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Where is the West Bank?

Where is the West Bank?

Death and Taxes

A DU Law Student/ Lawyer/ Judge Appreciation Thread.

My local noozradio interviewed the speechwriter for Powell and the Rice woman, re: Obama

64 for Aung San Suu Kyi

Whale Wars Series - Sea Shepherd is on Animal Planet Fridays 9 pm tomorrow

Progressive majority is leaving conservatism isolated

Shit-aHammity and McAhole/GUIRK "Jane FONDA in a suit"

Remembering the Tiananmen Square Protest and Massacre 27 images

Joe Conason: Crackpots Calling The Kettle Black

KO coming for lying Liz after the break n/t

Financial industry spent $5 BILLION in 10 years on lobbying and campaign contributions ... should run the following ad campaign...

Them WITLESS Pubs still searching for some WIT...they are boring to death with Fear

Oh, Marilyn - why can't you just stay gone?

Gingrich & Huckabee Endorse Christian Antiabortion Militancy

Any Liberal Gun Lovers on here?

I guess the oil Co's are doing their best

preparing D-Day commemorations... pics

Speeches Show Judge’s Steady Focus on Diversity and Struggle

Where is the commentary from Joe LIEberman, after Obama's

Okay, so now they haven't found the plane...

Other species laugh, yes Ken they do

Interesting travel site I found recently ..

Ha! Obama Disses 9/11 Conspiracy Theories in Cairo Speech

I Know Calif is in Trouble... But What Is The Likely Outcome/Solution To Such A Serious Problem?

Fuck you Comcrap!

It diminishes Hillary to be interviewed by Greta

Threat Level Privacy, Crime and Security Online New ATM Malware Captures PINs and Cash

California DUers - comments please

Meatless Mondays would mean cleaner, greener Earth

Jesus Didn't Tap Out

Senator Moynihan's early bet!

The power of Tank Man.

Late Night Gem in Recent History Courtesy of Sen Kennedy

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but...

Google has competition

CP: Canada rejects American request to accept some Guantanamo detainees

Obama's speech long - but worth reading the truth


Here's a sad loss

Abortion, Apocalypse, and "Killing for Life"

WTF? Mr. Afghanistan??

Sweden: Saab granted three-month extension in bankruptcy protection

Exclusive: Jeff Sessions Makes Children Cry

Rachel Maddow's devastating expose: Tiller's assassin (Video)

Did you hear Mike Malloy talking to the fundie preacher tonight?

RW idiot sends out fundraising letter, mentions Tiller, calls it "unfortunate timing"

I need help from Canadian DUers...Yes it's about healthcare.

Al Gore may go to NKorea to help US reporters

Rush said the 'blue bloods' like Powell and Ridge are running and ruining the Republican party

Wingers think a good political speech involves "whipping it out" and shouting

Why people don't buy newspapers

US vs Cities of Eureka/Arcata, CA (Stop Recruiting Kids!)

Tell Bill O’Reilly to Buy USA-Made T-Shirts for His Patriot Store

Joe's talkin' about it...

duplicate -- see Tea Party entry

Prologue and Epilogue by Martin Sheen "California's Harvest of Shame"

Do you feel proud to be an American?

cracker jack job, David Gregory.

Only 29 shopping days to the next Tea Party!

Here is the contact info. for that insane pastor (Wiley Drake) praying for Obama's death

Bank robbery suspects' getaway car runs out of gas

Survey: People are more inclined to support gay rights if they personally know someone who is gay

Nice try, Dick

I heard a good argument against multi party systems.

Alaska lawmakers have votes to override Palin's stimulus veto

South Carolina: Governor Ordered to Request Stimulus

South Carolina: Governor Ordered to Request Stimulus

Was that a DUer on WJ a few minutes ago?

Was the Englands Got Talent Show rigged?


Do you know about Quantum Teleportation?

A question

52% of Americans support torture?

Mrs. Red Cloud finally becomes a US citizen.

Did Joe Scarborough just make sense?

Who is this idiot in Utah that is trying to kill President Obama?

Ha-Ha! Ape study traces evolution of laughter

Ha-Ha! Ape study traces evolution of laughter

NSA Whistleblower Meets Anthrax ‘Person of Interest’

What Socialism Looks Like

Broken windows into abortion doctor's life

Why is Rush Limbaugh allowed to make THREATS to our president and our national security?

Ben Stiller and Mylie Cyrus, or is it Hanna Montana, inquiring minds want to know...

2fer, Roger STONE rears his, um, head again. PALIN the attention whore.

Toon: the most powerful weapon of all

Intel firestorm: GOP reveals briefing info

FWIW, Steven Green's statement about Abeer's rape/murders in Iraq

Obama Abandons Transparency

Lack Of Coherent Dem Response On Torture Taking Toll, Helping Cheney

(NY) Man tasered by police to force him to give DNA sample

NPR this Morning: President Obama does not have the same warm relationship with Merkel as Bush

More Christofascist Corporatist Dominionist Insanity...from your friends at the American Family Assn

Is Dick Cheney the Orkin bug?

Murder pays: Only 4.5 year sentence for wife's scuba diving death

Bankruptcy: The healthcare connection

Detroit, Pittsburgh Both Attempting To Lose Stanley Cup, Avoid Expensive Victory Parade

jellyfish & dragon fly cropcircles

Christian Right pastor 'prays' for Obama's death

Charles Albury, co-pilot of plane that dropped atomic bomb on Nagasaki, dies at age 88 in Fla.

Gay groups grow impatient with Barack Obama

Cops Flush Miscarried Fetus Down Toilet

What does R.O.U.S. stand for?

Traditional Marriage Gets Stanger

Hightower says: Stopping the Desecration of Mountaintop Removal

Gun-loving pastor to his flock: Piece be with you

Roundtable Interview of President Obama with Regional Reporters, June 4, 2009

Going to see Henry Rollins tonight

my friend is seeing an alternative healer who is giving her the most dire

Temp work helps mask joblessness among Americans

Jeff Sessions: Compassionate conservative.

Those ads for "Evony"

S.C. governor ordered to take stimulus money

My Correspondence with the leader of a local Christian Fundamentalist Activist group

Stop the War Supplemental

From MoveOn: Strengthen the Clean Energy Jobs Bill

administration privatizing public schools....?

administration privatizing public schools....?

New ad campaign asks D.C. commuters 'Who's Hogging Our Antibiotics?'

NY State Legislators Speak Out For Don Siegelman, Write AG Holder

Another bullshit speech by a half-ass politician

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Lawmakers muster votes to override Governor Palin re energy stimulus

Is it just me

White House to appoint TARP compensation enforcer

Radio host Hal Turner arrested

Tiller's Killer: "I haven't been convicted of anything, and I am being treated as a criminal"

Abortion foe to lead HHS faith-based office

was there someone on the disappeared plane that was 'marked'

Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons sentenced for cat cruelty

Gun-loving pastor to his flock: Piece be with you

Millenials: I'm thinking of both Tiananmen Square and you.

Please Help Save Migratory Birds: Pls Send this Audubon Email to your Senators:

House GOP members reveal classified "closed session" national security briefing info

Obama knuckle-bumps the mother-lovin' SPHINX!

It means we're doing someting right!

Hey, Congress!

Another foggy morning here in the Deschutes NF, then ..

Sen. Corker (the UAW's friend) pushes amendment to give dealers more time to shut down

A Gitmo in Florence? No sweat, residents say

Explain this image

Rick Sanchez going after Bill O.

From Voters for Peace: War Funding Bill Can be Stopped. Contact Reps Now!

The Geography of Job Loss

Randi is at it again re:Franken

A push to stop the war supplemental

My response to some right wing drivel left by my computer ...

Let there be peace on earth ... and let it begin with me.

DHS nominee drops out over ties to CIA tactics

The comments section for CNN's video of Obama at Buchenwald

Say, has Texas made any progress with their secession?

Who is Cal Thomas?

Armada of UFOS seen in Cambridge

World Ocean Day Celebration Webcast

Another Freeper graduates...

Oil Stored On Tankers Is Up 71% Since April

“Guantanamo at Home”: Muslim American Syed Fahad Hashmi Held in 23-Hour Solitary Pretrial Confinemen

DOJ Launches Investigation into Federal Crimes Re: Murder of Dr. Tiller

Thoughts on the threat to close the Will Rogers State Park

David Gergen Floored by Obama Speech

David Gergen Floored by Obama Speech

Watchin g a story about D.B. Cooper. Are you familiar with the case?

Inventor develops dog bite guard to 'protect from serious injury'

UN Human Rights Council Blasts US for Killing Civilians, Drone Attacks and Using Mercenaries

Could a Computer Glitch Have Brought Down Air France 447?

(Georgia) Governor Perdue calls for Superior Court furlough

First full day of jury deliberations in State Trooper trial concludes

Emory study: Marriage bans infect more than just the body politic

George Tiller Investigation: DOJ Opens Probe Into Doctor's Murder

Arizona lawmakers seek to strip domestic partners of health coverage

I hope you're watching Eli Wiesel on MSNBC

Progressive radio censorship

BaptistBoard: Praying for President Obama's Assassination

Help!!!! need links to progressive radio that can be heard through iTunes!

Will Holden in Australia continue to make the Pontiac G8 ?

Kline fundraising appeal’s mention of Tiller “unfortunate” - Unbelievable

Air France flight. / black box question...

tear jerker

So Fox news was on at a store I went into this morning

Security hired for Obama statue while in Pearland, Texas

Have you TORTURED LOU DOBBS today? Take his poll!

GOP Ignites Firestorm By Revealing Classified Info From Intel Briefings

More Rhode Island Nonsense: Infertility Treatments Require A Wedding Ring

Sacramento radio hosts call for violence against transgender children.....

Conservatives Are More Easily Disgusted

Rick Sanchez tears O'Reilly an extra asshole.

Why "holding their feet to the fire" is such a stupid concept.

Why "holding their feet to the fire" is such a stupid concept.

The Health Care Debate Made Very, Very Simple

I don't know anything about Morning Joe or Mika - what are their

Dear MSNBC - I love my dad. Can I be on TV too?

Scott Roeder: "They're Treating Me Like a Criminal"

The present unemployment rate and Ronald Reagan.

Video: Ed Schultz discusses health care with Gavin Newsom and Howard Dean

The Deadly Results Of Right-Wing Extremism

2% of stories on "Latina woman" comment mentioned key "discrimination" context

A car guy steps up: Roger Penske in talks to buy Saturn.

We need a mass student loan purposeful default movement

We need a mass student loan purposeful default movement

Healthcare reform is really a discussion about disintermediation in disguise- no more, no less

can you prove that you're a citizen of the United States of America?

Friends we need to be aware...we need to be aware of the creation of a fearful population

Congress Sends Obama Bill To Tighten Credit Card Regulation

My Reps position on Health Care: Brad Ellsworth(House Rep.)

It's Personal

Food Bank Friday, June 5, 2009

Most important news story of the week (ending June 5, 2009)

Are sex crimes committed by juveniles skyrocketing?

Nirvana Bassist Thinks WA’s Primary Smells Like Teen Spirit

Nirvana Bassist Thinks WA’s Primary Smells Like Teen Spirit

Right Wing Terrorism Watch - White Supremacists applaud assassination of Dr. Tiller

Hannity Edits Clip To Suggest Obama Honored 9/11 Sympathizers

Did anyone see that clip of Palin on Hairballz tonight?

just how powerful is the Dental Lobby?

Reinventing America

Happy Anniversary Steve & Marta 34 years

David Carradine's manager suspects foul play in actor's death

David Carradine's manager suspects foul play in actor's death

Lol small right wing protest right across the street! (PICS)

Feds launch probe into abortion doctor killing

O'Reily: "FOX-hating newspapers" are being mean to me

Does anyone here have a link to the story about GW deniers falsely using names of scientists

House GOP to Dems regarding intel leaks: Prove It

House liberals insist on strong gov't health plan

Tuh-Weet! Alex Witt hearts Pat Buchanan edition

Women Bridging Gap in Science Opportunities

Ok, someone tell me the accepted time frame in which we can criticize our President's policies

Everybody's Cryin Mercy

Elizabeth Edwards to open NC furniture store

Tim Geithner a victim of the crappy real estate market......

Baptist Minister Prays For Death of President Obama

Crisis at the VA as Benefits Claims Backlog Nearly Tops One Million

France sends nuclear sub to hunt for jet wreckage

Inhofe Rips Obama As ‘Un-American,’ Suggests He’s On The Side Of Terrorists

Prison blues: States slimming down inmate meals

Shoeshine man catches a break - and some cash

It's so nice having a President who doesn't go around the world embarassing the shit out of you....

Tonight On Real Time With Bill Maher

Underground explosion in San Francisco.

Maybe sex up the discussion with Lipstick Lesbians in power suits pole dancing to Madonna songs

Maybe sex up the discussion with Lipstick Lesbians in power suits pole dancing to Madonna songs

Steele refers to members of the Obama administration as ‘numb nuts.’ »

Burr Defends Mint-Flavored Suckable ‘Tobacco Lollipops,’ Claims They’re Not Being Marketed To Kids

Links to streams of progressive radio talk

Bay Buchanan's Bigotry Continues To Enrage

What are you paying for gas now

French honor D-Day vet from all-black unit

Conservatives Are More Easily Disgusted

My opinion about how things have changed at DU over the past six years.

Americans Are Ready To Scrap DADT

Tata Motors hopes to sell Nano in United States

Microsoft Already Whining about Paying Income Tax...Will Move Jobs Offshore

Krugman; "Don’t trust the insurance industry." Amen.

Krugman; "Don’t trust the insurance industry." Amen.

“Nothing Says “I DO” Like A Machinegun On Full Auto”

Bush FBI Sent 18 Armored Agents To Search My House, Wiretap Whistleblower Says

Does anyone know of a legitimate Libertarian foundation

Taliban Losing Popularity Contest

Jon Stewart Calls Fox News Personalities "Extremists" For Their Coverage Of Obama's Cairo Speech

Bungle in the Jungle

Bungle in the Jungle

Are there any instances of "pro-life" orgs covering expenses when a mother dies in childbirth?

"How do we pay for healthcare?" seems a bullshit question, even on its face

A good friend of mine (and a very good man) is running for governor

My Experience as a Juror

My Experience as a Juror

An open letter to Conservatives on the Middle East Peace Process

My grand niece -just born and cleaned up- and in the hands of real health care

I've been watching Jerry Springer for a number of weeks

OBAMA: "... God's vision ... must be our work here on Earth."

Download the Kennedy healthcare bill here (.pdf at link)...

Remembering Robert Francis Kennedy

Raw Story: Obama is appointing an extreme anti-abortion advocate to Faith-Based

I had a four -car accident today

My wife's friend got fired today

Bush FBI Sent 18 Armored Agents to Wiretap Home of Whistleblower

Rush Limbaugh thinks Sotomayor is against abortion rights/Roe v. Wade

We Can Help Stop Man On Mission To Kill Obama

CNN: Authorities hunt for man charged with threatening Obama

A Tale of Two Depressions: 1929 v 2009

Vt. has highest rate of pot smokers

"Too busy" to vote? Don't try that excuse around here ... (pic)

How the other 0.00000003 percent lives: Adam Turl examines the lives of the 10 richest people

Pastor invites parishioners to bring guns to church to celebrate Independence Day

****** DU June 2009 T-Shirt Slogan Contest: And The Winners Are... ******


Obama: "I have no patience for people who deny history"

Company makes any plant produce THC and the tomatoes are especially yummy

How epically dishonest has the Sotomayor "Latina woman" coverage been?

Public education devastated by California budget cuts

do you have a progressive radio station that comes through in your area?

So, who has personal (familial) reasons to want REAL health care reform rather than just a band-aid?

*** DUzy Awards for week ending June 5, 2009 ***

This may well be the most powerful letter to the editor I have ever seen in our local newspaper

Snapple, Sonic & Chipotle Pull Advertising From KRXQ

I Pledge To Take My Business Elsewhere Every Time Fox News Is Playing…

Champagne Liberals

Brown defies calls to step down as British PM

The Weather Channel has a live tornado in WY now

Glen Greenwald: Are House Democrats about to block Obama's new secrecy law?

LA Times: For the 'funemployed,' unemployment is welcome

Was Ronald Reagan an Even Worse President Than George W. Bush?

Palin has until June 23 to reimburse state of AK $10K in costs for trips taken by her kids

Airlines Are at It Again: Less Legroom

Its time to split the country.

Its time to split the country.

CA Arsonist Gets Death Penalty For 5 Firefighters Murder

K&R if you support Obama on OPEN ENROLLMENT - - -Send Schumer & Baucus a message:

A Situation involving a Bank and Credit History. What would you do?

I'm done with

The Rude Pundit: An Email About George Tiller's Killer (Non-Obscene for the Kids)

Blue Dogs Demand Tight Constraints on Any Public Health Plan Option

Why did our House Democrats recruit and fund 12 anti-choice candidates last year?

Why is the universe bombarding me with attractive people?

I left at noon - the morning sucked - the rest of the day was good.

texanwitch!!!!! 32 minutes and counting!!!!!

The Listener on NBC!

Wheres WaldLo #2

Someone please make me get off the computer to go pack for my Atlanta trip!

Is anyone else glad it is the time of year for doing a "tick check"

I've decided to cancel grilled cheese.

Proof that I ain't evil!

Why have I been missing all this Lounge drama?

I've decided to cancel the Soviet Union.

Tonight's lullaby - Valentina Igoshina

Anyone watching Tosh.0 on CC?


So I call Midlo and she says, "I knew it was you Jersey Fuckers" and hangs up on me

I am finishing my last assignment of high school.

Off to the store to buy ingredients for Mead

LOL Shell Beau

The Lounge is amazingly quiet tonight

What the fuck is up with having a different goddamn password for every goddamn website?

**************Everyone Ignore Shell Beau************

LOL Skinner

If the word "Hummer" doesn't carry a double meaning in China, they got cheated. That's what I think.

a little perspective for people freaking out because somebody doesn't like them on the internets

I had the weirdest dream ever.


Breaking CNN: Former child TV stars arrested in meth lab.



What is happening in the Lounge feels a lot like what was going on over at Cyber Nations

Sweet Carradine clip from Kung Fu

John Carradine's final words

Polka Music Is Eliminated as Grammy Award Category

Singers whose voices you can't stand but whose songwriting you admire...

George Clinton is playing a free summer concert in my city on my birthday

Bif Naked is a tough lady.

Tonight I reached an important milestone!

A hero...

I realize that we all can't get along but can we also stop sweating the petty stuff and

For the late night crowd, it is the classic viking kittens.

In honor of the Queen and her love of good comedy:

The Globe said W* is suicidal and seeing a therapist.

I hum demand hum a hum forum hum for hum those hum who hum hum hum

I currently have five kittens tearing ass around my house.

So then I married This Guy

So I close on my first house next week


MY Kraft Deluxe Mac 'n' Cheese I'm making for dinner has 4 cheeses, not 1 like fukkin' PEASANTS eat.

In the Name of the Queen I hereby Requisition this Forum!


This never fails to make me laugh

Ever watch The Silent Flute (aka Circle Of Iron)?

Penguins win! Series tied!!!!1

Penguins win! Series tied!!!!1

Now accepting applications for the first official Tommy_Carcetti clique.

Click here to see movie

It isn't just DU - the entire Internet is dead today!

Back from my self-imposed DU vacation.

I was going to ask if anyone wanted to join me for lunch, but then I scrolled through the Lounge.

I have decided to cancel madinmaryland.

I want to create a DU Lounge post that gets so many recs that the Greatest Page can't ignore it...

I've decided to cancel my self imposed DU vacation

I have decided to cancel everyone else's cancellations.

Shocking: Nirvana bassist running for county office

My latest vidcast

Going to lunch with BabyM. Now we be a good time to trash me, because I won't see it.

Best TV Series Finale?

Good morning Lounge

jellyfish & dragon fly cropcircles

Here's a picture of me and a friend reading DU today:

Mother duck calls for help when babies fall into sewer drain


HAs anyone here ever tried to strain stewed tomatoes through a trumpet?

Alert: Crunchberries Are Not Real Berries

Name something you've done that was completely impractical.


Jesus Didn't Tap Out

Windmills of your mind

Baby Pics!

Did Shell Beau ever get her unmentionables packed?

Ooooooh Red Wings fans?

Ooooooh Red Wings fans?

It's pathetic realizing I'm a legend in my own mind

What does R.O.U.S. stand for?

Wait...why are we all ignoring Shell Beau? And who's Renard?

I've got a taste for some green onion and sour cream tater chips


Woohooo!!! Finally caught the last neighborhood stray!

Alert: Misters Gibb and Manilow are not real berries

"The Inner Light" episode of ST TNG is on right now.

Alert: Crackberries Are Not Real Berries

I want to create a die that never threads...

I am embarrassed to need to ask this -

I found some baby robins on the ground.

Alert: Dingleberries are not real berries.

Are You Fucking Kidding Me

Has anyone here ever tried to strain lewd "tomatoes" through a strumpet?

I've decided to cancel cancelling stuff.

Well I knew it ! Midlo is a sissy scared li'l mouse!

I made a new friend today. His name is Frank.

I've decided to cancel some stamps.

"America at 10 mph". What a fun documentary!

I am posting almost nekkid

I shot the sherriff in Reno, just to watch him die

Alert: Strawberries are not Real Berries.

I'm getting ready to head out for a night of grilling and boozing with some of the clique

Alert: Marion Berry is not a real berry.

I'm thinking about starting a new Lounge clique... should it be

I'm posting in my underwear.

I wish Denzel Washington would make a comedy.

Chicken Liver Mousse Recipes!!!!!!

You never know what kind of crazy shit will pop up in the lounge

Ship of fools, a song

What is my diet missing if I find myself craving Lutefisk?

Any electricians in the lounge?

Yay! I am going to the cabin today for the week-end..

Need help with dissident a Soviet composer

Midlo is really holding the 2009 Weiner Dog Nationals tonight..

Good Morning. I hope everyone had a good night sleep - it's a brand new day

IT is a truth universally acknowledged, that a

My Faith is Restored

I want my Snow Leopard, WAAAAH!!!

What does roux stand for?

I'm posting

Okay, now that we're all much happier; could someone go get me some wine? I'm stuck @ the house.

Name something that confused you during your childhood

One crucial lesson the last 24 hours have taught me.

Apparently the Grasshopper was coming and going at the same time

Post something that you can't believe in

kitteah picture of the day for friday june 5

If someone is taking a shower in one part of the house,

can someone help me

omg...another job interview next week!

Robert Dozier... SAT fraud?

All hail BEER and the great beer drinkers of the Lounge *hick*

If anyone talks to Walt Starr, tell him I said hi. (Right the fuck now!)

In Honor of the Regan Era: Worst Success Anthem of the 1980's

Live tornado cam:

I had always thought Spanish was supposed to be *fairly* easy to learn?

Blue Shropshire cheese! Yummmmm.....

Master, what is the best way to meet with the loss of one we love?

D'oh! A dear friend just joined an anti-choice group on Facebook.

DUzy Awards for the week are up on GD

Mr Coffee - if you see this, get in here and say HI.

I am going to Krogrs to get 25 lbs bag of birdseed plus extra sunflower seeds.

Police: Carradine's Death Likely Sex Accident

Need good ideas for 2nd anniversary present....

SD rancher wins $232 million jackpot

Time For A Celebratory Pic Thread FUCK YEAH!!1

Really???? REALLY????

L O S T - now they are just messin with us

Better than excellent chance I'll be taking some of the dachshund's Xanax tonight.

OI! Somebody bring me a fucking beer, would ya?

Hour One. I'm still alive and so are all they.


Can one drink Dessert wine with supper?

Best wireless router for a desk top (ShuttleX) ?

I am such the straight edger these days.

If anyone talks to John Lennon, tell him I said hi.

Help me making a decision

Hour two. We've lost a couple, but they still might turn up.

If anyone talks to Jack Lemmon, tell him I said hi.

Armada of UFOS seen in Cambridge

Happy National Donut Day!

wait ...DU is on the Internet ?

Does anyone know where I can watch the first few episodes of LOST season 5?


I think the writers of "TheGoode Family" read DU

Nevada brothel looking for gigolos, hoping to weather tough economy

K. Here's the deal. I'm happy to do round EIGHTEEN of the revisions on your

What's the current penalty for people who use up all the hot water in the shower?

One more thing. My IRL friends suck.

Damn, listening to Gary (Ba Ba Booey of Stern Show) talking about kidney stones is scaring me

WTF is Midlo ?

Ask me a question and I will give you Bad Advice.

When should I visit Montreal?

We're now back to fully manned, in case of a Zombie Apocalypse

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Fri 6/5/2009)

Snarking on batshit fundie tshirts~ (O hai, TimeChaser's back)

Fast Food meets Religion (Pic):

I bought a horse today

Today would have been my father's 69th birthday.

Is the fauxhawk the mullet of the '00s?

There are only two seasons in California:

Grandma & Me.

I love cold beer!

I have decided to cancel Midlodemocrat

Attention everyone, Christmas has been canceled


Anything to do in Dallas for two hours?

Woman thought to have brain tumor turns out to have live worm in brain!

I have decided to cancel Supernatural.


Now I can't get enough of Owain Yeoman!!!

What is the appeal of the show the Mentalist?

Mashups, Remixes, Sony Acid Pro

Should gasoline-powered leaf blowers be outlawed

They only come out at night.

How is your vegetable garden doing?

Who remembers their "newby" days here?

If anyone talks to flvegan, tell him I said hi.

When I was 24, I shot my brother.


In honor of flvegan and Kitchenwitch..a Friday bounce em if you got em thread


What's Your HomePage?

What makes you laugh everytime you see it on TV?

Israeli government praises President Obama's speech to the Muslim world

Obama calls for and END TO SETTLEMENTS, but what can he do to pressure Israeli compliance??

Obama Names Eight Envoys

Give credit where credit is do

How to easily debunk the stupid RW talking point on Sotomayor

US, China need to lead on climate: US senator (Kerry)

Senate panel OKs Indiana judge: David Hamilton for the 7th Circuit

The Identity of the Obama look-alike at the pyramids solved?

Sludge is a funny fella - "Obama cracks the code to reach Islam"

Sotomayor Favored for Top Court, Quinnipiac Poll Says

WH Contacted Sotomayor Before Souter Announced Retirement

On top of everything else... He likes Dijon mustard!

Prosecutions and Single Payer and Equal Rights and Economic Reform and the Environment?

Obama Shines in Cairo

Indonesian Muslims laud Obama's speech

Shocking, stunning video from Jerusalem on the eve of Obama speech

Obama's "A New Beginning" speech translated into 11 languages (3 more in progress)

Queen Noor on Obama's speech (Video)

"Obama keeps 'apologizing' overseas! We Republicans never apologize to anyone for anything!...

Man charged with threat against Obama in Utah

Here is the # 1 problem with Right Wingers

MSNBC POLL on Obama's Speech Vote Now!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 6/5/09

Torture Lou Dobbs.

David Brooks article on the Cairo speach. Interesting:

Sotomayor’s Senate Questionnaire (Completed)

Merkel Backs Obama on Push for Accord in Middle East (NYT)

Obama buries Bush's war on terror

It's Up to You, Israel and Islam

Rift With Germany Is Next on Diplomatic Agenda

Obama Fan Flashback: After the speech in Madison, WI-October 12, 2007

Joe Black Eagle Madison kicking Obama's back in about hungry kids in America

MSNBC: VP Biden announces that on Monday the President will announce "ramp up" on stimulus

Was morning joke Mum On Tiller AGAIN This Morning?

Remembering the liberation of Nazi concentration camps... CHENEY STYLE!!!

Zbigniew sure differs with his daughter Mika on politics, doesnt' he? n/t

Daily Beast: Write-Your-Own-Obama Speech

Hillary Clinton demands China investigate and disclose its past abuses (Greenwald)

President Obama and Elie Wiesel at Buchenwald (VIDEO)

Obama: Ahmadinejad Should Come Visit Concentration Camp (VIDEO)

Fox News Asks Commenters To Write ‘Funny Questions’ They Would Ask Obama

Obama gets emotional about liberation of Nazi camp

Poll: Only Eight Percent Say Sotomayor Is Racist; Majority Wants “Empathy”

McCarthy Reverses Course, Will Not Run Against Gillibrand

Reconciliation in Action: Arab Rights Advocate Joins Homeland Security Advisory Panel

More Gallup trash- Ch*ney shows higher approval than Pelosi

CNN: Authorities hunt for man charged with threatening Obama

FL-Sen, FL-Gov: Crist Still Dominating

Senate panel OKs nomination of Judge Andre Davis with bipartisan support for the 4th Circuit

Now that our Democratic President has brought the I/P issue to the forefront..

Blitzer and the snake's daughter

Obama regarding Ahmadinejad: "he should make his own visit (to Buchenwald)"

Obama meets with Merkel in Germany

Its getting harder and harder to have sympathy for Israel, I wish Obama well

K&R if you support Obama's opposition to Arabs targeting Jewish children,

Steele On Sotomayor: ‘God Help You If You’re A White Male Coming Before Her Bench’

Best Freeper Comment EVER

Obama team skipping mayors' event over picket line

Marshall for Senate?

House Dem leaders may nix measure that would ban release of detainee photos,

Elizabeth Edwards, HEART OF GOLD, just on MSNBC,

A far too brief comment on the Six-Day War, the assasination of RFK and the Speech in Cairo

Michelle, Malia, and Sasha visit Eiffel Tower

Notice how only EXTREMISTS in left/right of U.S. and in Israel and Arab lands

NYT Finally Runs ‘Editor’s Note’ Correction To Misleading Gitmo Detainee ‘Recidivism’ Story

Sotomayor's apparently interchangeable WOC identity

anyone have a link to Obama's Egypt speech? mt

Bush Prosecution Polls

Sen. Kit Bond: "Mudd's ties to the program would be investigated during the confirmation hearing."

Obama's Cairo speech and Rachel's analysis were spot on.

e-Jihadists Rail Against Obama's Speech

I, like Obama went to a nazi concentration camp last year. Dachau...

Finally, someone in the media SAYS the media is NOT liberal

Merkel: Hanging with Obama is Fun

Michelle Obama and daughters visit Eiffel Tower

2nd Circuit Judge Calabresi on Former Student and Current Colleague Sotomayor

Today is Jill Biden's birthday and Sasha Obama's is Sunday so happy birthday to them both

Obama Nominee Drops Out Over Ties To CIA Interrogation Tactics

VA-Gov: Deeds Surge Continues in New R2K Poll

Cheney more popular that Pelosi

I would like this man to be my brother....

Why is it that most American Extremists are found in the Pub Party?

PHOTOS The President and Elie Weisel

Buchenwald survivors see Obama as family (because great-uncle helped liberate subcamp)

Head of pro-life group gets job at HHS

Israelis honor Obama with more illegal settlements- "Obama Hut"

Message from Don Siegelman.......

PHOTOS: Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad faces pro-reform opposition in upcoming June 12th election

Obamas' trip to Paris hackles some lowbrows

Can a Speech Change the World?

Coleman: GOP Needs To Compete On "The Ethernet"

Time's Tumulty on Ed pointing out absurdity of Obama exempting those who can't afford insurance--

Bwahaha - This one's for fun

Chair of George W. Bush Campaign Sentenced to 42 Months in Prison For Corruption

PHOTOS Good Morning Dresden

PHOTOS Buchenwald

PHOTOS New Official Photos (from before Middle East/European trip) June 5

PHOTOS New Official Photos (from before Middle East/European trip) June 5

Republican Lugar Says Obama’s Cairo Speech ‘Signal Achievement’

A View From Cairo, Egypt: We wanted a world leader. We saw only a US president

Sotomayer eats....sausage!!! Freepers are on full alert!

Hillary Clinton: Obama's 'turning point'

NYT: Rate of Job Losses Slowed Significantly In May (Smallest Number Since Last September)

New Yorkers and other sick of being told who they have to vote for check in

Elie Wiesel's Speech at Buchenwald: June 5, 2009

If President Obama succeeds in inspiring mutual respect and dignity among

President Obama's Mother's Collection of Indonesian Batik Textiles on Exhibition in the US

The President is giving a speech at Buchenwald. It's beautiful.

Jon Stewart Calls Fox News Personalities "Extremists" For Coverage Of Obama's Cairo Speech (VIDEO)

Ignore Cheney. His mission is to sow division and distract from real issues.

Is Pres. Obama reaching out to Muslims at the expense of America’s relationship with Israel?

Airbus Warns of Speed Problems After Crash of Air France Jet

GM to give over $2.5 bln for Delphi buyout-WSJ

Sotomayor Details Finances, Key Cases

Tiananmen exiles say "forgotten" at home, chide U.S.

Countrywide's Mozilo charged with fraud

AP Source: GM to sell Saturn brand to Roger Penske

Authorities hunt for man charged with threatening Obama

Brazil plane wreckage 'not from Airbus'

Baghdadians welcome Obama’s pledges on Iraq

Florida stands to lose $1 billion because of Lehman Brothers' collapse

Feds Shutter ‘Black Hat’ ISP

China Willing to Buy Up to $50 Billion in IMF Bonds

Jobless rate hits 9.4% in May; layoffs slow

U.S. to impose financial sanctions on North Korea: report

Bolivia wants terror backers from US

Philippine army kills 13 rebels in heavy fighting

China: Will ensure stimulus protects environment

Strong quake jolts northern Japan

Illness, medical bills linked to nearly two-thirds of bankruptcies: Harvard study

Bus fire in southwestern China kills 25

Lawmakers appear to have votes to override Palin

Wal-Mart Plans $15 Billion Stock Buyback

Bush FBI Sent 18 Armored Agents to Wiretap Home of Whistleblower

David Carradine's manager suspects foul play in actor's death

Fisherman says he sat atop body encased in concrete for hours before discovery

Fisherman says he sat atop body encased in concrete for hours before discovery

Tennessee's Sen. Alexander wants to give taxpayers GM, Chrysler stock

McHugh Says View Has Changed on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

GOP Releases CIA Classified Information to Media

Appeals court approves Chrysler sale to Fiat

FDIC to wind down Atlanta's Silverton bank

US military reports 2 US troop deaths in Iraq

Berlusconi fury over naked photos

Buchenwald survivors see Obama as family

Nuclear sub to join hunt for jet

Paterson and Unions Agree on Limits for New Pensions (New York state)

Poll: Corzine still trailing Christie

Intel firestorm: GOP reveals briefing info

Eliza Dushku meets with ex-Uganda child soldiers

Brazilian air force says debris was not from Air France crash

Conviction in 1964 Mississippi cold case stands: U.S. appeals court

'NYT' (Finally) Issues Corrections on Botched Front-Page 'Gitmo' Story

Exclusive: Mudd Withdraws as DHS Intelligence Chief

Oldest serving cop in US dies at age 84

Official: Mattel fined $2.3 million for toy hazard

Labour rebels regroup for push against Brown (UK)

(Former State Dept official Richard) Haass: Cheney Bugged My Calls Because I Wasn't a Hawk

"Buy American" provision in House climate bill

Alabama County Set to Halt Services, Shut Buildings Over Budget

Pakistan arrests senior Islamists

Deportation order in Nashville snares U.S. citizen

Convicted Alaska Lawmakers Should Be Freed, U.S. Says

Carradine may have died from sex act: Thai police

Chrysler Bankruptcy Derails Injury Lawsuits

Uranium found at second Syria site - IAEA

WWII slave soldiers reunite after 64 years, prepare for honors

Colbert to broadcast 4 shows from Baghdad

(Scott) Roeder (man accused of killing George Tiller) decries ‘being treated as a criminal’

"The Rachel Maddow Show" Only Cable News Program Nominated For TV Critics' Award

Obama: first president to admit role in 1953 Iran coup

Justice Department To Probe Tiller Killing

Congress begins impeachment of Judge Kent

U.S. Justice Dept to probe Kansas abortion murder

Conservative senator says Obama Cairo speech 'un-American'



Gun-loving pastor to his flock: Piece be with you (bring your guns to church)

Pakistan mosque bomb kills dozens

Corporations behind efforts to label Sotomayor ‘racist’

Man charged with threat against Obama in Utah

Peru clash with tribes, police kills at least nine

City turns upscale building in Crown Heights into homeless shelter

Sotomayor Speeches Woven With Ethnicity

WHO backs anti-diarrhoea vaccine for all children

23-year-old SD rancher claims $232.1 Powerball win

BREAKING: U.S. Gov't Scraps Plan To Seize Flight 93 Memorial Land

Former U.S. State official, wife, face Cuba spy charges

Anti-immigrant right win 15% of Dutch vote

Parents guilty of manslaughter over daughter's eczema death

Veteran LAPD detective arrested in 1986 killing

Taliban Stir Rising Anger of Pakistanis

Nagasaki A-bomb plane co-pilot dies at age 88

Susan Boyle leaves clinic, eyes U.S. success

Tenn. lawmakers approve allowing guns in bars

Pasadena kids send video message to Arnold about budget cuts

Kris Kristofferson sings of what our country did in our name.

What It Means To Be A Muslim: A Poem by: Dr. Rafey Habib

1967 Hippie temptation TV documentary

They Call Us Working Class, but we ain't working anymore

For Sotomayor, Reid Wants It Fair

Rush Compares Obama To Al Qaeda On Hannity

Right Wing Talking Points = South Park's

Secrecy surrounds EU's financial institutions - 5 Jun 09

Rachel Maddow & Michael Isikoff take on Liz Cheney & her father's blatant lies

Obama visits Buchenwald - 5/6/2009

Rep. Donna Edwards: Why Obama Needs Tough Love

Falwell's Legacy Haunts Liberty University

Corporations on trial: International construction companies that are building the settlements

TYT: Obama Working for Goldman Sachs?

Obama speech at Buchenwald

Food, Inc. trailer (2:16) + a longer version

The Feedback Loop: Ecological Damage Soon Beyond Control

Rachel Maddow: Obama's Game-Changing Speech in Egypt (Numbered List of Amazing Moments)

Has Public Opinion Turned on Obama?

On the Edge with Max Keiser - 05 June 2009 (pt 1 of 3)

Al-Qaeda Suspect Cracks...After Getting Cookies

Glenn Beck's Common Sense Stand Up Comedy Tour

Rick Sanchez destroys what's left of Bill O'Reilly's credibility

Code Pink protesters follow Obama to Cairo for Muslim speech

Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" In 5 Seconds

Whale Wars Series on Animal Planet tomorrow Friday, 9 pm

In Pictures: President Obama tours the Sphinx and pyramids outside Cairo

Treasongate: Beyond Karl Rove and The Band Marches on……..

Let Dr. Tiller's patients tell his story (Shelly | Kansas City Star)

A Bush in sheep's clothing

Obama Mid-East Speech Supports Rights, Democracy (HRW)

Democracy and the Left. Time to pick up the pieces again.

Great Speech, Barack, But Let's Just 'Imagine' How to Shorten It

Green Cows Belch Less!!!

A brief summary on the end of the Cold War and Obama's speech today

A New Approach After 8 Years of Arrogance & Bullying

More Homegrown Terrorism?

Lobbyists with Nothing to Hide Arrive on Capitol Hill

The Vatican's Dirty Secrets: Bribery, Money Laundering and Mafia Connections

Prop. 8 and the Misery of the Law

Scientologists Cry Foul Over Being Excluded From Obama's Cairo Speech

Wake Up America, the Media Treat Far-Right Views as Mainstream

'Empathy' on 1927 Supreme Court might have saved thousands from the knife

Economic Fallout Has Spurred an Epidemic of Murder and Suicide That Has Gone Largely Unnoticed

WHY "PRO-LIFERS" GET IT WRONG (a few words in honor of Dr. George Tiller)

Q&A with: Single-payer advocate Dr. Thomas Clairmont

How Much Do Life Insurers Profit from Tobacco?

Grass-roots groups must test President mettle on health care reform

Breaking Bibi

In Pictures: President Obama in Dresden, Germany

President Obama tours Buchenwald, speaks out against deniers of Holocaust

Forbes: Doomsayers--Or Realists?

Regressive and Unaffordable .... Only a single-payer system would stop the private insurance industr

Our Economy Is Going to Keep Tanking Until We Stop Shoveling Billions to Rich People

Top House Republican slams White House over jobs, Full Boner, Statement:

In Pictures: Muslim world watches as President Obama gives historical speech in Cairo

David Sirota: Whither the sacred campaign promise?

Did Obama screw the left on Sotomayor?

Come Up With the Best Title for Dick Cheney's Forthcoming Memoir

David U. Himmelstein, M.D.; ‘Only single payer can achieve cost control, universal care’

Joe Conason: Crackpots calling the kettle black

HuffPost: The Insanity of Ayn Rand: The Fountain-Brain-Dead

Weekend Economists' Alfred Hitchcock Perspective: June 5-7, 2009

Pat Buchanan is a Cracker

Trailer: Point/Counterpoint: The Abortion Movie

Bolivia wants terror backers from US

New Evidence on Bolivia Terrorism

Cuban Government Dissolves Giant State Enterprise - CUBALSE

DC Couple Accused of Spying for Cuba

Ex Congressman sentenced to eight years house arrest for 'Yidispolitica' (bribery)

Peru clash with tribes, police kills at least nine

Oregon legislation puts backyard laundry on the line

Vermont Becomes First State to Set Renewable Energy Rates

DrumBeat: June 5, 2009

Aramco does the dance of the seven veils

New Arenavirus Responsible For Hemorrhagic Fever Outbreak In Zambia, S. Africa - AFP

MNSIDC 3 June 2009 - Arctic Melt Season Gains Momentum - Minimum Extent "Likely" Below Averages

Evidence Grows That Fossil Fuel Use Is Disrupting Earth's Nitrogen Cycle - Mongabay

The Upside of Down - Green Global Stimulus Spending

Father Thomas Berry - "Dream Of The Earth" Author & Self-Styled "Geologian" - Dead At 94

Sustainable Aquaculture: Net Profits (TIME)

'Beehive fence' deters elephants (BBC)

Floating wind turbine launched (BBC)

A Sea Change: Imagine a World Without Fish

Please: Help Save Migratory Birds:

French Award-Winning Design for Wind Turbine Towers - using existing elec. towers

Capitalism's Inescapable Logic - Mitsubishi Freezing Vanishing Bluefin Tuna For Later Sale

is there a good push mower out there? need a new mower.

More Than 50 MYA, Tapir, Rhino Ancestors Endured 6 Months Of Darkness In Then-Tropical Arctic Basin

Scientists Classify First New Cloud Type In More Than 50 Years - High Heat = Strong Condensation

What's really sad is seeing Giant's fans that are celebrating Randy Johnson's 300th win

Kobe Bryant Puppet Finds LeBron James Puppet Dead In Apartment Bathtub

Explosion in SF. Apparently cboy's head exploded when the Yorks announced the

Just called the NHL with my complaint about the scheduling!

I can't STAND it!!!!!

Pens win 4-2..tie series

ATTENTION inthebrain ----

heh, former 19 win pitcher Fausto Carmona demoted.... to Rookie ball

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!

The Lakers are going to win in 5

More Greg Silver,MD, John Russell, Nurse Practitioner, +Mark Adams, JD re Single Payer vs StatusQuo

Weekly Toll: Death in the American Workplace (Thursday, June 04, 2009)

Building Bridges Radio: Domestic Workers United - Your Home, My Work

Teamsters to vote on Smucker contract

Jon Goesslin breaks silence on child labor charges: Denies exploiting kids

How Obama's 'Car Czar' Steve Rattner Is Bankrupting GM (pension funds to pay off Morgan and Citi!)

American Income Life Insurance CEO & President Roger Smith fights for passage of the EFCA

Reuters: UPDATE U.S. workers feel pain as jobless ranks grow

AP: Unemployed men struggle in dating game

Fan House: NFL, Players Union Begin Labor Talks (no 2011 season?)

Daily Kos: This Water is for Display Only

Today in labor history June 5 Shortly after midnight, Robert Kennedy was shot

Want Single Payer Health Insurance? Here's How We Get It.

Or, 'Why corporate control of the media may be hazardous to your health'

Doubts Raised Over New Type of Hip Surgery

The Importance of Deciphering Your Insurance

WHO backs anti-diarrhoea vaccine (BBC)

Health Insurance Profits Soar as Industry Mergers Create Near-Monopoly

Turns out I can't get health insurance

Inside the Single-Payer Meeting and Please Fax Max

insurance for physical therapy plan?

Older women benefit from HPV vaccine

Fatty Foods -- Not Empty Stomach -- Fire Up Hunger Hormone

Buddhist Peace Fellowship: Prop 8 - What Happened to Change?

New England may see long-term boost from gay marriage

Survey: People are more inclined to support gay rights if they personally know someone who is gay

Its been a long hard sad week for me

WGLB Presents: Making a Federal Case out of Us – Perry v. Schwarzenegger

Will the Antichrist be a homosexual?

GOP lawyer in Prop 8 lawsuit hailed as ‘impassioned’ advocate

7 companies have pulled their advertising with KRXQ after anti-trans violence aimed at children

Brains of gay men show similarities to those of heterosexual women, study reports

Separated at birth?

finally a full explanation

Is Chicago's handgun ban a "life saving" law?

Is this story also misleading

Gun-loving pastor to his flock: Piece be with you

FBI: NYC is the safest U.S. City

HRC Told Congress To Wait On DADT, Push For ENDA, Hate Crimes Instead

Arizona lawmakers seek to strip domestic partners of health coverage

Report: Far-rightists threaten top IDF general

Far-right wing activists launch anti-Obama campaign

What Would Obama Do If His Only Concern Was Israel?

Israel considered two-state solution just after Six-Day War

Israel lifts more checkpoints after Obama speech

GLBT and religious faith/Spirituality

Clinton dismisses Israeli argument on settlements

Shocking, stunning video from Jerusalem on the eve of Obama speech

When Settlers Attack

Analysis: What Obama failed to understand, or refused to publicly identify

Politics and the Financial Crisis Slow the Drive to Privatize

Even Private Capital Gets It

SGS alternate unemployment figure passes 20%.

Want Single Payer Health Insurance? Here's How We Get It.

Did you hear what the trend guy Gerald Celente is saying?

Wall Street expects the U.S. economy to lose 550,000 jobs in May

Remember all those rosey 1st qtr bank profits?

Fed to bond market: "We get it"

Poppy's and more snapped this afternoon. I went to access a new gig....

You people are driving me nuts!

Announcement for my show

Going through pictures of my trip, still finding things I did not see before.....

Gene by Gene

Dream and wonder...

A challenge to you all

The Diamond Prism and the Planetary Awakening - Energies for June 2009

Obama's Cairo Speech Elicits Varying Reactions From American Muslims (NewsHour)

Obama's Cairo Speech Elicits Varying Reactions From American Muslims (NewsHour)

Kentucky Pastor Invites People To Bring Guns To Church

"Bishop sentenced for church bell noise"

"Gay Adoption Resolution Didn't Attack Catholicism"

"Red Cross urges Muslim militants to free Italian hostage"

Does it matter whether or not God intervenes in the universe?

Any Liberal Gun Lovers on here?

But Obama says!

NOHOP = Now Obama Hides Overwhelming Proof

Ha! Obama Disses 9/11 Conspiracy Theories in Cairo Speech

Trash-Talk about Texas

Town formally adopts a 'fair trade' policy

Court orders Ottawa to allow Abdelrazik to return to Canada