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Rally to get Gov. Sanford out of office

Healthcare Reform Rallies - Newspaper Describes As A "Small" Rally

Daily Kos: Request from Alma Felix on the anniversary of the heat death of her uncle

Anti-Republican Buttons Featuring Sarah Palin and Orrin Hatch

Fascist watch: EU calls grow for member states to open fire on migrant boats

Yunnan quake cuts wide swath of destruction

Here's a story...... Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

Thank God...Mgt, Carlson's neck much better tonight on KO...

Anti-Zionism protesters beaten nearly to death by police: Hungary

Anti-Zionism protesters beaten nearly to death by police: Hungary

Smoke dope and save the state of California, dude

Mysterious Tremors Detected on San Andreas Fault

Who even wanted this unreccomend feature (and why)?

I take it how many *recs* a post had was thought of as important?

The anti-single payer/anti-public option forces seem to LOVE the new unrecommend feature.....

Slim Jim Shortages Cause Widespread Turmoil, Healthy Sodium And Cholesterol Levels

Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, Raul Grijalva...

The Unrecommend feature has a liberal bias!

Mysterious Tremors Detected on San Andreas Fault

K&R if you think president Obama is doing a good job!

Question for MJ fans. Who is the greatest writer of all time? Is it Agatha Christie?

"it is acceptable as long as it's correctable"

What do you think about

My Recommended has no meaning..

The recommend function stifles dissent and free speech

Climate shaped the worldwide distribution of human mitochondrial DNA sequence variation

Climate shaped the worldwide distribution of human mitochondrial DNA sequence variation

Is it asking too much to give the unrec feature a trial period?

I've Seen More Dissent On DU In The Last 6 Hours Than I Have In The Last 6 Days...

Pat Quinn deserves admiration and support..Governor of Illinois who

Pat Quinn deserves admiration and support..Governor of Illinois who

I'm gonna surf through the DU forums, searching for OPs started by my enemies.

Kick and UnRec this Post if you think we should "Skip It".....

Twin Cities Loan Officer Convicted in Mortgage Scheme

Several people have unrecommended this thread, help me understand why

This thread SUCKS!

Who gives a rip if a post is "GREATEST" or not

Attn Skinner; Please dump the Unrecommend function

Geez Louise, are liberals USUALLY this impatient and resistant to change?

Frank proposes home loan plan for jobless

The pros and cons of unrec (as I see it):

Karzai victory may trigger Afghan violence, US commander warnsDavid Haight, a top US colonel in Afgh

How much importance do you place on the number of rec's a post gets?

It seems to me that egos have been badly bruised with un recommend

World's largest solar plant may be built in Cle Elum

All these threads about the "recommend" buttons make me miss all the ones about Michael Jackson!

We had a health care rally today at Sam Brownback's office - pictures

If You Don't Want the Public Option, Get the Hell Out of the Way

Thanks to whomever gave me my star

Firedoglake: Private Equity Firms, Our New Corporate Masters?

WOW we have this article by Rachel Maddow, and the big picture, right wing

"Ask Not What Your Banker Can Do For You

you believin' this shit? AIG wants government blessing for exec. bonuses

Holy DOG!! The Greatest Page!!! Wow!!

Clinton appointee takes over as Chief Judge of the quickly changing 4th Circuit Court of Appeals

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

US damaged historic Iraqi site of Babylon: UNESCO

Drunken driver sues restaurant that served him

So, you like herd mentality? If so, unrec this post.

I'm seeing less deleted posts than usual...

What if threads listed the screen names of everyone who Recs/Unrecs them?

Isn't that creepy shit, Coburn, also some sort of religious official?

The Justice Department Roach Motel

Babylon damaged during US occupation: UNESCO

New York Post.... a "newspaper"...

An explanation of the new feature from

Portrait of President Obama by Italian artist Dario Gambarin (tractor drawing) - pics

Dad Attacked After Suicide Bid With Toddler (China)

All Rachel's talk about C Street, I decided to check out "The Family".

I heard about VERSIONISTA on Rachel Maddow today. Very interesting site....

I heard about VERSIONISTA on Rachel Maddow today. Very interesting site....

Which Contributes MOST To Keeping A Thread Alive?


How to contact Skinner or the moderators directly (and thank you mods for your hard work!)

I don't see any threads that express support for the unrec feature.

William K Black on how to fix the financial crime wave

15 student killed in Kabul, Afganistan

In California, 5 Kettleman City Infants Born With Birth Defects in 14 months, 3 Die

What is going on here? Is this my DU anymore or is it just a weird

What is going on here? Is this my DU anymore or is it just a weird

Obama's Poll Numbers Have Dropped - Perhaps They Need To Drop Further

MN's Burnsville's PD try to silence Free Speech on the Corner. (thought the RNC was over)

My Thoughts On Rec\UnRec, And The Supposed Need For It

The CIA, the Company.

The CIA, the Company.

Obesity costs California dearly

Hemingway Revealed As Failed KGB Spy

Kucinich, McKinney and Michael Moore on the DU home page. When will the right-wing DUers....

How to get rid of Libertarians: Support Seasteading!

CAPTION: The Mastur G-8ers

A Meta-Meta-Thread

I don't really understand how this "unrecommend" thing works

Senator Horndog. n/t

I would like to see a "tombstone" button

I think that it is abhorrent that DU deployed the Rec/Un-Rec thing on a Thursday

Ticked at the MSM's coverage of health care? Use the FAIR site to complain to them.

"first ladies" and "last ladies" in G8 L'Aquila...

Illustrated with shadow puppets.

GOP Senators to call New Haven fire fighter Ricci to testify against Sotomayor.

A shout of to the leftist in the Democratic Party. Rec it up and see what gives.

many of the most UNrecommended posts are also among the most viewed...:P

Hey DU, Buy American

Senate Judiciary Committee (refresher):

Draft: World leaders launch $15B food initiative

I, for one, appreciate how the unrec. finally gives balance to the greatest page.

Yes We Camp

I am going to share a short E-Mail I got this morning

Food Bank Friday, July 10, 2009

Vulnerable GOPs want Palin to stay home

Okay, the jig is up. We all know now that the CIA misled Congress.

Blue Dog Dems break ranks on health care

Blue Dog Dems break ranks on health care

The True Face of the Palinistas

"Incompetence, Corruption & Futility" - So This Is What Victory Looks Like? - by Scott Ritter

"Incompetence, Corruption & Futility" - So This Is What Victory Looks Like? - by Scott Ritter

Congress’s $1.2 Million a Day Drug Habit

Gov. Perry of Texas is promoting a "right wing whacko" to head

GAO finds major security lapses at federal buildings

AIG Prepares to Pay More Bonuses to Executives

AlterNet: Hedge Fund Would Rather Shut Down a Plant Than Pay Its Workers a Fair Wage

DU's Pole Star

Jim "Assclown" Demint (R-jaggoff) at it again....

The CBO needs to work up Single Payer

Blacks not welcome: Condemn the Valley Swim Club

Keep them playing: Stimulus money aids orchestras

Kidde Recalls Dual Sensor Smoke Alarms; Can Fail to Warn of a Fire

Cemetery "Evictions", and how we can avoid them

George Bush STILL sucks goats

Liberal Minnesota Blogger Says Dan Lacey is "Brilliant" ... WTF?

Pres Obama speaking live from Italy

I want the people who give the Oath of Office to our leaders, investigated

Michael Moore tackles financial meltdown in "forbidden love story"

I got the Blue Dog blues regarding health care

Please please vote up this thread, I'm at < 0 and need much more > 0 to get to < 0

Operation Rescue leader called non-violence a "pitiful philosophy" after Dr. Slepian was murdered

Operation Rescue leader called non-violence a "pitiful philosophy" after Dr. Slepian was murdered

I always thought John Ensign was a Mormon

Growing numbers of poor people swamp legal aid offices

Am I the only one who doesn't go to the "Greatest Page"

Morning Joe = Fox Jr.

Was 'unrecommend' created for just you and yourpoints to be summarily shot down?

Stupid insensitive CNN reporter ask child who overheard racist comments

Rec This Thread if You Want to Show that Useless "Rec This Thread" Threads Can Still Rise to the GP

The losers who gave us Sarah Palin-'GOP Operatives Should Be Charged With Endangering The Country'

You stay classy, MSNBC (screen shot from current home page)

Experts: Iraq invasion harmed historic Babylon

Experts: Iraq invasion harmed historic Babylon

Cisco cutting up to 2,000 jobs: analyst

It. Never. Fucking. Ends. ........ This time its stock warrants that will be fucking us.

Sally Kern heckled by protesters as she launches morality campaign

India toxic alcohol toll tops 100

Victoria Jackson on Obama and public healthcare

The RIght Wing, which hated the Obama stimulus, now claims he's steering it to Dem-voting areas

Note to those who avoid Morning Joe: Lawrence O'Donnell is on

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Falls More Than Forecast on Rising Joblessness

CIA Vision, Mission & Values

Will the Unrec system lead to a new classic DU putdown -- "Less Than Zero"?

Anti-gay marriage zealots invade Maine

Any time someone gets in a discussion about health care,

Don't go, Sarah Palin! Mark Morford

Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC talking about Bruno

AP Source: GM emerges from bankruptcy

The US takes to the shadows in Iraq - Asia Times

Reuters: Cisco cutting up to 2,000 jobs: analyst

1 Dead at Pamplona; First Goring Death Since '95

DU intermittently timing out for anyone else?

WJ this morning - have you changed your mind about Obama

Joe Conason: GOP operatives who championed Palin should be held accountable for endangering country

I guess Burris got the hint - won't run for re-election for his IL Senate Seat.

Cap and trade: Putting on Sun Hats aboard the Hindenburg.

Burying a Child One Bone at a Time

Burying a Child One Bone at a Time

Ensign busted to semen first class

So once one recommends or unrecommends, one cannot change one's own mind?

Despite all the angst, the Unrecommend option is having

$1.4 Million Dollars Per Day

The Evilest of Evil CEOs Swiftboating Health Reform

The Empire Strikes Again! - Humanite/France

I'm trying to get a sense of who likes and who dislikes the "unrec" function..

I'm trying to get a sense of who likes and who dislikes the "unrec" function..

The 9th Circuit rules against "conscience" refusal to dispense the "morning after pill"

Expedia survey on world best tourists state french are the worst ones

Obama and Pope hold their first meeting

Ugly American? No, It's The Ugly Frenchman

Dems look to make GOP 'pay a political price' for stimulus opposition

GOP Rep. Steve King Is Only Vote Against Recognizing History Of Slave Labor In Capitol

A poll about censorship, then

Robot land-steamers to consume all life on Earth as fuel

Bird Beak This Thread

So, Palin really will not have any out-of-pocket legal expenses?

Another poll about censorship

Go ahead and teabag me...

Iran upset over killing of a woman in Germany

Iran upset over killing of a woman in Germany

A little history of the rec\ unrec feature

Fiorina failed to register business, foundation

Virginia has had a nuke plant event

God Hates The World

Uighur crowds force opening of Urumqi mosques

Nuclear power is bad. There is nasty stuff produced that takes a long time to

Big Pharma Shoves America Off the Wagon

Enough of the NRA staw man, Dems.

Tiny Burger "Dive" Will Close Because of Lawsuit

"I am NOT a white hispanic", she said

Lover's husband alleges Ensign, Santorum cover-up

Because of their ardent anti-choice stance, the rw meme on health care reform makes no sense.

Ensign should be gone on the first thing smokin'

Interesting program about the origin of the US on the History Channel.

Republicans Test 2010 Message: Cancel the Stimulus

Cato operatives on Palin.

Sen. Ensign faces felony ethics inquiry

Pay for Health Care with a National Lotto!

Friday TOON Roundup part 2

Recommend this if you're sick of paranoia over the unrecommend function

We have The Greatest Page, I suggest a new one, The Epic Page..

An Idea for a Soap

An Idea for a Soap

Exclusive: Emmett Till's casket left to waste at Burr Oak

Let the rec/unrec wars begin...

AFL-CIO president Sweeney: "Pope's committment to the cause of working people shines today"

MSNBC in HD on DISH yay!!!

rec/unrec suggestion:

OMG people it is unrecommened. It isn't like they are forming a list to

Had an interesting conversation with an ex-conservative the other day

What makes a country happy? Not GDP

What Drives the Conservative Mind?

Open letter to Congress: End the insane drug war now!

Japan's wholesale prices mark record drop in June

FER FUCK SAKE PEOPLE...Why is unreccomend silencing someone and hide isn't?

Decline started under Clinton

Are human beings a virus?

SKINNER. Please, please, please, pretty please, can we sort by recs and views?

How about a rec/unrec ration for each poster?

About "unrecommend"...

Hampton: Religious Buddies Drove Ensign To FedEx To Mail Letter To Cindy

Rep. Patrick Murphy's campaign to repeal DADT

If you really want to properly critique the new unrec. feature...

I wade in.

A 50 year old US Senator had to go begging to Mom and Pop to help him out with a girl problem.

Stimulus not working? What about the bush tax cuts for the rich?

Newt Gingrich Has Halitosis of the Soul and I have just the remedy

Appeals court expands lawmakers legal protection

We need to assemble a tactical squad of unrecommenders to sink any Obama primary-challenge posts.

The Rude Pundit: Friday Fun (Featuring More Ass Than Usual)

Roy Blunt suggests Medicare, Medicaid were mistakes

Michael Jackson

Pardon me, but isn't the whole thread rating thing SERIOUSLY challenged by the fact that

Why are the conservatives on FR and Lucianne site such cowards?..

If the swine flu vaccine is available in the fall, would you

You know what would be awesome?

Important life lesson--always wear sunscreen. Oh god, the pain...

John Nichols: CIA: We Lied to Congress

Progressive Caucus Axes Executive Director

Why is Ed Schultz's radio show a repeat from yesterday?

Important notice: GeoCities is closing.(RIP CompuServe)

Important notice: GeoCities is closing.(RIP CompuServe)

Racist Rantings Against Malia Obama On Free Republic

Secret to a longer life lies on Easter Island

Unrec this thread if you believe Obama is a conservative president!!!!!11

My avatar is better than your avatar than you're better than me!

Request of Fellow DUrs (please unrec all my threads from now on)

White flight from myspace to Facebook? (divisions by economic class, race, gender appearing)

I have a modest suggesting for tweaking "Unrec"

The GOP's Young Hatemonger

SPLC Finds New Evidence of Extremists in the Military, Urges Congress To Investigate

Audra Shay the Latest Republican to Embrace Racist Humor

Sen. Whitehouse: GOP Realizes Sotomayor Attacks Are Backfiring

Why don't you just tattoo < 0 on my forehead?

Have You Changed Your Mind About Unrec?

John Boehner explains what the Pope meant

How much would YOU charge for sex with John Ensign?

Fact: We already have a Public Insurance run by the Federal Government, and many Repubs Swear by it

2 Year Old Girl Is Hide And Go Seek Champion

With unrec, effort that could go into smart discussion will instead go into electronic tug-of-war.

G8 Bum-Gate Update: ABC News slows down Obama clip, analyzes Zapruder-style

Suzuki, Mitsubishi Urged to ‘Forget America’ as Sales Slump

Even dumbest Republicans not stupid enough to rank Venezuela "greatest threat"....

My apologies...This one's a DUPLICATE of other one.

Suggestion to DU: show the name of the DUer who recommends or unrecommends a thread.

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

The so-called "progressives" need to quit calling everyonr who disagrees with them "right-wingers".

Unclassified Report on the President's Surveillance Program(PSP)

California issues $4 billion IOU to state education system

G-8 Failure Reflects US Failure on Climate Change: Hansen advocates carbon fee-and-dividend

We've got a Greatest Threads forum, now we need a Worst Threads forum.

Tell Rep. Mike Ross and the "Blue Dogs" that blocking Healthcare is a REALLY BAD IDEA for a Democrat

Long-Awaited Warrantless Surveillance Report Finally Released

Long-Awaited Warrantless Surveillance Report Finally Released


Letter to an Irish newspaper.

White House Kept Justice Lawyers in Dark on Warrantless Wiretapping

Full CIA investigation called for on Capitol Hill

Not sure if this has been posted: Write a letter to Philadelphia Pool Staff

Banksters start up a new scam

what happens if ...

what happens if ...

FREEZE SPENDING: Health Insurance for Reps and Senators

‘Paranoid’ Netanyahu calls David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel ‘self-hating Jews.’

Ban on tobacco urged in military

Unrec if you want to Rec an Unrec thread thats been wrecked.

Okay I am getting it now.. all the "unrecommend" angst is about the "greatest page"

The hounds are tracking Golden Girls.

Medicare won't let clients repay government, lawyers say

Motels doing better.

Rummy: "Of course it won't be another Vietnam. We are going to go in, overthrow Saddam, and get out"

Not just our military but our intelligence community has been outsourced and privatized as well.

Simple solution...Make a "Worst of" page...

Palin Spokesperson: It’s Okay To Attack Kids If We Do It

Report: Bush's surveillance program larger than previously thought

Report: Bush's surveillance program larger than previously thought

John Cornyn stepping away from Ensign

Most important news story of the week (ending July 10, 2009)

Question: Was McNair's girlfriend taking any SRI drugs?

Citimortgage refusing credit card payments

The only "Blue Dog" I like is

C Street Band

*** Thank god, now we'll all get to know who is worthy and who is not ***

*** Thank god, now we'll all get to know who is worthy and who is not ***

Couple who adopted 12 children slain

Two gay men kicked out of Chico's Tacos restaurant for kissing

Actually, I've found myself reading many

The Less Than Nothing Threads Can Be Interesting

Looks like blue dogs will once again keep health care from happening..

how would you like your own < 0 avatar?

PO promo for sending "care packages" to military overseas

Bush Officials Contradict House Republicans On Secret CIA Program

Hey, if you don't like the public option, blue dog assholes, then COMPROMISE..

Recommending a post /is/ silencing someone.

O'Donnell on Ensign's confession that

I'm very curious. What made you join DU? When did you join?

Support pours in for campers kicked out of suburban pool

Regarding recent events: a simple poll.

New book: "Pals Around With Terrorists" - was ordered by Team McCain

Rural areas vs cities

Fox Business: Burger: Labor United to Renew American Dream for America's Workers

U.S. Said to Have Averted Inquiry Into ’01 Afghan (Mass) Killings

best TOON on fixing Wall St:

Sherrod Brown: I-And A # Of My Colleagues-Would Have Tough Time Voting For Bill W/O Public Option

Zelaya Near Deal to Return to Power in Honduras, UN Assembly Chief Says

Obama Scorecard

selective news disservice

Liberal Kitties are Fuzzier

Suppose you drove past a big old house every day, and fell in love with it

Court Rejects Bush Administration Air Pollution Waivers

Obama lands in Africa

Senate GOP's silence ominous for Ensign

Stunning al-Haramain Filing Shames Obama; Shows Duplicity Of Officials

I was a member of a private, all-white swim club as a child:

Michael Jackson and Susan Boyle

Does unreccing a post amount to "silencing" the person whose post you have unrecced?

"Unrecommend" violates my rights

"Unrecommend" violates my rights

Halt to construction sought on WVa wind farm - Bat habitat

Levi Johnston appreciation thread

Let's be frank, the Greatest Page has always been a bit of a joke.

President Of SCLC Los Angeles Chapter Faces Firing For Supporting Gay Rights....

President Of SCLC Los Angeles Chapter Faces Firing For Supporting Gay Rights....

President Of SCLC Los Angeles Chapter Faces Firing For Supporting Gay Rights....

Our military is being inflitrated at the highest levels by fundie Christians...

Voter Registration - a report from the Brennan Center

This pic is screaming for a caption:

Hot damn! No longer do I have to just look for flames but for >0 also to find fun threads!

Former Faith-Based Office Head Pleads Guilty To Promoting Prostitution

Breaking CNBC: AIG is asking the government if it can pay more bonuses.

Gonzales’ Testimony on Surveillance Was ‘Confusing, Inaccurate, and … Misleading’

GM being out of bankrupcy is a very big story... yet no discussion here?

House to target wealthy to pay for healthcare

If you "unrec" a thread, do you also "hide" it as well?

Mass. Man Panhandles To Repay Tom Brady

How often do you visit the Greatest Page?

Some Health Care Debate Ammo.

I love Unrecommend.

Obama was not checkin' the jailbait out!

Plato's Allegory of the Cave: Breaking the chains of intellectual bondage

Plato's Allegory of the Cave: Breaking the chains of intellectual bondage

Support Senate Bill 1346 -- allowing for prosecution of BUSH-administration WAR CRIMINALS

All the speculation about Palin's future overlooks one essential fact

msnbc w/david brooks

Kerry: "We are going to take a hard look at Afghanistan"

Kids Guns And the Olders

This whole thing

IL-SEN: Mark Kirk will not run.

Jane v Jillian on Eds Psycho Talk

Solution to Ant Problem

Southern Poverty Law Center Urges Congress to Investigate Extremism in the Military

Ex-State Official Admits Promoting Prostitution

Recommend if you think Geithner is the best man to clean up the financial chicken coop..

3 sought in slaying of couple with 16 children

Poor Leave California at Higher Rate Than the Rich

I think the unrecommend will cultivate and institute mediocrity.

Well, after one day, my opinion of the Unrec feature has done a complete 180

Central Bank & Trust, Lander, Wyoming, Assumes All of the Deposits of Bank of Wyoming, Thermopolis,

I just heard the words "Talking Penis" on live cable television

COPS beat the crap out of Batman and Superman in NYC

Out of the mouth of babes...oops Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy

Levi Johnston talks about Gov. Palin's resignation

Line of the day

Workers of Quad City Die Casting to block road, risk arrest: Call Wells Fargo a "Roadblock to Recov

I wonder how many DUers will choose not to use UnRec

Would you be in favor of substituting high marginal income tax rates for corporate taxes?

Would you be in favor of substituting high marginal income tax rates for corporate taxes?

Rush Limbaugh displeased with 477 Recs on Greatest call for him to be thrown off Armed Forces Radio

Regarding "unrecommend" - should we have a "trusted user" status in order to use it?

T. Boone Pickens...I just have to laugh!

T. Boone Pickens...I just have to laugh!

Bear Rescued From Fire Inspires Children's Book

Why it is so very important not to let fundamentalists gain power

Iran:The Green Brief #23 (July 09) Latest news from Iran

Is Mrs. Hampton (Ensign's girlfriend) a prostitute? Is her husband a pimp?

Cong. Roy Blunt - running for Senate - says the feds never should have created Medicare

Roadside memorials - driver distractions?

Supermax Prison Calls Obama Books Objectionable

You can get kicked out of the military for being gay, but not for being a Nazi.

Umm how to put this delicately...BULLSHIT? Does that cover it?

And the highest "Ick" award goes to ........

For 6 years in Iraq and 8 in Afghanistan, the U.S. has occupied these nations trying to crush...


Need a licence to drive a car. Need a license to fish. But any idiot can have a kid

Unrec this thread if you think that unrec'ing threads is a bad idea

Blue Dogs Argue For Increased Government Spending, Negating Their Rationale For Existence

Finally someone pays back United Airlines for bad treatment!

Court: DC Checkpoints Unconstitutional

Another poster had an interesting idea, a "Hottest Topics" page to go along with the Greatest Page.

How David Davis Exposed Britain’s Secret Torture Scandal

On Health Care - the Public Option. Many wealthy companies/people stand to lose their bounty.

Court: Druggists must dispense Plan B pill

Hazardous coal waste sites kept secret by Dept. of Homeland Security

Conserve water with California Natives

Report: Bush admin. skirted probe of mass Afghan slayings

Smoking ban in park to affect the homeless?

Have you noticed that threads criticizing the "Unrec" feature all end up < 0?

Do you think the unrec feature will go the way of the "block replies from certain members" feature?

Homeless Told To Leave Sacramento Camp Site

Nightly News on Networks Totally Predictable.....ABC,NBC,CBS

Nightly News on Networks Totally Predictable.....ABC,NBC,CBS

If we are going to change the recommend system I would like to see an "ignore recommend" feature

If DU were around when Clinton was President...

Keep the Change: Obama Backs Bush's Political Prisoner Operation

what is the value of remaining the "united" states?

Rep. Schakowsky: CIA Director Panetta "stunned" he was not informed of "secret" program

"I was hired to do a job, so I decided to put up with his shenanigans and finish the interview."

The new unrecommend feature enables political cliques to control/dominate discussions on DU

Can we at least see the tally of recs and unrecs? Please?

My name is Inigo Montoya.

Pvt. Lavena Johnson

OMG..Peggy Noonan on Palin: "In television interviews she was out of her depth in a shallow pool "

More shame for California

More shame for California

'My Cousin In Kenya Can't Get a Job Without Paying a Bribe': Obama

MSNBC (4:30PM EDT) - Free Republic blasted by anchors and guests

Oh, for fuck's sake! Who fucking cares? (I hate that I'm now contributing to this "Unrec" BS)

Cop wades into water, carries man 1/4 mile on his back

Valley Swim Club members speaking out...say pool wasn't too full

If we can't afford high-speed rail, how about trying to achieve 1927 standards?

Marijuana prohibition is unsustainable and more cruel than ever.

Admin claims right to imprison “combatants” acquitted at trial

Why most of the experts are wrong on the economy..

If you've been posting about UnReC for the past 24 hours

A war of colonial conquest in Afghanistan

Law Will Let Afghan Husbands Starve Wives Who Withhold Sex

Clothing manufacturers scaling down sizes as Americans get bigger

Lawrence O'Donnell

The Unrec empowers the moderates of DU's political spectrum.

Here's the rest of the story regarding Obama and Sarkozy leering at the young lady's "assets":

Levi Johnston: Palin Resigned Because Of Money

white supremacist charged with hate crime for threatening Muslim woman

white supremacist charged with hate crime for threatening Muslim woman

July 11: Clean Water Day

Truth comes out: Frank the Firefighter really knows his way around a courtroom

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

do you think we will have a healthcare bill before the august recess?

I've Always Wondered If 'The West Wing' Had Sites Like DU In Mind For This Scene...

In WHAT insane world do we give bonuses to failed executives of failed companies????

Sanchez Breaks From ‘Blue Dog Coalition,’ Endorses Public Plan

This whole rec/unrec thing both in theory and in practice is fascinating

Allegations of Justice Dept Political Misconduct - National Press Club/C-span

If Unrec is "only about the Greatest Page", hide the recs column...

Brewery Draws Ire for Naming Beers After Exits

Russ Feingold:Keep up the Pressure for a Strong Public Option

So when does Newt apologize to Pelosi?

Johnny CASH Ensign - Rachel you're the best

Would you be supportive of an Un-Greatest Threads page?

A new DU feature that I would love to see - the Congress forum added to

An "Unrecommended" avatar - what the heck

Are Afghan Lives Worth Anything?

(UNREC?) What a mess

Gingrich Advocates Covert Ops on Iran's Oil to Bring Down Regime

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla!

17 House members ask for Fed probe over BofA role

Where is Novak these days

Third of breast cancer 'harmless'

Soyent Green Is Made From People! The Stimulus Bill Included $288 Billion In Tax Cuts - 37 Percent!

Strap yourselves in, and prepare for 10 years of "AfPak" war.

SF Bay Area , BBQ potluck Sat. 7/11/09

Watching Rachel Madow: When GOP says "family values"

Reps/Senators/President concerned about federal spending--I have a solution

My faith in humanity restored and/or pay it forward works

So Does Anybody Want to Guess What the Hell the CIA Did That Has Everyone in a Tumultuous Uproar?

Ban Still Enforced on GM Alfalfa (Monsanto)

Democratic whores

Bill Moyers continues to hit the health care issue hard.....tonight, "Profits or Patients"

FReepers, Racism and me.

'For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment.'

An example of what's wrong with American food.

"Conservative" Dems are more dangerous than republicans

2nd day camp says Pa. swim club treated it well

Because bean counters run our corporations, our economy has collapsed.

I don't care a bit about the Unrecommend but I can think of a small change I'd like

Recommend if you think Geithner is part of the problem and should go

Bush Personally Ordered Visit to Ashcroft’s Hospital Bed

They see me posting, they hatin', patrolling and trying to catch me posting dirty

Bush program extended beyond wiretapping

'Blue Dog' Democrats: Current health bill not acceptable

*** DUzy Awards for week ending July 10, 2009 ***

*** DUzy Awards for week ending July 10, 2009 ***

Interesting differences between US and European agriculture

It's a freakin' message board, people

What is the reason nuclear power will never be expanded in the US?

The Dynamic Duo......Which state has the best pair of Senators?

Consumers Beware: Have You Noticed A Change To Your Shampoo Lately?......

WE NEED USERS' COOPS to Provide Facebook-, YouTube-Like Facilities

The UNrec discussion misses the point completely.

About MSNBC in HD on Dish Network

Should California be broken up as a State, and if so how? (X-Posted from CA forum)

I just had to post this photo (US distress signal).

Free Speech 101 (For DU Beginners)

Medvedev shows off sample coin of New World Currency at G8

UNREC spawns a lot more threads.

F.R. Pulls...Then Restores...Thread Bashing Malia Obama

Unrecommending a post /is/ silencing someone.

People need to get some thick skin around here

I'm Loving the new Unrec feature.

The American Middle Class Is Dead And They Don't Even Know It Yet.

Pharmacists can't refuse Plan B pill, appeals court says

I left in a huff yesterday...

so, republican governors are 'sitting' on the stimulus money? not spending it?

Eleven. Thousand Dollars. ($11,000.00)

The hounds are tracking Goldman Sachs.

The story about the black children not allowed in the pool

US Military: Gays not welcome; White supremacists 'OK'?

Earnest pronouncement on the dire consequences for DU of the unrecommend function

Former Christian Right leader asks Obama Administration to investigate Christian Right groups

Gave the little neighbor kid a BIG book of geography the book was bigger than 10x15

Does Anyone Use FileZilla or PageBreeze?

JUST 3 - First Term Quitters Hall of Fame

A Way for Skinner to check for unrec trolls

I welcome our new un-rec overlords.

Sharing My Own Healthcare Nightmare

Sharing My Own Healthcare Nightmare

Cheney to FBI Dir Mueller: "the President may have to reauthorize without the blessing of DOJ"

Fuhgit 'Unrecommend'. Just thumbs up or thumbs down.

we will be walking/hiking thru Croatia this October. I have just one question before we go:

I Heard The 'Outer Banks' is going to have a Hurricane this weekend?

I'm sorry, but it just DOESN'T QUITE WORK when you're White.

Why Do Posts Asking where people are get locked?

Where is Jobycom?

Where is Sparticus?

when did this become the algebra forum?

When toads learn to dance Flamenco

wanna laugh??? Achmed the dead terrorist

Ever hear the Sunscreen Song?

My messianic complex

Where is Symarip?

Help Texas pooch found roaming the streets of Brunswick

Suninvited is my new hero.

our former cat, 'Miss Moo' has returned to our home. She only wants to be

I am feeling sorry for all the unrecommended posts in here

Where is Jimmy Hoffa?

Not even art is immune.

Just remember the one thing Fred Thompson got right:

"Music, is a visible thing. Close your eyes. Then you will see."

Where's sasquatch?

What are you listening to? Me - Bowie's Reality Tour

Does natural Symarip ever go bad?

What do you do when you have that "not as fresh" feeling?

Rhymes with suck

I think that there should be an Upchuck option, then we

You know how the Natinals always find some crazy way to lose? Apparently, they found a crazier way..

I think that there should be an Unkick option

So... Why exactly is a 3D movie about animated, talking guinea pig super spies a good idea?

Is it solipsistic in here, or is it just me?


I found a video of the lounge.

Ever feel like every day is the same?

the other blake shelton (thought this was cool*)

Where is Waldo?

WOW! This new "Hide Mods" feature is AWESOME! Look for my "Tribute To Breasts" thread in 5 minutes.

Am I the only sonofabitch who can't stand The Office?

Original Paul Revere & The Raiders lead guitarist Drake Levin dies of cancer at 62

well the house went smooth with the move in

This ballerina on Letterman is so charming.

My mac and cheese is talking to me

Kittehs vs.....

Torchwood fans..What did you think of tonight's episode?

The Eiffel tower gets destroyed in two movies this summer.

Wynonie Harris, Great voice, wonderful sax, 1950's treat. Enjoy.

I Try

So I did a google image search on DU Lounge....

So I did a google image search on DU Lounge....

Yeah, this "unrecommend" feature is gonna break some hearts.

Ever notice how much of DU is devoted to suckage?

Baseball Fans Delighted By New Between-Innings Fuck-Cams

Have you seen/read any book or movie where a person is murdered by candlestick?

I am king of the apartment

Good morning, Miss HoneyChurch!

G'nite DU!

Do bugs taste like shrimp? nt

Join the Skinny Dipping World Record!

Who cares? nt

Favorite incense.

The Tour...


Want Ad

All hail the Glorious Leader and the Glorious Leader's new haircut.


The Glorious Leader has splendid sunglasses, don't you think?

I'm having a wicked creamed corn craving.

Chicken in a Biskit

Given this description what would you assume about the egg?

The Glorious Leader and his happy family.

Me as a cartoon

The Glorious Leader has mad rapping skills.

The Glorious Leader is thinking. What is the Glorious Leader thinking about?

The Glorious Leader has put on gloves because it is cold outside.

The Glorious Leader is shaking hands with some other guy.

Is Larry the Cable Guy smarter than a 5th grader?

The Glorious Leader is waiving. Waive back at the Glorious Leader.

The Glorious Leader wants to relax and drink beer in his underwear.

A Spicy Mustard?

The Glorious Leader as a cartoon.

How about a "Free the Duck" feature?

Best Bumper Sticker You've Seen Today or Maybe Ever

The Glorious Leader shall now pick up hot chicks in uniform.

Help! Help! I've got a Black Eyed Peas earworm in my head and I can't get it out!

The Glorious Leader is now tired and wants to go to bed.

How bout they implement the one feature i've been complaining about since 2005....

Good morning Lounge. How is everyone doing?

I figured out why Skinner & Elad came up with the recommend feature

The Food Network is just banal

You'll shoot your eye out, Kid

Has elshiva been around lately?

Help, help, I'm being repressed!

Am I the only one who loves a good broadsword?

"Vacation Bible School" at night?

Chinese Dentist!

I paid off all my bills today

Why come....

Would you tell your neighbor if you knew that the repo man was looking for the neighbor's car?

Ad on Philadelphia Craigslist's free stuff: 2 Aquarians

What actor do you think I look like?

Al Davis: Just as I suspected

Congratulations I Have A Dream! 15,000 posts!

How come....

My friend took his 7 year old swimming with whalesharks

Pittsburgh street sign

You people will like this

there aren't enough businesses named DeLuxe or Savoy anymore

SO THE YANKS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN

if it only cost you one dollar per day

I would like to see a DU lap dance feature.

I would like to see a "thread that never dies" feature.

Driver abuses speed limit and himself, court told

I want to marry this Text From Last Night

does anyone want to try and break this record?

Less than Zero recs

WTF is up with Tommy_Carcetti today?

"Joey, we have something here for our special visitors. Would you like to have it?"

WTF is up with TZ today?

WTF is up with TMZ today?

Freddy's Dead

167 shopping days till Christmas!!!!!

167 shopping days till Christmas!!!!!

I think I will neg rep everyone...I don't like having neg rep

freeperism database update

This month brought to you by the letter A!

If you recommend my thread I'll give you this puppy!!!

If you rec this thread I'll STFU

Blast from the past: Seven Days Underground, by Skinner

Jani "Cherry Pie" Lane, former lead singer of Warrant, officially charged with DUI and hit-and-run

Most gigantic model railroad in the world

bring me a wire bender and some heavy duty shop towels

Best thread in GD in a very loooooong time!!

"Daniel" and the Lions

DU Song Of The Day

Spooky and the vet,... advice

Ready for take-off, Tiddles? Meet the cats which have sprouted wings

If you unrecommend this thread, I'll euthanize this kitten!

Almost a flower.

Mel Gibson to Star in Jodie Foster's Beaver

Where's the beef?

yes, you can!

Good morning Lounge

PEREZ PRADO appreciation thread:

I'll stomp on a cardboard box full of puppies if you unrecommend this thread!!!

Congratulations bliss_eternal! 15,000 posts!

Congratulations BOSSHOG! 30,000 posts!

Congratulations uppityperson! 45,000 posts!

I had to put a strip of masking tape over the "recs" column.

I'm curious if anyone has tried this.....

Congratulations vaberella! 10,000 posts!

Ok, if this isn't the bomb fucking shit of awsomeness, I don't know what is!

In light of everything that's happened over the last few weeks I just wanted to say this

Man dies at chocolate factory (fell into vat of hot chocolate)

sooo who are all these new people

Need advice on my dog

Need advice on my dog

Bwahahaha kitteh!

Ever work some place that gave employees free meals?

Congratulations cal04! 25,000 posts!

Do you ever mean to start a thread, then realize --

Golden Girls!

Where's the beef jerky?

If you have $5, and Chuck Norris has $5.....

I was going to get a nut at Lowes... in 3-5 minutes I was asked 2 questions by strangers Anyone here know how to remove themselves

Angelina Jolie surprises soldiers at Walter Reed.

DUers who know me know that I hate Yahoo, but not half as fucking much as I hate them right now

Red with LeRoy Van Dyke

Why the hell did I stay up past 4 am watching It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to monmouth!!*******

Whoopi Goldberg jailed for performing Sister Act in park.

OK, here's the deal. Strip wearing only high heels & a surgical mask, HOLDING A PUPPY, and I'm IN.

Mom fries baby

Unrec this thread and I'll lock you up here:

Friday, July 10th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

DUers who prefer "Unrecommend", I call upon thee! Hark!

DU True Story Ignore Poem updated for modernity.

Need advice about what to wear to a wedding Saturday night...

Do you have money in the stock market? If so, how serious are you to pull out?

Do you have money in the stock market? If so, how serious are you to pull out?

The Chocolate War and Wicked are two of the saddest books I have read.

It has to be said: Leelee Sobieski is fucking hot.

Our eldest.

Happy B-Day, Nikola Tesla.

White House Kept Justice Lawyers in Dark on Warrantless Wiretapping (Inspectors General Report)

All this talk about who is hot is stupid.

Feingold: Legal Memos on ‘Blatantly Illegal’ Surveillance Still in Place

Well, poop on a stick.

It has to be said: Pauly Shore is fucking hot.

The Mozart Effect

Is there any bigger misnomer than "customer service"?

It has to be said: The Sun is fucking hot.

Epiphany, A rabbit, is a Rabbi with a t

What avatar do you wish you had that's not available?

Help! A computer question.

Help! A computer question.

A priest, a rabbi and a Shetland Pony walk into a bar....

What utter MORON schedules a photo shoot in the middle of a major road in RUSH HOUR?

Computer question. I did a family tree of Familytreemaker. I sent the family tree

WOW, that seductive new Toni Braxton song "Unrec My Thread" has me somewhat hot...AND bothered.

It has to be said:

Startling food fact: What's the primary ingredient in a Mrs Baird's Fried Cherry Pie?

It's the 500th birthday of John Calvin.

So I'm drinking for the first time in months, and already it's off to a bad start.

Okay, I need to do something random and weird at work. Any suggestions?

Ok, I had dinner. Please post pics of luscious desserts like these that I wish I could eat.

Buying a second shower radio...

It's Friday - what are you drinking/smoking/ingesting for mental pleasure?

What are we drinking tonight?

I want to see how many unrecs a thred has

Tell us about the last dream you remember.

If you recommend this thread, I will strip for taterguy wearing only high heels and a surgical mask.

am I getting a reputation?

Please help me.

Liberal Kitties are Fuzzier

It must be said: Gale Harold is super hot

I'd like to set the record for the most Unrecommended thread

It has to be said: Peter Angelos is fucking hot.

Have you ever watched the wheels turning in your cat's (pet's) brain?

Nothing better than a spicy Asian soup like Tom Yum when you're feeling icky

I posted a dupe in as rough as you like in this thread

2009 is going to go down as one TOUGH damn year

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/10/09


My dog had a lump on his belly.

I swear, why do I cry every time at the end of "Big Fish"?

I watched Muholland Drive for the second time last night.

WOW!!!!Brett Favre' is on NFL Channel!!!!On Quarterback Challenge!!!!

Creepy, eerie and compelling all at the same time

What warped world do we live in when we'd rather see LeftyFingerPop strip than to own a puppy

This is my Avatar

Woman sues hotel; says daughter got pregnant by using the swimming pool.


It's lovely, I'll take it

Felix Mexicanus

My wife asked me about upping my life insurance. Should I be suspicous?

AGAIN with the gross coworkers!

What lady (or guy) do you wish you had that's not available?

Surface, a remarkable video. View it at full Screen.

My wonderful husband cleaned out our bank account!

Got any farmers here in the lounge?

need the link to the post re: reasons to use Linux from yesterday.

Cool time-waster: "The Cyborg Name Decoder" (creates an acronym & avatar from your name)

Ok, Laurel and Hardy or Abbot and Costello???

Can someone tell me if the same moderators are chosen over and over and over

We took in over 300 bucks today at our a precaution about 2 I took extra cash inside to safe

Test. (nt)

Hey guys, I could use some advice about a new cell phone.

dear du, lend me your wit.

Tonight's dinner...strip steak and

Man jailed for sex act with sister in park

what is your earliest memory of something political?

Please watch my Youtube film and give me some positive feedback!

Would you be willing to commit perjury in court for a close friend?

So, when are we having another SoCal DU Meetup?

Who was your first crush? Did you ever run into that person as an adult?

Osprey Cam - now with chick!

Active duty Army suicide rate on record-setting pace

US Military: Gays not welcome; White supremacists 'OK'?

US officer cites shortage of Afghan forces, civilian experts

Hatch Amendment #1428 Ending the Widow Penalty Passes Unanimously

G8 Summit Ends with Focus on Africa, Food Security

Chile to push for chopper deal with Russia despite U.S. pressure

Illinois Senator Won’t Run in ’10, Officials Say (Burris)

'New' GM is born

'Historic consensus' at G8 on climate change

LAPD not ruling out homicide in death of Michael Jackson, top cop says

US military deaths in Afghanistan region at 647

Sahara Solar project to move forward at Munich meet

McNair taped suicide prevention ad before death

(Iraq) First post-pullout U.S. death (soldier found unconscious in a camp)

GM Emerges From Bankruptcy After Government Bailout

Hundreds injured in south China quake

Intolerable abuse: Harassment of women firefighters a warning siren for Houston officials

Myanmar Dissident’s Trial Resumes

Myanmar ophans flee to uncertain refuge in Thailand

Dismal Turnout at Sanford "Resign or Impeach" Rally

Tribal police killed in Pakistan

Yoga Teacher Training Faces Regulation by States

Swat Taliban chief 'near death'

(UK) Police to investigate Binyam Mohamed's torture claims

sorry not LBN

GOP support for Ensign dwindles as new details of affair emerge

D.C. Court: DOJ Can’t Subpoena Congressional Probes

Laura Ling, Euna Lee Held In North Korean Guest House: Report

Health reform in jeopardy as House delays action

Climate change may force relocation of Salluit (Quebec)

Appeals court expands lawmakers legal protection

Concern over Ebola virus in pigs

CIA Director Terminated Secret Program

Audacity of Nope: US prison tells inmate that Obama's books harmful to national security

Philippine city shuts down to protest bombings

China quake destroys 10,000 homes

Indonesia issues first forest-carbon revenue rules

Important notice: GeoCities is closing.(RIP CompuServe)

U.S. House Backs $48.8 Billion Foreign Aid Funding Bill

'My Cousin In Kenya Can't Get a Job Without Paying a Bribe': Obama

17 members ask for Fed probe over BofA role

USA to UBS: Hand Over Tax Evaders, Or Else!

Terror Case May Force Obama’s Hand on ‘State Secrets’-Motion Asks Judge To Rule

Philippines' most active volcano restive again

Remarks as Prepared for Delivery by Attorney General Eric Holder

India toxic alcohol toll tops 100

In Honduras, One-Sided News of Crisis

Report details damage to historical site of Babylon in Iraq

China bans Urumqi mosque prayers

Eshoo blasts Republicans on (secret) CIA program

Long-Awaited Warrantless Surveillance Report Finally Released

UC Irvine hospital uses faulty narcotics pumps, nurses union alleges

Conservative Democrats break ranks on health care

Five British soldiers killed in Afghanistan today, 8 in last 24 hours

Did Rick Santorum tip off John Ensign?

House Democrats Delay Health Care Bill (Indefinitely)

Report: Bush program extended beyond wiretapping

US signs up to participate in Shanghai's World Expo

Coburn claims privilege on Ensign advice

(Levi) Johnston says Palin had eye on the money

SPLC Urges Congress to Investigate Extremism in the Military

Venezuela Says Clinton’s Remarks Reflect “Profound Lack of Knowledge of Our Reality”

Rangel to Unveil Health Bill Monday

US trade gap shrinks to 10-year low

Agency investigating alleged discrimination at pool

Obama visit to slave fort steeped in symbolism

Operation FALCON nets 35,190 fugitives in annual sweep

Tiburon (Calif.) may install license plate cameras

Pakistan says Taliban leader will talk to U.S.

Report: Domestic surveillance program relied on flawed analysis {J. Yoo}

Police find icon's casket, more empty plots at historic cemetery {Emmett Till}

US extradites former coup leader to Bolivia(AP)

Rising ocean temperatures near worst-case predictions

Venezuela steps up control of television, radio

John Kerry Will Hold Oversight Hearings on Obama’s Afghanistan Surge

Geithner: Stimulus is working and on right path

Ban on tobacco urged in military

Obama campaign vow of public debate on health care fading

Pope gives Obama booklet on bioethics

Netanyahu adviser raises "MAD" nuclear scenario

Report: US 'Gesture' Could Win Reporters' Release.

AIG Is Preparing to Pay Millions More in Bonuses


Couple who adopted 12 children slain

U.S. Said to Have Averted Inquiry Into ’01 Afghan Killings

Muslim women lead protests in restive west China

Report: Bush program extended beyond wiretapping

Spaniard gored to death at Pamplona running of the bulls; first since 1995

IRS "Turning Over Every Rock" to Raise Revenue

Anti-coup demonstrators organise mass protests at Honduras borders

National Health Care Day of Action

Headzup: Rupert Murdoch's Paper Hacked Cell Phones

When Life Gets Down - very funny video

Jane Hamsher on Health Care

Keith Olbermann: 'Sarah Palin-Pac Of Lies'

Republicans Try To Lower Subsidies to Middle Class For Health Insurance

Day in 100 Seconds - Viagra and Candy

Wingnut explains his plan to fight socialism with communism

'Too Big to Fail'

CNN: Senior US Officials 'Willing to Talk with Taliban Commanders Incl. Omar'

TYT: Fox News Analyst Viciously Slams Sarah Palin

Pro-Iranian Democracy Rally - DC

Rep. Ted Poe Falsely Claimed EPA Economist Alan Carlin Was A

Fox's Resident Legal Douche-Nozzle Ignores Actual Hate-Crimes Legislation to Peddle Lies

Sanders 'I Think There Are 60 Votes To End Health Care Filibuster'

The Fed Under Fire -- American News Project, July 10th

Keith Olbermann's Worst Person in The World Ann Coulter

Anything You’d Like to Apologize For, ‘Morning Joe?’

Ghana Prepares to Welcome President Obama

Emanuel Cleaver II (MO-5) Takes the Pledge For Strong Public Option

KO adds to the Urban Dictionary: 'Pulin' a Palin', 'Sparking', and 'Wide Stance'

Lawton Smalls Does Sarah Palin: Break Room Live.

Following Free Republic, Drudge's lead, media run with Obama photo that doesn't show what they claim

Exclusive Audio: Sen. John Ensign Asks Parents For $96,000

SEIU is fighting to keep the lies off the air

Rachel: Death Penalty for Abortion Doctors and other tales of Coburn (R)

David Brooks says a Republican senator groped his thigh at a dinner party

Rep. Sanchez Goes Against Blue Dogs - Wants Public Healthcare Option

DNC Web Ad: Boehner No Facts

The video shows Obama wasn't checking her out, but the Faux news crew run with it anyway

Richard Clarke shines in interview w/ Rachel Maddow re: Pelosi & CIA

Rapper Hurricane Chris performs in the Louisiana Legislature

Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) Outrageously Claims The Public Option "Is Gonna Kill People"

Senator Ensign's $100,000+++ Sex Bill? Did Parent's Pay 'Hush Money'?

People Love Insurance Companies! Right??? Dennis Kucinich

FOX's 'Hannity' Attacks First Lady as Rich Elitist with Yoga Arms

Theocratic Rule In America! The Family Making It Happen

'Palin Not Cut Out For President' - Sarah's 'Son-In-Law' Troubles with Levi

TYT: Cenk Goes On Dylan Ratigan Show On MSNBC, Disagrees With TA

House Members Talk About A Public Option

TYT: Black Kids Get Kicked Out Of Pool - What Do Ana & Cenk Think?

Start-ups give Google thumbs-up over Microsoft

(Aussie) PM Rudd shares centre stage with US President Obama.

Chosen by Jeff Sharlet

Tehran and Tegucigalpa: A tale of two capitals

White House Prods Banks

A Muscle Car to the Rescue for General Motors

To Get to Sotomayor’s Core, Start in New York.

Kurds Defy Baghdad, Laying Claim to Land and Oil.

Ensign Adultery Case Slouches Towards a Lawsuit

Since gays and lesbians can't say "I do," some churches are getting out of the marriage business

Slideshow: President Obama at G8 Summit in L'Aquila, Italy, day 2

Honduras' massive class divide

Cheap Thrills: In this economic climate, bargains come at a price

Al Franken to Reprise SNL Role as Senator Paul Simon in Sotomayor Hearings

Phone hacking scandal a major headache for Murdoch

Are bankers the new slave owners, Metro Detroit the new plantation?

"Pals Around With Terrorists": Palin Wasn't That Rogue, After All

Mexico Accused of Torture in Drug War

CIA Hid Intelligence-Collecting Program from Congress for 8 Years & It's So Bad Panetta Cancelled It

Newt’s Solution to the Crisis in Iran

The GOP's Young Hatemonger

The Continued Fleecing Of America And Its Citizens By The Financial Elites

Republicans say Palin can help them by staying home in Wasilla

Mika Brzezinski's "real Americans" elitism

Honduran Power Struggle Polarizes U.S. Democrats, Republicans

Business is Not a Solution to Our Problem, Business is the Problem

Palin Makes GOP Look Stupid, Easily Manipulated

Are Financial Markets Being Illegally Manipulated?

Obama: the Natural Born Leader

Science Dims In American Public's View

John Dean: Defaming The Dead: Congressman Peter King's Michael Jackson Media Rant

Old White Males and Conservative Hotties

Is Obama strengthening (rather than "changing") the Bush/Cheney approach to Terrorism? (Salon)

Jeffrey Sharlet; Jesus plus nothing ("The Family" on C-Street...John Ensign, Tom Coburn)

The Republican Death Spiral

IT Job Stats: Grim, But Some Hopeful Signs

Honduras Newspaper Impressed that Daughter of Pinochet Backs Coup

Background to the Honduran coup: Poverty, exploitation and imperialist domination

Joe Conason: The losers who gave us Sarah Palin

Weekend Economists' Beach (Boys) Extravaganza July 10-12, 2009

Jim Hightower: Big Bankers Mounting Sneak Attack on Consumers

Robert McNamara, the hippie artist and the Martha's Vineyard ferry.

SEC, CFTC to Police OTC Derivatives: Document

We Need a Jobs Package, Not a Stimulus Package

UC San Diego profs come up with budget fixer: Close UC Merced

ODAC Newsletter - July 10

DrumBeat: July 10, 2009

Poland plans 2.3% of its electricity from wind by 2010

Eastern Arm Of Remnant Aral Sea Shrinks 80% In Past Three Years, ESA Announces - AFP

Small UK Farmers Moving Into New Niche Crops - Peaches, Olives, Pecans - As Climate Warms

Snow Loss Seen At Greenland Research Camp Repeating Itself Across Island - Revkin/NYT

CSIRO - Amount Of Carbon Locked In N. Hemisphere Permafrost Twice Prior Estimates

Despite Late Monsoon Rains, Mumbai Facing 30% Cut In Water Supply As Reservoirs Shrink - AFP

Ebola Reston Discovered In Philippine Pig Populations - Science/Mongabay

Illulisat Glacier (Greenland) Ice Loss Fastest On Record - 30 km3/Yr Now, 5 km3/Yr Back In 1992

Renewable Energy Could Contribute to U.S. Electricity Needs, Yet Challenges Remain

Does anyone have any info on where to recycle Canon ink cartridges?

Amy Goodman will be at SolarFest 2009 this weekend in Vermont

"Wind power myths are blown away"

Italy to Start Work on New Nuclear Power Site by 2013

Derrick Jensen: World at Gunpoint

NASA - Pacific El Nino Is Back - Additional Strenghtening Likely, Will Last Through Mid-2010 - AFP

Former Atheist: Francis Collins: A Scientific Basis for God

Tell Obama/Congress No Nukes! "Taking Germany 100% Solar/Renewable

I must confess that I'm a 28 year old man that looks at 16 year old girls.

*BREAKING* In 32 out of 50 states in the US of A, the age of consent is 16!

best TOON on emaciate health care reform debate

Obama Extends Cheney's Secret Service Protection

On THE TODAY SHOW lying Pat Buchanan says that Obama: "is running the largest peace time deficit"

BIG ED is going after the Blue Dogs

Call boys took midnight tour of the Whitehouse June 1989

How not to fall for the republican spin, and look like a complete @sshat

Wall St Journal reports that Sens Reid and Schumer open to co-opts

House Democrats Plan to Tax the Wealthy to Pay for Health Care Reform (NYT)

People who accused Obama of staring at backside, you can apologize here and not end up on my list.

Kerry, Boxer leading effort to produce Senate climate bill by end of September.

PHOTOS Ten from Today (July 10)

Barack Obama is the Greatest American President any of us has seen in our lifetimes.

PHOTO When in Rome.

Panel Drops Ban on Needle-Exchange Funds

Floyd Abrams: The Judge Sotomayor I've Faced

House orders engraving of 'In God We Trust' motto

The Birthers must all be experiencing mass orgasms right now

House Democratic leaders delay healthcare bill in response to "blue dog" and business opposition

Rep. Paul Broun claims the public option ‘is gonna kill people.’

As Paul Newman once said, 'I have steak at home. Why go out for hamburger.'

Before spreading rumors based on a still photo of Obama 'checking a girl's behind' watch the video

Do you consider Sarah Palin a threat to the Democratic Party?

PHOTOS: Waiting for Obama. Outside Ghana's Kotoka International Airport.

PHOTOS The Obamas arrive in Ghana

Administration Considers Bailout Funds for Small Businesses

Research 2000: Obama approval 61% disapproval 34% (84% in NE & 35% in South)

Caption *THIS* Picture!

Roll Call: Obama Asks Pope to Pray for Kennedy

An analysis of "the photo" and the video

Twittering idiot Rove "rips czars as a ‘giant expansion of presidential power.’"

Obama Tells Pope He Wants Fewer Abortions

Everyday Americans argue for public healthcare option

Do you like the new "Unrecommend" feature?

Unveiling Food Plan, Obama Presses Africa on Corruption - Problem is corruption, not colonialism

Here's the letter from the 40 Blue Dogs to Pelosi and Hoyer with gripes about health care reform.

Bush Personally Sent Card And Gonzo To Ashcroft's Hospital Bed (confirmed by IG report)

The complicated and uneven flow of stimulus funds (MN as an example)

Saw This Pic Of The Vice President & His Son

Democrats Maintain Edge in Party Support - Advantage over Republicans is now 49% to 40%

We need a public option with "unfair" advantage over private insurance on a un-level playing field!

ed with guest robert reich again making point the gop govs sitting on stim money...

Obama vs. MoveOn

Chicago Magazine: The President's Neighborhood by David Bernstein

I am very disappointed re:the Obama ogling flap...

Ah, I see a site by the name of is being Freeped.

CEO vows better performance as GM exits bankruptcy

***BREAKING*** Obama caught checking out genuinely attractive woman of legal age!

WAPO says "left wing ot the Democratic Party" wants another stimulus. Oh yeah? What about Krugman?

Sanchez Breaks From ‘Blue Dog Coalition,’ Endorses Public Plan

*** HEADS UP *** Live on CNN, Obamas arrive in Ghana

Is A Public Option Being Limited To Uninsured Only? That would doom it to fail

World has avoided economic disaster, Obama says

Obama in Ghana on first sub-Saharan Africa visit

msnbc: the President and family just arrived in Ghana. I'm sure

Jonathan Moreno applauds nomination of Dr Francis Collins for NIH director

Frame analysis shows Obama was assisting woman down stairs

Dear Mr. McGory of CA: how did you vote last May?

TNR: Early CBO Score on Public Plan. It's Good! - - $150 billion in potential savings.

Obama Job Approval Drifts Down to 58% So Far in July per Gallup

Obama says G-8 talks 'highly productive'

22 House "centrists" offer support for a "robust" public health insurance plan!


PHOTO Flip, Now President Is Pictured Eyeing Up A German In A Dress

Supermax prison: Obama's books objectionable

Um... mods? A little slow on the trigger.....

Where are the Moderators?

Video clears up Obama flap - image may be misleading.

Can we please come back to reality on this board?

Wondering what the RWers will make out of Obama meeting with the Pope

President Obama, It's Up to You to Rectify This Injustice: Free The Cuban Five Anti-Terrorists!

PHOTO Caption it? (Ban Ki-moon & Gaddafi)

It's not a flap, it's not a scandal

Caption this picture

The Stimulus Trap....interesting article by Krugman

47% support Sotomayor's confirmation

Ironic, isn't it? It took a Black president nominating a Latina judge...

How much healthcare could be funded with the grounding of F-22s?

Marie Cocco hits the nail SQUARELY in the head in her recent column IMHO

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Obama to meet the Pope today

The Papal Meaning For POTUS

House overwhelmingly rejects signing statement

Please make this viral: Freepers call Malia "ghetto trash" for Peacesign shirt

Artificial Stimulus-It's too soon to say whether the stimulus package is working

Sotomayor - The Democrats Should Use The White Firefighter Testimony To Their Advantage

With unreccomend, I can build my own anti-Nader army. (Now I like it.)

No controversy over here regarding the new Un/Rec policy? Everyone all tucked in tight and cozy?

Americans Broadly Support Abortion Coverage in Health Reform

Let's take the "In God We Trust" scenario a step further...

Spiegal (German) Interview - Henry Kissinger Describes Bush FP As Unrealistic, Praises Obama

Senator Baucus Optimistic Over Bipartisan Health Care Progress

Paul Krugman - "Unpersons" - Pro-Keynsian Economists

If there is one thing about President Obama's stimulus bill.

Families USA- this is one promise that politicians need to keep

TX-Gov: Perry Takes Lead From Hutchison in New UT Poll

DeMint: America is Where Germany Was Before WWII.

MN-Gov: Not Looking So Good for Coleman

So all of the sudden, Russia doesn't look so ominous now that

July 30th - Anniversary of Medicare - Logical Date To Rally For Healthcare Reform?

The Malthusian insult (via Krugman's blog)

900 MW Coal Plant Scrapped In Utah - 100th Coal Power Plant Canceled Since 2002

HONDURAN People Block Roads in Protest of Coup Regime (SP and EN)

LATAM Experts Call on Clinton to Oppose Early Elections Option in Honduras

Well, that did not take long ... Goriletti returns to Honduras

Venezuela Says Clinton’s Remarks Reflect “Profound Lack of Knowledge of Our Reality”

Heavy duty stuff out of Colombia; someone has pledged to kill one of Uribe's sons

Costa Rica: Arias for Early Elections? Vivanco. Swipe at Chavez. Great protest signs.

Tehran and Tegucigalpa: A tale of two capitals

Background to the Honduran coup: Poverty, exploitation and imperialist domination

Group of US Intellectuals ask Clinton to Oppose Early Elections in Honduras - Spanish

EVA'S UPDATE - DAY 12: Nothing Came out of today's "negotiation" meeting in Costa Rica

Progreso Weekly - A soft coup in the times of soft power?

Honduras' massive class divide

Chile to push for chopper deal with Russia despite U.S. pressure

Progreso Weekly: "Honduras - A Soft Coup in the Times of Soft Power?"

Progreso Weekly: "Honduras: The Futility of the Coup"

Progreso Weekly: "In Honduran Debate Over Coup, Lines between Rich and Poor Never So Stark"

Progreso Weekly: "Latin America: Who Changes Whom?"

From Twitter: Father of Isis who was assasinated at the airport is in detention

Way to Make Contributions for Emergency Response in Honduras

Group of US Citizens Protest at the Embassy in Tegucigalpa - SOA Watch

RIGHTS ACTION: On Rev. Murrillo's Detention/Updates/Urge Contacing Political Reps.

Progreso Weekly: "Ramblings about Democracy as a Political Marketing Tool"

After listening to al Jazeera's report tonight, I think we've lost Honduras.

Patricia Rodas: We Insist on Zelaya's Reinstatement

CUBADEBATE: Cardinal Golpista, Rodriguez, Received $5K per month from Previous Prez, Carlos Flores

LA Times: "Honduras' Non-Coup"

RIGHTS ACTION: "Goldcorp Workers Bussed to Pro-Coup Marches"

Anti-coup demonstrators organise mass protests at Honduras borders

IKN: Honduras-Dictatorship Police State Update - Circumstances of Murrillo's Detention

Juan Almendares Interviewed about Honduras on DEM NOW.- Zelaya in DOMINICAN REP??

Zelaya Press Conf. in DR, Telesur video on the Right Side of the Page

In Honduras, One-Sided News of Crisis

Alvaro Uribe has lost it. I'm watching a clip of him on "Latin Pulse"

Text of Cristina Fernandez' Speech at the Last OAS Session

Barahona Posted this to CubaNews list: "US Amb. Warned Zelaya Not to Attempt Change of Constitution"

Dominican President to Update Non-Aligned Movement on Honduras Case

Heh! A Pirates Pitcher wins a game for the Natinals against the Astros!

Gloat-free baseball score (Night of July 9)

Tour de France in the Pyrenees, begins at 8 am est,

Hillary Clinton speaking to a group of wealthy supporters: 'Take that, Venezuela!'

BOREV: "Pinochet Daughter Becomes Latest Member of Global Coup Caucus"

Hugo Chavez Called Tom Shannon Yesterday

Just want to say-I don't give a rat's ass whether you rec or unrec me.

From now on---in the sports forum of DU---trumad will be called Caveman

'The Tenth Inning' of the greatest documentary ever

So I'm guessing the two douchebag ballot stuffers didn't stuff enough

Stage 7 Tour de France, Barcelona > Andorra Arcelis Results:

Al Davis: This explains everything and surprises nobody

Fenway Park to host NHL major announcement

I'm torn on Barry Bonds

Phelps Sets World Record in Butterfly

Phillies Werth named All-Star replacement over any Shaky-Town Shit.

Pablo gracious in defeat

US extradites former coup leader to Bolivia(AP)

Lincecum now 10-2...will he be the NL starter?

Hollywood Gold Cup not just a boys' club

Over 80 Cuban education/sports volunteers in Honduras return because of accusations by Pinochettis

In all seriousness, is there a bigger joke than those absolutely embarrassing

All Star Games Suck

So no All Star Game for the Pansey Panda

House boosts funding for veterans programs

The New GM Emerges With Thousands Fewer Jobs, $50B In Government Money

NLRB files complaint against Ardsley Bus Co.

YRC, Teamsters Reach Tentative Agreement; Shares Surge

World Cup Stadium Construction Hits Labor Snag As Workers Seek better Wages

No tax on workers' health benefits

Today in Labor History July 10, 34 American Raily Union members were killed by troops & killing 112

He taketh from the mine owners and he giveth to the miners

Making it harder to shut down plants

THE SECOND YELLOW ROADWAY SELLOUT – Teamsters Union agrees to a second pay cut for 35,000 members

Hedge Fund Would Rather Shut Down a Plant Than Pay Its Workers a Fair Wage

The 60th Senator (Franken) puts workers first

LA Times Rite Aid facility symbolic of unions' legislation push

Huron, California May not Exist in a Year (Congress created the dust bowl)

House Bill (HR 1881) would give TSA screeners union rights, end performance pay

GM may cut workers’ health care, union says

LA Times: Teachers union attacks Schwarzenegger's proposed suspension of Proposition 98

POLICE BEAT: $39,000 stolen from union

US News & Wolrd Report: Older Worker Unemployment is Increasing Fast

Healthcare workers picket Labor Board after 157 days without a vote (SEIU vs NUHW)

AP: Wis. proposal requires teaching of organized labor

Labor has pivotal role in keeping Boeing 787 production in Washington

Consumer Reports May Start To Fire Staff

Staffing Firm Ordered to Pay $250,000 in Bias Lawsuit (restricted women to only certain work)

Will the "Williams Wall" Case Sack the NFL's Entire Labor Agreement? Discount (for union members)

Michael Jackson's Legacy: Ban child labor in the entertainment industry

Study: Few PR managers, lawyers unemployed

"PD: Bullets hit houses as Valley man shoots at car thief"

One of the BIG Reasons supporters of gun control tend to LOSE

Book - Gun Stories (Young Adult)

Hundreds of Thousands of Workers Will Lose Unemployment Benefits Soon

So THAT's where Mexico is getting its guns.


West Bank barrier must go: Oxfam

Can we list some of the big anti-gun lies or half truths.?

Jews Welcome to live in the Palestinian state

time for another "defensive gun use" thread

22 House "centrists" offer support for a "robust" public health insurance plan!

Someone a while ago on DU was wondering if there was something in the water in Bachman's MNdistrict.

The Health Care Crisis

hey folks, please vote in my poll.

local dems are planning a health care forum. ideas needed.

We need a public option with "unfair" advantage over private insurance on a un-level playing field!

Is A Public Option Being Limited To Uninsured Only? That would doom it to fail

House Democratic leaders delay healthcare bill in response to "blue dog" and business opposition

1 in 3 breast cancer patients in national screening programs is unnecessarily treated

Dieting Monkeys Stay Younger in Study, May Hold Lesson for Man

Eating own placenta (in a pill form)?

8 ways the food industry hijacks your brain

NYT: Call Forwarding

Of interest to anyone that might live in or around Southeastern Oklahoma


Along Taylor Creek and the Don River (dial-up advisory)

Wet NC lemons growing this morning- for Mz Pip :)

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/08/09

The US Workers and Unions Know That Obama Challenges The Fraud of Globalization

Goldman Code Theft BOMBSHELL?

The Stimulus Trap - Krugman

The Eyes Have It! Join in and send yours!

Some days it just pays to bitch

Pennsylvania Senators introduce Marriage Equality Bill + Poor Clueless Pastor Devlin Gay Marriage Ad

Illinois woman files discrimination complaint

General Motors pulls gay themed commercials from the internet

Rockstar Energy Drink donates money to LGBT organizations

El Paso police officer threatens 2 men for kissing, citing law UC Supr Ct ruled unconstitutional.

Rainbow Lounge Raid Rally. FYI.

DADT and DOMA comments from a live-blog with Senator Gillibrand.

Herschel (space observatory) shows breadth of vision (new images released)

Survey Shows Gap Between Scientists and the Public (Pew Center)

Activating the New-Human Template a message from Lauren C. Gorgo

Take a moment to LAUGH.

The return of the Hare Krishnas

As any serious student of religion/theology could tell you, if they dared,

Recently my local UU church got rid of its minister. The church has had

Today's Listverse: Top 10 Misconceptions About Islam

I have pea pods and a can of pineapple chunks.

Peekuls with peekshurs.

Fresh outta the oven!

Can cooling racks be used on the grill?

Niels Harrit: Nano-thermite took down the WTC ?

To those who think Raytheon or other defense contractors were in on it....

Niels Harrit says that the chips they studied are not primer paint from WTC steel.


Rep. Poe Falsely Claimed EPA Economist Is "A 35-Year Veteran Scientist"

I've been working with a puke-realtor for several weeks now:

Perry Names Lowe Chair of The State Board of Education

Federal bench (Kent's) moving from Galveston to McAllen

Eight positive tests in 16,000

Restaurant Security Guard to Patrons: We Don't Allow That Faggot Stuff in Here

To Conspiracy Theorists: What do you believe happened on 9/11/01?

Joe Jackson says MJJ's kids could be performers...bla he doesn't need to be anywhere near them

Michael Jackson

CanWest shares drop more than 50% - TheStar

Harper apologizes for unloading on Ignatieff

Harper slams communion story as 'low moment in journalism'