What's the difference between McCain/Palin and Bush/Cheney?

Sarah Palin in Four Minutes

Bumper Sticker Idea: Jesus Was a Community Organizer; Pontius Pilate was a Governor

Palin For President! (Michael)

Minneapolis council members call for investigation of RNC police

More of the Same - Obama's new ad

More facts re victims paying for rape kits in Wasilla - good stuff

Did anyone else just see whoring video report on the Today Show on the Barracuda?

Oh and... 'I'm not Bush'

Ck in here if your watching Rachel Maddow's 1st show!!!!

McCain ahead in national polls; Obama up in electoral votes

Scary Sarah.. The Bait & Switch Candidate

DAYUM! Anyone check todays ""?

Daniel Mudd and Richard Syron, the CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Fox News & Oliver North Involved with U.S. Afghanistan Massacre Cover-up

Tom Toles rips Palin. Again. (Gets Cheney, too)

Look at Wasilla City Hall,,,But hey! She's got EXECUTIVE EXPERIENCE!!!!

Need summary information (and a good website) for Bushco statistics:

she is not ready to *campaign* on day one, but we are to believe

McCain=Bush: (Palin) is a "real" woman, not a woman pretending to be a man

80 percent of homes in Cuban town damaged as Hurricane Ike slams island

80 percent of homes in Cuban town damaged as Hurricane Ike slams island

Palin is a thief! Check this out! I can't wait until this gas bag w lipstick is old news.

hurricane pics from orbit. awesome. (graphic heavy)

D. James Kennedy. Just so we understand what we are fighting.

Petition against Sarah Palin--e-mail from a friend.

Rendell: If I Was Palin You'd Be Calling For My Impeachment

Blindsided or BUSHWhacked..

You Tube video Sarah Palin explaining why voters in Alaska support Obama

Adam the sign Man at the RNC

Wow, whats gotten into Condoleezza!

sarah palin & her ilk are Dumb All Over

MadTV gotta watch sat night

LA Times: Hiding Sarah Palin Behind 'Deference' (Questions Gibson Should Ask Palin)

Palin and her supposed Catholic Past: Are Catholics are going to Hell

Big Ten Country Belongs to Obama

Texas school districts going for the jugular

Do these Palin supporters think that if they vote for her

What kind of mission was McCain flying when he was shot down?

.99.99 store now?

How Did the RNC Insult Troops and Veterans? Let me count the ways…

Coming to an Election near You!

McSame / Palin remind me of Ma and Pa Kettle

Biden calls for meeting with world leaders on Oct 1.....

The top 10 political mistakes of the Conservative Movement and the Republican Party

Why on earth doesn't our Party rip the heads off the Republicans?

Why on earth doesn't our Party rip the heads off the Republicans?

State Capitalism, the possible coming implosion, etc..

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac CEOs to get golden parachutes

McCain Now Winning Majority of Independents (6 pt bounce)

Campaign pointers from Robert Wexler's "Fire Breathing Liberal"

Now this Mr. Fish toon is just plain silly!

My question for ABC and Charlie Gibson is how much control does the McCain

The right dictating MSNBC's programming decisions

Dated Brent Spot oil below $100

Do Republican protesters ever get maced and arrested?

Stand for peace video (not youtube)

Farmers Almanac predicts global cooling over next 50 years, not global warming

i had a terrible dream

Wall Street's Next Target: Todd Bridges

I've got "community organizing" training tonight

In WMD Report, U.S. Gets a C: Group of Ex-Officials Says Terrorism Threat Remains Real

N. Korea's leader may have suffered a stroke...breaking news

Climate inaction 'costing lives'

LOL Headline fun for Firefox users

Look at all four candidates....

Calling the women of DU! Add your voices here: Womenagainstsarahpalin blog


Please donate to Cuba - any amount will help - there's a huge medical need!

Hang onto your donkey hats, kiddies, we're hitting turbulence!

Hey! Comrade Bush! Great job nationalizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac!

MarketWatch: Pending home sales index falls 3.2% in July

Lonstarnot, is this it?

Allergic Reaction!

Fox Implies That the Spike in Unemployment was Caused by an Increase in the Minimum Wage

The Trojan Moose REALLY think 'lonestarnot' has something that the NYT and Drudge has not heard of???

New York Congressional Primaries (today) Will Bring Big Decisions Tonight

Salon, Glenn Greenwald: The Right dictates MSNBC's programming decisions

Watching that creature that's on top of "their" ticket. I want his ASS on a silver platter

Puckhead has changed her rap

McCain has a lobbyist problem!

An Open Letter to the Republican Party

Have you all seen the photo of Palin posing in a red-white and blue, stars and stripe

Senator Clinton - time to end the failed, ideological policies of the past eight years

Have you all seen the photo of Palin posing in a red,white & blue, stars and stripe

Former Pollster Pleads Guilty to Fabricating Results Of Polls In 2004-On Behalf Of Bush & Others

Reid Statement on NRC Acceptance of Yucca License Application

This Modern World: Always good for McCain

Since THIS is off limits, apparently, (Cagle's cartoon, that is)

Dodd Plans Senate Hearing on Fannie, Freddie Takeover

Dodd Plans Senate Hearing on Fannie, Freddie Takeover

They planted stories that the torture McCain suffered as a POW had brought about mental instability.

Great, Great Slowpoke TOON!

A weird thing about this Kim Jong Il business.

MarketWatch: Job outlook the worst in more than 20 years

A Friend from GB sent me some Pics of this guy's work.

Senator Feinstein Praises New EPA Rule Requiring Reduced Emissions from Lawn Mowers

The REAL reasons behind Fannie and Freddie bailout. Neo-cons wanted to blame Obama.

Change & Excitement ..That's the ticket!

U.S. to Pull 8,000 Troops From Iraq Early in ’09

Sen. Voinovich's fiscal predictions come true

MarketWatch: Budget outlook worsens on war, economy

It's the narrative, stupid.

McCain and Palin once again play 'Barracuda' - part of the royalties will go to supporting Obama.

Seven Years Later: A Reflection on the Long Shadow of 9/11

Okay, here’s why Obama is going to win big

"constitution is OVERLY POLITICAL"

Poll numbers result from prior CAMPAIGN decisions & actions. It is DUMB to ignore GOP EFFECTIVENESS

Self Delete......

Odyssey's End?: The Search for Ancient Ithaca

Lehman shares slump more than 30%

Newly released video shows how easily electronic voting machines can be hacked, pried open

I like being an I told you so....

Fox Noise morning show (re: MSNBC): "They've got that lesbian on there"

Straining to Reach Money Goal, Obama Presses Donors

Just how dumb are people?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: "We Need to Remind People that You Cannot Trample the Bill of Rights”

In any other "modern" country, a tape of someone saying the Iraq War and an Alaskan pipeline are ...

Anyone hear anymore on the big news thats supposed to come out about McCain this week

Federal Deficit Estimated at Near-Record $407B

Nice OP-ED by Bob Herbert

Lipstick on a pig- HOLY CRAP! Obama line at VA speech!

List YOUR top 10 worst Bush list...

SC Supreme Court: Breaking smoking ban not a crime

New McCain Ad Falsely Suggests Obama Wants Kids To Learn "About Sex Before Learning To Read"

Government secrecy on the rise.»

Dry cleaners hurt by smoking ban

Fruit doesn't fall far from the tree...

Council could lift smoking ban for pot fest

Guess what?, we can get ugly too...and we will..

Metapost: Have we ever had 22000 hits for a post?

Koch backs Obama, calls Palin 'scary'

McCain is not going to win according to Stock Market.....

Why bother trying to make money if you get bailed out...?

Attention Lady Golfers in the LPGA!- Speak English or Get out!

Is Lieberman Facing Staff Defections?

TV Squad reviews The Rachel Maddow Show

Pennsylvania bill to ban strikes by teachers stalls

so while wall street said the praises of the macs take over with an almost 300 pt surge yesterday...

Sarah Palin thinks Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are taxpayer funded.

CNN cueing up Ron Paul to make an endorsement of candidate for president.

Hurricane Ike Forecast Path Is Changed; Gulf Oil Platforms May Be Spared

"Four Fastest-Shrinking Countries in the World"

EU secures deal on Russia withdrawal

EU secures deal on Russia withdrawal

A $75 trillion fright fest: Eight megahorror debts chilling America

It looks as if the media is trying to sanitize a sticky situation

NBC Uses Fear & False Witness To Promote Thought Crime Bill: "Terrorists With An American Face"

Why are repub bornagains so fixated on Revelations?

Palm Beach and voting - once again

Everyone should be volunteering once per week. If you haven't started yet...

Facts, people... real, irrefutable facts

"I know what Bruce went through, because I went through it too," he said.

W unloading property for move to Paraguay?

Charming lil' story

Another recession indicator: 15 major retailers have filed 4 bankrupcity this yr compared to 7 in 07

ABC News' Gibson Reveals Questions He Will Ask Palin In First Interview (Satire)

I'm John McCain. Ask me a question

Has everyone else read these asshole republicon enablers

So...will W pardon Palin before the election

CNNs Arwa Damon just reported that the Iraqis are afraid to leave their homes due to death squads

The Right Dictates MSNBC's Programming Decisions

Some people really are that stupid

For those who have lived in Alaska, or want to visit!

Do you know anyone who doesn't like * but supports McCain?

Topography of Faith (by states) guess what there is the most of

U. of Iowa shucks ban on corn-eating contest - after removing the gluttony...

So this Palin spoke in tongues? Ouch, I don't like tongue piercing...

I want to hear Obama say " No American ever again will have to file bankruptcy due to medical bills"

Please watch this for what they REALLY think.

At The Current Pace, This Guy Will Be On The GOP Ticket In 2016

I think I know why right-wing christians are so screwed up.

John McCain should thank the Vietnam war protesters for THEIR service for a change

Re: National Polls and "Likely Voters"....

Durham County approves pet-tethering ban

Palin's Voice is Like Nails On a Chalkboard

Who is this rhino's ass on w/Thom Hartmann right now debating global warming?

Oversampling Repubs in the Polling? (article)

Protecting Your Vote With Invisible Ink

Just How Is America The Best Nation In The World?

If you had a serious medical problem and a choice of two medical practices

Pulling the Curtain on Palin

I'm calling all of Joe Liebermans numbers and telling each of the people that answer the phone....

Ingredients in marijuana fight bacteria!?

is the storm slowing down in forward motion?

Is Lieberman Facing Staff Defections? And Kos says he got booted from Dem weekly meetings!

CNN: Palin pastor thinks GOP may be downplaying Mooselini's religious beliefs

3 Verifiable Lies: didn't sell the plane on ebay, didn't fire the chef, wasn't against The Bridge:

Has anyone noticed Andrea Mitchell's timing is always off?

Use of Force Against RNC Protesters “Disproportionate,” Charges Amnesty International

A new adjective is added to the English language.. "Greenwaldian"

Who do you have faith in?

CAPTION ol' whatzisname...

Austin "anarchists" protesting the RNC, arrested and also framed(?) for Tx. Gov. Mansion fire?

Rant - I can't believe this woman could be one heartbeat away

Palin's Beliefs Draw Closer Scrutiny

A gay man (so he claimed) just called in to Thom Hartmann trying to defend Palin's church record....

For a Demonstration of the new iTunes - Steve Jobs loads up 'American idiot'

1700 acts of violence against abortion providers...

1 million estimated homeless in Haiti in wake of Ike

Buggy post -- disregard

a reminder, even though Cuba has been beaten up by the storm

Forbes: U.S. Housing Slump: No End In Sight

Palin Scaring Jews (and Why It Matters),

Fannie/Freddie National'z'n-Obama people sat in, contributed; McCain's didn't, want reprivitization

No StephCasts this week??? WTF?

has anyone called for a boycott of the Twin Cities yet ( a la the boycott of CO during Amendment 2,

Former NY mayor Koch: palin 'scares the hell out of me'

USA Today: States running out of money in jobless funds

Company bids $1.4 million for state plane

Company bids $1.4 million for state plane

caption voodoo dolls!

Has anyone have problem sending Keith O email?

CNN's Michael Ware downplays the importance of the Surge.

Choose one overarching reason to be against McCain-Palin, and defend it

Woodward says USA has a TOP SECRET Weapon and it is the reason for the Surge's success.

Former boss, served in the military: 75 years old and his wife, both white & conservatives

Bullwinkle Endorses Obama-Biden

If she's going to keep at the bridge lie, can't she at least shake up the line a bit?

Little giddy dance little giddy dance. Something coming down the pike!

As Adlai Stevenson said

Do you see any negative effect from Palin?

"I will not donate any more money to Obama until he unleashes the 527s!"

White Women

Hasselbeck Takes Shot at Michelle Obama


Que Sarah Sarah: Tampa Trib's Daniel Ruth compares Palin to FL Senator Ronda Storms

This is making the rounds on the right winger boards about Palin and security clearance

What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick.

does anyone believe anything Bob Woodward writes?

50 million Homeland Security Dollars Sent - POLICE STATE?

US housing market even further down the crapper.......

History is trying to repeat itself....

Do you like "middle class" being used as a buzz word?

Polar bear pictures make me cry.

Yanking KO and "Tweety": MSNBC Bombs in Blogosphere

FYI - Andrew Sullivan is OK - was just enjoying the last of summer

Another LTTE Who is Sarah Palin?

Oh my god, this is HUGH11!!1, i'M Totally series!!!

News Bureaus = Corporate Profit Centers

NPR "Day-to-Day" soliciting suggested questions for Palin interview

More right-wing nuttery: refusing the dollar coin.

DEBUNK HELP! This email was sent to a county association in a particular industry.

Some (nice) reviews for "The Rachel Maddow Show"

Some (nice) reviews for "The Rachel Maddow Show"

Dean Baker: The Whiners' Recession

If Palin Is All It Takes To Make An "Obama" Voter Switch to McCain...

Gore Needs Us To Call

Would you vote for McCain if you knew he had fathered an illegitimate black child...2000

A narrow Obama win: Would he be able to govern as we want?

bush hangin' with Streisand, Freeman, and The Who

Al Franken was on the Ed Schultz radio show today.

Republican Claims Million $ War Chest Against Kucinich

Lonestarnot, if I set myself on fire, tongue-kiss Shamu and sing "Dear Mr. President" in Russian....

I think Josh Marshall is right about Palin.

Do you pay any attention anymore to polls, statistics, or other "influencers"?

I need help to answer a question.

Local Reno Talk Show Host Christiane sitting in for Randi Rhodes

Need a laugh? GO HERE!

I Just Passed Rudy Guiliani In My Bldg

to the DUer who gave me a star

Best Political Poster, EVER!

Rumor that may fire blogger Andrew Sullivan.

Beware of the Lady in Red

Enron settlement: $7.2 billion to shareholders, $688 million to lawyers


america, if you want to extend the life of gw bush-vote for sarah palin

I hope yall can see this poll so yall can DU it.. its about Palin

Yesterday's Freddie/Fannie party on Wall Street had a short shelf life.....

Lieberman's Office is Bleeding: Top Staffer Quits

Al-Qaida Speaks. Is Anyone Listening?

A National Healthcare Plan developed by and for Democrats.

Have the oil companies cleared those rigs in the Gulf yet?

And now for something completely different -- Stevens' gift list

Am I the only one to think it is a grave insult?

USA! USA! WE'RE NO. 1 ! Our currency reserves are better than ... Botswana? Maybe? Kinda?

Great Graphic. Showed this to the Kiwanis club today.

Can we trust FactCheck? If so, are the Dems pushing lies too?

List of candidates in the 2008 US presidential election ..& a poll..

In Praise Of Rachel Maddow

Why do most McCain supporters sound like complete idiots?

Greenspan just said we're in a depression (my word),

Burglar victims wake to spice rub, sausage attack

Choose a nickname

Choose a nickname

Saw a bumper sticker today that really made me laugh...

Man On Wire trailer

Wall Street's Next Target: Roads and Bridges

Medical Marijuana Employment Rights Bill Passes California Legislature

Liddy's slippers.

NPR's Williams ignores falsehood in Palin's claim about "bridge to nowhere"

Innocent man scheduled to receive death penalty in GA in two weeks

MT-Sen: Chillin'

the Palin book banning attempt is an issue

Sarah Palin action figures!!!!!!!!!

As hundreds of peaceful protesters were arrested in St. Paul, the police allowed others to vandalize

S.C Sheriff's Department buys M113 APC with belt fed .50

LOL-Ike's War Wagon in Key West

Vilsack says the GOP is running an "Etch-A-Sketch" campaign!

McCain military service

So if McSame is so great, why didn't the lemmings vote for him in 2000?

Hurricane Ike topples Havana buildings

Surf & Turf?

What the Hell is up with those names???????????????

Cheney goes to Azerbaijan. gets the finger from President Ilham Aliyev on energy deal

Hillary backers come to defense of Palin. Tell the press corps to "Back off".

Geico, a sponsor of warjock radio

LIMBOsevic: "Poor Chris MATTHEWS got thrown under the bus by 'overdork' "

Wow, did Harold Ford flip flop in less than an hour?

Caption this * pic

It's A Beautiful Lie

Can anyone explain WTF is with the DOW?

TOON: This Week's Doonesbury - Trudeau Is On The Job...

Obama: "Our children and our country can't afford four more years of neglect and indifference."

A better VP pick for Senator Angry Old Prick would have been....(We need some humour around here)

Body language can reveal so much

McCain/Palin favorite footwear

We gain NOTHING by insulting people: if we want their votes, we have to attract them, not repel them

16 US troops commit suicide in Iraq (at once?!)

How many DU obsessed forums are out there?

Obama is in S.W. Virginia right now

The New Manhattan Project

There they go again!! (Race baiting)

U.S. Stocks Tumble as Lehman Brothers Rattles Banking System

Good post from KOS re: AK National Guard and WhatsHerName

We've already raised $50,000 for Obama/Biden... NOW LET'S MAKE IT $75,000!

The New Manhattan Project (Watch this - pretty interesting)

407,000,000,000 deficit ya, I had to pause my DVR to read all those zero's

Second week of media suckup to Palin

ads orlando - mcplain crew now are copying obama ads

McCain and Palin said today. . .

Hold Your Heads Up

Obama to Palin: 'Don't Mock the Constitution'

McCain was a Community Organizer also.....

Imagine Palin under these circumstances...

Wow- Had a first today. Called to cancel cell phone, Operator asked who I was voting for.

Is the Big One Coming? (Jolt to the Financial System)

How many civilians do you think died in the McCain bombings of Hanoi?

I found one Palin policy I highly approve of

A request for someone who can do photoshop or something like it

Barack on defensive...? AP is nuts (x post from GDP)

Are Forced Injections the New Taser?

Super Dweeb kicks Palin's ass on hardball!

Ron Paul Calls Big News Conference Tomorrow To Make Announcement On Presidential Election

GOP Officials Plotting To Rig Race For Mississippi Senate Seat?

Would you call people who want to hasten the end of the world crazy or dangerous?

CEO: Fannie/Freddie Bailout Makes America 'More Communist than China'

Pat Buchanon was a huge ass last night on Rachel's show

The Hair Salon Was Just Magnificent Today

Israeli Security Forces Black Performer To Dance!

Real Change: Mcsame

McCain Hires GOP Operative Who Helped Smear Him in South Carolina in 2000

This is Awesome. Really.

So Tired of Hearing United Steel Worker from Palin's mouth

So Tired of Hearing United Steel Worker from Palin's mouth

Hey America, V (for Vendetta) was talking about YOU!:

McCain Has Given Up!

Electoral Fraud.

McCain Campaign Quietly Starts Buying Ad Time On Daytime TV

Mary Matlin looks like she needs to take a massive bowel movement....

Info on precincts in my area that may be susceptible to voter intimidation/fraud?

House GOP Wants Embattled Rangel Off Tax Panel

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah She's been charging the state a

Poll Maddness

Got Change?


Nice gesture by Hillary. Visits Obama's Lakeland headquarters in Florida.

Nice gesture by Hillary. Visits Obama's Lakeland headquarters in Florida.

I'm sending this to all the major news outlets

I'm sending this to all the major news outlets

I have few things that I need to express....

58% of voters say John Bush errrr John McCain is mostly the same as Bush

On the fawning corporate media it's Governor Palin but it's just Obama

HJC to Consider Contempt Citation for Mukasey- tomorrow

HJC to Consider Contempt Citation for Mukasey- tomorrow

Susan Molanari doesn't look like she's getting enought sleep

LOTD - New McCain Ad Falsely Suggests Obama Wants Kids To Learn "About Sex Before Learning To Read"

Sorry, but I'm starting to feel for the republicans at McCain/Palin speeches

President Bush at Army hospital: 'You see the horrors of war'

With the GOP partisans choice already decided for them ...

If the Dems want to win, this is all they need to do...

Well, well, well, maybe Ike will have a parting gift for.....

Help please "Talk is cheap" sign @ RNC picture?

Paterson Says GOP Uses "Racial Coding" In Election

I am removing the title of "Alaska and Texas DUers," to simply ask this:

Once Obama-Biden get into office ...

Obama is right about where the "war on terror" should have been the focus (i.e. Afghan/Pakistan),but

I just did a big long post on Palin and it disappeared. It has

ok - so my andrew sullivan obsession continues w his weird post today...

Palin reminds me of a boss I had.

Gibson, who is scheduled to interview Palin, let several McCain falsehoods go unchallenged

Evaluating the Security of Electronic Voting Systems

Fear No Evil

Question for Happy Dancing LONESTARNOT :

Shnoway is Heather Wilson a crook...

Levin on his "National Organization of Ugly Women" remark:

45 nuclear plants holy shit

Best bridge laugh ever!!!

This is the face of a crazy person....

McCain/Palin '08 campaign theme song

On Bragging War Heroes

Fox News Attacks ‘Lesbian Air America Host’ (Brent Budowsky)

How would your react if some politician asked you to pray to baby Jesus for a gas pipeline?

My Small Part

OK, figure this one out,

Sex Ed ad plays to racial stereotypes: why are Dems de-emphasizing race in McCain/Palin's attacks?

Palin Doll (caption this)

two people at lunch tackled me

Watch My Palin Family as "The Brady Bunch" Flash Video - I Stick a fork in Her - She's DONE!

PALIN'S Kid's Names: "Track Enfield" and "Van Palin"

McCain - where does he stand? anyone know?

How come Faux didnt report this

How Many People Attended the RNC's Finale?

Why didn't Sarah Palin walk out of her church?

Did Debbie "don't pull that populist stuff on me" Schultz just say we [Dems] are "one big family"?

WOW! UK Prime Minister officially backs Obama!!!

Howard Zinn: US 'In Need of Rebellion'

Green Party denied place in Canadian leadership debates


Is the Freddie Mac/Fannie Mae Federal Government blank-check bailout

Take a closer look at what was shredded into confetti for the Republican National Convention

The case of the dueling polls. Guess which one's receiving the most

"US bribe insurgents to fight Al-Qaeda"....THAT'S why the surge "worked".

Who vetted the GOP's pick to be Admiral McCombover's running mate?

Scientology on trial in France

Please study the included picture and ask yourself, "Can we afford to have it happen again?"

Big cities do not define America, small towns do!

"Thenks but neu thenks fer that bridge to newhere"

Hardball is slamming Palin!

In the Gutter with John McCain

Between her voice and his "My friends" I'm ready to shove a fork

Too Close for Comfort?

49 MPG Ford MiniVan ... On Sale NOW in Europe...Why the *BLEEP* can't I buy this HERE & NOW!!

Let's all kick lonestarnot's ass

Women Against Palin

When does Palin go on The View?

A resource that may be useful to some of you:

I am SICK of these ads...

Days Before 9/11 Rumsfeld Protests Shifting Funds in Order to Fight Terrorism(Bush History, 9/9)

Obama Responds to Bush Announcement on Iraq

(/me taps watch) Oh! Look at The Time!

I think Obama needs to hold a major speech on the economy in a swing state?

E. J. Dionne Jr. In WaPo: Pulling The Curtain On Palin (McCain's Actions Tell You All You Need Know)

Buckeyes: Can you explain Ohio to me?

Buckeyes: Can you explain Ohio to me?

Anyone have any further news on the rumors of Sarah Palin's adultery?

Attorneys: Gov. Palin's record on Alaska Natives

Lieberman (I-CT) expects to lose his position as chairman of

An International Multi-Million Dollar BOUNTY on Bush/Cheney for War Crimes?

Polls Schmolls!

Yahoo Home Page News Headline: "Obama Tries to Steal Nebraska Electoral Votes"

Great pic from RNC protest

Now they're going after Oprah because she won't interview Puckhead!*

Would I be somehow insensitive or politically incorrect if used the term .....

DU a poll: Do you think Congress should allow increased offshore oil drilling?

Dear Fellow White Women Who Have Switched Support From Obama To Palin

When Polls call...


Well, it happened. I had a Blow UP with a McCain Palin supporter at the local breakfast joint -

Chilling prayers of religious right and the danger of McCain/Palin

look what's on the front page of yahoo news!

SOS - Sisterhood of Obama Supporters! Please join me to show the media a REAL sisterhood!!

Bill O'Reilly's Controversial Statement Regarding Obama's Appearance On His Show

David Gregory-"Obama On The Ropes"

Sarah the Special Needs Candidate ain't ready for prime time yet?

I've decided to switch parties & vote for mccain cause...well, cause he's a man.

How long has Sally Struthers been nuts?

Plea in KBR bribe case may signal more on the way... cheney???

Indictment: Heather Wilson's Office Tied to Abramoff

Indictment: Heather Wilson's Office Tied to Abramoff

Jesus Christ quits Christianity after viewing Republican platform

Man says he's eaten 23,000 Big Macs since 1972

Man says he's eaten 23,000 Big Macs since 1972

"He's sure religion influences Palin's policy-making."

Palin: Lady Macbeth? Or Regan/Goneril?

Sarah Palin's Alaskanomics (Time). Brutal!

Police give up taser for forced injections

Sign this Now! KUCINICH asking for your help. 1,000,000 signatures by September 10th!

Sign this Now! KUCINICH asking for your help. 1,000,000 signatures by September 10th!

So why don't citizens of other oil producing states get royalty payments from the leases? nt

Lonestarnot...Sorry to beat you to the punch...BUT HERE IT IS!!!! OMG!

I STILL SAY: Sarah Palin is a BAD MOTHER....forget "Bridge to Nowhere" and "TrooperGate."

Variety writer talks about his time behind bars (@RNC)

Senate Dems boot Lieberman from weekly party meetings

Hate TV: Fox News complains about "lesbian" Rachel Maddow takes on DU

The Big Lie

Personality Characteristics of Liberals/Progressives Relevant to Genocide

Who does Palin remind you of?

"until the point in time when she'll be treated with respect and deference." = Palin for 1st Lady?


Palin's Daughters' cute full Names, REVEALED!!!!1!

Worldwide Election Map

Swiss may end world with re-created "Big Bang" (seriously)

Obama on Letterman Weds night - and check out this Palin Top Ten List:

Once again, GE/NBC capitulates to the right

Oil near 100 ,,, down from l47.....By mid October...under $3.00 a gallon

I finally realize who Palin reminds me of.

If Obama loses I'm dropping out

Why rednecks may rule the world


Would Palin be such a threat if impeachment had been left on the table?

Do you agree that anyone who kills 90 people, including 60 children,

How Disingenuous Can You Be Before You're Actually Lying?

Oil futures touch $101/barrel today in after-hours trading.

"Investors" love the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac deal?? Excuuuuuse me?

PLEASE DUers! I REALLY REALLY NEED help in SW Ohio, especially today...

I'm disgusted with DU calls for constructing a message machine based on the GOP

And so it begins, the preparation for another coup

Mika: "I got a cashmere sweater at... what is that place my husband goes to?... --- COSTCO!1"

Political Facts of Life..Get this email yet? It's Great!

Do you believe the Obama campaign should play the...

"We're going to lose this thing..."

Busted!: Gallup, CBS, USA.Today, etc. Tinkers With Party ID Again

Not Might Be – You Are An Asshole

I knew it was going to happen, but it still hurts like hell to watch it in slow motion.

Dominionists control voting machine companies!! Want to "restore" Constitution!!

****Palin's AIP connected to terrorists*****


Help me find a better picture.

Unraveling the Gordians Knot of Gov. Palin’s Alaska Gas Pipeline Scam

Welcome to the House Of Fun

Express Yourself

Tears Of A Clown

Here I am, Baby

Anyone Who Had A Heart

Anyone Who Had A Heart

Tea Leaf Dancers

So how much does this giant penis I'm working on suck?

Only and Always

Diana Ross at LAX .....


Umi Says

No Te Puedo Ver


Where would you be

love your neighbor. til his wife gets home

My Dear California Peggy

Red Bull Music Academy Taster 2007

I'm having gross stomach problems.

Can the Juice get a fair trial?

SPK has been missing

Bumper sticker: I playDisc Golf - And I Vote

Friends.... I will remember you

which came first- tickle me elmo or the furbies?

god damn it

Do you clean your own clock?

Samuel L. Jackson has done SEVENTY TWO projects since he broke out in Pulp Fiction

In lieu of driving across town to watch the Broncos game at my Mom and Dad's house...

Does anyone besides me like a capella music?

a nice picture

Momma sed .. puscifer


Since I found out I was on Larry King

i'm talking about love your neighbor. til it hurts.

If Sarah Palin had a dog, and if her dog got on the couch, would

This town is coming like a Ghost Town

Have you ever had one of *those* days?

Chill out...

People suck... and then again they're funny!!

Great Pumpkin has arrived in New Glarus, WI

Student bloopers du jour

I'm thinking about buying an American propaganda poster for my apartment. Which one should I get?

All graceful instruments are known...

I hate my giant penis

Hey KitchenWitch . . .

You women are such SEXISTS!

Jesus, GD is making Robert E. Howard at his bleakest look positively cheerful!

I lost my giant penis

I ate my little penises

Need an entymology lesson because they're bug-ging me...

Hey ViQueens fans!

Tonight's the night!

Just started watching The Transformers.

Az MTV 1979-es szilveszteri musora.

Women of DU. In the spirit of the apparent theme tonight, have you ever had "penis envy"?

If you are ever accessing my Bank account online,

spread your wings and let me come inside

Bibaby- you must make this salad! Others too, but we all know she's a raging foodie.

I'm about to take a double dose of cold medicine..

a little joke --

Why is it DU, that every day I am absolutely amazed at how wonderful

If you have not already, you might want to read this post by lonestarnot in GD.


amid this clamor, i touched heaven straddled on giant penii

i really need some vibes

I'll be back, have to walk the giant penis.

they were a motley assortment of characters, but they touched the face of god while on the shoulders

Just in case we get ~ "The poisoned love apple."

Broncos vs. giant penis thread

I love eatin' me some pickles.

Bullwinkle...This is for you! ... "I need a sign...."

I got a mailer from McCain in today's mail

I need some earbleeding tunes right now

Feeling Down About the Election? Then listen up!!

Two from the Blue Ridge Parkway today

Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain

I need suggestions . . .

Schoolhouse Rocks trivia question

I don't want to work

Palin' Palin' Palin'

"Love the One You're With!" ~ Crosby, Stills & Nash

The Lounge is...

10th anniversary edition of Big Lebowski is released today

News I want to F**K!

I'm magic..

among you all gathered here, i have touched the sky and walked with giant penii

What's on your TV/stereo/mp3 player right now?

This makes no goddamned sense at all!

Tuck it.

Dream Weaver


How bad can Oakland suck???

Do you clean your own giant penis?

Please Caption This:

Are the vast majority of people who call into radio shows...

"Someday, my son....

Who is more likely to have the correct world view: Optimists, Pessimists, or Cynics?

I've been on DU for a long time

Guess what?

Hey Lounge-Vibes Needed

Forget vibes for the house sale. Send vibes that I get this place cleaned up

Marking time continues. 27.5 hours, not including commute.

Why is a mouse when it spins?

help me wake up

International Talk Like A Pirate Day is just ten days away... Arrr, Get yer practice on, mayteeee

Oh man I've got the worst cold!

I'm very sorry.

What is it with DUers and cats?

the lolcat for tuesday!

My giant penis...

Who are the most frequently sampled musical artists?

Broncos vs. Raiders thread

If you're clean and sober, tonight, check in here

One of Nation’s Largest Hammer Stores to Shut Its Doors

Worst TNG episode ever?

So Tokio Hotel won a VMA

Totally mortified... come share my righteous indignation!

Pictures from Gotland, Sweden

"Giant penis" is the phrase for this evening. Modify a thread title to include "giant penis".

Hey KitchenWitch!

Palin action figures

"Love the One You're With!" ~ The Isley Brothers

It's Primary Day!

I'm Spartacus.

Well, I know my brakes are good

I hate you.

What is it with cats and DUers?

WHY can't I get over this!?!

Man, telemarketers keeping getting weirder and weirder.

Any quantum physicists in here? Little help, por favor.


Apple has a new event today, follow with Mac Rumors on Twitter... an entire Web Site devoted to photos of...drum roll... SUSPICIOUS VANS.

OMG OMG OMG so cute.

Any suggestions on how to handle a job interview the day after being fired?

Iron Man- bad to the bone.

I hate christians.

How does one post a YouTube video on DU?


Pumpkin spice latte!

I found this pic of that freak felps funny... so thought I'd share...

Awwwww...How cute (Vermont Teddy Bear)

It's war! Who Wins?

I just wiped my nose on your lunch.

Ha, found this video of 4:20 in Vancouver


Oh irony of ironies...


Predictive Index Survey

Kennedy Center Honorees Announced

Confession Time

TNT is really Raising The Bar

Hey ShellBeau,

so my son started work last Friday... or so we thought

Finally, some real entertainment in this joint.

ohiosmith appreciation thread

Better instant messenger: AIM or MSN?

I don't need "Lounge Vibes"... what ever they are supposed to be!

If I Buy A Couch On Craigslist, Who To Call To Deliver It?

Sarah Palin reminds me of that tangerine from that ATHF episode.

WHOOO! Joe Biden is coming to NH!

This guy is my hero

So I'm watching a taped family get together from about 1980...

Right, enough physics and nerdiness for one day. I'm off out DANCING

How can I get anything done when no one will answer me?

Oh, hi.

So I got campaign mail from John McSame

Just had to share.... the FDCPA rocks!


Sarah Palin hates cats...

So was there no big news today? Or are the media sleeping through it?

Paging Skittles. You're wanted over in GD.

There are Unicode characters for EVERYTHING

Nursery Rhymes we didn't have as kids

Rockin' like a hurricane...(no not a youtube)

Anybody want a pencil with my name on it?


It sucks when stuff ends on a low note.

My new nickname is, Senor' Fat Belly

I know this is exceedingly obvious, but God am I TIRED...

Live for today

LOSER: P.Diddy laments not being able to afford fuel for the "private jet" which he DOES NOT OWN

Cornflake Crusted

I'm watching Tarantino's Dead Proof. (Grindhouse) Have you seen it?

i figured out what word brings my southern accent out the most

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 9/9/2008)

Today is the 42nd anniversary of the first...

If Al Franken ran for president.....

Am I getting too old or is it true that most of today's popular music sucks?

Racism just two cubicles down. Don't expect to be surprised.

Do ya ever get the feeling like this election is like the Bosox 04 WS?

Well, another edit.

Sarah Palin dolls go on sale as John McCain's running mate's popularity soars

did any du'ers attend pratt institute?

No Study, Buy Bacheloor Degree Dip1oma Maaster at Affordable Price

Need some advice, I guess you could call it relationship advice...

Now that I'm home and am a bit more relaxed.... time to vent about conservative co-worker.

How to use a barometer to find the heighth of a building

Spent the day cutting more plywood for windows due to Hurricane Ike.

Can I have vibes and good wishes for a good friend?

DUers who should post less...

DUers who should post less...

I just wiped my nose on a piece of cheese.

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday September 9

Kitten Picture of the Day for Tuesday September 9

Well i guess we are honeymooning in...... Schenectady???

I'm thinking about buying a Russian propaganda poster for my apartment. Which one should I get?

Tuesday, September 9th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

If Palin's rimless specks are getting popular among the....

Could I get some vibes for CraftyGal

How do you imbed an youtube image in a post?

What's for dinner, people?

Hello,I DU Won't you tell me your name?

Slovakia beats Bulgaria 82-0 in women's hockey.

One Hit Wonders!! Post Them Right Here. Now Is The Time and This Is The Thread


Dear Sir or Madam, I am of the name of Todd Palin.

Please indulge my vanity. Somebody took a good picture of me. Pic thread?

Really poor parenting, or, why didn't I kick those guys asses?

You know what this place needs? More Lou Reed/Velvet Underground

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 9/9/08 (extremely graphic language; NSFW, not safe for kids)

Grandchild Number 7 born last night. Eight pounds, Nine ounces, 19 inches.

AS SEEN ON DU: Now with added non sequitur!

Public Service Announcement: Pneumonia sucks!

Have you ever known anyone who "spoke in tongues"? I did,....

Question for all straight DU men if you were in a bar and Sarah Palin was ....

my computer has gone evil

Du'ers who should post more (not tombstoned but just dont post as much)

Please excuse me for what may seem like beating a dead horse. And don't

IN defense of McDonalds (boy am I gonna get it this time!)

Hello, everybody! A co-worker forwarded this to me today,

What's going to happen when Scientists turn on that huge particle collider?

You know what this place needs? Mary Lou Retton

Man eats 23,000 Big Macs since 1972.

Is your favorite sky blue?

Kinda creepy. A truck followed me home from dog class.

Holy shit. Any old timey DUers in here tonight?

Thinking about Paul Newman today. Very, very sad.

I just came back from Caving, ask me anything

DU aviators, have you ever seen a turboprop biplane?

In Loving Memory

Dixie Chicks, Hockey Games Could Figure in Next Congressional Scandal (Rep. John Doolittle (R-Ca)


Russia Prepares For Launch Of Iran's First Nuclear Power Plant

Forgoing Subsidy, Obama Team Presses Donors

Obama for women...

Former UFC champ Tanner dead at 37

Asia stocks fall as credit crisis fears persist

Russia sends nuclear warship for war games off America

Israel 'could kidnap Ahmadinejad'

Court revives cases against Enron executives

U.S. Court Revives Enron Cases in Texas

McCain back on Obama's home turf

One of Nation’s Largest Hummer Stores to Shut Its Doors

Rice Laments Lack of Black Diplomats

U.S. to Pull 8,000 Troops From Iraq Early in ’09

Government Payments to Wall Street for Auction-Rate Wreck Climb

Coalition: 3 soldiers die in Afghan roadside blast

Georgians Question Wisdom of War With Russia

A Fort Hood soldier allegedly killed his commanding officer before turning the gun on himself.

U.S. Sales of Previously Owned Homes Decline 3.2%, Adding to Property Glut

Russia criticizes U.S. for pulling nuclear deal

U.S.: Kim Jong Il may have suffered stroke

Cheney says Georgia's territory must remain intact

Pastor: GOP may be downplaying Palin's religious beliefs

Russia to keep troops in Georgia

Fannie & Freddie: Buying friends in D.C.

Obama may bring criminal charges against Bush administration

(British Prime Minister) Brown backs Obama

Shell agrees landmark 4.0 bln-dlr gas deal with Iraq

Men's support gives Palin edge in latest poll

Sarah Palin is 'scary,' former N.Y. Mayor Ed Koch says

Colombia eyes U.S. "lame duck" vote on trade deal

Battle begins over future of mortgage giants

Va. school makes exception for McCain-Palin rally

US allies in Iraq to drop to 'handful' -official

Hiring Plans at U.S. Employers Fall to Five-Year Low as Retailers Retrench

ARG National Ballot

Palin hasn't pushed her anti-abortion beliefs as governor

Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home

Conyers to 'evil' media: 'Leave me alone'

ACLU probes NC sheriff who said Hispanics "trashy"

U.S. may be vulnerable(because of reliance) to (foreign governments)'sovereign funds: report

Senator Bunning Says Paulson Acts Like Socialist, Should Resign

Oil falls ahead of Opec meeting

1 tree, 4 protesters left in UC Berkeley standoff

Black Republicans Conflicted Over Obama Vote

McCain campaign plans new Palin rollout: Will speak at son's Army deployment on 9/11

Iraq electrocutions higher than previously reported

Iraq electrocutions higher than previously reported

Groups warn of growing government secrecy

Union Chief: ‘Jesus Was a Community Organizer’

Ancient Buddha Statue Is Discovered in Afghanistan

US May Be Running Out Of Options To Stop Recession

Gun Bill Could Strip D.C. Of Control

McCain Rally to Move From Fairfax School After Outcry

BREAKING NEWS: U.S. official tells AP that North Korea's Kim Jong Il may have suffered stroke

Meet Michelle Obama's cousin the rabbi

McCain Gains Momentum in New Poll

Reynolds job cuts to hit deep among white-collar workers in Forsyth County (600 jobs)

Critics: GDP fails ‘commonsense sniff test’

Ike emerges into the Gulf; Texas at high risk of a major hurricane strike

Quietly, Obama Campaign Calls In The Cavalry

McCain camp says Biden 'sunk to a new low'

Reports: US Still 'Dangerously Vulnerable'

Federal deficit to soar to $407 billion

Former NY Mayor Koch backs Obama, calls Palin 'scary'

McCain and Palin once again play 'Barracuda'

Student GOP leader resigns over Obama remark

US Moves To Replenish Georgia's Military

Poll shows big shift to McCain among white women

A new poll shows a gender gap when it comes to Palin.

No questions, please; Palin sticks to her script

McCain must embrace Palin's beliefs, evangelical leader says

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday September 9

Obama embraces charter schools during Dayton campaign stop today

Slaughterhouse charged with using child labor

Biologists on the Verge of Creating New Life

Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home

Lieberman shunned, oversight panel post in peril

2011 Chevrolet Volt: First Production Photos

Court rules Thai prime minister must resign over cookery show

Eyes on the Prize, People

Young Turks: Should We Pay More Attention to Sarah Palin's Associations?

McCain's spokesperson reveals why drilling won't help.

Howard Dean at a governor's conference in 1992.

Obama on McCain as Change: "How Do They Have the Nerve?"

Rep Hoyer: Answer GOP with the simple facts of failure

Barack Obama with DillDO'Reilly

Obama warns on Fannie, Freddie golden parachutes

Palin and the Oil Occupied State of Alaska

Norm Coleman - Time's up.

TYT: McCain groveling to RWers who don't like him


Palin in 2006 Alaska Gov. debate

mccain palin AD

John McCain, Reformed Maverick

Barack Obama Discusses Civil Liberties At Farmington Hills Town Hall

McCain drains education and feeds special interests

republican turned democrat by health insurance

Collateral 58-Police state of mind

Barack Obama on COUNTDOWN Day.1 pt.2

Dolphins Killed with Knives Japan

Joe Biden: De Moines, Iowa

When John met Sarah -- a Viral Video

DOBBS: Melanie Sloan talks about vacancies in the Bush admin.

Sarah Palin is a VPILF!!!! (A quick Summary of the clusterf*ck)

McCain Shoves Woman In Wheelchair

Full Speech - Barack Obama`s Education speech in Dayton, Ohio

Is This Woodward's Iraq Secret Weapon?

Hourglass RNC'08: What's a Republican? RNC'08: What's a Republican?

Biden in January on middle east strategy.

Tom Udall TV Ad:

Julie Brown as Sarah Palin on Caribou


McCain Ad-2007 Guess what bridge?????

Georgia DNC House Party

Barack Obama v. Bill O'Reilly - Part 2 of 5 - Sept 8 2008

Leave Sarah Palin Alone! Quit Picking On Her!

Barack Obama - The Next President (Yes We Can)

Megan McCain disses other military families on TODAY SHOW

The Dude Rebels

KO: Sarah Palin lies and lies and lies some more!

TPMtv: Bridge of Lies - Total smackdown of Palin

A Better Vision for America: Barack Obama (Part 1)

The Rachel Maddow Show: Pat Buchanan Interview

Barack Obama on COUNTDOWN Day.1 pt.1

Community Organizers in their Own Words

Palin's Psychotic Religious Problem

Joe Biden: Columbia, Missouri

Naked Lies

TYT Break Down McCain's Thoughts On Community Organizing

EXCITED for Sarah Palin!

Takin' it Back with Barack Jack! (For Swing voters!!!)

TYT: Republican Gets Ripped By...Chris Wallace Of Fox News?

Sarah Palin and Rapists: They get to have the child

FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY!!! Governor Sarah Palin Vlog #8: LIBRARY!

Alaska knows the real story of the Bridge to Nowhere

Who is Randy Scheunemann?

McDermott (D-Wash.) pushes impeachment

Morning Joe: Mort Zuckerman paints bleak picture on economy

Red State Update: Obama Admits He's A Muslim?

Tweety compares Palin to Sally Field character

Sarah Palin in 4 Minutes

ABC: 3 of 4 friends won't admit voting for Palin, hates cats

Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) defends handling of RNC protesters- Sept. 3, 2008

Don’t Get Bill O’Reilly Mad, Because He Will Stalk You At Your Home

Barack Obama - Mr. November

Begala Driven Mad by Palin Bridge Coverage

Rachel Maddow on why Dems worry

Wasilla Police Billed Sexual Assault Victims for Their Own Rape Kits

Sarah Palin Endorses the Bridge to Nowhere in 2006 Debate

Julie Brown as Sarah Palin (HILARIOUS MUST SEE!)

Twenty-Six Things We Now Know Seven Years After 9/11

When Barack's berserkers lost the plot (Nick Cohen, Guardian UK)

Deepak Chopra: Obama and the Palin Effect

DRILL BABY DRILL !!!!!!! Repuks in a frenzy.

Border Patrol sets up roadblocks in Forks, Wash. (and throughout Olympic Peninsula)

High Court May Immunize Big Pharma

Barack Obama's Pet Peacock - Olbermann Broadcast Corporation

No questions, please; Palin sticks to her script

Palin May Have Fired Aide Over Affair (WSJ/Politico)

Episode 25: Sarah Gets Down With the Media

Sarah Palin’s Churches and The Third Wave New Apostolic Reformation

The Emperor's Architect Has No Clothes (Rove's back story and firing)

Wonderful column by Bob Herbert today

Russia Says No Plans To Reopen Radar Base In Cuba

Toronto Sun: Republicans Born Again

Amy Branham: Watching Republicans exploit 9/11 and religion

The Palin Richter Affair Was Really About Retaliation By Palin


Reading Bob Woodward

Palin repeats bridge to nowhere lie/Obama comeback a good one

Predatory Pachyderms

Rendell: If I Was Palin You'd Be Calling For My Impeachment

AlterNet: Palin, Huckabee and the GOP's 'Hick Factor'

Ties to disgraced lobbyist Abramoff hang over Feeney's campaign

Trickle-Down Preemption: Baghdad on the Mississippi

The Last Hurrah

Eric Boehlert: The press helps McCain whitewash Bush

Enron Investors' Lawyers Get Record $688 Million Fee

E.J. Dionne: Keeping Palin Under Wraps

"I shall call her Mini Me!"

Palin Denies Anti-Semitism; Claims She Attended Sermon on 'Mooses for Jesus'

AP: French to Remain As Probe Chief (of TrooperGate)

Emboldened by MSNBC Cave-in, Right-Wingers Demand CBS Remove Edward R. Murrow From Archives

Palin 'Milks' Alaska: Charges State for Breastfeeding Baby

Palin, Rape Victims, Jesus Camp, Etc

Republican Boys Will Be Racist Boys

Episode 26: Sarah Gets Down With the Media, part 2

James Ridgeway: Medicare: A Bush Disaster That My Life Depends on

The dominatrix

AIP tied to Terrorists!

The Army Wants You...Again! (Yes, Really.)

What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick

Obama for women...

McCain-Palin offer 4 more Bush years

What's the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick

City of Wasilla Document Dump Muckraking Thread

Pulling the Curtain on Palin

Pulling the Curtain on Palin

Dixie Chicks, Hockey Games Could Figure in Next Congressional Scandal (Rep. John Doolittle (R-Ca)

Fannie, Freddie taken over partly to ease foreign nerves/McClatchy News

G.W. Bush Blew the Biggest British Terror Investigation Everl

Ric Perlstein: St. Paul/Parting Thoughts (Don't Worry About Obama, people)

Keith Olbermann Prods Obama to Get Tough

No reduction of forces in Iraq this year

Police: Hood soldier kills lieutenant, self

Casey: Conventional warfare training a must

Iraq vet, 2-year-old son killed in crash

IRS meets goals to hire more veterans

Videos spur new review into Afghan deaths

Possible electrocutions jump to 18

TR deploys, will head to South Africa

Sub North Carolina gets new commander

Good retention rates sink SRBs for some

Marines turn town over to British, Afghans

Russian naval visit doesn’t bother DoD

Marines plan next moves after Anbar success

Expansion of desert base faces opposition

Marine killed in alcohol-related crash

Atheist GI at Fort Riley reports death threat

Ellsworth airman found dead in hotel

Malmstrom airman killed in motorcycle crash

Reservists need to check their digital records

Blasts reportedly from UAVs kill 9 in Pakistan

Researchers hope to harness ocean for energy

‘I just need peace’

900 U.S. troops attending joint training in Bulgaria

Pacific briefs: Two Marines accused of failing to pay taxi fare

Electrocutions Investigation Widens

Ways to End the Wars

Lejeune Marines march for suicide prevention

Phony War Hero Gets 3 Years

Critique my 156th ltte on BCTs and multiple deployments

WMD Report: US Remains Vulnerable

WWF Report - Approx. 30% Of Spain Now Undergoing Desertification Process - LA Times

Shell Preparing For GOM Evacuations - BP Following Suit - AFP

Lake Elsinore pumped storage and the Tehachapi wind resources

Cold water rejuvenates Oregon ocean and salmon

Connecticut: Donations Sought For Winter Heating Assistance

Town launches its own currency to encourage residents to shop locally

Haiti reeling from Fay, Gustav, Hanna, Ike: >1000 dead, 800K displaced.

Regenerating Haiti's flood-preventing forests - a Lambi Fund of Haiti project

Largest Scientific Fleet Ever Converges On Southern Ocean For IPY - Science Alert

Kentucky Environmental Lawyer receives $250,000 award from Heinz Foundation

Let's Use Wind to Power Cars

Heinberg: Is Peak Oil "A Misleading Concept?"

Monsanto Swallows Defeat

European pumped hydro storage expanding, supplying energy storage & stability for wind

Obama mentions Palin moose shooting

Honda will skip electric vehicles

Video of a wind turbine brake failure

Toyota warns of "liquid peak"

Actor Alan Cumming hoping to become US citizen to vote for Obama

Prop. 8 Supporter at My House Today

A bunch of brave kids on a bus to look for GLBT Equality

Utah's Forests - It's What's For Dinner For Exploding Bark Beetle Populations - Deseret News

Israel: Gas Mask Distribution Could Be Delayed

Shalev becomes Israel's first female ambassador to UN

Israel 'could kidnap Ahmadinejad'

Stunning reversal

Last Ditch

So the government takes over Freddie/Fannie

If the U.S. government goes bankrupt, what happens to i-bonds?

Economics 101

My youngest son's observation.

The Worsening Debt Crisis:

Mother Jones, DVD $10 & s and h

Potential strike action looms at Mitsubishi plant

Pension Funds Could Sue Fannie, Freddie Boards

Today in labor history Sept 9 Boston police walked off the job

Farm worker families desperately need your help for safe drinking water E ACTION

From Eric Lee: Turkish woman trade unionist freed

A Victory For Fairness In Maryland! (Pride At Work!)

Colombia: Victims of illegal armed groups register to receive compensation

Colombia eyes U.S. "lame duck" vote on trade deal

Bolivian troops guard gas lines

Aaron Rodgers & The Pack Beat The Vikes On MNF, And An Apology

True class.

winner of 135 mile marathon: vegan Scott Jurek

Who was that DE that the Vikings paid all that money for?

And now I'm rooting for the Chicago White Sox!

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers

Red Sox beat Rays 3-0 in playoff like atmosphere. Just 1/2 game back

Alex Miller-Mignone on the Election

Higher principles just don't get much traction...

Woo Hoo-see Google How To Feature Article of the Day!!

Thank you, whomever, for my star!

Wickfordbard's Pisces Full Moon Newsletter

Comparing palin's shadow to obama's Light!

Can you guys help me frame the answer to a question I keep being asked?

Please take heart everyone

Mars-Venus and the Hadron Collider

Neptune is dissolving Palin's sun, mars and saturn

The Pats will go 11-5 this year.

Presidential Astrology: The Sprint to the Finish Line

1000 vegan MD's online

Bipolar Disorder Tied to Age of Fathers

3 of many benefits of vitamin C

Vitamin 12 boasts brain benefits

Vegan B12 is Hydroxylcobalamin Nonvegetarian B12 is Cyanocobalamin

oops, put this in the lounge by mistake

it's happening

Some pics day after Fay, NE FL area - all comments welcome!

It is out of focus

More from Cannon Beach

I won't be taking any photos for a while

Local Law enforcement support Concealed Carry, IL

Let's Vet the REPUBLICANS' 2A Position For a Change

Time to go against the grain

(Waterspouts) in Siberia!

The Book Sarah Palin Banned

Fireball outburst

Biologists on the Verge of Creating New Form of Life

Iatrogenic Disease Injury and Death

I love my pressure cooker

Creature Survives Naked in Space

Weird Theology in Wasilla: A Look Inside Sarah Palin's Pentecostal Church

Online course: Judaism and Vegetarianism

Adam's apple

Christian Vegetarian Links

38 Reasons Followers of Christ Oppose the Death Penalty

Downs Syndrome Test Causes Abortion in 1% of Cases

"What Really Happened on September 11th?"

What the Heck is Flying through the RNC 9/11 Video at 2:48?

9/11 Rumors That Become Conventional Wisdom

16 US troops commit suicide in Iraq (at once?!)

Einstein said angels gave him E equals MC squared in a dream

NASA Exploded thousands of animals over 5 states in Obsolete Shuttle

Austin "anarchists" arrested at RNC in MN., being framed (?) for Tx. Governor's Mansion fire

ACLU-TX files suit on US State Dept for passport refusal

24 Reasons American children are world's fattest.. but things are changing

Beware of "Grouply"

Mouse pointer not working properly

First full day of federal campaigning. Wow-wee.

CBC: 4 former PMs join call for climate change action

Liberals launch new website:

Curious about Canadian DUers party affiliations or voting tendencies...

Sarah Palin collects per diem that got MN Sen. Dave Durenberger an ethics violation

I see Normie is now running an ad where he takes credit for getting funding for the 35W bridge

one by JK, ("a safe harbor") one about JK (senatorial dinner in Boston)

Found a use for the Gates quote on terrorism in a LTTE

Is it against the rules to plug a website? Interesting site for entertainment

Manitowoc County "Obama Headquarters"

Hartland Community Theater

We have a six way Democratic primary race in the 81st AD

"Count Your Own Vote" from Discover Magazine

Success! V.A. to Allow Voter Signup for Veterans at Facilities

Prison Guards Move to Recall Arnold.

CT: Audit No Evil, Recount No Evil, Uncover No Evil

A physically sealed machine is opened and hacked in just 18 seconds.

MS Ballot (Approved By GOP & Gov Barbour) BURIES Senate race

Ten Ways the McCain/Palin GOP Is Now Stealing the Ohio Vote-by Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

Prop 7- yes or no?