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Jon hates Kate + 8

deleted dupe! Sorry guys!

Israel defies Obama: Authorizes construction of 300 new homes in West Bank

Michael Bloomberg is getting more Giuliani-like by the minute......

NY Times: Discounts Have Restaurants Eating Own Lunch

Stupid IT Question Regarding Cookies and Computer Passwords

Corporate "citizens"?

"Officer of the Year" accused of beating up chief

Lewis Black coming up on KO to discuss the missing Sanford

95-Year-Old Volunteer Honored For Work

Millions ride old, vulnerable rail cars on subways

The torture of a 17 year old - Iran - photos

Los Angeles school board approves huge budget cuts

Preventative Medicine is a No Brainer

General who ordered 9-11 National Guard Fighter Jets Dead in Metro Crash

Hasset will never win a plagiarism suit against Hasselbeck, but the publicity

San Diego City Council urges repeal of 'Don't ask, don't tell'

Watch the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade online Sunday ...

Massive train wreck training--3 days before DC train wreck...

Massive train wreck training--3 days before DC train wreck...

Apple Computer Corporation

KENT JONES LOL Rachel Maddow

KENT JONES LOL Rachel Maddow

Deputy arrested after vomiting on people at Kenny Chesney concert

Teen with 56 tattoos changes her story

Retired General Among Metro Deaths in DC (gave order for jets over DC on 9/11

"What is the value added of an insurance company?"

Mark Sanford hiking my ass - this story probably has a

Harry Reid loves him some John Ensign

Guardian UK: China and the end of westernisation

Powerful Christian Right group uses derogatory term to refer to transgendered

Tesla locks up $465 million in federal loans, will build battery facility in Bay Area

Paying the same taxes for fewer rights

Shouldn't it be pretty easy to figure out which flight Sanford was seen

Speaking of ads, I still cannot believe that this was allowed to air!

Another Family Values Republican In Trouble

So if a governor goes hiking in the forest and nobody knows where he is..does he make a sound?

Who the hell would want to hike naked?

Baracklyn Cyclones Take the Field

Has Obama taken a vacation yet?

Have you seen me?

Interesting... Major General David F. Wherley died in DC Crash

Cynthia Hampton: "Doug & I just celebrated our 13th anniversary. Life is awesome, we are truly bless

Iraqi Unions Under Fresh Attacks: Workers ordered to disband their labor union

Gas down here from 2.59 to 2.39 in about a week. I wonder what Mr. Obama said to

Stephen Colbert On Health Care Reform Tonight. Howard Dean On Now.

Jason Jones of the Daily Show hits it out of the park tonite!

Tuesday and now we have the Next Nostradamus program on History Channel

Palin reimburses Alaska $8K for 19 family trips

ABC President's Response To Republican Whine About Upcoming Healthcare Special: FUCK YOU...

I really love what the Daily Show is doing re: Iran.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

You are raising an intensely important question with respect to National Health Coverage

Mrs. Sanford

DU is filled with people who understand their purpose. I'm asking: How do you find your

Consider this: Iran Had a Democracy Before the United States Took It Away

With CRP data, Sunlight Maps Baucus's Health Care Lobbying Network

The right-wingers' hero returns to work tomorrow.

Charlie Rose talking about Iran tonight, again. David Ignatius,

Welfare-Nature Queer Mark Sanford Using Stimulus Money On Appalachian Trail (Wonkette snark alert)

Stupid Republicans. Suggesting Boris Johnson is Liberal Shows How Extreme They Are.

Word Association

If Pawlenty has to sign off on Franken's Senate seat now, I bet he does.

Doctors are my heroes, but this is the saddest thing I have ever heard.

Utility wants to pull plug on power in fire season to save its bottom line!

On Iran, I have this question for Republicans

Burqas, Sarkozy, and where I am on this.

The surreal quality of healthcare/Iran debate in the US

I hope it's ok that I don't give a shit where the gov of South Carolina or Idaho or Iowa

Resources for people who have reached wits end?

US Supreme Court issues first ruling to limit Voting Rights Act

Americans Want A Public Option On Health Care - Here's How We Can Make It Happen

Spies In The Classroom: Government Is Running Secretive Intelligence Recruitment Program In Schools

'You Light Up My Life' writer and Oscar winner indicted for rape and other charges

Spain: Immigrant worker claims boss threw his severed arm in bin

They've found Mark Sanford! (Parody)

Supremes uphold polluter's rights to trash English language ...

NC: Anti-bullying bill passes -- awaits Gov. Perdue's signature

Ed McMahon,

Citi to raise salaries

Amy Goodman: Free Speech vs. Surveillance in the Digital Age

When Gov. Sanford puts on a *kick ass* 4th of July fireworks show you will all be eating crow!!

Documents Back Saudi Link to Extremists -Holder sides with Saudis!!!

Should a modern western democracy refuse to condone and tolerate the oppression

Oh goody joy I got an email from Michael Steele...bwahaha

CNN= willing lackies of big insurance...

In defense of PETA's total stupidity, by Mark Morford

US Air's insurance is going cheap - won't pay for Flight 1549 medical claims for mental health visit

New term.. "health boating" ="health care"+"swift boating"

Colbert last night - Howard Dean

delete dupe

Bogus Home Appraisals May Derail Real Estate Recovery

McCaskill (D-MO) subcommittee investigates Alaska Native Corporations

Resistance continues in Iran

WJ -Public Option in Health Care

CAPITALISM SUCKS- Reviving Socialism From Below

The churlishness of the WH Press Corp yesterday has me wondering. .

Best quote I have seen in years

Ugh, Barbour Makes Dry Run Into 2012 Proving Grounds

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-24)

It's "official": The Natering Nay Bobs FORCED Obama to get tougher with Iran.

Car believed to be Sanford's found at South Carolina airport

700 NYC teachers are paid to do nothing

Is the battering of Obama taking the heat off our Senators and Representatives?

Is the battering of Obama taking the heat off our Senators and Representatives?

Iran: It's not about you.

Another homicidal corporation (Dole Foods) is trying to avoid paying for the harm it's inflicted

Could Sanford had been at Hazelden?

Is there a sex trade in Buenos Aires?

Nixon saw interracial pregnancy as grounds for abortion

A Lost Decade for Jobs

Hollywood reacts to Death of Ed MacMahon

For as long as he could remember, the voices were there.

For as long as he could remember, the voices were there.

Bless Mark Saford's heart!

Anti-immigrant suspects in Ariz. killing have ties to white supremacists

Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing.

Trading Press Events for Votes: What Should Press Do?

Grassley: "We need to make sure there is NO public option."

If a governor disappears for 5 days, is that an impeachable offense?

If a governor disappears for 5 days, is that an impeachable offense?

Why don't democratic officials argue that..

Looking for a Young Turks clip, re Jim Cornette's awesome rant

Michele Bachmann comic book hot off the press!

Will your pro public option Senator and/or Rep fold?

Obama Administration Looks to Colleges for Future Spies


So.... who were the people "interviewed" on the Daily Show?

The Ballad of Mark Sanford

New homes take record 11.2 months to sell

Most recent Sanford update: Gov. Sanford now living in Florida Everglades, eating roadkill....

Repubs Weak On Terror, etc, etc, etc (ABC graph)

DHS to Cut Police Access to Spy-Satellite Data

Sanford's ass should be impeached. But being that he's Republican, and

argument for public option

dream if you can a courtyard, an ocean of violets in bloom.

Self-Preservation: The Real Reason the GOP Opposes Health Care Reform

Is there a health care conspiracy afoot?

Poll Bankrolled By Foes Of Health Care Reform Finds Overwhelming Support For Public Plan


nuke "non event' in Georgia...

Time For Some Real Investigative Reporting On Sanford......

Freeway Accident in Texas, Who is at fault?

MSNBC characterizes Gina Smith's reporting on Sanford as

Where's Waldo? (Republican Edition)

CNN: Sanford SUV found at Columbia Airport (Not Atlanta) -- with camping stuff inside. Minnesota?

Grassley: No bipartisan support for a public option

MSNBC..tone of this story..Stanford did nothing wrong..

MSNBC..tone of this story..Stanford did nothing wrong..

MSNBC..tone of this story..Stanford did nothing wrong..

I Hiked the Entire Appalachian Trail...

Support Your Local Libraries (Oxdown Gazette)


Arrested for asking a policeman for his badge number / stripped search in front of male officer

What would happen if you left your job for a vacation to Argentina without notice?

Are Top Republicans Meeting With Rush Limbaugh In Foreign Countries To Coordinate Attacks on Obama?

Da Governor 'says he cruised along the coast of Buenos Aires '

Teen reportedly admits she asked for tattoos

So is Buenos Aires a big spot for gaycations?

Governor Sanford will resign or he will be impeached.

How can you profess to love the country at the same time hating to make it beautiful?

Sanford (SC gov) now says he was in Argentina, not hiking the Appalachian

Requests to the Right Ear Are More Successful Than to the Left

Obama is just like Bush*

The Iranian sit is going to end soon...either with the People winning or the Gov't Forces

I think we are all underestimating the magical, mystical power of the pan flute

Reports....Mayor Herenton of Memphis To Resign...

Reports....Mayor Herenton of Memphis To Resign...

So this Dylan Ratigan guy is an idiot.

Bagram Detainees Allege Serious Abuse At US Detention Facility

CBC: B.C. students buy sensitive U.S. defence data for $40 in Africa

Mark Sanford to hold 2PM news conference today.

Imagine the U.S. outrage if a modern politician in Japan said his plan was to

Help me understand something about this single payer stuff

The newest Nixon tapes: Tricky to Poppy: "Find attractive women"

The Health Care That Members of Congress Get

GOP Women's Group In MD: 'Obama And Hitler Have A Great Deal In Common'

Petraeus Is A Failure - Why Do We Pretend He's Been A Success?

New Term: Taking A Sanford

Have you all seen this?

Have you all seen this?

USDA Report Indicates American Organic Farmers Being Sold Out

Who's arranging the protests for Single Payer....?

Republican Hypocrisy Summed Up

Coal is the enemy of West Virginia

States with strong gun laws&low rates of gun ownership had far lower rates of firearm-related deaths

Sanford's song and dance--"Don't Cry For Me, South Carolina"

I don't know why, but I think this is too funny

UPDATE on Sanford - "dove hunting trip to Argentina" (via Fox News)

New York did not have one State Senate on Tuesday. It had two. (for real)

Krugman: Reporting on health and the health of reporting

Southern Baptists expel Texas church as too lenient to gays

Missed Morning Joe for the past week. Need filling in, please. Has Joe come up with his own health

Sanford-Worst Excuse Ever?

Michael Savage wants to give listeners info to stalk staff members of Media Matters for America

I feel for Mark Sanford, I really do

Jason Lewis whining on CNBC

Dupe: self-delete

Among Republicans, Most Popular GOP Figure Is Palin, By A Mile

North Korea Threatens To Wipe Out The U.S. "Once And For All"

Ten Sanford vetoes were overturned last Tuesday

Ten Sanford vetoes were overturned last Tuesday

I just sent the following letter to Senators Webb and Warner:

Mandated health insurance, another form of slavery?

Republican Women of Anne Arundel County Maryland demonizing Obama as "Hitler"

Chase minimum payments going up from 2% to 5%

(Criminal enterprise) Monsanto says profit down 14%, cuts 900 workers

My pics of Daryl Hannah and James Hansen at today's rally against mountaintop removal

Right wing caller to Thom Hartmann: We have the best health care system in the world........

Neda.. "may have been mistaken for the sister of a known terrorist"

Our FRiends focus on the REAL issues in the Mark Sanford saga...

I still think the insurance industry can make money if there is a public option

More...CNN: Sanford's wife Jenny still has not talked to her husband since last Thursday

Andy Worthington: Judge Orders Release From Guantanamo Of Al-Qaeda Torture Victim

I hear Buenos Aires has some world-class brothels

Rush just compared the Huffington Post blogger to Jeff Gannon

There is a third vehicle in the Sanford story.

The right seem to be tone deaf when it comes to the President's stance on Iran.

450 trillion copies of glen beck's new book sold in first five minutes

Chris Cillizza: From Bad to Worse (Mark Sanford)

A few freep responses to the Sanford story:

AVAAZ international community petition to stop the crackdown in Iran.

Report: Health insurance costs in Arkansas rising faster than wages

Yeah Andrea Mitchell!

Is sanford's disappearance a GOP problem? (hee hee)

If private business can't be profitable when there's a public option

And There We Have It: Sanford Returns Home to Impeachment Rumblings

LOL CNN online is playing Rod Stewarts "If you think I am sexy" in advance on the Stanford presser

Cornyn: I’ll support Coleman if he appeals to the Supreme Court

Source: Evidence Exists Of Sanford Affair

FEC taking public comments until TODAY on whether Coleman can use campaign coffers to cover all

Jobless and being evicted, Cincy man snaps

Citing space issues, Sanford's staff kicks many reporters out of presser

DNC fundraiser at Fenway Park in Boston protested over DOMA

What's Missing From The Sanford Saga Plot? Hmmm... Maybe a Paramour?

We shouldn't make fun of this SC gov

What's The Difference Between A South Carolina Governor And A Shit House Rat?

Since "untrustworthiness" is a big time Republican trait

Our Iranian election moment is happening now. Mass arrests in WV. Media ignores it.

Media Matters Video: In Response to RW Hate - Please Watch !

CNN's emotional hyperbole and over the top speculation is pure psyops.

OH MY GOD! Another Pub has an affair! Sanford was partying!

Sanford...An Affair....OMG

There will be a Palin ticket (possibly with an older dude like Newt) in 2012

THE STATE Newspaper live-blogging the Sanford Press Conf

Mark Sanford tenders his resignation as RGA head


AP Analysis: SC Gov's Disappearance A Problem For GOP

Nevermind. Delete

Chris Matthews doing a great job on calling out Joe and Mika on their general obstructionism on HC.


Maddow criticized for failing to talk about health care for the third straight show

Any bets on whether Sanford is going to resign at his press conference?

Don't Republicans ever think about anything but sex?

Nixon was ready to 'cut off head' of S.Vietnam leader

This is gonna put the heat back on Ensign...

Here is the score: Sanford and the Horizontal Mambo=1 - Hypocrisy=Priceless

Very Jimmy Swaggart

What weird sex acts did Sanford do in Argentina?

Pakistani Opposition Politician Imran Khan on US Drone Attacks, the “Massive Human Catastrophe”...

BREAKING! Sanford Spent $700-million Last Month at Victoria's Secret

Having no weapons, the Iranian protesters can only use the Iranians who kill Iranians

Listen to old Rush on Presidential nominations to the SCOTUS

Mark Sanford is unpatriotic

It is now time

Is anyone going to organize a large DC demonstration for public option?

Looking on the positive side: Sanford's fiasco can only weaken the GOP & can only help health care

Why Republicans cheat and steal

Hey Fox - Dove Hunting or Love Hunting?..........

Where do you NON governors go to 'clear your head'?

Sanford accepts stimulus package

That CNN bitch candy Crowley is minimizing Sanford's affair and

Immediate GOP spin: "He was 'a man' for admitting it!"

If one were to speak openly and candidly with Ayatollah Khameni....

There it is, Sanford just admitted he had an affair

What a bunch of hypocritical assholes ( R).

Will GOPers Demand Sanford RESIGN IMMEDIATELY from Gov Office? Yes or No?

Complaints Filed Against Ensign

I think it's time for a little naked hiking on the Appalachian Trail

Funny Sanford Cartoon.

Protestor just now on MSNBC...what was he saying?

Now that the Sanford Sideshow is over...

TIme for the Grand Old Party to change its name to:

So Rushicans only respect their party not their office

Shit .... it was just a diddle ....... I really don't give a shit ...... EXCEPT:

Scariest sentence from husband to wife:

Fundie nut: Diversity is OK, as long as everyone submits to Christian Supremacy

Sanford wasted the time and money of police and security...

Sanford wasted the time and money of police and security...

Michelle Malkin apparently not clear how many live in the US

Do conservative indiscretions come in threes?

Man, they really DO have *everything* South of the Border

Pakistan’s war with itself

Chuck Todd: "These guys are dropping like flies"

Source: Sanfords Having Marital Problems

How nice of Sanford to refer to the other woman as "a dear dear dear friend". I'm sure his wife and

Faux News Panelist: "Somewhere Mitt Romney is Smiling..."

Eating All the Fish from the Ocean - End of the Line - Documentary

Part of Sanford affair in Argentina caught on tape

Interview w/ David Harvey: Logic of capital: evolution of the present crisis

I just called the White House

Popcorn-worthy FUN! Let's post our questions for the Guv's presser at 2 p.m.

Update on Iran... re today's demonstratoons

The Republican party likes to call itself "the party of family values"

Dear Gov. Sanford,

Poster of Iranian woman about to be stoned to death - anyone know anything about this?

I think the GOP is going to drop the "Family Values" slogan soon.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (sp) says Obama responsible for deaths in Iran

SHHHHHHHHH! It's working

So, what state resources did Gov. Sanford use to conduct his affair?

I'm done....not one vote, not one minute of time, not one $$

The RNC to announce on friday: Republican Senator is caught fucking Congressman male

The RNC to announce on friday: Republican Senator is caught fucking Congressman male

That is 2 down is less than a week. These fake moralistic GOP assholes are pathetic

Josh Marshall (TPM) on Mark Sanford

Sanford Presser in a Nutshell

Sanford Presser in a Nutshell


What's the big deal? Obama goes on dates with a hot chick to exotic locales too!

Okay, which Democrats are on board to replace Sanford as Governor of South Carolina?

Public programs need teeth. Big Effin' teeth. (A single payer perspective from the peanut gallery)

Candy Crowley on CNN "the sound you hear,is Republicans screaming"

If Republicant affair admitting comes in threes.....

Sanford--another potential GOP candidate for '12 we can stick a fork into


All right , it's been MORE than 6 months

Randi Rhodes goes LIVE on Green960 960AM starting NOW!

"It's Nothing New; He Just Got Caught This Time"

Looks like Palin is headed to Europe?

So it turns out Sanford WAS naked hiking on the Appalachian Trail after all...

What I'm Going To Do On My Summer Vacation. By Hissyspit.

The Sanford/Ensign Connection ....... the C Street Foundation.

FOX Noise misrepresents Mark Sanford as a Democrat, like they did with Mark Foley...

One .......... Two ......... will there be a three?

Sanford's staff did not lie. Look @ the quotes.

"..Democrats should not attempt to make hay of this.." from several 'strategists' from both parties

Sanford And Sons - The Innocent Victims of Gov Putin-It-Ins Egoism

The hits keep on coming for the GOP

I always thought the Second Coming referred to Jesus, but it seems it might of

MSNBC Poll: Should S.C. Gov. Sanford resign?

MSNBC saying Sanford was a man

So what happens next month if/when California goes bankrupt?

Thanks, GOP!

Truth is the Religion of Consensus

Freeper blames Ted Kennedy for Sanford's demise, rails against "Puritan" ethic....

I have an idea how to get repugs to back universal HC

Ah, c'mon, how many men here wouldn't run away to Argentina with a hottie?


Anyone listen to Conrad on Ed Schultz radio show today?

Female DUers! Finish this sentence: "If Mark Sanford were my husband I would..."

"When it comes to Mark Sanford, stimulus now has a new meaning."

It was better when Jimmy Swaggert did it!

So, GOP is actually Gallivanting Oily Posers?

Drunken cop beats up female bartender and gets probation!

Spreading the Wealth Around to the Insurance Industry & Friends

Mark Sanford spent the last 5 days crying before he left Argentina

FR at least mentions Sanford -- those other "conservative" message boards don't

I guess three months qualifies as "a couple of months" -- anyone for a crow sandwich?


Chris Mathews is my hero.....again!!!

Opposition Leader Mousavi Said to be Under House Arrest

He periodically spends a week in an Argentine jungle...simply to clear his head.

Tamaran Hall on MSNBC

Sanford re: Clinton: "it would be much better for the country and for him personally (to resign)"

Mark Sanford and the "sanctity of marriage":

Fed engaged in "cover-up" of BofA-Merrill deal-lawmaker

caption this Sanford pic...

"Nearly four dozen members of Congress have spouses employed in the health care industry"

"Nearly four dozen members of Congress have spouses employed in the health care industry"

Someone get Kim Jong Il a Sedative Please.

burqua, hijab : the strawman of "choice"

Marc Sanford on the Impeachment of Bill Clinton

So, any guesses how Faux News identified Sanford?

The real Sanford SHOCKER!!!!

NOW I understand why Sanford didn't need any stimulus

I'm thinking Ensign must be loving Sanford right about now

But, isn't that why most are Christians...

Stars and Stripes, a military newspaper, accuses U.S. military of censorship in Iraq

I was called a Hill-William yesterday.

The only thing that would make the Sanford story better...

GOP Rep Issa reacts to Sanford by saying Rangel, Murtha, and Dodd should resign posts

"I spent the last five days crying in Argentina"

So, apparently being gay ISN'T a "Lifestyle Choice"...

Have we come up with a name yet for ...

'family values' my ass

Woman, 85, Fights Purse-Snatcher

The Rude Pundit: Don't Buy the Right Wing's Argument on Obama (Continuing Yesterday's Discussion)

What are the freepers saying about Sanford?

How long before Sanford blames Gay Marriage in Massachusetts for ruining his marriage?

"purge our party..." Blakeman on MSNBC... such a Stalinist langauge

"purge our party..." Blakeman on MSNBC... such a Stalinist langauge

Who will the Republicans put up in 2012?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Held After Airport Brawl

Is it good or bad that I qualify for assistance for the YMCA....

Cambodian authorities evict HIV-affected families

Ya know what would make the Sanford story better?

Red text rollover.

"Sarah Palin's Family attend a Republican Governors Conference....."

D.C. (Metro) Crash Kills General Who Scrambled Jets on 9/11

3:50 PM - The South Carolina Govt websites are down...

Lyrics from "Don't Cry for me Argentina" from "Evita" (seems appropriate today)

How long before the Republics blame the Sanford affair on the Clenis??

Do you support imposing a fine on folks caught texting or talking on cell phones while driving?

The Grand Old Hypocrite Party is coming apart at the seams. I love it.

Fox News Does It Again - According to Them Governor Sanford Is a Democrat

I'm betting that there are some Little Sanfords running around in Argentina.

Ok - I request a do-over - On the issue of healthcare and the Public Option

"Would you want to see Barbara Mikulski nude on a beach?"

So when was the last time you hiked the Appalachian Trail?

NOW We Know Why Sanford Fooled Around In Argentina (Adultery Is ILLEGAL in SC)

So - tomorrow's the Last Thursday in June...

Family Research Council removes Sanford’s picture from Values Voters Summit website.

Re: Sanford Infidelity Admission --There is ALWAYS MORE to the story

"When it comes to Iran, can women make the difference?"

FAUX Noise.. Puts a D next to Sanford's name!

Limbaugh was gone away the same amount of time Sanford was.

One must wonder. . .did the wife drop the dime that Stanford was missing?


"It's a GIRL!" the GOP shouted in glee as Sanford revealed

U.S. beats Spain to advance to soccer title match

True Story from the heart of Red Country > Overheard in passing two young men . . .

Values Voters Forum to Sanford: Nevermind

There has to be more to this Sanford story...

Let's celebrate National Republican Trouser Snake Migration Month

Many women and children dead in Baghdad market bombing- 62 dead

Revealed: The Sanford/Ensign Connection

So, the 'liberal' media is calling Sanford a "man" for admitting to his affair

Sanford and Sin

I have HAD IT with politicans and other public figures...

Republicans behaving badly

Who paid for soon-to-be-ex-Governor Sanford's trip to Argentina?

CNN now reports Mark Sanford was in Buenos Aires for the last 5 days

Sanford on why he voted to impeach Clinton, "I think what he did in this matter was reprehensible"

Is Dan Rather completely out of his mind?

Is anyone else SICK TO DEATH of listening to politicians apologize for cheating on their wives?

Back to the Ensigns and Hamptons

My entrant for next GOoPer to fail is Michelle Bachman

What a pathetic loser!

South Carolina Governor Sanford admits extramarital affair

Details Emerge of Victims in Deadly Train Crash

Family Research Council removes Sanford’s picture from Values Voters Summit website

Sarah Palin: America's Top Republican (new Pew poll)

What was all that 'God's Law' bullshit from sinful sanford?

What was all that 'God's Law' bullshit from sinful sanford?

And we thought privatized Social Security was why Sanford loved Argentina.....

There are many republiCONS having affairs and I wonder...

‘This was a massacre. You should stop this. You should help the people of Iran.’

Does Tweety know that adultery is illegal in South Carolina

How long before photos of the Argentinian friend show up on my teevee?

Being a terrorist Islamic state and all, why do Pukes have a problem with the violence in Iran?

I have had the weirdest 5 days....

And on the 8th day, God made EarlG too busy to post a Top 10 this week...

Dem Senator (Conrad) Denies Rahm Said Obama Ready To Nix Public Option

Looks like many dupes on LBN

"That call will come at a fevered pitch shortly."

So why did Sanford go to Argentina? There's plenty of coastline here to

Doctor in dramatic South Pole rescue dies

Fox News as did with Foley identifies Sanford as a dem

Hmmmm...."I've spent the last five days of my life crying in Argentina"


Ken Blackwell on Tweety? Where did he come from?

Breaking News - Jenny Sanford told him to leave two weeks

PICTURES of Gov. Mark Sanford's special "friend"... WARNING: NASTY!!

Weaponized Keynesianism - Paul Krugman

Call Gov. Sanford's office and tell him to hang in there!

Gov. Sanford: an avid backpacker explains how to succeed at an affair.

"They're Cows"

Sanford Ditched Wife & Kids On Father's Day - For An "Exotic Adventure" In Argentina?

The people who lose to Ben Stein must be total morans...

I've decided to run for office to get health care

1 click fax for Torture Accountability Action Day - send now!

Crist vetoes the so-called "State Farm" bill. GOP legislators vow override.

Well, well, well....looks like Sanford has taken a page out of the old Palin play book!

Sanford: Adultery is a crime in South Carolina!

Sibel Edmonds-State Dept Accepting Applications Seeks ‘Viable’ Iranian Candidates-Benefits Provided

ha ha, Big Ed, "Sanford and Sin"

Torture in the streets of Khorramabad Iran

So is "Hiking the AT"

So Long Sanford, We Hardly Knew Ya

Durbin On Ed Show: Kennedy & Byrd Wouldn't Be Able To Vote If It Were Held Today?

Doctor in South Pole Rescue Dies at 57

Gov. Sanford's wife just put out a statement

Looks like Obama's health care plan is not going to be the story of the day.

Ut-oh....this booth needs one more stool:

TOON: Luckovich on the Sanctity of Marriage hypocrisy

Ooooooh-weeee !!! Look at the lineup for the Values Voters Summit. Dontcha wanna go?

Breaking - Gay marriage rights in NH cause of Sanford marriage breakup

I'd like to dedicate a Rolling Stones song to Mark Sanford

Seen For Sale At Souvenir Stand In Buenos Aires:

Seen For Sale At Souvenir Stand In Buenos Aires:

Health Insurance Insider: 'They Dump the Sick'

I (heart) Mark Sanford (caution adult language)

Neda Soltan's family 'forced out of home' by Iranian authorities

Have YOU ever cheated? (Spouse, significant other, etc.)

Saudi women fight for right to sell lingerie (can't stand in line w/unrelated man but men sell them

Governor Sanford, here's your song...

Who just watched that on MSNBC

Mark Sanford should now be moved to the NUMBER ONE slot for political fucking up.

Rafsanjani has enough support to remove Khamenei: reports

Ok...Now I'm starting to actually feel a tinge of guilt!

The torture of a 17-year-old in Iran

Well. Fighting Obama's stimulus is _hard_ work

Rep. Gingrey keeps a 44 magnum under his pillow every night.

Rep. Gingrey keeps a 44 magnum under his pillow every night.

If the Republican Party is falling apart how are they blocking ...

Hannity has a terrific line-up for tonight's show...Rove, Coulter, Frank Luntz...

GO ED, call the GOPer on the party of family values hypocrisy

Hal Turner, Internet Radio Host, Arrested For Inciting Violence Against Public Officials...Again

I'm getting the sneaking suspicion that we're missing an important story ...

AU Urges Attorney General to Act On Unlawful ‘Earmark’ Funding Of Nine Religious Institutions

Warning: The U.S. Dollar Will Collapse And Take The Economy With It

Ken Blackwell, that is funny... re infidelity

(Sanford) So what happened to that state vehicle at the Atlanta airport?

Gov. Sanford's attempt to boost GOP Hispanic support fails.

Sanford's extramarital affair a problem for GOP (LOL NO SHIT)

I'm from SC and

Newsweek Web Exclusive on Yahoo Home Page: "'The Army of God"

Portrait of Mark Sanford (R) Governor of South Carolina

NPR just mentioned it's thought we don't really have anyone on the ground in Iran. Plame-Wilson expl

Sanford emails to "Maria": McClatchy has some of them.

Sanford is still "in love" with the Argentine woman.

would you/have you supported a candidate that you think has a drinking

Exclusive: E-mails between Sanford, woman

Chris Brown: New song NOT about my beating the shit out of Rihanna & getting away with it. Honest.

Remember: It's not about "marital infidelity;" It's about "dereliction of duty!" Sanford was AWOL!

All The Wrong People Accepting Sanford's Apology

Are there any satellite photos of the Iran protests?

Enlightening new interview with Nouriel Roubini from this morning, Bloomberg

"Hiking the Appalachian Trail" has a whole new meaning now

Brent Scowcroft: US Has Spies On the Ground in Iran

American IT grads unprepared and unemployable: Indian CEO Vineet Nayar

Are conservative sexual mores so abysmal that these guys feel compelled to cheat?

Are conservative sexual mores so abysmal that these guys feel compelled to cheat?

*****The Winners in the June Photogrqaphy contest*****Drumroll Please!

Hal Turner Arrested

on-line petition for a public option

*******Hearing beginning now - Health Reform*******

*******Hearing beginning now - Health Reform*******

Freepers discuss Fox labeling Sanford (D)

Tell us about long-distance solo hikes you've been on

Memo to Chris Matthews: Yes, both parties have people who are flawed

Memo to Chris Matthews: Yes, both parties have people who are flawed

California to Pay Creditors With I.O.U.’s

Who is the greatest threat to the sanctity of marriage?

Republicans Even Outsource Adultry

Fox News - A track record of "mistaking" Republicans for Democrats

I dont care about yore post, but can U plese spel rite for thred tittles?

Fox News Identifies Sanford As A Democrat

Health Insurance insider speaks out - Wendell Potter - today's testimony

DU this Gay-exorcism poll "Abuse - yes or no?"

Waitin' for O'Reilly's "fox police" to come and get me

"As of June 18, the first podcasts are available here at"

Obama's "broad parameters" are simply INADEQUATE.......:

The issue is NOT that Sanford had an affair...

"Former Ga. Congressman Charged With Conspiracy"

Holy Shit. "Don't cry for me Argentina" I think the wife outed him

** Gov. Sanford press conference thread **

Just when I didn't think Ann "Capt. Barbosa" Coulter couldn't surprise me...

22,000 Americans die every year because they don't have health insurance...

yikes.. is Morning Joe turning left?

Ms Mika's bad morning: BROKAW stooped to poop on her!1 The big bully!1

These senators & congressmen aren't our 'leaders', they're our OVERPAID EMPLOYEES.

SC Governor State website....."Server is too busy" ...really?

Do they call it a "tragedy" or a "scandal" when it's a Democrat?

Post your screencaps of FAUX News mislabeling fallen R's as D's here!

Sen. Kent Conrad: 'Legislation doesn't pass on a vote from the American people.'

Why American policy sucks.

Why American policy sucks.

This didn't take long - one day

Defense Department-Certified Agency Newsletter Suggests Killing Democrats

Obama campaigned on delivering health care reform, including a public option

New Military Command for Cyberspace

Chia Obama makes the statement-"I'm proud to be an American"

What do you think the deal with Gov. Sanford is?

Only a sick bastard would deny health care to Americans while THEY live like kings

Do you think Sanford sub-consciously sabotaged himself into revealing the affair?

Sanford voted to impeach Clinton:"Moral Legitimacy Is 1 Of The Precursors To Legitimate Legitimacy"

Sanford voted to impeach Clinton:"Moral Legitimacy Is 1 Of The Precursors To Legitimate Legitimacy"

Sanford voted to impeach Clinton:"Moral Legitimacy Is 1 Of The Precursors To Legitimate Legitimacy"

Big Pharma and the FDA: Suppress the Science and Ban the Natural

MSNBC: "Obama admits occasional cigarette" (Yeah, and Bush was drunk at the Olympics. Your point?)

Church creates stir with gay exorcism video

A Girl Detective Takes on the Sanford Case - The Clue in the Black SUV

Boehner: Dems turning House into 'banana republic'

Single-payer is now part of the dialogue in Congress - YES

If the trailer is rockin', don't come knockin'

At the start of this video, whom is David Schuster talking to?

DU this GOP Rep's poll on healthcare, please!

Giuliani: Democrats cheat as often as Republicans

I Think It's Safe To Say That Sanford Has Reached The Climax...

I Think It's Safe To Say That Sanford Has Reached The Climax...

This Is What Demographic Suicide Looks Like

ABC News: US embassy in Buenos Aires had “absolutely no idea” that Sanford was in Argentina

Rush: "These people will all die of anal poisoning."

This is why I am reserving jugement on Iran


Who elses wants to CHOOSE to have the same health care plan that all of the Senators get?

Ladies Man ---photo--->

Why is DESERET Mutual talking to the House Education and Labor Committee?

Thanks to DU and and update on my daughter re: my earlier thread today about rushing to the ER..

Do the math: RAISE TAXES for a public health care option!

Robert Parry (A Special Report): Iran Divided & the 'October Surprise'

Doesn't it take, like, several months to hike the Appalachian Trail?

Financial Reform that Isn't: Restoring the Status Quo

Anyone for a witty response to this "Barocky Road" Ice Cream email?

Obama is not FDR, nor could he be even if he wanted to.

Sorry, Susan, I think you're talking out of your Hassett.

Sanford's email: "the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or 2 magnificent parts of yourself)"

The Contras & 9/11: Different Marketing Strategies for the Same Political Agenda

What do you think South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford was really doing in Argentina?

So I go to my dermatologist today and FOX was on the tv in the waiting room.

So I go to my dermatologist today and FOX was on the tv in the waiting room.

I rushed my daughter to the ER about four hours ago now..

Fox News: Sanford a Democrat - Every fucking time

So, with the exception of Sarah Falling, is there anyone left for the GOP to run for President?

Iran Divided & the 'October Suprise'

They are hacking people up with axes in Tehran

Messages directly from Tehran

Afghan farmers ditch opium for saffron - good news

what difference does it make if the US criticizes Iran,

BREAKING: CNN reporting that they have found a Republican who has been faithful to his wife

My families health insurance premium just went up 22% - PUBLIC OPTION NOW!

Distraught woman sues, alleging N.J. helped child of rape find her

Feinstein To Critics: It's Not The Public Option--It's The Mandate

Tell the FCC that FOX News should be investigated for hoaxes in regards to party affiliation

You'll See Kidney Machines Replaced With Rockets And Guns

Holy crap, I just found out that John Yoo is my neighbor.

Holy crap, I just found out that John Yoo is my neighbor.

Goodbye, DU.

You know what I cannot wait for... the end of pharma commercials

You know what I cannot wait for... the end of pharma commercials

You know what I cannot wait for... the end of pharma commercials

The Guantanmo Bay Tourism Board

Sympathy SCHYMPATHY!1 Not a WORD about his dereliction of duty!1


Is it really beyond imagination that the CIA could be interfering in Iran?

Our Drone Attacks by the YAHOO KILL BOYS...are killing More Civilians than Taliban!

Leviticus 20:10

Please DU your thing on this AZ Republic Poll on a pending state abortion law.

Chuck Grassley: No Way, No How, No Public Option

Walmart's $4 Drugs Coming From Indian Company Whose Products Have Been Banned In US and Canada

Sexy emails between Sanford & "Maria" in the State newspaper

Are * WE * married to our elected officials? I don’t feel that I am….

So if I have this straight, to strengthen a Republican marriage you should...

Burger King's latest ad literally sucks - this is a new low in advertising (EDIT: image link fixed)

A Day in the Life of Freeperland (June 24) (Warning: might leave you in stitches)


Who was Sanford's Dem opponent in the last election?

I took a different route out of East Butte yesterday for my days off (PIC HEAVY)

Republicans just shouldn't get away with being allowed to dictate who can and who can't get married

Heterosexual Privilege- Some Talking Points

Burger King: Burgers, Blow Jobs -- What's the Difference?

Southern Baptists at convention urge women to be submissive to their husbands.

Southern Baptists at convention urge women to be submissive to their husbands.

Southern Baptists at convention urge women to be submissive to their husbands.

Ford Fusion, anyone?

Ford Fusion, anyone?


woohoo! I got my cat to yodel!

I have to go to the Doctor next week to talk about my foot injury. Am keeping a diary of pain/sympt

Department of Defense training manual regards lawful protests as "Low-Level Terrorism" !!

Anybody use Organics To You?

Organic Wine? Anybody?

Perez Hilton allegedly punched in the face in Toronto

I think the Os and Marlins are playing a Shits and giggles game

Dixie cups, 3 oz. or 5oz.?

Speaking of ads, I still cannot believe that this was allowed to air!

Hmmm. The Natinals are tied with the Redsox in the 7th,

I hope Jon gets custody of the kids

Tuesday and now we have the Next Nostradamus program on History Channel

Why it is difficult for me to wear hats #1

Does this AK 47 make my butt look big?

Your Wife is HOT!

Ok, this is the offical lounge BBC sitcom, One Foot in the Grave, my favorite.

Cards' Pineiro pitched a masterful game against Mets

Orb's Andy Hughs dead at age 44

Sean and Viggo

I just had some watermelon and it was so good.

Man allegedly drives drunk in golf cart on highway

YouTube: Japanese band Ningen Isu covers "21st Century Schizoid Man"...Fripperific!

Just because of their stupid fucking commercials, I hope is a hideous failure.

Land of the Lost (dont take kids)

My latest LTTE

I am watching the BEST MOVIE EVER.

Kate should get custody-- only a fool would think otherwise....

zOMFG! The LCBO is going to have a strike! Oh NOES! Canada is screwn. Game over, man!

Reservoir Dogs star Michael "Mr. Blonde" Madsen $4 mil in the hole, net monthly income is $-3,392

Do you keep bread in the fridge?

Favorite Bra Size - guys only

If YOU Were the Taco Supreme, the Mattress of the Universe

Good morning Lounge

whoever posted the link to that GIJoe PSA earlier today:

This place sucks

Whatever you do, never rent from Enterprise Rent A Car

Resume question

Somebody told me my shorts were too tight..

We need more threads about Jon & Kate + 8

My current earworm: "there's only one thing "two" do, three words

awwwwwww, why can't I have a pet Panda Bear

Any Voivod fans roaming about the place?

Best fictionalized version of a celebrity playing him/herself (excluding cameos)

why the misspellings in lolcat threads ?

I think we are all underestimating the magical, mystical power of the pan flute

Is governor Sanford here?

Police say 334 bunnies found in NM woman's yard

I need a picture of fat man on computer in mom's basement

dream if you can a courtyard, an ocean of violets in bloom.

Have you ever gone to a minor league game just to see a rehabbing MLB star?

Should pharmacists be able to refuse to fill birth control prescriptions?

You all now about how miserable the weather has been in NE

I Want To Create A Bread That Never Dries

I Want To Create A Bread Song That Never Makes Me Cries

If YOU Were the Supreme Being, the Master/Mistress of the Universe

If Everyday Life Were Directed By Michael Bay

No, it's not cute and it's not funny anymore. The flight attendants on Southwest simply go too far.

Balance Beam gymnasts are amazing. Check out these mounts.

Oinkers to settle Minnesota Senate Race...


There's a Jewelry Channel?

Each time I look at this I am breathless

The toy EVERY kid wants: "Remote Control Hopping Yodeling Lederhosen with Knockwurst Remote"

When does that thing that happened do that thing?

Vodka tastes like medical rubbing alcohol .

VIDEO: Joan QVC Rivers honors Ed McMahon's memory by calling Carson "nasty" and a "bastard"

I want Bread to write a song that doesn't suck

For those of you keeping score - I DO LIKE BREAD (the sitcom)

Computer savvy? Please advise me about a possible hack.

BREAKING! Sanford Spent $700-million Last Month at Victoria's Secret

For those of you keeping score - I DO LIKE BREAD (the group)

HAHAHAHAHA: Sanford, the man that wants to protect marriage from 'the gays'

South Carolina: this can not be a mere coincidence!

Sanford: "Getting My Willie Wet Was All In Preparation 4 Hurricane Season"

Part of Sanford affair in Argentina caught on tape

The Transformers movie was soooo Michael Bay

What was Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC) up to in Argentina?

Happy Birthday Midlo!

One of my fav Roseanne episodes is on right now... (Oxygen channel)

GOP = Gringo Overseas for Pus*y.

For those of you keeping score - I DO NOT LIKE BREAD (the baked good)

At Least Spitzer Didn't Spend USDs Overseas For His Rockin' Times

Veal: delicious cruelty-- or just delicious?

I found a baby crow. Advice?

What about Sanford's son?

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to RockaFowler!! (June 19)*******

Mike Molloy or Donny Osmond?


*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to MarianJack!! (June 19)*******

350 posts to 6000!

To whom do I report mailbox vandalism?

Breaking: Obama Faithful to Wife for Years!

OMGBIZNESSLOL... (a really boring rant but I have to vent, sorry)

Why does Erik Paulsen (R) of Minnesota's 3rd District want to be my friend on Facebook?

"We won't be 'Jon & Kate,' say stars of WE TV's 'Raising Sextuplets'

Those 'crooked houses' given to the Jon & Kate plus 8 kids cost 7K each.

Should I get a driver's license anyway?

I am totally lame

Need your good vibes

PICTURES of Gov. Mark Sanford's special "friend"... WARNING: NASTY!!

So for the first time in many years I bought a new PC for home use.

Geez, don't you know the rules?? It's not cheating if the person lives in another hemisphere

Jonathan Rhys Meyers Held After Airport Brawl

If you are an HGTV fan, do you like the......

You talkin' smack? This girl got something to say to you...

NASA-Moon-funny video

I can't wait until tomorrow night at 11 PM!

Happy Birthday Friend!

Well, fuck me sideways with a stuffed three-legged albino platypus. USA is beating Spain.

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to YellowRubberDuckie!! (June 21)*******

Who else thinks punk rock blows?

What sadistic bastard invented the necktie?

Does anything smell worse than 12 year old boys?

I had to kill my best friend today.

Sanford: "I'm Coming, Elizabeth!"

A huge honeydew melon exploded on the dining room table last night.

Always enjoy life. I'm adopting my new baby on Saturday, probably...

Just heard on NPR - Next year, 10 Best Picture Nominees

Jon & girlfriend & Kate plus 8 or Jon & Kate plus 9?

Confess!!! What sappy love songs did your HS use for their Porn Themes

I suck beer

Sign of the End Times? Prostitute accepts Fritos as Payment

Favorite Mark Sanford excuse

Ideas for the new Jon & Kate + 8 - Jon show

Mrs. Venation is free of the cast! Celebrate with me!

John Kerry: "Too bad" it wasn't Palin who had gone missing

John Kerry: "Too bad" it wasn't Palin who had gone missing

USA 2-0 Spain (Soccer Confederations Cup Semifinals)

I just got mistaken for "the maid" in my own house.

Ella's feeling better and says thanks!! picture inside.

Sanford: "With God's Help, I'm Gonna Lick This Adultery Thing"

One Face, Your Fist, Total Immunity

The most amazing toy ever!

2010 Oscars to have 10 Best Picture nominees

Why does The Most Interesting Man In The World

Silvester killed the wabbit today

Beer sucks

"There Will Be Blood"

We have a cat who insists on waking us between 5:30 and 6:00 each morning

Video: Doofus takes a bottle rocket to the crotch, soon realizes his mistake

If "good fences make good neighbors" then why is barbed-wire seen as unneighborly?

Do you love your uvula?

Confess!!! What sappy love songs did your HS use for their Prom Themes

A Poetry thread for Wednesday

Where's my damn hovercraft?

Televised sports I'd like to see.

WTF is a "permalink"?

For those of you keeping score - I DO NOT LIKE BREAD (the group)

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/24/09

Bands that cranked the Suck to 11

Shaving (men)

I am sick and tired of the Governor of my state and one Senator (Graham)

Elvis or Buddy Holly?

Damn, it is 6:30 and it is still 102 outside.

Do you keep your bra in the fridge?

I just found this old poem I wrote, many years ago:

What's for dinner, DU? --- Wednesday edition

Anybody remember this incredible and moving song from 'The Brave Little Toaster'?

trying to plan my first trip to Rio for December

Is the Oil THAT Important?

I want to create a Rodeo Song thread that never dies

Can I be Frank with all of you?

When do you pull the plug on a beloved dog?

Match Game Story: "Instead of filling in the blank, Nympho Nellie ______ herself."

Have you had an intensely stressful job? There are some that would

Have you ever missed something the first time you watched a show

Best Celebrity Portayal of another Celebrity

California man eats 1/2 pound burger in 1 minute 51 seconds, wins $100 gift card

CBS News: "Heath Reform Debacle" (Reporter goes to Cato Institute for opinion on healthcare)

Democrats Looking Strong in Ohio Senate Race

Contrasting President Obama and the GOP on Iran (updated)

President Obama files first WTO trade complaint over China export ceilings

RNC's Michael Steele Becomes Union Man

Emanuel visits Senate to press health reform

Did Obama Save The World Today?

Obama June 23 2009 Press Conference Links to entire on youtube

Iranian Leaders are guilty of Crimes...this is why they will fight to the death

The Republican Party, in order to return to relevancy and power, must...

AP Analysis: Fine line for Obama on Iran

I'm gonna go out on a limb and predict that...

Election night.


Senator Conrad: Health-Care Legislation Still Needs Cuts

I personally feel Obama has been exceptional on the subject of U.S./Middle East relations.

The Republican's rapid response team consists of a group of people...

"Countdown" sells more books than "Morning Joe!"

Obama says "absolutely" will reform health in 2009

Let's hear why you all think Sanford went missing...

Obama gives GOP a Spock-like reprimand on public option criticism: "That's not logical."

Did ABC/ Wapo Poll Stack the Deck Against a Public Plan?

Public confidence up: Military, presidency

I just watched the entire press conference and I couldn't help but think

Sanford in Argentina hosting another "tea party"

Governor Palin has been AWOL since last Wednesday night,

Breaking: Sanford says that he was in South America??? What the.........

BREAKING! Car believed to be Sanford's found at South Carolina airport. (CNN)

Robert Reich: Why the Critics of a Public Option for Health Care Are Wrong

Delete please ---wrong Forum

Cornyn Calls on Obama to Present Immigration Reform Plan

Possible List of 2012 Republicans for President

Republicans plan on attacking Obama on not stopping train accidents, hot weather, drowning and porn

Politico (& Drudge) "What Obama didn't mention"

Citigroup intends to raise workers’ base salaries by as much as 50 percent this year


Obama's Thinking 'Evolves' on Health Care Requirements

The 2012 elections don't scare me - it's the 2016 ones that do!

CQ Politics: Democrats targeting Alaska, Minnesota, Georgia and Florida Gov. Races

Rangel Blocking Your Faxes

TPM reporting sources stating evidence that Sanford was not alone in Buenos Aires

Juicier and Juicier: Sanford met in Atlanta after returning from South America

MoveOn Hammers Feinstein on Health Care Remarks

Back in the summer of 69, my friend Ritchie Shelton, told me about this march...Hippies...

Andrea Mitchell senseless question/comment of the day (about the protests in Iran):

Any Senators or Congresscritters who opposes PUBLIC option should have their healthcare revoked ASAP


Who would've thought that Sanford would've been better off naked hiking in Appalachia?

Sanford Resigns as Chairman of Republican Governor's Association

From out of the Blue, Rep. Issa lays down a challenge to Bernake

I Cry for me and what I left in Argentina!

Buried in a NYT article on Baucus:

Sanford up now. **LIVE PRESSER**

I have a name for left-wing Obama-bashers.

I'll give Sanford credit for one thing...

What did Governor Sanford learn while hiking alone on the Appalachian Trail?


Palin arranged for Ensign and Sanford to get caught.

Washpost Jonathan Capeheart on MSNBC

Sanford admits 5 month (er 12 month) illicit affair

I wonder how old Sanford's beloved is?

MSNBC Todd stated that it was like a bad episode of "Survivor"

Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) considering a party switch?

Another one bites the dust...

get off Sanford's ass

Coming soon to Oregon: Online voter registration!

Mark Stanford (that's how I pronounce his name) voted to impeach Bill Clinton

The only difference between Jon & Kate+8 and Gov. Sanford is......

No Republican can compete with President Obama in family values

Admitting to an Affair...

Did Sanford say the affair was over?

SC Senator on MSNBC says Sanford is a man for revealing his affair.

Damn Sebelious almost got creamed by a Kleeglight stand on MSNBC

Call MSNBC@ 1-212-664-4444! Tell them Sanford lied as to his whereabouts and abandoned his State.


Jason Linkins on HuffPo: Dana Milbank Shows Nico Pitney What A Serious Journalist Looks Like

Jason Linkins on HuffPo: Dana Milbank Shows Nico Pitney What A Serious Journalist Looks Like

Ok. I typically just shake my head ot affairs but this one actually Pissed me off. IMPEACH NOW

Why is MSNBC making Sanford out to be a hero?

Sen. Baucus: White House "wants a bipartisan health deal" after meeting with Rahm Emanuel tonight

LMAO. Republicans and their Conservative Family Values.

Obviously, God wants Barack Obama to be re-elected

It looks like Jeb Bush will be the GOP Candidate 2012

Obama's Blackberry

The repubs next push: "We really need that wall along the border"

Marriage Equality Bill

Could somebody explain Conrad's "Co-Op" proposal?

Haley Barbour the new Chairman of Republican Governor's Association

Fox did it again

Fox did it again

Chuck Grasley: We have to make sure theres no public option

It's starting to look like Mitt Romney will take the nomination by default

Moment of Truth for Obama and the Democrats on Universal Health Care


Did the WH comment line phone number change?

The Republican Party: The Gift that keeps on giving...

Suspected U.S. Strike Kills at Least 60 in Pakistan

Oh no, she didn't! Mrs. Sanford wrote a book called "Mischief in the Mansion"

For the talking heads saying Sanford was "courageous" to admit affair

It really wasn’t Mark Sanford’s fault

On Morning Joke there was discussion as to McCain not answering whether Obama supported Ahmadinejad

Free Mark Sanford postcard

Robert Reich: Why We Need a Public Health-Care Plan

Constructive criticism of Democrats or the Democratic Party is permitted

Media is forgetting the real transgressions Sanford may have committed

Video - Kerry destroys Graham on Obama's responses this past week on Iran

Who says Democrats are weak on defense? Confidence in military up, confidence in POTUS up.

Sanford Lied to his State as to where he was. That does Not make him Honest nor a "Man"!

If Elliot Spitzer can resign, Why Not Gov.SANFORD ???


For Sanford, Karma is an Argentinian

Look. Protecting Private Industry is an endeavor for FASCISTS. This is AMERICA

Obama's Thinking 'Evolves' on Health Care Requirements

Some Sanford trips were taxpayer-paid

U.S. Takes Back July 4 Invitations to Iranians

Howard Dean on Colbert - wow!

Why is the media going easy on a guy who spent Father's Day with his lover?

Ensign and Sanford set up by Democratic strategists!

Adultery is a crime in South Carolina. From the state Code of Laws:

Don't Cry for me Argentina. I feel sorry for Gov. Sanford

It was Sanford who, with Gingrich, spearheaded the Clinton impeachment

Howard Dean pulls out of DNC gay fundraiser

I predict Bob Corker (R) Tennessee will be the Republican nominee for President in 2012

I suppose the GOP will call this a pre-primary screening process

PHOTO Caption it?

They Planted a Gay Whore in Bush's Press Conferences

My Rep. Evan Bayh response to my Health Care email...

HuffPo: Dem Senator Denies Bloomberg Story

I don't think a lot of people understand the health care debate and the "options"

Where did the money come from?

Bill Sammon on FauxNews: "Somewhere today, Mitt Romney is smiling."

I do not care where you stand, on any issue.. but who did we vote for President exactly?

"The White House specifically wanted a Samoan knife twirler"

SC Paper Posts Sanford's E-Mails To Lover Maria - "the erotic beauty of you holding yourself"...

Dick Durbin was just on The Ed Show & kept saying he needs 60 votes

Fox News Identifies Sanford As A Democrat

Sanford in 2012! -- HE has international experience!!!!

***HEADS UP*** ABC's "Questions for the President: Prescription for America" tonight at 10:00 PM (ET

PHOTO Caption it? (Joe)

Growing speculation that Sarah Palin may not run for Governor in 2010

Gore to Rally House Democrats Thursday on Energy Bill.

TPM: Rahm says Obama Open to Alternatives to Public Option

Republican family values

Michael Steele responds to Ensign, Sanford "RNC to hold seminar on masturbation to prevent affairs"

With apologies to Jackeens, I'd like to propose this as the photo thread of the day....

Kerry: US energy independence would pressure Iran

Obama messes up on health care, big time by Paul Krugman

Will it be, then, Pawlenty by default?

Will there be ANY Republican standing to challenge Pres. Obama in 2012?

Parlor Advocacy Is Worse Than None At All

Ed Schultz:If there's no public option I won't support Obama in the next election

President Obama to Host a Hawaiian Style Luau for Congress

Helen Thomas to Obama: If you see the importance of Neda video, why won't you release abuse photos?

NORTH KOREA Threatens To Wipe Out The U.S. "Once And For All"

Mark Sanford - why don't you take the advice you gave Clinton when he was caught.....

Obama's July 4 Invites To Iranian Diplomats Rescinded

I donated to Obama. Twice. I worked for the unions on behalf of Obama. But...

New Protections for Transgender Federal Workers

Homeless Student Heads to Harvard

Rogue Minutemen leader held in fatal home invasion

Pak officials behind killing of 11 French engineers: Report

India has most number of domestic terror groups

Karroubi assails Iran's state-run media: "fanatics like the Talilban"

Pakistan's Plans for New Fight Stir Concern

Big Oil Ready for Big Gamble in Iraq

Famed ex-hostage Betancourt in divorce

Conservative Candidate in Iran Pulls Complaint

700 NYC teachers are paid to do nothing

Sarkozy sidelines young black cabinet minister (appoints first openly gay minister)

Doctor rescued from Antarctica in 1999 dies at 57

Silvio Berlusconi denies claim that he paid women for sex in his home

South Carolina governor checks in after taking a hike

Guantánamo Uighurs fight Palau move

CNN Breaking Obama to appoint ambassador to Syria

Iranian candidate Moshen Rezaie withdraws voting complaint

Obama: Unemployment to rise, need faster spending

23 rebels killed in Afghan, NATO operation: general

Clerics join Iran's anti-government protests

Citi boosting salaries to offset lower bonuses

Citi boosting salaries to offset lower bonuses

Health Insurance Insider to Testify On Deceptive Practices

Big Oil Ready for Big Gamble in Iraq

First Jewish speaker for Britain's House of Commons

Public health plan could save money faster: policy group

Doctor in dramatic South Pole rescue dies

Protests in Iran capital 'halted'

Dean will miss LGBT fundraisr

Public Health Plan Could Save Money: Policy Group

Alligators found in Rio Grande

Millions ride old, vulnerable rail cars on subways

Obama Claims CIA Involvement In Iran “Patently False”

Football coach dies after shooting at Iowa high school

Report: S.C. governor says he was in Argentina


Suit Betwen Ex-Judge, Ex-U.S. Attorney Goes Public (Paul Minor Case; Rove/DOJ Corruption)

Sanford met in Atlanta after returning from South America

Conservationist: 15 rare Sumatran elephants killed

Once-missing S.C. governor admits to affair

South Carolina Gov. Sanford Says He's Been Unfaithful to His Wife

Land battle for Sumatra's apes

Japan exports fall 40.9 percent in May

Philippines arrests JI-linked Muslim rebels

U.S., China Talk Defense

Former Vice President Cheney to publish memoir: report

6 killed, 5 wounded in Russia's North Caucasus

China’s Sinopec Offers $7.22 Billion for Oil Firm

Bangladesh introduces SMS cyclone alert system

Bangladesh court rules polluting firms will be shut

(Tony) Blair to cooperate with new Iraq war probe: spokesman

Better lives in Bangladesh – through green power

US nixes 40 percent cuts at climate change talks

N Korea threatens US; world anticipates missile

GM: Venezuela not supplying enough import dollars

Mother Pleads Guilty to Drunken Breastfeeding

Responding To KKK Fliers, Residents Form Association

Bomb strikes Shiite market in Baghdad, killing 69

Palin reimburses Alaska for 9 family trips

Computer Failure May Have Caused DC Train Crash

Americans Stun Spain and Gain Final

Suspected US troop remains sent home from Vietnam

Bomb kills 52 in Baghdad's Sadr City - police

Neda Soltan's family 'forced out of home' by Iranian authorities

Citigroup Has a Plan to Fatten Salaries

Costs lead even insured in Mich. to delay health care - Half of those polled put off seeking help

EU parliament head prepared to lead delegation to Iran

Iran Police Dismantles Opposition Network

Man charged with threatening politicians

US-Israel meeting scrapped over settlements

N. Korea threatens US; world anticipates missile

Coach fatally shot at Iowa high school

Ex-detainees allege Bagram abuse

Violence flares again in Tehran

Obama to meet the pope while in Italy for G-8

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday June 24

Nixon, (Rev. Billy) Graham talk on tape of American anti-Semitism

Ford to get $5.9 bn US aid to roll out fuel-efficient cars

Iran TV: partial vote recount verifies election result

Madoff may wear own clothes at sentencing-US judge

Exclusive: E-mails between Sanford, woman (obtained by The State newspaper in December)

Bolivia arrests 8 Mennonite men accused of raping more than 60 women at their farm community

U .S. awards four leases to explore wind energy off Jersey coast

UPDATE: Dem Senator Denies Bloomberg Story


Statement from First Lady Jenny Sanford (asked husband to leave 2 weeks ago)

Pressured by sex workers, Taiwan OKs prostitution

Iran's Neda killing 'was illegal'

US cancels Netanyahu meet over settlements: report

Dennis Kucinich blasts Democrats' energy bill as soft on polluters

Amazon Warns Calif. Lawmakers on Sales Tax Bill

North Korea Threatens To Wipe Out The U.S. "Once And For All"

German Pensioners kidnap, beat financial adviser who lost their savings

Hundreds Protest CA Budget Cuts' Impact on Poor, Sick and Disabled at Governor's San Diego Office

Supervisors Urge CPUC to Pull Plug on SDG&E Plan to Shut Off Power During High Fire Risk Days

Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC) admits affair was reason for disappearance

Some Mark Sanford trips were taxpayer-paid

Oil workers urge Chavez to pay

Report: Venezuela and the U.S. to Normalize Ties

Health Insurance Insider: 'They Dump the Sick'-Retired Health Insurance Executive Blows the Whistle

Japan May End $1.5 Billion Venezuela Loan on Seizures

Documents Back Saudi Link to Extremists, but May Never Be Used in 9/11 Suit

Access Denied

In celebration of Black Music Month

For Those Among You Who Use Youtube, This Vid is For YOu

Flash Mob for Climate Justice

Anti-Mountaintop removal rally in W.Va. (6/23) w/ Daryl Hannah and James Hansen

Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in The World" - George W. Bush

Iranian Protestors Agree: McCain Sucks, Obama Kicks Ass

Washington Post Mouthpiece of Shit Theater

The Permian Mass Extinction

The University of Misinformation Alumni

Howard Dean talks about health care reform to Carlos Watson and Mort Zuckerman

Protesting the DNC in Boston Over DOMA

Breaking: Witness to the massacre in Tehran's Baharestan Square on the phone to CNN

Dodd Pushes Date

Don't cry for me Argentina

Footage of the sit-in protesters at Baharestan Square surrounded by menacing paramilitary

Countdown:Dean discusses getting better Democrats for Healthcare

The Rise of Right Wing Hate

FOX's Glenn Beck Plays With Dolls On The O'Reilly Factor

Chris Matthews PIMP SLAPS Joe and Mika

Sanford Weepies, admits to affair Press Conference - Apologies & God's Law

S.C. Gov. Mark Sanford offers explanation for bizarre trip - spoof!

Western senators tackle energy

Health Care Reform!


Leahy re-election announcement

Rosa Sat - song for Barack Obama

Would Sanford be treated differently if he was a Dem?

Readying for climate change vote

TYT: Devasting Quotes From Nixon & Reagan (Cenk's Take)

TYT: (R) Gov. Mark Sanford Disappears -- What Really Happened?

Gov. Sanford Admits Having Adulterous Relationship With Argentinian

Mark Sanford: The Musical- Don't Cry For Me Right Wing Media

CNN: This was a massacre. You should stop this. You should help the people of Iran.

Kucinich: We All Want To Protect Our Planet! Does The 2009 Clean Energy Act Do That?

CNN massacre day June 24, 2009 tehran baharestan

Nation editor: Virulent strain of neocons want to meddle in Iran

S. Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford's Love emails to mistress

Movie on the Extinction of Fish from our Oceans - All Eaten Up

Connecticut Church Posts Controversial Gay Exorcism Video on YouTube

The much-talked-about Mathews/Scarborough exchange from this morning (6:38)

President Obama: "Restore The Soul Of A Nation, Give America The Public Option!"

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Footage from Baharestan Square massacre (very graphic)

TYT: Are These The World's Dumbest Racists?

An open letter to the media

GOP congressman Dana Rohrabacher blames Obama for bloodshed in Iran

Destabilization 2.0

Obama calls on HuffPost for Iran question

'Public Option' May Be Highest Hurdle in Senate

Sophie Morris: Sarkozy's right: the burqa is a tool of repression

Court Affirms Reimbursement for Special Education.

When He Was Barry

New Protections for Transgender Federal Workers

Why American Policy SUCKS By Jill Richardson

Newly Released Tapes Reveal Nixon Would've Aborted Obama

Fear and Loathing in MA

The abuse behind Scientology's facade (St. Petersburg Times Editorial)

When Judicial Activism Suits the Right

Mark Morford: In Defense of PETA's Total Stupidity

Richard Cohen: President Cool Plays It Right

We Shoulda' Seen It — Sanford in Argentina Makes Perfect Sense!

Jon & Kate & Adam & Steve

GOP spends $1 million fighting democracy in Minnesota.

Well it sure seems that the man who would not have lobbyists in his cabinet is surely eager to

SC gov's disappearance a problem for GOP

IRAN: Rights group publishes partial list of those killed, detained

SC Governor Mark Sanford admits to having extra-marital affair

VIDEO: Governor Mark Sanford's bizarre news conference

The MTA officially has sold naming rights to one of its busiest subway stations

History lesson: Iran Had a Democracy Before We Took It Away

The Ghosts of Detroit (Part 2)

Indian CEO says American tech grads are 'unemployable'

Which Republican Will Reveal an Affair Next?

President Obama calls on Karen Ignagni of AHIP to speak on HC reform

German minister rules out new nuclear power stations

Vote Set on House Climate Bill

525-MW Austrian Pumped Storage Plant Opened

Congratulations to the Agriculture ConservaDems for screwing us in the Climate Change bill

DrumBeat: June 24, 2009

World’s Largest Solar Project Planned for Saharan Desert

For 33rd Straight Year, Hartwell Lake (SC) Posts "Don't Eat The Fish" Advisory

Daryl Hannah and James Hansen arrested protesting coal - pics and video

US Climate Envoy Axes 40% GHG Reduction By 2020 For Developed Nations - AP

Bolivia arrests 8 Mennonite men accused of raping more than 60 women at their farm community

Better lives in Bangladesh – through green power

More Nuts From Down Under: Prof. Argues Warming "Ascientific, Urban, Religious Fundamentalism"

Solar thermal market grows 51.4% in the European Union

cool photos of erupting volcano--worth a look

{For better health,} 'Make London like Bogota' {i.e. bike and foot-friendly} (BBC)

Straight from the pentagon servers..

Al Gore to Rally House Democrats Thursday on Energy Bill

Swine flu puts porpoise on brink (BBC) {endangered vaquita}

Military assistance to Colombia

Famed ex-hostage Betancourt in divorce

Obama: “She’s (Bachelet) One Of The Finest Leaders In Latin America”

MH Editorial Board Member,Terrorist Carlos Alberto Montaner & Jean-Guy Allard's 2005 Expose

Venezuela Solidarity Helps DomRep

CEPR: Assessment of the Ecuadorian Economy Under Correa

Synthesis Report From March Copenhagen Conference - Things Moving Than Expected/Projected

Disappearing dolphins clamour for attention at whale summit (WWF)

Holy crap! Whales endangered by seagulls!

Deep in Bedrock, Clean Energy and Quake Fears

Andrew Carnegie’s Electric Cars

TN Wildlife Agency - State Facing Loss Of Hemlocks, Beech, Trout W. 5F Increase By 2050,

Slightly off topic: The Importance of Enlightenment

Good News Story: Ex-Ohio Unv. Sooner Pasha Jackson Finds Calling in Latin Am School of Medicine

Not really the greatest, most necessary post, but i want to say -- buenos aires is awesome

Feds Grant First Ever Leases for Offshore Wind Energy Exploration

URIBE Speech/DC, June 30, 9-10 am, Woodrow Wilson Center

Feds lend Tesla $465 million to build electric car (WIRED/CNN)

DC PROTEST TODAY: NED Awards Dinner for Anti-Cuba "democracy" Advocates

Report: Venezuela and the U.S. to Normalize Ties

South Florida lawmakers call for granting special status to Haiti

Has this (SOA) vote happened already (11:27 am Pacific here)

The Senator From Denial - "Over The Past 15 Years, Global Temperatures Haven't Been Going Up"

Candidate Obama on Don't Ask Don't Tell

Joe the Plumber: "This country has been great for over 180 years."

A real pitcher's duel at Los Angeles, Anaheim, Azuza and Cu...

Heh! Natinals are tied with the DeadSox in the 7th!

Chien-Ming Wang

Day Three: Sharapova stunned by Dulko;

3 Dallas Cowboys sign heavy metal record deal...........


Interesting information about road attendance. Top MLB ave. road draws:

Lincecum throws complete game..Giants crush A's 4-1

Manny is radioactive!

So I'm guessing the USA beating Spain in Soccer is a pretty big deal?

U.S.A. **Photos**

Near the Pakistan border, an ambush kills a beloved soldier

A worker hurt on the job, hurts more when you know them

Iraqi Unions Under Fresh Attacks: Workers ordered to disband their labor union

NYC Commuter Railway Hit With Punitive Fine For Retaliating Against Injured Workers

Today in labor history June 24 Agnes Nestor, president of the International Glove Workers Union born

Senator Baucus says White House "wants a bipartisan deal" after meeting with Rahm Emanuel tonight

WHY is Blue Cross afraid of the public option?

The Max Baucus Health Care Lobbyist Complex

Major Life Insurers Support Tobacco Industry

Missouri renews, expands Aetna contract

Protecting Health Care Monopolies

"Call the insurance companies' action for what it is: evil"

How the Public Option Saved My Life

How the Public Option Saved My Life

Public Option or Bust

Study: Weight-loss surgery cuts cancer risk in women

{For better health,} 'Make London like Bogota' {i.e. bike and foot-friendly} (BBC) {xpost}

The Mediterranean Diet -- Which parts work

Armed robber killed by C&C permit holder when he tried to rob an AA meeting.

someone just mentioned Ted Goertzel

I just got my CPAP Machine for sleep Apnea

DOJ: AIPAC case witness was asked to 'fake...suicide'

Israel defies Obama: Authorizes construction of 300 new homes in West Bank

Migrants boost Jewish settler numbers in West Bank

Israel removes dozens of West Bank roadblocks

De facto government shuts down Gaza newspaper, detains chief editor

Two former Israeli ministers sent to jail

Canada to consider settlements suit

Bikini-Clad Activists Crash Tel Aviv Beach Party

Palestinians were made to pay an unfair price

France asks Israel to 'freeze' Jewish settlements: presidency

Interesting Times: The great Arab refusal

GM Advisers’ Fees ‘Unreasonably Rich,’ Trustee Says (Bloomberg)

WSJ: California To Issue IOUs July 2 If No Budget, Cash Resolution

Does the Obama Plan for Reforming Wall Street Measure Up?

Summer Solstice Roller Skating Picture

I don't know where the butterflies are but I shot this one yesterday.

Can you find the real kitty here?

Any connection? Earlier today, Dow was up ... Sanford admits affair,

A little baby not yet afraid of me....but afraid to fly

Hypothesis: A sane economic model would have a statistically normal distribution of

Governor? Governor? Nope, not here

***The Winners in the June Photography contest are...DRUMROLL PLEASE...***

A thought about protecting yourself from hyperinflation

Beyond Marriage

New Protections for Transgender Federal Workers

The Stonewall generation looks back

Sarkozy sidelines young black cabinet minister (appoints first openly gay minister)

Best letter to Obama on gay issues comes from a straight group

BREAKING: Howard Dean drops out of LGBT DNC fundraiser

Center for American Progress: Ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

I love the Sanford mess....

So guess what this lying pig governor out of South Carolina was against?

Some thoughts about Ellen Degeneres.

Santa Rosa CA Ex-Gay Pastor Not So Ex-Gay

Some thoughts about comparing the LGBT struggle for rights to other struggles for rights.

Perez Hilton not backing down for using gay slur

Anti-Gay Sen. Diaz Sr. Has Two Gay Brothers and Cries Over Liza?

You are sincerely invited to ally with LGBT people.

Videos about symbols of physics & astronomy. Very cool. Sixty symbols

The Cutest and Deadliest Frogs on Earth

'Misty caverns' on Enceladus moon (BBC) {signs of liquid water}

35,000-year-old bone flute found in Germany

I said it before, I'll say it again

"Sore Feet and Instant Manifestations" - Karen Bishop - June 23, 2009

taking inventory / recapitulation

What is your reaction to the Sanford fiasco?

Joe Scarborough just demonized Chris Mathews, that is terrible.

Christian Soldiers - The growing controversy over military chaplains using the armed forces

St. Paul, Friend or Enemy of Women? (Rosemary Radford Ruether)

Quick visit and brain dump (caution - image heavy)

So I was given a 350 pound pig

What is South Caroline good for?

Does anyone make their own jam/preserves?

9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public

Interesting... Major General David F. Wherley died in DC Crash

Glenn Beck says it all about those who believe the official story for me.

Battle lines already forming over control of Texas House in 2010

Sophie Morris: Sarkozy's right: the burqa is a tool of repression

Avatar: The Last Airbender (2010)