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IRAN: We thwarted election day bomb plot linked to Israel

Shock: American support for Israel drops from 71% to 44% in one year.

It is time to start a movement to shun advertisers of Limbaugh

San Francisco Chronicle reporter accepts award and cash from anti-immigrant group

Found: A website chock full of Hoekstra-isms

Found: A website chock full of Hoekstra-isms

This Is Your Court on Conservatives.......

Health Care is F***ked and Needs Change Now.

McMenacing? Cop Accused Of Pulling Gun At McD's

Obama speech coming up at theRadio and TV correspondents dinner

Whenever I see people mention LTTE, I think of the Tamil Tigers.

Sexiest Senators: Who's The Hottest On The Hill?

My Congressman's email to me on healthcare

French government supports study of burqa wear

South Carolina State senator compares Iran protestors to teabaggers

Sign this petition from Senator Sanders on single payer

I need a copy of Maher's opening AMA skit....

Rich have nothing to gripe about

a forced birther is now saying that women are to submit and be abused by their husbands

Live webcast Saturday from African refugee camp

The Panty Bandits' reign of terror has come to an end......

for my brother David

"If you talk to God, you are praying; If God talks to you, you have schizophrenia"

Church’s Exorcism Video Showcases Unregulated Ex-Gay Abuse of Youth

North Korea May Fire A Missile Toward Hawaii

And it has NOTHING to do with the people here....

"Dont' call me Liz" update next on K.O in case you missed the 8PM show.

Email response from my senator regarding Health care

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Best of Malloy tonight

Flori-duh does something right. (Is the world coming to an end?)

Women in Iran march against discrimination: CNN

Iranian music video about election....

Mayo Clinic going to Mall of America

The Disappointing Leon Panetta

U.S. swine flu cases top 21,000 as deaths rise

Obama Administration Set To Hold Powwow With Big Gay Groups

The Virginity Movement, Rebranded

Dikes dont hold: Holland under water

China Censors Order Downplaying Of Iran Protests. _HuffPo

Tonight's Bill Maher Show was on of his best in a long time.

McLaughlin Group-Monica Crowley still nuts!

Larry Elder: The uninsured would have insurance if they stopped buying iPods.....

Wisconsin’s Domestic Partnerships

Where did Rachel Maddow say to look for that humorous tobacco music video?

Larisa Alexandrovna: CIA Delays Release Of 2004 IG Report On Torture

Tomorrow looks to be pivotal in Iran.

Rush Limbaugh has started calling Obama a 'man-child'. I think it's racist speak for 'boy' n/t

Should we pay Commuter Airline Pilots more than $8 an hour?

Report about Walter Cronkite

Glenn Beck: "ACORN implies a tree, so let's look at the tree, not the nut" (vid)

BBC: First-person Viewpoints from Iran

The 2nd Amendment in modern language

If you wish to stand with the Iranian People

Stabbed Police Dog in Recovery after taking one for team

Flood of criticism has prompted Montana city 2 drop requirement that applicants submit web passwords

Officers Angered at Teens' Light Sentences for Assault on Officer

We gained 21 congresspeople and 7* senators in 2008

Have you ever come across a republican...

Tussle With Israel Puts Obama Credibility On The Line, Observers Say

Big PhRMA runs Ads in Nevada for Harry Reid on Healthcare!!!

Obama's new US Appeals Court Nominee on WWII Japanese Internment

DoD Says 26 Civilians Killed in Afghanistan Strike 'Appropriate'; Bomber Didn't Follow Guideline

Poem for the Rooftops of Iran - June 19th, 2009

Iraq Truck Bomb Kills 22 in Kirkuk

Heard on Bill Maher tonite: "Democrats are the new Republicans"

Mousavi to Make 'Important Statement'

Ex-Miss California Carrie Prejean Working on a Book

Andrew Sullivan: Anti-Semite? Who knew? Goldfarb at the Weakly Substandard, that's who.

Iranian Opposition to Rally(Today) Despite Ban and Threats of Violence

How Slow Are Truck Sales in Dexter, Missouri? How Long Does it Take an Egg to Hatch?

About the "Mickey Mouse" operation - ABC

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-19)

City Obligated to Release Gay Employees' names

Miami Herald: Boost in tuition set for 11 Florida colleges

Mars Lake Picture: First Proof of Ancient Shores Found

Jon & Kate + 8 -1 = Kate + 8

Jon & Kate + 8 -1 = Kate + 8

Honestly did you guys actually expect reform for Health Care?

Please DU this poll on same-sex benefits.

24 Sarasota County clerk employees lose their jobs

New video from Iran. Police attacking protesting students and Tehran Uni

Iran · television

What I would like to hear President Obama say about health-care?

Rick Perry, POS

News Middle East 'Suicide blast' hits Tehran shrine

How About a New FB/Twitter App for Victims of US Warcrimes?

Video of Iranian Protest

The Republican Health Care Horror Show ...... funny video

PETA Wants Victoria's New Sewage Treatment Plant to Be Named After Stephen Harper

surge update - Truck bomb kills 30, hurts 150 in northern Iraq

$30 to park at Cowboys Stadium in TX?! What would you rather spend $30 on?

WTF is going on with all the rain in the northeast lately?

why they're not "just a dog"

Vid of police macing and beating brave citizens objecting to their macing and beatings.

Vid of police macing and beating brave citizens objecting to their macing and beatings.

Reports on CBS newsman Walter Cronkite's failing health 'overstated,' rep says

Do you know who this guy is?

Saturday Morning Funnies - a quick look back at looney moments in repubican history.

Faux News producer on Ensign letter: "Sometimes a ball gets by; this one got by."

Michael Steele Calls Obama A ‘Liar,’ Then Apologizes, Then Denies He Apologized

Man, that Mitch McConnell is a complete bore.

Hahahahaha Imagine Jack Jacobs comparing protests in

OMG! Obama tied to (gasp!) UNITARIANS!

How Many Hours Will Food Last In Fridge When Power Goes Out??

Destroying Indigenous Populations

For those following Iranian Protests---Live Blog Link

CNN reporting that Iran media not reporting protests, like CNN didn't report US protests here.

States' finances are f**ked eight ways to Sunday

Let's give Iranians a lesson

CREDO: Tell DINO Tom Daschle: "Don't undermine a public health care option!"

Old news for many of us, but a pretty good source of figures to cite in any healthcare argument

On tape, Jackson unfazed by FBI raid

Steve Jobs had liver transplant

Ensign Lover’s Hubby Wanted Money — But Through His Lawyer:

Al-Jazeera English Live Report on Iran Protests

It is time to start a movement to shun advertisers of Limbaugh

Any idea what charities are supporting the Iranian revolutionaries?

Iran's Mousavi to make 'important' statement

Donna Smith (of "SiCKO"): Well, Well ... Going to Healthcare Hell

Now the airlines' fees have fees......

So who will play David Rohde in the movie version of his capture and escapefrom the Taliban?

AlterNet: Hey New York, Michael Bloomberg Is Not Your Daddy

The Most Disgusting Thing I've Ever Read

If ***YOU*** had the Bully Pulpit ..........

Another medical system nightmare story.

Obama, Harper force bankruptcy on auto parts industry: “It’s going to be an absolute bloodbath”

Bacardi Ad Uses Misogyny To Sell Alcohol To Women

Report: Apple CEO Steve Jobs underwent liver transplant

Landlord removes ramp, trapping disabled tenants in their apartments

America in a nutshell.....courtesy of Michael Moore

America in a nutshell.....courtesy of Michael Moore

Regarding health reform

Have you had a colonoscopy?

Reporting on Bankers Who Destroyed Their Companies

Yanno, when I start out on a long road trip - let's say 8 hours long - I don't have to get .........

Facebook - Shiraz erupts!

Hey gang, I think Chavez' riot troops are cracking heads in Iran.

Videos from Iran:

OMG! Look at Ann Coulter's legs!

Graphic graphic video from facebook of you girl gunned down in Iran.

Pixar grants childs dying wish

Dear Mullah's and your murdering militia

What do you expect your government to do for you?

*** DUzy Awards for week ending June 19, 2009 ***

Propping up HC insurance companies as bad as TARP and bailouts

No Matter Who Is President of Iran, They Would Stone Me

LA racially divided on gay marriage new poll finds

Iran protest leader Mousavi to make 'important' statement within the hour _

People concerned at what's going on in Iran might be interested in this campaign

People concerned at what's going on in Iran might be interested in this campaign

My Big Fat Ass

Mousavi through Twitter; I am prepared For Martyrdom, go on strike if I am arrested

I just read the article about the gay bar in Chicago banning bachelorette parties: it offends me!

A drive on Interstate 79 reminds me of Orwell

Iran, Tehran: wounded girl dying in front of camera (GRAPHIC)

Iran--Don't Let Us Get Sucked In

They're using some kind of chemical agent on the protesters.

How will M$Greedia cover future protests

Overweight People Live Longer

Want to make $100 the sleazy way?

Obama's Dr. For Single-Payer Health Care

Obama Administration Looks to Colleges for Future Spies

Specter Takes a Swipe at John Roberts


Dutch muggers caught on Google street view camera


Obama to Iran's leaders; stop unjust actions

Hypocrisy of those calling for small government

The Republicans are trying to spin Iran!

Petition the White House,The Right to Dry!

Judge rejects argument Cheney needs to be shielded from Daily Show

FOX News coverage of the Iranian crackdown has been quite decent today...

Kiva Launches in the U.S. on Good Morning America

CNN streaming live: Pretty good coverage lots of video from Tehran.

Man them good old boys at the FBI really analyzed the movie 'Deep Throat' with a fine tooth comb

HELP ME>>>Remember that guy that was staying with us that we took to rehab

FOX Noise. "A clerical LEFT government"


Who is this idiot woman on CNN spewing anti-revolution b.s.?

Obama Won By MILLIONS MORE Than We've Been Told?

Obama Won By MILLIONS MORE Than We've Been Told?

Obama Won By MILLIONS MORE Than We've Been Told?

A photo of women attacking Basiji thugs from Mir Hossein Mousavi's facebook.

Padilla v. Yoo: cleared to sue a key player in George W. Bush's 'war on terror.'

SEIU turns to tribes to pressure Baucus

SEIU turns to tribes to pressure Baucus

Health Care Alert! CDC Says New Virus Turns Republicans Into TakeOver Zombies!

Gordon Brown forced to open Iraq inquiry to public scrutiny

Foreign Embassies in Iran Taking in Injured

Canadians, contact your foreign office

I would like to know more about Mir-Hossein Mousavi

It's okay for the FED to run the Flood Insurance Program --

CNN says 19 confirmed dead, 150 unconfirmed dead in protests

Check out this Republican Hip-Hop act!

Kudos to CNN for their Iran Coverage ! Uh, MSNBC... not so much.

1968 Chicago riot cops set to ‘celebrate’ mass beatings

Iran Election Crisis: 10 Incredible YouTube Videos

Mark McKinnon: Ensign, Get Your Sorry Ass Out of the Senate

What I learned on DU today.

Why do CONs want Obama to speak up more...

Why do CONs want Obama to speak up more...

Why do 2nd amendment enthusists only defend gun ownership?

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-20)

Three Georgia Officers Resign After Taser Incident

Peru revokes Amazon mining laws

Caption this pic

Pentagon Rebrands Protest as “Low-Level Terrorism”

Stock portfolios of lawmakers. You can see why the Reps are blocking

Two similar iconic photos from Iran.

I feel so helpless. People are dying for their freedom in Iran and there is nothing we can do.

Sotomayor Quits All-Women's Club After GOP Criticism

The Price of Piracy. 3 1/3 Dead People.

Swine Flu wedding in Skokie, Illinois (PIC) seriously


US forces 'likely' caused Afghan deaths

Basig profile from BBC (for those following Twitter)

The neocons do not seem to understand the significance of the Iranian people's protest.

Blair demanded: Hold Iraq inquiry in secret

"Fun with Dick and Jane"...

Does anyone know of protests FOR single payer?

Fire moves into houses abandoned by foreclosures

Not all firms are bad. I know of one in Dallas that does stuff like Pixar did.

How do you pronounce Iran?

On Terrorist Watch List, but Allowed to Buy Guns

Why is the CIA so concerned about torture program disclosure?

Hungary's opposition: A nasty party

Hungary's opposition: A nasty party

Aide: FOX News Did Not Tip Off Ensign

Have You Guys Checked Out This Site ??? (Iran Videos)

What is your opinion on comedians?

What is your opinion on comedians?

Howard Dean Vs The Tool David Gregory

Will This Economy Ever Improve?

Ray McGovern (after procedure to open a clogged artery near his heart) on Illness and Health

NY Times: On Terrorist Watch List, but Allowed to Buy Guns

Deputy: US woman accused of skinning puppy, intending to make a belt from its hide


Sully: "Tick, Tock, Motherfuckers"....

Single-Payer Health Care is the BIGGEST ISSUE we face

"One vote. My opponent got ONE FUCKING VOTE. I got 30 million. He is sore loser. I am teh awesome."

Economy kills another cultural venue...this is sad

Cronkite's assistant denies CBS newsman is gravely ill

Forced birthers cancel protest at Tiller's clinic today

haha a perfect day for lots of rain...forced birthers had planned a prayer vigil at Dr. Tillers cli

'Che' Guevara's granddaughter is a PETA member

Obama and Tiny Victories

India's Real Life "Romeo & Juliet" -- the Hindu/Muslim version

India's Real Life "Romeo & Juliet" -- the Hindu/Muslim version

They're saying on Twitter that injured protestors should not go to hospitals.

Come see what thinks of Orly Taitz and the Birthers..

Web 2.0, social networking, twitter, facebook and all other forms of internet nonsense.

Web 2.0, social networking, twitter, facebook and all other forms of internet nonsense.

FOX noise has spent ALL DAY calling the Iranian regime leftists and Marxists

CNN Breaking: 2 hurt in blast at Ayatollah Khomeini's masoleum

I was surprised by the movie "Outrage."


EXCLUSIVE: Minn. lawmaker vows not to complete Census

These tactics are NOT protected speech! The DOJ needs to go after these RWW terrorists!

Lamest excuse ever: Justice Department blames nonrelease of torture documents on the Daily Show.

Our punitive health care system

Obama admin protecting Cheney from mockery.

Your opinion of what's going on in Iran

Remember when US tanks were rolling over Iraqi protesters and our media wouldn't report it?

They very MINUTE a public healthcare option is available, I am signing up! K&R if you agree!

Woman sentenced for dragging dog

I became a supporter of single payer today

What would you like a bumper sticker to say? Mine would be:

Map of western embassies accepting casualties in Tehran

Map of western embassies accepting casualties in Tehran

Poll for men only

9 Conservative Myths About Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism

To DU'ers on twitter

Viet Nam (or other war) Vets, mind if I ask a question?



President Obama issues statement on Iran - Saturday

Meet An Iranian Family

Who on DU "Tweets"?

More delusion from the idiots trying to separate themselves from Tiller's assassination

This is NOT the best way to avoid The Daily Show

Roger Cohen (NYT) is in Iran. His op-ed is a must read.

More Americans Are Dying Due To Lack of Insurance than Any Enemy Attack Ever Caused

The footage of the young girl dying after having been shot is on CNN's iReport, please Digg

The Church and Gay Marriage: Are Mormons Misunderstood?

hypothetical--- you have absolute power for 24 hours

So what do the Protest Cheereleaders expect to happen in Iran?

Some good reasons why we are in this mess

What's wrong with america: Quakers investigated as terrorists, but not KKK or Operation Rescue

Bill Maher: "We have a center-right party and a crazy party......

I'm sorry this cult of personality with President Obama is freaking me the fuck out

June 20, 2009: Iran at the brink

What's Your Approval Rating of Congress?

What's Your Approval Rating of Congress?

U.S. Govt. Threatens to Prosecute Waterboarding

Christian television network denied tax break

One of my friends at Target told me anti-union efforts just went through the roof

US 'prepared' for N Korea missile

PETA asks Phish to change it's name to.... "Sea Kittens"

Sick, sick, sick: 1 in 4 South African men admit to rape.

Meghan McCain: A lot dumber than I thought.

Hey Parent! Make your own friggen cookie dough!

Is hate speech fueling hate crimes? Take our poll, please!

Please! ALL! prepare for this action for Troy Davis on Tuesday!!

Armenia: Planned Presidential Election Exit Poll Creates Controversy, or...Who is the IRI?

Rep. Barney Frank Files Bill to Decriminalize Pot (Federally)

Tick Tock, Motherfuckers

So long Democratic party. It was good while it lasted.

New Rules with Bill Maher, Democrats have become Republican Lite

Chubby people live longer

*crosspost to GD* "Homeless in the Suburbs" great/heartbreaking article from Parenting Magazine

Southern Baptists said to be stagnating, need new direction. Cultivated "too narrow a base".

Bill Greider lays the stomp on President Obama

Bill Greider lays the stomp on President Obama

Republican on child hunger: “Hunger can be a positive motivator”

Republican on child hunger: “Hunger can be a positive motivator”

Republican on child hunger: “Hunger can be a positive motivator”

France closes ranks against burka: The Australian

What is your opinion on U.S. police officers?

The Real Lesson Of Iran -- Beware America's Republican Mullahs

Dood, the Swiss Miss on Daily Show picture is like TOTALLY a copy cat

All Shook Up

I was away since Wednesday

Strength through discipline! Strength through community! Strength through action!

Vote for legalization, DU this now...

Huge thunderstorm in my area right now!

Shell - is it true? Is the Delta Kitten plotting to take over the world?

This song is so right

Well, driving was FUN today. Apparently the cops were asleep at the wheel this afternoon

Excuse me, Lounge... There are some things on my TV that need destroying.

Is this the greatest jazz-rock tune ever? (Peaches in Regalia)

To you.. from

To you.. from

Cutest kitten ever!

Have you ever said, "And don't come back," to your beloved (spoiled) dogs?!1

DUzy Awards for the week are up in GD

Anne Bancroft and MelBrooks

a dog story

Jabba the Hut is now "The Hutt"

The Website is Down [Funny Video]

Will this thread be locked?

Drugs.. no problem

A nutrition question for the lounge fitness gurus:

If you're Big Star bound let me warn you

FYI: The ASU-Texas game is down to the wire

Holy mother of crap. I seriously thought I was going to die in a very bizarre way tonight.

My head hurts, can I legally kill my husband?

Light'em up!!

Could you survive a 7 day ban from DU?


For my pal...datasuspect: Cooking by the Book ~

SABOTAGE Manifesto, Heidi...please check in!! Puh-leeeeze!

All done ni-nite!!

Happy Father's Day

To all who took the time to have a silent moment for my mother-in-law last night

Sly & the family stone - Dance to the music

[Funny Video] How I Lost My Marbles

Anybody want to start some trouble?

Deniro is a bad mutha fucker in Goodfellas

Insomnia related youtube search of the day

Dammit... wrong lyrics...

Holy crap- I remember watching this the night it was first broadcast.

SonofPtah went to the mountains last weekend. Here is one of the pictures he took:

Cat question! He threw up his meds. Do I give him more...?

BREAKING: Kitteh nullifies sex thread

Where the people go

Batters amazing no-hands swing.

Sound track for the Lounge, Saturday, June 20.

A song for your Saturday...

. ignore .

. ignore .

Deleted. Ignore.

We went to see Guggenheim Grotto last night for free

I Need Some Creative Summer Vacation Ideas

Hilarious prank calls to FAO Schwarz.

The World Beard and Moustache Championships 2009 in Anchorage, Alaska

i mowed the side and front lawn this morning

B-Side should-have-been hit singles

What is it about thin eyebrows?

Um, pretty sure, survived a NE prompted ban cause they just couldn't handled it...

I sure hope one of your mid atlantic DUers has built an ark

I am totally amazed by the swings in they way I feel when I wake up from day to day

That ammonia/bleach cocktail didn't smell as good as you might think

I dare you all!

A couple of pictures from my hike today..


Give me some good examples of Blue's Clues

Anybody ever see this movie?

You know, as much as I like Rick Steves...

Going to the liberry.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am going to become a Shiksa...

What was great about the 80s?

$30 to park at Cowboys Stadium in TX?! What would you rather spend $30 on?

My wife sent me to Qdoba. I went to Chipotle instead.

"Collage digital photo frame - a perfect combine of digital tech and tradition" - would you buy it?

Anyone here ever have to deal with unemployment? I have a question

forget love: Sexiest songs of all time

Are you spunky?

If fruit could take (the fruit massacre)

When going to the store and there's a large queue at the checkout counter,

Should I get drunk and spam teh Lounge?

The fact is that PETA is really out of control, am I correct?


Posting from the hair Solon...

So...Lounge...what's for dinner?

I'm posting this for the good of the Lounge

Uhura appreciation thread!!

Why is there a "bogeyman" but no "bogeywoman"?

kitteah picture of the day for saturday june 20

Favorite Reality TV Show

Were you drinking the first time you got drunk?

Need some new music please


OMG. The song 'Mickey' with Toni Basil (but no Butter)

I cannot pronounce the number 12 in German.

Girl's iPod Saves Her Life During Lightning Strike

PIC HEAVY: Photos from my Web Site shoot today at a local Italian restaurant

I just saw the movie Year One...

I've had the same earwax since Thursday

Do you ever hide "the good stuff"?

PSA: The crosshatched pavement is not a "special" parking space.

Post a picture of your junk

I Caught My Dad With My G/F

Put a Lid on It

what do you think cats think about then they just stare into space?

Oh what a summer day

So did Casey Anthony kill her daughter Caylee?

Happy Birthday to TZ (and me)

Mean Kitty Song

Time for the Dead Snow trailer again

Anyone else like kielbasa on the grill?

Good advice:

Three Stooges movie. Sean Penn as Larry, Jim Carrey as Curly, and Benicio Del Toro as Moe.

A poem thread Saturday 6/20/09

I think the state of Delaware is officially becoming an Island...

Smoke a Lid of It

A heavy metal video for science geeks (Large Hadron Collider)

Anyone still remember Gordon Lightfoot?

I got a Crackberry!!

Pregnancy at 45. Should I do it?

Happy Father's Day. Who's your daddy?

Man Builds San Francisco Replica from Toothpicks -- 34 years in the making

CRAZY COPS (100% real footage, but no aspartame)

check out my baby turtle's new crib

My wife informed me there was a foot long slug on our basements stairs.

I spent part of today with my neighbor who has passed away just a few minutes ago.

Ever wanted to see an understated movie premiere?

Nine hours until solstice! (10:46 PM PDT)

Saturday, June 20th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Pictures of my new car

I got totally owned on Facebook!

Do you have any albums where the sole purpose is to relax and unwind?

What were you drinking the first time you got drunk?

What will you do when everyone else is gone?

What were you thinking the first time you got drunk?

What PETA does right: getting Che Guevera's granddaughter to pose nude

Where do I belong...if I don't belong here?

Anyone have a link to "confessions" by the violent femmes?


Before Rachel and Keith, There Was Linda Ellerbee and Bill Schechner and NBC News Overnight

Anyone watching the U.S. Open today?

I'm sorry, but this just needs to be said-- consequences be damned

The President on Iran: "The World is Watching"

Coburn Endorses Birther Bill

That singing!! Talk about multi-tasking...great.....nt

NM-Gov: Denish Wallops Wilson, Pearce

*HEADS UP* Radio and Television Correspondents' Dinner ("nerdprom2") LIVE NOW. POTUS to speak.

Obama might be the master of the known universe

So the government was able to work hand in hand with

Obama is soooo funny! The audience, not so much!


PHOTO Most excellent!

Instead of wishing a person "well" after a visit to the hospital ...

Remember the "Presidential Prayer Team"?

He's Barack Obama

Geeks or Jocks?

Democrats unveil plan for healthcare ...

Steele’s health plan:"Do the deal. It’s not that complicated"."Hello?! Am I missing something here?"

Tehran protest officially starts at 7:30 AM EDT

Does Biden have an official portrait yet?

The Prez steals the scene even when he's just sitting there listening

Suicide bomber reported in Iran

Obama Nominates Judge Joseph Greenaway & Beverly Martin for the 3rd and 11th US Appeals Courts

Elizabeth Edwards on "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" this weekend.

PETA spokeswoman shows Obama how to treat flies humanely....

Hilarous Health Care Plan video

LA-Sen: Melancon to Challenge Vitter

Posey's birther bill gets four more co-sponsors

Robert Reich: Memo to the President: What You Must Do to Save Universal Health Care

Obama's Health Care Waterloo: Worse Than Nothing?

In stark legal turnaround, Obama now resembles Bush

50 facts you may not know about Barack Obama

Why won't the media and networks show this BEWARE VERY GRAPHIC


BRUTAL!!!! Iranian police beatings

Charlie Rose: Obama and Iran to start, with lots of talking heads,

Congress- No money to close Guantanamo, zero, nada, zilch

Warren pushing Obama's regulatory reform

The Republican Health Care Horror Show

Check out this Republican Hip-Hop act!

The Weekly Standard: "Good for Obama"

The "haves"...

House Democrats "Anxious To Take On" Health Care Reform Opponents

Jib-Jab video - Obama

On Iran, I think that the Republicans & Their Friends Have Aspergers.

Just saw Meghan McCain on Real Time...

Have you guys seen the latest JibJab video with Obama?

President Obama calls on Iran to 'stop all violent and unjust actions'

Baucus, White House in deal with drug industry

Richard Burr struggling with irrelevance

Why Obama not speaking out so far on the best thing to do at this point in time

Obama applauds Iran's citizen reporters.

PHOTOS Angry Crowd Protests Outside The Dairy Godmother

National Black Justice Coalition not attending gay DNC fundraiser

My "Meme" which I consider to now be historical fact, Obama's Cairo Speech INSPIRED the Iranians

Obama's blackberry

John Hodgman to Obama, "Live Long and Prosper!"

John Hodgman to Obama, "Live Long and Prosper!"

President Obama,Congressional Dems: The GOP now has the lowest

Statement from President Obama on agreement to bring down drug prices for seniors

Iran 2009 parallels US elections of 2000.

Too Many Democrats Are 1994-Phobic

Single-payer advocate speaks to Blue Dogs on health reform

Slaughter Vows to Fight New Senate Bill To Supress Torture Photos

Asking for consideration that we all phone the White House to express

Republicans Take Up Mantle of Martyrdom: Compare Selves to Iranian Protestors

ZOMG~! Here comes CustardGate!

Maybe Ed Schultz is right: the Democrats don't want Franken in the senate because they

Free fax to ask to score Single-Payer: Health Rally in DC JUNE 25

A Senate Healthcare Plan Offers Choices: Platinum, gold, silver or bronze private insurance!

There are certain people who have no standing to tell President Obama how to do his job

I'm starting to think healthcare reform = campaign finance reform

Woah - interesting quote from Machiavelli that's pertinent to our health care debate

Support for gay marriage varies widely among racial and ethnic groups

Free Iran revolt graphics

Obama administration sided with Roberts' court in recent denial of DNA access to prisoners

Gay Iraqi Veteran Anthony Woods Runs for U.S. House in California (CA 10th district)

Does the DLC Support Conservative 3rd Parties that Run Against Democrats?

The Japanese Bond Smugglers Are Missing

In Hindsight: Is there any hope for Silicon Valley's home, job markets?

House impeaches Texas judge accused of sex crimes

Iran protest leader Mousavi to make 'important' statement within the hour _

Walter Cronkite, reportedly gravely ill

Iranian protests 'will go ahead': Protests agst Iran's disputed presidential elections will go on

Witnesses: Protests in Iran Despite Gov't Warning.

Iran Council Offers Partial Election Recount.

Suicide bomber attacks Khomeini shrine in Iran

On tape, Jackson unfazed by FBI raid

Austria probes Ahmadinejad link to 1989 murder

Train derailment, explosion kills 1 near Chicago

Brazil launches Amazon forest protection program

Suicide bomber attacks Khomeini shrine in Iran

California jobless rate hits 11.5%

India created 300,000 jobs in US

U.N. to investigate Bhutto's assassination

Goodyear To Buy Out 550 Workers, Cut Production In Tenn

Moussavi reportedly awaits 'martyrdom'

New York Times reporter David Rohde escapes captivity in Afghanistan

GM To Recall 900 Workers To Mich. Plant

President Obama on Iran : The Government's Violence...

U.S. admits Afghan airstrike may have killed 86 civilians

Suicide bomber dies amid violent protests in Tehran

GAO Ties U.S. Guns to Mexico Violence

Illegal immigrant's lawsuit against Martin Memorial slated to begin this week

Western rights group calls on Iran to end crackdown HRW

FBI files show wide 'Deep Throat' (film) investigation

Exiled Iran opposition group holds big Paris rally

Suicide truck bomber kills 67 in northern Iraq

Gordon Brown: I could walk away from this tomorrow

Iraq Declares Victory as U.S. Troops Leave Cities.

Banned Tehran rally to go ahead on Saturday, wife of opposition leader Mousavi says

Air France 447 Crash Theory Now Focused On Tail Snapping Off (Again)

Moussavi challenges supreme leader and is "ready for martyrdom"

U.S. and China Work Together to Rebuild Afghanistan

Sotomayor Quits Women's Club After GOP Criticism

President of Iran admits gays do exist in his country

Witnesses report fierce clashes on Tehran streets

4 Investigates: Corps Employees Masquerading As Commenters?

Police force Iran protest off streets

Calif regulators find pot smoke causes cancer

Apple CEO Jobs received liver transplant

No cash for some jobless - 34% of out-of-work Michiganders can't collect assistance

GM, Chrysler retirees race clock to get dental, eye care- Benefits to end July 1; part of UAW giveba

Another Guilty Plea in Clay County, KY Election Fraud Conspiracy Case

Obama releases a statement on the situation in Iran

Times Reporter Escapes Taliban After 7 Months

Homosexuality Demons Being Cast Out On The YouTubes

Republican Care (pathetic attempt to be human)


Sen. Brown speaks on Health Care Reform

TYT: Is Tom Daschle a 'Corporatist Shill'?

Pudgy Moron, Hannity, & Fox News Go All Apoplectic

"Poem for the Rooftops of Iran" - June 19, 2009

Fundie terrorist burning Dr Tiller

Dennis Kucinich schools Fox's war hungry goons on Iran

BBC Video from Iranian protests

More Gunfire In Iran

Iranian Victory Sign

New Rules with Bill Maher, Democrats have become Republican Lite, 6/19/2008


Protest in Iran Saturday-20-june-2009, Basij shooting, chaos, brutality

Fundie terrorist having a delusional episode

MOV01963 (a new video out of Tehran)

TYT: Is Bill Maher Right? Is Obama Standing Up To Corporations Enough?

TYT Obama's Litmus Test

Patriot terrorist fighting chem trails, floride and tee vee

Street fight between protesters and the "police" in Iran

Iranians being shot in front of camera...HORRIBLE!!!

90.000 Iranians in Paris for Democracy and Free Election in Iran

TYT: Khamenei Warns of Bloodshed in the Streets of Iran & More

Man Killed during clash in Iran 2009

one person killed in gun shooting in tehran, iran, 20th june

06 20 2009 02 - Protest in the Streets of Iran

No Place to Hide: Torture, Psychologists, and the APA

34 years in the making (not political) amazing (4:47) *with ping pong balls*

Iran protest people being killed

Bill Maher: NEW RULES 06/19/09

Fox News Fail

Hospital workers protest people were denied access to hospital

Striking video from Iran of the militia opening fire on the crowd

Right wing spin machine never sleeps

President Obama at Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner

BBC Persia: Tehran's Enghlab st on fire and automatic weapons going off

Iranian Gets Shot - Continues To Film

Summer Solstice & Blackjack

Ed Schultz Rails Over Spineless Democrats w/Bernie Sanders

Full version of today's beatings of helpless women at the gates of Shiraz University (graphic)

Carrying a Gun and a Baby

John Hodgman @ Radio & Television Correspondents Dinner (Part 1)

On the Edge with Max Keiser - 19 June 2009 (pt 1 of 4)

RealTime With Bill Maher - Full Show Features Meghan McCain & Paul Begala

He's Barack Obama - JibJab - Super Hero

Alabama terrorists full auto gun show

Rep. Stupak Questions Insurance CEOs On Rescission Triggers-10M Viewers Needed


Bill Maher's AMA Commercial

Maher Strikes Again! New Rules

Democracy's Paradox

The secret of a long life: Cigarettes, whisky, and wild women

Twilight Zone

Time: Reza Aslan - The Spirit of '79

Paul Krugman: The Good and the Bad of the New Financial Regulations

Japan's PM snubs son of British POW

538's Nate Silver: The Ayatollah's Flawed Logic

Senate Apologizes for 220 Years of Being Undemocratic

Friday Talking Points (82): Is Obama The Only Person Who Remembers What America Did In Iran In 1953?

Vatican slams claim Jews preventing beatification of Nazi-era pope

President Obama in pictures: Fatherhood and Mentoring Barbecue at White House

Neocon Agonistes: Which Iranian Result Most Likely To Get Us A War?

John Hodgman roasts President Obama at Radio & TV Correspondents' Dinner

A Threat We Can’t Ignore

Trade Agreement Kills Amazon Indians

Iran's Clerics Insist They ARE Taking Cues From U.S. 'Conservatives'

Steve Jobs Had Liver Transplant

Obama Administration Puts Cheney in the 'Twitness Protection Program'

Robert Fisk: Battle for the Islamic Republic

Why should we listen to these conservatives on foreign policy?

Oil rush: Scramble for Iraq's wealth

Progressives: Has Corporate Media Succeeded in Silencing You?

The White Supremacist in Us

Ray McGovern: I Would Likely Be Dead by Now if it Wasn't for One Thing ... Health Insurance

Krauthammer’s Projections

Conservative Judge Rules Against Yoo, Torture

Understanding The Basij

The Froomkin Firing - By Paul Krugman "You Have To Be Wrong To Be Respectable"

Cancer: shock breakthrough

Terrorist comes up with new marketing campaign to improve image

IKN: "Bagua: A Must Read-Must See Photo Reportage

Colombia bill allowing Uribe re-election takes blow

In Venezuela, Land 'Rescue' Hopes Unmet

The Guardian and Fox News Give Bolivia the Old One-Two

U.S., Cuba close to resuming migration talks

More names, more complexity: Bolivian Rozsa assassins case has a lot of players.

Brazil launches Amazon forest protection program

Thirst for Profit: Corporate Control of Water in Latin America

Massey president wants to debate top climate scientist

National Scientists' Statement on Biofuels and Land Use

Taking Down the Corporate Food System Is Simple

Petition the White House,the right to dry!

Any solar gurus in here?

Alternative Feedstocks For Ethanol Production

I know what cboy4 is doing this week

Kosar files for Chapter 11

The NFL has two Bengals teams???

Pres. Obama to salute DU Sports Forum milestone on weekly radio address

Lewis HR ball propels Giants

Nobody talking about the US Open from the famed Bethpage Black?

The JR Chess Report (June 20): Leinier wins in Havana, Cheparinov in Zafra

Unions, allies to rally in Washington for health care

Rite Aid workers and union supporters will rally in Times Square before attending company's ....

Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace Friday, June 19 (a couple dozen this week)

NYT: A Move to Put the Union Label on Solar Power Plants

500 Union Employees at Plain Dealer Agree to Pay Cuts & Furloughs

AA pilots union praises federal officials who want to scrutinize alliances

Oregon House sides with labor on workplace communications (Gov. to sign)

Ex-Somerville union official indicted, accused of spending $65K at go-go bars

USW lauds positive International Trade Commission ruling in China tire trade case

GM Bankruptcy Hurts People of Color Hardest. Workers Desperately Need EFCA.

Today in labor history June 20 Striking African American auto workers are attacked by KKK 1,300 arre

U.S. porn industry HIV cases prompt investigation

Japan's PM snubs son of British POW

The secret of a long life: Cigarettes, whisky, and wild women


Obama's Health Care Waterloo: Worse Than Nothing?

Robert Reich: Memo to the President: What You Must Do to Save Universal Health Care

Listen to what the AMA was saying in '61 about the proposed plan for seniors aka Medicare

A Senate Healthcare Plan Offers Choices: Platinum, gold, silver or bronze private insurance!

Another reason to hate the AMA

Green tea 'slows prostate cancer' (BBC)

Insurance companies say that they don't want to be forced to cover pre-existing conditions, but ...

Patients with inoperable prostate disease recover after single dose of drug

KU researcher finds primitive lifestyle elements ease depression

Pot smoke causes cancer, regulators find

Cancer: a shock breakthrough

Homeopathic medications are regulated by the FDA

Boston Globe-SJC will review gun lock ruling-Law at odds with US high court

Police: Suspect treated for gunshot wound then jailed

Resident Opens Fire During Home Invasion

Resident Opens Fire During Home Invasion

Armed robber shot by Barstow homeowner during break-in

NY Times- On Terrorist Watch List, but Allowed to Buy Guns

NPR- Amid Fears Of New Restrictions, Gun Sales Surge

Homeowner With Shotgun Kills Intruder Second Intruder Shot, Wounded

Panel Rejects Philadelphia Assault Weapons Ban, Gun Purchase Limit

Should I even buy insurance?

D.C. Expands List Of Allowed Guns To Avert Lawsuit

western Canada largest per capita organised criminal syndicates in the world

The 2nd Amendment in modern language

On the Use of Guns to Defend Against “Mere” Rape

Homeowner Kills Robbery Suspect In Altamonte Springs

Officials: Harris man fatally shoots teen at home

Blountville homeowner holds burglary suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrive

Yeshiva Students Make Arabic a Cultural Bridge

FCC to Scrutinize Exclusive Wireless Contracts.

The Deficit. ( toon )

Dr. Fekete Talks About Bond Markets

Beautiful segment today with Cleve Jones on Amy's show.

Maine Freedom to Marry

Why Obama plan to help homeowners is a debt trap.

Stranger who let me take his picture in the grocery store

A website educating Coloradans on GLBT laws.

Do You Believe? 416 Music Video & movie trailer

Gay pride parade draws crowd (Omaha)

Breaking: Cenus to count us

Where's Waldo?

Washington Post sports columnist on homophobia, pro sports and the black community

Father's Day Weekend in a Heat Wave

Why isn't the price of gold higher?

Sorry DU'ers, my love affair with Barack Obama is over

Daily Kos: Rep. PA Senator: We're "allowing" gay people to exist

Rick, thought of you last night with the storms

Your sign might not be what you think it is...

House blessings

A Solstice dream

Need help understanding eye issues. Pinwheel effect.

Prayers for Enlightenment & Conscious Evolution

[Image] Religion and War

Don't leave clergy alone with children: :::report

I'm Interested In Your Opinion

cryptome has some 9/11 footage up

I just want to know how the steel was melted by a kerosene/office fire!

Flight 93 Lands At Reagan National Airport @ 10:28

"No Planes" - Will anyone attempt to fill in the gaping holes?

29 Engineers ....

Perry vetoes CPS Nazi bill!

MGM gets its 'Stooges' (Penn, Carrey, Del Toro)

Jerry Jones promotes transportation alternatives by charging 30 bucks to park at Texas Stadium