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Archives: June 18, 2009

I am having the burger tonight that my dog stole from me on Sunday night.

Teen girl sues after waking up with 56 stars tattoed on her face (she'd asked for 3)

Guardian UK: Tony Blair knew of secret policy on terror interrogations

Haha! They're not the party of no when it comes to taking their pants off...

We are ALL Iranians

We are ALL Iranians

Lou Dobbs, the answer is "you invited them on your show"

Centrist Dems make voices heard on healthcare

Socialism 2009 Conference: Revolutionary politics, debate and entertainment

WTF??? Risen on KO re wiretapping Clinton

Blue-Collar Band Etx Pushes “Mad In America” Music Video About Plant Closings

Is this for real?

Are there any pictures of the Fire David Letterman rally?

Ahhhhnuld is looking out for Californians.....if they own oil and tobacco companies.

Tell me if I have this wrong

I'm disappointed Iran is out of the World Cup

How many of his friend's wives does John Ensign have to bone before we promote him to Lieutenant?

Moral values news update - Assistant dean at Pat Robertson's Regent U sentenced to 16 years for rape

Link to Bernie Sanders Petition for Single Payer Healthcare

Election Fraud Documentary

Report on Bush Policy May Come In 'Weeks'

Report on Bush Policy May Come In 'Weeks'

Two sources: Supreme Court ruling on U.S. Senate race to arrive tomorrow!

Criminalizing Dissent:Obama Pot Calls Iranian Kettle Black (Dave Lindorff)

Iran and Iraq - from Dictatorship to Theocracy

Bolivian leader called 'enemy of Peru'

Are Males Generally Afraid to Reveal that they (we) have Female Mentors/Role Models?

Are Males Generally Afraid to Reveal that they (we) have Female Mentors/Role Models?

yanking the caption competition

*SAFETY* to the GREEN wristbands!1 n/t

Ann Telnaes throws Obama's words right back at him

Ann Telnaes throws Obama's words right back at him

To all freeper lurkers and trolls:

AlterNet: Fox Newser Arrested for Dragging Cyclist 200 Yards

Fox Newser Arrested for Dragging Cyclist 200 Yards

TPM's Joshua Micah Marshall is on Colbert tonight

Stinky Jr begins bloom at Huntington Library (Corpse Flower)

Stinky Jr begins bloom at Huntington Library (Corpse Flower)

Ensign woman's husband was paid $162,660/yr as an administrative assistant?

Males: Shout out to some Woman/Women who changed your life for the better.

Tenn. State Sen. Diane Black (the one with the racist emailing staffer) brings gasoline to the fire:

Rhode Island to Provide Medical Marijuana Compassion Centers

'Man claims to be missing child who disappeared in New York 50 years ago'


Am I the only one having trouble with the Ensign story?

What to do when the bank comes after your house and car?

Did anyone hear that there were calls out for people to change their Twitter locations

The Recession Tracks the Great Depression

Obama should extend Medicare to 57 and over . . . NOW --

Please Call or Email to Keep California State Parks Open:

c'mon 'FUNNY MAN FRanke n.....(or Coleman),,,,,,,,

TPM's Josh Marshall on The Colbert Report tonight.

NC DU'ers. Kay Hagan is holding up the public plan in committee.

Guardian: South Africa - 25% of men admit to commiting rape..

My kids were "already home".....maybe so is Al Franken.

OKAY - so I won't be the first to report on what colbert did - I had to change my underpants

Iran election turnouts exceeded 100% in 30 towns, website reports

Any racism experts around?

Is there any one else that would like to strangle Mary Murphy?

Iran Protests: Twitter, the Medium of the Movement - Time

For the cartophiles and pilots here at DU ..

Mekong River dolphins at risk of extinction, WWF says

Head of CA GOP Voter Registration Firm Pleads Guilty

Top Ten Letterman Joke Apologies

Is there anything in the Quran about the Burqa?

Remember when we were out of power?

Fundies are OBSESSED with the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes bill

Charlie Rose has Rachel Maddow discussing Iran tonight

Media watchdog warns against exaggerating the relevance of Twitter in Iran's protests

She is moving out Monday....Gave notice at her job last week BUT enrolled in college today

wrong forum

Bachmann Boasts About Breaking The Law (ThinkProgress)

Tear Down This Cyberwall! - NYT

"I am not afraid to die for freedom; I am afraid to die without getting it for my daughter."

Slideshow From Iran (Long, But Worth It)

The Rapture Index is - 1 but still way up

Sunshine for California: Shining Light On Corporate Tax Secrecy (2006)

Hey Obama - listen up! Torture photos = WAR CRIMES

Hey Obama - listen up! Torture photos = WAR CRIMES

I can haz LOLCats thred?

How Obama's regulation plan aims to fix what went wrong

Hypocrisy: What about the children?

Iran Violence hits the homeland, Student attacked in Ohio for providing proxys.

LOLCats thred sent to dungeon sry

Black Hole Event Horizon- the Fed

Let's go kick Hank Hill's ASS: "Big propane companies reduce fuel without telling customers"

Thoughts on the handling of healthcare reform

Are We Seeing The Last Days of Ayatollah Rule in Iran?

AP Analysis: Ensign affair a shock GOP didn't need

Hillary Clinton fractures elbow in fall

ROFLMAO !!! - Dumbest Tweet Of The Day !!!

NASSCOM, Premji Buy Off Clinton - Again

Brownback: The next Kansas governor?

Another Tech Hero For The Green (Iranian) Revolution From NorCal !!!

What is Grassley looking for?

The Iran Election Debacle - As a Cartoon.

Cheney said to be concerned at security risks after one of his eavesdropping programs is disabled

Unemployment: Both a Leading and a Lagging Indicator

Robert Reich | Only public option will save health costs - Marketplace

Fine, upstanding citizens, those Minutemen are.......

Fine, upstanding citizens, those Minutemen are.......

Hell may be fury yet to come for Sen. Ensign

Glenn Greenwald: The Illegal Spying Game, played over and over

O.K. you non- iranian supporters here at DU- please ask google to go green-

Healthcare, not bailouts, could break America.

Blame Mexico

I, A medical mariquana patient just got raided for grow.

Guardian (UK) has an excellent liveblog of events in Iran

Faux hole painted in the road to slow cyclists - pic

Oklahoma child rapist gets plea deal to serve one year

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-18)

Here's the local newspaper story on Band of Brothers Shifty's death.

It’s Uncle Sam, he’s fallen and can’t get up!

Reinventing Thrift Stores (Prada, Vitton at Denver Goodwill store)

Senate OKs bill to keep detainee photos private

South Florida's Housing Crisis Leaves Behind Ghost Towers

Looks like Cafe Press pulled the shirts calling for Obama's assassination.

Ruling in Franken v Coleman to be announced today, according to sources.

Hey Susan from CSpin

Judge denies GR Press sports columnist David Mayo's effort to discredit police marijuana search

Single Payer and the Duplicitous Rahm Emanuel

GOP Hypocrisy on Parade


The Green Brief - NiteOwl (Brand New Source Iran Election)

let's remember the Appeal of June 18

So are they really about to catch Osama bin Laden? It's been in the news a lot!

Man, them Iranians sure do know how to rebel!

Foxes object vehemently to the installation of chicken wire & electric fencing

Former official: Obama’s CIA director ‘captured’ by ‘ideological drivers’ for torture

Flashback: Bush Administration Sent Gitmo Detainees to Saudi Counseling Center

"Stay classy, George"

Flashback: Ensign Called On Clinton To Resign After Admitting Affair — ‘He Has No Credibility Left’

Police Call Case 'Kind of Messed Up'

How does your Congress Critter answer this question?

Here's something to read while you're waiting for the MN Supremes to rule

Ensign’s Mea Culpa Wins Praise From Image Experts

Isn't it against the law for a sitting Senator to pay extortion money?

Coleman's Legal Team off to Tehran

American asks Russian UN representative for help prosecuting Bush

Cher supports daughter’s sex-change

House Democrats prioritize loyalty to the president over their own judgment

Ask Google to Support the Twitter (Iran) Revolution!

W Scolds Obama-'They Will Kill Americans At The Drop Of A Hat-Therapy Isn't Going To Change Them'

While a crazy man

Shameless: GOP Hypocrisy on Health Care Knows No Bounds

Sent an email to Matthews tellling him that he was

I remember 1979, and the Iranian students then. Now they're the "power". Look at the students now

GOP's Health-Care Strategy Is 'Death By A Thousand Paper Cuts'

Number Of Older Recruits Joining The Army Increasing Due To Unemployment

North Korea May Fire a Missile Toward Hawaii

Ensign 2007 flashback (Youtube audio)

For Americans trying to understand Iran:

I love Michelle Obama.

Coleman-Franken recount: Nothing from Supreme Court this morning

Ron Paul on MSNBC: The problem is not enough regulation ... no there is too much regulation

Is Moussavi Better Than Ahmadinejad?

Fox News writer charged in Central Park bike brouhaha

The Republican argument on health care

Continental Airlines captain dies in flight (breaking on MSNBC)

How much money has California lost due to movie-making being done in other states?

MI voters approved stem cell research in '08. Efforts to undermine begin today.

Why should children always "do better" than their parents?

Our new unlikely enemies: Keith Olbermann; PETA; N.O.W

Mousavi - I have come to tell the world and return to Iran our pride, our dignity, our future-

Wanna read a short but very good rant?

Greetings from the Former First Chimp --photo->

Greetings from the Former First Chimp --photo->

Financial Times: The recession tracks the Great Depression

I'm so glad we have folks like David Vitter and John Ensign protecting marriage for us straights....

Rep. Pence and Republican Leaders to Hold Press Conference Supporting Iranian Dissidents

Keep an eye of the BBC News blog reference Iran

Supreme Court makes it harder to prove age discrimination

How do you come up with a figure like $1.2 million when blackmailing a senator?


Rumors are rampant in MN - one being a 3:00 ruling in favor of Franken

Peace Warrior cometh

When writers for the Onion go mainstream ..........

1st time in 152 yrs. Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co. is buying gold

Obama and the fly...

Worker Rights: No Balls, No Gains (Joe Bageant)

New York Times: NSA Agent Was Reading Bill Clinton's Personal Emails

Man who leaked the real Iran election results killed in a suspicious car accident

Obama and Congress need to override the Supreme Court on the usage of DNA evidence

2 million plus pounds of nuclear waste in South Dade, Fl.

Poll Bankrolled By Foes Of Health Care Reform Finds Overwhelming Support For Public Plan

Promise Keeper Ensign

I'm So Very Sorry Brisenia... I Hope You'll Forgive All Of Us So-Called Adults Someday...

US Senate votes formal apology for slavery

Ralph Nader is on with Thom Hartmann now. Topic is Wall Street.


Minnesota court rules 3-0

Rescission: customers have insurance, pay premiums, get sick, companies drop coverage

Breaking news from Minnesota; what a storm this turned out to be!

Isn't anybody concerned about the citizens of Iran...and what is happening to them n/t

Isn't anybody concerned about the citizens of Iran...and what is happening to them n/t

Are you thriving or struggling, economically speaking?

Robert Fisk: Secret letter 'proves Mousavi won poll'

Which Rep & Senator will (has?) introduced bill to repeal DOMA?

BREAKING: MSNBC reporting Continental Airlines

Senate Follies

Who can I write to to keep Andrea Mitchell on permanent vacation?

Handwritten will, painting of Hitler and Jesus amongst items found @ von Brunn's home

Advocate for single-payer and REAL health care change: link...

Scintillating Lawrence O'DONNELL, and Tweety's blowing our way for now

Clinton fractures elbow in fall

CommonDreams: Schwarzenegger's Shock Therapy - Poor Pay For Sins Of The Rich

Video of the Iranian protests are disappearing off my Facebook page.

I Do Have To Give The Republicans One Thing

Daschle urges Obama to drop public health care plan???


Did Ozzie Guillen take the correct action when confronted with a racist t-shirt about himself

Former Giant Dusty Rhodes dead at 82

Is the Ensign Sex Scandal More Than a Sex Scandal?

Are you ready for the new global economy?

Stimulus working in China, World Bank says

I'm looking for the clip of an O'Reilly segment where Bill and Beck slam Tiller

Rall on the Iranian election

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Remember those stories we were hearing about the MSM...

Ever get the feeling the entire American political process is just one cosmic Kabuki drama?

Kerry will be on SituationRoom and Hardball to back up OpEd calling out neocons on Iran

*** EMERGENCY ACTION ALERT!!! *** Uncle Sam in your backdyard garden?

An anonymous Indian spills the beans about bodyshops

Religious right leaders say it is anti-Christian to oppose hate

Remove the Trojan Horse from Global Warming Legislation

Engine 32 was the first on the scene of a wildfire I reported this morning

Update from Tehran: Of Riots, Clerics, and Text Messages

Fitzgerald Subpoenas - The Day Before They Were Due-the White House's email server crashed

Twitter is over capacity. Too many Tweets.

Embassy Suites (a Hilton hotel chain) pulls ads from CBS website over Palin joke

Today on Fresh Air: Right wing pundits and their responsibility for violence.

If we had a revolution, what color would it be?

If Dave Letterman had just gone out and tortured someone

"Sure We Could ALL Stay At Home & Quietly Accept The Results Of A Blatantly Stolen Election"

Tent Cities in America: A Lisa Ling Special Report -- Oprah today

Study Finds 1 in 4 Men in South Africa Admits to Having Raped

Please catch Democray Now - today's program - I..F. Stone who died

Since Rethugs hate social security and medicare so much

Republicans oppose Roe v. Wade by a 5 to 4 margin

Twitter community asks a clueless Pete Hoekstra "WHO'S YOUR DADDY?"

Heads Up (Coleman/Franken)

R.I. tries to outlaw indoor prostitution — again ;

R.I. tries to outlaw indoor prostitution — again ;

The Baker/Daschle/Dole Health care plan - Balkanization of health care

Hey ..... you ..... Mr. Asswipe. If Obama's a "creampuff" .......

Sorry Olive Garden--I like your salad---but I won't be eating at your joint anymore.

"We have one life...we'll give it up for freedom"

Wellpoint (WLP) is above $50 today. Must mean the chances of a public option are getting slimmer.

Why does this make me laugh?

I Saw "Standard Operating Procedure"

"the economy may be regaining its footing" Yeah sure it is !

HuffPo Posting the Politico story re Olive Garden...Who Do You Believe????

The media only reports protests they support...

EPA declares public health emergency in Libby, Motanna ... finally

Meltdown 101: Why high health costs hurt economy

Amazing, amazing stuff at The Dish. This blog deserves a Pulitzer.

Mmmmmmm - Awkward

Police: Man attacked in Okla. for bologna sandwich

More Hoekstra heckles from twitter comments:

To Hell with Olive Garden

Just some Rumi, in memoriam of the Iranians who died

Another O.G. thread.. (you know what I am talking about)..

Tony Blair knew of secret policy on terror interrogations (AKA torture)

Guardian: Photos from today's day of mourning, Tehran

Letter from an angry woman.

Iranian reactionaries Twitter, too.

In the interest of accuracy, we currently have a "health profit" system, not a "health care" system

Freeps are SURPRISINGLY unnapreciative of Bush for "taking a swipe at Obama"

re: Health Care -- just drop the reform...

CBS News/ NY Times Poll: Obama approval rating steady at 63% (only 28% approve GOP)

My faith in the infinite endurance of Irony is always rewarded

Obama's approval among independents down drastically

In this era of belt-tightening, what item(s) do you still splurge on?

Something seriously messed up just happened to a friend of mine regarding health care.

Countdown to Senator Franken....

Need some help finding a video of Kucinich and President Obama

It looks like DU may be imploding...

"It all began with Iran..."

Evidence Found for Ancient Mars Lake

Christian group sues Dearborn over Arab festival access

Dammit. I always get to the fun threads after they have been locked.

Olive Garden disputes report that ads were pulled from Letterman

Hoyer threatens weekend work over GOP 'obstruction'

Toyota Extends Frame Rust Coverage to 15 Years (95-00 Models)

Obama and Anti-War Democrats

Speaker at church Sarah Palin attends for conferences and special meetings gives chilling sermon...

'The Responsible Left': Funding Obama's Expanding Wars

CHALLENGE: Match every post or comment you make here with a call or email.

I love the Ed show, but...

Forced birthers plan vigil at Tiller's clinic on Saturday

Juneteenth: In Remembrance of Carl Baker, Steve Booker, and Anthony Freeman

The business case for the public option in 5 minutes or less

"It fell between the cracks."

Bill Posey, Congressional Birther, Finds Some Friends and Bashes ‘Angry Woman’ Rachel Maddow

How About a New FB/Twitter App for Victims of US Warcrimes?

Wasn't NormieNooz supposed to come out of Supremeville, Minnesota, today?

Sent an email to Olive Garden Restaurant.

Pelosi Reiterates Commitment to Strong Public Plan

Obama Reform Plan Fails to Fix Whats Broken

"Ensign" and "Resign" are almost anagrams...

If You Get a Speeding Ticket, Should Your Income Determine the Price?

Hoekstra Spokesman: He Wasn't Comparing Iranian Demonstrators To House Republicans ...

This perfectly exemplifies why Tweety is such a dork...

Tweety said Franken decision will be released in a couple of hours

Dear Sen. Ensign

More Gay Donors Drop Out of DNC Fundraiser, Protesting Justice Department Brief

New sign along the freeway in Los Angeles today...

Hillary's Elbow Surgery = Lesson In Healthcare

Conflict Of Interest? Daschle Firm And Group Have Deep Ties To Health Care Industry

Joe Conason: The AMA’s Unhealthy Obsession

Okay, here's the anagrams you've wanted for Ensign

Armitage: Obama conducting foreign policy ‘in a more intelligent way’ than Bush.

Is There A Website That Breaks Down By Congressional Districts - Foreclosures, Unemployment &....

Schwarzenegger gets rough reception in Fresno (re: taking local gov tax money to balance budget)

Sure, we could all stay home and quietly accept the results of a blatantly stolen election . . .

DU just asploded

Is the real reason John Ensign and the other couple are keeping quiet,

I stand with the Iranians...

Ben Nelson yet again throws shit in our faces

Throw out unhealthy food, or give it to the poor?

Sanders Op-Ed: The private health industry's time is up

Is intolerance of intolerance to be fought or applauded?

Is this the first time ever that a new President has been

GOP Hits All time Low

About Iran -- OK, so what is this thing called "Twitter"?

I swear to fucking GOD Colbert must have read this thread:

A stolen election ........ Oh the outrage .........

Demand Hate Crimes Legislation (scheduled for a Senate hearing next week)

Religious right leaders say it is anti-Christian to oppose hate

psssst .... Saxby ...... the word is Mullah. Moola is a cartoon word for money.

Some presidents get airports named after them, others get schools, some get cities, but W......


Obama is not doing enough to support the protesters in Iran according to conservatives

1968 Chicago riot cops set to ‘celebrate’ mass beatings


The current conflict in Iran is not as simplistic as some would assert - Rachel Maddow's

Media revive Clinton-era smear, dub White House health care plan "ObamaCare"

Daschle Urges Obama To Drop Public Health Care Plan

Savage Weiner: "The white Christian heterosexual married male is the epitome of everything right..."

The Rude Pundit: George W. Bush: Tan, Rested, Still a Total Dick

Officials: US Tracking Suspicious Ship From NKorea

Bring on the Traitor Democrats by Matthew Yglesias

Check this bill. I had tetanus shot in May because of a cat bite.

Iranian protests vs LA protests, how our Gov handles protesters vs the Iranian Gov

Church-activity ban prompts legal fight

New talking point trotted out today. I've heard it twice. This is Obama's economy

Happening Now: Police activity at "my" Costco in AZ

Does it bother anyone else that we plan to bury millions of tons of carbon?

Hedging Strategies: The Falling U.S. Dollar

Donna Smith (of "SiCKO"): Well, Well... Going to Healthcare Hell

Beijing orders 'Buy China' for stimulus projects

PETA Campaign Leads to First Animal Protection Regulation in Bolivia

Latest RW Scare Making the Rounds: HR 5 - Obama President for Life

NC: anti-bullying bill is in jeopardy

The Republicans can no longer fuck us. But Blue dog Dems can

Your life is only worth a $25 gift card

I like that Tammy Baldwin

LA city approves proposal to ban smoking in outdoor dinning areas

Oopsie! Aide confirms Ensign affair; news of possible second affair

Change is coming!

Sen. Max Baucus recieved $1500 a day from 2003 - 2008 from the health industry


PETA....GO F..U..SELF....Obamas Fly Swat


How Did Credit Card Companies Respond To The Credit Card Reform Act 2009?

How Did Credit Card Companies Respond To The Credit Card Reform Act 2009?

The 5-4 Supreme Court strikes again

The Politics of Hate and Murder: Killer Co-Hosted Event with 3 GOP Pres. Candidates

HuffPost: Elusive Justice Overdue In The Case Of Political Prisoner Paul Minor

Report: DOJ's Public Integrity Unit In Chaos

FBI: child porn on alleged Holocaust museum shooter computer

Google Michelle Obama

TPM: Twitter Users Heckle Hoekstra En Masse

Oops -Ensign in free fall

can someone please direct me to a link where I can stream Randi Rhodes through I tunes?

Glenn Greenwald from February this year. "The Daschles: feeding at the Beltway trough"

Judge to review Cheney interview in CIA leak case

Jury rules against Minn. woman in download case - recording companies awarded $1.92 million

"Palinites"? "Palinoids"? What to call the Palinablers?

Is Photoshop Iran's new weapon in fight against protestors?

U.S. Open Organizer Says No Refunds, No Exchanges After 1st-Round Washout

imagine for a moment

Twitter is coming of age. Iran's election is proof positive.

Journalist need not disclose Real IRA sources

Taking Sides in Iran

"Mr. Political Science Major" shares his thoughts on truth, leftists reassessing their values, and..

FITZ SUBPOENAS & WH Server Crashes -1 Day After Being Due-Crew: New Docs In Plame Investigation

Why spend your money at Olive Garden when you can make it at home. RECIPE: Zuppa Toscana

Abercrombie and Fitch is pure evil (in case you didn't know that already)

Jim Carrey, the Actor, gets God.. No, Actually he IS God, for a good Cause

Will today be Al Franken's day?

Just Back From Capitol Hill Which Is All Abuzz About Healthcare Reform.....

Just Back From Capitol Hill Which Is All Abuzz About Healthcare Reform.....

Jane Mayer: CIA interrogators waterboarded Abu Zubaydah 183 times over 5 day period of time

First official DU "Hoekstra" thread. Post your comment here

So I got a call that there was a lockdown at my daughter's school today.

Do you look at the price tag before buying? Single Payer System Cost?

Oops the Ensign money trail has hit cable

My First Post - Support the Sanders Petition for Single Payer

Olive Garden pulling ads from Letterman over Palin joke (owner donates to Republicans)

No (Social Security) Benefits For LA Girl Born From Dead Man's Sperm

No (Social Security) Benefits For LA Girl Born From Dead Man's Sperm

Continental Airlines just made my 13 yr. old daughter cry! "HELP"

Like Obama, Lincoln had run-in with a fly (rofl) - pics

Sam Seder takes on the Letterman protesters - hilarity ensues

Does a millionaire pay the same monthly premium for Medicare as someone who is dirt poor?

We Have A New National Leader On Single Payer Health Care (If We Will Get Behind Her)

New Hampshire Passes Law Forcing Old People To Watch Gays Marry

What are the regional implications if it gets even uglier in Iran and there's a mass exodus?

What are the regional implications if it gets even uglier in Iran and there's a mass exodus?

Anonymous Joins Fight Against Tyranny In Iran

Kucinich: Fed Deserves Audit First, New Authority Second

Tom Daschle's wife Lobbied for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Washington Post fires its best columnist. Why? (Glen Greenwald has the story)

Can someone tell me why CNN wants to make the Iran situation about Twitter?

RE: Dan Froomkin

American guns help fuel Mexico's drug trade killings

My two cents: The reason the Dalai Lama doesn't understand the concept of "lacking" is because

Why do places over-air condition?

"Mr. Political Science Major" strikes again, this time claiming that the left censors books...

Stonewall Democrats pull out of DNC gay fundraiser. DNC withholding financial support, and DOMA.

Toyota Extends Frame Rust Coverage to 15 Years (Tacoma 95-00 Models)

My email to Olive Garden and I also called our LOCAL store and told them the same

Huge pot farm busted in E. Washington...LOST REVENUE

Pat Buchanan: Christian monarchy is fine with me

What's Driving the Continued Skyrocketing Gun Sales?

EMERGENCY: WH says more people calling AGAINST public plan than FOR IT!!!

Do extremely rich people know what is best for the poor?

Talk me down, I think we are fucked.

Candy Maker To Give Away Free Chocolate On Fridays

It Could Happen to Yoo

Feds' Top Pot Researcher Says Marijuana Should Be Legal

Feds' Top Pot Researcher Says Marijuana Should Be Legal


Wow, what a coincidence!

Caption *

I think Rush Limbaugh just defined the very core of the Republican party.

Video: Dean on NBC today says Democrats need to respond more forcefully.

NBC in Central Florida filming why Publix Supermarkets is doing so well in the recession.

who here is going to the National Equality March?

The Lesson of Richard Barlow: "Looking Forward" without punishing past offenses will destroy you.

Switzerland threatens Kerry aide with arrest (he is investigating AQ Khan connections)

Can anyone explain this mathematic equation to me??

A poem about someone we all know and love.

Greetings, Professor Falken

Don't mess with grandma.....

Suggestions: Anyplace to discuss imminent, pertinent spiritual matters?

Ode to the Tea-bag (A poem)

Most Humiliating Place You've Ever had your Credit Card Declined

So, WTF is up with everybody waxing poetic tonight?

Damn I Hate Spending 6 Bucks On Mealy Apples

CNN BREAKING: President Obama signs new legislation outlawing the words "hiney" and "bum"

Shanghai; an old Mexican game from my youth...

So, the contractor is coming tomorrow, and I measured the inside of my house...

Cause I have friends and that's a fact

Mother fuck.

Holy Crap.... did you know

It was so hot today......

I love this song.

Wherever you are, Ulrich Schneiss


Wife has been out of the state for 4 days, our longest seperation since married...

Oh shit! Philboy is now in Minnesota!

The reason why Yahoo! Answers exists

Hello from Iowa!!

Somebody buy me a drink

Need help with a tsking kitten

Taylor Swift raps withT-Pain

Interesting twist to last night's Pirates v. Twins games...

Guy in the next lane rear-ended the guy in front, sending him into my lane, missing me by a foot

Kermit was a real bastard when he was just starting out.

Is there a bigger twit than Curtis Sliwa?

wonderful fruit dip....probably an old recipie, but I just discovered it YUM

[Cute Video] The Baby and The Boxer

Sick and trying to sing to Jason Mraz' "Lucky".

Eerie, Indiana

ok - lets see if this works

How often do you masturbate?

I'm unemployed.....and I'm to me

Terrible storm coming.

Would you rather be missing a pinky finger or have an extra one?

Don't look now, but... there's a lolcats thread in GD

Finally, the hour is late enough and I can post this video

What does it take......

if I wanted to get a picture out of my own photo library, how do I upload it here?

LOLCats thred sent to dungeon sry

What am I doing wrong? How to post an image?


Flowers for you

I think I suffer from insomnia...

Well, isn't this special: 47 yo school resource officer in love w/15yo

Hello from Nebraska!

I made my lasagna

God I needed to

What Possessions Would You Take in the Trunk of Your Car?

IMPROV EVERYWHERE: Anybody have the original mp3 files from the "mp3 Experiments" archived?

The Natinals are leading the Skankees in the 8th Inning!

For those of you who hate me, ignore. Otherwise, this hurt me. I'd like your reactions.

Leave it to Ohio people to design a motorized bar stool and then be charged with a DUI

Keith Olbermann, re: a news channel. "Cluster Fox"

Good morning Lounge

The Triple Bypass Burger ($11.10) OR the Quadruple Bypass Burger ($12.95) ?

Wow. This song is awesome!

To all freeper lurkers and trolls:

Dial up warning. Also, annoyance warning.

Anyone know of anyone from history who had juvenile diabetes?

kitteah picture of the day for thursday june 18

CNN BREAKING: Former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan IS Bond...JAMES Bond.

Possibly the best cover song ever.

Do like at a public speaking seminar and picture these people nekkid:

Anyone know of any good deals on laptops?

Holy Mother Of Fuck! It was only a matter of time

USA vs. Brazil (FIFA) *SPOILER*

Today was my 31st wedding anniversary.

Racing as it shouldn't be

My sister in law is delusional again; what do we do? What emergency services can we contact?

American Idol runner-up's dad busted for "getting legitimate massage therapy for his back"

I have this employee. He takes naked naps in his office

my new tat

Brass Balls

Someone hands you a BB gun across the street from a police station

Why are random millionaires going around handing out BB guns?

Someone hands you a beer and a boot leg of The Day The Clown Cried

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Theres-a (42!)*******

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Adsos Letter's daughter Kendal (19)!!*******

Pictures of our new baby turtle

I would rather......

I would rather......

Waiters can be such douchebags when your credit card is declined.

**********I ENJOY STARS**********

How do you socialize scared cats around guests?

Someone hands you a BB gun and there is a baby narwhal sitting in a nest

Someone hands you a BB gun and there is a baby narwhal sitting in a nest

More gold lamé than should be allowed by law ...

There's nothing funny about copycat posts.

Peace Warrior cometh

There's something funny about copycat posts.

Is it wrong for me to say that there's nothing funny about particular things?

OMG. Pfizer is run by Freepers!


How do I block someone from posting rap videos on my FB page?

Last night, I got drunk and admitted to myself something I've had locked up for years

PSA: There is nothing funny about the Wanker of 1776

PSA: There's nothing funny about IBTL!!

People suck

If you have Comcast and Encore, Hellraiser and Hellraiser 2 are available on demand.

Are you master of your domain?

PSA: Olive Garden thread just went up in GD

There's nothing funny about the spiritual malaise of an unhappy marriage

Kate Gosselin of 'Jon and Kate plus 8' caught spanking Jon

Olive Garden pulls Letterman ads

I was at the pet store and saw dwarf hamsters and also parakeets

I refuse to breast feed at Olive Garden until they reverse their Letterman ads decision.

Minnesotans: **** the weather channel, it's like 200 degrees once you factor in the humidiy.

My mother would have been 86 years old today.

PSA: Whatever you like to eat is not good food. You are forbidden to eat where you like the food.

PSA! My test results were normal!

PSA: A sack of flour will make one HELL of a biscuit

Obituary of the Pillsbury Doughboy:

There is nothing funny about untelevised Twins games.

"Indiana Jones 5" is in the works, according to Shia LaBeouf

I think we need a Lounge: P group started.

As supercar week continues, I saw a Ferrari Testarossa today

PSA: There's nothing funny about narwhals

"Spanking" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "spanking".

Someone hands you a BB gun.

"HELLO CLEVELAND!" Britney Spears yells "What’s up London?" to a Manchester audience

For those who care and remeber way back when......

Today, the Lounge is being sponsored by the letters P, S, and A!

PSA: There is nothing funny about all of you nermals reaching the end of the Internets..

Whats So Funny About Peace Love & Understanding?

PSA: I cannot threaten to boycott Olive Garden because of Letterman

Olive Garden threads are taking over GD

PSA: There is nothing funny about the great Lounge War of 2009.

Someone hands you a BB gun, and there are people making copycat posts re: something not being funny.

"The Invisible Hand of the Marketplace is giving us all the finger."

Do You Live on Fear?

PSA: There is nothing funny about mocking someone's feelings

Is there any one else that would like to strangle Mary Murphy?

Stick a fork in me! I'm DONE! Finals are OVER! Woo-hoo!!

This is a copycat thread

Koalas in a Heat Wave (LOTS of really cute pictures)

Suck it , White Sox!

Well, that's it then. We officially live in Bizarro World.

Jessie Says,"Thanks!"...well she would if she wasn't passed out...

Do You Live In Fear?

A pretty funny joke I got from the Internets..

Florida DUers: Put on underwear and wash the yellow pits under your arms!

I Will Never .................. Again

PSA: There is nothing funny about the War of 1812

In quiet moments here at DU, do you roam around and look at the locked threads?

Oh yes! yes!! YES!!!!!!!!

Eep, Op, Ork, Ah Ah. That means I DU.

Wish me luck

My latest video

Meeting friends online

"It fell between the cracks."

My dad has invasive bladder cancer, but I'm confused

Do you floss and are you regular at Flossing

Olive Garden Denies Pulling Letterman Ads Over Palin Joke

Jon & Kate Gosselin To Announce "Life-Changing Decision" On Monday's Show

Unnerving House-Showing Experience

And Midlo said the Baby Midlet had no rythem, look at her rock out on this youtube clip

GPS Warning

Tornado watch in Minnesota, I'll get the romantic music and prophylactics!!

Is everyone playing the Nom Nom Nom game at icanhascheezburger?

Someone took a plastic dish drainer we threw away out of our trash.

Some good news for me today

A poor little house cat longed to be outside and free from his confines.

I've been at work. So tell me the short version...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to pdx_prog!!*******

The word for the day is "fucktardery".

In light of today's craziness I've made an important decision.

I have to admit Obama impressed the hell out of me

Last day of school for K today.

What if Lost was a sitcom?

Now What?

Sometimes I think the Vulcans have it right.

Sometimes I think the Vulcans have it right.

Does anyone in GD ever post "We have a live one in The Lounge!!"

Okay, so why is it called a "BB gun?"


Your weather; is it hot as a motherfucker, or hotter than a motherfucker right now?

Strange name for a business

Strange name for a business


Question for you all.

I can haz LOLCats thred?

PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted that fly

Be nice

I Miss MST 3000

Have you ever seen this on DU?

Heh! The Natinals leading the Skankees 3-0 in the Fifth!

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to S n o w b a l l!!*******

Purolator pisses me off.

Who is the all time best Actor

WWI = hilarious.

Someone hands you a BB gun and there is a mother rat sitting in a nest

When in the lounge, do you feel like you are watching a car wreck??

Is the Atrios blog Eschaton down or has it gone away forever?

WTF? FB is down?

*sniffling* I just left Pretzel at the vet. He will be boarding there for 10 days, and his

I just drank FOUR cups of coffee; ask me anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Tell No One"

So I guess PETA loves me - I rescued the spider and released it back into nature

Jobycom appreciation thread



I love socks

PSA: Midlo is the worst poet ever

PSA: There is nothing funny about the Vietnam War.

Kitten Picture for LostinVA...just in case she forgot what Izzie looks like...

You know it's a crazy day in the Lounge when

Anyone else feeling a giant ban hammer about to strike?

What do you order when you eat Chinese food?

There's something funny about AlCzervik, and no it's not the name.

I know it's early in the day, but what are your dinner plans, DU?

HAHAHA. So, I'm picking up the MidloVan from the shop

Top Chef Masters in on now!

A poem for Midlo (not in the least bit inspired by The Beastie Boys)

Movies that should never have been remade.

She is moving out Monday....Gave notice at her job last week BUT enrolled in college today

PSA: Orange Cream Pop Tarts are teh nasty.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/18/2009)

PSA: There is nothing funny about the Great DU Lounge Fried Chicken Flamewar

This place is nuts today....Is it the heat or what?

Who was the all time best actress?

There's something funny about cat scratching posts.

Vibes requested

Saw some sweet Middle Eastern/Surf tinged guitar work last night in Boston.

To Paul McCartney!

I just found out WHY my Social Security got Denied.

WORST replacement lead singer in a rock band? Blaze Bayley in Maiden? Ripper in Priest?

Ladies, when throwing undergarments on stage

What does everyone here do for a job?


Favorite TV Show From the 60's?

Stoopid fashions.

Kate Gosselin of 'Jon and Kate plus 8' caught spanking kid

Best love song of all time? Any genre.

Is it just my imagination, but does Keith sound a little smirky - a little happy - that Obama's

Wrong Track/Right track...

BIGBIZ to Americans: "All your congress belong to us". They are pwned. We are screwn.

Poll: No Dent In Obama's Popularity (Not NBC/WSJ)

The Guardian (UK) analyses the fly-swat. Seriously.

Watching AssHannity and an actor on the Great American Panel states

***HEADS UP*** Josh Marshall will be on with Colbert tonight.

'The idiot button: "President" McCain on Iran' (Guardian UK)

Rep. Rohrabacher: Obama Is A ‘Cream Puff’ For Not Interfering In Iran

CBS features President Obama on Father's Day

OH MY GAWD are you watching the Daily Show????

In ’03, Hints of Skepticism by Sotomayor on Expanded Wiretapping

And excellent description of hatred on the right

Iran blames US for intolerable meddling

PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted that fly

If Frank Ricci Loses, Blame Scalia

Question: What can WE do to help democrats with message discipline?

Question: What can WE do to help democrats with message discipline?

Proud to be OP of thread #7 on Page One of GD, on this Important Topic:

PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted that fly

Less Unequal is Still Unequal -- Dump DOMA

Gay USA: Losing patience with Obama

Jon Stewart on President Obama's "Fly Swatting Incident" (VIDEO)

WOW check out this "Rad Dude"

Specter Praises Sotomayor, Asks About Deference To Congress

Why doesn't Jon Stewart trash Obama unfairly like Keith Olbermann?

Al Jazeera: Iran body to hear vote complaints

al Jazeera: Iran on the brink?

Neocons are upset at the Iran crisis because...

Fuck it. You know what? If you don't like him anymore, send him back.

The GOP are being real assholes in the Senate

Bush takes swipes at Obama policies (Moonie Times)

Are all the anti-Letterman

Obama Plans to Replace Bush’s Bioethics Panel

Gotta Love DEAN! (was on TODAY, today)

Clinton Record Go or it Big O

To give credit where credit is due

Overwhelming majority oppose preventive detention without charges

Critical Single Payer Health Care Mobilization: Bringing The Issue Home For Real;

Minnesota ruling unlikely today!!!

U.S. Leading Economic Index Rose 1.2 Percent in May

Two sources: Supreme Court ruling on U.S. Senate race to arrive tomorrow!

For Colbert fans--backstage with Obama and Colbert/video from whitehouse facebook

Change-Congress emails news of campaign targeting Landrieu (who opposes public option)

Lindsey Graham on Ensign's Affair: “I’ve Got Plenty Of Sins That I’m Not Going To Share”

Come get your daily Dose of Obama Kool-aid

Dear Senator Mikulski - give them hell!!

Summary of Obama Regulatory Changes

Bush Breaks Silence, Goes After Obama In Speech

my prayers go out to

Obama Kills Fly

Republicans raising cash to counter-program ABC Obama special

Little Lord A.W.O.L. Breaks Silence, Goes After Obama In Speech

Dear idiots at Fox; A word about Presidential polls

My Apologies to All

So, Now Keith Olbermann is a bad guy?? This place cracks me up!

Don't trust the WSJ/NBC poll

Help me fire off an email to Sen. Alexander.

Obama Announces Plans To Run For McCain's Senate Seat In 2010

Gibbs' Daily presser for anyone who wants to watch:

Great news....if you own health care stocks

On incremental change,

The Fantasy Grand Jury Nuts are pissed......

Has the MSM touted this poll result? NBC/WSJ Poll: 76% of Americans Support Public Health Insurance

Rumor has it, Obama will make an appearance at Today's Press Briefing

Change can be deceivin'

Sestak Beats Toomey in Potential GE Senate Matchup Poll in PA.

New Pew poll: Obama's approval at 61%

Steele to GOP: Fight ABC over Obama Primetime Special

Poll: Overwhelming majority oppose preventive detention without charges

Protesters in Tehran have a surprising view on Obama's silence: Keep it up.

Has the Hororary President of the Boy Scouts tired to change that organization's stance of gays?

Lisa Madigan, weighing Senate bid, meets with Obama

New PPP poll: Obama's approval at 52%

Nate Silver: Obama has been too cautious on health care

PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted that fly

You know, I will always vote for Edwards over any Republican

Saxby Chambliss knows all about stolen elections

Senator Chambliss understands squat about Iran

It's gonna cost a TRILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!........

Jim Cramer wants POTUS to "Just Kind of Go Away"....


The trick is to think one step ahead of your opponent.

Did ya'll hear Obama killed a fly?

John Edwards's Commitment Problems

Obama and Anti-War Democrats

Tom Daschle calls to abandon a public option for healthcare. Is he now

Olbermann is not a bad guy, loyal Obama supporters, need to call him out when he is wrong!

When is enough enough?

Extremely good things from Obama's regulatory reform plan: consumer protection and no more OTS

Am I getting this right? Is Chris Mattews back to his old routine being a GOP tool?

Congressman Frank Corrects Media Reports on his Response to DOMA Brief (updated)

A triple salchow with a double lutz perhaps?

Obama Has Stomach for a Full Plate

Images from Tehran, Iran.

As one of the board's dreaded "Centrists" I would like to offer an Olive Branch

Krugman: "if you had polled Americans in 1936-37 about economic policy, what would they have said?

Gallup has Obama approval at 61%

**Heads Up: POTUS Live at the DSCC/DCCC Fundraiser**

Now KO is trying to put Obama on blast

Senate passes cash for clunkers program with prodding from Obama and Biden

With this incident of the Continential pilot dying in mid-air, safety protocols aboard Air Force 1?

Protests sweep Iran... Day 5

A rambling response to: ‘Why all the anger against gay people for standing up for themselves?’

Robert Reich: Does the Obama Plan for Reforming Wall Street Measure Up? In a word, no.

The Daschle Healthcare Plan: No Public Option, Taxes On Health Benefits, Private Insurance Mandate

Question: How long did it take LBJ to pass civil rights legislation?

Iran Protest Thread: Day 6

Saxby Chambliss, You Ignorant F&*K - Iranians Know Nothing About their own History ?

Huffpo: Daschle 'still committed to the public plan.' Just doesn't think it can get thru Congress.

Clinton Fractures Elbow

Thanks to Theresa LaPore,Thousands died on 9/11 and we started a war with no end.

"Attention should have been paid" to candidate Obama's vague health-care reform talk

Congressman Frank Corrects Media Reports on his Response to DOMA Brief

Dodd says he's determined to include public option

Seven More Reps Sign On to HR 676; House Holds Single Payer Hearing

Sen. Kerry defends Pres. Obama on Iran response in NYT OP-ED.

Why the tension between LGBTers and the President's ardent supporters

Senate Passes Apology For Slavery

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: I Stand With Lt. Dan Choi, It's Time To Repeal DADT

PETA releases new ad campaign poster after Obama fly-killing incident

The fact that 76% percent of the American public WANT a public option carries no weight with Congres...

Thanks to Nader, death row inmates cannot get DNA evidence which proves them innocent.

Total US jobless rolls drop sharply ...some good news!!

Secret CIA File Tests Obama's Pledge

Why all the anger against gay people for standing up for themselves?

hi everybody been a while

Overlooked in the new polls: Favorability of the GOP has hit all time new lows...

Gene Lyons: President Obama, ditch bipartisan rhetoric, enact healthcare reform w/o AMA, GOP

I just *LOVE* how the Senators decrying a Public Option are enjoying THEIR gov run medical bennies

Obama's Tyranny of Timidity -- Garden State Equality's Latest Press Release

Were it not for Bill Clinton, our deficit would really have been a disaster

Kerry warns McCain and neocon agitators to 'Think Before You Speak' (NYT)

Obama Kills Fly

GAO Ties U.S. Guns to Mexico Violence

Reinventing Thrift Stores (Prada, Vitton at Denver Goodwill store)

Robert Fisk: Secret letter 'proves Mousavi won poll'

PETA wishes Obama hadn't swatted that fly

Loan Redos Get Tangled in Thicket of Red Tape

Report on Bush Policy May Come In 'Weeks'-Probe Is Focused On Interrogation Program's Approval

NRSC paid son of woman in Ensign affair

Continental Airlines Pilot Dies on Flight From Brussels to Newark

U.S. has decided fate of half Guantanamo detainees

German shepherd puppies, cloned from hero 9/11 search and rescue dog, come to L.A.

In Poll, Obama Is Seen as Ineffective on the Economy

Asbestos Exposure in Libby, Montana Declared a Health Emergency by EPA

Judge orders Scrushy to pay $2.8B to shareholders

Amnesty International: Hundreds including doctors, academics arrested by Iran

Ohio teen sentenced in parking lot noose attack

Education Secretary: States That Cut School Aid May Not Get Extra Stimulus Money

Supreme Court: Prisoners Have No Right to DNA Evidence

Cash machines hacked to spew out card details

India's TCS opens new outsourcing center in Mexico (TATA)

DynCorp gets Blackwater's service contracts for U.S. diplomats in Iraq

Iran investigates 646 poll complaints

US fast-tracks hi-tech trade with India; GE India first beneficiary

Lieberman to Clinton: Israel won't freeze settlements

Debt pushes millions below poverty line

Greenpeace spoofs Int'l Herald Trib; IHT objects

Iranian who leaked election results may have been assassinated

Court strikes down random drug testing for school employees

Questions grow as Ahmadinejad stays out of sight

Peru Congress revokes land laws

Michigan's unemployment rate hit 14.1% in May

Iran's supreme leader to speak at site of crackdown

AIG's ex-CEO had private jet fly stock to Bermuda

Bush hopes closing Guantanamo won't risk security

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday June 18

Tony Blair knew of secret policy on terror interrogations

Continental (Airlines) Captain Dies Mid-Flight

US 'prepared' for N Korea missile

Detroit police routinely underreport homicides - Actual '08 total gives city worst rate in nation

Supreme Court makes it harder to prove age discrimination

Bush takes swipes at Obama policies

Tourists upset by Guantanamo issue threaten to boycott Bermuda

Maine Gay Marriage Foes to Use Calif. Prop 8 Firm

Clinton urges stronger India ties in speech laced with IT speak

US Senator: Obama will block abuse photo release

Court finds convicts have no right to test DNA

Officials Found Child Pornography at Museum Suspect's Home

Clinton fractures elbow in fall

Khamenei tells Mousavi to toe the line over election or be cast out

Soldier's $7 flea-market find nets $80,000 (first edition copy of volume one of "The Federalist")

Former Law School Official Gets 16 Years on Sex Charges

Health care costs to rise 9 pct in 2010

Judge to review Cheney interview with FBI

(Iraq) Oil minister accused of mother of all sellouts

Two sources: Supreme Court ruling on U.S. Senate race to arrive tomorrow

U.N. Atomic Energy Chief Says Iran Wants Bomb Technology

Report: NKorea may fire missile toward Hawaii

Froomkin out at Washington Post

U.S. ports plan to trade with Cuba once embargo lifted

CA GOP Voter Registration Firm Head Pleads Guilty to Voter Registration Fraud

UPDATED: Olive Garden Denies Pulling Letterman Ads Over Palin Joke

Senate to take up resolution apologizing for slavery

BofA paying big bonuses to retain bankers

U-turn on Iraq (UK) war inquiry (some details may be made public)

Olive Garden pulls Letterman ads

Iran's soccer team wears symbolic green bands

McDonald's Custer toy angers Indian Country

Report: Boy in Custody Battle Wants Brazil, Not NJ

Jay Leno Would Never Had Said That - (but he did and so did Conan!)


KO: Risen, illegal spying on Bill Clinton

Marc The Shark.

Democrats want statutory PAYGO

Democrats want statutory PAYGO

Heated Debate on 'The View' About Republicans & Racism/Domestic Terrorism

Ahmadinejad's baton-wielding paramilitary thugs storm in to attack protesters

CNN's Anderson Cooper: Is Iran Collapsing?

Their Fingers will Pull You Apart

Roof Rants - Episode 2 - Republicans and Old People

Moral Majority No More

Attack of the Zombie Republicans

AC360: Profile of a guy who makes millions out of pot legally & the medical "facts" on marijuana

Human Fly


Rhinestone Obama Shirts

Dean on The Today Show (with RNC host David Gregory) 2:05

Outrage Over Racist GOP President Obama Email!


Fundie terrorist hysteria

How to draw a republican

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer Gets In On Hoekstra Mockery

Republicans Try To Explain Their Health Care Bill

The State of Asbestos Legislation

Geithner Defends the Fed

Palin, Dave and the OUTRAGE!

Opie & Anthony - Letterman Protests

Henry Kissinger says President Obama is handling Iran well.

Henry Kissinger says President Obama is handling Iran well.

Rachel Maddow - guest Rep. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) on

Denalie Bruins on Health Care Reform (35 years a nurse)

Anderson Cooper Interviews Dustin Lance Black-Federal Same-Sex Benefits

CNBC's Jim Cramer: 'Everybody Wishes Obama Would Just Kind Of Go Away'

Young Turks: David Letterman Protest Crackpots Take It to New Level

(D) Rep. Edwards Joins Cenk: 'No Healthcare Reform... w/o Public Option'! (w/ Transcript)

Avenging Amanda Terkel

Police viciously attack university students in Tehran - Brutal

Fire David Letterman Protest: War on (Palin) Jokes @ (Sam Seder)

Obama - (Fox) "is entirely devoted to attacking my administration"


Barbara Boxer: Address me as senator instead of ma'am; I worked hard to get that title!

TYT: Is Bill Maher Right That Obama Should Be Like Bush? Cenk's 3 Step Plan...

Barbara Boxer schools general in sexism-Tells Him To Call Her

Kid finding codes in Blackjack

Charity drive for CEO's - Michael Moore

RW terrorist propaganda

Truman To Blacks: Just Wait Your Turn, The Army Will be Integrated Someday

GOP Demotes Ensign, to Chief PETTING Officer

A Speech, and a Protest, at Nixon Library

Robert Fisk: Secret letter 'proves Mousavi won poll'

Nathan Bedford Forrest Has Beautiful Eyes

Amid jump in some bias crimes, Holder seeks tougher laws

Hamid Dabashi for CNN: Rigged or not, vote fractures Iran

Obama Bashing Works WSJ Poll, Media, Bitch Bitch Bitch

Forget Twitter and Facebook, Iranian Protestors Topple Regime in On-Line Game

Are you there, God? It's me, Detroit

Iran Fails to Block Protestors' Favorite Website: MILFU

Night of the living neocons

Terrorism laws have strangled cherished US rights to freedom

Levi Goes Ricky Hollywood

Through the Looking Glass

Preachen Patriot Underground Radio Show June 13, 2009 pt. 1

Finding a home for Guantanamo detainees (LAT editorial)

Nothing but flowers

Only a Hint of Roosevelt in Financial Overhaul - Joe Nocera

Special effects outsourcing grows in India

McChrystal Looks to Spin Afghan Civilian Deaths Problem

Snark in the Newspaper? My Heavens!

President Obama betrays the gay community

Help Save the Earth, Time to Subsitute Hemp for Oil

With 'Buy Chinese' edict, another nation tiptoes toward protectionism

Let's hold Bush officials accountable for torture (ACLU & former GITMO prosecutor in Salon)

Forget about bipartisanship (Gene Lyons)

I never thought I'd be rooting for Iran

Obama's Financial Reforms are tepid, at best

Joe Conason: The AMA’s Unhealthy Obsession

Inside the Pentagon's New Plan for Drones That Don't Piss Off Pakistan

Cowboys Stadium Texas Cost $1.15 Billion is Tax Exempt, Non Profit

Without a Public Option, It's Not Really "Reform"

I Stand With Lt. Dan Choi, It's Time To Repeal DADT

Single Payer and the Duplicitous Rahm Emanuel

Remember When, 2003 Experts Say 'Dirty Bomb' Attack in U.S. Likely “Buy Duck Tape” Media Propaganda

Americans Trust Big Pharma More Than Republicans

Suitcase With $134 Billion Puts Dollar on Edge

Iran's Women's Revolution

Melissa Etheridge Discusses Her Use Of Medical Marijuana With Anderson Cooper

Peru recalls ambassador from Bolivia over Amazon crisis (WW4 Report)

Uh oh. We're in for it now. Mom's really mad.

Peak oil notes - June 18

Venezuela loses billions despite Chavez's controls

DrumBeat: June 18, 2009

Fresh Food Financing Initiative

U.S. ports plan to trade with Cuba once embargo lifted

Peruvian indigenous leader granted asylum in Nicaragua

Think tanks expect US travel to Cuba to open fully by Oct. [Jamaican Observer]

HAITI: International Association of Democratic Lawyers-Resolution on MINUSTAH

ACN: "New Anti-Cuba Campaign in Florida" (and yes, it involves Los Tres)

March Copenhagen Conference Science Summary - "Abrupt & Irreversible Climate Shifts" Odds Improving

Der Spiegel - Chief PRC Negotiator On Climate Breakdown - "The West Is Responsible"

830K Ha Cameroon Tract Has Elephants, Gorillas, Chimps - And 30 Day Reprieve Before Logging Begins

COLOMBIA: Today's Press Conference by UN Special Rapporteur for Extrajudicial Executions

Alabama Bird Species' Numbers Either Soaring Or Collapsing Since 1960s - Seabirds In Birmingham

EPA Declares Public Health Emergency In Libby, MT - Baucus Praises Likely Boost For Health Spending

Miami Herald: South Florida donors aim to save Venezuelan TV station

Bangladesh Soil In Trouble - Lack Of Organics , Overuse Of Synthetic NPK Contributing Factors

Sudden Collapse in Ancient Biodiversity: Was Global Warming the Culprit?

USFWS - Marbled Murrelet Will Retain Threatened Species Status - ENN/CBD

U-M researcher and colleagues predict large 2009 Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone'; Chesapeake Bay's…shrink

SoCal Edison's Major Photovoltaics Program Up For Vote

Mekong River dolphins at risk of extinction (CNN)

HAITI: UN soldiers shoot at Haitian mourners outside church funeral for Father Jean-Juste

Sharks, Drugs, Lies, and Corruption in Costa Rica - Commentary by Captain Paul Watson

TV MARTI is a bust:: Congressional hearing (2 articles)

Rumors and Reality About Volkswagen's 258 mpg Car

More Lipstick On Chevron's Pig

European Farmers Turn to Biogas Plants

As Climate Destabilizes, Stronger Winds Speed Plant Species Dispersal - AFP

Inhofe Responds To Sweeping Climate Impact Study: "It's A Phony Report"

Cousin of Bolivian president victim of gruesome murder

NOAA's National Climatic Data Center reports 4th warmest May

How much would it cost to actually become energy sustainable

Holy Solar, Batman! It's Finally Happening!

I'm fucking pissed! What about you?

Birther Wingers on the verge of Victory - they say - an "event" coming

Straw Man

Independent UK: Wimbledon on high alert over suspected match-fixing rings

Natinals-3, Skankees-2. nuff said.

Minnesota court rules 3-0

Dusty Rhodes hero of the NY Giants 1954 WS victory is dead.

Former Giant Dusty Rhodes dead at 82

Islanders draft party sold out

The beautiful new 49er Stadium in Santa Clara

New Pittsburgh T-shirt

Child Labor Update and Philippines Victory

Saving for retirement in tough economic times

Chamber of Commerce Sides with Foreign Embassies Against Buy American ( or bye bye jobs)

Labor cartoon for the week of June 15, 2009

Today in labor history June 18 A. Philip Randolph met with FDR & war industries desegregate

Waiting Game: Broken Labor Laws Mean Workers Can’t Get a Fair Deal

Daily Kos: "Many kids are scared of the Boogieman, but we fear ICE."

Union Busting Ended My Love Affair with a Beer

F.D.A. Warns Against Use of Popular Cold Remedy.

The Daschle Healthcare Plan: No Public Option, Taxes On Health Benefits, Private Insurance Mandate

Write to your Editor About Heathcare Reform.

Americans trust corrupt insurance companies more than Republicans

Balloon treats blocked sinuses

The Health Care Troubles

Who Stands Between Me and My Doctor?

Should Health Care Come with a Warranty?

Feinstein's response to my e-mail urging for a public option

Scald burn questions

Warning: Health Care Lobbyists Are Winning the Battle to Screw All of Us

A Brief Guide to Regulation of Health Products

The Blue Dogs need to GET OUT OF THE WAY!

AP IMPACT: Zicam Not Alone in Side Effect Reports.

Police: Glendale man accidentally shoots self in buttocks

World's Shortest Slasher Flick

Any guesses on how long it will take before they ask for their knives?

Concealed weapons permit holder stops would-be robbers

This video makes me shudder - Gun Class Darwin Award Candidate

(Tampa radio personality) Bubba the Love Sponge has guns stolen out of car

"Civilized" Life

Princeton woman, 77, escorts armed intruder from home at gunpoint

Netanyahu Feels the Heat

U.S. ups pressure on Israel to end Gaza blockade

Barack the Zionist

I never thought I'd be rooting for Iran

IRAN: We thwarted election day bomb plot linked to Israel

Obama won’t wink back - By Uri Avnery

The recent talk about strong women reminded me of this amazing woman.

Iraq lawmakers to seek reparations for 1981 IAF strike

Since I'm in a poem-posting mood tonight...

NOM threatens primary challenges in New York to GOPers those who vote for gay marriage

Laos tackles transgender taboos

Independent Lens - "Ask Not" - Highly recommended.

Need marital help, Sen. Ensign? Ask a gay couple (Polaneczky | Philadelphia Daily News)

Obama: More benefits for gay workers only one step

Bruno -- Based on a Real Gay Austrian?!

Bastian Latest to Snub DNC

A PSA on anger from your local Friends of Dorothy.

" I am a member of the US left and I care in layers"

Chinese gays step quietly toward progress

I Stand With Lt. Dan Choi, It's Time To Repeal DADT

RE: "It's a private Business, the owner can allow in whoever he wants"

Neb. Catholics ask for OK for psychologists to not treat gays

When did the gay civil rights movement begin?

XPost from LBN: Maine Gay Marriage Foes to Use Calif. Prop 8 Firm.

Let me say this simply.


Frank Does 180, Supports DOMA Brief

Public Wary of Deficit, Economic Intervention

Obama accused of withholding documents from TARP Inspector General

Windy Day, Flowers in Restaurant


A few flowers for you

Can someone post some commentary that supports the administration's policies?

Leaving the Comfort Zone...Some Photos I did not take but want to show ( 14 of them)

I know he looks stuffed, but he is real

I'm going to respond directly to an argument the homophobes make: "Have fun electing Palin in 2012"

I do believe a hip-hip-hip-hooray is due for petersond...that magnificent moderator

The Confidence Game In Quotes

Two other portraits

Obama Reform Plan Fails to Fix Whats Broken

Remember those smuggled bonds? More to the story.

States in Deep Trouble Over Plunging Income Tax Revenues

Vanasco: Gay benefits press call clarifies…nothing

Change can be deceivin'

Senator from Punjab

an old, very old, river otter

Hanging Out

PICS From the Gardens

Stunning graphic representation of the cost of the bailouts.

A Model for America: 100 arrested in hate crime raids across London

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