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Archives: July 11, 2009

Why Aren't The Dems Demanding An Apology For 'Pedophile" Remarks?

KO on Bush's lies re wiretapping

Cindy do you want to go hiking on the Appalachian trail.. Priceless.. lol

Rachel Maddow Reporting On C Street House And Secrecy Right Now

What does "The Family's" involvement in John Ensign's affair say about them?

Survey finds French tourists "worst in the world"

Dr. King’s SCLC moves to oust L.A. chapter president over his support for gay rights.

Quick ?: Hartmann referenced a year old Harper's article (3 Ways To Fix The Economy?)...

It's pretty obvious to me that the real danger to our democracy

please post a link to Rachel Maddow reporting on "The Family" and "C Street"

Mock exercises prepare Sotomayor for hearings

Secret Bush Spying.. Bigger than Thought...

US DC Circuit Court of Appeals finds DC police checkpoints unconstitutional

No Rolling Stones with the Matt Taibi article to be had at either of the two

Request Denied for Inmate to Read President Obama's Books

The Good Xtians at the American Family Association sure do hate the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill

Recommend if you think Obama is smarter than you and knows what he's doing.

K&R This Thread!!!!! Obamas Lasciviously Salivating Over UNDERAGE GIRLS IS Important!!! K&R! ME!!

House Dems want to tax the rich for health care

Is it just me, or is anyone else having problems accessing Youtube, Google, HuffPo....

All I have to say about Sarah Palin's quitting is....

'Inappropriate' Secrecy Hurt Surveillance Effort, Report Says

Tests reveal some pet supplements skimp on meds

With breathless anticipation...

Palin appears on gun rights radio talk show with Nugent

Dispute over flag protest erupts in Wisconsin village

CODE PINK rallies in NV. Will call for end to U.S. drone attacks in Afghanistan

36 < 24< 36

C Street needs to be investigated by the IRS

CA: Swarms of tremors could point to quake danger

Colonel Daniel Marvin: Psychological Profile of a Reformed Killer


GOP Assembly candidate: 'if you want to act like niggers, go back to Paulsboro'

Is Congresswoman Giffords muddying the health care reform water...

Witness at Pool told Smerconish the Creative Step kids were well-behaved

Obama admin: No grounds to probe Afghan war crimes

On a lighter note.....No Doughnuts For You!

Suicidal Nicaraguan Mayor was an all-time great

Bird-flipping passenger off hook for shooting

How cool! The Eternal Moonwalk

Contested Waters: A Social History of Swimming Pools in America(Racism & Classism)

Does Mike Malloy or his staff read DU?

a crowd in Sweden dancing to "Beat It"

Report: Bush surveillance program was massive

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Hope and Despair in Minnesota

Who killed JFK? Who/what was behind (caused 9/11)

Attorney freed after 14 years in jail (for civil contempt in a divorce case)

Response to what I wrote in the comments section to local story about Health Care.

U.S. Inaction Seen After Taliban P.O.W.’s Died---God help us

The British Army Has Now Suffered More Deaths in Afghanistan Than in Iraq

The University of California could save money by firing that fascist traitor John Yoo

David Brooks: A Republican Senator 'Had His Hand On My Inner Thigh' For A 'Whole' Dinner Party (VID)

I think we may have found out what the CIA was withholding from Congress

Jim Moran: “The Votes Are Not There” For Public Option

Countering the Blue Dogs' objections to Medicare reimbursement rates.

Talking about John Rawls . . .

more troops for afghanistan....more war, more death, more, more, more

Some Freepers see Honduran coup as model for U.S.

Am I the only one who, upon hearing of C Street and a secretive religious group called "The Family"

Stimulus Aid Is Said to Be Moving Faster


Are there any fun summer vacations planned, even if it's at home?

since when has '+1' been balanced out by '0'....mathematically or otherwise...

Questions mount in Billings slayings

Wow.. What a prison.. if ours were like these, there would be a waiting list

Who will be the most toxic/stealth/dangerous GOP candidate for any 2010 race?

Who will be the most toxic/stealth/dangerous GOP candidate for any 2010 race?

hey "old timers"... those that have been here forever... you superior old fucks...

Empire or Humanity?

Thank you Randi Rhodes, for helping Matt Drudge with his job!

Family Sues Genie in Shariah Court

Move along. Nothing to see here.

There was once a man from DU

Have you ever considered giving fake red meat to the media?

David Brooks: A Republican senator put ‘his hand on my inner thigh’ for a ‘whole’ dinner party.

Norway today: Progress party wants to move centers for refugees to Africa

Roadside Camp for Miami Sex Offenders Leads to Lawsuit

dupe - please ignore.

Truth behind Obama photo

Lance Armstrong? Hero, villain, or something in between?

Are you ready for some really ugly republican shenanigans?

Do not miss Bill Moyers tonight -Health Care Reform On the Table

Sound Familiar?

Sacramento Bee: Mortgage defaults spread as even 'safe' borrowers falter

NYT: Trial by Firefighters

NYT: Trial by Firefighters

Report: N. Korean Army Suspected Over Cyberattacks

BK Whopper and drink now $9? WTF?

Sotomayor backers urge reporters to probe New Haven firefighter

Youth pastor smacked with felony charge of 'accosting a child for immoral purposes'

Serious question - when the Supremes declared that

Morgan Freeman, 72, to Marry His Step-Granddaughter, 27

What is the one thing more frustrating than having your post unrec'd?

Cash-strapped Boston zoo may be forced to close doors, euthanize animals

Blue Dog Dems Want to Reform the Health Care System Without Reforming the Health Care System

"Now come days of begging, days of theft. Days of riding where there rode no soul

New Haven Firefighter Originally Hired By Claiming Discrimination

Human sperm created from embryonic stem cells - new frontier of the ethical war

Iran: The Green Brief #24 (July 10) Latest news from Iran.

They are remaking "Indecent Proposal" - starring John Ensign and Doug and Cindy Hampton

Does Rachel belong on the Horse?

A Word About Playing Nice With "Our Masters"

If you can't do your job, don't sign up for it

"externalities" or "why free markets never work as advertised"

AP: Hispanic rights group at center of Sotomayor fight

Retired vs Working Monthly Income

self deleted

Report: NKorean army suspected in cyberattacks

Virtual March on Washington for Veterans

So, we had the Terrorists Surveillance Program and we had the President's Surveillance Program

Marta and I spent the night at a jazz concert: Al Jarreau, Dave Stryker, & Gail Jhonson

Marta and I spent the night at a jazz concert: Al Jarreau, Dave Stryker, & Gail Jhonson

The Right-Wing Prescription for Economic Recovery: Lionize the Rich and Demonize the Poor

Don’t mourn, organize!

Gay couple detained near Mormon plaza after kiss

All Around London, an Invitation to Make Music

So, there's a health care crisis in America, soldiers continue to die in the middle east

Current and former members of Congress...

C Street House wants a Handmaid's Tale future for us all

court rules that passenger who flips off another car not responsible if driver shot

Mass. has a HAZMAT event at a cranberry bog

Smoke dope and save the state of California, dude

GREED is causing "healthcare costs" to rise.

Lawmaker Won’t Deny Secret CIA Program Was ‘Cheney Assassination Ring’

New Downbeat Unemployment Numbers Include Republican Mistresses

Deja DU: SO, how many secret domestic spy programs are there anyway, and are they legal?

How to improve health insurance AND achieve term limits......

"C Street House" Republican house run by weird, secretive Christian fellowship "The Family"

We need a simple law: Felonies cannot be classified.

Make this a reality

The lowdown on your 1st amendment rights

In case you missed Bill Moyers' Journal kick more ass on the health care issue.....

The GOP's "Young" Hatemonger

Brüno: A "Mincing Minstrel Show" (Salon)

Its feeling more upbeat locally and We have to buy a car today.. and I want another Pontiac..

Man resurrects friend's ashes into tattoo (never heard of this before)

"Rec/Unrec" vs. "DU this poll"

Putting it in perspective

NASA delays space shuttle Endeavour launch 1 day - Lightning hits mast near Endeavour - pic

The world's best and worst tourists

Unrecommend this if you think President Obama is perfect.

What greater need is there than safety from these bone crushing monsters?(fixed, don't miss oreilly)


Does anyone else think the Unrec system is funny?

What % of posts you've opened have you unrec'd so far?

Jackson death may have been 'homicide', says police chief

This Too Shall Pass

My concern regarding the unrecommend feature: LBN

In Case You Missed What The Freeptards Were Saying About Malia - DailyKos

in the wrong place, in the wrong time. a sad (love)story from China's riot area

will churches help the homeless??

Mayor quits job for gay illegal immigrant he loves

Just called Max Baucus' office, left a long message - Health Care

The power of bargaining for medical costs

"Young Republican" on C-Span

Palin:"Problem w/Professional Politicians:They're more concerned w/holding a title in perpetuity..."

Are Republicans victims of body snatching aliens?

About the health care plan Congress has

So how many other affairs has John Ensign had?

Does the job "Multiplier Effect" eventually become the "Divider Effect"?

Bob Dole in hospital. Getting great care at Walter Reed

So we're calling each other Pro-Taliban here now. This place has gone to Hell.

Major Hepatitis Scare in Colorado

We love Obama, just not America... yet

From The Annals Of Journalistic Excellence: "You're Not Iranian, Why Are You Out Here?"

U.S. Drones Have Al Qaeda On The Run

New Evidence Surfaces in Post-Katrina Crimes

Chavez wants to take control of DU in Venezuela , remove Unrec feature

Nifty interactive animated chart showing business cycles - and a glimmer of hope

Whatever happens with Unrec, could we get the ugly PLUS signs off the Greatest Page?

Obama admin: No grounds to probe Afghan war crimes

Found Archive of Valley Swim Club Home Page (pics)

A friend sent me this link...I know nothing about him, Bob Basso.

G8 Promises $20 Billion in Agricultural Aid: Real Change or Business as Usual?

K&R if you'd rather fight Republicans than other Democrats!

Just read on Twitter, Audra Shay, the Young Republican who LOL @ racist Facebook post. . .

India PM: Pakistan must help to resolve issues

Dillinger, the crime syndicate and usury: how not having federal laws helps crime.

Since we can't upload sound files, a picture will have to suffice.

Wells Fargo Cheats Union Families By Cutting Off Health Care

When did torture and domestic spying become patriotic?

is DU a blog or a party inside the democratic party?

I *might* need a new car. Any Suggestions?

The KING of All Hypocritical Statements

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for justifying infidelity. RW horndogs are heeding the message & blaming wives

Borowitz: Ensign Favors Stimulus of his Package

DU a poll: Sonia Sotomayor. What do you think on confirmation? (66% say no)

Is The Profit Incentive Always Bad? And Poor Customer Service At The Post Office

How much longer will George W Bush continue to be a pariah?

Cartoon of the day by Jeff Koterba: Palin

what happened day 192 of the boooosh administration?

LET'S KICK IT AGAIN!--Saturday update on Dr. Gurel's Walk For Health Care--Half way mark tomorrow!

New revelations about Michael Jackson's last days.

Why is Bernie Madoff suing Rupert Murdock?

Salmonella warnings for non-fat milk products made used in the last 2 YEARS.

Eat Local America! Challenge 2009

'Some of my best friends are Republicans'

Conservatives fear change and progress, so their ideology is inherently irrational

"The first full-time female FBI agent to be stationed at Guantanamo says. . ."

So where is the mass movement that was supposedly to arise from the Obama campaign?

Oregon radio station transmitter blows - RW nutjobs blame Obama

President says we don't need a second stimulus

Afghan Massacre - The Convoy of Death

New Haven Firefighter Originally Hired By Claiming Discrimination

There should be a Pharmacists for Life law

Okay, now I'm too irritated to stay away.

My unsolicited commentary on the UnRec function

Coleman's Handling of Recount Battle Darkens His Political Future

On Twitter Jake Tapper calls Freeper News "sick business" hopefully he will do more than tweet

In applying for BadgerCare here in WI I have to prove that I am a citizen of the U.S.

In applying for BadgerCare here in WI I have to prove that I am a citizen of the U.S.

Something ironic here, not just silly

Something ironic here, not just silly

WHO’S “QUALIFIED”??? more on the New Haven firefighters case

Hundreds of Thousands of Workers Will Lose Unemployment Benefits Soon

Yoga Fights Back!

Blue Dog Corporate Whoring

Tom Wilkes dies at 69; Grammy Award-winning art director and album cover designer

Chips in official IDs raise privacy fears

Roy Blunt: Medicare, Medicaid ‘distorts the marketplace’

Unrec is a Rovian distraction

Unrec is a Rovian distraction

A couple of interesting articles re: Air France Flt 447. "Crash investigator likes to blame pilots"

What is your un-Rec to Rec ratio for the last couple of days (optionally post more info)?

What is your un-Rec to Rec ratio for the last couple of days (optionally post more info)?

China raises Xinjiang death toll, adds ethnic detail

Newt is pwned by fisherman: "The water we are fishing in right now will be destroyed by his policies

Old radio show about Woody Gutherie by Studs Terkel

Has anyone else noticed...

Holder may probe Bush-era torture policy

If you want more feedback on a subject you have to post the

anybody know what law Cheney specifically broke by ordering the CIA to hide info from congress?

We need some DU love on this poll... REALLY.

"Fiscally Conservative" Blue Dogs Argue For Increased Government Spending

Just FYI: Today's "Greatest" page looks AWESOME!!!

Financing for the University of California system rose only 2 percent from 2001 to 2008, a period

Honduras talks end without accord

sometimes...graphjam says it all too well...



Greatest Discussion Threads Sorted by Recommendations

David Arquette to live in a box for hunger

FAUX Noise: Small businesses have 500 or fewer employees!

My response to a wingnut who thinks liberals are ruining America (but he doesn't hate me)

The 1st question about the Cheney run CIA program was who were the targets

The conservative hiker, a fable.

The New Report On Illegal Spying Is Not A Real Investigation

GOP, tax groups criticize tax on rich

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev pulls new currency from his pocket

Questions, resignation whispers surround Ensign

White House ‘dirty tricks’ torpedo Palin

Bush Admin. covered up Afghan massacre

Another flag story... Police seize flag being flown upside down!

A Call to Jihad From Somalia, Answered in America

Mike Webb's killer sentenced to 20 years in prison

Sanford's Affair Might Have Jeopardized Top-Secret Clearance

Indict and prosecute BUSH/CHENEY era CRIMINALS-regardless of all else

deeply disappointed by Obama's condescending, imperialistic message in Africa today.

Dayton, Ohio: Final Fortune 500 Company Abandons City

Would you have a computer chip implanted in your brain if it provide you a storehouse of knowledge?

Surprise, Surprise The Weakly Substandard wants more troops in Afghanistan

Is e-bay 'dropshipping' a scam?

The Afghan Massacre -Convoy of Death -All 6 parts of the video

Time to Seriously 'OUT' the C Street Fascists

Everytime you unrec a post, God kills a kitten

If we as democrats can't unite to fight the taliban, is there any enemy we can?

Wow. GREAT LTTE from a Wichita minister re: Operation Rescue

Physicians for Human Rights’ Call for Investigation into War Crimes Cover-Up

why not just grant everyone in the Bush admin. blanket immunity for any and all

So, anyone seen Bluebear lately?

Hackers' Next Target - Your Brain?


RW email I received today. How would you answer?

This is cool! DU has turned into a big ass math equation!

Rec/UnRec: it is really much ado about nothing.

Just a reminder, there are Democrats, in high places, involved with "The Family" also

I'm getting really tired of the hyperbole from Raw Story readers here

Send this link to your lawmakers

BC-BS! (another reason that we need healthcare reform NOW!)

Just got back from seeing a "lecture" by Dr. Steven Greer

Bush-era Surveillance Went Beyond Wiretaps

is "bruno" homophobic?

Californians with mental health issues are so very screwed.

Does money keep you from going to the ER when things are questionable? we need reform for healthcare

Latest Joke fr B of A >they want me to AUTOMATICALLY pay

President Obama Tell Us The Truth!

GLAAD: `Bruno' reinforces negative gay stereotypes

133 C Street, SE, Washington, DC

I Meet the "Anti's"

The Left Needs Soul Searching - To Make People Care..... (Article)

You know I just had a thought. You know all those Masonic videos..

Judge Sentences Marijuana Advocate to Shut Up

Efforts to reach Mr. cheney through relatives and associates were unsuccessful.

For those of you offended by Bruno, are you also offended by Stephen Colbert?

Test Scores and Teacher...

"Your politics are some of the meanest politics I have ever heard"

Just who were Bush/Cheney/Rove spying on, really?

I need a new Dark Sky site for my meteor shower party, please help me.

A post from Pams House Blend which might put Bruno in perspective

Ensign House Owned By Group Proposing Christian World Control Plot

Make-A-Wish Mopar Project--Looking For Help - '69 Charger restoration

Could you automate the "unrecommend" clicker for everyone on

So why the hell don't Comey and Goldsmith just come out and tell us about it

BREAKING: NYT reports Cheney told CIA to hide info from Congress

Wow, what a quote....

House Panel Adopts Amendment Allowing Guns in Public Housing

Bring back the Latest/Greatest Combo with a time sequence

Honduran Coup: Damning Indictment of Capitalism

The GOP's Young Hatemonger : More Racist Online Comments From Young Republican Candidate Found

The United States of America Sucks.

Anyone Got A Screenshot of The Greatest Page From Before Unrec?

A new Freeperism for your collection? "Usually these acts are stagged"

Kiss'll get you cuffed in Salt Lake City

What really happened at Chappaquiddick?

Take a moment for a LAUGH!

The Republicans are careful not to criticize their own -

Black frat inducts Bill Clinton as honorary member

Drones Hardly Ever Kill Bad Guys: 50 civilians are killed for every dead "militant"

The new un recommend feature: It's an organized pissing contest!

Chavez attacks US plan to solve Honduras coup


TN Dem. Party Calls for Repub Secretary of State to be Fired for Orchestrating Election Fraud

Happy to be an American? Yes or No?

Target these Senators!

Congratulations Free Republic! Your antics made the front page of my Canadian newspaper!

Has DU lost it's Soul in some ways?

Does anyone know when the fundys began infiltrating the Air Force?

TIME magazine 1974: "The God Network" and its government connections. Over 30 years ago.

What is your vision for the future of public libraries?

San Francisco to Consider Cat De-Clawing Ban

HOLY CRAP! Ford's pardon of Nixon was engineered by The Family!!

"Hospital care is free.." - Emails from my cousin in Australia

I've had enough of people bashing others for their religious views!!

Jeff Sharlet's speech to the FFRF Convention about the Family

Skinner...How about a compromise on R&U

The Black Butte-II fire in pictures (PIC HEAVY)

I hope Skinner sticks with the new "unrecommend" function.

My grandma called earlier today, and apparently,

Will the Green Jobs of the Future end up like the IT jobs in India

I won't be around much this Wednesday-Friday


Added Efforts


Rachel Weisz: Botox "Should Be Banned for Actors"





Breathe Me

Quick help needed for a song, please.


Umi Says

To Ulrike M

Breaking news:

It shouldn't be said: Thich Quang Duc was totally hot.

The Richest Man In Babylon


I'm watching my snapeepoo tonight.

Dirty Harry

Jesus Was A Terrorist

YouTube: Cooking with Christopher Walken ("Make sure there are no watches up the chicken's ass")

Terminator Salvation: The Machinima Series

SURPRISE Susan Boyle-Killing me Softly!!!

To sleep: perchance to dream

Carmen Miranda Was A Terrorist

The Dizzy Gillespie Quintet with Lalo Schifrin piano


Time Out

Star Wars The Old Republic Timeline trailer 3: The Return of the Mandalorians

Malcolm McLaren - Madame Butterfly

I paid the plumber $400 to find out the pumps don't work 'cause the vandals took the handles

From the Tao of Willie:

An interesting Photo Theme for July's Contest

God Said, 'Ha!'

I think that the lounge is very cool tonight.

oh man, the sports forum will go nuts if the Giants get their PERFECT game!

What kind of lounge is it?

If you own a cat or kitten, or are near one, pick him/her up, lovingly look in his/her eyes, and

Burgers and Chicken Nuggets rule! (video)

Jesus Christ! How many times do I have to tell you????

Hymn 43

I just took college Spanish 1 and 2 in the first summer semester.

I've had about 4 beers in about an hour and a half. Is this considered PUI?

I have decided that next year when I turn 33 I am going to boink a goat.

It is so hot, my face has melted and my nose is on my sternum, upside down, sniffing!

Talking about John Rawls . . .

Remember Querelle?

I hate that guy

According to this VH1C show just on, Judas Priest still has some important

Statues don't get any respect these days


Fix us a plate of nachos will ya?

I met the upper middle class today.

Mass. man scrambles to repay Tom Brady

Just Found A Strange Book at a Garage Sale: "To Serve Man"

Each time a thread is unrecommended , a kitten dies

My favorite swearword would get me banned from DU if I used it.

I am not trying to brag, but two weeks ago, I landed a pretty good job.

My last night's dream was freaking awesome!

"You dark kids - get out of that pool. And don't drink from that water fountain either."

Oh, this is too cool: a google-maps mashup for trace-route

Best kind of chocolate?

Bwahahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahahaaaaaaahhh! ! ! ! !

Fun Exercise! Perhaps Miss Manners should be involved:

Iron Chef just ended, and Chen Kenichi won...

My brother has no insurance

Favorite bottled water ?

Favorite bottled water ?

My radical proposal for upcoming family functions

Okay Applegrove fell asleep in the sun today. Any suggestions for

Flo stole my star!

for laughs and giggles..Garth Brooks meets KISS

Just curious.

This Night I'll Possess Your Corpse

Inchworm is SUPER COOL! You too! Me too!

I don't feel like dancing

A couple of points about racism..

Michael Jackson is Dead - Jon LaJoie

Damn...I wish I could dance like Michael Jackson.

Am I being a spoiled brat or are my parents out of line?

Same flower, different day

Dammit dammit dammit.

I love the ITunes shuffle!

Is PowerPhone a good VoIP outfit?

How's this for a beard?

I want to visit the little people village I saw on discovery.

quick! What old MTV video featured the guy going through a mirror

So, Scots of DU, what's worn under the kilt?

25% off all plants at one of the local family-owned garden centers today.

Friends with benefits:

Yoko Kanno...

An oldie but goodie from the failblog....

World's Worst restaurant names (from FoodNetwork)

Bad Company would have been MUCH BETTER fronted by FRED Rogers rather than PAUL Rodgers. Discuss,

If you are putting up a sign, don't leave a blank space

I am over 50 years old, and right now, it is raining harder than I have seen IN MY LIFE!

DU Song Of The Day

I am such an enviro-geek

Procrastinator of the Year: Someone kick my ass and get me moving!

Canadian Boxer Arturo Gatti was found dead in Brazil

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

New show! Showtime at 6PM ET

George St. Pierre vs. Thiago Alves

The LA Dodgers = Awesome.

I see Lorne Michaels finally turned the old SNL 'Mango' skit into a movie.

I just rewatched that Lord of the Rings movie

Alright, what is going on in here?

Alright, what is going on in here?

Would like some help with an older song...

Who is the funniest DUer ? My Vote : LeftyFingerPop

The library was closed at 5pm and I couldn't get the book I need! What am I going to do?

beautiful songs. What songs move you. Here is one that is just so great.

Goat? Goooaaaattt?!!!

I accidentally hit REC instead of UNREC

Do you like the new recs system?

"Dialup Warning" Photo: Tonight's dinner, the "birthday filet mignon" I received from my attorney

We Ate At Claim Jumper For Lunch

Quick Poll: I should drive to Tucson to get wasted tonight...

Funny characters on basically unfunny shows

Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

Went to a republican health care forum today

Robert Plant, CBE. Congrats. He can add that to the "Most Arrogant Prick In Rock" award I gave him.

James Van Praag interviews Michael Jackson

Neil Young - Dirty Old Man

How to become a cat foster parent

Dear Gormy Cuss and suninvited:

Regarding Crazy Dave (a.k.a. Dave The Wave)

Hey Arbusto, my weekend co-workers played a crazy random act on me today

How often do you wax your car?

Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern... Can you dig it?

Afterbirth: It's What's For Dinner...

Big Ben celebrates 150 years of bongs

How to Fold a Bath Towel

Note to Users who have tried Windows "7" and like it. It's Half price if you....

Popcorn, anyone?

My electric bill for this month is $26.01

Post a song that uses cowbell!!

I just wrecked the DU bathroom.

Hey, little black ants that wander aimlessly around my house, we need to talk.

Just a reminder: Tuesday is Bastille Day.

what have you done nice for yourself today?

I have decided that next year when I turn 21 I am going to have one glass of whine.

the moral of "the piano": don't trade piano time for sexy time

Which Musician Would Have Impacted Music the Most

Tiny dog saves owner from attacker

Veteran of the Psychic Wars - Blue Oyster Cult

Geek, Freak or Jock: Which Best Describes You in High School?

the wet spring has led to an infestation of earwigs at my house...lovely

I swear to god, my hair is melting!!!

Smooth Criminal (Fred Astaire)

2 questions: are we no longer getting MO and did Oscar ever get published?

Fresh blueberry pie in the oven. How much coffee shall I grind? Or do you perfer tea? is a serious appliance question...

Firecracker Chocolate Bar

I hurl imprecations toward Jiffy Lube!

Need Computer/Printer Help!

Would you enjoy spending a month of solitude

OK are Cats Conservative, and Dogs Liberal? Or Dogs Conservative and Cats Liberal?

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month,

What tv shows the aliens are currently watching.

Really really really bad joke

Torchwood: Children of Earth -- five night event - was awesome!

Can anyone help me?

Ideas please

How The Election Integrity Story Broke Here On DU - An Interview With Althecat On Oped News

Weather report fail.

DU Electric Guitarists, I have a question

The inability to pronounce 3 consecutive consonants...

PIC THREAD. Me, as of last night.

My entire life is <0. Ask me anything.

A New Day Yesterday

There was once a man from DU

Ex-civilian contractor (KBR) charged with sexual assault

Congress Urged to Probe Claims 'Racial Extremists' Infiltrating the Military

Report: Bush surveillance program was massive

duplicate, please delete........sorry..

5-year prison sentence for man arrested with gun outside Obama's Chicago home

Poor Nations Get G8 Promise of $20 Billion Toward Food Security

If you can't do your job, don't sign up for it

G8 summit could be the last as rising nations want their voices heard

Restaurant Security Guard to Patrons: We Don't Allow That Faggot Stuff in Here

Body found at NY skyscraper where woman vanished

A $30,000 an Hour Attorney? Palin Report Overstates Inquiries' Costs

Serial Gay Basher In Custody In NYC

Son of Africa, Obama scolds forces of tyranny

Obama: 'Africa not separate from world affairs'

Perry Appoints New State Board of Education Chairman

Obama sees Africa's dark past at slavery monument

U.S. Inaction Seen After Taliban P.O.W.’s Died

Latest ethics complaints should be 'a wake-up call,' Palin says

Newsweek: Holder may launch inquiry on torture

Criticism of Afghan War Is on the Rise in Britain

Obama rejects 2nd stimulus: Give recovery time

Dispute over flag protest erupts in Wisc. village

Only Six Percent Of Scientists Are Republicans: Pew Poll

Only Six Percent Of Scientists Are Republicans: Pew Poll

Freed Army deserter says he has no regrets

NYT: Cheney is Linked to Concealment of CIA Program

Mortgage defaults spread as even 'safe' borrowers falter

Boxer Arturo Gatti reportedly found dead in Brazilian hotel room

Reporter Ellison? Rep takes on public option on House floor

Critics: Honduras suppressing broadcasters

Recession Creates Legions of Newly Homeless

Zoo May Close, Euthanize Animals {Boston}

Bloomberg News is coming down hard on Goldman

Dems & GOP: Transportation bill needed

Olbermann: James Risen on Bush Altering CIA Threat Assessment to Justify Wiretapping

What Did CIA Lie To Congress About? Cheney's Personal Assassination Squad?

Rachel Maddow: Republicans, C Street, 'The Family,' Secrecy & Sermons Praising Nazi Committment

Senator Al Franken, red state update

Geeky Science Rocks:

The Onion: New Live Poll Lets Pundits Pander To Viewers In Real Time

Weekly Address: Recovery and the Jobs of the Future

CNN Covers Tennessee Coal Sludge Disaster (w/ Erin Brockovich)

MaxKeiser, 'CNBC is OK with Goldman's fraud and slaughter of 1 mn. Iraqis if if means cheaper oil'

Olbermann: Turley on New Info Bush Pressuring 'Sycophants Post-Surgery to Sign Away Civil Liberties'

Olbermann: Worst Person In The World 7/10 - Texas Gov. Perry

GOOD Magazine: Nuclear Weapons

Did Ensign's Parents Foot the Bill for his Mistress? Expensive Gift!

WFMD-TV of Dr. Ogan Gurel's Walk for Health Care (Mansfield, OH)

The Bush Yeers from BreakRoomLive

Iran protests highlighted in Madonna concert "Where is my vote?"

Update: Rachel Maddow - Friday's segment re: C Street Parts 1&2

They Don't Care About Us

President Obama's Address to Ghana, excerpt.

Is the US Christian Chamber of Commerce the Family?

On the Edge with Max Keiser - 10 July 2009 - (pt3 of 3)

On the Edge with Max Keiser - 10 July 2009 (pt2 of 3)

Young Turks: 14 Year Old Girl Gets Tased By Cop

This Is How Ensign Should Have Handled His Affair

'2012' Trailer HD

Fault Lines - Newt Gingrich - 11 Jul 09 - Part 1

Fault Lines - Newt Gingrich - 11 Jul 09 - Part 2

NPR The Family Part one

Has The CIA Gone Rogue?

We Are YWAM - Promo

C Street House Republican house run by weird, secretive Christian fellowship The Family

The creepy family made a video on how to rule the world.

How to hack RFID enabled Credit Cards for $8 BBtv

Young Turks: Cenk on Kucinich Grilling of Healthcare "Expert"

Canadian musician gets attention of United Airlines over broken $3500 guitar.

Brad Sherman Vs Tim Geithner July 10, 2009

TYT: GOP State Senator - World Is 6,000 Years Old!

Young Turks: 6% of Scientists Are Republicans

Insurance Companies Game-Plan To Attack Sicko and Michael Moore

"Artificial Stimulus...It's too Soon to Say Whether Stimulus is Working" (Slate)

Mourn On The 4th of July

John Quincy Adams on U.S. Foreign Policy (1821)

Satyam renews GlaxoSmithKline deal

Arlen Specter Challenges Joe Sestak to a Game of Battleship

FACT CHECK: GOP joins murky math on stimulus jobs

Marriott Workers Keep Benefits Despite Cuts

To save money, California State University won't take new students this spring

110 Lawmakers and Mr. Geithner: A Session on Derivatives

Tim Collins: Afghanistan remains a worthy cause

Slideshow: President Obama meets the Pope before traveling to Ghana

The Human Equation

Secret Bush CIA program: Will Dems investigate? By Joan Walsh

Slideshow: Ghana prepares for President Obama's visit


Micheletti Tried to Change the Honduran Constitution 1985

What Happened in Vegas

Honduras Coup Government Detains Father of Boy Who Died in Protests

Accompanying Resistance in Honduras

Swim Club President Explains The 'First Rule of Swim Club'

With Misleading Obama Photo, Drudge Again Shows He's A Lying Sack of Sh*t

The Right-Wing Prescription for Economic Recovery: Lionize the Rich and Demonize the Poor

Health Care Is Making You Sick For Profit

Ensign Seeks Passage of the 'Mistress Hush Money Tax Credit'

'Mom, Dad—I Need $96K'

Ensign House Owned By Group Proposing Christian World Control Plot

But, They Want Me Dead

The Case Against John Yoo

Restore protective fees for imports: the chimera of "free trade"

Brain worms: one in five are infested

French Teachers Rally Against New Rules.

No Public Option, No Re-election, NO KIDDING

Venezuelan National Assembly Discusses Limits to Concentration of Media Ownership

Friday Talking Points (85) -- Roll Up! See The Show!

Obama bows to the corruption or like breaking the law is allowed because politics is so important

"As government tags passports, licenses, critics fear privacy is 'chipped' away" by Todd Lewan (AP)

Some Choice Words for “The Select Few” by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

Biomass plant highlights renewable energy potential -- and pitfalls

Solyndra Adds $238M Contract, Brings Backlog Total to $2B

PM Rudd: Climate pact faces hard slog

The NNadir appreciation thread!

Gov's home goes green with solar panels, wind turbines

Grassoline: Biofuels beyond Corn

Bi-National Grid with Mexico Could Boost Renewable Energy Use in Border States

Exelon still holding on to Guadalupe water

SciAm: Biofuel Fraud Case Could Leave the EPA Running on Fumes

Nanopillars Promise Cheap, Efficient, Flexible Solar Cells

Pronuke or No Nuke? Obama must decide. What do you say? $50 Billion for nukes? Yes or no?

Specter Calls Sestak ‘Flagrant Hypocrite’

Queen Michelle arrives in triumph as Africa welcomes Obama home

Kucinich destroys a doctor at this hearing about health care...

Carly Fiorina seems to be prepping for a bout with Barbara Boxer


Randi Rhodes blasts Al Franken.....

So how's Obama doing? Given the mess he inherited, and by comparison: excellent

PHOTOS Ghana. (Warning: 45 pics!)

This economic situation is not a hicup or a recession

Newsweek: AG Holder leaning towards special prosecutor for torture!

Michelle Obama caught on camera ogling male "package."

Wow - I Wish I Was 10 Years Old And The Obamas Were My Parents!

NY Times: 'Cheney Is Linked to Concealment of C.I.A. Project' (July 11)

Sally Quinn: Palin's Missed Opportunity

Palin to stump for conservative Democrats (Moonie Times)

Obama: Stimulus Designed To Work Over Two Years -- Not Four Months

So Obama had a press conference today?

Damn! Our president just said, "We draw strength from our African heritage"

Obama Surprises Russia

Senator Max Baucus: It will be years before some of the major healthcare reforms take effect

Obama Issues Challenge In Ghana

How Does Hate "Help Women and Girls"?

Sunday News Shows (Durbin, Leahy, Geithner, Sebelius, Feinstein, Schumer...)

Dr. Doom Has Some Good News

An Emotional President Obama Tours Former Slave Port with Family (w/ pics)

Some welcomed context about Obama polls

Obama bids goodbye to Ghana (CNN VIDEO)

Obama Student Loan Plan Wins Support in House

Obama Diagrams Health-Care Strategy From Abroad

What question would you want Anderson Cooper to ask Obama in a one on one interview

A perspective on Ghana and what President Obama's trip meant

Harper's publisher John R. MacArthur: "Obama has been lying on a pretty impressive scale"

Bill Moyers Show Tonight: Insurance Lobby's Secret Plan to Attack "Sicko" and Michael Moore

President Obama's inspiring paradoxes

PHOTOS The Obamas visit Accra Hospital (Cute Babies Alert)

Good Lord! I LOVE these people!

They have to fight their own wars

Obama backing out of another campaign promise -- this time, the promise to renegotiate NAFTA

Shrinking US trade gap seen as positive for economy...(Now for some good news)


Put this one in the "Freeper Cognitive Dissonance" file....(re: Wash. Times Palin art.)

Obama vows to hold war criminals accountable

Vancouver Sun reports on Free Republics "racist slurs"

"Obama is a dictator"

Want a free clean energy sticker?

Misleading headlines, Misleading titles, Misleading Video Crops drives a wedge


Television.... WTF?

What's the Stimulus Doing?

Would you donate to the opponent of any congressperson that votes against public option?

Michelle Obama: Slaves helped build the White House, now home to an African-American First Family

Roy Blunt: It would have been "best" if Medicare and Medicaid never existed

U.S. Afghan Military Commander: May need more funds and U.S. troops

Assmussen Daily Tracking Poll 51 Approve, 48 Disapprove

Pawlenty Garners Attention With Budget Move

The Obama White House's First Try At Second Life

Obama against drug price controls

Thank God The US Doesn't Have Government Like This

What greater need is there than safety from these bone crushing monsters?

Romney, Pawlenty, Newt, Jindal, Rudy will destroy Palin for us!!

*** HEADS UP *** The Obamas in Cape Coast, Ghana

Independent Burr Poll Actually Conducted by His Campaign Manager

Obama live on CNN (11:20 am eastern) in Ghana n/t

PHOTO Where do you stick your flag?

President Obama's Address - "Africa: A New Moment of Promise" (FULL TEXT)

I really enjoy watching President Obama's speeches, especially

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Addresses Ghana's Parliament

Close-up Photograph of fly being killed by President Obama released

Dear Senator Bayh

IL-Sen: Kirk Waffles, Then Re-Waffles

Honduran minister sacked for Obama slur

From the Office of Senator Evan Bayh: Health Care Reform

Reuters: Everyday Americans argue for public healthcare option

A Justice For All: The Sotomayor Committee Hearings

coming up: keith olbermann's puppet theater of sen. ensign's affair. nt

Let's set this baby up in some nasty drought parched chapparal.

Isn't it time we pressure President Obama to close the School of the Americas?

State Dept. Daily Briefing, July 10, 2009 (video)

Costa Rica mediation has collapsed

HUGO CHAVEZ says HILLARY CLINTON'S Proposal to Zelaya is a Trap for Democracy

D'Escoto asegura que Zelaya "está cerca" de regresar al poder en Honduras

D'Escoto - U.N. assembly chief sees Zelaya reinstatement soon

Breakthrough near in Honduras crisis: UN


Bolivarian News Agency: Media Campaign Agains Venezuela Worsens in Honduras

Nicaragua Network: Join the Pastors4Peace Caravan to HONDURAS and NICARAGUA!! Nov 2009

Zelaya Supporters Rally in Honduras-- Carry Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez & Obama Signs

MESA REDONDA Live on Telesur and yes they are talking about Honduras and taking a short break n/tt

RHC-Telesur: CHAVEZ: "Obama Commits Fatal Error"

Chomsky remarks on Honduras

SOA watch is on the ground in Honduras

Interview From the Front Lines of the Resistance: VP of Nat'l. Fraternal Black Orgs, of Honduras

Critics: Honduras suppressing broadcasters

Whining from La Gringa in Honduras

Previously Unknown Inca Road Discovered in Peru

Fidel Castro: The Coup Dies or Constitutions Die

APORREA: "Honduran Oligarchy: 'The War is Against Chavez'"

WaPo and more of its crap: "A Dose of Realism in Honduras"

IKN: MUST READ BLOG ON THE COUP -Translates Lots of Stuff into English

OSCAR ARIAS: Perpetual President? Changing the Constitution is his Specialty

Gloat-free, one-stop Baseball Scores (Friday night, July 10)

BOREV: WaPo Cites Biased Honduran Press Stats in Story About Biased Honduran Press

It has all come to this for NY Choker fans:

Otto Reich tesitified before the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on Friday

Baseball teams fear 'haunted' Milwaukee hotel

Isn't it time we pressure President Obama to close the School of the Americas?

Does anyone have better links for Berta Oliva?

Delete, trying again


Jonathon Sanchez throws no hitter!!! Giants win 8-0

After Stage 8 of Tour de France today, Lance said,

More evidence of anti-Giants bias and crooked voting by the East Coast

Bedraggled Poms pray for rain or a miracle (England getting outslugged at the Ashes)

You must see this post by cal04: Micheletti Tried to Change the Honduran Constitution 1985

Best West Coast Baseball Team

Former NY Yankee Great, David Cone To Testify for Sonia Sotomayor's At Her Confirmation Hearing

40 years later, U.S. munitions continue to kill and maim.

Today in Labor History July 11hired by companies to bust strikes and intimidate workers from joining


Yoga Fights Back!

Woman drops gun while using public bathroom, accidentally shoots woman in next stall

Interesting thing I just learned about North Dakota...

Multiple law professors—a libertarian and several liberals—together support 14th Amendment challenge

Thought-police is here

Conflict-worn Palestinians carve out niches of joy


Senator Max Baucus: It will be years before some of the major healthcare reforms take effect

Bill Moyers Show Tonight: Insurance Lobby's Secret Plan to Attack "Sicko" and Michael Moore

Evan Bayh's reply to e-mail about health care reform (opposes Single Payer)

Cancer, Non-Cancer Cells Have Similarities

Ugly males more fertile

Reuters: Everyday Americans argue for public healthcare option

Eight Shots From Downtown

Is it appropriate to photograph funerals?

"What Recovery? Green Shoots turning into Brown Weeds" (posted Ritholtz site)

"The Goldman Sachs Tax" (More Goldman Speculation)

‘Secretive’ firms dominate US share trading

Stupidity Bites HARD: Dodd and Frank

Can someone explain this Bernie Madoff litigation to me?

Enough is enough!

Trade Red Ink Is Major Cause Of All Our Economic Woes

49 yr. old Jean-Pierre Aguilar, Head of top French Hedge/Quant Fund dies in Glider Plane Accident!

A New Light For GM and American Manufacturing: The Chevy Volt

Goldman Sachs profit bonanza could stoke anger

TARP for small business?

Events in CA

Bruno is borderline aka "edgy" (Spoilers)

Mormons arrest gay couple for kissing in Salt Lake City

Potato famine disease striking home gardens in U.S.

Some may have seen this - Hans Rosler on TED showing amazing ways of displaying data.

If you are ever curious as to what I look like,

2012/Shift questions

Okay, I've been up for two hours

The Obamas Find a Church Home — Away from Home

Don't tell me what God is, until you can tell me what we are.

Summer Reading, for foodies and historians!

I found a really good product

Test Scores and Teacher...

Who killed JFK? Who/what was behind (caused 9/11)

Colonel Daniel Marvin: Psychological Profile of a Reformed Killer

Six months prior to 9/11...

How cool! The Eternal Moonwalk

How we saw off Brüno

Morgan Freeman, 72, to Marry His Step-Granddaughter, 27