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Specter says he is "proud to be a Democrat" as he looks for votes. If he is re-elected

LIHOP, will there now be a MIHOP?

Justice & Accountability in China

US v. Honduras whirled cup soccer on now. Running blog here.

Long-Term Unemployment Rate Hits Record

FDL Book Salon: Idiot America with Charles Pierce

First, do no harm...

Why do so many controversial posts get thrown into the dungeon, the September 11 forum?

Military-backed public schools on the rise in US

Jonathan Tasini: Wal-Mart Jobs Vs. Auto Jobs

Corporate loopholes

Has a health care bill ever passed Congress w/out the blessing of the insurance industry or pharma?

Michelle "Internment of Japanese Americans Rocked" Malkin on Obama's "Dept. of Injustice":

Just read "Shop Class as Soulcraft" by Matthew B. Crawford

"Bi-partisan healthcare reform" is an oxymoron.

I guess there are still some gaps in homeland security protection

Medical Bills Linked to Nearly Two-thirds of All Bankruptcies

Pres. Sarkozy > Prez O:

Frank Rich: Who Is to Blame for the Next Attack?

Amazing: Even Conservatives Resoundingly Favor Gays In the Military

Ha-Ha! Ape study traces evolution of laughter

It's beginning to look like Kennedy's "Gateway" plan is MANDATORY INSURANCE with NO PUBLIC OPTION...

unreadable google logo

Letter I wrote Glenn Beck

Fox Nation and pointing guns at black people

Veteran detective's arrest in 1986 killing stuns the LAPD

(Israeli) Settlers preparing for war, says Shin Bet chief

Are You Pro-Choice?

Prepare to be sicken: Another Racist Forum

WJ this morning - should the Chrysler-Fiat Deal be blocked?

Democracy..., democracy; don't talk about democracy.

One thing struck me about Obama's cairo speech.

CPD Officer convicted of "pummeling" female bartender for not serving drinks: Claimed self-defense

article NYT compares the past of Sotomayor and thomas.

Maybe we could send these stats to Congress. Maybe then it would sink in.

Colbert to be Guest Editor of Newsweek (check out the cover)

U.S. Heath Insurers Heavily Invested In Tobacco Companies

Media exaggerating on # of people at parade w/Palin

Election Law Experts Agree: Norm Coleman Doesn't Have A Prayer

Adult Stem Cells Restore Sight to the Blind

Man Accosts Federer on Court

What the new Jim Comey torture emails actually reveal

High-Priced Media Campaign That Iraqis Aren't Buying-Many in Baghdad Dismiss Effort as US Propaganda

Mistah KURTZ asking, "Can you draw a line from" O'LOOFAH's attacks on TILLER & incitement

The complex life of George Tiller

Iraqis Detain 5 Americans in Baghdad

Richard Shelby is not smart

GEM$NBC is repeating A Day in the Life of the President

A British academic wants to reawaken us to France's heroic wartime sacrifices

At what point does a Congressperson understand that they'll be voted

Parents rammed cars into burning day care - Mexico

Jobless man threatens to set himself on fire

The radioactive cheese grater

A summer health reminder: Don't forget your sun screen!

Did Grassley Steal His 'Hammer' Line From The Closer?

Bill AYERS on In Depth (CSPAN) for 3 hrs. This is just info.

Compulsory insurance can work

Compulsory insurance can work

Key Figures in Global Battle Against Illegal Arms Trade Lost in Air France Crash

Hey Zonies, important links over in the AZ forum for you! Check it out and act!

NewsWeek article on soldiers who love the battlefield is concerning

Wild Shootout Kills 16 In Mexico's Acapulco Resort


Gingrich: Americans ‘surrounded by paganism.’

Year of the Hungry: One billion people will go hungry around the globe next year

Agent Provocateur

Obama's ramping up his health care campaign, and is about to take a bigger role in the debate.

What Do You Think of MSNBC's Lockup Show?

How would you convince a Congress critter or candidate for public office ...

France gets it's Obama moment

Progressive Caucus Lays Out Principles for Public Health Plan

Progressive Caucus Lays Out Principles for Public Health Plan

Lebanon County Democrat Examiner: The Employee Free Choice Act will help workers

For-profit "health" insurance companies must die......

Wal-Mart workers attend union rally in Dallas

what is wrong with this picture???? look closely

More bodies are surfacing, focus on Airbus speed sensors

New York's Gillibrand Has Become Lockstep Liberal

826 posts!!

Nine more police killed in Amazon protests

High-speed rail: Biden praises Midwest plan to enhance passenger train system

Shootout Kills 16 in Mexico's Acapulco Resort

Some militants respond positively to Obama speech

GM Introduces New 200(9) Line Of Layoffs

Here we have the ticking time bomb scenario.

Aurora, Colorado tornado

Aurora, Colorado tornado

Just watched "Swing Vote" FIVE Stars

Wrong turn in Europe? (to the right)

you bet your health

Chrysler's Plan? Send Pay and Standards Down the Drain


Great Gifts For Fathers Day From USA Coffee Company! (all made in the USA)

DADT vs The Obama Nation

DADT vs The Obama Nation

Catholic columnist: homosexuality = eating disorder

Marine recruiter arranges for 2 potential recruits to have sex with a 14 year old

Is your cell phone spying on you?

Quite possibly the most imbecilic LTTE I've ever read:

In need of creative ideas or a patron...

IBM TV advert about the world working smarter... they give the inference America's health system is

Obamas take in modern art in Paris Sunday

William Blum: The Great, International, Demonic, Truly Frightening Iranian Threat

Free Pass for this administration on Iraq-Afghanistan policies?

Michigan shifting on gay marriage

Airbus SUCKS. Boeings are more robust

Speak well of your enemies...

Whale Wars Series 2 is Back (Sea Shepherd) - Los Angeles Times

Chinese have Nagin 'nockin back noodles,'steada gulpin' gumbo.

WaPo's Milbank: bittersweet call for journalists to stay the course

Hey another asshole conservative facebooker...

Dateline/nbc has a report on tonight about Iran and it's current.

Congressional Black Caucus backs public Medicare-like program

Palin Lifts From Gingrich in Anchorage Speech

Caption this

Caption this

A Heartbreaking Choice - late abortion realities

there's a blubbering fat-assed out of office republican on my teevee

In honor of Dr. Tiller, I am donating 500 bucks to Planned parenthood. How about you?

I'm trying to wrap my head around this David Carradine thing

My response to the "anti-choice" zealots.

It is long past time for Universal savings / retirement accounts.

Obama with foreign leaders: All business, all the time

New Jersey police officer, Joseph R. Rios III, pounds man standing idly on corner, caught on video

Give Roeder his CPAP machine, for pete's sake....


Dissecting the Mainstream Media, Part 3-Gang Pressure (Sibel Edmonds)

Where are the bees? I have bunches of perrenial flowers, vegetable

The HORROR!! Obama bows to a FRENCHIE!!!

Inhofe "doesn't know" if Obama "sides with the terrorists."

The Nation: Time to Break Up the Banks

Let's give the Republicans the credit they deserve.

Would you like some GMOs in your coffee? (F**king Monsanto)

Irked Grassley Tweets Vacationing Obama, "You Got Nerve Sightseeing in Paris"

"The Law Of Love"...

Been living in a dark pit, I suppose

#67 to Tiger

Private insurance companies push for 'individual mandate'

Check out this BS: Growing Momentum of GM, Chrysler Boycott

Teen Expected to Die as Baby Graduates

For The Wrestling Fans Here

For The Wrestling Fans Here

Roeder warns of more planned violence

Don't call them pro-life - call them anti-choice.

The Nation: Time to Break Up the Banks

The importance of helmets.

Small business owners: who is your target demographic?

Why do you think the Republicans and Nazis both hated unions?

Why do you think the Republicans and Nazis both hated unions?

Two commericals I never thought I would ever see...

"For What It's Worth:" PLEASE READ and respond:

“Regular Guy” Hannity Smears Public School Students – Again

Toronto Star: Public health care worth saving

'Global warming is baloney' signs ordered down at Burger King.

Waiting for Janet Napolitano's statement regarding Scott Roeder?

Shakira’s Children (Shakira focused on early childhood education from NYT Magazine)

The Stark Healthcare Plan (AmeriCare) - Anyone Know Much About It?

A Note To The Democratic Party From A Democrat Who Thinks In Washington State

Should COBRA insurance be outlawed?

How a college graduation gift can cost you your job

Microsoft CEO Ballmer Threatens To Move Microsoft Out Of The US....

Decatur, Alabama newspaper weighs in on Siegelman case

Christian Martyr Movement Leader Blesses Gingrich, Lays Hands on Huckabee (Lou Engle Prop8 supporter

Forget FR. The real imbeciles are at

65 years ago we began the final push to end German fascism. Thank the FSM that this bunch

The Reagan Trajectory: How's That Workin' For Ya?

ND see first snow fall in june in 60 years

Crazy Arnold's Going-Out-of-Business Sale: ALL CALIFORNIA ASSETS MUST GO !!!!!

I expected the economy to be worse by this time.

For Many Workers, Fear of Layoff is a Big Motivator.

I have a real problem with the Weather Channel's Vortex 2

Obama's climate guru: Paint your roof white!

Year 2000: 1900 Ladies Home Journal Predictions

More on the death of Dr Tiller. He was truly PRO-choice ALL Churches on High alert today

I found this on my community forum bashing conservative attitudes, just beautiful

Several bodies found from AFFt447

Alaskans Think State Could be {North Korean} Target

Rosie O'Donnell ...........

Gingrich: Americans ‘surrounded by paganism.’

1998 St. Pete Times expose' on Bushes. Plus 2007 call from PBP to investigate Jeb and Lehman Bros.

U.S.: Union Busting Getting Worse, Study Shows (THUGGISH ATTITUDES COMMON)

Glenn Greenwald: What the new Jim Comey torture emails actually reveal

BREAKING: Rob, Arnie, and Dawn In The Morning Show Change Of Heart - They Have Capitulated

BREAKING: Rob, Arnie, and Dawn In The Morning Show Change Of Heart - They Have Capitulated

How Pharma and Insurance Intend to Kill the Public Option

Active media complicity in concealing that our Government created a systematic torture regime

On Being a Preemie Parent (Recovering)

Prison blues: States slimming down inmate meals ( no breakfast for ex.)

"subjects of every state ought contribute to.. the govt..proportion to their respective abilities"

Forcing people to buy health insurance ? If they could afford it they would have it.

Chameleon Gingrich: Sotomayor's not a racist, but a racialist

Chameleon Gingrich: Sotomayor's not a racist, but a racialist

Do You Give An Inmate A Medical Device That Runs By Electrical Chord & Has A Long Hose?

What Do You Think of MSNBC's Show To Catch A Predator?

Wells Fargo Targeted Black Folks ("Mud People") For Subprime Loans ("Ghetto Loans")....

LA Times: Trapped: It's hard to get a job if your credit is bad

Roeder says his cell is too cold and he needs his sleep apnea machine

Busting Open the "Christian Nation" Myth

'Cap and Save': The Growing Drumbeat for Pay Limits at the Top

Gingrich cheated on and then divorced his cancer ridden wife.

OBAMA: "It's Time To Deliver-Health Care Reform-Is Not A Luxury"

20 month old baby dies after drinking drain cleaner, 14 yr old mom & 19 yr old dad were making meth

'Global warming is baloney' signs put the heat on Burger King

'Global warming is baloney' signs put the heat on Burger King

Military-Backed Public Schools On the Rise In The U.S.

What are your "most important" issue(s)?

Interesting sign seen in Kansas City

Why do people travel to different countries and openly complain? It drives me NUTS!

I took Amtrak from Detroit to Chicago this weekend....My train was 45 minutes late.....

The George Tiller Memorial Abortion Fund Has Been Established

Tikkun: Animal-based Diets are Madness and Insanity

The Need to Question Conventional Wisdom and “Official” Version of Events - Some Personal Experience

The 'Death Tax' Scam

Japan has a nuke event - in one of the quake areas

Don’t expect DEA raids on N.M. medical marijuana dispensaries

Don’t expect DEA raids on N.M. medical marijuana dispensaries

How did 100,000,000 women disappear?

FedEx Threatens to "Destroy" Congress

Good grief: "Alternative medicine goes mainstream"

Good grief: "Alternative medicine goes mainstream"

Good grief: "Alternative medicine goes mainstream"

The Binary Fallacy and the End of Both Parties

Self Deleted for Tastelessness. Dear Mods, please delete, THANK YOU. . NT

About your addiction? is an answer..BA..

that which shall not be named is going down in the Natinals-Mets game!

Greatest Hummer

Greatest Bummer

Why do cops still put the same kind of wires on people that they did 30 years ago?

Thanks everyone for the good vibes, emails, private messages, and facebook messages


What costs more: Cremation vs. Burial?

Watching ALF Cartoon with Tavernerboy...

Sweden's got Talent - naked men dancing

There's a lot for sale in West Carrollton, Ohio

that which shall not be named is going down in the Red Sox-Rangers game

Nine Year Old Slumdog Star Writes Memoir

One MUST watch this..esp. if you are a Trekkie.

I just can't make the jump from Vegetarian to Vegan , not yet.

YES! I feel the love with every "YES" vote!!11!

PiGuy wants me to learn how to belly dance.

R You Wet?

I almost got into a fight last night... uh.... yay me.

Dogs at work does your employer allow them? I was at my husbands business last week painting my

Remember my cousin who I had the Sarcoma walk for?

What's For Dinner?

DAMN post a song for a frucking Saturday night.......

So.. DU in China.

Diagnosis Wencknbach

Mr.Midlo wants me to learn how to exorcise.

I ran across one of those "comparison" guys the other day

Have a ball at the Testicle Festival!

So my cat jumped on my wife's face in her sleep the other night.

Question for everyone who answered wrong in the "best cinematic chase scene" poll

I've had a doozy of a day.

WTF, $10,000 for a burial? What kind of a fucking SCAM is this?

Best Bumper Sticker Ever!

So I wasted a couple hours of my life watching this movie

So has anyone noticed that MrCoffee

*Sunday funnies*- Kelly Pickler on Ellen's show (3:30) Hilarious

photobucket question

a test

A request re: human rights in China

500 miles



sorry, last test

A couple of poems written by truckers

Best cinematic chase scene ever

So Long ~ See Ya Next Time ~

Chimney Sweep's Scrotum, Bagpiper's Fungus, Cobbler's Femur: "10 Bizarre Job-Related Illnesses"

Holy ZEUS!1 TBS has unaired episodes of Just Shoot Me on right now!1

I predict ice hockey will become the dominant sport among cultural liberals...

WARNING: Viewing pic may result in AWW overdose

Rat Pack - Birth of The Blues

I would greatly appreciate it...

I need to stop buying songs from iTunes or I won't be able to pay for food.

So Im at work......working a day tour

Best American Thomas The Tank Engine narrator.


I'm going for a run. Save my place for me, will you?

I'm going for a run. Save my place for me, will you?

How long does it take for Adderall XR to wear off?

How gay are you?

Any DU'rs live in or near resort areas where there are "summer people?"

Lissen up, people. This is the last time I'm gonna say this.

They just called for a tornado warning nearby.

*******Happy Birthday to cwydro's mom (83!) and Prisoner_Number_Six (54!)*******

Moving/Yard Sale is over~~Success!

I won a waffle!

If These Walls Could Speak

CLANG ... anyone with less than 100,000 posts is still a newbie

What is your "safe word"?

Bellydancing can be dangerous, it seems...

My neighbors already think I'm nuts because I use a push reel mower

Large picture of grasshopper

YouTube: B.B. King with Shemekia Copeland, "Every Day I Have The Blues" (David Letterman)

OK, Loungers, place your bets . . .

some random art, as per request

Creating a website and need help

Saturday evening kitteh drive-by cute attack

one last test

I Can't Stand Kids. Yuck. Yech. Get Away From Me!

The men each drank a couple of beers before the accident, they said. . .

I'm at 28000 posts! W00t!

My video of Yosemite waterfalls

I have a caulker.

photobucket cleaned out!

What's for dinner, DU?

Have any of you gotten this warning from Facebook?

Numb Nutz!

And the award for best/worst green-screen performance

Has anyone here read Thomas Wolfe's Look Homeward, Angel?

It is a cloudy day in Ohio today...

I got to go to the circus for my birthday

I am thinking about seeing "Drag me to Hell" is it any good ?

Is feeding your pets a "big production"?

Does anyone,not like pizza?

leash your fucking big dog you dumbass neighbor

How do you feel when you realize that you've misundrstood what you've seen?

Monumental Fail

Leaving Iowa because you disapprove of gay marriage?

I bet CaliforniaPeggy Loves Pizza !

kiitteah picture of the day for sunday june 7

The piss-ant "business center" in my hotel in Sac blocks Facebook but not DU!

Fondest and most creative threats

Sick and fucking tired of people that can't take care of their animals

The Marx Brothers vs. The Three Stooges

anyone up for a SCAVENGER HUNT?

Does anybody know anything about the website "Tagged"?

Entry level fork lift operators at GM make $80K/year.

Calling out is against the rules but I don't really care...

I have to beat an early retreat tonight

WARNING: Viewing pic may result in WTF overdose

"Where do you find these things?"

Happy Belated Birthday Mrs. Grumpy!!!

My age is only divisible by itself and 1. Am I in my prime? n/t

Alfie reversed .....whoa

What do you generally bring into a bar to protect yourself?

What's the best way to jerk a chicken?

Celebrities whose death made you say : "good riddance"

I have a telephone interview tomorrow @ 11am anyone

If Sinatra were still alive, I'll bet he could kick EACH and EVERY one of your ASSES.

Cake or Death?

I finally got around to watching Wall-E

Any physiologists/trainors, exercise experts here? I keep hearing two opposing "truths."

What's the most explosive forum on DU?

Rats! I was supposed to cook dinner tonight

826 posts!!

Bill Ayers (Yes, THAT Bill Ayers!) on BookTV right now.

Ladies and Gentlemen: If you are going to dress immodestly, exposing skin and all else,

Flying to Europe - Question

this was how I spent my weekend

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Sat 6/7/2009)

Celebrities whose deaths have made you cry

Love her or hate her, Britney Spears teaches us what we should already know at this point

What songs from 80's should should be heard in the 2080's

What songs from 80's should should be heard in the 2080's

The Mister and I are dining this evening Chez Midlo al fresco.

OK, Indianapolis or Cincinnati? If you had to relocate for a

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning)

Windows Photo Users......a question?

USB Turntables to convert LPs to CDs or mp3?


I won a raffle!

My first post-separation reality check.

I am compelled to clear up some inaccuracies concerning user names.

Post a Calvin and Hobbes strip

Anyone hate working out/Diet Advice?

Greatest Drummer

Sunday Times (UK)/Andrew Sullivan: 'Obama's genius is to say what we all know' (June 7)

Sunday Times (UK)/Irwin Stelzer: 'China and the Fed will tame Obama spending'

Obama Hut being built in the settlement Outposts

Two major critics of Obama's Cairo speech

Man sought for threatening president arrested

Lest We Forget: Cheney at Auschwitz --pix-->

Thank You D-Day Veterans, Thank You America, Thank You Canada and Thank You President Obama

So I think I've found the next manufactured controversy.


Facebook DUers - please vote in this poll -

Kristol & Krauthammer on Fox News Sunday: The Audacity of Nope

Obama aide: Criticism of Sotomayor 'kind of a sideshow'

Netanyahu Plans Major Policy Speech On Achieving Peace With Palestinians

Heads-up! C-SPAN to replay President Obama's Cairo Speech at 10:30 a.m. ET

NYT Editorial: Congress, the Banks and Derivatives (Or, "The Banks Run the Place")

Some People Say POTUS Was Embaraassment Overseas

When did Mitt Romney become a foreign policy expert?

PHOTOS The Obamas at the Pompidou Centre (June 7)

How should Obama respond to a potential Hizballah victory in Lebanon?

Obama hits back at Euro snub rumors

Presidential visit leaves a lasting impression

Haaretz: Don't turn Obama into an enemy

When wingnuts collide

There was no Obama snub of Sarkozy

France gets its Obama moment

If you are a facebooker, please unfreep the poll "Do you approve or disapprove of the job President"

Some Islamic Extremists Respond Positively To Obama Speech

The rabid reactions to valid objections to Ronald Reagan as a model for Democrats

Sotomayor's Votes Show No Single Ideology (WaPo)

LOL! What now bizitches? Obama speech to Muslims "deceptive," Taliban says

Sasha Obama is 8 years old today

Sasha Obama is 8 years old today

I am in a fog.. my thought processes are having a hard time wrapping around this

Obamas enjoy artistic pleasures of Paris

And while we're picking on Grassley: He "can't recall" why he voted against Sotomayor the first time

GOP senator (Grassley) irked at Obama over heath care

Looking good big Bill, looking good!

A Bi-Partisan Healthcare Bill Is A Death Sentence to the Public Option

Gingrich: Americans ‘surrounded by paganism.’

Amazing pic of Obama at Buchenwald from the German news...

Obama with foreign leaders: All business, all the time

"Newt wonders if he has a message to unify the country."


Democrats Against Obama Website Est. 2007

Field report from a most successful Obama OFA regarding health care

NYT tells President Obama to tax employee-based health insurance

"Bipartisanship" on health care = guaranteed failure

Jimmy Carter reporting from Lebanon where the Carter Center is helping to monitor today's elections

Sarah Palin says screw political correctness, but she used it to bolster her campaign last year.

"Hungarian Jews should stick to playing with their circumcised tails"

Roeder warns of more violence coming

Shelby: US has "the best health care system the world has ever known."

Sarah Palin is Pro-Choice also. She told a recent pro-life group that she

ZOMG! Grassley twitter pwnage. Skools Obama! He ain't no nail! I'm series!!11

Trust But Villify

PHOTO Caption it (The President and the Prince)

Clinton stands firm on Israeli settlements

Michelle Obama is the epitome of evil and she must be denounced

Hawaii Dept. of Health Official Confirms (Again) that Birthers are full of it on the "Long Form" BC

Hawaii Dept. of Health Official Confirms (Again) that Birthers are full of it on the "Long Form" BC

Without Vietnam, LBJ would have gone down as the greatest president in American history.

Senator Shelby says Public Option Would Destroy "The Best Health Care System World Has Ever Known"

D-Day: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Michelle Obama - the first ladies of fashion

Buchenwald trip has personal meaning for Obama aide

Rev. Wright says Obama has made mistakes but is “like my child”

DU posters that are looking for provocation in every little thing Obama says. ARE YOU THAT BORED?

Donor states vs. Subsidized states

**HEADS UP**: Secretary Clinton on ABC This Week*** : Obama Has Passed '3 a.m.' Test.

Thanks Jackeens!

Hillary Clinton: I said no, at first, to secretary of state job

NYT: Obama to "exert greater control on health policy debate" wants public option

Stop Terry: Virginia on Tuesday Is Ground Zero for the Democratic Party

U.S. high court asked to block Chrysler sale

'Global warming is baloney' signs put the heat on Burger King

Obama speech to Muslims "deceptive", Taliban says

Justice Dept. Lawyers Sought Interrogation Limits.

9 more police killed in Amazon protests in Peru

High-Priced Media Campaign That Iraqis Aren't Buying-Many in Baghdad Dismiss Effort as US Propaganda

Fla. death row inmate sues to get victims' Chevy

Final round of marathon European vote

Protests against Putin sweep Russia as factories go broke

Newborn dies, mother found dead in crawl space; woman charged

Fidel Castro dismisses spy 'tale'

Hundreds Attend Funeral for Slain Abortion Doctor

Netanyahu Wants "Maximum Understanding" With U.S.

Wikipedia 'sentinel' quits after using alias to alter entries

Palin Lifts From Gingrich in Anchorage Speech

Palin Lifts From Gingrich in Anchorage Speech

Voices for reform: Demonstration at Baucus' Missoula office just one of many across state

Clinton says U.S. mulls putting North Korea back on terror list

Clinton stands firm on Israeli settlements

Congressional Black Caucus backs public Medicare-like program

Senator says Obama 'got nerve' to push lawmakers

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin quarantined after swine flu exposure

Hillary Clinton: I said no, at first, to secretary of state job

Hillary Clinton: I said no, at first, to secretary of state job

Suspect in Kan. doctor's death warns of violence

More Bodies Recovered Near Site of Plane Crash

Upset over Carradine body photo

5 Americans may stand trial in Iraq in fellow American's slaying

Shootout kills 16 in Mexico's Acapulco resort

Gay rights activist (Cleve Jones) calls for march on Washington

Conservatives racing ahead in EU parliament voting

APNewsBreak: Major problems found in war spending

US House To Hold Hearings On Single Payer Health Care

Pakistanis avenge mosque blast, attack Taliban

Lebanese ruling (pro-Western) coalition claims poll victory

A Prosecutor Gets Personal (Fitzgerald Fights Publication Of Book Criticizing Him)

Key Figures in Global Battle Against Illegal Arms Trade Lost in Air France Crash

Harry Kelber's Candidacy Announcement (95 years old)

Panda Demands Abortion

Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) Is Clueless On Climate Change

New BabySafe Ball Makes Shaking Your Infant Guilt And Injury Free

Islamist dickhead

maude on abortion

The Week In Cartoons 06/06

Stephen Colbert Cameos In High School Principal's Commencement Speech From Iraq

chavez vs bush

HOME (English with subtitles)

TYT: Should Marijuana Should Be Legal? Cenk Interviews Judge J. G.

O'Reilly: Be careful what you do with tape because of the internet.

TYT: We Must Hold Democrats Accountable (America's Future Now Conclusion)

Shelby tries to blame Obama for bank bailouts that happened last fall.

Fox Nation 'Statement of Purpose'

Robert Weissman: A New Life for the IMF: Capitalizing on Crisis

Ignore the Scaremongers - Watch out for the Truly Scary

Asia Times: Dollar's fate written in history

Obama in Egypt: An Arab Progressive's Response

"Buying Brand Obama" ..... by Chris Hedges

A Brief History of the Radical, Violent Right: How Racist Hate Groups Joined Up with Abortion Terror

A Slow Burn Becomes a Raging Fire.

How America's first couple overcame their rocky moments - Paul Harris in The Observer

Netanyahu’s New Quest: The Game is On (Ramzy Baroud)

Patrick Fitzgerald Threatening to Sue For Defamation and ­Libel

Deepak Chopra: Obama's Call to the Faithful

Fitzgerald urges grads to take their own stands

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Time for a New Round of Stimulus

Lawyers, guns and money: Three reasons to end the drug war

A Simple First Step Toward Universal Health Care

Government-Owned GM to Offer Free 'Rush-Proofing'

Guardian UK: If you say 'Mexican' in America, you are using a blanket derogatory term

Wall Street Journal: The Economy Is Still at the Brink

college administrators think like a bank--faculty think like a credit union

A picture of Holocaust victim Anne Frank, aged 80

Getting Healthy: An Overdue Tax-the-Rich Prescription

Tips for avoiding the Pagans (they surround us)

No, Dan, America is not a Christian nation

Heresy Of The First Order: We Are The 'Third Chimpanzees' (Jason Miller)


Never Wear a Gasoline Suit When Visiting Hell

Rafael Correa confirms Ecuador entry into ALBA

Hunt for two more Irishmen in Bolivian death plot probe

Remember Julio Soto in Maracaibo Venezuela who was professionally killed?

Agents' stories have intrigue of spy novels (Myriam Marquez fantasy. Printed by McClatchy)

CBS: Castro Blogs About US Spy Couple Plus Fidel's Reflection on this in Spanish

"Be Careful with Tourism from the United States" by Manuel Yepe

JR: "Cuba: the enclosed network?" (More on Microsoft and US Blockade)

FIDEL Reflection on "spy" case: "Absurd Reaction to a Defeat" in English

Venezuelan Government Fines Opposition TV Globovision

2 Cuban spies believed to be `true believers' (AP & Miami Herald creative writers get together.)

World's poor overwhelmed by rubbish

Scientists eye glowing volcano crater in Hawaii

Independent UK: Could we be the generation that runs out of fish?

NC plant operator, supervisor sentenced for Clean Water Act violations

NOAA changes El Niño forecast

Peruvian police kill 22 Indians in battle over Amazon oil drilling

Ohio challenged on nuke plant deaths

Pret A Manger to stop selling tuna sandwiches (due to "The End of the Line")

Inca Kola News has lots of info about the killing of indigenous people in Amazona (Peru)

Northwest's biofuel boom goes bust

Home (2009), beautiful (if sobering) documentary about the environment.


Ortiz him a grand total of 2

Best coach ever, or worst coach ever?

US v. Honduras whirled cup soccer on now. Running blog here.


Big Cat praises Little Panda

Cards caught in Colorado Vortex

Pittsburgh Pirates players furious with management

Wow, the Memorial today has it all. What a great tournament!

Howie Meeker and Milt Schmidt -- great Americans

Upton, are you watching Life of Brian during the rain delay?

The JR Chess Report (June 7): Untitled Player in New Chinese Champion

Hot Wings!

The last time I checked there is NO championship, ring, etc. for who has

Marlins annihilate the Giants--5-4.

Genial, Monsieur Federer! C'est la histoire......

It's time for the Mets to fire Minaya

Nurse files suit against Bellevue, Ne police

RACE DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT BY LATINA WAITRESS – company claims plaintiff Morales is a prositute

Today in Labor History June 7 Police Chief O.F. Aderholt is accidentally killed by one of his own

Union rejects contract offer


YAHOO-NFLPA NEW: Yahoo sues NFL Players Association (over fantasy football)


Colorado governor vetoes another union bill

Jack Henning dies at 93; California labor leader (legendary fierce defender of union workers)

A lifetime of labor, 5½ hours on the job (race & age discrimination)

New US jobs numbers 'encouraging': Biden

Busuness Week: No Solidarity for Labor (SEIU vs Unite Here)

STIMULUS WATCH: In jobs, what's stability worth?

Huffington Post: Sotomayor's Home Run

Illegal-labor culture is new target, ICE chief says (going after employers)

California labor commissioner sues 9 carwash businesses (violating employment and registration laws)

If you missed this, "Union busters came to my plant Wednesday"

Sen. Specter to labor: You'll like how I'll vote (on EFCA!)

NLRB Complaint Cites Retaliatory Attacks on Los Angeles Carwash Workers

RAISE Act Lifts Pay Cap on 8 Million American Workers

Daily Kos: "Clean" Energy Company Treats Workers Like Dirt

Union-busting ("so serious and substantial") probe of Middletown company expands

Teamsters secure higher wage, pension for area MillerCoors workers

FedEx Faces Higher Unionization Risk Via Legislative Proposal

UFW co-founder Dolores Huerta shares stories of union struggles in Salinas

Daily Kos: New leadership for the AFL-CIO... (John Sweeney retires in another three months)

IBEW, AT&T (largest employer of full-time union labor in the USA) start contract negotiations

Verizon worker settles battle with Communication Workers (years of union pratice down the drain)

Union Workers Crash the Red Cross Bash

IUE-CWA retirees don’t face changes

USA Today: Roger Penske: 'We're going to build a Saturn team'

Most Canadians couldn't afford to come to the US for medical treatment

Protesters want Baucus to consider single-payer system

Weekly Diabetes Drug Byetta Outdoes Competitors

Discredited Research Study Stuns an Ex-Army Doctor’s Colleagues

US House To Hold Hearings On Single Payer Health Care

KC Star: Scammed foreign workers were paying double for their rent (Giant Labor Solutions charged))

Take no notice of the imbecilic title. If you are not, already, all too familiar with

Nazi snipers thought Bill was mad

KQED (PBS San Francisco) documentary: 'The Castro'

Mayor vows to cut Gay Pride funds

I have another dumb question re: Gay marriage

Cheers Or Jeers?

California considering stopping the sale of more than 50 rounds of ammo per month.

I have a dumb question re: Gay Marriage

Mahatma Obama in Palestine

Palestinian Lawyers Take on Israel

B'Tselem: Security forces must prepare for settler revenge

U.S. may propose immediate talks on West Bank borders

'Netanyahu failure to back two-state solution harming Israel'

Fatah says Hamas arresting its men in Gaza

Ex-President Carter praises Obama Mideast policy

(Israeli) Settlers preparing for war, says Shin Bet chief

Anti-Syrian bloc celebrates Lebanon election win

The Divisions Among Israelis and Palestinians

Haaretz: Don't turn Obama into an enemy

Jews gone wild: Why camcorders and booze don't mix

Israel to pay victims of Hebron settler violence

12 Palestinians charged for lynching 'Jewish terrorist'

Max Blumenthal: Censored by the Huffington Post and Imprisoned By The Past

Our economy:

Own a house? Pay property taxes? Insurance? Time for a re-appraisal, then.

Doctor critical of Baucus promotes single-payer plan

Why the Present Depression Will Be Deeper than the Great Crash of 1929 (June 4, 2009)

The Biggest Rip Off Ever?

Teamsters, Safety Groups Blast FMCSA (Obama) Pick

Where's the gold gone to?

Guess I'm not done with birds....just like Celebration predicted

Definitely NOT my idea, but...

The sculptured rock scenery at The Arches - as promised - with lots of photos

FTC shuts down notorious botnet ISP

Evolution, religion, schizophrenia and the schizotypal personality

Numbers and posting.

Art Bell's wife's immigration status

News Flash: Americans surrounded by paganism!

Bengali mother caned for talking to Hindu man

U.S. has first black female Jewish rabbi

I Figured It Was time For A Hell-Raising Post

What's so funny, Wolfowitz?

LIHOP, will there now be a MIHOP?

USA network has a new show "Royal Pains" anyone see it??

MacDonald compares Dexter to car thief in televised [NS] election debate

NARA declassifies Sibel Edmonds' 9/11 Commission interview