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Archives: June 22, 2009

Are you the hammer, or the nail?

I had oatmeal for breakfast

Anyone here ever had gangreen?

What has Soviet Russia done to you today?

So, what did YOU do to pass the time while I was gone?

Would Thor carry a hammer nowadays?

Are you aware of all internet traditions?

Will it happen?

Anybody else getting: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"? I got it 15 times in 30 minute

Canadians, May we buy into your health care?

Segregated white/black high school proms divide Georgia's students

Sock Doctrine

Eyewitness: From Tehran's Streets - Photos from Life

Survey raises questions about Iran vote results

We're baa-ack.

Interesting post from NBC via Huffpo

Has anybody noticed DU intermittently going down today?

What's wrong with Twitter is what's wrong with getting "news" from the internet in general

My Two Cents on the "Twitter Revolution" in Iran.

My Two Cents on the "Twitter Revolution" in Iran.

Bennett: Obama's reaction to Iran 'very disappointing'

Unconfirmed... But It Wouldn't Surprise Me...

Should it be legal to "Tweet" while driving?

How a NYT Reporter Escaped From the Taliban

Man with fireworks was thinking Arby's

DUers on Twitter please read and act re: Iran

The birfer saga continues - in - watch my battle with HeartlessLiberterian...

Keep An Eye Out For A General Strike In Iran - HuffPo Updates

Keep An Eye Out For A General Strike In Iran - HuffPo Updates

"Defense of Marriage"... defend it from what?

An Inspirational Story

How long does it take to clear customs and get into Tokyo from NRT?

Ok , did the Iranian Gov hack into DU ?

Ground the Airbus? (excellent article)

by the way....

Another Tick Tock post.

Here's A Theory I Came Across As To How Obama's Going To Get Us Universal Healthcare.......

Value of new radiation detectors questioned

Taliban firefight may foretell bloody summer for US troops

You know I hate regional politics...[rant]

Thank you Senator Barbara Boxer, for standing up for yourself and for women

Soldier suing after being stripped of Subway restaurant franchises

This explains our society and why aliens have not made contact...

New York City workers forced to pay for crisis

Another building collapse in NY

David Sirota: Obama Must Dare To Be Revolutionary

What if our health care financing system had been designed like a wheel?

What if our health care financing system had been designed like a wheel?

AlterNet: 'Green Shoots' of Recovery? Don't Fall for the Media's Economic Triumphalism

Just when you think you've heard everything

The woman who accused President of palling around with terrorists is pissed at frivolous bloggers

Dumbest Freep of the day: "Iran Could Happen Here if the Liberals Push Us Too Far. Do You Agree?"

Something I Thought As I Watched The Iranian Protests This Week

A "government bureaucrat" is a great improvement over the current "insurance company bureaucrat"

Drug War and Mexico's Elections

Link to story about Pete Seegers Weekend Clearwater Concert

MSP Star-Tribune: Swine flu strikes 10 at Minn. camp for kids with muscular dystrophy

The Nation: Neocons Are Clueless About Iran

Newsweek Reporter Jailed in Iran

I saw McCain on TV yesterday......and all I could think of was....

The Advocate Misgenders Trans Woman

Coleman Staffers Getting New Jobs

(body language.. Tweety & Jack Welsh on Joe)

Here is what I sent out to my Congress people

DU, I'm disheartened. Talk me out of leaving the forum.

RE: Iran, Isn't the question what the UN (Russia/India/China) should do, not what Obama/US should do

WJ topic now on CSpin - Is the Administration's response to Iran too timid?

What happened to Cheney and his Daughter ?

Busy weekend here so I havent seen a thread yet. Happy Summer Solstice!!!

poor, poor gop-can't make any 'capital' going after Sotomayor

Congress against public health insurance...

State (NC)has money woes despite lottery

Perdue signs texting ban

'Neda' translation is "divine calling". Wow. There's a message.

Paterson Vows Vote on Gay Marriage Before Break

Hey people at the Sidetrack Tap: Any news from Lake Wobegon yet?

lindsey F*****g graham 'needs to go away', HE'S got FREE health care, on US

Ensign Defends Payments to Woman He Had Affair With

Movie Review “Year One”: In the beginning … there was gay panic.

President Obama: Can't Let U.S. Be "Foil" For Tehran

Darth Rums' rehab begins: Colin & Condo lied, TOO!1 Waaambulance!1

"Let's Recount" (TOON)

Big Pharma will be out in public today, making a big bribe to the American people

Wow, & you thought the White House was big - check out the Sultan's Palace

Typing In an E-Mail Address, and Giving Up Your Friends’ as Well

Has anybody seen Kenny Blackwell? 100% + voter turn out in Iran

Excellent Website (Said to be brand new)for Iranian Videos

Judicial Restraint

Insurance companies are not in business to pay claims.

Drill, Baby,Drill? Do It Sideways, Says Senator (R-AK)

AUDIO: How Neda Got On YouTube

I'm Boycotting Olive Garden

Saying that because we spent a trillion dollars on war, we should spend a trillion on health care

Health Care Reform Discussion area, anyone?

NYT: Iranian Guards Threaten to Crush Dissent as Vote Errors Are Admitted

WaPo: Unemployment projected to rise for another year before topping out in double digits

"Iran becomes world’s biggest prison for journalists"

More than mere lunacy [Holocaust Museum murder]

More Republican family values - Father Son Fist Fight on Fathers Day.

Iranian Protesters Make Police Flee (Video)

Corker Impatiently Blows Off Meeting With Sotomayor Because She Was Slowed By Temporary Disability

Example of Chinese hospitality - with pics!

WaMu now Chase...

Government asks to dismiss Geronimo lawsuit (Skull and Bones)

Whose the Senator busting the most ass for true, real, total, health care reform? Answer:

Sea lion rescued from Oakland freeway

Pets passing on superbug

who the hell is bret baier

who the hell is bret baier

Philippe Sands: "I've met a lot of people who engaged in torture"

Did anyone see the smug and arrogant look Scarborough gave Chris Mathews...?

The difference between the typical Freeper and those of us to the left of center...

Where Can I Find How Much Money My Congressman Has Taken From Big Insurance & Pharma?.......

TIME: Rummy: "They never say Colin Powell lied. They don't say Condi lied."

some excellent news coverage on Iran, for those interested

The case against arbitration

Reid's Approval Lower Than Ensign's

Iran FM spokesman: "No one encouraged the American people to stage a riot” over re-election of Bush


For What It's Worth...

Sacramento Bee: Income tax decline hits California, other states hard

If all we get out of this Presidency is our restored standing as a leader

This headline makes me very sad, and dispirited: "Tehran's streets quiet as protests fade"

Change we can believe in…NOW!

had hoped to never see Rummy's face on TV again - was ambushed this a.m.

Goldman Sachs on pace for record bonuses!...Obama enough alread!

Republicans pretend healthcare is a gift to the people.

Woman trampled to death by cows

NYT online app tells where US-assembled cars & trucks are made, and if they are unionized.

Super rich Job gets new liver ...

Artificial Sweeteners May Contaminate Water Downstream Of Sewage Treatment Plants And Even Drinking

Shawna Forde's MAD Anti-Immigrant Group Dissolves

Dollars & Sense: World Hunger Reaches 1 Billion Mark

Former Hastert staffer's CNN Op-Ed piece: "Why Democrats give GOP hope"

OUCH! Shepard Smith calls O'Reilly, Hannity & Beck "fascinating, terrific entertainers"

Special Interest Money Means Longer Odds for Public Option

Does anyone here sport the "Don't Tread on Me" flag on your lawn or vehicle?

Would single-payer pass if we had publicly-funded elections?

World Bank puts the kibosh on all of this economic happy talk

Delete, so I don't get in trouble for asking stupid questions.

Robert Kuttner: The Policy That Dare Not Speak Its Name

White House Changes the Terms of a Campaign Pledge About Posting Bills Online

How can someone be following me on Twitter when I'm not on Twitter?

The Nation: The Next Explosion in Iran "The election was stolen. It is there in black and white."

The very, very, very small tent (Durham Indy re: NC GOP)

Just a reminder, Cheney more popular than the Republican party

More Guns For Iran-Repug Candidate: "situation in Iran would be different if they had 2nd amendment"

Of course Chavez supports Ahmadinejad!

Alcohol abuse by GIs soars since '03

Twitter Revolution has attention of Pentagon. (video)

Has DU been infiltrated?

Imagine if Americans Were To March On Capitol Hill For Single Payer Healthcare...

Voter Fraud Complaint Against Coulter 'Still Pending' say CT Officials

Voter Fraud Complaint Against Coulter 'Still Pending' say CT Officials

Bill Scher: Whither The Blue (Cross) Dogs

Bill Scher: Whither The Blue (Cross) Dogs

The path leftward begins with a single step.

Corker Impatiently Blows Off Meeting With Sotomayor Because She Was Slowed By Temporary Disability

Questioning the authenticity of the video

Questioning the authenticity of the video

Just a support thread for Iran

LOL - WJW Fox 8 Cleveland does a ridiculous story on a bear in a lady's backyard

Tony Blair......still a creep.

Iran Takes Advice from the Health Care Industry


Goldman to make record bonus payout - biggest in 140 yrs

Neda, the "Angel of Iran" gets Facebook tribute & Wikipedia profile

Gov. Rick Perry strikes twice

Gov. Rick Perry strikes twice

Why do good revolutions always fail and bad revolutions always suceed?

Shiroudi Sports Compound turned into a military garrison June 22, 2009

Dodd Comes Around To Support Full Gay Marriage Rights!

What makes Neda and other Iranian protest victims different from other "martyrs" to me.

Rightbloggers Rage as Obama Betrays Iran with His Ice Cream of Indifference!

Rightbloggers Rage as Obama Betrays Iran with His Ice Cream of Indifference!

If our health care system was so good others would adapt it

My hero of the day, DU mod cbayer!! Three cheers!

Al Sharpton is in Bermuda to lend support to the Prime Minister

Iran Election Tracker For The Easily Overwhelmed

More Violent Videos From Iran-(WARNING GRAPHIC)

MarketWatch: Many believe homeownership is no longer a way to build wealth: survey

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Take Us Beyond Neda

Journal server down. I have problems getting to DU several times.

Anchorage Pridefest 2009 - photos


Bork admits in interview he would have voted to overturn Roe V. Wade

We need to take inspiration from the Iranians .. lets protest of lack of health care options

For my sanity mods I humbly thank you!

For my sanity mods I humbly thank you!

Is Senator Ensign on stage with President Obama


Looking for resources to teach a non-English speaking friend to read; any advice?

Why the Iranian protests will NOT die down.

IFJ Demands Safety for Iranian Journalists as Union Leaders Go into Hiding

CIA seeks laid-off bankers in N.Y. recruitment drive - at secret location

Sen. John Ensign must be delighted over the protests in Iran.

Big Tent Debate: American people 4-1 behind public option. Too many DC Dems saying NO.

European vs. U.S. Unemployment Explained

California to Solve Budget Crisis With Make-Believe

Arab US puppet states gloat at Iran strife, but wary of result

Arab US puppet states gloat at Iran strife, but wary of result

Amazing statement by Senator Dodd (D-CT) on gay marriage


Dear Sen Hagan - we replaced Dole with you to act like a Democrat

Does anyone not 'tweet'? I don't, and have no clue

LIFE Magazine Photographer Missing In Iran

AP: World hunger reaches the 1 billion people mark

If Hannity supported the troops as much as Colbert, he'd get a military cut as well!

Which members of the house & senate EARN their $174,000 ( & benefits) per year?

A message from Tehran (x-post from science forum)

77 members of Congress call for DADT discharge suspension in letter to the President

how do you get a job is you can't read and write very good or at all

There goes the Lowry bridge

Right Wing Spelling Musheen

Great Email from a Wealthy Doctor... Who Hates the Current System

Will Congress Put the F-22 Above Health Care And Cleaning Up Dangerous Nuclear Waste?

Stay Out of It, Obama

In Bid to Stay Current, Ayatollah Joins MySpace

Hannity is a long-haired coward!!

"The World According to Monsanto" (video)

To my 77 new favorite members of Congress...

Which way do you lean on the political scale?

Morning Joe: Scarborough: McCain, Graham undermining Iranian People

5.7 magnitude earthquake near Anchorage, Alaska

24/7WallStreet: What If Companies Don’t Hire People Back?

24/7WallStreet: What If Companies Don’t Hire People Back?

Sotomayor Fight Eroding What’s Left Of Latino Support For GOP?

Do you think Pres. Obama is adequately leading our nation and party?

What choices do Americans have under the healthcare system dictated by private insurance?

Is the Green Revolution Underway in Iran? .... Reformists are Islamists, Too

Coming up on Tweety - the Rushican Ensign problem

Woman's Rights in the British Parliament

Kitten dropped, discovered in Boston city mailbox

Kitten dropped, discovered in Boston city mailbox

Breaking: Chris Brown Reaches Plea Deal in Rihanna Beating Case

Service Members Defense Network to Picket/Protest DNC gay fundraiser

Rollcall: I called about the public option today, did you?

Rollcall: I called about the public option today, did you?

Step with me into the wayback machine (RE new web technologies)

Iranian Student Protestors shot by Basij - June 22 (graphic video)

Iranian Student Protestors shot by Basij - June 22 (graphic video)

PSA for DU'ers, and our wonderful friends

Dan Burton, Protecting the House From Terrorists (Alone)

Vocabulary for the day: "Asset stripping"

Timid Blue Dogs and 'Centrists' Pose Greatest Threat to Healthcare Reform -- Tell Congress To Act

GOP Senate Candidate: What Iran Needs Is More Guns

The "smug factor" on Fox news.

If one more person tells me it is possible to work with creditors...

SC Republican Governor Mark Sanford has been missing since Thursday

SC Republican Governor Mark Sanford has been missing since Thursday

Independent UK: Swine flu 'could infect up to half the population'

We're Screwed - And Willingly So

What are the arguements against Co-ops (besides "Healthcare shouldn't be for profit")

It's amazing how much shock and surprise there is on DU that this isn't working out for us...

Frickin' credit card companies

Essay on Spam, by Alexander Pope (dedicated to Fox News)

Hate By Numbers: 7 Hypocritical Moments in Fox's Letterman/Palin Report

Updated: 2 Dead, Many Injured in DC Metro Accident

Please help DU my Rep's healthcare survey

Neda's fiance speaks, and another live photo of Neda

SCOTUS will not revive Plame's lawsuit

Lord I despise Darril Issa

'Nice lady' dies on bench outside homeless shelter

Iran starts airforce manoeuvres in Gulf

Anyone heard news on a double train collision in DC?

Bill Maher is pretty funny - and spot-on.

A message to the ayatollah-ists than seem to be swarming upon DU today.

Police: Glendale Man Sang Eminem While Stabbing Family

Atlantic crash bodies identified (BBC) {Air France 447}

Atlantic crash bodies identified (BBC) {Air France 447}

Iran Protestors attack, Basijis flee. video. good footage.

Did Sen. Bob Casey Just Divulge The Talking Point For Health Reform On The Ed Show.......

for DUers who are on facebook.

The WH Press Corps is ON THE JOB! Pressed Gibbs many times to clarify whether Obama

Wasn't Gray Davis Recalled For the Job He was Doing in CA.?How come Arnold Gets A Free Pass?

Carlyle Group is literally selling us our own poop, and it's literally sickening people:

WaPo: Two Dead, Many Injured in Red Line Collision (DC Metrorail)

Another Metro update: Four confirmed dead; two very critical.

"Serving the Medical-Industrial Complex" by Robert Parry (6-22-09 Consortium News)

Help. Got this in an email. Can anyone shoot holes in it?

A picture from the Iranian revolution in 1979

So What's The Latest In The Mn Franken/Coleman Race?......

DU Twitter'ers... How to show support for Iran

Want a city job? Fork over your usernames, passwords(Bozeman, MT)

US tries to stop Geronimo lawsuit.

Israel has Universial Health Care

Congress: At this moment, nothing looks worse than not supporting health care reform

Rasmussen Continues To Lead The Fake Poll Index

Live audio feed of DC Fire Dept

The only picture of Sanford I want to see is this one:

US wants to drop drug charges against millionaire

Quelle surprise!: Murdoch's NewsCorp published bogus email slandering Australian (liberal) govt.

Whenever you feel you're through with Obama - remember, it could be a lot worse

Whenever you feel you're through with Obama - remember, it could be a lot worse

Regarding Neda

The original wardrobe malfunction

Missing for 50 years - US nuclear bomb (BBC)

my letter to sen Hagan on health care

We can't afford NOT to have a public option.

Update on DC Metro crash: 42 taken to hospital, at least two dead.

Sarkozy says burqas are 'not welcome' in France

Wolf said the Mayor of LA would tell him if he is running for Gov.

New Game - Kick Obama To The Ground

The Policy That Dare Not Speak Its Name - Medicare for All

The Repukes would have gone BALLISTIC if the Iranians had interfered in the 2000/2004 election

Poll: Ensign's numbers plunge after admitting affair

Single-payer coverage or universal coverage ?

My ltte got a!

DUers -->Tonight @9pm EST History channel: The Crumbling of America

Bush Officials Cash In as More Americans Lose Out

Sanjay Gupta just did a piece on CNN re: 62% of bankruptcies caused by medical debt - video

Two trains collide in DC but Blitzer is preoccupied with Iran

Governor Mark Sanford's picture will be

This exchange from "The Godfather" made something clear to me

Who cares?

AARP to Endorse Offer Of Drugmaker Price Cuts

How touching ....Reza Pahlevi, former Iranian Crown Prince, sheds tears for Iran on CNN

Diane Sawyer responds to Hannity's "Mickey Mouse Sponsored Infomercial" Charge

There's an article about polyamory in the Chicago Red Eye today.

One important last Metro update: Train was inbound. If it had been outbound . . .

Scarborough (!) Lambastes McCain And Graham On Iran: They’re ‘So Shortsighted I Find It Stunning’

AP source: DHS to kill domestic satellite spying

Some douchebag on BlogSpot is helping Iranian security identify protesters

Obama signs tobacco bill into law (BBC)

People on terrorist watch list allowed to buy guns and explosives.

Remember When Bush Stole The Election?

TV cable question.

French prosecutor wants to ban scientology

Reports: Iran's Clerics Considering Removal of Khamenei and Ahmadinejad

New York Times plays dumb about sore loser Norm Coleman

New York Times plays dumb about sore loser Norm Coleman

New York Times plays dumb about sore loser Norm Coleman

A Picture Of Neda Soltani, When She Was Alive

Pat Buchanan hosts English-only 'conferenece'

Oh, That?

Oh, That?

What should be done with politicians who deny affordable health care for all?

If you support a Public Health Care option, sign this petition...(Schumer, Durbin, Leahy)

350,000 signatures for Stand with Dean

L.A. Times: Lancaster, PA, security cameras monitored by unregulated volunteers. Creepy!

US Drug War Money Funded Peru Indigenous Massacre

“insanely useful Web sites” for government transparency.

Kucinich, Webb and others want decriminalization on the table

Many private companies successfully compete on the same playing field as public services

First look on the DU, 3 NEW national ads run starting tomorrow!

Comparing Bush and Obama, why I'm so sick of people bashing Obama

Comparing Bush and Obama, why I'm so sick of people bashing Obama

I've started to watch the BBC broadcast every afternoon.

Hey you Texas bashers! Yeah, YOU! Check it out.

Oh my - it's the Shah's son speaking at the National Press Club

"Christian" book burners want "compensatory damages" for being "exposed" to heathen book at library

Please check out my Truthiness poll.

So there's this website where you tell what you're doing every minute of the day

Several young teens accosted my in-laws about the status of their souls' after-life at a boardwalk.

Maybe it's up to us: People Power Pushed the New Deal

Iran Report: Rafsanjani Has LETTER Signed By 40 Senior Clerics-Who Want Election Results Annulled.

Re: This forum

Re: This forum

Re: This forum

George Carlin Died One Year Ago Today

Under Misspelled Banner, Pat Buchanan & Nazi Peter Brimelow Argue for English-Only Initiatives

Patients Often Not Told About Abnormal Test Results

Patients Often Not Told About Abnormal Test Results

What Bush Told Blair Could End the Wars

Who here has given up fast food & junk food?

So what do you think of Sarkozy's opinion on Islamic Burqa's?

Iran - the next important stage will not be the streets, it will be the technicians

How Duer's communicate on Twitter?


True or false: "All progress is based on exploitation"

Dr. Dean has 350,000 signitures in favor of health care plan with public option

What is the problem, choir?

SCOTUS has literally lost its mind!

Obama's Undeclared War Against Pakistan Continues, Despite His Attempt to Downplay It

"Twitter ripped the veil off ‘the other’ – and we saw ourselves"

Iran Had a Democracy Before We Took It Away

Obama needs to change his campaign slogan from "Yes We Can"


Heinz catsup commercial - only made from tomatoes grown from 'their' seeds

What's going on in New York?

Just called White House Comment line about health care reform and got right through

Insurance Companies Refuse Autism Coverage

L. Coyote, DUers following events in Peru: a response from the embassy

L. Coyote, DUers following events in Peru: a response from the embassy

Fundies: Pepsi sponsoring rainbow-flag toting terra this Sunday !!!!!

Post your own Sarah Palin theory on the Anchorage earthquake

Supreme Court Pulls Teeth From the Voting Rights Act

OK. I'm convinced. Barack Obama is a warmongering

Poll being seriously freeped. Please DU it!

Ed Schultz wants to further compound the injustice of being on the terrorist watchlist.

The Iranian Revolution that Wasn't for working Iranians:

Chevy Volt, for $40000

The Death Of Brands: Passing Up Advil For Aspirin

Until Americans accept that the political process is corporately sponsored......

Eighty Fucking Five Percent. EIGHTY FIVE. What the living fuck are you waiting for?????

Tony Blair faces calls to appear at public Iraq war inquiry after plan backfires

Iranian Guardian Council Admits Vote Fraud

March with us. (Lt Dan Choi)

The number of us who are dicontented and not afraid to say so is growing.

Robert Bork says choosing Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court was 'a bad mistake'

Marco Rubio, Florida Senate Candidate, Suggests Iran Needs More Guns

Iran's Web Spying Aided By Western Technology

A bunch of us DU'rs were all hanging out on Twitter during DU outage

Proposed Greenhouse Gas Legislation Exempts Largest Contributor of Greenhouse Gas

We Won't Be Fooled Again

Twitter, and how Ray Kurzweil was right.

Where in the World is Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC)? He's been missing since Thursday...

Should people on the U.S. terrorist watch list be allowed to buy guns? Help Us Through These Hard Times

Sardar (General) Ali Fazli of the Revolutionary Guard arrested by order of Ali Khamenei - I_Report

Tired of hearing we "don't have the votes." Yes, we do have the votes to pass the Democratic agenda.

What a weird thing I allowed to happen in my excitement to get our President elected!

Two Dem Senators pushing for offshore drilling in Florida. Democrats once opposed it.

Two Dem Senators pushing for offshore drilling in Florida. Democrats once opposed it.

Chávez wants to end medicine patents

MSNBC weekend programming ideas

What's with you, Mr. President?

So what has Obama really done so far?

"Ma'am-Gate"...Chuck DeVore calls Senator's salutation preference "liberal-military confrontation"

[Video] This guy must be on

Father's Day

Any DUers near AC next Saturday!!!!!!!`

First One Back!

Trying to decide if I want to join Twitter. Arguments?

Who are those Kubucki type dancers in the new gator aid commercial...

Where we stand and where we fall, history won't care at all.

Question about buying my first flat screen teevee....

"You have to move at the speed of light to stay ahead of the wolfpack..."

Lion King Beatbox

Play it safe or take a chance?

I should be sleeping but I'm not

If You're At Stonehenge and you have no picture of the sunrise, Your Summer Solstice Just Sucks

What do you think happened to Honey Bunny and Ringo after Jules let them go?

Similies label under the drop leaf

They oughta take a rope and hang me, High from the highest tree Woman would you weep for me.

I put my pants on just like the rest of you - one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on...

Help. My wife's an AOL addict - how do I wean her off it?

Anyone else getting knocked off DU today?

Anyone else get knocked off DU today?

Anyone else get knocked up on DU today?

I just drove 1888 miles, ask me anything!

My Dear Jason

Another thing that pisses me off about the music industry...

Knock knock

Man, this shirt smells like a fart for no reason.

Oh, joy. A garbage strike during Pride Week.

I just smoked waaay too much herb

I really don't think the movie "Pinocchio" could get made today.

4 Leaf Clover

Why are you such a grouch, Oscar?

The stars and planets must have been in perfect alignment for

The Monkees- just a kiddy band? I wonder...

Top Gear's The Stig 'unmasked' as......

Long lost Rosie Vela video. Mysterious why she did not hit it big.

Hilarious commercial: Beer & Porn

Some great Monday morning music: Neil Young, "Unknown Legend," Madison Square Garden 12/15/08

Delaware people: Is there a huge rivarly between North and South Delaware?

"Fart" is the word for today. Modify a thread title to include "fart".

Watching VH1 for a while today, yes they actually play music in the AM...

Another classic GD thread

So am I insane for even considering to do a one day 100K hike next April?

OTC drug question

"New Rules" starts out with a picture of an Olive Garden sign!!!

Why is there air?



well my life is shit until June 20th 2016

Holy (bleep!) "Four Dead In Ohio," Neil Young acoustic live.

Why the FUCK are there huge demonstrations in the US about Iran's election, BUT...

My little sister is headed to college

Iowa teen is the latest texting champion

What does it mean when your cats groom your laptop?

Last week in Ohio (knock on wood)

Don't ever touch the Cornballer!

There's always money in the banana stand.

I am about as angry as I can get

poor Bernie Kosar

Upon reaching the Pacific Ocean, Vasco Nunez de Balboa....

A Monday poem thread 6/22/09 (LANGUAGE WARNING)

Jeff mayor apologizes for lawyer in trash can photo

Microsoft is the Fox News of Software...

A buddy of mine has turned me on to hula

Hm, so the USA needed Brazil's help to qualify for the Confederations Cup semifinals.

The "Lock of the Day" in GD!!

Any fans of the group Passion Pit?

I need a kielbasa sack!

Anyone else identify with Adrian Monk, even if you don't have OCD?

Indigo girls!

Did I make a mistake buying a 30-story one-bedroom house?

Russians getting the hang of

Flashback video, 1981. Prince: "Controversy."

Another tune I need help identifying!

Trailer for Fight Club 2

we've had to make trips to urgent care and the vet in the last 24 hours

Wallop the Cat.

I need some opinions about renting an apartment

OK, who's kid is this?

Today's phrase is "Bentham's panopticon." Modify a thread title using "Bentham's panopticon"

Ryan O'Neal And Farrah Fawcett To Marry

Perez Hilton claims he was attacked ....

I was struck by lightning ...

I love my dad.

LOL - WJW Fox 8 Cleveland does a ridiculous story on a bear in a lady's backyard

Did I make a mistake buying a 1 story, 30 bedroom house?

Can anybody identify this acoustic guitar tune?

I am reconsidering the motely36 as a really cool person...

Circle the cat

I just found the title to the car

I am rushing to reconsider

Who can't wait to see the newest Harry Potter flick?

I am reconsidering the band Rush

I am reconsidering the motely36 as a well endowed person...

Who can't wait to see the newest Col. Potter flick?

Who can't wait to see the newest George Potter flick?

arguably the best surfing move ever....

My fellow DUers, I have arrived.

Good morning Lounge

Chris Brown hearing today, rumor is that Geragos is working on a plea deal

Holy crap, it's 5:30 in the morning and muggy as hell already

Rain rain rain rain! Rain rain rain rain! Rain rain rain rain!

Pfft! If you think Jimmy Page was cool cuz he played a doubleneck

Pfft! If you think Jimmy Page was cool cuz he played a doubleneck

So, I guess the 'erotic services' on Craigslist has moved to 'farm and garden'

Hey...groovy types...look at this groovy LP-holding room divider

Brush with celebrity's asshole.

Out of my past week's musical interests, which is the best?

Why are cliches called refrains?

I invented a chunky-style toothpaste, and it just isn't catching on.

Bout a $180 item on credit card. Should I go back and return it tonight?

The gas has been re-connected at Casa de Sasquatch

the but tutcher is not the only crazy among my spawn

Actual phrases from Royal Navy Officer Efficiency Reports.


Make your own Dane Cook Joke

Michael Schumacher revealed to be the Stig's alter ego.

Booze, is there anything you can't do?

Ok, it turns out that 12 bass fillets is a LOT of fish

"My DU" Anyone else having display issues?

Post a fact that will shock and surprise others...

What is the worst Flemish at the worst time you've ever suffered?

Useless trivia of the day....

San Francisco gets a new Cable Car

The wang is a beautiful thing!

If you pick a tomato green and sit it on the counter to ripen, which

It has come to my attention that fishing lures

Wow. Comcast is so shitty, even their customer service line isn't working.

Izzie says Good Morning!!! (Kittens!!! Dial up warning)

What happened to the "Post random photobucket crap" thread?

so, as soon as ThomCat gets the package I mailed him

I made a horrifying discovery today.

Name or describe an urban legend you believed....

A buddy of mine has turned me on to hulu

Fans of continuously variable transmissions check in here.

Worst state in the NorthEast and Mid-Atl to drive through on I-95??

I think we need a Take your Cat to Work Day.

I think we need a Take your Cat to Work Day.

Hi. I'm back from Manitou Springs

ugly wedding dresses

Shutter Island - trailer for new movie directed by Martin Scorsese

What's your favorite color?

What is the best soap to get out gravy?

Name or describe an urban dictionary entry you believed....

Monday, June 22nd. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

I'm bummed....

What's for dinner, DU? --- Monday edition

whew! 85 degrees at 7:05 AM in my town FL.

Wow, we have some rain, finally.

Does Fame or Fortune Matter To You?

Does Fame or Fortune Matter To You?

hug me. she is gone, her room is empty and My daughter has left home

Greetings from Wheaton,Il!!

What's your favorite condiment?

kitteah picture of the day for monday june 22


San Diegans (is that right?)! Some questions for you...

Any psychic DU'ers?

Does a MONKEY with a DRUG addiction have a PERSON on their back?

My dahlia's are dead.

I like horsies

Must... stop... falling in love... with WAITRESSES. That is all. Nothing to see here, folks.

Learning to swim--when I was in college we HAD to take swimming.

True Blood fans check in - some freaky stuff ** Spoilers **

I feel like the unhandiest man on the planet.

It absolutely kills me that Billie Joe Armstrong looks better in heavy eyeliner than I do

Toyota plans hybrid Supra successor

Does anyone actually make a Pangaea globe?

What is a "first edition"?

Movie Review “Year One”: In the beginning … there was gay panic.

i'm going blond out of curiosity

From the old Hollywood Square show....

Who is your favorite TV dad?

My brush with celebrity asshole.

My brush with asshole celebrity.

What's Your Favorite Sandwich?

What Is The Worst Blemish at the Worst Time You've Ever Suffered?

Example of Chinese hospitality - with pics!

Please take my DU MSNBC weekend shows poll ...

So has John McCain said "we are all Iranians" yet?

Is it me? I mean, I think America's declined started when Donald Trump

Forget bipartisanship: Democrats may go it alone on health care reform

NE-02: White Sounds Ready to Challenge Terry

OH-Gov: PPP Has Ugly Nums for Strickland

PM Carpenter - Obama must realize that the GOP is the enemy

Healthcare: Ever think that Obama is simply smoking out his adversaries?

By the way, just an aside - whatever happend to the promise to pass Health Care using Reconciliation

DOJ: We Can't Release Cheney Records Because Of Late Night Comedy

What's the hold-up in Minnesota - tell us who won!!!

Odd. I logged onto "Democratic Underground" and I wound up here

Freepers on Concern Troll Mode with Obama playing golf after meeting about Iran on Sunday

Robin Wright: The Iran Uprising is Exactly What Obama Spoke About in Cairo - A "Diplomatic Dream"

Can't have universal healthcare because of long waits?

Just Cuz You're (D) Doesn't Mean You're Gettin' Re-elected, Congresscritter.

Paul Krugman: Healthcare Showdown or (The "centrist" Dems are the problem)

.WOOOO Supreme Court unanimously upholds the Voting Rights Act

National Rally for Healthcare June 25th--Washington DC***Contact Links here....

Iran is in a unique position here.. If the Ayatollahs open their eyes

Obama Must Dare To Be Revolutionary

Please "Digg" up these questions for Obama's healthcare town hall

White House: Obama 'moved' by protests in Iran (AP)

Message from an ordinary Tehrani

Do we here at DU, have the ability to channel our "debating" into a movement? What

Their new twist: public health care is not constitutional

Republicans Talk, Ahmedinejad Smiles

Democrats May Unite On Public Health Plan

In the House, It's Peterson vs. Climate Bill

Any documentation of Charles Krauthammer's many lies and errors?

Obama's June 4th Speech To The Muslim World In Egypt - How Much Did That Have To Do With What Is ...

Obama strokes Michael Bay's ego, so the director puts the prez in Transformers 2

The DLC is irrelvant YES or NO?

The Verdict Is In: Americans overwhelmingly endorse public health insurance option

OMG - Watercressgate!!!

Closing the donut hole in Medicare D ... great. But why the fawning over

Healthcare for America Now will be holding a rally in D.C. on Thursday, as well.

PHOTOS Michelle Obama in San Francisco (June 22)

President Obama will be holding a Rose Garden press conference tomorrow at 12:30 PM

Head-banging time on healthcare

We only need 51 Senate votes to pass healthcare legislation, not 60, without using reconciliation

Obama Administration Looks to Colleges for Future Spies

Senator Chris Dodd: I now support marriage equality

Obama to hold press conference tomorrow

Stan Crouch NYDN: Column lauding MoBama

Publisher of Harper's resorts to distortion to call Obama a "smooth liar."

Now I know why they won't release the WH visitors' list

‘Ordinary Tehrani’ Praises Obama’s Response to the Uprising

GOP candidate Chris Christie agrees to testify before Congress on federal monitoring contracts

**HEADS UP** First Lady Michelle Obama's Speech on Volunteerism, in SF, LIVE NOW

Forget the Senate for now: The House needs to pass a strong public option

Govenor Sanford Predicts Stimulus Will Result In ‘A Thing Called Slavery’

So what birds can you hear or see from where you are now?

Sotomayor Fight Eroding What’s Left Of Latino Support For GOP? - Now in single digits.

Is the CEO of AARP going to endorse a Public Option today?

New ABC/WaPo poll: Obama's approval 65%, GOP at lowest

AP: Democrats May Go It Alone on Government Insurance Plan

Obama Job Approval Slips to 58% for First Time per Gallup....down with independents and Repubs

Caption: Obama and Grassley

Ezra Klein asks the relevant money question regarding Republicans and health care reform.

Just perused some right wing sites, including FreeRep.. and the Feds have

Please help DU my Rep's healthcare survey

On Morning Joe, Obama critic wants him to do more???

Conrad Moves Closer To Public Health Care After Negotiations

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford (R) is missing

Why is $1.6 trillion over 10 yrs too much to spend on health care, but fine for the Iraq War?

Bo and the other White House dogs

letter from a 'pastor's wife' email i got...and my response:

New ABC/Washington Post Poll: Obama Approval at 65%

White House officials suggest the president's rhetoric shouldn't be taken literally

Obama Closes Doors on Openness

Ok, Let's Get ONE THING FUCKING STRAIGHT Regarding The Health Care Debate

DEMS 'EMBOLDENED'?.... (on health care public option)

PHOTOS New Official Photos (June 22) (Dial-up warning!)

232 Members of Congress support a public option. Where do your Members of Congress stand?

77 Congressional Members Call On Obama To Stop DADT

"It can't be hidden...No one likes the GOP and bipartisanship is not an ideal shared by the public."

More from Krugman on why Blanche Lincoln and other small state Senators are fighting public option

Is DU "positioning itself" as the anti-Democratic Party, anti-Obama administration discussion board?

I am discontented.

Jordanian court convicts poet over Quranic verses

33 journalists jailed in Iran

Should everyone have to buy into a health care system?

Thousands flee Mogadishu fighting

Iran condemns West's 'interference'

Taliban Chief Extends Control Over Insurgency

Louisiana Democrats lose bid for stimulus money; Jobless-claims bill killed in Senate committee

Panel Might Revise Health-Care Bill

Iran's Mousavi defiantly urges more protests

About 40,000 leave before new Pakistan battle

Iran Admits Discrepancies in 3 Million Votes

West 'seeks Iran disintegration'

The case against arbitration

Obama: U.S. 'Fully Prepared' for Any N. Korea Launch

MPs want Iran to reconsider ties with Britain (over "interfering remarks" about election)

Inflation sparks glowing on the horizon (unemployment at 26 year peak)

Insurance Companies Refuse Autism Coverage

Former Hillsborough County Commissioner Brian Blair accused of punching his sons

Al Qaeda says would use Pakistani nuclear weapons

Iran's Web Spying (Censorship) Aided By Western Technology (Siemens, Nokia)

Journalists endured death threats before escape

Blast hits Iraqi students en route to final exams

US defense official to hold talks in Beijing

Government asks to dismiss Geronimo lawsuit (Skull and Bones)

N Korea defends nuclear programme

Thailand May Weigh Shariah Law in Muslim South, Abhisit Says

Threatened sea turtles have Thai navy for protection

Iraqi oil minister to face parliament on Tuesday(defend first major auction of oil field contracts)

Philippines reports 1st swine flu-related death

US dedicates new diplomatic office in Taiwan

Breaking News: NAMUDNO Decided 8-1 Reversing on BAILOUT Grounds, Not Striking Down Act

Toddler in critical condition after China blast

Supreme Court sidesteps ruling on Voting Rights Act

Supreme Court sidesteps ruling on Voting Rights Act

Supreme Court rejects Wilson/Plame suit

North Korea warns of military drill off coast - Japan



Head of new British Iraq war probe vows public hearings

Police use teargas and fire weapons as Iran protests flare again

Iran to create special court to try election protesters

President Obama to Hold Rose Garden News Conference at 12:30PM EDT Tomorrow

Whaling talks said stuck on compromise deal

In Iran, One Woman's Death May Have Many Consequences

Top Obama aide to visit Afghanistan, Pak, India

India demands visas for professionals, presses for WTO talks

India demands visas for professionals, presses for WTO talks

Democracy, made in Iran

Iran starts airforce manoeuvres in Gulf

South Carolina governor goes missing

Iran bans memorial service for Neda, the "Angel of Iran"

Michelle Obama kicks off volunteer campaign in SF

Gay-lesbian synagogue turns hate rally into fundraising event

Family, friends mourn Iranian woman whose death was caught on video

Berlusconi faces fresh allegations

Two underground metro trains collide in US capital: media

Scientology leadership rife with physical violence, report says


Bargaining continues, but Toronto hit by city workers strike

Uruguay compensates ex-political prisoners

Govt labels Maoist party as terrorist group

Former (Republican) Hillsborough County (Fla) Commissioner Brian Blair accused of punching his sons

Numbers On Welfare See Sharp Increase

Iran's Guards to 'crush' protests

PHOTOS Hillary Slings It (June 22)

Chavez urges 'respect' for Iran election outcome

Texas district wins voting rights act exemption(SCOTUS)

(SC Gov) Sanford, missing since Thursday, reportedly located

UK Government in 'skulduggery' row over election of new Speaker

2 DC Metro trains collide

Ethiopia troops 'return to Somalia'

Bill gives in-state tuition to foreign professionals, families in Washington on visa

British cops say they don't want Tasers

Obama to sign anti-smoking bill in Rose Garden


CERN says its almost ready to turn on Large Hadron Collider

Democrats may go it alone on gov't insurance plan

US detainees balk at Palau move

House Dems urge Obama to halt gay discharges from the military

(City of) Warren prayer booth under fire

People on terrorist watch list allowed to buy guns

(US) High court says 'no' to trooper (KKK member wanted job back)

Import, domestic cars are equal in quality, says J.D. Power study

Sarkozy says burqas have no place in France

Justices Allow Dumping of Gold-Mine Waste in Lake

Kodak retiring Kodachrome film

The World According to Monsanto

Song dedicated to Neda

Tehran June 21: Basiji caught in the act of vanishing someone from their home (unsettling)

An army of Iranian protesters rushing the police

New Rules - 6/19/09

COFFEE PARTIES for Health Care Reform

Michellemlm - No Health Care 4 Hard Working Americans! (Part1)

Al Jazeera English's exclusive Interview with al-Qaeda's third in command

Well, I Wonder...

Congress Bought Off by Health Industry

Ahmadinejad hits YouTube (Satire)

Crimes against humanity charges sought against Iran by former UN war crimes prosecutor at The Hague

My dad had a stroke.......

The Secret Government (CIA Overthrow of Mossadeq)

Grim Reaper for GOP Health Scare

Barnes,Sebelius,and Deparle talk about healthcare on ABC

DN! Poll: 72% of Americans back Creation of Public Healthcare Plan

TYT: Michael Steele Warns About Obama's 'Health Police'!

Senator Bernie Sanders on Health Care Reform

Monsanto: Farmer Suicides in India

John Hodgman Questions President Obama's Nerd Cred at Correspondents Dinner

First Lady Michelle Obama calls on you to serve

Overview of the security forces the Iranian protesters are up against


HLN Patients Tell True Horror Stories About Health Insurance

Political protest singer Pete Seeger on the Smothers Brothers show.

Goldman Sachs On Pace To Pay Out Record Bonuses This Year. Democracy Now 6/22/09

TYT: O'Reilly & Beck Make Fun Of Waterboarding

TYT: Should Christians Try to Convert Muslims in America?

Former Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) tells an elderly woman with diabetes

Supreme Court ends Plame case against Cheney, Libby

Robert Reich Says That Lack of Public Option Led to CBO's Projections

Secret Government The Shadow Army

CNBC's Jim Cramer: Everybody Wishes Obama Would Just Kind Of Go Away

New Rule: He's Your President, Not Your Boyfriend

Jon Stewart interviews George Carlin

What The Media's NOT Telling You About Iran's Police Brutality

Bill Maher Center Right Democrats and the Insane Republicans -- CommonDreams

TYT: Glenn Beck's Fake Crying Photoshoot

Struggle among Iran's clerics bursts into the open (AP)

In Iran Battle, Both Sides Seek to Carry Islam’s Banner.

Judge’s Mentor: Part Guide, Part Foil

Paul Krugman:Health Care Showdown

John Kerry: Climate Change Is Our Greatest Long-Term Security Threat

Bullets and Barrels - Thomas Friedman

Healthcare Showdown (Krugman)


Iranians are doing what Minnesotans are failing to do and that is protest

Right Wingers Play the Ultimate Fear Card on the Public Option

Krauthammer's Argument Looks Neoconservatively Familiar

Unrepentant Rumsfeld Finally Opens Up: Slams The Media, Still Rages At Rice And Powell

Can Governments Till the Fields of Innovation?

Rights, Responsibilities and Love-by Senator Chris Dodd


End Insurance's Bad Incentives... Dr. Steffie Woolhandler and Dr. David Himmelstein

Insurers Revoke Policies To Avoid Paying High Costs

Democracy, made in Iran

"Serving the Medical-Industrial Complex" by Robert Parry (6-22-09 Consortium News)

Missing: One Republican Presidential Hopeful

Endless War, Empty Goals

Rationalizing for the Rich: Cakewalk No More

Indiana Congressman Proposes Plexi-glass Cage for Public Visitors

The Health Reform We Need & Are Not Getting

Insurance companies terrified of public option

Matt Taibbi: The Greatest Non-Apology of All Time

The private health industry's time is up

Hey Moderates, Public Health Plan Option Will Cut Costs (And Other Fun Facts)

Dr. Steffie Woolhandler(cofounded PNHP)) "What’s currently on the table will not fix healthcare"

64 yrs old, rectal bleeding, works 2 jobs, has health insurance, can't afford the co-pays for tests

Judging John Yoo-The ruling that could actually lead to accountability for torture.

Chris Hedges: Iran Had a Democracy Before We Took It Away

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots is postponed this week

The Citizens of Porto Alegre

We Will Never See Iranians The Same Way Again

Food, Inc

Obama's Undeclared War Against Pakistan Continues -- Scahill

KEVIN PINA: "Thank You, Bill Clinton" - One More Assassination by UN Troops in Haiti

IncaKolaNews: "Spanish for Your Nanny"

Cuba builds biogas plants as new energy sources

Historical records, including comments from Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Guardian UK: American shoppers misled by greenwash, Congress told

Colombia: Two More Trade Unionists Murdered

Peak oil news - June 22

DrumBeat: June 22, 2009

Threatened sea turtles have Thai navy for protection

Coastal S. Africa's Famed Sardine Run Shrinking As Water Temperatures Rise - AFP

1/3 Of Uganda's Forests Gone Since 1990 As Farming, Cities Expand - AFP

Tibetan Drought Worst In 30 Years, Authorities Say: 13,000+ Head Of Cattle Already Dead - AFP

With April Unusually Warm, Mass Bleaching Hits 30% Of Northern Bali's Coral Reefs

"fish kill a mystery:thousands of dead fish wash up on the banks of the rock river"

Yellow River System Dams On Brink Of Collapse - Corruption, Shoddy Construction = Faulty Structures

'Synthetic tree' claims to catch carbon in the airStory Highlights (BBC)

Solution Provides Biogas to Power Ken's Foods Plant

IncaKolaNews: Twobreakfasts (Alan Garcia) Approval Rating Drops 9 pts. to 21%

Ground zero in Northwest timber wars showing signs of peace

Wolverine Recorded In Colorado For First Time Since 1919

In N. Lousiana, Biggest Levee-Busting Effort Ever Aims To Restore Ouachita River Habitat - NYT

Science 324 - 19 June 2009 - Atmospheric CO2 At Highest Level In 2.1 Million Years

Venezuelan forces attacked by paramilitaries: Chavez

Murder of civilians in Colombia must be punished

Uruguay compensates ex-political prisoners

Bolivian mission to US

U.S. Stimulus Puts Bullet Trains on the Fast Track (

GRANMA: Posada Carriles' Participation in Venezuela Assassination Plot Revealed

Roadless Rule enjoined.......yet AGAIN!!

I got a reply back from the Peruvian Embassy and posted it here:

The Net Hubbert Curve: What Does It Mean?

Chavez Urges World to Respect Ahmadinejad's Victory

Land purchase advances plans for underground energy storage

Ameresco lands $795M DOE biomass deal

Awesome Satellite Image Shows Ring-Shaped Shockwave From Kuril Islands Volcano

(US Supreme) Court OKs dumping gold mine waste in (Alaskan) lake

The US is going to the Semi-Final of the Confederations Cup!!!

It must be fate! Lucas Glover and I share the same birthday!

President Obama accepts invitation to World Cup

A Welcome Back cboy4 thread...

Gloria, Emilio Estefan buy small ownership stake in Miami Dolphins

Manny's almost back and we're still on top?

So, has Brett Favre already signed with the Vikings?

Good riddance to bad rubbish!

OSHA cites Morgan Linen, proposes $48K in fines


Orlando manufacturer facing $105,000 in OSHA penalties

OSHA seeks $255K fine vs. Sturm Ruger & Company

Buying Union Made Gear

AFL-CIO says Wall Street reform needs to include four objectives

63 percent of workers pushing off retirement

Today in labor history June 22

UPS & FedX compete with USPS...

Too Late for Single Payer Insurance?

First they came for the uninsured. But I had insurance so I didn't support the public option..

On Health Care, the GOP must be made the Enemy

Homeopathic label let Zicam avoid regulation

The problem.........

No health care? Expect a requirement to get it

Medical bills prompt bankruptcy in 62% of cases

Lettuce From the Garden, With Worms

CNBC is herding the sheeple back in to the healthcare stocks.

We only need 51 Senate votes to pass healthcare legislation, not 60, without using reconciliation

President Obama Delivers Remarks on Seniors and Prescription Drugs.

Opponents of health reform want to scare people by telling them that a public insurance plan would

Pharma Lobbying Money: Who's Spending What Fighting Healthcare Reform

Organic milk. If you haven't read Cornucopia's dairy report which lists how certain dairies violate

Hannity is an outright liar. I know you know that but I had to say it because

The CBO should do a report on what a single payer system would cost

Can somebody point me to the rules for posting. nt

WaPo: People on Terrorism Watch List Allowed to Buy Guns, Explosives

Police officer's gifts of a cell phone and handgun save father's life in knife attack

People who don't carry medical insurance because they choose not to, should have to....

Recent News

Falsehoods used by pro gun control DUers.

Cell Phone Protects Clerk From Knife Attack in Robbery

I am a pro 2nd amendment gun guy and I want background checks available.

If The Iranian Protesters Had RKBA

Would-be Burglar Shot to Death

Luxury Palestinian mall signals transformation of 'terror capital'

Israelis and Palestinians 'hug' Jerusalem for peace

The Palestinian Terrorist and Me

US Senator: Obama, put pressure on Palestinians

Adalah: Israeli illegally selling Palestinian Refugee Property

Lawsuit brings murky West Bank land deals to light

Israeli woman denied social benefits for visiting Palestinian husband

The Republican's Real Health Reform Plan is called the Status Quo

Tony Judt: Fictions on the Ground

Obama doesn’t get it

Goldman Sachs Has Immense Profit From Selling US Debt

This is a test for Ron Paul supporters

A writer on the economy to follow

SEC charges Madoff-linked firm, adviser with fraud

CNBC "The recovery isn't working" DUH Thanks to Rick Santelli..

U.S., Europe Stocks Fall, Commodities Drop on Recession Concern

VIX Soars as Signs Increase For Summertime Stock Blues

Medical providers offer Obama administration $2 trillion in health care savings

Gay festivals in China are a sign of changing times

Niederauer named Pink Brick runner-up

Gay Marriage Video By

Maine biggots must gather 55,087 signatures.

Someone hacked the Twitter account

stretching my comfort zone

The Gay Men's Chorus I am in had its concert

Did Goldman Sachs send YOU a "thank you" card yet for their record bonuses??

Petition effort questioned

Gay-lesbian synagogue turns hate rally into fundraising event (Westboro wackos)

Police say hate motivated attack on transgender

San Diego City Council to vote on lifting military's ban on gays

Kodak Kills Kodachrome Film

Sorry, Obama can't do anything about DADT because it might derail (shitty) health care "reform"

More photos from Anchorage Pridefest

H.R. 1283, Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2009

Leonard Matlovich (1943– June 22, 1988)

The Gays are Getting Uppity, Mr. President

Why Inflation Isn’t the Danger

We didn't kill anyone. We just did some porn.

I am tired of people coming to this forum and calling posters racist

Perez Hilton plays the victim!

*Update* Seattle to release names of gay and lesbian city workers

Pam Spaulding: Black, Gay and Reclaiming 'Civil Rights'

CNBC Michelle Cruella DeVil "Let the poor sell their organs"

Negative North Atlantic Oscillation causing wet June

Frank Low, 75; helped extend detection of stars, galaxies

Cable tv question.

Huge Pre-Stonehenge Complex Found via "Crop Circles

Size Did Matter: Evidence Of Giant Sperm Found In Microfossils

{Oz} Megafauna demise blamed on humans (BBC)

A Wandering Mind Heads Straight Toward Insight

The Belgian Corporal

A Wandering Mind Heads Straight Toward Insight.

Solstice crop circle

I'm in a deep depression

RE: Crop circles.

Pastor, "Gospel Train" radio personality Rev. Curtis White III charged with dealing cocaine

Question to people who really believe ....

Brooklyn pastor, Dr. Paul Lewis, busted in Jamaica for teen sex rap

{Video] Religion - Offensive and Uncensored

Beyond Pesto: Making a Meal Out of Herbs

Education Chief to Warn Advocates That Inferior Charter Schools Harm the Effort

So much interesting stuff here...

Virtual JFK

Question about Jackie Kennedy during the assassination of JFK

The People’s Friends and Foes (TX Observer list)

High court rules narrowly in voting rights case

New poster, trailer, sites for the Korean vampire thriller Thirst (same director as Oldboy)

Texas is turning BLUE!!!!!

Trailer for Zombieland with Woody Harrelson

Hard-won nuclear expertise should not be thrown away

Nortel breakup signals R&D power shift