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The description of the scene of the Russian jet that crashed

Los Angeles Accused of Criminalizing Homelessness

The Daily Show: Samantha Bee on Palin..."Stop attacking her. What is wrong with you?"

HAIR To Cancel 10/11 Performance And Join The National Equality March in Washington, D.C.

Candy giant Pez takes aim at Peninsula museum

What is going on with AT&T Collective bargaining?

Smokey Barbeque Puppy: Amazing Story of Puppy With Fork in Skull

Elections have consequences -Health care is coming

Rachel has more Family and C Street info tonight

And now, a video of an old movie trailer.

The Secular Student Alliance Is Sending PZ Myers to the Creation Museum

Attack of the Telco Lobbyists.

"Lots of Islamics in Michigan. Just sayin"

Gay USA: Much Ado About Kissing; AIDS Protest in US Capitol

Philip Giraldi (AmConMag): CIA Hit Teams

Rachel Maddow's story on the Iraqi baseball team update

Iraq, paper, tube link

Another right-wing nut?

Anybody else think this is hilarious?

Another Russian human rights activist assassinated - Natalia Estemirova

Davis: Your Guide to Mormon PDA (Public displays of affection) Penalties

Sorting Out Sotomayor: Church-State Experts Wait For Answers (Judiciary Committee has not asked her)

Who came up with the term Birther? It sounds like some obscure fetish.

Health care "reform" in a nutshell

$49 for going over the limit by less than $30??

Iran Plane Black Boxes 'Damaged'

To wage wars...

Saw the end of Hardball tonite. Buchanan waves his racism around

Plus ça change...

CA State Officials: Pot Tax Would Rake in $1.4B

I swear I did not alter this image in any way.

I De-Bunk The Republican Health Care Reform Plan

It's begining to look a lot like 'fitzmas' ;) U.S. Rep. Holt heads campaign to probe CIA practices

Americans United for Separation of Church and State takes "no position on [Sotomayor] confirmation"

Don't worry Tweety, we all know how to pronounce D I C K.

MAJOR BUMMER... just found out some bad news.

For those curious about Cable News Ratings...

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

China’s Foreign-Exchange Reserves Surge, Exceeding $2 Trillion

Durr... Conservapedia's George Orwell article?

A 23 Quadrillion-Dollar Credit Card Bill $23,148,855,308,184,500.00.

Haven't heard anything about Susan Boyle lately.....


I'm wondering.............

'My boy's been found!' Hugs and a kick up the backside for son feared dead in Outback

New Military Robots 'Could Feed on Corpses'

Have any wealthy people made a public statement they will be happy with a 5.4% tax

Galileo may have discovered Neptune 234 years before anyone else

Army: Soldiers in slayings faced intense combat

Republican amendment to HELP bill requires ALL members of Congress to take the Public Plan

Primate archaeology sheds light on human origins

CIA was a long way from Jason Bourne

What happened to the ED SHOW rerun at 3am?

What is the Republican plan for health care?

I want to understand the "birther" argument better

Excellent new review of Fight Club from

California Approaches a Deal on Budget Cuts

California Approaches a Deal on Budget Cuts

Iran: The Green Brief #29 (July 15) Latest news from Iran

I'm still in shock, as most of the repliers are

PTSD Ignored on Active Duty

15 year-old becomes youngest African American woman to fly across the country

"Childless man freed after serving time for child support violations"

The DU Folding@Home team has moved up to #261 with a score of 15.42 million

Scarborough wants "tough issues" addressed.. well how 'bout this one , Joe

The Repug "Morning Joe" Talking Point. "Heath Care is about curbing social behavior."

Banning smoking in the military, could get us a whole "new" military

Military Wants a Swine Flu Greenhouse

CIA Assassin Program Was Nearing New Phase

wow this guys rants r right on the mark..YOU Really Got To Hear this guy..MY GOD...

Sanford Away Again, This Time with Wife

Take away the free, taxpayer provided health care given to Sens and Reps and see

Teen charges $23 quadrillion at drug store

The GOP Health "Plan"

The least surprising information ever

US Discards Evidence Obtained Through ‘Torture’ in Gitmo Case

Afghanistan: Oversight AWOL?(Wasteful Spending)

Good book to read !!!!! Mindful Economics by Joel Magnuson

What's wrong with this picture?

Lobbyists: Hiring the homeless to stand in line for them to get into Congressional Hearings.

What Nerve! Author Harry Stein is moaning about how mean Liberals

Democrats For Life of America ousts member who supports contraception

Yahoo News: "Progressive conservative" columnist disappointed with Sotomayor pick

Kudos to Rachel Maddow

WTF? Coburn: "you have splainin to do"???????

Washington Journal Cornyn is up

Re: Healthcare. Call your reps and tell them to LIAR

How Unrec can have a positive effect.

Daily kos poster writes "fuck Jim Robinson". Freepwad Kristin says poster threatened to sodomize

EVERY SINGLE TIME I see ths guy on my teevee, I wanna scream .......

Why does MSNBC keep reporting the House Healthcare Bill...

Mystery "goo" moving through sea in Alaska

Mystery "goo" moving through sea in Alaska

Sanford E-mails Show Him MIA in 2008

Non Political Heads Up: Sir Paul on Letterman tonight

Stains From the Bush Era Won’t Fade

Foreclosure Filings in U.S. Increase to Record 1.5 Million in First Half

Freepers still talking about violence against gub'mint

Your thoughts on Che Guevara?

Messy room is reason Ohio dad called cops on 28-year-old son

Goldman Sachs thrives on the misery of others...

VA Republican:"We have the chance to fight this battle at the ballot box before bullet box"

ok, so WHEN can we move on from MJ's passing?

'Blue Dog' Democrats may block health care bill

What's that giant sucking noise?

Teacher Gives Sex Tape to 5th Graders

What does it mean to be a progressive/democrat?

I call for the IMMEDIATE resignation of Leon Panetta for putting Americans at risk by

I call for the IMMEDIATE resignation of Leon Panetta for putting Americans at risk by

HEY Freeper lurkers, is Jabba the Rush a Christian? Do he loves him the Baby Jesus?

Watergate Hotel in foreclosure; set to go up for auction

Why Are The Cable News Networks Providing Complete Coverage Of The Sotomayor Hearings?.......

Continental divide separates Africans, African-Americans

US Lobbyists with Clinton Ties Hired to Defend Honduran Coup Regime

Senator Slimeball......

Gossip: Mr & Mrs Ex-CUOMO for Guv and LT Guv?!1

How much damage has the CIA done to our national security...

'Sarah Palin' is nominated for a Primetime Emmy....

July is Deadliest for US-led Forces in Afghanistan

1.5 million homes in foreclosure in '09

I forget.. When was Grassley made king, lord & master of the US

Help prevent hate crimes!

Help prevent hate crimes!

Where might a Wednesday wander if left UNCAPTIONED???? Yikes!!

I just realized something

I wish the guy who screamed at me for merging in front of him could spare some rage for Dick Cheney

Franken Gets a Temporary Promotion

Franken Gets a Temporary Promotion

Light-rail system debuts Saturday in Seattle

War Crime

Glenn Beck takes apeshit to the next level: "GET OFF MY PHONE!!!"

Dr. Ogan Gurel (Walk4HealthCare) is about to appear on the Thom Hartmann Show

"I do think Roberts and Alito are far superior", Sessions (07/15/09)

Taliban Threatens to Kill Captured US Soldier

An obvious suggestion for where some stimulus dollars should be directed immediately

How can we get the birthers to admit that their motivation is that Obama isn't an old white guy?

Teen Cheyenne Cherry taunts animal activists after guilty plea for killing kitten in oven

Teen Cheyenne Cherry taunts animal activists after guilty plea for killing kitten in oven

It's Time to Spay and Neuter the Blue Dogs on Health Care

How about REAL freedom of information in this society?

is this treason? incitement ?

Calif. Tax Officials: Legal Pot Would Bring $1.4B

Bill Clinton Comes Out in Support of Gay Marriage

World-renowned economist Sarah Palin invokes GOD in WP critique of Obama

Reich: Goldman is back, and its high-risk business model is unchanged since Wall Street imploded

Frank Ricci in front of the Senate ........ why?

Whatever happened to that racist NYC baker who made those horrible Obama cookies?

Danger Room in Afghanistan: Don’t Call it a ‘Surge’ ('Surge Suggests That It's Temporary')

U.S. Threatens Afghans Over Kidnapped GI

Mrs. Greenspan, you should not be allowed within 500 feet of a live camera or mic.

Federal judge dismisses reservist's suit questioning Obama's presidency

"He feels terrible about it," attorney said. "He's not a bad person."

Who was worse: Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush?

Who was worse: Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush?

Why would companies get penalized for not offering health care if there is a public option?

Mich. Unemployment Hits 15.2%

"Health insurers want you to keep smoking" Scientific American

The Rude Pundit: Sotomayor, Day 3 (and Some Day 4): More Random Observations of the Tedious Madness

John Yoo

Are we forever doomed to be screwed by our government?

10 years later

MSNBC's Resident Racist

These assholes want to appeal their conviction...I say they should fry NOW...REad on

Statutes: Sotomayor. Intention. Bribes Congress. My suggestions.

Ed Schultz is having a field day with Glenn Beck losing his mind.

Duuuh....never mind.

Right-wingers make no secret of their contempt for higher education for the masses

If Sy Hersh Knew in March, why didn't Panetta know until July?

How do you tell which Rasmussen polls are which?

"Give me a ticket to the next bus that’s leaving,"

"Give me a ticket to the next bus that’s leaving,"

Lewis Cole, died last October. Columbia radical, 1968;

Buchman, Veriede (founder of The Fellowship) and Dominionism

"Patients United Now" should be called "Plutocrats United Against Real Healthcare Reform".

Ricci's up!

Why are people treating health care reform like it's a first step?

Why are people treating health care reform like it's a first step?

Taliban threatens to kill US soldier

The Most Dangerous Domestic Terror Law You've Never Heard Of

The Most Dangerous Domestic Terror Law You've Never Heard Of

How do all these married Republicans prevent their girlfriends from getting pregnant?

Further Signs of Decay at 'The Washington Post'

Further Signs of Decay at 'The Washington Post'

The Federal governent published a manual instructing one how to break into nuclear facilities.

The Federal governent published a manual instructing one how to break into nuclear facilities.

The Nation: Don't Let Chipotle Fool You

Senate Confirms Obama's NASA Pick

About Specter in Sotomayor hearing today,

Right Wing philosophy: When you don't have any cogent arguments, just make shit up (re: health care)

Teen Admits Leaving Kitten In Oven To Die

Teen Admits Leaving Kitten In Oven To Die

Teen Admits Leaving Kitten In Oven To Die

Teen Admits Leaving Kitten In Oven To Die

Glenn Greenwald: Chuck Todd's Arguments Against Investigations

Mr. Gore, Your Solution to Global Warming Is Wrong

"I'm interested in selling my youngest daughter into slavery..."

[POLL] Needs love

Enough with the 'Wise Latina" accusation

Enough with the 'Wise Latina" accusation

Why should the wealthy pay more to support universal health care?

Rim Jobinson Lays Down The Law (GOP Senators and Sotomayor)

Is this a good idea? If "they" attach a "no abortion services" thingy to the HC bill ---

So, how much did bush know about Cheney's secret program? Was he completely out of the loop?

Iraq Bars US Troops From Baghdad

Fundies say the SF Zoo's gay-to-straight penguin is proof that homosexuality is unnatural......



This white man thinks that, all things being equal, a latina woman IS likely

How to revive the Republican Party--As If! Today's LA Times

Hey ..... Democratic Senators ..... Over Here ......... Yo ....... Hey Hey Hey ........

elehhhhna & jody collaboration. United Way et al allows contributors to designate specific charities

I propose a meme. Not for your benefit healthcare, versus for profit.

Grave offenses at Arlington National Cemetery - read this and weep

Nouriel "Dr. Doom" Roubini: "The Worst Of Economic Crisis Is Over"

Baucus speaks! Bipartisan health deal could come today-or not

Wanta catch some Z's? Wake up and catch a CAPTION instead!!!!

interesting article, Iranian Holy Leader addicted to Opium.. might explain allot.. >Link

I had to shut down my cspan feed of the Sotomayor hearing. Cornyn is such a jerk

Man jailed (for 1 year) for child support, even though he was not the father, released

Michael Moore's 'Sicko' on T.V. Tonight FYI

Sonia Sotomayor's mother and brother at hearing (caption photo)

Lindsey Graham to Sotomayor: "You've said some things that just bug the hell out of me"

*** Official Thursday Sotomayor confirmation hearing thread 1 ***

result of "For-Profit Healthcare"- US medical refugees seek care in fairgrounds animal stalls (pics)

nogodinschool video

One improvement I have to comment on with Obama, the conversation is better for sure.

The real price of Goldman’s giganto-profits

Court: Religious freedom trumps city in dispute over homeless camp

She gets to keep her house.

We Choose The Moon

Great interview with former Cigna VP Wendell Potter on healthcare reform.

Won't the "public option" plans still just make the insurance companies richer? please read...

if the media decides something doesn't matter, does it matter?

Frank McCourt gravely ill, brother says -- "Angela's Ashes" ... "'Tis" ...

Was it "accidental" that Sen. Whitehouse mentioned Linda Chavez works for FOX NEWS?

What? Nobody's called her "Sotomacaca" yet?

New GOP "Racist" Headache

Antisemitic Rant Causes Red Faces at Islamic Confab

AP: Fight for swine flu vaccine could get ugly

NYPD pays 1 mil for new manual/electric typewriters - not a joke

The resurrection of a con man in a choir-boy face (Ralph Reed)

Frank Ricci is testifying. Ten seconds in, I find him VERY unlikeable.

Frank Ricci is testifying. Ten seconds in, I find him VERY unlikeable.

It will always "be" The Sears Tower..

PETA offers to save California's Pescadero State Beach

5 Leaders Who Miss George W. Bush

'Bruno' Turns Sacha Baron Cohen Into Potential Terrorist Target

Guaranty Bank about to go under.

Anyone watching the Paulson hearing? If you're not, you're missing some good stuff...

Gates: More US troops could head to Afghanistan

What type of Health Care Reform do you think will be signed into law?

Federal judge dismisses reservist's suit questioning Obama's presidency

Theoretically speaking, would you support mind reading in criminal trials?

Your cell phone could be spying on you - Indianapolis WTHR investigates

Small town reels when 'Extreme Makover' home put on the market

Conservative Education ‘Experts’ Want Less Lincoln And More Jesus In Texas Textbooks

Ex-Colo. revenue worker says she stole for love

Consumption: The Root Cause of Climate Change

Puke Alert: "CIA Supervisor Claimed He Used Fire Ants On Detainee"...

Okay ... so the health "care" pan is starting to take some actual form......

Firefighter that killed his dogs to avoid expense of boarding them

WH and Congress must live under exact same Health Plan they put up for rest of country. Yes/No?

Republican Congresswoman takes credit for stimulus projects she voted against


Main problems I find with the HC bill, the 2013 start and the plan being closed to so many

Americans United Commends Appellate Court Decision Against Bible Distribution In Mo. Public School

LOL even the repuke candidates can't spell. Here's one who can't spell his own name!

GOP Grilling of Sotomayor: No Hit with Hispanic Voters

Ed Shultz Watchers....Do you think his TV Show is as good as his Radio?

Move over Susan Boyle...Kerri Callan's powerful voice

Big Pharma Gets Played

One More Hurdle Left in Ending the Widow Penalty - Please Help

Part 2 of "Contact Reid/Baucus day". July 22, 2009

Another idea to help fund public health care option: tax on HFCS products.

Another idea to help fund public health care option: tax on HFCS products.

Reframing the term "socialized medicine."

Memo to the Right: Please save your Party from these wingnuts!

The Man Who Knew Cheney's Secret

Goldman Sachs in Talks to Acquire Treasury Department

First Marine One Pilot ends her rotation today - An all woman crew handled the flight in her honor.

Sessions: 'We're gonna do that crack cocaine thing'

Paulson tries to explain the deer in the headlights look.

Medicare and Health care for all ...Hmmmm!

Americans United Commends Appellate Court Decision Against Bible Distribution In Mo. Public School

White supremacist leader says half of his group has served in the military

Is the NAACP still relevant?


Caption VP Biden

Rick Perlstein: Beyond the Palin

*** Official Thursday Sotomayor confirmation hearing thread 2 ***

*** Official Thursday Sotomayor confirmation hearing thread 2 ***

The Big Picture - Remembering Apollo 11

Pentagon eyes plan to increase Army by 30,000

Here it comes - TPM: CIA assassin squad had no geographical boundaries

Rush Holt Moves Into Some Way Sensitive CIA Territory

Very interesting read on First Lady's ancestry. Jim Robinson was

Police chief denounces 'cowardly' iPhone users monitoring speed traps

i am sure it has been suggested before...

What a MORAN this Stefan Kook is!

What a MORAN this Stefan Kook is!

What a MORAN this Stefan Kook is!

Jury Duty - waiting outside the courtroom

Urban Dictionary: "Pullin' a Palin" defined...

California to give interned Japanese Americans degrees

I sure am grateful for Sarah and Sonia....

Michael Moore's 'Sicko' On The Movie Channel Tonight

The Culture Wars' New Front: U.S. History Classes in Texas

In case you've never visited the RNC site, there is a CALL TALK RADIO < ACTION CENTER> page

I don't get how anyone could have a problem with Sotomayor

Who let Zell Miller out of his cage?

Rachel is suppose to have Uncle Pat on tonight

While Washington bails out their banking buddies......

The media's web of misinformation

The media's web of misinformation

David Sirota's "Amazin Adventure in China!" His Rick Steves view of his Exprience, Here:

BWAHAHA! Freeps get undies in a bunch over Olbermann calling RimJob "Jim THOMPSON"...TWICE! BWAHAHA!

Nevada governor overseas; destination undisclosed

I have a question that has been puzzling me since the Health Care debate started.

Obama goes to bat for Bush wiretap program

Who is this dipshit woman on "Ed"?

Pessimissm on Health Care has nothing to do with Pres. Obama

Health Care bill will not allow new individual private coverage?

I thought this by Rick Horowitz on Sessions a riot:

Kucinich Opening Statement to Committee on America’s Affordable Health Choices Act

Kucinich Opening Statement to Committee on America’s Affordable Health Choices Act

BREAKING: Republicans release their detailed health plan.. (edited)

Former GOP Congressmen Accuse Republicans Of Putting Party Above Constitution

Reason why I don't believe the stock market is rigged by rich right-wingers:

What really pisses me off about this hearing.

So does anyone actually have a clue on whether the healthcare bill is any good?

What Economy? There is Nothing Left To Recover

Sign Card to Welcome and Thank Sen. Franken!

So, do Repugs think they can win national elections without the Latino vote?

Healthcare: An idea

A ONE PAGE Health Care Bill

Was the Cook case a scam?

Calif. Rejects Tough Heat Rules To Protect Workers

Single Payer Amendment to be added to health bill...

Japan Inc: back to basics as U.S. model discredited

In Venezuela, Land Redistribution Program Backfires

Once-trendy Crocs could be on their last legs

February 1964..Beatles at Ed Sullivan Theatre (tax rate chart )

western children in growing poverty

Will Congress Ban States from Providing Healthcare?

Major Stefen Cook is a BLUE FALCON

This is one great speech by Obama at the NAACP

Swine flu will be biggest pandemic ever, warns world health chief

How can the government force me to buy insurance when I can't afford it?

Does anyone in here REALLLY care about what happens with health care? I doubt it.

SiCKO on TV tonight

Chuck Todd foolishly agrees to talk to Glenn Greenwald

Kucinich slams Paulson testimony, pans CNBC hosts (video)

The death of a candidate that is too fringe for the AIP

Had a chilling talk with my plumber:

BWHAHA! Microsoft is launching a line a retail stores! Game on, baby!

Economy is Not Getting Better

House Dem Calls Out Congress: You Have Public Health Plan. Why Not American People?

Wolfie: Senator Sessions is gracious in stating that there won't be a filibuster?

Who is Linda Chavez and why did she speak

Who is Linda Chavez and why did she speak

I don't usually post examples of Freeper Racism...

Apollo 11 Takes to the Virtual Skies - re-live the launch in real-time at this flash site

HEY! please take this Health Care survey! It is from my House rep

zak se mas? Does someone here know of a Czech word

So, I need 5,000$ in dental work, have private dental insurance, and will have to pay 5,000$.

Report: ‘No geographical limitations’ on CIA assassination program

You wont believe this .....

Tracking the Stimulus, Where It Counts (ProPublica journalism)

Mr. Ricci

Charles Taylor claims US government helped him escape from prison

US Military Silent on Bagram Jail Protest(Over 600 Detained)

Grassley, you demagogic motherfucker ......

Pay Your Parents' Bills or Else

CNN Commentary: Gay is Not the New Black

Strange twist in heavily armed man's arrest for sex crimes

Assassination squad to target BinLaden/AlQaeda would've activated YEARS AGO and would NOT need

Open the Liberal Floodgates

It's single payer or nothing. Obama veto this Plan.

Lindsey lacks a CAPTION!!! Come help Lindsey talk . . .

Lock the kid in the car, throw away the keys. It's time to CAPTION!!!

In the corner of the classroom, a caper, a clown, and a CAPTION!!!!!!

Judge Sotomayor, I have to tell you this:

Judge Sotomayor, I have to tell you this:

'Outsourcing' vaccine production leaves US unprotected.

Man must choose between selling kidney or child

Big Ed is on fire Tonight!!!

Michael Moore's 'Sicko' on T.V. Tonight


oh noes!! we can't tax the rich!!!! Part II

'Sit! Stay! Snuggle!': An Iraq Vet Finds His Dog Tuesday

Documents Back Saudi Link to Extremists

oh noes!! we can't tax the rich!!!!

Give me the best argument for single payer health care, rather than regulation

The current Healthcare Bill HAS BEEN created and approved by several of the Progressives

Reich's Blog -- Re; Goldman and JPMorgan, asks " Where are the antitrusters when we need them? "

Huge LOL --- RNC website

Rattlesnake Bites Man At Wal-Mart

FReeper on cat killing: "I killed kittens. . put ‘em in a sack, smacked it with a bat"

Americans Against Food Taxes.. (what a crock)

They're Winning - Private insurance companies push for 'individual mandate'

10 Pictures that rocked the world

How to Counter an Anti-Healthcare Rally

Who here doesn't believe our current global warming is due to human activity?

Catherine Crabill, VA GOP Candidate: We May Have To "Resort To The Bullet Box"

The story of the "unrecommend" feature in smilies.

The story of the "unrecommend" feature in smilies.

Man Jailed for Not Supporting Someone Elses Child

TIME's 1995 "right hand of God" is going to make the GOP more "hip". Ralph Reed

Afghanistan Now Is Obama’s War - Helen Thomas

Taibbi: 'Goldman’s profit announcement is a giant “f---- you” to the rest of the country.'

High Court: White Firefighters Are Victims Of Bias

I can't give you one reason, But I can give you many more than that - from personal exp.

Feingold Pushes AG to Hold Torture Architects Accountable

Military eyeing rogue MILF in Iligan blast

Could they be brothers? Senator Jeff Sessions and Beverly Leslie from "Will and Grace"

Where did they get that ethereal looking woman in the Palm Pre commercials?

I need a website where I'm allowed to make fun of Lindsey Graham for being a repressed

Some guy looked down at my crotch today and said how thin it was...

John Ritter, you'll always be missed

Car accident today. I was hit by a police car!

I gotta go, But the next round is on ME!

Napoleon Solo Shot First!

Breaking news: I have my very own laptop now!

09-09-09 my ASS. Sorry, I'm not buying the entire Beatles catalog a THIRD time.

Has/will a famous person ever successfully fake their death?

What Are the Best Album Covers Of All Time?

Sacramento DU'ers - FUCKALL it was hot today!!!!!

Glen Campbell in Concert-True Grit

Someone order pizza?

How many threads have you killed today?

Just got back from "Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince"

Well well well, what do we have here, an interloper?

Get Back To Where You Once Belonged

Someone name me a good beer

is this a good time to quit my job & go into auto sales?

I just survived the longest night of work ever...ever ever.

MILES! "On The Corner"...I feel like throwing glass bottles at a brick wall, just to hear them break

A one year old girl is ready to be potty trained

how bad is driving around San Francisco?

Wrong forum.

I'm doing laundry...What are all of you up to?

Joe Jackson's business partner for new record label is a former Chi-Lite (and convicted felon)

Does Pandora charge money now?

Which south Park Character Are You?

Staffordshire maze carved into Wild West scene

Is it weird that Twisted Sister is on Regis and Kelly ?

Christian the Lion

Do you ever get the feeling like you're a figment of someone else's imagination?

Man arrested with panties hanging from pants (Tenn.)

Redstone--any word on how he's doing?

Good morning Lounge

Do you ever get the feeling like you're a fig newton of someone else's imagination?

Just some random advice.

CNN Video: McCartney performs "Get Back" on Ed Sullivan Theater roof

Note to my fellow motorists:

Bride's bouquet crashes plane in Italy

To all of my lounge friends.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 7/16/09

kitten and fawn

Tell me something good

Let's discuss the weather of the past week.

Rifftrax hits theaters nationwide with Plan 9 from Outer Space

Adults arrested after 3 children found in trunk in Bedford (Va.)

I woke up and my eyes were swollen shut

Do you still have your wisdom teeth? Any of them?

Blowing It All Away: Man Destroys Apartment While Fixing Airbed

Holy SHIT...TMZ has the Michael Jackson Pepsi "mishap" footage. That fucker was INJURED.

I made my daughter's favorite home made soup taking it to her tom but she probably won't care

The Lawn Chair War

If I ever get the chance to own my own multiplex,

In honor of matcom: Motorcyclist with No Arms

Thinking about online law school

Which right-wing wacko do you enjoy ridiculing to make yourself feel better?

Have you ever blurted out information you should've kept to yourself?

Springsteen live in Paris NOW (4pm eastern)

Perfect Frozen Pizza Instructions

Man uses beer to entice alleged burglar to leave (Maine)

Thank you, mods!

sock it to me!

sock it to me!

I'm going to create a web site to sell "dehydrated water" to survivalist freepers.

Man caught in the buff at N. Indiana cemetery

What can you tolerate more about a sunburn, the burn or the itch?

I'm listening to classic Donna Summers. Ask me anything

**********The "Everything Sucks Today" Thread**********

I want them to create meds that never lie.

Messy room is reason Ohio dad called cops on 28-year-old son

So I watched that second Harry Potter movie

How do you set autoanswer on a Blackberry curve?

Why Am I Such A Misfit?

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY to imperial jedi!!*******


I like Obama. I think he's swell.

ok, so WHEN can we move on from MJ's passing?

Ok - who has this cat........

The Hotel Coral Essex

These are really great crackers

What do you find are the sexiest parts, of the members of the sex you are attracted to?

Pointless pretty flower picture

Nothing wrong with a little cousin-lovin'...

QUICK! Someone started a thread a while ago talking about how the Lounge got

DU Song Of The Day

This would clear the highway:

Thursday, July 16th. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

So why exactly did they take away the Recommend feature in The Lounge?

Emmy Nominations for best


I'm NOT listening to classic Donna Summers. Ask me anything

*******HAPPT BIRTHDAY to supernova!!*******

Congratulations EFerrari! 110,000 posts!

Why Am I Supposed To Date Older Men, Again?

No sleep for me SO (Crazy4sea) is on a ship that just caught fire

Dude, you're not posting enough

how do you fight depression?

I need a fabulous chocolate cake recipe...

Do you plan to see "Julia & Julia"?

In general, how much influence has the French language had on modern English?

I like Obama. I think he's swell.

Make Up Appreciation Thread

None of the Michael Jackson "hits" compilations are very good. What would be on yours?

so, I have a greedy bastard around the place

What childhood memory still makes you laugh?

Move over Susan Boyle...Kerri Callan's powerful voice

Mother who had twins at 66 dies at 69.

Best show on TV gets no Emmy nom

Do you play a musical instrument?

cat and the deer youtube

Computer advice?

Yo HP fans... check out the fantasy literature (AKA HP) forum!

What's your real-life nickname?

Sherman Potter thread *spoilers inside*

What are YOU gonna do while DU is down this afternoon?

*** Downtime countdown thread: ***

My Uncle Charles died yesterday. He was a great man with a wonderful sense of humor.

I hate all cute little furry critters.......I HATE THEM

Dave Chappelle lives: Black man wears KKK robe and hood to city council meeting

Best Swans song ever?

In fact, it's pronounced Meel-ee-wau-kay, which is Algonquin for "the good land".

Do you like the Eiffel Tower?

Hee hee. Generate your own "bad poem" at this site.

The Half-Blood Prince is a ham-fisted clod-fest that makes one cringe from start to finish.

What do you need to sleep?

From the "brain-dead jaggoff" files: Teen inspired by "Fight Club" bombs Starbucks

Excellent new review of Fight Club from

I'm growing a beard for the first time. Any tips?

Your favorite Beatle is...

I'm making dinnah for my wife tonight. What do you think of this dessert idea?:

I keep seeing Idaho License plates

It's a perfect day for...(complete the sentence)

I need a crappy chocolate cake recipe...

My first hatemail

Hellz yeah! I just found out I'm going to Brazil!

Who has the most punchable face in the world?

Any advice on how to help an uninsured, unemployed friend get her meds?

Post some plane pics, I feel like flying away....maybe I'll take a "drive in the sky"

My sister's in Maine, any suggestions on what to tell her to do while she's there

Concerns growing over superbugs in our food

Person Shot near U.S. Capitol

Exchange students live American nightmare

dupe post

U.S. Rep. Holt heads campaign to probe CIA practices

Tanker fire in Hazel Park closes I-75; overpass collapses

Authors boycott (UK) schools over sex-offence register

Tanker explodes on I-75; freeway closed

Military Wants a Swine Flu Greenhouse

BofA Operating Under Secret Regulatory Sanction: Report

Top US officials to meet China PM on climate

House Dems Move to Votes on Health Bill

CIT Calls Bailout Unlikely, Fuels Bankruptcy Concern

Damage Eyed as Shuttle Heads Toward Space Station

House Democrats prepare to vote on health bill

Roberto Micheletti prepared to go, but only if Manuel Zelaya stays away

Mousavi to make public appearance

Japan Inc: back to basics as U.S. model discredited

Iranian nuclear chief 'resigns'

Economy in China Regains Robust Pace of Growth

Sexual Assault Charges for Former Iraq Contractor

U.S. Senate Committee Passes Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill

Honduran interim leaders reinstate curfew citing threat of rebellion

Honduran interim leaders reinstate curfew citing threat of rebellion

American and China Pledge to Study Energy-Efficient Building Practices

Rio Tinto Asks Foreign Staff to Leave China

China scales back paramilitary forces in Urumqi

Nepal’s child soldiers to be freed finally

NGO blames Chechen president for murder of Russian activist

U.S. Slams Caracas on Drugs

Goldman Sachs Pay ‘Scandalous,’ Sarkozy Advisor Guaino Says

Oil unions condemn socialist demands in Venezuela

Khmer Rouge trial hears harrowing tribunal testimony

One indigenous person murdered every 72 hours in Colombia

India, Pakistan Agree to Share Intelligence Information

CIA Assassin Plan Was Set to Go Active

Federal judge dismisses reservist's suit questioning Obama's presidency

Man Jailed for Not Supporting Someone Elses Child

Honduras night curfew reimposed

China’s Market Value Overtakes Japan as World’s No. 2

Dalai Lama – 'I am a supporter of globalization'

Iceland Lawmakers Vote for Opening EU Accession Talks

Centrist Dem Leader: Has Committee Votes To Block Health Bill

Gillibrand raises $1M more than likely challenger

Obama Hears Dissent on Plan To Reform Financial Regulation

US initial jobless claims fall to 522,000

Sotomayor Hits Pro-Business Note as Senate Testimony Nears End

Army suicides down; new study counts vet disorders

Big Pharma Gets Played

Honduras protesters call for president's return

Weapon Found in Fla. Couple’s Killing (safe was stolen)

Facebook breaches Canadian privacy law: commissioner

Gates says may expand US Army to cope with strains

Health Care Deal Tonight?

Calif. tax officials: Legal pot would bring $1.4B

House Democrats muzzle GOP on sensitive issues

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday July 16

Chaos besets 9/11 court hearing

(Nouriel) Roubini Now Says The Worst Of Economic Crisis Is Over

Bush admin official (John Yoo) defends warrantless wiretaps

Foreclosures at record high in first half 2009 despite aid

Verleger Predicts $20 Oil This Year on ‘Devastating’ Crude Glut

Nouriel Roubini says comments taken out of context

AMA supports House health reform bill

Candidates Can't Spend Campaign Money On Clothes: FEC

Churches, mosques say broadband is about "economic justice"

CBO Chief Criticizes Democrats' Health Reform Measures

Warning From General on End to Afghan Combat

CIA Supervisor Claimed He Used Fire Ants On Detainee

Wife of ex-GOP Rep. Pickering claims he had affair

Madonna stage collapses in France

KLBJ-AM morning hosts suspended after ethnic slur flap

Aide: Ousted Honduran President on Route Back Home

House 'Birther Bill' Up to Nine Co-Sponsors

Commission to Dig Into Crisis' Roots

Chinese-born engineer guilty of economic espionage

Limits on Logging in Old-Growth Forest Reinstated (had to post after Tongass thread)

$90M poorer (from Madoff scheme), yet helping the other guy (owner restores 401(k) for employees)

Five cops wounded in New Jersey shootout

Fight for swine flu vaccine could get ugly

Police informant: My reward? A death sentence

Obama administration green lights logging in Tongass National Forest

Debris Strikes Endeavour During Liftoff

Healthcare Is "Not a Right" and Obama's Plan Will Cost Way Beyond $1T, Ron Paul Says

Teen Cheyenne Cherry taunts animal activists after guilty plea for killing kitten in oven

Caracas under fire for failure in drugs war

Refusing Bailout For CIT, Gov't Draws Line In Sand

Report: ‘No geographical limitations’ on CIA assassination program

Harley-Davidson slashes 1,000 jobs as profits skid

Talks fail to break California budget impasse

(Pelosi:) Healthcare taxes could shift to deficit reduction

Olbermann: Birther Lawyer Gets Birther Client Fired on Worst Persons

Rachel Maddow: C Street Overview, Steve Largent and lack of accountability

Hillary Clinton foreign policy address

TYT:The Christian Guide to Dictatorship: Vol. 2

Sotomayor's Confirmation Hearing by RSU

Dean endorses Gillibrand.

The Fear of Socialism @

Jeff Sessions, L Graham, & Company @ Sotomayor hearings

Pat Buchanan: Sonia Sotomayor Is A "Militant Liberal"

Goldman's Coup: Matt Taibbi, Mike Lux, and Robert Johnson

Goldman's Coup: Matt Taibbi, Mike Lux, and Robert Johnson

What Al Franken Really Said

Defending 'Wise Latina'

Highway face off with admin

Hannity Says Obama's Obama's "Czars" Are a "Shadow Government"

Ballot Box to Bullet Box?

Baby Republican talk show.

President Obama's Visit to Ghana (WhiteHouse Video)

Forget UnWreckers. Viggo Mortensen gets UnLaid and Colbert has a 4 Hour UnRection

HELP ready for next HC step

Graham Questions Sotomayor Round 2 Part 2

Drunken Obama hater makes huge ass of himself

Health Care - Congress Serves Their Corporate Masters

Buzz Aldrin punch

Sen. Barbara Boxer, accused of race politics today during the EPW hearing

Rick Joyner ( Morningstar Ministries, Joel's Army) on Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachmann

Strangeness in the skies

Sessions: "We're Gonna Do That Crack Cocaine Thing"

Mark Walsh speaks with Grow The Hope About Messaging

Glenn Beck: Get Off My Phone (Lose My Mind mix)

Sen. Reid takes on Sen. McCain over hate crimes bill

Welcome Congresswoman Judy Chu

Graham Questions Sotomayor Round 2 Part 1

Homophobe terrorists hate filled proganda

Lance Wallnau Explains The Seven Mountains Mandate

ABC Censors Obama's Longtime Doctor

Bill O'Reilly Sues Glenn Beck For Meltdown Infringement

Blackwater Sued for Sprawling Criminal Enterprise

Meghan McCain: Joe the Plumber is a Dumbass!

TYT: Newsweek Reporter Who Broke Holder/Prosecution Story Joins Cenk!

MUST-VIEW Rep. Courtney to Congress: Give Americans the Health Care You Have

Obama Citizenship - Orly Taitz Challenges the Media

Pat Buchanan Wants An All White Republican Party

Restored Moon Landing Footage

China's economy SOARS thanks to MASSIVE government spending on INFRASTRUTURE!

Pathological liar and fat fuck John Hagee talks about the NWO

Drunken moran talking about abortion

HARDBALL: Whitehouse and Bond Discuss Cheney and CIA Lies

Al Franken draws all 48 contiguous states in under 2 minutes (on Letterman, Aug 1987)

Jesse Ventura: They Spent 100 Million Dollars Investigating Clinton But Only 4 Million On 9/11!

Max Keiser - Goldman Sachs is the US Treasury! The France 24 Debate!

Glenn Beck Loses It (GET OFF MY PHONE!! - entire conversation)

Glen Beck "Get off my phone"

Rachel Maddow Exposes GOP's C Street Religious Cult

Guardian UK: Liz Cheney inherits the family business

California Budget Crisis Diaries: Day 14 of the budget impasse

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Sen. Ensign's Visit to the 'C Street Family'

Dennis Kucinich: Healthcare: Change the Debate Support a Real Public Option

What Jeff Sessions Really Thinks About Sotomayor

Sotomayor Enters the D.C. Twilight Zone

Joe Conason: Pelosi’s Toothless ‘Commission’

CIT Group Closer to Bankruptcy as U.S. Denies Aid

Honoring Paul Wellstone’s Legacy: Fighting Like Hell for Health Care Reform

How Goldman Sachs Blew Up the Economy (Rolling Stone)

Michael Jackson's Death Was Sensationalized by the Same Corporate Media That Drove Him Insane

Obama administration defends Bush wiretapping

Lawmakers Question Call Center Outsourcing (Food Stamp Claims to India)

All-Star Game scores ratings home run

Who's in charge of US foreign policy?

DNA Evidence Is No Panacea for Solving Crimes:

CEOs underestimate security risks, survey finds

Gail Collins: "3 Days of the Sotomayor" (NYT)

Saving Tinkerbell

Filibuster Derails Supreme Court Appointment

What, No Whining About Matthew Shepard Bill by GOPers?

A Fed-Up Sotomayor Imitates the Arlo Guthrie-Sounding Lindsey Graham

No jobs today!

Colombia completes an agreement to increase the combat operations of the USA in its territory

Clinton and Sotomayor Endure Man-Made Perils: Margaret Carlson

Ketchikan mill is awarded Orion North timber marks first timber sale in roadless area under Obama

Michael Isikoff: Questions for the Attorney General

Grave offenses at Arlington National Cemetery

.It's Time to Spay and Neuter the Blue Dogs on Health Care

Clothesline bill hung out to dry

State Workers Union Goes Ballistic Over Outsourcing of Jobs to India

Manufacturing Jobs = National Wealth

Gene Lyons on the pity of 'real Americans'

What Would Happen If Goldman Went Under? (Cenk @ Huffington Post) UPDATED W/ AOL Poll

Blood and Oil in Central Asia

Holder v Bush {TIME cover story/Klaidman}

Seymour ‘Cassandra’ Hersh, 4 Months Ahead of NYT

Republican Freak Show

Joe Biden: ‘We Have to Go Spend Money to Keep From Going Bankrupt’

God's Senators - traveling the world on The Family's dime spreading prayer cells

Centrist Dem Leader: Has Committee Votes To Block Health Bill

Have you seen the ads against taxing soda pop to pay for health care?

President Obama Not Following His Doctor’s Advice On Health Care Reform

Why aren't the "Birthers" immediately challenged with Obama's Mother?

Here is the ultimate link to rebuff knuckle dragging Obama Birthers

Hey Freepers & Birthers give it up. 8/4/61 Honolulu Paper

Obama as Health Care Salesman: He Sucks!

It obviously is now time to beat the Republicans about the head and kick them when they fall

They talk to her like shes the cleaning lady asking for a raise.

OC Weekly - Orly Taitz - Birther Lawyer - "Birth of An Obsession"

Obama Administration Approves Logging In Largest U.S. Rain Forest

DISMISSED!! Federal judge dismisses reservist's suit questioning Obama's presidency

"Public Option" Would Only Be Available To The Otherwise Uninsured

Carter Dumps Southern Baptist Church Over Treatment Of Women!

Would you like to see a Birther case accepted by the SCOTUS?

Two More Officers Join Suit Challenging Obama's Citizenship

DOW up 500 points the last 5 days......

In case you missed it: Peggy Noonan trashes failing, flailing Sarah Palin!

Centrist Dem Leader: Has Committee Votes To Block Health Bill

Govenore Zell Miller: Obama needs to sit in ‘Gorilla Glue’ and stay put

Meghan McCain: Joe the Plumber "Is a Dumbass"

Senator Coburn to Sotomayor: Imagine that I am 38 weeks pregnant

Top States for Online Porn (you'll never believe this...or maybe you will.)

"We're going to go bankrupt as a nation," Biden said

I love you Mr. President but I'm not voting for Corzine

***HEADS UP*** Damn! POTUS en fuego, campaigning for health care reform, in New Jersey.

Gore's Daughter - Karenna Gore Schiff - May Run for Congress, for Maloney's House Seat

And Now I'm Crying!

Right to Rent Plans Offers Simple Solution to Foreclosure Crisis

obama naacp speech on hardball msnbc. nt

Of course, let's ruin a great speech by having Stephen A. Smith chime in.

Doesn't Ben Vargas testifying against Sotomayor's ruling prove she did NOT judge based

AMA backs the House health bill

Zig Zag Zell rears his pointy head and says Emanuel should put 'Gorilla Glue' in his chair

Wow! Major Civil Rights Speech to the NAACP

Powerful doctors group backs Obama's healthcare reform plan

Tracking Michelle Obama's slave roots

DU this Health Care Poll!

Part 2 of "Contact Reid/Baucus day". July 22, 2009

Change you CAN believe in!

The Peace Train has just gone off the tracks...I have had it up to here with the Republicans

The unpolishable Mancow Muller (calls Obama Kenyan-Muslim and a turd)

I love that the Judiciary Commitee Dems are completely ignoring the firefighters and focusing their

Huffpo: Ben Nelson Plans to Tell Obama to Slow Down on Health Care

Obama’s Political Operation Set To Launch Health Care Events In All 50 States

What Palestinians really think about Obama

Cook guilty of treason? Putting captured soldier's life in danger?

I like Obama. I think he's swell.


President Obama earmarks $1.8 billion for swine flu fight

Do most Americans even WANT more "wellness and prevention" in their health care?

Is something better than nothing?

Obama Bot Poll

Four Voices in the Senate for Healthcare Justice

firefighters testifying now on sotomayor.

biden speaking on economy now.

CBO Chief Criticizes Democrats' Health Reform Measures

MN-06: Clark Will Run

You decide if you agree or disagree

2012 Repuke Nomination Poll: Romney 26, Palin 21, Huckabee 19, Gingrich 14

WH spokesman Linda Douglass: AMA just issued letter supporting the House healthcare legislation.

Karma for the birther major......

My current LEAST favorite bumper sticker (I live in Washington State):

Are there any polls in England/Canada about how the people there feel about their healthcare systems

AMA endorses House reform bill

Ezra Klein: Ben Nelson Does Not Think You Are Paying Attention

mr. franken up now. nt

Can anyone point me to a site with point by point info on the Senate & House Health Care Bills?

Sotomayor final vote likely in next three weeks

Connecticut Council On Occupational Safety: Despite His Claims, We're Not Affiliated With Ricci

racist-extraordinaire jeff sessions harping on reverse discrimination again.

Healthcare: Change the Debate Support a Real Public Option

Biden heads to Cantor-ville

Michael Moore's movie 'Sicko' on T.V. Tonight July 16, 2009

Listening to Racheal about C Street has me terrified:The Political Enclave That Dare Not Speak Its N

Buchanan: She's a Militant

democracy now! doing full-hour interview with wendell potter, health ins whistleblower. nt

Lou Dobbs REALLY goes off the deep end?

I call for the IMMEDIATE resignation of Leon Panetta for putting Americans at risk by

What is an "original" birth certificate anyway?

Major Birther Major Cook Prepares For Court

Buchanan-if only white men make the cut, that's normal. If only women make the cut, that's "bigotry"

Politico: Obama meets with more Republican senators-Ben Nelson and Olympic Snowe-on health care.

Big Ed Flattens rush

PHOTOS: Whitehouse Photos from the All Star Game

FL-Sen: Rubio May Switch to AG Race

Here's the full text of the Senate Healthcare bill released today July 15, 2009

Haaretz: Obama to demand binding timetable for Israel-PA talks

Administration Bridles at Bar on Contractors

President Obama Eyes The Purse Strings for Medicare

Bitter Old White Guy

I think one thing that should motivate those vaguely, possibly happy with private insurance.

Daily Show/Jon Stewart - catch the rerun..

Sarah Palin's lies

A Justice For All: From the hearings

What's up with Dawn Johnsen? Will she ever get confirmed?

Demand a special prosecutor to investigate Bush and Cheney!

Ezra Klein's summary of House bill (includes links to official House summaries of bill's provisions)

July 16th Commemoration of 1979 Church Rock , N.M,.Uranium Tailings Spill

Gigantic solar project planned by german top companies

Peak oil notes - July 16

DrumBeat: July 16, 2009

Energy Journal Roundup: July 2009

Fungus Tapped to Take on Kudzu

Credit Suisse, UBS, Paribas All Busy Providing Capital To Clear-Cut Tropical Forests For Oil Palms

Canadian Arctic Sea Ice Melt 1-3 Weeks Early In Coastal Areas - Fishing Fleets Forced Farther Afield

Panna National Park, One Of India's Tiger Reserves, Now 100% Tiger-Free - Mongabay

Petermann Glacier Update - Loss Of Glacial Tongue Imminent - Will Produce Manhattan-Sized Berg - NS

UFO flies off wind turbine - what the heck is it? [video]

11 leading national experts reach consensus on beneficial biofuels

Obama administration scraps Bush logging plan in Oregon Forests

Technology is key for biofuel success—…it takes more than efficient equipment…

New geothermal heat extraction process to deliver clean power generation

With Hydropower Running Short, Some Of India's Coal Plants @ "Supercritical" Fuel Status

Gulf Arab states cooperate to ease power crunch -- link grids

Greenpeace campaign Traitor Joe's - selling red list seafood

Denmark plans forces for Arctic -- Arctic military command

Hundred-year-old Orca has pretty much seen it all

Ancient global warming episode holds clues to future climate, UH Manoa researcher says

Solar Cycle Linked to Global Climate—Drives events similar to El Niño, La Niña

Sen. Alexander unveils blueprint for 100 nuclear power plants in 20 years

I Guess That Settles It - MSP TV Meteorologist Tells Rotary Club No Human Link To Global Warming

Nuclear Bombshell: $26 Billion cost — $10,800 per kilowatt! — killed Ontario nuclear bid

Note to the attendance folks. Tom Osborne is proud of the University of Nebraska's

Crosby impersonated on MySpace for 'fabricated' fundraiser

Barry Bonds' lawyers take another swing at government's case

IEAH Says I Want Revenge Injury Not Disclosed

No Baseball tonight

Classic comment about Frisco from a DU'er....

It's official. The goat of the 2009 all-star game is.....

Oil workers urge Chavez to pay

European Parliment insists on Zelaya's return (Spanish)

Sorry, this is a dupe. Accidental. n/t

Obama waives Title III of Helms-Burton

Golpista thugs beat up the wife of Enrique Flores Lanza - now exiled in Argentina

HONDURAS: The Doctor Who became Public Enemy #1

Who will replace T.O.?

Peru's 'Cold War' Against Indigenous Peoples

Latest World Series Odds

11th Communiqué of the National Front Against the Coup d'etat

AFC East v. NFC South

Honduras night curfew reimposed

One indigenous person murdered every 72 hours in Colombia

Honduran interim leader: I'm willing to step down

Your thoughts on Che Guevara?

Who's in charge of US foreign policy?

HONDURAN AMB., EDUARDO REINA, to give press conf. today at noon edt

Honduran interim leaders reinstate curfew citing threat of rebellion

FULLY TRANSLATED EVA Article: Washington and Coup in Honduras -- here's the evidence

MACHETERA: "Honduras Coupsters' Big Fat Cuban Exile Family"

NO, the Honduran Amb. Reina is Zelaya's Guy, same guy at the

Lots of Hondurans in the street, Telesur showing one gathering

Glad to see someone sane got to call off the hippo hunt in Colombia:


Colombia completes an agreement to increase the combat operations of the USA in its territory

Aide: Ousted Honduran president on route back home (AP)

MACHETERA: "Get Your Honduran Coup Sponsorship Here"


From Narconews: Cesar Ham just landed in Tegucigalpa

De Facto Regime Tries to Take Honduran TV Channel off the Air

Updates Narconews and Violations of Human RIghts document COHFADEH

Aide: Zelaya to set up government seat in Honduras (AP)

Al Giordano: Peaceful blockades have effectively paralyzed Honduras

DEVELOPING: Honduras Moments Away From Being Invaded

News from "Honduras Resists" Blog - Attorney General and family have left the country.

News from Frente Nacional Contra Golpe// military planes over Catacamas (pls help w/ Spanish)


Some reports via Twitter regarding demonstrations in Honduras today

Question: Posting signs outside your home stating you own firearms...


"I say make 'em all illegal, "

Less Murders in ND in 2008

Open carry in San Diego, interesting story...

NRA's statement on Judge Sotomayor

Update on my "guns cause trouble" experiment - Nothing yet...

police chief freaks out over legality of pump action shotguns

GOP candidate threatens to use the "bullet box" if she loses her election

The Right to Arm Public Housing (NYT)

Third nomination to NLRB

Viva Palestina granted permit to break Gaza siege - hooray

Britain backs call for Israeli settlement freeze

Remembering Former Mine Workers President Sam Church

Unions Help Make Family-Friendly Workplaces

About 10 years back, I refused to enter a roller hearth furnace

Union Challenges Stella D’oro Announced Shutdown

Israeli soldiers: 'No clear red lines' in Gaza war

Gaza's children struggle with memories of war

Europeans funding 'Breaking the Silence'

IDF: Hizbullah hiding rockets in homes

Do Americans Have A Right To Personal Self-Defense?

Four Voices in the Senate for Healthcare Justice

An open letter to Hannity

Here's the full text of the Senate Healthcare bill released today July 15, 2009

If Big Health-Insurance Companies Can't Compete, Let Them Go

Here'as a good one.. this guy is nuts!

Health Care Bill by Senate Finance Committee Should Include House’s Funding Strategy

Dear President Obama:

Health Care Vote Illustrates Partisan Divide

Yeah but what about the "public option"?

Chemicals and Our Health

"Public Option" Would Only Be Available To The Otherwise Uninsured

Health care voting: a simple time line of what congress will be doing?

Healthcare Portability... You may be stuck...

How should single payer health coverage be paid for?

Public Option "Lifetime Out Of Pocket Max" - anyone know what it is? what should it be?

Why couldn't we have a health system that is NOT mandated?

Question on English healthcare

Researchers find that eating high levels of fructose impairs memory in rats

nothing special just some snaps from a walk about the backyard today...16 photos

Giraffes! 6 pics

If you haven't seen it yet

Safari! 6 pics

It's down to the Canon G10, Lumix LX3, Olympus EP-1

'The Block' on the Chopping Block

Michael Moore's 'Sicko' on US TV Tonight

President Obama Not Following His Doctor’s Advice On Health Care Reform

Dr. Housing Bubble 07/14/09

The Derivatives Beast Is Still Destroying World Banking

Card Fees Pit Retailers Against Banksters

Things do not always go Goldman Sachs’ way

Green shoots my ass!

The AEI Versus the Real World

Why Does Goldman Need A Fed Exemption For VaR Calculations?

CNBC Michelle Cruella DeVil. "There's no systemic risk with CIT"

CIT Goes Bankrupt While JPM and GS Get Even Richer

Janet Tavakoli: Goldman's profits need to be clawed back.

A Case Study Of Toxic Commercial Real Estate Marketed By A Major Investment Bank

Good book to read - Mindful Economics by Joel Magnuson

The View on "Recovery" from Paul Craig Roberts

The Great American Bubble Machine

This 'Unknown' Big Bank Could Go Bust, Making the US Recession Worse

Job losses rise again last week...and it's reported as "Jobless Claims Drop"

"There is no doubt we are going into an epoch of debt peonage"

Roubini Denies He Said "Recession Will Be Over This Year," Despite Bullish Media Reports Otherwise

CIT Group about to go under.

This Paulson hearing is incredible.

from'98 to '05, roughly 2/3 of all corporations operating in the U.S. paid no taxes.

(Republican) Councilwoman retracts letter of support for San Diego gay pride

Fort Worth mayor says apology for injury, not raid

Debate Intensifies over Venezuela’s Proposed Same Sex Civil Union Law

Police report sides with Salt Lake City gay couple

dupe post..n/t

New element named 'copernicium'

Remembering Apollo 11 in pictures

Forty years ago today

Anyone got a telescope handy?

CBS Big Brother's Jeff Schroeder Gay Tirade.

You'll love this lounge post:

Curious--any astrological connection between now and 1972 or 1973?

Don't think for one minute that this push towards national health care

I am NOT gonna go there...

Greed versus Hatred

Jimmy Carter: "Losing my religion for equality"

My husband bought REAL turkey bacon...

Need food ideas for a Concert Tailgate

Julie & Julia

Public Educators Poll: Rate Arne Duncan On A Scale From 1-10

John Judge interview on JFK

Big Brother's Jeff Schroeder Gay Tirade.

Have seen a snipit of NBC's new show "Community".....and I think

Rifftrax hits theaters nationwide with Plan 9 from Outer Space

Haven't heard anything about Susan Boyle lately.....

25 years later MJJ hair on fire Very graphic

Stompin' Tom Connors wants to perform at 2010 Olympics