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The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/28/2009) (Language, SEX warning)

"Al Gore: US climate change bill a 'good start' "....

Estonia Health Care system

Outrageous Welfare Queens

State(NC)GOP vice-chair refuses to answer allegations about his Ph.D., diploma mill

Swedish health care

Man accused of using casket sans cadaver to smuggle marijuana in Dallas

US prosecutors to target Madoff's wife and sons

Iran’s Excellent Primary Health Care System

Rush has a new job with the Repuklican Steering Committee (not for weak stomachs)

I am flying for the first time in years - what happens if you are on a no-fly list

Re: the stupid "Obama isn't a citizen" nonsense

Corporations to Americans: Haven't we brainwashed you enough?....Stop saving and go shopping...NOW

My Verizon wireless broadband down for 48 hours .. just came back up.

If and when Pete Seeger dies

Question about Canadian health care.

"Genius in the Bottle" - Good "MoDo" is in this Sunday, exposing Mark (or is it Marco?) Sanford.

Term limits accomplish nothing...

'Jena 6' beating case wraps up with plea deal

Anybody else watching the freakshow on MSNBC? (ITV interview on MSNBC)

NOT a sex thread: Vicki Iovine: GFs guide to mommy porn....

Korean Health Insurance ad (in Thai)

Stonewall Riots 40 Years Ago And 40 Years On

This is not a Mourning Late Celebrities post

Sunday TV news shows

Jackson family wants 14th autopsy.

An American TRAGEDY: Ruth Madoff will keep "just" $2.5 million in cash

Journalist Files Charges against WHO and UN for Bioterrorism and Intent to Commit Mass Murder

House Tribute to Francis Albert Sinatra

Landlords loosen pet policies during recession

Calif. Man Working 3 Jobs Wins $39M Lottery Ticket

I don't want to make this long

The Emperor's Seven Signing Statements

Michael Shermer: The Baloney Detection Kit

LA School Board votes to slash school budget

I've asked this before.

Animal hoarding confounds police departments

PHOTOS Today (June 27)

'I'm better off dead. I'm done': How Michael Jackson predicted his death six months ago

They say Obama is starting to stumble. The hell he is

Politics lag on gay-rights issues

In Iran, the protests have quieted, but the protesters are simmering

Sweet Raptor Jesus, Redding Republicans are assholes!

Germany’s Health Care System: It’s Not The American Way

For all of you Patrick McGoohan fans...

When John Waters dies, even if all the allegations are true...

So I rescued an old cat today (more paperwork than buying a car), and it won't leave me alone.

Don't Look For a JACKO Funeral This Week..

How did your rep vote on the House climate and energy bill?

Grief is fine. The 24/7 media circus around Michael Jackson, I would call exploitation.

Grief is fine. The 24/7 media circus around Michael Jackson, I would call exploitation.

"In love" or "casual fling"?

Only on DU: Boehner's arguments considered more reliable than Al Gore's???

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-27)

Fantastic LTTE- Las Vegas RJ 6/27

Sanford's alter-ego: Marco the Lothario

Just when you think the Banksters can't get any more brazen in their efforts to rob us blind.....


US altering its Afghan drug policy. Ending funding for eradication of opium crop.

Anyone else near to vomiting watching Romney and Graham on MTP?

This Has To Be A Mod Record

Today is the anniversary of Stonewall

It's Sunday Morning - You Know What That Means

California's Fiscal Crisis: The Legacy of Proposition 13

Operation Rescue turns its sights on Nebraska abortion doctor

persiankiwi is okay, has new account

Where is Obama campaigning today?

2fer: SPITZER differs from SANFORD, no love or (public) money. Plus, Geo.WASHINGTON, zombie?!1

E.coli O157:H7 bacteria: It's What's For Dinner (Colorado meat co. recalls 380,000 lbs of beef)

Where did Cheney

Iran's mass arrests: Broadest since 1979 Islamic revolution

It's confirmed: Repug strategy is to smear Democrats with Republican failures and odiousness!

Boehner 's the "pile of s--t"

Buchanan Tells A Whopper

I'm a little bit unstable right now...

Michael Ware reporting from Iraq on CNN this morning re: US handover to Iraqi forces ...

Reuters: Fee bonanza spells more trouble for banks

Supreme Court to decide final 3 cases on Monday (including affirming/rejecting Sotomayor in Ricci)

Mitt Romney's

Imagine if,in 1965, INSTEAD OF MEDICARE, we had enacted mandates that elderly buy private insurance

The girls of Gen X say goodbye to favorite Angel

LA Times: Personal bankruptcies surge in Southern California (up 75 percent)

Agencies Clash on Military's Border Role

Elephants in Disguise - pics

FRank Rich: 40 Years Later, Still Second-Class Americans

Census Bureau is teaching Bachmann the rules of census - for real

Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger threatens third furlough day for state workers

Mika Brzezinski's double standard

Former Kansas City KKK leader indicted in 2004 mail bomb

Take a breath already.. the Cap and Trade is just a small part of what is already in play

Debbie Rowe SOLD her kids to MJ, now she wants them back?

WHERE is DemoTex and his updates from the watchtower??

Phillipine prisoners create tribute to Michael Jackson

A woman governor for Wisconsin?

The end of rapacious consumerism? Less is the new more......

Obama’s Census to castrate American Caucasians

US Is One Of Only Three Developed Nations Without Universal Healthcare For All

Prof. Peter Morici opened his mouth and spoke stupid

Unclear what happens to personal info with Clear

Jackson patriarch Joe talks with Geraldo Rivera in a Fox "exclusive interview"

Genius in the Bottle - Maureen Dowd

Iran uprising fizzles out as Mousavi backtracks

Go to hell Mitt and the Fucking Republicans

Man, it's just been on those weeks....

Skelton promises hearings on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Comparing Obama To Hitler

New TV Pilot?? Or Dem Fundraiser? Sheesh!!

Question about the torture photos that we should be asking everyone in Washington

Appropriate 'Toon Here:

And I thunked it meant kiss my butt

HuffPo writer confronts WaPo critic: 'That's pathetic'

Billy Mays, pitchman, Dead at 50

Guess The Religion

Guess The Religion

Pitch-Man Billy Mays dies at his home in Tampa.

Where can we find the dignity, the value and the essence of all that is good about marriage?

Critics Bemoan Prospect of Obama Detaining Terror Suspects Indefinitely - Rove likes it!!

The Rooftops and Streets of Tehran

Michael Jackson music video tribute

Did toxic chemical in Iraq sicken GIs?

OH --NO --BILLY ---MAYS ---DIED ---THAT'S- --TOOO ---BAD ---I---MEAN---IT

Woo-hoo! Sanford gets his own Urban Dictionary entry

Oldest woman in Europe, Lucia Lauria Vigna (113), just died

Official Popcorn Thread......

MSNBC buys the rights to Martin Bashir's Michael Jackson Documentary

MSNBC buys the rights to Martin Bashir's Michael Jackson Documentary

New "ugliest dog in the world" champ

Could Romney possibly be as dumb as he sounds?


I've been away from my computer overnight. Can somebody get me up to

Is President Obama doing too much or too little ??

US oil Barons may not get Iraqi oil after all

Another Pop/rock god thread

Did Michael Jackson fake his death?

Ex-Mayor (R) in Georgia Arrested for Nudity

Michael Jackson


CNN- Iranian envoy: CIA involved in Neda's shooting?

What happened to last week's top 10 conservative idiots.. I must have missed an update...

Republicans: Michael Jackson and health care

S. Korea Boosts Defense Spending, Warns of First-Strike Capability

Why do Republicans think that

Bruce Tinsley (Mallard Fillmore) declares his relevance

Gee golly, we have a right winger telling us

Testimony by Dr. Linda Peeno on 5/30/96 about how our managed care system kills people.....

Farrah Photo Gallery - includes some early childhood photos

Battle for Iran shifts from the streets to the heart of power

Corporate Sponsored Change....

'I often pumped his stomach to get rid of dangerous drugs': Michael Jackson's ex-nanny

India plans hot chilli grenades (BBC)

Honduras just pulled a Pinochet

Advertising wars escalate in health care fight

Iranian Police Clash With Up To 3,000 Protesters - Yahoo News

Forget the fiscal crisis, Los Angeles has declared war on marijuana dispensers

Fundies battle iPorn

If people want to speak ill of Jackson, that's their problem...

Myths VS. Facts On the American Clean Energy and Security Act

So I guess now we start a week of tributes to Billy Mays?

Michael Jackson's Got Nothing On These Guys

Michael Jackson family/friend photos surface

S.C. Gov. Considered Resigning But Will Complete His Term

Graham: “I think we’re a party of sinners.

Infrastructure Emergency: Turn on History Channel immiediately!

Honduras: Military Coup a Blow to Democracy ... HRW

Europe's oldest person dies at 113: report

(David) Gregory Accidentally Accuses Jon Huntsman Of Having An Affair

Unemployed friend told me she applied for private health insurance & was limited to 6 month policies

Kerry, Kerry ... What a bad memory! (About Honduras)

Peruvian Government Shelves Investigation into Massive Forced Sterilizations of Indigenous Women

join the Border Patrol and you can go all over people's private property at will

I just had to sit through a "creation scientist's" video on how the Mount Saint Helens

Delete (DU burp)


Flogging dead horses?

The past few days have made me realize something

radio interview with Charles Bowden live now

My husband just went for a hike...

Who will Skinner have to kill to make the MJ threads go away?


Doctors want the right to pray for patients without fear of reprisal

This has been such a sad, grueling week

AP NewsBreak: SC Gov Considered Resigning, Won't

Billy Mays, uberpitchman, died today. eom

Colorado company expands beef recall

Illegal drugs such as Ecstasy showing up as cartoon-shaped pills

Elvis? Lennon? Jimi? Janis? MJ? Which musicians death affected you most? (a poll)

Does anyone by chance know if testamentary documents are in place for

Paul Krugman: Supports Cap and Trade as the better option over a Carbon Tax...

Michael Jackson and Tribute Threads

Tell the Honduran government how you feel:

Holding a hooded, kicking baby over the railing 40 feet up...

This place have become a Malarkey of late,

What the Trucker Knows: A Checkup on the Card-Check Law (great story by a Teamster)


World CONDEMNS right-wing military coup in Honduras

The reason Republicans "get away" with immoral behavior more than Democrats.

Honduras ..."We Will Not Be Silenced or Humiliated"

How Do You Michael Jackson Apologists Feel About Roman Polanski?

Can Dems Go Rove on Repubs over War?

FAA Spokesperson Takes Back Billy Mays Quote

New improved poll with actual poll selections: who will Skinner have to kill

The Uninsured and Suicide

This is definitely on-topic: Steve Martin parody of MJ's Billie Jean (on The New Show)

1st day of Walk For Health Care receives EXCELLENT local (Chicago) media but we need your help!


Buddha with bulge taken off market (a non MJ thread)

"Born Yesterday" is on TCM now - nice movie with a patriotic theme

The reason we will never get single payer is pretty simple and final:

Health Industry Spending $1.4 Million a Day on Lobbyists

My comment on celebrity passings...

Health-Care Activists Targeting Democrats

Health-Care Activists Targeting Democrats

NEW IDEA: Showcase Indys and R's who WANT the Public Option on healthcare. Use THEM in ads. etc.

Taiwan Takes Fast Track to Universal Health Care

Japanese Pay Less for More Health Care

What auto insurance do you go with? What are the progressive ones?

Axelrod on MTP re: healthcare ------ An unsubsidized public "choice"

When do you think the economy will bounce back to Clinton-era levels?

Heath Care System Of Finland

Healthcare Rally - July 30th - Support Healthcare Reform!

US pastor opens church to guns

Easy help for achy hands

Please Skinner, make all these threads about Michael Jackson

MIlitary leaders of Honduras coup trained in U.S.

Cap & Trade: From a Theory to a Consensus on Emissions

Democrats May Eliminate Superdelegates in 2012

Widow joins lawsuit against KBR over Iraq burn pits

Health care: World, please shame us, humiliate us, treat us like a 3rd world country.

Russian Health Care System

If we don't want third party spoilers we should implement instant runoff voting

Explorer 8 rocks!

USA v. Brazil (May the neocons burn!) Blogging now

That's not recovery. That's mumbo-jumbo.

has anyone here gone through chapter 7 bankruptcy? credit counseling

Got Job Security? Here's who DOES and this is why the Public Option is a DODGE.

comic book artist detained at airport for script on government overreaction to... terrorism:

comic book artist detained at airport for script on government overreaction to... terrorism:

A (National) Moment of Silence for a Child Molester?

Gale Storm, star of '50s hit TV series, dies at 87

Pawlenty won't delay if court rules for Franken

"The virus is now unstoppable." WHO declares a Swine Flu Pandemic

New Freeper Meltdown - Now They Believe Ayers Wrote Obama's Book (clues=big words they don't know)

Conservative Christianity and Adultery -- Trying to Explain Sanford and Ensign

Heathers at the New York Times continue their assassination of Farrah's memory

If you have any Randian or Libertarian "Free Market" friends or co-workers

Michael Jackson, Fawcett, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays...who's next?

Im glad my children will only grow up with MJ's music

R.I.P. to the man

With Korporate Snooze showing its true role, maybe take a look at Al Jazeera's People and Power

Pitchman Billy Mays has died

Former insurance company CEO on the road to Damascus

Students of history, riddle us this:

Do you feel this is a case of: Meet the New Boss...

Where is Rupert Murdoch's birth certificate and why does he get to fuck with my government?

40 Years ago Today - STONEWALL - The fight for equality for the left out citizens.

40 Years ago Today - STONEWALL - The fight for equality for the left out citizens.

Just checking in from last night...

This is not meant to slam anyone.

Walmart's new subsidary

Hey, Hey, My, My

In order for a South Carolina governor to be impeached:

My daughter is going naked for another month.

Original Jackson accuser; admits father put him up to it

Mark Sable Detained by TSA for 'Unthinkable' Script

DU!!! Please! Please! Please! In light of the death of Billy Mays...

Hundreds in Louisville tote guns to church. Church raffles off firearms.

Sanford's trade mission to Argentina contradicted U.S. policy

I guess innocent until proven guilty died too as a progressive ideal , RIP .

Honduras... School of the Americas connection to military coup!

Operation Rescue turns its sights on Nebraska abortion doctor

A headbang for Bernie Sanders !!!!

What will be the SCOTUS decision tomorrow on the New Haven Firefighters case?

Ladies, if you knew your dad slept around while married to your mom...

Who's the greatest TV pitchman of all times?

Kazakhstan still trying to recover from 'Borat'

Carlin on Michael Jackson

Which do you prefer: the perfect or the good?

Howard Hughes and the atomic bomb

The lies being spread on Cap and Trade

If I ever belittle someone's grief because I have such an inflated opinion of myself ...

David Gregory forgot about Jeff Gannon...

Just Wanted Your Opinion On This DU (tea party horseshit):

Is there a Life On Mars Conspiracy?

Attorney: Doctor found Jackson with pulse

Gov. Gropenfuhrer: My Way or the Highway.....Do What I Say or I'll Terminate California

Michael Jackson and Pedophilia accusations.

Public service message from the Motorcycle and Scooter group.

Celebrity Death Pool

Soccer Final

Olbermann in Michael Jackson video

Gay Backlash against President

Personal bankruptcies surge in Southern California - biggest jump in the nation, up 75%

Torture, Civilization, and the Need to Hold Torturers Accountable

The Healthcare System of Saudi Arabia

As a requirement for a high school diploma, I believe U.S. high school

As a requirement for a high school diploma, I believe U.S. high school

As the German budget deficit soars Government parties plan drastic austerity measures

As the German budget deficit soars Government parties plan drastic austerity measures

News flash!!! Hell has officially frozen over. (I'm series, this is HUGH!!)

Whores on Terror: Never mind the waterboarding, here's the sodomy

Aide's tale of John Edwards sex tape

Ever notice how Bill Maher reacts to certain women?

The Democratic Party Has Evolved Into A Self-Serving Bunch Of Eunuchs!

Michael Jackson Is Gone, but the Sad Facts Remain

Was Michael Jackson Framed?

Obamacare – shooting down RW propaganda.

Should poli sci classes follow an ongoing campaign and grade students based on who they support?

Honduran Military Assassinates Leftist Presidential Candidate

Meet the Press transcript with Axelrod today. How NOT to "draw a line in the sand."

Honduran Military Assassinates Leftist Presidential Candidate

When you post how do you get some of your words to show up in bold?

When buying a car

Transformers: ROTF (Revenge of the Fallen)...what say you (possible spoilers)

I wonder if there are any serious poems about Nantucket?

A poem, by request.

So, what's this I hear about Michael Jackson?

A Daisy A Day

The past month or so has gone by in a manic rush for me

I'm trying to convince my husband that we need a new Prius

"Don't get it soft, get it as hard as it gets"

Kitten update

Candy Crowley sounds like a stripper name.

A crusty man becomes perfect mentor for boy dealing with amputation

Should I go out for ice cream?

ccharles000 Appreciation Thread.

The Bricklayer's Lament by Gerard Hoffnung

shake ya ass but watch yourself...

You must be crazy or high

Optical illusion girlfriend

Nile Rodgers plays guitar solo

Which is your favorite shade of beige?

What is your favorite Messier object?

Guys: How do you feel when women check out your boobs?

Movies this year that just didn't make it like the studios had hoped

I've got noting to say but it's O.K.

CNN BREAKING: Apple to unveil Scrotum 5000 (iPod / iPhone / MacBook hybrid) at Macworld 2010

Have yo seen any good indie films latley?

I'm watching Blood of Dracula on AMC, and I'm pretty sure none of these high schoolers are under 35.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ikojo!!*******

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Chemical Bill!!*******

The Matrix runs Windows XP

For all of you Patrick McGoohan fans...

An icecream truck just raced by playing Orff's "Carmina Burana"...

Great new iPhone apps (cartoon)

P.D.Q. Bach "The Abduction of Figaro" - Act I, Scene I

Webcam help? My computer isn't recognizing my camera

Remember what TR said: “It is not the critic who counts"

"Drive-In Movie"- Fred Eaglesmith

This is Glaaaahr

Solaris Lawn Mower

It sure was busy at Ford yesterday...

What is your favorite movie spoiler?

What is your favorite Britney Spears song.

Sci Fi channel changing name to Syfy on 7/7/09

104 years ago today, Moonlight Graham didn't make it to the plate

Wake Up Folks! California's Financial Implosion Is About To Grab All Headlines...

And now Billy Mays dies

any thoughts as to Michael Jackson's final resting place?

I quit smoking 14 months ago, but I still have one leftover indicator that I used to smoke

Something to quell the demons

Luigi Finally Snaps

New "ugliest dog in the world" champ

what's the over/under on Billy Mays threads? should we get up a pool?

Weirdest thing to happen in the TV series LOST


Smoke bomb, "kike" graffiti, swastikas in anti-Semitic spree at synagogues in New York

MSNBC BREAKING: Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Joins L.A. Cast Of "Spamalot"

What is your favorite element?


Here is a website with egg recipes from A to Z.

RIP Billy Mays (The loud guy from Oxyclean commercials)

I'm going to take a moment to count my blessings. Anyone want to join me?

I'm going to hell...

fuckest thou off taco bell

Very well done US National Soccer team!

In Honor of Billy Mays Death - Tell Us Your Favorite BM Product

USA v. Brazil

Obama announces monument to Michael Jackson planned for National Mall

You know what's really scary about all these celebrity deaths lately?

What's your favorite Billy Mays memory?

Michael Jackson leaves his library collection in his will to Oxford Brookes University in the UK

I just saw a Billy Mays commercial. Mendit. Life goes on.

The moonwalk is for the birds (literally)

Happy birthday old boy

How to survive a killer whale attack...... well, at least for a while

Why can't I win Powerball just once in my life?

Another Pop/rock god thread

Pete Townshend at Woodstock, to Abbie Hoffman: "Fuck off! Fuck off my FUCKING STAGE."

It's 6:14 PM in Auburn Hills, MI. While I'm around, let's do an ASK MRSCORPIO

Rob Halford discusses the 30th anniversay of Priests' album British Steel.

Greatest Snood Character

Tropical Wave Over Yucatan Peninsula - Invest 93

A little suggestion for this here DU web site...

Snark Zone: Post your snark here

the only thing in this world that is more beautiful than the human body

Fuck You Sponge Bob

tattoo location map

Just saw Billy Mays!

Fuck You Freddy Kruger

Today is a good day to watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

My fuschia has attracted a hummingbird!

I Miss You

How do your pets handle the Fourth of July noise?

Troll toe waxing at casa mcctatas!

Awesome MJ tribute video

how can you tell if your kitteh can not see well?

Anybody else have a job more stressful than it has to be?

The garage door opener and why I had to poop in the woods today

Serious advice requested: A friend just received a letter

Fuck you food lion

Everytime I turn around someone famous ends up dead

Chainsaw+Power Line+Alcohol

Fuck you Kroger

I've been in a news blackout for two months. Anything important happen?

Did anyone here actually go to Woodstock, 40 years ago?

Public Image Ltd. - Order Of Death

So I rescued an old cat today (more paperwork than buying a car), and it won't leave me alone.

*yawn* Been up with the baby... what did Michael Jackson do?

Are women born this way?

What have you had that has worked well for a long time?

Yet another "kitties playing" video.

DUers along I-40

I'm going outside to watch the clouds roll by.


How damn hot it it where you are.

the media are ruthless...they have MJJ's last photo here

the media are ruthless...they have MJJ's last photo here

What are the top 3 - 5 comedies of all time

MST3K question

NAME a BOB song that Bob OWNS...NO cover version even came close. Property of BOB.

Not FAIR that Lounge stays normal-Lounge while GD is turned into celebrity death dumping ground!1

What is your favorite elemental?

To all the Lounge Lizards

Women : how do feel when YOUR GUY checks out your boobs?

Good vibes for the leftyclimber household, please.

This is where I would rather be

This is pathetic, but I twisted my back DU'ing.

notable deaths this year Lets list them...seems unusually high?

Women: How do you feel when guys check out your boobs?

My daughter is graduating from high school today!

What Do You Do To Stay In Shape?

Steve Martin: "Billie Jean"

Pics from Southern MD...(pic heavy)

on appreciation/vibe posts

Aside from compensating for a tiny penis, what's the purpose of a super-loud motorcycle?

What Is Your Greatest Pet Peeve?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) False Alarm Edition

You want to know what I did?

Obama on a wire


Glaaaahr for president!

Awesome News

Frank Rich: 40 Years Later, Still Second-Class Americans(LGBT)

Amnesty International USA calls on Senate to Consider Single Payer proposals--send e-mail to Baccus

Obama's Team: The Face Of Diversity

MoveOn watching Hagan's health

Just got done watching SICKO again and it really pisses me off.....

When the climate bill goes to the senate...

Statement from U.S. Secretary Hillary Clinton on Honduran coup

Health-Care Activists Targeting Democrats

A Visit to the East Wing

What if the supporters, critics, cheerleaders, hopers, pragmatists, changers, realists, activists,

US withdraws from Iraqi cities despite violence

Activists seek Justice Dept. probe of insurers

Cap and trade is theft. With a carbon tax, at least the government would be getting the revenue.

I hate to say it but Gregory is being tough on Graham and Romney....

Bush's Legacy - unrealistic expectations for Obama from his own base

I wrote Feinstein an email in which I criticize her for publicly undermining Obama

Nato resumes Russia military ties

Anti-immigrant militia faces slay charges

NATO, Russia restart ties despite Georgia row

SCENARIOS: Post Kim, how might events unfold in North Korea?

In Iran, the protests have quieted, but the protesters are simmering

Good news from Colombia drug war masks increased production from Peru and Bolivia

Honduran President Kidnapped

Pitchman Billy Mays Found Dead in his home.

TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead in Tampa home, age 50

Billy Mays Dead

Honduras's Zelaya says US helped thwart coup-paper

Kentucky pastor welcomes guns in church

Publishing of mug shots on newspaper websites stirs debate

Soccer Final

UPDATE: Honduran leader forced into exile (CNN) {in Costa Rica}

US Condemns Coup in Honduras, Rejects Interim President

European Union and Latin American Presidents Condemn Coup d’état in Honduras

Quiet on the streets of Honduras, military control

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to blame over Iraq war, says (secret UK) Army report

Iran's Press TV disputes story of Neda's death

(UN) Gaza 'war crimes' hearing under way

Iran: Night Raids Terrorize Civilians

Iran 'arrests UK embassy staff'

U.S. says Zelaya is the only president of Honduras

Iranian police clash with up to 3,000 protesters

Iran Escalates Its Fight With Britain; New Clashes Erupt

Health-Care Activists Targeting Democrats

Report: Hospitalized Iranians seized

Venezuelan, Cuban, and Nicaraguan Ambassadors to Honduras Kidnapped

Gale Storm, perky star of 1950s TV, dies at 87

Recall extended to 380,000 pounds of potentially tainted beef


White House open to new tax on health benefits

Madoff may not have benefited most in scam

Troops arrest Honduran president

Chavez accuses U.S. of coup role as ties restored

HCAN Rally DC Speeches Part 1 - Sen. Chuck Shumer

Target Women: Disney Princesses

Iran by RSU

CNN's Fareed Zakaria takes a look inside the Iranian Revolutionary Guard with a former member

Letterman: Top 10 Surprising Facts about Gov. Sandford


Bush Adm. Ruined Justice Investigation of RENZI

Iranians encouraged to snitch

Dust In Your Eyes (Song for Iran)

Racism in the Elevator **Official Video**

New National Holiday In Iraq, US Troop Withdrawal Day!

We Are the World

June 28 Iranians rally at Ghoba Mosque

Nico Pitney Confronts Dana Milbank Over Obama Question

Lily Allen - Fuck You (Explicit) (HD)

John Lennon Y Victor Jara

El ejército toma las calles de la capital de Honduras

HCAN Rally - Visiting Representative and Senate Offices - Grassroots!!

Target Women Feeding Your Fucking Family

NPR: Iran's National Poet Speaks Out On Recent Events In Her Country & Recites 2 Poems

Protected By Leviticus

CBS News Story on a new 911 investigation

TYT Supreme Court: Should 550 lb. Kid Get Taken Away From His Mom?

TYT: Girl Almost Arrested For Child Porn, Put Up Naked Pics of Herself

Iranian Superstar Andy Madadian, Bon Jovi, Friends Sing For Worldwide Solidarity


Health Lobby Ad Watch: Uninsured Father Takes On Insurance Industry

All sorts of MJ "Tribute" videos out there. This is one of the best I've found.

Risks of female masturbation according to Islam

Get Rid of Sports

Iranian singer Andy sings "Stand By Me" with Bon Jovi to show solidarity with the Iranian people

Friday Muppet Blogging...Christy Hardin Smith (Firedoglake) MEMORIES...!

Iraq Set to Seek Foreign Oil Bids

Techies live under Pink fear (India)

SCENARIOS: Post Kim, how might events unfold in North Korea?

Pakistan: A Superpower by 2050

Good news from Colombia drug war masks increased production from Peru and Bolivia

Doctor Tells Police About Jackson's Final Moments.

Broad Support for Sotomayor's Supreme Court Confirmation

Iran’s Politics Is All About Survival

TIME: California's Fiscal Crisis: The Legacy of Proposition 13

Mark Sanford Supports ‘Cap and Trade’ … of Families

Obama REALLY Disappoints Gay Community: Gives Gift of 'Stonewall' for Stonewall's 40th Anninversary

Article: FDR refused overture from anti-Hitler German generals; WWII extended 2 more yrs

Three Minutes to Fort Totten

Frank Rich, June 28 NY Times: 40 Years Later, Still Second-Class Americans

40 Years Later, Still Second-Class Americans -Frank Rich

Rick Steves: Iranians are agitating for change on their own without American intervention

TV Pitchman Billy Mays Dead … BUT WAIT, He Just 'Reincarnated' as a GOP Leader

He got into trouble as a man and tried to get out as a woman.

To Gays Who Supported Him, Obama Hasn't Walked the Walk

"Candidate Palin has character problem." - This is a very good piece.

Three Questions for Socialists

From a Theory to a Consensus on Emissions

A public tarring in Saudi Canada

Conn. man modifies pickup to run on wood, waste

Suspected cooking-oil spill on the Cuyahoga River blamed for deaths of hundreds of gulls

Francios Hugo of Seal Alert, working to buy out Fur Seal Killing business in South Africa

An honest Congressman: Kucinich votes against Waxman-Markey

What's actually in Waxman-Markey?

Introducing The I-House - a new pre-fab, affordable green home.

NARCOSPHERE: US Drug War Money Funded Peru Indigenous Massacre

Chávez Would Go to U.S. if Obama Invites Him, Says Returning Venezuela Ambassador

Peruvian Government Shelves Investigation into Massive Forced Sterilizations of Indigenous Women

Africa alone could feed the world (crosspost)

Far be it from me to quote Fox News, but they just said Zelaya is in Costa Rica

Amb. of nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela Sequestered along with Honduaran for. Min.

And now they are beating up the ambassadors according to the

President Zelaya in Honduras has been arrested by the military.

Sorry, double post

NEWS: Just swore in the guy that thinks he's the new prez, special ALBA mtg., HR Abuses

HONDURAS: "Obama's First Coup" by Eva Golinger (plus up to the minute updates from her blog)

Biofuels could clean up Chernobyl 'badlands'

Zelaya just said that the USA is against the coup

"If I don't get it all the first round" group..need to grow a pair

Axelrod: President Obama wrote a letter to the Jackson Family

Obama: Greenhouse Gases OK For China To Spew

Gingrich: Candidate or Con-Man

Who is the most powerful woman in America?

Edwards/Rielle sex tape/discuss marriage if EE passed away- AYoung

60 Minutes: Brain Scanning -- Republicans can kiss their ass good bye

The "better than nothing" crowd doesn't seem to get how it actually works

They say Obama is starting to stumble. The hell he is

ANY final version of the healthcare bill should be posted with a public comment period before vote

"Line in the Sand" "On the Table" and other non existent dramatic gestures

Two-tour Iraqi veteran is a huge Obama fan. I found this out at a local dogpark.

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank calls Nico Pitney a ‘dick’ after heated debate on CNN.

Progress going unnoticed .. Obama hamstrung the auto companies

Holy smoley, maybe he's a little bit Irish after all?

Chavez accuses U.S. of coup role in Honduras as ties restored

President Obama, it really is not that difficult.

Foreclosure Fiasco Continues: The Bush-Obama Strategy of Throwing Billions at Banks Doesn't Work

"A lot of people walked the plank on a bill that will never become law,"

We've Already Done Cap/Trade Successfully. With Sulfuric Acid. So Naysayers Are Just Ignorant.

Obama Shows Flexibility on Health Care

Why do we assume Obama will want a second term?

Victory for the Pragmatic Political Realists over the "All or Nothing" Dreamers

Pawlenty may certify Franken if battle drags out - if MN court says Franken is the winner...

Axelrod Won't Rule Out Tax Increase

A soldier's view of Obama

Clinton urges condemnation of Honduran action

I hate to promote this but, here goes.. (example: Honduras coverage)

Albert Pujols is good

Cardinals acquire Mark DeRosa from Cleveland.

Anybody watching the Confederations Cup?

Los Gigantes' Brian Wilson blows save, Zito watches in horror

Nationals Beat Baltimore Orioles, 5-3!

Baseball Scores, Night of June 27

Character win...Giants cruise past Brewers 7-0

The JR Chess Report (June 27): Chuckie takes a bite out of the competition in Transylvania

How do you feel about a franchise leaving one town for another.

Sox may not wait long on Bay

Today in Labor History June 28 US forces the Teamsters to reform the union, Stonewall Inn raid-riot

Unions Look to Labor Board to Reverse Bush Policy

Smithfield Packaging, UFCWI reach deal on contract for pork plant workers (largest in the world)

Union battles play a big role in new video game (Crane Wars free online)

International Labor Organizations Join In Day Of Action Against Iran

RadarOnline slapped with labor citations regarding octuplet watch

Boston Sports Club pays $40G child labor law fine

Koster: FedEx dodging payroll taxes, worker protections

Labor Big Outs Himself

LA Times: Recession no time to retreat, says L.A. labor leader

SEIU Wins Another Election Against NUHW In California

Mediator Negotiated Top Labor Disputes During Carter Years (WAYNE L. HORVITZ, 88 )

Proponents, opponents gird for battle over Employee Free Choice Act

OSHA seeks $1.1M in penalties from Wis. company

OSHA Cites Louisiana Companies for Asbestos Violations ($112,000 )

(Minn Public Radio) Complaint alleges local Wal-Mart 'interrogated' pro-union workers

FedEx vs. UPS: Round 13 of a 15-Round Heavyweight Doozie

A day late...

From the Desk of Health Care Advocate Mr. Samuel K. Lipari

Sotomayor 2nd Amendment Case Now at SCOTUS

The 'Rare' Disease That Isn't

CSPAN Hearing: Insurance CO's Criminal Ponzi Scheme Denies Treatment to Sick & Dying

On being a "gun militant"

Kentucky pastor welcomes guns in church

Even those with health insurance are going broke

Australian scientists kill cancer cells with "trojan horse"

Going It Alone When Buying a Health Policy

3 killed, 7 injured in drive-by shooting at pizza restaurant outside Los Angeles

Journalist, B'Tselem founder Amnon Kapeliouk dies aged 78

Uh oh... Police chief and 91 officers detained in Mexico

Death threats sent to Jerusalem mayor following parking lot riots

Hi Lily Hi Lily Hi Lo (Just documenting the drying lily pond)

The new bond in town

Frank Rich: 40 Years Later, Still Second-Class Americans

I read here that Pride Parade SF was on the net

2009 Pride Canary Islands

Under the Gaydar

Pride 2009 DC

ST Pete Pride was great.

Forth Worth Bar Raided

US Is One Of Only Three Developed Nations Without Universal Healthcare For All

Anderson Cooper w/ un-named hunk!

Joint ESA/NASA Ulysses Mission to End

Soft Ground Puts Mars Rover Spirit in Danger Despite Gain in Daily Energy

So, the old gasoline generator stopped working. Inspected it and noticed oxidation

Why A Low-Calorie Diet Extends Lifespans: Critical Enzyme Pair Identified

Baby Lynx Kittehs Found In Colorado! (First Since 2006)

From the 12th House Newsletter


Has anyone ever heard of a divination deck like this:

Asking for your assistance ASAH.

Has anyone here ever heard of the Roscrucian Order (AMORC)

Evangelical Leaders Praise Fidel and Raúl as Examples

The earliest image of the inventor of Christianity uncovered

Pope: Scientific analysis done on St. Paul's bones

Belarus's Fire-Leaping Festival

So, what's for supper? I'm cooking SPECIAL tonight.

Tropical Wave Over Yucatan Peninsula - Invest 93 (cross-post)

Does any religion have an elaborate code of rules concerning communication?

Anybody else watching the freakshow on MSNBC? (ITV interview on MSNBC)

TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead at home

CP: U.S. officials look to influence Canada to stay in Afghanistan