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Bushco's global attempts for immunity from torture and everything else

Jobs With Justice Works Counters What It Says Are Chamber Of Commerce Lies On Employee Free Choice

"We’re not like African-Americans. We think just like everybody else."...

Urban Dictionary

James Inhofe is a huge pile of sh*t

Tiller A "Terrorist" And What That Implies In A Post 9/11 World

WSJ: Unions Look to Labor Board to Reverse Bush Policy

U.S. Says U.N. Investigator Violated Mandate in Criticizing Way U.S. Prosecutes Detainee Killings

Comic relief: Tonight at 9pm on ABC, second episode of "The Goode Family"

Poll: CA split on same sex marriage/Ballot measure for 2010 appears gaining steam

T shirt of The Year

Thousands of Web sites stung by mass hacking attack

MSNBC's continued embrace of Pat Buchanan

L.A.'s medical pot dispensary moratorium led to a boom instead

I need help with Criminal Justice abbreviations for the phrase:

Schwarzenegger: Hummers will be fuel-efficient

A friend's response to an anti-gay marriage facebook group

Memphis City Council votes to end funding for rape crisis center

Confrontation at Krogers.....Dr. Tiller

Newt and the Pigman

Rachel on Roeder and Operation Rescue

Something Tells Me We Can't Trust Rushbo on Sotomayor

Something Tells Me We Can't Trust Rushbo on Sotomayor

New Taxes on Beer And Wine.

You have four kids...what would you do if something bad happened to need to have insurance.

The face of an accessory to an assassin

The face of an accessory to an assassin

Baucus soothes single-payer backers

Smoking in City Parks

Sacramento radio talk show hosts encourage violence against transgender children

Breaking News: New Hampshire Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

Poll: Would you choose the public option if it becomes available?

Just checking out Operation Rescue website.

Have you received your state income tax return

Dick (uncut) - The Daily Show

caption this photo!

Tonight, a vigil for Tiller in Houston; Saturday I'll be a client escort.

Dr. Tiller's Murderer acting alone?

Jack Abramoff fighting with government over $500K tax refund

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Fox: Animal rights terrorism on the rise (Fox seeks to change the narrative on abortion killing)

MN protest at United Health Group Headquarter's shareholder's meeting !!!

Banks Dig In for Fight Against Rules

If we found a Randall Terry type in Iraq in 2004, wouldn't he be in Gitmo?

If Obama appoints any more Ny GOP congressman none will be left.

After canopy collapse, Irving officials concerned (Permits for unsafe structure Pushed through?)

Got Unsolved Crimes? Blame Khalid Shaikh Muhammad

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - Hal Turner arrested after telling followers to kill 3 people

Mark F**king Sanford: Guns, not Education, at schools

POLL: Would you support "primary-ing" Mad Max Baucus?

Obama Outlines Health Care Proposal - Includes Public Option

WTF is it with Rushbo tugging on his shirt when he's screaming?

A Real Dumb Question & Idea - Could The American People Incorporate?........

Shining beacon of hypocrisy

Is Employee Free Choice dead?

Question about abortion, adoption and healthcare

Assault rifles: Don't let the facts get in the way

Self delete

Question about the Iranian election

Where is that clown defending Operation Rescue?

So a bomb threat was made against airplanes and the public wasn't told

Who Killed JFK?

Troy Newman, Director of Operation Rescue: A CALL TO ARMS

Who's most to blame for Dr. Tiller's death

UN warns global jobs crisis may last eight years

Topless coffee shop burns down; official says it was arson

Writing an article...need transcript/video/details of particular point Al Gore made to committee...

Couldn't the same Abortion arguments be made for assisted Suicide.

How will we know when the Repubs have gone completely insane?

WJ this morning - Obama's speech

What did he say? Blessed are the cheesemakers?

An EASY TO FOLLOW Flow Chart For Those Who Wish To Understand That GM's Failure Is "Good Business"

Is it me, or since the murder of Dr. Tiller the hate speech against Sonia Sotomayor has dropped

The Amazon vs. Big Oil: Chevron Faces Possible $27 Billion Dollar Damages Claim

I want to talk about decompensation and compensation (Newburgh "terror" plot)

What a great photo!

Judge No-Show for Own Impeachment

NC police: Husband arranged wife's rape online

This is a pretty interesting analysis of the speech, with some good comments as well

Will you support the healthcare reform legislation

Judge jails HIV positive woman to "protect" her fetus

Girls worse at math? No way, new analysis shows

********** TIME TO MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE DU ***********

Hey Republicans! It's pretty hard to beat the guy with the mic huh?

Morning repuke and Liz

Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly on Tiller....

A great speech? An historic speech ?

Balto Sun: Maryland's Donna Edwards: emerging leader, liberal maverick

"a unicorn pooping on the street"

Larisa Alexandrovna: Control of the Lie - Cheney, Torture & The Iraq War

FBI too busy targeting anti-war, social justice, and earth activists.

Terror suspect dad goes all anti-semite........

Jon Stewart just skewered Morning Joe

delete-due to shattered dreams (so sorry)

Can Holder bring the RICO hammer down on Operation Rescue please?

The right says the US is becoming Socialist.

Craving more taxpayer-funded bailouts of banksters?

Planning the 'Ike Dike' Defense

"Latina Woman:

trying to find total appearances of Liz Cheney on TV before a month ago...

A modest proposal: emulate NRA strategy for pursuing Single Payer

Headline of the day ...

Ah yes, Freepers suggesting exactly the same thing they accuse

No Bible Show and Tell in public schools.....

No radar range

In other news from Cairo:

Women legislators call for cuts to military budget

Mexican Truckers File $6 Billion Claim Against U.S. in Nafta Spat

Kucinich Secures Good Government Victory

Ann Coulter on Tiller's assassination - if you can stand it

OBAMA: "The people of the world can live together in peace."

FBI Warned Twice by Abortion Clinic before Doctor Killed: Given Lic. #, Video, Name

Jobs numbers out.

Masterpiece (UPDATE: Obama Makes Surprise Visit to Pyramids!!!)

American dream fades at Axle plant in Hamtramck - Charlie LeDuff - text and video

Former Raleigh mayor files libel suit, still not gay

Wall Street, Obama administration conspire to block financial regulation

Neo-Nazi Shock Jock Hal Turner Arrested for Incitement

Welcome to the world of whack- the odd world of Fox News

what's Obama's "facile and demonstrably false beliefs" about MSNBC that Rachel mentioned?

Court upholds Chicago handgun ban

The President just boarded AF1 in Cairo

Why don't tea partiers protest THIS?

New York Throwdown: Maloney to Challenge Gillibrand in Senate Primary

In O'Reilly's world 15 = 0

Is this kind of language good for the abortion rights side?

For those who missed it - GEM$NBC is replaying Obama's

Remembering the anniversity of that day/event...

Anonymous Senator Places Hold On Key Obama Legal Pick Koh

Anonymous Senator Places Hold On Key Obama Legal Pick Koh

In Crisis, Banks Dig In for Fight Against Rules

Secret papers left at news office (about nuke stuff)

Anti-Abortion Protesters Crash Vigil For Slain Doctor

Florida's family services, DCF, having software problems affecting tracking of kids.

A Word To Obama About Slavery:

Andrea Mitchell and Richard Haas

Think Hannity's soiling himself now that his BFF's arrested for inciting violence?

nice pic

Ha-Ha! Ape study traces evolution of laughter

Obama picks former Republican Jim Leach to head National Endowment for the Humanities

160 Syrian villages deserted 'due to climate change'

Rush Limbaugh Claims Obama Doing Better Job Of Demolishing America Than Al-Qaeda Would

next on m$nbc...liz cheney gives her reaction to President Obama's egypt speech

How scared is Dick Cheney?

Did you hear that weirdo (I think his name is Emerson) saying that Muslim charities being

How does this piece of shit convicted felon get a $500,000 "tax refund"??

Map of Oil Leases Off-shore

DU you support Women's Rights having the same level of respect and protection on DU as LGBT Rights?

Middle East views: Obama's speech - BBC

Too funny! = H.S. Student arrested for smoking joint during pro marijuana speech.

DU this poll for Single-Payer Healthcare in Baucus' HOME STATE of Montana!

KC Star changes policy that did not allow gay marriage announcements

Mom accused of duct-taping daughter's boyfriend

Yick! New York Post comments on Obama's Cairo speech.

Medical bills led to two-thirds of bankruptcies in 2007, study finds

Hal Turner Hannity's soul mate of hate

Dr. Tiller's funeral...

Meghan McCain Accuses Brian Williams of 'Bowing' to President Obama

Weatherization people coming to my house today thanks to Obama's ARRA

Goodbye Grasshopper

E.J. Dionne: Rush and Newt are winning

President Obama in Cairo: "Iraq was a war of choice."

Liberal media sure loves Newt and Rush

Morning Joe journos can't name a successful unionized company, even though one signs their paychecks

FEC dismisses complaint on MoveOn's "Betray Us" ad

What killed the car industry? You won't like the answer. (P.J. O'Rourke)

So, Congratulate me

Someone registered the domian before the accident

The bad news is... they have finally sold the "News".

Suspect in Tiller shooting can't be held without bail, his lawyer says

anyone know where I can get video of pat robertson praying for the death of the SC justices

Today is International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression

DU's top twenty on DU's folding@home team.

Sean Hannity's complete break with reality

Taliban kill 3 U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan

Similarities: What two impotent blowhards are against Obama speaking in the Middle East?

Do You Approve President Obama's Mission in the Middle East?

Do You Approve President Obama's Mission in the Middle East?

Norm Coleman Ready To Give Up Fight

Is there a video up of Obama's speech this morning?

Freepers upset about the FBI not keeping track of Lone Wolf religious zealots who kill

Lawmakers would block funds to OAS over Cuba

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Is She A Professional Pundit Now?

I got this email from my Alma Mater, and I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry

Rep. Lamar Smith: 'The greatest threat to America is a liberal media bias.'

Far Right, Neo-Nazis, Islamic Fundamentalists Forge Alliance

Wichita companies say no to PETA billboards

Amid hard times, an influx in real superheroes;

Gay penguins adopt chick

Have you heard? former Countrywide CEO Charged with Fraud...

Daytime MSNBC REALLY Sucks! Liz the criminals daughter again! WTF?

Fiber-optic public internet: court rules Monticello, MN can fund it with city bonds.

Dup, sorry.

Obama makes US look weak, critics on right say - AFP/Yahoo

I get all my healthcare from my doctor's Cairo practice ;-)

I get all my healthcare from my doctor's Cairo practice ;-)

Cheney Threatens to Further Isolate Republican Party

GOP Budget Cuts Take Aim At Educational Opportunities For Women...

Something Different: Five-Day Work Weeks Looming for Congress

A Day in the Life

The nicest couple on our cul-de-sac is gay.

How would you reply to same-sex marriage opponents who play the "polygamy" card?

Prosecute Operation Rescue

It's nice having a President that doesn't sound like a dumbass.

No Class

Hardball to discuss right NOW Obama's handling thus far of LGBT issues

Found this gem while goofing off at work ===>

Jesus' General: The Blessing of the Rifles

The Rude Pundit ...

Ney challenges Gonzales: ‘Let’s see what you think of waterboarding — after you’ve tried it!’

Whereas Dick and Liz Cheney are LIARS

Why Does the Media Keep Giving Liz Cheney A Platform?

Rumsfeld In A Heap of Trouble Over Gitmo, U.N. Expert Says

Where to put Guantanamo prisoners? They're welcome in Colorado

Rush and Newt Are Winning

Ex-Superintendent Sues Arpaio, Supes

Taxi to the Dark Side - Have you seen it?

Here we goo again, Liz the liar Cheney on CNN

Another Obama e-mail on Health Care. I just reply Single-Payer, Universal, Not-for-Profit

Where did the Plague story go?

Want Elvis' Pill Bottles?

Do you like your job?

Judge Tosses Telecom Spy Suits

South Carolina Supreme Court orders governor to apply for stimulus money

Rush and Newt Are Winning - By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Randi Rhodes said there was a 2.0 earthquake 87 miles east of LA, a a 1.5 in Palm Springs.

Patients Pay Tribute to a Murdered Doctor

Eight glasses of water a day? Bullshit!

Has Richard Clarke responded to Cheney contention that Clarke missed 9/11 warnings?

Reich wing's take on Air France disaster

At the end of the day what form of "national health care" do you think we will end up with?

Study: 62% Of Bankruptcies Linked To Health Problems- 78% had insurance.

Media Again Stoke Fears That Obama Is Too Close To the Muslim World

Orlando Magic Helps Mute Boy Find His Voice

'you are one twisted sister, buddy'

American Aristocracy

Split Screen: Obama, Osama and the Teflon Statue


Moron from another message board gives me this response about Unions...

Vietnam’s Red Bull is cocaine-free, producer says

Delete /Wrong Forum...sorry..

the media has adopted gender and racial stereotypes when covering Sotomayor

I really can't figure out Bill O'Reilly...

Obama's EPA wants your opinion on endosulfan: tell them to ban this toxic pesticide

Evan Bayh?

Evan Bayh?

Oh how sad. GOP congressman quits Twitter cause his account was hacked

Right-wing enablers of hate have blood on their hands

The Obama Prophecy

David Jacobson to be ambassador to Canada?

Remember the scandal about the Petraeus ad by MoveOn? Democrats condemned it on the floor

The graduating class in Juneau Alaska was 312 students

Polygamy and Same Sex marriage should not be equated;

Cafferty just referred to Limpball & Gingrich as the Abbott & Costello of

Devoted. Decorated. Discharged.

A big round of layoffs in my company ....

One Aspect of Criminal Trials that puzzles me re: Character

Here's what I don't get: If all the theories are true then

Randall Terry, leader of Operation Rescue, has something to say to his enemies

For a change I'm going to be really jingoistic

why can't I see my own thread?

I'm loving me some Big Ed tonight! Anyone else watching this man? He's in "the zone."

Anyone see Ed Schultz just punch his fist about Democratic senators regarding health care reform?

How Far Would You Go - Or Have You Gone - In the Name of Protest?

Don't you wish you could activate some kind of filter to block LIZ CHENEY from your tv?

I can see I'm going to have to start weeding out my right-wing Facebook "friends". Some new gems:

Could anybody educate me about the situation in California?

DC area DUers... Have the T-storms hit you yet?

Talk Radio Host is Facing Charges For Inciting Violence Against Officials

Scott Roeder 1st Court Appearance: Op Rescue adviser helped Tiller suspect track doctor (Video)

The Sentencing Hearing. Okay, if the Defendant has been found Guilty, should

And now for some reality.

CNN Poll on Obama's speech needs DU love

Guilty Plea in Talk Host Mike Webb Murder

Ed Schultz should stop calling Rush the "drugster"

"Honey, does this flower make my butt look big?" A large laugh shared from the Photo Forum

Craig T. Nelson sums up the stupidity/disconnect of the right with one comment

F.Y.I.: Splenda ( suclarose) plant moving to Singapore.

Clueless thugs who want to be the next president

Cairo: it's not sexuality that's offensive, it's pandering to reactionary cultures


Breaking: Angelo Mozilo former Countrywide Chairman and CEO charged with fraud

Outstanding website that blows apart right wing myths about Universal Healthcare

Coleman ready to throw in the towel?

Jill Stanek posts photos, addresses of the two remaining late-term-abortion providers

Jill Stanek posts photos, addresses of the two remaining late-term-abortion providers

Neal Horsley: Strategic Executive Assassination (SEA)

I don't intend to tolerate health care "reform" that makes things worse for sick people

Celebrate the 4th of July in church! With a GUN!!

Dog lover (literally) can't own animals for two years

Roeder not a lone actor, not a lone wolf, THANK YOU MADDOW

On Doctor Tiller’s Murder By Starhawk

Our corporate media and our "leaders" will ignore the Tiananmen Square anniversary, so go here:

Why don't aircraft black boxes just upload real time data to the net?

Transcript " A NEW BEGINNING" Cairo Speech

June is Gay Pride Month - Come on you PFLAGers! Let's give a shout out to our LGBT peeps!!!

Rachel Maddow tonight: Roeder violated FACE Act on Saturday . . . reported to FBI . .

Wall Street, Obama administration block financial regulation

Where will the right wing nutjob terrorists strike?

The U.S. Chamber's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad lobbying day

Report: David Carradine (Kung Fu actor) found dead

Supplier cries. Workers do givebacks. CEO gets megabonus. Free trade. 500 jobs go to Mexico. Video

John Irving, where are you? The Cider House Rules. Abortion? Adoption?

Another reason to boycott Starbucks - Sponsorship of Morning Joe

Caught on tape: Liz and Dick Cheney lie about Iraq & 9/11

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

Dear Hal Turner, I Just Turned Your Emails Over to the Police

Du'ers in New York State (Or those who have relatives here)

Actor David Carradine found dead in Bangkok

Our President invokes the Golden Rule

Sacramento radio talk show hosts encourage violence against transgender children

Rest in peace Koko Taylor

Thursday TOON Roundup Part 1: Some dare call it terrorism

According to local news, the 4 Tampa boys were raping that kid almost every day

PETA plans to protest use of live cats in Texas Tech medical training exercise

Man sentenced for having sex with his dogs told he can't own animals for two years

Plague, because Hantavirus just wasn't scary enough

Jury receives Case in N.J. State Trooper Vehicular Homicide Trial

Hamas Letter to Obama

17th century urine-filled 'witch bottle' found

neo con Repug Sen. Lindsay Graham is a punk

Eight-year-old boy dies of plague in USA...

If "they" screw up healthcare reform, do not buy the lie that it's over for the next umpteen years.

Dad charged in hunting death (Vt.) this is so sad

Obama DEFINES the ISSUES: Any acceptable plan must have BOTH a Public Option & OPEN ENROLLMENT !!!!

So when will Obama and Clinton come out against the Shiite death squads slaughtering Iraqi queers?

"Screw political correctness" - Sarah Palin in her own words (with Michael Reagan)

Never before seen photo of Tiananmen square "Tank Man" released

I'm never giving up demanding, and working towards indictment of BUSH/CHENEY era CRIMINALS...

A New Beginning: If Only

Do you support legal recognition for polygamous/polyamorous relationships?

Under what conditions would you deny a woman the right to terminate her pregnancy?

It's so easy to just turn off the TV.

What Bernanke said about cutting Social Security and Medicare

Could Black Boxes be equipped with flotation devices?

The power of the Progressive voting block + the Progressive exclusion from the "Big Tent".

Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammuntion! Valley Station church to hold gun service

I just watched President Obama's speech in Cairo, Egypt...

So... crude oil prices dropped $2.66 today, but gas went up .10 cents per gallon here

Flashback: Outrage Over The Right Wing Extremist Report Revisited

I'm getting really tired of this HATRED

Hamas Delivers Peace Letter to President Obama via CodePink

The people of the Earth CANNOT live together in peace...

Does anyone have an audio clip for this Rush Limbaugh quote?

Air France Crash Related To Bomb... Article And Pilot Call Bomb "Highly Likely!"

Dick Cheney shot one of his 'hunting buddies' in the face


I'm almost sure Republicans are going to attack us from the left, and here's how you can help them.

I'm almost sure Republicans are going to attack us from the left, and here's how you can help them.

New Rules! I'm talking to you, Liz Cheney.

The kids are NOT alright!

Tiller, faux news, hate speech and the SCOTUS: Just so you know.

It's Official: Urban Natural Gas Drilling in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area Is Polluting Our Air

Columnist Howard Troxler: Crist "sells Florida down the river" in "gutless fashion"

Top 20 on DU's folding@home team.

Flint's Michael Moore: Time for big changes for General Motors and ditch the name

Is now the time to shut down all corporations?

A New Beginning: If Only

My experience at an Abortion Clinic - this is not a sad story - it's how I "got" them

Just had a very heated debate with a pro life friend

My Abortion

Union buster showed up at our plant says it will save 20% x 200 workers

I Was Fooled by DU

Joe Scarborough Was the Atty for the First Abortion-Doctor Killer

Little known GM-Dupont connection:

US Fed Chairman demands plan to cut social programs

Disgusting. We will not be able to protest for health care. They won't let us.

Top Indian CEO: Most American Grads Are ‘Unemployable’

Paging DemoTex

Okay, Much Ado About Nothing is on now....

Will some one PLEASE call me

Why do people assume that a person who creates one work of art was "meant" to create

I'm not even fucking around. There was too much meat on that sandwich.

Lost in NJ

Haruka is on the phone with ShellBeau right now

Awwww four day old baby Panda

DU foodies-take the Iron Chef challenge

Maddy -> Mattie -> Matanuska ->

Latest installment of My Days with Dave is up.

I have no idea what show it is, but there is a NARWHAL poster on it. ABC.

Can you guess the song?

Is the secret to a great show having characters be accused of a crime they didn't commit?

TCM is releasing 150 rare old movies to DVD

Eight is ENOUGH!

I must leave now

Anyone else drinking whiskey and watching American Bandstand re-runs? n/t

Um. I wasn't going to post

Since we all need inspiration sometimes, I give you... 40 Inspriational Speeches in 2 minutes.

Enough is ENOUGH!

Say hello to my new kitty. Her name is Sadie

I've decide to raise money by auctioning the First Ladies. Bid here


Midlo -- can you set up a conference call from your phone?



DU this poll

See, I'm SO not part of the clique!!! Proof positive inside!!

grooving on some Simon & Garfunkel

Would some one please give me a quick phone call regarding the meet-up?

The greatest Maury Show clip ever.

Achmed the Dead Terrorist

Tippy Kitty learns a life lesson.

"High Anxiety" - references

Best. Headline. Ever.





Planned Obsolescence - Aargh!

Another fun day dealing with the VA hospital system,

My dentist's name is Crown

Is it safe?

Who's getting buzzed this wed night ?

I am going to Atlanta for the weekend, but I won't get to do fun Atlanta stuff.

Is there an equivalent to a notch filter in the digital domain

The best anti-war anthem ever written. Finally on YouTube.

CNN - Cheney memoir deal signed for $2.5M, author will be Lynne, will contain more frontier lesbians

I need advice on a domain name but I don't want someone to steal my idea.

NO bus driver stabbed in stroller dispute

All those I have wronged , forgive me

Good morning Amy !

Conan O'Brian unveils "In the Year 3000"!

Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, Banana Phone!

The Call To Prayer

A confession regarding the *burp* threads...

pop your day day. n/t

Got a driver! Guess Who???!!??

hello ?

Phils sweep Padres for 6th straight win, head to Dodgers for 4 games.

Conan O'brian's Rodeo Rd. shopping spree..

Sometimes, after winter wheat is harvested, they burn the straw

Anybody out there?

Improv Everywhere decides to change from 'quirky' and 'funny' to 'just plain nice'.

I can't sleep

Any One here form New Hampshire???

Psssst! lizziegrace is even more twisted on the phone.

Psssst! lizziegrace is even more twisted on the phone.

My proctologist's name is Jelly Finger.

Happy 26th, Son of Ptah

You're all assholes.

I want to start a thread that will be locked before anybody can post in it.

This Article makes me want to go and get a fishing license, and catch and fry up a nice Walleye...

Conference call = success!

Conference call = success!

Wanna Trade Twitters?

I thought the Where's Waldo thread the other day was fun. Soooo.

I'm foisting cute pictures of my kid upon you.

Anybody here use an "Air Card" or other wireless internet?

I am harmless.

My 8:40 Lounge post

Anybody else have to keep clearing their throat these days?

Du'ers in New York State (Or those who have relatives here)

Fucking thieves

This is complete and utter Bullshit

Billy Joel Had it Right - Only the Good Die Young.

Panda Cam!

Carradine story for y'all.


Fum Ducker vs Dumb Fucker

FBI Agent Wrecks Seized Ferrari F50

okay posse....

A thread for all those who have not been invited to be in any cliques:

and yet the 2 assholes remain unscathed...

Why Obama is REALLY in Egypt (email from my wife)

OMG!! only 20 hours until I can buy tickets!!! *pinch me* am I dreaming???

Can somebody explain to me how I can find out if a DUer's TS is a suspension or permanent?

Did anyone like Mel Gibson's "Hamlet"?

I confess to a little lapse in maturity

Bad timing; hence, "self delete"

Why, when I was a kid, we corrupted our own files...

Clean up on aisle 6!

Ha Ha! have another donut officer...

A tune for the Lounge:

Live one in GD

Well, I gotta stop doing this: Spent another $30 at iTunes Plus today...

Fox Mounting Girls Just Want to Have Fun

My new, favorite computer game

Student does pro-marijuana speech and then lights up a joint at the end of it

I miss the days when a Tombstone was just a crappy cardboard

Update on my friend.........

I'm Gonna Pop Ya Cooch!

David Carradine tribute from "Office Space"

I'm sorry I have been avoiding the lounge recently. I recently had an accident

Does this sound hinky to anybody else?

Do you think we could TS people more democratically around here

Ok, I tried Facebook for a month. When I get home I'm closing my account

I was up all night giving myself Kate Gosselin hair

I was up all night pulling Kate Gosselin hair

Yay! Lifetime is rerunning "Less Than Perfect" with Sara Rue!

I was up all night giving Kate Gosselin my hair

I was up all night holding Kate Gosselin's hair

Kate Gosselin's know you envy it

Funny practical joke

I've been away for the last couple of days. What's been going on around here?

Okay, I just can't name my newest rescue kitty.... so you're all going to!! (cute cat pic inside)

RIP, Kwai Chang Caine

I think I actually had a dream premonition last night

Proper way to play (Klondike) solitaire?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Thu 6/4/2009)

My cat has the hiccups

OK Lounge - time to redeem ourselves - check out this thread

I'm a wishy washy idiot.

Costco chicken jerky (for dogs) is made in China!

Has anyone bought or used a Findle?

The Lounge is eerily quiet.

Gluten Free beer question?

I was up all night waxing Kate Gosselyn's hair

Oh, boy. Tornado watch. Thunder. Weather coming our way!

help with this stupid $#@@%!! media player?

Good morning Lounge

I am just a few posts shy of hitting 10,000 total

In other news from Cairo: (cross posted from GD)

Do Aqua-globes work?

I was going to start a mast***ating club

So I bought the "Live Aid" DVD set a few weeks ago...

I need a really important question answered if you please...

All right, cheer me up please

I Just Ate my Face

I Just Ate my Face

Pink Floyd made great music

Since I am the president of all of the cliques, I am taking offense

Worst websites by industry.

I have determined the source of the drama

Well it's like a holiday weekend in here today

I'm going to start a Procrastination Club

So my high school graduation is tonight

everyone's heard of a dog drinking out of the toilet, but....

So I was out buying birdseed the other day, and I picked up a package that said

So, I've been convinced to try Twitter

I've decided to cancel Summer

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/4/09

Where's GirlinContempt? Is she okay?

When ordering something over the phone with a credit card....

How to Overcome Internet Forum Addiction

AMC has incredibly bad timing...

What do you think happened here?

Whenever my childhood idols pass away, I feel that I lose a part of myself

Best bee sting remedy?

Even if this was some kind of accident, David Carradine is still an hero.

Do you spell out certain words or say them in Pig Latin in the presence of your pets?


What percent of your latest posts are in the lounge?

I have to say, Obama's speech today is perhaps the most important of this century, maybe 50 years

I left a deliciously wonderful Easter Egg for the geeks in another thread. Try to find it.

Don’t worry, I’ve got him


John McCain planning on running for president in 2012. Guess who his running mate will be?

I've decided to cancel the Internet.

The Meet-up is ON! It's at this (formerly) undisclosed location

Let's make a list of things that aren't against the rules at DU

someone broke into my home last night, while I was asleep

Koko Taylor RIP (Oh, no....)

Nevermind. Self Deleted. I just wanted to know what happened and I found out. NT

The annoying thing about being in a carpool is when the other guy isn't ready to leave when you are

Does this scare you?

What the hell went on in here while I was gone???

Someone here recommended that I go to a sedation dentist.

I spent the past two days at the hospital... fun fun

I noticed something odd in the clip about President Obama's trip to five guys.

Gawd I Hate Flossing My Teeth

Three outs away from Randy Johnson's 300th Win

What did he say? Blessed are the cheesemakers?

Omg! It's Barefoot Week!


I wish Adult Swim would bring Moral Orel back.

It's Thursday again: what's for supper?

David Carradine, RIP.

kitteah picture of the day for wednesday june 3

Has anybody bought or used a Kindle?

I am off to the bar behave, Lounge

I am off to the bar behave, Lounge

DUer's that changed your names in the 2009 amnesty, check in!

What would be a nice birthday gift for my nine year old niece?

Southern California is having the most bizarre weather

I've decided to cancel the rest of the major league baseball season.

RIP David Carradine.

A young man was very much in love with two women.

I realize that we all can't get along but can we also stop the petty 3rd grade stuff

Why the Lounge is a Good place to be

My baby robins have all fledged apparently.

Do animals get a "forewarning" prior to natural disasters?

I've decided to cancel the DU Meetup.

Isn't cocaine laced Red Bull a bit, you know, redundant?

Consider your Adam's Apple

Does anyone have a "silly" name? I' m Dick Steele, and I went to HS with "Bonny Bush"...

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Midway

Let's play a game today. Using only numbers and punctuation...

Picture thread time

Make up some bullshit about a celebrity.

Take a deep breath. GW went hiking today. Pic heavy.

19th Century ghosts are just intolerable. I mean, really.

Star Trek's Chris Pine dumps Audrina Partidge..."dating her would tarnish his big movie star image"

Which DU group do you associate yourself with

I have a stalker.

What's so bad about the film Wild Wild West?

ZOMG!!!11! Obama said ... "Shukran". Oopsie...Chimpy did too.

The First Lady: "Today is Just the Beginning"

President Obama taxing health care benefits is like George Bush appointing Larry Flynt to SCOTUS

Is Governor Sanford sucking up to the NRA for 2012??

Via Wonkette: Racist Republican Angry Someone Forwarded Her Racist Email About Obama

NY-Sen-B: Reports Say Maloney to Challenge Gillibrand

White House: Employee Free Choice a Priority

Here's something President Obama could use to shift on SSM

AP Poll: 70% have confidence in Obama on Terroism

Obama Killing Republicans Softly With His Song, Killing Them Softly....

Late night television.

The President Spells Out His Vision on Health Care Reform

O.M.G. Obama on NBC Shocker

Blue Dogs to kill public option

Why do some idiots act like some company giving Obama 900,000$ is a lot of money?

World Prepares For Obama Speech

Speech from Egypt tomorrow, The speech will be at 6:10 a.m. ET.

So who's waking up at the crack of dawn (6:00 am ET) for the President's Cairo speech?

The White House's Live-Blogging Of Obama's Cairo Speech...

How dare Obama apologize for America on a foreign land!

PHOTO: Two First Ladies

Keith Olbermann just called Rush Limbaugh "Mr. Bouncy Bouncy"

Indiana Governor Mitch: President Obama won because he is black...

What Republican talking points will you hear about Obama's "Muslim speech"?

Link to Obama's speech in Cairo

Okay..Flame away..but I am starting to feel a little sorry for the far righters

Why the fuck is Liz Cheney on my TV?

'Obama speech in Cairo a good start,' Palestinian Authority says

Israeli newspaper article on the Obama speech. It's pretty good!

Drudge goes off deep end, "Obama sports thin mustache in Egypt"

God and Peace and God and Peace and God and Peace and God and Peace...

MSNBC will replay the speech at 9:00 (in half an hour)

Is Liz Cheney running for president?

Here's a logical syllogism for you. Both right wingers (such as Rush Limbauh) and al Queda

Our prez is 'standing up to the bullies' by giving his speech

Holy shit.

PHOTOS Good luck to the referee.

PHOTOS Look out Walmart.

Despite Criticism, Majority Supports Obama’s Approach To Middle East

PHOTOS The President arrives in Egypt (June 4)

Here is a simple follow-up to this morning's speech. . .

Oh goody, now we get to hear what Liz Cheney thinks...

How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live

Is Sotomayer speaking the truth? Will a Latina make better decisions than a white male?

"Settler leaders: 'Hussein Obama' bought into Arab lies'."

Sotomayor's Talk Made No Waves in '01

I just don't get it. I mean, it's obvious to me....

Obama's Speech sends Freepers into a tailspin

Remarks of President Barack Obama, A New Beginning, Cairo, Egypt (FULL TEXT)

If You Read Only One Article On How Obama Operates, It Should Really Be This One....

Slowly and thoughtfully, the USS Barack Obama, America's finest and strongest ship

Two of my favorite people tour the pyramids!!!!

In Cairo, Praise for Obama's Remarks

Oh shit Obama quoted from the Quran

Full text of President Obama's speech in Cairo

MSNBC will Replay Obama's Speech at 12PM ET

Letter To President Obama from the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies

Liz Cheney (in Morning Joe) "troubled" by Obama's Cairo Speech

Posted already... (Andrea Mitchell Shoving Liz Cheney down our throats)

President Obama now open to health care mandate (with a waiver for poor people)

Khaleej Times ( a Dubai Newpaper) says this:

WHY??? Andrea Mitchell is going to have Liz Cheney on for her reaction to Obama's speech

Let me understand this, when Bush pushed his Wars off line as far as the budget

The media, pundits, polls, commentators are all 100% wrong about the New Haven case.

VERY important "Open Letter" to Robert Gibbs /sarcasm

“Lupa banyak. Bicara sikit (I have forgotten a lot of the language. I can still speak a little)”

Rick Sanchez on CNN waxing poetic about Obama's speech...

President's Economic Council release 56 page report on "Economic Case for Economic Reform"

Cairo Speech: Fair, Balanced And Not Backing Down

World Nut Daily Steps Up Birther Attacks on Open Govt Website

I really hope we don't see anyone making fun of Mr. Klein - (guest on msnbc w/Schuster just now)

MSNBC calling the reviews "mixed" because some Hamas and those in Israeli settlements didn't like

Haaretz's Gideon Levy: Future of Mideast is a Domestic American Issue

Good Speech

Huffpo: Norm Coleman Ready to Give Up Fight, Allies Say

Olympia Snowe will Vote for Sotomayor... Praises Obama Speech

if not for President Obama's words, he wouldn't be in White House

Who's heard of Morton Klein with Shuster?

The Republican Jewish Coalition didn't like Obama's speech

Head of pro-life group gets job at HHS

Senator Menendez Calls Out Sleazy McConnell Tactics on Sotomayor!

NYT: Rival Messages as Obama Lands in the Mideast

E. J. Dionne: Rush and Newt Are Winning

Have the freeps started screaming about "bowing in front of a king," yet?

Repug Alternative Budget Takes Aim at Educational Opportunities for Women, Bike Paths, Technology

Apparently the Muslim extremists and those for status quo don't know what hit them.

Vanity Fair-Interesting Article On Robert Gibbs and Obama Press Operation

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch ... Sotomayor's Judiciary Questionnaire

Ed Rollins "Because he grew up in a Muslim Family"

Cornyn Distances Himself from Lindsey Graham's Comments Opposing Sotomayor

For the Evening Crowd: CSPAN to Re-air President's Cairo Speech at 9pm Eastern.

If we want healthcare reform, we need to convince the Chinese that it

If we want healthcare reform, we need to convince the Chinese that it

I love our president.

Extremists : We Face A Wise Enemy

NBC's "Inside the White House" pt 2...

PHOTOS Mmmm, chocolate.

Liz Cheney: Obama Unwise in Asking for Equality for Women in the Muslim World

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D- RI): On Ed Show for Public Option.

Dem Rep: Obama Vowed No More Tacit Support Of Israeli Military Actions

Rove's Revelation: The Economy Is Important

Trying to Trap Obama on Settlements Isn’t Going to Work, Bibi

CNN: Candy Crowley on Lou "racist Dobbs show..

Ed (Shultz) to Rush Limpprick: "You are one twisted sister buddy!!"

Leahy Calls for "Prompt" Sotomayor Hearing

PHOTOS The Tourist (Pyramids!)

Obama Admin: Katrina Victims Will Not Have to Vacate Trailers

ANALYSIS / Obama put Arabs and Israel on an equal footing

So I'm going to go to an OFA meeting on Saturday

PHOTOS Tuning In

Its so dangerous for so much hope to be on the shoulders of one Man or Woman

The President drew 35 applause breaks

They just want to hear that we do not hate them

WHAT? Obama's growing a mustache? No. NO! EVERYBODY PANIC! THIS IS IMPORTANT!

PHOTOS Links to today's photo threads (June 4)

Official Cairo Speech Thread #1

CQ: In Cairo, Obama Knocks it Out of the Park - "There's nothing like an Obama speech high. "

Tameron Hall taking on a Republican talking head over Rush L

"Medical bills underlie 60 percent of U.S. bankruptcies: study"....

Michelle Obama Replaces Chief Of Staff

Five disastrous Middle East policies that the president must show he's rejected -- from

Will Obama miss an opportunity ?

Candy Crowley looks a LOT better.

Arabs say ‘aye’ to Obama speech

Clock radio goes on, and I'm dreaming an American president says we overthrew Iranian government

Pat Buchanan ----on MSNBC

Kerry and Feingold statements on Obama's speech

Lizard cheney on MSNBC criticizing Obama's speech

Rate President Obama's speech in Cairo on CNN

Obama's "interference" in Israeli politics: "AIPAC is a very powerful force against President Obama"

President Obama: Saying 100% the right things in a perfect speech that must be backed with action

So my Republican friend told me...

PHOTOS Barack and Hillary in Cairo (June 4)

Wow. I still can't F'ing believe Barack Obama is our president!

"That Looks Like Me! Look at Those Ears!"

Sarah Palin:Obama wants to "control the pepole" with bailout money

Something to point out about DADT....

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." Matthew 5:9

I really hope that Haley Barbour slinks out of the deep south to

Hamas Delivers Peace Letter to President Obama: Read full text of letter here

PHOTO Caption it (Reggie, Rahm and Camels - seriously)

AP report: Source claims Obama intel pick tied to CIA torture program

Time for Choir check in - Thank you Mr. President for your courageous speech.

TIME: Health Lessons from Europe

Did Obama just mention the overthrow of Iran's Mossadeq in 1953?

Obama's Astonishing Message on Palestine

Brokaw Sits Down with POTUS on Today Show Friday Morning

PHOTOS Dresden's all set.

PHOTO Ich bin ein Dresdner

K&R if you support President Obama's opposition to the West Bank settlements

I waited 1 2 3 4 5 6 - finally Obama mentioned women

Facing down the private insurance industry

Single Payer Health Care... Here IS The REAL PROBLEM Mr. President!

No shoes thrown at Obama

PHOTOS Time/Official Photos (June 4)

Federal Gov't Accidently Posts 'Sensitive' List of U.S. Nuclear Sites

Federal Gov't Accidently Posts 'Sensitive' List of U.S. Nuclear Sites

Iran Says Signs Gas Deal With China, Replaces Total

Cheney's secret briefings defended interrogations

Judge Revisits Warrantless Eavesdropping

Obama Open to Plan Requiring Everyone to Get Insurance

Dave Mahoney Pleads Guilty to Assault; State Drops Other Nine Felonies in Bargain

AP source: US broke bombing rules in Afghanistan

UK votes in European and council polls

Obama seeks another $200 million for Pakistan

3 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan bomb attack

bin laden tries to spoil Obama's speech to Arab world

Dems Use War Funding Bill for More GI Benefits

U.N. envoy calls for probe into U.S. drone attacks

Life, health insurers invest big in tobacco

North Bergen shock blogger (White Supremacist)Hal Turner arrested, awaits extradition to Connecticut

Pawlenty Says He'll Certify MN Senate Race After State Court Process Completes

NY Senate debate over gay marriage gets nasty

Air France jet likely broke apart above ocean

Rush Limbaugh Claims Obama Doing Better Job Of Demolishing America Than Al-Qaeda Would

Obama Calls for Alliances With Muslims

Handgun Found On Departing Flight In Philadelphia

Initial Unemployment Claims in U.S. Decrease, Signal Worst of Slump Ending

Kung Fu star Carradine found dead - Hanged

Cuba: 'Major Victory' On OAS Vote, Declines To Rejoin

NY judge: Old Chrysler has little need for dealers

Actor found dead (by hanging in Bangkok)

Media banned from Tiananmen Square

S.E.C. Accuses Countrywide’s Ex-Chief of Fraud

Canada court orders terror suspect repatriated

Rifle group appeals handgun ban to high court

Venezuela approves funds to lay undersea cable to Cuba

Where to put Guantanamo prisoners? They're welcome in Colorado

MSNBC host, Detroit official trade shots on Tiger Stadium's fate - (It's KO)

Pelosi Sees Limited Shield for Visclosky

Sheriff Indicted For Selling Marijuana On Duty Won't Lose Job Unless Convicted

German zoo: Gay penguin pair raising chick

Flint's Michael Moore: Time for big changes for General Motors and ditch the name

House Panel Rejects Funding To Transfer Guantanamo Inmates

Chilean singer Jara is exhumed

Researchers say Obama has German roots

U.S. states to lead in creating high-speed rail: Biden

Tennessee has highest depression rate, report says

US objects to UN report on military killings

Justice Department Admits New Prosecution Mistakes, Seeks Release Of 2 Alaska Officials

6 Texans sue (KBR) over (Iraq) war-zone burn pits

(AG) Holder overturns Bush immigration order

Military: (Guantanamo) Detainee who died not on hunger strike

Police Swarm Tiananmen Square to Bar Protests

Obama appoints czar for Great Lakes clean up

Bank of America forces out risk chief after bailout

Radio Host Hal Turner Charged With Inciting Injury To Two Connecticut Lawmakers

British Cabinet member resigns - end looks nigh for Gordon Brown.

Palin: Government wants to 'control the people'

Rift grows between (Democratic Senator) Begich and Palin

Geithner faces sluggish market, rents out NY home

Iran not interested in Bolivian uranium: Tehran envoy

US Sen Baucus: Senate Health Bill Will Have Public Plan

UPDATE: Walgreen To Stop Filling Delaware Medicaid Prescriptions

Study: Most Personal Bankruptcies Caused By Medical Bills, Illness

SEC Charging Ex-Countrywide CEO Mozilo With Fraud

Source: Obama nominee tied to CIA interrogation

Swine Flu Outbreak Has `Overwhelmed' U.S. Health-Care System, Report Says

Obama calls for new beginning (Cairo Speech)

Ruling allowing Taser use to get DNA may be nation’s first

David Carradine found dead in Thailand hotel

Cindy Sheehan plans march on President Bush's new Dallas home


Bankruptcy filings rise to 6,000 a day as job losses take toll

US pork industry baffled by bans in China, Russia

Homeland Security chief touts new anti-drug plan

GOP Senators: Bipartisan Health Deal Tougher Now

Norm Coleman Ready To Give Up Fight, Allies Say

Tucson man faces prison for leaving water jugs along border


Ex-GOP Congressman Challenges Alberto Gonzales: 'Let's See What You Think of Waterboarding After You

Chicago Law Banning Handguns in City Upheld by Court

Honda introduces bill that would make sweeping changes in legal immigration

Wal-Mart says it will create 22,000 jobs in 2009

Penske group likely to buy GM's Saturn

Topless coffee shop burns down; official says it was arson

I want to create a thread that never dries.

Tiller's killer: homegrown conservative terrorist

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins of Green For All at CAF Conference - Great Speech! - Part 1

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins of Green For All at CAF Conference - Great Speech! - Part 2

Cui Jian, father of Chinese rock, doing the song that became the anthem of Tiananmen Square protests

Vigil Outside the White House in Honor of Dr George Tiller 6/01/2009

Charlie Pierce (Alterman commentator, WWDTM panelist) discusses Mitt Romney w/ Rachel Maddow

Whitehouse Tweet: Muslims Proudly Serving In US Government

Liberal's iPhone

Dick Cheney Passes Keys To The Dungeon To Daughter Liz

Congresswoman Kaptur Grills Federal Reserve Chair Bernanke

Legalize Marijuana - Youtuber Hosserlegalize420

TPMtv Highlight Reel: Obama Delivers Major Address from Cairo, Egypt

Republican Manifesto

Rachel Maddow: Miranda - Hispanics 'not like African-Americans, we think just like everybody else'

TYT: Jesse Jackson Interviewed By Cenk @ America's Future Now

Welcoming ceremony to Barack Obama in egypt 2009

Love is Boundless

President Obama Speech, Cairo University, Opening Comments

"Don't Tell Me Who To Love"

There's a Conspiracy of Silence Against Single Payer!

'Lone Gunman' in Tiananmen Square? (1:35)

Brian Williams Asks Obama About Gay Marriage

TYT: Jesse Jackson Interviewed By Cenk @ America's Future Now

Graham: Approving Torture Techniches That Are ‘Clearly Illegal’ Are ‘Not Criminal Mistakes’

President Barack Obama's Speech to the Muslim World: A New Beginning (FULL SPEECH)

Right wing terrorists whining about taxes and socialism

Obama's Full Egypt Speech

CNN: CNN Newsroom - "I Was Utterly Devastated"

Max Blumenthal In Jerusalem on Eve of Obama's Cairo Address

TYT: O'Reilly's Poor Point To Connect Military Killer To Liberals

TYT: Interview w/ Bart Ehrman on the origins of the new testament


Salon - Glenn Greenwald: Obama's "interference" in Israeli politics

Limbaugh’s Latest Sonia Smear: 'Latina Judge Spoke Latin on the Bench'’

Obama's Cairo mission: Don't be Bush

Washington Post: Should Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin run for reelection in 2010?

Guantanamo torturers "must face justice" (Swiss Foreign Minister Micheline Calmy-Rey)

Claudia Rosett: "What I Saw at Tiananmen"

Goodman: 'Lone gunman' wasn't so alone (must read on the Tiller murder)

How Jack Bauer Can Help Bring Single-Payer Health Care to the United States

Baker’s Ghost in Cairo

Inside the Obama White House with Brian Williams part II

Next Up for Gay Marriage, Pennsylvania?

Obama Applauded 30 Times During Speech — Bush Got the Shoe

ANALYSIS / Obama Put Arabs And Israel On An Equal Footing

Obama in Egypt, Pulls a 'Reverse Moses'

San Diego undercover operation nets medical marijuana patients

"The Greatest Threat to our Democracy Today." Media fairness caucus Lamar Smith

Operation Rescue left me bloody (Durham Indy)

Christian Kingmakers Hold the Key to Lebanese Elections

A quiet revolution in Lebanon’s political scene

Tiananmen Square Scars Soldier Turned Artist - How long will this guy last?

How I Witnessed Sarah Palin's Fuming Anti-Abortion Fanatics

Shimon Peres: Time is ripe to end the Arab-Israeli conflict

As New Afghanistan Commander Sails Toward Confirmation, Key Torture Questions

Bill Gates urges fellow rich to share their wealth

The Human Capital Bubble,( Charles Whelen Ph.D...Tells his Students where to Go)!

Ezra Klein: Geithner's Plan (PPIP) Is Dead

The Next Terrorist Attack On US Soil Will Be Dick Cheney’s Fault (Oxdown Gazette)

Is Susan Boyle an Abuse Victim??

Barbara Ehrenreich: Welcome to a Dying Industry, J-School Grads

Homegrown terrorists in the U.S. and U.K.: A study of the radicalization process

US says speeding up visas for researchers

Getting' it straight: Baucus and friends have got to go.

Extent of Nazi Camps Far Greater Than Realized

Obama's pragmatism will backfire

How to Share the World's Resources: A Proposal

Another home run for Gene Lyons

Washington Post Op-Ed: Need for Employee Free Choice Grows as Workers’ Rights Decline

The Coming Struggle, Why Your Guns Won’t Save You

George Will decries the "media-political complex" and promotes a network TVshow to prove his "point"

Analysis: If N.J. sees H-1B use driving down wages, will Congress?

My Antiwar Video

I haven't seen anything yet on Granma concerning the fantastic news on Cuba's

Iran not interested in Bolivian uranium: Tehran envoy

UN report on human rights violations in Bolivia:

Well worth reading: The Dark Side of Plan Colombia

Juventud Rebelde: "Does Google Censor Cuba?"

Test Case for Colombian Supreme Court to End Widespread Criminalization of Activism

Chilean singer Jara is exhumed

"The OAS, an unburied political cadaver and Hillary's Retrograde Thinking" by Alberto Jones

Colombia biofuel production linked to human rights violations

Venezuela approves funds to lay undersea cable to Cuba

Anyone picked up on the political hypocrisy of the Sonia Sotomayor vs Miamicuban exile sentiment?

Still Digging Up Exxon Valdez Oil, 20 Years Later (TIME)

DrumBeat: June 4, 2009

Peak Oil Notes - June 4

World Bank - Former Soviet-Bloc Nations Facing Grim Climate Consequences From Stans To Poland - AFP

Alberta Loses Between 30% and 40% Of Overwintering Beehives - Up 10% From 2008 - Edmonton Journal

Fed Panel To Hear Expansion Plans For Comanche Peak - Est. Cost - $15 - $27 Billion For 2 Units

Connecticut Issues Warning On Bluefish, Striped Bass Thanks To PCB Levels - Hartford Courant

Waiting List For Garden Space In One London Borough Hits 40 Years - Guardian

Drywall Controversy Forces Out Nancy Nord At CPSC - Finally! (Op-Ed ) Palm Beach Post

"Praise Be To GOD For 3-D Seismic X-Ray Vision Of The Greasy Flanks Of Ghawar The Great"

Beavers Reintroduced In Scotland - First Presence In Region Since 1526 - Mongabay

Giant bird breeds in Britain for first time in 177 years

Wood Ash as a Source of Phosphorus and Potassium

Phosphorous Famine - The Threat To Our Food Supply - Scientific American

Six Large-Mammal Migrations Now Gone - Blocked Routes, Species Extinctions - Mongabay

Millions Of Hectares Of 3rd-World Farmland Already Owned By Wealthy Nations - More Sales To Come

Biodiesel from microalgae: energy recovery and waste issues

Everything is Bigger in Texas--Largest U.S. Solar Power Facility Approved For Austin

US-Costa Rica CONCACAF qualifier, tonight.

Mine That Bird galloping at Belmont this morning.

That randy guy with the Big Unit just got his 300th win!

Randy Johnson gets his 300th Victory.

The Magic should just concede right now. Don't bother showing up.

MSNBC host, Detroit official trade shots on Tiger Stadium's fate - (It's KO)

Pirates trade starting CF for minor leaguers

Cleveland's Ten Cent Beer Night (and riot) -- 35 years ago today

Sosa will retire, ‘calmly wait for my induction’

Quad City workers target Wells Fargo to save jobs

Union leaders meet to draft blueprint for future structure of House of Labor

SPEECH Labor unity and overcoming racism

Jewish Daily Forward: Long Strike at Chicago Hotel Pits Jew Against Jew

Washington Post: A War Against Organizing

Today in labor history June 4

1,000 Business Leaders Speak Out in Support of Employee Free Choice

Sen Mad Max Baucus Tells Single-Payer Advocates No

Judge jails HIV positive woman to "protect" her fetus (so they will have health care)

Great website with FACTS about single payer health care

Slump Pushing Cost of Drugs Out of Reach

Video By "The Onion" On Gay Marriage......

David Boies on Charlie Rose tonight, , 11:40 CT. I don't know

There's an interesting video about marriage equality in the "Political Video" firum

Du'ers in New York State (Or those who have relatives here)

Just in time for the Land of the Lost movie, Wesley Eure comes out!

Transgendered/Gender-variant person shot in Memphis

Fla. Bar support in gay adoption case upheld (Liberty Counsel says it violates their rights!)

Valley Station (Louisville, KY) church to hold gun service

Reflection about the recent "up tick" in Brady/VPC/MMM activity..

Guilty Pleasure

Has anyone here had experience with building their own guns?

Rifle group appeals handgun ban to high court

California Lesbian Couple Faced Discrimination at Fresno Hospital

Gay penguins proud parents

Assault rifles: Don't let the facts get in the way

How otherwise admirable nuance and sensitivity to charged language runs the risk of obscuring truth

Army declares Nablus area a closed military zone

The "Nakba Narrative"

Update: Four dead in renewed Hamas-PA clashes in Qalqiliya

Popular Rabbi’s Comments on Treatment of Arabs Show a Different Side of Chabad

Extent of Nazi Camps Far Greater Than Realized

In speech to Muslims, Obama rejects Israeli settlements

Where is the West Bank?

Edugation 101

Dr. Housing Bubble 06/03/09

Oil Rises to 7-Month High, Gasoline Surges, on Goldman Forecast

U.S. Mortgage Rates Jump to Highest Since December

A friend w/a small shop has asked for some of my pix on consignment and I have questions! Help!

OK, Mira, here's my travel plans for Page, AZ and beyond

reflections ...

A beautiful view from Flattop

Banks Try to Stiff-Arm New Rule

Even Tim Geithner can't sell his house

Back from Alaska!

Some suggestions on Digital Workflow - how to organize and processs the vast quantity of digital

Is this cool - or my imagination?

Rainy Day

Guess What.

Inches, etc.

Bond Market Blowout

Kucinich introduces monetary bill

Distant world circles tiny star (BBC)

Dragonfly crop circle...

Culture, not biology, underpins math gender gap

Bridging the gap to quantum world (BBC) {'macro' entanglement}

"Coming Home...Re-Connecting to the Earth" - Karen Bishop - June 3, 2009

7 Possible Meanings of the Jellyfish Crop Circle

Is Susan Boyle an Abuse Victim?

The Gregorian Calendar-Roman Empire and clock (machine)

Psyco Cybernetics

Anti-Christ Protest at E3 Computer and Video Game Expo

Should religion be directing national security policy? If so, WHOSE?

Tell me if this makes sense to you, theologically, constitutionally or otherwise:

GARLIC WATCH: Day two!!!!

What makes bread crust tough?

Strawberry recipes

Red/Gray Chips Match Advanced Thermitic Materials Developed in US Government Labs

NIST Admits Freefall !

What's your ultimate endgame?

Planning the 'Ike Dike' Defense

Failure to attend school...

Susan Boyle to sing for President Obama

CBC Political Bytes: Yes, we know

Ottawa pushes for new chapter in free trade with U.S.