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My Letter To Betsy McCaughey

Ah lovely, NOT... all you want to demonstrate fine

Married couple attempt suicide in Clallam Co. jail

Ok lets see if BBC Ameirca does something beyond Jackson

KO - Last GOP Candidate standing

Froomkin vs. Ezra Klein

National Press Club: DOJ Political Prosecution & Misconduct Presser - VIDEO Footage

The NEWS HOUR is actually covering the demo on health care

Methland: The Death And Life of an American Small Town

Where are the posts about the climate bill?

mozart > jackson

MIchael Jackson's contribution to society - the self-crotch grab

deleted - too callous for some

TX Dem gubernatorial candidate Tom Schieffer hires campaign staffer with dubious past

TX Dem gubernatorial candidate Tom Schieffer hires campaign staffer with dubious past

When is a murder charge not a murder charge?

There's a new Bill Maher tonight.

Due to the amount of plastic in Michael Jackson's body he won't be able to be cremated..

MJ - ok, let's talk about the money factor

Cops to Question Michael Jackson's Doctor, Conrad Robert Murray

OK how do we call MSNBC and ask them for news?

Does Bubbles mourn the passing of jacko? You decide...

Feds find bomb-making materials on white supremacist's property

Now Bow Your Heads and Raise Your Glocks for Jesus.......

Ethnic Tensions Spark Brawl At China Factory: Report

Tenn. Couple Accused Of Assault Using Cheetos

White House drafts executive order to allow indefinite detentions

The busiest Democrat

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike TGIF

Five more banks go the way of the DoDo bird.....

Argentine Man Is Said to Be Source of Sanford E-Mail

Bugliosi Vs. Lifton – A Critique of Bugliosi’s Critique of “Best Evidence”

MJ's kids were born into a freak show. They didn't know him when he was a sweet kid like we do.

We need to tell this White House "No, You Can't"-- on executive power to hold detainees, on refusing

TO DU, do not believe anything I post about Iran. It is

Stoned wallabies make crop circles

Would you rather be a Wallaby, a Snork or Dinah Shore?

Duke University official charged with offering 5-year-old boy for sex

Meet the 21st century ball and chain

We need to rework the lyrics to "Girl From Ipanema" to help out the songsters among us.

NPR should spend more time debunking right wing tax exempt 'think tanks' a'la Heritage Foundation!

NPR should spend more time debunking right wing tax exempt 'think tanks' a'la Heritage Foundation!

Models of Earliest (Camel-Pulled) Vehicles Found

A New Way to See Ancient Athens

Anybody have the roll call yet on the big climate change bill,

You Never Give Me Your Money.

Health care questions for your legislators

Ancient river found beneath the Channel during Olympics survey

Chief Justice wrote of limits to Jackson acclaim

Oldest known granaries found near Dead Sea

Bill Moyers Journal tonight

Let's see what's making the headlines today....

With apologies to Lerner and Lowe:

FOX News: "Michael Jackson 1959-2009" (IT'S 1958 YOU IDIOTS!)

I just had a very interesting phone conversation with a CC company customer specialist.

Al Rantel, rightwing radio host with a mean streak, retires

What I have learned thanks to pro-Empire Republicrats on DU. A tribute.

What did you lose?

Bank Bust Friday: Saturday Hangover Edition

Michael And Elvis

Performing CPR on the bed?

Who remembers watching SOUL TRAIN?

Little Hope for G.O.P. to Support Health Bill

Members of House FSC snapped up or dumped bank stocks as bottom fell out of market

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Feds do searches against white supremacists around the country

This went by my house yesterday.

US Announces Shift in Afghanistan Drug Policy

A pertinent question at this point - did TMZ really scoop everyone on Michael Jackson's death?

Freepwad madness: Obama had Michael Jackson killed

GE CEO Jeff Immelt: Businesses Spending Money To Preserve The Status Quo Is ‘Just Lunacy’

SC Governor's Argentina Trip Raises Questions(More Shoes to Drop)

Language Change Can Be Traced Using Gigantic Text Archives

Whose death, Princess Di or Michael, affected you more?

Computer Failures Are Probed in Jet Crash

So Lindsay Graham has given Sanford his full support

Stiglitz is on WJ right now

Steele: I ‘just need to learn how to shut up and listen.’

AWESOME! My local paper printed my response to a letter to the editor!

msnbc is now the national enquirer

U.S. Attorney Firings 'No. 1 on the Hit Parade' at House Judiciary Committee

Obama administration planning to fund groups that support Iranian dissidents

One hurdle down for climate bill, 60 more to go

New Border Fear: Militia Violence

Michael Jackson - Private Healthcare failed him n/t

Michael Jackson's celebrity suicide

Iraq opens fields; Exxon, Shell seek foothold

Most memorable music video of all time?

Michael J. Took a Trip to Heaven Today!!

Closing the ‘Terror Gap’ on Gun Purchases

Shhh: Don't tell Limbaugh MJ was addicted to Oxycontin.

Which singer/band (past/present) has you rushing to turn the radio OFF? ie You don't like 'em much.

Town in Missouri to pay $2.4 million in Taser lawsuit settlement

Taken For A Ride

What the Latest Polls Show on Health Care

Gov. Rell Signs US Senate Vacancy Bill (surprise move)

Could Cap and Trade Cause Another Market Meltdown?

Home defibrilator - wouldn't you think MJ might could have had one - they cost about $1300

No more of this... I am serious, If I have to go to DC and pull you two over

No more of this... I am serious, If I have to go to DC and pull you two over

Neocons Salivate Over the Chance for Another Middle East War

Dave Zirin: DC Metro Crash Exposes Funding Strikeout

Sacramento's "Thriller" Co-Star Mourns Jackson

Elton John to release rewritten version of "Candle in the Wind" for Jacko

Elton John to release rewritten version of "Candle in the Wind" for Jacko

US appoints envoy to Muslim world (a woman! )

This just in...

Just what Obama promised: A dialogue with Ahmadinejad

Hariri designated as Lebanon PM

Turn on CBS now - Coulter defending Sanford

List: Imprisoned Iranian Journalists and Politicians (In English)

Bust a Cap for Jesus......

One Laptop per child policyfor developing countries is mostly a failure

In a tiny village on the VT Canadian border, Ethan Allen lays off 238 workers

Sounds like Gomer Huckabee is ready to begin the Shock and Awe on Iran to liberate the protesters

GM, GE pick Michigan for manufacturing facilities (new small car)

Stone Age flutes found in Germany (UPDATE)

Documents back Saudi link to extremists

Pied Piper of the Clown Troupe

Corporate America to Americans: Stop Saving Your Money...Spend...Spend...Right Now!

What happens to the Beatles songs now?

Fan falls from Busch Stadium upper deck

EMT rapes drunk woman in Emergency room

From the "Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry" department

Yesterday, in addition to honoring the dead, I celebrated new life

Rapture Ready thoughts on Michael Jackson.

Naked (Repub)Ex-mayor Arrested at Campsite

Legislation seeks to restrict use of credit reports in hiring

The Health Care Industry vs. Health Reform

Job seekers: Rep Susan Davis needs a staff assistant from San Diego for the DC office

Job seekers: Rep Susan Davis needs a staff assistant from San Diego for the DC office


He missed his childhood and now he’s gonna miss his old age.

Michael Jackson and acquitted conduct

CREW filed complaint against SC Gov. Mark Sanford with SC Atty General and State Ethics Commission

Jackson’s tour to become tribute concert

Iranians Deserve Our Solidarity

Which is your favorite Michael Jackson?

Iraq secures cities for US exit

You keep trying to throw Sarah Palin against the wall and she won't stick

Does the Obama Admin New Financial Regs Bring Back the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933?

If Michael Jackson had gone to jail in 2005, He would probably still be alive.

If Michael Jackson had gone to jail in 2005, He would probably still be alive.

Bank Closings

The many faces of Wacko Jacko

"Men at Work accused of plagiarizing kids' song"

I would like to address all those in the SC GOP who say Sanford is embarrassing SC

It's a simple question .... How do they live with themselves?

JAckson Pulled A Reverse Belushi? Oxycontin AND Demerol????

S.C. Democratic Party calls for investigation

Inquirer: Saudis helped finance and arm Somalis that shot down Black Hawks.

Media should be clamoring for Limbaugh as expert on what it feels like to be addicted to Oxycontin

PolitiFact catches Bachmann, gives her two "Pants On Fire" ratings on their Truth-O-Meter

A rabbi's article on how he tried to help MJ (very, very sad )

A papal encyclical by Benedict, not unconnected with this economic abyss we are looking into,

Nice Cartoon about the Iranian "Elections"

Is it the Pinot or are these FR threads on Sanford hilarious?

Jesse Jackson Says Family Wants 2nd Autopsy

This genious says there is no Global Warming...

"fan" response to my criticism of Hurt Locker

Iran Pledges a 'Crushing' Response to US Critiques

Michael Jackson: the child star haunted by fame and scandal - UK Guardian

Michael Jackson: the child star haunted by fame and scandal - UK Guardian

1,500 dancing Filipino inmates paid tribute to Michael Jackson

A few questions for Rush Limbaugh:

In Vermont, you can obtain reasonably priced or free healthcare insurance through the state

Democrats to begin primary reform effort

Census Bureau: We’re Working With Bachmann To ‘Explain The Rules Of The Census’

Yet Another Reason Not To Buy 'Made In China'

Woman sentenced for role in last year’s Klan killing

Amazed at the businesses shutting down here in Texas....

VA leaves veterans lingering as unprocessed claims tops one million

I have just one question.

Did you know that Jermaine Jackson and Randy Jackson each has

A Long List Of FOX D's

I wonder if Sarah Palin would let her daughters near Clarence Thomas

Lord Jesus, we beseech thee, smite Rush Limbaugh...

How could John Conyers not know that his wife was taking bribes?

How could John Conyers not know that his wife was taking bribes?

Cloud discussion

Naked ex-mayor arrested at campsite

Joe The Wingnut Welfare King Plumber: "Why hasn't (Chris Dodd) been strung up?"

U.S. base camps in Iraq built on uranium dumps?

AlterNet: Rating the Greatest GOP Sex Scandals of the Past 20 Years

Arab world mourns Michael Jackson

If we DO adopt China's idea of a "super currency", on what should it be based?

PHOTOS: "Hitler's Stealth Fighter" Reborn

Russian Trans Woman Murdered By Her Boyfriend

Thirsty work: grandma, grandkids selling water at intersections

For those following persiankiwi on Twitter....he/she reportedly arrested

I doubt Jenny Sanford wants your pity...

Iran makes it clear that we need a "ham radio" network of wireless communication

Who's crazier? The church that tries to 'exorcise' homosexuality or those who would defend it?

123 (One hundred and twenty-three) Republican cheaters & hypocrites

Sanford was happy today; the mullahs in Iran were happy

Ann Coulter tells O'Reilly that Tiller wasn't murdered, he was "terminated in the 203rd trimester"

Disinfo campaign by 20 Corps Members-blaming levee failures on Citizens of N.O., used racial slurs

Is Billy Bob Thornton a Democrat?

Political Shifts on Gay Rights Lag Behind Culture

Florida and Cuba DUers - time to get ready - Invest 93L

South Carolina Dems call for Sanford investigation

I'm not playing your game, I do not want to compete against the

"We Can Change the World.."Cry" ...Ode to Michael Jackson...Beautiful ...worth watch

Police: Man Deposits Pot, Cocaine At Bank

CNN is reporting that the family of slain Iranian protester Neda has been forced from their home.

CNN is reporting that the family of slain Iranian protester Neda has been forced from their home.

When the hell are we going to get a decision from the MSC??

US pastor opens church to guns (BBC)

Siegelman, Minor & Other Targeted Democrats Were Not Forgotten in D.C. Today

Laura Bush speaks out on Burma (CNN) {Well, I'll be ...}

Damn you Michael!

Lisa Marie's thoughts from her My Space

Has anyone seen Michael Jackson buying a taco in Lake Havasu yet?

Another Republican Caught Misbehaving

do you think they want to cure cancer?

Who else is looking forward to several years of MJ custody and estate coverage?

The Regulated get to dictate the terms to the Regulators- it's food and I feel so (not) safe

Conrad Murray is my doctor

Sanford sought permission to visit lover...from his WIFE? WTF?

Anyone here helping out at NedaNet????

Business Idea-Green Lawn Mowing Service

Three "celebrities" died this week..

Please check in here if you're still looking for a job.

Matt Taibbi On Cap & Trade

White House denies indefinite detention order

What will Cap and Trade do to Manufacturers

How will you be celebrating July 4th?

Anti-immigrant militia faces slay charges

White House Weighs Order on Detention - NY Times

Protesters break into Iranian embassy in Sweden

Fact checking Randi -- 60% of people are already on gov't health care?

Madoff reduced to nothing (CNNMoney)

US excited to have chance to play Brazil in final

US excited to have chance to play Brazil in final

Oldest human settlement in Aegean unearthed on Limnos island

The Corporate quotes

The Corporate quotes

Kucinich explains why he voted against the "Clean" Energy and "Security" Act

Michael Jackson’s death

Why didn't anyone help him, before it was too late?

There's ALWAYS room for bacon...........

Analysis: House vote may spur energy revolution (Updated)

Authoritarian Regimes Censor News From Iran

The World's Largest Fossil Wilderness

A little help on government programs?

Jackson, Simpson, Blake, Spector I

I dislike Scott Simon. n/t.

Crackdown Drains Iranian Dissidents

Did toxic chemical in Iraq cause GIs' illnesses?

Scientists study foes’ ways at Creation Museum

Let's Aim For Mars: Commentary by Buzz Aldrin

The VILLAGE VOICE raids its archives for Michael Jackson coverage and

The Most Dangerous Sport: Cheerleading

Ahmadinejad is just like Sarah Palin

That nasty email claiming bill passed that would give SS to 'illegals' making the rounds again - pix

Here's the list of misbehaving Dems accidentally labeled Republicans by FoxNews.

Does album sales/air play/concert attendance = talent or greatness?

How San Diego's Reps Explain Their Votes on Climate Change Bill

Kucinich votes against climate change bill

One person who should NOT get custody of the Jackson children:


NEW USA Tee! (Wear your pride made in the USA!)

Would our Canadian members and those from countries with universal health care...

Today's "Bizarro" cartoon

Go piss on somebody else's grave! (not Michael Jackson's, please)

A former friend of mine, going to prison for possessing child porn

Priceless: 'English-Only' Supporters Hold Conference, Can't Spell 'Conference'

Why I just had my head in the giant tamale pot

Presidents Adams and Jefferson / John Ritter and Johnny Cash what in common?

The tragedy of Chávez

Photos of stunning, rare cloud formation recently seen around the world

Micheal Jackson , even if the allegations against him are true

Does anyone remember when the Afghan Freedom Fighters were the medias cause celebre?

The difference between single payer and a public option/private hybrid

Strengthen Society, ... Bring Back The Draft.

Intriguing study links childhood abuse to cancer

If it came down to a compromise- Single Payer VS allowing War Criminals to go free?

About Michael J's true devotees....

A Child Molester, if the Allegations Against them are True,

In the Past Year, Prescription Drugs Have Killed Two Iconic Celebs. Marijuana Has Killed None.

How Much Do You Pay For Health Insurance?

what Michael Jackson might have looked like without plastic surgery

Michael Jackson: secret library of 100 songs could be released

Current GREATEST thread on DU, with 95 recommendations...

Capitalism is breaking my heart

Australia: Labor moves to shut down remote Aboriginal settlements

South African rapist: 'Forgive me'

Have a Chase card with a good payment history? You're about to be screwed.

Alcohol link to one in 25 deaths

*** DUzy Awards for week ending June 26, 2009 ***

"We Didn't Start the Flame War" Funniest thing I've seen in a dog's age!

Iran’s Second Sex - By Roger Cohen (NYT) Again... Wow !!!

Is Thom Hartmann the best progressive radio talk show host?

If you're SICK of the MJ coverage, let's talk Health Care :)

Al From admits DLC decided in effect to make the Democratic party neutral.

Greeneville TN Police: KKK's racist fliers on black homeowners’ doorsteps is protected speech

Joe the Plumber, dumber than a whole crate of rocks

Factory food: The cheap, mass-produced food we eat is killing our environment, our economy — and us

Lyme discoverer Willy Burgdorfer breaks silence on heated controversy

Why Do Atheists Have to Talk About Atheism?

There are some really good deals in real estate right now

Show us your huge black sea bass

"I'm a celebrity, get me out of here"

Top Gun is on Bravo Right F****ing Now!

Remember the giants who remain.

Tonights Secret Ingredient is......

My wife just called me a cheeky bastard!


Tenn. couple accused of assault using Cheetos

Spirals and triangle, Sir Squash.

That's it! I've had it! I'm leaving DU RIGHT F*CKING NOW!

Well. I am off to bed. Good night all.

I am such a moran but it just dawned on me....

Okay, fess up. Who gives the DUzy's the Washington Read?

"Men at Work accused of plagiarizing kids' song"

Fucking hypocrites on my TV...begone!!!!

DU: Without Usernames Edition!

PARCHE!!!! WTF are you

PARCHE!!!! WTF are you

Man Do I Hate My Middle Name

Why would you put a pig femur in a bush?

I think it's time for all of us to take a step back from the brink.

Friday diversion thread.. Name YOUR band, your album & album art

First thing I rem knowin; was the washin whistle blowin

My boss told me today as he left the office......

I wish Letterman wasn't pre-tapped, he'd say something insightful about Jackson

True Love: 5 Years have passed and you still find the same things funny

Will the planet Earth be a big galactic news story on the day that Earth is destroyed?

A Question for People who buy DVD Videos.

Either someone is having a pre-4th blast with fireworks or there is a major artillery battle raging

"Gone Too Soon"

So I'm filling out my facebook profile

Jarvis Cocker of Pulp disrupts a Michael Jackson performance

After this week - with the news the way it was, I think we need some comfort. Watch this BRIEF one.

Still sad. Had to post this. It's Michael, you've been warned. BEAUTIFUL.

"Strychnine"- The Sonics

Anybody ever use careerlink?

I think Elvis died

Why should anyone give a shit when some self obsessed asshole bites the big one?

I don't care for Jesus

I want a companion in life who's just like my mother and my aunt, amalgamated.

Abe Vigoda to dance at

Embarking on the adventure: (dial-up warning)

God's busy right now...

Geographical lyrics from your childhood?

COLD or warm beer

So I'm really depressed, worried about money and not having a job

Whose death, Princess Di or Michael, affected you more?

List famous people who went on a "downward spiral"

PSA: Time Machine Cheat Sheet

I'm feeling good. So I'm gonna give the Lounge a little love tonight....

My last poem thread Saturday 6/27/09

Is Pixar going to have to make the Michael Jackson biopic?

CNN BREAKING: St. Hubbins speaks out on Tufnel split: "No, we, we shan't work together again"

On my way to the House of Blues

Led Zeppelin - Thank You

So I am thinking about The Thundercats....

Holy Psychedelics Batman! PHISH FEST Halloween weekend!

Only in Florida: Michael Jackson's death sparks Florida bus brawl

Who remembers watching SOUL TRAIN?

Sea Animal Popularity Contest: walrus vs. sea-lion vs. seal

List non-famous people who went on a "downward spiral"

I have another mouth to feed.

What happens to the Beatles songs now?

Hitchcock day on TCM

OK, this has got to be one of the strangest set of public service videos

I'm using BitTorrent to download something legit, that I PAID for, and it still gives me the CREEPS.

I have to post this: Dancing Filipino Inmates' tribute to MJ:

A cell phone for traveling USA to Canada

What's for breakfast DU?

It's 33 hours to Texanness!

DEADLINE post-it stop motion

What do you sleep in?

I vow never to post another RickRoll ever again

Elton John to release rewritten version of "Candle in the Wind" for Jacko

The Sky Masterson third (one time only) daily Poetry thread break.

Happy Pride Week all you Rainbow People!!!

rubber cement

Here is yet another foodstuff that will speed my demise

Do you think technology has made cheating more common?

Who here thinks they are better than their parents

Thanks graywarrior for FREEING THE DUCK!!

Arrogant Bastard

Is it possible to have "Too much Pasta"

Man o man am I geeking on that Grizzly Bear song Cheerleader

I vow never to write or say another bad word about Britney Spears ever again

Holy sheep shit.

This guy likely had a tough time with the week's news:

List famous persons who DID NOT go on a "downward spiral"

Friday night "what are you drinking" thread.

I am no longer seeing my Bible. I am drawing my strength from the Mistress.

What Is Your Favorite Room In the House?

Any WILCO fans in here? WEBCAST tonight!

The funniest ad to click on

Red meat and anxiety and hot flashes

Anyone purchased prescription drugs online?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/27/09

Obama, Ahmadinejad in a cage match.

wow, what a game- cubs sox. woohoo.

Dragonflies Doing It on my Raft

So who here watched or read "Into the Wild"?

Senior Living...

did you grow up listening to peter, paul and mary?

I just had a pretty good dream...

The Ugly Shoe Thread II

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Left Is Write!!*******

Does anyone have any Kitten Pictures? I have a couple..

I've been on facebook for a half an hour and I'm already bored

Two of the most gorgeous orange tabbies you'll ever see.

What albums did your parents have on hand?

I am so fucking sick of eating sandwiches for dinner.

Tenn. couple accused of assault using Cheetos

Which is your favorite Michael Jackson?

One funny thing about the reporting of Michael Jackson's death.......

You know how Timmy fell in the well and Lassie saved him? (Dial up warning**)

It's almost the half-way point of 2009. Do you have a favorite 2009 albums list?

What was your first car? Can you post a picture of it?

Is there a song you like by a group/singer you typically hate?

Once you go black, you'll never go back!

For What It's Worth

Okay, fess up. Who gives the Milestones the Washington Read?

What is your CURRENT car?

How does one become a technical writer?

Any shrinks out there? I have a question.

Don't Fuck with Lightning

Boxing cat

Don't pay the ransom! I escaped!!!

An Ornery Poll for a Friday Night regarding the adoration of MIchael Jackson

Most memorable music video of all time?


What is one good thing that happened to you this week?

My night to cook: spaghetti carbonara, baguettes, green garden salad. Will I be ON TIME with dinner?

Once again, let's play NAME THAT 70s OR 80s ROCK/POP SONG LYRIC!!!

The Ten MostGross and Disgusting Celebrity Deaths

(A complete stranger) has added you as a friend on Facebook.

I just had to share: Maggie goes for a tricycle ride:

Greatest Female Rocker of all Time?

This book pissed me off.

How many 90-degree and above days have you had this year in your area?

Who here no longer opens graywarriors never ending thread because it crashes their machine ?

Any DU'ers in NYC.. my documentary will be screening at the NewFilmmakers Summer Festival 2009

Which singer/band (past/present) has you rushing to turn the radio OFF? ie You don't like 'em much.

Congressional Research Service: Judge Sonia Sotomayor: Analysis of Selected Opinions

Turn on CSPAN Special Order Speeches Right F**king NOW

I need help - I want to start a blog - - listing the money paid to all members

I just watched my TIVO'd Colbert from last night--he hinted Obama could annul DOMA with executive..

deleted dupe n/t

You Get What You Pay For...

Obama lauds passage of climate bill

An Ornery Poll for a Friday Night regarding the adoration of MIchael Jackson

No public option -The Dem Party could be like AARP in 2003 after the Medicare Drug Bill

H.R.2454 (introduced 5/15/2009) Sponsor: Rep Waxman, Henry A. [CA-30]

Inglis to GOP: ‘Lose Stinking Rot of Self-Righteousness’

Iran's president lashes out at Obama - "Didn't he say that he was after change?"

Obama Admin denies Report of Executive Order to Allow Indefinite Detention of Terror Suspects

What a lame denial by the White House of the Washington Post/Pro Publica story

Hagan (D - NC) Continues To Be Key Obstacle To Public Option In The Senate

Second of two segments of me on FNC Bulls & Bears this morning, this one defending pensions

Where is the Dem pressure to get our guy in Minnesota seated??!!!!

"We are surprised at Mr. Obama," Ahmadinejad said. "Didn't he say that he was after change?

Sunday News Shows - (Axelrod, Sebelius, Susan Rice, Krugman, Sarah Silverman!)

Leadership in South Carolina - NYT calls for Sanford to resign.

Just heard Paul Krugman on NPR talking about the climate bill...

Sununu decision coming next week

Al Gore on passage of the American Clean Energy Security (ACES)

Does anyone else think that things are ever really going to change?

Obama urges HIV testing

First of two segments of me on Fox News Bulls and Bears this morning Re: Unions & Natl Healthcare

Obama, Merkel Show United Front At U.S. Meeting.

Fell for a Hoax...sorry...

Chief Justice wrote of limits to Jackson acclaim

White House Is Drafting Executive Order to Allow Indefinite Detention of Terror Suspects

Japan, Korea debate exit strategy amid recovery

Conyers guilty in bribery case (John Conyer's wife)

Michael Jackson's death sparks bus brawl

Four banks fail (Friday - June 26), bringing 2009 tally to 44

US Announces Shift in Afghanistan Drug Policy

G.E. Is Building a Center for Research Near Detroit

Loyalist paramilitaries give up weapons in N.Ireland

Iraq (parliament) debates worsening security

Schumer, Graham: Restrict electronics sales to Iran

Ruth Madoff forfeits asset claims, left with $2.5 million

Walter Cronkite's Family: "He Is Not Expected to Recuperate"

2 in Ariz. bombing case had ties to supremacists

'Hacktivists' take up Iran fight as streets quiet

Jackson Camp Says Concert Promoter Hired Doctor

Iran's president lashes out at Obama

Michael Jackson Death Still Unsolved After Autopsy .

U.S. reverses Afghan drug policy

Search ends for Air France dead

Madoff ordered to forfeit over $170 billion

Ninth Victim Found In Okla. Crash Site (Semi slammed into cars stopped for accident)

Obama Seeks Input on Classification of Records

U.S. Economy: Consumer Spending Rises as Incomes Gain

Reports: Boy should stay with Brazilian stepfather

Africa alone could feed the world

Billie Jean

FDR Funeral, 1945

Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama For Mark Sanford

The Obama Girls ARE Off Limits

Climate Denial Crock of the Week - This Year's Model

Michael Jackson Sings solo Background

New Rules From Bill Maher For June 26, 2009

Torture Nation Los Angeles

Anderson Cooper: "I Went To A Club With Michael Jackson When I Was 10"

pt 2 - On the Edge with Max Keiser - 'China and America becoming a casino-gulag of forced gambling'

Keith Olbermann Interviews Deepak Chopra on the Death of Michael Jackson

Weekly Address: Opening the Door to a Clean Energy Economy

TYT: Limbaugh Blames Obama For Mark Sanford's Affair, Cenk Reacts

TYT: MIchele Bachman is at it again

pt 3 & 4 On the Edge with Max Keiser Catherine Austin Fitts; 'Goldman's crimes may spark revolt'

Gibbs on DADT (talks around the issue)

President Obama Dunks Senior Advisors

Michelle Bachman - Choose Liberty or Choose Tyranny

A pleasant trip down memory lane....Palin booed at hockey game.

Walk For Health Care Chicago Launch 6.27.09

Rush Limbaugh blames Obama for Gov. Sanford's affair

Jackson's Australian confidant speaks out

Coca-Cola's Troubling History: Drug Addicts, Nazis and MLK's Condemnation

Your Money or Your Health

Mika Brzezinski's double standard

Time Magazine Rushes out Jackson Edition

Here goes another one.

Life in Oz

Friday Talking Points (83) -- Dan Froomkin's Final Column

GE's Immelt says U.S. economy needs industrial renewal

Palin hits back at 'malicious' photo....

Remind me: Which political party is "decadent" and "sick"?

Real Time June 26 Maher/Stone Pt 1/2

UK 2080: Age of the killer heatwave because climate change means our summers will soar

China Reports 66 Percent Drop in Plastic Bag Use

Landmark Waxman-Markey Climate and Energy Bill Clears House

Krugman: Temperature trends

UN human rights expert condemns child ‘slavery’ in Haiti

DAS spied on HRW director and church (Colombia, Uribe's intelligence service)

Wednesday article Bolivian paper,"Cambio," mentions U.S. activist Hugo Acha, again,

BOREV: "Terrible, In-Respectful Colombian Kid Caught on Tape Dissing URIBE to his Face!

HAITI: Lavalas Closes Door on Elections - disaster for Pres. Preval

Check out the CSM drivel on Chávez that Cali posted in "General Discussion"

Obama should be challenged in the 2012 primary

David Gregory has tantrum; angry with Scarborough and Stephanopoulos; MTP's ratings on a free fall

Birther has Obama Kenyan "Birth Certificate" auction on eBay

How would you interpret this quote?

Obama Issues Signing Statement On War Spending BIll

When I get angry about people saying bad things about our President and when I don't

A little spicy but definitely not sweet

Isles move up from 26 - 16 in the draft

For those who are concerned, the attendance in Pittsburgh tonight

Baseball Scores: Night of June 26

Matt Cain gets romped by Brew Crew

Fan falls from Busch Stadium upper deck

Washburn in the Dodgers future?

Starting grid for tomorrow's 2009 Lenox Industrial Tools 301:

For all of those who are concerned, the attendance in Milwaukee was

Today in labor history June 26 “Wobblies,” was founded, unions become legal in the US

Minnesota Congressional leaders help launch major trade reform

Violence in Harrisburg: 11 shootings in 18 days

Here are some real life stories that back up the need for universal health coverage

Where does Sotomayor stand on guns?

Animal fats pancreas cancer link (BBC)

Gunman Shot to Death During Home Invasion (Warning:Disturbing story)

Woman Kills Husband in Apparent Self-Defense

One dead after botched home invasion (Warning: Disturbing story)

Want to Stop Israeli Settlements? Follow the Dollars.

Home invasions and self defense.

23 Haredim arrested at protests over Jerusalem parking lot

Israel threatens church convents with self-demolition

Gunfire kills 7-year-old girl in KCK just after 3yr old.

Assault Weapons are NOT machine guns. Heck they're not even assault rifles.

Bank failure list tops 45 (CNNMoney)

Veggie Garden Porn.....XXX......Season 3...(Very Graphic)

The Great American Bubble Machine

" Money isn't metal or paper. It's TRUST"

Rhythm and I just finished watching "Milk" again.

So--last night I got my pony.

Beware the U.S. Christian Chamber of Commerce

Japan wants to abolish cash. Do you realize the implications of this???

Irony alert: Obama to ignore law he doesn't agree with

NYT article: A Ham Radio Weekend for Talking to the Moon

Numpty Physics: An Addictive Crayola-istic Puzzle Game!

Photos of stunning, rare cloud formation recently seen around the world

Light goes out on solar mission (BBC) {Ulysses}

What the Energy Bill Really Means for CO2 Emissions (TIME)

Cloud clue in space blast mystery (BBC) {Tunguska event}

Explosive embossing copy protection to industrial goods

XP from GD, fyi.

So I did a life between life regression on Tuesday....

I had a wonderful phone call this evening

Big Dreams

I think I have house brownies/faries/elves.Need help locating husband's glasses.

A quick thought about supplements, do you think this is possible?

We Have/Have We...Arrived? by Lauren Gorgo

While testing my digital recorder to go on a paranormal hunt....

There is something going on with me that I can't explain.

Two Weird Little Stories

I'm wondering if we need to develop a new moral code?

What to call someone who hates gays?

What if student work were posted online and everybody could post comments?

NEA RA--anyone going?

Bugliosi Vs. Lifton – A Critique of Bugliosi’s Critique of “Best Evidence”

Do you believe what you can see with your own eyes?

Anyone in Houston I wanted to let you know about "Drinking Liberally Houston"

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Schieffer's new general counsel is...WTF?!?

Omg!! BoA Kwon Comes to San Francisco!

'The people of Alberta are the owner of the resource'