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What Ricci says about the Supreme Court’s views of Judge Sotomayor

‘Series of explosions’ rock Italian train stations, at least 40 injured

Obama, They Want You to Fail - Robert Parry

Shakespeare Trivia

Transcript of Obama's remarks at WH reception to commemorate Stonewall.

On KPFA, Dennis Bernstein is discussing the Honduras coup

OK DUers - it's time to fess up

joe Jackson is on CNN again, pimping his record company

Pawlenty: 'I'm prepared to sign' Senate election certificate

Apparently Joe Jackson has done something I never thought possible...

Is today's Oprah a repeat or new, with Ted Haggard? This comes across as being positive for him from

Independent UK: Warning: Britain faces new recession

Steep Increase In Fannie/Freddie Delinquencies

Sanford telephone poll...

Sanford telephone poll...

Honduras Interim Leader Says Country Ready to ‘Go To War’ as Riots Flare

please delete

Christian group promotes anti-Islam video; call to act on the Great Commission or Final Solution?

UK Guardian Looking For Help - Iran Election: Faces Of The Dead And Detained

Another major plane crash

A Few Thoughts on the Coup in Honduras

dupe thread...

Need help finding a Dante's Inferno thread, please

Those who defend the Honduran Coup because Zelaya's been replaced by a man from "his own party"...

Those who defend the Honduran Coup because Zelaya's been replaced by a man from "his own party"...

I'll bet Maria herself sent those emails to The State

Great-grandmother donates 200th pint of blood

Why is John Conyers called spineless? I missed this story...

Iran Upholds Ahmadinejad Victory, Says Matter Closed

We need you help and your voice.

Latest Green Brief (Iran) From NiteOwl - 6\29

TransitMedia and Ian Halperin just hit the goldpot...

A poll inspired by DiFi........Most notorious DINO in the Senate......

If State Budgets are in so Much Trouble.. How Come...

Michele Bachmann Watch: Could MB's Big Mouth cost Minnesota a congressional seat - namely hers?

Any Of You Guys Hear About This Person (Iran) ???

Candidate to confront deputies over raid (Busby fundraiser; Dem cand. against Duke Cunningham 2004)

Hammer, meet nail head.

More Intelligence Oversight Advised

What is supposed to be mysterious about a 50 year old dying from cardiac arrest?

Ruth Faces Living Off a Scant $2.5 Million

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back!

uh oh...another airbus plane crash into the ocean!

Is Mind Reading the path to Artificial Intelligence....

Oregon Passes Hemp Bill!

Steven Wells died on the same day as Michael Jackson? How ironic.

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-29)

The Ultimate Game Show - I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - Just Went Too Far......

Lawyer: Jackson's Doctor Had Difficulty Summoning Help (didn't know the address to tell 911)

Diddly Damn! 5 banks robbed in AZ in one day, banks ripping off a Mom's

SoS DLClinton talking on both sides of her mouth re. Honduras...

Google Thought Jackson Traffic Was Attack

Abu Ghraib scandal haunts W.Va. reservist

What rate of return were Madoff followers getting vs. the schlubs who

Stratfor analysis: The Geopolitics of Iran

Callers Don't Get the Sarcasm...

Chris Evert says that the noise level in women's tennis, specifically the "grunting" is out of hand.

"I don't want to go out like Marlon Brando. I want to go out like Elvis."

WSJ: Joe Jackson not believed to be included in MJs 2002 will

Democratic Candidate's Fundraiser Invaded By Cops! (8 Cars, Copter, Pepper Spray)...

Democratic Candidate's Fundraiser Invaded By Cops! (8 Cars, Copter, Pepper Spray)...

Yes or No. America is too obsessed with finding out what killed people and with

13 people homeless (luckily none dead) because 2 teens were setting off fireworks on St.Paul porch

Antiques Roadshow..a one million dollar apprasial...

Does Israel Mistreat Palestinian Child Prisoners? Groups claim ill-treatment and beatings

Shit is about to blow in AZ.

Hey all you drunken folks get free train rides this weekend!


I've talked to a few women who have a really hard time sleeping.

MJ bitch-slaps DemoTex from the grave .. my broadband outage saga

Dramatic decline in Turkish wages

What I would tell Edwards if I knew him well...

Drug war on another border: Canada

Faulty 20p coins 'worth £50 each'

Flu Dynasty: Influenza Virus In 1918 And Today

Father arrested for using website to name and shame 'bullies' he claims attacked his son

Waxman: Republicans 'rooting against the world'

GM to pull out of joint venture with Toyota at California plant

Oncologist Defends His Work at a V.A. Hospital

I'm convinced that BFEE is complicit in the Honduran coup

I'm convinced that BFEE is complicit in the Honduran coup

Wireless Phone Scam: "Flycell"

Wireless Phone Scam: "Flycell"

Wireless Phone Scam: "Flycell"

Wireless Phone Scam: "Flycell"

Bachelot law accelerates destruction of the French health system

Bachelot law accelerates destruction of the French health system

Ex-GOP leader sentenced

Bill titles rankle NC Republicans

High court curves in conservative direction

WTF? We're locking threads because of the word bitch in headline?

What "moral" authority? What "values"?

Joe the Plumber, Joe Jackson, Joe Scarborough...

James Brown & Luciano Pavarotti - It's a Man's World

Steep Increase In Fannie/Freddie Delinquencies

Michael Jackson's Will Found

Who's this AHole Nagl on WJ this morning

Farewell to Mr. Justice Souter.

Farewell to Mr. Justice Souter.

Farewell to Mr. Justice Souter.

I 'm starting with the man

White supremacist planned race hate bombing: court

NY Times: Tracing Xenophobic Internet Chatter to Its Roots in New Jersey Town

I'm outta here.

Toon truer than you might want to think

Site For Alcohol's Action In The Brain Discovered

Sanford E-Apologizes

A new scheme by credit card companies - you gotta believe it.

Kalamazoo approves gay rights ordinance woohoo for Kazoo

Kalamazoo approves gay rights ordinance woohoo for Kazoo

Kalamazoo approves gay rights ordinance woohoo for Kazoo

Kalamazoo approves gay rights ordinance woohoo for Kazoo

Oregon man's wallet returns after 63 years (Plus a question. What would you like to find again?)

This Modern World - Healthcare reform: Here we go again!

Hand job derivatives...

Irregular Army: The rise of neo-Nazis in the US military

Madoff's 'victims'

NATO: Network Advancing Thugs Operation? (Sibel Edmonds)

I like the Ed Schultz Show - BUT stop having that f-ing asshole Tom Tancredo on

Charlie Rose, Zbigniew Brzezinski on. PBS now in Houston. nt

Drug Industry Ups the Lobbying Ante on Health Care

How creepy is Joe Jackson?

Chuck Todd pulled a fast one on Joe and Mika today...

Rush Limbaugh "Saving the Soul of America"

The Rude Pundit: Scenes from a Drawdown

Ousted Honduran leader to return

Mark Sanford: Did I actually see this or did my mind generate it?

Day 6, Michael Jackson is still dead, and Elvis has left the building

So I'm watching banned from the Bible on the History Channel....

24/7WallStreet: California’s IOU Fever Is Likely To Spread To Other States

You know the worst part of the Sanford mess

You know the worst part of the Sanford mess

Obama and the Dems are just "daring" us to "push" them on health care.

If There Is No Public Health Option Will You Still Vote Democrat?

Bernie Madoff's 'Victims' Have A Lot To Be Thankful For .....

Narco News is using Twitter..........

Narco News is using Twitter..........

Narco News is using Twitter..........

Castle bones may belong to knight

Zelaya to return to Honduras with high profile escort

Zelaya to return to Honduras with high profile escort

Only Disaster Saves Cheney Legacy

The swine flu (H1N1) looks like its really picking up steam now...

Beck was whining again this morning (as usual) ...

Windows (poem)

WTF! NOW Sanford is going to worry about jobs?????????????

Juan Cole: With a Whimper, not a Bang; A Milestone on the Way to the End of American Iraq

"Flow of Stimulous Just a Trickle" ...why not effective yet

Anybody else watching scab? mika is higher than a kite ...again

Jay-Z and Al Sharpton pulled strings to have BET Awards producers cancel Chris Brown's performance

just a purty somebody sent me

First Fort Worth, Now San Diego... Stonewall Version 2.0 Again ???

Personal Finance: U.S. Credit Scores Take A Big Dive

McCain campaigners allegedly called Palin 'Little Shop of Horrors'

Uh-Oh: Home-Loan Delinquencies Double on Least-Risky Mortgages, U.S. Report Says

Vatican finds evidence of miracle in Kansas case

Oklahoma Republicans Ready to Blame the Recession on ‘Debauchery’

Back to Work! Eight Chrysler Plants Reopen

Dylan Ratigan - Day 2. He could end up being my hero.

Founder of India's first women's studies program dies

Telesur is reporting that President Manuel Zelaya just arrived at the UN

HHS Rescinds Bush-Era Medicaid Regulations

When I said airbus sucked I meant it

Rules regarding hypocrisy

Salmonella Scare Prompts Dairy Recall - Impact potentially far-reaching

Rome catacomb reveals "oldest" image of St Paul

surfing the TV for news that wasn't about Jackson yesterday/night

If your son will be less free than your father then who's fault is that?

If someone is abused as a kid, then grows up and abuses kids themselves, do we blame them?

What the Jump in the U.S. Savings Rate Really Means

Does GM deserve what happened to them because of what they did to the EV1?

If homeless owes 25 cents, gov't will take his shopping cart. Madoff keeps 2 million.

From the "Can't Win for Losing" file: DC Metro Red line train kills man on tracks

Final performance photos: June 23rd rehearsals for the "This Is It" tour

Israeli Doctors Collude in Torture - Storm Over Dr. Blachar

Operation Rescue is crying that Vandals are breaking into their office...My bet they are doing it

Venezuelan, Cuban, and Nicaraguan Ambassadors to Honduras Kidnapped

The vultures are circling.

New rule about poetry here?

We're such inveterate free-marketeers here, folks ... dreadful news, I'm afraid.

Bush DOJ Hunted for Democrats, Panel Finds (309 Indictments: 262 Dems, 37 Repubs, 10 Independents)

Solicitation of $ from Senator Cantwell

Solicitation of $ from Senator Cantwell

In These Times: Anarchists Go to Church

Don't diminish what has begun in Iraq today....

Lynndie England Can't Even Get a Job in Fast-Food

News headline: "Four Soldiers Killed Leaving Iraq"

Switched At Birth? Common Sense and Comedy In America

Mark Sanford Admits Additional Liaisons, Contradicting Public Confession

Man who ordered fighter jets over DC on 9/11 was among those killed in rail crash

Any idea what to make of this?

Green shoots? Ford is Ramping Up Production

Oklahoma Republicans Ready to Blame the Recession on ‘Debauchery’

Oklahoma Republicans Ready to Blame the Recession on ‘Debauchery’

Bishops, Baptists Organizing Against Contraception

Should Obama have withdrawn from Iraq and Afghanistan by now?

Calls Mount for Sanford to Step Down

Andrea Mitchell,.... is... reading... the ... teleprompter.. worse .. than ..usual

Hyundai guarantees $1.49 gas for a year if you buy one of their cars

Here is a community board that needs support. I think we can help.

GE teams up with Geron for stem-cell research has sponsored a poll on yahoo mail asking if Obama is a socialist.

Market Watch: Oil has best three months in 19 years

stupid question on the energy bill

stupid question on the energy bill

A heartfelt dedication to Norm Coleman

I'm hoping this makes some sense

Ahmadi taunted at Sharif University (with video link!)

Ahmadi taunted at Sharif University (with video link!)

I hate it when people post RW Rants in Political Videos

Micahel Ware's on CNN right now and he sounds very drunk...

Suck it Coleman!!!! n/t

Source: North Korean ship now going the other way

JPMorgan Raises Monthly Minimum Payments Before Rules Change

The Problem With The Public Option Is That It Lowers The Cost Of Health Insurance



Thank you moderators- Windows (poem)

So, by Rethug logic, Franken lost 5-0...

Filibuster-Proof: Tim Pawlenty to Certify Al Franken as Senator of Minnesota

It's Senator Al FRANKEN. With an E. When you make a headline,

Al Frankin to take train to Washington.

Al Frankin to take train to Washington.

State's most conservative county uses much cash (California)

Are the house and senate on their July 4th recess?

A Simple Question. How does 60 impact Health Proposals?

Sanford admits more encounters with Argentine mistress (Also lied to wife, said he broke up w/ her)

Are the house and senate on their July 4th recess?

Sanford NOW admits to 5 liasons with Maria, not 3....

Sanford NOW admits to 5 liasons with Maria, not 3....

Palin poll to unfreep: How did she perform as Veep candidate?

Who is going to win the Franken Swear-in Pool?

I want to hear O'Reilly and Limbaugh say SENATOR FRANKEN!!

I may have to watch the o'liely show tonight.

Doctor tried to find working phone for 30 minutes while Michael Jackson was dying, lawyer says

Still think the Obama administration is no different than Bush?

Will Franken's unsigned Senate certificate become a modern Magna Carta?

Aging Boomers: time to move in with your kids/friends/family?

U.S. Reapproves Loan Guarantees With Israel

Filibuster-Proof: Tim Pawlenty to Certify Al Franken as Senator of Minnesota

SINNERS! The recession is all YOUR fault!

Where's that old picture of the man's stuff out

Ouch. "Last Best Hope" (Scarborough book) continues to sink fast on Amazon

Faux News: Your Teabagging Network

What are these "dalliances" Sanford had with other women, but not sex?

As Sanford continues to list his sins will a BIG ONE come up

Be a Mensch, Norm

AP Newsbreak: SC gov 'crossed lines' with women

***any word from Pawlenty yet?***

Public Opinion Data Says America is Really Center-Left

GOP Leadership To Obama: You Never Call, You Never Write…

GE teams up with Geron for stem-cell research

Check out these interesting questions on the MN. SC decidion on Frankin!


The MN Supreme Court decision was 5-0

Any place to catch Coleman's presser online?

Does Sodomy (Oral & Anal Sex; Bestiality) Not "Cross the line" into Intercourse?

Study: More sex may help damaged sperm

Normie is speaking live now.

Normy concedes...wahoo! ( live on TV news) n/t



So help me God, if Pawlenty doesn't sign and Reid doesn't seat Franken because of that...


Coleman just conceded on GEM$NBC

Wisconsin Gets Domestic Partnerships

Media Trucks outside Coleman Home...Presser Coming Soon.

If you should happen to see someone who looks like someone just went wee-wee in their Corn Flakes ..

Ed Schultz Just Said He Directly Asked Coleman What He Would Do

Why do adults bring their children to Las Vegas?

Has any other state gone 6 months or more without 2 senators?

Has any other state gone 6 months or more without 2 senators?

Ok Dems. Make it happen!

Hospital schools in NC could disappear

American Idol Makes $900 Million A Year, And Simon Cowell Wants $144 Million Of It

Will Bill O'Reilly say the words "SENATOR Al Franken" on his show tonight?

Treasury details new consumer agency, and banks cry foul

Boy, the GOP just *can't* get a good news cycle these days, can they?

Did I just hear on MSNBC that there will be a 5:15 statement from Senator Franken?

Today's just an awesome day!!!

Today's just an awesome day!!!

Since Franken is finally seated there's absolutely no reason why...

Limbaugh Reaches a New Low

Karma for Paul Wellstone

Senator Al Franken

Twitter #Honduras

Been to You Tube recently?

What does Gov Sanford mean by "crossed lines" with other women other than

CNN Reporting Colemen Concession

Is Billo's head going to explode when he says "Senator Al Franken"? nt

Welcome to the Al Franken decade!

So we will have 60 Senators. All we need now is 60 votes.

I'm gonna be pissed at Al Franken if he

Norm Coleman conceded the Iranian election to Michael Jackson?


C'mon Pres O, invite Al to the 4th of July shindig & swear him in there

Stuart Smalley is going to DC because he's good enough, he's smart enough and dog-gonit...

If Sanford resigns, let me introduce you to

So Will Sen Worthless Reid Be Crying When Biden Issues Franken's Oath...

Democrats Saved Senate Committee Seats for Franken

Pawlenty will NEVER certify the election.

The Velvet Revolution US and Accountability For Torture

So does Coleman still on for bribery charges?

Man finds lost dog, tries to extort money, sex from owner

"They held a moment of silence for who?"

Freeper reaction to the Franken-Coleman decision

BREAKING NEWS: Minn Supremes rule in favor of Franken!!! HE'S MN'S SENATOR!!!

Brad Blakeman goes both ways!

And over at FAUX news (about Coleman) the masses (all 20%) are up in arms

Freepers, lurkers and otherwise, eat this

Pawlenty Will Sign Certificate Today

Reports: Two Military Battalions Turn Against Honduras Coup Regime

Cops shoot at attacker, hit pregnant woman

Chevy malibu

Freepers recycle fake photo...

Our top story: Michael Jackson died. Last week.

Google search results - when you search for tiananmen square

Earth to Freeper dumbass idiots.....RONALD REAGAN WAS AN ACTOR TOO!!!!!

Who Are The Texas “State Police”?

Honduran Coup Turns Violent, Sanctions Imposed

Rebuilding America.

This is so WRONG!!! Yet so Funny!!!!

Franken on MSNBC live

Mark Sanford's favorite song

Fox Nation Refers To Al Franken As Stuart Smalley - Cute Or Stunningly Sophomoric Propaganda?

Franken press conf. on CSPAN. nt

So, at what time will Fox News show a screen that says Norm Coleman (D) concedes

hey chuck todd, it was NOT a statistical tie.

Al is On!

Israel Attempts To Stop S-300 Air Defense Supplies To Iran

A prediction about Bill Oreilly's head

I will be going to a "Town Hall"

At this time next week, the author of "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot" will be in the US Senate.

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - White supremacist in UK found to be planning a terrorism campaign

Hey John Cornyn - you ready to start World War III?

"Shit, buddy, if you won't, I already have" Dept. - Sanford trying to fall back in love w/ his wife

ROFL! GOP Senator Cornyn: Coleman Loss Could Improve Our Chances In 2010

Regarding O'Reilly now...

Is Franken's presser streaming anywhere?...

At 4:15 PM Central time, I'm opening an adult beverage

GOP Poised To Eat Its Own After Climate Bill's Passage

Words I never thought I'd write: I can't WAIT to watch the O'Reilly Factor

Independence Day, from a veteran's perspective.

Minnesota covering the political spectrum from A to Z in their US Senate representation..

60: It's no longer merely the average IQ of the GOP side of the aisle ...

The Housing Debacle enters PRIME time......

To Arlen and the "Blue Dogs" ...

Why are affirmative action polls so inconsistent?

Wal-Mart backs employer health insurance mandate

WOOHOO!! EarlG made a LoLeman!!!

Four Accused Of Running Cocaine On Amtrak

I am no fan of Sarah Palin, but I'm standing up for her on this one

Franken's win a great upset. Grassroots are showing, Al

Al Franken LOOKS Like A Senator

OK Rep. Sally Kern Blames Economic Woes On Obama, Debauchery

Over/under for Senate in 2010....

Report: Michael Jackson cut his father out of his will. (Yes, a valid will exists.)

Watering down health care until you can pass it? Is this the game?

BofA true to form, cut our limits and raised our rates.

So, has Pawlenty signed yet? If not, why not? Is he taking the day off?

The Young accusations are going to the quality mainstream newspapers -NYT and WP


Why the hell is Tim Griffin on the Ed Show? He should be in jail for voter fraud!!!

Joe Jackson is the Scum of the Earth

Iranian Election was a sham according to Franken Statement

H.R. 2749 - Nazi Food Bill?

Hey Norm Coleman !! This is for you.......

From now on, I'm only buying Igloo Coolers

Q2: MSNBC Tops CNN in Prime but Morning Joe 4th in Younger Viewers

In honor of Al I am drinking a "Fred Monster"

So Did "We"" Win"?


big ed on the ed show called ru$h limpballs 'the drugster'

I'm driving home tonight, I decide to listen to America Right on XM

W Post: Solis Hopes to 'Level the Playing Field' for Unions

Now that we have "60", it's time for Harry Reid to put up or shut up.

"Particularly hurtful and insidious is the most recent rumor -- which is entirely false..."

How did Bill Clinton's 8 years impact the Democratic Party?

Coroner: In struggle with police man died from choking, blunt force

Sweden set to take over EU presidency

*****Arizona DUers, call Gov. Brewer and ask her to veto the budget!****

Bill Would Allow Paramedics To Give Blood-Alcohol Tests

Take care of this poll.

So, Does Franken get Back Pay?


Brazilian law to reduce workweek from 44 hrs to 40 hrs clears House committee

Ron Christie is an idiot...

democratic super majority

democratic super majority

'Mountain State' no more?

Nothing else matters, not Michael Jackson, Sarah Palin, Governor 'broken zipper' Sanford

I Think Franken Could Come In With Both Of His Progressive Barrels Blazing

Senator Franken!!! You mean this guy????

Palin: I'd come out ahead in run against Obama

Top this for gall:

Hey, wait a minute...

Glenn BecKKK creates his own reality......

SANFORD gives Chuck TODD & Hardball pundits bad case of triple-word EWwwness, TMI

"Liberal Infobabes" per Rush today....

Democrats Have 60 Votes. What Will They Do With Them?

If Gregory and MTP were smart...heh, to boost their ratings they

Democrats Have 60 Votes. What Will They Do With Them?

Letter from Harry....His concerns are... well, all about him!

"You don't send me flowers.... any more" LOL

Do you like your job, if you're lucky enough to have one?

Do you like your job, if you're lucky enough to have one?

K&R If You Think SNL Should Have Sen. Al Franken Guest Host Next Season!

Senator Franken's going to be a go-to guy for media sound bites.

I'll have popcorn with butter in the middle and on top, and a dash of salmonella, please....

Iraqi National Sovereignty MY ASS!

NE man that abused safe haven law by dumping his 9 kids at a hospital is having another kid

EPA Approves California Pollution Rule, by 2016 cars must avg 35.5 mpg

How to argue like a Right Winger

Canadian health care myths...

Mich. Gov. Offers To Take Some Of CA Prisoners ... For Money

Mich. Gov. Offers To Take Some Of CA Prisoners ... For Money

Statement from Pawlenty's office

Is this website for real?

Complete this sentence, I'll start: If Al Franken were a Republican...

Mary Landrieu (Sen. D-LA):: Obstructionist ConservaDem Clown

Military board recommends discharge for Lt. Dan Choi

Please help victims of Italy earthquake or pass on!!!!

Please help victims of Italy earthquake or pass on!!!!

Didn't each and every Blue Dog/ DINO run against an ACTUAL Republican?

Who Is Willing To Legally Sign Away Their Rights Until Gay People Have Equality?

Holy Shite - Sanford confesses to more women

We finally got Senator Wellstone's seat back.

Please help me answer these key questions about conservatism.

Most disturbing post and photo in Freeperland....

This is a serious question (though it sounds like a snarky joke...)

Funeral Set For TV Pitchman Billy Mays, but wait - there's MORE

Concert Promoter: The Jackson Tour May Go On ("with celebrity friends as stand ins for Jackson")

F**ked by FICO

Fweepers fweak out: Moving to Honduras!

Mrs. Sanford should tell him to F*** Off.

Todd Herman, head of new media at RNC picked on DU at the PDF 09 forum

Reports: Two Military Battalions Turn Against Honduras Coup Regime

Jackson Family: Michael Jackson Had a Will.

As far as I can see we've got a minority of 45, maybe 43, in the Senate

(Election Integrity) Activist Alleges Abuse of Power (against TN Republican Secretary of State)

Natalie Portman NOT dead!

Scientist Tries to Connect Migration Dots of Ancient Southwest

Tuesday TOONS part 3 Health care and goodbyes

The battered and bruised face of a burglar who got on the wrong side of a 72-year-old former boxer

Tuesday TOONS part 1 Sex and the married Republican

Palin: I'd Beat Obama In A Run..."I betcha I'd have more endurance"

Obama’s Quiet War

Freepers living vicariously through Rush

Freepers living vicariously through Rush

Great Lakes Wolves Returning To Endangered List

Pawlenty was not ordered to sign, and Pawlenty said he would sign if ordered.

I have a question about the American flag...

God Is My Doorman....Sanford

Coleman said that the assailant punched him, knocked him to the ground, and

Michael's Last day (s) awesome read

Jackson Will From 2002 In Spotlight

Ok, DU'ers, pick apart this piece of shit I got forwarded this morning.

Democrats Saved Senate Committee Seats for Franken

Social Security audit finds dead people getting checks

*Michael Jackson thread*-Have we discussed the SCUM that Joseph Jackson is?

Cigarette Tax Hike Among 65 New Laws (FL) & electronic tracking system for prescription drugs


All cell phones will come packed with an RFID chip by next summer

A quick comment on Canadian health care. My Father was taken to the hospital on Saturday night,

The looniness has started -- MJ spotted in clouds (!!)

Great Norm Coleman song parody on YouTube

Bernie Madoff "betrayed their trust"...

I know DUers are ignoring me but the Walk 4 Health Care is real and in it's FOURTH DAY! KEEP KICKED!

Update on Chad Gibson’s Condition - Gay man bashed by Police last Saturday in Ft. Worth gay bar

Freepers react to Al Franken's victory in Minnesota (funny shit!)

Could you survive in a public housing high-rise? Part I

RIP Paul Wellstone

A child has been found alive following the Yemin Air crash

A child has been found alive following the Yemin Air crash

Congratulations to the great State of MN! You took your time and did it right.

exactly who are the fuckers responsible for ditching the interest rate caps on credit cards?

Over 200 Dogs Rescued from PA Puppy Mill


Frannie, start packing we're going to DC!!!

Either pool our money and buy our own senators and house members...

American Idol's Simon Cowell offered $144 MILLION PER YEAR

Rachel Maddow's Audience Down Nearly 55%

The re-birth of Gitmo

Tuesday TOONS part 4 The rest

bloggers reporting on Honduras protests at iReport

Tuesday TOONS part 2 Madoff

CA can save $1 billion over 5 years by commuting death sentence of 682 to life w/o parole.

The baby's a...we're not telling!

if you were to replace 5 Democratic Senators

My husband's little chat with Chase collections

My husband's little chat with Chase collections

Obama issues another signing statement

Justice Ginsburg and Justice Alito had a little tiff over Ricci.

The story of how insurance companies and corporate greed are slowly killing my mom...

Hey fellow Leftists, what are you reading this summer?

This Modern World Healthcare reform: Here we go again! By Tom Tomorrow

Now that the Democrats have sixty, there's only one reason why we could be denied health care reform

Dr. Donald Henderson 1928-2009 The greatest American you never heard of

Hey GOP: You never get to complain about a recount again

Today in Bush's Presidency (2001-06-30)

Torture Autopsy Reveals Death by Enhanced Interrogation

Just Spotted a New Freeper Malapropism

Really scary video. Anyone ever see anything like this???

Anybody have a list of actors turned politicians and their political affiliations?

Conga Line!!!!!

Conga Line!!!!!

the democratic party in italy, what a lost chance...

Senate Bill Would Allow Prosecution of Bush for Iraq War

Decision Time Dems. You can control the Congress for 2 or 40 years

getting old in a culture that looks down on old people

I lost 4 of my seven free tv stations in the digital "conversion".

DU wives - comments please

Penn. State Senator Refuses To Apologize For His Remarks About Gays: ‘We’re Allowing Them To Exist'

Four high school students shot at bus stop in Detroit.

Why not BAN pharma/heathcare advertising and political contributions?

I'm looking for DUer's that are not only for the prosecution of BUSH/CHENEY era CRIMINALS,

I'm looking for DUer's that are not only for the prosecution of BUSH/CHENEY era CRIMINALS,

Right Wing Hate Getting Out of Control

Why is MJ ripped apart by the media and woody allen is loved???

UNBELIEVABLE - Bernie Madoff Starts New Ponzi Scheme - In Prison

Cutting Edge Debate Over Switchblades (NRA)

Rambling Zelaya is the Latin Blagojevitch: Attacks "Honduras Elites..and indirectly the USA"

Newly constructed building in china falls neatly over

Mexican elections - July 5 - Controversial, important & barely covered here

Dear Freeptards;

Vanity Fair: IT CAME FROM WASILLA (McCain Staffers Trash Palin)

Vanity Fair: IT CAME FROM WASILLA (McCain Staffers Trash Palin)

Vanity Fair: IT CAME FROM WASILLA (McCain Staffers Trash Palin)

"Michelle Obama called 'ghetto girl' by Martha Vineyard's black elite"

Three Forks

Why are there school?

Ha ha! Just came across this hilarious thread from 2005 that I started.

cyborg chicken is here

The Bachelorette

I had cortisone injections in both knees today and now I am having

YouTube: The CLASSIC Iggy Pop & Tom Waits segment from Jim Jarmusch's "Coffee & Cigarettes"

Unruly abdomen??

Anyone remember a GOPer admitting to beastiality on CNN?

For entertainment this evening, I think I'll deconstruct my entire life.

Terminator V - Rise of the Clocks

Is there a special list somewhere of topics that are now

As these things happen in threes, who will be next?

GUYS: How do you feel when a women comments on your brain?

Day 1 of barn raising

What is your favorite piece of chicken?

What 21st Century Invention or Discovery Will Most Change the World?

Who can recite the Preamble to the United States Constitution?

OK DUers - it's time to fess up

Save your stuff...The Antique Roadshow has a one million dollar find

Jackson Michael.

We got thunder and lighting, maybe rain.



Vincent D'Onofrio seems to be going for the Orson Welles look.

Ya want to know what I really hate....

4th amendment advocates! How do you feel when you're subject to unreasonable search and seizure?

thank you mainegreen!

since you asked for it

Is my laptop monitor dying?

You believe it's been 25 years?

The Daily Show

The Daily Show

When she said "nice sack", I thought she meant how I arranged my balls on the pool table. My boots?

Abe Vigoda or Keith Richards

Hey all you drunken folks get free train rides this weekend!


I am trying to remember the name of a sci fi tv series

Has anyone ever asked if your man boobs are real?

Pain is such an interesting thing

If there is a God, a merciful God, a loving God, a forgiving God, is Hitler in heaven?

Women: How do you feel when NOBODY checks out your boobs?

Post a random photo of yourself

question about archived posts


Talked to the vet today

2nd amendment advocates! How do you feel when strangers check out your LOVE GUN?

Back from a family reunion/Gramma's memorial service.

So if you had a third nipple...

Rick Roll - the T-shirt

Theme from "Sanford" (Shaft parody)

Rough night tonight.


Who is the guy on EWTN with the obviously fake beard?

Just got up from a nightmare

Now Hear This! Do not weedwhack your yard if you have

Checking out of DU for the

When she said "nice rack", I thought she meant how I arranged the balls on the pool table. My boobs?

Does anyone have that picture of Kirstie Alley from SNL where she plays

Pic thread!!!!! Post a pic of your pantry!!!!!

Are You Overrated?

CONFIRMED: I have a superpower!

"Tiny penis" is the phrase for this evening. Modify a thread title to include "tiny penis".

3rd Amendment Advocates: How do you feel when a soldier or sailor just drops in to stay?

There was this cartoon about a line that falls in love with a circle.

BAM! I just gave you $18. What are you going to spend it on?

POP QUIZ! What windows do you have open RIGHT NOW?

DON'T call Rep. McDermott's EA "Liz"

why don't I ever get an appreciation thread?

CreekDog Check-In thread!

Hi. So, how has everybody been doing these days?

Straight men: how do you feel when men check out your assets?

You must CHOOSE!

MEN: Briefs, Boxers or Commando?

Study: More sex may help damaged sperm

Anybody here offended by all the penis and boob threads?

This thread has nothing to do with trousersnakes or funbags

I guess the cookies weren't enough

Engineers: How do you feel when someone checks out your net positive suction head?

As of 1159pm I will not have health insurance-cause of a mistake!

Antiques Roadshow..a one million dollar apprasial...

Things go from good to bad OR a day in the life of me

3rd amendment advocates! How do you feel when British redcoats quarter themselves in your house?

Latest tech for readers

Just Came Back. Anyone Wanna Tell Me The Events Of My Thread?

What is going on in here?

So Michael Jackson's kids will go to an 80 year old woman still married to the man that abused MJ

High altitude nosebleeds are weird.

Check out my Independence Day post in GD.

Uh-oh.. looks like we need to get a new Miss Georgia

Saturday night I discovered my martini limit. Unfortunately I could not remember it Sunday morning.

So when did EarlG jump the shark?

SNL Neverland Ranch skit on HULU

Saturday night I discovered my martian limit. Unfortunately I could not remember it Sunday morning.

BAM! I just took your $18. You're just SOOL?

Good morning Lounge

04:05:06 07-08-09 Think of that!

Kansas City Royals to hold open tryouts at Frawley Stadium in Wilmington

Kitten folks: do your cats play in the litterbox?

I have a confession to make that might ruin my street creds here at DU

In spite of LostinVA's being mean to me.

PHOTO: It's a shame Norm Coleman lost, but perhaps he can return to touring with Grand Funk Railroad

So when did My Name is Earl jump the shark?

I have no idea what the current popular music is/songs are. Help?

Tomorow Doc will let me go back to work... Got a phone call pink slip this morning

~How do you like to spend your weekends?

Did you know that there's a laundromat at the nudist colony?

OMG!!! FDA could be banning Nyquil---NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Anyone else remember this?

Where's Mo?

Just got back from the DMV

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay!

Can you find the man in the coffee beans?

I'm going to a travelling one ring circus tonight.

Brilliant indexed cartoon today

Everyone, watch my cousin and the baby on the news!!!!!

BTW, Coleman just conceded

Because DAMMIT I need some Delta Kitten pics!!! Shell Beau, get on it woman!!

For my one and only Michael Jackson post, does anyone else remember...

For my dear friend Symarip.....

Duplicate post

I think I have solved it

In the best interests of the Lounge, could I make a suggestion?

4 of us just devoured a whole loaf of raisin bread.

Just poured a LARGE cool, refreshing


What Is Your Greatest Pet Pev?

Can someone here explain to me the logic surrounding Budget Rent a Car and coupons they issued?

Fireworks are in a pitiful state this season.

Quandry. A friend invited me to the drag races....

Post your favorite new chicken recipe here....

I know this isn't a Lounge topic but

My old hippy neighbors are fucking loudly on their balcony

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Darth_Kitten (yesterday)!!*******

It's raining so hard here right now....

*******HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to Ilsa!! (yesterday)*******

I'm so totally not a Lounge regular. I've never seen a "fight" here, flame war or ...

6/29, eleven years ago...happiest day of my life

I'm going racing in August

*******HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY to Kathryn STone!!*******

My life in horses (pic heavy)

What's so 'boring' about classic music from the 70s.

Debating on eating a Hershey's Bar

I might not be a math wiz, but even I know this doesn't add up.

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to undergroundrailroad!!*******

I hear thunder!

The stupid on Facebook. It BURNS! ("Born In The U.S.A. is anti-American!")

So, me and the old lady were on the balcony

Laïcité - your thoughts on the concept

What word would you use to describe communication in DU's forums?

If I Had A Rocket Launcher

Americans who dig the Royals (an Oasis post)

Moving Day

So did Vince the ShamWow guy have Billy Mays "bumped off"?

Energizer Bunneh!

HAHAHA! Perhaps it's best to check these things out before you wear a lacy thong....

"Everybody stand back. I might be dangerous."

Would the Lounge be as much fun if it had been named the Cafe?

Hey lounge! What are you drinking tonight?

Quacking ringtone "quacks" the President up (video)'s like crack for people who like to try to run other people's lives

someday the mountain might get me


70's music rawked, 80's pop was CRAP!

GAH! I had a beer that tasted like eggs!

Suggestions for a very late-blooming Nine Inch Nails fan

Why is ONE of my DU screen displays extra W I D E? Plus, DU slow-loading right now?

Best Movie Monster

Curses on you, mail order catalog company! I ordered some summer

Mr., the Boy and BabyM are in the back yard planting.

Man allegedly demands sex to return lost dog

So what's the scoop with Sanford doing a "modified limited hangout" AGAIN?

What's so 'classic' about boring music from the 70s.


I'm thinking of starting a new public service.

I've talked to a few women who have a really hard time sleeping.

What wine matches best with fried Tabby?

It's my Birthday

Tuesday, June 30th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

*******HAPPY 11th BIRTHDAY to Timothy (GoddessOfGuinness's son)!!*******

Just had heart attack: My Yahoo email just yelled at me: "Helllooooo!!"

"Fucking loudly" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "fucking loudly".

My wife just told me to go to hell. Did I deserve that?...

I need more cow bell.

Songs that would have been better without lyrics. Post 'em here.

Adventures In Lunching; or: Fish Fried In Leather

Post your favorite "classic" song from the seventies

I'll say one thing for M. Jackson: while he changed his appearance...

Crazy cat behavior

IF we followed this one rule, i bet the lounge would be a MUCH better place

Classic albums of the 1980s

Michael Jackson's body will be taken to Neverland Ranch in California for a public viewing on Friday

Caption this photo!

Does going to a strip club count as cheating?

*Vibes, please*

Transformers 2 - $390 million worldwide in 5 days

I just signed up for outside help for disabled people and I feel very depressed.

Oregon man's wallet returns after 63 years (Plus a question. What would you like to find again?)


If I had a million dollars


Who took my stapler?

WARNING: Cover your keyboards before opening (PIC)

Say 'farewell' to Syzygy

I want to have a dupe thread that never dies!!!!

Who's using Firefox 3.5?

Is anybody else having a Summer from Hell?

Classic albums of the 1970s

It took me 7 years..but I broke 10,000 posts..

Debating on going to Hershey Park

Fireworks: Yea or Nay?

Windows (poem)

Did you ever own a car that you loved but everyone else laughed at?

EPA May Have Suppressed Report Skeptical Of Global Warming

In Afghanistan, crackdown hurts Iran's once-sterling image

States Win in Supreme Surprise

(Col.) Wilkerson says DADT ‘should be repealed’ immediately.

Rescuers spot wreckage of plane that crashed

Inferno Engulfs Homes After Train Explodes

Ousted President, Replacement Duel For Honduras

Jackson Will From 2002 In Spotlight

In a Coup in Honduras, Ghosts of Past U.S. Policies

Iraqi oil for sale in TV auction

China scraps filtering software mandate _ for now

Taliban scrap peace deal in Pakistan tribal area

Suspected rebels kill family of 4 in India

U.N.'s Ban says to urge Myanmar to release Suu Kyi

Second Khmer Rouge victim talks

GM Seeks Approval To Become 'New' Company

GM cuts ties with Toyota in U.S. joint-venture

Consumer confidence slides in June

Banned Pakistani groups 'expand'

Bank of America is accused of exploiting Latino immigrant customers

Home-Loan Delinquencies Double on Least-Risky Mortgages, U.S. Report Says

Al Franken Declared winner

Bomb kills 30 in Northern Iraq as U.S. troops leave

Hartmarx workers declare victory (4,000 jobs saved)

North Korea trying to enrich uranium, South says

Police charge against those in favor of Zelaya in Tegucigalpa (translated from Spanish)

Snapple Outsourcing Deal May Aid American Workers

State Supreme Court rules for Franken, 5-0

Minn. rules for Franken in Senate fight

Lawsuit claims some National Guardsmen were poisoned in Iraq (by KBR)

Senate Democrats to Pawlenty: certify Franken

Obituaries - Fayette Pinkney, of the 3 Degrees

Judge Revokes Bail for Billionaire Accused of Fraud (Stanford)

Five-year-old rescued after Yemeni plane crashes in Indian Ocean

After Honduran coup, reporters detained, signals blocked

Russia stages war games near Georgia

US military says 4 soldiers killed in Baghdad

S.C. Attorney General to review Sanford's travel records

Gunfire wounds 7 Detroit teens; 3 left in critical condition

Boat w/Cynthia McKinney on it held by Israeli armed forces

4 High School Students Among 6 Shot at Detroit Bus Stop

4 High School Students Among 6 Shot at Detroit Bus Stop

Scalia breaks ranks, slams Bush officials on bank regulation

Yemen jet crashes in Indian Ocean

Ousted Honduran Leader Threatened With Arrest

Pawlenty says he'll sign election certificate today

Qaeda seeks revenge against France over burqa - Web

Cops:10 killed in Iraq market bombing


Oil companies reject Iraq's terms

FDA panel to vote on painkiller restrictions (outlawing Nyquil, Theraflu)

AP Source: 10 others to be charged in Madoff probe

'The Pirate Bay' Sells For $7.7 Million; Firm To "Legitimize" Business Model

Old airliners scrapped due to economics, not age

U.S. spy says just followed orders in Italy kidnap

Justices to Review Campaign Finance Law Constraints

Myanmar special gem show attracts foreign traders

US Iraq commander loses cool over troop numbers

Wal-Mart Gets Behind Employer Mandate

Zelaya, defying coup, plans return to Honduras

Colombia minister's arrest sought (Uribe's former defense minister)

US: UBS Must Release Names Of Suspected Tax Cheats

Ex-Ala. Gov. Don Siegelman asks for new trial

Sanford Admits More Encounters With Mistress

Al Franken declared winner.

Sen. Byrd released from hospital

Adams gets probation for kid porn Ex-mayor, GOP leader must file as sex offender

SC attorney general calls for investigation of gov

Obama says he supports gay rights

Norm Coleman concedes

Ahmadinejad Vows to Break Global Monopoly After Win Approved

EPA gives California emissions waiver

SC Governor Says He 'Crossed Lines' With Women Other Than Mistress (but never had sex with them...)

Oregon Passes Hemp Bill (46 to 11)

Wheelchair steered using brain waves developed by Toyota

FDA panel recommends smaller doses of painkillers (Vicodin banned; Nyquil not banned)

Ontario drops plans for 2 new nuclear reactors

'Go after ACORN,' judge says

VR Press Conference - Bar Complaints against Torture Lawyers - Part One

President Obama Promotes Energy Efficiency That Will Save Americans Billions Of Dollars Per Year

Obama On Don't Ask Don't Tell & Lt. Dan Choi

A Presidential RickRoll

Gangsta Rappa Billo

The Bill O'Reilly Viewer song

Pres Obama & First Lady Hold LGBT Reception - Thru the Looking Glass

An Asbestos Exposed Town

AJ English: Iraq marks 'Sovereignty Day' as US pulls back

Reigning in Corporate Greed

Sea Lions Killed - Oregon Fish and Wildlife Press Conference Feb 2009

Healthy Economy


Score One for citizen journalism and the iPhone

Dear God by XTC

Song Parody: Norm Coleman's Lament

Night time chants from the roofs - Tehran Monday June 29 (haunting)

Honduras..golpe represión

Musical Interlude: Franken to be Seated in US Senate

MSNBC: Minnesota Supreme Court Affirms Al Franken As Winner Of Senate Seat

Minnesota Gov. Pawlenty Says He Will Certify Al Franken as Senator

Honduras - Obama's maiden coup

Your Basic Right Wing Nut Job!!

Human Trafficking and the Global Recession

Lt. Dan Choi speaks out at CA rally. Military board recommended his discharge today.

Norm Coleman Concedes Minnesota Senate Race

Lt. Col. Fehrenbach meets Obama.....still losing job and pension after 18 years.

Sea Lions who visit the Columbia River are Being Killed for eating Fish

Sen. Al Franken's First Press Conference After Norm Coleman Conceded

9ui11iani discusses Sanford affair on Morning Slow. Panel does not mention his epic infidelities.

Memories... misty Coleman-colored memories.....

TYT: Michael Savage Issues Fatwa Against Media Matters

Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in The World" - Joe The Plumber

President Interrupted By 'Duck Ringtone' During Speech

TYT: What Is The Real Motivation Behind Cheney's Latest Statement On Iraq?

TYT: Media Wars -- The Huffington Post vs Mainstream News!

Michael Jackson visits the Troops in Japan

Homophobic Harassment During Gay Pride (Minneapolis)

Guardian UK: To save California, legalise pot

Latin American Nations Begin Economic and Political Blockade Against Coup Government

Wall Street Journal: Fannie Sees Jump in Overdue Home Loans

Iraq: What We Leave As We Withdraw

Venezuela: Chavez Calls for Continent-Wide Protests against Honduran Coup

A Matter of Trust Mexico's July 5 Legislative Elections

President Calls on Congress to Supply $200 Million for Homeless

Translating Twitter from Honduras

Has Daschle Gone Rogue?

Foreign-worker laws limit pay cuts at tech firms

In the Wrong Place for a Long Time

Where Blacks Lead the Fight for Gay Rights

Mark Sanford Continues to Pile Up the Frequent Liar Miles

"It's bizarre but true: Nonconsensual human experiments have been legal for nearly twenty years" by

More Immigrants, More Jobs

Is Scientology's Wall Cracking?

Honduran Military Now Coming After NY's Mayor Bloomberg

America’s ICE Backwards Approach to Immigration

Email patterns can predict impending doom

In a Coup in Honduras, Ghosts of Past U.S. Policies

Open the Military Closet

GOP Leaders Claim Al Franken Not Fit to Serve, Based on Poor Senate Attendance Record

Scahill -- Iraq's 'National Sovereignty Day' is U.S.-Style Hallmark Hype

UK "must slash defense spending"

Bob Herbert: "How Long is Long Enough?"

China makes most faulty U.S. goods, but penalties are rare

"We are risking massive species loss this century if we don’t sharply reverse greenhouse gas emissio

No Compromise on the Public Plan: Why Weakening the Public Option Would Weaken the Party Responsible

Bush, Obama Separated at Birth on State Secrets

Stewart Smalley to Save Senate!

Glenn Greenwald -- The suppressed fact: deaths by U.S. torture

Madoff: Fall Guy or First of Many?

Ted Rall: Sorry, Mr. Bush

The Winner in Honduras: Chávez

Tom Friedman, Wrong Again About Invention

Horses to the slaughter

The Honduran coup: another US destabilization operation

Algae Farm Aims to Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

States brace for shutdowns

Increasing dust speeds melting of mountain snow

DrumBeat: June 30, 2009

Peak oil review - June 29

The Wired West

24th October 2009

Royal Town Planning Institute are getting the message

HR 2749 - Nazi Food Bill??

A Green Way to Dump Low-Tech Electronics

SynGest Selects The Weitz Company to Build First Biomass-to-Ammonia Plant

Greenpeace ranks grocery stores for sustainable seafood

Why do we allow the US to act like a failed state on climate change?

Shell Oil Proposes New Arctic Ocean Drilling Plan

Green light for solar power on federal lands

If a golf course could scientifically prove increased soil carbon?

Top Ten Green U.S. Cities

HUFFPOST: Obama Has Power & Responsibility to Help Restore Democracy in Honduras

JR: "Micheletti: The Fascist Had a Bad Dream"

Cuba News Agency: "Honduran Military Ready to Crush Demonstrations

VIDEO: Military Truck Runs over Zelaya Supporter KillIing Him

La Jornada-David Brooks

Today in Latin America, the US invasion of Honduras (from February 28, 2009)

Today in Latin America, the US invasion of Honduras (from February 28, 2009)

Police charge against those in favor of Zelaya in Tegucigalpa

The Honduran coup: another US destabilization operation

Photos of opposition to coup, from El Pais

Ecuadoran judge asks for imprisonment of former Colombian minister

MACHETERA: "Micheletti: First, Get the Cartoonist! And the Baby!"

President Obama has yet to endorse the bill that repeals Don't Ask Don't Tell

MACHETERA: Drowning Honduran Oligarchy-Micheletti Entered Through Roof, Just Like Thieves Do

What has Senator Franken not done that he said he would so far?

Democrats Need 51 Senate Votes to get things passed, not 60 votes like Republicans claim

Latest GOP conspiracy theory targets Michelle's veggie garden

Proof that some so-called progressives are morons in disguise

PHOTO Caption it? (Palin)

Blast it, I want some positivity today.. we are moving our troops out of Iraqi cities

Must "representative" democracy be the only valid type?

I love Ed Shultz!!!

Col. Victor Fehrenbach: Obama told me 'we'll get this done' (VIDEO)

HELP Committee Leak Details Likely Outline Of Public Option

McCain: Unions are Running the Obama Administration!!!!111

Keep on criticising Palin.

Even if you're insured you should still be pushing for a public option

Wasn't this the day the birthers were saying they would make presentments, and that an "event"....

Bullying Congressional Progressives: Creepy, Revealing Quote from White House Staffer

Gallup: More Americans See Democratic Party as “Too Liberal”

I guarantee the GOP would get more stuff done with 60 than we will!

Palin: I'd come out ahead in run against Obama

Here is what we are up against (BusinessWeek):

Wellstone Must Be Smiling : )

57 = No Senate Super Majority.

Should we repeal the 22nd Amendment?

PHOTO Caption it?

GOP to Obama: How Come You Don't Call Me Anymore?

Rush Limbaugh all but conceding 2012; warning that Obama is going to seek a third term in 2016

It Came from Wasilla - McCain Staffers Unload on Palin in Vanity Fair Article

FL-Sen: Crist Cruising; Meek Over Brown

Watching Chuck Todd Today was like watching the Reincarnation

President Obama Announces Rural Tour with Cabinet Secretaries and Administration Officials

PHOTOS Axe, Dunc and the First Dog

Lamest spin ever. GOP Senator Cornyn: Coleman Loss Could Improve Our Chances In 2010

Palin: I'd come out ahead in run against Obama

Franken: I am not going to be the 60th Democratic Senator;

Who is watching O'Liely tonight to see if his head explodes?????

Tell your Senators to Vote for the Public Option

Does anyone know what the costs to the government and taxpayers will be if we do not do anything?

Al Franken Is A 99% + Improvement Over norm coleman

Gates: 'More humane' enforcement of gay ban studied

Maria "Cantwell is skeptical that the Obama team will hold the line against the Wall Street lobby."

al franken still live on c-span.

Jewish groups lining up with Obama on health care measures

Obama, midway '09: 'When it gets hard'

Al Franken about to become 60th Dem. senator ... and CNN is covering MJ tribute at Apollo. What-ever

Minnesotans, are you ready for civil disobedience if Coleman refuses to give up?

In some alternate universe a newspaper runs a story- Democrats NOT Willing to Compromise

WOW! Norm Concedes. "We have a new Senator and I congratulate Al Franken."

Big Ed, You Fucking Rock: "coleman Said There Weren't Enough Listeners For

The Minnesota Supreme Court decision is a trap

George W. Bush appointees buck Barack Obama on terror policies

Will exhibitionist Sarah Palin be thrusting her mug into cameras every week, or every other week?

Senator Al Franken to hold press conference at 5:15PM ET.

Norm Coleman has a 4:00 pm (ET) press conference. What will he do?

Obama looking forward to working with Franken

Dear Senator Franken

Sludge is on the case! :: "BEWARE THE OBAMA 'EVIL EYE'"

Sanford is now admitting there have been other women

Obama's GLBT speech is well received and getting praise.

Obama woos LGBT leaders

Yeaaaaaaaaaaa AL! Now go sock it to all them lying liars!!!!!

Menedez: "It's time to swear him in!" - POTUS:"I look forward to working with Senator-Elect Franken"

Let's Keep This Kicked Till Colbert Is Seated Or Hell Freezes Over,

Star Tribune: The court gave Coleman 10 days to ask for a rehearing, something it rarely grants.

Is wearing A Howard Dean hat cool?

Breaking: Michael Jackson to be the seated as MN Senator!!


The Obamameter: Scorecard Update

VA-Gov: Bob McDonnell Embraces Bush Nostalgia

BREAKING -- Minnesota Supreme Court sides with Al Franken

Heard on Hartmann...Harry doesn't want Franken seated

Wal-Mart Backs Employer Health Insurance Mandate

Hey, Jackson network - aka MSNBC - and others

Vince Lombardi Politics

Religious Groups' Radio Ads Back Health Overhaul

Obama Administration Unveils Consumer Protection Agency Legislation

Good News: Sen. Byrd Home From Hospital

PHOTOS Iraq (June 29)

How Obama and the Dems screwed up on health care.

FRAME: Howard Dean's Public Option comparison to Postal Service

Rory Reid gets serious early in 2010 race for governor

Public Opinion Snapshot: Why the Public Supports a Public Plan

'The Clintons could rein in some of the Democratic firepower aimed at Palin'


Today's health care target: Sen Snowe represents the health insurance industry, action needed

Nevermind, hope sucks. nt

Dr. Dean Edell: in favor or public option in health care plan

Video: WH Won't Rule Out Tax Increase On Middle-Class

US forces pull out of Iraq's cities

Obama hosts LGBT event

CA-Gov: Brown Beating Newsom; Foy May Get In


ALBA Countries Withdraw Ambassadors from Honduras

REUTERS: Interim Leader Says Honduras Saved from CHAVEZ


AP: Obama Says Honduran Ouster was 'not legal'

Hondurans in South Florida join protests (in support of military coup)

Obama/Uribe joint press remarks

Senator's son in Honduras

STATE DEPT. DAILY BRIEFING 6/29: Far more interesting than Hillary's remarks

Honduras Photos - excellent pics, including photojournalist harrassed, hell, surrounded by military

BIG WTF?? Venezuela Denied Entry to US for a UN Conference last week

Spain, EU Consider Recalling Envoys To Honduras - Foreign Min

EVA's Update: "Honduran Coup Continues: Zelaya Says He Will Return Thursday"


What I saw today in San Pedro Sula

Telesur is reporting that President Manuel Zelaya just arrived at the UN

ALBA Declaration on Honduras Coup D'Etat (english)


Cubans get official OK for multiple jobs

TODAY -Oppose Honduran Coup at Organization of American States

Schedule on the UN Website Calls for the Press Conf. w/ Zelaya & D'Escoto

Video Sheds Light on Cuba Sackings (Perez Roque, Lage, etc.)

Honduras - Obama's maiden coup (the UTubes)

Joaquin Bustelo Hits the Honduran Nail on the Head "NYT Confirms US Role in Coup"

Honduran AG: ousted leader faces 20 years prison

Thousands of hondurans back Micheletti and reiterate respect for the Constitution

Micheletti calls for new elections November 29

Hondurans marching AGAINST the return of Zelaya

Conversation piece: Interim Honduran president used to live in Tampa

UN backs ousted Honduran leader

Tens of thousands marching in Honduran capital, against Zelaya

Zelaya, defying coup, plans return to Honduras ("defying?")


Denounce the Human Rights Abuses in Honduras

La Prensa reporting professional agitators from Venezuela and Nicaragua

Dios mio, there's an ocean of people walking to the capitol!

Just Saw a New Name for Honduras' Coup Monger - "Pinochetti" - perfecto! n/t

ALERT from Honduras: violence taking place as resistance is organizing

Pres. Zelaya Announces He Will Return to Honduras on THURSDAY

Baseball Scores (June 29)

San Jose at the Draft "Why even go to Montreal if you're just going to mail it in?"

Dolphins receiver alleges identity theft on Twitter

Lincecum throws complete game 2 hitter!!..Giants stroll past Cards 10-0

Chris Evert says that the noise level in women's tennis, specifically the "grunting" is out of hand.

Rangers trade Gomez to Montreal for Higgins and prospects

I want to create a treat that never dies.

Pistons fire Curry after one season

Mets center fielder Beltran expected to return in 3-4 weeks

Did you know that the Rockies are leading the Giants in 10 of 11 offensive categories?

Overpaid and underproductive players for the Frisco Small Men

N.Y. Mets fall to an absolutely humiliating one game below .500

San Jose Sharks resign 39 year old Rob Blake for one year at 3.5 mill

Showdown at Chavez Ravine

Better third baseman David Wright or Pablo Sandoval

Slow going on Labor Dept nominations (compare to Bush timeline!)

IUE-CWA GM Retirees Are Picketing The GM Bankruptcy Hearing In New York

UFCW Extends Contract Deadlines At Three Big Colorado Grocery Chains

Today in Labor History June 30 Up to 40,000 NY construction workers demonstated in midtown Manhattan

AFTRA members mourn death of Michael Jackson

Can we get some help from labor on this?

Honduran teachers begin strike seeking return of Zelaya gov't

Ludlow Massacre Site Dedicated as National Landmark (about damn time)

Honduran labor unions launch major strike

N. Omaha to get plant, 200 jobs (in part, with federal stimulus money 4 green jobs)

Rally Wednesday to congratulate Franken

Officer accidentally shoots self

Man, woman both wounded while trying out their new gun

On the accepted notions of privacy of modern society.

Help MOVE "Marie Antoinette" Feinstein

Risk of mad cow disease from farmed fish?

Police: Seven shot on Detroit's west side

Something must be wrong with my TV. I keep hearing people say that we have ...


Aerobic Activity May Keep The Brain Young

Blood Samples Raise Questions of Privacy

Could a visit to a psychiatrist jeopardize my health insurance?

Israel land expropriation plan angers Palestinians

Spain court drops Gaza probe into Israeli air raid

Does Israel Mistreat Palestinian Child Prisoners? Groups claim ill-treatment and beatings

UN probe in Gaza: Especially painful testimonies

U.K. Deplores Israel Decision To Build 50 New West Bank Homes

Legal experts say int'l law will adjust to war against terrorism

What's Discussed Openly In Israel Is Toxic In Toronto

Why Is Israel Blatantly Breaking U.S. Rule On Settlements?

Boat w/Cynthia McKinney on it held by Israeli armed forces

Israel: Misuse of Drones Killed Civilians in Gaza (HRW Report)

Israeli Navy Commandeers Gaza Aid Boat

IDF seizes control of boat bound for Gaza

Morning surprise in the strawberry bed this am.

NYC Gay Pride Parade

Consumers hit again as some banks raise credit rates, fees

Credit card industry to remain lucrative: study

People being allowed to stay in foreclosed homes; banks don't want the debt on books?

The government is coming for your guns (to pay off citibank)!

Did Jacko die broke?

Seattle Pride 2009 (Dial up warning ~ Lots of pics)

At the Baltimore Pride

The White House Parties Like it's 1999...

Even in Iowa, married gays are still unequal in work benefits

Help Us Continue To Raise The Voice of LGBT Labor

Gay progress in Louisville - by Sam Dorr

More NYC Pride pics

WFLA should have seen the red flags over antigay program

FINAL Request: "LGBT Civil Rights and Activism Group" (Please add your support)

Scientists create first electronic quantum processor

LANL scientist makes radio waves travel faster than light

Protection sought again for giant spitting worm (no, not Coleman)

Scientist Tries to Connect Migration Dots of Ancient Southwest

Autism, Schizophrenia, and genetic imprinting.

Did leak from a laboratory cause swine flu pandemic?

Equipment required to run the two-slot physics experiment.

Come on. Are you going to tell me this wasn't a messenger?

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Miracle mineral supplement - anyone try this? How did it work for you?

"Massive Shifting, Decisions, and Michael Jackson" - Karen Bishop - June 30, 2009

Help for my cat? Or at least some insight?

So I'm watching banned from the Bible on the History Channel....

what is the percentage here of antideists that are Ayn Randian, and how many are simply atheists?

Vatican finds evidence of miracle in Kansas case

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FYI - Streaming All Networks 9/11 All Day

Several proofs of 9/11 video fakery

White House accepts convicted judge's resignation (Samuel Kent)

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Judy Jennings, Democratic candidate for SBOE 10 (Cynthia Dunbar's seat)

Damn Toll Roads.

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Former Regina Tory MP Dave Batters commits suicide