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Yoga "cures" WHAT??!!??

About Bruno

Reuters: Cheney

Boehner backpedals on stimulus comments

Prison Officials Have Banned an Inmate From Reading Obama’s Books

remember this gem? Cheney to Treasury: "Deficits don't matter"

Leahy, Sessions Announce Witness List For Sotomayor Hearing

James Van Praag interviews Michael Jackson

Cheney told CIA to withhold information: report

How to become a cat foster parent

Palin on the radio: MooseMom calls Ted Nugent's plans to grill some Alaskan black bear "awesome"

LA teen pilot makes aviation history with flight

Fundies POed that the Pentagon turned down a USAF flyover at their "God & Country" festival.....

Sunday News Shows

The Last of the Shoes?

AP source: Holder considering torture probe

David Shuster will be covering the Freep thread Monday

Chips in official IDs raise privacy fears

How Rove Said He'd Answer Siegelman Prosecution Queries

Video: Insurance lobby's secret plan to attack 'Sicko' and Michael Moore

Second Stimulus Debate - What's The Point Since We Have Not Run Out Of Money Yet?

Michael Hayden: Congress Was Informed About Surveillance Program

On the DU Rules for “So-Called 'Conspiracy Theories'” Posts

Jan Schakowsky: Dick Cheney's program validates Nancy Pelosi

Connecting on the No. 2 Hyde Park Express

Dick and Liz Cheney were on cable news 24/7 for weeks... NOW they can't be reached?

WW fun: Remembered why they liked him in the first place

Tiny dog saves owner from attacker

Sanford's Affair Might Have Jeopardized Top-Secret Clearance

What do you think Cheney was trying to hide from Congress??

The pit from where Jillian Bandes emerged. A new RW tool who got schooled by Jane Hamsher.

I love you. You?

Cheney told CIA not to discuss program

Photos of Franken Victory Party

"Cheney and Rumsfeld pressured CIA to mislead Congress in the 1970's, too" by Margie Burns

Not a single "Recommend this if you agree with me" post on the Greatest Page.

Harry Potter Punk Charged for Conjuring Cannabis (Guess who)

If someone wants to believe in God and conduct themselves morally....go for it.

What's my "agenda" re: fundamentalist believers vs. non-believers comments:

At DU, fundamentalist atheists are the nutcases, just like evangelicals are at a right wing board.

At DU, fundamentalist atheists are the nutcases, just like evangelicals are at a right wing board.

CIT is likely to go under - will be the biggest bank failure since WAMU

So, when a thread about how Randi is crapping on Franken

UK can't afford another fiscal rescue, warns IMF

UK can't afford another fiscal rescue, warns IMF

C-Street kingpin? Coburn?

Meet the Senate Judiciary Committee

I don't mind, I don't care - Just thought I would throw something nice out there tonight

Group founded by MLK threatens to fire LA chapter leader for gay rights support

For Doctors in Congress, Little Harmony on Health Care

I've finally figured out a republican definition. RE: LaRaza

US attorney general mulls appointing 'torture prosecutor'

Joe Jackson is poisoning the LAPD investigation

Sewer Socialism Down the Drain?: Activists in Milwaukee fight to keep water system in public hands

Please UnReck this thread if you are short-sighted, small-minded and respect-challenged

Please UnReck this thread if you are short-sighted, small-minded and respect-challenged

Just how many "Special Prosecutors" are going to be required?

Once again I ask, how has Tenet avoided responsibility?

Early CBO Score on Public Plan. It's Good!

"Karzai, in fact, appears to want to turn his government into warlord central."

The New Ice Age of the Young Republicans

i am a rabid "unrec-tite" there. i said it...

Why are there no Negative Rec scores showing for particularly onerous posts?

Israel's Netanyahu invites Abbas to talk peace

Chaos Reigned in Guantanamo’s Early Days, Documents Show

Chop or no chop?

The Dems need to make finding and exposing any other "secret" CIA programs top priority

Stupid is as Stupid does

Jack Jacobs stop spinning for Cheney

Dr. Ezekial Emanuel (Rahm's Bro) on C-Span II with the Insurance Plan for America..

The Human Equation by Bob Herbert

If Holder starts investigations into Bush era crimes and Obama's agenda is derailed, politicaly,

Santoum WAS a member of "the Family"

AK State Senator: Palin may have to remain in office

ACLU: E-Verify Amendment Could Cause Unjust Termination of US Workers Lacking Photo ID

See panel #12 of today's Doonesbury. Re:, Obama's Icon.

Tweety is back

Woman held for noisy sex 'breach', faces jury trial

Dick Cheney won't be charged ...

Why This Murdoch Scandal Won't Disappear

the weakness of the European Union.

Los Angeles Times: As the Hollywood machine abandons L.A., its supporting workers struggle

8 years later, and repuke Senators still fear and loath Leahy more than any other dem in the Senate

"REC" this if you like the "UNRECOMMEND" feature

5 Iranian Officials Released by US Return to Iran

Where's Chris Matthews?

Where's Chris Matthews?

Baldo's little sister watching the SOTOMAYOR hearings


FINALLY Mr. Holder! Now.....

Bruce Tinsley. gawd. Even when he has a point, he can't make it.

Feinstein today on faux: Cheney told CIA not to brief Congress

Cash-strapped California quizzes Jackson costs

Cheney's ASSASSINS And Poindexter's TIA

30 years Ago Today, July 12, 1979

'59 nuclear reactor accident remains vivid for former Santa Susana Field Laboratory worker

McCain said that he wanted all the facts about Cheney's program

McCain has lost it

Does a Senior Obama Official Have Unseemly Ties to Notorious Human-Rights Abuser Chevron?

Cheney's Secret Program: How Many Directions?

Cheney's Secret Program: How Many Directions?

4 US Soldiers Killed in Afghan Bomb Blasts

Where is Cheney and his imbecile daughter now?

Woo Woo

Who is Oscar Arias? Washington’s mediator in Honduran coup

Who is this Washington Post conservative tool on FTN?


Looking at recent events, one can only conclude that this drip drip drip against Bush Co...

Dear DU. Have a wonderful midsummer day.

Dems to launch formal investigation into Cheney's role in keeping Congress in the dark

Freeper "Call to Action" at 11:30 EDT this morning.

12 Healthiest Foods On The Planet - A Somewhat Different Take Than I've Seen Before...

Republicans resist Justice interrogation probe

Variety of Obama/Family photos, include Rome.

Transphobic Assault on a Woman in Queens

some interesting news on Jackson's doctor

some interesting news on Jackson's doctor

Topless activists protest veterinarians' fish toss

Topless activists protest veterinarians' fish toss

NY Times: Malls See Plenty of Action, but Less of It Is Shopping

Ed Whelan said Dems want to "Balkanize" the Supreme Court

Ooops! Dupe thread!

It's Not About Money, It's About World Domination!

What is the purpose of grief in the animal kingdom?

Iran: 18 Tir : Fight the Power (Tehran demonstrations)

In Dubya's Hood With Ray McGovern

Tatyana Kozhevnikova recognized for having the world's strongest vagina

another big bridge collapses - pic

close your eyes and listen . . . and tell me you don't hear a rainstorm . . .

Gonzales knew about the "other" eavesdropping program during his hearings

Supermax prison blocked Obama books requested by detainee

EU Tells UN: Accept Palestinian State Even If Israel Does Not

Palin To Appear At Calif. Gala After Resignation - San Jose Mercury News

DU:142,664 user registrations and 45,409,376 posts since January 2001.

We really need a Hall-of Fame Forum

We really need a Hall-of Fame Forum

We really need a Hall-of Fame Forum

We really need a Hall-of Fame Forum

Will Ensign Do What’s Best For His Party? - John Ralston

Can this be seen as Obama being against the rule of law??

Would this make you happy?

Labor secretary (Solis) hopes to ‘level the playing field'

Don't know if this has been posted yet, and

Holder v. Rahm: The Torture Fight - Marci Wheeler

If you ever get arrested I highly recommend this guys lawyer

Palin:" My Own Son Isn't A Republican "- HA HA

Does Poverty Cause Obesity?

David Bonior: From Capitol Hill Leader to Labor Organizer

McCain's asinine responses on Meet the Press concerning investigations into the CIA and torture


Afghans turn to Taliban in fear of own police

So we can have ALL of our agenda, or else we have no choice but to prosecute CHEENEE

remember when the neo cons smirked and snickered when they made those

Freeper's big bombshell: Vancouver Sun journalist is a leftie who posts on DKos

‘C Street’ group tied to Ensign is linked to yet another secretive group

Good 'Grief': Joe Scarborough On Speaker Pelosi

Kids recant abuse claims after dad jailed 20 years

When Will It End?

Freepers are delusional.

Most intelligence leads under "President's Surveillance Program" had no connection to terrorism.

Been out of the loop for a bit.....

Looking Back to Protect the Future - Prosecute Bush

Dallas Police Scale Back Security for Home of Former President George W. Bush

Leahy on Cheney: No One Is Above the Law

British extremists who fled to US jailed for inciting racial hatred online

The Nation: Et Tu, Brüno?

Durbin: Senate Dems not onboard with House healthcare surtax

For Those Upset with Unrecommend:

David Beckham looks unhappy to be back in the US

IF Members of Congress Let Cheney Skate On MURDER Then They Are Complicit...

Iran: The Green Brief #25 (July 11) Latest news from Iran.

Palin "eager" to campaign for Republicans, Independents, Democrats who "share her values"

*SCARY* 4 burned at tomato festival by funnel cake oil

Hannity and O'Reilly conveniently ignore accusations that CIA misled Congress

Nominee Wraps Up Rehearsals (Sotomayor preparing unlike Bork)

Mexico fights back

Creationists Still Want to Give Master of Science Degrees

Cheney hasn't the authority to authorize the concealment of a CIA program

Caption Sen. Sessions

Speaker Nancy Pelosi showed a lot of guts calling the CIA the liars they are

C Street -- and The 7 Mountains of Culture

Anyone else think it's funny that Cheney can't be found..

The TLC channel: "I can't believe I'm pregnant" and "Obese and Pregnant". Here's the good news!

RI bucks trend, fights to keep greyhound racing

People should have to pay to unrecommend.

Lady bug swarm in Colorado

EXCLUSIVE: Palin to stump for conservative Democrats

Group think - Group think - Group think

Did Bush/Cheney order the CIA to withhold information from the incoming administration?

surge update - Bombs kill 2 U.S. Marines in south Afghanistan

Dawson's Creek-- was it racist?

When you read or hear something, how do you determine if it is true or not?

Would this be an acceptable solution?

The Fox Nation Declares Victory Over Obama

Is The Family The Beast, without whose mark (membership in the Right church) YOU cannot

"Democrats" Mark Pryor and Bill Nelson are members of "the Family"

First, they gave us the rec button.......

So when will the big Dick become a liability to the CIA?

Republicans Resist Justice Interrogation Probe - AP

If Governor Palin Were President Palin

Woman on Toilet Accidentally Shot in Leg

Why is Osama bin Laden alive and Saddam Hussein dead? Dick Cheney decided

Remember Sarah Palin was supposed to be this big tough pit bull

What I don't understand about the opposition to the public option

Quotes of the week

Jefferson Beauregard "Jeff" Sessions III

Palin Laments: My Own Son Isn't A Republican

John Cornyn, still holding Bush's jockstrap

Rights Group Concerned About Fate Of Scores Of Missing Iranians

Last week's coup d'etat in Honduras

Endeavour no-go for Sunday launch.

Let's have fun! Let's have a fair!.... nope not in Richmond

What's sadder than the Republican Party trying to be "hip"?

Growth business - Thigh Cams for journalists.

Enjoy the train wrecks, but Conservatism isn't dead or dying

American children in poverty on the rise-More facing threat of hunger with parents unemployed

Shuttle launch delayed again

For those who've criticized President Obama on his "failure".....

Is there ever a Sunday morning that goes by WITHOUT John McCain being on one of the gasbag shows?

Breaking: Suspect in custody over Florida couple's deaths (couple that adopted 12 kids)

ALL Americans Need to Feel the Sacrifice when we are at WAR

K&U ?

How long can the Cheney/CIA secret program remain secret? What are the speculations?

Texting Teen Falls Down Open Manhole on Staten Island

When Will The Recovery Begin? Never

What will it take?

Which Type of DU-er are You?

Everyone Into Sotomayors' Pool!

If they can do it everywhere else, why can't we do it here?

Cops caught on tape twice: 1st beating handcuffed man, then huddling to get story straight

Jan Schakowsky: Dick Cheney's program validates Nancy Pelosi

Fighting Sotomayor, Republicans Falsely Advance Fire Fighter Ricci as the White Man's Rosa Parks

Now is the time to strike back. Hate promoter Amy Siskind will be on PBS

Shuttle Launch at 7:13 pm ET today (Sunday) - Watch it here >>

Tornado warnings in Virginia and South Carolina

"Bipartisan commission" = Insurance companies win (again)

"For of those to whom much is given,

Your opinion on the new "unrecommend" feature on DU.

Small rewards can be the most satisfying

Are we getting a bit carried away with our attacks against The Family?

A Suggestion For Finessing UnReckers

Former CIGNA executive says Michael Moore was right all along [UPDATE]

Law Will Let Afghan Husbands Starve Wives Who Withhold Sex

So why is Cheney suddenly silent

Are Blue Dogs Just “Voting Their Districts” — Or Their Donors?

Best industry to work in right now

Sam Brownback, R-Kan is a member of the Family

"The Family" and its use of cells, explained

McCain: CIA secrecy story just beginning

How do I avoid duplicate posts?

Texas Gov. Rick Perry Picks Creationist To Run State Education Board

Frost Nixon, and today...

El Paso City debates gay rights: One of 'Chico Taco's five' files complaint with police

Freeper watch..........

Sarah Palin attempts to form a Conservative Christian Right Wing 3rd U.S. Major Political Party?

This story will make you hope and pray you don't get sick

Statehood for DC is wrong.

Do you pay more or less for rent/mortgage than the C-Streeters?

BEWARE-New Facebook IM scam

Even the most conservative American believes in socialized medicine.

Holder is considering special prosecutor. Hell Yea!

Make your predictions now: when will Palin quit her next job?

DU flipped a poll!!!

Certain posters I can't stand have disappeared from the greatest page

The problem with the unrec feature - We can't see a thread's rating when it goes negative

She Broke the G.O.P. and Now She Owns It

She Broke the G.O.P. and Now She Owns It

Bennet won't back health care plan that isn't paid for now

If your employer could get a big taxcut, would they hire more workers?

David Brooks: A Republican senator put ‘his hand on my inner thigh’ for a ‘whole’ dinner party.

Understanding a facet of The Family theology: Joe Bageant on Christian Reconstructionism

House Dems Reverse Obama, Remove Ban On Needle Exchange Funding

Searchers shovel Northwest dirt seeking giant worm

Marine-themed public schools meet resistance

Anyone familiar with the 2010 races?

"Kiss-In" Protest Held Outside Mormon Church

USA : 765 cars/ 1000 people , and China : 10 cars/ 1000 people

Honduras Emergency Response Delegation Report

I would bet my marbles the health insurance companies are posting here.


What I want to know is - were they STILL reporting to Cheney AFTER he was out of office?

Washington Times: "secret program involved assassinations"

Taller People Earn More Money

What if this is a factor in the obesity epidemic?

A Short Story Explaining Capitalism

How about this as an example of how ridiculous Don't Ask Don't Tell is?

So why can we see how many ppl rec a post yet not how many unrec

Statistics is an amazing discipline.

Hillary's Association With "The Family"

I'm going to say good about Obama and hope like hell I'm right

Take a Look at the Greatest Page...

URGENT student loan certification -- need to understand

Labor laws got you lost? (Look at what Obama has done for ALL workers in 6 months!)

Afghan Police set up 'bachabazi compounds' to rape pre-pubescent children.

How we can actually USE the Michael Jackson tragedy for POLITICAL GOOD

Un-Rec This If You Dare

McCain: "I have never seen such personal attacks"

Freepers are mad as hell...and final update.

"England lets people die because the cancer drugs are too expensive"

Gavel to gavel coverage of Sotomayor confirmation hearings on

Oh this is rich in response to Shuster calling out FreeRepublic on racism, they go all homophobic!

Oh this is rich in response to Shuster calling out FreeRepublic on racism, they go all homophobic!

It's Time To Play Guess The Creepy Republican Senator

Gotta love Bill Moyers......

CNN is reporting that the Sotomayor hearings are to last "no more than a week"

Employee Free Choice Act would restore fairness to labor laws

Is Anybody Else As Spooked As I Am About The Latest Revelations On The C Street House.....

Racial slurs - directed at Obama Children - despicable

Wow...I'm surprised how many people here miss the point of Bruno and Borat

Chris Parry (Vancouver Sun) responded to Freeper "bombshell" - see here:

I've seen a number of controversial but interesting posts that have negative recommend numbers

A response to Jim Robinson's most recent rant

Adventures in Irrationality: Just now on MSNBC

Here is the secret CIA program Panetta shut down when he found out about it

Can a woman strangle a champion boxer with her purse strap?

Has Anybody Else Seen Bruno

So is Cheney going to be offically charged?

We just had 15 smoke jumpers parachute on a fire on Lucky Butte.

A $1.00 food stamp

A $1.00 food stamp


Watch Louisiana deputies choke a guy to death for drugs in his mouth.

Ensign House Owned By Group Proposing Christian World Control Plot

So the heat on FreeRepublic is going to get hot tomorrow, Shuster to call them out on MSNBC . . .

And don't forget the Congressional Moonies who crowned Rev Moon Messiah in the Dirksen Senate Bldg!

Ready for a LAUGH?

Washington Post: Holder Probe will not examine the actions of higher-level Bush policymakers

"Poor people just die"

I have three friends who have to leave the country by the end of the month, I hope all you who feel

Surprising number of Family members and "friends" played key roles as founding members of the DLC :

Solution to the unrecommend crisis:

"...a denatured Jesus drained of the Social Gospel ,and supportive of the status quo and....

Do car dealers actually want to sell cars?

Top ten freeper excuses for their racist thread about Malia Obama (In their own lame words)

The Perfect Litmus Test for the Wonderful New Unrec Feature!

The Perfect Litmus Test for the Wonderful New Unrec Feature!

Facebook or Myspace?

Regarding Dick Cheney

OK...who couldn't care less about the "Unrecommend" controversy?

****Everybody knows Jews aren't a real minority group. They're oppressors... So let's kill them all.

Watch and listen to the Space Shuttle launch here. 7:13 p.m. EST

what are you doing to save money in this economy? We are...

Profit is theft

Profit is theft

Post here to pledge NOT to "unrec" any threads

Just Got Back From Health Care Gathering with John Conyers.

A crisis. A travesty. A suppression of free speech.

More police brutality: Cop tasers 14-year-old girl. A dart penetrates her skull and hits her brain.

Teen Who Mistook Hiker for Bear Gets 30 Days

Deleted post

"CIA's History of Lying to Congress" by Lisa Pease (7-10-09 Consortium News)

A view is becoming more prevalent among Democrats that women's rights are expendable...

Society Finch appreciation thread!

Has anyone heard from Elshiva?

I want Batmans pancreas

Is your cell phone really worth getting your blood pressure up over?

HTML Question.

Sammy Hagar sucks as a rocker, but kicks ass as a tequila producer

How often do you wax your cat?

Hey fatbutt!

Boobs on Bikes back amid shrinkage

No Backspace Thread. Type without loking and noyt backing up to fix. Begin.

Anybody ever been to Lambardi's in New York?

Aww Yeah!

Great. Now I don't know what to post.

Saw Sonic Youth play last night....

I have something to tell you.

All things considered, I will be taking a break from DU.

Hey, look what I found...a Homer Simpson "Mr. Sparkle" GIF animation avatar

Are all things possible, limits only markers of our small nets in an infinite ocean?

I saw this band at Summerstage in Central Park today. Muy rrrrrrrrrica!

Good night DU Lounge!

Pulled a major stunt at work.

I love you. You?

SyFi channel original movie coming on in 9 minutes. Gawd help us all!

Best Homer Simpson

Does anyone listen to Steve Luthaker?

DU Nighthawks #75

I think my precious pup is taking this R & R thing too seriously this weekend. Look at this .....

I think my precious pub is taking this K & R thing too seriously this weekend. Look at this .....

I want Michael Jackson's liver.

Your typical DUer does which activity most often?

Name The Movie- "Daddy, I've got cider in my ear".

Haven't been 'round much lately. What is the deal w/ the new UNrecommend feature??

Can I have your number?

Testing,can you anyone see this gif?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday {dial-up warning}

I am out of iced tea

Not interested, nervous, or playing hard to get?

So I thought I made a friend yesterday, I wanted to get together for lunch, and then she tells me

"Transcendental Blues"- Steve Earle

I sometimes feel like I don't connect with "normal people".

Please unrec this thread

has anyone here bought that Redi-set-go express cooker thing?

Pat Benetar still has it

Saturday Night Rorschach Test #1. What do YOU see?

Eduardo Galeano's Mirrors is a really great book!

delete dupe

Gavel to gavel coverage of Sotomayor confirmation hearings on

Congratulations elleng! 10,000 posts!


Congratulations slipslidingaway! 10,000 posts!

"The Seventh Seal" and "La Dolce Vita" made for one wild-assed double feature last night...

Can anyone figure out what is happening in this video from roughly 1:20-1:40?

Skipping a thyroid pill - A question.

DU Song Of The Day

I think I'm finally getting tattooed

Edit conversations

My newest poem: "Dreams"

What is a normal amount of sleep in a day?

Oh, HAI Menz!

Mr. Bicyclist, I fully support your right to share the road.

If DU is graded on a curve (and you KNOW it is), are you one of us, or are you screwing it up?

Next time you hammer your thumb, go ahead and swear your guts out.

Next time you hammer your thumb, go ahead and swear your guts out.

One of my hens lost her tail feathers today after she

Do you think 'newspeak' is a real condition?

What do most message boards have against Second Life?

watching DVD's of old MAD TV , and I have to say

Mythbusters to test Star Treks Gorn cannon


What's on your TV/stereo/radio/mp3 player?

i hate feeling so helpless when people i love are in pain

Kings 7/11 (spoilers in first post)

I just trimmed my cat's nails.

Am I a heathen for not taking my kids to church on Sundays?

My husband cooked for me tonight. he fixed almost everything from scratch

If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

Who went to the farmer's market this weekend

"Expedition Africa" fans:

holy shit, the Jimmy Fallon character on Fever Pitch is an major league Asshole

The Storm - A story of forbidden love ....

"8 Simple Rules" - nice to see some television is funny these days!

You would not believe which celebrity autograph I just obtained at the gas station...

Damn. Not even a week, and already a flood of meta-reporting on Michael Jackson reporting.

If I actually had an iPhone, this would be my ringtone forever and ever:

He who is not without sin, head on over to GDP

Just how DO they get whole kernel corn off of the cob for canning & freezing?

i am a rabid "unrec-tite" there. i said it...

Is the opposite of "k and r" an "un and run"?

Oh, btw...

I'm in a very somber and reflective mood, and here is the one truth that cannot be denied...

Just how DO you get a whole kernel corn out from between that huge space between your 2 front teeth?

So what's the deal with Kyrgyzstan?

Romance is for loosers.

Say a few good things about the sports team you hate the most

How's everyone doing?

Holy crap! I was just held captive

Speaking of liver,I cannot eat the stuff.

The movie Pineapple Express

Too late, shifting reading paradigm, need good history of Greece/Rome

This is pretty cool - I'm at a starbucks in Houston, and Woody Guthrie comes on....

Mum and four daughters spend £40,000 on nine boob ops

Jury Duty...have you served?

my wifes parents now officially hate me

It is a mistake to need anyone.

Share a bizarre situation you found yourself in.

Pretentious songs, rather than albums.

The most pretentious album title of all time is?


This is pretty cool - I'm at a starbucks in Houston, and Woody Guthrie comes in....

I'm calling out .... HEIDI.

Would you enjoy having NJmaverick as the only person to talk to for a month?

Has Anyone Ever Had Microdermabrasion Done?

Teen Girl Falls In Open Manhole While Texting

I don't mind, I don't care - Just thought I would throw something nice out there tonight

What is the first popular rock song you loved and your age?

Who here was a child athlete?

Do you still own a phonograph?

What food do you really love to eat, but you can't eat for one reason or another?

Have you ever been told to act your age?

Saturday night pizza:

Sinuses and heat do not mix.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Teh Moon Is Mien Edition

In your opinion, what is the best literary representation of mental illness?

Crested Caracaras (X-posted in Photo Group)

We picked two and a half quarts of raspberries this afternoon!

A poem I wrote on Father's Day...keep it kicked, would you?

Punk rock?

Preferred name for the Anaheim American League baseball franchise?

AP sources: Cheney told CIA not to discuss program (9 mins ago)

Chavez attacks US plan to solve Honduras coup

Iraq Bombings Kill 8 in Capital, northern village

Two paupers die in explosion in Colombia

AP source: Holder considering torture probe

Venezuela’s Brain Drain

Hackers' Next Target - Your Brain?

'59 nuclear reactor accident remains vivid for former Santa Susana Field Laboratory worker

W. Va. soldiers sue firm(KBR) for chemical exposure in Iraq

USB and Prosecutors Ask for Hearing Delay

U.S. top prosecutor considering torture investigation

Calif. leaders: We're making progress on $26B gap

Texting Teen Falls Down Open Manhole on Staten Island

Ralph Reed is back. Brace yourselves for smarminess galore.

China overtakes US to become world's largest auto market

Ruling could aid Minor case

Presence in Honduras of Miami ultra-rigthwingers is denounced

Gordon Brown plans troops surge in Afghanistan

Five police, 12 Taliban fighters killed in attacks in Afghanistan

Afghans turn to Taliban in fear of own police

Quotes of the week

Immigrant drug informant goes public after his hopes of legal residency evaporate

Shhh Mayor Bloomberg quietly authorizes $69 million in bonuses for managers over two years

Argentina Defence Official Believes the Honduran Army is Under Unbearable Pressure

Lawmakers reject tax to pay for health reform

Durbin: Probe possible Cheney concealment

Swine flu: plans to vaccinate (whole of) UK

Obama orders review of alleged Afghan mass grave

Feinstein suggests CIA concealment broke law

4 US Marines killed in Afghan bomb blasts

Obama campaign plane emergency could have led to disaster

Honduran Police Detain Six Television Journalists

13 Doctors Demand Inquest Into Dr. David Kelly's Death ("I think highly likely he was assassinated")

Parents of soldiers killed in Afghanistan lash out at Government

CNN Breaking: Murder of Billings Couple will have massive implications

Grand Ayatollah Montazeri’s Fatwa (IRAN)

Toyota May Dissolve California Plant Venture Abandoned by GM

Al-Qaeda releases Swiss hostage

New Evidence Surfaces in Post-Katrina Crimes

Religulous - Bill Maher talks to Dr Francis Collins.

PART 2 - Pro-Democracy for Iran Rally, DC

WE ARE NEDA - Music Video

Arpaio's Supporters And The Agenda Of Hate

Interview with "Empress of Iran" Yasmine Pahlavi at Pro-Democracy in Ran Rally

Obama at Bulls**t G8 Summit by RSU

People & Power - Iran: Inside the protests - 10 July 09

Crude Impact: Oil, The Earth and Humanity

Blast from the recent past: BLINK and THINK do not rhyme with HANK. Buh-bye, Bocephus.

Slope Intercept Rap

Minutemen bullying the citizens of Corona CA

President Obama glance full footage.

Is there a secret society of Christian crazies and is Mark Sanford a member? - Thom Hartmann Show

PART 1 - Pro-Democracy in Iran Rally near US Capital

Student arrested in "18th of Tir" (Iranian Student Uprising) 10 years ago speaks at Rally

IN PERSIAN - Part 3 - Pro-Democracy in Iran Rally near US Capital


IN PERSIAN - PART 5 - Pro-Democracy in Iran Rally near US Capital

PART 6 - Pro-Democracy in Iran Rally near US Capital - Statement in English

YWAM boot camp training in the Phillipines

"Underground" Iranian Band KIOSK performs at Pro-Democracy Rally in DC

Sprites and Sprite Halos imaged at 1000 fps

PART 4 - Pro-Democracy in Iran Rally near US Capital - Rudi Bakhtiar

Sarah Palin's Latest Press Conference

Mad TV - Eat Less, Move More (Crista Flanagan)

"Dear Number 1036924053887" by Roy Zimmerman (Health Care)

Ex Sarah Palin Speecher Announces New Party

Obama and the War Criminals

Republican senators react to report of Cheney telling CIA not to inform Congress

YWAM headquarters in Hawaii

WtTF? Fox News Debates Whether Obama & Pope are Bashing Capitalism

TYT: Conservatives Want To Change History In The Classroom

Cops choke a man to death for drugs in his mouth July 11 2009

Auto-Tune the News #6: Michael Jackson. drugs. Palin.

A little bit of musical fun....

President Obama's Focus on Health Care Will Be Crucial to Reform

MoD may face hundreds of new torture claims

Ensign Explains Why the 'Mistress Hush Money' Totaled $96K

Garrison Keillor: In the land of the free, health care is not a given

Democrats May Investigate Secret Program

A Call to Jihad From Somalia, Answered in America

Dick Polman: The American Debate: Why GOP can't block Sotomayor

Ensign's Secret Society, Revealed

Why We'll Fail

Independent UK: The dark side of Dubai

America's Aryan Nation is Not Just a Bunch of Skinheads

Maureen Dowd's very Tweet column today

Honduras: US-backed mediation legitimizes military coup

She Broke the G.O.P. and Now She Owns It.


Popular power in Latin America -- Inventing in order to not make errors

More Alastair: Scoop's Mission, the 2004 Election, and Online Independents

The New Ice Age of the Young Republicans

It’s Still a Military Coup in Honduras By Al Giordano

Unclassified Report on the President's Surveillance Program (pdf)

Congress: End the Insane Drug War Now!

The Ultimate Organizer: An Interview With ACORN's Founder Wade Rathke

CIA’s Lies About Secret Program Should Have Congress In Open Revolt

Two cheers for US health reform

Actually It's the System President Obama

Obama Visits Africa's "Oil Gulf"

Bush Spying Relied on Faulty Theories

President Obama orders investigation into Dasht-e-Leili massacre

More from the Family/C Street cult...Projection of U.S. Power Abroad

Two Cuban CIA Operatives Advised Honduras Coup

87.5% of "Family" & DLC Affiliated Senate Democrats Voted Yes on FISA

A friend left a copy of the "Rolling Stone" mag., on my porch. I sat and read

NYT - Doctor's Note - Questions for Howard Dean

C Street linked to yet ANOTHER secretive group (Raw Story)

"Is the U.S. a Christian nation? Look at the Bible..."

Et tu, Brute?

Big Bankers Mounting Sneak Attack on Consumers by Jim Hightower

Scott Horton: Torture Prosecution Turnaround?

Marxists Must Stand Firm Against Ahmadinejad

Pathology as ideology: A unified theory of GOP behavior

UPI: South Texas drought nears record levels

€400bn energy plan to harness African sun

About That Nuclear Revival... (from the Executive Director of the Sierra Club)

'the experts at Areva understand the problem but, "the company's management is not going along". '

In response to the John Edwards thread started earlier today

Homeless and Jobless Americans urge President Obama to be patient on stimulus

Removing abortion from the Health Care Bill is discriminatory........this medical

From Climate Science to Climate Justice: Climate Change a Symptom of Man's Inhumanity to Man

Senior DOJ Reporter (Pete Williams): Obama NOT To Pursue Indefinite Detentions

I doubt Palin will actual quit on the 26th, she has probably realized her status as quitter

Andrew Sullivan and Frank Rich serve up a couple of tasty pieces on the Palin / GOP clownshow today.

Rebuilding Something Better, By Barack Obama (WaPo)

Bob Herbert: "Anyone who believes the Obama stimulus will turn this jobs crisis around is deluded"

MSNBC/Shuster go after FR Monday! Freeperville meltdown!

For DU fashionistas--Lots of photos of Michelle (Mrs.O)

Story gaining traction: "Conservative Blog Commenters Target Malia Obama With Racial Slurs"

Obama made a key point about the stimulus today.

What is that smell in here? Someone open a window already

President Obama breaks promise to televise health care reform discussions on C-SPAN

Right about now former VP Cheney is revising his estimation of Bush's IQ

beware of freepers, folks, who will try to get you to say something "not nice", n/t

VP and Mrs. Biden are at the Phillies game

McCain: Obama was wrong on stimulus either then or now

Newly elected Young Republican president made racial comment about President Obama

A New Moment of Promise in Africa By President Barack Obama

The BEST Sarah Palin Analogy I have ever heard.

Who should Obama model his reelection campaign after?

DHS instructs local police to focus on serious crimes, not minor ones.

Right about now former VP Cheney is revising his estimation of Obama's IQ

Healthcare Reform Hanging In The Balance: "Only the Democrats could blow this one"

The Senates Republican written job "stimulus" plan was designed to fail

Obama Orders Investigation of Massacre, Alleged Cover-Up

HUD releases $1.2B in stimulus funds for homeless

Italian Farmers Praise The First Lady

Thank you Mods--- this place would be crap without you.

Young Republican election proves the GOP will continue to be the party of Palin

"We need Michelle Obama to save the national parks."

DU is not without sin –for calling the Palin girls whores…

My Final Post Regarding the Unrec Feature

Obama deeply moved by 'evil' slave fortress

KS-04: Raj Goyle (D) Will Run

Trojan Horse liberals

McCain on MTP this morning - His fuzzy math

Palin Will Campaign For Democrats

GOP may have made a mistake betting on Frank Ricci

Healthcare for Dunces by Gabriel Winant

HHS Secretary Sebelius says all options remain on table for health care

Uh Mods--- I bet he'd be gone by 6:45--- can you help me?

President Obama urges patience on stimulus plan

A misleading entry into the health care debate:

I am an Atheist, but if there is a Hell, Dick Cheney will go there immediately!

Ralph Reed is back. Brace yourselves for smarminess galore.

I hope Holder follows through with his convictions..personal and judicial.

"Don't Ask" Fight Hits Senate

Assmussen Daily Tracking Poll 52% Approve, 46% Disapprove

Democrats want CIA program investigated

Why did Obama appoint a "compensation czar"?

Cheney ordered CIA to conceal counter-terrorism plan from Congress..

Dick Cheney was and is a National Security Threat

President Obama talks with Judge Sotomayor before confirmation hearings

ANALYSIS-For Obama, healthcare failure is not option

Africans reflect on Obama's 'tough love' message

Mr. President I know that you read my posts on DU to find out how to govern

I have to keep the faith that we'll have an investigation on these criminals.

Cornyn concedes: There will be an "up or down" vote on soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor.

Durbin: Probe possible Cheney concealment (AP)

11 Places With a Worse Economy Than Ours

Obama says Taliban pushed back in Afghanistan

Please lock

US President sets Afghan target.

Someone needs to get this to Morning Joe/MSNBC

I post on both DU and about President Obama and other issues.

Holder Now Leaning Toward Investigating Bush Admin's Torture Policy

Obama campaign plane emergency could have led to disaster

TIME: Where Is Sarah Palin Going Next? (To the bank)

Biogas in Cuba

NASA's James Hansen Recycles Myths in His Pointless Attack on U.S. Climate Action

Experts Call For Local And Regional Control Of Sites For Radioactive Waste

Two paupers die in explosion in Colombia

Venezuelan Government: Separatist Opposition Uses Paramilitaries for Destabilization

From June:UN envoy: Colombia army kills many innocents

Telesur TV Reporting that Possibly 7 Journalists from Telesur and VTV were arrested this morning

Just learned something new while watching the Gyros/Pads game on MLB Network.

Baseball's most intriguing prospects:

Herald article shows mediator Arias ALSO arranged to get a second term!

Insulza slithering now re: Venezuela- He's agreed to meet with opposition state governors and mayors

Honduran Police Detain Six Television Journalists

Honduran coup: U.S. claim of neutrality false

Zelaya was in Washington Today Meeting w/Insulza and Shannon (spanish)

LA TIMES: Honduras Had a New Kind of Coup

HONDURAS COUP 2009: "When a Coup Becomes a Purge and Books are Dangerous

EVA'S UPDATE: Journalists from Telesure/VTV Deatined by Coup gov't.

PL Honduran Militant Assassinated in San Pedro Sula - Roger Bados

Cain injured leaves game...Giants win anyway 2-1

PL: Chavez Denounces New Holy Hound-Pack

Gloat-free, one stop Baseball Scores (Saturday, July 11)

Pinochettis Lift Overnight Curfew, said it has "reached objective" of quelling opposition protests.

BUENOS AIRES HERALD: "Honduras Army Under Unbearable Pressure"

Mark Martin wins the ChicagoLand 400.

Nat(ional)s hit back-to-back-to-back homers(21 hits, 13 runs vs Astros)

John Kruk said Lincecum is quite possibly the best pitcher in baseball

Dodgers closer Broxton to miss All-Star Game

Say a few good things about the sports team you hate the most.

A-Rod now 10th all-time in home runs

Pirates' Duke replaces Cain on NL All-Star roster

The Giants looked good today.

Damn, H20. Arturo Gatti?

This should drive the two goofballs crazy

Wife held in boxing champ's killing in Brazil

OK, so I'm watching a bit of this Formula 1 race from Germany on FOX.

Who's gonna win the Home Run Derby?

The JR Chess Report (July 12): Kramink Wins Dortmund

Venezuela's Chavez Says Situation in Honduras is "Explosive"

Two paupers die in explosion in Colombia

COUNTERUNCH-John Ross: Latin America Asks: Are the Gorillas Back?

Next leader of large U.S. union may be more militant

Labor ruling gives Womack workers back pay (5 million)

Business owner foils robbery try

Aurora store owner shoots, kills robbery suspect

Clerk shoots suspect during armed robbery

2 Criminals Shot During Jewelry Robbery in East Memphis

NYT: Off the Charts On the Unemployment Line, Unable to Move

Reuters: U.S. workers hired at slowest pace in nearly 9 years

Look at all the labor news from Arkansas!!!!!

Outstanding read in this months "American Cop" magazine

Mexico to arm Mormon community anti-crime force...

Do payless paydays violate labor law?

ABC news...Gun Control Isn't Crime Control

Attempted robbery leads to deadly shooting

Bloomberg: Nation faces a 'new normal' of long-term unemployment

EU Tells UN: Accept Palestinian State Even If Israel Does Not

The Healthiest Foods On Earth

NYT: Sleeping With the Enemy (Bed Bugs)

Healthcare Reform Hanging In The Balance: "Only the Democrats could blow this one"

HHS Secretary Sebelius says all options remain on table for health care

dear du, lend me your wit.

Healthcare for Dunces by Gabriel Winant

Why "public-option" reform will fail to deliver affordable & accessible care

National Health Srvc (Britain):controversial school sex education campaign promoting an orgasm a day

Old shots from a forgotten film

"MacCavity Sings"

Not quite as advertised

Crested Caracaras (X-posted in Lounge)

front yard

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/12/09

Homeless and Jobless Americans urge President Obama to be patient on stimulus

Cramer watch #1

The Aleynikov Code Dump Uncovered

El Paso City debates gay rights: One of 'Chico Taco's five' files complaint with police

Larry Johnson Allows NoQuarter To Sink Even Further

Computer learns sign language by watching TV

How Flowers Conqured the World

Why still so few mainstream films with gay characters?

An ending and a beginning, what will come next...

Insomniacs, check in!

This is a *fascinating* albeit sobering possibility..

Baby dies because rabbi gives it herpes while sucking on its bloody dick.

If someone wants to believe in God and conduct themselves morally....go for it.

Any Bhuddists here on DU?

Ireland Approves ''Blasphemy'' Law

Staples is having their big sale again

Tomato Gravy

Of Sardines and Smelt.....

I can think of litte better in the summer than a stone fruit so juicy you must eat it over a sink.

Roasted Tomato Soup

I think my crockpot cooks at too high a temp.

On the DU Rules for “So-Called 'Conspiracy Theories'” Posts

Niels Harrit on the resignation of Prof. Pileni...

Who, exactly, "peer-reviewed" Jones' paper on "nano-thermitic" materials?

Anyone need a new best friend, or have room to foster?

Jackson Kids Update: Guardianship Case Delayed One Week

Michael Jackson: Dancing The Dream

About Bruno

"Let The Right One In": How to do a vampire movie!