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Jerry Jones promotes transportation alternatives by charging 30 bucks to park at Texas Stadium

Bozeman, MT city changes job applicant policies

And I thought Americans were bad;

Los Angeles Times: School cutbacks force parents to scramble for summer replacements

GAO: Labor safety program is inadequate

GAO: Labor safety program is inadequate

WSJ: Steve Jobs Had Liver Transplant

WSJ: Steve Jobs Had Liver Transplant

NY Times: In Poll, Wide Support for Government-Run Health Plan

NY Times: In Poll, Wide Support for Government-Run Health Plan

Madoff (or fraud) Victims Can Get Medicare Premium Relief

Labor Unions Join the Resistance in Iran

Why the Iranian protests might matter to some Americans

Max Baucus and Big Pharma join forces to screw us over with a smile....

Supporters of Health Care Reform Go Door-To-Door

I find Twitter useless and over-hyped

"I have plenty of sins, and I'm not going to tell you about them," he told reporters.

Is "Meet The Press" scraping the bottom of the barrel?

Basij taking detained to mosque/headquarters

deleted. n/t


Have DU Mods seen the light?

Max's new name .... Senator Max "They Bought My Office."

Video of vote count fraud in Iran

Wife of Candidate Mousavi Voice of Reform in Iran Election (May 28, 2009) Jakarta Globe

Time to end the War on Drugs?...yep,another article on the subject

Santa Ana locks its trash cans against the homeless

I think everyone will enjoy this... WORLD CLOCK

A cool live stream news channel in Iran

How many here know about the crap we pulled in Iran in the 70's?

MUELDER: Labor unions built America’s middle class

50% discount offered by drug dealers

Larry Flynt Rushed To Hospital

Does the office of the Presidency change the man?

Texas supreme court affirms special rights for religion

Score a big one for Obama and the world...

Who's Stupider: Michael Steele, Or Meghan McCain?

Iran Slideshow

What is going in Iran, via Twitter

DU's front page

"Oh Dear, How Inconvenient For The White House," June 16, 2009

Toothpick city, 34 years in the making

Day After (3/9/05) ROVE Testified In Plame Affair-"Someone Went In & Spent 6 Hrs Playing With Files"

Day After (3/9/05) ROVE Testified In Plame Affair-"Someone Went In & Spent 6 Hrs Playing With Files"

Iranians fight back: They blew up a Basiji headquarters!

Iranians fight back: They blew up a Basiji headquarters!

Larry Kudlow is an idiot.....and proudly so

Photos of Tehran via DKos (GRAPHIC HEAVY when you link)

Who do you believe is going to be proved right in four years

tick tick tick, Happy (almost) Solstice!

72% to 20 % .................!!!

Trouble for Aramco (Monday, Jan. 28, 1952)

We need to stop bashing congressional dems right fucking now! They ARE serving their constituents.

How do you think the Iranian situation will play out?

Has Senator Boxer ever met Governor Wrestler?

Free the Barrel Monsters!

Sympathy for deranged gun owners

I was just thinking.

Should the military be used as an "option" for youth looking to go to school?

Meanwhile, in Iraq........

On this day:

just in case you missed it: yesterday 72 people were killed in a truck bombing in Kirkuk

HaHAH!1 Faux goes to the LEFT of Obama on healthcare, with "HIS OWN DOCTOR"!1

Tales of woe from those with individual health insurance. Today's Atlanta newspaper...

Goldman to make record bonus payout

Goldman to make record bonus payout

BEST NEWS EVER!! First human trials of prostate cancer drug shock doctors

Agents say DEA is forcing them illegally to work in Afghanistan

Who does Washington Journal have on as their 1st guest to comment on Iran?

Pagans, Partygoers Greet Solstice at Stonehenge.

If a corrupt court at some level gives the election to Coleman, what will happen

Republicans plan more protests on approps bills

North Carolina, Georgia, Kansas Bank Failures Cost U.S. Fund $363 Million

Portugal to take 2 or 3 Guantanamo detainees

House Democrats Unveil Plan for Health Care Overhaul

The Public Health Care Option--An Open Letter to Republicans

NY man denies dressing as dead mother, blames impersonator

Should we drop our pants, bend over and grab our ankles

The rightwingers and fair elections

Putting lipstick on a pig? - Banking regulation

John Hodgman's elegant political metaphor.

Damages of $1.9 million could backfire on music industry

I see the douchebags at FauxNews still referring to "homicide" bombers

*sigh* The Sunday Morning Line - Up

Reid tells Harold Koh supporters he will bring Koh’s nomination up for a vote within two weeks.

Iran vis-a-vis the US reaction to vote fraud...

meet the press...two FORMER senators....????

Woman on trial for raping 10 men

We're cleaning up our act here in Florida, and none too soon.

We're cleaning up our act here in Florida, and none too soon.

Why not NASCAR jerseys with sponsor's logos for Congress and Pundits?

Nothing could be worse for the Iranian protesters than Obama pulling a Reagan

Nothing could be worse for the Iranian protesters than Obama pulling a Reagan

Sacramento Bee: Democrats want California schools to get billions that voters rejected

This just in;

I am so full of anger and sadness right now...

I am so full of anger and sadness right now...

NY Times selectively cited own poll results on Obama's economic policies

The George W. Bush Urinal Installation: Best art exhibit EVAH!!!

Gay festivals in China are a sign of changing times

Damn football player!

Status of Embassies in Tehran

Who would you rather have as Senate Majority Leader instead of Reid?

The WORLD should rally around the woman NEDA who was killed.

Dodd, Graham spar over health care

Eyewitness: From Tehran's Streets (The Tehran-based photojournalist who made these pictures is now

Remember when GHW Bush was so vocal about the uprising in Eastern Europe?

Was Moussavi just arrested?

I see a lot of posts moved to forums they have nothing to do with, what gives?

Breaking now on CNN New Footage The streets are flooded

Call for public inquiry into 7/7 from former head of counter-terrorism

Life Magazine Photographer is Missing.

Lindsay Graham is saying the Senate Finance Committee has abandoned any public plan.

The way these Republicans are sooo concerned over Iran's stolen elections

Where Are They Now? Ex-Bush Loyalists Cash In

Confidential Memo Reveals US Plan to Provoke an Invasion of Iraq

US military hands over Sadr City

Republicans are trying to gain political points

U.S. Destroyer Shadows N. Korean Ship

Obama at Mousavi's fb profile

Definition of "Free Market": Sellers who have no mitigating factors pressuring them to sell + Buyers

Thirst for Profit: Corporate Control of Water in Latin America

Slide Show: Top 10 Earth- and People-Friendly Buildings

Stand With Iran . Com

Iran: today June 21 the latest on my twitter acct

How do I reach Tom Daschle?

I have seen more media coverage from Iran in the past week than I have seen from inside Iraq ...

Why I am opposed to requiring people to purchase health insurance

Welcome To Jonah Goldberg's Bizarro World

Philosophical question: What's the difference between "fair and balanced" and "affirmative action"?

Frank Rich: Obama’s Make-or-Break Summer

The protesters at Tienanmen Square got the word out by faxing around the world.

Will the Guardian Council in Iran even bother to roll out Ahmadinejad as "President" anymore?

Demonstration continues June 21 Tehran Iran

Mandatory purchasing of private health insurance

DOONESBURY! - Dupe link to original thread:

We give them trillions and they return billions

We give them trillions and they return billions

The republicans take their job as the opposition party seriously...

She Was There With Her Father, Standing Next To Him, Watching The Protests...

Does anyone know how many Bushie US Attorneys are still serving?

College scholarships for children of fallen veterans

College scholarships for children of fallen veterans

College scholarships for children of fallen veterans

U.S. government is considering requiring people who write about products or services on the Internet

rising medical costs?...or rising healthcare insurance companies' profits?

Bring on the politics now - Pakistan wins the T20 cricket world cup

Just got this on email: Twitter, Iran alert for Twitter

Power to the People

Power to the People

The Public Is Far Ahead Of The US Senate On The Public Option Issue...

The FP Interview: Mohsen Makhmalbaf : Mousavi as Iran's Obama

Mika Mouse gives hard hitting interview to something called "USA Weekend"

Wait a second. Aren't people who want lawsuit caps as a part of tort reform...

Update on the embassy situiation

Why is "liar" off limits in public political discussion?

Jon Leyne, BBC correspondent, has been ordered to leave

Neocons Say Everyone’s a Neocon on Iran

Naomi Klein LIVE now with Bob McChesney - streaming link

"Rain Rage" in New York

Signal to noise ratio on Twitter is absurdly absurd... Check this out...

NY Times: In a Suburban Gangland, Young Lives Cut Short

Canadian Supreme Court upholds BC's abortion clinic "bubble zone" law

Are the Iranian Election Protests Another U.S. Orchestrated "Color Revolution"?

Iranian photojournalist from Life mag missing in Tehran

Why is the Iranian situation a reason to market Internet companies?

Deporting Fathers in the Name of Homeland Security

Underground Revolution Newspaper Emerges: Seen Here with Translation 6/22

Underground Revolution Newspaper Emerges: Seen Here with Translation 6/22

Passenger says TSA agents harassed him

FTC plans to monitor blogs for claims, payments

"The American Hand in Iran". (Asia Times)

Don't call them Basij

Iran Provisions in the FY 2008 Dept of State, Foreign Operations & Related Appropriations

Costs are keeping patients from care

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Individual insurance coverage frustrates Georgians

Come on! If you really want revolution take off those damned head scarves!

Repression stepped up yet again as Iran becomes world’s biggest prison for journalists

Value added farming, bout ique farming and organic farming is saving the family farm in Vermont

Iranian clerics seek supreme leader alternative

Hilarious summary of today's Meet the Press.

Palin Spars With Critics Over Ethics Complaints

Deputy: Woman skinned puppy to make belt

Check This Video Out !!! - Protesters Chase The Cops Away !!! (BBC Persian)

Important reads via Sullivan, HuffPo Sunday, June 21, 2009

Best Twitter comment to the GOP:

Young woman describes beating at hands of Iranian paramilitary

NEWSWEEK Reporter Detained (Iran)

The Nation: The War Against the 'War on Drugs'

Oil rush: Scramble for Iraq's wealth

Smilies table overhaul.

I See What the Atheists Mean

On CNN: Siamak Kalhor of Radio Iran (Mousavi supporter) just put Americans in their place

For the revolutionaries in Iran: some words from one of our own revolutionaries

For the revolutionaries in Iran: some words from one of our own revolutionaries

The CIA's contradictory conduct

Segregated high school proms divide Georgia's students

Built to Fail: Key Lessons from the Financial Crisis

With the current display in Iran, might this be a good teaching moment about Church and State?

Freeper thread of the day: Whale Wars / Right to Life Wars - why are they viewed so differently?

In all, at least 16 journalists have been killed by U.S. forces in Iraq

DKos Diary: Iran in Turmoil - Trusting the Media Again, Aren't We?

Where was the global attention when Peru opened fire on protestors?

Netanyahu: Iran protesters show courage

"We are watching the fall of Islamic theocracy" in Iran, Fareed Zakaria tells CNN

Human Rights Activist Hedy Epstein hurt in assault

Confidential memo reveals US plan to provoke an invasion of Iraq

Israeli president applauds Iran street protesters

A question about freight deliveries to a home:

Farmers trying to cultivate new image (response to Food Inc; beware the spin)

Who's behind Iran violence? Website posts video in name-and-shame campaign.

Chicago couple with swine flu marries in masks

What if our highways consisted of only expensive, private toll roads?

Greece demands UK return antiquities

Zbig just now on CNN: "We don't want to provoke them just now; the Iranian neocons will prevail."

Single payer verses

Irony is calling Diane Feinstein a DINO while considering Obama progressive

Woman says she was evicted over Easter decor

George Soros, John McCain, and the Global Conspiracy (According to Iran)

Iraq inquiry likely to be public as Gordon Brown prepares for U-turn

Andrew Sullivan: Twitter ripped the veil off ‘the other’ – and we saw ourselves

Feinstein Throws Obama Under the Bus

Something To Stiffen Soft Spines

U.S., Europe 'dramatizing' protests, Iran says

Sully Takes A Time-Out To Assess Twitter Impact On The Media (re: Iran)...

Let me be the first to compare Twitter to PCR

NYT: In Poll, Wide Support for Government-Run Health

Breeders Tell Fans of Water Dogs: Keep Your Paws Off

The Iranian Demonstrations and the United States

BBC Video - Huge Crowd Chases Police

What if we were the Iranians? I think it would pretty much be hopeless.

Caption this pic

THIS is why Bush was elected (and why the GOP does not worry about a public uprising)

Boystown Gay Bar Bans Bachelorette Parties

"I" befor e"E" except after "C" is bullshit!

I should never, ever hear a progressive using the term "government RUN healthcare"

Frank Rich speculates about a financial investigative similar to the Pecora Commission

Does anyone remember July 2001, Genoa, and Indymedia?

Even in White House, Obama kids have chores, too

I think someone should make some Neda masks

Will Twitter deliver the final death blow to the corporate media?

Oklahoma lawmaker favors deporting illegal immigrant inmates

STOLEN? More votes than voters in Iran

STOLEN? More votes than voters in Iran

Its ironic Iranians are showing us the way to get ..............

Ensign's Sex-Scandal Enabler?

fyi, segment on 60 Minutes on SuperMax prisons. nt

Guys, it's simple. I support a bonfire of women's headscarves in Tehran, but...

McCain: Reagan could time travel

Sen Baucus, insurance industry lackey, has had taxpayer financed benefits for most of his adult life

Confidential memo reveals US plan to provoke an invasion of Iraq

Okay, it's official. I have had my FILL of Christiane Amanpour

How AMA 'Coffeecup' gave Reagan a boost

British government spells end of 'i before e' rule

Iran - Most Staggering Footage Yet - Police Suddenly Turn Tail & Run!

We are Little Sister, and we are watching us.

Palestinians: Attack on Carter thwarted

DoD-Certified Agency's 9/08 Newsletter Suggested Killing Democrats

DoD-Certified Agency's 9/08 Newsletter Suggested Killing Democrats

14-year-old Repug has a bright future on Faux News: Already adopting anti-health care talking points

What does Chis Floyd have to say about Iran?

What does Chis Floyd have to say about Iran?

What does Chis Floyd have to say about Iran?

DU has seldom been wrong about the big issues since 2001...

So? what are you snacking on while you stand in solidarity with your brothers and sisters in Iran?

Talked to a Blue Dog Dem Senator's staffer today about the public option.

Is this the death of the dollar?

Summer begins on 6/21/09 at 1:45 AM EDT .. that is 10:45 PM tonight PDT.

For a change of pace, a Large Hadron Collider music video by yours truly

NEDA (Warning - Graphic)

Some Iran news and videos from June 20th

Anyone have any idea how much cost insurance companies add to medical procedures?

A Tale of Two Protests. The Oil We Have and The Oil we Don't Have!

Twitter is great but it's no substitute for professional journalism

Why I believe Twitter and it's ilk are extremely dangerous

Heading to D.C. on Thursday - Are you?

Iran Assembly of Experts chaired by Rafsanjani issued statement backing election results?

Some people don't understand on here

Obama's Doctor Knocks ObamaCare

Where was the U.S. News coverage of the Protests of the RNC in Minnesota Last year ?

Jonathan Alter: One Nation Under Medicare

Iranian Filmmaker on CNN defending Obama response to Iran

There's gonna be a lot of rightwingers on this ..

Congratulations to our Pagan Sisters and Brothers!!

Walter Cronkite, The Most Trusted Man In a Shock and Awed America


Tampa Bay Paper Throws Down Hard-Hitting Scientology Report

In Iran, One Woman's Death May Have Many Consequences

New Dem chant for street demonstrations: "GUESS WE CAN'T! GUESS! WE! CAN'T!"

Paul Krugman on the firing of Dan Froomkin

CCTV footage of the RNC "riot" that wasn't

Cronkite - 1963/Soviet reaction to JFK murder

Some Christians Are Not Narrow Minded And Intolerant

Ensigngate: The Senator, Tom Coburn, Megyn Kelly, FOX News All Owe America an Explanation

Another POW in the insane War on Drugs

Parkinson's: The Pesticide Link

The last two numbers in a candidates vote count can show fraud...

To you very loyal Democrats. If the Democratic Congress and President can not give us decent health

**Happy Fathers Day **..share a memory of your Dad

Her name was Neda, Which means "Voice" or "Call" in Farsi

Traveling in China 3 - Travel tips


Iran Season: A very informative series of 4 documentaries recently shown on AJ English

Has anyone used this site to purchase eyeglasses?

Remember When FOX NEWS Covered The Civil Rights Protest?

Obama's promise of a new beginning now hollow.

Discouraged and concerned. I am unemployed and have been

Democratic Party - Give us a PUBLIC OPTION or I QUIT!

***Poll of the Finalists-June Photo Contest*** PORTRAIT of a STRANGER

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "Stripping A Nation Of Its Own Traditions Of Decency"

Summertime, and the livin' ain't easy (snow pics)

Recession Lets Parents Seeking Nannies Be Picky

Recession Lets Parents Seeking Nannies Be Picky

Saw 'Food, Inc.' yesterday. It's extremely scary, sad, nauseating, and anger-inducing.

Suddenly, on the brink of homelessness

Our system is not democratic

24 Lego Stop Motion Films Mimicking Cool Movies Scenes

Oh, social incomprehension.

UPDATED Redding weather: Thunderstorm developing west of Cottonwood

We Americans Aren't the Only Ones Hurting.

113 year-old's secret: 'Cigarettes, whisky, and wild, wild women'

[Video] Catch: A Father's Day Tale

Dear Loungers:

The Most Touching Song Ever.

Anyone still remember Shep Proudfoot?

Advice on buying an electric piano?

Goddamn it is fucking hot here!!! n/t

Ah, the first hot day, gin and tonic season at last.

Gonna Raise HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good album

fuck it, let's dance

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, you will see every problem as a nail."

blame it

fuckity fuck fuck fuck

Everyone really should experience Extenze with the lights off

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

I love '70s soul music...

I'm gobsmacked so here's a picture of a cat in a Santa suit.

Nice weather we're having.

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

Somebody got pooh all over this.

The Sound of the Crowd

Would you trust BarenakedLady?

Anyone here have dry eyes?

OK, so I'm lame. Just recently found out who sings "Baker Street"

Going on hiatus for a week.

My music hits me so hard, makes me say "Oh my lord!"

Sun sets tonight at 9:31 and rises at 4:45.

It's really hot here, so I am hangin out nekkid!`

What's this teenager up to?

To all the dads out there.....

If my son is out there, I do love you.

Greg Deocampo -Video Mash-up Artist

Timely anti-drug, pro-hot dog PSA



The Silver Beatles.

DIY keyboard cat videos

I've had my beer. ask me anything

my plane leaves in three hours

I am watching the FUSE channel special on Bonnaroo.....

what were you thinking the first time you thunk?

Boogie on Reggae Woman

Any insight on nickel allergy and stainless steel steamers?

Who's awake? Are you easy like Sunday morning?

so I joined Twitter

Okay, enlighten me... a CroMagnon

By the gold light of your halo I wanna nail ya

By the gold light of your halo I wanna nail ya

Please, may I have some attention too?

WIlford Brimley Poll

Bored? A couple of garden pictures for your Father's day

I ALMOST hate posting this Britney Spears photo. ALMOST. But if I do, you share my pain.

In honor of my dear departed father. Miss you Dad!

In honor of my dear departed father. Miss you Dad!

Caption this beagle photograph:

Caption this beagle photograph:

What's the cutest fish?

Was Life Really Better in the Good Old Days?


Happy Father's Day, DU dads

Pogue ma mahon.

DUers respond to my threads. What's wrong here?

Paging SCE.... I can has Sunday LOLcats?

Huey Lewis and the News -- the last great rock and roll band?

Whoops! I missed it by one post

Fathers Day Fail

Good Morning Lounge! Whattawe gonna do today?

Help! I continued watching "High School Musical 2" even after my daughter fell asleep last night

I'm opening up the bar. Place your orders.

This important poll needs DU's help

Fox behavior question....

H1N1 has taken me down

Buying Westin Bed: King or California King?

Here's to all the dads no longer with us.

Say what?

Chicago couple with swine flu say 'I do'

What were you drunking the first time you got drink?

Has anyone ever had luck with buying contact lenses on the web?

twitter question

Card from my children

Everyone really should experience a horror movie with the lights off

Rather than arguing about Toll Booths like village idiots, shouldn't we be

Does anybody else enjoy Duncan Stitt?

Am I the only one who is sick to death of these damn Extenze commercials?#!@#$

Saw a real live Deer Park Commercial

Toll House® Cookie jokes are still ok.

Sometimes I feel this old and used up

My daughter jumped in a puddle & splashed me, now I know

Awesome, my Lawn Mower broke down

Patience please, dumb question..

Can we talk about the Toll Brothers, home builders??

Does anybody else enjoy Duncan Hines?

I like how Sam Donaldson's toupee has aged along with him over the years.

When you find yourself in danger...

First day of summer and it's still sweatshirt weather

DU Mac experts.....Why TF does my iBook now have NO SOUND?

In honor of Pride Weekend here in Columbus

Good Stuff...

Songs not to play on the radio for Father's day

Music to bang your head to...

synergy, tight rope; new avatar

Remember Che Guevara?

"Thanks For Nothing"- John Giorno

I don't have an Olive Garden near me....

Sunday Afternoon, "What are you doing?" thread.

My favorite Aunt died yesterday

David Bowie as Pontius Pilate

Tough call, but — maybe the funniest 'toon EVarrr:


Clogesterol; Did the AMA make a spelling mistake?

another Twitter question

Butkus appreciation thread -

New series of Top Gear starts tonight!

All of you bastards are on

Fathers Day song from Jackie Greene!

Father's Day poem thread Sunday 6/21/09


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/21/09

Merlin or Impact?

On this first Father's Day without him, a tribute to my Dad:

If You're Not At Stonehenge, Your Summer Solstice Just Sucks


Chicken. That's what's for dinner.

I see what is going on here

DUers who have been married: What song did you do you first dance to at your wedding?

How should roads be financed?

How should roads be financed?

20 on 20

Ever woken up hanging off the edge of bed while the cat sprawls across the rest of the whole

Sock Doctrine

For Dr. Strange....

Favorite Bill Murray Movie

Is the DU Marketplace eBay for the faint of hearts?

I just saw a cat catch a chipmunk!

CNN BREAKING, LONDON: "Phony Beatlemania Has Bitten The Dust"

Does anybody else enjoy Duncan Sheik?

What's for dinner, DU? --- Sunday edition

Then next time there is a graphic video, I am not going to watch it

Tell us 5 things

Seriously - the toll booth jokes are old and stale. If you can't post to me about something else

For Father's Day I got...

FYI: Don't bother watching the movie 300. nt.

My new job, my first articles!

FYI: The Orioles are leading the Phillies 2-1 in the top of the 9th!

Rush - Subdivisions

For Father's Day, I awoke at 6:30 to catch my two-year-old's vomit in my hands. How about you?

For Father's Day, I awoke at 6:30 to catch my two-year-old's vomit in my hands. How about you?

Today my daughter ran into Chris Rock and David Spade.

HBO/Hanks/Playtone JFK Assassination Series Set For 2013 Release

Lydia Guevara, Che's Granddaughter, Poses Semi-Nude For PETA

I think that a longtime friend of mine could be over...

What Restaurant Chain Do You Most Support?

Sweet Jesus the Jonas Brothers suck!

Hey all you fuckers born in the late 50's

Smilies table overhaul.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Excessive Cuteness Edition

Question about child discipline

Chris Squire's "Fish Out Of Water"...the GREATEST prog rock solo album of all time?

Pic thread for the DU *2D/3D digital artists*. Show your works! (Dial-up warning)

Poll finds wide support for healthcare changes

(Rant warning) The right is demanding we take it to Iran..Same group who went gooey

Take a CHILL PILL!!!

First of two video segments of me on Fox News' Cashin' In today re: Unions, Healthcare and Taxes

Look outside my window there’s an election that’s gone wrong

Susan Rice: Celebrating Title IX

As Americans, we need to wear green clothes in solidarity and Obama too!

HI-Gov/HI-Sen: Dems Look Good for Gov; Sen. Inouye Leads

Americans on health care reform (NYT/CBS)

Biggest story of the past week

Now this is how constructive criticism of Obama look like

Sunday Morning Shows Guest List - 6/21

Public needs to be educataed on health care reform

ODonnell said everything in the government is redistributive!.. socialist


Awesome, my Lawn Mower broke down

President Clinton was keynote speaker at Indiana Jefferson Jackson Dinner Saturday nite.

Her name is Neda--

Obama Takes the Girls For Frozen Custard (OK, I know, I know - but I like it)

"Powerful people are starting to thing that his agenda truly is a threat that must be stopped."

Obama's example: Putting family first

The world is being turned on its ear!!

Helen Thomas: PUMA?

Obama concerned about "unjust actions" in Iran (Reuters)

Obama Effect, In Full Effect!

some fantastic "father Obama" pictures.....

Associated Press: "Obama may need a firmer hand on health care debate"

Think Progress Chart: Explains House, Senate Finance and Senate HELP Committee Health care Plans

If Obama= Bush (more or less) why do the Repukes/Freepers still hate him?

EXPOSED! This is the health care plan proposed by Sarah Palin and "Christian" fundamentalists

PHOTO Caption it? (June 21)

Obama may lack votes on Health, Feinstein says

FDR and the New Deal

PHOTO Caption It? (O & Joe)

John McCain was on Face the Nation

Hey CNN, Republicans who disagree with Obama is hardly "Breaking News"

CaliforniaPeggy Appreciation Thread.

CBS/NY Times Poll: 72% are in favor of a government-run health insurance plan (includ. 50% of Repub)

Second of two video Segments of me on Fox News' Cashin' In, regarding changes to Calif unempl law

Wanker of the Day: Jake Tapper

First Dad

Obama's healthcare lacks votes: Senator Feinstein

I wish Obama was moving faster on ending the wars but if McCain had won we would be in two more!

Federal gov. study on why men hate to wear condoms

McCain: Obama Has 'Done Well' as President So Far

Kay Hagan: the roadblock to real health care reform

Obama's Health Reform Waterloo

Are Muslims now loved by RWers?

In stark legal turnaround, Obama now resembles Bush

I know 2012 is ways off - but do you think anything will really change in terms of

Democrats fear Obama health care plan 'on the rocks'

How Obama Is Killing Health Reform

For the Repubs. who say Obama's "silence" on the Iranian issue shows weakness...

For the Repubs. who say Obama's "silence" on the Iranian issue shows weakness...

Is Obama's Powerstick Showing?

Obama Gives First-Ever Interview By US President To Pakistani Media

Lindsey Graham told Stephanop. that he could not care less about what the public wants for health

Bush was a spoiled, megalomaniacal, psuedo-Cowboy, compulsive liar. Obama is...

Barack Obama is not turning out to be the Dictator I voted for.

I don't envy Pres. Obama.

Don't conflate single payer with "government run healthcare"

"Look what happens when they try to cram reform into this model."......

This is why Democrats lose. THIS IS WHY DEMOCRATS LOSE! Don't you GET IT???!!!!!!

Interesting turn, in criticizing Obama..

Why did you have (or not have) children?

House Healthcare Plan won't establish public option until 2013 and Medicare rates will be phased out

EXCLUSIVE: Minn. lawmaker vows not to complete Census

Violence Grips Tehran Amid Crackdown.

Woman on trial for raping 10 men

In Venezuela, Land 'Rescue' Hopes Unmet

Passenger says TSA agents harassed him

Rockets hit US base in Afghanistan, 2 troops dead

Suit accuses TSA of unreasonable airport detention

Iran's parliament speaker criticizes election authority

US exports to Iran up in Obama's first months

Tony Blair pushed Gordon Brown to hold Iraq war inquiry in private

Recession Lets Parents Seeking Nannies Be Picky

Iran's Mousavi calls for purge of "lies"

Larijani criticizes Guardian Council, IRIB (Iran's Parliament Speaker)

Segregated high school proms divide Georgia's students

Costs are keeping patients from care

D.C. Expands List Of Allowed Guns To Avert Lawsuit

Is this the death of the dollar?

Iran lashes out at European nations questioning election results

Iran clerics criticize leadership over poll unrest

Confidential memo reveals US plan to provoke an invasion of Iraq

At V.A. Hospital, a Rogue Cancer Unit (astounding in its failure)

Iran Blames "Terrorists" For Violence.

FTC plans to monitor blogs for claims, payments

7 militants killed by Pakistan citizens' militia

Agents say DEA is forcing them illegally to work in Afghanistan

Iranian State Media Condemn Mousavi, Protesters

Courage on Tehran's Streets; A Photographer Is Missing

'Ten killed' in Iran clashes - state TV

Burmese jailed for Suu Kyi prayer

At least 24 reporters arrested in Iran

Sarkozy says Iranian authorities' attitude 'inexcusable': report

Confidential memo reveals US plan to provoke an invasion of Iraq

Aide says Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will accept most federal stimulus funds

Newsweek journalist 'detained without charge' in Iran

Goldman to make record bonus payout

McCain: Obama has 'done well'

McCain: Obama has 'done well'

Struggle among Iran's clerics bursts into the open

Ancient Holy Land Quarry Uncovered, Team Says.

'Neda' becomes rallying cry for Iranian protests

Iraq war inquiry could reveal secrets, lies and the rush to war

2 GIs die in attack on U.S. base in Afghanistan

Iran's Mousavi urges more protests, gunfire heard

At VA Hospital A Rogue Cancer Unit

Rafsanjani's daughter arrested in Iran

Self-rule introduced in Greenland

Ammonia leak at NC plant kills 1, injures 4

Kennedy goes to bat for Dodd in campaign ad

Grand Ayatollah (Montazeri) Declares 3 Days of National Mourning

Soros Says Worst Of Global Crisis Is "Behind Us."

Iranian Government Media Declares Mousavi a 'Criminal'

Gay couples can use married names on passports

(Iran's) Guardian Council: Over 100% voted in 50 cities

Al Arabiya's Tehran bureau closed indefinitely/Iran asks BBC reporter to leave

In Poll, Wide Support for Government-Run Health

Guns from America fuel Jamaica's gang wars

Drug Companies, White House Reach $80B Prescription Drug Deal

Afghan firefight shows challenge for US troops

Barack & Friends: Father's Day

pete seeger which side are you on

Large crowds of protesters peacefully defying the "supreme leader" (includes links to over 200 more)

Dramatic footage of crowd been fired at by automatic weapons - bullet zings past camera (graphic)

Begging for Change

Footage of vote rigging in Iran's election?

World biggest gun market

Sicko: Christy's Story

A warning to those behind 'BlackJack'

PDA testimonials- Please join us, we are fighting for you!

Her shortness of breath implied death was near

The Canadian Socialist

Todd Snider-Conservative Christian, Right-wing Republican

Will Jesus Wash The Blood Stains From Your Hands by Hazel Dickens

CNN: Video Of Nighttime Home Invasion In Iran

Neda: One death that inspired millions ... REMEMBER NEDA!

Violence on the streets of Tehran - Al Jazeera English reporting on Neda's murder & more

More right-wing whining

Iran's Rage Against the Machine - Freedom (Found Through HuffPost w\Comments)

Iran Protest Washington DC 6/20/2009

AJ English: Disputed election divides Iranian clergy

CNN: "Death Of Neda" Video Becomes Symbol Of Iranian Protests

SEIU Healthcare 1199NW members heading to DC for healthcare

TYT: Hannity & Rove Busted On Obama/Bush Hypocrisy!

Wind of Change in Iran

TYT: How Can We Change Anti-Progressive 'Conservadems'?

George Will calls right wing attacks on Obama's Iran response "foolish criticism"

TYT: New Documents Confirm (Yet Again) Torture Doesn't Work

June 21: Massive crowd floods st. chanting "Don't be afraid we are together" & "Death to dictator!"

Olive Garden: It's us or Them

Meghan McCain: ... I'm just the blonde sitting here

Neda with her father, before she was shot

TYT: How the Iranian Revolution is Changing the View of Islam in the West

Cool old ladies interview people at mall

High definition footage of brave protesters trading stones with riot police in Tehran

Hey GOP - Haven't You Noticed We're Just Not That In To You?

No Matter Who Is President of Iran, They Would Stone Me

Slideshow: President Obama takes Sasha and Malia Obama out for frozen custard

Iran's Youth: By day it's shawls and overcoats, at night underground raves with alcohol and pot

Buzzflash: "The Green Revolution is Electrifying in Its Courage on the Streets

Obama’s Make-or-Break Summer

More than 1 billion people hungry worldwide in 2009

Protesters cry: 'Death to Khamenei'

The Koran and the Ballot Box

A Public Health Plan

Jonathan Alter: One Nation Under Medicare- Obama must make insurers compete

Lugar: Possible 'Very Brutal' End to Iran Chaos

In Tehran, an Eerie Calm as Death Toll Jumps to 19.

Which Iran would Israel bomb?

What is the real number and why is the government not being honest????

NYT: A Public Health Plan

Ground Zero in Timber Wars Shows Signs of Peace.

The Four Reasons the Mainstream Media Is Worthless

"The horror, the horror" -- Health Insurance CEOs Testify in Congress

Transparency? We don't need no stinking transparency.

Gay PR (by Dalitso Njolinjo)

Tudeh Party of Iran, Statement on the electoral Coup d'etat in Iran!

Most polled want universal coverage

US protectionism will be counter-productive: Azim Premji (Wipro-India)

Obama won by MILLIONS MORE than we've been told

The curious case of AN 124 (The Statesman)

Buzzflash: "Gays,Minorities & Liberals Didn't Bring Down Wall Street; GOP White Males Did"

A Little Talk with the Man who prayed For Obama's Death

Christian Soldiers-growing controversy over military chaplains using armed forces to spread the word

HAITI: Your Tax $ at Work -Footage of UN Arrest of Aristide Supporter and Murder of Another

Haitians weigh whether to vote in run-off for Senate seats amid violence, political tensions

KEVIN PINA: "A Funeral and a Boycott: 'The Struggle Continues' in Haiti"

Ricardo Alarcon: Pardon the Five or Swap Them

Menendez Stops Cong. Hispanic Caucus on Cuba Legislation /Holds Up US Amb. to Mexico Nomination

Mafia man arrested in Venezuela

Che Guevara's granddaughter poses for PETA

The tie-up between a renewable grid and the electric car, or: "Why we are adopting the PHEV"

Ethanol Explosion Kills One, Burn 6, Causes Evacuation of 600 homes.

Another one for the "No shit, Sherlock" award.

FYI: Galeano on BookTV Sunday, 9PM

In Venezuela, Land 'Rescue' Hopes Unmet

Wind Could Power Europe Many Times Over

Damn football player!

Giants player scratches his balls while at the plate.

Rachel Alexandra to 'Race For a Cure'

This now makes only 28 more messages and we hit 100,000...

The Nascar Toyota/Save Mart 350 is just about ready to start!

It's a good sign that this topic gets fans juiced

Happy 100,000 Everyone!

Nats to Fourth Straight!!!!!!!

Giants honor Randy Johnson for 300th win

Another idea for MLB all star game

GM’s Sale Opposed by 10 States, Union Retirees and Chrysler

Smith’s (Kroger) strikes deal with union (2,000 members)

Gambian Authorities Charge Seven Journalists with Sedition

Are Hostile Work Environment Complaints Violations of the California Labor Law?

Teamster deal may avert UPS layoffs

SATA drivers vote to unionize

N.C. law strengthens rules for child labor

Next leader of AFL-CIO could see rise in power (Trumka?)

Were Octo-mom's newborns mistreated as actors? Labor commish says maybe

No Balls, No Gains (my best post of the day)

Guest Opinion: Bill would boost jobs, environment for workers

Dex Media and IBEW Agree to New Contract

Viewpoint: Documentary recalls Salinas ag controversy (Chavez 70's lettuce boycott)

Flight attendants union asks FAA to require airlines to screen passengers for swine flu

More demanded from state to stop heat-related deaths

Today in labor history June 21, 10 were hanged in Pennsylvania, 3 civil rights workers disappear Ms.

New Labor Agreements Set For Las Vegas Strip Casino Workers

Iranian unions join the resistance

At VA Hospital A Rogue Cancer Unit

The Health Care Bailout — How Big Insurance and Pharmaceuticals Are Taking Over Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform by Medicare Expansion

Giving People What They Want on Health Care -- Even Republicans

VIDEO..Health care cartoon.. "Have a Heart"

(Apple') Jobs's Transplant Highlights Differing Wait Times

How many people believe that the reason single payer isn't on the table is because....

Get ready for mandatory health insurance

National Rally for Healthcare June 25th

Health Care Reform Could Save $1.82 Trillion

At V.A. Hospital, a Rogue Cancer Unit

Homeopathic Preparations of Quartz, Sulfur and Copper Sulfate Assessed by UV-Spectroscopy

Associated Press: "Obama may need a firmer hand on health care debate"

Kay Hagan: the roadblock to real health care reform

Americans Want Real Health Care Reform. Help Us Make Congress Understand

Democrats fear Obama health care plan 'on the rocks'

EXPOSED! This is the health care plan proposed by Sarah Palin and "Christian" fundamentalists

House Healthcare Plan won't establish public option until 2013 and Medicare rates will be phased out

Acupuncture May Be Beneficial In Relieving Indigestion During Pregnancy

Canada proposes six chemicals ban in toys, new lead limits

"Homeopathy is crap"...

Letters: Strikes and worker rights & Employee Free Choice Act will restore middle class

Anti-gun group lies about GAO report?

90% of gunz seized from Mexican drug cartels come from U.S. REALLY?

Sympathy for deranged gun owners

Guns from America fuel Jamaica's gang wars

Falsehoods used by a few pro-gun DUers

More non-rifle violence

Israel allows first shipment of cattle into Gaza for 9 months

Deciding Israel's future

Which Iran would Israel bomb?

Obama's Bix Fix

Xstrata Seeks Merger with Anglo American

Soup kitchen queues grow as US teeters on brink of new downturn

Despite Promising Signs, Many Wary that Recession's Knockout Punch Could Still Come

Gay marriage finds support in Asian communities

Delete - Wrong forum

Gay-marriage law fuels 'huge' turnout (Pride in Portland, ME)

Thank goodness DU has a handle on what's REALLY important

Finalists are up in GD "PORTRAIT of a STRANGER"

Hey guys stop being so impatient! You don't know what he's going through!

Anchorage Pridefest parade

Anchorage's Pride Parade

‘Swine’ Bankers Shun Jet Loans, Leave $36 Billion Gap

Gay couples can use married names on passports

In honor of both Gay pride and Juneteenth

Science Images of the week...

Moon Probe's Final Images Before Crash

After 40 years' reflection, laser moon mirror project is axed

Work starts on New Mexico spaceport (BBC)

A message from Tehran

Well I'm back!!! :-D

Someone recently asked who reads their online horoscopes; I do, and this

Interesting Take on Jellyfish Crop Circle

Could this Dream represent the Fourth Awakening?!?!?!?

Happy Solstice Birthday: Idylle Moon Dancer

I'm a field Negro. - What are our leaders? by John Aravosis

[Video] Tim Minchin

A Little Talk with the Man who prayed For Obama's Death

[Video] Bill Maher and Larry Charles

Amreen and Lokesh

Religious "conspiracy" to derail life-on-Mars research?

Scientology: The Truth Rundown

Obama Week Ahead June 22

Obamas Father's Day Messages

I See What the Atheists Mean

Just turned a sows ear into a silk purse as the saying goes.

So, I went to the store and there is a big bag of overripe bananas for $1.00.

Hey, I'm going to Whole Paycheck!

Is this yum, or yuck?

The end is coming in 2012, the new trailer for the movie 2012.

Prepare for "Green" jobs in Dallas, TX

Canwest: Tories won't tell future Afghan war costs