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There is tangible evidence of a direct link from killer to Operation Rescue

Tiller murder: Public policy by bullet

When Did The U.S. Become A Nation Of Liars, ......

Speaking of California messes: HIV and AIDS healthcare in California is about to be decimated.

Just saw the trailer for Brian Williams Inside the White House special...

Local FOX News anchor shills for Iraq/Afghan wars...says we're on a track towards "socialism"

And Keith Keeps It REAL

Birthers 'overrun' White House online program

If pre-lifers became pro-lifers...

Should we use the economic crisis to develop a new, better system for the U.S., or let the rich win?

A Moderate's Rant

On the issue of Choice-

Cross posted: Your experience with Costa Rica.

Daily Kos: Double Standards From The National Journal (Alito vs Sotomayor)

"The time has come to quarantine Fox News" - Keef

The guy who shot at two kids and killed one today is just as bad as Roeder

Excellent Special Commentary KO

To wingnuts, ACORN and La Raza are hate groups, Daily Kos, DU and Media Matters are hate sites.

Dave Lindorff: Abortion Doctor is a Victim of America's `Taliban'

Subprime meltdown over; now comes the bad part

So where am I sending a check of $100 to? re: Tiller murder

Have either the Dem party or the WH made a statement on Tiller?

Enough is enough!! Use the PATRIOT ACT on Operation Rescue and the rest

I can't believe that Randall Terry and the abortion "debate" still goes on with

I'm watching Rachel recite

Gitmo: The Video Game!

Remember Lukas Rossi from Supernova?

if an environmentalist who spray paints a building is tried as a "terrorist" - then certainly

Time-Wanker Lays Groundwork for Future Ripoff! (of course)

"Radical Christian dominionists have no religious legitimacy. They are manipulating.....

Something has to be done about these extreme right wingers

In my opinion, the 'Pro-life" Movement is the biggest fraud in U.S. History

There can be no" middle ground". That is what the murder of Dr. Tiller

Just thought I would clarify the "recruiter killed" was just a kid.

Tonight's feature: Invasion of the Asscarrots! In 3-D!

General Sanchez... Sir... we do need the truth and reconciliation

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a question for those of you outside of the US

So, you're "pro-life" huh?

Jon Stewart is back

Hey repukes!! Janet Napolitano was right!! Pro-fetus fanatics ARE terrorists!

Has anyone read "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them"?

Recruiter shot dead outside Army office

Poplawski (R) formally arraigned on cop-killing charges

Wiki entry on Collapse of a Civilization interesting read

Limbaugh is playing the MSM like a violin.

For those that think that it is "okay" for a federal assault on Roe v. Wade

Evidence Leans Toward Bush/Cheney Torture Conspiracy

Beautiful Picture

They sound EXACTLY like the Fundy Islamic Mullahs they hate

We made our abortion decision in 1976. Actually, it was of course hers. But we had a CHOICE.

Chime in if you're losing needed services in CA: I'm losing my psychologist.

GM Bankruptcy brings back memories

Quarantine FOX News.

What are you prepared to do for single payer health insurance?

Geitner lecturing Chinese kids

Countries where abortion is illegal

Zoellick Warns Stimulus ‘Sugar High’ Won’t Stem Unemployment

Nebraska Abortion Provider to Help Run Dr. Tiller's Clinic

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) Russia NATO

NYT Kristof Asks Readers: Should US Legalize Drugs?

Legislation pending in my state regarding "pro-life"

Doesn't the FBI infiltrate these fanatical anti-abortion groups? They infiltrate every other


Norm Coleman to appeal Minnesota Senate vote decision to Judge Judy

EXODUS In Pakistan is beyond biblical 85,000 people a day

I'm worried guys, but I'm not deterred

Rachel is taking KO's Terrorism theme a step farther...

Would A Fatwa Calling F/The Assassination Of Abortion Providers Be Considered Protected Free Speech?

Why I love D.U.

China forced to support dollar to make yuan

From GM's Bankruptcy Filing: $82.2 billion in assets and $172 billion in liabilities!

From GM's Bankruptcy Filing: $82.2 billion in assets and $172 billion in liabilities!


The Rights of those already here - a personal story and other thoughts

Zombie Reagan has a message!

Worst Slide Story - flash animation

I just got a Rachel Tweet

I just spoke to my SIL, who works at a Planned Parenthood clinic.

Air France flight - 216 passengers, 30 nationalities

Frank Schaeffer : How I (and Other "Pro-Life" Leaders) Contributed to Dr. Tiller's Murder

My My, Look What Nicholas Kristof Wrote on His Facebook Page This Weekend

Why do we continue to let this happen ? How many more children of Afganistan have died today ?

Puerto Rican government announces massive layoffs....suicides...

Brazilian Archbishop insults President, excommunicates mother because 9-year-old girl has abortion..

Crazy Moonbat Thot Expermnt: Healthy Babies Initiative!

Judge puts 'Columbo' actor Falk in conservatorship

Tiller was a hero and an amazing human being!!!!!

Bill O'nasty getting grilled by KO

I need to commend the DU PIzza Delivery Crew. You guys are FAST!

On June 2, 1953,

He was there to Kill Babies for profit. Screw him. Free Republic

Dick Cheney is a very very evil man.

Iraqi warnings prompted Obama's reversal on detainee photos

Iraqi warnings prompted Obama's reversal on detainee photos

First Conan Tonight Show on Now.

Auto Workers Taken for a Ride

Why do pro-lifers put so many pictures of aborted babies on their

What EXTREMELY puzzles me about pro-lifers is their total disregard for established life .

hate to ask, but did the WH ever issue a statement about Dr. Tiller?

Does your local newspaper still carry Bill O'Reilly's column?

Our Economy Is Going to Keep Tanking Until We Stop Shoveling Billions to Rich People

"Thou shalt not kill. Babies"

MN-Sen: Franken poised to win. Again

The United States needs JOBS.

Did anyone else grow up in an abusive home?

Mika better be careful, 'cause Joe Scum's ready

Cancer Care Costs Squeeze Millions of Americans

NYT: Now a G.M. Owner, U.A.W. Faces Delicate Balancing Act

GM bankruptcy will devastate communities

WJ this morning - the really good news Dennis Kucinich will be on

A prayer for the fallen among us.

I'm curious if the "Cheney Defense" will be deployed in the Tiller killing

please replace the term "pro-life" (which they certainly ain't) with "anti-choice"

Upcoming Single-Payer Healthcare Events

Grand Theft Auto: How Stevie the Rat bankrupted GM

Have we heard from Rev. Franklin Graham on the murder of Dr. Tiller?

Who is the bigger threat to America? Wingnuts or al-Qaeda?

"Like a rock"

Gasping at Straws -- Tom Toles

Carter Disagrees With Obama’s Position Blocking the Release of Torture Photos

11 Reality Show suicides so far

Grandmother Tasered at Traffic Stop

Here's some GOOD news!

Bill Maher: America Is Greedy, Not Good

Bill Maher: America Is Greedy, Not Good

Tancredo, Buchanan Bruised by Racist 'Karate Chop'

Tancredo, Buchanan Bruised by Racist 'Karate Chop'

So, how did Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reily handle the Tiller assasination yesterday?

Junior W Bush....Didnt He Already Take A Vacation By

Yesterday GM stock traded at $0.27 a share

Since this is a day for stories, let me tell mine since I come from a different direction.

Rudy Giuliani sure is yucky.

Does Cheney Have A Death Wish?.......

You know how we always complain about most people not caring about politics?

If watching tv influences nothing

If they think abortion is murder

Bottled Waterboarding-USA is SO civilized isn't it?

So why is this not Christianist terror? - Andrew Sullivan

Separation of Church and Delusions

Why Would A Business Send This type of Email?

Marathon County GOP spokesman Kevin Stevenson ousted for remarks

Do we generate hatred?

I used to believe that highly religious people are *better* than the rest of us.

Disgraced former Senate Republican aide calls on McConnell to filibuster Sotomayor.

Freeps pray that nation will wake up to "deceptive evil" that is "4th of July Iran Hot Dog-gate"

I must be evil or posessed by Satan or something.

Did the MSM ever report on the expense of the Bush trips to Crawford

Pictures of the vigil in KC for Dr Tiller last night

Tiller's Killer Not Charged with Terrorism?

The Scaredy Cat

Get you live streaming music right here.

Photo & caption from Marcus Epstein's Facebook page - his trip to Ethiopia

This Modern World: Look what happens when Dick Cheney makes a startling admission!

What is the law regarding late term abortion?

Los Angeles Times: Recession Hits Wealthy SoCal streets

Be careful (and understand BK process) if you plan to buy stock in GM

Burning wreckage spotted in ocean by airline pilot flying behind Air France flight 447

Brazilian Air force finds plane debris

Cheney Edges Away From Claim That CIA Docs Will Prove Torture Worked

Dean Baker: Economic Recovery is Wishful Thinking

When is the FBI gonna start wire tapping pro life groups?

Rachel is putting the bad boys in check tonight. And she has chosen great guests to help her.

Rachel is putting the bad boys in check tonight. And she has chosen great guests to help her.

Levin questioning McCrystal NOW on Cspan1

I lost my job today.

Rachael Maddow guest Frank Schafer was quite telling.

Two acts of political/religious terrorism so close together

RE: the right wing hate screamers, do you recognize the hypocrisy?

RE: the right wing hate screamers, do you recognize the hypocrisy?

RE: the right wing hate screamers, do you recognize the hypocrisy?

When did Republicans ever meet with Democrats to "reassure" them?

What is the greater EVIL,

Cheney: Obama should be careful not come across as "soft" like Carter

Nineteen sets of twins in one Texas elementary school!

picture of a friend from high school laying flowers at Dr. Tiller's clinic

Virtual Vigil for Dr. Tiller tonight...

So did you watch Conan's debut last night on Tonight? What did you think?

OBAMA: "We Had To Figure Out How To Deal With A Former President Who Was Just Lying..."

OBAMA: "We Had To Figure Out How To Deal With A Former President Who Was Just Lying..."

When will Christian "fatwa" (aka murder for god) declarations be prosecuted

Bill Hicks on the abortion debate

Salinger sues over "Catcher in the Rye" sequel

What will the effect of this recession have on future wages and on Social Security funds?

Iowa’s WHO-AM radio hosts compare alleged Tiller assassin to anti-slavery crusader

Webb's reading a letter from Pat Tillman's father, an attorney.

Conservative NJ-GOV Candidate: Poll Showing Me Losing Primary Is "Retarded"

Has anyone seen a photo or video of Sotomayor being greeted on the Capitol steps?

Medical Marijuana update in Illinois

trouble with 'Cervical' in Scotland

Thank you Robertson, Falwell, Schaeffer, Reagan, Bush, Gingrich

CBS Early Show just did a hack piece on Obama's expenses

NRDC sues Obama Administration to stop wolf slaughter

US Raises Alarm Over Russian Weapon Sale To Venezuela

Bill O'Reilly: "If I could get my hands on Tiller.... well, you know...."

My 2000th Post

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Drive a 1958 Bonneville Off a Cliff

"I always think someone is following me and wants to rape me. It is better to die."...

My email to O'Reilly (copied to Fox sponsors)

Obama's generals cite prospect of Iraqis voting US troops out early if torture pics released

What happens to someone's mind?

Indian Immigrants Win Big At National Spelling Bees

Chock up another kill for the gun totin’ “right to lifer’s”.

The Air France aircraft was last heard from 500 miles NE of Natal.

FBI was notified that Roeder was at Tiller's clinic the day before his death

Man arrested for threatening Obama

Am I wrong? It seems to me that terrorism does work

Bellevue doctor to speak about killing of abortion colleague ((live online)

Reading Dave Cullen's Columbine.

Baucus's latest compromise on public option -

Department of Justice rejects Georgia's citizenship checks for those registering to vote

Pawlenty announcing he will not run for re-election. What will this

Calvin & Hobbs explain how the economy got where it got.

Suspect's son : "'He was saying goodbye to me"

So how did you spend your first day as co-owner of General Motors?

delete double post

So now, photos of detainee abuse contain no sexual abuse, not sensational: "add little to debate"

US treasury secretary touts Obama austerity policies in China visit

Bill O'Reilly's own words suggest he is culpable in Scott Roeder's murder of George Tiller.

A comments-board response

A comments-board response

Judges: No Bible at Pa. kindergarten show and tell

GM China Reaffirms Plans,Says Operations Self Sustaining

GM China Reaffirms Plans,Says Operations Self Sustaining

W00T! I just registered the domain!

Earliest Known Sound Recordings Revealed

sad, but true toon

"Radical Christian dominionists have no religious legitimacy. They are manipulating.....

Charges against Cyril H. Wecht to be dismissed!

One more time--check for unclaimed property! Success to report.

It's so hard and depressing reading about Peter Falk's decline

Tell Congress: Keep Our Families Together.

Gov. Charlie Crist Signs Fla. Tuition Increase.... Proud to be Helping Floridians.

N.Y. sen. says he has the votes on same-sex marriage

Tell your Senators to Vote YES on S. 982

Nebraska physician vows to keep Tiller's abortion clinic open

Today, we want to send our appreciation and condolences to Dr. Tiller’s courageous colleagues,

Welp, Freepers win this round.

Legal experts believe Franken will prevail at MN Supreme Court

Legal experts believe Franken will prevail at MN Supreme Court

Obama should pay for his own dates! He is living large while we suffer!

Creditors use loophole to seize protected benefits

OK, Quick quiz: What do the following people have in common?

Justice Blackmun

Poor People Should Look for Work Elsewhere - so says Chuck DeVore

Who remembers the name of the guy the GOP used as a speech coach?

California Supreme Court sides with Skank of America on overdraft fees

Hummer bought by Chinese company...

Hotel Rwanda.

Hotel Rwanda.

Have the repubicans have officially collapsed?

Pawlenty won't seek third term

PHOTO: Conservative group doctors Sotomayor picture as Klan member, calls her "whitey-hating"

Nation Ready To Be Lied To About Economy Again

Worst Troll Ever

I hope the Tiller family sues the ass off of BIllo, the rest of hate radio and the

WHO says swine flu alert closer to pandemic, spreading widely between people but low mortality still

AGAIN...We don't want the gov't between you and your doctor...LIES!

Oh, the irony! Hummer to be bought by the Chinese!!! NYT

Former Interrogator Presses for McChrystal’s Stance on Abuse

Creepy local anti-choice blogger has disappeared since Tiller was murdered

A Story about Dr. Tiller

Bill O'Reilly hate speech puts Kansas politicians in danger of assassination.

Anyone else feeling a little shardenfreud about a Chinese company buying Hummer?

Bashing Catholicism (and religion in general) is not a very progressive thing to do.

Racist Bigots. It Must Be Something In the Water. Spot The Difference.

Number for top Operation Rescue staffer (Convicted In 1988 Clinic-Bomb Plot) found in suspect's car

AP/GfK Poll shows majority of Americans support Sotomayor

Man Whizzes By Gas Stations With Self-Made Electric Car

This is what the likely Democratic health care bill will look like

Venezuelan Opposition Intellectuals Reject Chávez’s Invitation to Debate

NC GOP getting ready to choose new party chairman

Freepers LOVE Tiller's assassin

In Soviet Russia, game plays you: Tetris turns 25

Scott Roeder. Let me get this straight....

Ford Motor, Nissan Report U.S. Sales Drops That Are Smaller Than Estimated

If the economy still sucks...demand is way down...why am I paying $2,50 per gallon???

traditional values coalition

Obama Expanding Use of Mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan

Obama Nominates Republican Rep. McHugh to Be Secretary of Army

Wingnuts Threatening to Push McConnell Out of the Closet?

Military: Gitmo detainee dies of apparent suicide

Tweety nailing Cheneeeeeeeeeeee again

Good for Senator Leahy regarding Sotomayor...

Why can't a satellite find the Air France plane?

Pennsylvania Voters To Dem Establishment: Please Let Us Pick Our Senator

The Deadly Toll of Abortion by Amateurs

AlterNet: 200 Executions and Counting: Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Cruel Death Tally

This one might have slipped by: Texas House passes State's Rights Bill.

Proclamation from the President, June is now Gay Pride Month

Doctor shooter had a history of mental illness

I'm sensing another national favorite for a Senate seat .........

Delete..wrong Forum.

Jesus Christ, Steven Biko, Abu Ghraib prisoners, Americans

If slavery were still legal in the US

Governor: Wallet Is Empty, Credit Is Dried Up - California's day of reckoning is here

SCOTUS: Help Expose Filibuster Hypocrisy From GOP “Leadership”

Closing the Benefits Loophole

Senate to convene first-ever hearing on gay immigration equality

Leader of Sotomayor attack is same thug nailed for spying on Dems

June is Torture Awareness Month

VIDEO: Heidi Montag And Spencer Pratt Pray With Mrs. Blagojevich, Support Rod

The Intel-Journo Alliance

George "Macaca or whatever your name is" Allen launches energy propaganda venture

When is the last time the Sec. of Treasury got laughed at in China? Geithner just did.

Hummer bought by Yugo....

Nadler To Hold Hearing On State Secrets

Senators team up to craft new legislation focused on railroad antitrust exemption and reforming STB

As Wildlife Dies, Kenya Considers Pesticide Ban

I had a friend who got pregnant when we were 18. Abortion was safe and legal.

George Allen launches "American Energy Freedom Center" (funded by ExxonMobil)

GM Exec: Chevy Volt Program Not Affected By Bankruptcy

DUers need help refuting "stimulus requires states to increase welfare rolls"

would someone please explain this to me?

What is an"unsigned opinion"?

Anti-Sotomayor Group: Hispanic Voters “Think Just Like Everyone Else…Not Like African Americans”

Sotomayor gets boost from two conservative judges

North Korean Bush Family is "looking forward"

A mess too big to fix?

New Bill Would Scrap Life Sentences For Minors (CA)

Is DNC giving Franken any money?

* McClatchy:* "Obama Heeded Maliki on Abuse Photos; What That Says for Our Occupation"

The "Pro Life" idiots have expressed their wishes that we not politicize Tiller's murder

7 Year Gitmo Prisoner Found Dead: Gitmo hunger striker down to 86 pounds

Santorum's Dating Advice

Has anyone noticed KOA campgrounds becoming permanent housing??

Wrongly jailed for 27 years - no compensation from state because of drug conviction

Sexual Assaults Up (doubled from last year); Crime Rates Down - Sacramento

Anyone in the mood for some Eminem schadefreude?

(new)'American Girl' Doll Accidently Named After Alleged Eco-Terrorist

Did destroy evidence

Contagious and spreading fast

LifeSite News links Roeder to Army of God

CAPTION (and have some class)

A sign the terrorists have won

Just For Weatherbugs: A Detailed Meteorological Analysis for Air France Flight 447

Digby: Getting Their Backs On The Public Plan

What do you think we would have thought if Shrub had listened to

Judge Who Donated to Norm Coleman Slams … Norm Coleman

Who is the new news guy "Mike Crosser"/sp on Stephani Miller?

Soviet History Buffs: Was Josef Stalin ever a good person? Proves Their War on Terror is Racist


Obama's choice of Sec. of Army (Rep. John McHugh, R-NY) wants to "Change" DADT

Obama's choice of Sec. of Army (Rep. John McHugh, R-NY) wants to "Change" DADT

This Sotomayor "debate" is getting increasingly silly.

Coleman is toast

Breaking: Kansas charges Roeder with First Degree Murder, Won't Seek Death Penalty

Breaking: Kansas charges Roeder with First Degree Murder, Won't Seek Death Penalty

Do you belong to a cult?

Will the Pro-Choice, Anti-Choice Arguments Still Plague Us in 2109?

I just gave $100 to Planned Parenthood. I'll tell you why.

Ok two things that people need to understand

This Modern World - Look what happens when Dick Cheney makes a startling admission! By Tom Tomorrow

Is the U.S. Center Left? Center Right?

The face of a terrorist

Tiller friend says death result of 35 years Republican terrorism/fascism

Sources: No 3rd Governor Term For Pawlenty

Roy Blunts wife is being considered for a slot on the upcoming reality show "Real Housewives of DC"

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

DA speaking after Scott Roeder arraignment

“Abortion is not a cerebral or a reproductive issue. Abortion is a matter of the heart....

Disgusting, racist Buchanan calls Sotomayor a "quota queen" in his column.

Why GM is where it is today.

Susan Boyle in celebrity Mental Hospital

Bill Maher 'New Rules': America Is Greedy, Not Good

Play the "You Bet Your Health" game! Try your luck! Spin the wheel like in the Wheel of Fortune

General Motors should throw away all logos except Cadillac and replace them with "GM".

DON'T MISS this next segment of Hardball. Buchanan & O'Donnell - priceless.

Anti-Gay Marriage Pro-Prop 8 Leader Called For Antiabortion Martyrs

Case Report about Dr. Tiller refusing to offer an abortion - lack of medical necessity, saved child

lawrence o'donnell...'sarah palin is a joke, romney is a loser'

30 Dr. Tiller threads - Anyone want to talk about the two Soldiers shot at a recruiting station?

Would you support a five percent National Sales Tax if

Beck, King of the Bad Analogy: "It is 'intellectually dishonest' to blame Olbermann for murder"

PUMA Lite - "The New Agenda" Silent On Dr Tiller

Dems Secret Leadership Training Pays off big time: Paradigm Shift underway with no signs of slowing

Dems Secret Leadership Training Pays off big time: Paradigm Shift underway with no signs of slowing

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

Tributes to John Gideon, electronic voting foe and hero for democracy

Tributes to John Gideon, electronic voting foe and hero for democracy

Oh My there's Nancy Reagan holding hands

GM Stockholders Basically Left Empty Handed

No, But My Chef Dad...

Obama picks NY Republican for Army secretary

My Niece Just Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby Boy At 2:38 This Morning

Bush Made 77 Trips to Crawford TX at $226,072 a Pop

Bill O'Reilly, proud to be an asshole

Apologize you fucking pro-lifers

I didn't change my values because the person leading the country changed

Is the DOW a big sham? (Bu-Bye GM & Chrysler)

Is it factual to say that there are only a couple of docs in the U.S. performing late tem abortions?

It was five years ago that I had to walk through the protest lines.

Obama sure seems to like republicans serving at the head of his military leadership

Cheney: "there was never any evidence" linking Iraq to 9/11- book shows his office forged evidence

Why Don't MSNBCers Question "Morning Joe" About Abortion Doc Killings?

Wisconsin Republican kicked out of county GOP for criticizing Rush Limbaugh

We Are Homeless now, but NOT Defeated.

MUST READ: Grand Theft Auto (Greg Palast on GM bankruptcy)

Look at how this "pro-life" publication reports Scott Roeder's arrest... Calls us "pro-abortion"!

Obama just signed the Reagan Centennial bill ......

Check in here if you have donated to a choice organization in honor of Dr. Tiller.

from AC 360 Blog: Interview w/ woman who had late-term abortion

Crist signs SB 360, aka the ""Katie Bar the Door and Strip Mall Act of 2009."

Should we have a law preventing anyone under the age of 21 being sent into combat?

Is my generation rude?

How many D.U.ers would walk out

Gallup: Obama approval rating averaged 65% in May

Was the downing of Flight 447 a terror attack?

There are tremendous restrictions on abortion in most states already.

*Ahem* My Bad. Actually No Evidence of Obama Growing the Merc Ranks

Sibel Edmonds's Project Expose MSM

Attention Mr. Yukon driver: Please be aware of how far your big-ass side mirror sticks out

Ten vehicles that bankrupted GM

Do religious conservatives share blame in Tiller's death? (USA Today)

just ask mourning joe, it's ALL nancy pelosi's fault

Now the right-wingers want to blame military-recruiter slayings on liberals

Now the right-wingers want to blame military-recruiter slayings on liberals

Lesbian Democrat outs three Republicans

How Dr. Tiller's Murder Will Help Bring Us Patriot Act, Part Two (coming soon)

How Dr. Tiller's Murder Will Help Bring Us Patriot Act, Part Two (coming soon)

Please sign this petition to help save Troy Davis's life

What's the best ,cheapest health insurance co.

What's the best ,cheapest health insurance co.

Imagine if Wall Street had been the main line of business in the United States after Pearl Harbor?

U.S. Death Toll Tops 5000

Keeping in mind Air France Flt 447, How afraid are you to fly?

Pelosi said the CIA misled her. Cheney just said that the HEAD of the CIA misled him...

OMG The FBI was called the day before Roeder killed Dr Tiller when he vandalized a clinic

Students Aren't Customers; Education Is Not a Commodity

So let me get this straight

Does anyone care about this?

I am SICK of damned Geithner and his f*cking Wall St. tunnel vision

Let's summarize: Three decades of politics in a nutshell.

Someone I know was shot and killed moments ago

Owner pulls gun on would-be robber -- then gives him cash

77.8 Cents on the Dollar: Or Mommies Give Away $200 Billion a Year to Employers

Chavez attempting to get rid of trade unions

It was two decades ago....

On the Deschutes NF (Oregon) lookout tower .. #1 (dial-up warning)

The domestic terrorists have chosen their next target!

Cheney is the target for the Psycho Talk segment on Ed Schultz today

Franken Senate Swear-in Pool

Andrew Sullivan doesn't agree with Dr. Tiller.

HELP NEEDED: Obama site under attack by wingers - Please DU this!

my 19 yr old grand Niece's Fetus died at 6 months in the doctor would touch her. she went

The best thing Californians can do right now is to remove Governor Arnold.

GM Reinvention Commercial

The difference between RELIGIOUS and TRULY SPIRITUAL.

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

Why do folks feel the need to proclaim that they 'personally disagree with abortion but..."

Grand Theft Auto: How Stevie the Rat bankrupted GM

I call BS on the idea of moderate pro-lifers.... like moderate KKK.

Your take on Costa Rica?

Just got one paper to write, then I'm taking the night OFF! No f*****g studying for me!

I personally agree with abortion , but think it should be illegal

I think we all assumed, but- an mtv scribe confirms Em/Bruno was set up

ok triguy46 , I am taking you on => I LUUUUUUUUV aborting kittens !

Tuesday is International Whores Day

And Now A Word From Phyllis And Anita

I put a new podcast up. If you like my show, it's all for you


Bruce Cockburn - Lovers In A Dangerous Time

Rec this post if you are thinking what I am thinking. n/t

Why wasn't Parker Posey cast as Lois Lane?


Dave Matthews on FUSE LIVE right now!

Looks like Italy has talent too.

Beck's "Chemtrails" is a great song, even if the conspiracy theory is looney tunes

Juveniles showing promise (dial-up warning) (pics)

Midlo -- call Haruka on her cell, stat!

Anyone Care To Defend Obama's Support for the New Graham-Lieberman Secrecy Law?

indian pitchers have now walked 10 Yanks batters tonight

Yes! Operation Repo is on!

Is anyone else here sad/envious that they can't go to the meetup?

Which exit does BeachBaby live off?

hey how do I find a woodpecker?

Ben & Jerry's Vanilla Carmel Fudge Is Calling My Name

Tetsuo the Iron Man

Sniffa is ruining my self-esteem.

Beautiful Picture

Caught Chicago Afrobeat Project this weekend in St. Lou

Now that's kinda strange.

hey how do I find a woodworker?

Tombstone shopper in GD

Anyone remember a standup comedy show in the 1990s on network TV

What do you get when you drop a piano down a mine shaft?

I'm really sorry, but I just want to be your friend.

I'm relaxing and taking a night off from studying. Ask me anything.

Happy Birthday Norma Jean (1 June 1926 – 5 August 1962)

Best advice you ever got from a culling song

Lounge, I need some help..........

The girl who used to live downstairs from me is now an actress

What the hell is this and what is it saying.

Had an encounter with an aggressive driver a couple of hours ago.


Where is Miss Honeychurch?

So the court terminated visitation..... FINALLY!!

The Sci-Fi Channel ran "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "The Offspring" tonight

Movies remade by Americans, your faves?

Conan is going to fail in this time slot

I just dropped a hundred and twenty-something to pay my stupid parking tickets.

KO called Edwards AFB in Cali, "Andrews AFB"

Phils win over Pads 5-3, 4th win in a row,

Just read the headline "Obama wants Queen invited" as "Obama wants Queen naked."

Happy Birthday Writer

JFK was killed by the Mafia

No , the real question is , can I trust "YOU"

I have no one to play tennis with

Post an album you are excited about that will be released this year

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/2/09

Okay, who's interested in a West Coast meetup?

Star Trek V - great Star Trek movie, or the GREATEST Star Trek movie?

"Who are those guys?"

Good morning Lounge

On CBC news the computers are down. So the anchor has his glasses on and is

KNOCK!! KNOCK!!! Yanks in FIRST!!!

Corporate hijinx...

I'm really worried about somebody I care about...

I may need an inexpensive (not a Mac) but effective laptop in the near future. Recommendations?

Millie just killed me a pair of socks

How to find out if you're getting fired or not via instant messager

Get you live streaming music right here.

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/2/2009)

The thing about dieting is that it's hard

I'm back in school! :)

***Happy Birthday to: alarimer, Guava Jelly , Sky Masterson, and writer!***

The Update On My Niece's Childbirth

Videogamers! At last a "Rock Band" game for us old coots!

Small business start-up - will cross post in the small business forum

GM sells Hummer to "mystery buyer"

Identify the grammatical problem with this sentence.

OMG do we really want these kinds of toys for our cats?????

do NOT read if you are already having a good day...

I think the customer service rep with my cell provider put me on

Well, this just (what's the word) sucks....Exene..

My niece's water just broke. I'm off to the hospital

Smoking bans got you down? Check this out...

Serious question: How to get catprints off of my car?

Where did all the peeps go?

Passive-aggressive or direct approach? Which should I choose?

crosspost from pet forum: seeking copycat psychological advice

More talking, more problems: 'Cell phone elbow' damages nerves

Scott Roeder high school yearbook pix


The repo man just pepper sprayed me!

"We don't torture ducks here. You want the house across the street."

New Game: Where's Midlo ? (Big Pic)

Have you ever been Touched By A Powerful Clown?

Billy Bob THorton's daughter arrested in death of baby.

Own a windows smartphone PDA? Preferably one made by HTC?

* Official TONIGHT SHOW w/ Conan O'Brien show Thread **

I'm starving -- can somebody bring me food?

One Miserable Cat. (photos - no grossness, just a little sad)

Tattoo fail!

93 year old man crashes car into Wal-Mart store.

Would the TV series "Antiques Roadshow" benefit


"We don't sell drugs here. You want the house across the street."

Is Coca Wine the same thing as Cocaine?

Heroin Crooners

I need a head count.

"Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" is on TMC tonight.

heads up, Stripes is on AMC now

I found my tribe.

Dynamic architecture -- high-rise buildings that move

Will Ferrell is on Man vs. Wild tonight.

kitten picture of the day for tuesday june 2

Democratic Underground June 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest - Enter To Win Free Stuff!

Something is wrong with my toe.

A little help? DId someone here post a link to a Star Trek parody

The 2009 DU Lounge East Coast Convention

Share stories of elderly friends, relatives, or celebrities who had successful hip replacement

"I'm too rich and famous to be sitting with these people and cleaning up their s*** , my man."

Name your favorite animal movie in which the star isn't shot while foaming at the mouth at the end

I like Vaginas

That Post Shredded Wheat "We put the 'No' in innovation" ad spot fucking rocks

Will Stevie Nicks ever reconcile with her punk sisters?

When Dogs and Kittens coexist...or when dogs give up... *dialup warning*

Desire is like the Dylan album that never ends.

Who would YOU play in a movie about your life?

Tetris is 25 years old this week

The book "Columbine" by David Cullen.

Today is my favorite mother in law's birthday. We lost her 20 years ago

Today is my favorite mother in law's birthday. We lost her 20 years ago

I like Spanky.

Okay, cat lovers and experts, I need some advice about my latest rescue kitty

I need a head case.

Okay, lounge, texanwitch and I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!

Good evening Lounge

What Monster attacks you in a SciFi Original Movie?

I'm oddly fascinated by this.

Are you an outsider (in life, not DU)?

So apparentely Sherlock Holmes is some sort of womanizing action hero now


Cat servants, check out this awesome pic of Milk-Chan:

This story just freaks me out so much, it's GOING to keep me awake tonight.

Random Questions

Caption this photo:

Happy Birthday, Sky Masterson!!!!

that loud noise you just heard was every freeper's head exploding

Who is the real star of Family Guy?

Why some people just shouldn't have pets....

“Welcome to the altered state of Druggachusettes!”: 25 notably trippy kids’ shows

Smilies only thread. No text.

I have a Windows VIsta question- ref 34 bit vs 64 bit

This is wierd. I woke up this morning with fuzzy vision.

Today is National Leave The Office Early Day and Yell "Fudge" at Cobras in North America Day

What music have you heard recently?

So that's what gives Red Bull a kick - Traces of cocaine found in Red Bull

Paging Dr.Strange. Paging Dr. Strange.

In light of the murder of Dr. George Tiller -

Egyptian Man Cuts Off Penis for Love

So who should play Wonder Woman?

Really REALLY random questions.

Really REALLY random questions.

Any Adam Lambert fans?

crosspost from pet forum: seeking kittycat psychological advice

behold the power of the three wolves...

Post here if you just don't "get" Bruce Springsteen

What are the Television Shows you Hate the Most?

Peanut butter is bad for your health.

Australian trainer sorry for threatening minister with severed horse heads

heads up, Stripes is on AMC now

My dear sweet puppy Max is gone.

They found debris 1,300 kms off the coast of Brazil. At least they

Hey that MTV Eminem Bruno crap was all a hoax

June T-Shirt Slogan Contest is now open in GD

I just ordered a TV-B-Gone, for FOX News quarantine enforcement.

General Sanchez calling for prosecutions re: torture. He's on Countdown.

The first 15 Minutes of Tonight's O'Reilly Factor were some of the most disgusting TV I've ever Seen

OK-Sen: Coburn Will Run for a Second (and Final) Term

Sotomayor Prepares to Meet With Key Senators

Frank Schaeffer on Rachel about anti-abortion rhetoric and how it eggs people on.

Obamania in Cairo Egypt

Sometimes there's a fine line between CNN and...oh, let's say Perez Hilton for an example.

Thank you Keith.

You gotta love Dr. Biden -

ROFL @ Jon Stewart

"Inside the White House" Web-only Videos.....

Bloomberg: Obama Trip Great For NYC

Image Of Black Man Killing A White Woman Is How Mission America's Founder Describes Ed Dept Hire

Gallup: Among Workers, Service Employees Rate Obama Highest

Obama's BBC interview(video)

CHENEY is now surely past his 'sell by date'

Boston Globe: Liberal Groups Bolster Obama Healthcare Plans

CNN: Judge's ruling could reveal Gitmo secrets in late July

Michelle Obama, 2016

After Watching the Right's Reaction to the Murder of Dr. Tiller...

The Puffington Host - The many versions of Arianna Huffington, and their consequences.

The President's schedule in the Middle East/Europe

Economist Michael Hudson on the Obama-Geithner bank bailout: "The Oligarchs’ Escape Plan"

Kate Michelman writing in Salon: My Friend George Tiller


Ruh-roh....Conservative Leader call McConnnel "Limp-wristed" on Sotomayor

A Plan To Bring All U.S. Troops Home from Iraq This Year: Release the torture photos now!

Obama/Cong Dems clear the deck of controv issues (DADT, trade) for healthcare reform -lesson from 42

Tim Pawlenty: "I will not Run for Third Term"

PHOTO Egypt steps up security

MUST READ: A 3rd-grader's bio on Dick Cheney!!!!

Obama: U.S. Needs To Be 'Honest' With Israel

This is interesting: Burger Kings in the South with Global Warming denying signs out front.

Sen. Sessions: "It was a delight to talk to Judge Sotomayor. She is bright, impressive, and

MN-Gov Pawlenty not running for re-election

Byrd's condition a guarded secret

Obama to Name Republican N.Y. Congressman (McHugh) the Army Secretary

Watching Friday's KO review of Limbaugh

Watching Friday's KO review of Limbaugh

PHOTOS Cairo Ahead of The Visit

Olberman revealed last week that one of the interrogators used a sugarless cookie to torture

Maliki told Obama that Iraqi's would demand 1 yr earlier withdrawal if pics released

Majority of Americans Want Sotomayor Confirmed (sorry Tancredo, Newt, Rush, and Hannity)

Al-Qaida (joins Mittens Romney) criticizes Obama's upcoming Cairo speech

Dr. Dean coming up on the Ed Show (MSNBC)


ABC: Schwarzenegger called on all of his powers of persuasion?

"'It’s Joe Biden. The next time I phone you, take the damn call.’”

VA-Gov: Deeds Surges in New PPP Poll

Sen. Burris' 'Extraordinarily slim' chances

To bad we can't do a campaign to tie FOX as a major player in Tiller's death.

Talkingpointsmemo's Josh Marshall: Bad News for Franken?

'Suicide' at Guantanamo

Levi: "Sarah Palin knows how to throw a fake smile and look happy!" LOL!!

Jill Biden speaks at GLSEN Respect Awards

Hey! Look who has been in Iowa!

Out of the Torture Photo Box

Is it an OK question to ask if the USA should spend billions more on GM?

Pawlenty just disclosed that he will not run for re-election!!!!

Remember George W Went on Vacation while.....

PA-Gov, PA-Sen: Corbett and Specter Lead

Obama's NBA prediction: Lakers in Six

Americans Favorable View of Powell; Thumbs Down to Limbaugh & Cheney. No Front-runners for GOP 2012

NY--23 McHugh to be named Sec of the Army

Oh My God, Tell Me This Is A Good Sign

I'm part of the Choir

Michelle Obama and Nancy Reagan to lunch on Wednesday

PHOTOS The VP in New York

Obama aims to repair U.S. image in Muslim world (during trip to Middle East)

Every time a President shows toughness towards Israel, Congress and the Senate goes crazy

Al-Qaida criticizes Obama's upcoming Cairo speech

Aragorn for NY-23!

What points would make people realize that transferring Gitmo prisoners to Supermax prisons is OK?

Obama and Nancy (PICS)

Cairo University Prepares for Obama

Buchanan Mocks Sotomayor For Learning English By Reading Children’s Books

PHOTO Caption it?

Freeper-bursting-time: "I think the American people continue to love all French things."

When a party becomes irrelevant, it focuses on things like trips to NYC

Future Governor Michele Bachmann? She is on Fact-finding Mission in MN

PHOTO Caption it?

PHOTOS The President and Nancy. No, no, not Pelosi.

Head Of Anti-Sotomayor Group: Hispanic Voters “Think Just Like Everyone Else…Not Like African Americ

Christians suck. They're all right wing nuts and if they aren't then why don't they speak out?

One thing that worries me about president Obama: I keep seeing pictures of him,

Dr. Seuss...

Obama hopeful on Mid-East peace (BBC interview)

O.K., President Obama Is Coming To Green Bay. How Can I Make Arrangements For My Student

I want to see a Star Wars -II,-I, and 0, all about Palpatine.

Thank You Hillary Clinton: She Helps Bring Back Home Abducted American Child

Obama's new Army Secretary supports changing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

DON'T FORGET: "Inside the White House" special on NBC at 9 p.m. tonight!

Liberal groups bolster Obama healthcare plans

PHOTOS The President, The Sculpture

PHOTOS New Official Photos (June 2) - Beauuuuutiful!

The financial crisis has been averted! Things are looking better all over! Wall Street is happy!

PHOTOS I know the feeling - frantic, last minute spring-cleaning & odd jobs when a visitor is due.

Microsoft's "Bingt" Search Engine Now Operating

Leading Rights Groups Call On Obama To Release Prisoner Abuse Photos

IUE-CWA Vows to Fight to Protect Retiree Health Care in GM Bankruptcy Case

AP Exclusive: Blago talked to Durbin about Senate

L.A. mayor is dating local newscaster

North Korea's Kim moves to anoint youngest son as heir

Lingle orders furloughs for state employees to meet revenue shortfall

Obama hopeful on Mid-East peace (BBC interview)

Pak exchanged N-tech for N Korean long range missiles: US

Cheney Says There Was No Iraq Link to 9/11 Attacks

Dems try new approach on ‘Card Check’

Salvador leftist leader sworn in

Former Interrogator Presses for McChrystal’s Stance on Abuse

Legal experts believe Franken will prevail at MN Supreme Court

G.M. Sells Hummer but Does Not Name Buyer

Obama: Cheney was 'wrong'

Arson attack in Iran leaves 5 more dead

Charges against Cyril H. Wecht to be dismissed

AP source: Tentative deal struck for funding war

Exclusive: Former CIA station chief & current CIA officers challenge claims torture thwarted attacks

Senate to convene first-ever hearing on gay immigration equality

More Americans turning to Peace Corps (officials credit the "Obama effect")

Blagojevich trial may happen by April, federal judge says

Pending Home Sales rise 6.7 percent in April

Two discussions will debate religion, homosexuality and the merits and failings of conversion therap

Ex-Pink Floyd rocker wants Israeli wall down

UK troops kill 'dangerous' Taliban leader

Severin expected to apologize as he returns to airwaves today

Cheney on gay marriage: 'Freedom for everyone'

Sources: No 3rd Governor Term For Pawlenty

BNP eyes 'seismic' breakthrough

President Obama to nominate Republican Rep. John M. McHugh

Poll: Cuban Americans support Obama's Cuba plan

U.S. army announces 25 (U.S. soldiers have died in Iraq) casualties in May

Schwarzenegger: 'Our wallet is empty'

George Allen returns, tries to counter Democrats on climate

Obama: Iran Has the Right to Nuclear Power

Nebraska physician vows to keep Tiller's abortion clinic open

Obama wants Queen invited

O'Reilly Back-Peddles, Tones Back 'Tiller the Killer' Rhetoric on First Show Since Murder

Gibbs: Army Secretary Nominee Favors DADT Change

U.S. combat troops to leave all Iraqi cities

Schwarzenegger Cuts Mean No College For Thousands


Pakistan court orders militant leader's release

China blocks Twitter, Flickr and Hotmail ahead of Tiananmen anniversary

Court skeptical of Norm Coleman's arguments

DHS names key cybersecurity staff (ex-M$ exec)

I'm not part of the choir any longer ... Obama's recent boost to The War Machine has lost me.

General Sanchez: We Asked For Help On Interrogations, But "It Didn't Come"

White House frames health care as economic problem (Baucus wants to tax HC Benefits)

Mohawks protest arming of guards at border

Tiller family: No plan to reopen Wichita clinic

Air France Flight 447 Status Update 3: Metal Debris Found

Michigan feels brunt of GM's bankruptcy - State hit with 7 of 14 plant closures

Former SBC officer says Tiller murder answer to prayer

Most Americans against closing Guantanamo: poll

Prince Charles to attend D-Day ceremonies in France

Few US employers see hiring recovery in '09

U.S: Gitmo detainee dies of apparent suicide

Baucus to Meet With Single-Payer Advocates

Pawlenty To Retire

Roeder charged with murder in death of abortion provider Tiller

Suppressed images don't show rape, official says

Chinese Company Said to Be Buyer of Hummer

U.S.: We will continue to support Israel in UN

In interview with French TV, Obama says Americans love all things French

Starbucks settles sixth complaint (in 3 years) of violating worker rights

Suspect arrested in Arkansas recruiting center shooting

Bank of America wins appeal on overdraft fees

Day in 100 Seconds - Positivity is the new 'black'

Countdown: Worst Persons 6/1 - 'Even Nutbag David Duke Trashed Boss Limbaugh'

Bad Religion - Operation Rescue

Countdown: Michael Moore on GM Bankruptcy: "We Own a Car Company"

Bill O'Reilly attacking Tiller


Christian terrorists

Christian terrorist

O'Reilly on Tiller: 'No Backpedaling Here'

General Motors Re:invent

Christian terrorist radio show

Sarah Palin: Abortion Clinic Bombers Aren't Domestic Terrorists

Olbermann To Retire O'Reilly Schtick, Proposes Fox News

Countdown: Gen. Sanchez - 'Torture Investigation Needed; Abu Ghraib Orders Came from Top'

'Confidence' - Depression-era cartoon being shown in some theaters last week

Young Turks: Limbaugh - Sotomayor Is Like David Duke

TYT: Gen. Petraeus Surprises Fox News on Torture!

Jimmy Carter: Bushco lied about Iraq & made a "horrible mistake abandoning Afghanistan"

Long-time progressives Pearl Jam rock Conan's first Tonight Show

Dr. George Tiller and his enemies

The ED Show: Freedom of FOX Hate Speech: Tiller The Baby Killer

Mountain Top Removal in Civil Court Day 1 June 1st

Michael Moore's Thoughts On GM's Bankruptcy

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - Don't it make my Green World Brown

Glenn Beck: It's Glenn Beck: It is "intellectually dishonest" to blame Olbermann 4 murder of soldier

Geithner to China Do Everything Necessary & WH Answers Rumors about China's Possible Interest in GM

Countdown: Keith - 'FOX News Incited Dr. Tiller's Murder;' Quotes Operation Rescue Roeder Post

87% of U.S. Counties Have No Access To Abortion Clinic -Maddow

Heh heh heh heh heh...I think we'll leave that judgment to history.


Susan Boyle Semi-Final Performance

Chris Matthews calls out GOP for criticizing Obama's NYC outing...

Glenn Beck decries environmental TERRORISM

Sen. Robert C. Byrd fiddles on The Grand Ole Opry (Get well wishes for my senator!)

Respect NY 2009 Dr. Biden

President Signs Bill Honoring Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday With Nancy Reagan

Santorum gives Obama advice for date night-take her to a bar and have a shot

Obama: "The thing we can do, most importantly, is serve as a good role model."

Kucinich on Saving the Auto Industry

Dr Warren Hern, close friend of Dr Tiller: Assassination "not the act of a lone, deranged gunman"

Bill O'Reilly Rips "Fox News Haters" (Kos, HuffPost, etc) For Linking Him To Tiller Murder

Obama On The Raiding Of GM Pensions To Pay Banks

Ed Schultz on Obama

Christian terrorist Fred Phelps weighs in on Tiller murder

TYT: Dr. George Tiller and Bill O'Reilly (Cenk @ Take Back America conference)

Rachel Maddow: Interview w/ Former Right-To-Lifer Frank Schaeffer on Tiller, Hate Talk Murder

Howard Dean talks Health Care with Young Turks Cenk Uygur

Bill Hicks on pro-lifers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: How exotic mortgages became time bombs

Commentary: Who is Responsible for Dr. George Tiller's Murder?

"Why Clinic Violence is Obama's Problem" ....American Prospect

Cheney Endorses Same-Sex Waterboarding

Direct Med is a scam and a fraud

Reactionary Watch: The Resurgence of Right-Wing Terrorism?

Shortcut on the Roadmap to War

Sotomayor Prepares to Meet With Key Senators

Holbrooke to Visit Pakistan, Focus Is Refugees.

The state of San Francisco nonprofits

NYT Editorial: Murder in Kansas

Where is 'pro-life' in Kansas killing? (Arizona Republic)

Is Halliburton Forgiven and Forgotten?;How to Stay Out of Sight While Profiting From the War in Iraq

200 Executions and Counting: Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Cruel Death Tally

Asia Times: Monetary folly oils oil gains

Stuck at Guantánamo, Uighurs demand freedom (Miami Herald)

The 'New GM': Layoffs, Factory Closing, and Offshoring

How safe is your GM pension? -- Susan Tompor, DetFP columnist

The Notion George Tiller: What If?

George Tiller needs more than candlelight vigils

Alleged secessionist charged with gun, drug charges (Seattle PI 31 May)

Don’t Assume Tiller’s Killer Acted Alone (Washington Independent)

Bob Herbert: The Howls of a Fading Species

My friend George Tiller

Analysis: As US Harps On Settlements, Israel Aims To Boost Russian Ties

US Feds May End Up Owning CitiGroup

Frank Schaeffer: How I (and Other "Pro-Life" Leaders) Contributed to Dr. Tiller's Murder

Robert Parry: The Intel-Journo Alliance

President Obama nominates Republican John McHugh for Secretary of Army

Senator Sessions asks colleagues to quit calling Sotomayor a racist and promises a fair hearing

The Presidential Library & Neoconservative Boot Camp/Bordello - No Books Just stacks of Money $500 M

The Matter With Kansas (Judis | New Republic via NPR)

He Kept Us Safe (Except When He Didn’t)

Hypocrisy, thy name is Mel Gibson

HuffPost: Treasury Toxic Asset Program Rife With Conflicts Of Interest

They're Not in Your Club but They Are in Your League: Firedoglake at the Libby Trial

The White Stuff

Banks can collect overdraft fees fr government benefits deposits

Our Economy Is Going to Keep Tanking Until We Stop Shoveling Billions to Rich People

Who is Andrea Lafferty? Religous Conservatives, Block, Obstruct, Filibuster Judge Sonia Sotomayor

Religious School Grads Likelier To Have Abortions

Doctor’s Killer Is Not Alone in the Blame, Some Say

Close to the Edge, A Country Without Pity

TPM: Wecht Charges To Be Dropped

Why the murder of George Tiller is terrorism

"The F Word: Who’s Dismantling GM?" (the 31 Year Old Kid?)

cheney: "there was never any evidence Iraq was involved...

Stephen Colbert, 'arch conservative' The comic actor-writer's character is a man of the right,

Americans ‘Don’t Care’ About GM, Bankruptcy-Stung Detroit Says

Geithner in China: ".assets are very safe" - laughter

Dean Baker: Economic Recovery is Wishful Thinking

Commencement Address to the Class of 2009 by Paul Hawken

Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

Bolivian police seek three who worked with Dwyer

FIDEL: "Applauses and Silences"

VENEZUELA Hits Back at UN and OAS on Media Attacks

CORREA Forecasts end of OAS and Promotes Group of Rio

Why Are Cubans Losing Access to Instant Messaging? CDA Asks Treasury to Investigate

Wheel Summer Dispatch: Exploring Religion and Reconciliation in Cuba

Pro-Israeli org. invites participation in June 3 conf. call re: Iran/Venezuela/Latin America

Miami sees boon, some threats, if Cuba embargo ends

VENEZUELA Takes Legal Action on Media for Calling for Assassination/Murder of Deputies

Venezuelan Opposition Intellectuals Reject Chávez’s Invitation to Debate

Poll: Cuban Americans support Obama's Cuba plan

Assassination Plan Against Chavez Detected, Causing Suspension of his trip to El Salvador (SP)

Powering the Planet With Sun-Harnessing Balloons

But we are busy having a government war on it...

Mothers for Peace: On safeguarding Diablo Canyon radioactive waste

DrumBeat: June 2, 2009

Why rising sea levels matter

I found this instance of Human Rights Watch trying to manipulate the media

Scientists track penguin poop from space (CNN)

Power Surplus to Aid Homes (weak demand)

In India, Bucking The 'Revolution' By Going Organic

In the fast growing biogas market,DSM acquires Biopract .

GM says by tightly controlling how the battery charges will keep it alive for 10 years/150,000 miles

Time to play environmental consulting Mad Libs!

NRDC once again forced to go to court to keep Executive Branch from slaughtering wolves

Old Wood Is New Coal as Polluters Embrace Carbon-Eating Trees

JUNE 5-6: Wake and Funderal for Father Jean-Juste

Goodbye, GM

Corporate Average Fuel Economy & Effect on traffic safety (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Will Nuclear Fusion be a Safe and Viable Source of Renwable Energy?

Great European Trainer Vincent O'Brien Dies

Yankees set record for consecutive games without an error

Ivan Lendl: "Nobody hates communists more than I do - not even Rush Limbaugh!”

Cboy! Put down that phone! Now!

Forget B-Roid. Pat-roid (Danica Patrick) admits she would like to take PED's!

The embarrassment in Miami continues: Marlins beat first place Brewers in front of

I hereby invite both Cboy and Upton to my annual Thanksgiving brunch

Pressure on Pats' O-line to protect rebuilt Brady

Un-phucking Amazing..

Since attendance is of utmost importance, then riddle me this batboys...

Federal prosecutors appeal ruling tossing out Bonds evidence

ESPN2's French Open coverage.....Why don't they join it live in the morning?

Final section of Tiger Stadium to be demolished.

Workers Losing Jobs In GM Bankruptcy Will Get Most Of Their Pay For A Year, Obama Says Bankruptcy Pl

Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace (24) Monday, June 01, 2009

GM bankruptcy may affect Nebraska parts plants

Today in labor history June 2 First strike in America over wages 1786

Visa Program IT Workers Exceed Total Number Of Jobless U.S. Workers Within The Same Occupation

Testicular cancer genetic advance (BBC)

In hard-times Flint, free clinic sets example for universal health care

Healthcare 101 - The republicans are misleading the nation

Tomato pill 'beats heart disease' (BBC)

Cigarettes Without Smoke, or Regulation

Researchers race to strip stem cells of cancer risk

trouble with 'Cervical' in Scotland

If we were to get single payer, what would happen to all the outstanding medical debts?

Better Running Through Walking

"Anti-vaccine?" ... "It's like Karl Rove is writing the playbook for these people." ~ David Kirby

Politics & Other Mistakes: Out of the closet

Group to out signers of anti-gay petitions

Do you think this is an example

NH gay marriage advocates hope to celebrate

On Becoming a Civil Rights Movement - by David Mixner

Senate to convene first-ever hearing on gay immigration equality

Gibbs: Army Secretary Nominee Favors DADT Change (The Advocate)

Ruby-Sachs: Chicago Mayor to Appoint a Homophobe

Opinion: Daigle: Obama and the Theory of Berthas

...the merits and failings of conversion therapy

Do you ever wonder when people say...

Pride t Work: Tell Congress: Keep Our Families Together!

New GLBT March on Washington DC - save the date

"If you can get past the gay jokes. . . "


Title: They're Breaking the Law — and Getting Away With It

Facebook Group Forms To “Kill Out Dem Batty Man”

Wow...Progressive Insurance really is!

How Gazan cash got buried in tunnels

(UK) Academic union slammed for boycott call

Israel and U.S. Can’t Close Split on Settlements (NY Times)

Roger Waters says "Tear Down The Wall"

Democrats to Obama: Ease pressure on Israel

Obama: U.S. Needs To Be 'Honest' With Israel

Ex-Pink Floyd rocker wants Israeli wall down

“Navy Vet Honored, Foiled Israeli Attack” Silver Star for courage against

Reagan Did It

Shattered and Shuttered

Worse Slide Story

Discover just shortened the pay period

The Waterfall


A few from the trail

This is for Tindalos who says "More is good" - Sunlight - cacti and a few more Chihulys

MobileMe test

Marigold fun

Water lily

The UN's double standard on Israel and Sri Lanka

'Oldest pottery' found in China (BBC)

Interesting analysis on possible contributing factors to the Air France 447 tragedy

New cloud type? (BBC)

Chimp-Made Toolkit Most Complex Ever Found

"Having been there and stood on its surface, I can tell you that the Moon is a dead end for NASA"

The North & South Nodes: Our Soul's Messengers

Okay, I think I'm starting to figure out the weird energy in this house we moved into

Guilt is another form of fear.

Amazing UFO Contact by Greer and CSETI


incarnated angels and starpeople

George Tiller's church releases statement

Separation of Church and Delusions

Thou shalt not blackmail.

what is this religion?

Leadership Changes Announced by the Center for Inquiry

Church of Sweden Elects Lesbian Bishop

Evangelicals vandalize 250 year old Catholic statues in Brazil.

Bashing Catholicism (and religion in general) is not a very progressive thing to do.

I used to believe that highly religious people are *better* than the rest of us.

When's the last time there was a post on theology in here?

Wisdom in a Cleric’s Garb; Why Not a Lab Coat Too?

I got all excited

What do you think of those silicon pastry brushes?

U.S. Effort to Reshape Schools Faces Challenges

"Sometimes the line between open-mindedness and ignorance is blurry"

I heard it was happening, but couldn't PROVE it until today. Reverse chemtrails.

Rick Siegal Files Lawsuit Against 911 Mysteries Sofia Shafquat

Now here's an interesting thread.

Episode 7:2009 - Posters from the Lege

Candlelight vigil for Dr. Tiller - Austin 6/4

Pretty funny video daughter found it.

Judge rules wife should care for ailing Peter Falk